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File 157980965355.png - (343.38KB, 578x390, bloom into tsu(kumogami).png) [iqdb]
Rice and Rain >>/shorts/2209

Inspired by, or shamelessly stolen from. Take your pick. Mibya wrote that (>>/gensokyo/15535).

Thread 1 >>41060
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OP source is: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3098941

Anyway leeeet's get that roll going, over whether or not Reimu caves to lust 2d6 with a +5 modifier, Disco Elysium(-ish) rules (in DE 1,1 is always a fail 6,6 is always a pass, this doesn't apply here), to-pass: 15.
Rolling 2d6 plus 5 => 12 (6, 1, Rolls: 7)
File 157991634946.jpg - (390.12KB, 800x692, engage.jpg) [iqdb]
I liked how that worked out so I’ll use this system more. Not always, for sure, but if I want some element of risk or chance, I’ll use dice rolls. The way it works in Disco Elysium’s system is Attribute (essentially your core stats) +/- Skill (more detailed stats, of which there are a whopping 24) +/- Thoughts or situations/details/context (think of Thoughts as Titles, so Reimu is The Shrine Maiden of Paradise and would get some skill bonuses because of that, like perhaps to authority, but she’s also prone to bad business decisions and would suffer in skills that let her resist temptation).

So here are Hakurei Reimu's "stats" as perceived by Kizin:
Intellect==: 3 Average
Psyche===: 2 Weak
Physique==: 3 Average
Motorics==: 6 Genius

Because: Reimu's not exactly "intelligent", but she's very knowledgeable on those things she's familiar with. She's rather emotionally immature or at least she lacks empathy and understanding of a lot of societal norms and how to navigate relationships/business. Physique... the thing is that she's spiritually powerful above all else. Aside from her spiritual power, she's just a girl and has never been shown as being particularly physically tough. She's not noted to be weak either, though.
Obviously her highest skill is Motorics: the attribute for senses, movement, composure, and so on. Aside from spiritual power, Reimu's other obvious talents are her unreal dodging ability and perceptiveness.
Going into skills is too much, but if I had to peg a signature skill of hers, it would probably be "Shivers", which is a rough equivalent of "Intuition", on which Reimu extensively relies.


Roll results: 6, 1, +5 = 12 | Failure.

[X] Surely she was overthinking. She pressed on.

“Hm, let’s see those sides better...” she proposed, and so she opened the rest of the umbrella’s vest. From her periphery she could see color filling Kogasa’s face—not that this dissuaded the shrine maiden whatsoever; it was simply something to note, with satisfaction.

Thus, Reimu put her hand against the right of the other girl’s ribs.

Ah... The human’s eyebrows raised as a thought came to her: So warm...

She scraped her nails over the fabric a bit teasingly, but the way her small finger rotated once, twice—


—it had the tsukumogami already fidgeting.

She smelled quite good, in Reimu’s opinion. Her breathing also had her chest regularly rising and falling and quite prominently begging for Reimu to push her face in to keep them down. Of course, Reimu would do no such thing. This was a game of interrogation... Indeed! Interrogation. Questions...

“What...” the shrine maiden began, feeling down the side of the youkai’s abdomen. She did not finish her question, and instead her gaze dazedly fixed onto the captured umbrella’s stare.

“‘What’... what?” asked the mock-prisoner.

Reimu almost seemed to flicker into reality after having floated off into another, confusedly saying, “Huh? Uh, ahh... the hermit... Kasen—”

“Miss Toyosatomimi?”

“Right, yeah...” Her gaze drifted to where her left hand lay. She then bounced in place at a sudden idea. She pressed nearer to the umbrella’s body, looking with half-lid eyes into hers red and blue. Kogasa stiffened with concern.

“Nothing... happened...” the tsukumogami whispered.

“Good, keep lying,” said Reimu, glancing back at her hand as it neared where Kogasa’s shirt ended, “I can keep going that way.”

“M-M-Miss Reimu? Hello?” tried Kogasa. Reimu met the youkai’s eyes again, closed her own, and smiled brightly.

She then gripped at Kogasa’s skirt, lifting a bunch of it as she replied, “Hello!”

“WAAGH!?” the umbrella, now nearly exposed, roared. And yet, not an inch did she pull or push back—even now. With the back of her fingers pressed against Kogasa’s firm thigh, Reimu interpreted this inaction as the flag being waved at the starting line. With this implicit “go” given, she raced on ahead.

“S-Sorry Ko... Kogasa...! Forget playing, I’m gonna, uh... Ooh? Ohh....” She began squeezing the flesh of Kogasa’s leg (causing the girl to squirm) and noted that the sensation—that tension and soft, pliable feel—was already becoming familiar to her hand. She swallowed her spit reflexively and panted hot the second after.

What if I got in her skir... I wanna get in her skirt!

Eyes aimed below, breathing heavy, Reimu became aware now that her heart was causing cacophony in her chest.

Yeah! I won’t do anything more than that, I’ll just...

Her fantasies and desires were making her thoughts difficult to maintain. By instinct, she released Kogasa’s wrists from her right hand.

By instinct, she swiftly sat up, staring at nothing other than the other girl’s skirt.

By instinct she grabbed the hem, and by instinct she lifted it. She then pushed her cheeks between Kogasa’s thighs, and beheld – near and within her sight –the distinct white triangle of a pair of pants.

And that intense heat... That incredible scent! That pillowy, crushing force...!

Reimu thought only a single word:


Kogasa then scooted backward nearly a meter and kicked her heel into the shrine maiden’s forehead.

Ghh!” gave Reimu at once as a shock of pain fired through her skull, following that shortly with, “... Ooowwcchh!!”

Certainly it wasn’t the worst she’d ever felt, but no damage was always preferable to any damage at all. Reimu groaned, sloppily propping herself up with her elbows as she held the spot of her which had been attacked.

Before her, the tsukumogami she’d been fiddling with was pushing her hands down on the front of her skirt to hide her undercarriage. Blushing furiously, the youkai looked upon Reimu with awe, fright, and anger.

“There wasn’t even any mood!!” she cried. “Are you a monkey!? Are you a monkey, Miss Reimu!?”

“Monkey... what?” Reimu grumbled, now with her eyes shut in pain. “Whaddyou...”

Bonobos!” Kogasa emphatically explained.

“Aren’t those apes...?”

“Y-You want SEX too much! Didn’t I say I had to figure stuff out!? I said that, right!?”


“A-A-At least be gentle—I mean, at least...! At least wait a little while! You have to have patience! That’s a virtue, right!?”

“‘Virtue’—ugh... Um...” Reimu began to lift herself from the floor, moving to sit down cross-legged. “Isn’t that Christianity? I’m a Shinto priestess...” Seated now, she had both hands over her forehead, as she cringed and grimaced.

“That doesn’t matter...” Kogasa mumbled in annoyance. She was now glaring at Reimu and keeping her hackles up; it was plain to see that she’d become most wary of the red and white human, and for reasons entirely separate from the ordinary for any youkai.

Again, Reimu answered, “... Sorry.” She meant it, also. Though she absolutely wanted Kogasa, she didn’t wish to force anything out of her... However, coercion

“Do you really mean it...?” asked the umbrella with a tone dipped in suspicion. Hearing this, Reimu ceased her enticing line of thought and, to the question, nodded. She next heard the sound of cloth against tatami, and she straightened her back. “I’m sorry for kicking your head,” Kogasa apologized, now close and sitting on her knees before Reimu. “I wouldn’t have done that if you hadn’t...! Pushed your head... there...” She moved the human’s hands out the way and assessed the landing area of her blow. “Well... it doesn’t look like anything, so maybe you won’t get a bump...” she muttered.

She smells great...! thought Reimu, keenly aware of the presence of and short distance to Kogasa’s main body. I wonder if I can pretend to fall into her and smell her closer...

“Why are you blushing?” asked Kogasa in a fashion that told she already had an answer. Reimu’s lips formed into a squirming frown as she answered:

“There is... no... reason...?” terribly unconvincingly.

“You aren’t thinking about pushing me down while I look after you?”


Reimu felt something cool against her forehead – Kogasa’s hand – and she let out an almost inaudible squeal at the temperature.

“I didn’t know Miss Reimu was a pervert...” Kogasa mumbled, sounding disappointed.

“I mean—I’m... not,” she said without any honesty in her tone. Kogasa stared at the closed-eyed maiden flatly. Without a word, she gently rubbed where she had kicked, attempting to sooth the human. Reimu’s eyebrows quivered and her body rocked from the motion. The “massage” felt fairly nice. With the tension easing between them, Reimu decided to pose a question. “So...” she started, “if I’m gentle with you, then—”

Kogasa brought her free hand to Reimu’s right cheek and, a pair of times, lightly slapped the girl. “Stop thinking about that kinda stuff!” she scolded.

But, in Reimu’s opinion, a scolding was unnecessary. She clearly explained: “It smells too good, I can’t help it,”

“Me? Are you blaming me!?” the umbrella retorted.

“Mm. Yes.”

“That’s... horrible!” Kogasa was utterly baffled.

“Wha—!? N-No, I mean—!” Reimu shook her head, flustered. “You smell really good! What am I supposed to do!?” She argued, picking up her hands in a pleading gesture.

“Can’t we just talk...!?” asked Kogasa.

Reimu returned, “Yeah, but, I....! I...” but then she gave up. She sighed, let her shoulders fall, and conceded: “I’m just a crazy, stupid girl.”

“Yeah,” Kogasa agreed, frowning.

Reimu continued to be pampered in relative silence, only twilight nature chiming in with crow, rustle, and distant orders from tradesmen, farmers, and so-on down the hill and in the fields, turning in for the day. Kogasa softly broke that quiet.

“I did talk with Miss Toyosatomimi about something, something she wanted to only talk about with me,” she said.

“I knew it,” Reimu affirmed in something approaching a whisper.

“It wasn’t anything—... like a plan or a conspiracy, or.... anything,” Kogasa continued. “But what it was... I don’t wanna talk about it.”

Reimu’s ears perked up. The way the denial had been delivered was almost “defiant” rather than the usual “depressed” those words tended to be when spoken. It was a little huff: cute.

Reimu opened her eyes, only enough to see without letting the light of the outdoors toy with her aching head. “I could just go beat her up and ask her to tell me,” she said.

Finished massaging, Kogasa firmly (but still cutely) bid: “Please don’t.”

Reimu blinked, stared a few seconds, and then heaved a heavy, heavy sigh. Slowly she admitted, “... I want to hold you,”

Kogasa’s reply was cautious. “I can’t trust you...” she said, and she spoke her words in a way that implied also “you know that”,

“,,, One minute?” tried Reimu, her shoulders hunched.

Kogasa shook her head and Reimu brought out her legs before her body, to seat herself lazily on the floor.

“Alright, then I’ll just have to get used to you,” said the human. She pointed at the youkai and added, “Just don’t get too close; I bite.”

To this Kogasa nodded, looking a little miserable.

Reimu went on, saying, “I figured when you came over tonight—if you’d come over we’d...” She performed a decrescendo until she was completely quiet, and her cheeks became dyed. Her brow constricted, her eyes narrowed and her lips tightened into an involuntary smile—and though Kogasa saw the shrine maiden’s current blush, the umbrella could not discern that it was one of terrible embarrassment. “... We’d chat about news or... something...” Reimu said. She couldn’t look the tsukumogami in the eye.

“There was news!?” —this was the umbrella’s takeaway, stated with all surprise.

“No... Was there?” Reimu asked. Kogasa shook her head. “I was thinking about doing something at the shrine again. I—I, uh...” She swallowed. Her heart was pounding such that its beat could be felt on her tongue. “I usually talk with Marisa about it, or Kasen if she’s around...”

“Oh? Are you going to have Kokoro perform again!?” Kogasa was excited by the prospect.

However, Reimu shook her head. “Heh... Heheh, no, uh—ha, I actually uh... don’t...”

know yet. Want to help me figure stuff out?

“Me? Helping Miss Reimu? Wow! Of course!”

Ah ha ha, yes, let’s tear it up—uh, do our...best...!

... Wow, I’m embarrassing.

Reimu kept her eyes on a small stone left out on her yard. The smile on her face was warped; her eyes were a bit wild... With shoulders up and sweat on her hands, even the ordinarily impervious umbrella finally felt a draft of the shrine maiden’s fret and nerves. Of course, she could not tell why the shrine maiden was like this...

Reimu breathed slowly. Love is a real pain, huh... she thought bitterly. I keep overthinking everything but the perverted stuff... Oh yeahthat I’ve got no problem with. She shut her eyes and lightly shook her head. What am I even nervous for?

She tried (and failed) to look at the now-worrying Kogasa secretly. She knew why.

It’s ’cause I screwed up.

My heart is... it’s uncertain, and it feels gross.

Ngh... “I like you, but I don’t know what it means”... That’s cruel... That’s cruel, stupid monster umbrella... Tch.

E-Enough being awkward...! Do it! Like Marisa said! Ask her—

So she swallowed again and determined to ask—

[] ”Wanna help me figure stuff out”. Like that. Say it! (Have Kogasa help organize an event)
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, -4 modifier (so +8). -4 for being in the presence of something or someone that makes her unconfident. Formidable.
To-pass: 13.

[] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?” ... M-Maybe I can manage that. (Ask Kogasa to participate)
A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, -4 modifier (so +8). -4 for being in the presence of something or someone that makes her unconfident. Medium.
To-pass: 11.

[] ”... Kokoro, huh. Did you have any other ideas,” ... Reimu, you coward, (Not asking for any sort of participation, essentially idle chatting)


Composure is how it sounds: your ability to stay straight-faced and confident. Reimu is exceptionally well-composed (6 being the highest natural score), but has an unfortunate tendency to completely fall apart within certain situations such as: public speaking, having her authority undermined in front of kids, or being called-out on her faults.

While I won’t take everything verbatim from the Disco Elysium system, you can do further reading on it here if you’re curious:

Huh, didn't expect the dice system to come back so soon. Or even at all for that matter. After some mathy maths:

[] ”Wanna help me figure stuff out”. Like that. Say it! (Have Kogasa help organize an event)
30/36 (83.33%) chance of success -- It's decent, but I've played enough XCOM to still be wary.

[] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?” ... M-Maybe I can manage that. (Ask Kogasa to participate)
35/36 (97.22%) chance of success -- Pretty much guaranteed. Hat is salted and ready for consumption.

I really like how you're using Disco Elysium's system here. Keeps everything fresh and interesting with the entire pseudo-D&D feel. Didn't think I could enjoy this story any more, but you just keep on proving me wrong. Keep it up!
>While I won’t take everything verbatim from the Disco Elysium system
I'd imagine Esprit de Corps to change, for one thing...

[X] ”Wanna help me figure stuff out”. Like that. Say it! (Have Kogasa help organize an event)
Reimu would certainly have such a skill, but it'd be 1 or something. Her camaraderie with other youkai exterminators on the subject of work is basically "fuck off, my job" and she generally refuses to understand other points of view when it comes to that job.

Something like Inland Empire has no place in her brain, though.
[X] ”Wanna help me figure stuff out”. Like that. Say it! (Have Kogasa help organize an event)
[x] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?” ... M-Maybe I can manage that. (Ask Kogasa to participate)

It may be the easier check, but it's the one I'd like to see succeed. Trying to plan out an entire party might be too much for our resident umbrella...
[x] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?” ... M-Maybe I can manage that. (Ask Kogasa to participate)

This also gives Kogasa chance to show off her new juggling act, assuming she ever develops it.
[] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?”
Gonna go with
[X] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?” ... M-Maybe I can manage that. (Ask Kogasa to participate)
[i]A check of Reimu’s Composure, 2d6 with a +12, -4 modifier (so +8). -4 for being in the presence of something or someone that makes her unconfident. Medium.[i] To-pass: 11.

Roll next post.
⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅
Rolling 2d6 plus 8 => 10 (1, 1, Rolls: 2)
>2d6 roll

Now this feels like one of my d&d campaigns.
File 158024556874.jpg - (112.29KB, 356x364, u wot.jpg) [iqdb]
Roll results: 1, 1, +8 = 10 | Failure.

[X] “I’ll probably ask others to show up for stands or shows. Do you want to do anything?” ... M-Maybe I can manage that. (Ask Kogasa to participate)

Do it!


But Reimu did not do it. She sputtered nonsense. There were no longer sentences in her head: only fragments; emotions; commands, to herself, to say the fragments, incomplete though they were.

Kogasa tilted a bit sideways, looking rather befuddled.

“So uhh...” the human tried again, picking up her hands in a vain attempt to support her words... physically. “How’s about you... ha ha...” She chuckled, folded her arms and slouched forward. Locking eyes with Kogasa, she asked, “Right?”

“Huh?” Kogasa remained quizzical.

Reimu’s smile froze on her face, and her eyes went eerily wide as she thought:

She didn’t get it!?

Why not!?

Reimu’s gaze began to drift, she lifted her shoulders more.

“Yeah...” she said, vaguely. “So?”

“So what?”

And her gaze focused again as she whipped her head and directed the gaze onto (a now-flinching) Kogasa.

“Will you!?” asked Reimu.

“Will I what!?” Kogasa fired back.

And when Reimu opened her mouth to explain, not a word would come out.


She could only speak inside her mind.

Ask... What... A festival... gh...

Even then, not well.

Finally, she stared with hollow eyes at the socks on her feet, Nothing: she had nothing to say that she could say.

“Wow, Miss Reimu, you’re a nervous wreck,” said Kogasa. She sounded amused; the Hakurei was anything but. “What’s wrong? Are you worried about something? I guess you can’t throw a party when nothing’s really happened lately, huh?”

“I can always throw a party...” Reimu grumbled, starting to look the umbrella’s way again.

The umbrella sighed, not much bothered, and then she looked to the becoming-night sky. “Well if you have a party, whatever party it is,” she said, speaking clearly and kindly, hugging her knees and shining, “I’m looking forward to it.”

“You’ll come...?” Reimu asked, her voice a blend of awe and disbelief.

Kogasa beamed at her and answered, “Of course! Who doesn’t come over when the Hakurei Shrine is celebrating?”

“It’s not always everyone...” Reimu answered. “You haven’t always been there.”

“I’ve sometimes got to make a living, or I can’t afford it if it’s a festival, and...” lifting her right hand weakly and bowing her head, Kogasa explained, “you’re scary... So sometimes I need courage to come over here.”

Reimu blinked, and Kogasa beamed again, speaking up just after.

“Not anymore, though!” she declared.

“You don’t need courage?” Reimu asked.

“If Miss Reimu likes me being around, um... that gives me a very special feeling...” Now the youkai seemed embarrassed.

“Uh... why?” Reimu genuinely pondered. From her perspective, aside from a single showing of care she’d given this tool little reason to want the Shrine Maiden of Paradise’s attention. Even if she had grown fond of Kogasa, and groped her, and... had been groped, and they had shared a kiss; they had yet to foster anything like true romance, The “Sedu—Capture Tatara Kogasa” was still on.

“Oh, it’s um, a tool thing...” Kogasa replied, fidgeting.

A tool thing...? “Huh? Out with it.”

“It feels like having an owner again—Aah, I said it!” Kogasa put her hands over her brightened cheeks. Light returned to Reimu’s eyes in time for her to look at this umbrella in confoundment and perturbed shock. A bead of sweat crawled down her cheek, her lips were just slightly – involuntarily – parted...

She thought ... What? and What does that mean??

Own her... Like as a... Like my gohei? Like my needles??

Her heart squeezed horribly inside her chest. Her face went pale. For a second, a shout of “No!” was readied on her tongue, but a jolt of panic had her stow it. That would probably hurt the tsukumogami, and so she couldn’t...

Does she want me to be her owner? I don’t—That’s not... This is a tsukumogami thing?

Reimu once again looked down at her feet.

Even if it is... She swallowed. Even if that’d make her happy, that’s not what I want at all!

Do tsukumogami have trouble feeling independent—?


She gasped.

Don’t they!? When haven’t they!? Um... that drum who showed up after the Miracle Mallet Incident? Is she the only one?

Panic met dread in her stomach, and they proceeded to merge and magnify.

Body cold, she considered the notion...

What if they don’t even understand partnerships?

What if this is impossible?

“I-I wouldn’t ever ask you to be my owner or anything, just...!” Kogasa went on, oblivious to the girl experience crisis beside her. She sighed, smiled, and hugging her knees again said, “—just, I feel right when a human wants me, or gets some use out of me. I guess ‘cause humans made me. ”

Reimu gripped at the dress over her legs.

So why did she go after me this morning?

I think... I think I’ve gotta be more careful about this.

She turned her eyes onto Kogasa, just as Kogasa’s eyes opened onto her.

There could be no confusion. A plan of “Seduction” was truly no more. Marisa’s talk of capture was the most appropriate talk to give. If Kogasa wasn’t sure how she felt about the human who had taken an interest in her...

... that human had to make amour a certainty.

“Kogasa,” said Reimu, fiercely.

“Yes?” answered Kogasa, her ears perking.

[] “I like you.”

[] “Let’s drink.”

[] “What would you even have to offer me if you became my tool?”


image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/920406
[X] “I like you.”

Whatever else is going to happen, it would probably be best for both of them if it's clear what Reimu's feeling towards Kogasa are for it.
[X] “I like you.”
[X] “I like you.”
propose, reimo.
[x] “I like you.”

Do it, pussy
ouch, critical failure
I uh don't suppose that was a white check?
Kidding, kidding.
[x] “Let’s drink.”

I think the dice want us to get thoroughly wasted.
[x] “I like you"

Reimu is a first timer and can't keep her composure to save her life. Better to be clear on this.
[X] “I like you.

It is time
File 158054686144.png - (214.42KB, 982x392, 97% chance to hit.png) [iqdb]
[X] “I like you.”

“I like you too, Miss Reimu!”


Kogasa was happy to hear it, but perhaps she hadn’t really listened.

“No, I... like you, y’hear?” Reimu repeated herself, slightly leaning in for emphasis. To this Kogasa replied:


“... You don’t get it?” asked Reimu.

“What’s there to get?” Kogasa was confused once again.

“That I...” Reimu stopped, her mouth opened to say more but...

I see where this is going.

I’ll try being poetic!

She gazed out the doors, to the sky.

“The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?” she said, blushing through the generic words.

“It’s not out yet,” noted Kogasa, looking as well. Reimu frowned.

“Let’s go out!”

“Where? It’s not night yet, sure, but it is really late.”

“I want you!”

“For what?”

“Hey,” said Reimu, catching the Umbrella’s eyes again. From there, she sincerely asked: “Will you make miso soup for me every day?”

“Ehh? You want that?” Kogasa held up her hands, worriedly. “From me? Are you sure? And, b-besides, I can’t be here every day, haha...” Her shoulders sank and she gazed into the straw mat floor. Reimu was stricken aghast, and now she looked upon the tsukumogami in full-on incredulous disbelief.

And her face filled red.

I can’t say “I love you”, you idiot! Get it! Get it through that dumb skull of yours!

Kogasa got nothing. She was visibly, openly happy that Reimu had made a request of her, and was also bashful over it, but it seemed every confession line but the most clear of all would have no chance of activating this youkai’s recognition—at least at present.

And the most clear of all: that one would just be strange to say at this juncture.

Okay... thought Reimu, accepting that she had come across a wall at-present insurmountable, then I just have to...

I just have to...?

She blinked, and felt her face contorting on its own—with irritation: annoyance she hadn’t been consciously recognizing until then.

Hakurei Reimu was not the type to plan. Her gut was what led her, ten times out of ten.

When it came to Kogasa, her gut was in no ways uncertain in its goals, either.

A gust swept past her shrine, and she let her caution go along with it. She would stop worrying, and act.

Reimu drew up her legs and sat up straight.

She was already closer to Kogasa, but moved closer still—‘til they were side by side. With her shoulder and upper arm to the umbrella’s, Reimu brought her face close as well. Kogasa felt, once more, at risk.

But the Shrine Maiden had nothing actually risky in mind—or in body, as it were. Nothing much was in her mind at all—what she wanted to give was clarity, and her movements would support that.

She took the right of Kogasa’s face in her left hand, careful as she could be, and she quietly brought her lips to the tsukumogami’s other cheek. The youkai gasped, and stiffened.

“This morning...” began the shrine maiden, looking directly into Kogasa’s eyes, “you told me you that you liked me, but you needed to figure out what it meant.”

Reimu moved even closer, bringing her left hand down onto Kogasa’s opposite thigh. Their legs pushed together, and Kogasa leaned backward, her eyes just slightly widening.

“For me, when I say it,” the heated Reimu continued, “I know what it means. For me, it means this...”

She brought her face a hair’s breadth away from Kogasa’s, and her lips less distant than a breath’s width. Holding there, she asked the Umbrella, “Do you understand?”

All the other girl was able to say in reply was, “You... me?” Reimu looked at her for a few seconds, exploring her expression: anxious and red—reading signs almost imperceptible from the nonverbal language with which a body told of its wants, not-wants and intents. And she read with expertise.

“If you don’t,“ Reimu went on, bringing herself finally, unquestionably, into intimate contact with the sky-colored girl, “I don’t mind being clearer.”

Keeping her eyes open, though almost half-lid, she returned Kogasa’s kiss from the morning—and hers was undeniably bereft of innocence.

At first the tsukumogami kept her eyes open as well, her red-and-blues wild with shock. The shrine maiden’s breath was tying with her own and blending, sparking, like pleasant smoke safe to swallow. And she did. Shutting her eyes, her eyebrows entirely askew with confusion, she panted and gulped, and felt warm. Reimu closed her eyes as well, and let Kogasa go a moment to catch her breath before diving back: to the other girl’s bottom lip, up to her mouth proper, and then inside with her tongue. Kogasa’s expression relaxed, and she began to bring herself forward—Reimu noticing, and sliding her left hand to the yielding girl’s lower back.

Whether Reimu felt any good throughout this—any pleasure or heady satisfaction—it didn’t actually matter to her at all. Taking in Kogasa had her heart racing, her blood flowing, head blanking and all such things, certainly—but her objective was not truly “indulgence”. She wanted Kogasa, and to have her the tool-youkai plainly needed to be convinced.

Reimu opened her eyes, She’s relaxing... the human noted. So it feels good? When pulling away to breathe again, she once more ran her eyes over Kogasa: her cheeks, her brow, her ears, her posture—

I won’t go very far...

... but, if I don’t do anything else, I can see it: an import book plot of wavering feelings and misunderstandings.

Cut the bullshit.

Reimu sat on her knees, about straddling Kogasa.

I don’t have to force it...

I just have to make things clear.

[] Touch her breast.

[] Begin to undress her.

[] Start on her thighs.

[] Put your hand in her skirt.Some things are too risky.


image sources:
[X] Touch her breast.
Beeg tsuko tiddy
Shit, forgot to add:
Also, kiss er. On the lips
[X] Start on her thighs.

The best part of the chicken
[X] Start on her thighs.

I think this one would set off the least danger signs and keep Kogasa comfortable enough to let us properly continue with our "education."
[X] Start on her thighs.
[X] Start on her thighs.
[x] Touch her breast.

But maybe a little gently, so as not to scare her off too fast.
File 158109341640.png - (571.01KB, 690x800, fear but also arousal.png) [iqdb]
[X] Start on her thighs.

The best place to start would be her legs.

Reimu moved back slightly to sit on the floor and no longer straddle the girl. From there she lifted the tsukumogami’s skirt with a dainty hold—only with three fingers of each hand. The tsukumogami shrank back a little, still keeping her eyes shut, and Reimu looked into her face.

The shrine maiden then took her left hand from the skirt’s hem and laid it gentle on the umbrella’s inner thigh.

“Mm...!” Kogasa moaned, and shivered, opening her eyes and looking at Reimu worriedly.

“If you’re scared, should we kiss again?” Reimu suggested.

And, as she expected, Kogasa answered, “Yeah...”

Reimu moved forward and took the other girl’s lips again. They both stopped looking and focused instead on simpler senses.

Reimu ran her fingers up Kogasa’s thigh while moving her mouth with ease. Pressing, for a split second her memory of their bath time encounter possessed her, but she would not let those passions take hold. She drew her fingers’ pads down then, and back up in a careful motion for a while. She started to become preoccupied with Kogasa’s tongue, and could feel her blood rushing again as the tsukumogami cautiously returned her motions: pushing, touching, and sliding side by side before turning her head with feeling, and moving her lips a bit more eagerly. Reimu’s heart thumped with warning, and she stopped her hand higher on the girl’s leg. There she held as much of the meaty limb as she could with a wide grasp, and began to thumb Kogasa’s velvety skin. Kogasa, in response, opened her legs further.

Haah... God. God, damn it, thought Reimu, opening her eyes to squint almost with pain. Okay... calm... Calmly now...

She brought down her right hand and pushed it softly into Kogasa’s other thigh. The girl briefly lifted her hips, and the hairs raised all over Reimu’s body.

She began to squeeze this thigh while still thumbing the flesh of the first with—honestly—increasingly daring motion. The panty line was not far, and that thumb seemed eager.

Reimu had to let go of Kogasa’s lips. This event was as much about reigning herself in as it was pushing Kogasa ahead. With this her body’s temperature and tension began to raise less, and she could allow her right hand to become more explorative.

Reimu went over the top of Kogasa’s left leg and felt around the thigh. Thick, squishy. She decided to not grab it here and instead brought her palm to the leg’s underside. The heat here was rather intense, and the flesh softer. She held Kogasa here, tickling at her and squeezing plentifully—but not eagerly. She squeezed to see where Kogasa felt it best—pet and caressed for the same—and soon the girl’s hips were lifting again. This time, however, they didn’t lower. They continued to rise, until Reimu felt her left thumb pushing against cloth.

Her eyes widened and her gaze sharpened.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Alarms went off in her head. Her gaze began to shake. Th-Th-This is Kogasa’s va—!

She shut her eyes, and swallowed. Opening them to a wince, she continued to work. Rather, she took both her hands to the insides of Kogasa’s legs, and pushed them further apart. This made the youkai sit down, and the warmth from the inside of her skirt eased into Reimu’s frozen digits—frozen from apprehension.

Reimu worked through her nerves and continued to massage Kogasa, introducing more groping into her “exploration”, which Kogasa seemed to deeply appreciate by her tensing body and—still—her anxious, sporadically bucking hips. The girl brought herself up and put her arms over Reimu’s shoulders. Her brows were turned up, her mouth was open and panting. Reimu, losing her cool veneer, stared into the umbrella’s face while her heart rang mad in her ears. She kept feeling the girl’s legs. She found her right palm over Kogasa’s rear, and it grabbed that rear with strength.

—! You’re out of line, hand! Who told you to do that?

The hand replied with the feeling of Kogasa’s ass, which was full, fighting against her grip with its density, pleasantly warm and—how did she feel about the way the cloth of those panties bunched up, the band tightening against this fat, thick, bottom to create a smooth and wonderfully taught shape? How was that?

Reimu gave this genuine regard, and concluded: Inexcusable.

On a deeper level of thought, she thanked the hand.

Kogasa meanwhile, was sweating. Reimu was beginning to smell the distinct, womanly odor which had begun to fill her bathroom once she’d truly made the tsukumogami putty in her hands. Kogasa’s teeth were bit together and she was, throughout her body, trembling and twitching with obvious pleasure. After all, the hand had not stopped gripping. Reimu stopped it now. She realized her eyes had gone wild. The maverick hand went for Kogasa’s stomach, grabbing the youkai’s shirt now and attempting to pick at it and loose the hem from the lock of her skirt. Without Reimu’s will, however, it was in vain: truly futile. Her conscious thought was still in place, and so her lusts simply did not have the run of her faculties. Not yet. While she was still operating largely on instinct, her “love” here was winning out. She was sure of it: she could definitely convey what she felt to Kogasa.

Recognizing this, she felt her mind and heart become tempered again, and her cool returned.

Okay, she thought, narrowing her eyes and becoming serious once more, now what?

Both her hands were now at rest within Kogasa’s thighs, her fingers close, very close, to the other girl’s crotch. There were several ways to go about this.

[] Take off her panties.

[] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.

[] Go for that ass again, and meanwhile bury your face in her boobs.
[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.
[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.

Go for the KO
[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.
Like danmaku, love is about power
[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.
[x] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.

Less chance of Reimu's will breaking, plus I want to see Kogasa's reaction.
[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.
[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.

She’ll be like a deer in headlights.
Oh she'll be looking at headlights alright.
This is either gonna go great or it's gonna be catastrophic.
File 158191888145.png - (209.44KB, 546x563, whoanow.png) [iqdb]
[X] Power move: remove your own top and expose your chest.

Reimu chose a way full of boldness and confidence.

Taking her right hand from Kogasa’s skirt she reached for her neck, took hold of her cravat, and tugged at the article once. Feeling the jostle from this motion, and hearing the almost-nothing sound of cloth sliding against cloth, Kogasa opened her eyes to look. It was then that Reimu removed her left hand from the umbrella’s legs to have it join her right.

And she steadfastly began to undress.

“Ah...” Kogasa uttered, her stare beginning to open properly and, from there, widen. “Ah...!”

Reimu slipped the tie from out her collar, letting it fall to the floor. For a moment, she looked to Kogasa’s quivering, mismatched eyes. They continued to shake, but they tried to keep in one place—on one thing: the shrine maiden’s chest.

The shrine maiden stared on silently.

She pressed her thumbs against the red cloth of her top and, after gripping the stomach of her undershirt with her other fingers, pulled both up and off. Her bra kept everything together against the rush of fabric pushing past it; the tsukumogami, on the other hand, could genuinely not keep anything together. Kogasa was trembling once again, though now it seemed to be from her mind being overwhelmed rather than her body. Reimu loosed the bands of her sleeves from her upper arms and dropped the things down along with the main articles that she’d stripped. She then glanced one more time at Kogasa’s face, reading it for assurance one last time before she straightened her back to let the umbrella get a better look. She reached behind her back, found her brassiere’s clasp, and undid it.

Kogasa closed her mouth, and seemed to swallow. As Reimu’s bra fell from her chest and into her lap, the tsukumogami looked over the human’s body very seriously, but not without apprehension. Reimu stayed still a second, then planted her hands behind herself, pushing her chest forward and prominent. Kogasa straightened her back, and gazed.

Reimu knew: it did not matter that her breasts weren’t big; Kogasa was very much interested in them. Rather, she thought the shrine maiden was attractive—she’d shown as much and told as much.

So, she wasn’t surprised when the girl sat up straight and lifted her hands, reaching without any hesitation for the human’s stomach.

Here she comes...

She stopped.

...? Reimu raised an eyebrow and tilted her head. Kogasa then made and maintained steady eye contact with her, so she dropped her brow and waited.

“Miss Reimu...” the umbrella began, “can I touch you?”

“Yeah,” the human answered.

“O-Okay...” Kogasa replied as she looked down, and she shifted her hands forward an inch—but only that. She stopped again although Reimu was just about to arc her abdomen into the youkai’s grasp. Kogasa met Reimu’s eyes again and asked, “Can I rub you up and down? C-Can I feel you and stuff?”

“Yeah,” Reimu confirmed with a slow nod.

“How about with my face? Can I do that?”


“C-Ca... Can I sniff you?”

“If you want to.”

“Can I grope you?”


“Can I pinch you?”


“Can I lick you?”


Blushing, Kogasa looked to be steeling herself and asked lastly, “... Can I kiss you?”

“I want you to,” Reimu replied, and as a shiver ran through her, Kogasa finally put her hands to Reimu’s body.

There...! thought Reimu as she breathed in sharply and winced. The memory of Kogasa’s hands from the morning returned, now over her waist and front. She shuddered. She got wet. Kogasa’s hands weren’t ordinary, and when she used them to caress—it was honestly incredible.

Holding her hand didn’t properly convey it: half the pads of Kogasa’s fingers, the sides of them, and partially the palms of her hands, all, were distinctly calloused. Not “horrifically” or severely – perhaps some supranatural healing benefit was afforded to her palms and digits by her being a “blacksmithing” youkai – but it was noticeable and it was very consistent. Between rougher, tougher patches the tsukumogami’s palms and skin were smooth and soft, as if she was taking as much care as she could to maintain her hands despite the work she put them through. The result, Reimu thought, was amazing. The blue-haired girl’s hands bore a strong blend of sensations both gentle and harsh.

And the best part: she was very deft with her hands. She had very precise, very “experienced” hands that had clearly been used on everything from the intensity of bringing a hammer down onto an anvil to the careful measuring of grooves and details traced down the most intricately crafted sword hilt. As a result, though Kogasa didn’t seem to realize it, being groped and caressed by her was ultimately almost dreamlike.

Kogasa used those gentle and harsh hands now to feel up Reimu’s abdomen, over her ribs, and then under her breasts, noticing the writhing and hotter breath from her target all the while. She squinted, and pulled up her thumbs to summit the mounts from their undersides, stopping at the bright pink marking Reimu’s areolae.

She could probably feel it: the heart thumping quick and heavy just underneath.

She brought her hands back down and her lips to Reimu’s sternum.


Reimu could hear the umbrella breathing in deeply, and could feel Kogasa’s hands feeling once again over her stomach. She groped and pinched while kissing at Reimu’s chest. She dragged her right hand over Reimu’s back and put her fingertips to the girl’s spine, slowly, carefully and—it seemed—with the intent to enjoy the feeling completely. Reimu felt as Kogasa’s fingers rolled over the stone-like hills along her back, but also how she was tracing along the musculature of the human girl’s front. She wasn’t “beefy”, but Reimu did have some tone and definition, and Kogasa was learning the shape of those light abs with a single, inquisitive, fingertip. Her pinky? If It was her pinky as Reimu imagined... somehow, the image was too sultry.

Once the umbrella had had her fill learning these two parts of Reimu’s body, she pulled both hands up and into the shrine maiden’s armpits, pushing her thumbs inside and panting under Reimu’s chin.

She moved her body closer and moved her mouth to Reimu’s neck. Reimu looked down and to her left, amazed.

And, she tried her best to not completely succumb to the umbrella sniffing, licking, and sucking at her skin.

It proved difficult.

Oh god oh god oh god, she took to this way more quickly than I was expecting! thought the human, tensing as Kogasa shifted her hands down and began to trace the outlines of Reimu’s ribcage. Her body began to flinch, and in response to gasps from Kogasa: she squeezed her thighs together.

Pulling her mouth away (her tongue last, and obviously still wanting), Kogasa sat straight with her eyes on one prize: Reimu’s right breast. Reimu swallowed, and then was given a jolt: Kogasa’s left thumb was in her skirt’s waistband.

Before she could say, let alone think anything about this, the bold umbrella youkai closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide, and put it all over Reimu’s breast.




Kogasa’s tongue found Reimu’s areola and went at it greedily.
Her right hand came up and started toying with Reimu’s free teat.
Her left hand ran a terrifying campaign of teases, running along and under the shrine maiden’s waistband and occasionally probing deeper, but never committing to any particular lascivious act. Reimu found herself essentially under attack: under perverted, lustful attack.

Fu... FUCK it feels so good!

Kogasa was regularly molding Reimu’s left breast and now huffing through her nose and lapping with her tongue over the right. She sucked on the nipple and at the same time pulled out the nipple opposite. A wave of sensation pounded through Reimu’s body, and particularly afflicted her head. Her thoughts blanked, and her stance buckled.

“Haa... Haahn...” She panted, and Kogasa’s began suckling at the entire nipple—areola and all. Her right hand meanwhile pushed against Reimu’s breast with its heel, spread out and onto the girl’s side, and began massaging in circles under the shrine maiden’s arm and into her breast, the thumb flicking its stiffened tip as it pleased.

And Reimu felt fingers easing into her pubic hair.

...! She’s...!? ... Is she really!?

Kogasa brought her left hand up over Reimu’s navel...

... and back down again, under her bloomers’ band, this time pushing further through the thicket.


Up again... Reimu bent her stomach into the hand...

—and down, more.

The tsukumogami did it again, taking her mouth from Reimu’s breast to lick at the nipple more, and allow the air to run over, cool and stiffen it. She began sucking it again.

Aahhh... haahh... yeah... like that...

Inside of the Hakurei, two flames flickered to life.

One was the fire of the Red and White Beast, threatening to burn loose and blaze free, unrestrained.

The other was a steady flame of Reason. This was fast becoming something it was not supposed to be, and that fire reminded her—if only for a moment—what the actual goal was here.

She couldn’t let Kogasa indulge so much, otherwise this could be written off as pleasure, casual fancy, and “casual” was not what Reimu wanted.

... Yet still.

This touch, this grip, that tongue...

... would it be so bad to let this all transpire?

[] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
A check of Reimu’s Authority (7), 2d6 with a +9 (2 from Psyche) modifier. Challenging.
To-pass: 12.

[] No. This feels too good to pass up. Damn the consequences, I want Kogasa to fuck me!
No check: Reimu will give in under Kogasa’s barrage, and eventually respond.


image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2275522

Authority is basically the ability to take command, mainly of yourself. Think of it as your determination to act and to insist. In Disco Elysium it mostly isn’t used on others, but is instead used on yourself (hence it being Psyche) and even when it’s used on others you can really think of it as summoning the ability to command within yourself, and then voicing it. Reimu’s Authority is stupidly high, bordering on what would be in DE dangerous levels where Authority would frequently be chiming in—but not forcing any actions necessarily. Reimu is extremely forceful and self-assured (if not necessarily always “confident”). This can be seen in how she puts her foot down RE alcohol, partying, youkai, gods, really anything. She is Gensokyo’s sole true authority, so yeah; though really she’s mostly just stupidly bullheaded.

[X] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.

oh boy I can't wait to roll snake eyes
oh yeah, I should note: a failure of that choice doesn't mean it will default to the second choice. After all, it's not a composure check. Other things will happen
File 158192757332.jpg - (394.19KB, 733x731, zerochan -1900189.jpg) [iqdb]
Roll the dice and don't get lucky:

[] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
-> 35/36 (97.22%) chance of success -- the salt is stale and im running out of hats help
My Mind says stop, but my heart says keep going.
[X] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
We can't possibly get a critical failure again this soon right?...
[X] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
[X] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
[X] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
Roll next post.
⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅
To-pass: 12.
Rolling 2d6 plus 9 => 15 (2, 4, Rolls: 6)
Praise the gods it's not a Critical Failure.
Fun fact: There is actually no such thing as a 'critcal failure' in 5e. A character who rolls a 1 can still succeed on an ability check if his or her proficiency bonus and modifiers make op the difference to reach the target DC. Even the 'auto-miss' clause for rolling a 1 on an attack action does not indicate a critical failure occurred.
In DE's system, forget the name, there are critical successes and failures though. I think it's meant to spice things up by providing miracles and anti-miracles
File 158221385880.jpg - (289.48KB, 779x577, steeled heart.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Yes. Take control of the flow and action once more. Stay Kogasa, and explain your feelings now.
Roll results: 2, 4, +9 = 15 | Success.

She decided that it would be.

Reimu lifted her right hand and put it down solidly on the tsukumogami’s shoulder. With a voice forced steady, she told the girl, “Wait, Kogasa. Wait.”

“Eh...?” the umbrella uttered while taking her mouth away from the human’s nipple. The image of this, with Kogasa’s tongue strung to Reimu’s skin by a line of saliva just slightly catching the evening light, made the shrine maiden reconsider what she was doing.

Reimu, you’ve got this, she assured herself. Come on... Do it now!

She lifted her left hand and put it to Kogasa’s other shoulder. The tsukumogami girl sat up straight and stared into the Hakurei’s face. Her face, as the Hakurei’s eyes were closed. Her cheeks and ears were red.

“I don’t want to keep going if it’s just for...” she trailed off, not struggling to find the word but struggling to say it: “... pleasure.

“That’s what I meant when I said I didn’t want to have ‘that kind’ of sex with you,” she confirmed.

Kogasa seemed dazed, but also seemed to be paying attention best as she could. Her eyes moved with memory, referring back to the night before.

Reimu opened her eyes, and they showed determination. The youkai closed her mouth, and listened.

Finally, Reimu said what she wanted to, direct to those waiting ears. Summoning her strength, her will, her genuine feelings, she locked Kogasa’s gaze with hers and told her, clearly: “I want to make you fall in love with me.”

Kogasa went still, her eyes widening again.

“Miss Reimu...” said the umbrella in awe. Her voice was breathy, and she was radiating now. Reimu, without hesitation, kept it up.

“I’m serious,” she vowed. “I don’t want to own you, I don’t want to just be friendly...

“I want to go out with you.
“I want to make love with you.
“And, to do that, I’m going to make you fall in love with me.”

Kogasa shook.

“Oh... Oh...” Sounds were uttering from her mouth nonsensically.

/ / / / /

Oh my gosh, Miss Reimu is so cool!

Kogasa felt like she was going mad.

Inside her head, dozens of tiny Kogasas were cheering and jumping in celebration, though a few stood worriedly in a corner—muttering uncertainty.

Still, Kogasa could swear that Miss Reimu was glittering—sparkling, and her handsome visage had already converted one of those doubters to hesitant-turning-wholehearted support.

Whether she had already fallen for Miss Reimu, Kogasa was not sure. As she’d said in the morning, she “liked” the Shrine Maiden. Reimu was cool, pleasant, and generally all-around incredible; Kogasa admired her, and had started liking the time they could spend together since the day prior. The fear she felt toward this outstanding human was almost entirely washed away, and once that was gone all that would really be left would be an exceptionally nice, exceptionally cute, exceptionally pretty young woman.

She said she’s serious...! thought Kogasa, her mouth now agape. Was she serious about being serious!?

Miss Reimu’s going to sweep me off my feet?

With that thought, she brought both her hands over her face, covering her cheeks and staring through her fingers.

And she exclaimed, “Really!!??”

Reimu nodded.


“Why!?” shouted Kogasa.

Surprisingly, Reimu turned her eyes away at the question. Her confidence didn’t seem shaken, but rather it looked as though she was carefully considering her answer.

Eventually, what she gave after turning back was, “... Think about it.”

“Think”...? But I’m so... pathetic.

Her feelings must have showed on her half-hidden face, because Reimu fixed her posture into something more firm and took Kogasa’s right hand into both of hers. She guided that hand to her own face, letting Kogasa feel her now-relaxed and waiting expression: brow steady, eyes shut. Opening those eyes, she let her own hands drag lightly down Kogasa’s sleeve, stopping to casual rest on the tsukumogami’s fore- and upper arm. It tickled. Kogasa thought she couldn’t, but somehow she blushed even further. Reimu’s face in her hand felt perfect. Holding it, the umbrella could hear her own, powerful, heartbeat within her ears.

“Listen,” Reimu commanded, and so Kogasa did just that. “You’re not pathetic,” said the human. “You’re not useless.

“You keep trying when no one else would.
You work harder than anyone would ever need to.
And your smile is so honest, it hurts me. Okay? You can’t listen when people make fun of you. That you don’t give up is what makes you special.”

And, after thinking these claims over with her eyes aimed at the floor, Kogasa met Reimu’s unshaking gaze again and sincerely asked, “You really mean that?”

“I can’t lie with a straight face,” said the girl, and it finally clicked in Kogasa’s head why it was that Reimu had led the youkai’s hand to her cheek.

“So... is that why?” Kogasa asked her first question again, quietly now.

“No,” said Reimu. “Think about it.”

Even if she really means that... I can’t think of anything.

A smile crept onto Reimu’s face. Noticing it, the fingers on Kogasa’s left hand (which had been left to her cheek) curled girlishly inward. She breathed, and held that breath.

“You really are cute, stupid monster umbrella,” teased Reimu. Kogasa frowned. “Don’t worry, I don’t really care if you figure it out...”

Reimu reached forward and grabbed Kogasa’s collar, tugging her forward. Kogasa gasped.

“I’m going to make you mine,” the human said; words that were ordinarily sinister, but the pure strength and conviction of Reimu’s voice gave them a meaning entirely different from the umbrella’s preconceptions. She was not saying that she’d force anything out of the tsukumogami; she was not making a declaration of intent for ownership or real “possession”. “I won’t make you my tool,” said Reimu, confirming that (her face, now, was really very close), “I want you to myself, in my house and at my dinner table. I want to see that smile every day, because I want you to be happy.”

Reimu smirked, and Kogasa blinked.

“I want to be the one to make you happy,” Reimu, again, spoke clearly, and now hotly, “and I want you to sleep only in my bed.”

Hearing that, Kogasa’s body felt arrested. In the next second, her lips, in actuality, were.

Reimu kissed her deeply, forwardly. Feeling this – Reimu’s tongue meeting hers, Reimu’s hand now on her breast – Kogasa dropped her left hand from her own face, but she was only able to leave it lifted somewhat at her side—she wasn’t sure what to do with it. Reimu seemed to be enjoying the kiss, so the umbrella decided to bring that free hand to the human’s free cheek. Holding Reimu’s face, she felt the shrine maiden moving forward... forward. Her tongue was eager, certainly, but mainly almost... playful? She had both her hands on the tsukumogami’s breasts. She pushed the youkai onto the ground—not in a single action, instead all her momentum led to an entirely lateral umbrella, panting below her and cradling her face with fervor and care. Reimu began to unbutton Kogasa’s shirt, and once she had finished rather than unbuttoning the shirt below she found a gap and snaked her right hand through it, feeling the youkai’s skin directly. Underneath her, Kogasa was twitching and moaning. Now finding herself in a mood, she couldn’t help but feel driven crazy in the best way by this aggression—this assertiveness. It helped, too, that Reimu seemed to be figuring out where Kogasa reacted best to her tongue, and that her immaculate touch was now feeling along Kogasa’s not yet bared skin.

I must’ve done something, didn’t I? thought Kogasa as Reimu opened her mouth and began openly fighting with the youkai’s tongue—sending shivers through her face, down her front—a squeezing sensation in her loins—

Did she see me doing something and liked it? Maybe she actuallydid know about that bucket and she thought, um, “how adorable”, or something?

... Ah... this is good... Miss Reimu...

“More, please...” she begged when Reimu had withdrawn her tongue to swallow. The shrine maiden went to Kogasa’s left cheek solemnly and began to kiss it—began to unbutton the tsukumogami’s undershirt and lay her body down atop the youkai girl, her knee pushing up between Kogasa’s legs.

Hau!” the tsukumogami whined girlishly. She let go of the shrine maiden’s face there, and kept her hands balled in tense fists beside her own face instead.

I met her a long while ago and one of my jobs is for her, but...

This only happened recently. Way recently. It was something that happened... this week? Last week?

What was it...

Reimu had the youkai’s shirt open and her lips on Kogasa’s again. Once more she kissed the youkai girl deeply, though now sucked in before ending it, making the umbrella arch her back up as pleasure racked her body—almost entirely, purely, mental pleasure. That kiss said more than it felt, and what it said delighted her.

Reimu sat up over her body. There she sat, without a bra, her small breasts out and unashamed. She looked down on Kogasa’s locked up bust. The umbrella youkai was wearing a simple, white bra.

Reimu said, “Take it off.”

And Kogasa immediately, though a little slowly and awkwardly, complied. She put her hands behind her back and unclasped it. At once, her rather hefty mounds shifted and changed shape, only slightly. Reimu saw, and put her finger between the two of them, under the wire.

She lifted and pulled the article away. With her breasts now sliding free and her nipples rising, Kogasa wondered if maybe her heartbeat was jiggling either of them. It was so loud...

Gathering up the bra and grabbing it, Reimu brought the cups to her face and began to breathe it. She still looked down to Kogasa, coolly, eyes partially lid, as she enjoyed the youkai’s scent. Then, while Kogasa was mentally breaking over this image and reality, she said, “All of it.”


Reimu didn’t repeat herself; she looked on as Kogasa gradually realized what she meant.

Kogasa scooted out from under the shrine maiden, attempted (and failed) to sit up, took hold of the left half of her vest, and began to strip.

Is it because I’m pretty?
Because I’m cute?

Is it because I’m funny?
Because I made her laugh?

I’m charming?
I’m pitiable?

I don’t know...

Kogasa froze a moment while taking her undershirt off from her left sleeve (her vest was now behind her). Before her, Reimu’s free hand had become occupied. The Shrine Maiden’s hand was hidden in the front of her skirt, having entered from the waist. From the slow way her arm moved, and from Kogasa’s experiences the night before, she knew what the human was doing. Her heart beat louder as she continued undressing, trying not to look at Reimu as she rubbed herself, but also very much wanting to look (and looking, constantly).

I helped her in the rain a few days ago... she thought.

I was just annoying her, though...

She took off her undershirt.

She put her hands on the side of her skirt, at the waist.

... When Miss Reimu looked like she was feeling down? Was that it?

No, no, there’s no way it’s that...



Kogasa unzipped a short side zipper, hidden within fabric. She let the band loosen, and she relaxed her stomach which she’d been unconsciously tensing until this point. Reimu’s hand moved a bit faster.

If that’s it... Kogasa thought,

... that’s super, super cute. That’s really “Miss Reimu”-like.

For a flash, she smiled as she began to remove her skirt.

Maybe that’s it...

Taking it from her legs, she dropped it to her right side.

I’ll ask Miss Reimu later.

... She’s seriously looking.

All that were left were her panties—she didn’t wear socks. Reimu was staring intensely now at those panties, and from her hidden hand Kogasa could hear a squish... squish... that she recognized. The tsukumogami’s panties were soaked through now—transparent in fact. She thought they might start squishing themselves.

Huffing once, Kogasa didn’t hesitate: she stuck her thumbs into the band at its side and started to pull down.

She’s looking... She’s looking...

Ahh... like before... Hahh... at my...

She swallowed. Reimu lowered the bra from her face.

“Hah... Hah...” Kogasa was breathing hotly.

Slouched into herself, she struggled to separate the cloth from her body: mainly her crotch. It clung, and tugging at it made her twitch as if jolts were firing through her.

Finally she yanked it onto her thighs.

This is real, right? I, uh...

She rolled the underwear down and took her right foot out of it.


Moving to pull out her left as well, she stopped as Reimu put her left hand down on Kogasa’s hands.

“Leave it around your ankle,” Reimu said. “That’s hot.”


Kogasa did not understand.

At any rate, now she was naked, and Reimu was still staring. Reimu’s hands were free and she had both of them planted now on top of Kogasa’s thighs. She looked down with a still cool visage—it really was ridiculous how handsome Reimu was like this, Kogasa thought. She felt her crotch practically spark with feeling.

“Kogasa...” said Reimu, and Kogasa looked up from her own vagina in sync with Reimu who had just pulled her eyes from the sight as well. The shrine maiden asked, “Can I have sex with you?”

Kogasa thought,

[] Yes.

[] Yes.


Authority reigns.

image source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/71568327
[x] Yes.
Tough choice. Im gonna go with

[] Yes.
Specifically the bolded one, on the extremely off chance that it matters.
[X] Yes.
[x] Yes.

Dive in, headfirst.

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