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File 157980965355.png - (343.38KB, 578x390, bloom into tsu(kumogami).png)
bloom into tsu(kumogami)
Rice and Rain >>/shorts/2209

Inspired by, or shamelessly stolen from. Take your pick. Mibya wrote that (>>/gensokyo/15535).

Thread 1 >>41060
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OP source is: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3098941

Anyway leeeet's get that roll going, over whether or not Reimu caves to lust 2d6 with a +5 modifier, Disco Elysium(-ish) rules (in DE 1,1 is always a fail 6,6 is always a pass, this doesn't apply here), to-pass: 15.
Rolling 2d6 plus 5 => 12 (6, 1, Rolls: 7)
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File 157991634946.jpg - (390.12KB, 800x692, engage.jpg)
I liked how that worked out so I’ll use this system more. Not always, for sure, but if I want some element of risk or chance, I’ll use dice rolls. The way it works in Disco Elysium’s system is Attribute (essentially your core stats) +/- Skill (more detailed stats, of which there are a whopping 24) +/- Thoughts or situations/details/context (think of Thoughts as Titles, so Reimu is The Shrine Maiden of Paradise and would get some skill bonuses because of that, like perhaps to authority, but she’s also prone to bad business decisions and would suffer in skills that let her resist temptation).

So here are Hakurei Reimu's "stats" as perceived by Kizin:
Intellect==: 3 Average
Psyche===: 2 Weak
Physique==: 3 Average
Motorics==: 6 Genius

Because: Reimu's not exactly "intelligent", but she's very knowledgeable on those things she's familiar with. She's rather emotionally immature or at least she lacks empathy and understanding of a lot of societal norms and how to navigate relationships/business. Physique... the thing is that she's spiritually powerful above all else. Aside from her spiritual power, she's just a girl and has never been shown as being particularly physically tough. She's not noted to be weak either, though.
Obviously her highest skill is Motorics: the attribute for senses, movement, composure, and so on. Aside from spiritual power, Reimu's other obvious talents are her unreal dodging ability and perceptiveness.
Going into skills is too much, but if I had to peg a signature skill of hers, it would probably be "Shivers", which is a rough equivalent of "Intuition", on which Reimu extensively relies.


Roll results: 6, 1, +5 = 12 | Failure.

[X] Surely she was overthinking. She pressed on.

“Hm, let’s see those sides better...” she proposed, and so she opened the rest of the umbrella’s vest. From her periphery she could see color filling Kogasa’s face—not that this dissuaded the shrine maiden whatsoever; it was simply something to note, with satisfaction.

Thus, Reimu put her hand against the right of the other girl’s ribs.

Ah... The human’s eyebrows raised as a thought came to her: So warm...

She scraped her nails over the fabric a bit teasingly, but the way her small finger rotated once, twice—


—it had the tsukumogami already fidgeting.

She smelled quite good, in Reimu’s opinion. Her breathing also had her chest regularly rising and falling and quite prominently begging for Reimu to push her face in to keep them down. Of course, Reimu would do no such thing. This was a game of interrogation... Indeed! Interrogation. Questions...

“What...” the shrine maiden began, feeling down the side of the youkai’s abdomen. She did not finish her question, and instead her gaze dazedly fixed onto the captured umbrella’s stare.

“‘What’... what?” asked the mock-prisoner.

Reimu almost seemed to flicker into reality after having floated off into another, confusedly saying, “Huh? Uh, ahh... the hermit... Kasen—”

“Miss Toyosatomimi?”

“Right, yeah...” Her gaze drifted to where her left hand lay. She then bounced in place at a sudden idea. She pressed nearer to the umbrella’s body, looking with half-lid eyes into hers red and blue. Kogasa stiffened with concern.

“Nothing... happened...” the tsukumogami whispered.

“Good, keep lying,” said Reimu, glancing back at her hand as it neared where Kogasa’s shirt ended, “I can keep going that way.”

“M-M-Miss Reimu? Hello?” tried Kogasa. Reimu met the youkai’s eyes again, closed her own, and smiled brightly.

She then gripped at Kogasa’s skirt, lifting a bunch of it as she replied, “Hello!”

“WAAGH!?” the umbrella, now nearly exposed, roared. And yet, not an inch did she pull or push back—even now. With the back of her fingers pressed against Kogasa’s firm thigh, Reimu interpreted this inaction as the flag being waved at the starting line. With this implicit “go” given, she raced on ahead.

“S-Sorry Ko... Kogasa...! Forget playing, I’m gonna, uh... Ooh? Ohh....” She began squeezing the flesh of Kogasa’s leg (causing the girl to squirm) and noted that the sensation—that tension and soft, pliable feel—was already becoming familiar to her hand. She swallowed her spit reflexively and panted hot the second after.

What if I got in her skir... I wanna get in her skirt!

Eyes aimed below, breathing heavy, Reimu became aware now that her heart was causing cacophony in her chest.

Yeah! I won’t do anything more than that, I’ll just...

Her fantasies and desires were making her thoughts difficult to maintain. By instinct, she released Kogasa’s wrists from her right hand.

By instinct, she swiftly sat up, staring at nothing other than the other girl’s skirt.

By instinct she grabbed the hem, and by instinct she lifted it. She then pushed her cheeks between Kogasa’s thighs, and beheld – near and within her sight –the distinct white triangle of a pair of pants.

And that intense heat... That incredible scent! That pillowy, crushing force...!

Reimu thought only a single word:


Kogasa then scooted backward nearly a meter and kicked her heel into the shrine maiden’s forehead.

Ghh!” gave Reimu at once as a shock of pain fired through her skull, following that shortly with, “... Ooowwcchh!!”

Certainly it wasn’t the worst she’d ever felt, but no damage was always preferable to any damage at all. Reimu groaned, sloppily propping herself up with her elbows as she held the spot of her which had been attacked.

Before her, the tsukumogami she’d been fiddling with was pushing her hands down on the front of her skirt to hide her undercarriage. Blushing furiously, the youkai looked upon Reimu with awe, fright, and anger.

“There wasn’t even any mood!!” she cried. “Are you a monkey!? Are you a monkey, Miss Reimu!?”

“Monkey... what?” Reimu grumbled, now with her eyes shut in pain. “Whaddyou...”

Bonobos!” Kogasa emphatically explained.

“Aren’t those apes...?”

“Y-You want SEX too much! Didn’t I say I had to figure stuff out!? I said that, right!?”


“A-A-At least be gentle—I mean, at least...! At least wait a little while! You have to have patience! That’s a virtue, right!?”

“‘Virtue’—ugh... Um...” Reimu began to lift herself from the floor, moving to sit down cross-legged. “Isn’t that Christianity? I’m a Shinto priestess...” Seated now, she had both hands over her forehead, as she cringed and grimaced.

“That doesn’t matter...” Kogasa mumbled in annoyance. She was now glaring at Reimu and keeping her hackles up; it was plain to see that she’d become most wary of the red and white human, and for reasons entirely separate from the ordinary for any youkai.

Again, Reimu answered, “... Sorry.” She meant it, also. Though she absolutely wanted Kogasa, she didn’t wish to force anything out of her... However, coercion

“Do you really mean it...?” asked the umbrella with a tone dipped in suspicion. Hearing this, Reimu ceased her enticing line of thought and, to the question, nodded. She next heard the sound of cloth against tatami, and she straightened her back. “I’m sorry for kicking your head,” Kogasa apologized, now close and sitting on her knees before Reimu. “I wouldn’t have done that if you hadn’t...! Pushed your head... there...” She moved the human’s hands out the way and assessed the landing area of her blow. “Well... it doesn’t look like anything, so maybe you won’t get a bump...” she muttered.

She smells great...! thought Reimu, keenly aware of the presence of and short distance to Kogasa’s main body. I wonder if I can pretend to fall into her and smell her closer...

“Why are you blushing?” asked Kogasa in a fashion that told she already had an answer. Reimu’s lips formed into a squirming frown as she answered:

“There is... no... reason...?” terribly unconvincingly.

“You aren’t thinking about pushing me down while I look after you?”


Reimu felt something cool against her forehead – Kogasa’s hand – and she let out an almost inaudible squeal at the temperature.

“I didn’t know Miss Reimu was a pervert...” Kogasa mumbled, sounding disappointed.

“I mean—I’m... not,” she said without any honesty in her tone. Kogasa stared at the closed-eyed maiden flatly. Without a word, she gently rubbed where she had kicked, attempting to sooth the human. Reimu’s eyebrows quivered and her body rocked from the motion. The “massage” felt fairly nice. With the tension easing between them, Reimu decided to pose a question. “So...” she started, “if I’m gentle with you, then—”

Kogasa brought her free hand to Reimu’s right cheek and, a pair of times, lightly slapped the girl. “Stop thinking about that kinda stuff!” she scolded.

But, in Reimu’s opinion, a scolding was unnecessary. She clearly explained: “It smells too good, I can’t help it,”

“Me? Are you blaming me!?” the umbrella retorted.

“Mm. Yes.”

“That’s... horrible!” Kogasa was utterly baffled.

“Wha—!? N-No, I mean—!” Reimu shook her head, flustered. “You smell really good! What am I supposed to do!?” She argued, picking up her hands in a pleading gesture.

“Can’t we just talk...!?” asked Kogasa.

Reimu returned, “Yeah, but, I....! I...” but then she gave up. She sighed, let her shoulders fall, and conceded: “I’m just a crazy, stupid girl.”

“Yeah,” Kogasa agreed, frowning.

Reimu continued to be pampered in relative silence, only twilight nature chiming in with crow, rustle, and distant orders from tradesmen, farmers, and so-on down the hill and in the fields, turning in for the day. Kogasa softly broke that quiet.

“I did talk with Miss Toyosatomimi about something, something she wanted to only talk about with me,” she said.

“I knew it,” Reimu affirmed in something approaching a whisper.

“It wasn’t anything—... like a plan or a conspiracy, or.... anything,” Kogasa continued. “But what it was... I don’t wanna talk about it.”

Reimu’s ears perked up. The way the denial had been delivered was almost “defiant” rather than the usual “depressed” those words tended to be when spoken. It was a little huff: cute.

Reimu opened her eyes, only enough to see without letting the light of the outdoors toy with her aching head. “I could just go beat her up and ask her to tell me,” she said.

Finished massaging, Kogasa firmly (but still cutely) bid: “Please don’t.”

Reimu blinked, stared a few seconds, and then heaved a heavy, heavy sigh. Slowly she admitted, “... I want to hold you,”

Kogasa’s reply was cautious. “I can’t trust you...” she said, and she spoke her words in a way that implied also “you know that”,

“,,, One minute?” tried Reimu, her shoulders hunched.

Kogasa shook her head and Reimu brought out her legs before her body, to seat herself lazily on the floor.

“Alright, then I’ll just have to get used to you,” said the human. She pointed at the youkai and added, “Just don’t get too close; I bite.”

To this Kogasa nodded, looking a little miserable.

Reimu went on, saying, “I figured when you came over tonight—if you’d come over we’d...” She performed a decrescendo until she was completely quiet, and her cheeks became dyed. Her brow constricted, her eyes narrowed and her lips tightened into an involuntary smile—and though Kogasa saw the shrine maiden’s current blush, the umbrella could not discern that it was one of terrible embarrassment. “... We’d chat about news or... something...” Reimu said. She couldn’t look the tsukumogami in the eye.

“There was news!?” —this was the umbrella’s takeaway, stated with all surprise.

“No... Was there?” Reimu asked. Kogasa shook her head. “I was thinking about doing something at the shrine again. I—I, uh...” She swallowed. Her heart was pounding such that its beat could be felt on her tongue. “I usually talk with Marisa about it, or Kasen if she’s around...”

“Oh? Are you going to have Kokoro perform again!?” Kogasa was excited by the prospect.

However, Reimu shook her head. “Heh... Heheh, no, uh—ha, I actually uh... don’t...”

know yet. Want to help me figure stuff out?

“Me? Helping Miss Reimu? Wow! Of course!”

Ah ha ha, yes, let’s tear it up—uh, do our...best...!

... Wow, I’m embarrassing.

Reimu kept her eyes on a small stone left out on her yard. The smile on her face was warped; her eyes were a bit wild... With shoulders up and sweat on her hands, even the ordinarily impervious umbrella finally felt a draft of the shrine maiden’s fret and nerves. Of course, she could not tell why the shrine maiden was like this...

Reimu breathed slowly. Love is a real pain, huh... she thought bitterly. I keep overthinking everything but the perverted stuff... Oh yeah that I’ve got no problem with. She shut her eyes and lightly shook her head. What am I even nervous for?

She tried (and failed) to look at the now-worrying Kogasa secretly. She knew why.

It’s ’cause I screwed up.

My heart is... it’s uncertain, and it feels gross.

Ngh... “I like you, but I don’t know what it means”... That’s cruel... That’s cruel, stupid monster umbrella... Tch.

E-Enough being awkward...! Do it! Like Marisa said! Ask her—

So she swallowed again and determined to ask—

[] ”Wanna help me figure stuff out”. Like that. Say it! (Have Kogasa help organize an event)
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, -4 modifier (so +8). -4 for being in the presence of something or someone that makes her unconfident. Formidable.
To-pass: 13.

[] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?” ... M-Maybe I can manage that. (Ask Kogasa to participate)
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, -4 modifier (so +8). -4 for being in the presence of something or someone that makes her unconfident. Medium.
To-pass: 11.

[] ”... Kokoro, huh. Did you have any other ideas,” ... Reimu, you coward, (Not asking for any sort of participation, essentially idle chatting)


Composure is how it sounds: your ability to stay straight-faced and confident. Reimu is exceptionally well-composed (6 being the highest natural score), but has an unfortunate tendency to completely fall apart within certain situations such as: public speaking, having her authority undermined in front of kids, or being called-out on her faults.

While I won’t take everything verbatim from the Disco Elysium system, you can do further reading on it here if you’re curious:

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Huh, didn't expect the dice system to come back so soon. Or even at all for that matter. After some mathy maths:

[] ”Wanna help me figure stuff out”. Like that. Say it! (Have Kogasa help organize an event)
30/36 (83.33%) chance of success -- It's decent, but I've played enough XCOM to still be wary.

[] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?” ... M-Maybe I can manage that. (Ask Kogasa to participate)
35/36 (97.22%) chance of success -- Pretty much guaranteed. Hat is salted and ready for consumption.

I really like how you're using Disco Elysium's system here. Keeps everything fresh and interesting with the entire pseudo-D&D feel. Didn't think I could enjoy this story any more, but you just keep on proving me wrong. Keep it up!
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>While I won’t take everything verbatim from the Disco Elysium system
I'd imagine Esprit de Corps to change, for one thing...

[X] ”Wanna help me figure stuff out”. Like that. Say it! (Have Kogasa help organize an event)
Delete Post
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Reimu would certainly have such a skill, but it'd be 1 or something. Her camaraderie with other youkai exterminators on the subject of work is basically "fuck off, my job" and she generally refuses to understand other points of view when it comes to that job.

Something like Inland Empire has no place in her brain, though.
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[X] ”Wanna help me figure stuff out”. Like that. Say it! (Have Kogasa help organize an event)
Delete Post
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[x] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?” ... M-Maybe I can manage that. (Ask Kogasa to participate)

It may be the easier check, but it's the one I'd like to see succeed. Trying to plan out an entire party might be too much for our resident umbrella...
Delete Post
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[x] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?” ... M-Maybe I can manage that. (Ask Kogasa to participate)

This also gives Kogasa chance to show off her new juggling act, assuming she ever develops it.
Delete Post
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[] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?”
Delete Post
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Gonna go with
[X] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?” ... M-Maybe I can manage that. (Ask Kogasa to participate)
[i]A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, -4 modifier (so +8). -4 for being in the presence of something or someone that makes her unconfident. Medium.[i] To-pass: 11.

Roll next post.
Delete Post
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⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅
Rolling 2d6 plus 8 => 10 (1, 1, Rolls: 2)
Delete Post
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>2d6 roll

Now this feels like one of my d&d campaigns.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158024556874.jpg - (112.29KB, 356x364, u wot.jpg)
u wot
Roll results: 1, 1, +8 = 10 | Failure.

[X] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?” ... M-Maybe I can manage that. (Ask Kogasa to participate)

Do it!


But Reimu did not do it. She sputtered nonsense. There were no longer sentences in her head: only fragments; emotions; commands, to herself, to say the fragments, incomplete though they were.

Kogasa tilted a bit sideways, looking rather befuddled.

“So uhh...” the human tried again, picking up her hands in a vain attempt to support her words... physically. “How’s about you... ha ha...” She chuckled, folded her arms and slouched forward. Locking eyes with Kogasa, she asked, “Right?”

“Huh?” Kogasa remained quizzical.

Reimu’s smile froze on her face, and her eyes went eerily wide as she thought:

She didn’t get it!?

Why not!?

Reimu’s gaze began to drift, she lifted her shoulders more.

“Yeah...” she said, vaguely. “So?”

“So what?”

And her gaze focused again as she whipped her head and directed the gaze onto (a now-flinching) Kogasa.

“Will you!?” asked Reimu.

“Will I what!?” Kogasa fired back.

And when Reimu opened her mouth to explain, not a word would come out.


She could only speak inside her mind.

Ask... What... A festival... gh...

Even then, not well.

Finally, she stared with hollow eyes at the socks on her feet, Nothing: she had nothing to say that she could say.

“Wow, Miss Reimu, you’re a nervous wreck,” said Kogasa. She sounded amused; the Hakurei was anything but. “What’s wrong? Are you worried about something? I guess you can’t throw a party when nothing’s really happened lately, huh?”

“I can always throw a party...” Reimu grumbled, starting to look the umbrella’s way again.

The umbrella sighed, not much bothered, and then she looked to the becoming-night sky. “Well if you have a party, whatever party it is,” she said, speaking clearly and kindly, hugging her knees and shining, “I’m looking forward to it.”

“You’ll come...?” Reimu asked, her voice a blend of awe and disbelief.

Kogasa beamed at her and answered, “Of course! Who doesn’t come over when the Hakurei Shrine is celebrating?”

“It’s not always everyone...” Reimu answered. “You haven’t always been there.”

“I’ve sometimes got to make a living, or I can’t afford it if it’s a festival, and...” lifting her right hand weakly and bowing her head, Kogasa explained, “you’re scary... So sometimes I need courage to come over here.”

Reimu blinked, and Kogasa beamed again, speaking up just after.

“Not anymore, though!” she declared.

“You don’t need courage?” Reimu asked.

“If Miss Reimu likes me being around, um... that gives me a very special feeling...” Now the youkai seemed embarrassed.

“Uh... why?” Reimu genuinely pondered. From her perspective, aside from a single showing of care she’d given this tool little reason to want the Shrine Maiden of Paradise’s attention. Even if she had grown fond of Kogasa, and groped her, and... had been groped, and they had shared a kiss; they had yet to foster anything like true romance, The “Sedu—Capture Tatara Kogasa” was still on.

“Oh, it’s um, a tool thing...” Kogasa replied, fidgeting.

A tool thing...? “Huh? Out with it.”

“It feels like having an owner again—Aah, I said it!” Kogasa put her hands over her brightened cheeks. Light returned to Reimu’s eyes in time for her to look at this umbrella in confoundment and perturbed shock. A bead of sweat crawled down her cheek, her lips were just slightly – involuntarily – parted...

She thought ... What? and What does that mean??

Own her... Like as a... Like my gohei? Like my needles??

Her heart squeezed horribly inside her chest. Her face went pale. For a second, a shout of “No!” was readied on her tongue, but a jolt of panic had her stow it. That would probably hurt the tsukumogami, and so she couldn’t...

Does she want me to be her owner? I don’t—That’s not... This is a tsukumogami thing?

Reimu once again looked down at her feet.

Even if it is... She swallowed. Even if that’d make her happy, that’s not what I want at all!

Do tsukumogami have trouble feeling independent—?


She gasped.

Don’t they!? When haven’t they!? Um... that drum who showed up after the Miracle Mallet Incident? Is she the only one?

Panic met dread in her stomach, and they proceeded to merge and magnify.

Body cold, she considered the notion...

What if they don’t even understand partnerships?

What if this is impossible?

“I-I wouldn’t ever ask you to be my owner or anything, just...!” Kogasa went on, oblivious to the girl experience crisis beside her. She sighed, smiled, and hugging her knees again said, “—just, I feel right when a human wants me, or gets some use out of me. I guess ‘cause humans made me. ”

Reimu gripped at the dress over her legs.

So why did she go after me this morning?

I think... I think I’ve gotta be more careful about this.

She turned her eyes onto Kogasa, just as Kogasa’s eyes opened onto her.

There could be no confusion. A plan of “Seduction” was truly no more. Marisa’s talk of capture was the most appropriate talk to give. If Kogasa wasn’t sure how she felt about the human who had taken an interest in her...

... that human had to make amour a certainty.

“Kogasa,” said Reimu, fiercely.

“Yes?” answered Kogasa, her ears perking.

[] “I like you.”

[] “Let’s drink.”

[] “What would you even have to offer me if you became my tool?”


image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/920406
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[X] “I like you.”

Whatever else is going to happen, it would probably be best for both of them if it's clear what Reimu's feeling towards Kogasa are for it.
Delete Post
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[X] “I like you.”
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] “I like you.”
propose, reimo.
Delete Post
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[x] “I like you.”

Do it, pussy
Delete Post
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ouch, critical failure
I uh don't suppose that was a white check?
Kidding, kidding.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] “Let’s drink.”

I think the dice want us to get thoroughly wasted.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] “I like you"

Reimu is a first timer and can't keep her composure to save her life. Better to be clear on this.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] “I like you.

It is time
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 158054686144.png - (214.42KB, 982x392, 97% chance to hit.png)
97% chance to hit
[X] “I like you.”

“I like you too, Miss Reimu!”


Kogasa was happy to hear it, but perhaps she hadn’t really listened.

“No, I... like you, y’hear?” Reimu repeated herself, slightly leaning in for emphasis. To this Kogasa replied:


“... You don’t get it?” asked Reimu.

“What’s there to get?” Kogasa was confused once again.

“That I...” Reimu stopped, her mouth opened to say more but...

I see where this is going.

I’ll try being poetic!

She gazed out the doors, to the sky.

“The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?” she said, blushing through the generic words.

“It’s not out yet,” noted Kogasa, looking as well. Reimu frowned.

“Let’s go out!”

“Where? It’s not night yet, sure, but it is really late.”

“I want you!”

“For what?”

“Hey,” said Reimu, catching the Umbrella’s eyes again. From there, she sincerely asked: “Will you make miso soup for me every day?”

“Ehh? You want that?” Kogasa held up her hands, worriedly. “From me? Are you sure? And, b-besides, I can’t be here every day, haha...” Her shoulders sank and she gazed into the straw mat floor. Reimu was stricken aghast, and now she looked upon the tsukumogami in full-on incredulous disbelief.

And her face filled red.

I can’t say “I love you”, you idiot! Get it! Get it through that dumb skull of yours!

Kogasa got nothing. She was visibly, openly happy that Reimu had made a request of her, and was also bashful over it, but it seemed every confession line but the most clear of all would have no chance of activating this youkai’s recognition—at least at present.

And the most clear of all: that one would just be strange to say at this juncture.

Okay... thought Reimu, accepting that she had come across a wall at-present insurmountable, then I just have to...

I just have to...?

She blinked, and felt her face contorting on its own—with irritation: annoyance she hadn’t been consciously recognizing until then.

Hakurei Reimu was not the type to plan. Her gut was what led her, ten times out of ten.

When it came to Kogasa, her gut was in no ways uncertain in its goals, either.

A gust swept past her shrine, and she let her caution go along with it. She would stop worrying, and act.

Reimu drew up her legs and sat up straight.

She was already closer to Kogasa, but moved closer still—‘til they were side by side. With her shoulder and upper arm to the umbrella’s, Reimu brought her face close as well. Kogasa felt, once more, at risk.

But the Shrine Maiden had nothing actually risky in mind—or in body, as it were. Nothing much was in her mind at all—what she wanted to give was clarity, and her movements would support that.

She took the right of Kogasa’s face in her left hand, careful as she could be, and she quietly brought her lips to the tsukumogami’s other cheek. The youkai gasped, and stiffened.

“This morning...” began the shrine maiden, looking directly into Kogasa’s eyes, “you told me you that you liked me, but you needed to figure out what it meant.”

Reimu moved even closer, bringing her left hand down onto Kogasa’s opposite thigh. Their legs pushed together, and Kogasa leaned backward, her eyes just slightly widening.

“For me, when I say it,” the heated Reimu continued, “I know what it means. For me, it means this...”

She brought her face a hair’s breadth away from Kogasa’s, and her lips less distant than a breath’s width. Holding there, she asked the Umbrella, “Do you understand?”

All the other girl was able to say in reply was, “You... me?” Reimu looked at her for a few seconds, exploring her expression: anxious and red—reading signs almost imperceptible from the nonverbal language with which a body told of its wants, not-wants and intents. And she read with expertise.

“If you don’t,“ Reimu went on, bringing herself finally, unquestionably, into intimate contact with the sky-colored girl, “I don’t mind being clearer.”

Keeping her eyes open, though almost half-lid, she returned Kogasa’s kiss from the morning—and hers was undeniably bereft of innocence.

At first the tsukumogami kept her eyes open as well, her red-and-blues wild with shock. The shrine maiden’s breath was tying with her own and blending, sparking, like pleasant smoke safe to swallow. And she did. Shutting her eyes, her eyebrows entirely askew with confusion, she panted and gulped, and felt warm. Reimu closed her eyes as well, and let Kogasa go a moment to catch her breath before diving back: to the other girl’s bottom lip, up to her mouth proper, and then inside with her tongue. Kogasa’s expression relaxed, and she began to bring herself forward—Reimu noticing, and sliding her left hand to the yielding girl’s lower back.

Whether Reimu felt any good throughout this—any pleasure or heady satisfaction—it didn’t actually matter to her at all. Taking in Kogasa had her heart racing, her blood flowing, head blanking and all such things, certainly—but her objective was not truly “indulgence”. She wanted Kogasa, and to have her the tool-youkai plainly needed to be convinced.

Reimu opened her eyes, She’s relaxing... the human noted. So it feels good? When pulling away to breathe again, she once more ran her eyes over Kogasa: her cheeks, her brow, her ears, her posture—

I won’t go very far...

... but, if I don’t do anything else, I can see it: an import book plot of wavering feelings and misunderstandings.

Cut the bullshit.

Reimu sat on her knees, about straddling Kogasa.

I don’t have to force it...

I just have to make things clear.

[] Touch her breast.

[] Begin to undress her.

[] Start on her thighs.

[] Put your hand in her skirt.Some things are too risky.


image sources:
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[X] Touch her breast.
Beeg tsuko tiddy
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Shit, forgot to add:
Also, kiss er. On the lips
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[X] Start on her thighs.

The best part of the chicken
Delete Post
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[X] Start on her thighs.

I think this one would set off the least danger signs and keep Kogasa comfortable enough to let us properly continue with our "education."
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[X] Start on her thighs.
Delete Post
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[X] Start on her thighs.
Delete Post
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[x] Touch her breast.

But maybe a little gently, so as not to scare her off too fast.
Image Source
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File 158109341640.png - (571.01KB, 690x800, fear but also arousal.png)
fear but also arousal
[X] Start on her thighs.

The best place to start would be her legs.

Reimu moved back slightly to sit on the floor and no longer straddle the girl. From there she lifted the tsukumogami’s skirt with a dainty hold—only with three fingers of each hand. The tsukumogami shrank back a little, still keeping her eyes shut, and Reimu looked into her face.

The shrine maiden then took her left hand from the skirt’s hem and laid it gentle on the umbrella’s inner thigh.

“Mm...!” Kogasa moaned, and shivered, opening her eyes and looking at Reimu worriedly.

“If you’re scared, should we kiss again?” Reimu suggested.

And, as she expected, Kogasa answered, “Yeah...”

Reimu moved forward and took the other girl’s lips again. They both stopped looking and focused instead on simpler senses.

Reimu ran her fingers up Kogasa’s thigh while moving her mouth with ease. Pressing, for a split second her memory of their bath time encounter possessed her, but she would not let those passions take hold. She drew her fingers’ pads down then, and back up in a careful motion for a while. She started to become preoccupied with Kogasa’s tongue, and could feel her blood rushing again as the tsukumogami cautiously returned her motions: pushing, touching, and sliding side by side before turning her head with feeling, and moving her lips a bit more eagerly. Reimu’s heart thumped with warning, and she stopped her hand higher on the girl’s leg. There she held as much of the meaty limb as she could with a wide grasp, and began to thumb Kogasa’s velvety skin. Kogasa, in response, opened her legs further.

Haah... God. God, damn it, thought Reimu, opening her eyes to squint almost with pain. Okay... calm... Calmly now...

She brought down her right hand and pushed it softly into Kogasa’s other thigh. The girl briefly lifted her hips, and the hairs raised all over Reimu’s body.

She began to squeeze this thigh while still thumbing the flesh of the first with—honestly—increasingly daring motion. The panty line was not far, and that thumb seemed eager.

Reimu had to let go of Kogasa’s lips. This event was as much about reigning herself in as it was pushing Kogasa ahead. With this her body’s temperature and tension began to raise less, and she could allow her right hand to become more explorative.

Reimu went over the top of Kogasa’s left leg and felt around the thigh. Thick, squishy. She decided to not grab it here and instead brought her palm to the leg’s underside. The heat here was rather intense, and the flesh softer. She held Kogasa here, tickling at her and squeezing plentifully—but not eagerly. She squeezed to see where Kogasa felt it best—pet and caressed for the same—and soon the girl’s hips were lifting again. This time, however, they didn’t lower. They continued to rise, until Reimu felt her left thumb pushing against cloth.

Her eyes widened and her gaze sharpened.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Alarms went off in her head. Her gaze began to shake. Th-Th-This is Kogasa’s va—!

She shut her eyes, and swallowed. Opening them to a wince, she continued to work. Rather, she took both her hands to the insides of Kogasa’s legs, and pushed them further apart. This made the youkai sit down, and the warmth from the inside of her skirt eased into Reimu’s frozen digits—frozen from apprehension.

Reimu worked through her nerves and continued to massage Kogasa, introducing more groping into her “exploration”, which Kogasa seemed to deeply appreciate by her tensing body and—still—her anxious, sporadically bucking hips. The girl brought herself up and put her arms over Reimu’s shoulders. Her brows were turned up, her mouth was open and panting. Reimu, losing her cool veneer, stared into the umbrella’s face while her heart rang mad in her ears. She kept feeling the girl’s legs. She found her right palm over Kogasa’s rear, and it grabbed that rear with strength.

—! You’re out of line, hand! Who told you to do that?

The hand replied with the feeling of Kogasa’s ass, which was full, fighting against her grip with its density, pleasantly warm and—how did she feel about the way the cloth of those panties bunched up, the band tightening against this fat, thick, bottom to create a smooth and wonderfully taught shape? How was that?

Reimu gave this genuine regard, and concluded: Inexcusable.

On a deeper level of thought, she thanked the hand.

Kogasa meanwhile, was sweating. Reimu was beginning to smell the distinct, womanly odor which had begun to fill her bathroom once she’d truly made the tsukumogami putty in her hands. Kogasa’s teeth were bit together and she was, throughout her body, trembling and twitching with obvious pleasure. After all, the hand had not stopped gripping. Reimu stopped it now. She realized her eyes had gone wild. The maverick hand went for Kogasa’s stomach, grabbing the youkai’s shirt now and attempting to pick at it and loose the hem from the lock of her skirt. Without Reimu’s will, however, it was in vain: truly futile. Her conscious thought was still in place, and so her lusts simply did not have the run of her faculties. Not yet. While she was still operating largely on instinct, her “love” here was winning out. She was sure of it: she could definitely convey what she felt to Kogasa.

Recognizing this, she felt her mind and heart become tempered again, and her cool returned.

Okay, she thought, narrowing her eyes and becoming serious once more, now what?

Both her hands were now at rest within Kogasa’s thighs, her fingers close, very close, to the other girl’s crotch. There were several ways to go about this.

[] Take off her panties.

[] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.

[] Go for that ass again, and meanwhile bury your face in her boobs.
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[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.
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[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.

Go for the KO
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[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.
Like danmaku, love is about power
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[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.
Delete Post
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[x] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.

Less chance of Reimu's will breaking, plus I want to see Kogasa's reaction.
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[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.
Delete Post
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[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.

She’ll be like a deer in headlights.
Delete Post
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Oh she'll be looking at headlights alright.
This is either gonna go great or it's gonna be catastrophic.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158191888145.png - (209.44KB, 546x563, whoanow.png)
[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.

Reimu chose a way full of boldness and confidence.

Taking her right hand from Kogasa’s skirt she reached for her neck, took hold of her cravat, and tugged at the article once. Feeling the jostle from this motion, and hearing the almost-nothing sound of cloth sliding against cloth, Kogasa opened her eyes to look. It was then that Reimu removed her left hand from the umbrella’s legs to have it join her right.

And she steadfastly began to undress.

“Ah...” Kogasa uttered, her stare beginning to open properly and, from there, widen. “Ah...!”

Reimu slipped the tie from out her collar, letting it fall to the floor. For a moment, she looked to Kogasa’s quivering, mismatched eyes. They continued to shake, but they tried to keep in one place—on one thing: the shrine maiden’s chest.

The shrine maiden stared on silently.

She pressed her thumbs against the red cloth of her top and, after gripping the stomach of her undershirt with her other fingers, pulled both up and off. Her bra kept everything together against the rush of fabric pushing past it; the tsukumogami, on the other hand, could genuinely not keep anything together. Kogasa was trembling once again, though now it seemed to be from her mind being overwhelmed rather than her body. Reimu loosed the bands of her sleeves from her upper arms and dropped the things down along with the main articles that she’d stripped. She then glanced one more time at Kogasa’s face, reading it for assurance one last time before she straightened her back to let the umbrella get a better look. She reached behind her back, found her brassiere’s clasp, and undid it.

Kogasa closed her mouth, and seemed to swallow. As Reimu’s bra fell from her chest and into her lap, the tsukumogami looked over the human’s body very seriously, but not without apprehension. Reimu stayed still a second, then planted her hands behind herself, pushing her chest forward and prominent. Kogasa straightened her back, and gazed.

Reimu knew: it did not matter that her breasts weren’t big; Kogasa was very much interested in them. Rather, she thought the shrine maiden was attractive—she’d shown as much and told as much.

So, she wasn’t surprised when the girl sat up straight and lifted her hands, reaching without any hesitation for the human’s stomach.

Here she comes...

She stopped.

...? Reimu raised an eyebrow and tilted her head. Kogasa then made and maintained steady eye contact with her, so she dropped her brow and waited.

“Miss Reimu...” the umbrella began, “can I touch you?”

“Yeah,” the human answered.

“O-Okay...” Kogasa replied as she looked down, and she shifted her hands forward an inch—but only that. She stopped again although Reimu was just about to arc her abdomen into the youkai’s grasp. Kogasa met Reimu’s eyes again and asked, “Can I rub you up and down? C-Can I feel you and stuff?”

“Yeah,” Reimu confirmed with a slow nod.

“How about with my face? Can I do that?”


“C-Ca... Can I sniff you?”

“If you want to.”

“Can I grope you?”


“Can I pinch you?”


“Can I lick you?”


Blushing, Kogasa looked to be steeling herself and asked lastly, “... Can I kiss you?”

“I want you to,” Reimu replied, and as a shiver ran through her, Kogasa finally put her hands to Reimu’s body.

There...! thought Reimu as she breathed in sharply and winced. The memory of Kogasa’s hands from the morning returned, now over her waist and front. She shuddered. She got wet. Kogasa’s hands weren’t ordinary, and when she used them to caress—it was honestly incredible.

Holding her hand didn’t properly convey it: half the pads of Kogasa’s fingers, the sides of them, and partially the palms of her hands, all, were distinctly calloused. Not “horrifically” or severely – perhaps some supranatural healing benefit was afforded to her palms and digits by her being a “blacksmithing” youkai – but it was noticeable and it was very consistent. Between rougher, tougher patches the tsukumogami’s palms and skin were smooth and soft, as if she was taking as much care as she could to maintain her hands despite the work she put them through. The result, Reimu thought, was amazing. The blue-haired girl’s hands bore a strong blend of sensations both gentle and harsh.

And the best part: she was very deft with her hands. She had very precise, very “experienced” hands that had clearly been used on everything from the intensity of bringing a hammer down onto an anvil to the careful measuring of grooves and details traced down the most intricately crafted sword hilt. As a result, though Kogasa didn’t seem to realize it, being groped and caressed by her was ultimately almost dreamlike.

Kogasa used those gentle and harsh hands now to feel up Reimu’s abdomen, over her ribs, and then under her breasts, noticing the writhing and hotter breath from her target all the while. She squinted, and pulled up her thumbs to summit the mounts from their undersides, stopping at the bright pink marking Reimu’s areolae.

She could probably feel it: the heart thumping quick and heavy just underneath.

She brought her hands back down and her lips to Reimu’s sternum.


Reimu could hear the umbrella breathing in deeply, and could feel Kogasa’s hands feeling once again over her stomach. She groped and pinched while kissing at Reimu’s chest. She dragged her right hand over Reimu’s back and put her fingertips to the girl’s spine, slowly, carefully and—it seemed—with the intent to enjoy the feeling completely. Reimu felt as Kogasa’s fingers rolled over the stone-like hills along her back, but also how she was tracing along the musculature of the human girl’s front. She wasn’t “beefy”, but Reimu did have some tone and definition, and Kogasa was learning the shape of those light abs with a single, inquisitive, fingertip. Her pinky? If It was her pinky as Reimu imagined... somehow, the image was too sultry.

Once the umbrella had had her fill learning these two parts of Reimu’s body, she pulled both hands up and into the shrine maiden’s armpits, pushing her thumbs inside and panting under Reimu’s chin.

She moved her body closer and moved her mouth to Reimu’s neck. Reimu looked down and to her left, amazed.

And, she tried her best to not completely succumb to the umbrella sniffing, licking, and sucking at her skin.

It proved difficult.

Oh god oh god oh god, she took to this way more quickly than I was expecting! thought the human, tensing as Kogasa shifted her hands down and began to trace the outlines of Reimu’s ribcage. Her body began to flinch, and in response to gasps from Kogasa: she squeezed her thighs together.

Pulling her mouth away (her tongue last, and obviously still wanting), Kogasa sat straight with her eyes on one prize: Reimu’s right breast. Reimu swallowed, and then was given a jolt: Kogasa’s left thumb was in her skirt’s waistband.

Before she could say, let alone think anything about this, the bold umbrella youkai closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide, and put it all over Reimu’s breast.




Kogasa’s tongue found Reimu’s areola and went at it greedily.
Her right hand came up and started toying with Reimu’s free teat.
Her left hand ran a terrifying campaign of teases, running along and under the shrine maiden’s waistband and occasionally probing deeper, but never committing to any particular lascivious act. Reimu found herself essentially under attack: under perverted, lustful attack.

Fu... FUCK it feels so good!

Kogasa was regularly molding Reimu’s left breast and now huffing through her nose and lapping with her tongue over the right. She sucked on the nipple and at the same time pulled out the nipple opposite. A wave of sensation pounded through Reimu’s body, and particularly afflicted her head. Her thoughts blanked, and her stance buckled.

“Haa... Haahn...” She panted, and Kogasa’s began suckling at the entire nipple—areola and all. Her right hand meanwhile pushed against Reimu’s breast with its heel, spread out and onto the girl’s side, and began massaging in circles under the shrine maiden’s arm and into her breast, the thumb flicking its stiffened tip as it pleased.

And Reimu felt fingers easing into her pubic hair.

...! She’s...!? ... Is she really!?

Kogasa brought her left hand up over Reimu’s navel...

... and back down again, under her bloomers’ band, this time pushing further through the thicket.


Up again... Reimu bent her stomach into the hand...

—and down, more.

The tsukumogami did it again, taking her mouth from Reimu’s breast to lick at the nipple more, and allow the air to run over, cool and stiffen it. She began sucking it again.

Aahhh... haahh... yeah... like that...

Inside of the Hakurei, two flames flickered to life.

One was the fire of the Red and White Beast, threatening to burn loose and blaze free, unrestrained.

The other was a steady flame of Reason. This was fast becoming something it was not supposed to be, and that fire reminded her—if only for a moment—what the actual goal was here.

She couldn’t let Kogasa indulge so much, otherwise this could be written off as pleasure, casual fancy, and “casual” was not what Reimu wanted.

... Yet still.

This touch, this grip, that tongue...

... would it be so bad to let this all transpire?

[] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
A check of Reimu’s Authority (7), 2d6 with a +9 (2 from Psyche) modifier. Challenging.
To-pass: 12.

[] No. This feels too good to pass up. Damn the consequences, I want Kogasa to fuck me!
No check: Reimu will give in under Kogasa’s barrage, and eventually respond.


image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2275522

Authority is basically the ability to take command, mainly of yourself. Think of it as your determination to act and to insist. In Disco Elysium it mostly isn’t used on others, but is instead used on yourself (hence it being Psyche) and even when it’s used on others you can really think of it as summoning the ability to command within yourself, and then voicing it. Reimu’s Authority is stupidly high, bordering on what would be in DE dangerous levels where Authority would frequently be chiming in—but not forcing any actions necessarily. Reimu is extremely forceful and self-assured (if not necessarily always “confident”). This can be seen in how she puts her foot down RE alcohol, partying, youkai, gods, really anything. She is Gensokyo’s sole true authority, so yeah; though really she’s mostly just stupidly bullheaded.

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[X] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.

oh boy I can't wait to roll snake eyes
Delete Post
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oh yeah, I should note: a failure of that choice doesn't mean it will default to the second choice. After all, it's not a composure check. Other things will happen
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158192757332.jpg - (394.19KB, 733x731, zerochan -1900189.jpg)
zerochan -1900189
Roll the dice and don't get lucky:

[] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
-> 35/36 (97.22%) chance of success -- the salt is stale and im running out of hats help
Delete Post
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My Mind says stop, but my heart says keep going.
[X] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
We can't possibly get a critical failure again this soon right?...
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[X] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
Delete Post
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[X] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
Delete Post
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[X] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
Delete Post
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Roll next post.
Delete Post
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⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅
To-pass: 12.
Rolling 2d6 plus 9 => 15 (2, 4, Rolls: 6)
Delete Post
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Praise the gods it's not a Critical Failure.
Delete Post
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Fun fact: There is actually no such thing as a 'critcal failure' in 5e. A character who rolls a 1 can still succeed on an ability check if his or her proficiency bonus and modifiers make op the difference to reach the target DC. Even the 'auto-miss' clause for rolling a 1 on an attack action does not indicate a critical failure occurred.
Delete Post
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In DE's system, forget the name, there are critical successes and failures though. I think it's meant to spice things up by providing miracles and anti-miracles
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 158221385880.jpg - (289.48KB, 779x577, steeled heart.jpg)
steeled heart
[X] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
Roll results: 2, 4, +9 = 15 | Success.

She decided that it would be.

Reimu lifted her right hand and put it down solidly on the tsukumogami’s shoulder. With a voice forced steady, she told the girl, “Wait, Kogasa. Wait.”

“Eh...?” the umbrella uttered while taking her mouth away from the human’s nipple. The image of this, with Kogasa’s tongue strung to Reimu’s skin by a line of saliva just slightly catching the evening light, made the shrine maiden reconsider what she was doing.

Reimu, you’ve got this, she assured herself. Come on... Do it now!

She lifted her left hand and put it to Kogasa’s other shoulder. The tsukumogami girl sat up straight and stared into the Hakurei’s face. Her face, as the Hakurei’s eyes were closed. Her cheeks and ears were red.

“I don’t want to keep going if it’s just for...” she trailed off, not struggling to find the word but struggling to say it: “... pleasure.

“That’s what I meant when I said I didn’t want to have ‘that kind’ of sex with you,” she confirmed.

Kogasa seemed dazed, but also seemed to be paying attention best as she could. Her eyes moved with memory, referring back to the night before.

Reimu opened her eyes, and they showed determination. The youkai closed her mouth, and listened.

Finally, Reimu said what she wanted to, direct to those waiting ears. Summoning her strength, her will, her genuine feelings, she locked Kogasa’s gaze with hers and told her, clearly: “I want to make you fall in love with me.”

Kogasa went still, her eyes widening again.

“Miss Reimu...” said the umbrella in awe. Her voice was breathy, and she was radiating now. Reimu, without hesitation, kept it up.

“I’m serious,” she vowed. “I don’t want to own you, I don’t want to just be friendly...

“I want to go out with you.
“I want to make love with you.
“And, to do that, I’m going to make you fall in love with me.”

Kogasa shook.

“Oh... Oh...” Sounds were uttering from her mouth nonsensically.

/ / / / /

Oh my gosh, Miss Reimu is so cool!

Kogasa felt like she was going mad.

Inside her head, dozens of tiny Kogasas were cheering and jumping in celebration, though a few stood worriedly in a corner—muttering uncertainty.

Still, Kogasa could swear that Miss Reimu was glittering—sparkling, and her handsome visage had already converted one of those doubters to hesitant-turning-wholehearted support.

Whether she had already fallen for Miss Reimu, Kogasa was not sure. As she’d said in the morning, she “liked” the Shrine Maiden. Reimu was cool, pleasant, and generally all-around incredible; Kogasa admired her, and had started liking the time they could spend together since the day prior. The fear she felt toward this outstanding human was almost entirely washed away, and once that was gone all that would really be left would be an exceptionally nice, exceptionally cute, exceptionally pretty young woman.

She said she’s serious...! thought Kogasa, her mouth now agape. Was she serious about being serious!?

Miss Reimu’s going to sweep me off my feet?

With that thought, she brought both her hands over her face, covering her cheeks and staring through her fingers.

And she exclaimed, “Really!!??”

Reimu nodded.


“Why!?” shouted Kogasa.

Surprisingly, Reimu turned her eyes away at the question. Her confidence didn’t seem shaken, but rather it looked as though she was carefully considering her answer.

Eventually, what she gave after turning back was, “... Think about it.”

“Think”...? But I’m so... pathetic.

Her feelings must have showed on her half-hidden face, because Reimu fixed her posture into something more firm and took Kogasa’s right hand into both of hers. She guided that hand to her own face, letting Kogasa feel her now-relaxed and waiting expression: brow steady, eyes shut. Opening those eyes, she let her own hands drag lightly down Kogasa’s sleeve, stopping to casual rest on the tsukumogami’s fore- and upper arm. It tickled. Kogasa thought she couldn’t, but somehow she blushed even further. Reimu’s face in her hand felt perfect. Holding it, the umbrella could hear her own, powerful, heartbeat within her ears.

“Listen,” Reimu commanded, and so Kogasa did just that. “You’re not pathetic,” said the human. “You’re not useless.

“You keep trying when no one else would.
You work harder than anyone would ever need to.
And your smile is so honest, it hurts me. Okay? You can’t listen when people make fun of you. That you don’t give up is what makes you special.”

And, after thinking these claims over with her eyes aimed at the floor, Kogasa met Reimu’s unshaking gaze again and sincerely asked, “You really mean that?”

“I can’t lie with a straight face,” said the girl, and it finally clicked in Kogasa’s head why it was that Reimu had led the youkai’s hand to her cheek.

“So... is that why?” Kogasa asked her first question again, quietly now.

“No,” said Reimu. “Think about it.”

Even if she really means that... I can’t think of anything.

A smile crept onto Reimu’s face. Noticing it, the fingers on Kogasa’s left hand (which had been left to her cheek) curled girlishly inward. She breathed, and held that breath.

“You really are cute, stupid monster umbrella,” teased Reimu. Kogasa frowned. “Don’t worry, I don’t really care if you figure it out...”

Reimu reached forward and grabbed Kogasa’s collar, tugging her forward. Kogasa gasped.

“I’m going to make you mine,” the human said; words that were ordinarily sinister, but the pure strength and conviction of Reimu’s voice gave them a meaning entirely different from the umbrella’s preconceptions. She was not saying that she’d force anything out of the tsukumogami; she was not making a declaration of intent for ownership or real “possession”. “I won’t make you my tool,” said Reimu, confirming that (her face, now, was really very close), “I want you to myself, in my house and at my dinner table. I want to see that smile every day, because I want you to be happy.”

Reimu smirked, and Kogasa blinked.

“I want to be the one to make you happy,” Reimu, again, spoke clearly, and now hotly, “and I want you to sleep only in my bed.”

Hearing that, Kogasa’s body felt arrested. In the next second, her lips, in actuality, were.

Reimu kissed her deeply, forwardly. Feeling this – Reimu’s tongue meeting hers, Reimu’s hand now on her breast – Kogasa dropped her left hand from her own face, but she was only able to leave it lifted somewhat at her side—she wasn’t sure what to do with it. Reimu seemed to be enjoying the kiss, so the umbrella decided to bring that free hand to the human’s free cheek. Holding Reimu’s face, she felt the shrine maiden moving forward... forward. Her tongue was eager, certainly, but mainly almost... playful? She had both her hands on the tsukumogami’s breasts. She pushed the youkai onto the ground—not in a single action, instead all her momentum led to an entirely lateral umbrella, panting below her and cradling her face with fervor and care. Reimu began to unbutton Kogasa’s shirt, and once she had finished rather than unbuttoning the shirt below she found a gap and snaked her right hand through it, feeling the youkai’s skin directly. Underneath her, Kogasa was twitching and moaning. Now finding herself in a mood, she couldn’t help but feel driven crazy in the best way by this aggression—this assertiveness. It helped, too, that Reimu seemed to be figuring out where Kogasa reacted best to her tongue, and that her immaculate touch was now feeling along Kogasa’s not yet bared skin.

I must’ve done something, didn’t I? thought Kogasa as Reimu opened her mouth and began openly fighting with the youkai’s tongue—sending shivers through her face, down her front—a squeezing sensation in her loins—

Did she see me doing something and liked it? Maybe she actually did know about that bucket and she thought, um, “how adorable”, or something?

... Ah... this is good... Miss Reimu...

“More, please...” she begged when Reimu had withdrawn her tongue to swallow. The shrine maiden went to Kogasa’s left cheek solemnly and began to kiss it—began to unbutton the tsukumogami’s undershirt and lay her body down atop the youkai girl, her knee pushing up between Kogasa’s legs.

Hau!” the tsukumogami whined girlishly. She let go of the shrine maiden’s face there, and kept her hands balled in tense fists beside her own face instead.

I met her a long while ago and one of my jobs is for her, but...

This only happened recently. Way recently. It was something that happened... this week? Last week?

What was it...

Reimu had the youkai’s shirt open and her lips on Kogasa’s again. Once more she kissed the youkai girl deeply, though now sucked in before ending it, making the umbrella arch her back up as pleasure racked her body—almost entirely, purely, mental pleasure. That kiss said more than it felt, and what it said delighted her.

Reimu sat up over her body. There she sat, without a bra, her small breasts out and unashamed. She looked down on Kogasa’s locked up bust. The umbrella youkai was wearing a simple, white bra.

Reimu said, “Take it off.”

And Kogasa immediately, though a little slowly and awkwardly, complied. She put her hands behind her back and unclasped it. At once, her rather hefty mounds shifted and changed shape, only slightly. Reimu saw, and put her finger between the two of them, under the wire.

She lifted and pulled the article away. With her breasts now sliding free and her nipples rising, Kogasa wondered if maybe her heartbeat was jiggling either of them. It was so loud...

Gathering up the bra and grabbing it, Reimu brought the cups to her face and began to breathe it. She still looked down to Kogasa, coolly, eyes partially lid, as she enjoyed the youkai’s scent. Then, while Kogasa was mentally breaking over this image and reality, she said, “All of it.”


Reimu didn’t repeat herself; she looked on as Kogasa gradually realized what she meant.

Kogasa scooted out from under the shrine maiden, attempted (and failed) to sit up, took hold of the left half of her vest, and began to strip.

Is it because I’m pretty?
Because I’m cute?

Is it because I’m funny?
Because I made her laugh?

I’m charming?
I’m pitiable?

I don’t know...

Kogasa froze a moment while taking her undershirt off from her left sleeve (her vest was now behind her). Before her, Reimu’s free hand had become occupied. The Shrine Maiden’s hand was hidden in the front of her skirt, having entered from the waist. From the slow way her arm moved, and from Kogasa’s experiences the night before, she knew what the human was doing. Her heart beat louder as she continued undressing, trying not to look at Reimu as she rubbed herself, but also very much wanting to look (and looking, constantly).

I helped her in the rain a few days ago... she thought.

I was just annoying her, though...

She took off her undershirt.

She put her hands on the side of her skirt, at the waist.

... When Miss Reimu looked like she was feeling down? Was that it?

No, no, there’s no way it’s that...



Kogasa unzipped a short side zipper, hidden within fabric. She let the band loosen, and she relaxed her stomach which she’d been unconsciously tensing until this point. Reimu’s hand moved a bit faster.

If that’s it... Kogasa thought,

... that’s super, super cute. That’s really “Miss Reimu”-like.

For a flash, she smiled as she began to remove her skirt.

Maybe that’s it...

Taking it from her legs, she dropped it to her right side.

I’ll ask Miss Reimu later.

... She’s seriously looking.

All that were left were her panties—she didn’t wear socks. Reimu was staring intensely now at those panties, and from her hidden hand Kogasa could hear a squish... squish... that she recognized. The tsukumogami’s panties were soaked through now—transparent in fact. She thought they might start squishing themselves.

Huffing once, Kogasa didn’t hesitate: she stuck her thumbs into the band at its side and started to pull down.

She’s looking... She’s looking...

Ahh... like before... Hahh... at my...

She swallowed. Reimu lowered the bra from her face.

“Hah... Hah...” Kogasa was breathing hotly.

Slouched into herself, she struggled to separate the cloth from her body: mainly her crotch. It clung, and tugging at it made her twitch as if jolts were firing through her.

Finally she yanked it onto her thighs.

This is real, right? I, uh...

She rolled the underwear down and took her right foot out of it.


Moving to pull out her left as well, she stopped as Reimu put her left hand down on Kogasa’s hands.

“Leave it around your ankle,” Reimu said. “That’s hot.”


Kogasa did not understand.

At any rate, now she was naked, and Reimu was still staring. Reimu’s hands were free and she had both of them planted now on top of Kogasa’s thighs. She looked down with a still cool visage—it really was ridiculous how handsome Reimu was like this, Kogasa thought. She felt her crotch practically spark with feeling.

“Kogasa...” said Reimu, and Kogasa looked up from her own vagina in sync with Reimu who had just pulled her eyes from the sight as well. The shrine maiden asked, “Can I have sex with you?”

Kogasa thought,

[] Yes.

[] Yes.


Authority reigns.

image source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/71568327
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[x] Yes.
Delete Post
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Tough choice. Im gonna go with

Delete Post
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[] Yes.
Specifically the bolded one, on the extremely off chance that it matters.
Delete Post
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[X] Yes.
Delete Post
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[x] Yes.

Dive in, headfirst.
Delete Post
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[X] Second times the charm(?). Cook Reimu breakfast.

just get married already dangit
Delete Post
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[X] Clean up the room... and the other room. It... would probably be a good idea to start airing things out.
Less for Reimu to have to clean, she can wake up to an nice clean shrine.
Image Source
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File 158288841121.jpg - (411.38KB, 1200x2427, 初めての.jpg)
I fucked a little something up. Vote still counts, it's a minor change.

> You may no longer delete this post or image.

You can't STOP me! See if you can spot the difference while I wait on Teruyo to slightly obscure my embarrassment.


[X] Yes.

She nodded: once, then twice. She nodded, a bit rapidly even, to give her consent. She wanted to consent. She wanted Reimu to approach her, and hold her. She wanted this, very, very much.

Seeing that, Reimu moved forward, slipped off her skirt and underwear, and thus swiftly and authoritatively complied.

In seconds the shrine maiden was tying Kogasa’s tongue with her own, and her hand had met with the tsukumogami’s lower female part.

Oh my god!

With her other hand, Reimu steadied Kogasa by her lower back. Quickly, the umbrella realized that Reimu had until now been cautious. Now she was aggressive.

More than even that dream, the Reimu of reality had the youkai entirely dominated. Her fingers moved with an undulating pressure, almost entering—but mainly just forcing the umbrella’s hips forward. When she wasn’t kissing the other girl, she was at Kogasa’s neck—shoulder, sucking and licking hungrily at the tool’s skin. Her crotch was on Kogasa’s leg, and the feeling of her slick and ready nethers combined with her plentiful hair made Kogasa start to twitch.

At some point, she felt Reimu’s fingers inside of her.

The inside of her head went white, and what followed was a blur of eroticism—

Reimu’s tongue sliding over her breast; Reimu sucking greedily at her nipple—while her fingers pumped in and out between Kogasa’s rising hips; Reimu grabbing at her chest tugging at her pubic hair; Reimu’s mouth on her opening—a finger there too—and then with hands on her bottom—then pumping at her again until a mess was made on the floor; her leg locked in Reimu’s arm while the human’s other hand felt at Kogasa’s stomach, held her cheek lovingly—their pelvises together, together, together, together—her mind hardly keeping the same as Reimu went on intensely, desperately, the maiden’s face red, her eyes watering—

And then there was when the tables were turned enough, and Reimu was biting at the knuckle of her thumb while Kogasa pushed her tongue into the shrine maiden, hands on her thighs, huffing and gulping...

It was a blur.

But it all felt very good.

And, while it had been so intense and fast, so long and charged with feeling—

When she woke in the morning, she looked into the shrine maiden’s sleeping face beside her, and realized she remembered every single moment.

Just remembering, she felt herself blushing, her heart and breath quickening. There had been a point where both her hands had been on Reimu’s breasts, and the shrine maiden waited with her arms planted behind her as she let the tsukumogami lick her way down the maiden’s stomach, past her curled hair, and go again at her womanly flower, those hands now on Reimu’s shivering hips. That part, in particular, made Kogasa curl into herself a little to recall.

Reimu was asleep...

It took Kogasa a moment to truly comprehend what had happened, even though she remembered the proceedings.

She and Reimu had fucked all night, moved into the bedroom, and fucked through the early morning.

As a result, Kogasa knew: this room smelled like sex.

With this knowledge in mind, her blush filled her entire face.

We didn’t even bathe... thought Kogasa, ashamed; her mouth hanging open and her eyebrows bent upward.

Her hips were aching.

There was a point where she’d been allowed to hug Reimu’s leg, and she’d humped the shrine maiden for... three minutes straight? It was a long time!

The tsukumogami shrunk again, and put her hands over her face.

Aw... I—

Aw, gosh...

Hadn’t she gotten on her knees and sucked at the shrine maiden’s clitoris while the girl stood on her toes. And then, thirsty, she drank – essentially – all that fell: sweat and lubrications? She’d lapped it all up, hadn’t she? Really tongued that thing once Reimu’s hips started bucking.

And she’d thought it all delicious.

What the heck came over me...?

The umbrella youkai sat up.

Of course: of course she was naked—Reimu too. The covers fell off of her. She, like the room, smelled like a night of passion. She was somewhat sticky. Reimu’s skin was shining... Sneakily, after making sure the human was asleep, Kogasa lifted the sheet that had been over them and peeked at Reimu’s lower body. She gulped at the feelings and thoughts she had upon seeing it.

She dropped the cover, and looked at the shrine maiden’s still sleeping, drooling face. It seemed that she’d slept atop of Reimu’s arm. She remembered hugging the Hakurei close as she was losing consciousness, Reimu securing her with a hand on her shoulder and watching over her as she drifted off. She remembered because at the time she’d thought, again, Miss Reimu’s so cool...

She had really let entirely loose.

Are me and Miss Reimu lovers now...?

She put her hands atop the covers (atop her legs) and seriously considered the question.

... No. Miss Reimu wanted to make me fall in love with her first...

... Am I in love with Miss Reimu?

She looked at Reimu again.

... It’s too early to say that!

A secret thought: Besides, I want to see what she’s going to do to woo me! Hehehe...!

A greedy thought! To remain a secret!

... My hair is a mess. Kogasa lifted one of her partially matted locks between her fingers, eyeing it. There had been a lot of shaking last night.

What time is it right now...? Kogasa looked at the screen doors. It was definitely daylight hours, whichever they specifically were. Morning birds weren’t singing. It was probably the afternoon.

Finally, Kogasa brought up her knees, put her chin atop them, hugged herself and...

... just, to herself...

... she smiled warmly, her eyes half-lidded, and she allowed one small laugh to pass her lips as a gentle, tickling feeling filled all of her. Every part of her, and especially her heart and stomach.

... She’d probably spend today at the Shrine. What to do first, was the question.

[] Second time’s the charm(?). Cook Reimu breakfast.

[] Clean up the room... and the other room. It... would probably be a good idea to start airing things out.

[] Someone could be here. It’s the Hakurei Shrine after all. Secure the premises—
----[] then take a bath.
----[] then check to see if Reimu is awake.
Image Source
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File 158288912519.jpg - (34.88KB, 400x600, __tatara_kogasa_touhou_drawn_by_kitano_kitanosnoww.jpg)
btw pls do reread >>42724
difference is minor, but it is *better*
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Erm...maybe I'm blind but I don't see the difference...
Delete Post
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Oh it's there. I made several changes actually. Basically I did my last min. edits before posting but neglected to actually copy them to THP's message box. If you're curious the most "significant" changes are Reimu's actions as Kogasa went to sleep, the specifics of Kogasa's laugh to herself, and some clarification on her blushing. There are other differences too, like a bit of formatting and alternative flow. This is the sort of stuff I care oddly very much about.

No need to vote again, actually, s'all good
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[X] Clean up the room... and the other room. It... would probably be a good idea to start airing things out.
Delete Post
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[X] Someone could be here. It’s the Hakurei Shrine after all. Secure the premises—
----[X] then take a bath.
Delete Post
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[X] Someone could be here. It’s the Hakurei Shrine after all. Secure the premises—
----[X] then take a bath.
Delete Post
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[x] Clean up the room... and the other room. It... would probably be a good idea to start airing things out.
Sure smells like stank in here.
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[X] Clean up the room... and the other room. It... would probably be a good idea to start airing things out.
Image Source
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File 158364377846.jpg - (278.46KB, 700x700, first things first.jpg)
first things first
[X] Clean up the room... and the other room. It... would probably be a good idea to start airing things out.

= = = = =

The main building needed to be refreshed. The tsukumogami wasn’t of the “broom” variety, but as a thinking being she could surely manage. The umbrella youkai headed to the room where they’d started, noticing on the way that they had gone at it in the halls as well... For instance, one particular moment they’d shared involved the shrine maiden making her press her hands to a wall as the lascivious human grabbed her from the inside and pumped two fingers in and out of her quite rapidly... The stain was still on the floor from that. After looking at the aftermath for a few seconds and blushing, Kogasa briefly checked Reimu’s utility closet, to see if they were any solutions for cleaning inside (there were: soap and oils). A draft made her shiver and she moved toward her initial goal while muttering “Clothes, clothes...”

She slid open the door and stopped again. The air in the room was thick with sweat and old pheromones... sex fluid... fallen saliva. The tatami was dark in spots, and the table... Wow. Wow, we did it on the table too, huh...? Ah yeah. Yeah, we did.

Memories of licking Reimu’s nipples while getting her off... Kogasa’s face and ears were now entirely red, and her heart was thumping again.

“... Clothes, clothes!” she insisted for herself. She recalled that at a few points Reimu had taken her fallen clothing and sniffed at it, resulting in her outfit being quite scattered... Nonetheless, she found her panties, undershirt, and shirt... her vest as well, but she didn’t think it was a good idea to tighten it.

After buttoning up her shirt, she put on her dirtied panties and shivered. They were quite cold and wet. Kogasa frowned miserably, but moved along, finding her skirt and putting that on as well.

She also found Reimu’s shirt and found out that it still smelled like the human girl. Resisting more indulgence, she steadfastly began cracking doors open, flipping the tatami mats, and gathering other articles to be put to laundry later... She’d also need to return to the closet and get more serious about all this.

... Hopefully Reimu would be happy by the time she woke up.

... Oh yeah: I should surprise her! Let’s start, quietly, in Miss Reimu’s bedroom! “Heh heh heh!” She laughed to herself, having found her smile again.

She moved back to the hall, vowing within to do her absolute and very best for her host.
Image Source
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File 158364384979.gif - (3.86MB, 600x800, All fucked out・・・Unless?.gif)
All fucked out・・・Unless?


\\ \\ \\ \\ \\

“Fgah... Ah...” The Shrine Maiden awoke, and felt entirely exhausted. She stretched, closing her eyes and spreading her fingers out over them, pulling down and trembling. “Nguh... Mm...” She blinked.

“Nmph... I’m aching all over...” she muttered, sitting up and rubbing her left eye. “My hips, mostly... What...”

... Oh.

... I... did all that?

Reimu pulled at the left lapel of her pale sleepwear, looking down at it a bit confused. Did I go to bed in this...? I remember falling asleep naked.

She looked around the room.

It’s clean, huh...

Was that a wet dream?

It did not look or smell like what she believed to have happened last night happened.


She bent her neck and sniffed at herself twice, recoiling immediately with a miserable face. I definitely stink enough to’ve at least masturbated way too much...


Reimu looked down at the futon she was sleeping in.

... There was definitely the shape of another imprinted within it.

Is Kogasa still here...? She lifted her knee and pushing up from it, just barely managed to stand. Putting a hand to her face, she trudged into the hall. I still feel horny...

The doors were all opened, and it smelled of citrus throughout the building. From the sitting room, Reimu heard a “rough”, repeated sound. She followed it.

Inside that room, she saw Kogasa’s ass Kogasa bent over, showing her panties scrubbing the floor. There were some tatami mats up and drying. The door to the outside was cracked. Reimu could see her panties. Her bottom was swaying.

“...” Reimu watched silently, wiping some old drool from the side of her mouth. ... She hasn’t noticed I’m here? thought Reimu.

So, she walked toward the tsukumogami. Being careful not to step where the floor creaked. With one hand thoughtfully held beneath her nose, the shrine maiden bent forward, reached out with her right hand, and carefully plucked up the hem of the youkai’s skirt.

The umbrella still didn’t notice.

Something stirred within the Hakurei, seeing how snug the underwear fit against the tsukumogami’s ass. And the meat... Reimu squinted. This damn idiot monster umbrella... What’s she showing this off for? She’s asking for me to punish her, isn’t she? The hand under her nose began to move before she could think twice about it.

[] ... SMACK that umbrella’s ass.

[] Just grope it.
A check of Reimu’s Volition, 2d6 with a +8, -2 modifier (so +6). 2 Psyche, 3 Volition, +3 for succeeding previous Authority check. -2 for being weak to temptation. Easy. To-pass: 9.

[] Reimu, for gods’ sakes: wake up already. Drop the skirt (Fine: you won’t touch, but you won’t drop the skirt).
A check of Reimu’s Volition, 2d6 with a +8, -2 modifier (so +6). 2 Psyche, 3 Volition, +3 for succeeding previous Authority check. -2 for being weak to temptation. Formidable. To-pass: 13.


image sources:
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[x] Just grope it.
A check of Reimu’s Volition, 2d6 with a +8, -2 modifier (so +6). 2 Psyche, 3 Volition, +3 for succeeding previous Authority check. -2 for being weak to temptation. Easy. To-pass: 9.
Delete Post
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A horny Hakurei is a happy Hakurei

[] Just grope it
-> 35/36 (97.22%) chance of success -- squish squish

[] Reimu, for gods’ sakes: wake up already. Drop the skirt (Fine: you won’t touch, but you won’t drop the skirt).
-> 30/36 (83.33%) chance of success -- God, it's like she's never been in a relationship before
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[X] ... SMACK that umbrella’s ass.

Nothing wrong with a good morning smack
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Reimu, for gods’ sakes: wake up already. Drop the skirt (Fine: you won’t touch, but you won’t drop the skirt).
Let's calm it down there hon.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Reimu, for gods’ sakes: wake up already. Drop the skirt (Fine: you won’t touch, but you won’t drop the skirt).
Just appreciate it. No need to get all handsy first thing in the morning.
Delete Post
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[X] Reimu, for gods’ sakes: wake up already. Drop the skirt (Fine: you won’t touch, but you won’t drop the skirt).
Delete Post
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Roll next post.
Delete Post
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⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅

Rolling 2d6 plus 6 => 12 (1, 5, Rolls: 6)
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 158392711148.jpg - (170.17KB, 840x1257, Surprise!!!.jpg)
image source: https://twitter.com/loser_na/status/1061258901016858633


Roll results: 1, 5, +6 = 12 | Failure.

[X] Reimu, for gods’ sakes: wake up already. Drop the skir

Like hell I will. What’s the point in passing this up?


[X] SMACK that umbrella’s ass.

Reimu gathered strength into her hand...

... lifted her palm high..

... and brought it down with strength on Kogasa’s bottom, producing a resounding SLAP!

“Hyain!?” the tsukumogami yelped, and Reimu finally let go of her skirt...

... so that she might push the now-freed hand against the umbrella’s back, preventing Kogasa from rising (as she was about to) and keeping her hips in the air. Reimu squeezed at the cheek in her other hand, shivering from the plentiful heft, mass, and tension, and licking her lips as she felt Kogasa’s body heat up where she had struck.

“Stay still,” she commanded firmly and quietly, still massaging Kogasa’s bottom.

“M-M-M-Miss Reimu!? You’re awake!?” The umbrella was flustered, but did as commanded and succumbed.

“You figured you could distract me from this by cleaning up?” Reimu asked while groping the ass aggressively. She pulled her hand back and spanked the umbrella again, producing another squeal. She leaned over the girl and spoke toward her ear. “You cheeky monster umbrella... waving your ass at me first thing in the morning...”

Kogasa retorted, “I-It’s the afternoon, I think...”

And Reimu retorted, “Shut up.”

She gripped and pulled out the cheek in her hand, grunting softly and enjoying the youkai’s moaning.

Then, abruptly, she stopped—

—and hooked a finger into the waistband on either side of the tsukumogami’s panties.

“I want to eat you out,” said Reimu. “Lift your hips more.”

“Aaah!!? H-Hey! Miss Reimu!! I haven’t had a bath yet!” The umbrella had her arms bent on the floor before her, the rag and soap she’d been using fallen before those. She turned her head as she protested, and backed into herself a little, letting her raise her butt a bit higher.

“Great,” Reimu replied with a vacant smile as she met met Kogasa’s eyes with her own. “Let’s fuck all day; I’m up for it.”

She looked at Kogasa’s bottom again and started to pull off her underwear.

“Wait! WAIT! WAAAIIIT!!” Kogasa cried.

“Yo Reimu, what’s goin’ on? You killin’ a youkai in here?”



Reimu and Kogasa quickly looked to the hall. A sleepy witch was walking in, and evidently yet unapprised of the truth of the situation unfolding before her.

Marisa blinked, rubbing her left eye and stretching her left arm over her head. She squinted, blinked thrice more, and cocked her head. Reimu was on her knees in front of Kogasa, who was also on her knees, and Reimu seemed to have just about started pulling off the youkai’s panties.

Now. Now she understood.

“... Ah—” she uttered a sound. Then, blood rushed into her face as she looked away. “Ahahaha!! Uh, sorry, you two! Ko—Kogasa! I already—I already knew about it so I’m not gonna tell, ‘kay!? Do-Don’t’ worry, alright!? Uhh! Ha... Haha! I’ll get going!”

She turned.

“Wait, Miss Marisa!” yelled the youkai. The shrine maiden, baffled, whipped her head around to look at the other girl.

There, she exclaimed, “Kogasa!?”

“Wha-What, what?” stammered the other human, turning back to face them. She considered the situation in front of her again, her face slowly turning with theory and realization. Eventually, she met the tsukumogami’s eyes and asked, “Kogasa, was Reimu forcing herself on you?”

Kogasa stiffened, blinked, and answered, “... Uhmm...”

Next Reimu blinked, while staring at one of her walls. Gears cranked in her still-waking head, and she came to ask, in surprise, “... Was I!?”

“You were!?” Marisa asked in disbelief, spreading her stance as if prepared to leap in.

Reimu, in a panic, answered, “I—I don’t know! I—”

She looked at Kogasa, who now had her panties relinquished and was moving to seat herself in seiza before the human. Reimu kept her gaze for a moment and then asked once again, “Was I!?”

“Uhh...” Kogasa hesitated to answer. After some seconds, she seemed settled in her heart, locked eyes with Reimu and said, honestly, “No, you were just being, umm... ‘manly’... and... um... I like that.”

Reimu processed what had just been told to her.

And, something switched on.

“You...” she addressed the umbrella rudely, leaning toward her and putting a hand on her chest. The heart inside that chest tightened as Reimu said, “You really just ask for it, huh? Over and over... Okay. Lie down—”

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” Marisa was screaming. Her hands were over her ears and her eyes were shut. Reimu eyed her in annoyance. “I shouldn’t be hearin’ this!” the magician shouted. “I shouldn’t be seein’ this!”

Reimu turned her eyes back onto Kogasa, frowning. “Why’d you want her to stay?” she asked.

“Can we please take baths?? I’m a tool! I need proper maintenance!” Kogasa, in a huff, made her request.

Reimu’s mood dampened at once. Shoulders sinking, she asked the umbrella, “... So I was forcing myself on you?”

“... You were being forceful, but you weren’t forcing me a-and,” saying this Kogasa blushed, “I really do like it... when you order me around. It makes my heart beat and... i-i-it... it gets me excited...”

And at once, Reimu recovered. “I like ordering you around,” said Reimu, bringing her hand to Kogasa’s cheek and lifting one shoulder as part of her robe fell off of it. “It’s so cute: how you listen every time. Makes me just want to—”

“GAAHHH!!” roared Marisa as she stomped into the room, much to Reimu’s irritation. She pointed emphatically between the two of them. “If you’re gonna bathe go—go do it! And—And come on, don’t take too long, I don’t wanna think about what yer doin’ in there... it’s embarrassin’!”

“Nobody invited you,” Reimu shot back coldly while rubbing Kogasa’s cheek for comfort.

“I was around the shrine last night trying to find this special mushroom...” Marisa answered with shame in her voice and posture. “Didn’t find it; fell asleep on your porch ‘cause I didn’t wanna wake and scare ya...”

For a little bit, there was a moment of awkward silence. Marisa was the one who broke it.

“Listen,” she said, with her hands clenched straight down at her sides, “I’ll make you guys uhh...” she glanced outside, “brunch, I guess. I-I-If you wanna... have sex in the bath... go ahead, but PLEASE go ahead. I’m goin’ crazy with you two perving on each other right in front a’ me...”

“Fine...” Reimu stood up and started walking toward the bath. Kogasa also stood up, bowed to Marisa and ducked away without meeting her eyes, then followed the shrine maiden out of the main building, heading toward the Hakurei’s changing room.
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You know, I knew we were gonna fail the damn check, but we had to try...
Delete Post
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Isn't Reimu supposed to be lucky, goddamn
Delete Post
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Alpha Reimu so hot zero fucks given even when Marisa walked in
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158442803251.png - (368.78KB, 570x900, naked umbrella.png)
naked umbrella
= = = = =

They now sat in the tub; nothing perverse had transpired between them since they’d left Marisa, and they hadn’t spoken at all either. Kogasa seemed nervous; Reimu was distant—lost in thought. She was thinking, now that she was clearly able to, about everything that had happened. She... wasn’t in a relationship with Kogasa. She wasn’t in a... romantic or perhaps, “significant” relationship with Kogasa. She was in a sexual relationship with Kogasa, and it was known that she intended to treat this seriously.

She exhaled. “Phew...” and Kogasa, sat beside her, turned her head to look at her without any particular expression. She looked a bit out of it, supposed Reimu.

I’m glad, thought the shrine maiden. I was starting to worry I’d really end up bouncing back and forth with her. I’m glad. I’m glad...

“I’m glad we had sex,” she said, to Kogasa. She felt the tsukumogami’s heart beat through the water. She looked at the tool youkai, smiled lightly, and said, “Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me, Miss Reimu,” Kogasa replied with a blush in her cheeks. She hugged her legs—a sign Reimu was beginning to understand meant the umbrella was feeling very content. She looked on attentively. “Or maybe, I think we should thank each other. Thank you... for wanting to have sex with me.”

Reimu had to shut her eyes, gripping her right hand before her heart beneath the water as she thought, So cute. Too cute.

“I really meant what I said last night, by the way,” she swore, meeting the umbrella’s eyes and now flushed in her face as well. “I’m totally serious... Okay?”

“Mm, I know,” Kogasa said with a smile. “The way you were grabbing me last night... I felt it: how much you really wanted me. I could tell, ‘cause I’m a tsukumogami.”

Reimu soured a bit at this. “Like I said, I didn’t mean it like that—”

“Like a lover, right? I know.” Reimu’s blush deepened at the youkai’s bluntness. “But I can still feel it: when a human really, really wants me. More than if they want to use me, if they want to take care of me i...” She paused to place her left hand over her lower stomach. Closing her eyes, she revealed in embarrassment, “I can feel it... in my womb.”

Reimu covered her mouth to prevent a spit-take as Kogasa glowed softly with happiness beside her.

For real!? thought Reimu. S-Seriously!? What does that even mean?

“Boy tsukumogami feel it around the same place, I hear,” Kogasa continued, not noticing or being particularly concerned with Reimu’s small meltdown. “I wonder why? I don’t really understand it. There aren’t really any rules or manuals or anything...”

It’s got me thinking some dangerous thoughts, admitted Reimu to herself. She thus decided it would be best not to think about it at all—not yet. She sighed, forcing herself to calm down.

“So you’re gonna make me fall in love with you, right Miss Reimu? How’s that?” Kogasa was teasing her with this line of questioning; obvious from her coquettish simper, and how her hand was still laid gently over her stomach. Reimu scowled, mostly out of frustration with herself for not having a readied answer.

“I-I-I don’t know yet!” she snapped. “But—I’m gonna do it!”

“Okay,” Kogasa replied, still looking serene. To Reimu, it looked smug. She felt like she was standing without a floor beneath her when Kogasa, of all girls, had the upper hand over her.

At any rate, she did need to do something, and over half the day was left.

For now—

[] she’d help Kogasa with cleaning up the shrine. She’d interrupted the girl, after all.

[] she’d help Kogasa with that daikagura juggling stuff she was thinking about. It would be better than her scaring people, maybe.
Delete Post
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[x] help clean

Phone's fucking up and not allowing me to copy and paste so get fucked automated vote counting software
Delete Post
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[X] she’d help Kogasa with that daikagura juggling stuff she was thinking about. It would be better than her scaring people, maybe.
Delete Post
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As a Yokai, she will have to scare people eventually, so we can't tell her not to do it at all.
[x] help clean
Delete Post
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[X] she’d help Kogasa with cleaning up the shrine. She’d interrupted the girl, after all.
Delete Post
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[x] she’d help Kogasa with cleaning up the shrine. She’d interrupted the girl, after all.
Delete Post
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[x] she’d help Kogasa with that daikagura juggling stuff she was thinking about. It would be better than her scaring people, maybe.

Let's see if we can help her learn a new skill, maybe have some fun in the process.
Delete Post
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[] she’d help Kogasa with that daikagura juggling stuff she was thinking about. It would be better than her scaring people, maybe.
fair is fair
Delete Post
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[] she’d help Kogasa with that daikagura juggling stuff she was thinking about. It would be better than her scaring people, maybe.

She seemed excited to learn it, cleaning the shrine may be a bit self centered.
Delete Post
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[x] she’d help Kogasa with that daikagura juggling stuff she was thinking about. It would be better than her scaring people, maybe.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158624078470.jpg - (158.32KB, 1105x600, practice practice.jpg)
practice practice


= = = = =

“See? It’s easy.”

“Miss Reimu...! Miss Reimu! That’s ridiculous!”

“No, it’s easy.”

Reimu thrust the opened paper parasol in her hands upward, the small black and white orb that had been spinning on top of it launching up. She kicked out her foot, and caught it on the toe of her shoe as it fell.

“What!!” shouted Kogasa, clinging to her umbrella half and leaning forward at the sight.

“Egh, you’re terrible at this, Reimu,” commented Marisa, who was watching the two of them from the sitting room with her arms folded and was wearing a cooking apron and head scarf. The Shrine Maiden was perplexed by her assessment.

What?” said the acrobatic girl. She kicked the orb from her toe, then caught it on two of her fingers, balancing it perfectly. “Are you seeing thing? Spinning stuff with an umbrella is one thing, but I know I’m good at this.”

After all, she’d been using the Yin-Yang Orb almost ever since she could remember.

“Not that,” said the witch who was leaning against a pillar as if she wasn’t a guest here, “you’re terrible at teaching.”

“Eh—? Ah—A-Am I!?” asked Reimu, looking at her student. Her student became instantly flustered.

They had come outside after drying and getting dressed, and Reimu had proposed daikagura practice as she’d planned. The youkai was thrilled, and the human proceeded to naturally show her how it was done.

“C-Can’t you just do it?” Reimu asked, a little desperate. Kogasa seemed (cutely) at a loss.

The umbrella youkai had tried first, at Reimu’s request to see where the tsukumogami was at in her technique. She could manage, but only for a few seconds and it definitely didn’t seem as if she “knew” what she was doing.

“Let’s try it together,” suggested Reimu. Kogasa nodded and gave a quiet, “okay”, picking up a red ball they’d found in the store room and tossing it onto her second-half as Reimu did the same with her orb and parasol. Reimu spun the handle of her tool and maintained the orb’s location atop it; Kogasa soon had the ball tumbling onto her head.

MMnn... How to put it... the human thought to herself, absently watching as Marisa returned to the kitchen to check on a pot she’d set to boil. It’s like....


Don’t you just DO it!?

She was surprisingly frustrated; not with Kogasa, but with herself. She didn’t often have to explain how she did anything, but now that she wanted to, she was at a complete loss.

The only good thing about any of this was that the weather was really very nice... It felt good to practice under it.

“...” Reimu watched silently as Kogasa kept trying; tossing the ball up and missing, or catching it and falling, or catching it, spinning, and only noticing that she no longer had it when it bounced on the stones behind her. Reimu glanced up at the shadow of her own orb, almost still through the paper. It buzzed as it rolled over the wood spokes of her umbrella.

How am I doing this... she asked herself.

But she had no answers.


She was very disappointed in herself.

[] Think! Think of a way to explain it! You can do this, so you can do this.
A check of Reimu’s Conceptualization, 2d6 with a +5 modifier. 3 From Intellect, 2 from basic Conceptualization. Heroic. To-pass: 15.

[] Suggest that Kogasa join you under the parasol to watch your technique closely.
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, -5 modifier (so +7). -5 for being intimately close to Kogasa after having fucked her all night. Medium. To-pass: 10. She will suggest Kogasa join regardless, what this will change is whether she can keep herself together during her demonstration.


Conceptualization is basically the skill for putting your abstracted thoughts/feelings out there through words or art, creatively and usually somewhat sensibly. Its partner is Rhetoric, though that’s mainly used for arguments. I think Conceptualization fits better for trying to explain juggling technique. That said, Reimu’s Conceptualization is comically low (it should be at least 3, but I’m giving her a -1 from an “Is a Poor Explainer” thought). The girl can’t explain shit when it comes to anything she can do naturally, like danmaku play or her border/gap manipulation abilities. She’s good at explaining how to make alcohol and how to exterminate certain youkai, though.

image sources:
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[X] Suggest that Kogasa join you under the parasol to watch your technique closely.
Delete Post
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It continues!

[] Think! Think of a way to explain it! You can do this, so you can do this.
-> 6/36 (16.67%) chance of success

[] Suggest that Kogasa join you under the parasol to watch your technique closely.
-> 35/36 (97.22%) chance of success

No safety nets? Lady Luck have mercy.
Delete Post
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[X] Suggest that Kogasa join you under the parasol to watch your technique closely.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Suggest that Kogasa join you under the parasol to watch your technique closely.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Suggest that Kogasa join you under the parasol to watch your technique closely.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Suggest that Kogasa join you under the parasol to watch your technique closely.

Reimu needs to practice her restraint around Kogasa, anyway.
Delete Post
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[X] Think! Think of a way to explain it! You can do this, so you can do this.
Quicksave first
Delete Post
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[x] Suggest that Kogasa join you under the parasol to watch your technique closely.
Delete Post
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Well, here we go.

Roll next post.
Delete Post
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Rolling 2d6 plus 7 => 13 (5, 1, Rolls: 6)
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 158720107872.gif - (1.99MB, 800x603, umbrellas are learning; please wait warmly.gif)
umbrellas are learning; please wait warmly
image sources:


⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅
Roll results: 5, 1, +7 = 13 | Success.

[X] Suggest that Kogasa join you under the parasol to watch your technique closely.

She decided to rely on more practical application.

“How about you come over here?” asked Reimu. “Under the umbrella?” she clarified, still spinning the orb on top of it.

“An umbrella under an umbrella?” queried the umbrella tsukumogami while hunching her shoulders. “That’s got to be some sort of bad luck, hasn’t it? Like opening an umbrella indoors...”

Reimu was taken slightly aback by this proposal, in annoyance. “What? What the heck are you talking about? Just get over here,” the shrine maiden commanded. The tsukumogami complied, stepping over and whispering a polite, “pardon me for intruding”.

Once Kogasa was standing against her and the umbrella’s eyes were glancing between her hands and the upper part of the tool she was holding within them, Reimu straightened her back and continued her demonstration.

“Look,” she instructed, and she looked as well.

/ / / / /

The technique seemed to truly be a connection between ones eyes and hands.

Reimu could not stare at the flickering shadow of the ball spinning atop her parasol and still pull off the trick, but nonetheless she often did. It seemed almost unconscious. The human’s stare would wander off – to the shrine, to the trees, to the torii gate – but no matter where it fell she would always glance back (sometimes long, sometimes short) at that shadow. Perhaps... it gave her a sense of position?

I see... thought Kogasa, watching both Reimu’s face and the small shadow seriously. It’s simple, but it isn’t something you’d think about...!

The actual spinning seemed to come down to technique and – perhaps this was just because Reimu made it look so – it was probably the easier aspect to the skill. All Reimu did was either move her fingers, or move her wrists, or on occasion both. She spun it—her arms, her body, her posture: none of that really seemed to factor into what she was doing, and those fingers and wrists... their movements were extremely basic; not at all complex.

Maybe... she could do it after all?

To make sure, she put her hands over the back of Reimu’s.

The human looked at her curiously, but steadfastly returned her attention to the parasol and orb not a second later.

Through Reimu’s hands, Kogasa could feel it: the lack of tension, craft, or indeed any kind of effort.

She smiled to herself. It seemed true...

This was easy.

“Um, breakfast...” She heard Reimu’s magician friend muttering from the shrine’s main building. Looking over to the pink-cheeked girl, she smiled warmly and answered:


= = = = =

She didn’t have to eat physical food... Still, Kogasa joined the two humans and mostly kept quiet as they spoke to one another. A seemingly usual conversation about Gensokyo’s current goings on, as well as some recently learned curious facts and rumors.

Kogasa enjoyed listening, and meanwhile secretly “practiced” her daikagura technique by going through some of the motions she’d seen Reimu employ.

To speak of Reimu, the Shine Maiden eventually said she’d take care of the dishes as Marisa had taken care of the meal. She stepped out with their things, and left the umbrella with the witch.

Kogasa stopped practicing, and looked at the blond who was fiddling with the brim of her extremely large hat.

... I don’t know her very well, thought Kogasa, now sitting seiza and pushing the hands against her knees. She was fidgeting, unable to hid her discomfort. When did I last speak to Miss Marisa alone...? Was it... when the Crown Prince showed up? She’s never been nice to me, come to think of it.

She smirked to herself, looked to the tatami and let out a quick breath—one blending a laugh and a sigh.

Well, nobody really tends to be, ha ha...

“Yo...” said Marisa, somewhat under her breath. Kogasa hopped in place, and met her eyes. “Aren’t you, like, some old hag?”

Kogasa blushed as her jaw dropped and her brow furrowed. H... How rude! she exclaimed, inside.

“Like maybe five-hundred? Eight-hundred?” Marisa speculated, pointing at the youkai with an underhand gesture. Her elbows were on the table. She was horribly uncouth.

“I-I’m only a hundred and eighty...” Kogasa muttered while looking askance, looking ashamed, and being confused by that shame.

“Really? You just remind me of an old lady.” Marisa continued to be horribly honest. Even though I pride myself on keeping up with the times...? thought Kogasa. “Uh, don’t get me wrong, s’just...”

“What?” asked Kogasa a few seconds after the other girl had trailed off.

Marisa looked toward the kitchen. The constant rushing of the faucet, and inconstant clinking of dishes being cleaned, could both be clearly heard. The little human leaned forward, arms and upper body on the table, and she lowered her voice to a definite whisper. “I’m kinda Reimu’s girl... her number one, alright?” she said. “What I’m sayin’ is, I worry about her. She’s, uh...” Marisa hesitated, her mouth closing and twisting, and her eyes narrowing. “Look, she’s my buddy, alright?”

Kogasa gave an earnest, simple nod. Okay, she thought. Alright.

“So, my buddy’s in love with you...”

Kogasa blushed, but tried to keep her expression staid.

“But you’re a youkai,” said Marisa, and as she did so she looked Kogasa straight in her eyes.

“M... Mhmm...??” The umbrella couldn’t grasp what the witch was getting at.

Marisa smirked, broke eye contact, and huffed. “Well,” she grumbled, “that’s nice n’ romantic. What, you really don’t see any problem with that? Alright, let’s put that aside...”

Kogasa straightened her back and waited.

“You really want Reimu? Not a man?” shot Marisa.

“Wh-What?” Kogasa hissed in shock.

“Well?” the magician kept at it.

“I... I’ve never even really... I’ve never thought about... romance... I’m a tool!” she snapped, though her voice was at a low volume as she found herself naturally following Marisa’s lead.

“You’re into girls, then?” Marisa persisted. Kogasa felt like her face was burning.

“Fw—Girl—I... Thassh—t!” she bit her tongue, flinched, and then held her hands over her mouth, squinting at Marisa with tears of pain in her eyes. “I don’ know. I don’ know!” she insisted.

“This’s important, Umbrella,” Marisa went on smoothly, uncaring and unconcerned with the youkai’s pain, “Don’t trot out some generic... ‘only for her’ stuff with me, alright?”

Kogasa moved her hands from her face, holding her tongue and flapping at it with her free hand. Slouching, she answered: “I’m nah humeng. Howw wou’ I know??”

Marisa frowned, her eyebrows scrunching together. “Like... a—va... gina... What do you think of that?”

Kogasa’s heart beat, and she looked away while letting go of her tongue.

“Hm, okay,” noted Marisa. “Then what about a penis? What do you think of those?”

“I haven’t seen one...” Kogasa said.

“Handsome guys? Burly guys?” queried the human.

“I don’t think I care...”

Marisa pointed at the umbrella again and posited, “Boobs? Nipples?”

Another heartbeat. “I like them...” was Tatara Kogasa’s answer.

“Has that always been the case, or...?” Marisa led on.

Kogasa raised her shoulders. “I don’t know...!” she said. “M... Maybe?”

“That Reimu...” Marisa went on, shifting the subject and her eyes to the chirping, glowing outdoors, “she’s more like... if she likes it, she likes it; if it’s a girl or a boy or a...” She looked at Kogasa, saying, “She likes you.”

“I know...” Kogasa admitted.

“So are you gonna take her seriously?” Marisa demanded, though lightly. “She’s scary but, if you don’t want something like that with her, you’ve gotta tell her. Break her heart now, instead of later. Or, more like...” She thought for a moment how to word what she had to say. “I’m not saying ‘fall in love with her’. I’m asking you, as her friend: are you gonna treat Reimu seriously? She’s a dumbass with a head so thick sometimes a brick will smack the thing and she won’t even flinch, but... you’ve gotta be careful, even with her.”

Marisa frowned, and Kogasa did as well. “Nah...” the magician denied herself, clenching her fist. “That’s not it. Hey. Kogasa, this is what I honestly wanna know...

“Are you gonna fall in love with Reimu?”

The tsukumogami breathed in sharply. Wasn’t that question too soon...?

... No. Actually... I understand.

Miss Marisa is worried about R... Reimu. Kaahh... I said it...!
She hadn’t said it. Taking her hand from her face after having felt her blood rushing into it, she affirmed within: Y... Yeah, I think that’s normal, for a human.

I’ve gotta answer her seriously.

“Are you going to fall in love with Miss Reimu?”


[] “I already am.”

[] “I’m not sure.”

[] “That’s up to her.” [MATURE!]
Delete Post
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Marisa asking the real questions.
[X] “I already am.”
Delete Post
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[x] “I already am.”

Delete Post
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[X] “That’s up to her.” [MATURE!]
Delete Post
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[X] “That’s up to her.” [MATURE!]
Delete Post
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[X] “That’s up to her.” [MATURE!]
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 158739638992.png - (1.40MB, 1600x2000, Yes! Mature!.png)
Yes! Mature!
[X] “That’s up to her.” [MATURE!]

Saying this, Kogasa closed her eyes, straightened her back, and allowed herself a small, victorious smile.

“... What?” uttered Marisa, looking concerned. “Uh, were you the sorta character who said stuff like that?”

“What!?” Kogasa snapped, her mature posture collapsing immediately.

“I mean, you’re like uh... ‘silly’, or whatever,” said Marisa.

“I take life very seriously,” said the umbrella girl. The magical girl nodded, and wore an expression that told: “sure you do”. “I do!” she insisted.

Marisa ignored this and went on, saying, “Well, if it’s up to Reimu, huh, that’s...” She trailed off while looking at the greenery outside, then turned her eyes on Kogasa. She said, “I’m rooting for her, I guess.”

“Alright, that’s all over... you two look tense,” the returning Reimu noticed while stepping into the room, rubbing her shoulders.

“You’re just imagining that,” Marisa answered dismissively, waving a hand for emphasis. With her cheek in her palm, she looked up at the Shrine Maiden and asked, “So? What now? I feel like I’m interrupting, but I don’t wanna leave.”

“You’re definitely interrupting. You totally smashed apart my mood, Marisa,” Reimu complained. Remembering what that mood was, Kogasa stared down at her own hands and began twiddling her thumbs, embarrassed. “Good question, though...” Reimu continued, closing her eyes and rubbing at them. “What to do? Are you going to practice? Kogasa?”

“Hehh??” A strange, umbrella noise.

“Spacing out? I was wondering what you were gonna do. Marisa isn’t leaving...” Reimu glared at the magician, who was pretending not to notice, “... so I’ll have to hold off on... ‘you’,” she said, and she looked Kogasa in the chest—at her breasts, that is to say.

Kogasa lifted her hands before them, and Reimu looked away, sucking her teeth. “Hmm,” muttered the youkai, tapping her opposing fingertips together, “Wellll... if you’ll allow me...” she mumbled.

[] “I’d like to head out, if you don’t mind... To see the rokurokubi who lives in the village.”

[] “Could I stay here and practice with you more? I think I’ve got it almost figured out!”

[] “Can we just chat? I’d like to relax more, if it’s alright...”
Delete Post
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[X] “Can we just chat? I’d like to relax more, if it’s alright...”

More wholesome fun times?
Delete Post
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[X] “Can we just chat? I’d like to relax more, if it’s alright...”
Delete Post
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[x] “Can we just chat? I’d like to relax more, if it’s alright...”

god this is cute
Delete Post
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[X] “Could I stay here and practice with you more? I think I’ve got it almost figured out!”
Delete Post
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[X] “Can we just chat? I’d like to relax more, if it’s alright...”
I feel as though saying that we are going to visit Sekibenki would just get her jealous. It's a stretch, but it's Gensokyo so common sense isn't the most common thing, plus Reimu is a little...jumpy is the word I'll use.
Delete Post
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[x] “Can we just chat? I’d like to relax more, if it’s alright...”
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] “Could I stay here and practice with you more? I think I’ve got it almost figured out!”

More close contact times.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] “Could I stay here and practice with you more? I think I’ve got it almost figured out!”

Kogasa was secretly practicing the routine so let’s finish it here.
Delete Post
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[X] “Could I stay here and practice with you more? I think I’ve got it almost figured out!”
Delete Post
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[X] “Could I stay here and practice with you more? I think I’ve got it almost figured out!”

I wanna see a juggling umbrella.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 158911428293.jpg - (459.97KB, 508x1023, ordinary shrine.jpg)
ordinary shrine
image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1088550

It's a tie, so I combined the choice.


[X] “Yeah, I’ll practice. But, can we talk, too?”

“That won’t distract you?” Reimu asked.

“It... It will probably distract me,” the tsukumogami admitted.

“Well, not like I’ll stop you from talking. Go ahead and practice,” Reimu insisted.

“Okay!” Kogasa replied, getting up from the table. It was plain: she was happy. Reimu wore a smile as she watched her, and Marisa looked at both, feeling exasperated.

= = = = =

“They were sayin’ if you found one, you could sell it for crazy money.”

“So? Did you find one?”

“I said I didn’t.”

“Not you? Is it that hard to find?”


Kogasa was not distracted.

The two humans were talking about something, but it was something silly and therefore she found it easy to focus on her juggling just outside the main building. All she needed to do was apply the techniques she’d observed from Reimu, and she could feel herself rapidly gaining a sense for the art (or, craft?).

“Wasn’t there an earthquake up by the Mountain recently?” mentioned Reimu, speaking from another subject.

“Ah, yeah, I heard about that,” Marisa followed.

And Kogasa thought, ... Oh!

She remembered that. “I remember that” she said. She’d been there, at the time, and so revealed: “I was there at the time!”

The ball on her umbrella-half fell off, and flustered she hurried to retrieve it before it rolled off the premises.

“Was it big?” Reimu asked, watching as the tsukumogami scrambled for her ball. Marisa answered instead.

“Duh: it wasn’t. You didn’t feel it, right?”

“I don’t notice a lot of things, though,” Reimu replied. “Did you notice?” she asked.

Kogasa got her ball.

“I didn’t notice anything, so it must’ve been small,” was Marisa’s evaluation.

“It was really big!” Kogasa told them, standing before the porch and holding her ball on the palm of her left hand. “Everyone was spooked! I was only there to deliver something, so I got out in a flash!”

“A big earthquake that only the Mountain felt...?” Reimu clarified, shifting to a lazier means of lounging at her table (she was slouching, and her arms were laying atop it). Marisa looked her way, waiting for her to continue. “Was that snake god a god of earth, too? I think it might’ve been just wind.”

“You’ve got a Moriya Branch Shrine at your place and you don’t even know what their gods do?” prodded Marisa, wearing a trolling smile. Reimu skinned up her face, annoyed.

“If they’re messing around over there, then...!”

She stopped short of slamming her fist down to the table.

She judged: “... Wait: it’s Youkai Mountain so it’s a youkai problem.”

“That’s like you,” noted Marisa.

Kogasa was spinning her other half again, paying attention to the shadow of the ball through her canopy.

“But they mess with humans a lot... hmmmm...” muttered Reimu, covering her mouth and squeezing her eyes shut in consternation.

“Like when Lady Kanako made the crow under the satori’s house eat a Yatagarasu?” Kogasa chimed in.

“Yeah,” said Reimu, looking her way and nodding.

“So... it’s an Incident?” Marisa asked her friend.

“It’s suspicious,” the shrine maiden confirmed, taking up her cup of tea and bringing it toward her lips. “But I can’t mess around with youkai over youkai matters... That’d just be troublesome.”

“Because everyone on the Mountain’s scared of you, Miss Reimu?” asked a still bright-of-mood Kogasa.

“They should be, but they’re not,” Reimu admitted. “The problem is I’ve got a job, and that job is to help with stuff that’s affecting Gensokyo as a whole. If I got too much into smaller issues, people might start calling me a tyrant—even if I don’t rule anything.”

“Like, worse than martial law?” offered Marisa.

“Something worse than a vigilante!” Kogasa suggested.

“Right, like worse than those two thi... Are you two making fun of me?” asked Reimu, eyeing them both with suspicion. Kogasa smiled.

“I guess we can ask the kappa about it since they actually live there,” Marisa continued.

“They’re more open to questions, but they’re annoying,” said Reimu. Then, emphatically, she added: “Anyway I don’t want to work today! Kogasa is here!”

Kogasa faltered and dropped her ball again.

“Jeez. You’re embarrassin’,” Marisa replied with a sigh.

“Look at how hard she’s working!” The shrine maiden pointed at the umbrella, who was getting back to practice and had turned away deliberately, hiding her face. “She’s so dedicated! It’s adorable, right!?”

“Sure, sure,” Marisa answered dismissively.

“Marisa,” Reimu began, “don’t you like anyone?”

“Shut up!”

Kogasa knew she was blushing (Marisa); the youkai was blushing, herself.

“I thought it was fair to ask,” Reimu went on. She drank more tea and set her cup down. Then, she straightened her back and bragged that “Being in love, you know, feels wonderful! I feel successful and happy!”

“Miss Reimu...” Kogasa mumbled.

“You’ve had this for like half a day—come off it!” Marisa snapped.

Her friend sang, “Kogasa is so cuuute! And so submissive...” She sighed. Marisa sat up and cried—


Again, Kogasa faltered.

“Hey, Kogasa,” Reimu addressed her brightly, and the tsukumogami flinched, “what do you do for fun?”

“F-Fun?” stammered the youkai girl. “I... I watch shows in the village... and I read books...” She retrieved her ball, and glanced at Reimu while spinning it atop her other half. Reimu had an elbow on the table and her chin in her hand.

“Who do you read?” Reimu asked. She was ignoring the fuming magician sitting close by.

“‘Who’? Like a favorite author?” Reimu nodded at this. “Oh... Well, I like 3-10’s books...”

“‘Three-ten’? I don’t know that one.”

“I found them in Suzunaan... They mostly write... romance, and stuff?”

“Like, adventures?”

“... Are you being dense on purpose?”

“Oh, right, I heard a’ 3-10,” Marisa quietly interjected. “Love stories. I think I read a sample of theirs in one of the tengu papers.”

“Do you read Agatha Chris Q?” Reimu asked, with her eyes on Kogasa. Kogasa nodded, and Reimu lit up. “Really!?”

Marisa groaned. “Calm down... Everyone reads Chris Q.”

“Are you caught up!?” asked the excited Reimu.

“Ah, no...” Kogasa admitted. She looked upward, following the rolling ball’s silhouette.

“Khh... I can’t spoil it then...” muttered Reimu bitterly, grinding her teeth together.

“If you want, I can bring you one of 3-10’s adventure novels, and I’ll catch up on Agatha Chris Q,” the tsukumogami offered.

“Oh...! Sure! Then we can talk about it!” Reimu exclaimed, almost breathless. Marisa looked at her in pity.

Oh no... thought Kogasa, Miss Reimu is cute...

“Look at her, she thinks you’re cute,” Marisa remarked to her friend. Kogasa flinched, and once more her ball dropped, and once more on her head. Reimu went quiet, and red-faced.

[] Okay... Ask Miss Reimu to join you for practicing. Use an excuse like you’re getting the hang of it, or something.

[] Would complimenting her make her more shy? Double-down: tell Miss Reimu outright that she’s cute.

[] Change the subject; this is embarrassing.
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[X] Would complimenting her make her more shy? Double-down: tell Miss Reimu outright that she’s cute.
Delete Post
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[X] Okay... Ask Miss Reimu to join you for practicing. Use an excuse like you’re getting the hang of it, or something.

Eyes on the prize
Delete Post
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[X] Would complimenting her make her more shy? Double-down: tell Miss Reimu outright that she’s cute.

Bullying through compliments? Sure, let's do it.
Delete Post
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[X] Would complimenting her make her more shy? Double-down: tell Miss Reimu outright that she’s cute.
Delete Post
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[x] Would complimenting her make her more shy? Double-down: tell Miss Reimu outright that she’s cute.

It's hard to say no to more of Reimu attempting to be helpful, but we can't miss the chance to observe how she reacts to this.
Delete Post
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[x] Would complimenting her make her more shy? Double-down: tell Miss Reimu outright that she’s cute.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 159006036485.jpg - (153.04KB, 471x700, no; but yes.jpg)
no; but yes
[X] Would complimenting her make her more shy? Double-down: tell Miss Reimu outright that she’s cute.

“That’s right,” said Kogasa. Marisa raised her eyebrows and Reimu looked at the tsukumogami, who was looking back with her steadiest gaze. “I think you’re cute, Miss Reimu,” Kogasa declared. “You’re cute.”

Immediately, a smile broke across Reimu’s lips, and her hands moved up in what seemed to be, by their direction, an attempt to possibly hide it. Her embarrassment thwarted the apparent attempt, and her gaze began shifting as she hunched and laughed her “tickled” laughter.

“‘C-Cute’...” the shrine maiden repeated.

“Mm,” answered Kogasa with a firm and quick nod. “You’re cute.”


“Really cute.”

“Heh... heheh...”

“You’re super cute!”


Ha...! Kogasa laughed in her thoughts. She’d started leaning toward the porch, and was now wearing an open, excited smile. Fun...!

“Miss Reimu is adorable...!” she went on.

“Y-You think so...?” the human fished, placing her right hand on the table and daintily moving the hair beside her face out the way with the left.

“Mm! Yeah!!” Kogasa asserted, nodding again—and now with enthusiasm.

“Thanks...” Reimu replied, smiling and blushing with as deep a red as a field of tulips’.

Kogasa felt her heart thumping in her ears. She swallowed, still wearing a smile though naturally now it was closed. Reimu... was flirting with her!

She’d read about this!

I... I think that’s enough practice, so—!

“Miss Reimu...!” the now explosively eager tsukumogami went on, “c... can I touch your hair again?”

And Reimu, hunching even more over her table, answered, “Y-Yeah...”

“I’m still here,” said Marisa flatly. Kogasa looked at the yellow-haired human in honest shock. “I’m still here, you know. Do you guys want me to leave or are you just cool with flirting in front a’ people? That your deal? Not sure I’m cool with it.”

“Shut up, Marisa!” Reimu snapped at the witch, who closed her eyes and leaned back, her expression uncaring. “Don’t look away!” she yelled.

Marisa ignored her. “Go ahead, Kogasa,” she said, “As long as it stays flirty instead a’ frisky, it’s prolly fine.” The smaller girl opened her eyes, laying their gaze on the umbrella. “Be a little careful about who you flir—ah...”

With Marisa’s blessing, Kogasa was already climbing onto the veranda and kicking off her sandals. She trotted over to Reimu, and sat half beside – half behind her: hands lifted and ready. The shrine maiden squared her shoulders, watching with a brow furrowed from Marisa’s interruption.

“Careful about who you flirt in front of, ugh. I didn’t think this’s what you two were like,” complained the witch, now leaned back on her elbows and observing. She sat up; Kogasa put her left hand to the shrine maiden’s bare shoulder, and set her right hand down on top of her head. Wearing a soft and satisfied face, she stroked the human’s hair. Reimu sat resolute, and allowed it.

With her arms now impolitely crossed on the table, Marisa watched the affectionate tool-youkai with upturned eyebrows and a pitying frown. “Man,” said the girl, “she’s totally charmed you, huh?”

At this, Reimu’s blush – which had ebbed from the just-previous events – began to return, and her shoulders hunched a little. Kogasa closed her eyes, moved herself closer, and continued to, with pleasure, whimsically toy with the maiden’s hair. She was, in fact, already too absorbed to notice what the other human had said.

“She’s gone,” Marisa declared with finality. “Your hair captured her, Reimu.”

“Actually... she really likes it,” the shrine maiden noted, with a little embarrassment to reveal such. “I didn’t mention it, but she did this yesterday, too.”

Kogasa was blissful, even humming a very quiet and very thoughtless tune that only Reimu was close enough to hear.

\\ \\ \\ \\ \\
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 159006044967.png - (1.52MB, 2502x1345, thoughts.png)
Ugh... thought Reimu. I totally love her.

She usually hated being touched so casually, but she really didn’t mind this at all. It was very much on the contrary, in fact. Kogasa seemed to like petting her quite sincerely, and that feeling alone was enough to, simply, make this young maiden feel nice—within her heart. That the umbrella had such a wonderful touch (in her body’s opinion) was not unappreciated, either. Reimu frowned, feeling not a little ashamed about how pleasing she found this, and how Marisa was in front of her... judging.

She likes it...” said Marisa with doubt.

“... Yeah, I like it too,” Reimu bitterly admitted, fixing her posture again as Kogasa took handfuls of her hair and stroked it—lifted it, as if thinking to start braiding. She warmed as Kogasa moved her left hand from the left shoulder where it had been resting and brought it also to Reimu’s hair as if considering that possibility more seriously. Well... she didn’t like braids. Not in her hair, at the least.

But as this was so soothing, she raised no objections. Besides, the umbrella was now softly chuckling, and running her fingers slow through the tresses, seemingly (indeed, as Marisa said) captured by the hair, and that smoothness she had extolled upon the day before.

“She ain’t listening to a word...” said Marisa, her eyes now on the blue-haired “she” in question. Reimu looked down, and a bit to her left...

... at Kogasa’s skirt-covered thighs.

“...” She was silent.

... Would Marisa notice if I...?

She glanced toward what was beneath the table. She couldn’t see Marisa’s lower body past it.

She glanced above the table next, and across.

I can’t see her hands... she noted. I can definitely hide things from Marisa, too. She’s way less ‘aware’ than I am.

Kogasa felt Reimu’s neck, past her hair, and sighed. Reimu shivered, and looked directly Marisa.


[] Secretly feel up Kogasa’s thigh(s), just for fun.

[] Secretly feel up Kogasa’s thigh(s) (sexually).

[] Hey. Hey! Stop that. Just keep talking as you ought to.


image sources:
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[x] Hey. Hey! Stop that. Just keep talking as you ought to.

Now now! She said no frisky business!
Delete Post
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[x] Hey. Hey! Stop that. Just keep talking as you ought to.
All flirty, no frisky.
Delete Post
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[x] Hey. Hey! Stop that. Just keep talking as you ought to.
Delete Post
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[x] Secretly feel up Kogasa’s thigh(s), just for fun.

Never not play with the umbrella.
Delete Post
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[x] Hey. Hey! Stop that. Just keep talking as you ought to
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 159098594599.jpg - (439.54KB, 811x653, relax.jpg)
image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3224112


[X] Hey. Hey! Stop that. Just keep talking as you ought to.

Reimu firmly shook her head.

“Wah!” Kogasa exclaimed, lifting her hands. Across from them, Marisa brought up an eyebrow.

“What’s up?” she asked.

Reimu firmly replied: “It’s nothing.”

Of course it was something, and the Shrine Maiden was awful at ever pretending otherwise. Still, as nothing seemed truly amiss or afoot... Marisa let it go.

“You gonna make your own dinner tonight? Want me to leave?” the witch asked as Kogasa returned to petting (though she was now distracted, and so paying the two humans attention).

“You don’t have to leave,” answered Reimu, slouching forward and dropping her cheek on the heel of her hand. Kogasa repositioned herself, and after a moment set both her hands on Reimu’s shoulders. The Hakurei glanced halfway back, with mild curiosity. Kogasa began rubbing her shoulders. “Oh...”

“Oh! You’re cool with me staying?” Marisa sounded happy.

Yeah, thought Reimu, wincing a bit as the tool behind her worked on her skin and muscles, just make sure you leave before bath time so I can have sex with her. Reimu closed her eyes, satisfying herself for now with memories of an unclothed Kogasa.

“I’ll make dinner, then! I still have to make up for everythin’!” Marisa went on. Reimu halfway opened her left eye.

“Mm,” she grunted, somewhat with the satisfaction of her body easing up. “Make it good, though.”

“Of course! I’m a great cook!” This statement was rather debatable.

The day went on and Marisa eventually went to make good on her vow, leaving Kogasa and Reimu by themselves once again. The Sun was nearly gone and the Moon had already taken a semi-circle place in the sky. There was was a deep, but mostly contained red burrowing into the darker sky from where the Sun was falling, and the nightly creatures were kicking up again. Reimu looked at the shrine’s ancient ceiling, lying down on her back with her arms over her head. Kogasa sat next to her, watching the woods; quiet and, Reimu wagered, thoughtless.

... It’d probably be a good idea to ask her on a date, the shrine maiden considered this as she looked at the tsukumogami’s straightened back. She reasoned: ... She’s gonna think I’m gross or a pervert.

Was there any need to comment on this thought?

Yeah, I should ask her, she decided.


[] The village, of course.

[] Maybe through the bamboo forest?

[] I want to go mountain climbing.

Delete Post
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[X] I want to go mountain climbing.

Delete Post
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[x] I want to go mountain climbing.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] I want to go mountain climbing.
Delete Post
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[X] I want to go mountain climbing.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 159133647091.gif - (1.26MB, 344x582, ダーリン、ダーリン.gif)
image sources:


[X] I want to go mountain climbing.


“Kogasa,” she spoke up.

“Hm?” and Kogasa looked behind herself.

“Want to go exploring some mountains tomorrow?” Is that the right way to ask? “Come with me while I go mountain climbing tomorrow.” That’s better.

Kogasa’s posture sagged a little at this, and she gave Reimu a look of pity, set with a gentle smile. She told the human, “That’s a weird way to ask for a date.”

Reimu jolted.


“No—! I, uh...!” she fumbled her words, knowing there was no hiding her embarrassment.

“You want me to go mountain climbing with you? Do you mean The Mountain, or any?”

“Any...” answered Reimu as she began to settle down. “I don’t want to bother with Youkai Mountain unless you wanna go to Kanako’s Shrine. Do you?”

“It’s pretty up there! ... Maybe!” said Kogasa rather cheerfully. Reimu looked on at her, quietly transfixed. While she stared Kogasa went on to add, “But, getting up there... if we went climbing then the Tengu would get angry.”

“Yeah,” Reimu agreed. She sat up, and slouched beside the youkai. “Then, we’ll think about it,” she said. “I wanna relax.”

Kogasa looked at Reimu’s back fondly, then raised a finger in a proposal gesture. She said, “Let’s hope it rains!”

“What? No,” Reimu replied flatly.

Lifting her other hand, Kogasa opened both – palms out – and beamed as she announced, “I’ll make some teru teru bouzu and hang them upside-down!”

“Try it and I’ll punish you,” Reimu threatened with a glare.

“It’s okay because I’m an umbrella!” declared the living umbrella with a thumb to her chest. “You can leave it to me and hear the gentle drumming of rainwater to earn peace of mind!”

“There’s a lot more than that sound that comes with rain, you know...”

“Haha! Yeah, I guess!” the youkai gladly agreed. After snickering to herself for a bit, she relaxed and looked at the early night sky. “But, if it rains at all,” she said, “you’ll want to go with me anyway?”


“Eh!?” Kogasa gasped, and recoiled.

“I don’t want to get dirty and muddy,” the human explained, and Kogasa frowned. Reimu went on. “But yeah, keep my hair dry if it starts pouring,” she said. “And maybe some other day... we can play in the rain if that’s what you want.”

Reimu put her chin on her knuckles and watched the last of the sun’s color fade from the sky. Beside her, Kogasa wasn’t looking at that. They were quiet, until Marisa announced that dinner was served.

| | | | |

Reimu got the alone time she’d wanted, and with it took quick and arguably selfish advantage during the night.

The morning after, she awoke to find a human-shaped umbrella in her arms: Kogasa. They were both in white robes, with nothing underneath. As they’d arranged a date, Reimu had decided to not have a repeat marathon session with the youkai. They’d gone to sleep at a reasonable hour.

... Still, she’d gotten quite a lot out of the time she’d allotted herself and Kogasa, all the way from bath to bed. Kogasa’s receptiveness and mirrored eagerness really stirred something deep and blazing within the shrine maiden.

Now she put her left hand on Kogasa’s right cheek. The girl was sleeping, and drooling.

“...” Silent, Reimu could feel that aforementioned “something deep” warming up again. With her right arm beneath Kogasa’s left side and her hand over the other girl’s back, Reimu decided some petting was in order.

They had a schedule to keep but from the sound around her and the color of light filtering in through paper, Reimu wagered they had plenty of time—it was likely the earliest hours of daytime. So, she began caressing the other girl’s bottom, just over her robes.

Then, she patted that girl’s face twice.

“Get up...” she said quietly, and she thought to herself, I like it better when you’re awake.

“Mh... mmm...? Miss... Reimu...?” Slowly, Kogasa returned to the waking world.

/ / / / /

Reimu’s hand was on her butt. She pouted and complained, “Again??”

The human’s hand was on her face, and that kept down much of her irritation. Rather, it outright kept her calm. Kogasa looked into Reimu’s calm, but rose-tinted face, and waited for the human’s next move.

It was to speak (while still rubbing the umbrella’s rear).

“I was thinking, I wanted to fool around with you in the morning at least once,” she said, straight and to the point.

“‘At least once’... Do you want to do this every day?”

Kogasa closed her eyes, and sighed through her nose.

However, with her wording not explicitly indicating rejection, it seemed Reimu felt she’d been invited instead.

Reimu pulled down the right side of Kogasa’s robe from her shoulder and, after the youkai had flinched and widened her eyes, she then pushed Kogasa down to the futon. Kogasa gave a soft “Wah!” and Reimu freed her right arm, which had been previously trapped beneath the youkai girl. Sitting over Kogasa now, with her domineering left Reimu held the tsukumogami’s now exposed breast and began to grope it. Immediately, Kogasa felt a flush of arousal.

The human smiled, then, and clutched her own lapel with her vacant hand. “Kogasa...” she bid, “can we?”

With that she pulled down her own robes, and bore her chest. Kogasa clutched the sheets beneath her, swallowing worriedly. “You’re... already going...” she muttered, finding it difficult to choose between looking up or down. Kogasa took the cloth over her remaining shoulder, and pulled it off from there, propping herself up onto her elbows after, and lifting her chest as well. Closing her eyes, in one smooth motion Reimu descended.

“Mm...” the tsukumogami quietly moaned. The human now had both breasts in her hands and the right nipple in her mouth. Kogasa sat up, and lifted her arms reflexively.

She wasn’t as lustful last night. Is she being mindful?

Kogasa twitched. Reimu’s tongue was swirling over her.

I bet she just stopped because we had plans today... Hahh...

Well, not that I mind this.

She placed her hands on Reimu’s sides, and observed the girl’s resulting shiver.

It’s a lot to handle, but I kinda want it just as much once we get into it. If anything that’s the problem... Miss Reimu is like opium or alcohol.

I wanna drink...

She put a hand to the face of the suckling shrine maiden, who looked up at her with curiosity. Kogasa leaned forward, and Reimu picked herself up. They closed their eyes, kissed, and wrapped their arms around one another.

And so, with a mutual, melting feeling, the entwined girls shared a meal before breakfast.

= = = = =

Where to, exactly?

[] Straight up Youkai Mountain!

[] Explore random mountains.
Delete Post
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[x] Explore random mountains.
Delete Post
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[x] Explore random mountains.
Delete Post
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[X] Straight up Youkai Mountain!
Delete Post
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[x] Explore random mountains.
Delete Post
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[x] Explore random mountains.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 159315814681.jpg - (548.19KB, 1540x2047, first(?) date.jpg)
first(?) date
image source: https://twitter.com/Ciliegi_o/status/1223833759679516674


[X] Explore random mountains.

With no more distractions, the morning went on without incident, and they chose a random direction to walk in, instantly starting their date.

Kogasa was excited. As a being so closely tied with humans, she rarely spent much time in nature itself, full-on. There were youkai out in the woods and mountains; that was scary. No humans, usually, either; that was worrying. While she had needed to sleep under a tree or at the foot of a mountain here or there, that was actually as far as she’d ever ventured, putting aside a few cautious and short trips within forests made out of curiosity. She always wished she could have someone there to protect her—keep things safe.

She had that today.

Miss Reimu... she thought, swooning. She’s so strong and c—ooh? M—

“Miss Reimu!?” she said, looking back at the shrine maiden in shock and standing up on one foot. She had taken the lead, expecting the famed exterminator to be taking care of her back. The human was indeed behind her, but did not seem vigilant enough for a few steps ahead of her, let alone for the tsukumogami’s safety. She was looking at the earth just in front of her with severe and somewhat wide eyes. Her posture was bent, her face was blanched.

“H-Hm? Yes?” the girl looked at her with those too-wide eyes, making the tool-youkai flinch. “Sh-Should I hold your hand?” Reimu suggested, lifting both of her as if she intended to grab the umbrella.

“I’m fine,” said Kogasa.

“I see...” said Reimu, and her posture indicated that she felt dejected... but her face was still stiff and gazing to some place far away, through the dirt beneath.

Is she okay...? Kogasa thought.

\\ \\ \\ \\ \\

She wasn’t. Hakurei Reimu realized as soon as they’d stepped onto the untamed soil of this unnamed mountain that this was her first, official, and entirely understood “date” with Kogasa. They had had what constituted a “date” before, but only Reimu could have recognized it as such. Today, Kogasa also knew what cards were on the table, and upon seeing those cards Reimu had looked at her own hand and balked.

It was a beautiful day. Although Kogasa had wanted otherwise, the sky was its clearest blue; the clouds were their most brilliant white. The sun was full of cheer, and they had a luscious forest to themselves. They were on a date. Everything Reimu did would count for or against her chances at a long term relationship with Kogasa, and having that thought lodged in her mind had Reimu’s entire brain frayed with worry... or so it felt. No amount of calm and soothing breeze, no amount of chirping and best weather could cease her anxiety.

Kogasa tripped over the wild and root-thick forest floor. Reimu flinched. That straightened her back. She hurried over to her prospective girlfriend

[] and she put her hand to the umbrella girl’s back.
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, -8 modifier (so +4). -8 for being an absolute mess, at the moment. Legendary.
To-pass: 14.

[] and she asked, “Are you okay?”
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, -8 modifier (so +4). -8 for being an absolute mess, at the moment. Medium.
To-pass: 10.

[] and she apologized.
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, -8 modifier (so +4). -8 for being an absolute mess, at the moment. Heroic.
To-pass: 15.
Delete Post
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[x] and she put her hand to the umbrella girl’s back.
Delete Post
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[X] and she put her hand to the umbrella girl’s back.
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, -8 modifier (so +4). -8 for being an absolute mess, at the moment. Legendary.
To-pass: 14.

Be the chad Reimu!
Delete Post
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[X] and she asked, “Are you okay?”
There are exactly to results that get us that first one (two 5s or a 4 and a 6) and I do not trust the luck gods with those odds.
Delete Post
Report Post
I'd say, they're all terrible odds, which I intend to have a "consider what failing could mean" effect on my dear voters.

Failure is never the end!
Delete Post
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[X] and she asked, “Are you okay?”

How low can we roll?
Delete Post
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[X] and she put her hand to the umbrella girl’s back.
Delete Post
Report Post
Going with
[X] and she put her hand to the umbrella girl’s back.
to pass: 14
Roll next post.
Delete Post
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⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅
Rolling 2d6 plus 4 => 14 (5, 5, Rolls: 10)
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 159414226127.gif - (3.92MB, 600x874, ドキッ.gif)

Utterly unexpected success. Your reward is...


[X] and she put her hand to the umbrella girl’s back.

/ / / / /

Kogasa, as she attempted to stand after falling on her face, felt a hand on her back.


Silently, Reimu took her right hand and helped her onto her feet. Her gaze was sharp—her mouth was closed and thin. It seemed that her umbrella’s tumble had shaken the nerves from her, and now she was completely alert and set in her posture. Her hand was warm behind Kogasa, and with that warmth, and the warmth now in her left hand—looking at Reimu’s face and furrowed brow, Kogasa’s heart lurched frighteningly, and wonderfully, with feeling.

“Be careful,” said Reimu once Kogasa was up. “The ground’s not even,” the human reminded her.

She took her hand from the youkai’s back, and Kogasa felt disappointed at once, thinking again, Eh?

But the hand was soon before her face, taking a leaf and twig from her hair. Now. Now she knew she was blushing.

“You should’ve worn the right shoes for this...” Reimu went on, staring down and catching the tool’s eyes after they’d wandered in embarrassment. Kogasa’s gaze fell on the Hakurei’s handsome face... Her mouth began to fall open. She’s so... pretty, the umbrella thought.

Reimu looked up.

Of course, their eyes met. Kogasa stiffened and unconsciously brought up her shoulders, feeling as if her emotions were like a herd of bulls all kicked up and caged only behind a low and shoddy fence. Gripping her other half in her left hand, her only thought was a faltering, excited, and squealing cry.

“Kogasa,” said Reimu, making it clear that her “shoe” address had been for the youkai. Hearing her own name spoken so clearly and with such obvious care over her well-being, while passing through those pretty lips, suddenly broke something inside of the tool. “Kogasa?”

She squeezed her human’s hand as well, redirecting the girl’s attention for a moment. In that moment she stood on the toes of her shoes, moved forward, closed her eyes, and kissed Reimu’s cheek.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 159414233118.jpg - (318.91KB, 590x1000, destroyed.jpg)
\\ \\ \\ \\ \\

The Hakurei was dumbfounded.

She’d managed to rediscover her spine having seen the other girl fall, but she was only trying to not fall apart—what she’d done had not been some sort of overt romantic gesture. Thus, this was curious. Why was Kogasa kissing her? Why was Kogasa kissing her so lovingly?

Wha... was the most thought Reimu could manage to think. Kogasa was quite obviously, at the moment, smitten with her. This was a true first; the shrine maiden was already growing accustomed to needing to be the one to open the floor to intimacy.

But here Kogasa was doing so: letting go of her other half to let it stand on its own, and putting that now-freed hand closed, girlishly, against Reimu’s front.

Reimu was arrested. Kogasa was being too sweet for her to know how to handle her.

She turned her head toward the other girl, seeking to say her name with “Ko...” but Kogasa hadn’t moved. Their lips met, and after a split second of the umbrella opening her eyes in surprise, those eyes became glassy and half-lidded, and thus her affection became even more open.

Reimu’s eyebrows went askew.

She’s... She’s kissing me...! While she’d already been doing so, this was truly a first moment like this, and the young maiden was not prepared or equipped for it. She returned Kogasa’s affection quite sternly, bringing her right hand once more to the umbrella’s back and pulling her close. Kog—...!? Tongue, too!?

The umbrella was very happy, and not shy at all about showing it.

In the forest, alone, the two kissed deeply as birds sang overhead and forest critters watched carelessly. When Kogasa pulled her mouth away and sighed with satisfaction, Reimu was once again left dumbfounded and dazed as the girl laced their fingers together, rested her head against her human’s body, and closed her eyes serenely.


Whatever Reimu had done, she didn’t understand it.

Kogasa stepped to Reimu’s side and held the maiden’s left arm in both of hers, leaning into the Hakurei’s shoulder. “You’ll keep me from falling, right?” the tsukumogami asked.

In an otherworldly, delayed and fractured tone, Reimu delivered an automated response of, “... Yes.”

Kogasa hugged her arm more tightly, wore a smile, and stepped forward, making Reimu walk along with her.

So their date continued... though it seemed Kogasa was little interested in where they were, being very happy just with the fact of who she was with. For her part Reimu tried to stay strong, and not let the knowledge that Kogasa was truly ecstatic decimate her composure.

= = = = =

It took some time but eventually Reimu felt as if she could handle the umbrella in her present state,

The two of them had a proper climb and stroll to the peak and even managed to talk on the way once Kogasa’s glowing mood had become more of a generally chipper, though still obviously and irrevocably charmed, mood. Now they were sitting with the sight of Gensokyo’s wildest parts out before them, stretching to the horizon in majestic, rolling green. The air was clearer. They’d sat down on a very large boulder, and lunch time was approaching.

“This is so nice...” said Kogasa, honestly, and Reimu could tell by “this” the youkai meant “everything”. It put her on her toes.

“Yeah... I’m having fun,” she honestly replied. It was relaxing, the weather was nice, and Kogasa was good company. She had a lot of “off” questions that led to enjoyable conversation—like asking how trails are blazed without fire. They hadn’t kissed more but that was fine. Reimu had wanted this date to not kiss. The kissing had been an entirely unexpected boon.

Reimu had to admit, Kogasa still seemed up for more kissing, too. She’d never let go of the human’s hand, and liked to squeeze it and visibly relax, and her lingering glances at the shrine maiden’s face weren’t even hidden. Furthermore she’s also kept close, very close—chest-touching close whenever the path had gotten even slightly poor. While Reimu was pretty sure of herself by now, the umbrella’s sweetness had raised various gauges in the Hakurei’s soul. She was happy, she was halcyon, she was horn—...

Reimu straightened her back.

In... fairness, she had been too close to Kogasa to not notice her scent and her sweat—her sweat that now Reimu could see rolling down Kogasa’s delicious skin. Delicious, she felt, needed to be said.

Reimu fixed Kogasa’s hair idly while the sweaty umbrella prattled on about birds’ nests. The human directed a lock behind the youkai’s ear, and felt giddy.

She asked, in response to something Kogasa had posited: “And how’s that different from squirrels?” Kogasa puffed up then, and excitedly answered.

“...” Reimu listened, holding Kogasa’s hand tightly and watching her talk animatedly.

[] Make some moves on her. It’s nice being alone and she’s actually up for it for once.

[] Hm. Dote on her. Mess with her hair more... Ahh, she’s so cute.

[] Just try to be normal, Reimu.
A check of Reimu’s Volition, 2d6 with a +5 modifier from Psyche/Volition. Formidable.
To-pass: 13.


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[x] Hm. Dote on her. Mess with her hair more... Ahh, she’s so cute.

god this is adorable
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[x] Hm. Dote on her. Mess with her hair more... Ahh, she’s so cute.
Reimu needs a break from the sexy times anyway, so let her get her fix elsewhere.
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[x] Hm. Dote on her. Mess with her hair more... Ahh, she’s so cute.
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[X] Hm. Dote on her. Mess with her hair more... Ahh, she’s so cute.
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File 159539181240.jpg - (2.52MB, 2048x3051, she and her.jpg)
she and her
[X] Hm. Dote on her. Mess with her hair more... Ahh, she’s so cute.

Without reluctance, the shrine maiden decided to indulge.

Reimu leaned her shoulder against Kogasa’s, closed her eyes and began to relax herself. “Even the most crazy birds make them different! Squirrels are super enterprising for rodents!” Kogasa prattled on with as much energy as ever. “I’ve always thought: I should be like squirrels, and do things different!”

“Uh huh,” Reimu replied absently. Kogasa raised a finger and continued to smugly explain herself.

“Like the squirrel nests in trees unlike most other rodents, I’ll make my ‘nest’ among humans, unlike most youkai!” she said. “You get it!?” she loudly asked.

“Mhm.” With this, Reimu gave her a nod.

“So I’ll never give up,” the other girl went on. Reimu opened her eyes to look at her, looking out to the horizon.

She took her hand from the tsukumogami’s grasp, catching her attention.

“Miss Reimu?” Kogasa asked, evidently confused.

“Let me fawn over you for a little while,” said Reimu as she placed her raised hand down on Kogasa’s head, stroking her hair once, before stopping. The umbrella blushed immediately, but did not object. Reimu spoke honestly, telling the other girl, “You’re too cute.”

Her hair’s so messy, thought Reimu as she played with that, running blue strands between her fingers and pinching at locks in examination. I should brush her hair... Would it look good longer?

She cupped one of the other girl’s cheeks, making her shut her eyes and slope her brows. She smiled, tickled by this. Moving her hand, she scratched gently atop the umbrella’s scalp, and put her free hand down on one of the blushing girl’s thighs. Reimu felt almost consumed with the urge to show affection.

“You’re happy, Miss Reimu,” noted Kogasa, who now had both her cheek’s in the maiden’s hands (and so had shut her eyes again).

“Yeah!” Reimu replied, smiling and twisting a length of Kogasa’s hair ‘round one of her fingers. She took the umbrella’s opposite hand into her left, entwining their fingers, knuckles high. Kogasa arched her back forward, and began to smile. “Where else should we date?” asked Reimu, elation too obvious in her voice.

“Miss Reimu... you like being out with just me?” asked Kogasa with earnest curiosity.

“Mhm...” the human answered. Should I get closer...? she wondered.

“Oh. So, you do?” asked Kogasa again. Reimu tilted her head, and nodded. “I was thinking you only ever wanted to um... have... se...”

Reimu straightened her back in surprise, grabbing the umbrella’s ear and rubbing it kindly. Her look on her face was hardly kind, however, and Kogasa’s mouth squirmed under the human’s glare. “We hung out before, didn’t we!” said Reimu. “And I invited you!” she reminded the youkai.

“Ah, ah, but—you could’ve just been trying to woo me, Miss Reimu...”

Reimu tugged her ear.


“I just wanted to hang out with you! And we had a great time together!” Reimu insisted.

“Y-You messed around with me when you took me home...” Kogasa muttered. She had a slight smile on her face. Reimu’s eyes narrowed to see it.

“I wasn’t planning on doing that, you damn monster umbrella...” she explained darkly. “If a duck comes to you with a green onion in its mouth, are you just supposed to ignore it and not dig in!?” she snapped.

“I’m the duck!?” Kogasa answered with a jolt.

“Your sweaty boobs are the onion...” said Reimu, looking.

“See!? You’re crazy!” Kogasa teased.

“I’m crazy about you, Kogasa,” Reimu returned, squeezing Kogasa’s hand and trying to look cool.

“Don’t try to look cool!” Kogasa shouted, unserious and rather mocking. “Miss Reimu... I bet you were thinking about doing something up here on the mountain!”

Reimu said, “... I wasn’t.”

“See!? You are a pervert!” Saying this, Kogasa laughed, and hearing that laughter made the shrine maiden’s heart feel... buoyant.

“Listen here...” Reimu began, and she lightly pushed the other girl down from the rock where they’d sat, falling over her with hand in hand and another hand still in the umbrella’s hair. Said umbrella guffawed at the move, and giggled. “There’s definitely times I wanna eat you, yeah...” the shrine maiden admitted, “but I also just like being with you. It’s not really about how you look for me. I like how you look because it’s you who looks like that.”

Still blushing, Kogasa repeated, “‘There’s times’...” and she asked, “You mean ‘most’ times, right...? That you want. To. ‘Eat’. Me... hmhm,” Reimu’s eyes widened as she looked into the youkai’s half-lid and two-color pair. She thus realized, She’s... being coy!

Reimu narrowed her eyes again.

“You shouldn’t tempt me,” she warned.

“Miss Reimu...” Kogasa said her name, and put her free hand to the human’s cheek. “Can we kiss?” she asked.

“... Y—! You don’t have to... ask...” Reimu answered, trying to not show how flustered the question had made her. To her surprise, Kogasa lifted her upper body from the earth, closing her eyes and parting her lips. She steeled herself, and leaned in.

“Nm... Miss Reimu...” Kogasa moaned and breathed as their lips were brought together.

Reimu sucked at her tongue, and panted against her cheek. “Kogasa...” she whispered in a moment between their shared affection, “I said you shouldn’t tempt me.” And yet, they kissed again.

As they parted from that, the youkai tittered softly. “You won’t do anything,” she said. “I just wanted to kiss, that’s all.” Each now had a hand in the other’s hair.

“Y-You’re being really forward.” Reimu noted.

“Kiss~ me~,” sang Kogasa, who thought for a second before adding, “and hug me tight?”

And Reimu did just that, pulling the other girl up and intensifying said kiss, all while squeezing the umbrella’s body tightly and feeling elated. With the boulder beside them, it felt like they were hiding away as they necked one another, and something about that heated the shrine maiden something fierce.

However, like Kogasa had asserted: she did nothing beyond that.

Soon their making out ceased, and they went at ease in one another’s arms.

“Let’s go to the village again,” said Kogasa quietly, finally answering Reimu’s first question.

“If I want to fuck you in an alley there,” Reimu said, “you’ve gotta let me, because I listened to you today.”

Kogasa exhaled from her nose and regarded the other girl curiously. “That doesn’t really sound like a fair deal,” she said.

“Doesn’t matter,” Reimu said, bringing the girl closer to her in her arms (which were extended over Kogasa’s back, hands hanging behind the youkai’s hips). She looked into Kogasa’s eyes again. “You’ll do it. Right?”

Kogasa’s body felt warm at the assertion. She shrunk a little, and nodded once. Reimu smiled an open smile.

“So are you in love with me yet?” she asked.

Kogasa closed her eyes. “H-Hmmm... ‘love’, huh...?” she muttered. Once more, she was being coy. Reimu brought her face to the umbrella’s ear.

“At least admit you’re my girlfriend,” Reimu whispered, “and I’ll let you kiss me again...”

Kogasa shivered, and smiled an open smile herself.

/ / / / /

“Y... Yeah,” said Kogasa with a nod. She looked at the human. “We’re dating...!”

Kyaa! I said it!

We’re real lovers! I... I’m Miss Reimu’s boyfriend!

—Girlfriend! I’m her girlfriend, and Miss Reimu is with me!

She stretched up, and pecked the other girl on her lips. All of this is real! I... I’m so happy...!

Miss Reimu...

The youkai somewhat lost herself to the joy of the truth.

And, by the time she regained self-awareness, her tongue was dancing with her girlfriend’s, the hands of whom were settled on her hips. Kogasa’s hands... were on Reimu’s chest, and she caught herself molding what was underneath the humans shirt. ... Wh-What am I doing!? she thought to herself, but didn’t stop.

Reimu pulled her tongue from her girl’s. Licking her lips she said, “Let’s get going, Kogasa. I’ve got to show you I’m not just some horny wolf.” She laughed, a touch bitterly, and stood up, leaving Kogasa’s hands raised. She pat off her skirt, and extended her hand toward her girlfriend’s. “Come on, Kogasa,” she said. Kogasa took her hand and was tugged onto her feet, She fell forward into Reimu’s chest again, and took her lips once more. Now holding her wrist, Reimu closed her eyes and allowed it.

“... Pwah! S-Sorry, um...” Kogasa stammered once she was done and not making eye-contact. “I keep kissing you, sorry...”

Reimu said nothing, only smiling serenely at the other girl. After a few seconds of letting her fret, she once more took the tsukumogami’s face into her hands, and kissed her back.

“Mm~!” Kogasa made a noise. Pulling out, Reimu once again licked her lips while smirking at the flushed umbrella.

“One, for one, one, one, and one more,” she said, marking the fifth initiated between them on their date. They then looked at one another, lost their smiles to a deeper blush for each, and from there kissed again, turning their heads and feeling impassioned as they did so. They bound their tongues together, and as they held hands, Kogasa realized that she perfectly understood what Reimu had meant before.

“I like how you look because it’s you who looks like that,” she’d said.

It was a nice sentiment, Kogasa thought.

And, it was one that she shared.

= = = = =

Their date would go on, but at the end of it...

Reimu’s choice:

[] Take Kogasa home to eat.

[] Bite the bullet, use your wallet, and buy a nice dinner in the village.


To be clear, I WILL write a bit more date stuff, this is like a future choice.

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[x] Take Kogasa home to eat.
Close and personal... easy, now!
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[x] Take Kogasa home to eat.
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[x] Take Kogasa home to eat.
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File 159549852939.webm - (40.21KB, 184x172, reimu.webm)
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[x] Take Kogasa home to eat.
although with the way this story goes, we might end up eating her instead
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File 159601885157.jpg - (133.42KB, 341x543, no difference.jpg)
no difference
image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2048894


[X] Take Kogasa home to eat.

As before, their conversations as they continued to explore still meandered quite a lot. It was something Kogasa had noticed as well: Reimu never steered away from any of her questions or flights of fancy, and she had a lot. Not only would the shrine maiden keenly listen, she would respond earnestly and that...

More than so much else, the fact that Reimu wouldn’t ignore her made her more cheery than any other time, ever before.

When she could say, “Watch this!”, place a pinecone atop her head, and get an exasperated reply of, “The heck is that?” she felt elated. When she pointed at fish in a stream and named them, and Reimu remarked on how easy they were to catch, she felt giddy. When she began talking about a book she’d started reading and Reimu asked more about it, offering also summation of works she’d read, the umbrella youkai was outright tickled.

Reimu was always like this, she knew. Standoffish, certainly, and mean at times... but she would always listen keenly. Assuming she hadn’t gotten annoyed with something you’d said, and thrown a needle at your gut and an ofuda at your cheek.

Even that meant she’d been hearing you out, however.

Kogasa found it nice to have that ear all to herself. Well, she’d admitted that the two of them were dating at the very least. That meant that ear was hers, very nearly (and, almost) whenever.

She grabbed it now, between her thumb and forefinger.

“... What?” Reimu asked. They were heading down the mountain, toward a stand they could sit at for a simple lunch. A youkai ran it, but the eels she sold were, supposedly, all on the up and up. Looking at the tsukumogami, Reimu blushed and muttered, “You want to make out again...?”

Kogasa pulled her hand back and flinched, denying the shrine maiden with an unconfident, “N-No...!”

However, Reimu surprised her again. “Ah...” the tsukumogami breathed. As they walked, her human had brought her arm around the youkai’s waist. Kogasa’s heart thumped, and she shut her mouth.

Reimu brought herself closer, standing under her girlfriend’s tool half and tongue, leaning close as she whispered into the girl’s ear, “It’s fine if you want to... while there’s still nobody around.” With this said, she smiled lightly and looked, quiet, into the umbrella’s two-color eyes.

And Kogasa felt warm all over. Aw, nooo... she thought, mewling in her head. How come Miss Reimu gets me like this so quickly...?

After parting her lips to breathe for a few moments, Kogasa met the shrine maiden’s gaze to tell her, “At home...”

Reimu’s eyebrows rose. Then, after lowering them, she smirked. “Not ‘the shrine’?” she asked. Kogasa reddened further than she’d already been, and shrunk into herself. Reimu pulled back her arm, and took Kogasa’s hand, pulling her along. The youkai looked up in surprise, finding the human’s joyful face staring back. “Come on,” she said. “It’s my stomach that’s hungry right now. I was thinking the same thing: we can get at that other ‘hunger’... back ‘home’!”

A smile returned to Kogasa’s lips as she was tugged forward; one affectionate, though embarrassed, for the Hakurei that was dragging her ahead.

= = = = =

“I guess I should hold it in a week. The weather should be fine, though without any events going on it might be hard getting people to show up...”


“You usually show up, Bird. Would you for this?”

The addressed bird, standing behind a counter and before a grill, leapt in place and looked at the human who’d addressed her, readjusting her chef’s uniform. “Of course, Miss Reimu,” the pink-haired bird said, folding her wings (which had flared out) behind her back. “Tell me when, and I’ll be there.”

Kogasa munched on a skewer of eel while watching the interaction beside and before her. Reimu’s presence had, since they showed up, clearly put the youkai proprietor on edge. Kogasa thought that was admirable. Imagine: if you could frighten someone just by nearing them.

The tension was a bit uncomfortable for her, however. She offered her fellow youkai, a night sparrow named Mystia Lorelei, a sympathetic smile. She could understand why the girl was apprehensive. This Mystia was more of a troublemaker than Kogasa was, and her food stand was about the only reputable thing about her. She was a somewhat infamous sparrow, known for noise complaints from her hellraising musical band, and for the blindness she caused from her musical, curse-laden voice.

Reimu was not here regarding any of that, however: she was here for food, and that clearly made the youkai suspicious. Kogasa could certainly relate. She looked back at the human, watching her eat off her skewer and tap the counter absently. She felt tickled, and even giggled at the sight. So, Reimu looked back. And, she frowned.

“What?” she asked, a bit concerned. “Is it a bad idea, you think?”

Kogasa hopped on her stool and quickly shook her head. “No! No! You should do it! I’m rooting for you!”

“What the heck?” replied Reimu with a chuckle, through a cheek full of eel. She swallowed. “I don’t really need an ouendan, I need ideas and uhhh... I think Aunn called them ‘vendors’.” Aunn was the tsukumogami of the Hakurei Shrine’s komainu guardians, always standing by the entrance. Kogasa had only seen her once or twice. Did she have some business sense? As she pondered this, Reimu grinned rather slyly. “But really, ‘rooting for me’, huh... You said you wanted to cheer me up before, too. Is ‘cheerleader’ ‘another one of your jobs’?” the human teased.

“I... I did cheer you up, right!?” Kogasa fired back in defense. “If I wanted to, I could be one!”

Reimu turned her head forward once more and closed her eyes, still smirking. “Sure, sure,” she said, though it far less mocking than Kogasa would have expected.

“Ahem...” The bird cleared her throat, and her two patrons looked her way. “You two are doing business now, too?” she asked, making conversation as any polite stall owner should. “I’m surprised to see the Shrine Maiden going along so naturally with a youkai, and one who’s never ran any stands at gatherings or festivals before... no offense, Miss Kogasa.”

“No, no! None taken!” the chipper tsukumogami replied with a hand waving in dismissal and lifting her skewer for another bite. She glanced at Reimu and paused, lifting her eyebrows. The girl was gnawing at the end of her skewer and she looked... frozen.

Reimu said, with a quivering tone, “MhhHm, y-yyaah... F-Funny... Funny.”

Kogasa gulped down the eel she’d bitten into.

She just keeps muttering “funny”... the youkai observed with a bead of sweat inching down one cheek. After all: she was. Reimu was stammering, and her girlfriend somewhat recognized the faded look in those shaking eyes, as well that distinctly pallid color of her skin: as if the human had been drained of blood. While the youkai wasn’t certain what this entirely meant, if it was similar to how she’d seen it before... Miss Reimu was likely about to be really very awkward, if she could speak at all.

O-Ohh... I... I should say something! That is what the umbrella reasoned.

She looked at Mystia, who was beginning to tilt her scarf-adorned head at her red and white customer. The blue and white customer—

[] clapped Reimu on the shoulder with her free hand. “I’ll be running a show at the festival!” she said.

[] held up both her hands and said, “W-We became friends! I’m friends with the Shrine Maiden!”

[] waved her hand in dismissal again, telling the proprietor, “We just ran into each other around here! I usually do blacksmithing for Miss Reimu, so it’s normal!”
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[x] held up both her hands and said, “W-We became friends! I’m friends with the Shrine Maiden!”
Delete Post
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[X] clapped Reimu on the shoulder with her free hand. “I’ll be running a show at the festival!” she said.

Time to put those juggling skills to good use!
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[X] held up both her hands and said, “W-We became friends! I’m friends with the Shrine Maiden!”
Delete Post
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[X] clapped Reimu on the shoulder with her free hand. “I’ll be running a show at the festival!” she said.
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[X] clapped Reimu on the shoulder with her free hand. “I’ll be running a show at the festival!” she said
Image Source
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File 159664206173.jpg - (263.71KB, 626x885, instinct.jpg)
image source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/64618364


[X] clapped Reimu on the shoulder with her free hand. “I’ll be running a show at the festival!” she said.

“Oh!” the bird gasped, her eyebrows raising.

Reimu stiffened under the umbrella’s hand.

\\ \\ \\ \\ \\



“What are you going to do?” asked Mystia, to Reimu’s partner.

Her partner answered, “I’ll... juggle!”


“Y-You’re ready for that...?” asked the shaky Reimu. Kogasa cutely glared, and covertly poked the human in her side, forcing her to slouch in reflex.

“I’ve been practicing!” said Kogasa, flicking her fingers forward in a dismissive, but playful gesture at the food cart owner. “Miss Reimu’s been helping me!” Saying this, Kogasa put her arm around Reimu’s back and pulled her in, shoving her chest against the side of Reimu’s face. It was then that the Shrine Maiden caught on.

“Yeah... and I was helping her today, too,” Reimu muttered. She was settling down, and was now toying with the front of Kogasa’s skirt. If Kogasa was noticing it, she gave no indication that she was.

Reimu lifted the garment a little, and peaked at the umbrella’s thighs.

“I guess I kinda thought you two were... ah, never mind,” said Mystia, seeming to mean nothing by it from her tone and carriage, however...

Reimu went cold once again, ceasing her exploration.

What... precisely did that bird think? And, what did it mean that she did? Think that? Whatever it was.

Reimu had to know.

With her hand over the top of Kogasa’ wrinkled skirt and thus, her healthy and calming thigh, Reimu lifted her eyes so they might meet the bird youkai’s.

“Keep talking,” she said. The moments-ago cheerful Mystia knew the tone the Shrine Maiden had taken well as any youkai in Gensokyo could. She shook her head.

“No,” twittered the bird girl, “I didn’t mean anything by it.” And indeed: she even seemed as if she wasn’t certain there was anything to be meant by what she’d begun to say. Nevertheless...

“Tell me, or I’ll change what meat’s on the menu here,” the human threatened. The two youkai were shaken in an instant.

“Friends,” Mystia whispered, “I thought, ‘how crazy, for the shrine maiden to have a youkai friend she’s close to outside the Shrine...’”

Reimu felt peculiar.

... No, that wasn’t right: she in fact felt very usual—however the circumstances behind being consumed with this sensation were unlike any time before for her.

She felt like when she was on the job. She felt like the perfectly sharpened edge of a knife—she felt she was that knife’s point, aimed and poised straight at Mystia Lorelei’s throat. Her five senses had become fully aware, and she knew where she was, and that something needed to happen, just not “what”. Instinct was driving her.

Clearheaded, she decided to answer the youkai.

[] She picked up her hand from Kogasa’s thigh, draped it over the girl’s shoulders, and pulled her in, kissing her, firmly. When finished, she looked into Mystia’s eyes and told her, “We’re not friends. We’re in a relationship.”
(or she tried)
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, +8 modifier (so +20). +8 as Reimu is focused, with the truth as her goal. Fantasy.
To-pass: 23.

[] She steadily eyed Mystia and told her, clearly, “Yes. We’re friends.”
(or she tried)
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, +2 modifier (so +14). +2 as Reimu is focused, but with the truth as her goal she has less confidence in this answer. Impossible.
To-pass: 20.

[] She steadily eyed Mystia and told her, clearly, “No. We’re not friends.”
(or she tried)
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, -2 modifier (so +10). -2 as Reimu is a poor liar, focused or not, and this answer is the least honest. Godly.
To-pass: 17.
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[x] She picked up her hand from Kogasa’s thigh, draped it over the girl’s shoulders, and pulled her in, kissing her, firmly. When finished, she looked into Mystia’s eyes and told her, “We’re not friends. We’re in a relationship.”

Assert dominance
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[X] She picked up her hand from Kogasa’s thigh, draped it over the girl’s shoulders, and pulled her in, kissing her, firmly. When finished, she looked into Mystia’s eyes and told her, “We’re not friends. We’re in a relationship.”
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[X] She picked up her hand from Kogasa’s thigh, draped it over the girl’s shoulders, and pulled her in, kissing her, firmly. When finished, she looked into Mystia’s eyes and told her, “We’re not friends. We’re in a relationship.”

When in doubt, double down.
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[x] She picked up her hand from Kogasa’s thigh, draped it over the girl’s shoulders, and pulled her in, kissing her, firmly. When finished, she looked into Mystia’s eyes and told her, “We’re not friends. We’re in a relationship.”
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[X] She picked up her hand from Kogasa’s thigh, draped it over the girl’s shoulders, and pulled her in, kissing her, firmly. When finished, she looked into Mystia’s eyes and told her, “We’re not friends. We’re in a relationship.”
(or she tried)

All in
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[X] She picked up her hand from Kogasa’s thigh, draped it over the girl’s shoulders, and pulled her in, kissing her, firmly. When finished, she looked into Mystia’s eyes and told her, “We’re not friends. We’re in a relationship.”
(or she tried)
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, +8 modifier (so +20). +8 as Reimu is focused, with the truth as her goal. Fantasy.
To-pass: 23.

Roll next post.
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⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅

Rolling 2d6 plus 20 => 30 (5, 5, Rolls: 10)
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 159669202865.png - (270.97KB, 566x357, done.png)
Roll results: 5, 5, +20 = 30 | Success.


She picked up her hand from Kogasa’s thigh, draped it over the girl’s shoulders, and pulled her in, kissing her, firmly. When finished, she looked into Mystia’s eyes and told her, “We’re not friends. We’re in a relationship.”

Kogasa was stunned.

Mystia was stunned.

But, she could speak.

“I—” the proprietor started, “I’ve gotta tell Kyouko about this...!” She proprietor looked thrilled.

“Is that okay, Miss Reimu...?” Kogasa whispered, and her concern was presented openly, in her voice and through her eyes. “Y-Your reputation...”

“It’ll come out eventually,” answered Reimu, her gaze still steady on the bird happily tweeting before them. “And if anyone asks I’m better off telling the truth.” She lowered her eyes, and said this only to Kogasa: “Besides, I’m head over heels for you, and a really bad liar.”

Kogasa surely knew by now: that was clear and certain.

“... So we can be clingy when we’re in front of people aside from Miss Marisa? You can... hold my hand and pull me in and stuff?” asked the umbrella.

Reimu replied, “Yeah.”

“And in front of Mystia.”


“And Sekibanki, too...”

“Eh? Who?”

“Okay...” said Kogasa with some finality, and a lot of quiet warmth. She found Reimu’s other hand, clenched over the Shrine Maiden’s dress, and put hers over it. They looked at one another, and the umbrella told her, “I want you to.”

“Wow! You’re not joking! That’s so crazy...!” said the eel-seller, drawing the attention of the two, whose faces were now very close—nearly side by side. She was beaming, her eyes shut and her hands together. After another moment of basking in joy at what the two had revealed, the youkai raised her right hand, put down all the fingers on it but her small and pointer finger, bent her thumb under the middle two, and said, boisterously, “Punk!”


Reimu frowned.

She absolutely did not know what that was supposed to mean. Kogasa mirrored the gesture, and donned an awkward smile. By her brow, Reimu knew she was also perplexed.

“We’ll try not to let bad birds know!” Mystia claimed.

You’re a bad bird,” Reimu reminded her, with a glare.

“I’m ‘cool’ bad,” Mystia explained, still chipper as she turned over some meat on her grill. “Kyouko, too!”

“Kyouko is loud,” noted Reimu, after softly adding, “not that I really care.”

Beside her, Kogasa sighed with a smile.

That was it, at any rate.

It was hard to keep secrets in Gensokyo... thinking that, a seed of anxiety felt as if it had buried within her heart.

However, she didn’t really understand it...

The two youkai chatted until the meal was done, and a little after. Reimu remained mostly quiet, concerned with where her feelings had been born of... and being unable to discern that whatsoever. But, it didn’t leave her frustrated.

Sitting next to that umbrella, being upset proved for the young maiden very difficult.

= = = = =

They returned to the shrine after bidding the youkai farewell.

Apparently she was also in a musical duo... Reimu had recalled something about that. That was supposedly the reason the bird had held up her hand oddly and said “punk”. Also apparently: Kogasa wasn’t joking. Her girlfriend was determined to run a show. Kogasa running a show, Kogasa being her girlfriend, announcing a festival, trying to get Kogasa to get Kogasa to say, “I’m in love with you, Reimu”...

I’ve got a lot I need to do, huh... she thought, as they summited the staircase to the Shrine (Kogasa had asked to walk). It was much later now. She was hungry again. She’d heard Kogasa’s stomach once or twice. They walked to the main building, hand in hand, while Reimu’s eyes wandered, searching for anything out of place.

Now what to do about dinner...? she wondered as she slipped off her shoes and stepped onto her porch.

She looked back at her girlfriend as the tsukumogami took off her own footwear. They were still holding hands.

What to do...

[] Impress her with your cooking skills (Marisa stole all chances yesterday).

[] Teach Kogasa some things about cooking (the tsukumogami is clearly inept in the kitchen).


Head's up: I think this story is getting nearer to completion. I can see the ending.
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[x] Teach Kogasa some things about cooking (the tsukumogami is clearly inept in the kitchen).

We get ever closer to naked-apron Kogasa cooking dinner for Reimu
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[x] Teach Kogasa some things about cooking (the tsukumogami is clearly inept in the kitchen).

One step for cooking skills, one giant leap towards having apron-clad Kogasa making edible food
on second thoughts, that doesn't really work
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[x] Teach Kogasa some things about cooking (the tsukumogami is clearly inept in the kitchen).
Delete Post
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[X] Impress her with your cooking skills (Marisa stole all chances yesterday).

Final stretch!
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[X] Impress her with your cooking skills (Marisa stole all chances yesterday).
Image Source
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File 159678379728.png - (180.02KB, 500x500, this house is now a home.png)
this house is now a home
[X] Teach Kogasa some things about cooking (the tsukumogami is clearly inept in the kitchen).

Maybe I’ll get her to help in the kitchen, and she might learn something...

Can you even teach an umbrella how to cook?

Reimu smirked. Before Kogasa’s left geta could fall from her foot, Reimu pulled her upward, helping it off. The surprised umbrella nearly dropped her other half as well.

“Wh-What...?” she asked, the blush and look on her face suggesting that she already had something in mind. Reimu huffed, and squeezed her hand.

“It’s dinner time. Let’s cook,” she said. “You’re helping me in the kitchen.”

“O—Oh...! Okay!” Kogasa answered happily, though her posture and expression conveyed embarrassment.

“You were expecting something else?” offered Reimu.

“N—! Well... umm...” She very clearly was.

With free hand to hip, Reimu let Kogasa loose before promptly smacking her on her bottom.

“Hya!” she squealed.

“There’s a flow to these things: order and social ceremony,” said Reimu, with an informed and most definitely pompous tone as she stepped toward the kitchen.

“H-Huh...!? I don’t want to hear that from you!” the umbrella wailed.

She trotted after Reimu and leapt at her back, stopping with her hands on the maiden’s shoulders so that she could pout at her human.

“Dunno what you mean,” the human sang. The youkai growled at her, but then with a huff—hugged her from behind.

They went to cook.

And, it felt as if their date had never ended.

| | | | |

... Again, time went on.

The festival was announced.

She prepared herself well.

And the sun rose on another day.

Can you teach an umbrella to cook? It turns out that you can, but it proves as difficult as drinking from a soup bowl with only a stick whilst being forbidden from lifting the dish. The karakasa took much better to scaring, though always, always erred toward such innocence that her teacher in this regard felt rare pride and largely exasperation. Bridging fright and juggling together, however...

The shrine maiden, while still sure that something was the matter, grew increasingly excited by what was to come as she watched what her umbrella was doing, day after day.

And somewhat on the same note of knowing Kogasa more and more, it had not taken Reimu long to truly realize: in their relationship Kogasa was as eager and aggressive as she could be, with her methods only slightly differing from the red and white beast when all was said and done. Kogasa was usually not as forthright as Reimu, yes, but she wouldn’t go to bed without a kiss and more; if Reimu was preoccupied she liked to touch, and often cling, and if Reimu did nothing it would turn to gropes and once again a kiss (and a kiss, and a kiss, wherever she seemed to please); and, no matter the minute or hour, Kogasa was always at least willing to entertain her somewhat insatiable lover’s advances. Though the relationship had begun unsure, uncertain... the two now found comfort in it, day after day.

A month and a half passed...

Now on the day of the festival – even on this important day – as Reimu prepared early for this and that, before Marisa would arrive to help, Kogasa was sitting, necessarily ignored, behind her in the kitchen. The tool youkai was spinning her umbrella at a forward angle, and juggling a wood-crafted cup on top of it, the cup’s sharp edges producing a peaceful trill that softly filled the empty Shrine, complimenting well with the cacophony of cicadas and waking birds on this still-summer day. Kogasa was juggling, but she was also keeping an eye on how the hem of Reimu’s skirt danced with the shrine maiden’s slightest movements.

Reimu, checking the contents of a clay jar, was unaware of this, until she felt the back of her hem gently, curiously, lift. She looked behind herself to find Kogasa, now spinning the handle of her other half with one hand, using her freed hand to peek on her busy girlfriend’s undercarriage.

Reimu turned her eyes back to the jar, and then turned the thing absently, sighing but not sincerely bothered. She dipped a finger into the jar, extracted it and sucked at the liquid that came with it, humming to the taste. The plum wine seemed to have gone quite well. She glanced out a window to her right, seeing some of the forest of her shrine and thinking, Marisa sure is late...

Out the corner of her eye, she saw Kogasa slouching. She turned again and saw that she was now getting an eyeful of the bloomers the Hakurei was wearing. “Miss Marisa sure is late, huh...” she noted. She was still juggling.

“Hey,” said Reimu, lightly chastising the umbrella with her tone. Kogasa let go of her skirt and returned her attention to practice.

However, Reimu did not return to her task. She waited for the tsukumogami. “Go on”, her posture and gaze said.

And Kogasa did, glancing back at the shrine maiden after a few moments with her silly, red eye.

“Reimu...” she began.

“What?” the shrine maiden replied.

The youkai girl slouched again and narrowed her eyes. She had started slightly fidgeting, and the cheek of hers that Reimu could see was distinctly scarlet.

“From here your legs look kinda charming...” Kogasa revealed.

“Just say ‘sexy’ like a normal person,” Reimu answered, lowering her brow and slanting her mouth.

“I’m unique, though!” the youkai fired back, suddenly hyped up.

“Okay, Miss One-of-a-Kind, my legs look charming. So what?”

“... Could I feel them?” she asked.

“If you aren’t going to practice, then help prepare some of the food!” snapped the human girl. Kogasa flinched, and sweat, but did not lose track of her juggled masu-cup.

“Then don’t show me your legs!” she retorted.

“Oh? You want me to wear hakama!?” asked an incredulous Reimu.

“Hmmm... if they were fit around your butt,” Kogasa answered honestly, and rather quickly. She had thought about this.

“So you’d ask about feeling my butt instead,” Reimu asserted.

Kogasa cleared her throat, lifted her chin, closed her eyes and straightened her back. “I-I... was gonna get there eventually...” she said, apparently shameless. Furthermore her back was soon bent again, and her gaze was wandering. She went on, saying, “f-first legs—”

“I seem to recall you calling me a pervert, Kogasa,” Reimu spoke emphatically, cutting the other girl off and quite deliberately used her name. This stiffened the umbrella, and at once set her off to raise her voice.

“We went to bed early last night!” the tool whined.

“We had to!” Reimu snapped.

“Let me touch your legs!”

Practice or food! Pick one!”

“I’m practicing! I’m practicing!” the umbrella exclaimed. She was.

“Well you can’t touch my legs and practice at the same time, can you?” posited Reimu. At once, a glint flashed in Kogasa’s eye.

“I can!” she boasted. “Watch me!” She pushed her hand underneath Reimu’s skirt, and the human shivered at once at her touch. Not from temperature however... the feel—

Reimu had shut her eyes, and now opened them as she felt fingers sneaking into the band for one leg of her bloomers, and a tickled grip was wrapping behind her knee.

“I can do it~” the umbrella bragged, smirking and, in fact, doing it. She was looking at where her hand should be, staring at the shrine maiden’s dress and chuckling smugly. She shifted and met Reimu’s eyes with both of hers, holding out her other half and continuing to juggle with apparent ease. “Well?” she prodded, caressing the leg in her hand a bit. “You’re gonna praise me, right? And—heh heh heh~! ... I surprised you~!”

This little punk...

Thinking that, Reimu shut her eyes again and focused on the feeling of her lover’s warm, smooth, and in patches rough hand. The umbrella was not moving where she knew that Reimu would squirm—no. With this play... it was natural: she wanted to have her lover’s consent. Really, she wanted Reimu to ask,


[] thwapped the youkai girl on the head.

[] cursed herself, and allowed it.
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[x] cursed herself, and allowed it.

turnabout is fair play, Reimu's done much worse than this to Kogasa
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[X] cursed herself, and allowed it.
Delete Post
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[X] cursed herself, and allowed it.

Turnabout umbrella
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[X] cursed herself, and allowed it.
Delete Post
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[X] cursed herself, and allowed it.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 159709751766.jpg - (1.07MB, 1906x1639, smugbrella.jpg)
Source is the cover of: https://exhentai.org/g/1504602/5f68471f7b/
[Lolimate Seizou Koujou (Lolimate)] Uso no Odorokashikata o Oshierarete Tokuige ni Jissen suru Kogasa-chan | Kogasa-chan Who Teaches and Proudly Practices the False Way of Surprising (Touhou Project) [English] [SueZu] [Digital]

It isn't yuri.


[X] cursed herself, and allowed it.

“... Fine,” she said.

“What is fine?” asked Kogasa, though already she was doing as she’d requested, sliding her hand over Reimu’s calf.

“What you’re doing...” the shrine maiden clarified, but apparently... not enough.

“What am I doing?” Kogasa went on. She stopped spinning her other half, pushing it upward quick so that the cup atop it would hop and flip, landing perfectly over the eggplant-colored thing’s stem-like top. She was going to use both hands.

“Touching me...”

“Hey, Reimu...” Kogasa started as she put her left and right hands to Reimu’s left and right legs, “remember when you were playing with me...? Back then, in the bath...”

“I-It wasn’t that long ago...”

“You teased me a lot...” Kogasa went on. She turned slowly and got onto her knees. “I’ve been thinking, lately, I get to tease you a lot too...”

Reimu shivered again, and shut her eyes, putting her hands down on the counter. She knew it: her girlfriend was absolutely in a mood, and one which was easy to catch. She waited, and let her lover go on.

/ / / / /

Kogasa moved under Reimu’s skirt, smelling the human and caressing her legs up and down. She teased into Reimu’s bloomers again, but soon found herself bending low and kissing at her woman’s calves. She could hear Reimu breathing heavily above, and could see and feel the hairs raising over her skin.

After a while Kogasa brought her head up again, and thus faced Reimu’s bottom. Inside Reimu’s skirt was a dark and comforting place to be. Kogasa put her hands to the back of the secret bloomers there... her bloomers, to grope at and feel alone.

“,,, When is Miss Marisa coming over?” Kogasa asked.

“I don’t know,” replied Reimu in a heated and quiet voice, “she likes to show up whenever.”

“H-Hmmm... Maybe I can do something quick before she does...?” the umbrella youkai posited. She moved her hands to the front of Reimu’s thighs.

“I like it more when you’re slower...”

With that, Kogasa pushed her face against Reimu’s bottom, gripping at her thighs as well.

“A-Are you gonna take your time...?” Reimu asked, and Kogasa almost swore she could hear the human’s heartbeat. She didn’t answer. She continued to grope and dig her nose toward her woman’s crotch, feeling a building, hefty lust. She brought her right hand back and gripped the shrine maiden’s cheek. Putting her cheek to the maiden’s left one, she continued to caress Reimu’s leg and, head foggy, relaxed against that bottom.

“Miss Reimu...” she whispered. She didn’t address the shrine maiden formally much, lately. She found she only did it when in a mood. She opened her mouth, and bit down over the girl’s bloomer-covered bottom, snaking her left hand inside the garment from below as well. Reimu was twitching. Kogasa stopped chomping and gripping at the bottom and pulled her right hand out the skirt. As she pinched and squeezed at the girl’s left thigh, kissing over her bloomer’s all the while. Then, she took that wayward hand upward, using it to untuck Reimu’s shirt and feel her stomach.

“We probably shouldn’t... have sex...” Reimu noted. Kogasa again didn’t answer. With a fading gaze, she touched Reimu’s abdomen, round and round, with a cruel, light touch. The human’s body quaked.

“Hahhh...” Kogasa sighed, forlorn. “I want to see your vagina, Reimu.” She could feel her woman’s juices slick on the thigh she was currently prodding and rubbing.

“Eating me out isn’t really an option, today,” explained the human, readingher girlfriend’s intentions from her words and direction. Kogasa knew that. They couldn’t have much of a good time, as they were tight on time.

“Mm...” the youkai moaned in disappointed agreement, extracting her left arm from the bloomers. She then patted the bloomer’s side whilst absently pinching Reimu’s stomach. “I want to stick in my fingers...” she mentioned, and, “so pull them down?”, she bid.

Kogasa pulled herself from the skirt and stood, watching a slouching Reimu tug down her undergarments partway... enough for a hand. The tool youkai swallowed. Ideally, she could get Reimu’s breasts out in the open as well, but her lady’s top wasn’t the quickest thing to remove...

Still, before Reimu could turn (Kogasa saw by her maiden’s shoulder that she intended to), Kogasa stepped to her back and grabbed both the girls breasts, groping them strongly.

“Ko—... ghh...”

“Reimu... I can’t unless I get to see your boobs...” she explained, nonetheless enjoying her woman’s grunts and moans, and the feel of her breasts mashed behind three layers of clothes.

“MmmMmaybe w-we should go to the futon...?” Reimu unconfidently suggested. Kogasa thought, I don’t want to do that. After all, she liked this position...

She put her face into Reimu’s hair, sniffing at it now and then, and beginning to twitch herself. Taking her left hand from Reimu’s chest, she quickly undid the girl’s cravat with practiced ease. “Take off your vest, Miss Reimu,” she said, letting go of the human’s body for a moment and leaning back.

Reimu gripped the hem of her vest and did so. The tsukumogami took the hem of Reimu’s undershirt and pulled that off closely after—almost in synchronization. With it and the vest on the floor, she loosened Reimu’s sleeves as quickly as her tie and those, too, fell. Most definitely seeing where this was headed, Reimu covered the jar before her and moved it out the way.

Reimu’s body, flawless and thin as ever, had Kogasa enraptured at once. She felt Reimu’s back, hugged her as she turned that back to the counter, and began to kiss her side, chest, and neck, while gripping her breast and belly. Those pink tips, that cute stomach... They soon kissed each other, and as Kogasa tugged at her nipple, Reimu cringed with pleasure—then shook with more as she felt the fingers of the umbrella’s right hand carefully enter her.

“Mmnah, llleh... Reimu... is this good?” Kogasa asked. It was good for her, feeling those folds and hearing that wet sound. She pushed in deep and teased the engorged button atop, caressing her girlfriend’s pubic hair as well. Reimu brought her hips forward, and nodded.

“Yeah...” the girl replied.

“I wanna do more but I’ve gotta stop with this...” said Kogasa as she began to move again, and hugged Reimu with her free arm after taking it from her woman’s breast. She rested her chin on Reimu’s shoulder and continued to rapidly move her fingers. Reimu was moaning—clawing the countertop now. She was sweating. She smelled wondered. Kogasa didn’t let up pumping her digits in and out of the girl, driven by the sound, and driven by the feel. Her own crotch tightened. As she dug in and gripped Reimu’s clitoris. Kogasa quietly told her lady, “Cum, Miss Reimu.”

“Reimu!! Kogasa!! Ready for today!?”

As Marisa called from outside, Kogasa squinted from the tightness exerted over her fingers. She felt a spray on her wrist, and heard the patter of female ejaculation against her right sleeve. Panting, she brought her left hand to Reimu’s crotch, swallowed and moved her head to look at Reimu’s flinching visage. She continued teasing as the girl convulsed: tapping at the clit and tugging at hairs with her left hand and gently pumping the human’s clenching vagina with her right. She felt... absurdly ready to do more.

Can’t we keep going...? thought Kogasa, thinking about the matted look and thick smell of Reimu’s vagina after orgasm: the curled black and the shine; the stuffiness and sweat. “Mmg...” she muttered, looking down. She couldn’t see it behind the skirt... but it was there and it was waiting.

Kogasa frowned and squinted at the obscured area she was now teasing. She glanced up. Reimu tongue whanging from her mouth and her face was flushed. She was drooling down onto her chest... The youkai leaned forward and licked the saliva up from her human’s skin, dragged her tongue left and began lapping at Reimu’s left breast and starting to bite and suck at her nipple. The teat quivered from a fast and frantic heartbeat...


[] Eye Reimu. “Tell her” to get Marisa to do something else while you get your tongue inside of her.

[] Eye Reimu. “Tell her” you’re sorry and to go back to the bedroom; you’ll go see Marisa.
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>*she loosened Reimu’s sleeves as quickly as her tie and those, too, fell. Finally, she unclipped her woman’s bra.

Delete Post
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[x] Eye Reimu. “Tell her” you’re sorry and to go back to the bedroom; you’ll go see Marisa.
Delete Post
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how do I even manage these things... I looked it over twice. God damn it

*was hanging
Delete Post
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[] Eye Reimu. “Tell her” you’re sorry and to go back to the bedroom; you’ll go see Marisa.

No need to scar Marisa for a second time.
Delete Post
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[X] Eye Reimu. “Tell her” to get Marisa to do something else while you get your tongue inside of her.

"surprise" Marisa with Reimugasm
Delete Post
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[X] Eye Reimu. “Tell her” to get Marisa to do something else while you get your tongue inside of her.
Delete Post
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[X] Eye Reimu. “Tell her” you’re sorry and to go back to the bedroom; you’ll go see Marisa.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 159729784773.png - (923.27KB, 800x905, the best friend.png)
the best friend
[X] Eye Reimu. “Tell her” you’re sorry and to go back to the bedroom; you’ll go see Marisa.

She pulled back her tongue.

It hadn’t taken long after the started dating for the two of them to be able to read one another’s bodies for tells. Now Kogasa met Reimu’s eyes and she “told” the Shrine Maiden: I’m sorry, Reimu. Run to the room and get changed, I’ll greet Marisa. Sloped eyebrows, a directed glance, and lowered posture.

Trembling, Reimu started to move from the counter. She slowly picked up some of her fallen clothes, and Kogasa quickly picked up the rest. The umbrella pushed the human toward where they slept, and once it seemed the coast was clear she called. “Hey, Miss Marisa! The kitchen! The kitchen!”

She went to the sink, took up the soap, and started washing her hands—also her drenched sleeve as well. She heard her girlfriend’s friend approaching and turned to see her as she stepped into the room.

“Yo,” said the short girl upon entering. Kogasa nodded, and Marisa did a brief glance around. “Where’s Reimu?” she asked.

“R-Reimu spilled something, on me too... It just got on my sleeve but she has to change her clothes, heh heh,” the youkai lied.

“Really?” Marisa asked, feeling the doorframe to the kitchen absently as she spoke. “Y’know, these days I flip a four mon coin before coming here. If it lands on the waves I figure you guys will be fooling around when I get to the shrine. If it’s the kanji, I guess you won’t.”

“How silly!” said Kogasa, beaming nervously.

Marisa looked at her and said, “Today was the waves.”

Kogasa kept smiling, but also went pale.

Marisa sighed and said, “You two go at it too much...”

“I-I don’t know what you mean...”

“Clearly,” said Marisa flatly. “Anyways, thanks for stopping before I walked in.”

“St-Stopping what!? Reimu spilled something!” Kogasa insisted.

“Don’t make me make a dirty joke...” Marisa begged, finally walking into the kitchen proper. She looked at what the tsukumogami had been using to practice, then at the jar on the counter and at several other jars – she figured of plum wine – in the room. “You didn’t answer me before, Kogasa,” she said. “You ready to do your thing today?”

Sighing from relief at being given an out (and thus, unknowingly confirming Marisa’s suspicions, and so the magician sighed through her nose), Kogasa cut off the faucet and began to dry her hands with the kitchen’s towel. “Yeah,” she said, “it’s gonna be... incredible! Wowing! It’s gonna be the absolute ideal, most incredible youkai show! Miss Banki is gonna help me!”

“You said ‘incredible’ twice,” Marisa noted. “Two times incredible, huh. And two youkai-pair shows. That’s gonna be something.” She walked over to the refrigerator, opened it, and began to take out vegetables. Reimu had recruited her to help make food for the coming festival, after all.

“I still haven’t heard Dance of Bird and Beast perform, but Miss Mystia asked to join after Reimu told her we were dating. She was really excited.”

With her hat put aside, Marisa put up her hair with a bandanna and soon enough set to work cleaning the produce. “How’s all that goin’, anyway?” she asked Kogasa, who’d stepped out her way to let the young witch have the sink. Kogasa tilted her head curiously. “I didn’t notice any articles or anything. Nobody’s really talking, at least loudly, about the Shrine Maiden being in love with a youkai.”

Kogasa replaced the towel, and thought about that. She crossed her arms and leaned a little, asking Marisa, secretly, “Is Reimu worried about it...?”

“Huh? Wouldn’t you know better?” Marisa replied, picking up a white radish and running it under the faucet.

“You’ve known Miss Reimu longer...” Kogasa muttered.

“Don’t call her that. Just call her ‘Reimu’—you guys sleep together,” advised the blond girl.

“Yeah, we do...”

“Anyway, what do you think? Is she worried about it?” Washing was done. Marisa dried her hands, brought out the shrine’s knife and cutting board, and started chopping. “Yeah I know you asked me, first, but you see her more than me.”

“I don’t know,” Kogasa admitted, a little sadly. She picked up her other half and held it up, with its leg and handle against her shoulder. “Mi—Reimu... is a weird girl...!”

Marisa nodded. “Yeah, and she’s stupid,” the witch said. Kogasa pouted and narrowed her eyes. “I bet she’s worried about it, but too stupidly excited with you to think about it much.”

Kogasa blushed with embarrassment, and lifted her shoulders in happiness.

“Don’t blush,” said Marisa, and Kogasa frowned. “I think it’s probably... hm, at least a little serious. Today’s prolly the day it’s gonna be obvious to everyone. Since you guys told that ‘punk’ bird it’s mostly been a rumor, and people don’t head up to the shrine enough to confirm it, though I’ve definitely heard that ‘the umbrella youkai’ has been hanging out at the shrine a lot lately, and that she sleeps with the shrine maiden. S’all whispers, though. Whispers.”

“Uh... umm... That reminds me,” Kogasa followed, fidgeting beside the witch. Marisa raised an eyebrow and stopped cutting for a moment. “Can I tell you something secret, Miss Marisa?” the tsukumogami asked.

“Why me?” she asked.

“Uh... uhh...” Kogasa was blushing even more. Marisa outright stared at her with a judging, almost pitying gaze. “Miss Marisa... I trust you a lot... when it’s about Reimu.”

This gave the witch pause.

“O-Oh, eh...” Marisa plainly tried not to look embarrassed. After the first talk they’d had, they’d certainly talked with more and more frequency and intimacy. In the first place, she’d been doing so out of concern for her friend. Thus, it was somewhat of a complicated feeling to learn that now Kogasa found her an honest and comfortable resource for advice in her romance and relationship. “Okay...” said the nervous human. “What?”

“Don’t tell Reimu, okay?” Kogasa asked.

“I don’t talk with her about anything we talk about, so don’t worry. Shoot.” Marisa continued to quite obviously play it cool, but could feel something akin to the moment before a first volley of a Last Word In a spell card duel. Yes... something big was coming...

“I think... Reimu might get me pregnant,” said Kogasa.

Marisa blinked. She then thanked herself that she had put that knife down. This information would have surely caused her to slip and remove one of her own fingers. She tried to not react to it... but it was too much.

“You’re pregnant??” she asked, a touch loudly.

“Shh! Shhh! No...! I think Reimu might get me pregnant!” Kogasa whispered urgently. Marisa brought her volume down as well.

“How?? You’re both girls...!”

“I thought it was strange when we were first having se... sex... but I kept feeling something weird um, down here...” Marisa looked as Kogasa placed her hand over her lower stomach. “So I read about us... I mean, about tsukumogami, in Miss Hieda’s records...”


“If I’m in love with her, and she’s in love with me, it can happen...” the umbrella youkai explained as hushed as she could. “I can accept her feelings... and have a baby.”

“What the heck...” Marisa whispered, looking down at the cutting board as she thought this over. “... Wait,” she eventually said, “you’re finally admitting it...? That you fell in love with Reimu...”

Kogasa squinted and looked away, at the floor. She neither shook her heard nor nodded.

“You are, but you don’t wanna tell me, you wanna tell her yourself. Still haven’t told her, huh,” Marisa guessed. At this point through their time spent together, the guess was an educated one. Indeed: Kogasa meekly nodded. “So what do you mean by ‘might’? It sounds like if your weird youkai body is cool with her then, uh, you... You, uh... You know? In the... In your...” She pointed at Kogasa’s abdomen.

“It’s like normal though. We’ve got to actually, um, you know?” Kogasa tapped her pointer fingers together a handful of times. “Like...?” She tapped her first knuckles together as well. “It’s not guaranteed, but we need to...” Opening her grip of her handle enough to create a space, she fit her finger in that palm-created space, pushing it in and pulling it out to illustrate.

“Stop that! I know what sex is, Kogasa...!” Marisa hissed, angrily. The youkai flinched. “So when you guys sleep together or fool around, then...”

“There’s a chance...”

“It’s a big chance with how much you two shag!” Marisa asserted, and Kogasa slumped with shame. “Man, love ovulation... Tch, I can’t believe you got me to say ‘love ovulation’!”

“I didn’t!” answered Kogasa in a panic.

“You totally did...! Haahh...” Marisa sighed. “Your relationship is a real piece of work. You two would be hopeless without me, Kogasa...” Kogasa watched Marisa’s face as she mulled over all she’d been told. She met Kogasa’s red and blue eyes with hers gold and said, “You gotta tell her. Tonight.”
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File 159729795789.jpg - (596.39KB, 1752x752, _.jpg)

“Y-You’re gonna make her really happy...” said Marisa. To Kogasa’s surprise, the human’s eyes were shimmering.

“Y-You think...? Sh... She won’t be mad...?” the youkai asked. There were tears in her eyes as well, and if she had to be honest, she felt like sobbing.

“Don’t cry, you stupid monster umbrella,” Marisa told her. While tears crawled down the magician’s cheeks, she wiped the same away from Kogasa’s eyelids. “Ask her why she fell in love with you, if you haven’t yet. She’ll be happy, Kogasa; believe me. Don’t cry about it...”

“But I haven’t told her what could happen, and I keep... I can’t stop... with her...” Kogasa explained in a quivering voice.

“It’ll be fine if you tell her. You can’t help doing what you do if you’re in love.”

“Why are you crying, Miss Marisa...?”

“Ha, damn it... Am I?” the young human asked, thumbing away at her face. She then answered, with a warm and quiet gaze, “... My friend’s growing up.”

Her smile quivered.

Kogasa set aside her other half, reached out, and embraced her lover’s friend. “Thank you, Miss Marisa...” she said. “I’m glad you care so much... about Reimu.”

... That embrace was slowly returned.

“... And you, idiot,” Marisa admitted. Then, in a lightly cracked voice she revealed, “... I’m a little scared.”

About what this kind of thing... means for Gensokyo, and Reimu...

... It will be okay.

Kogasa squeezed the human tightly. “Reimu isn’t alone, and neither am I... W—... We’re together, and we won’t let there be a sad ending for us...” The youkai then pulled back. She met Marisa almost eye-to-eye. She took the towel from its place and wiped the magician’s flushed and wet face. Putting it back, she a hand on down on Marisa’s shoulder, and another to the human’s cheek. Again, sincerely, she said, “Thank you.”

“H-Hey, Marisa... Cooking already?” Reimu was returning. Marisa rubbed at her face with the back of her hand, and Kogasa took up her things for practice, stepping toward the backyard. She nodded gently at Marisa, and the two of them shared a smile before a freshly-changed Reimu walked in after.


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File 159731566739.jpg - (3.72MB, 2200x3111, festival.jpg)
There are two posts previous to this, if you missed them due to update shenanigans:


| | | | |
\\ \\ \\ \\ \\

Having led a straightforward life since the day she was born, complication very much arrested Hakurei Reimu.

When she was happy she was happy, when she was mad she was mad. She couldn’t think of times she was sad... but anxiety, yes, had come over in the past. It was inevitable with her intuition.

However, these emotions never blended... not until she began pining after the tsukumogami, Tatara Kogasa. Now she was befuddled by joy, lust, and uneasy anticipation... nearly every hour of nearly every day. The festival day was no exception.

By the time she realized it, it was already underway. The kappa, fairies, humans, and other various youkai and even gods arrived early, set up their spaces, and invited people to the Unspecified Hakurei Festival. A band was to play, and a show was to top the night. Word had spread well. It seemed word had also spread that the Hakurei had a lover.

Reimu’s ears were at all times lifted and tuned to gossip-ish chatter. As she either minded her own food stand or wandered the grounds to make sure all was on the level, she would constantly flinch and turn her head to listen. It bothered her. It bothered her enough that she barely attempted to hide how much it did. It bothered her that she had to bother with rumors about who she decided to share her bed with.

In truth she wanted Kogasa by her side all evening. She didn’t want rumors: she wanted to bury rumors with facts. She was sleeping with Kogasa. They were lovers.

But at the same time... she knew it wasn’t that simple. Who she was... made it not simple. And that... horribly bothered her. She couldn’t deny—

“Heya, Reimu! Shaved ice!?” The ice fairy Cirno called out to her as she was walking past, taking her out of her thoughts.

“If it’s free fork it over,” she said, and pushed past people to move to the wooden stand Cirno was operating. Crowd’s big... this is really popular, huh...

“Yeah!!” the fairy shouted, and she provided Reimu with a cup of sugary, shaved ice and a small spoon that Reimu returned (in order to eat and drink straight from the cup). “This is an Unspecialized festival, right?” Cirno asked.

“Unspecified,” Reimu corrected, crossing her arms and crushing ice with her teeth. It was on a banner under the torii, though it was writ in kanji.

“So it’s... not special?” the dumby asked.

“No, it has no theme,” Reimu replied, deciding to sit at the stool in front of the blue fairy’s stand.

“Doesn’t that mean it’s not special?” Cirno asked this, and cocked her head, poking her own cheek in thought.

“Theme festivals can be unspecial too, fairy,” said Reimu, speaking through an ice-filled cheek. She pointed at Cirno with the hand holding her cup. “This festival is special,” she explained, biting into more ice before continuing, “ish jush not shpeshific.”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s about all sorts of things, not just one thing.”

“And it’s special?” Cirno queried, fluttering in place.

“Yeah, I said that.”


“... Because it is,” Reimu answered after a delay.

“I heard you were gonna say you’re getting married, Reimu!”

Reimu chewed ice for a few seconds, staring at the ice fairy flatly.

“... To who?” she asked.

“One of the performers! Mystia?” Cirno guessed.

“I wouldn’t marry an animal,” Reimu retorted.

“So it’s not Kyouko either, huh?”

“No... and, wait, I never said I was gonna say I’m marrying someone.”

“Oh...” Cirno sounded a bit disappointed, landing and putting her elbows on her own counter, resting her cheek in the resulting cradle of arms. “I wanted to hear a love story...”

“You might still hear one,” Reimu told her. She looked into her cup. She was almost finished...

“Reimu’s!?” asked the once-again excited Cirno.

“... Yeah,” answered the shrine maiden.

“Good luck, Reimu!” the fairy cheered.

Reimu smirked. “... Thanks,” she said. She then got up, and she left her finished cup on the counter.

The pre-show band, which was made of that drum Raiko and the two string instrument tsukumogami she’d recruited, was finishing up a number as Reimu once more entered the crowd, their act sparking applause and boisterous praise throughout the grounds. Reimu craned her neck... she could see that Marisa was handling food well on her own. Everyone seemed to be doing fine...

Dance of Bird and Beast starts up soon,” said a familiar voice at her left, “and then it’s... Tsukumo Rokuro, correct?”

Reimu threw the source of the voice a glare: it was Shameimaru Aya, expert pain in one’s ass. The brown-haired tengu bowed politely. A notepad and pen were in her hands.

“... Get on with it,” said Reimu, deciding to cut to the chase. “You want an exclusive? Why are you talking to me?”

“I want to hear it from the human’s mouth,” said Aya as a whistle went off and lights exploded in the sky. “Is it true that you’ve entered a relationship with a youkai? Specifically: Tatara Kogasa?”

“You don’t usually care about what’s ‘true’...” Reimu replied as another firework burst overhead. The people surrounding them were fixated on this, and on Horikawa Raiko’s impeccably timed taiko strikes. “What does it matter to you at all?”

“Oh Miss Reimu, that should be obvious...! It’s obvious, right...?” led Aya, leaning toward the shrine maiden and making her glare deepen. “... Are you trying to change things, Miss Reimu? And if so, for good or bad?”

“I’m not trying anything,” said Reimu, not just a little angrily. “You think I’m acting out of politics?”

“Don’t you?” Aya asked.

“Since when have I?” Reimu retorted.

And Aya backed off. “Alright... perhaps it’s more that you’re a very careful type... ever since you had those spell card rules implemented,” the crow admitted. “It’s just... Yes, I could swear you’re usually more careful, Miss Reimu.”


... made Reimu grit her teeth.

“I know you understand because you’ve always understood...!” Aya continued, not noticing this. “Though I suppose this situation isn’t ‘factual’ yet, is it? Though if it is factual, you get it right...?”

Reimu knew it:

she was officially pissed off.

Another firework exploded, the show ended.

As sparks crackled and faded overhead, Aya whispered to her...

“The Hakurei Shrine Maiden, being with a youkai...? With a youkai? That’s...”


... She knew she was upset, but not entirely why.

Something obvious, but also not obvious at all.

Aya smirked at her, smugly.


[] Strike Aya’s face with a seal.

[] Simmer down... simmer down... Be terse with her, but don’t explode.
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[X] Strike Aya’s face with a seal.
Delete Post
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[X] Simmer down... simmer down... Be terse with her, but don’t explode.
Delete Post
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[x] Simmer down... simmer down... Be terse with her, but don’t explode.

I really want to slap this stupid bird but also I don't want to interrupt the festival
Delete Post
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[x] Simmer down... simmer down... Be terse with her, but don’t explode.

>>Aya smirked, smugly
Get Aya to keep talking, seems like she knows something we don't
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[X] Simmer down... simmer down... Be terse with her, but don’t explode.
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[X] Simmer down... simmer down... Be terse with her, but don’t explode.
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File 159772970829.png - (184.21KB, 500x500, red and blue.png)
red and blue
[X] Simmer down... simmer down... Be terse with her, but don’t explode.

Reimu sighed through her nose, and with deliberate patience she suppressed her building wrath.

“Write what you want,” said the girl, and: “publish what you want.” She looked the tengu in her eyes.

Dance of Bird and Beast took the build stage before the main building, and shouted their introduction. As they blasted the first notes of their opening number, Reimu continued, her voice clear to the sharp-eared bird.

“I’ve thought about everything I’ve done with her, very carefully. I know what I am.”

... And “who”.

She closed her eyes, and turned from the reporter youkai. With a simple, “Now, bye,” she walked into the cheering crowd...

... and headed for the area behind the shrine.

/ / / / /

Her palms were warm, and slick.

When she put her hands to an umbrella’s handle, however, they felt steady. Right.

The performance wasn’t what was causing her apprehension.

“You alright?” asked her partner in red. The blue-clad youkai looked at the asker, and put on a smile. She nodded.

“Yeah. Are you, Banki?”

“Thank you for asking. That’s indeed what you should be asking. You should be asking me how I feel about going on a stage—if I’m nervous or anything. Yes, yes, Kogasa: you should be asking me,” said the rokurokubi. She was slouched, and fiddling with something behind her cape.

Kogasa’s smile became earnest, and with an “Ahaha!” her concerns suddenly faded.

“Don’t laugh... I’m not a performer...” Sekibanki muttered. Kogasa, of course, laughed again, though really it would be classed a “chuckle”.

They were in the dark behind the shrine. They could hear a raucous band playing not far off, but were largely preoccupied with preparation. They were to be the actual finish of the night, or at least of the night’s provided and main entertainment. The festival wouldn’t end or anything... At any rate, they were both trying to ignore that their moment was soon. They had practiced more than enough for a pair of youkai, and didn’t need mental unrest throwing them entirely off. Youkai were weak against mental and spiritual attacks, after all.

“Seriously, Kasa... I can tell you were kind of shaking, and if you screw up it’s going to be stuck in the head for me for the rest of my life. All the heads, I know it,” Sekibanki mumbled at her, and she looked at her with a pitying gaze. “What’s wrong? Does it have to do with Reimu?”

Kogasa shivered, and her chipper mood was chipped away with every quick vibration, shortly disappearing entirely. With her head hanging, and an umbrella in her hands, she admitted, “Yeah.”

“She doesn’t know about how the show goes, right? You kept it secret?” Sekibanki was trying to settle her down. She appreciated it. She nodded at the other girl.

“I’m just kinda scared something crazy’ll happen...” said the tsukumogami.

“It could,” Sekibanki was honest, but not mocking. “But we’re—”

She stopped. Reimu had stepped behind the building.

“... Hey, Miss Shrine Maiden,” said the rokurokubi. The shrine maiden nodded a greeting.

“... Neck-woman,” said Reimu. The “neck-woman” narrowed her eyes, then turned away and looked over her props. Reimu held out her hand to the seated tsukumogami and said, “Kogasa.”

Kogasa thought, her human looked like her umbrella-heart felt. She stood, and stepped to her woman, keeping steady eyes on her somewhat grief-stricken face as she walked into Reimu’s one-arm hold. She was pulled in and, Reimu put her free hand to her girlfriend’s face, brushing a cheek with the back of her fingers.

“Reimu...?” Kogasa said, her voice wavering with worry.

Reimu kissed her on the cheek.


“Do your best, Kogasa,” she said, and she let the youkai go. “That’s all I wanted to say. I really can’t wait. I know you’ll impress everyone.” She smiled, and poked Kogasa’s stomach. “Maybe you’ll get stuffed, huh? I hope so...”

My belly... thought Kogasa, looking. Her eyes just slightly narrowed. My... womb...

She met Reimu’s eye as the human turned back and raised a hand to wave.

Ahh... maybe... I should, now. I should... tell her...

[] Ease your nerves now. Confess your love to Reimu.

[] Maybe it’s too sudden. Wait for the show.
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[X] Ease your nerves now. Confess your love to Reimu.
Delete Post
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[X] Ease your nerves now. Confess your love to Reimu.
Delete Post
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[x] Ease your nerves now. Confess your love to Reimu.

engage turbofluster
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File 159784648518.jpg - (1.67MB, 2787x1284, Target destroyed.jpg)
Target destroyed
Initiating conclusion. When it's done, you'll know.

Please enjoy.


[X] Ease your nerves now. Confess your love to Reimu.

... Kogasa nodded.

... Yeah.

“Reimu, wait.” She stopped her lover. Reimu faced her, her eyebrows now lifted. Sekibanki turned her ear, and began to listen. “Could you tell me... why you fell in love with me?”

“Eh... I... don’t have to say that, do I? It doesn’t matter...” said the red and white girl, blushing and looking toward the ground.

She’s being stubborn... the blue and white girl identified, narrowing her gaze as a bead of sweat ran down her cheek. Miss Marisa said... that I should know.

“Reimu,” said Kogasa in a commanding tone that straightened the backs of both the other girls behind the shrine. She spoke quietly, but sternly, and Reimu lifted her shoulders as she waited for her girlfriend to continue. Kogasa said, simply, “Tell me.”

Reimu shook—shivered, for just a moment. With her head lowered again, she answered, “There was a rainy day... it was a little before I started, uh... hitting on you.

“I... wasn’t... Well, I wasn’t, really, feeling... bad, it was more like...”

She lifted her head, though her eyes were on the shrine. Kogasa followed her gaze. Inside there, she’d hugged the shrine maiden, because listening to what she’d been saying, and watching her back, had made her feel something familiar, and glum.

“When you hugged me, I felt like... I... I’ve thought about it a lot and, well...”

Reimu’s face glowed. Ahead the shrine, the roaring punk band announced their penultimate performance.

“... You cared about me, as a person. When I felt that, and thought about you more and more, I thought... ‘I admire her’... and in a little while... that turned into...” trailing off, Reimu exhaled, straightened her back, and met the tsukumogami’s eyes, saying, “‘I love her.’ I seriously love her...” She began to twist her opposite fingers together nervously, and had again become unable to meet her partner’s eyes. Their sole audience member was now staring openly, and trembling. It was as if she’d bitten into the sweetest cake. The moment before her was pure, and concentrated, sugar manifest. “I fell in love with you really quickly,” Reimu said. “I wanted to have you hug me every day, and care about me... and I thought, I liked you a lot... You’re cute and adorable... and cute... And I think you’re beautiful, um...

“I want you... for myself... as my wife...”

... K—... K-K-Ko—... Kogasa...! Kogasa! Keep it together! Kogasa was falling apart, though her posture was straight and she was holding the handle in her hands desperately to remain stable. You caaan’t...! You can’t just let Miss Reimu open up her heart and be happy with that and that’s iiit...! You’ve got to... You need to...! Responsibly...!

Confess, for her!!

“Ah—I...! I’m... It...!” Kogasa attempted to speak. Her voice had become as high pitched as a bird’s. To her luck, a true bird and beast were yelling and covering what she was about to say. “It might be too soon to say this...! Or... maybe I... should’ve said it when I felt it, but...”

She steeled herself, and met Reimu’s meek and lovely gaze with a distraught and wild one of her own.

She mustered her courage, and shouted out to the human before her: “I love you, too, Reimu!”


It WAS...! It WAS that day...!

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it...!

For the second time today, tears fell from Kogasa’s eyes.

I’m so lucky...!

“I want to be your wife! I want you to love me every day!” she yelled.

Reimu raised her hands, in weak protest, and with a warbling voice answered, “Y-Yeah, I will, but c-calm down! W... Why are you crying!?”

“I’m so happy... you chose me...” the shaking umbrella revealed as more of her tears fell. “I’m so lucky...! I love Reimu so much, I...!”

“I-It’s got nothing to DO with luck! You got me because you’re you...!” Reimu insisted, her expression having grown awkward. “S-Sure, I didn’t realize it until you hugged me, but I already must’ve been interested...! Like in your personality... and your body...”

Sekibanki spat air behind her collar.

“Mm...” Kogasa nodded.

“Crybaby or not, you’re sobbing too much, Kogasa...” Reimu stepped over to her and put her hands on her now-fiancée’s shoulders, concern clear in her face. “Listen: the band got to its last song. You’re up next. You’ve gotta calm down...”

Kogasa took one hand from the handle of her umbrella and grasped the front of Reimu’s shirt. Reimu hugged her, and nestled her nose in the tsukumogami’s hair.

Kogasa indeed began to feel calm...

“Reimu...” she said, and Reimu listened, “I want to have your child.”

\\ \\ \\ \\ \\

Reimu stiffened. The rokurokubi sitting nearby began hacking with a cough.


“Have... you mean...” She brought her hands back to Kogasa’s shoulders and gently pushed her back, to look into her eyes. “You mean a baby? You want... Mine? You want to get... umm...”

Her fiancée nodded.

Reimu quickly wrangled the many flying thoughts in her head before her frayed mind could no longer stop her lust from being in check. Sincerely, she replied, “... I... I guess I could see that Lunarian...? About growing a di—”

“WOW HA HA WOW LOOKS LIKE THEY’RE ALMOST DONE! CRAZY! ARE YOU READY, KOGASA?” The rokurokubi shouted. The couple flinched.

“N-No, you don’t need to grow one...” said Kogasa, ignoring a very angry and very flustered Dullahan. “I’ve been in love with you for a while... Every time we have sex, there’s a chance I can get pregnant.”

“Holy shit these two are nuts...” the other youkai whispered. Then, she shouted, “I’m heading to the backstage!” and began to march off.

“Y-You’ve been in love with me for a while...” was Reimu’s takeaway from what the umbrella had said, and now she was smiling a warped and embarrassed, but most definitely conceited smile.

“Because of how tool youkai work, we can make a baby if we’re in love. Boy tsukumogami can make fertile sperm if they’re in love with someone who loves them back, too,” Kogasa went on.

“That’s that womb stuff you mentioned...? That time Marisa caught us, and we went to take a bath...”

“Yeah. It was only tingling at first, but it’s been warm and, um... nice... when you kiss me and stuff lately, which’s a... sign,” Kogasa told her. Then, she corrected: “Also, it was when she caught ‘you’...”

“Whatever, whatever...”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I wasn’t sure at first, but I read about it in an older Gensokyo Chronicle maybe... maybe a month ago, and we kept having sex even though I knew... I’m sorry...”

“No, no, that’s fine, I mean... I really wanted to get you pre—”

The crowd erupted in cheers to the Dance of Bird and Beast’s finale. The two lovers looked up, over the shrine.

Kogasa brought the hand over Reimu’s stomach before the human’s breast. She pushed away there, and with her fingertips still touching her woman she declared, “Reimu, I’m going to tell everyone... that I love you, on stage. You’re... fine with that, right?”

“... You could’ve surprised me,” Reimu reminded her, with a smirk and a puff of air from her nose.

“Oh... I guess it would’ve, huh...?” Kogasa closed her eyes, and giggled quietly. Reimu glanced behind her, finding the rokurokubi glancing at the two of them from around the shrine’s corner.

“... Kogasa... Dear...” Reimu addressed her as a spouse, and the umbrella listened with a tickled smile and steady eyes. Reimu tilted her head in admiration, and lifted a hand to very lightly pinch one of the girl’s cheeks. “I want to be with you... forever. No matter what anyone says out there, can you remember that?”

Kogasa nodded firmly. Ahead, a yamabiko announced in a booming voice, “NOW, NOW: GIVE IT UP FOR TSUKUMO ROKURO!!”

Kogasa huffed with pride, and after closing her eyes for a second, met Reimu’s with determination. “Hurry to the front of the shrine, Reimu...!” she said. “And get your socks knocked off!”

Reimu let her go, and thus Kogasa turned to race after the departing... what was her name? “Sekibanki”... The eager tsukumogami picked up two other umbrellas on her way as well.

That’s... three? Reimu curiously noted. She turned and headed toward the front by the other side, jogging on and feeling, for the first time in a while, absolutely assured.

= = = = =
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File 159784662450.png - (559.19KB, 900x659, what you can do.png)
what you can do
A koto and biwa played the start.

She got those two tsukumogami to join her, too...? thought Reimu.

When she’d entered the crowd, the festival had gone silent as well. Eerily so. Further, the light of the shrine seemed to have been captured. It was familiar... Reimu suspected a few others may have been in play here as well, and scanning the surroundings she indeed spotted, under the moon’s light, a pair of fairies she often saw in a trio pretending at being invisible up on her roof. Fairies of Light... they’d likely muffled sound and dimmed the festival’s fires. Reimu thought, if the blond and drill-haired of them wasn’t working her skills, she would likely here many humans murmuring around now. Looking about, she found Marisa flying through the air, watching for any opportunistic youkai, most likely.

Thinking, enough of that, Reimu returned her eyes to the stage.

The plucking of strings suddenly ceased.

And when it returned, a volley of lasers flew over the crowd, weaving and dancing in pairs as light and sound returned. From a circle of water, Kogasa appeared on stage, stood on one foot, and with a white parasol in hand. Reimu, as well as the entire crowd was stunned back into silence as droplets flew over them and cooled the air—some parts more literally, as much of the water had stopped fast and impossibly overhead. In showy, yet simultaneously composed fashion, Kogasa brought her other foot down, threw something into the air with her free hand, caught it on the parasol’s top, and began to juggle. The “something” was, it seemed, a many-faceted glass ball, and it cast lights over the crowd in wild and dazzling colors.

Wow... thought Reimu, breathing out. She smiled openly, and her eyes glittered. Wow...!

Kogasa hopped the ball to the rhythm of her accompanying and unseen tsukumogami partners, using both her hands. Knowing that Kogasa only needed one... Reimu tried to guess at the direction this was all headed.

The glass orb eventually froze in the air, laser-light crashing into it and flying all about over the audience’s heads. H-Huh? How...! the host of the event wondered about, and marveled at, what she was seeing. Kogasa sank low, reached behind herself, and drew up a black parasol. She threw it, closed, into the air, whereupon it opened, turned, and landed top-to-top with the one in her hand. The ball then fell, pinning one to the other, and after keeping that tension for a second, she continued to juggle, grinning brightly as the black umbrella hopped and the crystal ball burst with light. At once, the crowd began to roar.

Amazing, amazing! Impossible...! No... No, of course she can do it!

“Yeeahhh!! Go, Kogasaaa!!” she yelled with her hands at the sides of her mouth. Kogasa spun in place, pushed the black parasol and glass ball from the white cap, and in a smooth and grandiose motion caught the ball first with her umbrella and the other umbrella with her left hand. From there she spun both... both of which had a crystal ball each.

The show went on with many fantastic turns. The energetic youkai at the center of it all seemed to make her parasols disappear, juggle them between her hands, switch out objects and let rainbows flow from between them. At some point she stood with a single tooth of her geta on the bottom of a turned-over white parasol. She spun the unoccupied black one in one hand as the crowd cheered, and when she tossed it up—the audience outright exploded as a caped person – the rokurokubi, Sekibanki – seemed to transform from the parasol in midair. In the hand of the calm and collected redhead was Kogasa’s true, other half, its foot against her Sekibanki’s as she bent forward and coolly put her hand in her skirt pocket. She dropped Kogasa’s other half then, and vanished.

The act continued as thus: Sekibanki appearing and making the act more difficult – adding objects to be juggled, seemingly being juggled herself, kicking the stand out from under Kogasa... It was all a sight to behold, and with a beat behind it that worked the crowd into a steady clap for nearly the entire time. Her other half even juggled on its own for a while. Reimu was enraptured by everything she saw, and not even because of who the juggler was, and so was to her. She genuinely felt only this: that It was a frantic, yet perfectly practiced, truly awesome performance.

It ended with Kogasa on one knee, arms wide before the audience, with her other half in her left hand and a crystal ball in her right. At her side, Sekibanki bowed solemnly. Reimu, and all others before her gave the sweating and panting umbrella youkai their utmost, most bombastic applause. A pair of fairies popped in from nowhere at her left and bowed as well. Offstage, the koto and biwa tsukumogami who had performed much of the night, bowed as well. Kogasa handed her ball to Sekibanki, stood with her arms still wide and bowed to uproarious applause. Behind her, light and water danced again. It shone bright in every color of the visible spectrum, and formed three lines, written over the shrine.


“Reimu, I like you,” the shrine maiden read. “I love you”... “Would you marry me?”

“Yes...” she replied in a whisper. She nodded, too. “Yeah... I will.”

“The shrine maiden... really is... with a youkai?”
“I thought it was just a rumor...”

“Oh... is that really alright?”
“Of course it is! What are you saying?”

“I’m a little worried...”
“The show was nice, but...”

“Hmmm... is that safe for Gensokyo?”
“I knew she liked youkai, but to think she’d fall for one...”

“Isn’t it fine?”
“Maybe it’s fine, but...”

Around her, reception to the declaration was mixed... but seemed to be leaning one way in particular.

Just outside the crowd, she saw Aya looking down, her way.

“Ah, no, that’s definitely a bit...”
“Yeah, this isn’t really right.”

“There are half-youkai, half-humans, right?”
“Yeah, but none are Hakurei...”

“The Hakurei is...”
“The Shrine Maiden is...”
“The barrier...”
“The shrine...”
“This is...”
“It’s just...”

“Wrong, isn’t it?”

Aya met her eyes.

Her pad and pen were out, and her expression was unreadable.

Reimu glanced at the stage.

... She couldn’t tell Kogasa’s expression either. Her head was hanging... Because she was tired? Because she was depressed? What was it?

The murmuring didn’t stop, and it was growing more dissatisfied.

They’re ruining it... Reimu thought, unconcerned as more realized the Hakurei was in the crowd. She did well...! Just praise her, you numbskulls!

Who cares who she sleeps with...!? Who cares who I—!

Reimu gasped. She’d been almost snarling...

Bullshit... she went on. This is bullshit! Don’t give me that...!

She looked up, having been staring at her feet as her thoughts ran away. Her eyes met with that of a villager’s...

... and that villager leaned over with a hand cupped beside their mouth. Thus they whispered something to the person next to them, who then looked at her as well.

Once more Reimu stared at the crow, perched and watching.

“Is this an Incident”... Is that what you’re thinking?

There’s nothing odd about it! I fell in love with her on my own!

I’m... I’m not—!

She whipped her gaze to the shrine once again.

[] Take the sta
Like that needs to be a choice...!

Like that’s up for any chance, or debate...!


Reimu stepped into the air, and with no more hesitation flew forth.
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File 159784833223.jpg - (1.66MB, 2791x1182, Surprise.jpg)
/ / / / /

Ahh... I guess it doesn’t work out like it does in Three-ten’s books when it’s in real life... Kogasa thought, her head hanging as the humans, youkai, and gods before her grumbled and muttered their concerns. Behind her was a declaration: that she loved Reimu, and wanted Reimu’s hand in marriage. Her collaborators for the show she’d just finished watched her worriedly. Kogasa closed her eyes, and smiled. Maybe it’s okay... Maybe nothing bad will happen...

And if it gets bad, I can always give u—...

The tsukumogami sniffed, and trembled.

I can give up... on Miss Reimu and... she’ll be okay... she’ll just move along, and I’ll move along... and it’ll be okay...

As long as she’s safe. And, Gensokyo’s safe... I can... give u—

The sound of rustling clothes approached, and she felt her body warm. She knew the sound by heart. Looking up, she said, “Rei—?” before her face was taken into Reimu’s hands, and the human delivered onto her lips a sudden kiss.

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File 159784846459.jpg - (1.11MB, 2048x1080, a girl; a woman.jpg)
a girl; a woman
Reimu landed lightly as the crowd behind her grew chaotic. Taking her lips and tongue from Kogasa’s, Reimu turned around and stepped to the very front of the stage.

“ALL OF YOU, SHUT THE HELL UP!!” Reimu bellowed, and at once they all did. Slouched and standing now behind her, Kogasa listened too. “What do you want to know, huh!? You think I got possessed or something!? Are you people stupid!?”

“But Miss Shrine Maiden, that’s a youkai!!” someone in the crowd yelled back. At once, Reimu, raised an arm and pointed back at the youkai – Kogasa – behind and to her right.

“Yes, she is!! You can tell that much by looking, can’t you!?”

“You can’t marry a youkai!”

“Why the hell not!? Tell me that, you morons!”

“Gensokyo’s balance is at stake,” a youkai answered. “You are supposed to be the pin between races—”

“You think I don’t know that!? You seriously think I don’t KNOW THAT!?” Reimu screamed. Kogasa stood straight, in awe, and flinched when Reimu took a step back, reached out, and brought her in close around the umbrella’s shoulders. Kogasa dropped her other half, and it hopped toward Sekibanki. “But I’m a woman, too!”, the Hakurei declared.

“You’re the shrine maiden!” a voice called out, and to that, Reimu breathed in, and... clutching her lover... the Eternal Shrine Maiden opened her heart completely.

“That’s it! That’s the problem I’ve always had! Why do I have to act a certain way because of what I was born into? Because of my job? My JOB is not my LIFE. My life is just that: MINE! If I want to make friends with who I’m friends with, I should be allowed that. If I want to make enemies with who I make enemies with, I should be allowed that. In my job, I have never stumbled, truly, when Gensokyo itself was at stake—when the barrier and lives were at stake. I... I’m not an idiot! From when I was born until today, I have always been, first, Hakurei Reimu, and not ‘the Hakurei Shrine Maiden’! And if I, Reimu, want to have this youkai stay with me until the day I die then that’s MY right! MY choice in life! And nobody else has any say over how I live it! Trust me! She’s the most wonderful, beautiful person I’ve ever met...!”


“I love Tatara Kogasa!” the human declared. “I’m in love with her, she chose to fall in love with me, and from today on I want everyone to know that she’s my family! My wife, who will one day be the mother of my child!”

The crowd was, once more, stunned.

And a crow sitting atop a stand called out, “Hmph! Makes sense to me!”

“I guess... it doesn’t matter so long as the barrier is kept safe...”
“If their child is a Hakurei, then it should be fine...”

“I didn’t really mean to... you know...”
“Yeah, I was just worried. She’s a youkai, you know?”

“That umbrella babysits, doesn’t she?”
“She was bad at it for a while, but...”

“I should really apologize...”
“You should. You can’t tell a lady how to live their life or who to love.”

Agreement resounded. The Hakurei and Tatara looked again at the seated crow, who gave the two a thumb’s up, and vanished.

“So... a child... That means Miss Shrine Maiden has a p—?”

“It’s a tsukumogami thing!!” Reimu snapped, and Kogasa covered her mouth to prevent laughter. “It can only happen if we truly love each other! Do some reading about it or just shut up!!

“... That’s how tsukumogami work. So, if you want proof of our love, I’m sure it won’t be far behind...”

Kogasa blushed.


“Did you really kiss her before?” someone in the crowd said. It was a familiar voice. It was Aya’s voice. “Show us proof now!” she said from wherever she was hiding. “Kiss her again! Kiiiiss her! Kiiiiss her!”

And, shortly, it became a crowd-wide chant.

Kogasa looked at her woman sheepishly, and said, “R-Reimu you don’t have to if you’re—”
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File 159784861781.jpg - (2.43MB, 2819x2865, smooch.jpg)
Reimu quieted her with her eyes. Kogasa swallowed, and waited, but was still surprised when – after Reimu shut her eyes – her human leaned forward and again took her lips.

Kogasa then lifted her arms, shut her eyes as well, hugged Reimu and kissed her back...

This, for all intents and purposes, may as well have marked the festival’s end.

Perhaps the crowd cheered, that would be nice if they did.

For Kogasa, she was simply thrilled to be in Reimu’s arms, openly and happily...

Even if she stunk of sweat from her performance, Reimu was undeterred and affectionate.

And, Reimu was her wife (unofficial).

She was Reimu’s wife (yes unofficial, but definitely soon!).

She smiled with her lips to the Hakurei’s, and clutched her tightly.

A breeze rolled over the two. The moon shone brightly down on them and Reimu held her strongly.

Again, she felt warm.

Yeah... she thought.

In fact, Tatara Kogasa was sure of it.

She was sure: tonight was the night their love would indeed be proven.
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File 159788634027.jpg - (240.65KB, 773x853, a spring day.jpg)
a spring day
| | | | |
\\ \\ \\ \\ \\

Some other day...

Some other day, in spring.

That meant: flower viewing, sake drinking, too many fairies having too much fun.

Reimu swept the grounds of leaves. The cherry blossoms had yet to come in.

A song was being sung a little ways from her, from the porch to the shrine. Something like, A rabbit in the spring, has fur for the spring, but fur for the spring, is too much fur for the summer.

A rabbit in the summer, has fur for the summer, but fur for the summer, is too little for the fall.

A rabbit in the fall...
and so on.

“You like simpler songs, huh?” she noted.

“You hum a lot, yourself. Don’t you, Reimu? Actually, stop sweeping and hum for me?”

“I need to sweep... I can’t relax,” Reimu replied a little quickly.

“Come on, come ooon... Hum to Seika, pretty please?”

“That’s why I can’t relax...!” she fired back. “Are you sure you’re alright? I didn’t get to bring you somewhere for scaring yesterday ‘cause I slacked off...! Seriously... you’re not hungry!?”

“I’m~ fine~.”

“Yeah? And Seika?”

“Hm!” With that confident sound, her wife gave her a thumb’s up.

“Answer properly,” she said.

Her wife, Kogasa, put a hand over her stomach. “We’re alright,” she said, “because Mama Reimu loves both of us lots and lots...”

“I-Is she awake...?” Reimu asked, peeking “secretly” (however, it was obvious).

“You want to check?” Kogasa teased.

“Don’t tempt me...! I have to finish!” She got back to sweeping. Kogasa pet her stomach gently.

“For tsukumogami,” she said, “having someone care is even better than what you get from surprising humans...”

“I hope that’s true...” Reimu replied nervously.

“... Want to check?” Kogasa asked again. Reimu glanced at the torii to her shrine, then tip-toed over to her wife. Kogasa was sitting at the porch with her geta off and her hand laid on her swollen, belly. She’d been carrying since the end of summer the year before... they’d known in October, and she began to show when winter came around. Now, the kid – who the Lunarian doctor assured them was female – moved from time to time. Kogasa liked to make fun of her wife when it came to this, as she’d noticed Reimu was surprised each and every time it happened.

Now Reimu laid down her broom and laid down on the porch, resting her head on Kogasa’s belly. Kogasa rested her hand down in Reimu’s hair, and began to pet her, even as Reimu flinched from the feeling of an elbow to her cheek.

“She’s awake!” Reimu declared in a high-pitched whisper.

“Well, she might be asleep,” Kogasa retorted. Reimu relaxed, and let her left hand fall over Kogasa’s lap.

“An end-of-spring kid, huh...”

“Just in time for the name to still be good,” said Kogasa.

“It’s always good. I like her name,” Reimu replied. It was written with the Sei of “life” (生) and the ka of “incense” or “fragrance”(香, therefore 生香), and they thought it gave an impression of a lively, yet elegant person.

“Yeah, I do too... but flowers, Reimu! Flowers! The scent of life! ‘Seika’!”

“Quiet,” Reimu replied. “She’ll be born in time, so quiet.”

“‘Kayy...” Kogasa answered.

They were silent for a bit. Reimu put her hand to Kogasa’s stomach, and wondered if Seika knew she was there. She thought about sleeping, and then remembered Kogasa had asked her to hum.

So, she did.

She hummed a meaningless tune. Just something nice... something easy.

... When she thought about it, things felt as usual.

Really, it was good.

The Shrine was falling apart.

There were mice in the shed.

They didn’t get any donations yesterday.

But, it was good.

Things had fallen into a pattern, but weren’t they patterned before she’d married and given Kogasa a child?

They stayed together.

They sang together.

They kept close, and made love.

Maybe things would change with Seika’s arrival.

But, more likely whatever surprises that held in store would pass on into the ordinary. Which was good. If what Kogasa said was true, “love” was better.

She felt she had much love to give. She’d love her family, definitely, until the end came.

And, likely, Kogasa would come with her when that day arrived.

Seika would find someone before then, surely. Life would go on.

It felt right.

She sat up, and rested her shoulder against Kogasa’s.

At the torii, Marisa landed and gave her usual, boisterous greeting.

A crow flew overhead. Reimu held Kogasa’s hand.

As a girl, Hakurei Reimu felt entirely satisfied.

And she was satisfied, too, that that wouldn’t change.
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File 159788770450.jpg - (550.05KB, 950x950, bakappa.jpg)
∧ ∧ ∧ ∧ ∧

Hakurei-Datara Seika had a sharp stone in her hand.

Her mothers didn’t let her near the shed or kitchen. Supposedly when she was a baby, and toddler, she liked to grab at things and ruin them. Supposedly this was in her blood. Well, whatever the reason was: when she saw things, she wanted to shape them into other things. She thought it was neat, or pretty sometimes... but mostly neat.

She stepped toward a tree, lifted the stone, and brought it down into the bark. Again, and again.

“... Whatcha doing?” a young voice asked. Seika glanced behind herself, and saw the familiar blue uniform and oversized backpack of a kappa, as well as the green cap atop her head. This one was... “Nitori”. “Making something?” Nitori asked.

“... Yeah,” Seika replied, and she returned to work.

“... With bark? What, what?”

Seika stripped the bark from the tree and felt its rougher side, eyeing it closely.

“... If I wrap this on my hands and my feet... can I climb stuff?” she wondered aloud. The grip seemed good enough.

“Seems like a lot for just bark to do, Little Seika.”


“Yeah, yeah, but maybe you cou—Aahhh!!”

The kappa had stepped toward her. With a dark mutter and a flicker of movement from Seika, four papers struck the ground surrounding the youkai and erected a faint blue barrier, and as soon as Nitori’s nose touched the light, she hopped back and yelped, apparently burned.

“It’s not fair...!” the kappa grumbled, holding her hands over her nose and slouching. “It ain’t fair that you can use stuff like that...!”

Seika watched as the light dissipated, and then died down to nothing before she replied. “Aunt Kanako said... our god was angry when I was born.” She then winked, and stuck out her tongue, adding, “But I was cute, so our god said, ‘Oh, fine’...”

“That only explains the orb stuff...” said Nitori, referring to her family’s go-shintai, “but not the seals!!”

“My spiritual power is stronger because of, um... tsukumogamis’ bond to humans? I’m strong,” the little Hakurei-Datara summarized. She then said, “Now, quiet kappa,” and she plucked a bit of wood from the bark she was holding. She aimed it between her fingers, it began to glow, and then she flicked it at the kappa’s forehead, knocking the youkai down to her bottom. Thus, she laughed: a delighted, somewhat mischievous laugh.

“Wh-Why are you like this! We help you all the time, don’t we!?” Nitori complained, now fallen on her back.

“Mom said not to trust youkai, and especially not kappa,” said Seika.

“Which ‘Mom’?” Nitori asked.

“Mama Reimu,” said Seika.

“Of course she’d say that! She’s a human!” the kappa spat.

“Mama said kappa like to lie a lot,” Seika explained. “Mama Kogasa. She’s a youkai.”

“I know that...!”

“Well, but the kappa do help me a lot...” Seika trailed off as Nitori got back onto her feet. She held the bark and stone before her face, her eyes half-lid and so highlighting the shining blue portions of her irises. “Do you like me?” Seika asked, quite obviously coyly.

Nitori, presently on one knee, shut her eyes and growled, “Yesss...” and then, “we like you...”

“Go tell Mama Reimu that,” Seika said.

“NO WAY IN HELL!” Nitori screamed. From the shrine, a voice then called:

“Seikaaa! Quit messing around, come help fold the laundry!”

It was her shrine maiden mother.

“Ge-Geh! Did she hear me!?” Nitori asked in a whisper, having fallen on her bottom again.

“Well... if Mom didn’t hear you, I’ll let her know you’re here, okay?”

“Stop it, you monster!”

Seika smiled and laughed again.

“M-Miss Seikaaa... if you show me your climber glove blueprints we can talk about it later, okay...?” Nitori was begging, and looked pathetic.

“Mm,” Seika agreed, quietly happy. “You can tell Mom you like to help me, though. You already help in the festivals and stuff...”

“She’ll definitely exterminate all of us if she finds out...” Nitori said. Seika didn’t get it but laughed anyway, making the kappa grumble.

“Bye bye, Big Sis Nitori,” the child said, and she waved. Nitori nodded and began to sneak back into the woods, saying—

“Yeah, yeah... see you later.”

Seika followed the sound of clothing in the wind and found her mother putting up more.
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File 159788785272.jpg - (273.90KB, 787x450, mom & mama.jpg)
mom & mama
“Seika, did any youkai come by?” Reimu asked as Seika approached.

“A kappa,” she replied. “Big Sis Nitori.”

“Again...? They’re so obvious,” her mother grumbled. “... I’ll go to the ravine tomorrow.”

“Mom, why do they like coming to me so much?” Seika asked, cocking her head.

“Because you’re like Mama, and you’re good with your hands,” her mother replied. “Mama works the forge every once in a while, right?”

Seika nodded. She kind of understood.

“Also it’s politics, Seika,” her mother went on, whipping a skirt before herself and so flicking droplets into Seika’s face. Her daughter giggled. “They want to make you think you’re friends so they can get perks when you grow up.” After putting up the skirt, Reimu peeked at her daughter from behind it. “Bleed them dry, Seika,” she said. “Milk them for everything and don’t let them have anything. Not from you.”

“You’re a bully, Mom, kehaha!” the child playfully tugged at her own skirt, and beamed.

“‘Mom Lessons’ are written on iron, Seika. You better never forget them,” Reimu insisted.

Seika nodded, some of her turquoise hairs bouncing loose with the motion. “Yeah!” she answered.

“Your ribbon’s loose. Stay still a sec, okay?” her mother said, and the young woman crouched down, reaching behind her child’s head and fixing the white-polka dot ribbon there. Red overall, of course. What better color for a child of a shrine? She fixed the white shirt her daughter wore as well, She put her hand down on her daughter’s head, and smiled. Seika felt as if she was melting. “Let me brush your hair later,” said her mother. “I like it when I can see the blue strands.”

“Mama likes your hair on my head more,” Seika replied.

“Well for now Mama gets to have two of me around, mostly. Your hair and eyes are only a little like hers... I do love your eyes though... Like a pair of red sunsets over pretty little pools...” Reimu squeezed and stretched her daughter’s cheek, making the tyke laugh. “It’s not fair~. I want two Mamas around, too~”

“One Seika,” Seika said.

“Seika is the most precious, yeah,” Reimu confirmed, and she kissed her daughter’s forehead. “Alright put away that... rock? Where’d you get that? And, tree bark? What were you doing?”

“I was gonna be... a ninja!”

“Climb my walls and I’ll flick your forehead instead of kissing it. The shrine’s old Seika,” her mother said. Seika laughed, and stuck her found things under the porch before getting to work.

And shortly after, a new voice came from above.

“I’m baaack~! Sorry—looks like you finished laundry already. I’ll take it down when it’s dry, okay?”

“Mama!” Shouting this, Seika ran forward, and leapt up, grabbing onto her second mother’s ankle and dangling from it.

“Whoa! That’s dangerous, Seika!” her youkai mother, Kogasa, protested, flustered and squealing.

Seika merely laughed.

“Do anything bad?” Reimu asked.

“Reimuuu... take her off...!” Kogasa begged, twisting in midair.

“Avoiding the question, huh? Then I’ll take that as a ‘yes’. Guess I’ll have to punish you.”

“Oh, come on!” Kogasa complained. Her daughter began to tickle her calf. She squeezed her legs together, fidgeted, and soon the child let go, falling into her human mother’s open arms. “What if she got hurt!?” Kogasa snapped.

“Seika’s tough. Also, it was a nice view...” Reimu replied, putting their child down to the ground.

“Mom likes Mama’s legs. She told me,” Seika revealed.

“Don’t tell her that,” Kogasa chastised her wife, who was now bending to see inside her wife’s skirt. Kogasa pushed her hand down over the front of the article, blushing and saying, “You’re gonna make her a womanizer!”

“She could be a maneater instead,” Reimu suggested, now admiring with a hand to her chin.

“Our child is half-youkai, Reimu; you shouldn’t say that.”

“Femme fatale?”

“That’s isn’t any better!”

Seika and Reimu laughed. Seika found it funny especially... as she knew her Mama liked her Mom’s legs just as well.

Their life was often like this.

When they weren’t being silly, and Seika hadn’t gotten away and started trying to create objects, either of her mothers would encourage a trade in her. Though, she was to be a shrine maiden herself one day: that was certain. She always knew that, ever since she could remember.

But that didn’t mean she couldn’t do more. Her Mom had quite a few different hobbies herself, after all.

For Seika, it felt as if she had a duty, but in it she was free.

And, from time to time, when she saw her parents alone together and close, she felt she could almost understand exactly why that was.

But... only almost.

She was still young.

For now, through all the good, and at times the bad...

Through hugs and laughter, creaking walls and mysterious Incidents...

She thought, she could have no better life, and no greater ideal.

That was why, when her family was all together, and when her Aunt Marisa came over, and when they drank and sang and taught and fought... she prayed for them.

That this would be always and forever.

The shrine maiden and youkai’s daughter wholeheartedly wished for it...

For these: unchanging days.

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File 159788883585.png - (2.34MB, 1450x800, 永遠に.png)
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Great story, loved all of it and it actually finished. Awesome job Kizin and good luck to whatever you do next.
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Well this was really good. Thanks for writing this, Kizin
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Thanks very much for sticking with me for two years. Thanks @Mibya for the neat idea. That's the end, people. I'm glad to know people enjoyed it.

Comments...! Comments. The story didn't go ahead with much of a plan but I think that, for sure, it kept up a strong thematic consistency (/pats self on back). It's a story about accepting yourself because someone else accepted you, isn't it? And the title is a wish.

Canonically Reimu seems really together. In this story, I interpreted Mibya's Rice and Rain as Reimu realizing, on some level, that she forces herself to act a certain way to keep to certain standards. The part about her being a youkai-aimed tsundere is true enough in Touhou proper, but not necessarily this big insecurity over it. It certainly makes her embarrassed or bothered when her friendship to non-humans is brought up, but I don't think it's a complex like in this story. Nonetheless I thought it would be neat to go with that, and have herself reflected in Kogasa: who also plays a role, but one she's FULLY proud of and COMPLETELY confident in, no ifs ands or buts, unlike how Reimu has some failings "as a shrine maiden". It's sort of like, Reimu is exceptional to her role, and Kogasa sucks at her role, and this is true: between the two Kogasa is completely honest and Reimu hides her affection and so on. I dunno, I'm rambling. I think I see why this is a ship (KogaRei/こがれい). It's almost a yin and yang sort of thing. "These two idiots could probably complete each other, couldn't they?" It's probably something like that.

Reimu was cute and fun to write. Kogasa was cute-cute and also fun to write. I think to critique myself the end parts, though they're fitting with the story as a whole, they have less setup than they could. At the same time I didn't want to overextend anything. Like... perhaps one "chapter" between their first date and the festival would have made for something "ideal", but I know that for the most part it would be more of the same, and I don't want the depiction of their relationship to lose its luster, nor to dwell too long on certain things. It's kind of like my issue with Make a fist. ( >>/underground/16139 ) though that time I really was more like, rushing. Here it was more like, I was worried I was dragging. What is this, Whiplash? This story ended at approximately 95,000 words, by the way.

Man but these two ended up very lustful. I don't think you can blame me, though all my very long stories on this site have some level of physical intimacy, at times quite lewd. This actually got called "lemon" on TVTropes, apparently, but I still honestly think it's a pure story. They're a pair of lovers who very much love each other, that's all. Of my other stories... Gen and Suika have a more ordinary sex life, Joon and Koishi have an almost conservative, cute sex life. Reimu and Kogasa experiment and play, and they genuinely can't get enough of one another. I personally see it as extremely cute. I mentioned it in the text a few times but I really like that Kogasa really is just as lustful as Reimu, Reimu is just usually the more aggressive one. I genuinely think Reimu would be probably pretty aggressive and dominent in bed, and there's no doubt Kogasa's a pushover. The lewds were fun.

Speaking of, I'll probably write their conception night, wedding day and night, and maybe when Seika was born, but not for a while probably.

I am going to finish my very not-yuri porn story next, and when that's almost done (or maybe before, if I'm impatient), I'll announce Maf2 and get back to Joon. Until then, again: thanks for reading.

And thanks very much for commenting!

Please do comment! I seriously would appreciate it!
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Welp, now I have to find another fuzzy, warm fic as good as this. This was truly brilliant, loved it all the way.

On a unrelated note, I finally found the source for the title image, and that only makes it more hilarious
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Honestly, Kizin, of the stories I have read from you Unchanging Days was probably my favourite of your works "It’s still debatably with Maf2."

The relationship that Reimu and Kogasa was probably the cutest pairing I have ever read, their personalities playing off with each other making them just so damn cute; You should do more fluffy fluff stories in the future.

The theme I honestly never really noticed more blinded by how cute Reimu and Kogasa were XD.

The one issue I had, which wasn't really an issue, was just not enough sex scenes "I know the main focus was the fluff,” just a personal gripe I had. There just something about a good sex scene between two characters that have great chemistry that makes it all the sweeter “or something IDK.”

I eagerly await Make A Fist 2.
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Gotta say this is the sweetest thing I've read in awhile. Kogasa and Reimu play off each other very well

Nice connection to the first post at the end
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Thanks. I like simple things like that.

Well I'll probably write something else with them in /at/ at some point, but dude there's like 7 lewd scenes in this, about half quite lengthy too. Probably too much!
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