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14032 No. 14032
[x] Accept her challenge.

“Are you sure about this?” you ask reluctantly, your mouth curled into an uncertain frown. A little bashfully, you reach up with your hand and scratch the back of your head, running your fingers through the locks of your hair as you slowly bring your hand down and rub the back of your neck. “I mean, I’ve never taught anyone anything before, so…”

“It doesn’t matter,” she says, pumping her arms up and down as if to boost her own self-confidence through gesture. “Um, you’re the only one I can really ask about this, so…”

You pause for a moment as she trails off, her voice dying into silence as she lowers her head, her hands held together behind her back as she fidgets around a little, slightly despondent. Feeling a slightly sinking feeling in your own heart, you let out a small sigh before smiling kindly.

“…Okay,” you say, nodding. “I’ll help you.”

“Oh!” she exclaims happily, clapping her palms together, suddenly perking up. “I’ll be right back, then!” she says as she rushes back into the house, excitedly climbing up the porch and sliding the door open almost forcefully.

You shrug your shoulders, turning around to face the grand lake behind you. Staring at the sheer size of the body of water, which seems like it stretches on for miles to you from this perspective, you feel slightly terrified. Did Lady Kanako really move something as huge as this? Even if she’s a bit, um, odd, she certainly doesn’t seem like she’s lacking in divine power.

“I’m back!” you hear Sanae’s breathlessly eager voice behind you, and so you turn around to face her again. She stands there with a wide grin on her face, her fingers clenched tightly around the rod of her gohei stick. “I’m ready to go now!”

You nod, and turn away from her. Her eyes follow you curiously as you step over to a nearby tree. Eyeing one of the narrower, longer branches, you rest your hand on the hilt of your sword. Bending your knees slightly as you lean forward with your hand grasped around your sword, you draw it in a quick flash, the sunlight glinting off the surface of the blade for just a quick second as it lashes out at the air, the air around the blade twisting and turning as the edge displaces through it.

You sheathe your sword, and watch as your targeted branch slowly begins to crumble at the base with loud snaps before falling to the snow-covered ground. You walk over to it, picking the branch up from the snow. Concentrating, you visualize small, guillotine-like blades carving its surface. A moment later, the vision becomes reality as razor-sharp wind envelops the rough branch, transforming it into a makeshift wooden sword.

You let out held breath, feeling slightly drained as you look at the wooden stick in your hand. It’s still imperfect. Your control is off. The proportions are all uneven and it’s chipped in several places along its length. Precision is key when guiding the wind, but your control over it is sloppy and a little bit wasteful at times.

Nonetheless, Sanae seems impressed, clapping a little. “That was really cool!” she says in an impressed tone of voice, hurrying over to you with admiration. “The way you just cut down that branch in a single draw! It was like… like a samurai in movies!”

“It’s nothing,” you say, shaking your head. “The wolf tengu are all better at swordsmanship than I am. Anyway. Let’s start.”

“Right,” she nods, though her enthusiastic expression soon becomes troubled. A little nervously, she asks, “Um, what should I do now?”

“Well, first,” you begin, turning to her slowly. “Try hitting me.”

“Hitting you?” she blinks, not understanding. “Um, you want me to hit you?”

“Try,” you say with a grin.

“Um… okay,” she says. “Here I go, then…”

She takes a deep breath, holding up her gohei. Bringing it up with both hands above her head, she charges at you with her eyes squeezed shut. “Ei!” she cries out as she brings down the gohei with all of her might. Her swing is almost as slow as a fist traveling at walking speed. Easily, and without any problems, you sidestep the attack. She strikes empty air. The head of her trembling stick pointed down at the ground now and her eyes still shut, she remains in that stance for a second.

Slowly, and reluctantly, Sanae opens one eye. And then the other. She then looks around confusedly, gasping in surprise when she sees you standing just next to her. “Eh?” she sounds out her surprise. “I missed?”

“Of course you missed,” you say, sighing as you touch the side of your face hopelessly. “How are you going to hit anything if you swing with your eyes closed like that?”

“Oh,” she frowns. “S-sorry. Um, I was afraid of hitting you, so…”

“Don’t be,” you say. “You don’t need to worry about me. I’ll be fine, so just give it your best shot.”

“O-okay,” she nods, though the lack of enthusiasm in her voice and the uncertain look in her eyes tell you that she’s still not very willing…

She takes a deep breath again, her eyes widened almost exaggeratedly as she rushes at you again, swinging her gohei at your face. It’s a much better attempt than last time, though it still lacks power behind it. You pull your head back, allowing the paper tassel to swish past your face harmlessly.

“Keep going!” you say encouragingly as you take a few steps back. “Follow up!”

Sanae nods, a little more confident now, as she steps toward you while swinging the gohei down again, diagonally across your chest. You step back, evading the strike once more. She swings again. You duck past the blow. She attacks again. You bring the wooden sword in your hand to parry back the attack…

Only minutes later, she’s completely winded. Panting heavily, she squats down, placing a hand on her side and wincing, as though massaging a stitch in her ribs. “Can we… can we take a break for a bit?” she manages to say between gaps for air.

“You haven’t hit me once yet,” you say with a slight frown.

“S-sorry,” she says a bit dejectedly. “Hehe… I guess I’m a bit out of shape, too.”

well maybe if you didnt eat so much sweet stuff

“Well maybe if you—“ you begin, though you quickly cover your mouth. What the hell was that?

Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to have heard you, still catching up on her breath. Well, you didn’t exactly expect the training to be easy, but… well, it’s going to take a while. She’s still a bit unwilling to hurt you and her attacks are suffering from it, and she’s got even less stamina than you do.

[ ] Continue the training.
[ ] Maybe you should switch to danmaku instead…
>> No. 14035
[x] Maybe you should switch to danmaku instead…

>well maybe if you didnt eat so much sweet stuff

Either Mikio's headgames has obtained Hoshuu's memories or it's taken on some of his aspects.

I think a change of pace wouldn't be a bad idea.
>> No. 14036
[x] Maybe you should switch to danmaku instead…
>> No. 14037
[x] Continue the training.

Physical training is essential.
>> No. 14038
[x] Continue the training.

She needs to get into shape...
>> No. 14039
[X] Continue the training.
>> No. 14040
[x] Continue the training.
Harmless taunts? Something better than expected.
>> No. 14041
[x] Maybe you should switch to danmaku instead…
-[X] Refer her to Momizi for better physical training.

Let's try not to provoke Headgames into coming back and convincing us to kill her rough her up a bit too much make her feel like a total wimp. Even if she is... By practicing danmaku, we keep close contact to a bare minimum thus lessening the chances of Headgames' influence surfacing again and we'll see what she's actually capable of...since physical combat is obviously not her forte.
>> No. 14042
[x] Continue the training.
>> No. 14046
[x] Maybe you should switch to danmaku instead…
This ain't headgames, it is Hoshuu. And his personality surfacing is a good thing.
However, she is really fucking unwilling to do anything that may result in harming him... so we should make her focus on Danmaku. Those things hurt, but are non-lethal and people like Reimu use it to weaken-before-sealing all kinds of Youkai without any problems so...
>> No. 14052
[x] Maybe you should switch to danmaku instead…
>> No. 14053
[x] Continue the training.
>> No. 14054
>Either Mikio's headgames has obtained Hoshuu's memories or it's taken on some of his aspects.
Or Mikio's Headgames is Hoshuu after he succumbs to his inner demons, transforms into a youkai, and is found and exterminated, reducing him to a ethereal being which can only live in the minds of others. lolcrazytheories

[X] Maybe you should switch to danmaku instead…

She really needs some endurance training before bothering with real fighting, and danmaku is probably the best aerobics workout you can get in Gensokyo.
>> No. 14056
You know, I've been thinking. This whole time we've believed that Mikio is/was Hoshuu, not as pastf/future lives, but as the same person who simply got spirited away.

But, what if they aren't? What if Mikio is a native, who suffered a really bad trauma and amnesia was the only way his mind had of protecting itself?
>> No. 14057
He has MORE memories that he should. That's... the opposite of amnesia. It sounds more like multiple personalities to me.
>> No. 14058
we've always assumed something like a past life, not the same person.
>> No. 14059
...Who's this 'we'? I, for one never actually thought of them of Hoshuu and Mikio as past lives at least. (If nothing else, the ages would be way off. Unless if Mikio was somehow 'constructed' the day he awoke, in an aged body or something.)

Actually, at one point I thought they both existed at the same time, although I'm not sure why I assumed that. Now, I pretty much think that Mikio is just Hoshuu that somehow forgot. (Which is pretty much what I thought just about everyone else thinks...?)

For instance in >>13329 when Mikio is contemplating whether or not he met Sanae before, he reasons it's impossible because he's lived in Gensenkyo his entire life... except the voice clarifies that no, not his entire life. (This is strong evidence that Mikio's not a native. Technically, it still leaves the chance he was born in Gensenkyo, got out and popped back in again, but that's a little silly.)

I take further evidence of Mikio being a native the fact he manages to appear on Youkai mountain during a major incident, somehow slipping past Momizi's watch. Given his condition, it's unlikely he could of walked there. (I do note that the fact he had a fur blanket somewhat telling though - for whatever reason, fur blankets don't appear out of nowhere. I suppose Mikio could of just gotten a blanket from Yukari after she investigates an intruder in the border, but since Yukari can be trivially used to patch up any plot hole I don't like using her for that. Either way, completely naked except for a fur blanket is just wierd.)

In >>7941 Mikio figures he's about 13 or 14 years old. In >>8418 Hoshuu complains that 'no one will hire a fourteen year old in this town'. Given that Hoshuu seems to have lived a few months with Sanae before leaving, the ages don't really conflict that much.

>>8194 is about a year after Mikio was adopted by the Tengu. Reading the newspaper says it occured 'this autumn', and a few months later in >>8427 it's in the middle of the Spring. Thus, Mikio first appeared around autumn or winter. In >>13363 , Hoshuu notes that it's about the middle of autumn. Later that night, he almost kills Sanae and is given one week before he has to leave. In other words, season-wise the time Hoshuu disappears and when Mikio appears seems to be a fairly close match.

As for the time spent in Gensenkyo... in >>7986 Aya and Momizi discuss what seems to be the events of Lotus Land Story (TH4). Add six years to get TH10. In >>12552 Kanako first mistakes us for one of Sanae's friends in school, which I take as evidence pointing to that Sanae didn't finish high school. Six more years to an 11-12 year old Sanae gives us a 17-18 year old Sanae, which does seem to fit.
>> No. 14060

Didn't Hoshuu spend a whole year at the shrine?
>> No. 14061
Almost a whole year, yes.
>> No. 14063
More specifically :

In >>8886 it's only a few days before Christmas. Later the same day, >>8951 states that it's a little over two weeks since Hoshuu met Sanae. Thus, I would place their meeting around early December, late November at the earliest. Hoshuu's departure of course, was already discussed.
>> No. 14064
Wait... yeah. >>8418 mentions seeing on the news that there was something about the United Nations adopting the Kyoto Protocol, which happened on December 11, 1997. That would make the day before December 10.

(I will note that the 1997 year is a little troubling, since from what I remember EoSD officially takes place around 2002-2003 or something like that. That being said, I can't remember anyone caring about the year EoSD actually taking place.)
>> No. 14065

MoF takes place in 2007, ten years later, so Sanae would be twenty by then. In >>13254, Kanako complains about having waited so long for Sanae to become an adult so they could drink together. The legal drinking age in Japan is 20.
>> No. 14066
Hmm.... that leaves a few years gap then. Checking on http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Gensokyo mentions 'the vampire incident' occuring before 1998... which, if followed would mean that Mikio would appear around Autumn/Winter 2007... before Hoshuu would've met Sanae.


It would fit if Lotus Land Story occured in the same year it was released (1998), which seems to be the rule of thumb for most of the games from IN on. Too be honest, I'm not sure if the wiki timeline is correct - I recalled PCB occuring in what should've been the Spring months.
>> No. 14067
So is everybody just ignoring that idea a while back about Headgames being the (or part of the) Mishaguji, seeking revenge on Suwako's ancestor? That whole white snake thing was a pretty damning clue.

I mean, that's the best idea I've heard so far. Everything else has been one or more of the following:

a) Herp
b) Derp
c) Faggotry
d) Nothing
>> No. 14069
What on earth makes you think we're ignoring it? The idea that Mikio may be Hoshuu doesn't contradict that they may also be connected to the Mishaguji. Or is more than one thing going on at a time too much for you?
>> No. 14070
>which, if followed would mean that Mikio would appear around Autumn/Winter 2007
2007? Did you mean 1997 or something?

IIRC Mikio showed up in Gensokyo at the end of the Vampire incident (referenced in >>7986). If the beginning of Hoshu's story is indeed December 11, 1997, then he left sometime late 1998. I have no idea where the wiki is getting the date for the vampire incident; the only mention I know of is Reimu's Perfect Memento, and that doesn't explicitly mention a date anywhere I'm seeing. The timeframe should only be constricted to before EoSD (2003) and after MS (Likely 1998).

Hmm, how many years passed between beginning of Mikio's story and EoSD?

Additionally, the date for PCB is fine. The winter is lasting longer than it should, so it's set in the months between Winter and Spring. Wiki lists march, which works fine.
>> No. 14071
1997.... 2007.... same thing. Really!

Yeah, 1997.

Hold on. Lesee...

>>9040 occurs after the red mist for EoSD started appearing. The youkai there mentions that it's been three years since they last met. >>8519 was the initial encounter, which was just a season since he met Nitori, who we met in >>8331 (Apparently, the ToC has the wrong link for this one.) That was around a year after Mikio was adopted. So, around four years between being adopted and EoSD.

As for the timeline, I'm just using what the timeline page itself says, which depending on how it's read would either imply PCB occurs before EoSD (based on dates) or PCB occurs at the end of the year, which doesn't seem right either.
>> No. 14072

>New Year's in Gensokyo is on the 1st of the Deutzia Month.

New Year's in Gensokyo is in April.
>> No. 14074
Constructive discussion? I approve.
>> No. 14075
PCB occurs in May though. (Repeated mentions of May in the prologue (http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Perfect_Cherry_Blossom:_Prologue), At least one of the endings say that the spring is intense because it's forced to be short, which is also mentioned in IaMP's prologue.)
>> No. 14076
The fact that nobody's mentioned it since it was brought up, let alone referred to it, as well as numerous other people wondering who Headgames might be and what its true nature is, for starters.

>Or is more than one thing going on at a time too much for you?
Yeah, you can drop the whole being-a-prick attitude right now. I was asking a serious question; there's no need to get nasty at me.
>> No. 14077
File 126679836111.jpg- (20.97KB , 306x300 , black_kettle.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Yeah, you can drop the whole being-a-prick attitude right now. I was asking a serious question; there's no need to get nasty at me.

>I mean, that's the best idea I've heard so far. Everything else has been one or more of the following:

>a) Herp
>b) Derp
>c) Faggotry
>d) Nothing

Pot, meet your roommate to the left.
>> No. 14079
Totally saw this response coming, except I thought you'd have the decency to give some kind of reply.

Still asking a serious question, and still not hearing anything like an answer from you, assuming you're >>14069 .

...But hell, even if you're not, you haven't said anything, which makes your post just as pointless. I'm asking an honest question here, fellas. Let's not turn it into a shitstorm.

In before nobody offers useful commentary on the Mishaguji angle and instead continues to pick at this.
>> No. 14080
If you saw that response coming, why the hell did you start off your end of the discussion the way you did? Did you honestly think people respond favorably when you fling shit at them for (God Forbid!) discussing a topic or theory that you're not? Do you act superior when people kick your ass after you paint a target on your rear and start mooning them? (But... but I was totally asking an honest question at the same time!)

BTW, these are totally honest questions.

As for the Mishaguji? Sure, I have no problem with them. Thing is? There's not much to add, and the only one insisting on discussing them at the moment is a brat without a concept of the Golden Rule.
>> No. 14081
The Mishaguji angle? I thought it was widely agreed that was the root of things. I think it was a stray Mishaguji that escaped Suwako's conquest and plotted to purge both God and Youkai; this might explain the reaction to Sanae, Suwako's descendent. The subject at hand is the Mikio/Hoshuu connection.
>> No. 14083

Yes, that does seem to be the question at hand right now. I think Hoshuu was about 14 when he was forced to leave Sanae, and Mikio was roughly the same age when the tengu found him in Gensokyo...

Though we never saw a white snake in Tayasumi's path yet unless I'm mistaken.

[X] Maybe you should switch to danmaku instead…

And now back to our regularly scheduled voting! Hopefully.
>> No. 14086
[x] Continue the training.

“…Alright, let’s take a break first,” you say as you walk over to her, giving her a couple of pats on the back as she lets out a fit of coughs amidst her heavy breathing. “Are you okay?” you ask, a little concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she says, straightening herself. “I just have a stitch in my side, that’s all.” She winces as she rubs her side with her hand, clearing her throat. “…Sorry, but it’ll be just a second to catch my breath,” she says with a grimace.

You back away slightly as she begins to move toward the edge of the lake, squatting down as she looks dreamily at the surface of the water. She takes a moment to steady her breathing, placing a hand over her heart as if to check her rate of heartbeat. When finally her chest stops heaving for air, she stands up, walking back to you.

“Okay, I’m ready to go again,” she says brightly with confidence that seemed to have swelled out of nowhere, an enthusiastic grin gracing her features. She seems to deflate just as quickly as she perked up, however, looking at you with slightly discouraged eyes. “You’re really amazing, though. I can’t hit you at all,” she says in a small voice.

“I’m just used to having to dodge a lot of things, that’s all,” you say with a humble laugh, rubbing the back of your neck nervously.

“Well, I’ll definitely get you this time!” Sanae declares, fired up again and raising the arm holding the gohei high up into the air. “I have to, for the future of the Moriya shrine!”

“You seem really dedicated to your duties,” you say with a smile. She’s very unlike the other shrine maiden, who you can’t tell if she takes her duties seriously or not most of the time.

“Huh? Eh?” The statement alone quickly disarms her, as she bashfully lowers her gohei, clutching it with both hands as she blushes slightly. “A-Ahaha, you think so?” she asks with her face flushed, looking a little embarrassed.

“Yeah. I’m sure Lady Suwako and Lady Kanako appreciate your efforts.”

Something like a proud smile creeps its way onto Sanae’s face as she speaks, “Ehehe… well, I still have to do my best, after all. The Moriya shrine is definitely going to be a big success here in Gensokyo, I just know it,” she says, giving a firm nod of assertion. “For them… and myself, too.”

“For yourself…?” you repeat after her, a little confused by what she said.

“Um…” she begins a little uncertainly, as if deliberating on whether to elaborate on what she meant or not. After a second or two, she gives a nod, having decided, and begins to speak again, “Yeah. It’s just a little promise I made to myself before, that I’d make the shrine really big.”

“I see,” you nod. “Then, let’s get working on that.”

You toss the wooden stick in your hand up in the air, catching it as it falls back down and brandishing it like a sword, facing her. Taking a deep breath, she raises her haragushi, holding it at her side with a stern expression on her face. And then, taking a step forward, she raises the stick and swings it at you.

“Keep your wrist firm as you swing,” you say as you nimbly dodge the strike, letting the paper tassel at the end of the haragushi swipe through the air in front of you, brushing past your face. “Otherwise it’ll lose power and speed.”

She nods as she takes a second swipe at you, aiming for a horizontal strike across your upper torso. You raise the wooden sword in your hand, shoving it forward and letting the gohei bounce off of it. You frown as you pull back your blade. “You’re still hesitating,” you say in an austere voice. “Don’t be afraid to hurt me. You won’t be able to do your best like this.”

“S-sorry,” she says, her face red again.

You let out a sigh, holding up your hand to signal a timeout. As she lowers her haragushi, you walk up to her, one hand holding the wooden sword pointed at the ground, the other at your waist. “Look, just imagine that I’m that youkai from before,” you say. “Just visualize it.”

“That youkai…?” she repeats, frowning.

“Or… well, someone—anyone—you’d like to really hit. Just think I’m that person when you’re attacking me.”

“Th-there’s no one I’d—“

She suddenly freezes, and slowly, she nods. “…Okay,” she says in a flat voice.

“…Alright, let’s start again, then,” you say as you take a few steps back and hold up your wooden sword. “Go!”

Sanae scowls as she takes a step forward. She then rushes at you with an alarming velocity, swinging that haragushi of hers at a previously unmatched speed. In your shock, you barely manage to fend her off, blocking the gohei. But that doesn’t deter her in the least as she ducks in, coming in from below your guard as she takes a second swing at you.

“Idiot!” she shouts as she strikes, and you notice as you dodge her hasty strike that her eyes are squeezed shut again. “Jerk! I hate you I hate you I hate you! I hate you, you liar!” she vents angrily as she continues to swing at you in a frenzy, and although you manage to dodge or block all the blows, the intensity of the assault leaves you reeling back.

“You broke your promise again! You never came back!” she screams in frustration as she swings the gohei with all of her might using both of her hands. Taken by surprise, you’re unable to defend yourself as the end of the haragushi cracks against the side of your head. Ouch!

You rub the spot where she hit you, breathing through your teeth. Oww… she’s definitely a bit stronger than she looks, and you suppose what you told her to do helped a bit, but you didn’t expect her to get into it so much… Just what kind of grudge is she holding to get her to fly off the handle like this…?

For a moment, she just stands there, panting with her arms lowered. Then, slowly, she opens her eye, and then the other. She sees you rubbing the side of your head, and she immediately lets out a horrified gasp. “Oh no!” she exclaims, suddenly looking guilty as she steps closer to you. “Did I really hit you?” she asks, sounding slightly in disbelief. “I’m so sorry!”

“Ahahaha, what are you sorry for? I told you to try to hit me,” you laugh it off. “This just means you’re getting better, doesn’t it?”

“O-oh,” she says, looking down at the ground.

“Anyway, let’s continue…”

By the time training’s wrapped up, the sun’s already started to set behind the mountains. You thought Sanae was pushing herself a bit too hard, but she insisted on continuing just a little longer every time you brought it up. Finally, after a bit of persuading, you managed to get her to agree to return home.

“Thanks a lot,” she says with a smile, looking worn out but satisfied. “I think this will really help out.”

“I hope so,” you say, smiling back.

“Um… if you’d like, you could also join us for dinner…” she asks hopefully, folding her hands together with the gohei stick held between her palms. “I mean, it’s really the least I could do to thank you.”

[ ] You’ll take her offer.
[ ] No, you’ve already troubled them enough.
>> No. 14087
>“You broke your promise again! You never came back!”

[X] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14088
[ ] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14089
[X] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14090
[x] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14091
[†] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14092
[X] You’ll take her offer.

A free meal is a free meal!
>> No. 14093
[x] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14094
[x] You’ll take her offer.
Surprising amounts of ;_; in this update
>> No. 14095
[x] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14096

Goddammit, Lion. Why? WHY?!?!?

[spoiler]Plot points...I know.[/spoilers]


[X] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14098

[X] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14099
[x] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14100
File 126703752478.jpg- (190.03KB , 600x533 , 93ac4bdce9bef15c8a60f955ffc84732.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] You’ll take her offer.

My heart. Dear God, my heart...it hurts so bad.

Pic related.
>> No. 14102
Holy fuck Lion, since when does this story have so many readers?
Votespam is out of the question since it'd be pointless so... woah.
>> No. 14103
[x] You’ll take her offer.

Now I feel guilty.
>> No. 14104
[x] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14105
We have yet t see how both tales end... though I think it's becoming damn clear how Hoshuu's ends. It'll be a moment if what I think is going to happen does.
>> No. 14106
[X]You'll take her offer.

Oh dear. If Mikio is somehow also Hoshuu, or at least looks like him under that mask...
>> No. 14107

We have slits for pupils. That will throw some of the resemblance.
>> No. 14108

I admit that would throw her off for a little while, but my concern is how long do you think that little discrepency would throw her off? Especially if he blurts out something Hoshuu would have said as he almost did a couple updates ago?

Though before anyone assumes I'm against Mikio's mask coming off in front of the Moryia Shrine residents, I would like to say I am very much for the idea. It's just that I think we'd have to be careful in case Mikio accidentally slips and says something Hoshuu (Who by this point I believe is headgames) would say.
>> No. 14109
[x] No, you’ve already troubled them enough.

We've pushed our luck enough.
>> No. 14110

Considering how much of an impact this one update had...it's not surprising at all. It cut many a reader deep by showing the end result of Sanae's repressed anger towards Hoshuu, which even left Mikio, after 10(?) years with the tengu, reeling.


All he needs is just to close his eyes at least once. Knowing Sanae, she'll see it immediately and RAGE all over him...unless she'll be too worried about what he's becoming. >>14108 has a point. We almost did say something Hoshuu would have said, but Mikio wasn't even aware of where it came from. Probably would have triggered her RAGE mode manually then and there.

To keep him safe for right now, we just need to make sure that Mikio does not get blasted or KTFO around her, lest she does see that he very well may be Hoshuu himself. But we'll need to finish both routes to confirm everything.

And...why haven't we even tried to tell Momizi about Headgames yet?
>> No. 14111
>Who by this point I believe is headgames

Just to fuck up everyone's minds more, try also thinking of the possibility that the Mikio personality is a Mishaguji.

(See :

>>12155 Conversation with Headgames, Alice's comment on dolls.

>>11867 What the Yama says (Hiding your true nature behind a mask) (She also mentions human sins, which I count against this idea, but I note that she also says 'not with a mortal body like ours. In addition, there's a reason why she doesn't risk telling us more about our nature, which is I think at least something shared)

>>13312 Tenuous Connection - Kanako's comment about Sanae and Suwako's alcohol tolerance. (Then see if something similar can be said of Mikio's, who got his from impressing Tengus. However, the 'mundane' theory of Mikio having a godly ancestor may also explain this as well.)

>>12707 What the 'albino snake' says. (Be sure to check the discussion on what the blanks probably mean.) Compare it's size and reaction to the one Hoshuu meets in >>13417... and has disappear, only to have it whisper in his head.
>> No. 14113
Rather importantly, note that the curse gods aren't actually Suwako's enemies - http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Suwako_Moriya has her powers being summoning and taming them, not that she fought and sealed them. In other words, according to this idea the giant albino snake in >>13417 was actually there to help Hoshuu, on the orders of Suwako herself ("Don't blame us for this"). Not just any one, but likely the most potent one she had left, which would, assuming the readers' guess about the words in >>12707 was correct, would explain why we're a 'lord'.

(Note : Would not explain why the little 'snake' would not report what/who Mikio is to Suwako. Guess it would depend on exactly how much control Suwako has over them.)
>> No. 14117
Am I missing something? Why is everyone suddenly worried about Sanae discovering we were once Hoshuu (Assuming that actually is the case, etc)? She hasn't noticed anything yet, so why would eating lunch with her even let her realize that Mikio is a human? He doesn't need to remove the mask to eat, after all.
>> No. 14121
I think due to story direction and Lion reading some stories where there isn't as much control and being influenced by them.

But what would explain the grudge against gods and why it'd drive Hoshuu to try to kill Sanae (part god)?
>> No. 14125

I don't think that's the point. We're not worried about what will happen now, but later on in this story if and when she does find out what's behind the mask.

Hmm...maybe it's a rogue part of Mishaguji who was dissatisfied by Suwako's rule and consequently Kanako's...and may be trying to extract revenge by ending the Moriya bloodline?

Back to the drawing board...

Also...we do need to tell Momizi about this. Seriously.
>> No. 14126

If there is a Mishaguji and it is looking for revenge, I would think it would be against Kanako rather than Suwako since the wind goddess took over Moryia's land by force. It may not even recognize Sanae as a member of the Moriya line and instead only see her as Kanako's wind priestess, and would act accordingly.

Suwako on the other hand, knows the truth and intervened during Hoshuu's story because of it.
>> No. 14127
[ ] You’ll take her offer.

Definitely. It can't go bad, can it?
>> No. 14128

That's nothing. I counted 35 votes back in Thread 13. This is definitely one of the more popular stories on the site.
>> No. 14129
[X] You’ll take her offer.

If anything, we still need more Moriya-points.

But I just blame headgames.
>> No. 14130
[B] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14134
>But what would explain the grudge against gods and why it'd drive Hoshuu to try to kill Sanae (part god)?

Unknown. Keep in mind that while having the grudge be a rogue Mishaguji would explain the Moriya connection, it falls rather short in explaining the other details - like destroying all the youkai, then all the gods, then everything.

Look at >>13610 . In particular, the order of targets, the reasoning, and what is suggested in between killing the gods and killing everything. Although there is something clearly supernatural going on here... there is some story here that feels very human.

There is also a matter of power/method here too. The voice seems to be rather obsessed with killing, and says that 'destruction is our only power'. Even for youkai, this seems off. Youkai kill, but what kind of youkai would claim killing as an only power? Even more so for curse/fertility gods, which is what a Mishaguji is. It does make much more sense for something that started out weak - in order to win against something physically superior to you, kill it before it kills you. While this is a monster talking, it's origin seems human.

Hm. The previous paragraph probably makes more sense if you've played through Tsukihime. Sorry about that. Too tired to order my thoughts properly.
>> No. 14138
Hmmm... does anyone else remember when Mikio was first told about the "human who killed youkai, and became a youkai?" His response, albeit rather jokingly, was "it would have been fine if he was eating the youkai."
>> No. 14139
I know it's redundant at this point, but...

[X] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14143


It's at >>8608 and >>8649

[x] You’ll take her offer.
>> No. 14152
File 126730370441.jpg- (1.08MB , 2150x3035 , 28.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hope our story will not end in this.
>> No. 14160
>> No. 14161
Fhtagn easy!
>> No. 14162
[x] You’ll take her offer.

“Is that alright?” you ask, hesitant to take up her offer. Lately, you’ve been troubling them a lot, after all; or at least, you think so, anyway.

“Of course it’s alright!” Sanae replies with a wide grin, nodding her head eagerly. She notices the apprehensive look on your face, and quickly adds, “It’s really no problem at all. Between the three of us at the shrine, there’s always leftover rice anyway. I wouldn’t need to go out of my way at all, so you don’t need to worry about that.”

…Well, you are feeling a bit hungry, after all. So… it might not be a bad idea to accept after all. Putting on a small, grateful smile, you nod. “…I’ll take you up on that, then,” you say quietly.

The two of you begin to walk back to the shrine. As you turn past the corner of the building, you see Lady Yasaka standing on the porch with her arms crossed together, standing there expectantly as you and Sanae approach. Lady Suwako’s there, too, crouched next to her fellow god’s legs.

“Yo, you done, Sanae?” she asks, looking as if she’s trying hard to stifle a giggle.

“Ah, Lady Suwako!” Sanae says with a bit of surprise, looking slightly embarrassed. “…Were you watching?”

“Ahahah, yeah,” Lady Suwako says shamelessly, laughing. “But that’s good! That’s initiative. Train more and more, until those below the mountain fear you!”

Lady Kanako gives the two of you a good hard look before opening her mouth, seemingly to say something, but closes it after a moment of silence, shaking her head. Wordlessly, she turns around and walks inside the house, sliding the door open and leaving it that way as she steps in.

“…Um, is something wrong with her?” you ask curiously.

“Oh, well…” Lady Suwako frowns, furrowing her brows as if choosing her next words carefully. “She’s a little… uh, jealous,” she says, though you notice that she distinctly chooses to avert her gaze from making eye contact with you.

“Excuse me?”

“Yeah, that’s it!” she says, much more certain of herself now. “Ah, she’s just jealous that Sanae came to you for training, that’s all.”

“Oh jeez,” Sanae says in a somewhat frustrated voice, shaking her head resignedly. “Just because of that?”

“Well, you know how she gets,” Lady Suwako says with a nervous laugh.

Waiting for the meal is a slow and awkward affair. While Sanae’s in the kitchen preparing the food, you’re seated at the table with the two gods. Lady Kanako pointedly refuses to do so as much as look at you. She’s definitely angry at you about something, but what is this about? Lady Suwako said she was just envious, but you have a feeling that there’s more to it than that…

“Coming to Gensokyo was definitely the right choice,” Lady Suwako says, trying her best to stir up a conversation. “I had my doubts at first, y’know,” she says, directing her gaze to you. “We were taking a pretty huge gamble by abandoning what little praise we could collect in the outside world, and to be honest I kinda doubted the move would go over this smoothly.

“But it was,” you say with a faint smile.

“Partly thanks to you,” she replies, tipping the front of her large hat. “Isn’t that right, Kanako?” she asks the other god, watching her out of the corner of her eyes.

“…I suppose,” Lady Kanako replies in an indifferent tone of voice, shrugging her shoulders. That’s… a pretty cold response. Just what did you do to deserve this treatment?

The rest of the time passes by in silence, and finally, Sanae emerges from the kitchen and begins to set the table, serving each person a bowl of rice. As you eat your meal mostly in silence, you notice the concerned looks that Lady Kanako shoots toward Sanae when the latter’s facing away from her…

“Thank you for the meal,” you say, clapping your hands together and bowing your head as a gesture of gratitude.

“It’s no problem at all,” Sanae replies, returning the light bow. “Actually, there was also something else I wanted to show you,” she says, quickly raising her head.


“Well, see…” she says, a bit uncertainly, “I was reading one of the tengu newspapers the other day, and I saw the comics section, and I thought the drawings looked really, really good, so I thought maybe it’d be fun if they drew manga, too.”

“Manga?” you repeat after her, confused. You’ve heard that term before, you think, though you can’t remember exactly when. “What’s that?”

“It’s like comics but… hm, well, it’d be quicker to just show you, so…” She gets up from the table, dusting off her knees as she turns around to face the hallway leading to the rooms. “Follow me.”

You’re about to stand up and do just that when Lady Kanako’s voice sharply cuts you off.

“Sanae, don’t carelessly invite a boy into your room!” she says, frowning hard.

“… Oh!” Sanae gasps, holding a hand to her mouth. Her face flushes red with embarrassment. “I-I wasn’t thinking about that…”

“It’s fine, isn’t it?” Lady Suwako says with a wink, her sleeves connected with her arms folded together underneath. “They’re just gonna be looking at manga, s’all.”

Lady Kanako’s still frowning, but she raises no further objection. Feeling a bit confused and unwanted, you slowly get up to your feet and follow after the blushing shrine maiden into her room. She flicks the light switch on as the two of you enter, and you’re able to get your first glimpse of the girl’s room. It’s small and rather humble, with everything neatly organized, and really shows its owner’s cleanliness.

Sanae hurries on over to the bookshelf standing at the other end of the room, crouching down to browse through… volumes of books? Are those what she’s talking about. “Let’s see… which ones would be good to show,” you hear her mutter to herself as you walk closer for a better look.

As you approach, you notice something sitting on top of the bookshelf. A framed picture. While Sanae’s occupied herself with picking out whatever it is she wants to show you, you reach out and take the frame into your hand. The photograph inside shows a young girl and a woman, both with green hair and a striking resemblance to the girl crouched down next to you.

“Is this your…”

“Yeah, that’s me and my mom,” she says without looking as she runs a finger over the binds of the books in the shelf. “That was when I was eight.”

…But where is her mother now?

…Hm? There’s another piece of paper poking out from the back of the frame, behind the photograph inside it, by just a bit of its corner. You pinch the corner of the paper between your thumb and index finger, gently slipping it out of the frame. The blank, rectangular piece of paper is just small enough to fit inside your palm. You turn it over to take a look at the other side. It’s… another photograph, and also shows a younger Sanae, smiling happily with her hand forming a ‘v’ sign. And… standing behind her is…

…Who is that?

who who who who who who who who who who who

Who is that?

You can’t see his face.




“Ugh,” you groan as you shake your head, clearing your mind. You tear your eyes away from the small photograph in your hand.

“Is something wrong?” Sanae asks, again without looking at you, still perusing over the collection in the shelf.

[ ] “It’s nothing.”
[ ] “Who is this?”
>> No. 14163
[ℤℯ] “Who is this?”


Also, I'm totally sure Sanae will be down with us poking around in her stuff.

>who who who who who who who who who who who whoooo are you?
(oo-oo~ oo-oo~)
>> No. 14164
[x] “Who is this?”
>> No. 14165
[x] “Who is this?”

I'm guessing that some sort of wacky mindfuck will occur, giving Kanako and excuse to boot Mikio out.

>> No. 14167
[x] “Who is this?”

inb4 Mikio gets consumed by darkness and goes mental
>> No. 14168
{X} “Who is this?”
>> No. 14169
As much as I don't want to end up going mental again...my plot senses are tingling too much to ignore.

[X] “Who is this?”

Magic word of the day: [/spoiler]Hoshuu.[/spoiler]

Two things may possibly happen: either Sanae will brush it off and say it's no one special, or she will tell him about Hoshuu, which in turn causes Mikio to snap. Or the Spanish Inquisition unseen, unheard of third option which hardly anyone ever foresees

Either way...plot smells good, man.
>> No. 14170
[x] “Who is this?”
>> No. 14171
[x] “Who is this?”

Can't ignore the plot hook.
>> No. 14172
Plot feels good indeed.
Although I think that Sanae will just RAGE at his mention. Oh well.

[x] “Who is this?”
>> No. 14178
[x] “Who is this?”
>> No. 14179
[x] “Who is this?”
>> No. 14181
[x] “Who is this?”

This should be interesting...we'll finally get some answers.


I lol'd
>> No. 14182
[Q] “Who is this?”

Plot is the only option.
>> No. 14186
[x] “Who is this?”
>> No. 14187
[x] “Who is this?”
>> No. 14204
[X] “Who is this?”
>> No. 14213
File 126758350224.jpg- (80.63KB , 496x594 , HoshuuAndMikioAreNo12And13.jpg ) [iqdb]
Huhhhh... someone already referenced my first choice of song. Oh well.

[x] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpLS_rT7n1s&feature=related&fmt=18

In other news, I've noticed this before, but doesn't Mikio seem so very... naive at times? For someone in their early twenties, who has Aya as their aunt?
>> No. 14217
...Suddenly, it all makes sense.
>> No. 14223

Even if Mikio is physically in his twenties, remember that when he first woke up 9-10 years ago, he didn't even know how to walk.
>> No. 14232
Hm? He was physically weak and required a bit of time to find something to grab hold of, but he certainly knew how to walk.
>> No. 14234

Some people are naturally naive. Mikio seems to be, for the most part, one of them.
>> No. 14244

I don't think he's naïve so much as genuinely innocent.

Which is why it feels so bad to watch as all these terrible things happen to him.
>> No. 14245
[x] “Who is this?”

“Who… is this?” you ask in a quiet voice, staring at the photo with a dumbstruck look on your face, your mouth just barely able to move enough to form the words you want to speak.

Sanae raises her head in puzzlement, looking up at the picture you’re holding in your hand. Her eyes widen for a moment as she quickly stands up and snatches it out of your hand. For just a second, she makes no movement, her eyes fixed on the content of the photograph. Remembering your presence, though, she quickly snaps out of it.

“Oh,” she gasps as she looks back at you, the hand holding up the photograph trembling slightly as she speaks. “He’s… just someone I used to know in the outside world.”

“Oh…” you say, slowly lowering your own hand. Recollecting that you’re still holding the picture frame in your hand, you place it back on top of the shelf. “…Sorry,” you begin apologetically, leaning forward to bow your head slightly. “I didn’t mean to poke around.”

It takes her a moment to register what you’ve said, and slowly, distantly, she shakes her head. “…That’s okay,” she says with a faint, barely audible-at-a-short-distance voice.

“Was he a close friend of yours?” you ask, curious.

“Mmm,” she affirms, nodding. “He… well, he kind of had a bad mouth and teased me a lot, but still…” Her lips form a small smile as she beholds the picture in front of her. You stare at the photo, taking a small step to Sanae in order to get a second look at it over her shoulder.


Standing behind her, making a ‘v’ sign just above the girl’s head, is a youthful-looking boy with black hair and dark colored eyes. One end of his lips is curled, his mouth forming a playful, bright grin. By his appearance, you would judge him to be around the age of 14. This is, this boy is…

Kuromugi H_____


No no no no no.

You mustn’t remember. You mustn’t remember you mustn’t remember you mustn’t remember you mustn’t you mustn’t you mustn’t remember. You mustn’t remember. You mustn’t remember.

You shake your head, clearing away unwanted thoughts as Sanae reaches for the frame on the shelf, slipping the photograph of herself and the boy behind the one of her mother again.

For a moment, your vision shakes, becoming blurry and impossible to make out. All sound is cut off from your ears except for a low, piercing whistle echoing in your head. As your sight refocuses, so does your hearing, and the sensation is similar to suddenly breaking through above the surface of water after submersion.

“—something wrong?” you recover just in time to hear Sanae ask you, looking up at you with a concerned look on her face.

“…Yeah, I’m okay,” you say, massaging both of your temples with your index and middle fingers. “I should get going now.”

“Eh?” Sanae lets out a sound of surprise. “But what about the man—“

“Another time,” you say brusquely, gently shoving past her as you head for the door. “Sorry, but I need to go.”

You ignore the look of confusion on her face as you make your way to the room’s exit, sliding it open and walking through it as she hurries along after you. She tries to say something, but clams up, frowning as she walks behind you. The gods of the shrine, still situated at the table, stare at you as you pass by. Turning to face them near the entrance of the house, you force a smile on your face, politely bowing.

“I’ll be going now,” you say, maintaining that smile. “Again, thank you for the meal.”

“Ah… sure,” Sanae says, still with that confused expression. “You’ll come by again, won’t you?”

“Yes, of course,” you say with a nod. You look toward the gods; Lady Suwako gives you a parting wave from her sitting position, while Lady Kanako grudgingly acknowledges you with a nod. “Then, see you.”

“Um… goodbye,” Sanae says uncertainly.

Quietly, silently, you walk away from the shrine, your motions stiff and cold. For a long while, you simply walk and walk, mindlessly stepping forward and forward, until you reach a large gathering of trees, the branches blocking out the early moon’s rays.


You grit your teeth, you fists clenched so hard that your nails draw blood from your palms, small drops falling to the dirt beneath your feet. The strength in your legs gives out, and you sink to your knees, overcome by a wave of powerlessness. Your breathing becomes frantic and hard as you raise your bloodied palms up to your eyes. Falling forward, you support yourself with your hands, genuflecting.

You raise one hand, beating it against the ground. Thump. Thump thump thump. THUMP THUMP THUMP. Taking a deep breath, you raise both of your fists, pounding the earth with all your might. WHUMP! The dry surface of the earth below breaks under the force of your blows, deep cracks opening up in the ground.

Not breathing, you weakly stand up, staggering over to a nearby tree for support. You feel lightheaded. Your arms are numb; you dare not look at them to affirm their condition. Turning your back to the tree’s trunk, you let yourself fall onto it, slumping against its base.

A laugh escapes your lips as you sit there, your head leaning against the rough surface of the trunk behind you.


It’s a broken, desperate sound.

“…hahahaha… ahahahahahahah…”

You’re not sure if you’re laughing or if you’re sobbing anymore. Maybe you’re doing both.

You bring your hand up to your face; it’s cut up badly, bleeding from the marks your own nails left on the palm, as well as several rough lacerations. As you stare at it, your vision is filled with an indescribably unpleasant scene. Something, something, something creeps around your legs and up your body coils around your arm and around your hand and eagerly licks at the blood and fits its mouth around your wounds and—

And then, just like that, the cuts disappear. Your hand is as though it was never injured at all.

You let it fall to your side as you look up at what little of the night sky that’s visible from your place, speaking softly to the evening’s air…

“…How cruel.”

You let out a sob/laugh.

“Why can’t I escape?”


“Did… did you get him?”

“Y-yeah, I think so. I—Uggh!”

Your blade cleaves cleanly through the left shoulder of the humanoid youkai, ripping through flesh and bone alike as it cuts through his ribcage and spine, emerging from the other side of his body. His eyes, widened in fright and shock, roll up to the back of his head as he falls to the ground in two pieces. You coldly turn to stare at the remaining target.

“S-shit!” he says, alarmed.

In his panic, he attempts to take a swing at you. How stupid. You stand your ground as the youkai’s hand, travels at you, sharply clawed nails poised to stab into you. And they do. Your blood splatters on the ground and on the attacking youkai as his hand pierces through your body, forcing an entry just beneath your ribs.

For only a second, the youkai smirks smugly, believing to have made a decisive attack. For only a second, because it quickly becomes an expression of horrification, as he notices that your expression remains unchanged. With your free hand, you grab the arm pierced through your body, preventing the youkai from pulling it out.

“You!” he cries out, tugging on his own arm, frantically trying to free himself from your grasp. “You aren’t human…!”

His useless efforts to escape your grip are soon cut off, as a dark flame travels your hand to his seized arm. He lets out a yelp of surprise as the fire spreads to his entire body, engulfing him in those dark flames. You let go of his arm, and he immediately retracts it from your body as he stumbles back, blindly waving his hands around. When the fire leaves his body, burning out completely, he stands there in dumb shock, unmarked.

“Wha…?” he gasps as he looks at himself in confusion. “Ahhh…ahhhhhhh!” he starts to cry out in pain, staring at his hands with wide open eyes. The skin on his hands begins to darken drastically, becoming completely black. It peels off, falling to the ground in disgusting chunks, forming a discolored goop on the grass below and leaving the red muscles underneath exposed.

“What have you… what have you done to meeeeeeee!?” he blubbers and wails as he looks back at you, trying to walk toward you. But as he takes a step forward, his legs snap off, and he falls to the ground, the discoloring and melting spreading to the rest of his body, until all that remains is dust, soon blown away by the wind.

You place a hand over the gaping hole in your body, and after a brief moment, it is whole again. Slashing your naginata through the air, you flick the blood off its blade and onto the ground. These small fry were unsatisfying but necessary nourishment. It’s time you moved onto your true target.

But first…

There is someone tracking you. He has been, for several days now, following your movements. He likely doesn’t realize that you’ve noticed him already. For the last few days, you had tolerated his presence, because while you were aware of his presence, you could not pinpoint his exact location. Until now. He made a careless mistake. Made too much noise this time. Foolish. Stupid.

You don’t act as though anything is wrong, feigning ignorance. If he were to catch you taking a glimpse at his location, he would be immediately alerted to your knowledge of his location, and would flee.

Now, what to do with the sneak.

[ ] Drag him out.
[ ] It doesn’t matter.
>> No. 14246
[x] Drag him out.

If its human, then get rid of him/her. It's too dangerous for a human to follow us.

If its youkai... that much is obvious.
>> No. 14247
[X] Drag him out.
>> No. 14248
[x] Drag him out.

That spy is not one of us!
>> No. 14249
[x] Drag him out.
>> No. 14250
[x] Drag him out.
>> No. 14252
[x] Drag him out.

As for Sanae and hoshuu...
>> No. 14253
[x] Drag him out.
I lol'd at the burning youkai scene.
>> No. 14254

;_; that song...
>> No. 14255
[x] Drag him out.

Let's see what this person is up to, and depending on what is going on, react accordingly.
>> No. 14256
[X] Drag him out.

Kicking and screaming.
>> No. 14257
[x] It doesn’t matter.
>> No. 14258
[x] Nothing really matters to meeeeeeeeee
>> No. 14259
Hmmm... I thought about it earlier but does anyone else suspect that the reason that Mikio ended up in Gensokyo in the first place was that it was the 'furthest' possible place from the shrine?
>> No. 14268
[+] Drag him out.
>> No. 14269
Counter theory:
Mikio isn't Hoshuu, just someone that knew/met Hoshuu; either a 'hidden' person that was also with Sanae like Ririko in Sharin no Kuni, or Headgames swallowed up Hoshuu shortly after he ran away, absorbed his memories partly, and became the young amnesiac Mikio.

Yes, it makes less sense and is more convuluted than the simple "Mikio=Hoshuu" theory, but I wouldn't be surprised if Lion had some kind of trick to avoid that insanely obvious conclusion.
>> No. 14272
I've entertained a few ideas to that effect. (By far the strangest one being that Mikio is actually a Mishaguji, which seems a little less silly than when I first proposed it.) You've already probably figured this one out, but there are two notable consequence of having Mikio an alternative soul/personality controlling Hoshuu's body :

1) All of Mikio's life would come at the expense of Hoshuu's. All the time Mikio was being happy and insisting that the past didn't matter, Hoshuu would be imprisoned within his own body.

2) As the intruder, Mikio would be very unlikely to seek help for his condition. After all, this means if he was cured, he would cease to exist as Mikio.
>> No. 14277
Hard to say but it seems Tayasumi, Hoshuu and Mikio have that voice in the head in common. What we don't know yet is how this presence moves from person to person.
>> No. 14280
Just to make sure, Hoshuu only had any sort of voice on the one incident where he tried to strangle Sanae, and Tayasumi only after Rumia killed everyone. Right?
>> No. 14281
[X] Drag him out.
>> No. 14283
Yes, that voice manifested itself once during that incident for Hoshuu and for Tayasumi, he started hearing it after EX-Rumia struck him down once, I suspect this being helped him stay alive for the time being while plotting to slay all Youkai and Gods alike.
>> No. 14304
[x] Drag him out.

The little rat may run and hide, but the fool’s taking refuge inside your wide open mouth, ready to sink your fangs into it.

ill seek him out

Do as you wish, then.

Hefting the iron shaft over your shoulder, you give the air a flick of your wrist, clenching your fingers into a tight fist with your free hand. Without so much as a single glance at the location of your follower, the spy so eager to observe your actions, you begin to trudge along the greenery, not showing even the slightest indication that you’ve noticed him.

And as you begin to move, your sharp ears, attentive and trained on the general location of the unseen spy, pick up the unmistakable sound of leaves and branches fluttering, as if someone shrouded within their cover is moving about them. Getting closer now. Closer, closer, closer, and then you can

kill him

Of course.

Without turning your head, your free hand reaches back in a sudden, instantaneous movement. You feel the skin of your forearm rip apart as something thick and slippery bursts out from the back of your head, sliding through the newly exposed gash in your hand and shooting out into the air. That something guides itself through the thick gather of foliage, and


Caught him by the leg. He tried to dodge, that’s why you weren’t able to get him by the throat; quite fast, but not fast enough to dodge completely. He was taken by surprise after all, and it will prove to be the undoing of his life. A grin slowly creeps itself on your face. A wide, toothy grin that strains the stiff muscles around your mouth as you feel the thing grappling the spy’s leg tighten and crush, breaking through flesh and the taste and smell of warm blood and oh how he struggles to free himself and screams in pain but he can’t get away the more he struggles the stronger your grip becomes—

now lets reel him in


You swiftly turn your head around, the manic grin falling off from your face and a cold, stoic expression taking its place. Your eyes narrowed, the long, extending _____ retreats back into your arm, dragging its prisoner through the thick branches and leaves. Dirty, cut up, and gasping in pain, he yelps as you roughly toss him aside, letting go of him as he nears you. He hits the dirt, skidding across the grass and coming to a stop, leaving a small trail after him in the earth. You hold up your arm, the self-inflicted wound closing up in an instant, leaving behind a faint, black mist around it in the air.

Slowly, you begin to step toward the crumpled figure of the man, who is letting out silent gasps of pain as he clutches his leg with his hands, trying to stem the bleeding from the rough gashes that you left on him as you caught him. He’s wearing a mask. A light colored, bird-like mask that covers the top half of his face. So, the tengu have deemed you a threat enough to send a scout to spy on your activities. Oh well. You’ll kill them all eventually anyway. Sarutahiko’s kin will answer in blood for the treachery of their god.

The crow struggles to stand himself up as you approach, his leg so crippled that he can’t even bear to put any weight on it. Pushing himself off the ground with his arms, he takes to the air. So he’s trying to flee rather than fight you, then. Smart. But it would have been smarter if he hadn’t been noticed by you in the first place. You kick off the ground, soaring after the youkai. In flight speed, a crow tengu may outmatch you, but this one won’t be able to get away. Not if it starts feeling the debilitating effects.

Your prey weaves in between the branches as best as it can, but he’s slowing down. Even from a distance behind him, you can plainly see that his wound is paining him greatly, so much, that he can’t even manage to fly in a straight line, his flight path erratic and trembling. And all the while, you’re gaining on him. That same, painfully wide grin from earlier returns to your face. He knows he’s going to die. He knows it, but is desperately trying to escape it. But what will he do, once he’s cornered and unable to run? Will he beg for his life, or try to strike at you? Either way, he won’t be leaving alive.

He suddenly draws a short sword sheathed at his side, doubling back and rushing at you with a great burst of speed. It’s the latter then. No movement is wasted. There is no unnecessary flourishing of the blade of any sort as he strikes at your throat, intending to cut through your jugular in a single stroke. But he knows it won’t kill you. After all, he’s just watched you recover from what should be a mortal injury. You can see the fear in his eyes as he closes in. It’s a last gambit, undertaken in hope that the attack would slow you down just long enough for him to escape.


The flashing blade of the sword makes contact with your throat. But there’s no splattering of blood or ripping of sinews. Instead, cracks begin to appear in the surface of the steel, and it shatters into pieces. The crow tengu stares in disbelief, completely crushed. You offer him a final grin as you reach up and touch your neck, where the sword should have cut through. Instead of soft flesh, you feel instead a rough and hard surface, like one you would find on a boulder or stone.

And then you reach out and grab him by the face, smashing the back of his head against the trunk of a nearby tree, staining it with blood. His body becomes limp. Unconscious. You lift him up higher into the air, and pale lightning strikes down from the sky, hitting the limp tengu in your hand and striking him dead in a second. You let the body fall from your hand, descending down to the earth. You look down at the charred corpse of the youkai. His mask lies to the side, knocked off when the body hit the ground. You look at his exposed face, forever contorted into an expression of shock and despair.

Stepping over his body, you crush his mask into pieces underneath your foot before moving on.

The boundary between this world and the next. Here, where no human dares to approach, both because it is an immensely dangerous area and because its existence is known only to a few, is where your target is. Deep underneath a chasm in the ground, you light your way with a glow as you advance forward.

Lesser youkai and fairies avoid this place, and the only denizens you find in the passageway are the inhabitants of the other world; thoughts and emotions given form by the nature of that other world that cannot live a prolonged existence outside it that have crossed over the boundary. They resist you, but you cut through them like all the rest.

You enter the target’s mansion with little opposition, and take in the sight of its interior. The decorations are and arrangements are in a style you do not recognize, but that isn’t important. The master of the manor must be further in. As you step through the doors, small fairy-like creatures welcome you with a barrage of searing hot magic blasts. These are dream world denizens as well, but they’re a lot more organized than the restless spirits wandering outside. The mansion’s master must have considerable power to command her own dream world like this.

[ ] Violent.
[ ] Cautious.
>> No. 14306
[X] Cautious.

>> No. 14307
[x] Cautious.

>> No. 14308
[X] Cautious.

Sounds more like Mugenkan, which means he's going after Yuka.
>> No. 14309
[x] Cautious.

>> No. 14310
[x] Cautious.

Shit's gonna be awesome.
>> No. 14313
[X] Cautious

Or by some freaky plot twist it turns out to be Gengetsu and/or Mugetsu.

But yeah...I'm sticking with the Yuuka theory right now. Though I do wonder...what became of that masked crow tengu...
>> No. 14316
[x] Cautious.
>> No. 14320
[X] Cautious.

Why do I feel an 'Aw, Fuck.' moment coming up?
>> No. 14321
[x] Cautious.
>> No. 14322
[x] Cautious.
>> No. 14325
[x] Cautious.
>> No. 14326
[x] Cautious.
>> No. 14327
>So, the tengu have deemed you a threat enough to send a scout to spy on your activities.


Ok, who else thinks that tengu was spying Mikio to actually guard him? After that spanking he received the other day, Aya would probably want to make sure he is safe.

Or maybe he was there to investigate his unnatural recovery?

He's dead, Jim.
>You look down at the charred corpse of the youkai

I, for one, think it already started and is now taking a snowball effect.
>> No. 14329
That's not Mikio.
>> No. 14330
Why do I get a feeling that Aya may know that tengu...
>> No. 14331

Oh, that's right. I forgot the scene changed to Tayasumi's story.
>> No. 14352
File 12680063702.jpg- (8.21KB , 191x188 , atleasthesgoodatcards.jpg ) [iqdb]
SOOO... I was thinking about what possible body parts that might be able catch and drag a body while being five letters long.
>> No. 14353
Prehensile penis.
>> No. 14354
You have to admit, it would give the story a bit of a different feel.

>“Is this…” you say, examining the creature, “… a baby's?”

>“Oh,” Sanae stoops down in front of you, looking at the albino bleep, “It must be one of Lady Kanako’s.”

>The little thing doesn’t move around much in your grasp. Instead, its red ruby eyes fixate on you, and its long forked tongue flicks in and out of its mouth at a regular interval. Slowly, it raises itself until its face is eye-level with you.

>-y__'_e b___? _et'_ ___!
>> No. 14358
A Mishaguji snake-thing? It would fit with the black mist. I think
>> No. 14361
File 126803287545.jpg- (85.39KB , 595x841 , target.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Cautious.

Be wary.

Be sly.

Kill the target swiftly and silently.

Is that what you want to tell me?

Why can’t I simply kill and destroy everything? Isn’t that what you want? Do you have no confidence in our strength?

Be patient.

My power has not yet returned to its peak.

That’s why we came to kill that thing, isn’t it?


…Then let’s go. I’ll play it your way for now.

But first, to take care of the annoyance in front of you…

You slam the shaft of the spear into the floor, leaning on it as you thrust your head forward and bare your fangs, letting out a silent roar directed at the dream denizens attacking you with their flames. Bolts of light crash down in front of you and scorch the carpeted floor underneath your feet, forming a wall of electricity. With a second roar, you direct it toward your assailants, and the legion of lightning pillars advance toward them, leaving zigzagging burnt trails after it.

The lightning strikes them, and leaves not even dusts behind, disintegrating them all in the instant following first contact. They’re all fragile beings whose existences teeter-totter on the edge of complete oblivion. It doesn’t take much to destroy them.

You look up at the survivors, still futilely attempting to set you aflame with their pitiful power. They show no signs of fear or hesitation. Drones made solely for the purpose of attacking intruders, they know nothing else. You reach up with your hand, and a pale white appendage violently bursts its way out of your forearm, shooting forth and stabbing into the stomach of a fairy. Warm blood splatters out, but its expression doesn’t change. Whirling it about in your grasp, you smash its body against another of the stragglers, and the two burst into sparkling dust, leaving no other traces of their selves behind.

You lower your arm as the appendage slips back into your arm, the wound left behind by it healing as soon as it slides all the way back inside. There will probably be more of these dream denizens serving as guards of the mansion. You’ll have to make your movements subtle to avoid detection. It’ll be easier to kill the target if she’s not expecting you, after all.

You move with haste, careful not to make too much noise as you run about, dodging past the sight of the guards patrolling about and swiftly disposing of the ones who take notice of you. The infiltration is proceeding swiftly. Fortuitously, these denizens do not appear to be capable of alerting one another. They’re not prepared to cooperate and work with one another to stop an intruder; the only thing that they can do is attack, attack, and attack. A deplorable purpose of use.

And now, deep inside the mansion, you stand before what you’re almost certain is the room’s target. Like much of the building itself, the double-decker door leading inside is lavishly decorated and polished. Careful so as not to create even the smallest of creaks, you step inside.

The room is dark, very dark. Small, glowing blue rugs decorate the floor, along with moving patterns of stars. A magically bewitching room. This must be the room closest to the world of dreams, as elements of it have already spilt out here.

You walk through the room unopposed. If the target is laying a trap for you or lying in wait, then she’s certainly doing a sublime job in concealing herself. No, it’s more likely that the target is yet unaware of you. That’s fine. It makes what you’re going to do much easier. After all, the lives of even the greatest can be easily taken away in their sleep.

…And there she is.

There, lying on top of a decorated bed, wearing a pink nightgown and a cap atop her long, lush hair. The sleeping terror, among the strongest of youkai in this small region. If you kill this youkai, then that will mean no one else in these lands can oppose you. Once that’s accomplished, you’ll gain the strength to defy the gods, and purge those undeserving connivers from this realm.

And so, for the sake of your goal, you will kill her.

You hold the blade over head, ready to bring it down and split the youkai’s head in two. To end this in a single moment. You thrust your weapon forward…

And the woman’s eyes flicker open an instant before the tip is driven through her skull, and with impossible reaction speed, she moves her head to the side, the blade cutting off a small lock of hair beneath her head and piercing through the mattress. Alert, she springs into action, delivering a barefooted kick to your midsection that connects with immense force and sends you flying back far. You regain control of your body while you’re hurtling through the air, landing on your feet and skidding back a few feet before balancing yourself.

“…Who the hell are you?” the youkai asks in a sleepy voice as she gets up from the bed, hugging to herself an oversized pocket watch nearly as wide as her torso, rubbing her eyelids with her free hand. She turns the pocket watch in her arm around, taking a glance at the clock’s hands. Looking back up at you, she seems furious. “Oh for—look at this!” she says indignantly, turning the clock around so that its face is pointed at you again. “Do you see this? Do you know what time it is right now!? Way too late for this, that’s what! Really, going into someone else’s house and disturbing their rest, do you have no shame?”

“If you wanted to commit suicide, you should really have picked a way that wouldn’t bother anyone,” she says, her expression of anger turning into a cruel smile. “Like taking a soak in a lake, for example. I’m sure that wouldn’t wake anyone, except for maybe the fish. Do fish sleep? Oh, but who cares about fish, anyway; they’re all so smelly.”

…Does she never cease her rambling?

“Ooh,” she says suddenly, putting a finger to her lips as she narrows her eyes. “Red hair, red clothes, red spear, red everything. I know you. I’ve heard of you. You’re something of an urban myth for youkai, did you know that? ‘The vengeful red god who slays youkai!’ or something like that. You’re really famous, see.”

…Well, isn’t that a boon?

“So the youkai slaying god’s finally come to claim me, is that it?” she asks in a sing-song voice, tossing the pocket watch onto the surface of the bed. She spreads her arms apart in a wide, welcoming gesture. “Alright then, try to take me!” she says with a deranged grin, her fangs much more pronounced and vicious now then when she was speaking a moment ago, her red eyes seeming to gleam in the darkness of the star-lit room.

[ ] Helter-skelter.
[ ] Take it easy.
>> No. 14362
[x] Helter-skelter.
>> No. 14363
[x] Take it easy.

Being hasty is fatal, though I'm assuming there isn't a foregone conclusion. I think at best we'd both retreat.
>> No. 14364
[x] Take it easy.

>She turns the pocket watch in her arm around, taking a glance at the clock’s hands. Looking back up at you, she seems furious. “Oh for—look at this!”

Two stories, two Yuukas. And I like them both.
>> No. 14365
Did Mikio ever run into Yuuka at all?
>> No. 14366
[x] Take it easy.
>> No. 14367
[x] Take it easy.
>> No. 14369
[X] Helter-skelter.

Never relax near an angry Yuuka. We woke her, so I doubt she will let us go, especially after trying to kill her in her sleep.
>> No. 14370
[x] Helter-skelter.
Am I the only one who loved this level?
Wait, am I the only one who played Ridge Racer Type 4? ..guys?
>> No. 14371
[X] Helter-skelter.
>> No. 14375
Haste can also get you killed against an older youkai like Yuuka.
>> No. 14377
[x] Helter-skelter.

Let's do this!
>> No. 14378
> Helter-skelter.

I can't help but think of No More Heroes with this.
>> No. 14379
>“Alright then, try to take me!”

[X] Pin Yuka. Commence sexings.

[X] Take it easy.
>> No. 14382
[x] Helter-skelter.
>> No. 14384
[x] Helter-skelter.

>Wait, am I the only one who played Ridge Racer Type 4? ..guys?
>I can't help but think of No More Heroes with this.

Also, The Beatles.
>> No. 14408
File 126820436824.jpg- (370.89KB , 629x714 , yuukaispissed.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Helter-skelter.

There’s no need for her to tell you that.

You tighten your grip on the rust-covered weapon in your hand, training its tip on the youkai standing in front of you. Her already wide grin grows wider as she lifts one of her hands to her face, those delicate fingers of hers swiftly transforming into deadly talons with the single flick of her wrist. Your teeth clenched together as you let out a ragged, bestial breath, you rush forward with reckless abandon, stabbing forth with your blade.

“Taking the initiative?” the youkai remarks with a snide smirk as she shifts her body to dodge, twisting her upper torso and allowing the tip of the naginata to graze through the air just beside her. Before you can pull it back, she grabs part of the rod just below the blade with both hands. “You’re so—“ she lifts the caught weapon up into the air, raising you along with it. “Impatient!” she finishes as she slams you into the ground.

You smash into the ground, leaving an imprint of a crater on the floor beneath your body. If you were a normal human, that single attack alone would have killed you instantly—ruptured organs, shattered bones, and all kinds of things that would be fatal to a frail human body. But it doesn’t slow you down in the slightest. You tug on your end of the naginata and take a swing at the air as you get up. The youkai lets go of the weapon, sailing through the air a good distance away before coming to a stop.

“I heard some bones crack!” she says gleefully as she giggles. “You sure you should be up so soon? I’ll even let you stretch a little before we continue playing, if you want. I wouldn’t want you to disappoint me, you know. I’m really looking forward to tearing you apart!”

You reply by spitting a bit of blood in your mouth onto the ruined floor beneath you.

“You’re not very classy at all, you know that?” The youkai says with a somewhat irritated tone of voice, crossing her arms together sternly. “You could at least say something.”

You draw back your fist, which crackles with electricity, and throw a punch in the direction of the youkai while she’s still speaking. A bolt of lightning surges almost instantly from your fist, travelling through the air to the youkai in only the blink of an eye. She scoffs as she holds up a hand, stopping the arc of lightning with a simple barrier formed around her.

“And you’re even trying to interrupt people while they’re talking. You really do have horrible manners for a guest, don’t you?” she continues to talk, shaking her head. “A totally unwelcome type of guest. I really should hire a guard to keep people like you out, shouldn’t I? Oh well. I guess I can do that once you’re out of here.”

You jump up at her, striking at her with your blade, aiming to cut across from her hip to its opposing shoulder. She darts back, avoiding the stroke, and you fly after her, not intending to let up on your assault as you jab the tip of the blade at the middle of her body. She twists her body around to avoid the thrust, and weaves in, ducking low as she cocks back a fist, launching it at your sternum. It connects with a loud crack.

“Nngh!?” she grunts in surprise, drawing back her hand as her eyes widen in pain. She looks at her now slightly disfigured hand; several fingers are bent the wrong way, the skin on her knuckles are raw red, and blood seeps out from a few, nasty scrapes. “Owowowowow!” she yelps exaggeratedly, wringing her injured hand. “Goodness, what the hell are you made of!?”

You demonstrate what you just did for her as you wind up for your own punch, the skin of your arm becoming dark as it hardens, taking on a granite texture. You throw the hardest punch you can muster up at the youkai, but she reacts quickly, enveloping herself in a brightly radiant sphere. The sphere shrinks in size as your fist passes through it harmlessly, and it floats away, leaving some space between it and you before growing back to full size and unveiling the youkai.

“I’d like to say something like, ‘do I really make you so stiff?’, but my hand is hurting a lot and it’s your fault,” she says in a bitter tone of voice, trying to glare a hole in you while massaging her hand. “So do forgive me if I don’t seem to be in a pleasant enough mood for when I kill you.”

…Honestly, she talks too much.

Scowling, you rush at the youkai, intending to attempt to slash her once again. She can’t dodge you forever. She’ll tire long before you will, and nothing she can do will be able to put you down for good; you’re confident of that. As you ready your blade, she points out her hands at you, directing her palms forward.

“Laser,” she says simply.


An immensely huge blast engulfs you, ramming into your body with unbelievable force, like being hit with a tsunami wave. You attempt to direct some of it away from your body, holding your arms up in front of yourself as you attempt to weather out the attack. Amidst the scorching pain from up ahead, you feel yourself being pressed against something. You’ve been blown back all the way to the wall--!?

The beam finally blinks out of sight, and you fall to the ground, your limp body hitting the floor. You don’t move. Several parts of your body, you can’t feel. It feels as though all of your flesh was either stripped away or incinerated outright by the blast.

“Come on, come on, get up~!” the woman’s sing-song voice echoes throughout the room as you hear her walking toward you. “You’re not already spent, are you? You’re not allowed to sleep until you’ve completely satisfied me, and we haven’t even started yet!”

You lie absolutely still.

“…Huh? Oh, I guess you are dead already, then. That’s a shame,” she says to herself in a disappointed voice, yawning. “Oh well, back to bed, I guess.”

As soon as she turns her back to you, you get up from your floor as silently as you can. And before she can turn around, you’ve already leapt at her. You raise your blade, and swing it down, cutting through air and flesh. The youkai turns around fully as you dart away, fresh blood staining your already red naginata.

“Ah,” she lets out a dull gasp as she looks down at herself. Her left arm lies on the floor, crudely severed from her shoulder. She picks it up with her right arm and stares at it for a moment. “...Congratulations, you cut off my arm,” she says with a laugh, looking back up at you. “I’ll return the favor with double the interest shortly, once I’ve reattached this.”

She then pokes the bloody stump of the arm against her wound, as if trying to fit it back on, with an increasingly frustrated expression. “Huh. It’s not sticking back on for some reason,” she finally concludes with a look of disgust after a few more tries, discarding the severed arm to the floor. “Well, uh, this could be bad, I suppose. You might actually be a threat after all.”

She slowly lifts herself into the air, having the sense not to turn her back on you again as she drifts away, abandoning her dismembered arm. Is she… running away? Retreating? No, she doesn’t intend to give up the fight; she’s luring you into her dream world, where she holds the advantage.

[ ] Pursue.
[ ] Retreat.
>> No. 14409
[x] Pursue.
>> No. 14410
[x] Pursue.
>> No. 14411
[ ] Pursue Lu Bu.
>> No. 14412
[x] Pursue.
>> No. 14413
[x] Wait.

She has to sleep sometime.
>> No. 14414
She was sleeping when we attacked her. Didn't seem to make much of a difference.
>> No. 14416
[x] Retreat.

Sometimes too much is too much. We should get outta here so we can fully recover and getting stronger before trying to take her on again.

BUt what an interesting Yuuka.
>> No. 14417
[x] Retreat.
You need to get STRONGER.
>> No. 14418
[X] Retreat.
I can't imagine that pursuing a powerful youkai like Yuuka into a place where she has the advantage would be a good idea, especially now that she is getting serious.

Also, I really want a watch like Yuuka has. Except, uh, not pink. It would be totally awesome.
>> No. 14419
[x] Retreat.
>> No. 14420
If there's something 'it' respects is power. I wonder what will be his reaction to his (almost) defeat against her?
>> No. 14421
[x] Pursue.

Don't do it halfway, guy,
>> No. 14422
[x] Pursue.
>> No. 14428
[x] Pursue.

He's never lost a fight, he's currently at an advantage, and he hasn't used his crazy youkai-disintegrating dark smoke. I can't even imagine him retreating now.
>> No. 14433
Really? I don't think he recovered THAT quickly from getting Master Sparked. And we damaged her via a sneak attack. She won't make the same mistake.
>> No. 14435
[+] Pursue.
[+] Eat the arm as you go.
>> No. 14436
[X] Pursue.
[X] Intercept.
[X] Long Range Attack.
>> No. 14437
[x] Purdue.

Get your degree already.
>> No. 14439
[+] Pursue.
[+] Eat the arm as you go.

>> No. 14446
>> No. 14460
[x] Pursue.
[x] Eat the arm as you go.

Stay until the job is done.
>> No. 14466
File 126846429211.jpg- (404.32KB , 709x709 , stillpissedoffprobably.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Pursue.

But it doesn’t matter where she goes or what she does. You’ll continue to hunt her down no matter what the circumstances may be. You’ll kill her. You’ll kill them. Kill, kill, kill every last one of them again and again and again and again. That is your only purpose, is it not?

There is nothing else.

There shouldn’t be anything else.

You will continue to kill.

That’s all.

You drag your broken body forward, staggering a little as you use your bladed weapon to support yourself, the blunt end of the pole planted against the floor. Slowly, you lurch forward with deliberate, uneven steps. The damage to your body is quite extensive. Though you can still easily recover from your wounds, it would not do to allow yourself to be hit by an attack of such force again. Even your condemned body has its limits, especially considering what it was originally.

You let out a ragged breath as you straighten your posture, feeling the scorched and obliterated parts of your body resuscitate themselves as a foul-looking black smoke rises from your body, seeping out from the pores of your skin. You cast a cold glance at the bloody, dismembered arm lying on the floor in front of you, and with a quick stride, you lift your foot and stomp on it. As soon the soles of your boot make contact with the flesh, it quickly erodes away, leaving only bone to be crunched underneath your foot—and shortly after, not even that.

Gently, your feet leave the ground as you float up into the air. You follow after the youkai’s path, toward the rift in the boundary at the other end of the room; the entrance to her own world, governed by her own emotions and memories. Without a doubt, you can expect that the odds will be stacked against you. It’s already incredible that she was able to connect the physical reality with the one of dreams. But still, you have no intention of retreating.

And so, you reach out and enter the rift, a veil of darkness swallowing you up.

Emerging to the other side of the boundary, you find yourself staring at a great scene of nothing. There’s no up or down, no left or right. Here, directions and perspectives mean nothing; an empty world of stillness, with no other beings in it save for yourself…

And her.

She stands—or perhaps it should be floats—in front of you with her back turned. The first thing you notice is that her arm has been replaced already; have you underestimated her rate of regeneration? Or is it perhaps part of the illusion of this dream world that she has created? Secondly, she has changed her attire, having discarded her pink night cap and replaced her gown for a red plaid vest worn over a whit e dress shirt and a pair of trousers that match her top. With her newly regrown arm, she holds over her shoulder an open pink parasol, elaborate and decorated in design.

“Hello there. This is such a dull place to be fighting in, isn’t it?” the youkai says cheerfully as she turns around, bending her knees slightly to give you a small bow of the head. “Here, let me spruce the place up a bit.”

She snaps her fingers, and in an instant, she adds dimension to the world. There is now up and down: a dark, moonlit sky overhead and a soft, grassy knoll underneath. She smiles fondly as she takes in the scenery around her, as if proud of herself. “Much better,” she says, satisfied. “Now then, shall we start again?”

(BGM: Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream)

She lowers the arm holding the parasol toward you, and without the assistance of its owner, the parasol closes itself, with its tip pointed level with your head. And then—

From her feet up, the youkai begins to disintegrate, disappearing into nothing within less than a second. She’s blended in with her world. But from where will she

from behind

Instinctively, your arm lashes out on its own and a dull clang rings out, the shaft of your naginata deflecting a stab aimed at the back of your head. The tip of the youkai’s parasol flies just past the side of your head, its course redirected by your weapon’s interception. How typical, aiming for the blind spot of all creatures. You turn around and glare at the youkai, who returns the gaze and adds a cold grin.

“Your reflexes are pretty good,” she says happily, pulling back with a leap. “I’m going to enjoy this.”

You thrust your palm forward, and a white appendage bursts out from your wrist, shooting forth and slithering in the air as it makes its way toward the youkai. Taken by surprise, she only manages to raise her arm in defense. The white appendage sinks itself into her forearm, splattering blood around and making her drop her parasol to the earth from the sudden pain. She clicks her tongue, her expression turning to one of mild annoyance. Digging your feet deep, you pull back on the extension, attempting to drag her closer, but—

She grabs hold of the appendage with both hands, holding her ground. With a roar, she tugs you back with great force, and unexpectedly, you fly toward her at an incredible speed. She grins, cocking back a fist as you come closer. Fool. She’ll only be hurting herself if she does that. You’ll simply harden your skin to stone.

But just before impact, she opens her fist out into a palm, which begins to glow. At point-blank range, she lets out a blast from her hand, blowing you back. You skid against the earth, feeling your extension’s grip on her arm loosen and fail as your body is driven through the soil. Gritting your teeth, you turn your body around in midair, facing the ground, and you strike at it with the blunt end of your weapon, redirecting your momentum launching your body straight up into the air.

Catching yourself in the air, you turn around and look back down in search of the youkai, but—

shes above


You turn around just in time to see the youkai smash her heel over your head with a somersaulting axe-kick, smashing you toward the earth. Impossible, to have switched locations in such a short amount of time… how fast can her movements be? As you fly down, en route to a painful collision with the ground, you see the youkai already standing there, waiting for you to come down with a calm smile on her face. That shouldn’t be possible.

She points her parasol out at you as you continue to fall, taking a careful aim, and then, she spins it around and around, the tip of the parasol glowing with magical energy as it sends out a cluster of destructive blasts at you in an erratic shower. Gritting your teeth, you forcibly stop your momentum, and slice through the blasts, ignoring the ones that make it past your defenses and strike against your body. Drawing back your arm, you aim the tip of the naginata at her, and then throw it in a straight path toward her like a javelin. She holds up her parasol, using it as a shield, but…

“Nngh!?” she yelps in pain as the blade penetrates the surface of the parasol, piercing straight through it and her shoulder.

She rips the blade out of her body, still stuck in the parasol, and throws them both away, resorting only to her bare hands as you approach. Your own hands hardened into stone, you throw a punch at her, which she easily ducks before she takes a swipe at your side. Her claws bounce off harmlessly against your hardened body, and you take the opportunity to deliver an uppercut to her jaw. She staggers back, but not before sending a roundhouse kick at your head, which connects with your temple before you have a chance to dodge or muster up defense, sending you stumbling back as well.

“Ahahahaha!” the youkai laughs elatedly as she wipes off a trickle of blood from her mouth with her sleeve, a heavy blush besetting her visage. “Oh, you’re good! You’re wonderful,” she says, licking her lips. “Not enough, not enough. Hurry, hurry. Ohhhh, let’s kill each other some more~!”

It seems she’s enjoying this to the point of arousal. That’s good. Her focus will deteriorate. Already, you can spot several defects in this world of hers. Cracks in the moon, the unsteady wind, and the unevenly cut grass. If you can break apart her concentration before she can make use of the world’s benefits, then that means you will have a much easier time finishing her off.

On the other hand, you can opt to simply kill her before it comes to that.

[ ] Rot her away.
[ ] Take apart this illusion.
>> No. 14467
She's channeling Alucard something fierce, isn't she?
At least, that's what I got from the "let's kill each other more" and "hurry, hurry!" bits.

[+] Rot her away.
>> No. 14468
[x] Rot her away.

Isn't this place like Mikio's dream world?
>> No. 14469
[x] Take apart this illusion.
>> No. 14470
[x] Take apart this illusion.

I really felt for Alucard. The disappointment he felt was almost tangible.
>> No. 14471
[X] Rot her away.
>> No. 14474
[x] Take apart this illusion.
>> No. 14480
[X] Rot her away.

Take the dreamer apart, the illusion breaks
>> No. 14484
[x] Take apart this illusion.

Don't be hasty. We haven't even realized there's two of her, yet.
>> No. 14489
[X] Take apart this illusion.
>> No. 14491
[x] Take apart this illusion.
>> No. 14493
[x] Take apart this illusion
"Haste makes waste" OR "How to underestimate the flower Youkai in five deadly steps"
>> No. 14498
[ ] Rot her away.
>> No. 14500
[X] Take apart this illusion.

Less power = easier to defeat, yeah?
>> No. 14501
[X] Take apart this illusion.
"I'll kill it... this illusion of yours!"
>> No. 14514
[X] Take apart this illusion.
>> No. 14517
[x] Take apart this illusion.
I didn't realise Accelerator had a parasol, oh well.
>> No. 14530
[x]Rot [spoiler]her away[/spoiler
>> No. 14536
File 126863277857.jpg- (190.68KB , 595x669 , sureiseasiertofindthesewhentheyrelabeled.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Take apart this illusion.

You’ll take this illusory world apart and rip it into shreds. You’ll shatter everything here, and once she’s powerless, she will no longer be able to fight you. And then you’ll kill her, along with this foolish and idiotic dream prairie of hers.

“Hehehe…” she giggles maniacally, her posture slightly hunched over with her arms dangling in front of her, blood running down from the wound in her shoulder. Her chest heave in and out, her long and messy hair covering one side of her face, leaving only a single red eye to glare at you in anticipation.

Suddenly, without warning, she reaches with one arm, pointing her palm at the ground beneath your feet and making a clenching gesture. Alert, you look down at the soil underneath you, ready to quickly dodge out of the way. But you react too late, as vines spring up from the earth, wrapping around your legs as you hurry to step away from the earth. You nearly stumble and fall over as the vines yank you back down, continuing to creep up and wrap themselves around your thighs.

“Slowly, slowly,” the youkai says as she slowly approaches you, your feet bound to the ground. She moistens her index and middle fingers with the blood stemming from her wound, and brings them to her mouth, painting her lips red with her own life fluid.

“The more you struggle, the tighter they’ll constrict you. They’ll tighten and tighten until they cut through your skin. And then they’ll burrow underneath and spread through your insides and grow, grow, grow. You’ll be a beautiful tree in my wonderful, wonderful world.”

She takes in her bloodied fingers into her mouth, sucking on them. “Isn’t that just exquisite?” she says with a high-pitched laughter as she extracts her fingers from her lips, cleaned spotless. “Well? Are you just going to let yourself die in that way?” she asks tauntingly.


The vines make their way up your body, creeping and crawling as they wrap around your body. At first, you struggle, trying to tear them off. But that’s only a waste of effort. There’s a much simpler way to be rid of these. A dark mist releases from your body, engulfing you in an black, misty aura. The vines cringe and twist themselves around, contorting and convulsing as if they were a living animal in pain. They lose their color, turning brown and withered, and you rip them all away from your body with no resistance.

“That’s an unusual ability you have,” the youkai says, looking genuinely surprised and in wonder for a brief moment before her countenance returns to a look of madness. “Hahaha… you are just full of surprises, aren’t you!?”

Crouching down, you slam your hand into the ground, releasing that white appendage into the ground as it burrows through the dirt, emerging at the youkai’s feet. It springs at her heels, trying to catch her, but she jumps up out of its reach. You point your other hand toward her as she retreats, and a second appendage bursts from your palm, chasing after her in the air as its other self continues to rise up. She grabs them both as they strike at her, and ties them both into a knot. Clicking your tongue, the white appendages dissipate into the air, and you stand back up.

The youkai raises one hand into the air, and several impossibly large heads of sunflowers emerge from the earth, as though they were planted there from the beginning. Of course, this is her world, so it’s not surprising that she would be able to create these, but to have such direct control over this world. As suspected, you need to cut her off from the power of this dream world, or you’d be fighting a hopeless war against her.

She points at you, and the innumerable, brightly-colored sunflower heads begin to spin around at an incredible rate of revolution, their petals appearing as sharp as blades. They chase after you, and though they look like the heads of flowers, they may as well be flying discs of death. One of them closes in, but you shoot out your palm, a thick foul cloud releasing from your hand and striking the flower. Immediately, it loses its balance, falling to the ground, dead and wilted. Another passes by, just managing to nick your face.

This is ridiculous. You won’t run from these. You stand your ground, raising your arms in front of you as the spinning flowers close in. Your arms harden into stone not a moment too soon, as the sharp edges of the discs slam against your defenses, creating sparks from contact with your granite arms as they push against you, your feet dragging up dirt underneath you as the flowers grinding against your arms slowly drive you back.

Yuuka, floating high, points her palm at you again. She forcefully clenches her outstretched hand into a fist, and the petals of the flowers assaulting you begin to glow. What—!?

The flowers explode into violently red, raging flames, scorching and searing your vulnerable body. You stumble back, waving away the inferno that’s caught onto your clothes with your charred black arms. That was quite an attack. The burns to you are quite extensive; you may require a few seconds to recover from them. To facilitate the regeneration, your arms return to normal and…

“Got you!”


Warm blood sprays as you tear yourself away from the ground, jumping back. Next to where you were a second ago, you see the youkai standing there, holding a bloody arm by the elbow in her hand. Your arm, ripped right out of the socket in an instant. How devious of her. It seems she was able to notice something about you.

“Ahaha, you can’t heal and harden at the same time, can you?” she says with a triumphant grin on her face, waving the arm around as if it were a trophy. “I told you I would repay you back for my arm. Oho, would it be too much to start throwing out puns? Looks like you’ve been… disarmed!” she giggles furiously at her own words. “Oh, sorry about that. That really was terrible wasn’t it? Oh, but that was the point, so—”

You point your remaining hand toward her, and at once, the dismembered arm in her hand snaps into action. Before she has a chance to realize what’s happening, the severed arm wraps its fingers around her throat, choking the life out of her. She dons a look of surprise, and grabs the arm with both of her hands, trying to tear it away from her. But her struggle only serves to tighten its grip on her, the nails slowly digging into her flesh. Her eyes roll up to the back of her head, and a trickle of saliva leaks out from the corner of her mouth as the fingers around her neck continue to steal away her breath.

[ ] Death by explosion.
[ ] Death by asphyxiation.
>> No. 14539
[ ] Death by explosion.
>> No. 14540
[x] Let her go and leave.
>> No. 14541
[X] Death by explosion.

Don't give her a chance to do anything
>> No. 14542
[X] Death by explosion.
>> No. 14543
[X] Death by explosion.

Someone like Yuuka won't be brought down by mere asphyxiation.
>> No. 14545
[x] Death by explosion.

This fight needs more explosions.
>> No. 14546
[X] Death by explosion.
>> No. 14548
[x] Asphyxiation then explosion.
>> No. 14549
>> No. 14551
[x] Asphyxiation then explosion.

At least to the point where she definitely won't suddenly get up and dodge our finisher. Then blow her up, just for assurance.
>> No. 14552
[x] Death by asphyxiation.
The hard and painful way to die.
>> No. 14555
I wonder what the risk of a time paradox is.
>> No. 14556
[X] Death by explosion.

Doesn't matter, this is her doppleganger.
>> No. 14565
[X] Death by explosion.

[X] Rip and tear, Rip and tear!
>> No. 14567
[X] Death by explosion.

Was getting Full Metal Alchemist vibes from that update.
>> No. 14568
[√] Death by explosion.
>> No. 14572
[x] Explosiation

You have crappy vibe radar.
>> No. 14577
[x] Death by Snoo Snoo.
>> No. 14588
[ ] Death by asphyxiation.
>> No. 14592
File 126880576424.jpg- (74.03KB , 642x598 , snaps.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Death by explosion.

Not enough. This isn’t enough. You need to kill her, utterly and completely. So that not even a single trace of her is left. Kill her and this world. Smash it all into pieces and then smash the pieces into dust and those into nothing, again and again.

The youkai staggers back, only the whites of her eyes visible now. She drops to her knees, unable to support herself on her feet anymore—or even futilely attempt to pry those stiff fingers from her throat. It’s a pathetic sight, watching a monster like her struggle and writhe on the ground just to survive, losing all manner of dignity as she drools from her mouth, just barely brushing by death.

It’s such a wonderful feeling. It’s a shame you have to cut it short.

You clench your outstretched hand slowly, and the dismembered arm latched onto the youkai’s throat slowly begins to expand, the muscles swelling up to ridiculous proportions, gushing out black smoke instead of blood from the rip in the flesh. The arm continues to swell and swell, becoming nearly as wide as a human head. The youkai’s eyes shift back down for only a moment—and quickly become ones of horror—an instant before your arm explodes, engulfing her in an eruption of dark-colored flames as she shrieks in pain.


This is the best.

The flames die away, extinguishing themselves from her form as you leisurely lower your arm, your missing one already in the process of growing back. The youkai lies there in a crumpled heap on the grass, smoke rising from her body.

Slowly, she gets back up, touching a hand to her head as she stumbles about, her movements unfocused. She looks at herself in wonder, but quickly takes on a look of shock when her hand limply falls from her arm, dropping to the ground. There, it loses its color, shriveling up and rotting away like a wilting flower. Her arm follows not long after, and the discoloration spreads to the rest of her body. She’s decaying away into nothing, and as she realizes what’s happening to herself, she looks up at you with a serene smile, her face dry and cracking away.

And then she laughs.

Her echoing laughter continues even as her body falls apart, turning to no more than dust.

You shake your head as you watching her disappear. Soon, you’ll be able to accrue so much power. No one will be able to defy you then. Slowly, and surely, you’ll be able to attain your goal. It might take another hundred years, or perhaps half a millennia, but you’re growing stronger and stronger, while your enemies will only grow frailer.

You look down at your newly healed arm, clenching and unclenching your hand to ascertain that it’s fully functional. You have no reason to stay here any longer. It’s time for you to leave. You turn to retrieve your previously discarded weapon…

“Looking for this!?”

You turn around, alert—only to receive your own naginata in your chest, ripping through your flesh and bones, stopping halfway through you. Grunting, you rip it out of your body, twirling it around to hold it ready in your hand. Not far from you, you see the youkai standing there with a mocking smirk on her face, giving you a delicate wave of her hand while the other holds up her open parasol.

“You didn’t expect that, did you?” she says with a smug laugh. “But I have to say, you did a pretty good job killing that doll of mine.”

So that was a doppelganger after all. So, that’s how she was able to move around so impossibly fast; from the beginning, you were fighting two opponents.

“You’re definitely dangerous,” she muses, brushing her hair from her face. “I didn’t really want to do this, but oh well.”

She folds up her parasol, and tosses it to the dirt. Reaching behind her head, she wraps one hand around a length of her hair. Her other hand becomes talons, and she cleanly slices through her own hair. “It’ll grow back anyway,” she says, holding out the thick locks of hair out in front of her. She lets go, and the wind carries the hundreds of thousands of strands into the air. What is she planning…?

“Go,” she says, pointing at you.

Immediately, the scattered strands sharpen into needles, shooting at you in a deadly barrage. Is that the best she can do, shoot hair? How utterly ridiculous. You don’t even bother to defend yourself as the needle-like hair pierces your flesh, making a pincushion out of you. Such a trivial attack.

And yet, why is it that she’s smiling?

She holds up her finger, and kisses its tip with her lips before pointing it back at you. “Grow,” she says.

Immediately, all of the needles of hair stuck in your flesh burrow into you, driving underneath your skin. A moment later, you feel something creeping around underneath your arm, and without warning, a gory shower bursts out from your skin as the stem of a flower grows out of the skin of your elbow, blooming into a blood-red rose.

“Grow more and more and more!” the youkai cackles.

You lift your foot to step toward her, but you feel a paralyzing sensation in your leg. Looking down, you see that a batch of roses have poked their way out of your shins, wrapping around your thighs and feet, anchoring you to the ground. You grit your teeth, moving to free your legs with your hands, but a snap of the finger later, and a variety of flowers rip their way out of your arms. You can feel their roots invading the insides of your body, clogging up your veins. How disgusting.

“How fortunate you are,” the youkai says, walking up to you as more and more flowers bloom from your body, splattering the grass with dirt as they make their forceful exit from your flesh. “You can die surrounded by these beautiful flowers. Aren’t you happy? Hehehe,” she giggles into her sleeve. “You shouldn’t underestimate these flowers at all…”

“Weak,” you say.

Her smile falls from her face, her expression becoming cold and hard. “…What was that?” she asks in a flat tone of voice.

“These flowers are weak. Worthless,” you say, that dark aura enveloping your body again. The flowers that have bloomed from your body immediately wilt and die, and you forcibly rip them out of your body, throwing the flaking away remains of it to the ground.

The youkai lowers her head, becoming silent for a moment, her hair covering her eyes.

Shut your mouth,” she says in a booming voice.

With a look between madness and rage, she extends both of her hands at you. Immediately, blood rushes out from your mouth as the remaining strands of hair embedded in your body bloom into flowers. There’s over a dozen that have made it into your heart, at least thirty stabbing into your lungs, over a hundred growing from inside your stomach. Thousands and thousands and thousands of flowers, blooming from all over your body, both in and out…

“Die, die, die, die, die—“ the youkai chants in monotone as your body twists and contorts itself.

Flowers in your brain, in your ears, coming out from your nostrils and your mouth and ripping their ways out of your throat and out of your eye sockets and the tips of your fingers and—

“Hahahaha!” she laughs at you, your body completely unrecognizable amidst the countless numbers of blood-covered flowers and vines growing from you. “Is that all!? And you mock me!? Youkai slaying god my ass!”

She regains her composure, casually brushing a hand through her hair as she picks up her parasol, while your body’s still being ravaged by the numbers of deadly plants rampaging in and outside of you. She points its tip at you, which begins to glow with a pale light.

“Well, so much for the rumors,” she says with a sneer. “Still, you were too much trouble. Too much trouble…”

She hesitates for a moment, lowering her parasol. “…Any last words?” she says thoughtfully. “That is, if you can still even talk.”

[ ] “...Do you fear me?”
[ ] “…”
>> No. 14593
[x] “...Do you fear me?”
>> No. 14594
[ ] “...Do you fear me?”
>> No. 14595
[x] “...Do you fear me?”
>> No. 14596
[ ] “...Do you fear me?”
>> No. 14597
[ ] “...Do you fear me?”
>> No. 14598
[X] “...Do you fear me?”

>“But I have to say, you did a pretty good job killing that doll of mine.”
Called it.
>> No. 14599
[x] “...Do you fear me?”
>> No. 14600
[X] “...Do you fear me?”
>> No. 14602
[x] “...Do you fear me?”
>> No. 14603
[Q] “...Do you fear me?”

I actually have no idea where this whole plotline is going, other than giving us an awesome fight scene.
>> No. 14604
[X] “...Do you fear me?”

Somehow I figured this might happen...but this scene has been awesome regardless.
>> No. 14605
[X] “...Do you fear me?”
>> No. 14606
[x] “...Do you fear me?”
>> No. 14607
[x] “...Do you fear me?”

My thoughts exactly.
>> No. 14608
[†] “...Do you fear me?”
>> No. 14609
[x] “...”

For such a big guy it seems absurd he'd need to be assured.
>> No. 14610
[X] “...Do you fear me?”

He can just do the dark aura of death thing again on the weak plants.

Also, we now know why Yuuka has short hair.
>> No. 14611
[X] Sing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"

"For life is quite absurd,
And death's the final word,
You must always face the curtain with a bow.
Forget about your sin - give the audience a grin
Enjoy it - it's your last chance anyhow."
>> No. 14612
I just found an image that strangely seems to fit the current character.

>> No. 14613
[x] “...Do you fear me?”

I'm thinking that either the antihero will lose (and possible resurrect like any other youkai as a result), or that we just won't see the end outcome of this fight.

Either way, it does give me some hope that the monster's take-over of Mikio is not inevitable.
>> No. 14619
We're just seeing memories, it's too soon to say what's happening with Mikio.
>> No. 14621
[x] “...Do you fear me?”
We've been trash talking, no reason to stop now.

Ha, I called it an update earlier. >>14484
>> No. 14624
[x] “...Do you fear me?”

You sluggishly try to move your unresponsive body, paralyzed by the growth of flowers springing from your body. Your eyeballs turn coldly at the youkai standing there in front of you, watching your actions with a smug grin on her face. How infuriating. You wish to reach out and grab her face, and crush her skull in between your fingers as you smear her brain against the field of flowers she so admires, but you can’t even move your fingers right now.

You give a tug against the binding of your arm, and the roots and vines struggle against you. Ignoring how tightly they continue to wrap and grow inside your arm, you wrench yourself free—though not with your arm still intact. You begin to spray your own blood all over from your elbow, ripped free from your captive forearm. The dismembered arm shrivels up and turns to dust, and all the vines wrapped around it or growing from it die along with it. A new arm grows from your elbow, covered in blood, and you reach for your neck, tearing out the flowers growing from your throat and throwing them to the ground.

“Do… you fear me?” you say in a raspy, croaking voice, your vocal chords still damaged and not fully functional.

“…Huuuuuh?” the youkai replies in a drawling, bemused tone. She giggles furiously, slapping herself on the forehead with her free hand as she raises the tip of her parasol toward you again. “Are you stupid or something? What would I have to fear from you, when you’re the one at my mercy?” she says, still cackling. “It’s a good thing you don’t talk much, because what little I hear from you is complete and utter nonsense.”


“Anyway, you were pretty disappointing,” she says, her eyes narrowed and her expression hardened. The tip of her parasol glows with an eerie light once more, and swells into a swirling mass of energy, growing larger and larger with each passing second. Then, in a completely monotone voice, the youkai delivers to you a single word: “Die.”

The mass of energy continues to expand, before compressing into a single point and bursting out toward you, engulfing you within intensely bright light. An immense force pushes against you as the roots embedded within your body anchors you to the floor, and you feel searing hot pain tearing away at your body, completely ravaging your flesh and bones.

The force intensifies

you can feel all of your skin being torn away and erased

your eyeballs explode, leaking out like fluids from your eye sockets and disintegrating within the blast

you can’t see anymore

you shouldn’t be able to see anymore

you shouldn’t be able to hear anymore

you shouldn’t be able to feel anymore

you shouldn’t even be able to think anymore


“Hah, left behind only a skeleton,” the youkai sneers, satisfied. “Not even you can come back from that.”

A twitch.


Newly created fleshes begin to swirl around your body. You raise your skeletal arm toward her, raw red muscles growing spontaneously from the bleached white surfaces of your bones. From the tips of your fingers, your skin begins to rebuild itself, one centimeter at a time. Your sight returns as your eyeballs regenerate within your skull. The fibers of the muscles moving your bones slowly knit themselves together, and you take a step toward the youkai, who retreats back with a disgusted look on her face.

“You’ve got to be kidding…!” she says in an alarmed voice, hurriedly raising the tip of her parasol at you again.

Hastily taking aim, she shoots forth short bursts of power. But her arm is shaking, and the blasts miss you completely as you continue to step toward her, leaving pools of your own blood beneath your feet. With only a half-reconstructed face, you grin, and feel the exposed muscles of your face wriggle and twitch, splattering even more blood around you.

The youkai rushes to step away from you as you sluggishly walk toward her, firing off more of those blasts from. About half of them miss you, and the other half only succeed in either punching holes through your quickly reforming body or knocking your arms off, neither of which is able to stop you as you continue to advance toward her. Panicking, she stumbles back, falling onto the grass on her behind, ineffectually shooting more and more, missing completely now.

dooOOO yooOOuuu FeeAr mEEeee?!” you gurgle out in a wet, disgusting voice as you sink to your knees in front of her, blood freely leaking from your mouth and your eyes as you lean in close, grinning as widely as you can—probably wider than is possible for any human.

“Go to Hell!” she screams defiantly, regaining herself for a moment to point the tip of the umbrella point-blank at your head.

But before she can fire off another blast and take off your head with it, you grab it with your hand, yanking it away from your face. With a crunch, your fingers tighten around the shaft of the parasol until it snaps in half in your hand. Tugging it away from her grip, you toss the broken parasol to the side. Uselessly, she tries to reach out for it, but as she looks away, you push forward with your other hand and grab her by the face. She lets out a sharp gasp as you pull her face in close to yours—her body trembling.

Ah, so she does fear you then.

in that case

“I win,” you whisper into her ear.

Your sight melts away, and so does your body, retreating, retreating, and melding into the earth as you behold the sight of the youkai staring at you in fear.


…How pathetic, to be forced to retreat just when you were so close to taking your prize. Ah, you were so close. You literally had it right in your grasp before you were so cruelly pulled away by your sense of survival. To think that a mere youkai could do so much damage to you that you’d be in this much danger. It’s still such a long road before you reach the end.

But it doesn’t matter. You’ll just continue to kill, kill and kill some more. That’s all that matters. That is the only thing that matters.

For now, you’ll retreat to somewhere solitary. Within a day or two, you’ll be able to recover your strength completely. Until then, you can’t risk being discovered by anything. Then that will mean that all this has been for nothing. There will no longer be even a single reason for you to continue to exist then.


Your body refuses to move the way you want to. You walk with a limp, your arms completely dead as they hang uselessly at your sides. Tripping on a tree root, you fall to the ground, where you completely lose the power to go on. Is this it, then? Is this the limit of this ragged body? Such a stupid thing, to be hindered like this by a weak and useless vessel.

A drop of snow falls on the back of your hand.


This isn’t the end. This can’t be the end.

i dont want such an ending

For what reason must I go on?


Why did I want revenge?

I don’t understand.

My brother? My sister?

My village?

I can’t remember anymore.

All I know

is that my purpose is to kill

all that I see.

Is there

nothing more than that?

there is nothing



nothing at all

What point is there to a life that exists only to extinguish others?

If that’s all that I can do

then just let me die.

i cant allow that

isnt this what you wished for

[ ] This isn’t what I wanted.
[ ] …
>> No. 14625
[X] This isn’t what I wanted.

Man, I dunno.
>> No. 14627
[X] This isn’t what I wanted.

Youkai children check under the bed for US.
>> No. 14628
Well, Yuka is nice and paranoid now.

[X] …

Neither Gods nor Youkai
Only Man

>> No. 14629
[x] …
>> No. 14630
'twas a really awesome updated. Still I can't help but to wonder... no, I have faith in our writefag.

[x] This isn’t what I wanted.
Resistance: Fall of the man?
>> No. 14631
[X] This isn’t what I wanted.

When you're coming back from the dead like Wolverine, it's time to have an existential crisis.
>> No. 14632
{X} This isn’t what I wanted.
>> No. 14633
[X] This isn’t what I wanted.
>> No. 14635
[Q] This isn’t what I wanted.

I was severely surprised by his regenerative prowess.
>> No. 14636
File 126900875493.jpg- (284.76KB , 583x695 , Falcon_Approved_by_EnterPraiz.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] This isn’t what I wanted.

That was creepy...Fucking. Awesome.
>> No. 14637
[X] This isn’t what I wanted.
>> No. 14638
[x] This isn’t what I wanted.
>> No. 14640
[x] ...
>> No. 14641
[x] This isn’t what I wanted.
>> No. 14644
[ ] This isn’t what I wanted

Well, actually, Tayasumi did wish for the power to kill, but not an empty and meaningless life.
>> No. 14648
[+] This isn’t what I wanted.

Silly Yuuka, you forgot to boil his marrow away.
>> No. 14655
[x] This isn’t what I wanted.

wao wao wao woooow
>> No. 14660
[X] This isn’t what I wanted.

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