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17615 No. 17615
[X] Go straight ahead (Kourindou, Human Village)

No time to loose. The faster you get it done the better, there will be a shitload of time to go sightseeing afterwards. Besides, if you go straight to the 'village', there will be a chance to ask about other places. And spot a place where you could spend the night at. There's no way you'd return to that shrine, unless someone forced you to. The godforsaken insane fetishist monk isn't exactly who you'd like to sleep around. And of course, those two idiots. There is a chance they'd do something as stupid as attempting to find you and bring you back, especially since you pretty much REVEALED the destination of your journey to that idiot, but what is the probability of them finding you in a place such as this? The village has to have at least few houses, and should they come, there should be a lot of places to hide and wait through their raid.
"... okay."
Freedom fills your soul with joy, and you set off, almost smiling, down the road, the one which leads towards your destination.


Collaboration of Missing Numbers v1.0
-Nosce te ipsum, veritas vos liberabit-

CHAPTER SECOND: Truth settled within
With a light breeze, a storm starts.


A bit unsettling stroll down a crude path, bathing in forest smells and noises finally comes to a temporal stall when you encounter an opening, an elongated hole in the neverending expanse of thicket and trees, entirely taken by a much more comfortable looking gravelled road. It's T-shaped branching you now encounter, emerging from behind the line of trees, without any roadsigns, gives you a scare, since you have no idea where to go from now on.
But it quickly disappears as you notice that one of the possible outcomes quickly ends on a wooden fencing, roughly two hundred or a bit more meters ahead, and that behind it, a lone house stands, built in what you take for a traditional style of this place. That is, it looks pretty much the same as the shrine did, with it's weak-looking walls and sliding doors. Topping it, you see a rather primitive tiled roof. Makes you wonder how those light walls endure it's weight... Oh well, architecture.

To the other side, you see the path disappear behind a turn, and lead somewhere away, probably towards the village, as this lone house could not possibly earn itself a name of even a 'farm', let alone 'village'.

[ ] Check out the house.
[ ] Ignore it. Proceed down the road.

>> No. 17616
[x] Check out the house.

Assuming this is Kourindou. May as well apologize for involving her in our ROARING RAMPAGE OF REVENGE.
>> No. 17618
[x] Check out the house.
>> No. 17619
{X} Check out the house.
>> No. 17620
Fukuzai's on the job!
[x] Ignore it. Proceed down the road.

"Know thyself, and the truth shall set you free", eh? (Had to look up at that first half, I admit.)
>> No. 17621
[X] Ignore it. Proceed down the road.
>> No. 17622
>Assuming this is Kourindou.
...interestingly, I never clued in to this possibility. Guess that's what I get for glossing over the vote section that says "(Kourindou, Human Village)".

Of course, it could just be an epic fakeout where Kourindou's further down the road and this is a house that Rumia's resting in. In which case I would RAGE and AWESOME.
>> No. 17623
[x] Check out the house.
>> No. 17624
[x] Check out the house.
>> No. 17625
[X] Check out the house.

Hm, a little detour shouldn't hurt, especially since you don't really have any idea where to go. And checking the nearer end of road would seem a good idea, faced with the apparently long way you'd have to cover before reaching that end of the road. Well then, as much of a waste of time it is, you give yourself a mental kick on the ass and emerge from between the trees, onward, towards the house.

The closer you get, the more details come in view. The door seems to be open, literally, and you can peer within the dark interior without problems. The wooden fence, composed of irregular planks and branches, seems to be a really makeshift one, or just made by an inexperienced hand. In a few places, it had already broken apart, and it seemed no one cared enough to fix it... Either the person living here is a very busy, or a lazy one, that is if... someone lives here.
And this sort of accomodation doesn't really look appealing. The walls are pierced in few places, bitten with the tooth of time. One of the wooden mini-columns holding up a small roofing at the entrance has been infected with a swarm of borers. If given a few more months, they'd probably spread further onto the structure of this house... Well, it's not your business that it's pretty much in ruin. Just the curiosity of seeing what's inside lures you inside the unlit hall...

The floor creaks dangerously as you step on it, making you whisper a curse. So much for stealth. If anyone living here is at home, he's already been warned of your presence. You squat down and listen carefully for any signs of someone approaching, but it yields no results.
Well then, it's time to penetrate and check out every corner of this abandoned house. Perhaps you'll find something useful that'd help you survive, as you often did back in those cities you lived in.


In the end, it turned out to be rather empty. The furniture was still here, and altough dusty and ragged, it hit you that there were no spiderwebs around, like one would usually imagine for them to be present in places that weren't visited for a long time... In the kitchen, there was a stale loaf of bread, nothing you couldn't utilize with a bit of water, but for some reason you came to a conclusion it would be better to leave it alone. In a fridge-like box, in the same room, you found only a rotten fish. In the cupboards, a few dead flies, nothing else.
For some reason, you're beggining to feel uneasy.
The other rooms too showed no sign of anyone being there in last few weeks.
This is really... unsettling...


Sudden noise from somewhere beneath your feet almost makes you jump up. Every little vein in seems to have burst and healed anew, leaving only a dull pain in the whole of your body. Same shock occured to your hair, which you can now feel standing up, unnaturally stiff against the skin on your head.
Your heart too is racing.
"... it... it was..." your voice sounds incredibly weak.
Somewhere under your feet, under that wooden floor. Something moved and caused a lot of noise.
Come to think of it... there was... a trapdoor here somewhere... leading to... a basement...?

[ ] Get out of here. NOW.
[ ] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.
[ ] Find the trapdoor, but don't open it. Listen.
>> No. 17626
[x] Find the trapdoor, but don't open it. Listen.

I want to see who it is.

At least here we can have a chance at ambushing the fucker when he comes out.

Unless it's a shark
>> No. 17627
[X] Find the trapdoor, but don't open it. Listen.
>> No. 17628
{X} Find the trapdoor, but don't open it. Listen.
>> No. 17629
[x] Get out of here. NOW.

Uh. Yeah.
>> No. 17630
[x] Find the trapdoor, but don't open it. Listen.
[x] Take your knife out of your backpack.

If we can get rid of this thing, we'll have a permanent residence.
>> No. 17632
[x] Find the trapdoor, but don't open it. Listen.
>> No. 17633
[x] Find the trapdoor, but don't open it. Listen.
>> No. 17635
[ ] Find the trapdoor, but don't open it. Listen
If nothing happens, then:
[ ] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.
>> No. 17636
File 12192639266.png - (133.68KB , 369x165 , blood.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Find the trapdoor, but don't open it. Listen.

Find... it...
That was sudden, it caught you off guard. Really, really scared you, for a moment. But this is nonsensical, right? It can't be anything out of the ordinary, right? Even if it is this house's owner you did nothing wrong, right? Even if he, or she, has a weird habit of sleeping in the basement, not cleaning the house, not caring about holes in walls, ruined roof and fence, not eating...
You swallow your saliva instinctively.
It has to be some sort of animal that fell there accidentially. It has to be. Then it's nothing dangerous, right?
"... goddamnit."
You give yourself a strong slap on the cheek. Crude, but effective method of getting the adrenaline running. The flaming pain in your skin returns the sharp reasoning back where it belongs. There is nothing to fear. If it's an animal, hell, it's in the basement, and if it haven't come out by now, why would it do so while you are here? Would it remain there if it could get out? Doubtable. And if it's a person? Well, only better then. At least you can talk with people and explain things. At least with some of them...

You silently proceed to where you think you saw the trapdoor. On tip toes, not to make any unnecessary noises, you fall on all fours, and hold back your breath. Only now you notice that despite it having a proper latch, there is no padlock on it. Well, if there was, there probably wouldn't be anything there in the first place. What a careless person, the one who lived there, leaving things so...


Another noise, but this time you were prepared for it. The constant, subsiding yet present humming of the blood in your ears gives it's domination away to the silent, yet undoubtedly apparent rustling beneath the floor.
And you wait, with all the muscles in your body tensed, waiting for something, not even knowing for what exactly, as the noises get closer and closer, louder and louder, clearly suggesting that someone - or something - intends to leave it's current position, or at least get closer to it's exit...
They stop. Now very close, very, VERY close, you hear irregular breathing.
... wheeze... wheeze....... wheeze.... yawn...
That something yawns. It... it's a human voice. And a young sounding one. That somehow puts you at ease. If it's a human, you can talk, and if he's (surely, it is a man, judging from the tone of that yawn) young, there is a possibility that he's actually of your kind... Sleeping in a place like this. Yeah, come to think of it, this house could serve nicely as a hideout.
Led by this sudden surge of confidence, you stand up and sigh, loud enough for the guy below to hear you. It would be bad if you were to suprise him so soon after he woke up, right? No matter the circumstances, the one kind-of-trespassing here is you. Maybe even a greeting, so that he'll feel more assured...

"I hear you."

But before you are able to come up with any response, the trapdoor jumps out of it's hinges. That's the last thing you see. Because split second after the basement's entrance has been revealed, you lose sight of everything around. As if a thick smoke ascended from that hole in the floor, darkness immidiately closes it's merciless fingers around you, blackening out everything, even the tip of your own nose. You can't see anything. Anything at all.
In panic, you try feeling around, but instead of getting a grip on the situation, you trip on something that you swear wasn't there before, and fall down, straight on your face.

The dust accumulated throughout all the days no one swept this corridor attacks your nostrils with biting violence. In response, you start coughing involuntarily.
"Here you are!"
Almost cheerful, but - for sure - excited voice reaches your ears seconds before something heavy lands on your back. Heavy and warm.
What the hell is going on?! What is this darkness?!
"Get... Off...!"
You try shaking off the assaulter, but the only thing you achieved were your arms being restrained, judging from the sensation, by his own hands.
What the hell does he want?!
"Ah, how nice!" he says again, with the same sickening voice, filled with joy "A breakfast, straight to my doorstep!" Breakfast? What does he mean? "And a girl at that... You are a girl, right?"
As if to confirm, he runs what you take is his foot down your side, stopping at your hips.
"Sto--?!" you try to scream out, only to have more dust enter your throat and nose. "Cough! Cough!"
"Only women have such wide pelvises, right? I wonder how your ribs look!"
Pelvises? Ribs? This guy is clearly a lunatic! Goddamnit, if you could only move...!

But you can't. Trying to break free of his grip yields no results. As if his fingers were iron bars, you can't make them turn a hair.
"I know it's pointless, but... any last words?"
He asks, with unchanging happiness. Last words? Up your ass!
"Let... me go!"
A moment of silence ensues.
".. wrong answer."

You don't even know when you lost sensation in your right arm. It came quickly. Suddenly, it wasn't attached anymore, and your shoulder received a slight amount of freedom. You could move... But for what?
Then, your left arm. And your legs.
Was it painful?
No, not one bit.
You've gone through enough pain in your life to make yourself resistant to it. Even if it was something as ridiculous as having your limbs ripped off. It was nothing compared to what your family had to endure...
"Turn around. Ah, but you can't."
You don't say anything when he grabs your sides and forcefully rolls your limbless body around, your eyes now gazing upon the pitch-black air. A wet dribble runs down from your lips, and onto your neck.
Pitch-black, where nothing can be seen.

Nothing except two glowing, red points, squinted in innocent delight.

Last thing you remember were those eyes, those terrifying, red eyes. Their mute prophecy of upcoming death.

And your last words.

"... mommy..."

>> No. 17637
File 121926417976.png - (74.17KB , 321x412 , fuku-wat2.png ) [iqdb]
Welcome under Fukuzai's brigdge.

Oookay. Let's see. So, this time, you've walked right into a classic noises-in-another room trap. You know, haven't you seen any horror movies? If there are noises behind a door, then after you lean against it to hear better, an axe will pierce them, barely missing your head. I guess it works the same way here - something jumps out of a trapdoor. But, who am I to judge you guys? I'm just a little, homeless girl...

... fucking idiots.

Continue from last choice:

[ ] Get out of here. NOW.
[ ] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.
>> No. 17638


[ ] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.
>> No. 17639
Also, sorry for the delay, I was busy re-playing Arx Fatalis. Damn, goblins in that game are SO FUNNAY I can't stop facepalming.
>> No. 17640
[X] Get out of here. NOW.
>> No. 17641
Was this spoiled on an IRC channel or something? Or are you YAF? Because what the hell.

[x] Get out of here. NOW.
>> No. 17642
[x] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.

Rumia, let's talk to him.
>> No. 17643
[x] Get out of here. NOW.

Nah, I just have a habit of speculating about what could go wrong. That I actually nailed which youkai it would be was luck.
>> No. 17644
[ ] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.

Surely, no problem will come with this.
>> No. 17645
[x] Get out of here. NOW.

I don't see how that other choice is going to be any different from the one we just got. That, and Rumia's boring.
>> No. 17646
[ ] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.

Let's meet as much people/youkai as we can.
>> No. 17647
[x] Get out of here. NOW.

Moving on.
>> No. 17648
>[ ] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.
What, and die twice in a row? Come on, Anon, you haven't blown it that badly since the shrine encounter with Red back during Reimu Route. Don't fail me now.
>> No. 17649
[ ] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.

Adventure spirit, where? Did you lose your balls? It is not certain this one will lead us to certain death, we can talk Rumi(?) into letting us go, even seduce him lol.

Don't act like everything is written already.
>> No. 17650


[ ] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.
>> No. 17651
File 121926747440.png - (35.00KB , 736x736 , awesomer.png ) [iqdb]

Hell yes, let's try to talk a hungry people-eating youkai into letting us go or even try to make some moves on him when he very clearly hungers for Soylent Green! In fact, we actually DID try to talk him into letting us go in that BAD END and look at how well it turned out.

You're crossing the thin line between "adventurous spirit" and "suicidal stupidity".

[x] Get out of here. NOW.
>> No. 17652
[x] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.

Rumi relies entirely on predator-prey communication to let him know what he's supposed to eat, making him easily duped.

Don't give off prey signals (like freezing or flight), and he won't attack. Probably.
>> No. 17653
What the hell..
>> No. 17655
If listening by the door where the horror movie noise came from gets us labeled "fucking idiots", walking INTO the room where the creature who JUST KILLED us rests is just goddamned retarded.

Pinning your hopes on a choice that makes no sense isn't "adventuring spirit", it's "gee, the author hasn't slammed into my head that stupid choices get me killed".
>> No. 17657
Hm, Arx just crashed, thanks to my pesky visual studio corrupted install, I wonder if I should run it again... Hm, I guess I'll just see /shrine/ and get back to pla--... Goddamnit anon.

Writing now, or rather, as soon as my laptop boots.
>> No. 17658
[X] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.
>> No. 17659

Rumi isn't close enough to do that again. We got killed because we waited it to come close to the door, from where he could just burst out and chop our head off. Enter now and he won't have the element of surprise AND will be too far away to reach us without us habing a chance of escaping.
>> No. 17662
Rumi's a superhuman monster. Fukuzai's a sick human. And if we're entering the room, it means Fukuzai's brave/clueless enough that she may get far too close to Rumi. Want to give me odds on whether Fuku can escape in time?

Charging off into the Forest of Magic or some other location a few choices back would have been adventuring spirit. This is something else.
>> No. 17663
[X] Get out of here. NOW.

No. No, no, no, no, no! No matter what it is, hell, it could be even a gold elephant for all you care, you are NOT going to check it out. No way in hell! That sudden noise alone was enough to scare the shit out of you, and you'd rather die than investigate what made it. It could be just an animal, but it could as well be some psycho living in this seemingly abandoned house, and fuck, you'd rather let a sawfish give you an enema than get close to whatever lurks under this floor.
That is what the whole of your body and mind tells you to do.
And you are more than happy to oblige.

Like a scared cat, you quickly give the surroundings a last, fleeting glance, then launh forward with the speed worth a burning pidgeon. Whatever is down there, it's not going to catch you alive.

Through the ruined porch, short path, and over the fence, you run, run, and run. The gravelled road, and trees passing by as you give in to the most primal instinct.

And don't stop until the damn house is out of view. Until it disappears behind the trees. Only then you allow yourself to come to a stop, and catch some air. Your lungs are burning, even after this rather short distance. Heh, fear. What it does to people.
"Whew... whew... whew..."
Your breathing slowly reaches it's normal rhytm, and the surge of adrenaline gradually retreats from your thoughts, leaving you free to wonder...
"What the hell was that about?"
Seriously, it was just a noise, why were you so scared in the first place? It caught you off guard, yes, but you've been to more fear-inducing places before. Why did it make you retreat in such haste? Really, either you've gotten used to warm bed and being indoors, or something's wrong with your head.
"Haha.... hahaha.... Hahahahaha!"
Strength escapes your legs like if they were bottles full of holes, unable to keep the water within. You fall on your ass, onto that gravelled road. And laugh. Out of pity for your own stupidity, you laugh.
"Hahahahahaha! Ahahaha!"
How refreshing. Really, you're so embarassed with your own acts that you can't even stop thinking about it. Why were you so scared? Why the fuck did you run away? Goddamnit.
Thank god no one was there to see it...
"Hahaha... haha... what."
With dumb bewilderment, you take notice of your own thoughts. No one was there to see it...? Holy damn, and if there was, what of it?! Get a grip of yourself, Fukuzai, you're on a goddamn job!
That's right! Job! Your godforsaken responsibility you decided to take on! You're a fucking postgirl, now get that ass off the ground and just proceed as ever! That's right, just like this! Now move those legs!
"Village, village..."
It has to be in this way. You haven't encountered any other roadsigns, and since the only other direction leads to that house, this has to be it. Besides, even if it isn't, every road leads somewhere, right?

It turns out you were pretty much right. Swerve after swerve, you finally see something other than just trees behind another one of them.
Instead of letting out a sigh of amazement, you halt in your tracks as an unbelivable sight comes in view.

It's a goddamn city.

Fuck, not just a village, though the buildings are all built in a slightly outdated brick&wood style, but the sheer number of them makes you suprised that you haven't noticed anything before. Yeah, there are trees all around, but shouldn't there be more signs... of presence... of such edifice? More roads? Or cars coming to and fro? Yet there was nothing...

You slowly descend from the hill, and towards what seems to be a symbolic, wooden gate, with two guards, dressed in medieval protective garment guarding it with some kind of rifles on their backs, and swords at their belts... Wow, what a mix of cultures. Almost like if they were trying to preserve old traditions while staying up to date with modern inventions... Dumbasses. Well, at least it gives a good impression of those people, that they care so much about their folklore...
And the city itself, well, as much impressive as it looked from the distant hill, it looks much worse now that you're up close. Yeah, the buildings are, as you noticed before, built in old style, but not only do they look old, their state suggests considerable age as well. And the streets... Well, as long as you can call crudely polished bricks, arranged chaotically on the ground a street, everything's in right order.

The two guards straighten up as you approach the gate. One of them even cared enough to give you an unsure salute.
"G-good morning, miss!" Oh. It's a woman. Unexpected, but those helmets don't really let you see her facial features... It could be anyone. Not that you care. "Welcome to our humble city, Genyak!"
Genyak? What kind of name is that? Sounds almost like if a yak took a shit on his genes... Or at least that's your first connotation.
"Julie, not so--" the other guard, a woman as well, scolds her enthusiastic friend, but is quickly interrupted.
"C-Can I be of any s-s-service to you?!"
She shouts, way too loud for such a question. Shut up, will you...

[ ] "... why not. It's my first time here. What can you tell me?"
[ ] "... shut your mouth... You're noisy...", then just proceed into the city.
[ ] "... Hieda Aki. Where."
[ ] Ignore her. Proceed into the city.
>> No. 17664
[x] "... why not. It's my first time here. What can you tell me?"
[x] "... Hieda Aki. Where."

Sometimes Anonymous is just too stupid to breathe.
>> No. 17665
[x] "... why not. It's my first time here. What can you tell me?"
[x] "... Hieda Aki. Where."

It's a relief to chat with someone without the taint of Renji around. But, business is business.
>> No. 17666
[x] "... why not. It's my first time here. What can you tell me?"
[x] "... Hieda Aki. Where."
>> No. 17667
[x] "... why not. It's my first time here. What can you tell me?"
[x] "... Hieda Aki. Where."
>> No. 17668
[x] "... why not. It's my first time here. What can you tell me?"
[x] "... Hieda Aki. Where."
>> No. 17669
[x] "... why not. It's my first time here. What can you tell me?"
[x] "... I have a letter to deliver to Hieda Aki. Can you direct me to her primary residence? Or to someone else who would where that is?"

We're not acting as Fuku, the bitchy street urchin. No, now we're Fukuzai, interdimensional postgirl. Fukuzai takes pride in her work.
>> No. 17670
>[X] Find the trapdoor, go inside. You have to check it out, no matter how scary it is.
>[X] Get out of here. NOW.


First the votespams. You said it was because of lack of votes. Now you write for what has LESS votes?

What the fuck is wrong with you YAF? You manage to look worse with every update.
>> No. 17671
Just copy and paste the bad end.
>> No. 17672

Maybe he's doing first to five?
>> No. 17673

First to five when I'm here.
>> No. 17674
Feh, cowards, the lot of you. Just because one choice led to a BAD END doesn't meant the other will.


Character who hesitate die killed by the monsters. Main Character who face them don't.


Not sick yet.
>> No. 17677
[X] "... why not. It's my first time here. What can you tell me?"
[X] "... Hieda Aki. Where."

Annoying woman. Or should you call her a girl? Though this armor makes her look pretty large, her voice betrays her rather young age, and constant stuttering - lack of experience in the profession she seems to have taken on... But seeing the enthusiasm she showed when you appeared... She must've thought you're going to be an easy target for some 'whyhellotherethisisherethereisthat' treatment... Almost like a tour guide, but it kinda suits the image. Guards, old-looking buildings, no cars... It's almost like if you ended up going back in time. Only their guns look disturbingly new, and kinda ruin the image of medieval setting. Someone didn't do his homework here.
But yeah, even though she's annoying, her services would be appreaciated, since you have no idea where to start looking for your recipent. And, if you are to stay here for a longer time, getting to know the place would be useful as well.
Looks like this is your lucky day, 'Julie'.
"... why not." you shrug neutrally, not to give her a too friendly impression "It's my first time here. What can you tell me?"
Her eyes, visible through a small gap in her helmet seem to light up when you finally agree to receive her injection of information.
"First time?" she asks a nonsensical question "I knew it! Those clothes, you're from the outside, right? No way you'd get them anywhere else!"
Uh... That didn't make much sense. Outside, yeah, but why nowhere else...? This is ridiculous. Why is she asking about your clothes in the first place? Didn't you just agree to listen to her introduction of the city? Get on with it!
You give her a cold stare as she giggles, for no apparent reason, to herself. What an annoying person. Is everyone here an idiot or what?
"Julie." the other guard suddenly says, and you are suprised to find her appear out of nowhere behind your back. How the hell did she move so silently in this armor?! "I'll take this from here, okay? You go and make some tea."
"But--" the young one tries to protest.
With resignation, 'Julie' fixes her sheath and obediently departs, towards what looks like a small shack. Finally, her squealing has just started to be annoying.
"I apologize. She's kind of new to this."
You turn silently to the sneaky woman and give her an equally cold stare you gave 'Julie'. At least this one seems to have catched the drift, as she clears her throat in an overly theatrical way.
"Ahem! This here, is town of Genyak, named that by our Maire De Village, as he wants us to call him. But I guess that's of no interest to you. The city is divided into four districts, each of the same size. Think of it as a circle, divided into four equal pieces. In the middle, is our city hall, which also serves as the abode of Yakumo Jump company. Don't let the name fool you." she remarks, noticing your mild confusion "They're no athletes, if that's what you thought. If you need to get somewhere far away, just go and ask there. To the point." she clears her throat again "This here is the Artisan District. People have their workshops and studios here. To the west, there's warehouse district. You don't want to go there at night. To the east, we have the Trading District. Shops, stalls, restaurants - if you're looking for those, go there. And finally to the north, there's Residental District. By the way, the Artisan is on South. This is the south gate." she points at the ground beneath her feet, where you instinctively follow with your eyes. South gate, okay. Now you've got a pretty settled image of the city in your head. No details, but that can be easily fixed. "Anything else?"
She stares intently at you, probably hoping that you'd go away already, judging from her tone. Too bad you have another question.
"Hieda Aki." you slowly recite the name of your recipent "Where."
The guard stays silent for a moment before answering.
"That carefree writer? Are you looking for him?" you answer with a nod "His house should be in the Residental District, look for a building with a small frontyard... Can I ask why?"
Residental, frontyard. Great. Now you've got everything you need.
Not wasting any more time, you turn away from the guard and start your march into the Artisan District.
"Hey!" she shouts after you.
And you just raise your hand in a lazy farewell.
"I'm a time-travelling postgirl, I guess."

The city itself turned out to be pretty similiar to the ones you've seen in history books and TV shows about industrial revolution, back when you were still slightly interested in such things. Relatively tall buildings (altough nothing compared to skycrapers or just ordinary blocks of flats), built mostly with red brick and other primitive materials. Very... diffirent from what you had opportunities to see up till now. And kind of refreshing too.
It looks like it's still quite early, despite you having strolled along that gravelled road for what seemed to be an eternity, as most of the workshops - tailor's, gunsmith, and even - sic - blacksmith - are still closed. People don't wake up here early, do they? A few jaywalkers almost bump into you accidentialy, but they simply apologize and keep walking, making nothing of your... outstanding garment. They were wearing some kind of woolen vests and shirts - a fitting outfit for a generic factory worker...
Now then, looks like you''ll have to pass through most of the city anyways on your way to your recipent, but would it be wise to take any detours?

[ ] No detours. Eyes on target.
[ ] What the hell is that Yakumo Jump about?
[ ] Don't go there at night, she said... What about going there at daytime though?
[ ] Shops? Would be nice to know where to buy food.
>> No. 17678

Oh, so you know what will happen in the story even before YAF writes it?

[X] No detours. Eyes on target.

After the job is done:
[X] What the hell is that Yakumo Jump about?
[X] Shops? Would be nice to know where to buy food.
>> No. 17679
[ ] No detours. Eyes on target.
>> No. 17681
[ ] What the hell is that Yakumo Jump about?

We need to know.
>> No. 17682
[x] What the hell is that Yakumo Jump about?
>> No. 17683
[x] What the hell is that Yakumo Jump about?

Seems not only are all Touhous male, but the human Village is not rural anymore.

I wonder what else did change around here. Did male Yukari get the president of his own company and now rules over Gensokyo?
>> No. 17684
[x] No detours. Eyes on target.

We'll see Yukari on the way out.
>> No. 17686
[x] No detours. Eyes on target.

We can go sightseeing once we get the job done.
>> No. 17687
[x] No detours. Eyes on target.
>> No. 17688
>If you need to get somewhere far away, just go and ask there. To the point.

Yeah, somehow I don't think we want to go there before taking care of this letter business.

[x] No detours. Eyes on target.
>> No. 17693
See the image at >>17466. We've already incremented the illness variable twice. That might be only a lead-up to that one bad end, but I find it more likely that the illness is a plot point which won't be discarded so simply. Which means Fukuzai is already ill, but it hasn't reached the stages of totally screwing us over yet.
>> No. 17694
[x] No detours. Eyes on target.
Maybe we'll finally get some money. More independence from Renji.

But that doesn't apply, because main characters generally don't face horror movie antagonists. They run the hell away for most--if not all--of the movie 'cause the antagonists have all the cards.
>> No. 17698
[ ] No detours. Eyes on target.
>> No. 17705

The infection is not strong enough to affect Fuku yet, so without any symptons it's like it never existed. Facing Rumi probably wouldn't increase the infection, all he/she can do is a bubble of darkness around her, and unless the disease is dark element based, nothing would happen to it.
>> No. 17706

But they do face it, sooner or later, to destroy it.
>> No. 17707
>Yakumo Jump company. Don't let the name fool you." she remarks, noticing your mild confusion "They're no athletes, if that's what you thought. If you need to get somewhere far away, just go and ask there. To the point.

inb4 Yukari is our employer and payment was delayed due to her sleeping all day.
>> No. 17711
>The infection is not strong enough to affect Fuku yet
I'm not so sure about that. For instance, Fukuzai's constitution seems weaker than usual in >>17566:
>When you wake up though, you don't feel any more rested than you felt before falling asleep. In fact, you feel even worse.
I wouldn't put it past YAF to be hinting at the illness with this.
>> No. 17714

Hm, yeah, maybe. But it's still not enough to stop Fuku from running, is it? Specially now, when the sun still bright and shiny, something that Rumia hates the most.

Yeah, no one thought of that, did they? Not even me did...
>> No. 17715
>> No. 17721
It occurred to me early on, when considering the possibility of Fukuzai being safe after escaping outside into the sunlight. Unfortunately, Rumia's manipulation of darkness means sunlight probably wouldn't pose a serious problem unless Rumia was feeling especially lazy.
>> No. 17723
[ ] No detours. Eyes on target.

The sooner we get this over, the sooner we can molest Rinnosuke.
>> No. 17724
updates, Anon demands it.
>> No. 17726
He's out socializing. Said he'd be back in the evening.
>> No. 17728
Yesterday i saw him post on /jp/ saying he was bored.
>> No. 17729

Bored with posting Reimu pics, which is what I was doing back then there.

But yeah, I've been out socializing today, beer, cards, talkan, etc. Will get to work... Maybe today.
>> No. 17730
It's already 20:35
Better write something for when i am back.

>> No. 17735
Quit playing with your pokeyman cards and write already
>> No. 17737

>> No. 17739
Ya, sorry guize, but as I finally regained my motivation yesterday, my ISP seemed to have decided that I do not deserve access to interwebs while it's storming outside. Pussy.

Anyways, good thing is, that it made me write something. And here it is.


[X] No detours. Eyes on target.

Nah, as much as appealing the prospect of sightseeing and scouting sounds, duties first, pleasures after - as the old saying goes. Show must go on as well, and you find yourself marching quite confidently through the unknown streets, in the direction the town guard showed you, as well as towards the tip of some kind of tower, undoubtedly the so-called 'city hall', clearly visible despite the considerable height of buildings around you. Quite an useful landmark, if you can say so. Makes you wonder why would anyone build something so high in a place like this. For what purpose? Either it really has some sort of meaning, or the person residing inside is an insane bafoon, so full of himself that he'd want to show everyone around: 'I'm da biggest and da strongest! You all listen to me!'. Or, he's simply compensating for something. What a nuisance.

And indeed, after a few minutes you emerge from Artisan's labirynth and straight onto a plaza, with the ridiculous tower marking it's center. It's quite big, and no doubt, judging by the amount of trash scattered around, it has many visitors every day. Well, not now, as there is almost no living soul outside, not counting occasional passerbys, rushing off, every single one in his own direction. Well, it's not that bad, now that you think about it. The more people notice you - the worse, and those circumstances are very... positive for your cover.
Passing by it, you notice that the tower looks rather otherwordly, neighboured by all those red brick buildings, while it itself is made of some sort of very dark stone, almost violet in colour. They seem to be polished with utmost care, as every single inch is so clear you could use it as a mirror. If they weren't so dark, that is, those stones. On the other side, the Residental District's side, there is a set of equally dark stairs, only those are less than clean, dirt and mud marking the fact that many people seem to visit this place.
And that big sign above the giant double doors, with a caption in bushy writing... What the hell are those characters? Chinese? Japanese?

Well, as for now, it doesn't concern you, since you have a job to do. Residental District stands open to your intrusion, and with it's clean streets, it's almost like if it was inviting you inside...

House with a small front yard, she said. And indeed, there were no other houses with front yards except this one. And quite a peculiar one it is, too. Full of flowers, or rather, the same kind of flowers, everywhere. Light purple petals and white center. This person has to obsessed with them or something...
"Hieda... Aki, huh?"
You silently repeat this name as you near the big door, and knock on it.
For a moment, nothing happens, but then a serie of noises from behind it betrays, that the owner indeed is inside, and in rather deep trouble, seeing how the cacophony is accompanied by a young, male voice, yelling in pain. For a second, you are compelled to bust inside and check what the hell is going on, but quickly discard that thought.
Instead, you just wait for the pained groans to come very close, then put on a serious expression.


The door opens, revealing a rather... unexpected sight. A young guy, in fact, very young guy, with unnaturally purple, short hair, dressed in what reminds you of those traditional eastern garments, one piece bathing robe, or something along the lines, in flowery pattern. Uh, obsessed with flowers, huh? For some reason, you feel a strange hollowness while looking at his ruffled hair, as if there was something missing there...
"... uh... yes? Can I help you?"
Judging by the tone, he seems to have just woken up. Really, do people here...
But it doesn't matter. You quickly take the envelope out of your backpack, and flick it in the air.
"Hieda Aki, I presume?" you try asking. He nods. "I've got a letter for you."
Uh oh. At the mention of word 'letter', his face lights up so that it looks almost ridiculous, given his obviously messed up state of clothing and hair. Why's he so happy anyways?
"A letter!" he almost screams out. What a noisy person... "I haven't received one since forever!" he takes a step back and gives you a slight bow "Come in!"
And you answer with a mild scowl.
"... I'd rather not..."
"I said come in! Don't just stand there!"

In the end, he made nothing of your rejections, and simply pulled you inside the narrow corridor against your will. Oh well. Might as well give up now and see how it develops. Maybe he'll give you some useful info or some cash for the trouble or whatever... But what kind of person pulls strangers inside his house? Does he feel assured because you're a girl? Seriously, idiots, everywhere. You're asking for a serious beating, Aki...
"That's an unusual outfit for a mailman, isn't it?" he asks as he guides you further into the house "You got it at Yukarion's, right?"
And you just keep silent, not wanting, or knowing how to answer. He doesn't seem to mind either.

"Just wait here, I'm going to grab some tea and cookies!" he says, after seating you inside one of the rooms, which are all, as you noticed, drowning in books "Mom and dad are on a trip, but I should do just fine!"
Before you're able to say that, no thanks, you don't want tea, he disappears in another room. Okay, so to summarize, you're home alone, dragged a stranger into your house, and left him alone with your belongings in this room... You're either very trusting or very stupid, Aki. Or both. Yeah, most probably it's both.
You lean back a little on the floor (why don't they have chairs here?) and sigh. This is getting annoying...
Out of boredom, you take a look around the room, and notice that not only books flood the floor, but loose sheets of paper as well, some full of bushy characters, some full of normal letters, and some empty. Oh, a carefree writer, huh? Now it makes sense.

[ ] Wait patiently.
[ ] Go see what he's doing.
[ ] Make a mess. Or at least a bigger mess than there already is.
[ ] See what this kiddo might be writing.
[ ] Grab a random book.
[ ] Open the envelope.
>> No. 17743
>I'm da biggest and da strongest! You all listen to me!

I laughed.

[x] See what this kiddo might be writing.
>> No. 17749
[x] See what this kiddo might be writing.
[x] Grab a random book.

Need to gain some info on the creatures of this world.

Also, is Aki ℳℴℯ enough to awaken Fuku's long-lost maternal feelings?
>> No. 17751
[x] Open the envelope.

I gotta see what's in these things. Aki probably won't mind, he seems absolutely overjoyed to have company.
>> No. 17752
{X} See what this kiddo might be writing.
>> No. 17754
[X] See what this kiddo might be writing.
[X] Grab a random book.

Aki's earnestness is cute, whereas Renji's is just annoying.

Also, Fuku takes her postgirl job seriously, and would never tamper with the delivery; her work ethic is the only think she can afford to be proud of.
>> No. 17755
[x] See what this kiddo might be writing.
[x] Grab a random book.

ℳℴℯ~ Aki is ℳℴℯ~
>> No. 17756
[x] See what this kiddo might be writing.
[x] Grab a random book.

The kid ain't so bad. Yet.
>> No. 17761

Do want Mother Fuku.
[x] See what this kiddo might be writing.
[x] Grab a random book.

Unfortunatly, not going to vote for seeing him now because I want updates and this has votes.

>[ ] Open the envelope.

I don't know if this is plot or just bad.
>> No. 17769
Hello anon

I just drank a pint of piss

If you were on skype you would of heard it

I ta was delicious

tasted like water
>> No. 17770
btw I am uboa
>> No. 17771
btw yaf is rather sexy on the webcam

I'd fap to him if i could
>> No. 17773
Go be a faggot somewhere else
>> No. 17774

yaf said I could ba a fagot her so shut up
>> No. 17777
YAF is a camwhore.
>> No. 17795
[x] See what this kiddo might be writing.
[x] Grab a random book.

Well, his hospitality is one thing, but the mess he seems to live in is another. At least consider your guests' feelings a bit, if you're so eager to have them over! How the hell do you even move around in all this clutter? Not that it concerns this one particular guest, but damn, have some fucking manners. What the hell is all this shit anyway? It looks pretty much like handwriting from here, but who'd write his thoughts and let them scatter all around on loose sheets? Notebooks are there for a reason...
Uh, to your own suprise, you find yourself actually drawn, compelled even, towards seeing what it is that he could be writing. Curiosity? Yeah, that's it. Why? Maybe it's just the idle wait that makes you want to actually DO something instead of sitting around inactively. If you have to endure it anyway, you may as well try seeing his work...

And so you pick up the first piece that looks to be written in legible writing, then run your eye over it. Actually, half of the page is written in the same (or not) bushy alphabet you've seen on city hall's doors, and the other half seems to be it's translation. You disregard the mess on the left side and instead read the proper part - the one written in english.

History Eating Half Beast
Caine (Kain) Kamishirasawa

The head line itself makes you cringe. History-eating? Half-beast? Now what in the deepest fiery abysses of hell is THIS? No, this guy didn't look too normal from the very beggining, but damn, this is just simply ridiculous. Propestrous, even. No, seriously.
Sighing, you ignore the embarassment of reading such a thing, and skip over to the next part.

Ability: Power of consuming history (when human)
Power of creating history (when animal)

Okay, to summarize. Half-beast, feeding on HISTORY, named after a goddamn biblical figure. This makes a whole lot of damn sense, now doesn't it. Cool story, kiddo, really, very original. Yeah, you'd expected him to be a... weirdo, from all those books and stuff, but 'weirdo' simply doesn't cut it.

Threat level: Low
Human friendship level: High
Main place of activity: Human Village

Great, it even has THREAT LEVELS and FRIENDSHIP LEVELS. What a nice world he has in his head... And look! There's even a human village, just like here!
"I'm back~!"
His sudden return suprises you so much you find yourself frantically hiding the piece of paper behind your back. What the hell ARE you doing?
And he simply disregards your weird behaviour, and places a tray, with a pot and two cups on it, on the table before you. Uh, he won't notice one misplaces sheet while there's so much of them here, right? He couldn't...
Wait, why would you even care? He's just a client, you're probably not going to ever see him again. Why the tension? Relax, Fuku, calm the fuck down.
Aki sits on the other side, and stares intently at you without a word, a sickeningly innocent smile stretching his lips. Ugh, what does he want?
"... uh." Yeah, right, you're here about business. The letter, the letter... "Yeah, here you go."
Acknowledging his mute question, you hand him the envelope and shrug weakly as he takes it with visible joy. What the hell, hasn't he ever received a letter or what? He acts so childishly it reminds you of that boy back at the shrine... Well, he does look young, but... No, actually, he IS pretty freaking young. How old is he? 13? 14? 15 at most, there's no way someone this--
"Who is it from?" he suddenly asks.
"... uh." and you can only shrug again "I have no idea. I just deliver them."
Seems like he's not so keen on opening it just yet. Well, you could leave already, since, well, you can't quite get any confirmation whether he has received the envelope or not, but you don't really care. They'll know anyway. As always. You just want to make sure he actually OPENS the damn thing instead of throwing it into this mess and forgetting about it, which he would most probably do. Call it a mission, or whatever, you just want to see that he 'received' it and there, you'll be going. Now open it, damn you!
"Haha~, I wonder what is it~"
And he seems to be completely oblivious to your suggestive, angry stare. He just continues to play around with the envelope, savouring the moment or whatever. OPEN IT. OPEN THE ACCURSED ENVELOPE ALREADY. GOD FUCK, WHAT ARE YOU, A 9 YEARS OLD GIRL?! BE A MAN! GET TO THE FUCKING POINT!
AT LAST. At fucking last he FINALLY notices that you're still waiting for something! Thank god! Thank everything that could be watching you from above, FINALLY.
Yes! That! Open it! Yes!
Fucking yes, he rips the top of the envelope, and altough he's doing it VERY slowly, as if not to damage anything inside, you're extremely grateful that he did it. Great. Now the deed is done, and as he runs his eye over the contents with a rather blank face, you stand up and grab your backpack.
"... I'll be going then."
Huh? Now what the hell is it about?
"... yeah?"
He points his little finger to a place on the letter you can't see from where you are. Then falls silent. Uh... yes? What is it now? Can I go already? Goddamnit.
You give him a meaningful stare, and he seems to get the idea.
"Um, it says so right here that I need to read this number out loud for you, and you have to write it down... Or something like this..."
"Huh? I don't even have anything to write, just--"
"It's seventy five..."
What a stubborn kid.
"Look, I tell you, I don't have--"
"One hundred, one hundred and five!"


In the end, it all went as usual. You 'wrote' the number down, thanked him and left. Yeah, just like always. Nothing special about this one.
Now then, you feel really refreshed after this little ordeal, and are now somehow gladder to face the unknown city's labirynths. Maybe the work has that kind of blessing influence on you. Maybe.

[ ] Yakumo Jump
[ ] Artisan, look around the workshops.
[ ] Take a stroll in the Residental district.
[ ] Shops? Take a look around.
[ ] Leave the village
>> No. 17797
[x] Yakumo Jump
>> No. 17798
[x] Back to Aki

She wants him, it seems like Fuku has a thing for little boys.
>> No. 17802
[x] Shops? Take a look around.

Do something Nanaya was too pussy to do and put that damn clothes shop keeper in her place.
>> No. 17803
[x] Yakumo Jump

But that would mean actually meeting that dreadful lesbian furry. Do not want.
>> No. 17804
[x] Yakumo Jump
>> No. 17805
[x] Yakumo Jump

Road trip!
>> No. 17806
[x] Yakumo Jump
>> No. 17809
>"It's seventy five..."
>What a stubborn kid.
>"Look, I tell you, I don't have--"
>"One hundred, one hundred and five!"

75 100 105

A phone number?

[x] Dial the number he gave you into your phone.
>> No. 17810
[x] Yakumo Jump

Okay. Now that the deed has been done, you may as well explore the city further. And the most interesting part of it appears to be that weird-ass city hall you've passed by before. It had... That otherwordly atmosphere to it, and you're sure that inside, it would not be much diffirent from how it is outside. But still, very diffirent from what surrounds it. Now, if the inhabitants are as outstanding as their home is, this could get interesting.
You ignore the rumbling in your stomach, and quickly set off down the tidy street, leaving the careless writer's home far behind. For some reason, you get a feeling you shouldn't come here anymore. Why? Maybe because that guy was way too friendly, and if you visit him again, well, you could get too familiar with him... Which is always a bad thing, to get attached to someone. Yeah, this ought to be it. So, better not to visit this place.

"... never again."

The trip back to the peculiar building went uneventful, not counting a few passerbys who paid no attention to you at all, and much shorter than it took you to get to Aki's house from here. Getting familiar with the pattern of streets, aren't we. Well, that's one good thing in a sea of misfortunes. Oh wait, there's also that thing with finally getting rid of Renji... But then again, there's a possibility he might be looking for you already, and since he knows where you are...
Well, it's not like you're a fucking GPS transmitter, he can't simply follow a signal and find you right away, and since this city is quite big... Perhaps there's no reason to be worried.
There it is. Without realizing, you arrive at the destination, and hop up the stairs, towards the big, kinda unfitting, wooden door. Or, should you call it a gate? It's freaking big, just like the whole thing, and calling it a door would be simply insulting... So yeah, this is a gate.
So, you knock on the gate, and await response. It might be rude to just barge in, and knocking seems like a natural thing to do.
And you wait. And wait. And wait. And open the goddamned gate, not having enough patience to wait some more. At least answer your door, for fuck's sake!

Your steps, intensified by the omnipresent echo, sound clearly in the giant hall you walked into. You jump up a bit as the gate behind you closes with a loud noise.
It feels almost like if whoever was here beside you, could feel everything, including your breath... And the colonnades on both sides of this enormous hall don't make it any better. It's... Overwhelming... The figures on stained-glass windows give this place a very religious feeling... Ugh, like if you were at church or something. Woah, it even has an altar at the end, beneath a giant portrait of someone... A guy, at least you think so, with long, blonde hair and golden eyes. There's someone standing there as well...
Approching the 'altar', you discover that it's not actually an altar, but just a disturbingly big desk. Piles of paper on both of it's sides only strenghten you in belief that the person sitting behind it is some sort of clerk or something along these lines. His black suit too gives that kind of feeling. Just like the person on the portrait, his hair is golden, but his eyes... Wait, are they red? Why in the world would he have red eyes? Are those contacts? And why the hell is he wearing a STETSON, of all things?
"... hm?" Aw, he seems to have noticed you, which is not really that strange, since even your breathing is hearable as if you were panting like a tired rhino. "Ah, a customer. I'm sorry, but if it's about our services..."
Wait, and what is that behind his back? Are those TAILS? Are those goddamn TAILS?! First horns, now tails, what band of freaks inhabits this city?! And there's nine of them!
"... uh..."
You can't help but feel a little dizzy. This hall's size alone can make one feel uncomfortable, and now those tails... And your grumbling stomach...


Oh hell, right! Your stomach! Strenghtened by the echo, it sounded almost like a crying elephant. Great, just what you needed in this kind of situation. The guy with tails gives you a strange look.
"Are you... from here?"

[ ] "Uh, yes. Yes I am. But this is my first time in this... city hall, so..."
[ ] "... no. I've heard from the guard that you offer... services of some sort and I was curious."
[ ] "..."
[ ] "Who the hell is that?" point at the portrait.
>> No. 17811

[x] "...Not exactly."
>> No. 17813
[x] "... no. I've heard from the guard that you offer... services of some sort and I was curious."
[x] "Who the hell is that?" point at the portrait.
>> No. 17816
[x] "... no. I've heard from the guard that you offer... services of some sort and I was curious."

>> No. 17817
[x] "... no. I've heard from the guard that you offer... services of some sort and I was curious."
>> No. 17818
[x] "... no. I've heard from the guard that you offer... services of some sort and I was curious."
>> No. 17819
[x] "... no. I've heard from the guard that you offer... services of some sort and I was curious."
>> No. 17827
[X] Tail feel so good.
>> No. 17833
>You disregard the mess on the left side and instead read the proper part - the one written in english.
I smiled at this. Makes me wonder if Fuku is the sort that naturally refers to how cars in other countries drive on the opposite side of the road as "driving on the wrong side."
>> No. 17843
[ ] "... no. I've heard from the guard that you offer... services of some sort and I was curious."
>> No. 17844
[X] Tail feel so good.

>> No. 17854
[X] Tail feel so good.
>> No. 17913
[x] "... no. I've heard from the guard that you offer... services of some sort and I was curious."
[x] "Who the hell is that?" point at the portrait.
>> No. 17916
[X] "... no. I've heard from the guard that you offer... services of some sort and I was curious."

From here? Well, if those clothes aren't enough of a give-away, you can as well state the fucking obvious and spill the beans. God, it really looks like this world is inhabited by idiots. Well, you have to give him the justice that only clothes and the backpack betray your place of origin, but damn, if it's not clearly visible, then you don't know what you should show him to make him see.
"... no."
Oh wait, but he's wearing a strange set of clothes as well... At least strange surrounded by all this industrial era extravaganza. This raises a question - where did he get them? Or does this place have competent tailors as well, not only ones who can make clothes out of empty sandbags? Oh well, it doesn't matter.
You let out a resignated sigh.
"I've just heard from one of the guards that you offer... services of some sort and I was curious. Why so worried?"
The guy blinks at you a few times, as if he heard something weird or saw something out of place. Yeah, gape further, you're going to see everything, that's for sure. Idiot.
"Nevermind that." Simply as that, he dismisses your explanation. Why bother then, if you're just going to say 'nevermind'? What an ordeal... "I just asked for the sake of asking, if that's why you're making a face like that." you swear you could see his lips curving up a little. What an annoying.... "Anyways, why don't we do something about that inner orchestra of yours?" As if to answer his proposition, your stomach growls in anger once more, again making the disgusting noise echoe off the walls. Shit, at a time like this, why...? "Oh, looks like it's done with the Overture. We better hurry up. Come on, don't just stand there. I'm not going to eat you."
He walks away from behind the desk, and for some reason or another, walks into a wall.
Wait, what. He walked into a wall. Straight into a wall. No, wait, he couldn't possibly... What's that? Ilusionism? What madness is this? And why is there a hand sticking out of it, waving at you to come? But then again, you've seen worse things already, and even played a part in them, so this shouldn't be that suprising... Then let's just walk into that black, round stain on the wall, only slightly darker than the stone surrounding it. Yeah, it should be nothing out of the ordinary, to walk into a wall like a godforsaken ghost. It happens every day, right?

Yet when you pop out on the other side, you can't hold back astonishment. It was almost like if it... sucked you in, then spat out on the other side... But there was solid wall before you when you walked in... And now...
It looks like a normal kitchen. Not like the one in that crazy shrine - this one has proper equipment. Two fridges, an electric stove, everything. And to your suprise, there's a tray laying beside the sink, the latter one being currently used by the same person who led you here.
"You walked through. Great. First test passed with flying colours."
You disregard his weird praise and concentrate on what catched every single one of your senses - the food on the tray. Some kind of meat rolls, vegetables and a bowl of rice. And the smell... Curses, as much as you'd like to stay neutral, the juicy goodness is calling out to you.
"Go ahead." the guy says, finishing cleaning whatever he was cleaning. "I'll be going back to the counte--"
A sudden shout, or rather, an echo of a shout interrupts his relaxed statement. For some reason, it didn't come from the direction of that weird stain...
"Oh great, him again..."
"DAAAN!" it repeats "EIENTEI! NOW!"
"Sorry." the tailed guy - Dan? - gives you an apologizing nod "But it seems the business is business after all. JUST A MOMENT, FUJIWARA! Really, sorry. When you're done, report back."
He doesn't have to repeat that, but you still wait till he disappears in the the wall (sic!), then take a glance at the tray, where the first catastrophe seems to have found it's epicenter.
There are no eating utensils there. Only a pair of wooden sticks - oversized toothpicks? - clearly not meant to be used to eat with. What a lousy guy, that Dan (if that's his name), to forget such a basic thing. Oh well, nothing you couldn't fix with your nimble fingers. First the meatrolls.
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN NOT FREE?!" Again, that deep, angered voice shouts out in anger. Oho, looks like this one's a tough client, it seems.
Ahh, the sweet juice inside... Heaven in mouth.
Tsk, how noisy. He could at least settle down a bit now that he has that Dan in front of him - or at least you think he does -, really. No self-control, at all.

[ ] Just eat the damn rice.
[ ] Go and teach him a lesson.


So I stay up till 8AM, only to have my ISP disappear just as I finish the update. Cool move, bro.
>> No. 17923
[X] Go and teach him a lesson.
>> No. 17925
[x] Go and teach him a lesson.

Our RAGE will blot out the sun!
>> No. 17926
[x] Go and teach him a lesson.
>> No. 17927
[x] Go and teach him a lesson.
>> No. 17928
[x] Go and teach him a lesson.
>> No. 17932
[ ] Just eat the damn rice.

In before male Mokou is named Monroe.
>> No. 17939
If you give a Touhou the name Dan, i am gonna stop reading this shit.
>> No. 17955
[x] Go and teach him a lesson.

lol Dan
>> No. 17966
File 121989429999.jpg - (91.65KB , 424x432 , SSS.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go and teach him a lesson.

Why does he scream so loud anyway? You've deducted that this room - the kitchen - has to be quite distant from the 'counter', as Dan described it. And this... Stain, or whatever it is, allowed you to get here almost immidiately. Strange, but there are always rational explanations for this kind of stuff. It could be just a really, really fast elevator, without any source of light inside. Yeah, stupid, but you decide to cling onto this theory for now.
Speaking of now, there's still that damn rice waiting for you to devour it...
Your hands almost twitch as the echo brings you another angered yell. For the love of everything holy, why won't he shut up?! Or just settle down a little?! This is fucking ridiculous. No, it can't stay like this. Whoever takes pleasure in shouting like that, has to be corrected. Feelin' cool, pal? Well, there are some bad news for you.
You give the bowl a last, wistful glance, and let your feet drag you away from it, and into that pitch-black elevator again.

Ugh, this time it was shaking a little stronger than the last time. You feel kinda nauseous - but not enough to make your meal see the daylight again - and well, to be honest, couldn't really catch the ballance after being thrown out from the black void...
A groan escapes your lips as you fall on all fours on the cold floor. There's no point in wasting any time, so you immidiately lift yourself up and dust off your hands, though they weren't really that dirty. Whoever takes care of this building, does a hell of a good job, not counting the stairs outside.
"Listen, Fujiwara," 'Dan' the Tailed Fetishist seems to be too immersed in coming up with contrarguments for his 'customer' to notice your entry. The latter, on the other hand... "I've had enough of your free trips. If you want transportation, just fly there or pay! Hey! Are you even listening to me?"
The first thing that strikes about his appearance is the outstanding colour of hair. Yeah, the Aki guy had an awkward one as well, but this is simply... Well, 'mesmerizing' would be exxagerating, but yeah, the combination of length and otherwordly shade attracts attention alright. As does his impressive posture. Hell, this guy had to spend YEARS in a gym to achieve such a level. His clothes too, are of strange kind. Red, sleeveless vest with a black shirt underneath, it's oversized collar sticking out, making him look somehow childish. Long, navy-blue jeans, red belt on his waist, with a big - no, rather giant - buckle. It looks like a single plate of metal, with a word 'RAGE' inscribed on it. Cool belt, really, really fashionable. Why 'RAGE' anyway? Oh wait, now that he looks at you, it seems there's a smiliar thing on his forehead, only this one says 'Had Enough'. Makes pretty much sense, doesn't it.
"Oi." he points at you rudely, then turns his face to 'Dan', who seems to be still unaware of your presence "She your new girl?"
You can feel your eyebrow twitch slightly at his words.
'Dan' finally directs his eyes at you, and well, you can't say he's suprised at all. No, to be honest, he looks kinda irritated. Be it at you or at this guy, it doesn't matter.
"What the hell are you talking about? More importantly," 'Dan' looks back at his client "Are you gonna pay or not?"
"WHAT?! No farkin' way!"
Oh, great. Those two forgot about you so fast it almost makes you angry. Almost, but you manage to keep your cool, and slowly, in a regular rhytm, trying not to envoke the overwhelming echo again (as if it doesn't have enough work with those two's voices), approach the big guy's back.
"Pay or get out! Fujiwara, you're a freaking slacker, just fly there!"
"Jack off, Dan! I wanna transportation and you offer it, right! What's the problem here?!"
"Could you shut up?"
None of them take notice of your question.
"MONEY, Fujiwara, DO YOU KNOW IT?!" 'Dan' seems to be gradually losing it "And don't call me 'Dan'! I have a name!"
"It's Dan!"
"It's Dan--"
This is fucking ridiculous.
No, this is simply too much.
That's it. You finally lost it. You didn't intend to scream like this, but hell, at least it was effective as the two of them now stare at you in astonishment. Crap, this isn't your style, why did you... Ah, right, because they were so fucking annoying you couldn't bear with it anymore. Renji was annoying, but at least he kept his mouth shut when you requested it. Those two on the other hand...
"Just shut up, will ya!" your voice doesn't want to give up yet "Here I try to enjoy my meal - thanks for that, by the way - and all of a sudden some niggervoiced retard comes screaming DAAAAAAAN all over the place and some other shit," you wave your hand at 'Dan', who wanted to shove in a comment, probably about his name again "Now did you fucking consider my feelings for a moment?! You're acting like damn kids! So shut up! Just shut your retarded mouths, dickfaced cuntcrawling pisslickers!"
Woah. Did you say that? Looks like you did. And now, panting hard, you have to bear their suprised - and possibly shocked - stares. Ugh, uncomfortable. Did you say too much? Yeah, most certainly you did.
"... wow." - that's all that leaves 'Dan's' mouth.
"..." and you have nothing more to add. Only an awkward silence that all of you seem to take part in. Stale, dense air, and no intentions of breaking through it's embrace. Why won't they say something? Anything? Damn, this is really awkward...
>> No. 17969
File 121989446790.jpg - (125.48KB , 500x508 , 121676108011.jpg ) [iqdb]
Clap. Clap. Clap.
A silent applause, strenghtened by the accursed echo. From behind you.
And here he is (where did he come from?), the blonde guy from the portrait, dressed only in - sic! - bathing robes. Long, golden hair, and likewise eyes. No really that strange, compared to 'Fujiwara's' getup. He's quite tall as well. And really young-looking, despite having an aura of adultery around him. Maybe it's because of those robes though. Can't really say at the moment.
"Nice show, nice show." he claps his hands again "Would watch again, really."
He approaches your trio slowly, still clapping. Nice? Now that's not how you describe a shitfest like this one. Either he's making a horrible joke, trying to be sarcastic, or is simply stupid. For your own peace of mind, you assume the third.
"Master!" 'Dan' seems to regain composture first "You're awake! I humbly apologize, I shouldn't have--"
"It's okay." the newcomer silents him with a half-assed response. A bit uneasy, you notice he's not taking eyes off your face. The closer he gets, the more piercing his gaze feels. Almost like if he could look inside your mind, soul and thoughts... Ugh, a really uncomfortable feeling. But yet, you withstand that piercing glare, and try to challenge it with your trained cold-neutral stare. "I was already on feet when you started... shouting."
"Yo, Yuki!" great, the weird one spoke up, a bit too cheerfully for your tastes, considering what just happened "Take me to Eientei, will ya?"
All he receives in exchange is a cold glance. That's right! Don't let him do as he pleases! Now, why the hell are you staring at me?!
"Mm, Fukuzai Toorima, am I right?"
Your thoughts go into chaos and return to being collected as fast as they ruined the order when he mentions your name. How did he know? But then again, asking 'how do you know my name?' never turns out good for the one asking. Instead, you just give him a slight nod.
"I see. Fujiwara, you're going to have your trip. And I'm going to do it free of charge."
"Huh?!" 'Dan' is the first to realize the weight of words that were just said "Free of charge? But why? Master, you told me to--"
"It's okay." again, that magical phrase which seems to calm down the tailed (you're still feeling dizzy, just thinking about those wagging tails...) guy. "Hm, that gives me an idea. You're new here, aren't you?" again, you nod. No use hiding that, since he knows your name already... "How about you take a trip with our... friend here? I'm sure you'll like it there at Eientei. So, how about it?" Eientei? Hell if you have any idea what that place is, nor why does she have a retarded name like that. Eientei? Eye-and-tay? What the hell. "I'm sure he won't have anything against it. Am I right?"
"Uh... Yeah, as long as she doesn't scream."
Alright, now what the hell is going on?!

[ ] "... my rice. I better eat it before it gets cold."
[ ] "... you're rather pushy, about such a trivial thing. Why?"
[ ] "... sure, why not." - it's not like you have anything better to do.
[ ] Run, and run like a chased cat.


Hm, it's only 5:33, I guess I'll just go and write some AAA before going to sle--........ Fuck you guys. Fuck you.
>> No. 17970
[x] "... you're rather pushy, about such a trivial thing. Why?"

Fuck yeah, Fujiwara. Sexy as a woman and awesome as a man.
>> No. 17971
[x] Shrug noncommittally and brace for impact.
[x] "... you're rather pushy, about such a trivial thing. Why?"

>> No. 17973
[x] "... you're rather pushy, about such a trivial thing. Why?"
[x] "... sure, why not." - it's not like you have anything better to do.
>> No. 17974
[ ] "... you're rather pushy, about such a trivial thing. Why?"
>> No. 17975
{X} "... you're rather pushy, about such a trivial thing. Why?"
>> No. 17978
[x] "... you're rather pushy, about such a trivial thing. Why?"

Male Yukari, awesome. Time for some mindfuck.
>> No. 17981
[+] "... my rice. I better eat it before it gets cold."
[+] "... sure, why not." - it's not like you have anything better to do.

So, Fujiwara no Mosuke dresses like Sol Badguy, and Yakumo Murasaki dresses like Hugh Hefner.
Odd, but nice.

(FYI, Eientei is pronounced "ay-ehn-tay". /nitpick)
>> No. 17983
[ ] "... you're rather pushy, about such a trivial thing. Why?"
>> No. 17985
[x] "... you're rather pussy, about such a trivial thing. Why?"
>> No. 17988
>(FYI, Eientei is pronounced "ay-ehn-tay". /nitpick)

Not really. As far as I am concerned, it's pronounced exactly 'Eientei'. But Fuku doesn't know japanese so yeah.
>> No. 17992

You had votes, yet you did not write. Why?
>> No. 17993
[x] "... sure, why not." - it's not like you have anything better to do.

Get me out of here before Renji shows up. He's a horrible spectre that haunts my existence.
>> No. 17994
Write YAF, write, i really want to read another WALL.
>> No. 17995
But she's hearing it pronounced by someone who does speak Japanese. So it doesn't matter whether or not she speaks it herself.
In Japanese, the "ei" is two syllables, "e i", and does not rhyme with the long "I" sound.

I'm curious: If Fujiwara is Sol Badguy, does that mean Kaguya (or whatever his name is here) is That Man?
>> No. 17997

But if we assume Fuku is english, she might've associated the japanese pronouncing with whatever first came to her english-speaking mind. There is practically no way of writing proper japanese pronouncation with english syllabes, and vice versa.
>> No. 17998
>I'm curious: If Fujiwara is Sol Badguy, does that mean Kaguya (or whatever his name is here) is That Man?

No, "That Man" is Eirin. Kaguya is Justice. Keine is Ky.
>> No. 18002
File 121999412439.jpg - (89.37KB , 1024x819 , Oblivion2007-04-0617-40-01-45.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "... you're rather pushy, about such a trivial thing. Why?"

No doubt, this is suspicious. You've only met him a while ago, yet he already insists that this impulsive retard takes you to some gay-sounding place, and assumes that you'll like it there? What the hell. Now yeah, he's got that... Know-it-all atmosphere to him, undisturbed even by his pink (PINK!) bathrobe. And those eyes... Damn, it's hard to stare straight into them. As you noticed earlier, it was almost like if he was looking straight into your soul and thoughts... But at least you can read his emotions as well, with the things as they are now. And what do you see? Nothing, except immortal, maybe a bit elderly calamity. He doesn't seem to care that his robe is a bit too loose in some places. Nor does he seem to care that he's walking bare-feet where people stomp in their muddy shoes. Careless? No, it feels more like if such trivial things didn't even matter to him. An... overwhelming sense of someone else's superiority, that's what it feels like, being around him. But speaking of trivial...
What the hell is his problem?
"... you're rather pushy," you speak up after taking a deep, but discreet breath "About such a trivial thing. Why? Should I be suspicious?"
For a moment, a split second, you can feel him backing away a little, just a millimeter, in a methaphorical sense, but still. He quickly, very quickly regains his composture and matches your cold gaze on an equal level. Or even greater. You can't help but feel small, very small... In face of this person and this giant hall. Why? He's only a blonde nudist, dressed in a PINK bathrobe, why does he have that almighty aura?
"Well... I don't have a reason. Just like that. You're new here, right?" you find yourself nodding again "I knew it. I've never seen you before, and... Well, I always remember faces of people I... transport." ... his manner of speech is really annoying, with those long pauses and oh-so-polite tone "I have no idea how you... Got here, but I'm sure... You'll find nothing interesting here in the... City. Eientei, on the other hand, may prove to be.... more entertaining."
Finally, he marks the end of his part with a slight gesture of right hand, which you quickly catch and seize the opportunity given by it. Damn, this guy reminds you of actors, for some reason. As if every single word, every single move was a part of some greater... act, a greater scheme... How annoying. It's one of those moments you wish you weren't so good at reading people's emotions. It would make it simply easier to talk with him, without having to bear the feeling, that if he wanted, he could crush you in conversation. Damn it.
"... are you saying the city is boring?" you snort mockingly. That's the least you can do here. "What makes you think I'm here for entertainment? I'm here solely because of my job."
"Does your job consist of leisurely walking into random buildings and eating other people's breakfasts?"
You smack your tongue. Damn, he's right. But hey, at least it wasn't really your doing that you ate it. Well, it was, but it was the 'Dan' guy that made you do it! And you left the rice too. It should be enough, right? This guy doesn't seem really that fit after all...
"... whatever. I'm not going to listen to your insults."
He curves his lips in a lazy smirk.
"But I meant no offense.... Well, I take it it is decided, then? You'll go to... Eientei, with Fujiwara." It wasn't a question. It was a statement. Goddamnit, why the hell is he so pushy about it? Jack off, arseface! "Speaking of which... Fujiwara?"
"I'll be counting on you to take care of... Miss Fukuzai here. You're going."

The next second went in a blur. Your feet suddenly lost support, and fell into the ground. Just like that, the level of tiled floor was left high above you, and even though you couldn't see it, you could feel it, not in strict sense, but... But it could as well be your mind trying to find a rational excuse for suddenly making you being sucked into this black space. Black space. Damn, is this another one of those 'elevators'? This guy is insane! A crazy damn coconut! Who would put an elevator in such place!

Your spiteful thoughts are suddenly cut short by a sudden boom of light. Literal boom, as if something exploded nearby, filling your vision with blinding brightness.
For some reason or another, you're now high in the sky.
You can see your legs above you. That means you're upside down right now. Unless the ground decided to change it's colour to blue. Which it probably didn't.
"Great." you say to yourself "I'm falling."

Head-first, straight towards the bushy, green mass, apparently a forest or something like that. Fast, really fast. No doubt, if it keeps up like this, all that will remain after your pathetic self will be just a wet stain, with occassional chunks of meat. Just how you wanted to die, isn't it.
Suddenly, you notice something - or probably someone - floating above the ground, fifty or so meters beneath you. It's still a long way from there to the ground, but it still seems be unmoving. That thing. Floating. Goddamnit, if the situation wasn't so hopeless, you'd probably scold it for floating leisurely like that. What the hell.
It gets closer, and now you notice that, as you expected, it's the Fujiwara guy.
"... it's that..."
You can hear his calm words as you dash-fall past him, with a speed that would amaze a pidgeon with it's tail on fire.
"Uh, a little help here?" You try asking as his figure grows smaller. "I'M FALLING?"
Oh, great, it looks like he noticed you at last.
And before you know, you're being held up by your arm, with his face a meter or so away. He stares into your eyes with a rather mocking face.
"Tsk, spare me. You can't fly?" When did he move so fast? Damn, you couldn't even SEE him fly up to you, why so... "Damn, this is going to be an ordeal..." Oh. Not so eager to help now that 'Yuki' is not around, are we? What a selfish person. Oh well, can't blame him. "Okay, I'm gonna put ya down at the door, and then go crash through Kazuma's window, is that okay?"
Without waiting for your answer, he suddenly dives down, into the wooden thicket.

One wild ride later, you're standing in front of a large building, or rather a complex of buildings, built in a similiar style the shrine was built in, but with visibly more modern materials... It doesn't seem quite right, to see the doors and walls that looked traditional back at the shrine be made of plastic and concrete, but... Well, it's a matter of taste.
Not even 10 seconds after you were left alone, you hear a loud crash and a monotone howl of alarm going off somewhere deep inside.
... indeed, what an ordeal.

[ ] Enter the building.
[ ] Wait here, try to signalize that SOMEONE is waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to open the door.
[ ] Go somewhere else, it's not like you wanted to see this Gay-entei in the first place.
>> No. 18003
[ ] Enter the building.
>> No. 18006
[ ] Enter the building.
>> No. 18009
>"Great." you say to yourself "I'm falling."


[x] Enter the building.
>> No. 18011
[x] Enter the building.
>> No. 18012
[x] Enter the building.
>> No. 18014
[ ] Wait here, try to signalize that SOMEONE is waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to open the door.
>> No. 18015
[X] I'm the motherfucking assassin sneaking in through the window jesus christ
>> No. 18021
[x] Wait here, try to signalize that SOMEONE is waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to open the door.

And by that I mean
[x] Call out for Tewi SOMEONE ELSE.
>> No. 18022
[x] Wait here, try to signalize that SOMEONE is waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to open the door.
>> No. 18023
>[ ] I'm the motherfucking assassin sneaking in through the window jesus christ

Holy fucking deja vu.



[x] Enter the building.
>> No. 18024
[x] Enter the building.
>> No. 18028
[x] Enter his building.
>> No. 18046
[x] Enter the building.

Oh damn it. You're here, you may as well make use of the free time. And after going through the whole mess of getting here, walking away would mean that all the effort you (and not only you) have made was a waste of time. Well, it's not like you WANTED to end up here, but...
Too much thinking. Why do you bother? Just walk in, it's a goddamn building, those are meant for being inside of them.
Now, push the door, and walk inside. Good, just like that.

As expected, indside doesn't really differ from the outside, being in the same style and built of the same materials... Tiled floor, plastic, sliding doors... It feels almost like a hospital. Not a place you'd like to find yourself in, really... But as opposed to hospitals, it's incredibly quiet here. Practically empty interiors bear no sign of inhabitants, but it all looks too clean to be abandoned. Well, it might be an illusion created by the blinding, white colour of 90% of the stuff here, but still. Your steps echo down the corridor, making shivers run down your spine. There is something wrong with this place. It's empty, there's no one here, but you can feel several pairs of eyes, staring at the back of your neck, waiting. Waiting... for what?
But turning around doesn't reveal anyone to be following you. The same empty corridor, with no signs of anyone's presence. Unsettling, to say the least. Disturbing.
"... ehhh..."
You try to give yourself some courage by letting out a troubled sigh. It doesn't help much, but it's better to follow those silly instincts than to keep them contained inside. Besides, there's no need to hold them back, since no one is watching anyway.

Soon, you reach a pair of doors unlike all the rest - they're much bigger, and - as opposed to all the others - block your way further instead of being situated on the sides of the corridor. You stop in front of them for a moment, trying to come up with a proper way to proceed.
"... too much thinking."
Yeah, there's no point in hestitating now. Whatever is behind those doors, if it wasn't meant to be seen, they'd be locked, in which case you'd just turn back and leave this place.
So you just reach for the knob, and...

It came from nowhere. Or rather, from everywhere around. Black, warm mass of arms and legs. Not a single noise could be heard when a bunch of big - very big - men, dressed in black suits and wearing sunglasses jumped out of nowhere and pinned you to the ground. With their own bodies. And while you've never experienced something like this, you already know, that if you let ten or so adult men lay on top of you, it would hurt. And that is what you feel right now - pain.
And anger. Why in the hell did they jump out at you?! And where did they come from anyway?!
"Get..! Off..!"
You try to break free from under the entangled mass of bodies, but to no avail. They're simply too heavy.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Someone's approaching steps catch your attention as well as your eyes, and as you turn your head - with quite a difficulty - a guy in a brown paramilitary uniform comes into view. He's smaller than the rest of those blockheads, but still looks convincing. His chest is ornamented with a battery of shiny orders. The whole impression is somehow ruined by the purple bunny slippers that he has on his feet. What the... Oh wait, he's another one of those insane fetishists - he has a pair of - sic - rabbit ears on top of his head. As much as you're disgusted by such an... accessory, you must admit that it fits his pink hair... PINK HAIR. What the fuck. Are all the goddamn people from a kids' book or what? At least those men in black look fairly normal...

Oh wait.

They have rabbit ears too.


"Blind frogs, everything in shroud!"
He speaks up. But while the words are understandable, the overall sense is gone from his line.
"Uh... what?"
"Avert mine script!" this time he's yelling "Then open steak!"
Yeah, right, open steak, makes perfect sense. What the hell is this guy, crazy? He has to be. What the hell is he staring at you with those red eyes for anyway? Waiting for you to do something? Well, as appealing as that sounds, you can't really move right now. But if you could, well, a punch to the face would be only the beggining of what he'd receive. What the hell was that for?! All you did was reaching for the knob on those doors, why did they--
"Give him close!"
Give? HIM?! And why close?! What the hell is going on?!
Oh, at least those meatbags decided to get off you at last. Damnit, now that they're gone, you're starting to feel their weight fully, as stupid as that sounds. It's hard to breathe. Hard to breathe...
And as you're about to get yourself up from the sickeningly clean floor, someone decides to do that for you. One of those Rabbits in Black, it seems. Altough you would've appreciated it if he let you stand on the ground, instead of lifting you up in the air.
"Hey!" you try to squirm "Let me go!"
"He was ornament you!" the crazed rabbit general waves his and in the air, indicating a direction in which the mountain of meat carrying you immidiately follows "From the heart pit!"
It doesn't make any fucking sense...

The three of you, pardon - the two of you, since the Rabbit in Black left soon after bringing you here, sit down in one of the empty rooms, equipped only with a low table. Why don't they have normal furnishing here? It's a pain, to sit at one of these, and fuck, you'd seriously rather sit on a chair than kneel on your legs. Fuck.
The crazed general (he really has that kind of aura) giving you an annoyed glance, gets something that looks like a flashlight from the depths of his uniform. Wait, he's not going to--
Yes, he is. Straight into your eyes, he fires up a stream of harmful photons. What the fuck is this!
"Maternal dumpsters!" still pointing the cone of light at your poor face, he screams so loud your ears almost bleed "That him stand over there!"
Him? What him over there?! This guy is nuts, what the shit is going on about?!
"I can't understand shit!"
"Meal?! Disregard his sentences!" he points a finger at you in an accusing gesture "Done he take some ignorance that little them give from..."
While he continues on rambling, you try to come up with a solution to this situation. You've entered this building with no plans on what to do next, reach a door, try to open it, when suddenly, the corridor is flooded with men - big men - with bunny ears. Then you're carried here against your will, and forced to listen to this bullshit. Well, either you'll have to wait till he's finished, or just run away like that one time--
"What's going on here?"
The salvation comes from the least expected direction, which is the door through which you were dragged in here. But the one bringing it...
"Oh! Eron underling!"
The insane one stands up and gives the newcomer a salute. What the...
The latter... Well, you can't see his face, cause he's dressed in some enviromental suit, complete with a protective helmet of sorts. It looks more like a bowl of shaded glass than a helmet though... Okay, you've seen some ridiculous outfits today, but this is just going overboard. This place has to be some sort of retards' summer camp. No other explanation. All those psychos are just too full of shit.
"That two barged out!" the 'general' points at you "He will chat me!"
Chat? Him? No, no, no, you have no idea what's going on, and trying to understand it is simply too much for your poor head to take.
"You better explain yourself."
The muffled voice of the guy in protective suit reaches your ears.

[ ] "Fujiwara. I was with him."
[ ] "Me?! I should explain myself?! You've gotta be shitting me!"
[ ] "Who the FUCK are you? And what the HELL is this place?!"
[ ] "..."

>> No. 18047
[x] "Me?! I should explain myself?! You've gotta be shitting me!"

Ray is one crazy bastard. I love it.
>> No. 18048
[x] "Me?! I should explain myself?! You've gotta be shitting me!"
[x] "Who the FUCK are you? And what the HELL is this place?!"

Jesus Christ, what?
>> No. 18049
[x] "Yeah, very blender my shoeshine cellular." Shrug. "Scooter my daisyheads."
>> No. 18051

Cool answer bro.
>> No. 18052
[x] "Me?! I should explain myself?! You've gotta be shitting me!"
[x] "Who the FUCK are you? And what the HELL is this place?!"
>> No. 18054
The hell? Stalker Reisen? I want to see mad doc Eirin.

[x] "Me?! I should explain myself?! You've gotta be shitting me!"
[x] "Who the FUCK are you? And what the HELL is this place?!"
>> No. 18056
[x] "Me?! I should explain myself?! You've gotta be shitting me!"
[x] "Who the FUCK are you? And what the HELL is this place?!"
>> No. 18057
File 122010226762.jpg - (8.44KB , 183x200 , slowestpoke.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 18061
[x] "Me?! I should explain myself?! You've gotta be shitting me!"
[x] "Who the FUCK are you? And what the HELL is this place?!"
>> No. 18063
[x] "Yeah, very blender my shoeshine cellular." Shrug. "Scooter my daisyheads."

My brain. These crazy rabbits have broke it.
>> No. 18065
[x] "Yeah, very blender my shoeshine cellular." Shrug. "Scooter my daisyheads."

They're speaking in moon. Let's attempt to communicate.
>> No. 18067
[x] "Yeah, very blender my shoeshine cellular." Shrug. "Scooter my daisyheads."

Changing vote. This is awesome.
>> No. 18068
[x] "Yeah, very blender my shoeshine cellular." Shrug. "Scooter my daisyheads."
>> No. 18069
[x] "Yeah, very blender my shoeshine cellular." Shrug. "Scooter my daisyheads."
>> No. 18070
[x] "Yeah, very blender my shoeshine cellular." Shrug. "Scooter my daisyheads."

>> No. 18071
[x] "Yeah, very blender my shoeshine cellular." Shrug. "Scooter my daisyheads."

Oh, Anon.
>> No. 18072
[x] "Yeah, very blender my shoeshine cellular." Shrug. "Scooter my daisyheads."
>> No. 18073
[x] "Yeah, very blender my shoeshine cellular." Shrug. "Scooter my daisyheads."

feels good man
>> No. 18074

But Fuku has green eyes so yeah!
>> No. 18079
Fuck you YAF, snake is more worth than you.
Update lazy fag
>> No. 18092
[+] "Me?! I should explain myself?! You've gotta be shitting me!"
[+] "Who the FUCK are you? And what the HELL is this place?!"
Much as I lol'd at the other one, this one's more likely to get shit done.
>> No. 18093
>> No. 18100
>snake is more worth than you

It's funny, cause he's actually a better writefag. Derp.
>> No. 18103
You are still good enough
>> No. 18112

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and update, nigger.
>> No. 18113
Update already faggot
>> No. 18116
Anon cried, YAF stalked.
>> No. 18134
File 122028410975.jpg - (130.85KB , 683x934 , 1220170901777.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Yeah, very blender my shoeshine cellular." Shrug. "Scooter my daisyheads."

This doesn't make any fucking sense, this situation, neither that blabbering military faggot. Alright, maybe you shouldn't have entered this building just like that, without anyone's permission, but hell, the doors were open, and that bathrobe queer said you'd like it there, so... Wait, more importantly, what the hell is up with this interrogation? Is this some sort of military instalattion, that every intruder has to be squeezed like a sponge to spit out everything? And what's up with those bunny-eared guys? Where the hell are they now? Oh wait, no doubt, they're waiting for another innocent girl to fall into their trap. This place is fucked up, definitely, fucking fucked up.
The 'scientist' urges you to answer. Getting tired of this silence, aren't we? Well then, you SHALL have your answer.
"Yeah, very blender my shoeshine cellular." you shrug "Scooter my daisyheads." after a second of thought, you add "Very melon."
For a moment, there's no reaction from neither of them. Of course, well, no matter how nonsensical that guy's bullshit is, yours was... well, completely random. At least his had a lingering hint of logic somewhere beneath the mess of words... No matter, fight with a sword, die by the sword, as they say.
"Rozen." scientist speaks, looking at his dumbfounded partner "Would you mind leaving us here alone for a minute? Ah, and I'd suggest you to take care of a... little intrusion in sector R, if you will."
"No, ma'am! Maybe later!"
His words are contradicting with his action, as he obediently stands up and quietly leaves the room, closing the sliding plastic door behind him. Okay, one down, one to go. The condenation of insanity in this room just fell by 50%, now it's time to get rid of the remaining half.
Which, to your suprise, visibly relaxes after his precedesor's departure. So much that he has decided to take off the weirdass helmet while you were looking away. Ugh, this is certainly, NOT a nice sight. Well, it might've been one, if he was a woman, but a man in his fourties, with a grey goatee, waving around an equally grey braid is NOT something you'd like to watch for entertainment. What's this show for?
"Your words were rude." he says while sitting down at the same spot his partner in crime was occupying not so long ago "But I understand you were... confused by my colleague's behaviour. He's not quite right under the ceiling, long story."
You let your tense arms relax a bit after he turns off the malicious lamp. Hey, at least it's not hurting your eyes anymore. It still does feel like an interrogation though.
"Still, I must ask you this, as much as I hate to question such a cute girl." you smack your tongue at that unexpected - and unneeded - compliment. Does he think flattery is going to get him somewhere? Can you get even more full of shit, mister scientist? "Our clinic is closed today, only open for the staff. What were you doing inside? I think it was clearly stated in our advertisement that on thursday, we are off duty."
While his words are harsh, his smile is heartening. So much you're expecting yet another bullshit soft soap to come out of fucking nowhere.
Wait, did he say 'clinic'? Yeah, this place has that certain feel... and smeel of hospital, but who the hell would build a hospital in the middle of a thick-ass forest? Shouldn't it be, uh, closer to the village? And as far as you can remember, you couldn't see the village from the spot where you popped out of the 'elevator'. Come to think of it, your misadventures have been getting more and more jacked up with every damn minute, but you can't really be bothered. What matters now, is solving this goddamn mess.
"... yeah, okay, I get it." you decide that admitting to a mistake you haven't made would be the fastest way "I didn't know, I went in cause the doors were open, that's the whole story. Some blonde queer made me pop up above this godforsaken forest, then I got caught by another, FLYING gay, and brought here. That's all."
You end your explanation with a loud snort. That goddamn smile of his is really unsettling. At least don't fucking SMILE when you're interrogating someone, for fuck's sake! Why is it that NO ONE, NOT EVEN A SINGLE PERSON IN THIS PLACE acts like he fucking should?! Damn it!
"... I see." he answers after - apparently - thinking your story through "Well, if the one you spoke about was the same one who broke into sector R, then it pretty much explains everything. Yeah, he can be... impulsive sometimes, that Fre--"
"DON'T SAY THAT NAME!" With a fervor worth a greater good, the said oppressor of yours bursts into the room as if on an estabilished sign that was the mention of his name. Panting like a tired pig. Noticing that the both of you are staring at him in astonishment, he stops, and takes a few deeper breaths. "There you are." he means you, it seems. Well, no shit, sherlock.
"Fre--" the scientist guy tries to speak again, only to be interrupted by another shout from the intruder.
"OOOU, OOOU, OOOU! Don't say that name! I'm Fujiwara, okay! FU-JI-WA-RA! Now get it right!"
There he goes on another pointless crusade about his name. What a fucking idiot.
"Why do you always have to barge in like an uncivilized caveman? Where's Rozen?"
"Don't worry, he's alive."
"That doesn't really make me any calmer. Blacks?"
"Uh, I gave them a good beating and threw them into one of the empty rooms. Is that bad?"
Loud slap is the only noise accompanying scientist's hand's meeting with his forehead.
"Why you..."
"MORE IMPORTANTLY!" seeing that the discussion is over, Fujiwara regains his cheerful spark. "Kazuma, come here!"
He waves at someone in the corridor outside, someone you can't see.
That is, until he comes into the room, with a rather unsure face. Well, you can't say he suits the rest of people present here. A bit short, with almost disturbingly long, greasy hair, black like tar. He's wearing visibly too large clothes, something you'd think he got on a tour somewhere far in the east. Well, it looks similiar to the one the Aki guy had, but it's a little diffirent in design. But the weirdest part of his getup is undoubtedly his face, which - very unfitting to the rest of his self - is incredibly handsome. No, perhaps you could say it's a bit feminine, but damn, as much as you hate to say it, he's a goddamn cutie.

Brr. Creepy.

"Here, here!" Fujiwara grabs your hand and forcefully pulls you up, and closer to the newcomer. Before you're able to retaliate though, he shouts out again. "This here!" he points at your scowling face while holding one of your arms up "This here is a girl! Introduce yourself!"
The creepy one gives you an examining glance before turning his attention back to the gleeful Fujiwara.
"Uh... I've seen girls before, you know."
"Bullshit!" with a smile contradicting the words, Fujiwara answers his - now you're sure of it - friend. Those two have to be buddies, you can feel it in the air, somehow. "You've never seen a girl before, have you?"
"I've seen photos..."
"See?" you begin to feel annoyed that he's STILL holding onto your wrist and wriggling you around like some sort of a doll. What the hell is this even about? "This here is a real deal! A real girl, flesh and bones!"
"Fujiwara, you're taking this too fa--"
"Shut it, doc! I'm talking with your superior, can't you see? So, how about it, Kazuma? Wanna talk? Touch, maybe?"
"You're taking this too far, knock it o--"
"Doc, I think I told you to shut up?"
'Kazuma' glances at you, Fujiwara and the 'Doc' alternatingly, visibly unsure what to do.

[ ] "..."
[ ] "I am NOT a girl!"
[ ] "... is this how you treat a patient? I think I'll have to fill a complain..."
[ ] Kick and claw your way out, and run the fuck away.
[ ] Give Fujiwara a solid kick in the face. This fucker needs to learn his manners.
>> No. 18135
{X} Give Fujiwara a solid kick in the face. This fucker needs to learn his manners.

This will be fun
>> No. 18138
[x] Give Fujiwara a solid kick in the face. This fucker needs to learn his manners.

Genocide Cutter!
>> No. 18139
[x] Give Fujiwara a solid kick in the face. This fucker needs to learn his manners.
>> No. 18140
[x] Give "Freddie" a solid kick in the face. This fucker needs to learn his manners.
[x] Extend your hand to the confused boy, gruffly. "Fukuzai Toorima, it's a pleasure."

Fuku likes nice boys.
>> No. 18143
[x] Give Fujiwara a solid kick in the face. This fucker needs to learn his manners.
>> No. 18146
[x] Give Fujiwara a solid kick in the face. This fucker needs to learn his manners.
>> No. 18147
>No, perhaps you could say it's a bit feminine, but damn, as much as you hate to say it, he's a goddamn cutie

Fuku likes traps and shotas?

I like this Fuku.
>> No. 18148
Forgot vote
[X] Kick Fujiwara in the face.
>> No. 18149
[X] Kick Fujiwara in the face.

That being said, I'm wondering how contaigous the disease is.
>> No. 18150

We could rape Kazuma and find out.
>> No. 18151

Well, we do have our own Forest of the Lost to work with...
>> No. 18152

Don't bother with the forest. For now.
>> No. 18153
[x] Give Fujiwara a solid kick in the face. This fucker needs to learn his manners.

Hum hum.
>> No. 18155
[ ] Give Fujiwara a solid kick in the face. This fucker needs to learn his manners.
>> No. 18156
[ ] Give Fujiwara a solid kick in the face. This fucker needs to learn his manners.
>> No. 18158
>"Rozen." scientist speaks, looking at his dumbfounded partner "Would you mind leaving us here alone for a minute? Ah, and I'd suggest you to take care of a... little intrusion in sector R, if you will."
>"No, ma'am! Maybe later!"


...Trap Eirin?
>> No. 18159

Forgive him. His speech unit is fucked.
>> No. 18164
>> No. 18173
[x] Give Fujiwara a solid kick in the face. This fucker needs to learn his manners.