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Forgive the title, I’m still trying to figure out how to make dumb authentic-y sounding titles to things. So this is the thread I made for shorter stories, CYOA or just regular stories we’re inspired to make with the theme of one or more of the characters being genderswapped. Since this is Touhou, that basically means becoming male.

I’ll happily take feedback, suggestions, etc, and put up the ideas and brainstorming I’ve already seen, briefly, here. In addition, anyone is welcome to contribute to this thread if an idea strikes your fancy or something.

In the meantime…
-Male!Momiji + Aya. One day, the teasing or something goes too far and she has a big bad wolf on her hands? Or a shota wolf tengu, whatever works.
-Male!Momiji and Male!Aya + Hatate. The news-getting trio, with a cute enthusiastic girl and two big tall strong boys. Sandwiches probably ensue.
-Male!Reimu and Sanae. Rivalry between religious figures, tension and then a final resolution?

-Male!Youmu and Yuyuko. Pretty straightforward; cute gardener boy with a harsh exterior but an innocent streak plus curvy glutton free spirit mistress.
-Male!Eiki and Komachi . An attempt to discipline a subordinate and her killer body. Does he
conquer her or end up conquered himself?

-Male!Nazrin goes through the UFO crew including of course plenty of time buried in Byakuren as well as various other sorts of relationships with all the others.
-Male!Nue is (like the normal one) a shit that needs female discipline or something. Or maybe he bullies a girl.

-Remi and Flan are both males and enchant the SDM residents with shota-ish vampire charms or Male!Remi ends up being dominated by his cool and collected maid oooorFlan as a boy ends up getting out of the basement and seducing each girl there (including Remi?).

-Male!Koa + soft squishy curvy Patchy and also any girls who happen to break into the library to borrow a book, just for instance.

-Male!Miko and Byakuren have a friendly/antagonistic relationship in secret from their followers involving an awful lot of sex and taunting each other and all sorts of little games and tricks and plans.

-Male!Mokou and Kaguya. H a t e sex in its most pure form, possibly violent or outright disturbing content too. At the end of it Kaguya can’t even insult him properly when the morning comes and he has conquered her ‘impossible challenge’ or something.

-Male!Yuuka, Chikage-style. No more needs to be said.

Honestly, lots of genderswapping potential for new character interaction, amorous or otherwise, opens up in a cast as big, diverse, and interesting as this one is, and I’ve only given a few ideas I’ve thought of or seen other people propose.

So yeah, feel free to pitch in, like I said, and if not, this will just be the thread where I do side-stories or whatever.
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Okay! This first short was done in a truly awesome like three days, total, and was a collaborative effort on TitanPad between BSD and myself. Really happy with how it came out, we hope you all enjoy it.


Kaguya Houraisan stalked indignantly down the halls of her home. She was still sore both physically and mentally after her recent defeat, but that would heal with time. The true cause of her ire lay behind the door at the end of the hall. As she drew closer, she began to hear familiar voices leaking through the thin paper barrier.

From a simple, wordless mess of purring, cooing, and grunting, there arose a soft, feminine, slightly-nervous voice: "Ah, you got a bit on your lips."

The response was deep, masculine, and unbearably smug. "You'll have to clean it up then, won't you?"

The sickening 'conversation' then dissolved into a flurry of kissing and smacking, and Kaguya wished she had perhaps taken longer to come back to life this time. By the time she finally reached the door, she all but threw it open with a strength born of both magical power and righteous fury.

That man was making a fool of her again. And right in the middle of her bedroom, no less! Mokou Fujiwara, the very man who had just killed her, now reclined lazily on a long padded sofa, being doted on by Kaguya's own supposedly-loyal servants. His shirt was unbuttoned as if to show off his muscular stomach and fresh scars, and his baggy pants were undone for other, more scandalous reasons. His long, unkempt silver hair was strewn all over the couch and hanging down the sides, and a reeking musk of sex poured off of him.

Tewi Inaba kneeled at the end of the sofa. Her pale face was reddened by a rosy blush, and her pert nipples were highly visible under her plain pink dress. The garment in question was bunched up just below her waist, showing off the whole length of her petite legs and the shining trails of juice that ran down them. Even for her, that state of dress was shockingly indecent. And the most scandalous part was how she was massaging his filthy commoner's feet with her small, dextrous hands; she was even going so far as to suck on Mokou's toes as she worked, swirling her nimble tongue around each individual digit.

Further up, Eirin Yagokoro knelt at his waist on the far side of the sofa. The top row of buttons on her dress was undone, allowing her extremely plush, and dare Kaguya say it, oversized breasts to spill out. Presently, those selfsame mounds were wrapped tightly around Mokou's hard, thick cock, covering all but the tip of his equally-oversized length. The genius pharmacist slid her breasts up and down with fluid, practiced motions, kissing and licking his dripping tip whenever she had the opportunity. Mokou eventually brought a hand to her head, flicking off her nurse's cap and threading her precious silver locks all around his fingers. He then started to thrust on his own, leaving Eirin to simply cradle his cock and suck on his tip while he made use of her body. Her hazy eyes, rosy blush, and low moaning indicated nothing less than complete submission and contentment, of a sort that Kaguya hadn't seen in months.

Lastly, there was Reisen Udongein Inaba, also perched on her knees as she engaged in a shockingly passionate kiss with Mokou. Without the door to muffle it, the loud smacking and sucking and moaning from their... entanglement seemed to echo all through the room. She'd already discarded her blazer, leaving her with only the white dress shirt underneath, while her short pink skirt had ridden up far enough to show a great deal of her toned thighs. A platter of grapes and cheeses and other foods sat next to her; evidently, she'd been feeding Mokou before he pulled her into that depraved, sloppy kiss. As Kaguya watched, Mokou reached around with his free hand and took a leisurely handful of Reisen's barely-covered ass, prompting the bunnygirl to squeak and perk up without breaking contact with Mokou's greedy mouth.

As Kaguya surveyed all of her subjects treating him like this, she felt the bile in her stomach rise even further. She marched straight up to the arrogant pretender, stomping and huffing the whole way. "Winner or not, Mokou, I can't believe you would go so far! If you want to be worshiped, then do it on your own time, with your own servants!"

At first, it seemed as though her complaint had been ignored. However, Mokou eventually released Reisen and broke the lengthy kiss; the bunny girl showed a good deal regret as she backed away from the male immortal's lips. Mokou simply rested his head on his arms and shrugged, regarding Kaguya with mild annoyance. "Not my fault you can't keep them loyal."

"Keep them?!" Reduced almost to sputtering by the absurd situation, the princess took a single strained breath, which gave her enough pause to look over and watch what they were all doing so enthusiastically... "What exactly do you mean by that, you peasant?!"

Taunts about social standing tended to work surprisingly well; it probably had something to do with the fact that Kaguya was a princess with a castle and loving servants while he was half a step away from abject poverty. But this tme, he was unfazed. In fact, he seemed to find her jab rather amusing. "Well you put them through Hell, and I give them a little taste of Heaven... and suddenly you can't just treat them like property anymore."

That was a lie, and he knew it, and she knew that he knew it, the smug common bastard. There was nothing in her timeless world that she treasured more than Eirin. "Some rutting doesn't compare to a lifetime of loyalty and service."

They were always like fire and ice, but this? This was wrong. Everything was wrong. "It will soon enough." Mokou was supposed to be irritated and indignant after their fights, not trotting around her own home with such a... a smug, infuriating nonchalance!

While the squabbling exchange carried on around them, the other girls maintained their blissful focus on Mokou's body. Driven away from Mokou's mouth, Reisen ended up unbuttoning her shirt and wandering down to his waist. Eirin gladly backed up at her disciple's request, and Reisen moved forward to pin Mokou's thick shaft between their two sets of breasts. Half of Mokou's length was cushioned between Eirin's huge, squishy cleavage, The other half was squeezed by Reisen's slightly smaller, firmer pair. With an ease that indicated an infuriating amount of practice, the two beauties began to stroke him together. With a sight like that before her, Tewi quickly grew bored with Mokou's feet, and instead scooted her petite body up the couch. Her hot, tight mouth added another layer to Mokou's pleasure as she planted it between the two ladies' breasts, kissing and sucking Mokou's tip while their magnificent breasts vigorously squeezed and stroked his shaft.

Taken aback by this group effort, Kaguya struggled to say something noble, and commanding, a speech to snap her servernts away from this wanton debauchery. She'd just managed to come up with something when she was silenced; Mokou pulled her into a very aggressive kiss. The sudden attack dazed Kaguya completely, and the fire and passion were such that she didn't even think to resist at first. Kaguya was a woman after all, and she closed her eyes and leaned a bit further into Mokou. Without her sight, all she could feel was his rough lips pressing into hers with that peculiar smoky taste, and all she could hear were the slurps and low moans of the other women...

"Mmm." With a low, satisfied grunt, her rival closed his eyes and gave into the three girls' stimulation. Tewi's eyes widened as a spurt of hot thick sperm flooded into her mouth, powerful enough to splash back out past her lips. She pulled off to try and swallow it, a thin, sticky string stretching before her lips and his tip. Kaguya finally broke away from Mokou in exaggerated disgust and backed off, just watching with widening eyes as spurt after spurt of his cum shot into the air, splattering down on faces and breasts alike. How long could this man even go for?

In contrast to her shock, the girls were delighted by his powerful ejaculation. One of them would occasionally plug his cock to drink down a shot or two, and their hazy eyes and flushed, smiling faces clearly showed their delight as they gulped down his seed. Seeing them all purr and pant and work to coax out even more, Kaguya felt a powerful temptation to join them, to feel the happiness her servants so clearly enjoyed, but the strength of her pride kept her from giving in.

She refused to stare slack jacked at how depraved her servants had suddenly become, instead focusing on Mokou's unwavering grin as his orgasm finally tapered off. The urge to obliterate her rival and scatter the ashes was getting stronger with every second. Only one thing stayed Kaguya's hand, and that was the collateral damage. Even with this betrayal, she cared for her servants, Eirin most of all; to attack Mokou at this range would mean putting the rest of the girls in harm's way. Instead, she could only ball her hands into fists, her perfect nails digging into her palms and almost drawing blood.

But Mokou had a different interpretation of Kaguya's silence, and her 'wavering' encouraged him to press her again. "Everybody else is working together, and they seem to love it. Maybe you should stop acting like a frightened little girl and try it for yourself." He gestured towards his lap as he spoke, where his cock had already regained its full hardness under the three girls' tongues.

The presumption! Occasionally her hatred for her 'arch nemesis' waned just a little bit when they were apart, but every time they were even near each other, she remembered it all. All the reasons they ripped each other apart, shot each other, fought in an endless dance of death... And the bastard was now just expecting her to fall on her knees just because he was gorgeous and strong and confident- "Shut. Up." Her jaw clenched tight.

"... That's it? Come on. I expected a little better. Nothing about how you'd never debase yourself with my cock or any of that?" Mokou reached down and slowly stroked himself, even though everybody else was doing a fine job at pleasuring him already. With the shaft ocupied by Mokou's hand, the girls moved to the edges of his cock; Tewi and Reisen each closed their lips around one of her balls, while Eirin's gentle, delicate tongue flicked steadily at his tip. Even being annoyed at Kaguya only helped him feel like everything was right with the world. "Unless..."

"Unless what?!" Her vision was tunneling; she didn't know whether she was about to give up or run out, but that choice was made for her. The timeless princess barely noticed a quiet click as Reisen locked the door behind her.

"Oh, just fuck already." With her characteristic bluntness, Tewi butted right into the argument. She stripped off Kaguya's long, patterned blouse and skirt with impressive speed, leaving the princess with only her underwear: a tight white sarashi that flattened her already-modest chest, and a simple white fundoshi, and her knee-high white stockings and sandals. Even the little clothing she had hugged tightly to her subtle curves, leaving nothing safe from Mokou's hungry, prying eyes. Not knowing what to do, the princess could only hug her arms around herself as her pale skin flushed with embarrassment.

But it was only a few seconds before Kaguya's reddening cheeks were enclosed by Eirin's warm, smooth hands. The pharmacist's glittering eyes filled her vision as their lips connected. Their kiss dragged for nearly a minute, despite Kaguya's increasingly moan-like complaints.

Despite ordering others around and keeping herself above 'regular people', Kaguya had absolutely never been able to resist her. All she could manage was a light shove against the pharmacist's pale, flawless shoulders, and her companion wasn't so easily disuaded.

Her resistance faded further with Eirin's words, passed almost mouth-to-mouth in a gentle murmur. "Of everybody here, who do you trust more than anybody else?" That question didn't even rate a response; they both knew it was her. "How much do you trust me?"

What an odd question. It was one that Eirin had never posed to her before, ever. She had been the one with the most favor, the most affection, but trust itself... It made her think. Thinking always made blind anger and rage harder, and thus, without even actually asking for it, Eirin had started to convince Kaguya to go along with... whatever the Hell was actually happening here.

"If you two just want to kiss all day, that's fine with me. What a show~ Just kidding, I want a turn."

And yet, something had to come along and ruin it. As usual, this took the form of Mokou, who drew the scantily-clad princess away and plopped her down on top of him, almost immediately attempting to claim her mouth for himself.

Kaguya was surprised, and resisted, now more out of instinct than will. She'd spent too much time fighting him tooth and nail to just give in so easily. Even as Mokou's strong hands ran all over her trembling, barely-clothed body, groping and pinching whatever they pleased, she fought back valiantly against his tongue. Then, struck by inspiration, she allowed his cock to pop up between her legs before squeezing them together to crush him with her smooth thighs. She couldn't move her legs up and down when he had her pinned against him like that, but she still managed to give his swollen, throbbing shaft a rhythmic thigh-massage

She was sure he wouldn't last long against this, reasoning that his first impressive orgasm should have left him extra-sensitive. However, her attempts to subdue his shaft with her legs proved less than effective. Mokou merely hummed appreciatively and redoubled his assault on her mouth, making it harder and harder for her to keep her thoughts in order as his brutish tongue ravished everything it could reach. Soon, he sunk his hands deep into her plump ass and began to squeeze, knead, and spank it, making her squeal into his mouth as he thrust between her legs. Her squeezing only served to keep his cock pressed right against her pussy, where it relentlessly rubbed her dripping lips through the exceedingly thin and increasingly moist fabric. She'd never, ever been touched and abused like this before.

"Mmmmh, that was a great idea to put those legs to use, Kaguya," Mokou praised, acting as though he didn't know she'd been trying to humiliate him with her scissors. With the little gasps and moans he was forcing out of her throat, it was easy to tell who was 'winning'.

Keeping his hands firmly dug into her butt, Mokou pulled Kaguya up his body until her vulnerable crotch was just inches away from his face. With a single finger, he slid the princess's underwear to the side, exposing her drenched pink sex. "I knew you'd get with the program."

Kaguya opened her mouth to berate him, but her protests died in her throat as Mokou spread her open and thrust his tongue deep into her most sacred place. Suddenly pushed upright by a sharp spike of pleasure, Kaguya let out a strained cry as her eyes opened wide. She couldn't hold onto anything but Mokou's head for support, even though that only drove his savage tongue deeper inside her. With her long legs precariously perched on the sides of Mokou's head, it was all Kaguya could do just to keep from falling over.

"Ah, please be careful, Milady. Here~" A pair of hands caught her easily, but it took a moment for Kaguya's blurred eyesight to recognize their owner as an extremely excited Reisen. The bunnygirl had stripped off the rest of her sperm-stained clothes, leaving her toned, curvy form on full display. Her large, soft breasts made a fine landing pad for Kaguya's head, and the cushiony mounds muffled her moans as Mokou began to slide his tongue in and out of her. Reisen took the opportunity to unwrap the princess's sarashi, gradually freeing her modest but feminine breasts. As soon as she could, she tossed the bindings aside and pushed her nominal mistress back upright.

"M-May I?" Unlike Mokou or Eirin, she was not at all accustomed to having her way with this black-haired beauty. In fact, it tended to be the other way around... but a simple, almost eager nod from the lust-addled princess was all it took to make Reisen go after her breasts with gusto. The rabbit's touch was extremely potent, honed by a mixture of youkai blood, medical training, and bedtop sports with Eirin, so she was able to stimulate her princess's small, sensitive mounds with perfect precision. After teasing Kaguya's nipples to complete hardness, she began to pinch and twist them mercilessly, occasionally breaking to roughly knead the petite bits of softness around them instead. Every touch sent tingles of pleasure through Kaguya's chest, and she found herself shamelessly pushing her chest further into Reisen's grip.

Reisen's hands were far from the only thing to contend with, however. Down between Kaguya's legs, Mokou was doing the closest thing to fucking her he could manage with only his mouth. His arms were wrapped tightly around Kaguya's thighs, keeping his rival's pussy flush against his lips through all her constant shuddering and twitching. With his immortal constitution, he didn't even need to stop for air as he went after her ,teasing and torturing and building up more and more tension. The two of them together had Kaguya's normally-refined voice flowing freely...


... But an even louder moan from behind forced Kaguya to whip her head around in suprise. Right behind her, she was shocked to see a similarly-naked Tewi impaled on Mokou's cock. the rabbit's small, tight body was an extremely difficult fit for Mokou's thick, virile shaft; Kaguya could almost see how it stretched open the rabbit's narrow pussy, and a few inches remained exposed below Tewi's entrance, simply too large to fit inside her. However, the small rabbit didn't seem to mind the size difference at all as she bounced up and down on Mokou's length.

"Ohh... S-so big... So goood...!" Tewi had a tendency towards the theatrical, but it was clear that her performance now was genuine; she couldn't help a small trail of drool down the side of her mouth as she impaled herself again and again, her loud lewd moans mixing in with the thick, meaty sounds of sex.

The exertion had covered her lean, petite body was in a visible sheen of sweat. Mokou bucked his hips as she rode him, catching her at the apex of every bounce so that they slammed sharply into each other. Kaguya could feel herself shudder with desire every time it happened, seeing Tewi seize up and cry out in delight as she was ravished by Mokou's thick, powerful cock. The male immortal hummed with contentment as he effortlessly drove the two girls wild, and Kaguya felt the noises vibrate against her lips.

She simply couldn't bring herself to look away, so Eirin and Reisen turned the rest of her body around as well. Mokou's rhythm was briefly thrown off as Kaguya shifted on top of him, but soon he was back to licking and tongue-fucking her drenched pussy with just as much intensity as before. Meanwhile, the Reisen and Eirin's careful hands stimulated every inch of Kaguya's pristine body; they groped her sensitive breasts, stroked her pale, flawless skin, and even helpes Mokou out by gently rubbing and pinching her clit. All three of the other girls took turns with Kaguya's mouth, treating her to an endless procession of long, deep kisses with varying degrees of passion and sloppiness. And through it all, Mokou's powerful tongue continued to torment her, ravishing her delicate pussy with strong, relentless licks and thrusts.

Kaguya grit her teeth and girded her loins, but she could only do so much to stave off the pleasure that was attacking her from all sides. Mokou was quickly figuring out all of her weak points, making dripping pussy a slave to his skilled, relentless tongue. Tewi continued to fuck herself silly right before the princess's eyes, while Eirin and Reisen's hands kept massaging and teasing her right where her body wanted it. She felt her eyes begin to water as she finally surrendered to the pleasure.

"Hiiih~!" Her pussy squeezed shut and sprayed right onto Mokou's smug face as her body was overtaken by a crackling storm of pleasure. Her arms and legs suddenly gave out, but Reisen and Eirin were ready to catch and cradle her body as the pleasure worked through her.

Tewi had been exaggerating her pleasure a little, but she was truly only minutes away from a brain-melting orgasm. However, she decided to put her Mistress' pleasure first and faked a furious climax right then, screaming and quivering with all the passion she could muster. She kept it up for nearly half a minute, then pretended to fall off of Mokou's still-erect cock and into Reisen's arms. The larger rabbit knew that Tewi had faked it, however, and they would be sure to discreetly please each other while the focus shifted to the immortal couple.

Kaguya's orgasm lasted for nearly a minute, each toe-curling second only adding to her shame at being pleasured so thoroughly by her enemy. Before she had a chance to fully recover, Mokou was on the attack again, pressing her delicate body into his firm, manly frame. There was a wide smirk on his juice-smeared face as the two immortals met gazes; Steady, lusty confidence faced the unfocused panic of a woman whose world was being turned upside down.

And yet, Kaguya couldn't deny that she wanted him. Her orgasm was the strongest one she'd felt in ages, but seeing Tewi wail ecstatically on top of his cock had only made her desire grow stronger. However, that didn't mean she had to submit! Tewi's riding must have brought him near the edge, so she reasoned that it would surely be easy to outlast him. She resolved to dominate him here and turn things around.

"If you couldn't beat me in a fight, what makes me think you can win against me like this? Look, it's effortless to get you on your back, 'princess'." Her plans were quickly dashed as Mokou switched their places around in a single fluid motion, taking the dominant top spot for himself. His body weight kept her solidly pinned down, despite the token struggle she could muster. Her orgasm had sapped much of her physical strength, so her pushing did basically nothing to budge him.

Now that he had the princess right where he wanted her, Mokou took the time to run his mouth over her bare chest and drive her wild again; when she began to claw at his muscular back, neither of them could tell if it was done from hate or lust. Further down, he was happy to grind his throbbing length against her wet, needy slit, but he wouldn't so much as put the tip in until the princess was begging for it.

Damn him. Damn this pest, this damn arrogant violent common man. It wasn't enough that they had to kill each other again and again, over some stupid event that was literally forgotten by everyone else. Now he had to mess with her mind as well, and make her feel like she was about to fall apart without his cock. She needed him to put out the burning inside her, but she would rather have bit off her own tongue than admit it.

Even so, she just couldn't resist him now. Not with Eirin's silent plea earlier. Not with the fiery, runaway lust. She averted her tear-filled eyes, refusing to give him the satisfaction; taking that as a sign to keep pressing, Mokou spoke up. He was having a bit of trouble keeping his voice steady, but he was picture of composure next to her. "This is the first time we've been together, but... I have to admit, I've had an unfair advantage."
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The white-haired ruffian reached out to softly stroke Tewi's ears, showing a level of care he hadn't displayed with the princess, and earned a soft, cooing giggle in response. "You see, I've had a lot of practice lately with, well, all of your subjects." Kaguya whipped her head to Tewi in surprise, but the rabbit didn't even have the decency to look ashamed. "Yeah, this has been going on since... well, ever since you first let me come here to recover. These bunnies wanted to 'comfort' me, and it was all downhill from there." Tewi's submissive purring confirmed his story, and Reisen soon stepped up to demand some ear-stroking of her own.

Resisting him with silence wasn't working, and the revelation weighed heavily on Kaguya's increasingly-panicked mind. One question burned away at her now, especially as she could still feel Eirin's body against her own somewhere in this tangled mess. "... And you, Eirin?" the princess asked. Her desperation was making her sound hoarse.

After a moment of silence, marred only by everyone's heavy breathing, her most beloved servant replied. Her tone was difficult to describe, but it got Kaguya's full attention. "I've been giving him some 'experience' too... And I have to admit, I've never met a man like him. Ever." Considering the breadth of his experience, that was a statement to inflate an already large ego. She didn't pay that any mind, though, facing her princess and speaking in a genuine, honest moment.

"For so many years now, you two have fought together. Always killing, maiming, hurting, and hating... and I have been there, by your side, to watch, and even participate. I've grown... tired of it. Nothing is ever achieved. Nothing ever changes. So I decided to take a different approach." The doctor glanced over and her eyes met Mokou's for a second, and a quick nod gave him all the signal he needed to proceed.

"Well if you trust her, then you'll have to trust me now, right?"

Before he could be corrected and told that he was filth and a commoner and outrageously stupid, he entered Kaguya, forcing her to gasp and widen her eyes as his thick length pushed her delicate, sensitive walls apart. With its amazing girth and throbbing heat, his cock was absolutely nothing like his tongue. Kaguya groaned and struggled desperately, but he didn't stop until the whole thing was fully inside of her, stretching her insides to the very limit. There was some pain, to be sure, but she was used to pain. It was the pleasure that shocked her; a deep, primal satisfaction at being so thoroughly filled, feeling Mokou's virile cock throb with desire inside of her.

And then, the thrusting began. In this respect, at least, Mokou was no brute. He fucked her with comparatively long, slow strokes, forcing her to accept and acknowledge his size and dominance with every stroke. At the same time, he was gentle enough to ensure that he wouldn't have harmed her even if she were mortal. Every time he slowly entered her, the pleasure built and built like a roaring ocean wave, forcing her trembling and moaning to grow louder and more pronounced until it all crashed onto her at once. He always made sure to grind his oversized penis into her, forcing out another handful of moans as his length scraped along her tight, sensitive walls. Then, once he'd humiliated her enough for the moment, he pulled out with that same agonizing slowness and began the process again, just a tiny bit faster and harder than before.

The princess made a lot of noise from this, although nothing coherent could be discerned; she was mostly panting and moaning with abandon. Her control and restraint were both breaking under the pressure of his steadily-hastening thrusts, but all she could do was spit venom at the man as they were physically joined. "Y-You bastard, you piece of human filth, you're just trying to break me in half, but no matter what you do, I'll always, always be your better, you mangy-mmmph!"

Mokou soon plugged her mouth with a kiss, reducing their banter to a muffled exchange of grunts and moans. She tried to put on a strong front as she stared back defiantly into his eyes, but her eyes blurred and filled with tears after each powerful thrust. She could feel his tip prodding at the entrance to her womb, daring to defile her even that most precious place. And more and more, she found some treacherous part of herself desired to give him his way, to give into the amazing pleasure that he almost effortlessly forced onto her.

"Mmmgh! Mmm... Mmmmmm..."

Mokou's pounding grew faster and faster as Kaguya's pussy learned to accept his cock, and the pleasure soon became so overbearing that the princess's mind blanked out completely. With her body as powerless as her mind, she could only bask in the amazing sensations, moaning lustfully into Mokou's mouth and accepting his vulgar tongue while she awaited her reward from his twitching length.

Their climaxes were simultaneous, but their emotions were near opposites. For Kaguya, the orgasm was a defeat, a final shuddering betrayal from her own body. Searing bolts of pleasure shot through her, urging her to simply submit to her partner. She thrashed against his body, back arching for a moment before going limp, breaking the kiss to desperately pant for breath. Even after her thrashing ceased, the pleasure continued to surge through her in thick, mind-numbing waves.

For Mokou, it was a victory, a satisfying capstone to a successful domination. He put on a wide, predatory grin, showing a bit of teeth as his cock clenched up delightfully and began to pump the shuddering Kaguya full of seed. Every one of his thick shots splattered straight into her womb, and the sensation of being so utterly filled only heightened her despairing pleasure. Even once she was full to the brim, his own load was far from exhausted. His excess cum soaked the walls that were wrapped tight around his cock and splashed back out of her, splattering her thighs as well.

Her ears ringing and head spinning, Kaguya could only breathe and wonder whether it was over or not. She didn't wait long for an answer; against her expectations, Mokou began to harden again, still buried possessively inside of her, and she tightened in response to that. Gods, he didn't even really seem tired, still burning into her with his look, like she was just going to get consumed and turned into...his. That look, that absolute assurance that he was stronger and could endure longer, made her angry and aroused in equal measure. And after what he'd just put her through, she knew that there was nothing she could do about it.

Despite the fact that he was warm, especially with her soft body almost crushed beneath his hard, defined form, Kaguya couldn't suppress a shiver down her spine. The control that she was accustomed to having over every situation was completely gone. He had taken it away, and replaced it with a feeling she was unfamiliar with. She didn't hate it though, in spite of herself. As long as she got to feel good like that, she didn't even mind that it meant Mokou having his way with her body.

Mokou rotated the weakened princess and planted her on top of him, wrapping his strong arms around her torso. Her arms were pinned securely to her sides, though she hardly had the strength to move them anyway. As she looked up from her own body, she saw her three servants all standing over her, nude and sweaty and panting with lust.

Without a single word between them, each woman offered to help please her, and she knew she would get loving affection from each of them. Even though Mokou had 'converted' them, she still knew they loved her as well... She nodded once, and that was all it took.

Reisen and Tewi immediately bent down at her sides, wrapping their lips around her delicate nipples. Reisen was gentle, quietly kissing and sucking on the sensitive nub, while the ever-impish Tewi, was happy to use her teeth and suck with all her might, shocking the other nipple with a much sharper pleasure. The two rabbits alone were sufficient to get Kaguya moaning and trembling again, even before she saw Mokou's implacable cock rise up again between her legs.

"Mmmmh." His voice was right in her ear, and she felt his breath, unnaturally hot. "I'm not quiite done yet, I think. I hope you don't mind if we go again?" Without really waiting for a reply, assuming Kaguya was even capable of giving one, he was back inside of her, plunging away at her shuddering, semen-soaked walls once again. A long, low groan served as Kaguya's belated answer, and her voice quickly rose to embarrassingly high-pitched levels as he churned her up in earnest. He wasn't going slow or waiting for her approval, instead just claiming what was his. At least she was able to take him without breaking... physically.

Meanwhile, Eirin moved down between Mokou's legs, where her skilled tongue flicked constantly against Kaguya's clit and Mokou's furiously-pumping shaft all at once. She was quite familiar with both, so stimulating them both was a simple matter for her. To show his appreciation, Mokou sometimes pulled out and let the doctor fellate his entire juice- and semen-coated shaft, giving Kaguya nearly enough time to catch her breath before he plunged his whole length back into her.

Kaguya had lost all control over her body by then, worn down by Mokou's immaculate technique and pleasured relentlessly by her servants. Mokou's cock seemed to be carving a permanent impression into her as it stretched her pussy and set it aflame with pleasure, bearing the brunt of two more of Kaguya's shuddering climaxes. Reisen and Tewi discreetly fingered each other while they soaked in the sounds of Kaguya's ecstasy and the taste of her sweat, and Eirin's fingers soon found a home between her legs as well. Whenever she was granted the honor of tasting Mokou's cock, her whole voluptuous body trembled with excitement.

Kaguya's womb was still full to bursting, so her rival decided not to waste his third load inside her. Instead, he redoubled his thrusting, pulling his entire length out of Kaguya before slamming it back in and feeling her spasm from head to toe while her ecstatic voice filled his ears. He grit his teeth and held himself back though the sheer force of his will, and his tireless desire to get back at the girl he was making 'love' to.

Kaguya lost the battle of endurance once again, and Mokou left the princess to her eye-rolling, toe-curling orgasm as he pulled out, fighting against the tight walls that did their best to suck his cock back in. Eirin immediately grabbed it with her mouth and swallowed as much of his semen as she could manage, easily climaxing from the taste alone, before releasing his cock and stroking out as much cum as her skilled hands could wring out. His shots landed all over the other three girls, coating Kaguya from head to stomach and splattering all over the bunny girls' lean backs and plush bottoms as well. The smell of fresh cum was just what Reisen and Tewi needed to finish each other off, adding their own powerful orgasms to everyone else's. Soon, all four of the girls were marked with Mokou's thick, fragrant seed, the once-haughty Kaguya most of all.

When all of them finally exhausted themselves, which took quite a bit of time, they ended up in what amounted to a large pile of cuddling limbs. Male muscle, lean but well-formed, sat buried under lean or thick female flesh. Each of his 'conquests' had a distinct body type and feeling, and they were all likely to burn themselves into his memory.

Swept along as she had been for this whole affair, all Kaguya could muster in the way of resistance was a little verbal abuse, cooed as though it were soft, loving poetry. "Idiot. Vulgar stupid idiot. This doesn't mean you've beaten me or anything. I just wanted to know what it was like to let a man take over."

Mokou just chuckled back as he drifted off, power and energy finally spent, comfortably cradled between the four nubile women. When his chest had begun to rise and fall steadily, and his deathless heart beat was steady against their bodies, the residents of Eientei shared a sudden victorious smile. It was sudden to their ruler, in any case, who looked around, blinking a few times through the fog of her fatigue.

"All according to plan so far, My Lady," Eirin said, with an elegance that seemed a little out of place in this lewd pile of bodies. "Before long, he'll be in over his head, so to speak. And then he'll be ours to use."

That perked the exhausted immortal up just a bit, and she glanced over towards her doctor. Suddenly Eirin's confident, if weary, smile was absolutely infectious.
 No. 33399
Well I certainly liked it! Will we get to see what Eirin and the rest have planned for Mokou?
 No. 33400
Hurraaaaay, more Eientei...
 No. 33408
Male! Reisen as the bodyguard for the lovely moon princesses?
 No. 33410
Male!Komachi and Kasen?
 No. 33411
Male!Koishi and palace of earth spirit crew?
 No. 33414
Oh Christ they're all such good options.

How about Male!Miko and Tojiko have marital sex? Taoist marital sex with crazy Taoist sexual magic. Futo accidentally walks in and a threesome ensues. Not many people play up their historical relationship, it seems.
 No. 33415
Well if Futo gets involved wouldn't it be sorta-incesty for Tojiko considering how Futo could be based upon her historical counterpart's mother?
 No. 33419
Guy who wrote >>33415 posting, regarding the snippet here, have either Kaguya or Mokou here ever held attraction toward each other prior to the snippet, or at the least have had Foe-Yayish/sexual tension (TV Tropes term I know, I know) thoughts toward each other alot? Does Kaguya here get a sorta-not quite jealous feeling if she sees Mokou interacting with Keine?

What is Mokou's relationship here with Keine
 No. 33420
See >>/th/176007
 No. 33422
Thanks for the feedback and all the brainstorming/ideas etc. I dunno if a follow-up to this is coming but more short stories might and I encourage anybody who wants to write a short rule 63 story or whatever to post it in here.

As to what the prior relationships are, well. BSD and me didn't really give that much thought but it seems clear to me that Kaguya and Mokou had sexual tension, at best, before now. Probably for centuries. I dunno if Kaguya would ever be in a position to see Mokou and Keine, but yeah, she might feel just a bit jealous. After so long, hate, and love, and other strong feelings might just kinda blend into one big dysfunctional pie.

As to Mokou and Keine, she probably crushes on him hardcore due to the fact that he radiates sex appeal and heat in equal measure but I don't know, or haven't decided, or whatever, if it's mutual or he hasn't noticed or wants to avoid heartbreak due to lifespans or what.
 No. 33423
I would like to hear more about MaleMiko and Byakuren.
 No. 33424
Forget male Miko, go with Byakuren and Miko fighting over Myouren
 No. 33425
Bah, playful secret relationship where both sides try to win with hilarious sexy shenanigans is much hotter.
 No. 33427
Even better when the others slowly catch on and do their best to "help" out.
 No. 33429
Funnily enough, I'm the one who posted both that picture and >>33414. I was hoping one of you'd pick up on the incest.
 No. 33430
I suspect that there'll be a bit more push-and-pull than Eirin suggests, or believes, will happen. Mokou winning one week, Kaguya another, so on and so forth, for the rest of forever. Then they get bored and start killing one another again. Then fucking again. Then killing. Then kill-fucking. Then fuck-killing.
 No. 33433
>Then kill-fucking. Then fuck-killing

They get to fuck Komachi?
 No. 33434
No, no. That'd be death-fucking, not kill-fucking. It's a subtle but important distinction.
 No. 33435

I'm not sure we can assume Komachi is dead just because she is a death god.
 No. 33439
File 138651207788.jpg - (493.14KB, 1100x790, 445c356424133a1d57591623fb0c0d82.jpg) [iqdb]
-Male!Kogasa double-teamed by two Sanaes. How? The power of miracles!

Have either of them ever masturbated about the other, or have realized in shock that they were masturbating about their hated rival?
 No. 33440
Now you're thinking of dead-fucking, which, again, is somewhat different from death-fucking and kill-fucking. I suppose that psychopomp-fucking would be most accurate, but it doesn't really roll off the tongue.
 No. 33441
I would imagine that at the very least Mokou has done so a few times when very, very lonely, only to realize in horror what he'd done and try to forget it. Kaguya is more likely to not have considered that, or at least not to have actively lusted over him. At least until this happened.

Also fuck that's a good idea. So many good ideas. I was involved in helping to draft another idea involving male!Koishi and Okuu yesterday, and I've got something else in the works myself that may or may not involve Aya, Hatate, and Momiji.
 No. 33447

Subject comes up in whatever passes for casual conversation between them, they somehow end up masturbating to each other, and them go "WHAT THE HELL DID WE JUST DO" afterwards. Make it happen.
 No. 33449
Wait which is the "good idea" you're mentioning here? The masturbation stuff I asked, the "psychopomp-fucking", the double-team Sanae or something else?
 No. 33460
File 138658510618.jpg - (447.82KB, 1117x1600, okuchi_12.jpg) [iqdb]
Guy who wrote >>33439 and asked >>33449:

I have another possible scenario. It involves Male!Sakuya and female Youmu and Yuyuko.

Anyways during the sex scene I'd like to see a doujin sex technique that I thought was interesting. In the doujin, a Nahabaru doujin starring Youmu and Yuyuko, Youmu is having trouble giving the guy a normal blowjob. So what she does is have her ghost half go inside of Yuyuko, and while the guy is fucking Yuyuko, he is also at the same time getting a blowjob from the ghost half which is being controlled by Youmu.

TLDR: I think it'd be interesting if at one point, Male!Sakuya gets to experience Youmu's ghost half giving him a blowjob at the same time he is fucking Yuyuko.
 No. 33465
I wat'd pretty hard at that.
 No. 33466
I too thought the scene was pretty weird at first, but it's grown on me because well I like the idea of different types of sex combined into one because it increases the pleasure. Also because it gets to use Youmu's ghost half in an interesting way I feel.
 No. 33490
I apologize for bumping this, but is another snippet being written?
 No. 33495
I think it was in response to the double-team Sanae but there's a lot of good ideas being put in here so hey. Thanks again to everybody!

Also you didn't bump it but I certainly will to report that several more stories are in the works. I'm working on one personally involving a Tengu sandwich (probably), BSD and me have started another joint project, and other people are also getting in on it. Including something involving a male Kanako who is basically sex personified.

So yes, more to come, don't know when. Maybe one day I'll even update the male!Reimu CYOA...
 No. 33496
I was going to ask about that. You'd just stopped on it and there was nothing from you about whatever reason why you stopped. I was wondering if it was dead.

Is my idea in >>33460 too weird?
 No. 33505
I've been thinking about the difference in lifespans thing that often crops up in works about relationships between mortals and non-mortals. Well, let me talk about pets. Humans can live upwards of 70 years, while dogs and cats live maybe fifteen, if they're lucky. Does this stop people from owning dogs and cats? Does it stop them from loving their pets, deeply, and even considering them members of the family?

I know that a romantic situation with another sapient being is a bit different, but it's similar enough, I think. Why not have a relationship, knowing that your loved one is going to die? Even in regular marriages, one spouse will inevitably have to bury the other, but this doesn't stop people from marrying.

The vast difference in lifespan between a mortal and an immortal makes the time spent with the mortal all the more valuable and important, so why not cherish it while it lasts and accept the pain of parting? It's going to hurt no matter what, but during their life you'd be a lot happier than trying to distance yourself all the time.

Sorry for rambling a bit, but I just feel as though that particular bit of drama, while both interesting and plausible, isn't the only way it has to be, and that other options aren't often addressed.
 No. 33506
Yeah and there's the likely hood that Keine likely has a longer than human norm lifespan.
 No. 33507
Still would something like dating or remarriage after a spouse's death be difficult for someone with a much longer lifespan? The whole thing about outliving your children or grandchildren doesn't sound fun either.
 No. 33509
You don't fuck your pets, though.

... or do you?
 No. 33510
Don't pets typically try to fuck us though? Why is that dog humping your leg if he or she doesn't want to fuck you?
 No. 33523

That's actually to establish dominance.
 No. 33524
Cutting off their balls shows our dominance over them then?
 No. 33561
Male!Sanae & Renko + Maribel

Why? Because I wouldn't mind seeing something fun with Renko and Maribel.
 No. 33564
Something with Renko and Maribel is actually a nice idea. I like Male!Sanae, like you mentioned, for the outsider bonding thing, or perhaps Male!Reimu.

I also like the idea of Male!Reimu and Hieda no Akyuu. Or, weirdly, Male!Eiki and Hieda no Akyuu, deceased and awaiting reincarnation. Gotta spend the time somehow, after all. A hundred years or so is a long time to wait.
 No. 33567
I chose Male!Sanae not only for the outsider status he'd share with Maribel and Renko, but also because some stories I've seen, both here and in images from Danbooru, have portrayed Sanae as a friend of theirs' before going to Gensokyo. Granted such stories ignore the canon fact that they're from a future time period, but who cares on that? Honestly I've come to feel that Renko and Maribel are underutilized in the at/ section.

As for Male!Eiki and Akyuu, part of me would rather have the genders switched, with it being Male!Akyuu and Eiki. It's just easier for me to see Eiki doing a bit of domination or something.
 No. 33568
Male!Eiki can dominate as well. I just can't see Akyuu as anything but a girl, regardless of the fact that she's been a guy in past lives.
 No. 33570
File 138731022066.jpg - (235.11KB, 748x910, 0711bffb021636bd712c8e9ffc8eda3b83a1295c.jpg) [iqdb]
Well in my case, I just want to see Eiki doing stuff like footjobs to Akyuu.
 No. 33572
File 138731211736.jpg - (479.52KB, 800x800, dee94320afe8c6b5d4f2fd0c770e47dd.jpg) [iqdb]
Just got another idea: Male!Wriggle and Yuuka + Yuuka.

She can split into two for attacks so why not for a threesome?

Actually speaking of clones, can't Suwako also split into clones like Yuuka and Flandre?
 No. 33578
Now I envision Past Akyuus and Eiki banging...

"Next time want to be a girl for this?"
 No. 33580
File 138739268715.jpg - (625.50KB, 1000x1404, 142.jpg) [iqdb]
Speaking of Malae!Sanae + Renko and Maribel, I want to see Renko and Maribel in the kind of outfits shown in the image.
 No. 33581
She's probably gone through about five or six incarnations during Eiki's tenure as Enma so far. Maybe they started hooking up at some point during that time.
 No. 33582
Could be fun.

Akyuu going back over her perfect memory to find all the spots on Eiki but the Yama having to find all the sweet spots on the current incarnation
 No. 33584
Is that the only thing people can think of with her?
 No. 33587
I think it's the whole Judgement = Domination thing, but I myself can't really see Eiki as anything but vanilla. Her preaching and judgement seem more straight-laced. No need to send mixed messages, after all.
 No. 33588
Well, there's plenty of non-consensual stuff one could do to her. I'm sure there's some thought about that.
 No. 33589
Completely and permanently.
 No. 33590
I like your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newscast.
 No. 33591
So what do you think of my ideas here: >>33460 or >>33572
 No. 33593
I think she'd appreciate good vanilla best. And she really doesn't seem like the footjob type at all.
 No. 33594
 No. 33598
Someone already did male wriggle X yuuka for one of the contest stories and it was pretty dang good, just something to keep in mind
 No. 33600
I know, and it really was great! It's just I want to see double-Yuuka action and I really can't think of anyone else who typically associates with Yuuka.

Though in all honesty the Wriggle association thing is fanon right?
 No. 33604

About 90 percent of Touhou pairings are fanon if you wanna be really honest about it.
 No. 33605

I think the word you were looking for is "associations", not pairings.

100% of touhou pairings would be fanon.
 No. 33606
 No. 33607

Please see

 No. 33608
You guys are killing my neurosis. Please sage, for the love of God.
 No. 33610
Yeah due to insects and flowers.
 No. 33676
File 138802040135.jpg - (1.77MB, 1165x1774, 2dd2e2f1538ecc0b137396d9757795c4.jpg) [iqdb]
Well I'm bumping this.

In addition to the Male!Sanae + Renko & Maribel idea in >>33561 and what I mentioned in >>33580, here is another Male!Sanae idea I've thought of:

Male!Sanae + Yuugi & Suika.

I've seen occasional doujins where Suika is at the Moriya Shrine, and Yuugi has a connection due to the Moriya Shrine providing Okuu with her power and inadvertantly helping open up the Underground.

I wonder what fun two onis would get on with a shrine priest/shaman?
 No. 33678
File 138803218734.jpg - (472.21KB, 939x901, ebca9967de9e31bf6a0cacb4b88ec5a2.jpg) [iqdb]
Or perhaps not just Yuugi and Suika, but also Kasen with them.
 No. 33679
You are not bumping; quite the opposite, in fact. Why go out of your way to say that you're bumping the thread when you're doing nothing of the sort?

As an aside, under what sort of scenario would Renko and Maribel be wearing skintight latex suits? I confess that latex doesn't really do it for me, but perhaps this is why I struggle to invent a situation involving it. It just doesn't seem at all likely for Maribel or Renko, or at least not my perception of Maribel and Renko.
 No. 33680
After looking at the dates, yeah it really isn't a bump. I guess I'm just announcing that a new post, almost a week after the last post, is coming in.

As for Renko and Maribel and skintight latex outfits, well maybe it's a kink or something. You don't have to think of something deep for it, just say it was a kink or whatever and that's why they have latex suits on. Honestly I just thought it'd be hot to see them in latex outfits. It was just a thrown out suggestion that I thought was interesting.

I just want to see some form of Male!___ + Renko & Maribel because I feel they're underutilized. I chose Male!Sanae because as I said in >>33567, all 3 are from the Outside and in some stories and doujins, they've been portrayed as friends before Sanae went to Gensokyo.
 No. 33685
File 13880516413.jpg - (188.15KB, 575x1000, My Queen.jpg) [iqdb]
The Gensokyo Grand Prix – a tournament of speed and ingenuity! Where the victors are chosen not by physical might, but by their capacity as leaders! For it is, indeed, a team race, in spirit if not in body!

Engineers ensure the car is in top shape. Meteorologists and Scholars work hand in hand to research the conditions of the track. And, most importantly of all, the Driver, the one who fights on the front line, risks life and limb to secure victory for the rest of the team.

It is the driver who carries the desires of the team, the driver who must trust and be trusted by his fellows. The driver is the most independent, and most dependent member of the team – for it is true that a driver does not need engineers to maintain his chariot, nor does he need advisers to point out the conditions of the field of battle.

And yet, only a fool would commit to a campaign as such. No single man can compete with a well oiled machine. A leader must assign skilled followers to take care of problems, and avoid micromanaging the state. Down that path is madness.

And I, Crown Prince Shotoku, Regent of Japan, Taoist Saint, am neither fool nor madman. I, who promulgated a new constitution for my land, who spread the divinity of the glorious Noh plays across this wonderful land, am the best – nay, the only choice to lead Senkai to victory.

But – behind every great man is a greater woman, and it would be a travesty to ignore the woman meditating with me now. Though perhaps distracting me would be a better way of putting it. Seiga Kaku, as always, taunts me with her body, the swimsuit that is her current attire hugging her womanly curves, and placing her breasts on a full and lewd display. Her shawl does nothing to help matters, and it seems my efforts to keep it away from her all for naught. As is the lewd hermit's custom, she has tied the blasted fabric beneath her chest, adding just a hint of extra support to her mounds, while leaving a fetching ribbon for a lucky man to untie.

… It is, in the end, hopeless. The wind blows, the snow falls – and I am ever enamored with my mentor. If this be the way of things, I'll not bother with this hopeless masquerade.

I get up from my sitting position, stretching out my limbs as needed. Seiga, though sure to hear of my rustling, does not get up as well. As such, I am free to her enjoy her form as I watch her finish her meditations.

Watch, and no more. It'd be most improper to touch her and disrupt her concentration. And while I'd toss propriety to the winds for Seiga, she'd be most displeased with me. Her moans are terribly lewd, throaty and yet as soft as the shawl she wears. As she gets up from the lotus position, her plump thighs flex just a tad, giving the illusion of her plush skin bulging against her red thigh-bands. I'm left helpless, just barely resisting the urge to drool over my mentor like a common brute. She has always - will always, have that effect on me.

But it is her voice, deep and cultured, with but a hint of an accent from foreign lands, that commands me. As her chuckles draw my eyes upward, the fact that towel wrapped around her waist has... shifted, comes to my attention - I would not have gained my station if I was unable to notice things. Before, it covered her mound of Venus in its entirety, as well as obscuring the full thighs of those sinfully long legs. But now, the knot that held the cloth together has been... adjusted, made looser. For now the towel seems close to unraveling, falling to the ground like so much trash, and exposing Seiga's lewdest parts in full glory. Yes, the rest of her swimsuit would have prevented me from seeing the race queen in her entirety, but even now the tight clothing is clinging to her womanhood, outlining her lower lips and crevice for all to see.

That she is damp does her no favors, though it certainly pleases me.

Alas, to stare would be unsubtle, and Seiga's face is enjoyable as well. So I move my gaze posthaste, and stare into the race queen's gorgeous blue eyes. A small smirk graces those pink, full lips, unadorned by any makeup, and out of the corners of my perception I notice that her towel skirt has, indeed, fallen. She taunts me.

And I shall not fall for such an obvious ploy. I would not be a prince if I could so easily be led astray; I would not be a gentleman if I thought with my lower head. So instead, I spin away, pulling away from her hypnotic body to walk towards my personal sake collection.

I hear that damnable chuckle again, and yet... well, 'and yet' is no matter. Seiga Kaku is my mentor. I'll not read the desires of her heart. The nuances of her smirks and laughs shall be ever lost to me, as I open my cabinet, and pull out a well aged bottle.

With but a snap of my fingers, I summon the saucers, the stools, and the table, and begin to pour our portions. "Shall we discuss strategy, my dear?"

With but a wave of her hand, the walls dissolve away, leaving us in a...gazebo, I believe it is called. We are surrounded on all eight sides by snow-covered lilies and other gentle blooms, each petal glowing softly by the light of the moon.

"Of course, my prince. Your desires are ever my commands."

Ahhh. If only that were true.


"Nightbug had managed to obtain Miss Kazami's support? I did not think him courageous enough to ask."

The sake was not chilled, but neither was it warmed. To chill it would destroy the taste in its entirety, rendering the smooth and refreshing drink unfit for anything other than simple alcoholism. To warm it would have been a better choice, to fight back against the cold winds that blew in our private garden.

But keeping the sake cool - not chilled, but simply a few degrees lower than average - kept the fragrant drink refreshing, instead of relaxing. The former allowed Seiga and I to keep our focus, while the latter would simply make us cuddle amongst the flowers and beneath the stars.

Hmph. Perhaps I should warm it next time.

But Seiga does not notice my musings as we merrily drink - or perhaps they simply matter little to her. She daintily lifts her saucer to her lips, gently tilting her neck back to take the sake in... and lewdly, overtly, thrusting her breasts out in the process. She even spills a a drop or two of sake, letting it splatter on her generous cleavage and run down those voluptuous curves. For a moment, I picture my own essence traveling that selfsame path...

And then I cross my legs, and take a sip myself.

"I suspect, my prince, that Sir Wriggle's actions were done out of desperation. Or perhaps lust. Kazami's outfit was particularly... eye catching, shall we say. Sunflower Racing will gain many a fan after seeing such a powerful woman in such explicit clothing."

"Like yourself, Seiga?" Even now, I could not resist the jabs I gave her time and again, nor the smiles that came with them. "Perhaps you like the attention. To feel the undress and ravage you with their eyes, their filthy cocks rising and hardening like dogs in a rut. Does that excite you, my dear? Is that your desire?"

Seiga mockingly covers lips as she laughs, closing her eyes to complete the image of a genteel noblewoman. And then, I can feel her shoeless, luckless foot gently pry my right leg off my left, and tortuously tap the tent in my slacks.

"Perhaps, my prince, but you seem to be enjoying the imagery yourself. How disgraceful; am I not your loyal servant? Your fantasies must consist of you as a conqueror, a hungry king claiming what is rightfully his. To imagine the common masses using me in such a way... why, if we were married, you would be but a boring cuckold." Seiga never lets up on her probing assault, and yet she never does more, instead finding satisfaction with teasing my zipper with her toes, the sound of the metal gently echoing in my ears.

My own moans soon join the rustling of fabric, and I allow myself the pleasure of bucking into Seiga's dextrous foot. "Perhaps I did enjoy the image," I admit, even as I bring my own foot up to rub her groin. Her gasps are nothing so plain as music to mine ears; as I watch this lewd, wicked hermit close her eyes to better enjoy my heel against her soaked leotard, her shuddering moans are words from Heaven. "But who wouldn't? You, my dear Seiga, are an incredibly filthy woman; watching you walk is a joy."

I can feel Seiga's warm thighs clench tightly around my sides of my foot, the gentle heat of her body warming up my extremities like nothing else. I lose myself in the sensations, enjoying both the increasing dampness running down my sole and the soft, sticky cotton of Seiga's swimsuit gently clinging to my toes. I can feel the leering grin on my face as I slowly pull my feet back... and let the tight clothing snap back onto Seiga's sensitive womanhood. My mentor didn't allow me the satisfaction of hearing her yelp or moan, but the fire in her eyes was reward enough.

Of course, that was when she grabbed my leg and pulled, yanking me off my stool and planting my face in her chest. The sake she spilled earlier has made her bare cleavage slick, and... surprisingly fragrant, with the hint of vanilla. Seiga's breasts are quite soft, and the thin fabric that covers them does wonders for outlining her hardening nipples.

It is some miracle that I do not topple Seiga over, and throw us both onto the cold wooden floor of our shelter. Instead, my mentor simply pulls me closer, even going so far as to wrap those delectable, soft thighs around my waist. The cold of the night air is as nothing compared to the race queen's exquisite body, and damn it all, I want more.

The fabric that makes up Seiga's outfit is much rougher than her silky skin, and sucking on her nipples through the clothing makes for an interesting experience on both our parts. I can not say that the mouth feel of cotton is particularly comfortable, but the rough friction between the cotton and her hard nubs creates the most exquisite sighs and groans for me to enjoy. With each breath I take, more of Seiga's scent, salty and sweet, clouds my mind, and when I lap at her bare, soft cleavage, my tongue tingles from all the drops of sweat and sake I taste. Our passions only rise as Seiga presses one hand to the back of my head, keeping me in place, while she grabs one of our saucers, still filled with rice-wine, and lets it run down the hot valley of her breasts. The burning fragrance of alcohol drives us both into a frenzy, and our hips begin to buck into one another as I drink my fill of alcohol, letting the rest spill and stain her swimsuit.

Seiga's pale skin blushes brightly from the alcohol and our activities both, and when I reach up to claim her lips, her eyes are hazed over...but that quick-witted tongue of hers is still in fine form, and as the seconds pass I could feel myself sinking into my mentor's tender embrace.

And then we fall off the stool.

It is only thanks to instinct that we teleport into the field of flowers, and avoid landing on the wooden planks of the gazebo. But the freshly fallen snow does nothing for comfort, and Seiga and I are both far too intoxicated to move. So what else could I do, but place my cape as a blanket for her to rest on, and keep her warm by holding her close? The queen of my heart reciprocates, and the gentle pressure of her slender hands assures me that all is right in the world.

I let out a soft hum of pleasure, and with it my guard, as Seiga's hands travel down my body and towards my cock. This time it is she who kisses me, the soft, loving pressure of her full lips accentuating the tender strokes of her fingers around a throbbing shaft, and the glorious heat of her lower lips gently wrapping around my glans. I am so consumed with desire, the need to thrust into her hot depths and drive us both to madness, that I don't notice the feel of thin silk until it is too late.

My tortuous mentor pulls, and the transparent shawl that is usually wrapped around Seiga's waist is painfully tied around me. An uncharacteristic whimper escapes me, and the extra pressure around the base of my shaft makes everything ache.

"Now now, my prince. You can't orgasm just yet. Do you not remember my teachings?" Seiga asks, as she skillfully glides her hands around my scrotum, gently squeezing and building up more pressure against her damned cloth. "A man's seed is a precious thing - yours, even more so." She needs no extra force to push me off of her, and the sudden contact with the icy snow forces a hiss from me. I clench my teeth tight to prevent from chattering, and the extra pressure on my jaw even helps to ignore the need my mentor has masterfully instilled in me, for a time.

But only for a time, because her slow, hot breaths against my cock demands my attention. I am gently held betwixt Seiga's soft palms, and I helplessly buck into her warm hands for even the slightest hint of pleasure. Each slow thrust eases the cold and the ache, replacing all sensation with a numbing bliss.

But Seiga is not content with using just her hands. She gives me one last squeeze to gain my attention once more, and our gazes meet as her full, soft lips part. I breathlessly watch as she takes me into her mouth, her lips gently pursing around the base of my shaft, where she tied her shawl. Her wet and warm mouth engulfs me completely, and I can feel the rough ridges of her mouth as she begins to bob her head up and down. The cold of the night is a delicious contrast to the comfort of Seiga's lips, every moment of winter's chill being lovingly erased with her ministrations.

She never breaks her gaze as she worships me with tongue and mouth. Seiga attacks with a ferocity I had never seen in her before, reverently licking every inch of my shaft, and rubbing it against the insides of her soft cheeks. And when I begin to moan, and grab my Seiga's head to push her down, she allows me to control our pace. I force all of myself into her eager mouth, and she rewards me with the throbbing pressure of her eager suckling. I can feel myself grow swollen under her tender care, and my thrusts only grow more frantic, and my cries more wild, as I feel the buildup of sperm. The neverending pleasure Seiga provides me turns into the worst form of torture, as that shawl of her denies me even the hint of release.

I'm too lost in primal instinct to notice anything but Seiga's mouth, so it comes to a surprise when Seiga escapes my grip. There's a taunting smile on those lewd, full lips as she wraps her hand around me, her saliva the perfect lubrication for quick and forceful strokes. Each tug encourages a moan from me, and I end up digging my fingers into the snowy, packed dirt for some meager support.

But sensation ends, and when I regain coherence Seiga has her fingers around her shawl, and her face over my throbbing cock. "Now, my prince," she intones, her sultry purr echoing throughout the flower field. "Tell me truly. What do you desire? Do you want to cum, hmm? To waste your essence for such fleeting pleasures? I'm sure I taught you better than that."

My response leaves me before I can think. "I want you Seiga, every part of you. Your body and your heart, your loyalty and your love. I want to cover you head to toe in my sperm, and fuck you until you beg to stop."

And the lady of my heart smiles, so proud and pleased, and unties me. One gentle kiss and lick is enough for me to show my affection for her. A low, drawn out groan escapes me as I finally go over the edge. Thick wads of semen splatter against Seiga's face, and she happily smiles while rubbing my essence around her cheeks and forehead like so much lotion. More and more shots of seed escape me, years of tension finally being released at last, and Seiga gladly takes it all, letting it soak on her face, and run down her chin and into her breasts. Even as I give myself over to Seiga, I can't help but rub my cock against her slick cleavage, coating those warm, soft mounds with another, thicker layer of sperm, and letting the excess spill onto her scarf.

My entire body is numb as I finish, and I can not tell if it's from the satisfaction of claiming Seiga or if it's simply the cold. But Seiga is quick to lick those soft, firm lips clean of cum, and even begins to make a show of it. With practiced ease, she guides her hands across her face and her breasts, her fingers sensually gathering large dollops of my essence, and leaving flushed skin to contrast with her blue leotard, and the thick white that covers her front. Her lips wrap around each individual digit, and Seiga hums and moans with pleasure as she licks herself clean.

And once Seiga's fingers are clean, she pushes her hand on my chest, preventing me from struggling. And with an almost... impatient flourish, she grabs my headphones, and pulls.

I hear her pulse, in sync with mine.

And I hear her words, in sync with her heart.

"My prince. My precious pupil. If you would have me, then I am yours."

I did not mind the salty, bitter residue as we kiss once more. The feel of her soft, yielding womanhood wrapping around me, every bump and crevice of that squishy flesh grinding and molding around my cock. Each small shiver causes Seiga's depths to throb, coating me in her hot juices. My Seiga leans down on me, resting on my shoulder as she catches her breath, leaving me free to rest my hands on her radiant, plump cheeks. Each of my thrusts is slow and drawn out - I want to savor this, the feeling of her fluids running down onto my loins, her welcoming, sticky entrance clamping snugly around my shaft.

It is a slow, gentle orgasm that we reach. There are no loud shrieks of bliss, or victorious growls of dominance. My race queen simply hums her pleasure, gently rocking her hips as I force myself deeper into her, kneading her firm bottom as I fill her womb. And though we are freezing, rutting in the flowers like wild animals... all is right in the world.

"I told you, did I not?" Seiga whispers into my ear, as our flower field is replaced with wooden walls, and sleep begins to take me. "Your desires are ever my commands."
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File 138811972465.jpg - (653.03KB, 729x1031, cc8ef479967d5721be92575fc5d86cd0.jpg) [iqdb]
This was a collab between me and Krisslanza, staring a male Reina. It takes place at some point during RiG1. I dunno, I didn't read that story. I just write the porn.


The Forest of Magic was spoken of as a dark and terrible place. The kind of place parents would tell their kids about to scare them. You found that it didn't quite live up to the tales. While the Forest certainly had its creepy parts, it was also home to the kind and proper Alice Margatroid, whose house stood as a sharp contrast to its foreboding surroundings.

You were presently sitting within the lounge of the magician's home. All the furniture within was of fairly high make, and your professional side couldn't help but admire it – along with the house's design in general. It was simple and inviting, with a nice white paint and a Western-style tiled blue roof, and it only looked to be about two stories tall. Of particular note was the odd tower attached to the side of the house, where she apparently did her experiments. Seated across from you, drinking from a delicate porcelain cup, was Alice herself.

After finishing the cup, she placed it back down on the table, folded her hands in her lap, and gave you a warm smile. You had a lot of female friends, but Alice had her own unique charms to her. Her blonde hair was fairly short - shorter than your own, really - but it was still nicely cut to shoulder length, and even had a bit of a wavy look to it. Her eyes were a nice, relaxing blue, and they really stood out in contrast to her pale, almost porcelain-like, skin tone.

“Sorry to make you wait. You caught me when I was making tea, and it tastes best when it's hot. Now, Marisa told me you wanted to get some clothing made? I do remember offering that a few weeks ago, but I didn't expect to see you here today.”

You chuckled and rubbed the back of your head. “No, it's my fault. I was just in the area, so I figured I would drop by and get it taken care of while I was here. If it's a problem, I can just come back another day.”

Alice shook her head. “Not at all, Robin; I wasn't expecting you, but that doesn't mean I can't do it now. Besides, Marisa and Reimu have already left, so you may have a hard time getting back home until they return. I couldn't let you go out there on your own. Now, what kind of clothing did you have in mind?”

“Nothing special, I think. I just felt I should get a few more sets of clothing, you know? I really only have a few... and, well...” You chuckled again. “If it is not out of the question, could I maybe have some boxers made too? Underwear is something I can't really get around here.”

The clothier laughed. “Boxers, huh? Well, now I know the answer to that question, and it wasn't even hard to get.”

Wow. you kind of walked right into that one, didn't you?

“Ah, how silly of me to spill the beans so easily. I'm sure making boxers is much less fun than panties or something. Er, not that I know if you make those kinds of things often!"

“Oh, occasionally. I've even made some much fancier things. I can certainly sew you some clothing, but first I'm going to need measurements – I might be good, but I prefer not to eyeball this kind of thing.”

The blonde youkai rose from her seat, beckoning you to follow her. Her house wasn't terribly huge, so she only led you down a short hallway into another, smaller room. It seemed to be her workshop, judging by the bins full of cloth, and the cabinets, tables, and mannequins all strewn about. It kind of reminded you of your own worskhop; the tools and materials were different, but it still had that messily organized look. It was also a bit larger, probably because Alice had to make room for other people; there was even a screen tucked away in the corner, and some full-length mirrors leaning on the walls.

Alice approached her desk and reached into a basket to pull out a length of measuring tape, giving you a sense of dread in the process.

“Now then, could you please undress? I can't get accurate measurements with your clothes in the way.”

“W-wait, what!? I have to get naked for a measuring?!” you sputtered, your face instantly turning red from the thought.

Alice frowned slightly. “Have you never been measured before? It's not all that unusual. I suppose some might do it with clothes on, but the layers can really mess up the numbers, and it isn't always easy to account for them. Or maybe you're just shy about undressing in front of me? I have a screen set up in the corner for a reason, you know.”

“Er, it's not just that, it's kind of the, uhm, well, you know... you're a woman, and I'm a man...” you started to say, trailing off as your brain tried to figure out where to go with this.

“You are not my first male client, Robin, although I will admit I don't have them often. If it would make you more comfortable, you could only remove your outer layers and keep your underwear on. It will throw the inseam measurement off a bit, so it won't be a perfect fit, but if that makes you feel better...”

Being in your boxers while Alice measured you did not sound much better than stripping completely, but she couldn't very well make your clothes without measurements. Well, she probably could, but her professional pride demanded she do things properly, and you could understand that. Sighing and nodding in resignation, you trudged behind the privacy screen and stripped down to your boxer shorts, then nervously poked your head out from behind the screen.

“Erm, where do you need me to stand, anyway?”

The tailor gestured at a mirror near the screen. “Right there will be fine. The mirror will help me see the tape without having to walk all around you. I understand you're a little uncomfortable with this, so I will try to work as fast as I can.”

Standing in front of a full-length mirror in your boxers was pretty weird, but you couldn't resist judging your own looks. It might have been kind of egotistical to think, but you were somewhat proud of your body... even if your friends were more likely to say you were pretty, what with the long ponytail and the... 'girlish' face. You did admit, you weren't exactly buff, but you weren't pudgy or anything, either. Your job required a lot of effort, so even though your stomach was kinda lean, your arms and legs looked rather toned!

Your preening was cut short when you saw Alice standing behind you, and suddenly you felt a bit self-concious. Not that Alice knew what you were doing; she was carefully working the tape along various parts of your body, pausing only to scribble numbers down in her notebook. You could feel her warm breath tickling your skin, along with the occasional brush from her hair or her fingers. Despite how awkward it felt to stand here like this, Alice focused on her task too much to notice. Though, she did seem to be taking her time...

But even her professionalism didn't help when when she measured your inseam, bringing her hand dangerously close to your crotch. You could feel your face flush harder with each passing second, and you hoped she didn't notice the slight bulge that formed between your legs. As soon as she declared the measurements done, you quickly ran back to the safety of the screen and started to get dressed again.

“See? that wasn't so bad, now was it Robin?” Alice teasingly asked.

“You have no idea how fast my heart was beating that entire time,” you reply dryly, letting out a sigh.

The youkai laughed, and you heard the sound of a chair moving. “Oh no, I could clearly feel your heartbeat when measured your chest. I will admit, you have quite a nice body, Robin. I wouldn't mind taking your measurements again~”

Wait, was she flirting with you, or just teasing you now? Or maybe it was both by this point.

“W-well, thank you for the compliment...” is all you managed to murmer in response.

“You were quite the gentleman about it! Some of my past male clients seemed a little too eager to strip down to their underwear... and a couple of them undressed all the way. Oh, but I shouldn't say too much. Are you dressed yet? I can let Reimu and Marisa know that you...”

The woman's voice trailed off for a moment, and you peered out from behind the screen to see why. She was no longer at her desk, and you heard the sound of something opening and closing before she returned with a frown on her face.

“Is something the matter? Was someone at the door?” you ask, finally dressed and stepping out from behind the screen.

“There's some nasty storm clouds overhead, I think it's about time - “

Her sentence was halted by a sudden crack of thunder, which was followed by the sound of heavy rain battering the house. The magician let out an exaggerated sigh and glanced up towards the roof.

“As I was about to say, it looked like a storm was brewing. It would not be a good idea for you to leave my house today, I think. Reimu and Marisa and I are all capable of flying in this kind of weather, but it is... not very pleasant. You would probably be drenched to the bone before you even made it out of the Forest.”

That was a problem. When you were last outside, it didn't look like it was going to rain at all, let alone a thunderstorm...

“It would feel a bit rude to impose on you... and I'm not really prepared to spend the night anywhere.”

The blonde youkai put a hand on her hip, not accepting your response. “Well, I can't very well let you leave either. You're my guest, so I must take care of you. Please, don't think this is imposing on me – I'm the one offering you a place to stay.”

You wanted to argue the point, but nothing really came to mind. There was no way you could make it out of the forest on your own, and even Marisa's house was a decent walk away... after a moment of thought, you nodded your head and bowed a little.

“I'll accept your offer then, Alice. Sorry for asking so much of you today. I really only intended to get the clothes taken care of.”

“It's really no problem. Now then, are you hungry? I can make you something to eat.”

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File 138811983974.jpg - (767.03KB, 929x1200, 42645880acc7c99af0b5d68edb131da9.jpg) [iqdb]
You had never spent much time in Alice's house before, but now that you were her guest for the day you had all the time you needed to drink it all in. It really was a very well-made house, and full of very fancy furniture. It kind of reminded you of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, if only vastly smaller in scale and without a legion of fairy maids.

Although, her house did have a counterpart to the fairy maids in the form of those dolls. You saw them working all over the house, attending to various errands - dusting, sweeping, organizing, or polishing things, just to name a few. Maybe the comparison with the mansion wasn't too off... the dolls' dresses even resembled maid uniforms.

At the moment, you were in the lounge once more, enjoying a cup of tea as you relaxed in one of the comfy chairs. There was a team of dolls in the room, busily wiping down some of the bookshelves up against the wall, the entire group easily working together... except for one that floated towards you and fixed you with a curious stare.

That was actually kind of creepy. The dolls couldn't really speak, so you had no idea what the sudden interest was about. The doll seemed to note this, and gestured to another doll. The second came up carrying a cup, and the first sat inside it while pointing upstairs. What was she trying to communicate by sitting in a teacup...? The first doll then started to pat her head and her body...

“... Are you asking if I want a bath?” you asked after a moment.

The doll nodded her head enthusiastically as she exited the teacup. A bath wasn't such a bad idea, actually; you couldn't exactly go home and have one, and it would feel terribly rude to not have one before going to bed. So, you nodded your head and placed your teacup on the table before following the floating doll upstairs.

It didn't take long for it to lead you to a room, which you noted was already open. Looking inside, you saw that a few dolls were already busy tending to filling the bath. Just how in the world did Alice do all this anyway...? Right now didn't seem like a good time to ask her – after all, it would be rude to waste hot water like that.

You closed the door behind you out of habit and started to undress. It occurred to you that the dolls might actually be alive or something, but by that point you were almost naked anyway, and they didn't seem to be paying any attention. Stripping off your boxers, you climbed into the bath and reclined into the hot, steamy water, letting out a relaxed sigh.

“This is really nice...” you said to no one in particular, staring up at the ceiling.

Looking over to your side, you noticed the dolls carefully gathering up your clothes and neatly folding them – and starting to float out of the room with them.

“H-hey, wait, I need those! I can't walk around Alice's house naked!” you sputtered.

As you moved to climb out of the bath, some dolls gently pushed down on your shoulders, as if telling you to remain in the bath. The group with your clothes had left the room by now, and you sighed; there wasn't anything you could do about that now. Defeated, you slumped back into the water and just resigned yourself to whatever was happening. The bath dolls provided you with some soap, shampoo, and even a sponge to clean with, so you could at least attend to cleaning yourself properly.

Just as you had finished washing up, a new set of dolls floated into the room – seemingly through some entrance above the door – and placed a yukata on a nearby hook. It wasn't much, but it was better then being nude in a woman's home.

One of the dolls gestured towards the offered garment, before floating over and removing the tub's plug. Taking the sign, you started to leave the bath, searching for a towel – only to notice the dolls had already taken them. Confused, you found yourself just standing there as the dolls moved towards you and began to carefully dry you off.

In spite of yourself, you couldn't help blushing as a team of female dolls rubbed down every bit of your body. It didn't help that during the bath, your mind had wandered a little bit, and now with a team of what were essentially little girls drying you off... at least Alice wasn't anywhere nearby to notice the effect this was having you. Once you were dry, you quickly took the yukata and threw it on.

This was really turning into a strange day... still, at least it was almost over. You were a bit tired after that bath, and it felt pretty late, even though you didn't really look for a clock anywhere. The dolls also seemed to suggest it was also time for bed, since one of them was beckoning you to follow her out.

Some privacy and sleep would do wonders right about now... and hopefully, the storm would be all cleared up in the morning. The sound of the rain battering the roof, and the crack of thunder, meant that it wasn't going to be clearing up tonight.

The guest bedroom was pretty simple, but it was still more than enough for your needs. The bed looked cozy, and there was a small table and chair off to the side. Without your doll 'minder' around, and the door shut, you began to wonder if there were any tissues in this room... as shameful as it was to admit, you could really use some relief before you went to bed.

But your search was interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the door. “Excuse me, Robin. I'm coming in.”

You quickly checked your yukata to ensure you were decent, and made yourself look as casual as possible. You finished just as the door unlocked and opened, revealing Alice in the doorway.

Alice, who was wearing only a nightgown.

A really nice, but not very concealing nightgown.

The kind of nightgown you intend to be seen in... unless Alice had an unusual taste in pajamas.

Without her dress on, and because of the nightgown, your eyes could really drink in the sight of was the blonde magician's figure. The translucent, light-blue nightgown was still enough to keep her decent – it completely covered her bust and reached down to her knees, and you could make out some panties underneath it. Alice had a really nice figure though, with a slim frame, hourglass figure, and modest-yet-noticeable bust. And her skin was so very pale... she kind of reminded you of her dolls, only more mature and feminine...

This was really not helping your need for tissues right now.

“A-ah, Alice, is something the matter? I was about to go to bed...”

The young witch flashed you a smile, taking some steps into the guest bedroom. “Oh no, I was merely offering to help you before you went to bed.” the youkai pulled a box of tissues from behind her and giggled. “My dolls told me you are having a little bit of a... problem down there?”

Oh god what, they could tell Alice things?! Your heart wasn't sure whether to just stop beating now and put you out of your misery, or start running like a jackhammer. Perhaps fortunately for you, it chose the latter option, beating so hard you thought you could see it through your yukata. Your face immediately heated up, and you waved your hands frantically in front of you.

“N-no! that's not, uhm, that is... I-I can't possibly have you do that for me! I-I'll just go to bed, and uhm...”

The blonde shook her head and took a few more steps into the room, before closing the door with a gentle shake of her hips. “Now now, Robin, I would be a terrible host if I just let you go to bed like that! What if you woke up in the middle of the night, trapped in some sort of lust-filled haze, and went into my room to take advantage of me? That would be terrible, don't you agree?”

There was no way that sort of thing would happen! Even if you were to try such a thing, her legion of dolls would certainly stop you. There were definitely enough of them in this house to hold you off, and you could swear you saw some carrying around swords and lances.

“I-I wouldn't do that Alice! My door was locked, s-so your room surely has a lock as well! But, uhm, I wouldn't even try it in the first place, of course!” you rambled.

“Are you saying you don't want me to help you with your erection, Robin? I think that's kind of hurtful...” the youkai pouted a little bit, bringing a delicate fingertip to her full lips. “I want to be a good host and all, and I couldn't help but notice during my measuring that you were starting to get a bit of a bulge...”

You were hoping she didn't notice that.

“Erm, that's... I, ah... i-it wouldn't be very proper of me to...”

Somehow you felt you were sliding down a slippery slope here.

“It is entirely proper if I'm offering Robin. Wouldn't you prefer my hands over your own?” your gracious host teased, taking a few more steps towards you. “I'll just help you relieve some of your tension... unless you think I'm not good enough.”

It was starting to look like there was no easy way out. And you had to admit, Alice was looking more appealing by the second, with that seductive grin and flowery scent of hers. Clenching your jaw for a moment, you let out a whimper. “A-alright Alice. If you... really want to, uhm... you can... h-help.”

Alice gave you a soft, faintly exultant smile. “Don't be so nervous about it, Robin. I'm just a friend helping a friend. Now then...” The woman walked behind you and softly put her arms around your waist. “Let's see what I have to work with, shall we? I couldn't get a proper measurement of this, after all...”

The magician's delicate hands found the sash holding your yukata together and gave it a tug, causing it to loosen and allow your erection to spring free. The youkai giggled softly as she looked over your shoulder; one of her hands took firm hold of your already-stiff manhood, causing you to gasp at the warm contact.

“My, my... you are quite large, aren't you Robin? One hand isn't enough to hold you. Perhaps we need to do another measuring; something like this could throw off my estimates considerably...”

If your face could get anymore red, it was probably about to reach its limit. “Th-this is...”

Alice just stroked your shaft a few times to cut you off, using the fingers on her other hand to tease the exposed tip. “Don't be embarrassed, Robin. Relax. I have to make sure you're all taken care of... let me know when you can't take it anymore." She slowly sped up her movements as she spoke, using your fresh precum to lubricate your shaft. "Don't try to hold back, either; I'm doing this to make you feel good. You've impressed me enough, so just relax and let me do the work.”

Perhaps because of her tailoring experience, Alice seemed to know just the right amount of pressure to apply to her strokes, gently squeezing you while still gliding up and down your aching shaft. Meanwhile, she used her free hand to play with your glans or tickle the sensitive parts underneath, sometimes even grabbing your tip and gently twisting it for a moment. You tried your best to just stand there and take it silently, but you couldn't help but let a bunch of moans, and sighs maybe, leak out as Alice pleasured you.

“Oooh... that's a nice sound, Robin. It's very cute! Won't you keep making it? I told you not to hold back, so just give yourself over to me...”

“I-it's so embarrassing though!” you managed to whine, before another whimper of pleasure escaped you.

“What's so embarrassing about it? There's nothing wrong with making those sounds. In fact, I would say that they're a great compliment. I can tell how much you like it when you make such cute sounds like that.” She giggled and sped up even further, her hands almost a blur that left your cock burning with pleasure. “Although, I can also tell how you enjoy it by how much you're throbbing here. You have a very healthy penis, Robin... it's such a good size, and it responds so well...”

You were starting to pant a little bit, your concentration already starting to buckle under the constant flow of sensations. “A-ahh... your hands are... amazing, Alice..." They were so soft and yet so skilled, lewd and delicate all at once. Her long fingers fit perfectly around your shaft, and her carefully-manicured nails were just perfect for teasing all your most sensitive spots.

“Why, thank you, I work on a lot of delicate things with them, and your penis is no exception right now... are you going to release soon? Don't hold back, Robin, just let it all out...”

Alice's hands began to move with greater urgency and force, squeezing and massaging you with every motion. Her free hand moved from your tip to your balls, carefully kneading them like she was trying to wring out every drop you had. Meanwhile, she tightened her grip with her other hand and started to rapidly stroke your whole cock at once. Giving yourself over to the talented youkai, you let out plenty more of those cute sounds she loved, as you nodded your head and managed to whimper out your impending orgasm – she hadn't been working you long, but you just couldn't seem to resist her at all.

Giggling quietly, Alice kept up her stroking in perfect rhythm while her free hand retreated to pull a few tissues out in anticipation. It didn''t take much more of her the rapid stroking before you gave in completely, letting out a loud moan and bucking your hips once as your semen burst forth into the waiting wad of tissues. She kept a tight grip on your cock the whole time, intensifying the pleasure from every throb and twitch.

The length of your ejaculation took both you and Alice by surprise. When you finally stopped cumming, the tissues were completely soaked through with your seed. The magician chuckled with satisfaction and pulled her hand off your shaft.

“See? Doesn't that feel so much...” she trailed off as she looked down at your manhood, which remained quite stiff. “Oh my, it's still erect? You must be incredibly pent up. I can't very well leave a job half-finished like this... there's no helping it, if my hands aren't enough...”

Before you could voice even so much as a comment, the magician guided you towards the table, setting you down on the available chair. After such an intense handjob, your legs were happy to get some rest. She then got down to her knees and leaned in close to your shaft, gently breathing on it as she eyed it carefully. You noted a light blush coloring her pale cheeks, and her soft, moist light-pink lips suddenly seemed extremely inviting.

“Then how about my mouth? That will surely satisfy you. You shouldn't let yourself get so pent up like this, Robin. It can't be healthy for such a cute young man like yourself.” She gave the underside of your shaft a long, sensual lick, making you shiver as her soft, wet tongue dragged its way up your skin and flicked gently over your head. “Ah, I can still taste a bit of your sperm...”

Alice positioned her head over your erection to service you in earnest. First, she slowly brought just the head into her mouth, where she gently sucked and licked on the sensitive tip to coax out just a few leftover drops from your last release. Seemingly unstasified with that small sample, she then slowly lowered her head further, letting every inch of your shaft feel the soft caress of her lips until she managed to fit your entire length inside. You let out a gasp of pleasure as you felt the warmth of her mouth envelop you, and her tongue eagerly licking along your length.

The blonde youkai hummed happily as she sucked on your shaft, staring up at you with her deep, irresistible blue eyes. After a few seconds of strong, unbroken sucking, she moved her head back just as slowly as before and released your cock with a pop, giving you a happy smile with her slightly-messy lips.

“I could only get a few drops, but from what I sampled, you taste wonderful Robin. And the sounds you make during a blowjob are even more adorable! Just keep doing that, and I'll make you cum again in no time...”

As soon as she finished speaking, her lips were around your cock again, and she started to slowly and steadily bob her head up and down along your entire length. She made sure to go all the way down to the base and back up to the head every time, licking and sucking the whole way, before going back down for more. Rather than going all the way up and down at once, she broke it up into smaller up-and-down movements that gradually brought her up and down your length. She couldn't tease you with her mouth occupied like that, but she still let out plenty of lewd yet refined moaning and sucking sounds.

It was a good thing you were in a chair, or Alice's blowjob would probably have made you collapse onto the floor. You could do little but lean against the back of the chair and throw back your head, moaning and whimpering in pleasure as the magician's mouth worked tirelessly on you. Her fellatio was making you twitch and cry out shamelessly, but she still managed to act kind of... refined about it. Her head moved back and forth with a smooth, mesmerizing elegance, and she would occasionally bring up a finger to brush a lock or two of her hair out of the way. Even the sounds she made managed to sound refined rather than slutty, bearing the same amused lilt her voice carried earlier.

Even though she was practically buried in your crotch, her eyes were always looking up at you, gauging the reaction her work was having on you. She was certainly enjoying herself, but at the same time, she was very concerned with making sure you felt as good as possible. You had trouble tearing your eyes away from that proud and lustful gaze of hers. However, at this angle, looking just a bit to the side let you see down that skimpy nightgown of hers, which did a very good job of supporting her round, pale breasts...

Your moans and whimpers began to turn into a bit of panting, and this signaled to Alice that your limits were being tested. She took your whole shaft back into her mouth and kept it there this time, sucking on it in strong, steady bursts and licking everything her tongue could reach. It seemed like she wanted to ensure that your shaft would be deep inside her mouth when your meager endurance gave out.

It wasn't long before you bucked your hips upwards into the blonde's mouth and let out another ecstatic wail, feeling your shaft pulse furiously within Alice's warm mouth. The magician seemed caught off-guard, and you swore you heard a startled gasp, but she quickly closed her eyes and regained her focus. You could feel a powerful suction rolling along your cock as she swallowed again and again, struggling to take every drop of your load.

Eventually you felt nothing more come out of you. Alice purred happily as she sucked long and hard on your shaft, before pulling herself off with another distinctive pop. Not a drop more came out of your manhood, which was coated only in the magician's saliva.

She gave you another warm smile, this one more perverted than the others thanks to her powerful blush and the naughty twinkle in her eye. “Mmm... you taste delicious, Robin. Whatever your diet is, don't change it at all. And I'm not sure why, but your semen is also just packed with mana... you're not actually a magician or something, are you?” asked Alice with a chuckle.

You shook your head weakly in response. “N-no I'm not... that was incredible...”

“I hope my oral skills were pleasing...” The magician's eyes flicked to your erection and widened slightly. “... But not pleasing enough, it seems... you're still hard. Incredible...”

Looking down at yourself, you noticed that while you felt a little less... hard then before, you were still quite erect despite your two ejaculations in such a short time period. That wasn't all that normal, was it? It never happened when you, erm... took care of it yourself...

You suddenly found yourself pulled to your feet and then roughly thrown, landing on a bed with a 'pomf'. Before you could even raise your head, you found the magician crawling on top of you, her eyes twinkling with a dangerous light.

“Well then, if my hands and mouth couldn't do it... this surely will...”

The blonde magician reached under her nightgown and tugged down her thin blue panties, carelessly tossing them away before straddling you. With a lustful smile, the magician lifted her body up and used a free hand to hold your shaft, positioning it right in line with her lower mouth. You couldn't even voice a protest before she impaled herself on your manhood, slamming it all the way in with a piercing cry of pleasure.

The feeling reminded you of her mouth, but far tighter and somehow even hotter. It seemed like she was just wrapped completely around your shaft, soaking every inch of it in hot, slippery juices. And the slightest movement from either of you made them all shift around your length, sending little sparks of pleasure shooting through you. She was going to milk you dry... with this...?

“You're better brace yourself, Robin. I'm not letting you out until the last of your lust is drained! I haven't had fun like this in years... decades maybe...” She lifted herself up until only your head was still sheathed inside, letting her hot, sticky juices trickle down your twitching shaft. “Let me hear more of those sounds you make. I think I've heard almost every one by now, and they're all so cute...”

And with that, Alice slammed herself back down, and began to ride you with hard but steady movements. Her nightgown was quite thin, and she didn't seem to have a bra on underneath it, so you could see her respectable breasts bounce noticeably with every thrust. The lewd squishing and sucking sounds were much more intense then they'd been when she used her mouth – and it didn't help that this time, Alice was making her own little gasps and groans of pleasure as she dominated your cock.

You wanted to reach out and pull her down on you, or even just squeeze those jiggling breasts, but your body was too soaked in pleasure to listen to you. Instead, you lied there and watched the beautiful magician ride you to her heart's content. She shifted around between various dominant positions; sometimes she leaned forward more to let her nightgown-clad breasts sway hypnotically just inches above your face, and other times she leaned back to let you watch your soaked shaft slide in and out of her. Once, she even turned around on top of you, digging a hand into her fairly-plump butt and smiling over her shoulder as she rode you like a toy. Her powerful thrusting was mixed in with slow, sensual twists and swirls of her hips, which allowed her to pleasure you with every inch of her tight pussy.

No matter her position, she never stopped watching the expressions playing along your face, or enjoying the sounds that came out of your mouth with every thrust and twist she did. It was embarrassing, but you didn't even care how degrading it might be to have a woman play you like this; it was just so good, and Alice knew just how to move her hips and work her muscles to bring you to absolute bliss. There wasn't any shame in letting her do this...

Somewhere along the line, it occurred to you that she was taking advantage of you, exactly how she claimed you would do to her. There was surely some irony there, but your mind didn't care about it at the moment.

It didn't take long before your panting began anew. You thrust your hips up into her wildly as you neared your third orgasm, throwing off her own technique – but she didn't seem to care. Sensing your impending ejaculation, she only fought back against your wild bucking, slamming her hips back onto you with even more force.

She quickly overpowered your wild bucking and once more asserted control, ramming you all the way in again as your cock erupted another time, your semen pouring out into her. Compared to your prior two ejaculations, this one felt like the longest and most intense one yet, turning your mind completely blank while Alice moaned and quivered passionately on top of you. At the end, Alice pulled herself off you and your shaft finally hung down in defeat, starting to shrink down to its normal size.

“Three ejaculations in a row...” breathed Alice happily. “That's very impressive, Robin... don't you feel much more at ease now?”

You sighed and nodded your head, “T-that was... amazing... all of it. I feel kind of tired now... really tired...”

Your eyelids did feel really heavy all of a sudden, and you could barely notice the blonde adjusting your yukata, tying it shut and tucking your limp manhood away. And soon after, you could easily feel her soft breasts pressing into your chest.

“There, there... just drift off to sleep. You don't mind if I sleep with you tonight, do you, Robin? I'm a little drained after that myself, and you make for a wonderful pillow...”

Alice's fingers ran through your hair, undoing your ponytail with practiced ease. You merely nodded in response and shut your eyes, relaxing into your pillow.

“S-sure... I... no problem... with that...”
 No. 33696
So how do Tojiko and Futo feel here about Seiga and Miko's relationship here? Wriggle may have said that Miko gets all the girls, but even so they can feel jealousy. So how do they feel about the relationship between master and pupil?

Well that was fun! Will we get to see Robin have some fun with Alice's dolls? Will we get to see any fun between him and the SDM's inhabitants considering his female counterpart is in their pay? And what of Yuuka and Robin here, anything going on between them? I wonder how he'd like a double Yuuka team-up?
 No. 33697
only real issue would be Alice talking "Fun in decades" when it's stated that she's young by Magician type standards.

Other than that, good stuff.
 No. 33698
She and Marisa would be about the same age right?
 No. 33699
I don't think I'd write any scenes with the Dolls, as there is an old /at/ scene of that already, written by Patchwork.

I might do some more Robin scenes, and I'd be open to suggestions.

Young by Magician standards could still be a century or two. I had kind of thought Patchouli was assumed to be older, but seems she might only be a century or so. Kind of a minor mistake on my part there.
 No. 33700
well mainly that being recently 'turned' Alice still attempts some human habits, that and she is generally assumed to be the same age or such as Marias (as it's fan accepted that PC-98 Alice and Windows Alice are one and the same)
 No. 33701
Where is that scene anyhow?
 No. 33702
You mean the Patchwork scene?: >>/at/2672
 No. 33705
I know I already mentioned it in >>33561 and in >>33580, but I wouldn't mind seeing Male!Sanae + Renko & Maribel. I don't think I've seen any /at/ stuff involving them.
 No. 33706
I think it was the 4th? iteration of THIS SHRINE that prominently featured Renko and Maribel.

...And the anons made it a point to avoid any scenes that lead to a renko sex scene. GJ aspies
 No. 33707
It didn't help that it was during the days of bad end minefields and YAF being a giga jackass. Though I wouldn't rule out VN tropes dominating people's minds.
 No. 33708
They avoided Renko sex scenes, but what about Maribel scenes?
 No. 33710
The bad ends thing is funny because Maribel did get sex scenes and those led to Yukari getting a baby due to their plot-linkage and that led to a bad end.

Man it was convoluted.
 No. 33711

Still that seems to only pertain to YAF's stuff. I don't think I've seen a Renko-Maribel scene in /at/, and other than Fallout Gensokyo, I don't know of any other adult scenes with either, not counting YAF's stories.
 No. 33712
Bad Ends being 'Restore to last move' or Bad End as 'You set this by a mistake fifty decisions ago lol!'
 No. 33713
Bad end restore to some time ago, usually if there was a bad end minefield, it's this type, though what >>33710 said was a latter type I think.
 No. 33747
So have any of the suggestions for pairings for story posts inspired anything?
 No. 33764
Well I don't want to give specifics in case I can't actually do it but several more projects are actually in the works.

And maybe even an update for my male Reimu story finally, if a New Year's miracle happens.
 No. 33767
Quick, someone find Sanae! And Tewi while we're at it!
 No. 33768
File 138860812939.png - (202.62KB, 450x639, 1def271280e56d1942679ec38b555407.png) [iqdb]
Well I remember >>33439, >>33561/>>33580, and >>33676/>>33678 involving Sanae.

As for Tewi there's the image to the left. How about a possible Male!Reisen/Tewi post?
 No. 33769
File 138860819348.jpg - (462.23KB, 600x848, 5a0c95b37e8141330b5cc1bfa3c52c8a.jpg) [iqdb]
As for something with Reisen, well how about Male!Reisen with female Reisen, as in both are Reisen Udongein Inaba?
 No. 33772
So are my ideas too weird? I admit >>33460 (ghost blowjob thing) and >>33769 (parallel genderswaps fucking) are rather odd.
 No. 33774
I still want to see Male!Miko and Byakuren.
 No. 33782
I'd love to see that! Especially if they have their friendly/antagonistic relationship and it involves lots of sex and taunting.
 No. 33811
The hatesex will be awesome between them. Better yet, what about Male!Miko and Myouren double-teaming Byakuren?
 No. 33813
Why Myouren? Kinda squicky don't you think, with the incest.

I'd rather this scenario just be between the two leaders. Maybe or maybe not their followers find out, but there's more symmetry I feel with Male!Miko and Byakuren.
 No. 33817
some people like that alot, even if it makes no fucking sense.
 No. 33818
Well I probably shouldn't point fingers even if I sorta agree with you. This, >>33769, isn't much better than Myouren fucking Byakuren.

But in truth I just feel having the two leaders of their factions getting it on is more symmetrical in my opinion.
 No. 33819
File 138888858623.png - (389.38KB, 585x505, Wincest.png) [iqdb]

<--Obligatory stock response.

But seriously though, it's not really much more nonsensical than most fetishes anyway.
 No. 33871
where does that image come from?
 No. 33873
File 138909197684.jpg - (537.57KB, 1087x777, 5ea647a3101cc761a923050155eb4144.jpg) [iqdb]
I want to see Robin + Sakuya & Meiling. Maybe something like in the image could happen.
 No. 33874
I'd rather see Yuuka motherly (as in being gently assertive/teaching/etc) taking his first time While possibly giving away her own
 No. 33876
Do you think we'd get to see possible double-Yuuka fun like what I suggested in >>33572?
 No. 33877
I'll take it into consideration, but for now I'm trying to think of Robin situations that are basically based on situations Reina was in - just changed due to the difference in gender.

I'll also consider this, but at this time I cannot say for sure. The way Yuuka acts around Reina, would be different if it was Robin, so I have to take that into account.

Also, Yuuka is certainly not a virgin.
 No. 33878
Having not read the previous story with Reina, the one prior to the current story in /th, did Reina interact with Alice a lot?
 No. 33880
A fair amount. The current Robin scene was based on an existing Reina scene, only without Reimu and Marisa present. And of course, with Robin staying overnight.
 No. 33881
Are there any scenes that could turn into what I suggested in >>33873? I forget but is Reina an employee under Remilia? I know she does independent work, but considering she has some sort of contract/agreement with Remilia, does that make her an employee of hers?
 No. 33882
Remilia is Reina's patron. She's not her direct employee, but the two have a very professional relationship within the series.

I could see the scenario working if Remilia offered, or maybe forced, Sakuya and Meiling to pleasure Robin for payment.
 No. 33883
Well I couldn't see Robin accepting "forced payment". Still, looking at some of Sakuya's interactions with Reina, I could see something developed from there with Robin.
 No. 33884
Potentially. Meiling is a trickier case, as she's a fairly minor character in RiG.
 No. 33885
Anything notable about Reina's interactions with her, even if she is a minor character? What's her personality like in RiG?
 No. 33886
To the best of my memory, any interactions with Meiling within RiG have been extremely minor. As much of the business in SDM is, well, business I tend to just gloss over Meiling as her job is just watching the gate - Sakuya, and Remilia, handle more of the finances.

As a result, I would say Meiling's character is fairly flexible at this stage. I would have to make it from scratch, but that's not too difficult.
 No. 33887
What about Yuuka, how would you describe her relationship with Reina, or Robin in this case? From what little I've read she seems like a friend/mentor/guardian. Is that accurate or am I pretty off?
 No. 33888

Hell if I know, I got it off >>/th/176007

Sorry for not being able to help!
 No. 33889
For Reina, I would say that is fairly correct. There is certainly a romantic potential between the two, of course.

For Robin, I'm not sure. When I started this idea, I wasn't just thinking of merely flipping Reina's gender - because doing that, would change a lot of the situations. For instance, no co-ed bathing (or well, if there was, they'd be far more awkward).

I'm still unsure exactly what Yuuka's relationship would be with Robin. He'd certainly not be a 'little flower' though. I might be overthinking it, but it is kind of interesting to consider how every character would treat Robin.
 No. 33891
Kriss do you think there's any developments that could be gleaned from Reina's interactions with Koakuma that could be used with Robin?
 No. 33892
Possibly? Koakuma is also fairly minor in the grand scheme of things. As long as a decent/good idea is pitched, I can probably make it work.
 No. 33902
So is anything being written?
 No. 34007
You know what I'm going to bump this. Yes I know it's been 10 days, but I've decided to bump it.

Male!Reisen + Youmu & Yuyuko
 No. 34021
more ideas lol

Doll otaku Male!Alice finally gets fed up with Marisa's constant invasion and teasing and does something about it.

Patchouli can be thrown in here too.
 No. 34023
Here's an idea Male!Shiki gets fed up with Komachi's teasing so he ends up respondin to the next one.
 No. 34025
To quote something from a similar suggestion:

Does he conquer her or end up conquered himself?
 No. 34075
Maybe it starts with him in control then Komachi takes control midway through
 No. 34078
That'd be nice.

I wonder if anyone is writing anything for this thread?
 No. 34080
I can definitely confirm Things Are Being Written. When will they be ready? I dunno.
 No. 34144
File 13916614225.jpg - (67.50KB, 402x502, shotaflan2.jpg) [iqdb]
Wrote this together with a friend. I have ideas for sequels, but no promises as to when those might come out.


"Yeah, it made me a bigger target, but it also meant she had to fight a twenty-foot-tall Marisa."

"Haha! She must have looked like a bug from up there!"

Marisa crosses her arms with a teasing grin. "Hey, she wasn't much smaller than you, you know. You're still a little boy yourself... in most places," she adds, raising her eyebrows.

That makes you blush a little, but you still pout back. "Hey, I'm older than you are! And Sakuya said I grew an inch last decade!"

She just chuckles and pats your hand, though. "Mmm, maybe. You're definitely big where it counts." She scoots closer, too, and your little pout melts with a groan when she rubs the back of her hand against your crotch. " Anyways, that one didn't work out. But, she had one last trick up her sleeve!"

Marisa has such an exciting voice, it's just impossible to ignore her when she talks. Even when she's doing stuff to you, like now, you can't help but focus on her stories. "Ooh, what... what was it?"

Yout best friend smiles wide, moving her hand up to give you a little tap on the nose.

"Same one you had, Flan. The ol' 'copy yourself again and again' trick!"

"What? That's not fair! I thought of it first!" There's gotta be a rule against that, right?

Marisa pulls away from you, holding her finger up towards the basement's high ceiling. "Ah, but hers was different. There weren't just four, but seven! One for every color of the rainbow."

"No way, seven? How'd she do that?" It took you forever to get up to four, and you get a huge headache if you try to add another.

Marisa waves her hand dismissively. "Eh, she liked quantity over quality. They could hardly do anything; yours were a lot more... impressive." She winks and giggles, making you flush beet red. You had thought about it, but...

Oh, she's talking again! "I think you'd beat her pretty quick in a fight - and if I could beat four of you, then it was gonna take a lot more than seven of her to bring me down." She ruffles your hair affectionately, drawing out a happy purr.

"So, how'd you win?"

Marisa jumps up from her seat, putting her hands on her hips for the first of many poses. "Why, I thought you'd never ask! She thought she was pretty clever, but I didn't hesitate for a moment. No, I just whipped out my dark flaming mini-hakkero, pointed it right at the real one..." She pulls it out and pretends to aim it at the wall. It starts to spark and glimmer, but she's too focused on her storytelling to notice. "... And at the top of my lungs, I shouted, MASTERRRR SPAAAARK uh-oh."

Marisa tries to brace herself as a huge starry rainbowy beam explodes out of her hakkero, blowing her hat right off her head and making a really loud "brawawawawawa" sound. Even when she's not hitting you with it, her lasers still scare you a bit; you have to cover your eyes and turn away from the rumbling and the bright, painful light. It brawawawawaws on and on, and you don't look back until the light and sound die down.

"Shoot, didn't mean to... oh, hey, it's still standing!"

The wall took a full point-blank hit, but it's built to take stuff stronger than a giant laser beam - stuff like you. A little singing is all it got. As soon as she sees nothing's broken, Marisa puts her bright smile back on and whirls around to face you.

"Yeah, just like that! And that's how I saved Gensokyo from the evil dwarf-princess."

"Yaay!" You give her a long round of applause, which she takes with a deep, showy bow. She really likes applause. "And what happened then?"

"Same as always! We went over to Reimu's for tea. She's a great homemaker when she wants to be, y'know..." Marisa trails off, staring at you with a thoughtful look. Then, she breaks into a teasing smile, and gently brushes your cheek. "Remi's been talking about marriage, right? You could do a lot worse than Reimu."

Geez, there she goes talking about Reimu again. That shrine maiden is kinda pretty, but she's also really, really mean! She made Remi cry a lot, and even if Big Sis forgave her, you still haven't! You don't care how pretty she is or how good at cleaning she is!

"Aw, she's no fun at all. I'd wanna marry you instead, Marisa!"

"...Eh?” Marisa's grin stops dead on her face, and she suddenly blushes as red as Meiling's hair. "M-marry me?" she stammers, putting a hand over her chest.

"Yeah! You're way more cool and fun and nice than she is, and you're really good at that thing you do with your hands..." Just remembering the stuff you two do together makes you all tingly inside. It's been a while since you got to do it with anyone...

Marisa glances all around, tapping her fingers together. It's really cute when she gets embarrassed! "W-well, I, uh..." She happens to glance down at your shorts, where you've gotten a pretty big bulge. That seems to calm her down, and a smile comes back onto her face. "... I sure am! But what makes you think you'll be a good husband? It takes more than just being cute, you know."

"Really? How so?" It always seemed pretty straightforward to you: hugging and kissing, holding hands, having babies...

"Well, uh, you need to take care of me, make sure I'm safe! ... And, you need to be able to please me, too. We can't do it like we normally do, where you just lie back while I--"

"Ooh! Okay, then let's work on that!" Before Marisa knows what's what, you've grabbed her by the arm and tossed her onto your bed. She might be better at danmaku, but you're still a lot stronger than her.

"Oof!" She lands safely, of course. You've gotten better at tossing things since you met her. She's still flustered, though, flailing a bit and trying to get up. "H-hey, what do you think you're...?" She stops short as you crawl onto the bed and hold yourself up over her.

This is pretty unusual. Marisa's usually the one who starts this, but... you're not satisfied with that. Since she's going out and having all these adventures, it seems unfair to make her do all the work for you too. After all, a good husband makes his wife feel good!

The idea is making you really nervous, though. Your heart's beating really fast, and your blush is almost as bright as hers. But you can't stop now!

"Ah, um. I just wanna... please you for once, Marisa, i-if that's okay with you. You always make me feel good when you visit, and... I just wanna pay you back..."

Marisa's still blushing, but her breathing slows down a bit. She looks really pretty like that, with her shy face framed by those golden locks. Then a warm smile blooms on her lips, and your heart almost stops at the sight.

"...Oh, I can't say no to you. But... you have to be careful, alright? A girl's body is a fragile, precious thing."

"Really?" She said yes! "Okay! I'll do a really good job, Marisa!"

Grinning with excitement, you bring up a hand and hold it open over her dress. A bright scarlet eye appears on top of the black fabric, and Marisa's smile suddenly fades at the sight.

"Uh, Flan? What're you--gah!" Marisa can't help recoiling as you squeeze your hand shut. Her black dress explodes like an popped balloon, the small strips fizzling into smoke. She's left in just her bra and panties, which are both pretty plain and black. Nothing like the frilly, lacy ones that Sis wears.

Opening an eye, Marisa glances down at her body and slowly uncurls herself, letting out a sigh of relief. "Geez. First lesson, Flan: Don't scare your partner like that! And you really shouldn't blow up her clothes, either..." She lets out another sigh as she looks around for scraps or remains, but you didn't even leave ash behind...

Shoot, you'd just started and you messed up already! You slump down in disappointment, "Aw... But I was careful..."

Marisa just chuckles and ruffles your hair, though. "Oh, it's fine. You're still learnin', after all. I'll just have to be more careful going back home." With that, she gently rolls you off her and stands up in front of you.

You've never seen her without her dress before. And now you kinda wish her clothes would show it off better; that witch dress is way too frumpy for someone as pretty as her! Her body is kinda in between your sister and your protector; Marisa isn't as... big, or as strong-looking as Meiling, but she still looks taller and smoothed in all right places, with a light tan that's just a few shades short of Meiling's. Sis seems kinda undeveloped in comparison. In fact, since you're still sitting down, you'd have to look up a ways to see Marisa's face. Not that you want to right now.

"Alright, we'll start with... Oh." Marisa trails off, and you can just see her pretty lips turning into a smirk when she sees just where you're staring. "Like what you see?" Marisa thrusts her chest forward, putting all the emphasis on her enticing breasts. But when you reach out to touch her, she gently pats your hand away.

"A good husband is always patient, Flan. I want you to just sit there and watch for now, okay?" The witch's eyes brighten when you nod, and she steps back with a deep flourish - deep enough that you can see her small-but-noticeable cleavage behind the bra.

That makes some of her hair fall over her face, so she slides her fingers under the locks and flicks them back. Combined with the way she tosses her hair and grins while she does it, it makes her seem really... confident. You feel an extra twinge in your pants as her eyes glimmer with excitement.

Marisa's hips sway a bit as she turns around, putting your face at level with her butt. Though it's covered by her snug black panties, the slightest movement still makes her soft, round orbs jiggle happily. It takes all your effort not to just yank them down, and you clench your teeth in frustration as Marisa moves backwards, the rump becoming harder and harder to resist.

But before it reaches you, Marisa brings her weight down on you, her soft, full butt plopping right onto your lap. It rests like a nice pillow on your thighs, but Marisa doesn't stop there. With a low and hungry moan, she begins to grind herself against you, her firm, plushiness rubbing up against your penis, while putting just enough weight on your lap to tease you more. You can feel your pants getting a bit wet from the precum, and her warmth feels so nice that you grab the sheets and nearly cry.

"I'm almost done, Flan - just let me get comfortable..." Marisa playfully whispers as she leans back, just enough to let her hair drape all over your face. Her smell fills your nose, earthy like rain and fresh dirt and exotic mushrooms. You swear you hear hot, sticky blood pumping just inches behind it...

But she told you to stay put, so all you do is close your eyes and moan as Marisa shakes her hips and rubs her butt against you.

"Mmm, mmm... there!"

She finally stops moving after a final twist, letting her full weight settle in your lap and crush your penis under her pillowy butt. You're left panting hard enough to fluff her hair around, with tears clouding up your eyes. Feeling her so warm and close like that was torture.

Your breath comes out in weak, silly shudders, irregular enough that Marisa turns to look over her shoulder. Her grin melts into a sympathetic smile, and she turns her body further to get a better look at you.

"Not out of it already, are you?"

Marisa gently cups your cheek, and tilts your head to look at her. A few weak purrs come out as you rub your cheek against her soft hands, and a small smile appears on you when she wipes your tears with her fingers.

"I'm impressed, Flan. I thought for sure that you'd force me down and ravish me. Maybe you'd make for a good husband after all~"

You always like it when she ruffles your hair, and your breathing slows down to normal while she gently pets and scratches. You don't notice the time passing until she pulls her hand away and sits back down in your lap.

"So, have you ever taken off a bra before?"

"Uhm... no. Sis never lets me, and Meiling usually doesn't wear one, so..."

Marisa smiles again, scooting away and pulling her hair aside to let you see her back. It's a nice one, all strong and straight with soft, supple skin, and before you know it you're groping her sides and sliding your fingers up and down her spine.

"Hehe- hey, no, stop!" And like a good husband, you do.

It takes a while for Marisa's giggles to fade. Everything she does just feels so good again, like the way she almost jumps up and down on your cock, or how she squirms around on your lap. Your heart slows just a bit as everything calms down, and now you're free to wrap your hands around Marisa's stomach, and rest your head on her back. Nuzzling your face into her warm, strong back feels super nice, and your heart skips a beat when she rests her hands on yours.

Marisa feels so warm and soft that you almost doze off, even with the bulge in your pants. It's only "Okay, so you see the straps around my back, right?" Marisa reaches over her shoulders to touch her bra, drawing your eyes to the clasp between her shoulder blades. She slowly circles it with the tip of her finger, then hooks and pulls the strap toward you a bit.

"A bra's actually real easy to take off. It just looks hard. All you need to do is pinch right in the middle, and then rub your fingers back and forth."

Huh. Sis always needs Sakuya to help with her underwear, so you thought it was a lot more complicated! "Is that really it?" you ask, even as you bring your right hand up to her bra. You'd use both hands, but Marisa's thigh is so warm and soft...

"That's really it. Come on, try it! Don'cha want to see my breasts? They're highly recommended~" You blush extra hard at her words, but... she's not wrong. You do want to see more.

A few seconds later, her bra casually falls onto her lap. And just as casually, Marisa brushes it off turns around, straddling your lap and kissing your forehead.

"See? That wasn't so hard."

You smile up at her, but only for a moment. Knowing that you just took off her bra, you can't keep yourself from looking down.

Her breasts are... surprisingly... delicate. A bit bigger than Remi's, but not quite as pale. Big enough to curve out from her chest, but too small to have much weight of their own. There's a bright pink nipple in the middle of each, perfectly sized and just a bit stiff.

Marisa doesn't need to tell you what to do next. You reach out and press your hands deep into her chest, making it bulge out around your fingers. It's small, but so soft~!

"Mm! Hey, hey, go a little gentler..."

"Ah. Um, like this?" You loosen your grip a bunch, so your fingers are just resting on top of her breasts. They're not big enough to squeeze like Meiling's, but that doesn't stop you from trying. You slowly prod and pinch and caress the small mounds, teasing her hardening nipples with your fingertips.

"Yeah, that''s more like it. Go reeeal slow and gentle..." Right, real gentle. you keep at her slow, careful squeezing and stroking, making sure to lavish your attention on every inch of her extra-soft breasts. You can feel her heartbeat behind them, the gentle doki-doki acting as a metronome. Even now, Marisa's heart isn't going too fast... but it was speeding up by the second, her blood pumping faster with the slightest graze of her nipples and squeeze of her mounds. "That's good, that's perfect. You're a natural, Flan..."

Marisa's not shy with her reactions, so it's pretty easy to tell what she likes. Turns out she really loves it when you rub your thumbs in little circles around her nipples. Her purring turns to outright moaning when you do that, making her tilt her head back to let it out. Her voice sounds even nicer when she's aroused, full of passion to flavor its usual excitement.

You also get a good view of her neck like that. When she's quivering so much and making those sounds, it almost seems like she's daring you to bite her. You start to drool a little and move your head closer... but she brings her chin back down, suddenly lunging forward and sealing her lips onto yours.



You've kissed her before, but she's always been hard to handle. Just as you get used to the touch of her soft pink lips, she pushes a wet tongue into your mouth and starts to gently suck you. Her tongue licks fearlessly around your teeth and fangs while staying out of your reach, making you tire yourself out just trying to catch her. And you have to deal with her bright, naughty eyes too, taunting you with their cleverness. Your hands kind of go on autopilot while you focus on her mouth, still doing those circles and mixing in some slow, firm squeezes. She still enjoys those, and you can feel her lustful moaning now that your mouths are connected.

It doesn't take long for your coordination to get messed up, making your tongue trip all over itself as it chases after hers. That's when she strikes, sucking hungrily on your lips and pressing forward to lick over everything she can reach, including your own exhausted tongue. Her saliva leaks steadily into your mouth, still tasting like the fancy tea you just had.

That's not all, either. The groping and kissing sure haven't hurt her coordination; she easily unties your ascot and pulls it off, then opens your shirt with smooth, practiced movements. Her hands linger on your chest for a bit, slowly tickling and stroking you, before sliding down to pull off your shorts. With a quiet chuckle and mischievous look, she tugs down your underwear too, letting your penis spring free.

You're too busy kissing her to see it, but you can feel your hard thing twitch and sway in the air. Yours is the only one you've ever seen, but everyone tells you it's pretty big. Big enough that Marisa's hand can't cover it all, as she wraps her fingers around you and starts to slide them up and down. The pressure's firm but not painful, and a little stronger near the tip so she can tease the crown.

She's going really slow, but it feels really good... Your precum's leaking out, making her hand all slippery... and she's still kissing you so forcefully...


And soon, your shaking hands get all fumbly. Your thumbs flick clumsily over her nipples before freezing up altogether, and your hands fall away soon after. Marisa breaks the kiss and tilts her head, a naughty grin on her face.

"Hmm~? What's wrong, Flan?" Her hand speeds up a little as she speaks, sending extra jolts of pleasure through your body.

"Ahh... F-feels too good, Marisa! Can't concentrate..."

"What, just from this? You really do need practice~" Marisa grabs you even tighter, making you cry out as her long fingers pleasure you with short, rapid thrusts. Even her squeezing feel good, making you buck harder into her tight, warm grasp. Marisa's fingers are so smooth and warm, and they keep flicking over the head in just the right way...

"If you give in completely, your wife'll be the one in charge. Who knows what she might do you~?" Marisa bends over you as she strokes, planting a few wet kisses on your bare neck. That's enough to make you shudder, but then she goes and... bites it...!


Your desperate pleading finally gets to her. She relents and pulls away from you, leaving some wet, shallow bite-marks behind. Your penis is all slippery and throbbing, too; a little more of that, and she probably would've made you cum.

"Haha, sorry. You're just too cute, you know?" After another kiss on the forehead, Marisa turns away and sits on the edge of the bed, tossing her hair back as she looks over her shoulder.

She's really pretty from behind, too. You take in the sight of her matted, blonde hair, stuck to her sticky and warm skin with wide eyes as you inch over on your knees, slowly putting your arms under hers and around her waist. Her skin is softer than yours, but she's pretty lean and firm beneath that. And, her neck is really warm and smooth...

She teased you like that earlier, so it's only fair! You bring your head in and give her neck a sloppy kiss, mashing your lips onto it and lightly running your fangs across the skin. She shivers a little from that, almost saying something but just stopping herself. A dark, hungry part of you cries out for a drink, but... no. You're better than that. Focus on the rest of her instead!

Fortunately, you have plenty to focus on. There's her quiet chuckling and moaning, the rapid pulse of her heartbeat, the earthy smell of her long, messy hair... She starts groaning again as you return your hands to her breasts, gently kneading them and teasing her nipples how she liked it before. It's harder to use your thumbs from behind, so you do the circling with your pointer fingers instead. It feels a bit less... rewarding, at first, but once you realize she's easier to squeeze like this, you get a little more forceful. A good, strong grope makes Marisa let out a needy whimper, her soft chest bulging out a bit between your fingers.

She just sits there and enjoys it for a while, resting her head against your shoulder and leaning back onto your penis. She doesn't grind against it or anything, but just the feeling of her warm, smooth back touching you makes you throb and leak even more, coating some of her skin with your shiny precum. Eventually, Marisa reaches up and gently squeezes one of your hands, her fingers flooding yours with warmth.

"Ahh... You're doin' great, Flan. Now, why don't you go down here, too..."

Still careful, she guides you down her chest and stomach, letting your fingertips slide down her smooth, slightly-sweaty skin until you reach her waist. You hesitate when you touch her soft panties, but she's gently insistent.

"Nothin' to worry about. Go on, Flan. Make me feel good."

Pressing into her tummy a bit, you work your fingers into her underwear, over some almost-hairless skin, and then... between her legs. You can feel her tender slit, already moist and leaking.Just a little touch makes Marisa shiver in your arms, and your fingers pull back in surprise.

"Hehe~ Never touched a pussy before? Lucky me. Just rub around the entrance a little..."

You follow her instructions with a bated breath, your blush getting brighter and hotter the more you rub against her damp, squishy pussy. It takes you only a few moments to go from that to spreading it with your fingers, rubbing the exposed walls directly.

"Yes..." she hisses out, making your cock throb just a bit more. "Like that. Keep messing me up, and don't let up on my breasts..." Marisa's groans are nice and low, the best encouragement you could ever have. Her long legs squeeze shut, catching your hand between two firm, but soft thighs, and the way she leans her head back just makes you want to kiss her all over.

Her breathing is slow and heavy, but she doesn't feel so good that she can't talk - not like what happens when she takes care of you. Well, that's gonna have to change! You start using a bit more force with both hands, grinding the whole length of your fingers against her wet entrance. Feeling Marisa's hot and sticky fluids coating your palm only makes you more excited, your breath getting faster as you begin to pull on her cute pink nipples. As you're rubbing against her pussy, you feel a hard little bump right above it; if you remember what Meiling taught you correctly...

"Hihhn!" Marisa lets out a yelp that turns into a long moan, tensing up in your arms. You freeze up at that, but she cups your cheek and whispers for more in a soft tone that makes you ache.

"Yeah, that feels good too... Keep going, keep going..."

You hurry to obey, doing everything that comes to mind to please the young, pretty witch. Your rubbing and touching is a little clumsy, but Marisa doesn't seem to mind one bit. Whether it's your knuckles brushing against her sensitive clit, or your nails scratching at her hot, fluttery lips, every little movement makes Marisa shudder and buck into your hand. When she's acting as sexy as that, you can't help frotting against her a little. Nothing big or distracting, just grinding your cock against her pale and smooth back...

But Marisa still notices, and grabs your arms for just a moment to stop you. "Heh. Can't wait, huh? Lemme help you out a bit..." You stay stock still as Marisa plants her hands on the bed and bends forward, bringing that plump butt of hers right up against your penis. She's pushing her soft cheeks against you before you know it, and you just have to pull her towards you to feel more. It felt nice when she used her backside on you before, but now that your clothes are off...

Marisa's butt is still covered by her soft panties, but that only makes it feel better. You can still feel how warm and pillowy the cheeks behind them are, and the silky, fabric just adds another layer of pleasure as it bunches up and clings to your slippery penis.. She keeps grinding against you, letting her panties bunch up and stroke your throbbing penis while her cheeks squeeze and mold onto you. You let out a lot of moans as you grind back against her, but her own noises are even louder. You're squeezing and pinching and stroking her with all you have, but she still doesn't sound like she's satisfied.

"Ahh! M-more... Put them in...!"

Put them in? You've never done that before, but... you slide your finger down from her clit, poking around her soaked, swollen lips until you find a small opening. A bit of teasing loosens her up some, giving you enough freedom to work in a finger. You really have to push to get it in, though.


A... amazing. Her pussy was wet and warm on the outside, but the inside is drenched and toasty. You can feel the walls shifting and squeezing around your finger, and just bending it a little makes Marisa throw her head back and moan. It must feel really good for her... You wonder, what would it be like if you used your...?

Marisa doesn't lose herself completely. Instead of collapsing into a moaning heap, like you do when she plays with you, she centers herself and presses even harder against you. Your penis gets trapped between her warm cheeks, her soaked panties clinging to you as the plush, marshmallowy cheeks endlessly crush and rub you. It's all you can do to keep your own hands moving; you try twisting, wriggling, and sliding your finger inside her, but she's so excited already that it's hard to tell what she likes best. Her slippery walls keep clenching and shuddering around your finger in ways that make you shiver, mixing You let out your frustration by mashing yourself even harder onto her butt and squeezing her breasts so hard that it has to hurt. You might not hold out at this rate, but it feels too good not to...

"Ahh, Flaaan!"

Marisa suddenly falls forward on the bed, pulling away from your hands and penis as she loses all control of her body. You crawl in closer for a better look, your eyes wide in amazement as you watch her thrash around and arch her back in delight. Seeing your cool, confident best friend shiver and cry out so forcefully is mesmerizing, and in your daze you bring your fingers up to your mouth to lick off some of the juices; just the taste makes you moan a little. tastes... sweet, and sticky. Almost like honey. If her pussy is this good, what would her blood taste like...?

The thought makes you throb and ache all over, and it's only your Remi's instructions that stops you from trying to... to do more to Marisa. She looks all flushed and happy right now, but you're still hard and excited... especially after what you just did. You wrap your hand around your penis, trying to masturbate just like Marisa taught you, but it feels so clumsy and rough compared to her heavenly bottom...
 No. 34145
File 139166146570.jpg - (495.76KB, 641x898, inevitable.jpg) [iqdb]
When Marisa's recovered enough to look at you, she's treated to the sight of you trying to get off. You pause mid-stroke, your cheeks flaring red from embarrassment, but Marisa's all smiles.

"Flan, I'm hurt. Hurt and insulted," she teases. "I'm right here, and you want to play with yourself instead?"

"Ah? U-um..."

"Looks like I have to remind you why you wanted to marry me. C'mon, lemme take care of that." Marisa pushes herself upright and pats a spot next to her on the bed. Even though you're both undressed and she just came, Marisa looks perfectly at ease, the only sign of her pleasure being her rosy, pretty cheeks and the small trails of sweat that run down her curves. You try your best to look calm, but it's really hard not to shiver or fidget when you're so pent up.

Marisa hugs your shoulder and pulls you in close, kissing you first on the forehead and then on the lips. The second kiss is longer, but this time she doesn't do anything fancy with her tongue. She's just pressing her lips against yours, and holding you close. After all that movement, something slow is... nice.

The two of you only break away when Marisa needs to breathe. She starts to swirl a fingernail around the tip of your penis right after, coating the head in precum and making your toes curl. "So, what sounds good, Flan? You deserve a little more than another handjob." Marisa's voice is gentle warm silk as she whispers into your ear. "I could get on my knees and suck you off, or squeeze you dry with this..." she gives her butt a meaty slap that echoes around the room, then starts to tug her panties aside. "... Or you could put it inside me. I'd love that the most~"

"Eh? N-no, that's..." Not until marriage! Remi told you so! No matter how much the idea alone makes you shiver.

"I know, I know..." Marisa relents for a moment, but suddenly comes back with a devilish grin. "'Course, if we did it now, you'd have to marry me..." She moves like she's going to straddle you, raising her hands to push you down, and you shove her away with a panicked yelp. You try not to push too hard, but it still sends her flying to a cushy impact on the other side of the bed.

"Oof! Don't want it, huh? I guess those other girls deserve a fair shake too. Hmm..." She puts a hand to her mouth and thinks for a second, then raises it and snaps her fingers. "Oh, I know just the thing!"

Marisa suddenly stands up and turns around, grinning over her shoulder as she hooks a thumb through each side of her panties. The elastic stretches around her round, perfect butt, straining to fit around her large, pillowy cheeks. She eventually moves on to pulling them down her long, shapely legs; a thick string of juice stretches between her pussy and the soaked fabric, not breaking until it's past her knees. Finally, you get a good view of her sexy legs and butt at work as she gracefully steps out of the garment.

When Marisa sits down next to you again, she's wearing nothing but the bow on her ponytail. Her sweaty naked body is a really distracting sight, but she stops you from staring by pressing those panties of hers into your nose.

You jump back a bit, but Marisa doesn't let up, keeping her underwear right against your face. They're warm and wet, and soaked through with her smell... your eyes get a bit hazy just from breathing it, and after tasting her juices earlier, you can't help but get another quick lick from the cloth.

"Not quite the same as my pussy, but not a bad substitute, right?" She teasingly slides them down your chest, smearing a few trails of sticky juice onto your skin, before bringing them to rest near your rock-hard penis.

With a satisfied hum, Marisa wraps them around you and squeezes. The silky fabric surrounds you completely, kissing every inch with its warm and squishy softness. Some of the juice locked inside seeps out and trickles down your shaft, almost as hot as it was inside her.

"Aahhh!" The pleasure makes your body go limp, and Marisa's arm is the only thing that keeps you from falling back onto the bed. She relaxes her grip a little, but doubles the pleasure when she starts to stroke you. Some of the slick, feather-soft fabric glides all along your shaft, while other parts cling to your most sensitive spots. And her skilled hands are there too, pumping and twisting her panties back and forth like it's nothing.

"Feels good, huh?" Marisa teases, leaning in to nibble on your ear. The loud moan you let out is answer enough, and the gentle touch of her lips and teeth makes you shudder even more. You were feeling good about yourself after you made her cum, but she reduced you to this so easily...

She could finish you in seconds like this, but today she's going slow for your sake. Every stroke makes you shiver and moan, assaulting you from base to tip with squishy, silky pleasure while her scent floats up to your nose.

"That face is just so cute, Flan! And those sounds you let out, too... You'd make such a delicious husband. Are you sure you don't want to fuck me?"

You want to. You definitely want to. You've seen the books Remi hides under her bed, and getting Marisa to act like those lewd girls sounds like the best idea ever. But Remi made you promise, so you shake your head.

"Please, Flan? I wanna feel your cum inside me, I want a baby with you!" Marisa's getting more excited with each passing second, pumping and stroking you faster and faster. Each pass of her soaked, clingy panties massages every inch of your shaft a half-dozen different ways, and you have to lean on her shoulders to not fall down. "We'd have the prettiest babies, and every night we'd fall asleep together, with your thick strong cock stuffed inside me!"

"M-Marisa... If you keep doing that, I'll...!"

That snaps her out of it, though her blushing smile doesn't fade at all. "Uh? Ah, heheh. I'm sorry; you're just too cute, you know?" She goes back to the slow speed from before, but even that's unbearable now; your penis is twitching like crazy under the fabric, ready to blow at any second.


"Ahh, got you right on the edge. Wanna cum now?" she asks, gently twisting her panties around you.

"Mmm." It's all you can do to weakly nod your head.

Without letting go of your penis, Marisa slides off the bed and kneels down in front of you. There's a good view of her breasts and butt like that, but you don't have much time to stare. Not when she's staring right back with such bright and happy eyes. Rearranging her underwear a little, she exposes your dripping, swollen tip and takes it into her wet mouth. One hand slowly pumps your shaft with her panties, while her soft lips kiss and suck on your tip.


It just...

"Hmm nnn~"

... Feels too good!


Your whole lower body clenches up, and your mind floods with pleasure as your backed-up cum blasts out. Every shot sends shocks and tingles of pleasure all through you, making you moan even louder and buck your hips against Marisa's inviting mouth. Her lips tighten around your tip, and you feel her sucking down every shot as it comes. But soon enough, Marisa has to pull away, and you cry out as the cold basement air hits your penis. You have just enough energy to look down at Marisa, only to see her struggling with the hot, thick cum in her mouth while you spray the rest all over her face. You're painting her white and pretty, getting your sticky sperm all over her hair and even her eyes; it just feels right to stroke yourself some more, forcing out as much seed as possible onto Marisa's heaving, cum-soaked body.

By the time you finish, you're kind of teary-eyed and hoarse, and lying back on the bed again.

"Mmmgh..." Marisa swallows a few times in a row; it seems like she has a hard time getting all your cum down, but she really enjoys the effort. Afterwards, she lets out a loud satisfied sigh, opening her clean eye and smiling while she wipes off the rest of your stuff with eager fingers.

"Ahh, your cum's so thick, Flan. And you let out even more than usual... you'd get me pregnant real easy with this." She wipes up a bunch and sucks it off her finger, treating you to a low, luscious moan in the process.

The sight makes you feel all tingly again, but your penis doesn't react at all. Marisa raises her eyebrows when she sees how limp you are, and pauses her cleanup to speak.

"Down and out already, huh? That's no good, Flan," she says with a grin. "If you're gonna be a great husband, you've gotta last 'til your wife is totally satisfied!"

"Um... Sorry."

"Heh." Marisa climbs back onto the bed, sweeping you up in her arms as she falls back onto the mattress. Her face is still kind of messy, but the rest of her is warm and cozy. She strokes your hair with one hand, while the other keeps cleaning her face. The steady sound of her heartbeat, still running a little faster than normal, starts to lull you to sleep, but you still hear one last thing from her.

"No worries. You just need some more practice, and you'll be able to please any girl under the stars."

Practice, huh? Marisa seems happy, but it seems like you could please her even more...

... Alright! You'll work hard from now on to become the best husband you can be. One that your future wife deserves, no matter who she is. Marisa's not the only one who likes you, after all~
 No. 34154
>Marisa's not the only one who likes you, after all~
Meiling? Sakuya? Better still, both?
 No. 34157
Koishi or Nue, perhaps, depending on what gender they are in this setting.
 No. 34158
Coming soon, to a television set near you, it's Gensokyo's Most Eligible Bachelors! Which one of three lucky contestants will win young Flan's hand (and heart) in marriage? Tune in this Sunday to find out!

I'm telling you, this is a genius idea. We'll make millions of Yakumo funbucks.
 No. 34160

Maybe mean ol' Reimu wants to take a crack at Flan.

Really, this is a great idea. 10/10, would read and have read again.
 No. 34169
Maybe that's why Marisa started off by talking about what a homemaker Reimu is.
 No. 34170
File 139193469256.jpg - (154.58KB, 850x566, sample-35fdc49df226c6f52ea9c8dbeda94fa3.jpg) [iqdb]
The Scarlet Devil Mansion had been a long time client of yours, and you were always pleased when Remilia provided you some work to do – although, in honesty, she seemed fine just keeping you in her patronage, even if the workload was kind of lax sometimes. Others might jump on a chance to have an easy source of income, but you much more preferred earning those stipends.

Your visits to the mansion did make you feel a little guilty though, Remilia's payments were quite generous, but she also loved to treat you to some fine food and drink everytime as well. You had consider trying to deny them, but figured the vampire might feel insulted if you denied her hospitality, so you could do little but accept it.

“I trust there was no difficulty with the latest order?” inquired the vampire politely, reclining in her seat, a wine glass in hand.

You shook your head, “None at all. It's always nice to work on such elaborate furniture though, and I do hope I always meet your expectations.”

“Of course you do Robin, I would trust no one else with these kind of jobs. You are, after all, the best in Gensokyo.” complimented Remilia, lifting her glass before sipping from it.

“Your compliments mean a lot Remilia. And, as always, the food is delicious, I wish I could make food half as good.”

“From what I hear, you are quite the talented chef yourself, Robin.” commented a polite voice from behind you.

The first few times this happened, you jumped in your seat, but by now you were a bit used to Sakuya showing up behind you like that. For a maid, she was pretty sneaky when she had to be, and you were not quite sure how she pulled it off.

“I know enough to bring some variety into my life, but I can't say my food is that good.”

“Perhaps you should treat us to some of your cooking? I would not mind seeing some of your other talents at work.” asked the vampire with a smirk.

You chuckled and rubbed the back of your head, “Maybe. Though, I don't think anything would stay warm on the trip here, and using your own facilities and ingredients would feel like cheating.”

“Is that an invitation to invite mistress Remilia and the rest of us to your house for food one day, Robin?” asked Sakuya, a wry smile on her face.

“Erm, well, my house isn't that cozy, but I guess I could accommodate you all... just don't bring the fairy maids. I think my house would burst trying to fit them all.”

Remilia chuckled and drained her wine glass, “I will hold you to your word, Robin. It is quite late however, and the weather looks disagreeable tonight, could I perhaps convince you to stay the night?”

Was it already that late? It didn't feel like you were here that long... from here, you couldn't see out any windows though. The Mansion was devoid of an abundance of windows, which made sense, given the owner being a vampire and all.

“Is it already that late? I swear I haven't been here that long...”

Sakuya checked her pocketwatch, “You have been here for a few hours at least. The weather is also looking overcast, and I would not recommend trying to make the trip back to your house. If you flew, you might make it, but...”

You had recently acquired a cart, to help carry larger orders, and well, you couldn't very well fly around while lugging that. Somehow you were reminded of a particular event some time ago, but pushed it out of mind.

“Very well, seems I don't really have a choice. It'd be kind of a waste of time to fly home, then have to return tomorrow to get my things anyway.”

“Excellent. Sakuya, prepare a room for our guest, will you?” declared Remilia with a snap of her fingers.

The silver-haired maid curtseyed, “Of course mistress Remilia. Would you like a bath prepared, Robin? I can have the fairies prepare it.”

You immediately thought of the last time you had a bath in someone else's home, but... well, it wasn't like this was quite the same situation. Given what you knew of Remilia, she might also take offense to you denying any part of her hospitality – it might be a bit harsh to admit, but you got the feeling she was a little egotistical...

“Ah, well... alright. I don't think I've ever had the privilege of bathing here. Or if I have, I have forgotten by now.”

Remilia chuckles, “Well, let's hope this time is memorable. The baths of the mansion are, of course, second to none! Once you prepare the room Sakuya, will you fetch Meiling for me? I want to discuss something with you two.”

“Certainly, mistress Remilia. Please Robin, come this way. I will have a fairy maid lead you to your bath.”

It was nice to hear Sakuya actually just call you 'Robin'. When you had first started working for Remilia, she had called you 'Lord Roots' at first, and that just sounded weird. She had eventually just changed it to 'Lord Robin', but even that didn't sound right. It took a bit of talking, and Remilia's acceptance, for her to simply refer to you as Robin.

It wasn't long before she handed you off to a fairy maid, who merely curtseyed and floated off towards the bath. As you followed her, your mind thought back to hearing that 'Meiling'... as you recalled, that was the name of the red-headed gatekeeper outside. You were sometimes a little surprised she was even employed, given when you showed up, she was – more often then not – sound asleep while standing up. Still, she had to be a pretty useful worker... or maybe Remilia just found her amusing. After all, from what you hear, Sakuya does almost all the maid work anyway, and the fairy maids are for show, more or less.

The fairy maid led you to the bath, and thankfully didn't follow you in at all. A quick check also confirmed the entire bath was devoid of anyone else, so you at least shouldn't get a repeat of your night at Alice's...

Your face immediately blushed at recalling that encounter and you hastily pushed the thought aside. The bath itself was quite large, in fact, it almost seemed more like a small pool now that you thought about it... it was certainly not intended for only one person to be in it. Still, you may as well enjoy it, they had even prepare some soaps and shampoos for you try out as well!

Though, this did make you feel a little bad. You somehow felt these were rather expensive things after all... Remilia really did live lavishly, didn't she?


Following a very relaxing, and private bath, and one where you able to put your old clothes back on, instead of getting a yukata, you left the bath to find Sakuya waiting. She curtseyed politely and gestured for you to follow.

“Did you enjoy your bath, Robin?” she inquired politely.

“It was really something else. I swear you could fit a hot spring in there or something... it did feel a little lonely though. I get the feeling the baths are intended for multiple people?”

The silver-haired maid smirked, “They are, yes. Are you hoping that next time some of us might join you? I could tell mistress Remilia about that.”

You immediately blushed and shook your head, “I-I wasn't implying that! I just, er... geez, it's hard being 'that one guy' amongst all these women... even the most innocent little comments take on a whole other meaning.”

“It must be difficult indeed. Regardless, I'll be sure to let mistress Remilia know...”

“P-please don't do that, I really can't afford to anger a client...” you sputter nervously.

Sakuya chuckles and gestures to a door, “Of course Robin, I merely joke. This will be your room for the evening.”

Much like the rest of the mansion the room was quite fancy and well-cared for. It also looked a lot like every other room you had ever been in... heck, for all you knew, it could be the same one. You could never figure out where you were inside this place, even when you did pay attention.

“Thank you Sakuya.”

“No need to thank me for fulfilling my duty, Robin. Do you need anything right now? If you need anything at all, merely knock on the door and I will attend to your needs.”

“I'll never know how you manage to pull all this off... this mansion is huge.”

Sakuya smiled, “It is my talent after all.”

It was late, so you were told, but you weren't feeling too tired after that meal yet... so you did need some way to kill time. Usually this would mean occupying yourself with some work, or just something for fun, but this wasn't home, so you had nothing handy...

“Could I have a book to read? I'm not feeling tired enough for sleep yet, but I'm not sure what else to do in the meantime.”

The maid nodded, “Understandable. I cannot say I know of your taste in literature however, and I would find it embarrassing to select something that may not be to your tastes...”

That was a good point. You could name your tastes of course, but it would be tough to say if there was anything in the Voile that would be suitable... you were, after all, a former man of the outside world. No telling what kind of literature was floating around Gensokyo.

“Good point... it'd be kind of silly to read fantasy novels, given I'm basically living in a fantasy world. Hard to get into a book when I've already experienced it.”

“I could see that, a book pales to the real thing. If you do not require reading material, is there anything else I could try to help you with? I know entertainment options in Gensokyo are limited from an outsider's perspective.”

“Well, if I had an opponent, I guess I could busy myself with a game of cards or such... but I can't really hog your attention like that. I imagine Remilia has tasks for you?”

Sakuya nodded, “Yes. However, I have a suitable opponent in mind. At least, one who has the time to occupy you. I will fetch her, a deck of cards, and some refreshments. Please, make yourself comfortable.”


The opponent, as it turned out, was someone you only knew in passing. It was that red-headed gatekeeper you always saw when you visited, but until this night you didn't really know her though. The two of you exchanged pleasantries when she let you in, but you never really stood around and chatted with her.

Turns out her name was Hong Meiling. You weren't sure if she was actually Chinese though, despite her very Chinese-sounding name, or her attire which also seemed quite Chinese. She was really evasive whenever you tried to approach the question, so you quickly dropped it.

She wasn't that great of a card player, but the two of you were just playing for fun and chatting anyway, so it hardly mattered to you. It seems she had been employed by Remilia at this mansion since before its arrival in Gensokyo however, so you had to imagine she was probably a youkai. Meiling also had a healthy appreciation of the martial arts, which made sense given you had seen her practicing by herself sometimes when you came by.

And, truth be told, she was also a fairly attractive woman. She was very tall, which really made her seem quite exotic in a way for Gensokyo. Her outfit didn't really flatter her figure too much, but you had to imagine she was fairly toned at least, given her martial arts, and her bust did seem fairly large... n-not that you were going to be looking her over like that much, of course. Just something you had observed while talking to her and playing cards!

“But, really, I never expected to get blown away by Reimu so easily.” finished Meiling with a laugh, finishing her brief retelling of the incident that heralded the mansion's arrival.

“I guess she's the Hakurei shrine maiden for a reason, huh?”

The red-head chuckled, “No kidding. I had kind of heard of her before that, of course, but experiencing her firsthand is a whole different matter. I've heard you practice a bit of martial arts yourself, right Robin? Maybe we should spar sometime!”

“Only a little bit really, Reimu taught me a little bit, and Yuuka has reinforced it a little. I wouldn't say I'm that good at all though. I imagine you have quite a lot of experience, I don't think I'd make a very good sparring partner.”

“Nonsense! Even a fighter with only an hour of experience can be a valuable partner. Sparring with someone less skilled gives me an excellent opportunity to see how good I am at analyzing and giving advice – this in turn helps me refine my own technique. A good sparring partner isn't just someone you can go toe-to-toe with, sometimes just someone you can teach is good enough.”

You had never thought about it that way, but truthfully fighting wasn't something you thought a lot about anyway, “Well... maybe. I'll see if I can find some time, and if you can find some as well. I don't know if Remilia would appreciate me taking you off-duty for my personal needs like that.”

“Ah, yeah checking with her first would be a good idea... I think she'd let you though. You and her get along pretty well, I think! Sakuya tells me as much. How do you like the tea, by the way? Sakuya's pretty good at it, huh?”

The head maid had brought the teapot, and cups, in around the start of the session. Meiling had only had a cup or two, but you had about twice that much probably. The teapot was getting a little empty, which was a shame, as the tea was actually pretty good. You didn't really peg yourself as much of a tea person, but it was really good... Sakuya's talents seemed quite extensive. Remilia was really pretty lucky to have her around.

“It's actually pretty good. I'm not really much of a tea person, but Sakuya's teas always seem really nice. It's kind of hard to just drink one cup it seems, heh.”

The red-head nodded, “She's got a lot of talents, that's for sure. You've already gotten first-hand experience of her cooking and tea-making, so I wonder if tonight you can get a first-hand experience of some more of her talents... and some of mine.”

There was something in the way she said that, that set you on edge a bit. It was a very... unexpected thing to hear. What else was there to experience...? First-hand? What an odd choice of words.

Before you could put too much thought into it, you heard a gentle knocking at the door, and the voice of the head maid asked for permission to enter. Seeing no reason to deny her, you replied your acceptance back.

“Having an enjoyable evening, Robin?” inquired the silver-haired woman politely, casually strolling into the room.

“It's always nice to have conversation, and a card-playing partner I'd say. I always saw her when I came by, but I never really had a chance to talk to her.”

Sakuya nodded, “Understandable, you are quite professional in your visits. It is a trait mistress Remilia admires in you, although she confesses that she wished you'd loosen up some more once the business is out of the way on your visits.”

You chuckled weakly, rubbing the back of your head, “Sorry... it's just kind of a habit. I'm not used to clients who are... like her, I guess. Most people are just happy to get their stuff back and want to get back to their personal stuff after, I guess.”

“Need to loosen up once in a while! Or, at least, you should after you finish your business. Although, I guess, you also sometimes have things to get back to, so I guess you don't want to drag out your visits either...” mused Meiling, folding her arms under her bust.

“Sometimes. In all honesty, Remilia is about my only consistent customer.” you admit with a sigh, taking a drink of your tea.

“Have you not tried advertising your services in the village?” inquired the maid politely.

“A little. It's kind of hard though, the tengu seem to have some pull, and they're kind of angry at me for being 'unregistered' for them for so long. Also given I live a fair distance out, it seems people are wary to make the trip. I don't see any wild youkai on the trips, but I guess Reimu might have a hand in that... I'm not sure. I make enough to live off though, due to the generosity of Remilia.”

Meiling grinned, a sudden twinkle in her eye, “She is quite generous.”

“And she has equally generous servants, of course.” added the silver-haired maid, suddenly laying a soft touch on your shoulder.

Something about the atmosphere in this room had changed really quickly. Actually, come to think of it, the two of them were kind of close now... the red-head was leaning expectantly on the table, her chin resting in her hands. Sakuya was standing behind you, her hand on your shoulder, in an almost... tender kind of way? She had never really touched you before, come to think of it.

Also did you mention the atmosphere felt really different all of a sudden?

“Erm, why do I suddenly feel like a scrap of meat on a plate?”

“Would you say he's a scrap of meat, Sakuya?” inquired Meiling curiously.

The maid paused for a few heartbeats before responding, “No, he's quite more then a scrap of meat, I'd say. If he was to be compared to food, perhaps something more high-quality? Sirloin? Maybe even marbled beef.”

“T-that wasn't really my point...” you stammer out nervously.

The gatekeeper laughed, “Sorry. But yeah, anyway, we were told to take care of and entertain you tonight. In more then just playing cards.”

“Always so forward Meiling.” said Sakuya with a small sigh, “But she is not incorrect either. Mistress Remilia requested we service you tonight, I imagine you may be reluctant to do so, but I will insist we are both quite willing. We do not mindlessly obey orders, after all...”

S-service you? Wait, was she meaning sexual service? That would make that 'first-hand' comment from earlier kind of fit... despite the awkward moment, you shamefully could feel your loins stirring at the thought.

“E-erm, that's a very... unique offer, but I can't very well in good conscience - “

The silver-haired maid placed a fingertip on your lips to silence you, “Would you say no if we are both quite willing? I will confess to admitting you are quite an attractive young man Robin. You have a very... special charm about you. And I do admire your professionalism, but you really should consider relaxing more...”

“You're not like some kind of stud, or hunk, as they'd say, but you are quite cute and charming in your own way. I mean, we've only been talking and playing for an hour or so, and I've grown to like you quite a bit! Well, I've also been kind of keeping an eye on you when you come and go, but whose asking?” admitted Meiling with a cheerful grin.

This situation somehow felt vaguely familiar. Maybe mainly in how you could feel yourself kind of sliding down a slippery slope here... it was kind of hard to say 'no' to two very attractive women. And they did sound quite willing and, almost, earnest in a way...

Oh slippery slope, you were going to become friends with it often, weren't you?

“W-well, I guess it would be rude to say no...”

Sakuya gently pulled you to your feet, carefully leading you towards the bed, “An excellent choice Robin. Do you mind if I start off, Meiling?”

“Awww, I don't get him first? Don't wear him out too much, alright?” replied the red-head with a teasing grin.

“We have all night Meiling, we'll both have to do our both to ensure he is quite worn out, and comfortable when we are finished.” answered Sakuya, a smirk gracing her face.

The silver-haired maid carefully laid you down on the bed, her fingertips gliding across your clothed body for a moment – her fingertips carefully teasing the rising tent in your pants. Shamefully, you were getting quite erect at the mere thought of what was about to happen, and the maid's fingertips were not helping matters at all.

“It seems you are looking forward to it... that's good, it is my hope you will be satisfied this evening. I must say, judging by this bulge, you seem to have quite the surprise in store for me... but I shall take this slow...”

Sakuya's fingers reached back to your face, one hand gently caressing your cheek as she leaned in and gently placed a kiss on your lips. Her free hand roamed across your shirt, her fingers carefully unbuttoning your top. While you couldn't actually see her actions, it was easy to tell that she was actually really good at undoing all those buttons... it wasn't long before you could feel her soft, delicate hand tracing along your exposed chest.

The maid drew back, ending her kiss as she carefully slid your shirt off, dropping it on the floor. Her eyes roamed across your naked chest with an appraising look – you noticed Meiling had moved her chair to the foot of the bed, and her own eyes were also looking you over. It was kind of embarrassing... but your erection seemed to like the idea, judging by the fact you could feel it hardening more in its prison.

“He does have a rather nice body, doesn't he? Not very muscular, but he's very... toned, I guess? It's a simple, but cute looking chest, I guess.” commented Meiling idly.

The head maid nodded her agreement, “I find it quite nice. If he was some muscle-bound fool, I feel it would be a disappointment... now, shall we get you out of those pants? You seem to be struggling to burst out of them yourself.”

The soft giggle made your face flush, and you found no words to respond to the embarrassing truth. Sakuya's hands carefully traced across your naked chest, before finding themselves down at your crotch. They teasingly rubbed against your jeans, the fabric rubbing against your erection, causing you to inadvertently let out a gasp of pleasure from the friction.

The two women took note, and you swore they both had the same twinkle in their eye. Much like your shirt, Sakuya's hands had little problem carefully and casually removing your belt and jeans, and they both joined your shirt on the floor. Now all that was left on your body was your boxers, and those were barely keeping your cock concealed.

Meiling let out a slow whistle, “Oh my... he does look quite large, doesn't he? I'm impressed...”

“I will confess to not having quite the experience myself, but he does look to be well-gifted. Now then, let us not keep ourselves waiting, shall we? We are both quite curious to see what you really look like without this pesky garment in the way...”

Sakuya's delicate hands then casually slipped your boxers off, your erect penis springing free from its cloth prison. It stood defiantly in the air, proud and erect before its audience. Both women stared at it with wide eyes, almost as if transfixed. Sakuya seemed to regain her composure first, and smiled at you.

“You do not disappoint at all Robin... I will confess to mistress Remilia being quite curious to your figure and endowment. But do not worry, this will remain our secret... now then, you are naked and it is my turn to undress. Please enjoy, then we shall begin the service in full.”

“E-erm, you can uhm... l-leave the hairband on...?” you squeak nervously, liking how it looked in her hair.

The silver-haired maid smiled, “Certainly Robin.”

You weren't exactly expecting a song and dance (and maybe that was for the best, you weren't sure how much more enticement your dick could really take by this point), but there was still something really... elegant about Sakuya undressing. Even if it seemed like she was treating it like a normal, everyday thing to strip naked in front of someone. Maybe that was her secret to being so elegant and formal about it? Just imagine she's undressing normally, or something.

Regardless, the dress slid off easily enough, dropping to the floor and exposing the somewhat fancy, and lacy, undergarments the maid wore under her dress. They were all white, not really a color you didn't expect, and it seemed like she wore a garter as well, judging by her stockings. Sakuya's skin was quite pale actually, it reminded you of Alice a bit. It kind of made sense though, given the lack of sunlight in this mansion.

The maid had a very attractive body though, with a gorgeous figure and a slender body. Her bra-covered breasts still seemed quite shapely though, and you imagined they were a fairly good size. Sakuya removed her stockings next, placing each leg on the bed as she unrolled each one, exposing her shapely legs to you. After she was out of 'accessories', the bra followed suit, exposing her perky breasts.

As expected, they were actually a fairly good size. You briefly wondered if she was larger or smaller then Alice, realizing you had never actually gotten a look at them... in the next moment, the panties were also off, and the maid stood naked at your bedside – aside from the frilly maid's hairband in her hair, as requested.

If you didn't know any better, your erection was standing just a little more erect and solid now. It was kind of hard to tell. You also really wanted to say something, but your voice also seemed to have left the body, or maybe it had decided to go room in the tower and enjoy the moment.

“I will take the stiffening as a sign of your approval Robin. Now, let us start off with something a little... fun. We'll save the best for last, I think...”

Meiling let out a low whistle, relaxing in her seat, “Been a while since I've seen you naked Sakuya, still always as breath-taking as ever though!”

The maid smile casually, climbing into the large bed with you, “Thank you Meiling. Why not undress now? Or are you going to wait for me to finish?”

“I think if I strip right now, poor Robin might blow his load from the sight. I don't think he's got much more resistance left in him, heh.” teased the gatekeeper with a wink.

“Perhaps I should not keep him waiting much longer then. Please, enjoy yourself Robin... you may cum whenever you wish, do not hold back on my account.”

The silver-haired maid carefully wrapped one soft, delicate hand around your shaft, giving it a few testing pumps. Your pre-cum answered quickly, leaking out of your eager shaft, easily lubricating her next few strokes. Seemingly satisfied with the result, perhaps a test to see how close you were to your limit, the maid positioned her head at your groin. You gulped, in anticipation as her mouth lowered to your head, quickly popping it into her mouth and sliding some of your shaft into her warm mouth.

Unlike Alice's blowjob, the maid did not try to take in your entire length, and instead only kept the head and some of the shaft inside her wet mouth. The rest of your exposed shaft was eagerly pumped by her delicate hand.

It might be in bad taste to compare one blowjob to another, but Sakuya's technique reminded you of Alice a bit in it's class and elegance. Her eyes were always on your face – which was quite screwed into a face of pleasure, and it didn't help you were moaning already – and the sucking sounds were relaxed and calm, and she occasionally tucked her hair behind her ear with her free hand.

“He makes such cute sounds... I can't wait for my turn...” commented Meiling, watching Sakuya's work with bright eyes.

Even if Sakuya had reassured you to not hold back, you still felt a bit ashamed and embarrassed as you could feel the rising pressure in your erection. With the maid's gaze fixed on your face, she could seemingly take notice of the change in your expression, or perhaps sounds, and her sucking on your head intensified, along with her stroking of your shaft speeding up to a blur almost.

Letting out a wail of ecstasy, you ejaculated right into the maid's mouth, load after load of semen pouring out of your pleased pride. But not a single bit of it ever leaked out of Sakuya's mouth, her sucking easily keeping pace with your spurts of cum. You could even hear the gulps as the woman swallowed everything that came out...

After your ejaculation ended, the maid drew back, your head freed with a 'pop'. Sakuya gave you an appraising look, her hand also leaving your cock.

“Mmmm... that was quite the ejaculation Robin. You taste magnificent as well. I can only hope you can keep up that quantity and quality... shall we take a break for you to recover...?”

The maid's words trailed off as her gaze flicked back down to your manhood, noting with surprise that it was still quite standing, and not flaccid as she had probably expected. Meiling also noticed this and let out a low whistle, and shook her head.

“Robin seems to have quite the gift... round two Sakuya?”

The woman smiled and nodded, “Very well. I am quite impressed, from what I understand, a man is supposed to go limp after ejaculation and require time before his next... I guess we shall find out what your limit is tonight, shall we Robin? I am quite curious...”

The silver-haired maid took up her position by your groin once more, and you were anticipating another blowjob based upon your prior experience. However, you noticed her position was kind of wrong for that... her head wasn't in the right spot, and it seemed more like her body was -

Then you felt the softness of her breasts close around your dick, and could plainly see your shaft between her breasts. Sakuya carefully pressed her breasts together, stroking your shaft a few times testingly.

“I apologize for not having a larger bust for this, but I hope you find it enjoyable regardless Robin.” commented Sakuya politely, beginning to stroke your shaft with her breasts, “Perhaps we should refer to you as 'Lord' Robin tonight? That could be amusing...”

“Let's save the roleplay for another night Sakuya. We might overload him.” replied the gatekeeper with a chuckle.
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“Th-there's nothing wrong with your breasts, really Sakuya...” you manage to squeak out, finding your voice for a moment.

Well, finding it for more then gasps and moans of pleasure anyway.

Sakuya chuckles softly, blowing on your exposed head, “Is that so? I am happy to hear that. I do not compare to Meiling though... consider this a warm-up. Ah... you are already leaking, you do not have the best endurance do you Robin? That is kind of cute though...”

“I-it's embarrassing to hear you talk about it that way...”

“It's a compliment Robin, don't think of it another way! I guess some people might say they want you to last forever and all, but honestly, there's nothing wrong with giving in to the pleasure. It sure lets us know how great you're enjoying it.” the redhead paused for a moment, “Plus, your unnatural ability to stay erect after an ejaculation kind of makes up for it...”

You struggle to speak as more gasps escape your lips, “I-is it really that unnatural?”

“Maybe kind of a harsh word. It's certainly extraordinary, I think. You should be pretty proud of it though, hold your head high... and make sure the lower head stands nice and erect in honor of its accomplishments.” teased Meiling with a chuckle, “Out of curiosity, how many times have[/i[ you ejaculated before going limp?”

“That is quite the forward question Meiling...” commented Sakuya, beginning to mix up her movements, squeezing and grinding her breasts against your shaft.

“It's a good one though! But yeah, maybe better to not know. When you're finally down and out, you can tell us how close we got... or if we set a record.”

It was kind of odd to hear two women so casually chatting about your... endurance... like this. Certainly different from Alice, that's for sure. You could feel your shaft beginning to throb from the maid's breasts though, and you started to buck your hips just a little bit.

“A-ah... I'm going to c-cum...”

Sakuya smiled, resuming her stroking of your shaft with her breasts, “By all means, cum then Robin.”

Almost like the maid's words served as toggling a switch, your penis was more then happy to oblige the suggestion. Throwing your head back against the pillows once more, you let out another cry of pleasure as you came for the second time. You could feel each pulse and load of semen leave your pleased manhood, and after it subsided, you lifted your head from the pillow to observe the effects.

You had noted during the ejaculation that you didn't feel the maid's mouth, or heard a suck or anything... and you could see why – your semen was liberally splattered over the silver-haired woman's delicate face, and all over her perky breasts. It seemed she had failed to anticipate your ejaculation, or maybe she had purposely let it do that... either way, she looked kind of messy now.

“I-I'm sorry, I didn't think it'd...!” you sputter quickly, face blushed with embarrassment.

Sakuya smiled reassuring and shook her head, “No need Robin, I didn't try and suck it up this time. I wanted to see for myself how much you let out... I underestimated your virility. It also seems my breasts are not enough to drain your lust... Meiling, shall you have your turn?”

Your manhood [i]was
still standing proud and erect, almost as if admiring the handiwork it had just produced on Sakuya's body. The red-headed gatekeeper considered the query for a moment before nodding and rising from her seat.

“Alright! Two for Sakuya, let's see if I can coax out two or more from you at least Robin... I saw you checking me out while we played cards, so get ready to feast your eyes!”

Y-you weren't really purposely checking her out before, honest! It just kind of happened!

Unlike Sakuya, Meiling's undressing lacked that elegant, almost unconcerned approach to it. On the contract, the redhead knew she was being watched and did her best to show this by her posing as she casually stripped off her dress. Underneath you could clearly see the white, baggy pants she wore, and the crisp, clean white shirt.

With the green garment removed, the shirt and pants were next to go, revealing the figure hidden beneath her baggy clothing. Well, that and her simple underwear – little more then what looked like a pair of shorts and sarashi wrapped around her breasts.

Meiling's figure was what you had kind of expected. While Sakuya had a very womanly figure, Meiling was far more toned and chiseled almost. She didn't have say, a six-pack of abs or something, or any really obvious showing muscles, but there was no denying her body was toned and fit. The sarashi wrapped around her breasts were clearly restraining something, and the woman happily removed the pesky wrappings first.

The redhead had large breasts, they bounced when freed from their bandage confinement. Soon after, the shorts were also removed, leaving the redhead naked except for there beret atop her head, which she decided to keep on it seems.

You noticed both of them were hairless downstairs, offhand.

“I think I saw your dick twitch there... I hope you're ready for some of my skills. I think I'll do what Sakuya did, so you can get a comparison...”

The maid, still dirtied by your semen, vacated the bed, taking her place in Meiling's former chair. The redhead, of course, replaced the maid and wrapped one of her hands around your shaft, giving it some pumps.

“I imagine he is quite lubricated for you now Meiling.”

The gatekeeper grinned, blowing some hot puffs of air on your sensitive shaft, “Nice and slippery. I was just getting a feel and a sizing... ready, Robin?”

Your mind briefly wondered what would happen if you said 'no' to that kind of question. It after all did sound kind of hypothetical, rather then an actual -

Then your mind stopped that train of thought as the martial artist popped your erection into her mouth and ran her tongue all over the head as she sucked on it. Unlike Sakuya, who was content to merely play with the head and have her hand work over the shaft, Meiling eagerly took your entire length into her mouth, burying her face into your crotch.

Her mouth also just felt a lot warmer for some reason, and she made a much stronger suction on your shaft, before slowly sliding back up to the head and sucking on it hard. The sounds she made were much louder, and it even sounded like slurping sounds as her tongue worked over your head and shaft while she sucked you off.

But much like Sakuya, you could still see those brilliant blue eyes looking up at your face, gauging your reaction to her actions. You gasped and squirmed from the redhead's intense blowjob, your meager endurance already quickly approaching its limit. It seemed like there was a glint in the woman's eyes as she could feel your shaft begin to throb in her mouth, and she immediately took your entire length back into her mouth, sucking on your dick intensely.

The redhead's strong arms held your waist down, even as you pitifully tried to buck up as you ejaculated, spurt after spurt of semen pouring out into the gatekeeper's waiting mouth. Much like the maid, not a single drop even leaked out, and you could hear – and feel – the suction as she easily drank down every drop you shot out.

With a familiar pop, your shaft was freed from the hot mouth, and Meiling wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, a look of satisfaction on her face.

“Aaahh... that was quite tasty. That was your third now, wasn't it? And you still shot out so much... what you lack in endurance, you easily make up in quantity and quality.”

Panting for breath, you noticed your manhood was starting to flag. Well, three ejaculations in a row had been your prior limit... the redhead took note, gripping your shaft in one of her hands, and began to stroke it hard and quickly, as if trying to coax it back to full mast.

“Are you trying to work out a fourth one Meiling? I think he might be at his limit...” observed Sakuya.

The redhead grinned, her free arm roaming across your bare chest, “Three is very impressive... but let's see if we can't get a fourth, shall we? Come on Robin, get nice and hard just for me! I have to show you my paizuri too!”

Almost like it had a mind of its own, the temptation of the flesh, slowly coaxed your shaft to its full size for a fourth time. Although, you had to confess, you were feeling a little worn and tired by this point... but it seemed your manhood was going to ignore that. Meiling grinned and practically squealed at managing to get your penis to obey her like that.

With your pride restored to its glory, the redhead eagerly positioned herself like Sakuya had earlier, and in no time at all, you could feel her large, warm breasts engulfing your cock. Unlike the head maid, Meiling's breasts were a lot larger... while your head and some of your shaft was still left out, you could just feel the weight of her breasts around your shaft.

You let out your usual moans as she began to squeeze and grind her generous breasts against your sensitive shaft. Out of the corner of your eye, you could notice Sakuya watching with some degree of amazement... you weren't sure if it was due to Meiling's larger bust, or maybe amazement at the fact you were about to get worked to a fourth ejaculation.

“So, how is it? Pretty good huh?” asked the gatekeeper casually, changing to using her breasts to stroke your cock.

You did your best to respond, but it probably came out more like gasps and moans of approval. It was embarrassing to admit, but it seemed during any sexual act, you just lost a lot of the ability to speak coherently...

“That good, huh? I'm pretty proud of them, and I can see you're just loving every little bit of it. I do have quite a bit to work with...” the redhead trailed off for a moment, “N-not that Sakuya doesn't work wonders with what she's got, of course!”

The head maid let out a small sigh, “Worry not Meiling, I will not begrudge you for having a larger bust then me. Judging by Robin's face, it seems he's already about to cum...”

“I like that about him too, his face is like an open book. You can just tell what he's about to do! Now you got Sakuya all dirty, so how about you get me dirty too, Robin?”

The redhead began to blow on your exposed head with her warm breath, and she intensified her paizuri stroking. In only a moment or two, you threw your head back again, bucking against the bed as you ejaculated hard. You lost count of how many spurts you shot off that time, but when it ended, and you looked up, Meiling's breasts were covered in semen, and a fair amount had splattered all against her face and into her hair.

It didn't seem to bother her at all though, and she merely freed your penis from her breasts – which was now quickly shrinking and going flaccid – and looked down at herself, admiring the semen on her breasts.

“I think he's down and out now Sakuya, that seemed to have been everything he had... for now.”

Sakuya smirked, pulling out her golden pocketwatch, “Then it is time for a break. Let me make some more tea, the night isn't done yet... please, watch over Robin for a moment.”

Wait, she was going to leave your room naked and looking like that!? She still had your semen all over her chest and face! You wanted to protest, but after all those ejaculations, you were just too worn out to utter a protest. Meiling crawled onto the bed further, laying down next to you, carefully wrapping one arm around your waist, and using the free one to roam across your naked chest.

“So, how was that? I was thinking it'd take us a while to get this far... you're very impressive Robin. And just so cute! Ah, I guess you're a little tired to chat much, huh? Let me just give you a bit of a massage...”


It was kind of awkward to be seated on the bed, butt-naked and drinking tea, but both of the women had stopped you from trying to get dressed. You had tried to make an argument for at least getting your boxers back on, but they'd have none of it. It was so strange to have two beautiful women just sitting around, admiring your naked form as all three of you chatted.

Sakuya's tea was always nice, but something about it now just seemed... better. Your whole body was feeling pretty worn out after that, but following Meiling's massage and some tea, you could feel warmth spreading throughout your body. You briefly had to wonder if maybe she had put something in it...

“So, once he's recovered, what should we do to him, Sakuya?” inquired the gatekeeper casually, a hand on your bare chest.

The maid's free hand was giving your flaccid penis some testing strokes, “He has sampled us both individually... how about we try something together then?”

“A group action then? Hmmm...” the redhead looked up at the ceiling, as if in thought, “double paizuri? Sandwich him between both of us?”

“A direct contrast... very well, let us do that. He seemed to react the most to breasts after all. Should we start now? He seems to be recovering...”

Groaning, you glance down at the maid's hand, to realize your manhood is indeed starting to harden from the stroking. Meiling chuckles softly and blows into your ear, before sliding away from you, getting down on the floor.

“I think this'll be the best way. If we push him down, he won't be able to watch us work as easily. Let's see how well you recover after a rest...”

The silver-haired maid pulled out her pocketwatch, pushing the button on top before joining the gatekeeper on the floor, “An impressive recovery time as well...”

With both women on their knees, they scooted closer to one another, before the two of them placed their breasts together – with your shaft firmly between their cleavage. Only the head, and some of your shaft, poked our from the fleshy embrace. Compared to the individual actions, this was a whole different feeling... having two pairs of breasts wrapped around your manhood, it was just... yeah, better. Your mind wasn't really doing its best tonight.

The two women took hold of their breasts with their hands, squeezing and grinding them against your sensitive shaft, causing you to immediately cry out in pleasure. They were barely doing anything, and you were already utterly at their mercy...

Meiling watched your face intently as she worked you over with her breasts, while Sakuya took the opportunity to use her tongue to lick your exposed head, causing shivers to climb up your spine. It didn't help that both of them took time to blow hot puffs of air to the exposed head and shaft either.

“So, how is it? Pretty good huh?” asked the redhead, running her tongue along your exposed shaft.

“Do you even need to ask Meiling? I can already feel him throbbing...” replied the head maid, her tongue playing with the other side of your head.

Two pairs of breasts and two tongues playing with your inexperienced manhood like that... it was just so much to take in at once! You could already feel yourself bucking your hips, trying to get more friction and pleasure out of the fleshy embrace. Neither one of the lovely women seemed to mind, and merely chuckled as they began to use their breasts to stroke your manhood.

Letting out a wail of ecstasy, you manage to resist the urge to throw your head back, and instead watch your own ejaculation. The first spurt sails into the air, raining down onto both women, the semen landing in their hair (and head accessories), the second one also goes up pretty high, and the third... the rest merely bubble out of the head, coating your cock in semen, and then pooling on both their breasts.

By the time it ends, both women are once more covered in your seed. They take the time to lick your shaft completely clean of semen before withdrawing and fixing you with appraising looks.

“That seems like it was highly effective... and he's still hard. Meiling, if you would do the honors? I think that's enough foreplay.”

W-wait, that was only foreplay!?

The redhead gave you a foxy grin, “Alright, time for the real fun. We've seen you can pull off some impressive ejaculations and last quite a while... so how good can you please us? You are rather large, so let's see how you feel...”

Before you could really comment, the gatekeeper pushed you onto your back, and was already straddling your waist. Her bare slit was grinding against your stiff manhood. She used one hand to take hold of your cock, and then lifted herself up, and slammed you into her womanhood in one swift motion, burying you entirely within her.

Your whole body immediately tensed up and you reflexively bucked your hips, Meiling's insides were... well, it reminded you of her mouth, in a way. It was kind of tight, but it was just so warm, almost kind of hot, actually. Pleasure slammed into your cock from every direction, the redhead didn't make any movement though, and seemed to be merely getting a feel for your penis.

“Aaah... that's really good... alright Robin, I'm going to start now. Don't be ashamed if you can't even last a few minutes, alright? Just enjoy yourself... I know I'm going to enjoy myself.”

And right on cue, the redhead began to lift her hips and then slam down into you, riding you intensely. You were utterly captivated by the feeling of her your shaft sliding in and out of Meiling's warm folds, and the tightness she had in there just gripped and pulled at you with every movement.

Your hips began to buck wildly into the redhead, who seemed amused by this, and rather then slam you into submission, merely adjusted her rhythm to keep herself in control of your movements still. This only served to intensify the feelings hitting your body, and penis, considerably though.

Perhaps, ok no, almost certainly as a result, you quickly lost yourself to an intense orgasm, your semen pouring out into Meiling's womanhood. Unlike the blowjobs, or paizuri though, she didn't even pause or bask in the feeling of it – if anything, she only intensified her movements, milking out every drop of semen and keeping you fully erect inside her. Once the feeling of orgasm passed, your mind was again slammed by the feelings of Meiling's wild and intense sex.

“Oh dear, Meiling is really into it... she is going to be a tough act to follow. Do try to not break him, hrm?” commented Sakuya off to the side.

“Sorry, it's just so good, you know? I'll make sure to keep him in one piece...” gasped out the redhead between her lustful moans of pleasure.

A more intelligent man might observe you were being, essentially, treated like a living sex toy at this moment but... did you honestly even care? There was no shame in just laying back, and watching Meiling ride you like this.

That happy expression on her face, that lewd slapping sound from your joined area, the lustful gasps and pants that came from that happy mouth... it also helped her large breasts bounced and swayed with the motions, giving you many lovely things to watch while she rode you like a toy. And just behind Meiling, the head maid watched carefully, her face passive and neutral... but you could swear the glint in her eyes proved she was enjoying the sight.

It didn't take long for you to reach your second orgasm, even more of your cum pumping into the lustful redhead, and like the first, she didn't even pause or skip a beat... as you neared your third, you could hear Meiling wail out in ecstasy herself, and suddenly her insides just clamped and tightened down on you.

You had, unexpectedly, driven her into her own orgasm, and the intense pleasure of this immediately drove you into a third – and you swore even a fourth from how long you ended up ejaculating. This time though, she didn't keep riding you, and you could feel her hands pressing down on your chest as she smiled fondly down at you.

“Sorry there... I should've warned you. I didn't expect you to actually have me orgasm like that... you're pretty fantastic Robin, I'm not going to lie.” the redhead took in a breath, “Anymore though, and I think I'm going to break something, heh. Time for some more recovery, I think, and then you can finish off with Sakuya...”

As Meiling slide your limping member out of her insides, you noticed with some surprise that your own semen was slick all over your member, and it was leaking out of her womanhood. It seems you ejaculated you so much, it was spilling out...

The head maid was peering at her pocketwatch, although you noticed her cheeks were blushed, “I think we'll need to do a little something special Meiling. We should not keep him awake for too much longer...”

“Oh... want to do that then? I think if you do that though, he might end up passing out...” replied the redhead, a bit of worry in her voice.

“Yes, perhaps... but he would get some restful sleep that way. Do you mind if we attempt it regardless?”

The gatekeeper looked at you with her blue eyes and smirked, “Alright, it can't really hurt. You're in for a real treat tonight Robin... well, more then you've already had.”

“W-what are you talking about...?” you managed to mumble, glancing between the two curiously.

Sakuya rose from her seat, seeming to return to the table where the tea was at, “Well, when we were instructed to do this tonight, we had expected... well, less, to be honest. Your talents impressed us, so we didn't need to resort to more unusual methods...”

The gatekeeper's hands began to roam your body, she stopped to apply pressure and such to various points, “But well, I guess Sakuya wants to try them out. We had kind of thought we'd need to do this, in order for you to keep up with such lovely women as ourselves, but well, yes you certainly do impress Robin...”

“Drink up, please?” inquired the maid politely, offering you a cup of tea.

As usual, the tea was quite delicious, and that familiar feeling of warmth was flooding your body... Sakuya made some fantastic tea.

“I... don't think I really follow though...”

“Meiling is helping release some various chi points, if you will, on your body. This will help with your sexual skills... in theory. In this case, it should merely help you regain your erection. I did add a little something into your tea which will also help with that... I apologize, but I am curious as to how this will turn out... and you do deserve a very restful sleep after this.”

Wait, she drugged you!? You didn't really feel any different. You always kind of thought it was supposed to make you all light-headed, or easily suggestive or... something.

“It isn't like she put a roofie in it, or something, if that's what you're thinking.” commented Meiling, as if reading your mind, “Heard those mentioned somewhere... anyway, it's just a little bit of an aphrodisiac. And now, once I push right... here...”

Like a switch was toggled, you suddenly felt your formerly flaccid penis suddenly rise up, standing proud and erect before its audience. And you felt just really aroused, now that you thought about it. It felt like there was even some pre-cum leaking from your tip already, and all that was happening was it standing erect...

Meiling winked and motioned towards your member, taking her place at the chair Sakuya formerly had used. The head maid relieved you of your tea cup, before straddling your waist, also grinding her lower lips against your hard member. If you weren't leaking pre-cum already, you certainly were now...

“Prepare yourself Robin... you will earn your restful sleep, when you can no longer cum.”

And with that, the silver-haired woman mounted you, burying your cock completely in her. Compared to Meiling, Sakuya was a bit less warm... but she was a lot more tight. The chief maid grinded herself against you, your manhood being squeezed and grinded against her insides as she did that – you already felt like you were on the verge of climax.

As if capable of telling this, the maid made a few quick riding motions, and you quickly explode inside her, her tightness too much for your overly aroused manhood to withstand. Your ejaculation was long and hard, particularly as Sakuya didn't just stop riding you – she used that to squeeze out every drop of your ejaculation until it ceased. It was also the first time you saw that passive, neutral face break... there was a definite look of satisfaction and enjoyment on her face: even a bit of a lustful moan escaped her lips.

“That was incredible... even if I take into account the drugs and release... ah... more like that Robin, more...” urged the maid, starting to ride you with a bit more force.

“Come on Sakuya, I just spent all my time riding him! Spicen it up a bit!” taunted the gatekeeper from the sidelines.

The maid panted, riding you a little faster, “Ah... patience, just let me enjoy this...”

Your toes curled as you felt your second orgasm approach, another flood of semen pouring into the horny maid – this time she ceased her riding, merely sitting there, her eyes screwed shut and just enjoying the feeling of your erection pulsing inside her. As soon as your ejaculation subsided, her eyes opened and she placed her soft, delicate hands on your chest, peering down at you.

“Marvelous...” breathed the maid, leaning down to lock lips with you as she started to ride you again.

With her so close, you could just barely feel her nipples brushing up against your naked chest – you had to imagine if this was Meiling, her breasts would probably be crushed against you, rubbing directly into you. Sakuya's smaller breasts, while still a nice size, were only tickling the surface of your chest... but it was still more then enough to further arouse you, causing you to buck against the controlling maid.

Unlike Meiling, the maid made no attempt to try and change her pace, or beat you into submission – she merely accepted your random, almost wild buckings. Sakuya began to moan in pleasure from this, possibly because you were stealing just a little bit of control from her now. To your utter surprise, you felt the maid clamp down on your shaft, and she cried out in pleasure as she orgasmed – but like Meiling, this immediately drove you into an orgasm of your own, and you flooded more cum into the maid.

It actually seemed like the room was getting a little dark now, actually... your breathing was a little more labored too. Looking down at where the two of you were connected, you could see your semen leaking out, unable to stay contained within Sakuya's tight folds. You were dimly aware of Meiling watching you with a slight look of concern on her face.

But it mattered so little to you right now, all you wanted to do was keep having sex with the maid... your felt yourself ejaculate again, more semen pouring out... another... then another...

And maybe another... it was hard to tell by now. You felt so weak, so tired, so...


Your eyes fluttered open, the familiar ceiling of the room stationed above you. Carefully sitting up, you looked about the room and realized it was utterly empty of anyone but you... and a look under the sheets revealed you were still naked. However, you noticed your clothing was neatly folded and placed on the table.

Easing your way out of bed, you went to get dressed, noticing there was a note atop the pile:

“I took the liberty of washing your clothing. I also changed the bedsheets. When you awaken, please just step outside. Mistress Remilia would like to give you breakfast before you go.”

The neat handwriting, and the signature, identified it as being written by Sakuya. That was a pretty crazy night... if it happened? That did happen right? Turning the note over, you found there was more writing on the back.

“PS: Thank you for the amazing night. If you ever wish to enjoy the carnal pleasures, merely let me know... I will be happy to indulge you when you visit.”
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That was great.
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Very hot!
 No. 34176
Well I guess that means we don't really need Flan/Sakuya/Meiling any more.

Not that I'm saying I'd turn it down.
 No. 34181
Dunno I'd imagine that'd play out differently than this, especially if another writer was invovled.
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To toot my own suggestion, I want to see if >>33439 is possible. Two Sanaes, 1 Male!Kogasa.
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File 139327291792.jpg - (304.88KB, 575x836, lewdmachi.jpg) [iqdb]
Co-written by me, !FUl5M3HAUg, krisslanza, and a new writer. Would people be interested in seeing a full-fledged story along these lines?


The large arena building took on a an oddly intimate quality as the lights grew dim. Packed as it was with people, not all of them human, a low murmur quickly filled the building as the crowd waited for the next match. Men and women from all over had gathered here to watch the new spectacle taking Gensokyo's most famous residents by storm.

For two ladies from the human village, things had already proven exciting. This was their first time coming out to see the league, and the girl-on-girl matches they'd seen had been both thrilling and arousing. However...

"I've heard that there's a boy who's going to make his debut tonight."

"So I've heard!" Her friend's voice took on a note of amusement. "I hope he's more attractive than those tengu lugs. They might be tough, but they're as attractive as toads. About as interesting, too." The wrestling sensation had taken Gensokyo by storm, and swept up a lot of the most powerful and famous names... resulting in a league packed with strong women fighting, and few men of any kind.

"Well, I'd rather see a big man step up and teach these girls how to fight. That's just me, though." Their voices mingled with many others, near and distant, and anybody who wasn't right next to them would find it impossible to follow their conversation.

"Meh. All the 'big men' are too busy gawking at the matches to participate... or they're afraid these girls will dominate them." The men ran the place because they were stronger in the village, but when that was put to the test in the ring, the results had been rather different. Thus, mixed wrestling was a rare, well-advertised treat.

It only took a short while to prepare for the match, though. Before long, the central lights kicked back on, revealing the slightly-elevated ring: a padded mat with steel posts at the corners, holding up the three taut red ropes that surrounded it.

Moments later, and upbeat, jaunty tune began to play. A long row of colored lamps lit up near the entrance ramp, revealing the 'star' of the match, Robin Roots. Not one for theatrics, the young man politely waved at the crowd as he made his way down and climbed into the ring. His face was a little red from the applause and cheers, as well as from the various comments he could pick out of the noise.

"Oh wow, he's cuter than I expected..."

"Hey, does he look like he wrestle down any of the others we've seen tonight? I doubt he could even budge them!"

"He's supposed to have pretty good endurance... I wonder who his partners were?"

I can't believe I'm actually doing this... Robin thought with a sigh. Yuuka and Reimu encouraged me to, but this is still kind of crazy! I never expected there to be so many people. I'm a woodworker, not a... ah, no use dwelling on that. Who am I fighting anyway? They wouldn't even tell me... I wonder why? Is that normal? Maybe it is. Maybe I should've asked. Maybe...


He heard the music change, and the crowd went absolutely wild. That was his clue to look up to the top of the ramp, which had just lit up to reveal some very bad news. At least, it was bad news for his chances of winning on his debut. Standing there like a tall and very ample statue was none other than the shinigami boat-woman, Komachi Onozuka.

Her reputation as a death goddess alone was something to make hardened warriors quake in their boots. Her expression wasn't exactly fearsome, though. In fact, her fluttering eyes and sloppy posture made it seem like she was about to fall asleep on the spot.

A simple yawn moved her whole body, forcing a visible heave of her venerable chest. Her wrestling outfit was far more daring than Robin's simple jersey and boxers; it resembled nothing so much as a sling bikini, though the black strips of fabric were a few inches wider. Pulled taut over her form as it was, the outfit barely contained her prodigious assets and shamelessly displayed the smoothly transitioning curves of her body. It also did wonders for the crowd, eliciting a horde of catcalls from both men and women as she sauntered towards the ring. As she drew closer, her movements an odd mix of lazy and sensual, he couldn't help but stare.

The reaper's breasts were the central points of interest. They were round, and slightly droplet-shaped, bulging around both sides of her one-piece sling as it dug invitingly into them. The skimpy garment technically covered a good deal of skin, but her voluptuous body seemed to test the limits of its flexibility. Below that was a smooth stomach unblemished by muscular tension, which curved inward just a bit before flaring out to a wide pair of wide hips. Her arms were deceptively smooth, their power hidden behind a coat of what the ignorant would have called flab. Her thighs looked as large and comfortable as her chest, yet there were the slightest hints of a greater power hiding as she strode to the ring, concentrated both there and in her firm, curvy calves. A little part of his mind imagined those legs clamped around his head, drowning him in that soft and warm fleshiness. Even with all the cheering and shouting, the slow clicking and clacking of her bright white boots seemed loud and clear. Ominous, that's the word he was looking for.

Once she'd finally reached the ring, Komachi climbed onto its edge and easily straddled the ropes. Before swinging her other leg into the ring, she made sure to bend over and sandwich the top rope between her breasts, showing off her large, uncovered ass as well.

Her beauty was clearly evident from a distance, but as she entered the ring and approached him, he came to realize exactly how tall she was as well. Compared to his average height, she towered. As she stood opposite him in the ring, he had to turn his head up a bit to keep his eyes on her face. She regarded him with an easy grin, and her red retinas seemed to brim with anticipation.

"Yo." She spoke up first, seeing that he was a little dumbfounded. "Nice to meetcha, Robin. Let's do our best here, alright?" Her warm smile looked genuine, which put a bit of color back into his face. At least she wasn't giving him the sort of look that Yuuka sometimes did during their practice sessions.

"Uh, likewise, Komachi! It's an honor." He quickly bowed to show his respect, making the smile on her face widen just a bit. She took another step forward, and even a motion as simple as that displayed her barely-concealed breasts' ability to jiggle about. She stopped right in front of him and extended her hand, and he took after only a moment's hesitation.

Her grip was strong but not overwhelming, and he returned the squeeze, managing a nervous smile. When he tried to pull his hand back, however, she suddenly tightened her grip and held him in place. He looked up into her face and found a playful little smirk-smile, her eyes narrowed a bit as she regarded him. He tensed up involuntarily.

"What's wrong, Robin?"

Robin stayed silent. It would have been just too embarrassing to admit that she was too strong before the match had even started. His face was quickly reddening, though, and the continued comments from the crowd didn't help; at the moment, they were giving Komachi suggestions on what else to hold and squeeze.

"Could, uh." He grunted, planted his feet, pulled backwards, and didn't even succeed in throwing off her balance, much less breaking free. A momentary panic rose up in him. What would Reimu think?

After he'd run himself completely out of steam, however, Komachi released him and brought her hand up to chuckle softly. "Ah, sorry. I just couldn't resist teasin' such a cute boy." Even compliments were embarrassing now. Actually, the compliments were especially embarrassing. She was looking at him like he was a meal... "No hard feelings?"

"Yeah, sure." With one more glance out at the crowd, half-concealed behind the ring's bright lights, Robin let out a sigh. This was going to be a long day no matter what happened. A smart man might have given up at this point, or just refused to fight, because while he'd been 'trained', he had no confidence in himself.

He'd be disappointing his friends, though. He had to try. Maybe, if he got lucky...

"Oookay." The referee girl, a tengu girl, flapped her way into the ring and raised her hand. "You both ready? Go ahead and start the 'docking' if you are." The crowd, hearing this, immediately cheered.

"... What?"

The referee's blank look mirrored Robin's own. "...They did tell you about the ritual, right? The one before every match in the league?" The boy raised his hands in preparation for a pat-down, but she shook her head. "No, not that, the... Yukari specifically ordered that we do it this way, so..."

"Ah, lemme just show him." Turning around in reaction to a low female voice, Robin watched his opponent advance until they were face-to-face, although that required him to crane his neck a bit and try to ignore the enormous chest tickling his chin. Before he could back way, she pulled him into a hug, tightening up her arms into a band of steel around his waist and practically burying him in her smooth, bountiful curves. "See? We dock chests..."

It wasn't so much 'docking' as it was 'sinking into hers', though... the crowd couldn't even really see his chest anymore as Komachi's molded against it. "Uh, b-but I'm not even a girl..."

"Oh, I can definitely tell that much," Komachi replied, with a giggle that shook her whole body. "Guess we need to come up with something else... Ah! I got it. Hold still." Released from her overwhelming hug, Robin obeyed, as Komachi descended to her knees. Even like that, the top of her head still came nearly to his neck.

He was about to ask what the busty redhead was up to when her arms hugged around Robin's hips, pulling his crotch right between her large, warm, and exceedingly soft breasts. She squeezed a good bit more than was necessary, burying him even further into her pillowy breasts as she gently rubbed her exposed cleavage against his boxers. To the young man's embarrassment, his erection soon started to rise against its pillows; even with his underwear and shorts in the way, he could feel her amazing chest quite clearly. Komachi was quick to notice Robin's arousal and looked up at him with a seductive smile and narrowed eyes, mashing and grinding even harder into his crotch.

"Sheesh, didn't think my opponent would be such a pervert... you're already hard after a little bit of docking. I don't mind any hard feelings if they're down here, though..." Her voice was smooth, low, and playful, and he tried to pull back, but again her arms were wrapped tight around him. His hips weren't going to get away from her that easily.

Komachi mercifully pulled away and stood up, however, her breasts swaying and jiggling in a slow, hypnotic way. The bulge in his pants throbbed in reponse and everyone in the building could tell. Every woman's gaze seemed to be burning into him, eating through the shaky armor of his resolve and the slight dampness of his undergarments.

He tried to hold back the flush on his cheeks, but it was no use. Being watched by all these pretty girls was just too much to bear, and he had to admit that it was a little bit exciting. Feminine allure and curiosity triumphed over his faltering self-restraint. The bell finally rang, but the humiliation had only just begun.

At least the match gave him something to focus on. Robin put up his arms, one foot forward, one foot back, but it just felt silly when he was faced with an opponent like this. Meanwhile, the boatwoman just took a tentative step forth, crossing one arm over the other and stretching slowly. Long lines of steely power surfaced briefly in her arms, and Robin's spine tingled at the sight. He felt he was a mere dog before an unconcerned lion, one that was satisfied to have an easy dinner.

Yuuka's words and painful training sessions flashed through his mind as he raffled through forms and strikes, trying to grab onto something solid and effective. Yuuka had known that he was likely to face a whole lot of women, and Komachi is nothing if not a whole lot of woman. Nervously he remembered her defensive teachings, and decided to hold back for the moment.

The redhead let out a little snort at his stance, clearly holding back a chuckle. Lazy steps brought her closer and closer, though no signs of tension or aggression in the large woman's movements. Robin stood his ground and prepared, trying to hold back the shaking in his wrists. Komachi was a giant of a woman, as big as Yuuka, and what she didn't have in muscles she had in gorgeously fleshy curves!

She wound up and attacked a simple shove, but he sidestepped the blow. Throwing forth his body, his shoulder rammed into her, just below the breasts that teased his face. To his surprise, the woman was actually sent stumbling back, drawing a big gasp both from himself and the crowd.

Their breaths, however, were not held for long.

A twinge of annoyance crept onto her beautiful face, but Komachi seemed pleased overall, tilting her head to the side and putting a hand on her hips

"Hey, that was a good one! A bit harder and I mighta fallen."

"Um, thanks I-"

Komachi's head became a blur and her fist a bullet, driving right into his stomach. Robin hopped back from the force, doubling over before falling to the ground and wheezing. The audience was interested now, and Komachi gave them a knowing wink. "Time to soften you up~"

Robin's pain mixed with confusion as the world was turned upside down. Two comfy sacs pressed against his back as a familiar grip tightened around his stomach, lifting him off the ground. He started to thrash, but he didn't even touch Komachi's arms before she dropped him in a piledriver that echoed all over the arena. His head exploded into pain, white lights flashing across his sight and scrambling his thoughts. When it finally cleared, he found himself laid out flat on the ground. And Komachi was at his side, bending her knees for a painful-looking jump.

The boatwoman hopped and kicked out her legs, which landed atop his face and chest with a pair of thundering impacts. His cough turned to a grunt when her legs pressed down on him, and she grabbed his outstretched arm with both hands and pulled. His socket flared with pain, but he was helpless, not able crawl out from under her legs to cry out through the meaty calves covering his mouth. The position put his hand right in the midst of her cleavage, which crushing him almost painfully between her breasts as her arms strained and flexed around them.

"Might as well squeeze 'em while you're there."

Komachi was clearly enjoying this, the feeling of a helpless victim... but the crowd might have gotten bored of her had she dominated him for too long. Her painful hold was released and she stepped back to the corner, treating herself to a short break while he recovered.

Wiping the haziness from sight and thought, Robin stumbled to his feet to see the busty bombshell relaxing! She winked and blew a kiss to some cheering fans in the front row, barely acknowledging him as so much a bump in the road! She had reason to be cocky, though. He couldn't possibly take her on with power, so speed would be his key.

He hoped so, anyway. His shoulder still felt a little sore from ramming her.

Komachi calmly approached once more, still waving to the crowd. They knew he was cornered, one way or the other, and they wanted to see his meekness rewarded! There was a hop in her step accompanied by a bouncing in her chest, her one-piece struggling to keep up. "Sorry, I just had to give'em some action. Why don't you just lie down now? I'll take real good care of ya~"

The crowd roared at her words. Komachi's smile would have been seductive otherwise, but here it was a threat. A very pleasurable threat in truth, but a little part of him shriveled up.

"You... you wouldn't go THAT far... would you, Komachi?" Robin asked, steadily backing away from her.

The redhead just licked her lips in response. Glancing back, Robin realized that his back was to the corner. Komachi's arms stretched out in case he tried to use his speed, confident she had him captured. Her massive chest moved closer and closer to his eyes, the jiggling pillows seemingly whispering his doom...

His back pressed against the padding, and an idea flashed through his head. The corner was a danger zone for both wrestlers - they did their highest risk maneuvers from there, after all. Hopping up onto the ropes, Komachi was taken aback as he climbed onto the top rope and leapt, his legs wrapping around her neck as his erect cock collided with her face.

"Kyan!" Komachi waved her arms and stumbled backwards, Robin's sense of forward vertigo increasing while adrenaline and slivers of would-be triumph jittering around in his head.

Yet the split-second blur and resounding thud did not come. Komachi stayed decidedly upright. Shoving and pushing, trying to ignore the firestorm in his loins, he realized he was his position had only grown more awkward.

"C'mon, ride her face! You're living the dream!"

"I wonder how that tastes..."

Before he could push again, a spark of pleasure cut him off. Komachi's warm breath on his crotch gave way to a warmer mouth, planting a kiss right in the middle of his erection. Her arms reached up to grab his thighs, but he saw those coming and threw himself forward over her. Hitting the ground in a roll, Robin wasted no time charging at Komachi's back and grabbing onto her waist.

"Urrrrgh!" The young man exerted his arms to the limit as he pulled her cumbersome frame upwards, hoping to nail a suplex. Komachi's feet were lifted off the ground, and he felt the sense of weight increase! This was it!


Or not. Komachi jerked back and raised her foot, slamming it into the ground. Robin squeezed and tried again, but she only rooting herself more firmly to the mat. Strong hands gripped his own and wrested them away, making Robin's hairs stand on end.

"That was a good scramble, but your luck's run out."

A massive mound slapped him in the face as she whipped him around, but there wasn't a chance to stumble back. Grabbing the back of his head, Komachi slammed his face right into her valley of softness! She shouted and cried in protest, fists pounding fruitlessly at her firm, taut skin, but the redhead wouldn't have it. Like a bear-trap her powerful arms closed around him, imprisoning his arms at his sides and utterly crushing him into the buxom beauty.

The crowd became a cacophony at this, yet Robin could barely hear their laughter through the huge breasts that now surrounded his face. He punched her elbows, grabbed at her chest, anything to escape... all meeting the same response. Her arms only tightened further, and caused him to gasp for air as her huge, soft breasts began to suffocate him What little air he could get was heavy with the smell of her sweat and a faintly flowery, watery scent. With every passing second, her message grew clearer: she wasn't an opponent now - she was his master.

"C-can... urgh!" Komachi squeezed him again, this time lifting him a little. His body flattened against hers as she arched back before his feet touched the ground. "Koma-Komachi!'

"Did anyone else hear something?" Komachi asked, to the roaring laughter of the crowd. "I think he wanted more!"

Robin's head was freed as Komachi pulled him further up her body, letting him breathe fresh air at last. Komachi pulled him up nice and slow, putting his head level with hers. His dazed head lolled about until she pecked him on the lips, just enough to pull him from his pleasured, confused reveries.

"Like I promised, you're gonna be treated real nice. Might still hurt a bit, though." Robin half nodded at the sound of her gentle voice, greedily sucking in breaths before he was hoisted up higher. However, his eyes jolted wide open as he felt the very familiar sensation of Komachi's massive rack squashing against his manhood. He cried out in pleasure, but it was cut short by a fresh squeeze around his back. Komachi's arms held him as firmly as ever, making him struggle pitiably the air was forced right out of him. However, the crackling pain was now matched by pleasure, as that same squeezing forced his crotch deep into her cleavage. His hips shoved and shook in their confinement, but rubbing his cock over her chest like that only drove his pleasure higher, sapping his will to resist. Struggling turned to grinding as his shaking cock nestled in comfortably, even through the fabric of his clothing.

She wasn't really putting him through a submission so much a position of utter control. If he seemed to waver, she'd tighten her arms, painfully straightening him tight as a rod. Too tight, she's rub his erection with her breasts until he relaxed in a haze of pleasure. He couldn't really rest or think, bounced between pain and pleasure so easily.

Komachi was saying something to him - he made out "throbbing", "large", "tasty", but the words felt distant, meshing into the hooting of the crowd.

His fists were free to strike at her, but her embrace and still-pleasant smile disarmed his spirit. Whenever he so much as raised an arm, she crushed him again, chastising him with pain and pleasure. Already his precum was leaking out in force, forming a sizable damp spot in his pants. Komachi was quick to feel the fresh moisture on her bare skin.

"Mm, feels like you've gotten nice and ready. Now, let's see just what you're hiding under these..."

Keeping one hand around her captive's waist, Komachi reached up to undress him. The crowd roared as Robin's sleeveless shirt was pulled off, revealing his lean and less-than-manly chest. They shared Komachi's hungry gaze, squealing as her tongue traveled over his smooth, shuddering abdomen.

The shock of losing his clothing gave Robin a second wind. Not only that, it made him angry. His face felt like it was burning under their gazes, now amplified to the heat of the sun. The boy flailed and squirmed, taking advantage of her momentary distraction and weakened grip to break free at last With a thud he fell, wobbling but terrified, scampering away before she could recapture her prey.

This wasn't part of a greater plan, but only an impulse of his wild, panicked mind. He threw himself to the nearest rope and launched back at his towering opponent, trying to ignore the chill creeping across his wet thighs. How could she have done that to him? Treated him like a toy!?

Robin lunged at the last possible moment, sending a shoulder right into her stomach. The impact rattled through his arm, almost numbing it completely, yet his attack was successful! His gorgeous, deathless opponent was knocked right onto her well-toned back. Before she even hit the ground, Robin was in motion once again. Hastily throwing himself forward, he landed astride her firm stomach and mounted her. He glared at her, fists shaking, stomach rising and falling.

The impact had briefly rattled her, but she was soon back to her usual unconcerned self. "Hey, not bad! Now what?" she asked, resting her head on her hands. Her voice showed no fear or apprehension, just genuine curiosity. "You got me on the ground, I'll give you that, but it's gonna take a lot more to win. I hope you aren't planning on boring me into surrender." Her mocking chuckles made his own thighs tighten and his veins pulse. That smirking face of hers... oh, he'd punch it if he weren't such a nice person.

She wasn't just taunting him with her face, however. Her hard nipples seemed to stare at him, clearly visible through her costume atop her heaving chest, and her whole body felt like it was calling to him. He found himself blushing even harder, his violent resolve dissipating when he realized how the situation had suddenly reversed; everyone was expecting him to make the next move. The crowd's hooting seemed to be a formless cacophony, egging him on, taunting him, goading him to stick it in.

His mouth fumbled, grumbling and sputtering, but he couldn't find the words. Instead, he just shook his head and wrapped his legs around her soft abdomen, deciding to try for a body-lock. He squeezed with all the tension he could muster, his whole body shaking and veins bulging and trails of sweat running down his bare chest. The crowd all seemed to lean forth at once. Was he unleashing his secret weapon?

"Ooooohhhhhhh, not there, Robin!" she cooed, squirming under his strength! Her body felt like it had solid rock beneath that plush, and he felt like his thighs would bruise before-

"Nah, just kiddin'!"

Komachi's legs shot up before slamming down on the mat, shocking him with the sound alone. Then, steeling her arms and legs as she braced them against the mat, she thrust her body upwards like a wild horse. This sudden roller-coaster ride sent the young man went tumbling forward, only barely able to keep his grip on her. A faceplant would have been too dignified. Twisting her body to the right and using Robin's flimsy grip against him, Komachi sent him crashing sideways onto the mat.

Wrapping her arms around Robin and securing him tightly, she shoved across the ground, his weight still keeping her bent forward. Robin groaned as his back was dragged against the mat, until she lifted him up in an impressive display of strength. It was clear now that his leg-lock wasn't accomplishing a thing, but he could only squeeze harder for dear life as she fell forwards, flattening him under her to the roars of the crowd!

"Ugh! Just... how did you..."

The diva wordlessly grabbed his shoulder, pulling herself forward. She then clenched everything from her chest to her legs and grinded hard across him, shaking his body like a windswept tree. His body locked up under the intense and voluptuous friction, leaving him helpless for a silencing kiss.

Even her tongue was overwhelming, pushing right into his mouth with a torrent of sweet saliva. His words turned into muffled grunts as she continued her grinding, treating his limp body like a washboard as she rubbing her mighty form back and forth. At the same time, she trailed her warm fingers all over his sides and along his arms, spreading arousal like fire over his skin. He sighed pathetically into her mouth with every caress, and his eyes grew soft under Komachi's controlling gaze.

Komachi finally broke the kiss, sliding a tongue across his lips one last time before sitting up and throwing back her hair. Her signature twintails had gotten a bit loose after all that action, a fact that seemed to displease her. Not only that, but her breasts had finally spilled out of that skimpy costume as well; they now rested comfortably on top of Robin's chest, her bare nipples sharp like icicles against his bare skin.

"Were you really wrestling me?" he panted, his voice barely audible before she leaned back onto him with more force than ever. All that came out was a pained groan, Komachi's prized assets slowly caving in his chest. This time, her nipples felt as hot as a burning sun, stakes of searing pleasure attached to globes of great, pacifying warmth.

The instincts of a terrified animal returned, and Robin's legs finally released their grip. Komachi only trapped his legs under her own before grabbing his wrists as well. Now buried completely under his mountain of an opponent, Robin couldn't move a single muscle as she pressed and grinded relentlessly. He twisted and struggled with all his might, desperately hoping to somehow salvage the match, but it came to naught in the face of Komachi's unbearable weight and smothering curves. In minutes, he'd worn himself out completely, and resigned himself to his fate.

His powerlessness was intoxicating to the shinigami, now that every inch of his body was in perfect symmetry with her own; he was her own little mattress, meek and helpless... but no, she wasn't going to let it end so easily. After all, the crowd had asked for more than a mere squash match.
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File 139327296199.jpg - (229.92KB, 800x900, lewdermachi.jpg) [iqdb]
"Done already? Sorry to disappoint ya, but..." The world flipped in yet another blur, putting the young man on top. Komachi's legendary rack immediately captured his head, her mighty bosom battering him slightly as she swung from side to side. It might have looked comfy from afar, but the heavy slaps were knocking him senseless. The dazed boy yelped and thrashed like a wild cat with his newfound freedom, managing to turn himself around, but Komachi ended his struggles with a sudden one-armed squeeze. His arms flailed, pushing at her shoulders and pounding on her collarbone, until she silenced him with a single finger.

Namely, the skilled finger that traveled slowly from shaft to tip of his rock-hard cock, gently rubbing and scratching the whole way up. Even through two layers of clothing, her firm yet teasing stroke felt good enough to make Robin's exhausted body shiver. Komachi brought the moist fingertip back to her lips and thoughtfully sucked it dry, holding in her opponent almost as an afterthought.

"...Hmm. Kinda sweet," she announced with a grin, squeezing his tip with her other hand.

The young man arched his back and let out a moan, his rigid member straining against his shorts and yearning for more from that awaiting hand. A few squeals from the audience snapped him back to attention, and he clenched his teeth to hold back any further moans - he couldn't be making those kinds of sounds in front of so many people! Losing at wrestling was one thing, but having this done to him in front of so many people was even worse! Even if his heart was pounding, and his erection felt like the hardest one he'd ever gotten...

"Lemme just get these out of the way."

However, Komachi didn't just go right back to stroking him. Instead, she hooked her fingers into both his shorts and underwear and slowly pulled them down. His hands shot down to his crotch on instinct, but that made it simple for Komachi to seize both wrists in one powerful hand and pull them away.

The clothing briefly got stuck on his rock-hard erection, tugging his long shaft downwards and drawing a few impressed gasps from the crowd. A small tug released his pride fully from its confinement, sending it up to hit his stomach with a loud, messy slap. There it stood tall for them to see, throbbing and wobbling visibly. Now that Komachi wasn't smothering him for a change, Robin could hear the audience's jeering all too clearly.

"That's what we wanted to see, Komachi!"

"Wow, he's packing a monster!"

"This is why Komachi's matches are the best!"

"His moans are so cute! Now show us his O-face!"

Robin's face was beet red from hearing all the cheers of approval. Caught in her inescapable grasp, he let out another moan of pleasure as Komachi's soft yet powerful hand wrapped firmly around his erection. Her hands were fairly large, but his cock was even larger; her grip left more than an inch of the shaft uncovered, along with his swollen, precum-smeared glans.

"Wow, they weren't lyin' 'bout how big you are!" Komachi whistled with approval as she gave him a long, slow stroke, forcing out another weak moan as her hand glided over him. "I hear you can keep goin' for ages, too. Why don't we put that to the test~?"

With that, the redhead began to work his shaft. He was already well-lubricated with his own sweat and precum, letting her move her hand freely even as it was squeezed around Robin's cock. She jacked it up and down in quick, forceful pumps, making sure to hit his glans at the apex of each. Every stroke also ended with a brief pause, just long enough to make him anticipate the next without giving him any actual time to recover. Robin's moans grew louder and louder as the sharp stimulation built up, every powerful twitch of his cock chipping away at his self-control. In between the mind-rattling strokes, however, a burning question popped into his head.

"H-hey, wait! You pinned me, right? Why isn't the match over?"

"Hm?" His question seemed to take Komachi, and the audience, by surprise. The redhead paused her handjob for a moment, then broke into a hearty chuckle, one that rubbed her muscular stomach up and down the young man's back while sinking his head into her cleavage. The spectators quickly joined her. "Hahaha! Yeah, I guess they wouldn't'a told you."

"Huh, T-told me what?"

Komachi's hand resumed its work as she explained. "Well, you're a strapping young man with tons of endurance, so Yukari decided to make this match special." She punctuated the last word with a sharp twist to his glans, making him tense up and cry out. "No pins or submissions or stuff like that, and no time limit either. This ain't gonna end 'til one of us passes out."

"W-wha...?" Robin's stomach dropped at that. He'd believed that the humiliation would end with a pin, but if that was true...! No, it certainly was true - otherwise why wouldn't the ref have stopped her!? Just what was Yukari thinking, making him be like... this, in front of so many people...! And Reimu and Yuuka, for that matter... with the way Komachi was treating him, it was clear that there was only one way he'd be leaving the ring...

"Don't hold back, Komachi! Same for you, Robin!"

"Wring him dry!"

This knowledge didn't change his situation, though. Robin could do little but watch the redhead stroke his throbbing erection, her hand a blur as it pumped him relentlessly. His hips were twitching uncontrollably now; with the audience's words and roars of approval filling his ears, he couldn't hold back at all.

"We're all gonna find out just how much you can let out now, Robin. Courtesy of me, of course. I'll take good care of ya, so just relax'n enjoy it, alright~?"

Robin didn't get a chance to respond. Komachi released three of her fingers and tightened the rest, leaving his shaft squeezed between her thumb and index finger. That tight ring began to slide up and down at a blinding pace, assaulting the young man with a torrent of pleasure that left him scarcely able to gasp. Even at that speed, her movements were perfectly measured and regular; it was clear that she could keep it up indefinitely, and wouldn't stop until he came. Of course, it only took less than a minute before his whole lower body clenched up...

"Aah... K-Komachi!"

Robin arched his back and orgasmed hard, bucking helplessly into Komachi's strong grip. Thick streams of semen pumped out of his manhood and shot up into the air, raining back down on his body and liberally coating Komachi's hand. Komachi continued to stroke him with her whole hand as he came, milking out nearly a dozen shots to the crowd's roaring approval. At the end, the young man was left moaning and shuddering while Komachi licked her hand clean.

The rumors about his stamina were quite true. Even after that impressive display, his manhood was still hard and erect, already letting out a fresh stream of precum. Everything about Komachi was turning him on: her musky, womanly scent, the firm smoothness of her warm, sweaty body, the naughty voice murmuring softly into his ear...

"There's plenty more where that came from, right?" Komachi asked, her voice leaden with a master's commanding power.

Light-headed after his orgasm, Robin couldn't even think of a response. His back still ached from where she'd squeezed him so roughly, his arm still hurt from her joint-lock, and the rest of his body still felt compressed and pulverized after Komachi's full-body crushing. With an intense orgasm on top of that, he would've been hard-pressed to move a muscle. Thus, it was perfectly safe for Komachi to set him down and walk around the ring, waving and blowing kisses to her fans before returning to her helpless opponent. This time she got down on all fours and crawled towards him with slow, hip-swaying movements, until her enormous breasts were hanging and swaying just inches away from his erection. The massive orbs captured Robin's attention for some time; when he finally looked up to Komachi's face, he found nothing but a naughty smirk.

"Oooh, Komachi's paizuri!"

"I've been waiting for this!"

"You've been starin' at these since I first came out. Now, I'll let you enjoy them as much as you want..."

Rather than give him the usual, Komachi simply dropped her massive breasts right onto his crotch. Their size and density gave them quite a bit of weight, enough to make Robin feel like his waist and penis were being smothered, but then she put her arms over them and leaned forward, absolutely crushing him underneath them. The texture was still soft and smooth, but the overwhelming pressure made both his cock and his waist light up with pain.

Komachi rocked back and forth like that, making him suffer even with the softest part of her body. She managed to work a hot, hard nipple into the mix as well, digging it into the most sensitive part of his penis and scraping it back and forth.

"Aagh! It... it huurts..." Robin groaned.

"Huh? But they're my breasts! They've gotta feel good, right~?" Komachi pressed down harder than ever, forcing out a long, strangled cry as Robin's waist started to go numb. "But if you really think so, I guess I could squeeze you between them instead. How 'bout that?"

"Guh..." It was clear that she'd only do even more to him like that, but Robin just couldn't endure this. A new blush flared in his cheeks as he meekly nodded his head; even when she'd fully established her dominance, Komachi was still finding ways to humiliate him. And the thought only made him harder...

"Alright, hope you don't regret it!" Komachi relented a moment later, drawing a sigh of relief from Robin. She then reached a hand into her cleavage, making a little show of rummaging around until she found Robin's messy shaft at the bottom. The tip got another teasing squeeze before she pulling his length upright.

Robin's voice changed to a moan of pleasure as the redhead closed her breasts around his erect manhood. He'd been wailing in pain a moment ago, but now there was nothing but pleasure. He had never felt anything like this before, having his penis squeezed so tight on all sides by soft, warm flesh...

"Wow, this thing really is massive! I figured from the handjob, but even these can't cover you..." The redhead licked her lips. "This is gonna be fun."

Komachi was right, but just barely; only the head of Robin's cock poked out of the fleshy sea, where it throbbed and leaked back into her immense cleavage. His tip made for an inviting target, so vulnerable and within easy reach of her full red lips, but she resisted the temptation to lower her head and suck on it. For now, at least.

Instead, she made her hands into fists and pressed them deep into the sides of her breasts. The pressure on Robin's cock increased to match, forcing her pillowy softness onto every inch of his length. Pressing like that made her breasts squish against and then envelop his tip as well, where they molded perfectly onto the shape of his extra-sensitive glans.

Robin weakly twisted his hips, trying to find a respite from the pleasure, but his opponent's tight grip was inescapable. Not only that, his struggles only added to the sensations; with these decadent breasts wrapped tight around him, the slightest movement made him shiver with pleasure as her smooth, squishy texture caressed his entire penis. Soon, it felt so good that he couldn't stop himself from moving, moaning in his weak, helpless voice all the while.

"Let's start with somethin' simple..."

The redhead began to rhythmically squish her breasts together, briefly relenting every few seconds before redoubling the pressure. Every crushing squeeze seemed more intense than the last, magnifying the other sensations even further. Komachi didn't even have to move; Robin's helpless twitching did all the work for her.

Robin's cries of pleasure grew louder and louder, his voice cracking as the busty redhead carefully pressed and shook her large breasts around his sensitive erection. She wasn't even doing much, and Robin already felt like he was on the verge of exploding. Already, he was starting to buck up into her cleavage...

"Oh, those sounds are even cuter!"

"She's a real master!"

"I think we've found our new star jobber! Make him cum again, Komachi!"

Robin's endurance was weak after that intense handjob, and he'd never stood a chance against the redhead's excellent skills or 'assets' to start with. In little time at all, he let out another cry of pleasure, shuddering from head to toe as he orgasmed again.

Komachi seemed a bit surprised at that; her eyes suddenly widened at the sound of his voice, and she barely closed them before she was hit with his first shot of semen. She could feel him throbbing powerfully as the thick, sticky liquid spurted out, splattering all over her face and staining her hair before his shots weakened. The rest of it spilled all over her breasts, leaving large white splotches all over her spotless skin and pooling down into her cleavage.

The end of that orgasm found Robin lying on his back. He was slack and flaccid... save for his poor manhood. After only a few seconds of rest in Komachi's pillowy embrace, his masochistic length was just as hot and hard as ever. Komachi began to taunt him again as soon as he could see straight.

"Really? I know I'm good, but I didn't think you'd cum so easily... and you're still so hard! I guess you still want more. Let's see how long you last this time..."

The shinigami spread her fingers and dug them into her breasts, pressing until the digits were nearly lost in her pliant flesh. It looked like she was trying to squeeze two bags of milk, but it gave her the leverage she needed; like that, she was able to start stroking and rubbing Robin's cock with seemingly perfect dexterity. His fresh, hot cum made for excellent lubrication, allowing her breasts to easily slide up and down with lewd, squishy sounds.

She sometimes moved them together, treating him to a perfect marriage of squeezing and shaking. Other times, she'd alternate their directions, reducing the pressure while doubling the friction. Either way, Robin was little more than a toy for her to play with, his cries and moans of pleasure intensifying again as he arched his back and moaned. Komachi didn't seem pleased with that, however.

"Hey, don't just lie there! It's not every day you get a titfuck from me, after all." Komachi leaned forwards and pulled his shaky frame upright, squeezing her arms around her breasts to keep the pressure up. "The least you could do is sit up and watch."

As Robin's eyesight unblurred, he was treated to sight of Komachi's bosom working over his cock, alongside the sensations and smells and sounds that were already oppressing his senses. Her enormous chest looked absolutely indomitable like that, flawlessly sliding about and stroking him while stained with the proof of his surrender. But the look on her face made it seem like this was the easiest thing in the world for her. Part of him couldn't believe that this was really happening, part of him was about to die of embarrassment, and the last part wanted it to never end.

"Ahh! Th-that's..."

A sudden twitch in Robin's penis signaled that he had reached his limit once again. Komachi pressed her head into his sweaty, quivering chest, finding a hard nipple to lick and kiss. At the same time, she focused her paizuri just on the tip of his cock, squeezing as tight as possible around it and moving her breasts in the smallest, fastest strokes she could manage. Shocked with pleasure in two places at once, Robin gave in in an instant.

"Hiiih!" The young man's hips thrust upwards once again, his tip thrusting out of her cleavage in time to give her face and breasts a fresh coating of sperm. but his ejaculation was as fierce and thick as ever. Komachi continued to knead him with her breasts all throughout, until his load was completely spent.

Still, three ejaculations was his limit... or so he thought. To his surprise, and amazement, he was still hard. The redhead didn't relent for a moment, just giving him a smoldering look as she lowered her head and began to suck on his still-twitching tip. Her paizuri started up a moment later, if anything even smoother now that her chest was liberally coated with semen.

"Ah! W-wai-- If you--" Robin was having trouble forming coherent thoughts at this point, thanks to the fatigue from three back-to-back orgasms. Komachi certainly wasn't helping; as he struggled even to put together a pitiful plea, she'd begun to stroke him with both her breasts and her mouth. Anything not embraced by her soft breasts was caught in her hot, wet mouth instead, where her skilled tongue swirled all over his tip.

"Mmmm?" Komachi eventually hummed in response. The long, drawn-out question reverberated through her juicy lips, sending the sensations right into his extra-sensitive glans. That seemed to crack something in Robin's mind; he let out a strangled cry and fell back onto the mat, his only movement an unconscious bucking through Komachi's slippery cleavage and into her hot, wet mouth.

His hips were suddenly taking care of the movements, so Komachi was free to heighten his pleasure in other ways. She slid her hands up and pressed down on her breasts, squishing them together and creating an even tighter space for his cock to force its way through. This also revealed more for her to suck on, and she slid her lips downwards until they were comfortably nestled in her cleavage.

Helped along by her tongue flicking away at his urethra, the poor young man orgasmed into the shinigami's skilled mouth even sooner than before. His shots were still thick and plentiful, but not even a drop leaked out; Komachi's lips sealed tightly around his length as she sucked and milked him for all he was worth. As his moaning transitioned into breathless panting, Komachi swallowed the rest of his thick load and gave the audience a thumbs-up.

Robin was still conscious, but little more. He had never felt so drained before in his life, not even after that night at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. He couldn't even muster the strength to beg for mercy like this. At least it seemed like his manhood was starting to limp...

At least until he heard the redhead sigh dramatically, a coy smile on her face.

"My tits just weren't enough for you, huh? I can't even remember the last time that happened! Guess I'm gonna have to finish you off with this..." Standing up for a moment, Komachi reached down and tugged aside the bottom of her outfit, exposing her bare, dripping womanhood. The mere sight of her soaked, hairless pink slit brought new life to his flagging shaft, bolstered by a fresh wave of her sweaty, womanly scent. His eyes wide, Robin groaned weakly as his cock grew painfully hard once again, without so much as a single touch from his opponent.

"Haha, look how much he wants it!"

"What a pervert! Hasn't he had enough?"

Komachi had a healthy flush of her own, but she otherwise didn't seem winded in the slightest. Her cum-soaked breasts bounced liberally as she dropped back onto her knees, folding her powerful legs on either side of Robin's waist.

"Hey, why don't we count how many thrusts it takes before you cum? I bet it won't be more than half a dozen." She gently grabbed him with two fingers as she spoke, lining his throbbing cock up with her entrance. Even from a few inches away, he could feel he sweaty heat pouring out of her, just waiting to drive him crazy.


"One!" Komachi crashed down onto Robin's waist, effortlessly swallowing his pride. A few moments ago, he'd thought that nothing could feel better than her breasts, but now he was proven wrong. Komachi's pussy was incredibly hot, tight, and wet, filled with soft little creases that cradled and caressed his length. Being drowned in that sort of pleasure without warning nearly brought him to orgasm instantly.

However, the pleasure was only beginning. Komachi pressed down onto him and swung her hips to and fro, tightening up almost painfully in the process. His hips and penis trembled several times, but his meager endurance wasn't quite through. Sensing that it would take more to finish him, Komachi slowly and teasingly raised herself back up, still swirling her hips the whole way.

"Hey, you lasted through one! At least you didn't fail completely..."

"A-Ahh..." All that, just from one?

"Two! And... three!"

A lewd, wet slapping filled Robin's ears as he watched his cock slide in and out of the shinigami. Much like her expert paizuri, this too was just too much for him to bear, and he cried out in pleasure without the slightest bit of restraint.


A sharp twist of Komachi's hips nearly finished Robin off, but he stopped just short of cumming. She still felt the sharp twitch of his cock, however; sensing that he was about to blow, she pushed herself up even more slowly than before, reveling in his weak groaning as she kept him right on the edge. There was a pleading look in his eyes, but neither one of them knew if he was pleading for less or more.

The audience suddenly grew quiet, seeing the purpose in Komachi's movements. They realized that the voluptuous shinigami was about to put an end to the show, forcing one last display out of her little plaything.


Komachi slammed herself down with what seemed to be all of her strength. Robin's hips nearly went numb from the impact, and his manhood clenched up painfully as Komachi's walls clamped down on it. There was simply no enduring it.

"Ah... Aaah!"

Robin's mind and vision turned completely white as he orgasmed for the fifth and final time. This one felt the most intense by far, almost like a floodgate had opened, and his semen poured out of his overtaxed manhood and into the eager redhead. Her cunt didn't give him a second of rest, relentlessly squeezing and sucking on his cock from base to tip. She wasn't even close to cumming herself, but she still watched and purred with a blushing smile as she milked him completely dry. His moaning and thrashing went on and on, until his sperm had filled her up inside and begun to spill out over his waist. Then, his body went completely slack, even his seemingly unbreakable penis.

Komachi gave him a gentle pat on the head, cupping and stroking his cheek. Her smile was warm, but with a teasing edge. "Good goin', Robin. You'll make a great addition to the roster..."

The young man barely managed a groan before his consciousness finally gave out.

The ref finally stepped in at that point, grabbing and raising the shinigami's hand.

"Komachi wins!" she declared. The announcement was greeted with a roar of applause.

Komachi stood up and raised her hands to drink in the crowd's approval, now coated and filled with sperm. She would feel a little bad about how she treated the boy later, but for now, she was a winner. That had also been quite a lot of fun... and good practice, too. She might have to deal with a real male opponent one day.

After taking a very humble bow, Komachi leaned over the unconscious Robin. Scooping him up onto her shoulder with no effort whatsoever, she carried her 'prize' backstage. The crowd approved of this as well; however, despite what they might have thought, she was just taking him to the infirmary.

Cumming five times in a row like obviously wasn't normal, so she wanted to make sure she hadn't permanently injured him. He looked kind of dead in her arms, although the shinigami knew better than most that he had plenty of life left in him.

This wouldn't be the first time she'd had to physically haul her lucky opponent to the doctor. She had gone pretty hard on him; maybe an apology was in order. Or just an offer for a "private rematch"...
 No. 34318
Wrestling sex, not something you see everyday. Well that entry was very intriguing! Will we get to see the "private rematch" as well because the public match was hot?
 No. 34319

There might just be one assuming the response is good enough. Reina may also appear although that will presumably be after the CYOA sets off.
 No. 34329
Not sure how she'd get involved as she's far from combative and it'd risk having people want Robin/Reina and that'd just be going excessively OC/Selfcest.
 No. 34331

It's just something that's floating about about limbo right now. The Reina side-story will be less of a CYOA and more of an insight into the setting, dealing with the more specific details that the main story thread might get too bogged down in.
 No. 34332
Is the Reina sidestory going to be its own thread? I ask that because placing it here I think would defeat the purpose of this thread.
 No. 34333

Oh it's not going to be posted here, not this early and not in this thread. As I said, it's kind of a maybe. Depends on how well the main CYOA will be received.
 No. 34415
So what's the next male Touhou going to be? Though I wouldn't mind a Robin/Aya post in here.

Do you think it's possible to have a Male!Youmu + Reisen entry with some eye fun with Reisen's eye abilities?

Also will we ever get to see a continuation of the first entry in this thread, but with Kaguya dominating Male!Mokou this time? Perhaps some interesting uses of her time manipulation powers?
 No. 34417
Hrmmm, a Robin/Aya scene, you say?
 No. 34418
Oh god, please not another one of Robin. I don't even know Reina, I couldn't care less about an OC I don't know about, and I certainly have seen a lot of smut with both the normal and the genderswap version.

Seriously, there are a lot of Touhous that need more love, and you all still stick to an OC. C'mon, guise.
 No. 34419

I have to agree, here. The last actual genswapped Touhou/Touhou pairing was awhile back in the thread.
 No. 34421
Well Reina's already an OC from this site that people keep using as if she was a canon character for some reason. So it'd be two OCs no one cares about going at it.

Just give us Touhous. If you're gonna genderswap OCs. Just use new OCs.
 No. 34422
Yeah I have to agree with the others. While I did say I wouldn't mind a Robin/Aya scene they do have a point that this thread was more for canon Touhous being gender swapped and that the last entry involving a canon Toihou gender swap was some time ago.

So regarding Touhou gender swaps can we see a Male!Youmu + Reisen entry with some eye fun with Reisen's eye abilities?

Also will we ever get to see a continuation of the first entry in this thread, but with Kaguya dominating Male!Mokou this time? Perhaps some interesting uses of her time manipulation powers?

And what about the suggestions in >>33439 and >>33561 (with the >>33580 suggestion being added to >>33561)? I wouldn't mind seeing Male!Sanae + Renko & Maribel considering how some stories portray them as old friends before Sanae moved to Gensokyo and I think it'd be more fun with Renko and Maribel wearing those skintight bodysuits from >>33580.

Finally will we ever get to see a Male!Kogasa double-teamed by two Sanaes, like described in >>33439?

Admittedly all of these suggestions, with the exception of the Male!Youmu + Reisen suggestion, are stuff I've asked before, but hey they may happen.
 No. 34423
it's called what happens when most of a certain group grew to really like an OC way more than they should.

But I am of the sentiment of actually writing touhou characters.
 No. 34430
And it's not like either of them are actually good characters to be honest (I couldn't even get through Reina's story without getting bored to death).

I come to /at/ for Touhou on Touhou Action (Or whatever OC lead being the viewpoint character we get. And also Tenta) not just two OC's going at it.

Well the stories with Renko and Maribel being friends with Sanae can't be right since you know... those two are in the future. Sanae's in the present. I know a lot of people miss that point massively but come on.
 No. 34431
In truth, I just want to see some Male!Touhou & Maribel + Renko action because I feel they're kinda underutilized.

The last time I read about either in a sex scene was in Fallout Gensokyo, and that's been dead for 2 years I think.
 No. 34433
who is this OC actually?
 No. 34434
I agree with you with that. Maybe use another under utilized Touhou with them. Maybe Yumemi and/or Chiyuri.
 No. 34435
As long as Renko & Maribel are still female, I'd be fine with whoever the male Touhou would be. I really just thought of Sanae because she's really the only Touhou, with perhaps the exception of Mamizou, who you can say is from the Outside. Yes I know Yukari often goes to the Outside world, but I don't think of her as being an Outsider unlike say Sanae.

And yes I know Renko & Maribel are from the Future while Sanae is from the Present, but I've seen stories, both here or in doujins where they're classmates/contemporaries. At the very least all 3 are people we typically associate with the Outside World in some way, and by that I mean Earth.
 No. 34457
But Chiyuri and Yumemi are from the Outside World. Maybe even further from the Future than the Maribel and Renko or another world but they're still outsiders in a world similar to ours. And with their ship who knows where they could end up.

Ship has an mistake they're guys now and land in a place where Maribel and Renko are.
 No. 34529
File 13943090541.jpg - (292.16KB, 850x1206, 139430543127.jpg) [iqdb]
Wrote this one with BSD.

Ahh, the air's so nice out here! It smells all cold and fresh like the lake, and the wind makes your wings jingle cheerfully whenever it blows. You just hope it doesn't start to rain.

It's a cloudy day today, so you get to go outside! Remi can do it whenever she wants with those parasols of hers, but they're way too frilly and girly for you. So today's special! You can run around the island all you want, play music on grass-whistles, chat with that nice girl with three eyes whose name you keep forgetting...

Oh! And you get to visit Meiling, too! In fact, you're gonna go do that right now!


You blast right over to where she is, fast enough to blow the grass flat and almost knock the heavy iron gate right off its hinges. Meiling hardly flinches from the shockwave and impact, though. It takes an awful lot to disturb her when she's sleeping, after all.

She's leaning against the wall a short ways from the gate, her arms crossed imposingly and her eyes lightly closed. Her silky red hair hangs about halfway down her back, swaying gently between her body and the red brick wall, while the ribbon-tied tips of her braids rest lightly on her shoulders. The color is really striking - it reminds you of flames, or rubies, or blood. Hm. Rubies are probably nicer. Either way, it looks really nice as it frames her strong but serene face and her delicious sun-kissed neck.

She's wearing her usual cool-looking uniform today, the one with the slightly-crooked beret, puffy white shirt and pants, a green vest, and a green dress that goes all schwa-schwa when she kicks. Her clothes are really modest, but even they can't completely hide her figure; her breasts swell out like a huge pair of meat buns, rising and falling with each deep breath as they're supported by her bare arms. Even while she's relaxed like that, you can still see the outlines of her hard, powerful muscles.

She looks really happy and peaceful like that, but it's pretty irresponsible of her to fall asleep on the job like that. You think a little punishment is in order~

"I came to visit you, Meiling! If you don't wake up and say hi to me, I'm gonna have to say hello to your body instead!"

Meiling doesn't respond, but you think the corners of her mouth turn up a bit.

"Okay, you asked for it..." You hold out your hands and spread your fingers, twitching them a little in anticipation, then press your hands right into Meiling's chest. That makes her flinch a little, forcing her eyelids to flutter a bit while she makes a small sound, but nothing more.

Mmm, she's so soft! Even with her clothes on, you can dig your fingers right into her breasts and knead them like a pair of giant marshmallows. They make for great pillows, too; she's just the right height to let you bury your head in them and nuzzle to your heart's content~



Suddenly, her arms shoot out and wrap around you, going from 'tight' to 'crushing' in an instant. She's squeezing you right into her warm, heavenly body, though, so it's not so bad. And it only drives your head even deeper into her chest~

"Just what do you think you're doing, Flan? Attacking a helpless, innocent woman is a crime, you know."

You manage to raise your head and look up to her face, where you see a naughty grin on her lips and a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

"Hey, you were awake the whole time. Doesn't that make you worse for not stopping me?" Helpless people also can't kick somebody so hard they leave a hole in the ground, but you don't mention that part.

"Oh, and you're talking back too! I'd better close that naughty mouth of yours right up~" Sliding her hands down , Meiling hefts you right up and kisses you.

"Mmm~ Mm?" She's happy to just press her soft, full lips onto yours, but you carefully push them open and push your tongue into her mouth. That's a pretty unexpected thing to do, and for good reason, but you need to start acting more assertive! In any case, Meiling just clamps down on your tongue with her lips and starts to suck on it, using her own tongue to tease the very tip. She tastes kind of sweet and spicy like fresh cinnamon and bean paste, and you can still smell the sweat from her practice this morning. Your eyes squeeze shut at first to cope with the delicious sensations, but open them to get a better look at her.

She's already taking your breath away, but the sight of her eyes could do it again. They're a really bright, pretty blue. Aqua, actually; she told you that once. A light kind of aqua, opposing her hair. That kinda fits: she can be fiery, but she can also be like an ocean. Peaceful, even serene, and not just when she's sleeping. Staring into her eyes makes your mind wander like that, making the kiss feel better and better until you're filling her hot mouth with moans...

You easily grow a big erection like that, getting pressed and rubbed against Meiling's soft breasts and firm tummy while she has her way with your mouth. She must notice you shaking your hips to grind against her, but she doesn't comment on it as she breaks the kiss and sets you back down on the ground. Instead, she changes her lewd grin to a bright, innocent smile and pats you on the head.

"It's good to see you again, Flan! We haven't had this kind of weather in a week."

"Yeah, I really missed you!" You lunge forward and hug her again, more platonically this time.

"It's kind of cold today, though. Why don't we go inside for a bit?"


You skip along behind Meiling as she takes you home to her guardhouse. The little wooden building is a whole lot smaller than your room, with just enough space for a bed and a cramped kitchen. It's where she lives, though, so it always seems warm and cheery inside. Meiling puts on a pot of tea, then joins you at her table.

"Isn't this a little too cramped for you, Meiling? Remi would probably give you a bigger place if you asked for it."

That makes her raise her eyebrows and widen her eyes, for some reason. "You think so? I don't know... I'm happy where I am right now." You can definitely tell she's hiding something, but you don't want to pry.

Fortunately, there's a ton of other things you want to talk about. You start to rattle off a whole bunch of other questions you thought up, from fairies to flowers to kung-fu movies. You're probably going too fast for her, but she does her best to keep up.

"Ooh! Marisa said that there was a big incident with an evil dwarf-princess a while back, and Sakuya came along to squeal at how cool she was. Did you get to go too?"

"Ah..." Meiling glances away, twirling one of her braids around her finger. "Well, I would've, but Mistress said I had to stay and watch the gate..."

"Oh. Then, what about the one where they fought over beliefs n'stuff? Everyone got to see that, right?" Everyone but you...

Meiling starts to blush a little, and looks away even harder. "Well, n-no, not that either..."

"Aww." Poor Meiling never gets to go out to incidents. Except for that one with the giant evil catfish, but Marisa said that was just a dream. "Did they want to punish you for sleeping again? Sakuya didn't stab you too much, did she?"

"No, no, nothing like that..."

Meiling trails off instead of elaborating. There's a bit of an awkward silence, so you puff yourself up and smile. "Well, they didn't let me go either, so we're the same!"

That draws her eyes back to you, and her ashamed pout ticks up a few degrees. "Aw, you too? I keep worrying that they're just going to forget about you one day."

The thought makes you shiver a bit, but you blow it away with a defiant head-shake. "Nuh-uh, that's never gonna happen! I have nice people like you and Sis and Marisa! And once I get a wife, she'll always be there to take care of me."

Meiling raises her eyebrows, but her eyes are more intrigued than shocked. "A wife, huh? Did Marisa get you thinking about that again?"

"Yep! She says I need to know how to satisfy my partner, so I've been training hard with her to become a good husband!"

Meiling's eyebrows go up further, and she leans back with a smile. "Oho~? And just what has that witch been teaching you?"

The bluntness of her question takes you off-guard. Even if you've done it, you're not used to really... talking about it. "Oh, um. The usual stuff. Touching her breasts, and... using my fingers down there..."

Meiling's eyes flicker with something like anger for a moment, but then they change to something you've never seen before. Kind of... devious? Smoldering?

"Oh, is that all?" Meiling rolls her beautiful eyes. "I thought someone like her would try something more interesting."


Meiling puts on a dangerous grin. "Why don't I teach you something really good? Something that'll drive any girl crazy..." She stands up and leans down over the table, far enough that her breasts are almost touching the wood while her soft breath and hair tickle your ear. "...Even me."

Eh? Is Meiling trying to... seduce you? She's offered to do naughty things before, but she isn't usually so... sexy about it. Just having her whisper in your ear is making you shiver, and now she's started stroking your chest...

"O-okay... please teach me everything, Meiling." There's no turning her down when she gets like this. Your answer gets you yet another type of Meiling hug: rather than trying to squeeze you into her, she just kinda wraps her strong, toned body around yours and holds you safe and close.

Only for a bit, though. Meiling soon releases you and backs off a single step, which puts her back almost at the wall. She undoes and sheds her vest with a few well-chosen motions, as easily as if she were doing one of her kata. The green garment to falls right away, leaving her in that poufy button up shirt. The material looks kind of dainty, but it must be strong to hold in a body like hers, huh?

She has that shirt off in seconds too, whipping it over her head and baring herself from the waist up before your eyes have time to widen. Her body is really a work of art, better than Remi's fanciest sculpture. You could definitely feel it whenever she hugged you, but now your eyes can feast on the sight of her toned, sculpted upper body. Meiling doesn't mind; she poses for a moment or two, bringing her arms up behind her head to spread out her flowing ruby-colored hair. A small smirk appears on her face when she sees how transfixed you are.

Her skin is tanned from her active lifestyle, even under her clothes... just the opposite of yours. It looks like it would be hard to the touch, but you know that isn't true. She's strong, but still soft and womanly when she wants to be. And of course one part of her was all softness. This isn't your first time seeing her enormous chest, but it's still amazing; her white wrapped bindings visibly strain to keep it in, forming a huge valley of cleavage you want to get lost in.

Those don't stay on for long either. As though you're witnessing a living waterfall, her chest is freed of its binding and the firm, huge, equally-tan orbs fall into their natural position; gravity tries to pull them down, but her fit body keeps them perking up. They separate a little without the cloth holding them together, heaving a few times as she takes some deep breaths.

The sight's enough to send your hand right down your pants, but she notices that immediately and clicks her tongue. Stepping forward again, she takes your wrists and pulls your hands up towards her breasts, encouraging you to plunge them right into the ample, inviting flesh. Not that you need much encouragement. "That's right... why don't we pick up where we left off before?"

Your eager nod is a foregone conclusion, and she allows you to just have your way with her breasts for a while. They're way too big for your little strong young hands, but you'll still try your best! She seems to enjoy the effort, moaning just a bit from the constantly changing warmth and pressure your hands provide. She even tosses her head back and moans a little at one point, her face starting to flush red with extra blood.

You cup her breasts from underneath and slowly push them up, suddenly glad you're stronger than you look. "H-How big are you, Meiling?"

"Eh?" She takes a moment to consider, apparently enjoying this support alongside her straining sarashi. "Hmm, it's been a while since I checked... I don't really remember. You'll have to help me measure them, Flan~"

You don't even know how to measure breasts or anything, but maybe that's the point. All you can say is relative things, like "Meiling, you're way bigger than Marisa or Big Sis or anybody else! Not just bigger, you're really really really gorgeous..."

"Oh, Flan, you're too cute!" This makes Meiling very happy, and she shows it with another smothering embrace. Her hands start to work off your clothes and run all over, getting you to start moaning as you feel their soft, warm pressure in one sensitive place after another. It feels really good to have a girl touch you like that, showing that she really likes you...

To pay her back, you move from just squeezing her mountainous breasts to playing with those rock-hard nipples, tweaking and gently squeezing them. She's been purring happily for a while, but after a few seconds of nipple play she's making nothing but rich, delicious squeaks and moans. If that's all it takes, then maybe a little suckle... You clamp down on her left breast and suck hard, like you're expecting to actually get milk.


You know you won't get anything to drink, though. At least not until she gets pregnant. Then she'd probably pour out a whole bunch and you could lap it all up. Oh, there'd be so much...

As your shirt and pants finally come all the way off, Meiling seems to remember that she still has clothes on as well. She lets out a little puff of air and slides her hands off your back, reaching down to undress herself completely without bothering your mouth and hands. It's understandably tough for her to pull them off when she can't bend over without disturbing you, so you reach out and start to help her out yourself, flashing an impish little grin as you switch your mouth to her other breast.

With four hands at work, it's not long before her skirt and then her pants are loosened and pulled down her body. As the layers get removed, you're treated to yet another exciting sight; Meiling's bare legs. If her upper body was perfect, then down below, she's, uh... really ultra-perfect! They're long and toned and tanned and curvy, built like legendary monuments to her hundreds of years of kicking bad guys. You've seen what they do to anybody who gets in her way, but that only makes it more sexy to know that she's letting you touch and play with them all you want.

Her underwear is kinda plain, all things considered, but the white panties are easy enough to tug down to her ankles. Meiling kicks them off herself with a couple sharp snaps of her legs, then turns her attention to you.

Meiling's strong, deliberate hands quickly yank down your underwear, and a firm but not painful hand suddenly wraps around your penis. It's already hard, but being squeezed like that immediately gets you throbbing and pouring out precum. You can see Meiling blushing and smirking over the curve of her breasts, and you can feel yourself growing in her hand. Not like growing-growing, just...

Aah, thinking is too hard like this!. You can barely form a thought with that squeezing... and now she's stroking you too, just sliding those smooth, strong fingers up and down and getting your thing all messy. Your hands and mouth falter as you start to throb and clench in pleasure, prompting a few chuckles from your partner. You want to play more with her breasts, but it feels too good for you to do anything... especially now that she's speeding up...!

"Goodness, Flan. For a husband-to-be, you're still pretty weak to teasing." You can feel her womanly giggles through her breast, bouncing her chest up and down. She might be really good with her hands, but two can play at this game! You pull away from her breasts with an audible pop, leaving a tiny trail of saliva to connect your mouth to her nipple. "E-eh? Hey, don't stop now, we've just gotten..." You must be smirking a little, because you see quickly breaks into a pout.

"You're weak to it too, if you started begging like that so soon," you retort. It's nice knowing that she misses your hands; you kinda want her to beg some more.

The only problem is that she's still strong. Not like strong-strong, you could beat her up - the very thought fills you with guilt - but in her spirit. She won't just sit back and let you turn things around on her. "Oh? Well, if we're both weak to teasing, then let's just move on to something else~" She plants her large, taut butt on the nearest chair and yanks you forward.

You drop onto your knees to stop from toppling. "Meiling? What are..."

Your words die in your throat as she reaches between her open thighs and spreads herself. You kneel there in stunned silence for a moment, erection pointing right up at her, still except for an occasional twitch of your wings that sends a tinkling through the silence. This is... Meiling's pussy.

She trims.

She's wet.

Like, really wet. It's obvious now that she's every bit as horny as you are, and she beckons for you to come closer. You don't need to go far before you've placed your whole body right between her wide open legs. Some part of you that isn't busy staring at her pussy notes that her thighs must be at least twice as big as yours... or is that just perspective?

Whatever. They're definitely the biggest, smoothest, and strongest ones you've ever felt. When you brace yourself against them, with one hand on each, you barely need to squeeze to feel how soft they are... and how they also resist your grip. Just beneath her skin, you can feel a powerful mass of muscles. While you're so close, your hair ever so accidentally brushes up against her most sensitive area between those tree-trunk thighs, and makes her wiggle. That's adorable.

All that's just a distraction though. She just happens to be absurdly sexy everywhere you look and touch... and the main course is right in front of you!

You do want it, but it's also kinda... scary. There's no other word that sums it up better, especially with the expectant way Meiling is looking down at you. "I'm gonna teach you how to use your mouth here, Flan. You'll make your wife really happy if you get good at this. Is that okay?"

"Of course!" Your answer comes out without any hesitation. "I'll do anything."

"Ah, such an eager young man. Well then?" Her thighs flex eagerly around you, and you feel like you've crawled right into a trap. As you leaning forward towards her slit, your nose is immediately assailed by a strong musk. It's strong, but also rich and sweaty and exciting. You could get used to it.

"Nothing to be afraid of, Flan. Just start out with some simple licking and get a taste for it. I'm sure you'll be hooked in no time~"

That's right. You aren't entirely sure what, like, an expert lady-pleaser person would do, but you'll just do your best and lick and suck and anything else you can possibly think to do with your mouth!

Not that much thought actually goes into it. You're acting more on instinct now, starting with slow, shallow licks to sample how she tastes. Her juices seem smoother, more fragrant, than the small sample you got of Marisa's. It's almost as good... or maybe it's better? You need to try more of both to be sure.

When you prod your tongue into certain spots, Meiling shivers and groans a little. It's kind of subdued for her, though, and so you keep looking until you find someplace more sensitive. At least you have plenty of feedback to go on~

You're not even really inside her yet, sheesh. Whatever you're doing, it's working pretty well.

Meiling rewards this with more delicious moans and starts to draw you closer, gently wrapping her thighs around your head and pulling you deeper in. If you were a human, you might start to have trouble breathing, but luckily you can just keep going at it for quite a bit. You can still hear when she starts to breathlessly coach you in between moans and gasps.

"Mmmm... I knew you'd figure this out. Just... don't be too gentle, okay? It's good to treat your lover like a lady, but sometimes you need to apply juuust a bit of force... especially if you're pleasuring someone like me."

Okay, then. Your tongue won't show any mercy! You've gotten used to licking around her now, drawing your tongue all around the soaked, folds of her spread pussy. You'd be happy to keep doing that for her, but she seems to want more. So, you firm up your tongue and drive it right into her, sending a violent shiver down her spine.


Gosh, she's tight. Tighter than a... uh... well, she's tight enough that your tongue has a tough time going any deeper! You have to really work at it.

As a consequence, your 'conquering' of her with your mouth gets harder and rougher until you can push past her body's instinctive clenching and squeezing, bit by bit. You don't want to be rough, it's just how it ends up happening, but you don't hear or feel anything that sounds like a protest.

Not that you can really tell. The firm pillows smushed around your head block out almost all sound, and their grip gets harder and harder and tighter and tighter as she gets more and more aroused. So, you're locked into place until she lets you go. While you still can't identify the taste of her pussy, you'll probably remember it forever after drinking so much. It's tough to keep up a relentless pace, but that's what she wants...

Trapped in here with Meiling's amazing taste and smell, it's easy to slip into a daze as your mouth tires out. You catch your hand halfway to your bare and still-fierce erection, and you have to make a conscious effort not to just start touching yourself. To keep your hands busy, you start to squeeze and stroke her long, powerful legs from knee to ankle. They clench and unclench the same as her thighs, her steely muscles stretching the soft, smooth skin into sheets of unbreakable steel.

Meiling's just so...


"T-there! Right there... Ohh, keep doing that and I'll.."


"Oh, F-Flan! Flaaahhn!"

Pwah! A hot burst of juice on your face startles you, like you just woke up from a really sexy nap. Meiling's cumming really hard all of a sudden, her love juices pouring out all over your tongue and your lips. There's way too much to swallow, so you end up pulling back to watch her cum once your mouth is full.

You've never seen anything like it before. Her body's usually so controlled and graceful, but now it's just thrashing around in pleasure, working her long hair into knots on the bedsheets. You can see the pleasure roll through her body in thick waves, tightening her muscles like powerful springs before letting them go slack and soft, only to do it again a moment later. Her sweat gleams in the light as she arches her back, and her huge, heavy breasts jiggle and sway around as they're brought along for the ride. On top of it all, her face is stuck in the naughtiest, happiest look she's ever shown, with her eyes rolled up a bit and her mouth wide open as she wails and moans your name.

Finally, she leans back in the chair with a long, happy sigh. She's still sweating and panting a little, making her chest heave hypnotically with each labored breath.
 No. 34530
File 139430911941.jpg - (340.32KB, 618x844, 13943054654.jpg) [iqdb]
"Ahh... it's been a really long time since someone did that for me. You were really good at it too, Flan~"

Your confidence swells up like a roaring wave; you've always reacted well to praise, especially about this sort of thing. Once you make up your mind to get good at something, you always pull it off! Usually.

You clamber up onto her lap like you're scaling a living cliff, settling eagerly against her larger, thicker form. It's only kinda recently you started to do this sort of stuff with her, so you still don't have every bit of her committed to memory. It's time to fix that~

A little touch is all it takes to get you hooked. You suddenly can't keep your hands away, running them all along everything they can reach: her arms, her thighs, her back... No matter where you touch her, she feels so strong. Even when she's flushed and relaxed and pillowy like this, you can still feel all that firm muscle waiting right under her soft, warm skin, just waiting to clench up harder than iron.

Of course, in a position like this, your penis ends up rubbing a little against her entrance. She's really soaked after that, and a thick, seductive warmth pours endlessly out of her slit. You can vividly remember how tight those walls were around your tongue; it'd feel so good to stick your penis in there and let her squeeze you dry with all of those hot, slippery folds. A bit of moving would get her crying out and moaning all over again, and then you could spray your cum out inside her and get her pregnant and milky. Just thinking about it makes you so hard it hurts, and you'd just have to move your hips a little to do it for real...

Uuu... Sorry, Sis, you can't--ah!

Meiling suddenly grabs you and pulls you further up her body, sliding your thing out of reach and crushing it into her hard tummy instead. Her bright blue eyes fill your sight, glittering with excitement again. You can't tell if she didn't notice, or if she was trying to stop you.

"Now, how am I gonna pay you back? Should I suck you dry with my mouth, wring it out with my hands, or... Oh, why don't I make you cum with these?" Meiling pushes out her chest to squish it into yours, hard enough that you can feel her nipples digging into your skin. "You can never leave them alone, after all."

Meiling's breasts...? She lets you squeeze and nuzzle and play with them all the time, but she's never used them for that you before. Is it... really as good as you imagine?

"Ahh... T-that sounds good, Meiling..." you groan. Her pressing like that also firms up her abs and rubs them your penis, crushing your erection so hard it almost hurts.

"Okay! I'm gonna give you the full course, so don't cum too early~"

As you push yourself upright with shaky arms, Meiling grabs your butt and pulls your waist even further forward. You end up straddling her just below her chest, with her breasts rising like a pair of small mountains in front of your crotch. She spreads her fingers and sinks a hand into the side of each, smirking and rubbing the bouncy mounds together before she lines them up with your penis. Even when your erection's at full size and pointing straight up, it only goes an inch or two higher than the tips of her nipples.

"There we go. Don't be shy, just put it right in..."

You can feel her strong, steady heart beat fast with excitement, and the soft flesh rises and falls a bit through her fingers as she breathes. You gulp and reach down to grab your penis, rubbing the underside against her heavenly-soft cleavage for a moment before setting yourself up to enter it. A bit of your precum leaks into the tight, narrow space, and you can just feel her breasts kissing your swollen, extra-sensitive glans. You lean over her and get a tight grip on her warm, smooth shoulders...


Just a tiny push into that plush valley is enough to make you twitch and moan, but you force yourself to keep going until you're completely buried. Well, not completely, since your tip pokes out the other side, but it sure feels that way.

You thought you'd know what to expect after groping her so much, but it must feel three times better than you imagined. Your penis is so hard and sensitive right now, and her breasts have this perfect balance of softness and denseness that makes them feel like the perfect squishy pillows. Not only that, it's so tight! It feels like they're trying to smush you with how hard she's pressing, covering every little curve and vein and smothering it with her plush warmth.

"Ohh... T-that's so good, Meiling..."

"It makes me happy to hear that, Flan. Why don't you try moving now?" Meiling blushes and smiles warmly at your reaction.

"O-okay." You dig your hands into her breasts from above, feeling her hard nipples press into your palm along with all the squishy softness you can handle. You can't resist just playing with them for a while; every little grope and squeeze changes the sensations on your penis, making it tighter or looser or firmer. She pulls her own hands away a little while later, using them as a headrest instead.

She's clearly waiting for you to start, and you're not gonna disappoint her now. So you just shore up your grip, pull back... and... thrust!

"Ahh!" Your whole penis twitches and tingles with pleasure as it's all stroked at once by her squishy mounds. You go a little slower next time, making the pleasure a little more manageable, and start to thrust steadily at that rhythm. Your precum's pouring right out now, making everything it touches extra-slippery... as if you needed Meiling's breasts to feel even better.

It never stops feeling good, but you at least start to get used to the smothering hot sensation, and you even start groping her again and playing with her nipples. She's so hot and slippery, and a naughty squishing sound squelches out from her cleavage with each thrust. Your wings make a little jingling as you push yourself back and forth, sounding kind of out-of-place next to you and Meiling's moaning.

Meiling watches you with a warm smile the whole time, her silky hair almost shining as it catches the light. Just as you think you're finally getting used to it, though, she closes her eyes and starts to kind of hum as well. It's really low and drawn out, making her huge breasts kind of vibrate on and on all around you. You thought it couldn't feel any better, but... but...!

"Hmmm-mm!" Meiling stops and catches your arms just a second before you fall right onto her. "Wow, you kept that up for a long time! I'm really impressed, Flan." She ends her praise with a quick kiss on your lips. You don't know if she's lying, but her words still make you happy.

Taking your soaked, aching penis out of her breasts for a moment, she sits you down on the edge of the bed and kneels down in front of you.

"Now, I'll treat you to my own special technique for cute little vampire boys! The longer you last, the better it'll feel~"

She grabs a breast in each hand and leans forward again, squeezing them shut around you with a loud, messy sqwush. You arch your back and moan at the sudden crushing pressure; your hips twist on instinct, but that just adds a hot, soft friction to the mix that nearly sends you over the edge!

You manage to yank yourself back this time, but you're not sure if you can do that again. You don't want to disappoint her, so you try your best to stay still while she calmly massages you with her breasts, steadily increasing and decreasing the pressure. Your penis gets buried in Meiling as she flexes her arms, then gently caressed by her soft skin as she relaxes.

After a minute of that, she starts to stroke you properly. That feels kind of like what you were just doing, but she has a lot more control over the pleasure than you did. She'll use her whole upper body to stroke you almost as fast as Marisa could with her hands, then crush you and go slow enough that you feel her hot, slippery flesh creeping along every inch of your penis...

"Come on, just a little longer..."

And then she starts to move them in opposite directions, making the friction even stronger! Whenever a nipple comes up near her mouth, she gives it a sweet little kiss before pushing it back down.

Moving around only makes it feel better, so you just sit there and lean back on your wobbly arms and moan right in her excited face she works you over,. There's no way you can hold on like this... Agh, and she's back to squeezing you again! S-so... so tight...! You're gonna...!

Just then, she raises her head and kisses you. The sudden touch of her soft lips, feeling her wet tongue plunging into your mouth and filling it with her sweet, spicy taste...


... It's like that flips a switch inside you, making you cum right on the spot. Things were hazy already, but your mind goes completely blank as the pleasure takes over. Your penis shudders between her breasts, making your eyes roll up as a long, thick shot of cum splatters out. Another one comes right after it, and then another, and another... Your arms give out and drop you right on the bed. Meiling breaks the kiss and just hugs her breasts with her arms, keeping them tight while your load sprays all over her. It gets on her face, her chest, and her hair, and seeing it happen only makes you shoot out even more. Is this... Did you really make her feel this good...?

"Ohhh...! Haah... Mei...Mei...ling...!"

It goes on for what feels like forever, and your head slumps down as far as it'll go when you're done. Meiling's cum-covered chest is just a few inches away, filling your nose with the thick, musky smell of your own stuff. Meiling's sex-smell was a lot nicer, but she seems to like this better. Pushing your head upright with one finger, she treats you to another smile and a quick, affectionate kiss. She looks so happy like that, blushing and absolutely covered with cum, and the sight makes your exhausted heart flutter.

"Mmm... You hardly ever cum like that, Flan. Was it really that good?"

"Y-yeah... Your breasts were amazing, Meiling..."

"I'll do it plenty more in the future, then."

Meiling licks off a bit that's near her lips, purring happily when she swallows it. The taste seems to get her hooked; suddenly, she's wiping off and licking up everything she can get, even lifting up her breasts to lick and kiss them clean. She looks really sexy while she does that, moaning all the while, but you're just too worn out to react.

Minutes later, Meiling's still messy, but now it's mostly from saliva instead of sperm. Seeing that your breathing's slowed down, she crawls back over and sweeps you up in a hug before dropping down on the bed.

"Ahh, I feel so relaxed now. Come on, let's take a little nap..."

Nothing sounds better to you, but a little worry sparks up in the back of your mind. "Huh? It's still the middle of the day, though... Sakuya's not gonna come and stab you for sleeping, is she?"

Meiling just chuckles and ruffles your hair. "Oh, don't worry about her. That scary maid won't dare come close as long as you're here to protect me!" She pulls you in even closer, kisses you on the forehead, and then settles down to sleep.

Ahh~ a sleepy Meiling's like a big, soft, warm pillow. Her breathing and her heartbeat are both so steady and soothing; you feel so safe when she holds you close, letting you cuddle with her big, strong, womanly body while she wraps her strong arms around your back. It'd be so nice to get married and do this with her every day...

But, sleeping with Marisa is nice too. It's definitely not as peaceful, what with the way she constantly mumbles and tosses and snuggles in her sleep, but you like being reminded that you're not alone like that. And then there's Remi...

Aw, this is too hard! You still don't know who to marry. At least there's no rush to pick. It's kinda nice being a bachelor. You'll think about it more later, when you're not cuddled up with a flushed and happy gate guard. She's so soft, and strong, and beautiful...
 No. 34532
>And then there's Remi..

Does Flan have not-so-brotherly feelings for Remilia?

And hey another great entry. I know it sounds kinda trite but it's a really good entry and contains the high quality one expects from you, and the others writing in this thread.
 No. 34533
I really appreciate that, it's a lot of fun to write this sort of stuff and I'm glad other people enjoy it, as well.

And yes, there will be at least one more in this little mini-series, as I understand it, and it will involve his sister.
 No. 34534
Have you been looking at any of the other suggestions that have been posted in this thread?
 No. 34536

Of course. A few of them might even get done. I'd encourage anybody who likes the ideas to give it a shot themselves, too. Anybody can contribute to this thread.
 No. 34538
or join #touhouporn on IRC and help out with the writing process!
 No. 34541
I don't exactly know how to write well, so how exactly would I help in the writing process? Would bombarding the people there with requests or ideas be any useful?
 No. 34542
Perhaps not 'bombard', but I have it on good authority (personal experience) that the people in that chat actually discuss writing and junk, and you can tea up with people for group projects using Titanpad, or just brainstorm and hash out ideas.

And it sounds trite, but the best way to get better at writing is to start writing. Get feedback and editing from others, etc.
 No. 34562
So how do I join #touhouporn on IRC, and do I have to create an account in Mibbit in order to do so? It asks for my email and such, but it's not going to screw up my computer or something is it? Will it constantly send emails to me or something?
 No. 34563

You don't need an account to use Mibbit. Just go to https://client01.chat.mibbit.com to access the client. Choose "Rizon [webirc]" from the "Connect" drop-down, then enter a nickname of your choosing and #touhouporn as the channel. Then just click the "Connect" button to connect.

Alternatively, you can download a free IRC client. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/top-7-free-irc-clients-windows-7/ has some suggestions.
 No. 34570
Seems like I can't get into Mibbit right now because it's always loading. Does that happen a lot?
 No. 35017
Is this still a thing?
 No. 35018
File 139848844430.jpg - (248.70KB, 1024x768, 519b24dafcfac339dca194ff47fb9576.jpg) [iqdb]
 No. 35019
What scenario are you currently working on?
 No. 35050
At the moment, there's an interesting draft involving a male Kogasa surprising two Sanaes and, welp... And a few other things, I'm sketching some tengu sandwich with female Hatate in the middle like the image in the OP shows in my spare time, and other various stuff.

Anybody's welcome, as always, to contribute either ideas, or actual stories, to this thread. It's a public project sort of thing.
 No. 35051
Anything involving Male Miko & Byakuren? Too frenemies who have a secret relationship, possibly keeping it secret from their subordinates? They really like debating with each other. Their struggles a representation of the age-old struggle between religious and secular authorities.
 No. 35107
File 139982177476.png - (958.58KB, 645x1000, the swaps.png) [iqdb]
You are Satori Komeiji, the sole heir to your family's fortune after the disappearance of your younger brother. You suffer from a condition that sharply limits your physical endurance, so you spend most of your time within the walls of your home and take all of your classes online. It's not all bad, though; you have a pair of loyal and attentive maids, a couple of very close friends, a dedicated tutor, a brilliant doctor, and two skilled physical trainers to look after you.

They're all gorgeous women, too. It's not a stretch to say you're rich in several different ways. Even though you live apart from your parents and most of their staff, you never have a single lonely day.

Right now, it's a cloudy Sunday morning. Your memory's a bit hazy at the moment, but you're safe and warm in your memory-foam bed under a set of soft sheets.

However, it seems you aren't alone. Somewhere to your left, you can hear another set of soft breaths overlapping with your own. Turning to that side, you come face-to-face with...

[ ] Your "head" maid, Rin Kaenbyou, who's watching you with a keen grin.
[ ] Your other maid, Utsuho Reiuji, who's sound asleep as usual.
[ ] Your fashionable friend and confidante, Yamame Kurodani, who's tossing and turning fitfully.
[ ] Your close friend and cooking mentor, Kasen Ibaraki, who just seems to be waking up herself.
 No. 35108
[x] Your fashionable friend and confidante, Yamame Kurodani, who's tossing and turning fitfully.
 No. 35109
[X] Your close friend and cooking mentor, Kasen Ibaraki, who just seems to be waking up herself.

One of these is not like the other, I say!
 No. 35110
[x] Your fashionable friend and confidante, Yamame Kurodani, who's tossing and turning fitfully.
 No. 35112
[x] Your other maid, Utsuho Reiuji, who's sound asleep as usual.

No love for okuu? For shame.
 No. 35113
[x] Your other maid, Utsuho Reiuji, who's sound asleep as usual.

Napping on the job, as bird is hard work
 No. 35114
[X] Your close friend and cooking mentor, Kasen Ibaraki, who just seems to be waking up herself.

This is gonna be fun.
 No. 35119
[x] Your "head" maid, Rin Kaenbyou, who's watching you with a keen grin.

 No. 35120
[X] Your close friend and cooking mentor, Kasen Ibaraki, who just seems to be waking up herself.

Here's hoping we get to see a hand job like that shown in >>/at/23319.
 No. 35121
[x] Your other maid, Utsuho Reiuji, who's sound asleep as usual.
 No. 35122
[ ] Your other maid, Utsuho Reiuji, who's sound asleep as usual.
 No. 35123
[x] Your other maid, Utsuho Reiuji, who's sound asleep as usual.
 No. 35124
[X] Your close friend and cooking mentor, Kasen Ibaraki, who just seems to be waking up herself.
 No. 35125
[X] Your close friend and cooking mentor, Kasen Ibaraki, who just seems to be waking up herself.

Pink on Pink please.
 No. 35129
[x] Your other maid, Utsuho Reiuji, who's sound asleep as usual
 No. 35131
[X] Your fashionable friend and confidante, Yamame Kurodani, who's tossing and turning fitfully.

Friends in sickness?
 No. 35132
[X] Your close friend and cooking mentor, Kasen Ibaraki, who just seems to be waking up herself.
 No. 35133
[X] Your close friend and cooking mentor, Kasen Ibaraki, who just seems to be waking up herself.
 No. 35134
While there might have been an okuu scene on /at/ recently, it was just towards some guy and not her beloved master. Odds are we'd get something much better as a result as Okuu's at her best when she's affectionate, not just horny.
 No. 35135
She seemed pretty affectionate to me in that /a/ stcene.
 No. 35136
File 139992839162.jpg - (525.34KB, 1000x823, b163f9aa6847af7266f5cf49cc5690f9.jpg) [iqdb]
Calling it here for waking up together with Kasen. Yeah, me and BSD are doing this as a joint project. It's the modern miracle of Titanpad that makes it possible.

Thanks for the incredible level of interest, and stay tuned.
 No. 35306
File 140167810835.jpg - (110.15KB, 850x784, baka.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Your close friend and cooking mentor, Kasen Ibaraki, who just seems to be waking up herself.


More precisely, you see the top of her head. Kasen's short, reddish-pink hair shifts about just above the covers, threatening to lose its small, crooked bun-covers. As you watch, she raises her head up a bit further; you catch a brief glimpse of her unfocused pink eyes before she shuts them tightly and darts back under, grumbling a string of curses.

It's a rare sight for the girl who usually acts like your big sister. You wouldn't call her a bundle of sunshine, but she always seems very calm, mature, and collected... even you have sex. Rather more than you'd like, to be honest. Seeing her like this is... well, it's just not right.

Not that you're feeling much better. Now that the drowsiness is wearing off, you're discovering that you have an unpleasant headache yourself. You must've had a wild time last night... especially since you can't remember it.

Thinking about it just makes your head hurt worse, so you direct your attention elsewhere. Rolling to the other side of the bed, you fumble your hand around on the nightstand until you finally find your phone. After a few clumsy attempts, you manage to get a text out.

Not feelimgwell. Cold you bring in brekfest for 2?

Sure thing, Master! Don't push yourself :3

Ah, attentive as always. The maids at your last place weren't nearly as competent as Orin. Or as beautiful, for that matter.

"Mmmngh... Satori?"

Ah, seems Kasen's making another attempt at getting up. This time, she actually manages to push herself upright, the covers sliding right off her smooth, pale skin... to reveal that she's completely naked. As she blinks her eyes against the light, your eyes can't help but settle on her round, perky breasts; they're far from the largest you've seen, but their healthy balance of size and vigor adds a lewd curve to her profile. One that her aprons only accentuate. She brings up a bandaged hand to cradle her forehead, the light muscle tone of her arm visible even through the wrapping.

This isn't the first time you've seen her undressed, or even the first time you've woken up together. Even so, you begin to stiffen with surprising ease.

Keeping one eye firmly closed, she turns the other to you.

"G'morning, Kasen," you mutter, your voice coming out more wheeze-like than you'd expected.

"Mmmmnn..." The morning sunlight proves too much for Kasen to bear, and she slumps back down on her back. Pulling the covers back over both of you, you crawl over to her and try to give her a reassuring cuddle. You lazily drape your arms over her warm, toned body and press yourself into her slightly larger, more developed form. She reciprocates a moment later, putting her arm around your sides and pulling you into a weak embrace. Her bandaged arm wraps around your back, while the other comes up to stroke your short hair. Despite her current condition, the motions are smooth and automatic.

Her comforting warmth surrounds you, and you can clearly hear her heartbeat and her long, groan-laced breaths. She smells like good food, as usual, but there's a distinctly boozy smell mixed in as well. Red wine, maybe?

You spend a while just snuggling like that, your headache fading, nearly falling asleep again in her weak embrace. It finally occurs to you to say something, but--

"You okay, S'tori?" Kasen asks, a bit more eloquent than before. That's like her, worrying about you first,

"Y-yeah. I 'm okay," you grunt.

"You don't look okay. Your skin's clammy, and you're breathin' weird ..."

Ah, this early in the morning and she's already going off. If you don't stop her soon, she'll worry over you for an hour.

"How're you, Kasen? You look worse." Right when she takes a breath, you muster your courage and jump in with a counter-worry

"And I bet you han't--Ah? Oh, um... I'm okay. Head just hurts."

That stops her, at least for a moment. You relax against her with a sigh, and wonder to yourself what happened and how you got in bed together, as your erection stiffens in your pants. It's pretty close to her thigh; she's probably noticed it, but she doesn't say anything.

"I guess you don't you remember either?" you venture. Kasen shakes her head and immediately regrets the gesture, groaning and putting both arms over her eyes. Whatever happened, you're willing to bet that Orin will remember. And recount it in great detail. And relish whatever it was. Ugh.

Hmm. Come to think of it, Kasen's naked from the neck down, but it looks like you're mostly wearing the clothes you had on last night. Your shirt's undone, and your pants are unzipped, but that seems to be all. Almost like someone got halfway through... savagely undressing you...

"Well, it's safe to say we were drinking..."

"Stallion's Reach '97..." Kasen adds, after tasting her lips.

"Mm. And... didn't Yamame 'n Parsee come too?"

"Ah, yeah. That'd do it." Yamame's enough of a party animal on her own, but when Parsee comes in after a long night on the job... And your maids were there, too.

"Yeah, we were all together, and you lost a game of Dead Man's Reach n' had to finish a bottle. Then Orin said something about how she was my favorite, and then you--"

"Eeee!" Suddenly releasing you, Kasen covers her face with her hands and rolls to the edge of the bed. "I remember! Stop it! Stop it!"

You'd obey her, but you almost never get a chance like this. "--you said you'd prove her wrong, and then you dragged me here..."

"Stoppiit!" She explodes like a (cute and embarrassed) volcano, jumping onto you and clamping a hand over your mouth. "You were just as drunk as I was, it wasn't like... I wouldn't just drag you away like some horny cave woman... Shut up!" A half-naked tussle ensues, with Kasen squealing pitifully as you playfully try to free yourself from her grip. The covers are thrown off the bed in the process, and you almost are as well; Kasen is fairly powerful, and you are, well, less powerful. At various points, you find yourself pressed beneath her stomach, squeezed in her arms, buried in her chest...

The struggle concludes with a still-naked Kasen rolling onto you and tightly grabbing both of your wrists... and putting a knee between your legs, rubbing up against your now-healthy bulge. It's just her knee, but it still feels warm and smooth and strong... She's breathing harder now, blushing from a combination of embarrassment and exertion, and her strawberry hair catches the morning sun nicely.

"W-well, you seemed pretty pleased with how things were going!" she says, smirking nervously as she nudges your erection.

Wow, this is really bothering her. She really does take her sisterly role seriously, doesn't she? It's... kind of a shame. She's too young for that.

"... Yeah, I guess I did like it."

"Eh?" Kasen wasn't expecting that answer. Her whole body locks up, and you can see the gears churn into action behind her beautiful pink eyes. The blush on her face intensifies, and she puts on an awkward smile as she releases your wrists. "Ha, s-so... what you're really saying is that... you like being on the bottom, hm?" She tries to sound teasing, but her voice is a little too husky to pull it off.

An opening! You hadn't expected it to happen like this, but it's time to tell Kasen how you really feel. It might not even be a good idea, but dammit, you are too hung-over to care. It'd sure be nice if this headache wasn't in the way, though.

"Well... there is that," you admit. "But that's not the important part. I'm not sure how to say this correctly, but... it made me happy that you'd feel compelled to do... that sort of thing."

Kasen stops smiling and tilts her head, intrigued by your words. She also finally stops rubbing you with her knee, as if she'd forgotten she was doing it in the first place. Relieved to be rid of that distraction, you take a deep breath before continuing.

"When we're cooking, when we're hanging out, even when we're in bed together, you always act kind of distant. Worrying, nagging, things like that. Sometimes, it seems like you're only taking care of me because..."

"Eh?! Th-that's not true, I--!"

"I know. It just seems that way." Her hands have weakened their grip as well, enough for you to slip free and pull her down onto you. Her weight is just bearable, and comforting. "You don't have to act so mature all the time. I don't like" you say softly into her ear.

"But, if I don't, then who--?"

Mustering your strength, you push her up and look into her eyes. They aren't quite as clear as usual, but they "I love you, Kasen. So, if you feel the same way about me..."

Kasen twitches and makes a small sound, as if your words themselves gave her body a shock. Her mouth moves like it's saying your name, but no sound comes out.

It's awkward.

Eventually, she recovers herself just a bit. Rather than yell, or argue, or throw pillows at you or anything, she just asks you a very simple question. "Really?"

Your answer comes without hesitation: you kiss her. Softly, and only for a few moments, just long enough to taste the lingering wine on her lips before you pull back. All this stress can't be good for you; your heart's beating fast enough that you can hear it. After saying all that, you hope you didn't misjudge her feelings. "Yes, really."

"Satori..." Kasen lowers her head and returns the kiss with surprising intensity, pressing you into your bed with her entire body. Her soft, warm tongue clumsily pushes through your lips slides around your mouth, making for an easy target; compared to the others, she isn't too skilled at kissing. Her smooth, bare legs nudge up your pantlegs and twine together with your legs, gently caressing them. The embrace she puts you in is tight enough to squish her breasts into your chest, though they don't lose too much of their shape, and you feel every twitch and rub from her healthy form as it weighs you down.

Eventually, she backs away, pulling the sheets up with her when she draws back. You can see a fresh blush on her face, and sheets rise and fall visibly with her excited breathing. After a moment of thought, she speaks.

"You want me to be more honest about my feelings? In that case... why don't we pick up where we left off last night?" she asks. Her voice is somewhat lighter than its usual sisterly tone, equal parts seductive and frightened.

"... That's a new tune from you." Before the pillows can fly, you hold up your hands. "But I like it! That's my only condition for being with you. Just be more honest about anything you want."

Kasen stares at you for a long, tense moment and you begin to worry you've ruined a promising situation. Eventually, she nods. "I'll try, but don't expect me to change myself overnight."

You hug her. That's the only way you can think of to definitely, positively avoid saying anything and thus keep things just the way that they are. Hugging her also feels very nice. You soon find yourself wrapped up in both the blankets and Kasen's hungry embrace, feeling her rather more intimately as her hug turns more erotic.

"Hey, Satorin."


"I love you too."

Your heart melts as she hugs you from the side this time, her bandaged arm drawing you close while she reaches down with the other. She affectionately kisses up your neck and the side of your face, sending shivers through your body while an experienced hand pulls down your pants and gently takes hold of your hard cock.

"Mmm, you really do like this..." She savors your reaction as she squeezes you lightly, making you tense up and moan just from that. Slowly, she starts to work on the shaft, swirling her palm around the precum-soaked tip and carefully rubbing down your whole length.

She's done this before... and more than this, but it's never been so... lustful. Once you've been lubricated from base to tip, she grabs the shaft with three fingers and starts to pump her hand up and down, a good deal tighter and faster than usual. A warm, languid pleasure quickly fills your cock, gradually flowing through the rest of your body.

As she cuddles you from the side, your face is partially buried in her cleavage - not enough to smother you completely, but enough to provide a wonderfully soft, inviting cushion. It also puts one of her nipples within easy reach of your mouth; you put your lips around it and start to suckle, running your tongue back and forth over the hard, warm nipple as she strokes. That's enough to make her seize up and squeeze you almost painfully for a moment, and her reaction only intensifies as your hand trails down her lovely stomach and finds its way between her thighs.

"Mmm!" The pink-haired girl lets out some lovely moans of her own as you slide your finger inside her, your penis twitching as you feel her tight, velvety pussy close around the digit. You slide it in and out at a practiced speed, fast enough to give her a good churning but slow enough to make her walls cling deliciously to your skin. If your mouth wasn't wrapped around her delectable nipple, you'd mention that she seems more sensitive too.

"Ah, that's good, Satori... Maybe I really will drag you off someday... Mm!" Kasen interrupts herself with moans more and more frequently as both of your excitements build. She adds a twisting motion to her stroking, and starts to flick your tip with her thumb; in return, you start to twist your fingers as well. Both of you end up twitching and moaning constantly, the fond tone of Kasen's voice making your heart melt. Eventually, you release her breast and scoot up urgently, to take her lips instead, driving your fingers deep inside her at the same time. Going in with two at once makes her mouth break away from yours, her back arching sharply to mash her chest against you.

"Kasen... I want to... inside you..."

There's a slick sound as she slides off your fingers, suddenly exposing them to the cool air. A wide, beautiful smile graces her features. "Ah, you really are a spoiled child... but, I guess I'm no better," she adds with a wink.

Kasen shifts over to straddle you, panting with excitement. Her bright eyes are hazy with lust rather than exhaustion, and her smiling lips part invitingly to let out her hot breath. Her breasts stand out eagerly from her chest, squeezed together by her arms as she reaches down to align your twitching cock with her drenched, cleanly-shaved entrance. With a lusty expression few have ever seen, she drops herself onto you you.

At this point, both of you are right on the edge. You can barely process the hot, slippery tightness inside her before she clenches, hard, around you and lets out a wild moan. The rush of sensations brings you right over the edge as well, and your bodies clench up together.

"Ahh... S-Satori!"


Your voice dissolves into a groan as she tightens even further around you, squeezing out a fresh burst of hot cum. You feel the first tremor of pleasure with your whole body, but the tension inside you fades into a thick relaxation. Your arms and legs both go limp, all your strength seeming to gather in your cock as it pumps out a large, thick, backed-up load.

Kasen, however, is a sight to behold. At first, she stays upright on top of you, pushing her healthy chest out as she moans your name over and over. The pleasure eventually becomes too much for that, though. She collapses onto you, controlling her fall just enough that you aren't painfully crushed beneath her, and continues her trembling wailing as she wraps her arms around you. The whole time, her pussy clenches and spasms wildly around you, not giving your penis a moment of rest. This close, you can hear and feel her heart racing, fast enough to outstrip your own.

Her arms and insides don't let go easily, not releasing you until she's wrung out every drop she can get. Your own vision is cloudy by the time she lets go of you, and your body feels even weaker than usual.

It's worth it, though. The small kiss she gives you confirms that.

"Feels good to be honest, doesn't it?" you ask. All that moaning certainly didn't do your voice any favors.

"Oh? Who made you the mature one?" Kasen playfully ruffles your hair. "I'll have you know I'm still your elder... and I won't be going any easier on you." She punctuates her statement with a quick press, as if to subjugate your upstart body. It does the job well enough.

Then your stomach lets out an impatient growl, and you realize the food never came. Letting out a soft sigh, you grope around (both above you and on the nightstand), eventually finding your phone and its single new text:


Sly cat.
 No. 35317
Very cute. I enjoyed seeing Kasen open up to Satori.
 No. 35329
Not bad at all but I think more of a story would have been better with this pairing than just a short scene. Someone who Satori would know (like say Okuu or Orin) would have been better for the short.
 No. 35558
File 140417433346.jpg - (155.54KB, 600x800, genderswapped Reisen.jpg) [iqdb]
I've got an idea at the very least.

Male! Reisen and Princess Yorihime.
Reisen is her right hand man before the events that cause him to leave the moon. But in private they are much closer.

But something causes a rift, and Reisen leaves the moon. Timeskip to modern day and the events of Inaba of the moon and earth, and Yorihime visits.

Awkwardness ensues.

Just a basic idea, but it was something I wanted to get out there.
 No. 35561
Would Toyohime know about their relationship since she was also Reisen's owner IIRC?
 No. 35562

She would. I imagine it would be hard to keep something like that a secret from her, considering the two sisters seem joined at the hip.

Also wondering about the issue of a child between Reisen and Yorihime and how that would impact things. Reisen would leave before the child is born.

The child (boy or girl) grows up not knowing who their father is until the events of Silent Sinner in Blue.

The more I think on this, the more I believe this should be more than a oneshot.

Thing is that I honestly don't think I could write the story (especially the sex scenes), but if my ramblings give anyone some kind of inspiration, I'd be happy with that.

Also this thread could use a little life in it.
 No. 35564
I think the suggestion of a child is a bit much for a thread that's primarily just about sex.
 No. 36296
File 141583760171.png - (1.00MB, 777x1100, 2502ce68acc784ca6c6b340f38fa0ffb.png) [iqdb]
There are many places in Gensokyo where one is right to feel anxious. The banks of the Sanzu, the Bamboo Forest, Alice’s fitting room… to this list, Reimu decided to add the Lotus Pavilion’s waiting room. Many tense minutes have passed in that cramped chamber, soaked in a heady mixture of nerves and anticipation. Its inhabitants, too, have been wide in their variety: humble craftsmen, village elders, famous youkai… even gods have spent their time in that room, sweating beneath a heavy coat of those same emotions.

Tonight, it was his turn. The young man did his best to laze about on his padded cushion, as he did every day at the shrine, but that easy carelessness just didn’t come to him tonight. His broad shoulders were slightly hunched, shrugging off an invisible stare, and small shivers disturbed thenormally-solid posture of his strong young body.

The shaman bit his lip in discomfort. He’d slept with women who would make an average human quake with fear, so even ladies on the Pavilion’s level were nothing new to him… but even so, he’d be in a heap of trouble if word of this visit spilled from a soft, careless pair of lips. And then, there was the matter of the woman he’d selected to keep him company. She’d seemed like a “safer” choice than the rest, but only if their half-flirtatious rivalry wasn’t about to boil over. In a place like this, that was far from certain…

At that moment, the door opened, and a professional yet girlish voice invited him out. “Good evening, Mister Hakurei. It is an honor to serve you tonight!”

Reimu acknowledged the voice with a grunt as he rose to his feet. He barely noticed the woman to whom it was attached, instead casting his eyes all over the dimly-lit hallway into which he was led. It seemed a simple corridor lined with nondescript rooms, but he couldn’t help trying to make out lewd silhouettes behind the white paper walls. It was no use, however; they were insulated from both sound and sight.

“Well, I see you’ve chosen the full-night option!” the girl said, attempting to fill the barren air. “And with one of our most popular girls, no less. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.”

“… Yeah.” Reimu patted a near-empty pocket in his robe, which had previously bulged with enough for months’ worth of groceries. The price had made him shudder in disgust, but at least he hadn’t had to use his own money. However, the small slip of paper that remained in his pocket continued to unsettle him.

The hostess left him to himself after that. After a short, padded walk that nonetheless seemed interminable, the woman stopped in front of one of the Pavilion’s many doors. “Here is your room for tonight,” she said pleasantly, gesturing with manicured fingers. “Your companion is waiting within. Please, enjoy yourself.”

With that, the woman pulled open the room’s sliding door, and Reimu promptly forgot all about her as he stepped inside.

A sweet, smoky fragrance lingered inside the cozy room, which was just adequately lit by a pair of small lanterns. A chair sat in one corner next to an expensive-looking futon, and two cushions lay on either side of a small table in the center. The furniture was well-chosen, and the well-maintained walls were both stylish and functional.

However, the most attractive part of the room was by far its occupant: the Demonic Chief Priest of Youkai Temple, Byakuren Hijiri. The monk kneeled with her eyes closed on one of the table’s cushions, her hands folded and resting in her lap. Her womanly features showed an expression of absolute calm, while her wavy violet-and-gold hair rippled down the sides of her signature black robe. She seemed to be deep in meditation, commanding his attention with her strong, slow breathing alone. It would have been extremely out of place for an establishment like this…

“Um… Byakuren?”

… If not for the way she was dressed. She was indeed wearing the flowing black robe with its interlaced straps across the front, but the pure white dress underneath was conspicuously absent. As a result, Reimu was treated to more than an eyeful of the mature woman’s extremely generous cleavage. Her robe was just tight enough to hold her huge breasts together, showing off their size and shape in the process. Curving out well past the sides of her already-broad chest, they were too heavy to maintain a perfect roundness and yet far perkier than they had any right to be. The black straps that ran across the gap in her robe sank slightly into those soft, inviting mounds whenever her chest rose in a mighty breath; the same action pressed her breasts against the fabric so tightly that Reimu could make out the small indents of her nipples. Of course, her breasts were only the beginning of her curves; the robe clung to the rest of her generous hourglass figure, and the black lowleg panties she wore around her wide hips seemed to be on the verge of snapping apart. The pale white thighs folded up beneath her made for extremely tempting pillows, and her forelegs were encased in a pair of silky-smooth black thighhighs.

Her eyelids fluttered open at Reimu’s greeting, the golden eyes beneath briefly showing a mischievous glimmer. Her full lips turned upwards in a warm smile, and her serene voice came out in a soft, motherly tone.

“Why, Reimu! What a pleasant surprise.”

“Yeah. Good to… see you.” Seeing nowhere better to go, he shuffled to the other cushion and kneeled down across from his companion for the night, taking care to look only at her face.

“Would you prefer sake, or tea?” she asked politely, as if it were normal for a scantily-clad head priestess to wait upon a shaman. “Regrettably, my beliefs do not allow me to drink the former.”

“Uh, tea is fine.”

“My, what a gentleman~” Byakuren retrieved a kettle from a small magical heater next to her. Her breasts hung down and threatened to overwhelm the straps on her dress as she leaned forward to pour his drink. Reimu quickly quickly turned his gaze to her hands; they were as pale as the rest of her, untouched by manual labor, and with a magician’s frightful dexterity. The nails on her right hand were colored a rich violet, and the ones on her left a lustrous gold.

“So, your beliefs won’t let you drink, but they’re fine with you working here?” he asked as she poured a drink of her own. Reimu had always thought Buddhism was strange, and this only confirmed his suspicions.

Byakuren brought a hand to her mouth and chuckled politely, her violet nails matching the upper half of her hair as they both caught the light. “It is a wonderful faith, isn’t it? I suppose some people would disagree, but I believe in my path.”

Even here, she was still calm and motherly. Reimu hadn’t spoken to her much after the first incident, but it was hard not to see her all over the village, patting heads and chanting chants and drumming up followers. She seemed to get along perfectly with almost everyone, always equal parts serene and witty. Whenever they did speak, she seemed to view him as a hotheaded young man rather than a religious rival… and it was difficult for him to see her as anything else than a shrewd, seductive bombshell.

“When you say it like that, it sounds like you’re not even trying. A morally bankrupt head nun, indulging her senses while she denies her disciples,” Reimu said, venting his discomfort into distaste. “If you’re not warming their beds as well.”

His words were a bit harsher than he’d intended, but Byakuren only feigned offense. “My, and you’re one to talk! Just what brings you here, hm?” Byakuren laced her fingers together beneath her chin and leaned forward flirtatiously, far enough that the tips of her massive breasts smushed comfortably onto the table beneath her. “I’ve heard about the harem you have going at your shrine. Are they not enough to satisfy you, that you must indulge yourself here?”

“No, no, it’s nothing like that. I…” If they were going to be together all night, it might be better for her to know. Perhaps it would even make her back off, though that didn’t seem very likely. Reimu sighed, glanced around the soundproof room, and couldn’t help leaning forward as well. It brought his face within a few feet of Byakuren’s, and her inviting cleavage constantly tugged at the bottom of his vision. “… I lost a bet.”

“Oh?” Byakuren tilted her head, her face showing concern while eyes gleamed with interest. These old ladies were all the same.

“With Marisa. I figured she’d just want me to drink her newest experiment or pretend to be her husband, but she told me to come here and spend the night instead. Told me I needed to broaden my horizons.”

“Hm-hm! Though, it seems strange of her to do that, without any benefit for herself.”

“Well…” He glanced down at his pocket and fingered the slip of paper again. “… I wouldn’t say that.”

“But she didn’t say who you had to pick, correct?” Byakuren asked. Reimu jumped a bit when he looked up; somehow, she’d slid over to his side of the table, and her curvy form was close within reach. He could smell her personal scent of old incense and flowery water undercut with a womanly musk, and feel the warmth radiating off of her. “I wonder, what made you choose me? Yuuka and Utsuho are both working tonight, yet you chose to spend the night with one of your bitter rivals?”

“Well, um…” Reimu rolled his eyes away from her, hoping to give himself a brief respite from her tempting form. That didn’t do anything about her scent or the heat, however, and the sound of her controlled breathing made it easy to imagine the rise and fall of her chest. One of her soft, curvy legs was rubbing gently against his, as well. There was a definite blush on his face, and he could feel his penis rising bit by bit…

“Anyway,” he said, rapidly shaking his head and scooting away from her, “I don’t plan on doing anything tonight. Marisa paid for everything, so I’ll just be going to sleep.” He’d figured that choosing someone he didn’t get along with would make that easy, but Byakuren was proving to be… uncooperative in that respect.

He started to make for the futon, but barely made it a foot. Byakuren came from behind to seize him in a hug, one that pressed her soft, curvy body tight against him. Her breasts spread out over his toned back like two mounds of warm dough, and her soft lips and softer hair brushed over his ear as she whispered.

“That’s a bit rude, don’t you think? For many people, the Pavilion is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Are you sure you want to let it pass by so easily? At least let me give you a kiss to thank you for your patronage…”

There was more than professional concern in her voice. He’d never heard her take such a rich, sultry tone before, but it was one that he knew all too well. Reimu knew that he’d be in trouble if he accepted her offer, but it was likely that she’d ensnared him already. After a moment’s hesitation, he grunted an acceptance and turned around in her grip…

… Only for her to lunge forward with him in tow, practically burying him beneath her as they both landed on the futon. Byakuren’s hefty weight, and a surprising amount of muscle, pressed forcefully onto him, threatening to flatten even his strong young body beneath an avalanche of curves. Her soft, malleable breasts spread out of his chest just as readily, while her stomach proved firm enough to compress his a little when she teasingly pushed down. Her long, healthy legs deftly entwined themselves with his own, and her strong arms pinned his at his sides… no part of him was safe from the warm, smothering embrace of his new partner.

And then there was the kiss itself. While Reimu was still stunned from the impact and his sudden entanglement, Byakuren turned her head and clamped her lips over his, forcing her soft, clever tongue into his mouth. Reimu shuddered at her confident intrusion, and grunted in frustration as he tried and failed to turn her away. Byakuren’s warm saliva trickled into his mouth, and she seemed to gently massage him with her whole body while her tongue swirled in circles over his. Reimu let out a few grunts of protest, but they were overruled by great, deep purrs that vibrated all over their entangled bodies.

The kiss broke with a wet smack a minute or two later. Reimu finally got a chance to breathe as Byakuren pushed herself up with her arms, blushing and panting in deep, heavy breaths. Her breasts swayed gently beneath her, threatening to spill out of a robe that seemed more and more flimsy by the second, while her panty-clad crotch rubbed gently back and forth over his clothed but highly visible erection.

“It was very lonely in Hokkai, you know. No matter how erotic or sensitive I made myself, masturbating there just couldn’t compare to another person’s embrace. So now, when I see cute boys like you running around…” An erotic tremor ran through her, and she smiled just a bit wider. “… It feels like I can hardly hold myself back.”

This wasn’t what Reimu had expected. He’d half thought her presence on the list was some sort of joke, and that she’d bust out the missionary act and try to sway him from the path of lascivity as soon as he set foot in the door. But, that certainly wasn’t happening; here she was, all her warmth and curves poised to bury him and milk him dry as she all but panted with excitement. He wouldn’t be getting much sleep tonight, he could tell. So, if he was going to be stuck here with a beautiful and dangerous rival…

“Ahh?” Byakuren jumped a bit as Reimu’s hands shot upwards, digging deep into her scantily-clad chest. Her massive rack nearly swallowed his hands, soft flesh peeking through the gaps in her silky dress. Her breasts were every bit as large and heavy as they had looked, and amazingly soft to boot. He wouldn’t hesitate to compare these breasts to Yukari’s; they weren’t quite as firm or as perky, but the size was nearly equal.

That was good news for him. He had plenty of experience with breasts like these.

“O-oh! Mmm...” Reimu kept his palms close against her as he slid them to the sides and pressed her breasts together, using the sides of her robe to help keep them in place. Even with a fair amount of pressure, he could only squeeze them to the length of her sides. In the process, they bulged around the straps, and her nipples dug into the fabric from behind once again.

The creamy flesh was just too appealing to resist. Byakuren's chest bounced back to its original shape as soon as he moved his hands; the straps on her dress were far enough apart that Reimu could force his hands between them, into a sea of warmth and softness. When he touched them directly, her breasts seemed to be even more squishy and pillowy, their hefty weight making them spill over the sides of his hands and protrude between his fingers.

Byakuren squealed as he gave her a commanding squeeze, pushing up to compress her pillowy breasts before he clenched his fingers. “Ahn! Oh, my… is the handsome young shaman going to have his way with me after all~?”

Reimu paused at that. This was just what Marisa had hoped for, wasn’t it? And with that seal he’d brought along, she’d be able to scry on them even through the Pavilion’s barriers… but Byakuren was so beautiful, and her breasts felt so heavenly, that he couldn’t resist.

“… Well, someone needs to teach you a lesson. Seducing people with these enormous things…” Reimu gave her breasts another tight squeeze, twisting his hands for extra effect as the youkai moaned seductively. “You call yourself a religious leader?”

“Oh… Please punish me, Mister Hakurei…” she giggled.

Reimu blushed and rolled his eyes.


Moments later, the shaman was sitting with his back to the wall, while Byakuren rested in his lap. His hands continued to work over her breasts, one staying outside her robe to squeeze and lift them from beneath, while the other slipped back into her garment for a more direct and intimate kneading.

“I had a feeling you dressed like this sometimes,” he said. It was probably one of the first things that came to a healthy young man’s mind when he saw that two-garment setup of hers.

“Mmm!” Byakuren’s reply was delayed as Reimu treated her to a long, firm squeeze, making her soft flesh of her puff out between his while his palm ground into a slightly-firmer nipple. “You’re not the only one. I just want to meet their expectations~”

Of course, a position like this pressed Byakuren’s plump rear straight into the straining bulge in Reimu’s pants. The monk’s clothing didn’t emphasize this part of her like it did her chest, but Reimu felt quite clearly that her ass was nothing to hide, as it all but smothered his crotch in pillowy warmth. She’d sway it back and forth against his length while he groped her, forcing his own moistened clothing to cling to it and stroke up and down.

Reimu had his head over one of her shoulders, in the perfect position for Byakuren to nuzzle her soft cheek against his and tease his neck with her soft hair as he groped her. It also gave him a fantastic view down her dress, letting him take in the full sight of her pale cleavage. The two massive mounds hid the rest of her body from view, aside from the long, curvy legs that shifted excitedly on the floor before her. Her nipples were also more visible than ever, their aching hardness visible even through her thin robe. Sliding his hands back under her clothes, he gave them both a firm pinch, forcing Byakuren to cry out and arch her back away from him. The same motion forced her bountiful ass right to mash onto his cock, making him grunt and shudder as well.

“Mmm… You’re so good at this, Reimu…” she purred, once she’d gotten her body back under control.

“You tell that to all of them, don’t you?” Reimu replied. He was gently rolling her nipples between his fingers now, tugging a bit every now and then to make her hiss with pleasure.

“Ah! E-even if I do, mmm, that doesn’t mean you aren’t~”

“Hmph.” Leaving those sensitive bits alone for the moment, he slipped one hand out of her robe and trailed it down her sleek, toned stomach… right to the flimsy panties she was wearing. The fabric over her crotch was already soaked through with juices, and it molded nicely onto her slit when he pressed with one finger. “Well, I guess you’re not lying about that part.”

“Iih!” Her healthy thighs and shapely legs suddenly tensed up into pillars at his touch. Reimu probed further with his finger while she trembled, finding her sizable clitoris and teasing it through her panties. Rather than cross those strong, sexy legs and crush his hand into her, Byakuren spread them apart a bit further and tilted her head back to kiss his cheek. “There too? Be sure to take good care of me~” she said, snuggling bodily against him.

He teased her for a few seconds more, listening close to her fluttering breaths and feeling the gentle tremors as he stimulated her clit and nipple ever so gently. This really was nothing like the enlightened front she put on in public.

It was nice teasing Byakuren like this, but he could feel that the bubbling desire packed into her curvaceous form demanded much more. Taking another deep breath of her scent, he redoubled his work with his hands; one hand sunk hungrily into an inviting breast, while the other entered her panties and thrust a finger right into her soaked, hungry pussy.

“Ahhn!” Byakuren bucked again in his lap, crying out loud enough to make him shiver. The warm, crushing pressure against his cock briefly increased threefold, and her breast nearly leapt out of his grasp. It was only after she’d relaxed again, still purring under her breath, that his attention returned to his finger. She’d welcomed his digit with a hot, cozy embrace, one that made his cock twitch eagerly against her rump. He could feel her fresh, hot juices running down along his finger, and her soft walls gently clenched and unclenched around him in time with her excited breathing.

Sensing that he’d need more than one finger to please this woman, Reimu quickly added another and began to probe around inside her. She wasn’t so tight as to crush his fingers, but he had to make an effort to move them through the hungry embrace of her walls. Byakuren let out a number of squeaks and moans as her explored her hot, trembling, and evidently sensitive folds, and the friction from all of her movements was transferred right onto his impatient length.

“Such strong young fingers… And so skilled, too..."

Reimu began to thrust with his hand now, carefully watching her reactions as he tried out a variety of speeds and angles. Driving them straight up let him bury his digits up to the knuckle in sticky, womanly warmth, but she shook and wailed in the most delightful way when he spread his fingers and twisted them inside her. There was plenty to do with his other hand, as well: simply stroking Byakuren’s smooth breast, covering the soft mound in tender squeezes, pinching and tugging that hard, vulnerable nipple…

Finally settling on a pair of techniques that she liked, Reimu redoubled his efforts with both hands. It was a bit difficult to please her breasts with that robe in the way, so he focused his attention mainly on one of her nipples. He devoted half of his full concentration to pinching , tugging, and rubbing the sensitive nub, and occasionally grinding it into his palm while he squeezed as much of her pillowy breast as he could handle. Meanwhile, his other hand was plunging into her with the fingers spread ever so slightly. It provided the perfect mixture of speed and friction to drive his already-quaking partner wild, but he had to keep his fingers carefully-spaced while her pussy spasmed and clamped down on him at random. He could hardly focus on his own pleasure as Byakuren’s pillowy ass pressed and rubbed up and down with a strength that must have been deliberate... but there would be time for that, he was sure.

“Ahh… Give me more, Reimu… I want to… I want to…!” The longing was clear in Byakuren’s voice as she started to buck onto his hand, burying his fingers to the hilt inside her. The shaman obediently sped up his movements even further, idly wondering who was really in charge here. Byakuren’s moans grew louder and louder, and her movements more and more violent; she threw back her head to moan, and he couldn’t help taking her inviting lips for a kiss.

“Mmmm…!” Byakuren’s tongue was much less coordinated now that she was in the throes of passion, but the sheer force with which it pressed into Reimu’s still gave him all he could handle. Her voice poured out unrestrained from her throat, the moans so strong and lustful it felt as though they might burst from between their mouths. Finally, Reimu pinched hard hard on her nipple and jammed his fingers in with a sharp twist, and Byakuren achieved her slice of paradise.

“O-oh! Hiaaah!” Suddenly breaking the kiss, Byakuren wailed into the air with pure, unrestrained pleasure. Then she promptly collapsed, seeming to drop her full weight into Reimu’s arms. He pulled his hands out and simply held her as she came. A small jet of arousal ruined her panties as she quaked from head to toe, eyes hazy and mouth hanging open. Her convulsions battered him with waves of warm pressure, making him feel as though the woman was slowly flattening him beneath her lustful, moaning frame.
 No. 36297
File 141583768019.jpg - (214.45KB, 850x1133, 16f1d0c31c4d7895585e2a71db5f07fd.jpg) [iqdb]
As the tremors gradually died away, the amazed look on her face faded into a glazed, happy smile. Feeling like he’d just weathered a typhoon, Reimu breathed in deep and held her in his lap, trying to ignore the impatient throbbing between his legs.

Byakuren, however did not ignore it, nor did she stay out of action for long. Soon, she turned around in Reimu’s arms and treated him to a short kiss on the lips, still blushing and panting lightly after her orgasm.

“You’re certainly as skilled as I thought, Reimu. All those girls at your shrine must make for good practice,” she purred.

“You say that like you want to join them.” Reimu gently trailed his hands down Byakuren’s back. She’d gotten a bit sweaty just now, and her robe now clung deliciously to her body, leaving no bit of her curvy waist to the imagination.

“Oh, you really shouldn’t tempt a holy woman like that…” she giggled. Then, locking her hands together around Reimu’s back, she promptly stood up and picked the surprised shaman up with her. Rumors of her strength were understated.

“But you’ve done enough for me, haven’t you? You are my honored guest, after all…” Byakuren’s words trailed off into a soft kiss, one that seemed at odds with the way she carried the shaman up in her arms. She was taller by a few inches, so his feet stayed off the ground as she began to move. Reimu would have struggled, but it was not too disagreeable staying in her strong, motherly grip, feeling her womanly form press into him as she carried him to the chair. Her large, squishy breasts molded over the whole of his chest, digging her nipples into his pecs through two layers of clothing, while his hardened abdominals met their match in her warm, surprisingly firm stomach. He hadn’t noticed before, but she seemed to be hiding a smooth, graceful array of muscle beneath that equally-smooth skin.

It only took a few seconds for Byakuren to reach her padded destination. Depositing him on the chair, she descended humbly to her knees, the violet nails on one hand catching the light as she brushed aside her wavy hair. Suddenly she was back to being a blushing courtesan, as if she hadn’t just manhandled the most important man in Gensokyo.

“Now, please permit me to service you, Mister Hakurei…”

She placed a warm hand over the imposing bulge in his pants, smiling softly as she stroked her palm up and down. She could surely feel his powerful throbbing beneath the fabric, and didn’t hold herself back for long. Her hands gracefully pulled the garment open, allowing it to fall limp at his ankles. Less limp was the large, dripping erection that sprung free; it cast a shadow over Byakuren’s face, drawing a pleased gasp from the Buddhist’s lips as she covered her mouth with a coquettish hand.

“My! You’re even bigger than I’d imagined, Mister Hakurei. And so excited as well… I’m very flattered.”

She closed her eyes and bent forward, firmly planting a small, wet kiss on his tip. Reimu felt the slightest hint of her tongue between the smooth, moist lips, and shuddered slightly as she sucked out a bit of fresh precum. Byakuren drew back for a moment, licking her gleaming lips, and then closed a hand around the base of his erection. Bringing her mouth to the root this time, the lustful woman began to glide her large, wet tongue across every inch of his cock.

“Mmh… You’re good at this too, Byakuren…” Reimu grunted. A pleased chuckle was the only answer he received. Byakuren continued her work for a full minute, rooting out every one of Reimu’s sensitive spots in the process. Once she’d covered his impressive girth in a shiny coat of saliva, she fastened her full lips in a tight seal around his tip. Gradually, she descended down the whole thick length, licking over all his weakest spots and sucking in slow, powerful bursts. Reimu tilted his head back and allowed an unfiltered groan as his whole cock was immersed in the warmth of Byakuren’s mouth, squeezed and sucked on as her tongue caressed it from every angle. She hardly paused when he reached her throat, which promptly tightened around his tip as she descended even deeper.

“Mmmmph…” Byakuren finally opened her eyes, hazy and lustful, to stare up at her partner. Reimu felt himself shiver as the vibrations in her throat danced over his cock, at the same time as she sucked on him in strong, deep bursts. As a magician, she didn’t need air to survive, so she could keep him like that for as long as she wanted…

Which turned out not to be very long. She slowly rose back up, bringing a hand to carefully stroke his saliva-soaked length as it emerged from her mouth. When the head was all that remained, she tightened her lips and treated him to one last burst of suction before pulling off with a wet pop, her smiling lips still moist.

Reimu’s cock twitched madly as he caught his breath, having been stimulated almost non-stop by the horny monk. Byakuren smiled proudly at the sight, slowly licking the mess off a finger. “Ahh… it’s delicious, Reimu. I can’t wait to have a taste of your seed… though I’m surprised you didn’t let it out just from that~”

Reimu drew himself up a bit, furrowing his brow as he blushed. “I’ve slept with Yukari, you know. I have some self-control. ”

“Ah, just so! In that case, I won’t need to hold back~” Straightening up as well, Byakuren moved her hands away from Reimu’s lap… and beneath her own breasts, which seemed like they might spill from her hands as she pushed them up with her palms.

“Now then, how would you like to sample these?”

The shaman’s reply was a foregone conclusion. Reimu had been able to fit his hands through the gaps in her dress, so it was a simple matter to slide his cock through one of the holes beneath her cleavage and into the breathtaking embrace of Byakuren’s breasts.

And it truly was breathtaking. Reimu was proud of his size, but his length was almost completely smothered by Byakuren’s huge, pillowy breasts, which simply buried in a mountain of luxurious, pacifying warmth. Even Yukari’s weren’t this soft; without her even moving, Reimu could feel Byakuren’s breasts molding onto the shape of his cock, the better to cover every inch with her heavenly plush. The sensation wasn’t limited to his penis, either; even with her robe still on, Reimu felt those amazing mounds settling onto his stomach and thighs as well, gently rubbing and weighing them down.

All that was without mentioning the beautiful woman those breasts were attached to. Byakuren laced her fingers over the top her chest, her two-colored nails gleaming alongside her two-colored hair as she smiled up with equal brilliance. “Well? I’ve seen you stealing looks at them, even before tonight. Do they feel as good as you hoped, Mister Hakurei?”

Reimu gulped a little and nodded. Even to a man surrounded by bountiful chests, Byakuren’s had held a special appeal. They’d seemed out of place on a woman of her station, and yet she’d made no effort to hide or restrain them, even emphasizing them with that outfit. He’d had to wonder if they were really as large and lewd as they seemed… and now he had his answer, wrapped snugly around his erection. She giggled at his reaction, the slight bouncing of her breasts enough to cover his length in feather-soft caresses.

A moment later, she began to pleasure him in earnest. In a half-dozen different ways, she gently stimulated his saliva-soaked penis with that enormous, pillowy chest: pressing down from above, hugging her arms around the sides, swaying from side to side… every new trick made him shudder and grunt as his cock was squeezed, rubbed, caressed, and smothered. Byakuren kept up a serene, blushing smile as she worked him over, occasionally lowering her head to grace his tip with a wet moan-laced kiss.

Eventually, she began to stroke him as well. Her oversized, oversoft chest wasn’t well-suited for the usual up-and-down motion, but that didn’t stop her. Instead, she moved towards and away from him, dragging her breasts across the sides of his length as she squeezed the mounds together. When she pulled back far enough, the straps of her dress caught on the base of his length, pulling his cock down to immerse it completely in her warm, heavenly cleavage.

Reimu’s voice leaked out in grunts and moans, the pleasant throbbing in his penis growing stronger with every minute… but he was still far from the edge. If she kept up a slow burn like this, he would last for ages, and he wasn’t sure if he could hold himself back for that long. Not that she seemed like she would mind if he simply took her by force, but…

“What’s wrong, Reimu? Are my breasts not good enough?”

“Ah?” Byakuren’s quiet, teasing voice snapped the panting man from his trance-like state. “N-no, it’s just…”

Byakuren cut him off with a knowing chuckle. “Oh, not to worry. I’ll show you something even better now…”

Byakuren raised her hands and closed her eyes. The smile faded briefly from her face as she spoke a strange incantation, but only for a moment; soon, they reopened with as much lewd excitement as ever, and her hands began to glow with a faint white light. Slowly, she brought them down to her chest, letting them sink into the sides of her breasts.

“Oh, so you can use your magic for… ngh!” Reimu cut himself off with a grunt as Byakuren’s breasts began to shift. They stayed as large as ever, but they seemed to… solidify, against his length, changing from a plush, doughy mass to a pair of still-soft but very round and perky orbs - ones that squeezed down on his cock with renewed vigor as her robe strained to contain them. Her fingers gradually emerged as her breasts firmed up beneath them, until they sunk in only the slightest bit.

“My magic? Indeed. In Hokkai, I had all the time I needed to experiment~”

As she flirted, Byakuren pressed into the sides of her rack as if to bury him once again - but this time, her breasts held their shape better as they squished together, and the pressure was transferred straight to Reimu’s length as she all but crushed him from base to tip. While they didn’t envelop him like a pair of silky, squishy pillows, the slick, sweltering vise-grip they put him in instead was just as incredible.

“Shall we carry on?” Byakuren asked, as Reimu was still shivering and grunting. She shifted her grip a bit to grab her chest from beneath, dug her fingers back in, and returned to the business of pleasing her client. Her robe was just tight enough to hold her breasts together, no doubt by design, so the monk was free to focus on sliding her flawless breasts up and down. At the same time, she continued her earlier back-and-forth movements to treat him to two dimensions of stroking. She used her whole upper body to stroke him relentlessly, licking his swollen, sensitive tip whenever at the end of every stroke.

Byakuren had evidently done this many times before. Despite the changes her bust had just gone through, she handled it just as deftly as before, if not moreso. Sometimes she focused on the up-and-down axis, alternating the pressure between his throbbing shaft and his leaking tip, and sometimes she focused on the other axis, grinding her bountiful plush into his shaft as she rubbed him. A few strands of silky hair found their way into her massive cleavage as well, where they twisted around and clung to his moistened length.

“Nnngh… a-ahhh…” Reimu finally broke into moaning from the delicious mixture of heat, softness, and friction, slumping back in his chair and surrendering his cock to the courtesan. Byakuren’s smile only widened as she sped up her movements, lavishing affection on his tip whenever it poked through the straps above her cleavage. Her tongue always seemed to find the spot where he was most sensitive, driving him into fits of shuddering and moaning with a mere touch of intense warmth and moisture.

Soon, it seemed that he was trembling more often than not, and Byakuren could feel his throbbing quite clearly between her aroused and sensitive breasts. With the dress still covering her, his only clue as to her own arousal was the healthy, shameless blush on her face, and the large, hard pink nipples that just peeked into the space in the middle of her dress.

“Are you going to cum now, Reimu? Your penis is throbbing so deliciously… Please, release to your heart’s content.” Dropping all pretense of delicacy, she folded her arms and pressed them into the sides of her breasts, crushing his length harder than ever between her breasts as she finished him with relentless, milking strokes.

“Ahhh… B-Byakuren!” A sundering pleasure shot through Reimu’s penis, making it clench up almost painfully in her pillowy embrace. Byakuren felt it as well, and she was able to close her eyes well before a thick shot of cum exploded from the tip, splattering onto her lovely face.

With that first shot, it seemed as if a floodgate had opened. Reimu’s head dropped back and his eyesight blurred as his hips and penis quivered and clenched of their own accord. Byakuren hastened to wrap her lips around the tip of his penis, letting his semen fill her mouth as fast as she could drink it down. It overwhelmed even her, however, and she had to pull off and swallow while his cum continued to pump out all over her robe and breasts, first in weak spurts and then in a slow, warm white stream.

By the end of it, her cleavage, clothing, and face had all been thoroughly soiled. With her mouth still hanging open, she slid off and let her breasts slap messily back onto her toned stomach. “Ahh… so thick, so rich~”

Reimu pulled his head back upright, panting from the exertion. Even for him, an orgasm that fierce was rare… Byakuren didn’t seem tired at all, though. Sucking some leftover cum off of a shining violet nail, she reached back with her other hand to untie her stained garment.

“It’s fortunate that the staff here does my laundry as well. I’d have such a hard time explaining this to Nazrin…” Byakuren chuckled as she shrugged off her dress at last, leaving her in nothing more than an undersized pair of black lowleg panties and an equally-tight pair of thighhighs.

By then, Reimu had managed to shrug off the sluggish afterglow and return his eyes to his partner. Once again, his eyes were drawn to her bare breasts. Even though he’d just felt them so intimately, Reimu couldn’t help but stare at them. Finally freed of the robe’s grip, he could take in the sight of their full roundness as they heaved gently atop her, curving past the sides of her chest. Her enchantment seemed to have worn off, but that only made the plump mounds seem larger and heavier as they hung from her chest. A hard red nipple rested in the center of each, the brazen apex of an already-shameless display. The outer curves were pale and pristine, but the space between the two mounds was soaked with shining saliva and milky-white semen. A small trail of his seed leaked down past her navel, over a soft stomach bearing the faint suggestions of indomitable muscle... and down to her most sacred place.

With her robe gone, he could appreciate just how little those panties covered. The strings were tied in long, playful bows just beneath her child-bearing hips, allowing her to proudly display a statue-worthy mound of Venus. Her previous orgasm had colored the dark fabric to an even darker shade, and it clung to her clit and labia like a silky second skin. Byakuren didn’t try to hide it when she saw where he was looking, instead spreading her thick, milky thighs a bit further apart.

“Ahh… this body is a dangerous thing, you know. In public and in the temple, I feel myself covered in the stares of human and youkai alike. If I ever lost control in their presence, who knows what might happen? I can only undress and relieve my desires in the bath… and here.”

“Hmph. I’ll bet that’s just how you like it,” Reimu muttered, rising unsteadily from the chair. He was amazed by the sight, but he was also no stranger to old ladies shamelessly flaunting themselves. Also, he wasn’t about to let her titfuck go unanswered. He entrenched his rough fingers in one of her breasts and drove his other hand beneath her thighs, pressing against her plush lips through panties thinner than his slimmest ofuda. She didn’t resist all, instead praising him with a sultry moan.

Byakuren chuckled at his accusation, a deep, mature sound that bounced her chest beneath his fingers. “More than you know, Reimu. It’s always such a trial to hold back until I can spend the night with a strapping young man…” She guided his hand back up to her other breast, closing his fingers around the pliant flesh in an even tighter grip. Then, she offered up her mouth, and Reimu drove his tongue straight between her lips.

While the shaman ravished her mouth and chest, Byakuren daintily tugged on the long strings keeping her panties on. The knots snapped at their chance to snap apart; the soaked, miniscule piece of clothing clung to her for a moment, but soon drifted lazily to the ground. Despite the fact that his fingers had left them slightly agape, her pink lips and hard clit still managed to look pure and demure in the lanternlight. Byakuren relieved the shaman of his shirt and lowered a hand to his crotch, where she found his length hard and throbbing once again. She took his shaft in a reverse grip, stroking him feather-light with hands that could crush boulders.

The two of them stared into each other’s eyes and traded moans back and forth, as challenges rather than expressions of love. Even now, they were rivals. Reimu kneaded the Buddhist’s plush breast and rubbed her lower lips with just enough force to make her tremble, while Byakuren twisted and pumped her hand over Reimu’s slick length with breathtaking grace.

Byakuren broke the kiss a minute later, filling the room with a wet smack that seemed to echo off of every surface. “Well, it seems neither one of us is satisfied. Shall we continue?”

“Don’t keep me waiting,” Reimu grunted. Against a healthy, hungry beauty like Byakuren, snark was his last refuge.

“Oh, such a demanding lover~”

The lady of the night gently removed Reimu’s hands from her body then laid back over the futon. While her pale thighs spread outward, she pointed her black-sheathed feet inwards like a silky pair of forceps. She arranged her long, wavy hair to fan out beneath her, gold and violet equally radiant as they covered the sheets. Her messy breasts retained some of their roundness, though the soft mounds did spread out somewhat over her chest and stomach. However, her arms helped to hold them in shape as she reached down and squeezed them from the sides. One arm curved around to support them from below, while her other hand reached straight between her legs. She spread herself demurely, framing the deep pink of her entrance between a pair of golden nails.

Even from several feet away, Reimu thought he smelled the heady puff of arousal that escaped her. The lamplight doted on the pure, clear liquid leaking out from her depths. “Go ahead, honored guest…”

Reimu glanced over his shoulder, at an inconspicuous and frankly random patch of the ceiling. Marisa was surely laughing herself hoarse, or else feverishly masturbating… but damn it, he couldn’t stop himself. He brought his thick, dripping cock to bear on his lustful partner, smoothly rubbing it against her soaked lips. Even for a woman of Byakuren’s stature, his penis simply looked massive pressed against her soft gently-spread lips.

“Are you sure you can take it? I’ve fucked Yukari with this,” Reimu said, grinding over her clitoris now. Byakuren moaned at that, arching her back just enough to draw his eyes to her massive breasts as flashes of muscle rippled through her waist.

“Ohhh… Are you suggesting I’m less of a woman than her? Put it in, and we’ll find out~”

Reimu almost smirked as he drew his hips back, a slow, ponderous motion that had Byakuren groaning in anticipation. Then, he grabbed the base of his cock and brushed the tip over her entrance, teasing her just a bit more as he lined himself up. Finally, he settled his hands into the curve of her waist and slid straight into her.


That put a stop to her pleading, but gave rise to a new flood of luscious moans. Reimu wasn’t trying to fill her slowly, but her own body kept holding him back; the woman was as tight as a girl three quarters her size, and her constant shudders and clenching frequently stopped him in his tracks. Not that he minded feeling her squeeze him, or seeing her voluptuous body writhe beneath him. The shallow folds of her velvety walls were drenched in sultry warmth, and wet as a tengu in heat. Every time she clamped down on him, he could barely hear a lewd squelch beneath her moaning as she wrung another burst of hot juice out around his cock.

Half a minute later, Reimu finally reached the monk’s cervix, bathing the last inch of his length in her juices. He threw in a little grind at the end before she could recover, knowing how it drew his other lovers wild. Byakuren proved to be no different, arching and twisting her many curves on the futon beneath him.

“Aah, Reimu…!” She held her toned arms up towards him, squeezing her breasts between them as she stared up with glassy eyes and a blushing, motherly smile. “Please, give me more…”

Reimu had to stop himself from simply falling onto the curvy woman. Her huge, pillowy chest and smooth stomach looked very inviting - perhaps too inviting. He knew too well the consequences of falling into a youkai’s clutches, and would not allow Marisa the excitement of seeing him dominated by one of his bitter enemies.

So, instead of accepting her invitation, he seized her creamy thighs and pushed himself upright, settling onto his knees. With a single tug from his powerful arms, Byakuren was pulled sharply onto his cock, her plump ass coming to rest in his lap.

“Mm!” The impact was enough to make her close an eye and moan again, forcing a small grunt from her partner as she tightened with far more force than he expected. When she recovered, she managed to put on a blushing pout that would have melted a weaker man’s heart. “How cruel, Reimu. I won’t forget this next time we meet!”

“Is that so?” Reimu carefully pulled his hips back, revealing half his soaked length to the room’s dim light. Then, he pulled on her arms and pushed with his hips, slamming back into her. Her walls squeezed as tightly as before, but they couldn’t hold back the thick, powerful cock that forced its way into her depths. “I’m sure you’ll remember this, too.”

Byakuren’s reply was trod over by moans as he began to thrust continuously, churning her plush insides into mush with sharp thrusts and forceful grinds. They wrapped around him in a different way every time he filled her, and even her cervix seemed to suck on his tip whenever he pressed into it. Even when constrained from the sides by her arms, her heavy, messy breasts still bounced a little with every thrust.

“Aah! Haahhhn!”

For a minute, it seemed like she was fine with this position, just lying back, moaning, even drooling a bit as she accepted Reimu’s cock. However, she eventually began to twist her hips counter to his, tightening and grinding forcefully over his sensitive length. While he was left grunting and struggling to keep his rhythm, she pulled and twisted her strong arms free from their captivity. She locked her fingers around his and gently diug the manicured nails into his skin; Reimu noted it without stopping, glancing up to see a smile on her blushing face.

“Ah! Mmm…hm~!”

Then, quite suddenly, she caught him. First came a disarming squeeze from her pussy, one that lasted for seconds on end. It seemed she had far more control over that than she let on. However, that squeeze was only the precursor to a second one, this time from her legs. The long, sexy limbs locked together around his back to squeeze him with womanly curves, firm muscle, and taut, smooth skin, all encased in silky fabric.

“There’s no need to hold back like that, Reimu. It won’t be any fun if I just lie here, will it?” She tightened her grip on his hands, and resumed their lovemaking at her own hungry pace.

Now, he thrusted at the whim of her legs. His movements were hardly noticeable next to those of the horny woman, who ceaselessly pushed and pulled herself onto him. Her legs would scissor shut and bury him to the hilt, nearly crushing his waist in the process as her soaked walls enveloped and massaged his cock. Then, she would loosen her legs and slide off, spilling fresh, bubbling juices onto the futon.

“Nnngh… Byakuren…”

Reimu’s body was like a plaything in her embrace. Her pussy worked in perfect concert with her legs, loosening as she slammed him in and then tightening while she slowly pulled him out. She moaned louder than ever as she forced him to ravage her pussy, and the trembling shaman’s own voice was nearly as loud.

He would be squeezed dry if she kept this up.

“Ahh… you don’t need to… push yourself, Byakuren.”

“Hmm? It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“It does… but I can make you feel better.” Reimu made a slight change to his angle, and threw his hips forward a split-second before Byakuren could pull him in. He tore into her with a powerful thrust, aimed straight at her most sensitive point. Byakuren’s legs only added to the pleasure when they squeezed shut around him, grinding his tip in even harder.

“O-ohh!” Her reaction was a sight to behold, golden eyes opening wide and back arching sharply as her whole body shuddered in amazement. For a moment, she went completely limp, allowing him to extricate himself from her grip. Setting her legs aside, Reimu grabbed the woman by her hips and rolled her onto her front.

Byakuren’s pale, lightly-contoured back was covered only by a few stray violet-gold locks. Most of her hair fell off to either side of her chest, where it hung and swayed alongside her bountiful breasts as she pushed herself onto all fours. Reimu traced the curve of her waist before settling his hands on her ass, easily filling his palms with her plump, soft cheeks. He gave her ass a firm slap that set it to jiggling, earning himself another playful moan in the process.

“You’re fond of that part as well, hm? I wonder, how does it compare to that blonde friend of yours?”

“You’ll need to be more specific,” Reimu said matter-of-factly.

“Mm, that’s right. You’ve had your way with Yukari, Marisa, the Akis, and how many others?”

“You couldn’t be jealous, could you?” Reimu began to move his hips, unable to bear the almost-imperceptible caressing and suction on his length. His movements were gentle, at least for now, but Byakuren was still wet enough that his stroking produced a steady squishing.

“Why wouldn’t I be? You’re surrounded by women who’ll have you at the drop of a hat, while I have to come to a place like this… mmm…” Byakuren matched his rhythm easily, her hair and curves swaying gently as she slid along his hard, thick length. “So, you’d better give me a month’s worth of attention right now, mister shaman~” As her voice lilted, she moved her hips in a slow circle, drawing a grunt from Reimu as her velvety walls rubbed and slid over every last millimeter of his cock.

“I hope you don’t regret saying that. Alice couldn’t stand after a day’s worth, you know.”

“Mmm! Oh, don’t worry. I’m made of much tougher stuff than her~”
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There was no need to respond to that. Instead, Reimu pulled back and rammed himself into her, forcing her sensitive walls to clench up tight as a fist. The cry she let out was music to his ears, and he forced out a dozen more as he pounded away at the lustful monk. The trembling and shuddering of her slick, quivering folds was excruciating to bear, but Reimu had built up an impressive level of resistance over many long nights and afternoons. His movements were sure, his posture steady, and his dominance obvious. He made her tremble with quick, deep thrusts, drew out luscious moans with long, teasing strokes, and forced her sutra-reading voice to squeal when he slammed into her at full strength. And sometimes, he would simply stay still, balls-deep in a pussy that men would kill for, until she begged him to resume.

“No… Yes… more… more…!” Her shining nails vanished from sight as she knotted the sheets beneath her. Using them for leverage, she started to push back onto his thick, conquering length, forceful enough to make her plump ass jiggle with every smack. Even from behind, Reimu could see the ceaseless swaying of her heavy breasts, which seemed oversized even for a woman like her. It was only a matter of time before he had to reach down around her curvy sides, claiming the massive orbs for himself. Even though he was already pounding her with enough force to drive her hips halfway to numbness, she still jumped when his hands dug in. Voluptuous flesh filled his skilled palms, and his rough, nimble fingers quickly found her aching nipples.

“Ah, th-those are sensitive…!”

“You asked for a month’s worth…”

The shaman pulled, pinched and twisted on the aching points, occasionally spreading his fingers to fill his hands with her sweaty, creamy flesh instead. All the while, her soaked, luscious pussy pleasured him with zealous fervor, now constantly pressed tight to him. With all the sights, smells, and sensations to choose from, he only half-registered how she was muttering under her breath.

He could feel his cock twitching uncontrollably now, quivering with a furor that nearly distracted him from the velvety, messy friction of their sex. He had the monk right where he wanted her, though; if he was going to rut with her, he’d make sure he was on top. He squeezed her breasts with a possessive growl, pushing his hands up until the doughy flesh spilled over. Byakuren felt his eagerness at least as clearly as he did, with the way his cock pulsed and twitched against her tight, sensitive walls while it knocked at the entrance to her womb.

“Reimu… please… let it all out inside me…” Byakuren raised her head and turned it back, staring at him over her shoulder while her mouth hung open. The lustful, pleasure-soaked sight in his rival’s golden eyes was all he needed to lose control completely. Three seconds and six furious thrusts later, she was finished.

“Reimuuu!” The woman barreled into her second orgasm of the night. The constant rising of her voice had told him it was coming, so he was at least somewhat prepared for the storm of heat and pressure that attacked him as she lost all control of her body. However, he had not expected jets of warm milk to erupt between his fingers as well.

“Wh-nngh!” The brief lapse in concentration was enough to set him off. His whole body felt weightless for a moment as the pleasure took over completely, before an unbearable clenching in his cock pulled him back to reality. Shot after shot of the Hakurei’s seed fired deep into Byakuren, straight through her cervix and into her trembling womb. Both priest and priestess froze and pressed their hips together, shuddering and moaning wildly in the grip of their pleasure while he filled her with every drop his cock could pour out. Byakuren’s orgasm ended before his, but she still remained on her hands and knees, moaning lazily and dripping milk as she accepted the last of his cum.

“Ohhh…” The moment he finished, she fell onto her arms, tongue hanging out as her breath heaved out in great wet sighs. The position left her breasts pointing towards him; the great spurts of milk had slowed to a small trickle, but the sight was still unnatural… for most people.

“They lactate too, huh? I’m surprised you held off this long,” he said, pinching out a small spurt from one nipple. Neither one of them changed their position; he wasn’t too keen on leaving the hot, wet embrace of her depths, and she was in no rush to push him off.

“There’s no need to sound so jaded, Reimu. I felt how you twitched inside me when it first came out…” Byakuren couldn’t look back to tease him like this, so she gave her hips a playful shake instead. Her voice was thick and syrupy, weighed down with the exhaustion of two explosive orgasms. “You’re just dying to drink some, aren’t you? I can give you all you want~”

Reimu glanced down , once again regarding the huge, flawless, steadily-leaking orbs. “… Fine,” he muttered with a blush, already starting to think up retorts to Marisa’s inevitable teasing.

Now that he’d marked her with two loads of cum, he felt comfortable lying back on the futon as his tall, curvy, seductive, and impossibly well-endowed partner pushed herself back up. Careful to keep his softened length inside of her soaked, delightfully warm pussy, she turned around with a quiet squelching of spent fluids and slowly leaned over, bringing her great milky breasts within reach of his mouth. She didn’t have to bend very far, with a chest as large and round as hers. Small drops of milk stained Reimu’s face as she positioned herself, finally bringing a plump breast and hard nipple to hang an inch above his lips.

“Help yourself, Reimu~”

Reimu could only barely see her radiant face as he wrapped his mouth around her nipple. She let out a small, contented sigh at the touch of his lips, the flow over his tongue doubling immediately.

For the first time, he had a chance to taste the busty monk’s milk. The taste was agreeable, but he needed a moment to break it down. There a pleasantly full body, a silken mouthfeel, and the impression of freshly-made cream, with notes of honey and… incense? She’d put some thought into those enchantments, hadn’t she. He couldn’t deny the quality of her milk, though; it was more than a match for Yukari’s, Minoriko’s, even Marisa’s from that one time… He knew she was gloating inwardly as he sucked out more and more, but even so, he couldn’t stop…

“My, love at first taste? You can certainly be boisterous, but you’re really a simple young man, aren’t you?” Byakuren brushed back a bit of hair as he drank, reaching down to cradle his head with her other arm. Once she’d tucked back her wavy, matted locks, she began to grope her other breast with her free hand. Her skilled fingers sank easily into the soft, welcoming flesh as she gently pinched and kneaded, preparing it for the rapidly-approaching time when his appetite would demand it.

That time came even sooner than expected. Without a word or even a pause in his suction, Reimu seized her other breast with a strong hand and brought it to his mouth. The other swollen nipple just fit between his lips as well, and he made sure to rub the two sensitive points together as his wet lips squeezed over them. Her milk began to flow even more generously than before, forcing her to pant and moan just at the act of being milked.

Just that wasn’t enough for her, however. Slowly, Byakuren began to rock her hips back and forth. She could feel him steadily hardening inside her, his tip reaching up towards her still-leaking womb. Even as his previous load trickled out between his growing shaft and her swollen lips, he was already eager to give her even more. This suited her perfectly.

Too enamored with her milk to resist, Reimu allowed the monk to sway her hips in sweeping, sensual patterns, careful to never separate him from his source of nourishment. Her soft, drenched folds twisted around his length, lavishing attention over his length with stimulation that shifted with every passing second. The pleasure only swelled as he grew longer, harder, and thicker inside of her, and soon he felt a familiar squeeze as he began to stretch her walls out. When he seemed hard enough for them to resume their sex properly, Byakuren raised her hips and struck them down in a quick thrust.

That finally forced a groan from the young man, breaking the seal his lips had formed around her nipples. Byakuren repeated the motion immediately, causing her large breasts to jiggle above his head. Every time his cock filled her, she let out a spurt of milk over his lips and chin. With her hot folds squeezing and caressing him so roughly, it was clear he wouldn’t be closing his mouth any time soon.

“Ahh… two loads of cum, and you’re harder than ever…” Byakuren raised herself slightly so he could see her beyond the swell of her breasts. Her wide, warm smile was both motherly and lustful. “I think you’re much fonder of my body than you let on, Reimu.”


“I’ll take care of it, dear. Just lie there and enjoy, and lose your mind in pleasure…”

The gentle movements changed abruptly into a rough, hungry riding, one that left them both breathless. Byakuren leaned even further back, accentuating her bouncing breasts as she spread her palms on the sheets behind her. Using only her broad, generous hips, she slid herself up and down his length, every thrust forcing out fresh spurts of milk and semen-tainted juice. The latter fluid coated and pooled around their thighs and Reimu’s hips, while the former created a dozen gleaming trails down Byakuren’s toned, sweaty stomach. Reimu’s eyes were glued to the lewd work of art, and this only excited Byakuren further.

Now, Reimu was treated to two levels of stimulation: first came the delicious, messy friction of her velvety folds pumping his length, and then there was the skillful pressure of her walls that stroked him like a second invisible hand. By timing the squeezes with her own movements, she could keep the pressure focused just on his swollen, sensitive, dripping tip, or tighten around the base to make him swell to bursting while she twisted and swayed her skillful hips. No matter what she tried, it left the shaman a trembling, moaning pillow beneath her.

It would be an understatement to say that Byakuren didn’t look the part of a religious leader. Her normally-serene face was slack with shameless enjoyment, her hazy eyes either staring down at Reimu or screwing shut with pleasure. While she was certainly radiant in the room’s dim light, it was the radiance of her bare, flushed, sweat-gleaming curves rather than a radiance of spirit. Her lewd scents of musk and juice weaved in seamlessly with the room’s faint incense, while her rich voice spilled forth in deep, rolling moans.

Reimu seemed helpless beneath her as she revealed the full extent of her technique. In contrast to his earlier forcefulness, he now looked to be surrendering to the pleasure her voluptuous body slammed onto him … but in truth, he was simply waiting for his chance. Part of him did want to submit, and let Byakuren tend to him all night long... but he would never live it down. Besides which, he couldn’t let pass an opportunity for what he had in mind.

“Nothing to say, Reimu? It seems you can’t control yourself after all…”

Reimu allowed her a few more mesmerizing bounces before he responded. His response was a strong one, considering how he snatched her wrists and forced himself up.

“No, that’s not it. You seemed pent up, so I just wanted to let you enjoy yourself for a bit.”


In one moment, Byakuren had been lustfully riding her rival, impaling herself on his long, thick cock as great streams of milk spurted from her nipples. In the next, she was upended, landing on her back on the stained futon as Reimu rose to his knees. The shaman grabbed her by the ankles, and began to fold her legs back. Partway through, Byakuren’s hazy face sharpened with recognition.

“Ah? This is…!”

“A youkai favorite, isn’t it?” Reimu smirked as he pushed her legs straight upright, folding her thighs back over her stomach. In the process, he leaned further over her, until his muscular form was right on top of her curvaceous, womanly, and suddenly vulnerable body. He planted his arms on either side of her head, trapping her legs between his arms and thighs. “They call it… the seeding press.”

At that moment, Reimu plunged downwards in a long, deep thrust, bottoming out in Byakuren’s pussy. The room struggled to contain her surprised, delighted cry, and Reimu let out a low grunt as her soft, luxurious pussy squeezed tight around him. Byakuren’s eyes rolled a bit, but she wasn’t senseless yet.

“Oh! Ahh… I’m surprised, Reimu. You know what it means, don’t you~?” Even in this position, Byakuren managed a playful smile, her gleaming hair shifting about beneath her. Pressed this close to her soft, welcoming curves, Reimu found her more desirable than ever.

“But if you can’t get pregnant, it’s just a sign of dominance.” Reimu’s fingers tightened around the sheets at her sides. While Byakuren was held down in an awkward position, it was simple for him to raise his hips back up, streams of juice and precum dripping down his length as it emerged. Byakuren trembled visibly beneath him, overshadowing his own pleasurable tremors. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

“Oh, you’re hardly the f-aaaahn!

Reimu slammed down again, and began to fuck her harder than ever. Not just plunging into her, but grinding his entire upper body into hers. Her toned stomach gave just a little under his weight, while her breasts flattened and coated his chest with warm, slippery milk. The hot, sweaty friction between them was nearly as intense as the much tighter, much faster friction in her pussy, where Reimu pounded her shuddering walls again and again with great messy slaps. She could still work her muscles to some extent, but not as carefully as before; her control manifested only in intense and random squeezes, nearly strong enough to stop his mating in its tracks.

Trapped in this position, Byakuren’s body seemed to be little more than a voluptuous receptacle for the Hakurei shaman’s seed. He was able to fuck her with the entire length of his cock, pulling it inch by inch out of her hot, trembling pussy before ramming it straight back in. His penis trembled wildly with every strike, and Byakuren was forced to clench up every time, wondering if this would finally be the one where he unloaded into her defenseless womb.

Byakuren didn’t mind that, though, and wanted to make it abundantly clear. Rather than push him off, she raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck and pulled him down into one of the deepest, hungriest kisses he’d ever experienced. He may have been dominating her body, but her tongue proved a worthy opponent even in this state, dancing messily around with his as they passed hungry moans back and forth.

“Mmm… mm… Rrrmrr!”

Finally, Byakuren’s unquenchable lust exploded into an enormous orgasm, making the large woman literally quake beneath him. Her legs managed to cross and squeeze around his back, folding the two of them together into a tight, sexy package. Reimu himself gave in just a moments later; having brought his rival to such a height of pleasure, all that remained was to fill her to the brim with his seed.

He kept her pinned beneath him, feeling her every twitch and tremble as the pleasure danced all over her body. His own muscular form clenched up as well, forcing him to squeeze his eyes shut every time a fresh wad of cum spurted out of him. Whenever he opened them, he saw Byakuren doing the same, occasionally meeting Reimu’s gaze with one that seemed far removed from the world and all of its distractions.

Reimu spent himself on top of her, cumming and cumming long after he felt his semen fill her womb and every bit of space in her pussy to come spurting back out over her ass and thighs. He left her blushing, panting, coated with sweat and milk, with fresh cum still pouring out of her in thick wads. The futon beneath them seemed to be ruined, but he knew well what a skilled magician could do with stains. These very sheets had likely seen worse in their time.

It took some time before Byakuren’s senses returned. At first she simply made noise, still feeling the remnants of the white-hot pleasure he’d blasted into her. Her deep moans had faded into happy purrs, and then to quiet, trembling groans. When she finally spoke in whole words again, though, her voice was once again womanly and confident.

“Ahh… that was wonderful, Reimu. You’re every inch the man I thought you were.” She rose and hugged him from behind as she had the first time, only with her clothing replaced by a coating of dried fluids. Her soothing, seductive warmth was even more noticeable than it had been before.

“You’re not bad either.” Part of him wanted to sweep her up in his arms and kiss her again, but he felt he’d made his point. And, he wasn’t sure he could do that again.

“In fact, I think I would like to feel it again…”

A soft hand settled onto Reimu’s firm, muscular back. He gave no mind to it, until a jolt of heat suddenly wracked his body. From the depths of a well-deserved afterglow, he was driven back into the possessive arms of arousal. He had to fight back a moan of surprise, and his spent cock regained its steely hardness in seconds. Despite the fact that he’d just emptied himself into her, it felt like he hadn’t had sex in weeks. He turned around and was pushed to his back as Byakuren crawled atop him, her messy hair hanging over them like a bed’s scented curtains. Small drops of milk tickled his chest, while her body simply radiated heat and desire.

“You didn’t think you’d be sleeping tonight, did you~?”

Marisa wouldn't be sleeping, either.
 No. 36299
That was great.... now I'd like to see one with Komachi.
 No. 36301
OH YES! Will we get to see more conquests from male Reimu here? This was completely unexpected but holy crap that was a hardener to say the least!
 No. 36303
I'm interested in 'that one time' with Marisa...
 No. 36316
That was really, really good. I liked the careful use of language especially, and the constant back-and forth struggle for dominance Byakuren and Reimu had going on, even in a more playful sense.
 No. 36317
Holy molly it's another conquest from our favorite Male Reimu! And what a glorious conquest it is!
Eagerly waiting for the next one
 No. 36387
Oddly enough, part of me would like to see one with Reiman x Maribel & Renko. They're underutilized in /at/ I feel.
 No. 37512
File 144632843850.jpg - (555.92KB, 707x1000, 5f8fc56643297051f6a5e6b7ccafb6ef.jpg) [iqdb]
Reimu landed on the steps of his shrine with a loud, heavy sigh. It had been a long and difficult day, as incident-days usually were. He’d seen it all: a false prospect of riches, a lineup of girls who couldn’t decide between flirting and blasting, an epic battle in some godsforsaken corner of reality, and a tea party charged with sexual tension. Now that it was all over, he couldn’t wait to kick back and herald the sunset with a long, relaxing round of nothing at all. He just had to hope that there wouldn’t be anyone waiting to bother him.

The shaman stepped lightly across his shrine’s stone pathway, ears alert and weapons at the ready. There were no oni lurking in the outbuildings, no orb-coveting spirits haunting the grounds, no bored youkai dropping halfway out of another dimension… things were actually looking pretty good. Marisa and Sanae had both gone to investigate as well - Marisa especially would be indisposed for a while - so the whole checklist was clear. He opened the door to his home, stepped inside… and froze right in his tracks.

Something was wrong. The place was very clean, and he was months away from his next sweeping binge.

“Welcome home, Master!” a cheerful voice called out. Whipping around, Reimu unsheathed his gohei and pointed it square at the source: a busty, blue-haired woman dressed in a picture-perfect maid uniform. She hardly seemed to notice the weapon pointed at her face. “You were gone a long time. Someone could have robbed you!” she said, pouting and crossing her arms under her chest.

“Who are you?” he asked, eyeing her up and down. She was clearly no village girl - commoners’ skin wasn’t nearly that pale - but she didn’t have quite the same scent as a youkai. She was certainly easy on the eyes, however; from the way her body swelled out both above and below the waist, he would have sworn that the frilly black-and-white uniform had a corset built in. Some sort of support in the ruffled, scandalously-low-cut hem seemed likely as well, judging by the way her large, round breasts stood almost straight out from her body. There was no fabric at all above the nipple-line on her uniform, leaving her pale, smooth shoulders and arms bare. Meanwhile, her abundant hips left the frilly black skirt reaching only halfway down her milky thighs, baring the taut garters that strained to hold up her silken black stockings. She couldn’t match Reimu’s height, even with her extravagant hairstyle, but that wasn’t for her curvy legs’ lack of trying.

“Me? Why, I’m your loyal maid, Seiga Kaku! I’ll serve you faithfully from today onwards, Master~” the woman said. She pinched the sides of her skirt with the tips of her sea-blue nails, and raised it as she crossed her long, dexterous legs into a curtsy. Raised it quite a bit – her shaved pink pussy eventually slipped into view, and she descended far enough that he was able to glimpse her half-erect nipples from above.

“Hm-hm… Like what you see?” she purred. It was only then that Reimu got around to looking at her face. Her light-blue hair, matching the shade of her clever eyes and long, flat-tipped nails, was pulled up into a strange pair of loops and held together with a gleaming golden stick. Arched blue eyebrows added character to any expression she made, such as the grin on her full pink lips - it was clearly more than just seductive. She stared up expectantly, bright eyes gleaming with mischief -- no, something more dangerous than mischief.

She was clearly waiting for him to pounce, tear apart her uniform, and ravish her. Her body seemed like it was built for sex, with its pale skin that indented from the slightest pressure and that absurd hourglass figure… she was already moist between her legs, her nipples hardened before his eyes, and he could smell the arousal beneath her exotic, flowery perfume. In a situation like this, there was only one response.

“It's alright. Go make me some tea.”

Seiga furrowed her brow and pouted for a moment. But then, she straightened up and patted down some nonexistent creases in her silky uniform, likely just to make her lewd breasts jiggle. “Right away~” she called, turning around sharply enough to make her skirt flare up above her plump, perky ass. Her heels clicked across the wooden floor as she left for the kitchen, swinging her hips the whole way. Reimu sighed and made his way to the table, plopping down on the nearest cushion. He’d been so close to the peace he wanted, but now he had a brand-new handful to deal with. Or several.

“Here you are, Master~” Seiga soon waltzed back into the room, carrying a single cup of tea on a tray. From his position below her, Reimu had to aim his gaze carefully lest it get caught somewhere: between her long, graceful legs that crossed each other with each step, in the too-light shadow beneath her skirt, or on the huge, bouncing swell on her chest that nearly blocked her face.

Tenderly gripping the rim with all five fingers, Seiga lifted the steaming cup from the tray and set it down on the table. Reimu immediately smacked a purifying ward onto the side of the mug, designed to dissolve any poisons his drink might have contained. There weren’t any, so he lifted it to his lips for a drink.

“… It’s good.”

Seiga smiled down at him, holding the empty tray against her in a way that nearly pushed her breasts right out of her uniform. “Of course it is, Master. I made it, after all~”

While Reimu set down the mug, his maid lowered herself uninvited to kneel at his side. Her soft thighs squished out and together as they settled onto her equally-soft calves, the pale skin nearly glowing in the twilight. One of her arms immediately started to snake around Reimu’s waist, and he caught the wrist inches away from his pants. Her skin was silky-soft to the touch, but the arm it covered didn’t crumple beneath his firm grip.

“Hmph.” Withdrawing her hand, Seiga settled for a cat-like nuzzling instead. Reimu was a clean-shaven man, but his cheek still felt like a chiseled rock face when Seiga rubbed her own plush skin across it. Her womanly scent found its way to his nose as well, just rolling off her voluptuous body. Reimu permitted himself a moment to appreciate it - the flowers were a nice change from the scorched-grass aroma of bullets and lasers - before resuming with his firm attitude.

“Alright, now give me the full story or I’ll kick you out this minute. What are you playing at?” he asked, in the same voice used to question defeated youkai. “And while we’re at it, what are you?”

Seiga heaved her chest with a melodramatic sigh. “Are you sure you really want to ask? There’s a certain romance to a maid who appears from nowhere, isn’t there? Why, I once read a thin book just like--“

“Yes, I’m sure.”

Another sigh. “Oh, fine. If you must know, I… belong to a certain enlightened class of humans,” she said, fidgeting more to make him stare at her thighs than to express nervousness..

“Enlightened…” It took a bit of thought, but that did seem familiar. People with powers beyond those of humans, halfway to the gates of Heaven, who had a terrible habit of bothering people… Someone somewhere had complained drunkenly about them while he half-listened. Was it his mother? That celestial? Komachi? And it wasn’t ‘an enlightened class of human,’ it was... “A hermit!” The shaman jumped to his feet and thrust a finger at the door. “Get out before the oni tear this place apart. I don’t have any favors left to rebuild it.”

Seiga just smiled and shook her head, waving an elegant hand dismissively. “Please, Master, there’s no need to worry. The kishin only come for me once every century,” she said, with an aversion of the eyes that suggested it had been ninety-nine years already. “It’s just that not everyone appreciates the lessons I try to teach them, and a misguided elder has called for my… execution.” The last word came out as more of a cough than a word. “I just need a place to stay until some trouble in the Village blows over.”

“So, you ran from the authorities… to the Hakurei shrine? The seat of Gensokyo’s protector?”

“It’s fine. You don’t get any villagers here,” she beamed.

Reimu’s hand tightened visibly around his gohei. “You do not need to remind me.”

“Besides… You look out for your property, don’t you? I heard what you did to that celestial who ruined your shrine. It was a week before she could walk again… and her injuries took a while to heal, too.”

“You’re not my property,” Reimu said flatly.

“Well, if you don’t hurry up and claim me, I might make you mine instead~”

Reimu rolled his eyes. “I got enough of that talk from the girls protecting that ship.”

“The treasure ship? You boarded it?” Seiga perked right up at that. Her hair-loops somehow stood on end, as if they were a cat’s ears.

“There wasn’t any treasure,” Reimu snapped. “Just some old woman who tried to cheat death. Now she says she’s going to set up her own temple in the village, compete for worshipers…” He sighed and dropped back to his seat, draining his tea in seconds. “Get me some sake, then I’ll kick you out.”

“Oh, Master, you have so many troubles…” Seiga carried off the mug, and soon returned with a vessel and two dishes.

“I didn’t say you could share.” Reimu had reacted with annoyance to discovering a lewd maid in his home, but his voice took on a deadly edge at the suggestion that he might share his sake. The hermit decided not to press the issue. “Of course, Master. My apologies. Allow me to work out some of that fatigue, instead…” Seiga said, scooting behind her master.

Reimu grunted as the maid’s smooth, warm hands closed over his hard shoulders, her long fingers slowly pressing and rubbing as they worked their way up to the base of his neck and back down. It was probably impossible to keep her marshmallowy breasts from squishing into his strong back as she worked, but she didn’t bother finding out either way. A few quiet minutes passed, with Seiga lovingly massaging the shaman as he drank his way through the bottle dish by dish. She didn’t feel any need to speak, for once; if Reimu kept drinking at that pace, he’d do just what she wanted anyway.

“You know, come to think of it…” Reimu broke the silence as he rested his head on his arms. “I think I heard about something like this. Some old man let a hot blue-haired maid into his house, and the place was picked clean the next day. Don’t they know to be more suspicious?”

“If they were that wise, I’d have nothing to teach them, Master~” Seiga replied without a hint of worry.

“Hmph. Ain’t that the truth.” Reimu reached back to the table, but he only raised the bottle an inch before Seiga disturbed him, leaning in close enough to brush her hair against his cheek.

“You’ve had a lot to drink, Master. Perhaps it’s time for something else?”

“Who are you to tell me?” Reimu turned his head to glare at her, bringing his rough lips right into kissing range. Seiga clutched his muscular arms tightly as she tried to resist.

“I just want the best for you, Master,” Seiga purred, pressing her chest tight against him. The soft mounds dispersed smoothly over his back, covering nearly half of its surface and cementing her massage’s effects with a gentle, doughy pressure.

After a half-minute of silence, Reimu turned around and leaned against the table, staring at the scantily-clad woman before him. Seiga had pulled back the second he started to move, and now sat neatly on her knees. In a show of false concern, she leaned forward at just the right angle to display her lightly-flushed chest and fully-hardened nipples.

“Hmmmm? Could it be… you don’t want another drink?” Seiga’s voice was flighty as a sparrow as she fidgeted under his stern gaze. Her barely-covered breasts swayed back and forth, and her thick thighs slowly, tantalizingly rubbed together, until…

Reimu grabbed the bustline of Seiga’s uniform and yanked it straight down. Her breasts instantly sprung free from their uneasy peace with the fabric, bouncing up before settling into place. There was a little more sag to the mounds than when they’d been enclosed in her uniform, but not nearly as much as Reimu expected.

“Ahn~! Master, how forward--” Seiga barely finished her sentence before he rose to his knees and wrapped a strong arm around her waist, pulling her into a possessive embrace. One of his arms reached over her narrow waist and under the undersized hem of her uniform; without even flipping it up, he found that one of her plush cheeks nicely filled his hand.

“If you’re really not going to stop that… I’ll let out some stress before I get rid of you.”
 No. 37514
File 144632856931.jpg - (336.40KB, 850x1115, sample-9245ec18c8fa4645a2f1de221fa2c061.jpg) [iqdb]
Over Reimu’s shoulder, the blue-haired woman put on a triumphant smirk before her moaning began. He used his grip on her ass to pull her close against his crotch, where a thick, steely bulge had been growing since he first saw her. The fabric there was quickly stained through as he roughly groped her and pulled her up and down, all but humping her through his clothing. Her soft labia was easily parted over such a thick, manly cock, exposing her tender walls to the combined friction of his swollen length and his smooth, silky hakama.

“Mmmm! You’re so hard, Master~!”

Despite her eagerness to seduce the shaman, Seiga had no way of resisting the pleasure; she simply accepted it, letting the entrance to her pussy tingle and quiver while the rest ached for a taste. After a single minute of grinding like that, the maid was completely drenched.

Reimu threw his maid over the table as soon as he determined she was ready, letting her coquettishly bite a finger while she rested her other hand atop a breast. Twisting her lower body to the side, she eagerly revealed her dripping pussy to his eyes. The soft lips puffed out visibly between her pale, meaty thighs, well beyond the reach of her skirt; every inch gleamed with sweet feminine juices, which began to flow down her soft skin in several thick trails.

A few tugs freed Reimu’s length from his increasingly-tight clothing, and the blush on Seiga’s face deepened as she took in the sight. She’d heard the rumors, and seen the kind of tent he could make, but seeing it for real still took her breath away. He was big, of course, but there was more to it than that. There was its burly thickness, the masterful sculpting of the glans and veins, and the way its curved shape bounced and throbbed right before her eyes… and when he leaned over her trembling form, she felt a heat rivaling or exceeding her own as he lined himself up.

“W-without any foreplay?” Seiga protested. Even as she spoke, though, she reached back to squeeze a pillowy thigh, digging her nails into the pliant flesh and pulling it back to better spread herself.

“It doesn’t look like you need any.”

With that, he planted a hand on her bare shoulder and drove himself straight in.


Most men would have inserted carefully, allowing Seiga’s luxurious folds to coax them in inch by inch until she’d completely swallowed and tamed their cocks with slick, velvety pleasure. Reimu, however, had assumed that a woman as shameless as her would take him without any complaints - and he was right. A single thrust filled and stretched her well-trained walls, which fitted themselves to the shape of his hard, powerful shaft the moment they’d finished shuddering in pleasure. Seiga’s body undulated once beneath him, her sapphire eyes rolling up for a moment from the sheer sensory overload. Her rich, husky moan carried into every corner of the shrine, and there was no mistaking the notes of surprise and satisfaction. Reimu raised his head, let out a huff, and began to thrust.

“Ah! Ahhn… Right from the start…” Seiga’s thick thighs were just barely up to the task of withstanding Reimu’s hammer-blow thrusts, clenching and trembling with every impact. Even when her hot pussy squeezed as tight as it could, it hardly slowed Reimu’s movements; the soaked, luxurious texture was more prone to molding than wringing, leaving her shuddering as it embraced the full, contoured length of Reimu’s cock again and again.

“Ohh… Fuck me, Master… Fuck me harder!”

Reimu gripped one of Seiga’s calves and yanked it straight across the table, spreading her legs apart and laying her out once again. His eyelids tightened for a moment as her velvety walls ground sharply over his cock, but he returned to his thrusting as soon as she’d settled into place. This position was even more ideal for pounding into the lustful woman, ensuring that every one of Reimu’s thrusts would plunge in completely and reach straight to her womb.

The hermit’s uniform still hugged her waist tightly, but everything above and below was shamelessly exposed. Her spasming hands were forced to grip the rim of the table, delivering her large, voluptuous breasts into gravity’s embrace. Every thrust made the soft mounds bounce and jiggle, while the rest of her body trembled from head to toe with pleasure. Her shoes had come off at some point, leaving her toes visible as they twitched and curled beneath her stockings.

Reimu paid little attention to the show, however, keeping his eyes closed and his heavy breathing measured. Seiga wasn’t used to such a steady, forceful rhythm; ordinary men would just shake their hips like a virgin child once they had a taste of her pussy. He steadfastly resisted her constant quaking and twitching, scraping over her folds and filling her completely even as his penis throbbed harder and harder...

“Ahh… Mmm! I’m cumming, Master!”


Seiga threw her head back and arched her back upwards, filing the room with her cries and shaking the whole length of her pale, curvy body as she came forcefully around Reimu’s cock. The shaman simply grunted, buried himself to the hilt, and began to ejaculate. In contrast to his muted reaction, a thick load of semen blasted into the woman’s womb, pouring out in one mind-blanking shot after another. Their bodies seemed to be in perfect sync, despite Reimu’s apparent disinterest; every milking squeeze of her folds drew out another thick, creamy shot to fill her shuddering depths even further.

Reimu had been known to leave girls a bit swollen after cumming inside; Seiga’s mature body was able to avoid that fate, but just barely. When he pulled back, a small river of cum immediately began to pour out between her trembling thighs. Seiga was left with her tongue hanging from her glossy lips, her cheeks flushed a rich, rosy pink, and her soft breasts heaving with each gasping breath while her fingers and toes gradually uncurled. Reimu exhaled with a small hint of satisfaction, and settled back onto the floor. When he opened his eyes again, Seiga was sitting up on the edge of the table with a girlish pout, her bare breasts squeezed between her arms and fresh cum still pooling between her legs.

“Just what was that, Master? You didn’t look at me even once the whole time. Am I really that revolting?” Seiga glared like an angry housewife and jabbed Reimu with a turquoise fingertip. He decided to postpone complaining about her soiling his table. “I bet you just imagined that I was one of those other strumpets who come here, or some woman you fought… If you’re not going to appreciate me, then go ahead and throw me - no, wait, wait.” Her hand opened in a placating gesture, prompting Reimu to roll his eyes and settle back onto the floor.

“I have some charms of my own, don’t I? If you took a moment to enjoy me more thoroughly, I’m sure you’d never want to let me go…” Turning over atop the table, Seiga slid her hands forwards and pushed her ass out towards Reimu. Fresh semen continued to leak down both of her thighs, which were spread wide enough that he could see her bountiful breasts hang down between them. She shook her wide, plush ass in a slow circle, showcasing how easily her black garter straps sunk into the flesh… and was promptly rewarded with a slap that made the round peach jiggle.

“I’m not going to keep a blue-haired thief in my shrine,” Reimu declared. “But if you really want more…” He raised his hand again.

“Ah? Master, you can’t be planning to - eek!” A sharp, stinging smack cut her sentence short, though there was an unmistakeable note of happiness in her voice.

“That’s for bothering me after an incident.”


“That’s for not being more original…”


“Getting my table dirty…”


“And… you’ll earn this one soon enough.”


The final smack left Seiga’s whole body trembling while her ass jiggled in the air, her pale cheeks already starting to bloom with hot, bright handprints.

“Nnn… how cruel~”

After such a rough treatment, the reddened cheeks had grown quite sensitive. Covered with uneven patches and shades of pink, they seemed to radiate heat onto Reimu’s hands… but that didn’t stop him from digging his fingers into the pillowy flesh to wrap it around his cock. An ass as voluptuous as Seiga’s could envelop most of it easily, but that didn’t mean she could handle the friction he forced onto her; she had to clench her teeth and squeal at the sudden stimulation, both between and across her cheeks.

“I wasn’t finished,” Reimu said, as he began to pump his hips.

The space between Seiga’s cheeks was spared the worst of his spanking, so the rough friction of his cock was bearable, but the simple grip of his rough hands still left her moaning. He continued to knead and squeeze her cheeks together as he thrust his hips, lathering and marking her ass with his precum.

“T-this the sort of thing you make your blonde friend do, isn’t it?” Seiga asked, mustering the strength to buck back.

“Hers is bigger, but she won’t be back for a while. I have to make do with you,” Reimu said, pulling out and rubbing his penis over each of her mounds in turn. Driven to such a high level of sensitivity, Seiga could feel each swollen vein on his cock as it pressed in lightly and slid across her ass.

“W-well, I have plenty more to recommend me…” Seiga leaned forward, separating herself from his length for a moment. Then, she raised her ass, pushed it back, and lowered it to enclose him between her cushy thighs. “How do you like these?”

Reimu’s immediate response was to grip both of her arms by the wrists and pull her straight upright, forcing her breasts to bounce magnificently. On instinct, she clenched her thighs tight around his cock; the soft pillows firmed up considerably, but they still didn’t exert much pressure on his steely length. Not when compared to certain other green-haired women, at least.

“Not bad, but I’ve had better.”

Reimu’s hands moved up to grip Seiga just above her elbows, keeping her held upright as his forceful thrusting resumed. Her plush, voluminous ass helped to soften the constant impacts from his hard stomach, but it didn’t help with the searing pleasure that radiated out from between her juice-soaked legs. His penis was curved in just the right way to grind over her labia and clitoris, both of which were still sensitive from the pounding he’d just given her. A dozen hot sparks jolted her at every one of his movements; she had no hope of controlling her voice, or keeping her body from shuddering submissively at every thrust.

Even though the shaman was using Seiga’s voluptuous body in such a forceful way, her moans were nothing but pleased. She used her limited range of motion to bring a hard nipple to her mouth, squeezing it between her rich pink lips and sucking hungrily. Her free hand kneaded the other, sinking her fingers deep into the soft flesh or pinching the nipple between her nail-tips. His cum continued to leak out the whole time, slowly draining from her stuffed womb and trickling over his rock-hard length -- and his heavy, swaying balls, which still held enough seed to fill her back up several times over. Whenever he pulled all the way back, the thick tip of his penis nearly slipped between her parted lips, making her tremble in anticipation for just a moment – and when his penis surged between her thighs instead, her moans were always tinted with a bit of disappointment.

“Ahhhn! Th-that’s right… Use my thighs as much as you want, and cum whenever you wish~”

As much as Reimu liked to appear unstoppable, he knew that the silky caress and hungry squeeze of Seiga’s thighs had his endurance wearing thin. He could feel his penis twitching and stiffening beyond its limit, another load rising and preparing to erupt from his balls. Rather than admit that she was having an effect on him, though, he pushed her away from him and down onto her back on the floor. Her own body handily softened the impact, but not without a sensual heave of her plush, round breasts. Those voluptuous mounds were Reimu’s next target; he could name five women offhand whose breasts were larger, but her bust’s flawless mixture of weight and weightlessness had tempted him from the moment he laid eyes on her.

“Mmm… or a titfuck is fine, too~”

Much like her ass, Seiga’s breasts couldn’t fully envelop Reimu’s thick, curved length when he shoved it between them… but there was still plenty of pillowy softness to enjoy. Her breasts were lighter than many other pairs he’d sampled; rather than crush his cock between a pair of overstuffed pillows, Seiga’s simply enfolded and cushioned him. Her warm flesh parted easily before his ravishing thrusts, but in doing so it surrounded and caressed his cock with slick, luxurious softness. He was easily long enough to reach her mouth at the end of each thrust, and she was only too happy to wrap her lips around his tip for a messy, tongue-filled kiss.

“Mmm… Hmmmn…”

Reimu’s hands sank further and further into Seiga’s breasts as he pounded away, until his calloused fingers were barely visible in the sea of paleness. The pressure on his penis increased slightly, but more noticeable was the way her breasts molded onto his cock in greater and greater detail, perfectly fitting his veins and glans when he stopped for even a moment. Soon, the warm mounds were wrapped around him just as tightly as her pussy had been, soaking his length in feminine warmth.

The comparison wasn’t lost on Seiga, whose depths and womb throbbed without a single touch. His thrusts into her cleavage were at least as strong as the ones that had churned her up just minutes ago, and she could hardly bear her desire for another deep fucking. She pressed and ground her thighs together uncontrollably, her clit and lips lighting up with heat while her sensitive ass ground over the floor. With Reimu’s madly-twitching cock still pounding through her chest and drowning her in his musk, it was just enough to get off…

“Master, I’m going to… again…!” the maid moaned.

Reimu didn’t bother announcing his own orgasm. His first shot exploded right onto her face before he pulled out and stroked the rest out over her upper body. From her forehead to the bottom of her jiggling chest, she was painted with hot, viscous splatters of his fertile seed. The thick musk was overwhelming, forcing her eyes to roll up as her own orgasm tore through her. She spread her legs and bucked up at empty air, spurting out his cum with every violent shudder of her walls.

The moment it ended, though, Seiga started to ache with need again. Even though he’d made her squeal twice already, she was still burning up with desire. What kind of gentleman did his foreplay after the main event? Every sensitive spot on her body tingled now, aching to be groped and ravished and pounded senseless. Her switch was jammed into position, and nothing else would calm her down…

Luckily for her, Reimu’s desires had been similarly unleashed. No matter what he’d done to his lewd intruder, she’d just taken it and begged for more. Though he was often goaded into sex by various women, there was usually something that forced him to restrain himself: the watchful eye of a friend’s other lover, the fragility of his companion, or the political ramifications of rendering a powerful youkai unable to walk… but nobody, not even Keine, would chastise him for being too rough with a wicked hermit. Seiga’s body was the definition of ‘shameless’ and ‘unreasonable,’ and even now she was stretching her garters to the breaking point as she spread her legs and holes.

“Ohh… you’re amazing, Master… please, don’t stop now~!”

Reimu barely needed a minute to recover before his length was rock-hard once again. He laid it over Seiga’s gaping, twitching entrance, drawing a happy purr from the lewd, curvy woman… but rather than pump another round into her womb, he drew his tip further downwards. Her asshole was barely visible beneath the thick flow of cum from her pussy, but a bit of probing found it; Seiga seemed a bit surprised by his choice, but only for a moment.

“This hole’s ready too, I’m sure.” Reimu said.

“Of course, Master~” Seiga replied cheerfully. Privately, though, she wondered if it could really handle a cock like his. He’d stretched her pussy nearly to the limit, and her other hole was even tighter…

The opening was tiny compared to the engorged tip of Reimu’s cock, so much so that Seiga thought he might never even begin to fit – but when she pulled it a bit further open, and he pushed his cum-smeared length forward with insistent, she felt the tip begin to enter her. And once Reimu knew it was possible, he abandoned all pretext of caution.

Reimu was only patient for as long as it took to work his tip through the crushingly-tight rim of Seiga’s asshole. Then, he planted his hands on the trembling maid’s shoulders and drove himself in, one thick inch after another disappearing into her hot, tight, too-small hole. It was slow compared to how quickly he’d stuffed her pussy, but for anal it was blindingly fast.

“Nnngh! M-master, you’re stretching it… I can’t… T-too good!”

Seiga’s twitching, squeezing, and moaning did nothing to slow Reimu’s steady advance. His lubed cock forced its way deeper and deeper into the blue-haired hermit’s ass until she was completely impaled, stuffed and stretched in a way her pussy couldn’t possibly match. Next thing she knew, she was hugging her arms around her thighs, bending her long, stocking-clad legs above her head and squeezing her breasts between them. Her wide ass seemed like it was built to serve as Reimu’s handhold in that moment, as he clutched her cheeks possessively and began to plunge into her like a kappa-built piston.

With Seiga’s ass presented so wonderfully, Reimu was free to fuck it with his entire length. Her tight asshole clung to his penis each time he pulled it back, only to be fucked into a shuddering mess whenever he slammed his cock back in. It wasn’t as soft or as wet as her pussy had been, but the heat and tightness were amazing, and Reimu liked how a single stroke of his hips drove her whole voluptuous body wild. Her semen-stained pussy was right before his eyes as well, twitching just a few inches away from where his cock was pounding. If she ever seemed to be getting used to the pleasure, a simple flick across her clit as he filled her would set her writhing and wailing once again.

“Hahhh! Ahhn! Oh, that’s so good~!”

“Just who’s getting addicted to who, here?” Reimu asked his half-senseless partner.

“Ahh… Your dick, Master… I can’t get enough!”

Reimu heard that all the time, but it was satisfying to hear it from someone who’d so brazenly tried to wrap him around her finger. After all those elaborate displays she’d put on earlier, it was now all she could do keep her body folded in half. Her uniform was wrinkled all over after what she’d been through, and her breasts she’d bounced around and rubbed him with could only jiggle whenever his hips slammed into her. She was his property, alright, but he’d throw her out as soon as he was done.

Which would definitely be soon.

For now, though, Reimu wrapped his arms around Seiga’s back and picked her up. She couldn’t so much as squirm without setting off a full-body shock of pleasure, so she stayed still as he carried her to the wall, pressed her into it… and then reached down to grab her slender ankles, folding her legs up once again. Even in a thick haze of pleasure, Seiga’s mind quickly caught on.

“Ahn! Th-this is like… a sideways seeding—“

Reimu didn’t let her finish that sentence before he thrust again, making her eyes open wide as her voice twisted itself into a vague, helpless moan. The strong grip of his hands and the force of his hips were all that kept her in place, leaving her completely at the mercy of his thick, manly cock. An abundance of juices dripped onto the floor as her began to churn into her ass, driving the already-stretched walls into a frenzy with simple twists of his hips.

“Th-this wall isn’t that thick, Master… you’ll break it if you thrust that hard…”

“I can fix it.”

There was no respite from Reimu’s forceful claiming. His hard body mashed into hers again and again, sometimes so forcefully that the air was pressed from her lungs. Seiga spent more time with her vision whited out than not, and her face’s coating of hot, musky semen constantly tempted her back into her daze whenever she managed to slip out. The only part of her upper body not dyed with semen was her mouth, which Reimu claimed in a rough kiss that pinned her head to the wall.

Seiga’s mind was completely overwhelmed, in a blissful state that normally took three men to achieve. Her body was nothing if not insatiable, though; no matter how deep or fast his powerful he ravished her, it wasn’t enough. Her manicured fingers plunged into her pussy, thoroughly coating themselves with semen and juices as she stirred herself up even further. Her awareness slipped further and further away with as her voice rose in pitch and desperation, while Reimu’s grunts deepened into animalistic growls. The shaman lost himself in the hot, tight squeeze of her ass and the plush texture of her body, knowing only that he was about to mark another shameless woman.

“Mmph… Master! Master! Cum inside me!”

The final smack of Reimu’s hips echoed all through the shrine. Buried from base to tip in Seiga’s ass, he shot his seed shot deep into lewd maid as she sharply arched her back and came with mind-numbing force. Even once he’d filled her convulsing ass to the brim, it continued to pump out in a seemingly endless flow, leaving a large puddle on the floor beneath the writhing, cum-filled, and cum-coated woman. He soon captured her lips once again, claiming her loud, womanly moans the same way he'd claimed her lewd body.

Seiga collapsed onto her back the moment Reimu set her down, slightly bending both of her legs and putting the back of a hand over her forehead. The remnants of her orgasm wracked her for minutes on end, leaving her unable to do anything but lie there, pant, and moan. Reimu had clearly decided to keep her, so she would need to work harder-

“… I’ll get rid of you tomorrow.”

Seiga glanced over to his rough, ragged voice, and found him barely sitting upright… but his penis, though somewhat limp, was just as long and thick as ever. It seemed to be rising rather than falling…

“You won’t be sleeping tonight, though.”

Seiga chuckled and licked her lips. “Of course, Master~”
 No. 37515
Now we need to see Sanae or Yukari or Kasen or whoever stumble upon Reimu & Seiga. And turn it into a threesome.
 No. 37518
Definitely want to see some Yukari.
 No. 37520
Would not mind some Miko on Miko action myself (Sanae).
 No. 37532
Why not Miko (Reimu, Female) on Miko (Sanae, Female) on Miko (Male) action?
 No. 37533
Why not Reimu and Sanae (male) on Miko (female)?
 No. 37535
How about Reimu (male) and Sanae (also male) on Miko (also also male)?
 No. 37536
Do we even do Yaoi on this site?
 No. 37543

While I do not usually partake in Yaoi, I wholly support our boy-love-loving fellow fans.
 No. 37829
File 146042326497.jpg - (554.84KB, 1200x751, pF8jpSj.jpg) [iqdb]
This is a bump so I apologize before hand but here is a request I haven't seen:

Male Shinmyoumaru x Sanae or male Shinmyoumaru x Kaguya. Because a little prince and a big princess.

With Shinmyoumaru in both little and big form. Or maybe just little form for all the fun things Sanae or Kaguya can do with him.
 No. 37830
I'll not lambast you for bumping an old thread, but it would have been a much better idea to just create a writefag request thread
 No. 37831
Probably. But still this thread is still open for requests, at least that's what Rule claims on IRC.
 No. 37832
Well color me retarded then, I retract my statement.

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