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Why? Why do I do things like this?


You awaken to the warmth of the sunlight all around you. With a mighty yawn, you pull the sheets closer around you, and breathe in the scent that's settled into them - that wonderful mixture of exotic woods and perfumes that Alice carries with her everywhere. Her habit of waking up long before you may leave you a bit lonely in the mornings, but that intoxicating aroma is always there, reminding you that at the end of the day you'll be climbing into this great big, soft old bed with your love at your side.

A gentle prodding at your face prompts you to roll over onto your side, sporting a huge grin all the while. Standing there on the edge of the bed is Hourai, all done up in her usual fancy reds. The little doll gestures toward the bedside table, where a small breakfast sits on a tray; even if she leaves you to wake up alone more often than not, Alice has never failed to make you breakfast. Of course, those times when she sticks around and makes you breakfast are the best of all.

"Good morning, Hourai. Is that a new ribbon I spy? Impeccable taste as always, my dear."

The diminutive puppet curtsies elegantly, and you pat her had affectionately.

"Alice in the workshop again?" The little doll responds in the affirmative with a nod, and you let loose a laugh. "That's just like her isn't it? Trusting me to all you adorable girls... I tell you, my dear little Hourai, if I wake up surrounded by you pretty little things every morning, why, one day I just may not be able to resist your charms any longer. She's risking losing me to you girls."

Your lovely little companion gives you as scandalized a look as she can, raising her hands to her face, and turning her head away; her eyes still turn to look at you, however, and you can't resist. Gently placing a hand against her back, and with the other taking one of her small hands, you lean in close.

"Are you playing coy, my dear? Well," you withdraw, assuming as heroic and dignified a posture as you can, "it will take more than that to sway me, even from one as beauteous as yourself."

Huffing and crossing her arms as though having been foiled, Hourai taps her foot against the bed, as though in deep thought. With a little smile on her face, she suddenly cups her hands around her mouth as if shouting. In but a few scant moments her reply comes in the form of Shanghai, the little doll fluttering over from the other side of the bed to land on your shoulder. Hourai climbs onto your other shoulder, and in perfect unison the pretty little puppets plant a kiss on each of your cheeks.

The doll duo hops off your shoulders and onto your chest, each of them fixing you with a confident little smile.You can't help but laugh at the display.

"Well now, this is certainly more... are you going for strength in numbers? You'll need an army to tear me away from Alice."

The girls face away from you, huddling together as though they were whispering some terribly secret little plan. When they turn back to you, they bear those disarmingly innocent smiles that only Alice's dolls can achieve. Placing two of her fingers in her mouth, Shanghai performs a rather theatrical little whistle; thereafter you quite unexpectedly find yourself unable to move your arms or legs. A quick glance to your sides reveals Orleans and France are holding your arms down, and a slightly strained peer down to the foot of the bed shows you that London and Kyoto are doing the same for your legs; not to mention that there's a row of dolls sitting on the footboard. You chuckle; it looks like she really has produced an army.

"Alright then, I surrender. You girls have caught me, and I am at your mercy. Whatever do you plan to do with me?"

The little darlings flash mischievous grins your way, but then turn to one another. Still eying you, they slowly pull into a tight, intimate embrace; Shanghai tangles one of her hands in Hourai's hair, and Hourai in turn gives Shanghai's rump a nice squeeze. Their eyes drift shut, and without heed for your gaze, they begin to kiss.

The first few pecks are short, light things that last only a fraction of a second each, but as they go on, each kiss becomes longer, deeper. As they press lips, their little hands go to work, skillfully undoing lacy ribbons and tight strings that hold their carefully crafted clothes to them. First a shoulder comes exposed as the top of Hourai's dress slips down, next a small breast is revealed as Shanghai's top is opened... your breath quickens as their clothing is discarded piece by piece, until at last the beautiful dolls bare it all for you.

Alice's dolls are always made to an astounding degree of quality, but Hourai and Shanghai have always been her most prized works, and now it is impossible to ignore why. Every detail has been painstakingly rendered and proportioned to create a flawless image of feminine beauty; everything from their pale skin dotted with rosy little nipples, down to their hairless slits. Every material has been crafted from magic to be as lifelike as possible; if not for the faintest of lines along their joints, lines that only an expert eye could discern, you would swear that they were miniature girls of true flesh and blood.

Now these exquisite pieces of art are putting on a private show for you, the likes of which you're sure no one else has seen. Still sharing tender kisses, Hourai slowly lays Shanghai down on your chest; once Shanghai is lying prone, Hourai begins to trail kisses down her neck to her breasts. Shanghai wriggles about, toying with one of her nipples using one hand, and tangling the other hand in her partner's hair as Hourai begins to suckle the more neglected breast.

As Shanghai's mouth hangs open in a soundless cry of pleasure, Hourai traces one hand slowly down the other doll's stomach, suing her fingertips to brush Shanghai ever so lightly. Down, down, down her hand goes, until it finds its way to Shanghai's thigh, cruelly neglecting her waiting cunt. Shanghai spreads her legs wide and fixes her lover with a pleading look, and Hourai relents, sliding her hand back up Shanghai's leg; she strokes Shanghai's pussy a few times teasingly, then gently inserts a finger. Shanghai reacts immediately, bucking her hips against the intrusion with a blissful expression on her face.

Shanghai squirms more and more as Hourai's ministrations continue, until finally Hourai removes her finger and brings it up to Shanghai's mouth; obediently, Shanghai suckles on the finger presented to her, staring at Hourai through half-lidded eyes. As if to reward Shanghai's obedience, Hourai changes positions, slinging one of Shanghai's legs over her shoulder, allowing the dolls to press their slits together with ease. They slowly begin to grind their hips together, rubbing against one another in a way that causes both to smile broadly.

Their little bout of frottage continues for some time, each of the dolls toying with their own body to maximize the experience. Eventually their pace grows erratic, and soon the two arch their backs in unison, toes curling in orgasm. Finally, Hourai collapses onto her lover, and the two exchange a smattering of aimless kisses, and gentle caresses. You release the breath you didn't realize you were holding, and watch the two dolls bask in their afterglow.

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Still, with the show over, you're alerted to a pressing problem. You're pitching one hell of a tent with the bedsheets, and with your arms pinned there's no way to relieve it. You whimper a little in frustration.

It looks like that noise drew some attention. Hourai and Shanghai perk up and take a look at you, then follow your eyes down to your crotch. They turn back to you with devilish little grins, and climb to their feet. Sashaying up your chest, they each come up and plant a kiss on your lips, then turn and scurry under the covers.

"Hourai? Shanghai? What are you--"

Your words turn into a stuttering mess as you feel a featherlight touch run along the length of your erection. Several of the dolls on the footboard of the bed advance and pull the sheets down, revealing just what you suspected. Shanghai is kneeling at the base of your straining cock, gently rubbing her hands along it while staring at it in awe; at the same time, Hourai is standing to one side, brushing her fingers along your glans with torturous slowness and lightness.

Giving you a seductive little smile, Hourai licks her lips and begins to kiss your shaft, making sure to suck lightly on your glans from time to time. Shanghai meanwhile treats you to her tongue, running it up and down your length, planting a kiss on it each time she changes direction. As they lavish your cock with attention, you let out a light groan, and precum begins to leak from your tip.

Hourai seems to be fascinated with the substance, reaching out to gather a glob of it in her hand. She rubs the sticky substance between her fingers as if to get a feel for it, before slurping it off carefully. She licks her lips again, looking satisfied, and beckons Shanghai up off her knees to try it for herself; Shanghai complies easily, sucking your fluids off of Hourai's hand, all while fixing you with a shy little smile. The dolls return to caressing your shaft, now focusing on your glans, while at the same time they lap at your precum as it oozes out, eager to drink it in.

Before long the flow is more than they can handle, and they switch tactics. Gathering up your precum, they rub it onto themselves, coating their fronts in a sticky, slippery sheen of the fluid. Letting what remains dribble out as it will, they embrace your shaft and begin to rub themselves along it, lubing it with your secretions. They keep up their task of stroking and licking you, but as your cock grows slick they focus more and more on grinding against you; their tight hold on you and the warmth they radiate is incredible, and you find yourself bucking your hips out of reflex. The feel of those flawless figures rubbing against you is too much.

"Hourai! Shangh-- oh, yes!"

A bolt of ecstasy runs through you, turning your warning into a shout of pleasure, and then into a wordless cry of orgasm. With a twitch, a burst of semen erupts from you, arcing high in the air; the girls disengage from you and step back, placing themselves in just the right spot for your sperm to come down and douse them. They seem quite pleased though, licking their fingers and drinking down quite a bit of the sticky white fluid, before turning to one another and sharing both another kiss, and the cum in their mouths. As they snowball your semen back and forth, they embrace, and each gathers up some of the cum that still stains them with one hand, before reaching down to apply it to their partner's crotch, trying to pack as much of your seed as possible into their perfectly crafted pussi-

Oh gods.

You shudder, experiencing a second, weaker orgasm that causes a little more of your sperm to bubble up and leak down your shaft as it starts to go limp. Hourai and Shanghai make little giggling motions, before crawling over and cleaning you off as best they can with their mouths and bodies. You let out a content sigh as you watch them slurping up your semen.


You look up to see Alice standing in the open door, wearing an impassive look. Strolling into the room with that elegant walk that only she can maintain, she shakes her head and sighs.

"To think that you would betray me for my own little girls, and that you would do so in the very bed we share each night. Appalling."

Stopping by the bed, she flexes her fingers, and a collection of taut strings flashes into view for but a moment.

"I hope you realize that I'll have to punish your for this."

With a smile, Alice climbs onto the bed, straddling you in the process. As the inhumanly skillful fingers that you're oh-so-familiar with begin to work your penis back to the ready, Alice leans in to stare you in the eyes.

"Just what do you have to say for yourself?"

There's only one thing that comes to mind.

"I love you so fucking much."

"Good answer."

Her lips press strongly against yours, and you know that this excellent day is just beginning.


So I had this idea. And I just... I had to write it. It wouldn't leave me alone.

That the idea was a story about being fucked by a pair of super-realistic dolls probably says something about me.

Anyway thread put up as a place for future deviant ideas to be displayed.
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That was AMAZING.
No. 2675
No. 2677
Absolutely exquisite.
No. 2678
Excellent writing! It certainly put me in a mood...
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So this is the doll work you mentioned in that HLA thread. Not that I want complain, since I thoroughly enjoy this. Looking forward to read more from you.
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File 124880706058.png - (10.04KB , 429x410 , 1240318481172.png ) [iqdb]
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I really don't see what people see in your writing.
No. 2683
Amusing little tale indeed, there's a few fans I've noticed who would not mind at all 'hot gluing' the dolls.

Sure Patchwork's wrting isn't a masterpiece but it's generally light fluffy and smutty. (And he delivered at least on that Mima H scene in HLA. Only way to top that is a Komachi one)
No. 2684
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File 12488421251.jpg - (509.68KB , 750x1000 , 1393853.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 2688
Lack of substance

Awful substance

Fun when you need to fap, boring the rest of the times
No. 2689

You just like to bitch.
No. 2690

I meant it in a more enjoyable way that doesn't weight down the mind. We do need something to offset all the Snow ends, trainwreck ends, WTF moments, and hiatuses.
No. 2691
Criticizing isn't bitching.
No. 2692
Wow, this turned into a mild argument fast.

Back to the compliments: well done, I look forward to seeing more.
No. 2693

Just complimenting someone does them no good.

Personally, Patch, I think some of your protagonists are a bit too classy, and you focus too much on being a gentlemen while looking to get some tail. The small amount of depth you give your characters is also annoying, because it's about as deep as a wading pool. It'd be much better if you made a story that isn't about fluffy butterflies and wet appendenges, and tried to make a story that had more plot to it. That's why Working for the Weekend is superior in comparison to the HLA. Then again, I just really disliked HLA because of the retarded scramble it became, which had anon jumping at sexual interaction when he got the chance.

Then again, I guess that we need at least one H fic writer, if only to keep the people who vote for those sorts of things out of the stories that have some actual depth of plot and characterization.
No. 2696

well I think Patchwork sees Gensokyo was a place where lines blur, at least in regards to female friendships.

And HLA went pretty well in contrast to other stories I read. (DoLF's first run came to mind; the rampant fanboys of Alice, Reisen, etc. Mucked that up real bad)

Everyone has their styles, and if I didn't feel like fluffy smut, I'd stay away from Patchwork's stuff, but I'm always up for a rather light hearted story that actually delivered on things. (in a few other stories Mima run ins end up massively teasing)

A guy can have class and a sex drive; though I think Hakugyokuro is an area where one has more freedom is trying such a thing. (And in HLA, once it was Yuyuko route locked, the eyes were on target)
No. 2697

Oh? Well, thanks for the criticism. I'd love to restart WftW, but I really have botched it up - it's going to be a while before I sort things out satisfactorily, or even feel really comfortable writing it. I'm sorry for that.

I can tell that you're not particularly fond of HLA, and I doubt that you will be any time soon. It really is more character driven than plot driven, and I realize that doesn't appeal to everyone. I also realize that I don't always execute it perfectly, but I do try to learn from my mistakes.

If you preferred WftW, I will say that I have a few other story concepts that I'm working on. I hope that when I put one of them forward, you'll find it enjoyable.
No. 2700
No. 2701
No, no. The other anon was right, you do just like to bitch.

You shouldn't be criticizing anything in here. It's a single h-scene; it needs no plot, no substance, no depth. It's meant to be enjoyed, and that is all. If you have a problem with his work, go complain in another thread, and stop fagging up this one.
No. 2703

I'm just tired of him focusing so much on pointless H scenes, when he could be writing something a lot more worthwhile. HLA does have its merits, but Working for the Weekend is (in my opinion) the best thing he's written in a while. If trying to say that you want to see a writer focus on something more detailed is "fagging a thread up", then I guess I'm guilty on many occasions.
No. 2704
I thought it was all the same person, guess I was right.
No. 2705
Like that has any bearing on your argument.
No. 2732
bump for updates.
No. 2734

It's a one-shot, you retard.
No. 2737

>thread put up as a place for future deviant ideas to be displayed.

maybe you should learn to read. I thought they taught that in retard schools too, but I guess I'm wrong.
No. 2740

Very mature.

Anyway, you can't really ask for updates when it's not a story and it's just a place for his random ideas. Asking him to force a random idea out is pretty stupid, really.

Sage for pointlessly replying to one of our more challenged anons.
No. 2742
Has anyone done a Pinocchio thing with Shanghai and Hourai yet?

A fairy comes and grants them for a single day, the gift of becoming real girls (with real, human proportions). They meet a young boy and play with him for most of the day. Later, they discover that every time he lies, his dick and nose grow. The girls have a naughty idea about this, resulting in a freaky three-way. Alice comes home to find her precious dolls missing, and begins to look for them everywhere. They don't make it home before midnight, and revert to their doll forms. Alice finally finds them alongside a boy doll in the middle of a road, at the same time meeting the creator of said doll who went out looking for his as well. They find out they share the same passion, go back to her place to talk for hours about dolls, then engage in a romantic, steamy romp around the house. Skipping forward, the two doll-makers are now married and live together. They combine their doll collections, putting the three dolls that brought them together, next to each other on the shelf.

Then they all live happily ever after, or what have you.

Something along those lines.
No. 2743
I suppose if he's going to write he would have done so by now, so whatever mang.

I'd amuse myself by bitching and moaning about people writing h-scenes in an 18+ board, but some esteemed if mentally challenged gentleman already have that base covered. I guess I'll instead settle on calling you a moron who somehow deluded yourself into thinking you're a guardian of good taste and acceptable behaviour on an NSFW board about little girls in a magical land, and further in a thread that started with the picture of a doll covered in semen and sucking an erect penis.

Internet etiquette also demands that I call you a faggot, so, well, there you go.
No. 2744

Man, you're some new kind of butthurt. Just shut up and stop shitting up Patch's thread.
No. 2746
I am floored by your rapier wit and will, as you say, be shutting up now to nurse my butthurt in peace.
No. 2747
I don't get what this has to do with anything. Because it's NSFW, people are assumed to lose all politeness?
No. 2748
>good taste and acceptable behaviour
note that this is different from politeness. it instead refers to the tendency to treat the written medium as True Art that needs to stay clean and away from debauchery and preferably focus on the DEEP and PURE, possibly in a fade-to-black where missionary position is implied. also refers to the tendency of certain asswipe(s) to assume they have some higher authority on forum etiquette on account of not being a 'newfag', despite the fact that there is no way to verify this except to take their elitist and faggotty words for it.

far as politeness goes, as should be common knowledge by now, and as you have again demonstrated just a few posts ago, being anonymous on the internets removes completely the urge to not be an asshole.

No. 2750
This appeals to my minigirl fetish.
No. 2775
File 125256709392.jpg - (277.00KB , 1024x768 , letty (3).jpg ) [iqdb]
This one's for you, HY.


It's too hot!

Your first winter in Gensokyo, and you manage to get caught in a snowstorm that first freezes you half to death, and then starts to boil you alive! Choking back a sob, you desperately claw at the buttons of your thick coat, your fingers too numb and unresponsive to grip them properly. A stuttered, broken curse slips through your shivering lips as you stumble forward and nearly topple over into the almost waist-high snow, unable to feel your legs even though you know they're moving. Everything is so numb now, yet so agonizingly hot, and you... there's no escaping it, you're going to die out here.

A tremor runs through you, and your eyes sting. You don't have it in you to cry at this point, but the thought of dying alone out here still leaves you with a hollow feeling that sends spasms through you periodically. It's... frightening. You don't want to die. You don't want to die, so you keep moving on through this endless white haze, even though... even though...

You push on.


White. Hot. White hot.

That's all there is. Awful heat coursing through you, and blurred whites whipping chaotically across your vision. There's no feeling but the agonizing blaze clawing at you; are you still moving? Have you collapsed? You can't tell at this point. You can't tell anything anymore.

Everything is burning white; you, the world, time. It all runs together...


A gentle voice pierces through the painful heat and the roar of the storm, and the veil of white clears away, leaving the world before your eyes a dappled gray. Your vision fades in and out, but in a brief moment of clarity you see her. Ringed in a fuzzy light, blue and white clothes flowing in the wind, she looks like an angel staring sadly down at you.

"Poor boy," she whispers as she leans over you, "done in by the cold..."


"... burning..."

Your voice comes in a cracked rasp, but still it reaches her, and though your ailing vision cannot trace her clearly, you can feel her stare. She draws closer in some capacity, becomes more clear to you... seems more puzzled...


"... I'm burning..."

This last wheeze is such an effort that it nearly exhausts you completely. Your throat seems to ice over, paralyze, and your sight is reduced to a milky mixture of indistinct colors and shapes. As your world begins to fall apart, lost in the fire that roars through your veins, a single spike of perfect clarity reaches you.

Her touch.

Her hand cups your cheek, and is so blessedly cool that it assuages the heat where its touch graces you. You attempt to lash out, to hold it to you, to keep this blessed relief with you, but you can't tell now where your limbs are, let alone what they do. It seems hopeless until that same burst of refreshing coolness creeps into your palm, real and tangible. Her voice, losing its distinctness as your mind slips away from you, just barely reaches you.

"... burning? But... so cold... how..."

A sharp gasp.

"... oh, you poor thing..."

A slight chill reaches the rest of your front ever so slightly, but that light relief is all that's necessary to keep you from slipping away entirely, to keep you awake. Clarity, the world, they come and go in strange, slippery movements of time. The light chill grows more intense, and while it doesn't extinguish the fire bubbling beneath your skin, it fights it back to almost bearable levels.

You can't say how long it is before the world settles back into reasonable focus, but at some point you regain enough of your senses to recognize that you're being cradled in the arms of the mysterious woman who found you. Your coat, and indeed most of your clothes save for your underwear, have been removed and set aside, letting the comforting coolness of the woman reach you more easily. It occurs to you that you're being rocked gently, and a soothing tune graces your ears as the woman hums quietly.

This is... relaxing.

"Are you feeling better now?"

Her voice calls you out of your lull, and you try to respond, your scratchy throat fighting you every inch of the way.

"... much... still hot... but better..."


Leaning yourself into her, you look up and catch your first real glimpse of her. Even without your vision reducing her to a bright aura, she appears angelic, her lilac hair framing soft features and clear blue eyes contrasting with beautifully pale skin. With a kind smile, she runs her hand through your hair, running it down to caress your cheek.

"... who... why?"

"My name is Letty Whiterock. Call me Letty."

Letty... that's a nice name...

"I've found many people out in the snows, but never in time to hear them say a word. When you said you were burning, I," she chokes up for a moment, "well, I know what it's like to burn."

Weakly you hoop your arms about her shoulders, hugging her as closely as you can manage. She rubs your back reassuringly, though she's shaking worse than you are now. The two of you hold one another as a long silence passes, taking some comfort in eachother.

"... as I was saying," she finally whispers, "it was the first time I heard someone say that. I always find people far too late, and back when I hunted... it always ended far too quickly for that. You looked so sad lying there, and you're so young, it would have been too sad to leave you feeling... like that..."

"... thank you, Letty..."

She nods her head and hums in acknowledgment. Pulling you closer, she holds you tight and rests her head atop your own, the wonderful chill that radiates from her enveloping you, keeping that terrible heat at bay. For a long time, the two of you stay together like that, happy just to have someone there.

"You're still too hot, aren't you?"

You nod to her silently. Though cooler by far, an unpleasant heat lingers beneath your skin, ready and waiting to resurge. Letty sighs and smiles, then ruffles your hair pleasantly.

"I guess it can't be helped, then."

She leans in, and you blink in surprise as her lips meet yours in a tender kiss, a sharp breath of that refreshing coolness passing from her to you in the process, seeping into you and radiating through you, infinitely more soothing than her mere touch. Your eyes drift shut instinctively, and too weak to resist, you return her kiss weakly for as long as she lets you. When the two of you finally part, you dazedly try to untie your tongue.

"... Letty... what..."

A quiet shush and a slender finger pressed to your lips are enough to silence you, and second gentle kiss sends another comforting tendril of cold into you. Ending the kiss, Letty pulls back and brushes a stray lock of hair from her face while regarding you with almost motherly eyes.

"I've been using my power to manipulate the cold to help you as best I can," she says with a smile, "and the closer we are, the more it will affect you. If we were connected..."

A single cool hand, its touch a panacea, trails down your front and strokes you through your underwear. You shudder, twitching under her touch, a distinct bulge appearing beneath your last scrap of clothing.

"... would you let me help you this way?"

You have to swallow a lump in your throat before you can answer, feeling overwhelmed by the sensation of her hand working you so carefully. Your voice comes just a shaky and hoarse as ever, but it's enough for you. Enough for now.

"Letty... please... help me."

Letty smiles warmly at you, and lays you back onto a mound of snow, leaning in for another kiss as she slowly tugs your underwear down, allowing your straining manhood to spring free. Discarding your last article of clothing, she trails her hand back up your leg, fingertips playing along your thighs, until she at last gives your shaft a firm stroke. Breaking the kiss, you let out a whimper as she starts a slow rhythm of gently pumping her hand along your length, occasionally pausing to stroke your tip along the way.

Sitting up, still carefully working your erection, Letty smiles down at you. A white glow envelopes her clothes, and they break apart into glittering white flakes, which float away like snowflakes on the breeze. You stare open-mouthed at her, at her exquisitely pale skin glowing in the soft light of the snowfield, her soft curves and full, motherly figure, her long and lovely limbs... goodness, she's beautiful...

She giggles quietly, snapping you out of your brief reverie and making you blush.

"I can't remember the last time I got that sort of look," she says before giving you a quick peck on the lips, "it's nice to know I still have it."

Giving your erection a few last strokes, she takes a firm hold of it and carefully moves to straddle you, guiding your shaft until the tip is pressed ever so lightly against the lips of her vagina. Giving you a reassuring smile, she pauses there, poised to begin, and tilts her head questioningly.

"Are you ready?"

Mouth dry, you nod silently, and close your eyes in anticipation. At last she mounts you, taking you into herself agonizingly slowly, her tight walls enveloping your shaft inch by inch. When at last she has you in her up to the hilt, you release a breath you hadn't realized you'd been holding, hearing a sharp gasp from her at the same time. Opening your eyes again, you see her sitting comfortably on your lap, looking down at where the two of you have joined, her hand resting against her navel as though to feel how deeply you've penetrated her.

The two of you remain this way for some time, overwhelmed just by the sensation. That same coolness that spilled into you with each of her kisses comes back, spreading through you from where you and Letty are connected, more intense and soothing than anything she's done yet. You let yourself relax as the feeling floods through you, and--


You tense again and a moan escapes you as Letty begins to gyrate her hips, grinding against yours in slow, small circles. Sparks run up your spine as her sex contracts around you repeatedly, firmly massaging your shaft. You start to work your hips in opposing rotation, and Letty moans appreciatively, her hands running up her body to fondle her breasts. Quiet gasps and moans escape her with each of your movements, and she gradually leans forward until she's lying atop you rather than sitting atop you; it's only natural for the two of you to embrace then, and she rests her head next to yours.

What little noise she makes soon turns to an even quieter panting, and her grinding turns to a riding motion, her hips rising and falling, her walls sliding along your length. You try to match her movements, withdrawing yourself almost completely before slipping back into her. Your pace never quickens or slows, the two of you moving in a natural, gradual rhythm that has you both rapt.

The sensation of it all is like nothing you've felt before. She's just tight and slick as you would expect, but her body remains cool to the touch, even as she begins perspire. As the two of you make love, your own temperature seems to drift back toward the normal, until the warmth coursing through you is a familiar one that only serves to intensify the feelings of the moment when it contrasts with Letty's chill, sending small shocks through you. As you're swept away in the heat of the moment, that uncomfortable blaze that consumed you earlier resurges and crumples into a single burning point at you core; with it comes a familiar, building pressure, and tears well up in your eyes as you desperately try to hold back and make this moment last just a little longer.

"... Letty... Letty, I..."

Letty raises her head, before resting her forehead against yours, staring into your eyes.

"It's alright. I'll take that awful heat away from you... I'll take it all... so just let go."

Her lips take yours in another kiss, and you lose it. All that awful heat, and all that pleasant warmth leave you in a searing bolt of ecstasy as the pressure is loosed, pouring into Letty along with a large spurt of your seed.

Your senses leave you for a moment, but they return in time for you to finish your long kiss with Letty. She pulls back, panting, her skin flushed a light pink. With a happy sigh, she rests her head in the crook of your neck, and lets herself go limp against you. Exhausted, you tangle your hand in her hair, and she hums happily in response.

"That was wonderful," she whispers blissfully, "it's been so long, I'd forgotten how nice it can be."

"It was nice," you reply, your voice still weak, "thank you, Letty."

A comfortable silence passes between the two of you as you rest together in satisfaction. Drowsiness begins to creep up on you, and you have trouble keeping your eyes open. As you drift off, an unsettling thought rises in the back of your mind.

"Hey, Letty," you ask, "am I going to be okay?"

She giggles, and takes hold of one of your wrists, gently pulling your hand towards her. She presses something into your grasp, and lets go of your wrist so that you can examine the object. It's a small golden pin reminiscent of a bird's talons, glittering softly, and pleasantly cool to the touch.

"Take that," she whispers, "it's a good luck charm. It'll keep you safe."

"Thanks, Letty..."

Your eyes drift shut as she gives you one last peck on the lips. As sleep slowly overcomes you, you hear her voice one last time.

"I'm expecting you to return that to me, alright?"


Stilted voices reach your ears, speaking in half-formed sentences. A sharp bright light forces you to blink painfully, and you sit up, rubbing your forehead to fight off the building headache. As your eyes adjust to the light, you take a quick look around. You're sitting in a soft bed swathed in white sheets, and it looks like you're in another of those ubiquitous wood-and-rice-paper rooms that Gensokyo seems to favor... wait, out the window you can see bamboo...

This is Eientei's medical ward.

"Well, what a surprise. You're up far earlier than I'd expected. How unusual for my predictions to be off, though I suppose stranger things have happened..."

The mature voice catches your attention, and you look to the entrance of the room to spot the familiar face of Eirin Yagokoro. You've never been particularly close to her beyond what business calls for, but everyone in the village has met her at some point, and like most villagers you've offered assistance here when asked; Eientei provides the best medical care around, after all, and it commands a certain level of respect. First time you've seen her from the patient's perspective, though. You have to admit, there's something reassuring about seeing the silver-haired beauty donning a white lab coat over her usual attire; really makes her look professional.

"Miss Yagokoro? Why am I--"

"You've been hospitalized after a severe bout with hypothermia," she replies briskly. Alright, maybe her bedside manner could use some work. "A number of your organs were badly damaged, and brain damage was setting in. You were very fortunate to have been brought here when you were; if it had been any longer, even I might not have been able to save you."

"I see," you admit, slightly stunned. "I guess I owe you my thanks."

"Yes, well, as much as I loathe to admit it, you owe Miss Fujiwara just as much thanks. Had she not been in the party that found you, you may have wound up a great deal colder. I'd prefer to avoid dwelling on the notion that I owe that girl anything, much less credit, so if you don't mind, I'd like to go straight to running the tests I had planned for you..."

Eirin rushes you through a small battery of tests, the nature of which eludes you. She's rather curt and hurried about the whole thing, and it strikes you as though she really is in a bad mood about something or other, at least given how polite she usually is. The whole affair is rather unpleasant, and the less time you spend thinking about it, the better.

"... at any rate," Eirin says at last, making a note on her clipboard, "I'm afraid you'll have to stay here for some time. You're recovering admirably by any standard, but it's important to keep you observed during this period."

As she moves to leave, you call out to her.

"Ah, Miss Yagokoro, if it's not too much trouble, you wouldn't happen to hav--"

"I'll send Udonge by with your effects later."

Ah, ever the brilliant doctor, Yagokoro. You settle back and let her leave in peace, and sure enough her lovely assistant, Reisen, comes by soon after to bring you your belongings, as well as a pleasant smile and some polite conversation. Once she leaves, you start sifting through your belongings, on a sudden urge to find something, though you can't remember quite what it was.

This irritating urge to find something you can't quite remember... just what happened to you out in that snowfield? Maybe it's just one of the effects of that brain damage Eirin mentioned, but your memory of the time you spent out there is hazy and fragmented at best, completely absent at worst. You get a vague sense that there was something important, something incredible...


In one of your coat's pockets you find a small trinket, and it seems to satisfy your urge to uncover something. Looking at it makes you feel as though you could almost remember what happened out in that storm, calling to mind a brief memory of a soft smile, and a gentle voice.

You smile as you hold it up to the light, a small golden pin reminiscent of a bird's talons, glittering softly, and pleasantly cool to the touch...
No. 2776
You Sir, are fucking awesome.

Very enjoyable indeed!
No. 2777
A Letty is fine too.

its seems to set up a kind of sequel of sorts... or how the sex exactly went (since it has a good chance of freezing him)
No. 2778
Can't recall seeing much Letty love around, so this is a welcoming read indeed~
No. 2779
Oh wow, that was quite ok. You have certainly written a decent piece of prons this time around.
No. 2780
I love your stories. Looking forward for a Yuka-based story.

Good job.
No. 2783
YES! I loved your Letty, Patchwork. H-scene or not, it was an awesome read.
Reading this reminded me of RaAN. To this date, I mourn the fact that BLankfag did not finish the story
No. 2784
I froze.
No. 2816
File 125357516374.jpg - (96.78KB , 345x528 , crazy_slow_pain_22-copy.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is so amazing I am still in the literal state of bewilderment. Patch, I love your Letty very much.
No. 2835
File 125438769269.jpg - (763.83KB , 1024x754 , Nue014.jpg ) [iqdb]
Masturbating on holy ground. You must be setting some kind of record for sin right now.

How could anyone blame you, though? Tonight has been completely ridiculous! Not only did you wind up in the one Buddhist temple staffed solely by absurdly attractive young women, but you've also somehow managed more awkward situations in the past few hours than you've had over the rest of your life; first there was the underwear thing with Shou, which of course Nazrin had to get involved with, then there was the thing with Ichirin and the robes, and to top it all off the bit with Byakuren out of the bath just now! Even that slightly surly sailor girl has been getting to you, though the tone she takes with her open flirtation makes you suspect she's just trying to frustrate you, and in more than one way. Seriously, is there some sort of conspiracy here to sexually frustrate you?

Well, if there is, it's working! A few mumbled curses escape you as you focus on jac--

"Foul language and masturbation? Going for a twofer on sin?"

Oh dear sweet heavens, there's someone else in the room!

Despite the speed at which your hands leave your crotch, and your head whips up to look, you don't manage to catch the source of that rude interruption. All you sight is a quick blur of something red or blue, nothing else. The hel--

"Oh, you really are worked up, aren't you?"

A low, impressed whistle, and a single slim finger being dragged along the length of your now raging erection is enough to send a disarming shiver through you, and you limply fall backward only to find yourself resting against the warmth of a female body. You shudder as the mystery girl carefully wraps her delicate, warm little hand around your shaft, her thumb gently massaging the tip, the nail occasionally prodding you ever-so-lightly. A sultry giggle graces your ears as she oh-so-slowly begins to stroke you, her light grip sending a tingle through you.

"What... what are you... doing?" The simple question is so difficult to ask when she...

"Temples are supposed to give you inner peace, aren't they?" Her honey-sweet voice whispers in your ear as she tenderly caresses your flesh. Looking down, you can see how her slender digits dance along your length, working their way up to the head and carefully gathering up your precum, growing sticky and wet with the substance before descending back to the base, her loving touch thoroughly lubricating your phallus with your own fluids. "I'm just helping you calm down, like a temple resident should."

Relaxing, you give in to her ministrations, closing your eyes and making the world go dark, allowing the sensation of her skillful touch to wash over you. Gentle kisses pepper your neck as her soft hands work their magic, bringing you to feel light as air, and causing a pleasing warmth to pour through you. Your head lolls back, your eyes drift open...

"No peeking."

Though little more than a hot breath, her soothing voice coaxes your eyes shut, and turns your head. Soft lips press against yours, and her tongue plies for entry, which you give up without resistance, letting her explore your mouth as she pleases. Her sweet taste lingers when she finally pulls away, and a pleased sigh escapes you.

"... who are you?"

Still you keep your eyes shut, and the girl giggles provocatively.

"Who do you want me to be?"

With the way this temple has treated you, and how bold she's been...


You're rewarded for your answer with a very pleased chuckle, a quick nip at your ear, and a sudden, strong stroke along your erection.

"Good answer," she takes your lips in another fierce kiss for a moment. "However..."

Her hands leave your straining shaft, but before a groan of disappointment can escape you, they are replaced with a new feeling. Something hot, slimy, sticky, and pliant, wraps itself firmly around your penis, and strokes you slowly. The sensation is strange, unlike anything you've felt before, but it feels so, so much better than her hands alone ever could. You open your eyes to the sight of her hands shining in the moonlight, tickling their way up your sides, and... the warm, wet something that is now working your manhood so pleasantly... in the pale light it looks thick, long, and blue, ending in an arrowhead tip... a tentacle?

"... are you sure you want me to be me?"

The rounded tip of the arrowhead tentacle twitches, poking and lightly scratching at your glans, sending a powerful shock through you. It's strange, it's alien, but it's so fucking good.

"Gods, yes."

Your response draws a happy hum from the girl, and while she toys with one of your nipples with one hand, the other drifts back down to rest upon the wriggling, twisting tentacle in your lap, and she extends one elegant finger to prod and rub at your glans, directly opposite the tip of the tentacle. The slimy appendage begins to move faster, it's hot, wet, supple surface massaging your phallus from every direction at once, her fingers work at you glans more thoroughly, and... a pressure builds inside you, the inner heat you feel swelling to a peak, before...


A shudder runs through you as you find release, staining the girl's fingers with your semen. As your sense return, you find yourself locked in another blind kiss with her, which must have silenced the cry of ecstasy you're sure you made. Keeping your eyes shut, and basking in the warm and fuzzy feeling of afterglow, you go completely slack against the girl while she gives your softening member a few last tugs, squeezing the last of your sperm out.

The tentacle finally unwraps, sliding away from your slick crotch, and the girl holds you loosely with one arm, the other disappearing behind you. A loud slurping noise suggests that she's busying herself with drinking down the semen on her hand.

"Tasty," she whispers happily. "Feeling more peaceful now?"

You just nod dumbly, eyes still closed, satisfied with resting yourself against this amazing young lady, whoever she may be.

"That's good. Maybe you can help me, now..."

Abruptly you find yourself falling backward onto your futon, no longer supported by the mystery girl, who swings around you to straddle your hips once you land on your back.

"... after all that work, I've got myself all worked up. Think you can help me find some... peace, now?"

Your eyes open to your first real sight of your mystery girl, and it takes your breath away. A somewhat slight young woman with pale skin that shines softly in the moonlight leaking through the window, her short, raven black hair swept to one side and mussed with excitement, framing a youthful face with slightly sharp features, and striking maroon eyes. Her slender figure is wrapped in a tight little black dress, the skirt of which is just short enough to show off a tantalizing flash of thigh before her black thigh-high socks begin to accentuate her long, perfectly shaped legs. Three razor-sharp, scythe-like scarlet wings spread out to one side from behind her, matched by three wriggling blue tentacles on the other; the alien appendages do nothing to dull the suggestive smirk on her face.

She's fucking hot.

"...well, I suppose that's the least I could do, isn't it?"

"Well, thank you so much for your help."

She licks her lips, and suddenly you feel a prick on one of your thighs. Your once spent dick starts to harden again, proudly rising to full-mast, so erect it actually hurts a little. Your own energy starts to return, and you stare curiously up at the girl, though her mischievous grin tells you that you'll never know what she just did... not that it matters.

"Ready for me?" She asks in a sultry tone, steadying herself over you. The tip of your shaft disappears under her skirt, and you feel her bare, dripping slit brush against you. Gods, you can actually feel the heat rolling off of her...

"Readiest I've ever been."

Licking her lips one more time, she mounts you slowly, and... oh damn, she is tight. She has to inch her way down your shaft to really fit you in without hurting herself, and it takes everything you have to keep from simply thrusting your full length into her. You console yourself by savoring the sight of her growing short of breath as you fill her, her sultry smile turning dazed and blissful.

"Yes," she hisses with pleasure when she finally takes you in down to the hilt, "oh, yes. That's nice."

Damn right it is. You grind your hips against hers wordlessly, pleased to listen to her coo happily in response. One of her tentacles snakes down and tugs at your arm, pulling you into a sitting position so that she can embrace you properly, pressing every slight curve of her body against you. Moving her hips gradually, she begins to ride you, careful not to move too fast for her tight walls to handle. Smiling happily, she rests her forehead against yours and shuts her eyes.

"Kiss me."

You have no problem complying with that demand, and press your lips against hers. Soon your tongues are dancing once again, and you let yourself get swept up, to start thrusting your hips to match your girl's pace. It's torturous how slow you have to move to slide your shaft through her without issue, and the movements are awkward from this position, but the sheer moist heat and the building friction of the solid grip her pussy has on your manhood is irresistible. Your focus starts slipping, and you're forced to break off your kiss in order to pant and gasp for air; a moan starts to escape you, but one of her slick tentacles coils around the back of your head and slips into your mouth to silence you.

"Not too loud... don't want to wake anyone."

Unable to make a proper response, you just hum an acknowledgment, the tentacle in your mouth wriggling about just a bit; while odd at first, the warm, thick flesh drips with a sweet secretion that reminds you of the taste of your girl, and you can't help but find it pleasant. You start to suckle at the writhing appendage, provoking a sharp gasp and an appreciative giggle from your partner, who starts grinding herself against you again. You allow her to take the lead, and focus your attention on finding the sensitive areas on the tentacle in your mouth while you hold her tight; when your fingers brush against the base of each set of her wings as you hold her, she shivers, and you put your attention into working those as well. She starts to pant herself, forgoing bouncing in your lap for bumping, grinding, writhing, whatever she can do quickly, whatever keeps you together longer. As her slick walls massage your phallus, the same pressure you felt earlier builds inside, hotter and more intense than ever. Your girl seems to take notice, and...

Something thick, slick, and warm suddenly prods at your anus experimentally... another tentacle? Before you can process what's happening, the appendage makes a few tentative pushes, and finally slips into you. Your eyes widen as the tentacle makes several powerful twitches, and touches something insi--

Oh gods!

Your world explodes into a blaze of white-hot ecstasy, every part of your body going numb with pleasure. The feeling seems to last forever, drowning out everything so long as it persists. You come down from the high of the best orgasm you've ever had to find yourself slumping forward against your mystery girl, who seems to have gone just as limp, once again resting her forehead against yours. The two of you stare at eachother with matching blissful smiles, and your eyes drift down to see your girl absently brushing her fingers along her stomach.

"Wow," the two of you whisper in unison.

"That was... big," the girl offers with a dazed grin.

"Biggest I've ever had," you reply in satisfaction.

The two of you pause for a comfortable silence, snuggling in post-coital happiness.

"What are you talking about, by the way?" The girl asks.

"My orgasm. What were you talking about?"

"The load you shot off."

The two of you pause again, but soon break down into a fit of giggles, collapsing back onto the futon in a tangled mess of cuddles and kisses. Once the two of you settle down, drowsiness quickly sets in for you both, your eyes struggling to remain open in the face of warm, fuzzy sleepiness. As you drift off to sleep, you manage to ask one final question.

"... what happens to us now?"

"No idea," she replies, giving you one last peck on the lips, "that's what makes it fun."



Sorry for the lack of a super-sexy Nue image, but there's not a lot of super-sexy Nue art out there just yet.

Tried some unusual kink here, and I like the ideas, but... I'm not sure that this is as up to snuff as I would like it to be. It's hard to judge my own writing though.

Incidentally, had this been part of an actual CYOA, the point where Nue asks who you want her to be would definitely be a choice point. Depending on your answer, she would use her power of making her true form unknown to assume the appearance of whoever you said you wanted her to be. It would probably result in some crazy mindfuckery down the line, too.
No. 2836
Oh Gods, I came.

>had this been part of an actual CYOA
I am waiting warmly for this to happen.
No. 2837
Whoa, that was unexpected.

No. 2838
That was fucking fantastic.
No. 2839

You once again prove why you are among THP's top H scene masters.

A Nue is more than fine too, and she would be a naughty type.
No. 2840
>Tried some unusual kink here
And we're very thankful for this~
No. 2841

Yeah, not much for me to add.
No. 2842
File 125443455365.jpg - (141.47KB , 529x359 , ohyes.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 2843
File 125444439953.gif - (354.20KB , 250x250 , 1249240117743.gif ) [iqdb]
Holy shit yes.
Yes holy shit.
Shit yes holy.

I never thought Nue could be THIS hot.
Now I only need Byakuren and/or Momizi, and I will die happy.
No. 2844
>Incidentally, had this been part of an actual CYOA, the point where Nue asks who you want her to be would definitely be a choice point.
There's a good chance anon would have come up with the same answer.
No. 2847
That was awesome, Patchwork. I love Nue all the more now, if that's actually possible.
No. 2848
File 125445972058.jpg - (144.53KB , 500x500 , 4809d84a15c39a54ec6626bafda38aa1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Now I only need Byakuren and/or Momizi
>Byakuren and/or Momizi,
>and/or Momizi,

Already had one.
Haruka-nee-samaByakuren...OH GOD
No. 2853
No. 2856
There's also a good chance he'd have thrown us a curve ball.

My money is on anon voting for Byakuren, followed up by another sad end.
No. 2857
File 125463563314.jpg - (520.00KB , 800x800 , d021c8be06b4dd965d05a0acd6b09611.jpg ) [iqdb]
Experience: None.
No. 2869
File 125497699531.png - (3.30KB , 146x174 , Ralf.png ) [iqdb]
No. 2872
File 125536566381.gif - (72.65KB , 834x356 , wowjustwow.gif ) [iqdb]
This Nue is deliciously sexy. Thank you for delivering more awesomeness upon all of us, Patchwork.
No. 2904
File 125545759915.jpg - (1.03MB , 832x1140 , 93573238.jpg ) [iqdb]
This has been up for nearly 2 weeks and I didn't see it? Goddamn.

Sexiness, thy name is Nue.
No. 2911
File 125556881128.jpg - (575.11KB , 1200x1600 , 6599927.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 2912
File 125556905181.jpg - (173.17KB , 752x800 , 6359261.jpg ) [iqdb]
And another one
No. 2978
File 125714252774.jpg - (481.89KB , 784x888 , nagarebosi8492-15marisa.jpg ) [iqdb]
So we've got minigirl, how about a sequel going the other way? Protagonist is testing a new shrinking potion for Alice and, naturally, is taking the opportunity to have a more conventional, to-scale threesome with Shanghai and Hourai. Alice walks up to the bed wearing lingerie, looks down at them with a smirk and playfully taunts him for resorting to playing with dolls because he can't handle a real woman. And many interesting things follow.
No. 2979
Followed up with some giant-sex? Well, giant from the protagonist's point of view, but...
No. 2980
File 125717942866.jpg - (219.47KB , 957x1120 , 1985362_edit.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's what I was getting at, yes.
No. 3004
I like what you're getting at.
No. 3546

As do I. >:3
No. 6211
Oh what the fuck all of these are epic fucking win sauce of gods
No. 6672
>>2775 <- Letty porn.

Bumping for great smut-justice.
No. 8415
File 128781161118.png - (86.86KB , 550x450 , The Aftermath - She just wants to cuddle.png ) [iqdb]
Happy birthday to my dear friend, Kriss. You know I love you.


The warm touch of the sun washes over you, making your skin tingle. A few stray white clouds, thin and cheerful, drift idly through the otherwise clear crystal blue sky that stretches out endlessly before you. The vibrant green grass of the hillside is a soft carpet spread out beneath you, fine strands brushing gently against you as they sway and rustle in the calm breeze. From all around the hill drift the wonderful aromas of more flowers than you know, melting together into a symphony of scents that clears the head and soothes the spirit. It all washes over you as you lie supine against the hill, and you spread your legs and arms wide to receive it.

You may have had to lose a duel, fall painfully to the earth, and spend a minute or so only half conscious for it, but what a perfect moment this is.

Relaxing into the plush grass, you keep your eyes cast skyward, and soon spot a small figure drifting through the air a little ways in the distance. As the figure draws closer, you recognize it as Yuuka, one hand holding her flowery umbrella over her head as she floats to the ground. Her other hand is busy holding down her plaid red skirt, which flutters slightly in the wind just like her matching vest. You feel your cheeks warm as you realize that some part of you is disappointed at that little show of modesty. Nonetheless, you sit up as the flower youkai drifts toward you and...


... Tosses her umbrella aside in favor of falling toward you, arms outstretched, when she's more than a few feet above the ground. You hardly have time to react before she crashes into you and bowls you over, sending you tumbling right back into the grass with a slightly unpleasant thump, and a startled cry, only her surprising lightness sparing you from any further pain. Almost immediately she draws you into a tight hug, causing--


Causing her very impressive assets to squish right up against your own! Your can feel your cheeks blazing almost immediately, but you do your best to ignore it, and gently hook your arms around her shoulders to return her embrace. It may be embarrassing, but the way she holds you is also comfortable, and she's so soft, and warm...

"That was wonderful, Reina."

The little tension left in you melts away, and you relax, earning a brilliant smile from the flower youkai. Now this is a perfect moment, and all you can do is smile right back at her.

"If you enjoyed yourself, then I'm happy."

"I enjoyed myself." Her forehead comes to rest gently against yours, and you find yourself gazing into her sparkling carnelian eyes. "Reina."

"Yuuka." You bump your nose lightly against hers, and she honest-to-goodness giggles. Her breath tickles your skin, and she closes her eyes. Her emerald hair falls around you like a curtain, tickling your skin. Your eyes drift shut, your breath catches in your throat, and then...

Soft. Her lips are so very soft. No ardor behind them, no desperation, only a deliberate tenderness as they press gently to your own, leaving you to reciprocate with the same loving care. For a wonderful moment you are flying again, light as the air, the warmth that dances through your veins in pinpricks pulsing along with the swell in your heart. When at last her lips part from yours, their warmth lingers there, and your breath escapes in a whispery sigh.

"You're beautiful, Reina," she says, her smile blossoming into a grin as she pulls away.

"I lost. I'm a mess," you giggle.

"A beautiful mess," Yuuka proclaims cheerily, bringing one hand around to cup your cheek. It's warm.

"Yuuka." You move your hand to cover hers, and squeeze softly. Her expression softens.

You close your eyes again, holding your breath until you feel her lips on yours once again, just as soft and gentle as the first time. For the second time you feel light as air, this time because you can sense her effortlessly lifting you up, cradling you gently like one of her delicate little flowers. This time, when the kiss ends and she pulls her lips away, you find yourself resting in her lap, supported easily by just one of her arms. Raising the hand still entwined with hers, you can't help but smile at her.

"I never thought that the first time would happen like this," you murmur, beginning to feel flush. The flowers rustle all around you, shifting and swaying of their own accord. Before your eyes, vines creep up and along Yuuka, winding trails around her body, circling slowly down her arms until they wrap gently around you. Each damp tendril exudes the same faint heat as the sun, warming you right down to the bones, gently coaxing you to relax.

"The first time never happens like you would think," she chuckles softly, resting her head against yours. Her eyes glimmer dazzlingly red in the sunlight as she watches the vines carefully strip the clothes from your body; first the shirt, then the brassiere; now the shoes, the pants, the underwear. At the same time, you watch with fascination as Yuuka submits herself to the same; when her cravat flutters loose and floats to the ground, it almost seems like a cue, the other garments sliding loose like water, allowing inch after inch of fair, creamy skin to be exposed to the light.

As each article of clothing comes away, the vines seem to tighten around the two of you, pulling you together, binding you close. Up against such a perfect woman you almost feel inadequate, but her reassuring embrace washes away all that insecurity. For the longest time, the two of you sit there, clinging to one another, passing tender words and kisses back and forth.

Then it brushes between your legs, the bulb-like flower at the end of a vine, teasing you gently, the silken petals tickling you in a manner that leaves you breathless. Shivers run up and down your spine, and you shudder in the arms of the flower youkai. She rubs your back gently but firmly, and the vines seem to tighten their hold on the both of you, as if to hold you close and reassure you.


You answer her concerned query with a kiss, assuaging her worries as she does the same for you. Bracing yourself, you tighten your hold on her with both your arms and your legs, and bury your face in her shoulder. Vines brush along your thighs as she holds you close, their warm touch tingling against your skin as the flower gently pushes its way into you. Small shocks course through you as it scrapes its way deeper inside, each petal catching in a different spot, caressing you with feathery touches. The base of the bulb is firm enough to stretch you, drawing whimper after whimper. The vine gradually works itself in deeper and deeper until...

Yuuka tightens her hold, and kisses your neck softly. Even the vines squeeze you as if in apology.

In the next moment, the flowered vine pushes in deep and firm, and you feel the pain flare up inside of you. Biting back a hiss, you pant for breath, even as Yuuka whispers soothingly in your ear, rubbing your back once again. The vines massage you gently, the one inside of you slowing to a halt, careful not to aggravate the pain.

Slowly, however, the pain dulls and fades, replaced with the odd, but pleasant sensation of being filled. Yuuka seems to understand when your grip on her slackens, patting you on the back as the flowered vine resumes its movements, worming ever deeper inside of you until the hard base of the bulb is buried as deep as can be, bumping and grinding lightly against the deepest parts of you. Your back arches, and a moan slips out as Yuuka takes the opportunity to lean forward and plant kisses all over your breasts.

Heat courses through your veins, leaving you with the sensation of flying again as Yuuka trails her lips across your breasts, nipping lightly at them, and the sunny-warm vine twirls inside of you. Each twist of the stiff base of the flower looses a new a set of sparks loose inside of you, each twirling petal that brushes against you fanning them out, sending shocks through your body. Gentle and even paced, it starts a slow burn that builds inside of you, growing hotter and hotter until, before you know it, you find yourself gasping for breath, being swept away in a wave of--

A little shriek leaves you as the vine inside of you abruptly drives itself as deep as it can, its petals curling back into a bulb, their tips latching on deep inside. The vine pulses once, twice, and then a flood of blazing hot liquid gushes into you, filling you completely. More and more of it seems to pump out, the heat seeping into all the sensitive, tweaked places inside of you.

And then it suddenly turns cool.

A wave of glorious, intense ecstasy washes over you, overwhelming your senses with bliss for one beautiful moment. In the wake of the orgasm, you find yourself uncurling your toes, and going limp as the vines gently disentangle themselves from you, laying you onto the grass gently. Yuuka smiles warmly at you as the plants recede, and you glance down to see the deep red flower as it pulls out of you with a soft pop, a clear fluid dripping from inside the flower, splattering onto your thighs and cooling them. You look up at Yuuka, and pant for breath.

"Yuuka... what...?"

"Sap," she replies softly, lowering herself slowly to the grass beside you, and tousling your hair. "It... makes you more receptive."


For what might be the first time in all you have known her, you see a faint pink tinge creep into her skin. If you didn't know better, you would say she was blushing.

"Ah, well... it's something that... perhaps it would be easier to show you..." She fumbles her words, and raises a slightly unsteady hand. Between her fingers she holds something small, black, shiny...

"A seed?"

"Yes, my little flower. It is... how do I say this? It's mine. My seed." She actually averts her eyes, and starts twirling your hair around her finger. "I put a lot of my magic into it, and it... well, if I plant my seed in you, then..."



Flushed as you are from your ordeal, you can't blush any hotter, but you suddenly feel more... aware of yourself somehow. Your heart flutters as you watch Yuuka, stealing hopeful looks at you every few moments.

"You... you don't have to decide now," she murmurs softly, "but I wanted to be ready if you ever--"

"Go ahead, Yuuka."

The flower youkai blinks in surprise, and her eyes lock with yours. Seems like she's the breathless one this time. You feel your lips curl into a smile.

"Please. I want you to."

Your words seem to affect her deeply - her eyes light up, and she graces you with a completely open, unguarded smile. She slips an arm under your back, and pulls you close again, pressing right up to you as she uses her other hand to trace a path down your body with her gleaming black seed. As it brushes between your legs, she pauses, and gives you one last look. You nod.

Your eyes drift shut again as she pushes the seed into you, the tips of her fingers following after, stroking you gently as they deposit it inside. The seed seems to radiate warmth, more than the vines ever could, and you find yourself shivering in anticipation as Yuuka's fingers slide out and press against your crotch. Slowly she traces a line up to your navel with her fingers, and inside you can feel the warm package follow along, as if being guided. It travels deeper and deeper, pausing when it reaches as deeply as the flowered vine had, and then...

With one last gentle nudge, you feel it drift to a full stop, nestled deep inside of you. Yuuka's seed. Opening your eyes and panting softly, you smile at the flower youkai, earning a smile from her in return. She leans in, and the two of you meet in a tender kiss.

Then the seed bursts.

Deep inside you can feel the warm little thing blossom, unfurling in a burst of intense heat, tendrils of it spreading through you in every direction. You nearly cry out, silenced only by Yuuka's lips being pressed to yours, as a familiar feeling wells up inside of you. Skipping right past the shocks and shivers of earlier, euphoria wells up and courses through you, leaving you aware of nothing but the sheer pleasure, and the billows of heat spreading through you.

The bliss passes only when the plumes of intense heat subside into all-pervasive warmth within you. As your senses return, you see a delighted Yuuka with a dazzling smile, gazing straight into your eyes. In hers you can see the smallest of tears welling up, even as larger ones begin to obscure your vision.

"That was wonderful, Yuuka," you manage breathlessly.

"If you enjoyed yourself, I'm happy," she replies, drawing you into another tight hug.

"I enjoyed myself." You rest your forehead against hers, and she bumps her nose against yours. "Yuuka."

She grins, and unable to help yourself, you grin right back. For a few comfortable moments, silence, and then...

"I love you, Reina."

"I love you too, Yuuka."


Phew! I have to admit, this was a toughie. Never written H from the perspective of a woman before. Shame I didn't get to show off Reina's insatiable sexual appetite, but this just wasn't that kind of sex, I suppose.

And yes, just so there are no misconceptions, Yuuka did just magically impregnate Reina.
No. 8416


Now go update Mind the Gap.
No. 8417

wrong writer
No. 8420
File 128785337920.jpg - (79.33KB , 480x518 , 8a610e9cd598fdb76e905c93efa6cb0f.jpg ) [iqdb]
First time checking /at/ in a week and I see this.

Awesome work Patch, and Kriss is awesome too for making RiG.
No. 8421
Yeah, that's what they all say.
No. 8431
File 128794531134.jpg - (344.15KB , 1500x1060 , 085acf2796220db13a0647220ed5e81d.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Shame I didn't get to show off Reina's insatiable sexual appetite, but this just wasn't that kind of sex, I suppose.
I'm fine with this.

>magically impregnate Reina.
You have no idea how wide my grin was after reading this, Patch. Fuck, I need to go change my pants right now.
No. 8434
Excellent work Patch, I really liked this one~

Next on the list is Reisen mindfucking/physical fucking someone simultaneously, right?
No. 8435
No. 8436
No. 8437

No. 8438
Anti nthed. Please don't waste patchs time on such a useless character.
No. 8439

I thought we are have that one thread in /eientei/. U know, THAT one thread. Gives me the creeps when reading that.
No. 8445
That's more MtG than BALLS. Patch generally writes loving if slightly kinky stuff here.
No. 8446
No, I don't know, which one?
No. 8453
Here the post specifically that one:

Now enjoy your one time dose of Reisen mindrape you to complete lunacy level(no pun intended). Literally. DOES NOT INCLUDE BODYRAPE.
No. 8454

Fuck, I just got this.
No. 8456
1. Link does not work
2. Did you mean Satori? I know there's one with Satori in it but I never heard of one with Reisen before
No. 8457
No. 8458
Aah. Thanks
No. 23105
Saving this on the grounds that I actually have ideas that I want to get down to and write soon.
No. 23108
I already heard those words before. They're next to "I'm gonna make a VN" on the 'Imma stopping writing' excuses list.
Farewell Patchwork, you'll be missed.
No. 23137
Yikes, nice to see you've got such confidence in Patchwork...

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you'll be posting, Patchwork!
No. 23138
I'm trying to use an old strategy (provoking the writefag into writing), but without all the swearing. We'll see if that works.
No. 23156
File 132980322877.png - (141.77KB , 350x352 , Patchwork_motivator.png ) [iqdb]

I remember there was another trick involving a particular image of Wriggle. I forget if any image of Wriggle works or if it was another writer I'm thinking of.

WftW will forever haunt my heart...