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[x] Slight nod.
[x] Have a goddamn sandwich or something.
[x] Proceed to poke the little thing.

Eh, nevermind that for now, knowing Renji, he probably wants an answer or something like that. Silly idiot, standing there, staring at you with an unsure face. Yeah, very reassuring. First, he's taking advantage of your tired self, and now he looks... Almost troubled. What, having second thoughts? Feeling guilty maybe? You damn right better be. Should've already given him a good kicking, but shit, you don't really feel like doing that right now for some reason or another. Too soft.
"Okay?" Almost out of habit, you give him a slight nod. That seems to calm him down a bit. Yeah, go 'scout around a bit', if that's what you need to cool off. "Great."
He finally takes off in the thicket, not without casting you one, last glance before disappearing behind an enormous bush.
"... ehhh..."
Let him be. Want to think about stuff? Think all you want, Renji. This little ward of yours is not going to wander away, don't let this bother your empty head. Plus his absence is kinda appreciated right now, with all the awkward muddle of thoughts in your head. Alright, you were tired, bah, extremely tired, but still, to give in so easily... He should have at least receive a good punch, but... Ehh, no sense thinking about it now, really. If he doesn't get any strange ideas, or gets too close to - o horror - hug you all of a sudden or something along these lines, then there's no reason for you to worry. And he didn't seem exactly keen on doing stupid things before he left... No, just the opposite, as if he serioused the fuck up for some reason. Singing idiot.

Somewhere deep in the forest, a bird lets out a short, abrupt yelp.

For some reason, it sounded almost... plaintively...


Collaboration of Missing Numbers ver 1.0

Chapter 3: Walking Corpse

Crede quod habes et caveat.
Vincit qui se vincit, vae victae, vici honor.

Amicitia vincit omnia.

Father, why have you forsaken me...?


Renji's backpack, altough big and capacious, didn't need any advanced searching to find the aforementioned food. It was actuallly pretty much on top of all the other stuff he might be keeping there. For a moment, there's something resembling a regret, that you didn't get an excuse to meddle with his things... But that's a silly thought. He might be keeping a dismembered elephant there for all your care. It's just your damn curiosity kicking in again. Stupid girl. What are you, a sixteen years old whore with raging hormones? Now, get to eating, will you?
Bread and canned ham. Not exactly an equisite meal, but it's more than you could ever be wishing for under these circumstances. He wasn't lying - the can is half empty, but... Unless he had another one, it looks like an awfully small amount to eat for a breakfast, for someone of his posture... Darn, why the hell are you suddenly worrying if he's concerned about something? Just dig in and stop thinking about insignificant crap. Alright? Alright. There's a knife, so rake out that shit and put it on the bread. Done? Done. Take a bite. Good? Damn right, it's good. It tastes similiar too, even though you haven't had this kind of thing in ages, but damn, does it matter now. Better finish before he returns and wraps up the party.

And done. Not much of a healthy meal, but it'll have to suffice. At least your stomach has something else to do beside growling like a goddamn hungry cat. Bah, you even let yourself do something as pointless as licking your fingers to get the fat and bread crumbs off them.
Though you have broken this rule countless times up till now, one should not litter in a forest, and so you give your strength a trial and attempt to crush the can - the thin alloy gives up under the pressure, and soon you've got yourself some nice, metal ball. To hell with it. Hell, as in: Renji's backpack.
And now, onto the task at hand. He said: don't wake up Sirno. The logical course of events would be to defy that order, even if just to see who the hell is Sirno, and if he's that pile of clothes over there.
Speaking of which, you kneel beside it and ignore the half-transparent things sticking out of it... For now. There are more important things than those.
It is a person. What's more, from this angle, it looks like a boy, a really young one, no older than 9 or 10. Dressed in blue overalls and white shirt, his legs curled up to his stomach as he embraces them with his arms... There's also a drool running down his cheek but that's not important now. How to wake him up...
Oh, yes. Most neutral method. Give him a poke.

And a poke is what he receives.
Success. It was light, but his eyelids slowly lift, revealing sleepy, almost unnaturally pale blue eyes. How fitting for his clothes' colour pattern.
He slowly sits up, rubbing his eyes and muttering out illegible words. Not only does he look young, he acts like you would expect from a kid too. Clumsy. Or dare you say, strangely cute. Still, the first priority is--
"Eh? Who are you?"
Oh damn. Before you even notice, those blue eyes are fixated on your face and while still a bit hazy, the confidence with which they glow makes you shudder... Mentally, that is. No matter how much he suprised you, you're not gonna show it.
"... Fukuzai." you decide to do the most logical thing here - introduce yourself "Fukuzai Toorima.... I'm... Renji's... uh, friend."
The boy stares at you for a moment before letting out a big yawn and stretching his back. You need to fight yourself to stay put and unmoving. For some reason, that sleepy face of his has now an almost indistinguishable grin stuck onto it.
"I don't like that name." he mutters "From now on, your name is Private Pyle. Do you like it?"

[ ] "... what?"
[ ] "... whatever. You're Sirno, right?"
[ ] "... great, another lunatic. Renji! I could use a hand here!"
[ ] "... not really. So who are you?"
[ ] Stand up. Grab your stuff. Walk away. Calmly.
[ ] Ignore him, get back to your spot and wait for Renji to return.
[ ] "... can I hug you?"

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[ ] "... great, another lunatic. Renji! I could use a hand here!"
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[x] "... can I hug you?"

You can't blame me for this.
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{X} "... what?"
{X} "... are you Sirno?"

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>It is a person. What's more, from this angle, it looks like a boy, a really young one, no older than 9

did see there etc.

[x] "Shazam."
[x] "...I mean, yeah sure. Can I hug you?"
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[x] "No."
[x] "And if you keep calling me that then I'm going to start calling you Snowball."
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[x] "... can I hug you?"


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[x] "... can I hug you?"

Fuck yeah shotacon
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[ ] "... what?"
>> No. 19353
[X] "... whatever. You're Sirno, right?"
[X] "That name sounds like royalty! Are you royalty?"
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[+] "No."
[+] "And if you keep calling me that then I'm going to start calling you Snowball."
Best one yet.
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[x] "... can I hug you?"
[x] "... can I hug you?"
[x] "... can I hug you?"
[x] "... can I hug you?"
[x] "... can I hug you?"

Fuck you YAF, fuck you
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And remember what thread number this is?
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Hurry up YAF, i want an update before i go to bed.
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[X] "... can I hug you?"

What is he on about? Private Pyle? Why Pyle? And why Private? Meh, it's not the time to be trying to figure out what he means. This boy can't be from the village, it's way too far, and even an idiot wouldn't be running around the forest at night, seeing how scary or dangerous it's considered... Then maybe he's from somewhere else... More importantly, if Renji knew his name, then he probably knows this little guy personally... Which makes the situation kinda creepy, no matter how you look at it. An adult man, being friends with a litte boy-- No, maybe it's because it's a little boy...? But then, if they're friends, they had to meet before... How did they...? No, it can't be that-- In a forest, at night, those two met and immidiately befriended each other because circumstances always make it easier, and then--

Wait, where the fuck is THIS going? Goddamnit, you do know, you DO FUCKING KNOW where this was going, but still, realization of your own thoughts' ridiculousness is enough to make you freeze in place, with what is probably a very silly looking face.
Why is it that when it comes to little boys...
"Private Pyle, you okay?"
He waves a hand in front of your face, as if to check if you're still even conscious. Which you are, unfortunately. Why is it that you feel so compelled to grab that hand and pull it closer...? What a sick woman you are, Fukuzai. Collect yourself! Throw aside the unclean thoughts! This is not the time to be thinking about such stuff! Keep a cool face, and calm down. Now. Calm down. Breathe. One, two... That's right, just like--
"... can I hug you?"
Oh. Shit. Did you say it out loud? Did you just fucking say that out loud? For fuck's sake, what the hell are you thinking?! And it's not the first time, is it? Why do they always, those little, irritating, stupid, adorable, cute boys-- WAIT. NOW YOU'VE REALLY CROSSED THE LINE.

Fortunately for you sanity, salvation comes soon enough. In form of an elbow being driven into the top of your head. With great force. RIGHT ON THE SPOT WHICH YOU HIT BECAUSE OF THE SAME KIND SITUATION, BACK AT THE SHRINE.
Scream - that's what all your nerves are telling you to do. Yell, curse, jump away, cry out loud! It's like your whole body was set on fire! Tears are forcing their way onto your eyes, and to cover that, you grab your head with both hands and bend down, almost touching the ground with your forehead. It hurts. It hurts like a damn fuck.
"... ghghhhh..."
Yet you're still doing your best not to let any unneeded sound out of your lips.
"Don't get so cocky, Private! You caught me sleeping, but that doesn't mean you're a colonel now!" and he keeps on spouting random nonsense "I'm going to send a firing squad on your butt! Just you wait!"
Two, quick taps of his shoes indicate that he's backed off, but... Stealing a glance through the mist of your own tears, he's nowhere to be seen. Like a ghost, he practically disappeared. There's no way he could get through those bushes without making any sound, unless...
He's one of THEM.
"... ehhh... ow..."

Resignated, you let your body fall backwards, onto the ground, though still careful not to let the aching spot touch anything. The cold touch of the soil is almost refreshing in comparison to the awkward situation you have just faced. No little boys, but serenity. Now which one do you value more?
It all started going downhill on that day when you met the idiot - Renji - and let him offer you a shelter. Then, your employer goes silent, next you're in this place and find yourself working again... Only to discover that one of your clients has been killed not long after you delivered the envelope... Not to mention the mess at Eientei you left behind. Plus you still don't know why exactly did Eron try to get you out of Kain's claws without staining his own hands...

"I'm ba-- Where is he?"
You don't need to twist your neck to see who has just made his return from a 'scouting' session. Figures. He wouldn't leave you for too long, now would he. Still, to hear him ask about someone else than his ward is... No, it shouldn't be any weird. It's fucking natural, it's just that you got too used to being taken care of.
"... dunno."
"I hope you didn't tell him anything weird... Damn." he scratches his head, ignoring the fact that you're laying spread on the ground "That's why I wanted to leave before he wakes up... Eh, nevermind."
And that's it. Without adding anything else, he proceeds to gather the equipment and cram it inside his enormous backpack. Let him be. He did not mutter a single word about the short patrol, meaning that he either didn't spot anything unusual or it was just an excuse to spend some time alone... For whatever reason he could have. It does not concern you.
Still, this silence is a little uncomfortable.
"... hey."
"Hm?" he mumbles without even as much as turning to you.
"... what was up with that boy?"
"Ah..." oh, now he actually stopped wrestling with the blanket "Um... It's a long story. To keep it brief, I now know that taking friends from here outside and showing them war movies is a bad idea."
"... hmm."
War movies, eh? That would explain the privates, firing squads and colonels... So that kid has an obsession over military stuff? Well gee, no wonder if he's friends with this guy. Hell, even YOU look like a damn soldier now. Yeah, it's comfortable and durable, and so are those boots, but still, whose doing is it? Or rather, whose fault is it? Yeah, no need to answer that.
Sighing, you look up again, at the scraps of sky shining through the treetops. What time is it? How many hours till you get to your destination? What awaits there? When will you get to see Kazuma? And most of all - why the hell are you asking yourself these questions?
The idiot apparently finishes the struggle with his stuff, and is now looking around the campsite, searching for anything he could've missed or whatever... That's a sign for you to finally stand up and grab your own sack.
"Ready? Shall we go?"
"... mhm."
And the two of you leave the site where something you probably will be ashamed for the rest of your life has happened.

But... Not having walked even twenty steps, your lips decide to act up on their own again.
"... Renji... Am I... weird?"
He continues to march onward, apparently oblivious to your words. He doesn't even slow down or look at you. Should you repeat or-- No, maybe it's for the better that he didn't hear. After all, he's--
"Yes." his voice is almost devoid of emotion "You're a weird girl, Fukuzai. But there's nothing wrong with that."
"... I see."

The rest of the trek went in silence.
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"We're here."
Having done what seemed to be a circle around the whole village, he finally stopped in front of one of the houses. You can't help but notice how rundown it looks. Boarded up door and windows, thatched roof that looks like it was made in 16th century, cracks on the walls... Oh, that's right. Thatched roof. While the Human 'Village' looked more like a city, this whistle stop deserves to be called a 'village'. Buildings made of mostly primitive materials - wood, stones and more wood, practically no people around, and all it consists of is a single, but long and curved street, on which's sides all the stuff was raised. Some kind of flower shop, a blacksmith (a BLACKSMITH!), big eastern-style building with a sign 'Public Bath' on it, houses, houses, and most of all, a humongous shrine, similiar to the one you crashed into, towering over the whole settlement. And according to Renji, that's where all the villagers are now. Praying time, eh? Well, at least it spares you the trouble of being observed by many pairs of curious eyes.
"... nice house."
Back to the matter at hand, while the building itself looks rundown, you have to admit - as a hideout, it has a perfect posiiton and disguise. Situated away from all the others, practically on the border of the village, plus it looks uninhabited - perfect. What's what, but Renji does know some good places to crash at.
"I haven't used this one for a long time..."
The question is, why does he know them? Doesn't he live, like, far away from here? Wherever the hell this place actually is?
"... so?"
"Ah yes." he reacts to your irritated comment by straightening up "There's a trapdoor in the back, leading to the cellar. Then there's a ladder to the ground floor. The front door can't be opened from the outside... And neither from the inside. The only way to get in is through the cellar, and I happen to be the only one in possession of a key for the padlock." As if to prove his words, he pulls out a rather simple, silver key from one of the many pockets in his uniform. Eh, so what now? He's going to get inside or what? "Here."
No. Instead, the key lands in your hands.
"... huh?"
"I'm giving it to you." you would like to see at least a hint of mockery in his smile, but alas, you can't. He's just being genuinely generous. Or stupid. The latter being more plausible. "I've got some things to do first, so you can go inside alone."
Altough the question 'what fucking 'things' again' tries to force it's way out of your mouth, you manage to keep it contaminated inside and instead give him a nod. Let him do what he pleases.
"Alright then. Listen, City Guard shouldn't be able to track us down all the way here, and besides, Moriya and Human Village don't really like each other. So don't tell anyone that you came from there. Oh, and if you see someone familiar, run for it. We can't take any chances."
"... we."
"I guess that's all." he sighs in a relaxed manner "Then I'll be off. See you around."
Saying that, he takes off in the direction of the shrine.
"... see you around... eh?" You take a look at the key, then at the house. How careless of him, to leave you on your own... Isn't he afraid that you would run away? "..." Come to think of it, does he even still need to worry about that? "... idiot."

[ ] Go inside.
[ ] Not yet. Take a stroll around the village first.
[ ] Not yet. Pay a visit to the shrine.
[ ] Not yet. Go and see if 'public bath' is indeed what you think it is.
[ ] Not yet. Chase after Renji.
[ ] No way. Get the hell out of here.
>> No. 19385
{X} Not yet. Take a stroll around the village first.

Check the surroundings~
>> No. 19386

Sorry it took so long. Sometimes I curse the fact that all these words come out so naturally it's almost impossible to stop them. One thousand and eight hundred words. In one update. Holy fuckshit. I need to calm the fuck down or something. In the meantime, have a naked Fuku shoo-- WHOOPS, CAN'T DO THAT ON A WORKSAFE BOARD!
>> No. 19388
It is hard to overstate my satisfaction with this update.

[x] Not yet. Go and see if 'public bath' is indeed what you think it is.

I'm guessing this will lead to the leg-shaving that YAF so heavy-handedly stated was necessary to unlock H-scenes.
>> No. 19389
[x] Not yet. Go and see if 'public bath' is indeed what you think it is.
>> No. 19390
[x] Not yet. Go and see if 'public bath' is indeed what you think it is.
>> No. 19391
I have a theory I'd like to share.

It was done after a lot of speculation, followed by looking up specific events. I did a lot of re-reading of this story, and holy hell. The bricks.

Fuku is the killer. She is guilty, but does not know it, simply because there are two flavors of Fuku: The grumpy, antisocial, cranky shotacon we all know and love, and The Bitch Inside Her Head.
...Let me backtrack a bit.
Fuku was an ordinary girl, once. But she had some kind of condition that could be activated in a certain way. (I think only a handful of people knew about this, the silver and golden haired people in that dream she had being among the few, if not the only ones, who did.) And one day, someone did. She recounts the story to Kazuma as it being a friend that called her, but as we shall see --and have seen, if you've been paying attention to the plot-- Fuku's memory is not always reliable. Most likely, it was tampered with.
Fuku's condition was activated, causing her to go fucking nuts, and murder her entire family. Very little of her family's slaying has been discussed, but it was noted once, if not twice, that she had blood spattered on her shoes from then... which means she was AT the scene of the murders AS they were occurring --possibly as a bystander, but given the evidence (and who would just leave a witness like that), most likely as the perpetrator.

When she came to her senses, she freaked the fuck out, and went into massive denial, unable to acknowledge that she'd killed her family. And so, in order to cope, she became a cold, unfeeling, unhappy person... and the old Fuku, the one who killed her family, the one who freely expressed emotion and smiles and humor and whatnot, became Headbitch.

She ran away from home, still holding onto the cell phone on which she had recieved the call. Somewhere along the line, somehow, SOMEONE called her phone: her new employer. It's not hard to guess how he managed to do so; he had called her in the first place. He began to have her delivering packages, then.

However, note something about the nature of her packages, or rather, the deliveries: The two people who received them (An unknown person in >>15071 , and Aki Hieda in >>17739 ) -- do not appear to have been expecting them, which means that these people are being chosen intentionally by her boss. This strikes me as damnably suspicious.

And second, go look up the ASCII values of the phone number used by Fuku's boss.

Somehow, however, Fuku contracted her disease, the well-known-by-now Surprise AIDS. Its onset is marked by quickly spreading bodily paralysis. I believe that somehow, the packages are connected to her disease. She was noted as feeling good and healthy after delivering the letter to Aki, and he ended up DEAD. However, she also hadn't felt very good at all since entering Gensokyo. Surprise of surprises, she also hadn't delivered anything since then.
Now, remember how the news reports, back in the Outside world, contained mention of other people catching Surprise AIDS? How much do you want to bet that those people happened to receive unexpected packages from a scraggly looking girl? It's a long shot, but a very possible one. And besides, look at her name: "Hidden Killer"?
I've said this before, but that name strikes me as an awful good metaphor for a mysterious and lethal disease with no apparent cause. YAF's also said that it's a metaphor for Fuku herself.

Somehow, Fuku was responsible for those, just as she was responsible for Aki's death. How?

It's in the numbers.

She is given a sequence of numbers when she checks her phone. She is given a sequence of numbers by Aki, who read them aloud to her.

As Aki was looking at the envelope, Fuku became more and more agitated, nervous, and impatient, wanting him to open the envelope already, almost like a junkie waiting for a fix. This may have been her condition making itself known subconsciously, sensing activation at hand. Then he opened it, and read her the numbers.

And what happened after that? A timeskip. A large and ominous timeskip, made more suspicious by the wording afterwards:
>In the end, it all went as usual. You 'wrote' the number down, thanked him and left. Yeah, just like always. Nothing special about this one.
And those quotes around wrote seem kind of weird as well.

Let's skip ahead to Aki's autopsy report, read aloud by Kain:
>"Ah, there we go. Expert appraisement signalized presence of foreign body in the wound, intensified activity of leucocytes in stomach and oral cavity areas... Presence of foreign saliva in oral cavity area...

1) YAF clarified "body" to refer to "some tissue and/or excretion."
2) Leucocytes = white blood cells. You know. Those things that help fight off diseases.

I don't know what the fuck Fuku did to him, but it sounds... really fucking weird. The closest I can guess is that she did something to stimulate an abnormally rapid growth of white blood cells, then fucking ate them out of him, or something really bizarre like that. If you have a better guess, I'm all ears.
Whatever the case, Fuku harvested white blood cells from Aki, ingesting them somehow, and left. Magically, she feels better afterwards, having picked up her booster shot.

So, back to to her interrogation by Kain. Now, contrary to what I thought was a frighteningly sound idea in >>18997 , he isn't evil. He's just pissed. He's most likely a nice guy, usually, but even Mr. Delicious became an asshole in the second arc of Higurashi, when he was damned certain that Keiichi had killed someone. Kain's got something even better than just cop instincts: he's got the fucking history powers. Did anyone notice what he was doing?
>"Eternity is relentless, Fukuzai Toorima." wait, how did he-- "Oh, don't look at me like that." you could swear he's covered his mouth just to hide that creepy smirk "I told you, I can already read your arrival. Your name is not a problem for me to see, Fukuzai... Or should I say... No, perhaps I shouldn't.
>"I'm afraid you misunderstood something." his sudden interuption catches you off-guard. He wasn't supposed to cut in yet! "Don't let my previous... lack of solemnity mislead you. I was merely distracted with reading your undoubtedly entertaining history." Reading history? But all he was doing was staring in your eyes with a creepy smile!

Of course he's certain Fuku killed Aki. Bitch In The Head woke up when the numbers were read to her by Aki, and she took over, doing... something... to kill him.
And Kain is watching Fuku's history, watching "her" do that. He knows what Fuku's done that not even Fuku knows about. Hell, he even knew her real name.

One last thing. Sleep is Fuku's weak time. It seems rather likely that Headbitch is walking around in Fuku's body when Fuku is not sleeping well. Perhaps she isn't able to do that when Fuku gets good sleep, and feels relaxed and content? After all, when she sleeps badly, she progresses further towards Surprise AIDS.

So what do we do about all this?

Well, our package delivery is not as innocuous as it seems. It keeps Fuku alive, but kills other people. I'm not too fond of that. And moreover, Kain currently possesses the envelope that Fuku was NOT to let out of her hands at any cost. I'm torn as to whether or not we should recover it.

On the other hand, the next victim target recipient was Kazuma. And I'm half-tempted to let this next murder go through, just to see the "What the fuck?!" Headbitch moment experiences when Kazuma is up and about again the next day, and her years of concealed murderan gaems are revealed to Fuku herself.

Of course, going to Moriya might not be bad. There's two or three shota there for Fuku to get her perverted hands on (The autumn brothers, and... whoever Suwako is, now. Maybe.), and maybe the help of a god or another priest could go a whole long way towards curing her condition, or removing the false memories Headbitch has been using.

And on an unrelated note, CoMN Wriggle is confirmed to be very trappy.
>> No. 19392
hot story sis
>> No. 19394


[x] Not yet. Go and see if 'public bath' is indeed what you think it is.
>> No. 19396
...Is that more or less profound than bricks?
>> No. 19397
[x] Not yet. Go and see if 'public bath' is indeed what you think it is.


>Presence of foreign saliva in oral cavity area...

Headbitch did mention the virtues of kissing...
>> No. 19400
[x] Not yet. Go and see if 'public bath' is indeed what you think it is.
>> No. 19401
>And second, go look up the ASCII values of the phone number used by Fuku's boss.
(5553) 494853 - 494856 - 494856Not sure what it means, but oh well.
>> No. 19402
Er, fuck. My bad. Look up what they are ASCII values for.

One way to do this is to open the calculator, switch to Scientific if you haven't already, type in the value, and then switch to the Hex radio button. Note the value, then look for it in Character Map.
>> No. 19404
File 12237467963.jpg - (63.53KB , 800x600 , 84f668881b7ce9e32e7d9965eff380cb.jpg ) [iqdb]

There are exactly two wrong points in that post, but I'm not going to point them out.


[x] Not yet. Go and see if 'public bath' is indeed what you think it is.

Whatever, you can't be wasting this precious freedom. Running away while you still can sounds tempting, but for some reason, you don't feel like doing so. No need to think about it now. The matter at hand is more important.
Alright, so what are the options? Renji said everyone is at the shrine right now, so there shouldn't be many people out in the town for some more time. Even if their meeting has already ended, it will still take them a bit to get back to their homes. That means, you can do like the idiot and 'scout' around, without any witnesses or irritating passerbys. Just how you like it.
"... a'ight."
The key quickly lands inside your pocket, while you turn back towards the street. Okay, the options are limited, so there shouldn't be much difficulty in making a choice. The shrine itself is out of question, and strolling around aimlessly would be a waste of time. Shops, well there should be some, but what help it is if their keepers are taking a break to pray to their god? So, it's not like you really have a choice here. The building marked as 'public bath' it is then. Well, to be honest, it's not a foreign concept to you, bah, you even used to seek those out every now and again in the cities you were working. Though you wouldn't call a showering cabin a 'bath', names are names, they often mislead. But, about baths - homeless or not, cleaning one's body, even if it's done once a month is a must, if only to not catch any nasty diseases... Plus it feels nice too. Yeah, a shower was one of the few nice things you had earned from accepting Renji's offer... Then it is decided. Public bath, beware!

And here it is. A building slightly diffirent from all the others, being built in a similiar style both te shrines you've seen were, with sliding doors, no windows and whatnot. As expected, there wasn't a single person out in the streets, and fortunately, you haven't ran into Renji as well, which is always a good thing. But, you better go inside before any hypothetical passerbys come and spot you.

"... huh."
While the door was open, what strikes you first, is that here too there seems to be no one around. How careless. There's a counter, behind which there's another door, but where there should be a clerk or someone like that, there's an empty chair. Hm. Aren't they afraid that someone might come and, uh, steal something? Vandalize stuff? How trusting those people are. Or are they too used to living in a closed, primitive society?
Anyways, since there is no one to bug you about paying, you might as well proceed...

And find yourself in a spacious room with lots of wooden lockers. Still, not a living soul, and none of the lockers seems to be taken... Wait, come to think of it, why are there lockers here? All of the 'public baths' you'd seen had just separate showering cabins, with a shelf where you could leave your stuff or whatever, and this is... Wait, are you supposed to leave your clothes here? And walk in naked? Or leave on your underwear and then proceed? Hell, there's only one thing you can do right now to confirm or dement those theories.
Open the door leading inside. And that's what you do.

This isn't a public bath. This isn't a public bath at all. No, wait, if we analyze it literally, then yes, it IS a bath, and undoubtedly, it's the most 'public' one you have ever seen. Rows of showers, with not even a smallest hint of partitions between them, and at the end of the hall, some kind of pool or something along the lines. So... That's how it is. Explains why you have to leave your clothes here... Do those people have no shame? Or is it made in a way so it's possible to talk with others without having to yell and scream? No, that's just stupid. Idiots why can't they just have normal showers, and not these... these... Ugh. Nevermind that. Every country has its own customs, and you can do nothing but to abide by them. What a bother...

[ ] Go somewhere else. This is too fucked up.
[ ] Leave your stuff in a locker, proceed inside. There's no one else around after all.
[ ] Sit and wait for someone to come, then complain.
>> No. 19405
[x] Sit and wait for someone to come, then complain.

Sounds like fun
>> No. 19406
[x] Leave your stuff in a locker, proceed inside. There's no one else around after all.
>> No. 19407
[x] Sit and wait for someone to come, then complain.
>> No. 19408
>[] Sit and wait for someone to come, then complain.

There's no one coming.

[x] Leave your stuff in a locker, proceed inside. There's no one else around after all.
>> No. 19409
Forgot my status report.

My room is currently undergoing renovation and I have a shitload of work on my hands, but I'll try to find some time to take a peek at the boards and perhaps write... And I better have a winning option by then, otherwise I'm going to be [spoiler]GAME[.spoiler].
>> No. 19410
{X} Leave your stuff in a locker, proceed inside. There's no one else around after all.
>> No. 19411
File 122376458643.png - (203.75KB , 626x325 , FUCKYEAHLUNGE.png ) [iqdb]

>(5553) 494853 - 494856 - 494856
>> No. 19412

Use this:
http://www.vortex.prodigynet.co.uk/misc/ascii_conv.html and enter the number in decimal ASCII field.
>> No. 19413
[x] Leave your stuff in a locker, proceed inside. There's no one else around after all.

renji will peek
>> No. 19427
[☆] Leave your stuff in a locker, proceed inside. There's no one else around after all.
>> No. 19429
[x] Sit and wait for someone to come, then complain.

This is just like her.
>> No. 19430
5 votes for winning.
Write an Update YAF, would you kindly?
>> No. 19434
File 122383124870.jpg - (69.50KB , 920x575 , 81c2ff9e4d55ff9978649333e628c76f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Leave your stuff in a locker, proceed inside. There's no one else around after all.

That's that, no need to think about it further. There's no one inside anyway, you may as well make yourself comfortable and take a damn shower. And even if someone comes, does it matter? Neither you or your self-proclaimed caretaker have any reasons to stay in this hellhole for long, and to be honest, you couldn't care less if one of it's inhabitants sees you naked. Of course, you DO have a sense of shame, but such unrelated people shouldn't be a problem for it. There's also this thing regarding the owner of this place, but you can worry about it later. Now, just choose a random locker, preferably in a corner so that it remains at least a bit concealed, and free yourself from those smelly clothes. You're going to put them on afterwards anyway, but whatever.
At least they had enough dignity to leave a towel for their potential guest inside the locker of your choice.

Having undressed and crammed your stuff inside the little cabinet, you step through the door leading inside the hall with showers and pools. Strangely, even though the flooring is made of stony tiles, they're not cold to touch like you'd expect them to be. Neat. And it feels nice. Nothing more to wish for.
You approach one of the stands and promptly kick aside a small stool some idiot put on the floor directly under the shower head. What the fuck was it there for? Whatever. You throw the towel over neighbouring shower's head.
There's only one faucet on the wall, so no dilemmas here. It doesn't oppose your fast twist.
"Ow, ow."
Hot. As expected, the water is warm, but also a bit too warm for your senses. Eh, this is what you could use last night. A hot shower. In the middle of a forest. Nonsensical, sure, but it's a natural craving, right? For a human to wish to take a dip in hot water when being cold... Heh, come to think of it, how many times were you refused this privilege back in the days...? Oh well, one advantage of being with Renji, among a sea of flaws. Still not worth it. Maybe. Maybe not.
You sigh.
Getting used to the temperature, you step into the cone of steaming water and let it flow down your hair and body.
This is what you missed. Funny how such a simple thing can make someone a happier person. Peace, humming of the hot water, pleasant warmth. Disturbed by nothing and no one. Hot sensation seeping into every square inch of your skin. Full relax. Heaven. If only it could last forever...
Strands of hair, black like tar because of water fall onto your face, blotting out the orange, tiled wall. Hm, it would be nice to give that mop of yours a combing afterwards...
But, yeah, of course, it won't last forever. Worrying about what happens later seems futile in this relaxed atmosphere, full of milky white steam, but still, you can't shake off the worry. That strange condition from yesterday, miraclously gone in the morning. It could be just exhaustion, but to such extent...? It... it's possible, right? But then why is there that underlying anxiety you can't get rid of? And those irritating dreams... The words that girl said, mocking, but strangely plausibly sounding...?
"... kissing..."
The most disturbing thing she said. Moments before disappearing. Why would she waste her breath on something so idiotic? What the hell was up with that? And why does it bother so?
And more importantly, why the hell are you concerned about some weird-ass dreams with a moronic copy of yourself drinking water that tastes like ham? What a pile of bullshit. There's no need to be bothered with that, no need at all...

By the time you start wondering whether to take a dip in the pool or stay under the shower for a few minutes longer, the room is filled with soft, white mist, making it practically impossible to see more than two meters ahead. Eh, how nice. Even more reassuring, for some reason or another. Maybe it's just the comfort of being covered from the sight of a hypothetical intruder, who knows.
What a childish way of thinking.
And the exact moment you finish that thought, all your senses sharpen, alarmed by a sudden noise coming from the direction of the door. Did it just open? No, maybe closed? No, wait, you closed it behind you when you came in, so it had to-- No, more importantly, did someone just come in?
Footsteps. Whispered curse. No doubt. There's someone inside.
You want to jump back and hide in the mist, but find yourself rooted to the spot, nervously staring in the direction the noises are coming from. Without moving, without breathing. Instead of running, you just stand there.
"--why the hell is it so-- aw damn. Eh, is someone here?" it gets closer "Well at least--"
The intruder emerges from the mist into your field of view and immidiately freezes, seeing what he just walked in on. Literally, every single movement of his ceases to exist as his eyes fixate on your face.
"..." What in the hell. You did consider such possibility, but for HIM, of all people, to visit this place, at the same, exact time as you... This can't be a coincidence. This is just too convenient. For him. Or not? "... Renji."
He remains unmoving, frozen in shock. Needless to say, seeing him astonished like this, while he's standing in front of you, completely naked is NOT a very pleasant thing to struck your poor mind.
With primal, girly fright, you notice that his stare begins to slide down along your body, first neck, then chest, stomach, hips, and...
"... aaa--" suddenly, both his hands grab his head while he takes a step back.
"... wha--"

"... oi." you mutter after pulling your fingers out of your ears. He's still in deep shock, and if it wasn't for the quick, ragged breathing of his, you'd think he'd became a statue. "Isn't it the girl in this kind of situation that should be screaming?" You get an urge to cover your more intimate parts with your arms, but decide to ignore the stupid craving and instead let them hang along your body. He's still staring at your legs. "... what are you doing here, anyway?"
Yeah, that's a good question. Didn't he have 'things to take care of' in the village? Why the fuck is he here, of all places?
You can't help but feel a little offended when he suddenly points a finger at your nose.
You frown.
"... taking a shower."
"... shower."
He screams again, altough much, much quieter, while ruffling his hair with both hands. This is retarded. You'd rather him cover that little part which annoyingly attracts your eyes, instead of doing such stupid gestures. There goes your peace. Faster than you expected it to, and in the least pleasant way possible.
You continue to glare - with difficulty - at his face, while he keeps throwing glances all around, apparently trying to avoid looking directly at you.
"Why do you always put me in such difficult situations?! First that thing in the morning, now this--?!"
Wait, isn't HE the one putting YOU in difficult situations? You are the damn victim here, is he trying to reverse the roles? Wait, did he say 'this morning'? What happened this morning?
Again, he points at your nose, almost touching it. The expression of his face is unexpectedly serious.
"How are you going to solve this situation?!"
How, he asks...

[ ] "... I'm not finished yet. Do what you please."
[ ] "... I was here first. Get out, come back later. Simple."
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... me? Why don't you come up with something, Mr. Prepared-For-Everything?"
[ ] "... I was about to get out."
[ ] Throw a towel in his face, run away.
[ ] Just give him a punch he deserves so much.
>> No. 19435
[x] "..."
[x] Just give him a punch he deserves so much.
>> No. 19436
[x] "..."
[x] Just give him a punch he deserves so much.
>> No. 19437
{X} "... me? Why don't you come up with something, Mr. Prepared-For-Everything?"
>> No. 19439
x "... me? Why don't you come up with something, Mr. Prepared-For-Everything?"

Mr. Prepared-For-Everything?" LOL
>> No. 19444
[X] "... me? Why don't you come up with something, Mr. Prepared-For-Everything?"

Shaving time?
>> No. 19448
[x] "..."
[x] Just give him a punch he deserves so much.

Punching, well this sounds like fun.
>> No. 19449
[x] "..."
[x] Just give him a punch he deserves so much.

This is usually how an awkward sexual situation is solved, so yeah.
>> No. 19450
[X] "... me? Why don't you come up with something, Mr. Prepared-For-Everything?"

This better be "shave those horrible legs" option.
>> No. 19452
[x] "... me? Why don't you come up with something, Mr. Prepared-For-Everything?"
>> No. 19453
[x] "..."
[x] Just give him a punch he deserves so much.
>> No. 19454

Awesome shit, shat bricks. But you should have used spolier tags. Imagine just how awesome it would be people's reaction when the plot threw itself on anon's face?
>> No. 19455
[x] "..."
[x] Just give him a punch he deserves so much.

SOMEBODY has to break the cycle of pushing responsibility onto the other here. And we'll break it by bringing the idiot to his senses.

Also, punching Renji is always related.
>> No. 19456
Moe~ Fuku~
[x] "... me? Why don't you come up with something, Mr. Prepared-For-Everything?"

How? How should you know? He's the one responsible for this turn of events, why is he trying to force the responsibility onto you? Impudent idiot. It's his fault in the first place - why did he leisurely walk naked inside, knowing that there's someone already there? If it were someone from the village, this wouldn't end nice for hi-- No, wait. Actually, having the design of this in mind, his behaviour was probably the natural one, not yours. Tch. Still, he didn't have to scream, that moron! He could've just turned around and walked out, if it bothers him that much! Hell, it bothers you as well, for some reason or another, but this is his fault, he should be the one solving this undoubtedly difficult problem.
"... me?" you try to make your voice sound as neutral as possible, despite the constant alarm saying 'he can see everything!' buzzing in your head. Shut up! So what if he can! "Why don't you come up with something, Mr. Prepared-For-Everything?"
His expression remains the same, with those serious eyes and gritted teeth, but at least he took the finger out of your face. Good, you were starting to wonder wether you should bite it or not.
"I'm not prepared for those kinds of things...!"
"It's your fault, isn't it?" you decide to scratch the wound a little more "I was here, minding my own business, and you come in, screaming like a girl. Solve your problems yourself, idiot, don't try to drag me into it."
He lets out a muffled groan. Irritated? How does it feel? Maybe now you'll understand how it is to be constantly annoyed by someone.
"What's wrong?" you ask "Why the glare?"
His eyes squint a little before he finally decides to stop gritting his teeth and loosen up a bit.
"... I can see everything. And I mean everything."
"So what?"
You can't help but notice how his eyebrow twitches at your question. Ah, satisfaction. Why does it feels so good to piss him off? Delight of payback? Maybe, maybe. Who cares? Besides, maybe it'll teach him a lesson. Hopefully.
"Are you..." he pauses for a moment "Cockteasing me?"
"Am I what?"
"Turn around."
You frown at him with displeasure. What kind of solution is this? Shouldn't he rather simply walk out and wait for his turn? This isn't what you expected, or rather, wanted him to do. Or is it another stupid trick?
Better to voice your doubts than to keep them inside.
"... what for?"
"So that I can see your ass. Stop asking silly questions and turn around already!"
Who the hell does he think he is, giving you orders so leisurely? And what the hell was - sarcasm? He's trying to use sarcasm on you? What a stuck up, egoistic, idiotic...
Still, if this will help, you might as well obey. Besides, you're also curious what did he come up with. And if he wants to see your butt - well, he's in for some big disappointment.
So you turn around, trying to make your eyes NOT 'accidentaly' land where they shouldn't before he disappears from your line of sight.
Immidiately after that, you hear a few steps, a loud bang, then a sound of a shower being used... For a few seconds. Then another set of hurried steps and a loud splash... So he just...
Stealing a glance confirms your theory - he just entered the pool and sat inside with his back turned at you.
This isn't a solution. This isn't a good solution at all! Like if he couldn't just wait for his damn turn!
You sigh with resignation. Seems that your logic does not apply to situations starring this idiot. Ehh, what an ordeal. Still, it's better than nothing. Might as well return under your shower, it's starting to get cold... That stool you kicked aside earlier might come in handy as well, to rest your legs, tired from both standing around and nervousness. Nervousness. What were you nervous about? That he saw you? This is ridiculous, it shouldn't concern you at all! It shouldn't!
So you just cut short those thoughts and picking up the stool, sit down under the cone of warm water. Time to cool off a bit. In hot water. Bleh.

20 or so minutes pass in silence, both of you - like some actors in an awkward movie - keeping quiet, not muttering a word. While you do enjoy being able to relax, it still bugs you a bit - that he isn't talking. How ironic. Maybe it's the force of habit - he's practically always talking when with you, and seeing him shut up like this is... Hm, unsettling maybe.
You grin mentally at your own thoughts. What is this? High school drama?
"... Renji." still, it's not like you have anything to lose right now "..."
And damn, the words vanish from your head in the least expected moment. Suddenly, you don't know what to say at all. No wonder - breaking the silence has never been your strong point, but... Why did you even bother then? This is fucked up.
To your suprise, Renji sighs loudly, but in a rather relaxed manner. Despite all the tension you could feel from him, he sounds relaxed. How fitting for an idiot like him.
"I don't know."
He doesn't know? But you didn't ask anything...
"... don't know?"
"Yes, I don't know. I don't know what to do now, I don't know what should we do next, I don't know where to go from here." he chucles "I check-and-mated myself. Marry is the only one who can get us out of this place, and he's being held captive. Whole of the human village is looking for us, and we're trapped here."
It... doesn't make any sense. Why would Marry be the only one able to 'get out of this place'? It's nonsensical. You understand that he doesn't want to leave his friend behind, but this is an extreme way of putting it. Then why is it that you don't think he's lying? What is that lingering certainty that what he says is true?
"... then... why do you bother? I'm only causing problems for you, and you're only causing problems for me. Why do you bother? Why don't you just let me go my own way?"
Damn it. That's not exactly what you wanted to say... But it does convey what you wanted it to, so...
"I don't know."
... what a fitting answer. He doesn't know. Feh, really. What a marvelous caretaker you've found for yourself.
For some reason, you feel like laughing. This is stupid. Not this situation, not him.
But you.
Because you keep asking those questions despite knowing the answer already. You know, but don't want to acknowledge it. Why? What is it? Why can't you simply accept the fact that someone wants to get close to you?

The answer is simple. Fear. Fear that it might end the same as it did with your parents. The people that you felt attached the most to, only have them be brutally taken away one day, without any warning whatsoever. And not only them. Your friends, classmates, teachers, acquaintances, neighbours, after that night, it was like if they all disappeared. Like if they all abandoned you. No one ever called your cellphone, and seeing that you haven't been caught by police, they probably didn't even care that you ran away.
That's why. That's why you can't become close to anyone, ever. Because it might happen again. And it would cause you to break. So, never again.
>> No. 19457
File 122385090464.jpg - (83.57KB , 646x742 , lolfuku.jpg ) [iqdb]
You sigh.
It's so simple, yet so hard to understand. But... you love this lifestyle. You love being homeless. You love having no place to sleep in, no roof over your head, no money to buy food, no television, no friends, no family... Yes, you came to love the lack of things that seem to be basic needs for a human to function normally. Going back, to the times before it happened would be...
"I don't know." he repeats, interrupting your thoughts "I don't know. Or rather, I know, but I don't want to acknowledge it. Heh." he snorts "You know, long time ago, I promised myself not to get close to anyone ever again. I was a kid back then. Well, I failed, since I probably couldn't live without Merry."
"My parents died when I was 16. Car accident. There was no one to take care of me - they didn't have any siblings, and their own parents were long gone." what is this sudden wave of honesty? And why do you feel compelled to listen in silence? "You know, the lawyers wanted to put me in an orphanage because of that. An orphanage, a 16 years old, promising, healthy boy. I rebelled. I told them to let me live on my own, since I was close to reaching maturity... And they did. I moved into an apartament and signed to a school. I got a job. I met new people. And you know what? I think it made me stronger. I wouldn't be what I am today if it weren't for the passing of my parents. Of course, I can't say it was a good thing that they died, but... You get the point."
Yeah, you do get the point. What a happy man he is. His parents died, but he can still live a peaceful and successful life. Enviable. So diffirent from your situation. So similiar, yet so diffirent...
Is that... why he feels as he does about you? Compassion? Because he knows how it is to lose someone precious? No, it can't be, you never told him your story... Then, what is it?
"I could've ignored you that day, you know." he continues "But I just couldn't. The moment I saw you, I immidiately knew - this is a person who has experienced something horrible. How could I leave someone of my kind out in the rain?" he sighs, this time rather happily "Yeah, my first thought wasn't 'I can't let a girl spend a night outside'. It was 'I can't let someone of my kind spend a night outside'. Selfish, isn't it? I thought of you more as a copy of myself than a diffirent person, a girl at that."
"... that was back then..." you find yourself answering, despite knowing that what you're about to say might lead to unwanted consequences "... and now?"
To your suprise, he turns around, facing your unsure stare with a smile. He looks at you - for the first time today - without worry, without disgust, without any feelings other than sincere friendliness, and gives you that silly smile you've come to hate. He can see your breasts, but he doesn't look at them. He can see your even more private parts - but alas - doesn't look at them. His eyes, brown eyes, brown like chocolate, are staring straight into yours.
For some reason, you're starting to get nervous.
"And now, you're a girl."
"You still should shave those legs though."
Suddenly, the bubble of good mood pops. He took you totally off guard, with a question you totally haven't seen coming. Your face, up till now unable to reject his smile, now returns to it's usual scowl. And he answers with a muffled laugh. That bastard. He's enjoying this!
"I didn't think I'd live to see this!" he pants out "You're blushing!"
What?! No fucking way! You're not-- There's no way you would-- For fuck's sake! Who the hell does he think he is?! Selfishly making you listen to his story, then ruining the mood like the idiot he is, just why--
You turn around, more out of instinct than out of intention. His continuous, muffled laughs only serve to fuel your anger.
"I'm serious though." he manages to calm down finally "I've got some single-use shavers in my backpack, I can borrow you one if you want."
Yeah, right, like hell you're gonna!

[ ] Just stand up and walk out. Run out. Fucking storm out! Whatever!
[ ] "... then bring them to me."
[ ] "... if it bothers you that much, why don't you do it yourself, huh?!"
[ ] "... I'll get them."
[ ] That's enough. Punch him. And punch hard.
[ ] Angrily jump inside the pool he's sitting in, sit down. "You can't see them like this, right? Time to get serious, Renji. We need a plan."


Drawing by GD~
Don't know about you, but that thing makes me smile and unable to stop.
>> No. 19458
[x] Angrily jump inside the pool he's sitting in, sit down. "You can't see them like this, right? Time to get serious, Renji. We need a plan."

Shaving is pig disgusting.
>> No. 19459
Not shaving is pig disgusting.

[x] Punch him. And punch hard.
[x] You'll get them.
>> No. 19460
[ ] "... if it bothers you that much, why don't you do it yourself, huh?!"

renji slave~~
>> No. 19461
[x] "... then bring them to me."

Let's save the punching for when we're both out of the bath and fully dressed.
>> No. 19463
[x] Angrily jump inside the pool he's sitting in, sit down. "You can't see them like this, right? Time to get serious, Renji. We need a plan."

Fuku's going to have that H-Scene with Renji at this rate.
>> No. 19466
[x] "... I'll get them."
>> No. 19468
[x] "... I'll get them."
>> No. 19469
{X} "... if it bothers you that much, why don't you do it yourself, huh?!"

Cranky moe~
>> No. 19470
[X] "... if it bothers you that much, why don't you do it yourself, huh?!"
>> No. 19471
[x] "... I'll get them."

As long as she's still a shota lover and Renji doesn't try to fuck her.
>> No. 19472
[z] "... I'll get them."

Shaver gettan gaems.
>> No. 19473
[ ] "... I'll get them."
>> No. 19474
[x] "... I'll get them."
>> No. 19476
[X] "... if it bothers you that much, why don't you do it yourself, huh?!"

Let Renji do the shaving. Alraedy fapping at the thought of it.
>> No. 19479
[x] Angrily jump inside the pool he's sitting in, sit down. "You can't see them like this, right? Time to get serious, Renji. We need a plan."
[x] "But before that... what were you talking about that happened this morning?"

There aren't going to be any canon shota H-scenes, so forget it.
>> No. 19481

My IRC logs might be well of use to you, Anon. http://tinypaste.com/8cc40
>> No. 19483
Too bad.
>> No. 19487

Too bad indeed.

On a side note, that was fast. If it weren't so fucking late when I finished that update, I would gladly write one more. But alas, one has to sleep to regain lost strength and so I too had to take a short nap... School summons me now to it's darkened corridors, but in a few hours, I shall return and spin the vermins yet again. By the way, I think I've beaten my personal record with that last update. 2040 words, 11552 characters, and a lot of stuff compressed into one scene. It wasn't particularly important to the plot, but still, I couldn't help but wonder if it felt a bit rushed... I wanted to keep it all in one scene, without making any unneeded breaks in the middle.
>> No. 19492
I like longer updates. If you feel that you can't put everything into one message, make a WALL.
>> No. 19496
File 122390597751.jpg - (109.64KB , 646x742 , geassfuku.jpg ) [iqdb]

You misuderstand, but that's perhaps the fault of my poor wording.
What I meant, is that I wanted to make the last scene a single-segment one, without any additional choices before the long-awaited shaving one, which made it span for longer than I had previously expected it to.

While I do enjoy writing walls, I was sort of afraid that making them too long would cause the reader to loose the sense of having control over things. Back in the days, we would give you a choice after every few lines, descriptions or sentences spoken in a dialogue. The situation now, is drastically diffirent. The story seems to go it's own way, despite the fact that you still are given choices in nevralgic points. Perhaps you do not realize it, but in the previous in-game day, you've went through at least 3 important choices, every single of them altering the further gameplay to the such extent, that I could call them 'plot branchings' without exxagerating. Hm, I think the good word to describe the characteristic I would like to avoid is 'linearity'.

Or are those just illusions and I should chill and write more Fuku instead of making rash assumptions?

Speaking of walls, I had recently checked the word count of all my work, and it turned out to be roughly 450 000 words. That's almost 500 000, which is as many as half a million. I must say, no matter how narcissistic it will make me look. I'm a fucking machine. That is all.

550 000 more words, Anon!
>> No. 19498
>550 000 more words, Anon!

Fuck yes!

Just look at the time, it's been more than half a year already. After you are done with CoMN, write some Reimu again, but from her view. Writing Fuku shouldn't make it that hard for you.
>> No. 19509
YAF, Updates where.
>> No. 19510

... grrhhwrr... mumblemumble... 3 hours of sleepmumblemumblenapmumblemumble... goreadHYinsteadmumblemumble...
>> No. 19511
Fuck you, i waited since this >>19492 post for an update.
Now get back to writing.

Even if you don't have half as many people waiting for you to write something as HY, you have a few that are waiting.
>> No. 19512

You missed the keyword. Here, let me point it out:


I told you to entertain yourself with someone else's story, since he appears to be on a spree, and I'm pretty much dead right now. Sorry.
>> No. 19513
>> No. 19514
Sounds like the perfect time to write some Fuku.
>> No. 19515
>> No. 19516
>>19391 here.
Here's my attempt at figuring out the Latin in >>19338 .

>Crede quod habes et caveat.
Believe that you have it, and beware.

Vincit qui se vincit, vae victae, vici honor.
He conquers who conquers himself, <beware of victory>, <I conquered honor>
(Not sure of those last two parts. Also, "I conquered honor" is a little worrying.)

>Amicitia vincit omnia.
Friendship conquers all.

And then the last bit is something Jesus said while up on the cross.

So what I'm getting out of this is: "You got the AIDS (or the Number Condition) so watch your ass. Headbitch must be dealt with once and for all, and Renji route will get you a good end."

I'm not sure how Jesustalk or the two confusing bits figure in. Please feel free to correct the interpretations or translations; I'm no professional.

Also, why haven't we asked Renji about what he meant by 'that difficult situation, first thing in the morning'?
Since Fuku doesn't know about it, it seems like it could be, you know.
>> No. 19517
>I'm not sure how Jesustalk or the two confusing bits figure in. Please feel free to correct the interpretations or translations; I'm no professional.

Well, it could be a meaningless Eva-style religious reference.

Or it could be referring to how Man-Yukari is about to royally fuck his daughter over for sake of the "greater good" of Gensokyo.
>> No. 19518

>Man-Yukari is about to royally fuck his daughter
...sort of want.
>> No. 19520
File 122396139131.jpg - (42.95KB , 290x290 , Gallery_OpenTau2_small.jpg ) [iqdb]
>greater good

pic related
>> No. 19525
Don't cry YAF!
>> No. 19526
YAF is in Emo mode and Drama mode again. He is now more useless than usual.
>> No. 19529
File 122402636192.jpg - (78.96KB , 1280x720 , 1223929518720.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "... I'll get them."

Like hell you're gonna... right?
You look down at your legs with a mixture of anger, and something resembling mild guilt, for some reason. He called you a girl... Well, you ARE a girl, after all. That's why he said it in the first place, right? Because you are a girl. Now, do girls walk around with hairy legs?
That's a difficult question. No, perhaps it's not difficult at all, it's just that answering it, even inside your thoughts and not out loud, would mean your defeat. And to be defeated here... Because of something so trivial... Because it's a fight, isn't it? Your whole life was a fight, mostly for survival, and only after you met this guy, did it change into a fight... For what? No doubt, it's not about survival anymore, but... You can't really put your finger on it. The two of you, ever since that fateful day, never stopped fighting. It's not a battle in a stricte sense, but, you're sure he can feel it too, a constant rivalry. A relationship full of detest and other complicated feelings, which somehow manages to keep a steady pace despite being continuously shaken at it's foundations. When did it evolve into such thing? And was it his intention? Because it as hell wasn't yours.

Still, the winning or losing aside, he's really got you there. First, telling you that he sees you as a girl all of a sudden, then mentioning those... Uh, as much as you hate to admit it, he's got you thinking. Thinking unnecessary, unwanted thoughts about such petty things as feminity. Why does he care? Oh wait, you know why. Or do you?
And more importantly, if he does think of you as a girl, why does he keep staring in your direction, even though you're, let's call it by it's name, naked? Isn't that a contradiction?
But there's even a MORE important question! Yes, yes there is! The most important of them all! A true mystery of science and progress!
Why THE FUCK do YOU care?!

Indeed, why! There's no freaking point in all this, winning, losing, him staring at you, to hell with it!
You stand up hastily, making no effort to cover anything that should be covered - just to defy pesky instincts - and give Renji a scolding glance. He's smiling. He knows he's won. That fucker.
"... I'll get them."
The list of tortures he's earned by intimidating you grows with every minute spent together, but it's not yet the time to punish him. Not yet. Let it reach an even more enormous size, and then, let it fall on his head like a fist of an angry god. You ARE going to get your beatings, Renji. Some day.
Not even taking care not to slip on the wet floor, you quickly retreat to the locker room.

Now, it's time to cool down a bit. You're out of his sight, so you can allow yourself a few deep breaths, maybe a a curse of two as well. And a stomp. And another curse. And a short chuckle.
Really, out of all the people you've met here, no one reached such a skill in pissing you off. And what's worse - you let yourself be angered. Why is that? Hell if you know. Hell if you care. What's the point of even thinking about it? It's not going to help anyway. Just stick to him and let him do what he pleases, as long as he doesn't get in the way of your work--
"... stick to him...?"
Did you just think that? You did. Wait a moment, do you actually INTEND to stick to him? No, maybe you already ARE stuck to that idiot? You could've made your escape back then in the sewers when he was asleep, then after you left, and then again here, yet... Every single time, you chose to stay with him instead. Sure, there aren't many alternatives, but... There still are. There are, but you keep clinging onto the idiot who got you into this mess in the first place.
How silly. How truly stupid of you. Or is there another reason behind those decisions...?
"... fuck me."
There are other things to do. Like, getting the damn shavers. His backpack was too big to fit in any of the lockers, so it should be laying there somewhere... Here it is.
So, trying not to pay attention to any other contents, you dig out an object remotely resembling a vanity bag, then promptly take out a blue, plastic disposable shaver and a bar of soap. It'll have to suffice.

Of course, he didn't mutter a single word after your return, apparently scared that such an act could shatter this fragile victory that you decided to give him. Would it? Perhaps not. There's no going back now.
Trying to ignore his stare, you make a bit of foam using the soap and smear it onto your thigh...
Here it goes. You slide the razor along the white streak, removing the foam and hair altogether. Well, that was easier that you had expected it to. The rest should go fast and clean, as long as you don't screw u--
"YES!" sudden splash and cheer interrupts the process of carefully examining the trail of skin you've removed the hair from, and makes you look at Renji instead, who now appears even more pleased than before "Hell yes! Fuck yes! Disappear, eyesores!"
"... what the hell are you on."
And you can't help but stare at his nonsensical joy in confusion. Faliling his arms around, doing pseudo-dances while still half-submerged in the water, he's acting like a little kid whose football team just won a match.
"Oh, it's the moment of my triumph! Let me savour it!"
Savour, he says. Triumph, he says. While you do feel kinda glad about doing this all as well, his stupid hijinks are not exactly what you need right now.
"... I see. But would you kindly shut up now? I'm trying to concentrate."
He immidiately settles down back in the water and gives you a fast salute.
"I understand! Please, continue!"
You shift your gaze back to your leg, but suddenly remember something and look back at Renji.
"... are you going to watch?"
The idiot tilts his his head like a confused girl.
"Hm? Why not?"
"You were naked all this time, are you suddenly getting embarassed?"
"That's not it." you answer truthfully "... weren't you... uh... pretty disgusted by them?"
A grin crosses his face, but only for a fleeting moment.
"Oh yes, yes of course I was! But what kind of hate would it be, if I didn't witness the desctruction of my archnemesis with a gleeful smile?"
That makes sense. Or at least enough of it for you to drop the matter. No point in discussing with the idiot. Just get on with the deed and pay no heed to him. What a bother.

"So what do you think we should do?"
About halfway through the show, he suddenly asks a question you're completely unprepared for.
"... I don't know."
"I see."
Indeed. You do not know. Returning to the village is out of question, and if it was Eron who 'hired' the idiotic duo to 'bail you out', and then caught Marry, then Eientei does not seem like a good option either. Staying here, while sounding nice, does not look like a good long-term plan. As for the other places... You don't know them, or they simply don't exist. If Renji can't think of anything appropriate, and he's the one who has hideouts all over this place, then you really don't know what to do.
Anyways, he's not talking anymore, so you might as well shut up too, and resume what you were doing.
>> No. 19530
"... hm."
There. It's finished. You can't help but let out a small sigh of relief when the last bits of foam and hair go down the drain. It wasn't that difficult, guess people don't forget how to do these kinds of things. Well, that's that, but you gotta admit, you've done a damn good job. Hell, if they weren't your legs, you could probably call them 'pretty' without sounding narcisstic.
"Pretty." oh, but fortunately, there's someone else for you there to voice it "Now I can say it without having to lie - you've got some really sexy legs there."
You cast him an annoyed glance that says 'Not yours!' and return to admiring your work. While you were pretty much forced to do it, in a way, there still is that weird satisfaction in your heart when you look at the smooth skin on your thighs. Oh, mentioning that, there's still some hair here and there, on the other parts of your body that could use shaving, but... Let it wait for another time. Besides, even though you're naked, shaving these parts while he's watching, would be simply overboard. So, guess they're safe for now, eh?
On a positive side, your hair has dried up a little while you were shaving. You doubt there's electricity in this place, judging by it's looks, and even though the water has to be heated by something, the lack of any machinery suggest something other than electric furnaces or whatever they use nowadays in places like this.
"Hey, Fuku?"
"Hm?" you answer without even looking.
"Can I hug you?"
Can he... what? What kind of retarded question is that?
Still, you don't allow your face to express anything other than a scold.
"We're naked. What the hell are you thinking?"
"Maybe a kiss then?"
"..." You can't help but stare at his sincere smile in silence. Incredible. How he's able to spout nonsense with such a straight face. Steady as a river road, his face remains unchanged even after you sigh and squeeze your nose's bridge in disbelief. Only that. Perhaps you're too happy about your legs to get angry again so soon. "... ehh..."
"I'm serious."
"I know." you interrupt him "That's why I'm sighing." Why are you even explaining this to him, instead of just caving those pretty lips deep into his face? Too soft. You're way too soft. Stupid, sexy legs, making you unable to rage properly. "Listen, who the hell do you think you are? I've known you for only a few days, and in such a short time, you managed to flip my life upside down. I'm grateful, really fucking grateful for offering me a shelter back then, but it really has gone too far." Too far indeed. This whole situation shouldn't even be happening. "If you didn't take me along on your stupid road trip, we wouldn't be here now."
"Certainly not." he nods, not smiling anymore "But think about it. You're a stranger to me. Yet I've saved your cute butt more than once. Sure, that you found yourself here was my fault, but no one told you to cause such a ruckus in the village. I don't care who that guy was, and to be honest, I couldn't care less for those stuck-up faggots from the human village." he snorts "I could've left you there, but I didn't. I could've not smuggled you out of the village, but I did. I left my friend, my best friend, to rot in a cell, only to help some stranger girl escape."
"So?" you can't keep the nervousness out of your tone. His words are making you feel uneasy. Very uneasy. You know full well how this is going to end. And don't like it. "Why are you doing it?"
"I don't know." his face is completely serious now "I'll be frank, I was testing you. In the sewers, I wasn't asleep. I wanted to see if you would escape. You didn't. Then, before leaving the village, I stopped to see if you would try running away. You didn't. And now. I left you alone and disappeared, wondering if I did the right thing, but you here you are, still at my side." You're speechless. So it wasn't carelessness. It wasn't trust. He was simply testing you. For what? What did he profit from these? And most of all... Isn't he afraid that you might try to run away after hearing this? Renji, you're messed up. You're totally messed up. "Why? I thought you disliked me. Why are you still here, Fukuzai?"

[ ] "... because I hate you."
[ ] "... because I HATE YOU!", then punch him.
[ ] "... because I hate you." give him a kiss on the cheek "So shut up about it already, idiot."
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... I had no choice. You were my only hope. I used you to run away."
[ ] "... I don't know."
>> No. 19531
Notes: at first I wanted to make this a rape bad end, but dropped the idea after calming down a bit.
Yeah, I did went into drama mode a few hours ago... You can thank HY for that, and for reminding me how much of a failure I am.
Anyways, if I mantain a steady level of motivation (which is fuckin' hard right now), we should progress faster, since I finished planning out events after Moriya today.

>He conquers who conquers himself, <beware of victory>, <I conquered honor>

It should be: He conquers who conquers himself, woe to the defeated, glory to vitorious.

Pic in >>19529 related. My face.
>> No. 19532
>>You can thank HY for that, and for reminding me how much of a failure I am.

I'm helping! Also voting!

[ ] "... I had no choice. You were my only hope. I used you to run away."
>> No. 19533
[X] "... because I hate you." give him a kiss on the cheek "So shut up about it already, idiot."
>> No. 19534
[X] "... because I hate you." give him a kiss on the cheek "So shut up about it already, idiot."

>> No. 19536
[x] "Because it's useless to run away from you. You always find me sooner or later. I just gave up. Is that the answer you wanted?"

It's true.
>> No. 19537
[x] "Because it's useless to run away from you. You always find me sooner or later. I just gave up. Is that the answer you wanted?"
>> No. 19538
[x] "Because it's useless to run away from you. You always find me sooner or later. I just gave up. Is that the answer you wanted?"

lol, okay.
>> No. 19550
[ ] "... I don't know."

I read the latest update because HY told me to. I have no idea what's going on or who this person is.
>> No. 19551

Fuck off.
>> No. 19553
[¬] "... I don't know."

I'm in your shrines, stealing your votes.
>> No. 19554
[x] "... because I hate you." give him a kiss on the cheek "So shut up about it already, idiot."

Is it just me or are there only about two or three people who don't cry about YAF?
>> No. 19555
Nah, we mostly don't care about his silly LA. It's just fun mocking him while we wait for votes on our own threads.

[ ] "... I don't know."
>> No. 19556
Yeah, HY is awesome. I am voting because he said so.

[ ] "... I don't know."
>> No. 19557

Do you think I care now? Should've tried it 2 hours ago or so, when I was still a bit shaken. HY's gone to sleep, there is no one left for me to quarrell with, so I'm just enjoying the mess in his thread. That he started. Which I fuel. Updates? Yeah, might write one tommorow, but since the votes are pretty messed up, I'll probably write the kiss option, because I support RenjixFuku.
>> No. 19558

>because I support RenjixFuku.

That one guy who likes Renji here. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up since you're probably just looking to get a rise out of people, but this pleases me.
>> No. 19561
File 122403917717.jpg - (107.40KB , 1280x720 , 1223213174328.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19562
File 122403921179.jpg - (22.61KB , 640x448 , 1223215278102.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19563
File 122403940042.jpg - (36.47KB , 640x448 , 1223216070369.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19564
File 122403943964.jpg - (44.46KB , 640x448 , 1223215373155.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19565
File 122403947296.jpg - (29.33KB , 640x448 , 1223214761719.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19566
File 122403957646.jpg - (120.35KB , 900x611 , 1222706070384.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19567
[x] "Because it's useless to run away from you. You always find me sooner or later. I just gave up. Is that the answer you wanted?"

Pissing against the tide. lolrenji
>> No. 19568
File 122404542344.gif - (175.84KB , 500x392 , imprinted_geese.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] "Oh but I do dislike you, Renji. That's because it's all your fault, this disease, the one I've spent my whole life afraid of to the point of putting the entire world in quarantine. That first acknowledgment of the existence of another in so many years, of something that required more than a canned response, who defied the preset behavioral patterns, it imprinted you upon me. Who you were doesn't really matter; you could've been anyone. The important thing is that I became aware of another person, and from that point of contact, with my atrophied immune system, infection was an inevitability. During the incubation period there were genuine attempts to escape, but now that it's progressed into full virulence I lack the strength and will necessary: Now I have a need for others, not for survival or protection but simply to interact and communicate with."
[x] "Hell, if you walked out that door right now in disgust, I might even attempt to stop you. Might." Laugh at yourself. "I've spent my entire life dedicated to its study, so I can tell you there is no cure for the disease called 'loneliness'; it is invariably a terminal affliction."
>> No. 19569
{X} "... because I hate you." give him a kiss on the cheek "So shut up about it already, idiot."

>> No. 19570
[ ] "... I don't know."
>> No. 19571
[x] "Because it's useless to run away from you. You always find me sooner or later. I just gave up. Is that the answer you wanted?"

Write your kiss thing, but can we see some Fuku shota H sidestories?
>> No. 19572

Get back to work.

Also, fuck year, Zero.
>> No. 19576
{X} "... because I hate you." give him a kiss on the cheek "So shut up about it already, idiot."

>> No. 19577
[x] "Because it's useless to run away from you. You always find me sooner or later. I just gave up. Is that the answer you wanted?"


get me away from Renji, please.
>> No. 19578
[№] "Because it's useless to run away from you. You always find me sooner or later. I just gave up. Is that the answer you wanted?"

Yeah. I'd much rather stay on target, where in this case, the target is "People that won't molest me while I'm paralyzed from Super AIDs and won't defile my corpse after I got hit by a car"

...Creepy fuck.
>> No. 19579
I love you too, mwah!
>> No. 19582
[x] "... because I hate you." Give him a kiss on the cheek. "So shut up about it already, idiot."
>> No. 19583

I has theory too, and it uses some parts of yours:

Remember that dream sequence? The one with a Dieing Girl, the Human and the Youkai? Remember when the Youkai dude said there was one way of saving her? Me thinks Fuku is the one saving her by harvesting the leucocytes.

But, there is also the problem of Headbitch. Three ideas for who is Headbitch:
a)Fuku is Headbitch, like you said. This is your theory.
b)Headbitch is Dieing Girl who was inserted into Fuku, and now share the same body.
c)DG and Fuku are connected to some degree. They have a link joining them, but they don't share the same body. Headbitch is the link, or is a tool for DG manifest herself and talk/control Fuku.

If a), you're right. If b) or c), then Fuku got the disease from DG and now collects the white blood cells to save both her and DG, who in turn, either is Headbitch, or uses her to comunicate with Fuku.

And I'm pretty sure that Fuku's eye has a different color for some reason, it can't be just for the looks (which is hot, btw). Supporting b), it may be a result from Headbitch being inserted into Fuku, and that eye is not Fuku's.

Or, like, I'm just making a fool of myself. Whatever. At least I hope YAF will be happier with more people trying to think here.
>> No. 19584

Delicious selfcest? Not unless you learn my tripcode! Ask Terminal in #MiG, he knows it and might be willing to share.
>> No. 19587
YAF trolled up my thread, so I'm hijacking his story as a payback. Enjoy!

[x] "Because it's useless to run away from you. You always find me sooner or later. I just gave up. Is that the answer you wanted?"

"Because it's useless to run away from you." you state as-a-matter-of-factly. That's right, there's no other reason. No matter what silly thoughts might've haunted your mind during this... ordeal, in the end, it's just that. "You always find me sooner or later." That's right. It was the same before you found yourself in this place, it was the same in the village, it would probably end up in the same way, should you attempt to get rid of him again. Therefore, it's useless to even try. "I just gave up." you give him a resigned shrug "Is that the answer you wanted? Because it's the truth."
He continues to look at you for a few seconds more before snorting loudly, apparently disappointed about something in your reply. What is it? Wasn't honesty what he sought by making that query?
"No, it wasn't." the anticipatory stare goes along undisturbed by his words "I suppose you are telling the truth, but that's not what I meant."
"... then what is it?"
"I gave you a chance to escape more than once. It was only a lucky coincidence that I found you in the village. If you laid low for a day longer, we probably wouldn't meet again."
That's... true. He did mention it before. That it was just a coincidence that he found out about you being held captive in Kain's office. It was only a coincidence that Eron - or whoever it was - was there and proposed a ridiculous deal. Indeed, if you didn't come to the village, he wouldn't be able to find you...
"I'll be frank. At first, I was ready to give up. It wasn't like we hadn't already swept the place all over, you know. I just wanted to check one more time, and... voila. There you were."
You let your gaze fall to the floor. There's nothing here to add. You've told him what you really feel, and he's still dissatisfied... Oh, you do realize what he's trying to get out. You know what he wants to hear. And you realize why is that.

Because he's grown attached to you.

It's that simple. How can you tell?
Because it's the same for you. After so many months of exile from normal society, to be able to talk freely to someone again, like in old times, when you still had family, friends, classmates, buddies to spend time with... No matter how much you try to seal that feeling deep inside, you still miss it. You miss being able to live normally. Even though you'd come to love this new lifestyle. Even though the fear of gettich attached to anyone is still haunting you like a nightmare, you can't fight off these feelings.
He too lost his parents. He too had to start his life anew. But as opposed to you, his story went much smoother, much... easier. Maybe that's why he can... understand you?

No, no matter how similiar your fates might be, there's no way someone would ever understand what you had to go through. Especially him. You're a loner. You don't NEED company. It's only the old habits that can't die which make you feel regret. Useless. It's all useless. It was that fateful meeting that set their revival in motion, and now, you can't send them back into containment. If it wasn't for him...
"I know what you are thinking right now." he interrupts your contemplation "That it's all my fault. Perhaps it is." he pauses for a moment "But I'm willing to accept the responsibility that comes with it. That is, if you want me to."
You can't help but look suprised at his honest face after hearing that sudden, unexpected statement.
"Exactly what I said." he sounds unexpectedly confident "I understand why you dislike me. And I realized that it might've been rude of me to... Hm, force my help onto you. Sorry." he makes an apolegetic nod "If you want me to, I'll disappear from your life. I'll find a way to bail Marry out, and we'll make an escape. How about it? I promise I won't ever come back to meddle with your life again."
So he says... And you can't help but stare at him in confusion. Is this another test? Or did he really mean it? There's a chance to finally get rid of him, but... Why do you feel conflicted?

[ ] Turn away. "... no. I don't want you to leave."
[ ] "... yes. It will be better for the both of us. Disappear. Leave me alone."
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... is that another test?"
[ ] "... idiot. Why do you think I'd want you to leave? I told you - I gave up already. So don't leave."
>> No. 19588
[x] "... yes. It will be better for the both of us. Disappear. Leave me alone."

>> No. 19589
>> No. 19590
[x] "... yes. It will be better for the both of us. Disappear. Leave me alone."

An improvement if anything.
>> No. 19591
[x] "... yes. It will be better for the both of us. Disappear. Leave me alone."

Music to my ears.
>> No. 19592
[x] "... idiot. Why do you think I'd want you to leave? I told you - I gave up already. So don't leave."

>> No. 19593

>> No. 19594
[x] "... yes. It will be better for the both of us. Disappear. Leave me alone."
>> No. 19595
[x] "... yes. It will be better for the both of us. Disappear. Leave me alone."

Awesome, let HY continue and stop writing YAF.
>> No. 19596
[x] "... yes. It will be better for the both of us. Disappear. Leave me alone."

We just got a chance to tell Renji to fuck off?

... And Renji's complying? Holy shit, my prayers have been answered!
>> No. 19597
>> No. 19598

>> No. 19599
[X] "... yes. It will be better for the both of us. Disappear. Leave me alone."

No. It's wrong. What are you hesitating about? There's nothing to lose here. He's just an annoyance. Salt in your eyes, a splinter under a fingernail. His mere presence is irritating, and even though you've grown used to it, it doesn't change the fact that he's a pain in the ass. He saved you once, but it doesn't matter. If it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be any trouble in the first place.
You can't stand the anticipation emanating from his eyes. You've made your mind, but you know he's not expecting a negative answer, which he's about to receive.
Poor idiot... It's almost painful, to break his hopes like this.
"... yes." your voice is clear of any doubt. Though you thoughts are still wavering, there's no way you'd ever show any weakness in such a moment. "Yes." you repeat "It will be better for the both of us."
He doesn't even as much as blink at your response. Didn't he hear? What's with the silent treatment?
Nevertheless, you're not going to back away now. Even if you wanted to, it's already too late. Stuttering and trying to take back your own words would only worsen the situation, let alone making you look like an idiot. Besides, it's what you want, right? It's exactly what you've been trying to do - get rid of that idiot. Break away from his clutches. Break free. Because, like you said before, with him, whole world is your prison.
And to be held captive is not something you can allow yourself to do.
"I see." He finally breaks the silence. Neutral, cold statement, devoid of any emotion. Is he trying to mirror you? "You really want me to go away."
That wasn't a question. He's just trying to buy more time.
"Disappear." you decide to push him a bit, just to make it end already. No matter how much you try to defy that feeling, it still hurts.... When did you become so soft? "Leave me alone. I don't want you. I don't need you. So go away."
"I get it."
Now that's more like it. You avert your gaze as he stands up, and steadily walks out of the pool.
That's it. There's no need to say anything else. He's going to walk out, and you shall finally be free. Free to go wherever you wish. Free to do what you want.

But what is it that you want to do?

Renji hastily grabs the towel that he brought with him and wraps it around his waist.
... why is he taking so long? You told him to get out, so why is he procrastinating? Hurry up. Hurry up, damn it! Leave! Get out! Get out already!
"Promise is a promise. But one last thing."
You look straight into his chocolate-brown eyes. Eyes that express no emotion whatsoever right now. Almost... hollow.
He's hesitating.
"I... I'm sorry."
"... sorry?" you ask.
"For what I'm about to do." a sad smirk crosses his face for a second "The first time didn't count, and I would never forgive myself if I didn't do it."
Didn't do what? What is he talking about? Why is he getting close? Why is he kneeling down beside you? Why are you unable to move when his hand touches your cheek? Why are you frozen on the spot while he's... slowly... gradually...
... getting closer...
... really close...
... and softly... gently... like if it was just a fleeting caress... making your hands unvoluntarily begin moving towards his own face...
... he briefly connets his lips with yours.

He mutters a last apology and quickly retreats towards the locker room. And you remain where he left you, stalled in time, staring passively at nothing in particular, with your hands still raised in the air, where he was just a second ago.
Lost in that silly, childish confusion.

Only thanks to a loud noise coming from the direction where he disappeared, you wake up from that peculiar state and look around.
He's not here. He really is not here. He's gone. He's finally gone. And as long as he keeps his promise, you won't have to see him again.

This is... good, right?


Shortly after that, you wiped dry what you could with your towel and headed to the locker room to dress yourself. Trying your best to ignore the fact that one of the lockers had a giant hole where there previously wasn't any damage visible, you put back on the military uniform, grabbed your backpack and left.

You were suprised to find out that there was an old lady at the counter now, reading a book of sorts, but she paid no heed to you, so you decided to pay back in kind, and promptly exit the building.

There is no breeze to dramatically sweep your hair, like it always happens in movies, after this sort of situation. Only an afternoon soon, shining brightly, filling you with pleasant warmth. Taking a look around, you discover no sight of Renji. He's not here.

You take a deep breath.

This is it. You're free. It's ridiculous, how much relief just getting rid of that idiot can give you. Why? Does it matter now? You're free to do as you please, without anyone suddenly bursting through the door to rescue you against your will. Without anyone to act as a guide when it's needed. Without anyone to embrace you on a cold night--
You give your stupid head a light punch. Such thoughts are pointless. Throw them away. You don't need them anymore. Time to go back to your old self, Fukuzai.
Time to get to work.
But then again, the latest letter said that you're going to receive an assignment 'tommorow', which is today. But as for now, there are no strange letters or messages for a poor post girl. Eh, guess you've still got some time to kill.
You put your hands in your pockets and prepare to take off, when suddenly catches your attention.
In there, something metal...
That key. To Renji's hideout.
"... he forgot it..."

[ ] Go back to the hideout. Who knows what you may find there.
[ ] Just wander around the village.
[ ] Pay a visit to the shrine.
>> No. 19600

>> No. 19601
Wait, what?
>> No. 19602
[x] Pay a visit to the shrine.

>> No. 19603
enough with this shit...
>> No. 19604
[x] Pay a visit to the shrine.
>> No. 19605
YAF and HY trolling us all. YAF writing under HYs Trip.
>> No. 19607
File 122409889719.jpg - (206.80KB , 700x525 , 3478438.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19608
The shitstorm in HYs thread was also started by HY himself. YAF saw that HYs people are easy to troll and everything started.

HY greatest Troll on here after GM.
>> No. 19609
Okay, time we came clean, now people have started to work it out. Yes, those were updates written by YAF but posted by me. Maybe you will have learned something from this.

Also come on people! My style and YAF's style are nothing alike.

And now I hand CoMN back to YAF.
>> No. 19610
>Also come on people! My style and YAF's style are nothing alike, I am actually good.
>> No. 19611

Indeed I am.
>> No. 19613
We have learned something or had it reinforced - You are both sick, twisted trolls.

Incidentally, you're both great writers as well.
>> No. 19614
>Incidentally, HY is a great writer.

Fixed this for you.
>> No. 19615
Same predictable guy, over and over.
>> No. 19616
[x] Go back to the hideout. Who knows what you may find there.

Don't ignore the plot hook.
>> No. 19617
[x] Pay a visit to the shrine.

>> No. 19618
[x] Stop failing.
>> No. 19619
[x] Pay a visit to the shrine.
>> No. 19620
Alright, this could've been a lot better, but you guys couldn't take it easy. Too bad. Yeah, it was all just a troll, and while it wasn't as successful as yesterday's one, it was still moderately fun to watch it unfold. The few laughs I got helped me endure my stomach issues (nails in my instestines, or at least it felt like that). As paradoxical as that sounds. For that, I thank both you and HY.

More to the point, I'm kinda torn on how to continue from now on. Giddy's been bugging me to disregard those two updates that HY posted for me under his trip and re-do that fragment... And just so you know, I really like GD.

Still, I'd rather ask you before making any rash decisions.

[ ] Continue from >>19530 and do the kiss option.
[ ] Go on with the current plot branch.

One last thing, it was amusing to see how my work suddenly became awesome when posted under HY's trip. A bit disappointing too, but still amusing.
>> No. 19621
[X] Go on with the current plot branch.
>> No. 19622

Why not let HY continue then? Hm, maybe not a good idea, HY already has his hands full and we all know how Anon is tsundere for you YAF.

[X] Go on with the current plot branch.

Do want to see what will happen. I already have an idea of what's waiting for us (shit+fan=???), but it's always fun.
>> No. 19623
[x] Go on with the current plot branch.

I liked those last few updates.
>> No. 19624
[x] Continue from >>19530 and do the kiss option.
>> No. 19625
>Why not let HY continue then?

I'm afraid you got me wrong. Or I misunderstood something. Anyways, all HY did was post these updates here. I was the one who wrote them. That's what makes the fact that it's been called awesome so ironic.
>> No. 19626
[x] Go on with the current plot branch.

If only because this one's closer to getting back to Eientei.
>> No. 19627

I don't get what's the fun in it to do that. It was pretty obvious that you are trolling again with HY.

[X] Go on with the current plot branch.
>> No. 19628
[x] Go on with the current plot branch.
>> No. 19629
[X] Continue from >>19530 and do the kiss option.
>> No. 19630
[x] Go on with the current plot branch.

Sorry YAF, I know you want FukuxRenji, but to be honest, I don't like him (and before you ask, I'm not voting for shotacon Fuku either, but I guess that's a lost cause), plus I don't want to re-do things. Maybe they can/could be friends? You know, if/when Fuku decides to stop considering him a real man. Too bad it ain't gonna happen.

It must be tough YAF. To write something nice with something you'd like to happen in the story, while having to deal your audience.
>> No. 19631
[x] Go on with the current plot branch.
>> No. 19632
[x] Continue from >>19530 and do the kiss option.
>> No. 19633
[x] Go on with the current plot branch.
>> No. 19634
[X] Continue from >>19530 and do the kiss option.
>> No. 19635
[x] Go on with the current plot branch.
>> No. 19636
[x] Continue from >>19530 and do the kiss option.
>> No. 19637
[x] Go on with the current plot branch.

Pig disgusting.
>> No. 19640
[x] Go on with the current plot branch.
>> No. 19649
File 122415533186.jpg - (66.93KB , 799x597 , CoMN_Good_End.jpg ) [iqdb]

Yeah, it is. To be honest I'd not expected you to ditch Renji like that... Maybe I thought you'd keep thinking of him as a plot hook (which he stopped to be after arriving in Gensokyo) and stick to him, maybe I thought that there were more people fond of him, but it doesn't matter one way or the other. But to be honest, the worst part is GD getting angry at me.

Ehh, anyways, while I had to think up an entirely new course of events because of your little... rebellion, I've already come up with something good. Expect two or three updates today, depending on how fast will the votes come and how long will my stomach keep on killing me.

pic related, kinda
>> No. 19651

Oh, but I did think of keeping him. I was thinking there would be a choice to tell him to wait, you know? Like "I want you to leave...but not now." or something to that effect. Tsundere levels would be maximum.

The way he left was cool, and I really want to see what we're going to do now and how we're going to save our butts alone.

>But to be honest, the worst part is GD getting angry at me.

Wow, when, where? On IRC? How the hell did that happen?

>Expect two or three updates today, depending on how fast will the votes come

>and how long will my stomach keep on killing me.

You might want to have that checked up. It's been a few days, haven't it? Go see a doctor YAF, leaving it alone will only make it worse.

>pic related, kinda
>CoMN Good End

>> No. 19654
It's more fun if we try it on our own.
>> No. 19657
File 122416520216.jpg - (880.83KB , 1660x2400 , dcaa91f22acfc14f234f7721280388f7.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Wow, when, where? On IRC? How the hell did that happen?

Yeah, mostly on IRC. GD really got angry at me and HY for doing what we did. And perhaps at anon ditching Renji too. He was - like me - a supporter of RenjixFuku pairing.

>Go see a doctor

Nah, I'll just deiver a few 'packages' and I should be fine. Thanks for your worry though. It's nice to see that not everyone wants me to die in a fire.




[X] Pay a visit to the shrine.

"... eh."
No. That's a bad idea. If you ran into him there, it'd be more than awkward. And awkward situations between you and him are the thing you'd like to avoid the most right now. Especially after that...
You shake your head.
Besides, it's his hideout. You have the key, but that doesn't make it yours. Returning it is out of question, but you can't just simply claim it as yours either. Ehh, the best thing would be to just throw it away... Or keep it, but forget about it's existence. And that's what you're going to do. Let it find it's place on the bottom of your backpack.

Kinda relieved about solving the key issue, you turn your attention to the surroundings. There still aren't any people around, but seeing how the keeper of the public bath was back at her spot, the ceremonies at the shrine have apparently come to an end. That means the people are returning to their homes, places of work, and streets... That's not too good. The more people around, the more probability someone will remember your face, and if Kain ever comes here to look for you, as implausible as that sounds, this could only mean trouble. Then, where should you go?
Wait, it's logical. The people are returning from the shrine to the city, therefore the shrine should be empty now, right? Sounds good. You were never much of a religious person, but hell, does it matter now. Besides, aren't monks supposed to be offering shelter to those who need it? Of course, unless all of them are like that one perverted fuck you know...
Eh, anyways, it's better to try and see for yourself than rely upon assumptions.

As you near the shrine, more and more people come in view, sometimes walking in groups and chatting with each other. What's strange, is that they all are wearing the same kind of clothes - a kind of white robe with golden stripes on the sleeves and waist area... Perhaps it's another one of their customs? Could be. What's important is that despite your outfit, which kinda stands out in the white-gold crowd, nobody pays more attention than you would appreciate. At least that.
The scraps of conversations reach your ears, but not being 'in it', you don't really catch their meaning. Some stuff about 'pit god', 'ceremony' and 'Suwaku not attending yet again'... Suwaku. It's a name, right? Well, whatever.
Trying your best not to grab anyone's attention, you slowly make your way uphill - to the shrine.

And here you are - before it's doors. The structure itself resembles the one you've seen before, with eastern-style wooden walls and sliding doors, and no windows. Similarity is not striking, but it still makes you recall the events at the previous one, and wonder if all the people in charge here - monks or deputies - are insane. The village's looks alone are enough to make one ponder the reason behind it's preservation in XXI century. Unless this is some sort of national park or something along the lines. Which would explain some things. Like Kazuma asking if you're from 'the outside' when you first met. Eh, speaking of which... You kinda miss him. Yeah, next thing after this, you gotta find a way back to the clinic.
But now, the shrine. Knocking would be kinda pointless, as it's a shrine after all, so instead, you just boldly slide them open and walk inside.

Well, that's nice. The room you find yourself in looks like a place meant for worshippers to sit in and pray. While there are no chairs or benches, in their stead, someone put a bunch of pillows, varying in colour. Other than that, the only other points of interest are an altar of sorts and a big, wooden gate behind it... Not door - a gate. With big, metal handles and whatnot. Kinda out of place, but... Hell, it's none of your concern.
Throwing your backpack to the floor, you let your body fall onto one of the pillows and relax. You're safe. For now.

And not for long. Because not even a few minutes after you finally make your thoughts calm down, the gate opens slightly, revealing a man - judging from the posture - in the same white&gold garments as the people in the village... The only diffirence is that he's wearing a golden mask, which resembles a demonic face, with two blunt horns protruding from the top. He carefully closes the door behind him, before turning to face the rest of the room, and...
"... oh?" Suprise is clear in his voice when he notices a girl laying on the floor, looking at him curiously. So much for stealth. "I thought everyone went home already?" he begins to approach your lying figure, in a steady, slow pace "The ceremony has ended, why-- oh? You're not from here, are you?"
Great. There it goes. That phrase again. This can't mean anything good. And here you begun to enjoy the silence... Ehh, the peace is gone faster than you had anticipated it to. Pity.
You sit up and shake your head slightly, at which the monk stops in his tracks and reaches to his mask.
"In that case, I apologize. I thought you were one of the villagers. Let me introduce myself." he then takes it off "Sanzo Kotiya. Humble priest of Moriya and village's administrator. Pleased to meet you."
Woah. Woah, woah.
His politeness alone is enough to make you feel uneasy, and combined with his kind face and smile, it's really... The only thing that's off is the colour of his hair - bright green - but damn, you've seen worse. You can't stop your own hand that automatically raises to shake his.
"... Fukuzai Toorima..."
His smile gets even wider when you introduce yourself, more out of reflex than anything else.
"Well, how may this priest serve you?" How diffirent he is from that Reymont guy. This is how a monk should behave, right? Red-white fuck should learn a few things from this guy. "Looking for a shelter? Talk? Or would you like to take a tour around our shrine? Oh, I'm sorry." he suddenly makes a slight bow "I'm asking too many questions, forgive me. But those clothes - you're from the outside, right? I know the bastards of Human Village can get those for a reasonable price from Yakumo's company, but they don't come here anymore."
Huh, well you did hear something about a conflict between Moriya and Human Village... Looks like it was true after all. Would make sense that people from either don't visit each other if there's a collective dispute going on...

[ ] "... a tour? What is there to see?"
[ ] "... you're a monk. I want to confess."
[ ] "... is that weird? That I'm from 'the outside'?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... actually, I was just leaving."
>> No. 19658
Oh, almost forgot.

>The way he left was cool

This made me smile. Was it really?
>> No. 19659
[x] "... is that weird? That I'm from 'the outside'?"
>> No. 19660
[x] "... is that weird? That I'm from 'the outside'?"
>> No. 19662
[X] "... is that weird? That I'm from 'the outside'?"
>> No. 19664

I liked it. I thought it was pretty cool.

Not voting right now, lunch comes before reading.
>> No. 19665
>>But to be honest, the worst part is GD getting angry at me.
>Wow, when, where? On IRC? How the hell did that happen?

You see, GD tends to act like a real bitch on IRC. So one little thing not going how he wanted gave him a hissy.
>> No. 19666
[x] "... is that weird? That I'm from 'the outside'?"
>> No. 19667
>>19664 Voting now.

[ ] "... is that weird? That I'm from 'the outside'?"
[ ] "... you're a monk. I want to confess."

Confess your sins and save your soul.


Somewhat glad I don't go to IRC, even though I downloaded mIRC just for that.
>> No. 19668
[ ] "... a tour? What is there to see?"
[ ] "... is that weird? That I'm from 'the outside'? And what do you mean 'the outside'?"
>> No. 19670
[ ] "... is that weird? That I'm from 'the outside'?"
>> No. 19672
File 122417323568.jpg - (43.65KB , 640x480 , 712984abb94decb6f13170f608687491.jpg ) [iqdb]

Oi. Don't you badmouth my GD. He's the most likeable person in the channel, and he doesn't bitch more often than the other people are. Especially me. Bah, he doesn't bitch at all.


[X] "... is that weird? That I'm from 'the outside'?"

But more importantly, about that outside. Certainly, you can say that you're not from here, but you still don't have a slightest idea what does 'outside' really mean. The assumption you made earlier sounded reasonable, but to be honest, it was an unjustified one. And here is a chance to finally learn something about this place. But first thing first.
It's pretty safe to assume that you're from the outside then. And there is no apparent reason why you should not reveal that to this priest. Other than natural stuborness, but let's put it aside for now.
"... is that weird?" you sit up and position your butt on one of the pillows. The priest - Sanzo? - does the same, sitting across from you, probably out of politness that he seems to be emanating with. "That I'm from 'the outside', I mean."
"Oh no, not at all." he makes a light wave with his palm "Not weird at all. That's not what I meant."
"... hm?"
"You see," he leans towards you a bit "Not many people know this, but I'm from the outside too."
Yeah, cool and all that, but you still have no idea what that means. He's not from here, but what of it?
"... I see."
"Anyways, we haven't had any visitors from the outside for a long time. They used to stumble in every now and again, but since that Yakumo sided with Kamishirasawa and begun modernizing the village, we've been getting less and less of them. Most of the former outsiders settled down either here or under Kain's wings, and blended in... Oh!" he suddenly gasps as if remembering something "But I guess it doesn't interest you, eh?"
Indeed, it doesn't. Guess your face gave it away. Knowing a bit of background is nice, but it's not what you came here for. Bah, even this talk is against your plans in a way. Not that it matters now.
"... not really." you admit silently "Is it important?"
"If you indeed are new here, then yes, it could." he nods "Yakumo doesn't let in humans on a whim anymore, and ever since the strenghtening of the border, it's practically impossible to get in... Or get out, for that matter. Not unless you go and pay him for transportation."
So that blonde geezer is such a person, huh? Well, you don't really know what 'the border' is, but it sounds like some sort of cordon around this place, or something along the lines. If it's impossible to get in or get out, it has to be one strong fence. And how do they keep the - brrr - flying men from simply flying out? This is too complicated.
Still, there's one thing you need to clarify.
"... actually," you remark silently "Yakumo didn't let me in. I was brought here by... uh... someone else."
"Someone else?" he repeats your words with disbelief "What do you mean, someone else? There's someone else who can cross the border?"
Eh, it's not he will know who Marry and Renji are. And explaining it would take too much time... and too much effort. Tch, should have kept your mouth shut. Who would've guessed that this guy would be so curious about 'the outside'?
"I know it's rude, but if there is someone who can--"
"Listen," you interrupt his desperately sounding query "I have no idea what the hell is that border. I just found myself here by an accident, I don't even--"
"Master Sanzo!"
Like if karma wanted to have it's revenge on you, you too are interrupted by someone else, suprisingly not by the priest, but by the sudden opening of shrine's front doors and a voice you could swear you've heard before somewhere. A sigh escapes your lips as you turn around to face the intruder.
"Yes? What is it?"
The priest stands up and turns to the guy who came in as well. Uh, because of the light from outside, you can't make out his features, but his voice... You've really heard it somewhere before.
"Agents Shizuki and Minoru have returned from their mission, sir! They request an audience, sir!"
Shizuki...? Minoru...? You've heard those names before, haven't you? But who...
"Could you tell them to come later? I'm sort of busy here, as you can see. This girl wanted to confess her sins, and you know it's not polite to interrupt such things."
The guy at the door salutes...
"Sir, yes sir!"
... and turns around to leave...

[ ] "... wait. Don't mind me. They can come in, I wasn't doing anything important after all."
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... no, let them in. I was just leaving anyway."
>> No. 19673

I didn't say he bitched, I said that he is a bitch.
>> No. 19675

No, Anon. I am a bitch. Tetro is a bitch. Kapow is a bitch. Saguya is a bitch. But not GD.
>> No. 19676
[ ] "... wait. Don't mind me. They can come in, I wasn't doing anything important after all."

Giddy is a bitch but he's our bitch.

>> No. 19677

Everyone on the IRC is an asshole.
>> No. 19678
[x] "..."

I don't trust any of the voices we've "heard" before.
>> No. 19680
Hey, give me a chance to update once more today, okay? In the meantime, brb STALKAN.
>> No. 19682

I knew Shizuki was awefully familiar. They are the guards from the Human Village. Shit guys, Kain's coming for us.


We don't want any more trouble, do we?
>> No. 19683
[x] "..."
>> No. 19684
>Fuku was an ordinary girl, once. But she had some kind of condition that could be activated in a certain way. (I think only a handful of people knew about this, the silver and golden haired people in that dream she had being among the few, if not the only ones, who did.) And one day, someone did. She recounts the story to Kazuma as it being a friend that called her, but as we shall see --and have seen, if you've been paying attention to the plot-- Fuku's memory is not always reliable. Most likely, it was tampered with.
Fuku's condition was activated, causing her to go fucking nuts, and murder her entire family. Very little of her family's slaying has been discussed, but it was noted once, if not twice, that she had blood spattered on her shoes from then... which means she was AT the scene of the murders AS they were occurring --possibly as a bystander, but given the evidence (and who would just leave a witness like that), most likely as the perpetrator.

Did you make this based on >>18834
>You think you have memories. A family. An accident. Wandering. A meeting. And then this place. Were you forced to follow Renji here, or was he the one being manipulated? Did Aki commit suicide or... was he murdered? Brought down by something less than a human, something born to sleepwalk through life, until activated by a simple phrase, spoken by their kindly master...

>> No. 19686
[ ] "..."

>> No. 19687
[x] "..."
>> No. 19688
{X} "..."
>> No. 19689


Can you make YAF write again? He's still missing one update. Oh, and now that Fuku shaved, how about that nice frontal nude of her?
>> No. 19692
YAF loves to bitch and whine about everything. I hate and ignore him when he is not writing. Still, it is fun to see him trolling and makes me laugh.

[ ] "..."
>> No. 19742
Nope. Just made some good guesses, and followed a few reasonable paths along the dastardly mind of a Jew YAF.