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Well, I don't have World Link set up right now, so it's not something I can really answer.


"Well, Erika slipped me this spooky, oddly decrepit, and old map when we were talking after our match, so I figured I'd go visit her after I'm done satiating my girls." You reply, noting that there was more than a few questions you wanted answered about that girl you met.

Your mother beams down proudly at you in response to that, "Oh, first you go sticking it to the man and now you're following spooky, oddly decrepit old maps? I was so worried before that you would take after your father or Yume more than me, but it's good to see that worrying was for nothing!"

The odd growling sound that Yumeko is making in the back of her throat doesn't make you feel all that great about her opinion of the matter though, "I would hope, Ezekiel, that you have not completely forgotten what I've taught you about these sorts of situations."

"I don't plan on this being a repeat of the White Tower, Yume. I mean, I actually have mons with me this time." That was the biggest difference between what you're planning to do compared to what you did back then. You actually have protectors to start with as opposed to picking them up as you go and hoping things work out.

"So you have done the proper research and reconnaissance to know just what kind of touhoumon you may be facing on the path to this place then." Yumeko presses, leaning closer to you and keeping her gaze focused on you all the while, "And you also know just what sorts of terrain lay along the path there as well. And of course, you also have knowledge of any potential threats you could face in the no doubt spooky, oddly decrepit old manor depicted on the map."

"Yumeko." Your mother's voice carries a tone of warning rebuke to her partner, getting her to lay off the pressure just a bit, "I'm sure that Zeke will have every bit of that information available to him before he leaves town, because even if you didn't teach him to do that, I did."

"I taught him!" Yumeko defends herself from your mother's implications.

"Then why are you worrying? It's not like you to doubt yourself." She responds simply as she tugs the IV out of your arm with...huh, that didn't hurt at all, even though it looked like it should have. Your mother takes your arm up and kisses the spot where you saw there was a speck of blood,, not even a mark!

Since you have that IV out of your arm, you decide to- oh, wait, Merlin's still by your crotch. You pet her head a bit as you shift around to where you can sit upright, and then do something you really should do. Namely, give Yume a hug. "I haven't had time to scout the place out yet, and won't until next week. I will make sure to do this properly after that, alright?" If there's one thing that dealing with the aftermath of the White Tower taught you, is that sometimes Yumeko needed physical contact with you after you've managed to scare her. Worrying her with plans to go to a spooky mansion no doubt loaded with Ghost type mons to visit a girl with a distinct love of fantasy and theatrics falls under the same category, you think.

Yumeko squeezes you tightly as Merlin lets out an annoyed sound at you moving and rolls off of the bed, leaving you without her soft warmth on your body. Though, with Yume's soft warmth pressing into you as she pulls you tighter into her hug you can't complain too much. "Good." Her voice is heavy with something, "As a trainer, you have a responsibility not just to yourself our us to take care of yourself, but also to your own girls. I know that I can't keep you from rushing headlong into danger, but please always take precautions."

...Off to the side you hear a content sigh and can see Merlin with her face buried between your mother's breasts, "Ah...your breast's are so soft, warm and yet firm Mistress. They're amazing..." She let's out a content sigh and buries her face deeper into your mom's bosom.

"Yeah they're pretty amazing." Your mother agrees easily.

You just look up at Yume, feeling a touch horrified at the implications of what Merlin and your mother just said. Then you bury your head between her breasts to try and block out the sound while hugging her tighter to let her know that no, you are not alright with this turn of events and are quite embarrassed about it.

Yumeko holds you tightly against her chest, letting her breasts soothe your pains and worries as she deals with your mother and Merlin, "Mistress, please don't just sit back and allow Zeke's servants to grope your chest. It is disturbing your son."

Your mother sighs and disengages a very disappointed Merlin from her breasts and turns her attention onto Yumeko, "...Hmm." She seems thoughtful, and you can recognize all at once one of those moments when your mother's mind suddenly switches gears onto a path that no one else in the room was thinking about, "...Say Yume, how would you like another kid to raise?" She asks suddenly, and you watch as Yume's face goes slack with shock.

"W-what!?" The maid sputters, "I...I did not know you were intending to have another Mistress." Yumeko responds, regaining herself. You notice though that she seems...excited or happy at the prospect.

"Oh well, I wasn't." Your mother admits as she casually takes a stroll around the bed, slowly approaching Yumeko in a way that starts sending 'ABANDON THE ROOM' signals off in your head. Reaching out, your mother lightly touches Yumeko's side and runs a hand lovingly along her hips, getting a subdued response from her, "Mmm..." She hums thoughtfully as she takes hold of Yume from behind and pulls her sensually up against her, "But I can tell how much it would mean to you. You've been lonely without Zeke around." Your mother winds a hand up along Yume's front and cups one of her breasts.

Yumeko let's out a quiet moan of pleasure and melts back into your mother, "Mistress..." She responds breathily, letting out another moan as one of your mother's hands disappears beneath her skirt even as Merlin helpfully begins to pick you up out of the bed and take you into her arms. "But Mistress, your husband does not..."

"Don't worry about James." Your mother purrs as she starts to expertly and easily stimulate Yumeko, making the normally controlled maid mewl in pleasure casually, "He's not involved. This will be just you, and me."

You look Merlin in the eyes and use your head to gesture toward the door. Your poor brain really does not need to be around for the entirety of your mom's seduction of, foreplay, and fornication with your older sister figure. You've seen enough bits and pieces of it to last you a lifetime.

Plus, every last bit of rational thought in your mind, while it did recognize what your mother was trying to do, it was also saying that there was no reason to worry and that you don't have to concern yourself with the concept of having a technical half-sister because your mother succeeded.

Merlin accepts your orders and leaves the room just fast enough for you to see Yume collapse onto the bed with your mother and both of their tops to go flying off. The door closes before you can see any more, and from within you hear only the barest hints of moans of passion and pleasure.

You wait until Merlin's carried you a good distance away from the room before saying anything. "I did not need that reminder of what they get up to every other day." You say in a mildly distressed tone.

Merlin gives you a look of faint disappointment, "Do you find people and touhoumon loving each other so much to be disgusting, darling?" She asks you as she heads towards the exit and casually shoves open the door to the stairwell down.

You shake your head. "That's not it. It's about how casually my mother and older sister figure treat having sex right in front of me. I mean, I get that they love each other and I don't disapprove of that, it's just that I'm pretty sure that most human mothers try to avoid getting their sons aroused that way."

"Well, is it your mother's fault that you get aroused at the sight of her and your older sister figure loving each other very much and for a very long time?" Merlin asks you as she skips off of one of the steps and slowly glides down the stairwell. She can't seem to support your weight entirely, but it's still enough that her feet never touch the floor as she glides down.

You raise an eyebrow at that. "You want the biological explanation for that, or me turning crimson and sputtering incoherently for the rest of the trip? I'm game for both." Your response is probably a bit sharper than you meant it to be, but considering that Melin just insinuated that you have a boner for your mother and Yume and a sane person would see why. Aside from that, Merlin's apparent lack of ability to both carry you and fly piques your interest. Maybe you're a touch too heavy for her to fly off with? She can carry you off with ease, sure, but does it have to do with her status as a special attacker? Would Lunasa have an easier time with this?

Merlin just gives you a look before shaking her head, "Nevermind, if you're going to be sensitive and snippy we won't talk about it, darling." She reaches the bottom of the stairwell and simply touches down, casually walking along while carrying you through the lobby. You see the man behind the counter start to stand up when he notices a touhoumon making off with one of the patients, but the moment he sees your face he immediately dives for cover behind the counter, leaving Merlin free to carry you out.

With that out of the way, you sigh and snuggle against Merlin a bit better. "I'm sorry, Merlin. It's just a touchy subject for me and I'm not sure I can explain the reason why."

"It's fine. You don't want to dance the horizontal tango with your mother, no matter how hot she is." Merlin peers at you, "...But you do want to dance the vertical mamba with Yumeko, because of how hot she is even though you say she's like a sister to you..." She ponders.

"...Should I start calling you onii-chan, darling?" She asks you curiously, slipping some moonspeak into her speech as she teases you, "Do you have a little sister fetish, or just an older one?"

Your face turns a deep crimson and Merlin could probably feel the heat coming off you when she drops that audacious yet... not entirely inaccurate claim. Eventually you manage to calm down enough, but feel embarrassed to the point where you want to go find a hole to crawl into again. "Alright, fine. Yume means a lot to me and I'm not sure how I feel about her anymore. Regardless of what my feelings are, I'm not going to pursue her because she's already deeply in love with my mom and I don't want to introduce that kind of soap opera drama into the family." You sigh, knowing that this is probably going to bite you in the ass later. "She doesn't see me in that light and I shouldn't see her that way either."

"As for that siscon thing, please don't. I'd like to be able to enjoy you fucking my brains out without feeling like another part of my mind is trying to go someplace it shouldn't."

"...That's so sweet, darling!" Merlin coos in response to your selfless sacrifice, "Stepping aside so that another can achieve romantic happiness...well, I suppose in this case it's just not stepping in and keeping 'that' in your pants, but still! This is just more proof that we were right not to just run off with you in the White Tower."


"I'm going to take a wild shot in the dark and say that this was partly you learning about how I work." Funny. You think you feel part of your brain imploding, probably that pesky 'logic' center. It's not like you didn't need that or anything. Still, whatever is responsible for catching onto the little things is alive and well. "Wait, you three were planning on doing that?"

"Oh, well. For a little while." Merlin admits easily enough to you as she keeps carrying you down the seemingly abandoned walkway, "Lyrica was tempted to after her little meeting you and you letting her out of that capture ball so quickly, and I thought it sounded like a tempting little idea too. Running off with a sweet, tasty little boy and getting a Mansion all of our own to live in with him. Once you found Lunasa she seemed hesitant but tempted too, especially since you'd brought us all together and we could feel the potential bond there. But, we never really had a chance to try even if we really wanted to do it, between running into those Aki sister's at the bottom of the tower and then meeting Yumeko and Ruukoto out in the woods. After we were educated by your mother and those two, we wouldn't even dream of it now."

"...Well, we WOULD dream of it, but we wouldn't do it." She admits, "Dragging you off into a mansion all of our own and keeping you to ourselves does sound nice."

You'd say that it doesn't sound too bad to you either, but you don't really want to encourage her. Not yet anyway. "Well, we've got a week where neither you nor the other girls have to worry about anyone stealing me away, so there's that." Speaking of which, now that she brought it up you're reminded of why you didn't think it an issue to up the amount of time they get to spend with you to begin with. "You girls certainly earned this several times over. I mean, between helping me with the White Tower, helping with MerKoishi, doing both kidnapping scenarios, and then turning around and taking part of a tournament when I should have given you girls a break..."

"Yes we certainly did!" Merlin agrees with you easily, not even trying to pretend that they didn't, "But putting up with that's a small price to pay to have a trainer as cute, sweet, gullible and sexy as you." Merlin declares as she rubs her cheek against yours and takes a turn down onto a street you didn't see before in town. One Tree is pretty big city in comparison to Higa's Town, that much is obvious. Of course, that's not difficult to do.

Plus, One Tree feels juts as clean and verdant as Higa's Town, so the only thing your hometown has going for it aside from it being your home is that it's quiet. Aside from that. "What do you mean, gullible?" You raise an eyebrow at Merlin, honestly not understanding why she'd say that.

"Oh, it's nothing!" Merlin assures you with a smile. Well, if she says it's nothing then it must be, right? You notice the street you're on now has several hotels and motels and the like on it, and Merlin seems to be knowing precisely where she's going.

"...Oh, right. I take it you already got a hotel room? My getting knocked out probably didn't make that easy." Right, your girls are probably more than a little annoyed with you over that whole 'you got knocked the fuck out' part.

"Yes we did!" Merlin responds with cheer, "We found this nice hotel whose owner has a friendly Aya and Hatate who help them run the place. They gave us a great deal on a big room once we explained circumstances mon to mon. It's really nice, and actually has more than one room to it, plus an attached bath and a jacuzzi in the bedroom! It's more like a really nice apartment than what I heard hotels were like."

"Wow. With that kind of room each of you girls could have a one-on-one session with me without making the others feel awkward or obliged to join in. You all did well there." You weren't blind to the practical upshot of using that sort of establishment, and your mother already gave you some money to use on a nice hotel. Given how she is with everything else, you suspect that this is her definition of 'nice'.

"Yep! That's why we went with the room we did." Merlin says with enthusiasm, "...Well, that and all the heart themed decorations and bed that's big enough for all of us even if it's shaped like a heart."

Merlin approaches one of the hotels on this street in particular and...geez, they're not being subtle at all, are they? The building itself is designed with a heart motif in mind, and as you enter the lobby you can see that there's a heart motif in place here as well. You get a brief glimpse at a smugly smirking Aya who watches Merlin carry you quickly up the stairs, picking up her pace the closer you both get to the room you'll be sharing for the week.

Okay, nice in amenities, tacky in decoration. You're half-tempted to make a red light district joke here, but you're pretty sure that it's the purpose of this place anyway. Still, Merlin's letting her enthusiasm slip, isn't she?

She certainly seems to be quite excited for what's coming up next, that's for sure. Merlin rushes up every last stop all the way to the top of the hotel and opens the only door on this floor, "Guess who's out of the hospital!" Merlin cheers into the room as she walks in and the door shuts behind her. Inside the room you find Lyrica, Lunasa and SlKogasa...

...Not engaged in carnal arts, but rather it seems that Lyrica is working on Lunasa's hair. In long, slow strokes Lyrica runs a comb through Lunasa's shimmering locks of hair. Lyrica glances at you for a moment before letting out a huff and focusing her attention back onto Lunasa's hair.

Lunasa stares at you, drawing in a breath to speak her mind to you before she stops, seemingly struggling to find the right words before looking back down at the floor and letting Lyrica continue to take care of her hair.

SlKogasa lets out a cheer of glee at your return and starts to clap excitedly. Inside of her slimy body you can make out various containers of hair product and other hair care tools floating about waiting for Lyrica to use them.

You were expecting Lyrica's response, given how opposed she was to the idea of you even going out there to begin with, and Lunasa... no matter how you sliced it you betrayed her trust by going too far with that match. You honestly don't know what runs through SlKogasa's mind, but she seems happy at least. "Hi Lyrica, Lunasa, Kogasa." You try to smile, but your heart's not quite up for it.

"...I'm sorry for going too far with that match." Is all you say in the matter, since the three girls sitting with each other already know your reasoning for why you wanted to take Costello on yourself, and Merlin was brought up to speed, no doubt.

Lyrica doesn't respond to you, merely helping Lunasa and her hair up to her feet and speaking to her and SlKogasa instead, "Come along girls, we should get out of this room so Merlin can have her fun."

"Yes sister..." Lunasa agrees easily enough, glancing in your direction only once more before being guided out of the room by her.

SlKogasa simply rushes up to you and pulls you out of Merlin's embrace and into her slimy one, pressing her lips up against yours in a passionate kiss that puts you off guard...which makes it nice and easy for her to slip something into your mouth! Whatever it is starts to pulse and shoot out a sweet, thick syrup into your mouth that you gulp down as you're forced to, and she keeps feeding you it. It's over half a minute of feeding later and right when you're feeling stuffed that she finally lets you go and allows you to stumble back into Merlin's embrace. SlKogasa gives a thumbs up as she chases after Lyrica and Lunasa, "Good to go!"

"Wonderful..." Merlin purrs delightedly and delightfully as she supports you and pulls you close to her, "Now...where were we darling?"

Naughty stuff starts here!
Naughty stuff... doesn't end here!

No. 173929
Honestly I'm surprsied Zeke isn't more messed up with a mother like that.
No. 173930

Hm, now that image makes me wonder if Zeke's Mom resembles Shinki...that cant be possible...riiiight?

Poor/Lucky Zeke is going to have a looooooong week
No. 173932
Christ if two /at scenes aren't enough, how many will we see?!

I was cracking up at Merlin saying "Cum to your mother's technique!" Oh Lord that's not something a son should ever hear while having sex.
No. 173933

I, for one, am just plain old tired of Mommy Dearest and would not mind at this point if she was never seen from, heard of, or even mentioned ever again.
No. 173936
Out of curiosity, could you please specify the nature of their shininess? I don't think we ever got a specific coloration, even though I provided a few examples of possible pallets in an earlier thread.
No. 173938
Lyrica was mentioned to have silver hair, grey eyes, and had a "golden outfit" with white sleeves. Abbot called her a "Foil Lyrica". Merlin is mentioned as wearing a "lavender dress" and Lunasa's colors are "sky blue dress, red decorations, silver hair and grey eyes"

All from the first thread.
No. 173939
>Cum to your mother's technique

Boner lost.
No. 173940
Ah, my mistake. I suppose I wasn't paying close enough attention. Thank you for pointing that out.
No. 173941
I always find the best way to search for something is to Ctrl F a word and then search around the paragraph or sentence it's in.

Still do the colors I found specify anything regarding their abilities?
No. 173943

Not really, at least not in this case. They're just the palates I found in 1.8 Emerald and 1.8's base version.
No. 173944
Hey regarding the various places mentioned, like The New Continent or Metro City, are they from the games or did you guys make them up?
No. 173946

Nob created everything from scratch, so you won't find any of these locations in a Touhoumon game! Not unless someone creates a Touhoumon game with regions, towns, and areas from the Touhoumon stories here just to prove me wrong.
No. 173948
So how many continents are there? This is the "New Continent" so what are the differences between it and the Old Continent? This Metro City place, is it the East St. Louis of the Touboumon world considering how it's mentioned as always being so polluted?
No. 173951
Now you've gotten my hopes up. Is it because you don't have the game, or just cause you don't know the stats? Is there a chance of it happening?
No. 173958

There's ten continents in total, with the New Continent being the most recent of the ten as it was only discovered 50-60 years ago in-story. As for Metro City, that's a pretty good analogue, though Nob tells me that Pittsburgh is another good analogue.


Yes, yes, no.
No. 173966
Will you ever create a world guide thread or something similar to give readers an idea of where everywhere is?
No. 173976
File 137974544364.jpg - (16.63KB , 410x123 , HaggarForMayor.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Metro City as an analogue to an actual real-world city
>Not that OTHER Metro City

Do you even turn the beat back?
No. 174011
File 137991174939.jpg - (140.05KB , 376x531 , Lyrica Prismriver.jpg ) [iqdb]
Welp, got a new compy (finally) and it didn't come with my preferred word processing program so I'm using a new and unfamiliar one. I apologize now for any breakage of errors.

Also forget what words I used in my trip, so that's probably off too.

It wasn't long after Merlin stopped fucking you that you conked out, having been completely exhausted and pushed right to the edge of being broken in by her with the promise of her training you to be able to last longer still fresh in your mind. You're not sure how long you were out for though, as when you woke up you found yourself clean, dry, perfectly healthy and in the mood for another round. You're guessing SlKogasa had a hand with that.

You sit upright, wondering which of your girls would come for you next, while contemplating that Lyrica and Lunasa would both probably chew you out. With words. For being stupid.

You hear the door creak open and watch as someone passes through. Lyrica looks over at you and shakes her head at you before looking away and closing the door behind her. She pads over to you and gives you a look that makes you feel even lower than you already did as she crosses her arms and stares at you, not even speaking yet.

You cross your legs and put your hands in your lap, not feeling confident at all as Lyrica stares at you in stony silence. Still, the first thing you should do is apologize... "Lyrica, I'm sorry about what happened with that last tournament battle."

"'re sorry?" Lyrica responds, her voice full of incredulity as she stares at you, "You're sorry!? You'd better be more than sorry for getting yourself sent to the hospital like that! Do you know how terrifying it was to see you go down like that, or to be unconscious? Do you know how afraid I was when those stupid, useless doctors were fretting over you and not even letting us see you and not telling us anything until your mother showed up? Even Gissele could tell you were badly off, but she couldn't tell us anything except that human's can get hurt really, really badly in fights like that! What were you thinking there at the end!? I could tell that you knew you weren't going to last any longer, but you just kept going anyway! I should have never just let you go out there like I did. I know it's my responsibility to be the thinker and to keep everyone in line."

Lyrica lets her thoughts and emotions hammer down on you like a hailstorm, and you can barely force yourself to look her in the eye as she continues. You feel terrible and ashamed of yourself now because you know she's getting like this because she loves you. "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" You ask, not bothering to try to justify your actions or defend yourself. There's no way you can.

"Stop being so stupid! I know I can't ask you to not be stupid, but at least let us be the ones who put ourselves on the line in a fight! It's our job! It's what we're here for!" Lyrica keeps up the rain anyway, "I know you're not afraid, but you are human! Use your crafty brain to fight and leave the brawn to us! Anything you feel seeing us get hurt, imagine that but worse when we see you harmed. It hurts even more because we know that you can't be fixed as quick and easily as we can! That stuff doesn't work on humans!" She grabs you by the collar of your red, velvet pajamas (when did you get these...?) and hauls you up into her face, "If you keep doing stuff this dumb, I'll...I'll..." She can't seem to finish what she's saying and just drags you into a crushing hug as she holds you, "Don't make me worry, you jerk..."

You hug back as hard as you can, feeling not unlike when you do something stupid and make Yume worry about you. "I'll try to make you worry less, at least. I can't promise anything, but I will try." You do find this oddly comfortable though. You think your tendency to enjoy physical closeness is making you not want to let go of her. Still, you breathe in, then out before talking again. "I really am sorry about that though. I know you girls are tougher than I am, but at the same time I can't help but treat battles like they're serious instead of the sport it is when League rules are in play. When Lunasa got knocked out during Joey's fight... I know she wasn't going to come to harm, but part of my mind kept thinking that I could seriously lose one of you, or maybe even all of you if I screw up like that out in the real world."

"I think I'd take losing you about as well as you'd take losing me..."

"You idiot..." Lyrica complains as she hugs you tighter, "You're not going to lose us, ever. You know how hard it is to actually put down a touhoumon for long." As you hold Lyrica, you can't help but notice that her back is extremely tense. She must have been worrying over you quite a lot to have built up that much pressure there.

"Doesn't stop me from worrying." You reply, shifting your hands around her back to check how tense she is. There's even some knots here and there... "Lyrica, let me massage you." You say, feeling that this is an unacceptable level of stress for her. "Your back's all tense, there's knots in your muscles... Plus it's my fault you're even in this state, so please let me take care of it."

Lyrica considers what you have to say before she responds,"...Hrm, fine. You do owe me anyway." She agrees with you as she disengages from the hug and pulls back from you before...slowly stripping off her clothes and setting her dress off to the side, leaving her wearing nothing but her white knee high stockings and hat. Wait, no underwear? Does that mean that Lyrica...?

"I know what you're thinking." She tells you, giving you a look, "And I do usually wear it. It's just that Kogasa won it in our game last night she gets to wear them for the day."


You're left blushing and staring, marveling at how beautiful Lyrica is, though the underwear thing was starting a to nag at you up until she answered that question. "Why would you...? Nevermind. I'll get started. I'm going to go ahead and use the full routine too, so it might take a while." You're pretty sure this room isn't stocked for masseurs like yourself, but you don't need stuff like that. Your bare hands are more than enough. You scoot around to her side and try to get her to lie on her front with your hands. "If you'd please lie down on your front..."

Lyrica strides past you, giving you a good look at her ass It's You don't even have words for how amazingly cracking that ass is. Such form! Such firm tone! W O W.

...So yeah, Lyrica has a hypnotically cute butt that your gaze is drawn to even as she lies down on her front as you told her to, "Hmm...Yume said that you were good with your hands." She comments as her butt wiggles slightly as she gets comfortable, tempting you. Really, Lyrica's got an amazing butt and amazing legs all the way down. Not to say she's ugly anywhere, just that it's her 'charm point'.

Honestly, you just want to rub her butt now, but you're trying to not annoy her further. You start off gently searching for the knots in her back, same as you always do, and start to work them out gradually. "Well, I was taught how to give massages as part of my training to become a trainer. Given how you girls will have to fight for me it's only fair that I know how to help you relax too."

"That makes sense." Lyrica agrees with you easily enough as your hands glide along her back in search of knots to work out, "It's nice to know if I get smacked into a cliff I'll be able to guilt you into pampering me." You find a spot on her back and you're happy to knot that at the very least she's nowhere near as bad as Gissele was, or your mother could get.

"You could just ask too. I actually get pretty fussy over this." Case in point, you really wanted to pin Gissele down, have her ditch the Dark Queen persona of hers, and work her over until she was relaxed putty in your hands. Of course, given the scenario that wasn't going to happen, but at least here you can work Lyrica's body to your satisfaction. "Also, I have no problem admitting that you have a really, really nice ass. Part of me kinda wants to use it as a pillow." You're now blushing just a bit as you toss that out there.

Lyrica gives you a look over her shoulder, "Hmm? That's fine, but if you stop massaging me to sleep on my ass or fuck me there, I'll break you." She warns you, "You can touch it if you want though." She informs you as you keep massaging her back, "Also, I'd guilt you into it because you're really cute when you're trying to make it up to someone. Kind of like a puppy, really."

"Nice to know." You're blushing and rolling your eyes as you continue your work, finding out that Lyrica does indeed get a certain level of enjoyment out of messing with you. Thankfully she's not that bad off compared to what you'd consider 'bad', so it won't take as long as you had thought it would. "And no, I won't stop massaging you just to do that. I imagine you'd want to reserve actually breaking me until I've made you worried sick one time too many and feel as though it's the only way to make me stop being stupid."

"That and if you're ever fool enough to stop before I'm satisfied." Lyrica declares a she watches you work by glancing over her shoulder at you, "You should know how bad of an idea it is to get a girl all worked up and then not deliver, right?"

"I do." You reply simply. Though now your mind is partway in the gutter now. "You don't have to worry about my falling short unless you're somehow even more insatiable than Merlin."

"That girl is all in a league of her own, so you don't need to worry about that." Lyrica responds as she smirks, "Still, remember your limits. You're only human after all, even if you are on a drug fueled rut state that makes you capable of lasting longer than you normally would. We don't want that falling off, after all."

"I would prefer to be able to have sex with you with my innate equipment. Preferably lots of it." You're content with how Lyrica's back is for now, so long as she doesn't go and re-tense herself or something silly like that, and move on to her neck and shoulders. "Well, the good news is that you're not as tense as I feared you were, so this shouldn't take the several hours I thought it would originally."

Lyrica turns her attention to the pillow as you scoot closer to work on her shoulders and end up rubbing something very sensitive up against her butt, "Fantastic. I was told that I needed to get laid anyway, so it's good to hear it won't take long."

...You sort of wish you could have heard that conversation

No. 174020

Glad to see you are back! Awaiting warmly for more~
No. 174021
At some point we need to explain that humans aren't that fragile. There's virtually no chance of dying from a friendly fistfight. Some people even fistfight professionally for years with only minor long-term brain damage to show for it. Stop worrying jeez.
No. 174037
Don't they typically wear padded gloves though? How much worse is it with bare-knuckle fighting?
No. 174038
Without protection the punches hurt a tiny bit less, but the guy punching breaks his hand much easier.
No. 174042
As an anon just recently following Luck 10 & 0, I think the protagonist was going to get molested fifty different ways if he had stayed at home any longer.
No. 174044
Who at home do you think would've molested him the most?
No. 174057
Different anon, but probably, in this order:

Sexuality in this setting is rather, ah, libertine.
No. 174058
I think it'd be a close tie between Mom and Yumeko as Yumeko seems closer to Zeke in affection and there's been hints of her having more than a sisterly affection towards him.
No. 174060
I think his family is rather outrageous, even by the standards of this setting, though.
Especially since it appears that his mom runs of equal parts perversion, SCIENCE! and Stickin' it to The Man.
No. 174062

I am starting to wonder how did Zeke's family came about, after wonders what does Zeke's father see in his mother, and vice versa. After all, Mom is a total nutjob in a sense
No. 174064
File 138014198363.jpg - (141.14KB , 585x505 , doutei_www_hentairules_net_061 - Copy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah, but Yumeko has more restraint and common sense, while Mom is of the school of thought that there's no such thing as incest, only wincest. Or, rather, that any experience is worth trying once.
No. 174065
Where is that picture from?
No. 174071
You know that reminds me. Much of her stuff seems to be better than the standard/average version. This is alluded to in things like how the medicine she made was a more up-to-date version of what the doctors were using:

>"Hm? Oh no don't worry about it, they were just using out of date techniques and drugs that aren't popular anymore due to their drawbacks." Your mother explains, "I flushed your system and used my own personal homebrew to fix you up, so you should be up and at, actually."

Then there's stuff like Zeke's tablet (Touhoudex?) where it has things like "Mama's Own Cracker":
>...And for once, you set your flashlight down and pull out your Tablet. It has enough functions and apps that there should be one to check the structural and storage integrity of the ball in question, seeing as even the most durable balls can fail after a while. Having early warning to a ball degrading shouldn't be necessary, but just like everything else you've got something that could help with that. It's broken, you don't need an app to tell you that. What you want to know is the severity of the damage, since that could help explain a few things. Your tablet does its level best to connect with the ball and see if it can gain access to its diagnostic systems. The ball complains and attempts to force you put in a password as you don't have the authorization for it on your tablet, but 'Mama's Own Cracker' deals with that easily, breaking open the balls information for you.

So TLDR how much better or more advanced are her things/treatments/whatever compared to the standard? What does she do that makes her stuff so much better in some way? I'm just wondering because it is interesting.
No. 174072
Doutei Kaikin, check the filename
No. 174077

Compared to a Touhoumon, yes, yes we are.
No. 174079
I gues the imrepssion that his mother is a sort of genius/rogue researcher who likely shyed away from the big scene due to something (likely her own deviency/sex drive)

As far as his dad? He likely accepted her and wound up with sex he could never complain about... though I wonder how much they actually do it these days considering how she seems to spend more time with mon than him.
No. 174082
Hopefully his dad does not have a maid outfit hidden away
No. 174091
Not to delay the story any, but I wouldn't mind seeing a /short/ detailing this.
No. 174094
If anything his fondness of the robot maid might have something to do with it, though Ruukoto seems more impersonal about these things.
No. 174097

Welllll... Going into the exact details is kinda smack in the middle of 'super massive spoiler' territory, so I won't answer that myself. However, >>174079 is pretty close.

Anywho, sorry about the delay, and please enjoy the third scene~

Below here thar be naughty!
Above here thar be naughty!

Once again, Nob and I have broken the character limit per post. We seem to do that a lot.
No. 174100
Just to clarify something, Ruukoto belongs to Zeke's dad and Yumeko his mother, right?
No. 174101
yeah it was IIRC.
No. 174119

Well, the first part I didn't find enjoyable, and ended up skipping most of it. But that may be because I'm not into that sort of thing.

The next part was much better though in my opinion.
No. 174149

Holy crap I loved seeing Lunasa's dominant side. Your SM scenes are always great. The aftermath was plenty cute too. It's a shame she didn't get Zeke REALLY begging, but she's such a good girl that it worked out perfectly fine in the end. Good stuff.
No. 174150
I agree. Makes me wonder if there are actual Dominatrix Variants running around or if that would just be redundant in this world.
No. 174152
> Dominatrix Variants

Please, just no.
No. 174153
That actually does make me wonder, does it get confusing for Touhoumons of the same type, I guess, to meet each other?

For instance a Reisen meets another Reisen, does that get confusing or do they just instinctively know how to tell each other apart?
No. 174154
File 13806301407.jpg - (15.69KB , 251x250 , 1232501.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Dominatrix Variants
No. 174155
Man, I really, really hope so!

Oh come on you guys, all she'd want to do is tame you and train you to love her and only her forever. If, maybe, she has to be a little strict to get what she wants, you can take solace in the fact that it's for your own good. Where's the harm in that? There's so much love!
No. 174158
Not everyone likes that.

I agree: first post EEEEEEEHHHHH second post was more like what I was waiting for.
No. 174162
Yes, and not everyone likes Femdom, or bondage, or fluffy tails, or goo-girls, and so on and so forth. To be honest, given the whole setting being "lots of touhous lusting after and possibly kidnapping and raping shotas," I'd be surprised if there wasn't a dominatrix scene or two. I'm a different guy, by the way, and it's not hugely my kink, but I don't find it particularly objectionable, either. Anyway, the point is that people have different tastes and the tone of the story predisposes it to and increases the chances of femdom.
No. 174168

Well, that's SlKogasa down. Now for the ORGY! I am honestly looking forward to the challenge that will pose to my ability to handle characters and how much fun it's going to be.

Also, putting bits of useful information and world building into porn remains entertaining.

Thank you guys for being so patient.
No. 174169
Uh just to tell you, both link to the Lunasa portions.
No. 174170


Goodness I'm terribly sorry about that. These should probably be the right ones. That's odd though, as I was certain I'd gotten the right ones in. Thank you for telling me all the same.
No. 174214
File 138121493420.jpg - (678.23KB , 1000x1800 , Komachi reaper.jpg ) [iqdb]
You wake up once again in your pajamas, sitting up and yawning as you look over your surroundings. There's nothing special about the room anymore despite what had been done in here previously, and you're mildly disappointed that you didn't get to wake up in your loving goo girl again. Granted, that was because she took care of getting you cleaned up and such. In fact, she's been making sure that you're well taken care of overall, hasn't she? Maybe even the least intense of each... Okay, Merlin performed paizuri 'til you conked out, Lyrica snuggle-fucked you 'til you were exhausted, Lunasa did much the same, and SlKogasa performed anal on you. The only one you really needed to exert yourself with was Lyrica, if you recall right.

That aside, the fact that SlKogasa seems to know how to be a homemaker on top of everything else just makes you even more curious about her circumstances. It's clear that she's more intelligent than your average slime, possessing Queen level intelligence at a base level variant form, but you're not really sure how to put it. It's as if she wasn't always a slime. You slip out from under the covers as you consider that, noting that once again you feel great.

You sit on the bed cross-legged as you start to think about your girls more, starting with Lunasa. She's very eager to please you from what you can tell, but seems hesitant to just straight-out ask you about what you want. She's quite the insightful girl when it comes to her sisters and Kogasa though. It feels like you can rely on her to tell what your Prismrivers are thinking.

Lyrica's more straightforward. Not afraid to give you a piece of her mind, cares about you and her sisters greatly, acts like a team leader... and is really bad at showing vulnerability. Lunasa said her sister hates being perceived as weak, and she's certainly willing to do what it takes for your sake. The gold-dressed mon has such a convoluted shield about her...

You stretch again, making yourself limber for what's to come. You go through a routine of your own as you go to Merlin, who seems to be even more straightforward. She's highly perverted, and you have your mother to thank for her initial nature getting kicked into overdrive. Not that you're really complaining, but the purple-dressed ghost mon loves to tease you too, which leads to awkwardness you could do without. Not to say she only thinks with her crotch, she just does most of her thinking with it. At least when it comes to you, her sisters, and perhaps SlKogasa. ...She also seems to be pretty skilled at getting opponents riled up, now that you remember that. While it was reckless of her, she did get the Yuyuko she fought to trip up because the gluttonous ghost went too far with the theatrics.

...Good Shinki, you just had the terrible thought of Merlin picking up either a Slime or maybe Alraune variant form. The last thing that girl needs is access to tentacles.

You're more or less done, and go back to sitting down. The other thing you're definitely going to have to do is do at least a quick scan of your girls to see where they fall stat-wise. Tablets vary in how informative they get, but yours? Yours could probably track their abilities down to the theoretical 'Initial Value'. Maybe even Hidden Power, though that move has a tendency to suck on mons who could actually benefit from having an unorthodox attack type for their species.

As you sit there, having finished your ponderous pondering, you hear something. A quiet rap-tap-tap of someone tapping on the door. Just who could be there at this time of day? The rap-tap-tapping isn't going away though...

...Why does it feel so ominous and chilly now?

You get up off the bed and walk over to the door, feeling somewhat complacent considering that it should only be your girls and you here. You decide to creak open the door a bit to check who it is...

Outside of the door, Death is waiting for you.

More specifically, Gissele's Reaper Komachi is looming outisde of the door, scythe in hand and cloth billowing in a chilled wind she seems to generate all on her own. You can just barely make out the shape of her lower face from underneath her hood, the cloth of it concealing most of her face from your view. "Apologies for my interruption of your debaucherous week, but I come bearing a message."

Well, this was unexpected. "What is it?" You ask, seeing as there's no real reason to mess around here.

"Gissele wishes to speak with you before you depart, should you have the time. Just a conversation. More over, she needs to give you the prize you won. Sebastian assumed you would rather receive it from her than him." She informs you calmly as she keeps on staring at you.

"I'll make time for that. Thank you." Honestly, you were starting to wonder when you were going to have the time to pick up your prize, seeing as Merlin snatched you up before you could even really think about it. Plus, Sebastian is probably right about you being peeved at him, what with the tournament being as it was.

"There is no need to thank me. I was merely fulfilling my orders." The Reaper informs you as she continues to float ominously outside of your door. Her cloak flitters and flutters as she turns, but she keeps her eyes on think, you can't actually see them. "By the way..." She speaks up, her hood rising up to show one eye, gleaming with amusement.

"...If you aren't propositioning me, you may wish to put that away." She points with the non-edged end of her scythe down at your legs and-oh. You're wearing your pajama top, but not your bottom.

You blush and scoot to the side juuuuust a bit so your lower half is out of view, but you can still lean over to look at her. "A-alright. Was there anything else?"

Komachi chuckles, "And here I'd thought I'd found a man brave enough to flirt with death. No, there's nothing else to tell you, save that you performed well in your match, and that I look forward to your return here to challenge this gym for its badge."

"It's less about bravery, and more that I'm pretty sure my girls wouldn't appreciate it overly much if I started going at it with another trainer's mon on the last day." Case in point, you're quite unwilling to make your girls worry about you, or give them reason to be mad at you again. At least for today. No promises about later on. "And thanks. When we get around to that match it should be interesting."

She just chuckles again at that, an odd raspy wind whistling past you as she does so, "Of course. Well then, take care of yourself Ezekiel Mason. Remember this No matter what no one tells you, the date of your death is never written in stone. So don't give up." With that crptic advice, she swings her cloak in a swirl and suddenly disappears, her cloak seeming to devour itself.

That was a weird piece of advice to give, but given your nature as a trainer it's a bit you should already know anyway. You watch after her until she's out of sight, then close the door and go back to your bed while feeling mildly embarrassed that you were talking to someone while in the second most indecent state you could be in.

Then there comes a rap-tap-tapping at the door again.

You go back to the door and open it again, wondering who it could be this time. ...After you get your lower half of your pajamas on.

This time, at the door you find two disappointed looking touhoumon. Namely, an Aya and a Hatate.

...Didn't Merlin mention something about these two?

"Tsk." Aya lets out a frustrated sound, "He put his pants back on. I was gonna get the centerfold for sure if I could have gotten that picture."

Hatate glances at you and back at her, "...Maybe we could ask him to take off his clothes and pose for us?"

"Hatate, don't act like a rookie! You know that the most important part of a picture of capturing the TRUTH of the subject. If we were just trying to get nudies of him we could strip him ourselves and take them, but that's not what we're doing. We're going for 'just woke up moe'! You can't fake moe Hatate!" Aya lectures with passion.

You just stare at the two rather bold mons who have stated their intention as if you weren't even there. Between the fact that you're fairly awake now and this scenario, the most you can manage is a flat "What."

"...Maybe we can take pictures of him as scared moe?" Hatate asks, glancing at you again, "I mean, strip him and scare him a bit?"

"Everyone takes those pictures Hatate, it's called a part of being a tengu mon." Aya just shakes her head, "To get the centerfold, you need to get something truly amazing, something rarely seen or heard of by monsters! Moe of his magnitude would have been perfect, but that darn reaper had to get here first...!" Aya is shaking her fist dramatically at the heavens.

...Don't you have anything to throw at these two? Obviously not your tablet, but that's a pretty reasonable distance off anyway, and your bag... Who knows where that is right now. Your girls probably know where it is but- Actually, where are they anyway? You'd think they'd be standing right behind the tengu mons with one of them tapping their feet or something.

A blur of light blue slime smashes through Aya and Hatate, sending the two mon squealing out of the doorway in a chorus of moans and squeaks of surprise and pleasure. As Hatate stutteringly pleads to not be touched 'there', Aya just rolls with it and starts giving suggestions.

...What the fuck.

Now you just need Merlin taking photos for irony and this would be perfect.

Merlin enters the room first, reaching down and picking up the Aya's camera curiously. She glances at the two and then at you. Casually she reaches into it and pulls out the roll of film, "I took your other ones already too, by the way!" The tells the two tengu, and they both moan in disappointment at that, "Kogasa, be sure to not let them get away when you're through with them. We'll need something for whoever's off of rotation to play with."


Lyrica enters next, casually walking past her sister while carrying several brown paper bags that are laden with something inside of them. "Zeke, good to see you're awake." She greets you, walking up and giving you a kiss on the cheek, "I got ice cream for us to all eat together once we're done tonight!"

Lunasa floats in after them, carrying several other bags that are marked as being from the Yakumo Corp store, and a few other places, "I-I got some extra supplies since we'll be going on longer journeys now!”

You kiss Lyrica and Lunasa on the cheek in turn as they come in. "Thank you, both of you. Ah, before I forget, Gissele sent her DeKomachi over to ask that I take the time to talk with her and receive that pink Heart Stone we won for getting second in the tournament. I figure tomorrow we'll do that, then head out to the mansion."

"That sounds fine with me." Lyrica agrees, pausing only to consider her thoughts for a moment before she speaks them, "Did she try to molest you?" She asks bluntly.

Lunasa takes the bags from her sister and floats over to where the mini-freezer is and begins to load the ice cream into it.

...Do you really need that much ice cream?

"No, though she did comment that I was naked from the waist-down. The Aya and Hatate Kogasa's dealing with were planning on taking photos though." Though to be fair, ice cream-wise, you have four girls as well as yourself. You have to wonder if Kogasa would get sweeter after eating ice cream though.

The many fold mysteries of the slime types are yours to discover and decode. Perhaps she could produce ice cream flavored medicinal slime if she eats enough of it? That'd be a real treat.

Lyrica frowns, "I see...Hey Kogs! Up the roughness a bit to teach them a lesson!" Lyrica calls out to Kogasa as you hear the squealing and moaning from outside double in intensity and frequency. Is this really okay..?

You think about it for a moment, then consider the fact that they tried to make you an impromptu porn star without your consent and feel little sympathy for what they brought onto themselves. Considering that Merlin said there were other pictures, or at least you interpreted it as such, and you're hard pressed to give the order to dial it down. "Anyway, I really should have considered keeping a can of Repel around. Just because it's you girls and I here, doesn't mean someone won't try to peek." Especially since that's kind of what Aya and Hatate species do, albeit the latter species does it less often. Or less blatantly.

Lyrica makes a face, "Ugh, but...that stuff smell sticks around up close for so long after the fact. We'll just set up guards around you twenty-four seven instead." She decides for you, "...Actually if you can just never use repel on yourself ever, that'd be great. That stuff is smells like balding."

"I know, I know. Trust me, I like it about as much as you do." You say, noting that your girls probably have a more sensitive sense of smell, you still find the smell rather repulsive. "I'm not going to go putting on Attract either, though." You decide to tease Lyrica a bit, noting that yes, there is a product that increases random encounter rates as well as the usual one that eliminates it for a while.

"You smell better than that artificial stuff though." Lyrica responds, informing you of something rather important, "You actually smell really good, you know. I thought you were wearing cologne or something when we met, but that's just your natural 'manly musk', as your mother put it."

You facepalm at that. "Dear Shinki, I really am 100%, free-range Touhoumon bait. I'm really glad I ran into you first in the White Tower, you know that, right?" And you're now going to go and have a grand ol' adventure across the continent while having a permanent Super Attract active.

"And you should be." Lyrica crosses her arms, "Any other touhoumon on that floor would have just snatched you up and kept you as a toy." She points out yet again how doing what you did was a terrible idea. Somehow, having it come from the person you met as a result feels kinda of weird, "But, I can't complain. It's because of that that I met you anyway. Besides, all the touhoumon on that floor were down and out because of Lunasa's power. The only reason I was still up is because I'm resistant to that kind of stuff."

You nod in response to that. "Still, I wouldn't ever say I wish I didn't go there. I wouldn't have gotten in trouble, but at the same time, considering that you, Merlin, and Lunasa were all on seperate floors and alone..." You didn't need to finish that sentence. She knows as well as you that it was likely they never would have formed a trio if you hadn't come along.

"Like I said, I can't complain." Lyrica glances behind her at the open door, "All our air-conditioned air is getting out! Bring them in here if you're gonna keep playing with them."



Well, there's that. Hope that you all enjoy it. Now, with the sexscapades down and the bullhonky that's been happening in real life being dealt with, we'll be getting back to plot advancement.

And more importantly, making our way to new and interesting bad endings.
No. 174215
Sweet, more adventuring time to go see more ghost people. No offence, but I don't really read the stuff in /at/ it's just not my thing.

Speaking of real life shenanigans, do you know what happened to Bread?
No. 174222

Bread is very busy and doesn't have the time for the story or me right now due to work and health factors consistently and constantly shitting on him. I would love to continue the original montouhoumon story and Champion's Journey, but without bread I cannot do so. Sorry.
No. 174242
At least it's good to have an update on what's happening.
Hope things get better for Bread soon.
No. 174361
File 138179069783.png - (116.99KB , 560x560 , Missingno.png ) [iqdb]
All of yesterday was pretty exhausting, but fun. Really, really fun. For something your girls decided to do on a whim because they couldn't think of anything better, that was quite the experience. You're still somewhat tingly from when they just started to go at you all at once.

You try to move, only to realize that you're pinned down. You open your eyes, and find out the reason why. You forgot to turn your shota off last night, so now you've woken up covered in bitches.

...You almost hate yourself for spouting that meme off in your head.

Still, you're not going anywhere and the urge to go back to sleep is pretty strong. This much nubile, loving, naked, and warm flesh on you is nothing short of heavenly. You almost understand why some people just give up when faced with a kind wild mon.

A quick check tells you just where everyone is. Merlin is behind you with her arms around you and resting on you, and you're using her breasts as an impromptu pillow to relax into. Lyrica is on your right, arms and legs round around you in a vice grip that's critically effective against your heart, especially with the face she's making that's nuzzled right up against yours. On the opposite side, Lunasa is curled up against you, back against your body and her arms holding your arm between her breasts, which leads to your hand being between her legs where you can feel a fair amount of wetness still in existence. SlKogasa is in a puddle all around you, supporting you all from underneath as apparently the springs in this mattress weren't up to her standards.

...A surprising addition is that you've got the Tengu Aya and Hatate sleeping on your legs with pleased expressions, both of them looking to be in a state of restful, blissful slumber.

Which you note is probably the first time they've been able to sleep like that in a while, if ever. The lack of companionship that a trainer would provide, and the lack of love is just sad to you. You're kind of at a loss as to how to get your girls to wake up though, as you're basically bound up five ways and no non-sexual way to get their attention. Nice as this is, you'll need to check out sometime.

Well, there are non-sexual ways, but none of them would be particularly fun.

You feel the slime shift and squirm underneath you, and all three of your girls and your two editions lets out various noises of discontent as they begin to wake up, slowly but surely being brought into a state of consciousness by the slime's actions. "Zekey, morning!" SlKogasa cheerfully calls out as you watch her human body form up at the end of the bed. She holds up a paper bag fulls of steaming goodness, "Break fast!"

You'd love to go and get that sweet down-home cooking, but you're currently buried under a pile of slowly shifting, gyrating nubile and decidedly naked female flesh. While this isn't a bad position to be in, it does pose a problem to you getting your breakfast. A problem solved when SlKogasa's slime winds up around the various girls and pulls them out of the way. They voice their discontent on the matter, but SlKogasa ignores them and just smiles at you, patting her lap and urging you to come and get your reward.

Which isn't sex this time!

Now that you're mostly free of obstruction, you proceed toward SlKogasa and sit in her lap since she's right there and probably wants to feed you herself again.

SlKogasa wraps one slimy arm around your middle as she holds you and reaches into her bag of treats to produce...the holy grail of all breakfast sandwiches.

Honestly, you're not particularly complex when it comes to breakfast sandwiches. SlKogasa certainly knows how to start if off though, with a pleasant muffin base that's pleasantly soft on the inside yet has a firm, crisp crust on the outside. The egg used here has been blended into a scrambled egg, the color of which is a rich yellow and the taste is divine to boot. The next stage is probably your favorite here. A sausage patty that's no wider than the muffin it's situated in, fried to perfection so the outside is just perfectly crisp and a touch caramelized. Helps keep the mess while eating it down too since there's a minimal amount of juices left on the outside. The cheese is a distinctly soft and sweet cheese, the type you'd use to help balance out sharper or spicier flavors, which is good because the meat is spicy as well. There's not too much else to it than that, but it works perfectly for you~

SlKogasa lovingly and happily feeds it to you as she soothingly rubs your tummy, urging you to keep on eating. Something you notice, to your surprise, is that she seems to actually be feeding all of the people in this room to various extents, going so far as to deliver their breakfasts to them. Your lovely Prismriver's sandwiches are actually very similar to yours, the only difference being what kind of meat that they used instead of sausage. Merlin seems to be enjoying some kind of fish, while Lyrica's is chicken for certain, and Lunasa's is...beef, of that you're certain. Probably a thing steak. The two tengu are actually eating some sort of grainy cereal with milk and fruit in it, milk poured in from small cardboard containers. "Everyone breaks fast." SlKogasa sounds decidedly pleased as she declares this.

"...Are you sure you don't want to just monnap us?" The Aya asks you, sounding somewhat plaintive. Hatate stares at you with equally plaintive eyes over Aya's shoulder.

You look to Aya while eating and start to speak in between bites, sounding noticeably down about that. "Don't get me wrong, I wish I could. I want to make like the Touhoumon Thief and sweep the two of you off your feet and take you with me, but there's the small problem of reality ensuing after that." You take another bite, then take your time chewing before swallowing. "Everyone in this room knows that the two of you are being used and abused here. Not to an extent that would be considered criminal in a court, but enough to where the two of you are pretty miserable."

"The problem is that even if I did take you two with me, it won't just end there. Your owner will come back, notice you're gone, notice the balls are gone, and will probably want you back if only to keep working the hotel so she doesn't have to."

"That means there'd be a lookout for you two, me, and my girls since I just can't keep my girls in their balls. It's not in my nature to do that. If we ever got spotted, I'd get arrested, all of you would get taken from me, and I'd likely get thrown in jail."

"The part that really sucks about this... well, exactly how happy do you think your owner would be to learn that you two had sex with me? I mean, if she thinks that you two can go without intimate affection indefinitely, she probably won't look kindly on us engaging in delightfully debaucherous antics."

"And to top it off, forging the trainer ID the balls are registered to, or forging a trade notice won't work either. The League can't be so incompetent that they'd miss that."

"...This sucks." The Aya sulks and goes back to munching on her cereal. Apparently your explanation was enough that she gave up. You feel a bit bad when you see the Aya and Hatate droop a bit, but both of them seem the accept the reality of their situation.

SlKogasa gives you a comforting squeeze as she tries to make you feel better herself, having noticed that you weren't particularly happy with the situation either.

You give SlKogasa a bit of a squeeze back as you ponder the situation a bit more. "It does, though I have to wonder about your owner's policies." You start to talk again after mostly demolishing your sandwich.

"Which ones do you mean?" Hatate asks, speaking up for herself this time. You notice she seems to have polished off her cereal, and while she's waiting for your response she's chugging down the bowl of milk.

"In regards to having sex with the clients. My thinking is that there might be a way out if she fires you two."

"...Or we could get sent off to the box forever, or we could get released to the government and sent off to who knows where this time and probably be seperated, or we could get put under stricter mental conditioning." The Aya cuts in as the Hatate seems to be considering your statement.

You rub your forehead in response. "Sorry. If I was trained to be a lawer I could probably get the two of you out of here, but as it stands the only ideas I have are 100% illegal."

"It's fine." The Aya assures you as she lounges on the bed and leans against her Hatate friend who leans back against her, "We've got each other, and the fact that you want to help us at all feels pretty great. Thanks for caring, kid."

"Yeah, thank you." The Hatate agrees as she pulls herself closer to her friend, seeming to want nothing more but to be with her.

You sigh in response, and try to put on a better mood. "No problem."

"So, 'Zekey'." Lyrica cuts in suddenly, speaking up and getting your attention onto her as she lounges about and eats a muffin in the nude, "We're gonna go to see Gissele first, and then we're going straight to that Erika girls house, right? The one who has a scary Yuyuko for a friend who went and revealed her true bondage form."

"Yup. Though the only reason to despair that Yuyuko's true form would be those spirits she was using, other than that..." Of course, you need to get cleaned up and dressed because you're sure as heck not going to show up in front of Gissele slime-covered and naked.

"You didn't notice? No, of course you didn't." Lyrica remarks, shaking her head.

Merlin looks up at you and smiles happily, "She was far stronger than she was letting on. Really, she could have swept all of us with ease, if she wanted to. I'd put her...well, not as strong as Yumeko, but only about a tier or two below her."

You stop and blush because that's an embarrassing oversight on your part. "Ah." Then again, the part that stood out the most about that was Merlin winning by erotic knockout, but you shouldn't have missed how she said that she only won because the Yuyuko slipped up.

"Well, she was holding back anyway before I got my tongue into her." Merlin declares as she goes back and languidly lounging on the bed, "So I guess it's not a surprise you missed the mismatch."

You blush a bit harder at that. "It kinda was impossible to miss that. ...Or focus on anything else, really."

"Mmmm." Merlin hums in response so that, "Just keep it in mind."

"...I have a bad feeling." Lunasa speaks up suddenly, her sandwich mostly finished, "Uhm...why would she go so far as to slip that map to you subtly like that Zeke? I mean, if she just wanted you to come visit, wouldn't she have just told you out loud?"

"I was wondering about that. At the time I just chalked it up to her Youmu being overprotective. When you put it like that though..."

You take a breath as you think about it. "Then we'll go in expecting that things won't go swimmingly. That Youmu alone makes me nervous, but that Yuyuko is almost worse."

"With your luck, we'd probably be best off if we went everywhere expecting the worst." Lyrica speaks up, "You know someone tried to actually mug us when we bought that ice cream?"

...wait what?

"I thought you weren't going to tell him that." Merlin speaks up, not sounding accusatory but just looking over at Lyrica, who has an expression like she just realized something she had forgotten.

"Sister..." Lunasa sounds somewhat disappointed at her.

"Wait, someone tried to mug you? Who?" And of course, now that you know that somone tried to bring harm to your girls to rob them, you're going to want to know all about it.

"Yes, someone tried to mug us. We dumped him in a trashcan because he thought we couldn't defend ourselves against a human." Lyrica rolls her eyes, "That's all that happened."

"Okay, so it was just someone who was too stupid to live, got it." You didn't really need to say why it was an incredibly bad idea to try and attack someone vastly superior to you was.

"To be fair, that's true of a fair amount of captured touhoumon. Some people like to instill them with orders to not attack humans." Lyrica responds, "Remember, not everyone's like you or your parents Zeke. Plenty of people like to keep touhoumon on a tighter leash than you."

"I'd like to keep Zeke on a leash." Merlin pipes up, and all the touhoumon in the room pause and seem to be happy at the thought of that.

...That's not concerning at all!

"Ah, true. I mean, people like Abbott exist. I'd just like to think that responsible people are the norm, not the exception to the rule." Then, if you had a drink you'd have spat it out at that point, you look to Merlin with a wide-eyed, blushing look of shock, especially since everyone's agreeing with them. Even Aya and Hatate! "W-why would I need to be on a leash!?"

"Because it's hot." Merlin informs you simply, "Especially if I gave you a nice collar. Leather, and maybe put studs on it so my stud was studded."

"I'd put a bell on him." Lyrica informs the room as she crosses her legs, "I mean, think about it. That way you'd always know where he is exactly, plus it'd jangle while you rode him. You could play music by fucking him, and use it to accompany his moaning."

"...I think a ribbon would be nice." Lunasa states, tapping her fingers together with an eerie smile on her face.

"Restrained Zeke~!" SlKogasa cheers as you feel some of her slime slip around your neck in a way you just know is forming a collar. You guess SlKogasa'd like to restrain you with her own body, which makes sense for her.

"...I'd put a few of my feathers that fell out on it, to mark property." Aya decides to add in her two cents, "And maybe make it so it matches the design of my dress."

"Ooooh, that sounds nice!" Hatate agrees excitedly with her friend.

You just roll your eyes at all this. "The sad part is that there's nothing I could say or do to dissuade any of you from this idea."

"Why would you want to? I'm sure you'd find it hot too." Merlin says, suddenly up in your face and her hand stroking along your cheek, "The ultimate symbol of your submission to us and your love for us, to offer us the means to control you completely and demonstrating it by wearing our collar...doesn't that excite you?" She asks you, leaning close and pressing her hot body up against you, once again reminding you that your girls pretty well own you already, collar or no.

And you're left leaning back and staring wide-eyed at Merlin, gulping once as she starts to tread into dangerous territory. "It kinda does... Though heaven knows you girls pretty much own me anyway, collar or no. Didn't my letting you three-" Indicating your Prismrivers. "-molest me while in the tower partially break me to you?"

"Having sex with a touhoumon does things to humans anyway, captured or otherwise." Merlin declares, "But yes, it did a bit. Just like having such a kind, gallant young boy let us do erotic things to him broke us a bit to your side."

"I'd kiss you on the lips as a response, but I get the feeling that'd just invite you to do things when we should get ready to go." You tease Merlin just a bit as you contradict yourself a bit and wrap your arms around your Merlin, hugging her while feeling your will to move erode and fade. It's just like when she started kissing you in front of Nueton, really. You can't stop it once it starts, nor do you want to stop it.

"Oh I'm going to-wah! Hey, put me down!" Merlin prepares to strikes before SlKogasa grabs her and pulls her away from you, setting her down on the other end of the bed with her slime.

"No no, we need go." SlKogasa chastises you both.

"Sorry, Kogasa..." You're still blushing furiously as the slime chastises you. "Guess it's time to get cleaned up and moving, right?"

"Yes!" SlKogasa declares as her slime suddenly wraps around you and pulls you into her completely. As you're submerged defenselessly in her slime, you can see her pull her slime away from all the other girls and ooze off of the bed and towards the restroom, taking you with her as she goes. She shuts the door behind her and immediately oozes over to the shower, turning it on as she oozes into the tub and sending hot water cascading down onto her.

...Moments later you realize what she's doing when you feel yourself getting scrubbed all over with hot liquid, followed by soap being added to the mix as she scrubs off the whole week long sexscapades worth of mess that had been ground in various places. You know she's been cleaning you off when and where she could, but this is her getting every last bit of the sex scent off of you before you leave town.

...Which you realize is an attempt to help protect you, because smelling like that on top of your natural shotalicious scent would make you an even bigger target.

Not that you object to the treatment, mind. You kinda doubt that you could have dealt with all that on your own anyway, so you're not complaining. Besides, reeking of your girl's scents as well might cause you to do something stupid with them later on...

Actually, it feels really relaxing as she cleans you, like thousand of hands rubbing all over your body and scrubbing off every last spot of filth, touching up every part of you with care and concern. The feel of her scrubbing out your hair is magnificent itself as she does it, like thousands of fingers working it over all at once and giving you a scalp massage as well.

Relaxing enough that if you were given the choice, you'd probably opt to just lay in SlKogasa all day, but alas~

Eventually, you're scrubbed completely clean and deposited out of SlKogasa and into the shower proper, the hot water washing off the slimy residue she leaves on you as she departs from the tub and moves to the corner of the room to wait. You notice your clothes piled up neatly onto the counter, pressed and cornered just like Ruukoto liked to do them.

You nod to the slime girl in appreciation, and start to put your clothes on in a timely manner. "Thanks, Kogasa~"

SlKogasa smiles and hums happily in response to your statement, seeming pleased as punch to have helped you like this already. She really does seem to especially love helping, doesn't she?

You're certainly glad you have her, that's for sure. You finish getting dressed and look to her. "Alright, let's go~" You say cheerily before you exit the bathroom.

SlKogasa cheerfully follows after you as you exit, leading to you finding that the whole room appears to have been cleaned up. Hatate and Aya are gone, probably going back to their duties. This means that you find Lyrica, Lunasa and Merlin are all lounging on the bed, waiting for you.

"Shall we get going, my lovely ladies~?" Apparently this whole 'have sex for a week' thing has put you in a rather good mood too, though you haven't forgotten about Aya and Hatate's plight. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do for them now beyond what you've already done, so it's time to get going.

"...Do you think the sex did something to him?" Lyrica asks her sisters curiously as she hops up off of the bed, her sisters following her lead.

"Well, he's always been a bit crazy. Maybe this is just his post-coital good cheer?" Merlin suggests with a shrug of her shoulders.

"I'm sure Zeke's just being happy, like he always is." Lunasa states, but doesn't sound very sure as she eyes you warily.

"Ah..." You think to check yourself over before you leave, just to make sure you've got your bag and assorted stuff. Well, mostly the bag since that's got pretty much everything important in it and it'd be such a silly thing to do to leave it behind. Once you're sure you've got it, you step out of the room.

You find your bags exactly where they were left at the start of this glorious week. They're sitting right on the counter top where they'd been say. Inside you find something curious. It would appear someone sent a message to you on your tablet while you were busy and it's just been sitting there.

Curious about this message, you decide to open it.

You find, as you open it up, that it is a message from Costello. It reads: 'Zeke, sorry I couldn't be there in person to say this, but after your mother got here and we knew you were going to be okay I just couldn't stand this place anymore. I've taken the Sakuya I won in that joke of a tournament and left town to train her. I'm not sure where I'll be going next for sure, but I've taken the southern road and I'm gonna aim for Steel Port as my final destination for now. I'll stop at whatever towns are along the way though. Take care of yourself, and be careful. The woods I passed through were thick with mysterious locations.'

You can sort of understand how Costello feels, and are slightly annoyed that the two of you couldn't say goodbye in person again, but them's the breaks. You got knocked the fuck out and spent a week fucking your girls after that, so it couldn't be helped. Still, Steel Port, huh? You're not sure where your travels will take you, but there's an option for later, you suppose.

Also on your tablet you see a notice, something about...oh! Hey, look at this! You girls scanned themselves in detail for you!

...With naked cover pictures.

You're somewhat concerned about the fact that you're no longer concerned by this, and decide to look into what they can do. You also need to set aside some time to just talk with them too.

Looking at the data though, there's something here more interesting than those photos...

Scan results:
Species: Prismiver family, species Lyrica, rare variant (alternate color)
Status: Normal
Potential (Initial Values): Perfect
-Hit Points: Maximum possible
-Attack: Maximum possible
-Defense: Maximum possible
-Special Attack: Maximum possible
-Special Defense: Maximum possible
-Speed: Maximum possible

Ability: Soundproof (confirmed), unknown if others are present.

General Notes: This particular Lyrica is what others of her species aspire to be, as her stats are essentially perfect  across the board. Beyond that, her coloration is also an indication of other abnormal, yet positive traits. Normal Lyrica do not express the sheer level of leadership and competence in combat this one does, and additionally she seems to show a preference for simply mowing down her enemies with a relentless assault. Personality, or Nature, seems to lean more toward Rash on a given basis, but also shows the occasional bouts of Brave and Adamant depending on the situation. Rash is the only one that seems to have a direct affect on her projected stats, however,  the other two traits seem to just be part of who she is.

Scan Results:
Species: Prismriver family, species Merlin, rare variant (alternate color)
Status: Normal
Potential (Initial Value): Maximum possible
-Hit Points: Maximum Possible
-Attack: Maximum Possible
-Defense: Maximum Possible
-Special Attack: Maximum Possible
-Special Defense: Maximum Possible
-Speed: Maximum Possible

Ability: Soundproof (confirmed), other abilities possible.

General Notes: Just like with Lyrica, this Merlin is a prime example of her species and possesses abnormal, yet positive traits. Initially she possessed a higher than normal but still average level of perversion. This was deemed a negative attribute and the subject was trained personally until she was well above average, at which point it was considered a highly useful attribute. Beyond that, this Merlin possesses a strangely tactical mind and can form battle strategies on the fly. With a bit of training to make her more observant, this can result in weaknesses being exploited ruthlessly, both combat-wise and sexually. She also possesses a Naughty 'Nature' primarily, with hints of Sassy popping up now and again. Just like with Lyrica, the primary nature is the only one that adjusts the stats, the secondary one is just for flavor, so to speak.

Scan Results:
Species: Prismriver family, species Lunasa, rare variant (alternate color)
Status: Normal
Potential (Initial Value): Maximum Possible
-Hit Points: Maximum Possible
-Attack: Maximum Possible
-Defense: Maximum Possible
-Special Attack: Maximum Possible
-Special Defense: Maximum Possible
-Speed: Maximum Possible

Ability: Guard Armor (confirmed), others abilities possible.

General Notes: Lunasa is every bit as ideal as her adoptive sisters are, the three of them forming a trio whose only inherent flaw is that they're marginally worse at working together than a trio formed at birth. Their perfect potential counteracts that to a degree as well. As the other two have unique traits, this Lunasa does as well. She's expressed a sort of berserker state that gave her access to numerous moves she didn't express proficiency in before, as well as a few that are normally outright impossible for her species to learn. Her skill at melee is also abnormally high for her species, which should prove interesting and valuable.

Scan Results:
Species: Tsukumogami family, species Kogasa, variant Slime.
Status: Abnormal (Data Corruption)
Potential (Initial Value): Unknown
-Hit Points: -----
-Attack: -----
-Defense: ?????
-Special Attack: -----
-Special Defense: -----
-Speed: .....

Ability: Unknown

Personal Notes: This SlKogasa's stats are impossible to read, the ability can't be nailed down, and trying to extrapolate her Nature just causes the app to puke up junk data. Zeke explained that she had been stuck inside a ball as it was literally degrading around her for over a decade, but the extent of the damage is mind-boggling. It's honestly lucky that this one is only [i]just a bit nuts and can't form up completely without exposing her core. Other projected outcomes of data corruption are typically... varied. While it's possible to extrapolate what she can do based off her species and variant type, the Data Corruption has caused so much damage that she could start using attacks and abilities we don't even have names for, and her typing might not be what is expected. This leads into the issue that it is all but impossible to predict anything about her, including how she will react to any future situations. Thus, extreme caution is necessary when it comes to interacting with her, especially the trainer. Yes Zeke, this means you[/i]
No. 174362
...Well, this information certainly is probably important for you to know, isn't it? It's also rather interesting that your scans seem to have come with some pretty in depth information and an analysis from a knowledgeable source.

...Wait hang on when did you reach the street and start walking? You got so distracted by the data you didn't even notice you were guided outside.

Granted, that probably isn't a bad thing seeing as the scan data was more than a little important to read. You're definitely right to worry about SlKogasa though, but there's not much you can do for her right now aside from be there for her.

"So...what were you reading? An email from your heterosexual life partner?" Merlin asks you coyly as she sidles up against you, wrapping an arm around your arm and nuzzling up and close. Her body's as nice and soft as it always is, and you feel your heart flutter as she flutters her lashes at you.

You're feeling a touch flushed as Merlin does that, and allow her to do that. "I was reading an e-mail from Costello before, but I spent quite a bit more time going over the scan details of you and the rest of our merry band." Good grief you just want to cuddle her right now.

"Oooooh?" Merlin pulls in closer still, her breasts pressing up against your arm and exciting you, "What kind of information, hm?" She asks curiously, her eyes drawing you in...right up until you feel a different body press up against your other side.

"Don't tell her anything you don't want to Zeke." Lyrica cuts in, breaking the trance Merlin had you in with her beguiling looks, "She's just being nosy because your tablet's locked to us and we can't see what's in it."

"Ah." You say in response to Lyrica saving you from sensual manipulation. "Well, it's not like there's anything in there you girls didn't know already." And the part they didn't know was stuff you didn't want to go saying in front of SlKogasa for an arguaby very good reason.

"Right, I'm the leader, Merlin's an engine of destruction and Lunasa's really scary if you get her mad. That about it?" Lyrica asks you, ringing off a pretty accurate description of her sisters.

"Pretty much." You nod after Lyrica's done rattling off the personality traits of your Prismrivers while distinctly hoping that Kogasa doesn't come up in this. "You know, considering how zoned out I was, I'm surprised you managed to get me to walk with you as opposed to having to carry me."

"It wasn't that hard. It looks like you're like your mother in regards to walking around while doing something else." Lyrica tells you, "We just poked you in the right direction and off you went."

"Well, we gave him a slap on the ass too." Lunasa cuts in, pointing out some important information.

"You gave him a slap on the ass." Lyrica cuts right back at her.

"Is that what that was? I thought I jumped a little back there for some reason." You're actually looking around to see what part of town you're in and how close you are to the Gym, since that's where you're going first. "I would have liked to say goodbye to the Aya and Hatate though." You're still feeling a little down about that, but what can you do? You're not some super thief who evade detection indefinitely.

"They weren't in the shop, it seems." Lyrica informs you, "At least, they definetly weren't up front. They might have been busy catching up on work from missing as much as they did with us."

"Ah, but it was worth missing work to be with us." Merlin adds on.

"...I won't argue that." You definitely enjoyed being with them for that brief time, and as much as you'd like to have done more for them you were able to help them get back to something resembling normal.

You finally get your bearing on where you are, you think. At the very least, you seem to be on main street and headed towards the gym now, which was what you needed to be doing. Behind you, you can see SlKogasa and Merlin happily conversing with one another, both of them seemingly in good cheer.

SlKogasa is burbling happily as Lunasa giggles as well, the both of them having apparently seen or heard something that they found funny.

You're managing to smile since the sight of your girls getting along is such a pleasant thing to behold, but the knowledge that SlKogasa officially suffering from Data Corruption is just... It's too early to try and force it from your mind, so you just end up holding hands with Lyrica since she ought to be relatively close by.

Lyrica entwines her fingers with yours as you hold her hand, and you find that Merlin does so to your other hand. The both of them aren't trying to tease you up this time, and look at you with genuine concern. "Is something wrong, Zeke?" Lyrica asks you, drawing closer so you can speak quietly.

"If something's worrying you darling, you should let us know." Merlin informs you as she does the same.

"It has to do with Kogasa. Your Scan Data came up normal and exactly what I expected it to be, but SlKogasa's came up odd. She's got a full-blown case of Data Corruption and the scan on her couldn't make heads or tails of her abilities. I didn't want to bring it up with her because she's easily upset when I bring up something like asking her what her old life was like." You keep your voice down so SlKogasa can't overhear you, and finally let your concern show.

"Data Corruption..." Lyrica murmurs, sounding worried but like she can't quite grasp what it is besides bad. You suppose that your girls probably don't have the best knowledge of human matters like this.

"That's when a touhoumon's essence is damaged by the ball they're contained in, isn't it?" Merlin asks, getting a close summation of what it is. But it's so much more as well.

"Close enough." You reply to Merlin while mentally hitting yourself over the head for not remembering that your girls might not know as much as you do. "You remember how SlKogasa was stuck in that ball for years, and the ball started to degrade on her until the seal finally broke and she could escape on her own? The ball wasn't the only thing degrading. Touhoumon, when stored in balls are converted to an energy state and maintained at one-hundred percent accuracy by the ball's systems. Some balls even have template backups just in case the primary storage systems fail."

"But if all of those measures fail, then the ball can't maintain a given Touhoumon's energy state and it starts to degrade. That's when Data Corruption starts." You finally start hitting the meat of the matter, now that you're out of the preliminaries. "It's... really hard to describe. The symptoms of Data Corruption are sometimes hard to spot and have unpredictable effects since there's minimal research on the subject. A lot of corporations would like to pretend that it doesn't exist."

"Granted, Yakumo Corp. is an exception to the rule, but aside from that... Basically Touhoumon start accumulating errors in their energy state the longer it goes on for. This can result in anything, ranging from distorted appearances, to strange stats, natures that aren't what we'd normally see from a given species, attacks that they shouldn't know or we don't have names for, even types that just aren't right." You take a breath as you continue your quiet explanation. "There's even a chance that a Data Corrupted mon could change into an even more distorted state. The only thing I can hope for right now is that getting her to evolve normally would fix the problem since a Touhoumon evolution might let SlKogasa fix the errors present in her without outside assistance."

"...Can slimes even evolve?" Lyrica asks worriedly, glancing back to the happy SlKogasa who is tickling a giggling Lunasa.

"Well, they can become queens, can't they? But isn't that just them getting bigger? Is it really a proper evolution?" Merlin asks.

"It's close enough to count. The projected base stat total of a Queen differs from that of a normal Slime just as a more conventional evolution would. Failing that, stone evolutions might work, but it'd have to be something SlKogasa would want to evolve into."

"I see...well..." Lyrica stops and looks ahead of you, "Hey, that's the jerk that tried to mug us!" She calls out, getting your attention immediately.

"Oh, and look who he's with!" Merlin cheers as you look ahead of you to see...Sebastian proceed to fold the idiot who tried to mug your girls up like a cardboard box with one punch.

"I don't know what you're trying to do, mugging a man twice your size, but this is the end of the line for your life of crime!" Sebastian informs the man before producing a length of rope seeming from nowhere and hogtying the poor idiots arms and legs together.

"Yup, too dumb to live." You say in response to watching the mugger get taken out like yesterday's trash. "Taking out the trash, Sebastian?" You wind up calling to the larger man, more amused by this than you really should be.

Sebastian freezes stock still as he hefts he poor man up, leading to him slamming the mugger into his shoulder a bit harder than he might have meant to. "...Ah. Ahahaha, yes! That's what I'm doing! It's a Gym Leader's duty to protect his town from all harm, and when I got weird of a neer-do-well causing trouble, I rushed out to catch him personally." Sebastian seems to feel a bit awkward around you at the very least. Whatever that means is up to you to figure out, you suppose, "Are you on your way to visit Gissele?"

"We are. Figured I'd say hi first since I saw you." There's a couple of reasons why he could be awkward, but you can't be 100% sure which it is. Most of them would have to do with the tournament, however. "Anyway, about the tournament. I'm not going to go into it now, but eventually I would like to talk to you about it." You're frowning a bit, but given what happened you'd be surprised if you were happy go lucky over this.

"Ahaha, I'm afraid I might not be around town for too much longer." Sebastian admits to you. How odd, given how much he loves his job. Why would he not be around town?

"You got the promotion, then?" You ask, since that tournament was a test to see if Sebastian was worthy of becoming a member of the Elite four.

"They said I'll be traveling to the Elite's Plateau to take part in a tournament to decide who will get to take the place of The Fourth." Sebastian admits, idly reaching up and smacking the struggling crook again and causing him to limp, "It...will be fun to go all out again." He admits conversationally. That's right, isn't it? Gym Leaders have to hold back while facing trainers, so almost none of them use their 'real' teams very often.

You nod in response. "Makes sense. Alright, I won't hold you up. I should probably get to Gissele as soon as possible." You get the feeling that it's not good to make her wait much more than you absolutely have to.

"Yes, she's got quite a temper built up. Apparently young Joey was inspired by your passionate battle with Costello and has been talking about it constantly. Gissele was...not particularly pleased with that." Sebastian admits and rubs his chin, "I can't imagine why...well, I'm off!" And then, just like that, he's off quick as a flash after warning you of Gissele's apparently bad mood.

"...Right. Gissele isn't happy with me. I forgot about that." And suddenly you're reminded of the fact that you're probably in a bit of trouble with her now.

"Mmm, I can't imagine why. I mean, it's not like some boy went and got himself beaten up in her gym on her watch over a fight that was seemingly questionable." Merlin responds, "I certainly wouldn't be upset over something like that...well, I might be a bit but I'd just settle it properly~." There is, of course, no question over what she means by that.

But you suspect having sex with Gissele won't really solve your problems, nice as a thought as that might be.

"You don't need to remind me, Merlin." You facepalm at the reminder that you didn't really need, since you figured out the logic behind that already. You then continue walking in the direction of the Gym since there's no sense in lingering.

"If I've got a measure of her right, she's probably more upset that her brother's going to start trying to copy you. That kid's head isn't as thick as yours, so he can't take a hit like that as well." Lyrica pipes in as you approach the One Tree Gym.

"I kinda figured. Granted, he's got girls of his own to protect him and drag him away from real danger." Your girls haven't gotten to the point where they'd drag you away from a dangerous area. Yet.

"Even so, it's understandable that she'd be upset." Lyrica points out as you step onto the welcome mat of the gym.

...and promptly have it fall out underneath you, sending you flying down a dark chute like it's a slide at a nightmarish playground.

...Okay, that's a surprise. You'd think about this a bit more but you're currently too busy panicking to really do much of anything. Aside from doing a bit of screaming. This isn't your manliest moment ever. Still, once you can engage in a little rational thought, you realize that you're probably getting sent down to meet with Gissele beneath the Gym, which might mean dealing with her Dark Queen persona.

A thought mostly born from the fact that she's annoyed with you and you're imagining it.

You hit the ground with a thump. Or rather, you land in a chair with one. You are currently sitting in a bear bones room out of a day-time TV Detective Drama. Across from you, Gissele is staring at you with her hands folded in front of her face and a pair of mirrored sunglasses on. It is...actually kind of intimidating.

You're more wondering how you managed to land so softly, but there's kind of a Gissele in front of you doing her best to make you feel small and afraid. "Uh, hi?"

She keeps staring at you, her gaze intense and making you feel even smaller and smaller as she keeps up that silent stare.

You're kind of wondering when she's going to start talking...!

She doesn't. She just keeps staring at you, her accusatory gaze burning into you and leaving you feeling unwhole. Oh god, it's like the same one your mother uses. Is she going to spank you next!?

...Why does that not sound so bad to you.

Mostly because she's smoking hot and you're not against her doing naughty things to you once you've developed a strong enough relationship with her.

Still, geeze, how long is she going to let this go on for?

She keeps up the stare, and it's slowly becoming more and more unbearable to stay under as she stares at you. It's almost as if she's waiting for you to crack first, and she has all day to waste on it!

...You sigh in response to the continual, stony stare. "This is about Joey, isn't it?"

"Partly." Gissele agrees, giving you at least a mono-word response. That's still much better than the massive, overwhelming silence that she was oppressing you with before.

"And then me engaging in fisticuffs when a Touhoumon battle would have worked." Then there's the other part that seems to sound stupid to everyone else.

"You got blood on my gym floor." Gissele sounds upset about that, "If you wanted to beat each other up, why couldn't you have done it in a human gym instead of a touhoumon gym. Or just rebelled against the system by surrendering to each other so it ended in a tie? That's got precedent."

...Shit, that's actually a good idea too!

"...In retrospect that would make sense." You admit, now feeling a touch more stupid about this.

"I know you're a young man, but next time try to do more fo your thinking with your head instead of your fists." Gissele informs you, "I've dealt with Joey and he understands the rules on how he needs to behave, so I suppose I don't need to punish you for that regard. Just...don't be an idiot and get yourself hurt doing stuff like that, alright?"

"I can't make any promises in that regard, but I will try." You respond to her. Honestly, you're a trainer, and on top of that you care for your mons deeply. You're going to get into trouble no matter what you do, and you're not going to make a promise you know you can't keep.

"Yes, I know you're a 'trainer' and you can't resist the call of adventure. Don't forget that I'm one too, even if I do work for a gym now." Gissele reads you like a book, "What I'm telling you is there's a difference between trainers who take carefully considered risks and trainers who go running in belting out some stupid catchphrase."

"The difference in the later ones end up losers, missing, or dead." Gissele tells you bluntly.

So she's not telling you to not take ANY risks, just to not be a complete idiot.

"I think I can manage that much." You nod in response. "I know it's a little off-subject, but I wasn't impressed with the fact that the last fight had Touhoumon attacking trainers legal. I mean, I know it's a legit ruleset, but that requires a mon who really knows how to hold their punches."

"We didn't have much of a choice, unfortunately." Gissele doesn't try to defend the ruleset in the least, "I didn't even know that could come out of the random selector, and Sebastian didn't either. He wasn't really happy in the end himself."

"The whole tournament seemed a bit off." You remark, noting how there was even an uneven track to begin with.

"From what I understand, Sebastian got the order to put it together not too long into your training starting." Gissele tells you, " He had to throw the whole thing together and get everyone organized that quickly, and we had strict regulations on what the tournament was supposed to be like."

"I know that much, but sheesh, in the middle of my training? First or second half?" You're honestly curious, since that would mean that Sebastian had to throw the thing together within a matter of hours.

"He got the message...around the time that Ran had you in her little hidey-hole." Gissele informs you after a moment of thought.

"So basically, a couple hours prep-time at most."

"Yes, and during it I was busy with you for the majority of the preparation." Gissele informs you as you mull over this information. At least it adds a whole new level of question to what went on then.

"Man, that's just ridiculous. Is the League normally so... short-notice about this? It seems like a pretty bad idea to make someone rush things to the point where they don't even know all the rulesets that could come up. Being able to react is one thing, but this...?”

"You're right, it is ridiculous. They used the excuse that Elite Four are expected to deal with ridiculous situations at a moments notice, from what Sebastian said." Gissele informs you, "I think they've got another reason, but I don't know what it is."

"Ugh, agendas." You're honestly never happy to hear about those, but at least it's not centered around you, right?

"I hear you." Gissele agrees, nodding her head as she picks up a paper package and slies it across the desk to you. "Here, it's your prize for the tournament." She tells you.

"Thanks." You start to unwrap it just to be sure of what it is... "At least the prizes were worthwhile. I mean, pink heartstones aren't exactly something you can just pop into the department store to get."

And there it is. You can feel the warm little stone in your hand, and you can almost feel a faint, beating pulse from it. Though, it might just be your imagination. "You know how they work, don't you?" Gissele asks you.

"Pink heartstones require both the trainer and the mon this is to be used on to be in contact with it, and it's used to strengthen bonds or if the bond between trainer and mon is great enough, to evolve the latter outright." You rattle off what you know, since evolution stone study was part of the program while you were being trained as a trainer. "I'm still going to put this stone in a safe container regardless. With my luck it'd somehow cause one of my girls to evolve anyway."

"That's probably for the best. Remember to follow all proper safety procedures for the containment of evolutionary stones! You don't want an incident like the Cantershire Catastrophe, right?"

"Yeesh, no." You rummage through your bag a bit and pull out one of the containers used specifically to store evolutionary stones. "Something like this would work, you think?"

"That's perfect, just make sure you don't forget to lock the lid. I've seen stones wasted that way before as well. Also, keep it stored as deep in your bag as you can. That stone's valuable enough for pickpockets to swarm you." Gissele warns.

You frown at that last part, and for good reason. "I get you. Some idiot tried to mug my girls while they were out shopping. Same idiot tried to mug Sebastian earlier, so hey." You shrug after that, making sure to lock the container and put it deep in your Items Pocket.

"...Sebastian's the size of a great ape. How did he think that was a good idea?" Gissele asks, confusion on her features

"Some people are just too stupid to live, I guess." You shrug, because you literally can't offer a good reason.

"That's the only explanation, I suppose." Gissele agrees, "Now, where are you headed next? I'll put your name on the town roster so we know where to look when things inevitably go horribly wrong for you."

You snort in a bemused manner when Gissele suggests that things could only end horribly for you. "Well, one of the trainers I faced in the tournament decided to invite me to her house, albeit rather subtly. Given that the map she gave me is rather old though..." You already think that this won't be as simple as you'd hope.

"...That's not suspicious in the least." Gissele responds, her gaze focusing on you with sisterly concern that makes your resistance whither like a flower without the sun, "Where, specifically, is she sending you? I mean, if it's just in town you wouldn't be mentioning it like this, and she wouldn't have a suspiciously old map that she gave you."

You decide to just show her the map in question. "She specialized in Ghost types and the Yuyuko she has on her is quite strong. Honestly, I'm not expecting a friendly welcome from either of her girls."

Gissele looks at the map curiously, frowning more as she looks over it, "...This map's got to be at least thirty years old, or the information it's using is thirty years out of date. could take this route, but they might be expecting it." Gissele pulls out a pencil and carefully traces another route on the map, "But, if you're nervous about an ambush you might want to take this path here. It should get you there just fine...funny though..." Gissele bites her lip, "I don't remember there being a mansion out there. I mean, the Forest's a strange place, so I might have missed it. Sorry, Sebastian would be more help to you. He knows these woods like the back of his hand."

"And of course, Sebastian's going off soon and he seems rather nervous around me for some reason." You note, feeling like there was a lost opportunity here.

"It's probably because he thinks you're pissed with him...also your mom kinda scared him earlier, I think." Gissele informs you of that.

"Really? That would be reason enough to be nervous. Do you know what happened?" You ask, finding this bit of information interesting.

"Nope, I never met her in person. Just heard about her after the fact." Gissele shrugs, "Sebastian won't talk about it either. She spooked him pretty bad, I think."

"Then it's probably better if you don't ask him about it then. Or my mother. She's... Not always pleasant to people who manage to annoy her greatly." You say to Gissele.

"Mmm, if you say so." Gissele nods her head and then a buzzing goes off. She sighs, "Ugh, I've gotta go handle another problem." She snaps her fingers and a door you didn't see lights up, "Take those stairs up and you'll be in the lobby. Sorry to cut this short, but someone's doing something stupid in a training course."

"Alright, take care, Gissele!" You say as you make your way over to the stairs and climb them.

As you climb up the stairs, a thought occurs to you. Just which path should you take? The one already on the map that was given to you by Erika, or the one suggested by Gissele?

[ ] Take the path Erika gave you.
[ ] Take the path Gissele suggested.
No. 174363
[x] Take the path Gissele suggested.

This was a nice update. But SlKogasa keeps an being an enigma wrapped in a mystery... I wonder if her data corruption explains her mysterious talents, or is just keeping them hidden?

Anyway, I think we should be cautious while approaching Erika. Just gut feeling.
No. 174364
Okay, given that Giselle missed a mansion in the middle of the forest, which I doubt is something one can just miss since a mansion would have all sorts of tell-tale signs of being there, making me believe this is an anomaly (Duh).

Question is, would the Yuyuko and Youmu expect us to go through the route Erika gave us since it's kind of a given that they went through the same route that she knows, or did Erika specifically gave a route that her Mons would not know of since I doubt Erika is that stupid. Perhaps also its possible that the Yuyuko and Youmu expects us to use the other route because we think the one given by Erika is a trap...All of this hinges on whether the Yuyuko and Youmu even knows that we were given that suggested route by Erika. This is what I think, and I am not sure which choice to pick right now
No. 174365
All I can say for now is hang in there, Aya and Hatate.
No. 174369
[X] Take the path Erika gave you.

I switched my vote. I feel afraid that what if Giselle's path makes us miss this anomaly somehow.
No. 174370
Betting that mom is league champion or some other higher up, and that she sent this tourney down for our sake. Would also probably explain why Sebastian is a bit nervous.

[X] Take the path Erika gave you

Expecting it's one of those 'go this way or you won't find it' type deals.
No. 174371
I hope Erika doesn't turn out to be a villain of some sort, though if she does I hope she does still like Zeke or may possibly be semi-yandere and wants to keep Zeke and co.
No. 174373
[x] Take the path Erika gave you.

Blind trust makes for the most exciting adventures.
No. 174374
[X] Take the path Erika gave you.

If my studies in mythology and folklore have taught me anything, it's that not following somewhat arcane instructions to the very letter will result in death, dismemberment, massive blood-loss, permanent transformation, and a whole smorgasbord of curses, hexes, and jinxes. Erika gave us that map for a reason, and I think that following it is ultimately the wise choice, both for narratological reasons and because she probably knows the way to her own house best.
No. 174375
One reason why I voted going on Erika's path, other than the belief that the only way to the anomaly ultimately relies on going down her path, is the fact that Zeke and co. can get more experience and level up more.

Or am I falling to a fallacy of thinking this is like an RPG?
No. 174377
[X] Take the path Erika gave you.

Possible anomalies can be kind of touchy on exactly what you can and can't do with them. Let's just follow the map.

Especially since it, you know, a mysterious mansion confirmed to have at least two ghosts in it and the map is at least 30 years old.

That implies "mansion lost in time", "ghosts who don't know that they're dead" and all that jazz.
No. 174379
She might know something's up though considering her reactions to when Zeke asked her a little. She was kinda shifty and such.
No. 174437
[X] Take the path Erika gave you.

Because why not?
No. 174441
[x] Take the path Gissele suggested.
It is obviously a trap, so let's, at least, try to evade i
No. 174463
Why is it obviously a trap? Erika slipped us the map presumably because she wants us to visit, given that the conversation was generally congenial and they both trained ghost-types exclusively. We don't know why she did it sub-rosa, but the initial thought was that it was to avoid the ire of her Youmu, though there could well be another reason.
No. 174548
File 138231966261.jpg - (226.50KB , 1280x853 , Spooky Forest.jpg ) [iqdb]
While Gissele does bring up a good point that placing blind trust in Erika would be a bad idea at this stage, you can't help but think that part of the fragile girl's motivation for giving you the map the way she did was partly because her Youmu is fiercely protective of her and would raise more than a few complaints about you going to meet with her again. Granted, that raises the question of how are you going to handle the swordwoman when you inevitably encounter her again, but it's not such a motivation killer that you'd put off the visit more than you have.

As you climb up the stairs and consider these and other thoughts, you're left wondering about that one in particular. Just how will you deal with the Youmu and the Yuyuko? What will you do if they try to stop you? By your reckoning, this house is hours out into the woods, sending you fairly deep into the territory of wild touhoumon. If they try to turn you away, will you just accept it and turn back?

Plus your girls agree that the Yuyuko in question is frighteningly powerful, as they placed her about one or two notches below Yume. You have no way of comparing your girls to that, but you're under the impression that that one ghost mon could give you serious trouble. Though you do note that Erika's situation is going to bother you until you learn more about it anyway, so you might as well head out there.

You continue to climb the stairs, and come to the unfortunate realization that you're quite a ways down and can't just hitch a ride on Slime Kogasa or get carried off like a blushing bride by one of the sisters. Left with no other option, you keep climbing and are left condering just why this stairwell is so long when you're fairly certain you didn't actually fall down that far.

This Gym just seems needlessly convoluted to begin with, though you're more aggravated by the fact that you don't have your girls with you and that the little stunt Gissele pulled with the doormat probably freaked them out.

Finally, after what feels like an eternity, you arrive at a door and push it open to find yourself in the main lobby of the gym. Your girls all rush into the gym at that moment and then look at you in surprise. "Zeke? just fell through the mat! How'd you end up over there?" Lyrica presses as you find yourself surrounded and under zealous protection by all four of them.

"Gissele decided to be a little unorthodox about how we were going to meet, and the stairwell just happened to lead up to this point as opposed to back outside." You'd be lying if you said you weren't happy with the attention you were getting from your girls right now, partly because that jaunt up the stairs made you appreciate their taking over the more difficult parts for you more. You do think of something though. "How long was I gone, exactly?"

"...You fell just now." Lyrica informs you, giving you an odd look as she seems to be considering it, "Why? Did something happen?"

You really ought to keep an eye on the time more. "Outside of Gissele talking to me and giving me the Pink Heartstone we earned for coming in second in that tournement, no. Aside from that, we're done here, so ready to head out to that mansion?"

"Oooooh, can I touch it?" Merlin asks with a smile and a flutter of her lashes. Well, you guess you could let her touch it just a bit-

"No." Lyrica shuts down that line of thought immediately, "No touching the evolutionary stones!" She chastises her sister who pouts in an exaggerated manner, looking decidedly put out with the treatment she's receiving.

SlKogasa and Lunasa appear to have become quite calm after they've confirmed that you were safe and unharmed and have gone back to talking quietly with each other, SlKogasa giggling at something Lunasa said and hugging the other girl to her.

Thankfully Lyrica stopped Merlin from seducing you into doing something that would likely result in a result that everyone would regret. "Merlin, I know you're curious, but I don't want to imbalance you or your sisters. You evolving through such intimate means wouldn't be fair to your sisters, would it?" Maybe if you had three such stones, you'd consider it.

"Oh, I didn't want to evolve that way anyway." Merlin waves off your concerns, "I just wanted to see if I could get you to give it up easily. My evolution will be my own, and not one brought on by some magical pebble." That' interesting declaration from her, you suppose.

You wind up pouting at her reasoning for a few moments before resuming a normal expression. "Anyway, I'm glad to hear that. I just have the weirdest feeling that this stone's going to be useful somewhere down the line.”

"Well, those things are supposed to be really rare for you humans to find, right? If it's that rare, course it'll end up being useful. We'll be in a situation and have an option most people wouldn't." Lyrica muses her thoughts out loud. She has an interesting idea there, at least. Though, something she said piques you interest.

"That's kind of my line of thinking. Though I hope I know when to use it and don't turn out to be some kind of hoarder." Knowing when to use up an item and when to save it can be a touch difficult for some people to figure out. Some trainers just have bags full of awesome things they never use for fear of needing it later.

You've heard tell on the internet of vast stocks of PP-Up, never used even by trainers who managed to gather eight badges for fear of needing to use it on the future on a better move. A truly sad position to be in, you're certain. I mean, supposedly there are people who horde even Max Potions and don't use them when their teams are in need for fear of running into one of the Wilderness Touhoumon Centers.

Thankfully you don't seem to be the type to be stingy about that kind of thing, at least so far. The only truly rare item you've got right now is the Heartstone, and there's clearly no use for it that would be consensual, so you feel comfortable in keeping it.

"So, are we going to leave or do you have anyone else you want to see first?" Lyrica asks you as she crosses her arms. Apparently she's a bit eager to go and get htis done with...or maybe just leave so you're not stuck out in the middle of the Great Forest at night hours of travel away from the nearest town if you can even find your way back.

"Sorry." You say to Lyrica before starting the walk toward the forest you'd have to go through to get to the mansion. "There's two paths we could use, but I went ahead and decided on the one Erika originally marked down. It looks like it'll be the shorter of the two, and I'm not really worried about ambushes that much since all of us will be keeping an eye out. Hopefully we'll get there by mid-day.”

"I see." Lyrica responds to your information simply as you leave the gym behind and begin to make your way through the town of One Tree itself. Your group travels in comparative silence save for the sounds of SlKogasa and Lunasa chatting with each other back and forth in a low voice behind you. Merlin and Lyrica are on either side of you on guard for anything that might try to cause trouble. Eventually, while you're approaching the apparent outer limits of the town, Lyrica speaks up again, "Hey Zeke. Why are you so interested in Erika again?" She asks you, her tone carefully neutral.

"It's because a fair few things about her don't quite add up. I mean, originally I could have passed off her light as a feather weight and low body temperature to her just being frail since my interactions with her supported that, but anytime I tried to learn more about her she shied away or her Youmu got ultra-defensive for her." You start to rattle off what is probably a surprising reason to the girl in gold. "The more I interacted with her the more it bothered me, and now she's slipped me an old and decrepit map that's thirty years old, and on top of that I could have sworn I caught her Youmu saying something about her being in danger of fading."

"Maybe she meant fading in a medical way? I mean, the doctors had talked about someone a room over that was 'fading away'." Lyrica asks you as you pass out of the boundaries entirely and leave behind the last of the tree houses for the woods proper. The Great Forest does as it is wont to do and immediately starts to increase in density and spookiness, the massive trees might boughs blocking out much of the sunlight.

"It could be that. There's probably any number of logical explanations for her, it just feels like anytime I try to settle on one, there's something else that bugs me. Ultimately, I guess you could say I'm just being nosy with this."

Lyrica sighs, "I figured something like this would end up being a common theme with you Zeke. I didn't think it'd happen this soon, but I guess it's better this than going to the White Tower. I mean, this is just a mansion in the middle of the woods. Nothing scary about that."

"Of course not. Mansions in the middle of the woods are a common and natural." Merlin adds to the conversation helpfully, "Really, they're the most common place of residence for touhoumon."

...Touhoumon live in mansions in the woods? Well, you suppose the Eientei and Scarlet Devil Mansion would count...and there are Prismriver Mansion's as well, aren't there?

"And of course, there's that too." You say, feeling stupid for forgetting that. "Though to be fair, if Erika really is just a frail girl living out in the woods with two powerful protectors, then her mansion shouldn't have any Touhoumon in it that are hostile to her."

"Ooooh, but what if it has ghoooooooosts~!" Merlin waggles her fingers in a spookish manner. Lyrica just scoffs and shakes her head.

"Dangit, Merlin, you're going to jinx it." You respond to the trumpeter in a mock annoyed tone.

Lyrica snorts, "Oh please, there's no such thing as ghosts...besides touhoumon ghost-types, I guess."

Merlin nods, "Very true! I mean, the idea of there being any other kind of ghost is...just silly, really."

...That's not what certain stories, legends, lore and the internet say.

Especially the internet, given the number of forums dedicated to the occult. "Of course, now that the two of you have thoroughly dismissed the idea of non-Touhoumon ghosts, we're going to run into a lot of them." You say in a deadpan manner, noting that they're testing not just their luck, but your notorious luck as well.

"Pffft, you can't run into something that doesn't exist." Lyrica waves off your concern with an odd casualness for someone who is usually so obsessed with things going horribly wrong.

"Really darling, you're worrying about something silly even for you." Merlin assures you with a slap to your ass that more arouses than assures, "Human's can't turn into ghosts. I mean, think about it. If every human who died left a ghost behind then there'd be more ghosts than humans. But even if it took a tragedy to make one, there would still be countless ghosts for the countless tragedies that exist and there would be definitive proof of their existence."

"That presumes that ghosts stick around like Ghost types do, or remain tangible and sensual like you." You make a point of directing that latter part to Merlin since she just slapped your ass. "Anywho, I'm worried because of how my luck usually is. I mean, I ran into you girls because of it, but I had to bail Abbott and Costello out after getting Lyrica." Though that was entirely Abbott's fault for being a loudmouth and following you out to begin with to try and mooch off your luck.

"Relax, it'll probably just turn out to be a trap, or her touhoumon won't want you nosing around her and will try to force us out." Lyrica soothes your worries.

"Exactly darling. Don't worry about it. We'll beat up your problems and you can go and ask Erika all the questions you want while I have 'fun'." Merlin assures you with a somewhat predatory grin.

"...Did she really taste like-" Lyrica starts to ask before she's cut off by her sister.

"Yes." Merlin declares, sounding immensely satisfied and proud of herself at that moment.

"...Taste like what, exactly?" Dangit, now you're curious about that too.

"Mmmm, a lady never eats someone out and tells." Merlin smiles at you and fails to answer your question, seemingly intent on teasing you with the fact that she knows what the Yuyuko tastes like and you don't.

"And yet Lyrica knows, and since you were the only one to eat that Yuyuko out, you must have told her." Of course, now you're just bent on shooting her down.

"Lyrica won't tell you either, because I made her swear a sister's promise before I told her." Merlin grins at you in victory. Lyrica just looks down at the ground, silent at that revelation.

"I'll have to settle for finding out how you taste then. Later, though." You decide to settle for that since you're not even sure why she was able to rile you up with that to begin with.

"Eating me out in a forest...kinky." Merlin purrs that last word, sending shivers down your spine at that. It's going to be a long, long walk, you know that much for sure.

You decide to shut up now since Merlin is reliably taking anything you say to her and turning it back on you so hard that you can't counter her. Plus you're blushing, possibly getting a touch more excited than you should be, and you really need to quit that before a mon catches your scent. The last thing you need to do is make yourself more enticing.

Your group walks in silence for a time, save for Lunasa and SlKogasa who continue to idly chat with one another. As you make your march though, even as an hour or more passes suffer no sign of attack or attempted molestation save by Merlin getting huggy and dragging Lyrica into it. Given what you'd heard about attacks being more common and a problem...wouldn't you think you'd have fun into something by now with how much deeper and less restrained the woods are getting, even as you follow the route given to you.

Not that you're complaining, mind. A quiet, uneventful walk in the woods is nice, pleasant, and admittedly less distracting than you'd like considering the fact that your almost perpetually active Merlin is being her usual self. That being said, you think you just jinxed it with those thoughts.

...And then, nothing seems to happen, much to your surprise. You've still got quite the ways to go before you can be considered 'close' to your destination, but shouldn't you be running into random encounters or something in these woods. You notice though, that Lyrica glances at oddly specific spots and stares at them for varying amounts of time before looking away...and that Merlin is doing something similar in fact, her eyes locking onto a spot and her smile growing a bit in anticipation before dimming a bit disappointedly as if something had saddened her.

They're probably keeping an eye out for opponents who may or may not be stalking you, which is good because their senses are far better than yours. Though you get the feeling that Merlin would relish the idea of not having to deal with the 'no erotic knockout' rule.

"My, they seem to be a cowardly bunch. What ever could they be so afraid of? Lyrica, dear, maybe you should stop glaring at them so ferociously?" Merlin asks with a sweet tone and a smile.

Lyrica just scoffs, "That smile of yours is helping drive them off you know. Besides, they're just looking for an easy mark, and someone who has four touhoumon with him and two guarding him especially...yeah, it's not surprising they just take a look and leave."

"So there is someone out there?" You ask, since the two of them brought it up.

"Someone's. We've had plenty of wild touhoumon come by and check you out." Lyrica informs you, her voice calm and reassuring despite the disturbing news, "They're smart though, and know that they wouldn't be able to even get within five meters of you before they were taken out. I guess having all four of us out and about is keeping most of them away. Not like predators are going to risk themselves unnecessarily."

"Exactly why I refuse to keep my girls in their balls. I enjoy your company and like the fact that most mons will balk at trying to steal me." Disturbing or no, the fact that your girls are doing a really good job of keeping them away by default helps keep you calm.

"It also means that the ones who do attack will either do it in a horde, be complete idiots, or be the truly dangerously cunning ones." Lyrica states.

"Oh, like the ones on the bounty board?" Merlin asks as if she was quite interested at the topic.

"Well, I'd have you girls attack in a horde, and it's pretty much a fact that I'm both a complete idiot and cunning, so..." Okay, maybe you're not taking this subject entirely seriously, but your tone changes after that. "The bounty board being where really dangerous mons get listed to be caught or taken down?"

"Oh yes, it was quite a read. Apparently there's all sorts of dangerous touhoumon in this region. Not here specifically, but they're known to roam over a wide area. There don't seem to be any in the area at the moment, but given that they roam..." Merlin shrugs, "It pays to be informed, darling."

"...Well, to be fair, Merlin, I haven't really had a chance to go checking anything this last week." You point out, seeing as you were either conked out or actively pleasing one of your girls.

"Oh, I know darling, I wasn't accusing your cute butt of anything." She assures you with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, "After all, we're the ones who should worry about this sort of thing. You just need to worry about us."

"I dunno, I think this would be the sort of thing we should be expecting him to check into and ask about before he leaves town and heads off into the middle of the woods." Lyrica adds her own opinion, "Right up there with the weather. Speaking of, did you check that Zeke?"

You facepalm, and take your tablet out to do exactly that. "Dangit, no. Hopefully it's not going to rain or something stupid like that."

You quickly search through your Tablet's apps and find one that will check the weather, designed by your mother and guaranteed to be seven hundred and twelve percent more accurate than the government one. A quick check of it informs you that you have...two hours, fourteen minutes and approximately thirty-two seconds before a rainstorm will be rolling into the area, with forty-seven percent chance of delivering ominous amounts of thunder and lightning.

"Well, we'll definitely get there before it starts raining if we don't get waylaid too badly. Though why it went into so much detail as to say ominous thunder and lightning is kinda making me nervous." Seriously, who lists thunder and lightning as being ominous?

Your mother does, you suppose. Didn't she try to make a weather control machine at one time? You don't really remember quite how that went now, you guess. Given that your house wasn't always surrounded by crackling, ominous dark clouds you guess she didn't finish it.

As for other matters, Lyrica is staring at you. Her gaze is full of disappointment, and you feel the stirrings of shame in your heart.

You can't really bring yourself to look her in the eye right now. "Sorry..."

"It's fine." Lyrica shakes her head and looks away, going back to focusing on her watch duty, "This is just the kind of thing that you need to remember to do now Zeke. This kind of information is vital for us from now on, especially for you since you're the one who makes the decisions about where we go and what we do."

"I'll keep a better eye on that kind of thing from now on." You respond to Lyrica with that statement as you keep an eye on the path as well.

You focus on the path ahead of you and continue to walk, glancing at the map and adjusting your course as you think you need to based off of its directions. Your group again falls into a companionable semi-silence as you travel, and time quickly passes you by...

...It's been over two hours now, and little note has happened. However, you are drawing very close to the point on this map where Erika's house is said to be. However, the trees are getting even more thickly leaved, and you can see through what little breaks there are that the front of the front is rolling in and thick, dark clouds are blocking out much of the suns light and warmth, leaving you left in the comparative dark. Which is made all the more unsettling by a low to the ground mist rolling towards you out of the trees and brushing past your knees, obscuring the earth and your feet from sight. Lyrica and Merlin seem a bit on edge, but don't seem to have noticed any touhoumon themselves.

"Should be another hour and a quarter before those become a problem." You say, noting that the atmosphere is getting a lot more unsettling than you'd like to see at this point. Your ability to spot things specifically is hit pretty hard, so you're relying on your girls to keep you forewarned as you try to keep your group on track.

Lyrica eyes rove over the shrouded land around you, Merlin aiding her in their vigil as you hear even SlKogasa and Lunasa's cheerful conversation begin to dim and fade. You feel a chill slowly begin to creep into your body as you march along the forest, like a frost clinging to your skin even though you can see clearly that nothing is there.

You're not really that nervous yet, but it's pretty clear that the atmosphere is getting ominous and you're not even at the mansion yet. Seriously, just what kind of place is it that it would generate this kind of backdrop on its own?

As you march along, you feel the chill drawing closer to you even as Lyrica and Merlin press themselves up against either side of you, providing you with their comfort and an odd warmth from them as well. Behind you, SlKogasa and Lunasa draw closer to you as well as you march through the thickening fog.

...Up ahead, you see a dim blue light in the fog, flickering softly.

"Looks like we finally have company." You say to your girls, noting the blue light up ahead.

As you find the blue light to be a lamp in the forest, the first of many along a cobblestone path that suddenly comes into existence here. The path itself is very odd, especially as it comes into existence so suddenly and promptly, but the way it doesn't make sense for this path to simply end here. There's no rhyme or reason to its existence.

...You hear a quiet, tittering laughter coming from all around. A single voice, coming from many directions. Immediately you are surrounded defensively by your girls, all of him hold themselves at the ready to defend you.

You're looking around as well, for all the good that will do you. You can't tell who's making noise from where, but you know there's someone around.

"Oh, what do we have here?" A voice, cold and yet playful, speaks from the darkness. Suddenly, it speaks up again but coming from an entirely different direction, "Some uninvited guests, perhaps? Rats trying to get into the building and have a nip at our larder? Seeing you now...I can see why I was positioned here to wait."

"Great. I had a feeling that this was going too smoothly." You say as you hear the voice come from a completely different direction than last time. Not enough information to pin down the exact species either...

"Oh, don't worry. It will all be going very smoothly for you from here on." The voice assures you as you suddenly feel a hand on your rear. An unfamiliar hand. It's only there for the briefest of instants, and then it's gone again, even as your girls immediately responded to the threat. "And by that I mean your penis into me."

"Repeatedly." The voice adds on.

"In numerous positions and orifices." It tacks on again, now coming from above you.

"You're as bad as Merlin..." You face palm in response to the odd mon's direct and unsubtle manner in which she conveys just what she's going to do to you.

"The last thing we need are more of her, that's for certain." Lyrica mutters as she readies herself, drawing her instrument of choice and flexing her fingers.

"You're right! There can only be one! Now, we need to thrash her so I can eat her and gain her strength." Merlin draws her trumpet and plays with it a bit, "...Sexually.”

Lunasa creeps closer to you, "Uhm...Zeke?" She glances back over her shoulder at SlKogasa, "Uhm...maybe we should make for the mansion since we're really close now. I mean, even if we have to fight this person while doing it. I mean...what if she waited here and has traps or something for us?"


[ ] You should make your stand here and now, rather than face them deeper into potentially hostile territory.

[ ] Listen to Lunasa and keep moving for the Mansion so as to avoid a possible trap set up here.

[ ] Actually, you have a clever plan of your own... (write in.)
No. 174550
[X] Actually, you're invited guests. Erika's, to be precise.
-[X] If (when) that fails,
-[X] Listen to Lunasa and keep moving for the Mansion so as to avoid a possible trap set up here.

It sounds like the 'mon is directly associated with the mansion and was placed there as some sort of test for Zeke. Of course, this could make him look like an unwanted intruder into the mansion.
No. 174551
[x] Actually, you have a clever plan of your own...

...tell her we have been invited.

We're taking the honest route so we should play it to the hilt. It's almost sure to fail, but it'll probably get us a more information about the guard and the mansion. That way we'll know if running to the mansion is just another big trap.
No. 174552
[X] Actually, you're invited guests. Erika's, to be precise.
-[X] If (when) that fails,
-[X] Listen to Lunasa and keep moving for the Mansion so as to avoid a possible trap set up here.

Changed my vote to this. Truthfully we were invited and that may have some impact.
No. 174554
[X] Actually, you're invited guests. Erika's, to be precise.
-[X] If (when) that fails,
-[X] Listen to Lunasa and keep moving for the Mansion so as to avoid a possible trap set up here.
No. 174555
Judging from it saying "larder", does anyone suspect the voice is the Yuyuko that Merlin fought and won against?
No. 174564
[X] Actually, you're invited guests. Erika's, to be precise.
-[X] If (when) that fails,
-[X] Listen to Lunasa and keep moving for the Mansion so as to avoid a possible trap set up here.

Well, if the voice is guarding the mansion then the fact that we're invited guests should solve all problems.
SHOULD. That's why we have a plan B.

And then we get separated in an even thicker mist. FOG END.
No. 174566
[X] We've been invited. We even have a signed invitation!
No. 174567
[X] Actually, you're invited guests. Erika's, to be precise.
-[X] If (when) that fails,
-[X] Listen to Lunasa and keep moving for the Mansion so as to avoid a possible trap set up here.
I like how nobody expects the first option to work.
No. 174573
[X] Actually, you're invited guests. Erika's, to be precise.
-[X] If (when) that fails,
-[X] Listen to Lunasa and keep moving for the Mansion so as to avoid a possible trap set up here.

That's because there's no reason for the Touhoumon to listen to us. We've intruded upon its territory as far as it's concerned; even if the Mon does respect the invitation, it'll probably be a 'have sex first, ask questions later' scenario.
No. 174595
[X] Actually, you're invited guests. Erika's, to be precise.
-[X] If (when) that fails,
-[X] Listen to Lunasa and advance towards the mansion carefully, we don't want to run into another trap up ahead.
No. 174605
Crackpot hypothesis time:

The real Erika is dead. "Erika" is actually a Nue (possibly a variant) which belonged to her. When Erika died, her mons were so devastated by the grief that her Nue went mad and assumed her form to fill the hole in their lives. Erika's other mons keep the Nue locked up at the house because they can't bear to have her committed. As for the "fading" bit, this Nue is in fact close to dying of old age. Her Youmu and Yuyuko let her go to One Tree City so that she could "be Erika" just once more before her time came.

Calling it right now!
No. 174610
You look back to Lunasa while you have the chance first. "Alright, if what I'm about to try doesn't work, we'll keep moving." You then start to look around for the source of the voice again. "Look, the only reason I came out here is because Erika invited me and gave me a map with which to find her mansion."

"Oh? Oh well that changes everything. You'll just need to leave all of your associates here and come into me this way." The voice tells you, "Also, you'll need to take off your pants as this is a pants free household."

...Well that's perfectly reasonable and trustworthy, isn't it?

"Right. The home of an aristocratic but nice girl who's easily flustered by debauchery would clearly dictate that her home is a pants-free zone and give her servants free reign to have sex with her guests." You reply in a dry tone. Clearly, she either isn't buying it or she doesn't care. Thankfully whatever mon this is just doesn't have the same 'reduce you to a stammering idiot' trait Merlin has, despite being similar in nature.

"Oh darn." The Voice doesn't sound particularly surprised, "You saw through my clever ruse, whatever shall I do? Even if you had a signed, notarized invitation inlaid with gold, I would still take you here little boy. She's not the master of the house, and Yuyuko's orders count the most of anyone here's." You twitch as something sharp flies towards your group and you're dragged out fo the way of a barrage of...knives!? A Sakuya?

"Well that could have gone better." You say as you allow yourself to get pulled out of the way. Last thing you need is to get impaled a bunch of times, especially since humans can't recover from things half as well as mons can. Still, the Yuyuko has a higher position than Erika here? Since you highly doubt that a wild mon could keep a human they like and not domesticate them, that must mean the Yuyuko is tame and belongs to someone. "Alright girls, your turn."

"Already on it." Lyrica declares as she glances around the forest before speaking up, "Kogs! Take Zeke into you and keep carrying him to the house! Don't let him go. Sisters, with me!" Lyrica declares boldly before taking off and disappearing into the trees, Merlin and Lunasa following after her.

SlKogasa grabs onto you a moment later and you slide easily enough into her body, slipping into her slime as her membrane latches numerous tentacles around you and holds you in place partially submerged into her. She then rushes on ahead down the path, oozing as rapidly as she can.

You're pretty much content just sitting where you are and hoping that things don't go anymore pear-shaped than it already has. While you have no doubt that your girls could handle the Sakuya in a straight fight, there's the small problem that Sakuya as a whole can manipulate time to a certain extent, and this one's not likely to play nice.

You can hear them in the distance, fighting and making use of their sonic attacks. You also hear the chilling scream of that terrifying ghost technique going off as Merlin apparently spots her target. Of course, that all stops suddenly. Then, you hear no sounds as the thick fog slowly grows thicker. SlKogasa squeezes you comfortingly as she carries you along through the silent, oppressive forest and fog, traveling along the cobblestone path towards where you are certain Erika's mansion is waiting for you.

Yeesh. If this is what they sound like in battle now, you're almost not looking forward to them picking up things like Prismriver Concerto or Boomburst. Still, the oppressive fog is just ridiculous at this point, and SlKogasa's the only person here who can give you any comfort.

SlKogasa carries you along, carefully advancing even as you see a distortion in the fog, slight and scarcely noticeable. Really, the only reason you saw it is because you were luckily looking at just the right spot at just the right moment.

You look in the direction of said fog since you're not totally sure you can move anything but your head at this point. "There's something there." You point out to the goo girl, in case she missed it.

SlKogasa twists her arms, and just in time as she blocks and deflects numerous knives as you see something coming right at you out of the fog. It's a Sakuya alright, but there's something off about her!

Namely, the fact that she has ghost legs. A Ghost Sakuya variant. The trainer part of your mind wonders if she's Steel/Ghost or Ice/Ghost.

The more currently focused part of your mind is amazed at how skillfully SlKogasa blocks, deflects and forces the Sakuya to abandon her attempt to grab you, chasing her off and nearly grabbing her instead.

For all the unsettling ghost antics this is involving, you're both rather impressed with Kogasa's skills and somewhat amused by the fact that one simple grab is all it would take to end this, for better or worse. ...Especially if Merlin got a hold of this Sakuya. That'd be an erotic knockout within minutes or seconds, depending on how much time she wanted to take.

Your Prismriver's blast past you, chasing after the GhSakuya and firing whatever projectile attacks that they can manage at her. The Sakuya though is an expert of this terrain and seems ot know exactly where every branch is and uses them to stop all the attacks coming for her as she flees, your Prismriver's keeping chase, leaving you once again with SlKogasa as she carries you along the path. "Two Spooky..." SlKogasa comments as you're carried past a lantern with a blue flame that shines extra ominously in this damnable fog.

"No kidding. At least the White Tower was pretty and honest about the danger it posed. This is just silly." You reply as you look around.

"No!" SlKogasa explains and then points explicitly to something...ah! She spotted two birds! Are those...they are! Those are Red-eyed Spookies! Those are supposed to be rare anywhere outside of an area with a large concentration of ghosts. Scientific research says ghost types, but old lore says they're attracted to areas of great tragedy and places generally haunted by specters of regret.

Really though, apparently they're just birds that are attracted to and live in places that humans generally find spooky. Hence the name!

"Two Spooky." SlKogasa repeats.

...You can hear the rimshot in your head.

"They are kinda cute though." You decide to say.

"Cute spooky?" SlKogasa asks curiously as she keeps on moving, the spookies unnerving red eyes focusing on you the entire time as you pass by them, never blinking or wavering in their focus on you. That's...that's a bit close to too spooky.

"They have their charms. Still, given the general theories about them, one has to wonder what they're doing here. I mean, Erika's not the master of the mansion like I thought she was, the atmosphere is pretty spooky here, and there's a GhSakuya on guard who told us the Yuyuko that was with Erika actually has higher authority."

"Oh?" SlKogasa lets out an inqusitive noise as she oozes along, headed down the path still and leaving the Red-eyed Spookies behind you, "Zeke think things?" SlKogasa awkwardly asks you for your thoughts on the matter as you draw closer.

You hum for a moment as you put your thoughts together in your head. "It's just a theory, but I think that Erika handing me the map the way she did wasn't necessarily because she just wanted me to come over, but because she might want help. I mean, it's pretty clear that her situation isn't as clear-cut as it seems, and that's the only other thing that comes to mind with what I know."

SlKogasa lets an intrigued hum that vibrates her entire body as she considers your statement, "...Princess inna castle?" She asks curiously as you see something huge looming in the distance. Is that the mansion...? As you draw closer, you can see a large wall, easily fifteen feet high, seems to run the perimeter of the property that you can see. You also see a large, wrought-iron gate standing at the end of the path you are on.

"It's a little early to call it, but that's probably not too far off the mark if I'm right." You catch sight of the wall and the gate, and can't help but note that this is... simultaneously sensible, over the top, and useless. Most Touhoumon can fly, can't they?

You guess it could probably keep out riff-raff, serve as a good boundary line and also probably keeps out mundane animals quite well. "...What now?" SlKogasa asks you as you hear the fight going on in the distance and the sound of a massive tree collapsing somewhere in the forest.

"I hate leaving the girls outside, but Lyrica did say for you to get me to the mansion." You absolutely loathed the idea of having to not have your full party with you, but at the same time they were dealing with an obnoxious opponent who knew the area like the back of her hand and would probably require leveling at least a few of the trees before she could be forced out into the open for more than a moment at a time. Plus they're keeping the GhSakuya distracted quite nicely.

"Right Zekey." SlKogasa agrees as she considers the gate. She picks off a piece of her slime and tosses it at it...only for that slime to disintegrate on contact with a crack. SlKogasa's eyebrows go up as she hums thoughtfully. She moves again only a few moments later, her slime surging forward and parting the dirt underneath the gate rapidly and then in one swift movement drags you under and past the boundaries through the short, small little ditch she crafted in just those few moments. That was...a bit dizzying.

Not that you're complaining, seeing how she got the job done quite quickly. Still, that gate... "Dang, someone rigged that gate up." You're not sure if it's electrified or what, but you're pretty sure that most gates don't disintegrate things on contact.

"Yep." SlKogasa agrees as she carefully reconstitutes and reshapes herself with you still inside of her. In the distance you can just start to make out a massive mansion as the fog thins just slightly enough for you to make out the shape. That place is...odd. It mixes designs you've seen of ancient western mansions with images and paintings of mansions that claim to be from the Far East. It's certainly...unique? Not ugly, but very strange to your eye.

You're not even sure what to say here, other than this has to be one of the oddest locations you've seen so far. Though you haven't seen many, in all honesty. You're sure that there are plenty of other locations that run the gamut from sensible to just plain silly.

SlKogasa carries you down the path towards the house, watching about warily as you pass by a garden that seems cared for if a bit overrun with the sheer amount of plants growing in each area. You feel the distinctly concerning sensation of being watched, but you have no idea where it's coming from. As you get closer to the manor in the mansion, you see one of the windows curtains flutter as something moves away from the window. Aside from that, there are no other signs of habitation in the house.

...This is seriously starting to feel like something out of one of your horror movies.

You're also starting to think that that gate isn't the only intruder deterrent. Well, aside from the GhSakuya but she's not exactly here to harass you right now. There's probably a pitfall or something along the path, an Alraune variant hiding in those bushes, or some other devious trap to ensnare unwitting victims.

You pass by a particularly large and ominous flower, and tense as its petals move. However, SlKogasa makes a low sound that honestly scares even you, and the flower goes right back to sitting comfortably where it was. Apparently it decided that you and SlKogasa would be way too much trouble for it to get up for. SlKogasa looks faintly proud of herself as she continues down the path, shifting her mass to two sides as she passes over a pitfall that collapses ineffectually underneath her.

Up ahead of you, you can see the main door of the large, sprawling mansion slowly creak open.

Kogasa seems to be more than capable of handling things, though you're not letting yourself relax just yet. You imagine that the trappiness of the mansion is just going to get worse once you're actually inside. Especially since the door opened without you or Kogasa even needing to do anything.

SlKogasa merely flows on up the steps as you didn't really give her an order to do anything else. She also casually catches and tosses aside a net that falls from the ceiling as you reach the top of the steps and then just carries you into the house. The door closes behind you and you are left in the dim interior of the building, your only light coming from the small amount coming in through the windows. In the distance, your hear a booming crash of what may be thunder or your girl destroying another tree.

"My, I did not think I would see you again out of chains." An unfortunately familiar voice from an unfortunately familiar Yuyuko speaks up. She is ahead of you, looking down on you from the second floor of the main foyer of this massive, madly laid out house. Her expression is one of seeming friendliness, but those eyes unnerve you as she stares down at you. She is making no effort to hide her appearance and has assumed her true form, countless ghostly bodies floating passively behind her as their hands reach for you, even though you are out of reach.

"I honestly wasn't expecting to come here at all, really. As I said to the ghostly guard dog outside, I only came because Erika wanted me to come. Didn't think I'd get such a cold reception, but I'm guessing visitors are normally not allowed." Unnerving or no, you still want to try and get more of an explanation of what's going on here than what you've already gotten.

"Visitors certainly aren't allowed." The Yuyuko informs you gravely before smiling at you with an expression of chilling comforting, "However, I'm always open to new residents if they can meet my standards."

SlKogasa is slowly but surely shifting you out of her body and setting you down behind and to the side of her, staring up at the rather intimidating Yuyuko. Your girls all said she was capable of sweeping them, didn't they?

"Not to be rude, but since you seem to have fantasies of tying me up and I assume it was you using your substantial ghostly power to close the door behind us, I assume that I'm going to have to take this residency test." As far as the Yuyuko is concerned, she's got you dead to rights as you are an intruder, but you figure you may as well keep talking as long as you can.

The Yuyuko just smirks amusedly at your attitude, "My, I don't have any fantasies at all little boy. You're of no real interest of me at the moment, no matter what Little Erika sees in you. The only reason I'm dealing with you personally right this moment is because your managing to make it here in the first place makes you more interesting than watching the paint on the new addition dry.”

...That kinda stings.

"Whether you'll become more interesting and maybe be worth keeping personally or whether I'll let the servants have you depends on how well you perform in your heroic quest to see Erika." She informs you, "Assuming you actually manage to make it far enough to where I have to deal with you personally, I might keep you as a pet and masseusse. Our last one was so..." She sighs, "Disappointing. Far too grabby for his own good, if you can catch my meaning." She explains, her eyes glinting dangerously as you realize a very, very concerning fact.

This Yuyuko's not just a little bit crazy.

"I understand." You're just a touch more concerned now than you were a few minutes ago, as it sounds very much like she's not only tame, but extremely devout to whoever has 'ownership' of her. She's just hostile to everyone else who's not part of her family. "I have no choice but to go along with this then, since I plan to see Erika regardless and you intend to stop me." You then decide to add on to that last part. "Well, to be fair you do have pleasantly enticing body, but I'm going to go ahead and presume that the reason you were against that is because your heart belongs to someone already."

"That mouth of yours is annoying. Maybe I should sew it shut." She asks, her aura of malice become palpable and crashing down on you with a terrifying amount of weight. What you'd felt from her before, at the tournament, pales in comparison to this. Your vision is shaking and the whole world seems to gray out save for those horrible, malevolent eyes of hers.

A moment later, the weight lifts and she seemingly goes right back to calm, "Oh my, you should be careful what you say. You almost made me do something unfortunate to you!" That chilly, seemingly friendly demeanor of hers is right back again as SlKogasa remains positioned to defend you, likely performing some form of preparations given how you've seen her fight so far.

It takes you a few moments to get over that little episode, though thankfully you're able to remain upright of your own accord. "Ugh... Alright, I'm sorry."

"Hmmm? Oh, apology accepted." She fans herself idly as her attention drifts off of you and around the area. You actually notice a change in her posture and eyes a she catches notice of something, a glowing butterfly, fluttering past, "...I'm leaving. Deal with them how you wish to." She declares and then promptly turns on a hell and walks through a wall.

...Even ghost types aren't supposed to be able to do that easily or casually.

You hear a trio of voices giggling musically as the mon the Yuyuko was speaking to reveal themselves. A Prismriver trio, not one like yours, but one all the same.

"Well, crap." And your girls are still busy with that GhSakuya, no doubt, meaning you've got only Kogasa to work with and... Wait, this might not be as horribly lopsided as you think if these Prismrivers are more conventional than yours.

"Hmmm...he smells kinda weird." The Lyrica comments, giving you a judging look.

"He's marked by some other Prismrivers, isn't he?" Their Merlin comments passively as she regards you curiously herself.

"I heard that they're not even real sisters." Their Lunasa comments as the three of them start to spread out and surround you and SlKogasa.

"Well, let's take him as ours instead!" The Lyrica decides as all three of them draw their instruments at once.

"And she just had to make me promise to never use Repel again. I really should have invested in Pester Balls or something." You comment to yourself as this more conventional Prismriver group proceeds to comment on you and surround you and SlKogasa. "Any ideas?" You ask the goo girl, hoping that she can come up with something because you're low on options yourself.

SlKogasa bursts into action, spears of slime surging up out of the floor and the walls and from behind any sort of cover, becoming a veritable tentacle trap as they attack the menacing Prismrivers. They manage to avoid the first attack, but SlKogasa is hounding after them viciously, her slimey tendrils lashing through the air and pursuing them from multiple angles. The Prismrivers themselves surge up and back, the Merlin bringing her trumpt to her lips and blowing it loud and sending a visible distortion in the air in your direction. SlKogasa uses one of her tendrils to pull you aside as several others lash out and divert the attacking Lunasa from grabbing you.

You're stuck in a dangerous situation as SlKogasa is forced to focus her attention on the foes she is facing while still keeping enough on you to protect you. Three versus one odds aren't great, even for SlKogasa. Especially since these Prismriver's are natural sisters and have an easier synchronization with each other.

As SlKogasa defends and deflects attacks aimed for you and her and tries her damnedest ot capturea nd deal with the Prismriver attackers, you hear an unfortunate creaking noise from all around you in your current position.

"Creaking?" You... Dear Shinki, you're really hoping that that sound isn't the floor or roof about to give way, because that would really, really suck.

It was, in fact, the sounds of part of the infrastructure of the house giving way. As SlKogasa is under bombardment from three separate angles, the floor suddenly gives way underneath you and the wall falls in on top of the hole as you fall into the darkness.

You hit the floor and instinctively roll, just like you were taught to. This ends up saving your ass as debris crashes down on where you first hit the hard, unforgiving ground.

...You are currently in pitch black darkness! You are likely to be eaten by a grue.


[ ] Pull out your flashlight and get to working your way out of this mess.

[ ] Do not pull out your flashlight. It might attract attention.

[ ] Eat the grue before the grue eats you.
No. 174611
[X] Eat the grue before the grue eats you.

Why did you make this choice? Now I have to pick it.
No. 174616
[x] Pull out your flashlight and get to working your way out of this mess.
Let's not.
No. 174617
Soooo, mind we wonder what are the chances of this being an actual Rumia? Other than pitch-black darkness there seems to be no hints whatsoever though. So lets take stuff into account, the human eye can adjust to low-light environments, but only low-light, and we currently have no light in the first place. Considering that sight is important, it probably would be is more worth of it to take the risk and attract attention to take our flashlight vs not taking it at all. On the other hand...I should note that unless Zeke's flashlight is on his belt or something, rummaging through a bag in pitch-black darkness is going to attract too much unwanted attention unless his bag is sufficiently empty enough that sorting his flashlight through touch is easy. So, uhh clarification, where did he put his flashlight?
No. 174618
[X] Eat the grue before the grue eats you.

Is it just me, or is every single Yuyuko the same lunatic with the same need to force young boys to play hero?
No. 174619
[X] Pull out your flashlight and get to working your way out of this mess.
No. 174621
[X] Eat the grue before the grue eats you.

For the love of God, montressor! Why did you make this an option? My accursed, damnable curiosity compels me, bad end or no.
No. 174622
[X] Pull out your flashlight and get to working your way out of this mess.

It's being active versus being passive, and I'd rather be active.
No. 174624
[X] Eat the grue before the grue eats you.

The best defense is a good offense.
No. 174625
[X] Pull out your flashlight and get to working your way out of this mess.

Let's blind the enemy!

We've only met two, and frankly the first one struck me as much more normal considering how sexually interested most Touhoumon are into trainers. This Yuyuko would probably just snap Zeke's neck.

That actually reminds me, if a trainer with no Touhoumon is captured by a wild Touhoumon, and kept, does the Touhoumon get tired of them eventually? Say the shota has gotten old, are they then just disposed of?
No. 174626
Same guy who wrote >>174625, I have to wonder now if all the stuff we saw with Yuyuko, Youmu, and Erika interacting with each other when we first met them was now some sort of act that Yuyuko had coerced Erika into doing?
No. 174627
My theory is the obvious one: she is a ghost, enslaved by the Yuyuko's master.

Or an act, made by herself-the true master. But, considering what that dog said, I don't think that's the case.
No. 174630
In French cuisine, old cockerels who are no longer potent or are otherwise unneeded are often used to make stock or coq au vin.
No. 174631
Did the farmers or chefs normally have sex with the cockerels?
No. 174634
[X] eat the grue before the grue eats you

BAD IDEA HO!!!!!!!
No. 174635
Of course they did. It really brought out the flavor of the cock. and it probably made the rooster taste good, too.
No. 174636
[X] Eat the grue before the grue eats you.
No. 174638
[X] Eat the grue before the grue eats you.
No. 174640
Gonna call the vote here, folks~ Writing underway.
No. 174642
File 138277139693.jpg - (272.28KB , 1200x689 , Rumia noreasonforconcernatall.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay. You're alone in a pitch-black basement in a spooky manor effectively owned by that Yuyuko and her spooky consorts, your girls are probably not done demolishing their foes yet and there's probably things down here that would like to eat you. First order of business is to figure out where in your bag that stupid flashlight is so you can see down here.

Your hands immediately check in your bag for your flashlight, moving as quietly and quickly as you can manage as you feel your heart pound in your chest. It's impossibly, oppressively dark down here. Your fingers brush up against it finally and you latch your hand around it quick as you can, yanking it out and bringing it up to switch on and you find that...

...Oh hell, is it broken from the fall? Did you land on it or something? It flickers and sputters with light for a few short moments, but it doesn't do anything to light up the room as you give it a whack to get it working, and even then the light isn't much...except as you realize that it is no mere ordinary darkness consuming your light source. It's a sphere, creeping closer.

Right. Of course there'd have to be someone down here too. Your flashlight's busted, you don't think you could get to a Repel in time, and there's a Rumia closing in on you. Therefore, it's time to do something incredibly, incredibly stupid: Try and get her to not do what she's about to do by talking to her. "What's a Rumia even doing down here? I thought this mansion was Ghost-type central."

The Sphere of Darkness doesn't react to your attempts to speak to it, and all you hear is a rather unsettling giggle as it draws closer and the darkness creeps up to your body. Given the size and scale of Rumia spheres, you've gotta guess you'll be in arms reach in just a moment...!

Lyrica is going to chew you out for this, but you literally have no choice in the matter if you want to get out of this and not get domesticated. You're going to have to try and emulate Merlin's little erotic knockout routine. You wait until just before when you predicted you'd be in arm's reach of her, then duck down. After that, you shoot your arms forward to try and grab at her waist so you'll know where you need to go.

The Rumia lets out a confused cry as you dodge her grab ,"Waaah!" She tumbles right into your grasp...and onto you. Even so, you manage to grab onto her hips firmly as she squirms at the sudden grip, "What? Hey! No! You can't dodge! That's cheating! We're both blind here!" She complains as she squirms and grabs for you. Oh great, she can talk! That means she's a full Rumia and not just a chibi! You need to act fast..!



SlKogasa, who subscribes to the idea of pleasuring everything she can, Lunasa, who likes loving bondage, Merlin, who's... Merlin. Yeah, you can't say your collection is ordinary. Then again, their extraordinary tends to be pretty fun once you get used to it. "Still, I guess I need to catch you now so no one can just steal you from me." You rummage through your bag once again and find another ball. One of your last basic Touhouballs, as a matter of fact. Did Lunasa stock up on more balls, by any chance? You're definitely going to need at least one more for when you get back to MerKoishi.

...You find out that yes, she did. You also find an odd assortment of balls whose patterns you don't immedaitely recognize as standardized ones. That's...something concerning, you suppose-oh wait there's a note on them. The note reads 'Dear Son, I thought you might need something like these but hand't finished them before you left. I sent them with your mother when she said she was going to save you. Take care of yourself. Love, Dad.'

...You dad hand crafted you specialized touhoumon balls? I mean, you guess your mom probably did the programming for them, but your dad must've made the custom hardware and casing for them.

You don't make a low whistle as you'd like to, considering that the Rumia probably wouldn't know enough to appreciate just what those balls mean, but you're definitely happy and impressed. Custom balls are no simple thing to make since hand-assembling the material takes time, as does fitting and creating the hardware to make them usable and safe, but a true craftsman can make a given ball do almost anything he needs it to.

Your dad? He probably managed to make these outclass Ultra Touhouballs by default since there doesn't seem to be any sort of instruction manual detailing their use. If it's not that, then there's probably some other highly useful function.

...A turn over of the note reveals that there's a list of what the balls are good for. Apparently their weight, shaping, interior array positioning and everything else specializes them into capturing touhoumon by all sorts of things. He even has one in here that specifically has a near perfect estimated capture rate for sleeping touhoumon who may be blocking your way. That'll be helpful if you come across a slumbering Suika blocking a pass!

...He also apparently designed a touhouball with limited ability to ignore friction once thrown. He recommends you double check your aim before using this one.

That'd make for an interesting trick shot ball if you knew how to work it, and that sleeping one would definitely come in handy since while you have a Black Flute, it's no TouhouFlute. ...Well, you think you still have that flute anyway. Knowing how much your girls disdained it they probably sold it.

You'd check, but the Rumia is anxiously staring at the ball in your hands, eyes wide with anticipation. She's awfully excited about this, apparently.

Well, rather than keep her waiting, you opt to hold the ball out to her. "Go on." You say, smiling at her sincerely.

"...Can't you throw it at me?" She asks eagerly, watching it in anticipation. Geez, this girl...

You shake your head in exasperation, but you take a step back, wind up your best pitch, and throw it at her.

It bonks off of her head and she lets out a little blissful squeak before the red beam shoots out and drags her into it. The ball drops to the ground with a soft ping and begins to shake and rattle back and forth for a concerning amount of time before letting out an affirmative noise and telling you the capture is complete and the conditioning cycle is beginning.

...What's four for four in terms of 'let's be stupid about lettng out girls you just caught'? Rather than let the cycle complete this time, you let Rumia back out as soon as you can. After all, this place isn't going to get any less dangerous.

The Rumia is popped out of the ball and glances about curiously before looking to you, "...I'm not gonna get disciplined and educated?" She asks, almost pouting at you.

"Well, I need your help more than I need you to stay crammed in that ball. Besides, I have a rather unique Prismriver trio and a Slime variant who would probably help me with that once we're done here anyway.”

Rumia shudders and smiles all the wider at you, "Oooh, you know just what to say to a girl." She compliments before lunging at you and hugging you suddenly, "Mmmm...I have a manly man now." She speaks to herself as she takes a deep sniff of you.

...You also notice that Rumia may be a bit shorter than you, meaning you're not the shortest anymore! Another reason to keep her around.

And then she'll inevitably evolve and become taller.

That aside... "Just to ask, how well do you know this basement?" Since you've got that whole coital ritual out of the way, you feel that it might be a good idea to work on actually getting out of here.

The Rumia glances about and then looks rather embarrassed, "Uhm...I forget. It was really dark, so I couldn't see anything until you came. I think it's for storing stuff though?"

Glancing about and using your flashlight, you surmise she is correct. You currently are in what appears to be some kind of storage room. Numerous barrels and boxes and other such containers are here. The only exits you can see are a wooden door that is currently barred shut, what appears to be a trap door with a large box on it, and a third door about three feet tall hidden and stuck behind a large amount of barrels.

Wow. You'd either have been stuck here until you could be rescued, or you'd have to have convinced your Rumia to help you one way or the other. Moving the barrels would take time assuming they weren't loaded with fine wine or something, the box would have been a pain and probably lead further down, and the barred door... You might have been able to do that one yourself with the right tools.

Now though, you have a choice to make...


[ ] Go check out what's behind that barred door.

[ ] Move the box and open the trap door down.

[ ] Remove the barrels and go check out that small door.
No. 174643
[X] Go check out what's behind that barred door.

It's the easiest to move considering there aren't heavy things in its way.

Regarding Touhoumon which ones are considered Legendary?
No. 174644
Sooooo, Zeke does take after his mother after all. In the mean time

[X] Go check out what's behind that barred door.

We could try doing this first, since we may have the tools for it. If that doesnt work then,

[X] Remove the barrels and go check out that small door.

Since going even deeper underground is a bit unproductive right now. If we want to go deeper, it should be with our Mons.
No. 174645
[X] Go check out what's behind that barred door.
No. 174648
>masochist Rumia

New favorite character

[ ] Remove the barrels and go check out that small door.

That door is barred for a reason.
No. 174655
[x] Remove the barrels and go check out that small door.

Maybe we'll find some hobbits.
No. 174657
[X] Remove the barrels and go check out that small door.

What luck that Zeke caught a Dark-type in a mansion full of Ghost-types.
No. 174659
[X] Go check out what's behind that barred door.
-[X] In case of failure, remove the barrels and go check out that small door.

It occurs to me that we cannot bring on any more ladies without breaking our promise to MerKoishi and/or violating League rules in a hazardous fashion. Rumia is adorbs, for sure, but I hope she's worth it.
No. 174660
You're not allowed to have 6 Touhoumons?
No. 174664

Now I am starting to wonder what happens to our newly caught Mon if we exceed 6, does the Mon go to Zeke's Mom's PC or something?
No. 174665
[x] Move the box and open the trap door down.

This is probably wrong, but what was that comment about doors not leading where they're supposed to?
No. 174674
[X] Move the box and open the trap door down.

Narrative law dictates that while the main party is engaging in heroics on the main front, the weakest member will wander around, find a secret passageway in an absurd location, and discover the key means to victory by following it. This trap-door down has piqued my insatiable curiosity, and will likely keep us separated from the main group longer while we wander around hidden and unused corridors.

What I'm getting at is that we're playing a game. Yuyuko types seem to like games, and this seems like the sort of thing that would work, if only because it shouldn't.
No. 174675
Rumia is typically one of the stronger varieties in nearly every Touhoumon hack, so all things being equal she'll probably pull her weight, especially since she's a dark type on a team otherwise consisting solely of ghost-types.

It depends on the hack, and can be a bit arbitrary. PC 98 bosses are usually legendary, but not always. That said, there seems to be a small core of legendaries which other hacks add to. Yuugenmagan, Sariel, Elis, Kongarra, and Kikuri are always legendary in every hack, without any exceptions that I am aware of. There are also psuedo-legendaries, such as Shinki, the Watatsukis, Kasen, Sendai, and Tenma. My favorite legendary is probably Satsuki Rin. S.L.D.T. would have to answer to talk about his setting specifically, though.
No. 174681
[X] Remove the barrels and go check out that small door.
No. 174695
Physically how much stronger are Touhoumon compared to humans? Not all the Touhoumon come from characters noted for their physical strength. Would Rumia be able to help lift stuff for Zeke here?

Also considering the whole "shota" thing about trainers, how old are Touhoumon trainers typically when they first step out on their journeys? In Pokemon I think they start at age 10, which is kinda typical in Japanese productions what with many protagonists being much more mature at such a young age compared to their real-life counterparts, but what about here? Is Zeke 14 or 15 or something?
No. 174696
In the vanilla version, it was 3-4 early PC98 bosses in the legendary spots, likely intentional to counter balance their power with their low popularity.

The better known PC-98s tended to be quite strong.
No. 174704

Unfortunately I can't exactly answer that question because it falls under the category of super-massive spoilers.


They'd get transferred to a box or appropriate alternative, same as with the games.


Now this, I don't have a hard answer for you on this one since I'm going by what I think and Nob might have a different opinion in places.

Most Touhoumon are able to outclass humans in terms of physical capability, but this is kind of an odd question as there are are both numerous kinds of Touhoumon and humans. Even an Akyuu could pin a shota down if she were really determined, but someone with greater physical strength might be able to get away. Here though, Rumia might be able to help.

The average age of a trainer setting out is 13 or so, but this is just an average age since sometimes trainers are allowed to go out younger, while others go out on adventures a bit older. Zeke himself is currently 15.
No. 174706

Hm, so Zeke is 15? ...A late bloomer I see, which may or may not be a good thing for him
No. 174708
[ ] Go check out what's behind that barred door.

Doors always have something nice behind them.
No. 174711
174681 here, I decided to change vote to
[X] Move the box and open the trap door down.
Since apparently "wrong way is right way" is the logic in this house.
No. 174745
Alright I have to ask this: is it possible to create human hybrids with Touhoumon, as in the kid is half-human?
No. 174746

...Say, this brings me an interesting imagination, if said Touhoumon are like..Reimu, Marisa, or any other canonically Human Touhou characters, brings me the question of "So what do we classify them as?" if Human and Touhoumon breeding were possible
No. 174747
Speaking of "canonically" how does one explain Yakumo Yukari in the Nebosa Touhoumon thread? He notes that Yakumo Yukari is somehow different than a Touhoumon. Is she a youkai in that story? No actually I should ask, is she Yakumo Yukari as from Gensokyo?
No. 174749

A kid born of that kind of union is either full human or full Touhoumon, hybrids aren't typically possible.


Any character that's human in the Touhou games is still a mon here, just one that's looks more human than others. Heck, if a Reimu is dressed right she might be able to pass herself off as a human.


Yukari Yakumo here is [REDACTED].

AKA supermassive spoilers to reveal what she is.
No. 174750
One of these days I'd like you to post a world guide for things you've decided upon but aren't going to use in any of the stories, or for societal things that won't be immediately apparent or relevant. Like Eagleland, and how dearly its people and Touhoumon love FREEDOM and JUSTICE.
No. 174754
Well let me ask this as well then: is Yakumo Yukari here the only non-Touhoumon Touhou in the stories or are there others?
No. 174756
You know, I'm going to go on a limb and assume that, too, would be supermassive spoilers.
No. 174771
Of all the possible options, none of them seemed overly simple. The barred door, the barrels in front of that small door, and that crate on that trap door all looked like they'd take some effort to haul around, but you've got a Rumia and an admittedly creeping feeling of dread as you realize that your girls might not be so happy with you, seeing as they had zero input on this. Of course, you'd be happy to just see them again at this point, so you're going to have to focus on getting out of here somehow. The barred door doesn't look like it's that tough to deal with, so you go with that. "Rumia, could you give me a hand with the barricade on this door?" ...Then again, why is there a barricade on this end?

Your newly acquire Rumia pumps herself up as she finishes reorganizing her dress and gives you a great big grin as she clenches both hands into fists. Her passion, her soul! She's burning with excitement, "Okay! But make sure you order me around properly from now on!" She tells you as she rushes off and proceeds to two handedly move the bar on the door and toss it aside with casual ease, letting you access it and travel through it safely.

...Well, probably not safely, but you can go that way now.

"Thanks~" You offer the Rumia as you open the door and walk through. "Rumia, follow me." You're not totally sure you need to tell her that, but eh. You go through the door and keep the flashlight going, wondering if you should invest in a lamp of sorts later on. Omnidirectional light would be better in some cases.

As you open the door, a great out pouring of chilled mist rushes past you and into the room. Your body shivers as you feel your temperature drop from the cold flowing out of this door. Your flashlight at least gives you the means to see, and unlike some terrible survival horror game your flashlight gives you a good cone of vision in front of you...which just makes you feel more nervous at this place. The door you opened up leads to an underground tunnel supported by wooden beams. Thankfully, the it seems the wooden floor extends down the length of the tunnel as well...but the tunnel itself is winding and you cannot see more than thirty feet down it before the first bend cuts off your sight.

You feel a pant of hot breath down your neck, and a glance confirms it's Rumia. She's floating right behind you and breathing down your neck, and seems really happy to be walking with you today.

You tensed up when she did that, but relaxed once you confirmed that it was just your oddly masochistic darkness youkai as opposed to some hot ghost mon. Well, at least one that isn't your Prismrivers or Kogasa. The fact that it's chilly and misty down here doesn't help either. Just what in the world is down here that would produce that mist?

It's a slow, intimidating walk down the pathway, that's for certain. Each step you take down the path has you shake a bit more, and it's not just because of how cold this cave network is, that's for sure. As you round a corner you feel a hand on your left shoulder.

"Ooooh, I found a coin!" Rumia says with cheer, at least a good few feet out of arms reach.

You look back to see who the owner of this mysterious hand is, seeing as Rumia's not around and your girls wouldn't bother with just one hand at this point.

...You don't see anyone there. The feeling of the hand on your shoulder disappears as soon as you turn to look.

This place really is spooky. You check to make sure that Rumia's following you again before moving on, keeping more of an eye out for whatever touched you before.

Rumia follows after you and then holds out the coin for you to inspect, "Lookie at this! I've never seen a coin like this before!" Considering how often transactions are purely digital, physical money like coins are getting rarer by the day, so-that is not a coin you recognize yourself either!

"That's kinda odd, and probably pretty old..." You pull out your tablet to see if you can't find some kind of match. You're not sure about whether this thing can get an internet connection here or if there's a coin database on it already, but it doesn't hurt to check.

You pull up your tablet and start to check it, but it suddenly switches to scan mode due to...'anomalous energy signatures'? AS the camera screen comes up, you're left staring at it as your flashlight begins to flicker off and on. Thankfully your camera compentsates for it.

And lets you see something appear straight ahead of you for just the briefest of instants. It was white and person shaped, you're sure.

"...I like Darkness but...this darkness feels bad..." Rumia comments as she draws closer to you, her warmth providing you with some measure of comfort.

You put your arm around Rumia for a moment as you scan the surrounding area. You're a touch curious as to why your Tablet has this kind of scan mode, but you're not looking a gift horse in the mouth. That waits until after you're safely out of here with all your girls.

You try to find what it is, and a marker appears on the screen telling you something. Let's see...

...face detected?

Then whatever you saw before snaps into existence in front of you. It's features are human...or were. It looks like a desiccated, eyeless corpse. Its skin is stretched across its body and its limbs are withered. The whole thing looks like someone sucked all the juice out of a body. As it lunges at you, you panic and try to back up, your thumb brushing against the 'shutter' button of your tablet and causing it to activate. You hear a faint click and hum and there's a bright flash for a moment. The thing rears back, stumbling away and grasping its face as if in pain and your tablet is showing you the picture it just took as well as some sort of information you can't understand as it 'processes energy'.

...Wait, is this a part of your touhoudex functionality for scanning things?

Of course, that raises the question of why there's this kind of function in the first place, but also vindicates you about your suspicions regarding how your luck was going to betray you. Unfortunately. In fact you'd prefer to not be right about this. Still, you keep the Tablet up and active since you're pretty sure that's not the only spooky thing around.

The thing itself stumbles for a few moments more before collapsing to the ground and fading away. Your flashlight flickers back on and lights up the area again, revealing that where the being disappeared there's something shiny on the ground now.

You bend down and pick up said shiny thing, since you're pretty sure it's important.

The shiny thing reveals itself to be an old style of key, obviously worn and rather well used. The key is chillingly cold to the touch, and feels faintly wet somehow.

Rumia is peering over your shoulder at the key as well, looking as if she was rather intrigued by it. Or maybe she just wanted to join in with her master and do what he was doing too.

You decide to put it in your Key Items pocket for now before moving on. No sense taking a chance of dropping it, not when it could unlock a door, safe, chest, ect.

Staring down the hallway though, you feel a cold needle of fear work its way into your chest no matter how much bravado you have in your heart. That thing that attacked you wasn't at touhoumon. You don't even know what is was, but you'd almost be tempted to say it was a ghost. A human one, that is.

This is just turning out to be more fun than a barrel of Chen, you note. Between being separated from your girls, trapped in a basement of a mansion that's basically a Mysterious Place, and you had to resort to some pretty desperate measures to not get 'eaten' right away. All you wanted to do was meet with Erika and find out more about her.

You guess you don't really have many options but to keep on working ahead, traveling down the path you've chosen. Here's hoping it does take you any place that's even creepier than where you've already been!

...As you head down the passage though, it seems like you're not going to get that hope fulfilled. You can hear the wood groaning and creaking around you as the area gets colder and colder. Up ahead you can see another door, this one not barred like that lst was.

You check to see if that door's locked though.

The door is not in fact locked, but you've got a bad feeling coming from it. Your instincts tell you that it's dangerous inside, but your adventurous spirit tells you that there's answers.

With that, you decide to open the door and keep your Tablet at the ready, since you're almost certain that there's going to be more malcontents inside.

As you open the door, you find that the room into a larger room than the hallway. In the center of the room is a massive machine of some sort with a dozen handholds. The thing's huge, and seems to be connected to the other really noticeable thing in the room, namely the massive door that sits at one of it. It's a massive thing made of pitch black stone, and it is covered in carvings.

First you scan the room for any spooky intruders, and if there's nothing there you move in to investigate the machine, and then the massive stone door.

Inside the room you don't really find anything especially surprising or spooky aside from the room itself. This lets you go and explore the Mechanism that is in the center of the room. It looks ot be some kind of massive means to open up the large door that's sitting at the opposite end. 12 people are supposed to grab each one of the hand holds and work in concert to open the door.

You frown as you look it over. A mechanism that size on a door that big could only be important, but as it stands you likely don't have the strength to move it. You have Rumia too, but she might count for... two to four people on this thing if you pushed her? Either way, you don't think you have enough to operate the mechanism.

"Oh my." An unfortunately familiar voice chills your already cooled body to the core as you hear that terrifying Yuyuko announce her presence to you. She's appeared seemingly from nowhere, and is floating between you and the door and has a rather odd expression on her face, "I didn't think I'd see you here of all places. That door was barred from your side after all. I'd have thought even you would have realized that meant that it was meant to keep something in behind that door."

"I did think it was a touch odd, but to be fair the trap door and the small door were also blocked up." You're going to be a lot more careful with what you say here, and try not to pry overly much. Last thing you need to do is get her mad at you here.
"Hmmmm...I'd have thought they would have driven you off or taken you. Really, I'd have thought the aura of malice and terror would have driven you away before you even got here." The Yuyuko comments as she regards you with a slight interest, like you were a stray dog that performed a mild amusing trick, "...I might keep you as a toy for those under me, I suppose."

You shrug. "Part of it is because I'm curious, part of it is because this place isn't quite..." You try to think of the best descriptor for what's missing. "Well, no offense meant but this isn't the White Tower. It's got its own atmosphere about it, but it hasn't quite hit the same note." After all, malice and dread can't trump what Lunasa was doing at the time. A normal person would still be having nightmares about that.

"Oh? I'm not scaring you enough, compared to the domain of some high and mighty strumpet who can't even bother to catch her own meals anymore?" The Yuyuko's smile starts to become considerably more ominous as the arms behind her twitch and spasm before reaching out at you in unison, their grasping gestures sending chills through you, "My, you seem to have a talent for annoying me. Why don't I cut out your tongue so you don't say anything unfortunate again?" She suggests with a conceringly manic grin.

"I'm not actively trying to annoy you. Besides, nothing the tower mistress had there was particularly frightening. In a direct contest, you win for having human ghosts, plus the ambience. ...And you. You're definitely much scarier." You're scared of the Yuyuko, but at the same time you're trying to not make her so annoyed. Yet, at the same time, you're remembering Lunasa's Perish Song, which was most certainly neither an intended feature of the tower nor a wanted one.

"Oh, is that what you meant?" That terrifying malice lessens drastically as she laughs airily, "My, you should have just explained that in the first place or else something unfortunate could have happened to you!" She explains, "...Now, I don't want to deal with you yet since I haven't decided just how interesting you are, so I'm going to have to ask you to leave this area and go back the way you came."

"Alright, and sorry about the unintentional insult." Once you get that out of the way, you head back the way you came, actively holding hands with Rumia as you pull her along. You're definitely going to have to remember that room for later.

The Rumia is actually already past you and hiding in the previous hallway, peering out past the door at the terrifying Yuyuko and only moving when you come into the hallway too. She's actually shaking slightly and has rather wide eyes. It's a bit odd for a Dark type to be so terrified of a Ghost type though, isn't it?

Then again, this Yuyuko is stupidly strong and type advantages only do so much in the face of such things. Dark only resists Ghost after all, and it's not like Ghost types can't learn other moves. "Are you alright?" You ask your Rumia as you give her hand a squeeze to both comfort her and let her focus on you a bit better.

"She...she was gonna cut your tongue out and I couldn't do anythin'..." Rumia sounds as if she's a mixture of afraid and disappointed in herself for running, "They said that when you're caught you can be brave and face things that scare ya for the sake of your trainer but..."

...You guess it could have been part of the indoctrination process.

"I won't blame you for that. I wasn't helping matters either." You say, understanding why she fled like that. "Still, it does make me wonder how we're going to deal with her. She's probably too strong to take head-on without help, the rest of my team hasn't found us yet, and who knows what else is down here."

"...Uhm..." The Rumia pauses,"...Well, why don't we try going another way then and keep this place in our minds? I mean, she said she didn't want to deal with you yet so many that place is the final boss room or something like that?"

"I was thinking that we could take those barrels out and go through that small door next." You say to the darkness mon, hoping that she's doing at least somewhat okay.

"Okay! I'll move the barrels when we get there, you just stay back and out of the way, okay?" Rumia tells you, "...or uh...when we get there...could you order me to them?" She asks of you with a shy smile.

"Alright, but when we get there, okay?"

"Mmmmmhm!" The Rumia agrees with you easily and grabs onto your arm, sidling herself up against you. Her warmth and soft body are a blessing in this chilly, unnerving hallway. You hear the wood behind you creak at the sound of stress on them, and the stone above them grinds softly.

Yeesh, you're seriously hoping that this won't result in anything bad happening. The last thing you need is for the floor to collapse again or something stupid like that. Still, you should be in the storeroom soon.

The grim darkness of this damned path gradually comes to an end as you find the door you previously came through, returning once more to the only moderately spooky basement area you were originally in. Rumia is practically vibrating with glee, and seems to be quite excited. As for you, you're more worried about how your flashlight is flickering off and on rapidly again and you can feel a sort of agitation in your brain when you look at the door you intend to travel through.

"Rumia, move those barrels out of the way." You do your best to order her to do what she knows you want her to do, and proceed to keep the Tablet at the ready. It took that one spook down before, so you're probably ironically the best person for this scenario right now. Kind of like the Spy unit in Stratego. Get murdered by everything, but if you play your cards right you can eliminate the opponent's highest rank unit.

...Well, it's kind of a poor analogy, but one could get the idea. You've got a tool that lets you act as a counter to something that otherwise could not be dealt with.

As you bring up your tablet and your screen once again warns you of an anomalous signature, you find that it becomes a person again, but this one is far less threatening than the previous ones had been. It's an older man in the uniform you'd expect a classical butler to wear. He has a perfectly cared for mustache and calmly walks straight through the barrels to kneel down by the door, where he mimes opening it and then passes through. Your tablet lets you see these things you can't see normally entirely with a clear view, but that one looked far healthier than the sickly thing that attacked you in that damned hallway. Rumia meanwhile simply hurls herself straight to the task as you contemplate what that vision just meant.

...This Rumia's pretty darn strong, you realize. Rumia's in general aren't really weak physically, but this one is picking up two of those massive barrels at a time and lugging them out of the way like it's nothing.

You briefly wonder if this Rumia is going to wind up a variant of some sort. Generally when you start seeing useful traits like that, it means they're different than normal girls. Though you're curious about that ghostly butler you saw just now. It clearly wasn't innately hostile like that emaciated ghost you saw, so perhaps not all ghosts are cut from the same cloth here.

Rumia finally shrugs off the last of the barrels, leaving you with a clear path to the small door. It looks just barely big enough for to shimmy through if you crouched down, and you're honestly not sure what you're going to see inside. You could also crawl through, you guess.

You decide to just crouch down and work your way in from there, keeping your Tablet steady as you go in case you run into another unfriendly ghost.
You step into the small door and find yourself in a particularly small hallway that lasts for a particularly small amount of time until you come to another door. This one you can push open and find that it appears to lead you to another part of the basement entirely. At least you didn't get sent tumbling through space time or flip turned upside down just by walking through a door! Rumia follows along after you as you take in this new room. It appears to be some kind of wine cellar. By the light of your flashlight clipped to your hip and your fancy tablet you can see that there's row after row of wooden shelves meant for storing wine. There's actually a decent amount of wine in them, though you notice that the shelves aren't especially ful either. Perhaps the residents have been drinking them.

Some of the bottles are close enough for you to read. They're all quite old and rather fancy looking. The youngest of them dates back to thirty four years ago, or at least the youngest you can see. You also find that there are other kinds of spirits, of the alcoholic variety, stored. This one odd bottle is marked as genuine Eagleland moonshine and claims to be made with one hundred percent moon beam saturation.

You hear something in the distance, the sound of a door opening. "Helloooooo~? Mister Intruder~? I can smell your feeeeaaaaaaaaaar!" A voice unfamiliar to you from where ever that door they came in from is.

You've gotta figure out a plan, and figure it out fast!

[ ] Hide among the liquor and avoid being spotted.

[ ] Try to talk with them and deal with this peacefully.

[ ] Set up an ambush with Rumia.
No. 174772
Hm, trying to hide would simply be bad for us since...lack of sight doesnt mean shit to this ghost given Zeke's stench. So the choices are to talk this out, or ambush.... ah right, this gives me an idea.

[X] Have Zeke try to talk it out while Rumia hides(do tell her to not make any sound) if talking goes awry, signal Rumia to ambush.
No. 174774
[X] Have Zeke try to talk it out while Rumia hides(do tell her to not make any sound) if talking goes awry, signal Rumia to ambush.

This'll teach it to fear the Dark! Still we need to tell Rumia beforehand that if talking goes wrong, then she should ambush it.

"Eagleland" huh. I wonder if it makes Everclear ( So if Eagleland is the US analogue, what's the European, African, Middle Eastern, etc. analogues then?

As for the Yuyuko here she really seems to have a grudge against the White Tower Yuyuko.

A question: is it possible for humans to learn Touhoumon moonspeak? What's the in-universe reason for the term for the Touhoumon language being "moonspeak"?
No. 174777
Suddenly, Fatal Frame.

[x] Set up an ambush with Rumia.
[x] Try to talk before springing the trap.
No. 174778
[X] Try to talk with them and deal with this peacefully.

Hiding and ambushing are probably pointless, as even though she may be bluffing about being able to smell Zeke's fear, I wouldn't bet on it at all. We really will need to get him a self-help book on "How Not To Piss Off Crazy Broads," though. Or at least "Diplomacy for Dummies."
No. 174789
[X] Try to talk with them and deal with this peacefully.
[X] Set up an ambush with Rumia, in case talking doesn't work.

I don't think we really need to tell Rumia anything specific, beyond "hide and be prepared to help me if whoever that is tries to attack me".
I imagine Rumias would be quite good at ambushing, seeing how they manipulate darkness.
No. 174791
[X] Hide among the liquor and avoid being spotted.

Guys, you're playing this like it's NetHack when actually it's like Monster Girl Quest without the monsterpedia. In nethack if you lose to a monster you lose your save and have to start again with nothing, wheras if you win you can progress. In mgq if you lose to a monster you unlock their loss scene, their evaluation, and you get to fight them again with no penalty, whereas if you win you unlock nothing and have to go to the monsterpedia or reload a save if you want to unlock stuff. Here, we don't have the monsterpedia or the ability to go back to an old save. If we miss this girl's loss scene, who knows when or if we'll get another chance to see it? And I have a feeling that this one will be well worth seeing.
No. 174792

Guys, she said she can smell you. Hiding won't do much good.
No. 174794
Exactly, that's why we should do it
No. 174795
You do know this guy actually wants to intentionally 'lose' you know
No. 174796
I know. And it's kind of getting on my nerves after a while.

[x] Set up an ambush with Rumia.
-[x] Since she might be able to 'smell' you, you're going to be the bait.
No. 174805
[x] Set up an ambush with Rumia.

Basically, keep talking to whoever this is while Rumia blindsides her. As has been noted, hiding just won't work; she obviously knows we're here. Besides, I really can't see us talking down one of the residents, due to our aforementioned shota-liciousness.
No. 174856
[x] Set up an ambush with Rumia


Some of us would rather advance the plot than get more porn. Shinki knows this story already has tons of porn, not to mention that this is the internet, which has shitloads of porn. In my eyes, deliberately going for sexy bad ends does little but push back the advancement of the story.
No. 174867
I actually played MGQ for the plot, not the porn. I found it to be an absolutely hilarious parody of classic RPGs, poking fun at them both through in-character means (every hero ever is blessed by the Goddess to fight monsters, except you. You are basically the opposite because she wouldn't even show up when it was your turn) and through breaking the fourth wall.
("Kind of like when I 'Flail Wildly'?"
"That's not a technique, that's a disgrace and you should feel bad for still having it in your skill list.")
No. 174909
I also liked the thing played with the 'chosen one' thing and the twist that become obvious when you consider that a champion of light is basically a murderer that kills the right things.
No. 174932
As much as I liked Luka and the whole twist, I kind of feel he was a little too merciful sometimes. Some of the monsters encountered in MGQ are just plain nasty, having no problem killing people and such. I mean yeah I can understand attempting to get monsters and humans to coexistance nicely when the monsters are at most playing pranks or just merely wanting a mate, but some of the monsters are pretty vile in my opinion and at that point I almost wonder if it'd be better to kill them.
No. 174951
Well, he is the complete opposite of a "regular" chosen hero who gladly loots civilians and depopulates entire forests because he's looking for three green weasel fangs.
No. 174958
On the other hand, he also has the making of a "true hero" in that he would give up his life before he gives up his ideals. Letting dangerous monsters live rather than killing them, even though they have no intention of playing nice with humans, just because his dream of coexistence won't allow him to kill even those who "deserve it".
No. 174990
[X]Try to talk.
No. 175023
File 138371135689.png - (882.89KB , 594x843 , Indecent Intent.png ) [iqdb]
Well, this is troublesome. Someone just announced their presence and made the not unbelievable claim that she could smell you. Well, she says she can smell you're fear but you're pretty sure she's smelling the fact that you once again reek of sex, if anything. You'd prefer to try and talk whoever this is out of it, but you're not stupid, nor are you completely in a corner. "Rumia, I'm going to try to talk to whoever this is. I want you to pick a spot and lie in wait so I can have you ambush this person if I need you to." You whisper to Rumia before figuring out where to go.

Rumia nods determinedly before glancing about in an attempt to figure out just where to hide. Her eyes light up excitedly a she spots something and she dives...immediately into a barrel marked 'Dark Ale', which judging by the sounds her entrance made seems to be entirely empty thankfully. You don't think you'd want to have your Rumia drink an entire barrel of ale, or smell of alcohol all day.

If you'd wanted that, you would have gotten a Suika or something.

You can hear whatever entered the area moving in the distance, a quiet whisper of wind reaching your ears that you're unsure of its source. It could just be the room, or it could be being that's looking for you. "If you give up I'll be the only one to 'eat' you, I promise~!"

"You couldn't just let me pass?" You ask, alerting the girl to your location via your voice. "I know it's unlikely, but I figured I might ask anyway."

"...Hmmm..." She sounds almost thoughtful as you hear her voice as she comes towards you. Unfortunately, the wine cellar keeps you from really taking advantage of the situation to figure out just where she is, "...Tell you what! I'll let you go, if you fuck me until I cum!" She suggests suddenly, decidedly enthusiastic in her reasonable alternative, "...Or I get to suck you off until you've cum at least four times."

"As pleasant as that sounds I don't even know your name yet." You say in response. You couldn't quite help but roll your eyes since what she's suggesting would range from just barely manageable to impossible for you to actually walk away from, and that's assuming she keeps her word. Just like with that Sakuya, you're not stupid enough to agree to something like that. Or perhaps the correct term would be falling for it.

"Hmmmm~." A voice hums right behind you as cool arms wrap around your body, a sensual female one pressing itself up against your back as wings beat happily, "My name's Mystia~." She informs you, but judging by this terrible chill...this is no normal Mystia. Could it be another ghost variant...!?

Well that didn't take long. You're trying your hardest to maintain your cool here, no pun intended given what you're feeling right now. "A ghost variant, I presume? Well, anyway, I suppose it'd be rude not to supply my name. It's Zeke." You're probably going to want to call on Rumia soon, considering that this Mystia could just start molesting you at a moment's notice.

"Mmmmhmmm~. We're all ghosts here~." Mystia tells you as she nuzzles against you, hands roaming over your chest without any sort of restraint as she rubs her cheeks against yours, her feathers and hair tickling you as she does so, "Which means we can sup on your spirit~! Aren't you excited~?"

Now, if you were a more pragmatic sort and not at all concerned with catching mons for the sake of catching mons, this is about the time you'd smack the Mystia with a Dusk Ball to get her off the field and out of your hair. You are, however, going to be in enough trouble as-is just from catching that Rumia, and you'd prefer to avoid bringing any more down on you. It also occurs to you that the only way to get Rumia to spring the trap would be to call out to her and alert the ghost girl that you're not alone, which could be troublesome. "That depends on whether you're the type to let her prey live and recover or just suck him dry." Then again, if the Mystia is pre-occupied with you, she might not be able to react to an oncoming threat.

"Oh, I'll keep you aroud for sure~." She promises you as one of her hands slips under your shirt, nails trailing along your skin with a razor sharp warning as she leans in and kisses your neck lustfully, "I'll keep you around and bring you to the brink every single day~. Doesn't that sound great?"

Oh great, she has talons. You didn't exactly consider that. It's hard not to blush in response to that kiss though. Plus she does feel pretty good... Though your Prismrivers are consistently warmer, and SlKogasa has pleasant kinks to help pass the time until you warm her up with your body. You slip a hand on top of hers without applying any real force. "Careful, please..." A thought occurs to you though. "Actually, now that I think about it, if I agree to stay with you, would you be willing to share me with my girl? I don't want her to be scared and alone down here..."

"Hah, you can't trick me~!" The Mystia grabs your chin forcefully and tilts it to look her in the eyes, her grin wide and predatory, "You only have four servants, and they're all dealt with~. That means you're all that's left, and all mine~." She teases you viciously, talons tracing along your cheek as she starts to draw closer to you, intending to take your lips and even drain you with a kiss.

Then, the sound of shattering wood and a voice that lifts your spirits, "GOOOOOOO TIIIIIIIIIIMEEEE!" Rumia calls out as she shatters the barrel with raw power and lunges at the Mystia, grabbing onto her and yanking her forcibly off of you, freeing you as she engages the enemy.

"What-!?" The Mystia can't even sound lyrical as Rumia proceeds to delivery a suplex that menaces with a shadowy aura, slamming her opponent headfirst into the ground and planting her like a turnip.

"Keep your gaudy talons-!" Rumia snarls at the Mystia as she drags it up out of the ground and rears back with her mouth wide open, all her teeth on display, "Off my husbando!" She roars as she chumps down on the Mystia, that same dark aura emanating from the bite as the Mystia opens out her mouth in shock and pain as the Rumia tears into her unexpectedly.

"And for the record?" You recover from the Mystia being pulled from you and stand up properly. "Those girls you call my servants? They're my lovers. Get it right." It's not exactly a minor thing in your mind, that insult. They may listen to you, but your girls are your friends and lovers. They are not beneath you.

The Mystia flails in a panic as Rumia unleashes her bite that's enhanced by her nature as the dark type touhoumon. Mystia quickly weakens and with a final twitch goes limp. Rumia pauses for a moment, holding the bite and then shaking the Mystia once before dropping her to the ground with a thump where the ghost bird touhoumon flickers and then fades away. Rumia herself merely licks her teeth thoughtfully, "...Tastes like chicken." She informs you as she reaches into her mouth and pulls out a ghostly white feather, which she uses to pick her very large and sharp teeth.

You're torn between being spooked by your Rumia and happy that she managed to get the job done so quickly. After all, she just made a GhMystia faint or... die again. How does that even work? "Good job, Rumia." You settle for ruffling her hair rather than ponder that question any further.

Rumia giggles and leans into your head ruffles, lunging towards you and wrapping her arms around you in a hug full of pure glee that you're prasing and petting her. The hug itself feels pretty nice too, since Rumia's nicely strong but seems to know just how much to squeeze you. "Hmmmm!" She sets you back down properly again, "What're we gonna do now Zekey?"

Good grief, she's cute when she wants to be. "I'm not quite sure. Maybe there's something in here?" You say as you start to shine the flashlight about, trying to locate anything that might catch your eye.

Sadly, it appears that you are in a wine cellar that doubles as an alcohol cellar in general, and that means there is merely large amounts of wine and none of them appeal to your key item senses as you look around with a your flashlight. Ahead of you though, as you look down the hallway made by the two tall shelves of wine you feel an itching on your eyes as you stare into the darkness.

You decide to take your tablet out just in case seeing as there's now this minor sense of wrongness in the atmosphere and that seems to correlate to a human ghost being around. Seeing as the first one tried to bring you irrevocable harm, you're not taking any chances.

As you bring the tablet up, it informs you of an anomalous energy signature and you see a being flicker into view...and this time it's once again that butler. He's watching you from the end of the hallway. After a moment he turns on his heel and marches to the left and out of sight.

"Huh. Well, there's no other lead right now so I guess we follow the ghost. C'mon, Rumia." You keep that tablet up since you're still not sure what that butler's intent is, whether he's hostile or just some poor, unfortunate soul.

You make your way through the basement, eyes moving warily about as Rumia follows behind you, staying just two steps to your rear as she hums a little bit to herself, sounding decidedly happy as she picks her teeth with the feather she took. As you march hear a horrible scream from behind you. You twist and bring up the camera, but rather than any human ghost it seems that the Mystia wasn't down completely after all and is hurtling at you with terrifying speed, lunging towards you with bloodthirsty eyes and wide open jaws showing her predatory teeth to you, hands outstretched to sink her claws into you-!

And then suddenly there's something between you two, and the sound of a meaty impact.

...The Mystia's head and neck twist oddly as Rumia delivers her vicious sucker punch to the side of the poor ghostly mons head. You've got only a split second to appreciate the funny sight before the Mystia is sent hurtling away, smashing through the wine shelves and the wine itself and disappearing out of your sight as she smashes through several shelves and goes out of your sight. "Tsk." Rumia stares at the hole the Mystia made as if she was looking at a particularly stubborn stain she was cleaning, "She should have known to just stay down." She mutters as she shakes her hand slightly to work the tingles out of it.

"...Zekey, are you okay!?" Her tone, attitude and expression all take a complete shit as she turns her attention onto you, "She didn't get any of her ghost blood on you, did she?"

"Nah, I'm fine." You wave it off since the Mystia didn't even get the chance to touch you before she got punched out. "So you know Crunch and Sucker Punch, then?"

"Huh? Oh, uh..." The Rumia pauses and then gives you a shrug and a grin, "I guess! I just do what comes naturally."

"Can't argue with that. Let's keep moving." You smile back and continue to walk, keeping that Tablet at the ready so you won't get blindsided by a ghost. ...Maybe not another Ghost mon though.

With the Mystia dealt with you're given free reign to move and advance through the basement, seemingly nothing else being around to harass you or try to attack you. The Wine Cellar itself is thankfully rather non-threatening beyond the whisper of air through and around bottles and the occasionally creak as wood in the house and of the house settles. With Rumia by your side and your tablets ghost busting're feeling reasonably safe for now. As you march along though, you hear a crackling noise coming from your tablet.

"I...-tual...could-..." The voice, and it is certainly a voice, is very distorted and broken up with static, making it impossible to actually know what they're saying even as you try to listen, "Erika...had to...-ther choice..." The voice sounds male, of that much you are certain, "-acrifice."

That's... Definitely not something you expected to hear. You can make out bits and pieces, but nothing concrete outside of it involving Erika and her being involved in something that seems last-ditch.

"We had..." A voice says clearly as you see a door ahead of you open and then shut, "No choice."

...Arriving where you have, you find that there's actually two exits to this room as far as you can see. There's a set of stairs to your tight that leads up and to a door that's painted white, and then there's the door that just open and shut in front of you. That door is old and made of treated wood but is otherwise not decorated or painted. It is very heavy and solid looking wood set on large, old fashioned hinges.

[ ] Go through the white door.
[ ] Clearly the spooky door is important.
No. 175025
[X] Clearly the spooky door is important.

I think what-seems-to-be the ghost of Erika's Butler is trying to help us solve the mystery, so lets follow his lead and go into the spooky door.
No. 175035
Spooky door might be too spooky for me. How about some Zekey snacks?
No. 175039
But we just ate!

[X] Clearly the spooky door is important.
No. 175043
[X] Clearly the spooky door is important.

No dilly-dallying, just getting right to the spookier portion.
No. 175046
[X] Clearly the spooky door is important.

Maximum Spookydrive.
No. 175055
[x] Go through the white door.

I think the destination's that way, as the spooky door seems more a trap.
No. 175056
[X] Clearly the spooky door is important.
No. 175076
[X] Clearly the spooky door is important.

Even though my "Surviving Horror Movie Instincts" are telling that it's fucking stupid to actually FOLLOW the ghost, my sense of drama is telling me to (metaphorically) kick the door down and do the dinosaur.
No. 175091
[X] Clearly the spooky door is important.

The butler seems to be trying to help us, from what I can tell. Let's see what we have here.

Also: Rumia delivering a suplex. Yes.
No. 175092
[x] Go through the white door.
Never walk through the front door. Or the obvious door in this case
No. 175104
[X] Clearly the spooky door is important.
No. 175111
Erika is actually the other half of Yuyuko, if my knowledge of Fatal Frame is correct. But it seems like there might be some of Fatal Frame 2's backstory thrown in as well.
No. 175112
[X] Clearly the spooky door is important.

Hoping for a future Wrestling variant
No. 175127
[X] Clearly the spooky door is important.
No. 175171
Later, we should take a visit home, and day hi to those nice Aki sisters, and have them teach Ruima some moves.
No. 175186
And pick up MerKoishi on the way?
No. 175200
No. 175201
No. 175202
Koishi wants us to show badges to prove our worth. We have none.
No. 175204
"You don't have enough badges to bed train me!"
No. 175225
Then it'd wait until we get some. Though I guess we weren't able to get bases from the gym we went to.
No. 175234
Well, clearly the spooky door is important, what with it opening and shutting on its own after you heard that voice clear as day. You keep your Tablet up since you're still not sure what's going to show up on the other side, and approach the door.

The door that the spook had just passed through is cold to the touch as you reach out for the handle, even more chilled than the air itself is down here. You can't help but wonder just what's going on with this house on the whole. Opening the door that the spook had passed through, you find yourself looking into a long, dark hallway with no light in it at all save for what you provide yourself. A sigh of release air flows past you as you stare down the hallway, and a Rumia presses up against you as she peers over your shoulder down the hallway.

Welp, your other hand is going to keep a firm hold on that flashlight of yours. You take out the light-bringing implement and shine it down the hallway, hoping that this isn't some ridiculous impenetrable darkness.

Thankfully, it doesn't appear to be. This hallway has simple and plain white painted walls and unremarkable wooden floorboards as you peer down it. Some distance down the hall you can make out a door, and then a turn in the hall that leads out of your line of sight.

You start to progress down the hallway with Rumia in tow, still keeping a steady eye on the path ahead and your Tablet since that seems to alert you when any paranormal activity starts up. Still, a door and turn in the hallway... You creep up to the turn in the hall and peer around the corner, shining your flashlight down it to get a better idea of your options.

You peer down the hallway and find that it is not especially menacing itself either, merely running a ways and at the end of it having a door and then a turn in the hall, just like the one you're peering around now. There are no mysterious streaks of blood or signs of struggle as if someone was digging their nails into the floor to resist being dragged away.

You release a breath you didn't realize you were holding as you walk up to the door nearest you and open it. You're starting to perhaps get a touch jumpy, but it's not without reason seeing as there's both ghosts and ghost mons here, all of which more than happy to attack you.

As you open the door you feel a wave of pressure and chill air wash over you as a pale arm reaches around the corner and grabs hold of it. A face comes around the corner next and it is a man with long, disheveled hair. His eyes are milky white and his lips a blue to match the ashed gray of his dead skin. He flickers out of view for a moment as he stares blankly down the hallway before his eyes lock onto you. His lips move as he reaches for you, but only a fragment of what he says seems to come out, "-cannot be stopped..." It whispers in a desperate, hissing tone as those long, bony fingers reach for your throat.

Yeah, you're not going to let that ghost touch you, especially not when they're going for your throat. You bring the Tablet up and take a commemorative snapshot before this ghost can get too close.

The thing lunges with surprising speed, and you get the unpleasant sensation of cold fingers just millimeters from your throat before you get the snapshot off. The thing reels back after the hit, crying out in a discordant misery as it covers its face and stumbles away, miserably shaking itself as it seems to flake and dissolve, "The sacrifice..." It weeps in despair, "It cannot..."

...That's as far as it gets before it fades away.

"...W-what are those things, anyway?" Rumia speaks up behind you, peering out from behind your back, "They feel...wrong."

"Human ghosts, from what I can tell." You respond while scanning the immediate area for any more spectral fiends. ...Well, fiends may be the wrong word, but they're certainly not friendly and at least a couple seem to be actively trying to stop you. "My Tablet came pre-loaded with an app that can basically make them go away by taking a picture of them. Still, what that ghost was saying on top of what I heard earlier is not painting a pretty picture."

"Well...what do you mean?" The Rumia presses, still glancing over nervously at the area where the spirit fell into nothingness. You aren't getting any more responses from the scanner though so you guess you're safe for now from that particular threat. All that's left is the conspiracy theories bouncing around in your mind now from what you've seen here and from Erika and her entourage earlier.

"The part about the ghosts, or the part about where my Touhoudex's scanner has a function that can get rid of them?" You're not quite sure which part Rumia needs an answer to, and since the coast is clear for the moment you decide to start looking around for anything that might help you solve this mystery.

"...Yes." Rumia answers simply.

You sigh in response to that, but it only makes sense when you think about it. "Well, there's nothing really concrete in the matter, but supposedly humans that die are rarely unable to move on properly and haunt the living instead. Judging from the state of this mansion, there's a lot of people who haven't moved on." You then go through the door and keep looking, answering Rumia in the process. "As for why my scanner can take them out, I'm not entirely sure. It said something about absorbing energy, I think."

"...Is that how your scanner mathingy works?" Rumia wonders as she follows after you into the new room you've entered, which you find to unfortunately merely be a storage area of some sort, and a smallish one. There are large amounts of boxes in the room to gain your attention, but one especially draws your eye as it has a faint shine to it under your flashlight that lets you see it's partly open.

Inside of the box you find...

...a case of herbal medicine. Large amounts of it in fact.

You frown at the sight of your discovery. Granted, it's a very, very potent type of medicine, works wonders for most anything if you know what mixes to use, and outclasses conventional medicine, but at the same time it's bitter to the point where no one would enjoy taking it. "I'm honestly not sure. I didn't even know my Tablet's scan function could do that. I'm pretty sure it's not a standard feature." Still, no sense leaving behind usable items.

Underneath the cases of herbal medicine you find a note. The note contains utterly useless minutae information on the majority of it, but does have a list of what is currently in this storeroom. Sadly though, besides the herbal medicine nothing else on the list seems especially amazing or surprising, it's just what would normally be in a storeroom. Really, the only interesting mention is of that fact that apparently they recently ran out of camera film, which really dates this list and just how old this place is.

"Guess that's it for this room." You say after making sure the canister of herbal medicine is put away safely. You then head out of the room and look down the hallway again, Tablet at the ready and flashlight aimed in the direction you want to go. "This place really is old. Makes me wonder just what happened here to make this place the way it is."

"Hmmm...I dunno! I'm new to the area cause I just started migrating a few years from waaaaaay down south." Rumia admits to you as she follows along behind you, floating close so she can whisper in your ear her secrets, "There was this mean Kagerou who started trying to build up gangs and I didn't want any of that..."

"And then you decided to come in here for shelter, and got stuck ever since?" You ask, walking down the hallway.

"...Yep!" Rumia agrees excitedly as you make your way down the hallway, approaching the corner and the door that lies just before it quickly as the floor creaks and groans underneath your footfalls.

"I'm really hoping the floor's not going to give way again. That's how I got stuck down here to begin with." Not that you're really slowing down, but you're trying to tread lightly for the last stretch. You're probably going to want to investigate all the rooms, as there is both the incentive the mystery represents, and the incentive of looting a Mysterious Place of its stuff.

As you reach the corner and peer around it, you are thankful to find that there is nothing there waiting to spook you or ambush you. Of course, it seemed the same way last time too...

You walk right up to the door and open it, keeping your Tablet primed and ready to take another picture just in case there's yet another spook in here looking to steal your life, soul, lunch money ect.

As you open the door, you are not ambushed from the hallway.

Rather, you open it and see the back of a ghost immediately. The figure is bent backed and weary, trudging towards a corner of the room and reaching down towards one of the floorboards, "It's here..." The quiet whisper comes to you as the figure fades away. The voice that time sounded feminine and older than you.

Well, that was interesting. You shine the flashlight to see if there's anything where the older woman was standing, then sweep the light around the room just in case.

You can see the floorboard the woman was reaching for is slightly more upraised than the rest of the floor. Otherwise, this room actually seems to have been someones bedroom at some point. There is a bed, a dressed and a mirror in here, though it's not an especially large room to be honest.

Still, you head toward that floorboard and pull it up, setting the flashlight aside so you can do so.

Inside of the floorboard you find an old, outdated model of Personal Assistant Device. It seems to be turned off.

Well, nothing for it. You turn it on and hope it doesn't trigger anything bad.

As you trigger the pad, it flickers and sputters, coming to life for only a few brief moments. During that time you can read what's on the call up menu of it. The date of this pad goes back...eleven years. It was registered to a 'Nikki Mirai' who was a touhoumon trainer. Also on the pad is a note you can only read briefly. What you manage to parse is 'I'm going to die here. This may be the last words I ever write. After I'd found out about what they'd done here I tried to do the right thing, or what I thought was right, and all I managed to do was get my friends killed. That Yuyuko, I knew she was strong but I never thought she'd be able to win a fight three on one. Sunny was the one who saved my life. She grabbed me and shoved me out of the room before the doors shut entirely. I can't hear the sounds of fighting any more, and the sound of word groaning keeps getting closer. Please, whoever reads this, just-'

The power cuts off before you can read anymore.

"...Just what the Makai is in this place?" You say after reading the note. Plus, it just reinforces just what kind of power that Yuyuko holds. If even one of your girls were at Yume's level, this wouldn't even be an issue, but as it stands you're clearly outclassed. Still, you take a look to see what kind of power supply it uses, just in case you could possibly recharge it somehow.

Unfortunately for you, this model of personal assistant device is from the Orange corporation which means it can only be charged with proprietary chargers or have the battery replaced with proprietary batteries, and you also need specialized tools and equipment to be able to open the case safely without voiding the warranty. You can hear Rumia rummaging around as you ponder just how to deal with this current situation.

"Well, this PAD is a total loss. There's more of that message on here, but there's no way to recharge it without some tools and specialized batteries." You don't toss the PAD though, but it goes in your Key Items pocket anyway. "Find anything interesting?" You ask the darkness mon.

Rumia looks up sharply at your voice, a sombrero perched oddly on her head, "I found hats!" She informs you with great cheer.

"...Hats?" You're a touch surprised that the remarkably silly scene. "What other kinds are there?"

Rumia sticks her head back in the box and comes out wearing a new hat. A new several hats in fact. The hats are all stacked one on top of each other as Rumia beams at you with a cheer, "Lots of hats! I feel like I'm the most important now!"

"Pfft." You try to hold it in, but you can't help but start laughing a bit. "Hehehe, you do look important, Rumia. A veritable queen of hats."

Rumia looks exceedingly proud of herself as you praise her, "Really!? Thank you Zekey, that's great to hear! I'm gonna keep these hats!" She declares as she tugs the hats down onto her head a bit more.

...You decide to look at where Rumia found those hats to see if there's anything interesting in there for yourself. It's silly and you need to get a move on, but at the same time, how often do you get to loot a place for hats?

...Sadly, you find no hats that appeal to your sensibilities. The only thing they have in your size is a fedora, and you have some standards.

Yeah, you can definitely wait, in that case. "C'mon Rumia, we're done in here, I think." You proceed to leave the room with a behatted Rumia.

As you make your exit...nothing happens! Wow!

This leaves you free to simply make your way back down the rest of the hallway, which you find seems to lead to the end of it. That hallway actually has two doors along it, one hallway to the end of the hallway and one all the way to the end of the hall, sitting where the hallway ends.

Well, you're going through all the doors sequentially here, so why break the combo? You head for the closer of the two doors with the intention of investigating it first.

You attempt to open the first door, but...
...It's locked! There's a butterfly etched over that keyhole.

...Didn't you get a key from that ghost on the way to the large gate room? You take it out and look at it to see if it matches.

...Sadly, you discover that the key you have has a very worn and faded image of a dodo on it, rather than a Butterfly.

You make a small humph sound as you put the key back and move on to the next door.

...This has a dodo etched over the lock! However, you can hear a quiet speaking coming from inside of the room! You can't quite make out the words though...


[ ] Put your ear up to the door and listen...

[ ] Try to unlock and creak open the door and listen.

[ ] Kick in the door and yell “WHAT GOING ON IN HERE!?”
No. 175235
[X] Put your ear up to the door and listen...
[X] Try to unlock and creak open the door and listen.
[X] Kick in the door and yell “WHAT GOING ON IN HERE!?”

First, we try to listen in, if we cant make out anything, then we try the 2nd option, if it turns out to be bad, THEN we break the door open to get the element of surprise!
No. 175236
[X] Put your ear up to the door and listen...
[X] Try to unlock and creak open the door and listen.
[X] Kick in the door and yell “WHAT GOING ON IN HERE!?”

Normally not a fan of kitchen sink votes, but in this case it actually makes sense.
No. 175243
[x ] Put your ear up to the door and listen...

Holy shit, you guys are gonna get Zeke killed. Hold up for a second.
No. 175244
File 138397424662.jpg - (49.05KB , 400x597 , you can't possibly be serious.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Put your ear up to the door and listen...

>The only thing they have in your size is a fedora, and you have some standards.
Pic related, including filename.
No. 175245
[X] Put your ear up to the door and listen...

I'd rather have some info on what's on the other side of the door. Voting all 3 together seems a good way for Zeke to get killed.

Rather interesting about the message and the PAD. That Yuyuko seems to have been around for some time. What level was that dead trainer and what level is Zeke at?

Does each corporation build their own versions of PADs, which corporation is noted for having the best, and does Zeke have his own or is it his Touhoudex?
No. 175246
[X] Put your ear up to the door and listen...

Let's not be rash.

>It was registered to a 'Nikki Mirai' who was a touhoumon trainer.
I see what you did there.
No. 175251
[X] Put your ear up to the door and listen... 
[X] Try to unlock and creak open the door and listen. 
[X] Kick in the door and yell “WHAT GOING ON IN HERE!?” 
No. 175255
[X] Put your ear up to the door and listen...

>Only thing of interest in an entire storeroom is a box of medicinal herbs
>Find a fedora
Now I'm getting flashbacks to that Indiana Jones game that kept going "medicinal 'erbs."

>Nikki Mirai
I also see what you did there.

I just realized.
>Souls that cannot pass on
>Defeated by camera app
The camera steals your sooouuul!
No. 175261
[x] Put your ear up to the door and listen...

Using caution. I think it's implied that Zeke would take further action if it was deemed necessary. I think.
No. 175294
File 138410218395.jpg - (215.00KB , 180x3110 , Iunderstoodthatreference_jpg.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Fedora being 4edgy6me
>"Lots of hats! I feel like I'm the most important now!"
>A keylock with an animal sign on it.
Oh wow this update. Also, PAD 'erbs and more.

[x] Put your ear up to the door and listen...
No. 175295
File 138410284132.jpg - (98.15KB , 640x480 , Fatal_Frame shutterchance.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Souls that cannot pass on
>Defeated by camera app
>The camera steals your sooouuul!
I think it's a reference to FF but that works too.
No. 175296
Never played Fatal Frame.
Seems to be camera soul stealing game anyway.
No. 175312
[X] Put your ear up to the door and listen...
No. 175395
Hm. Considering that this place is inhabited by large quantities of ghost mons who want to make you into their sex toy and that there's these creepy ghosts who want to eat your soul or something similar, you're not exactly keen on just barging in. You slip up to the door as quietly as possible and proceed to put your ear to it, hoping that you'll be able to sort out who's inside and what they're discussing.

You can hear it, quiet soft voices speaking. Through the door though it's really tough to actually hear anything more than just a few smattering of words here and there. One thing you're certain of though is that there is more than one voice in the room speaking. "The ritual...done. No other" One voice says, sounding rather exhausted and distant.

"Can't keep...better way...has to be." The second speaks up, the same sort of exhaustion evident in its voice as it speaks, like it somehow knows its words are falling on deaf ears.

"Not us..." The first voice continues, "Not this time...travellers...guests.......a sacrifice." It urges on the second voice, even as you feel a chill creed down your spine at the exchange.

"...Must it..." The second voice tries to speak up, but you can hear that it's not really able to argue anymore, "...forgive us..." It murmurs softly.

"We do what we have to..." A male voice intones, tired but sure of itself as you hear the first clear voice you have all night and the sound of footsteps coming towards the door you're listening in on...!

You back away from the door and take out your Tablet, as you're almost certain that this is going to culminate in some form of attack.

You hear the door handle on the other side of the door unlock...and then nothing at all happens, leaving you waiting here with your heart hammering in your chest.

Rumia is right behind you, watching interestedly. "...what happens now?" She asks with a quiet whisper.

You hold your Tablet up and scan the area. "I guess we go in and see what's in that room." You start to advance forward, and you haven't calmed down in the slightest.

The door remains where it is and exactly as it was, looming and shut. It simply waits for you to open it and see what is inside of it. Who knows what mysteries this place could contain...

You grip the handle of the door and pull it open, unsure as to what you'll find on the other side but fully acknowledging that there's really no other way about this.

On the otherside you see a figure that fades away the moment you open the door. Reflexively your hand hits the 'shutter' button on your tablet and you find yourself waiting for the second rock to drop. never does. You find yourself safe to peer into the room, and to take a glance at the picture you took. The figure in front of you is very blurred and distorted, scarcely capable of being parsed as human by your mind. Behind that figure though...

...You can see the very same butler you saw earlier sitting at a small desk that is in the room. In fact, this room itself appears to be a larger storehouse of sorts, and the slightly increased chill you feel suggests to you that it might be some kind of natural refrigeration system of some kind, or at least it was used that way. There are large amounts of boxes and crates stacked all over the room, some of them marked in black, blocky letters as to what they are.

You're not sure you want any oranges dating back nearly 33 years ago though...

Okay, so it's just the butler from before in here now and why in the world are you relaxing just because of that. Still, he doesn't really look that bad off and hasn't been hostile so far, so you settle for looking around in the room for anything important unless the butler up and does something.

You can hear quiet scratching of a person writing down their thoughts privately, spilling out their secrets to the non-judgemental paper. As for you, you simply take your chance to soak in the rest of the room. It's a large storage room, probably about the size of the wine cellar in all but this one is less full of countless alcohol racks and barrels, and more full of tremendous amount of empty transport containers for food. With a jarring final scritch, the writing stops and there's a screech of the wooden legs of a chair on stone as something gets up.

The butler is gone.

Okay, that's unusual. You decide to head over to the table he was at to see if there's anything left there.

On the desk you find a slightly damn and rather ruined journal, and you are dubious about your chances of being able to read very much of anything in it. However, also on the desk you find something that boosts your hopes. It's a key, a key with a very fortunate engraving on it if your eyes do not deceive you.

You take the dairy anyway, then the key. You examine the latter to see if it's what you're hoping it is, then the former to see if it's really as unreadable to you as you think it is. You could really go for some concrete answers right now.

You're happy to find that the key does in fact have the engraving you'd been hoping to see, meaning that previous locked door that's just outside the room is no longer an obstactle. In the's a mess. The moisture hasn't been kind to it and it partially falls apart in your hands. Thankfully, a portion of it can still be read legibly. It reads...

'We will never be forgiven for the choice we've made I fear, and rightly so. I curse the day that the Lord Mustermann brought us here, and I curse the day he found * even more so. This savage, uncivilized continent is not fit for habitation by man. Not a week went by at first that someone wasn't made off with and played with until they escaped or were allowed to leave...if they ever were allowed. The day milord found * though, everything changed. The attacks were stopped, and our ability to profit off of the admitably amazing bounty of this land increased. However, it came at a horrible price, a price we never should have agreed to pay, a price that were I not bound by the honor of my family to serve the Mustermann's I..."

...You can't find anything more of this entry that's legible. Later in it though, you find a small fragment that is. It reads...

'The young lady is growing ill, and I fear it is with the same illness that took her mother. Milord is sick with worry and is constantly by her side trying to comfort her while she is awake, and roaming the mansion and the searching the library while she sleeps. He eats and sleeps himself rarely. I fear that he may do something drastic soon.'

...Young lady? "Wait a tic, Erika's last name was Mustermann, wasn't it?" You ask more to yourself than your ever-eager and curious Rumia. If you're right, this has a lot to do with her. Still, if she was sick and potentially dying...

"The who what now?" Rumia asks you as she pulls her head out of a crate full of dubious fruit, eyeing it with ill intent even as she tries to catch your statement.

"Eh? Sorry. I was reminding myself of something." You respond to your Rumia as you start to sort things out in your head. Clearly, something's gone wrong in this mansion about thirty years back. Erika was sick and given the state of the mansion now... Her father did something, but given how the butler was describing it and the current state of the mansion you're guessing that it went very, very wrong. In fact, that could explain why Erika felt so cold and frail in your arms...

"Uuuuugh. I'm going to have to play the hero here for real this time, aren't I?" The realization of just how deep you are in this finally hits you, and you facepalm as you subsequently realize that the only way out of this is to resolve it. After all, you're pretty sure you can't just pack up and leave, and you won't without your girls. Even more so, your conscience would never let you rest if you just walked away from this.

Rumia flounces in your direction and drags you into an enthusiastic and decidedly calming hug. She's growing on you quickly, despite the 'circumstances' of your meeting.

...Well, it's not like your circumstances were all that different from how you met Lyrica by most standards.

"There, there. It'll be okay! You can take your scan thingy of the spooky things and I'll beat up the touhoumon and everything will be fine!" She assures you, her hats comically tilting on her head as she tilts it herself, leaving you to wonder just how they're not falling off, "Okay?"

Oddly enough, that hug does calm you down just a touch. "Alright..." You squeeze her hand in turn as you tuck both the remnants of the journal and the key safely away. "That room with the butterfly symbol on its keyhole is next." You tell her as you at least try to move in the direction of said door who dared to be locked in your presence.

As you turn to leave the storeroom, your eyes suddenly catch on a sparkle of something in the dark corners, drawing you in closer with the enticing promise of an item important enough to warrant a visible sparkle.

You stare at the item for a moment before heading toward it. You do, however, sweep the area with both your flashlight and Tablet. "If I'm going to take a risk in this spooky place, I may as well give myself the illusion that it's safe."

You carefully approach the shiny object, constantly sweeping the room and being on the absolute bleeding edge of awareness as you make your way towards it. You're close enough now to reach out and take it, if you wanted to...

You feel like this is the dumbest idea ever, but you set aside the flashlight and reach out for the shiny thing.

As you reach out for the shiny thing, you are both surprised and completely unsurprised to find that something pops out and grabs onto you. You panic and flail in its cold embrace before you realize...that it's not the seeping, soul quenching chill of those who have stayed behind long after they were due to pass on. Rather, it's the cold of porcelain or some other such material kept in a cold place. Rather than being attacked by a ghost, when you bumped into the barrel the shiny thing was on, it knocked this thing off of a shelf above.

During your realization of that, Rumia grabbed the doll and yanked it off of you and then promptly hurled it away, sending it sailing across the room. Those empty glass eyes framed by short, curly blonde hair stare at you as it sails away.

"...I don't like dolls." Rumia informs you darkly as she glowers into the darkness after the doll.

"Just a doll, huh? There's something you don't see every day. In the cold food storage area of a haunted mansion in the middle of a forest." You're tempted to look for it proper, but then again Rumia's kinda not happy with the idea of having it around her ever. "Still, we don't have to take it with us, if you don't want to."

"Dolls are bad." Rumia responds, keeping her eyes suspiciously on where she sent the doll flying, "They're as bad something really, really bad."

You shrug, and don't press the issue. "Let's go then~" You say in response, opting to leave the room and hope that wasn't anything really important.

You shrug, and don't press the issue, instead using your flashlight to sweep the ground around you for the shiny thing. At least, you're hoping the doll wasn't it.

It seems like it wasn't, and you find something on the ground. It's actually...

...Another case of Herbal Medicine.

At the very least, you'll probably be able to pawn these off if you don't want to use them.

If they're still good, you could probably get a good price for them. Still you store it away and leave the room for that door with the butterfly etching on the lock.

As you approach the exit, you're filled with the sudden and intense sensation of being watched.

You take your Tablet and flashlight and scan/sweep the area again, hoping but not quite believing that it's just nothing.

As you sweep and scan the area, you find nothing of interest at all. No ghosts, no touhoumon, nothing. Rumia is looking at you curiously as she watches you move, her bountiful pile of hats remaining perched on top of her head.'re just getting nervous?

You sigh again and move out of the room for real, finding yourself very much interested in not staying here any longer.

You open up the door and as you pass through it, you hear a voice right behind you speak.

"The sacrifice must be made..." It intones, right behind you as if it were just standing there.

You whirl around behind you, looking for the source of the voice even if there's nothing there. Good grief, this place is getting to you.

And there is nothing there, save for Rumia and the empty, lifeless eyes of the doll peering at you from where it sits on the floor, propped up and leaning forwad just slightly so it can remain upright and seemingly stare at you.

You relax just a tad when you see that there's nothing there save for your mon, but then you look down. It's the doll. That Rumia threw. You facepalm. "Rumia, as much as I know you don't like the doll, I think I'm going to have to take it with me, or something.

You relax just a tad when you see that there's nothing there save for your mon, but then you look down. It's the doll. That Rumia threw. You facepalm. "Rumia, as much as I know you don't like the doll, I think I'm going to have to take it with me, or something." You pick up the doll yourself and look it over, trying to figure out just what in the world was with it. Aside from maybe a ghost.

Rumia looks torn, her hats crumpling along with her mood as she shakes her head, "I, we shouldn't! Dolls are bad. Dolls are definitely bad all the time." She insists as she stares at the doll behind you, "We shouldn't pay any attention to it cause dolls are bad and should feel bad, definitely."

"But it's also following us." You don't quite pick up the doll yet since you're not totally convinced yourself, but it'd be better to keep an eye on it than let it run rampant.

"But that's exactly why we shouldn't pick it up cause dolls are always bad and dolls that can move are always super worse." Rumia insists, sounding very worried about the doll for some reason. She glances over at the doll and-is it a little bit closer than it was before? Your mind might just be playing a trick on you, "So we should just lock it in here or something!"

So, what're you going to do about this spooky doll?
[ ] ...You're just gonna leave the doll here. Best to not mess with it.
[ ] ...You're gonna stuff the doll in a barrel or something. Maybe that would be the end of it?
[ ] ...You're gonna bring the doll with you, because it's better to know where it is than to not.
No. 175397
[X] ...You're gonna bring the doll with you, because it's better to know where it is than to not.
-[X] Also, see if the Tablet can tell you anything about it.
No. 175398
[X] ...You're gonna bring the doll with you, because it's better to know where it is than to not.
-[X] Also, see if the Tablet can tell you anything about it.
No. 175400
[X] ...You're gonna bring the doll with you, because it's better to know where it is than to not.
-[X] Also, see if the Tablet can tell you anything about it.

I'd rather have the doll under constant surveillance so we know that it doesn't move, rather than turn our back on it and not know that it moves.
No. 175407
[X] ...You're just gonna leave the doll here. Best to not mess with it.

The doll will probably try to kill us.
No. 175408
[x] ...You're gonna stuff the doll in a barrel or something. Maybe that would be the end of it?

Rumia's right. Dolls in haunted houses are ALWAYS bad.
No. 175410
[X] ...You're gonna bring the doll with you, because it's better to know where it is than to not.
-[X] Also, see if the Tablet can tell you anything about it.

Shanghai, Hourai, or Alice. I'm sure the doll is connected to one of them.
No. 175422
[X] ...You're gonna bring the doll with you, because it's better to know where it is than to not.
-[X] Also, see if the Tablet can tell you anything about it.

Just because Rumia is making an ad hominem argument against it.
No. 175425
Can't we just light the damn thing on fire or something? Nasty supernatural beasties are a lot less spooky when they're a pile of ashes. I mean, it can move, so if we stuff it in a barrel it'll just follow us, and if we leave it behind it'll just follow us, and I don't exactly want to keep it on hand, either. Well, it seems like the least bad option, because at least we'll know where it is, and a known variable seems a lot less dangerous than an unknown one, even if we have to keep it closer at hand.

But the bastard can move anyways, so it doesn't really matter in that regard. It's coming with us whether we like it or not, so we might as well keep an eye on it failing its complete destruction.

[X] ...You're gonna bring the doll with you, because it's better to know where it is than to not.
-[X] Also, see if the Tablet can tell you anything about it.
No. 175432
[X] ...You're just gonna leave the doll here. Best to not mess with it.
No. 175434
Given that she's been in this mansion for a while, her fears might not be unfounded.
No. 175436
Well, according to the logic of horror stories trying to take a third option, in this case setting it on fire, only makes the situation worse as the Powers That Be hate smartasses.
(It would probably turn out to be something trapped inside the doll. While trapped it's creepy but mostly harmless, but when released it'll be terrifying.)
No. 175466
Clearly, then, burning the whole mansion down is the only logical answer. The Powers That Be may hate smartasses, but if they're tied to a location that no longer exists it seems rather unlikely that they'd be able to cause lasting harm beyond massive SAN loss.
No. 175476
[X] ...You're gonna bring the doll with you, because it's better to know where it is than to not.
-[X] Also, see if the Tablet can tell you anything about it.

A doll moving on it's own? Maybe there's a GhostAlice.

>Can't we just light the damn thing on fire or something? Nasty supernatural beasties are a lot less spooky when they're a pile of ashes.
The stuff it's made of has already survived baking at 1200°C. I doubt fire will work. Unless you're planning on collapsing the whole mansion onto it-
>Clearly, then, burning the whole mansion down is the only logical answer.
...ugh, which might not work given that this is a Mysterious Place. And the Touhoumon inside it will try to thwart such an action.
No. 175488
Say, if the doll does belong to an Alice, just like to point out that an Alice did say that they work as bait in Wilheim's story
No. 175493
[X] ...You're just gonna leave the doll here. Best to not mess with it.

well, if it is bait, let's not take it.
No. 175515
That's a good point. I was too focused on the general spookiness I sort of forgot we were playing Montouhoumon. Mon.

Anyways, I rescind my vote here >>175425, and vote instead to just

[X] ...leave the doll here. Best to not mess with it.
No. 175561
Vote called seven to four in favor of taking the doll with you. Let's see if that works the way you hope it does.
No. 175616
"I'm kind of against locking it up because it's moving on its own. If it can do that, it might let itself out somehow." You respond to Rumia while taking out your Tablet and seeing if there's anything that can be gleamed from it before taking the doll with you. You might not be listening to Rumia's suggestion in full, but you're not completely stupid.

...Your tablet doesn't detect anything at all from the doll. It doesn't seem to pick up any signs of ghostly shenanigans and it's not telling you that what you're scanning is a touhoumon or anything. For all intents and purposes it seems to be a perfectly normal doll. How odd!

There's nothing inherently wrong with the doll itself, so you pick it up but don't put the Tablet away. Your earlier paranoia is still there, but for the life of you it's not triggering here.

Rumia stiffens up as you pick up the doll, watching you warily and her eyes glowering it at the thing, only switching over to you for a moment before looking away from you. "We should go." She says, voice cold and more like how she spoke to the Mystia she brutalized.

Great, now she's mad at you. "Alright..." You at least put the doll out of sight for now as you start to leave the room, but you're just... that earlier feeling of paranoia is starting to prick at back of your mind a bit and you can't nail down why.

The Rumia reaches up to her ribbon and mutters to herself before she tugs on it, her voice soft and quiet. So much so that you doubt most people could have heard what she said. You though...

"...stupid human..." She mutters, voice full of a mixture of emotions you can't place though it almost sounds regretful. Then with one hand she tugs the ribbon a bit tighter.

"...Zekey!" Rumia suddenly latches onto you, giving you a great big hug that soothes your current emotional state, "What if that doll was a cursed thingy! You can't put cursed thingies down!" She warns you.

...Well, that's how it works in Goblins and Graveyards, but that's probably not how it works in real life.


Rumia hugs you tighter, making your ribs creak a bit as she squeezes you, "Dolls are always spooky, so it's probably triple cursed." She warns you.

"Ack, Rumia, careful!" You know she's worried, but a the same time her strength is great enough to the point where she could seriously hurt you if she's not careful. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you like this."

"Ah! I'm sorry Zekey!" She sets you down and releases you, carefully and eagerly brushing you off from her extra exuberant efforts to hug and soothe you,"I didn't mean to hurt you!"

"It's fine. I scared you by not listening and you're just expressing your concern. I don't mind that."

"Just, easy on how hard you squeeze me."

"But you're so cute and soft and huggable!" Rumia gasps, "And since I want you to be hard on me, I have to hug you hard too..." She blushes as she thinks about it, her mind going places as her eyes lose focus for a moment.

You blush in response at the rather... okay, it's sort of welcome but at the same time you're in a creepy haunted house with no real safe spots to just pin her down and molest her. Good grief, your mind is a mess now.

Rumia pauses suddenly, eyes perking back into focus as she glances around, "Mmmm, something smells like...coppery and springy?" She says with intrigue, "Do you smell that Zekey?"

That's enough to snap you out of your mindset as you make a point of scanning your surroundings while trying to smell what Rumia's smelling. Her sense of smell is miles above your own, of that you have no doubt, but maybe you can get a whiff of it too.

...You can't get a good whiff of it, but you can get the barest traces of the scent. You suspect it is slowly getting stronger as well. You can sort of see what Rumia means though, it smells like... what she said, Spring and Copper.

Or maybe rust?

"Rumia, do you think something's coming?" You ask, feeling that while there is a possibly rational explanation for this smell, it's most likely wrong. As pretty much all rational explanations about this place have been so far.

"...I dunno!" Rumia admits with a shrug, "But that smells getting stronger and it's startin' to remind me of something..." She admits as she sniffs again, "I can't figure out what though..."

"Spring and copper..." You're scanning the area with your Tablet yet again, waiting for any indication that something's coming. "Okay, if it's something that's moving and producing a copper smell like that, then it probably isn't some kind of metal piping."

Of course, why you're staying here is beyond you, and once your brain manages to process that you might not want to stick around for this you grab Rumia's hand and start running back through the hallway you came down originally, hoping that you won't run into whatever's coming.

She lets out a little yelp as you grab her and bring her along with you, pulling her out of the room and shutting the door just in time for you to see a distortion in reality at the far end of it and for your vision to get an odd, grainy texture to it as if everything was being seen in 144p.

You slam the door shut right after that and keep on going. Nope. Not your problem.

"Yeah, I don't think I want to try to deal with whatever that is. Let's keep going." You say as you keep pulling Rumia along, not willing to stick around for whatever that thing was. There's still one more door down here that you haven't gone into yet, and you should probably not just leave that and never come back no matter how much your normally feeble-voiced survival instinct tells you to. You move to the door with the butterfly on the lock, take out the key, open it up, then go into it while simultaneously pulling Rumia in with you at the same time.

Rumia follows after you and you shut the door tight behind and look around in this new room. This place is...

...Why are there caskets in here?

Why are their caskets in this room? You would really like to know why their are a few caskets sitting here, in this room.

There's other stuff too, boxes and empty containers and various other things. But...

There are caskets in here.

You aren't so curious that you're just going to start cracking open random caskets, but you do start to look around the room for anything that might be useful.

You set about quickly searching and glancing about the room in an attempt to find something of importance. You notice something shining on a small table in the corner, glinting in the light of your flashlight and tantalizing you with its shiny nature.

Since it's shiny, not a doll, and not a casket, you decide to go over and pick it up to see what it is.

...It looks like some kind of weird ancient thing that no one remembers anymore, like a floppy disk. The container is a dark blue and reads...

...Type 14 Film.

Meanwhile, behind you you can hear Rumia crack open a casket curiously, "Oooooooh..." She lets out a little tone of wonder as she pokes at what's inside, "What's this?"

You're about to investigate the film more closely when you notice that Rumia's gone and done what you were either too savvy to do or too scared to do. At this point you're not sure which it is. "Rumia, you're scared of that doll but opening something meant to contain a dead body is okay...?" You ask in an exasperated manner as you walk over to see what she's gotten into. Granted, you're also working out how to open the container, or scan it, or something to see what it is and what it does.

"...A what? These are beds for Remilia's silly!" Rumia shakes her head at you, "I mean, who'd put a dead body in a casket. That's where Vampire touhoumon sleep!" She shakes her head at you and then goes back to rooting inside of it, "It's not comfy looking though. No padding or anything...I found something though!"

"I swear, every time I think I have something figured out it decides to change the rules on me to mock me." You roll your eyes as you talk, noting that you really should stop being surprised by some of these things. "So, what'd you find?"

Rumia pulls herself up out of the box and reveals to you...

...More Herbal Medicine. It's like this stuff is getting thrown at you at this point, seriously.

"This stuff smells really bad though." Rumia comments as she sets the casket shut and promptly marches over to the next one and immediately begins to start and pry it open so that she can get at what might be inside of it.

You just sigh and store the Herbal Medicine in your bag. "You know, as much as mons might dislike this stuff, it kinda reminds me of how some video games get really generous before there's some huge boss fight." You then start to poke at that container holding the Type 14 film.

It's... a flat floppy disk kind of thing. It seems to be that you're supposed to insert it into some crazy old timey camera and it would take pictures for you. Judging by the writing on it, it apparently advertises itself as fast development and claims it will be completely developed in 'under a minute'. That's...kinda impressive for how old this film looks to be. You're not sure whether it's new or used though, which is a bit of a problem itself.

Rumia cracks open the casket and peers inside of this one, "...Hey Zekey? I found a thing that looks like the thing you're playing with, but it's green!"

She suddenly pauses though and looks rather thoughtful, "But...why'd there be green stuff and herbal medicine in vampire beds?" She asks of you, apparently as confused by this situation as you are.

You decide to close up the blue container and store it for now so you can take the green container from the casket and look it over. As for her question... "I honestly have no idea. The medicine could be for treating injuries, but this container..." Admittedly, you're starting to drift back toward the more rational thought that these are not vampire beds but indeed caskets to contain dead people, and poor Rumia's too innocent to know what they are.

You glance at the container, which reveals itself helpfully to be a type 37 film case, and advertises it's ability to give amazing eight by ten colored glossy pictures that would impress even a blind judge. That's... an oddly specific advertisement.

Rumia herself seems to be thinking about it, "...Maybe the vampires like sleeping with stuff? I met a Meiling who liked to sleep on big piles of gold and shiny things, so maybe they like do that too?"

"Maybe." You shrug and reserve that whole 'Meiling that likes treasure' thing for later because that sounds like a variant to you. Still, the biggest question is, what is the film for? "...Hey Rumia, do any of these feel unsafe to open to you?"

"Just the one with the mist pouring out of it!" Rumia informs you as she cheerfully points down the line of caskets to one that's at the very end, and indeed you can see that there appears to be some kind of misty, smokey substance pouring out from the cracks of that one in a decidedly ominous manner, "That's cause mist is spooky and a bad sign. Not as much as dolls, but still pretty bad!"

...Which reminds you of that whole doll fiasco and your experiment you'd considered earlier.

"Alright, we'll leave that one be but I say we check all the rest of them as best we can." You store the Type 37 film as well, and set to work getting the next casket lid off.

Rumia flips it open and-oh it has bones in it. Huh. That's...concerning. Probably from being bumped with the whole thing opening, the skull turns in such a way that makes it seem like it's staring at you or something silly like that.

"...Huh." Rumia lets out a little sound of revelation as she stares at the skeleton,"...I guess they did put dead bodies in them."

"Well, yeah. I mean, how many Remilias could one place have without them arguing and bickering?" You point out, noting that there are a lot of caskets and that this one is basically worthless.

"Uhm...well I mean, I've met some Remilia's who are actually pretty nice. I mean it's true that there can only be one on top, but that doesn't mean that you don't see more than one Remilia in a place..." She responds thoughtfully,"...I guess this bedroom'd be too small, so it'd have to be some kind of Remilia summer camp, huh?"

...Shinki bless whatever goes on in that head of hers.

You just shrug, and direct her to open up the next casket. "I can't say, for sure. I don't have any practical experience with Remilia."

Rumia closes the casket and moves on to the next to last one near to the spooky, misty one that rattles ominously as you get closer. With one heave, Rumia flips open this casket to reveal...

...A plush, chibi Remilia doll. On her chest is a very small, silver key which Rumia picks up immediately. The Remilia doll lets out a soft 'Uuuu~' as Rumia touches her belly. As soon as she has the key Rumia shuts the casket a bit harder than might have been necessary.

"...I hate dolls." She mutters in a dark voice as she reaches up for her ribbon and tightens it again.

You wince when she slams the casket shut, but she's got a very solid opinion of dolls that you're not going to contest. "A key, huh? Glad we went through the trouble to get it. Something like that probably opens an important door or safe." You comment as you gently pull Rumia away from not just that casket, but the one after it. You don't even want to risk being near that one. It might break open on its own with the way it's rattling.

You hear a quiet, creaking sound as wood shifts and warps as if it was freezing outside, and your vision gets grainy and 144p again as you feel a chill of freezing, deadly cold wash over you. "Give it...back..." A furious, terrified voice filled with pain murmurs from behind you, in the same direction that the door, your only way out, lies. Behind you...

There's a girl, one unfamiliar to you. She has long, curly blond hair and is wearing a bright blue dress and a white smock in the front of it. She has her hair tier up slightly using a bright blue bow that matches her dress' pattern perfectly. She has an odd, washed out nature to her appearance and color and her skin is a deathly lifeless gray as that black, empty eyes stare at you. The most terrible thing of all though are the plants. They're like parasitic trees clinging to her frame, lifeless as she is, save for a few blood red petals, but protruding from her body all the same.

There's a long, drawn out and pitiful moan and the sound of a body hitting the floor as you glance for only a moment to see what you were afraid of. Behind you, someone is climbing out of the casket. She looks to be a few years older than you, and her clothing is something that was popular a few years ago among the female trainers and wanders. "It hurts so much..." She whimpers in pain as she brings a black, lifeless eye up to stare at you, a branch of a tree growing from her other socket, "Sunny...please..." She struggles up to her feet as you feel the cold chill of death creep in on you from both sides now. These things...that horrible presence of theirs is just as strong as that one specter that attacked you and they're not even near you right now. You're not eager to find out what would happen if they got their hands on you.

Behind the ghost who looks familiar to you, you can see something glint importantly from the casket she just crawled out of.

"W-what the Makai...?" Great, one creepy super-ghost one one end, and another on the other. This place just does not want to let you catch a break, does it? Still, just what happened to that trainer? No sense thinking about it though, you need to get past the icy ghost or somehow get rid of both of them.

You get your Tablet at the ready and aim it at the icy ghost first, taking a snapshot of it to see how much of a pain in the rear this was going to be. You're also gritting your teeth as you realize that Rumia is just as caught between the ghosts as you are, and you're going to have to watch for her and take both of these down.

You trigger the button just in time to get a picture of her... only for her to suddenly be standing right in front of you, reaching her arms out for you as you hear a whispery groan from behind you as the chill crushes down on you, taking the breath from your lungs and the heat from your body and the life from your blood as a pair of arms wrap around you and leap away, hurtling across the room.

...Rumia saved you, dragging you out of the way of the pincer attack. She's panting herself, her eyes wide with terror as she stares at the two things. "What's wrong with them...?" She whimpers quietly, staring at the two ghosts as they right themselves like awkwardly handled puppets and turn their attention onto you.

That definitely drained you a bit, but you're still able to move thanks to Rumia pulling that save when she did. "I have no idea." You aren't quite so trigger-happy with the Tablet this time, and opt to leave yourself an out while waiting for one of them to move. Getting that hit in let them counter you, but if they can perfectly counter you while idle... "Let's see if this doesn't work both ways." You say, choosing not to just hammer them with snapshots and instead choosing to time your next shot for when they're occupied.

Namely, when they're actually trying to hurt you.

The Trainer's Ghost and the Little Girl Ghost right themselves and turn to face you, the Little Girl flickering out of view as the Trainer ghost simply rises up lightly and then suddenly hurtles at you. Instinctively, you triggered the shutter at just the right moment, perfect chance giving you a picture right when the Little Girl reappeared and the Trainer's Ghost was right about to grab you. That horrid chill is there still, but you get he satisfaction of hearing both of them cry out in distorted misery and go hurtling back and out of sight, disappearing through the stacks of boxes and crates. Now may be your chance!

You're honestly not sure whether or not to go for the shiny object, but at the same time if you don't go for it now you're not going to go for it. You make your way to the casket the Trainer's Ghost fell out of, making sure that Rumia wasn't separated from you. Once you get that object, the next stun was going to result in you having her get you to the door.

In the chest you actually find trainer's bag, lots of little cute and personal decorations and keychains hanging from it. This bag ...did it belong to that Trainer?

Under normal circumstances you might question the ethical morality of stealing from another person who has done you no wrong, but seeing as that said person was not only dead, but trying to steal your life from your body... Well, the only thing that runs through your mind is 'yoink!'

As you heft up the bag, a translucent hand rises up through the coffin and grabs for you. The wooden roots bursting from her fingertips just barely touch against your skin and send a burst of searing pain through your body even as you and Rumia retreat together again. The Trainer's Ghost rises up through the box and lurches forward, "It's...warm..." She mutters, eyes locking onto you with a sense of purpose and hunger that wasn't there before.

"...Give it back..." The Little Girl whispers, her voice coming from all around you and every direction at once.

"Agh!" You cry out when you get grazed by those branches, and you definitely do not want to get hit by those again. Still... You sling the other trainer's bag on your shoulder to free up that hand, and pull out that doll you made the mistake of picking up earlier. Even during all that, you keep your Tablet primed.

Your arm shudders as you pick up the doll and it feels heavy in your hand, almost like it's glued to your palm. you notice that it seems to be...grabbing onto your hand as you hold onto it.

"Give it back...!" The Girl cries out as she suddenly teleports, disappearing and then reappearing right in front of you, reaching up at you with a pained, tearful expression that hurts you emotionally as much as her proximity does physically.

Looks like Rumia was right about this doll being cursed, and it seems to have taken a rather disturbing liking to you. You're not even sure what trying to give it back would do at this point, so you opt to shelve those feelings of emotional harm and hit her with a camera shot while she's distracted by her toy.

She reels back, covering her face and wailing in misery. Her pitiful voice tears at your heart and your ears, making you feel her pain as she crumples to her knees and curls up in a ball, sobbing. "G-give hurts..." She whimpers, her final words to you before she disappears.

...Wasn't there something else you had to worry about?

Rumia suddenly shoves you out of the way as a pair of ghostly hands come grasping for your throat from the wall, only to find herself on the receiving end of the Trainer's Ghost. She gags and her whole body seizes, her eyes rolling up in her head as she shakes, the strangling hands of the trainer's ghost tightening around her throat, visibly clenching it in.

You waste absolutely no time in taking a snapshot of the offending ghost since she's a little too pre-occupied with strangling one of your girls! "Hands off my Rumia."

The Trainer Ghost lets out a wail of misery and despair as she's blasted away from Rumia who collapses like a puppet with her strings cut, falling limply to the ground. She lays there, shivering and twitching and letting out gasp and sputtering sounds as she struggles to breathe again.

You immediately move over to Rumia and help her up as best you can while keeping your tablet out. You've moved the doll back into your bag for now so you can free up that hand. She's saved you twice now, Makai if you're going to just abandon her here.

Rumia is shaky and her eyes are wide with a panic as she tries to gain control of herself, "W-w-w-what was that!? It was like feeling a Guillotine coming right for my neck..!" She grabs onto you and uses you as support as she struggles unsteadily to her feet, shaking like a leaf even as she leans on you.

"I wish I knew. Glad I was able to knock her off you, not sure how well I'd handle it if you died because of me." Is all you can say as you help her steady herself. You're just hoping that those ghosts aren't coming back.

"Ah-ahaha. Oh, really know how to make a girl blush." Rumia seems to steady up quickly, "Uhm...I think I'm fine now. The thing grabbing me felt pretty awful, but I don't feel any worse now that it's worn off."

"That's good. Anyway, thanks for bailing me out twice. I probably would have died here if it weren't for you." You're still not out of whatever adrenaline rush you're in yet, which may be for the better since you're not sure the Trainer's Ghost is actually gone. ...In fact, you're not sure either one is. While it's a different scenario, that GhMystia vanished like she was defeated before making another pass at you.

...Finally you feel the 144p vision fade even though the air is still deathly, horribly cold. That oppressive presence is in the air, but you aren't feeling it coming for you anymore. You guess... this is just the baseline for this part of the house now. You also come to a quick and sudden realization now that you're calm enough to think. The ghosts are capable of moving and attacking through walls and other solid objects. It slowly sinks in just what that means for you... and possibly all yours girls.

Rumia giggles and hugs you, careful to not squeeze you too hard, "Oh Zekey, don't worry? I won't ever let you die!" She promises you.

...You're really hoping that your girls can last long enough for you to get back to them. You're not even sure Ghost type attacks would work against these human ghosts, especially those decidedly screwed up ones you just fought. Still, you hug Rumia back. "Thanks. I'll do my best to protect you too. We ought to get a move on though, I'd rather not find out if I'm ghost bait on top of being Touhoumon bait."

"Okay!" Rumia agrees with cheer as you adjust the second bag you now carry on your back, "...Where are we going now though?"

"Well, we're done with all the rooms in here, and we shouldn't go back to that big door room yet." You say as you start to lead Rumia out of the room and back along the way you came. "I want to see what that other trainer's bag has in it before we move on, then it's either that other door in the wine room or that trap door with the crate on it."

"Okay doke Zekey!" She agrees with cheer and follows along after you. As you leave the room though you think you can finally place what those scents were. It smelled like some kind of flower and blood.

...The hallway itself is empty and groans quietly as it resettles, the unnatural chill of death slowly dissipating from the rocky place you're in.

You breathe a sigh of relief as you aren't stuck in that oppressive atmosphere for the moment, and don't stop walking until you reach that wine cellar again. Once there, you find a goods spot to stop and start to look through the bag to see what you've got.

You end up finding the perfect one that's set up in a little nook that's nice and defensible but not right up against the wall so you can avoid any wallhands just fine. Inside of the trainers bag you actually find...what you'd expect to find in a trainers bag. Old bottles of medicine and status healers, some touhouballs of the same pattern that is still most commonly used now, and lots of other little things and tidbits. You also find a bundle of tangled wires that seems to fold and tie into itself in an impossible manner.

...and underneath it all you find what appears to be a tablet to tablet adapter cable that's not fused with the mass of wires.

Well, that's lucky, but not entirely unexpected. You get that particular cable out, the other trainer's Tablet, and yours. You then hook the two up and see if you can't find out more about what happened to that trainer.

...The only problem it seems is that the other trainers tablet will need to be charged from your own before it is possible for them to interface. It say that it's going to take seven minutes to charge to the point where it can power up and interface properly with your own tablet.

You're also a touch worried about what letting that tablet drain powers from yours could do. I mean, it's not like your mother put microfusion cells in your tablet or something... right?

Plot the next course!
[ ] The trapdoor is clearly the more viable option.
[ ] The door here you didn't take seems pretty reasonable.

Recharge the other Tablet?
[ ] You want to make sure you've got enough power in yours to handle this place.
[ ] Every time you've jumped into a situation blindly it's bit you in the rear somehow. Time to actually gather some intel.
No. 175619
[X] The door here you didn't take seems pretty reasonable.
[X] Every time you've jumped into a situation blindly it's bit you in the rear somehow. Time to actually gather some intel.
No. 175621
[X] The door here you didn't take seems pretty reasonable.
[X] Every time you've jumped into a situation blindly it's bit you in the rear somehow. Time to actually gather some intel.
No. 175623
[X] The door here you didn't take seems pretty reasonable.
[X] Every time you've jumped into a situation blindly it's bit you in the rear somehow. Time to actually gather some intel.

You know I have to wonder what would've happened if we'd been able to give the Girl Ghost her doll back? In fact the Girl Ghost was the same distortion Zeke ran from in the room with the doll right?

Regarding the Girl Ghost, is she Alice from Wonderland or something?

As for "Ghost types" and these human ghosts, I have to wonder if maybe human ghosts just don't attack Ghost Touhoumon due to sensing them as being "Ghosts". Perhaps they really can't sense them? Both can drain life energy, though the Touhoumon version seems more pleasurable.
No. 175626
[X] The door here you didn't take seems pretty reasonable.
[X] Every time you've jumped into a situation blindly it's bit you in the rear somehow. Time to actually gather some intel.
No. 175627
I have to say, it's nice to see the trainer being able to defend himself somewhat. And Rumia not being so obvious about her desire to fuck his brains out. A good chance of pace.

[x] The trapdoor is clearly the more viable option.
[x] You want to make sure you've got enough power in yours to handle this place.
What could we do without the camera?
No. 175628
[X] The door here you didn't take seems pretty reasonable.
[X] Every time you've jumped into a situation blindly it's bit you in the rear somehow. Time to actually gather some intel.

Finish up one pathway at a time, I say. And yeah, we need the info. Hell, it might even inform our path.
No. 175629
I hope we're close to finishing or else I might have to call this the Namek Mansion
No. 175632
[X] The door here you didn't take seems pretty reasonable.
[X] Every time you've jumped into a situation blindly it's bit you in the rear somehow. Time to actually gather some intel.

It's not that bad. If it lasts (at least) 3+ threads, then it's a Namek mansion.
No. 175638
[X] The door here you didn't take seems pretty reasonable.
[X] Every time you've jumped into a situation blindly it's bit you in the rear somehow. Time to actually gather some intel.

>I met a Meiling who liked to sleep on big piles of gold and shiny things,
Dragons will be dragons.

>It say that it's going to take seven minutes to charge
Oh you.
No. 175676
It's not at the "spend ten minutes recapping the last episode, commercial, ten minutes of new content, commercial, five minutes of preview for the next episode" pacing that defined the entire Namek arc. I do agree with the anon above, though; it's nice to see Zeke being active and useful, and it's nice seeing him interact with his 'mons in a friendly fashion rather than one dripping with innuendo.

[x] The trapdoor is clearly the more viable option.
Trapdoors always lead to goodies. Always.
[X] Every time you've jumped into a situation blindly it's bit you in the rear somehow. Time to actually gather some intel.
No. 175684
How long anyway before we can just vote for Zeke to realise Erika is also a ghost?
No. 175688
Well, he knows as much as we do, so any speculation can't be meta knowledge. I say vote for whatever you want!

Except the seven minutes thing: I've got a feeling that it'll ed up being seven THP minutes and he starves to death before that fucking thing recharges
No. 175690
It could be that, since she's so obviously a ghost, the twist is that she's not a ghost at all and Yuyuko is using the life-energy she drains from the people who wander into the mansion to keep Erika alive despite her illness?
No. 175698
This might be the case. She was solid for one, since Zeke could touch her.
No. 175710
1. Same guy who wrote >>175698, will we ever get to see any at/ stories about a trainer that's been captured by a SDM or Eientei and their life in such a place?

2. Along with a SDM or Eientei, what other places would be considered similar to such places? By "places" I mean buildings or compounds similar to either in purpose?

3. The mons in Touhoumon are based off of the characters in Touhou. However some places, like Eientei or the SDM, are filled with anonymous beings, in addition to the main characters, like the many Earth rabbits of Eientei or the fairy maids of the SDM. In either of their Touhoumon counterparts, how would these masses of anonymous beings be portrayed? Would they be Touhoumon based on the anonymous characters or would they be Touhoumon based off of a "known character"?
No. 175783

1) Prrrrrrobably not from me at least. Not a bad idea, but I'm just not sure if I'm really the one who should do that.

2) Taoist Shrines, Buddhist Monasteries, and Shinto Temples are other possible Mysterious Places.

3)There can in fact be 'anonymous' Touhoumon like the earth rabbits that would populate an Eientei, fairy maids that flit around an SDM... They're also not based on 'known' characters, so an earth rabbit wouldn't necessarily be a Tewi, and a fairy maid wouldn't necessarily be any of the named fairies of Touhou canon.
No. 175786
I wouldn't be surprised if Wilhiem wound up getting dragged to those places.
No. 175793
Since you're here, I have another question: Rereading >>32357 in the at/ thread, are there 2 GelSanae's running around since the Nitori took the piece of gel from a GelSanae, and said piece grew into a GelSanae? Or did the GelSanae transfer her consciousness from the original body into the body grown at Nitori's cave?
No. 175802
File 138500602928.png - (1.15MB , 751x1063 , Haunted Gaze.png ) [iqdb]

There's two now, I think.


A pretty serious debate's been going on in your head for the last couple moments about whether you need the information on the other Tablet or the extra juice in yours to deal with any appreciable threats. Then you recall that every time you've jumped into something without thinking it's bitten you in the rear somehow and you'd prefer to avoid having to deal with that situation again. Especially not when your life is on the line here. With the wild mons you've met so far, the only real threat to you is that they would have domesticated you and kept you for food and sex, which is admittedly one of the better ways to live out the rest of one's life if you had to choose. Here? You nearly died twice in the last fight against those ghosts alone and Rumia almost got strangled herself.

Normally you'd be a touch more urgent about getting back to your girls in full, but at the same time you also acknowledge that you can't do anything for them if you're dead. Thus, you authorize the power transfer and start the agonizingly slow, seven-minute wait while you rummage through the bag of that poor, unfortunate trainer to see if there's anything left in there that's usable.

Your tablet blips and informs you that it is beginning the transfer, slowly but surely putting bits of its own power into the other tablet. It also helpfully informs you that it negated the other tablets attempt to stop the non-proprietary attempts to recharge it. That just leaves you with six minutes and forty seven seconds to sit here and wait, camping out and hoping nothing finds you.

...Don't horror games usually have like roaming enemies who will show up if you stay in one place for too long?

Rumia is kneeling down beside you, leaning up against you. Her presence is a comforting warmth as you sit in here in this cold, dank wine cellar. "What're you doing?" She asks of you, curiously looking at the tablets in your hand, "...Oh! Do you have Furious Yukkuris on your gameboxthing?" She asks you suddenly.

You put an arm around her since she's there. "I prefer Flowers versus Zombie Fairies myself, but I'm just waiting for my Tablet to power up the other one. I'm not sure if you heard any of it, but this belonged to one of the victims of this place and I want to see what got her in the end."

"Plus it's a good excuse to see what else is in this bag. There's probably some balls in here, but I'm not too sure about any medicine and if this trainer had any Berries they're probably mummified by now." You continue, sorting through the bag with one hand as you wait.

You rustle through her bag as you briefly consider playing a rousing game of Flowers versus Zombie Fairies. You can't relaly get yourself into the mood for it though, so you decide to not. Rumia just lets out a thoughtful hum from beside you as she watches you root through the bag, "I see..." She lays her head down on your shoulder, peering over and watching you as you sort through the mess of the bag. It's... really something you'll admit. It's like you thought. Mummified berries, food for humans that's probably expired by now even in its cans and packages, medicine for touhoumon, standard pattern touhouballs and a... oh hey, a Quick Ball.

Well now, that alone makes this not a total loss, plus the extra balls are balls you don't have to pay for. You check the expiration dates on that medicine for good measure while silently lamenting that one of the more useful aspects of a trainer's bag is effectively gone. It doesn't seem like she had any TMs either, which is a shame. ...Then again, considering the fact that they're so expensive, you could understand why.

You sort of want to go through her Key Items pocket too, if she has anything. While it might be borderline sacred territory for some trainers and you'd normally respect the sanctity of it, you're also in a terrible position and the original owner is in no position to argue.

You go rustling through the key items pocket and find a bunch of keys and packets that your instincts tell you aren't related to any sort of quest you're on, and...

...a knife. It's a sharp, straight and narrow blade. Viciously sharp and polished to a mirror sheen. It's obviously a weapon made for thrusting and has a silvery tint to it.

Okay, that's something you'll keep. Knives are arguably right below towels in terms of useful adventure items, so there's no sense leaving that in a dead trainer's bag. Since you're pretty sure you went through the Item, Medicine, Berry (regrettably), TM, and Key Item pockets, you're pretty sure you've just looted this bag for everything it's worth. You'd probably be best off leaving it behind... And maybe coming back to give this last remnant of that poor girl a proper burial. You have the distinct feeling that she never deserved this, and should be given an honorary burial once you get out of this mess, at least.

And you're pretty sure that this is one of those cases where you have to solve the mystery or die trying, and you're sure as Keineshit not going to die if you can help it.

As you finish your examination, you glance over at the screen and are shocked to see it at seven minutes. But how-Oh, no it's not there it's much lower, being about 4:13 now.

"...Say Zekey. What are you doing here anyways?" Rumia asks you curiously.

Right, you never did fill Rumia in on that. "Well, I was taking part in an impromptu tournament right after my girls evolved, and one of my opponents was this frail-looking girl named Erika. She had that Yuyuko with her, and a Youmu as well, and thankfully the former was holding back and my Merlin was audacious enough to pull an effective, if not embarrassing erotic knockout." You're still heavily embarrassed by that incident. "After the battle, Erika slipped me a map that lead me to her mansion, and I decided to pay her a visit." Your somehow-managed smile slips into a small frown after that. "You can see how well that worked out."

"I had the pecking order between her and her girls completely wrong, but at the same time, it's not like I had any way of knowing that." You squeeze Rumia a bit as you continue. "She had a decidedly protective Youmu so I thought she just wanted to invite me without her mons knowing. Given how things have gone here, I have to wonder if it wasn't her asking for help."

"Uhm...the Youmu? She..." Rumia seems to be trying to remember something, "...The Youmu looked sad, and when I was watching her she'd forget her food when she left, so I'd eat it then!" She informs you helpfully, "...The Yuyuko is scary and bad. She's worser than dolls."

...Sad? Well, that paints an interesting picture about the dynamics of those three. The Yuyuko is currently holding the highest position in the household, but isn't interested in you. Given how you're touhoumon bait, this almost certainly means that her heart already belongs to someone else and that she might not accept anyone else. Erika is clearly important, yet also lower on the list. Since the Yuyuko is above her in station and Erika herself seems to be of a noble family, you're guessing that said Yuyuko must belong to one of her parents.

Parents who are absent, you note.

Well, could be absent, anyway. But given how this place could give Mansion of the Dead a run for its money, and that this place has been decrepit for... about thirty years, you'd think? If they were present and this was how they ran things... you shudder to think about it. Hopefully it's just some wanton disaster.

Aside from that, there's still a big Youmu-shaped hole in the hierarchy here, and you don't have enough to work with to determine where she fits into it.

But if she's sad... That's just more guesswork on your part.

"That's definitely interesting, and true on the part of the Yuyuko. She is worse than dolls." You recall the doll once more. "Speaking of which, I should probably look into getting that doll to go away somehow. You were right about it being cursed, I think."

As for you... you've got no idea how to go about getting rid of a cursed doll. You aren't exactly lugging around a case of holy water, and you don't have any touhoumon capable of blessing the water for you. Meaning you've got to find some other way to get rid of it before it does something to cause you problems.

...You also note that the Tablet say it has three minutes and thirty-three seconds left. You're almost entirely certain time itself is slowing down somehow for it to be going this slow.

Or there's some incompatibility that's slowing things down and throwing off the projections. It's more likely that you're just innately aware and slightly paranoid about how much time this is taking, thus making time seem like it's going slower. If you and Rumia were rutting, you're certain time would fly.

Alas, you're in no position for that, and must wait for the charge-up to finish. You wind up petting Rumia to help pass the time.

Rumia's hair is delightfully soft to the touch and pleasing to your senses as she hums happily at your touch and lean into you, ending up lying half-way onto your lap and humming delightedly as you pet that wonderful hair of hers. It's so silky and soft and nice to the touch. How do touhoumon get their hair that way when they live in the wild so much?

It's one of the great mysteries of the world that you'll have to solve later, though you imagine that Touhoumon may just have superior hair quality by default.

As you happily not that your tablet is down to One minute and twenty five seconds, you watch it suddenly flicker to four minutes thirteen seconds and then back again, repeating this several times as you feel the air start to become deathly chill. Your vision goes 144p again and you hear the harsh, desperate whisper, "Give it back...!"

"...Crap." You leave the trainer bag since it's no longer useful to you, but you take both Tablets and stuff them in your bag, grab Rumia, and book it toward the closest door you can manage. Namely, the door that leads up and out of this room.

You bolt for the door up and out of the room, avoiding the ghost before she even enters your field of view. As you belt up the stairs, you hear a tiny little giggle from your bag. A giggle of malicious, dark glee.

Or maybe you're just imagining.

The door at the top of the stairs is open, thankfully. It leads to a very large kitchen with several stoves, ovens and even more than one large refrigerator in it. There is also a large amount of readily available counterspace and many cabinets. Were it not for the fact that the house is haunted as all get out, you would love this kitchen. It's pretty great.

Well, since you're here you might as well look around and see what there is to find since you've got... oh, right. Tablets out first. Since they're still connected you just pull out yours and leave the other in your bag and check on how close they are to being done since you'd like to be able to repel ghosts as opposed to constantly running from them.

...a minute and four seconds? This is just getting completely ridiculous. There's no way that it only took that look.

...Where'd Rumia go?

You look around for said darkness youkai. Since this is a food storage area and she said she was kinda hungry before, odds are good she'd be rummaging around for food.

As you expected, you find her head first in the fridge. The sounds of something being devoured tells you that your guess as to what she was doing is exactly right. "Thesh cheesh cubesh are sho deliciousch!" She informs you helpfully on the matter of the cheese cubes and their taste.

As for you, you're more concerned in looking around the room. You can see a butchers block set aside and the numerous knives there that show signs of usage on their handles, and aside from that you can see at least three doors besides the one you came up from leading out of here. You are crippled by the choices presented with so many cabinets to loot and doors to make use of.

Well, first off you put the Tablet away for now, second you start hoping that some mon doesn't ambush you in the process of looking through this place, because that's what you're going to take care of first. Every room so far has had something useful, be it immediately so or clearly showing a use for later.

The chill of the house gets to you as you hear and feel it creak and settle, a seeming sigh of cold air brushing past your back.

...and then the sound of steel being drawn.

Steel being drawn? You turn around, slowly so as to not actively provoke the individual you think it is, and try to get a look at her.

You don't see anything though.

...And then a knife comes hurtling straight at your face, thrown from the butchers block where you can see a visible distortion in the fabric of space there, another knife being drawn from the block even as you instinctively and desperately avoid the first one which is coming too fast...!

And a hand snaps out in front of and stops it, grasping the blade between two fingers as its owner hefts up a bulky looking box with a protrusion in the front and presses a button on its top. There's a loud noise and a bright flash of light. A ghostly figure bursts into existence for a brief moment by the butchers block and wails its misery as it collapses to the ground and fades away.

Standing beside you now is a Youmu. She seems familiar to you, but...

...Her clothes are decidedly worn and have nicks and marks on them here and there which you can see skin through, and her hair is untidily kept. Her eyes are empty and have signs of exhaustion around them. "So." She speaks, her tone soft and without invective, "You've survived."

"It's hell on Earth." The Youmu responds simply as a piece of film slides out of her apparently camera which she snatches up and examines for a moment, considering the nature of it for a moment before a twitch of her fingers shreds the film to a thousand tiny pieces, "I would think that all the dead people would tell you that."

"I figured that. I've already run into... three ghosts, at least? Almost a fourth... and two of them had branches sticking out of them. A butler left an apocalyptic log to be found, and a trainer's tablet recorded her last moments before something got her." You rattle off everything you've run into so far, and it's pretty easy to tell that you're just a touch stressed, and you rub your temple after that. "It really doesn't help that I got separated from my girls either."

"Yuyuko was always a capable strategist." Youmu responds disinterestedly, dusting off her clothing from the bits of shredded picture that ended up on it and barely noting your existence. You notice beyond her that Rumia is tensed in the fridge, a slight twitch in her back telling you that she knows that Youmu is there and isn't moving yet for some reason.

"...Get out of the refrigerator." Youmu snaps, her tone taking on an annoyed tone, hostility in her voice. Rumia immediately replies, moving away from the fridge and shutting as Youmu stalks away from you and to where the ghost was, a glinting object laying on the ground now that she stoops to pick up. You notice that the weapons on her hip...aren't the swords that Youmu tend to use, or even the same style of them. They're more...brutal and blunt weapons meant for chopping rather than an elegant katana that could bisect a knight with a single vertical slash.

And she's not talking much either. You just get the impression that she's dealt with far too much in her life, so you opt to get straight to the point. "Is there any way to make this place stop being hell on earth, then?"

"Take your touhoumon and leave." Youmu tells you bluntly, "You'll only get killed staying here. If you can make it over the wall... follow the Lunar Moths and they'll guide you out of Yuyuko's range of control." She's not answering your question.

"I need to find my girls first, at least." You say, noting that she's not exactly giving you an answer.

"Your band is upstairs in the music room." Youmu tells you simply, raising a hand and pointing to one of the doors in the room, "Take that door and follow the hallway until you reach a staircase. Go up it and then take a right and keep going until you reach the last door on the left side of the hallway. They'll be there."

The Youmu seems to examine the object she picked up, disinterest on her face before she speaks up again, "Your slime is somewhere else. Last I saw, she went underground in pursuit of you after she'd dealt with that incompetent trio.

"So she's probably somewhere back along the way I came..." You say more to yourself than to anyone else. Still, this is all good news. You know your girls are alright and that Mystia was full of it. ...Well, they're alive, anyway. Still, something else is bothering you. She's using the type of camera that would take the film you picked up before. "Oh, before I forget." You take out the two film containers and hold them up. "Are these yours, by any chance? I found them while sweeping through the underground storage rooms."

Youmu turns and looks at you over her shoulder at you, "Most everything in this house is mine, to some degree." She responds simply, looking at what's in your hands and drawing closer to you again, subtle hints in how she walks unnerving you to some degree as she reaches out and takes the film from you, "Thank you all the same."

"No problem." You say in response. "...So if things are like this, why did Erika slip me that map?"

"I couldn't say." Youmu responds as she tucks away the film out of your sight, "I was not consulted on it. If I had been, I would have told her to keep you away." That blunt admission isn't all that surprising to you, you'll admit.

You nod in response to that. "I can't imagine it being for malicious reasons though. She seems like a genuinely sweet girl."

"There isn't a malicious bone in Erika's body. Her actions are... misguided, if anything. Guided by being exposed to the wrong sort of sources and stories." Youmu shifts and then turns away from you, walking away again, "Remember what I told you to do. Follow the directions I gave you and get out of the house and the territory. Leave, and don't come back. It will be on your own head if you don't."

"You've already seen what happens to adventurers who stay here too long." She adds on, the threat of what you've seen hanging over your head like a blade.

You sigh, and internally acknowledge that that's all the more you're going to get out of her, at least for now. Still... Time to check on your Tablet again. You can no longer afford to have that thing hanging uselessly at your side charging up that other Tablet.

...Seven minutes left-oh no wait it's saying that it completed the seven minute operation. Oh, that's good. Of course, with Youmu leaving you find yourself with a choice to make. This may be your only chance to get information out of her if you ask the right questions the right way... or you could make a nuisance of yourself and make her mad.

Information, ho!
[ ] Try to get some actual information out of the Youmu.
-[ ] How to ask her, though?
[ ] She's done talking, and that tablet's fully charged. No reason to annoy the Youmu.

Deadlier than your usual game show.
[ ] Follow the Youmu's directions and get to your girls.
[ ] The white painted one on the right looks good.
[ ] The unpainted one on the left seems interesting.
No. 175807
Okay, generally the wise action would be to actually heed her advice and leave, if one values our lives. Yet, I do know that if Zeke were to leave right away, he would probably have a stroooooong feeling that "He should have done something" in that mansion, which may have repercussions in the future anyway.

As for how to ask the Youmu...I have little idea on this though. My instincts indicate that we may need to be honest and declare something along the likes that we are willing to risk our own lives to put this mystery to rest, that we are willing to help even if it may kill us all. If anybody notices something that I dont, please do tell or suggest changes, for I am not thinking very much here...

[X] Try to get some actual information out of the Youmu.
-[X] Be earnest about our desire to help, and make it known that we know of the risks involved
- [X] Perhaps question if the Youmu also wants this to end too or not, for the sake of Erika

For the 2nd action, lets get our girls...then explore the mansion again, this time with more safety.

[X] Follow the Youmu's directions and get to your girls.
No. 175814
[X] Try to get some actual information out of the Youmu.
-[X] Be earnest about our desire to help, and make it known that we know of the risks involved
- [X] Perhaps question if the Youmu also wants this to end too or not, for the sake of Erika
- [X] Comment that you're already involved, you have a cursed doll with you.

Second action:
[X] Follow the Youmu's directions and get to your girls.
No. 175815
I find it interesting how stuff like the camera film that Zeke found is the property of this Youmu. I wonder if the herbs are hers as well considering how she said most stuff in the mansion is hers?

She's certainly different compared to the Youmu in the White Tower. I wonder if she'd respond to sex in the same way as the Youmu in the WT did in >>31481?
No. 175820
huh, good point

[x] offer some herbs
No. 175821
I noticed something rereading the part with the Youmu. It's mentioned how her walk is subtly unnerving to Zeke. Does she have a jerky walk like Sadako from the Ring?
No. 175827
[X] Try to get some actual information out of the Youmu.
-[X] Be earnest about our desire to help, and make it known that we know of the risks involved
- [X] Perhaps question if the Youmu also wants this to end too or not, for the sake of Erika
- [X] Comment that you're already involved, you have a cursed doll with you.

Second action:
[X] Follow the Youmu's directions and get to your girls.

Hopefully she's willing to help. If nothing else, she's been helpful so far.
No. 175856
Guys, mayhaps you want to think about this vote a bit more. The initial question choices seems a touch conceited. The entire last vote was about how Zeke needs information on the matter to really know what he's getting into, so saying that he knows what he's getting into now is just a bluff. The Youmu will probably call it.

Second, why not consider why the Youmu keeps trying to push Zeke away from Erika, and now the mansion. Protip: She does care about Erika. Pay attention to her appearance and attitude. Zeke even mentions how it looks like she's been at this too long.
No. 175864


[X] Try to get some actual information out of the Youmu.
-[x] When was the last time she slept? Since we saw her last, it looks like she's been through a war.
-[x] ...Does it have to do with Erika? Is she fighting for her sake? Protecting her from something?
-[x] Is our presence making things worse somehow?

[x] Follow the Youmu's directions and get to your girls.
No. 175865
[X] Try to get some actual information out of the Youmu.
-[X] “I can see that its dangerous here. I have already been attacked by ghosts and touhoumon. But I believe Erika gave me that map because she wanted my help, and I intend to give it to her, may the odds be damned.”
-[X] “Please, help me to help Erika.”

Second action:
[X] Follow the Youmu's directions and get to your girls.
No. 175867
[X] Try to get some actual information out of the Youmu.
-[X] “I can see that its dangerous here. I have already been attacked by ghosts and touhoumon. But I believe Erika gave me that map because she wanted my help, and I intend to give it to her, may the odds be damned.”
-[X] “Please, help me to help Erika.”

Second action:
[X] Follow the Youmu's directions and get to your girls.
No. 175870
[X] Try to get some actual information out of the Youmu.
-[x] When was the last time she slept? Since we saw her last, it looks like she's been through a war.
-[x] ...Does it have to do with Erika? Is she fighting for her sake? Protecting her from something?
-[x] Is our presence making things worse somehow?
-[X] “I can see that its dangerous here. I have already been attacked by ghosts and touhoumon. But I believe Erika gave me that map because she wanted my help, and I intend to give it to her, may the odds be damned.”
-[X] “Please, help me to help Erika.”

Second action:
[X] Follow the Youmu's directions and get to your girls.
No. 175874
>>175814 here, cancel my vote.

[X] Try to get some actual information out of the Youmu.
-[X] “I can see that its dangerous here. I have already been attacked by ghosts and touhoumon. But I believe Erika gave me that map because she wanted my help, and I intend to give it to her, may the odds be damned.”
-[X] “Please, help me to help Erika.”
-[X] "And yes, I can guess Erika is a ghost. I won't use my camera on her."

Second action:
[X] Follow the Youmu's directions and get to your girls.
No. 175875
I think you have to cancel your vote yourself.
No. 175876
No, he means he forgot the deletion password and is pointing it out instead.
No. 175977
Vote called, update should be up later.
No. 175978
Are you able to cancel the >>175814 vote?
No. 175988

Interestingly enough, the votes preceding my little hint are actually outnumbered by the ones that came after, so it's really not important here.

But yeah, just letting us know which vote you are and which one you want us to discard is enough. People are generally honest about it and there are people around here who can check for dishonest ones.
No. 175989
Considering her manner of walking, weapons, attitude, words and type of mon, I'd say she's Yuyuko's personal 'solution' for invaders like us.

I sure hope I'm wrong.
No. 175990
She seems to disapprove of Yuyuko though.

Personally part of me is wondering, given what Youmu has said about Erika's character, if Erika honestly thought she would just be inviting Zeke and co. for the day, kinda like if a friend invites you over for the day. Oh just ignore the ghosts and other things that could kill them.
No. 175991
Approval is not a necessity for a servant-only obedience. And we have yet to see her going against Yuyuko's wishes.

As for the human girl, it has been thrown into our faces 3 times now that she invited him because he thought he'd be a knight in shining armor eager to save a princess and more than prepared to vanquish any dragons that gets in our way. Something that this sheltered girl ignores though, is that reality isn't so pink: it is obvious that our MC isn't the first one to answer the call. I just hope we're the last.
No. 176001
Yeah but we're the main character so we're totally a knight in shining armor who's going to slay the dragons, save the princess, and....have a celebratory orgy with out fighting pocket monster girls? I guess the metaphor breaks down at that point.
No. 176009
Hopefully the girls won't be too bad about the new comer (Rumia)
No. 176011
That orgy should include the princess!
No. 176028
Do you know when the update will be?
No. 176035
[X] Try to get some actual information out of the Youmu.
-[X] “I can see that its dangerous here. I have already been attacked by ghosts and touhoumon. But I believe Erika gave me that map because she wanted my help, and I intend to give it to her, may the odds be damned.”
-[X] “Please, help me to help Erika.”

Second action:
[X] Follow the Youmu's directions and get to your girls.

I think Youmu is probably either Erika's own Touhoumon, or someone who lived here. Erika's father probably made a deal to sacrifice people to Yuyuko as long as Yuyuko kept Erika alive, which is probably why Erika is linked with Yuyuko's power output since Yuyuko constantly has to pump power into Erika to keep up her side of the bargain.
No. 176051
File 138561178064.jpg - (500.08KB , 1178x486 , Madames not appearing in this update.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Adventurers who likely weren't equipped like I am." You note that your Tablet is done and switch it back to the scanner for now. "My tablet has a function that lets it deal with the spirits here by taking photos of them too, which is pretty much the only reason I managed to last this long."

"So that's what caused those disturbances I sensed and made the Cursed fade away." Youmu responds after a moment of thought, but doesn't seem to be overly impressed aside from that, "It must work off of a similar mechanism to my Camera Obscura."

"...I'm sure I don't want to know, but I may as well. How does that work?" Since she brought it up, you may as well pursue the line of thinking a bit.

Youmu pauses, apparently startled out of her thoughts by your speaking up, "...The Camera Obscura takes pictures of things that, as one man put it, 'cannot be seen or are not meant to be seen'. It's a specific type of camera that dates back over one hundred years, and all of them were made by a single person."

"If I were to take a picture of the Rumia standing behind you, a skilled master of reading photographs could discern much about her nature from the resulting image and the colors, shapes and patterns in her captured aura." She states, "It is also capable of capturing images from the past when used in appropriate areas, and decorporealizing human wraiths."

"...That first part actually sounds a lot like the scanner function of a Touhoudex, except not automated." You say in response, figuring that you're pretty much smack in the middle of 'that which should not be seen' territory anyway. "Though I don't think most of them have the level of functionality mine does." You're both tempted and horrified about the concept of, say, asking your mother just what in Makai she did to this thing to make it illegal just to hold while still looking ordinary.

You shake your head as you try to move your mind away from the myriad implications that has. "I take it you've been keeping the wraith population trimmed down a bit via your camera?"

"I've been suppressing them. I cannot exorcize the wraiths, merely destroy their manifested form and keep them from harming anyone for a short time longer." Youmu moves past you, apparently deciding to do something productive while she indulges your questions. She picks up the knives and carries them back to the butcher block, setting them into the hunk of wood.

"And I take it there's something keeping them from moving on." You state, noting that while you may just be guessing, it's at least a reasonable guess.

"That is generally how human specters and wraiths work." Youmu responds shortly, examining one of the knives with a frown on her face as she notices damage to it on the blade.

She's still not going to divulge anything. You're probably lucky she's willing to deal with you for this long. "Those tortured spirits are also a threat to everything then, humans, mons, and I'd assume even other, more benign spirits." While you can't get any direct answers out of her, perhaps you can get a couple hints to work with.

"That's obvious too, given that I'd assume you managed to let them get close enough to touch you and your Rumia to find out." She runs the edge of her thumb along the blood, a smear of crimson across it telling her what she needs to know and leading to her tossing the knife into the kitchen sink.

"It's not like one would need to touch one of those spirits to tell they're dangerous. They have that chilling aura of death, for lack of a better term." Though you're starting to suspect that she's either trying to pry you a little, or she's paid more attention to your going-ons than she's let on. After all, she did know where Kogasa was, roughly, as well as your Prismrivers. It wouldn't be that much of a stretch to assume that she knows not only where you were, but has a rough idea of what went on in your exploration.

"They do. And for your information," She turns her eyes, sharp and frigid like cold iron, "No, I haven't been watching you. But their touch is on both of you, plain for me to see."

"I'm guessing that's part of why you're telling me to leave." You note that if the spectres here leave a 'touch', then she could probably tell that that cursed doll is on you as well. Hence the other major reason why she won't help.

"I'm guessing that's part of why you're telling me to leave." You figure if she can tell you've been touched by those specters from before, the odds are good she thinks you're just not good enough to deal with what's inside this mansion.

"This place is a death trap, for all humans. It is full of touhoumon, two of whom could sweep your entire party without much trouble. It is full of murderous ghosts hungry for revenge on all those who still live." Youmu is counting off the problems, "The longer you stay here, the more you will feel that curse creep deeper and more stubbornly into your body, and there's a stubborn mold infection that may give you a bad cough."

"Wait, two? I know the Yuyuko could do that easily, but who's the other one?" You ask, feeling the need to press that point a little bit more. At least until you consider that part where she talks about a curse. "...Don't tell me." You facepalm when you remember a certain thing you picked up earlier.

Youmu stares at you for a moment before very calmly putting hand on her swords, "Do you think me weak?" She asks you, obviously referencing just who the other touhoumon could be, "And yes, I will tell you that the doll you picked up is decidedly and truly cursed. Another reason I am telling you to leave now." She draws closer to you, leaning in. Her eyes are purely honest as she speaks next, "You don't have what it takes to be a hero, little boy. You will only go to your death and the death of your friends. If you don't leave here, you will die today."

"Well, to be fair you're also not actively trying to murder me, so I didn't really consider you on my list of threats. Sorry." You say in response to the first part. Still... "I understand, but I can't promise anything. I can't think that the Yuyuko would just let me go that easily after my coming here."

"She doesn't care about you in the least. She has no investment in you, and if you're the sort of man who would run from this situation then she'll lose any interest she might have in you immediately. As I said, follow the butterflies after you get over the fence and you will be entirely safe." Youmu has a slight edge to her voice as her eyes narrow, boring into your own with increasing annoyance.

"She did tell me that if I didn't prove interesting to her, that she'd give me to her servants. I presume that running away would just make her send them after me instead." You don't need to bring up the myriad of specters that likely stand between you and your way out, nor the fact that you know there's something that's somehow even worse lurking about if that butler's journal was accurate. "Look, I'll leave as soon as I can. I still have my girls to get to first, and I won't leave without them."

"Wonderful." Youmu pulls back from you, her tone going back to uncaring and seemingly unconcerned with you, "Remember my directions and follow them then, I have other places I should have been by now." Youmu turns on a heel and begins to march away, "Oh, and a word of warning. If you go to the third floor, Yuyuko will consider it a fair time to 'play with you' and may chase and harass you. Try to keep your eyes open for ropes."

"Oh." She turns on her heel and looks to you, "And please don't go falling for any more obvious traps? That curse you have already means I'll probably have to dig another grave, but I like knowing it's not a one hundred percent chance."

"The date of one's death isn't set in stone, right?" You turn away from her after saying that and note that you've probably been in this room too long already. You take Rumia's hand and start leading her off toward that door Youmu pointed out, wanting to get to your Prismrivers as soon as possible.

...Though aside from being a decent parting shot, it makes you wonder just what DeKomachi meant by that.

"No, but foolishness will surely lead you to an early grave." Youmu snipes back as you take your leave, heading out the door she suggested to you and leaving her line of sight. She is giving you an unreadable look as you do so though, an expression that is at odds with what she looked like before. Where before she seemed utterly expressionless, here it as if too many emotions are warring through her at once for you to read her.

And then, she's gone.

Rumia is shaking slightly again, "S-she's so strong. She's as strong as that Yuyuko is for sure."

"Yeah. Makes me glad that she's only trying to warn me off. Still, why would the Yuyuko consider the third floor fair game?" You wonder as you lead your darkness mon out of the kitchen proper and through the door Youmu pointed out.

"Maybe it's cause the third floor is certainly definitely the final level?" Rumia suggests, sounding oddly genre savvy as she points it out. The doorway you went through leads to a narrow hallway, one that is also decidedly dark.

"Well, there could be something massively important up there." You agree with Rumia's thought process for the most part, though personally you'd think that you'd wind up actually dealing with her back at that grand door room you first ran into her in.

"Oh! What if like...what if it's that one place where your stuff you use doesn't work! Like what if electronic stuff doesn't work up there? Or what if it's so dark that even your fancy tablet thingy can't work?" Rumia presses with vaguely concerning possibilities. In the horror genre line of progressing problems, that's...concerningly likely, if this place keeps playing so close to trope.

"Which also means that we're almost certainly going to have to go up there, because leaving would probably result in any number of bad ends." Honestly, it's like you're going to have to purposely choose the most dangerous path out of all of this. Plus, apparently you're also cursed so you're probably on a time limit too.

"...Uhm." Rumia speaks up as you keep headed down the disconcertingly long hallway that even the bright beam of your flashlight can't pierce to the end of, "Are you...what are you gonna do now?"

"Are we gonna try to leave, I mean?" Rumia asks, sounding a bit hopeful at the prospect of just getting out of this place.

You can tell that your Rumia just wants to get out of here, but at the same time...."No. I know that's not what you want to hear, but I just can't leave this alone now that I know about it." You say, not feeling terribly enthusiastic about this yourself. "...Though I'm not sure how I'd go about convincing my girls to not just drag me out of here."

"Uhm..." Rumia rubs a hand through her hair, touching her ribbon lightly as she ponders what you've said as you keep walking down this seemingly infinite hallway, "...Well, why don't you just be honest with them? Tell them your concerns, suspicions and fears and say why you want to do what you want to do here. You're the trainer, aren't you?"

Rumia tugs on her ribbon in the corner of your vision before she speaks up again, chipper and full of vim, "Or you could dom them and me again to make us do what you want!"

Okay, that's just a tad odd. You're not going to bring it up here and now of all places though. "You are right. I plan on talking to them and hoping that they don't think I'm crazy enough to lock up somewhere. They put up with a lot from me at times, I don't want to push them too far." You still can't help but chuckle lightly at Rumia's more perverted suggestion. "I'm not sure that would work. My Merlin is a touch different from the norm." You say, feeling like you were about to touch on a shaky point.

"..." Rumia just smiles brightly, "If you can't get her to agree to it after you've bedded her, you just haven't bedded her enough or right!"

...What a pure soul.

"Well, more like she's utterly insatiable and I normally don't have the stamina to keep up with her." You admit while feeling a bit embarrassed about that fact. "Still, I'm sure they'd be willing to help me. I'm just going to owe them big-time for this."

Rumia regards you curiously, eyes wide and full of thought as you start to become nervous with how long this hallway is, your instincts telling you not to look back over your shoulder to see how far you've gone so far. "...You mean you haven't found her sweet spot?" She asks, expression one of puzzled confusion.

"Her sweet spot? That's a mon's weak point, right? I haven't found anything like that on her, though her breasts are definitely her charm point, if that makes sense." If Rumia's referring to a weak spot that would make Merlin melt into a puddle of pleasured ghost mon, you haven't found such a thing. Assuming she even has such a weak spot.

"...Oh right!" Rumia blinks once as she remembers, "You humans can't hit sweet spots! That's for touhoumon and touhoumon and not humanmons."

"Ah. That'd probably explain how Merlin scored an erotic knockout against that Yuyuko during the tournament then, aside from the latter messing around." You rub your chin in thought, keeping an eye out for the door you need to go into. You're going to have to explore the entire floor, ideally, but priorities are important.

"Ah. That'd probably explain how Merlin scored an erotic knockout against that Yuyuko during the tournament then, aside from the latter messing around." You rub your chin in thought, keeping an eye out for the stairwell you need to go up so you can get to the floor your girls are on.

You hear a quiet whispering from behind you, and the groan of wood freezing as you find yourself finally approaching a part of the hallway that looks different. On your left you spot the stairwell, and you hear a quiet whispering sound and see a blur in sight slowly walking up it.

You're not just going to rush up to that blur, even if you'd prefer to get to your girls sooner rather than later. You head toward it, but only after the blur has moved a bit and with your tablet out in anticipation of it being unfriendly.

Your tablet blinks, reminding you quite helpfully that you've got text to go sifting through when you get the chance to as well as it automatically brings up the scanner function and you get a view of what's there. It's the butler, slowly marching up the steps. He turns and looks over his shoulder and either at or past you and then goes back to marching back up the steps, only to disappear when he reaches the top

Rumia is behind you, staring up the stairs after you. She turns her head and gasps, "Two spookies!"

"The birds, or actual ghost things?" You ask, noting that SlKogasa said the same thing when two birds of that name appeared. You look in the direction Rumia's looking just to be sure though.

...There are two spookies on the window, beady red eyes staring at you as one of them pecks on the windowsill at you in a vaguely menacing manner.

You give them a once-over before heading up the stairwell, noting that you really ought to look over the data your Tablet retrieved. Speaking of which, how much power is left in it? You're hoping you still have plenty.

You observe your tablet and go to check the power function, which helpfully informs you that the micro-fusion cells are operating at optimal levels and that there will be no probles with energy levels for quite some time. Apparently, approximately two hundred and fifteen years until you have to replace them.

...Well. You didn't expect your mother to actually put micro-fusion cells in your tablet.

Still, there goes any concerns about running out of power in here, unless the Camera Obscura function takes an obscene level of power to make work. Now that that's sorted out, you decide that now is as good a time as any to look into the data your Tablet lifted from that other tablet. It'll be a while before you actually reach your destination, and Rumia would likely warn you if something major came up.

You flick on the tablet and quickly cycle over to the display for text as you make your way up the steps, Rumia following along behind you. It's a quick glance over the text that tells you what you've gotten. Apparently your tablet cannibalized data from hers and updated parts of your touhoudex and added in a few extra details on your map both of the house and of the New Continent. It also has a log from the woman during her time here. It seems like there's an entry from just before she entered the Mansion, and one that leads right up to her final moments that you read before.

Well, the dex info would be good to look through later, and the New Continent map data would go a long way toward opening up more locations to explore, but the log is the important part.You look through the entries that you haven't read yet, since they're likely going to contain useful information and insight about this place amidst increasingly panicked responses as to what's going on.

You scroll back to the earliest one that's topical and find...

"Lost in a forest. I shouldn't be getting lost in this place, but every sign I find and trick I know isn't getting me any more out of here than the last. It's worrying, especially with this fog setting in. I'm not keen on spending the night out here, as much as Sunny seems to think it'll be fun. Moon and Star are pretty nervous too, but neither of them seems to know what it is either. Maybe a touhoumon using weather effects? But Iku and Tenshi aren't native to this area, and I haven't heard of any of the others acting up recently. I'll keep looking for a way out.

"Update: I found something in the fog. It's a paved, stone path with lanterns at the side of it lit by a blue flame. You couldn't make it any more ominous, except by making everything gothic and putting skulls on it I guess. Looks like I'm getting invited in. I'll be sure to pay back whoever though they could pull this on Samantha Winters in full once I get my hands on them."

"Update 2: Who mixes Eastern and Western architecture this sloppily? It looks awful."

"Update 3: Something is seriously wrong with this place, and I mean more than just the decor. Some touhoumon, all maid types, tried to ambush me on my way in at a few places, but my Fairy Trio can't be beat. The problem is they all phased out and escaped before I could ask them some questions, meaning I don't know any more about this place than I did before. I tried making a perimeter examination of the house, but there's overgrown roots that I can't get past on both sides of it. Weird thing is the earth looked recently disturbed, like the roots came up to block me in just now or something. I'll keep a nose out for Grass types then for sure."

"Update 4: This place is full of ghosts. I don't mean ghost type touhoumon, I mean like...dead people who haven't left. If somebody finds this, don't you fucking dare roll your eyes at me, I'll know and I'll haunt your ass. Listen and pay attention, there are ghosts here. Like real dead people. Some of them just moan and faff about like a bunch of spooky lawn gnomes and flamingos, both other ones are dangerous. They're freezing cold and smell like bloody flowers and they come after you and go for the throat. Just don't let them touch you, whatever you do. They nearly choked me out before my girls managed to get them off me when something bright blinded us all and dragged me outta there.

"Update 5: I can't get out. I can't find a way out of this house. The doors are locked and not even my girls can break them or the windows, no matter what we do. It's like some kind of powerful force repels us and knocks us back. I'm gonna go exploring and try to see what I can find. The girls were complaining about feeling bad so I'm letting them rest in their balls for now. If you find me, let them out and if they want to stay with you, they're yours. Just take care of them."

"Update 6: I found a scrap from a noteback with a red cover. It was talking about some ritualistic sacrifice to X. You'd think that people could pick an Elder God with a cooler name than that."

"Update 7: I found some more scraps. I'm starting to think I'm figuring out a bit what's going on in this place. Or well...not why there's ghosts, but more like what was going on in certain things. I'll keep it brief since if you find this and you're not reading it in my best selling book I'm probably dead and you're in danger too: These people were sacrifcing other people to something in or around this house. That much I know for sure. So far they've mentioned maidens and outsiders, and that's not exactly sounding great for me. HEre's hoping I live long enough to leave a better message than just this. Or just don't die period."

"Update 8: Got attacked by a ghost again. This one had plants coming out of its head and wouldn't stop crying and begging for them to let her go. That same flash from before happened and the ghost just broke apart and faded away again. I don't even know what happened. She left something behind though, something useful. It was key marked for the 3rd Floor Master Bedroom. I'm thinking that if I can maybe find what's in there, I can win.

"Update 9: Peeked into the third floor, saw the scariest Yuyuko I've ever seen who smiled at me. Went down to the wine cellar to find some courage."

"Update 10: Whoever lived here had shitty taste in vintages."

"Update 11: Made it to the Third Floor with a plan. My girls triple team and keep the Yuyuko busy while I book it for the master bedroom. I'll grab whatever I can out of there and just hope for the best, I guess. "

"Update 12: I made it to the Master Bedroom, grabbed some important looking stuff and left. My girls managest o keep the Yuyuko occupied, but she's furious with us now, and especially me. She said she'd tie me up and tear me apart if...and then she just stopped and disappeared when we ditched her. She's looking for us now, I'm sure. I don't know how long I'll be able to hide from her. Time to tend to my girls wounds and see if what I've found was worth it."

"Update 13: They've been sacrificing women to whatever is under the house in exchange for protection and success. The first sacrifice was a servant girl they'd brought with them when they came to the New Continent when it was first discovered, and ever since then they've been sacrifcing outsiders to whatever's under this house in exchange for it keeping wild touhoumon away and apparently letting them get into gem and valuable ore deposits that are getting really rare in the rest of the world. If this thing is right, there's enough gold and silver under this house to buy a small country. Or even a midling sized one."

"Update 14: Finished reading all the books, and I figured out three things. Apparently the master of the house left in search of a 'Dew from the Place Closest to the Sun', he had a sick daughter who was getting sicker and it was making him act even more eratic than he was before, and that I'm pretty sure whatever's underneath this house isn't any touhoumon I've ever heard of before. It might not even be a touhoumon. Maybe it's really what I joked about before, I don't know. All I know is that the only way I'm gonna get out of here is if I go down there and find a way to destroy that thing in the basement once and for all. My girls are as ready as they're gonna be. We can do this."

...The only update after that is the one you read.

Update 15: "I'm going to die here. This may be the last words I ever write. After I'd found out about what they'd done here I tried to do the right thing, or what I thought was right, and all I managed to do was get my friends killed. That Yuyuko, I knew she was strong but I never thought she'd be able to win a fight three on one. Sunny was the one who saved my life. She grabbed me and shoved me out of the room before the doors shut entirely. I can't hear the sounds of fighting any more, and the sound of word groaning keeps getting closer. Please, whoever reads this, just get out of here if you can manage it, don't try to fight that Yuyuko. I've beaten four gyms and I still wasn't strong enough to stop her. Don't throw away your life or the lives of your mon, just get out of here."

...There's one last tacked on message.

"She's right outside."

That's a lot to try and digest all at once, but it gives you a pretty solid idea of what's been going on here, confirms a couple of your suspicions, and lends yet more credit to Merlin's candid opinion that the Yuyuko is far too strong for you and your merry band. You're only marginally better off than Samantha was in that you have a Camera Obscura of your own, but in terms of actual mon-power you're... Either on par or slightly worse off. Four badges would place her team at the... mid thirty range, assuming Gym progression was the same back then as it is now. Your Prismrivers only evolved recently, and you suspect that they might have evolved early to boot. You have clever, strong mons but...

You sigh.

There's no real way out of this for you either. If the Yuyuko decides to ignore you it'll be one of her servants that picks you off, or that monster in the basement would somehow ensnare you. If it is a wild, untrained Touhoumon, then you're just as much walking bait for it as you would be any other mon who decided you'd make a wonderful pet. It's still just conjecture on your part.

There's another factor to all this as well. You still need confirmation, but Erika herself might very well be the daughter Samantha spoke of, meaning that she's caught smack in the middle of this and would likely be able to explain things in full for you, well beyond what you've discovered so far.

Additionally, you're probably going to have to confront the Yuyuko bare minimum, and that Youmu... You're going to need her help. You're certain of it. Problem is, she thinks that you're incapable of dealing with this on your own and that you wouldn't be worth the time it would take to try and help you beyond trying to convince you to leave.

That bit about the key reminded you of something though. You picked up a third key where you fought Samantha's wraith and that wraith who wanted her doll back. You take it out and examine it to see if there were any defining features that you needed to remeber. You might not have the luxury of time to stop and match the key to its lock visually first.

...The key states that it's for the Third Floor Master bedroom.

...Wait, where are you now? You're in an area you don't recognize at all! You stopped paying attention to where you were going and-

"I brought us to the place that smells like not mean ghosts." Rumia whispers to you quietly, "And it smells like old hardwoods and resin."

"T-thanks..." You stammer out, feeling quite embarrassed that you made yet another blunder. Still, you look around for any doors you could open and subsequent rooms you could enter. "Those logs certainly painted out a bleak picture. At least I have one concrete target and one that I'm at least aware of now."

"I think they're here. Your other girls, I mean. I can hear their heartbeats and quiet talking, and it all smells, wood and brass and resin and stuff." Rumia is trying to get your attention onto a certain door, but you can see one other in this long hallway, and then the corner that leads...somewhere.
No. 176052
Curious though you may be, your objective is more important. "Thanks, Rumia." You grip the knob of the door that should lead to your girls, and open it. "Merlin? Lunasa? Lyrica?" You call to them, hoping to make yourself known before you go waltzing in.

The door is thrown open and Lunasa grabs you and yanks you back, Merlin and Lyrica going after Rumia whose eyes got flat and frighteningly cold as she lunges forward and under their attack, her claws growing dark and ominous as she brings them up to go after the girls who grabbed you.

You're thrown off balance by all this, but you waste no time in putting a stop to this. "MERLIN, LYRICA, RUMIA, STAND DOWN." The last thing you need is for your girls to start tearing each other to shreds before you can even try to get out of here!

The whole room screeches to a stop at your voice, like a room full of people who screech to a stop. Lyrica, Merlin and Rumia are all staring each other down with violence as the obvious intention.

Lunasa though takes a sniff from you and then speaks up, a concerned tone in her voice and a somehow painfully disappointed look in her eyes, "Zeke...why do you smell like that Rumia does..?"


Choice the First: Why do you smell like Rumia?

[ ] There's a perfectly reasonable, rational reason for it and they just need to sit down so you can explain.
[ ] It's because you fucked her.
[ ] Break the ice with a joke.

Choice the Second: How are you going to get the girls to go along with your plan? ((Pick what you want just be mindful of how the argument rolls together and that some options may clash))

[ ] Because this place is too spooky and someone needs to stop it.
[ ] You need to find SlKogasa still.
[ ] You probably couldn't even get out of the house judging by what the notes said, and that wall was pretty tall and covered in barbed wire.
[ ] There's an eldritch abomination here apparently.
[ ] You are kind of cursed by a freaky doll and that's probably something you should deal with sooner rather than later.
[ ] You still haven't found Erika.
[ ] That Yuyuko isn't going to let you go, you think.
[ ] There's too many questions without answers still to call it quits just yet.
[ ] You have to do it, because it's the right thing to do.
[ ] There's a wine cellar full of alcohol that isn't locked up and out of reach.
[ ] Once not full of murder ghosts, Yuyuko, rape maids and other such terrible things this place would make a lovely vacation home.
[ ] Because you're asking them too.
[ ] Maybe they'd do it for a [s]scooby snack[/b] touhou snack?


That one was so close to being in just one post too. I fear I may return to the days of needing three posts to get everything up for a single update.
No. 176053
Why Rumia:
[x] "We fought. I won." ... "Eh, mostly that was the fight."

Why plan:
[1] You need to find SlKogasa still.
- [2] That Yuyuko isn't going to let you go, you think.
- [2] You probably couldn't even get out of the house judging by what the notes said, and that wall was pretty tall and covered in barbed wire.
- [2] You are kind of cursed by a freaky doll and that's probably something you should deal with sooner rather than later.
- - [3] You still haven't found Erika.

[∞] Also, you know. Once not full of murder ghosts, Yuyuko, rape maids, the alleged eldritch abomination in the basement, and so forth, this place would make a lovely vacation home.
- [∞] No, you may not keep the rape maids.

Numbers denote priority as implicitly expressed to the Prismrivers, not necessarily Zeke's own priority assignment. The last bit is, of course, intended only as a wry joke.
No. 176058
Why Rumia:
[x]"She tried to eat me so I ate her first"

Frankly we were in a situation where a Rumia was going to attack and probably rape us and make us her slave. Instead of simply submitting we decided to counterattack to allow ourself to look around.

Why plan:
[1] You need to find SlKogasa still.
- [2] That Yuyuko isn't going to let you go, you think.
- [2] You probably couldn't even get out of the house judging by what the notes said, and that wall was pretty tall and covered in barbed wire.
- [2] You are kind of cursed by a freaky doll and that's probably something you should deal with sooner rather than later.
- - [3] You still haven't found Erika.

You know disturbingly enough, I think you're write about Yuyuko not being willing to let them go.

I wonder, but to reach that thing everyone is being sacrificed to, would that involve everyone having to turn the machine shown in >>174771?
No. 176059
How about we change plans? The house clearly isn't going anywhere, and barring intervention it's just gonna stay spooky and awful. Why don't we leave, get backup, and then return? I mean, there's courage, and then there's stupidity. Why not round up the cavalry?

It's not very heroic, I know, but it seems like we'd have a greater change of success by going back to town, getting in touch with Mom and enlisting the help of Yumeko and the 'getsus, and THEN returning to raze the house to the ground, permanently exorcise the Yuyuko, salt the earth, collapse the rubble, burn anything that's left over, and then maybe get a priest or something to consecrate whatever's left.

I mean, sucks for Erika, but it seems like the house is toxic. Maybe it itself is causing the illness, or at least worsening it. It can't be healthy to live in a house filled with tortured ghosts, companions who don't really love or care about you, and eldritch abominations empowered by human sacrifice.
No. 176062
Guy who posted >>176058:
What was the main reason again why people voted for taking the creepy doll?
No. 176065
I think a real problem here though is that the logs imply people who enter can't get out. In the fifth log, Samantha mentions how none of them could break the windows or the doors, that some kind of "force" repelled them. Now granted perhaps sound-based attacks could break the windows and such, but I don't know if they'd work.
No. 176067
[x] Break the ice with a joke.
-[x] "I had to eat the darkness before the darkness ate me."

As for the rest I have no idea. I am way past caring about anything in this place and it appears we're totally screwed unless we can convince Youmu to help us and there's no obvious way to do that.
No. 176068

Because it was safer to be able to watch it instead of leaving it to go free, as for the wisdom of that, I am not sure.

As for my vote..
[x] Break the ice with a joke.
-[x] "I had to eat the darkness before the darkness ate me."

Also, I am starting to have the feeling we may have reached a dead end in solving this mystery...I sure hope that isnt the case though
No. 176070
Soo... what happened to our shounen-hero speech? It would have sounded totally badass.

[x] Break the ice with a joke.
-[x] "I had to eat the darkness before the darkness ate me."

[x] You still haven't found Erika.
[x] You have to do it, because it's the right thing to do.
[x] There's too many questions without answers still to call it quits just yet.
[x] Because this place is too spooky and someone needs to stop it.
[x] You need to find SlKogasa still.
[x] That Yuyuko isn't going to let you go, you think.
[x] You probably couldn't even get out of the house judging by what the notes said, and that wall was pretty tall and covered in barbed wire.
[x] You are kind of cursed by a freaky doll and that's probably something you should deal with sooner rather than later.
[x] Also, you know. Once not full of murder ghosts, Yuyuko, rape maids, the alleged eldritch abomination in the basement, and so forth, this place would make a lovely vacation home.
-[x] No, you may not keep the rape maids.
No. 176071
Anyone feel the jokes are too flippant? Lunasa doesn't seem very happy and frankly considering how everyone was separated and how tightly Zeke is being held, they were deeply worried about him. A joke like that is rather assholish.
No. 176074
>companions who don't really love or care about you
Notable exception: Youmu.

Also there have been vague implications that Erika's health (such as it is) is tied to Yuyuko and the sacrifices.

Also also, "Yuyuko and the Sacrifices" would be a great band name.

>shounen-hero speech
Wrong genre. Here, people who try to be shounen heroes are likely to get eaten -- or worse.

Yeah, I'm with you. "Breaking the ice" is not meaningful here; right now there is no "ice", there is lava.

(Disclaimer: I'm >>176053. I almost added a bit about dropping the vacation house bit if it turned out not to be appropriate to the mood, but then I thought 'no, it should be fine.' Looks like I was wrong.)
No. 176077
>>shounen-hero speech
>Wrong genre. Here, people who try to be shounen heroes are likely to get eaten -- or worse.
by hot touhoumon. Totally worth it, especially since we have unlimited continues.
No. 176078
I guess having the life drained out of you by evil ghosts, like the trainer ghost or the little girl ghost are "hot" as well right?

Bad ends here wouldn't just be getting sucked on by a Touhoumon, but could also include such fun things like being forced to watch our companion Touhoumon die in some way or suffering a horrific fate if those human ghosts get a hold of us, let alone possibly being sacrificed to that eldritch abomination. We aren't female but you never know it might not be picky about gender. I guess it's still hot huh?
No. 176079
Once again, I considered but omitted a line: in this case, the line was to have been "No, not the fun kind of eaten." But no; I believed "(or worse)" would be sufficient to render that reading untenable.

You may rest assured that I have adjusted my estimation of THP's capacity for inference, and shall not make this mistake a third time.
No. 176084
Choice the First: Why do you smell like Rumia?
[X] There's a perfectly reasonable, rational reason for it and they just need to sit down so you can explain.
- [x] "We fought. I won."

Also, I'm all for trying to leave as soon as we find SlKogasa. We aren't very good at these puzzles.
No. 176089
[x] Because necessity. I did what I had to do.

[1] You need to find SlKogasa still.
[2] You are kind of cursed by a freaky doll and that's probably something you should deal with sooner rather than later.
[3] You probably couldn't even get out of the house judging by what the notes said, and that wall was pretty tall and covered in barbed wire.
[4] There's too many questions without answers still to call it quits just yet.
[5] You have to do it, because it's the right thing to do.
[6] Because you're asking them too.

Right, this is my reasoning. We should be honest and unashamed about Rumia: we had to break her, because the alternative was being broken ourselves; since then, she's saved our life repeatedly. We simply can't leave without Kogasa, and I'm not convinced that the doll will simply disappear if we manage to get away. In fact, the doll may make it impossible to escape in the first place.

This leads to the next point: leaving seems impossible in any case. We aren't going anywhere. But beyond that, this is a haunted mansion that has sucked in and devoured countless people before us. If we do nothing, it will do so again. We need to know what's going on, and we need to do something about it.

And in the end, Zeke is asking them for help. That's my reasoning.
No. 176091
Not a fun kind of eaten. Playing Monster Girl Quest has taught me that there is more than one fun kind of eaten. And even of worse-than-eaten.

Those probably wouldn't be hot. But even if they did happen, it's not the end of the world, or of the story. It just means going back a choice or two.

Anyway, I still don't see how passionately declaring our intent to help Erika whatever the odds inexorably leads to us dying a miserable death (and not a fun kind of miserable death).
No. 176094
I don't have any issues with helping Erika, it's just that some of the little bits of responses, like the assholish joking when our Prismrivers have been separated and deeply worried for us or the forgetting of what horrible fates could befall Zeke in the house, I find pretty insulting. Especially the joking. Seriously they were deeply worried for us and people want to make light of that?
No. 176132
Guy who posted >>176094 speaking:

In-story, how long has it been since Zeke started his journey in all, from the first post detailing his start toward the White Tower up to the latest post here?
No. 176138
that isn't that bad by /th/ standards. We should be grateful that people haven't gone with something worse.
No. 176140
[X] She's saved my life repeatedly.

That's for the Rumia thing. I choose to forgo voting on the rest.
No. 176229

This is a link to the next thread, hopefully.