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I shall obey.

[x] Do a cursory inspection of your belongings.

Altough you're not really sure if it was that, the first thing surfacing in your thoughts is to check the contents of your backpack. Why? Dunno, perhaps something fell out during the whole mess? Or you just want to pass the time until that idiot decides vomiting isn't fun anymore, and don't want to spend it idly? Whatever the reason, it's a logical thing to do, and therefore should be done without any further irrelevant thoughts.
Well then, let's get to it.

Doing your best to ignore Renji's groans, you swiftly take off the damn backpack and open it up. Then, without any ado, empty it onto the creaking bed.
Hm, it doesn't look like anthing is missing. Canned food, which you didn't need in the last few days, an apple that slowly starts showing signs of decay, your almost-knife, underwear, clothes... Oh, you still have that set Renji and Marry gave you back at their place? Would've sworn you've already threw it away. Oh well. There's also the uniform's tunic, but what's of more interest, is something else, laying just beside it. Your own purse, and that wallet you dug up at the shrine. While the former contains only the currency which you usually used back in the city, the second one has those unidentified notes, which you've never seen before. Well, one could deduct that since you've received them, they have to be the local currency one can spend here, right? Could be that. Still, the amount - FIFTEEN THOUSAND - is, to say the least, breath-taking. No idea how much it's really worth, but still, fifteen thousand sounds almost proud.
Last but not least, there's your cellphone, miraclously still alive, it's on-screen clock showing a time that's an obvious lie. No way it's 5AM yet. Did something happen to it? Well, it doesn't matter, since the signal meters is still stuck at a pathetic zero. The phone is therefore stripped of it's primary function. But if the employer is communicating with you through written letters, worrying about it should be futile, right? Besides, for some reason, this kind of communication makes you feel somehow... closer to that mysterious person. Like if you had more insight in what he really is. That's ridiculous, all right, since you don't know anything about him, it's just that being able to read something that he (he?) wrote himself puts you at ease. Like if there was one thing less to worry about. Comforting.
That's that. Everything seems to be in order, nothing missing, nothing that shouldn't be here, no unexpected vermins or little animals, no love letters, et caetera, and so on, so there's nothing for you to be concerned with.
You begin to pack the things back into the backpack, the black&white clothes on the bottom, and more useful things on top, just to have quicker access to them in hypothetical need. The food? Hmm, you bought it especially because canned crap can't go bad too fast, and... Well, altough you've been fed by various people throughout those last days, having food with you is always convenient in case something happens. Which it just did.
You make a mental sigh and put away the damn thing, letting yourself fall face-first into the bed's covers.
This is a mess.
This is a fucking mess.
And you can't even come up with any idea on how to fix it. Giving yourself in to the hands of (in)justice was bad enough, but this idiot's intervention made it even worse... or did it? You're busted here in the village, but it's not the only place in this savage region, right? There's still Kazuma's hospital, the shrine, and other places, marked on the roadsigns you've seen. Or do those people have their agents in those too? You can't tell. You can't tell at all. If you only had more knowledge about this neighbourhood, knew where shit is at, and where is not, maybe then you could find a place to hide in.
As for now, this one seems safe enough, at least for the time being. Unless Kamishirasawa sweeps the whole town and sewers, he won't find this little hideout. Even if he did, without the combination, he won't be able to get in, right? Still, you can't be sitting here forever. Gotta do something.
"Jeeesuusss..." Oh? Oh hey, he's finally finished it seems. Good grief. "Wish ya'd tell me about that earlier!" he talks to no one in particular, unless the sink presents itself as a worthy conversant to him "Old prick! Damn you!"
Renji unglues himself from the sink at last, and taking a few steps in your direction, he falls to the ground rather abruptly, sitting cross-legged on the cold floor.
You observe his apparent endeavours to mainain a vertical position without a word. It's entertaining, in it's own sense.
".. what the hell was that thing? Ugh." he finally notices your intensive stare "Oh, yeah... Right. I guess it's time for me to answer some questions, eh?"
Damn right. He better have a good excuse, he better do! Messing up your life again, that's not something that can be easily forgiven, right?

[ ] Still, he's just vomited his brains out, give the man some peace. Instead, ask if he wants to know something.
[ ] "... how about you tell me everything, starting at the very beggining?"
[ ] "... what is this place?"
[ ] "... what the fuck were you thinking?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... how did you find me?"
[ ] "... I don't know what messed up your belly so bad, but if you try to ever feed me that thing, you're dead."

>> No. 18963
[ ] "... what the fuck were you thinking?"
[ ] "... how about you tell me everything, starting at the very beggining?"
>> No. 18964
[ ] "... what is this place?"
[ ] "... what the fuck were you thinking?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... how did you find me?"

>> No. 18965

[ ] "... what is this place?"
[ ] "... what the fuck were you thinking?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... how did you find me?"
>> No. 18966
[ ] "... how about you tell me everything, starting at the very beggining?"
>> No. 18967
[x] Still, he's just vomited his brains out, give the man some peace. Instead, ask if he wants to know something.
[x] "... how about you tell me everything, starting at the very beginning?"

We have time.
>> No. 18968
[x] "... what the fuck were you thinking?"
[x] "... how about you tell me everything, starting at the very beggining?"

Damn you Renji.
>> No. 18970
[ ] "... what the fuck were you thinking?"
[ ] "... how about you tell me everything, starting at the very beggining?"
>> No. 18971
[x] "... what the fuck were you thinking?"
[x] "... how about you tell me everything, starting at the very beggining?"
>> No. 18972
[ ] "... what is this place?"
[ ] "... what the fuck were you thinking?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... how did you find me?"

the window sounded nice
>> No. 18973
[x] "... how did you find me?"
[x] "... what the fuck were you thinking?"
[x] "... how about you tell me everything, starting at the very beginning?"
>> No. 18974
[ ] "... what is this place?"
[ ] "... what the fuck were you thinking?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... how did you find me?"
[ ] "How about you tell me everything from the beginning? And make it the quick version; I've got a delivery to make."

Jesus fuck, I hope Kazuma isn't murdered next.
Wait a minute.
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This picture does not bode well.

>> No. 18976
[x] "... what the fuck were you thinking?"
[x] "... how about you tell me everything, starting at the very beggining?"

Questions. Well, yeah, no matter how you look at it, he's the only one who can clear the situation up a little right now. Besides, there are a few things missing, and knowing them would help you arrange the pieces of this puzzle. That's that, but first of all, there's something you absolutely have to ask.
"... what the fuck were you thinking?"
That's right. It doesn't matter whether you are grateful or not, whether escaping with him was a good idea or not, what he's done was uncalled for, and he needs to explain himself. Barging into your life is one thing, but thanks to him, your life has not changed, it has ended. At least your life in this village. Ehh.
Hearing your question, Renji makes a rather offended face.
"Wait a moment, here I save you and this is how you express your gratitude? I knew you're a cold witch, but this is just--" altough your eyebrow twitched a bit when he called you a 'cold witch', you don't let your face to shift from it's current, neutral expression. Cold witch. What a jerk. "Argh, forget that. What did you expect? I couldn't leave you in those people's jaws. Sheriff or that shady dude, how could I simply let them imprison you?" he ends his half-assed explanation with a shrug.
Alright, you didn't expect anything more than that, but... Sheriff, okay, but 'shady dude'? There's something missing here, and that gap needs to be closed. Okay, now most efficient way would be to just listen to the whole story, but that would take time and-- No, wait, actually, you DO have time. Until you come up with a plan, you've got a shitload of time. Will - maybe not, but wars need sacrifices.
Sighing, more for the effect than out of resignation, you give Renji a light shrug.
"... I see. How about you tell me everything, starting from the very beggining?"
Yeah, this will at least prevent him from forcing you to speak, and well, better to know than not to know. It doesn't really interest you what he's been doing all that time, but hell, if this proves helpful...
"Yeah, sure, why not." he doesn't sound really excited about it "My throat's a bit sore, but fuck it. I guess I owe you this one."
Damn right you do, idiot.
"... so?"
Renji takes a deep breath before continuing.
"So after you left the shrine, right?" you confirm his silly question with a nod "Okay, so after you left, I wanted to give a chase right away, but that's when Reymont kicked in. Well, thanks to me losing my wallet somewhere, I couldn't pay him back for crashing into the house... Yeah, we were pretty muched fucked, but thanks to Rin, he calmed down a bit. Reymont, he's... He's always been soft when it comes to his wife." as if remembering something, Renji suddenly clicks his fingers, them points them at you "That's why he wanted to cave your face in earlier, by the way. Anyways, Rin said that she knew someone who could do the repairs for free. Uh, and to be honest, everything would've been alright if I didn't make that stupid joke at breakfast... I was still pissed and wanted to vent it a bit, so I made a silent comment that if he wants cash, there's my wallet there somewhere, but he misunderstood something and thought I was accusing him of stealing it. He's one rash guy, really. One thing led to another, and, well, I got a few nice scratches on my hands and we had to ask the little one to help us with the car... What was his name again? Nevermind." he pauses for a moment, apparently lost in thought "Uhh... Then, Marry suggested we go back to the outside world and forget about the whole mess, but... This is a bit embarassing, let's just say I was really stubborn." well, this isn't hard to imagine "Still, we didn't even have cash or any youkai defense measures, so I was kinda forced to agree... Of course," he adds with unexpected enthusiasm "I wanted to return right away after getting our stuff, but it went how it went - we couldn't return until the next day. Nothing you should be worried about." and you're not "The problems started when we came back. Marry suddenly remembered we can't just drive the car around, and had to leave it somewhere... At least we didn't run into any trouble on our way here. But that's where our tracks ended. All you mentioned was the human village, nothing besides that. Of course, I kept on looking, asking people, but no one knew anything. And just as I was about to surrender, Marry came up with an idea that we could ask at the station. Of course we could try asking the guards, but all of them seemed to be in an uproar, so we just walked to the station and... This is where it got complicated." and this is the part where you actually start paying attention to what he says "There was someone else waiting... Shady dude, in a brown trenchcoat, even though it was fuckdamn hot. To be honest, I hadn't even noticed him until he approached us... And said that 'since we're outsiders, we might be able to help him'. Funny how those people always know when you're not from here, eh?" he smiles at his own stupid comment "Anyways, after he'd mentioned that it would involve helping a girl unfairly accused of something she didn't do, and getting her out of the corrupted sheriff's hands, I agreed right away. Then the pieces all fell in place. He described the girl as 'gloomy, black hair, a bit short, diffirent colours of eyes'. I had to put my self-control to maximum output not to jump up and scream 'Bingo!'."
"... that's so like you."
"Hm?" he turns his gaze to you, hearing your sudden interruption "What'd you say?"
"Nothing." you give him a dismissing wave "Go on."
"Okay. So I asked him how are we going to break into a station full of guards, and he pulled that flask... Full of green liquid. At first I thought it was, I don't know, a medicine of sorts, and it turned out I was right, but he didn't want to give it to me. Well, not that I really wanted it either, but if it could help... You know how it is." actually, you don't, but whatever "He wanted me to promise that in return of this medicine and some money, I would infiltrate the station, kidnap the girl, and bring her to him. Of course, I agreed." and of course, he didn't do his part of the contract, seeing how there are no shady guys in brown around "He told me that medicine could enhance one's physical abilities for a short period of time, and that it's experimental and all that shit, and since I've seen people here using similiar elixirs before, I quickly gulped it down and stormed in. The rest you should know. I told Marry to throw in a flashbang on my signal, then meet me outside... Of course, I had no intention of giving you to that guy, so I just started to run away... But then he got Marry. He suddenly came out of a side street and tripped him." Renji bites his lip and mutters a curse "Damn it... If the effects didn't fade away so quickly, I could have... Damn it. Fuck this." he stands up with a haste worth a better cause, and approaches one of the cupboards. You carefully observe as he takes out a transparent bottle. "I need to drink. Sorry, stomach." the cap goes off like it wasn't even screwed on, and Renji puts the bottle to his lips. Ugh, you can smell the alcohol even from here. That has to be one strong shit.
>> No. 18977
He then downs all the contents in one go. Well, there wasn't much to begin with, but still... Oh, and here comes the punishment. The idiot begins to cough violently as he falls to his knees. Serves him right.
More importantly, now that you know what happened, some questions got answered, but even more have been arised. He found you totally by an accident, alright, but who...
"Cough, cough! Ugh... Ff.. Fukuzai, will you give me a hug?"
You answer his question negatively without even listening to it. There are more important things to think about now. It makes sense. They came to the village, decided to go to the station, but... Who could that 'shady dude' be? Why would he want someone to get you out? As far as you can remember, you made no acquantaines in the village, not counting deceased Aki, and you don't even know anyone who would come to rescue you... Maybe with the exception of this idiot here, trying to COUGH his brains out instead of vomiting for a change, but he's obviously out of question. Just who...

Then it hits you.

"Shut up."
Fucking dumbshits! If that WAS Eron, which would explain the medicine, since he's a doctor, you have lost a big chance to return to Eientei... Why would he use someone else rather than getting you out himself is a diffirent thing, but...
No, calm down. Gotta do everything in order. There are still things that haven't been cleared up, and perhaps you could squeeze some more information out of this idiot.

[ ] "... wallet. Like this one?", show him the one you dug out at the shrine.
[ ] "How did that guy look? Describe him, or something!"
[ ] "... okay. Since you probably don't know it, I'm going to tell you: you've just rescued someone accused of murdering Hieda Aki. You're in deep shit, Renji."
[ ] "... so? What are you going to do next?"
[ ] That's it. Get your ass out of here, while he's incapacitated.
>> No. 18980
{X} "How did that guy look? Describe him, or something!"
{X} "... so? What are you going to do next?"
>> No. 18981
[ ] "How did that guy look? Describe him, or something!"
[ ] "... so? What are you going to do next?"
>> No. 18982
[x] "How did that guy look? Describe him, or something!"
[x] "... wallet. Like this one?", show him the one you dug out at the shrine.
[x] "... so? What are you going to do next?"
[x] "... okay. Since you probably don't know it, I'm going to tell you: you've just rescued someone accused of murdering Hieda Aki. Remember what I said about 'sticking your neck too far'?."
>> No. 18983
[ ] "How did that guy look? Describe him, or something!"
[ ] "... so? What are you going to do next?"

a nmysteri detective
>> No. 18984
[x] "How did that guy look? Describe him, or something!"
[x] "... wallet. Like this one?", show him the one you dug out at the shrine.
[x] "... so? What are you going to do next?"
[x] "... okay. Since you probably don't know it, I'm going to tell you: you've just rescued someone accused of murdering Hieda Aki. Remember what I said about 'sticking your neck too far'?."

Haha, you're fucked Renji.
>> No. 18985
[x] "How did that guy look? Describe him, or something!"
[x] "... wallet. Like this one?", show him the one you dug out at the shrine.
[x] "... so? What are you going to do next?"
[x] "... okay. Since you probably don't know it, I'm going to tell you: you've just rescued someone accused of murdering Hieda Aki. Remember what I said about 'sticking your neck too far'?."
>> No. 18986
[x] "How did that guy look? Describe him, or something!"
[x] "... wallet. Like this one?", show him the one you dug out at the shrine.
[x] "... so? What are you going to do next?"
[x] "... okay. Since you probably don't know it, I'm going to tell you: you've just rescued someone accused of murdering Hieda Aki. Remember what I said about 'sticking your neck too far'?."

>> No. 18987
[x] "How did that guy look? Describe him, or something!"
[x] "... wallet. Like this one?", show him the one you dug out at the shrine.
[x] "... so? What are you going to do next?"
[x] "... okay. Since you probably don't know it, I'm going to tell you: you've just rescued someone accused of murdering Hieda Aki. Remember what I said about 'sticking your neck too far'?."

Haha, we stole Renji's wallet.
>> No. 18988
[z] "How did that guy look? Describe him, or something!"
[z] "... wallet. Like this one?", show him the one you dug out at the shrine.
[z] "... so? What are you going to do next?"
[z] "... okay. Since you probably don't know it, I'm going to tell you: you've just rescued someone accused of murdering Hieda Aki. Remember what I said about 'sticking your neck too far'?."

Plot exposition gaems.
>> No. 18989
you can stopp votespaming now
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Say, it's only a few more nights until Cain can go out and create history, right? Wouldn't that mean that there's only that much time to prove your innocence and stop him from simply "making" you the criminal with his ability?

Maybe that's why Aki had to die too, the history alteration ability doesn't work on him.
>> No. 18994
>"making" you the criminal with his ability

The question is, does he HAVE to do that...?
>> No. 18995
File 122231333933.jpg - (94.43KB , 500x542 , brain.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"making" you the criminal
>> No. 18997
>Maybe that's why Aki had to die too, the history alteration ability doesn't work on him.
Well, now it makes sense.
Everyone in this world is pretty much an inverted version of what they are in canon Touhou.

"Reymont" is a hot-headed impulsive jerk, where Reimu was a lazy girl who didn't act without need.
"Eron" is a scatterbrain who depends on others, and his drugs are unreliable, whereas Eirin is the 'Brain of the Moon' whose medicine never fails.
et cetera, et cetera...
"Kain" is a cold-hearted scheming tyrant who wants to rule the Human Village with an iron fist, contrary to gentle-hearted but impulsive Keine, who wants to support and protect said Village.

Kain murdered Aki (or had him murdered) because he can't alter Aki's history or memory, and thus Aki is the only thing blocking his absolute dominion over the very causality of every event in the Human Village.

With Aki out of the way, he only has to wait until the full moon, and then his dominance over the humans will be complete.

I'm in your head, YAF.

...Fuck this. We're crashing at the Scarlet Devil Mansion next. Remy's fate-hax is probably our only chance.
>> No. 18998
Wait. This would mean that Yuki is not a sheming bitch and actually tries to help people instead of messing things up.
And Kazuma would not be a lazy NEET who only relies on Eron, but the other way around. He would be the one who leads Eron and makes sure things happen.
>> No. 18999
[x] "How did that guy look? Describe him, or something!"
[x] "... wallet. Like this one?", show him the one you dug out at the shrine.
[x] "... so? What are you going to do next?"
[x] "... okay. Since you probably don't know it, I'm going to tell you: you've just rescued someone accused of murdering Hieda Aki. Remember what I said about 'sticking your neck too far'?."
>> No. 19001
His index finger looks like a penis.
>> No. 19004
File 122235536458.png - (21.49KB , 213x270 , 1221807230872.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19007
YAF, the daily update please.
>> No. 19008

Hm, to be honest, I wanted to just slack off a bit today, but... Eh, might as well write something.


[x] "How did that guy look? Describe him, or something!"
[x] "... wallet. Like this one?", show him the one you dug out at the shrine.
[x] "... so? What are you going to do next?"
[x] "... okay. Since you probably don't know it, I'm going to tell you: you've just rescued someone accused of murdering Hieda Aki. Remember what I said about 'sticking your neck too far'?."

That's right, not gonna let him sail away just yet! Especially since it was his story which brought up more important questions. Getting drunk? Not yet, fucker. Not before you answer them!
Trying to kill yourself or what? Well, whatever you're attempting to achieve, Renji, if this is just to escape the problem at hand, then this girl is very, VERY disappointed in you. Fuck, if this whole rescue action turns out to only worsen the situation, then... No, punishments or lack of them is something you can decide later. Now, let's move on. First thing first.
You quickly jump off the bed and land on your knees in front of genuflecting Renji. The smell of alcohol from his mouth - and from the bottle in his hand - is repulsive, but you're too pissed to care about such things. Even if it makes you want to throw up.
Renji looks up at you with unsure face as you grab a hold of his shoulders.
"That guy. How did he look like?" it doesn't matter that it sounds overly dramatic, if it makes him speak... "Describe him or something! You must've seen his face!"
He gives you an apologetic look.
"I told.... you, I don't ugghhknow... I couldn'tghh see his face..."
Damn it! Even one trait would be enough to identify that accursed doctor, yet...! No, calm down. It's not like it would suddenly fix the situation if it turned out that it indeed was Eron who wanted Renji to get you out. Nom, it would solve nothing at all. Keep it cool.
Instead, think of what needs a clarification next. Think, think, think, goddamnit! The wallet! He lost a wallet, and you happened to find one, it would be weird if it were just a coincidence! It's in your backpack, so just stand up and--
"... help?" Become stopped by that idiot's hand clutching onto your wrist. Just what you needed. What the hell does he want? And, for the love of god, why does he keep touching you on every possible occasion?! Noticing your glare, he just nods in the direction of the bed. ".. ughh, just help me ghhet there... Before it gets to my head."
Before it-- Ah. He means the alcohol. Ehhh, then there's no helping it, at least for now, since you still need him.
"... why the hell did you drink that shit anyway?"
You decide to ask a pointless question to make things less awkward as you help him up.
And as if to mock you, he answers with silence. Where have you seen it before? Ah, yes, of course. If this is some kind of a payback, he better drop it soon. Stupid fucker.
Without any further ado, you practically throw the hopeless idiot onto the bed, and quickly grab your backpack as he tries to find a comfortable position. In the end, he settles for one where his face is half-burried in the pillows. Comical, yes, but you're not in the mood to laugh now. But come to think of it, are you ever?
"... wallet." you repeat that word to yourself as you pull it out from inside the backpack "Like this one?" then shove it into Renji's face. He slowly grabs it with one hand and squints his eyes, as if it were incredibly difficult to look at it.
Altough only half of his face is visible, you can still see that he looks quite puzzled.
"... yeah, it's this one..." he shifts his gaze up at you "How did you...?"
Then it is. Just as you expected. But it doesn't answer anything at all. Why is it that the more you know, the less you're able to figure out? Why would that wallet of his be burried under the shrine? It doesn't make any sense. It doesn't make any fucking sense. There's something off. Something missing. Those letters, the wallet that was supposed to be your payment, Aki's murder... Why did it have to happen to you? If it weren't for this idiot, you could've continued your usual life instead of getting dragged into this nonsensical mess.
Your hand automatically reaches for your nose bridge and squeezes it lightly as you turn away from Renji and let your gaze drop to the floor. This is just too complicated...
"Fukuzai... Why, this wallet..."
And he should shut up when others are thinking!
"... I don't know."
This'll have to suffice. It's you who should be asking questions, not him!
At least it seems that he got the message and fell silent.

A minute or so passes in serenity, disturbed only by an occasional groan from Renji or sound of water inside the pipes. And you can't help but think... That this is actually nice. Not nice in a sense that you enjoy this situation, but it's... convenient that there's a place like this. Where one can hide during a storm and won't be disturbed by anyone. It's cold, it's wet, but it's still... Almost cozy.
Letting out another mental sigh, you let your shoulders relax and fall back, onto the bed. The ceiling, very high, illuminated by numerous lightbulbs isn't exactly an entertaining sight to watch, but you have no right to complain.
"... so? What are you going to do next?"
Your lips act on their own again, asking a pointless question out of the blue.
"... I don't know..." Renji's voice sounds weak "If that guy got Marry, no doubt he's going to turn him in to the guards... If so, I'm going to have to bail him out..." the long pauses he makes between sentences are irritating "... but first, I need to get you somewhere safe... I don't like these guys... Let's just wait until nightfall, it's not safe out there right now..."
Again. Get you somewhere safe? Again, he decides to rudely barge into your life without even consulting with you, even though you're right here? Damn you, Renji. Just damn you. You don't get a single thing, do you? You don't know how deep the shit you've stepped into is.
You sit up.
"... okay." you try to make your voice sound convincing "Since you probably don't know it, I'm going to tell you: you've just rescued someone accused of murdering Hieda Aki. Remember what I said about 'sticking your neck too far'?. You're such a--"
"I don't care." Your eyebrows twitch. As opposed to his earlier tone, now it's... Almost scolding. "I don't care." he repeats "You could have murdered half of those pricks above and I wouldn't care." that's... That's an interesting thing to hear, but... "I just don't care, as long... It's..." you're close to yelling at him to get to the point, but retain enough self-control not to "... I don't know. Just... I don't care how much you despise other people, how many of them you make hate you, I want to... I'm not making any sense, am I?"
You decide not to answer that rhetorical question and instead await the continuation of that... disturbing monologue.
"I... I don't think you're going to forgive me barging into your life like that... It's all my fault, I know... I just couldn't..."
You can't see his face, having your back turned at him, but you can tell he's hesitating, thinking intesively. Why? This whole thing about... not caring, it's just an excuse... For what? No, you don't even want to thinking about it. Such irrelevant things are only going to disturb your outlook on the world. Why can't he simply stop talking about such nonsense? It's pointless. Why can't he realize that?
Suddenly, something lands on one of your palms and squeezes it lightly.
"... Fukuzai..." he's almost whispering "... I love... your smile..."
Like if an electric impulse ran through your body, you jerk up like a scared kid. What did he just...? No, it can't be like this. It can't be left like this!
"Listen, you--!"
You turn around with an insult ready to be thrown, but...
>> No. 19009
He's asleep.
His eyes are closed and breathing is regular. No doubt, he's asleep. Why, in a moment like this...
You look down at your hand, only to find it entangled in Renji's fingers' grasp. His hand, slightly larger than yours, but much warmer... You can't help but stare at it. With disgust. With fear. But...
There's a small scar on top of his thumb. Long-healed wound that decided to left a mark, indentical to the one you got after your endeavours with that knife... And another one... And one relatively fresh, though already dried...
And you can't help but stare. It's warm. So warm. Why does it feel so...

"... what am I doing..."

The realization of the said fact makes you abruptly end the clasp and wipe your hand on your pants. Goddamnit, why were you...? No, it's no use thinking about it now. He's asleep. That means you're free to do whatever you want. Great.
You stand up...
Only to feel your body falling back onto the bed, terrible muddle messing up your sight and every other sense. What the... What's this? It feels like if you were very tired, but in fact, you haven't really...

It passes away after a minute or so. You try to stand up, and it doesn't return. Alright, at least that. Now, what were you going to do...?

[ ] Get your things and get out of here. You can't stay with this idiot after all. There are things to be done.
[ ] Examine the bottle.
[ ] ... maybe you are tired after all, but just won't admit it? You could take a nap, since there's nothing to do, at least until 'nightfall'...
[ ] Do a frisk of the room.
[ ] You hate alcohol, but maybe it'll make thinking a bit easier. Go check out the cupboard.
>> No. 19011
[x] Examine the bottle.
[x] Do a frisk of the room.
>> No. 19012
{X} Do a frisk of the room.
{X} ... maybe you are tired after all, but just won't admit it? You could take a nap, since there's nothing to do, at least until 'nightfall'...
>> No. 19013
[x] Examine the bottle.
[x] Do a frisk of the room.

YAF delivers again
>> No. 19014
[ ] Examine the bottle.
[ ] Do a frisk of the room.
[ ] ... maybe you are tired after all, but just won't admit it? You could take a nap, since there's nothing to do, at least until 'nightfall'...

We're going to need all the strengh we can have if we want to run back to Eientei
>> No. 19015
[ ] Examine the bottle.
[ ] Do a frisk of the room.
[ ] ... maybe you are tired after all, but just won't admit it? You could take a nap, since there's nothing to do, at least until 'nightfall'...
>> No. 19016
[ ] Examine the bottle.
[ ] Do a frisk of the room.
[ ] ... maybe you are tired after all, but just won't admit it? You could take a nap, since there's nothing to do, at least until 'nightfall'...
>> No. 19018
File 122240115769.jpg - (90.52KB , 600x900 , sweetmotherof.jpg ) [iqdb]

Uh... is that thing on...? Is it rolling? You sure...? Yeah, damn right you can use it, idiot. So is it on or not? Uh...
... hello, I guess? This is Fukuzai speaking, currently from Renji's human village hideout, bringing you morons a short break from usual progress to present a few interesting facts. Well, I don't see how they're interesting at all, but that damn writefag said they are so I kinda don't have a choice. Why does he make me do all this shit anyway? I should be somewhere else now, or at least sleeping, altough doing that at this idiot's side is kinda-- Hey, wipe that stupid grin off your ugly face, idiot! Why the fuck are you smirking?! You're fucking drunk and asleep, so stop plotting inappropriate things! Of course if you wanna lose your balls then proceed, but for your own fucking good, stay the fuck away! Jesus, why do I always end up with this moron? Ehh...

Anyways, that poor excuse of a writefag wanted me to say this... Yeah, he actually wrote this down so I don't make any mistakes. What a distrusting dumbass, I have no problems with memory! At least none that I know of... Uh, so... It seems that this CoMN - Collaboration of Missing Num--... What kind of name is that? It doesn't make any sense, what the hell is up with it? Eh, anyways, it says so right here that it's current wordcount is around 77 thousand, with an average of 10 thousand words per thread... Why the fuck would anyone want to know that? 77 thousand fucking words of bullshit. Do something with your life, fag! Why don't you get a job? God, those people...

Uh, there's also this postscriptum saying something along the lines of 'vote, vote, vote, vote'... Yeah, that's basically it, if we cut out the long-ass rant about something called 'HLA' or whatever. Ugh, is that all? Am I free yet? Can I go to sleep? What the hell was this mess for anyway? Renji, can you stop rolling? Yes, I'm finished. What? No, no way in hell I'm gonna read this pile of steaming shit, it stinks! I don't care, turn that thing off... Jesus... To think that he went through all the trouble, just to make read this crap... What for...? Hey, what are you doing? Get away, goddamn you! No, I don't want a hug! I don't care I did a great job, get the fuck away from me! That's it, you asked for it! Eat my boot's soil, idiot! Arrgh!


Before you ask, this whole thing was just an excuse to post this image.
>> No. 19019

An amusing excuse at that. I like when writefags do this kind of thing and post character intermissions and such. I would comment on the picture, but my penis seems to have ruptured. Funny, that.
>> No. 19020
>Before you ask, this whole thing was just an excuse to post this image.

Tell me more.
>> No. 19021
the hell?
>> No. 19022
>>'vote, vote, vote, vote'

I'll be glad to vote as soon as I stop fapping in about seven minutes or so.
>> No. 19023
File 122240499679.jpg - (116.41KB , 600x900 , sweetmotheroffixed.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fixed a glaring inaccuracy in that pic.
>> No. 19024
My word! That poor girls' legs are covered in leeches!
>> No. 19025
If I half close my eyes, I can pretend those are just fishnet stockings.
>> No. 19026

Fuku has varicose veins?
>> No. 19027
Hot, i love girls with hairy legs.
>> No. 19028
[ ] Examine the bottle.
[ ] Do a frisk of the room.
[ ] ... maybe you are tired after all, but just won't admit it? You could take a nap, since there's nothing to do, at least until 'nightfall'...

This one please.
>> No. 19029
YAF, we are in need of an Update please.
>> No. 19030

By your command, so shall it be done!


[X] Examine the bottle.
[X] Do a frisk of the room.
[X] ... maybe you are tired after all, but just won't admit it? You could take a nap, since there's nothing to do, at least until 'nightfall'...

Alright, you can stand, that's good to know. What was it about anyway? So suddenly... Ugh, perhaps it's because of all the things that happened today.. One thing's for sure, ever since you came to this place, you've been moving about too much. Walking, dealing with morons... Tiring. And to think that there's more of the ordeal waiting to fall onto your poor shoulders...
Ehh, it's not the time to think about such things. Renji is asleep - that means no hindrances for at least a few hours, which is always a good thing. At last you can just do what you want, without having to open your mouth to ask or answer irrelevant questions. Hm, but there's one thing that makes you wonder... What the hell was that stuff, that it made him fall asleep so quickly? Well, there's no doubt that it was a strong one, but to make him pass out like a light? Is he really such a lightweight drinker? Wouldn't thinks so, judging from his figure. Feh, people.
You slowly approach the dropped bottle and lift it up, trying not to inhale any of the disgusting smell. Ugh, he might as well be drinking disinfectants, it smells just the same. Just smelling it is enough to make you feel sick, and he downed a full bottle of this shit.
"... Absolut Vodka..."
Catchy name. Who do they employ to think up names, illiterate retards? Is that 'e' at the end of 'Absolute' supposed to be missing? This doesn't make any sense, but then again, you've always thought that alcohol is a thing reserved for those with no purpose in life. Perhaps similiar people work on it's production. Whatever, not that it matters. Our of the scornful curiosity, you try to read the rest of the label on the bottle, but find nothing worth your attention. 40%, eh? Not that you can compare it with anything, but even that... 40% of alcohol, it sounds at least dangerous. And the result is now snoring silently on the bed. One good side to a whole bunch of disadvantages.
Sighing lightly you put the empty bottle back into the cupboard - which you notice is full of bottles, some empty, some full, but all undoubtedly containing stronger or weaker amount of alcohol. How... disgusting. Who would've thought that this guy... Meh, it doesn't matter. What's important is that this cupboard seems to isolate the repulsive stench inside. Good piece of furnite, makes you wonder if it isolates sounds too, because someone could certainly be put in one, just for the spite of it.

Alright, one less thing to worry about. Now, you haven't really had time to look around this place up till now, so it would be natural to get to it, right? Well, it's not like there is anything special about the room itself - the same walls made of big stones as in the canals themselves, miraclously dry, as opposed to what you saw - and felt - before crossing the floodgate... Maybe it's thanks to it that it's perfectly dry here. The pipes here and there take away the cozy feeling it would otherwise have, but it still reminds you more of a normal room than an underground hideoud, maybe thanks to the intensive lighting. Hm, come to think of it...
You bend your neck backwards and squint your eyes a bit. Yeah, the premonition was right - there's a rectangular hole in the ceiling, and high, high above, you can see a grate of sorts, and a bit of sunglight. Hm, so that's how the air gets here, but... Doesn't it mean a lot of water flooding in if it's raining outside? Well, not that it matters, those are sewers after all.
More interesting than the room itself are it's contents, ones that add to it's 'ordinary' feeling. A desk, cupboards, bed, sink, toilet... Well, damn, if stubborn, one could practically live in this place. No worrying about noisy neighbours, unless there are alligators here, no worrying about anyone breaking in unless they know the combination for the door... You have to give it to the idiot - he's got one damn fine hideout here. Well, time to mess it up a little, shall we?


In the end, you find nothing out of the ordinary. The desk is full of things you'd expect a desk to be - paper, lots of pens, pencils, old newspapers (oddly named 'Bum Bum Maroon' or something like that), and other crap that is of no interest to you. Though, yeah, you do claim one of the pens as your own and slide it inside your pant's pocket. Just in case. While most of the cupboards were empty (you dared not to open the one full of bottles again, in fear of the deadly fumes), in one of them you found a large, metal chest, no doubt of military origin. It reminds you of those crates that soldiers kept their ammo in war movies... As far as you can recall. Huh. Having those idiots' hobbies in mind, it doesn't seem any weird. The chest is closed with an ordinary padlock, and the key, well, is nowhere to be seen. Pity.

And that's that. While you're kinda amazed by this place's convenience, there's really nothing out of the ordinary here. Well, what did you expect? No, to be honest, you expected nothing more. Ehh.
Come to think of it, what time it is? Can't be later than 4PM, if your biological clock is not mistaken. Too bad you can't trust your cellphone's clock, but does it really matter? Eh, since you have to wait till the nightfall... Might as well do some time-skipping then. As much as you hate to admit it, you do feel a little tired. Perhaps it's because of that nausea attack earlier, but... The prospect of taking a nap is really tempting. Well then.
Taking care not to lay too close to Renji and his deadly breath, you gently throw yourself onto the bed. To be honest, you'd rather sleep on the floor, but... Meh, maybe you got a little too used to having a warm surface to sleep on. Those things are fucking cold!
The pleasant darkness comes quickly.


You open your eyes.
And immidiately groan with displeasure at the sight before you. Great, it's another one of those stupid dreams. Just what you wanted. Why can't you just have a normal sleep, for once? What's the worst, is that you do realize that this is a dream, and can do nothing about it.

A round table. Three cups, placed in exact distance from each other, one of them just before you. Looking down at it, you notice that it's empty. The other ones... Well, you can't really see, but something catches your attention. Beside one of them, the one on the left, there's a piece of paper, with someting apparently written on it.
Okay, now what is THIS supposed to mean? Why do you have to go through this? Jesus...

[ ] Check the cup on the right.
[ ] Check the cup on the left, read the note.
[ ] Bang your head against the table, hoping to wake up.
[ ] Sit down and wait.
>> No. 19031
YAF delivers once again.

[x] Bang your head against the table, hoping to wake up.
>> No. 19032
[x] Read the note; if it says "Drink Me" or any of that Fuku-in-Wonderland shit, dump the contents out and proceed to bang your head against the table.
>> No. 19033
{X} Sit down and wait.

stoic gaems
>> No. 19034
[x] Try to imagine a clone of yourself, for you to have sex with.

>> No. 19035
[] Try to imagine a clone of yourself, for you to battle with.

Imaginary catfight!

Seriously, now:

[x] Sit down and wait.
>> No. 19036
[X] Sit down and wait.
>> No. 19037
I think the cup with the letter is about our job, another is for the future we want to have and the last one is...something.

Not gonna vote.
>> No. 19038
[x] Sit down and wait.
>> No. 19040
[x] Sit down and wait.
[x] But read the note.
>> No. 19041
[x] Write on note "U R FAGET"
>> No. 19042
>> No. 19043
I knew someone would write this

[x] Sit down and wait.
>> No. 19044

And the note reads: "You should be able to solve this."
>> No. 19046
I was bored, so here you go. A short one, but I guess it can suffice.


[x] Sit down and wait.

Whatever is this place, there seems to be no way out, so... Well, it's not like you have anything else to do, so might as well sit down and wait to see if something happens. Like you decided, you do, and altough your mind keeps urging you to read the small note, you resist it, for the spite itself more than anything else, towards both your annoying curiosity and anyone who might've left it here. If it was meant for you to read, that's even better. Nothing like ruining someone's plans for your poor self.

There really is nothing here. Supporting your chin on your arms, you try to spot anything worth of attention, but beside this table and those chairs, nothing else is in sight. Kinda makes you wonder if something would happen if you walked away in a random direction, but for some reason, your instincts tell you not to. Why? Whatever, it doesn't matter. Besides, you're supposed to be resting, not exert yourself even more.

Tedious. You appreciate the serenity of this place, but with nothing to hook your eyes on, nor anything to do, you can't help but feel somehow bored. That's why dreams are irritating - instead of just waking up, refreshed and energetic, you have to deal with all kinds of jacked-up stuff your subconscious comes up with. Like this thing. What the hell is it even about? Ehh, this is really annoying.

A few minutes, or hours - since you can't really tell - pass, in an undisturbed silence. This is really, really inconvenient. Constantly growing irritation doesn't even let you relax properly. If this keeps up, you're not going to wake up rested at all. Great, simply great.
That's it.
You can no longer wait idly. This... lack of any action is just pointless. Bah, maybe if you pinch yourself or something, you'll wake up. Implausible, but worth a try.
Standing up, you give your eyes a light rub, to scare away the dull feeling, and prepare to perhaps punch yourself in the stomach, when something catches your attention.

Where there was previously no one, sits a girl, staring at your undoubtedly confused face with an amused grin. Black hair, just like yours. Blue eyes that gleam with joy and maybe a bit of viciousness. And her constantly smiling lips. Wait, when did she get here? One second there's no one, and when you look away for a moment, she appears... What the hell?
"Didn't expect to see you here." Her voice is neutral, but possesses that mysterious, almost unnoticable lining, which makes you instantly assume that she's mocking you. "I thought I left you a message?" she lifts the little note you refused to read earlier "See? It says so right here. 'I'm busy'. Really, that patience of yours is troublesome, sometimes. But I like that part of you."
She speaks as if she knew you. Who the hell is that girl? Well, finishing her little questioning, and receiving no answer, she reaches for the cup on the third, unoccupied spot, and does a gesture which was probably meant to pour it's contents into her own. But there's nothing coming out. She puts down both of the cups with a sigh.
"Ah, right. Force of habit. You still haven't... But I guess that's not why you're here." she shifts her amused gaze back to you "So? What did you want to talk about?"

[ ] "... who the hell are you?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... why are you here?"
[ ] "... 'busy'?"
[ ] "... where am I?"
[ ] "... fuck you. I want to wake up!"
>> No. 19047
{X} "... who are you?"
>> No. 19049
{X} "... who are you?"
>> No. 19053
YAF, Up-

[x] "... why are you here?"

Thank you, but one more for tonight please.
>> No. 19056
[x] "... who the hell are you?"
>> No. 19060
File 122254603925.jpg - (111.97KB , 461x655 , catfuku.jpg ) [iqdb]

Sure, why not. In the meantime, since there weren't votes and I was still rather bored (stuck at home with some illness, preventing me from going out to drink with friends, TWO OPPORTUNITIES LOST, GODDAMNIT), I wrote this... So enjoy.

Drawing made by our beloved GD~ ♥


Collaboration of Questions and Answers!

YAF: Welcome to our little corner, brought to you by our sponsors - letters L, A, Z and Y, and Vitax Company, supplier of your writer's green tea bags! Applauses should be kept for later, and now, let me introduce you to our guest! The ever-gloomy, antisocial, full of spite, Fukuzai Toorima!

Fuku: ... why the hell am I here? Aren't I supposed to be playing games with Kazuma? What the fuck is going on?

Y: Ahaha... You see, about that...

F: ... I see. Why do you people make me do this shit all the time...? Whatever, get to the point.

Y: Ahah, yes, yes of course. So, onto our first question! There's something weird about your appearance, namely your eyes. Why do they have diffirent colours?

F: ... is that what you're concerned about? I have a geass, that's why. What did you expect? Stop asking stupid questions, moron.

Yaffy: Actually, it's because SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER and because heterochromia is sexy.

F: ... would you kindly shut your whore mouth, eyesore? Go back to fucking your stick limbs.

Yaffy: ;_;

Y: Uhh... Yeah, let's go on. Second question: our readers would like to know, why are you so hostile towards people? Is it a trauma of sorts? Or you're simply that kind of person?

F: ... fuck you.

Y: I-I see... A-anyways... Next question... What do you think about Renji?

F: ... I think I told you to stop asking about stupid things? He's an idiot. Handsome, but idiot. Why would you want to know what I think about that idiot? Die in a fire.

Y: A-alright... Um... There's the s-second to last... Uh... Why do you feel attracted to little boys?

F: ... and why do you feel attracted to your father's penis?

Y: I don't!

F: Whatever, fag. Give me the last one and let me go.

Y: Yes, you're r-right... Um, so, why don't you shave your legs?

F: ... you're a fucking idiot, you know that? Why the fuck do you care? I don't because I don't, now piss off. Can I go back now? Why do you people keep distracting me with such pointless stuff? And you, little stick-shit! Why the fuck are you staring at my head?!

Yaffy: ... cat ears...

F: What?!

Y: AAAAND! This concludes our program! Fukuzai, you can go back to the story now, Yaffy, go play some STALKER or something, that cat thing really was a bad idea! I hope this little break in our usual schedule was a pleasant one! See you next time! YAF and his helpful mspain alter-ego, bidding you...

YAF and Yaffy: Adieu!
>> No. 19061
{X} "... who are you?"

>> No. 19062
[x] "Who the fuck--" Point to her.
[x] "--Where the fuck--" Gesture at the table and this immediate area.
[x] "--What the fuck." Throw your arms out as if to encompass your whole general situation as of recently.
[x] "Get answering." Fold arms, be surly.
>> No. 19063
Fucking perfect. I love it.
[+] "Who the fuck--" Point to her.
[+] "--Where the fuck--" Gesture at the table and this immediate area.
[+] "--What the fuck." Throw your arms out as if to encompass your whole general situation as of recently.
[+] "Get answering." Fold arms, be surly.
>> No. 19064
[x] "Who the fuck--" Point to her.
[x] "--Where the fuck--" Gesture at the table and this immediate area.
[x] "--What the fuck." Throw your arms out as if to encompass your whole general situation as of recently.
[x] "Get answering." Fold arms, be surly.
>> No. 19067

Nice, I second this.

[X]All-in-one write-in.
>> No. 19068

[x] "Who the fuck--" Point to her.
[x] "--Where the fuck--" Gesture at the table and this immediate area.
[x] "--What the fuck." Throw your arms out as if to encompass your whole general situation as of recently.
[x] "Get answering." Fold arms, be surly.

>> No. 19069
[x] "Who the fuck--" Point to her.
[x] "--Where the fuck--" Gesture at the table and this immediate area.
[x] "--What the fuck." Throw your arms out as if to encompass your whole general situation as of recently.
[x] "Get answering." Fold arms, be surly.
>> No. 19072
File 122255992773.jpg - (62.36KB , 307x574 , 3540fd7b4c9ee2d4f3cf32495f7b9dc62.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Who the fuck--" Point to her.
[x] "--Where the fuck--" Gesture at the table and this immediate area.
[x] "--What the fuck." Throw your arms out as if to encompass your whole general situation as of recently.
[x] "Get answering." Fold arms, be surly.

Alright. Now this situation just evolved from 'ridiculous' to 'practically unexplainable'. God, why do those things always happen to you? A nap is all you wanted, so why did this shit... Ehh, it's not worth getting mad at. It's just a stupid dream, and whoever that girl is - no matter how familiar she seems - is just someone your subconscious created to bully you a bit with her mocking smirk and stare.
Still, despite realizing all this, your curiosity - may it burn in hell - still demands some answers. And perhaps by actually asking some question, you'll get the problem of figuring shit out off your tired head. Tiresome, but clever. Damn, you just might be a genius!
Well then, no use sitting around and trying to outdo her in this battle of gazes. You stand up, hastily, yet carefuly, trying not to knock over the chair like you did last time, at the station. It'd ruin your cold aura. And that's now what you'd like to happen in front of such an... outright malicious person. You aim your index finger at the girl's forehead, wishing - but just a little bit - that it'd turn into a pistol and kill the bitch. Of course, nothing like that happens. Still, your voice remains calm and cold as it should be.
"Who the fuck--" you then shift it down to point at the ground beneath your feet, or rather at the table before you "--Where the fuck--" and finally, throw your arms out and put as much blame into it as possible "What the fuck."
Havining finished that excessively histrionic gesture, you let your shoulders rest by crossing arms on your chest. What throws you off balance though, is the fact that the girl is smiling even wider now. She's not aggravated a slightest bit.
"You don't know?" She asks like if knowing all that shit was something taught at elementary schools. "You really don't--"
"Get answering." you quickly interrupt the annoying wench and put more spite into your stare... But receive no reaction whatsoever. Not even a frown. What an infuriating person. Why won't she stop smiling already?!
"Eeh, I thought you'd figured that out by now... I'm kinda disappointed in you." there she goes again - speaking as if she knew you "Come on, you're a clever girl, you have to know!"
"Aw, don't give me that look!" she's treating you like a kid! Well if that's what she wants to feel you like, then you're not going to give in! "It was almost suprising to see you here, I kinda hoped you'd come to scold me or something..." she sighs "And here you don't even know who I am... You even waited for me!"
"... then why the message if you didn't expect me?"
As much as you'd like to remain silent, this question forces it's way out of your lips.
"Just in case. Is it really that suprising? I learned that from you, to be honest."
Well that's a kind thing to hear, too bad she's pissed you off to much to feel even a slightest bit of appreciation now. This is fucked up. Again, something's going on behind your back, concerning your own person, and no one wants to give you a slightest hint about what kind of fucked up complications are being planned for your life. Is every single person in this world an asshole or a bitch? Fuck that!
"Well, since you're here, I hope you don't mind if I ask a question instead?"
You don't even want to bother with answering, knowing that it wouldn't change anything.
"Silence means agreement!" she exclaims while clasping her hands "How nice of you!"
"... just get to the point, will ya."
"Oh, yeah, that's right. Actually, I was wondering... Why..." oh jesus, she's making those pauses solely to mock you, isn't she? What does she profit from this bullying? Is there some grim satisfaction for her in infuriating you? Those people... "What's up with your twisted love for little boys?"

Ack! What kind of question is that?! Why does she even know...?! Shit, this took you off guard. Little boys... Damn it, come to think of it, do you really...? Yes, yes you do. Why? It's not like if you decided to love little boys as opposed to everyone else, it's just... Ugh, no point in getting embarassed. It's only going to fuel that witch's satisfaction, and that she is NOT going to receive.
You challenge her stare without even frowning.
"What is it? What's wrong about little boys?" trying to immitate her mocking tone, you lean slightly forward "Would you rather me hook up with that idiot?"
"Ahh. Renji?" hm, the fact that she knows his name is somehow disturbing, bah, that she even knows who you mean, but you saw it coming "I don't know. I kinda like him. Don't you?"
Do you like him? 'Hell, no!' - is what you'd like to say, but... Well, he's helped you out at least two times in this place, first to stand against the crazy monk, then to escape the maniacal sheriff. Though it was his fault that you found yourself on those troublesome situations in the first place, you can't help, but feel a little... Indebted. Ridiculous as it may seem, even now you're dependant on him. At least until he gets you out of this village. Then... But that's not a concern for now.
"Speaking of the devil." the smirking bitch interrupts your thoughts "Listen."
Listen. Listen to what? There's nothing here beside you two, so what possibly could you be listening--

'She's a killer queen...'

Somewhere on the edge of hearing, there's a voice... Muffled, but still distinguishable, altough very slightly. You... recognize that voice.
"... Renji..."

'Gunpowder, gelatine...'

"Aww!" the girl speaks up again "How sweet! Waking you up with a song~!"
Yeah, so sweet it makes you want to vomit. Waking up with a song? What manner of-- Wait, there's something wrong with her voice. You shift your gaze back to the girl, only to see her...
Blurring out.
Literally, her figure, as well as the table and chairs, are getting more blurry with every second, slowly dissolving into the blackness. Noticing your suprised look, the girl takes a glance at her body, and almost jumps up.
"Already? Oh crap, I forgot! Fukuzai!" she turns to you "This is important! Don't exert yourself! If you feel bad, throw aside the pride! Damn, you know what feels really good? Kissing. Your mother always kissed you if something happened when you were little, right?" ... what? She's not making any sense, not mentioning that her voice is terribly deformed "Do what you're supposed to do, and--"
And before she's able to finish, she disappears completely, along with her eyesore table. Ah, how satisfying. At least in the end, you were able to throw her off tracks a little. A little, but still. Damn, now you're kinda happy. Hm, but if that voice really is Renji, then--
>> No. 19074
File 122256060073.jpg - (53.26KB , 767x710 , b804cf28d2a8735c8cbdf04f59ff0b7e.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Dynamite with a laser beam;
Guaranteed to blow your mind;
You open your eyes. And to your disappointment, it doesn't look much diffirent from what you had to endure these last few minutes. Or hours, whatever, it doesn't matter. What's diffirent, is that there aren't any things that aren't supposed to be there, an you're laying on a bed. Which needs correction, so you quickly sit up and look around.
"Oh, did I wake you up? Sorry." From the right. Altough it is dark, you still can see the outlines of who you suppose is Renji... And it seems that he's meddling in one of the cupboards... Shouldn't he be having a hangover? He was out like a light a few hours ago, after drinking that stuff, but he sounds to be fully conscious now... "By the way, thanks for turning off the lights. That was smart of you to think about it. I kinda screwed up on my side, but I was... Well, you know."
Oh... Lights? Ah, yes, that's right. If it's dark outside, and there are so many lightbulbs down here, someone's bound to notice sooner or later. Wait, but did you turn them off?
As far as you can remember... No, there's no point in thinking about it. Maybe you just did it without even noticing. Good thing that it's been done, it doesn't matter by whose hand.
"I'm going to scout the sewers ahead, so you stay here. I have plotted a route through warehouses with the lowest possibility of getting caught. Our target is a hole in the village perimiter, which kids use to get outside to play in the forest. None of the adults is supposed to know it, so there shouldn't be any guards around."
"... and then?"
"Through the forest. Youkai are awake at night, but I've got enough hardware to get rid of a legion of those things. I think we should be safe in the Moriya settlement, since they're in a confict with the Human Village. If we make it, there's a hideout of mine waiting for us, if not... Well, it's not like it will concern us then, right?"
That's what they call a black humour, isn't it? How amusing. Ah-ha-ha-ha. What an idiot.
"... I guess."
"Everything clear?"

[ ] "... yes."
[ ] "... Moriya... how far is that?"
[ ] "... why were you singing?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... I don't know... I'd rather stay here."
[ ] "... no. Youkai? Moriya settlement? I don't get a thing you say."


FUCK. Sorry for deleting this shit numerous times (if anyone noticed), but I FUCKED UP the second part, MAJORLY. Also moe Fuku shoop, couldn't resist, etc.
>> No. 19075
[x] "... yes."
>> No. 19076
{X} "... Moriya... how far is that?"

>"This is important! Don't exert yourself! [...]"
>> No. 19077
[x] "... Moriya... how far is that?"
>> No. 19078
[x] "... Moriya... how far is that?"

>This is important! Don't exert yourself! If you feel bad, throw aside the pride! Damn, you know what feels really good? Kissing. Your mother always kissed you if something happened when you were little, right?" ... what? She's not making any sense, not mentioning that her voice is terribly deformed "Do what you're supposed to do, and--"

Oh, I hope she doesn't mean kissing Renji, cause that's just disgusting as hell.
>> No. 19079
[x] "... hardware? As in military? Fuckin' A."
[x] "Do you know how far this Moriya is in relation to the mansion in the bamboo forest? I have... acquaintances there who might help us."
>> No. 19080
[x] "... Moriya... how far is that?"
>> No. 19083
[X] "... no. Youkai? Moriya settlement? I don't get a thing you say."
[x] "... Moriya... how far is that?"
[x] "Do you know how far this Moriya is in relation to the mansion in the bamboo forest? I have... acquaintances there who might help us."


Fuku needs to learn about Gensokyo!
>> No. 19084
>>19079 This, but edited to sound more like our laconic hero:

[x] "... military hardware? Fuckin' A."
[x] "How far is Moriya from the mansion in the bamboo forest? I have... acquaintances there."

It's not like Fuku to volunteer more information than necessary, but it's also not like her to follow someone she doesn't like to a place unfamiliar to her when there's a safer alternative that she's more familiar with--think of the "safe spots" she kept while she was homeless.
>> No. 19085
[x] "... hardware? As in military? Fuckin' A."
[x] "Do you know how far this Moriya is in relation to the mansion in the bamboo forest? I have... acquaintances there who might help us."
[x] (...not to mention a package to deliver there)
[x] Once you've delivered a proper apology and/or payment to Kazuma, kiss him on a crazy whim once the two of you are alone, or possibly as a kiss to say goodbye once you head off to Moriya.

I like long-term goals.
>> No. 19091
[x] "... Moriya... how far is that?"
>> No. 19092
YAF, can we have the Sunday Update please.
>> No. 19094
File 122264341026.jpg - (125.49KB , 1200x1600 , d52f23d6e6fd8906e8d651eb704ee6b7.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "How far is Moriya from the mansion in the bamboo forest? I have... acquaintances there."
[x] "... military hardware? Fuckin' A."

Clear. Yeah, of course. Cross a forest that's supposedly a very dangerous place, risk your life, only to reach a hellhole with a retarded name. Well, not that it matters. In this place, everything seems to be named by insane people on crack. Human Village that's a goddamn city, shrine that doesn't look like a shrine at all, hospital in a forest called 'Gayantay'. Yeah, one more retarded name doesn't make a diffirence.
Still, altough heading to a place where people don't like the ones chasing you seems to be a reasonable thing to do, you still got a better idea. After all, why go to a place where you don't even know what to expect, if you can turn to... acquaintances for help? Well, maybe you did piss off Kazuma, and maybe Eron was looking to get you out of Kain's grasp, but... It's still better than trying to find new safe haven.
"... not really. Mind if I...?"
"Hm? Yeah, ask away."
You pause for a second to come up with an adequately discreet form of the question.
"How far is that... Moriya from the mansion in the bamboo forest?"
Renji too takes a few seconds before answering.
"Why do you ask?"
And as expected, instead of just giving you the information you require, he asks a question of his own. A pointless one, of course, like always.
You sigh.
"... I've got some acquaintances there that could help."
For a moment, silence dominates the room, soon to be broken by a sound of metal hitting against metal. From the blurry outlines, you deduce that Renji finished messing with the cupboard and stood up.
"That's an interesting thing to know, but... I'm afraid it's useless. Perhaps if we took the trail, it would be a shorter journey than to Moriya, but the route I planned goes through the forest, which is a massive shortcut. Besides," he adds "We'd have to circle around the village or use the main gate, which is a suicide in itself. Plus, I've heard some nasty things about that place... Traps laid in the shadows, masked pits and whatnot. But thanks for letting me know. It could come in handy later."
Come in handy, huh? Well it doesn't change the fact that he just completely denied your plan and made you unable to reach the place you'd like to find yourself in... But he has a point. Kain undoubtedly had the guards sweep the whole city and maybe even the routes... And while you find it inplausible that Kazuma's house would have that sort of shit around it, still, you won't be able to find a way through the forest yourself.
Looks like, again, you have no choice but to entrust the idiot with your preservation... How annoying.
Well, it's not like you're doing it because you want to, so let's just give it a shrug and move on, shall we?
"Okay, now that we cleared that up, listen to me. Here."
He hands you two objects, which you take a bit reluctantly. First is some sort of goggles, and the second... It appears to be a can, or something along the lines, with something stuck on it's top. Wait, you've seen this thing before, haven't you?
"Military equipment, huh? Fuckin' A."
"That's the spirit!" Renji makes a gesture like if he was about to pat your head, but quickly retreats his hand. Good for him, cause you were ready to bite. Eh, anyways, what is this stuff? It would be nice if he'd explain it already. "Okay, here's your share of the stuff. Put on the goggles."
Put on, he says... But how are you going to do that? There are three stripes, is it supposed to go over your head? Oh wait, maybe like this? No, this way you can't see a damn thing... Crap, how is this supposed to fit anyway? What the fuck is this shit, Renji?
Suddenly your endeavours are interrupted by the goggles getting swept away from your grasp, only to be returned a few seconds later, accompanied by a loud sigh.
"You're so hopeless. Try now."
Hopeless. While you'd rather not have him call you that, as well as give him a solid punch in the guts, you have to admit that they fit perfectly now. But it doesn't help you see any better at all! Bah, it's even worse! Until--
Renji pushes something on the goggles' side, and your vision suddenly becomes flooded with green.
Ooh. It's one of those. Fancy night-vision goggles, right? Well this helps a bit. There are distortions here and there, but at least you can see your own legs now. Cool. Glancing at Renji, you discover that he's wearing a similiar pair. How many of these does he have? Wait, you shouldn't be concerned about that. What's more important is this can thing. If this is the same thing that went off in Kain's office, you'd rather not have it anywhere near. Your eyes sting painfully at the mere memory of that blinding light. Brrr.
"Alright, do they work?" you answer with a nod "Great." for some reason he sounds relieved "Now, this thing here is an M84 stun grenade, a flashbang, if it rings a bell." nuh-huh, mr soldier, it doesn't "It's diffirent from the one I used at the station. Listen, you have to press the spoon - this lever here - then pull the ring. Four seconds after that, it will detonate. And believe me, you'd rather have your eyes closed by then."
"You don't say."
"It's also going to make one hell of a noise, so prepare yourself. Don't be a scaredy cat, though I doubt you'd be fazed by anything like that. Anyways, remember." he leans forward and lowers his voice "I'm going to leave the door open in case I need to return fast. If someone, anyone comes in, and it's not me, throw the damn thing and run away. Hide somewhere. I'm going to find you sooner or later. Just make sure you don't get caught."
"And if--"
"And even if it's Marry," he interrupts "Don't hesitate. He won't hold a grudge, and there's a possibility they're going to use him to lure me out. We've been through this kind of stuff before, so I think he's going to be okay. And hopefully not mad if you throw a bang in his face."
While it's a rather amusing vision - to throw that thing in Marry's - or better - in Renji's face, you're in no mood to laugh now. He's unexpectedly serious about this stuff, and if he's serious - there's gotta be a good reason. Better not to ruin that seriousness, as long as it serves it's purpose.
"I got it." you give him an agreeing nod "Even if it's your boyfriend."
Wow. His face didn't even twitch.
"Yessss, even if it's him. You sure know how to ruin the mood, don't you?" he lets out another sigh and places hands on his hips, in a 'scolding mother' gesture "You know, I was about to tell you that whatever I said yesterday, I meant it, and ask you not to leave me, but... Now I'm just gonna say: stay safe."
And with that, he leaves, not closing the door behind him as he signed earlier.
>> No. 19095
File 122264348083.jpg - (30.42KB , 255x640 , f7db11f559906d7295ba9f180a98c559.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay, now that he's gone, you can get to collecting your stuff. Thanks to the goggles you can actually see shit, instead of just confusing outlines, so it shouldn't be a hard task.
So you quickly stand up...

And discover that it wasn't a good idea. Not a good idea at all. As long as you were sitting, or laying, everything was alright, but now... It feels like if you haven't slept at all. Your legs feel tired. And so does the rest of your body. Ugh... Still, you can't just fall back onto the bed and rest. Collect yourself, Fukuzai! Deep breaths. Deep fucking breaths. One, two... There. It's better. It's better now, right?
No, not at all.
But it doesn't concern you. There are things to be done, and done they shall be. Fortunately the backpack was already packed, so all you have to do now is to take out the uniform's tunic and put it on. It's cold. Well, no wonder. But wait, there's something wrong... The pocket. Breast pocket.
Unsure what to expect, you put your fingers inside, only to have them meet a piece of paper.


Dear Fukuzai.

The letter you were supposed to collect and deliver has been captured by a third party. We are all disappointed, but since you are our best employee, we have decided to give you another chance. Expect to receive an assignment tommorow morning. Perhaps it will also motivate you to do the task as supposed this time.

Yours Truly.


There. That's what it says. You didn't... Third party...? Damn, if it was burried in Aki's yard, then it was probably the guardsmen that found it. Damn it. Well, it doesn't matter now. It happened, it can't un-happen.
All that you have to do now is--
Someone grabs your shoulder while you're trying to hide the letter back into your pocket. Startled, your lips attemp to scream, but fail at the task, having been covered by a gloved hand. What the...!?
"Sssshh. It's me." Relief and disgust fill your mind simultanously when Renji's quiet voice invades your ears. When did he get here?! "They're in the sewers, so keep quiet. We're getting out of here."
He releases his grip, then silently approaches the door, gesturing at you to follow.

Indeed, passing through the flooded corridor, you notice beams of light moving about somewhere in the distance, to the right - the direction from which you came previously.

Fortunately Renji proves to be a good guide, as he leads you to another ladder, not meeting any patrols on the way there.

First thing that hits you after leaving the sewers is the cold wind. Cold, very cold. It was way warmer down there, now that you think about it. Why? It doesn't matter.
It looks like you're in another section of the warehouse district. No one can be seen around, except a lone guard, who seems to be napping under a streetlamp. To the left, there's some free space, and after that, something that appears to be a fence of sorts. Very high, and made mostly of concrete blocks.
"Alright." Renji whispers again "We're here. The hole should be 20 meters in that direction."

[ ] Just follow him.
[ ] "... I'm not going anywhere with you. Sorry."


Woah, this turned out to be longer than I'd expected it to. Well, not that it's a bad thing... right? Or would you rather have me write smaller walls, because of tl;dr rule?
>> No. 19096
{X} Just follow him.
>> No. 19097
[x] Just follow him.
>> No. 19098
Walls are fine. Just keep the updates coming.

[x] Just follow him.
>> No. 19099
[X] Jusu follow him.

That dream was probably a way of YAF to tell us we should go to other places as well.
>> No. 19100

No, that was just the CoMN version of Red attempting some preliminary mindfuckery.
>> No. 19101
File 122265087476.jpg - (49.47KB , 424x600 , e9157f2494e35ca10378c4257822f957.jpg ) [iqdb]
Another one, since I was bored and you fucks don't even care which option gets chosen as long as I update.


[X] Just follow him.

Ehh. This would be a perfect chance to escape, given the darkness and lack of people around, but... As you noticed earlier, it would be pretty much impossible. This one here might be sleeping, but you're ready to bet that other guards aren't taking it so easy. Especially since that idiot outright stormed the damn station... And your guts are telling you this - Kain isn't a person to simply forgive stealing someone who might have killed his friend, beat down his door and busted his window. Not to mention being blinded, insulted and offended in overall. All in front of his people. That must've been a big blow to his pride. Or so you think.
One way or the other, you're stuck with Renji for now. It isn't THAT bad, considering he's proven to be quite useful, despite not looking like it, but still... You just can't stop thinking of him as an irritating idiot who happens to love meddling with your life. Besides, why is he doing all this? Shouldn't he be rather bailing out his friend? Instead, he's taking you to a place he calls safe, getting farther from the one that got caught because of his imprudence and credulity. No doubt that now Marry's going to become their scapegoat... While they search for you - the main suspect. Which only makes it look less profitable for Renji to take you to Moriya before returning here to help his friend. But then again, if it weren't for him, you'd probably get caught by now, not mentioning that you escaped only thanks to him in the first place.
Ehh, what a hopeless situation. And it's really cold out here. Damn it, the day was hot, but the night seems to be even more extreme - just on the opposite scale of termometer. Why does it have to be so fucking freezing?!
"I go first. You follow me closely, the area around the hole is full of bushes and what have ya. You going?" Ah yes, back to the matter at hand. Having noticed Renji's whispering question, you turn to him and give him a slight nod. He smiles mischievously. "Great. Then it looks like I plotted my emergency plan for naught. Well, let's move on."
Wait. Emergency plan? Was he planning to do something unreasonable if you decline to go? Isn't that a bit unfair? He was talking about being sorry for barging into your life earlier today, and now he actually had an ace in his sleeve in case something goes not as he planned in that empty head of his? Renji, you're one stuck-up motherfucker. Canny - at times - but still egoistic. Ehh, but no time to ponder about his annoying traits now. Let's move on, he said, and move on you shall.

The hole turned out to be hidden behind a thicket of bushes, and to be an ordinary hole, created seemingly by the merciless passage of time. Big enough for an adult to get through, fortunately. Both you and Renji make it to the other side unscratched, having to take off your backpacks first though. But in the end, no damage was done neither to your bodies or stuff. The 'flashbang' that you quickly stuck into your uniform's pocket during the escape from the sewers didn't go off either. That's a good thing. Just having it at your side is unsettling, let alone the constant danger of it suddenly exploding without warning.... Ugh, you'd rather have Renji handle the hardware, but you're not going to admit that you're scared of a little, metal can. Besides, it could come in handy later, in case there's a drastic change of plans...
Putting the worries aside, despite it being cold, the wind of freedom from the nearby line of trees is almost intoxicating. Ahh, fresh air... Of course, it's still the same you were inhaling in the village, but it feels much better than inside the perimeter. Much, much better. Good enough to make you forget about your tired limbs.

Oh, right. THAT.

You sigh mentally and take a glance at Renji, who is now carefully observing the sky. Determining directions by the position of stars...? There's no other reasonable explanation, but it's simply ridiculous. And he said that he knows the way? This doesn't seem like a reliable way at all.
"Alright." he unglues his nose from the firmament and turns to you "If we make a straight line in this direction, we should be able to reach Moriya before the sunrise. Plus, youkai are less active in this area as well, if human village hunters are to be trusted."
Again. Youkai. Hunters. None of it makes any sense, but damn, you've gotten used to it by now. He sounds like he knows what he's doing, so...
"... let's go."

And so you do. With Renji leading the way, periodically glancing back to make sure you're still there, your journey through the dark forest goes on. Energetic at first, your... exhaustion soon shows it's signs. Damn... It's not even been one hour, and you're already tired... The ground, full of fallen leaves and branches, looking even more messy because of the distortions on your goggles' visors. Still, you persist in fake ignorance towards the weariness and press on, trying to keep up the pace.

More time passes in dull silence, broke only by the sound of leaves being crushed under your boots and occasional wind sweeping through the treetops. It's cold. And you're really tired. So tired...
You take a look around.
Within the narrow view range of the night vision goggles, nothing seems to look any diffirent from what you saw thirty minutes ago. For some reason, this only serves to lower your already low motivation. This is pointless - your legs seem to be saying - nothing is even changing, and we're tired, so why should we keep walking? Damn it... Now that you pay closer attention, your breathing is ragged too... Why...? You've slept for at least a few hours, yet it feels as if you had no sleep at all... Just like the time when you woke up under the shrine, only three times stronger. If it keeps up like this...
"... oof?!"
Great. Simply great. Lost in thought, you hadn't noticed a root sticking out of the ground and tripped on it. Like a goddamn elementary school girl. Fuck this, gotta get up...

Nuh-uh. Can't do. Your legs are completely defying any command you give them. Why...
"Fukuzai?!" Oh, at least he... He noticed that you're... Damn it... Why is breathing so hard? "What is it? Can you stand?"
Can you... stand? No, not at all. But you haven't fallen low enough to just admit it. No.
Renji's face stretches in a displeased grimace as he kneels at your side, lifting your miserable figure up a bit by your shoulders.
"Shove your goddamn pride up your ass. If you're tired, just tell me. We can stop for a moment, or..." he pauses for a moment and appears to be listening to something carefully... But what...? Ah, yes, of course... your wheezing... Why are you wheezing? "... or longer."

[ ] "... no... let's... move on..."
[ ] "... don't... touch me... and keep walking!"
[ ] Nod.
>> No. 19102
File 12226511913.jpg - (168.76KB , 1280x1024 , ddccd17328482b2898a85102316e1753.jpg ) [iqdb]
Also yeah, I've made over 20 shoops of girls with black hair so that their eyes would resemble Fuku's, what of it?
>> No. 19103
[x] Nod.

Red-chan's point still stands.
>> No. 19104
[x] Nod.

Whatever man just let me breathe.
>> No. 19105
[x] Nod.

Wait, what was her point?
>> No. 19106
[x] Nod.

Fucking Lelouch dies.
>> No. 19107

Fuck you, Fuku, and take it easy.
>> No. 19108
{X} Nod.
>> No. 19111
[x] Nod.
>> No. 19112
YAF, updates are needed now please.
>> No. 19114

Now? Right now? How about... in a few hours? No? Alright, I can write now.
>> No. 19116
File 122269657046.jpg - (37.33KB , 520x520 , cd56ed74bdafe95c672ea3dc0aedad57.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Nod.

Longer... That's... A bit inconvenient. But then again, it's your legs that refuse to cooperate. Damn it. Why, at a time like this... You're not feeling tired. Not tired at all... It's as if all the strength left your muscles for some bizarre reason... This is bad. Very bad. You hate to admit it, but taking a break... and a long one - is what would be a logical thing to do now. This is really pathetic.
Still, whatever happens, your pride won't allow you to simply say that you can't go any further. Then... just a nod should suffice. It has to suffice.
And nod you do.
"See. It wasn't that hard." Renji slides one arm under your shoulders and gently lifts you off the ground. You don't even have the strength to protest... Nor do you want to. Despite being... a bit disturbed by being touched by him, you can't help but feel grateful for his help... Really, how pathetic. "Alright, if we're going to stop, we should make a fire to scare off the youkai... There's a small clearing there, so hold on."
Indeed, you do see a small - very small - clearing in the direction he pointed at. Without waiting for your approval, he starts dragging you there...

Not ten minutes after that, there's a small campfire sizzling happily and casting a ring of dim light around... Causing the goggles to flood your sight with blinding whiteness, so you take them off as soon as possible with your trembling hands. Well, even without them, it's not really that dark... No, wait, actually it is. You can't even see the sky through the treetops above, let alone a glimpse of stars or moon. It's only thanks to the fire that you're able to see anything at all.
About that, you were pretty suprised to see how swiftly the idiot got it lit, not before carefully preparing the place to make sure the nearby bushes don't catch the fire by an accident... Really, the more he does, the more reliable he seems... He's still an idiot to you though.
He lets out a relieved sigh while rubbing his hands over the fire, perhaps to warm them up... It's really cold here. The flames do give off a nice wamrth, but... It's still damned cold. If you could only move closer to it...
But it's hopeless. Just taking off your goggles was tiresome enough. Standing up is beyond your capabilities now... Damn it. At this rate...
"You're really hopeless, you know that?"
Hopeless. That again. Who's hopeless here?! It was him who dragged you out into this cold jungle, it's all his fault! It's not like you had any choice, damn it! No, wait, actually you had, it's just that it seemed safer to come with him than... Argh, this is fucked up! If you had a bit more strength, you would probably throw a juicy insult, just to vent the anger, but seeing how things are now... And you're stuck with him, of all people! Sure, he's reliable, he's got skills that are useful - very useful - but it doesn't make it any better! God, for what sins?!
He takes out what seems to be a blanket from his own backpack. Blanket. If he had something like that, he could've given it to you earlier! What an idiot. What a fucking idiot. The fact that he stood up, walked behind your slumped figure and threw the damn thing onto your shoulders just serves to fuel your anger. Yeah, it's nice. It's warm, but damn, it still irritates the shit out of you! Still, it's much better--
There's something wrong.
It's too warm. There's something touching your back. And shoulders. And there's suddenly a bonus pair of legs you see laying on the ground before you, sticking out from behind your sides.
"... what are you...?!"
You try to turn around, only to have a sudden wave of nausea cause your head to spin around... At least mentally. Goddamnit, why, when you are weak, he...
"Ssshh. It's warmer for both of us this way, right?"
It is. It fucking is. But still, to have him hug you from behind like that... It's just an excuse - what he said. It's just a fucking excuse so he might realize his sick fantasies, right?
It's annoying. To some extent, disgusting. Irritating. Agitating. But damn... Why does it feel so nice?

[ ] "..."
[ ] "... you're enjoying this... aren't you...?"
[ ] Still, not gonna let it be. Use all your remaining strength to break free.
[ ] "... you're annoying."
[ ] No excuses. Time to scream. Time to punch and bite, no matter how hard it may seem in your condition.
>> No. 19119
Lelouchs death left me in despair.

[x] "... you're enjoying this... aren't you...?"
>> No. 19122

And you seek comfort in my updates? I don't know if it's the right thing to do, my friend... Well, as long as you vote, I'm happy, since I really grew attached to Fuku and enjoy writing her.

Also, Ledouche is alive, hurp de derp.
>> No. 19124
x "... you're annoying."

.. if you know what i mean
>> No. 19125
[✉] Give in. Allow your muscles to slacken.
[✉] "I hate you... you know this, right?"
>> No. 19127
I thought they were bees.
>> No. 19128
{X} Give in. Allow your muscles to slacken.
{X} "... you're annoying..."

>[ ] Still, not gonna let it be. Use all your remaining strength to break free.
This makes me imagine falling face-first into the fire.
>> No. 19130
[z] Give in. Allow your muscles to slacken.
[e] "... you're annoying..."

>> No. 19134
[x] Give in. Allow your muscles to slacken.
[x] "I hate you... you know this, right?"

Don't waste your breath on epithets. Telling the truth will get the response Fuku wants the least but needs the most: He knows and he doesn't care; he'll protect her unconditionally.
>> No. 19135

Character development, in MY /shrine/?

[x] Give in. Allow your muscles to slacken.
[x] "I hate you... you know this, right?"
>> No. 19138
[X] Give in. Allow your muscles to slacken.
[X] "... I hate you... you know this, right?"
>> No. 19139
File 122272886435.jpg - (470.85KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_6735.jpg ) [iqdb]
If it's not a problem, I would like you to download and fire up this song before reading.


[x] Give in. Allow your muscles to slacken.
[x] "I hate you... you know this, right?"

There's one thing that bugs the shit out of you in this world. And it's not the ignorance of it's inhabitants. It's not the fact that everyone seems to be an idiot. Not the unwanted, false friendliness they have attempted to give you many times before. Not the rain that often ruined your supplies and health while sleeping outside. Not the sun that seems to be intent ondehydrating you by making you sweat like a pig. Not the fact that food is getting more and more expensive. Not the fact that people feel disgusted with the likes of you.
All of these things are mildly irritating, but you had to endure them and much more. And you did. Without breaking. Without even crying. Without complaining. You did your best to survive in the hostile world, all on your own. Then what it is that you're unable to cope with?

It's this idiot.

Him, and nothing else. Bring on the rain and sun, bring on the snow, low temperatures, freezing nights! It doesn't matter! All that is just an insignificant nuisance, one that you need to simply look away from for it to become something distant, irrelevant. But him... Even if you run away, even if you look away, even if you ignore, even if you insult, he persists. He's always there, for reasons unknown.`Always one step behind you, offering a helpful, but often unwelcome hand. Barging into your life and thoughts, messing around, leaving a confusing mess that you later have to sort out on your own. Because, no one else is going to, right? You're grateful. Perhaps even more than you should. But, damn, this really isn't your style. You're not supposed to be dependant on other. You're... Fukuzai Toorima. A homeless girl that lost her parents and home, that agreed to take on a shady job, just to get some money. To live on. For what? Because it's scary. It's scary to be broke. It's scary to not have food to eat and water to drink. It's scary to not have any medicine and sick. But up till now, you've been able, almost always, to manage on your own... Until that one day. Perhaps if you just told him to piss off, everything would've gone diffirently.
But... Deep inside, truly, truly inside your thoughts, aren't you... a little thankful. That he took you with him. That he offered a shelter when the weather got really bad. Perhaps if it wasn't for him, your supplies would be soaked, food inedible, and... In that cold weather, you were bound to catch a cold, sooner or later. Perhaps. How ironic. That you're making excuses for something so insignificant.

There's no use in being stubborn. It may give him a wrong idea, it may remain as a stain on your pride, but... Just this one time, you can... Relax. Stop opposing. It's not like... it doesn't feel good. So just let your shoulders relax and... Sink into the warmth.
As silently as you can, you let out a relieved - very relieved - sigh. Compared to having to support your weak body, this really does feel good. And it doesn't matter who it is whom you're leaning against, nor does it matter that it's Renji. No, maybe inside, you're a bit grateful that it's him...
His embrace becomes stronger for a moment as he throws the other part of the blanket over your legs, then returns to being gentle. And you can't help, but enjoy the sensation. You're probably going to regret this later, but... It's not like you have a choice right now... is it?
"... I hate you." your voice is silent, weak against the sound of sizzling fire and rustling leaves high above "... you know that, right?"
And he responds with a quiet chuckle.
"Your point being?"
Your point... There is no point. It's just that you had to... Had to what? Tell him, so that he doesn't get any strange ideas? This is silly. No, perhaps even idiotic. But still...
"... no point. I just hate you."
"I see."
Just that?
"... that's not an answer."
"Oh, you want me to answer?"
He's amused. Enjoying all this. But then again, you already knew that.
"... no."
And that concludes your short dialogue. Both of you fall silent, not having anything else to say.

The fire continues to cast around happily dancing beams of light and warmth. Beside that, there's no other light. No other sign of civilisation in this forest today. Not even the stars... Another gust of merciless, cold wind makes you cower slightly, burrying deeper into the safe inside of the blanket.

"... at night they would go walking ‘till the breaking of the day... The morning is for sleeping..."

Accompanying the buzzing of wind, appears another silent noise - Renji's whispering voice.

"Through the dark streets they go searching, to see God in their own way, Save the nighttime for your weeping... Your weeping... Singing la lalalalala la lé... And the night over London, hey..."

He begins to sway slightly with the rhythm, and you are forced to follow... Though it's not really that unpleasant. Just...

"So we rode down to the river where the toiling ghosts spring, for their curses to be broken... We’d go underneath the arches where the witches are in the saying, there are ghost towns in the ocean... The ocean..."

Soothing. As much as you hate to admit it, it's incredibly soothing. Almost unvoluntarily, you close your eyes and let yourself be overtaken, by his quiet song...


"... hmhm, hhm hhm hhm hhm hhmm.... There’s no light over London today... No light... Over London today..."
As if to mark the end of the song, another gust of wind sweeps through your little camp, making the flames dim a little for a second.
Renji lets out a long sigh. Nothing more. In a moment where you expect him to go on another useless rant, he keeps silent, for no reason at all. How... annoying...
He's still rocking lightly, as if his body didn't notice that there's nothing to rock to anymore. And you find yourself almost unable to resist this mute lullaby...
He sighs again.

[ ] "... why are you doing this?"
[ ] "... sing."
[ ] Just let yourself fall asleep.
[ ] "... I hate you."
[ ] Perhaps now that you rested a little, you'll be able to move?
>> No. 19140
{X} "... hate you..."
{X} Just let yourself fall asleep.

>> No. 19142
[x] "I hate you... for seeing me like this." Are these tears?
[x] Barely a whisper: "... hate you..."
[x] Just let yourself fall asleep.
>> No. 19143
[ ] Just let yourself fall asleep.

All right, Renji. You win this fucking round.

But you're getting decked the moment Fuku's Happy Vulnerability Time is up.
>> No. 19144
[x] "... hate you..."
[x] Just let yourself fall asleep.

Fuck you to hell Renji.
>> No. 19145
File 12227328236.jpg - (4.53KB , 214x209 , 1222652043339.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19146
[x] "... hate you..."
[x] Just let yourself fall asleep.
>> No. 19147
[x] "... hate you..."
[x] Just let yourself fall asleep.
>> No. 19151
[x] Synchronize with Renji before you run out of life force completely, if you know what I mean
>> No. 19152
[x] "... hate you..."
[x] Just let yourself fall asleep.
>> No. 19153
[x] "... hate you..."
[x] Just let yourself fall asleep.
>> No. 19154
File 122274700910.jpg - (70.19KB , 480x480 , 1222745755878.jpg ) [iqdb]
All Hail Lelouch!
>> No. 19157
[x] "... hate you..."
[x] Just let yourself fall asleep.
>> No. 19158
GD asked.


[x] "... hate you..."
[x] Just let yourself fall asleep.

The darkness around. Humming of wind. Lights of campfire dancing around. Fresh air. Sound of rustling leaves high above. This is... your home, right? A quiet place like this, where you can let your senses relax, without worrying about your belongings, about tommorow, about what kind of difficulties you will have to face. Indeed, a place like that could be called 'home', right? Even though you've heard this place being described as dangerous, even though you don't even know where exactly it is, it doesn't matter. Because...
You let all of your muscles slacken and your head tilts sideways, finding support on Renji's arm. Just this one time, you can...
"... hate you..."
The gentle, black mist embraces your mind before you're able to finish your sentence.


"That was fast."
The girl plays with her cup as she gives you a suprised, yet still mocking stare. Ugh. This again. This table, three seats and that infuriating witch. What the hell?
Still, led by some unknown impulse, you pull 'your' chair and sit on 'your' spot, supporting your chin on your arms.
"So? Did you figure it out?"
And that again. Figure out? What was there to figure out? She's speaking in tongues, not making any sense. The worst thing is - you know it's just a creation of your subconscious, which makes it even harder to cope with. Why couldn't you just have a dreamless sleep? Or, say, dream about Kazuma or the boy from the shrine? Ehh, this is jacked up.
"... no."
"Awww." she gives you a false groan of disappointment "I'm a bit disappointed in your progress. To be honest, I'd expected to see you sooner... But well, better late than never, as the saying goes. Still, I thought you're smarter than that."
Blah, blah, blah, empty talk. Why couldn't she just shut up?
"... whatever."
"And," she makes nothing of your attempt to end the conversation "There's this thing about your body. You are slipping badly, 'Fukuzai'. Why didn't you listen to my advi-- Wait!" her face suddenly stretches in a smile as she clicks her fingers "I didn't want to interfere directly, but oh well! It's not fun to watch if you're in that state."
She grabs her cup, then hastily stands up and yelling 'be right back' or something along the lines, runs off into the darkness.
"... oi."

This is nonsensical. Here you are again, alone in this ridiculous dream. Is this normal? No way in hell, it's only the second time something like this happened, and damn, you think you know whose fault is that. Even if not, it's better to have a scapegoat than to keep cracking your head over it, right? So, for the time being, Renji is the one to blame. Speaking of which...
Recalling the events of before you woke up, a shiver runs down your spine. This is bad. Sure, you were weak and all, but damn, to let your guard down like that... But then again, what's been done cannot be undone. The only thing you can do now is to accept that he might get some strange ideas, and kick them out of his head as soon as possible. Preferably with the soil of your boot. But that'll have to wait until you get out of this ridiculous dream.

"I'm back!"
About 20 or more minutes later - thought you can't really tell how many - the bitch returns, clutching onto her cup carefully, greeting you with that irritating smile of hers.
"... back." you repeat "From where?"
"Oh, it wouldn't be fun if I just told you, right? Now, now." she places her cup beside yours "Drink up!"
While the fact that she, of all people, is the one giving the command is enough to make you want to refuse here and now, but... Well, the curiosity takes over and makes you glance inside the cup. It's full of transparent liquid, that smells like... luncheon meat? What manner of bullshit is this? And she expects you to drink this?

[ ] Drink it.
[ ] Don't drink it.
>> No. 19159
[x] Drink it.
>> No. 19162
>[ ] Drink it.
>[ ] Don't drink it!
>[ ] "Ooooooohhhh!"
... Sorry.

{X} Drink it.
>> No. 19163
[x] Don't drink it

I don't trust the smell.
>> No. 19164
[x] Don't drink it

Damn it. Stop trying to hook us up with Renji, you creepy woman.
>> No. 19165
[ ] Don't drink it.
>> No. 19166
[x] Don't drink it
>> No. 19167
>While the fact that she, of all people, is the one giving the command is enough to make you want to refuse here and now, but... Well, the curiosity takes over and makes you glance inside the cup. It's full of transparent liquid, that smells like... luncheon meat? What manner of bullshit is this? And she expects you to drink this?

Oh god what.
>> No. 19170
[z] Don't drink it

Not drinkan gaems.
>> No. 19171
[x] Don't drink it.
[x] "Listen, voice-in-my-head, I'm not going to drink something that smells like the dumpster behind the Jewish deli. Now would you kindly piss off?"
[x] Grumble at her, whatever the response; put your head down on the table and try to fall asleep... in your dream.
>> No. 19172
[x] Drink it.

Seems legit.
>> No. 19173
Why so Renji-hating?
>> No. 19174
[x] Don't drink it


Cause Renji's annoying. Overly annoying.
>> No. 19178
We'll need the umbrella to summon the rain to douse the gouts of flame, or else we're stuck walking in the subway terminal with people that buzz at us.
>> No. 19179
It's funny; if he were the main character, I'd be all for hooking up him and Fuku. But Fuku is a good bitch, and she is wasted on Renji.

Let's go molest shota Suika again. That was fun.
>> No. 19181
[x] Drink it.

This may heal our condition. Do no want disease end.
>> No. 19182
[x] Drink it
>> No. 19183
Sounds like a plan. I am all for it, Fukus own shota harem.
We just have to bring back Aki from the dead. Can't be one without him.
>> No. 19184
[x] Don't drink it
>> No. 19185
[x] Don't drink it
>> No. 19186

Disregard this vote I accidentally double posted.
>> No. 19187
>> No. 19198
Let's get this on top so YAF doesn't forget about it.
>> No. 19235
File 122307463110.png - (32.24KB , 475x1150 , 1223037485182.png ) [iqdb]
<GenericDrawfag> Please update~ ;w;

Depression. Lack of motivation whatsoever. Controller Anon not showing up. KOTOR2. Wizardry8. Blame one of these. Opera crashed. Two times. Not that you care, I know.
I've had this one written, just didn't post it because... I didn't feel like it. Look up.


[x] Don't drink it.

Eww. That's the first thought that comes to mind. Whatever this shit is, no way you're gonna as much as touch it with your lips. No way in hell. Bah, even if it was something else, the fact that she's the one offering it, not mentioning practically ordering you to drink, makes it even worse. Ugh, really, those dreams are frustrating.
You continue to stare at the strange liquid with what you hope is an expression of utter disgust.
"... no."
The answer is an audible sigh, then she grabs the cup and pulls it away from you.
"You're right. You should leave the dirty stuff to me."
To your horror, but satisfaction as well, she downs the cup's contents in one, long stroke, her eyebrows now even twitching as she gulps the disgusting shit down. Admirable, yeah. But it also pisses you off a bit for some reason.
She slams the now empty cup on the table top, visible chill running down her whole body as she does so. Dirty stuff, eh? That phrase somehow gives you more ideas on what that liquid could be... and makes you even more happy that you didn't decide to drink it. Jesus, what kind of fucked up dream is this? You could be dreaming of birds and flowers, trains, little boys, or other insignificant crap, yet, of all things, you have to be dreaming about this bitch. And it's the second time she invades your peaceful sleep. What the hell is this about?
"Ahhh..." she sounds kinda relieved "I'm never going to get used to it, am I..." noticing your strange stare, she counters with a mischievous smile "Well, at least it's good to see you've not changed that much after all. Good choice." Oh. So now it's a good choice, huh? It's all just as planned for her, huh? What manner of bullshit is this? "But still, you that was kinda troublesome. Stuff with Aki, I mean."
"Should've been more careful..." damn, she's totally ignoring the fact that you're not paying attention to her "Still, to make me interfere directly, you really are slipping badly. Were you even listening to me the last time? I think I told you what to do if-- Eh, I guess it doesn't matter now." she shrugs "It should be much easier from now on. Seeing how eager to cooperate your partner is... and to sacrifice himself..."
Eager... to cooperate? Partner? What the hell is she smoking? No, wait, could she mean Renji? But that's... Partner. Ugh. Just the sound of that word makes you shiver. What kind of bullshit is that? Partner? He's just an annoying idiot that keeps barging into your life, and even if his help is welcome now, it was his fault that this whole mess happened in the first place! Still, not gonna give her the satisfaction of infuriating you, or at least not gonna show the anger. Let her ramble on, it's just a dream anyway.
"I was almost suprised... You're kinda right calling him an idiot, but... He's a very nice idiot. You really should appreciate what's given to you, 'Fukuzai'. There might not be another occasion if he decides to take actio-- oh damn."
Oh damn yes, she meant. Finally, just as before, both she and table begin to dissolve into darkness. Fuck yes, that means the sick dream is finally over. Show's over, time to face the reality again.
"Ahh, so little time, so much to do... Say hello to the little one for me."
With that, she disappears.

You open your eyes and sit up.
No suprises here. It's bright - that must mean it's daytime already - but you're still in the forest, in the same place you fell asleep yesterday, and altough your living armchair is gone, for which you're rather thankful, he's sitting on the opposite side of the fireplace - or rather the ashes marking the place where the flames were dancing around yesterday - with one hand on his mouth, staring at you with what could be described as some kind of worry.
"... Fukuzai?"
Oh yes, just what you needed. First thing in the morning, and you're already faced with his idiotic questions.
Instead of answering, you give him an irritated frown, to which he responds with a relieved sigh.
"It's you. Good you're awake."
Awake... Yeah, it would be a good time to stand up, and... Hmm... This is weird. You can clearly remember being unable to move your limbs before, but... No, they're working. Arms, legs, knees, elbows... There's none of that numbness present anymore. That's... good. No, actually, you'd be very happy if it weren't for the idiot. Damn, you really DO feel good! Energetic, even! That's surpising, but well, since you can move, there's no point in digging further.
The only disturbing thing is that strange taste in your mouth, but to hell with it.
Renji stands up.
"Alright, I think I'm gonna scout around a bit... Think about... stuff... If you're hungry, there's some bread and canned food in my backpack, I already had some, so be my guest, you can eat it all... Just stay here, don't go anywhere far... And don't wake up Sirno."
Sir... Sir who? Wait, who the hell is he talking abo--
Oh... That pile of blue clothes here on the ground is actually a person? Would've never guessed. Wait, but there's something wrong with it... There's definitely something wrong with it... Yeah, it's small, but it's not that... Just... Like if there was something hovering above it, barely visible... Eh, squinting your eyes doesn't help much, so you decide to leave it alone. Whatever it is, let it be. But wait, if that's a person...

[ ] "... what is THAT?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... yeah. Stay safe."
[ ] "... what do you mean, scout around? Wasn't this forest, like, extremely dangerous or whatever?"
[ ] Give him a punch or two before he leaves.

[ ] Proceed to poke the little thing.
[ ] Just have a goddamn sandwich or something.
[ ] Use the occasion to go through Renji's things while he's gone.
[ ] "... uhh... you? Are you alive?"
>> No. 19236
[x] Slight nod.

[x] Have a goddamn sandwich or something.
[x] Proceed to poke the little thing.
>> No. 19237
{X} Slight nod.

{X} Have a goddamn sandwich or something.
{X} Proceed to poke the little thing.
>> No. 19238
[Q] Slight nod.

[Q] Have a goddamn sandwich or something.
[Q] Proceed to poke the little thing.

Male Cirno. More Shota for Fuku to enjoy.
>> No. 19239
[Q] Slight nod.

[Q] Have a goddamn sandwich or something.
[Q] Proceed to poke the little thing.

lol sir no
>> No. 19240
[x] Slight nod.

[x] Have a goddamn sandwich or something.
[x] Proceed to poke the little thing.
>> No. 19241
A few Days not here and YAF gets lazy again.

YAF, updates please. I thought you would have made at least 7 new ones that i can read at once.
>> No. 19242

Sorry, but you see... I've been stuck at home for three weeks because of some illness, been coughing up blood (good thing I had enough strength to not accidentialy cough it on my laptop - that'd be a catastrophe), staying all day long in bed, now I'm finally better, but thanks to that ilness totally exhausting my body, I'm not exactly in a mood to write... And having to wait 2 days for 5 votes isn't exactly motivatng either.

And what's worse, there's also that unfinished Renko H-scene haunting me... Making it even worse, since I can't get myself to write it....
>> No. 19243
Can't be helped then.
First get better soon. Then get outside to cheer up, sun is your friend.

After that get back into the mood and start writing again.
>> No. 19244
>Then get outside to cheer up, sun is your friend.


[h] Have a goddamn sandwich or something.
[j] Proceed to poke the little thing.


I can't help but have the feeling we're doing something wrong. Snow End, here we come.
>> No. 19248

What sun? There's only a shitload of clouds and rain outside... At least I will finally be able to buy Clear Sky on Monday.

Anyways, yeah, I might be taking a break for some time, or at slow down the pace significantly, that's why the message in the pic in >>19235
I was actually surpised that someone figured it out, and quite flawlessly if I may say so myself, and it made me a bit curious what other readers managed to figure out. I know you guys usually don't discuss what's going on in the story, but you could do me a favour and make one little exception... right?


Perhaps. Don't worry, while I didn't plan out the GOOD ending entirely, the BAD one (one of the two possible) is already formed in my mind, and ready to be launched in case you screw up...
>> No. 19250

Gtfo Kira, you are not welcome here at /shrine/. Give us back our YAF.
>> No. 19251
>I was actually surprised that someone figured it out, and quite flawlessly if I may say so myself, and it made me a bit curious what other readers managed to figure out.

Wait, figure what out?
>> No. 19252
Do i have to go through the last 8 Threads to find out what you mean?
>> No. 19253
File 122319745146.jpg - (116.20KB , 1280x720 , 1223037598288.jpg ) [iqdb]

I don't know! Maybe the cause of Fuku's 'illness', maybe the reason why it manifests right now, maybe who murdered Aki, maybe why Fuku felt good after visiting him, maybe who is her 'employer', maybe what...

Don't tell me I've been thinking up all this stuff, giving out all these hints for naught. Because that would make me extremely sad and dissatisfied.
>> No. 19254

What, they are all done by the same person? Fuku is that girl dieing in her first dream? The fuck YAF, you should be happy at least one person figured everything out.

Me, I don't want to. I want to see it when the plot throw everything in our faces, this way the bricks are larger.
>> No. 19255
Fuck you, no Code Geass Pictures. I just got over Lelouchs death.
>> No. 19256

He's not dead. He faked his death. He faked it...

Yes, it's a lie. He's not dead...he's just...hiding.
>> No. 19257
File 122321739775.jpg - (100.10KB , 1280x720 , 1223207721066.jpg ) [iqdb]

Sorry, but facial expressions from Code Geass often look like mine after seeing /shrine/.

Just like this one right now, after reading >>19254 .
>> No. 19258
File 122321775673.jpg - (452.29KB , 1200x800 , 1222745360536.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19259
CoMN sucks
>> No. 19260
Whatever you say YAF.
>> No. 19262

Such lovely discussion we have around these parts.
>> No. 19280
I'd say this cyoa is better than TS for figuring out the mystery, but seriously, cut anon a break. Wanting to just sit back and enjoy a story is the whole friggin point. You need to meet the reader halfway. The story should be enjoyable when not trying to think about it, and rewarding when you do sit down and think. So far I'm finding thinking about the plot is a lot less enjoyable than just watching what happens. Normally for me, its the opposite and that should tell you something.

If you want discussion, try being less vague. Any one of the hints you've dropped so far seem to either go in a direction so blindingly obvious that one suspects its a red herring (or doesn't need discussion), or so vague that anything seems valid (making the readers want to sit back and get more information before committing to a theory).

If you want people to try figuring things out, cut back on the dream sequences. They're a waste of time. They're basically just a girl going "you have something you have to figure out and you're stupid for not figuring it out yet". Like we didn't know that already. Its kind of a tacky way to convey things anyway.

That said, I'm enjoying the story, and its one of the four cyoas that I check daily. You're a good writer, you just need to calm the fuck down.
>> No. 19288
A troll? ...Oh. Probably just YAF posting witho--

...wait a minute.
>> No. 19289
File 122348591044.jpg - (129.08KB , 2060x1816 , MoriyaCoMNflowchartcens.jpg ) [iqdb]
>you have something you have to figure out and you're stupid for not figuring it out yet

Exactly what I wanted to convey. I guess it was successful then, using this previously scrapped idea.

>you just need to calm the fuck down

Exactly what I'm doing right now. I'm finally out of bed, got rid of my depression, trying my best to make up for all my absence at school (In reality I'm just meeting with friends and playing Clear Sky, but you don't need to know that.), and enjoying a 'Carpe Diem' lifestyle. To be brief, I'm a happy man. Those three weeks in bed worn me out and probably made me things I didn't mean to say-- Or DID mean to say, but shouldn't have. Anyways, as soon as I get less lazy, we shall continue.

By the way, Tropic Thunder is a fuckawesome movie. In b4 poor taste, I know it's rather shitty compared to other pieces, but it serves it's role nice as a vietnam-themed comedy/parody. Plus it has a guy who sounds and acts exactly like KChasm from our IRC channel, which is not really a good thing, but somehow adds to the spice.

I had sketched a flowchart for the next part while bored in a chemistry class, and decided to see if I can still operate SmartDraw correctly. So here.
>> No. 19291

You do realize that pretty much all of that is readable, yes?
>> No. 19292
Too many random and unintersting things in that post.

Get back to writing Nigger.
>> No. 19294
File 122349212749.jpg - (589.49KB , 2060x1816 , 122348591044.jpg ) [iqdb]

Whatever, man. It's barely readable for me, and first of all, just a flowchart. It's all but a prototype. Besides, it was made mainly to help ME progress and keep the proper order of events, you don't even know which choices will trigger which steps, neither do you know the contents of actual scenes.


Suck my dick first, then we'll talk.
>> No. 19295

I think I've found your problem here, YAF.


Yeah, Tropic Thunder was fun. Now imagine how much less fun it would've been without all of Downey's ad-libs? I think you need to take a step back and chill~
>> No. 19296

My problem, eh? Like I said, I did it only for the heck of it, I didn't make flowcharts for any other parts of the game, with the exception of prologue, but that was, just like now, more of a test for the software than a serious thing (man, E-draw is so much better than SmartDraw... Too bad there are no cracks for the newest version). To be honest, that flowchart might already be outdated, since I come up with new things every now and again. I'm not the kind of man to stick with predestinied paths, just having at least something resembling a plan (in this case a flowchart) kinda helps you remember the things that are yet to come - I'm really forgetful at times.

To keep it brief - as I said, that flowchart was made only because I was bored, and while it should prove useful to keep those pre-planned events from escaping my memory, other than that, I see no reason why I should strictly abide by it's order of events.
Bah, it even lacks all the side-events I have planned for Moriya, not mentioning such trivial things as less important progress branches, etc.
>> No. 19298

460 wasted words, fuck this shit.
>> No. 19299
File 122349608221.jpg - (137.21KB , 2040x1796 , MoriyaCoMNawesomeflowchart.jpg ) [iqdb]
epic trolling lol
>> No. 19300

Stop talking to yourself and get back to work.
>> No. 19301

fukken saved
>> No. 19302

Hello, Nine.

Get to work already, would you kindly?
>> No. 19304

Hello, YAF.

Get to work already, would you kindly?

A Man chooses, a YAF obeys.
>> No. 19311
>A Man chooses, a YAF obeys.

Lot192 does wonders.
>> No. 19318
YAF, i miss your Reimu.

Even if your stories were full of Type moon faggotry and other shit, i just enjoyed the Reimu that you created.

I would even go so far to say that she was near perfect and that it was the only good thing that you ever made.
>> No. 19321
>the only good thing that you ever made

Way to troll CoMN! You're good, man! There's some real potential in you! I had to read your post three times to get it right! Your stealth trolling tactics are incredible. And I'm honest here.
>> No. 19323
Quit talking to yourself, fag.
>> No. 19327
Sometimes i think you are my only friend YAF