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File 154959903996.png - (44.60KB, 400x400, Lost_Bees_Fanart.png) [iqdb]
200251No. 200251
Reposting due to bump limit.


[ ] Stay behind to buy time
[ ] Make a straight run for the Youkai Mountain border
[ ] Run for Eirin’s field (Clamshell)
[ ] Run for the Yamanba zone (Clamshell)
[ ] Aki Farm
[ ] Call Ran
[ ] Other?


Image created by Mibiya
If anyone wants to provide feedback or chat with me, I'm on the THP discord.
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>>No. 200253
[X] Run for Eirin’s field (Clamshell)

while i dislike moon people with a passion, Eirin is a good option
>>No. 200254
[X] Run for the Yamanba zone (Clamshell)

shoot I should have voted last time to ask if she could help ruukoto
>>No. 200257
[x] Aki Farm

Have some faith!
>>No. 200258
2 for Eirin's field
2 for the Yamanba zone
1 for the Aki's farm
>>No. 200259
Protecc Ruu-chan
>>No. 200260
very important
>>No. 200262
[X] Run for Eirin’s field (Clamshell)
-[x] protecc ruu-chan
>>No. 200263
X] Run for Eirin’s field (Clamshell)
-[x] protecc ruu-chan

>>No. 200270
[X] Run for Eirin’s field (Clamshell)
-[x] protecc ruu-chan
>>No. 200271
I'm >>200254
-[x] protecc ruu-chan
To the end of this vote
>>No. 200273
File 155053678082.jpg - (1.42MB, 1454x1441, __inubashiri_momiji_touhou_drawn_by_moyazou_kitagu.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Eirin’s field (Clamshell)
[X] Protecc Ruukoto


You secure what’s left of Ruukoto’s chassis to your back. “I’m going to head for Eirin’s field.”

“With Ruukoto strapped to you?” Caleb asks.

It’s still dark out, but the faint glow of sunrise is creeping over the horizon. You need to get moving soon. Ruukoto must be kept safe.

If it comes down to it, will you choose her or her data? Could you bring yourself to pull the trigger on Ruukoto after all she’s endured?

“Our other options aren’t good.” Junko says. Mimi makes a distressed cry as Junko picks her up.

“UNAUTHORIZED-” She blares.

“I’m getting you to safety!” Junko chastises her as she also fastens Mimi to her armor. “Right. I think I’ve got the best shot of actually getting past the border on my own, so this way we won’t have both assets stuck on the mountain.”

“Sounds good.” Caleb says, conjuring floating spheres of blood in both hands. “I’ll run for the Yamanba territory. Hold still and close your eyes.”

He sprays the blood over you and Junko like mist. The iron tang quickly fades to nothing, and you open your eyes to find no visible residue.

“This’ll make it harder for them to pick up a scent.” He explains while spraying himself.

You take Mimi’s hand in yours and squeeze it. “We’re all going to make it.” You promise.

She squeezes back, her mechanical eyes never leaving yours. “AFFIRMATIVE.”

Junko’s head jerks towards the hills. Her eyes narrow at some unseen threat. “We need to move. Go!”

The three of you split off, each flying in separate directions.


Roving patrols force you to go to ground a few times. Your experience with sneaking past werewolves helped, but the Tengu are disciplined and know their own land. Transylvania wasn’t as stressful as this; at least back then you always had the option of going loud.

“No problems so far.” You ping from the concealment of a bush. “You guys good?”

“I’m alright.” Caleb responds. “I spotted Momiji at a vantage point. She’s forcing me to move slow, but her position should keep her from spotting you guys. Junko, how about you?”

Silence. “Junko?” You try to raise her.

“I think Aya’s on my tail.” Junko pings back. “Gotta shake her before I run for it.”

Seems like you lucked out if the Tengu haven’t sent heavy hitters in your direction.

Soon after that exchange, you notice the trees giving way to a fence and ordered rows of various flowers behind it.

Despite the garden’s meticulous beauty, there’s something sterile about it. It’s more like Higan than the fields of the Villagers or Yuuka. For all that might be said about its mistress, the Garden of the Sun is still a place of life. Eirin’s field, by contrast, feels as clinical as her office.

Of course, the immediate tactical consideration is that Eirin’s field doesn’t provide good cover from aerial observers. There’s a shed on the premises, but it’s also locked and too obvious of a hiding spot.

“I’m at the rendezvous.” You ping, scanning the area for any sign of company. You’ve come too far to blunder now and lose the objective of the entire expedition to the Tengu.

“Good. I’m still approaching mine.” Caleb pings back. “Junko got out of ping range a while ago.”

“She can take care of herself.” You reply. You bring out your phone and inform Clamshell you’re waiting.

“The drainage grate connects to the Underground. The marks on the wall point to a safehouse. I’ll meet you there.”

You spot the round metal grate near the center of the field. It’s going to be a tight fit, especially with Ruukoto, but you think you can squeeze through.

After a last check for concealed hostiles, you drop over the fence and creep towards the manhole.

You squat down and lift the grate, taking care to not disturb the nearby gravel and give yourself away. It’s surprisingly light, but that would make sense if Eirin has rabbits working here-

A rustling from the trees. Movement at the edge of your vision. The Tengu are here!

You bring the grate around and cover behind it while drawing a pistol with your free hand. Peeking over your makeshift shield, you see...

Tengu patrols in the distance flying to another position. They haven’t even noticed you.

“Caleb, status?” You ping.

“All clear.” He replies, cautious. “They’re not converging on me... Shit. Junko.”


[ ] Go to Clamshell’s safehouse
[ ] Run with Ruukoto towards Junko’s position
[ ] Leave Ruukoto at the safehouse, run towards Junko’s position
[ ] Create a distraction
[ ] Write-in
>>No. 200274
[X] Hide Ruukoto underground -- in the safehouse, if it isn't far. Then...
- [X] Make your way towards Junko (and Mimi)
>>No. 200275
File 155053926821.png - (0.96MB, 1047x1000, mimichan.png) [iqdb]
[x] Leave Ruukoto at the safehouse, run towards Junko’s position

It's dangerous to leave her alone, but it'd be even worse to carry her to danger. And fuck if we're not going against danger.

We might be biting more than we can chew, but it doesn't matter. No one gets left behind.
>>No. 200276
[x] Leave Ruukoto at the safehouse, run towards Junko’s position

Ruu-chan must always be protecc
>>No. 200277
I dunno what option would be best.
All I can offer is
[X] Protecc Ruukoto
>>No. 200278
[x] Leave Ruukoto at the safehouse, run towards Junko’s position
>>No. 200280
a valuable and worthwhile contribution

More seriously, though, I am a bit worried about leaving Ruukoto behind... Now that I think about it, it might be better to ping Caleb to check on Junko, and investigate this "Clamshell" more thoroughly. Ruukoto is in a bad place; and while Hatate this mysterious stranger has seemingly given us helpful advice so far, I still don't trust them enough to leave Ruukoto alone with them. Junko, on the other hand, is more than capable of fending for herself — and even with a robot of her own to protecc, Caleb's help should be able to get her through.

Another thing to note is that the Tengu may only be searching for a single group, so Caleb (and/or Char, if we also go to help) could have the element of surprise if the confrontation turns into a fight.

tl dr: anon >>200274 officially changing their vote to
[X] Go to Clamshell’s safehouse
>>No. 200281
[z] Go to Clamshell’s safehouse
tide pissan'
>>No. 200282
anon >>200276 here, gonna change my vote to
[X] Go to Clamshell’s safehouse

Proteccting Ruu-chan is my main priority
>>No. 200283
4 for leaving Ruukoto in the safehouse then responding
3 for going to the safehouse as planned
>>No. 200284
>>200274 and >>200276 changed their votes, though...? so it'd be 2 to 3, not 4 to 3...
>>No. 200409
File 156256758416.png - (200.81KB, 928x981, tumblr_nzimk9Fvnb1r2hxu1o1_1280.png) [iqdb]
[X] Go to the safehouse


“Junko can handle herself.” You answer. “She’ll figure something out. All I can do is get Ruukoto out.”

You imagine Caleb sighing as he prepares his nerve. “Roger that. I’ll go cover her.”

Next, you pry open the drain and slip into the tunnel. It’s even more cramped than the Kappa vents, but at least it’s another layer of safety between you and the Tengu.

The next few minutes are spent squeezing through the rough-hewn and dank passage. You try to keep Ruukoto from scraping against the rock while keeping an eye out for the promised safehouse.

A trail of identical gouges left on the walls leads you to an otherwise inconspicuous patch of wall that rings hollow when you rap your knuckles against it.

Silence persists for a moment before the false wall shakes and slides backwards to reveal a mousy Tengu waving at you.

“Come on in, Charlotte.” She says with an eager smile. “I’m ‘Clamshell’.”

“How’d you know it was me before opening the wall?” You ask, sizing her up.

She takes a flip phone from a pouch and proudly holds it up for you to see. “I have a talent for scrying. Of course I checked to see who it was!” It’s outdated but clearly well cared for and cherished, with a number of charms dangling from it.

Well, that explains her pseudonym. Anyways, it doesn’t look like there are any electronic or heat signatures unaccounted for in the room, and Clamshell doesn’t strike you as much of a physical threat. You shimmy through the doorway and allow her to close it.

There’s not much in this room aside from two vaguely seat-ish rocks and a trapdoor that you would guess leads to the Underground. The only source of light is an electric lantern of Kappa make.

“I’m so happy to finally meet you.” She enthuses. “I mean, I’d have preferred meeting all three of you at once, and in nicer conditions than this hole in the ground, but this is big either way. I’m Hatate, by the way.”

“Right. You know, Hatate, you haven’t mentioned why you were so eager to help us and Nitori’s crew break into that bunker.” You say, not returning her enthusiasm.

“Well, obviously I couldn’t just thoughtograph what was inside, or else I would have been able to blow the lid on the robotics project myself. Unlike Aya, I can just boss around a few wolves to do the grunt work whenever-

“Hatate.” You interrupt, taking a deep breath. “I’ve had a very long day. Please, what did you want to accomplish by looking in that facility, and why should I trust you any further?”

“Hey, I could have just snitched you out to Aya, but I went out of my way to keep her away.” She replies, taken aback. “I didn’t know what the Kappa were doing there, but if they went through all that trouble to bury it, I knew I needed to figure out what it was.”

“I’ve seen that attitude cause a lot of damage in the Outside world.” You say, lowering your voice. “Did you have a plan if the Kappa were right to seal the place?”

She shrugs. “I knew that was a risk, but I figured that meant you guys were the right people to send in.”

“You weren’t wrong.” You sit back and sigh. “So, why are you going behind the back of the rest of the Tengu to help us trespass? If you say newspaper material I might actually barbeque you.”

“Well, yeah, but not just for newspaper stuff.” She admits somewhat sheepishly before recovering her bravado. “I’m committed to finding the truth and making it known.”

“Oh?” You raise an eyebrow.

Hatate nods. “If something would be destroyed by revealing the truth, then it should be destroyed, no matter what. That’s what I believe in, above all else. Besides, everything turned out alright, didn’t it? Nitori and her team all made it out, and so did you.”

“What we did today-.” You sigh. “There’s going to be consequences. I don’t know what, exactly, but I’m not looking forward to it.”

“Can you elaborate?”

“No.” Even referencing Yukari seems unwise.

Fortunately, Hatate doesn’t press the issue despite her obvious disappointment.

“Tell you what.” You offer. “I’ll give you whatever non-sensitive information I can, and you figure out how to get my friends and I out of the Mountain.”

“I don’t suppose that robot has any recordings or other data I could have?” She asks, indicating Ruukoto.

“I’ll see what there is.” You say, plugging into the least-melted port you can find. “In the meanwhile, could you figure out what’s going on with my buddies?”

“Yeah. I actually have some pics already, but the thing about thoughtography is that it takes a while to develop.” Hatate explains. “There’s a time lag, basically.”

“Right. So what did you see?”

“Uh...” She consults her phone. “The lady in green- Junko was facing down Aya and a security wolfpack, but she seems pretty calm. It doesn’t look like things are going to get violent. She’s got another robot strapped to her as well.”

You curse as you try to parse useable files from the corrupt memory banks. “Playing with people’s expectations is her thing.”

At least she still has Mimi. “What are her chances of getting away?”

“Pretty low.” Hatate replies. “Aya uses the newspaper thing mostly as a cover for her intelligence work. She’s pretty high up on the hierarchy.”

“Great. I kind of got the feeling there was more to her than that... How about Caleb? The guy with the rifle and gasmask?”

“Looks like he was watching from some distance away. Too far to directly intervene, but the wolves make it too risky to get closer.”

You steady your breathing. You know Junko and Caleb. Each of you have come out on top of worse odds. They can figure something out.

A particularly intact file catches your attention, and a cursory inspection reveals no sensitive data.

“Hey, Hatate. I found something you might like.” You call her over. “Take a look.”

She pockets her own phone as you both settle down to observe the recording.




“I... I didn’t think...” Hatate is at a loss for words. She gulps. “How did she even end up down there? Poor thing...”

“Ask Nitori.” You answer, your voice a little too calm. “It seems like she passed Ruukoto to the other Kappa.”

Hatate dwells on the scene as she copies the files to her phone. “People should see this. Those Kappa sowed the seeds of their own failure and tried to flee rather than face the harvest.” Her face hardens. “Well, they’ve finally run out of excuses to cower behind-”

Her soliloquy is interrupted by a buzz from her phone. “Ah, another thoughtograph developed.” She says, opening the image. Let me take a look- oh. Uhhhhhhh...”

You cautiously lean over.

Yuuka is standing off against a group of Tengu at least three times the size of the force surrounding Junko, and from their body language, the guards aren’t comforted by the numbers advantage. She’s holding a gleaming scythe in a relaxed, familiar stance. Her hair now comes down to her shoulders instead of her chin, and she’s smiling at the Tengu in her way. Even through Hatate’s phone screen, the expression chills you to your bones.


[ ] Head to the Underground
[ ] Deal with Yuuka
[ ] Other
>>No. 200411
[x] Deal with Yuuka

Oh shit oh fuck
>>No. 200412
link broke
[x] protecc ruu-chan
[x] Head to the Underground
>>No. 200413
...Is Yuuka about to play a "game" with the Tengu? Is that even something we can deal with?
>>No. 200415
[x] Head to the Underground

Time to boldly flee where no woman's fled before.
>>No. 200416
She's about to do what's called a pro gamer move.
>>No. 200418
File 156277276510.jpg - (69.84KB, 512x384, doomumbrella.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] protecc ruu-chan
[x] Deal with Yuuka

the youkai moe strikes back
>>No. 200419
[X] Other:
- [x] DemandKindly request that [Hatate]: protecc ruu-chan
- [x] Make a mental note to ping the others with the "new" intel as soon as you get the chance, then...
[x] Deal with Yuuka

... so where's >>1763 actually supposed to lead, anyways?
>>No. 200420
[x] Deal with Yuuka

If we ingratiate ourselves with the Tengu by giving them an excuse to not start a fight they can't finish, we might have some leeway to get our friends out. And if we have to sell out the kappa... well, their secrecy is not really our concern.
>>No. 200436
File 156658820959.jpg - (190.84KB, 1032x1344, kazami yuuka (touhou) drawn by toutenkou - 9c17158.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Deal with Yuuka


“How recent was that photo?” You ask, standing up.

“A few minutes ago, something like three... why? You’re going to try fighting her?” Hatate asks.

“I really hope not.” You say, fastening Ruukoto back to yourself.

“Yuuka’s bad news, human.” Hatate stands up as well, her face uncertain. “Anyone sane should be trying to get as far away as possible right now.”

You consider asking Hatate to keep Ruukoto safe while you head out, but decide against it. She’ll be safer if you keep her in sight.

“Well there you go.” You say, pulling open the door to the tunnel. “Thanks for the tip-off, and good luck using this scoop.”


You prioritize speed over subtlety in your rush towards Yuuka’s likely position, and it’s not long before you have company.

Momiji lands in front of you from above with barely a rustle of leaves as warning. You brake to a halt as she raises her hand at you. At least her sword is still sheathed.

“Charlotte.” She glares at you. “Care to explain your trespassing, as well as what you’ve got on your back?”

“Sure, after I calm Yuuka down.” You reply. “She seemed to have you guys worried.”

Her scowl deepens. “And what’s your plan for that? Asking nicely doesn’t work on creatures like her. Or are you counting on coming back from the dead?”

You shrug. “If that’s what it takes.”

She regards you with her scornful eyes for a few more moments before turning away with a flick of her tail.

“Fine, then. On your own head so be it. This way.”

She flies away without another word. You shift Ruukoto’s weight on your back and follow.


You become aware of Yuuka's presence long before you see her.

The bassy thrum of spellcard projectiles and a lot of shouting gives away her location. That, and the beams of light and other projectiles flying into the sky.

You let go of a deep breath, and out of the corner of your eye you see Momiji do the same.

"At least Yuuka's still playing nice." You mutter.

"For now." She grunts, then stiffens. You follow her gaze and spot a Tengu lying on the ground.

Momiji rushes to their side and checks their vitals, with you following suit.

"Come on, wake up, you useless mutt." She growls, trying to shake the luckless guard awake.

"Hey Momiji..." You begin.

"What?" She turns to give you a deathglare. "I'm busy."

You wordlessly indicate the multiple other Tengu sprawled across the ground. From where you're standing, you estimate that the better part of a platoon has been shot out of the sky.

As you and Momiji take in the scene, there's another flash of light and more shouting. A moment later, a plummeting Tengu crashes through the canopy with a shower of leaves and lands face-down before the two of you.

"I'm going ahead." You tell her. "I don't think this fight will last much longer."

Without waiting for a response, you push onwards through the underbrush and above the groaning and prone Tengu.

Yuuka dances through the sky, unleashing petal-shaped clouds of projectiles with sweeps of her golden blade while gracefully avoiding the curtains of fire coming from the dwindling Tengu.

She's enjoying herself. Her movements are confident and decisive as she dictates the pace of the battle. Each of her elaborate spellcard patterns swat Tengu from the sky and leave the survivors scrambling to regroup and counterattack.

If spellcards are meant to be an expression of the self, then what does this display reveal about Yuuka?

Pride. Authority. Love for life and growth. Eagerness for challenge. Equal parts majestic and terrifying.

How are you supposed to reconcile the almost maternal Yuuka you've met with the destructive force of nature before you?

One Tengu seems to be giving Yuuka a better fight than most, flying so fast they're a red and white blur while unleashing her own spellcards.

If this is what Aya is capable of, it's a small relief that she happened to pick up Junko's trail and not your own.

Speaking of Junko...

“Junko, you there?” You send a tentative message.

“Holy shit Char, get me out of here.” She replies. “Yuuka’s not fucking around.”

Yuuka lets loose another volley of petals, striking more Tengu down.

"Should we run?" You ask. "This is a hell of a distraction."

Junko sighs. "I think that'd be a mistake. Yuuka's here for us, or at least, what we found about Hakurei. She won't stop until she knows."

So running would only create more trouble.

"You still have Mimi with you, right?" You ask.

"Yeah, I bluffed and told them Mimi would self destruct if she left human custody. Aya didn't really buy it, but it bought enough time for Yuuka to show up."


"Hey, not when we're this close to getting out, ok?" Junko chastises her, reaching behind her head to pat her battered head.

With only a handful of Tengu left, Aya begins to attack more aggressively. Her resolve is admirable, facing down the vast power that Yuuka holds, but you don't know if it's enough.

Aya sees an opportunity and looses a hail of leaf-shaped shots with a shout and a wave of her fan. The shots strike Yuuka while she dodges another attack, battering her like a kite in a storm and leaving her doubled over and hanging limply in the air.

You hold your breath, not knowing for a moment which side your concern is for.

Her body trembles, barely noticeable at first, but quickly growing to resemble spasms.

"Is she okay?" You hesitate to even ask.

Yuuka rightens herself, throwing her head back in rapturous laughter.

"Oh, well done, well done indeed!" Her voice rings clear across the hillside. "Truly, I must thank you for making this encounter more interesting."

She levels her sword at Aya and smiles a wide, warm, and compassionate smile.

"Goodbye." She says, a prismatic ball of light forming at the tip.

The Tengu scatter, but not all of them escape the spark. You see more knocked down to Earth in the wake of the brilliant beam, trailing smoke as they fall.

"You know, if you're worried about having Yuuka not go on the warpath, shouldn't you have intervened before she started fighting the whole mountain?"

"I'm pretty sure this is cathartic in some way for her." Junko replies as Yuuka swivels in place, picking off the remaining Tengu with precision. "Besides, she's only using spellcards so the only real casualty will be their pride."

"Injured pride can lead to a lot of problems." You say, observing the fight. Aya's the last Tengu standing, and the battle seems to have come down to a contest of her speed against Yuuka's might. "Where's Caleb? He said he went to cover you."

"He baited out a bunch of them and ran towards the Yamanba zone before I lost contact. I think he'll be fine."

A final boom sounds, and Aya tumbles to the ground. In a flash, Momiji is by her side.

"Didn't... Think... You cared... So much." Aya manages to sound teasing between gasped breaths.

"Shut it." Momiji retorts. "Do you need help standing?"

"Nah, I'm good." Aya says, wincing while panting on the ground. "Just let me take a breather."

"That was an excellent performance, miss Shameimaru." Yuuka says, gracefully touching down despite the wear and tear from the fight.

"Yeah, same to you." Aya whistles. "Gotta say, I've never seen you put on a show like that before. They must really mean something to you, huh."

Yuuka's expression softens. "Yes." She says. "They do."

"What do you want?" Momiji cuts in.

"The safe passage of the three outsider humans who I have reason to believe are on the mountain." She says, planting her sword into the ground and resting her hands on the pommel. "And as you can see, I have won the challenge against my request."

"They found something in our territory." Momiji growls. "They're going to take it away when they have no right to."

"How unfortunate." Yuuka says, a perfect veneer of politeness over her words. "Perhaps they'll let you have it back if you ask nicely."

"Junko! Charlotte!" She calls out, ignoring Momiji's expression of outrage. "It's time to go."

Junko walks out of the treeline at the other side of the clearing. You do the same, both of you revealing yourselves but not moving to anyone's side yet.

Yuuka frowns. "Where's Caleb?"

"He, ah," Junko begins, glancing at the the few Tengu in good enough condition to pay attention. "He reported that he was going to ground in the Yamanba zone."

Yuuka ponders this, then snorts in an almost petulant way. "That old hag is probably spoiling him rotten right now. No matter. It will take hardly any time for us to meet him."

"Yuuka." You begin, choosing your words carefully. "What we found down there- it's big. All of the big names need to know."

Yuuka sighs as though you've confirmed something, but you're not sure if it's a hope or a fear. "Yes. That is only reasonable. Now come along, we still need to rescue Caleb from the Yamanba's clutches. Then we can return to the garden and summon everyone you need." She returns her blade to its sheath and moves to turn away.

"Ayaya~... do you three humans really know what you're doing?" Aya's voice, full of strained ease, draws your attention. She's standing back on her feet, breathing heavily while staring you down. You see defiance in her eyes, as well as a predatory sharpness probing for weakness.

"Coming into Gensokyo and digging up gods know what in forsaken corners... Aya, don't the good guys know to leave things buried?"

She has a point. How many messes have you cleaned up that began with the greed to take from the supernatural and the arrogance to think the consequences could be avoided?

"You don't even know whose side you're on. How many villagers will still trust you after hearing about the bees in your brains? What will Yuuka do, once she's grown tired of you like-"

Yuuka moves as green and red blur, and Aya cuts off with a gurgle. You blink to behold Yuuka lifting Aya off the ground with a hand wrapped around her throat, leaving her to helplessly kick her legs in the air and claw at her neck.

"You know." Yuuka says, her voice dripping with honey while Aya chokes. "Bird's tongues were once considered quite the delicacy in the outside world."

Her smiling eyes catch the light of the noontime sun at its apex. They are the color of blood.


>>No. 200437
>>No. 200438

They never did this to gain popularity. On the contrary, protecting humans often provokes them.

And provoking Yuuka like that... I guess her pride really was hurting. As if an ally taking the opposite side were a novelty for any of our heroes!
>>No. 200439
>>No. 200440
>>No. 200441

! < ?
>>No. 200442

Yuuka's making me nervous, you guys.
>>No. 200443
File 156668727839.png - (25.02KB, 271x257, SPOILER_tumblr_orbolqpCVn1ue65n9o2_400.png) [iqdb]
>>No. 200453
File 156895448959.jpg - (286.88KB, 750x600, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_drawn_by_nakatani_nio__392a4.jpg) [iqdb]


You don't move. You don't even breathe. For what seems like an eternity, all you can do is watch.

Momiji levels her sword at Yuuka. “Drop her.” She growls, teeth bared.

“You’ve made your point!” Junko shouts as she rushes over. “Let her go!”

Yuuka doesn’t even respond, absorbed as she is by the dimming of Aya’s eyes.

Junko takes hold of her wrist. “Please!”

Something flashes in Yuuka’s eyes, and a tremor runs through your body. You sense mere heartbeats separating you from seeing Junko’s skull splattered across the ground with the same instinctive certainty of watching gravity pull an apple from a branch.

Yuuka blinks. The moment passes. Awareness returns to her face as she notices the fear on everyone else’s.

Was that the butcher who Gensokyo already knows?

She lowers Aya and lets go of her throat, leaving her to flop on the ground and gasp like a beached fish. That breaks your hesitation, and you hurry over to provide first aid. You’re no blood mage, but you’re good enough to make sure she’ll be fine until she can get proper care.

Silence prevails in the clearing as you busy yourself with checking Aya’s vitals and everyone else with avoiding eye contact with Yuuka. At least Aya managed to not pass out during her ordeal.

“This isn’t over. You know that, right?” Momiji glares as you stand up. “We still need answers about what you trespassed in our territory for.”

“Then meet us at Yuuka’s place later.” You say, too drained to argue. “You’ll be in good company. I think that a lot of people are going to care about what we found down there.”

“You could tag along as we fetch Caleb.” Junko offers. “You know, keeping an eye on us and making sure we don’t get up to anything funny.”

Momiji narrows her eyes. “How cooperative of you. As the last Tengu present in a condition to do so, that was already the plan.”

“Wait.” Aya wheezes. “I should-.”

“The only thing you should be doing after nearly getting your neck wrung is resting.” Momiji insists.

“I outrank you... you lapdog...” Aya manages as she struggles to catch her breath.

“Sorry, I couldn’t quite hear that.” Momiji retorts. “Try again when you uncrush your windpipe.”

More Tengu have arrived by this point, but they’re giving Yuuka, and by extension you, a wide berth. They mostly busy themselves with helping the stragglers up from the brush while giving your group very unfriendly looks.

“Shit, between the ones who got slapped by Yuuka and this group, I think there’s a good fraction of the mountain’s guards around us.” Junko says, eyeing the Tengu around you.

“Let’s just get going.” You say. “We need to get Ruukoto and Mimi fixed up somehow.”

Momiji leaves Aya to a pair of medics and, after a brief conversation with some subordinates, takes flight towards the Yamanba zone with you following.


You travel in silence and arrive in front of a rather homey cottage. From inside, you smell something tasty and hear muffled speaking.

“His trail ends here.” Momiji says. “I can hear him inside, as well.”

“Same.” Junko reports. “Caleb, you there?” She pings.

“Oh, hey.” He replies. “Did you shake the Tengu, or should I get ready for a fight?”

“We reached an... understanding with them.” You tell him. “Yuuka showed up after you baited them and won a spellcard fight. She’s with us now.”

Yuuka steps forward and raps her knuckles against the door, and something slams into the other side of it with an inhospitable thunking sound.

The door opens to reveal a gray-haired woman peering out while prying a cleaver from the wood, and her expression quickly brightens upon seeing Yuuka.

“Hey, Goldie! How long’s it been since you paid me a visit?”

“The better half of a century, if memory serves.” Yuuka replies with a thin smile. “I’m afraid I had to spend most of that time asleep.”

“Eh, don’t sweat it.” She looks at the rest of you. “Hey, you brought company! You’re in luck, cause someone else just stumbled over and I made some food for him.”

“Unfortunately, I must decline.” Yuuka taps her umbrella against the tip of her shoe. “I’m here to guide Caleb, your guest, back. It’s rather urgent.”

The Yamanba sighs. “Ah, well. Come along and I’ll fetch him.”


“Oh man, it’s good that you guys came when you did.” Caleb says. “I seriously couldn’t eat any more and Miss Sakata wasn’t taking no for an answer.”

The midday sun is beginning to set as you fly back to the Garden of the Sun. Momiji has left to report to her superiors, but you’re shadowed by groups of Tengu until you exit their territory.

“I don’t think they’ll forgive us for today anytime soon.” You say.

“We can only hope that we won’t need to go back to the mountain for a while, then.” Caleb says, shaking his head. “Can’t say I really blame the grunts, at least. Command is not going to be happy with them.”

You’ve already called Keine to inform her of the meeting. Junko called Ran, but received no response. In any case, you expect the big names will be there to find out just how badly you’ve rocked the boat. It’s a quiet mix of dread and resolve.

Man, is this what all the other people here felt like right before Reimu flew in to kick their asses?

You land among the golden sunflowers. Elly seems to materialize out of nowhere, balancing her scythe with one hand as she fusses by Yuuka’s side.

Junko blinks. “Woah. When did you get here?”

Elly pauses in the middle of taking Yuuka’s empty scabbard away. “What do you mean, Miss Mori? This is my place of employment.”

“No, I meant - it’s like you appeared out of thin air.” Junko says, confused. “I thought Sakuya was the only maidservant around here who could do that.”

Elly gives her a faint smile. “I merely do my utmost to help Lady Kazami.”

“Ah, forget it.” Junko says before moving to take off her armor. “Could I get directions to the restroom? I’d like to freshen up before delivering the news.”

“Of course. Elly, if you would be so kind?” Yuuka says, indicating her home.

Elly nods and leads Junko away, leaving you and Caleb alone with Yuuka and the endless rows of sunflowers rustling in the gentle wind.

Yuuka sits at a wooden table on the porch, gazing out with a neutral expression at her yellow fields. She’s seemed subdued ever since Junko snapped her out of her fit of violence with Aya. Do you dare hope that someone of her caliber feels actual remorse for their actions?

“Keine’s confirmed with other leaders.” Caleb announces. “There’s going to be her, Eirin, Byakuren, Miko, Remi, Kanako, Raiko, Satori, Iku representing Bhava-Agra...” His eyes narrow. “Well. Eiki is personally coming to hear what we have to say. Still nothing on Ran.”

“Is Marisa going to crash the party again?” You ask.

Caleb shakes his head. “Keine says she hasn’t been seen for a bit. Might’ve just picked an awkward time to go looking for shrooms. On that note, I get the feeling that Mamizou will show up too, invited or not.”

Before the others arrive, ask Yuuka about:
[ ] Her aggression and if the general reaction towards her is justified
[ ] Her relationship with the Hakurei and what to expect from her
[ ] That thing Aya mentioned right before getting choked out
[ ] Other


Before others arrive, is there anything you would like to privately disclose to Yuuka about what you saw?
>>No. 200454
Forgot to mark as update.
>>No. 200455
[x] Her aggression and if the general reaction towards her is justified

Yeah, what the FUCK was she thinking nearly snapping Aya's neck?
>>No. 200456
[X] Her aggression and if the general reaction towards her is justified
[X] Other
-[x] protecc ruu-chan
>>No. 200457
[X] That thing Aya mentioned right before getting choked out
[X] Other
-[X] protecc ruu-chan
[X] Disclose to yuuka
-[X] Cliff notes of all that happened

It's been like half a year but I'm still shocked at what she went through just for a couple of bucks. I don't blame Reimu (much) she was starving. But still, what a heart wrenching scene.

Also, trusting Yuuka is another constant of mine so we might as well tell her the story. If she wants to kill us, we're already dead.
>>No. 200458
[X] Her aggression and if the general reaction towards her is justified
[X] Other
-[x] protecc ruu-chan

protecc robo-buddy
>>No. 200459
[x] Her relationship with the Hakurei and what to expect from her
[x] Other
-[x] protecc ruu-chan

Personally, I'd also very much like to know more about Yuuka's relationship with the previous Hakurei, as well as what specifically put Yuuka on the warpath (and if it had any connection to our own actions w/in the Kappa's lair), so...

[x] Other
-[x] What set Yuuka off on this particular evening.
[x] Disclose to Yuuka
-[x] Cliff notes (sparse ones) on what happened

... and at this point I'm mainly inclined towards giving her a general lowdown of what we know in the hopes that it will get her to trust us a bit more, or perhaps that knowing more of the Hakurei's fate will prompt her to provide more information to us as well. I don't really trust her, but I'd still put more faith in her than I would in Gap Hag.
>>No. 200460
To be clear, is there anything you do not want to tell Yuuka?
>>No. 200463
not that I can think of.
>>No. 200464
I was mainly considering things in terms of "broad strokes," telling her a general overview of the story and trying to use her reaction to gauge how much she already knows, and if there's anything we are aware of that she isn't - which is also the main reason I want to try and ask what pushed her over the edge this time before we tell her our side of the story. However, like I said in >>200459, I'm also hoping we can get more of her trust, and so I don't see much reason to deliberately hide information at this point. (Strike that, the whole music box situation would likely come off as shady as hell, but I also don't really see any other way we could tell her more about what happened down there without mentioning Yukari's "gift.")

Basically, my thinking is to give her a brief overview of what took place, from when we entered the bunker to when we left it.
Explain our original goal - to find the two missing robots - as well as the states we found each robot in. Describe what took place during our encounter with the Hakurei. BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR THAT RUU-CHAN WAS IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HAKUREI'S CONDITION.

In terms of things to hide (or at least to simply not mention), I'd probably avoid bringing up the Kappa's direct involvement, or mentioning anything about Clamshell, since neither of them seem like something that would be directly relevant to Yuuka's interests, and would kinda be throwing them under the bus. I'm not as concerned about the Kappa, but Hatate seems honest enough, and I'd rather not accidentally screw her over. However, if she asks more about anything in particular, don't hesitate to elaborate on the details she's interested in.
>>No. 200465
I have a feeling that telling her about the identity of the old Hakurei is a bad idea but she's going to find out anyway... what a mess.
>>No. 200468
File 157042219811.jpg - (78.04KB, 500x418, tumblr_nmja16eL8O1tcv5iwo2_500.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Yuuka’s aggression and reputation
[X] Disclosing: Summary of events in facility
[X] protecc the mecc


You approach Yuuka from the side, stopping just out of arm’s reach. She’s lost in thought with her chin resting on steepled fingers.

It was always clear that there was danger behind her warmth, but seeing it for yourself makes you wonder how much of her feared reputation is deserved.

You shudder. You’ve seen what Aya was an inch from. A death-rattle forced through a crushed windpipe is not easily forgotten sound.

You need an answer. Though she’s been nothing but welcoming and helpful for you, you can’t work with her with something like this calling her trustworthiness into question.

“Yuuka.” You begin. “Why did you almost kill Aya?”

The sunflowers bend to a breeze like a wave of flowers. Yuuka closes her eyes and breathes in the fragrant air.

“She was probing for weaknesses and stumbled upon one of mine.” She says. “For all my many sins, I did care for Hakurei. Each of them were dear to me, and to be accused of being bored after all my mourning-”

She takes a deep breath. “The old fury overtook me.”

“Is this what you were like before Reimu?” Caleb asks, standing next to you with his hands clasped behind his back. Junko watches in silence, taking deep drags from a cigarette as she leans against the wall with her arms folded.

A bitter smile appears on Yuuka’s face. “Yes. I was called the Sleeping Terror, for rousing me to action led to slaughter.”

“Who did you fight?” Caleb continues, his voice meticulously neutral.

“Tengu, Oni, Kappa, Demons, Vampires, Satori, Humans, petty Youkai and more... I could have filled a lake with the blood I’ve spilled. As for why, they endangered our mission - threatened to undo all our efforts out of mere greed and ambition.”

She closes her eyes for a few moments. “I can’t ask for forgiveness. I won’t ask for what I don’t deserve. All I can say is that I learned long ago that it is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.”

The garden is silent but for the wind as Yuuka’s words linger.

Do you believe what she said?

Does she?

“What do you think?” Caleb pings.

“She’s not explicitly apologizing for it, but I think she’s being truthful.” Junko responds. “I don’t know many beings like her that have apologized for things they’ve done.”

She’s right. People with power usually demand penitence instead of offering it themselves.

“Maybe this is the best we can expect.” You add. “Do we think we can still trust her going forward?”

You all exchange a series of hesitant looks behind Yuuka’s back.

“We don’t have anyone else willing to throw in with us to the same extent.” Caleb says, glancing at her. “Let’s decide later. We’ve got more to do this evening.”

Elly chooses this moment to reappear with a nervous smile and a tray of tea in her hands, as well as an ashtray for Junko. The clink of ceramic brings Yuuka back to the present, and she takes an appreciative sip.

“Thank you, Elly.” She says with a gentle smile that causes her cheeks to redden as she excuses herself. “Now then.” She says, turning her attention back on you three. “There’s still some time before our guests arrive, and I’m interested in hearing about exactly what you found in that forgotten cave.”

With some of the previous tension eased, you all sit down with her.

Junko exhales and stubs out her cigarette, the last of the smoke forming fractals in the air as it escapes from her nose.

“So.” She begins, leaning forward. “This started a few days back when I detected some misfortune incubating around Youkai Mountain...”


You had thought that Yuuka was frightening when she assaulted Aya. Her eyes when Junko explains how those Kappa attempted to experiment with Izumo’s grave, though...

You’d rather face another army than the murderous intent radiating from her.

“I see.” She states, taking her hand off her cup to avoid shattering it in her white-knuckled grip. “So what happened next?”

Do you really want to tell her about the music box with that look in her eyes?

No, but you would have to come clean eventually. You might as well do it on your own terms.

“I had this music box.” You say, hoping your courage doesn’t fail you. “It showed up one morning after a dream. I hadn’t used it until then, but I had a hunch that it would do... something. I hoped it would calm her down, like a lullaby, but the sound it made-” You shudder to remember the notes at the very edge of your hearing. “It wasn’t recognizable as music. It caused Izumo to separate from Ruukoto and made the rest of the room blurry. All the shapes and lines were fusing together.”

Yuuka’s eyes narrow, though without malice. “It sounds like Yukari’s handiwork. A trojan gift sent through a dream, sounds at the boundaries of your hearing, partitioning and combining things...” She sighs. “Well, I can’t fault her for being invested in this.” Yuuka holds her hand out “May I examine the music box?”

“Izumo immediately asked for it, said it was from Yukari, and then broke it.” You tell her. “That stopped the ‘blurring’ effect. We didn’t have time to pick the pieces off the ground.”

That gets an amused chuckle from Yuuka. “It’s good to see that she’s still as skeptical as ever about Yukari.” She looks over at Ruukoto and Mimi, respectively seated on the laps of you and Junko. “So, Izumo was trapped inside the maid-like automaton?”

“Yeah, something like that. They’re in bad shape.” Your eyes trail over the extensive damage on both of their frames. “At least Mimi’s still functional enough to repair on my own. I’d need a supercomputer to fix Ruukoto’s data corruption.”

Yuuka shakes her head. “Poor child.”

“Ironically enough, the only people here who would have one are the Kappa.” Caleb says. “Maybe Eirin has something stashed in her basement, but I don’t know how we’d get access.”

“I can’t say I’m that averse to ‘borrowing’ what we need from the Kappa at this point.” Junko mutters.

“Quite. Did she say anything else?” Yuuka asks.

“She told us there were blind spots in Gensokyo that Yukari couldn’t reach into, that cave being one of them. Other Hakurei instances are probably inside them. She implied that she defeated Ran and an Oni working for Yukari before, and that while Yuyuko stood a decent chance, Yukari wouldn’t take the risk.” You summarize.

“So Yukari can’t lock us up or she loses her best bet for getting in those places at all.” Junko adds. “There was also something about her needing to keep things interesting, but it wasn’t clear if that was a strategic goal or just boredom.”

“It’s both.” Yuuka says as she casually pours herself more tea. “So where did Izumo go? She wasn’t near the mountain, or I would have felt her at once.”

“She used the scrap-metal torii like a portal. It looked like the other side was full of doorways.”

“Doorways?” Yuuka repeats, puzzled. “Not a gap?”

“It was different from what Yukari’s stuff is supposed to look like.” Caleb says, shrugging. “No eyes, no ribbons, no purple.”

“I don’t know what this means.” She says. “I can make a few guesses, but Hakurei clearly kept some secrets of her own. Did she leave any clues as to what she intends to do next?”

“She’s going to find Hecatia, the Auditor, before waking up her other selves.” You answer.

There’s a sharp intake of breath from Yuuka at the name, her eyes wide.

“She didn’t say where Hecatia is, but I think it’s outside the barrier.” You continued. “The only other things Izumo mentioned were that Hecatia left because of a new friend and that going after Hecatia would hopefully prevent an invasion of Gensokyo.”

Yuuka groans and covers her face with her hands as she slumps in her chair. “Either something truly ugly is brewing in Hell or she went after the Lunarians. Hecate, you absolute fool. She bears an old grudge against them, the ones so afraid to die that they made it a crime to live. I’d tell you more, but we’re pressed for time. For better or worse, that situation is out of our hands for now. Did she speak of any others?”

“She said that Yukari probably has the advantage over any one of you, Sariel fucked off to Bhava-Agra and never came back, and Shinki started behaving strangely after Yukari paid her a visit. The only info she gave on other Hakurei was that the merfolk might know something about Sanae.” Junko recounts while idly patting Mimi on her head. Mimi seems to appreciate the thought of it, at least.

“That... sounds accurate.” Yuuka nods.

“She also mentioned you, the Cultivator.” You say.

Yuuka’s eyes focus on your own.

“She said you wielded a golden blade and might be the only other partner to genuinely love humans.”

You return her blood-red gaze without blinking.

To your surprise, she turns away first.

“But the love of something like me may as well be hatre_.” Yuuka says in a bitt_rsweet, self-_ocking t_ne.

It strikes you that this is the first time Yuuka’s shown real _ain.

She tilts _er face _ut of view and laughs without mirth. “She must have told you that as well.”

_one of you answer her.

Elly coughs to announce her presence, and you silently thank her for breaking the silence. “Mistress, the first guests are nearing. A meeting room has been prepared.”

“Thank you once again for your hard work, Elly.” Yuuka says as she stands up and takes her parasol.

“It may be expedient to not trouble Dr. Yagokoro with Hecatia’s probable activity on the moon.” Yuuka offers, still facing away. “Of course, I trust your judgement.”

You leave her be and head inside. The issue of Ruukoto and her blackbox data weighs on your mind.

“EXECUTOR.” Mimi calls out from being cradled in Junko’s arms. “REQUESTING STATUS UPDATE.”

“I can get you repaired to full capability.” You say, scratching the back of your neck and making a mental note to calibrate her voice synthesizer. “Ruukoto, though...”

“I’ll figure it out.” You say, resolve flaring within you. “Both of you are going to be okay. I’ll find a way.”

Mimi considers this and nods jerkily. “HAVE REQUEST. MINOR IMPORTANCE. ACCEPTABLE TO IGNORE.”

“After all you’ve endured, you shouldn’t have to worry about feeling selfish.” You tell her. “Let’s hear it.”


“Of course.” You say, smiling at her.


How do you spin today’s events?
>>No. 200469
-Mamizou... somewhere
>>No. 200470
Fuck if I know how to spin, but do talk to Eiren about Ruukoto.
Must Protecc!

Also, were those single character spoilers after the love bit intentional? Of course, I don't expect you to outright state their meaning if so, but I don't want to actually start trying to puzzle it out of it was just a fuck up copypasting.
>>No. 200471
>>No. 200473
File 157049274780.jpg - (306.69KB, 997x964, 36c0421f-1afc-4730-a9e5-a19d86a71c85[1].jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 200475
I think it's supposed to be DEMOPHON.

Text w/ replacements:
“But the love of something like me may as well be hatre(d),” Yuuka says in a bitt(e)rsweet, self-(m)ocking t(o)ne.
It strikes you that this is the first time Yuuka’s shown real (p)ain.
She tilts (h)er face (o)ut of view and laughs without mirth. “She must have told you that as well.”
(N)one of you answer her.

Minor bit of speculation:
A quick google/wikipedia search seems to primarily indicate two figures from Greek mythology, Demophon of Eleusis and Demophon of Athens. There's also some mention of a Demophon (seer), who was purportedly an advisor to Alexander the Great, but there isn't much information about him. I'm too tired to do anything more in-depth at the moment, though.

>>No. 200476
Yuuka is the best, so awesome. As for spinning the story, not certain. Honestly, feels like it may be easier to spin it as we tell it based off the reactions.
>>No. 200477
I think we should definitely lay the blame, at least partially, on the Kappa. Also, we should probably doe everything in our power to defend Yuuka's actions. Even if we don't care what people think of her (and we know she probably couldn't give less of a fuck what the rest of Gensokyo thinks of her), if we need to keep associating with her it would be better if everybody doesn't think she's more of a genocidal maniac than they already do.
>>No. 200478
RE: "Demophon":

Demophon of Eleusis:
The goddess Demeter was unknowingly sheltered by Demophon's parents while he was an infant; as thanks, she decided to immortalize the infantile Demophon by placing him in a fire to burn away his mortal soul. The child's mother came in on her during the process and reacted with fear, causing Demeter to remove the baby from the flame before the process was completed. Sources conflict on whether the infant survived the ordeal.

Demophon of Athens:
A soldier who participated in the siege of Troy, he married someone on the way back, only to depart the day immediately afterwards; before he left, he was given a box, and told only to open it if it became clear he would never return. Demophon soon forgot all about this marriage, and only re-discovered the box many years later. Upon opening it, he was so frightened by what he saw that he tripped and fell on his own sword, killing himself.

What I think it might mean:
The easiest conclusion as to why this is happening (in-universe, at any rate) is that Yukari is trying to clue us in on something about Yuuka, since pretty much all past spoilertext has been associated with her in some way.

If it's intended as a reference to the former, I'd conclude Yukari (assuming all IC spoilertext is hers) is trying to tell us that Yuuka means well, but due to inaccurate/incomplete information, is actually doing more harm than good. Not sure if it's referring to something that's happened in the past, something that may happen in the future, or something that is currently in motion as we speak. This is the situation I think is more likely.

If it's a reference to the latter, though, I'm less confident on what it could mean... I'll probably have more thoughts on that if I re-read the story so far.
Though I'd very much appreciate being told if I'm barking up the right tree or just have my head stuffed up my own ass. Either way, though, any more autistic theorycrafting will probably get quarantined to a separate thread so it doesn't get in the way of votes so much.

Still not sure how we should spin things regarding who's here, but atm I'm leaning towards keeping most info on a need-to-know basis, and maybe trying to draw Eirin aside to talk with her one on one and ask for help w/ Project Protecc.
>>No. 200479
Something I just thought of, and it's a bit of a long shot, but since Satori is able to easily bypass the Bee's encryption of a Chosen's thoughts, she might also be able to help repair Ruukoto's busted memory banks. It might be worthwhile to see what she has to say about things.
>>No. 200480

Okina get out
>>No. 200481
It's a cop-out, but we could let Yuuka provide the story and let her make the call on what is or is not worthy of being said to the group now that she knows everything. I assume we shouldn't bring up Yukari... at all to anyone here. The Chosen could chime in to provide some bits and pieces here and there as necessary, or perhaps optionally follow-up. As Yuuka called the meeting it wouldn't be too out of place.

It definitely paints us as in Yuuka's corner, which could definitely be a double-bladed sword based on how the last interaction went down (and her own admittance about her bloody past) but at the same time that is an incredibly dangerous foe for others to attempt to work against and could work in the Chosen's favor to give them a bit of a shield. It would probably be pretty bad for Youkai Mountain once they find out that they were essentially experimenting/defiling the grave of prior Hakurei's, it's kinda the height of a dishonorable action but perhaps it doesn't matter to them due to the fact that she was human -- though the question of how they found the area and what records they may have kept regarding it are important if we take the path of "maybe we need to track down these areas that Yukari specifically wants".

I don't think it's worth trusting the Kappa with any part of the robotics process anymore re: super computer -- perhaps save Nitori -- but the others have already proven based on the entire episode that just happened that they are unable to take responsibility for the outcome of their actions, let alone be trusted to make such calls in the future.

I do want to mention to Yuuka that the music box was something that Izumo believed was a Gaia Engine.

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