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File 125776569179.jpg - (666.30KB, 850x850, 9e98525325acf5c7d7895c2b21f9fc9b.jpg) [iqdb]
"W-Why do I...have to do this..." You cry softly, trying to gather information as to your current state. A very sad state, of course, you can't bear the sound of your blazer jacket hitting the floor. It hits it with an awful thud, a cold, blunt one that makes you wonder why you're even here. What you wouldn't do for a nice warm bath and carrot juice. But no, here you are, standing in front of your would-be master, facing a mirror, a body length mirror, at that, so you can see just entirely how bad your miserable expression is. Effecting your entire body. You get no responce though, except a gesture you can see in the mirror, the person behind you waving their finger about, telling you to keep going. This only makes you shed more tears, for the embarrassing pain you're going through.

You gently loosen your tie, trying not to both accidentally and purposefully strangle yourself. You want to live, but the extreme weight on your heart right now is so much to bear. The hot tears of anguish continue streaming down your face, streaking your cheeks and dirtying your once beautiful face. The droplets are soon hitting the floor, as your eyes have watered so much by now. Your tie slowly slips off your hand and onto the floor below, as you soon now work your way to your shirt, reluctantly. Button by tiny button you undo them, watching the gleeful expression of the perpetrator behind you in the mirror. You further undo your shirt, exposing the pink, carrot printed bra underneath. Your arms start shaking, not wanting to continue, but you must. You slide the shoulders of your shirt off your arms, and yet another, soft, yet sickening thud is made on the freezing floor below you.

You shakenly and very reluctantly reach for your backside when you see the menace behind you gesturing downward, something you were afraid of, personally. You take a gulp, finding that your mouth is dry and exhausted, and carry your hands down your bare stomach and to your pleaded skirt. You move one of the flaps and start unzipping it slowly, every notch in the steel that the zipper has to go through making an undeniably painful sound to you. The skirt loosens and the draft you feel more or less feels like the chilly grasp of death. Your breathing and panting has more or less become erratic and disfigurable, your fear reaching new heights. You lightly gasp in terror as you notice that your skirt has fallen off your hips, and now rests laying flat around your ankles.

You look in the mirror and see the antoganist gesturing to unhook your bra. You try and keep yourself from whimpering, because that would only be showing more weakness, something you don't need to be doing. Not at this point, knowing that even an ounce more of it, and you could be staring at a fate worse then death, worse then even this. You feel yourself practically choking on the dehydration in your mouth and throat, hindering your ability to cry more. Your eyes are stained with tears and experiencing the utmost pain. Stinging, throbbing, blurry...but you must press forever. For if you disobeyed right now, the consenquences would be very severe. So onwards, your hands go on, behind your back and not so steadily unhooking your bra. The moment it loosens, your chest expands slightly, and you can only stare at it in horror in the mirror. You then relunctantly slide the straps off your shoulders and it finally comes off. You're now staring at your busting bare breasts in the mirror, shaking from both fear and the cold. The cold is more readily apparent on your nipples, which are sticking out like sore thumbs, and you honestly wish they hadn't been.

Then, it strikes you. The one gesture you were most afraid of. You were praying, hoping that they would let you go after that. Put then, they make a pulling down motion with one hand...and your heart is stricken with fear. Your eyes stare widened at the mirror for a while before you notice the figure behind you about to get up, you then quickly and hastily force your hands onto your hips, closing your eyes tightly, in case you weren't able to make it in time. After opening your eyes and looking back in the mirro, they appear to have relaxed back in their chair. You look down at your pink panties and your eyes well up in pain and sadness. You then close your eyes, knowing that defeat is but a short pull away.

Your very slowly slide the thin pair of undergarments down your hips, across your thighs and over your knees, knowing the fact that you have to bend down, exposing a very, very important part of you to this insane dealer, only makes it all the more painful. When the soft fabric is around your ankles, you slowly stand back up again, shivering, shaking, in a condition of complete fear, pain and sadness. Your heart is beating irregularly, your breathing has become erratic, your vision has become blurry, your sinuses have become clogged, the despair you're feeling is very real and very painful. You weakly lift one foot up to get it through your panties and do the same for the other. You're now standing, completely nude, in front of a mirror, displaying your full, bare figure to both yourself and your assailant.

It's at this point, your mind enters a state one could only describe...as lunacy.

(don't ask why I wrote this ps)
File 125776598712.jpg - (661.18KB, 2537x1693, 1252292959172.jpg) [iqdb]
File 125778998961.jpg - (132.02KB, 500x707, reisen085.jpg) [iqdb]
Reisen ;_;

Fight back, bun-bun!
Oh, I thought she grew a penis or something.
I thought she was playing with herself (due to the mirror).
Poor Reisen... why do you do this to her, Sukima? Why!?
There's activity in Eientei other than Spring whining about the lack of votes and discussion, and the Reisen bot going around? Since half the time i look in there, it's deader than Yuyuko.

It happens on occasion. Usually it's just faggotry involving the actual eientei or silliness stemming from the bot's ADHD and compulsiveness. It's great though.
Am I the only one who wants to see Reisen treated like that in a CYOA, if only to see anons reaction to it.

Yes but I wouldn't object that happening to Eirin. Reisen gets harassed enough as it is.
This needs a second part.
So who wants something like this but with Chen instead?


In any case, submissive Eirin sounds like a challenge I might take up one day. Or maybe yandere Reisen, since #eientei has brought it up to me once or twice and it interested me. Maybe that could be the 'second part' to this.

Don't mind me though, for once in my life I'm not busy doing something and I actually find myself a bit bored in it.
Chen would be a good choice. However, I can't shake the feeling that it'd be 'too much' for this board.

Try the safest options, like Reisen or Alice.
Yay on submissive Eirin, and nay on yandere Reisen.
File 125927784443.jpg - (7.50KB, 232x173, woah.jpg) [iqdb]
File 128256626253.jpg - (537.42KB, 1024x1280, b3f196b3de370a206243651b57a2f188.jpg) [iqdb]
"Ah...such a nice full moon out...so beautiful...so radiant...wouldn't you agree mister?"

You would reply. But you can't. You're currently tied up by some very rough material to the walls inside the bamboo mansion. There are sliding doors just in front of you that are wide open, displaying the light of the full moon seeping in. In between you and the door stands your captor, a long haired rabbit youkai, with red eyes that invoke madness in anyone foolish enough to stare into them, you included.

As for your inability to speak, that was just one of the many horrors introduced to you when you had the misfortune of stumbling here. For this maniacal youkai had literally stitched your lips together, with medical stitches.

"You're convulsing, do you know this? Can you feel it? That fear welling up inside you. Exhilarating isn't it?"

These are of course the words of the rabbit as she approaches you with the smile that denotes insanity. They can't be yours, your lips are sealed, literally. Can't be anyone else's either. You can't imagine anyone else being stupid enough to approach this rabbit as she is.

"Huh? What's that? You can't feel it? Ohh, maybe that's because you're too used to welling up inside others! I despise people like you, going around and merrily sticking your dick into things where it doesn't belong. And what about me? What about poor, ol' me that's just sitting here, waiting for some sort of prince charming to come rescue her, huh? Huh?! I don't get you, I don't get any of you, you...you humans make me sick!"

Her maniacal smile had instantly trodden into that of extreme anger as she made a jab about you welling up inside others. She continued staring into you with those glowing red eyes, everything's starting to become a blur the more she does so. Her exasperated voice rings in your ears every time she insults you.

"What...what the fuck is wrong with you anyways? No, no, don't answer that...it's because you're human, isn't it? Hahaha...yes, that's it. Certainly nothing I can't fix with my own two hands, now is it?" Her demonic smile returns as she's saying this, and your fear jumps up another few levels. "But no." Her smile suddenly turns to a frown as her bloodshot eyes pierce into you. "Nothing could cleanse that...that human mind of yours for all it's worth. Indecisive, compulsive, demanding...you're pathetic. People like you deserve to die...die! DIE! DIEDIEDIE!!!"

Slam, stab, pierce. Her hand collides with your shoulder with extreme force, and without her seemingly realizing it, her hand literally disappears into your shoulder. Blood sprays force, tattering her blazer. She freezes upon realizing this and pulls her hand out. Her claw ridden fingers are drenched in your blood.

"Huh? What's this? I don't remember these being on my fingers..." She seems to be referring to the blood at first, but you realize she's staring at her claws as if they were never there before. It becomes clear with her next comment. "Well fancy that. They're covered in your blood too." She then lifts her stained hand up to her mouth, slowly licking the back of her finger from the base all the way up to the tip of her claw, looking at you intently. "Ah...delicious. Haha...of course it would be though. It's not like I'm a vampire, but I'm still a youkai at heart." She then gets close to you. Very close. Her body presses up against you and her face is mere inches from yours, staring at you with those madness driven eyes of hers. "And youkai. They feast. On humans."

She then starts laughing. It starts out slow, but as she backs away from you, it turns into this maniacal, sanity deprived laughter that no person with a right cog in their head would ever make. She isn't just out of it, she's totally nuts. Bonkers. Her empty, diluted red eyes, bloodshot to hell and back, accompany her wide open mouth in a fit of laughter. With a toothy grin she then looks back at you with only one clear intention on her broken mind.

"Yes! Blood! Let's see more of it!!" In a flash, a long sword-like blade of red energy materializes in her hand and she brings it down upon you. Your shoulder is in excruciating pain. You're certain it was just cut clean off. You can't feel it or the arm that was once attached to it at all. You would scream right now if you could. As tears stream down your face, you're afraid to look at the damage, fearing that it might result in further shock. When you're overcome by the need to though, you find your arm still in place. No damage was done at all. When you look back at your captor with fear and confusion stricken all over your face, she just continues laughing at you. "Hahahaha! Priceless! Just priceless is your expression right now! Your arm is still there! Why? Oh, maybe the blade I'm holding right now isn't actually real, right?" She then walks over to you and with her free hand, picks up one your own hands, and forces it to spread open, baring your palm. Then, just to prove a point, she takes the blade she had 'cut' you with earlier, and makes a clean, slow slice across your palm. The pain is utterly unbearable, but it does it's job; your palm bleeds as your hand shivers in pain. "I can assure you. It is very real."

More laughing commences. You don't know how long she laughs at you, taking obvious insane pleasure in your fear and confusion. The blade she flails about with comes damn near close to striking you on multiple accounts and she even taunts you with it, as if teasing you by waving it about dangerously close to you. You just want out. You can't bear it any further. But the ropes holding you to the wall do not budge, they feel industrial strength. No matter how much you struggle, your escape is never granted to you. Eventually the bunny tires of teasing you, and relinquishes her blade, staring at you straight in the eye with her scarlet irides of lunacy.

"Can you see it yet?" She gives you a serious look, or at least as serious as she can muster under her panting, trying to catch her breath from all the maniacal laughter she's been bellowing. "Am I real? Or am I fake?" Suddenly, you look to the side of you, and discover that there's a second insane rabbit that looks exactly like the first staring at you just the same way. "Is your pain real? Or is it all an illusion?" You look back to the front of you, and find that the first bunny is now missing. You had her eye on her the whole time, where the hell did she go? Well, except for just then of course. "You can't tell can you? The line between reality and illusion." You look to your other side, a third senseless girl, how many of them are there? "That line is under my control. You are my puppet." You turn your head a hundred eighty degrees. The second rabbit is now missing. You turn your attention to the third one on your right side back again, she's still there, but with a wide, psychopathic smile plastered all over it. "You're all mine now and there's nothing you can do about it!" You look back in front of you, she's there again. Looking to both your sides, you realize you were right all along, there's three of them! "Are you scared yet?" All of them seem to talk to you all at once but only one mental voice booms forth. "You wanna go back? Well...I can't let you do that!"

With a single swipe, your vision blurs for a brief moment and the next thing you know, you're staring at your intestines pouring out of your cut stomach. You can't feel it at all, is it another illusion? Even so, just looking at it makes you ill. Then the unimaginable happens. The screwy rabbit picks up pieces of your guts and starts chewing on it. The blood and excrement gets all over her happy, cheery face. You would vomit right now. You really wish you could. But on top of having your stomach piling out of you, your mouth is still nailed shut.

In fact, you just realized that these aren't stitches, but steel nails driven through your lips.

"Hahaha! Your insides are so tasty! Is it real? Is it fake? You don't know do you! That's the scariest part! And what if I were to show you just now how real this is?! That would be fucking spectacular, wouldn't it?!"

You don't know how much longer it goes on. Your endless decapitation at the hands of this creature. Many times your arms and legs fall off, but they all always reveal themselves to be an illusion set up by her. Her mad eyes. They control you. They feast on your sanity. You can't even be sure if your life is real any more. Is this all a dream? Or is it truly real? Or is the fact that this is real in itself an illusion?

You lose all grasp on humanity and reality. Nothing exists anymore.

Just this wayward little bunny, with nowhere to go.

It needs this track.


Nonetheless I liked it!
File 128262552410.jpg - (89.01KB, 253x750, 1276691372831.jpg) [iqdb]
I got hard and I'm not sure why.
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