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This marks day 12 in the story.

Reminder: There are no bad ends unless you do something horrifically stupid. There are a large variety of normal ends that I would encourage you to actively seek. With that said, there are only two final ends to the story. Everything else will result in 'Go back X'.

Current goal: Ascend youkai mountain and meet up with Kanako. Along the way, there are a few things to be done: Finish blackmailing Aya, meeting up with Kasen and helping Kogasa overcome her problems with Sanae.


[X] Go search for Momizi alone. The extra company might just spook her.


You pause for a moment to think. Would taking her with you really be the best idea? “No, that's okay, the two of us might just scare Momizi further,” you respond, shaking your head slowly.

“Just as well, I've got some talking to do with Hatate,” Aya pipes up, narrowing her eyes at the other tengu. You nod and step away from Hatate, grabbing your missing garments and making yourself presentable. “And we need to talk later as well,” she adds, turning her head in your direction with a warm smile.

“Any idea where I should start looking?”

Aya shrugs slightly. “Your guess is as good as mine. Probably walk through the wooded area right by the house, I think I caught her out there a few times.” You nod in understanding, stepping past Hatate and out into the yard. The mountain ascends upward at a gentle incline, dotted with autumn-hued trees.

All you can do at this point is wander through the trees and look for her. It doesn't take long for you to pick up a scent in the air. You're certainly no bloodhound, but it's quite strong. “Momizi?” you ask quietly, looking about the trees. You can't pinpoint the direction it's coming from, but the smell is familiar.

“Look out!” the voice of Yumeko cries in your head. You spin about instinctively, but it's too late. With a painful thump, something crashes into you and knocks you into a nearby tree. Your head swims, vision blurred from the sudden impact. You can feel your body slumping to the ground under the sudden weight.

“Y-you, I was expecting Aya, not...” Momizi stammers out. “I'm so sorry, are you alright?”

You groan and take a moment to collect yourself, staring up into Momizi's red eyes. “I'm fine, don't worry,” you respond, following it up with another pained groan.

“I'm sorry, I smelled Aya and I thought it was her,” she says dejectedly. “Why didn't Aya come to look for me?”

Without missing a beat, you quickly form an answer. “Well, the whole thing was my fault, Momizi. It was only right that I try to fix things.”

She doesn't seem to hear your answer, staring fixedly into your eyes. “You smell like sex.”

“What?” you ask, caught off guard by the sudden remark.

“J-just like with Nitori, and now with Aya. You smell like sex, and Aya, it...” It finally hits you what that smell was. The scent of Momizi's own arousal fills your nose, even stronger than before now that she's on top of you. The smell is just incredible, even despite your recent release it only serves to stir your own arousal.

You free your arms and gently push up on Momizi's shoulders. “Hey, snap out of it,” you say, lightly shaking her.

She blinks a few times, slowly shaking her head. “Oh, oh, I'm so sorry, I lost my head for a moment.”

“It's alright, don't worry about it,” you say in a reassuring tone. “Speaking of worrying, Aya was really worried about you.”

“Aya,” Momizi sighs, releasing you. She settles into your lap without giving it a thought. She closes her eyes and tilts her head down a bit, looking toward your chest.

“Do you want to talk about Aya?” you ask, trying to feel out the situation. It's a bit difficult to maintain your composure with a cute tengu girl unknowingly sitting atop your erection, but you manage.

She nods, opening her eyes and meeting your gaze once again. “Yes, actually, I do,” she says with a firm sort of conviction. “If you don't mind listening to me, I'm still a stranger to you and I don't want to impose on you.” Momizi is adorable, caught between her innocence, her overtly polite nature and her own desires.

“That's perfectly alright, let's talk,” you say, offering her a smile.

Momizi lets out another soft sigh. “Where do I begin?” she asks with a chuckle. “Aya and I have always had an odd relationship. We live together, we're close friends, but she always kept me at arms length,” she begins, pausing to shift herself in your lap. She still hasn't noticed your arousal. “I suppose this explains everything, from her sudden appearance, to the secrets, and everything else.”

“Maybe Aya felt it was for the best?” Given Momizi's reaction, it may have been. At that time, anyway. Momizi seems to be quite forgiving and accepting, despite her initial freak out.

“Maybe she did, if I had known back then I'm not sure what I would've done. Now, I'm scared, but I trust Aya,” she continues, her lower lip quivering slightly. “I suspected something was off about Aya. She always carried herself a bit different from the other tengu, smelled different, that sort of thing.”

You wrap your arms around Momizi, gently embracing her. “Aya wanted to tell you, she was just afraid.”

“Aya? Afraid?” she says with a nervous chuckle. “Not my Aya, but now I have to wonder how well I know her.”

“Aya hasn't changed. You still know her. If anything, now you know her a little bit better.”

Momizi's lips curl up into a smile, the first smile you've seen from her since this little encounter began. “Maybe you're right, but I still don't know what I'm going to do.”

“Why don't you start by going back to see her? Like I said, she's worried about you.”

She stares at you and blinks a few times. “Oh! Oh, no, I'm going to do that, I was just worried about, well...”

You tilt your head curiously. “You can talk to me, Momizi.”

She chuckles again, this time with more confidence. “Well, I've dumped nearly everything on you already, why not just finish it off?” she asks, shrugging her shoulders. “Truth be told I always saw something in Aya, more than a friendship, and now that this happened, I sort of got this idea in my head that it might finally move beyond being a friend.” She's scared of a relationship, then? You sit there quietly, not entirely sure where she's going with this. “A-and I'm worried because I'm new to all of this, and I don't want to displease Aya.”

You pause, letting the thought sink in. “Displease Aya? You mean...”

Momizi cuts you off with a few quick nods. “I've always wanted to make Aya happy, and I'm worried because I've never done anything like that.” You don't really have a response for her at this point. Her expression suddenly changes from sullen to that of someone who just had a stroke of genius. “You! You were having sex with Nitori,” she blurts out suddenly. Yes, Momizi, announce it to the world! “And, you did it with Aya, and probably a bunch of other people, right? You seem like that kind of guy.”

“T-that kind of guy?” you stammer. You're not sure if you've just been complimented or insulted. “Just what are you asking, Momizi?”

She suddenly grabs your arms and pins them to your side, staring at you with a burning conviction in her eyes. “I want you to help me make Aya happy.” Is this really the best course of action? While you certainly wouldn't mind taking Momizi for yourself, is this right? She says she has feelings for Aya, so shouldn't Aya be the first one to have her? How would Aya feel about this? Then again, this would make Momizi happy, and thinking back to your recent encounter, you'd certainly enjoy mating with another beautiful tengu. Those two really broke you, didn't they?

[ ] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.
[ ] Accept her request, you'd be more than happy to help her out.
[ ] Write-in.

No. 21029
MtG is back!
Glad to see you've gotten over your writer's block, Pettan
No. 21030
[x] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.
No. 21031
File 132319239685.jpg - (159.66KB , 406x650 , ayatomomiji-ab.jpg ) [iqdb]
Also, continuing my trends of 'just going to leave this here', I was going to post this a few days ago but it's much more appropriate for the new thread. Aya and Momizi, fuck yeah.
No. 21032
[X] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.

Gotta do right by the girl.
No. 21033
[x] Gently turn her down
No. 21034
[x] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.
No. 21035
[ ] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.
No. 21037
[x] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.
-[x] Arrange for Momizi to wait just outside the room while you go for another session with Aya, and have her join in, leading her along the way.
No. 21040
[x] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.
No. 21041
[X] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.
No. 21044
[x] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.

Momizi's probably my favorite character and, any other time, I'd be all for it but she's just seeing Rick as a convenient tool to show her the ropes. Aya's better suited to teaching her anyway,
No. 21046
[X] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.

Aya trusted us to find her, not fuck her. Besides, Aya may not mind letting us join in, too.
No. 21054
No, no, no - you guys are going about this all wrong.

[x] Decline to take Momiji's virginity, but offer your assistance in teaching her how to please Aya.
-[x] More specifically, make it a threesome, with you coaching Momiji in bed.
No. 21055
This without the coaching part.
No. 21058
[x] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.

-[X] Give her a pep talk. What is she, a puny frightened human or a wolf tengu, ready to pounce? Just because one has the penis in a relationship doesn't mean you take the dominant role! Go and be brave, tengu warrior!

Though Yukari and the other lot seem rather loose on sexual inhibitions, threesomes might be a bit much for innocent little Momiji. Still, best to stake her out and leave her to the crows, where she'll be eaten (if you understand my words)
No. 21060
[x] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.

-[X] Give her a pep talk. What is she, a puny frightened human or a wolf tengu, ready to pounce? Just because one has the penis in a relationship doesn't mean you take the dominant role! Go and be brave, tengu warrior!
No. 21062
Votes closed, Gently turning her down is the winner. Going to write some today, but have some stuff to get done otherwise, so can't promise anything.
No. 21065
This is back!
Oh, Kanako, I'm so looking forward to seeing you...
No. 21066

We'll get there next year for the third anniversary of Mind the Gap.
No. 21098
Writing update, should be appealing for those who like Hatate, especially of the lonely and stalkerish variety.
No. 21102
I am pleased by this outcome.
No. 21106
Didn't finish update, won't have time tomorrow or Sunday. Probably monday/tuesday.
No. 21229
So she likes to watch I see.
No. 21260
I am going to finish this update if it takes me all night.
No. 21273
File 132385152388.jpg - (1.26MB , 2331x3262 , 22116048.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Gently turn her down. Momizi wants Aya, and Aya should be given the first chance.


“Momizi, you want Aya, don't you?” you ask her, avoiding her request. She nods slowly, staring intently at you. “I think that if you like Aya, and she likes you, that it doesn't matter if you're new to it.”

Momizi blinks a few times, her expression dropping. “So, you won't help me?”

You shake your head. “I'll certainly help you, just not that way,” you answer. Her grip loosens on your arms, and you gently push her off. “I'll help you talk to Aya. Emotional support, that sort of thing.”

She quickly catches on, lips curling up into a slight smile. “I guess you're right, I'm being silly about this.” Momizi stands up, brushes herself off and extends a hand to help you up.

You accept her hand and return the smile. “Shall we see Aya, then?”

Her smile grows into a wide grin and she nods eagerly. “Yes, of course.” Little else need be said between the two of you as she pulls you from the ground and leads you back toward her home. Her spirits seem to be brightened, her steps having a little bounce and eagerness in them. Throughout the whole walk back, her hand never seems to leave yours.

As you come around the front of the house, Aya can be seen standing in the doorway with an expectant look upon her face. “You're back rather quick,” she calls out to you, glancing past Momizi. “I hope she wasn't too much trouble.” Aya turns her attention to the wolf tengu, grinning from ear to ear. She jerks her head toward the interior of the house and steps inside.

Momizi finally begins to release your hand, but not before glancing back at you. There seems to be a bit of hesitation as she pulls away. She enters the house, with you right on her heels. Aya is seated at the table already, which has been cleaned up from earlier. “Aya,” Momizi begins to speak.

“Sit down, first, let's talk,” Aya says, interrupting her. Momizi takes a seat on the other side of the table. As you move to join the two of them, Aya shakes her head. “I need to talk to Momizi alone about this, and Hatate was looking for you. She should be outside, if you don't mind?”

You're reticent to abandon Momizi at such a crucial moment, but she should be alright. She doesn't glance back in your direction, simply nodding firmly. “Sure, not a problem,” you reply.

“I'll talk to you in a bit, I've got a few things I want to talk over with you,” Aya adds with a warm smile. You give a slow nod and then walk out the front door, closing it behind you.

You immediately find a spot on the door frame and slump up against it, letting out a long sigh of relief. That went smoother than you had ever expected it could be. Perhaps sometimes things are just that simple. “I hope things work out for the best, I didn't mean to get caught up between them,” you say aloud, speaking to nobody in particular.

“You know, I sort of believe that,” comes the voice of Hatate. You turn your head in her direction and spot her standing by the corner of the house.

“Hatate, you need to talk to me?”

She nods her head, extends her hand and gestures for you to follow her. “Yeah, look, I want to show you something. Need to figure out where we all stand, now that you're here.”

You tilt your head curiously and take a few steps toward her. “What do you mean, 'where we all stand'?”

“I'll explain in a minute, come on,” she says impatiently. Not one to upset a lady, you quickly follow along. She rounds the back of the house and suddenly stops, facing the wall. “Aya didn't always live here, she sort of just claimed the house and fixed it up,” she pipes up, reaching out and groping the exterior of the house. “She's pretty observant, but she missed this.” Hatate kneels down slightly, pressing in on the wall. A portion pops free with a quiet snapping noise, and she slides it to the side, crawling through the opening.

“What is this, Hatate?” you ask as you pursue her, slipping inside of the false wall. Once inside, you find there is more than enough headroom and space to move about. Hatate reaches past you and slides the wall back into place. The room is relatively small and slightly dusty. The only items of note inside are a small futon wedged between the two walls, a stack of neatly folded cloth rags, and a box containing various foodstuffs.

“This is a little hidden room in the back of Aya's home,” she answers, standing up and dusting off her hands. She turns to face you, wearing a wide smile on her face. “She has yet to find it, so I use it!”

“That's... interesting?” you say curiously, not entirely sure why she lead your here.

She doesn't miss a beat, her cheerful expression not wavering for a moment. “I use it to watch Aya, listen to her, be near her,” she continues with a wistful sigh. “I sleep here at night and imagine I'm sharing a bed with her.” You stare at her and swallow nervously. That's one of the creepier things you've heard. The actions alone are strange, but the fact she seems to find them natural just heightens the awkwardness of the situation. “Sometimes I'll open the other side of the wall and sneak into her room, so I can watch her.”

“And what if Aya caught you?”

“Caught me?” says with a surprised tone, shaking her head. “She sleeps like a rock, I started masturbating by her face one night and she didn't even notice!” Hatate grins, proud of herself. “I love Aya above all else, and that's what I brought you here to talk about.” Her bright expression suddenly fades away, her voice suddenly talking on a serious tone. “We need to talk about Aya.”


“Shut up,” she says flatly. You wince slightly, not expecting her hostility. “Look, I love Aya. I said it before and I'll say it again.” Within an instant, Hatate is upon you, pinning your shoulders to the wall with her small hands. “I'm not going to let either you or Momizi come in between that.”

“W-what are you going to do?” you stammer.

“Shut up. I'm not going to hurt you, if that's what you're so worried about.”

Yumeko starts to talk over her for a moment. “Don't worry, she won't actually hurt you. If something goes wrong, I'll assist,” she says reassuringly.

“What I am going to do is stack the odds in my favor,” she says, smirking. “Now, I realize that Aya is going to have sex with you. She's probably going to do the same with Momizi. I don't care.” Hatate slips a hand from your shoulder, pressing it against your chest. “That's how it is, and I can deal with that. But what I can't deal with is if one of you decides to take it a bit further.”

“That's not what I even came here for!”

Hatate frowns at you. “Do I have to say it a third time? Let me finish my damn thoughts,” she says with frustration in her voice. “I'm going to fuck you. Or rather, I'm going to let you fuck me. As much as you want, I don't care. You can use my body, you can cum inside of me. But Aya's heart is mine, understand?”

You swallow nervously and blink a few times. She watches you expectantly. Now is the time to offer up your position. “Hatate, I didn't come here for that. I'm not interested in Aya that way.”

“Doesn't mean you can't become interested,” she snaps back. Her hand slips from your chest down towards your crotch, her lithe fingers hooking into the top of your pants.

You chuckle nervously and hesitantly smile. “Look, maybe being a pet for the three of you would be fun, but I'm not after Aya,” you say in a joking tone.

Hatate smirks at you. “Oh? Our pet? You're still on that? It isn't even the heat of the moment any more, so maybe you really do have a thing for tengu.” You're shocked, stammering and unable to even form a sentence. “Well, if you're here to be our pet, then you'd better get used to mating us,” she adds, grinning almost wickedly. Before you can dissent, Hatate forces her lips to your own. You instinctively moan into the kiss. “I knew that was the case,” she says with a chuckle, breaking the kiss for a moment. “I'm going to mount you right here.”

Your mouth meets hers once more, unable to offer up any sort of protest. Her nimble fingers push your pants downward, dropping them around your handles. The hand on your shoulder shoves you down, forcing you to a sitting position. Not once do her lips leave yours, her body following along in tandem. Without a shred of effort, Hatate drops her hips onto your crotch and mounts your erect, pre-cum slicked cock. You let out a low moan into the kiss, groaning in pleasure as her tight, slippery pussy envelops you.

Her lips finally depart from yours. Hatate narrows her eyes, grinning widely. She doesn't seem fazed by the thick piece of meat filling her body. “You're just as much of a slut for me as you were for Aya, aren't you?” she asks, her legs shifting position to better accommodate her. You can feel your penis sinking a bit deeper inside her warm cunt. You groan in response to her inquiry, slowly bringing your hands up toward her thighs. She releases your shoulder and slaps them away. “No, if you're going to be our pet, you're going to follow my lead,” she says with a grin.

“H-Hatate,” you moan out weakly. You groan suddenly as her pussy seems to tighten up around you.

She gently places her finger on your lips, silencing you. “Don't talk. Relax. The better you behave, the better I'll make you feel,” she giggles, pressing her lips to your forehead. You nod wearily as she pulls back. “You're adorable when you get all subservient, my slutty little pet.” She shifts slightly on your lap, eliciting as light moan from you. Now that she is settled in, she slowly begins to unbutton the top of her shirt, opening the front and exposing her small breasts. “If you're going to be my pet, excuse me, our pet,” she starts, correcting herself. “You're going to have to relinquish every part of your body to us.” She bounces on your lap, digging your cock up deeper inside of her dripping hole. “Whether it be your thick, hard cock, or perhaps your hands,” Hatate continues, gently taking your hands and placing them on her breasts.

You slowly knead her the small handfuls of flesh that your mistress has been endowed with. She rewards you with a bit of a gentler smile than you had been receiving. She nods in encouragement, sighing contently as your fingers flick across her hardening nipples. They form two large peaks, being surprisingly large given her small bust line. Hatate suddenly leans forward, wrapping her arms around your head and burying her large nipples in your face. You shudder as her slippery pussy slightly draws itself off of your throbbing cock.

You eagerly part your lips, sucking one of her fat nipples between your lips. She shivers and finally lets out a strong moan of her own. You gently nip the tip of it, sinking your teeth into the supple and sensitive flesh. Hatate returns the favor by slowly bouncing herself on your lap. The rough walls of her pussy drag across your sensitive cock head, pushing the foreskin back and forth with a lewd slurp. You can feel her pussy juice rubbing into your skin, her drenched thighs grinding against yours as she slowly humps you. She suddenly lets out a delirious laugh, drunken with pleasure and lust. “You're going to be my little pet,” she blurts out, giggling to herself. “Mating with me every day, filling me with your cum and letting me use you for my own desires.”

You respond with a low, eager moan, continuing to suck hungrily on her breasts. “We'll take care of you,” Hatate says in an affectionate tone. She pulls her chest away, slipping back down just far enough to take your lips once more. Her hips never cease their assault, not even for a brief moment. The tight, needy pussy of the tengu girl assaulting you seems to grip every inch of your length, contracting and shifting around it. “I can feel everything inside of me, I can feel your desire to get me pregnant,” she cries out in joy. Impregnate her? The thought races through your mind. In this very moment, were it possible, you'd want nothing more. “Use me, fuck me, take care of my needs,” she urges you, slipping her arms around your back.

There's nowhere to go but straight ahead. You return the embrace, squeezing her light frame in your arms. Her hard nipples scrape over the flesh of your chest. You quickly begin to match her movements, thrusting up into her body as she bounces and grinds on your lap. The quiet moans of the lustful tengu in your arms, your mistress, as it were, begin to pick up suddenly. “Y-yes!” she stutters, losing her composure. She buries her face in your shoulder, suddenly biting the flesh as she cries out in ecstasy. Fortunately, given her non-predatory nature (figuratively speaking), her teeth aren't painfully sharp. In fact, just the opposite, her biting urges you to lose yourself further. You can feel your cock throbbing and tensing up within her body, preparing itself to spill your seed in one of your owners.

“Cum inside of me!” she moans out, muffled by the flesh of your shoulder. Your instincts fully assert themselves, your hips making short, sudden thrusts into her. The desire to make your mistress fat and happy with your children is overwhelmingly powerful and irresistible. You slide your hands down from her back, firmly gripping her hips. With one final thrust upward, you can feel yourself toppling over the edge. With a low, content moan, you empty your testicles into the tengu girl mating you. Hatate squeals in delight, grinding her hips into your body. Time seems to take ages to pass as your semen flows forth with each pleasurable throb of your shaft. Hatate releases your shoulder and gasps, breathing heavily and trying to catch her breath. Another few minutes pass. She finally withdraws her arms from your back, pulling away. Your own grip goes slack, hands sliding from her hips and landing on the floor with a 'thump'.

Hatate slowly stands up, pulling her cunt free from your spent cock. Thick gobs of semen flow from her soaked pussy, dripping on to the ground. “What a waste,” she says with a laugh, leaning back down toward you. She lifts your chin, stares into your weary eyes for a moment and presses her lips to your own. “It's fun to play at having you as our pet, isn't it?” she asks as she draws back from you.

Play? It was all a game? You feel disappointed. “Hatate?” you say quietly.

“Yes?” she replies, tilting her head and watching you expectantly.

“What if I wanted it to be more than just play?” you ask, smiling slightly.

Her eyes seem to light up at your implications. “I'd be more than happy to make you my pet,” she says sweetly. “If that's what you really want, maybe you should run it by Aya and Momizi,” Hatate adds with a playful wink. You'd be more than happy to be Hatate's pet, but all three of them? The idea alone seems heavenly. Given your recent encounter with Aya, you'd imagine she would be pliable. Momizi is an unknown factor, but if you worked together with the others that could change.

Hatate takes a few steps back, looking you up and down and taking in the view. She lets out a sigh, seemingly satisfied with herself. “You relax, enjoy yourself, clean up.” She slips a cellphone from her pocket, quickly snapping a shot of your vulnerable state, still panting and dripping semen from your half-erect cock. “Making memories,” she chuckles, reaching down and grabbing one of the rags, then dragging it between her legs and wiping up the remaining semen that is trickling down her thighs. She gingerly drops the rag on to your face, filling your nose with the scent of your intermingled juices. “Feel free to borrow from my little hole in the wall,” she adds, buttoning up her shirt and making herself presentable. She kneels down and slides the hidden panel open, crawling out through the hole. “Think over my offer,” she says, slipping the panel back into place and leaving you to your own devices.

You groan and relax, basking in the afterglow. You inhale deeply, taking in the scent of Hatate's pussy. That smell, the smell of her lustful body, the woman you just mated with, is one that will stick with you. You can't shake the thought of what it'd be like to act as a pet for the three of them, but there's no helping it now. You sigh and shut your eyes, taking advantage of the much needed opportunity to recuperate.
No. 21274
... And that's how babies are made.
No. 21275
Practical conflict resolution strategy.
No. 21277
Going to finish the second half of this today, if I can. Hopefully you all liked the Hatate scene.
No. 21320
Hmm, wasn't he the Gap Lady's pet already? Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for the Harem ending, but shouldn't he be careful about conflicting loyalties?

Anyway, good work on the writing. High quality and very arousing!
No. 21321
In part the Tengu are taking his attempt at a joke too seriously. If anything it might be moving to complete the mission for Master Yukari. But we've kinda forgotten about it right now. Also Hatate you clever girl....
No. 21329

Aya started the tengu pet thing as a 'heat of the moment' response to his advances, Hatate took his joke too literally and is continuing the trend. But he seems to enjoy it... Who knows where it will end up if he continues pursuing it?
No. 21330
I know I'll be voting for tengu pet ending, mmmyes....
No. 21331
Starting writing in a few minutes. Haven't gotten much done, but did get some more brainstorming done and came up with another normal end, and a way to pair two characters together. I hope I'm not going overboard with the normal ends, I just like the ideas of 'what ifs' on the side. Such as, 'what if he became a pet for a trio of tengu girls?'
No. 21332
>Such as, 'what if he became a pet for a trio of tengu girls?'
Surely you mean "what if he and Momiji/Momizi became a pet for the crow tengu duo?"
Because it looks like that way from this standpoint.
No. 21333

Momizi just needs to be drawn out of her shell! That's all.
No. 21356
File 132399973575.jpg - (120.09KB , 713x800 , 20deecfe4d3db9e283445460b1c6cd34.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Wake up,” the soft voice of Yumeko whispers into your ear. “You've been out for nearly an hour.”

You groan and slowly open your eyes, readjusting to the dim light of the room. “Yumeko?” you ask, yawning slightly. “Where is... Oh, right, Hatate.” You sigh contently, thoughts drifting back to her recent assault on your body.

“P-please don't think of that sort of thing, it's bad enough having to experience it once,” Yumeko pleads. “I was worried that you had passed out again, but you simply drifted off in the, ah, afterglow.”

“Aya should be done with Momizi by now, don't you think?”

The image of Yumeko frowning at your thoughts comes forth. “Yes, but please, contain yourself.” You let out another groan and roll your shoulders briefly, leaning forward from the wall and stretching. Your pants are still down around your ankles, with a dried spot of semen staining the floor beneath you. “I'd suggest cleaning up and leaving before Aya becomes suspicious of where you disappeared to.”

“Yeah, you're right,” you say with a sigh, beginning to stand up. A few minutes later, and with a little help from Hatate's 'supplies', you're back outside, cleaned and freshened up. She definitely knows what she's doing, in a creepy, stalker sort of manner. “Thank you, Yumeko.”

“No need, simply doing my job,” she responds politely, her voice carrying a somewhat concerned tone.

You round the corner of the house, spotting Aya standing in the doorway once more. She isn't looking at you this time, however, she's looking down the road and waving. You glance in the direction she's looking and spot Momizi walking off on her own, waving back at Aya. She turns back toward you, shaking her head. “Don't worry, she just needed some air, little time to think to herself, that kind of thing.”

Stepping up onto the front porch, Aya extends her hand to you. As you take it, she tugs you forward, pulling you into a tight hug. She simply stands there for a few moments, embracing your stunned body. “A-aya?” you finally stammer.

“Thank you.” Aya releases you, stepping back. She gestures toward the other door, following along behind you as you walk inside the house. “I hope Hatate wasn't too much trouble, she can be difficult.”

You nod and turn to her with a grin. “No worries, her and I just talked to a while. How did you do it with Momizi?” you ask her. Aya pauses and blinks a few times. “I mean, how did you do with her?” you correct yourself, laughing sheepishly.

“Got that sort of thing on your mind, huh? Can't blame you,” she replies with a smirk. “Momizi and I just talked, though. Cleared the air. That sort of thing. She still held back a bit, I could tell, but I can't blame her for that either.”

“Will she be coming back?” you ask, fraught with concern.

“Oh, oh yeah, of course, she lives here. She'll walk around for a while, come back for food and to sleep.” The two of you take seats at the table, sitting opposite of one another. “And now we have a chance to just sit and talk,” she adds, letting out a soft sigh. She rests her arms on the table, laces her fingers together and smiles at you.

“You seem a lot more relaxed, Aya, even compared to when I first walked in, before everything that happened,” you speak up, struggling to really piece together your thoughts. You just aren't sure where to go with Aya at this point.

Her smile shifts into a wide grin. “I am a lot more relaxed, I'm glad I was able to get things off my chest, and just...” she pauses, sighing contently. “The situation isn't perfect, you know? With Momizi and Hatate, that is. But I'm not unhappy with it.” You aren't sure what she's getting at. Is she talking about how they feel for her? “With that said, I wanted to talk to you, explain a few things, and maybe have a chance to get to know you better.” Then again, maybe she isn't talking about their feelings. “Before that, though, I made a little bit to eat for Momizi while her and I talked. Are you hungry? There's still some left.”

You can feel your stomach rumbling at the thought of having a nice snack. “Sure, I'd love a bite to eat.”

Aya nods and stands from the table, walking into the nearby kitchen. “It's not much, but it'll help,” she calls out to you. “You know, I've made this for Momizi so many times over the years, and until today I never really thought about it.” A loud clatter can be heard, followed by a quiet curse. You glance across the table where you're seated, spotting a small pile of pictures. “But when Momizi saw that I had made her favorite food, she almost broke into tears,” she continues. You pick up a few of the pictures and look through them. They're all of Momizi and Aya together, with the occasional shot of Hatate creeping around the background. You return them to where they belong just as Aya walks back into the room. “I'm sorry, it's not too warm, but something is better than nothing, right?”

“That's fine, Aya, you don't need to apologize,” you say reassuringly. She offers you chopsticks and a small bowl, packed with thick noodles and mixed vegetables. A simple meal, but Momizi seems like a simple girl. You immediately dig in; it is cold, but it tastes oh so delicious.

Aya settles back into her seat, placing her hands on her lap and watching you eat. You glance back and forth between her and the meal, waiting for her to speak. She simply sits there in silence for a time, seemingly content to watch you eat. You can't help but wonder what goes on in the head of this woman. From the initial meeting, to her taking you, up until now it has been a rushed experience. Now, she sits there relaxed and smiling. “So, can I ask you something?” she speaks up, breaking the silence after an eternity.

You set the bowl down. “Of course, Aya, anything.”

“Why did you really come here? Setting the games aside and everything. I know you came here to blackmail me, but why?”

You let out a long, drawn out sigh. At this point you aren't going to lie to her or hold anything back. You barely know her, and yet, you're already invested in her too much to do so. “I'm on a trip up the mountain on behalf of Yukari.” Aya blinks a few times in surprise, but actually grins. “And, she wanted me to meet a few people on the way, get something from them, and you were one of them.”

“I can't say I'm surprised. What I can say is that I appreciate you being honest. It's refreshing, actually,” she says with a light chuckle. “What does the great Yukari Yakumo want from me?” she adds in an amused tone.

“Well, she pretty much set me up to try and sleep with you,” you say, face covered in a crimson blush.

“Don't feel embarrassed. It may have been a setup, but I don't regret it for one moment. Do you?”

You shake your head. No, you don't regret it. This morning with Aya was fantastic, and not an experience you would've traded for anything. “Yukari has her ways, and so far everything she has put me through has been a good experience, for the most part.”

Aya grins. “You'll have to tell me about some of them, I'd love to hear it.. I promise I won't print that in my paper, I do have some respect after all.”

“Right now?”

“No, but maybe tonight, I've got my own things I want to talk about. So, what did Yukari want?” she says, putting you back on track.

“Right, Yukari wanted me to collect your 'fluids'.” You stand up, lifting your leg into the air and pulling your pants leg up, revealing the vials. “I haven't got a single clue why she needs them, other than Yukari being Yukari. For all I know it's a game.”

Aya's eyes instantly light up. “My fluids? What a shame that you already drained me dry,” she says with a sultry laugh. Aya stands up a bit, leaning over the table and lifting the edge of her skirt. You can see a fat bulge forming in her white panties. “Of course, I'm sure if you worked at it, you could wring a few more drops out.”

You blush profusely and cough. “Aya...”

She catches herself quickly. “I'm really sorry, it's the drugs,” she says with a sigh. “Eirin said they were supposed to suppress my urges, and all it does is make it harder to control them.” Aya lowers her skirt and settles back down. “I'll help you fill Yukari's request, though,” she adds with a smile.

“What are these drugs, Aya?” you suddenly ask.

“That's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about,” she replies, blushing. “I don't know why, I just feel the need to tell you who I am and what I am.”

You nod in understanding. “You probably want to tell me because I've already seen it, the secret is out there, and you know I'm comfortable with it.”

“More than comfortable, you liked it,” Aya says with a lustful laugh. You raise an eyebrow at her. “Sorry, sorry, but you're probably right. I feel safe telling you about it, since there aren't really any barriers there.”

“Then, if you're comfortable and ready, tell me. I'm here to listen,” you say in a reassuring tone, smiling warmly at her.

Aya closes her eyes for a brief moment, taking in a deep breath. “It's a long story...”


The next update after this will continue from a point of 'Aya just finished her story'. I plan on writing a full first-person account of her story as a side thing in either SCD or /shorts/. The next update will also have a choice. Yay.
No. 21357
Awesome. Make sure to link it here if you do write that Aya story please, I don't really check the other boards at all and would hate to miss it.

Loving this so far, keep up the good work!
No. 21358

I definitely will. It's something I'll be writing on the weekends, and I probably won't post all of it until it's done. It's a great chance to practice writing first person perspective, too. I'll be writing more in an hour or two probably, assuming someone I'm waiting on comes around to solve a dilemma for me. Fuck you, Comiket 81.
No. 21381
Churning out an update.
No. 21382
The light in the kitchen slowly begins to dim as the sun sets. After what feels like an eternity, Aya wraps up her story. “So, to quickly recap, Yukari set me up with Eirin, I've been taking hormone drugs for a long time now, and sooner or later I'll be taking the last step,” she says, letting out a long breath. She glances toward the front door. “That took longer than I expected. What do you think?”

You're absolutely floored. You weren't expecting her to go into so much detail, but you're glad she did. Getting to know Aya thus far has been one of the more interesting experiences you've had on the mountain. Eirin's work must have been fantastic; you still can't believe Aya wasn't born a woman. She's absolutely beautiful. Granted, she said she had a less masculine frame to begin with, but still. You realize you've been staring at her for a few minutes now without saying a word. “That was incredible, Aya.”

“Thanks, you're probably the only person outside of Eirin and Yukari who actually know who I used to be,” she says, smiling radiantly. “It feels good to let it all out.” Aya pauses for a moment and stares at you. She suddenly laughs at loud, shaking her head. “It's so much easier to tell it to a stranger than someone you've known for ages.”

“Well, after today I'm probably not much of a stranger,” you reply.

Your comment does a wonderful job of making Aya grin like an idiot. “You're right, though I still need to get to know you more. I'd love to hear about where you came from.” She leans against the table, crossing her arms and propping herself up on them. “We don't really have time for that, though, do we?” she asks, her mood slightly dropping. “You've got a long trek up the mountain still, yeah?”

You shrug. “It's not that long.” In actuality you have no idea, but it felt like the right thing to say.

“Well, still, I should probably just fill one of those little vials for you and let you be on your way,” she says, nervously rapping her knuckles on the table.

You tilt your head to the side. “Aya? Is there something on your mind?”

Your question surprises her. Aya blushes deeply, glancing away in embarrassment. “W-well, I wanted to ask a favor,” she stammers hesitantly. You nod once. “You know, Hatate is really obsessed with me, and Momizi is still afraid.” Aya stands from her seat and begins to walk around the table.


She takes a seat beside you and take your hand into hers. “You're neutral. I mean, you're nice to me, but you don't really feel like they do, so...” Aya pauses, staring into your eyes. “Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd like you to kiss me. Just a normal kiss, not like earlier when I was out of my mind.” You have no words for her, just a smile. She doesn't break her gaze once as she slowly leans in. Her lips gently press to your own. They're soft and feminine, much like the rest of her body. The kiss is vastly different from earlier, carrying not a single hint of lust, simply affection.

After the better part of a minute, she breaks the kiss off. You're actually quite disappointed to have her stop. “Does that satisfy your curiosity?” you ask with a soft chuckle.

Once again, Aya grins like an idiot, her smile spreading from ear to ear. “You said your trip isn't that long, right?” she asks. You answer with a slow nod. “You know, we're both alone. You could stay with me, have dinner, spend the night. It is a bit late to travel, anyway.”

“What about Momizi?” you ask in a concerned tone. “What if she caught us again?”

Aya giggles quietly, reaching her arms up and draping them over your shoulders. She leans in close, pressing her forehead to your own. “I kind of lied about Momizi. She did go off to collect her thoughts, but she actually headed back to the village for the night.”

You blink a few times in surprise. “You set this up, didn't you?”

“Would it bother you if I did?” You slightly shake your head, causing Aya to do the same. “Then how about it? Stay with me, I'll make a nice dinner for you, and maybe dessert too.” She licks her lips briefly, her red eyes staring into your own. “Then you can keep me warm at night, if you wanted to.”

[ ] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?
[ ] You've eaten enough crow for one day, and you'd rather not get stuck too deeply in their affairs.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 21383
[x] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?
Well... We're not in a hurry or anything, so why not?
No. 21384
[x] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?
No. 21385
[X] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?

Plenty of time.
No. 21386
Is it wrong if I want more plot in the story?

[X] You've eaten enough crow for one day, and you'd rather not get stuck too deeply in their affairs.

Would love to see more Aya, but I think it's best to save that for the return trip.
No. 21388
[x] You've eaten enough crow for one day, and you'd rather not get stuck too deeply in their affairs.

I like Hatate more. She made her position on this sort of thing extremely clear.
No. 21389
[X] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?
No. 21390
[X] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?
No. 21391
[x] You've eaten enough crow for one day, and you'd rather not get stuck too deeply in their affairs.
No. 21392
[X] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?
-[X] Tell her a little bit about yourself, and ask about some of the other locations to which you'll be going and/or current events.
No. 21393
Oh so aya is the trap...
I vote option 2 (copy/paste on iPod ain't possible.)
No. 21394
You just realized?
No. 21395

Aya isn't a trap, nor is she 'the trap'.
No. 21396
[X] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?
No. 21397
File 132407647075.jpg - (42.06KB , 599x449 , a pop culture reference.jpg ) [iqdb]
Someone in irc asked me how Shinki reacted to the Hina end.
No. 21398
[x] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?
No. 21399
[x] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?
No. 21400

I actually like this write-in. The only difficult part is fleshing out our male lead as someone other than 'faceless guy who was intended for people to immerse themselves easier with'. But since everyone named him Rick almost right off the bat, I imagine people don't care.
No. 21407
[X] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?
No. 21412
Honestly, your Shinki wouldn't mind sharing Rick with whoever gets him provided that she gets some time. That's what I think anyways.
No. 21416
Tell her a little bit about yourself, and ask about some of the other locations to which you'll be going and/or current events.
No. 21418
[X] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?
-[X] Tell her a little bit about yourself, and ask about some of the other locations to which you'll be going and/or current events.
No. 21450
[X] You've eaten enough crow for one day, and you'd rather not get stuck too deeply in their affairs.

We did vote for getting to meet Kanako, so I'm going to go with that - and I think it would be better to leave the tengu alone for right now.
No. 21455
Closing votes in favor of tengu wifeloving. I may or may not fit in the 'tell her about yourself' bit, depending on how I can work it into this scene. But I definitely like the idea.
No. 21478
File 13242604141.jpg - (885.57KB , 2000x1388 , 23698426.jpg ) [iqdb]
Updates return tomorrow, hopefully. I didn't work on the Aya side story because holiday weekends are super fucking busy and actually require effort. Have a Yukari.
No. 21480
File 132426048283.jpg - (897.30KB , 2000x1388 , 23744858.jpg ) [iqdb]
And another Yukari. I had to convert these to jpg to upload them, so here are the original pngs on Pixiv. Thank you, Pixiv!

No. 21500
I haven't written today 'yet', but I am going to try and get it done tonight.

On the upside, I got together with my partner in crime and we came up with multiple scenes for Futo, Kisume and Flandre, as well as revising those characters to be more appropriate/interesting. Yes. Kisume.
No. 21502
Kisume's scenes could be very nice, but first we have to get this arc over with. But please no bucket up the ass please.
No. 21504
I was thinking having sex with her while both are IN the bucket!
No. 21505

I did say I wouldn't write guro, right?
No. 21522
I am going to finish this update tonight whether it takes me til 3 AM or something. With that said, currently writing, working on the H scene part of this update.
No. 21535
[X] Well, your trip isn't that urgent... Nothing wrong with letting Aya stuff you full first, right?


You push forward slightly, the tip of your nose touching hers. “That depends, are we starting with dessert first?” you ask mischievously.

As if on cue, Aya's stomach rumbles loudly. “I, I actually was serious about dinner,” she says with a sheepish laugh, pulling her head back from yours. “I fed Momizi and yourself, but I haven't eaten in a while.”

“Then by all means, let's have dinner. Want me to help you cook?”

She shakes her head slightly. “No, that's all right. I think I'm pretty good in the kitchen, and I'd like to treat you,” she answers with a wide grin, standing from her seat. You catch a glimpse of a fat bulge in her underwear before the hem of her skirt covers it once more. “Maybe one day I'll make a good wife for somebody,” she calls out as she walks into the kitchen, following it up with a hearty laugh. At this rate, though, you'd likely be the wife in the relationship.

Now having a moment to yourself, you glance around the room. If Aya is going to treat you, you should make an effort to make it a bit special. Candles or something would be a nice touch, and she likely would appreciate the gesture. Even if it means rifling through some of the drawers in the room. You stand up and begin to poke about. A few minutes of careful, quiet searching years a pair of white candles along with a box containing flint and steel.

“So, since we've got a bit of time, why don't you tell me about yourself?” Aya asks from the kitchen.

You shrug, which is pointless since nobody is around to see it. “What do you want to know?”

There is a brief pause, presumably while Aya does the same. “I don't know, tell me a bit about your life outside? Short and sweet, if you want.”

“There's not much to say, I guess,” you start, pausing to light the two candles. “I lived by myself in Japan, I was between work when Yukari plucked me from my home.”

“By yourself? No girlfriend?”

“Nah, I was an outsider, none of the women where I lived wanted to be with a foreigner,” you answer, sounding a bit pathetic in the process.

“That's a shame, you seem like a nice guy. How about now that you're in Gensokyo? You with anybody?”

You pause. You're not entirely sure what to say. You aren't explicitly with anybody, but you aren't alone by any stretch. “Well, there are some people who like me. And I like a few people.”

“How about me?” she asks without missing a beat.

You swallow nervously. “W-well, yes, I like you,” you stammer. “You're a nice woman, Aya, though I just met you.”

She lets out a loud laugh from the kitchen. “I'm just teasing you,” she says playfully. The both of you fall silent for some time. You sit at the table and watch the candles, the smell of food slowly wafting out from the kitchen. “I'm almost finished!”

Even with the snack from earlier, you're quite famished as well. Her story took ages, though you certainly didn't mind. Another few minutes pass before Aya strides confidently out into the room carrying two plates full of food. As she approaches the table, her gait slows down. She stares at the candles. “Something wrong?”

“I, I guess you liked me more than you said,” she stutters, setting the plates down carefully. “You lit two white candles? For me?” You tilt your head curiously. “In tengu culture, two white candles is a marriage proposal. Or a request to be mates, depending on your interpretation.”

All of the color drains from your face. Your stare at Aya, absolutely dumbstruck. “I had no idea! It's not like that, really!” you suddenly blurt out, trying to defuse the situation.

Aya's surprised expression shifts to a sly grin. “I'm just screwing with you, they're just some old candles I had laying around. The gesture was nice, though. Should've seen the look on your face, too.” She slides one of the plates across to you, along with a set of silverware. “Always thought it was a pain to use chopsticks for this stuff.”

You finally break your gaze and look down to the plate. It's a simple dish of rice and curry. Aya's sort of cooking seems to be simple yet filling. “Y-yeah Aya, good joke,” you say quietly, chuckling. She shakes her head and grinds, gesturing to your plate. You eagerly take a bite of the food. It's absolutely melt in your mouth delicious. Her style may be simple, but her cooking is flavorful. “This is delicious, Aya.” You look up at her with a smile. She briefly nods before returning to chow down on her food.

It isn't long before both plates are cleaned off. You both groan in satisfaction and relax in your seats. You almost just want to crawl into bed and fall asleep now, but you've got more important matters to attend to. Aya slides her plate to the side and leans forward across the table, propping herself up on her arms. “You seem satisfied.”

You nod and sit up in your seat. “Not quite satisfied,” you reply, flashing her a grin.

“Dessert, then?” she asks simply, licking her lips. You give her a slow nod and begin to stand from your chair. “My bedroom for the night?” Aya offers, pushing off from the table. It isn't like there are many other choices to begin with. You move around the table at a relaxed pace. Aya picks up on the cue and does the same, extending a feminine hand as she nears you. You eagerly take her hand and give it a gentle squeeze.

It isn't long before you're naked and on your knees atop Aya's futon. The attractive tengu woman who roped you into this stands before you, completely nude save for a pair of white panties. “I've had a wonderful idea ever since you came back,” she says with a soft giggle. Her lithe hand reaches down between her legs, slowly massaging her thick penis through the fabric of her panties. “I'll give you another taste of the cock you love so much, and then I'll return the favor and have you for dessert.” She moves forward slightly, gently placing one hand on the back of your head. You need no prompting and take the initiative to lower yourself a bit to accommodate her. You lean forward, burying your face in her panties.

“Aya,” you moan out, sucking on her erection through the panties. You extend your tongue, running it along her covered testicles.

Aya lets out a slight gasp. “You're eager, huh?” she asks sweetly. “Well, this won't be like earlier, this will be a bit more intimate.” You can feel your own cock stiffening and stirring as you listen to her voice. The smell of her arousal filling your nose urges you along further, as well as the idea of sharing a more tender moment with her. She gently strokes your hair as you lick and suck on the fabric of her panties. “Maybe you should relax for a moment?” Aya says with a giggle.

You slowly pull back and nod, looking up at Aya expectantly. She meets your gaze, smiling softly and continuing to stroke your hair. Your excitement builds up as you watch her other hand slide up to the top edge of her panties and hook a finger inside. Slowly, teasingly, she pulls the fabric of her undergarments down. You can't bear to watch any more, shutting your eyes tightly and parting your lips. When Aya is ready, she'll feed you. You can hear a soft sigh from Aya, followed by a gentle slapping against your cheek. It's hot and sticky, smearing precum across your flesh.

“Earlier was really rough, and while I enjoyed it...” Her warm length slides over your lips, deftly avoiding your gaping mouth. “I'd like to take our time, so I can enjoy you, and just feel you.” You shiver slightly as drops of her semen roll down your lips. Slowly, the tip pushes down from your upper lip. You moan in satisfaction as the engorged head of her cock slips inside of your mouth and comes to a rest on your tongue. “So warm and wet,” Aya groans quietly, her body shivering slightly.

The head of her cock is thick and salty, slowly slipping back and forth over your tongue. Aya makes no motions to advance, instead just moaning and maintaining her position. You open your eyes and look up at her pleadingly. A slight grin comes across her face. Aya's hand atop your head pulls away briefly, moving beneath your chin and pulling it up, closing your lips around the tip of her penis. “I was thinking, maybe you should set the pace?” she asks, nibbling her lower lip nervously. “I feel a bit guilty from befo--,” Aya tries to say, cut off by a sudden moan. You push forward eagerly, sinking a few inches of her meat into your mouth.

You aren't an expert, but you've picked up enough from Yukari and the other women to give Aya a good time. You bring one hand up and brace it on her thigh. Your mouth alone should be good enough for the thick tengu cock between your lips, but that isn't going to stop you from teasing her otherwise. You slide your other hand up the inside of her leg and gently cup her testicles. You knead the pair of heavy, cum-filled sacks, watching the expression on Aya's face contort in pleasure. She takes a sharp breath, biting her lip and doing her best to watch you.

You draw your mouth back from her length, allowing your tongue to run along the underside as you retreat. “How does it feel, Aya?”

She blushes in response to your question. “So, so much better than forcing you,” she answers.

“That's a good answer. Now just relax, and let me do all of the work.” You open your mouth and let your tongue hang out. The hand on her upper thigh slides around the back and grips her rear firmly. Slowly, you pull her hips forward. Her cock jumps when the tip of your tongue touches her frenulum. That magical, sensitive spot that Yukari has used to great effect on you in the past. Now, it's your turn. Your wrap your lips tightly around the crown of her penis, pushing your wet tongue up against the sensitive muscle on the underside. Aya lets out a loud groan of pleasure as you flick the tip over her weak spot.

“H-how did you,” she moans, wincing and grabbing a clump of your hair in response to your attack. Despite your efforts, she still maintains some semblance of composure. Her gaze never leaves you once, perhaps studying your own movements. When she isn't being dominant, Aya seems to be rather weak. Outside of masturbation and peeping, she probably doesn't have a lot of experience. You give her balls a rough squeeze and tug on them, rolling them between your fingers. Ready to move on, you push your head forward a bit. You moan in satisfaction as her salty precum spreads across your tongue. Her cock twitches inside of your mouth, already preparing to spill her seed. As much as you'd like to drag it out, you're far to greedy and impatient. Aya will still be happy if you make her cum quick, and so will you.

You've got an idea that should end her quickly. You take in a deep breath through your nose and press your mouth forcefully to her crotch. You gag and cough slightly as you take her cock into your tight throat. Aya responds with a sudden squeal, throwing her head back in pleasure. Resisting the urge to give into that choking sensation, you begin to swallow. The walls of your throat tense up around her shaft, rolling across the length. You bury your nose in the fine hair of her crotch, taking in the scent of her arousal. Gently, you lift her balls toward your mouth. They're oh-so-close, close enough to slip the tip of your tongue out and tease them.

You can feel the need for air in your lungs, but you can also tell that Aya is so close to losing herself. Her hard penis throbs and twitches inside of your throat. “I, I'm going to cum,” Aya cries out. She ineffectively pushes at the back of your head. Her testicles suddenly tense up in your hand. You can hear her cry out in pleasure as she is pushed over the edge. Aya's first shot of cum pours straight down your tight throat, filling your stomach with a warm, satisfied feeling. You pull back, dragging her cock from your throat. The next spurt of her seed floods your mouth. It's thick, sticky, salty and above all else, delicious.

Aya pulls her softening cock from your mouth, the spent piece of meat dangling between her legs. You tilt your head up toward her, grinning from ear to ear. Slowly, you open your lips and push your tongue outward. Thick globs of tengu seed coat your tongue and mouth, all of which you proudly show to Aya. Her eyes widen as you close your mouth and make a show of swallowing her hot load. “That was, I don't even, oh,” she stammers incoherently, much like you've done in the past to some of the other girls. The two of you maintain your positions, frozen in place as Aya attempts to garner some understanding of what just happened.

“Are you all right, Aya?” you ask her with a quiet chuckle.

She nods quietly and smiles. “Yeah, that was good. Now I think it's my time to return the favor,” she answers. Aya slowly drops to her knees and brings her head level with your own. She leans in and gives you a brief kiss on the lips. “I've never actually done that sort of thing, but watching you gave me some ideas.” Her hands come up to your chest and gently press against it, urging you back onto the futon. You lie down on the soft mattress and watch as her hands trail down your chest, around your hips, and finally come to rest on your thighs. “You know, for a guy, you have pretty nice hips,” she blurts out.

You stare at her in confusion. “Wh-what, Aya? Hips?”

She shakes her head. “Oh, nothing, I'm being silly,” she says with a short laugh. Her gaze turns down toward your erection, and her hands slowly part your legs to allow her better access. “Are you ready?” she asks, glancing back up to you with a grin.
No. 21536
I've become a bit taken with the idea of posting what I have and breaking updates up so that people have something rather than being left emptyhanded. Are you guys fine with this, or would you rather wait for the entire post to be put out?

Also, I'd just like to say that this post put me over the 200,000 word mark!
No. 21542
I'm pretty indifferent to be honest. I'm always happy to see an update even if it's just a smaller part of a larger whole.
No. 21554
I don't mind having it in small installments.
Also, nice update, can't wait for part 2
No. 21555
File 132451356375.png - (176.56KB , 800x800 , 1302897514600.png ) [iqdb]
No. 21561
I'm cool with it, whatever you're comfortable with.
No. 21562

This. 100% support from me.
No. 21563
Breaking up posts is fine by me. Less pressure on you, and the overall time to release the full post probably wouldn't be any longer.
No. 21570
Not quite feeling it right now, we'll see if I'm up for writing tonight. Got a lot of shit to do before the 24th/25th. Man, with the Steam sale and getting a PS3, how am I ever going to get all this writing done!

(actually it'll be fine)
No. 21600
File 132465777047.jpg - (1.24MB , 1300x1420 , 23798810_big_p3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Since I won't be writing today due to being really busy, have a preview of what Aya's going to look like next update. Minus the breasts, of course.
No. 21678
Merry Christmas, I'll be starting up again on Monday and pushing through to finish the Tengu girls out this week so we can get to Kasen.
No. 21740
Monday basically boiled down to, "Oh shit, I have to clean up from Christmas dinner, oh hey, steam sales, oh hey, shiny ps3." I'll be writing the rest of the update tonight. It won't be particularly long, I revised some of my ideas.
No. 21761
Update tonight, hopefully. While I'm here, I had an idea for a doujin, then realized I wanted to write it in my one-shot thread:

Tenshi is being put up for auction as a slave. Random faceless guy wins the bid. As he leaves with her, a couple of the other bidders come up to congratulate him and pat him on the back for a good pick. They ask what he plans to do with his new pet. He replies, "Oh, I'm going to take her home, marry her, have consensual sex and children with her!" All of the patrons nearby recoil in disgust as he leaves, Tenshi in tow. Leads into consensual, happy sex with all of the above and a happy ending.

Of course, I'm not going to prioritize it over the story, and I have a bunch of other one-shots to write first.
No. 21763
Looking forward to the next part!
No. 21765
No sex. Just the laundry.
No. 21766
Looking forward to it.
No. 21769
I'm Okay with this!
No. 21780
I've been a lazy slackass, due in part to steam sale/comiket 81 excitement, my ps3, and post-christmas cleanup. The rest of this update is going to be pretty short, and the choices at the end won't be too influenced by the content (i.e. no subtle hints). So, what I'm going to do is give you the choices now, have you vote, and then tomorrow I am going to sit my ass down and write the rest of this update, followed by the next scene.

Aya asks if you want to have sex with her and take her anal virginity:

[ ] On her hands and knees, take her from behind.
[ ] Spooning wouldn't be a bad idea, you could get some cuddling in too.
[ ] Missionary. You want to see the expression on her face.
[ ] You could probably come up with some other ideas as well... (Write-in, specify facing if needed)
No. 21783
[X] Have her sit in your lap, facing away at first for better fondling and sexy turnaround kisses, but having her change to face you when either of you are close to climax.
No. 21784
[X] Have her sit in your lap, facing away at first for better fondling and sexy turnaround kisses, but having her change to face you when either of you are close to climax.
No. 21785
[x] Spooning wouldn't be a bad idea, you could get some cuddling in too.

Nothin' wrong with cuddling. Nothing wrong at all.
No. 21786
[X] Missionary. You want to see the expression on her face.
No. 21787
[x] Spooning wouldn't be a bad idea, you could get some cuddling in too
No. 21788
[X] Have her sit in your lap, facing away at first for better fondling and sexy turnaround kisses, but having her change to face you when either of you are close to climax.
No. 21789
[X] Have her sit in your lap, facing away at first for better fondling and sexy turnaround kisses, but having her change to face you when either of you are close to climax.
No. 21790
[x] Good old missionary, that way you can see her expression and have easy access to her mouth.

Also have Aya fuck you doggy style.
No. 21791
[X] Missionary. You want to see the expression on her face.

No matter which option ends up winning I can't wait to read it. Been looking forward to this since Shortly after we met her.
No. 21792
[X] Have her sit in your lap, facing away at first for better fondling and sexy turnaround kisses, but having her change to face you when either of you are close to climax.
No. 21793
[X] Have her sit in your lap, facing away at first for better fondling and sexy turnaround kisses, but having her change to face you when either of you are close to climax.
No. 21795
[X] Have her sit in your lap, facing away at first for better fondling and sexy turnaround kisses, but having her change to face you when either of you are close to climax.

Going with the flow I guess.
No. 21796
[X] Have her sit in your lap, facing away at first for better fondling and sexy turnaround kisses, but having her change to face you when either of you are close to climax.

I shall add my piss to the tsunami!
No. 21797
Votes closed, winner is:

[X] Have her sit in your lap, facing away at first for better fondling and sexy turnaround kisses, but having her change to face you when either of you are close to climax.

This is a nice compromise, good write-in. I'm going to lay back down for a bit, eat breakfast and clear my head, then write my ass off. Also, Happy C81 everyone! One day left in the event and the releases so far are pretty damn nice.
No. 21802
Reposting this due to numerous grammar fixes because I'm OCD as fuck. As before, don't vote on this.


You nod and flash her an eager grin. As much as you've enjoyed being on the receiving end, you've been wondering what it'd be like to take Aya. She reaches forward hesitantly and grabs your length, her hands squeezing it roughly. You moan slightly; you had expected a more gentle treatment. “You like that, huh?” Aya asks, giggling softly. Her other hand joins the first, rubbing painfully over the sensitive head of your cock. You jump slightly in response, though she does not relent. She can be forgiven, though. It isn't like she has experience, and she's probably used to her own level of sensitivity.

“Just a bit gentler, Aya,” you plead. She watches you nervously and bites her lower lip, now likely concerned about her efforts.

“Sorry, sorry,” she says. Her hands ease up a bit, slowly stroking your shaft from top to bottom. You close your eyes and relax on the futon. Soft groans leave your lips as she continues to tenderly massage your penis. The hand on top of your tip departs and moves to your testicles. Her thin fingers roll them around, pausing from time to time to give them a light squeeze. If she keeps this up, you'll cum in no time.

You let out another soft moan, feeling your cock and balls tense up in her grasp. Aya suddenly stops and withdraws her hands. You look down at her with a frown on your face. “I'm not going to let you cum from just that,” she says with a smirk. She's acting a bit more confident, but you can see from her body language that she's still very apprehensive. Aya glances down to your fully erect cock, licking her lips and swallowing nervously.

“G-go ahead, Aya,” you stutter excitedly, eager for the warmth of her mouth.

She blinks a few times and then nods slowly. She leans forward, closes her eyes and parts her lips. You immediately groan in pain as her mouth envelops your tip. Her teeth scrape painfully over the vulnerable head. She doesn't seem to notice, though. Her warm mouth swallows your shaft, but it doesn't feel good in the least. You can feel her teeth scratching along the length of your penis. She's never done this, and it shows. You let out another loud, pained groan. This time, she realizes something is wrong. As she quickly pulls back from your penis, you grunt in discomfort as she strikes the underside of your head inadvertently.

“What, what's wrong?” Aya asks, voice fraught with worry.

“Teeth, Aya, teeth,” you whine.

She blushes profusely, clearly upset. “I'm so, so sorry, I didn't mean to...”

“It's okay, just don't use your teeth so much, it hurts.”

Aya nods. “I'll try, I'm sorry.” She lowers her mouth again, this time a bit more carefully. Her teeth hit your cock immediately.

“No, stop,” you groan out.

She quickly recoils, face flushed with embarrassment. “I'm sorry, I've never done it before! I watched you, and you make it look so easy!”

You can't get angry at her, she's trying her best. You reach down and run your hand through her hair, ruffling it affectionately. “Don't worry about it, I've just had practice.”

“Well maybe I should practice on you?” she says teasingly. A few moments of awkward silence pass before Aya breaks it with a sheepish laugh. “No, I've caused you enough trouble, but I've got an idea to make it up to you.” You tilt your head curiously. Aya sits up and crawls toward you, coming to a rest beside you. She leans in closely, kissing you on the lips. You stare at her in shock. “You're adorable when you act surprised, you know,” she says, lowering her voice.

“S-so, what's that idea of yours?” you stammer.

Aya doesn't immediately reply. She places her hands on your bare chest and kisses you once more. “You've let me enjoy your body far more than I deserve, and...” Aya goes silent for a moment, shutting her eyes. She runs her tongue over your lips, then peppers them with brief kisses. This whole setup is far more arousing than anything she has done prior. With each taste of her lips, you can feel your cock straining. “Mmm,” she moans contentedly. “I had some time to think earlier, and truth be told, I've been planning this from the moment you brought Momizi back home. Even while talking to her, I kept thinking about it.”

You're unable to break your gaze from her. You feel enthralled by the beautiful tengu woman pressed up against your body. “Thinking about what, Aya?” you ask.

“You know, I really did get a bit worried earlier, when I thought you were going to have sex with me,” she answers indirectly. “I'd never actually had sex, after all. Masturbated, watched other people, sure.” She runs a single finger down the length of your chest. “I kept thinking to myself, what would it be like if he had taken me then?” She pauses again, slipping her head down to your neck and kissing the exposed flesh.

“Are, uh, are you saying you wanted me to?”

She shakes her head slightly, her raven black hair tickling your skin. “I didn't then, but the more I've thought about it, the more I've wanted it.” She brings her head back up, meeting you eye-to-eye. “I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want you to take my virginity,” she says, grinning widely.

Your eyes go wide. “What about Hatate? Or Momizi? Shouldn't they...”

Aya lets out a soft laugh. “Oh, come on, think about it, they can't really take it to begin with. Sure, they could use a toy, but that isn't the same.”

“Are you sure?” you ask her, swallowing nervously.

“Mmhmm, I haven't know you that long, but I really like what I've seen so far.” She smiles warmly, leaning in to taste your lips once more. “Besides, I'm feeling really needy, and that's as good of a reason as any, right?” she inquires, shifting her lower body to expose her own fully erect cock. You glance down to eye the piece of meat between her legs. You've got a strong desire to reach out and stroke her to orgasm, but that isn't what she wants right now. “So, how about it?”

You nod eagerly, not able to give it another thought. You want to take Aya, much like she has taken you. “How do you want to do it, Aya?”

She shifts her body a bit closer to yours, draping her penis across your upper thigh. You can feel it twitching and pulsating with heat. You turn into her body a bit and – much to Aya's surprise – cross your cock over hers, rubbing them together. “That feels wonderful,” she moans out. She closes her eyes and shudders slightly, her body reacting to your warm length resting atop hers. “A-anyway, I was thinking that you should choose?” she suggests. “Any way you desire, I just really want you to...” You gently place a finger on her lips, silencing her. You take the initiative and kiss her this time. You can feel her shaft throbbing, ready to blow all over your thigh. Your interruption gives you a moment to come up with an idea.

[ ] On her hands and knees, take her from behind.
[ ] Spooning wouldn't be a bad idea, you could get some cuddling in too.
[ ] Missionary. You want to see the expression on her face.
[ ] You could probably come up with some other ideas as well... (Write-in, specify facing if needed)
No. 21825
I wrote some more tonight, didn't finish. Busy now, rest of it tomorrow hopefully.
No. 21826
Looking forward to it.
No. 21827
Awkward inexperienced Aya so moe~
No. 21861
Today was way busier than I had expected, and tomorrow will be busy as well! More on Monday.
No. 21903
I am writing, probably won't get an update tonight (although auctions are keeping me awake), but tomorrow most likely.
No. 21979
I felt like shit today and, admittedly, got nothing done. Not sure if it's sinuses or what, but I'll bring the proper meds with me tonight and work on updating some more.
No. 22009
File 132559793650.jpg - (424.85KB , 600x922 , 2011121402.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm going to be working almost all morning/afternoon on updating. Not only am I feeling a lot better, but I'm fucking excited because I won an auction from YJA. Pic related, Mochiya/karoti is the best. So, Aya coming up today or tonight.
No. 22014
I got quite a bit done today but didn't finish. I might try to write more tonight. Scene is coming along a bit slow, and fairly larger than I originally expected.
No. 22082
Hey guys, just here to drop a bit of a status update on you all. Our writefag has had some personal stuff come up on short notice, and probably won't be back until Friday. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news like this.
No. 22089
File 13257673595.png - (11.20KB , 133x139 , 1235446286419.png ) [iqdb]
This is clearly all your fault. I'll never forgive you for this, Anonymous.
No. 22094
Quintuple-post combo broken by a proxy status update. This has to be a record.
No. 22095

Would you rather have an air of silence with no updates, or the writer saying 'hey, I'm here, I'm working on it/not working on it/something has come up'? Personally, I'd rather be in the know. He also had the courtesy to not bump the post with a lack of content.
No. 22096
I wish I remember where that picture was from now.
No. 22098
[Hole of Yago] Remilia vs Doorway

Nice to be reminded of these.
No. 22123
I'm back. I've got a large portion of the update done. I considered splitting it up like I did with others, but this is really one update that should be posted in its entirety.
No. 22183
The morning after starts day 13.

[X] Have her sit in your lap, facing away at first for better fondling and sexy turnaround kisses, but having her change to face you when either of you are close to climax.


You break the kiss and glance about the room while she is still recovering. A chair rests against a nearby wall, giving you the perfect idea. Aya let you sit on her lap, and now it is time to return the favor. “I have just the thing, Aya,” you say with a low chuckle. You carefully slide out from her grasp and stand up, extending your hand to her. She takes it gingerly and pulls herself up from the futon. “I was thinking about earlier.” She tilts her head slightly, but offers no resistance as you lead her around the room.

“Earlier?” she asks curiously, narrowing her eyes. You release her hand, pull the chair from the wall and seat yourself. Her eyes widen as you spread your legs and expose your fully erect cock. Aya pauses for a moment and smirks. “Earlier,” she repeats with greater understanding. Nodding slightly, you pat your lap a few times. Aya blushes and moves nearer, turning away from you and slowly sitting down upon your lap. “Just be gentle,” she requests nervously.

You push your shaft down as her rump approaches, slipping it beneath her. “Gentle, Aya?” you ask her rhetorically.

“O-oh, I was expecting you to, well...”

Your thick length rests against the underside of her warm testicles. It twitches and throbs beneath her as she settles down. “Expecting me to what?”

Aya shifts uncomfortably in your lap, trying to position herself appropriately. “I was expecting you to just take me on the spot, to be honest,” she answers, turning her head half towards you. A deep blush covers her face. “Especially after earlier.”

You gently wrap one arm around her waist. The other moves to her thigh and begins to slowly slide up her body. She shivers in your grasp, despite the warmth of her body. Your hand comes to a rest on her flat stomach. “I'm a forgiving man, Aya.” You apply light pressure to her chest, pulling her back against your body. She lets out a long sigh, relaxing in your embrace. Her entire body seems to slacken for you, as if allowing you unbridled control over it.

“I'm sorry about earlier, forcing you into that, you know.”

You slide your hand up from her stomach, running it across her budding breasts. She gasps slightly when your fingers pass over her hardening nipples. “You don't have to apologize. I liked it, you liked it, what's there to be sorry for?” you ask, laughing softly. You swing your other arm down from her waist, burying your hand in the small patch of pubic hair above her length. “Actually, there is one thing I'm curious about.”

Aya groans softly, her cock bouncing slightly as she flexes it. She seems quite eager for your touch. “W-what would that be?” she stammers.

“Earlier, when you were forcing yourself on me, what was that? When I get you alone in the bedroom, you're all soft and innocent,” you ask, gently playing with her hair. You let your finger run across the base of her shaft, eliciting a quiet moan. “Are you really innocent?”

Her body tenses up at your question. “I really am innocent, sort of,” she answers in an unhelpful manner. She turns her head toward you, glancing at you sideways. You can see the worried look on her face; she can't help but chew her lower lip nervously. “It's kind of embarrassing.”

You lean your head forward and bring your right arm up from her chest, grabbing the back of her head and pulling her lips to yours. Her eyes widen in surprise, but her expression softens quickly. She shuts her eyes, moaning happily into your mouth. You gently nip her lower lip and roll it between your teeth. Her cock bounces upward, and you seize the opportunity to grab it. Her moans are replaced by a sharp squeal of delight as you grip her shaft and peel the foreskin back. “You don't have to tell me if you don't want, Aya,” you say, pulling back from her lips. “But if you did, I'd be here to listen.”

“You, you bit my lip,” she gasps out.

“Did you like it?”

She nods slightly, flushed in utter embarrassment. “A-anyway, maybe I should tell you-oooh,” she starts, ending with a low moan as you give her shaft a swift stroke. “How do you expect me to tell you if you're going to do things like that?” she whines helplessly. You grin at her and stop your assault for the moment. Aya takes a few deep breaths in an effort to steady herself. You refuse to relinquish the sizable tengu cock in your hand, but the least you can do is let her speak. “I used to watch a lot of the other girls, and the humans in the village.”

“So, you're a voyeur then?” you ask, giving her a slight stroke.

Aya groans in pleasure, twisting her head around. “No, no! I'm not a voyeur, I was just curious, that's all. I guess that sort of primal part of me just came out when I had the chance, you know?”

“I understand, Aya,” you reply, satisfied with her answer. You've had enough talking for the moment; it's time to attend to the lovely woman in your arms. You pinch one of her tiny nipples with one hand, running the other up the length of her penis.

Aya melts in your arms instantaneously. “Feels so good,” she moans out. You tug her cock downward and bring it more in line with your own erection. You extend a few fingers, hooking them around your shaft and squeezing it up against her own. “A-ah, what are you, oh,” she vocalizes incoherently. You can feel the heat of her arousal against yours, and it is intoxicating. You mindlessly release her nipple and drop your other hand to her crotch, wrapping both of them tightly around your cocks.

“Aya, I want to make you feel good,” you moan in an almost drunken manner, slowly pumping both cocks at the same time. Her pre-cum coated cock head slips between your fingers, smearing her fluids all over your them and the tip of your penis. You've never felt anything so incredible before, and it spurs an overwhelming desire to sit here and stroke the two of you to orgasm.

“S-stop,” Aya suddenly gasps out, moaning loudly and panting. “Stop,” she says again, this time with more conviction.

You snap back to reality and release her penis. It flicks back up and stands proudly, the exposed head glistening with her semen. “I'm sorry, Aya, did I hurt you?” you ask with concern.

She shakes her head and draws in a ragged breath. “Stop teasing me, please,” she replies, sitting up on your lap. “It feels great, but I want you to,” she pauses for a moment, swallowing nervously, “I want you to take me.” Aya climbs off your lap and nearly loses her footing.


She stumbles slowly across the room to a dresser and pulls out a large jar. Even in the dim light, you can tell that it bears a strong resemblance to the jar of lubricant that Nitori used on you. She smiles slightly and walks back to you, planting the jar firmly in your hand. “Be gentle.”

“I will, Aya,” you say reassuringly, smiling up at her. She turns about and bends over. Your cock throbs as you watch her reach back and spread her soft butt. Her puckered anus twitches, and her penis dangles between her legs.

“Go ahead,” Aya urges you, arching her back and thrusting her rump in your direction. It takes every ounce of willpower to not spear her on the spot. You're going to treat her right, though. You unscrew the jar and pull out a thick, gooey glob of the lubricant. It's warm and slick, sliding slowly down your hand. You reach forward and push a finger inside of her anus. Aya gasps slightly and shakes her ass, which only serves to complicate things further for her. You lick your lips in excitement as you watch her cock jump. “That, that feels nice...”

You gently work another finger into her asshole and stretch the ring of her anus. A long, low moan rolls out from Aya's throat. You can see a long strand of pre-cum dangling precariously from her tip. “I know you don't want me to tease you, but this will make things a bit easier on you.” You place one hand on her butt, lightly squeezing the soft flesh. She has a nice, thin frame, but her ass is just the right size. She doesn't respond to your comment – at least, not in a comprehensible fashion – instead moaning happily while your fingertips spread her hole.

Finally, you withdraw your fingers. Her anus twitches and quivers as they depart, slightly agape and ready for you. You quickly slather the remaining lube over your cock, then place both of your hands on her hips. “Aya,” you whisper, pulling her body toward you.

“I know, I'm ready,” she answers, her voice betraying her hesitancy. She doesn't resist, instead allowing herself to fall back onto your body. She gasps sharply and you let out a low moan, the both of you feeling it as your thick length slides easily into her anus. Aya comes to a rest on your lap, the shaft of your cock pressing against a noticeable lump inside of her body. She gasps sharply, shifting and contorting her body in pleasure. You grit your teeth and groan through them; her ass is incredibly hot and tight, even with the lubricant easing you inside.

“Are you okay?” you gasp out, placing an arm around her waist.

Aya gives you a few short nods. “I, I'm fine, just, don't move, please.” This must be a harrowing experience for her, and you're not going to pressure her. She can take things at her own pace. You relax in the chair, content for the moment to feel her body contract rhythmically around the base of your penis. Aya leans back against your chest, taking in a deep breath and situating herself on your shaft. You let out a quiet groan as her passage clamps down around the sensitive tip of your cock. “I think I understand why you were so eager before,” she says with a giggle, clearly feeling a bit more comfortable.

She lets out a sigh, spreading her legs and hooking them over your knees. You rest your head on her shoulder, watching her stiff prick flex up and down. Slowly, you bring one hand down to rest on her upper thigh. Aya glances toward it and immediately takes it into her hand. You smile and watch her as she laces her fingers together with your own. She cranes her head toward you, her face lit up with excitement. “I'm ready. For real this time,” she says with a grin.

You immediately take the lead, pressing your lips to hers once again. Aya closes her eyes, sighing into the kiss and willing herself unto you. You reposition both of your hands, wrapping one around her dripping penis and placing the other on her chest. She groans into your mouth as you roll your thumb over the vulnerable head of her cock. You pinch one of her nipples gently, tugging the peak of her tiny bosom back and forth. In spite of your affectionate groping, she manages to keep her composure and maintain the kiss.

Your hand slides down her length and grips it firmly, giving the thick piece of meat a brief pump. Aya finally gives in, pulling her lips away with a sharp moan. She twists in your lap and arches her back in pleasure. You can feel the lump of her prostate rubbing against the lower portion of your cock as she moves about. Her tight, puckered anus clamps down around the base of your penis. “Aya,” you gasp out weakly, dropping your chin on to her shoulder. You pause for a moment to collect yourself, doing your best to not empty your balls into her on the spot.

She brings a hand up to cover her mouth, muffling a sudden moan. Her cock tenses up in your grip and you immediately release it, not yet ready for her to cum. You slide both hands down to her ass, digging them into the soft flesh to offer her support. You slowly lift her body a few inches; she isn't particularly heavy, but your position is a bit awkward. Aya reaches out with both arms, searching for something to hold on to. Unable to find anything, she presses back against your chest and shifts her rear slightly. A satisfied groan escapes your lips as her tight passage twists around you. Now that she's repositioned, you've got a better grip on her. You slowly bounce her on your lap, gasping as the ring of her anus slides along your shaft. The foreskin of your penis can be felt rolling back and forth across the tip with each pass.

Aya lets out a low, satisfied groan of pleasure. Every time your penis pushes on her prostate, her entire body convulses in your arms. Her head rolls to the side, mouth agape and tongue hanging out. She's offering you the perfect opportunity, and you take it; your tongue forces its way inside of her mouth, twirling around hers and gently sucking on it. She lets out a delirious giggle, making no effort to resist your advances. With each taste of your tongue, Aya lets out a blissful moan.

You feel yourself steadily approaching your own orgasm. The need to fill her with your seed overcomes almost everything else. “Aya, I'm going to cum soon,” you say, breaking away from her mouth.

“Yes, please! Cum inside of me,” she replies, speaking coherently for the first time in what feels like an eternity.

“I, I want you to turn around, Aya,” you stammer out, barely maintaining your composure.

You slow down, allowing Aya the chance to do as you request. She doesn't hesitate, and within the blink of an eye she's facing you. You hesitate for a moment, unsure what just happened. Aya is incredibly quick, something you'll have to keep in mind for later. Your thoughts are dispersed as her legs find their way into the gap between your backside and the chair. You groan as she tightens them around you like a vice, burying your cock as deeply inside of her as it can go. “Cum inside of me,” she repeats, opening her mouth and presenting her wet tongue to you.

You kiss her once again, wrapping your arms around her back and pulling her against your chest. You can feel the warmth of her penis pressing against your stomach, the entire shaft throbbing and preparing for release. It's hard to get a good rhythm going in your current position, but you manage to make short, swift pumps into her tight asshole. Her lips are tightly locked to yours, never once leaving them as you cry out a muffled moan of pleasure. Your entire body tenses up as you're pushed over the edge. You groan contentedly as your thick, sticky sperm flows into her asshole.

At the same moment, Aya echoes your moans. Her hot, throbbing shaft thumps against your stomach, emptying its seed all over your sweaty skin. You let out a soft, satisfied groan into her mouth and lean back against the chair. Her legs loosen and withdraw, hanging off the side of your lap. You move one hand down to her ass, pulling her up and closer to your body. The two of you relax together, basking in the afterglow and sucking on the others tongue.

Aya finally ends the kiss, pulling her body back slightly and sitting up on your lap. She shifts uncomfortably on your slowly softening penis. She opens her mouth to speak, but stops before saying a word. Her lips curl up into a smile as she watches you.

“Aya?” you say curiously, meeting her gaze through your heavy-lidded eyes.

“Thank you,” she responds, giggling softly. You manage your own smile in return, releasing your grip on her body. Aya stands up, grunting quietly as your spent cock slips from her ass. Her own cock hangs limply before you, the tip still dripping with cum. “I don't really know what else to say at this point, to be honest.”

You slowly sit forward, still trying to recover. “I'm not sure there is much else to say, Aya,” you say, giving her a reassuring smile. She probably feels awkward still, though she has a content look on her face.

“Actually, there is...” Aya leans down and gives you a peck on the cheek. “Will you sleep in my bed tonight?”

You nod briefly and stand up from the chair. Your legs feel a bit weak, but you should be fine. “Of course, Aya. I don't think I could turn you down at this point.” She takes your hands and gently tugs on them, walking backwards toward the futon. “Aren't we a bit dirty, though?” you ask, glancing toward the floor and taking note of the trail of semen dripping from her ass.

Aya shakes her head. “I want to sleep like this. It probably sounds silly, but I want to smell and feel what we just did while we lay in bed,” she answers, smirking at you. “Yeah, I'm a bit of a pervert, I know.”

You shake your head this time. “I think I understand, Aya.”

She leads you to the futon and releases your hands, laying down on the soft bedding. You waste no time in joining her. Aya lies on her side facing you and slips her arms around your waist. You can feel her soft penis pressing against your crotch as she embraces you. “I want to sleep like this, okay?”

You put your arms around her back and hold her. “You know, you're really sweet when you're like this, Aya,” you say.

“Am I? I guess there's more to me than just a horny tengu girl,” she says with a wink. She falls silent and presses her lips to yours for a brief moment.

You're exhausted from the day's ordeals, and you want to just close your eyes and fall asleep on the spot. But there's something bothering you. “Aya, can I ask you something? Well, two things, actually.”

She pauses before answering and blinks a few times. “Sure, go ahead.”

“After tonight, are you still going to be like you were earlier?” you ask, feeling incredibly awkward.

Aya's eyes narrow a bit. “You must've really liked it, huh?” she fires back. You nod hesitantly, watching the expression on her face. Her gaze softens and she smiles. “I really enjoyed what we did, having you take me, treating me so nicely and holding me, but...” Aya pauses and kisses the tip of your nose. “I'd be more than happy to turn the tables on you, as much as you want. So, what's the other question?”

From the very beginning, the idea of being their pet has been creeping into the back of your mind. Hatate said you should talk to Aya and Momizi, and now is the perfect time. “You teased me earlier and called me your pet, Aya. What if I wanted that, for real?”

Her eyes widen in surprise. She didn't expect that, not in the least. “I, I, uh, well,” she stammers, unable to collect her thoughts. “There's Hatate, and...”

“I'm sure Hatate wouldn't mind. She even liked the idea earlier, right?”

Aya nods slowly. “That's true, but what about Momizi? She'd have to get in on that too and, well...” She trails off in thought, glancing up and away from you. A seductive smile comes across her face. “I think Momizi could get into it, but you'd have to handle her yourself.”

“What about you, Aya?”

She looks back toward you, meeting your gaze and staring into your eyes with conviction.”Yes. Yes, I'd love that,” she says, not a single hint of doubt in her voice. “I really like you, and I also really like the idea of keeping you around.” Her lips press against your cheek. “Not to mention the chance to have a repeat of this morning,” Aya giggles.

“So, I just need to talk to Momizi tomorrow.”

She gives you another nod. “I'll have to think about it, but I might have an idea on how you can convince her. But, for now, we should sleep, alright?”

“You're right. Good night, Aya,” you say, grinning at her. You shut your eyes and tighten your embrace slightly. Aya lets out a soft sigh as you hold her in your arms and drift off to sleep.


You open your eyes slowly as the heat of the morning sun beats down on you through the window. You immediately realize you're alone in Aya's bed. The smell of food wafts through the house. You'll get there, but you need to gather yourself first. You sit up and look around the room; your clothes are discarded near the doorway and your finger feels strangely bare without the presence of Nue.

You can't recall having a vivid dream during the night, much to your surprise. Perhaps you were so overwhelmed with Aya that you just blocked it all out. Standing from the futon, you let out a loud yawn and stretch.

“Good morning!” Aya greets you, popping her head in from the doorway. “I've almost got breakfast done, come on out!” She seems exceptionally cheerful, which doesn't come as a surprise to you.

You grin to yourself as she disappears from the doorway. “Perversion aside, she has such a bright personality.” You pause for a second, expecting a reply from Yumeko. When it doesn't come, you let out a soft sigh. She's probably still 'sleeping', though it feels lonely all the same. You step away from the futon and gather your clothing. You can smell a faint stink of sex and cum on your body as you get dressed. You'll have to ask Aya about cleaning up later.

Stepping out into the dining room, you spot Aya right away. She's already dressed and cleaned up, looking much like she did the first time you met her. She sets a large tray down on the table with a loud 'thump' and steps away, having yet to notice your presence. You seat yourself at the table and relax, eagerly awaiting the meal she has prepared. Aya walks back into the room with a few dishes in hand, her face covered in a radiant smile. “Good morning,” she greets you again, this time with a bit less excitement.

“Good morning, Aya. You're looking quite well today,” you reply. In comparison, you probably look like a mess, but you haven't encountered a mirror to confirm.

She sets the dishes down on the table and walks around to sit beside you. Aya hooks an arm around your waist, pulls herself in and kisses you on the cheek. “I slept well, I feel great.” Releasing you, she hops back up and returns to the kitchen. “Momizi should be back soon, but we should have some time to talk before she's here,” she calls out. She returns with a few sets of utensils – proper Japanese implements, this time – and sets them down on the table. “I hope you slept as well as I did,” Aya says with an upbeat tone to her voice, distributing the dishes and chopsticks around the table.

You finally take a moment to peruse the offerings, having been more focused on Aya than her cooking. The tray is covered with a variety of foods, including steamed rice, miso soup and rolled omelettes. “Wow, this looks fantastic, Aya.”

“Thanks, I like to play homemaker every once in a while.” Aya sits down opposite from you and puts her arms up on the table, crossing them. She doesn't talk, instead simply staring at you with a grin on her face.

You tilt your head slightly. “Something on your mind?” you ask.

She nods slowly. “Yeah, I was wondering if you were serious last night.”

You pause, swallowing nervously. You recall asking her about being a pet, right before you fell asleep. “I meant every word I said,” you reply.

“I believe that, and that's why I spent the morning thinking over how to convince Momizi,” she says. You give her a short nod, urging her to continue. “So, first of all, Momizi is pretty simple. I mean, don't get me wrong, she's a smart girl.”

“I got that impression, she's kind of innocent in a way.”

Aya folds her hands together and straightens up in her seat. “Simple girl needs a simple plan, right? Well, keep things simple. Just explain it to her, and see where things go from there.”

You stare at Aya in disbelief. “That's it? Just explain it to her?”

Aya nods. “Yep, that's all. I had plans for the three of us today already, but this might make things even easier. So, just talk to her, you'd be surprised.”

As if on cue, the front door slowly opens. “I'm home!” calls out the voice of Momizi. Aya glances past you and waves toward the door. You turn about and waves as well. “Ah, our guest is still here,” she says, wearing a smile on her face.

“Are you all right, Momizi?” Aya asks with concern.

Momizi nods and walks around the table, seating herself beside Aya. “Yeah, I think I've come to accept the idea. I'm still a bit disappointed you didn't come to me earlier, but I understand.” Her gaze drifts to the platter of food. “Wow, this looks great!” she exclaims, echoing your prior sentiment.

“The least I could do for two of my friends,” Aya says. “Go ahead, take what you like. I'll get mine after you two are satisfied.”

You give Momizi a nod and respectfully allow her to choose. She blushes slightly, looking between yourself and Aya, seeming unsure if she should eat first. “Really, it's okay, Momizi,” you say, smiling at her. With verbal permission granted, she eagerly fills her small dish with a variety of foodstuffs. You follow it up by taking a small amount of each.

“I hope you two enjoy yourselves,” Aya says, now beginning to gather her own meal together. You eat silently, listening to Aya and Momizi chatter idly between bites of food. Momizi seems to have recovered quite quickly from the traumatic experience. You're sure that whatever Aya said to her yesterday must have helped immensely; she seems to have a deep understanding of Momizi, after all. The meal finally begins to wind down, and Aya stands up from the table. “I'll take care of the dishes, you two go ahead and talk a bit.”

Momizi speaks up right as Aya leaves the room. “Thank you again, for yesterday. For coming to find me.”

You wave your hand dismissively. “It's not a problem, just something any decent person would've done,” you respond. Momizi blushes and smiles slightly at your words. Now is your chance to talk to her. You've been waiting to finish out your pursuit of the pet situation since you first got here. But, on the other hand, is this really the time or place?

[ ] Ask Momizi about being their pet. You've been wanting this all along, and you see no reason to hold back.
[ ] Maybe this isn't the best time. You could bring it up in the future, maybe. Just make idle banter for now.
No. 22184
[x] Ask Momizi about being their pet. You've been wanting this all along, and you see no reason to hold back.
No. 22185
[x] Ask Momizi about being their pet. You've been wanting this all along, and you see no reason to hold back.
No. 22186
[x] Ask Momizi about being their pet. You've been wanting this all along, and you see no reason to hold back.

I hope Yukari doesn't get mad, but then again she probably finds this whole thing funny/sexy.
No. 22188
[X] Ask Momizi about being their pet. You've been wanting this all along, and you see no reason to hold back.

Pet Normal End is go!
No. 22189
[x] Maybe this isn't the best time. You could bring it up in the future, maybe. Just make idle banter for now.

To be honest, I'm not really on-board with any permanent arrangement with the tengu. The Yakumo are the ones Rick belongs with.
No. 22195
[X] Ask Momizi about being their pet. You've been wanting this all along, and you see no reason to hold back.
Seeing as any kind of end will give us content and then revert back to the choices... No harm done in picking this!
No. 22196
Yeah, why the hell not.

[X] Ask Momizi about being their pet. You've been wanting this all along, and you see no reason to hold back.

After the pet end, I think we're mostly done with this set of scenes, and should move forward with heading up the mountain when we move back.
No. 22202
[x] Ask Momizi about being their pet. You've been wanting this all along, and you see no reason to hold back.

Might as well shoot for 100% completion.
No. 22203
Votes closed, writing will begin shortly.
No. 22219
Knocked out about a third of the update yesterday, got all the talky bits done.
No. 22227
File 132622695292.jpg - (1.72MB , 1300x1750 , 24278808.jpg ) [iqdb]
Strange how similar this picture is to my existing plans for Yuuka!

Also, all that's left to write is the H scene for this update.
No. 22229
I cannot help but wince when I look at that.

Goddamn sounding.
No. 22235

I'm sorry to plant such a horrible idea in your head, but trust me when I say it'll be vine.
No. 22236
File 132624429973.jpg - (9.45KB , 240x162 , images.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 22238
I, for one, am looking forward to it. Any idea when we'll get to Yuuka, writefriend?
No. 22239
Probably after we've had fun with all of Yukari's friends.
No. 22241

First I want to finish this arc. Then, honestly, I'm pretty much assuming everyone is going to pick the Ten Desires choice when it comes up once you're back at Mayohiga. After the Ten Desires arc, I'm going to open choices in addition to Yukari's friends. Namely, completing parts of her side quest.
No. 22245
For some reason I can only imagine Momizi as a blushing tsundere when she orders Rick around.

I don't like this mental image.
No. 22246
Nah its more blushing virgin I think. And its a wait WHAT?! from what Aya said.

She's used to giving orders in all likelihood.
No. 22247
A nervously assertive Momizi? Oh god. I think this may just wind up being my favorite bit. I can feel it.
No. 22252
I see some adorable fap material in our future~

You have no idea how okay I am with this.
No. 22253
>Assertive Momizi
I like.
No. 22302
File 132648033677.png - (581.85KB , 1000x1200 , 23963912.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask Momizi about being their pet. You've been wanting this all along, and you see no reason to hold back.


“Hey, Momizi? Can I talk to you about something?” you ask.

Momizi meets your gaze and nods. “Of course, what's on your mind?”

As you prepare to talk to Momizi, Aya walks back into the room and seats herself beside you. You glance to her briefly with a smile on your face. “When I first got here, I sort of got caught up with Aya, as you saw.”

“I remember, yes.”

You take in a deep breath, unsure as to how she'll handle this. “Well, her and Hatate started in on, well... We'll call it roleplay, of sorts, and they kept calling me their pet.”

The wolf tengu sitting across from you stifles a laugh, perhaps imagining something silly. “For some reason I can picture you wearing a collar or something like that,” she says with a giggle.

“In the time I've spent here, since that first moment that Aya claimed I was her pet, I've been seriously considering the idea of it,” you continue, watching Momizi cautiously. Her eyes widen, but she makes no attempt to immediately respond. “I've talked to Aya and Hatate about it, but now I want to ask you.”

“That's certainly something,” Momizi says slowly. “So, you'd live here? With us? As a pet?”

You nod slowly. You hadn't fully considered the implications of going down this route, but even so, it's still something you desire. “Yes, Momizi. I want to know how you feel about that.”

Momizi looks dumbstruck and glances to Aya for an answer. “This is your decision,” Aya says to her friend, shaking her head. “I can't give you the answer, though I can help you get there.”

“How could I decide on something like that? Isn't it a bit sudden? I've sort of known him a bit longer than you and Hatate have, but...”

Aya reaches across the table and offers her hand to Momizi. “Do you like him?” she asks.

Momizi accepts Aya's hand and gives it a squeeze. She pauses for a moment, then glances thoughtfully in your direction. “Yes, I do. He's been nice to me, treated me well, I haven't known him long but I think he'd make a good friend.”

“How about more than a friend? Could you consider something like that?” Aya asks next.

The wolf ears atop Momizi's head twitch slightly. A deep blush comes across her face and she glances away. “I, uh, in the forest, I asked him if he'd have sex with me, so I could be better for you, Aya.”

Aya raises an eyebrow in response. “Oh? How did he respond?”

“I think he wanted it, and I did too, but...” Momizi pauses, nibbling her lower lip nervously. “He turned me down, saying that if I wanted you, I should be with you first.” Aya turns to you with a wide smirk on her face, clearly satisfied with how you handled that situation. “I think I'd still like to try it with him, though, so I guess that's a yes?”

Aya looks back to her friend. “So, if you like him, and if you could see being more than friends, what's stopping you?”

Momizi shuts her eyes and lets out a gentle sigh, thinking to herself. “You're right, Aya,” she says, a grin spreading across her face. “If you really wanted that, I'd happily accept.”

You begin to open your mouth to speak, but Aya cuts you off. “Then in that case, I have an idea. I've already accepted him as a pet, and I imagine Hatate has as well, so now it's your turn.”

“What do you mean?” Momizi asks, showing off her naivety once more.

“You wanted to have sex with him, so, take him to your room, push him down, and claim him for yourself,” Aya answers shamelessly.

Momizi's eyes go wide once again. “But Aya, what about...”

“You'll always have a chance to be with me, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Take it, Momizi. Be assertive,” Aya urges her.

You look expectantly to Momizi. She nods hesitantly and turns to you. “Will you come to my bedroom?” she asks, her face still showing signs of uncertainty.

Aya shakes her head. “He's our pet now, be assertive. Tell him to go to your bedroom. Think about what you've wanted to do with him, and then act on it.”

Momizi looks between yourself and Aya, nodding slowly. She fixes her gaze on you, this time looking a bit more serious. “G-go to my room and strip, I'll be in shortly!” she commands. You can feel your cock starting to stir as she gives you her orders. “I need to talk to Aya a bit more, and I'll be right in, okay?” You nod and stand from the table, walking off to her bedroom without another word.

You step inside of her bedroom, shut the door and strip. The room itself is mostly bare, less decorated and 'lived in' than Aya's. In fact, there's nothing here but a dresser, futon and a few storage bins filled with discarded clothing. You're not sure where she wants you, so you stand beside the futon and wait. After a few minutes, Momizi enters the room. “Um...” She stares at your naked body, her face covered in a deep blush. “I'm not used to doing this, or giving people orders. I'm usually on the receiving end, actually.”

“It's okay, Momizi. I'm putting you in an awkward situation, but...”

“I'll get used to it,” she interrupts, finishing for you. “I was a bit surprised. Well, I am still surprised, but, I kind of like the idea.” Momizi slowly strips her clothing off. This is the first chance you've had to see her naked; you note that her body is fairly toned, especially her stomach. She is a soldier, after all. “You're staring at me, and...”

You crane your head slightly. “And?” you ask. She slowly steps toward you, her moderate bust jiggling slightly.

“And you still smell like sex,” Momizi finishes, grinning at you. “You're one of the few people who has actually seen me naked, you know.” You nod slightly, unsure at what she's getting at. “Am I the kind of woman you like, or what? Do you want me?” she asks nervously.

“Of course I do, Momizi,” you answer without the slightest hesitation. “You're beautiful, but shouldn't you be concerned with what you want? I am your pet now, after all.”

Momizi's eyes light up, and her face erupts into a grin. “Thank you, and you're right, this is about what I want.” Momizi is now standing directly in front of you, her face mere inches from yours. “I've been curious since I saw you having sex with Nitori. This is all new to me, but I know I want it.” She leans in slightly, kissing your cheek. “Will you lay down?” she asks.

You knew she was interested in you, but you didn't realize that scene with Nitori is what set her off. “Y-yes, Momizi,” you stammer slightly, pulling away from her. You lie down on top of the futon, looking up at her expectantly. From this angle, her crotch is exposed to you; she's natural and unshaven, though neatly kept. Moisture glistens in the hair covering her pussy, betraying her desires.

“Aya said that you'd do whatever I asked,” Momizi speaks up, stepping over your body and positioning herself above you. Your half erect penis continues to grow as you watch her prepare. “Then she got really crude and perverted,” she says with a giggle. “Told me I should, 'mount him and mate with him as much as I want', or something like that.” She looks down at you with a soft expression on her face. “I still feel weird about being so selfish. Do you want that?”

You nod at her. “Yes, I do, Momizi,” you answer.

She grins and begins to lower herself. “Then tell me what you want,” she requests.

Tell her what you want? Is that something she got from Aya? Regardless of who put the idea in her head, the thought of submitting to her makes your cock grow to full size. “I want Momizi to mount me and mate with me,” you say eagerly.

Momizi's hands press against your chest, using your body for support. She slowly approaches your waist, drawing the moist lips of her pussy nearer to your stiff cock. “Aya said you were honest, and she was right. The more I think about it, the more I want this too.” You shudder slightly as the hair covering her crotch tickles the tip of your penis. “Are you ready?” she asks.

“Yes, Momizi.”

“Then I'm going to claim you and make you my pet,” she says with a giggle. She seems to have quickly become accustomed to the idea.

Momizi drops herself onto your crotch without warning. The two of you let out a sharp gasp as your thick shaft impales her. A pained groan escapes her lips when you penetrate her hymen, but she recovers quickly. Her pussy is incredibly tight and warm, squeezing down hungrily on your cock. “It feels wonderful,” she moans out happily. “This means you're mine, then? Or ours, I guess.”

“I'm as much your pet as theirs, Momizi.”

“That's good,” she says with a content sigh. Momizi shifts on your crotch and leans forward onto your chest. “This feels really nice,” she says, reaffirming her prior thoughts. You let out a soft gasp as she rocks her hips back and forth slightly. She responds with a soft 'mm', relaxing atop your chest and closing her eyes. Her waist continues to sway back and forth, teasing your shaft.

“M-Momizi,” you stammer, following it up with a moan of pleasure.

She snaps open her eyes and meets your gaze, tilting her head slightly in confusion. “What's wrong?” she asks, clearly clueless as to your predicament. You start to speak, but you cut yourself off with a groan when Momizi sits up on your lap. She winces slightly as your hard penis shifts inside of her. “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, it just felt so good!”

She's truly adorable and innocent, much like some of the other girls you've known. “It doesn't hurt, Momizi. It feels really nice, it's just that you're being a bit of a tease.”

“A-ah, I was so busy enjoying myself that I didn't even think about you,” she stammers out guiltily. Her face suddenly lights up. “I should just do it like Nitori was, right?” You nod eagerly. Momizi swallows nervously and gives you a firm nod in return. You're not sure what her intentions are with that gesture; perhaps she is steeling herself for what's to come. Her soft hands move from your chest and grab at your wrists, pinning them to your sides. It seems she's going to continue playing an assertive role.

“Please be gentle with your pet, Momizi,” you say weakly, playing along with her.

Momizi's eyes widen in response to your words, her lips slowly curling upward. “Then be a good pet and just lay there for me, okay?” she requests. You make no effort to resist the wolf tengu, instead making a soft, submissive whine. She licks her lips eagerly; perhaps your little display appealed to her animal nature.

Your new owner slowly lifts herself from your crotch. The both of you moan out as your penis slips from her tight pussy. Before she reaches the tip, she suddenly pushes herself back down onto your crotch. You gasp and shut your eyes, arching your back slightly. Momizi leans forward a few inches, pressing her weight down and forcing you back onto the futon. A quiet growl comes from her throat, not a sign of aggression so much as an expression of her dominance.

You relax your body, surprised at how quickly Momizi has picked things up. “Good, just like that,” she says with an affectionate tone. “Just stay right there, let me take care of you.” She slowly begins to move her hips, grinding her dripping pussy against your crotch. A heavy smell of arousal permeates the air, overwhelming your senses. You're already starting to feel the irresistible urge to fill her with your seed.

Momizi nibbles on her lower lip. “I, I'm going to mate you,” she says unconvincingly. She moans softly as she lifts herself from you once more. For all of her efforts, she seems to be torn between her instincts and her relaxed personality. Her hips drop back down, burying your shaft deep inside of her soaked hole. She tightly shuts her eyes and groans, arching her back.

She begins to move her hips rhythmically, finally breaking free from the teasing. Her breasts jiggle slightly as she rides your crotch. You close your eyes and moan loudly. Her virginal pussy is so tight that you can feel every nook and cranny as it sucks hungrily on your cock and the walls seem to clamp down even tighter with each pass You want so badly to cum on the spot, but you do your best to hold out. Your jaw slackens, making your mouth hang open as you moan and gasp for air.

Momizi slowly leans forward, maintaining her rhythm and not missing a beat. The air is filled with a combination of soft, pleasure-filled moans and the slapping of her flesh against yours. You open your eyes just in time to spot Momizi's lips nearing your face. She presses her mouth to yours, immediately moaning as she kisses you. You instinctively slip your tongue between her lips, but she recoils when you do so. Realizing how she reacted, she giggles slightly and moves back in again. This time, her tongue is at the ready; it draws yours into her mouth, coiling eagerly around it and tasting you.

She begins to pick up the pace, making her best effort to maintain the kiss while riding your thick penis. Your cock swells and throbs within her, preparing to release its seed. “Momizi!” you moan into her mouth, muffled and barely comprehensible.

She breaks the kiss and stares into your eyes. Her expression is one of utter bliss mixed with her unbridled bestial nature. “Say it,” she gasps out.

“I'm going to cum,” you warn her. You moan immediately after as your testicles tense up. Her pace slows down, shifting to slower, more deliberate strokes. Her pussy tightens up around you; it's as if she's milking your cock, coaxing out the warm cum inside.

Momizi stares at you like a predator, grinning from ear to ear. “Not that,” she says.

You nod slowly, coming to understand what she's asking. “P-please mate with me, Momizi!” you cry out. She slams her pelvis into yours, firmly burying your length inside of her body. You cum the instant that you bottom out in her pussy, flooding her with your semen.

Momizi moans happily, panting like a dog with her tongue hanging out. You twist and moan beneath her; it feels like her womb is swallowing every drop of your cum. She grinds against your lap, echoing your moans. Despite your orgasm, she immediately picks up the pace once again. You groan out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She offers your sensitive prick no quarter, continuing to devour it with her warm, wet hole. She sits up and leans back, releasing your wrists in the process. Her hips smack noisily against your flesh with each stroke.

“Momizi, stop!” you cry. Your request falls on deaf ears, though. She's become deeply embroiled in her animal instincts. She continues to ride you, pumping away at your cock as if she were in heat.

After a few pained minutes, Momizi squeals in pleasure. She arches her back, spreads her legs and lets out a deep moan. A thick gush of clear fluid squirts out, splattering on your face and chest. “O-oh, yes,” she says happily. She maintains her position, letting out a soft grunt. A golden gout of urine pours from her body. “Yes, yes,” she repeats, groaning contently as she marks her territory. You lie there beneath her, weakened from your orgasm and unable to resist as she coats your chest.

The idea of having her mark you as her own is both twisted and exciting. You let out a quiet, almost delirious laugh. Momizi slowly sits back up on your lap. She looks down at you with a warm smile on her face. “Momizi?” you ask.

Momizi slowly pulls herself from your spent cock, letting it pop free. She immediately lays down atop your chest, pressing her breasts into your damp skin. Her arms slip beneath your back and gently embrace you. She rests her head atop your chest and closes her eyes. “I'm sorry,” she mutters quietly.

“Why are you sorry, Momizi?”

“I let myself get carried away, I...”

“I'm your pet. You wanted to claim me as yours, and you did,” you say reassuringly, running a hand through her hair. She shakes her head, rubbing her face against your skin. Her actions seem to bother her more than the fluids she's laying in. “Are you happy to have me as a pet, Momizi?” you ask her.

“Yes, I am, but...”

“Then that's all that matters in the end,” you say.

Momizi pushes herself up slightly and looks at you, smiling radiantly. She leans in and places a gentle kiss on your lips. “You're our pet,” she says, reaffirming the idea in her mind. You nod slowly as she pulls away, laying her head back on your chest. “But, I kind of like the idea of making you my partner.” You sigh contently and drop your arms to your side, closing your eyes. You don't think you could be any happier.


You hadn't expected that your surprise encounter with Aya would end up like this. In retrospect, you submitted to the tengu women quickly. There was no shame in doing so; you'd be surprised if many men could resist their charms. Though, most of the work was on your part. Aya had introduced the idea, and you simply pursued your desires.

There was a shared sentiment of disappointment among a number of the women you had met. Notably, those who had gotten the idea of courting you into their head. Strangely enough, Shinki was entirely calm about the matter when Yukari broke the news to her. If anything, she was happy that you'd found your place in life. Your prior master shared that opinion as well; while she would've preferred something else, you were ultimately your own person. It amused her to no end that you'd chosen to stay with Aya. While they were at odds from time to time, they had a mutual understanding for each other, and Yukari understood the draw.

Not everything was perfect, however. You'd never forget the last day you saw Nue. She arrived one night, slipping silently into Momizi's bedroom while you slept. She woke you up and asked you to come outside. Tears were in her eyes, something you'd never seen before. You got the feeling that she wanted to talk, but she couldn't muster the words. You stood there with her, in the dead of night, while she hugged you and cried into your chest. Then, as quickly as she arrived, she was gone. You tried to look for her, even asking Aya to search and check in with others. Nobody had seen her, and nobody would again. It was a saddening experience that would never leave you.

Most of the women handled it maturely. A number of them even came to visit from time to time, including your dear Kogasa. Aya took it upon herself to personally surprise the innocent karakasa by encouraging her to join the four of you for a night of activity. That was a memorable night for you and Kogasa.

You quickly found that life with the three tengu was an enjoyable one. Not just on a sexual level, either. Aya proved to be an engaging partner for various topics, whether it be the state of Gensokyo or the latest gossip. Hatate still viewed you as competition, at least at first. That sentiment would disappear over time. Still, she treated you well on her visits. She'd always have some interesting story to tell, and you even coaxed some compromising pictures of Aya out of her at one point.

As much as the other two cared for you, there was something special with Momizi. Perhaps it was because you were her first, but you never knew for sure. Aya and Hatate would leave you be from time to time, go off on their own business, but Momizi was always there. When she ended her patrol duty for the day, Momizi was there. She'd wash you, feed you, spend time talking with you. Not only that, but of the three women, Momizi seemed to 'use' you the most. She never quite managed to grasp the concept of being assertive with you; it just wasn't in her nature as a person. Still, it was adorable to see her try. Part of her likely realized you were playing along, but that never bothered her.

It came as a surprise to no one the day Momizi announced that she was carrying a child. In fact, it didn't make a difference at all in the daily routine. Nor did Hatate's announcement of her own pregnancy. The two girls were exceptionally pleased with the situation. You were confident that Hatate's child wasn't yours. You recalled Yukari's words, and you had never formed that sort of relationship with her. She may have been prolific with you, but with Aya it was something else entirely. With Momizi, however, you knew deep down that it was your child. Aya had always made an effort to keep her interactions with Momizi limited to oral and anal. In retrospect, perhaps she saw something and planned accordingly.

With Momizi's pregnancy came her announcement that she was going to leave the tengu guard and settle in at home. After all, she did have a child to raise. Hatate quickly moved into the house as well, making it apparent that the home was too small. Yukari was kind enough to aid her prior servant and his new family, providing the resources needed to expand the home to a more suitable size.

There was no formal ceremony between yourself and Momizi. She began to refer to you as her mate, and that was that. It was a bit jarring at first, but you came to understand it was just a result of her more animalistic nature. Regardless of your relationship with her, you remained a pet for the three of them, even if Aya and Hatate tended to focus on one another. In the end it seems everyone got what they desired: Hatate and Aya found each other, you found the girls, and Momizi found you.

Overall, it was a blessed way to live your life. While you couldn't fathom things being much better, there was always a hint of doubt on your mind as to what could have happened if you hadn't settled in.


Normal End — Life with the Tengu.
No. 22306
File 132648702823.jpg - (282.29KB , 850x850 , 24234033.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 22307
>Momizi riding us, and marking us as her property
Oh yes.

[X] Let's head up the Mountain, now - it's rude to keep Master Yukari's friend waiting this long.
No. 22308
Not to be a spoilsport, but only male canines mark their property/territory.
Polite sage for off topic.
No. 22310
No need to vote, the next choice is already set up.

Hey, that gives me an idea for a one-shot...
No. 22312
No watersport, please.
No. 22313

It was meant as a joke, but regardless, different strokes for different folks. This isn't the last time it'll be used. As I've said since the beginning, everything is fair game except for: Guro, vore, NTR, and asphyxiation.
No. 22314
I was saying that as a joke too.
Dog, marking their territory...
I wasn't expecting you to think that.

Also, what's NTR? I forget each time.
No. 22315
...what about peril? Just wondering.
No. 22316
>No need to vote, the next choice is already set up.

Ah, right, sorry.
Anyway, nice end of that path!

I'm looking forward to more!
No. 22317

What do you mean by peril?
No. 22319
File 132651938277.jpg - (215.65KB , 1200x1679 , _page_0001.jpg ) [iqdb]
Exactly what it says on the tin. Impending death, or something else really bad.
No. 22320
Another excellent update but With Nue...Poor Nue...
No. 22321
Whatever leads to Nue or Kogasa not crying is the only true route to me.
No. 22323
Kanako, here we come.
No. 22324
Aw yeah, Kanako time.
No. 22325
A bit disappointed that we didn't get a collar, but oh well. Here's hoping for Kanakomilk~
No. 22329
I would never write this.

Maybe there's a way to make Nue not cry!
No. 22330
Yeah, I figured...well, it was worth a shot.
No. 22338
We gotta try and do our best then.

I'm okay with this!
No. 22339
>A bit disappointed that we didn't get a collar, but oh well. Here's hoping for Kanakomilk~

Don't worry, I'm sure Kanako will be perfectly happy to put a leash on us!
If we're a really good pet, she might even take us for some exercise.

Kanako, Kanako, Kanako!
We're coming to meet you, Kanako~!

No. 22345
I'm not sure where people are getting all these assumptions about Kanako from. Milk? A collar?
No. 22351
I was talking about the Aya bit when I mentioned the collar, since we were their pet and all. As for the milk, I just like breastfeeding :\
No. 22352

I meant the leash, actually. Whoops.
No. 22353
So, wait, Kanako won't be assertive?
No. 22354

Oh, she certainly will be. I just don't foresee milk or leashes coming into play, specifically!
No. 22357
I'm going to write today, or try, but first I have a question for everyone:

I was originally planning on doing an Aya, Momizi & Rick scene in this next update. We've been on the Tengu for a while now, so I'm wondering: Do you guys still want that scene, or would you like to move on to Kasen now? Keep in mind, if you don't pick the scene now, you'll still get it later, as there will be reasons to revisit Aya.
No. 22358
I would like to move on, so we can get to Kanako soon (which was what we voted for).

We've had enough scenes with Aya, I think.
No. 22360
Move on, please.

I'm anticipating Suwako and Sanae (and Kogasa) more than Kanako, by the way.
No. 22361
It probably has a lot to do with the hiatus, but the pacing really slowed to a crawl once the tengu showed up. I think moving on would inject some new life into the story.
No. 22364

It really has to do with the hiatus. I don't think the actual story pacing changed, but due to holidays and a lot of shit going on, getting through this section was time consuming.

With that said, I'll skip the Aya/Rick/Momizi scene and move on to Kasen. The stay with Kasen will be brief, so no worries. It won't even be a day stay, maybe two posts at most. I'm not sure where the next break point will be for a choice, though.
No. 22371
>I'll skip the Aya/Rick/Momizi scene
Well balls.
No. 22372

You can get it later, don't worry. You'll want to revisit Aya.
No. 22383
Ah, well, that's good, then!
Long as Kanako is assertive/in charge, that's nice.

I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen, when the goal on the Mountain is reached!
No. 22386
You mean 2-3 years from now?

But seriously I think a sex scene would be more forced than not from the flow of the text.
No. 22388
So how do we make Nue not cry?

Because it seems like it will continue to be Isn't It Sad? for her in the forseeable future.
No. 22392
Writing on and off over the course of the day. Will likely cut it off when you reach Kasen's home. Then tomorrow I'll write the rest up to the choice at the shrine.
No. 22399
I find it odd that people are worried about someone who would make Kogasa cry without thinking once. (Remember that dream Rick had a while back?)

Hopefully her time with him is enough to temper such an impulse.
No. 22403
I will say, at the very least, you have a chance to make Nue happy during the TD arc.
No. 22404

I was about to ask about Kogasa, then I remembered she's in that game.
No. 22407
Got a fair bit done today, going to work hard in the morning. I really want to finish this arc. There are so many characters I have great ideas for that I'm really excited to write. The mountain shrine crew, Yamame, Sakuya, Yuyuko, the entire TD cast, the list goes on.

I really need to get back on track with updating daily, or at least multiple times a week. The hard part for me right now is H scenes. I've written at least forty in the story, so every time I hit a new one it takes longer and longer to write since I'm doing my best to avoid retreading and getting same-y. Story and dialogue though, I can sit down and churn it out.
No. 22410
Does this mean Rick's ass is going to get a break from having things go up it?
No. 22412

The shrine will have a possible one or two scenes involving him taking something up the ass. TD might have one scene between them all, Hakugyokurou should have one or two, Underground will have 1-2, and I can't think up the rest right now since I just got up.
No. 22413
Wonder if Kanako, being barefoot, would approve of being given a foot massage...
We haven't had anything related to that, yet, have we?
No. 22440
File 132699125698.jpg - (719.31KB , 896x716 , 24353624.jpg ) [iqdb]
The first thing I thought when I saw this on pixiv was, "You know it's going to happen. Again."
No. 22446
Sorry for the delay.

[X] Maybe this isn't the best time. You could bring it up in the future, maybe. Just make idle banter for now.


Thinking back on it, doing this would probably upset Yukari. You've got bigger obligations to deal with right now. “So, what are you going to do now, Momizi?” you ask.

Momizi takes in a long breath and sighs through her nose. “I don't really know, I'm still getting used to everything,” she answers with a shrug.

You nod briefly. “I understand. Just checking.”

Momizi smiles and blushes lightly. “Thanks for your concern, you've been good to me,” she says.

Aya walks back into the room and seats herself beside Momizi. “So, talk about anything interesting while I was gone?” she asks, grinning at you.

“Oh, he was just asking me how I am,” Momizi speaks up.

Aya seems a bit disappointed, but she quickly moves past it. “So, I had some plans for today,” Aya says, glancing between yourself and Momizi. “If you're comfortable with it, Momizi.”

“Comfortable?” Momizi says curiously.

Aya leans in, bringing her lips to Momizi's ears. The wolf tengu's eyes immediately go wide and the blush on her face deepens. “What do you think?” Aya asks.

Momizi recoils slightly, sliding away from Aya. “I, uh, with you? And him? At the same time?” she stammers nervously. She takes in a deep breath, making an ineffectual effort to calm herself down. Aya watches patiently with a look of concern on her face. “You know, I'm really not ready, Aya,” she blurts out.

“It's okay Momi--” Aya starts, cut off by her friend.

“It's just that, I've known you a while, and I don't want to mess up our friendship or anything like that,” Momizi interrupts, gesticulating like a madwoman. She's clearly flustered at this point. Surprising, given how eager she was to have you yesterday. Then again, you're mostly a stranger, not someone she has a deep emotional investment in. Something must have changed when Momizi took her 'alone time' yesterday.

Aya grabs Momizi's hand. “Relax, Momizi, it's okay,” she says with a smile. “I just wanted to ask, I'd never try to make you do anything you didn't want to.”

Momizi seems to be calming down. She gives a slight nod to Aya. “Right, right, I know...”

Aya turns to you with an apologetic look on her face. “Well, I'm sorry about that. Maybe next time?” You shrug cluelessly. “Right, well, can't be disappointed with something you don't know about.”

“It's no problem, Aya. Honestly, I should probably be finishing my trip up to the shrine.”

“Do you need directions?” Aya asks.

You shake your head. “Not really, the mountain has been straightforward so far.”

“Just checking. There's a fork in the road up ahead, the left takes you to the shrine and the right takes you to the hermit,” she says, offering her advice anyway.

You grin in response to Aya's nosiness. “Thanks. By the way, do you have anywhere to clean up?” you ask. Aya nods and directs you to the bathroom. You hop up from the table and head off to clean yourself up, leaving the two girls to sort things out.

A quiet yawn in the back of your mind draws your attention. “Good morning,” says the tired voice of Yumeko.

You step into the bathroom and firmly close the door. “Good morning to you too, Yumeko. Sleep well?” you ask.

“Yes, actually, I did. Your shenanigans are as exhausting for me as they are for you,” she says teasingly.

“You seem to be in a good mood this morning,” you fire back, starting to clean yourself. “Are you excited to see Kasen? Or is it something else?”

“I suppose that's it. Kasen seems to understand what's happening to you, and I want to find out.” A wide grin comes across your face. You're so thankful to have someone like Yumeko around to care for you. “It's fine, I'm just doing my job,” she says politely.

You smile and nod. Your thoughts shift back to Kogasa for the moment, and you let out a sigh. “I wonder how she's doing right now. It's almost her time,” you say idly.

“Kogasa is doing quite fine. I think she'll be ready.”

“How do you know that, Yumeko?”

You can feel a smile creeping over Yumeko's face. “She has the sword, so I can sense these things. It is part of me, after all.” She pauses and laughs softly. “Kogasa is such a sweet girl. She's slept with that sword every night you've been gone.”

“She really loves that thing, huh?”

“No, I'd say she really loves you,” Yumeko answers in an amused tone.

You rinse your body off. “Yeah, I suppose she does. Not sure if it's just playful or something real, though.” Yumeko doesn't reply. “Guess I'll have to find that out for myself.”

“Yes, you will. But, for now, you should finish getting ready. I believe Yukari has left a present for you,” Yumeko says.

You glance around the room for a few moments before spotting a clean pair of clothes. “Thanks, Yukari,” you call out. She's always on the ball for you. You quickly get dressed and head back out to the kitchen.

Aya's standing near the front door, waving you over. “I've got a little going away present for you,” she says, leaning against the frame of the entryway.

“Oh? What's that?” you ask her, heading in her direction.

Aya looks you up and down, raising an eyebrow. “Yukari?” she asks.

You nod firmly. “Yeah, Yukari. Where did Momizi go, by the way?”

“Out, had to get to her patrols. But hey, look what I have,” Aya says. She holds up the bandolier of vials and slips one out. It's filled to the brim with a white liquid. “Figured I could at least give you what you came for, right?” she asks, taking a few steps in your direction.

“When did you...”

Aya grins and sets the bandolier on the table. “I had some free time,” she says. She stops in front of you and takes your hands. “Thanks for everything.”

You smile at her and nod. “It's not a problem,” you answer, not exactly sure what to say beside that.

Aya leans in and kisses you briefly on the cheek. “Come back, alright? You're more than welcome here, and I'd like to see you again,” she says with a blush on her face.

“Yeah, of course, or you could always come see me, I guess,” you blurt out. Yukari might not be overly pleased with you extending such an invitation.

Aya steps back from you. “Funny how an encounter like that could end this way, huh? At least you got what you came for,” she says with a giggle, turning toward the table. The bandolier is already gone, along with the glass vial full of Aya's semen. She glances over her shoulder as she walks toward the front door, raising an eyebrow.

You give her a knowing nod and follow behind. “That's Yukari for you,” you say, laughing quietly. Aya opens the door and leans against the frame again. She seems sad to see you go. “Tell Momizi and Hatate I said bye.”


You walk out the door and return to the main road, turning around to wave to Aya. The front door is already closed, though. You frown slightly and continue walking off. “Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye,” Yumeko speaks up.

“I know,” you say with a sigh. Nue has only been gone for a little over a day, but you're already missing her.

The rest of your trip proves to be mostly uneventful. You and Yumeko banter back and forth about nothing in particular, passing the time with idle chatter. Within the space of an hour or two, Kasen's home begins to come into view. It's a tall, pagoda-like structure in the middle of a clearing. The exterior features rounded windows on each floor and unlit lanterns hanging from the corners of the lower level. Roses line the path leading up to her home, adding a bit of color to the scenery.

“Here we are,” Yumeko says, a hint of excitement in her voice.

“Sounds like you're just as eager to be here as I am, huh?” you ask. You can feel Yumeko's emotions, just as she can feel yours. They're normally more subdued than this, but right now she's particularly excited.

“Of course, since I'm a part of you, I'm quite invested in your well-being.”

You nod and move up to the door to Kasen's home. “Let's do this, then,” you say, knocking lightly on the door.

A few seconds later, the door slides all the way open in one smooth motion. Light cascades in from outside, flooding the dimly lit interior. Kasen, whose visage you've become familiar with, stands in the doorway. “Well, hello there,” she says with a smile.
No. 22469
I got next to nothing written today, but I had such a great week (aside from a few missteps) that I actually feel up for writing tomorrow if/when I have time! There likely won't be any choices until the shrine, though. Hopefully that doesn't bother anyone. Unless I find a natural point for a choice, there's just nothing to really decide for the visit to Kasen.
No. 22480
That's totally fine with me, man.
Looking forward to reading it!
No. 22534
File 132732051188.jpg - (396.84KB , 652x1000 , Ryormen_momiji_Mosaic.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hell yes, it looks like BON Cool pretty much has this guy on retainer for doing work for them.


Also, going to start on writing in an hour or two.
No. 22552
Isn't that the Okamysty in glasses guy's style?
No. 22566

yes, that's ichiju for sure.
No. 22625
I bought the new IndieRoyale and don't need half the Steam keys in there. Have some free video games:

Serious Sam: The First Encounter 09RDN-VQJW8-NXR25

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter DQ7QI-ENM8P-07BL8

Serious Sam: Double D 0DZA4-0EX0E-XMBYK

All codes go into steam, post if you take something so people don't waste time trying them.
No. 22626
I've taken SS Double D. Thank you, man, I've wanted this game for a long time.
No. 22627
Thank you for Serious Sam. I've always heard about that game but never got around to buying/playing it.
No. 22629
Second Encounter taken, thanks bro.
No. 22630
Have fun guys. Back on topic, am writing some today. My energy levels are pretty low though, since I'm transitioning into a low carb diet. Apparently the first week kind of blows ass on energy levels. Once I get rolling I should have more energy to update consistently (and maybe find time to learn to draw).
No. 22666
Be careful about those low-carb diets, man. They can take a very bad, very serious toll on your gallbladder.
No. 22673

From the materials I've read, it is only a concern if you have gallstones already. If you don't, it actually acts as a preventative measure. In fact low-fat diets are more likely to cause gallstones and gallbladder problems than low-carb high-fat.

Also, while I am here, next chunk of update will be done tomorrow. Will stop right before the H scene actually begins.
No. 22678
At least it's not the Atkins diet.

AKA "heart disease? yes please"
No. 22681

Actually, it pretty much is the Atkins diet. The problem is when people get stupid and completely disregard moderation of any sort. High fat/protein, low carb, but still maintaining some moderation. I'll still be eating roughly 1800-2000 calories per day, but nearly all of that will be coming from fat/protein sources instead of foods with carbs.

This is actually why the low carb threads on SomethingAwful got locked: The initial few posts were informative, then it turned into a contest of who can eat the nastiest, monstrous piece of grease and fat. All of the people who actually used their brains shed a great deal of weight. For example, one goon lost 100 pounds in 6 months. Drew Carey lost 80 pounds and reversed his type-2 diabetes.

There's a documentary out there called Fat Head, in which Tom Naughton debunks a lot of myths about what we consider 'proper' eating in this day and age. The guy who presents it also eats a pure fast food diet for 28 days, but in moderation: About 2,000 calories a day, and ~80-100 carbs. He actually drops weight and overall bodyfat percentage.

There's a lot of great resources out there that dispels some of the worries over low carb. I'll admit, I was scared of it from what I'd heard until I sat down and combed through the resources. This one in particular is great: http://josepharcita.blogspot.com/2011/03/guide-to-ketosis.html

I know people don't come here to hear me ramble about diets/exercise, so I'll stop here and get to work on finishing this chunk of the update.
No. 22682
Your post has been informative. I enjoyed it. Non-sexually.
No. 22685
This chunk of the update is done, waiting on proofread.
No. 22690
Next update will have the sex scene.


Kasen steps aside and gestures for you to enter. “It seems as if it has been a long time in the making, does it not?” she asks. Her soft voice seems to contain a great deal of wisdom. You cross the threshold, and she closes the door behind you. The room is lit with candles and full of ritualistic and religious paraphernalia. Buddhist icons and statuettes line the shelves. You blush a little when you notice that a good portion are quite sexual. A circle of candles occupies the center of the room.

“What is this, Kasen?” you ask, bewildered by the sight of it all.

She smiles slightly and gestures for you to follow her, walking past the circle and toward another doorway. “I will explain it shortly. For now, join me upstairs so we may all talk.” You nod and follow along. Moments later, the two of you are sitting in a small tea room on the second floor. Kasen pours a cup of tea for each of you and sets the pot down. You pick up the cup of tea, but she doesn't do the same, instead choosing to stare at you.

You meet Kasen's gaze. “Something wrong?” you ask.

Kasen's face softens with a smile. “Nothing, simply thinking. Try the tea?” she suggests. You take a sip; it's a sweet, pale green tea. “To start with your question, that is the place where I perform my daily rituals. For my own question, I would like to ask if you know why you are here?”

That's an easy one. “I'm here so I can find my spirit, or whatever. Right?”

Kasen slowly shakes her head. “That is one answer, but there are others,” she says, taking a sip of her tea. She closes her eyes and sighs softly. “You are a good person, but you are impure.” You blink a few times, surprised by her answer. “You mean well, but your motivations and desires are not proper.”

“What do you mean?”

She opens her eyes and fixes her gaze on you once more. “I have brought you here to aid in finding your spirit, but also to teach both yourself and Yumeko a lesson.” You take another sip and lean forward, making it apparent that you're listening. “I could feel it when I encountered your spirit. I normally destroy spirits, but I left yours alone.”

You're surprised by how nonchalantly she states that. “Why would you leave it alone, then?”

“I could tell it had a proper place, and that it belonged to a good person,” she answers, not missing a beat. “No matter how good natured and well-intentioned a person may be, however, they are often impure for one reason or another.” Kasen sets her cup on the table and pauses for effect, allowing her words to sink in. “Your impurity comes from your desires and the sex that comes with them.”

“But didn't you tell Yumeko that sex is beautiful, or something along those lines?”

Kasen nods. “It is, but you have misused it. This is not entirely your fault, however. You have become immersed in a world of individuals who use your body for their own pleasure.”

“Then, what is your lesson for me? For us, I mean?”

“You indulge in sex with little thought or consequence, and Yumeko fears such encounters,” Kasen says, not directly answering your question. She rests her arms on the table and crosses them. “Sex has a purpose, and when that purpose is followed, sex is a beautiful thing. It is something to be appreciated.”

You nod slowly, beginning to understand. “And you're going to teach us that, Kasen?”

Kasen smiles, satisfied by your words. “Correct. If you can mend your path, you have the capability of finding your own enlightenment. I desire to help you with that.”

You let out a sigh and take another sip of your tea. “You seem to know what you're doing, so how do we begin?” you ask.

“First, we begin by drawing out the other participant in my lessons,” Kasen answers. She stands from the table and gestures for you to do the same. She rounds the table as you move from your seat, stopping in front of you. “You have been awfully quiet, Yumeko.” She places her bandaged hand on your chest and closes her eyes.

A strange feeling of invigoration flows into your body. “What is this?” you ask worriedly.

“I have imparted a portion of my spiritual energy unto your body. Yumeko, use that energy and join us,” Kasen requests. You feel a strong force of hesitation in your mind; Yumeko feels worried and fearful. Despite this, the familiar image of Yumeko slowly materializes beside you. She seems more solid and real, and you feel oddly empty.

“Kasen,” Yumeko says nervously.

“Thank you for joining us,” Kasen says in turn. “Your participation is going to be limited for this visit, but I wanted you to be here, in person.”

Yumeko gasps. “I can't feel him any more, what did you do?”

“I simply gave you the ability to take your own, proper form. It is temporary; you will return to him in due time.”

“It's weird for me too, Yumeko. I've gotten so used to having you with me, that I feel empty and alone,” you say. Kasen glances between the both of you with a smile upon her face. “I trust Kasen, though. Let's go along with what she says, alright?”

Yumeko seems to have gained a bit more confidence, smiling at you and nodding slightly. “So, what am I here for, then?”

Kasen draws back and begins to turn towards the stairs. “You are going to watch, and face your fears,” she answers, gesturing for you and Yumeko to follow.

“And me?” you ask. Kasen refuses to answer as she leads the two of you downstairs.

“Yumeko, please seat yourself outside of the circle,” Kasen instructs. Yumeko nods and steps away from the both of you, seating herself on the opposite side. “Your first experience with me shall be two-fold,” Kasen says, turning to face you. She places her unbandaged hand on your shoulder and smiles softly. “First, we will be creating a personal connection. That will allow me to coax your spirit here.” Her hand moves up to stroke your cheek. “Second, I will be instructing you in a deeper appreciation of sex.”

“What do you mean?” you ask.

Kasen chuckles slightly, as if she was expecting that question. “Up until now, many of the sexual experiences you have indulged in have had little meaning. Mindless rutting for the sake of pleasure,” she says, nearly spitting out the latter comment. “That is not to say pleasure is wrong, but proper sex involves a deeper connection than that.” She turns away from you and relaxes her shoulders. “Please, strip me while I continue to explain. Take it slowly, however. The body is something to appreciate, like a piece of fine art.”

“Alright, Kasen,” you say, stepping in close to her from behind. You glance over her shoulder, inspecting her garment and pondering the best way to undress her. You decide to start with the tabard covering her upper body, tugging it slowly up from her shoulders.

Kasen tilts her head back, allowing you to remove the brown fabric. “Good, nice and gentle,” she says in a pleased tone. “As I was saying, sex has a purpose. For your first lesson, we will not be focusing on pleasure.” The shirt beneath the tabard buttons up, and has light ribbons tying the cuffs around her upper arms. You tug at the ribbons, continuing to listen to Kasen. “There will be pleasure, as is expected with sex. But our focus is liberating your body, and allowing you to experience beyond your senses.”

You nod dumbly, confused by her statement. “I don't really get it, but alright.”

Kasen lets out a quiet laugh. “It is an experience that is difficult to explain,” she says. You lean in closer and begin to unbutton the front of her blouse. Her soft, pink hair smells vaguely of roses. “As for the actual ritual, we will enter the circle before us, naked.” The last button comes undone, and her loose blouse gives way. You slide it from her shoulders and gently tug it from her arms. All that remains is her green skirt. “Take your time.”

Her body is just as you remember it. Rather, it is just as the memories of your spirit recall. Her flesh is soft and utterly flawless; you can't find a single mark or blemish anywhere. “You're beautiful, Kasen,” you say, bringing your hands down to her skirt.

Kasen brushes your hand away. “Not yet. Explore my body first,” she instructs. You nod and place your hands on her hips, gently squeezing them. They're soft and supple, but with a bit of lean muscle beneath the surface. She isn't a thin woman, but her hourglass frame is fantastic. Kasen shivers slightly as you run your fingers up her sides. You place a hand beneath each breast, gently cupping them and squeezing the large mounds of flesh. A soft sigh escapes Kasen's lips, and her nipples begin to harden as you gently knead her firm breasts. “Yes, that is nice,” she says, clearly satisfied by your gentle efforts. She seems to have lost her prior train of thought.

“May I, Kasen?” you ask, running your hands down her stomach. She nods approvingly, and you undo the clasp of her skirt, dropping it to the floor. You don't go straight for her panties, instead placing your hands on her thighs. You softly grope her there, eliciting a quiet sigh. You glance to Yumeko, who is blushing and covering her mouth in embarrassment. You slip a finger into the edge of Kasen's panties; she makes no effort to stop you. You slowly tug them down, exposing her shaven crotch.

Kasen steps out of her panties and slips from your grasp, turning around to face you. “Well done. At the very least, you are a man who can appreciate a body, rather than ravish it mindlessly,” she says with a smirk. She slides her hands beneath your shirt, slowly running them up your chest. “After I strip you, you will enter the ring of candles. I have to get a necessary item from upstairs, then I will join you.”

“I understand,” you say with a smile, attempting to conceal your excitement. Kasen disrobes your body in short order, returning many of the gentle ministrations that you gave her. The whole scene is erotic, and you can feel yourself growing stiff as she touches you. She steps aside once you are completely nude, and gestures to the ring. You step into the ring and Kasen heads upstairs immediately . “Yumeko, are you okay?” you ask, watching your frightened companion.

“Y-yes, I'm fine. This is just so very strange, though.”

“It'll be okay, you're not the only one who is nervous,” you reassure her. You turn away from her, facing the stairs.

Kasen returns within a few moments. She's carrying a medium-sized bowl in one hand. “I apologize for the delay,” she says, joining you in the ring of candles. “I was going to ask if you were ready, but it seems that is the case,” Kasen adds with a smirk, glancing at your engorged length. “Let us begin, then.”
No. 22731
Tantric ritual, eh? Hmm.
No. 22739
File 132778878169.jpg - (296.43KB , 768x1024 , 24592713.jpg ) [iqdb]
Saw this on Pixiv, thought of Aya during her more assertive moments.
No. 22988
I see. Best of luck to you. May your creative gears turn smoothly again soon.
No. 22993
You should probably update to libreoffice, becouse it is the more active of the two forks.
No. 23058
File 132922915051.jpg - (57.92KB , 475x484 , i am going to pee on everything you love.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 23059
File 132922924133.jpg - (36.76KB , 640x454 , ohu.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 23060
File 132922969045.jpg - (351.35KB , 710x900 , 1305750541046.jpg ) [iqdb]
Only posting to push >>23057 off front page.
No. 23062
File 132923195533.jpg - (30.48KB , 210x313 , ^^.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're forgiven.
No. 23064
File 132923230918.jpg - (7.16KB , 214x320 , abed is pleased.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 23065
File 132923304030.jpg - (678.81KB , 1000x1410 , 269fc5e2dce00329debdebca368bb1a5.jpg ) [iqdb]
No thanks that story was depressing. Why not the lovely story with Aya feeding chocolate to me like a bird does?

(Oh you already posted >>22739 posting this instead.)
No. 23071
>Aya feeding chocolate to me
I'm okay with this.
>like a bird does
I'm...still okay with this. What is wrong with me.
No. 23074
File 132925986394.png - (46.47KB , 386x318 , 1325539241418.png ) [iqdb]
Can't wait!

I forgot that she also has bird parts. But here's the story.


Happy (?) fapping.
No. 23114
Excellent, there is something to be said about thinking something different for a while when blocked.
No. 23168
I've been writing bits and pieces here and there, so progress is being made. Also, for those who are as hyped as I am for it, Guild Wars 2 Beta Signups are open for the next 48 hours: http://beta.guildwars2.com/
No. 23226
End of week status update: Been making decent progress on writing past the H scene! I still haven't done anything with the Kasen sex scene, though. On the scanning front, I went through the stacks and pulled out everything non-glossy with numbered pages. I'm going to take it with me one day next week and unbind a good 20-something books. Already scanned the covers in. This weekend I'll finish up a few scans and edit down the covers to make sure they're acceptable.
No. 23266
Honestly, if Kasen is causing such trouble, I'd say skip her for now, and go on to other stuff.

I mean, there'd always be the trip down the mountain, if some ideas do come up for a scene with her, later.
No. 23275
Good news: I had some sudden inspiration for the Kasen scene. I'm not writing it today, I've done some writing and I have a lot of other stuff to work on today. But tomorrow I will sit down and pound out Kasen's scene. It will also have a choice mid-scene that will have a small effect on the rest of what I've written (not enough to scrap anything).
No. 23291
I knocked down two pages of Kasen's scene today. Hell yeah. It's turning out pretty long, though. Which isn't a bad thing.
No. 23319
Sorry for the wait. Next update should be quicker as I have a bunch written.


Kasen stands in front of you, roughly half an arm's length away. She dips her unbandaged hand into the bowl and brings it up to your face, smearing the cool, viscous fluid down the center in one smooth motion. “This is a mixture of various oils that are important to the ritual,” she answers before you can speak. She repeats the anointment several times, coating your body in a series of strokes. To you it looks like an oily mess, but you imagine that it holds some significance for Kasen.

Kasen switches the bowl to the other hand, this time dipping the bandages in the mixture. “One final touch before you are ready.” She pulls her soaked, bandaged hand from the oil and firmly grips your erect penis. You shudder at the touch; the texture of her wrappings is rough, but not painful. She slowly strokes your cock from the tip, all the way to the base, and back again. You glance down at your dripping shaft, watching her work. She releases your length and places the palm of her hand against the tip. “Please do your best to maintain your composure,” she politely requests.

You suddenly let out a loud moan of pleasure as her palm pushes forcefully on your tip. The tip of your penis slowly disappears into her bandaged hand. You shiver from head to toe at the strange sensation. Warm air swirls around your shaft, tickling and teasing every sensitive spot that you can imagine. “K-Kasen,” you groan.

“Hold it in,” she states firmly.

Finally, her hand withdraws. The tip of your cock slips from her bandages, which close up on their own. “What was that?” you ask breathlessly.

“Consider it a form of purification,” Kasen answers with a slight smile. “Now it is my turn.” She returns the bowl to her bandaged hand and repeats the anointing process on herself, but without the pseudo-handjob. Upon finishing the last stroke, she gingerly offers you the bowl. “Do you mind?” she asks, spreading her legs expectantly.

You take the bowl and dip your hand in the cool oil. “Just put a bunch inside?”

“That is a crude way of putting it, but yes, that will do,” Kasen answers. You nod and pull your hand from the oil, placing it on her crotch. You start by smearing it over her pussy lips, pausing to dip the tip of your finger inside of her slit. Kasen wears a stoic expression, not reacting to your touch. You push your entire index finger into her body. “More, just use your entire hand,” she says flatly, making it clear that this is a regular ritual for her. You squeeze your fingers together and easily slip the entirety of your hand into her damp, somewhat tight pussy. The walls instantly clamp down around your hand, seeming to suck the oil from your fingers. Kasen shuts her eyes and stands there silently for a few moments. She finally reaches down and pulls your hand from her warm pussy. “Now we can truly begin. Take a seat, and spread your legs.”

You nod and settle down on the floor, spreading your legs. A blush comes over your face; you feel a bit awkward exposing yourself so willingly to Kasen. She pauses and stares at your body for a moment, inspecting you. She seems to be doing her best to keep her own composure, but there is a hint of desire in her expression. Kasen finally sits down in front of you, spreading her own legs. Her pussy is damp and oozing with the oil you put inside of her. “So what should I do?” you ask.

“Relax, and let me work,” she answers. You glance nervously to Yumeko. The look on her face shows that she is just as nervous as you are. “Focus on me, do not worry about Yumeko,” Kasen says, noticing your attention drifting elsewhere. She leans forward slightly, reaching out and gently grabbing your legs. “Lift,” she instructs simply, tapping your right leg. You twist your body slightly and lift the leg into the air. She gently pulls your body toward her. With all of the oil on the floor, you easily slide across it. Kasen pauses for a moment, mirroring your prior motions and raising her right leg into the air.

You watch Kasen, unsure of what to make of the scene. Does she plan on taking you like this? The position is quite awkward. “Kasen, what exactly are you doing?”

Kasen sighs softly and reaches out for your legs again, gripping them firmly. “We are going to use a position similar to tribadism. Please, let me lead. Relax and focus on me,” she says, repeating her prior instructions. You nod and relax your body, save for maintaining your leg's position in the air. Kasen drags your body to hers, bringing her slippery pussy in line with your crotch. She moves her bandaged hand from your leg to your penis and aims it downward. Your length twitches and throbs in her grip, a soft groan escaping your lips. Kasen lowers her leg and hooks it around you, following it up with a nod to you. You follow suit and place your leg around her body. She pulls you forward in one smooth motion, burying your cock in her body.

You let out a loud groan of pleasure the moment your head passes through her lips. Her pussy is tight, but not like that of a virgin; you can tell she is an experienced woman, even if she doesn't do this often. You instinctively tighten your leg around her, sinking in to the hilt. Kasen lets a soft moan slip from her lips, but quickly regains her composure. Even she isn't completely immune to physical pleasures. “That feels amazing,” you say.

“Do not focus just on your own pleasure, but take in that of your partner as well,” Kasen instructs you. She removes her hands from your body and tightens her leg around you, locking your body firmly in place. “Your body is connected with me, but your spirit must as well.”

You aren't entirely sure what Kasen is getting at. “Should I move, then?”

“No,” she replies without a hint of emotion. “Continue to relax your body, let go of your surroundings, and focus on your partner.” You take in a deep breath and exhale slowly, nodding to Kasen. “There is nothing but you and I. Now, close your eyes,” she continues. You gradually close your eyes, letting the room fade away. Kasen goes quiet, remaining motionless. All that you can feel and experience is the tightness of her pussy, and the sound of her soft breathing.

Suddenly, you become aware of something new inside of you: A thick object, hot and hard. It feels familiar, but you can't place it. The object is satisfying, and you can feel yourself tightening around it. The pressure feels so incredible on your length that you have to resist the urge to moan. Then it clicks. You're feeling what Kasen is feeling. You can feel every inch of your thick, warm cock as if it were buried in your own body. You can feel her body tightening and releasing, massaging the length. You can't bear it any longer; your cock tenses up and empties itself into her body. You can feel the fluid coursing through yourself with each thick shot of semen. The sensation is just too much, and you snap your eyes open.

Kasen sits before you silently, her eyes shut tightly. Your vision is strange and hazy, as if you were staring into a bank of fog. The haze thickens and overtakes you, swamping you in blackness.


You're standing in front of a naked woman. She only recently introduced herself to you. Kasen Ibaraki, she said her name was. She was hostile at first, but quickly calmed down. Now she's invited you downstairs into a ring of candles. “Strip,” she orders, her speech muffled and distorted. You comply with her order, eagerly anticipating what is to come. Kasen looks pleased by your naked body, and you can feel her heart racing with excitement. “You should consider yourself lucky,” she says with a soft laugh.

Kasen takes a position on the floor and spreads her legs invitingly, exposing her damp, neatly-kept crotch. You waste no time crawling atop her, but you pause before entering her to wait for permission. A slight smile comes across her face. “A gentleman, are you?” she asks. You stare into her eyes, waiting for a firm answer. Her gaze softens and her deep red eyes meet yours. She slowly nods, urging you on. You push the head in with one smooth motion; she's tight, but loose enough to take you without a complaint.

“Nice and thick,” she says, moaning softly. Her words only serve to encourage you. You slide forward and drive the rest of your length inside. “It has been some time since I've done this, let alone with a spirit.” Kasen smirks, glancing down between her legs. You don't particularly care what she has to say, all you know at this point is you need to take her. You grab her right breast, digging your fingers into the plump flesh and squeezing it. She tilts her head back to let out a satisfied moan.

Kasen arches her back, pressing her crotch up against you. Her slippery, tight walls grip your thick length and massage every inch of it. You open your mouth to cry her name, but not a sound comes out. Kasen, on the other hand, moans like a whore, spreading her legs and allowing you full reign over her body. You rhythmically pump yourself in and out of her, relishing in the delighted squeals she lets out. Then you pinch her nipple, and her entire demeanor suddenly changes. It is as if she woke up from a dream. Her head snaps forward and she stares into your eyes. Her body relaxes on the ground, no longer returning your motions. You slow down in confusion, but don't end your assault. “Keep going,” she says firmly.

You nod, almost fearfully, and return to your efforts. You silently grunt and groan in pleasure with each stroke of your cock against her walls. Your fingers grope and tease her nipples, doing their best to elicit a response. Instead, Kasen watches you as you work. You aren't sure if you did something wrong, or why she stopped responding to you. She might not be feeling any pleasure; maybe what you're doing just isn't any good...

A splash of liquid hits your crotch as you sort through your thoughts. It takes you a moment to realize she just came. There was no indication, no response, just the sudden squirt of her nectar. You push yourself into overdrive, molesting her chest and ceaselessly pounding her tight pussy. Juices flow freely around your cock, pooling on the floor beneath her body. You drop on top of her soft body and let out another silent moan, pushing in for one final thrust. Kasen expressionlessly watches your face contort in pleasure as you empty yourself into her soaked hole.

You groan and collapse, your cock quickly softening and slipping out of her body. Kasen pats your head and runs her hand through your hair. “I seem to have lost myself for a moment,” she says with a hint of concern. She lets out a sigh and goes silent for a few moments. “I see, that confirms my theory.” You shut your eyes and bury your head in her chest. Kasen seems to be lost in thought. You can feel her fingers gently twisting and playing with your hair. “I know you can not speak, but I wonder why you came to me?”

You plant your arms on the ground and push yourself up, bringing your head level with hers. She has a slight smirk on her face. “Was I the first you've visited?” You tilt your head slightly and glance off into the distance in thought. First? Kasen? You can't remember seeing anyone but her. You look back to her and slowly nod. Kasen lets out a quiet laugh. “Very interesting,” she says, sitting up and pressing her chest to yours. “I wonder why that is?” she asks, slipping an arm around your waist.

You swallow nervously and stare into her eyes. You don't know the answer for sure. But, there is a strange feeling beneath the surface. When you see her, you feel...

[ ] A strong feeling of lust. Her body is perfect.
[ ] A powerful feeling of belonging. Being here just feels right.
[ ] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.
No. 23320
[x] A powerful feeling of belonging. Being here just feels right.
No. 23326
[x] A strong feeling of lust. Her body is perfect.

You know, I miss those little pictures of the featured girl you used to have at the beginning of an entry. They were really useful. Touhou has so many characters I have a hard time remembering who's who, well aside from the main girls but even then a visual aid is never a bad thing.
No. 23327
[x] A powerful feeling of belonging. Being here just feels right.
No. 23328

I'll start doing it again. I began to forget, actually.
No. 23330
[X] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.

Also am curious to know what exactly she can do with her special handjob.
No. 23331
[x] A strong feeling of lust. Her body is perfect.
No. 23333
[x] A powerful feeling of belonging. Being here just feels right.
No. 23334
You know wouldn't saying so and so's body is perfect be somewhat redundant if not insulting to the other girls Rick's been with?
No. 23335
[x] A strong feeling of lust. Her body is perfect.

You can't fool me writefag, for, despite your infernal temptations, I shall stay focused on the Goddess of the Demon World.
No. 23336
File 133076337734.jpg - (386.35KB , 800x1200 , e6ca7d7d8f769b7a8ef7818d9d65e320.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 23337
[X] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.
No. 23339
[x] A strong feeling of lust. Her body is perfect.

>I shall stay focused on the Youkai of Boundaries.

Fixed that for you, haha.
No. 23340
[x] A strong feeling of lust. Her body is perfect.

This one, let's see what happens.
No. 23342

Yes, but this is from his spirit's perspective. Kasen is the first person that he had encountered in that regard.


This is a pretty minor choice. All it affects is Kasen's demeanor and some text. So, if you're expecting some big sex scene as a result...
No. 23344
Well, it's either this or love, which I definitely don't see the guy sharing with Kasen, or belonging, which is even more unlikely.

Anyway, nice to see this continuing!
Looking forward to what will come up.
No. 23345

Out of curiosity, what do you think is meant by 'belonging'?
No. 23346
[x] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.
No. 23347
[X] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.

You guys must really be expecting more sexy fun times with that lust choice, huh? If anything, I think it'll be the opposite since Kasen prefers meaningful sex to raw lust. It just seems flat out 'wrong' here, to me, given who we're dealing with. With that said, yeah, this is a sex story, but writefag made it apparent this is also a romantic story. There's no routes to close or get locked out of, and I think he intends for us to romance everyone at least a little. Belonging looks like a good alternative, but I'm not sure what the intention is.
No. 23348
[x] A strong feeling of lust. Her body is perfect.

It's impossible not to feel lust in such situation, just be honest!

No. 23349
[x] A strong feeling of lust. Her body is perfect.
No. 23350
[X] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.

Because this feels like it'd fit best with this Kasen.
No. 23351

Sounds good to me.

[X] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.
No. 23353
[X] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen

Kasen is way too underappreciated. She needs more love!
No. 23354
[X] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.

Kasen should be loved tenderly. Always.
No. 23355
[x] A strong feeling of lust. Her body is perfect.

No. 23356

[x] A strong feeling of lust. Her body is perfect.
No. 23358
This is a lot of voters for what is literally a minor choice in the story. Most of the major choices don't even get this many.
No. 23360
[x] A strong feeling of lust. Her body is perfect.
No. 23361
[x] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.
No. 23363
Hm, well, personally?
I think it would lead to us spending a scene where we get an end, which I don't think really fits at this point.

I don't really want to "belong" to Kasen, with an end here, when we're this close to the top.
No. 23364
Nothing here is an ending.
No. 23365
I mostly just voted that because it's the better option, far as I'm concerned, since the other 2 don't really seem to be what I like.
I'm not expecting a huge sex scene with Kasen, really, so no worries!

Shows this story is pretty popular!
Been a while, so we all have become eager to see what comes next, I figure.
No. 23370
[x] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.

Well, like they said. It's as much a romance as it is smut. ...Well, almost.
No. 23373
[x] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.
No. 23374
[X] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.

i want to love kasen tenderly~
No. 23375
[X] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.

Didn't she even say something about "lust is bad"?
No. 23376
[X] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.
No. 23377
[X] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.
No. 23384
>All it affects is Kasen's demeanor and some text.
Seems pretty obvious after this hint.

>“You indulge in sex with little thought or consequence, and Yumeko fears such encounters,” Kasen says, not directly answering your question. She rests her arms on the table and crosses them. “Sex has a purpose, and when that purpose is followed, sex is a beautiful thing. It is something to be appreciated.”

[x] A deep feeling of love. You can't define it, but your spirit yearns for Kasen.
No. 23385

See all of these links above? These are vote spam, according to one of the mods/admins. Half of them aren't even from ISPs, but from a webserver cluster. Yes, someone is using a set of webservers to spam my story.

Ultimately, this leaves 7 votes for lust. All of the others in the thread were legit. I'm closing votes now, with victory for Love.
No. 23456
No. 23531
Writing as I find time. Last week and this week have been really, really fucking busy and stressful. I've barely been able to scan, too.
No. 23675
Well, it's been another week. Are you still swamped?
No. 23676

I've spent the past two weeks taking care of my mother in the evenings and driving home during the afternoon. She was put on 150mg of 6-MP and it fucked her up hard. Weekends are normally really busy, but have even been more busy than usual for the above reason.

She's getting better, so at the end of this week I should have time to fully kick off scanning and writing again. I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and do anything lately.

On the upside, I hit 240 this week. Eat meat, lose weight.
No. 23697
File 133256510216.jpg - (487.63KB , 961x2248 , senab.jpg ) [iqdb]
Scanning/editing fully resumes tomorrow, assuming no surprises.

Writing resumes monday.

While I am here, have a Sena dakimakura. I felt like sharing it because god damn I love this artist's style. It has a nice watercolor painting sort of feel to it.
No. 23718
Progress update: Finished Kyouko book scans and one Sanae book. Will work on finishing the last scan and editing tonight.

Wrote a page of this update today. Went fairly smooth, update is going to be pretty damn large though.
No. 23747
Okay guys, I'm done writing forever.

... April Fools? Oh wait, it isn't much of a joke if it doesn't come as a surprise to anybody. How about, 'Don't worry guys, I'm going to update every day from now on!'? Maybe that's just insulting.
No. 23749
I can wait.

I can always wait.
No. 23750

I am doing my best, I really am. I have to fix the scanner because suddenly it isn't being detected. My dad is having a look at ti tomorrow. I got probably two pages written last week, which is still progress.
No. 23903
Oh yeah, new post has been ready for five or six hours now. It isn't the complete update to choice, but enough for a new thread. I also have some questions for the readers when I post the thread. I'm just waiting on proof reader.
No. 23997