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It's a warm, spring day. Birds are chirping, sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and...the sound of something shattering behind you.

You immediately get up and turn around, finding your new pet on the floor in middle of getting up, and then staring at the mess caused by dropping the tea all over the floor. The kettle was spared any damage, through a lot of tea spilled out, a couple cups were broken in the process however. The poor girl attempts picking up one of the pieces.

"Ohh, please forgive me, Master Satoshi, I tripped a-ow!" She withdraws her hand quickly and starts sucking on her pained finger, after having cut herself on one of the pieces of the cups. You sigh and go fetch a towel right away. She's not normally like this, she would make a mistake on rare occasions, but usually she's very held together. Something must be on her mind again. You start soaking up the spilled tea, setting things straight after coming back.

"Don't worry about it, it happens, be more careful next time though, will you?" The girl's doggy-like ears droop as she sulks.

"I'm so sorry..." You give another sigh and pet her head a little.

"I said don't worry about it, I forgive you. Get yourself patched up though, glass can cut deep."

"Y-...Yes, Master Satoshi..." She then gets up and excuses herself to the bathroom as you finish up cleaning.

That's your new 'pet', Momizi Inubashiri. A wolf tengu that lives on Youkai Mountain. Well, rather, used to...a large disaster apparently happened that forced the tengu to spread out for the time being. Aya, someone you happen to know unfortunately well, felt she couldn't take care of Momizi, being her assigned upperclassman, and thought you were the best solution.

As stupid as it sounds, that's exactly how it went. It's so typical of Aya.

It started about a week ago actually, Momizi showed up on your door step one day and you let her in. It was such a familiar feeling; one you had experienced the season before. Just as Momizi came in at the beginning of spring, another had previously been welcomed in the beginning of winter. That girl whom you welcomed in as a friend's pet, and said goodbye to as someone you dearly loved.

She stayed in your house during a couple weeks of your start of winter. At first, it was pretty intolerable, after all this was a girl you couldn't stand for the most part up until that time. Then she started living with you, everything changed...you started seeing her for who she really was, and started seeing parts of yourself you'd been ignoring until you saw that. The girl who you'd been annoyed by, the girl who'd been teasing you, the girl who you oculd not stand under any circumstance, you grew to like her, become her friend, and eventually realize that your feelings for her were much deeper then that, and found yourself falling deeply in love with the girl you had once thought you absolutely hated. What seemed like such a forgien concept at first felt so unbelievable natural when you tried it, it was so scary. And yet...so right.

You owe a lot to someone named Alice for this. You live in the Forest of Magic, so you typically have neighbors in the form of Marisa and Alice. Alice was the one that truly brought your attention to the way you truly saw the girl, and made you see past your fake image of her. You also happened to do this with Marisa too, unfortunately, sometime after the incident, your friendship with her was kind of strained. All this time you hadn't noticed Marisa was wanting something you'd never expect her to want. Alice really scolded you for that one, but things seem to be fine now. Marisa has since been seen talking with the shop owner on the edge of the forest more often, you don't really talk to her as much as you used to, unfortunately. It's a rather sad loss, but you've found ways to cope with it. It resulted in you becoming closer with Alice in the end, so you recouped some of your losses at least.

The girl is no longer around however...the one you poured your heart and soul out to. It's not because she's dead mind you, though she's come too close for you to really be anywhere comfortable with it. First time was when she protected in battle with one of the forest's bigger demons. She saved your life, and was probably one of the biggest deciding factors in your feelings towards her. It's funny, she kept talking so much about your death, and when it came down to it, she ended up preventing it in the end. You were highly thankful for her since then, but then came your turn to save her when she came down with a nasty virus that threatened her very life. You were there though, nursing her back to health and taking care of her. She became much more weak and open during this time, seeking a kind of comfort she normally got from her master. A master that potentially died.

The reason why the girl was with you to begin with was because her master had to go off somewhere without her two pets, entrusting one to the local shrine maiden and the other to you. Later on, you began questioning why this had to be, but after all this time, you still don't know why. It all felt like it was set up, you've considered that her master knew about it all along, much like Alice did. You wouldn't be surprised, either. Not because she's wise, like Alice, but for a different reason. You just know she has her ways. But then, one day while the girl was staying with you, her master mysteriously stopped sending updates to the local shrine maiden, causing the girl to worry rather feverishly...until one day, she sent a suspicious SOS, that the shrine maiden notified you of. Despite your best attempts, you couldn't keep this message to yourself, and not certainly away from the one person it mattered to most.

On that night she left, still sick, still battered, still weak, you confessed your ultimate feelings to her in the most grand (read: corny) way possible. You never really got an answer back though as she left off to risk her life for her master, but you felt satisfied that you at least got that much out to her. She came back though, the shrine maiden, of all people, happened to save her from certain death. A while after that, things changed once again. The girl found herself quite embarrassed by your presence, and you as well. It was understandable though, neither of you thought you were going to see each other again, so you pretty much poured all your feelings out there without thinking and did things without expecting the unexpected. The only times the two of you would really talk was when you happened to be in the same place as her master, and stayed for a while. Even then, the talking got pretty awkward at times, nothing like it used to. And to this day...she still hasn't given you a solid answer on how she feels about you!

It's all past now, you haven't seen her for over a month. This is due to her being away on a trip with her master and her friend, her master's other pet. You weren't given too many details, but apparently her master had to go somewhere again and this time she's vowed to stay by her side no matter what the circumstances. She's very protective of her, sometimes you feel as if you're losing to her even though she's the same gender! But it can't be helped, for a while longer you will retain your feelings for her until she finally gives you the straight answer you deserve. How long this will take though seems to be totally up in the air now...

It was one day at the beginning of spring, a month after you last heard about your would-be-girlfriend that Momizi showed up on your doorstep, in such a similar way you just had to reminisce about it. There was no two ways about it; it was so much the same that you felt almost embarrassed to welcome Momizi in. But that's not to say the same thing will end up happening, oh no. The circumstances are the same, but the situation is vastly different. While the first girl that came through your door like this was someone you could hardly tolerate, Momizi is different. She's very polite, highly proper, and fiercely loyal. Up until last winter, she was practically your vision of the perfect girl you'd want to have as a girlfriend. Much unlike her upperclassman, Aya. Someone you don't really feel like talking about.

You hadn't talked much with Momizi at all up until now, considering the rarity of you being on youkai mountain. You've seen her maybe only three times before this, so it's been a pretty new experience with her. Still, it hasn't been without it's problems, even at the beginning, much like the last little visit you had. A week ago...

"So...you can't tell me what happened, huh?" The little wolf shakes her head, sitting on the couch feeling sorry she has to intrude on your premises like this. So much for an explaination, Aya always loved to kee her business 'classified' and it always bothered you. She isn't annoying, she's just god damn frustrating.

"Please forgive me, Master Satoshi. But if it makes you feel better, I will gladly work for my rent to stay here in the time being. Sempai Aya told me to follow all your directions while I am to stay here so if there is anything I can do for you, please let me repay you for allowing me to stay here under the same roof."

Well, she's willing to work, at least. It might not be so bad, but this whole Master thing was exactly one of your problems back with the last visit you had. All these youkai have such stingy ranking systems. But, it can't be helped you suppose.

"Well, regardless of which, I'd let you stay, so it's nothing to worry about too much. Though could I ask of you not to call me 'Master' or anything along those lines?"

"Oh! No, that wouldn't do at all! You're the rightful owner of this house and it would be impolite and improper of me to call you by any other way! You are allowing me to stay here for free after all, so it's only right."

She is a lot more proper...maybe too proper.

"R-Right. So be it then." It's not that you don't enjoy being called Master, but you almost feel guilty for feeling like you're in total control of this kinda and nice girl's life. You'd prefer it if she did something despicably bad first, but you'd rather her not do that either, so this will just have be a compromise.

"I will do anything you ask me to, Master Satoshi. I know I haven't known you very long or even been here for a day yet, but I look forward to serving you." It almost brings a smile to you, she seems so into it. Well, you guess...indulging yourself once in a while isn't so bad, right? Like a chocolate sweet to a woman, you might as well spoil yourself for a little bit. You need it after all.

>"Can you wash my dishes and clothes for me then?"
>"You can start be helping me dust the place in that case."
>"How well can you cook?"
>"Thanks but that won't be necessary. Just relax."
>"I want you to have sex with me."

Action? >_
>> No. 13893
[x]"I want you to have sex with me."
>> No. 13894
[X]"How well can you cook?"
Satoshi's story continues! Hooray!
>> No. 13896
[X] "Thanks but that won't be necessary. Just relax."

If you pour your heart out, and the other party doesn't give you an answer...

It doesn't matter if it's because of embarrassment or something else. It hurts.

All we can do is wait for her reply. And hope.

Even through the pain.
>> No. 13898
[X]"How well can you cook?"

She's on her way of becoming a maid; perhaps not as perfect or elegant but a maid nonetheless.
>> No. 13899
[x]"I want you to have sex with me."

Testing the limits.
>> No. 13900
[X]"How well can you cook?"
>> No. 13901
[x]"I want you to have sex with me."

There's no way this could end badly.
>> No. 13903
[X] "How well can you cook?"

Oh dear, I hope Momizi's not a dojikko. It'd be a shame for her to get her clothes messed up.
>> No. 13904
[x]"How well can you cook?"
>> No. 13905
[x]"I want you to have sex with me."
>> No. 13906
[X]"How well can you cook?"
>> No. 13907
[X] "How well can you cook?"

I'm calling Momizi's cooking as either fit for a king's table, or among Gensokyo's most destructive weapons.
>> No. 13908
[x] "Put on an apron and try to cook while I take you from behind."

Let our powers combine!
>> No. 13909
[x]"I want you to have sex with me."

Satoshi is too nice of a guy.

[X] "How well can you cook?"
>> No. 13910
[X]"How well can you cook?"
>> No. 13911

I... I...

..fuck it. It won't win, so might as well have fun voting for it.

[x] "Put on an apron and try to cook while I take you from behind."
>> No. 13913
[x] "Just relax for now; your help would be nice but not required. Just think of this as a vacation. I'm used to handling things myself"
-[x] "I wouldn't mind sharing recipes with you."
[x] "What do you do for fun?"
>> No. 13915
[X]"How well can you cook?"

I was hoping Satoshi's misadventures would continue. First Orin, now Momizi...who's next? Reisen? Koakuma? Chen?
>> No. 13916
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I almost got you guys!

...although admittedly the prospect of getting it on with a naked apron Momizi from behind is arousing, to say the least.

>"How well can you cook?"

"I guess the first thing on my mind then is how well can you cook." Momizi looks up at you for a bit before looking down, thinking to herself.

"Hmm, well, I don't have too much experience in cooking, but I can try." Not exactly the confidence builder, but she offered to try, so try you let her. You're kind hungry anyways.

You allow Momizi to choose whatever she feels most comfortable with among the ingredients you have in your little abode, which is not saying much. Ever since you started living alone once more, your food supply has been very thin, even for yourself. Still though, Momizi makes the best of what she's given and produces what looks like an interesting beef/vegetable stew combo. You see this as she places a single bowl down for you, and nothing else. This prompts a question.

"Where's yours, Momizi?" Momizi blinks, as if unexpecting this.

"Mine? Was I supposed to cook for myself too?"

...that's...typically how it goes...

"...n-nevermind. I suppose I'll sample the food first..." You put your hands together in preparation for the thanks. "Thanks for the food!" At this moment, you chow down, and ultimately find out the truth about Momizi's cooking. The truth is...is...

...that it's extremely boring.

"Well, it's certainly not bad, but...even for stew it has absolutely no flavor..." Momizi is of course, distraught by this.

"Please forgive me..."

"Ahh, don't take it too hard. I mean, it's not like it's bad or anything." Hell, you think you're thankful it's at least edible. "There just's a lot of room for improvement. I can tell you didn't use flour on the meat, and it looks like you didn't really time the stewing of certain ingredients right."

"Master Satoshi...you sound very experienced in this field."

"Ahaha...well, living alone does things I guess." You put the food down for now and look over at Momizi. "Don't worry, while you're here I'll be sure to teach you everything I know. Though I think for the time being we should stick to me cooking." Momizi becomes worried at this prospect, she's rather obsessive about helping you.

"But...it would only be right if I were the one cooking. Please, Master Satoshi, teach me all you know so I can repay my debt to you as soon as possible."

"It's not that important, Momizi. Besides, I'm sure there's other things you can do." Momizi then looks down, you were kinda afraid of this.

"Well, truth is that the most I'm experienced in is guarding and watching, maybe occasionally sweeping too. It has been a very long time since I had to do any other chores due to my long lasting position." You blink for a moment.

"How long are we talking about?" Momizi looks back at you.

"About 100 years." Gack. You nearly fall out of your chair. You forgot how long these youkai live. That's practically a whole human lifetime! And yet it must feel like the blink of an eye to her.

You're almost starting to get tired of human limitations. Gensokyo makes things so rough.

"A-Ah, well, I guess it can't be helped then. I'll just have to teach you how to do chores around the house then if you're really insistant on helping. But remember that eventually you're going to run out of work I can give you..." Momizi then takes a sturdy, proud stance like a soldier to war.

"No worries! I will keep watch outside for any would be intruders and protect this house from harm!"

...that's nice but no youkai has attacked you here for years and you doubt that would change anytime soon. You almost feel embarrassed just looking at her.

".....thanks. I guess." The air falls silent for a while as you think of what you should be teaching Momizi. It feels so weird, teaching someone how to do fundamental chores, it's like raising a child. Though, much better then teaching her about the basics of, ulp, human love and emotions. Yikes, never again.

You eventually realize Momizi is staring at you intently.

"...is there something you want?" Momizi looks up at you for a moment before looking back down, you just now see that she hasn't been staring at you, but...your food.

"Are you going to finish that, Master Satoshi?" You sigh and pass the bowl over, Momizi's face lights up instantly as she sits down and begins happily gorging herself on the food.

"This is why I told you to fix a bowl for yourself too..."

Minutes later, you're standing in the living room. In front of you stands Momizi. Proper as ever. Her stature is really rigid and her posture could hardly be improved. True to her nature, she is extremely loyal. She might even have sex with you if you asked. Might.

"Master Satoshi..." You nearly jump, it almost felt as if she read your mind! But, maybe that's just the paranoia you developed from a different friend talking. There's no way Momizi could read minds, right? Right? Ahahaha...

"Y-Y-Y-Yes?" You just barely stutter out. Taking you off guard would be an understatement, it quite spooked you.

"Why are you hesitating? I need to know of ways I can help you so I don't feel entirely useless here..."

"Jeez...do you have a complex or something, Momizi?"

"This is no joking matter! I cannot stand idly by taking up space in the shelter of someone so kind enough to offer a place to stay. It's the least I could do." Sheesh, you're sorry you asked. Judging from her demeanor, she sounds like someone you could very easily guilt trip to hell and back, but you're not that bad of a person...are you?

>Start with tidying things up
>Washing clothes and dishes is a priority
>Maybe the cooking can be worked on first
>She's a youkai, she could help you with maintenance repairs, surely
>There's nothing she could do

Action? >_
>> No. 13917
[x]"I want you to have sex with me."

[x] Start with tidying things up
>> No. 13918
[x] She's a youkai, she could help you with maintenance repairs, surely

A hard day of work followed by a nice warm bath with Momizi~
>> No. 13920
[x] She's a youkai, she could help you with maintenance repairs, surely
>> No. 13922
[X] She's a youkai, she could help you with maintenance repairs, surely
>> No. 13923
[x]She's a youkai, she could help you with maintenance repairs, surely

Tidying up comes after this.
>> No. 13924
[x] She's a youkai, she could help you with maintenance repairs, surely
>> No. 13928
[x]She's a youkai, she could help you with maintenance repairs, surely

Bound to get clothes filthy afterwards, more work for Momizi to have.

Still though Satoshi may eventually have to work a compromise for her in regards to her staying. On the one hand it's great she's quite earnest in "earning her keep" for now but at the same time it's not helping if there are no skills actually honed for it.

This time around Satoshi may end up teaching her a lot of things; not just cooking...
>> No. 13929

That's a really good point.

[x] She's a youkai, she could help you with maintenance repairs, surely
-[X] Ask Momizi about any interests/skills besides sweeping and guarding
>> No. 13930
Yeah though I'd figure she'd have some skills outside her job, seeing how she's a lone figure.

[x]She's a youkai, she could help you with maintenance repairs, surely
-[x] Have her assist until you can assess her skill in this task, then perhaps have her take her own lead.
>> No. 13931
[x] She's a youkai, she could help you with maintenance repairs, surely

Hmm, a great idea springs to mind. You look back at the old fireplace you've been meaning to fix for a couple years now. Unable to hold a flame because of it's battered structure, maybe with Momizi's help you can finally have a fireplace that can make itself useful without relying on Marisa's old magic. Besides, after what happened between you and her, you don't think begging her for fire spells will necessarily be too prudent anymore.

"Well, there is something I think you could do well, Momizi..."

"Ah, please tell me then. I will do anything."

"Wait here a second then." After telling Momizi to stay, you head into the small storeroom tucked in the corner of your house that you never go into and pull out some of the tools you've saved for repairing the fireplace with. Coming back out, Momizi seems to know what's coming.

"Are those maintenance tools?"

"That's right. My fireplace is really in need of some repairs since it can't really hold fire like it used to so-" Momizi interrupts you suddenly.

"Leave it to me then, I will get it done right away." You're kinda stunned until you realize Momizi has taken all the tools off your hands and immediately sets her sights on the fire place.

"Mo-Momizi, wait. What're you think you're doing?" Momizi stops half way to the fireplace and looks back at you.

"You said that the fireplace was in need of repairs, so I'm going to fix it."

"Not alone you aren't."

"But Master Satoshi, if you are doing it along side me then it wouldn't be able to count as me repaying my debt, would it?" This causes you to sigh a bit wearily. You're getting kind of tired of this.

"It's not like I'd be doing all the work by myself, so it's fine."

"Please, Master Satoshi, allow me to at least do this for you. It's the least I could do for intruding on you so suddenly." She makes it out to be her own fault that she's here, even though she (probably) didn't cause the incident at the mountain, and it's certainly not her will that forced her here.

While part of you doesn't mind letting her do all the work, you are worried about the fireplace itself. She may be a youkai but she's quite far from being perfect.

>Help her with fixing the fireplace
>Just keep an eye on her as she goes about her business
>She should be fine, focus on dinner, the last meal wasn't very filling
>She should be fine, but take some tools to see about fixing the chimney
>You'll fix the fireplace, Momizi can focus on the chimney

Action? >_
>> No. 13932
[X]Just keep an eye on her as she goes about her business
>> No. 13933
[x]Just keep an eye on her as she goes about her business

I have a feeling of potential harm from trying to fix the chimney.
>> No. 13934
[x] Just keep an eye on her as she goes about her business.
>> No. 13936
[x] Just keep an eye on her as she goes about her business
>> No. 13937
[X]Just keep an eye on her as she goes about her business.

Not doubting her spirit, just her ability to actually do the job well. Still I think there's no better person to end up in a battle alongside.
>> No. 13939
[X]Just keep an eye on her as she goes about her business
-[X]Make it a point that he wishes to observe her work as most maintenance and (re)construction usually have "foremen" or contractors observing their workers' efforts.

As adamant as Momizi is about repaying her debt, she can't deny that since the work is rather vital to Satoshi's survival later on he has all the right if not obligation to over see the job being done properly. If for some reason she does a poor job he should emphasize the importance of first learning the skills required for certain tasks before undertaking them.

If Momizi really wishes to "repay her debt",she can start by learning skills she may not have done in so long or never done in the first place.
>> No. 13940
[X] Just keep an eye on her as she goes about her business
-[X] Make it a point that he wishes to observe her work as most maintenance and (re)construction jobs usually have "foremen" or contractors observing their workers' efforts.

Better make sure she doesn't end up wrecking the fireplace instead of fixing it.
>> No. 13941
[X]Just keep an eye on her as she goes about her business
>> No. 13949
>Just keep an eye on her as she goes about her business

"Alright, alright." You say, giving in to her resolute persistance. "You win. You can do it alone. But I'll help guide you through it in case you get stuck, alright?" Momizi once again instantly cheers up and gives a hearty nod.

"Yes, Master Satoshi!" Like a happy little puppy being told to fetch it's newspaper by it's owner, she immediately starts getting to work right away. It's kinda nice to see such loyalty actually, she certainly works hard. You kinda admire her in that aspect, wanting to be the same.

You sit on the closer end of the couch, paying close attention to what she does to the fire place. While she's a bit slow with it at first, you're genuinely surprised when you see that she's handling the task with not just great care, but with ample skill too. The way she handles a hammer guarentees a straight, smooth hit and the nails are driven in extremely cleanly, more straight then you could ever do consistently. It kinda makes sense now that you think about it; you've often seen her wielding a large sword and shield at the mountain, so obviously she has to have some sort of strength and dexterity. It isn't long until Momizi has finished the surrounding base for the fireplace and has started carefully taking out the old, worn out and burnt bricks used inside with the better ones you had gotten a while ago to help keep in the flame better.

After a while, it strikes you; Momizi seems to be really good with labor. The way she handles building back the fireplace after having taken out most of it's interior is certainly not clumsy, or all that delicate, but she only uses just enough strength as needed. She properly spreads the cement needed to hold the bricks together without using too much or too little, making the most of what she has. She also makes sure things are straight once in place and adjusts accordingly, making sure the most efficent spot has been picked. It surprises you a lot after a while, it's as if she's done this before, plenty of times. She's really handy with these tools. It's almost scary in a way.

It looks like you've found her forte though.

"Ah...I think I'm done. How does it look, Master Satoshi?"

"Momizi...I never knew you were really good with handiwork like this." Your astonishment is met with a nervous smile.

"Well, to tell the truth, I haven't done anything like this before so I was a little worried..."

You take the time to ignore that and forget you ever heard it. Last thing you need is something to blow up all that confidence in her you just built up.

"Well either way, you're pretty good with it. If you really want to make up for your stay here, I think this might do it." Momizi then stands up suddenly, looking at you.

"No! If I'm truly good at doing this, then I want to continue doing it. I must! After all, as lo-" You interrupt her. The past 'pet' you've had here has taught you a few things. Particularly, knowing how to shut the pet up. You of course, interrupted her by putting your hand on her head and shortly after, rubbing it in a soft petting motion. It's not long after that Momizi's expression turns to one of bliss, a content blush covering her smiling face. It's just like that girl. So adorably cute. This is why you love pets.

Momizi snaps out of it though and stands back, panting a bit, still blushing, probably more out of embarrassment now though.

"M-M-Master Satoshi! P-Please, take this seriously!"

"Come on Momizi, you can't have that serious an obsession with repaying me for this."

"Well...I...if you're really bothered by that, then I suppose there is another reason behind it." Momizi can't seem to look at you while she says that though.

"Well then, out with it. We're friends, right?" Momizi looks at you suddenly, blinking a bit. For some reason, she looks a little surprised before realizing she was just told to spill the beans.

"Oh, well...I've told you earlier about how long it has been since I've done much else then watching, correct?" You nod a bit. Where is she going with this? "When the tengu on Youkai Mountain took me in, all they ever really saw of me was as an observer, a guard for their gates atop the mountain. The wolf tengu are pretty far down the ranks of tengu, so we're looked down upon often and I rarely get the chance to do much else then spend the majority of my time at my stationed watch."

"Ranks of Tengu, huh? Sounds like a very organized place."

"The tengu take their ranks very seriously. If one were to ever act out of line, it's punishable by death." Yikes, that sounds incredibly harsh. As usual, the youkai society surprises you once again with their difficult ethics. "So you see, in my position, the most I do with my free time is spend it playing shogi with the local kappa, or expending the large amount of reading material passed down through the ranks. Occasionally I do battle with an intruder or elsewise from differing circumstances or Master Aya will ask me to fetch something from the local market in the human village, or ask me to help her sweep the local grounds." There's one thing you feel you're gathering from all this information, but you need to ask it anyways, just to make sure.

"Momizi...do you not like your current profession or something?"

"Oh! No, that's not it at all! I mean..." She looks down a bit, searching for the words. "While it's very boring at times, yes, they give me a rather nice play to stay and a few of the fellow tengu I've met there are very nice and kind, and very fun to be with too. Like Master Aya." Phhhahahaha. You're about to burst out laughing, but you do your best to keep on a poker face. That's arguably the funniest thing you've heard all day. "I quite enjoy it there and I'm glad they took me in." Well, that solves that, but you're still curious about somethings. It's prying, but you wanna ask.

"I see...so what were you like before they took you in then?" Momizi seems kinda surprised you asked until looking away a bit shyly.

"I, uhh...I prefer not to talk about it." Oops, and prying it was. Oh well, curiousity will have to go unsatisfied.

"Oh, sorry then. My bad. I'm asking too many questions anyways..." You go ahead anc change the subject, to get both your minds off this awkward little moment. "Well, you wanted to continue working on what you were doing then, right?"

"Yes, precisely. It's been so long since I've done a lot apart from fighting and play shogi, so I'm unsure of what I'm really good at. If I have talents I've yet to discover, I want to work my way towards improving them further." You're not sure if that kind of logic actually flies, but if it looks good on paper, it's worth an experiment.

"Well, alright then. The fire place looks great, but part of the reason why it can't hold a good enough flame is due in part of the rotted chimney that clogs the smoke, reducing the flame's effectiveness. While the smoke goes through, not enough of it does at a time so the flame is harder to retain." You look back at Momizi here, ending your brilliant, well thought out and intelligent explaination. "The chimney needs a replacement quite badly, as some of the structure has kinda rotted away, and it could certainly use a cleaning too." Momizi smiles, feeling she could take this job on. You can even see her tail wagging behind her.

"Leave it to me then, Master Satoshi! I will make sure I try my best on it." She walks past you with glee, but you stop her when you realize she's not headed outside the door.

"Hold it, where are you going?" Momizi seems puzzled by your move, blinking back at you.

"I was going to get the tools needed for it..."

"No, you're waiting outside. I'll go get them."

"But Master Satoshi..."

"No buts this time. You don't really even know how the storage room is laid out. Besides, you're filthy." Momizi looks at herself, her hands and arms, as well as part of her rolled up sleeves are covered in dust, a small amount of ash and bits of cement, and a bit of her top is dusty and slightly ashy too. She then pouts at you and marches right out the front door. You suddenly feel rather accomplished.

After taking the approperiate tools outside, you approach Momizi about the situation at hand.

"Alright Momizi, you have a basic idea on what to do, right?"

"Well, if it is anything like replacing the fireplace, Master Satoshi, I think I can handle it."

"That's good, but I want you to come to terms with the fact that this is a job you can't do alone." Poor Momizi already seems to be a bit upset about this.

"Huh? W-Why not?"

"Well, you need to take apart the old chimney, right? What're you gonna do with it's pieces?" You look up at the roof, Momizi looks up with you. "You just can't very well leave the pieces up there, can you? It'd be a pain going up and down the ladder so often with each piece in hand too, right?"

"I can see what you mean, Master Satoshi, but what can we do about it? I can't very well drop the bricks on your head." Oh, so she does have a sense of humor. Or maybe she's just being a cynical kind of serious. You can't tell.

"That's where the big tray I pulled out comes in. You're going to tie a rope around it's handle and tie the other end to the base of the chimney. As you remove pieces of the chimney, put it all in the tray and when it's full, lower it down to me and I'll put it all away." You then hand Momizi a peculiar clip.

"What is this for?"

"You clip the handle of the tray to the side of the house while you're not using it, and when you have to lower it down, just grab hold of the rope and undo the clip, then lower it by hand. I'll tell you when you can bring it back up and resume work on the chimney." You don't get any confirmation from Momizi after this, she just seems to be staring down at the ground, for some reason. "Momizi?" Her name snaps her back into reality.

"Oh! My apologies. That sounds like a good plan, Master Satoshi."

>Well then, time to work!
>Ask her what's wrong
>Offer to switch with her
>Offer her to take a break

Action? >_
>> No. 13950
[x] Ask her what's wrong
>> No. 13951
File 126633362129.jpg- (122.64KB , 320x324 , brimley.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask her what's wrong
-[X] Reassure her that she doesn't have to work herself too hard. SHe should relax and enjoy herself while she's here; you now, have fun.

...this Momizi...I shall now hold her responsible for my severe case of diabeetus.
>> No. 13952
[X] Ask her what's wrong
-[X]If you have another solution to the issue of removing the rotted bricks safely I'm listening.
--[X] Reassure her that she doesn't have to work herself too hard. SHe should relax and enjoy herself while she's here; you now, have fun.

Did Momizi have an idea but just thought it wouldn't be valuable or worth listening to?
>> No. 13953
[X] Ask her what's wrong
-[X] Reassure her that she doesn't have to work herself too hard. SHe should relax and enjoy herself while she's here; you now, have fun.
>> No. 13957
[X] Ask her what's wrong
-[X] Reassure her that she doesn't have to work herself too hard. SHe should relax and enjoy herself while she's here; you now, have fun.
If she had an idea, then that is what's wrong. Let's not ask the same thing twice.
>> No. 13959
[X] Ask her what's wrong
-[X] Reassure her that she doesn't have to work herself too hard. She should relax and enjoy herself while she's here; you know, have fun.
>> No. 13960
[X] Ask her what's wrong
-[X] Reassure her that she doesn't have to work herself too hard. SHe should relax and enjoy herself while she's here; you now, have fun.
>> No. 13967
[X] Ask her what's wrong
-[X]If you have another solution to the issue of removing the rotted bricks safely I'm listening.
--[X] Reassure her that she doesn't have to work herself too hard. SHe should relax and enjoy herself while she's here; you now, have fun.

we should hear her out if that's the case, either that or this is bringing back some old trauma.
>> No. 13982
>Ask her what's wrong
>Reassure her that she doesn't have to work herself too hard. SHe should relax and enjoy herself while she's here; you now, have fun.

"Is something wrong, Momizi?" Upon asking that, Momizi seems a bit surprised you asked, for whatever reason.

"Oh, it's nothing, really." You're not quite ready to believe that for a second.

"Something's on your mind, clearly. You can tell me." Momizi shakes her.

"It is really nothing, Master Satoshi. Please don't worry about it." She seems pretty resolute on not telling you. Maybe it'd be best not to pry further, though you make note of this moment first just in case.

"Well, just remember that you don't have to work yourself too much while you're here. Relax and enjoy yourself and consider this as something of a vacation away from your work." Momizi looks at you for a while before smiling at you a bit assuringly.

"Thank you, Master Satoshi. Though I get enough time to relax back at the mountain so I'm eager to be active again." It's almost saddening to hear, considering how little you tend to be active during the spring, for safety reasons.

"Well then, let's get to work."

You and Momizi get to work. Momizi starts taking the chimney apart carefully after climbing up, though at times she has to use the chisel. She executes the passing of debris down to you via the lift effortlessly however and makes it look a lot easier then it probably really is. You put the debris into the wheelbarrow you hauled all the tools in (excluding the ladder of course) and tell Momizi to bring the lift back up. She pulls it up and reclips it onto the side of the house, continuing further in taking the chimney apart. After most of it is gone and only the base seems to remain, Momizi tells you to get the cleaning supplied for clearing out all the ash in the chimney.

After putting some of the basic items needed for cleaning the chimney, you let Momizi lift it up to the rooftop. She then proceeds to start clearing out the ash, soot and other unmentionable unclenliness from the interior. At one point she seems to be having difficulty, you're about to head up and see until she makes a pound motion, and suddenly ash shoots out of the chimney. She pulls her head back up and you see the poor thing had gotten herself blackfaced as a result. After cleaning her face with a backup rag, Momizi cleans the rest of the chimney. Thankfully it seems to go as planned. After lowering the cleaning supplies back down, Momizi tells you she's ready to start building. You put in some bricks and a small container of cement. The lift needn't be so heavy now, it's not exactly designed for such things.

The task seems to be handled in a rather organized manner. Momizi seems to be doing quite a nice job on the chimney. It looks a lot better then it used to, even from your angle. The chimney was always rotten and decayed from the lengthy amount of time spent basking in the strange aura of the forest. The new bricks are studier and denser so they should last quite a bit longer, and they look nice to boot. Yeah...no more cold winters for you! Most importantly, no more mooching off Marisa for spells. Though of course, this means next fall you'll have to accumulate a lot of wood, something you hadn't done in a while, but it's better then spending almost a hundred scrolls you still owe Marisa. Yikes.

A while after sending the last batch of bricks to Momizi, she wipes her forehead and unclips the lift, letting it fall down and hang from the rope. Once you've got a hold of the container, Momizi unties the rope around the base and lets it fall down to it, allowing you to gather the whole entirety of the rope. She then climbs back down with a big smile on her face.

"Mission accomplished!"

"Well done Momizi!" You give her a congratulatory pat the head. She reacts to your head rubbing in an affectionate and endearing way. She really loves it. "It looks really good. I really owe you for this." Momizi's eyes open suddenly and she shakes her head feverishly.

"No! Not at all! It's the least I can do to repay you for your services, Master Satoshi! I will do anything for you for as long as I stay here. Master Aya told me so, so it is a must I do it!" Ahaha, master...god, you're getting a little tired of that word, even when it's not being used in your context.

"Well, let's go in and see how it works then, shall we?"


You and Momizi head back into the living room, with the new fireplace in the corner. It looks a lot better; the wood base around the bricks makes it a lot less sore on the eyes, considering how well built it is. Luckily you had a small bit of spare kindle you used to keep the fire scrolls alive just a little bit longer. You dump all of it into the fireplace and you're about to start a fire when Momizi motions to stop you.

"Allow me, Master Satoshi." She then focuses a hand on the kindle, to your amazement, one of the sticks spontaneously combusts, creating a fire for the fireplace. It seems to keep well.

"Wow, that was neat Momizi!"

"Thank you! Basic magic is one of the prerequisites of being a good tengu warrior." She really loves being complimented, you can see her tail wagging behind her again.

"Although...isn't it dangerous to be doing that kind of stuff with your hands covered in ash?" You tell her as the both of you stand back up. Looking at her, her face is still a bit black and dirty, her hands and arms are a royal mess, even her shirt is now no longer a clean piece of clothing.

"Oh, I suppose it is..."

"Maybe you should get yourself washed up Momizi, that was a pretty dirty job."

"As you wish, Master Satoshi." Even with the cheerful tone, that sounded far too proper for you. Still though, you let her go off into the bathroom to powder herself up, presumably.

You know...you think even she would like this fireplace job. It'll help keep the house much warmer now! Good for the spicy girl she is.

Ugh, wait, why are you thinking of her. Evil thoughts be damned! You told yourself you wouldn't think of her at all until she got back. The way she left you hanging was still something you were never gonna let her live down, even if silently.

Ah, you did get a new book from Miss Keine not too long ago. You might as well start reading it.

As you read the tome, you keep an eye on the fire. It keeps so well, you've never had a fire burn as brightly as this. You think you're going to rather enjoy this coming winter.

It's definitely not long after you pick the book up that you put it back down. You're just not in the mood for reading, it seems. You didn't even take in anything. You're just not in a 'book' mood at the moment. Time to do something else to get your mind off things.

The fireplace burns brightly.

>Go outside and see if you can't peek on Momizi
>Start on fixing some good dinner
>Fondly regard fireplace
>Contemplate visiting someone with Momizi

Action? >_
>> No. 13983
[x]Contemplate visiting someone with Momizi
>> No. 13984
[X]Contemplate visiting someone with Momizi

She seems to enjoy things when there's a change of pace.
>> No. 13985
[x]Contemplate visiting someone with Momizi
-[x] Make a note of youeself to ask Momizi about teaching you a bit more about magic.
I'm pretty sure that he doesn't want to give up a warm house when she leaves.
>> No. 13986
[x]Contemplate visiting someone with Momizi
-[x] Make a note of youeself to ask Momizi about teaching you a bit more about magic.

Knowing some basics isn't bad.
>> No. 13987
[X] Contemplate peeking on Momizi
>> No. 13989
[x]Contemplate visiting someone with Momizi
-[x] Make a note of yourself to ask Momizi about teaching you a bit more about magic.
>> No. 13990
[x]Contemplate visiting someone with Momizi
-[x] Make a note of yourself to ask Momizi about teaching you a bit more about magic.

Maybe later she can teach physical combat as well!
>> No. 13991
[x]Contemplate visiting someone with Momizi
-[x] Make a note of youeself to ask Momizi about teaching you a bit more about magic.
>> No. 13992
>Contemplate visiting someone with Momizi

While waiting for Momizi to wash herself, you decide to intelligently have thoughts about going somewhere with Momizi. Yeah. She could use a break from all that...sitting around on the mountain, you guess. It doesn't sound like what she does is honestly hard work, just highly boring. Yeah, that seems to be the problem. Some excitement is what she needs.

Alice is pretty close by, and she's usually okay to talk to. Of course, bringing Momizi over one day with a similar story to your last situation might cause her to overanalyze things again and make it much more awkward then you'd really prefer it to be. Still though, you've gotten closer to her in past months so talking with her is always a treat. Though you're not sure how well she'd get along with Momizi. Considering how proper she is and Alice's disposition, you wager it wouldn't be so bad, however. Hey, maybe she'd even feel generous enough to give Momizi something for her trouble. As long as she doesn't pull any sort of weird puzzle shit on you again. That was strange.

Marisa is out going, down to earth and always fun to be with. Visiting her would never be a mistake...well, okay, that's a bold faced lie. Visiting her would be every mistake. Not only could she tease you about living alone with some random girl again, she could...very well not tease you and cause things between the two of you to fall further into the echelon of awkwardness. Ever since the last incident she hasn't really opened up to much anymore and you fear your friendship with her is quite on the rocks. But maybe this would be a good time to help settle that and try to repair it. Again though, you have no clue how she'd mingle with Momizi, hopefully her politeness won't annoy Marisa.

You aren't limited to just the forest. Miss Keine is always a great talker, even if she doesn't necessarily know when to stop at times. She'd probably get along very well with Momizi. You'd just put Momizi in front of her, and she'd sit there and listen like a good little puppy while Miss Keine talked her mouth off. Heh...the perfect plan. The human village itself is pretty lively too, it's beginning to become spring now and the activity is on the rise, paving way for many attractions to help pass the time. You'd have to do something about Momizi though. While she was able to hide her signs of inhumanness, you don't know if Momizi can do the same with her own magic. You might have to get her a hat.

Speaking of magic, you should get her to teach you some, sometime. Though it might be more prudent to get Alice or Marisa to teach you, since Momizi doesn't seem like someone who'd be big on the whole magic thing like they would be.

Of course, there is also the shrine further off in the opposite direction. It's a bit of a longer walk then the human village but it's a bit less dangerous since you have less forest to walk through. Just beautiful, bountiful plains. You've often heard that the shrine maiden makes frequent passes up the mountain so logically, she must know Momizi rather well. They might get along. The shrine has other, colorful visitors sometimes too. Though going there usually means you'll have to pay a donation out of your pocket. That's okay though since if you're generous enough, you get free lunch on the side. This might mean you won't even have to cook a big dinner today! Always trying to make the food in your house last as long as they can.

Oh, and there's some dude you really hate that owns a shop in the forest too. You don't intend on going anywhere near there.

Well, that's that. You get up and walk over to the bathroom room and knock on the door.

"Hey Momizi."

"Ah, yes Master Satoshi?" You hear Momizi's slightly embarrassed voice inside.

"Would you like to go somewhere to celebrate after you're done?"

"Oh! I would love to!"

"Great." You leave the premises feeling satisfied. A trip it is!

You sit back on the love se-that is, couch, waiting for Momizi to finish up. After waiting a nice while though, nothing seems to really happen. In fact, you're left sitting here for the longest of times it seems. Or maybe you're just getting impatient.

After putting out the fire in the fireplace, you figure something should be done. She's taking an awful long time.

>Go and politely check up on her
>Head outside and impolitely "check up" on her
>Take this time to fix a small lunch for the trip
>Nap on the couch

Action? >_
>> No. 13993
>Take this time to fix a small lunch for the trip
>> No. 13994
>Oh, and there's some dude you really hate that owns a shop in the forest too. You don't intend on going anywhere near there.

No love for Kourin on THP, as usual.

[x]Take this time to fix a small lunch for the trip
>> No. 13995
[x]Take this time to fix a small lunch for the trip
-[x] Marisa's

>> No. 13997
I don't see the reason for this trend, since he could be a rarity: A male buddy; how else are some leads supposed to offset all that estrogen that's around them?

[x] Take this time to fix a small lunch for the trip.
[x] If she's still not done, you should check on her politely.
[x] Location: Human village.

I don't think Momiji would much problem in the village, since it does emphasizing respecting Youkai, and I can imagine Tengu being among the most well behaved sorts other than a certain crow tengu.
>> No. 13998
[x] Go and politely check up on he
>> No. 13999
[X]Take this time to fix a small lunch for the trip.
-[X]Go and politely check up on her.
--[x]Mention going to the Human village then the shrine afterward

A little variety goes a long way it seems.
>> No. 14002

In all honesty, I'm just using Satoshi's hatred of him to justify why I totally and utterly left him absent in the previous story...

I'd actually love to write about Rinnosuke one day. Maybe a joke entry involving the misadventures of MANNOSUKE.

If I felt like torturing you guys anyways
>> No. 14003
[x] Go and politely check up on her
>> No. 14005
[X]Take this time to fix a small lunch for the trip.
[X]Go and politely check up on her.
[x]Mention going to the Human village then the shrine afterward

That. As Aya's polar opposite, Momizi should have no problem associating with the Human Village...though one can't help but wonder just how much any tengu go to the human village aside from Aya to begin with. It might have ended up affecting the village's perception of all tengu.
>> No. 14006
[x] Take this time to fix a small lunch for the trip.
[x] If she's still not done, you should check on her politely.
[x] Location: Human village.
>> No. 14007
I guess it must have been a more jerkish Rinnosuke that rubbed him the wrong away.
>> No. 14008
If you know what I mean...
>> No. 14011
I was thinking about Rinnosuke in the company of another guy, revealing his true perverted colors, making remarks "Boy Keine sure has some funbags on her, doesn't she?" Sure Satoshi's mind drifts to Keine's rather bountiful bosom, but he's too nice/polite to ever reduce his old teacher to a slab of meat.
>> No. 14012
Ooh, is this the thing where the writer suddenly makes the other guy a total jerkass in order to establish how sweet and nice and kind the protagonist is by comparison?
>> No. 14013
Nope, Sukima forgot about him in the first story, explained why he didn't appear due to the fact Satoshi hated his guts. I just suggested a possible reason for that.
>> No. 14015
>Take this time to fix a small lunch for the trip.
>If she's still not done, you should check on her politely.
>Destination Human Village

Well, while she's taking forever in the bathroom to freshen up, you may as well get together a little lunch for your trip outside.

Sheesh, look at you. It feels like you're about to make a love filled lunch for some innocent date or something. The thought embarrasses you but it's not like it's true, you've only had her here for one day!

Tossing that train of thought off the rails, you head into the kitchen and make two modest sandwiches, using meat as their primary filling. Momizi is a wolf tengu, or so you've heard, so she should enjoy this lunch at least. You stuff the two sandwiches in a small lunchbx that's easy to carry. That didn't take too long.

Coming back out into the living room, you notice Momizi still hasn't come out. What the hell is she doing in there? You finally let curiosity and impatience get the best of you and head to the bathroom. Just as you're about to knock on the door however, Momizi comes out, fresh and clean. Not to mention curious as to why you were standing there in the first place.

"Master Satoshi? What is it?"

"...ahh. Nothing important. Did you want to go to the human village though?"

"Oh, sure thing, Master Satoshi." You smile and lead Momizi out into the living room, remembering something upon arriving there.

"Oh, although I might need to fetch you a hat really quick." Momizi is pretty puzzled about why she has to wear one.

"Hmm? How come?"

"Well, wouldn't the people be alarmed by your ears? Random youkai walking in can stir up trouble."

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that. Master Aya sends me on trips to the human village on occasion so the people there know me." Huh...you weren't quite expected that, yet at the same time you felt you should've.

"Oh, I see...well I guess that's a relief. Though I dunno what people will think when they see me walking along side a youkai..." It was already a bit of a hassle walking around with her by your side, causing rumors aplenty that you didn't particularly feel up to dealing with. Not to mention that she didn't let you live it down either. So much teasing.

"Is there a problem with that, Master Satoshi?"

"Aha, no, not at all. Let's get going, I wanna make it back before dark."


You and Momizi head out the door and begin the calming walk to the human village. Due to the season, you have to plan your route a bit carefully, but once you make it out, the walk proves itself to be very relaxing. Momizi seems to be having a good time. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the village is on fire...

...wait, what?

You happened to stumble across one of the buildings near the outskirts on fire. So random. Wait, this is more or less an emergency, why are you spacing out?

"Master Satoshi, that house is on fire!"

"Yes Momizi, I have two eyes to tell!" You quickly make haste towards it and Momizi follows behind you, telling you to wait. But there's no time, people might be in danger!

Approaching the entrance, quite a few people have gathered around, and some are even trying to put the fire out, but to no avail. It looks like it really is an emergency. Standing behind the fire fighters, you ask one of the people watching.

"Is there anyone inside?!"

"Oh! Satoshi, we don't know yet, but no one's come out of it yet..."

"Dammit..." You may have left the human village a long while ago, but it's not like you don't care. Momizi then runs up behind you.

"Master Satoshi! What's going on?!"

>Rush in to see if anyone's inside
>Try to help putting the fire out
>Focus on clearing the crowd
>Stand your ground


Satoshi >_
Momizi >_

(When you can give an action to both Satoshi and Momizi, Satoshi can order Momizi to do something while he does something different, or they may work together)
>> No. 14016
[Satoshi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside.

[Momiji] Try to help putting the fire out
- Water magic
>> No. 14017
Water magic? A wolf tengu? You best be joking nigger.

[Satoshi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside.

[Momiji] Try to help putting the fire out
- Wind magic
>> No. 14018
You want to put out the fire by giving it more fuel?
>> No. 14023
Does Momizi still have her shield? If so:

[Both] Rush in to see if anyone's inside

If not,
[Momizi] Try to help putting the fire out
[Satoshi] Focus on clearing the crowd
>> No. 14024
[Satoshi] Try to help putting the fire out

[Momiji] Rush in to see if anyone's inside.

Momiji's got better ears, a better sense of smell, and much better sight, plus she's more durable. Since tengu specialize in wind magic...it's not such a good idea to have her try to put out the fire.

She doesn't have her weapons on her, right?
>> No. 14025
[Satoshi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside.
[Momiji] Try to help putting the fire out, at least to clear the way for Satoshi.

We're never going to get anywhere near the power needed to bridge youkai and human lifespans by acting like a regular helpless CYOA protagonist.


*theme song*
>> No. 14027
[Satoshi] Try to help putting the fire out
[Momizi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside

Momizi's in better shape to rescue anyone inside. Remember, Orin got really mad when Satoshi took reckless actions that could have killed him, I doubt Momizi will react any differently.
>> No. 14028
[Satoshi] Try to help putting the fire out
[Momizi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside
>> No. 14030
[Momiji] Rush in to see if anyone's inside.
[Satoshi] Try to help putting the fire out, at least to clear the way for Momiji.
>> No. 14034

Points taken.

[Satoshi] Try to help putting the fire out, at the least try to clear a path for Momizi
[Momizi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside
>> No. 14043
"Momizi, I want you to risk life and limb in my stead while I, too weak to be of use, stay out here in near-perfect safety."

Does that strike you as anything any self-respecting man would tell a girl? Really?

Of course sending Momizi in is best from a metagame perspective, but in-story our protagonist doesn't strike me as the kind of person who'd calmly let a woman do his work for him, particularly if it would endanger her.
>> No. 14044

[Satoshi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside.

[Momiji] Try to help putting the fire out
>> No. 14045
[Satoshi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside.
[Momiji] Try to help putting the fire out
>> No. 14047
Meh. I'm convinced.

[Satoshi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside.

[Momiji] Try to help putting the fire out

If it comes down to it, if we get hurt, we at least have the reliable wolf tengu to nurse us back to health. Warning: the following choice may lead to unhealthy amounts of D'AAAAAWWWW and/or HNNNNNNNGH reactions
>> No. 14049
>Does that strike you as anything any self-respecting man would tell a girl? Really?

You're advocating FSN Shirou-level stupidity. And let's turn this argument around. By telling Momizi to stay outside, you're implying she's a weak woman. Is that a good idea in Gensokyo?

>If it comes down to it, if we get hurt, we at least have the reliable wolf tengu to nurse us back to health.
You forgot that she's clumsy and not a very good cook. Still want her to nurse you back to health?
>> No. 14050
[Satoshi]Try to clear a path for Momizi and yourself
[Momizi]Accompanies Satoshi in the possible quick rescue mission.

Fuck it... The sooner they can find possible victims the sooner they can leave and get the onlookers away from the fire.
>> No. 14051
[Satoshi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside.

[Momiji] Try to help putting the fire out
>> No. 14055
But at the same time Momiji would be more upset at the fact he put himself at risk and if he suffered even one tiny burn, she'd be ridden with guilt.
>> No. 14078
[Satoshi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside.

[Momiji] Try to help putting the fire out
>> No. 14082
[Satoshi] Try to help putting the fire out
[Momizi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside
>> No. 14097
[Satoshi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside.

[Momiji] Rush in to see if anyone's inside

The best of both worlds.
>> No. 14101
[Satoshi] Try to help putting the fire out
[Momizi] Rush in to see if anyone's inside
>> No. 14112
Satoshi >Rush in to see if anyone's inside.
Momizi >Try to help putting the fire out

"Momizi!" You think quickly on your feet, you know exactly what needs to be done. "I want you to help the people get this fire under control, I'm going to try and find anyone inside." Almost instantly, Momizi seems worried about this idea.

"But, M-Mas-"

"No buts, we don't have time!" Momizi has to cope with this decision for now.

"...yes, Master." Despite her different opinion on the matter, Momizi goes towards the group trying to put out the fire and pitches in. Now it's your turn.

You rush into burning house with reckless abandon. Inside the inferno is quite the firey blaze, it's much stronger then you anticipated. You'd be shocked right now if anyone in here was alive. As you contemplate withdrawing your decision though, you hear someone screaming for help. Holy carps, someone is alive! With no time to spare, you quickly brush past all the flames and debris, though it's an extremely difficult jaunt, you nearly trip over and into a large fire. That would've been the end of you.

After that near death experience brought on by a bout of clumsiness however, you find your target. A middle aged woman is trapped behind a fallen support pillar from the roof. It doesn't appear to be on fire but it totally blocks a vital doorway out of the small room the woman has herself stuffed in. You rush over to the doorway, the pillar is massive, you instantly realize you're definitely in no shape to get it out of the way.

"Please! Leave me, my child is in the room next door, at least save her!" You're not too hot on this idea, but you can't see yourself getting this pillar out of the way as you are now.

"What about you?!" The woman just shakes her head, you can tell she's accepted her fate, despite her crying. Such a pretty head going to waste!

In middle of thinking, you hear a loud banging of the ceiling coming down behind you. You really have no time to spend right now. Idle too long in here, you might get trapped and cooked alive. This is a serious problem.

>Forget the mother, rescure the child
>Try to find some way of relieving the pillar
>Go back out and fetch Momizi

Action? >_
>> No. 14114
[x]Try to find some way of relieving the pillar

I can't help me interpret the options as mother dies, child dies, or they both die.
>> No. 14116
[x] Try to find some way of relieving the pillar
-[x] Call out for Momiji.

Wolf ears, don't fail her now.
>> No. 14118
[x] Try to find some way of relieving the pillar
-[x] Call out for Momiji.

This is why I wanted to send in both.
>> No. 14119
[x] Try to find some way of relieving the pillar
-[x] Call out for Momiji.
>> No. 14120
[x] Try to find some way of relieving the pillar
-[x] Call out for Momiji.
>> No. 14123
[x] Try to find some way of relieving the pillar
-[x] Call out for Momiji.

Should have gone together...
>> No. 14124
[x] Try to find some way of relieving the pillar
-[x] Call out for Momiji.

Somehow, I saw this coming a mile off. Satoshi isn't exactly a complete wimp...but seriously...going by himself? Really? I can't even think of a crazy and improbable but possibly crazy enough to work decent write-in to alleviate this. But anon is anon.
>> No. 14131
And their "We're manly men rushing to help the weak youkai wommenz OOOORRRRAAAAHHHH!" when facts are between the two, Momiji outclasses him in every way.

I suspect the whole Satoshi going in first being the good idea must have been a troll.
>> No. 14132

Actually it's believing that Satoshi can handle things on his own when he should have brought Momizi with him that screwed anon. Not sure why no one felt convinced that they shouldn't stick together in such a situation. Especially now with the discovery of two lives at stake, which depending on what happens now, one may be already lost before an attempt is made.
>> No. 14133
That's just your view; point is Momiji should have been the main player in such a thing due to her Tengu advantages. And maybe we had someone outside as to help coordinate efforts when the other villagers arrive.
>> No. 14135
With all the cards face up, suddenly everyone is a poker player.

[x] Go get the kid
-[x] Call out for Momiji so she can get the mother.
>> No. 14136
>You rush over to the doorway, the pillar is massive, you instantly realize you're definitely in no shape to get it out of the way.

>you can't see yourself getting this pillar out of the way as you are now.

Huge pillar. House is burning. Not superhuman, let alone have the strength TO move this pillar. Time is of the essence here, let's not waste it in futility.

[x] Go get the kid
-[x] Call out for Momiji so she can get the mother
>> No. 14137
[x] Go get the kid
-[x] Call out for Momiji so she can get the mother.
>> No. 14140
[x] Go get the kid
-[x] Call out for Momiji so she can get the mother.

Well... this is mess for a supposely light hearted story.
>> No. 14141
[x] Go get the kid
-[x] Call out for Momiji so she can get the mother.
>> No. 14142
[x] Go get the kid
-[x] Call out for Momiji so she can get the mother.
>> No. 14144
File 12672766558.jpg- (130.92KB , 1000x800 , 5f99cd0bc011be4505eaaf0f2f8cff6b.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Go get the kid
>Call out for Momizi so she can get the mother.

"You wait right here, I'll get someone to help you, just don't do anything rash, okay?" You give the mother words of encouragement, hoping she'll still make it out alive despite you leaving here there temporarily.

You run down the adjacent hall, dodging flames, jutting planks and braving the smoke that threatens to suffocate you. It seems this direction leads deeper into the fire, where it's more concentrated. Gah, if the fire fighters were working on this part, the fire would be easy to control! Talk about bad luck. You want to call out to Momizi to get her to help the mother but over the roaring fire and the house slowly falling apart, you can barely ven hear yourself. You hope Momizi could still hear you with those magnificent ears of hers, but you aren't going to rely on it.

Lucky for you, the door into the child's bedroom isn't barring the doorway. The bad news however, lies in the fact that the flames that now occupy the space it once blocked are much more troublesome. You growl a bit, brace yourself, and charge right through the fire. You manage to get through it without burning yourself much or getting flames you can't put out on your clothes. The bedroom itself appears to be in bad shape, probably thanks to the close proximity of the most intense part of the fire. In the corner, huddling a small, burnt blanket, is a small girl, probably between 4-6 years old, crying and very frightened. You waste no time trying to calm her down, you simply tell her you're going to get her out of this mess and immediately high tail it out of the house.

As you brave the path back outside, you realize it's gotten much worse, the fire isn't letting up at all and the hallway is now more littered with flames, debris and dangerous obstacles all the like. This just means that the house is ready to give up. It can't take it anymore. Time is of the essence now so as you very quickly jaunt your way through the firey path from hell, you keep calling out of Momizi. It's doing you no good though, your voice has become weakened by the smoke trying to overtake your lungs. Breath has become extremely scarce and your energy to yell has run dry, fatigue is starting to set in and you're too busy focusing all your manpower on getting the heck out of there. It's tiring...but you somehow manage out the front door to the surprise and shock of a waiting crowd. Momizi as well parts from her duties to check on you.

"M-Master Satoshi! Are you okay?!" This isn't over, you quickly try to give Momizi her next order.

"M-Momizi! Go in, there's still someone trapped insi-" You're suddenly interrupted by a loud crashing, and the crowd gasping and screaming in horror as the entire house behind collapses in a burning heap. It's over. "...no..."


After a couple minutes, the crowd calms down, and the fire is becoming easier to control now the house has fallen in on itself, covering most of the problem fires. You and Momizi are facing one of the village elders, who has taken custody of the now sleeping orphan.

"Satoshi, what you did may have been quite foolish, but you came out a hero. I'm proud of you." You look down at the ground. You're not quite proud of yourself, to say the least.

"The mother inside...I told her I'd save her too, but..." The old lady shakes her head and gives you a comforting smile.

"Satoshi, the fact that you were brave enough to go in despite the dangers and rescued even one life is commendable enough. You're no youkai, no matter how much you try to be. I think you're old enough now to understand that." You sigh a bit, she is right. If you didn't, you would've tried prying the pillar loose to save the mother yourself. That likely would've resulted in your untimely death. "More importantly though, you saved the most important life...while a child without her mother is indeed sad, a mother without her child is even more pitiful. This child still has a long life left ahead of her, a life she has now because of you. We at the village are humbly grateful for your kind generosity."

As encouraging as the old lady's words are, you're not really satisfied with them.

"Yeah, thanks I guess..." She looks at you, and then decides to change the subject after you clearly show you have nothing more to say.

"Well then, maybe you should go and get yourself patched up. Heroic as you may be, it doesn't protect you from battle scars." You look down at yourself. Your clothes are quite ashy, though it's easily rectified. They weren't burned much, thankfully, they're pretty resilient. Your hands and parts of your arms are singed, though. It's at this point Momizi puts a hand to her chest in a proud gesture.

"Leave it to me, I am trained in basic medical and health procedures." The old lady looks over at Momizi.

"Ah, thank you Momizi. I'm glad you were around to help as well." She then looks back over at you. "Well, as curious as I am to know about this interesting development Satoshi, you should go get yourself treated. I'm glad you have someone as nice as Momizi to take care of you. Though I'd hate to see how your previous girlfriend would react to this, hohoho~" Ugh, you did not need to be reminded of her at this point and time. It's worse yet you had to hear it from dear old granny. Looking at Momizi though, she seems to be looking down with an embarrassed smile, a soft blush tinting her cheeks. She seems pretty flattered by the compliment. It's interesting that the folks here know just as well of her as you do. It's strange, but you've never seen Momizi in the village up until now. Where have you been?

After Momizi obtains a few basic burn treatment supplies from one of the people in the crowd, she sits down with you away from the commotion and starts treating you. The way she handles your wounds are very delicate, quite surprising considering the way she handled the fireplace and chimney earlier.

"You know Momizi, I didn't think you were necessarily popular here in the village." Momizi shakes her head, happily going on about her treatment of you.

"No, that is hardly true. Rather, I am just simply a common visitor these days so socializing with the local townsfolk was inevitable. Miss Higurashi I met on one of my first trips here, and she immediately sensed my intentions. I was pretty surprised, but she seems like a good person." Higurashi would be the elder that just attempted cheering you up. Being one of the oldest surviving members of the village, she's quite well respected, and taught you a lot growing up.

"Yeah, she does have her ways about her, that's for sure. I still can't put my finger on how she can read minds like that." The way she mentioned her sounds almost too accurate, but you can just top it off to the wild gossip that went on while you walked around shamelessly with a mysterious girl under a dark cloak. A firey one at that.

"She mentioned a girlfriend though...are you living with someone at the moment?" Almost as if Momizi read your mind herself, she questions the subject of your current train of thought.

"Oh, no, not really...I just came by with another girl one day and I guess they all got the wrong idea." You look up at the sky, a bit forelornly. "Although, at one point, I was living with her so I guess it wouldn't be too far from the truth..." You look back down at Momizi, who's giving off a worried expression.

"Please forgive me Master Satoshi, I didn't mean to invade on another woman's property. If it's uncomfortable at all, I can find some other place..." Momizi implying you were the property of this woman makes you want to barf, but you hold in your gut urges to vomit to give her an encouraging pet on the head.

"Don't worry about it Momizi, she's went off somewhere to god knows where and she won't be back for a while. It's no problem for me. Besides..." You can't look Momizi in the eye saying the next painful part. "I'm not even sure if she can truly say she loves me back anyways..."

"...I'm so sorry, Master Satoshi..." You look back at Momizi. She's looking down at the ground rather depressed. It's so easy to discourage this girl. How does she put up with Aya? You give her another reassuring pat on the head to make up for it.

"I just said don't worry about it. I've told myself I'd stay strong for her until the day she can give me an answer, and that's what I intend on doing. I know she's already noticed me, so all that's left is waiting for her to settle herself about it." Momizi looks up at you for a few moments before smiling brightly again.

"Then I shall do my best to cheer you on Master Satoshi and help make things easier for you. That's a promise."

"Ahaha...thanks." You're somewhat embarrassed by this gesture. This girl is ridiculously loyal. You suppose that's how she deals with Aya.

Despite her encouragement, you don't see yourself cheering up as you and Momizi continue further into the village. The guilt of not being able to save the mother is still ridden on your heart, but Momizi seems to take notice of this.

"Master Satoshi, is something still on your mind?"

"Ah...just still can't believe I let a life slip by me like that. I feel like I take this village for granted sometimes..."

"Master Satoshi. Please don't let it bother you, you still saved an important life, that is what matters..."

"Yeah, I know..." You give a big sigh. You can't really help it. It's one of those things that time has to take care of, you guess.

"..." Momizi looks down at the ground a bit discouraged by your tone, before deciding to continue on to other things. "Master Satoshi, forgive me for changing the subject, but you seem to be well known by the village yourself." You look up at the sky, rolling your eyes.

"Ugh, yeah. It's weird. It seems like I got more popular when I moved out, somehow. I became known as 'that guy who branched off and lived in the forest alone.'" Momizi tilts her head slightly.

"Are you really that popular...?"

"Not really. I just happen to be more well known then most of the people here, I'm not wildly famous or anything. I'm just one of the popular subjects for rumors."

You're quickly reminded of this fact when you realize that any of the people you happen to walk by are staring at you weirdly...and whispering things about Momizi. You should've suspected this from the start. Not so much as a few minutes passes by without someone questioning your life because you happen to be walking beside an unusual person.

"Master Satoshi, you don't look so well..." You shake your head at Momizi, trying not to think about it right now. Or pay much attention to it, for that matter, as hard as it may be.

"I'm fine. Don't mind me too much." Momizi then walks in front of you and stops, stopping you in the process as she turns to you.

"Then let's decide our first activity! We should do something to get your mind off your current stress."

You suppose she has a point, but the way she says it kind of sounds weird. Hell, why did you come here again?

>Go shopping
>Explore town a little
>Go meet Keine
>Try the bamboo thicket
>Perhaps going home after that excitement is best

Action? >_
>> No. 14145
[x] Go meet Keine
>> No. 14146
[x] Try the bamboo thicket
>> No. 14147
[x] Go meet Keine

I think we screwed that up some... it ceases to amaze me how pigheaded and stupid anon can be at times.
>> No. 14148
Self-criticism? In my THP?
I'm impressed, to say the least.

[x]Perhaps going home after that excitement is best
>> No. 14149
File 126729300326.png- (201.36KB , 704x394 , NOT_AS_PLANNED.png ) [iqdb]
...wow...totally did not see that coming. That one was a hard call.

One of the few times normal physics apply in Gensokyo...good job, anon.

[x]Perhaps going home after that excitement is best

I don't think Satoshi's in any mood to see anyone else right now.

Where exactly was Keine when all this happened, anyway? She's the village protector...
>> No. 14150
[X] Go meet Keine

Get this guilt off your chest now.
>> No. 14151
[X]Go meet Keine
>> No. 14153
[x] Go shopping
>> No. 14154
I wasn't the one who voted for the "HEMAN MANLY CHOICE DURR" Though I admit that perhaps it would have been better if both went in. Still what the heck Sukima, tossing us a curveball in this. I think it might be better to avoid such choices, since it's clear that most of your anon are too dumb to live.

Sorry but last time I checked Satoshi was very human, more so than Marisa and Reimu, and you people had him rushing in leaving the stronger/faster/etc Wolf Tengu outside because "We're men"
>> No. 14155
>I wasn't the one who voted for the "HEMAN MANLY CHOICE DURR"
Oh. Nevermind then.
Guess it really IS easier to see other people's flaws.
>> No. 14156
[x] Try the bamboo thicket
>> No. 14157
[X]Go shopping
-[x]>Go meet Keine

Best get the necessities out of the way, especially if he does not feel like showing himself back at the village for the self guilt-trip again anytime soon. S

peaking to Keine may actually be worthwhile this time around and I doubt she'd go on a lecture considering what had happened.
>> No. 14158
But I do think I should have voted to go in together perhaps.

Seeing Keine would be a nice consoling move, since I'm sure she'd be good at such a thing. She's a teacher in Gensokyo, she might had to tell a kid that daddy got eaten by a Youkai.
>> No. 14159
File 126733355185.jpg- (33.10KB , 500x340 , 128703880333974435.jpg ) [iqdb]


Mind you, I didn't vote for that choice. Not everyone did. I voted to have Momizi go in, at least the pillar would have been no problem for her, plus if there was more than one person, she would have been able to hear them. Both going in would have been the better choice regardless, yes, but what's done is done already, the consensus didn't think that far ahead and this is the end result. Some people actually thought about what could happen. Most didn't. What can you do?

Touche, Sukima. Touche.
>> No. 14173
File 126745419612.jpg- (227.89KB , 500x700 , 305a8f571aac70d827a918fb46e46393.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Go meet Keine

"Well alright then," starting off as you look at Momizi, "let's go see Keine, then. I could probably use her advice in a time like this anyways." Momizi looks back a bit curiously at you.


"Yeah, she's my old teacher. She's rather protective of the village. Though I hope we didn't miss her at the fire that started."

"Well, perhaps we didn't. Let's go check!" You nod at Momizi and the two of you are then off to the school house. The building itself is rather modest. But it's certainly enough for the village given it's size. You definitely feel nostalgic being here but you get that feeling every time you come by, this is where you practically grew up after all.

"Well, this would be the school. It looks empty though." Momizi walks over and just plainly opens the door, however.

"It's open, Master Satoshi."

"Uh, yeah, I can see that. But is that really a good idea...?" Momizi goes inside after you point that out.

"It's a public school, I don't think anyone minds." Well, you suppose that if it really was empty, it would be locked. You go ahead and follow her in anyways.

Inside, the school proves itself to still be strong, many notes, cute drawings and various other things litter the many bullitin boards on the walls. There's not too many classrooms but enough to fit the needs of the village. You still remember Keine's class too.

"Keine! Are you in? Sorry for the intru-"

"Satoshi!!" You're quite taken off guard by the teacher suddenly running up to you as you enter her room, she looks worried sick. "You didn't get yourself hurt did you? What were you thinking going in like that?" You have to take a moment to get your bearings back together, your mind fumbles around for the proper responce.

"Ah, I uh, wha...I mean, w-wait, how do you know?" Keine crosses her arms, looking at you in a scolding way. Oh boy.

"You of all people should know how fast news travels here, Satoshi. I would have came to help but I was about to finish up class so when the news came, I was kept busy trying to settle down the children." She sighs, closing her eyes. "Seriously, Satoshi. You still think you're some sort of super person who can do anything..." You're actually quite hurt by this statement. Being reminded of it so often when not only did it prevent you from saving a life you could've helped but it's also your primary obstacle between you and, well, her. Extending your lifespan is normally a selfish goal, but for you, it's to stay along side another person longer, so they won't be alone anymore. But motives don't change the process...

"Yeah...can we not talk about that...?" Keine looks at you a bit curiously before setting her eyes on Momizi, who happens to be somewhat shyly hiding behind you, peeking out from beside you.

"Who's this, Satoshi?" You look beside yourself, Momizi doesn't look totally embarrassed, but you think that much like you, she was kind of taken by surprise of Keine's sudden approaching too.

"Oh, this is Momizi. A friend's uhh...junior, I guess. She's staying with me until they get things fixed up." When you finish saying this, you look back at Keine only to recieve quite the unimpressed glare.

"Another girl, Satoshi...?"

It's not like you had a choice! Although when she says it like that, you practically feel as if you've turned to stone by the remark. And the glare.

"It...it's not like that. I told you this." Keine sighs a bit again, dropping her arms. You're somewhat thankful, if she pronounced her chest any further then that, you're afraid her eyes might become nonexistant to you.

"Really, Satoshi. I'm sure you're aware of all the rumors floating about..." Guh, you can't take much more of this. The palm of your hand is already draped over your face in the most embarrassing manner. You should've expected to get quite the lecture from Keine after all that's happened.

"Ugh, yes, I know, I know. You don't need to remind me."

"I never got to see the previous one face to face like the others did, but when I heard you were actually living together with another girl, I was very shocked." Great, this again. You've heard it about a million times. "And now you stand before me telling me you're living with another so soon..."

"I told you...it's not like that! I'm just giving them a home because they have nowhere else to go! Do you want me to throw them out into the cold or something?" Momizi looks up at you at this point.

"But Master Satoshi, it is spring, an intolerably cold day during such a season would be rare."

"Wh...why are you speaking up...?"

Keine just ignores most of this and heads back to her desk, sitting back down.

"Alright, if you say so. It's just very odd that these coincidences would start happening like this." You go ahead and walk over to the desk, Momizi in tow, who, thankfully, decided to stop hiding behind you.

"Come on, Keine, do you really think I would chase skirts around that much?" Keine then looks down.

"No, I don't in fact. You were very self reserved the two years I taught you here, Satoshi. I think that's what makes it so surprising." You breathe out a bit. You can't really blame her. She didn't get to watch you become more social thanks to Alice and Marisa. Although, she brings up a good point, reminding you of something Alice told you a while back. There are no coincidences in this world...perhaps Momizi's visit has a much deeper meaning then. Although it's definitely too early to tell what it is.

"So, umm..." In middle of thinking about it, Momizi went ahead and broke the short silence between you and Keine. "You taught Master Satoshi for two years then?"

"Hm? Yes, I did. About a year after he graduated he went to live out on his own in the magic forest. I was very worried but by that time, he was an adult, so there wasn't much I could do."

"Ahaha, yeah, you really liked taking care of me while I was still a student, huh? I still remember the days where I'd call you 'Miss Keine' and such~" Despite the happy reminiscing, you realize you're on the business end of that familiar unimpressed glare again.

"Which brings me to another subject...'Master,' is it?" Keine was never one to let up. She was so highly persistant. In a way, that's what you loved about her. But sometimes it can make things a lot more difficult then they really have to be.

"I...I told you it's not like that."

"Yes! Master Aya simply wished for me to treat Master Satoshi as my superior until my quarters have been reinstated, so I intend on fulfilling those duties until the day I leave!...uh, Miss." Keine giggles a bit.

"Oh, please, you can just call me Keine. No need for formalities. Me and Satoshi have already dropped them ourselves, as you can see." You cross your arms, something's been somewhat bugging you since Keine asked who Momizi was.

"You know, from what I've seen, Momizi is actually kind of well known around the village. I'm surprised neither of you have head of each other." Momizi then looks down.

"Well, the school district was frankly never any of my business so I've never been around to know."

"Hm, well I can't say I've really been around enough to see her myself," Keine adds. "But she seems very polite and nice so I can see why the village would warm up to her." Momizi looks down further, presumably to attempt hiding the blush on her face.

"Th-Thank you." Keine then looks over to you, changing the subject slightly.

"So Satoshi, how long has she been staying with you?"

"Oh, this is the first day, actually." When you finish saying that, Keine is giving you this awkward, pitiful look, it's almost as if she wants to say there's something bad in all this but doesn't quite have the heart to tell you. "Wha...what're you looking at me like that for...?" Keine has to look away, she can't do it.

"Ah...nothing. Nothing at all..." This really bugs you, but Keine continues on and tries pushing it out of the way. "Do you know how long she's going to stay with you?" You blink a bit. Then you look up, putting your hand on your chin. Hmm, you never really gave that much thought.

"Huh, I actually don't think I know..." You and Keine then look over at Momizi, who takes a few moments to realize that she's being stared at, expected an answer.

"Oh! Uhm, well, judging from the amount of damage done, I would say I would be staying with Master Satoshi anywhere between one to two weeks." Keine then looks back at you, but she seems worried now.

"And I'm to assume you're not allowed to know exactly what happened that caused this." You blink a bit, kind of confused, but you answer anyways.

"Uhh...yeah. It's 'classified' I guess." Keine sighs after hearing this, not too thrilled.

"I see...how troublesome..."

"Is...there a problem?" You're not too thrilled either, Keine getting worried usually is more serious then it sounds.

"Well, most likely, I would say." Keine then stands up, and looks at Momizi up and down. She looks a bit uncomfortable being stared at by someone as imposing as Keine but she attempts standing her ground. That's when Keine asks a certain question. "Judging from your clothes, you're a tengu, aren't you?"

"Ah, y-yes, I am." Keine looks back at you again, more worry on her face.

"Satoshi, are you aware of how the tengu work?" This came out of nowhere. You're pretty curious as to what the tengu has to really do with any of this.

"Uhh...well, I got a bit of a crash course when Momizi told me something about the tengu ranks or something like that." Keine closes her eyes, turning away a bit and walking past you.

"The tengu are a very tight group, Satoshi. Not only are they very strict, but they are extremely protective. They're a socialist group, but a very dangerous one, Satoshi. They may seem easy to warm up to at first, but ever dare cross them, your death could be both swift and inevitable." You probably should've expected this, given the massive importance the structure of their community is to the tengu. You suddenly look at Momizi, who's looking down in the most guilt-ridden way. It looks like she wanted to tell you this herself, but couldn't find the time or place to. Or the heart to, for that matter. It must be difficult on her.

"Keine..." You look back at your former teacher. "What should I do then? I have to take care of Momizi, don't I? If I don't..."

"It could mean your life." Keine stands in front of the window peering outside. "On top of all this, they're a very mischeivious and manipulative group. They'll stop at nothing to get what they want. The more involved you get with them, Satoshi, the more they'll try to take advantage of you, and the more you resist, the more you end up risking your life."

"Is it really that bad?" Keine turns and looks at you with a serious look on her face.

"Satoshi, the tengu are among the most notorious youkai in Gensokyo, do not underestimate them for even a second." She then looks down as she crosses her arms, leaning against the wall behind her. "If I had to compare them to another similar group, I'd say they're very much like the Yakuza..."

"The...Yakuza?" Keine looks back at you.

"Yes, they're a group of organized criminals in a book I recently got from the outside world. If you want, I can lend it to you so you can take in more of this subject."

"Uhh, sure, I guess, but..." You look over at Momizi, before putting your attention back to Keine. The poor puppy doesn't look so good after having her very heritage talked about that way. The worst part about it is that she's not denying it. "Can we talk about something else?" Keine puts her arms back down and stands back up.

"Sure thing. What was it you needed?"

>"How have you been?"
>"So uh...anything good about the tengu?"
>"Did you want to come shopping with us, actually?"
>"On second though, I should get going..."
>"...did you grow yet another cup size?"

Action? >_
>> No. 14174
[x]"How have you been?"
[x]"So uh...anything good about the tengu?"
>> No. 14175
[x]"Did you want to come shopping with us, actually?"
>> No. 14176
[x]"How have you been?"
[x]"So uh...anything good about the tengu?"
>> No. 14177
[x]"How have you been?"
[x]"So uh...anything good about the tengu?"
>> No. 14180
[X] "Did you want to come shopping with us, actually?"
[x]"How have you been?"
[x]"So uh...anything good about the tengu?"
>> No. 14185
[x]"How have you been?"
[x]"So uh...anything good about the tengu?"
[X] "Did you want to come shopping with us, actually?"

That last option is tempting, but I'll be good and resist it.
>> No. 14188
>[x]"So uh...anything good about the tengu?"
>[X] "Did you want to come shopping with us, actually?"

guys, guys! Are you not paying any attention..?

Keine essentially trashed on Momizi heritage as well as background; and Momizi didn't even speak up to defend herself or her... I just don't even...

I can't imagine the trip to go shopping together would be absolutely thrilling after that bit; especially for Momizi.

Nonetheless I wouldn't be amazed if anon actually did miss that.

[X]"On second though, I should get going..."
>> No. 14189
I missed that.

[X]"On second though, I should get going..."
>> No. 14190
[x] "On second though, I should get going..."
>> No. 14191
Thing is chances are it's partially true or at least was true.

[x] "I take it you're doing well? If that's so, I guess I'll take my leave now"

Once outside

[x] Apologize to Momiji for that, but make it a point to ask her more sometime as to get reliable information.

I suspect Keine's information isn't the most reliable, and Satoshi doesn't know Momiji enough to try making a point against lumping in the white wolf Tengu with the crow Tengu.
>> No. 14192
[X] "On second though, I should get going..."

That was tactless, Keine.
>> No. 14193

...Shit. Went totally over my head. Had to reread a couple times to see if there was any way at all to save the conversation...and there really isn't. I don't think any pleasantries can be pulled out of this one after all that. Not only is Satoshi now intimidated by the threat of the tengu's wrath, but Momizi has got to be feeling pretty damn low now.


vote change...etc.

[x] "I take it you're doing well? If that's so, I guess I'll take my leave now"
[x] Apologize to Momiji for that, but make it a point to ask her more sometime as to get reliable information.
>> No. 14194
[X] "On second though, I should get going..."

>> No. 14195
My reaction in the end: WHAT THE HELL, KEINE!?

Even though they might have been infamous pre-gensokyo, as far as I can tell, the Tengu are among the best behaved Youkai, with the worse that happens being Aya acting up. This reeks more of someone being overprotective than anything logical. But I wonder what kind of overprotective? Keine might be jealous of all the youkai hogging up his time.
>> No. 14196
>Not only is Satoshi now intimidated by the threat of the tengu's wrath...

We, nor Satoshi, don't even know if this is even applicable to the Tengu in Gensokyo, let alone to someone such as Aya. Not to mention aside from the rather 180 perspective on the Tengu in terms of their sociability but Keine's reputation as a teacher that is rather adamant on history lessons...

This anon believes that there's no way Keine would blatantly make such statements so readily, especially considering some actually do business within the village.

I'm betting there's an ulterior motive much like >>14195 is mentioning.

geez Satoshi, make new friends and suddenly you're an asshole; first Marisa now Keine as it seems...
>> No. 14197

Meant to say "Aya and Momizi" in there but didn't want to lose my train of thought; not to mention the pw is fucked on me and I can't delete it.
>> No. 14198
File 126750101450.jpg- (238.52KB , 800x1129 , Keeeeeineeee.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Keine might be jealous of all the youkai hogging up his time.

A challenger appears?

Because if so, I am so down with it.
>> No. 14199
Then again, Keine isn't exactly known for being too friendly to youkai to begin with...seeng as she does protect the village from them.
>> No. 14200
[x] "I take it you're doing well? If that's so, I guess I'll take my leave now"
[x] Apologize to Momiji for that, but make it a point to ask her more sometime as to get reliable information.
>> No. 14201
[x] "I take it you're doing well? If that's so, I guess I'll take my leave now"
[x] Apologize to Momiji for that, but make it a point to ask her more sometime as to get reliable information.


A schoolmarm is ALWAYS fine too, but I think Satoshi's still a bit hung up on Orin. Plus the fact that she just single handedly dismantled Momizi's confidence may not leave too good a taste in hs mouth about her now.
>> No. 14202
I remember the next stop is the shrine. I'm sure Reimu will be much nicer about this than Keine was. Sure she might go about kicking the crap outta Youkai when they act up, but otherwise she's willing to serve tea to any one of her Youkai friends. Let's not forget that she took care of Okuu for Satori.

Marisa isn't an easy to get along with person at times. Just ask Patchouli, Reimu and Alice. But you're correct on the matter since

The general line of thought towards Youkai in the village is to treat them as if they were your elders, i.e. respect. It's one thing to actually refer to actually troublesome Youkai as such, but another to do that to well-behaved youkai like Momiji. Her response actually reeks of ignorance, something very unbecoming in a teacher.

Yeah there's more affection between him and Orin. He may be physically attracted to Keine, just that he can't stand her long bouts of talking. And this little scene did nothing to help her opinion. Perhaps if this was a more general story Pre-Orin I'd be rooting for Keine.
>> No. 14203
[x] "I take it you're doing well? If that's so, I guess I'll take my leave now"
[x] Apologize to Momiji for that, but make it a point to ask her more sometime as to get reliable information.

This seems like a logical departure. Any sort of conversation after this will be overshadowed by awkwardness for both Satoshi and Momizi. Keine crossed the line regardless of whether it's true or not.
>> No. 14205
>"I take it you're doing well? If that's so, I guess I'll take my leave now"
>Apologize to Momizi for that, but make it a point to ask her more sometime as to get reliable information.

"Well," you start off with, giving Keine a bit of a stern look, "you seem to be doing well otherwise. I think I'll actually take my leave now. Come on, Momizi." You turn back around, heading to the door, Momizi seems to hesitate a bit before catching up to you.

Keine sighs a bit sorrowfully at Satoshi's leave, watching him walk out the door. She doesn't say anything but to herself when he's gone,

"I hope I wasn't too hard on them..."

You leave the school house with a deep sigh. Much good that did, you thought Keine might cheer you up after what's happened, but this whole trip out here has been nothing but trouble ever since you got to the village. Well, first thing's first, you need to reconcile Momizi after the terrible blow she just recieved.

"Hey, Momizi...I'm really sorry about the way Keine talked like that..." Momizi shakes her head and looks down.

"No, it is quite alright...it is true that the tengu don't have the best reputation here in Gensokyo. Besides, she was right about one thing at the least..."

"Huh? What's that?" Momizi then stops to turn to you, causing you to do the same.

"Master Satoshi...please promise me that you won't ever make the tengu angry. The things they do..." She looks down a bit afraid. "The consenquences are worse then death..." You're a bit surprised Momizi actually came out and told you this, so as a reward, you pet her on the head for a short while.

"I won't Momizi, it's a promise. Thanks for looking out for me." Momizi smiles up at you after you finish patting her head.

"Well then, what's next on our agenda, Master Satoshi?"

Part of you wants to go home, this whole trip has been nothing but a disaster, but there may be some way to save it. Though the question of how much Keine said was true or not still lingers on in your mind...

>Take some time shopping
>Maybe exploring around the village a bit
>The bar should be open by now
>It's late, time to head home

Action? >_
>> No. 14206

[X]Screw it, take some time shopping.

Got to get something done! Even if it's just a few items; essential or not.

Can't possibly go wrong now!
>> No. 14207
[X]The bar should be open by now

After all that's happened Satoshi needs a way to relax.
>> No. 14208
[X]The bar should be open by now
Get drunk already
>> No. 14209
[X]Screw it, take some time shopping.

I don't think getting drunk is a good idea, more so if Momiji ends up drunk. It wouldn't do to end up waking up to Momiji in a fashion less than decent. I'd figure do something productive and get going.

>"I hope I wasn't too hard on them..."

I wonder if this would mean she'd apologize sometime or not, since Part of me would hate to have things continue on such a note.
>> No. 14210
[X]Screw it, take some time shopping.

This should salvage our evening by serving as a pleasant distraction. Getting drunk does the same thing, but heading to the bar with Momizi would cause more rumors to spread, good or bad.
We should definitely get a straight answer out of Aya the next time we see her.
>> No. 14211
[X]The bar should be open by now

Nothing can possibly go wrong.
>> No. 14212
It's thinking akin to just this that resulted in a child losing his mother. Try to think with your brains, folks.

Definitely a must, since it might be motivation for Aya to clean up her act some.
>> No. 14214
I wonder... if the reason why Aya had to disappear suddenly is because she did something to piss off the Tengu higher-ups?
>> No. 14215
Her mother, I'm certain.

And I was joking, this time at least. My italicized invoking of an ages old cliché ought to have given that away.

Not changing my vote, though. It probably won't win, so there's no harm in having some fun.
>> No. 14216
Dunno, but the reason why Momiji was dropped off at Satoshi's step was due to the Tengu area being wrecked by something.

[X]Screw it, take some time shopping.
>> No. 14218
[X]The bar should be open by now

You all are pussies.
>> No. 14219
It's called using our brains in a story where certain things have a habit of going wrong. And drinking never solved any problems, instead it just makes more problems.
>> No. 14220
[X]The bar should be open by now
>> No. 14221
[x] Screw it, take some time shopping.
>> No. 14222

What? Things went wrong maybe twice, one of which was very clearly your own fault, and you instantly blame it on the story?

Next thing we know, Satoshi will hole himself up in his room for fear of the plant demon that nearly killed him once. Because you can't be arsed taking any chances simply because ONE THING WENT WRONG.
>> No. 14224

Though I myself would word it less harshly, I find myself in agreement with this good gentleman's point.
>> No. 14225

That's definitely a slippery slope. Rational caution can go a long way in these stories.
>> No. 14226
[X]The bar should be open by now
>> No. 14227
[X] Screw it, take some time shopping.

I don't understand Anon's facination with drunken main characters.
>> No. 14228

Pretty much this. It's our own fault this happened because we chose a fairly dumb option. Blaming the story (by which I'm fairly sure you mean the author) because you screwed up is ridiculously stupid.

However, I also voted to go shopping. Not because things in this story 'have a habit of going wrong', hurr durr, but because personal experience has told me that going out to get drunk just after something traumatic happens is a pretty bad idea.
>> No. 14229
I read the Orin story, and saw that things work out akin to a harem anime at times. So going to the bar would result in something that would cause people to jump to conclusions. That's on top of the fact drinking on a day like this rarely leads to anything good or productive.
>> No. 14230
[x] Screw it, take some time shopping.

This will do.
>> No. 14231
[x] Screw it, take some time shopping.
>> No. 14233
File 126762840948.jpg- (875.77KB , 1250x1050 , 6925f6a29e87ad0ee288604a103b66a6.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Screw it, take some time shopping

Eh, screw it. May as well keep going down the road and see where else it leads. It's already brought you past the landfill and the sewers, it couldn't possibly take you anywhere worse.

"Well, we haven't done much apart from get involved in an ugly disaster we couldn't do anything about and get scolded by my teacher, though the latter I should've thoroughly expected..." Really Keine, years later you're still as strict as ever.

"Are you still hung up about not being able to save the mother...?" Momizi is looking at you worried again. You can't take it anymore.

"No, no, don't worry about it, re-" You stop yourself quickly in your tracks when you realize Momizi has taken one of your hands and gives you a determined look.

"Master Satoshi, what you did very admirable and even though you failed to save a life, you made the right choice and saved the one most important. While it would've been nice to save both, if you weren't there Satoshi, both of them might have died, so please, cheer up. You're a hero!"

You're very flattered. And quite embarrassed, to be honest, but that's mainly because Momizi had the nerve to grab your hand like this in public. Again, not looking good.

"Ahaha," you erk out a nervous laugh, taking your hand back and giving the suggestion, "let's just go shopping, eh?" Momizi seems puzzled at your reaction, but agrees nonetheless.

The shopping goes along quite nicely. The first place you two visit is the food market. The day has started to get a bit later so the rush has died down. The merchants, whom you're well accquainted with by this point, happily greet you and of course, make absurd comments about your new visitor, whom you're quick to deny as such. But at least this time said visitor isn't making embarrassing and infuriating jabs at you about this. Momizi just more or less acts embarrassed, at least, at first. Until she realizes this is quite normal for you.

"Ahh, sorry Momizi, that one was a real perv about it..."

"Ah...no...it was no trouble..."

"Uhh...are you okay, Momizi?"

"Yeah...I didn't know Master Satoshi's life was so tiring at times..."

"...tell me about it."

Your money on hand is somewhat short so you didn't get much, apart from a couple snacks you and Momizi might want later. You're pretty set on food. The market has many other things to buy anyways. Stopping by one of the popular grill stands you and Momizi of course get a couple small morsels to satisfy the short term hunger gained from walking. Though another disaster was averted when upon realizing the chef was in fact a bird youkai, Momizi's instincts to chase her like a silly dog nearly kicked in. You keep forgetting that as human as these people act, they're all still youkai. Or maybe you just wanna have more faith in them then that. You still can't get the image of her cleaning herself in such an awkward way out of your head.

After all this, you take your final stop at your favourite trinket store. You were considering stopping by the bar and seeing if Momizi would have a couple drinks with you, but you've learned your lesson; As much as you like to let loose and give a couple swigs of the stuff yourself, you've come to realize that some youkai just seriously can't hold their alcohol...never again...

"Ooh, Master Satoshi, can I really look around? This shop is interesting!"

"Sure, go ahead. I'm always amazed at what neat stuff this place picks up from time to time so I think I'll take a look around too."

"Thank you very much!" Momizi gives a quick bow and eagerly runs inside to check out all the assorted things the shop has to offer.

This shop is somewhat important to you now. Last winter, you met a certain shrine maiden named Reimu Hakurei here. It wasn't the first time you saw her, and certainly wouldn't be the last. You made a little charity 'donation' to her in exchange for some info on good places to get some cheap food. She also gave some vague advice you still haven't quite gotten to this day you think. But it was later that she told you she had saved your dearly beloved's life for your sake, and you've been thankful ever since. Part of you feels that if you hadn't made that little notion of charity to her that day, things might be different. But then, maybe they wouldn't have. As much as the red and white girl puts up a strong front, you've seen recently that she does indeed have a nice, peaceful side to her that you hope to see more of.

Oh, right. Trinkets! You nearly forgot. You take a quick look outside and see that you and Momizi have spent most of the day looking around the shops and talking to the merchants. It's sunset right now. If you wanna make it back before dark, and you most certainly definitely do, then you better make this a bit quick. Looking around though, you disappointingly see that the inventory hasn't changed much since your last visit. No cool things to ask the shop keep about. He always has so many interesting stories to tell you about the various things he gets. He's pretty laid back, unlike a similar shop owner in the forest you live in, but you won't go there.

Thinking about it, Momizi did a spectacular job on the fireplace and chimney. She got a lot of tiring work done for you and even made it look a lot better then you ever could have. She could continue to prove her worth too further more then that, she's rather handy with those tools. It'd be prudent of you to get her a present to express your thanks. There's nothing of immediate value that sticks out to you however. You could always hold off on the present until later, or just give her small things as time goes by, starting now. It's a bit of a difficult decision, but if you really want to show her your thanks, you should probably choose wisely.

>Get Momizi a hairpin
>Get Momizi a brush
>Get Momizi a ball
>Get Momizi a pair of wooden swords
>Go see what she's looking at first

Action? >_
>> No. 14235
[X] Go see what she's looking at first.

I have this weird notion in the back of my head that Momiji is going to try to... service us tonight, on the grounds that Miss Aya told her that it was her responsibility as our guest. Something non-canonical for /at/ perhaps?
>> No. 14236
>Something non-canonical for /at/ perhaps?

A double heaping of Rin wasn't enough, eh? :V
>> No. 14237
[X] Go see what she's looking at first.

She might want something more than those ideas.
>> No. 14238
[X] Get Momizi a pair of wooden swords
[X] Go see what she's looking at
-[X] Ask her if she could teach you a bit of swordplay one day.

Satoshi needs to toughen up and learn how to defend himself should another youkai attack him. Besides, there are only 4 known sword users in the Touhouverse, and we're with one of them. Who better to learn from?
>> No. 14239
[X] Go see what she's looking at first.
Short answer: No.
Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
>> No. 14240
[X] Go see what she's looking at first.
>> No. 14241
[X]Go see what she's looking at first

What could be interesting to her I wonder...
>> No. 14242
[X]Go see what she's looking at first
>> No. 14243
[X] Go see what she's looking at first.

Never enough.
>> No. 14260
You guys are such an insatiable bunch.

>Go see what she's looking at first

Well, you want to get something for Momizi, but maybe you should go check out what Momizi is interested in herself, before getting anything yourself. You have a couple vague ideas on what she'd want, but it would be best to get the opinion first hand. After all, it's not like you know her very well at this point and time. You pass up on the area you were exploring and start looking for Momizi. She seems to have moved further towards the entrance of the store and is looking around, closely examining each item. She seems to be capable of putting tons of focus into something, that's for sure.

"Hey Momizi, have you found anything you liked?" Momizi looks at you before smiling a bit.

"Oh, yes. There are so many interesting things here I like, I might have to come by sometime later when I have my own money." Hmm, that won't do at all. You really feel like considering getting her a present now if that's the case.

"Huh, anything here you particularly wanted?"

"I'm not really sure...I'll have to think about it next time I come over. Shall we get going though? It's getting a bit late." ah, but...the present...you haven't decided... "Master Satoshi?"

"Ah...yeah. Alright. Let's go."

And so, you and Momizi leave the shop empty handed. You hate to admit it, but Momizi is right. Any more idle time in that shop and it'd be dark before you get home, which would've meant a serious danger to you and Momizi having to walk around the infested forest at night where predators make their hunting times. Still though, it would've been nice to get her something...but it'll have to wait until later. Maybe it'll have a better selection then. Today is just quite the miserable day.

You and Momizi leave the village with little fuss. The sunset casting a soft orange glow through the forest as you and Momizi enter. Inside, it's already quite dark but the illumination of the golden brown sky still lights your way, so there isn't much trouble on the way back, thankfully. The whole day after you left was kind of a mess though, getting involved in a massive disaster, getting yourself hurt, failing to save someone, getting the cold end of Keine, being poked at by the merchants, nearly causing a riot at the yakitori stand and now you've failed to even get Momizi something. What a let down this all was. You would've had better luck going to Marisa's or something.

"Uhm...Master Satoshi?" You snap out of your temporal train of thought and look over at Momizi, who suddenly decided to start a conversation while you walked through the forest.

"Ah, yeah, Momizi?"

"I just wanted to say that...I'm very thankful for you taking me out to the village today. I'm usually alone whenever I leave the mountain so today was a nice breath of fresh air. Thank you." Momizi says all this with a kind hearted smile. Even if she did kinda say this just to cheer you up, it worked to say the least.

"Momizi...haha, I should be thanking you. I don't think I've really met anyone as kind and polite as you are."

"Oh! Uh...thank you for the compliment then."

Man, you could get used to this.

The sun has just about completed it's set once you arrive home. What a tiring day. You flop down on the lo...err, couch, that is, and rest up a bit.

"Ahhh, it's nice to be home." Momizi looks down at you from behind the sofa.

"Yes, it is. But we should consider cooking dinner very soon. It's getting late."

"Huh...I guess you're right."

>Tell Momizi to wait at the table, you'll get it ready soon
>Help Momizi with dinner
>Let Momizi cook it

Action? >_
>> No. 14261
>You guys are such an insatiable bunch.

I find it very hard to believe you weren't already aware of this.

[x]Help Momizi with dinner

Letting her cook will probably just result in something unappetizing, but she probably won't want to let us do all the work, so...
>> No. 14262
[x]Help Momizi with dinner

giving her some pointers. I wonder what the next day will bring in terms of ways to screw things up.
>> No. 14263
>Help Momizi with dinner
>> No. 14264
[x]Help Momizi with dinner
>> No. 14265
File 126777166518.jpg- (552.54KB , 752x1062 , Feasting on Momi.jpg ) [iqdb]

[X] Have Momiji for "dinner."
>> No. 14266
[X] Help Momizi with dinner
>> No. 14267
[X] Help Momizi with dinner

I wonder what's for dinner...?
>> No. 14270
>Help Momizi with dinner

You go ahead and get yourself up off the seating receptacle and look at the willing wolf tengu.

"Alright, let's get started then." Momizi just blinks for a moment before realizing what you mean.

"Oh, you don't have to worry, Master Satoshi! I can cook easily on my own." You can't help but shoot her quite the unimpressed look once she says that.

"Yeah but from what I tasted earlier, it's certainly not the best." Momizi ends up looking to the side rather embarrassed.

"I've only had to cook for myself for a long time since the tengu has other ranks to do such a job..."

"These tengu ranks..." You're quite determined to know more about these tengu that Momizi is a part of. Not because you're curious, but you feel you should know just what you're getting yourself into. "They certainly take them seriously, huh?"

"Yes, as mentioned earlier today, any tengu that happens to step out of line could be punished by death, depending on the severity of the action."

"How severe would it have to get in order for death to be a valid punishment?"

"Well, the lower in the chain of ranks you are, the easier it is to do...expressing more superiority then you have is an easy ticket to hell..." That makes sense. Even among certain clans of humans, that kind of thing could get you killed. "As well, if you don't do your job adequately enough, often times the higher ups will just simply execute you instead of throwing you away. It's a self defense measure so that the one that was 'fired' doesn't make off with their secrets in revenge."

"The tengu sound pretty rough. Do they have to really worry about that to such an extent?"

"A lot of tengu, particularly those of high rank, can be quite mischievous and vengeful. While they're very socialable, angering them is one of the worst things you could do, because they have a large penchant for revenge. They'll take it out on people by spreading awful rumors that are said to become the wind itself." Thinking about it, it doesn't seem all that bad. That's already a current reality for you.

"Really, is that all?"

"A lot of the stronger tengu have control over the winds...as such, it's difficult to defeat them even in a fair fight. Some of them can be brutal enough to not mind killing outright..."

"Yeah, I can see that."

"...I'm sorry."

"Uh, don't be. I'm probably just getting the wrong idea."

"No..." Momizi seems to be looking down in a depressive mood now. "The tengu are good people, they really are, it's just...I..." Momizi's eyes shut tight, her mind battling itself furiously, it seems. "I don't know what I'm trying to say..."

Momizi is really trying to fight with the realization that maybe the people who raised her for the past century or so aren't as good as she's been constantly making them out to be in her mind. Maybe the thought of being separated from them so long has gotten to her, though it happened awfully quick. Must not have been a very strong barrier keeping it sealed in that case. You can't really imagine what kind of other torture her poor little head is putting her through, but you're really not about to let it continue. You walk over and put a hand on her head to try and comfort her. When she looks up at you, you try to give her the warmest smile you muster.

"Then don't think about it, okay? Let's just make dinner and forget it."


It isn't long before you and Momizi are making a large helping of udon noodles. Throughout the cooking, you try to instruct her on how to give it a unique flavor and cook it better, but you can't help but worry as you've easily seen that while Momizi isn't necessarily showing any depression anymore, she isn't really focusing much on the task at hand. She seems to have something on her mind distracted her from actually fully enjoying the activity. This becomes readily apparently the moment Momizi squeaks out a painful squeal and start sucking on her finger. It looks like she cut her finger instead of the green onions she was preparing.


"Geez, Momizi..." You reach up on top of the strange white monolith that produces ice and fetch some small bandages. You keep some up there in case you ever made that kind of mistake yourself. It's happened. "You should be more careful."

"I'm so terribly sorry Master Satoshi, it won't happen again." You hold a hand out.

"Come on, lemme see it." Momizi seems genuinely confused and puzzled for a moment before taking her finger out of her mouth and giving you her hand. Once you start applying the bandage though Momizi begins to studder.

"A-Ah, n-n-no, Master S-Satoshi, I can do it myself..."

"No need, I already got it covered. See? It's not the best way to treat a wound but it's a small cut so as long as you keep it covered that alone should be fine." Momizi stares at her finger for a while before looking back up at you.

"You...aren't going to scold me?"

"Eh? I told you to be more careful, didn't I? Isn't that all that needs to be said? It's a mistake, it happens sometimes."

You and Momizi exchange the most awkward of eye contact for a few moments. You can't really grasp what she's thinking.

"...ah, uhm...thanks I guess. I'm not sure what to say honestly..." What a coincidence, you think you're out of things to say too.

"Uhh...is it really that big of a deal?"

"Well...discipline is very important to the lower ranks of tengu, particularly my own. Regardless of who I was with, I was taught very strictly. I suppose I'm...not really used to being instructed without such a motivation..."

The look on her face stays stoic, so it's difficult to grasp how she feels about this. You can't tell if she's happy or sad about this...or what. You'll have to fire in the dark and hope for the best if you intend on judging her feelings about this. You would ask, but in all honesty, she doesn't look like she even knows herself, probably the most confusing part of this exchange...

>Step it up; you've learned strict from Keine
>Continue as normal, stay easy on her
>Maybe a little more discipline wouldn't hurt..
>See how Momizi does on her own
>Order her to sit this out for now

Action? >_

I might not update this weekend. I have a lot of things happening. If I do, I'll try to update my /border/ story but if productivity isn't shining on me then I'll probably update this instead.
>> No. 14271
[x]Continue as normal, stay easy on her
FUCK the Tengu. Those elf-eared suckers can go die in hell.
>> No. 14273
[x]Continue as normal, stay easy on her.

It's an innocent mistake, and this is akin to a vacation to her, let's have it be like this. And we can tell her we're not Tengu so we won't be so strict.
>> No. 14274
[x] Continue as normal, stay easy on her.
>> No. 14275
[x]Continue as normal, stay easy on her.
>> No. 14276
[X] Continue as normal, stay easy on her

Poor Momi ;_;

Being strict with her will NOT help us at all.
>> No. 14279
[X]Continue as normal, stay easy on her
>> No. 14328
[X]Continue as normal, stay easy on her
>> No. 14357
[X]Continue as normal, stay easy on her
>> No. 14383
Take it Easy
>> No. 14440
File 126840819780.jpg- (191.51KB , 472x657 , 25a21f14870a6299fd307033825e42d8.jpg ) [iqdb]
Did I say weekend? Apologies if this update seems a hell of a lot crappier then usual; I usually don't write unless I feel into it, so that I can produce the upper bound of my quality, but I haven't been able to feel that for a week now...I need to do something about it. This is my attempt.

>Continue as normal, stay easy on her

Well, don't fix what isn't broken. It may be, but you don't know that yet, so it'd be dangerous to change now before you really know anything. Besides, even so...being hard on this little pup? You couldn't imagine it. You were unsure about this whole tengu business up until this point, but if someone as innocent as Momizi gets scolded so often, they have to be bad news.

"Well don't worry about it, focus on the meal at hand, huh?" Momizi looks at you and smiles a bit.


You didn't really bother asking her any further about what was distracting her. You already felt you knew; The race that she had been raised apart of for so long she might be having doubts about. It's like believing your parents are kind hearted up until someone finally gets you to see that they're participating in potential crimes or something, and not of any good intent. You want to still say they're good, but at that point, you might be fooling no one but yourself.

Your confidence in your relationship with a certain other girl takes a bit of a hit.

The dinner itself turned out alright. It was filling and still delicious. Momizi stayed quiet throughout most of the eating, but you could tell it was because she was being rather polite. Afterwards, she wouldn't stop thanking you for teaching her how to cook better. She said she couldn't wait to try some of the techniques out on her own, though you feel she still has a while left to go. It's a bit comforting though, knowing you've made an impact on her life already. No more will she have to go through eating bland meals back at the mountain when she has to cook for herself.

A couple or so hours later, you're laying across the lo-...c-couch. Yeah. You're also reading a book, quite lazily at that. You can't really find yourself getting into it. It has such an absurd plot, a school girl making friends with a shinigami? It's just not nearly as good as the previous book the author wrote, you feel. Maybe you should've taken that book Keine offered you. You kinda left in a huff and didn't give her much chance. Ah...now you're kinda feeling bad about it. You might have to apologize to her later, but you wish she wouldn't be so stuck up. Though...it was very unusual. She was pretty rude, talking like that in front of Momizi. She normally never does that though...suspicious.

Speaking of Momizi, she's been outside for a while. Shortly after dinner she tried letting herself out. You had to stop her to warn her of the impending dangers of wandering about the forest at the dead of night. You would never do that in a million years, not during this season anyways. She told you it was okay though and she only wanted to sit outside. She can take care of herself in battle against other youkai anyways. You find it odd, but it's probably something you don't understand, she's been more or less 'guarding' the mountain for so long you suppose she just feels the need to continue guarding something, even if it's just a timid little house in a forest.

As you get up off the cou-love se-...couch, you hear Momizi welcoming herself back into the house. Your general worry overcomes you somewhat.

"Hey Momizi. Isn't it really cold out?" Momizi shakes her head as she comes into the living room.

"No, not at all. Besides, even if it were, I am accustommed to such cold weather. I believe I'm going to retire soon, though."

"Huh, good timing. I was thinking just the same thing. I can't get into this book so I might as well drift off into my own little dreamland into more interesting stories." Your dreams were always rather interesting. You remember having one where you were awkwardly trying to decide whether or not you should masturbate using a piece of cloth you picked up from a shrine maiden...

"Ah, then would this be a good time for you to introduce me to your bedroom then?"

"Oh...I guess I never did show you my bedroom, huh?"

"It would be nice to see where my sleeping quarters would be too."

...oh. Shit. The silence is kinda piercing until Momizi questions that weird look on your face.

"M-Master Satoshi...I...I do have sleeping quarters, right?"

"...eheh. Ahahahahaha!"

You couldn't help but laugh in the most nervous, awebreaking manner. Momizi starts laughing with you for a bit too until you have to break it to her.


"Mmm, I had thought that you had an extra bed to use considering you've had a guest staying here before. My apologies for not bringing it up earlier." It's not like you could've helped it. It just so happens that your lo-...lo-...c-...couch? Yeah. Your couch saw quite a lot of use back then. But this is now. "Well, I do not mind sleeping on the floor then. Please excuse me."

"W-Wait, what? Now hold on just a minute, I'm not letting you sleep on the floor, you're bigger then that. Besides, wouldn't you catch a cold or something?" Momizi looks at you a bit disappointed.

"Master Satoshi, I am a youkai. A wolf tengu, furthermore. I would not succumb that easy, nor is this not a forgein concept to me. I am quite used to it."

Ugh...you feel a little disheartened hearing that. Every time you're reminded of the fact that most of your friends are youkai while you remain human, it makes you feel a little disjointed from the world and brings about awkward feelings. Humans and youkai co-existing like this sounds like it's against nature, almost.

"R-R-Right. Sorry. I'm not allowing you to sleep on the floor either way, though."

"Why not?"

"Ah...erhm, because I said so." You give a bit of a stern look to Momizi, or, well, the best one you can manage so late at night and under a pretense like that. Momizi returns a bit of a suspicious look but accepts it either way.

"Alright then. Where shall I be sleeping then?"

>You can sleep on the couch here
>I'll sleep here, you can sleep in my bed
>Anywhere that isn't the floor, you choose
>You can share the bed with me

Action? >_
>> No. 14441
[x] I'll sleep here, you can sleep in my bed

Great update. I was going through update withdrawal.
>> No. 14442
[X] You can share the bed with me.

Everybody is comfortable this way.
>> No. 14443
[x]I'll sleep here, you can sleep in my bed
It seems like 's another all-nighter in that lov- couch.
>> No. 14444
[x]I'll sleep here, you can sleep in my bed
>> No. 14445
[x] I'll sleep here, you can sleep in my bed.
>> No. 14450
[X] I'll sleep here, you can sleep in my bed
[X] Remember to set-up a guest bedroom tomorrow.

Chivalry option.
>> No. 14451
[x]I'll sleep here, you can sleep in my bed
>> No. 14452
[X] I'll sleep here, you can sleep in my bed
[X] Remember to set-up a guest bedroom tomorrow.

I can only hope nothing cliche like Orin coming by to find Momiji in the bed happens.
>> No. 14453
[X] I'll sleep here, you can sleep in my bed
[X] Remember to set-up a guest bedroom tomorrow
>> No. 14472
>I'll sleep here, you can sleep in my bed

"You can sleep in my bed. I'll just sleep out here on the couch."

Predictably, much like last time you said something like this, Momizi doesn't take to well to it.

"W-What? No, that is inexcusable, Master Satoshi. It isn't right for the guest to have more privileges in the master's own home. I won't stand for it."

"Ah but it's still up to my discretion of whether or not you're allowed that, because it's my house, right?" You look at Momizi after saying that. She knows you're right, and as a clear sign that she has no good rebuttal, she's just standing there pouting at you.

But oh god, it works so well!

"Gah, M-Momizi, don't look at me like that, just go to bed."

"Master Satoshi..." You take another look at you. Now she's pouring puppy dog eyes on top of pouting in a cute fashion. Dear lord she's good at this.

"Th-Th-...That's an order. Go. Right now." Momizi just sighs, realizing she doesn't have much choice now but to follow your directions.

"Yes, Master..." You're now left alone in the living room after Momizi retreats into your bedroom.

You wonder if this was the brightest idea. Chivalry is hard to force onto pets.

As you lie awake in the loooouuuch, you contemplate what it would be like to actually have a guest bedroom. It'd be nice, but you're afraid there'd be no room for it. The storage room is what you used to use it as, but you've accumulated so much junk over the years that there's seriously no room for any sort of sleeping recepticle anymore. The most of a guest bedroom you could manage is laying a futon out in the living room or your bedroom, and even then, that's stretching the space a little. Not like you have an extra futon to begin with. You just discard the idea for now and get some sleep. It's not worth thinking about now since it's too late.

The dream you have that night happens to involve an old friend but with something vastly different about them, that changes your life completely. It also makes you reconsider your goals. Also in the dream is someone you've known for a long time revealing a hidden secret to you and someone who didn't used to like you warming up to you out of nowhere.

The dream was very cloudy. You don't remember much of it after waking up. You feel certain that the next night will have a similar dream, however.

You sit up in the love...couch, that is, and give a big yawn while stretching. Not the most comfortable bed in the world, but it still works. Looking out the large window that adorns your living room, you find that it's raining quite hard. The skies are grey and the rain falls with no mercy, pounding on the earth below. As a result, you might have to consider giving the new fireplace another whirl soon.

It's kinda late though. You wonder if Momizi is up. You find it hard to believe she would be one to sleep in, considering her background. You go over to your bedroom and open the door. To your great surprise, pulling the door towards you results in Momizi falling backwards through it and onto your feet. Not only that, but it apparently woke her up to boot.

"Ah...g-good morning, Master Satoshi."

"...why are you on the floor, Momizi?" Momizi picks herself up off the floor and dusts herself off.

"Uh, well, I didn't feel particularly comfortable going around your room without your guidence, so I just...kinda slept here."

Oi, this girl's politeness might just be the end of her one day. It's so much different from what you're used to.

"Uhh, yeah...well it didn't matter to me, my home is your home so..." Momizi just looks down.

"I'm sorry Master Satoshi."

"Hey, don't be sorry, okay? Let's just...forget this."

A couple hours pass. The first half hour is spent making and eating breakfast. You decide to handle it alone this time while Momizi just watches. After that, you get the fireplace set up with a fire as Momizi goes ahead with zome basic chores, starting with washing any dishes and then sweeping the kitchen and entrance area. It seems that she at least can take care of the surrounding area somewhat well. Must be a result of living alone.

"Master Satoshi." She brings you out of your daze of looking out the living room window soon enough. You turn to her, bringing yourself back to reality.

"Ah, yes?"

"Is there anything else I can do? I would wash some clothes but with the weather like this, there would be no place to hang them..."

"Yeah, it's raining quite hard...well hopefully tomorrow will be sunny again."

"Mmm...it would be nice to go out again like yesterday, but with it raining so hard..."

>You have an umbrella, going outside is easy
>Some days are better spent inside, relaxing
>Activities can still be done inside

Action? >_
>> No. 14473
[x] Some days are better spent inside, relaxing.

>> No. 14476
[X]Activities can still be done inside

Going outside is probably not the best idea but poor Momizi would probably get bored if we just relaxed.
>> No. 14479
[X] Activities can still be done inside

We don't want to smell wet do--er, wolf, after all.
>> No. 14487
[X]Activities can still be done inside
>> No. 14496
[X]Activities can still be done inside

I wonder if there's any board games or not.
>> No. 14497
[X]Activities can still be done inside
>> No. 14499
[X] Activities can still be done inside

Ugh, Satoshi orders Momizi to use the bed and she still sleeps on the floor? At this rate, I doubt we'll ever get her to take it easy.
>> No. 14502
File 126850484573.jpg- (151.94KB , 640x480 , Shogi_Ban_Koma.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Activities can still be done inside

"Well, hey, it's not like we can't do anything inside still." Momizi looks up at you curiously.

"Do you have any ideas, Master Satoshi?"

Truth be told, no, you don't. You actually usually relax on rainy days like this.

"Well, I wanna see if you have any ideas first." Momizi looks up for a moment, thinking, before apparently coming up with something.

"Oh! I know!"

About fifteen minutes later, you're sitting in your now moved recliner, waiting for Momizi's move. She's sitting on the opposite end of the table, on the couch, staring at the game board on the table. After careful consideration, she cautiously moves her Lance piece forward. An unusual move, to be sure. Normally one isn't in such a hurry to promote a Lance.

Momizi has talked about her experience and skill in shogi, playing with the kappa to pass the time back on the mountain. You almost forgot you had an old set laying around. Keine really loved shogi, for some reason, so you became somewhat adept at it. But Momizi is one hell of a tough opponent. She knows her way around the board, that's for sure. The first match ended in mere minutes when you completely underestimated her ability. You weren't about to let that happen aga-




"You need to pay more attention to your defenses, Master Satoshi. When you start the game you charge forward hoping to sweep the game early and it leaves you open."

Guh, she reads you like a book. Keine would be hard pressed to match up with Momizi in shogi. Keine's strategy was so defensive though, your attack strategy just sort of came about as a reflection of it, trying to pierce it before she cracked you. Momizi plays differently, so you need to adjust to match it.

Carefully, you make sure your king is protected once more. You're moving your knight into the line of fire, but if Momizi goes ahead with that move, you're free to take her rook as you please. That would be a disasterous move so early in where you can drop it anywhere later in the ga-


Mother fucker.

Momizi did it. She steamrolled your Knight and put her Rook right up in your face. This can't be right. She is smarter then that, right? She's practically handing you her rook. Unless...there's something about this move where there's more then meets the eye. The look on her face is so serious, you can tell she's plotting something. But if you don't take that rook now...what else could you do? Continue letting it take piece after piece? What is she planning?

Man...Keine would be proud of Momizi. She's kicking your ass much like your old teacher did. You need to find some way to change this, that's not the kind of future you want.

[ ] Capture the Rook with the Bishop
[ ] Capture the Rook with the Gold General
[ ] Defend the King with the Gold General
[ ] Let's...play a different game
>> No. 14504
[X] Capture the Rook with the Gold General

It's likely a trap. She's probably expecting you to capture with the bishop, so throw her off by using the gold general instead. If anyone's worried about losing a valuable piece, it's possible to promote the bishop, making it better than the gold general.
>> No. 14506
[x] Capture the Rook with the Gold General
>> No. 14510
[x] Capture the Rook with the Gold General
>> No. 14513
[x] Capture the Rook with the Gold General

I don't know shit about shogi so I'll just jump on the bandwaggon. The reasoning seems good at least.
>> No. 14516
>Capture the Rook with the Gold General

She's probably expecting you to go full force on that rook with your bishop. You'll surprise her by attacking with your gold general instead. You move it to the side, making your opponent's rook yours. With two rooks on your side now, things are looking rather advantageous. Momizi doesn't faulter though, it's almost as if she wanted you to do this. Keh, maybe you made a mistake after all?

After that weird move, Momizi appears to be setting up a castle. But without a rook, she's pretty hard pressed to make a worthwhile defense. This is your chance. You start moving forward, expecting to roll right over her defenses and claim this game as your own. Suddenly though, you realize that Momizi has went ahead and promoted the Lance she moved forward a while back. It's dangerously close to your Bishop now. You can't let such a strong and rare piece get captured. You move it out of the line of fire for now. Until...

"...Master Satoshi. How familiar are you with dropping?" You look at her a bit carefully. What is she getting at?

"Well...Keine typically used dropping a lot as a way to refortify her defenses..."

"I see...dropping is a very important part of shogi. It can be used in any form of strategy. Including..." You realize your grave mistake when she drops your former knight into a position that can capture either your rook or your Bishop near the front lines. "...showing an opponent's grave mistake."

Grave mistake indeed! In attempting to defend your bishop you put both it and your rook in danger of a knight that once belonged to you. The worst part about it is that there's nothing you can do; the knight's unique movement path evades both the bishop and the rook. You can only retreat one at a time too. And then there's the problem of her Lance creeping up on the side of your King.

You still have a rook of your own in hand but if you allow Momizi a rook of her own, she completes her castle and becomes an unmovable object, impenetrable by any force. On the other hand, two rooks are a great commodity but you'll be giving Momizi two bishops and therefore, two unpredictable attackers that can easily put your rather haphazard defenses in serious danger, especially with her promoted lance creeping up the side and an unpromoted one ready to eat any piece that approaches the other side. This is a very tough decision. Momizi practically has you cornered...with a defensive stance, no less. How embarrassing.

>Protect the Bishop
>Protect the Rook
>Protect the King
>Improvise! (write-in strategy)

Action? >_
>> No. 14518
I take it from the lack of responces that Anon doesn't play shogi. Of course, neither do I.

[X] Protect the Rook

Best to prevent Momizi from getting a castle, and if we manage to put her king in check, we'll delay that lance. If Satoshi loses, he can always chaulk it up to playing against an opponent with decades of experience.
>> No. 14520
Not really, then again I think most of the folks are not from Japan.

[X] Protect the Rook
>> No. 14521
Think of Shogi as chess but with a few different pieces and one important difference; dropping.

Basically when you capture a piece, you keep it 'in hand' and later on you can use one of your moves to place it back on the playing field in any vacant spot where it has a legal move and it becomes your own piece after that. You aren't able to move during 'dropping' because the drop itself counts as a move. Once you've placed a captured piece on the board, it's your opponent's turn. There's little restrictions in dropping; you can even checkmate immediately after a drop.

Other then that, it's very similar to chess. Players start with a line of pawns and a few select pieces and the goal is to capture the opponent's king. Check, Checkmate, Stalemate and Perpetual Check are all rules shogi has in common with english chess.
>> No. 14524
[X] Protect the Rook

Good as any.
>> No. 14525
[x] Protect the Bishop
>> No. 14569
[X] Protect the Bishop
>> No. 14575
I dont understand anything but here is my 2 cents:

[x]It is better to lose a valuable piece and prevent your enemy from moving then to save it and have to fight uphill.

If you have to fight when the enemy is fortified, you will lose more troops than when you had prevented it.
(I dont know what piece is attacking what)

Of course it is a gamble.
>> No. 14719
I have no pen, yet I must write.

>Protect the Rook

The Rook is probably more important at this stage and time. You'll lose the Bishop but the Bishop is rather situational at times; you're hoping you can take advantage of it. At least, this is what you think.

Withdrawing your Rook, Momizi's next turn is obvious as she goes right ahead and seizes your helpless Bishop. You feel better on the other hand though because the Rook is an important part of her current strategy, you know this due to how often Keine would use it. Without it, she has a big gaping hole in her defenses. It's just too bad you can't take advantage of it right now, what with one side being hard to move around and the other being threatened by a promoted Lance that you embarrassingly have little pieces for.

The game seems to drag on for a while. Despite lacking a Rook, the barrier she's put up you've found to be more then difficult to pierce. You took a few sacrifices getting rid of her Lance to boot. Eventually, you take a risk to try and break her castle, only to end up losing your Rook and giving her the only piece she really needs to win. Guess what happens?

"Hah! Checkmate!"

You slump backwards into your recliner, sighing. This is more tiring then it should be. You can feel your mind ready to shut down.

"Right, right, you got me. Jeez, you're really into this..." Momizi looks over at you with a bright smile, she really enjoys this.

"I've played Dai Shogi a lot with the local kappa at the mountain so I've become very accustomed to the strategy of it."

"The local kappa...you sound like you're better friends with them then the tengu." Momizi seems a bit surprised by your statement at first, almost as if she hadn't realized it herself.

"Huh? Uh...well, I guess you'd be right I suppose. The tengu will sometimes have coming togethers but since I'm on guard duty very often, I tend to chat with the kappa much more then any tengu that's not a white wolf tengu..."

"The white wolf tengu huh..." Momizi smiles a bit shyly at you, pressing her arms together in front of herself.

"Yes, they're the race I was born from...we're a very tight group. They're like family to me. One day I would like to introduce you to them." Hmm, she sounds very happy talking about the white wolves in the tengu race. It might just be other tengu that she's not treated well by, or even just the crows. All tengu can't be bad in that case.

"Alright then." You say with a smile. "I'd be happy to meet some tengu that aren't like Aya. They sound like a good bunch." Momizi looks down, she looks rather disappointed, but still trying to keep her previous smile up. Aya is her assigned upperclassman, and yet she seems so unsure of her at times...you can't tell much yourself.

You really wanna know more about the tengu. But what kind of questions should you and should you not ask? And how would you go about asking them? The tengu seem to be a very sensitive subject to Momizi...it'd be good if you skirted any issues with them for the time being, and just get the necessary details.

>Ask more about the white wolves
>Ask more about Momizi's superiors
>Ask more about the mountain itself
>Ask if Momizi really enjoys it there
>No questions for now

Action? >_
>> No. 14720
>Ask more about the white wolves

Talking about the white wolves seems to cheer her up. Lets go with that.
>> No. 14721
[X] Ask more about the white wolves
-[X] Then ask about the mountain in general

It'll keep the discussion flowing just in case we run into an awkward point in the conversation about white wolves. I don't think Satoshi has been there yet.
>> No. 14722
>Ask more about the white wolves

Agreed. Doesn't have to be in depth stuff.
>> No. 14725
>Ask more about the white wolves
>> No. 14726
[X] Ask more about the white wolves
-[X] Then ask about the mountain in general
>> No. 14727
[X] Ask more about the white wolves
-[X] Then ask about the mountain in general

Curious as to how this Momiji will turn out.

Since from what's said in DS, she's very loyal and dillegent in terms of serving the great Tengu, but tends to fight with Aya. Not sure if this last part is recent or not. But I can't exactly blame the girl
>> No. 14728
>Ask more about the white wolves
>Then ask about the mountain in general

"Uhh...s-so about your family then." You try to change the subject in quick haste, having humored the thought long enough. You don't wanna see Momizi mop about like that anymore. "What's the rest of the white wolves like?" Momizi looks up at you a bit curious as to why you're asking, it seems, but she answers dutifully.

"Well, being the people I grew up with, of course I feel an attachment to them...like most of the other tengu, they're really out going and social. Though they're not really as openly mischievous as the rest. They're a lot more proud though. As a white wolf, I was trained and disciplined among their ranks and taught to execute and fulfil my duties to any and all extents. It was my very race that taught me all the obedience and loyalty I know now, as well as my determination and perseverence." Momizi's speech about her heritage went on for a while, but to you, it didn't seem like long enough. You really should meet these people in person someday. They sound like an interesting bunch, knowing how to have fun and yet be so obedient.

"Wow...so what about your own actual family?" Momizi blinks a bit at you, like she doesn't know what you're talking about.

"Uhh...my actual family?"

"Uh, yeah. Like your parents? Siblings?" Momizi's ears seem to spring up when she realizes what you mean.

"Oh! Well, I'm an only child, and my mother passed away some time ago. My father is busy serving higher ranks elsewhere though." Higher ranks? Elsewhere? Now here's an important detail you've missed out on.

"Really? What does that mean exactly?" You don't wanna seem heartless not saying anything about her mother, but you really need to know. It might be best not to bring it up too much anyways.

"Well, there are more divisions of tengu in other places, not just Gensokyo. Apparently tengu make homes somewhere even in the outside world. That's where my father is."

"Really...you think eventually you'd follow in his footsteps?" Momizi shakes her head and smiles.

"No. As much as I would like to make my father proud, I feel more at home at the mountain. And it's where I my true family is I guess. I don't know if it's all the same to humans but to the white wolves in the tengu, everyone is family."

"Everyone is family..." You look down a bit, thinking about this. You never really had the opportunity to have a family you could really consider your own. Your parents weren't around much in your life. That is to say, you'd rather leave it ambiguous to anyone who asked, except maybe her, but that's a different story, and a different time. Suffice it to say, it just makes you feel somewhat lonely, you guess.

"Yes, we're all very protective of each other. Even in the face of higher tengu, we support each other to the bitter end. A lot of our race has died that way though..." You suddenly look at Momizi.

"W-What?" Momizi looks off to the side, appearing a little uncomfortable with it.

"The tengu hasn't been without rebellion...civil wars used to break out often hundreds of years in the past. To keep the order amongst the tengu, one of the greater lords long past issued a ranking establishment, that would allow other lords to extinguish and even execute those who disobeyed this ranking with disjust, that is the true facet of the tengu..."

"Are...are the lords really that strong?" You feel stupid for asking this, but you really have to. As expected, Momizi corrects you with utmost haste.

"Of course! The lord of the mountain, Lord Tenma, is said to be amongst the strongest youkai in Gensokyo! He can match power with the greatest oni! It's said that he can only lose to the four devas of the mountain. Whatever he says goes amongst the tengu. And to think, there are other lords around who could be stronger..."

Yikes. You've read up on oni, at least. They're said to be capable of lifting giant mountains with relative ease. You can see why no one among the tengu would fuck with this lord. Maybe it's good time to ask more about this mountain yourself. You've only been there once or twice to visit the shrine near the top of it.

"You mentioned four devas of the mountain...what does that mean?"

"Well, they're four extraordinarily strong oni, even amongst oni themselves. They're extremely strong. The tengu once served the oni, but things have since changed. However, the Four Devas of the Mountain are living proof that they can still overpower us."

"Do you know any of them?"

"Hmm...Master Aya has talked about two of them before. Apparently one idles around the Hakurei Shrine often. She has also mentioned that another is currently living underground." Yeesh, underground? Isn't that where, you know, she lives? You feel somewhat less motivated to go down there alone now, even if you have many times before. Strange, you've never seen anyone that could resemble an oni... "I can't say I've actually seen them in person though, I don't think. Master Aya has met them before though, I'm certain."

"Huh...so what about the mountain itself? Why are you based upon it?"

"Youkai Mountain is a mountain of many histories. It's said to have been around for many millenia and has accured immense magical powers over those years. Youkai Mountain is also said to be one of the few links to the outside world."

"Links to the outside world?"

"Yes, an example would be the Hakurei Shrine and it's gate. Both the shrine and the gate exist on the 'other side,' in the outside world, though in different shape. When a person passes through the gate and heads into the shrine under the right circumstances, it is said they are transported to the magical land of Gensokyo."

You have a hard time believing Momizi can say all this with a straight face, and you're proven right when the silence is broken by her nervous laugh.

"Hahaha, it sounds weird doesn't it? It's one of the reports brought onto the mountain by the roaming tengu in the outside world..."

"So your uhh...group can communicate with the others outside?"

"Yes, that's correct. It's very important all our information with each other is kept up to date. What I've told you is one of the more popular stories passed around by humans in the outside world. It actually isn't too far from the truth, from what we've heard."

"I see, and what about the mountain itself?"

"Yes, the mountain is a link too...across the barrier, in true form, the mountain stands both here in Gensokyo and in the outside world, as it were hundreds of years ago. It's said that what happens to this mountain in Gensokyo happens in a similar manner on the other side, as if the two mountains were synchronized. However, the tengu on the other side of the border haven't confirmed this yet."

"Interesting...two worlds, two mountains, then." Momizi nods. The mountain really intrigues you. Is that why it was chosen for the site of that shrine at the top?

There's more things you wanna ask. Given the flow of the conversation, it might be best to start with something related.

>Ask more about the relationship between the oni and tengu
>Ask more about Lord Tenma
>Ask more about Aya
>Ask more about the outside world's tengu
>You have no further questions for now

Action? >_
>> No. 14729
File 12693625827.jpg- (554.17KB , 1600x1600 , b191691ad635eff59b6e8f5c683e36ac.jpg ) [iqdb]
That was actually...pretty enlightening. Excellent update.

[X]Ask more about the outside world's tengu

Since we're on the subject already about the connection to the outside world, it's probably good to go with it. Plus, sending her into rage mode At least as far as Momizi can take it by asking about Aya probably isn't a good idea.
>> No. 14730
Indeed, there was some well needed exposition in this update. I love it.

[X]Ask more about the outside world's tengu

I'm honestly curious about this topic.
I really hope we get to meet more white wolf tengu in the future.
If we never meet another crow tengu, it'll be too soon.
>> No. 14731
>Ask more about Aya

From what was posted of this story before DS, Momiji's relationship with Aya in this doesn't seem *that* terrible. However, I'd like to know if Sukima's going to try and reconcile things with DS now, or ignore that part of canon entirely.
>> No. 14732

Incorporating canon into fanon is like trying to add salt to water and still saying it's purified; it's not.

There's a reason this is called "fan fiction" more or less. The way the story could go, the canon in DS could be totally impossible in the story's future. Hell, I could kill off Aya if I wanted to. (Not that it wouldn't happen anyways)
>> No. 14733
[X]Ask more about the relationship between the oni and tengu
>> No. 14734
Yeah I was just remarking; I wasn't sure if you'd work in DS or not.
So that means asking about Aya won't cause rage.
If it wasn't for Aya, we wouldn't have met Momiji.

[X]Ask more about the outside world's tengu
>> No. 14735

>>14729 here, that was what I was thinking when I wrote that response. Now that I know that, I'm good.

Because I'll be damned if I end up seeing Hatate somewhere in this story.
>> No. 14736
>Ask more about Aya

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