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"How do you feel about massages?" You ask with honest interest. Your father had this... unusual knack for knowing how to get every single knot out of a given individual's muscles with almost no effort at all, and since your girls would have to fight on a routine basis your father thought that it only made sense that your training included how to massage your girls.

Of course, your mother found out about this and insisted on showing you 'things your father would leave out' after he had finished teaching you. That was an...interesting lesson. Probably one of the most interesting ones your mother has ever given you! Informative too.

Gissele raises one eyebrow at your statement but shows no other visual response as she considers what you have to say, "...Intriguing. You can't wait to get your hands on my body, but you hide it in the form of a modestly more innocent offer." She muses before giving you a smile, "Very well, I'll let you have your fun. Just remember, don't do anything you'll regret, mmm?"

You do blush in response to this, though your offer is actually sincerely innocent. "Of course not, ma'am. That aside, I'll need a good spot for you to lie down on. I'm quite experienced with hand, foot, shoulder, and back massage techniques."

"My, how did a young man become so talented in those sorts of things?" Gissele asks you as she fluidly rises up from her throne and gestures with one hand to follow her as she begins to sashay from the room, her hips swaying distractingly and hypnotically in front of you as she does so. You find yourself actually developing an anticipation to get to service this beautiful woman-

Oh. She's very good.

You follow along and try not to stare too much. "It's knowledge that got passed down to me, and I made a point to not squander it." You try not to go into too much detail since you don't want her to get annoyed with you again so soon, especially not when you're going to be using this as an opportunity to stall for time. Ideally, a lot of time.

Yes, a lot of time. A chance for you to spend all of it with her, lavishing Gissele with your attentions and efforts and proving your abilities.

Gissele continues to simply walk ahead of you, waving a hand at a set of large double doors and causing them to swing open seemingly of their own volition. "I see." She responds to your statement, "I'm certain there must be an interesting story behind that, but if you don't want to share it I won't push

Sheesh. Time and time again you see for yourself just how much effort the Gym put into this place. Still, your focus is Gissele herself. "There is, but I figure I'd save it for when I actually start on your massage. I'm quite thorough, so it'll take some time to finish up completely." That was one thing your father said was important. Never leave a job like this half-done.

"Mmmm, I suppose it will be a pleasant distraction until your 'rescuers' make it here." Gissele admits, running a hand idly down her side and drawing your attention to those curves again, "Assuming, of course, that they make it this far. While I am aware of their capabilities." Gissele looks over her shoulder at you, those amber eyes piercing like they can see into your mind and soul, "Do not under estimate myself or my own."

You shrug, seeing as she's pretty much seen through what you were trying to do here. "I was that obvious, huh?" You say, feeling yourself heat up again.

"You performed well enough for an amateur, but you aren't playing in the little leagues anymore, little boy." Gissele chides you gently, "I am an expert on matters such as this. Countless others have come before you and your girls, and they have all failed to escape from here." Her smile changes, becoming warm and inviting in its own way, "Many because they realized that they had found their own heaven, and no longer wished to leave."

And if you had to equate this to quicksand, you were up to your knees at least. You can't get out on your own, which you keep telling yourself isn't the point of this. "Well, I can't say that I'm not affected by you and your subtlety. You really are good at this." Hopefully you'll get to start on this soon, as you're actually starting to wonder if this might backfire on you.

Gissele giggles in a womanly way, smiling still, "Why, thank you. You know, you're much cuter when you're being honest." She reaches out and ruffles the top of your head, her hand sending electric shocks of good feelings down your body just with this, "I hope to see you far more honest with me soon."

You lean into the ruffling a bit, and find that you're becoming less and less resistant to the idea of being honest with her. Still... "I have to wonder. Do you have any specific areas you'd like me to start with?"

You can see an expression of amusement on her face as you ask her that, like she knows just what she could say to an open statement like that and how easily she could reduce you to a sputtering mess. Thankfully, she decides to take pity on you and responds, "Well, my back has been sore and my shoulders have been a bit stiff lately. Why don't you start with one of those, hmm?" She suggests as she waves a hand at a beautifully carved door ahead of you that is covered in decorations. The door opens and reveals the dim room inside of it. You cannot see anything in particular about the room though, annoyingly enough.

"Alright then." You nod, knowing where you need to begin. "Once you're ready, I'll start."

"We've arrived at my chambers, so you'll have your chance to work me over very shortly." Gissele informs you as she snaps her fingers once, sending the torches in the room flaring up brightly and revealing the room in its entirety. The room is decorate in blacks, blues and very dark purples, and the bed in it is honestly more than big enough for your entire family to sleep comfortably in it, even with your mother's...sleep issues.

Gissele merely keeps walking forward into the room, reaching up to the choker on her throat and clicking it once and...her dress just slides off her body like water off a ducks back, leaving only her lower dress still on, revealing what she's wearing underneath. Her bra is black and not especially skimpy or anything. If anything it's rather conservative. But how it clings to her body and you're finally allowed to see how perfect her skin is all over and the grace in her movements it's...hard not to stare and you find yourself happy that you're still wearing all your clothing. Gissele sits down on the edge of her bed, showing her front to you and making you wonder is she's really human with a bust that...well, then again. Your mother.

You're a touch worried about what this says about you though. Still, you have time to stall for and a Dark Queen to keep happy, so you approach her. "Shall I start with the shoulders, then?" You ask. You're going to have to get onto the bed with her at this rate, which is probably what she's aiming for to begin with.

"Go right ahead." Gissele tells you, her expression slipping back into the bored mask of the Dark Queen as she waits to see if you can really walk the walk, or if you're all talk like the rest. You suspect that this is one of those situations where if you don't perform up to task, you'd get an annoyed Dark Queen passing you off to one of her servants. You find yourself thankful you're not in a video game where this would be a quick time event or rhythm game.

Both would suck, and both would be an insult to your ability. ...Yes, you did pride yourself on your ability to give good massages, especially where Yume and Ruukoto were concerned. They both did a lot for you, even if the latter was uncomfortable to work with after a while. You get onto the bed with Gissele, and get to work. You don't just apply force like some kind of ape, you make a point of gently feeling out where the problems areas were to start with, then work on making them melt in your clutch. Metaphorically.

Literally you're just getting her muscles to relax.

You would certainly love it if Gissele just melted up against you though, you know that much. Gissele lets out a pleased noise as you begin to work your hardest to satisfy her, humming appreciatively at your efforts as you go and making you more than a bit more turned on. "My..." She speaks up, still looking straight ahead as you work on her shoulders carefully, "You weren't just speaking idly, were you? Perhaps I'll make you into a chief masseuse instead of just making you into a distraction."

As for you, you're having an increasingly difficult time keeping your head in the game right now. Gissele being this close to you means you're smelling that scent of hers that she's been wearing an it's starting to wreak havoc on your body. Plus her skin is so smooth and soft and her body is so warm you just want to cuddle up against her. I mean, she's obviously interested in you, so isn't it fine to like her back?

You're not giving in to temptation yet at least, seeing as you still have a self-imposed job to do and rubbing yourself against this beautiful woman is not a good, professional attitude. "I do take serious pride in my abilities, you know. ...Ah, right, you were curious as to how I learned to do this, right?" You continue working on her shoulders, and they're stiff. Really stiff. Does she do anything to relax?

"Yes, I was." Gissele responds as you work, shifting her shoulders to let you work deeper into the tissue and try to force the stiffness out of them. Geez, you don't think Yumeko at her worst was ever quite this stiff and stubborn to your ministrations, "You are-" She lets out a hum of appreciation as you hit a particularly problematic spot."-extremely talented for someone your age. I'd expect this sort of trick from a more...experienced man."

"Well, I did learn from someone who knows every pressure point on the human body, and all the ones on a normal Touhoumon. He could probably have gone into acupuncture if he didn't already have another job." You explain a little bit at first as you slowly work out those stubborn spots. "Good grief, how do you let yourself get this bad? I've never felt muscles as stiff as yours before."

"The duty of a Queen is to bear the burden of her people." Gissele responds simply as you continue to work her over, "Just as you would no doubt carry any load for those you care for, I am willing to do whatever it takes to protect and provide for my people."

You nod, since that's true of you for your girls. "Sounds right, on both counts. Honestly, that's why I've been as resistive as I have been. You're beautiful, but I owe it to my girls to at least try to resist. Not that I'm doing a very good job of it." You admit, not moving on until all those stubborn muscles cooperate.

"Mmmmm...." You feel her tense up under your muscles as you both bring business into pleasure and talk about how important other girls are to you and much more important to you than she is. It is to your dawning horror that you realize she's tensed right back up all over on her shoulders, meaning it's likely all that hard work is gone...perhaps. Is that why she tensed up?

"Hey, just to ask a hypothetical question..." You say, continuing work on this stubborn woman. "Would your people accept another queen, if you were to suddenly disappear?" You could go at this all day, mind. ...In fact, you've gone all day on Yume at least a couple times in the past, so stamina isn't the issue.

She laughs deeply, "My, do you harbor dreams of trying to sweep me off my feet and take me away with you little boy?" The Dark Queen Gissele asks you, apparently amused by the sheer audacity that such thoughts would imply. "Or do you intend to assassinate me when we're together intimately?"

"Of course I'd want to sweep you off your feet, M'lady. You did say before that I wanted the best, and you're it." You say, feeling a touch cheesy as you continue to work her over. Despite her earlier tensing, she didn't undo as much of your work as you feared she did.

"There is a difference between dreams and delusions, little boy." Gissele points out to you as you finish working on her neck, properly working out as best as you'll be able to manage for now. Maybe you can check again after you finish working on the rest of her back, "How could you sweep me off anywhere, when I already have you here under my control?" She asks, reaching up and running a hand along your cheek that you can't help but lean into, just a bit. How has she managed this so quickly..?

You blush hard, which she no doubt felt. Deep down you knew she was telling the truth, so why were your trying to fight it? You slide your hands down from her shoulders to her back, and start anew. Gauge the worst of it, then attack each point in a firm, yet not rough manner. "...You're right. I think I am attracted to you, more than just a little."

Rather than keep you working on her sitting up, Gissele pushes you back lightly and lies down on her stomach for you on the bed so you can take care of her properly. "Good boy." She praises you, tone very pleased and proud, "You've learned so quickly, and it's just like I said." She looks at you with one of those beautiful amber eyes, "You're even cuter when you're honest."

You still can't look her in the eye when she looks at you like that, though you're not sure why. Still, you take advantage of her new position to work on her back properly, and she'd feel the difference instantly. Your technique was designed for the position she's in. "I..." You gulp once. "I want to be yours."

"You are not the first to declare that." Gissele informs you as she lounges on her stomach in front of you, eyeing you with neutral interest, "You have better hands than the rest did though. Keep doing what you are, and we'll see just whether you're worth keeping around for my amusement." But...to get to doing all of her back proper, you're going to have to at least undo the bane of all male existences.

A Bra challenges you!

'Keep doing what you're doing', huh? Well, your mother handled the whole 'back massage' routine and she wasn't afraid to make you learn how to do this. Some of the bustier mons preferred having the added support, so you knew how to unclasp all kinds of bras. ...You feel like you're also a touch messed up, for all the skills you have.

Still, unclasping the bra is simple enough for you. The clasp is a type you recognize, so you have it off in a matter of seconds and are back to working on her back proper in a matter of moments.

Gissele just chuckles even more at that, her body shaking in mirth at some joke she apparently doesn't intend to share give that she isn't speaking up about it. Still...goodness gracious, her back is just as bad as her shoulders are! It's tense and all but unyielding under your efforts, resisting any sort of relaxation that you don't force on it.

You click your tongue as you feel those obnoxiously stiff muscles, and adjust your technique accordingly. Your father taught you variations of each technique in the event that you have to deal with people who don't take care of themselves.

Gissele lets out a pleased moan despite herself as you work furiously on her back, carefully managing to get the muscles loosened up and properly limbered. Really, this is just ridiculous? What is she doing, carrying the whole world on her shoulders?

...Oh. That's actually possible, in a manner of speaking at least, isn't it? Given what you saw of how Gissele acted and how Sebastian acted. "My," Gissele speaks up, "If you're this good with nothing but your hands, perhaps I should have some of my followers collect some oils and tools for you?"

"Yes, please. That would help immensely." You say, not stopping with your work even as you accept her offer for assistance.

Gissele just laughs again, eyes twinkling with amusement, "I'm afraid they won't be available this time. I'll be certain to ask Ran to look into it the next time I see her, or perhaps ask Komachi once she's finished."

You snort in response. "Next time, then." Still, it's not like you need it. Learn how to work a girl over with your hands alone first, then add in stuff like oils and tools later. That way, if you're ever lacking the supposedly required accessories, you could still work.

Your mother always told you it was important to be able to satisfy a woman with your hands alone and not always need accessories, after all.

Gissele's back is slowly but surely loosening up under your ministrations, and the feeling of her smooth, flawless skin under your touch is amazing. Surely she can't be human and yet be so attractive and flawless. But she's not a touhoumon. Perhaps she is a goddess instead?

Her toes curl as you hit a particularly good spot on her back and she lets out another pleased noise, "Oh yes, I'm definitely keeping you. Though, I may have you work on some of my girls for their own sakes. Poor DeKomachi works herself to the bone to try and make sure everything goes according to plan." Gissele seems to be pondering the specifics of sharing you with her friends while still keeping you around for herself.

"I can imagine. This place is massive, and the setup involved must be substantial." You reply. Honestly, you don't really have an issue with working on multiple girls so long as things didn't get too out of hand.

Her back seems to be loosened up nicely under your ministrations now, and she seems suitably relaxed right now. You could probably move onto the next part of his once you're ready, though you could always linger and keep her relaxing. "Mmmm...It's not so hard to take care of really. She's just trying to take more onto her than she should."

"Ah, one of the hard-working types who don't quite know how to let others help?" You ask, keeping to her back for a while. "Also, I think that just about does it for your back. Your hands and feet are next, unless you'd like me to keep working on your back."

"Very well..." Gissele rolls on the bed so she can sit on the edge of it again, "Here, come service me from the front." She orders you. Behind, where she was lying on the bed before, she has left her black bra. Won't that mean you'll...wow. That just sank in.

You oblige her, and are blushing quite furiously at the sight of her large breasts being shown off before you. Clearly she doesn't think it an issue anymore. You take one of her smooth feet, and start working on the underside since that's where most of the stress would accumulate.

Her breasts are amazing to watch, and in your new position you've got a full view of those impeccable legs as well. Your eyes are having a hard time deciding where to look. Those bosoms that sway gently as she watches you work on her feet, smiling softly with a glint in her eyes. Her legs are smooth and perfect, and even as you work them over they don't feel as bad off as her back and shoulders were at least. Still, her feet do seem like they appreciate the massage, "Oh yes..." Gissele arcs her back, thrusting her bust out more as she does so, "Mmmmmyes. That's very good." She smiles as she notices your fixation at her bust, pride on her face, "Go ahead and look all you like. Since you're mine now, I don't care if you stare."

And stare you do. It's hard not to when she has such a lewd pair bouncing around in front of you like that. It doesn't affect your performance though, and you're able to keep going despite the breast-based distraction. It's true that her feet seem to already be more relaxed than you thought, so you decide to move on to her other foot and get that one sorted out.

Her feet are very smooth and soft, which doesn't surprise you at all given everything you've seen of the rest of her. Her nail polish is perfectly applied and it seems fairly obvious she has her feet taken care of on a regular basis. Dark Queens need to keep up appearances you guess. As you finish her other foot she stretches her legs out languidly, relaxing them on either side of your head and giving you a straight view up her skirt from here. They're black. "Mmm. You're almost as good a leg rest as you are a masseuse. You're quite a talented little boy, aren't you?"

Now she's just driving home the fact that she owns you even harder than before, which is keeping your blush going strong. "I-I don't think I can work on your hands like this..." Though you're staring at her underwear too hard to care overly much.

"Mmmm, I suppose so. But I have something else for you to work on." Gissele tells you as she takes her legs off of you and removes those panties from your sight, filling you with a sense of deep, philosophical loss. "Get up." She orders you, watching you on her knees in front of her.

You stand up in front of her, feeling a sense of timid anticipation as you do so.

She reaches out to you, easily taking your shirt off and throwing it aside which leaves you both topless. Then she grabs both of your hands and places them on her breasts. Your hands sink into the soft mounds of flesh and they feel amazing under your hands. You can feel where her nipples are by their own unique texture. You can also feel yourself hardening the rest of the way up after what she just did, "Why don't you try massaging these instead?"
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You... You're not prepared for this at all. Massaging a woman's breasts, such soft, warm, sensitive things... You nod once the shock has worn off enough to do so, and start to knead Gissele's breasts gently. You have no idea if anything you know could be applied here in full, or if you're going to have to improve here.

They're so very soft and warm, and amazingly yielding. You feel a desire to just bury your face between them and treat them like pillows. lounging around in their soft, loving support. Gissele watches you in front of her, a smug sort of smirk on her face at the trance you're in just by touching her breasts.

Still, you don't stop here. Admittedly, every other part of your body is trying to convince you to just abandon all pretense and snuggle her properly as she 'marks' you hers, but you... Your face is getting closer to those breasts.

They're so soft and warm and inviting you just want to slip right in between them and snuggle there for as long as you can. Gissele isn't doing anything to stop you either, so maybe you can just do that, just get right in there and enjoy yourself. You're just a few inches out. Dare you take the final plunge?

Gissele, for her part, is simply enjoying watching your spiral downwards into depravity.

You nuzzle her breasts and wrap your arms around her, planting a small kiss on one of the warm, soft pillows as you do so.

Gissele just laughs, her arms wrapping around you as you nuzzle into her amazing bosom. As she hugs you her breasts close tighter around your head, trapping you in a marshmallow heaven you never want to escape from. You can feel her drag you down onto the bed with her so you lie on top of her now, but you don't care really. So amazingly soft. You can't remember why you didn't want to do this in the first place.

At this point she's probably aware of the stiffy you've got too, and you're starting to lick her breasts as well.

"Hmmm? Do you want to put that in me so much?" She asks as your stiffy rubs against her. At some point, you seem to have lost your pants as well. Gissele seems content to let you continue to lick, knead and suck her amazing breasts without complain at the moment, "Well...that won't be happening."

You look up at her, feeling a touch hurt really.

She just smiles at you, "Go ahead and keep making that miserable expression, it just makes me even happier." She is completely and blatantly amused at your current state and have you've devolved from trying to resist to becoming a lovely little sex kitten for her, "But, if you really want me to help you deal with that 'problem' of yours...you have to ask politely."

"Miss..." You start, not even caring about that thing known as 'dignity' anymore. "Could you please have sex with me?"

"Well, I won't let you penetrate me if that's what you want so desperately. Still, I suppose I can do something for you at least. It wouldn't do for the Dark Queen to leave her masseuse suffering so, now would it? Just move off of me and I'll help you." Gissele orders you.

You move off her, wondering what she'll do.

Gissele languidly levers herself up, looking you over as she goes so. "Come, sit in my lap." She orders you, patting her lap for you where she has crossed her legs. Sit in her lap? What is she going to do if you do that?

You do exactly that, leaning against her and trusting yourself to her completely.

She just gently wraps one arm around your middle to hold you against her pleasantly soft and warm body as her other hand trails down your body and towards your crotch. You realize now what she's going to do, and even though you feel the disappointment fade a bit you wish you could have been with her properly. Maybe if you keep doing a good job she'll let you?

It wasn't what you had hoped for, but still, you can't really complain. Gissele isn't a bad woman to have lost to, after all.

Her fingers trail lightly along your shaft, carefully and slowly gauging it's length and girth as she teases you, even these light caresses enough to get your eager shaft twitching and leaking from the tip as she works. "My, perhaps we should call you big boy instead?" She asks you curiously as she nuzzles her head against yours, her scene filling your nostrils. It's strange, isn't it, that it's a human woman doing this so easily to you.

You squirm and moan a bit as she plays with you, greatly enjoying how she's playing with you. There's not really much to say anymore, since you gave in like this.

Gissele continues to make those gentle estimations for a short while, fingers running nimbly along your length as you squirm and moan about in her lap, not able to resist and not wanting to either. Finally she feels she's got your measure and grabs your shaft properly. Her hand is smooth and soft as it moves in long, slow strokes up and down your length, lewd noises rising up from your crotch as your precum is rubbed all over your shaft by her hand. Her fingers are nimble and skilled, easily picking up on your most sensitive spots and making sure to hit those points where ever they are. You can feel a pleasant pressure start to build up in your crotch already, so shortly after she started. Gissele whispers into your ear, "Oh, do you want to finish already? There's no shame in admitting defeat to your betters."

"I do..." You moan out as she continues, feeling no shame at all. You just like what she's doing.

"Well then, go right ahead and do it. No one's stopping you." Gissele tells you as she keeps moving, her pumping increasing in pace as she squeezes a bit tighter around your shaft to increase that incredible friction that's sending sparks of pleasure up and down your spine, "Just shoot out all the proof of your submission over my bed."

You proceed to do exactly that within a few seconds, feeling you squirt your seed out from Gissele's handiwork. You shudder once you're done, though she probably knows that you could easily keep going.

Gissele just waits for a moment, peering over your shoulder at your miserable display, "Oh, was that not good enough for you? Most men would have given up everything at a Queen's handwork." She comments, hand squeezing tight around your shaft as you fail to go soft even after orgasm.

The alternate explanation being that you were capable of giving a lot more than she's used to, but you're kind of a pleasured mess right now and she's squeezing your sensitive cock again. Kinda hard to articulate anything in this state.

"Hmmm? Did you have something you wanted to say?" She teases you verbally, stopping her squeezing and moving entirely, leaving you with a sudden lack of waves of pleasure crashing down on your ability to think clearly and keep you from talking. You also find yourself fairly upset about this situation, as you were enjoying all that pleasure that was being given to you.

"No, don't stop..." You say breathlessly when she suddenly stops stroking you.

" 'No, don't stop' what?" Gissele prods you further, letting you know just what you're going to have to do to get what you want here. Your pride is already in tatters and your resistance all broken though, so what does it matter to you if she even asked you to beg for it? You'd do anything for her now, and you know it.

"Don't stop pleasuring me." You say, trying to look at her as you say as such. "You're really good at this and I'm enjoying it a lot."

"My, I certainly appreciate the praise but..." Her hand starts to let go of your shaft, even the warm softness of it leaving you alone now as the cold starts to creep in, "You didn't say please."

"Please don't stop!" You say with a bit more desperation. She's already got you where she wants you, so you may as well be her pet...

Gissele just sighs softly in your ear, "Well I suppose if you're going to beg so pitifully I'm just going to have to keep going, won't I?" Her hand goes back to your shaft, her soft and smooth skin rubbing against your sensitive length as she takes a firm grip to the task at hand. The pumping returns, her hand sliding up and down your length in long strokes at a respectable pace as her fingers dance and tease spots that wouldn't get hit ordinarily. "Mmmm, there. Is that better?"

"Yes, thank you!" You manage to get out between moans as she continues to pleasure you. You proceed to lay one of your arms on the arm Gissele is using to keep you pressed up against her, and entwine your fingers with hers.

She lets you do that, entwining her fingers back together with yours as she keeps pumping your length with perfected skill and timing. You suspect she could probably force you to orgasm far quicker than she already is, but wants to let you enjoy your submission and use this to remind you just who you will be serving hence forward.

"Hmmm...didn't you have something you said you were supposed to be doing, little boy?" Gissele asks you as she works you up to your peak...and then keeps you there, timing her pumps so that you're kept right at the point before orgasm but not letting you truly reach it.

You try to remember, but nothing comes to mind. Especially not when she's keeping you in this state. "Was there? I thought being with you was what I was supposed to be doing..."

Gissele watches you for a moment before smiling proudly at you and giving you a smooch on the cheek, "A very good little boy." She praises you as her pumping pace increases, easily forcing you over the edge as she continues to pleasure you all the way through the orgasm, "Just focus on that, and nothing else."

You moan as she pleasures you like that, and relax into her more if that's even possible. "Okay..." You say breathlessly, but for some reason your cock just isn't going limp.

"Mmmm, still hard are you? Such a virile little boy." Gissele praises you, her tone amused at how you're little more than shota putty in her hands now, "Is my hand not enough for you? How insatiable. Did you want something else from me?"

"C-could you us your breasts, please?" You make sure to ask politely, but you really want to feel what it's like for her to use her ample chest for this.

Gissele considers your request for a moment, tapping her chin thoughtfully as you feel those breasts pressing into your back as she hugs you tighter, "Oh? You love them that much do you? Well, I suppose I might. You did ask so politely. But...if I do this for you, you'll be doing something else to make me feel good. Do you understand?"

You nod in response, since you get the feeling she's going to do what she wants with you in time anyway. May as well get the request out there while you can, you know?

"Good boy. Now, get off of my lap so I can move." She orders you, pushing you off of her lap and towards the edge of the bed. Once you're at the edge she stops you and gently slides past you, those breasts of hers swaying as she slides off of the bed and kneels just by it, "You should praise your luck that a Queen is willing to do this sort of thing for you." She tells you as she comes closer to your shaft, her breasts rubbing up against it even though they aren't buried between those soft mounds of flesh.

Though even that little preview is enough to make you shudder. They feel exactly as good as you imagined, so you're just trying to be as patient as you can until you're buried between her breasts completely.

Gissele just laughs again, tittering at how sensitive you are before she leans forward and buries your cock in between her soft breasts, which mould around it and smother you with yielding, warm flesh. Just being there before she's even done anything leave you wanting to cum all over them.

You almost do, but you try to hold back since you want to properly enjoy this. You simply lean back and let her do as she pleases, happy with how she's obliging you.

"Hmmm?" Gissele eyes you speculatively as she watches the struggle that's blatantly evident on your face, "Oh, you manage to hold back? That's impressive." Then, slowly, she begins to move her breasts around, rubbing that soft, smooth flesh along your overly-sensitive shaft. It's almost like you're being hugged by them, "Go ahead and make that miserable face as you cum, I don't mind."

You have to keep holding back, at least in your mind. You don't want her to stop with her breasts yet, but you're just... just too weak. You bite your lip gently as you try to hold on a bit longer, but you just can't. You wind up cumming all over her breasts, and in surprisingly copious amounts.

She stops moving as you cum, pressing her breasts down to apply pressure as you spray your seed out in between them, leaking all over them as Gissele just watches your face amusedly. "Oh my, you couldn't even hold back for a full minute? Well, you're still young I suppose. I can train you properly later. As for now..." She pulls back and lets your shaft sag sadly down in the air on its own, "You've made quite a mess here." Gissele holds her bust up in front of you face, "What are good boys who makes messes supposed to do?"

"C-clean it up..." You say in between breaths, though you're not sure what you're supposed to do in that regard.

"Well." She hefts her bust up in front of your face, "Why don't you use that mouth of yours for something productive besides praising me?" She demands, holding her sullied breasts in front of your mouth and waiting for you to perform your duties.

You start to lick off the mess you made, though you balk just a bit at the taste of your own seed. It's bitter, salty... Not something you'd want to get used to, you suspect. Still, you complete your duty despite all that.

She watches as you work, using your tongue to lap up the mess you made on her face and enjoying it the entire time. It's just further proof of your complete submission to your new mistress. "Mmm, if you're making a face like that, we'll have to change your diet to make it something sweeter. I'm certain you won't be upset about that, will you? After all, you wouldn't want to feed me something so bitter, right?"

"Of course not." You say, though you don't stop licking her breasts after that. The taste of your own cum was bad, but her skin had an oddly pleasant taste to it.

She seems content to let you do that, allowing you to run your tongue all along her breasts as she just waits. Finally though, she speaks up before you get to carried away, "That is enough of that. " She tells you as she forces you away from her breasts and gives you a shove that sends you lying back on the bed as she crawls over to you, "Are you ready to serve your queen, little boy?"

You nod, since you did agree to this.

"Good boy." Gissele praises you again, running a hand along your chest as she crawls close to you. She leans down and places a kiss on your lips, one that's soft and could almost be called chaste, but it's more than enough to send another large surge of arousal running through your body, and to chase away any ideas of your erection going down any time soon. Gissele pulls back from the kiss and gives you a pleased smile as she looks down on you, "Now, let's see if you can use that mouth for anything else useful, hm?"

Your blush hasn't gone away either, especially not after that. "What would you have me do?"

"You're a smart boy." She tells you as she shifts on the bed, lifting one leg over your body as she positions her hips above your head. She's pulled her dress back and out of the way, giving you an amazing view of that majestic clothed ass hovering right above your face. One other hand reaches down and pushes aside her panties and you're exposed to her pink slit which she opens slightly with one hand as she descends, sitting on your head and putting her slit right in front of your mouth, "Now, be a good boy and help me relax."

You nod once again, seeing as your voice has apparently failed you completely. You start to lick her pussy gently at first, using surface licks to help gauge her reaction and what parts she might like you to hit.

Gissele lets out a sound of approval as you start to lick gently at her slit, running your tongue along the outside of it as one hand reaches behind her to pet your head. You feel a sense of fulfillment doing this, servicing your Queen. It's just like the sense of pride and enjoyment you got as she savored the full service back massage you gave her before except oh so much more intimate. Her slit tastes somewhat sweet, but in an extremely subdued way as you get the first hints of her letting out bits of lubrication.

You've got a ways to go, you think. If working her over like this with your tongue is anything like working her back over with your hands, you need to make sure to be nice and gradual, working up toward more firm movements. ...Plus, she tastes nice. You want to keep drinking her nectar.

The hand rubbing your head continues to do so in increasingly hypnotic and pleasant ways, the nails trailing along your scalp and disrupting the rhythm of how you run your tongue her slit. Gissele for her part seems pleased enough with your efforts and is relaxing while she sits on top of you, her legs positioned around your head to make sure it stays there.

You make sure not to disappoint her, though your tongue does inadvertently make its way up to her clit and rub against it a bit.

You can feel her jolt slightly on top of you as you rub that little nub, her legs clamping tighter around your head as she grinds her slit against your mouth for that trespass. "Nn-. Good boy, keep it up." She orders you, her tone hinting that she's especially pleased.

You start to focus on that little stub since she seems to like it so much, but not to the point where you're excluding everything else. You do occasionally take the time to gently suck on her clit, though.

"Mmmm, oh yes that's much better than I expected. And here I'd thought you'd only be good for your hands." Gissele taunts you from her seat, "It's good to see that you're good with your mouth as well. Now," She grinds her slit harder against your tongue, her fingers opening it up just a smudge wider for you, "Since you've done all the priming you need, why not move on to the main event? If you do well enough, I may just reward you."

You don't give confirmation since you're already busy licking her inner walls, and enjoying the taste quite a bit. Once again you're seeking out any and all weak points to help her get off to this.

The hand on your head grips its tightly as your tongue slips into her properly, working into and through her tight slit to try and please her. Still, it seems like she's not going to be very easy to please with how she doesn't react much beyond the occasional approving hum or tightening of her legs around your head. "Hmmm..." She hums thoughtfully, "You're doing well quite well. Keep it up, we have all the time in the world now that the interlopers are out of the way."

You're pretty sure that those 'interlopers' were supposed to be important in some fashion, but you can't quite recall why. It's like a little nagging itch at the back of your head, but between what's happened to you and where your head is right now... You just focus on licking her continually with the same sort of thoroughness you'd use for massages.

Her hand caressing your head does so a few more times before you feel her shift on top of you, slowing lying down on your body as you feel those amazing, wondrous breasts of hers press against you while her head hovers directly above of that, "You're quite capable, if obviously an amateur." Dark Queen Gissele praises you before she leans down and places a tender kiss on the tip of your dick, her full lips pressing down on it as your pre-cum smears onto it and you feel a surge of pleasure run through you, temptation rising in your loins just from a simple kiss.
 No. 32094
You moan more at that simple thing, and try to be patient about it. If she's going to do something with you, she'll do it.

"So, the tip is that sensitive." Gissele wonders at life's little gifts before she presses her lips back down on the tip again and then in one slow, smooth movement slides down your shaft, lips wrapped tight around your length as her tongue searches out and teases your weak spots far more quickly and effectively than you are getting hers.

You gasp and moan more when she takes in your entire length, and just keep making all manners of lewd moans as she starts to work you over with her mouth.

She hums happily, rubbing her tongue along and around your shaft as she starts to bob her head slowly up and down, quickly pushing you right past your limit as she robs you of much of your ability to control your movements.

You cum right in her mouth with only a little bit of work from her, which disappoints you a bit because you only got a little bit of her technique...

You feel her tighten her lips more around your shaft as she makes a displeased noise. She pulls back from your shaft which leaves your saliva and cum covered length exposed to the cold air as she shifts on top of you reaching for something out of your view and pulling back a napkin which she spits your ejaculate into, much to your disappointment. Idly throwing it across the room into a rubbish bin, Gissele makes displeased sounding noises, "Yes, we're definitely going to have to change your diet. That's just...disgusting."

You feel more than a touch embarrassed about that, and wind up not looking her in the eye again.

Of course, given that the vast majority of your field of vision is taken up by that amazing ass of hers, you probably weren't going to be seeing her eye to eye anyway. Not that you're really upset about that too much, you've got the best seat in the house for a view after all.

"Hmmm, well now, why don't I try-" Gissele starts to shift on you, grinding her cunt against your face as she moves her hips to.

"Ah...Gissele?" You hear the nervous voice of a familiar Ran cut in.

"What." Gissele's tone becomes dark with irritation as she stares over towards the door of the room. Past her amazingly soft rear you can see two people standing in the doorway. One is the Ran you're familiar with and the other is a figure cloaked in black with her, and it's definitely a her with that robes shape, hood up and over her face that's clutching a wave bladed scythe.

Even you know enough to let Gissele sort this out before messing with that soft, warm, delicious pussy of hers with your tongue, even though you really want to.

"Why are you stopping?" She asks you in that same deliciously dark tone as a hand comes down on your head, nails digging into your scalp.

You immediately start eating her out again, since she's making it clear that you weren't supposed to stop. You're having quite a nice time with that too.

"Good boy." She purrs at you as her hand runs through your hair, "Now, what did you both have to say?" She asks from her subordinates as you tongue delves deep into her pussy, eager to please your glorious queen.

"Ah...Gissele?" Ran speaks up nervously, her voice a bit shaky as she watches you both go at with Gissele ruling over you like an Empress, "It's just, that, well..."

"The simulation is over." The reaper cuts in, her voice a sharp hiss as she speaks, drawing out certain parts of her words, "The intruders seem to have lost their drive and willpower after they were shown their target had already been broken."

"...Ah?" Gissele stops on top of you, her voice changing its tone entirely, "I...oh, right. Yeah, that and I...oh." She shifts on top of you to peer down at you, amber eyes wide with concern, "Oh dear."

"I must say." The Reaper cuts in, "That while I am happy that you listened to my advice and dealt with your needs and temptations, perhaps it would have been best to seduce the boy when off duty."

"It's not like we can get in trouble for it." The Ran points out, "Certain other Gyms will do worse and they get away with it. Besides, he agree to a contract. Plus, he seems happy enough."

You keep licking her right until the part about the intruders was mentioned, along with the bit about their... target...

Wait, shit, they mean you.

Now that there's a chink in that perfect coating of lust from before, you gradually manage to think a bit more about that, and by 'intruders' they mean your girls. This whole...

You immediately stop licking now that you realize what you've been feeling, and are left frozen as your brain tries to process the implications of what you just did, or allowed to happen.

The worst part about this is that you actually do feel genuine attraction to Gissele, on top of your bond with your girls which was no doubt strained by you not resisting enough.

"Ah..." Gissele looks to be somewhat mortified as she is broken out of character by her associates, "...ah..." She slowly shifts, pulling your tongue out of her as she gets off of you.

Meanwhile, Ran is speculating, "Goodness, what could have lead to our lovely Gissele getting so into things?" She wonders, "I mean, I know I certainly wouldn't mind going a few rounds with this cute young man, but it's out of character for her."

The Reaper runs her hands along the shaft of her scythe as she considers her response, "Well, our last update said he was going to give her a massage. Perhaps he tried something then?"

"If he did, I'd say it probably backfired." The Ran points out.

You just... You need to go take a shower. "Uh, Ran.... Would this place happen to have a shower, by any chance?" You ask, looking as though you were simultaneously mortified, angry at yourself, and about to cry.

Gissele, for her part, is just hurriedly putting on her clothing and seeming dreadfully embarrassed about the entire situation...and more than a bit upset herself, seemingly. Ran for her part actually looks a bit guilty as her ears droop down, and you don't even know what's going on with that Reaper.

The Reaper simply gestures for you to follow her as she gives the Ran a prod in Gissele's direction, sending the fox tailed mon scampering over to her.

You follow the Komachi, noting that you feel shame as well now. You just fucked this up completely.

That sense of shame sticks with you as the Komachi places a boney feeling hand on your shoulder and guides you quickly down the hall. The world blurs around you as you see multiple glimpses of different hallways and rooms and suddenly find yourself in a stereotypical gym shower room, "It is yours to use. I will ensure you are not interrupted." She informs you as she turns to leave, black tattered cloth dragging on the floor behind her, "...Do not put the blame on your shoulders for what has happened. You are another victim in a chain of errors."

And with that, the reaper leaves.

You proceed to spend quite a while in the showers, less because of how dirty you feel and more because you're afraid to face your own girls. No matter what the Komachi said in the matter, you're going to feel shame over this.



It is true that what happens did cause strain in your relationship with your girls. A great deal of it actually. Lyrica was furious with you, screaming at you in moonspeak. Even though you couldn't understand her, the tone of her words made it perfectly clear that she felt betrayed by what happened. Merlin was nodding along with her sister, adding in her own choice of words that you suspect may have actually been some choice language of her own, but at least she seemed to be more angry at you for what you did to her sisters' feelings than her own sake...which hurt in its own way just as much. Lunasa was probably the worst of it, because she just couldn't stop crying and sobbing and, as you found out after checking with an evolved touhoumon, apologizing to you for not being fast enough or good enough to get there in time. She thought it was her fault that what happened, happened.

You took it all, because you knew you deserved every last bit of it. That training was supposed to be an exercise in trust, something that put what you thought was absolute trust in your girls on the line to help train them, and yourself. It's not like you were able to just keep a cold, stony silence either, as eventually you broke down crying and apologized to them repeatedly. Things turned more than a little awkward after that, and your normally abundant confidence took a total nosedive. You spent quite a while not being your usual self after what happened.

The Prismrivers would be equally as awkward around you. Lyrica would have flare ups in temper with you while Merlin just ended up mostly ignoring you when Lyrica isn't flaring up. Lunasa wobbled back and forth between being a crying mess and trying to get you to go back to being your normal self again. In a twist that you didn't expect, it was actually SlKogasa who made the push to fix things. She'd been fairly quiet in her response to everything that happened and as far as you'd seen she'd been focusing more on your girls, though in hindsight you realizes she was spending an equal amount of time around all of you. One night when you were in bed, alone, you were interrupted by SlKogasa breaking down the door to your room and dragging the Prismrivers all in along with her, a determined expression on her face. It wasn't much longer until you too were added into the slime body party and all of you were forced to talk about your feelings, why you felt the way you did, what exactly you felt and why you felt it. All of this while constantly being hugged and soothed in her slimy embrace. It...actually ended up working out fairly well. Probably because Kogasa doesn't know how to take no for an answer, at least on this.

Honestly, you didn't expect Kogasa to play mediator like that, but you're immensely thankful that she did. You didn't like how things had soured between you and your girls, and you had no idea how to fix things yourself, if it were even possible for you to do so at all. With her being so blunt and forceful though, it was possible for the metaphorical wounds to start closing up. The end result of that night wound up having the five of you sleep together in a platonic manner, and you're pretty sure that things had returned to normal enough for you all to at least talk to one another. Despite that, though, you hadn't quite forgiven yourself, and while you were more energetic you weren't back up to speed. You noticed that you were carrying or otherwise snuggling your girls far more often.

Your relationship with your girls steadily improving was something that helped heal the wound in your heart, but there was a new problem on the horizon. Namely when Joey came sprinting up to you and punched right onto your ass and then started accusing you of doing 'things' with his sister and not taking responsibility for your actions. Your girls were left hanging back, somewhat hesitant to smack around a human in town in front of witnesses. It was, thankfully, the arrival of your good friend Costello that helped clear up the situation. He explained the situation to you as he held Joey in an arm lock that left the smaller boy unable to struggle that apparently Gissele had been stuck in a depths of a rut and depression since the events on that ill fated day, and that no one seemed to be able to get her out of it. Sebastian’s efforts had, apparently, just made the matter worse and he'd gotten a toaster to the head for his efforts. Thankfully, he was unharmed. Unfortunately for Costello's breakfast, the toaster wasn't.

Joey, after doing some digging and technically breaking into a secure part of the gym found out about what happened. Not all the dirty details thankfully, just that you did something with his sister and now she's sad and upset and angry all the time and he's apparently going to kick your ass to solve this problem.

Which meant that you were going to have to go to Gissele and talk to her personally, because there was no way that problem was going to sort itself out on its own. She likely felt just as guilty as you did over what happened, and Joey... He was right. You weren't taking responsibility for that mess.

Needless to say, you actually asked Costello to let Joey go, since the kid's feelings wouldn't just vanish with time. The end result was the two of you beating each other to a pulp, to put it lightly. The two of you both turned out to be more vicious than you had originally thought.

This whole thing actually worked out fairly well. A bit too well in fact, as eventually Costello stepped in and tripped up both of you. The addition of a fresh fighter who was bigger than either of you when you were both bloodied and exhausted lead to the fight ending fairly quickly. Costello for his part seemed to understand entirely why you did what you did, and stepped in when the fight stopped being about hurt feelings and started being about fighting because neither one of you wanted to be the one who gave up first. Joey, thankfully, seemed to have calmed down as well, and said that if you cleared things up with his sister he wouldn't hold it against you. But that if you didn't he'd definitely kick your ass again.

And resolve things with Gissele you did, or at least tried to. It took some effort and help to track her down, let alone corner her, and once you did you weren't even sure how to go about things since you didn't even know what to say to her. So you decided to be honest with your feelings.

Gissele, for her part, didn't really seem to know how to deal with your actions very well, but after the prodding of the apparently ever helpful and supportive reaper, agreed to sit down and talk with her. What you found out, what she was willing to share, was...shocking, you can't even begin to describe it. It also turned out that apparently someone knowledgeable in such matters took a look at the video log, and yes it turns out that exists too, of what happened in the Queen's Bedroom and noticed that you had seeming inadvertently been hitting what could best be called 'arousal points' in your massage of her. Taking into account both Gissele's history and circumstances, this lead to a chain of events in which you seduced her and she then seduced you even harder than she had been before and one thing lead to another, leading to you all doing everything but the nasty proper in bed together. Gissele also seemed to be exceedingly embarrassed and unsure of how to respond to your admission of your attraction to her, and suggested that it may have just been an effect of her putting on airs for you as she had been.

Of course, that was about the point you started to use your occasionally uncanny logic to get her to really think about it. Once SlKogasa forced you and your Prismrivers to sort things out amongst each other, it left you time to try to figure out your own emotions toward her. While it was true that things had devolved into a seduction chain, at the very least there had to have been something there to allow things to go that far. After all, you still felt something for her and not her Dark Queen persona.

Gissele doesn't have an immediate response for that, but the reaper steps in and whispers something into her ear, her voice not able to be heard by you but you're able to watch the numerous expressions that flit over Gissele's face. Eventually, she spoke up and gave you an offer. Apparently they had had one of their Gym Trainers wander off on them recently and were left understaffed for something coming up. If you were willing to stay around and help, well...whatever happened, happened.

You accepted her offer quite readily, all considering. It'd give you a chance to really be sure of your feelings toward Gissele, and if they were real you could act on it and get to know her properly. Take things in stages rather than skipping to very near the end point, which would likely put less strain on everyone involved. You weren't totally sure of her feelings toward you, but you weren't going to push her if she wasn't ready.

From there, things went...well, they went okay. Gissele was awkward to be around for a time, but she seemed to warm up to you eventually. Joey was nice enough, and in the end the two of you ended up being assigned to serve as the opponents of a junior battle league meant to educate novice trainers. As for what happened with Gissele...
 No. 32095

After a long, hard day at work at the One Tree Gym you are quickly taking one of the many elevators down to the dormitories...which it turns out are actually that ridiculously awesome castle that you went into all that time ago. It's quick hop off of the hidden elevator and a stroll down the hallway thanks to its positioning to get to your room when several options at the cross in hallways are shut off to you, leaving only one option open, and that is to go straight to Gissele's, or rather the Dark Queen's room.

This in and of itself was kind of strange, but it's not like you were going to question it too much. If she really wanted to talk to you in relative privacy that much, the least you could do is oblige her.

You march down the hallway, torches guttering out behind you leaving only darkness as you come closer and closer to the looming entrance to the Queen's personal chambers. The door is partially open for you, and inside you hear Gissele call out for you in a tone that sends shivers down your spine, "Come inside, little boy."

You do so, resisting the urge to snark about how you're not so 'little' anymore in the process. After all, she's kind of important to you and she's going through all the effort to grandstand like this. It can't be for something small. "What is it, M'lady?" You ask, feeling a sense of apprehension.

If it were somehow possible, Gissele managed to fill out even more in the time that passed, leading to her figure being very, very...eye-catching. She sits waiting for you on the bed wearing that same outfit from before, which just further emphasizes how her figure has grown in all the right ways. "As you've served me today so well, I have decided you can serve me tonight as well." She informs you, casually reaching up and clicking something on the back of her dress which flows off her body like water, leaving her wearing nothing but those black stockings and arm gloves as she watches you from her seat on the bed, her face a mask of neutrality but her eyes glittering in amusement.

You start to undress as well, since there's no need for clothes if this is going where you think it's going. Your own clothes don't have nearly the kind of raw elegance Gissele's outfit does, but you're not really meant to go around seducing the odd trainer who wants to take up this challenge. As a result, your own stripping is a more drawn-out affair. "And what services would my lady wish for me to perform for her?" You ask.

Not that most trainers are given the chance to challenge the Dark Queen like that themselves. As far as you know, most people stop with the first stage. Either by failing it and being seduced or by thinking it's good enough.

Gissele simply gestures with one hand for you to come closer, a smile on her lips as they quirk up that tempting notch.

You close the distance quickly and stand before her, curious as to what she has in mind.

She takes hold of your chin and draws you close, pulling you into a loving, possessive kiss that mixes her character as the Dark Queen with the feelings you know she holds for you, feelings you both express regularly. One arm wraps around your back and pulls you close to her, rubbing your bodies together as she continues to hungrily kiss you.

Eventually she pulls back after she has left you suitably breathless, "I have decided that you've proven yourself worth of the ultimate honor that I can bestow upon you, the ultimate honor that could ever be given to you." She smiles widely, her eyes gleaming with anticipation, "You shall be granted the honor of being my personal consort, known to all and marked..."

She pulls out a little black box she'd been hiding in her clothes pile, "With this ring." Her voice is soft, and full of love as Gissele, herself and not her character, opens up to you, "Ezekiel Mason, will you marry me?"

"I think 'yes' is the only acceptable answer here, so yes, I will." You say in response with absolutely zero hesitation and just as much love.

"Oh, great!" Gissele seems to be pleased as she takes your hand and puts the ring on your ring finger, "And there, now you're mine forever!" She tells you as she breaks out laughing, mixing character and her own feelings together. She wraps an arm around your back and another around your neck as she pulls you down onto the bed together, "Now then let us stay together until the sun comes up, lusting after each other for eternity."

"We're underground, you know." You finally drop the act in full and tease her a little. You then wrap an arm around her back and kiss her again as the sheer joy you feel at having been proposed to takes hold.

"I know." Her tone is just as honest as she hugs and kisses you right back, the both of you just enjoying each other’s company as you snuggle together on the bed. You're a bit distracted when you feel a certain something rear up to its full attention and start bumping into the inner parts of her thighs due to how the two of you are laying. "My, what a rude penis you have." Gissele puts on her Dark Queen voice again, though he voice is teasing, "Perhaps I should punish it by wringing it dry?" You feel her legs move and start to wrap around your back, urging you forward towards what you know is laying in wait.

"Punish this naughty consort of yours to your heart's content, then." You proceed to slip your cock deep inside her until you're inside her fully, and let out a sigh of contentment when you're done.

Your entrance into her entrance was magnificently pleasurable. She felt tight enough for you to have enough resistance to have to push your hips forward to slide in, but once you got past that initial resistance, she felt like a perfect fit. Not overly tight and crushing but always in contact, her walls rubbing along your shaft as you move your hips around. You can feel her doing something as she contracts her muscles as you lay on top of each other, but you aren't quite sure what it is. Whatever it is though, you hope she keeps doing it because this feels amazing.

You notice that she's not giving you much room to pull out so you can thrust in again, though you're not really bothered by that. Her insides feel so wonderful that you're left wondering if she's not secretly a Touhoumon in the guise of a human. Still, you manage with what you've got, and it feels amazing with what little room you've got.

Even with what little room you have, you both enjoy your moment together as you thrust and bump and grind into each other, both losing yourselves into the throes of passion as you buck your hips up and down as much as you can manage, driving yourselves wild with pleasure as you do so. But, even with years of experience behind you now there's only so long you can last while under this kind of pressure.

You make sure you're as deep inside your fiancée as you can be, and proceed to cum inside her in what has to be one the most glorious instances of you having an orgasm. "No protection either, hm?" You say between breaths, noting that she seems to have 'helped' you stay inside her with her legs.

She just smirks up at you, "There are other, better ways to protect against that until we're ready. Ways that don't take away from how good this feels for both of us."

As you find yourself feeling a bit tired and want to take just a short break, you are suddenly rolled over onto your back by Gissele as she plants her hands on either side of your head, grinning even wider down at you as you'd swear her amber eyes glowed in the torchlight, "Oh my dear concubine, there won't be any breaks for you tonight. We're not stopping, not until the sunrises." She tells you as she starts to grind her hips slowly, forwards and backwards as she keeps you up inside of her.

You're left feeling a bit flush and nervous when she suddenly does that, but it's not a bad thing in your books. Still, you recall that she has a bit of an appetite for this kind of thing... "We're still underground, you know." You point out, but you know what this means.

"I know." She grins at you hungrily as she begins to pleasure you in earnest yet again, leaning down to take your lips again.

And that is how your journey ended in an unexpected way, and how you began an entirely new journey with the love of your life walking with you side by side.



Oh boy, a whole new threat to fill full of depravity.
 No. 32099
Good End.
 No. 32100
Oh god, this was amazingly written and really, really hot.
 No. 32101
I agree, probably my favorite so far.
 No. 32103
pretty hot but a bit guilt inducing as the girls did get NTR'd basically.
 No. 32168
>> 32103
> Implying that not every bad end in this story is NTR

Yeah, between the touhoumon stories and replaying MGQ in anticipation of part 3, I'm rather bored of this type of stuff.
 No. 32223
File 137757137321.jpg - (274.75KB, 603x777, Hatate in bed.jpg) [iqdb]
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, and you're a mighty fine young man all things said and done. Of course, you currently have some mighty fine problems to the tune of getting kidnapped for your body yet again, this time by a group of touhoumon who live on the nearby mountain, which lead to you being held as you are right now, in a fairly non-descript room. It's not unpleasant really, just vexing and boring and not your own lovely home you've been pouring a lot of effort into. At least the Momiji is a very lady who appreciates what you're being put through. That's been a mercy on its own really.

Currently you are sitting in your room, waiting endlessly for whatever’s going to happen to happen. The Momiji can only spend so much time around you apparently, and you haven't seen any of the other inhabitants of this mountain for more than a moment at a time. Which means you are very, very bored. You've counted the dots on the ceiling.

There are seventeen thousand one hundred and thirty eight.

You can hear a rather quiet grumbling as a different mon decides to come visit you, this one with a black and purple checkerboard skirt, white T-shirt with a black tie, and purple tokin hat. She has brown eyes and equally brown hair that's been tied off into twin tails with a pair of purple ribbons. She looks you over before sitting on your bed with you. "So you're the cute guy who got hauled in. Pictures don't really do you justice." She says. "I'm Hatate, by the way."

You stare at the girl for a moment. Ordinarily you would jump right into being a polite host, but isolation and annoyance have frayed your nerves a tad so you give her the silent treatment for a few seconds before you sit up on the bed and regard her properly, "I am Wilheim." You introduce yourself, "It's a pleasure to see someone else."

Hatate rubs her forehead in exasperation as you treat her coldly. "Yeah, I get it. You're still not happy with us. Though I'm kinda annoyed that I could only get a break from surveillance now to come see you. You're like, super-cute and I had to keep working even though Aya and Momiji got to fuck you dry!"

You just maintain you polite, level and entirely unflappable gaze on the Hatate, not even flinching as she mentions the times you've been conquested sexually once, a not so long time ago you would have been embarrassed and ashamed. Now that you've had the sense of shame fucked out of you, you aren't even phased by what she said. "I'm terribly sorry to hear about how unjustly inconvenienced you were, ma'am." You speak with all the sincerity you can muster, "But you're here now, aren't you?"

"...Those counsel dips really need to put you back where you belong." The Hatate says in response to that, since it's pretty clear that you're not in your best mood. "And yeah, I'm here. Part of why I'm here is 'cause I figured you'd like to know that LWReisen's come knocking. Tenma's told her about the double turned triple-dealing, so we're just getting a schedule worked out and all that."

"Oh? That's wonderful to hear." You respond, "I'm very happy that soon all of the rulers will have it decided who gets me when soon. It's much better than a war or anything of that sort. I was worried I'd have people killing each other over my beauty." Your nerves are really, really bad. You don't like being cooped up like this without anyone or anything to interact with. You had to deal with it in your old life, but now you really, really don't want to.

The Hatate sweeps you into her arms and hugs you, holding your head to her chest. "I told them that sticking you down here was a bad idea. Even moving you directly in with Tenma or LWKanako would have been better than this, but did they listen, noooo." The tengu continues to grumble as she picks you up and starts to carry you off. If the guards wanted to object, a glare from the Hatate shuts them up. It's clear that she's annoyed at just about the entire scenario so far.

You let the Hatate do what she will with you, expecting at first that she would just have her way with you given how she'd been talking. You're pleasantly surprised when she holds you gently in her strong arms and cradles you against her as she is. So pleased in fact that you don't make a complaint as she hefts you up into her arms and carries you off. You just let out a small sigh and relax against her, the tension bleeding out of you as you do so. Maybe you will go somewhere nice? Maybe she's taking you to her bedroom? You don't know. All you know is the little ingrained instincts in your brain are telling you to let it happen.

Eventually she kicks open a door to vent some of her own frustration, letting you taste fresh mountain air for the first time. She keeps muttering under her breath darkly, but at the same time she seems to visibly more relaxed than when she came in. She takes flight and seems to be carting you off somewhere, though clearly not off the mountain. "Ugh, anyway, figured you might want some time outside. I'm probably going to catch hell for this, but at this point..."

You take in a deep, happy breath of the fresh clean air before you realize that you are currently flying and immediately latch onto her with the grip of death itself, burying your face where you can manage to and closing your eyes tight. Oh lord no, not heights. Why did it have to be heights?

Not that the Hatate had any intention of letting you fall, and she landed shortly after she noticed your discomfort. You could swear she had large, black crow wings but they vanished before you could get a particularly good look since you were burying your face on her. "Doin' better?"

You maintain your deathly grip on her as you carefully pull back your head enough to peak around you and make sure you are properly on the ground and landed, "yeah sure thanks." You thank her properly in a small voice as you slowly attempt to get your feet underneath you, but still maintain your closeness to the now comforting presence of the Hatate.

"It's gonna be a bit of a walk, but we've got time to spare. Tenma isn't going to call for you just yet, plus she can just call me if she wants to know where you are." She flips open a yellow and orange cell phone with a heart sticker decal on it, checks it for the time, then puts it back. "I oughta warn you right now though, Tenma isn't the only power on this mountain. There's another small group led by a LWKanako, and if that man sold you to us, he could have managed to sell you to that group. We've got Aya talking to them about it, and a few more scouts scouring the landscape for that man. Hopefully we'll catch him before he makes things any more complicated for you than it already is."

The Hatate shakes her head in annoyance as she holds your hand. "I don't get how anyone could be that amoral... 'Course, we're trying to sort things out so you can stay where your house is. This meeting will probably be one part visitation rights, one part Tenma getting a piece of you."

You manage to smile a bit at that, "It seems like most people I meet want a piece of me ma'am." Which is true, but you've managed to make friends with them as well. You've been quite lucky to have met so many wonderful people so far, "But...given what my father has managed I wouldn't be surprised if I was sold to the Kanako as well. Probably for good weather on his journey." You snort at that.

"Yeesh. I hope the bastard gets caught soon. It's gonna be a big enough pain in the rear just making sure that everyone gets their fair share." The Hatate groans as she contemplates that, as you have been sold to two, now three rather large groups with a fourth slightly smaller one extremely likely. "Still, I guess I ought to ask the obvious question. Feel like doing it with me?"

"I certainly couldn't stop you if you wanted to do things with me ma'am." You point out to the Hatate as you adjust your clothing, shifting it into a properly 'exploitable' state and ruffle your hair a bit to give it a properly mussed up appearance, and then look at the Hatate with your best 'exploitable' expression. Rumia and Letty both really got off on this when you did it for them, "But, if you want to, I..."

The Hatate picks you up and kisses you on the lips, since you were pretty much begging her to do that anyway. "You're nice and soft, you know that?" She goes right back to kissing you again.

You allow yourself to lean back into the Hatate as she ravages your lips lovingly, pressing her own soft ones against yours as she cradles you possessively against her body. You let out quiet sounds of approval with each chance you get, the kiss filling you with a pleasant warmth that spreads through your entire body, all the way down to your legs. Through your pants you can feel her body as something in particular prods against her already.

The Hatate notices this and wastes no time in taking your pants off, though you note that she's not wearing anything under that skirt to begin with. She spins around and sits herself down against a tree and shifts you down a bit so you can have easier access to her.

You press your body against the Hatate and push the kiss forward for one more long moment before you pull back and try to get your breath back, "Then ma'am, if you don't mind..." Your hands work to carefully unbutton her shirt and open it up, "I would like to do my best to ensure you feel good." You shift your position on her body and lean down and kiss both of her breasts several times as your hands slide up her body and towards them.

"Geeze, you're a gentleman, aren't you?" Says the Hatate in an amused manner as she simply holds you to her loosely. She certainly seems to enjoy what you're doing so far though!

Your run your hands up and along her stomach, enjoying how smooth and firm it is. She's not muscular and obviously strong like some people you could name, but her body is toned and light like...well, like you'd expect a birds to be. Your hands trail further up her body until your reach her breasts. They're nice handfuls, certainly not bountiful tracks of land but very nice none the less. Gently you start off massaging and kneading them, seeing how she responds to certain kinds of touches before you devote yourself to reducing her to a puddle of pleasure.

The tengu mon moans under your hands, to which she responds by grabbing your rear and kneading that gently. You can tell she's trying to make you feel good too, but she might not be that experienced in the matter.

It's appreciated none the less, which you let her know with a kiss as your hands start to move in a bit more focused manner as you learn just what seems to get her happy and going the best. Apparently she's sensitive all over, but doesn't seem as into nipple play as some of the others you've been in bed with, which is just fine with you because you are enjoying kissing her on the lips rather than anywhere else. So you do it again, leaning down and pecking her on the lips several more times. Kissing is just so much fun!

She then holds the back of your head and decides to kick it up a notch by making the kiss more passionate, complete with judicious use of tongue play. It's not long before she uses her other hand to just push your cock inside her waiting slit, since it's already hot and wet.

You shudder at that as she forces you into her very tight slit. Even with how wet she is it's a tricky fit as she clamps down around your shaft like a vice as you slip into her. Since she seems to want it right here and now though, you do your best to carefully rock your hips back and forward and start to shift yourself deeper and deeper into her with a slow, methodical pace. Your hands keep working on her breasts, rubbing and kneading as you kiss her lovingly and thoroughly.

Hatate helps you along as best she can, and she's making quite the series of happy sounds as you're joined with her up to the hilt. You're a touch curious as to how you're going to move about inside her until she reveals that she's not unlike Aya in her approach to this. Namely, she's focusing on grinding you around inside her as she keeps kissing you.

You shudder at that, the feeling of her inhuman pussy lovingly working you over all on its own is enough to make you almost want to give it up immediately. But you hold on, as you've an obligation as a lover to properly make sure that your partner is satisfied as well. You keep your hands working on her breasts while you shift and grind your hips against her as well as you can, rubbing and grinding about while still not being allowed to pull one inch out of her.

She moves counter your own movements, producing quite the sensation as your shaft is pleasured from tip to base, though it seems like she's almost more sensitive than her peers? Or perhaps has less actual practice with having sex with an adorable shota like you. Regardless, it seems like she's not going to last terribly long either.

You struggle to keep yourself held back for as long as you possibly can, even as you start to lose control of your body from the waves of pleasure washing over you. "Hatate..." You voice is heavy with lust and pleasure as you stare her in the eyes, "I'm going to cum soon..." You tell her, thrusting forward what little you can a few times to emphasize the point as you make sure you're buried as deep as possible into her as you can manage.

She looks to the side, and it's obvious that she's embarrassed. "I'm actually gonna cum soon too." Considering just how much it takes to make a mon cum at times, and how long they can keep going... True to her word though, she cums shortly with a pleased cry and holds you against her tightly as her pussy works you over even harder somehow, wanting to make you join her in basking in mind-numbing pleasure.

You do too. You were barely holding back then but when she kicked it up into overdrive there was no way you could resist. Moaning pitifully you submit to the pleasure and ejaculate, spraying your sticky white stuff into her as your hips buck instinctively, making sure you put it all out into her deepest parts. You pant exhaustedly as you try to support yourself so you're not lying down on the poor Hatate while you both bask in the afterglow.

The Hatate, however, pulls you back down on top of her since she seems to like having your weight on her. "Oh no you don't. I like this waaaaay too much to let you go after just one load~"

"Oh? Oh." You realize as she snuggles you up against her hungrily, "Is that so? Then...what are we gonna do on the ground, ma'am?"

"Have loving, consensual sex until we're too exhausted to move, duh!" She says cheerily. She seems a touch too tight to comfortably thrust in and out of, but she's definitely making up for it by making better use of her pussy. It almost feels like she's attacking your tip more decisively this time.

"Aa-ah!" You shudder with pleasure as she starts to more decisively work you over, "Th-that might not be too long from now if you keep doing stuff like this ma'am..!" You try to control your breathing as she works you over, but you're extra sensitive after having just orgasmed, so it's difficult to hold back from this kind of pleasure. You manage for now, but it won't matter for long.

"It's totally fine! I, like, don't have much stamina myself 'cause this is one of the only times I've had a cute boy like you to fuck silly. Doing this is actually a lot more intensive for me than it looks!" Clearly cumming inside her did a lot for her mood, because she's speaking more casually than before.

"I-I'm very happy for you?" You offer as you grit your teeth, trying to hold out just a little while longer as your hands struggle to do much of anything with her chest. The best you can manage now is a disorganized massaging of her breasts, which she still seems to like at least. Still, it's soon enough that you can't hold back. You moan and bury your face in the crook of her neck as your shaft pulses, sending out your semen into her again as you shudder with ecstasy.

"Oh geeze that feels so nice..." Hatate's practically drooling at this point, and starts working on you again after some rest. True to her word, she can't keep it up to the same degree so it takes longer for her to make you orgasm again.

Long enough for her to reduce you to a drooling puddle of pleasured manflesh at least. You collapse on top of her and just moan and groan pitifully into her neck as you shudder with pleasure, panting and begging for release until it finally happens. You let out a subdued cry of ecstasy as you finish inside of her again, and go back to breathing heavily on top of her. Aaaah...if she wants to keep doing this, can she just roll you both over..?

She does roll the two of you over, pinning you beneath her but it seems like she's exhausting herself at a rate equal to you.

You stare up into the Hatate's eyes as you relax on the cool ground beneath her. Your far gone enough that you don't question the sudden urge you feel in your mind, you just follow it. You reach up and run a hand through her hair, pushing it aside and over her ears as you look into her eyes, "You have very pretty eyes." You compliment.

The Hatate smiles cutely in response to that, and keeps trying to work you over more. "So do you. I bet any kids we have would be really cute. Shame it's so hard to actually make them, even with a cute guy."

You flush bright red at that, "I-me-kids?" You sputter as she works you over, the cold dose of the icy waters of frigid reality crashing down on you being enough to keep you from cumming into her again too quickly, "...Me?" There's no way you could be a parent, is there? I mean, you don't know how to be a parent! You'd...probably just end up like yours."

"Well yeah. You're such a nice, sweet guy that..." The Hatate sighs, deflating just a tad. "Sorry, that's a lot to drop on you, huh? Don't worry though, we have to really try to get pregnant, and, well, it takes work to have a partner who can keep up with us long enough for that to happen."

"I...I'm not saying no, it's just..." You try to soothe the Hatate's feelings as you put your arms up and around her, "I don't think I would make a good father." You have to admit that much. You don't think you would. You don't know the first thing about fathering. It's probably really complicated and hard and not something you could do.

She kisses you on the lips to shut you up, then pulls back to talk again. "I don't think being a parent is something you can prepare for. Even if you were taught how, it might not mean much. At least, that's what Momiji told me."

"I see." You respond thoughtfully, slowly becoming yet again away of the Hatate's tender ministrations on you as she gently soothes you worries, "You're both very nice people you know. You've been the only ones who seemed to care much about me while I was taken."

"That's tengu society for you, structured to the point where we all look uptight. Part of it was for your own good. You know pretty much every tengu mon on this mountain wanted a piece of you, right?"

"I think every touhoumon I've met who wasn't tamed has wanted a piece of me." You point out, "...actually, some of the tamed ones too. That Yuugi said as much, I think." It's a curse you must bear, you suppose.

The Hatate nods as she manages to wring another orgasm out of you and herself, and pants heavily for a minute or two as she recovers. "I'll be blunt, you totally don't have the stamina to go through the orgy you'd be stuck in, and in mating season the white wolf tengu mons fuck like Reisen. They literally would not let you go until that season subsides."

"A-ah..." You pant exhaustedly underneath her as you blearily stare up at where you are reasonably sure her face is. Or you may be staring at her tits, they're pretty distracting too. "I see your points." You admit to her, "I have been trying to get stronger, but I always seem to be stuck this weak."

"Don't worry about it~ Training takes time, and you've got plenty of it, plus lots of willing partners to help you~" She points out, even as she tries to work you over again in a much more tired manner.

You cuddle up against the Hatate, running your hands along her back and rubbing it in soothing motions. She's such a nice lady. All of the ladies you meet are nice ladies. You're so lucky to be where you are now, and to have gotten out of Metro City. Some people are stuck in that place their entire lives, you realize. You don't have the will to resist anymore, so you just let out a low moan as you cum into Hatate yet again and feel you fill her up even more.

"You have no idea how nice this feels...~" Hatate seems to be stuck in ecstasy as you fill her up that time, and she practically collapses on you while hugging you as best she can. She doesn't let you go, but she keeps you inside her tight womanhood.

You just hug her right back, "I can't imagine it feels better than how you're making me feel..." You respond breathlessly as you hold her, nuzzling up against the mon and allowing yourself to simply relax and lay down without being endlessly pleasured. Relaxing as you are, you take in the chance to breath in the crisp outer air. Today is looking up.
 No. 32235
Damn, you guys.

I'm enjoying these updates too much. They're rather well done.
 No. 32236
Very nice. Actually both are very nice, and for the tengu since they fly around with him so much, I wonder if they'll decide on some sort of harness for him to be carried in while flying?

Are they the only ones who can fly or can other touhoumon fly as well?

And will we get to see an Eientei attempt to get in on the action?
 No. 32237
File 137776115455.jpg - (179.61KB, 660x809, teenagetengu.jpg) [iqdb]
For how Hatate was modest, the picture could have been better chosen.

This might reflect her size better.

Not a complaint but a piece of advice for the future.
 No. 32239

Probably not. One of the forest mon is a Reisen after all.
 No. 32340
File 137867402375.png - (862.99KB, 752x1062, Somewhat unrelated.png) [iqdb]
You feel a vague echo of pain from that last blow to your head, especially since Costello outright launched you away with that one. You're not even sure how that happened, but you are pretty sure that multiple parties are going to be annoyed with you.

It's also enough to keep you from thinking straight, which should annoy you but you can't quite put enough thought into it to stay annoyed for more than a few seconds. Plus you feel something warm and soft. You should focus on that.

...It's exceptionally soft and fluffy too. You snuggle up to it because it feels so nice.

Ah, soft, fluffy and warm...? That reminds you of...

...You can't resist it. As you sit in the Ran's comfortable little waiting room after that exercise you can't resist the temptation of that soft, fluffy tail that's tickling you and waggling oh so temptingly just within arms reach. It's too much for you or any man to resist. Or woman for that matter. It's like your mother always told you, if you want something just reach out and take it.

Look at that Ran, that smug smiling of her's telling you that she knows exactly how much you want to touch her soft, fluffy tail and run your hands through it. Well, why don't you show her how much then?

You stroke and pet the tail you're hugging to your body, since that's what it's there for. You just keep lying there doing exactly that since you don't think there's anything else that's relevant right now.

"Oh my, are you already so enraptured with my tail?" The Ran asks you, a smile on her face as you snuggle up and cuddle with the soft, fluffy appendage. It's so soft and warm now, it's even more amazing than when she was using them to hold you or she'd gotten them under your clothes before. You just want to stay like this now, cuddled up with a fluffy tail. "I'm proud of how well I take care of them, but...are you perhaps a tail fetishist?"

Truly you lived a deprived childhood then, for her tail is so fluffy and warm that you cannot help but wonder how magical your childhood could have been had you had access to one more of your life. Imagine, sleeping in a bed of fluffy tails.

"My, well if you like one of them so much..." The Ran trails off as her tails grow and stretch in your direction, winding around you and binding you up in their soft, fluffy embrace as you are drawn closer to the Ran, more of her tails winding around you as you go, "Then why don't we have some fun together, hm?" She offers you, her eyes glowing temptingly in the light, "If you just say yes, I promise you you'll have all the tail you can handle..."

You blush when she wraps you up like that, and can't find it in you to say no. "Yes, please!"

Her tails slowly wind around your limbs, binding them in her soft, gentle and oh so loving embrace as they tighten up around them, taking away all your freedom of movement and leaving you completely defenseless to her. That only took her four of her nine tails, and the other five are looming over you oh so menacingly. Two of them descend and start to work on you, tickling you with light touches before they...start to take off your clothes!

You blush, but don't resist this at all. Given how you enjoyed being rubbed all over before, this is probably the prelude to her doing something similar.

The tails quickly work along you, stripping off your clothing in a quick, efficient and oh so teasing manner and tossing it aside. She holds you up into the air as she takes off your pants in one fell swoop, revealing the heart boxers Ruukoto got you for your last birthday to her. She just looks decidedly amused and gives you a questioning look.

"It was a gift." You say simply and in a decidedly embarrassed manner.

"Oh yes, I'm sure it was. From someone who knew their stuff..." The Ran comments as she reaches up with one finger and pulls down on your waistband, peering into your pants as she continues to explain, "You see, these boxers are the visual equivalent of hanging a neon sign around your neck and begging a touhoumon to break you in. Hearts of this shade on a white back ground appeal to most of us, for some reason." Her tongue pocks out and runs along her lips.

You're not quite sure what to say about that, really. "That's... not something I would have guessed myself." You admit, feeling a touch flustered when the Ran points that out to you.

"Oh yes, though..." The Ran reaches into your pants and gives that a squeeze, "With this, I'd imagine you don't really need much advertising besides that, hm? I'd wondered why you weren't wearing those shorts that are so popular with boys your age these days. They'd be too tight for you, wouldn't they?

You moan a bit as she squeezes you, and you didn't quite notice when that decided to make itself known. "I tried those on once, and you're right. I needed a bit more room..."

"Oh I can see that much myself." The Ran assures you as she takes your boxers and tosses them away from her, sending them flying into the pile that the rest of your clothes are sitting in, "Now, let's see...what should I do to you?"

"Oh, I have just the idea!" The Ran states enthusiastically as her tails descend on you. The four binding you remain tight and controlling as the remaining five begin to roam all over your body and rub you sensuously and teasingly, her fluffy fair both tickling you and tickling your fancy.

You're honestly torn between moaning and laughing with the way Ran's tails keep rubbing you, but you lean more toward the former of the two considering that she's got that kind of intent.

Her tails pull you closer to her and you find your bound form pressed up against her body as her tails continue their maliciously pleasurable assault on you and weaken you from the suppressed giggles. Reaching up with one hand she strokes your cheek before pulling you in and delivering a single, simple kiss to your lips that does more to get you aroused than even being molested by her tails has.

You're not completely surprised by her actions, though you do make a muffled sound as she starts to kiss you. It takes a few minutes, but you actually start to kiss back as your mind fogs over with pleasure, even trying to get her to kiss more passionately.

The Ran kisses you back with equal passion, lovingly allowing your lips to mesh against one another as you feel soft and warm in her embrace and...ah? What's this? You glance down on instinct and find your whole body bound up in her tails that are slowly winding up to your head now.

...Oooooooooooh. You've...ah, read about this.

"You don't mind if I take a drink, do you?" She asks as her tails wrap around your mouth and down and keep you from responding, "Just speak up if you do." She teases you as they slowly wind up higher and block out your view, consuming you completely in the fluffly prison you're in. You're trapped in a cocoon of her tails as you feels them begin to pulse and shift around you and tender waves of pleasure begin to wash over your body. She's...already starting?

You don't say anything, but given how she's wrapped you up like this she probably didn't have any intention of letting you do so! You simply moan as you relax into her tails, letting the Ran do as she pleases.

The Ran continues, her tails pulsing around you as she starts to drain you of energy and feed it into herself. Those luxiously soft tails are rubbing all around you now, rubbing and squeezing down on you as you find yourself filled with delirious happiness at your circumstances. It feels so good, especially when those tails rub agains tand tease your shaft like they are right now.

You actually unconsciously buck your hips into those tails because you can't even consider doing anything else. Nor can you actually do anything else either because you're so bound up that you can't move an inch.

The tails continue to move on you, moving in a wavy motion that applies pressure on all the right parts of you as it begins to 'chew' on you, draining more energy out of you that you...you...you feel so good that you just relax as the most relaxed orgasm you've ever felt hits you, and you shoot semen out onto her soft, fluffy tails. From outside of her tails you can hear her chuckle at that.

You sigh with utter contentment after you cum in her tails, and can't find it in you to even move. Not that you want to, she feels amazing and you'd want to stay trapped in her tails for a long time if you could.

The Ran's tails continue to tease you quite contently as you feel the tip of one wrap around your shaft and begin to stroke it slowly as another runs playfully along your rear and a third rubs along your lips temptingly.

You open your mouth and gasp as you feel the Ran start to take playing with your cock a bit more seriously, and it doesn't help that your rear is reasonably sensitive too. Between those two points the tail could invade your mouth easily.

The Ran's tail slips into your mouth, invading it with her fluffy softness in a way that leaves you even weaker in her embrace. "My, are you enjoying this? I thought only girls would like this sort of thing..." The Ran taunts you from outside of her tails as you feel the one playing along your rear start to circle and and tease your sensitive rear exit, tickling and teasing there as you feel a dawning realization of what she might be planning, even as you enjoy her stroking you off with her furry tail that's getting mess ywith your juices.

You somehow blush harder despite feeling pretty hot in the cheeks before, and you note that you couldn't do anything to stop her anyway now that you can't even talk. Admittedly, you think a girl probably would be more suited to this whole 'invasion' bit.

As you feel her tail press forward you get the sensation of a wet tongue running along your shaft and licking it clean before a warm mouth wraps around it and bobs up and down and wait-what...?

You make a large number of confused, muffled sounds as you notice this strange but pleasant sensation on your cock, though admittedly it's starting to become too much for you to bear.

You are in a decidedly white and sterile looking room that you realize belongs, most likely, to a human hospital of some sort. You are currently lying down in a bed with an IV drip in your arm, looking down you see...

 No. 32356
File 137886201627.png - (756.51KB, 600x800, Kappa sex.png) [iqdb]
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, a mighty fine young man with some mighty fine friends and some even mightier problems. Your life got flipturned upside down when your father, who you hadn't seen up until then, came to you in Metro City and tried to bring you to the New Continent. Your mother agreed with his proposal and off you went. To make a long story short a lot of things happened, you made some new friends, found out your father was a jerk and your mother never loved you and have gotten sold to a powerful touhoumon for the third time! Currently you are relaxing in the arms of this nice Hatate as the both of you lie down together on the grass. You've cuddled your head up against her bosom and are relaxing to the calming, soothing sound of her heartbeat.

There's no way today could go wrong.

The Hatate happens to be groping your rear as well, and is content to lay there happily until she notices someone approaching. "Oh great." She says in a less than amused tone.

Looking in the direction she's looking, you see a curious mon with a blue outfit with quite a few pockets in it, a large green backpack and matching cap, deep blue eyes, and blue hair tied off into twintails. One of her more distinguishing features is that she has a weird set of straps that hold a key between her breasts, but are done up in such a way to emphasize her chest.

You consider the touhoumon warily. You do remember that Nitori's weren't too rare in Metro City, so you've seen them before today. Still, something about this one...

...call it a gut instinct, but something about her is setting you on edge. Like you can feel a sort of pressure off of her that's making you nervous.

"Hey there! Cute kid you've got there, Hatate." She's talking to the tengu but is clearly checking you out. It probably doesn't help that you once again smell of sex and are out in the open.

"I'm not giving him up, Nitori. Go get your own." Hatate replies in a decidedly annoyed manner. It's possible the two aren't that friendly with one another.

You remain cuddled into Hatate, watching the both of them as the aggression in the air begins to grow. You eye the Nitori with all the subtlety you can manage and try to figure out just why she's setting off your instincts like this. None of your touhoumon friends make you feel like this, at least as far as you can remember. But, you're certain you've felt this way before...

"You suuuure~?" The Nitori sets her backpack down and turns around so she can go through it, giving you a good view of her ass. Hatate just raises an eyebrow. "I'm pretty sure I've got something you wouldn't want to have just thrown out there..."

"Blackmail, seriously?" The Hatate seems rather appalled by what the Nitori is suggesting, and you can tell that the kappa mon might not have the most sensible mind if she's threatening someone who could dig up dirt on her right now if she felt like it.

...What kind of things could a Nitori have on a Hatate? I mean, you remember from your lessons that out of the two of them you'd think it'd be pretty obvious the Hatate could get the most vicious and nasty of all blackmail more easily, and a Nitori should be smart enough to know that. So, either she's bluffing...or she's got something completely insane on Hatate.

"Yup~" Says the kappa, who's now holding up a... what is that anyway? Almost looks like a box of some sort.

"...And?" Says the Hatate, clearly unimpressed with what's been presented.

The Nitori opens said box and takes out a... wow. How'd Hatate even manage that? Is she a tentacle fetishist or something?

Said Hatate just starts to make a small, strangled sound in her throat as the Nitori brings those self-photos to light.

Ah, that would explain at least a part of the bad feeling. Unlike your friends, it would appear that this Nitori is a big, tremendous, superjerk. "...Hey." You speak up, working up your courage even as a part of your mind still feels nervous of this Nitori, as if there's a part you're still missing, "You big, dumb...jerk." You declare, pulling out your most vicious and mad burn skills as you sit up right and put on your meanest expression you can.

"I'm what you want, right? So how about you leave Hatate out of this? If you get rid of those...things. I'll go with you quietly." You put on your most dire of expressions, "If you don't, I'll be super passive aggressive with your boss when I meet her and then let on that the reason I'm so hesitant to do anything with this mountain and its inhabitants is because of you."

What sort of a person have you become, being so willing to use such harsh tactics?

Hatate raises an eyebrow, and Nitori starts off looking smug but makes an 'urk' sound when you bring up Tenma, albeit not by name. Still... "If I knew you would come quietly, I wouldn't have bothered with this!" Says the Nitori, happily tossing the thankfully closed box to Hatate, who catches it one-handed.

"Dangit, I was hoping I could, like, dig something up on her that's even worse, but I guess this works too." Hatate doesn't seem to happy about losing you to the Nitori, but at the same time she must feel like there's not much else for her to do but accept it. "Hey, ass fetishist! Tenma's going to want Wilheim within two hours. If he's not there, it's your ass on the line."

"You don't think much of me at all, do you." Says the Nitori in a flat tone. "It's kind of annoying to have that dropped on me, but eh. I'll make sure he's presentable and not use him too much."

You cross your arms and make sure to look dreadfully put upon over how this Nitori is talking about you. How rude, you're right here and you're a thinking being, after all. You turn your attention back to Hatate and put a much nicer face on, "Miss Hatate, thank you. For taking me outside, and for being so sweet. I appreciate it."

The Hatate ruffles your hair in response. "Don't worry about it. I got what I wanted out of our meeting too. Feel free to ask for me if you want to have sex with me again, I'm sure I can work and fuck at the same time~"

"Yeah, you've got about a dozen pics of a few Mermaid variants having their way with you while you're working on surveillance." The Nitori says while scooping you up in her arms. Kinda weird that she's not bothering with some kind of machine though.

Man, this Nitori is kind of a jerk, isn't she? Still, you're bound to cooperate by your word and honor, and unlike your father you take it very, very seriously. Which means your only option is to sit in her arms and wait for whatever she has planned for you.

"Anyway, see you later, Ms. Insatiable!" Says the Nitori happily as she makes her way over to the river and jumps into it. Your only warning to her doing this is the fact that she's purposely giving you a chance to see for yourself.

You tense in realization as she does so and take the chance to take in a final gasp of air to hopefully tide you over while you're in the water. You're...reasonably confident she won't let you drown or anything. It would probably get her in trouble with her boss, plus you're pretty sure if you died on their lands that would probably make Reisen and Satori pretty mad.

Not that you have long to worry about that, as she seems to take no time at all in finding some place to surface that's not the surface of the river itself, but rather... It looks like you're in some kind of workshop or lab, one with a rather large number of contraptions all over the place in various stages of completion.

You glance around the room and the state of disorganization it is in. Your keen eye for proper organization can pick up that this Chaos is not even an organized chaos. It's just a regular chaos that would make it impossible to find anything in a timely manner. "Do you not usually have guests?" You ask curiously. You certainly wouldn't have guests over if your room was in this shape.

"Aside from other Nitori, not really. I mean, I don't want stray hair or feathers getting into my inventions. It might make them malfunction or blow up." The Nitori explains as she sets you down on a relatively comfortable chair.

"I see." You respond simply, sitting in the chair and crossing one leg over the other as you stare at the monster who blackmailed your new friend and carried you off, "I suppose that means you're not a cat person then, huh?"

"Not. At. All." Says the Nitori as she starts to decide which of those unholy contraptions she was going to strap you to. ...You notice that a lot of them seem to be designed with ass play in mind. "Don't tell me you've got a thing for cat mons."

"I don't particularly care what any person is born as, as long as they're nice people." You respond simply, trying not to look at the numerous, intimidating machines too much and focusing instead on happier thoughts from before, "What matters about a person is how they treat others and why, not what they look like." After all, a slime can be an amazingly compassionate and friendly person and a vanilla mon can be a tremendous jerk!

The Nitori looks at you while raising an eyebrow. "Are you real?"

"I'm here, aren't I?" You respond right back, staring her right in the yes as you raise one eyebrow of your own.

"Yeah, but that's not what I'd expect to hear from a human."

"And I wouldn't have expected to hear about a Nitori trying to blackmail a tengu." You counter, maintaining your strong back and steady gaze as well as you can, "I guess today is a learning experience for the both of us then, isn't it?

"Eh, fair enough. It's not like that Hatate's antics are that well-kept a secret anyway." She finally picks out a rather odd contraption that looks like it's designed to strip and molest someone almost exactly your size. Not content with a near-match, the Nitori takes out a strip of measuring tape and starts to take various measurements.

You sit stock still, cooperating as you are bound to by your word. This is probably going to be...unpleasant. You are getting reminded more and more of your trips to that inexpensive clinic that your mother preferred. So much cold metal...

"Juuuust a minute or two..." The Nitori completely ignores your discomfort and sets to work adjusting the machine in question. "Speaking of which, there are actually Mermaid variants hanging around that idiotic shrine at the top of the mountain. Some of them are those weird tentacle-y versions though."

"Oh? I see. What are mermaid variants doing at a shrine? You would think only god and shrine maiden variants would exist in such a place." You delicately prob for information that could be useful to you, as given the current track record you figure that your father probably sold you to them too.

"Beats me. You've got a shrine next to a lake and a mon breed that's good with water. You're probably going to see some Water Stones or something at the very least." The Nitori finishes up, picks you up, and sets you onto the contraption. It's a tight, but oddly comfortable fit. "A cousin or two of mine know where to find the specific evolutionary item too."

Well, at least it isn't as horribly, horribly cold as that Eirin's contraption was. So cold...

"Oh? I see. I'd heard that evolutionary stones were actually disdained by wild touhoumon." You respond, remembering that little tidbit from your public education. Then again, they've been wrong plenty of times before, so why wouldn't they be this time.

The Nitori looks at you while making sure that everything's in place. "It's kind of complicated. Yeah, some of our kind are uncomfortable with the fact that a glowing rock can make us mutate into something else without warning or consent, but the bigger problem is that some trainers are thoughtless megatwats who don't care about consent when it comes to their mon's evolution." The kappa mon goes into a full-blown light explanation. "Setting all that aside, sometimes mons actually want to evolve a specific way and a stone is a good way to do it. Sometimes the results don't wind up being what you'd expect, but hey."

"I see." You respond thoughtfully to her statement. So, that's why stones are said to be unpopular. It's because of the risk they pose to touhoumon and how some trainers will just evolve a touhoumon without their permission or even a thought to what they want, "...I had thought that evolutionary stones were predictable though. Like, a water stone should lead to a beach variant...shouldn't it?" You wonder, "...but if that was the case, where would Mermaid variants come in?"

The Nitori starts the machine and watches it strip you swiftly. "They're predictable only insofar as you know the specific conditions required to get a specific evolution. Take Gel variants for example. Those require a slime type, the mon who wants to evolve, high happiness, a full moon, and being at the bottom of some body of water. Simultaneously."

"...A Gel variant?" You ask curiously, far too intrigued by scientific interest in new and unknown things than you are with the perfectly mundane fact that someone is stripping you with lewd intentions, "I've never heard of one of those before, and I'm from Metro City. We have more Slime touhoumon than we have rats." Mostly because Slime Touhoumon probably eat the rats, but still.

"That's because Slime variants convert what they can mob rather than let them evolve into something else." The Nitori strokes you up, but oddly enough she's just measuring your cock. "Geeze. I'm gonna need some lube." With that non-sequitur out of the way... "Anyway, Gels are pretty recent and apparently the first one was discovered totally by accident. Apparently some Slime Ran was busy having sex with a Sanae underwater..." She sounds remarkably 'how batshit crazy would you have to be to risk conversion and drowning just to have kinky sex'? "...and the two just happened to settle down over an active Water Stone with the conditions I spelled out and bam!" She slams her fist into her open palm for emphasis. "Suddenly you've got this translucent, teal-green Sanae fucking the SlRan."

"Weirdest part is that the Sanae picked up the Water type rather than the Poison type, and apparently she can emulate different liquids rather than different poisons. Plus, apparently she's able to directly convert water into body mass."

"...Sweet Shinki how horrifying." You respond, thinking of what that means. At the very least Gel types must be exceedingly rare. That's something to keep you calm at least, "What is their temperament like? Are they like Slime types? Do they have the same sort of abilities and body shenanigans? Do they still capture naive, innocent folk and make them drown in pleasure for eternity-oh wait that's a touhoumon thing in general, sorry." You apologize.

"More intelligent, actually. Slimes are normally animistic but Gels? Those start off smart as their old selves, but that could just be this instance. Nowhere near as smart as my kind, but eh. If Gels can't convert mons than we shouldn't have a problem." The Nitori makes a final adjustment and slips your erect cock into a strangely ordinary looking sex toy designed for boys... at least until it hits the inside. There's a cool, oddly soothing lube inside of it, one that happens to be conforming to your cock. The Nitori continues in a grudging tone. "I will say that I'm really interested in what her gel can do though, so I'm using a bit of that GelSanae as lube. Since she can regenerate so quickly in water, it's not an issue if she gives out some."

You gasp and shudder, feeling the odd sensation of the gel shifting around your shaft. It's very firm and nowhere near as gooey and sticky as Slime Ran's body was. It feels...you'd say the closest thing you can think of is more like her entire thing is more like the membrane, it's more solid than the slime you've felt before. You let out a relaxed sigh as the gel shifts and conforms to your penis, taking on a shape that leaves you completely defenseless as it urges your body's instincts to submit.

"Wow, that took no time at all. Are you pre-broken or something?" She asks in an amused tone as she watches your expression as the gel starts to work you over. It seems like the cylinder wasn't really meant to do more than hold the gel that would be doing the real work.

"Are you-" You try to keep speaking even as the gel begins to firmly massage and stroke your shaft, like three hands working it over all at once while something else gently plays with the tip, "Are you joking...?" You have to ask her, managing to sound incredulous despite all the pleasure in your voice, "Of course I am. I would have though...that'd be old news by now."

"It's one thing to hear something, and another to actually see it for yourself. I mean, what mon in their right mind would let a domesticated human go?"

You girt your teeth at that, feeling your temper flare up at the way she's talking about you. After hearing it from your friends how you're not just a pet or toy to them, being called a domesticated human like this, and with her looking at you like she is...

It's kind of pissing you off. You hold back the instinctive desire to submit now, focusing your attention on resisting the pleasure as you focus all your ire at the way you've been treated so regularly and how you feel about it onto this Nitori, "One who's a better person to you." You state.

The Nitori snorts. "Either that or an idealistic fool." Seems like her opinion's not going to change without some effort.

You just glower at the Nitori. You might be bound to allow her to do what she will by your word, but damn if you'll enjoy it now. She just managed to activate your sassiness trap card, and has unleashed the full force of your passive aggressive fury. You definitely won't even cook her anything for the morning after.

At least not anything too special.

"Can we just get on with this then?" You ask he Nitori, just wanting this whole thing to be over with. Just...why can't she just fuck you a bunch until you give her what she wants so you can leave?

"You're eager~" She teases as she continues to let the gel work you over. It seems like she can't control it directly, so she instead starts to kiss you on the lip, quickly slipping her tongue into your mouth to get more out of the action.

You let out a muffled sound as she takes your lips and then forces her tongue into your mouth. You're bound by your word to cooperate, and your instincts urge you to reciprocate, but...slowly you oblige her, responding just enough to her tongue with yours to get your way out of this deal and not have to worry about her getting too suspicious of you breaking your word, as you aren't breaking your word at all. Plus...some of these machines make you nervous.

Not that she seems to notice or care, as she starts to make out with you more thoroughly while the gel starts to flat-out milk your cock.

You suppress your desire to moan with pleasure as the gel begins to work in earnest, moving in strong, powerful, waving strokes as it milks your shaft. You can feel whatever it is working on your tip wrap around it like a pair of lips and begin to 'suck' on you while Nitori assaults your mouth with her tongue. You just close your eyes and try to hold on a little bit longer, but this gel is...it seems to naturally know exactly how to stroke you!

Which makes you wonder what'll happen if you ever run into that GelSanae. If a disconnected blob of her feels this good...

That is...something you probably shouldn't be thinking about while you're trying to hold out on cumming for as long as you can so this Nitori can't gloat about it. Something about the idea of letting her win just makes you angry. Even so, you have to admit that this Nitori is...a decidedly good kisser. Very good use of tongue and positioning to establish her dominance in the kiss, but not needlessly keep you from reciprocating.

Now, if only she wasn't a jerk...

Perhaps it's not too surprising, if she normally lets her machines take care of making her victims cum. She hugs you without pinning your arms as she continues kissing you thoroughly while grabbing your ass. ...Right, Nitori like that kind of thing, don't they?

And you've a fondness for having your ass grabbed yourself. You can't hold back anymore, and with a strangled, quiet noise you cum into the odd gel-based contraption, spilling out your semen into it in several thick loads.

The gel absorbs your cum with something resembling quivering enthusiasm, and the total mass spreads out onto your crotch. Is it using your semen to grow like normal slimes? Doesn't it lack a core?

The Nitori stops kissing you to observe this phenomena. "That's interesting... I guess it has some instinct built in."

You stare down at the mass of gel that sits on your crotch now, feeling a bit nervous all of a sudden, "But...isn't that supposed to be impossible without a core?" You ask, comparing them to slimes again. Slimes need to use their cores to generate more of their slime, and for most everything else. Any nutrients are filtered into it by the rest of its body, after all. I mean, there's no way a gel could be an entire core on its own.


"Weeeeeeell..." The Nitori starts talking, already sounding unsure of herself. "Gels are kinda like the total opposite of Slimes for the most part, right down to composition. In fact, Gels don't even create cores, they just use their mass as their brain."

"...Sweet Shinki how horrifying." You state, staring down at the shifting mass of gel. What other sorts of terrible abilities would a gel have over a slime? Well, at least there must also certainly be weaknesses in it as well, it feels as if the Gel is less flexible than the slime was, so perhaps it loses out on some of the Slime types more non-standard combat abilities.

...You kind of want this gel to be off of you though, given how efficiently it managed to use the semen you gave it to increase its mass. You're a bit nervous that it'll start sucking you dry and then subsume you into itself.


"...If Gels use their mass as their brain..." You start off, looking down at the mass, "Doesn't that mean that even with that chunk of her separated from her, it's still intelligent?"

The Nitori just stares at you, blushing an increasingly deep crimson red as she has something brought to her attention that she might not have thought about before. "...Crap."

"...I don't suppose you could remove it from me and contain it, could you?" You ask of the Nitori as you work to remain calm. A variant you know nothing about that is capable of doubling its apparent mass from just one orgasm from you? No, no reason to panic at all.

"I could try!" Says the kappa with enthusiasm as she pulls the container off your cock... "Wow, it's elastic to a degree, but...!" She puts a bit more force into her pull, making the gel strain against your cock to keep it inside itself for a few moments before losing grip. The Nitori quickly seals it up inside a modified fish tank, where it slides around dejectedly.

"Makes me wonder if Gels can tank special attacks. They don't seem like they can tank physical attacks that well." Despite the lapse in judgement and composure, the Nitori's in a relaxed state after sealing the Gel up.

"Hmmm...I wonder what that would mean, since it takes a willing person and a willing slime to create a gel type...does that mean that a Slime and Gel pairing would be comparatively common for Gel sightings?" You ask curiously. Thinking about it, if Gels looked enough like slimes...then a trainer or touhoumon might not know how to fight them or to treat them differently, and that's already dangerous enough with slime types. Imagine what would happen if a Slime and Gel worked together...

"They might, and that's what I was planning on looking into later. ...Actuallly." She looks you over and licks her lips. "If Gels can grow complete bodies just by absorbing semen, then I ought to just keep milking you and give it to the Gel without you being attached to it. It'll save me some time research-wise."

"I agreed to come with you, so..." You just sit back in your seat, "Do what you will, ma'am." At least she's not being a jerk right now, now that she's more interested in SCIENCE. That's a good bit of info to keep in mind.

Rather than hook you up to anything else, she strips naked and mounts you herself, rubbing her wet pussy on your wet, hard cock.

You remain seated as you were, shifting only to allow her to grind her slit against your shaft more easily. She's amazingly wet already though, practically dripping it down her legs now even though you've yet to do much of anything with her. Ordinarily, you'd feel like you should be teasing her up and pleasing her more, but...

"Now then<3" You can hear the heart in her voice as she slips you inside her up to the hilt, and the machine moves in tandem to slip something wet and hard up your back door. "I can't quite deny the appeal and value of shotas taking it up the ass."

You can't hold back you cry that time, bucking up into her as something forces its way into your rear exit and stuffs you full there without even as much as a bit of warning. Th-this is decidedly unpleasant, even if it feels a little bit good!

"That's the look I love to see~" The Nitori starts to ride you and kiss you passionately simultaneously as whatever she's got up your ass starts to thrust a bit. Funnily enough, that's somehow managed to make her hornier than she already was!

You squint your eyes shut as your rear is violated forcefully, whatever's back there starting to pound away at your delicate rear and poke at your prostate already while the Nitori rides you in time to its thrusts, forcing you up into her as she comes down and driving you all the way deep into her slit. You try to keep a hold in on your sounds of pleasure and misery, but they still manage to slip out of you in whines.

Considering how this seems to be her fetish, you get the impression that she won't let you go anytime soon, so you're forced to endure it while she dominates and humiliates you.

Thankfully there's no one else here to see this, right?

Your eyes open up and slide their attention over to the tank containing the Gel Sanae piece. W-well, at least it's not someone who'll get out and spread this all around, right? I mean, you don't mind kinky sex games so much, but this Nitori is being a big jerk about this. If she'd just asked you'd have done probably anything..!

You let out another whimper as the thing in your ass dives in all the way, pressing right up against your prostate and rubbing against it, making tears leak out of your eyes as you try to hold back the pressure. Between her wet, slippery vagina and this extreme anal play, you're already getting pushed pretty far!

"You can't resist this at all, can you~?" She pulls away from the kiss and taunts you before driving you deep inside her to grind your cock against her pleasurable inner walls. "Go ahead and cum a lot, that Gel needs to form a new body~"

You grit your teeth, and even through your teary eyes you stare her down as you hold back your orgasm through sheer force of will. If she wants something from you when she's being a super huge jerk about it and not giving you time to ready your rear, then she'll have to force it out of you!

Taking your response as the issue of challenge it is, she wraps her legs around your waist tightly to make sure you can't so much as twitch away from her... and cums hard. Now her pussy's working overdrive to force you over the edge as well!

Your instincts, drilled into you by being sexed up countless times, won't let you hold back any longer. Which is good, because it feels too good for you to hold back anyway. You grit your teeth even so, your body twitching and shivering as you orgasm with her, pouring your virile seed out into the Nitori as you pump several thick loads of cum into her waiting slit.

The Nitori visibly relaxes once you've cum inside her, and you can feel the machine slide out of your ass as well as the kappa mon get off you. "That was a good load, definitely enough to start for now. I don't want to wring you dry since Tenma will never let me hear the end of it if I do that right before you're supposed to meet her."
 No. 32357
You try not to pant too heavily at the Nitori as you recover yourself. Finally, in a fit of ill-thought out and frustration spawned fit of fury, you get up out of your chair and point at the Nitori, "You," You call her out on her behavior, "Are kind of a jerk! Seriously? I mean, come on. I get that apparently I'm a fine meal with wine to touhoumon for whatever reason, but you didn't have to do that to Hatate, who was super nice and got me out of that darn boring gray room and took me outside!"

Your fury holds no limits as you unload your verbal beat down onto her, "More over, you scared me by jumping into the river like you did on purpose like you did, which in hindsight was probably funny if it wasn't happening to me!" You continue unabated, "And then you go and just JAM IT INTO MY REAR!" You raise your voice to what is above polite inside tones, "Why didn't you just ask!? Or warn me or maybe do a bit of teasing to loosen it up first? That hurt!"

"And do you know what makes it worse?" You asks her, feeling your steam boiling down, "...It's that you're actually a really cute and fun person to talk to when you're not being a jerk. Watching your face light up when you talked about science was super cute, and you explained things in a way that made sense to me without trying to hide stuff from me or obfuscate inconvenient facts."

"Also, for your future information, I actually enjoy assplay." You stare her down, "Just do some warm ups first."

...Yeah, that's about it for you. You said what you needed to say.

"Well duh, I am a jerk." That was the first thing out of her mouth after you get done with your rant. "I will take note of the warm-up thing though, I thought using a decent lube would be all it would take. That actually was my bad." She proceeds to take a warm, wet towel and cleans your sex juice-drenched cock while you're still bound up, dries it, then has the machine put your clothes back on before releasing you. "And of course I wouldn't use overly complicated terms, there's no point. It's a simple concept to vocalize alternate evolution conditions. Anyway..."

Wait, is that fish tank empty?

"The Gel is gone." You point out, your tone dead serious even as she cleans off your sexed up junk. You know, for all her jerkishness she's at least being pretty politely professional about the after-event part.

"What, seriously?" She looks to the fish tank, then seems to realize something and looks at her legs, noticing that the Gel blob has slipped up her leg and pushed into her pussy to get at the mixture of sex fluids there. "Ack! Bad Gel variant!"

Needless to say, those loads you gave out plus the Nitori's own cum gives it a bit more mass, and it wraps around her waist completely as it pleasures her almost entirely by accident.

You take a split moment to consider just what you should do here. Should you run away and leave the Nitori to her arguably deserved fate for being a huge jerk?

...No, no you shouldn't. It wouldn't be right. Besides, you still have no ideas just what a gel variant is capable of. What if it was like a slime variant and could...do all the things that slime variants are said to do, or stuff even worse than that? "Hang on!" You call out to her and move out of the seat to help her. Chances are this will backfire on your horribly, but it's the gentlemanly thing to do. Let's see...she managed to just grab it and pull away, so maybe you can too!

And backfire it does, as the Gel notices you and wraps around your hands and draws your arms into the mass until your face is flush against Nitori's Gel covered crotch, with your arms forcibly wrapped around her. The Gel starts to slide down your front and resumes attacking your cock with pleasure and great enthusiasm. Apparently she's figured out what you are.

Darn it. You should have just run away while your could. Now your face is buried in a layer of gel and this girls crotch and your arms are wrapped around her.

...Huh. She has a really nice butt. You can tell even with the gel getting in the way of that. Deciding that you're doomed and that she probably owed you anyway, you give her rear a squeeze even as your mouth is pressed even closer to the area the gel is invading of hers. You don't even pay much attention to it as the gel starts to consume your shaft, wrapping it up in its body and pleasuring you intensely. You're just kind of used to being left in a state of endless pleasure at this point.

The Nitori cries out when you grab her ass, but it's not a panicky cry. It's definitely a pleased one, and you... A good look at her pussy reveals that the translucent gel is giving you a clear look at the inside of the Nitori's pussy. Maybe if you ran your tongue on the gel, it'd translate into a sensation inside of her?

Unable to resist between the pleasure and your instincts telling you to reciprocate, you poke your tongue out and into the gel and towards her pussy, intent to pleasure the Nitori and pay her back in full, even as your hands begin to knead and tease her rear intently. She seems to be sensitive to this, somehow.

Whether it's because the Gel is simulating what it's feeling and using it on the Nitori or if it's just because your tongue is pushing the gel around is beyond you, but you do know that it's working given how the Nitori is flat on her back and moaning in your grasp. The Gel around your cock is working you over nicely, and it seems like every time either of you cum the gel gets a bit more mass.

And you feel content to give the gel everything it wants, your hips bucking forward whenever your reach orgasm and letting out a jet of cum into it, happily not even holding back a little. You start to work your tongue deeper into the gel and the Nitori even as you keep squeezing that amazing rear on her, hands working it over eagerly. They're like...peaches?

If the gel minds what you're doing, it's showing no sign of it. In fact, it's starting to probe around for other water sources, and is juuust able to reach the underwater tunnel Nitori brought you in on. It starts to 'drink', and gains mass at a rapid rate.

You pause, for some reason feeling as if you should be more worried about the fact that it's growing so quickly and starting to grow up and around you, quickly consuming you and pulling you deeper into it even as you keep licking the Nitori. Reluctantly, your hands leave the Nitori's ass you you feel the gel out as it grows. Just what is it like...?

It's not the same consistency as a Slime, that's for sure. It's more fluid than a slime, somehow, perhaps a bit thicker as well? Oddly enough, you don't remain fully engulfed by the Gel for long, as it flows around you and takes up a more defined form. You feel and unfamiliar pair of cool arms lift you up, and see a curious GelSanae looking you over. "Hello~" She says happily while commanding part of herself to continue molesting the Nitori.

"...Hello." You greet her back after a moments pause of biting down on your panic instincts. Who knows, maybe she's nice like SlRan was, "How are you doing today, miss?" It's only proper form to ask, after all.

"I'm doing well enough! Sorry about using you as a means to get more of me back to normal, being split into an offshoot piece isn't fun though." She says as she hugs you to her.

...Maybe instead of converting people, Gels simply split to reproduce?

Funny how you haven't heard of more of them then, isn't it? Maybe they don't reproduce much, or it's just extremely rare for them to develop? Who knows. "It's...fine? I mean, it's not like you had a lot of say in the matter at first, since you were stuck in that thing. And besides, I wouldn't want to be stuck like that either, if I could be." You forgive her for that, you suppose. She is a victim of this Nitori being kind of a jerk as much as you were.

The GelSanae nods in response. "It was boring. Uh... Can I keep having sex with you? It feels really good when I have you inside me like this."

"That's not the first time I've heard that one." You respond tiredly before shrugging your acceptance, "Go ahead, I couldn't stop you anyway...and at least you were nice enough to ask first." Besides, it's not like you aren't pretty turned on by what just happened anyway.

The GelSanae proceeds to hug you and keeps fucking you silly, keeping you suspended in her gel as she hums contentedly.

You wrap your arms around the gel's waist, marveling at how different she looks and feels from a slime. You can see straight through her to where your shaft is being rubbed around inside of her, and you can even feel her thighs wrapped around you. Acting to please her, or perhaps you're just curious, you reach up with one hand towards one of her breasts and gently squeeze it, savoring it's yielding yet solid texture. IT seems to you that she does indeed have less immediate flexibility and versatility than a slime does, in terms of how her body acts. However, in exchange she has a more solid body than they do and a more definitive form.

The Sanae moans as you squeeze her breast, and she makes her pleasure known by reaching down and squeezing your ass in turn, enjoying what she was feeling. She practically purrs as she starts to thrust onto your cock, which makes her improved solidity even more apparent because her soft, surprisingly warm womanhood feels like a strange but pleasing halfway point between a Slime and a normal mon.

Confident in the safety of her gel, given that you were just licking that Nitori out through it earlier, you lean forward and run your tongue along her other breast before wrapping your lips around where her nipple should approximately be and gently sucking at it, all while groping and squeezing her other breast with that hand. Your arm circles around her waist and you start to use that leverage to buck up your hips in time with her drops, savoring the feeling of loving each other as you are together. This is so much nicer.

The GelSanae seems to be rather curious about why you're doing that, but is more than happy to let you suck where her nipple should be. Well, where it is now. She seems to have corrected that earlier deficiency and even seems to be leaking a peach-flavored liquid out of it. She even does her best to make sure the both of you reach your respective climaxes simultaneously, which takes some work given how she doesn't know your feel quite that well yet.

You find yourself wondering why touhoumon seem to be flavored for others pleasure. Is it an evolutionary advantage of some kind? Maybe if one tastes good, it can addict a human and get them to stay with them more easily or something? It'd work on you, you have to admit that much. I mean, if you weren't already pretty easy to keep around. As you ponder this line of thought you keep thrusting up into her hungry slit, savoring the solid feeling of where you're joined together and how she has such a unique feeling to her body. You continue to work on her breasts right up until the last moment where you moan into them as you orgasm, pumping thick cum into her as your hips convulse. You pull your mouth off of her breast and leave a string of saliva connecting your mouth and it as you watch your semen settle down into her, curious as to what will happen.

The semen floats up into her and seems to vanish in an anticlimactic manner, though she is trying to tease out a bit more of your essence. While it ultimately didn't do much beyond help you to your orgasm, she did cum as well, drenching you in her juices. "That was fun~"

You wrap your arms around the GelSanae and give her a hug, "I'm happy you enjoyed it ma'am." You respond to her as you give her a bit of a squeeze, enjoying her unique feel in your arms as you hold onto her. You'd be more than happy to give her more if she wanted it from you...if your body will agree and play along.

"I can tell you're enjoying it too, so we can stay like this for a while~" The Gel mon seems more than happy to keep fucking you since you've given her permission to do so, albeit non-verbally. She decides to engulf you from the waist down, though it's a slow process. Once you're inside though, it's like she's rubbing you all over.

It's a very odd feeling, being dragged and held in her like this. It's decidedly different from what SlRan was like. Her movements are far more slow due to her more solid body limiting her options for shifting around to tease you, even so she's also very warm and relaxing to be inside of, leading to you resting your head against her and letting out a happy sigh. This is nice, isn't it?

The GelSanae leans back and lets you lay on her while she continues to please you, though she does opt to try and get you to suckle from her more to keep you hydrated.

Her guiding hands drawing you closer to her full breasts is enough of a hint for you to start doing so again, wrapping your lips around the formed nipple and suckling contently on the liquid within, swallowing it down and savoring her flavor as you relax in her pleasurable hold. She feels so much safer, warmer and...kinder than you expected. You suppose that is because it seems the Gels hold onto more of their original personality and don't have the same predatory bent that Slimes do.

"You know, I wouldn't mind taking you with me to visit my sister at the shrine sometime." Suggests the GelSanae, as she's apparently taken a liking to you.

"I'll...keep that in mind? I don't really know how much of my time is my own anymore." You admit to her, so intimately snuggled up to her that you can't hold back that information, "But, I'd certainly like to see you again. Maybe we can have tea and pie."

"Oh? Well, I should think of a way to let you contact me when you have the time... Oh, or maybe you have a house I can come pick you up at?" She seems rather enthusiastic about working something out, and that translates into an odd jiggling as she continues to hold you inside her.

"Oh yes, I live in that nice little cabin down right by the Great Forest. It's just north of the southernmost point on the New Continent." You try to explain your home's location to her, "Uhm...if this mountain is the one I think it is, it should be a good ways east of here though..."

"Ooooh, that one. I think I've heard of it~ Oh, that also makes you the boy that has a lot of Touhoumon lovers, doesn't it? Your stamina must be pretty godly~" Her enthusiasm hasn't come down a bit despite her figuring that out.

"Ah, well, I try my best. I just don't want anyone to go home unsatisfied or upset, whether it's from my kitchen or from my bedroom." You admit to her the truth of the matter. Really, that's all you want. That's why you'll be willing to, despite your grumbling and sulking about it, put up with whatever Reisen, the Tenma and Satori decide when it comes down to your circumstances.

"Aw, why couldn't you be a boy just wandering up here so I can keep you all to myself..." Apparently she's really impressed with you.

It's about that point Hatate makes her appearance, getting into the lab rather easily and seeing you partially submerged in GelSanae, Nitori being molested thoroughly by said shrine maiden mon, and seems unsurprised by all this. "I guess this explains why Nitori didn't bother to resurface."

"I'm very sorry for the trouble ma'ams." You apologize to both of them. To the GelSanae because she sadly cannot have you all to herself as apparently everyone wants, and to Hatate for all the trouble of having to come find you all the way down here in the Nitori's lair.


Dang, that took some work to break up into two posts coherently.
 No. 32359
too bad there wasn't more happening with Nitori. Sort of a waste to mention her chest and not have it touched.
 No. 32360
Well rather interesting about the GelSanae. Is she able to create aphrodisiacs and drugs like Slime variants or is that something unique to Slimes?

Is there anymore info you can give on Gels in general?

Why is Nitori such a jerk?

As for the GelSanae she mentions her "sister" being at the shrine. Is the sister an ordinary Sanae or a GelSanae as well?
 No. 32361
If the image was any bit accurate, this Nitori might not have much of a chest.
 No. 32362

Weeeell, Nitori being a jerk is an accurate depiction if taking according to Akyuu's writings at least, though said writings are a bit dubious people note.
 No. 32363

Probably a GelSanae. Specifically, the GelSanae that she was split off from.
 No. 32366
A Gelly threesome, nice! It'd be like sticking your dick in warm jelly.
 No. 32369

Actually, Gels aren't able to emulate poisons at all. They're kind of like the 'pure' counterpart to Slime's Poison type.

Gels are almost the opposite of Slimes in terms of what they're meant to do as well. Gels add Water type onto the primary type of their species, and their different composition means that they tank special attacks about as well as Slimes do physical. On the flip side, they can't take physical hits quite as well.

Additionally, Gels can't really slap status effects onto an enemy like a Slime can. Instead their strategy revolves around immobilizing their target and attacking from whatever range their opponent isn't good at.

They're also unable to 'convert' mons into more of their kind like Slimes can, and are actually fairly limited in how they can reproduce. In terms of capturing humans, they tend to favor immobilization just as they would in battle, but since they don't have chemical cocktails to draw on their techniques are better initially. They also have the odd ability to make their secretions taste like fruit, and can oxygenate the liquid they're comprised of to the point where a human trapped inside her doesn't need air from an external source.

On a related note, the lack of chemical cocktails means that a given victim can't be preserved like a Slime would, so said victim will eventually die of old age.

As for GelSanae's sister, it's actually a more normal Sanae. Nothing exotic.

As for Nitori? This one just happens to be a jerk. It's not an innate racial thing.
 No. 32372
No, she's also kind of a jerk in her route and ending in Hidden Masquerade. She just likes saying that she's an ally to the humans without actually doing anything about it.
 No. 32373
Considering how incredibly out of character she was in HM (and generally how bad HM was...)
 No. 32374
>Considering how incredibly out of character she was in HM
Considering what's said about her in DS in addition to her portrayal in HM, it's far more likely that the HM portrayal is accurate.
 No. 32375
The one in DS who had bad views on her was Hatate... Hatate.
 No. 32379
Honestly Nitori's recent characterizations seem a bit forced considering she was rather chummy with Marisa in SA with the worse of it being a bit self-centered.

There's the fact that her earlier appearances had her being glad that the Moriya shrine arrived due to the patronage it provided for the Kappa.
 No. 32380
Being chummy with Marisa and being a huge jerk aren't mutually exclusive. Same with being grateful for the Moriya Shrine's patronage. I mean, she's not all bad, and on the scale of badness she rates pretty low, but that doesn't mean she's not kind of a jerk.
 No. 32385
But HM seems to dial it up to 11.
 No. 32388
Shame on Wilhelm for calling them Ma'am. The proper direct address is obviously Miss.
 No. 32389
hard to say as in HM she's mainly money hungry and if not for Ichirin taking issue with her stall, she wouldn't have been involved in the game's events.

Though the whole money grubbing thing is pertty new (likely covering costs of experimenting)

Though out of all of ZUN's counter fanon characterizing, this is the hardest to work with.
 No. 32410
Reading up on how the GelSanae was made, I hope at one point Wilheim gets to be in a threesome with GelSanae and SlRan. Though after the Lord Tenma scene and the GelSanae x Sanae threesome scene.
 No. 32415
Well considering it kinda switched her from That Smug Tech Nerd to 'The Happy Merchant' for the HM background.... Half expected there to be shops of the that image with Nitori's hat and hair shopped onto it...
 No. 32429
File 137954256071.png - (840.49KB, 850x583, Enjoying the moment.png) [iqdb]
While it wasn't pleasant to be given the cold shoulder like that, even if it was deserved, SlKogasa's actions caught you off-guard and you practically melted into her embrace as she continued to set you up for the sheer amount of lovemaking Merlin was about to put you through. Whatever SlKogasa gave you, it clearly doesn't take long to have an effect as you're feeling rather hot and sensitive. Rather than respond verbally, you wrap your arms around your ghostly lover and kiss her passionately, and the taste of SlKogasa's syrup is probably still on your lips and tongue.

Merlin wraps her arms around you in return and pulls you closer to her as she presses her lips back into yours with the same degree of passion that you're assaulting her with. With a hum of happiness, Merlin slips her tongue into your mouth casually and wrestles yours into submission in moments.

You're leaning against Merlin now, unable and unwilling to resist her passionate return of affection as she asserts herself as the dominant one in the foreplay. You also note that she tastes pretty good. More of those convenient characteristics to make a guy addicted to a mon?

Merlin draws you along with her to the bed, pulling you onto it and then collapsing down onto it with you, pinning you down as she lies ontop of you and presses those pillowy breasts of hers into your own chests. Never once does she break the kiss.

And not once do you complain. You just focus on your wonderful lover as a certain bit of male anatomy starts poking your lover.

Merlin keeps up the kiss for a while longer before she pulls back and smiles down at you, "Good boy darling..." She praises you as she sits up and takes hold of her outfit and, in an amazing move, sheds the entire thing save for her hat and stockings in one swift pull! "Now..." She hefts her chest up with one arm, "Haven't you been dying to touch these? You can do it, if you'd like. You can touch and squeeze them, I'll even let you lick or suck on them if you want."

You faceplant in her chest since those breasts just look so inviting, and promptly start to lick them from inside the marshmallow valley you were visiting with enthusiasm. Your hands start off wrapped around her waist, but they quickly shift down to her ass. Since you're being bold, you figure you may as well go all the way and start fondling that pleasant rear.

Her breasts are soft and warm and amazingly nice, and just running your tongue along her skin tastes so good. Merlin giggles as you lick her and fondle her soft ass. Her rear is soft and pliant, a lot like her breasts are. They're nice in their own way though, and the way your hands can just squeeze that soft ass is wonderful too. "Oh...? You like my boobs and butt that much, darling?"

You pull away just enough to talk to her. "I can't help it! They feel amazing." With that your face goes right back between her breasts, as if that was the only place you'd want your head to be.

Merlin just chuckles at that and runs her hands along your back, apparently pleased enough with your statement, "Now, darling..." She purrs to you, "I'd be happy to let you squeeze them as much as you like, but wouldn't you rather do something much more...pleasurable?" She asks you, "Hmmmm...oh, I have an idea! Why don't I give you a little taste, a sampler of what I'll be doing to you for the rest of the week every chance I get?" She suggests.

Your eyes light up at her suggestion, and you don't even hesitate to accept her offer. "Yes, please. Feel free to do what you'd like. I'm sure I'll enjoy all of it."

"Ah...hm..." Merlin pulls back from you and smiles down at you with an odd gleam in her eye, "Well, I'll do it for you...but only if you say 'Please do me, Mistress Merlin!'." She informs you.

"Please do me, Mistress Merlin!" Good grief, you're not even trying to hold back, are you? Then again, you're with Merlin, who you already have no reservations with having continuous sex with, you're in what amounts to a love hotel, and you promised all your girls your body for a week. There's no reason to say anything else.

"Superb." Merlin purrs as she gives you a kiss on the cheek to reward you for your honest eagerness, "Such a good boy you are darling. Don't worry, I'll make sure you enjoy this." She promises you as she starts to kiss you again, placing one on your lips and then one on your jaw, and then onto your neck and on and on downwards as she trails down towards your groin.
Whiterock Shooter: Not that you needed the promise though, given that you're comfortable with her. You know she wouldn't do anything- okay, nothing too weird when left with free reign like this. You shudder in response to what she's working toward, and know that she's going to start on something soon.

Merlin's kisses continue along down your body until she reaches your crotch, where you're already hardened and up to full mast. "Oh, is this for me?" She asks you with a giggle before placing a kiss on the tip," Why thank you, darling! You always know just what I want."

You'd make a smart remark about her being an easy girl to predict, but you don't feel like killing the mood that's developing, especially not with her teasing your shaft like that. You can't help but spread your legs a little in response to her actions just to make it to where she doesn't have to try and work with your legs in the way.

Merlin shifts her head and rubs her lips along one side of your shaft, teasing her lips gingerly along it and making you find yourself already starting to wish she'd begin in earnest. She does though, Merlin just takes her sweet time in pleasuring you, poking her tongue out and running it slowly along your shaft, dragging it up along your sensitive underside of it all the way up to the tip where she laps up the precum you're putting out. "Delicious." She informs you with a grin.

"Your tongue feels really good too." You're blushing from what she's doing so far, and you're enjoying it to a great degree. That soft, warm tongue of hers is almost enough to make you want to buck your hips.

Merlin lets out a happy noises, apparently pleased with your praise as she shifts her head to just above your shaft and presses her lips against the tip. In one smooth, slow movement she slides her head down your shaft, her lips sealed vacuum tight around your length as she slides down it without any hesitation, even as she slides you into the back of her throat without even a slightest hint of gagging! You can feel every part of her mouth stimulate you now as her tongue rubs along your sensitive shaft and forces it up against the roof of her mouth and she sucks eagerly on your length, as if to draw you down her throat.

You had a taste of this before, but that was when you were still asleep and when you woke up was... well, best left forgotten. Being able to experience this first-hand, in private, with someone you cared for deeply was far better than you could have thought or hoped for. The end result is that you let yourself go and start to gasp and moan as she works you over with that wonderful mouth of hers.

Merlin has a talent for this, certainly. Her tongue and mouth skills are unlike anything you've ever experienced before, and it's as if every part of her mouth, is designed to bring your pleasure. Her tongue is eager and probing, searching out weak spots on your length and exploiting them ruthlessly as her head starts to slowly pull back up, withdrawing all the way to the very tip of your shaft where she sucks on it for a brief moment before sliding her head back down, continuously pleasuring you the whole while.

Now you're really starting to understand why so many people simply can't beat Touhoumon. While they outclass humans in every way to begin with, they don't even need to rely on it. Their sexual prowess does that job for them. "More like that, Mistress..." Though really, you're not sure whether you're more weak to this or Merlin herself.

Merlin keeps moving her head up and down, applying a bit more speed and pressure as she works you over happily, beginning to hum while she does so. The vibrations of that just stimulate you even more, and even though it hasn't been too long since she started you're getting close to losing control and letting it all out.

You try to hang on for as long as possible since you can't get enough of this, but she's being a touch too intent on making you orgasm to let you do that. You tense up and spill your seed into her mouth while giving a content sigh, and after that you relax a bit. She's not done, but dear Shinki that felt nice.

Merlin's mouth continues to work you over through the entire orgasm, eagerly sucking up and down all the cum you've got pumping out of you and swallowing it down without a complaint. It's those sensations that keep you from deflating too much, even as she lets go of your shaft with a pop and pulls back, happily rubbing her stomach, "Mmmm...delicious. You've got a delightful delicacy in your balls, darling." She grins at you happily as she informs of that fact.

"Thanks." You say in a somewhat embarrassed tone when she compliments you like that, but it's not like you've put any special effort into your diet. Unless Ruukoto or Yume did. You didn't consider that before. Your expression slowly goes into a warm, happy one as you look at your partner and lover. "That was amazing though. I mean, I've felt you suck me off before but since you've evolved you've only gotten better at it."

"I've put more training and thought into this than either of my sisters have. While it's true that some of their 'assets' might be better than mine, I've got the most skill and preparation." She informs you, "After all, it was Ruukoto and Yume and your mother who taught me how to do most of what I'll be using on you."

...That was, perhaps, not something you needed to know.

"Now, what next..." She ponders thoughtfully, "Should I save the bust for last and try some other fun things with you first...?"

"Yes, please. I want you to take your time and enjoy yourself. I mean, heaven knows I'm going to enjoy being with you like this." You say to her honestly. You did make a rather pointed note to get your mind away from that reminder of 'your mother taught Merlin personally' factoid that Lyrica revealed to you in favor of focusing on this moment to enjoy it.

"Hmmm...All right then!" She declares with a shrug and crawls around you on the bed, slipping behind you with ease and wrapping a hand around your waist, "Let's use my hand next then. I might not be able to 'play' you like Lyrica can, but I still have a few new tricks." She tells you as she pulls you up closer to ehr and you feel her breasts pressing into your back, her nipples hard points on your skin.

You definitely, definitely appreciate the feel of those warm, soft mounds squishing against your back like that, and her erect nipples are far from uncomfortable. You relax into her embrace and wait for her to begin. "Alright Merlin~"

She laughs in an amused manner at that, "My, are you already losing yourself to my heady delights?" She teases you, taking on a tone that mocks a touhoumon preying on a human and attempting to sound far too lordly than even she can manage. It doesn't help that she is giggling just underneath her attempts to sound the way she does, "It's only natural to, after all. I am the most amazingest of the amazing in the carnal arts. A human should be glad to 'die' at my hand."

You can't quite keep a straight face anymore, not with the way she's talking. You probably have a goofy grin on your face at this point too. "Losing myself to your delights? I declare you a thief, for you have my heart!" ...Nope, as much as you want to me showy about this, you can't take yourself seriously. "Though I am unsure if you would be able to 'kill' me, for I thought I was in heaven already."

Good grief, the two of you might develop into such theatrical twits somewhere down the line.

Merlin laughs in response to that as her hand slides down around your body and her fingers trail lightly along your length in a teasing manner, "Such bold accusations and statements! But I ask you this, how could I be a thief when I merely took what you freely gave away?" She asks of you a vital question as her fingers start to gently, lightly pump your length.

You huff in what should have been faux annoyance, but it comes off as amused more than anything else. "'Tis true, I suppose. I am weak to your wiles in body and mind, but I still gave you my heart first." You let that hang for a moment as you hold her hand that's not currently playing with you. "My one hope is that in giving you my heart, you gave me yours in turn, but I do not think I have to worry."

She grins at that, and gives you a peck on the cheek as she grabs hold of your length in earnest and begins to stroke it in long, gentle pulls that you feel slowly building up the pressure in you in a way that makes the pleasure washing over you like a slow, mind dulling creep up your spine, "Well, you know what they say I am sure. The way to a mon's heart is through her stomach."

"You certainly work as an erotic alarm clock with how often you wake me up with that." You tease right back, pointing out that blowjobs were how she preferred to wake you up, and you couldn't find it in you to complain. You sigh contentedly as she continues to work you over. "I love you, Merlin."

Merlin snuggles right back into you as she hugs you tighter against her, "And I love you, darling." She tells you with complete sincerity and without a trace of teasing in her voice, "Almost as much as I love your dick."

...Well okay, there was some teasing in that last part.

You think.


You huff at her last comment, though once again you can't bring yourself to even pretend to be annoyed. "Well I guess I know where I stand in the grand scheme of things!" You turn your head to try and look at her, showing that you're still smiling. "Though I admit I'm guilty of putting your boobs ahead of you in my mind, but they do precede you." Granted, she should know full well that you care more for her than any individual asset of her body. You're not that much of a pervert, let alone shallow enough.

"Which is exactly why I'm showing you that every last part of me is as amazing as my boobs, so you'll have to lust after all of me equally instead of my breasts the most." She informs you with a pouty sniffy as her grip on your shaft tightens and her pace starts to increase, pumping you full of pleasure as her hand glides along your length, "The rest of me was getting jealous."

"I'm sorry, the rest of Merlin's body. Should I kiss you and make it better?" You're only half-teasing with that one. Honestly, talking while being jerked off like this isn't as easy as it looks. You're having to keep your breathing in check to where you can breathe, talk, but not make it harder on her to actually make you orgasm.

Not that you could actually hold back if she wanted to force you to, but she seems content to keep working you over as you reach a pleasant peak of pleasure, gloriously close to the brink but not quite over it and is keeping you there as you banter, "Oh I promise you," She whispers in your ear as she slowly, carefully works you fraction by fraction up to orgasm, keeping you right on the brink to the point where waves of pleasure assault you but you can't quite seem to get release as she keeps talking to you, "You'll be doing plenty to make it up to me." With that final declaration you finally achieve your messy, long orgasm as you 'die' by her hand.

The result is another load shot out, and you relaxing against your lover again. You're pretty much resigned to your fate of every single one of your girls being annoyed with you, but at the same time Merlin seems to be content with just fucking you silly.

"Oh my, darling. Isn't that quite a lot? Just how pent up have you gotten?" Merlin asks you concernedly as she pokes your still twitching shaft with one finger, "Don't worry, I'll be sure to take it all out of you...though how to do it next..." She ponders, "Perhaps I should let you choose?" She seems to consider it for a moment, "...No that would be silly! Besides, you like being on the bottom anyway."

"...Ah, I've got it! Get off of my lap and lie down on the bed, darling." Merlin orders you and gives you a pat on the butt to get you going.

You do as she requests, though you're not quite sure which way you should lie, so you guess and lie face-up.

"Oh, good guess!" Merlin praises you as she hovers up into the air, "I'm not really into pegging anyway, and I can't just grow the equipment for it like Kogs can." She admits.

"...Pegging?" You ask, not entirely sure about that.

"I mean when one of us sticks something up your butt, rather than the other way around." Merlin informs you helpfully as she looms over you, reclining as she floats as if she was sitting in a comfortable chair.
 No. 32430
"Ah." That's all you can really say considering that it's a concept you're not sure how you'd feel about that. "...Huh, now that I think about it, we haven't done anal either yet." Admittedly, you did want to try that.

"Eager, eager." Merlin smirks down at you as she dips one foot down and starts to gently trail her toes along your length, stimulating you easily to an almost shameful degree of pleasure. "I'll admit that my ass may not be ass great as Lyrica's, but you'll get your chance to pound it soon enough. I haven't given you a taste of the heaven just my feet can bring you yet though." She tells you as she suddenly shifts her foot and 'steps' down on your shaft, rubbing your sensitive underside of your penis with her stocking clad feet .

You gasp as you feel that foot rub your cock, and note that it does feel good. It's probably better that it's Merlin doing this, anyone else would- well, a wild mon would probably be doing this to establish dominance and humiliate you. With Merlin it's just one more thing to try.

To be fair, Merlin could be trying to tease you too. With the way that smile on her face looks, you've got to admit that it's not just possible, it's likely a part of what she's doing. The other part is, again, her just enjoying having another way to make you cum. What a way to wake up in the morning this would be, the sensation of her heel grinding against your base while her toes bed and rub along your sensitive tip, smearing your dirty cum and precum all over her clean stockings while she grinds the flat of her foot against you, "Are you enjoying this, darling?"

"It feels good, but I'm enjoying it because you're the one doing it." You answer honestly, as you let her work you over once more. Though while this would be a nice way to wake up in the morning, you think you're starting to develop a certain level of expectation to her sucking you off in the morning.

"Oh, you're a sweetheart darling." Merlin coos as she applies a bit more pressure with her foot, pressing down on you and grinding her heel into your base extra roughly, sending a shock of pleasure through you at the unexpected pressure as your shaft lets out a small gob of sticky white stuff, warning you about how close you are to orgasm, "Oh? Already?" Merlin asks of you, amusing as she starts to use her foot to rub and massage your shaft quite eagerly, "My, do you have a foot fetish darling?"

"I didn't before." You blush and look to the side, not quite able to meet her eye to eye as she single-handedly gives you the first of what is probably going to be many fetishes.

"Such honesty! I'm so proud of you!" She praises you as she uncrosses her legs and brings her other foot down over your crotch, "So much so that I'm going to do this for you darling." She purrs to you as she uses both feet to sandwich your length between their stocking clad warmth. She shifts her feet up and down, stroking your length while applying pressure from both sides as she jerks you off in an unorthodox way, pushing you up and over your limit yet again.

You cry out this time, apparently losing a bit of composure you weren't even aware that you were using at the time. You go slack on the bed after that while panting, but looking rather content. You're pretty sure that SlKogasa's little kiss is helping to ensure that you stay capable too, so there's that~

"Aaaah..." Merlin let's out a pleased sigh as you orgasm and make a mess of yourself, "That's another one down and...three more to go." She decides, "So darling, what do you think I'll use on you next? My boobs, my butt or..." Her hand trails down and bothers to cover her glistening slit, "...someplace special?"

Well, she did say outright that her breasts were last on the list, so it was a toss-up between her rear and her womanhood, both of which you'd have no objection to having her use them on you. "Somplace special." You say, feeling yourself heat up at the very concept of fucking Merlin proper. Granted, she might be messing with you but you honestly don't care at this point.

She claps grandly for you while smiling down at you, "Very good darling. Have you been paying attention, or did you just get lucky with that guess?" She asks of you curiously as she floats down lower to you and comes to a rest sitting on your stomach. Her weight on you is surprisingly comfortable, as is the feeling of looking up at her looming over you.

"You said you were saving your breasts for last, so it was a toss-up between your ass and your pussy. Considering you were putting emphasis on the latter..." You trailed off as you start to smell her properly, and she's somehow even more pleasant to smell than before.

Merlin smiles down at you from above you, "Oh, how smart of you!" She praises you with a pat on the head, "As long as I hold back it should be fine to use this first." She emphasizes just what 'this' is by shifting her hips to grind down along your length with a vengeance, not letting your over stimulated length get too much rest, "Well, as long as I hold back anyway. You do know, don't you Zeke..." Her fingers trace temptingly up your chest as she shifts her hips, her entrance hovering just over your tip as she smiles down at you, the lights in the room dimming as her own eyes glow, "Ghosts can drain the life of a man like this. Just suck it up out of him as easily as they can drain all of his seed."

You pause when she tells you that, not sure what to make of it for the moment. That's the only pause there is though. "I do, but I trust you too. I don't think you'll do anything to hurt me." You say as you bring your hands to her waist, and urge her to drop down on you.

"Ah, ah." She takes hold of your hands and pulls them away from her hips before pinning them above your head, "Not this time, I'm the one on top here darling." She tells you as she slowly and torturously begins to sink herself down onto your shaft, her tight, soft innards squishing down on your length as she happily keeps talking, "And you're right, I won't do that. I won't even wring you dry with it and suck up all your cum there because I've still got two more to go."

"But." She gets a positively sinful look in her eyes as you feel her walls start to squirm and shift around your length when she's only sunk halfway down onto you, "That doesn't mean I won't make you wish I had. What's the point of letting you sample if it doesn't make you beg for more, after all."

Personally, you'd like to start begging right now.

Of course, there's an entire week where you're going to be doing nothing but fucking your girls, so the odds of you not getting a chance to have Merlin do exactly that is basically non-existent. Still, you blush when she pins you like that with ease, and it takes pretty much all your self control to not just thrust up into her. You're halfway into her and you're barely coherent because of how good it feels. "W-well, we do have an entire week set aside..."

"Oh I know." Her eyes are glowing delightedly, "I'm going to make sure to use this week to get everything I wanted done and more. When I'm finished darling," She purrs delightfully at you as she drops down to the point where she's about two thirds of the way down your length, and you doubt you have enough control to even buck your hips up at this point, "You'll come crawling to me every time we camp and draw me into your sleeping bag where we'll spend hours making love every night."

...Well, that's certainly a nice mental image.

Especially since Merlin is an attractive mon whom you're already emotionally attached to. Beyond that, you can't even move because of how she's doing this. The gradual, almost painfully slow process of her slipping your cock inside her has left you breathless, and she hasn't even started anything! Though as far as the nightly lovemaking idea goes, you get the feeling that Merlin's idea is not going to go unopposed since you have, you know, three more girls to tend to who are all as horny as Merlin or slightly less so.

Merlin just keeps on smiling as you come closer and closer to fully joining with her, and closer and closer to achiecing orgasm as well. It's a nightmarish struggle to hold back agains the pleasure now of simply being with her, and as she finally drops down completely on you and you both join together, you feel her tighten around you to increase the pleasure you're experiencing even more. "Cum." She gives you a simple order, but you cannot find it in yourself to resist.

That load was probably the biggest yet, and she was right. It did make you want to beg for her to wring you dry with her womanhood, and if you were capable of making anything other than pleased, incoherent sounds you would probably be doing exactly that.

Which makes it all the more horrible as you watch her simply calmly wait for your orgasm to finish before rising up off of you, her womanhood jealously clinging to you up until you're withdrawn completely. Merlin lets out a pleased sigh as she lounges back against a pillow, rubbing her navel, "That's a good boy darling, you just keep making those little sounds of yours. Unless, of course, you're ready for the next part?" She asks you as you watch her shift casually in front of you and curls to present her rear to you. With both hands she reaches down and touches her soft, pillowy rear and uses them to spread her cheeks apart, revealing her waiting pucked for you, "You wanted this, didn't you?" She teases you, allowing you to be the one to break yourself this time.

You have to take the time to recover from that orgasm first, but she's got you wrapped around her little finger at this point anyway. "I did." You reply between breaths as you position yourself properly, pressing the tip of your cock against that tight hole of hers gently, then slipping it in bit by bit until you're deep inside her ass.

As you press up against her rear entrance, it's acually amazingly easy to slip into her warm rear. Your tip presses up against her pucker and easily slides into her, and the rest of your length that you work gently in bit by bit out of concern reaches similarly minimal resistance. As you hilt yourself against her with a happy sigh, you find that cut off when she suddenly clenches tight around you, every part of your length being crushed and squeezed down on from base to tip and allowing you no room for movement, leaving you unable to either advance or retreat. Merlin languidly wraps her legs around you and squeezes you with them as she smiles at you in smugly amused manner, "Is something wrong, darling?" She asks you sweetly, "You're making such an amazingly happy face?"

"Are you enjoying your mother's technique that much?" She asks you, dropping a verbal bomb on your arousal that terrifyingly fails to take away from how good this feels.

"Huh?" You ask and stare blankly at your lover as she just casually throws something out that probably would have been an instant boner killer under normal circumstances. Here, however, with your cock under attack from all sides you're effectively paralyzed and at her mercy.

"Oooooh yes." Merlin informs you with a smile as you feel the pressure on your shaft begin to loosen and tighten to 'squeeze' your length in a delightful manner, adding a different kind of pleasure to the mix than simply being crushed, "Your wonderful mother taught me all kinds of amazing things. I'd thought that touhoumon were natural masters of the carnal arts and better than human women, but I was wrong. What they lack in natural ability they can make up for in an amazing variety of developed techniques. I suppose they have to learn them to compete with touhoumon for men's attention." She shrugs her shoulders as she keeps on pleasuring you in her ass, "Your mother trained me when I wasn't with you during that week to teach me all about how to control my core muscles to an amazing degree. I'm still nowhere near as good as her, but..." She smiles as you feel her start to tighter and loosen around your shaft in a sort of pulsing 'wave' along it's length, creating a sensation that you find difficult to describe beyong 'amazingly good'.

You're rather torn at the moment. On the one hand, one of your lovers and travelling partners basially admitted to learning sexual techniques from your own mother, which is now being used on you. Your poor mind does not need that kind of knowledge floating around in it, at least not when it has a vast assortment of other kinds of knowledge it has tucked away in that little filing cabinet in the back that's clearly marked 'try to forget'. On the other hand, while she says she's not as good as your mother, it's still mind-blowing to the point where if it's her doing it and she's not reminding you about it every time, you could possibly overwrite those best left forgotten memories and associate this technique entirely with good things.

All the while you're trying your hardest not to cum immediately while wondering if your mother does in fact enjoy messing with you indirectly.

"L-Lyrica did bring that up mid-tournament, while you were eating out that Yuyuko." You finally manage to say while that pressure continues to build up inside you. "Just how many techniques do you know?"

"Your mother taught me her core techniques already, and I've learned the basics of seven of her one hundred and eight carnal crowning achievments." Merlin admits to you as she keeps up the pressure she's working on you and increasing the pace, her ass milking you in a way that makes minimal amounts of sense but feels oh so good anyway, "I still can't fold my ankles behind my head without cheating though." She admits, sounding disappointed in herself.

What in Makai requires folding one's ankles behind one's head?!

You just stare on in utter disbelief, still blushing and still enjoying this, but it's just that at this rate your brain might just shut down early.

"Oh? Are you enjoying this that much already?" Merlin asks as she ups the pace and pressure again, crushing and rubbing your length in a fast, mind shattering wave movement, "Come on darling. Come on and come! Shoot out all your semen into my ass!" She urges you on gleefully, "Come to your mother's technique!"

Oh sweet Shinki you never asked for this!

Naturally, you can't deny her either so you wind up doing exactly that, cumming deep inside her as she commands you. Just, good grief. You can't deny that it felt good, but there was just that tiny touch of wrongness to it that made you think that perhaps Merlin likes messing with you too. Just more directly.

You suppouse this might be why your mother liked her so much. Perhaps she saw a bit of herself in Merlin.

...You're just going to pretend you never even considered that.

Merlin lets out a happy sigh, letting you cum into her ass as you pulse more and more of your sticky white stuff out into her as she grins happily up at you, "Wow...Lyrica's going to be happy to know that you're just the right size for this stuff." She comments as she finally loosens up on you and lets you withdraw from her rear.

You settle for flopping backward as best you can to catch your breath and try to focus on less weird things.

Still, considering that Lyrica's focus is her ass, anal with her ought to be pretty fun.

Merlin happily rubs her stomach, "Mmmm...I didn't expect to end up so full just from giving you a sampler darling." She purrs at you delightedly as she shifts up off the pillow and starts to crawl towards you, "Hmmm...I can tell you're thinking about someone else." Her tone takes a dangerous turn as she prowls in your direction, "That just won't do~!"

Oh, right. That part with Gissele where you almost fucked up because you didn't pay enough attention to her. You really ought to have- wait, how could she even tell?

Still, you're left utterly defenseless as she continues to advance on you, and you're left feeling apprehension and expectation. There's one last thing on her list, and that's her impressive chest. You can tell that those lewd things are going to be nothing short of wonderful.

Merlin covers the last of the distance to you and leans closer, rubbing those breasts of hers along your length and sending shivers up your spine as you harden just from that touch. It just took little bit o stimulation to make you this hard again..? "Are you ready, darling?" She asks you with a grin, "Because it's finally time for what you've been waiting for."

You nod in response, feeling your shaft twitch as she teases you. "I am!" You say with a surprising amount of enthusiasm considering the bombshell Merlin just got done dropping on you. Maybe that's just how much you like her breasts.

"Great, so I don't need to hold back then right?" She asks you enthusiastically as she leans down closer to your shaft and takes hold of her breasts and forces them around your length, burying your sensitive cock between two mounds of soft, jiggling flesh. Without even waiting for a moment to let you adjust she starts to mover them up and down, rubbing her soft, warm flesh against your shaft in fast, quick movements that rapidly work you towards completion. She wasn't kidding about not holding back! This simple technique belies the amazing sensations she's putting you through right now.

The only thing you can do in this case is moan in pleasure as she keeps your cock trapped firmly between her breasts. Moving, speaking coherently, even thinking wasn't part of your brain's itenerary as you manhood was assaulted with wave after wave of pleasant pressure generated via those breasts. In fact, it doesn't take you long to cum at all, since you're quite sensitive.

As your hips buck up and you shoot out a spray of cum, Merlin just giggles with glee as she keeps up her ministrations to keep your cumming. Even aftery our finish she doesn't stop, and merely switches to grinding her breasts in opposite directions along your length while upping the force she's using to crush it between her breasts, "Hahaha! Come on darling, keep cumming until you're all out!"

She's giving you absolutely no chance to rest anymore, which you find yourself not minding at all. You just lie there and let her do as she pleases, feeling another orgasm well up inside you after a little bit more time than before, then cum on her breasts again. All the while you're making all sorts of pleased sounds as you're unable to do much else.

Merlin just keeps working even as you cum, making it painfully obviously she has no intention to stop until you let out every last drop you can. You cum countless more times, staining her with your seed further and further as time goes on but she doesn't let that stop her. Even as you're a drooling mess after cumming the seveneteenth time just to her breasts, she doesn't stop. "Goodness, Kogs didn't hold back at all from that little gift she gave you, did she?" She asks of you as she presses her breasts together as tight as she can, tilting her head to the side as you shoot out another stream of cum for the eighteenth orgasm.

You can't even answer anymore as you're just too busy enjoying her having her way with you. Not that anyone could blame you, mind.

"Hmmm..." She sighs with annoyance as you feel your pleasuring come to an end with that eighteenth orgasm, "I guess I should stop here. It would be bad if I broke darling after all." She admits as you feel those breasts of yours sadly leave your shaft, exposing you to the cruel and cold air again.

You close your eyes and catch your breath, slowly feeling your mind go from 'mindlessly drowning in pleasure' to 'marginally functional', which despite what it sounds like is still a vast improvement when you talk about functionality. It takes a couple minutes, but you do manage to say something. "That was fun..." Geeze, you're still breathless.

"I'm happy you enjoyed your sampler darling." Merlin responds to you with a friendly smile, even as her eyes glint in a way that sends thrills down your spine, "But if you found this sampler so much fun and it brought you so close to the edge, I'll have to train you good and hard to make you ready for the main course."

Training? Ooooh dear. Given that her idea of a sampler was you cumming... twenty three times and sounding disappointed that you couldn't go further... You're both scared and excited at where this is going.
 No. 32455
File 137991161357.jpg - (884.50KB, 803x1200, Lyrica Prismriver getting it inside also sweater c.jpg) [iqdb]
"Well, to be fair I really want to have sex with you too. I'm still going to finish this up first though, don't worry." Says the shota with his cock rubbing against his lover's amazing ass. "While having you break me doesn't sound so bad, I'd prefer to be able to operate normally."

"I'd prefer you unbroken as well Zeke. You're a lot more useful when you're not a drooling puddle of sexed up little boy." Lyrica responds as she wiggles her ass from side to side, stimulating you delightfully as she does so, "That and you're a far better kisser now than you would be then."

"True." You're having a bit of a hard time concentrating when she's purposely stimulating you like that. You're not stopping yet though! "Speaking of which, I really enjoy it when we kiss. There's something about it that makes me turn to jelly once tongue play is involved."

Lyrica smiles at that, "Why thank you! My kisses are the best out of all four of us, after all." You have to wonder how they figured that out, and then your mind goes very happy places, "It's a natural superior talent that I have, just like Lunasa can use her feet or Merlin can do weird humming stuff when she's using that mouth of hers for something other than what she normally does."

"Lunasa's specialty is her feet? I wouldn't have guessed that." You admit while continuing your work. Honestly, you're barely paying attention and are still getting the job done well. Which is good, because you think you're dripping precum from Lyrica teasing your cock with her ass. "Dear Shinki, your ass is nice, and I'm not even doing anything with it..." You're really not sure how much longer you can hold out.

"If you're going to shoot it out, take those pajama pants off first. They're new and were a gift for you." Lyrica orders you as she doesn't really stop grinding that shapely rear of hers against you, apparently not concerned in the least.

You do exactly that, moving yourself away from Lyrica long enough to strip yourself naked, neatly fold those pajamas and set them aside, then go back to how you were before. It says a lot that you're willing to cum when she's just rubbing your cock with her ass, and you do exactly that in no time at all. Your ability to continue massaging her ceases as you slump down on her. "Ah, sorry... Do I need to keep going with your neck?"

Lyrica smirks at you, "I think you need to fuck me. You're still at full mast after that little shoot out of yours." She pauses and considers something thoughtfully, "Here, let's try something a bit different. Lie down on the bed." She orders you about.

You slide off Lyrica and proceed to do exactly that, wondering what she has in store for you.

Lyrica stretches like a cat for a moment, letting out a happy hum before she crawls over to you on all fours. She quickly swings a leg over your head and positions her glistening slit over your face, "We'll just have a bit of fair's fair. You lick me and I'll lick you. Once you shoot it out, we can go to doing something else instead."

You don't even need to think about this one. You wrap your arms around her waist and knead her ass while practically burying your face in her crotch and eating her out with enthusiasm. It helps that she smells and tastes wonderful.

Lyrica's folds are delightfully sweet as you delve into her and savor the flavor. Lyrica for her part lets out a pleased noise and runs a hand through your hair, "Good boy. You just keep that up Zeke." You feel her weight shift on the bed as she brings her face closer to your length, her hot breath running across it as she looms directly over it. Then you feel her press her lips against your tip in a kiss and a wave of pleasure goes through you just from that, a bit of pre-cum spurting out of your shaft in excitement, much to Lyrica's glee, "Ahaha! Wow, you're really excited aren't you?"

You wind up changing tactics and sucking on her clit a bit to see how she responds to that before resuming your normal licking. Honestly, she shouldn't expect anything less considering that you're drugged up and she was being such a massive tease before.

Lyrica responds quite positively to your efforts, "Oh, so you paid attention to health class and sex education, huh Zeke?" She asks you and you can hear the grin in her voice, "Well, let's try this then!" She dips her head down takes the top third of it into her mouth, lightly sucking on it while her tongue plays with your sensitive underside and tip. Using one skilled hand she takes hold of the rest of your length and starts to stroke it off in three fourths time while her other hand reaches down and gently cradles and fondles your balls, gently massaging them and urging you to achieve release as a sense of calming relaxation slowly spreads through you. This is...

You heard Merlin say that Lyrica could 'play' you, but you didn't understand just what that entailed until Lyrica started doing exactly that. You're really trying your hardest to keep pleasuring her with your tongue, but at the rate she's going... You make a rather pleased sound as you suddenly cum in her mouth, not even bothering to hold back.

Lyrica doesn't sputter or choke as you orgasm, merely helping you achive your climax and finishing it off before swallowing down the load you deposited into her mouth quite contently. As she lets go of your length you hear her giggle amusedly, "Mmm...ah, you're delicious, Zeke. I'll need to take them for making sure you ate right."

"You taste pretty good yourself." You give Lyrica's pussy a couple more licks after she makes you cum, and note that you probably would be content just eating her out. "So what do you want to do next?" You ask, feeling curious and excited.

"Well...Merlin was talking about how excited you were about my ass, and you certainly acted it." Lyrica pulls herself up off of you a bit, just enough to make you stare up at that amazingly perfect, pert ass of hers, "...In fact, I'll even be nice enough to let you be the one 'on top'. At least, I'll let you not be on the bottom while someone rides you like a show pony." How generous and kind of her. Surely Lyrica is the greatest friend.

"I imagine you riding me like a show pony comes after this." You tease her as you get into a suitable position. Your cock's even nice and wet, so getting her anus lubed up properly won't be that big of an issue. You take your length and put it between her ample ass cheeks before rubbing it between them, only stopping when you're confident that she's wet enough to take you in without issue. Once you are, you prod her back door with the tip of your cock and slide into her, gasping at how hot, tight, and wet she is in there. With how sensitive you are, you could probably cum just from being inside her, let alone actually thrusting into her.

Lyrica's on all fours now as you slip into her, and your prediction is sadly true. Her hot, tight rear feel amazing just from the insertion, so much so that you do spit out some of your sticky white stuff as you have a small orgasm, right then and there. Lyrica peers over her shoulder and just gives you the smuggest smirk, "Oh? Huh, I guess it's a good thing we had SlKogasa give you that special dose, isn't it?" She asks you as she wiggles and gyrates her ass, slamming pleasure through your body and wiping your mind white with it.

Rather than respond verbally, you start to thrust in and out of her proper while trying not to cum too easily. The problem is that her ass really is that fine, she's that good at getting you off, and you're just that sensitive. You're probably going to reach orgasm multiple times just from being in her ass!

It takes a good bit of effort on your part to thrust in and out of her tight ass, and it's a bit obvious to you that this is a mixture of a bit of effort on her side, but it's mostly just that her ass is that naturally good! Lyrica hums as she holds herself steady, letting you keep pounding at her ass as you rapidly approach orgasm. As you release it inside of her, you find that you don't really feel tired like you usually do after an orgasm, at least not much. That lets you pick back up moving pretty quickly after you finish, "Oh yes, that's nice." Lyrica compliments you over a shoulder as she watches you go at her, "I'm definitely going to have to thank Kogasa for this. You can just keep going and going now, like a rabbit!" She sounds pretty happy with your performance so far, at least. Even if you're disappointed at how quickly you're getting off.

Ooooh, you'd make some kind of smart remark if you weren't enjoying this so much. The only thing you want to do is keep having anal with Lyrica, but you decide to use one hand to steady yourself and slip the other down to her wet slit with a little effort, and start to tease her down there. If she's going to tease you with words, you can just tease her with your hand.

Lyrica's slick and wet down there, and lets out a bit of a gasp as you start ot tease and finger her as well as you can when pounding that cracking ass of hers, "Ooooh, you do remember!" She teases you verbally still, "I was worried you'd forget to do that while you were fucking my ass. You can touch my breasts too you know. They might not be-nnnnhgh." She actually gets cut off for a moment as you cum into her ass again and she seems rather pleased, "N-not be pillowy fun bags like Merlin's, but they're firmer than her marshmallow fluff bins."

You actually have to take a moment to recover from that last orgasm, as while you feel like you can go on for quite a lot longer, there's the simple fact that the urge to bask in the afterglow is pretty strong. You do start moving again, and continue to slip your fingers in and out of your lover's womanhood at the same time. "L-Lyrica, once you're satisfied here, will we move on to you riding me with your pussy? Your ass is wonderful, don't get me wrong-" You cum shamelessly inside her yet again when her grinding and your thrusting makes her hit a weak spot one time too many. "-I just want to, well, cuddle and fuck."

Lyrica looks over her shoulder at you as you keep pounding away at her rear, letting out a thoughtful hum as she considers your request. You achieve orgasm yet again into her rear, letting out another wave of cum as bits of it leak out past the near vacuum seal her ass has on your length. "...I guess. You need to do something first. I want you to go hard and fast as you think you can without hurting me. How's that sound for finishing off in my rear?"

"I can do that." You note that she probably can't have much more cum stuffed into her rear at this point, so you take a breath to steady yourself and start pounding into her hard and fast, but making sure to not go overboard so you don't accidentally hurt her insides. They have to be as sensitive as your own, after all. Still, you note that this feels beyond good and that you won't be able to hold out for long.

As you use both hands to steady yourself, you feel her tense and tighten up a bit more in anticipation of your rear assault, which just excites you even more than you were before. Picking up the pace and pounding her posterior is wonderful in its own, but as you achieve your highest pace you find yourself leaning down until you're lying on Lyrica's back, your hands having wound up her body and holding tight around her as you keep moving your hips back and forth. Even as you achieve orgasm, you hear Lyrica bite her lip and restrain a sound of pleasure as you release your biggest loud yet, pumping more of your cum into her stuffed rear.

You're left panting as you lay on Lyrica, basking in the afterglow of your biggest orgasm yet with her. You lean up and kiss her neck, leaving it up to her as to when the two of you should move. "If that was to get me addicted to your ass, I think it worked." You say, rubbing yourself against her rear a bit as you say that.

"You can only blame yourself for your addiction." Lyrica responds, "It just means you lack discipline. To train yourself, we have to keep having sex until you don't want to anymore." She wiggles her rear, getting you hard again inside of her, "Hrm...if we keep going, you'll go right back to fucking my ass again. You wanted to do something else, didn't you?"

You pull out of her ass easily enough despite your words, and proceed to get off her so that you're laying on your back next to her. From there, you use your hands to coax her onto you, then kiss her on the lips. After that... "I think you remember." You say, holding your arms out to her to invite her to hug you.

As you pull out of Lyrica you feel a thrill seeing a bit of what you put into her leak out of her rear even as you move away and lie down near her and attempt to coax her to you. Lyrica rolls her hips from side to side a bit to work the kinks out of her back before crawling over to and on top of you, straddling your wait as you feel her slit slowly slide up your length from base to tip. She leans down closer to your face and smiles at you, placing a kiss on your lips before she speaks up, "Hmmm...something like this?" She teases you as she wraps her arms around you in a hug and presses her slit against your tip, slowly teasing you into her entrance.

You wrap your arms around her in response, holding her close as she teases you once again. You resist the urge to just thrust up into her while making a rather pleased sound, and kiss her again. "Yes, just like that, but please don't leave it at that..." Now you're feeling warm and comfortable while hugging your girl and being hugged by her in turn. Once she takes your cock into her, odds are good you'll be like this until she decides to stop.

Lyrica chuckles, "Oh, I don't know..." She continues on, swiveling her hips around and teasing your tip with her entrance as she smiles down at you, "Maybe if you told me something nice, I might speed this up and not make you cum without even inserting you."

Something nice, huh? "I love you, Lyrica." You start off with that much, looking her in the eye while smiling. It's the obvious one, but maybe you can think of something else too... "I think you're quite smart, you're beautiful... I couldn't ask for a better girl to have given my first time to." You say, feeling not unlike when she pinned you down the first time. "...I hate to keep asking things, but can we kiss too? Like when we first met."

Lyrica giggles at that, "Oh, you know just what to say to a girl don't you Zeke?" She asks with a grin as she easily slides her hips back, which slides you into her just as easily. Loose wouldn't be the right term for Lyrica, not with how her slit has clamped down around your length and is stimulating you from every which direction. 'Accepting' is probably a better term. "Now, as for your request..." She responds by leaning down and placing a kiss on your lips, breaking it only to grin at you as she finishes, "Well, you can ask me for a kiss whenever you want." Then she leans right back down and takes your lips for her own in a breath taking, heart stopping kiss.

You close your eyes and focus on the stimulation on two fronts, noting that the very same tingling from the first time she kissed you is very much present here, and making you more and more pliant. You feel that it's not quite enough though, and try to use your tongue to deepen the kiss. You can't even thrust up into her at this point given how you've given in to her like this, but at the same time, you're happy. You let her continue at her pace past your little addition, thoroughly enjoying your lovemaking.

Lyrica slowly starts to rotate her hips, stirring you around her in long, slow, steady strokes that grind you up to the heights of pleasure as she keeps the kiss going, humming happily as she holds you tight against her. Even though she could work you up to an instant orgasm, she's really drawing this out for you.

You're humming as well, keeping tune with her as best you can as she keeps driving you higher and higher. She's managing to keep a perfect pace for you, working you up enough to keep you excited but not taking so long that you wish it would be over. It takes a while, but eventually you feel an orgasm well up inside you.

You hit your orgasm as Lyrica finishes a circle, your hips bucking up into her as you let out several shots of your jizz into her waiting slit. Lyrica moans into your mouth as you kiss, breaking it and grinning down on you, "Oh? You can't even hold back against something slow and easy like that? Maybe Merlin was right, and we do need to train you a bit harder."

"Why would I hold back when it's you?" You ask honestly, feeling relaxed, content, and well-loved. The fact that she hasn't let you go is just icing on the cake at this point.

Lyrica giggles at that, "Oh Zeke..." She shakes her head, "What am I ever going to do with you?" She wonders as she breaks her hug you and sits up, riding you as she calmly reaches out and takes your hands with her own, entwining your fingers together as she smiles down at you.

You openly accept the gesture as she takes up a more dominant position on you. "I think the right answer for right now falls under 'have sex with me until I'm exhausted.'" You reply in a literal-minded manner while smiling. "Really though, this is fun. I enjoy having sex with you."

Lyrica smiles as she starts to shift up and down on you, sliding you in and out of her as she begins to bounce up and down. She's slowly building up the pace and you find your gaze drawn to her rhythmically swaying bosom, something Lyrica notices and grins at you all the wider.

You blush even harder than you were previously, but don't avert your eyes since there's no real point. You just happen to be like most guys and enjoy a bouncy chest, apparently. Less than her bouncing up and down on your cock though.

"I'd offer to let you touch them, but I like us holding hands like this more." Lyrica tells you as she keeps picking up the pace, bouncing up and down on you faster and faster as she forces you in and out of her wet hole, stimulating you to higher highs of pleasure as she starts to tighten up around you a bit more. "Say Zeke...you've heard about what we ghost types can do, haven't you?" She grins at you, "How would you like to feel it? The sensation of having all your cum and all that energy sucked out of you in one constant, endless orgasm."

Merlin told you about that before, but chose not to use it on you since she was just fucking you in as many ways as she could think of before settling on that chest of hers. You look Lyrica in the eye as you come to a decision. "I actually do want to try that, so go ahead."

Lyrica's grin gets just a bit wider, "All right, but remember this Zeke. You asked for it." She pauses and looks thoughtful for a moment as she keeps on bouncing on top of you, "Even if I did tempt you into it." She admits as you feel her suddenly tighten around your length as she slams you all the way down into her. It's an odd sensation already, just having her so tight around you. Then you feel her walls seemingly wiggle and squirm as you're forced over the limit and into an orgasm, pumping cum into her. As you cum though, Merlin smiles wider and her eyes glow dimly, and you feel the sensation of something...else flowing out of your shaft too as you cum. There's a sort of add 'draining' sensation coming from down there and...and even as your orgasm slow it never stops! You keep pumping out more and more cum and whatever else she's taking from you. "Aaaah...you're delicious, Zeke..." Lyrica moans happily.

It seems you have another fetish added to your growing list: Whatever it is Lyrica is doing right now. It feels somewhat odd, but it's also keeping you at the peak of release. More than that, it must feel this good because it's Lyrica who's doing it...

Your body tenses as you shoot out more and more of both your cum and your...energy, you guess, into Lyrica who just seems happier and happier to accept it from you as you keep pumping out more and more and more and more of it into her. You start to feel faint as your orgasms putter out, and thankfully then Lyrica stops. She leans down and places a kiss on your cheek as she sighs in satisfaction, "Ah...thank you Zeke. I've been wanting to do that since we met."

You're definitely tapped out now, you think, but it felt good. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. Though I think that just became my newest fetish." You admit, blushing all the while. ...At this rate you're going to end the week just shy of a sexual deviant when it comes to doing things in bed.

You're feeling rather tired now as Lyrica sits on top of you and you feel your dick soften within her pocket, "How man fetishes do you ahve now?" She asks you curiously as she doesn't bother to move to disengage from you.

"You know, I never stopped to think about that before. I know you girls added a few before you evolved." You furrow your brow in thought as you actually consider it. "Plus this week is probably going to add a few more, but that's not really a problem, is it? It just means we have a lot of ways to have fun in bed."

"Numerous fetishes are just a sign of a healthy sex drive and a healthy mon-trainer relationship." Lyrica agrees with you easily enough, nodding sagely in response to her statement, "At least, that's what the article in issue #1 of PlayTrainer said."

"I can see why they'd say that. Plus, it has to help with the trainer resisting advances from other mons. I mean, I don't think I've kissed anyone who has the same innate skill you do." After all, that's part of why you didn't just melt when that Kogasa snatched you up and deep kissed you. You had been exposed to something even better not long before that.

"That's true, they talked about that in another article. There was another one explaining that it's also important not to break a trainer entirely so that they immediately submit to anything that pleasures them, because that's not a good trait to have. It does not do wonders for a trainers longevity on this plane."

You nod, since while there were plenty of mons that would domesticate a human, there were still others who would consume or kill if given half a chance. Still, you tug on Lyrica a bit. "I'm feeling kinda tired now, so could we sleep together like this? I like it when I can sleep with someone."

Lyrica chuckles and leans down on you, holding you tight as she pulls the covers over you both and snuggles in, "Better?" She asks.

"Yes, thank you." You kiss Lyrica on the lips, snuggling her afterward. "I know I said it already, but I'll say it again. I love you."

Lyrica sighs contently, "And I love you too Zeke."

And like that, the both of you fall asleep together in each others arms.


I feel like I should make Sweater Variants the new super OP variant that only the elite four has.

Mostly I just like touhou in ribbed sweaters though.
 No. 32462
Not everything merits a variant. In this case, putting on a ribbed sweater is probably sufficient.
 No. 32467
I'm starting to wonder with how Zeke likes to say "Dear Shinki", whether is he going to somehow get a Shinki...that'd be a sight
 No. 32469
Kinda grim to capture and use a deity as a participant in non-lethal Mon fighting.
 No. 32470

Eh, you can get a Tenma in the games so...
 No. 32471

That's never stopped anyone before! Although it does make me wonder how the average trainer reacts to someone pulling out Arceus or Shinki to battle for them.
 No. 32473
Is Shinki the actual creater-god of this setting? Might all this be just another form of Makai, all created for Shinki's enjoyment?
 No. 32474
That reminds me of a Culture Mind simulating an entire universe for its enjoyment.
 No. 32493
File 138030792475.png - (0.99MB, 800x934, Lunasa loving.png) [iqdb]
The last thing you remember from when you were awake last was having a rather fun lovemaking session with Lyrica after letting her chew you out for being an idiot, and you fell asleep in each other's arms. Since you fell asleep with her, it would stand to reason that she would be with you when you wake up, but she's not there. You shift about trying to locate her to pull her back to you, but she's not in your reach.

You have to wonder why that is, and as you wake up a bit more you notice that your arms are actually restrained. Then you feel a small surge of panic as you look yourself over, noting that not only are you suspended from the ceiling in a surprisingly comfortable harness, you're also completely naked. Upon thinking about it a bit more, it's probably just one of your girls, but you're not quite sure which one would actually do something like this.

The room itself is dark, lit only by a single light directly above you that does more to blind you to the rest of the room then it does to actually help you see. Distantly, you hear the click of heels on the floor as someone slowly approaches you, very calmly and confidently striding towards you at a slow, steady pace that leaves you growing more and more nervous as time goes on. "Oh Zeke..." A familiar voice purrs as you make out a shapely human outline just out of the light, "You've been such a naughty, naughty boy. Do you know what happens to naughty boys?"

The person takes one step closer, revealing... Lunasa!? She's wearing an outfit you've never seen before now, a black leather one piece that shines in the light. Her legs are covered up to mid-thigh by equally black and shiny boots, and her arms are covered up to above the elbow by gloves. She gently, lovingly cradles riding crop in her hands that she bends ever so slighlty as she stares at you, a terrifyingly arousing expression on her face as she looks down on you from just a few feet in front of you.

Your mind draws just a liiiiittle bit of a blank as you consider Lunasa in front of you. On the one hand, this feels so off for her that it's not even funny, but at the same time you can't help but think that black isn't necessarily a bad color on her. "Lunasa...?" You speak her name in an unsure tone.

She stares at you, suddenly reaching out with one hand and bringing her face in close as those cold, powerful eyes of hers stare at you and bring you to heel. "What happens to naughty boys, Ezekiel?" She asks you in a dark tone as she keeps that stare going.

You gulp as it dawns on you just how angry she must be with you, since you kinda broke your word to her to not overdo it and she was probably every bit as scared as Lyrica. "T-they get punished."

She keeps up the stare for a very long moment, making you fear that you may have done something wrong before she smiles at you, reaching out and stroking your cheek once and then petting you like a good dog, "Good boy." She praises you, leaning forward and whispering quietly into your ear, "The safeword is banana." She informs you in a more normal tone before pulling back and putting that wonderfully, intoxicating attitude of hers back on, "Now then... what have you been, Ezekiel?" She asks you, stepping back and away from you and making you look at her leather clad body.

Safeword? Is this her idea of foreplay or something? Well, that's a little bit of a load off your mind, but there's the fact that she's even acting like this at all. "Naughty." You're answering back how you think she wants you to answer, and are pretty sure that this is the right way to go about it.

"Yes, you've been very naughty. But... just what do you think you did that was so naughty, Ezekiel?" She asks you as she circles around you slowly, heels clicking as she disappears out of your line of sight with a wiggling sashay of her hips.

"I went too far with my fight with Costello, got myself knocked out, and scared you." Lyrica is up front about her grievances, but you suppose it would fit Lunasa to be less direct.

"Mmmmm, that's exactly it." She asks you as she steps up behind you, and you can feel her leather outfit brush up against exposed skin and chill you a bit as she slowly, sensually leans down on your back and rests there, relaxing on you and letting her weight rest ever so noticeably on your restrained and hanging form, "It's not good to disappoint a woman's expectations, you know." Ever so slowly, her hands wind around your middle and reach up to your chest, stroking there lovingly as she hugs you closer to her.

"I know, I'm sorry." You say in response, knowing that you really have no way to defend yourself her, just as it was with Lyrica. You did wrong by scaring your girls like that, and now they're going to make darn sure that you know how displeased they are.

"I'm sure you are, but now... we need to make sure the body remembers how sorry you should be. I'm going to engrave it into your bones so you don't make this kind of mistake again, when there's something more on the line." She informs you as her hands suddenly grab your nipples and give them a tweak, inflicting pleasure and pain onto you in unequal measure as she pinches and rolls them between thumb and forefinger, "Is your body ready, Zeke?"

You wince a bit at her rough treatment of your nipples, but she's managing to mix pain and pleasure so it's just uncomfortable as opposed to painful. "As ready as it's going to be."

"Mmm... not good enough." She responds back, bringing her mouth down to your shoulder and giving you a kis where it meets your neck before opening her mouth and carefully biting down enough to get the nervous response. Somehow, even though she's biting you, it feels really good...!

You gasp at that, unsure how to really feel about this. Apparently she doesn't just want you to acknowledge that this is going to happen to you, she's going to make you want it. "Lunasa, my body is ready...!"

"Good answer!" She praises you in response whens he pulls her teeth back. You can tell she didn't break the skin there, but darned if she didn't leave a mark! Her hand gently, tender strokes across your sides and then stops over your rear, rubbing her gloved hands tenderly over your ass, "Do you know what kind of punishments naughty boys get, Zeke?"

She's serious. Dear Shinki, she's serious. You're about to get paddled. "S-spanking?" You offer, figuring that's what she's going for to begin with. It's either that or pegging and you're not sure if you could take the latter.

"Very good!!" She responds as she brings a hand down on your ass, smacking it and causing you to swing forward lighlty in the harness she has you set up in, "Now remember Ezekiel, they only count if you count them."

...If there's one silver lining in all this, is that you at least have the illusion of privacy for this. Still, you do as she says and start to count. "One..."

She brings her hand up and down again, the sharp slaps sending stinging pain and odd strings of pleasure through you as she brings the pain down. "Hmmm...my, you're good at this. Have you gotten spanked a lot, Ezekiel? Were you a naughty boy growing up too?" She asks you as you reach seven.

You can't exactly say that you grew up without incident. The previously mentioned 'accidentally ate mom's experiment' thing was one such thing, and you recall a few incidents that got you in trouble. Some you didn't even intend to get involved in, some you just didn't recoginize as being a bad thing. "A bit more than most kids, yeah, but nothing really on par with the White Tower..." Well, except maybe running into that Shrine Maiden variant Ran one time, but she was a nice lady and that event still paled in comparison to going into an anomaly without any mons.

"Oh... perhaps I should add on some extra spankings for those too." Lunasa purrs in response as she hits ten and then stops... at least, she stopped for a moment before the riding crop came down with a smack on your ass. You are reasonably certain that things aren't supposed to feel both as good and bad as this does.

You wince at that one, yelping in surprise as she actually starts swatting your ass with that stiff piece of leather! You're definitely feeling pain here, and part of you wants to beg her to stop already. You know you made her mad, but this is... The only thing stopping you from tapping out the fact that you feel guilty about this. You scared Lyrica, but you basically broke a promise to Lunasa.

"You're not counting!" Lunasa points out to you as she brings the paddle down again. You notice though... more and more as time goes on the pain lessens while the pleasure increases. Eventually the only pain you feel is a bit of stinging as a surge fo pleasure runs through you from the strike. You can't... really be getting that turned on from this, can you?

You note your mistake and continue counting, all the while feeling a touch horrified about the implications of your body's response. Are you seriously turning masochist from this? You really, really hope that this is just the result of Kogasa's special dose as opposed to a legitimate fetish, because you're pretty sure you don't like this!

"Mmm... oh?" You feel one of her hands reach around and give your hardened member a squeeze, "Oh no, are you enjoying this Ezekiel? It's not a punishment if you're enjoying it you know." She chastises you, tutting her tongue in disappointment at you, "Now we'll have to do something else to make sure you remember not to do this again."

"Something else?" The tone of your voice doesn't exactly suggest that you're enjoying it, but your manhood is running counter to your logic so hard that you can't help but understand why Lunasa thinks that.

"Yes! Since you enjoy pain so much, I'll just have to make you feel so good your mind can't take it." She informs you as you feel that hand gently trace its fingers along your length, teasing you as she leans closer to you and whispers quietly into your ear, "So much that you'll break..."
Then you feel something cool and tight slip over your tip and get pushed down your entire length to your base where it sits, squeezing down onto your poor hardened shaft as it throbs and tries to escape these new confines.

"Aaaah, what are you doing?" You ask, squirming about in your bind while wondering just what she stuck on you. You're not too worried about her breaking you since you're pretty sure you haven't done anything too astronomically stupid to deserve it, but there's still this little knot of dread in your stomach.

"Hmmm? Oh, just a little something to make sure you don't finish before you've learned your lesson." Lunasa tells you as you feel that tight thing around your base seem to grow even tighter as one hand skillfully begins to lightly stroke your length, fingers trailing softly along it and teasing you up further than you thought possible while the other arm rubs soothing circles along your chest as she hugs you to her with it.

You... you think you have a general idea of what she's doing here. Whatever she's got on your cock is for orgasm denial, and she's going to pleasure you mercilessly until you're begging her to take it off you. Which of course she won't until she feels that you won't go trying anything stupid like that again anytime soon.

"It's good thing your body is ready, isn't it Zeke?" She asks you in a whisper as the hand stroking you stops teasing and begins to pleasure you in earnest, her hand stroking along your shaft after she gets a good grip. She isn't trying to use any sort of super technique or anything, just a firm grip and nimble fingers as she pumps up and down and forces pleasure onto you when you have no means to escape.

You're left moaning as your lover continues to stroke you, not feeling the need to release yet but knowing it's only a matter of time before you will. The only thing that's truly enjoyable about this for you is the fact that Lunasa is maintaining a hug from behind.

She's resting her head in the crook of your neck as her hand keeps on stroking you, not hurrying and not tarrying as she simply forces pleasure onto you that you cannot resist. "Mmmm, what a lovely voice. I can't wait to hear it begging me to let you cum."

By now you're starting to feel a distinct and all too familiar pressure building up inside you, but there's nowhere for it to go. It's stuck inside you and is starting to grow uncomfortable, and Lunasa is giving you no chance to release. "Lunasa..." You say her name, not quite at the point where you'd start begging.

Lunasa's hand keeps on stroking and stimulating you as you call out her name in a pleading tone even if you aren't begging, "Hmmmm?" She responds with a questioning hum, the amusement evident in her tone.

"Lunasa, please let me cum!" You say, sounding pleading at the very least. You're not sure how much longer you can go without orgasming in this scenario, at least not without feeling massively uncomfortable.

"...No." Lunasa responds after a moment's thought, picking up the pace of her hand as she strokes you just a bit longer. As you reach the point you're about to achieve orgasm though... she stops, and lets go of you. She pulls away from you and leaves you... unsatisfied and hungry for more, even though you know what'll happen.

"You're still that mad at me...?" You ask, thinking that given that Lunasa went so far as to put you up in a harness just to dominate you while you slept, she's probably not going to forgive you easily.

"Oh, I'm not mad at you Zeke." She informs you as she slowly walks around you, reaching out and tracing a hand along your body as she does so, "I'm disappointed in your actions, because I know you know better. Don't think of this as 'being punished', think of it as 'being disciplined'." She laughs to herself, apparently amused, "Don't worry, by the time we're done you'll be disciplined enough that you'll never do something so silly again."

Apparently you were wrong about who to be scared of here. Merlin actually accepted that you'd do stupid things and just made you cum a lot. Lyrica got mad but you just needed to pamper her after having a little heart to heart. Lunasa? There's no way you could have predicted this response, especially not this intent! All you can do is look her in the eye with a worried expression, as you have no idea what she's going to do to you next.

She walks to your front and grins down at you, eyes glinting as she stares at you, "Lots, and lots and lots of discipline." She promises you as she reaches up and grabs a chain suspending from the ceiling and pulls it. Much to your surprise you feel yourself getting pulled up and shifting as the chains holding you adjust their position until you're shifting to a position where you are 'reclining' in the air with your shaft bobbing about in front of you, engorged and unable to shrink down in size.

Now that you actually see what's on your cock, it's kinda hard to not feel some kind of dread since you can tell it won't be possible for you to just go back down to normal. There's literally nothing for you to do but be pleasured until you're begging for release, and she knows it too.

"Well then." Lunasa strides up between your legs and hefts up her cleavage, pressing her decently sized breasts up against your shaft and teasing you with the contact, "What to do first? Should I use these, perhaps? Or maybe use my mouth a bit? I'm sure you'll love wanting to feed me your semen until I'm full and satisfied, won't you?"

Lunasa's breasts aren't marshmallow heaven like Merlin's, but to dismiss them would be the height of folly. Same with her mouth, really. You simply nod in response to her words, knowing that no matter what she does you're not going to be able to release.

"Mmmm? Oh no Zeke, that's not how we're doing this!" She chastises you, pulling away her breasts from your shaft and making you mourn their departure deeply, "I want to make you choose. You have to decide how you're punished here."

...How cruel of her.

"...Your mouth then." You blush out of embarrassment and humiliation as she forces you to choose, and both options would be wonderful under normal circumstances.

"Oh? You want to cum into my mouth and make me suck it all down? A very naughty boy, that's what you are." Lunasa teases you before leaning closer to your shaft and then licking it, running her tongue from base to tip all up along the sensitive underside as you shudder in pleasure. Sensually and slowly, without any sort of hurry in her actions, Lunasa pleasures your poor, tortured shaft with her tongue. She hasn't even taken it into her mouth yet, and it's so good...

It's enough to make you cum, or at least it would have been had she not made it to where you can't. You're stuck being pleasured by your lover's tongue until you feel ready to burst, but she's not even taking this seriously yet.

She keeps running her tongue up and down your length, stimulating you with slow and vindictive purposefulness as she does so. Her eyes focus on your face, drinking in your every last ounce of despair and tears and savoring it. She shifts her head and wraps her lips around your sensitive tip and bobs it down in a short, fast thrust, her eyes glimmering with glee the whole while as she drinks in your response.

Once again you're left squirming and moaning as she works you over, and you're well past due for release. Your body's definitely letting you know that too, as you're even trying to buck your hips to get more out of her motions.

Lunasa just lets out a happy hum as she starts to bob her head up and down a bit faster, noisily slurping on your schlong as you're left pleasured into submission. Your body is desperate for release at this point and shakes in the throes of almost-ecstasy. It hurts... but it feels so, so good!

You're panting and crying out now, unable to do much more than try and get release even though it's impossible for you right now. "Lunasa, please, let me cum already!" You cry out, sounding more than a touch desperate.

"Hmmm...but I don't want to let you cum in my mouth." She informs you as she pulls back from you and smiles coyly at you, "The only thing a naughty, dirty boy like you should be dirtying is the bottom of my feet, and I'm being generous. Is that really what you want though? Are you that desperate to cum that you're willing to do it from being stepped on?" She asks you, sounding a bit excited at the end there as she stares at you, eyes shining.

"Yes!" You say without hesitation. Of course, it's easy for her to tease you when she can't feel what you're feeling. Besides, Lyrica said Lunasa was good with her feet, right?

Lunasa stares at you, keeping that superior smile on her face as she reaches up and grabs the chain again, giving it a tug and sending you lowering towards the ground, "How... vulgar." She offers up this time, watching you as you're lowered down to the point where she can easily step on you. She doesn't even bother taking her boots off, merely stepping with one foot and bringing it down on your shaft. And it...feels...so good! You don't know how, but the way she's using her heel and rubbing the sole along your length is just so amazingly good, even if it feels wrong!

You moan in response to that, but there's still that thing keeping you from being able to orgasm! Admittedly, you don't even really care that she's stepping on you or dominating you at this point, you really want to cum.

She just keeps grinding her foot against you, torturing you as you feel yourself reach your 'peak' twice more before you finally feel the pressure of that ring around your base release. Your shaft immediately swells up and begins to spew semen out, spraying out long, thick strings of it all over anywhere it can reach as Lunasa watches down on you.

You sigh as the pressure finally releases and you cum, but this feels... wrong. "Lunasa, are you really enjoying this?" You ask, the afterglow being dampened by the fact that were forced into a masochistic role.

Lunasa reaches up and covers her mouth, laughing as she stares down at you, eyes really shining now, "My, what are you talking about Ezekiel. Why wouldn't I enjoy helping you learn how to be a good, disciplined boy?" She asks you, teasing you with her foot and working you back up to full mast insanely quickly even as your shaft lets its displeasure and pleasure be known to you. Her foot skills are seriously crazy, for something this simple to feel so good..!
 No. 32494
As much as you'd like to let her continue, you're starting to have some serious nagging doubts about this, and you want her to answer honestly. "Lunasa, banana. Please, is this really making it up to you?" You ask her intently, not wanting to leave the issue as-is.

Lunasa starts at your use of the b-word, and stares at you as you realize the gleam in her eyes was her holding back tears, "N-n-no..." She admits, sniffing as all that imperious dominatrixness leaves her voice, "B-but they said you would! They said that this would make you happy, and I want to make you happy. But I'm not like Merlin with all the sex skills and big boobs or Lyrica and her best butt and super kisses..."

...So that's what it was. "You're not confident in yourself." If you could rub your forehead, you would right now. "Lunasa, I went along with this because I thought this was what you wanted. Please, let me out of this harness and we can continue without this whole dominatrix aspect. I'd enjoy it a lot more if it's you doing what you want to do, not what someone else told you to do."

Lunasa looks at the harness and then back at you, and then back at the harness, "U-uhm...I kind of like you being in a harness." She admits, looking dreadfully embarassed, "I mean, I don't want to hurt you in it, but it...uhm...keeping you in it and doing all sorts of really nice things to you sounds really...nice to me." She admits, toeing the ground with the tip of a boot.
...So she doesn't want to dominatrix you, but likes kinky sex swings?

"See, I don't mind that." You say, blushing while feeling a touch breathless at just how cute Lunasa can be when she's like this. "So do what you want. If you're actually enjoying yourself I don't mind it."

Lunasa smiles at that, "Oh, that's wonderful! Uhm..." She looks at down to where your penis is twitching out pre-cum eagerly underneath her boot, "Do you... want me to finish you off like this first?" She asks, shifting her foot slighlty and sending a surge of pleasure through you.
"Without the boot, preferably, but yes. Your feet really are something else." You say, feeling much more relaxed now that Lunasa's being herself now.

"Without the boot? Uhm...okay." She agrees, taking her foot off of your shaft and filling you with a sense of regret for not letting her finish you off with it on. You watch as Lunasa floats up into the air and slowly struggles to get her boots off, having an apparently difficult time with them with how tight they are to her legs. You also take this chance to properly savor her figure. while she's no the soft and generous body of Merlin or the lean and tight body of Lyrica, Lunasa is a pleasant middle ground between the two extremes. She finally manages to get the boot off and wriggles her feet, "Geez, I don't get why people like boots like those..."

"I don't either, to be honest, but that outfit you have on is pretty nice." Admittedly, you actually do like how the leather fits her, and it's one of those suits that does a good job of emphasizing the wearer's figure. Also, you remind yourself that while you're having to wait now, Lunasa's feet would feel much better without the boots on.

"Oh? Why, thank your Zeke." Lunasa smiles and blushes at your compliment, "Uhm, your birthday suit suits you?" She offers, seeming to realize that her line was a bit lame and more than a touch perverted about halfway through it, but sticking with it all the same. Good for her. She approaches you again now, eyeing your crotch, "Uhm... do you want me to finish you quickly or focus on just making it feel good for as long as I can?"

You simply snort in amusement when Lunasa tries to compliment you back, and you're smiling. As wrong as it came out, it was amusing. "I'll leave it up to you, either way is fine by me."

"...Well...I want to make you feel good, so I'll just..." She tenderly reaches out with one foot and gently steps on you with it, pressing down with the entire part of it and gingerly wrapping her toes around your tap. You can tell that she didn't actually mean to push you into orgasm with just that, but watching her so carefully try to do something for you while nibbling on her lip in concentration was just too erotic, especially after getting worked over so hard before.

It's embarrassing, but you cum extremely quickly after that with a rather pleased moan. This is far more fun with her being herself now. "Ah, sorry. I guess I'm still really sensitive." You say, not wanting your lover to feel bad.

Lunasa lets out a giggles, holding her head in her hands as she smiles down at you happily, "Ah Zeke...your orgasming face is so cute, so please don't worry about it..." Her foot starts to move on its own again, not minding the mess you've made of it and yourself. This time you get to enjoy the feeling of silky smooth, perfect skin rubbing along your length as she applies a bit more weight. She's doing less than Merlin did when she did this to you, but it feels so good! "Ahahahaha..." She laughs happily, staring at you, "Say, Zeke...make that face for me again, please?" She asks you as she uses her toes to skillfully manipulate your tip.

It doesn't take long for you to comply with her request, since she's putting about as much effort into her foot play as Merlin did with her breasts... okay, bad example since Merlin tends to not hold back ever. It's more like when Lyrica kisses you. She only has to put in a tiny amount of effort to get a big response out of you. All you're really saying is that you came again, hard.

Lunasa's smile widens even further as she lets out a happy giggle, "Oh my...such an amazing expression." She sounds a bit drunk on the pleasure of getting you off, or at least that's what you could think if you weren't too busy being a puddle of pleasured naughty boy. To your dissatisfaction, you feel her pull her foot off of your shaft.

You look at Lunasa as if to wonder what she's going to do next, seeing as she's just stopped using what is likely her greatest asset.

Lunasa reaches out and pulls on the chain hanging from the ceiling again, leading to you being hoisted back up into the air and left dangling there as she comes closer, "Uhm...you wanted me to use my mouth before, right? And my boobs too? I can do it right now, so...just lay back and cum a lot, please."

"Alright~" You say happily as you let her do as she pleases.

Lunasa smiles at that, apparently happy at your agreement with her. She leans closer to you and pokes her tongue out again, sending a thrill through you as she starts to eagerly lick clean your shaft, letting out pleased hums as she licks off all the mess of cum and pre-cum you've made there for her. Eventually she shifts her head and wraps her mouth around the tip of your shaft before bobbing her head down without any hesitation, taking your entire length into her mouth as she bobs down and then back up. While she may not have the skills of Merlin or Lyrica's magical mouth, Lunasa's sheer eagerness to make you feel good has a charm all of its own.

Honestly, she needs to stop worrying so much. She's got her own strengths, which you're glad to have used on you like this. Plus, you love her so you feel relaxed and focus on enjoying what she's providing. "Just like that...~"

Lunasa seems to take your response as encouragement to work you over a bit more, speeding up the pace of her head's movement and applying a little bit of suction to your length, urging your overtaxed yer incredibly relaxed length to give her what she wants. To your surprise, and also very much to your pleasure, you feel her gloved hands come up and begin to cradle and massage your sack, very gently applying her fingers to relax you even further.

Your hips buck up, causing you to swing about a bit in your restraints as you cum into your lovers warm, wet mouth. Lunasa lets out a muffled squeal of surprise and glee as you cum into her mouth, working her tongue over it to lap up anything she might miss as she swallows down your gift. She pulls back from you and smiles widely at you, "Ah, Zeke...you're so delicious."

"And you're adorable." You say, regretting being tied up like this soley for the fact that you can't hug her and proceed to gush about how cute she can be.

Lunasa's face lights up like a storefront during a holiday and she lunges forward again, wrapping a great big hug around your middle and squeezing you tight in it. This also has the pleasant side effect of burying your shaft between her nice boobs and wrapping them tight between them!

That's definitely enough to make you moan considering her breasts are quite nice in their own right. Though you really wish you could hug her back. "See? You're really cute!"

She squeezes you tighter and lets out an adorable giggle as she wiggles back and forth, rubbing your shaft between her shifting breasts as they're moved in opposing directions and putting the pressure of pleasure back on you as she does so. Is she really doing this by accident!? It feels so good, how can it be..?

Between her being like this and her breasts rubbing against your cock, you're really hard-pressed to resist what she's doing for long. The end result is that it takes no time at all for you to cum again, and you're moaning the whole time.

"Eh?" Lunasa lets out an adorable little squeak as you cum all over her breasts after she inadvertantly stimulated you to orgasm. Much to your regret, she pulls back and looks down at the mess you made over her partially covered chest which is now partially covered in semen, "Oh, uhm...thank you?" She offers, seemingly not quite sure how to respond to the situation as she uses one hand to clean herself up, gathering up the semen and licking it off her fingers.
That really was her doing it entirely by accident. Good grief. You can't argue about the view though, and watching her clean herself is quite fun. "You really weren't trying to make me cum?"

"Hm? Oh goodness no! Not that time." She shakes her head frome side to side, sending her hair flying about as she does so, "I was just trying to hug you and I was so happy that you complimented me that I got excited, and then you moaned and put out all your tasty filling onto my chest..."

You blush in response to that. "Wow, if that's you not trying, you trying to make me cum would be amazing..."

"Well, we'll have lots of time for that...right?" She asks you, pointing out that you have an entire weekend to have kinky sex. You also note that she's probably willing to take requests. "But, uhm...now I want to do something a bit..." She wiggles her hips back and forth, "Different., if that's okay."

"Of course!" You've only cum a few times now and you've probably gotten a fresh dose of whatever Kogasa's been putting in you while you slept. You're good to go for a while. "Go right ahead!"

"Oh, that's great of you Zeke. Thank you!" She gushes happily as you watch her reach up and undo something behind her back, and then slowly shimmy out of her dominatrix outift with a sort of accidental sensual flare. Somehow...Lunasa almost feels more 'innocent' than her sisters in way. She starts to float up into the air and out of her outfit before she speaks again, "Uhm...I'm inexperienced, so please take care of me." She asks of you as she starts to lower herself down over your waist, "...Did that sound right? It's weird, translating from our language to this one sometimes..."

"You did, though given our positions I should be asking you to take care of me." You say, smiling and feeling quite happy about this. Innocent does seem to describe her to a fault, and she's certainly adorable. "Granted, you're already doing that."

"Oh, uhm..." She stops, pausing just above your crotch. You can feel her hot slit there, waiting there as she stares at you. That heat is tempting you, calling for you as she looks at you curiously, "...Do you want to ask me to take care of you?" She asks you, apparently not wanting to move forward if you wanted.

You simply smile widely, shaking your head. "It's fine, I already said you can do what you want. Besides, if you're about to do what I think you're about to do, I really want it too."

"Okay then." Lunasa puts on a face of determined concentration that makes you want to pat her on the head as she places both of her hands on your chest and begins to slowly and carefully lower herself down. You feel your tip prod up against her entrance, not gaining entry even as she applies a bit more pressure. One of her hands leaves your chest, traling down to where your sexes are meeting and carefully using her fingers to open herself up a bit more, enough to start to slowly slide you into her with a good bit of resistance on her side. She's closed her eyes now as your tip manages to slip inside of her, and you're exposed to her inner folds. She's amazingly tight, easily the tightest girl you've ever been with, you can tell that much just from the inch you have in her.

Even better is that her tightness is actually fairly comfortable and makes you want to stick yourself in her further. However, you have absolutely no control over this process and you feel that you don't really need it. She's doing a good job all by herself~

Lunasa lets out a little whimper of pleasure as she slowly slides herself down your length, carefully working you deeper into her tight folds as she stimulates you both with her wiggles and waggles and subtle movements that drive you up the wall with delight. "Ah, Zeke...you're even bigger than you looked...!" Lunasa's voice is tight as she works to maintain her control as she sinks deeper down onto you until you're both joined together completely, your tip bumping against her deepest place.

You're trying extremely hard to not just orgasm from that alone, but being joined with her is just so pleasant! "You're really tight too..." You manage to say as you stay put inside her.

"Uhm, well I...I've never practiced before with my sisters, or with SlKogasa." She admits, looking down embarassedly at where you're both joined together even as she smiles, "So this really is my first time like this." She informs you as she shifts her hips from side to side to, grinding you around inside of her as she hums happily.

"I don't mind, Lunasa...!" You're a touch breahtless now as she starts to grind you, but you manage to speak reasonably well. "You're doing great." She really is. You're not entirely sure how long you can hold out.

She nods her head and then carefully grabs onto your stomach again as she adjusts her legs to hold herself in position on you and then, to your surprise and great pleasure, begins to bounce up and down on your shaft. It's slow at first, very careful as she slips a short distance up and slides back down. But to your pleasure, she keeps slowly picking up the pace, not even slowing down as you cum inside of her. "Ah, Zeke...it's so warm, and there's so much!" She tells you happily, "You're so cute when you're cumming, please make that face lots more!"
She doesn't even have to ask you, not with her doing that. You're left moaning once again as she has her way with you in what has to be one of the better ways so far, and feel absolutely no need to hold back or any desire for this to stop.

She continues to endlessly bounce on top of you, her breasts bouncing with her as she moves up and down and forcing endless amounts of pleasure onto you as she does so. You lose track quickly of how many imes you cum to her amazing tightness and enthusiasm for loving you into a drooling pile of shotamess. Lunasa's face is flushed red as she smiles widely and keeps on moving, even as your cum leaks out of where you've stuffed her full, "S-so good Zeke! So good!"
And you really are a drooling pile of shotaness at this point, unable to do much more than enjoy what Lunasa is doing with you and completely unable to focus on anything else but her and her sexual acts.

Lunasa keeps doing it, her eyes glowing dimly as she loses herself to the pleasure of being one with you and continues to have sex with you, hips pumping you in and out of her like a piston without any hesitation. Ah, if she keeps doing you like this...

You're likely to end up broken for sure, but you can't resist either. She just feels too good and you can't bring yourself to stop her at this stage...!

Lunasa just keeps bouncing up and down and going until she slams down on you one final time and lets out a cry of passion, throwing her head back as she cums hard, her walls clamping tight down around you and milking your shaft for all it's worth, dragging out one more orgasm from you before she slowly collapses onto your suspended body, still joined with you as the last of your cum spills out into her. She mumbles your name and a few phrases in moonspeak as she nuzzles closer and then finally...goes to sleep.

You're honestly not that far off from sleep yourself, so rather than try to stay awake any longer you choose to fall asleep with your lover.
 No. 32527
File 138075350581.jpg - (161.48KB, 849x1202, Kogasa on top look at that dress.jpg) [iqdb]
You find yourself waking up once more, this time after having some interesting, then genuinely fun sex with Lunasa. You're going to have to poke at your girls to see which one or ones decided to tell her that you're into dominatrix so you can tell them to knock that off, but that's later. Right now you're once again feeling the need to cuddle and the silver-haired beauty you had fallen asleep with isn't there. Neither is the harness, you note.

Still, no points for guessing who's turn it is now. SlKogasa's been a pretty patient girl considering what's happened, and out of all your girls she seemed the least bothered by what happened.

You hear the sound of a door being unlocked and you're forced to shield your eyes as the rather dark room is lit up as a door is opened and someone moves through it, closing the door quickly behind them. You do not hear footsteps, rather a scarcely noticeable sound of slime sliding across the carpet and other subtle noises. Knowing how quiet she can be, you suspect SlKogasa may actually be trying to make noises on purpose so you can tell where she is. As you lounge on the bed, you finally see her enter your dim ring of viewable range and see she is carrying a bag that smells positively delicious. It also smells like-

"Break Fast!" Kogasa calls out to you with cheer as she holds out the bag for you to take. She's smiling widely at you as she waits for you to take it, and looks rather proud of herself as well for some reason.

...While you are not hungry necessarily, your body does seem to be telling you that eating delicious food would be a-okay with it.

You take the bag from her and open it up, interested in seeing what she brought you. "Thanks, Kogasa~" You tell her cheerily. You certainly didn't expect this, but in retrospect you've been subsisting solely on the slime she's provided for you for who knows how long. You're not going to argue with that diet given how she fed you the first time, but it probably would be good to put something more solid through your system.

Inside of the bag you find what appears to be several muffin sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches in particular. They're actually very appetizing looking and seem to be made of fresh, good quality ingredients. The muffin sandwiches offer a wide variety of combinations of egg, cheese, bacon, sausage and other ingredients to you. This is...actually this is kinda a lot of food, isn't it? I mean, your body is telling you that you can definitely eat, but can you eat all of this? SlKogasa continues to beam down that smile of hers at you as she bounces up and down in anticipation for some reason. This adds a rhythmic, distracting jiggle to her body that gives you something else to consider besides these delightful treats.

Namely, her delightful teats.

Good grief, you really like boobs. Then again, you can't be blamed considering that you're a guy, sexually active, and have a quartet of loving partners who understand this. Having thought that, you set to work eating one of the sandwiches, and find that it does taste as good as it looks. It does make you wonder though. SlKogasa is a lot smarter than Slimes normally are, she knew precisely how to knock out Neuton's mental link devices, and seems to come up with all sorts of things at the drop of a hat. "Did you make these yourself?" You ask between bites, curious if cooking is in her repertoire as well.

After you ask your question, you find something you didn't notice in your first bite, or even your second. With each bite though, the subtle spicing and flavoring of the meats, eggs and the fine selection of cheese become more and more apparent to you. These muffin sandwiches...are amazingly good! Great, even! You're surprised that they're so much better than you'd even expected!

SlKogasa claps her hands together ecstatically and bounces up and down with glee for some reason. She also bobs her head up and down enthusiastically as well, nodding enthusiastically to tell you that yes it was her who made these fine sandwich thingies.

"You're really good at this! I don't think I've ever had a breakfast sandwich this good." Though there's probably more here than you could honestly eat in one sitting. You're certainly willing to try to put as much in you as you can though! ...Well, balance is still key since you're probably going to get involved n kinky things here shortly and having a too-full stomach wouldn't do you any good either.

Kogasa seems very happy that you like the food she made for you so much and is practically vibrating with glee as you eat it. Then again, SlKogasa seems to be a fairly happy and cheerful girl. As you continue to eat, she oozes closer to and leans up against your side, face close as she watches you scarf down the meal she made for you. Her smile never fading and eyes never blinking.

You decide to kiss her between one of your bites, deciding to reward her a little bit more for her efforts. You then snuggle into her a bit and continue eating, almost wishing that she just went with these each time. It doesn't take you long to eat the first one, nor does it take long to start on the next.

SlKogasa's eyes widen as you kiss her, and she kisses you back for a moment before simply grabbing an arm around you and cradling you against her. To your surprise, she doesn't start to fuck you, but rather takes the sandwich out of your hand and holds it in front of you, waving it temptingly at your mouth as the arm around you gives you a bit of a squeeze, "Aaaaaaaah?" She asks you, grinning all the while.

You open your mouth and blush a bit, realizing that she's going to feed you. It's a little embarrassing, but nice for her to do something like that. You open your mouth for her since she's asking~

SlKogasa hums, her whole body vibrating with glee as she holds you tight. The hand holding the sandwich droops down and places a perfectly measured amount to bite into, and to your surprise as you bite down her other hand reaches p and proceeds to help you 'chew' by moving your mouth. Ah...isn't this a bit much?

Not that you mind overly much, even if it is a touch over the top. With the way she's acting, it's like she's a loving young bride on her honeymoon. Admittedly, given the relationship between a trainer and his mon, and the fact that you set aside a week for the express purpose of getting your girl's sex drives down to manageable levels that's probably not too far off.

SlKogasa nuzzles one cool, wet stick cheek against yours as you swallow, continuing to hum happily as she buries the side of your body she's nuzzled up against part ways into her, her membrane wrapping around it and rubbing against it but not yet letting you into that cool slime proper. Giggling, she presses a kiss against your cheek before nuzzling against you again. Goodness, she's very affectionate isn't she?

You decide to kiss her back in response while noting that this really isn't a bad way to spend the day. You're kind of a cuddle bug yourself, as Yume once put it. You're also being increasingly bound up, which also isn't that big a deal.

SlKogasa seems happy to kiss you, but the hand grabs your chin and pulls you out of the kiss, feeding you more of the sandwich as she seems focused on getting you properly fed and taken care of. She even chastised you, waving a finger in your face and going, "Ah-ah-ah~."

This slime, you swear.

You'd shake your head in amusement if it wouldn't kill the mood. You still let her continue to feed you since there's not much else for you to do at this point, and her cooking is excellent.

SlKogasa continues to feed you up until you swallow the last bite of that sandwich, and then pauses and looks you over for a moment. You then feel the slime wrap around your waist and heft you up so she can put an ear to your stomach, a comically serious expression on her face as she shakes you about a bit to test how full you are.

SlKogasa's cute in her own right, you think, so you just let her do as she pleases. Apparently she's got a solid idea of how this is supposed to play out and you're not going to be able to dissuade her.

She shakes a few more times before she's satisfied and stops, smiling up at you and giving you a great big hug as she nuzzles her face against your chest. You also notice slime starting to creep up your legs and working your pants off of you. Well, at least they won't get soaked in slime?

You hug back as best you can since she's already got you, and you kiss her on the top of her head for good measure.

SlKogasa's slime slowly winds its way up your legs and throws your pants aside as her hands grab hold of your shirt and throw that off as well. Then you feel her hands on your shoulders as she slowly, carefully starts to push you into her. Your knees disappear into her and you can see the outline of them as she hugs you against her, giggling happily, "Ah...inside..."

You've been with SlKogasa like this once before, but that was just a quickie compared to what's coming. You still find the sensation of being slipped inside her proper to be quite nice, as she's comfortably cool and is probably only going to get warmer as she gets it on with you.

SlKogasa pulls you deeper into her, up to your upper inner thigh now, as showers you with kisses she goes. You notice now that where you're sinking into her that you're finally being let through her membrane and into that slimy body of hers properly. You also feel your penis rubbing against her slippery membrane and enjoying that sensation as she stops there and smiles at you in a way that makes you a bit concerned. More slime shifts past her and grabs onto your arms and shoulders, holding you up as her main body slides down and you're given the sudden sensation of your shaft being buried between a pair of slimy breasts.

You buck your hips in response to that, since it feels nice. Honestly, everything she's doing is nice and you're once again left bound up and pleasured, and her breasts are interesting to feel.

They're very different than any of the other times you've had this done to you, that's for certain. SlKogasa's breasts are wet, cool and very yielding. This leads to your hot shaft feeling even hotted as it's buried between those cool breasts. It almost feels like it's melting where it is now. Thankfully, you get a whole new sensation to drool over as she starts to move her breasts in opposite directions, rubbing the slimy membrane all over your length as she grins widely up at you.

At this point you practically are drooling given what she's doing with you. Her exotic feel has a charm all its own, just as Merlin's marshmallow-soft funbags and Lunasa's more ordinary but still nice breasts do. You wind up squirming a bit in her hold, especially your waist as you try to get more out of her motions.

SlKogasa just grins wider as she ups the pressure on your shaft, pushing down harder with her breasts and moving them faster as she tries to work you up and over your limits and into an orgasm so you'll coat her in your delicious, nutritious sticky white stuff.

You moan in ecstasy as you do exactly that, cumming all over her breasts with a nice thick load that comes out in a couple spurts. There's really no shame in cumming this quickly when you're as primed as you are.

SlKogasa lets out a happy cheer and you watch as the semen you put out onto her breasts starts to sink into her, disappearing into her slime where she probably breaks it down and absorbs it for nutrition. She grins up happily at you as she pulls her breasts away from your shaft and lowers her head towards it, opening her mouth and letting her tongue roll out as she lets out a questioning, "Aaaaaahhh?"

You wordlessly nod and shift your hips forward a bit to give her the go-ahead, and you can't help but wonder how this will feel. You're well aware of how your Prismrivers feel, but this should prove interesting.

SlKogasa simply lowers her head the rest of the way down, letting your shaft slide into her mouth and wrapping her lips around your base. As she starts to suck eagerly on it you feel...strange, but very good. Her slime is simulating a mouth, but if anything it's wetter and tighter than a normal mouth would be, and it feels like her tongue and the roof of her mouth are constantly wriggling and stimulating all over your length, forcing more pleasure onto you with eager joy. Her eyes are sparkling as she stares up at you and continues to suck, eager to please.

You're relaxed and more than happy to let her work you over, and you're definitely enjoying the feel of her mouth. It's every bit as exotic as her breasts are, and you're moaning shamelessly as she continues.

She doesn't move her head up and down like the sisters did. Rather, she shifts and forms her mouth around your length to create something specifically designed to pleasure you senseless and leave you defenseless against her loving and tender care.

The end result is that it doesn't take long for her to wring another orgasm out of you, and you're left twitching into her mouth as you unload the second orgasm of the day in there.

As your shaft twitches you're treated to the wonderful sensation of her lips truly forming a complete seal around your base and her mouth working harder to suck every last drop out of you that it can manage. You can watch as your semen keeps pouring down her throat, not stopping for a long while until the orgasm finally ends. Of course, SlKogasa kindly begins to clean up your length with her tongue, licking up every last bit.

Of course, her cleaning your cock like that doesn't really accomplish much aside from making sure that you stay erect and ready to go for her next sexual act, which isn't a bad thing at all.

She finally pulls her head back after you almost cum into her mouth again and smiles up at you. You feel her hands slide around your waist and legs, touching and kneading everywhere they go until they reach your ass where they give you a great big squeeze.

You blush harder when she goes and does that, and you look at her questioningly, unsure as to what she's planning next.

She eases you down inside of her and you find yourself resting on the bed and with SlKogasa 'straddling' you, your shaft buried in her body where her pussy would be on a normal touhoumon. She's smiling widely down at you and waggles her hips back and forth, letting out a lewd moan, "Mmm, very full..."

You're now buried pretty far in her in a couple senses of the word, and you're trying your hardest to just lay there and let her go at her own pace, but you start to buck your hips up shortly afterward since you're just too aroused to do much else.

She seems to have allowed you enough give to buck your hips about inside of her, her slime morphing and shifting to provide increasingly greater and greater stimulation to your shaft as she continues to let out pleased, erotic moans. You watch as she shifts in her slimy body, bringing herself closer to you and wrapping her arms around your head and burying it into her chest, holding you there lovingly as she whispers things in a broken mixture of the common tongue and moonspeak. Apparently you're doing a good job at least!

You start to lick her breasts as you go, dragging your warm tongue against her slimy membrane and finding her rather tasty as you continue to thrust up into her. The fact that you're being pinned and held like this is just icing on the cake for you.

Kogasa continues to hold onto you as you keep bucking up into her, the motion your hips put into her ocean leading to her body jiggling pleasantly and giving you a nice sensation of her rubbing up against and along your body. Her body tastes quite delightful and refreshing as you lick along her membrane, and she giggles from time to time from the sensations of your tongue along it. You wonder just how it is slimes 'feel' things.

You shift your head slightly and start to use your mouth to suckle from one of her breasts, alternating between sucking where a nipple should be and licking it to make her feel even better. You can't do much more with your cock than what you're already doing, but she's meeting you halfway in that department.

SlKogasa just giggles a bit more often as you suckle and lick where her nipples would be, not showing any more particular sensitivity there than anywhere else she has on her body. Even so, you feel her start to put a bit more motion into her ocean as she moves her slime in just the right amazingly satisfying way.

You wind up sucking a bit harder than normal when you find that she's pleasuring your cock the right way one time too many, and you cum inside her while trying to make sure you're driven in as deep as you can go. Once you've recovered enough to talk, you end up speaking. "I like being inside you...~" You're left breathless and speaking the truth, her gooey body is fun to be in.

SlKogasa just smiles down at you a bit wider, happy to have had you cum inside of her. To your displeasure, she pulls back and rubs her belly contently as your cum floats up into her waiting core. Wow...she has it that close and exposed? I mean, you know she seems to need to use her core to keep her body working right, but that's really...

SlKogasa pulls herself off of you, releasing you from her slimy hold. You watch as she shifts away and forms up a more and more human body, an expression of concentration on her face as she slime forms out into a great, wide pool of it. Eventually, she looks almost like a normal Kogasa reclining on a beanbag, albeit both are made of slime. You watch as she reaches down with one hand and spreads open her legs so that she can expose her 'pussy' to you. Using her fingers, she widens it open and you realize that her core, her true body in a manner of speaking, is actually right there. This is...if you remember right, this is essentially the most intimate sort of thing a slime can offer up, direct intercourse like this with her core. SlKogasa's face actually has changed to a different hue across her cheeks and nose as she smiles at you a bit embarassedly, "Uhm..." She closes her eyes one more time in tense concentration and then opens them again, "Please...take care...of me..." She says, sounding strained over each word to get them out right.

You get up from your position on the bed and approach her after she's formed herself up, and wrap your arms around her as best you can. "Of course!" You slide your cock inside her without a moment's hesitation, not wanting to snub this intimate display of trust. You bury your head in her chest again, and start licking her once more as you feel yourself push in clear to the hilt, and you can definitely feel something oddly good at your tip.

You feel something oddly good at most of your length, in fact. You can feel the difference the moment you make contact with her sphere. You see SlKogasa's face lock up and watch as she lets out a little whimper as your tip presses up against her core and then pushes into it without hesitation due to your exuberance, her eyes screwing shut as you're accepted into her deepest, most intimate parts of her anatomy.

You look up when you hear her whimper, and feel a touch ashamed of yourself. Of course she'd be more sensitive there! "Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you like that!" Still, you can't deny that having your cock engulfed by her core is a wonderful sensation. You simply sit there and try to endure the urges as you try to figure out when to start. "...How do you want me to do this?"

"S-slow?" She pleads with you, eyes slowly opening up as shakily as her voice. There's certainly a temptation to just let your lust control you and seek out more of this amazing pleasure though. Her core is...you really can't describe it. There just aren't words for how it feels. Slime can be described as being in shapes, but her core is like having thousands of different kinds of stimulation put onto you all at once, all in so many wonderful ways with each movement.

You manage to stop yourself from making her uncomfortable and opt to move slowly, wanting to make it up to her for forgetting that a slime's core is so sensitive. You resume licking her breasts, using your tongue to run long, elaborate circles on her membrane while rubbing her back if at all possible to help her get off more easily. Though you have to wonder, do slimes even orgasm?

SlKogasa's face remains tight and she lets out the occasionally squeaks as you move your hips as slowly as you can manage in and out, using short, slow thrusts to keep from hurting her or causing her discomfort. It would also seem that your usage of tongue and hands don't do much more for her slimy body besides provide some measure of psychological comfort. At the very least, the same touches and licks that would help the sisters aren't helping her all that much, as much as you're enjoying them. You can feel her core pulse and vibrate around your shaft as that impossible level of stimulation continues, quickly working you to an orgasm already.

For SlKogasa's sake, you don't try to hold back. It's clear that this is taking a level of control that you're not sure you can maintain, so you allow yourself to orgasm quickly inside her core, then rest on her.

So you explode inside of her, shooting out a massive amount of semen straight into her core. Pulse after pulse of it shoots into her throbbing, vibrating true body and you watch as her slime body's eyes roll up into her head and she lets out a low, throaty moan. Then, and only just after you finish, you watch as she melts and loses form, the core sliding off of your dick and the whole mess oozing off of the bed and onto the floor where it is out of sight.

You raise your eyebrows in surprise as you crawl over to the edge of the bed to make sure she's okay. It looks like she enjoyed it so much that she destabilized there... "Kogasa, are you okay?" Still, you ask to be sure. Never hurts to check after all.

SlKogasa appears to have disappeared under the bed, vanishing from your sight. You do notice a few bits of oozing under the bed. You wonder where she is, and you get your answer a moment later when she pounces on you from behind and pulls your shapely body to her own with a yell of, "Surprise!"

You are currently grappled from behind by your SlKogasa. There are far worse circumstances for you to be in.

"You certainly surprised me." You can't quite look behind you to look her in the eye, but you're not worried. "I take it you enjoyed it?" You ask, honestly wanting her opinion on the matter.

SlKogasa rubs her cheek against yours as her hands slide up your arms and then her fingers entwine with yours. Such an odd feeling, but a good one. "Hurt first, but good cum." SlKogasa tells you as she nuzzles against you further. "Your turn now!" She informs you cheerfully.

...That could mean a lot of things, some of which are concerning.

"Eh?" You sound a touch confused at that statement, since there's only so many ways that kind of statement could go.

"Mmmm..." She rubs her breasts against your back as you feel her slime squirm up around your legs and then around your hands as she helps you stay on your hands and knees as you are. You feel her arms shift up around your body and hug you as she rubs her groin against your rear lovingly as hugs.
 No. 32528
You remember, at that point, the shape shifting prowess and ability of the slimes. You also remember Lunasa talking about how her sisters got 'serviced' by SlKogasa.

You blush and get a little squirmy when the realization hit you, largely because you feel that your rear is in imminent danger and there's nothing you can do to really stop it.

SlKogasa giggles as she hugs you tighter, and begins to nibble on your ear as her hands trace up and along to your nipples. You also feel her slime shift and bubble up underneath you, a mass of it reaching up and latching onto your shaft, winding around it and beginning to stroke it at different rates and with different feelings to it, easily working you back up. "Hmmm...cute butt~!" She tells you happily as you feel her wiggle against your cheeks.

"Ah, Kogasa..." She's really putting effort into this, and you're once again almost reduced to a pile of pleasured shota, but you're honestly curious. "Are you going to put something up my rear?"

"You want it~?" She asks temptingly, not forcing anything up your rear, but offering you the sinful choice of being pleasured in an unorthodox sort of way. You can feel 'something' poking there, that's for certain. But it's not trying to enter, just lightly letting itself be known by knocking on your back door.

You blush and have to think about it a little. On the one hand, this is a little bit odd, but on the other, it might be fun. "W-we can try it this once, then go from there." You say, wanting to give her the chance. If it's not your cup of tea, you can just tell her as such after all.

SlKogasa giggles happily in your ear as you feel that something begin to gently poke at your entrance, sending an odd thrill as you feel it squirt out something cool and very slick, coating that part of your ass in it quite thoroughly and lubing you up in preparation for some serious butt lovin'.

You're practically radiating heat now from embarrassment, but you did give her the go-ahead so nothing to do but take it!

SlKogasa gives you one last squeeze of comfort and then pulls her arms from around your chest and shifts back. You feel her hands slowly run along your body, sensually touching you until they reach your rear. There, she gently rubs your cheeks before grabbing hold of them and spreading them open a bit wider. You feel the pressure from her 'something' increase, slowly sliding the smooth, arrow shaped tip into your rear as you feel an odd sense of pleasure you didn't expect. Soon enough, the tip of the arrow is inside of you and you feel her let out a faint sigh. "Ah...tight~." She sounds happy with it, too. Even though it's just the tip and not far in at all, you do feel an odd sense of fullness down there...which you realize is her letting out more of that cool, slick wet stuff as lube into you so you're not uncomfortable.

You're panting as you feel her push into you, and brace yourself appropriately. It's weird, definitely weird.

SlKogasa seems satisfied with the lubrication and very slowly and gently begins to push into you, carefully sliding in just a short bit before stopping and pulling back out. After a moments pause to let you recover she pushes back into you, delving in just a bit more, just a bit deeper. Just like that, she carefully starts to work you over. This...feels kinda weird, you'll admit. Part of it is probably the slime in you that tingles a whole lot and makes you feel cooler inside than you are used to. Another part is that you're just not used to having your rear teaased like this, even if it feels...kinda good, really. Her ministrations are gentle and careful and you can feel her slime stimulating something deeper inside of you that's making you feel really relaxed and has your shaft dribbling already, though you suppose the slime tendrils rubbing all over it are helping there too. Speaking of which, you're feeling pretty close...!

You're panting and moaning pretty shamelessly now considering what's happening to you, but you're pretty sure that you don't mind this with how gentle SlKogasa is being. The fact that the thing she's got in your ass is bumping up against something, the action of which making you want to cum... Well, it makes you cum. Probably harder than anything short of having your cock engulfed in her core.

You suppose, as you cum and let out your cum into the lewdly moaning Kogasa's slime, that she is perhaps being more gentle than you were with her. "Happy Zeke?" She asks you cheerily as she grinds slightly about inside of your ass, rubbing that spot.

"It feels good...~" You manage to say as you pretty much collapse onto the bed. You're going to have to bear in mind that you need to be careful with her core the next time you do her like that.

SlKogasa's hands grab onto your hips, holding them up and still as she starts to move a bit more vigorously. Her hips pump forward and back in a smooth motion and in each thrust she hits that part of you without any error. That spot in your rear seems to act like a 'make him cum' button as well as you find yourself being forced to orgasm regularly and frequently between your rear being pumped just as much as your shaft is. The slime around your shaft has formed a cylinder covered in bumps and ridges and is rotating around your length while vibrating lightly, as well as seemingly sucking on your entire length.

You're left to alternate between crying out and moaning as she takes you and makes you cum thoroughly, and you find yourself minding this less and less. Is she going to exhaust you with this?

SlKogasa leans down, wrapping her arms tighter around your middle and giving you a nice little squeeze as she pulls closer and closer to you, her slimy breasts pressing up against your back. Her head is right next to yours as she whispers into your ear, "Gonna stuff Zeke~." She tells you that as she starts to move her hips a bit faster, pumping into and out of you as you're numb too all but the pleasure of stimulation on two fronts and the odd, near paradoxical feelings of being both stuffed and emptying yourself out.

You're still reduced to a puddle of pleasured shota regardless of how odd this feels, and find yourself not really able to answer outside of moaning happily.

SlKogasa hums happily as she moves faster, your fleshy body and her slimy one slapping together faster and faster as she pounds away eagerly, hitting that spot that sends orgasm after orgasm surging through you every single thrust. The slime wrapped around your shaft is whirring and buzzing rapidly as it works you over, sucking up every last drop of cum that you feed her. You notice though that...is the shade of her slime changing color? Have you really cum that much...?

Just as you ponder that, you feel her dive all the way into you and let out a shuddering cry of pleasure as you feel something pulse and shudder inside of you as cool liquid gushes into your rear, filling you up completely and leaking back out as SlKogasa lets out a happy sigh and withdraws from your rear, leaving you...emptier feeling, but still pleasantly stuffed.

You slump forward, and feel that this may be why some people enjoy slimes so much. It's definitely weird, but at the same time it's pleasant having her do that to make you cum more. You look back to your slimy lover to see how she's doing after that...

SlKogasa is looking at you curiously while her hand rub along your rear soothingly. In fact, you feel slimy tendrils reaching up and rubbing all over your body in a soothing, relaxing motion that helps you calm down from all the excitement. Rather than just go at you another round, SlKogassa carefully picks you up and cradles you up against her as she lounges back both on herself and the bed, leading to you relaxing on her body and using her breasts as a pillow. Your legs up to the knee are still stuck in her, but that's not really bad because it feels like you're being given the best foot massage ever. "Love Zeke~." Kogasa informs you as she squeezes you in a hug.

"I love you too, Kogasa~" You're feeling kinda lazy and full now, so you opt to snuggle her. "Can we sleep together like this?" This whole 'wake up, rut 'til you faint' thing can't be entirely good for you, but at the same time SlKogasa has to be the best bed you've ever had. Plus you'd be hard-pressed to think she doesn't want to keep you in her.

" Okay!" SlKogasa agrees easily enough as you feel her body shift and morph beneath you, becoming even more comfortable than she was before as she modifies and adapts her shape to better suit you and to give you a proper sleeping posture. A thin amount of slime slithers over your body and covers you from the chest down and you feel...quite comfortable, really.

Comfortable enough to want to fall asleep right there, as a matter of fact. You relax into her and drift off to sleep as best you can, feeling quite content with how things turned out.


Still getting used to this new program thingy. Gotta get used to it.
 No. 32637
File 13812143469.jpg - (114.04KB, 850x566, Prismrivers Together.jpg) [iqdb]
Kay~!" SlKogasa calls in as she oozes into the room, the Aya and Hatate restrained inside of her and being pleasured skillfully. You can see just about everything on them right now as they're party stripped while being held in place, slime undulating in and out and all over them.

Merlin hums thoughtfully as she leans down and examines the faces on the both of them, "Oh my, my, my...you've both gone and given up so easily? Could it be that you wanted to be caught and punished like this? Such deviance..."

Lunasa...is just finally finishing putting away the ice cream.

How much is there..!?

"I think there's a joke about keeping those two as pets here somewhere, but I just can't think of it." You say to SlKogasa, noting that you're getting a touch turned on from the clear display you're getting. The two tengu wanted to make you into a porn star, and wound up being made exhibitions for you. Albeit not on purpose. You then look back to Lyrica. "So, how's today going to play out?"

"Orgy." Lyrica informs you simply, "We wanted to finish it off with something special, but a giant pile of everyone loving everyone was the best idea we could come up with."
...Well then!

"I'm not complaining." You proceed to echo Lyrica's words from a few moments ago as you proceed to kiss her on the lips. You look to the two tengu again for a moment before deciding something. "They can stay since Merlin confiscated their cameras."

"Oh they're staying, but thanks for giving your permission! You...probably couldn't get them away from her right now anyway. Kogs seems like she's having a bit too much-" She's interrupted by the sound of Hatate moaning loudly as her eyes roll up in her head,"-fun to stop."

"She's trying out techniques on them before using them on us, so she can know what's good and what's not." Lunasa informs you both as she joins the conversation, "She doesn't want to do something that would be unpleasant for us."

"She is considerate like that." You nod in agreement. "Makes me wonder what her history is. I mean, she's practically a homemaker."

Lunasa suddenly jumps in and kisses you, mashing her lips onto yours as SlKogasa looks up and lets out a confused noise. "Ah, it's nothing!" Lyrica cuts in, waving her hands lightly to dissuade SlKogasa," Zeke's just getting squeaky because of his kiss, you know how he is!"

SlKogasa smiles and nods, going back to her work on the Tengu. Aya is just grinning like a loon rather than a crow as tendrils of slime pump in and out of her, while Hatate is a submissive puddle of sexed up bird.

Lunasa pulls back from the kiss and whispers to you, "Uhm...sorry. But she can be a bit sensitive about that still Zeke."

You nod in response, having been struck dumb a little from being kissed like that. Or maybe you're just trying to make sure your mouth stays shut on the matter. "It's fine." You whisper back, and note that this is yet another oddity.

Lunasa smiles, just in time for you to hear Lyrica let out a squeal as Merlin grabs her from behind and takes lewd advantages with her body. One hand slips up under her shirt and grabs a breast and the other slips under her dress towards more sensitive regions, "Mmmm, you're getting bigger sis." Merlin praises Lyrica as she gropes her breasts and starts to drag her towards the bed, "Come on, let's stop standing around talking and have some fun.
..Well apparently someone got impatient.
Not that you can blame her. Merlin does not take well to sexy times being delayed. "C'mon~." You take Lunasa's hand and lead her over, noting that you can't exactly bridal carry her.

Lunasa follows along with you happily enough, apparently quite content to get down and dirty and to doing naughty things with you. Which is good, because you intend to do naughty things to her as well! As you approach the bed, Lunasa takes the initiative and wraps her arms around you, leaning onto you and taking you down onto the bed as she nuzzles close and kisses you on the lips. Your arms are free, which lets the roam as you like.

You're quite content with how this is playing out yourself, as you're kissing her back while fondling her cute rear.

Lunasa's rear is nice to get your hands on, as is always the case with any of your girls. The way she lets out a little squeak when you squeeze her cheeks sends a thrill down your spine. She pulls you closer into the kiss, her soft lips warm on yours as you feel that heat start to seep into your body from there. To the side, you can see Merlin on top of Lyrica, mashing their breasts together as she mercilessly kisses her sister.

You have to admit, you're quite ready to move on to even more kinky things, but proper foreplay is best for all involved too. You continue you play with her rear while your cock unintentionally pokes at her, and start to add tongue to your kiss. You really, really enjoy it when they start doing that~

As you and Lunasa begin to get more and more passionate, you are interrupted by a cry from Lyrica, "Pile on Zeke!"

Moments later, you are buried under a pile of giggling, squealing ghost girl flesh.

It's pretty great.

You decide to get frisky and see if you can't gently grab one of either Lyrica's or Merlin's breasts seeing as you have Lunasa's ass covered, and this just feels heavenly. You could honestly get used to sleeping with your girls like this, though you get the feeling that the odds of all three sleeping together with you at night are fairly low on a given day.

Your attempts at frisky groping are a moderate success as you manage to grab onto Lyrica's amazing ass with one hand, meaning you've got a butt in both hands. Reflexively you squeeze both of their rears to compare them, which gets a giggle out of Lyrica and Lunasa. Moments later, your view of the two's smiling faces is interrupted by Merlin's massive mammaries descending and mashing your face in between them. Merlin laughs herself as she buries your deeper between her breasts, "You wanted these, didn't you?"

You make a surprised muffled sound, which then turns into a rather pleased one as Merlin invites you to a marshmallow heaven. True to form, her breasts are easily her greatest asset, and it leaves you feeling tingly, not unlike Lyrica's kissing or Lunasa's footwork. You enjoy it enough to where you feel the need to start groping her breasts in earnest~

Which, of course, means your hands leave the asses of your other two Prismrivers. Not having their rears grabbed by you means they have time to have ideas. Ideas like being perhaps a bit miffed at the fact that your hands are all over Merlin and her breasts as she hogs your hands and her face to herself. Your first warning of what is to come is the sensation of your pajama bottos getting yanked down, and judging by her reaction something similar happening to Merlin.

Merlin lets out a squeak of surprise as she suddenly leans on you a bit more heavily, and from what you can see outside of her breasts you can see her hands have been pinned behind her back. "Oh, hello back there? What are you-oooooooh..." Merlin lets out a decidedly pleased sounding moan as lewd, wet sounds begin to emanate from further. As she shifts and squirms you can see now for a moment that Lyrica and Lunasa both have their faces close to Merlin's rear, and both are using their tongues on their lewd sister quite effectively. Your sight is taken from you again, but this time you can feel the ghostly touch of fingers trailing along your skin as Lyrica and Lunasa prepare to double team you as well.

Oh dear, this really is a new sensation for you. Your girls said that this was the best they could come up with, but you're hardly complaining about how this is turning out. Especially since your lovely Prismrivers seem intent on messing with Merlin as much as they are you. You stick with playing with Merlin's boobs for now, and are eager to see where this is going.

Merlin moans and wiggles her hips, getting into the mood even more than normal as her sisters use their tongues to pleasure her quite mercilessly. "Oh my, yes..." She pushes her rear back towards them further, "Ooooh, spank me too!" The sound of a slap on flesh and Merlin's excitedly giggling that sends her jiggling informs you that either Lyrica or Lunasa has done just that.

Then you feel it, both of their hands reaching your shaft at the same time. Lyrica wraps a few of her fingers around your base, using them to gently stroke you up to full mast from your partially aroused state while Lunasa's gentle fingers begin to tease and prod at your sensitive tip, stimulating that efficiently with her tender caress

Honestly, you might have no way to see what's going on right now, but your ears are telling you plenty about Merlin's eager enthusiasm. Your sense of touch, on the other hand, is letting you know that your other two Prismrivers are making a coordinated effort to work you over, and while you're not quite ready to cum yet you're not going to last long with the both of them doing that.

Lunasa's hands tease in circles around your shaft, quickly working you over as Lyrica begins to rub her nimble fingers up and down and all along your length, the two of them double teaming you with perfect rhythm to make sure their movements and stimulation sync.

It doesn't take you long to cum from that, considering that you're putting zero effort into holding back and are enjoying the effort they're putting into this~

You spray your cum out in thick, sticky strands that cover your girls hands as they kindly stop stimulating you just for a moment to let you come down off of your high. Even so, you're left panting into Merlin's breasts, all while Merlin moans happily as you hear her sisters continue to eat her out gleefully.

"Hmhmhmhmh." Merlin laughs as she hugs her breasts around your head tighter, "You're just having a whole lot of fun now, aren't you Zeke? Everyone together like this...it's nice too, isn't it?"

You'd respond verbally if you could, but you settle for nodding your head as best you can from within its pillowy, marshmallowy confines. You wrap your arms around Merlin's back and wonder what's going to happen next.

Merlin pulls you all the way into her pillowy confines, leaving you completely trapped in this marshmallow dream. Lyrica and Lunasa's hands begin to move again, with Lyrica putting more skill and effort into her finger work this time to push your abused penis to its limits while Lunasa's hand continues to carefully fondle your tip and play with it just perfectly, hitting your most sensitive part from every possible angle. Merlin's grip on you tightens as she moans and you hear Lyrica and Lunasa repond to that as well, putting more effort into their tonguework on their sister no doubt.

...Even if you weren't getting jerked off, watching this would be hot, wouldn't it?

You're definitely thinking that group sex with your girls should be a thing when circumstances permit it, that's for sure. You're offering up no real resistance to Lunasa and Lyrica's handiwork and find yourself bucking your hips up involuntarily for a few moments before cumming again.

Lyrica and Lunasa both let out a sound of surprise as you quickly cum again, spraying your sticky white stuff all over their hands as you hear Merlin chuckle on top of you, "Really darling, cumming twice already? You should try and get on my level. I haven't even cum once yet."

You try to tilt your head up far enough to where you can respond, but her breasts are really kinda big and juuuust manage to stop you from being able to speak right. You instead opt to start tweaking her nipples to retaliate.

"Hmmm, not quite good enough Zeke. Why don't you try using that mouth of yours for something, huh?" She suggests to you as you tweak her nipples, but find one hand moving on its own to go back to squeezing and caressing her breasts. Even your own body is betraying you!

"Hey, Lunasa?" Lyrica speaks up, pulling back from working over her sister long enough to talk to her partner in crime, "Why don't you step on Zeke a bit and I'll work over Merlin. It's getting a bit crowded here and, well, there's a lot of a chance of just stopping what I'm doing and making out with you."

"...I wouldn't mind." Lunasa responds, a hint of something in her voice. Is she agreeing to stepping on you, or making out with Lyrica...?

Either sounds hot to you though, and you quickly start to suckle from one of Merlin's breasts even if she's not producing anything. You're making quite the show of using your tongue and gently using your teeth, figuring that she should be sensitive enough to appreciate it.

Merlin breasts taste amazing on your tongue, sweet and sultry just like she does. She responds quite happily and vocally to your attempts to pleasure her and pushes her breasts further onto you, trying to give you more surface area to work with as your tongue and teeth do their work. You feel Lyrica and Lunasa's hands depart entirely now, and you also feel Merlin let out a squeal as a wet slicking noise comes from her crotch as Lyrica starts to use her fingers and mouth together at once.

"Here we go..." Lunasa speaks up, giving you only a moments warning before her soft foot descends down onto your sensitive shaft, gently trodding on you as her sole rubs along your sensitive underside of your shaft. She grinds her hell softly against your base as you feel yourself leaking from the tip already.

You're not about to cum again just yet, despite how easily Lunasa and Lyrica were able to make you reach your peak only a few minutes before, it'll take a bit of work before she can work you over that far again. In the meantime, you find yourself working hard to try and help pleasure Merlin in tandem with Lyrica, even if your own attempts aren't much in comparison to the gold-dressed girl. ...Though since Lyrica's playing with Merlin with her fingers and tongue, maybe the trumpeter's ass is free? You take a hand off her breast to check.

As you reach around to her ass, you find that...Oh. Lyrica's hand is already there, using one hand to tease her ass while the other and her mouth work on her pussy. Her hand shoos yours away, as if to say, 'you have her face and breasts, stop being greedy'. All the while, despite your previous estimates you feel Lunasa's foot very effectively and skillfully working you towards an orgasm as she grinds and steps on you with an amazing amount of skill and dexterity.

Dissuaded from her ass, you resume groping Merlin's amazing chest while continuing to work one of her nipples over. You're still trying to hold out as much as you can, but Lunasa's feet are her strongest point, so you find what little resistance you can muster being stripped away as your cock twitches beneath her. You orgasm not long after that.

You spray out your cum up and onto yourself and Merlin where the both of you are rubbing together, all while being stepped on and playing with Merlin's amazing breasts. This whole orgy thing is turning out pretty awesome so far, really. Lunasa's footwork becomes more of a soft, relaxing massage as she rubs you after her orgasm, helping yoru body let go of any stress as you feel Merlin's body tense up and shudder as she finally reaches orgasm, Lyrica letting out sputtering sounds of surprise.

"Ugh, geez. Give me some warning next time..." Lyrica complains as you hear the bed creak as she shifts away from Merlin's ass.

It's at that point that Merlin slips out of your grasp and spins around rapidly, tackling Lyrica and sending the both of them squealing off of the side of the bed, followed by even more squealing on Lyrica's part as Lunasa does what she does best. Honestly, you're rather amazed she can fit that into there really. Experience tells you that Lyrica's far from loose.

You're left with just Lunasa on you now, now that Merlin and Lyrica are busy having sex with each other. It's... quite distracting, really.

Lyrica grabs onto Merlin and drags her the rest of the way down off the bed and both of them start to moan and service each other outside of your view. You only see a limb poking up occassionally as they roll about attempting to gain dominance. Lunasa, for her part, is looking down at her foot where she was stepping on you, and then at your cock and then at you. Finally she smiles and simply moves and straddles your waist, grinding her slit against your cock for a few moments before carefully positioning you under her hot, wet entrance and prodding down slowly, carefully starting to ease you into her. "S-since they're busy with each other, it's fine if I go first, right?"

"Of course~" You respond happily, honestly enjoying the chance to be inside Luansa again. "You get really cute when you're pleased~"

"Oh, well..." Lunasa fidgets at your compliments of her pleasured face, "You're really cute when you cum too, and just when you're paralyzed with pleasure, so let's enjoy each other together a lot." With that declaration, she pushes her hips down harder and you slip into her tight slit. The hot, wet pressure bears down on you from all sides as she carefully and slowly works to bring you deeper into her hot and tight folds as they stimulate you massively just from the insertion.

You're probably going to qualify for Lunasa's latter definition of when you're cute having sex with her in a matter of moments considering that she's taking such meticulous care of you as she brings you inside her. You don't do anything to speed her up, but you do grab her ass affectionately.

She continues to rise up and then push back down over and over again, each time sinking just a little bit deeper down onto you and pushing you just a little bit deeper into her amazing hot pussy that clenches down on you jealously, wanting to keep you inside of her yet still letting you go each time she pulls you out of her. "Mmmm...Zeke, you're already making such a cute face." Lunasa tells you, smiling widely with such happy eyes.

You're not helping her move at all, so this is entirely her doing. You are loving it though, and it's quite the wonderful feeling how she's fucking you. You're squirming a bit beneath her simply because it feels so nice, and you're definitely moaning.

With one final push, Lunasa finally bottoms you out in her and lets out a pleased sigh as she sits there. You feel the muscles in her core start to rhythmically tighten and tighten, squeezing and releasing your shaft to add a glorious level of stimulation even as you seeming sit perfectly still inside of her, "Ahahah, Zeke? Are you going to cum now that you've only just gotten to my deepest place? It's fine if you want to." She grabs onto your hands that are on that fine ass of hers and squeezes them as she smiles at you, quite purposefully tightening herself again around your shaft, "Go ahead and cum."

You cry out as you cum inside Lunasa, noting that you aren't bothering to resist her at all. She just feels too good to bother trying~

Lunasa shudders with pleasure as you cum into her, letting out a subdued cry of her own as you feel her tighten up and spasm around your shaft as you pump out gob after gob of cum into her, "Ah, Zeke...it feels so good..!" She mutters happily.

You're left panting and blushing from that, and are caught in your own little world with Lunasa as you stroke her. You're smiling up at her, looking her in the eyes as you remain buried deep inside her.

Then Lyrica grabs onto her sister and cheerfully speaks up, "Tradesies!" Lunasa looks surprised as she's pulled off of you, Merlin joining in and dragging her off of the side of the bed and then immediately burying her face into Lunasa's crotch.
Lunasa cries out in pleasure, grabbing onto Merlin's head as she whinges, "N-no, that's-! You know that's sensitive Merlin!"

Lyrica just smiles at you as she starts to take her place on top of you, grinding her decidedly wet slit against your length in rough, fast movements of her hips, "I'm not going to hold back this time Zeke. I hope you're ready for a real wild ride."

You blush and nod your head, a little startled from the sudden change in who's doing what, though your hands gravitate toward Lyrica's fine ass.

Your hands find that amazing ass, and you're happy to notice that it's as amazing as it always is. Tight, strong and ever so perfectly firm. Lyrica just grins a bit wider as she positions you at her slit and then slides down onto you in a quick stroke, her entrance accepting you easily even as her walls close in around your shaft and rub against it. She lets you stay there at her deepest point for a moment before bringing her hips up and then back down again in a pumping motion. She puts her hands on your shoulders to make sure you stay pinned as she starts to buck and bounced on top of you, slamming you in and out of her rapidly.

You're pinned, so you're basically unable to do anything but grope her ass as she starts to ride you proper. That and moaning. You're doing a lot of that too.

Lyrica picks up the pace, moving faster and faster as she slams you in and out of her with amazing speed and force, moving her hips so where you're joined together is blurring like a pistor in full motion. "Hahahah, Zeke what's with that face you're making? It's not even been a minute and you look like you're gonna cum. You can hold out longer than that, can't you?" She teases you as she lewdly smiles down at you from her position on top.

You try to hold back to give Lyrica more of a chance to fuck you silly, and actually manage to make her work for it a little bit harder in that it takes her a couple minutes to get your sensitive shaft to give up. You cry out as you're made to cum, and are left a somewhat drooling mess when you do~ "

Lyrica laughs as you cum inside of her, but seems content to keep on moving her hips and to push you even further, bouncing on top of you as she goes...only to get grabbed by Lunasa and dragged squealing off of you as the normally quite withdrawn Lunasa passionately kisses her sister and begins to trail kisses down her neck. Which means...

"Hey there darling~." Merlin looms over you suddenly, not even giving you a warning as she inserts you into her and casually lies down on you, her chest once again consuming your head as you feel her pussy begin to shift and move around your length, stroking and stimulating it using her amazing muscle control and technique.

The only thing you can do in response to this is make a muffled cry of surprise as she does away with any pretense of foreplay or subtlety and proceeds to start fucking you~

Merlin hugs you closer to her as she squeezes you you tighter inside of her, her absolute control driving you wild with pleasure as she keeps on working you. Her breasts squeeze tighter around your head as she just laughs, "Once you finish up here Zeke, don't forget...it's an orgy. Take some initiave, have some fun! Oh, and if you need a break and a refreshed, SlKogasa is still good for it.

You'd confirm that you heard Merlin, but you're much too busy being fucked by her and have your head buried between her breasts anyway, so it's a moot point. On the other hand, you're definitely enjoying this and are prepared to cum when you can't take it anymore.

Merlin continues to work you over, her amazing skill forcing you to an orgasm quickly. As you cum into her, she chuckles a bit and seems quite happy with your warm, sticky offering to her altar. "Pardon me!" Lunasa cuts in suddenly, grabbing onto Merlin's arm while Lyrica grabs the other. Merlin offers little resistance as she is pulled off of you and into a pile of giggling Prismrivers, all three of them engaging in free-for-all sexcapades as faces end up buried if crotches and they eagerly begin to clean each other out.

...It's like a wheel. A sexy, sexy, pseudo-incestuous wheel.
 No. 32638
File 138121456078.jpg - (340.36KB, 1365x1500, Kogasa on top at an angle.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, incestuous in so far as they're all Prismrivers, anyway. There's not much opportunity to just dive in there, so you take the opportunity to go over to SlKogasa and kiss her. As this is an orgy, she should be included.

SlKogasa is actually quite contently busy drive the tengu to heights of new pleasure. She has her hands on the Hatate's hips and is bucking her own humanoid portions hips forward as wet sounds come from where she's doing all manner of lewd things to the restrained touhoumon who is moaning in pleasure. Next to the Hatate the Aya is restrained as well, slime rubbing along her pussy but not penetrating her as she looks frustrated to the point of being close to tears, "Just put it in again already...!" She mutters to SlKogasa, who just smirks a bit and you watch as a lash of slime comes out and slaps the Aya on her ass, making her cry out and, to your surprise, orgasm onto the slime. Of course, her turning her head gave you the chance you need to give her a kiss on the lips, one which she reciprocates happily enough, "Zekey!"

"The girls have had a turn each, so I figured I'd come visit you before they get done with their little round of circle loving." You kiss her again after that, and conveniently ignore the tengu mons unless SlKogasa wants to drag them into this~

"...Zekey wants to get pumped? Zekey wants to pump?" She asks. One good thing that's happened over these days of endless fucking, cuddling and hanging out is that Kogasa seems to have picked up just a bit more of the common tongue. It's far from perfect, but at least you can understand her just a bit more now even if she has the vocabulary of a three year old in a lot of ways.

"I'd like to pump you, Kogasa." Though you're perfectly happy with her progress, seeing as she's learning faster than you were hoping she would. Before long she'll be speaking perfectly normally again.

"Kay~!" Kogasa agrees and you see her wiggle her rear at you invitingly. Given that she is a slime you suppose it's possible to insert yourself just about anywhere really, but the way that shaped, shapely ass wiggles at you so invitingly is just...

You don't even need to consider it, really. You slip up behind her, wrap your arms around her middle, then insert your cock into her ass, right between those lovely buns of hers. You're actually curious as to how she's going to make this work.

You feel her slime shift and mold itself around your shaft as you pierce through her membrane, to create a tight space where you're rubbed by what feels to be countless wriggling tendrils of slime, all touching and slithering along every section of your shaft that can reach. SlKogasa herself lets out a happy hum that vibrates her body as she slowly moves her hips forward and back, thrusting into Hatate as she slides you out of her and then thrusting you into her as she slides out of the Hatate. "Zeke's big and warm..." She sounds quite happy about this fact.

You wind up thrusting into her as she thrusts into the Hatate, timing it so you pull out of her while she's thrusting in, and you're pounding her when she's pulling back out. It's certainly pleasant~

SlKogasa's perfectly formed ass is amazing to be inside of. It's tight and slick and easy to pump in and out of, and those countless little squirming things push you closer and closer to your limit faster and faster. There are definitely advantages to having sex with a slime, that's for certain-at that very moment, you feel something slick and cold press up against your rear, wriggling against your rear entrance and then sliding inside of you with ease, thrusting in and hitting your prostate like it was a button on an elevator. Which is to say, repeatedly and with force.

You yelp as SlKogasa decides to start thrusting into your rear on top of you thrusting into hers, and as a result are pretty surprised by all this. You also can't quite get it together and are basically bounced around until you cum.

SlKogasa coos as you cum into her, your sticky white stuff spraying out into her cool gel and quickly being drawn towards her core where she pulls it all into her, "Good Zeke, lots..." She praises you as the thing in your ass wiggles around a bit more before withdrawing from you. You hear the Hatate in front of her letting moans of submissive pleasure, and a glance at her face tells you that she's been fucked quite silly.

The Aya, meanwhile, seems to still have herself together and is looking at you, "...Soooo..." She drawls out, smiling at you with a fair amount of teeth, "...Am I next? Come on, but preferably in me!" She jests,"...please?"

You look to Kogasa, since she seems to be in charge of fucking the tengu. Not that you're terribly interested, oddly enough.

Kogasa just sort of shrugs at you, apparently deciding that it's you who should get to decide what you're going to do her if you want to do anything with her. So, it's up to you then? "C'mooooon, please? I haven't gotten laid in, like, forever! I just want you to put it in me and then move your hips a bit and cum, and only once if that's what you want!" She pleads with you.

...Can Aya types go through sex deprivation? Some studies claim that touhoumon can, but there's a lot of controversy about those.

You shrug as well, and figure your girls are probably still busy. Plus, this is an orgy and the Aya's pretty well tied up. "Alright, fine..." You proceed to kiss her on the lips to shut her up, and slide a hand down to her pussy for the heck of it. You'll get more intensive if you need to, but you kinda want to tease her first for trying to make you into a porn star.

The Aya sounds decidedly happy as she leans into the kiss, opening her mouth and presenting her entirely eager tongue to yours as she pokes and prods speculatively at your mouth. Your hand finds her pussy to be entirely receptive to your fingers, and indeed even eager as it seems to try and suck them into it as she happily lets you tease her. Geez, she really does want this a lot, huh?

Wow. She's really, really desperate, isn't she? As much as you feel that this isn't quite right, Merlin did give you the go ahead to do what you want, and Aya's right here... You slip your hand out of her and mount her proper after getting behind her, and effortlessly sliding your cock into her. Your hands go onto her hips as you just sit there and savor the feel of her pussy.

Aya moans happily as you slide into her wet pussy, which tightens around you as you savor the feeling of being inside of her, "Ahhh..I wanted this feeling so much..." She mumbles happily to herself as you feel thousands of featherlike touches all along your length, from your base and all the way up to your sensitive tip. Aya shifts her hips slightly, stirring you very slowly around inside of her, "Hey...take your time, okay?" She asks of you, actually sounding sincerely pleading there as she does.

"Alright~" You certainly do just that, making sure to go at a pace that isn't going to result in you cumming inside her within two minutes. It's probably agonizingly slow to her, but you really want to draw this one out.

The Aya moans happily as you start to slowly move your hips, sliding in and out of her in smooth motions as magnificently lewd noises come from where you're joined together, her already slick pussy clinging jealously to your shaft as you pull out of her and slide back in. Her round, shapely ass wags almost excitedly, as she closes her eyes and savors the feeling of you pumping in and out of her carefully, "ah...it feels good." She speaks softly, contently as you work her over.

Apparently she's okay with taking it slow, which is good because that's about the only way you could possibly last long in her pussy. Still, you start to pick up the pace just a little as you feel your excitement build. "Sheesh, I don't think I could last long at all if you were on top."

"Mmmm, thanks for the compliment stud." She opens up her eyes and gives you a sultry look over her shoulder as you pick up the pace, bucking in and out of her faster which she seems to enjoy as well, "Don't feel too bad about that, you've got the stamina of a god to keep fucking after having cum as much as you have already. It's total time that matters, not time to ejaculation. Besides..." The Aya gives you a cheeky grin as you feel her pussy tighten, "Who doesn't love the feeling of getting cummed inside?"
Well, Kogasa's given me a bit of help in that regard. Still, if you're fine with it..." You start to pick up the pace to where you're roughly at where one of your girls would normally be at at this point, and drive yourself over the edge within a minute or two. Additionally, the load you deposit in her is pretty big.

Aya arcs her back erotically as her wings extent out to their fullest as you cum into her, "Oh yessss, I've been wanting this for so long...!" She moans happily as your hips buck forward several times and you pump your cum into her, "Ah...that's nice."

"...Say, I hate to ask a favor after you already did me one." She grins at you, "But do you think you could do the same for Hatate? She's in the same boat as I am, and well getting slimed is nice it's not really the same as getting it from a strapping young lad like you." She asks you with a wink.

You rest with your cock inside Aya as she speaks. "Alright, I guess I could. I'm kinda curious as to why you're so desperate though." You pull out of her and kiss SlKogasa on the way over to Hatate, then kiss the tengu mon full on the lips to get her attention.

SlKogasa seems to acknowledge you and your desire to do voodoo that you do with the Hatate and shifts herself out of the way to allow you access to Hatate, who has been rotated so she's lying on her back with her breasts and slit exposes to you. She's covered in a light layer of SlKogasa excretions even as SlKogasa diverts her attention to the Aya, who lets out a squeak of surprise as she finds the slime underneath her bubbling up and starting to spread itself over her body, "A-ahahahah, well...there's not mu-much to say." She stutters slightly as SlKogasa casually sets about setting up her pleasure strategy, slime attaching itself to the Aya's breasts and beginning to suck and knead it while more slime spreads itself along her back and begins to play with her wings, and a conspicuous bulge of slime begins to prod at the entrance you recently came inside, "The owner of this property wanted help and company, so her son sent us to her to be here."

Hatate lets out a pleased sigh as you kiss her on the lips, her eyes unfogging slightly as she kisses you back, not quite as exuberantly as the Aya did but still making it quite obvious she had an interest in you.
You look her over to see how she's positioned before you go making any judgment calls as to how to go about this.

Hatate is lying on her back on a bed of slime and her legs are spread and supported by slime, allowing you easy access both her thoroughly slimed slit and her shapely rear if you'd prefer that sort of thing. Her clothing being still partially on her body just adds an extra amount of eroticism to the view of her, looking at you as she blinks curiously at you, and then looks down at your crotch. "...I didn't know they came in that size." She murmurs in a daze as she stares at her dick.

"Yeah, it's a pretty great dick-ahn!" Aya tries to compliment it as well, but SlKogasa spanks her ass and you watch her orgasm yet again as the slime thoroughly set about ravishing her.

"Zeke is best, so Zeke has best!" SlKogasa declares as she pumps her hips forward into the moaning Aya, pounding away at her pussy.

You just shrug and mount the Hatate properly, laying on her front as you wrap your arms around her and nuzzle her breasts. You then unceremoniously slip your cock inside her, though you take care to only go as fast as her body will permit. You want her to enjoy this, after all.

Hatate lets out a pleased sigh as you slide easily into her, her walls lightly wrapping around your shaft as you shudder at the sensation of her inhuman pussy pleasuring you in a way similar yet oh so different to what the Aya did to you. Where the feathery light touches of the Aya were exuberant and rapid, these are slow and longing as they rub all along your shaft. "Ah...it's nice." The Hatate remarks.

Her slower movements are definitely more your speed, and it makes you want to take your time with this. Your Prismrivers are still busy, you think, and SlKogasa is conveniently occupied. "You're nice too." You say to the tengu mon, talking about her body. You take your time thrusting in and out of her, and lick her breasts in the process.

As you keep up the pace and lick her breasts, you find that SlKogasa has an oddly vanilla taste to her slime coating today, rather than her usual flavor. "Hmmm...Hey, don't just tease my breasts. Play with my wings too." The Hatate's legs move free from the slime and she wraps them around your back, pulling your deeper into her and holding you there so you can only withdraw a third of your length from her at the most, "And try grinding, too." Wow, she's pretty demanding huh? At least she knows what she wants.

You let go of one of her nipples with a wet pop sound, purposely letting a strand of liquid stretch from the perky tip to your mouth as you nod in response. You let your hands slide up to her wings and play with the base of each, where back becomes wing, and simultaneously start trying your best to grind your cock around inside her, trying to get a feel for where she's weakest.

"Oh, oh, oh oh yes!" Her voice gets quite vocal as her arms squeeze around you very tightly as your sensitive tip feels a rougher patch inside of her pussy as you grind along her. She also seems to be especially sensitive at the base of the wings there, and your careful ministrations are doing a good job of pushing her higher into the heights of pleasure. If you remember correctly, most winged touhoumon are sensitive there to varying degrees.

You focus on hitting that rough patch over and over again while teasing the base of her wings, and you're trying your hardest not to cum before she does either. For once, it feels like you could possibly get a mon over the edge before you do.

One hand slides down your body, running sensuously along your spine until it reaches your rear and...

"You're sensitive here, aren't you?" The Hatate gives you a knowing grin as her finger slips into your rear with ease, sliding in and casually searching for your greatest weak point, "Hmhmhmhm, it's okay to cum you know." She tells you, smiling as her eyes crinkle, "Go on and cum inside of me." She shifts and puts her lips close to yours, "I want it." She tells you as she leans closer and kisses you on your lips.

That was enough to push you over the edge, and makes you shoot your seed deep inside the Hatate as you make the kiss a little deeper and more passionate. Good grief, it's a good thing you're in a nice, controlled environment and all mons involved are tame.

The Hatate moans throatily as she shifts again, grabbing your face and burying it in her bust, "Ah...that's really nice." She remarks dreamily as your hot seed pours into her, "Hmmm...thanks." The Hatate hugs you in a genuinely friendly manner, "Sorry for being so obvious about taking those pictures of you. We got a little...desperate and crazed, I guess."

"You two did seem a bit odd." You say while nuzzling the tengu's bust. "Do you mind me asking what your situation is? I mean, mons normally don't get to your point."

"...We were sent her by the boy who captured us." Hatate says, going rather sullen as you manage to kill the atmosphere yet again with your amazing ability to pick pillow talk topics, "We've been here for months and months and haven't seen hide or hair of him. He's not dead or captured because his mother's talking about getting messages from him." She just lets out a forlorn sigh as she lounges back on the slime.

"That's about it." The Aya agrees, SlKogasa having frozen in her ministrations and letting her talk freely, "Two tengu get their free wings clipped, and then we get shipped off without even a day with our captor." The Aya just grins at that, "Pretty pathetic, huh?"

"Wow..." You frown at that, snuggling the Hatate more as the two give you the rundown of why they are as they are. "That's pretty irresponsible of the trainer. I mean, you can't just catch a mon and then totally ignore her."

"Yeah? Tell that to the aaa-" The Aya grits her teeth, "...The guy who caught us." She states sullenly, flopping back onto the slime,"...Can you keep fucking me?" She asks SlKogasa, "Or massage my breasts or something, I want some good feeling to keep the edge off of talking about thi-oooooooh, thanks. That's muuuch better." The Aya grins as you see the slime where she and SlKogasa are joined together begin to spin around slowly inside of her.

The Hatate hugs you closer to her, rubbing your back,"...Thanks for this." She says to you again, "Even if it's just tonight, it's nice to feel this way. I'd heard being captured wasn't supposed to be all bad, and...I guess I thought it'd be more like this."

"It usually is." You say, looking up at the Hatate. Part of you was wondering just was in Kanako's name was wrong with some people. Touhoumon are living, breathing beings just like people, and need love and care to be happy and thrive. Yet some people just out and out neglect that. "I've only got my experiences to go by though, and my girls... We didn't exactly meet under conventional circumstances."

"What, did you stumble upon them in a sealed off labyrinth or something, and manage to befriend them despite all odds suggesting they should have caught and broken you like a twig and made you into a pet?" Aya asks.

...How do people keep doing that?

"Close enough." You roll your eyes. "I'll just leave it at the odds of things working out they way they did were astronomical, but I don't regret things happening the way they did."

"...Huh." Aya looks at you and then at SlKogasa, "Never thought I'd meet a favored, but I never thought I'd have sex with a slime either. Today's just a day for firsts, I guess." She decides as she reaches up and grabs SlKogasa's face, pulling her into a kiss that the Slime happily reciprocates.

"There's a term for that?" You know full well that the only reason you managed to get as far as you did was because the Yuyuko acting as tower master decided to 'play' with you as opposed to just trapping you and getting you broken, but you didn't know that mons had a term for it.

"Hmrphmrphagrph?" The Aya responds intelligently, mouth currently busy with SlKogasa's slimy tongue.

"...Do you mean that 'Favored' thing?" Hatate asks you, drawing your attention back to her as she deduces like a reporter should, "That's just an story that some touhoumon like. Favoreds are supposed to be humans favored by a higher power or some kind of legendary touhoumon, which is supposed to explain the insane luck that some of you trainer types seem to have, since you're crazy enough to walk into dens of things that prey on you for the express purpose of capturing them."

...You know when she puts it that way, it does sound kinda crazy.

Yet at the same time, it makes a frightening amount of sense, especially when Erika started talking about it. "It's still kind of a scary concept when you think about it. If I am really one of these 'favored', then that means I'm basically being watched and might wind up being lead to whoever's doing the watching."

"Don't put too much credit into it." The Hatate pats you on the back comfortingly, "It's just an old hags tale, that's all." She tries to soothe you, but even so the idea hasn't left your head. After all, if the Yuyuko could do something similar...why couldn't something even stronger? What about that Mugetsu touhoumon?

In fact, Mugetsu outright stated she was watching you, which is part of why Erika made such a convincing argument to begin with. Granted, you told her about that, but still, her fantasies made entirely too much sense. "I've kind of run into evidence to the contrary, so it's hard to dismiss it completely."

The Hatate pats you on the back, "Huh, well...there's no good in worrying about it, is there?" She pats you comfortingly on your butt, though you figure she also just wants to pat your butt, "If someone is watching you, then there's not much you can do about it right now but do what you'd normally do to be ready for the dangers of older woman who want to prey on your young, nubile body."

"Buy condoms?" Aya speaks up, grinning like a loon as SlKogasa plays with her breasts, "Take yoga courses and build up his flexibility and stamina? Invest in easily torn and water soluable clothing?"

"All excellent suggestions!" The Hatate agrees with a sage nod, "But I meant more in the 'not getting preyed on in the end' category."

"That sounds like stuff you'd use for bedroom play anyway." You raise an eyebrow at the Aya's suggestion, especially since you have an affectionate slime variant Kogasa in your party. Water-soluble means you might as well spend your time running around naked."I agree with Hatate though, I usually do take precautions on that front but apparently I'm a walking natural Attract."

"That's what you get for being so cute!" The Aya tells you with cheer, only to get spanked on the ass again. Though, she seems to enjoy it anyway...

"...Well, she does have a bit of a point. You smell good to touhoumon, but you're also conventionally cute and have a nice body, and your personality's a big plus for you too." The Hatate agrees, squeezing your butt, "Also you have the best ass I've seen on a man."

"Zeke is best!" SlKogasa adds on cheerfully, reaching over and grabbing your ass as well. The way her hand is stretching suggests that the Aya would join in too if she could.

You just lay there and squeak cutely as you find multiple girls grabbing your ass, but you're far from against it. The fact that they're reinforcing the fact that you're Touhoumon bait is... you're not sure if that helps or not. Being able to encounter mons easily is a double-edged sword.

You get nudged a bit closer to Aya, and she reaches out just enough to grab you. Not your ass though. Rather, her hand skillfully grabs onto your cock and begins to stroke it while she has the chance to, "I'd imagine tha having this doesn't help keep those touhoumon away from you either?" She gives you shaft a pleasant squeeze, "I mean, you've got a great cock. It's just the right length and thickness and it's nice and exploitable, easy to reach weak spots like here~!" She moves her hand faster, fingers skillfully tracing along your sensitive underside and exploiting every weak point she can find as you're pushed towards a rapid orgasm as she works you over for the express purposes of making you cum.

"Aaah!" You cry out as Aya starts being forceful with your cock, though you're not making any real effort to resist. She's being pretty nice about it, all considering and given her circumstances you're hard-pressed to deny her. Not that you should have to make up for some irresponsible trainer, but still, it's a situation you can help alleviate. Also, no. Having a cock that size is not conductive toward keeping Touhoumon away.

You shudder as Hatate's hand joins Aya, the two touhoumon working you over in an amazing level of coordination that just becomes even better with how different their techniques are. Aya is eager and playful, pushing you into the heights of pleasure while adding tickling touches that make you want to giggle. Meanwhile, Hatate's is a slower, more purposeful technique, like all she wants to do is pleasure you until you cum.
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You're sure that you're erotic moaning doesn't hurt their desire to do things to you any, and you're managing to hang on reasonably well considering how this is playing out. Maybe it's because you're trying to resist a little, make them work for it?

It's at that point you feel something soft and wet press up against your ass and realize what's going to happen. Aya and Hatate have managed to move enough to bring their faces closer to your shaft as SlKogasa's tendril slips into your rear and pumps out cool liquid into it, pushing you over your limit with their faces right in front of your length as their skilled hands keep on pumping your length. It was going to be messy, to say the least.

You cry out again at the sudden intrusion, and wind up cumming immediately after that. True to form, you wind up unloading right into the tengu mon's faces without so much as a hint of regret. Part of you finds the resulting mess quite hot.

Aya blinks as Hatate wrinkles her nose, "Ugh, man the smell's so strong up this close..." She complains as she pokes her tongue out and cleans up the part closest to her lips, "But the taste's good, so it's fine I guess." She decides as she licks up more of the mess closest to her mouth as Aya does the same.

"Hey Hatate." The Aya speaks up, getting her friend's attention and then immediately diving towards her and molesting her quite soundly, licking along the other mons face with her tongue and cleaning your tongue up off of her. The Hatate sputters and cries out as Aya takes her to the ground and begins to take all your leaked cum for herself.

And you find that once again, girls doing that to each other is incredibly hot and you probably haven't relaxed your shaft at all. In fact, you're rather busy staring.

"Oh my, would you look at this?" Merlin warps and arm around you as she leans against your side, hugging you against her as a chill goes down her spine, "So, is this what you've been doing, darling? Having fun with the Tengu? Do you prefer your girls winged, perhaps?" She asks you as a hand traces down your front. Then you realize that hand isn't actually Merlin's, but Lyrica's.

Lyrica leans up against your other side, staring you straight in the eyes with one of the most genuinely unsettling stares you've seen before. "Hmm, maybe he'd have rather gotten Three Fairies instead of Prismriver's, hm?" She asks, her nails dragging lightly along your skin as her grip tightens.

"T-that's not true!" Lunasa declares, suddenly hugging you from the front and squeezing you tight, "It's not true, because Zeke has a sister fetish, so having three sisters at once is better than three friends!"

Erk. You're now stuck in exactly the scenario you were worried about You girls, save for Lunasa, being slightly annoyed with you for not going at it with them. Then you notice what the normally sky-blue clad girl said and feel your face heating up because she's honestly not wrong at this point. "You girls know I'd never replace you, right?" You look to each of your Prismrivers in turn before kissing Lunasa since she's the most immediately reachable. "The Aya and Hatate haven't gotten any from their trainer, ever, and Kogasa already had them like that..."

They stare at you for a long moment before giggling, "Oh, it's fine~!" Merlin gives you a comforting squeeze from the side, "We were just teasing you. I mean, we were in a bit of a knot over there so there wasn't much room for you to join in with us."

"Yeah, it's fine." Lyrica agrees, hugging you as well, "I mean, it is an orgy and they're here too...even if under some weird circumstances." She squeezes you a bit as she nuzzles into you, "We're still going to do erotic things to you though." Well that's just a given.

"They...not even once?" Lunasa's eyes widen at that, "I...why?" It's a bit like her to latch onto that information and focus on it, isn't it?

Then again, given how she was when you found her, you're not surprised that she's empathic towards those who've been abandoned. Still, you nod and hug Lunasa in response to what your girls are saying. "I should hope so, Lyrica. Lunasa's a bit off about why, but I do like it when we're all together like this~" Good grief, you have to sound every bit as happy as you feel, being surrounded by your girls like this. You look to Lunasa next. "I have no idea why. Apparently their trainer caught them and just handed them off to his mother for use as staff here. From what they tell me, it's kinda why they've been as odd as they have been. Apparently not having sex takes a toll on a mon."

"...Oh those poor dears. I almost feel bad now for what I did to their film." Merlin states, glancing over at the Aya and Hatate who are per-occupied with each other, and quickly become occupies with SlKogasa taking all manner of liberties with their bodies herself.

"You can feel remorse?" Lyrica looks at her sister with wide, shocked eyes, "Why didn't I know about this before?"

"Well, because I'd never have any reason to feel bad about bullying someone who enjoys it so much." Merlin grins back at Lyrica, whose expression shifts into an angry one as the two sisters stare each other down across from you.

Lunasa just hugs you tighter, "...What are you going to do?" She asks you as she holds you close to her, kneeling her forehead is on yours as she holds you.

You hum as you think about that. "About the tengu mons? There's not much I can do aside from give them a little relief. Sex deprivation is a highly controversial condition to begin with, and outside of that neither of them are being what a judicial system would consider abused."

"You could stay forever!" The Aya suggests cheerfully, calling out to you even as your lovely slime uses her morphing ability to fill in four holes on the two touhoumon that she has bound together.

"Ohhhhh y-y-yeah..." The Hatate agrees...or perhaps is just moaning in ecstasy as she's stimulated wonderfully by the skilled slime pounding away at her.

"We're basically in charge of everything, so we could offer you a boarders rate!" The Aya tempts your financially frugal side with the offer of an amazing deal. It's even more tempting than a buy two get one free sale at the market!

"Tempting... but I don't think I could stay anchored down to one point forever. I mean, I went off on my own to get my own starter because I was a little too eager to get started on my adventure." Your frugal side would find that acceptable, but that drive of yours that made you venture out to the White Tower to begin with would never accept the kind of offer being placed before you. "It's a shame it'd be illegal to just take you two with me and care for you personally, otherwise I'd just do that."

"It's fine, don't worry about." The Aya sighs as she lays back and relaxes into SlKogasa's pleasuring mass, "You already did more for us than he ever did, don't get yourself arrested for our sake."

The Hatate seems like she'd onto that, but she's just moaning softly, occasionally rising in volume when SlKogasa hits a really good spot.

"I know. I'm only into bending rules, not breaking them outright. Mom always taught me to only obey laws when they make sense and it would get you in trouble to break or bend them." There were a surprisingly large number of examples where one could justifiably break a law, too. This just wasn't one of them. You squeeze Lunasa's ass for good measure.

Lunasa squirms a bit, "Zeke, that's-" She wiggles her hips as her rear feels delightful in your hand, but you don't get a change to hear her finish her statement when Lyrica and Merlin both intensely grab onto your arms.

"I'd say darling's ready now, wouldn't you?" Merlin asks with a grin on one side of your vision.

"Oh, definitely. Let's milk him dry this time, all together." Lyrica declares as she and Merlin both heft you up, each pulling you up by one of your arms and dragging you over to the bed as Aya waves goodbye to you and Lunasa follows after them, looking faintly concerned.

"Will he really be okay if we all drink from him though...?" She asks worriedly as you're suddenly tosses onto the bed and pinned with you arms at your side as Merlin hops onto your stomach with her head hovering over your crotch, giving you a view of that plush figure of hers.

You make that cute little squeak noise again as you're suddenly hoisted off and tossed onto the bed, and find yourself immobilized with Merlin's body just sitting there tantalizingly. If she were positioned just a little bit better, you could eat her out as she eats you out...
Merlin wiggles her hips and slit at you enticingly as she pokes her tongue out and licks your shaft's tip, eagerly lapping up the leftover cum that's on it and letting out a throaty hum of pleasure. "How delicious~."

You feel Lunasa grab your legs and spread them wider as well as lifting you up slighly, exporing yourself to her more fully as she leans in closer and tenderly begins to lick at the base of your shaft, using her tongues and lips to lick and suck on the sensitive flesh there. Finally, you see Lyrica suddenly loom over you, her face taking up your view as she smiles down at you, "Are you ready to have all three of us at once Zeke? You had trouble dealing with us when we were little. Now..." She leans down, her face just inches above yours as her lips draw close to your own, "We're going to do it again all grown up." And with that, she lowers herself the rest of the way onto your lips and takes them, a tingle running through your body as she does so.

At that same moment, Merlin presses her lips against your tip and then bobs her head down and takes the majority of your length into her mouth with ease, sucking on it and using her tongue to rove hungrily along the underside of your shaft. You feel Lunasa pull back as Merlin lowers herself the rest of the way down, taking all of you into her mouth. You wonder just what Lunasa could be up to, when you feel something wet and warm begin to poke at a sensitive and quite slimed portion of your ass as her fingers squeeze your rear, two of them adding her tongue in its assplay on your espeically weak spot.

If you were caught by these three in the wild as they are now, there's no way you would last against their techniques. They're just that good. As it stands though, you find yourself kissing Lyrica back as passionately as your position allows while being pleasured by Merlin and Lunasa in tandem. To say you're reduced to a pleasured puddle shortly after that is a bit of an understatement.

Lyrica's tongue easily slips into your mouth and dominates your tongue, pushing it back and down and taking control of all of your territory for herself. Merlin begins to noisily, eagerly slurp on your shaft as her tongue performs skillful maneuvers to trigger countless pleasure spots along your length, showing that she really has completely gotten your measure when it comes to these sorts of things. You also feel a strange sensation from your rear as something slippery and very dextrous slides into your ass. Lunasa, could she be using her tongue like that..?

You're making all sorts of pleased and muffled moans in reaction to the Prismrivers doing you all at once like that, and you're utterly helpless against them. Not that you're complaining, mind, since you find that you actually prefer this. Plus, there's no awkward observation to ruin the effect, you you close your eyes to better focus on what you're feeling, smelling, touching, and tasting.

The feel of three skilled, loving mouths all working you over from every angle makes you feel like you're lost in a wonderful dream, one that you don't want to end. You can't even try to think about holding back, let alone manage it, so you just cum easily into Merlin's mouth, which gets her to hum happily and suck it down...but the leaking sensation doesn't stop, even if it feels like something else is coming out now with the cum, and in between your ejaculations. Even as a euphoric sense of ecstasy overwhelms you, you can feel the sensation of your energy and strength beign drained out of you by your three lovers all at once. That sensation itself is...losing yourself to them like this is...

What a perfect way it would be to die like this. It's no wonder Ghost types have such a fearsome reputation, even among touhoumon.

And yet, such is your trust that you believe that they won't let you come to harm, so you simply relax and let them take care of you as they will.

You feel it as more and more of your energy and cum leaks out of you, the wonderful euphoric sensation of more and more of your energy filling your girls up. Lyrica's lustful kissing, Merlin's masterful fellatio and Lunasa's loving ass play is enough to make you submit on its own, but adding in this layer of you filling them up even more, and you just...

You'd be happy to be broken like this, is part of what you think. You can't really think anymore though, as you're just too sexed up to do much more than respond to what you're being given. It'll only be a temporary thing, you think...

...then the sensation stops, right as you're on the brink of whiting out. Lyrica, Lunasa and Merlin all pull away with a happy sigh, one that's the same from all three of them. Even if you haven't whited out yet, you can barely move a finger now with most of your energy sucked out of you, even with SlKogasa's help.

You're completely tapped out, satisfied as you can be considering the circumstances. You're not even sure you can talk right now though, but you enjoyed this quite a lot.

"Hmmm..." Merlin hums as she swallows something, "Let's give poor Zeke a break now, hmm? Why, I haven't gotten play with those Tengu at all, and that's just completely unacceptable."

"Yeah, he's tapped out anyway. Anymore and we could hurt him." Lyrica agrees, giving you a kiss on your cheek and shimmying off of the bed.
"...I want to do something with them as well." Lunasa declares, carefully tucking your legs into a comfortable position and pulling a light sheet over you so you're comfortable. You watch distantly as she tenderly tucks a pillow under your head and smiles down at you, "Don't you worry Zeke, I'll take good care of things."

You just barely manage the faintest hint of a nod as you relax and recover from being brought clear to the edge.

As you rest there feeling happy, exhausted and properly fucked into submission, you feel yourself slowly drifting off into a peaceful, dreamless slumber.


Well that's that, off to advancing the plot and such again. This was certainly a lot of fun for me, and I think I've learned from it.
 No. 32640
Poor tengus, I sort of want to take them with now. Hopefully things will get better for them.
 No. 32642
Hm, 'Favoured' eh? I really would not be surprised if it was a Shinki~

Though it seems being 'favoured' here is just bad for one's own survival given from what we can infer, they have a very attractive scent
 No. 32708
Well, given how often he says Shinki's name he'd be bound to attract her attention sooner or later. What's religion like in this world, anyways? Our Shinki, who art in Makai, hallowed be thy name?
 No. 32742
Since its been pretty quiet around here, I would like to voice my approval of these recent scenes you've written. Great stuff.
 No. 32847
File 138277130530.png - (686.44KB, 1100x1250, Rumia on the bottom.png) [iqdb]
You try your level hardest not to let her get a leg up over you, feel like you're some kind of rapist, and try to work her panties off or just... screw it, you start to run your tongue along here her slit should be since she could overwhelm you at any time.

You try to force down the feelings of disgust for your actions as you remind yourself that this is, quite probably the only way anyone’s ever managed to get away from a Rumia in a dark basement before. The only reported way anyway. You bring your lips to her panty clad slit and begin to start to pleasure her even as you tug at them still, your tongue running along the fabric even as she starts to leak dark flavored juices as you stimulate her clit through it. "Naah! W-what are you doing...!?" She asks as you feel a hand find your hand and grab onto your hair...but she can't seem to muster the strength to pull you away!

Of course, there's that little off chance that this isn't going to work and that you're going to get molested anyway, but at the very least you tried. Since she seems to be putting less than the ideal amount of effort into this, for her anyway, you take the time to start slipping her panties off to get rid of the admittedly silky obstruction between you and wearing her out. ...Plus she is admittedly kind of delicious.

You take the chance as you have it and tug her panties down as much as you can to give you more access, and eventually you get enough room to slip past them and bring your mouth up and close to her slit proper, the scent of her arousal being evident to you even in the darkness as your lips draw close to her lower lips. "Ah! Hey-! Th-this isn't how this is supposed to go...!" She complains as you turn the tables on her.

You don't pause for so much as a second as you press your lips against her lower lips, kissing her pussy gently before running your tongue along her slit and stopping where her clit is, at which point you wrap your lips around that sensitive nub and suck.

Her slit's delightfully soft and untouched, her virgin pussy responding delightfully to your kiss and lets out a moan that makes your shaft twitch and harden even faster. "S-stop that...! I'm supposed to eat not...!" She whinges as her legs go weak and her grip on you goes weaker as well. Her clit is easy to play with using your lips and tongue, and she responds just as you'd hoped she would to the pleasure, moaning eagerly as you find her pressing her slit towards your mouth even as she shudders under your ministrations.

There's the other downside to this. You're getting turned on. You know you need to wear her out, but having her crotch in your face, her pleasant scent in your nose, her ass in your hands... You start to push your tongue into her and lick deeper, curious to see how well she takes that.

As your tongue slides into her she lets out a little squeal that's quite delightful as she crumbles down on you and takes you to the ground with her. Thankfully, you're left lying on your back with her crotch still in your face as she straddles you and tries to weakly move, "T-this is..." Her breath comes fast and hot as she pants excitedly at your ministrations as your tongue dances around inside of her tight slit, her bitter but delightful taste overwhelming your taste buds.

You're really hoping that she doesn't start using her hand to return the favor in honest enthusiasm. Still, you keep at it hoping you can make her cum before you lose it completely.

She lets out a moan of pleasure as her hands come down on the floor somewhere past your head. She's panting and letting out constant sounds of pleasure as you eat her out, letting you know that you're at least getting closer to pushing her into orgasm.

She lets out a moan of pleasure as her hands come down on the floor somewhere past your head. She's panting and letting out constant sounds of pleasure as you eat her out, letting you know that you're at least getting closer to pushing her into orgasm. "N-nah...I'm b-being eaten...!" She whinges pitifully as you suck on her clit for a moment again, making her let out a delightful whinge before you plunge your tongue back into her and do your best to push her to her limits. You're certain you're close, but now it's a question of whether you'll get there before you both give into lust and do her proper.

It sounds increasingly nice too, especially since you've got quite the erection from giving this Rumia cunnilingus. You're spending quite a bit of time just swirling your tongue around inside the darkness mon, noting that her taste is not unlike... coffee. How odd.

"Ah-! Aaaah~!" She suddenly grabs onto her hair as you get a mouthful of 'coffee' as she cums hard, her whole body shaking as she orgasms and then goes slowly limp. The darkness around you fades and your fallen flashlight appears to be working now, and it does a good job of showing you the Rumia's face as she pants, exhausted and staring up at you with teary eyes, "W...why would you do that...?"

You drink up Rumia's juices as best you can while feeling like you ought to be reaching an orgasm too, but you're just rock hard at his point. "Because I didn't want to get domesticated, and you wouldn't listen to me."

The Rumia sniffles at that, "Y-you're gonna jam it in now too, aren't you...?" She asks you with a voice that says she knows it's coming, "And then you're gonna stuff me full with your balls and then stuff me into a ball...!"

"Not really, actually." You say in an answer she probably wasn't expecting, and probably won't believe. "I want to get back to my girls, get done with what I came here to do, and leave. The Yuyuko here is turning out to be much different than I would have thought."

She stares at you for a long moment before speaking,"...really? You're not even going to fuck me a little bit? Like, not even a bit of anal or something? I can't dominate you with my ass, so you'd be safe."

"Except even anal sex with you would probably feel amazing and I'd probably wind up breaking myself, which would still provoke my girls like you wouldn't believe." You point out, mostly content to lie where you are for the moment since she's not doing anything. Still, you're blushing furiously and have a very obvious hard-on that's not dying down since you practically have a face full of Rumia pussy.

"...Then why don't you stick it in my mouth or use my hair or my bust or something." She presses onwards, sounding curious and...well, you're certain that's not disappointment. Or it may be, but just for the fact you won't break yourself on her. She's certainly not enjoying you being rough and metaphorically on top.

"Part of it is because I feel like I just raped you and don't feel like I should use you to blow off steam. I did it out of self-defense, sure, but it didn't sound like you wanted it that way."

"...I didn't mind after a bit." The Rumia admits with a blush and a sort of odd smile, "Being eaten...is kinda nice too." She murmurs before covering her face, "Ooooh, I can't believe I said that!"


"Aaaaanyway, what are you doing down here? Most of the mansions 'residents' seem to be Ghost types. A Dark type seems a bit out of place." You decide to bring that part up next since you're curious.

"I wandered in and got lost..." The Rumia sounds depressed, "Then I ran into lots of scary things! And then that Yuyuko found me and smiled at me!" She sounds downright terrified, "And now I've been stuck down here without food for I don't know how long..."

You pet her as best you can manage from where you are. "I'm pretty sure I've got at least a snack or something in my bag. You want something?"

"Can I get the D?" She asks suddenly, eyes lighting up excitedly, "...Or something chocolatey I guess..."

You're worried about how your girls are going to react, but at the same time you really want to get this erection to go away. Besides, every one of your girls made you cum once when they met you, prior to your catching them... "You want me then? Just one time, and I'd like you to come with me in exchange."

Her eyes light up again, now incredibly bright, "Okay!" She agrees without hesitation, "Ooooh, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna pin my arms above my head and get really rough!?"

Good lord, you've given her a submission fetish. "Wouldn't it be a really bad idea for me to fuck you in the pussy if I wanted to stop after one round?"

"...So you're gonna do my butt then?" She asks with another wiggle of her hips, still sound excited, "If you do, can you hold onto my hips like you did when you grabbed me?"

"I can do that." You say, noting that while you're still going for an internal shot, you're going for the one that's less likely to break you immediately.

The Rumia rolls off of you and onto her back. She grabs hold of her legs and, in an impressive display of flexibility, holds them over her head and positions herself in such a way as to show off both her pussy and her ass to you, waiting with an excited expression on her face at the thought of being ravished by a real live shota.

You get up and shift yourself until you're on top of her, and rub your cock against her slit to get it sufficiently lubed up for what you're about to do. SlKogasa has a natural lubrication system, but you don't, and you're not sure how easily Rumia's ass could take you without something to make the process easier.

Rumia lets out a happy sigh as you grind against her slit, "Aaaah, I'm gonna get laid and caught...!" She sounds so amazingly excited at the prospect of that, something that you find a bit odd even as you use the pussy juice she's leaked to lube up your throbbing shaft.

You're aroused and in need of a good fuck, but at the same time her behavior didn't escape you. You turned the tables on her all of once and suddenly she's not just happy to be on the bottom, but she wants to be with you as well. You pull your cock away from her pussy and aim it a bit lower, pressing the tip against her tight pucker before slowly working your way in. "Why are you so happy about the idea of being caught?"

You press against her tight ass and find yourself having an enjoyable hard time sliding into her. She seems to be enjoying it as well as she bites her lip cutely and lets out a quiet groan, "Nnnnnmmm...It's because it's...so excitiNNNG!" She raises her voice when you suddenly manage to penetrate her, sliding an inch into her hot, tight ass and feeling her clamp down around you, "This is what being a prey feels like...!" She sounds...rather amazingly excited at the thought of it. Then again, Rumia's are expressly quite predatory if easily distracted. Maybe she's a bit of a deviant for her kind?

You seem to have a distinct knack for finding mons who are either in some form of trouble, abandoned, and all of them seem just a touch different than you'd expect members of a given species to be. With your luck this Rumia is going to evolve into a variant by default. Still, you continue to work your way inside her, grunting with effort every now and again because she's just so darn tight.

"Naaaahahahaha...!" The Rumia giggles as you work and thrust your way into her, grip tight on her hips and keeping her from squirming overly much, "Oh, it's so big and you're forcing it in...!" She clutches her face excitedly as her eyes glow in the darkness and she smiles up at you with what is honestly an amazingly, disturbingly hot expression, "...Ah, you're going to cum in me and I don't even know your name."

Her smile widens just a touch more, "How lewd."

"Ah, sorry, it's Zeke." You feel a bit embarrassed as you finally work yourself all the way in and rest there for a moment. "Sorry, this whole mansion thing has me a bit on edge, and I don't even have my girls around to help me. Granted, I don't think it'll take them that long to finish up with their current opponents, but..."

"But this mansion's weird and doesn't follow rules about where things are what doors go where and stuff." The Rumia finishes your thought and confirms your fears. She also moves her hips a bit grinding you around her and smiling happily, "Mmmm, keep moving. It's okay to get rough if you wanna." She urges you.

You start to thrust proper, noting that Lyrica's ass is still ultimately the best you've ever felt and probably why you're able to have sex with this Rumia like this and not break in two minutes. "Great, so this is probably a Mysterious Place at least." There's a certain quality to her ass that feels like it's trying to 'chew' on your cock almost, but it's still not enough to make you lose focus in full.

"Nnnnmhmmm..." She agrees, a blush spreading on her face as you start to fuck her ass in earnest, that smile of hers becoming a touch more relaxed as her eyes start to gloss over, "This place is too spooky...spookier than you are hot." She tells you as you bottom out in her ass again.

Good grief she's adorable like this. "So basically, too spooky to really have a full session in anyway." You really are weird as all get out considering how you're getting another girl the same way as your Prismrivers and roughly the same was as SlKogasa came on board. Though you know for a fact that Merlin's probably going to establish her place in the pecking order pretty darn fast. ...In fact, you need to start considering how your girls are going to react to your catching yet another girl, as well as acknowledging your physical limits. One would think that having a human girlfriend would be easier since mons are sexual by nature, but mons are complex creatures with thoughts and feelings all their own, thoughts and feelings you're trying your hardest to understand and respect.

"Nnnnnmmm...I don't mind getting caught by someone watching is exciting too..!" The Rumia informs you cheerfully as you find yourself coming close and closer to orgasm, your shaft twitching and leaking in her tight ass is it keeps rhythmically loosening and tightening on you.

You sigh and focus on pounding into her tight ass as hard as you can since she seems to enjoy the prospect of that happening and her body is oddly conductive to that. It only takes a few more moments of that before you cum inside her though.

Your hips shudder as you cum inside of her ass, pumping your virile seed into her in great pulses. Rumia's tongue lulls out of her mouth and she sounds amazingly pleased as her legs twitch slightly with each pulse you let out into her, "Aaaaah...I feel so full and warm down there." She sounds quite content as she savors the moment with you.

You're not much different really, though you're managing to not look quite as shamelessly pleased with yourself. You stay inside her for a brief period of time more before pulling out of her. "That was fun..." You admit with a blush on your face.

"You can fuck me whenever you want." The Rumia promises you, "Even if you don't warn me first...especially if you don't warn me first." He eyes light up eerily at the thought of you giving her surprise sex. This Rumia is a bit...unsettling, you feel. She seems nice enough though, and it's not like you're not already leading a team of extra deviants.
 No. 32925
Rereading >>32357, are there 2 GelSanae's running around since the Nitori took the piece of gel from a GelSanae, and said piece grew into a GelSanae? Or did the GelSanae transfer her consciousness from the original body into the body grown at Nitori's cave?
 No. 33776
File 138863698368.jpg - (643.48KB, 1100x800, Tenma.jpg) [iqdb]
Fair warning to you readers, there's about 8000 or 9000 words of plot and background story advancement before the smut. I'll make a note in the subject when the fuckin' starts.

You are Wilheim Wilhelm, and you're a mighty fine young man. Or so you've been told by many lovely ladies repeatedly on numerous occasion, and you're of no mind to argue with them. Currently you've got a bit of the problem to the tune of having been kidnapped for your body yet again after your father sold you off to apparently yet another group and you find yourself in the middle of tense negotiations between those various factions. You've spent an annoying amount of time in a very small room and quite honestly the only two people on the mountain that are a part of the kidnapping faction you've found a liking for are the Momiji and Hatate who bothered to come and see you and apologize for what you've been put through. You wouldn't mind making them something nice and sweet as thanks for all this said and done, because otherwise you'd likely have done something stupid to get out of that sterile, boring as the nine layers of hell room.

Hatate found and pulled you away from the GelSanae who wished you a fond farewell before departing to parts unknown to you by leaving through the water. This left the Nitori you've got...mixed opinions on lying in a pool of bits of slime residue and her own fluids. You suppose you'd ordinarily try to clean her up and help her out but since you've apparently been scheduled for a meeting with someone important you don't really have a chance to before Hatate scoops you up into her strong arms and holds you against her. "Is my being late going to cause you trouble Miss Hatate?"

"It's not going to cause me much trouble, no. Tenma's pretty understanding about who's to take responsibility for what." To her credit, Hatate was treating the whole thing like it wasn't a big deal. It probably helped that the GelSanae needed no help whatsoever, and she couldn't care less about the kappa mon she left behind so she could make you a little less late. "I don't see her doing much about that, seeing as that Nitori apparently paid for what she did with her body."

"I would say she paid for taking a piece of the GelSanae and experimenting with it with her body." You respond, but don't elaborate much on the statement. You...have to confess you do not have the most goodwill towards the touhoummon of this mountain save for a few exceptions. Aside from Momiji and Hatate all you've gotten is lustful stares, molestation after blackmailing and a curt few words at best out of the stiff backed tengu. Not that you'll tell the Hatate that, since it would be rather rude to say 'I am rather miffed with your homeland' when being brought to meet the leader of the homeland. You're sure you'll be able to keep your stewing opinions under control though.

"Well, that whole taking a piece thing was actually consensual on both sides. Gels are a pretty recent variant and both Tenma and the leading Kanako/Suwako pair wanted to be absolutely sure about what they were dealing with. Like, it could have easily have been as bad as having a slime run around unchecked, and no one wanted that." While she wasn't looking through her phone's functions before saying that, she was quite certain in her words and even brought up a good point. "I totally heard the rumors about Metro City and just how big a slime nest the industrial area's become. New Continent needs an infestation like that like we need all the cute boys to die off."

"...Yeah, Metro City's probably worse than you've heard." Wilheim admits in a quiet voice, still miffed about certain things in his situation, "It's not just the Slime's, but there's wild touhoumon in the city who...I guess they've adapted. I've heard that some wild touhoumon groups form agreements with neighborhoods that don't have a lot of trainers and the police don't patrol much. Protection in exchange for, ah, 'services'."

"By which I mean reportedly large amounts of unprotected sex with boys and men." You clarify, not sure why you'd tried to cover it up before at all. You're talking to a touhoumon, not another human.

"That sounds about right. Though I've seen enough pictures via Spirit Photography that I'm surprised my phone hasn't started leaking cum and slime out of it." The tengu sounds mildly disgusted by the idea of her cell phone getting dirtied like that, though it did raise up an interesting question. Namely, just what was the maximum range and capacity of her Spirit Photography? It was pretty much an innate skill all Hatate possessed, but you weren't sure about the range, distance or time.

"That sounds like it would be bad for your warranty." You remark mildly as you consider that question. You're no touhoumon professor or a trainer or anything of the sort, but you've done your best to do your research on touhoumon native to the area since you've come here, just like you did back in Metro City so you'd know what to do to ward off any touhoumon who wanted to nab you in the wee morning hours on your way to school while it was still pitch black out. Who knew that the creative use of bells, string and a bit of petroleum jelly could be so much better than a repel?

"Eh, I'm high enough up in the ranks to where the term 'warranty' really just means pester one of the Nitori until they fix my phone. In fact, that's why the one you had the misfortune of having to have sex with doesn't really like me much, she takes a huge amount of pride in her work and I can wind up stressing even a good phone with my abilities." You were flying at a decent clip now, and despite seeing a few patrols here and there none of them even attempted to hold you up. Eventually the two of you reach a massive waterfall that goes straight up a ways, and the Hatate goes up right alongside it. "Sorry, but you're probably going to get wet this time."

"I'm already wet for other reasons. Maybe I won't smell like gel, sex and machine oil during the meeting." You respond as you eye the waterfall speculatively as you try and figure out the last time you had a chance to get a nice, relaxing shower. You couldn't exactly clean yourself with the hungry eyes watching you that you could feel from all over.

"Oh... uh, well, duh." The Hatate fumbles over her words a bit as she realizes that yes, you do smell like an oddly tantalizing mix of gel, sex, oil, and general shota-ness. "Geeze, I think Tenma would forgive me sneaking you off for a shower, but we're a little late as it is." She sighs as she makes the plunge through the waterfall at one of the highest points on it. "I am so sorry for not thinking of that."

"You aren't the one who blackmailed yourself and then kidnapped me and was generally a rude person." You respond to the Hatate after you pass through the chilling plunge of the water for that brief instant and find yourself quite soaked. To an outside observer, you would currently look decidedly waifish and likely evoke protective, motherly instincts in such inclined individuals to a very high degree, "So there's no reason for you to apologize to me about that." You finish as you reach up and brush some of your hair out of your eyes, water dripping down it and running along your cheek. Now that you're quite a bit soaked your clothes cling to your body and your hair frames your face, quite likely bringing extra attention to your features.

"Erk." Hatate's flight has slowed as you did that, and there's a substantial blush on her face as well. Her words seem to have caught in her throat and she's entirely fixated on you, though you're not sure whether she wants to jump you or take you home and dote on you. She really isn't that experienced with boys like you.

"...Are you okay Miss Hatate?" You ask, gazing up at her with concern given her sudden change in behavior and expression, "Did you swallow some water going through the waterfall?" You ask her worriedly, glancing past her at the wall of water that's still crashing down behind the both of you, bits of spray occasionally reaching you to land on your face or exposed limbs.

"I-I'm torn between fucking you silly and asking you to marry me." She answers completely honestly and in a semi-dazed state.

"Oh? My, I'm very flattered Miss Hatate." You admit honestly while also going into a bit of damage control with the situation since you've apparently done something to woo her heart and make her want to take you. Well, more than she already did, "But didn't you say that the Tenma is waiting for me and that we're already late? I don't want you to get into any trouble with her over something like me."

You're also fairly sure the Tenma would be mad at you if you went and went off and did one of her subordinates, whether you had a say in the matter or otherwise.

Hatate was about to answer when you felt her come to a soft, yet abrupt stop by way of a hand to the head. "Yes, I have been waiting. Though I have no right to complain, seeing as you've been ravished by no fewer than four of my subordinates." A strong voice speaks from directly behind you, and that hand on Hatate's head turns into an affectionate ruffle after a moment, which both wakes the tengu up from her daze and alleviates the tension she felt.

Hatate was about to answer when you felt her come to a soft, yet abrupt stop by way of a hand to the head. "Yes, I have been waiting. Though I have no right to complain, seeing as you've been waiting so long that you were ravished by no fewer than four of my subordinates." A strong voice speaks from directly behind you, and that hand on Hatate's head turns into an affectionate ruffle after a moment, which both wakes the tengu up from her daze and alleviates the tension she felt.

Hatate looks at the woman who spoke and squeaks. "T-Tenma!" She seems to be honestly surprised, and only holds you to her a bit tighter out of a knee-jerk reaction more than anything else.

The mon in question seemed to resemble an Aya a bit, though that only extended to her eye color and general body structure. Her hair, rather than being black or brown, was a pleasant snow white, and her skin is a touch pale. Her outfit resembles something more along the lines of a robe than the shirt and skirt combo most of the tengu wore, and was embellished to the point where her status as the leader of this mountain would be blaringly obvious even without the considerable presence she exhibited.

You gaze up at the leader of the mountain from the arms of the Hatate holding you tight against her in a subconsciously yet suitably appropriate waifish manner. Your expression of brief shock and interest as you take in her unexpected appearance only adds to your adorable appearance. You've only ever heard of Tenma before. They're supposed to be incredibly rare touhoumon that only show up as rulers of the most stable of Tengu type societies. "Hello ma'am. I'd greet you with a bow, but..." You shrug in the hold that you're in, demonstrating your shotalicious helplessness.

Despite your inherent shotaliciousness and all the enhancements to it you have accumulated during your time on the mountain, Tenma shows a remarkable level of self control and keeps her composure without so much as a hitch as she looks you over. "Apologies are unnecessary, considering your position. However, your current disheveled state is... well, delightful, but at the same time you're going to be meeting with three other leaders and I'd prefer it not to turn into a huge orgy." She slides you out of Hatate's arms, much to the latter's reluctance, and carries you bridal style in her own. "Don't worry, Hatate, I'm sure you'll get to play with him again soon enough."

"Alright..." She sounds disappointed as she slips away, though you note she's gone through a door on the side of the wall rather than back down the waterfall. Perhaps she's going off to wait, or was there a path through the mountain maze that would lead here?

Tenma snorts in amusement as she watches Hatate leave. "That girl's talent is so important that I prefer to have her under heavy protection at all times rather than let her run around with Aya, but as you can see that's left her a bit underdeveloped in places. Having someone she can go visit, or have come visit her would go a long way toward letting her mellow out and desensitize."

"I'd be happy to have her come and visit me in my home where I can host her properly." You respond you allow the Tenma's strong, muscular arms to hold you against her firm body. My, such well defined tone. "She and Miss Momiji have been a boon during my time here under your hospitality." You feel rather proud of yourself, fairly certain your opinion of certain parts of the 'hospitality' hasn't bled through or anything of the sort. This Tenma seems to be a decent sort, so you can't really bring yourself to snap at her snarkily.

The leader of the tengu mon nods, though while you didn't let your opinion through, she seems to have guessed at it. "My apologies about removing you from your home to begin with. The man who sold you to us assured me that you were free to be claimed at any time, so I was preparing to have you moved to my home. Then LWReisen appeared a day after your arrival and explained things." Tenma casts her eyes downward for a moment, and she's... blushing? She must be embarrassed. "I didn't expect that man to have the balls to sell you to multiple people, and the various groups tend to keep to themselves, so communication between each group is sporadic at best."

You stare at the powerful woman for a moment before reaching up and patting her consolingly on the shoulder, "It's okay, my father managed to trick me into thinking he loved me despite everything." You assure her, attempting to make her feel better despite certain mixed feelings on various matters, "...Also...maybe you should try talking to each other a bit more to keep stuff like this from happening? Like...maybe you should have regional meetings like I know the Touhoumon League does, or the Big Five that my history teacher talked about. That way stuff like this wouldn't happen because you'd have channels and would be able to go 'wait, didn't Reisen say something about a boy' and then my dad would be in shackles in a dungeon and not still out there, probably selling me more as we speak."

The woman snorts after you speak. "We could do well to meet more often, but after the humans were granted permission to settle down on the 'New Continent' proper there was little need to keep those communications going." She didn't seem to mind the touch, and eventually came upon a relatively unassuming stone door. If she wasn't pushing it open, you might not have spotted it yourself. "And mark my words, that man will end up in chains, and soon. You don't pull the kind of stunt he has and get away with it for long." The hallway you step into is a warm, wooden structure lit softly by torches, and it has a rug covering most of it. Tenma kicks her geta off onto a shoe stand in a surprisingly casual manner before going further in. "I have my subordinates re-opening old communication lines even as we speak, and the message is being spread to every leader we can reach. No human can outrun my tengu." You can practically feel the pride in her voice.

You nod in respose to her statement, glancing around the room and taking in your environment around you as you are carried along by the Tenma, "That's good. I don't want people to get into a fight or war over something as little as me." It's already awful that there's been so much hustling and arguements over you, or rather their ownership of you a part of you whispers venomously.

...An idea occurs to you that you ponder on. Since there are, obviously to you now, certain parts of touhoumon area that are civilized and have rules and rulers, you have to wonder what their relations with...well, human groups are. "...What about Hakutown?" You ask, curious about her opinion of the human settlement. From what you've seen, Hakutown seems to be quite nice and has a fairly docile population of local Keine's who live in the area that they coexist with. You remember some trainer getting into trouble when he caught one inside of city limits once when you were in the market shopping.

"We're not so foolish as to go to war over one human, though I will admit creating a timetable will be an utter nightmare." Tenma admits to one major downside to all this as she carries you into a cozy bathroom. "I know I'm delaying the meeting, but I think you being clean and presentable would work out a lot better than being candy-coated touhoumon bait." She says teasingly as she shifts the shower curtain aside to reveal a pleasant, modest combination shower/bath. It has an almost dizzying number of soaps and shampoos to work with, each one being used for a specific purpose. Although there were a few more general-purpose bottles here and there, it's clear that when Tenma cleans, she cleans. She even has a couple specifically for her wings!

"As for Hakutown..." The tengu leader frowns as she thinks about it. It took her a minute to process it, but she understood what you were saying. By contacting human towns, one could not only cast a bigger net, but also close up holes in the pre-existing one as well. "That might be problematic."

"...Is this like when wandering trainers try to catch local Keine's in Hakutown's city limits or something?" You ask, that thought still fresh in your mind as you ask her, curious about he reasoning there are you are about the bathroom. So many shampoos and conditioners and different kinds of bar soaps and scrubbing tools!

"That's a slightly different issue." Tenma leans against the wall, clearly more interested in continuing the conversation than giving you privacy. Though you could put that curtain between you and her. "There's the issue of trust. I trust humans on a case-by-case basis, but I don't see them as being all good or all bad. They're like us in that regard. It has to do with whether they'd deign to cooperate with us or not."

You pause thoughtfully to consider her statement before you begin to struggle your wet, sticky clothing off of you. You've long since lost most any sense of shame when it comes to being viewed in the buff thanks to your numerous friends and their tendency to join you in the shower. As you shrug off your shirt and reveal your body and back to her, you speak up as you work off your pants, "Well...it couldn't hurt to try as long as you're careful and take precautions against things going wrong, right? I mean, you don't have to be super-best friends to be willing to tell each other if there's a dangerous criminal or rogue touhoumon from another region or some dangerous organization around, right? Plus, you're really good at communication, but humans have a few tricks of our own now too. I was reading about it in the news a while back, and apparently they built a new signal boosting tower that's increased the information flow from the Northern New Continent to the Southern New Continent." You tack that on, hoping that maybe that might help. You just...you've heard bad stories about when touhoumon societies and human cities clash. The New Continent has plenty of them itself, let alone the rest of the world. The only way to prevent that from happening is by talking to each other and understanding one another.

"No, we don't have to be best friends to do that. It's simply that there's a certain amount of inherent distrust between our two races that can't be overcome all at once. I will try to make the attempt at least, if only to expedite things." Tenma once again shows her ability to hold back by not taking advantage of you while you're naked and vulnerable. She's not even getting into the shower with you.

"May I just say that I really appreciate how professional you are being about all of this? It's really nice when I get to talk to someone who seriously considers what I have to say them to the degree that you do, and you haven't even stepped on me or anything yet." Honestly, you really have to respect this Tengu despite everything that's happened. It's a shame you couldn't have originally met under better circumstances, you muse as you rinse yourself off in the water, finding it pleasantly warm and having wonderful water pressure.

"It's hardly an issue. I've caused you a great deal of upset, I have no right to force myself on you as well." She simply leans against the wall as she talks, waiting for you to be done. Not that it seems like she minds waiting. "I don't think I need to say that my bedroom is open to you, should you so choose." Once again with the lightly teasing tone.

"It would be rude of me if I turned down that offer, given my usual habits." You respond back, washing yourself off with soap and enjoying the feeling of being quite wonderfully squeaky clean. I mean, the gel wasn't so bad or anything, but it smelled kind of sickly sweet after it'd stuck to you for a while, "What's this meeting going to be like, anyway? I mean, you're going to be there and I'm going to be there, and I'm sure Reisen and Satori will be there too, right?" You ask her, pondering just when you'll have the time to fit letting the Tenma have her way with you in on your apparently packed schedule.

"It's going to be a bit interesting, that's for certain. Reisen will indeed be there, but LWKoishi will be there in place of her sister, and both LWKanako and LWSuwako will also be there, as they are essentially joint partners in their own little operation."

You pause, considering for a moment as you lather up certain parts of yourself and wash them off, enjoying the sensation of cleanliness that it brings and how it helps soothe a bit of soreness you didn't even know you had there, "Why are the Kanako and Suwako going to be here, if I may ask?"

"Surprisingly enough, they just want to meet you. Apparently neither of them had encountered the man who sold you, so it's possible he didn't want to risk yet another double-dealing so soon." The tengu leader provides a surprising reason for their arrival.

"Oh, is that so?" Is all you offer up as an answer as you clean yourself off from the last of the soap and turn off the water, leaving you soaking wet again, but at least clean. You glance over at your rather dirtied clothes still and frown a bit, "I wasn't given a chance to pack a change of clothing..." You admit, annoyed that you failed to grab your bug-out bag before getting carried off.

"Indeed. For once it's a pleasant visit." Tenma's not quite smiling though. "Admittedly, they may be looking for an opportunity. Apparently one of their daughters has an interest in you." Then the tengu leader facepalms once she reveals the nature of their trip. "That aside, it's really just deciding on who gets you when."

You try your best to suppress your response to that statement, but you can't help but feel a surge of annoyance at her casual admittance of how everyone is just arguing about when they get you and is concerned about having you to make use of for their own needs. Behind the veneer of civility and kindness, this is a meeting to decide who gets to own you when. At least, that's what the bitter voice in your mind whispers to you as you dry yourself off with a towel, "Ma'am. Could I borrow a robe of some kind? Putting clothes covered in sex, slime and whatever that Nitori uses for her machines would defeat the purpose of having brought me here."

Before you can even finish saying that, Tenma steps around you and fits a robe around you. "I have been preparing for your arrival in advance, so I took the liberty to get some clothing set up for you. It might not be a perfect fit, but it will do until I get your exact measurements." She's certainly quick, and even better is that the robe in question is warm and soft, like it just came out of a dryer or a bright, sunny day. She then hugs you to her for a moment. "Please understand that we're trying to adapt to your life, not force ourselves on you."

You adjust the robe around you for the moment you get before the larger, vastly stronger woman wraps her arms around you and pulls you against her firm figure, holding you in a way that doesn't even carry a subtle undercurrent of sexual tension. You can count on one hand the number of people you've met here in the New Continent who have done this to you with fingers left over. "...I understand that, ma'am. I'm just...frustrated. It's just been one thing after another. It was...bad enough to find out that someone owned me." You don't mention the shiver of excitement you always feel when someone makes you feel like the own you, ruling over you and making your body a slave to theirs, "But then I find that my own father sold me. At least three separate times. And now that apparently since I'm some sort of fine vintage of wine as far as lays go my time is a commodity I am having less control of then I like now. I had a taste of freedom coming to this place and being left by my father and..." You find yourself squeezing the woman, somehow her presence and holding yourself tighter to her making you feel better, "I don't want to lose that. That's why I've been so...very rude during my stay here." Being picked up and plopped into that room and then just left alone with guards no doubt making sure you stayed there, and the occasional person who checked on you or deposited something in our room for you not speaking to you save for Momiji and Hatate. It was made all the worse by the fact that you could see the plans in their eyes, and knew that you were never alone but they had not the decency to even reveal themselves when they were watching your every moment in their base.

The tengu leader simply pets your head as you talk, listening to everything you've said. "I understand. It'd be like one of my subordinates having their wings clipped just when they thought they'd have an interesting life." She continues to hold you against her in a comforting manner, apparently understanding just how hard you've got it by this point. "I have no authority to undo the contracts of the other leaders, and I'm sure they wish to give you up about as much as I do. The least we can do in this case is ensure that you can remain where you are at your most comfortable, and at least come to you."

"...Thank you. I appreciate it. I don't want anyone to be upset, but...I've finally managed to make my home into mine, despite the regular visitors and being built directly on top of a hell mouth." You say that with a hint of pride bleeding through. It's true that you like your home very much. Despite it having been the most amazing place when your father abandoned you there, you've worked hard and made it into a home rather than just a cabin. All the little quirks of how the house behaved, and how it could get fresh air from the seashore even though it's still a ways off, and how you'd gotten every last part of the kitchen to be exactly like you want it...that's why you don't want to leave your house partially, but the precious memories you've made there during your time living alone, both good and bad, are what matters most to you. It's proof that despite everything, despite your mothers statements and your fathers dismissal of you, you're better than what they thought of you.

"...I'll certainly have to pay you back in spades for you being so kind and compassionate after my boorish behavior." You admit to the Tenma, unable to resist being honest to her in her warm, friendly embrace. Something about her just makes you feel like she's an honest and trustworthy person. "I'll have to make you something very nice." You pause and take a deep breath in thought before your inner-chef returns, filling you with a sudden burst of inspiration, "Do you like mixed chocolates?!" You ask excitedly, just barely managing to peer up into her eyes past certain obstructions.

Tenma simply snorts in amusement as you speak again. "You have a very interesting view on justified reactions, don't you?" She asks as she lets you stand on your own. "Still, I won't reject the offer of confections. Something tells me you'd be quite good at making them." She smiles honestly and sweetly, partly wishing that the meeting could just be postponed.

"I have numerous sources that say that I am a very good cook of any dish I put my mind too. Having a chance to make confections for someone who would appreciate them will be a whole lot of fun! Most of the people I know that like my sweets tend to be the more...cake and pie sort of people." It goes unmentioned that they're also the sort of people who inhale large volumes of your food, though few of them hold a candle to Rumia.

"I see. Well, I can tell that our time together after the meeting will be interesting. Though I think we've put it off long enough." She extends her hand out to you for you to take. "Shall we?"

You adjust your robe a touch further to make sure no unfortunate revelations happen while you're with Tenma and then reach out and take her hand, agreeing that it's probably best not to keep Reisen and Koishi waiting any longer, lest they start getting antsy.
 No. 33777
The tengu leader leads you out of the bathroom, and further into her home. It's still modestly furnished, but certainly worthy of the one it houses. She leads you into a large sitting room, one that has a rather large table in it and enough chairs to seat far more people than it currently has at it.

On the left side of the table, you see LWReisen. She's visibly tense, though once she catches your scent and looks you over, she relaxes a bit. It seems like she was worried about you.

Sitting to her side is LWKoishi, who appears to be rather bored and looking around while flicking her feet back and forth. She catches sight of you as well and waves to you.

The two mons on the right, however, are ones you might be familiar with species-wise, but would be unfamiliar with them on a personal level. A Kanako sits cross-legged on one of the chairs, her arms crossed under her bust, and managing to make herself look imposing. It doesn't seem to work on either of the aforementioned mons, however, and once they caught sight of you she cast you a glace, then looks you over more fully.

To her side is a Suwako with her arms on the table and cradling her head in her hands, obviously waiting for something interesting to happen, or for the meeting to start. Oddly enough, she herself didn't look to you at first, opting to use the eyes on her hat for that. Even then she doesn't bother to move, but she does grin in a decidedly unsettling way.

"My apologies for the wait. Wilheim was not presentable for the meeting when he arrived here, so I took it upon myself to ensure he would be." Tenma leads you to the left side, permitting you to sit between Reisen and Koishi, figuring you would be more comfortable being near the mons you were familiar with over those you weren't.

"Understandable. I could smell him the moment you brought him inside." The Kanako nods and treats this as an acceptable reason for being late. Given what type of animal she was affiliated with, you suppose it makes sense that she'd have a keen sense of smell.

"It'd be hypocritical for me to complain about letting your subordinates partake of him, so I'll let it slide." Was it just you, or was Reisen annoyed with this scenario?

"Sheesh, you're no fun, Tenma." The Suwako casts a lazy glace at the tengu leader before sitting up properly, though you can feel that she's never taken her eyes off you completely.

"Hi, Wilheim! Sorry about the wait, Reisen wouldn't just let me kidnap you back." Koishi ignores the scenario completely in favor of checking you over to see if you're really okay while casually talking about something that you're pretty sure would earn her some ire.

You smile at Koishi, reaching out and petting her on her head with one hand and soothing down her excitement as well as you can manage, "I'm flattered that you were so worried about me, but thank you for being patient and waiting. It's for the best that we handle this situation the right way so that everyone involved is happy."

Keeping up the petting of Koishi to hopefully prevent her from making too many inflamatory remarks, you turn the other direction to smile up at Reisen, rather happy to see her again, "It's good to see you again as well ma'am. I'm sorry to be making you chase after me all over the region, but I never really seem to have much say in the matter..."

"It's not your fault, Wilheim." Reisen uses one arm to pull you against her, or at least as best as she can manage, and pet you. She seems to calm down further just by having you in physical contact with her, though you find that you're both being picked up by an over-enthusiastic Koishi and plunked down in Reisen's lap, which while the act surprises the rabbit, she none the less hugs you to her tighter.

You don't bother to struggle against being picked up and simply lean back into the Reisen's hold and get as comfortable as you can while she holds you tighter still. You're keen enough to tell that Reisen's more than a bit ruffled than she is letting on, and she seemed a touch ruffled already. After having made the efforts for you she has, the least you can do is try to reassure her a bit. You cast a sereptitious and speculative look across the table at the intimidating Kanako, the rather scary Suwako and those damn googly eyes and Tenma. You'd speak up, but for now you want to listen and get a ken on what they're planning for you yourself. Not read not just their statement, but also its sub-text.

To her credit, Tenma didn't even treat Koishi's antics as though they were unusual. You suppose they must be used to each other's quirks. "Alright, the meeting to establish the ground rules for visitation rights to Wilhelm for the Forest group, Underground group, and Mountain group will begin. Last Word Reisen as the Forest representative, Last Word Koishi as the Underground representative, and myself as the Mountain representative." Tenma seems quite formal about this sort of thing, though you suppose it makes sense seeing as she was professional enough to treat you with respect right off the bat. "Ex Hatate will be recording this meeting if any of our ground rules need to be commented on later."

You shift in Reisen's lip, sitting up right as you try to look as proper and serious as you can considering that you're currently being held like a teddy bear by one of the mon trying to decide who gets ownership of you when. That little bitter voice in your mind whispers to you again, but you ignore it more readily with Reisen holding you against her, warm, soft and loving body. You're also trying your best not to look right at the Suwako's hat which is creeping you right out.

"What, you're not going to introduce us?" The Suwako speaks up, looking to the tengu leader once more even as she uses her hat to leer at you like a perverted woman. Which she most likely was, in all honesty.

"This matter does not concern us, Suwako. There is no reason to be rude." The Kanako speaks up shortly thereafter, closing her eyes briefly as she acts to keep her partner in check.

"It should. One of our Sanae adores the kid, for crying out loud. We should be fighting to get some rights too!" Wait, one of the Suwako's Sanae? You know you got loved tenderly by one of them, but did she really get back home that fast?

Tenma doesn't even sigh as she looks at the two goddess-like mons. She looks back to the table as a whole in a neutral manner before speaking again. "Last Word Suwako and Last Word Kanako, joint leaders of the Mountain Shrine, are also present." You can catch a faint sense of long-suffering in her tone, as if she'd honestly prefer to deal with them some other time.

"Hello everyone." You decide to speak up now that everyone has been introduced finally and you figure you should probably speak up yourself, "I am Wilheim Wilhelm. It's very interesting to have a chance to meet you all." There, that's nice and neutral and not lying. Perfect word choice.

Reisen simply pets you when you're done, clearly feeling quite a lot better than when you were stolen right out from under her nose for the second time in a row. Koishi also had a hand on you, nowhere near as worried, but still content that you're okay.

"Nice to meet ya, cutie~." Suwako shifts her gaze from Tenma to you, though it's more like she uses the clear blue eyes in her actual head to do it rather than her hat. Those shift to look at the tengu leader.

"Well met." Kanako seems more refined and proper than her partner, but you also haven't seen much of her yet. The earth mon was being perfectly honest, but the sky mon seemed to be purposely holding herself back a bit.

You glance around the room, unsure of what you should do considering the situation that you've found yourself in. There's so many powerful mons who lead communities in here and you don't really know what you can do to counter that. "...So..." You try to break the silence by speaking up, "You all were planning to discuss who owns me when, correct?"

"Yes and no." Tenma states in response, looking at you. "As it stands, Reisen claims that she doesn't own you so much as she has placed you under her direct protection. Last Word Satori still wishes for you to be with her, but she is willing to respect where you live and expresses a similar sentiment."

"Satori, Koishi and I got to talking recently, and we decided that the whole 'ownership' thing was a bit too much when we're talking about you being available for as many girls as you are. I mean, you father sold you to us, but it doesn't mean we have to treat you like mere property." Reisen speaks up after that, expressing a perhaps unexpected thought on the matter.

"We already decided to have you stay in your home, it really is yours at this point, and give our support as best we can! Plus, declaring your home and the immediate area around it yours means that we can use some loopholes to ensure we can tighten up security to make sure that any vultures don't try to snatch you up while someone just happens to be not looking." It's faint, but is Koishi annoyed about you getting kidnapped too?

You blink, considering her words, "...So my home isn't in Miss Reisen's territory or you and your sister's territory." You ask for clarification on the issue, "But I have my own, small territory of personal property now?"

...Why does that idea excite you so much? You feel a giddy stirring in your heart.

"Wilhelm senior has not bothered to maintain his home or land, so it makes sense that it falls to you. As Reisen has permitted it, then it shall be as such." Tenma speaks with a certain amount of finality. "I will, of course, also be stationing my own guards as well. A neutral ground will not go awry in the days to come, I think."

"...I see." You sound rather stunned and dazed as you sit back against Reisen, still giddily excited at the prospect that your home is...yours and yours truly. Not just a house in the territory of a more powerful being or something of your fathers, but something that is yours and is yours by rights of powerful individuals who declared it so. "...Oh, I'll have a chance to cook even more than normal then, if there will be so many guards around." You state, excited again at the prospect of more people to test out your rapidly expanding recipe catalog on, "I wonder if I can try out some of those more extreme berry types for tarts..?"

"You know, if you wanted berries for experimentation, you could just ask~." Reisen seems to be going into something like a good mood now that that's been sorted out. "Anyway, who gets to visit you comes down to who you want to have see you. We're setting up a white list of trusted mons so maybe we can do without any more kidnapping."

"...I don't really mind having any kind of visitor, as long as they're polite and don't make a mess of my pots and pans." You state, kicking your legs idly as you try to figure out just how to phrase this. You're not really sure why all of them are letting you have so much say in what should be some big fancy treaty where people with fancy hats and executive suits make unilateral decisions, but you'll do your best while they want your thoughts. "So...I guess anyone who's come visit me so far is always welcome to come again, and if any of you have someone who really wants to see me I wouldn't mind hosting them. I like meeting new people." This is...a bit harder than you'd thought it would be.

"I guess that settles that, then~." Koishi seems to not mind how you're approaching this in the slightest.

"Though I will say that we're going to still check anyone who swings by just to try and visit you." Reisen keeps holding you to her, as if afraid that you'll get snatched away again. "There's still plenty more groups out there, and that sad excuse of a man hasn't been caught yet."

That puts a damper on your mood, causing you to frown in thought and press your lips together as you try to think about your father and just what he could be planning. If he's like you know him to be now, then...

"...if I could suggest something, I'd say that you should watch the port-town to the North East of where we are now." You speak up, having put your mind to the task of figuring out just what your father could be planning. If you had to guess, you'd figure he's either trying to get either off of the New Continent, or far enough away that even Tenma's communiation network wouldn't cover it. If he was far enough out of the Southernmost region that you live in, then he might escape her notice. The port-town represents the best possibility for that.

"I'll dispatch some of my subordinates at once. He will not make a fool of us again." Tenma's done carries a firm determination to it as she declares that. "Still, I think that covers what we came here to discuss."

"And no room for us to try and nudge in on visitation rights, I see." Suwako gives Tenma a shrewd 'I see what you did there' smile.

"If Wilheim doesn't mind you visiting, then you can come. I'm just going to make sure you can't get up to any funny business." Reisen's quick to respond, and is proving to be quite protective of you overall.

"And if they try to go for the arranged marriage angle, I'll do things to them~!" Koishi as well, in her own right.

"Such attachment to one human..." The Kanako shakes her head in amazement as she hears the responses. "I have no reason to try and force things, so I won't. However, not every respectable Touhoumon forces her way through things, do they?"

"Blah, that's no fun." Suwako kicks back and returns to her more casual demeanor, or at least an even more casual demeanor. "They got us dead to rights anyway. We'll just have to do it properly."

"Are you two seriously planning what I think you're planning?" Tenma raises an eyebrow as she watches the earth and sky mons.

"Playing matchmaker? Wouldn't dream of it." Suwako's expression, however, does not match her tone. Even if you haven't been sold to the two mons, it's clear they may be troublesome down the road.

"Meeting adjourned, then." Tenma rises from her spot, as do all the other leaders save for Reisen, who opts to show a bit more care seeing as you're in her lap. She picks you up and carries you in her arms while looking at Tenma. "So, Wilheim..."

"Yes, ma'am?" You respond to the questioning tone in her voice all while musing over everything you heard in the meeting. Marriage contracts? You don't have intention of giving up any bit of the freedom you've managed to get here today. It's too exhilarating, you won't clip your wings and cage yourself now.

"I know you're going to go back home soon, but I still feel like I should ask. Who would you prefer to stay with for the night?" She asks as diplomatically as possible, remembering that you've been cooped up in a sterile room for a couple days with no real comforts of home. And now you've got a bunny girl from that area carrying you.

You pause and consider the situation, shaking lightly as you think as hard as you can about it. As much as you want to go home, and as much as you'd like to let Reisen take you there...it wouldn't really be fair to the Tenma after she's tried so hard to make things up to you and been such a reasonable authority figure. You know those are rare enough that they need to be rewarded and encouraged, "I...have some unfinished business here right now, Miss Reisen." You admit, "There were some ingredients I saw in their kitchen that I was hoping to talk with them about, on top of some other stuff. And since the leader of the mountain is already here..." You try to phrase this in a way that's as diplomatic as possible without saying 'I am going to do erotic things for Tenma because it's only fair'.

Reisen simply smiles and sets you down. "Make sure he comes back in one piece, Tenma." She then kneels down and pecks you on the cheek. "And when you get back I'm going to snuggle you so hard."

"Which really means she's going to fuck you like the Reisen she i-" Koishi helpfully expands on that before getting dragged out of the room by said bunny girl, who seems annoyed with the mon.

"As colorful a group as ever." Tenma simply sighs as she picks you up and carries you. "It's amazing we ever got anything done back when we were more coordinated. Then again, we had a common threat too."

"I guess so." You respond, not sure how to react to what she's saying. It's a bit weird to think of every other human in the world as a threat like it seems she does. Suddenly, a thought occurs to you. You distantly remember a history lesson and the very colorful opinion of the man who taught you it, but you'd never had the chance to ask a touhoumon about it. "Uhm, Miss Tenma? Could I ask you a question about recent history?"

"You may." Even when relaxed, it seems she's a touch formal.

"Uh...what happened during the war..." You struggle to remember its formal name, but a half dozen different names have been used for it, "Uhm...the war where the humans who settled on the New Continent fought against groups who wanted to enter it and establish formal colonies and stuff. Like, Eagleland and the United Unions and the...Holy Nassau Empire?" Were they Nassau then? They've changed their name so many times over all the history reading you've done, you can't even remember. You also remember something about how the Yakumo Corp was involved somehow on the New Continent side, but from what you heard in Metro City they're always involved in some kind of shady business.

"Hm..." Tenma starts to walk as she carries you, thinking back on those bloody days. "You certainly ask a difficult question. The nations and companies you speak of did launch a surprisingly large invasion attempt for reasons I'm still having Hatate investigate. So far as I know, those companies funded the original settlers, and those who had the tenacity to carve out their niche weren't making them rich enough for their liking."

"Honestly, I would have considered it a lost cause and moved on, but those people were determined to get more out of the settlers and their towns. So they decided to treat the initial settlers like a foothold with which they could expand their empires to make up the monetary loss." She seems to be almost lost in thought, but given how she's still going in what you're hoping is the more or less correct direction it seems like she's not completely out of it. "None of the settlers who carved their niche wanted to give up their homes, or answer to the companies and nations. So when the nations pushed, the settlers pushed back."

"This started as a series of small-scale conflicts, which naturally grew and blossomed into a brutal war. Humans and Touhoumon alike fought and lost their lives, and many of our groups were appealed to for aid. Some of us gave it, and with that both sides were in an effective stalemate."
"There's more to why no one could gain an edge, but it would take a while to go through all the reasons. So I'll skip that and move on to how the war stopped." She managed to get to her bedroom, get the door open, and set you down upon it gently before sitting herself down. "Just to ask, how is the history of the end of the war interpreted by you humans at this point?"

"Well...I only went to school in Metro City, and that's where most of the books I have came from, so I can only say how they saw it." You admit, "There's lots of different opinions from different groups, but the teacher in Metro City said that the New Continent humans used 'local touhoumon behavior' to their advantage to cover up guerrilla attacks that kept the large nation and corporate forces from moving in, and the supply lines for the nations were supposed to be shaky too because something was sinking their ships before they got to the New Continent sometimes. But..." You frown, rubbing your chin in thought, "...They don't really mention how the way ends. Just that it got too drawn out and bloody and the Nation's and Corporations involved in the war agree to a ceasefire and...I think the teacher called it a White Peace?"

"That is an abridged version of what happened, save for that last part. Those nations would have been happy to go on until humanity was in danger of dying out if there was so much as a possibility of success, such was their greed." She scoots herself back until she's leaned up against the wall, and she's pulled you along with her. "But naturally, that didn't last. The reason being that several entities far beyond even myself took matters into their own hands."

"...Entities far beyond yourself?" You ask, blatantly awed at the idea of it as you lean against her, resting your head on her strong, strong body. "They must have been huge."

"Indeed. We don't even have names for them, but I can safely say that I would be no match for any of them. Common soldiers, humans and mons? Even less." Tenma closed her eyes as she remembers the day everything went to hell for real in that war. "They tired of the war, but rather than pick a side and empower them they simply attacked the humans indiscriminately. Entire battlefields were wiped clean in moments, an the only ones who survived were the ones smart enough to run. Which, coincidentally enough, the settlers came out of that marginally better because they did know to run."

"The invading nations were hit worse because they had to ship everything in, from men to supplies. Those entities destroyed everything to do with them that would enable them to fight. Reports at the time indicate that invasion ships were being sunk at a one-hundred percent rate by the end of things. No one who promised war could enter or leave."

"The invading nations must have known they were through, because the very next ship they sent was a peace delegation, and various leaders called a summit. It wasn't much of one beyond a promise not to bring about war on the New Continent again, but that was enough."

You stare at the Tenma, mouth wide open, "...Wooow. Wait, I mean...they just started killing humans? Weren't the...touhoumon involved in the war too? Was it because the human nations from outside started it or something?" That much of a bloody slaughter, killing people who were just trying to defend their homes...and from what it sounds like were doing the New Continent a favor keeping the jerks out.

"The only Touhoumon deaths at that point were collateral damage, and while I can only guess at the reasoning, humans were the original invader. One might argue that these beings were simply tired of their persistence."

"Our kind were involved in the war, and we lost just as many of our kind as you humans did yours. As for the reason, I can still only guess, but it could be that humans were the original invader and these entities didn't care if some were indeed more civil than others."

"I see..." You droop, a bit upset to hear about it, rather upset to think about it. Still, at least you know now no matter how depressing the topic was.

"Such is the nature of this land." Tenma answers as she cuddles you. "Thankfully that storm has passed, and so far there is no sign of another."

You cuddle back up against the Tenma, content to nuzzle up against her as she nuzzles you, "I'm sure it won't happen again. I'm positive that people won't make that mistake again! People learn from their mistakes after all."

The tengu leader smiles and ruffles your hair. "If more people were like you, I'd be quicker to believe that."

"If more people were good leaders like you, there wouldn't be wars anyway." You compliment her back, feeling extremely cheerful with all the smiles, hugs and rufflings.
 No. 33779
Tenma snorts in amusement, perhaps thinking about some of her peers. "That is true, or at least I would like to believe so." She keeps petting you, perhaps using the mechanical movement to put herself at ease.

You hum happily, purring like an overeager pup whose master is paying attentiont o him, "I'm saying it because it's what I believe is true, so there's that ma'am." You respond, wiggling around a bit in her arms from how nice this attention feels. Her fingers are so firm and strong and rubbing you just right in the spots.

"You're certainly idealistic." She says as she keeps going, perhaps showing less resistance to how cute you're being than she would have otherwise.

You pause a bit at that as she rubs a spot, "Uhm...some people call me dumb or a fool, but that's a nicer way of saying it ma'am." You admit, presenting your tummy like the cute lovable puppy in her arms that you are.

Tenma opts to start rubbing your belly since you were so kind as to present it to her, slipping her hand under your clothes to better feel your skin with her hand. "To many people, it's unrealistic, but to you it's possible. Sometimes it's the naive ones who prove themselves right in the end."

You start to hum and buzz with appreciation for her tummy rubbing ability, like a font of shotalistic glee. "Everything's possible, if you believe! I believed that I'd be happy on the New Continent, and I am now! I made lots of friends, even if it wasn't how I expected."

You really have to admit how happy you are that this is settled. You have your own territory, plenty of visitors and guests and lots of chances to cook food with all kinds of new, interesting recipes.

"You are right, in a way." She continues to rub your belly while seriously considering whether she's going to jump you now or not. She shifts you to where you're laying against her, with her breasts on your back.

"Hmmmmmmm?" You stare dreamily up at her, a smile on your lips as you rest against the strong, powerful and very friendly leader of the mountain. She's a nice lady, you're sure of it now.

She shifts you once again to better kiss you on the lips, apparently wanting to test you for your reaction.

You lean into the kiss with her, pressing your lips eagerly up against her own firm kiss in an oddly eager display of affection, rubbing up against her as you try to nuzzle closer to her, enjoying the feel of your bodies touching one another even through your clothes.

Tenma responds in kind as she gradually starts to take more liberties with your body, starting with groping your cute rear. It seems like everything she does is done with discipline and restraint, which is quite odd considering how most mons typically act.

You squeeze her tighter in your hug yourself, opening your mouth up a bit to breath and inviting any intrusion she wants to make as your own hands drift down her body in return. Her firm grip squeezing your rear and keeping you up and right where she wants you in a casual display of strength just makes you even more excited. Your hands find here rear and give it an exploitative squeeze itself as you hum excitedly.

She hums gently in response, her wings fluttering just a little as you start to respond to her molestation in earnest. She continues to go at things at this restrained pace, even if she is now wrapping a leg around yours to keep you from moving.

"A-ah, Miss Tenma...!" You rub up against her in a way that sends a spark of delightful pleasure surging through you as the hands you have on her ass squeeze a bit tighter, kneading the firm, bountiful booty that you have to play with right now, "I-If you keep this up, I won't be able to s-service you like you deserve..!" You admit, rather ashamed of how weak you are to this but somehow her methodical pace and calculated kneading are sending you to heights of arousal it usually takes more to put you up to.

Tenma makes a mildly disappointed pouting face when you stop kissing her, but at the same time she allows you to be free to do what you wish. She keeps kneading your rear though, apparently quite content doing that much at least. "It's rare that someone offers to service me like that. I suppose I could let you." For someone trying to sound so prim and proper, she's starting to look and act increasingly adorable.

"Well..." You look away a bit embarrassed from just how astonishingly well she blends together her strength, prim behavior, friendliness, natural beauty and sheer adorableness now, "I...since everything's been decided, I'll be able to do these and that sort of things for you whenever you want."

"...But, ah...could you maybe sit down on a bed or a chair or something? Usually when I do this kind of thing it can lead to their legs getting weebly-wobbly and I wouldn't want you to slip and get hurt." You still remember the time you did something like what you're planning to do with one of your friends in the shower. You were so worried...

The tengu leader responds wordlessly by letting you get off her and sitting upright on the bed, her legs spread out a little as you get a good view of her clothed form. Her wings are still fluttering a little in anticipation, directly contradicting her patient form.

"Then, please excuse me ma'am..." You state as politely as you can manage as you kneel down in front of her and begin to cautiously and curiously undo her fascinating and formal clothing. It all makes enough sense to you as you work on opening up this robe of hers so you can give her the service she deserves, "I'll start from the top, and then work from there." You tell her as you lean in and place a kiss on her lips, and then another one. Quick, eager exciting little nips meant to get her eager for what's coming.

Against all expectations, she not only permits this, but gives you a small smile as you kiss her again and show a delightfully bold side of yourself to her. Your eagerness certainly doesn't hurt either, and she has to restrain herself a bit now just to keep herself from pleasing you in turn out of turn.

"So I know before my mouth is busy with more important thing." You add in a joke as you lean down and kiss at her neck, placing firm but gentle kisses along her collar bone and even on her jugular, "Are you wings sensitive at the base, or would you prefer that I avoid playing with those?"

"You can play with my wings if you wish, I have no objection." In fact, given the quickened fluttering she seems to be far more excited about the idea than she's letting on. Granted, she's starting to stroke your body with surprisingly soft and smooth wing feathers, so she may want to use them on you as well.

"Alright then." You speak up again to confirm your choice as you undo the last bit of knotting keeping you from her breasts and push her robes open, opting to leave them on for now as...somehow the idea of her partially clothed is more appealing to you in your head than her fully naked. You lean in and nuzzle your head between her respectably large breasts, getting a sane of her warmth and scent as you reach your hands around behind her back and begin to gently and teasingly work on the base of her wings, trying to gauge how sensitive she is first before you commit yourself to any set pattern.

She holds your head to her chest as you make a point of nuzzling in them, and starts to make some rather subdued yet pleased sounds as you play with the base of her wings. She seems like she's sensitive back there to a degree at least, but she's still guarded enough to not let her true excitement show. At least not verbally. Her wings are betraying her as she's skillfully rubbing your back with them, and it seems like one of her hands have shifted down a bit to try and open up your robe as well.

You don't struggle against her opening your robes at all, instead focusing on using your fingers to play with the base of her wings. Moving your fingers around in circles where the wings meet the back and running your fingers up and down the portions of the wing closest to the back to try and get a reaction out of her that's positive. You kiss the flesh on her breasts that you can reach before using your squirming prowess to nuzzle yourself over towards her right breast, poking your tongue out and running it across her skin as you search out the rougher patch that signifies her nipple. Once you find it, you wrap your lips around it and start to suckle on it hungrily, and then lightly and then in firm, long sucks, all the while playing with it using your tongue as you try and find out what makes Tenma tick here.

It takes a short while, but you do gradually start to see and hear stronger reactions out of her as you play with her wings. It almost seems like she needs to 'warm up' before she starts making cute little noises and squirming in response to your handiwork, though you using your mouth on her breasts didn't hurt things at all. She's slipped your robe off your back as she performs an admittedly spasm-riddled back massage with just her wings, and gives out the first properly lusty moan when you suckle from her in earnest. Her nipple perks up in your mouth, and uses her hands to urge you on, to suck on it more.

You take the hint and open your mouth wider, deciding to suckle on it more eagerly and hungrily in response to her urgings as you attempt to match her needs. Your hands playing with her wings keep up their ministrations, not moving to spots you suspect would be off limits or too sensitive to play with as you tease her mercilessly, sucking on her nipple hard and long as your tongue runs circles around it. Making a strong, powerful, nice leader like Tenma feel this good is nice, isn't it?

She starts to relax properly and moan a bit more, and even starts to... lactate? You find milk flowing into your mouth in small spurts as you continue to suck, and her own hands only roam further and further down as they gravitate toward your rear again. You can definitely smell her arousal now, and she's nowhere near as restrained as she was before.

You keep suckling that nipple for a while longer, getting a hang of her taste and savoring her flavor before you switch over to her other nipple that has long been left far too unattended. The sensation of her wings wrapping around you and ruffling along your back as they are just drives you on further, feeding your desire to please her as you shift one of your hands off and away from her wings and bring it up to her front to tease the nipple you just abandoned for its sibling, tweaking the sensitive rosebud between your fingers as you glance up at her face to see just how she's responding to this, trailing your other hands fingers at the space along her back between her wings.

She's looking down at you and blushing, only vocalizing a series of pleased-sounding moans as you take to her breasts in earnest. Between her hands and her wings, she's hugging you gently, albeit in a semi-perverted way. You get the feeling that the only reason she hasn't driven your manhood into her is because she's waiting for you to do it yourself.

"I hope you don't mind that I'm about to do something that will probably both aggravate and arouse you." You speak to her as you remove your mouth from her nipple to inform her of your plans before you skillfully slip down her body, face sliding along her taut and muscular stomach as you adjust yourself towards your destination, planting your face firmly between her firm thighs and giving you a good view of her moistened panties, "I just can't resist the temptation of tasting you." You admit as you lean forward and run your tongue along the slit even though there's still cloth between you and it, your fingers moving to pull aside the cloth even as you wrap your arms around her thighs to keep yourself where you are.

Tenma gives you an honestly surprised look as you declare your intent, and manages to completely fail to stop you from slipping down to where you can taste her proper, and doesn't do anything to stop you from exposing her soaking wet womanhood to the air. She makes a content humming sound as you prepare to eat her out.

You run your hands along her thighs, enjoying the feeling of her smooth-skin and the sensation of the steel-strong muscle underneath it as you lean in closer to her slit and run your tongue along it now that it's fully exposed to you, trying to get a good taste of her before you begin to work in earnest.

The tengu leader moans lightly as she continues to rub your back with her wings, though you note she had to extend them a bit further to reach you properly. One of her hands is busy ruffling your hair, while the other is used to let her play with one of her breasts. Her taste is surprisingly light, sweet, and clear, almost like a well-made meringue, though the consistency of her love juices conflicts with what you know that taste should feel like. It's an interesting paradox, having the taste of such a light and fluffy dessert in the form of such a thick fluid.

You enjoy the feeling of her fingers running through your hair and her nails dragging lightly across your scalp, sending shocks of relaxing pleasure through you as you run your tongue all along her outer folds, teasing and pleasuring her without delving into her just yet as you take the time to savor her reactions and the sounds she makes. Her wings rubbing along your back just make you even more eager to please her, and it's becoming difficult to restrain yourself from just trying to bring her to orgasm as quickly as possible, no matter how nice and drawn out you want to make this for her.

Each little move you make causes her to gasp or moan in a husky manner, and judging from how much she's twitching all over she's having to use a considerable amount of willpower just to avoid hauling you up and making love to you until you're a puddle of pleasured shota. For all the pretense of restraint on both sides, it seems like the both of you want this quite badly, and won't stop until you see this through.

Finally deciding that you've build her up enough as you judge by her actions and the leaking she's doing, you press your lips against her lower ones in a 'kiss' as your tongue wriggles out of your mouth and slips into her slit, delving into her eagerly as you twist it around, attempting to find all her most sensitive spots and give her the pleasure you both so desire. You run a thumb along the top of her slit, teasing it along her sensitive nob in slow, gentle circles.

She wraps her legs around your head in response, intent on keeping you where you are while resting her legs on your back. It's a twofold message to you that you can't escape now that you've committed to this, but that would require you to want to to begin with. Your tongue gets a thorough preview of what your manhood will be getting a taste of later on, a hot, soft, wet heaven that rubs against your tongue anywhere it touches. There's no specific weak spot you can exploit, but thanks to your playing with her clit she seems to be sensitive all over.
You find that you are being pleasured yourself in fact, her inhuman womanhood's odd behavior and her amazing taste overwhelming your taste buds and the nerves of your mouth as you put more and more eagerness into eating her out, trying to keep up with your goal of making her cum first so she can get the experience she deserves as your thumb moves in nimble circles around and over the clit, stimulating it as best as you can as you hum in pleasure yourself. Her thighs are pressed tight around your head and her legs resting on your back just pull you closer to her, something you have no intention of arguing or moving against.

To that end, she starts to aid you by groping her own breasts in earnest, squeezing her soft flesh and rolling her nipples between her fingers. She's being quite audible in her moans now, and even going so far to use some of her impeccable control to help your tongue get the most out of her pussy.

You hold on tighter, your own arousal sending a throbbing message through your system as you try to keep yourself under control and work her where she wants to be worked. You delve your tongue as deep into her as you can and press the tip of it up, wriggling it about in a spot that usually gets vocal agreement of your actions out of the touhoumon you're eating out. As you do that, your thumb starts to please and play with her clitoris more and more eagerly, trying to get her to achieve climax before you make a mess of the floor from pleasuring her.

And like the girls you've pleased in that manner before, Tenma starts to cry out. She stops groping herself and presses your head to her crotch firmly, effectively using both her thighs and hands to hold you where you are. Her approval of your actions also extends to her womanhood, which seems to quiver as you work inside her. It's not long after that that she cries out once more and cums, her inner walls squeezing your tongue and attempting to milk it much like it would a cock.

You let her do with you as she wills, enjoying the feeling of being pinned so perfectly as she grinds your crotch into her face. You ride out her orgasm as you swallow down her girlcum, savoring the flavor that she puts out and the sensation of how her insides work at your tongue and make you lose sensation there.

It takes a short while for her body to stop, though that likely has to do with the fact that you stuck something in her that couldn't properly reward her. She does thoroughly molest your tongue with her slick inner walls, however, and eventually it decides to let you go. Her grip on you relaxes in a similar manner, and she herself seems to be relaxed to a degree you haven't seen since you first met her.

Your tongue slides out of her and droops disappointedly as you try to regain nervous reactions and the ability to control it again before you speak, "Wash that sashtishfactary ma'ahm?" You ask her, your tongue a bit numb and slurring your words a bit as you remove one of your hands from her thigh and use it to tuck your tongue back into your mouth when it slips out, still numb and not totally in your control.

"It was...~" Tenma states breathlessly as she basks in the afterglow. "You're certainly skilled. I don't think I've ever had a human perform oral so well without losing control." She seems to find your current tongue-based predicament amusing, but isn't teasing you about it.

"I'm as hard as iron." You respond back slowly, pausing only for a moment before you become a touch embarrassed at your word choice, "My will-power and self-control, I mean!" You add on, somehow managing to blush more than you were when you were face first in her crotch. Which you still are to some degree since her legs aren't letting you do much more than pull back a few inches.

The tengu leader simply laughs in response, her tone rich and clear. "I have no doubt about either of those claims, willpower or anatomy. You truly are something." She sighs wistfully as she spreads her legs so you can get out from under her if you so choose. "If there were more humans like you, I would not be as adverse to working with them as I am."

Slip out from between her legs only ot slide up her body and wrap a hug around her, nuzzling your face between the taller woman's breasts as you let both of your partially clothed forms rub against each other, belly to belly as you savor the sensation of skin-on-skin contact. "I'm not that special." You demure in response to her praise as your hands busy themselves soothingly stroking her luxurious feathers as you hug her, "I'm sure there's lots of good humans, most of them are just scared or don't know you well, that's all." From what you've seen, these touhoumon civilizations like Tenma's seem really reasonable. You don't see why a human city couldn't get along with them.

...Or maybe it's all the good feeling hormones and chemicals in your brain making you idealistic. Either or.

"I'm sure it would be possible, but at the same time it requires a certain kind of individual to want to make the leap. The status quo is usually easier, so why shake the tree if you don't have to?" The tengu leader asks while no doubt feeling as good as you are right now, perhaps better. "You're the type of human who could make that first step, I think. At least, if Reisen's subordinates didn't get to you first."

"Hm?" You ask her, curiously glancing up at you as you rub up against her in other ways, your still quite erect and eager to get its own turn shaft rubbing along her slit in an innocent movement on your part that makes you shiver with pleasure all the same, "w-what do you mean?"

Not that Tenma's helping with that, as she's rubbing her body against yours actively. Especially her hot, wet slit. "If one were to take the first step and show others that that path could lead to something other than ruin, then it might be possible to establish greater trust between groups. But as you yourself are already absorbed into our society... Well, only time will tell if the opportunity was wasted or not." She hugs you to her, smiling at you happily. "Now then, I think we both want what's next~"

"...Tea?" You ask, looking up at her with wide, innocent eyes from between her breasts, your arms still wrapped around her back and hugging you against her. She might have to wonder if you weren't being coy if you weren't, well, you.

"Pffft~" Tenma has to try and restrain her laughter as you say such an absurd thing so seriously. She does wrap a leg around you to better press your cock against her hot, waiting slit. "How can you be marked so thoroughly, yet still be so innocent? I admit it's somewhat charming."

You shift your hips, taking the hint quite happily as you start to prod your tip against her entrance, spreading her open and teasing her without putting yourself inside of her just yet, knowing that when you do that you'll...probably be a slave to her pussy for the duration of your time there, given what it did to your tongue, "Well, I would imagine it's because of the company I keep. Half of the people who want to 'eat' me also want to eat what I cook."

She refrains from driving you inside her just yet, apparently content to linger like this for a little while more. Still, even that prodding is wonderful to feel. "So in a way, you're less a slave to them and more a proper friend. They've met you halfway, it seems."

"Well..." You suppose that's true, but there's something else too, "They also said that I'd be less fun if I was broken." You admit to her, shuddering at the sensation of her pussy wrapping around your tip and trying to suck you into her proper, "A-ah..." You take a moment to recover before gritting your teeth and shifting your hips forward slowly, hoping that taking a slow approach will keep you from turning into an orgasming mess just from insertion, "Ah, T-Tenma, you feel so good..." You slur your words as you nuzzle against her chest and kiss her breasts in turn, the pleasurable sensation washing over you.

The tengu leader didn't even bother forcing you, as between her body's natural attributes and your own efforts at insertion you're sinking into her fairly rapidly. Not that it feels bad by any stretch. She simply lets you rest inside her as she gives out a content sigh. "True, but even that is something. And thank you, you yourself are quite a treat. My apologies for simply sucking on you for the moment, but certain parties were right. I've gone too long without a proper lover." She pets you gently as you please her breasts, and she resumes her wing massage on your back. Interestingly enough, it feels as though your cock is being attacked by a similar sensation all around, though it feels like its mixing a wing massage with gentle suction.

"A-ah-ah..!" The countless gentle touches stroke along your length as you lose the strength to support yourself, leaning against Tenma as your body feels like so much puddy under her control. Her pussy just draws you in deeper, the gentle sucking sensation pulling you into her until you're buried up to hilt and your entire length is being attack, her inhuman walls rubbing their countless touches along your length as the gentle suction urges you to submit to your desires and cum already. It takes all your iron will to resist that temptation, wanting to hold out and please her properly, especially with her admission of having not had a proper lover in 'too long'. You pant softly between her breasts as you try to start and move your hips and barely manage to pick up the pace to have slow, weak thrusts in and out of her pussy where you barely pull yourself back out at all before you slide back into her, more pulled in by her than thrusting. "A-ah...this is amazing..." You admit in a trance as you try to hold onto her as well as you can, the arm around her back squeezing her as your other hand slides up her side and admires her well built musculature as you trace your hand up to her breast, groping it with gentle squeeze as you shake your head from side to side, trying to keep yourself together a little while longer.

Tenma...she feels better than Aya, Momiji or Hatate did! Is this some kind of inherent superiority of a Lord?

Tenma holds you to her, looking surprisingly content as she works you over inside her. "It's alright, Wilheim. You don't need to do much for me right now, this is plenty~" She uses a leg to stop you from pulling out of her, and takes the lead by grinding your cock around inside her. Her rhythmic womanhood is thrown into a new pattern as she does that, causing her inner walls to attack your cock with different intensities in different spots. Never anything that would so much as make you uncomfortable, but more than enough to show that she's just fine with staying joined with you in such an intimate manner. "For tonight, I want to hold you just like this~" Laying in her bed with a cute boy in her arms and buried inside her, she seems completely relaxed and content.

"N-naaaah~..." You lose your will to keep moving as you just collapse on top of her, head resting on her breast and your bellies rubbing one another as you relax, "Tenma, you feel so good~..." You repeat again, losing yourself to the pleasure as she starts to please you in turn, eyes hazy as you feel something welling up inside of you, "Ah, I'm..!" You can't manage to get it out though before your long delayed orgasm hits you and your hips spasm, your shaft pumping out thick and heavy loads of semen into Tenma as she holds you against her. You let out a sigh and lose yourself to the pleasure, not trying to hold back at all as you pump your virile seed into the Lord of the Mountain.
 No. 33781
"Aaaaahn~" Tenma starts drooling as you pump her full, hugging you to her tightly with her arms, legs, and wings. While the prior work didn't allow her to reach her own orgasm, she redoubled her own efforts mid-orgasm to help both you and herself along. "I... may not want to... push you much more than this..." Her breathing is heavy and makes speech difficult. "But I'll make you feel something incredible!" As she declares that her own orgasm occurs, her pussy clamping down on yours and dragging your own orgasm out a bit longer!

You let out a shrill whinge of pleasure as your hips spasm, your orgasm suddenly returning full force as she puts a bit of extra special service into her work on you as you pump out even more of your cum into her, spilling out tremendous amounts of virile seed into her deepest spots as you spasm and twitch, drooling lightly on her breasts, "A-ah...that's so good Tenma..." You manage speak between pants, staring blearily at where you think her face is with eyes hazed over with pleasure.

"It is~" She's left panting herself as she relaxes. This time it's a mutual afterglow, one which she feels absolutely no need to mess with beyond perhaps grabbing some covers. "Ah, I could get used to having you around." She shifts around until you're both under the covers, at which point she tucks her wings back and allows you to use her as a body pillow, complete with letting you rest your head between her breasts. She continues to massage your back with her hands as she allows you to relax, feeling that this is enough for now and that anything else might put you dangerously close to being broken. It wasn't often that a boy got to experience a mutual orgasm with her.

You whinge with pleasure a bit as you squeeze yourself against her, arms wrapped around her back and pulling you closer to her as you feel her pussy continue to stroke and gently touch your length, no longer trying to mild you for all its worth but still pleasuring you all the same, meaning you probably won't be going soft in her any time soon. "I-I could get used to having you around too, Tenma." You try to compliment back from between her breasts.

Tenma giggles at that response. "Thank you~ Also, feel free to drink some of my milk if you need to, sometimes boys like you get a bit peckish after a big orgasm like that~"

"Thank you, ma'am..." You shift your head and wrap your lips around one of the nipples she offered you, running your tongue along it and savoring her rich, healthy flavor as you begin to suckle eagerly on it, drinking up all the milk she offers you from herself eagerly, enjoying both its flavor and the sensation you get from running your tongue along her skin. Unable to resist, your other hand comes up and grabs onto her other breast and begins to knead and squeeze it, stopping occasionally to tweak and play with the nipple.

"Such an enthusiastic boy~" Tenma seems more than happy to provide for you after all that, and continues to pet you while your efforts to stimulate her breats causes your still trapped manhood to start experiencing that feather-touch stimulation from before.

You hum excitedly, feeling your own arousal and energy return to you as you run your thumb over the nipple you aren't suckling on as you disconnect from the one you are suckling on with a wet pop, licking your lips before switching over to the other nipple you'd left alone and suckling eagerly and hungrily on that one, enjoying the taste of her milk too much to stop now and becoming energized from ingesting such a powerful mons breast milk. One hand stays around behind Tenma's back at all times, holding her in a tight hug and keeping you steady as you use the other hand to play with whatever breast you aren't suckling on at the time, switching as necessary as you continue to pleasure her and fill your lust for her milk at the same time.

The sensation of her teasing your length more eagerly inside of her again is a welcome one as you try to move your hips a small amount, thrusting into her despite how much pleasure that forces onto you, or rather because of it. You savor the feeling of her thousands of feathery touches running along your length and covering you with even more pleasure as you thrust in and out of her as much as you can manage. "Tenma, you're so..." You whinge with pleasure, not able to voice what you feel about her, but the lust and arousal layering your voice should tell her enough.

Tenma simply smiles at you once again, stroking your back comfortingly. Instead of grinding this time, she helps you with your thrusting by bucking her hips up when you're on the up stroke, just before her body sucks you back in on its own. Her inner walls massage you like they did before, but the rapid end to the thrust produces more of a clinging sensation, as if urging you not to move.

You keep up your pace even as you feel a familiar pressure begin to build in your loins, unable to resist the siren call of this pleasure as you keep up the pace. You eagerly continue to suckle on Tenma's offered breasts, swallowing every last drop of milk she lets out and running your tongue along her nipple eagerly to encourage more to leak out, not even stopping even as you achieve orgasm again, thrusting into her as deep as you can manage before you let out more of your seed, this orgasm every bit as big as your first was. "A-ah! Tenma, you're...!" You try to voice your thoughts again, but you again fail to find the words to explain your feelings. Something about her just...seems to draw you in.

"Hm~?" She makes a teasing sound as you cum inside her again. You can practically feel her belly inflate a bit from the cum you're putting inside her... is she storing it in her womb somehow? Still, she seems quite appreciative of your efforts overall, and happily continues to provide you milk. "I'm~?"

Still shaking from the continuing stimulation, you struggle to find the words to express the thougts and sensations running through your head, "You're so amazing, and..." One of your hands leaves its previous station, sliding down her body and running along her hip, rubbing it and enjoying how full it helped make her figure, "You're strong, and tall and big and really neat and you're nice and smart and you explain things to me when I ask them and do it without holding back stuff." You nuzzle your head between her breasts and against her chest affectionately, "You're super great, Tenma."

That's not quite what's driving you, but it's as good an explanation as you can manage.

"I'm glad to hear that~" Says the tengu lord as she allows you to rest again. "You're a kind young man yourself, and quite accepting of your situation."

"...Why shouldn't I be?" You feel the sensations assaulting your shift slow till they're all but unnoticeable as you relax against Tenma, "You...all of you...even that Nitori was better than what it was before I came here. I might have...gotten to this point in a way I didn't expect, but I can appreciate that it's still better."

"Before you came here? To this mountain or New Continent?" Tenma feels the need to ask for clarification, since that's not something one would drop lightly.

"To the New Continent." You clarify, clearing up any misconceptions, "I mean, ah...you all are really nice, most of you at least, and you're doing all this stuff so that I can be comfortable even though my...my dad is making things a mess for you." You look up into Tenma's eyes as you continue, "And you listened to me and my requests when you didn't need to, and Miss Reisen kept me safe when she didn't need to Miss Satori talked me through some really bad things when she didn't need to. You're all really nice. So...why wouldn't I accept that." The fact that you're quite happy with the mind blowing sex as long as it's in a reasonable place and not threatening your cooking is another reason, but you don't mention that part.

"You must have had an unpleasant life before now. I'm glad to know that I and my bretheren are able to make it better for you." She's back to stroking your back and holding you close, providing a measure of comfort that might not have been there otherwise.

You just smile contently as you nuzzle closer to Tenma, holding onto her and letting your breathing even out as your face remains safely and snuggly between her breasts. You're feeling kind of tired...

"Feel like you need to sleep, Wilheim?" She asks kindly, noting your tired state.
You take a deep breath and then nod tiredly into her chest, "Uh-huh..." You mumble, exhaustion finally managing to catch up to you as you hug her tight and take a deep breath, only to let out a relaxed sigh as you drift into a peaceful slumber, not comprehending the words she says to you as you sleep save for a distant pair.

“...tomorrow, you...”


Welp that's part one of getting it on with the Lord of the Mountain. Part Two, The Morning After, will be getting done as well hopefully in short order. Sorry for the whole 'not doing this for months' thing.
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>Sorry for the whole 'not doing this for months' thing.

'sokay. Stuff happens. Just good to see you back and this branch of the story updated. As an aside, I'll bet that one of the irate superbeings was Satsuki Rin. Just 'cause.
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Good to see you back, Anonybody. I love these threads.
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Really awesome stuff right here.
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You shift a little as she touches your manhood, which does nothing but reinforce that it's erect and isn't dying down anytime soon. Especially since all she's done so far is seem surprised, as opposed to jumping off you or anything. You're also not willing to ask her to move either, for some reason. "S-sorry, I can't help it..."

Erika is staring at your pants now, her face hidden from you as her fingers remain where they were on your leg. "I...no need to apologize, Zeke." She speaks up, her fingers moving suddenly as they run along your length through your pants just as they were doing to your thigh a moment ago, "I just...haven't really seen one before, so..." Her voice and the way she's acting are just so shy and demure that it's positively ridiculous. You'd almost be tempted to believe a girl that sheltered couldn't be real, until you remember just what era, generation and area she came from.

You don't even bother stopping yourself from moaning quietly, as even though there's a good two layers of cloth between her hand and your manhood it's still stimulation and it's still coming from her, which is arguably more important than the act itself.

"Oh my, it's really that sensitive?" Erika asks, turning and glancing up at you with curiosity burning in her eyes, "The stories said that a man was supposed to be sensitive like that, but I always thought that they were just exaggerating..." Erika's hand shifts, her palm rubbing up and down along your length as she cups it through your clothing, "I...Zeke, there is another reason I came here today. You see, you're my hero and...as the rescued there are sorts of things that we're supposed to do and...well you're a very cute, dashing rogue and I...well...I..." She swallows something blocking her voice and continues, "I may have died a virgin, but I do not wish to go on into the afterlife as one, if you can catch onto my meaning sir?"

You position Erika just right and tilt her head up to where you can kiss her, and proceed to do exactly that. You keep it to just a chaste pressing of lips, but you have no intention of making her stay with just that. "I do." You say, feeling a touch breathless yourself. Having sex with a girl you've literally only met thrice now isn't something you'd do normally, but you're meeting her at the end of the line and there won't be another chance for this. Besides, she wants you.

Erika's eyes flutter shut and open as you kiss her on the lips, "Oh my, how forward of you." Erika nuzzles against you, pulling herself closer to you and you closer to her as she presses up against your side, the hand on your lap rubbing it with a less innocent motion and a far more eager one as she applys pressure on you through your pants, "I had thought the hero was supposed to be naive and innocent, embarrassed to be showing himself off so shamefully in front of the damsel he saved..."

That simple motion is pleasing to you, even with the cloth in the way. "Oh? I haven't read any books like that, so I'm performing ad-lib." You tease her a little as you kiss her once more, putting a bit more feeling into the action now that you're certain that she's okay with it. "It's not bad for you, is it?"

"Oh no, your kisses are quite nice, hero." She responds, perking up and pushing her lips agaits yours and getting you excited before pulling back with a rather coy and teasing grin on her lips as her fingers trace up closer to your crotch and find your belt, undoing it slowly, "Besides, you're more like a hard boiled detective than a blushing knight in armor."

Her hand undoes the button on your pants and then slides your zipper down in a slow, smooth movement as her eyes lock onto your lap as the signs of engorged flesh become increasingly visible until your erect length bobs free of its cloth prison, your length embarrassingly fully visible to her as she gasps, "C-certainly hard..." She mutters, her own voice quiet as she stares at it, hand reaching for it slowly, as if nervous it might bite her somehow. Still, soon enough your gifted with her warm, silky soft skin of her fingers touching gently along your shaft and sliding down your sensitive underside experimentally.

You moan a bit in response, as her gentle touch is even better for you when there's direct contact. You aren't leaking anything just yet, but you're allowing her to do as she wishes for the time being. You do, however, start rubbing her back gently so you're not completely passive in this.

The tips of Erika's fingers graps your gingerly so your shaft is held on all sides as she begins to stroke it slowly and carefully, perhaps even experimentally. This may actually even be the first time she's seen a man in your state, you realize that much. Still, somehow even though her technique is lacking the sheer curiosity and intensity with which she's staring at your shaft and working it with her fingers as she is is really turning you on, "It's supposed to be like this and...something leaks from the tip..?" She mumbles softly to herself, still focused intensely on your crotch as her fingers take a slightly firmer hold of your shaft and move in slow but steady strokes.

You're trying your hardest to not do anything odd here since this is her first time, but it's hard not to try and reciprocate even a little. Nearly every time you've gotten into a scenario similar to this with your girls, as in they're not just screwing your brains out, there's usually some form of mutual stimulation. Your hand on her back shifts downward ever so slightly, moving toward her cute rear since you're curious as to how she'd sound when you finally touch her there.

Erika's hand is smooth as silk as she keeps up her movement, eyes focused as she mutters under her breath, "Pump, pump and...what wasAAAAAAH~!" She positively squeals when you grab her rear and break her concentration. You have mixed feelings on the matter. On one hand, her squeal is adorable and her shocked expression cute. On the other hand, you're worried you may have somehow moved too quickly, and surprising her has caused her to suddenly develop a strong grip on a certain part of you.

You're about to contemplate just how adorable that reaction is when you feel her hand squeezing your cock on a down motion, which is... "Aaaaah~" ...Good grief, first you grab her ass gently when it's clear she's not used to any of this, now you've just orgasmed. You feel embarrassed with yourself seeing as Erika is a virgin who only knew about this sort of thing via books, and not hands-on practice.

Erika is staring at your shamefully twitching shaft as you spill out your milky white seed, making a mess over her hand and yourself as your body instinctively relaxes into the pleasure of the orgasm, "O-oh my, I'm...sorry? Some of the books said it was easy to make a man orgasm like that, but..." She looks at you thoughtfully, as if she expected it to not be true of you.

"Actually, I'm sorry I made you jump like that." Your face is bright red because you're blushing again, this time from sheer embarrassment in not taking her into consideration properly. "I didn't even consider that you weren't expecting it, I wanted you to feel as good as I was."

"Oh, I see. Well...it was...nice?" Erika offers, her voice suggesting that she's either not sure how to respond how she thought it really felt, "But...I suppose it's fine if you want to grope me Zeke, I just didn't think we'd gotten to that step yet from what I've read, but if you put out your...'sticky white stuff' then I suppose my estimate was off..." She admits, glancing down at your crotch and then mess on her hand.

You watch as she runs her fingers one time up your length, scoping up your mess and pulling her hand up in front of her mouth, opening it up and leaning forward as she carefully, elegantly and exceedingly erotically cleans up the mess you left on her hand there, using her tongue to lick it off and then sucking her fingers clean one after another in her mouth, "...How sweet. I had thought they said it would be bitter."

...Well if you weren't ready to keep going before, you are now.

You're still blushing and rock-hard, largely because she's proving herself to be quite beautiful and alluring in her own innocent way. ...Well, for a given definition of innocent, but she's certainly not like Merlin. Still, you speak up. "It actually depends on a person's diet. If one eats a lot of things that have natural sugar in them, then it's reflected in the taste of the seed." Come to think of it, between SlKogasa dosing you with her slime for a whole week and your consuming other sweet things, it's no surprise that you'd taste sweet.

"Oh, I see. That's how it works?" Erika seems to be genuinely surprised and curious about this. Her fingers she'd just cleaned rest daintily just above her lips, covering her mouth as her attention goes back down your fully hard shaft, "Oh, it's already ready? I thought a man was supposed to be soft for...well, I suppose you defy my expectations anyway, don't you Zeke?"

"I seem to." You're still blushing, finding it hard not to try and make her feel good in all this. That, and you're not sure how to feel that you have so much more experience than she does, or if it's even appropriate to bring up. Just remember, try to let her keep going at her own pace.

Erika leans herself harder against you, "I don't mind being surprised about that, zeke." She responds, her warmth soaking into you as her head slides down your chest towards your groin, "Now, I'm supposed to...like this...?" She tries to talk herself through and up to something as her head reaches your crotch, her head blocking your view there as you feel her warm breath wash over your length. Something warm and wet runs along the top of your shaft, her tongue running up to your tip and flicking it once as she tries something, "Ah, this flavor is..."

You gasp and moan as you feel her using her tongue on your sensitive tip, and while... no, it's not fair to make that comparison. Erika's inexperienced but makes up for it with curiosity and enthusiasm, and her just being her. "That feels nice~" You say, giving her a perfectly honest opinion of her doing what she is. It's also enough to make you want to stroke her hair, but you don't want to mess this up for her.

"Alright, good. Then..." Erika takes in a breath as she shifts her head, and then you feel her velvet soft lips press up against your tip, a shock of pleasure running through you as she kisses them against your tip, her tongue poking out past them and moving in a quick, uneven circle around your length as she tries her best to pleasure you. She shifts a bit more down, taking your tip into her mouth and sucking on it, softly at first and then a bit harder afterward as one of her warm, soft hands reaches down and grasps your length, stroking your lower half in short pumps as she sucks and licks your tip inside of her wet, hot mouth.

You relax into her ministrations as she goes, feeling yourself leak pre-cum rather easily even with a minimal amount of work from her. Yet you're nowhere near ready to burst, which is a good thing to you since you want to enjoy her efforts for as long as possible. Oddly enough, it's easy to keep yourself form doing anything silly like cumming too soon, and you make your approval of her motions known via various little pleased sounds.

Erika moves her head down a bit further on your shaft, her inexperience obvious but her enthusiasm as she keeps her lips tight around your length. She reaches about halfway down your length before she pulls back up til only your tip is left in her mouth, sucking the whole while.

Her hand continues to move as well, becoming slowly more sure on how to grasp you as she strokes up and down your length in smoother pumps, her grip firm and a bit tight in a way that you like as she seems to draw inspiration to what made you cum before. You can feel her hair tickling your bare skin of your lap as she bobs her head down and up, the silken locks teasing your enticingly as they rub inadvertently against your base.
Erika's fellatio only improves as you leave her to her own devices, yet as she continues you have to suppress a rather strong urge to stroke her in some fashion. Her soft, silken hair, her beautiful skin, some part of you is urging you to encourage her physically and it's hard to keep down. You close your eyes to better feel what she's doing for you while gripping the cushions to try and pacify your instinct to reciprocate. Her efforts are making you leak a bit more, and you can feel an orgasm welling up from within. Yet Erika is causing it to come relatively slowly as she simply renders you more vulnerable to her by the minute. You start to pant as she pushes you further and further still...

Erika's tongue is unskilled, but that doesn't bother you in the least as it runs roughshod over your sensitive tip and underside, licking and rubbing along it as you leak in her mouth. She hums contently as she gets a taste of you again, the buzzing sending a shock of pleasure up you spine as you feel her suckle contently to take up your pre-cum and swallow it. Her fingers move faster now, pumping firmly up and down your length as she seems to have caught what you like the most. Even with as quick a learner as she is she's not as skilled as any of your girls, but with this sheer enthusiasm and the fact that it's her doing it more than makes up for it. Somehow, the fact that this seemingly prim and proper girl you saved is sucking you off...it just makes the whole situation way more arousing than a lewd touhoumon doing the same!

You start to moan sweetly as she continues to work you over in her enthusiastic way, and find that you can't hold out much longer. Not for a lack of trying, mind, she's just doing that good a job now. You're clenching the cushions tightly now to try and not disturb her, and feel your member twitch and throb as you feel the telltale signs of release build up. "E-Erika, I'm going to cum...!" You say right before you give in to her mouth.

...It sounds so cliched when you say it, but you needed to let her know somehow.

Erike lets out a quiet murph as your hips buck up into her mouth and your shaft pulses through her grip and past her lips, letting out a spray of your thick seed into her mouth. You feel her tongue and mouth work in unison as she tries her best to respond to your offering as fast as she can, swallowing slowly even as you continue to cum. Her thumb moves in encouraging strokes up and down the sensitive underside of your shaft, urging you to spill out even more of your seed for her. Where does a girl like her even learn to do something like that? Just what kind of books was she reading..!?

You're practically a weighted down blob of pleasured boy right now, unable to do much more than moan helplessly as she manages to suck more of your virile seed out of you and into her mouth. You're not sure if it's because this is a dream or if you're that vulnerable, but it takes at least a couple seconds for your orgasm to taper off.

Erika doesn't let up, keeping on sucking it up and swallowing as she can manage, though she's left swallowing a good many seconds after your orgasm ends...before her hand starts stroking you again and her tongue starts to tease your tip and the opening there, flicking at it and sending strange sensations up your spine.

"Ah, again...?" You're not even properly recovered from your orgasm and she's already trying to wring more out of you! Do you really taste that good to her? Not that you're complaining mind, and you make a rather pleased moan as you let her get right back to work.

"Mm-hmm~." Erika hums dutifully, getting another extreme surge of pleasure out of your over sensitive shaft as she suckles on your tip, shifting her grip now so her soft palm is making direct contact with your shaft and jerking you off in fast, firm strokes while she squeezes you tighter on occasions. How is she learning this quickly!? Is she some kind of sexual savant?

Given how sensitive you were when she finished you off the first time, you can tell that it's not going to take long before she pulls her second load out of you. As much as you try to hold it off, there's no denying that this prim and proper girl is also a quick learner, and she's working hard to get her hero off as much as possible.

Erika moves faster and more eagerly, stroking you off quickly while her tongue and lips dance along your length with each bob of her head. Her gorgeous silken hair shields what's happening from your sight, making you only more aroused from the images dancing through your mind of what she must look like as her waist wiggles excitedly at the fact that you're leaking from your tip already.

You reach out and try to stroke her hair as best you can, wanting to reciprocate in some form even though she's positioned awkwardly for it. As an aside, at this rate you're pretty sure that if she weren't dead and only needed to be rescued from the Ayakashi as opposed to released, the sweet, innocent girl might turn into your captor temporarily. She's just that good and relentless.

Though perhaps 'eager' might be a better word for her, though relentless is a match as well. She seems bound and determined to give you the 'thanks' she thinks you deserve, that much is certain. As she continues to work you with hand and mouth, you play with her hair and find it to be amazingly fine and soft, and just running your hands through it is a pleasure itself. Each strand is thing but long and shifts easily around your fingers. Your actions make Erika hum excitedly, her hips wiggling again as she shifts and moves to better pleasure you, slurping noisily for a moment before she quiets back down and continues, humming occasionally after having seemingly figured out that you enjoy those sensations too. You find yourself losing yourself to this pleasure, something you never expected to get from a human girl! She doesn't have the natural lewdness and pleasuring ability of a touhoumon, but her enthusiasm is making up for that by leaps and bounds. It almost makes you wonder what a touhoumon with her personality would be like...

You continue to stroke and pet her, enjoying the feel of her hair and the enthusiasm with which she approaches sucking you off, and once again you start to twitch and throb in her grip and mouth, feeling that need for release build up once more. "A-again!" You say, warning her ahead of time as to what's going to happen.

Erika's head slides lower as more of your shaft than before slips into your mouth as you lose yourself, releasing your seed into her mouth once again as she eagerly works to reward you, struggling to swallow it down as you let loose and her tongue teases your shafts sensitive underside. Her figners move in intoxicating circles around the base of your length as you feel yourself losing it to the pleasure. Jeez, if she keeps this up...!

Once again you moan encouragingly, and once again you spend a few seconds just laying there letting her drink your seed. You go slack once again as your body relaxes into the release, and you're still at her mercy.

Once you feel a bit of your strength return, you pet her on the head again. "Sheesh, you're good at this. If you didn't have to pass on I'd wind up being your captive in love for a while." You smile as you say that, feeling a fair bit of affection for the cute girl before you.

"Nnnnmnhrm?" Erika hums in response from your groin, mouth still wrapped around young length as her tongue works slowly and steadily to clean up your shaft in an erotic and considering display that's bound to leave you clean as a whistle, and judging by how it feels ready to go again.

You simply sigh in bliss as she cleans you up again, and your head-petting hasn't stopped either. If you could really reach any part of her aside from her head and maybe her shoulders, you could do more. "Hm... But you've done all the work so far. It might be a reward from you to me, but personal honor dictates that I will make you feel as good as I do."

"Hmmmph?" Erika turns her head, your length popping out of her mouth as a line of saliva runs between its tip and her lips for a moment, "But...that's not how it went. The woman pleasured the man and then he would put his thing into her thingy and then he'd let out his stuff inside of her and then would be done."

...That's a distressingly realistic smutty romance novel. Or perhaps just one written by a man.

Still, you slip out from under her and crouch down beside her so that you can wrap your arms around her and haul her up onto the loveseat, making sure to be gentle the whole time. "Erika, one doesn't have to stick to a given script perfectly. Sometimes the hero might want to make his princess feel good too." You rub a finger against her no doubt hot and wet slit to emphasize the point before sliding down to where your face is level with her womanhood.

Erika lets out a squeak of surprise when you suddenly switch the tables on her, putting her up where you once where. You're rewarded by her squeak turning into a cute squeal when you touch her slit and find it to be warm and wet, but not soaking as you prod at the thin, smooth fabric to tease her beneath it. As you bring her face down to level you find that...huh. Black.

...Somehow you expected white?

"Well prepared for your hero, huh?" You tease her before you run your tongue along the sliken fabric that stands between you and taking Erika to a sensual heaven. Then again, perhaps you wanted to tease her a little to make sure she's well and truly ready for what you're about to do. You start to work those panties off her waist once you feel that they're sufficiently soaked, and the moment her clit is exposed you give it a gentle kiss to see how she reacts.

Erika lets out a series of squeaks, squeals and moans as she responds to your ministrations. Is she really that sensitive down here? "A-ah, that feels-! Ah-hah~! Z-Zeke, that's-kyah!" She can't even voice her thoughts as you make her squirm, those smooth thighs of hers rubbing against you as she woobles about on the loveseat-no...it's...a bed now? Well, whatever. That works for you just fine. As you push aside her panties to reveal her slit, you're greeted by a slight line of pink, virgin and untouched and waiting for you to tease it by the slight glisten of her juices on and around it. Unable to resist any longer, you lean forward and place a kiss on that sensitive little nub.

Her response to cry out and grab onto your hair, pulling you closer to her slit as those thighs of her wrap around your head.

Wow. Make that VERY sensitive.

Well now, you can't back out now. Not when the girl in question has that strong a response to what you're doing. You allow her to lock your head in place as you bring that nub into your mouth just a tiny bit, just far enough past your lips to where the soft, wet flesh of your mouth can start to tease her in earnest. You alternate between gentle suction and using your tongue to play with it, happily showing her all the things you've picked up from working with your girls. And you haven't even started on her proper yet!

"A-ah, Zeke! That's s-sensitaaaah!" Erika can't form words as you work away at our, your lips teasing along her clit and rolling it gently before moving away to allow your tongue to run along it, pushing more pleasure onto her as she moans out piteously as she, "A-ah, Z-Zeke, I'm-aaaaaahh!" Her hand fists in your hair as she orgasms under your assault, letting loose her selective juice onto your mouth.

Your own response to Erika's orgasming on you isn't nearly as graceful as hers was when she was dealing with yours, so a fair bit of it winds up on you as opposed to in your mouth. What you do manage to lick up is surprisingly sweet, though like her you don't settle for just one orgasm. This time though, you opt to let her poor pleasure button have a break as you tackle this issue in a more difficult manner. Or maybe not. Either way, you start to lick her wet lower lips, pushing your tongue in just a tiiiiny bit as you breathe in her scent.

"Z-Zeke..." Erika's grip on your hair is loose as you hear her collapse back down upon the bed with a pomf, "What are you...?" She can't continue again, losing the ability to articulate words as you cease your teasing of her clit and begin your teasing of her slit, your tongue running along it as you take in her flavor. Hmm...she's not really as sweet or exceedingly flavorful as you're used to. Maybe it's because she's a spirit and not alive anymore? Either way, you don't let that slow you down and just continue working on her. Her response to your slipping the tip of your tongue into her and wiggling it around is delightful as she arcs her back and lets out a whinge.

You take that as a not so subtle invitation to dive in further, and you ever so slowly start to work your tongue in deeper. While there's no way you could ever push in to her deepest parts all on your own, you could at least get part of the way in and start running your own warm, wet tongue against her inner walls. You also keep an eye on her responses, because that'll determine what you do and how you go about it.

Erika lets out an moan encouraging to your ears as she shifts, writhing slowly on the bed as your tongue slips into her proper, and you find yourself amazed by how incredibly tight and firmly resistant to your tongue her body seems to be compared to what you're used to. It doesn't slow you down though as your tongue eagerly sets about its delightful work, searching out and abusing any sensitive spots that make her writhe and moan in response. Which seems to be many of them, given how she's responding.

You know full well that you could still do wrong here, so you start to look for a pattern in her sensitive spots to create a couple different motions that will nail as many as possible on a single stroke of your tongue while still drawing it out for her. At least, that's the general idea. Given how she's reacting you're not sure how long she can hold out for.
 No. 34061
"N-naaaah..." Erika's grip on your head is loose and her legs are no longer squeezing so tight around your head now as you work, your tongue quickl finding a pattern that seems to work for her as she drips her sex juice openly and lewdly from your work, her subtle flavor driving you on further as you feel those familiar instincts and urges in your mind pushing you to behave in a certain manner.

Your tongue is almost moving on its own at this point, having found her sweet spots. You exploit them rhythmically as you close your eyes to better focus on her scent and taste, and all the while her erotic moans are ensuring that once you get to have sex with her proper, you won't disappoint.

"Zzzzeke, that's..." Erika whinges, her voice hitching as she orgasms again in your face, hand now limply laying on your head as she her legs now simply rest on your shoulders, no longer clinging or squeezing around you in the least.

You allow her some rest once you feel her sex fluids flow again, feeling that you shouldn't go overboard with this since it's clear that she's not used to it. "Was that too much?" You ask, hoping that it really was good for her.

"N-no it was...fine Zeke...Thank you?" Erika is out of breath, so her words come in short bursts as she tries to get her bearings back from the work over you gave her, "T-that was...I wasn't aware that was how sex was..."

"Sex does have a surprising amount of variety to it once you've gotten used to it." You say, noting that while she has enthusiasm, you really do have experience behind you. Even if it's not that much more, in the grand scheme of things. "And let me say you're absolutely breathtaking right now~"

"O-oh? That's kind of you to say, Zeke. I..." Erika shudders as your breath washes over her dripping slit, "...Is now the time where you p-pin me to the bed and have your way with me...?"

...Seriously, what kind of books was this girl reading!?

"It depends on what you want me to do. I'm fine with taking you if you want it, though you could top me as well. I'm fine with both." You start to crawl atop her regardless, but settle for snuggling against her until she lets you know.

It does have the unintended, perhaps, side-effect of rubbing your hot shaft which is slick with the juices from before against her crotch as well as you grind against her in your snuggling. Hugging her though is...nice. She's small, compared to what you're used ot anyway. She feels so light and slight in your arms that you just aren't sure how to handle handling something so...delicate, you suppose. She feels like it, compared to your girls. "I-I don't really know, I mean, I just..." Erika's face is flushed red as she can't manage to look you in the eyes, glancing about the room in all its vast whiteness but not at you.

You tilt her head toward you and kiss her on the lips once more, a gentle, chaste thing with you closing your eyes so she doesn't have to make eye contact with you. You end it soon enough, and inadvertently keep up that subtle grinding. "I'll take care of you then." You position yourself to where you're on top of her, then slowly slide your manhood into her. It's difficult to do that and ensure that you don't put your weight entirely on her, but you manage it.

Erika squirms as you prod at her entrance and squeezes her eyes shut, hands tightening into fists on the fabric of the bed as you allow her wetness and warmth to coat your tip, prepping yourself properly for insertion into her before placing your tip right at that spot and slipping inside. You face a lot of resistance from the initial entering, her tight slit not opening itself up readily to you...but eventually you manage to slip inside and make Erika cry out in response to that, "Ah-!"

You rest inside her for a spell, allowing her a chance to adjust to your presence before you start moving. Heaven knows you need it, her insides are easily as tight at Lunasa's and it's making your sensitive cock feel every bump and ridge it has to offer while squeezing down on it as though Erika's own body were claiming you as hers.

"I-It's so big...!" Erika's breathless, responding each time you move even a little bit inside of her, usually from her moving herself. Her eyes blink open as she looks down at where you're joined to see her pussy clenching tight down around your shaft, her natural resistance to being spread open obvious even as she leaks out the signs of her arousal around your shaft, "T-this is sex..?"

"It is, and it'll only feel better from here on out." Case in point, you start to pull out of her, then slide yourself back in ever so slowly, wanting to work her up to a more normal pace for you rather than driving her over the edge too soon. It barely took anything to make her cum from using your tongue, so you're a touch concerned about making it go too fast for her.

"A-ah!" Erika's eyes screw back shut as you start to move carefully in and out of her and enjoy the feeling of her tight slit on your shaft as you work. It's not like any of your girls, that's sure. In a way, it's almost underwhelming since it's not wringing the life out of you literally or designed to specifically suck semen out of you. Still, it's nice and tight and somehow it feels right for you. You should be able to enjoy this longer than normal, or at least than you're used to with most of your partners.

Though it's still not fair to make the comparison between her and your girls, at least for the most part. Merlin outright stated that human technique can match a mon's natural abilities, and even if it's someone like Erika who's only dreamed of it, it's still a pleasant change of pace. There's no denying her texture, heat, and tightness as you pick up the pace just a bit, and you find yourself thinking that it's just fine in your book.

Erika moans as she grips the sheets harder as you pick up the pace, thrusting into her with a bit more vigor and enthusiasm as you pick up the pace to work her over more thoroughly, finding yourself enjoying the sensations and feelings you get from fucking Erika like this. Somehow her expression and how she grips the sheets excite you further. Her small breasts bounce and shift with each thrust into her, giving you a show to enjoy while you work. "Nnnm...!" Erika groans as she seems to suppress her lewd voice for some reason, her tight pussy shivering around your shaft as you work her.

On the one hand, the fact that you're using your arms and legs to keep your weight off her because of her apparent delicate nature means you can't please her in other ways as you continue to drive your cock into her. On the other, she's enjoying what you'd doing so much that you feel that you'd risk overstimulating her if you did. So on that front you're content to leave her be. You do, however, start to figure out how to put the right amount of emphasis on her known weak points so that your cock conveniently presses against them a bit harder than it would have normally.

Erika lets out a whinge as you shift to better stimulate her, moving your legs forward so her rear is held up a bit higher so as to allow you to thrust down into her, taking advantage of gravity and positioning to hit a few sweet spots and prod against one part in particular that seems to make her toes curl and her pussy clench around your shaft.

Oh Shinki, you've got to hit that part again. You aim yourself just right so that you can hit that one spot not just once, but over and over as you continue to fuck this wonderful girl for everything you're worth.

Erika squeaks and groans each time you hit that spot, biting her lip now to keep from crying out too loudly as you start to get more into it, fucking her and enjoying it as her tight pussy as it clenches around your shaft, the resistance that's there scarcely lessening at all with each thrust so each one is as stimulating and tight as the last.

She suddenly clenches even tighter than before around your shaft, squeezing it so hard you can feel a hint of pain through all the pleasure as she orgasms, crying out as her back archs and you can see tears in the corner of her eyes as she finishes. That took...longer than you expected, actually. Compared to licking her out at least.

You aren't quite so reserved as you cry out as you give Erika her first internal shot, feeling as though it took you just as long to finish inside her as it did when she was sucking you off earlier. You slump down onto her and feel oddly unwilling to free yourself from her confines just yet. "How was that~?" You ask once you regain your ability to speak normally.

"Ah...Aaahhh..." Erika takes her time to find her voice as she shudders beneath you, her grip ont he sheets not lessening with you sitting fully sheathed within her and still leaking bits of cum after that orgasm into her waiting pussy, "I-It was something else for certain, Zeke." She responds to your question at last after recovering.

You feel a bit of... something as you find yourself wrapping your arms around the lighter girl and rolling over so that you're on the bottom and she's on the top, probably you wanting to make her more comfortable. You might not be a bother to your girls, but they're all Touhoumon so they're also naturally stronger than you. "Well, if that's a positive response, I'm glad."

Erika apparently isn't quite ready for this movement as you suddenly roll over on her and lets out a cry of surprise as she tries to steady herself in time, but isn't fast enough to completely avoid bumping her head against yours, though thankfully she was able to catch herself enough that it didn't realy hurt much. "Oww...why did you suddenly Zeke?" Erika rubs her head where she hit you, pouting slightly as she looks down at you, now underneath her and dug even deeper into her with her weight pushing her down onto you. Between that and the roll, you're certainly hard and ready again.

"Ah, sorry, Erika. I just wanted to feel your warmth on top fo me." You look to her apologetically as you find that you're going to have no problems whatsoever going for another round. You haven't stopped holding her either, and for some reason you're just plain more comfortable like this. "If you're up to another round, are you up for trying to make out at the same time?"

"I...I, well, if that's what you want to do then yes. You're the man and experienced, so I..." Erika's quite nervous above you, looking away and twiddlign her thumbs as she tries to articulate her response while you're all the way inside of her. You realize suddenly that you're positioned currently so that she's resting with your dick pressing up against that spot that got a response out of her every time.

You... you can't help it. You grind against that spot just a little to see what kind of response you'll get out of her, hoping that it will be of the cute variety.

"Aah!" Erika lets out a loud vocal response in return to you grinding against her at that deep point, back arching and mouth opening up as her eyes widen. You can certainly enjoy the view of how she twists in response to that, her lean body being a joy ot watch move. She shifts in response to your grinding, something that merely leads to you stimulating that point even more as her eyes shimmer.

You take hold of her hands and entwine your fingers between hers even as you continue, and you find yourself enjoying not just the act itself, but also the person you're doing it with. You'd almost prefer to simply stay here and keep pleasuring her forever, but that's a silly idea.

You're certainly enjoying it enough to be tempted, that's for sure. Erika's so wonderfully honest and responsive, and being the first to do these kind of things to her virgin body is a thrill of its own. Grinding inside of her and rubbing up against her wet walls as they crush down on your shaft is wonderful, and her responsive whinges and hitching voice as you stimulate that weak point in her depths is wonderful as she keeps her head tossed up and her eyes squeezed shut in response.

Your eyes are on her as you start to quicken the pace, feeling another orgasm building up and wanting to make sure that your lover gets her release too. Nothing is quite as bad in your mind as leaving one's lover hanging after you finished. Or maybe that's because Lyrica threatened to break you if you ever dared to finish before she was done? Probably a mix of both.

Erika shudders and shakes now, twitching in response to each time your tip grinds along that different feeling point in her depths as you work to make her squirm and enjoy it as much as you enjoy doing this to her. "N-naaaah..! Z-zeke, it's-!" Erika can't speak still as she's cut off by making a keening sound as you hit that spot on her again, her hands squeezing your tighter in response.

You can't respond at all just because of how cute she is like this. Even on the bottom you're still leading her along and getting a good show, and you're at least trying to give her more tactile support without going overboard. It's an interesting balance to strike, but hardly an impossible one.

"Ah! Aaah! Zeke, this is-Nnnhm!" Erika bites her lip to hold in another cry of pleasure as she tires and fails once more to speak to you as you take to moving your hips up and down a bit as you grind in her, bouncing her lightly on top of you to mix up the pleasure as you stir up her insides. Slipping in and out of her with a wet sound as her walls cling jealously to you and then fight letting you back in hasn't become any less pleasurable, and you feel that wonderful pressure rising up within you that tells you to cum and fill her with your seed just like she wants to be.

Within a minute or two more you lose any capability of holding back and proceed to cum inside her again, having driven yourself in deep to make sure most of it goes inside her. You're not sure if she's reached her peak though...

You buck up into her one more time, hitting that point and making her clench tight around you as you orgasm. The feel of your engorged shaft struggling against her tight walls as you pump your seed into her as satisfying to be sure, and Erika's whimper of pleasure as you see her lean over and rest more of her weight on you where your hands are intertwined is something you enjoy just as much, "A-ah, it's so much and so warm..."

You pull your hands away from hers and propmtly hug her to you, feeling that it wouldn't go ary after pumping her full a second time. "Are you having fun?" You ask, honestly curious about her opinion of all this so far.

"Ah...uh-huh, certainly Zeke. I'm...enjoying myself, certainly." Erika responds, head resting on your chest as you hug her to you. Her hair hangs over you both like a blanket or shawl, "It's very different than what I expected, but...I suppose that's just how those books were written."

You start to stroke her back affectionately as she rests atop you, savoring the feel of her hair and skin alike. "Well, from the sounds of it the hero in those books was supposed to be a chaste virgin or only go for one type of thing. I've been exposed to a bit more than that."

Erika's hands find your shoulders and take hold of them as she hugs you back in her own way, her small breasts pressing up against your chest nicely, "Oh, I see...Youmu just said it was because men didn't understand romance or making love."

"I guess some guys don't. I'm not exactly sure how to go about romancing a girl either, but I'd like to think I can at least make her happy in bed." It's exceedingly comfortable to just lie here joined with her and sharing in an intimate moment.

"Ah...yes, Zeke. You certainly know how to...use your tongue and other parts." Erika responds, apparently still feeling a bit awkward about this whole sex thing. You suppose it's a given, since it's her first time and all that. You were probably just as bad.

"Thanks, I guess?" You answer as you continue to stroke her body. ...Then you had the silliest idea. "I wish I thought of giving you a massage sooner." You mentally berate yourself for not remembering that, since there was no real reason not too.

"Oh, it's fine Zeke, I mean..." Erika hugs you, trying to soothe down any mental beratement you're doing to yourself, "I've already enjoyed this far more than I thought I would. I mean, all the books said it was supposed to hurt a lot the first time, but it only hurt some!" She tries to cheer you up with that admission.

"I'm glad you liked it~" You say, feeling a bit better about it as you hug her back. "...Just one more thing I want to try though." You promptly steal her lips for a kiss, but this chaste kiss starts to move into deeper territory when you try to slip your tongue into her mouth.

"Mmph~..." Erika responds to your kiss by letting out an adorable little sound before leaning into it, her lips parting a touch and allowing your tongue to slide into her mouth, enjoying the flavor of her kiss as she returns it and quickly engaging and capturing her tongue for play. This all just turns you on again even more, meaning you harden back up inside of her tight slit, if you'd lost anything at all.

Just one more time. You hold her to you as you start to grind your manhood around inside her, using every pattern you've learned to help her along slowly as you continue to lead her tongue around as if it were your dance partner. You're content with only moving around in her slowly as you want to arouse her without making her gasp or pant or do anything to disrupt this.

"Nnnn~..." Erika hums with pleasure as you move slowly, your petting hands making her react like a cat and arc her back as your kiss slips even deeper and Erika's arms pull her closer to you in a hug. You're enjoying this simple maneuvering you're performing on her pussy, which is just as tight as ever but feels a little bit easier to work in in this new position.

"Mmm~" You respond with your own content sounds, making sure to keep everything going at a nice, steady rate for her sake and yours. It's especially nice how all those little touches are starting to add up, such as her hugging you tight, her scent, her feel... You could lose to her just like this and not care.

Erika's tongue runs over the top of yours as she seems to try and respond more actively to your kiss, pulling you into a twisting and toe curling kiss as you're the one made to squeak when she suddenly pumps her hip once, slipping you in and out of her in one smooth stroke which she starts to do again, a short break in between each comparatively quick pump being enough to make sure you don't get used to the pleasure. Apparently she wants to make the most of this last one.

Suddenly, after all this time of being in the lead, Erika's taking control again! Not that you're complaining since you're enjoying what she's doing, and you're certainly trying to help her along as best you can. It doesn't stop you from making encouraging squeaks as she continues to ride you.

Erika keeps on pumping her hips in those sudden movements that make you squirm as she pushes that kiss down onto you a bit harder, pressing herself against you with as much strength as she can muster as she delivers you as deep into her as she can and then rotates her hips, stirring you around inside of her as she muffles a groan herself. "Zeke..." She breathes out in a break between your kiss before she pushes back down, taking your lips again now. Her eyes are open now, staring right down into your with a shining mixture of emotions that makes your stomach church in response to them.

You find yourself staring her in the eyes as she starts to work you over in earnest, and find yourself needing to do less and less to keep things going. You never become inert or anything silly like that, but it's clear that you're handing he lead off to Erika again now that she's set on doing you in proper. You do slide your hands down to her rear and gently squeeze it, hoping that she won't mind the action now.

Erika keeps up the kiss pushing harder still against you as her fingers grip at your skin, squeezing and holding onto you as much as she can as she keeps moving her hips. She changes her pattern now, instead of thrusting you into her or grinding you against her she now does both. She rolls her hips to stir you counterclockwise, rising up half through through the rotation and then bringing it back down to start all over again so each and every part of your shaft gets all the kinds of pleasure her pussy can give as it clings tight to you, lewd, wet sounds emanating from where you're joined together.

You moan into the kiss and start to knead her rear a bit, squeezing her soft flesh as she drives you to the height of pleasure once more. The little things continue to add up over time as she practically drowns your senses in the pleasure she brings. You can barely hold it together at this point, and feel that you're going to cum again fairly soon, but you have no real way to let her know.

She might not have the sheer tush that Lyrica or Merlin have, but Erika's soft rear is fun to play with, her occasional squeak when you squeeze just right an extra bit of a reward for your efforts. You're right on about not being able to hold out though. You can feel your shaft leaking more of your pre-cum as it begins to sputter and twitch, foretelling its orgasm to both you and Erika.

This just drives Erika to push herself all the way down onto your again, driving you all the way into her up to your hilt and grinding against you as she lets out a quiet whimper as you feel her pussy shiver and shudder, squeezing down even tighter on your shaft as you both achieve an explosion of pleasure together.

You squeeze her rear in response to that while helping to keep her forced down on you until the orgasm subsides, and even your toes curl from how good it was for you. You're left breathless as you bask in the afterglow of the event, feeling oddly content. "That was wonderful, Erika~" You say, wondering if she feels the same way.

You can feel a bit of your love leaking out of where you two are joined together as Erika sighs to herself, "Yes...it was even better than I'd dreamed it would be. Zeke?" Erika pushes herself up off of you, sitting on top of you now rather than lying there, "Thank you. For everything. You saved me from a fate worse than death and played along with a final selfish wish."

"It's no problem at all. I'm glad to see that you got out of it okay, and I wouldn't call that wish that selfish. I don't mind being with you like this." You allow her to shift and move to where she's sitting atop you, though given how you are it's more like she's just straddling you. "I hope your next life goes better than this one."

Erika smiles down at you, her expression soft and...yearning? She reaches out and runs a hand along the side of your head, cupping your cheek as she simply gazes at you. Finally, she lets out a sigh, "I'm already almost out of time. I still need to speak with her, so...I guess I'll have to call it here. There are more who want to speak with you as well."

Erika leans down and places a kiss on your forehead, pulling back and looking you in the eyes before speaking her final words to you, "I love you, Zeke."
 No. 34254
File 139253481339.jpg - (115.30KB, 708x1003, Samantha_this_is_not.jpg) [iqdb]

"I don't mind you doing that, no." After all, it's more or less been firmly established that you're pretty much fucked one way or the other, and that at least Samantha is a nice enough person who's also quite attractive. That and like with Erika, she's at the last stop before moving on. Nothing wrong with playing with her in this situation, is there? "Should I say, please teach me, miss Samantha~?"

"Heh, cute." She ruffles your hair delightfully before pulling herself off of you and scooting away. You find yourself missing the comfortable weight of her straddling you as she sits down at the edge of the couch and starts to strip off her survival vest, chucking it aside and then pulling her shirt up, slowly and sensually as she reveals her taut, toned tummy and then her breasts, held firmly by a sports bra that supports and emphasizes them in equal measure. She tosses aside her shirt and then smiles at you coyly, patting her lap encouragingly, "Here, come sit in 'teacher's' lap."

"Alright~" You slowly situate yourself to where you're no longer simply a puddle of shota and sit upright, then proceed to scoot over to Samantha's lap so she can further instruct you.

Your body is slow and sluggish to respond, but you manage to crawl over to her with a thrill of excitement and lust running through you as you clamber into her lap. She wraps an arm around you and pulls you against her in a hug, her warm and experienced hands running across your chest in a way that really gets your excitement going, "Oh right, by the way." She speaks to you as her hands quickly undo your pants with casual ease, "Those points I hit meant that you can't cum until I let you." Your shaft pops free as she gives you that fire warning, and further thoughts are stalled as she grabs it with one hand and gives it a few quick pumps, even though it's already up to full shaft and you feel like you want to leak out already, Did that massage...?

You moan as she strokes you off a bit, finding that it's pretty nice to have such a lovely lady do this to you. Of course, you had little doubt that the massage combined with being in contact with her for so long set you off. You just didn't know how hard she had set you off.

Her grip changes and her pumps change into a staggered pattern, sometimes faster and sometimes slower as she squeezes you tighter seemingly randomly, her fingers playing you like a keyboard as she laughs behind you, "Oh wow, you're this easy? I mean...you might want to just focus on not getting caught if this," She punctuates with a squeeze that makes your brain go white hot with pleasure, "Is all it takes to get you going this far." She's teasing you, but she has something of a point too. You're so sensitive and responsive to sex, that...what would happen if something caught you?

"And Lyrica asked me to stop using Repel too." Your tone doesn't carry any trace of teasing to it since she really did ask that of you. Considering how vulnerable you are all around, Samantha really did have a point. The moment something drugs or otherwise gets their hands on you is about it for you. "Though at least with her it's not that big a deal..."

"Well, to be fair to her that repel stuff smells awful to them, and the taste sticks around longer than the smell does, so I can't blame her much for that. Instead of using that corporate stuff, why not just get some flowery shampoos and body washes and use those to take the edge of your boyish scent off?" Samantha is apparently a fount of good advice as she starts to squeeze and knead your shaft rather than just pumping it, using her fingers and palm to apply carefully positioned pressure and make you squirm with simple movements of her hand as her thumb tauntingly strokes your shaft and teases at your tip, trying to force you to cum like a fount yourself.

You let out an appreciative, sweet moan as she continues to work you over with a level of technique you haven't been exposed to yet, and it's only driving you to even higher heights considering you can't even cum. "It's... not a bad idea..." In your head, the reasoning goes something like if you smell more like a girl you're less likely to get targeted by everything with a decent sense of smell within a mile radius and enough guts to face down your girls.

"Of course not! I never have any bad ideas, except for the one time I thought I had a bad idea, but I was wrong." Samantha smugs at you as her one arm pulls you closer to her, her teasing hand keeping up the pace as her other hand slides down your stomach and rubs your abs before slinking down lower and joining her first hand in teasing your length. Fingers slide down it before she cups your sack, gingerly and skillfully massaging and moving them with a light touch as she urges you to let out what you've got in there for her. This level of skill and focus is just...your girls didn't use these kinds of tricks, relying on their bodies more, so this is just an amazing new experience. Samantha was right, human woman are dangerous because they'll exploit you in ways you haven't been. "So, how are you liking the warm-ups so far?"

"I-it's good..." Your hips buck up as you have an agonizingly empty orgasm, feeling the pressure and sensitivity remain while simultaneously remaining as sensitive as ever. If she wanted you, there'd really be nothing you could do about it.

"Huh, twitching already? I know I'm damn good, but did I forget to mention that you're supposed to be learning how to resist and hold back against pleasure?" Samantha teases you as her eager palm starts to move faster now, eagerly working you up as she starts to put more effort into her 'warm-ups' as you feel like you want to drool, "I guess I'd better pick up the pace if I don't want you to flood me when we finish up." You feel her warm breath wash over your ear as she leans in to whisper, "Though, I wouldn't mind you pumping me full." She admits before you feel something wet and warm run along your ear, making you shiver before she nibbles on your earlobe, hitting some kind of point there.

You shiver and moan as you go through another dry orgasm, feeling as though it were impossible to actually hold back. Perhaps what compounds your inability to resist is how she really doesn't seem to pose a real threat. Despite how she's teaching you a lesson, it's not as though there's malicious intent behind it. ...That admission of hers only really wanted to make you cum inside her more though.

"Wow, two to only my hands and a bit of nibbling? You really are that sensitive, aren't you?" She seems almost wondrous at your reaction to her, "...Almost too reactive. Are you trying to hold back at all?" She presses on, squeezing and kneading your shaft while her fingers play you like a piano and her other hand gently massages your sack further, making you feel the sensation of how full you're becoming there, "Because if you keep it up you're gonna be pretty miserable by the end of it, you know? Though, I guess you might get off on that."

"I'm not used to iiiiit..." You slur a little as you continue to get worked over by this wonderful woman, and still manage to speak the truth at least. When you got right down to it there really was no reason to hold back... with a mon. A human woman, on the other hand, you have no idea how to deal with it.

"Is that all there is to it?" Samantha asks as her stimulation of you suddenly stops her stimulation of you, simply letting you rest in both of her hands and soak in her warmth while your hyper-sensitive, eager body revels in telling you and every detail of the hands holding you and how they're not soft and untouched like Erika's, but rougher and more experienced yet still immaculately well cared for, "Or is it something more...?"

You're not sure if she's talking to you or herself, but what you are sure of is that you want her to make you feel even more good, and that you'd love to cum.

Of course, you had told her how you met your Prismrivers and went into detail about what those meetings entailed, but since you're so out of it you can't do much more than squirm a bit and moan. This really wasn't something you were used to.

"...Geez, am I gonna have to give you a break and let you cum between practice sessions?" Samantha presses you, sounding a mixture of taunting, annoyed and perhaps worried, "I didn't think it'd be this bad, and I'd rather carve my memory into you as the best lay of your life and a cool big sis, and not as the whole time being totally miserable for you by the end of it."

"S-sorry..." You manage to get that bit out since she's stopping for the moment. While you're still nowhere near able to hold a civilized conversation, you can at least talk a little when she's not moving. "You're literally the first person I've had to hold back with..."

"...Yeah, I figured." Samantha's grip on you remains there and soft, but she's still letting you talk. Though you feel a temptation digging and pushing at you to start to thrust in her grip to bring back that amazing pleasure, "That's why I'm here and doing this. Guess I just didn't figure you'd be so bad off that you'd submit like that so easily."

"With my girls, I never saw the point of giving them anything less." To you, it felt like trust. It couldn't be something else, could it?

"Huh, S'that so?" Samantha leans closer to you, resting her hear on your shoulder as you simply enjoy this moment with her, even as you feel that throbbing need in your loins and the lustful whispers in your mind not decrease or decease in the least. "Well, maybe you can do that with your girls. But...it's pretty obvious it's not just for your girls, isn't it? Someone puts a bit of pleasure on you or jerks you off a bit, and you're puddy in their hands. Orgasming even once is dangerous for a man if a monster attacks him, and you can't hold yourself back at all." She emphasizes this by squeezing your shaft, forcing another fake orgasm out of you, "Honestly, it makes me want to bully you and do all kinds of naughty things to you, which should be making it pretty obvious why there's another reason being this responsive and submissive to a bit of petting isn't ideal for someone in your line of work."

You make quite the 'mmmmh' sound as she forces you over the edge once again, not once feeling the pleasure of release despite all she's done so far. It takes the better part of a minute before you can talk semi-coherently again. "I hadn't really considered it. Kinda like how I didn't consider the possibility of the Ayakashi being a thing."

"Ayakashi are rare, nearly unheard of monsters. Even I didn't think that there'd be one here." Samantha states as her hands leave your shaft and make you feel regret over that fact, your hips moving on their own as you yearn for her touch and warmth, her fingers sliding up your body and wrapping around you to pull you into a hug against her tight body, "...Look, I'll drop it and we can get back to having our fun. Sorry for dragging the mood down but...just keep it in mind later, alright? I don't want to be seeing you past the pearly gates until you've sowed your oats enough to keep a whole generation of ladies happy, got it?"

Regret aside, she is enabling you to have a decent conversation once more. "It's fine, and I will. Plus, I imagine that once I do you'll probably find out and test to see if I ever got any better at this~"

"Or maybe I'll want to have tea and crumpets with you." She gives you a squeeze around the middle and the a little nibble on the ear that gets you extra excited again. Your thing hasn't gone down at all, still swelled and throbbing with a need, begging for you to get her to let you let it out, "Now..." Her hand drifts back down and her fingers start to trail their touches lightly along your length, making you want to whinge out in pleasure and pleading as that light pleasuring alone makes you want to orgasm.

You try, you honestly try to hold back this time but her touch just makes your resistance melt like snow in front of a fireplace. You're trying your hardest not to twitch and squirm since any added movement just adds to the action rather than detracts from it, but it's impossible for you. It just feels too nice, and she's slowly driving your mind back under in pleasure as she goes.

"Ah, jeez. I'm gonna have to cut your training short entirely, aren't I? You're gonna break yourself if I keep it up." Samantha just heaves a sigh behind you as you feel the hand around your chest release you and push you forward slightly so she has better access to your back. You can feel a series of rapid, sharp pokes before that tenseness in your loins suddenly loosens...with her fingers still stroking you.

You feel another orgasm build up, but unlike every single other one prior to this it feels like a genuine one. You start to pant as she strokes you more and more, eventually reaching the point where you just can't take it anymore and cum. Since she's been denying you for so long, it's bound to be pretty impressive...

You blank out in pleasure as you finally achieve release, mind and sight going white as your hips spasm and buck in delight. You can feel your shaft pulsing wildly as you pump out every last bit of sperm you'd had built up from those orgasms, coating the darkness in front of you with a new shade of pearly white paint as you continue to dribble and let out more of your sperm even as you think the orgasm begins to slow down and you gain some of your senses and control back. Her fingers are pumping you slowly, massaging your shaft and urging out all that built up semen.

You're left catching your breath in Samantha's hold as she manages to coax yet more of your seed out of you, and your senses slowly return after the initial burst. Still, you're not quite coherent yet.

"Wow. You really do just give a hundred and ten percent all the time, don't you?" Samantha seems to be at least somewhere impressed with the sheer amount of cum you've put out even as you continue to loose more of it, "At least no girl will be able to fault your enthusiasm I guess."

You just blush in an embarrassed manner as she says that, feeling that it's not quite a compliment. "Your handwork is really good too. I didn't think something like that would drive me over the edge that much or consistently."

"Superior technique trumps enthusiasm any time." Samantha states confidently before leaning in and beginning to lovingly kiss and suck at your neck, leaving her mark on you repeatedly and making your body heat up again, "When a girl has both, you'll be puddy in her hand. I told you before, don't underestimate a human woman just because she's human, didn't I?"

"I know..." You breathe out after squeaking at her marking you like that. "Any girl I wind up making want to mark me as hers is going to have an interesting time working with me, isn't she?"

"Well, you do make lots of cute noises." She admits before she nips at your shoulder, hitting it just the right way and making you moan in pleasure, "Hmmm...I was originally going to show you off a few more tricks, but with you not being able to even hold out at all against my hand if I trample all over your pride it'll make my stockings a huge mess..."

She chuckles throatily, "How lewd. Maybe I'll make you clean them up for me once I'm done with you? So, do you want the whole package, or should I just go ahead to the grand finale?"

You stare at this veritable goddess of a woman and bring yourself to look her in the eyes while trying not to look too overly vulnerable or adorable. "I-I actually wouldn't mind you showing me a few more tricks..." Of course, your voice immediately betrays any and all efforts you make, and you mentally curse yourself for being that way.

"...You know to keep at least one of your mon on bodyguard duty at all times right? Because, I mean..." She seems to be searching for words as she stares down at your one hundred and ten percent molestable expression, "...I don't see how you haven't gotten molested by now. I mean, seriously, I've met bait before but you're like...like Ur-Bait. The bait that all other bait draws from or aspires to be."

"I generally keep them all on bodyguard duty. I mean, the world isn't as clean or as organized as cities and such would like you to think, and I'd even be willing to bend or break laws to keep my girls out if it would otherwise threaten our safety." You don't manage to keep your vulnerable look down, but you do explain that you do have at least some brain meat in your skull casing.

"Smart boy! League rules are only for league matches anyway." Samantha praises you and pulls you into another wonderful hug against her body, "So, do you want to have your pride trampled all over first, or would you rather have it all sucked out of you?" Her brazen, teasing and above all lewd tone of voice makes you get quite excited. You also find a part of you wondering if she'd take requests.

That hug just proves once again that she has a wonderful, soft body that you wouldn't mind spending more time being in direct contact with. However, she's asking you something. "I'd prefer to have you suck it out of me first, please." You at least make sure to ask nicely, if nothing else.

"Hoh? Oh, you liked my kisses that much huh?" She teases you a bit, leaning in and leaving another noisy, wet hicky on your neck as she starts to loosen her hold on you and unwind herself from around you, "You can't wait to feel what it's like to have me kiss and suck and lick that, am I right?"

"Nope. I really want to feel what it's like to have you do that." You moan as she does what she wants to you again, and don't bother to resist in the slightest. You must look like such a complete pushover right now.

Samantha chuckles, bodily picking you up off of her lap and setting you down in the comfortable, soft plush chair that's apparently been there the entire time, where she was sitting with you in her lap, "Ah, having such an a guy who's honest about his lewd wants kind of takes the fun out of teasing you a bit...but you being so open and reactive more than makes up for it." She bends down, giving you a view of her bosom as she suddenly grabs hold of her pants and slides them off in a smooth, unemphasized motion whose casualness just makes it even more arousing as it reveals more and more of her tanned, toned flesh to you. Her stockings are as black as her sports bra and panties, which you note are of a simple design focused on comfort instead of sex appeal, though to be fair she doesn't really need her panties help to be a sex bomb.

She steps back towards you, leaning down and then pressing herself against your body, burying her face in your neck as your hard and eager shaft rubs against his strong abs. Her hands grab onto you and steady her as she begins to kiss and tease you as before...but now you notice that she's slowly and surely making her way south on your body, trailing her kisses from your collar and down to your chest before making a detour to one of your nipples. Her tongue deftly flicks out of her mouth and teases the nub there, getting a gasp out of you as the slightly more sensitive skin is bathed in her saliva, "Hah! Sensitive here too, huh?"

You nod your head since you're too embarrassed to talk, but you do remember that SlKogasa found that out and happily utilized that during that week-long session. "Probably not as sensitive as a girl, but yeah."

You nod your head since you're too embarrassed to talk immediately after that, but once you remember that SlKogasa found that out and happily utilized that during that week-long session you find yourself willing to talk about that a little. "Probably not as sensitive as a girl, but yeah."

"Somehow, I can't really be surprised." She remarks before continuing on her way, slowly sliding her body down yours as you feel yourself twitch and leak excitedly from being rubbed and ground against her taut tummy and toned form, your lust and arousal peaking as she teases you with those kisses. One of her hands leaves you for a moment and trails down your body on its own before running along her chest and reaching her sports bra, working to unhook and release it from her as she keeps up the pace.

Her bra falls away, giving you a top down view of her breasts as they expand out of its confines. While she's certainly not the most stacked person you've seen, her bust is still definitely respectable, and every bit as wonderfully firm and warm yet soft in just the right ways as the rest of her is, something you find out personally as she slides down a bit more and buries your dick between her breasts. She uses her elbows to push her tits together, tightening them up around your shaft and then shaking her breasts lightly to stimulate you between them, surges of pleasure going up your spine as she chuckles, "You can hold back from this much, right?"

Of course for you, it's not a question of holding back, but even wanting to hold back between those breasts.

Still, as much as you'd like to give in to her breasts, she's supposed to make you cum to her mouth so you try to hold on as best you can and not spray all over her prematurely even though the mental image of her being covered in your seed is enough to make the whole process a lot harder for you.

Samantha grins up a bit wider at you as you watch your shaft twitch and leak out pre-cum all over her breasts but you manage to hold in your orgasm all the same. "Good boy! I'd say you deserve a reward now~." Her grin becoming particularly lascivious smile before she shifts and dips her head down, her breasts shifting around your shaft as she leans forward and places a kiss on your tip, smearing her lips with your pre-cum before you slides her head forward, lips slipping across the surface of your tip as she takes your head into her mouth and suckles on it, her tongue rolling around it in a searching movement before flicking and teasing at your urethra.

You bite your lower lip, albeit not particularly hard, as she has her wicked way with you. You twitch and moan at every movement she makes, every time she pokes at your most sensitive point with her tongue makes you feel like you want to cum then and there. You're ultimately caught between wanting to feel more of this and wanting to give in to her technique, and it's definitely conflicting.

She presses her breasts together and starts to grind them up and down, her tongue moving in a perfectly planned pattern around your sensitive tip and switching between licking you senseless while poking out past her lips to lick more of your sensitive length and playing specifically with your more sensitive point of all.

The whole while she keeps up that suckling on your tip, urging and yearning to drag out more of your fluid and all but demanding your immediate surrender and cessation of hostilities.

Your toes curl and you cry out as you cum inside her mouth, her technique working your sensitive body over so much and so quickly that you can't even voice out a warning to her like you did with Erika. You really don't want that incessant licking to stop since it feels so good just like this...

And she doesn't stop her licking, or the usage of her breasts to grind along your shaft or how she sucks on your tip and swallows down your offering as you give it to her, taking it eagerly and wonderfully right up until she tickles your tip to drag out the last of your pulses before sucking intently on you and pulling the remaining dregs out of your pipes. Ah, that was...

Samantha pulls back and lets out a sigh as she looks up at you, eyes lidded and mouth open to show you the sticky, wet insides of it as her tongue lulls out. She stares at you right in the eyes as she shows you all the proof you need of the place you surrendered so lovingly and eagerly to.

You blush cutely as you stare at her mouth, knowing that you essentially put your seed there and she likes it. If anything could have kept you from going limp, that was definitely one of them. Plus, she's just going to do even more to you now.

She presses forward, burying your entire dick between her breasts against and sandwiching them stronger around you as she uses her elbows to press her tits together. She rests her head on her hands and grins up at you as she crushes and teases your over-sensitive shaft between her breasts, "Mmm, that was pretty sweet. So, do you just love fruit in general or have certain people pushed you to eat more of it?"

It takes you a few moments to force yourself to focus and not just bask in the afterglow, after which you respond. "I actually do like fruit, though Kogasa's in charge of cooking so it's probably a little bit of both." She probably would be able to tell precisely what you need in order to not taste bitter, given who she is.

She hums thoughtfully and begins to rock from side to side, moving your penis between her breasts as you find yourself enjoying the sensation quite a bit, "Is that so? The slime cooks for you, huh? That's pretty impressive. I mean I know you said she was smart, but that's a different kind of smart than I'd have guessed for. Even Queens aren't supposed to be like that, but I guess I've been 'gone' long enough that they might have learned more by now."

"They aren't?" You ask, feeling quite nice from Samantha using her chest like that, but your curiosity is getting the better of you. "I'm not sure that's the case. I mean, when one of my recent tournament opponents was using a mental link with his mons, Kogasa identified it on her own and told Lunasa to start trying various frequencies to shut it down. Plus she was an abandoned mon, so who knows what her past was."

"Yeah, I'm not saying she 'can't' be like that Zekey." She presses her breasts tighter still now with your penis sandwiched between them, firm and lovingly warm mounds mashing down on it from all sides, "I'm just saying that normally they're not capable of it from all the studies done on them. There's always outliers in situations like that, but being capable of rapidly discerning that a mental link was in play and being capable of cooking...that sounds like a bit too much to not raise your eyebrow at." As she finishes, she dips down and pokes her tongue out, running it in circles over your leaking tip, playing with your sensitive part all while pumping you and pumping you full of information that would probably be important to consider if you weren't being pushed rapidly towards orgasm.
 No. 34255
"I want to looooh..." Your continuation is cut short as she starts to work you over again, leaving you unable to do much more than moan sweetly as she works you over again. She must not be anywhere near done with you, which you hardly mind.

She slowly shifts, moving her mouth forward and wrapping her lips around your tip as her breasts pull away from you, much to your regret. However, that regret is soon replace with pleasure as Samantha bobs her head slowly down your length, her lips wrapped firmly around it as her hands leave their resting place and quickly join her mouth in pleasuring you down there and eroding away any resistance you might have. One of them cups and gently massages your tackle again while another joins her mouth in pleasuring your rod as the fingers tease and strong the base of your length. Her tongue is eager and excited, moving with experience to exploit your weaknesses that she knows now and making you squirm and twist more and more with each second.

Now you couldn't even resist if you tried, not that you wanted to to begin with. Her skilled mouth and hands make rather quick work of you even with you trying to hold back to extend how long you get to feel her tongue lapping at your tip.

Your orgasm hits your hard and you can't help but buck your hips up into her mouth to feel her smooth lips and warm tongue run across your sensitive length before you explode, pumping your sticky white stuff into her waiting mouth for her to gulp down. Her hands continue to move and stroke you, moving in firm and exploitive ways to force extra amounts of your semen out just from this. Ah...you feel like your floating away. With Erika you never felt like this, but a girl who's skilled like Samantha is on a whole other level...!

If she really did have any interest in doing you in for good at all, she would have no trouble making you into her sex pet. Though oddly enough, part of you remembered that Merlin was learning technique and is likely going to do nothing but get better. If this is what a skilled woman is like, what's Merlin going to be like when she gets some real skill?

As your orgasm wanes you feel her tongue tease and flick at your tip while she sucks out the last bit of white stuff in your pipes before she lets go of your shaft with a wet pop, revealing her mouth to you again and making you flush in excitement at it. She licks her lips and then leans forward, resting her head on your leg while that free hand keeps stroking you, keeping you from going down at all, "Mmm, it's great to see that I've still got it." She grins up at your dazed expression, her tone teasing as she continues, "Hey, don't tell me you're giving up on me yet. That was just my mouth." Her grin turns positively sinful and fills you with both excitement, arousal and just a bit of worry, "I need to get my fill a few other places too.”

You manage to regain something resembling composure after that, though there's no way you're getting out from under her. "I-i'm not done yet..." That was the most you could get out though.

"That's great to hear!" She says with cheer as the back of the couch you're leaning against fades away and your flop back onto the bed with a quiet 'pomf', "Because I'm not either, not by a long shot. Well...I mean technically speaking I could keep going for a week long relaxathon of fun, food and fucking, but I don't have that kind of time available to me anymore since the whole, you know, dead thing." She shrugs as she crawls up onto the bed, moving towards you like a sensual tiger, except with less stripes.

You're laid back on your back as well, which only makes you blush harder and stay nice and erect for the lovely woman who's about to do even more to you than she already has. "Honestly, same here on the relaxathon bit." You have no trouble admitting that seeing as while you haven't had to endure the sheer amount of agony Samantha has, you did have to deal with the Ayakashi and some close calls of your own. The mansion was just bleh in its previous state.

"Well, out of the two of us you're the one who's still in the land of living, so you just get on that...after I'm done with you, anyway. I'll help you get get those three F's started with, don't you worry about that at all." Samantha licks her lips lasciviously as a hand is pressed down on your chest, keeping you there as she sets about leaving her mark again on your neck, kissing and sucking on the flesh of your collar and managing to make it gloriously pleasurable.

With another wet pop she leaves a mark on your neck claiming you again as she crawls up your body further before suddenly pouncing forward, straddling your face and leaving you with those wonderful legs wrapped around your skull and your face hanging in front of a lovely, well cared for lady groin. Her slit has the beginning signs of arousal there, but apparently unlike your girls sucking you off doesn't make her sopping wet. Was Erika the same way...?

"Hey there..." One of her hands runs through your hair, scratching her nails along your scalp as she whispers huskily to you, "I'm going to teach you a lesson I, you and all your future lovers are gonna thank me for. See, I'm not quite ready to take you into me and make you spurt out all your baby batter into my over, if you catch my meaning, so I'm gonna teach you how to properly and scientifically eat a woman out, to the point where you'll be able to make any less experience woman praise you and your godmon of choice. How's that sound?"

You simply nod and moan in response, as both the feel of her hand on your head and the proximity of her womanhood to your face are both quite arousing in this scenario. Plus, it is kind of cute, somehow.

"Now, since you've had your girls for a while and a virile boy with a healthy teenage sex drive, I'm sure you've ended up with your tongue deep in one or more of your girls by now. However, just like the noble and majestic dick, the pussy is a sensitive organ. So just like there's a difference if I just grabbed your junk and jerked it off rapidly to what I did to you before, there's a difference between shoving your tongue in a girls pussy and then swirling it around a lot and the art-science of cunnilingus." Samantha is lecturing you now as she grinds her pussy lips against your own mouth lips, letting you get a taste of her juice there, "And just like you'd much rather I do what I did before than just jerk you off roughly, most girls like it when you're gentle and considerate with their lady parts. So, start off slow..." She pulls back slightly, enough to give you room, "Don't stick it in immediately, and don't focus only on the joy buzzer up at the top, yeah you'll get us off fast but it's a lot more fun to build up slow and enjoy it. Circle around the outer lips, play with the clit, do some teasing." She urges you to be a bit more creative and patient in your eating out this time.

You do as she instructs, starting off by making moderately slow strokes around her lower lips, coincidentally getting a better taste of her in the process, and generally only doing things like using your lips on her clit sparingly. This was... definitely different than anytime you've done this before, but it's hardly a bad way to go about it. There was something that was just a bit more fun about this than what you did with your girls.

Samantha hums responsively, pushing back against your licking slightly as you take things nice and slow, gently teasing around her outer lips with your tongue and moving in an experimental circle there before you tease gently at her clit. Her flavor is...nice. It's subtle like Erika's was, but you find yourself enjoying it in a very primal way as you get that taste. Besides, just because something isn't strong doesn't mean it's not good. "That's good. Keep that up, and then when you're ready you can start teasing at the entrance and then work your way in a bit. Remember, slow and steady wins the race and has the best orgasm." She reminds you as you feel her shift slightly on top of you. You find out what she was up to when you feel fingers trace along your shaft, getting it to perk up excitedly as she gently tweaks the tip just a touch before grabbing it a loose grip and moving in an odd pattern that results in you getting pumped twice rapidly and then given a short break before she squeezes you and pumps you again, and you realize that by doing this she's again using a trick to make it so you never get used to the pleasure she's putting on you.

You shudder and moan more as you start to drag your tongue along her slit, only slipping your tongue into her in a shallow stroke every fourth stroke or so until you start changing it up. It's still only once every two to five strokes of the tongue, but you want to be sure that you're doing alright before moving in deeper.

"Theeere we go, that's good." She scratches your head again in praise as your tongue runs along her slit and dives in a bit deeper, "Looks like you're a natural...or you've just got plenty of experience, heh." She keeps up the scratching as she continues her explanation, "That's good, you just keep it up like that and gradually ramp up the levels and intensity until you reach a spot that's comfortable for you and your partner. Now, as you start getting deeper, you're gonna want to take your time and explore a bit, figure out what she likes and doesn't like and find a pattern that's good for her. Once you find it, you're golden. So, if you've got a who is saying 'don't stop', then don't stop or try to make it more intense or whatever either of your heads tells you is a good idea. If a girl is saying 'don't stop', and probably your name and something about a few godmons, you've done it kid. You have found her golden pattern that hits her g-spot and her other sensitive spots. You've done what most men fail to do or don't even bother to try." There's a hint of bitterness and annoyance there before she continues, "Now, as for setting about finding that pattern...well, there's a lot of ways, but the tried and true strategy is the 'Alphabet'. So once you're nice and deep and settled in, pretend your tongue is a pencil and move it in all the letters of the alphabet until you find the right one. Upper case and lower case, if you're trying for extra credit."

While she gives you that lovely lecture, the hand on your shaft has been slowly changing how it plays with you, pumping and squeezing you wondrously as she changes the intensity, pattern and pace of just how she's playing with you all the while. A wondrous pressure is urging you to submit to her hand, even as you've only just gotten started on eating her out proper.

You take her advice to heart and try to focus on her pleasure instead of what she's pushing onto you, and it's working reasonably well. You start to make deeper and deeper plunges into her womanhood at a pace that's roughly in line with what you've done so far. As for her advice, you start to use a methodical method and start making 'letter' strokes inside her, with upper case and lower case 'letters' since you're not about to disappoint her here.

Your tongue moves and rolls along the insides of her walls, running through your pattern of letters in both cases as you watch for her reactions. Uppercase B gets a bit of a nice reaction as you flick your tongue to the side to close that first bump, telling you nicely just where one of her sensitive spots is, which you confirm a bit later when you flick it to the side again to close the loop on the lowercase b. This is...actually kind of fun, and not just in the kinky sex games way you're used to when it comes to fucking. Of course, she's not ideal on her own as you make your way past both D and d and into E as she grins wider and starts to use those finger tricks of hers on your shaft, meaning you've got a whole new dimension of pleasure to deal with down there. Which is, of course, entirely welcomed by your brain as you find yourself drooling from the pleasure, your saliva and her feminine lubrication mixing together and making a mess on your face that's perfectly fine with you.

You keep on going, feeling that at the very least her hand job correlates with how well you're doing. If you're doing so well that she feels the need to add on to what she's already doing, then you must be doing something right. That and you are quite appreciative of both the mess and her scent, which drives you to seek out that perfect pattern for her.

Time continues to march inexorably onwards as you and Samantha continue to make your love games to each other. You find yourself rapidly beginning to run out of letters all while Samantha hums in appreciation and scratches your head delightfully with one hand while the other jerks you off more and more skillfully. The only reason you haven't come yet is out of sheer determination...and Samantha being kind, or cruel, enough to know exactly what your height of pleasure is and keeping you just on the cusp of reaching completion but not popping over it just yet. As you shakily make an uppercase U, you find yourself desperately wanting to achieve release yet equally desperately wanting to not give in to pleasure alone.

There's not too many letters left to work with, but you're not going to give up here. You're going to get it done right, to give her what she wants so she'll give you what you want, which ought to result in a fair bit more sex if your mind is on the right track. There's only lower case u left, then both lower case and capital V, W, X, Y, Z. You're hoping you can get all eleven remaining combinations done before you lose it.

You keep up the pattern, focusing on the letters and anything else you can instead of the pleasure coursing through your body right now. Right as you finish the last z, you lose control and orgasm, spraying out your sticky white stuff in great shots while she strokes you off. To your pleasure, you feel her shudder on top of you as she lets out a quiet noise that tells you that you've done your job, "Hnnnnnnng-!" She arches her back before letting out a panting breath, "Haaahaha, well...what can I say? The alphabet turns me on." She admits with a shrug.

"...It makes eating my favorite kind of soup in public awkward though." She adds that on as an aside as she glances away from you.

You raise your eyebrows at that as she says it, though that really comes after you have a chance to bask in the afterglow again a little. "I'd imagine it would." You manage to get that out before giving her lower lips a gentle kiss. You're not sure if she's done with this part or not, but you opt to do a tiny bit more before she does move on.

She laughs at that, scratching our head again, "Cute. If you want to just keep eating me out I'm willing to just wrap my legs around your head tight enough that a crowbar couldn't pry it off, but wouldn't you rather just have it jammed into me repeatedly? It being your penis, and the part of me it's being jammed into being my vagina." She adds on, apparently enjoying your reaction to her extra explanations.

"I do want you to fuck me." You state plainly, but in this instance you're blushing such a bright shade of red that you're surprised that you managed to get something like that off in response. At the very least, you were able to be honest in what you wanted to do with her.

"Great minds think alike then, because I've been wanting to fuck you since this lesson started...and possibly when I ran into you as a ghost. It was a bit hazy, but I'm pretty sure I thought you had a cute butt even then." She compliments you while making her conversation as she pulls her dripping wet pussy away from your mouth and shimmies down your body and towards your shaft which is still quite hard, "So, here's a question for you. Do you want me to make you cum as fast as I can, or should I drag it out for a while?"

"Thanks... You have a cute everything." That does shed some light on her behavior as a wraith though. Didn't she seem to fixate on you once she touched you once? Granted, you could never let it happen then, but now is just fine. "Drag it out for a little, please. I want to make being with you last a little."

"Oh, I can do that, don't you worry a bit. I'll make sure this is a night you remember. Just...don't blame me if you're ruined for marriage after this, alright?" She teases you again as she brings her hips up and positions herself right over your penis. Your shaft is covered in your sex fluids by now, as well as left over wetness from her previous play as she prods it against her entrance and then slides her wet slit down your length, grinding against you as she slicks your cock with her own sex-juice, panting excitedly as she does it. Once she finishes her grind, she slides herself back up your length and then slowly pushes herself down on you, slipping you into her slowly, carefully until your tip is inside of her...and just the tip. With a smile on her face, she slowly starts to rotate herself with only a portion of your shaft inside of her, but still the most sensitive portion of it. Your lengths head feels incredible as her ribbed walls rub against your shaft, squeezing lightly down on it as she rotates her hips, grinding you around inside of her. Her hot pussy is leaking sex juice now, which runs down your shaft in torturous little rivulets that make you want to beg for her to just jam it in.

All you can accomplish now is a series of lewd moans as she starts to have her way with you proper, but it's not a bad thing. Her method isn't going to bring you to orgasm particularly fast, but this whole session has been about slow and steady, hasn't it? You've experienced fast play plenty of times before, so this is something new you'd like to get a better feel for. Who knows? You might even be able to apply it elsewhere.

Her hips keep moving, rotating and spinning in a calculated pattern as she grinds down as you, enjoying your reaction as her breasts sway with each movement of her hips, her erect nipples telling you just how aroused she is as she starts to slowly and carefully move her hips downwards, taking your shaft deeper into her torturous centimeter by centimeter. A part of you desperately wants to buck up into her, but the hands on your stomach keep you down and from being able to do that, "Man, you've just got one of the most erotic voice I've ever heard, and that's saying something."

You can't make words so much as you just keep on moaning, providing Samantha with yet further evidence that you're not merely bait in terms of your physical attributes, but because of your voice as well. She's still well in control of the scenario so you're left with no choice but to keep letting her go at her own pace. On the flip side, when you do get to cum it should be nothing short of mind-blowing.

Samantha keeps on moving, rolling and gyrating her hips as she slowly slides herself down onto you deeper and deeper, her amazing pussy devouring your length as she breaks up her pattern and suddenly drives a whole more inch of you into her and then clenches her warm walls tight around your shaft, making you moan as she grins wider still, "Jeez, here's some advice: Don't have outdoors or innawoods sex, because you won't just be attracting bears making noises and scents like that."

You close your eyes and nod vigorously, seeing as once again she's speaking sense. You're wondering how she's managing to keep her composure so completely though. Is she just that experienced?

She rolls her hips a bit faster now, the wet and sticky noises that emanate from where the both of you are joined together invading your ears as her own arousal and yours mix together into a sexual slurry. You stare up at her as she shifts her hands up your body, roving them over your stomach and chest, stopping on their journey to give your nipples a teasing tweak as she smirks at you, enjoying that reaction of yours as she stalls there for a moment to enjoy each little response to a touch and tweak, "You know, you can touch my tits if you want." She offers, "I mean, your arms still work right? I haven't fucked you that senseless yet, have I? If you'd rather, you can grab my butt as long as you don't get pushy. I know plenty of people out there prefer a firm ass to a yielding bosom."

You blush at the prospect, but honestly hadn't even considered it. You know for a fact that a woman's body is fairly sensitive, and some also like having those sensitive spots played with. So rather than let her do all the work, you move your hands up until you've gotten nice handfuls of her pleasant breasts. It's a gentle hold, and you try to figure out which parts of it you should be messing with and how. After all, if each girl has a different 'weakness' in terms of oral technique, then surely breasts can't be that different in that regard, right?

Her breasts feel...nice in your hands, actually. They're nice and perfectly size for you to hold play with like this, and she's got small but perked up nipples that press noticeably into the palms of your hands as you hold them. A light squeeze tells you that while they're soft they're also very firm. "Mmhmm, there you go." Her voice is encouraging as she smiles down at you, stopping her rotation and then starting it up in the opposite direction, "Now, the thing about working with a girl's breasts is that everyone has different preference on how exactly the like it, and there's lots of different ways to do it. There's kneading, squeezing, suckling, pulling on the nipple, using your teeth to carefully roll the nipple, licking the nipple or the entire breasts, and countless others. The trick is to try lots of different things and learn just what she likes, and how rough or soft she likes it. Personally, I love being milked while being fucked from behind, the weight of my cute partner pressing down on my back as he learns all kinds of wonderful things about older girls and explores for himself, but since you're underneath me and I want to keep you there for now, that's kind of out of the question for now."

...wait what- "Where you are now...well, I'll let you learn for yourself, but I don't like it too rough so don't go yanking on them, alright?" She suggests, giving you the go ahead to explore yourself after having given you many wonderful ideas and mental images as sinks deeper down onto you, the majority of your shaft being inside of her by now and feeling very happy to be there.

"Ah." Good grief, she must have seduced more than a few young men if she's able to say things like that! Granted, you're not about to turn down the chance to play with her pleasant chest. All she said was no yanking, so you start to go through everything you know save for that and have the capacity to perform. Given how she's straddling you and isn't bent over far enough for you to use your mouth, that rules out teeth, lips, and tongue in terms of what you can use. Your hands are more than good enough for now, but still, part of you wants to tease those orbs with your mouth.

It's only natural to want to do that though, you think. Given how cute, taste and suckable they look you're certain any man in your position, or any number of other ones, would want to do the same. But, with only your hands to work with now you focus that. You start off with what feels the most natural and gently squeeze and feel up her breasts, getting a better understanding of how they'll move as you play with them. Taking a hold of them a bit firmer you press her breasts together as you squeeze them, liking how she lets out a quiet moan of her own as you do so. You might have an erotic voice, but damn if hers isn't turning you on incredibly.

You note the reaction and decide that rather than mess with what works, you choose to keep playing with her breasts in that manner until you felt that it was a good time to change to something else she might like. You want to be able to reciprocate and give her some pleasure back on your own terms, or at least as close to that as you can possibly manage. Beyond that, you're trying to let her do her best with you and not mess it up, and it's certainly good for you. She has no innate ability attributed to her womanhood, but she's still very much a delight to be buried in.

You feel her walls loosen up slightly around your shaft as she smiles down at you, looking every bit to you like some kind of radiant succubus with that lewd expression on her face. With that same smile watching you she starts to shake her hips from side to side and slide herself down you faster, taking the last remaining bit of your shaft into her in one go with a wet slap and then tightening up again and squeezing your shaft between her walls. She shifts from side to side, grinding you around in her tight snatch, "Mmm, that's nice." She stretches, her breasts pressing into your grip as she squeezes you tighter still and bends your cock inside of her in a great way, making you want to cum desperately, but just not quite being there. "Oh, looks like you're starting to feel it? Maybe regretting saying you wanted me to drag it out yet?" She asks you with a sharp wiggle of her hips, stirring your dick around inside of her and sending another surge of pleasure through you.

"Ah~!" Instead of words, the next thing out of your mouth in an almost musical exclamation as she just works you over to the point where you can't really talk coherently. Play with her breasts, sure, but holding a conversation is a touch outside of your ability. with your level of experience.

Samantha lets out a quiet sight as she twists her hips suddenly to the side and your mind blanks out in pleasure, but you still don't achieve orgasm even though your body desperately wants it along with your mind, "I'm just too good at sex. All the dirty talk ends up like this because their minds can't take it. Still, you've held out better than anyone else I can think of so far, since you actually managed to say something besides 'don't stop' and 'please more'." She's just keeping up the conversation as you keep squeezing her breasts and enjoying every minute of it. Inspiration strikes you as you feel her hard nipples grab your attention again and you move to give them attention in returning, tracing around them in circles and tweaking them lightly with your fingers. They're so small and cute, and the way she let out a little quiet gasp makes you happy as she turns her attention back onto you again, starting to bounce her hips up and down lightly on top of you, "Plus, you haven't collapsed and stopped paying me back yet. That's better than plenty of others."

"Mmmh~" You're not quite sure what you could attribute to that seeing as you don't even try to resist your girls. Though at the same time, it's not like you haven't been completely incapable of talking to them in between rounds, have you? Granted, Samantha is doing her level hardest to please you in a way you have no experience with, so it makes sense that you can't quite respond here but at the very least you can still do things like continue to tweak her chest. Ultimately you're just smiling at her dreamily as you continue to work, not out of it but still under her spell enough to where you can't resist her at all.

Samantha moves her hips up and down a bit faster, enjoying the moment with you as she thrusts you in and out of her in rapid, short moves. Her breath is coming faster now in quick, excited pants as she slams you into her and grinds you around again, clearly enjoying this moment. Suddenly her hands move and grasp yours, taken them off of her breasts and pressing them down onto the bed. Her palms press into yours as her longer, slender fingers intertwine with your own.

...Somehow, holding hands like this during sex feels extra erotic. Samantha arches her back and then leans downwards towards you, pressing your face between her breasts as she keeps on riding you, grinding your shaft around inside of her and then switching to thrusting you in and out of her rapidly. "So, are you excited to finish? I can feel that it's gonna be a big one from how you're twitching inside of me."

You nod rapidly, knowing that you're about ready to cum inside her. Though all that really ended up doing was rubbing your face against her soft, warm breasts... wait, those are in range now! You start to lick her breasts as best as you can manage while being fucked as thoroughly as you are.

Samantha's squeezes your hands as you hungrily attempt to lick her breasts, enjoying her reaction as she giggles due to your efforts and rubs her thumb along the outside of your hands in response, giggling not stopping as you start to find yourself aiming for it on purpose. Her voice has a sort of familiar feel to it, the way she laughs comforting you as you find yourself finally achieving release and relaxation deep inside of her.

You give out a quiet, happy sigh as you feel spurt after spurt of your seed flow out of you and into her, coating her womb, her walls, probably squirting out a little too. It's a pleasant feeling, being together with her after you cum inside her.
 No. 34256
Samantha lets out a lewd, relaxed moan of her own as you cum inside of her, hands squeezing yours in excitement as you feel her walls shudder slightly around yours as she reaches a completion all of her own, "Oh yeah, that's exactly what I was hoping for..." She rests her head against you, her chin nudged against the top of your head now, "You wouldn't believe how annoying have an itch I needed scratched for that long was."

"Hah... Yeah. I can't imagine having to put up with something like that for so long." In time you're able to start talking again, which is a marked improvement over your vocal capacity a few minutes ago. "I'm glad you liked what I was doing to try and reciprocate. I definitely needed some pointers there."

"You're still a rookie. I'm sure that you'll have just as many opportunities to get better at this as you will with being a trainer. If you want to, you could always practice on your girls. It'd be a good chance for you to establish boundaries or get a better handle of them. I'm pretty sure they'll say yes, since you're essentially saying 'help me become a better lover'.” Samantha suggests, her body weight pressing down on you being very nice and comforting in a way that's really familiar you to you.

"They would." Still, you kiss her on the breast since you can't exactly reach her lips. "Thanks for that." You can't quite place why you feel so comfortable and content, but you're not about to mess with those feelings right now when you're in the middle of a nice afterglow like this.

"That's something you're gonna have to work on...in the future, when it wouldn't get in the way of me getting laid." Samantha tells you, "You should always be able to think with your head and not your dick." She informs you as she disengages herself from you, slowly sliding your dick out of her in a tortuously pleasant way before you both separate with a decidedly erotic noise, "Now, you've been fucked four ways to Sunday, but you haven't been the one fucking, and there's on more thing I can teach you that's useful to know. And that," She keeps that grin going down at you, "Is anal."

...Well, you suppose you've fucked butts before but she's making it sound like it's pretty important and different.

"Well, to be fair you're just so hot and kind about this that it's just not making me feel threatened at all. It's just really great consensual sex." You try to explain your line of thought a bit first before moving on, and admittedly you are pretty curious about what she has to teach you here. "So anal has a completely different approach to it, I take it?"

"Yep! You've tried it with your girls already I can guess, but touhoumon are more...accepting and actually can more easily enjoy getting fucked in the ass than a human woman can. Anal can be enjoyable for both parties, but it takes a bit of work from the guy for a girl to enjoy it." Samantha rolls over onto her hands and knees and crawls a bit away from you before she shifts, lying down with her ass up in the air as she wiggles it enticingly at you, making you hard yet again with casual ease as she shows off those child bearing hips and that cracking ass. Somehow, an amazingly beautiful human is even more erotic than touhoumon in some ways. "Also, go slow and careful until the fuckee is nice and loosened up, and make sure you're slick enough to provide the lubrication you need. That won't be a problem for us after what we did, but it might in other cases."

You move over to her since she just looks so inviting, and note that yes, your cock is so coated in sex juices that you'd be surprised if you couldn't slide it in. Still... "Okay, so maybe something like this first...?" You wick some of that cum off your cock and gently start to rub her pucker with it to see if she'd respond to something relatively gentle.

Her tight rear is soft and moves easily at the tug of your finger as you try to get her ready to take you. Samantha giggles at something she feels while you try to get ready and then her own hands reach back. She grabs a hold of other side of her rear and pulls, tugging open her tight ass and making it look like it's good enough now for you to start trying to slip into. Her pussy lies just below that, still slick and dirtied with the results of your love maker just before.

...Sometimes you wonder if it wouldn't be possible to temporarily have two dicks somehow, because that's just... damn. Still, you're only endowed with one shaft, so you take the tip and press it against her pucker, then slowly ease it in rather than pound into her. You're not sure if you're going at the right pace or not, but this is why she's making a point of teaching you.

Her slightly opened rear entrance tightens around your tip as you press it up against it, making you shiver with delight at what being inside of her will be like here. You have to carefully prod, getting that response each time as her body reacts to the entry before you manage to slip your tip in, and then her hot, tight ass immediately clenches down on it, making you stop as you gasp at the sensations. She loosens up a bit, enough for you to start rocking your hips forward bit by bit, slowly slipping more of your dick into her at a steady pace. Being the one in control though...it doesn't feel bad.

Neither does being fully inserted into her ass. You have to take a short rest once you've slipped all the way inside her before doing anything else, because that tightness is just something else entirely. Like she said, this isn't the first time you've had anal, but there's something about her tight ass that feels good. That aside, you start to thrust in and out ever so gently, knowing that she might be able to take more faster but you are supposed to feel out and learn how to do this properly. So you just take it slow while having your hands on her curvy waist for support.

Samantha lets out quiet, suppressed sounds as you slowly start to move your hips, rolling your shaft around inside of her as she clenches down on you. Each movement, each thrust or withdrawal is difficult for you in the most amazing of ways, and you can feel yourself leaking from your tip in excitement already as you bottom out in her again. "Hah, so you're an anal kind of guy? I had you pegged for the missionary position while holding hands."

"Actually, my-" You take a sharp breath as your cock is assaulted from all sides with sweet pleasure. "-I'm pretty varied in what I like. I've been exposed to quite a few things, but I like it best when my partner and I are both getting off to the act...!" Good grief, you're going to give up and cum inside her at this rate!

"Is that so?" She asks as she suddenly pushes her ass back into you as you thrust forward, spamming your cock into her with a slap as she forces a gasp out of you. Samantha smirks at you over her shoulder, eyes showing how amused she is with your cute voice, "Well, much as I enjoy being stuffed, only one of us is gonna get off from you pumping my ass like this."

You get the hint and pick up the pace, not wanting to fail her this far into things. Disruption aside it's not even that hard to find a rhythm, though you keep an eye on her reactions to see what kind of rhythm she seems to enjoy most. Like everything else, it's a hands-on learning experience when figuring out her weak points, because she's not drawing a map for you.

Though didn't she say something about enjoying having her breasts played with when she's fucked like this? You try your best to reach around to her chest and in an admittedly somewhat clumsy manner try to milk them while thrusting into her, taking care not to be too rough about it.

Samantha's whole body tenses wonderfully as you lie down against her, pushing your hips flush to her plush ass and diving the deepest into her you've been while wrapping your arms around her and grabbing each of her breasts. Her throaty hum as you knead and caress her breasts and how she pushes back into you makes your head spin with arousal and lust while your hips still buck and thrust in and out of her, savoring each and every last sensation that's being forced on you, "Theeeeere you go..." She speaks up to praise you, voice husky as she does so, "That's nice, and another point you've learned. Pay attention to what your partner tells you she likes, and don't forget it. You might not be a purest boy ever, but you're more than exploitable and cute enough to make up for it.”
"Nice to know I live up to your lofty standards despite not being pure enough to corrupt entirely on your own." There's a smile on your face and a teasing tone in your voice as you keep it up, noting that somehow you're maintaining a balance and you're probably going to mess up that breathing part of it now that you're aware of it. Of course, you need to be at least somewhat able to maintain that since you're supposed to be on top and not completely giving in to Samantha's hot body and declaring her your mistress.
Your hips are moving faster and all on their own now, thrusting and moving into her as she pushes back into you so your bodies clash together in a wet, loud slapping of flesh that leaves you thrust as deep into her as you can be, her ass clenching tight around you as if to keep you inside as you pull back out. Your hands have found the trick to her now and your squeeze her breasts in a milking motion from where they start to the nipples, occasionally tweaking or tugging at them before going back to milking her again. "Hey now, I don't corrupt them." She sniffs, insulted at the mere thought of it, "It's best when you make them fall for you and corrupt themselves. It's one thing to seduce them with simple seduction, and another thing entirely to get them to come onto me first...in more ways than one, often times."

"You have quite the knack for teasing them onto that path then." Honestly, this is downright fun. The fact that she seems to be getting off to it too just makes it all the better. "Had we met when you still drew breath and I wasn't as I am, but a purer boy, I'm certain I would fall into your depths just as easily." Then again, that presumes that any mon or mons you had in that scenario kept you away from her, seeing as the fiery woman seemed to be something of a seductress.

"If I hadn't carked it here and we'd met, I'd have seduced you and made you into my apprentice slash fuck buddy slash double battle partner." She informs you as she pushes back into you and clenches tight again holding you there as you feel that delightful pressure in your loins building up. Your hands keep moving, milking and kneading her glorious chest for all that you can while you pant and shudder atop her back, losing yourself mind and body to the pleasure of the moment.

You're still doing your best to keep everything balanced, and it's getting harder as it gets better. "Would you have made me call you mistress, master, or big sis?" You ask, still somewhat teasing yet fearing what your response to her response may be. You're... not really sure you're ready to acknowledge being a sis-con if you really are one.

"Hmmm...why don't you call me what my girls did? 'Onee-sama' is as good a title as any, since they said it means I'm their big sister. Plus, I like how it sounds. Kinda foreign in a cool way." Samantha suggests to you, still seemingly casually unaffected by your best efforts, even if she's obviously enjoying them as she grinds her hips against you, stirring your dick around inside of her tight hole.

...Dear Shinki, didn't- no, no, get off that line of thought. You do not need to bring up how Merlin teased you about calling you something similar before that week-long sexfest. "I think I'd be walking a dangerous road if I were to casually acknowledging you as a big sister figure while having mind-blowing sex with you." The tease in your tone is gone, replaced with careful neutrality as you keep working her over as best you can.

That little mental shock was enough to keep you from orgasming immediately, but the sensations and enjoyment quickly overwhelm the thoughts and worries you were having there as you feel the pressure return as sure as day shortly enough, telling you that a messy end is coming your way soon. Samantha chuckles to herself, "Just call my Samantha or whatever you want then, as long as it's not Sammie." You feel her shift underneath you and then her legs wrap around your hips, pulling you deep into her and holding you there as they wrap around you. She tenses her whole body, crushing down on your penis as her warmth invades you, "If you call me Sammie, I'll deck ya...!"

You don't give up on trying to please her right back, but with her gripping you with her legs like that it'd take a miracle for you to not just hug her from behind as tight as you can while you unload your seed right into her hot, tight ass...! All you know is that you're feeling that pleasurable pressure build within you rapidly, and you're going to surrender to her body really soon!

As you bottom out in her ass one last time, you feel the pleasure overwhelm you and force you past your limit. Your orgasm hits your hard and long, you hips shaking as you buck into her as much as you can on instinct. Your mind is full of white hot pleasure, but you can still hear Samantha let out a long, lewd moan as you unload into her. Eventually though, your senses come back to as you pant atop her, Samantha's legs still holding you deep in her ass, "Hahaaa...wow. Yeah, that was about the best send off I could have hoped for." She speaks, her tone wistful as she looks ahead of her.

You try to steady your breath as best as you can as you hug her from behind just as tight. "Glad I could help, and thanks again for the lesson. ...Big sis." You couldn't help but add on that last part teasingly.

Samantha's shoulders shake as she laughs, "Like I said, call me what you want as long as it's not Sammie." One hand reaches up and strokes your face once as she lets out a sigh, "Ah well, looks like we're running out time, you and I. Still, it was fun while it lasted, and I managed to teach you a few things you won't ever forget as a lover."

"...Oh right, I should help you as a trainer too, huh? Hmmmm..." She closes her eyes in thought before they snap back open, "Got it! Get one of your girls to learn coin toss so that you've got an extra source of income besides rolling chumps for pocket change. If you can't do that, learn how to pick out your marks well so you don't waste too much of your time."

"Alright, thanks!" Granted, you're not sure if any of your current group of girls could even learn that move, but it would be worth it since it basically seemed to produce money from nowhere. Though you know you're pretty much out of time now. "Thanks for everything, Samantha, and good luck on the other side." You rub her back as you say that, purposely avoiding hitting any arousal spots as you give that affectionate gesture.

"Thanks. Good luck to you too, and try not to get killed..." She twists herself, showing an impressive degree of flexibility as she shifts and tugs you down, pressing a wet kiss onto your cheek and then grinning cheekily at you as you feel yourself start to fade, "...Lil' bro."

...Your final regret as you fade out is that her teasing turned you on again.
 No. 34271
>Personally, I love being milked while being fucked from behind, the weight of my cute partner pressing down on my back as he learns all kinds of wonderful things about older girls and explores for himself,

 No. 34543
File 139447167871.png - (879.42KB, 710x800, Not the Alice you're thinking of.png) [iqdb]
Another girl, another bit of floating about in some void or other with only your thoughts to occupy you. Samantha had done you quite the favor by teaching you all that she did, and helping you reach a few conclusions that you honestly would not have thought of by yourself. The fact that she was taking advantage of you as well was... honestly, it was good for you as much as it was her and she was a nice person, so it didn't bother you. Knowing what to keep an eye out for, however, would definitely be a good thing.

Honestly, it was a downright shame that she couldn't be your living travel partner for a while, and the other thing that dawns on you is that you wish she came first so that you could know enough about how to pleasure a human woman to really give Erika a proper send-off. Of course, that boat's sailed and she's off to reincarnate or go to heaven or wherever it is ghosts go to when they pass on, so moping won't help. What you need to focus on is how to apologize to Lyrica for being as insensitive to her as you were. It is wholly ironic though, seeing as you were looking out for her but not for what she wanted.

You can't help but worry about it though. Now that you've had your eyes opened to it, you realize that your actions have probably been upsetting and worrying Lyrica even more than you had thought they might. The last thing you want to do is hurt or upset her, but it seems like you don't even know precisely what will when, or how much it will. Before you can think further on the subject though, you find yourself being tugged towards consciousness again. Ah...what is it this time, you have to wonder. You've already met with Erika and Samantha.

You're not quite sure who it is this time, but you're feeling a touch uneasy for some reason. It's not like the feeling of dread when you were encountering the trapped wraiths of the mansion, but it still feels oddly familiar. There were certainly enough wraiths in the mansion, and there were at least a few more left that you had run into, but why did this one feel so off?

Your eyes white out...and then for a moment you think they've pinked out. But no, it's not that pink is filling your vision in that sense of the word, but rather...that you've ended up in a very pink place. You are currently in a room in which all the furniture, the walls, the fuzzy carpeting, and the blinds on the windows are pink. There is a small amount of white detailing here and there, but for the most part it is just varying shades of pink.

How garish.

You look about, wondering where the next visitor is. Seeing as both prior rooms temporarily held Erika and Samantha respectively, you have to wonder whose room this is.

You don't see anyone around though, which is rather odd. The room itself is furnished like a particularly pink bedroom, with a large bed with two bedside tables, a cabinet, a chest of drawers and other such furniture being scattered about it. You pick up movement in the corner of your vision and you see the blinds shift slightly and pick up on the sweet smell of flowers with the slightest hint of...copper?

A few moments later, you see the blinds get pulled towards the window, and then flutter back away from it again. Then it repeats, pulling towards the window and then pushing away, and keeps doing so.

You're feeling increasingly nervous as this goes on, but you decide to go investigate that strange set of blinds anyway. You're not sure if it's smart or stupid of you to do so, but this is starting to worry you.

As you draw closer to it you can feel a warm, slightly moist wind wash over you, the scent of flowers and that hint of copper getting stronger as you approach. You're standing right in front of the curtains now. It will just take reaching out and grabbing them to pull them apart and find out what is waiting for you behind them.

You... you just scoot the curtains and move them aside just enough to where you can look out from the window, as you're now quite certain that that 'wind' isn't from anything... well, you wouldn't call it unnatural but you would call it strange. Especially since that much was moving about at once.

You scoot the curtains aside and are greeted by a familiar and far healthier looking, face. Her eyes are bright blue and her hair is blonde and in lovely, intricate curls that cascade all around her head. Judging by her expression she is exceedingly happy to see you, drawing in an excited breath that makes your clothes pull towards her as she notices you noticing her. As you take all this in, one thing dominates your mind more than any of the others, and that is that she seems to be a good bit...bigger, than you remember.

In fact, she's so big that you're just a little intimidated by it. She could easily pick you up with one hand, and you're not quite sure what she'd be capable of with you as small as a... doll... Oh good Shinki, relative sizing sucks.

"Ah, he found us! See, you told me that he'd take longer to find us, but he found us right away!" The girl says excitedly, bringing something, or perhaps someone, up to see you too. In her hand you can see a familiar doll whose features you can study far better now that you're about the same size as her and not trapped in an eternally dark hellhouse. The doll has long, straight blonde hair and her bangs cover her eyes entirely. Her face is extremely detailed and painted with 'makeup'. Her lips seem to be quirked up in a slight, small smile. It's the smile of a person who knows that something good is coming to them. It is a smile that does not comfort you overly much.

The giant girl pulls the doll closer to her ear, her expression changing to one of rapt interest as she listens to what it is apparently saying, nodding occasionally, "Oh...we should play a game with him? You're right! He already won hide-and-seek, so what should we play next?"

Okay, that went from being worrisome to somewhat terrifying. Especially since you already know that the doll seemed to have a mind of its own and seemed to enjoy actively trying to screw you over while the mansion was wraith-infested. You have a feeling that the doll's method of screwing you is likely to change soon.

"...Ooooh, we should play House? That sounds like fun-Hm?" Her bright eyes blink once as she's apparently cut off mid-sentence while she was gushing about playing house with you...or, using you to play house given how big you are in scale to her, "Oh...you want to play Mommy and Daddy with him? But you don't have a baby!"

She gasps a little bit at what she's told, "...Make a baby..?" She covers her mouth with one dainty, pale hand as she blushes across the bridge of her nose and her cheeks.

You know, you really aren't surprised by this turn of events, given what's happened with Erika and Samantha. This is just several times more terrifying. Especially since you have no idea how this is going to play out, and the girl's not likely to hear you, or consider any objections you may have.

"...It will feel good?" She responds, "It'll make you happy and feel good? Well...okay, I'll help if that's what you want to play!" She decides, looking back as you as her other hand moves and grasps the roof of the building, opening it up as apparently it's on a hinge. Of course you'd be in a dollhouse. A very well furnished one.

Welp, there goes any illusion about this being anything resembling a safe place, seeing as it's her space and not yours. Is there anywhere you could even get to that she couldn't reach you? Something like this would probably be fully furnished and easily rearranged by bored hands if it came to that.

Well, you suppose there's that fully functional, and exceedingly pink with heart decals, door that's sitting at one end of the room. She's only peering in at you at the moment, and instead of reaching for you she's putting the doll into the room, setting her down sitting upright on the bed, "You stay here and start, I'll go get some things!" She tells you, the doll or both of you before she closes the lid/roof on the house and quickly rushes away, her skirt flaring and giving you a glimpse of her legs as she runs off.

You start to walk toward the door, but you have the sneaking suspicion that the doll's going to cut off any avenue of escape the moment she realizes what you're doing. In fact, you look back at her while fully expecting it. She did manage to tie your shoelaces together when you weren't looking before. Her being able to move coherently isn't out of the question.

Sure enough, between the moment you look away and look back, the doll has shifted on the bed and is now staring at you, that same smile on her face. No, wait...is it a little bit bigger now? This thing...just what's up with it?

"Changing how you're planning on screwing me, I take it?" You ask, deciding to lean against the wall and look at her with a raised eyebrow. You figure that maybe she can't move if you're looking at her, like a Weeping Celestial. The problem is that if she does work on a quantum observation principle, she can start doing things the moment you look away, and you're not totally sure you can keep an eye on her twenty-four seven here.

And then there comes the ever so slightly more immediate problem. Namely that...well, you've got to blink. Even now you can feel your eyes starting to itch, your body’s natural needs betraying you in a way that's a bit different from how they usually do. Her expression...you'd almost swear that her smile was growing almost imperceptibly!

You squint your eyes as you try to keep them open, but you know you've only got a few more seconds... Screw it, you blink and try to do so as fast as possible. Knowing how she's worked so far, that miniscule window was probably all she needed.

Even with as fast as you blink, before you open your eyes you feel a strong grip wrap around your waist. Your eyes snap open as fast as they can, and you find your sight partially obscured by long, blond hair. The doll's head rests on your shoulder now, her arms wrapped around your upper and lower back as she holds you to her, leaning up against you. She...She hasn't done anything yet? Well...aside from put a hand on your butt, but that's just sitting there passively groping without moving.

Well, there goes any chance of you getting away. Still, she's being awfully restrained about this, at least compared to how you thought this would go. Does she perhaps possess some measure of restraint, or is she just interested in cuddling/foreplay?

You can only wait and wonder just what she's got in store for you as you've yet to blink again. Still, being held by her like this isn't...bad. She's cool and kind of firm and her grip is strong but she's not actively trying to hurt you. It might just be how you've learned to react to this kind of affection though.

...Ah, she smells really nice. Getting it up close like this from her lets you really enjoy that flowery scent. Somehow, the copper undertones don't seem as prominent or unpleasant anymore.

You just let her hold you like this while wishing you could talk with her proper, since she seems to not be actively trying to harm you. Well, this is a dream and there's no real way to get out of this, so you close your eyes and hug her back.

As soon as you close your eyes, you can feel something happening, in very rapid order you can feel your clothing being undone and stripped off of you as the doll manhandles you with ease, demonstrating that she's extremely strong for her size...which she'd have to be, given she undid the knots on your shoes. Something you should have realized sooner, you suppose. You feel her bodily pick you up as she takes your aforementioned shoes, pants and underpants off in short order, one after another, leaving you entirely naked and exploitable. She feels...extremely cool against you now, making you shiver as you feel her press up against you with her unnatural, artificial body. Cool lips and colder 'breath' touch your neck as you feel her tauntingly kiss you there. Somehow though, having this done to you by her is enough to turn you on, your shaft growing harder as it rubs up against her smooth, porcelain skin. It might have been accidental at first, but the moment you feel your shaft slip between those porcelain thighs of hers you know that she's doing this to torment you. But...even so, it feels good in a weird way. The cool, smooth and unyielding porcelain somehow feels nice with you sandwiched between her thighs, the top of your shaft rubbing against her crotch as she holds you there. She has you completely trapped now, with no means of escape...even if you wanted to.

The doll's manhandling of you did make you want to open your eyes and see what she's doing, but she'd probably just stop mid-motion if you did that. Her cool body isn't unpleasant to you, and you start to actively rub your cock against her smooth thighs. In between all that, you have to wonder just how anatomically correct she is. Porcelain is pretty unyielding to flesh after all... And that thought makes you a touch nervous. If she's going to insert you, how is she going to do it?

You hear her giggle softly, her voice echoing unnaturally as she starts to move with your own movements, matching each of your thrusts with her own to pump you back and forth along he smooth skin. It feels...weird, but so good somehow. She grabs onto your neck with a kiss and sucks, making you shudder outright from how good that feels as she starts to move her hips faster and more eagerly, pumping you between her thighs as you enjoy the feeling. Ah...is this why some people swear by Alice and Medicine mon? This unnatural pleasure of being played with by a doll...even if it's a bit humiliating, it feels so good anyway...or maybe because it is.

Ah, you're leaking out already now. Your pre-cum is dribbling from your tip and being spread all along your length and those cold thighs with each movement she makes. She pulls off of her long draw on your neck and coos at you teasingly, a hand playing with your hair as the one on your rear continue to guide you in your movements, making it all the more like she's playing with you like a toy.

You're blushing hard and feel more than a little embarrassed by this, but what can you do? You've allowed her to have her way with you, and you're reciprocating to a degree. Though she's definitely controlling the action more than you thought...

Even as you realize that and wonder if you were ever really in control at all or if she was just always pulling at your strings to get what she wanted, you feel yourself being pushed closer and closer to your limit of restraint. Even now you're dirtying those wonderful porcelain thighs more readily as you get ready for it. Her own hips move faster and faster in response until...

...she stops. She stops entirely right as you're on that awful, frustrating cusp of an orgasm. Your whole body cries out at you in frustration at how you were denied completion even as you hear her giggle mockingly in your ear, her arms still holding you tight. So, this is her plan...?

You start to squirm and moan as she brings you to the brink, and feel annoyed as she truly starts to play with you by denying you release. You keep your eyes shut since you doubt opening them would improve your situation at this point.

She holds you tight as you feel her start to shift how she's standing, grinding your shaft between her legs as she moves her weight from one foot to the other, rubbing it around between all that smooth porcelain. She's not letting you come down from that edge at all, purposefully keep you there as she enjoys every last bit of your reaction. You feel her having pulled away from your neck and you've got no doubt that she's staring directly at your face, enjoying your every reaction and squirm.

And you're certainly giving her quite the show, as you're quite expressive and have some weak points that don't take too much effort to find. You're still trying to keep your eyes shut if only to avoid looking her in the eye. Which is probably exactly what she wants.

She doesn't stop though, she doesn't let you orgasm either. She just keeps her smooth thighs moving as she holds you tight against her, both hands wrapped around your back as she rolls her hips around, squeezing your shaft between her thighs before she squeezes them a bit tighter. It's not enough to push you over the limit though, and you're left increasingly unsatisfied and lustful between those cold, merciless thighs of hers. That mocking, taunting giggle reaches you again plays with you so happily.

You start to try to thrust your hips of your own accord, trying to reach a release. She's clearly going to mess with you until you somehow manage to get release on your own terms, so you start to rub your shaft against her thighs of your own accord on purpose. This clearly cannot go wrong.

Yet...even as you do so she doesn't stop you. Instead she just laughs a little bit harder, a little bit more mockingly as you lose yourself to it, thrusting faster and faster between her thighs as you come all the way to the brink of orgasm and then past it. You can't make yourself care though. It feels so good between her thighs that you don't mind that she is making fun of you as orgasm, your thick seed spraying out and making a mess of the floor as she rocks her weight back and forth, giving you a bit of complimentary service as you finish. You only really realize the weight of you you've done after your mind eventually clears of the pleasurable post-orgasm haze.

Did you just... She's trying to make you break yourself on her, and she's winning! That evil little...! You can't exactly force her off you considering that she is physically stronger than you, nor can you slip out of her grip even if you were to open your eyes now. She's positioned a little too well for that, which makes your position doubly frustrating. Can you even move your arms as you are, or does she have those pinned too?

Now that you give them a movement, you can feel that your arms are bound to your side...and then she shifts, letting you have free movement of them as her grip is suddenly around your torso instead while her other grip on certain parts of your anatomy remains frustratingly, intoxicatingly present. This doll...what's she doing, letting you move like that?

There's at least one potential answer, and one you're pretty sure you don't really like. She can completely overpower you, yet she's opting to just tease you while giving you a little freedom. You test to see what kind of strength she has first, trying to push her off a bit first, though you get the feeling that you won't be able to.

She doesn't move at all, and you're given a warning squeeze in more ways than one as she gives you a taste of how pleasure and pain can meld together to become even more intoxicating than pleasure alone. You can almost imagine the smile on her face now, that smug little grin as she stares at you from behind those bangs.

You stop resisting and slide your hands around to feel up her rear seeing as you're not getting anywhere with this. You squeeze her porcelain-like body gently as you caress her ass, and see if she's anatomically correct or not.

Well, she's certainly incredibly shapely. Her body is cold and unyielding even as you hear her giggle and coo excitedly, rubbing her thighs together delightfully to reward you for being such a good and eager boy and stopping being so stiff...in the ways she didn't want you to be stiff, anyway. Her ass is...like it was carved to be a masterpiece, which you guess makes sense given that she's a doll and all that.

You feel your face heat up in response to that seeing as your manhood is still very much trapped between those masterpiece thighs, and you find yourself bucking a bit in response even though you kind of don't want to. It seems like she just doesn't have any give to her, but she can still feel your hands on her rump somehow and derive pleasure from it.

It's either that or you suppose it just might be the very act of you squeezing her rear that she enjoys and not any tactile response. You yourself enjoy the tactile response plenty, enjoying the feel of her smooth, comfortable rear. The way her voice reaches you, her giggles and quiet croons of pleasure encouraging you on as you hear quiet whispering distantly that you can't focus on, the pleasure of this doll playing with you being all too much. Just being played with between her thighs already has your shaft rock hard and leaking again already. Parts of you so desperately want to see what other kinds of games she'll use you as a toy to play.

You wind up doing your best to kiss her on the cheek then, finding yourself caring less and less about the situation as she encourages you to give yourself over to her in full, or perhaps to start reciprocating properly. One hand continues to massage her rear, while the other starts to rub her back. Odds are good masseur tactics would be useless here, but if she likes her ass being rubbed, perhaps she can appreciate other areas being rubbed too?

She keeps up the movements, shifting her hips faster and faster as your excited cock gets rubbed more and more between those smooth, cool thighs of her. Even as you feel yourself approach your limit she doesn't slow down this time, and shows no signs of hesitating as you reach orgasm. She's already begun to match your thrusts with her own so your cock is mercilessly dirtying her thighs again as you achieve release. Ah, you're going crazy like this! If her thighs are so good, what other kinds of things could she do?

You're making quite the array of noises that Samantha had deemed so cute and erotic, which is probably music to the doll's ears as well seeing as it meant you were really enjoying this. One of your hands reaches for her chest before you know it, and you begin to gently squeeze and rub it as you sort out what makes her feel the best, even if it might not do any good.

All you feel on her body is smooth, featureless and wonderfully cool porcelain that soothes the heat rushing through you, the excitement of your orgasm still in your body as you pant. Just between her thighs, and she's already gotten you twice without breaking a sweat? What about this girl makes it feel so good? It's like just touching her is making you feel pleasure, you realize as you run your hand across her smooth chest. The shape of it is there, but there's nothing for you to play with sadly as it's as firm as her rear.

That's the only sad thing, really. She reacts just like a flesh and blood girl, but there's just no pleasantly pliant softness for you to play with. Not that it stops you from trying, and since her apparently happy sounds haven't exactly stopped, you guess it must somehow be good for her too.

You feel her shift, that giggle of hers being music to your ears as you feel her hands, articulated and amazingly dexterous, slowly slide up your body, feeling every last inch of you before they reach your head and pull you towards her. Cool lips touch your own and you feel a wonderful shock of pleasure run through you as she opens up your mouth with her own. Ah, the kiss feels so amazing too! It's like you could just...melt away into its numbing pleasure. It feels...familiar.

You can't help but try to recall why you know this sensation, and at first it's a little bit troublesome... Yet even as she's kissing you you start to recall a little bit, which becomes a brief surge as you recall your Prismrivers doing something similar to you. But they weren't trying to hurt you. What about this doll though?!

You can hear that giggle as it rises up to a cackle, being audible even as she kisses you and her inhuman strength holds you in place in a mocking example of a lover's embrace. Those thighs of hers slide forward and back, pumping you mercilessly between what you now realize was just a pleasant ruse to keep you off balance and make you easily pliable. Who knows just how long she's been leeching off of you now?

You start to struggle fruitlessly as she effortlessly pins you in place under her, knowing what she's doing and not at all trusting her to stop before she hurts you. Though knowing what you do of her personality, she's probably just going to enjoy this even more!

Your resistance only makes her pleasure your harder, making her movements faster and more excited as she starts to show you just what she can do when she's being earnest. What she's doing to you with her thighs now...it makes what you went through before seem like nothing! Is she...drawing energy from you there too? You can feel a strange sensation on the top of your length as she grinds that along her crotch.

You pant and moan more as you feel your tip slide along the doll's crotch, partly wanting to give in and let her drink from you but mostly wanting to open your eyes and try to make her stop briefly. It takes some effort, but you manage to force your eyes open to hopefully make her freeze in place, assuming that works anymore.

She freezes still, ceasing all movement entirely now as you stare at her. Her lips are still pressed against your and your shaft is still trapped between her legs. Her curtain of hair is still hiding her eyes from you, but you're almost sure you can see a dull glow behind them. Those cool, merciless lips are pressed against yours, but the suction sensation has stopped for the moment.

Well, you got her to stop, but on the flip side you're just as stuck as you were before. Her porcelain thighs are coated with enough of your seed to where you could probably at least get your dick out, but she's still got you pinned almost perfectly. Helped in no small part by the fact that you just cannot break free of her, nor can you keep your eyes open forever. In fact, you can't even move your lips from hers. You're just... stuck. Stuck and feeling like you need her to keep fucking you as she was, but that's just...

...That's just dangerous, given what you think she's doing to you. This ghost, even though you can't see her eyes you can feel that mocking gaze of hers through her bangs. As you wiggle though...wait, it feels like...even though she's got you pinned, there might be enough room to wiggle down and free! That'd mean you'd have to slide along her body and then through her legs though to get away...!

You have to keep your eyes on her too, which is the hard part, but you take advantage of the situation to start shifting yourself downward and along her smooth, perfectly crafted body. Honestly, if she were soft and warm like Merlin and didn't feel like she was actively trying to suck you dry you'd never be able to get away. As it stands though, she's just freaking you out more and more. You continue slipping away, and your head is about level with her crotch. You'd be a touch surprised if her porcelain womanhood was anything more than a well-crafted analogue. Beyond that, you're almost out of her grip!

Her crotch is an erotic mess after what she's made you do to it, something that is a bit unpleasant to slide past even as you do so. The way this doll positioned herself makes it so that even though you're slid down out of her arms you're still not home free yet, you just...need to not blink...!

Your eyes are starting to water a bit again, but you refuse to close them again yet. You want at least a door between her and you before you take even that much time to relax. Before you know it, you're successfully sliding from between her legs without letting your eyes off her, which is starting to become downright impressive. Amazing what one can do when one is scared of being sucked to death by a doll of questionable motive!

As you almost slip between her legs, keeping your gaze on her perfectly smooth and blemish-free body you can’t help but be distracted by her. Ah, she really is amazing and lovely, isn't she? You almost want to just keep sitting here, staring up at her from beneath her. A sudden bang gets your attention, as your head whips to look in the direction of it. You realize your mistake just a moment to late as you hear the quiet 'whoosh' of air being displaced as 'she' moves. You find yourself on the floor flat on your back, and as you manage to snap your gaze up in her direction, you only do so in time for you to see her lovingly crafted porcelain ass descending onto your face. Her hands have already got a lock on both of your wrists and pinned them to the floor, and between that and her putting a considerable amount of pressure on them, you find yourself with no recourse to her using you as a stool.

The more you experience her, the more you find yourself wishing she was at least soft and not made out of porcelain, because her shapely ass would be nice to feel if it weren't cold and hard. Aside from that, what is she going to do now...?
 No. 34544
She seems content to grind her ass against your face, rubbing in your shameful defeat and failure to escape as you hear her giggle tauntingly above you. You can feel her legs moving and shifting now, stretching out long across your body as she arcs her back...before bringing them back down and placing your hard shaft between both chilly, porcelain feet, squeezing you lightly between them for the moment.

Well, you can at least say you tried to escape from the sadistic doll. That porcelain ass is cool to the touch and she seems to be forcing you to not look at her, thus eliminating how you managed to escape from her the last time. You make a muffled moan in response to her putting your still sensitive cock between her feet, somewhat lamenting your utter helplessness.

Somewhat lamenting, though a part of you revels in it. Somehow, having this forced on you like this by this doll, being pleasured while being utterly helpless as she begins to move her feet up and down together to pump your shaft between those wonderfully cool and firm feet of hers...it makes it even better.

You can't help but moan more and buck your hips up a bit since she's just not stopping, and your willingness to squirm away from her like before is starting to wane as well. She's got you pinned too well for you to escape, so all you can do is take it until she either decides to stop or milk you dry so she can take you with her.

She just giggles again, mockingly grinding that wonderfully shapely rear against you in a display of dominance and ownership as she rewards you for submitting to her by using her feet even more skillfully, sliding the cool porcelain up and down faster and faster up and down your hypersensitive length. Her thumbs rub sensually along your wrists in a parody of a lover’s gesture, fueling your emotions even further.

Yet she's just doing it to mock and screw with you further! You have no idea how long she's going to go on for, just that you're scared that she's going to go too far and that- You let out a lewd, muffled moan as your seed squirts out from her effort, completely shutting off your train of thought for a couple moments.

She keeps up the pumping for a little while longer, wringing out more of your sticky white stuff while keeping up her taunting, mocking rubbing and grinding of you. When your seed stops spraying out, she pumps you only thrice more and then stops herself. You hear a creaking noise and the squeak of metal joints as something happens above you, and a voice that fills you with dread gasps. Ah, the giant little girl is back with whatever she went off to get.

"...Oh wow, you made as big a mess as those books said, Clarice!" She sounds excited, "Oh, you enjoyed it? I'm so glad!" You can hear the larger sister clap her hands together excitedly, "Eh? He makes cute noises? He squeaks? Ehehehe, what a wonderful toy!" She coos at you and you feel a brief moment of fear as a large finger brushes along your chest...only to realize that she's picking up the doll and not you.

Okay, you'd sigh but you get the feeling that it's far, far too early to actually relax since you get the feeling that the girl's going to involve herself in her doll's antics which means you're not done being played with by a long shot. It's weird how you're scared and aroused right now though.

"Ah, Clarice! You're such a mess!" The Giant Little Girl remarks to her doll, scrunching her face up in what is a positively, amazingly adorable expression as she looks her doll up and down, "We can't play Mommy and Daddy right if you're already that much of a mess!" She chides her doll, waving her finger at it with a childish expression of indignation on her face. "...Sweet? Like jam?" She blinks, looking surprised, "Really? Okay, I'll clean you up like that time then!" She agrees easily enough, all smiles as she brings the doll closer to her mouth...

...and opens it up, her tongue coming out and then running along that doll’s beautiful legs. The warm, pink thing rubs along the mess you made of her feet as she lets out a happy hum at the taste of your mess. The Giant Little Girl spreads open her dolls legs and puts her lips to its crotch, noisily cleaning it up and putting on an erotic show for you at the same time without seemingly intending too. The doll's head lulls, staring at you with her bangs parted enough to reveal a gleam of light. She knows how much you're enjoying this, and you can almost hear her whisper to you and accuse you of wanting to be the one being licked.

Of course, you're not even going to bother responding to the doll seeing as she's such a jerk and would only continue being a jerk to you. Not that she's entirely wrong either, you like the concept of getting licked... you're just not entirely sure you like the concept of having it done to you in this kind of scenario.

She lets go with a slurp, leaving the doll clean of your seed but still quite wet after having been cleaned up so...efficiently, "There you go Clarice! Do you want to play Mommy and Daddy now?"

"...Hmm?" She tilts her head to the side as she listens to her doll, eyes widening and lighting up with understanding as she's apparently told what to do next, "He's dirty too, so I need to clean him up first? Oh, you're right Clarice!"

...That's worrying.

You’re going from getting fucked and drained by a doll to being sucked on by a 'little' girl who seems more than happy to use her mouth to clean you up. This scenario just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

She shifts how she's holding the doll, gently holding her now in her left hand as she reaches for you with the right. You never bothered to rise up from your position on your back, perhaps because of your passive submission and acceptance of your place as her toy. Her hand is incredibly warm and soft as she gently picks you up, her fingers shift to support you like the most comfortable chair you've ever been in as she smiles down at you, pulling you closer to those great, big, blue eyes. "You're so cute!" She gushes as she holds in front of her and those blue eyes look over you without a sense of shame, "I'd think you were a little girl like Clarice if it wasn't for your dingle dongle~!" She giggles at that, apparently entertained by her words.

"I-I'm not that girlish...!" Okay, so Yumeko liked to put you in dresses when you were younger, that doesn't mean you're going to stay that way forever! Of course, her looking you over like that just makes the embarrassment even worse since she likely doesn't even recognize you as a person so much as a toy to play with. It doesn't help that she's not entirely wrong on that count, given the size discrepancy.

"Yes you are." She replies, pouting at you as you attempt to deny your girlishness. There's nothing girly about you at all though, not your legs or your hips or your shoulders or your-crud. I mean, it's not like there's a lot of people to compare yourself to though! There's Abbot and, well, you're not gonna compare yourself to him. Then there's Costello and that guy makes some adult men look girlish.

And the only women around who you could compare yourself to are pretty much shining examples of the male fantasy in terms of physical attributes, so you can't really compare yourself to them either. ...You could ask your girls what they think once you wake up from this, assuming you do. "Well, what about me makes me girly?" You ask of the 'little' girl, wondering how she can reach such a conclusion.

"...You look like a girl except your dingle dongle." She replies, her fingers starting to move and touch different parts of you and squeeze you lightly in a way that's very pleasing to you, "You've legs like Clarice and your hips aren't as big as hers but they're still there, and you're kinda skinny and you've got a cute voice." She squeezes you a bit tighter, getting a peep out of you, "That sounds only a little deeper than ours! See?" She holds you up to Clarice to let you compare yourself to her, holding you both by a finger and thumb around your torso so you can see clearly. 'Clarice' is...skinny and lithe, girlish unlike many of the girls you've met who tend to be very 'womanly'.

And aside from the ass and bust, you're starting to wonder if this girl's forced stint as a wraith knocked some screws loose over time. After all, you can't really be mistaken for a girl... except you're light, lithe, and easy to carry off and you aren't exactly done growing yet so of course your voice isn't going to sound too far off from a girl's. You hope you're the one in the right and the girl isn't at least. "I still don't think I'm girly." You pout a bit in turn as you have to try to drive back the conclusion that you're girly enough to pass off as a girl. The last thing you need is for your girls to take up Yume's old hobby of dressing you up in various outfits.

The Giant Little Girl pouts at you, looking rather put out that you won't just listen to her. She perks up though and turns her attention to the doll across from you, something that makes your stomach develop a cold pit, "Hm? Oh? Uh-huh...oh!" The Giant Little Girl giggles, "You really think we should put him in a dress if he can't accept it? Well...you're about the same size, so one of yours should fit him Clarice."

...It feels as if you've got to make a very dire choice here.

Well this just sucks. From the way they're talking you're either going to have to admit that you're about one or two steps away from making a convincing girl, or they're going to put you in dresses. Seeing as you really don't want to do either but can't stop them one way or the other you kinda just... well, on the flip side it's not like either of those outcomes are going to have that much of an impact on you. Once they've had their fun they should move on and you can proceed to never speak of this again.

So really, the ding to your dignity would only be temporary, right? ...Besides, Yume must have had some internal reason to keep putting you in dresses. "Alright, fine, I'm a bit girly." You say while pouting. You don't really want to admit it, but at the same time you wouldn't mind being allowed to skip out on the being dressed up phase of this.

"Yaaaaaay~!" She cheers for you excitedly as she brings the doll up closer to you, pressing the doll's head against yours in the kiss. You can feel that disconcerting gaze on you as her cool lips are put firmly against yours, and you think you feel them part slightly. It's possible you could be imagining it though.

Once the doll has kissed you, she's pulled away from you again and the Giant Little Girl pulls you up to her, puckering up her lips into a massive incoming kiss. It's...certainly a unique experience when she presses those warm, soft lips against your head and gives you a great, bit affectionate kiss. Not a bad one necessarily, either. As she pulls you away from her, you feel distinctly loved...and also a bit wet. "You've got to accept every part of you, and love you for who you are!" She lectures you on the moral of this episode with a sense of authority.

You'd roll your eyes here, but you're not sure what she'd do in response. Those lips were still kinda nice though, soft and warm, and since you're small they're proportionately bigger to you so you get hit with more of them at once. Of course, there were still two things wrong with this situation. One, you're still naked and dirty, and two, she's still giant and capable of doing literally anything with you and you can't stop her worth a darn. "So what's next?"

"...Well..." She looks at you in thought, humming to herself before her eyes light up as she remembers, "Oh! You're still dirty. I need to clean you up so we can play Mommy and Daddy." Her smile is full of innocent pride as she remembers she's supposed to lick you clean to make sure you're ready for this. Across from you, the Doll Clarice smiles. Somehow, this is all her fault.

You feel the Giant Little Girl shift her grip on you, spreading your legs to get free access to your dingle dongle as she pulls you up and closer to her again. Her lips open up and that great, red tongue of hers rolls out as you get a good view of that mouth as you're drawn closer to it. Ah...she's going to lick you.

As much as you'd like to shoot that doll a death glare the likes of which could kill even ghosts, you're a little preoccupied with the tiny fact that this admittedly cute 'little' girl is going to clean you up in arguably the most perverted manner possible while not really considering it as such. You're really not sure how weak you're going to be against having that much warm, wet flesh rubbing you, but you're probably going to take a while to properly 'clean' if she does to you what she did with her doll.

You can't help but shudder and react as that warm tongue dexterously runs up your leg, making you twitch and squirm at the sensation of the muscular organ 'cleaning' you and how it so easily slips and slides along your skin and wraps itself around your leg before pulling and moving away to your other leg. It's made even worse by the sounds the Giant Little Girl is making as she does this. The hums and the slurps and...is she enjoying this? You can't help but admit at least parts of you are as her hot, moist breath washes over you in quiet pants and you've got nothing else to look but her erotic service.

You blush deeply as she gets to work on you, and watch intently as she has her way with you. Granted, you can't exactly look away, but you're wondering if you would even want to. Needless to say, you're also quite hard and if she goes licking that…

Her tongue runs up the gap between your legs as she pushes her face there as well, leading to one of the oddest examples of a woman burying her face in your crotch you'll likely ever experience. From right next to her mouth she slowly, painfully slowly starts to draw her tongue along your crotch so you get to experience every last...well, relative foot of it with everything down there. It feels so...so incredibly good in a way you've never experienced before!

You scrunch your face up while blushing in an attempt to not convey just how much you're actually enjoying this, but that doesn't work for too long as you start making those downright erotic moaning noises again. There are some points in which you actively wish you were just slightly less a piece of girl bait than you are now, but it's just an idle want that you'd never really go through with. Besides, this feels nice.

She licks you completely and thoroughly clean, that tongue of hers doing wonders and covering you in a good amount of her saliva, making you wonder if you're actually 'clean' anyway. You can't help but enjoy it, to savor the feeling her hot, moist breath and the feeling of that tongue running roughshod all over every last inch of your skin that it touches, making you want to feel more things like this. Is this why those weirdoes on the net swore by mons that can 'immerse' you?

Maybe they weren't so weird after all.

Before you can achieve your finalization though, her tongue pulls away from you. "There! All clean~." The Giant Little Girl smiles down at you with naive innocence and a faint blush across her nose. Ah, but...but you're not finished yet! A part of you desperately wants more, even suggesting that you ask, or beg, for her to keep licking. Well, maybe if you said you still felt dirty...

Of course, it's not like you'd be lying, per-say. You really do feel at least a little dirty, partly because this girl seems to be largely innocent and partly because her saliva is kind of an odd, wet sensation. It's not necessarily unpleasant, just that you're aware of it and aren't used to it. ...Though now that you think about it, you'd also be doing exactly what the doll was accusing you of wanting to do. That evil little prick. Unfortunately your mouth moves before your mind really thinks about it. "I-I still feel kinda dirty though, and your tongue feels really good..."

"Hm? You do?" She looks at you curiously before perking up and looking over at her doll Clarice who is staring at you, resting her head in her hands with a mocking, taunting smile on her face that tells you everything you need to know about what she thinks of you. "Oh, he's a very dirty boy Clarice? I should..." She frowns, "...But how would spankings make him cleaner?"

"...Oh, I should hold him differently? Like...this?" She asks as she changes how she's holding you, leading to you dangling in the air a very, very, very high way up without the comfortable support of her grip. You actually feel more comfortable when she moves you over her face and starts to lower you towards where her tongue is waiting, letting you enjoy the feeling of it sliding up your legs and starting to far more thoroughly clean you off than she did the first time, tauntingly moving closer and closer to your groin as she makes sure her new toy feels as clean as possible when she's done.

You're back to moaning now and quite enjoying how the 'little' girl is working you over now without even knowing it. Or maybe she does. The whole 'little' girl thing is compounded by the fact that biologically she looks young, but chronologically she's probably older than you are by a significant margin. That just makes this whole thing feel weird, though that tongue play is starting to make your mind drift to a happier land.

She turns you around in her grip of you as her tongue runs up and along the back of your body now as she lowers you down further to clean you up better and better. You can't help but moan and wriggle as her tongue runs around to your front and the maneuverable tip begin to poke and play with your shaft, rubbing all over it and shoving it around. Her hot breath keeps washing over you from below, making you tingle all over.

You squeak in response to her doing that, and find that you're starting to get worked up to a peak again, and hopefully one that you're allowed to release from because you're not sure how much more teasing you can take...!

You're lower down a bit further...and then have the odd sensation of something wrapping around your middle tightly as the good times continue below that point unabated. Looking down you...can see now that she's wrapped her lips around you, and you're well and truly more than halfway inside of her mouth. Those soft, warm lips have a strong grip as you feel her start to suck on your body while her tongue continues to eagerly clean you up.

You gasp in response to that, and if it were possible to blush any harder from arousal you would have. It's definitely one thing to get licked, but another thing entirely to just get sucked on like this! Well, it's a mix of mind-melting pleasure and the sheer terror that is the fact that you're now in the 'little' girl's mouth and quite possibly easily swallowed with a little effort. Aside from that, her tongue just keeps working you up to orgasm and a short while later she manages to make you release your seed onto her tongue. You... snap back to reality when you realize that she's trying to clean you and you more or less dirtied yourself.

She doesn't seem to mind though, humming and letting out a muffled squealing sound that vibrates you as she sucks on you even more excitedly, "Itsh sho shweetsh!" She slurs around you, the very act of speaking leading to her doing some especially marvelous things to you as she cleans up the mess you've made on yourself.

All the while, Clarice watches you with that damnable mocking, taunting smile as you enjoy being held in Giant Little Girl's mouth and sucked on like some kind of toy...or maybe you'd rather be a candy?

If you had the capacity to flip the doll the bird, you would. As it stands though, you opt to ignore her as the 'little' girl keeps cleaning you up in increasingly amazing ways despite apparently being so innocent.

Ah, it feels so good to be sucked on like this. You feel the wonderfully tugging sensation as her mouth seems to tighten around you and her tongue presses up against you excitedly, wriggling around and cleaning your front thoroughly of any mess that might be there.

You can hear the girl speak to you, muffled by your presence in her mouth, " 'Re joo shtill derty?" She asks as you find that her attempt to speak leads to you slipping deeper into her mouth so that you're up to just under your shoulders now.

You squeak as you slip, feeling increasingly nervous as she takes you further in unintentionally. While you are enjoying her doing this with you, you're starting to worry about the fine line between being just in enough and being in too far. "I think I'm good now..." You say, wondering if she could fit you inside her mouth and just attack you with her tongue relentlessly.

"Mmmhmmm~." She responds as you feel yourself slip in deeper for a moment as her lips reach your neck...before she pulls you out slowly, her tongue and lips rubbing over every last inch of your body as she pulls you out of her mouth. By the time you're out and 'clean' you are feeling decidedly wet and molested.

That damnable doll is still just staring at you with the same smile on her face.

Seriously, that doll can just go fuck herself. Aside from that, in all honestly you could have stood to go on for longer, but that same concern that she'd just end up swallowing you is still there, and you're not sure how that would turn out for you other than poorly. Still, you're kinda wondering where this can go from here.

"Okay! Now that you're both clean and ready, we can play Mommy and Daddy!" She says excitedly, bouncing up and down and taking you with her as she does so. Her hair is scattered all about by her movements until she calms down, and for that time you really can't help but take in just how...incredibly cute she is in a cutesy way.

When she stops, she unfortunately shifts you over to the same hand as the one she's holding the doll in. This leads to you having her pressing up against your side, her chin resting on your shoulder as she stares at you up close. The Giant Little Girl meanwhile starts to do something with the dollhouse she's...opening it up on a vertical hinge now, pulling it open to reveal a rather impressive amount of rooms and furniture. All of which are very girly, of course.

You shoot a glare back at the doll, finding that being in direct contact with her is annoying to a degree. Most likely because again, she's a prick who has basically done nothing but hinder you or take advantage of you. More than that, she seems to really enjoy doing that sort of thing to you. Still, geeze that is one girly dollhouse.
 No. 34545
"Okay then..." She smiles down at you as you feel the 'lights' in the room you're in begin to dim, the last thing you see of her being her happy smiling face that reminds you disconcertingly of what she looked like when she was still a wraith. IT was just...a trick of the lightning, right? Of course, now that's it's pitch black you can't see the doll anymore either, and feel her press a mocking kiss against your cheek before she's pulled away from you, presumably by the Giant Little Girl's other hand. You're turned in her grip and get to see that the doll house seems to actually have some sort of lighting system to it, as the rooms in it are lit up in various ways. A dainty pale hand holding the doll appears and puts her into the kitchen and begins moving her around as if she's performing common house hold tasks. The hand holding the doll...it looks almost like it ends just after the wrist, but that's probably also just a trick of the light...right?

Ooookay then, this moved from being potentially erotic to almost as scary as the mansion was before your team managed to wipe out the Ayakashi. That lighting was just creepy, and you half expect the doll to just eventually start moving around by herself.

You feel yourself moving and watch as you approach the building...and then move past it, finding yourself standing in front of the front door. You feel as your arms are manipulated and you're used like a doll or a puppet and you begin to move. You are made to reach forward and grasp the door knob as your other hand mimes unlocking it with an audible 'click' of the lock, which is followed by you opening up the door and passing through the door way to shut it behind you as you're moved slightly up and down to mime 'walking'. After passing through the door, you're made to shut it behind you. At no point do you feel the grip on you disappear. " 'Honey, I'm home!' The Daddy calls out as he enters the house." You can hear the Giant Little Girl begin to narrate her game from...somewhere. Despite your situation, you can't help but find her 'Daddy' voice to be kind of cute and adorable.

"'I'll be right there, darling!' The Mommy called out to The Daddy as she put away the knife she was cleaning." She continues to narrate this evolving storyline as you hear the quite sound of sharp steel being dragged across something. That's not worrying at all!

Okay, this is starting to get a little worrisome. You can't even really feel the girl's grip on you, yet you're being controlled like a puppet on strings. There's really not much else to do but let the girl do what she wants, but... yeah, the knife was a bit overkill.

The doll flounces out of the kitchen and into your line of sight, wearing nothing but an apron that, somehow, makes her even more erotic than she would be naked. " 'Oh, darling~!' The Mommy said as she ran to The Daddy and hugged him, 'I've been missing you so much!!' ". The Doll follows through with what's being said and you quickly find yourself bound up in her embrace, held against her in a strong and...seemingly genuinely affectionate hug? It makes you feel something warm and fuzzy inside, at least.

Your arms are moved around her back as you hug her in return, " 'And I missed you, my beloved wife. It has been very lonely without you at The Job.' The Daddy said to his wife before he squeezed her butt." The Giant Little Girl says as you feel your hand do the same thing, getting the doll to arc her back as the Giant Little Girl makes an exceedingly arousing sound as your naked shaft is rubbed up and along the silken fabric of Clarice's apron and the slender legs underneath it.

Good grief, are you naked too? You just... Huh boy your heart's hammering you can't control your own body and the 'little' girl is fantasizing about you being the husband of her crazy doll. Plus she's making the scene increasingly more perverted.

" 'Oh darling, you must be so pent up and exhausted!' The Mommy said as she took The Daddy and took him over to his favorite comfy chair and set him down in it." Clarice does exactly that, taking you by the hand and pulling you over towards...your....

...That's your actual favorite chair. You'd recognize it anywhere!

How did she...? Is she somehow sifting through your memories, or making you generate things for this scenario? You just don't even know anymore, and can't even express your mounting fright for the current situation.

You're pushed down into your comfortable chair, the very presence of which manages to make you relax as you sit down in it. " 'Oh Darling...' The Naughty Mommy cooed as her hand reached down and grabbed the Daddy's dingle dongle, 'It's so big already. You're even more pent up than I thought.' The Mommy teased." The feeling of cold fingers grasping your length and gently squeezing it fills your mind as Clarice continues to smile at you, her expression seeming far less mocking and more...friendly now.

You're suspicious of the doll, as since the girl can control your every movement it stands to reason that she can control her doll's as well. Who knows if that smile is genuine, or if there's a malicious light behind it?

" 'It's because I love you, honey.' The Daddy whispered to her as she leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, " 'Gunther might be willing to sleep with one of Mustermann's maids when we're there, but I'm not that kind of man.' Daddy promised Mommy, kissing her on the lips this time." The Narrator tells you just what you're going to do, and sure enough you do it. The porcelain of her cheek is as cool as the rest of her body, though this close to her you can see that gleam behind her bangs that makes you a bit nervous. As you kiss her on the lips though, she leans into it. Her cold lips spread open a touch wider and something smooth and dexterous brushes across your own lips.

...She was capable of that the whole time? Though you're somewhat distracted by what the 'little' girl is saying. She was one of the victims of the Ayakashi, but she must have her own story too. Maybe this was her way of telling it?

Well, if she wasn't capable of it before, it certainly shows that she is now. The kiss is rather pleasant. Enjoyable, even. She's not draining the life out of you with it and having an eager kissing partner isn't something that upsets you ordinarily. " 'Let me show you how much I appreciate it, darling~.' The Mommy whispered, sexually speaking, to The Daddy as she got onto her knees and started to play with his dingle dongle more." Clarice does exactly that, breaking the kiss and nuzzling against you before she slowly, sensually slides down your body and to her knees. Her arms move and she begins to play a little game that you wouldn't mind more than a few rounds of. The hand already on your shaft starts to move up and down, stroking and pumping your length in a firm grip. Her other hand grasps the very tip of your length and begins to rub and gently play with it. Though nervous at first, you find yourself relaxing into the pleasure of this Mommy and Daddy game.

Well, at least she was making this enjoyable for you as opposed to freaking you out completely, but where did she get this idea? It's not like little girls default to sex stuff when playing games like this, or at least you hoped they didn't.

Your hand moves and comes to rest on Clarice's head, fingers sliding into those perfect locks and rubbing her affectionately, " 'Oh mama, that's nice...' Daddy growled happily as Mommy made him feel good." Clarice starts to pump her hand a bit faster now, tightening and loosening her grip so during the downward pump it's a smooth slide but as she pulls upwards you're milked lusciously. Her other hand continues to tease your tip, her fingers moving in rapid circles around your most sensitive part as she uses them to scrape along it and make you shiver.

You feel like you're being pushed close to your limit now, between what she did to you as she pulled you out of her mouth and the doll's own considerable skills in this kinda thing...!

You weren't going to last too much longer in your current position, and it's not without good reason. All the aforementioned sexual acts have left you quite receptive for more, and your body was certainly making that known. In fact, it doesn't take much longer for you to give in and coat the doll's hands with your seed.

The Doll looks up at you, her bangs concealing her eyes as you make a delightful mess of her hands and the apron she's wearing. " 'Kyaaaah~! So much...!' The Mommy said as Daddy shot his baby batter out on her a whole lot, 'You've made such a mess, dear...' The Mommy purred, sexually."

" 'Well, you know what to do with messes don't you honey?' The Daddy said in a really husky voice, giving her a little push towards his thingamabob." The Doll seems to smirk at you for a moment in a decidedly saucy manner, though you suppose that could have also been a trick of the light, before lowering her face and bringing it towards your dingle dongle as you hear noisy sounds of someone licking their hands clean provided by your helpful narrator of this sexual experience.

Well, lack of control aside you're not complaining about this too much. It could be much, much worse after all.

You feel Clarice's mouth on your length, those cold lips sliding along the mess you've made of your crotch as she starts to feel more...human in her movements when she's guided like she is now. That curtain of her hair is blocking most everything down there from your view, but you can feel her lick and suck on your length to 'clean up' the mess you've made while you played the Mommy and Daddy game. " 'Yeah, that's it. Keep on cleaning...' Daddy growled as he urged mommy to use her mouth on his ding-dong." Your hand moves on its own, pressing Clarice's head down when you feel her lips pressed against your tip. To your surprise, her mouth opens up entirely and you find your length in a very strange place. It's cold, and you can feel her 'tongue' already rubbing along the bottom of your length excitedly as she starts to suck eagerly on your whole long once 'you' have forced it all the way into her 'mouth'. Her mouth itself is cold and rigid, but you can feel strange bumps and rigid ridges that feel amazing to be rubbed against.

That answers the question of whether she's anatomically correct...! You're moaning and squirming in your mind at the strange pleasure being forced on you, but can't act it out at all. At least she's not actively draining you now.

Lewd, wet sounds are provided by the narrator as you watch Clarice lovingly and eagerly pleasure you with her mouth. One hand is grasping you at your base and holding you steady as she slides your shaft deep into her cold, merciless mouth and drags you back out again. The other is...

...You watch as her other hand trails down her body, running along her porcelain stomach and those familiar thighs before it slides between her legs and to her crotch, her hand making small but noticeable movements from your perspective as you realize what she's doing. She's pleasuring herself while sucking you off...

...What a naughty wife.

Her technique isn't bad for you, that's for sure. The doll's antics are really starting to get you off and you're pretty sure that this 'cleaning' is just going to end up getting you dirtier than when you started. Still, you have the odd urge to stroke the doll's head, which you immediately act on.

Your hand that was already on her head begins to move, stroking her hair encouragingly as she keeps up the pleasuring pace and takes you deeper into her mouth with each bob of her head. You feel your tip press up against something cool yet pliant in the very back of her mouth where she holds you for a moment, pressing you against it before pulling back. You can hear a quiet, odd sound coming from below you where Clarice is playing with herself while playing with you while you're both being played with, something you can't help but find kind of funny even in your current situation. You can feel her tongue roughly rubbing along your shaft's underside as she wiggles it around before she takes you all the way into her mouth again right up until you press up against that thing in the back of her mouth...and then she pushes you past it! Your head is now in a tight space and being squeezed while you enjoy the sensation of her trying to swallow repeatedly, her movements seemingly trying to milk your semen out of you and doing a good job at it as you find yourself pushed right to the brink and then over it.

You let out a lewd, erotic moan as she forces you over that point and happily oblige her desire for your thick seed. You're practically paralyzed for the duration, and your toes are even curling inward as she teases more out of you. In time the flow eventually ceases, after which you try to coax her up so you can kiss her proper.

After the last of your seed finished pulsing down her throat and she swallowed every last drop of it of her own volition, she pulls your cock out of her mouth in a long, slow draw with her cool lips wrapped around it the entire time, leaving your whistle as clean as one when she releases it with a pop...at least until you dirty it next. It's not difficult to coax her up, and she slides slowly up your body, her lithe form rubbing against you through the fabric of her apron. " 'Oh, Daddy~...' Mommy cooed at Daddy as she rubbed up against him like it was bath time, 'You know I don't mind if you get a bit...rough.' "

"I know~" You respond in kind as you kiss her on the lips and wrap an arm around her waist while you press your manhood against her lower lips. You're trying your best to join with her proper now, and you're making quite a few happy sounds as you go.

Her lovely giggles reach you as she kisses you back, her lips pressing up against yours as you feel that delightful tingle when you make contact with her. Your tip presses up against her lower lips and her tight, slick entrance is waiting for you, even just prodding with with your tip feels amazing and lets you know just how much of a squeeze this is going to be to be with her.

" 'Oh Daddy...' Mommy coos happily as she rubs her thingy against his thingy, 'Don't hold back~!' She begged for it, because she wanted it." You can feel your tip slowly sinking deeper into her as she pushes you into her while you push up. Just the process of entering her alone is a magnificent pleasure, something you've been lusting for since you started. Her tightness suddenly gives way for a moment and you sink two inches of your length into her cool, waiting pussy which squeezes tight around your shaft. Ah, it feels like it was made just for you!

You don't stop there, however. You grab her ass and press down while pushing up into her gradually, wanting her to take more of your cock in. Each movement is an utter delight to your senses and you quickly find yourself unable to stop.

You can hear a lewd, two-toned moan as you press her down deeper onto you. She's tight, impossibly so you'd think, but you can't help but enjoy it as you slip deeper into her and that perfectly sculpted pussy rubs and hits every last weak point on your shaft, with multiple different types of textures pleasing you in different ways. " 'Faaaaah~...' Mommy lets out a loose sigh as Daddy forces himself deeper into her, 'Darling, it feels so good~. Make me yours again~!' She says really lewdly.' "

You kiss your wife on the lips and gaze into her eyes after she makes that request. "I will, and I'll do it whenever you want, darling. I'll make you mine forever~" You pull out just a bit, and then slide back into her to gauge how fast you can do this. Once you've got a good handle on it you start to pick up the pace while playing with her ass a little. She just feels so good...~

" 'Ahn~! Ahn~!' Mommy calls out in a messy voice, 'Darling, just like that~! Play with me~!' She begs him to do whatever he wants to her.' " As you start trying to pick up the pace, you figure that it's going to be tricky. She's so tight which is problem one, but problem two is that each time you try to pull out of her she clings to you firmly and tries to keep you inside of her. Still, it's nothing some effort won't solve and what's the point of sex if you don't get sweaty? It's just like a hard days work, but a lot more fun. As you pump into her at the best pace you can find, your hands roll down onto that taut ass of hers, rubbing then sensually and lovingly and making Clarice giggle in response.

You don't try to talk on top of that seeing as you're already busy enough on two fronts. Your wife's womanhood is just beyond wonderful and if you weren't being so active you'd just stay buried inside her and let her suck you dry with that alone. However, you're having sex with her so you make the effort to keep thrusting in and out, no matter how difficult it actually is.

Her attempts to urge you on gradually move away from words and devolve into the moans and groans of an aroused woman. Each time you thrust into her and bottom out you shake as you feel something special press against your tip. A shiver of excitement fills you at the thought o fbeing so perfectly, intimately deep inside of her, and the temptation to just stay buried deep in her up to the hilt is so potent you almost submit to it. But you don't, you keep on pumping instead, slamming yourself up to the hilt into her as rapidly as you can while finding yourself being pushed right back up to the edge of your limits again. " 'Come inside me~' Mommy whispers to Daddy, 'Make me pregnant, darling~.' "

That sinful whisper is right in your ear, giving you a command that is irresistible.

You're practically drooling as you bottom out inside her one last time and start cumming inside her, your shameless body pumping her full as you wrap a leg around her to hold her in place and ensure that she gets precisely what she wants.

You can feel her shaking and shuddering around you as a tingling spreads all over your body as you cum against and again, putting out every last drop of seed into her that she wants. Ah, your darling wife is so erotic~!

"...and that's how Mommy and Daddy play a game and make babies!" With a snap, the lights come back on and you become aware of yourself. A warm hand is holding you in place, a finger thrusting your hips forward and back to coax out more of your seed into the malevolent doll who you are lip locked with. A tingling sensation comes from both the kiss and where you two are joined together, telling you she's casually supping on your energy while you were...whatever happened to you there.

The Giant Little Girl is smiling down at you with great cheer, a grin on her face as she looks at you with such innocent happiness, despite the flush across her nose and cheeks.

Your mind comes back to as you realize just what it is you've been forced to do, but your only thought mostly just involves cursing the evil doll once again before conceding that she is at the very least a decent fuck. That's her only tiny redeeming quality. The 'little' girl is just making you feel embarrassed at this point though, but you're definitely making no effort to struggle or anything.

The Giant Little Girl laughs as she pulls you and the doll thankfully apart, a wet noise coming where the doll was joined with you as she's tugged away, "Did you have fun, sis?" The Giant Little Girl smiles at the doll as she holds her up in front of her.


That... That doll is her sister? How?! You can't think of any possible reason... unless the doll in fact contains the soul of this 'little' girl's sister. Still you have to wonder, why, how?

A valid question, but one rarely gets answers when they don't speak up, you realize. The Giant Little Girl kisses her sister/doll on the face and giggles, "Oh...he stuffed you full? It was lots of fun? I'm glad! I wish he were big enough so I could be full too..." The Giant Little Girl remarks, and a moment later turns rather scarlet, "I can't do that Clarice!"

...You're not sure you want to know what the doll suggested, but a rather twisted part of your mind thinks it knows.

You try to put that concept out of your mind for the moment as you recover from having sex with a doll that is apparently inhabited by the soul of a sister of this 'little' girl, and being sort of mind fucked into wanting it. You've had more than enough spookiness for one lifetime, thank you. Still, there's that nagging part of your mind that drives you to ask something. "Hey, if it's not rude to ask, why is your sister in the form of a doll?"

You flinch when you blink and you see Clarice simple staring at you, trapped in the hand of the Giant Little Girl. The Giant Little Girl herself turns those baby blue headlights onto you, staring at you with wide eyes as she pulls you out of the doll house and up in front of her as Clarice is, "Why do you want to know?" She asks of you.

Okay, she's big, maybe unintentionally intimidating, and you might be treading on sensitive ground here. Good thing you're a silver-tongued, tactful individual with a great track record! ...You couldn't even keep a straight face in your head for that one. "It’s because it feels a bit odd for someone to do that. You keep your form human, right?"

"...Clarice is a doll because she's what she is. She was like me, and then went away when we were both still really little. I was sad, so then daddy and mommy brought her back for me." The Giant Little Girl responds, apparently deciding to answer your question, "And now she's my little sister more ways now!"

The Giant Little Girl turns her attention to Clarice who is apparently speaking, "It so does count! Mommy and Daddy said I was born first so I'm the oldest!" She listens intently to what is seemingly nothing before pouting, "That's not how it works! Why would the younger sibling be born first? That's silly!"

Ooookay then... "Well, I guess that makes sense." Apparently this girl is a touch off her rocker, in a manner of speaking. At least she's not crazy for arguing with her doll, at least that has an actual soul in it that she can communicate with. "Ah, we haven't done introductions yet either, have we?"

"We already know who you are Zekey, and you already know that Clarice is Clarice!" The Giant Little Girl answers with a smile. A moment later, she lets out a little 'Oh' of realization after some unheard prodding, "Oh, I didn't introduce myself! My name," She smiles at you widely, so much so her eyes squint a bit in a cute manner, "is Alice. I was named after mommy."

"Alice, huh?" You have to stare a bit as it slowly dawns on you that there was a reason this girl seemed so odd to you, at least physically. She sort of resembles... a young Alice mon? There's enough differences upon closer inspection that it'd be easy to tell them apart, but a passing glance wouldn't be enough. Especially not with her 'doll' sister.

"No, Alice Ephese!" She corrects you with that same smile on her face, "And my sister is Clarice Ephese!" She pauses suddenly, looking thoughtfully, "...What's your real name, Zekey?" She asks you, apparently curious about you for some reason.

"Ezekiel Mason." You reply swiftly enough. It's not like there's any harm in telling her that, seeing as it's not like she's going to bind you to her with it with a voodoo doll or something.

"Okay Ezekiel Mason! I'll remember your name!" Alice promises you with a smile as you'd swear you'd seen Clarice nod once out of the corner of your eye, but you're not sure.

...They can't ACTUALLY voodoo doll you or something, right?

"I always remember my toys! Mommy was really proud of me because I never lost them, not even once!" She informs you with that same, happy smile on her face, "...what's that sis? Oh, you're right! He is really dirty, huh? Hm? I shouldn't send him back dirty?" She frowns thoughtfully, "...Well, mommy always did say I should clean up my messes."

Apparently you're her toy now? Well, that does about sum up your current position. Though it's not like allowing her that will come back to bite you later, right? They'll move on, go to whatever afterlife it is they go to, and maybe reincarnate later.

"...Yeah, he did like that, didn't he? I guess if I do it even more, then..." Alice nods in agreement to whatever Clarice was saying to her, "Okay, I'll clean him up before he goes! Zekey, we can't send you back dirty so I'm gonna make sure you're clean as a whistle, okay?" She informs you as she starts to draw you towards her face.

"Ah...? Ahh!" Again with this? It's not like you can complain that much seeing as you enjoyed it so much last time, but still...!

She opens her mouth up wide for you as she pulls you closer to it, tongue lulling out as you're drawn in. Somehow...she seems a bit bigger than she was before. She sets you down on her tongue as you're drawn into her mouth and you can't resist the urge to moan as she goes to work, her tongue roving along your body and licking you clean.

You immediately start moaning as your sensitive body is licked by that proportionately massive tongue, not even bothering to hold back anymore as you've already had sex with Clarice so shamelessly and so much. Admitting that you enjoyed Alice's tonguework is hardly anything to be ashamed of at this point. Plus, from the way she's holding you your cock is spending a lot of time in intimite contact with her tongue.

You feel yourself slide down her tongue further, enjoying how it wiggles around as you...slip past her teeth? Her mouth suddenly closes shut and you realize you're completely inside now. Her tongue rubs up and around you roughly, wrestling with you as you're cleaned thoroughly.

You cry out as you're suddenly trapped inside Alice's mouth with nothing but her tongue for company. That tongue that's large, soft, warm, and really amazing to feel on your body. As scared as you are of her accidentally swallowing you, you can't deny that this is amazing in its own right.

Her tongue presses you up against the roof her mouth and rubs you against it as you find yourself becoming rather lost in the sensations of being manhandled so easily. Where you are now is so warm and hot and wet that you can't help but lose your cool as she wiggles and waggles her tongue back and forth while you're stuck to the roof of her mouth, pinned between her tongue and it. The sensations get so amazing that you can't resist the temptation to let it out, leading to you pumping out a mess onto her tongue that leads to her making muffled sounds of glee as she holds back from squealing for your sake.

You can't help but moan erotically again as she makes you cum, noting that now if anything she'll be actively trying to make you reach orgasm in an attempt to clean you. After all, you keep getting dirty so she has to clean you more, right?

You feel a pleasant sense of suction as she pulls away the mess you made on her tongue while still keeping you in place but then she goes right back to cleaning you, rubbing her tongue vigorously back and forth as she tries to clean you up. Ah, being wiggled around like this without any sort of control or means of recourse is just...

Tries, but at the rate she's going she's just going to make you cum again. Which is something you hardly mind, and you even find yourself trying to rub your manhood against her tongue even more to help her wring more of it out of you.

She keeps on cleaning you, and you might have been cleaned up fully if you hadn't decided to seek pleasure instead. Bucking your hips forward lets you experience the rough texture of her tongue even more fully on this scale as you pleasure yourself with it, achieving orgasm again. She lets out a surprised sound and goes about sucking the mess you made down so she can clean you...and you realize that you're slipping towards the back of her mouth as she does it, slowly but surely!

You feel arousal and fear now, and feel that maybe you should focus on not getting swallowed! Except there's nothing you could really use as a handhold as Alice's tongue is preventing you from doing anything other than letting yourself get licked mercilessly. It's out of your hands, so there's not much scarier than that...!

You come to a stop before that happens, thankfully. You'd swear you can feel the back of her mouth with your lower parts as you're rolled back forward by her tongue and licked clean. The experience is enough to keep you from losing yourself to the pleasure again this time, so you finally are taken care of and made to be nice and squeaky clean. She opens up her mouth and you're stickily deposited onto her hand so you can see her cheerful and smiling face as she looks down on you, "There, all clean!"

You blush as you look at her face, once again feeling dirty without actually being as such. Or at least, about as clean as that activity could have made you considering the circumstances. You honestly feel more like 'chewed' on by someone like MerKoishi than cleaned. "T-thanks." You at least act polite in the matter though.

"I always take care of my toys!" Alice chirps in responds, "But...it looks like you need to go now." She states as her eyes dim a bit. "...Oh, you want to say goodbye Clarice? Okay!" Alice agrees to her sister's request easily and brings the two of you together. You feel cold, porcelain lips press against your cheek before a voice whispers raspily in your ear.

"See you again soon, hero."

Clarice is pulled away from you immediately after, and you find yourself being kiss by Alice almost immediately, her warm and wet lips pressed again the side of your head.
 No. 34546
See you again soon? Why does she sound so confident about that? Is she planning on haunting you every night for the rest of your life until you die so she can snatch your soul away?!

"Bye bye Zekey! We'll see you again someday!" Alice promises you with a carefree smile as Clarice stares at you. A quiet voice reaches your ear as you start to fade out. "Soon."

 No. 34552
dunno what to say about this as well Giantess/quasi-vore is one of those very niche fetishes.
 No. 34575
Does Zeke still have that doll in his bag?
 No. 34706
File 139613603892.jpg - (481.89KB, 784x888, nagarebosi8492-15marisa.jpg) [iqdb]
Goddamn, wow. I'd like to see that situation with the usual Alice.
 No. 35178
File 140077498623.jpg - (808.87KB, 1020x1447, Tenma riding the Wilheim Express.jpg) [iqdb]
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, and you've been told that you're a mighty fine young man by some mighty fine young friends of yours that you've been spending loads of time around and inside of as of late. You've just been through quite an experience after having been kidnapped again, taken to an unfamiliar place and held there against your will, and then held against them by their will and then sitting in on a meeting that decided who got to own you when and what not and what forth. You even had your friends protect you from attempts by other parties to get a piece of you out of the pie as it were, which felt great when it happened. Then you stayed one more night at the mountain to pay back the Tenma for being such a wonderfully nice lady and working so hard to take care of you and make up for the events that happened. Currently you're clinging hard to a warm, soft body that you feel moving on occasion. You naturally tighten your grip on your body pillow and nuzzle deeper into the head pillows that smell so nice that you're currently resting on.

Oddly enough, you notice a gentle stroking sensation on your back and a sound that's somewhere between a yawn and a mildly annoyed grunt. Additionally, this pillow is awfully warm, comfortable, and manages to smell nice too. ...And it wraps around you a bit. What?

You let out a content, happy sigh and relax into the hold that's wrapped around you. What a nice way to wake up. But...your body is telling you that you need to stay up and not just go back to sleep. Slowly you flit your eyes open and take in your position, namely being bodily held by a powerful Tenma, ruler of the mountain.

"...Good morning ma'am." You speak up to her, voice muffle by your position between her own tengu mountains.

Tenma looks at you somewhat sleepily, letting out a yawn and hugging you tighter as you greet her. "Morning, Wilheim..." She looks a touch unkempt, but that's to be expected when one hasn't had the chance to clean themselves up in the morning properly. "Bleh, morning already." She knows what time it is, at least, and seems to be mentally slinging every profanity she knows at the sun for having the audacity to rise as soon as it did.

"Do you have a busy day ahead?" You ask, sympathy slipping into your voice as you think about just what might be in store for you when you get back home. You'll have to do a bunch of cleaning and reorganizing anyway, and probably get to cooking up thank yous for everyone, though that part's not really bad.

Tenma nods in response, looking a touch annoyed. "Indeed. There's quite a lot to be done in regards to sorting this debacle out. Paperwork needs to be done up, orders need time to filter through the ranks, I need to figure out who to trust and who Reisen will allow to run patrols in your area..." She slides her smooth leg off you, taking her sweet time in doing it. She cups your cheek in one of her hands and looks you square in the eye. "And all I want to do this morning is ravish you, then dote on you in the evening after a day's work." She sighs after that. "Half the reason I want to teach that man who sold you a lesson is just because I don't get to keep you."

You smile up at Tenma, not really minding feeling so desired and wanted as she tells you about her circumstances, "That doesn't sound bad to me ma'am. If things had gone a bit different, it might have happened." You give her a reassuring hug, "Even so, I'll still be around and I don't mind spending the night here with you sometimes. Someone needs to help you relax when you're so tense and tired and wound up all the time."

"...As for my guard, there was a Momiji who took care of me and got me out of my room when I was going stir crazy and was mad at all of you. She was nice and trustworthy and seemed to take her job seriously, so what about her?" You suggest, trying to help.

Tenma nods in response to what you were saying, and hugs you back. "I will take you up on that sometimes. Maybe at least once a week or so, see if I can't arrange for you to come here or for me to go visit you." It seems like her mind is already at work formulating strategies on top of everything else. "And I'll look into that as well. That Momiji shouldn't be too hard to track down, and I think she'd like the chance to meet you again." With that she sits upright, hauling you up with her, and takes you over to her bathroom. "Well, I can at least take the time to clean us both up."

"Waaah~!" You let out a happy cry as you're picked up and carried, leaning your head against her, "What are we gonna do in the shower, ma'am?"

She pets you as she goes, moving into the bathroom and swiftly shutting the door behind her. "Either it's just going to be us getting cleaned up, or I'm going to lose composure completely and get us both dirty first." She looks at you with a smile, and you can tell that she's starting to lean toward the latter.

"Well, as long as it's before we get clean then it's fine, isn't it?" You glance away from her and at the shower that's sitting innocently over there, "I mean, the whole point of showering is to clean up after getting dirty, right?"

"Indeed, it is." Tenma nods as she sits you down on the toilet and looks herself over for a moment, giving you a good look at her ass and hips. She fusses with her appearance for a moment or two before lightly bapping herself. "Right, no point in getting ready when I'm like this..." She turns back around to face you, and promptly goes down to crotch-level. "I will engage in a little preparation first." Her tone is less than steady, and there's a substantial blush on her cheeks as she licks your manhood. Even if it's not erect yet, she's giving it every reason to stiffen up to full mast. She even takes the head into her mouth to play with it while she waits.

"Ah~...!" You let out a cute little gasp when you first feel her tongue brush up against your manhood in an eager if uneven stroke. You lean against the wall for support as you stare down at Tenma, a surge of lust filling you as she teases and plays with your manhood. Having the ruler of the mountain blushing like a school girl as she pleasures you is certainly a new and exciting experience. Another gasp leaves your mouth as she takes your slowly hardening up shaft into her mouth and plays with it, the sensation of gentle touches of her teeth as she starts to wrap her lips around it making you shiver. "Tenma, that's really good..." You moan out in pleasure as she sucks on the head of your weak spot.

Tenma closes her eyes to focus on the feel of the manhood in her mouth, and makes a content sounding hum as you compliment her ability. She uses one of her hands to stroke you off as she sucks you off, and you can feel her tongue slide around the underside of your cock from time to time.

Your hand moves on its own as you shudder and moan, your length quickly growing up to its proper length under her skilled touch. She strokes you off with her firm, dexterous grip the runs up and down your shaft, making you desperately want to beg her to do more with her mouth as she sucks and licks your tip and sensitive underside. Your hand comes to a rest on her head where it's shortly later joined by your other, both of which seek out those amazingly cute ears and begin to pet and play with them, "You're just so cute Tenma, it's amazing."

All that does is make her blush harder, as it seems that she's quite aware of her appearance and might just be a touch flustered about it. She lets your cock go with a wet pop sound once she's judged that you're ready to go, and promptly hoists you up to where she's hugging you to her and leaning against a wall. "It's only natural when you're the first cute boy I've had in a long time. I would just take you in the shower, but I need to remember how one even does that properly." She then steals a kiss from you, then another, then puts a hand on your ass and guides you into her while looking no less adorable.

You let out a quiet whimper when she lets go of your cock and whinge like a wronged puppy, looking at her with upset eyes even as she moves and repositions you both. You cheer up a good bit though when you get to hug and cuddle against her again, nuzzling your face between her breasts and humming happily, "You're so strong too Tenma~!" You let out a happy coo that breaks off into a gasp as you feel yourself prod against her slick, hot entrance. Your head twitches excitedly as she grabs your rear, prompting you to wriggle it and rub your tip against her slightly parted folds as you're slowly drawn inside of her. "Tenma, you're so warm too..." You sigh happily as your first inch and change slips into her, wrapped up in a pussy worth of the ruler of the mountain.

You can tell that Tenma's having to control herself, to pace herself and not just make this into a quick affair. Her womanhood practically draws you in and keeps you there for a minute or two, with her hugging you to her and generally acting a lot less like the imposing ruler she is and more like a Touhoumon who hasn't had a chance to unwind in a while. "It feels good having you inside me, Wilheim." Her voice is warm as she addresses you, and she starts to buck her hips up for a little while.

"It feels good to be inside of you!" You answer back earnestly as you contently relax in her hold and nuzzle against her. Tenma's pussy feels amazing as it wraps around your shaft. Just being inside of her is an experience that you think you'd love to become used to. She's got an amazing heat and pressure like Momiji, but like Aya and Hatate her walls seem to wriggle and squeeze and shift around you so it's like being stimulated at thousands of points all at once. As she starts to rock her hips you go loose and rest your head on her chest, moving your own hips to grind inside of her and try to make her feel good as well. Gaining a bit of control you lean your head to the side and begin to lay a series of kisses on her breasts in a show of affection to make sure she knows how much you like it.

Tenma's breathing becomes heavier as you kiss her breasts, and her control seems to falter a bit as you pay attention to them. Of course, she doesn't drop you or anything and manages to get back on track in short order. Her control over her womanhood is impeccable as well, as she's accentuating each movement by squeezing your cock at various points while working out a rhythm that's best for the both of you.

Your own control is rather thin as well as your lust and arousal drive you to try and make her feel as good as she can, even as her own skills make you sputter and falter in your attempts. Still, you buck and rock your hips around to drag yourself about inside of her, and tighten your hug as you shift your hold on her to put your face in front of one of those tengu mountains she has. You press your lips against one rosy crown in an affectionate kiss and then dart your tongue out to run over the sensitive skin, savoring her taste and reaction and then beginning to pleasure that nipple in earnest, wrapping your lips around it and suckling on it like a hungry babe as you run your tongue along the skin there. One hand leaves your hug around her and slides up her mature form to grasp and cradle her other breast so it doesn't feel lonely, and begins to grope and squeeze there to see how she reacts before you pinch and roll her nipple between your thumb and forefinger.

She hugs you as tight as she can without hurting you as you take the time to please her breasts of your own volition. Your attempts to suckle from her are rewarded just as before with steady pulses of warm milk, while the breast you're fondling leaks some milk of its own when you play with her nipple. You can see a sheen of sweat develop on her skin, and her scent just gets muskier in a good way. Considering her own reaction to you, it must be mutual.

You moan into the warm flesh of her breast and suckle even more earnestly as you're rewarded for being such a good boy. Her milk is strong and sweet and wonderfully rich as you gulp it down and you can feel it filling your hungry belly that you hadn't even noticed before. This drives you into further heights of lust as you start to buck your hips forward in extreme earnest, pumping yourself into her and thrusting as deep into her slit as you can as you continue to play with both breasts, keeping the milk flowing from the second for when you've depleted the one your drinking from now.

Tenma tries to keep her voice down, but she's still making an assortment of pleased sounds as you fuck her in earnest. It's not long at all before she reaches her orgasm, and she tries to use that to make you cum inside her as well.

You let out a cry of pleasure as her ultimate, masterful pussy begins to wring you with intense pleasure and don't last more than an instant after her before you're coming as well. Your shaft pulses and twitches and lets out thick ropes of your virile semen into her as you release her nipple and moan her name in ecstasy, "Tenma~." Your orgasm lasts for a good few moments before tapering off, leading to you panting excitedly as you stare up at her, feeling...eager. Excited. Perhaps it's because she's a powerful woman and that turns you on. Maybe it's because she has child-bearing hips and a bountiful bosom. Maybe it's because her milk is an aphrodisiac for humans. Whatever the reason, you speak your mind, "...Hey Tenma? Do you want to hold off on that shower and just go with your original plan of having ridiculous amounts and varieties of sex?"

Tenma simply smiles as she holds you to her. She licks her lips and kisses you in response first. "Yes. Yes I do. I want to take today to relax and have fun, and I don't want to give you up until I absolutely have to." Her blushing face, warm smile, and gentle yet firm hold simply reinforces the affection she feels for you.

"Then," You happily and contently stay in her hold and nuzzle yourself against her once more with an earnestness in your actions, "I'll do that for you ma'am. I'll do whatever you want to do now." You make a rather dangerous promise as you continue on naively, "You're a very nice lady and if I can help you relax and feel good when you work so hard with such a big job, I'd be happy to do that for you."

The tengu leader locks gazes with you, her eyes almost shining with the sheer amount of warmth and desire she has for you, and for the lewd things she plans on doing to you. She licks her lips once before she kisses you briefly, and makes an effort to lay you on the ground gently. "Well then, shall I start off with a little anal then?"

You allow her to move you, responding to the pressure and touches accordingly and leaning into the kiss for the time you have, savoring her warmth and flavor as it sears into you before you're lying openly, exploitably before her on the ground, "For you, or for me?" You ask, a touch of a coy smile on your lips as you find the question amusing.

"I'd like to think it's for the both of us~" She says as she turns around and straddles you, showing off her motherly hips, positively squeezable rear, her smooth back and her silky hair to you. Your cock is in between her butt cheeks, and she makes a point of rubbing your cock with them while clenching them rhythmically.

You chuckle at that, watching on happily as your let yourself soak in her sensual, powerful and over all insanely hot body, "I meant more about whose Ho-hooole..." You trail off into a moan, your hands weakly gripping her hips as you break off that moan into a hiss as she starts to play with you between those squeezably soft cheeks of hers, not even taking you inside as she starts to easily stroke and jerk you off and gets your pre-cum flowing freely with just that.

Tenma simply giggles in response to your expression going a bit loose, and slides her rear up so that she can coat her naughty hole with your pre-cum. Once she's gotten that out of the way, she puts your tip right at her tight entrance and starts to work her way toward taking you in all the way. The tengu leader's pussy might have been wonderfully tight, but her ass puts a more potent yet pleasant squeeze on your manhood that makes it harder to move about inside her. Interestingly enough, it also feels just as hot as her pussy yet it definitely leans more toward the Momiji side of things than Aya or Hatate.

You switch right back into a moan as you squeeze those goddess gifted, motherly hips of hers and try to press yourself up deeper into her even though she's resting on top of you now, deep as you can be easily pressed, "Aaaah...Tenma, you're so hot~! It's amazing inside of you already. I feel like I'm going to melt..." You pant out your lustful words, your hands tightening and loosening in their grip on her hips.

Tenma looks back at you with a lustful, loving gaze and a luminescent blush on her face as she takes you in to the hilt. "You're quite girthy yourself. It'd take a while to make you 'melt' proper~" You're not sure if it's because she's being so clingy or if it's something else, but she's not letting so much as an inch of you out of her as she starts to use her impeccable muscle control to massage your manhood inside her while grinding your weak spots against her walls.

"A-ah..." You moan and squirm beneath her, submitting to her superior skills already as you lose control of your ability to speak clearly as your mind goes white from the pleasure. Her ass was a tight and hot fit already, squeezing tight around you just from the insertion. Having her suddenly use those incredible muscles of hers to tighten and loosen around you to rub and massage and do every last little thing she can as she starts to grind her ass against your crotch and looks down at you from over her shoulder with that kind of expression is just...!

You try, weakly, to move back but she's just too overwhelming at the moment for you and you can't seem to work up the initiative or the energy before she shuts you back down with a squeeze of your cock inside of her, "Ah, Tenma...you're just too good..." You can't help but whinge plaintively as your cock twitches and leaks out pre-cum inside of her, staining her ass thoroughly as it lubricates it up.

"You're just too delicious~" Her tone is downright sultry as she continues, though she's now experimenting to see and hear what pattern gets the best response out of you specifically. She hums happily as you leak out a little pre-cum into her, and grinds you about inside her a little harder. "I don't think I need to say it's okay for you to cum inside me when you can't hold back anymore~"

You bite your lip and close your eyes, trying to hold out as long as you can inside of this amazing woman and resist the sensations that are washing over you. You can feel your shaft twitching and growing inside of her, begging to be released as that familiar sensation grows almost irresistibly strong in your loins. Still, you hold out both for her sake and for your own enjoyment. It feels too good for you to give up just yet...!

Still, you can only hold out for so long. Sooner rather than later you let out a weak, shaky cry of pleasure and grip her hips tighter as you buck up, screwing yourself that half-inch deeper into her ass before you explode with pleasure, pumping numerous sticky gobs of your hot seed into her hot rear as you squeeze and knead her generous hips, "Tenma, you're just...too good..." You whinge again, though with an absolute sense of contentment in your voice this time.

Tenma lets out a happy sigh and lets her wings flutter a bit as you cum inside her ass, and she works your cock over as best as she can to wring every last drop of that load out of you before settling down proper. "That was fun~" She slowly slides herself off your cock, a motion that ends with you getting to see some of your seed dribble out her recovering hole. "Though it'd be a waste to leave all that delicious seed there..." She shifts her position again and lays atop you, with her putting her sweet-smelling and quite wet pussy on your face as she presses her breasts against your waist and leans down to suck your cock clean. She's quite quiet and thorough about the whole thing.

You let out a low, quiet moan and squirm a bit as she casually dislodges you from her rear and you're given the erotic sight of her stained hole dripping out a small amount of the cum you poured into it...a sight that seems to draw closer for a moment before it's blotted out by her slit pressing against your face as she settles down against you, pressing her body down on you and letting her weight do the holding as you're left making muffled noises as her pussy lips press up against your mouth, sweet nectar dripping into it and quieting your complaints before you can even make them as you drink in the flavor.

A thought enters your mind as feel her tongue begin to start the clean up process a moment before her lips wrap around your cock and she sets about 'cleaning' you up...and making your cock rock hard again in her mouth as she bobs her head up and down. Your hands come up and grab that womanly waist of her as you lean in and begin to purposefully kiss at her lower lips while you hands knead those hips. Your shower of affection drifts higher up on her body and you lull gently tease at the nub that crowns her womanhood with your lips, seeing how she responds to that.

Tenma makes a muffled yet pleased sound as you start to show her lady parts some love, and starts to make a bit more noise while cleaning your cock because of it. She lets out another erotic moan as you start to tease her button with earnest and seems to have trouble keeping herself under control after that as you find that she's now squirming happily a little at your attempts to please her back. One might get the impression that she's not used to it.

You press the advantage just a moment longer, giving her a tug that's light enough to not hurt but sure to be a surprise before you let your lips go from around that nub. Ah, so responsive! It's always wonderful to be told that when your efforts are bearing fruit and she's so honest in her response...too responsive though. Has she had even less pampering than you'd thought? That's just unacceptable! "Tenma..." You speak up to her, attempting to make your voice heard from around her bodacious booty, "I'm going to pleasure you senseless, just like I did last night."

Really, it's only fair to offer her a warning and a chance to decline this time around.

She stops sucking your cock and lets it go with a light pop once you've gone and tugged her clit, and the declaration seems to get her attention like nothing else could have. "I'd absolutely love that, Wilheim." Her voice is a sultry purr and you feel that she needs this every bit as much as you think she does.

Taking that as exactly the sort of acceptance and encouragement that it is, you lean in again and press your lips against her lower ones in a mockery of a kiss...only to slip your tongue out from that kiss and carefully worm your way into her wet, needy cunt with twist and a push, slipping inside of her and quickly poking about to make sure that all those wonderful little sensitive spots you learned last night are where they were before. Since you won't have to spend all that time exploring, you think you might just see how fast you can pleasure the queen of the mountain to orgasm with your mouth skills that you've worked on so much.

The tengu leader gasps and suddenly starts moaning as you ruthlessly exploit her still-present weak spots while simultaneously tasting her delicious honey. She tries her hardest to resume sucking you off, but her technique is a little off when compared to how she was performing earlier. Though even with your oral skills, it seems like she won't come that readily.

Which is perfectly fine with you, of course. It's just an opportunity for you to both have even more fun together now. You drink deep of the nectar she's releasing for you, swallowing down the sweet and sticky liquid as you push yourself deeper into her needy slit and whirl about wildly, adopting an all-out attack doctrine to trying to pleasure her as you twist and twirl your tongue deep inside of her in a rhythm that lets you hit each and every one of those sensitive, tender spots of hers in a constant pattern as you bring your face flush entirely to her crotch to get every last bit of your tongue you can into her. You can feel your cock twitching and leaking out pre-cum in excitement as those less focused, feminine lips of hers wrap back around them and try to bring you to your own conclusion, but the joyful sensations running up your spine just inspire you to pleasure her even more, desiring to make the person who's making you feel good feel even gooder.

You wish you could see her face right now though, as it no doubt involves her blushing furiously in response to her guard simply not being there anymore. Her cleaning attempts are starting to become downright sloppy as she continues on. Her inner walls are treating that tongue of yours as if it were a cock though, and you feel those feather touches, that heat, and that tightness begin to bear down on your tongue as you make her approach her climax.

Ah, what's this? Could it be a chance for you to not be the winner in an orgasm race for a change? Well, now that's just something you've definitely got to experience for yourself. Which is precisely why one of the hands you have holding her hips drifts away and slides down her body to go ahead and give her clit a little bit of twiddling while you use every last ounce of willpower and control you have left in you to keep your tongue going deep and aggressive inside of her, using you lips to suck on her her to add that to stimulation bombardment as well. You can feel your own cock twitching and leaking and letting your pleasure be known, but you're pretty confident you can hold out now...!

Tenma's moaning and happy sounds only continue to increase in frequency as you go along, and her erratic attempts to pleasure you just don't quite cut it compared to what you're doing to Tenma. You can feel her womanhood try to suck in your tongue that little bit more as she rapidly approaches her climax. Mere moments later and you've managed to avoid cumming first for what is likely the first time so far, her orgasm actively milking your tongue ineffectually as she squirts her nectar onto you. It seems like she's given up on sucking you dry for now too, though you're now quite primed and ready for the next part.

You're left dazed, confused, decided pleased and feeling as if you're the world's greatest. Today, you've achieved a true victory for not just one mighty fine young man, but for all mighty fine young men the world around. Collapsing back exhausted, your tongue is pulled out of her and flops about rather uselessly, having been pleasured to the point where you can't quite feel it anymore even as your cock throbs its complaints at the lack of orgasms on your part at you, "Ah...ah wan..?"

Tenma shifts around and purposely smears a bit of her nectar on your face as she shifts around. You soon find yourself looking up at the tengu leader's face, and that she's holding hands with you while 'kissing' your cock with her lower lips. "I didn't realize how much I needed another round with you. To have been brought to orgasm by a human's tongue...~" Her voice trailing off like that in that tone leaves you with the impression that she quite enjoyed it. "Though I can't leave you hanging like this, seeing as you went to all the trouble~"

"Well..." You try to speak slowly, having recovered a bit already, "Itsh a pretty skilled tongue though, ma'am." You can't help but grin up at her as you squeeze her hands with yours, enjoying this position already. Holding hands while doing it...what a lewd concept!

You can feel the heat pouring off of your slit and shudder with ecstasy at the contact of your sensitive head and that wet, hungry furnace of a sexual organ, excitement and perhaps a bit of nervousness running through you as you realize how Tenma might respond to your actions. Oh dear...

"Now then, I hope you're ready~" She slides her pussy up, then promptly uses it to swallow your cock down to the hilt. Rather than grind you about inside her before, she starts to bounce up and down on you in a steady rhythm. "I think I'm doing well enough to not need your cock buried in my depths non stop to be satisfied, so we can do it normally like this~"

You're left unable to respond, flopping back and moaning out loud with an erotic voice as you weakly buck up into her each time she brings herself down from her bounce only to get forced back down to the ground, just like you love. Oh sweet Shinki yes, this is the best! Between the incredible heat, pressure and thousands of feather-like pleasurable touches and the way she's riding and taking you so aggressively and actively, you can't resist this! You can only imagine the sort of view that Tenma's getting from the show you're putting on now.

Judging from the smile on her face, she's probably enjoying it quite a bit. Though she's starting to change up her rhythm a bit to see not just what would make you cum reliably, but what patterns you might have that would make you last longer inside her. Not that there was too much possible in that area, but she was perfectly willing to try.
 No. 35179
"A-ah~! Tenma, you're too good...!" You hiss and whinge in response to her incredible pussy. Those thousands of feathery touches teasing every last inch of your cock, combined with the impossible heat and pressure that's bearing down on you from all sides...! How is it fair to try and make you last longer inside of her like this...? "P-please just make me cum...!"

"Alright then~!" And with that she pulls herself off you until just your tip is still inside her, after which she slams her hips down hard enough to make you feel it, but not so hard as to hurt you. You feel her womanhood go into overdrive as she tries to milk you for everything you're worth, and her expression tells you that she's going to enjoy all the little expressions you'll have as you release.

You let loose a whinge of pleasure, that being the full limits of sounds you're able to make as your hips buck up into her and your eyes roll up as you reveal in the heights of orgasm. Your cock throbs inside of Tenma before releasing its payload, pumping gob after gob of your hot, sticky semen into the waiting pussy of the ruler of the mountain, not relenting in its bombardment until she's been painted well and truly white inside and you're left panting beneath her, your cock still twitching in pleasure as it finds it impossible to soften overly much inside of her pleasurable pussy.

Tenma lays down on you as she wants to look at your lewd face more closely, and she hasn't stopped her efforts at all for the moment. Once she's satisfied with what she's drawn out of you, she relaxes and simply keeps you buried inside her as she pets you. "You're such a wonderful young man, tending to me like this~"

"I'm just...giving you what you've had coming, Tenma." You respond as you manage to gain enough energy and control even as her pussy continues to tease your dick to lean up and kiss her on the nose while you enjoy the feeling of those full, soft tengu mountains of hers pressing down onto your form.

She giggles once again as you kiss her. "Such a way with words, too~" She promptly takes your lips with her own, though she keeps it light as opposed to the sort of hungry kiss you might have been expecting from her before. "Is there anything else you want to try?"

"Well, honestly I want you to use every trick you know on me and make me cum over and over and over again until I am a slovenly mess who can only mewl your name in appreciation and worship as you slake every lust and interest and kink you have by using my body." You explain your feelings on the matter to her, "...so yeah." You finish that one a bit lamely and glance about, your dick twitching and eager inside of her at the thought of it.

"Eager, hm~?" You can almost hear the heart in her tone as she gets off you, then picks you up and positions the both of you to where you're sitting in her lap. She wrapped her hand around your still erect shaft and started to pump loosely. "It's a request I'm all too happy to oblige though."

You're too weak to do anything but limply assist Tenma in moving you into her lap, but once there you nuzzle back into her and relax entirely in her embrace. You let out a soft, happy coo of pleasure as that soft yet firm hand of hers casually takes hold and control of your cock and starts to pump you in a loose grip while your cock makes wet and erotic noises with each stroke, "You hands are so soft Tenma..." You mumble to her as you nuzzle your head back again, "How do you keep them like that when you work so hard?"

"I keep to a strict bathing regimen, not the least of which involves using hand cream for at least a few minutes each day. Preferably twice." Her hand starts to show a little bit more skill as she goes, her enjoying herself as you moan like the cute young man you are.

"O-oh, is that so?" You try and keep up the conversation going even as you savor the feeling of your cock getting pumped while she starts to put a bit more effort into using her dexterity. She's not quite playing you like a fiddle yet, but she's certainly making you squirm in her lap, "And here I am k-keeping you from that..!"

"Don't worry about it, having sex with you is far more fun. Not to mention better for me, I think." Needless to say, she puts more effort into her act as time goes on, and you get the impression she's working you up this slowly on purpose. "I honestly can't remember the last time I had fun like this~"

"W-well, dooooon't worry about that Tenma~..." You coo out in pleasure, barely holding onto your ability to speak at this point as she no longer just pumps you but begins to change her pace and pattern as she tightens and loosens and shifts her grip, never letting you actually get used to how she's pleasuring you before she changes up what she's doing, "You can do this to me whenever I'm around, prrrrrromise..."

"I appreciate it~" Her tone is quite content now as she works you up to your climax, dutifully attending to you until you reach it. "I do plan to visit you as well when I have the chance. Our society won't collapse if I'm not here for a day."

You let out a lewd moan as you go limp in her embrace, your cock pulsing in her grip for a moment as you lose yourself to the pleasure once more before you explode out, spraying out several thick pulses of your seed into the air and letting them fall back down onto her and creating a positively slovenly mess over her impeccably cared for skin.

"Oh..." The sigh that escapes you is one of absolute pleasure as you stare down at the mess she helped you make, her grip still gently teasing your cock as your seed slowly cools while exposed to the air.

Tenma lets go of your cock and brings her hand up to her mouth, at which point you can only guess that she's licking up the mess you made on her. She starts making some decidedly erotic and muffled happy sounds as she goes, and you can only imagine her purposely sucking your seed off her impeccably cared for fingers, licking every last drop up so she can do it to you again.

"That's one thing down..." She says as she wraps her arms around you again, this time to lay you down on the soft rug on the floor. She lays down with you so that your cock is buried between her motherly, milky mounds, and she simply keeps you like that for the moment.

As she wraps her arms around you and casually, easily picks you up you attempt to hug her back, lost in a haze of good time chemicals and your pleasure centers still having a nice buzz going through them. Your arms could best be described as 'wet noodle' like in their attempt to show her your affection, but you manage to weakly hug her all the same as she lies you down on, savoring the feeling of those impressive, wondrously logic defying breasts of hers pressing against you.

Which makes it all the sweeter that she does what she does, and teaches you that those pillows of hers are good for more than just resting your head on. You can only imagine the sort of face you make as you let out a fusion of a whimper, a whinge and a moan as she slides down your body and then buries your cock between her breasts, only gently pressing them together with you sandwiched in the middle. Of course, that gentle pressure is more than enough to make you squirm. Every inch of your cock feels soft, warm, pliant fleshing pressing down around it, and that sensation's enough to make sure you stay weak in the legs and unable to move. "It's like being buried in heaven..." You can't help but marvel out loud as you try to describe the feeling.

"It's good to know I still have it then~." Her response carries a content tone to it as she starts to rub your cock with those heavenly breasts, taking a decidedly different approach to this than when you've been buried inside her. Rather than grind or pump intensely, her pliant flesh works you up in a more laid-back manner, relying on the feel of her silky skin and the elasticity of her breasts over overwhelming 'force', as it were.

You respond honestly and sincerely, moaning as you wiggle as little as you can underneath her. Her breasts are so soft around your cock, that you were right to describe it as you did. It's like two warm, happy pillows squeezing around your length and softly rubbing it. The situation is made only more erotic as you stare down at the sight of her, the powerful Tenma holding those incredible breasts of hers and pressing them together, gently pumping them up and down together while your cock is buried out of your sight, the only sign of it being the pre-cum getting smeared along her breasts and making your massage between them even smoother. "Of course you've got it, Tenma." Your pleasure has reached the point that you've become both completely honest in your feelings, and somewhat poetic under all the chemicals your brain is drowning in, "You're...You're like the embodiment of Tengu it. You're the Tengest."

Admittedly, not the good kind of poetic.

She doesn't stop, but she does feel the need to laugh lightly at your attempt at poetry. "Goodness, that was cute but you need to work on your delivery a bit~." None the less, she is smiling as she continues to work you over, your pre-cum making the whole process a more interesting experience as she starts to rub her breasts back and forth across your length.

Her laughter only makes your penis harder as it jiggles her chest around your length, providing a new and unique sort of stimulation that certainly made delivering a line that corny worth it. Tenma switches up how she's using her breasts though, no longer simply running your cock between them but now rubbing the breasts in opposing directions, tugging and rubbing your dick in a way that's certainly welcome as you feel it spit out more pre-cum in a display of your happiness, "W-well," You manage to grind out, "I'd have said your body's out of this world, but you're not said to be from the moon, so..."! That last so is dragged out as you just barely manage to hold in your cum, not wanting to be taken out from between her breasts yet.

She simply smiles at you as she continues on, noticing that your cock is twitching and about to burst. Rather than finish you off, she instead opts to keep you rising up to your climax and then holding back a bit to let you fall back down a bit. "I'm not trying to make this unbearable, it just seems like you're enjoying it too much to stop now~"

"It's so good..." You can't help but murmur as she finds just the right pace to keep you right at the top of your pleasure tolerance and never going over or dropping down in the least, "I could stay like this forever~." Your whole body is limp now, and you're certain that you're drooling visibly.

If it were possible to see sound, you'd see a music note above and to the side of Tenma's head as she watches your expression with great interest. "I wish I could keep you like this forever too. That face of yours is quite nice to stare at~" She's making it no secret just how much she enjoys you being under her, though if you weren't so out of it you could tell she was thinking at the same time. "Maybe I should give you a drink after this one, just to be on the safe side."

"I'd drink yoooou, if you know what I mean..." You manage to slur out, eyes hazy and blurred as you stare blankly at her, almost completely lost to the world. The only thing that matters now is the white hot pleasure that's burning through your whole body and mind, a pleasure that's so good it hurts, and it is a good pain...!

Tenma sighs as she watches your expression. "I did promise to return you in one piece, so forgive me for cutting this a little short." She suddenly increases the intensity of her movements to make you cum before you broke completely. Even if you weren't in danger of it, she still wanted to be sure that you weren't drowning in pleasure to the point where you could never surface again.

You react instantly, hissing in pleasure as your hips manage to gain enough sense to buck up, the tip of your cock poking out from between those mammoth mammaries of hers the instant before you explode with pleasure. It's like a debaucherous fountain as milky white fluid shoots out and coats her breasts in a shower of your love. You continue to leak cum from your tip, albeit not as furiously, as you collapse back panting with pleasure and exhaustion from the full body exertion of that orgasm.

Tenma casually shakes her breasts to help your orgasm along so there's not a drop left loose in your system when you're finally done. She keeps her breasts squeezed tight around your cock as she tilts her head down and licks up all that virile semen that would have otherwise have gone to waste, with her warm tongue lapping against your tip every now and again as she cleans up this most recent, and pleasing mess.

All you can do is moan in pleasure, a slave to her skills as her breasts work out every last bit of your cum and then a slave to the sensations of her lovingly, happily licking up your cum and the feeling of her tongue on your tip, "Your mouth feels nice..."

She sighs in pleasure as she cleans herself and your tip up, and decides to lay on you with her breasts in easy reach of your mouth. "It might be wise to drink up a bit more before we continue, there's still a few things to try and I'm not sure how much you have on tap to give out right now."

"Ah...alright?" You agree, still feeling rather weak from the back to back pleasure you've been going through up till now. You're still more than capable of enjoying the feeling of her having pulled herself up and now lying on top of you, her breasts pressed so close to your mouth and one golden crown placed right in front of it for easy access. Even if she hadn’t urge you to, you're certain you'd have leaned forward and taken it into your mouth like you did. One arm slowly winds around her back, coming to rest on the small of it and holding her to you as the other comes up to softly squeeze and knead the breast you're not drinking from so as to pleasure her there as well while you feed. Your tongue runs along the nipple you've captured in your mouth as you start to suckle, enjoying the reacting you get from her as you tease that sensitive spot.

Tenma hums contentedly as you suckle from her teat once more, finding the sensation enjoyable and comforting in a way. She pets your head to further encourage you to drink all you want while feeling her own loins fire up from the whole scenario.

You follow her encouragement, leaning in and suckling more hungrily as you feel your stomach and loins urge you on as one. The first taste of her sweet, powerful milk is all the reward you need as she begins to lactate, giving you a meal rich in all the vitamins and minerals a growing boy needs as you gulp down a mouthful and come back for more. Your body reacts to the situation as is only natural, your cock growing hard again as that milk revitalizes you already as you gulp it down. Is Tenma milk special somehow?

That question would most likely be left a mystery as the woman herself feels no need to extrapolate on the properties of her milk when there's a cute boy to fuck silly. "Now then..." She promptly shifts so that your cock is trapped between her smooth thighs, and promptly sets to work so she can dirty herself more with your seed.

You let out a sweet gasp and then moan into her breast, suckling all the more eagerly as your grip on her other breasts intensified, squeezing it as your hands sink into the soft yet firm flesh. Your cock rejoices to be pleasured again as you starts to make use of her thighs, trapping you between them. It's a different feeling from before, just like all the others were. Where here breasts are incredibly soft and you cock would just sink into them, her thighs are firm squeeze your cock between the smooth, silky skin.

Her motions have adjusted accordingly as well, as you find her alternating her up and down motions to better service your ever-eager cock. "I think I'm going to want to dirty my whole body with your seed at this rate~" She says as she continues to stroke and pet you.

You'd tell her just how great that sounds, but given that you've got a mouth full of teat and a hunger for more of her milk, you can't really bring yourself to stop your suckling, drinking down more and more of it until you find that the flow begins to lessen. "Sounds great~." You slur up at her drunkenly as you bring her other breast to your mouth and lap up the milk that's already leaking from it before wrapping your lips around the rosebud crowning it and suckling from that, enjoying the surge of fresh flavor and swallowing a mouthful in moments.

Meanwhile, your cock is getting ruthlessly squeeze between her thighs as her hips rock up and down, dragging your length about as she rubs the whole it. It feels somewhat similar to being gripped by powerful hands that are milking you for all they're worth, and the sounds that are coming from there tell you that you've already leaked out a good amount of pre-cum.

The tengu leader moans softly in appreciation of just how much care you're putting into pleasing her breasts even as she drives you to higher peaks of pleasure. Though the sound of her pre-cum soaked thighs makes her work a little harder, perhaps not wanting to drag this part out too long since there was a lot of her left to cover and... well, they'd need to get cleaned up before presenting her lover to EXReisen.

You can't bring yourself to hold back this time, enjoying the combination of sensations far too much for you to even consider. Bucking your hips up, you spray out your seed all over her thighs in thick, sticky gobs that stain her skin just like she wanted them to. You don't even stop drawing on her milk, intent on getting as much of it into you as you can.

Once again she's teasing out every last drop she can, and when she's done she lets you rest a little. "Sorry, my dear Wilheim, I'm going to need to shift positions for this again~" You can tell she doesn't quite want to move but she does so anyway, depriving you of her breasts in the process. She sits on you in a reverse cowgirl position and proceeds to trap your cock between her butt cheeks once more. Though now that you know that she's intent on dirtying herself with your seed, you can't help but want to see what that would look like...

"Ah, this again? It feels nice..." You respond to the change, though you find yourself forlorn at the lack of breasts to suckle on and get more of that delicious milk. Her rear's perfectly well toned and nicely sizable, meaning your cock fits between those cheeks like a hotdog in a bun as she squeezes you between them.

You stare up at her exposed back and marvel at a part of her beauty you'd missed this morning. Those black, shimmering feathers are incredible, and you find yourself wanting to pet them like they were a soft, fluffy tail. You also briefly contemplate the idea of a Tenma with fuzzy ears and a fluffy tail, and then the idea of a Tenma with those raven wings and fluffy ears and a tail strikes you. It's a great mental image.

Without even thinking about it, you reach up and manage to touch those feathers, gently stroking both the bone of the wings and the feathers that make it up, "They're so pretty..."

Tenma notices your desire to touch her wings and promptly stretches them out a little to let you stroke at them easier as she rubs your cock between her ass cheeks. Since she's already done this before, she puts more effort into getting you to cum sooner. "I think I'll use those on you next, so I won't take too long with this~"

You can tell she means what she's saying as she rocks her hips forward and back so she can rock your cock between her cheeks, squeezing it tight and rubbing your off as you see your tip leak pre-cum rapidly, the warmth of the milk that you've from still making you easier than normal. You don't think you mind though, instead focusing on marveling over those incredible feathers of hers and running your fingers through them. They're so soft...

Oddly enough, the tengu leader seemed to be putting more emphasis on those feathers than her own ass as she was shuffling them around your hands and stroking them as you stroked her wings. It seems that now that she's got the idea in her head, she wants to try it out for the first time in ages.

Of course, that doesn't mean that she's stopped moving her hips. Up and down in firm strokes, she squeezes you mercilessly in her unending grip. Of course, you're more enraptured by those feathers. As she moves them and lets your fingers slip deeper into them you can't help but let out a soft coo of pleasure, your fingers moving on their own to run through her wings, smoothing and gently touching them as you find yourself lost in that moment. They're soft, and they tickle too!

The tengu leader happily plays with you with her feathers, and winds up with a mischievous glint in her eyes as she starts to let her feather-tips roam about your upper body, trying to see if any part of you was especially vulnerable to tickling. Her ass motions were getting quite deliberate now, with her smooth, firm rear attacking your weak spots as best they could. She wanted to stain her feathers white.

Of course, those amazing feather's attacking you makes you giggle. Them finding the sides of your body and tickling your ribs and underarms makes you guffaw as you lose control and let out the load that was building up, shooting you your cum all over her ass, some of the shots reaching up her back. "Ahahahah-Q-quit it~!" You plead as her wings tickle you, ruffling along your sides and making you squirm defenselessly while she straddles you.

"Alright, I'll quit tickling you there~" She shifts around to where she's straddling you and facing you, though given how she never said she was going to stop tickling you... Suddenly you find your cock being assaulted with feathery tips all up and down your shaft! Your tip is given a little attention too, but most of it is in working your shaft up so you can experience the full terror that is Tenma's wing job! ...She couldn't even keep a straight face in her head.

Your laughter returns in full force, this time joined and broken up by erotic moans and desperate pleads for mercy. As her wings ruffle all over your cock, the soft feathers stroking every point and teasing you down to the base, you can feel the tears forming in the corners of your eyes as you laugh and enjoy yourself. Getting teased in a whole new way is nice!

Tenma simply smiles and doesn't even try to hide her amusement over the matter. Her wings slip around and stroke your cock constantly and without mercy while her hands reach down and see what her fingers could do to add to the sensation. She was a little rusty at this, but it was coming off more and more by the second~

Staring up at that smugly smiling face, you can't do anything but keep moaning as her fingers join her feathers in teasing you. You can see your cock sputtering out pre-cum, staining her feathers and her fingers as well as the sticky fluid slimes them, arousing you further as she keeps it up, "T-tenmahn~! Y-your wings are t-too much!" You try to beg, though your voice makes it obvious that you're enjoying everything she's doing to you.

"I should hope the are~! I spend at least some time preening them and making sure they're lustrous and ready to make a cute boy like you cum all over them~" Her tone is downright teasing as she keeps up her merciless attack, though it's clear that she's enjoying this as much as you are.

Tenma takes her sweet time sliding her silky feathers all over your crotch, sparing no effort in rubbing your manhood with countless caresses courtesy of her jet-black wings. It doesn't even seem like she's putting a whole lot of effort into it even as she holds one of your hands in her own, and you can't help but find the smirk on her lips arousing. "Now then, how should I go about this~?" She's already doing this much, but she's planning even more?

You feel her wings focus on your manhood specifically as she uses her free hand to tease herself. Her free hand cups her chest and her wings make the appropriate approximation around your cock, her feathers neatly 'holding' it the same way she's holding her own milky breast. Each little squeeze and knead is met with an appropriate tactile sensation, so it feels as though she's actually molesting you instead of simply playing with herself. "I'm a little rusty, so I'm going to play around a bit before I get serious~" She punctuates that by squeezing her nipple and causing herself to leak a bead of milk, and you feel her feathers squeeze the tip of your cock proportionately and perhaps get a little pre-cum out of you in the process.

One thing you note, however, is that she's not going all-out in her pleasuring your cock. Judging from the fact that she's only correlating her wing's motions around your cock to her fondling her own breast, she's probably feeling roughly the same pleasant but manageable pleasure you are at the moment. Though since she's let go of your hand and is moving it down her stomach, sliding it across her soft, smooth skin to purposely alert you to the fact that it's going toward her glistening slit... You're starting to get excited as you have no idea what it's going to feel like when she starts teasing herself like that!

Through it all, all you can manage to do is moan and shudder with pleasure as she keeps you up and ready and happy with every single touch. The sensation of her wings doing what they are, something you'd never even thought about before, is incredible as they squeeze and tickle and rub along your cock in a mimicry of what she's doing to herself, "If this is you rusty, t-then I'm kinda scared of seeing you at your keenest...!" You his as another gob of pre-cum stains her feathers shamelessly as they move along you.

Tenma laughs lightly at your statement as her lubed feathers start to get a little noisier in their movements. "At my best, you probably wouldn't last too long~" She tells you candidly as she starts to rub and roll her clit around between her fingers. The two sources of stimuli are actually translated out fairly well as the feathers seem to be able to squeeze your length and tease your opening simultaneously, while the pre-cum makes it easier to make it sound every bit as lewd as it looks.

Though you can hear that those sounds are now being made from two sources, one being your own cock being rubbed by her lubed feathers, while the other is from her pushing her fingers into her own womanhood! Her wings and feathers start to perform a rather impressive dance in response as she's trying to translate pleasure coming from two sources, and it's interesting to feel. On the one hand, her feathers feel like they're gently caressing your manhood, which isn't unlike how she's fondling her own breast. On the other, sometimes she's suddenly putting on a fair bit more pressure while simultaneously making each tip feel like a featherlight touch. Suddenly you understand why she says she's rusty, she might be able to pull off both sensations simultaneously if she were at the top of her game!

None the less, you can tell that she's going through the motions as she starts to remember how to go about this. She leans back a bit to try and give you a better view of her lewd body and to show off precisely why her masturbation is as loud as it is. She keeps her eyes on yours though, and her face has quite the impressive blush on it as she watches your expression. It looks like she's getting off to your getting off to her.

You're more than happy to take advantage of the pose she's making and drinking her appearance. Tenma is surely one of the most beautiful beings you've ever met, and her body carved from perfection, every bit of her. Her breasts mold and react to her one hand teasing and kneading it, while the other shakes lightly as her breath hitches when she hits a good spot, the nipple fully hardened and pointing out like a crown. Her taut stomach clenches lightly, the muscles underneath toned to absolute mastery. Your eyes are drawn to her erotic slit, her fingers playing and teasing it as you watch them move around the pussy that you've made a mess of yourself more than once today, and yet she's still going. "T-tenma, that's...l-lewd." You murmur, somehow embarrassed at how your bodies reacting as your face flushes. Even more than the pleasure she's giving you, the fact that it's her and she's getting off on fucking you so much is embarrassing and arousing all at once!
 No. 35180
"I should hope so~" Her breathing is heavy and her mouth's open for quite a bit of it, but she's being quite shameless about the whole thing and for good reason. "You're such a cute boy with cute responses to my body that I just can't help but flaunt what I've got." She starts to amp up her self-teasing gradually, and her feathers start to move around your cock even more intensely than before.

"I don't thiiiiiiiinkkk-" You trail off as you feel her get even more intense in her play, the feathers encircling your cock ruffling suddenly and making your pre-cum spewing cock dirty every last one of then. You can feel the stickiness pervading in the feathers' touch now as they cling to you a moment when they're pulled away, "T-t-thing that you need to flaunt it Tenma. You'd be sexy no matter how you dressed and acted." You pause, thoughtful for a moment,"...W-well, that's an idea b-but maybe not for this time."

Having Tenma lord over you in her full regalia and make you into her little, loyal, mewling servant sounds kind of how-did you say that out loud?

Tenma licks her lips as she looks down at you, looking very much like she not only heard the idea but was okay with making it happen. "Indeed, for another time~" She slips another finger into her womanhood and redoubles her efforts there, which translates into her pre-cum soaked feathers working you over harder still. "I'm impressed with your endurance so far, Wilheim. I would have thought my feathers would be too much by now~" She's making quite the display now and is utterly shameless in making sure you see every last bit of her front. She then closes her eyes and tries to steady her breathing as she thrusts her fingers into herself faster, which she seems unable to endure for too long as you see her orgasm within a minute or two. Needless to say, you're made to feel a feathery analogue of that intensity increase and the convulsions that go along with it.

Which is more than enough for you as your own endurance gives out on you and you explode with ecstasy, your cock convulsion as you shoot out long, thick ropes of your hot seed onto the feather's stimulating you, pulsing again and again as you cover and dirty them even more. As your orgasm fades and you gasp for breath, you manage to speak, "Well...If I hadn't held out..." You giggle a moment, perhaps drunk from the pleasure, "I wouldn't have got to see you get off from getting me off."

"You're the Lewdest Tengest, Tenma." You grin up at her, happy you managed to put that sentence together without stuttering and enjoying the intimate jest and back and forth just as much, if not more, than the sex act itself.

"Truly, I wish I had been the one to claim you." There seems to be a certain amount of post-coital glow around her as she smears your seed around on her feathers, even going so far as to use some of her non-stained ones to wick more of it off your cock. "And you're quite the lewd boy yourself. Seeing that expression on your face was wonderful." She certainly does seem more relaxed too as she shifts around on you again. "Though I think there's one more thing I haven't done with you yet, that I desire to do." Given that her mouth is now right next to your cock and you can feel her warm breath on it before she kisses it affectionately, you can probably guess what she wants to do.

"...A tea party?" You ask with adorable eyes, an active effort to feign the naivety that you have oh so naturally anyway even now. Of course, it doesn't help that you rub your cock against her lips as she kisses it, enjoying the feeling of those soft lips on it as she expressed her love for you directly.

"With all-natural creamer provided by you~" She feels the need to poke fun at you as she gives your shaft a long lick, winding her warm, slippery tongue around your length before taking your tip into her mouth and sucking on it. While she only has said tip in your mouth, her tongue is relentless in pleasuring it and her hands are hardly idle either as one is stroking your shaft as well.

You can't restrain a soft sigh as you feel that amazing mouth of hers get to work on you. Her mouth and tongue work have been amazing this entire time she's played with you, and getting to experience it again first hand certainly isn't something you'd turn down. Her tongue is amazingly skilled and knows exactly how to tease you as the warm organ slips along your cock and licks up the mess left on it before she leans in and takes your tip into her mouth, making you squeak out in pleasure. Her mouth's hot, wet and very eager to please as she suckles on your cock while her tongue teasingly runs circles all around it and then flicks at your entrance, making a show of just how easily she can make you squirm as you feel those breasts of hers between your leg, pressing softly up against you all while her hand grips the rest of your length and pumps it up and down, ensuring that it won't feel lonely. "I wish I could make you feel this good..." You murmur to her as you reach down and instinctively pet her head in an attempt to show your affection.

She'd respond normally, but she's a little preoccupied with making you feel amazing and as such she takes a bit more of your cock into her throat and makes a rather appreciative, happy sound that reverberates through your cock and makes it twitch. She goes back to her previous mode of fellatio for a few moments until she thinks about it a bit more, then proceeds to take your cock back in to see if she can't help you along by humming.

You gasp, choking on air, as she makes her move and slips the rest of your length into her mouth, rapidly moving from just the tip to the entirety of the length. You feel something strange as your head pokes against the back of your mouth...and then moan like the lewd boy you are as it slips into the back of her throat which you feel squeeze tight around your tip as if it's trying to swallow you down her. "Tttttenmaaaa..!" You let out a whinge as you grip her head in desperation as she does this, relaxing as she pulls back and sucks you off more normally for a bit longer as her hand strokes you...at least until just a few moments later when she buries your cock into her throat and hums lightly, a tune you don't recognize. Though, maybe that's just because you're experiencing a genuinely new sensation as your whole cock buzzes with pleasure.

The sensations only keep going for a few moments before she pulls away briefly to breathe, but she's back at it just as quickly. It seems like she can never keep at it for too long on a given stretch, though it makes sense seeing as she still needs to breathe. Eventually she stops doing that altogether and simply resumes doing it in a more normal manner that happens to feel a bit better for you since it's more consistent.

Tenma keeps her eyes closed for the time being as she shifts her head around to better run her tongue around different points on your manhood. At times she focuses on playing with your bright red tip, other times she runs her tongue around the entirety of your shaft. She takes one finger and slicks it up via some of the cum-soaked feathers on her wings, then brings that around to your ass to play with your rim as she simultaneously runs her tongue around the underside of your cock's head, hitting every tiny, sensitive bump under there gently, but with purpose. Eventually she opens her eyes to lock gazes with you, as if to try and convey how much she's enjoying herself right now. At some point her finger dives into your rear as well as she tries to find a patten you'd enjoy.

While you enjoyed what she was doing before, you can't deny liking her going back to the tried and true method of licking and sucking and bobbing her head up and down with those lips wrapped around your length, every last bit of your cock being covered in her saliva. Then you feel her finger tease around your and moan erotically, already enjoying the feeling as she lock eyes with her, your own no doubt glazed over with pleasure as your face is flushed bright red.

Then her finger slips into your ass and your hips twitch forward outside of your control as you hiss out in pleasure and surprise, "Tenma...!"

The finger in your ass joins her mouth in working in concert to pleasure you senseless as it rubs along inside of you, slipping in and out with a strange but not bad sensation that makes you squirm and wiggle which teases your cock around inside of her mouth, which is definitely a good sensation as her masterful tongue work seeks out weak spots on your weak spots to exploit, making you want to submit desperately, even as you desperately try to hold out just a bit longer.
The tengu leader makes no especially large effort to push you over the edge seeing as you're so close, and she simply settles for keeping a steady pace as she wears down your resistances. She can feel your cock twitch and throb in her mouth, every little errant motion signaling that you're ready to blow at any moment. She rubs her breasts against you a bit more as she starts to suck on your cock a bit harder, and it seems like she's trying to figure out exactly when you'll come in her mouth. Once she has a decent idea, she suddenly takes even more of your cock in, deep throating you so that you can't resist anymore.

You can't hold back as she does that, the feeling of her throat working to swallow whatever you're going to give her being too much not to give her what she wants. Your hips buck up into her mouth as you feel those warm lips squeeze your cock as it expands and you explode in her mouth, losing control and cumming out several gobs of your seed into her waiting throat, "Teeeenma...." You moan staring down at her as she pleasures you so easily.

She doesn't even bother making a sound as she does her best to coax every last drop of your seed out of your shaft, and by the time she's done and lets your cock slide out of her throat she's very must out of breath. She shifts herself up to where her breasts are pressing down on your crotch and stares at you with a positively relaxed gaze. "You truly taste good. If I could subsist off you alone like this, I would." Her breathing causes her breasts to rhythmically apply a tiny bit more pressure to your cock and then ease up, and from the feel of things she's deliberately made it to where if you go erect now, it'll be sandwiched between her breasts. "Still, I think there's one more thing I want to do before we get started, maybe two."

"I...my body is ready..!" You inform her, putting on your game face and as you feel her breasts pressing down on your wet cock, sandwiching it between the undersides of both and gently, rhythmically rubbing along it as she breathes which is enough to get it to start to harden up again underneath her soft, warm breasts. Is she going to use those again? Because you honestly think you'd be all for it with how amazing those are.

...Aren't you just a bit more eager than you normally are for this kind of thing? Not that it's bad but...maybe it's just the sense of closure and certainty that your house is yours and you won't be taken away? It could be something to do with Tenma in particular, you guess.

You could tell that she's having a bit of trouble deciding what to use on you, precisely, but she comes to a decision rather quickly and gets up off you with a smile on her face. Rather than let you get up, she sits down again a short distance away from you and leans back while using her arms for balance. She moves her feet until they're next to your throbbing erection, and traps it between them. Like the rest of her, they're soft, warm, and well cared for.

"Aaaah...?" You let out a curious sound as she moves to a new position and you watch her dirtied body become laid bear for you to take in, the sight being enough of a distraction that you don't even notice her plan until your length's suddenly being squeezed gentle between her surprisingly soft feet. This is...new. In terms of good times, it kind of reminds you of the hand job she used and that sort of pressure.

"Can't settle on what to stare at~?" She teases as she starts to move her feet, alternating between putting pressure on your manhood and rubbing it all over. She's treating this much more casually than anything else she's done so far, which you guess makes sense because she's probably close to having her sex drive satiated and is now doing this because it's fun and because she likes making you feel good. She doesn't even really make any commentary on the fact that you're enjoying her feet, though given how she isn't doing that it might be because she's as proud of her feet as she is the rest of her.

"You're too Tengest, Tenma." You respond as you lean back, arcing up a bit as she stimulates you in a strange but not bad way. The soft, unusual pressure of her feet running up and down your cock makes you wonder about other things that she might do to you eventually, things that certainly have you interest.

"Ehe~ I think we're coming close to a stopping point if your mind's that muddled~" She seems quite content though as she continues without a care in the world. She sticks to working you over casually for the time being so that she can simply sit there and look at your pleasured expression. Though you can tell that she's considering changing gears a bit later on.

"Tengest is a purrrfectly valid term..."You whinge at her as she continues to casually, simply pleasure you. This is much more sedate and relaxed than what you'd been experiencing up until a few short moments ago, so you take the chance to enjoy it and relax as she squeezes your cock for a moment before rubbing her soft heels along it, "You don't want me to call you 'ultimate tengu who all tengus aspire to be', do you? I can't get that out when you're making me cum enough to set a watch by it."

"I didn't say I found it displeasing." Replies the tengu as she shifts a bit to better hit some spots. "Though you are slurring~" She decides to point that out to you as she ups the intensity just a little to see if she can't get that reaction out of you again. She starts to rub one of her big toes on your tip, purposely smearing your pre-cum around again before using the arch of her foot to do much the same. She's using one foot to keep your cock from going anywhere, and the other to stimulate your tip.

You let out a relaxed sigh as you enjoy her fancy footwork and each part of it giving a different sort of stimulation as she steps all over you, metaphorically speaking. Your cock twitches shamelessly as she rubs and presses down on the tip of your cock, shooting out more pre-cum for her to use and be dirtied, "Nnnnnyan don't know what you're talking about..." You try to insist, much like a drunk insists he doesn't need to be cut off by a bartender, except the only thing on Tenma's taps are sexiness and milk.

Neither of which she seems terribly likely to run out of anytime soon by your reckoning. She keeps pace for the time being, but given your view of her you can tell she's starting to drip her own nectar at the sight of you again and is seriously considering where she wants to put this load. "Hm~ Do you want me to finish you like this, or should I put you inside me again?" Not that she stops rubbing her feet all along your shaft as she's asking, but she's taking into consideration that she needs to watch how much she fucks you silly.

"..." You stare at her, your eyes flicking between the mess she's made of your cock so easily with her feet and then to her damp slit, and then...

"...Could you use your breasts again?" You ask, your voice sounding a bit too demure and embarrassed, far more than you hoped it would. Her breasts are just so incredible though, your eyes can't look away from them and it's almost as if they've got a gravitic field all of their own.

She stops using her feet that moment, and shifts back around to where she's laying on you so that your cock is buried between her breasts. You can only see the tip poking out from between those heavenly pillows, but that just makes it all the more effective since it lets you better focus on the tactile sensations that her breasts provide. She starts to move them with purpose, squeezing them so that each motion causes them to shift up and down your shaft a bit each time.

You don't buck your hips this time, just relaxing into the feeling of your cock sinking between those tengu mountains of hers and the sensation of warm, pliant flesh pressing down on your cock from all sides. You can't resist or say no to the feelings, not after all she's done to you with them. Being serviced like you have been has given you a whole new desire and interest, something you might try exploring with a few others, you think. "Your Tengu Mountains are so soft, Tenma." You mutter, reaching out and gently ruffling her hair happily as she molds and rubs her breasts around you, squeezing you nice.

"~♪ " You can actually hear her humming a little tune as she continues to mold her breasts around your cock as much as she can. She purposely puts the extra effort in squeezing her chest to completely bury your cock between her soft mounds and starts to shake to try and get you off even more. With her going like this, it's like her breasts were meant to milk a man every bit as much as her mouth, pussy, and ass are. The fact that you're ruffling her hair only seems to encourage her further, as when she lets her breasts relax enough to expose your tip again she's kissing it and running her tongue across the top to see if that's what it'll take to get you to cum."

Apparently, she finds out exactly what it's going to take as she puts the pressure on you, squeezing your cock between her breasts and running you ragged with those eager shakes of her chest. As her lips kiss your cock and then her tongue runs around and laps at it you explode, your penis pulsing between her breasts as you shoot out a few gobs of cum and dirty her breasts, mouth and face once again, "Ah...thank you, Tenma~." You sloppily rub her head after your slovenly orgasm and smile hazily, "I'm so happy, I can't even feel my legs."

Tenma practically purrs in contentment as she feels you rubbing her head, and there is something immensely hot about the fact that her face and breasts are covered in your seed. Even more so is the fact that she's wicking some of it up off herself to suck it off her fingers, and she seems reluctant to move overall. "You're welcome, though I should be the one thanking you~" She takes a few more moments to process the last of what you said before humming again. "Though if you can't feel your legs, I suppose I should give you a break so you can get some circulation back in there."

"Purrrobably, ma'am." You admit regretfully as the ache of all the tremendous amounts of sex you've been doing catches up to you, "Plus I think I'm just about empty anyway, so maybe now's the time to actually clean up instead of 'cleaning up'."

"I think so too. I don't even know how much time I spent doing you, and I know I'm probably trying someone's patience at this point." She pushes herself up off you and deprives you of the sensation of her breasts on your cock, which might actually be a good thing considering the circumstances. She then starts rubbing your legs to try and help get some circulation going. "Your legs are probably going to feel a little weird as the blood flow picks back up, so don't try to get up until that subsides and you get some feeling back. However, feel free to do things like tap your feet against the ground if you can. If I recall right that can help with this."

You attempt to wriggle your legs around a bit and get some boneless, uncoordinated movement as you pull this and push with that, your legs starting to tingle and quiver between Tenma's touch and your own efforts, "Nnnnyyyyuuuuurr, that feels weird...!" You whinge a bit, not enjoying the feeling at all as you get feeling back.

"I should have remembered that whole circulation thing earlier, my apologies." It seems like Tenma's at least partway back to her usual self, but there's a certain 'spring in her step' that wasn't there before. Or maybe she's just being casual with you because there's no reason to be formal? You can't quite tell.

"It's fine Tenma, you didn't do anything wrong." You try to assure the worrying tengu, "I should have been more mindful of my own body, if anything. Besides, we were both just enjoying ourselves too much to notice or worry about it, that's all that happened." I mean really, you certainly weren't worrying about it.

The tengu leader nods in response to your words. "True. With the both of us as we were, I think an earthquake could have occurred and we wouldn't notice it." She continues rubbing your legs methodically to help get circulation back into them. She can't help but snicker, though. "Honestly, my womanhood was quaking enough as it was~"

"Well, I'm happy I could satisfy you." You respond back, smiling up at her as she keeps massaging your legs, "Maybe next time you can come visit me and I can make something for you. I think I know a few recipes that you might like, and I've been reading in one of my cooking books about 'sushi'."
"I would enjoy that." She then shifts her weight, then hauls you up toward her so that she can stand up and help stand you up. "Can you move your legs properly yet?" She asks, as she isn't totally sure whether you were fit to stand up to take a shower yet or not.

"...A little?" You offer as you wrap yours arms around her and hold onto her for all that you can manage to, "They feel kind weak is all, ma'am." You put a bit of weight on them and rely on her a bit less and can feel them shake underneath you.

Tenma holds onto you as well so that you don't inadvertently fall over, and seems content to support you as-is. "That will do. I don't mind holding onto you as we bathe." She leads you over to the shower stall and starts it up. The initial burst of water is probably a little cold, given how Tenma has her hand in the middle of the spray and seems to be waiting for the water to warm up. Once it does, she helps you into the shower stall and lets you take up most of the stream. Interestingly enough, it seems like the shower head she uses is meant to pummel at one's back a bit.

You lean against Tenma, letting the hot water splash and impact onto your body and to relax your weary muscles. You don't let go of your grip on her, hugging her to you and yourself to her as you find yourself simply content to rest now.

The tengu leader opts to start washing you now, taking her time since there's no real rush at this point. She's not even being sensual about it other than the fact that you're currently pressed against her, though in that case there's just no helping it.

Just like that, you relax against her and savor the feelings of intense relaxation and satisfaction, and don't worry about just what the future might hold for you this time.


I'm back, and I'm not really better than ever but I hope this is okay.
 No. 35183
I'd say you're better than ever.
 No. 35184
And I agree.

If this is the quality of work under not-so-optimal conditions, I can't wait to see what it is under better conditions!
 No. 35185
After compiling some empirical date, and running the statistics, I can conclusively say this is 16.216% better than your previous writing.
 No. 35186
If I were to nitpick, I'd say some sentences are a bit too long due to lack of commas or semicolons. Other than that, yeah, this was all kinds of awesome and arousing.
 No. 35925
...you blearily blink your eyes open and find yourself-why is all the furniture heart shaped? This place...actually, isn't this the love hotel that the Tengu used to work at? Specifically the same room you spent a week in having large amounts of racous sex with your girls? As you glance around the room, you find yourself suddenly no longer alone. Your mother steps ominously out of the shadows, which is worrying because she usually just steps out of the shadows with a sort of skip in her step, and crosses her arms under her admittedly probably some of the largest you've seen bust and levels her patented maternal disappointment stare on you. Did her white, ribbed sweater and jeans always hug her figure so, and why can't you pull your eyes more easily off of those childbearing hips and lush curves and bountiful bust? Wait hang on what.

"You sick bastard." Your mother(?) shakes her head at you, disappointment engraved on her features and in her tone as she regards you, "Where'd you even get these kind of urges from? Certainly not me. It's probably your father's fault, just like that time he taught you to climb and you ended up stuck on top of the house."

"Wait, what." Your tone and words mirror your thoughts as you see your mother pop in from what might as well have been out of nowhere, because this more reminds you of your own girls rather than her.

"You're having a wet dream about your own mother. I always told you to aim high Ezekiel, but I never expected this from you." She sighs, shaking her head, and other parts, as she shifts her hands to her hips and somehow manages to further emphasize them, "How could so much pent up incestuous sexual tension be in my own son? I mean, I know that I'm the fairest of them all, the mirror agreed with me and I won't let it take that back, but am I so ridiculously hot that even the psychological pressures that are in place to encourage offspring to not mate with their siblings or parents aren't working?"

"...I guess I must be." Your mother glances down, looking somewhat chagrined as she brings her hands up and squeezes her breasts through her sweater, "I'm just too sexy for my own good, really."

You're at a loss for words. Less because she's that drop dead gorgeous and more because your brain is still sitting squarely in flat 'what' mode at where this is going. Though you get the feeling that anything you say would just get twisted around and thrown back at you.

"Well? Before we get on with your dreams of debaucherous sex with your own mother, you sick bastard, what do you have to say for yourself Ezekiel?" Your mother's hands thankfully leave her chest and go back to her hips as she bends over to give you that look of hers right in your face, her lips a pouting frown and her red hair framing her face perfectly, bangs hanging down even though the rest of her long hair is up in a high ponytail.

You lean back in response to this, mostly because it sounds just plain wrong no matter how it's expressed. "Come on, this is ridiculous! The Mark West Effect is working just fine, thank you very much, and I have girls of my own to consider!" You're scooting backward as well, both falling back from the dream image of your mother and onto logic to try and deal with this scenario.

"And yet, here we are Ezekiel." Your mother reminds you, "We're in a dream, in your imagination, in a love hotel room you spent a week having sex with various girls in, and you brought your mother here. What does that say about you? Since, after all, this is all you, Ezekiel." She spreads her arms grandly, gesturing to the fact that you are still in a love hotel with a heart shaped jacuzzi.

This is, admittedly, a good point.

"That my brain needs to learn the difference between admitting someone looks good and wanting to have sex with them." You're not going to give in to her logic that easily. She really is attractive, but your mind really should remember who you actually have lewd feelings for family-wise. ...Which you admittedly repress the Makai out of because it's several degrees of wrong.

"...You do realize that if your brain is giving you a dream about wanting to have sex with me then you probably want to have sex with me as much as you'd love to fuck Yume's or Ruukoto's brains out." Your mother points out something important, "Though, I suppose if you have sexual relations with me and slake your thirst on my body until your own mother can only moan out your name, and I've been with both Yume and Ruukoto several times, that's like indirectly getting with them. Is that your game, Ezekiel?" Your mother asks as she climbs up onto the bed and crawls towards you, closing distance faster than you can make it until you find yourself backed up against the head of the bed, and you're too late to escape as you find your mother closing the distance far faster and leaving you stuck with her hands on either side of your body and her face oh so close to you, "You naughty, naughty boy..."

Your response isn't a coherent set of words so much as it would be akin to a comic where a character is blushing and they have an exclamatory word bubble that has a scribble with an exclamation mark or two at the end. The fact that you're getting pinned down like this really just does not help in the slightest considering the situation.

"...Hah! You really are lusting after your own mother!" Your mother(?) laughs in your face, making you feel humiliation creep up into your consciousness as she mocks you, "Wow, you're getting really turned on already, huh? I mean, I've had to bathe you naked before but I guess this is something else you inherited from your father...even if you got my rougish good looks." Your mother(?) contemplates as you feel a hand suddenly grasp at something very near and dear to you while you still teasing you like she is.

The one potential saving grace is that you're not totally erect yet, though with her hand grabbing you like that you're pretty sure it's not going to stay like that for long. That was part of the problem with male anatomy when you got right down to it; it does its job based on stimulation alone.

"You're trying to hold back still, but you know you want it." Your mother(?) points out, smiling mockingly at you as she slowly, pointedly and teasingly sidles up closer to you, her breasts pressing up against your chest as her hand keeps stroking you through your clothing, "I know, because I'm a figment of your imagination and thus am really more of a part of you, even if only just a part of you that is pretending to be your mother because you get off on the idea of having sex with her, you sick bastard."

You can't really come up with a coherent response at this point other than literally just wanting to pummel this figment for trying to make a mountain out of a molehill like this. On the flip side, you can't even move at this stage and you're getting erect.

"Hm? Not going to resist? Well, isn't that just shocking." Your mother laughs at your situation and your seeming submission to her, "Then, should I reward you for being a good boy, or punish you for being a naughty boy, hm?" A hand comes up and runs through your hair, tilting your head up as she leans in and you feel her begin to kiss and suckle on the sensitive skin of your neck, marking you in a most intimately indecent manner as her other hand begins to slowly and casually undo the button on your pants and begin to drag the zipper down.

"Mmmmh..." You moan out a little as that figment starts to play with your neck and expose your manhood while wondering how this came to be to begin with. You can't help but note that you don't mind being played with like this, but the one playing with you makes the whole thing a little awkward...

"Ah, letting out a voice like that..." Your Mother laughs as she tugs your zipper the rest of the way down and your boxers suffer a containment breach as your shame appears, "I wonder, what's turning you own more...the fact that it's your mother doing this to you, or that it's you doing this to yourself?" Your mother leans up, her eyes glinting with that mocking, dominating taunt as she leans in, her lips just millimeters from yours, "Well, what is it...naughty boy?" And in the same moment that you're forced into an intimate kiss with this figment that looks just like your mother, you feel a velvety soft grip take hold of your length as fingers begin to rub and massage the growing flesh.

You wouldn't have answered anyway given that you're trying to at least deny those feelings a little, though you moan into the kiss lightly as the figment's skilled hands start to stroke you, having no doubt borrowed techniques that have been used on you in the past to get you off.

Your weak, unresistant admission merely makes her molest you harder as she pushes the kiss deeper, her lips parting yours as her tongue slips into your mouth, filling it with an odd and yet familiar flavor as it tackles and wrestles with your own tongue. Her grip on your length firms up and she begins to move it, pumping up and down your cock in a smooth, steady motion that's not too fast or too slow, but the feel of veteran hand working you over like this makes bits of pre-cum leak out of your tip, ensuring the sound of her jerking you off becomes all the more erotic.

You practically melt into the kiss as the figment deepens it, with you closing your eyes as she does what she will. It really doesn't feel that much different from what Merlin would do to you, but in that case you wouldn't have resisted at all. Not that you can resist at all, especially since you're bucking your hips up occasionally.

Your submission merely makes it work you even harder as the hand stroking you begins to move faster now, pumping up and down with a firm grip on your cock as you're jerked off by a figment of your own mother, and love it happening to you physical. The feel of her and the warmth of her body, the pressure of her breasts pressing against your own chest and the feel of those warm full lips constantly pushing and battling against any of the twitches of your body and your struggles to breath freely. Those warm, mocking eyes never leave yours as they bore into you, breaking down barriers and defenses without even a word.

More pre-cum leaks from your tip, slipping down your cock only to get scooped up in her grip and to be used to lube up your length. The pleasure there and your enjoyment of the searingly intimate kiss from your maternal molester is making your resistance wane bit by bit as you feel your cock twitch in her grip. Are you really willing to go that far?

The problem is that your willingness doesn't factor into this. You can't wake yourself up on your own and you are in a very weird sense having your way with yourself in a largely unwanted way. You feel your cock twitch more periodically, but you can't really control what your body does or how it responds to expert technique beyond trying to hold back as hard as you can.

Though as you feel your body approach the point of submission, the question of whether you can force yourself onto yourself comes up. Given that you're being molested by a figment of your imagination that is pretending to be an interpretation of your mother, your mother who is admittedly very pretty and attractive in what is definitely not a sexual way to you at all, could that mean that you want it? The idea plants a seed of potential doubt as your mother finally breaks the kiss and lets you breath so that she can just siddle up against your even more to whisper into your ear, "Just give it up now, my naughty little boy~."

Honestly, that's a convoluted question that either makes you look like you're in denial or makes you look like you secretly want to dominate everyone you get into an intimate relationship with. ...Which you can't quite see as being a bad thing, that latter part. Isn't that something Rumia's into anyway? Your thoughts get a bit more muddled and confused as you're brought to the breaking point, and before you know it you've shot your white flag of surrender out all over the figment's hand.

You just know that a psychologist would have a field day with this, you having an incredibly in depth erotic dream about your mother, especially the part where you exploded in her hand and your sticky white stuff shot out onto the sheets without restraint in the least. "Oh, naughty boy..." A figment of your mother's voice coos into your ear before you feel her nibble on your ear bed, making you shiver uncontrollably for a moment before she speaks again, "Maybe you're over thinking this, getting yourself so into a worry about what dreaming about wanting to have sex with your ridiculously hot mother means.”

"I mean..." A hand not coated in sticky juices traces algebraic equations on your chest, "It's perfectly natural to want to do someone as ridiculously hot as me in the first place, and dreaming of me like this is because of extenuating circumstances, right? I mean, you've just come off of an exhaustion coma and gone back to sleep after hours of being stimulated but denied release. It could just be a result of the stress and wear on your mind and body that's lead to you thinking of a queer situation."

"Or you could just love your mother's tits and ass." She adds on with a shrug afterward as she gives your cock a squeeze in her hand again.

Well, you do appreciate T&A like most any other male on the planet, though in all honestly your mother was still squarely in the 'off limits' category no matter what you thought of her as. After all, that's why you never expressed interest in Yume despite being turned on by her every now and then. You're still not answering the figment much at all just because of how much you're denying the attraction still.

"Ezekiel! You should know better than to ignore your mother! I raised you better than this." Your figment of your imagination chastises you, happily switching between playing up its roll and psychoanalyzing you as it suits it's purposes, "Now, you tell your mother what you thought of her hands or I will give you such a spanking!"

"T-they were amazing..." You manage to get that much out as you're essentially intimidated by yourself in the shape of your mother.

Though, you suppose that it's arguable that 'she' is actually you, and that in theory this may just be one way that you view your mother. That is to say, that you view your mother as a scarily hot hip hugging jeans wearing ribbed sweater filling dom woman. "That's a good boy." Your Mother smiles brightly at you, patting your cheek kindly before nuzzling up against you and running her hand across your chest, "My sweet little boy is so much better when he's being as honest as his body is and doesn't hold back anything from mommy." You can feel her nails running along your skin through your clothing, tracing odd patterns, "And don't worry, mommy won't let her naughty little boy hold back a~n~y~thing from her tonight."

You blush in response to that while looking the figment in the eyes, feeling like you were going to get violated in all sorts of ways at this rate.

"Why yes, my sweet little darling IS going to get violated by his mummy all sorts of ways!" Your figment of your mother nuzzles her cheek against yours in mocking affection, which fits her tone of voice, "Unless my naughty boy would rather violate his mother, hmmm?"

"I'll let you do what you want, since you're not going to stop anyway." You say, not really willing to go the extra mile to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have a thing for your own mother. You'd like to leave some room for ambiguity at least.

Your mother lets out a growl of irritation that sends something crawling up your spine as she frowns at you, "What are you doing giving up so quickly? I know I didn't raise a quitter!" You feel that soft hand and its firm grip squeeze and excited part of you again, "Did all your spine go down here?"

"It's certainly stiff enough." Honestly, you're not quite sure why you're not at least trying. This is your mind, she's a figment of your thoughts, and she's not one of your girls. She can't make you submit like they can.

"Oh it certainly is. Hmm, what to do next..." Your figment of your imagination wonders as those fingers gently touch and tease your length to keep it all up and interested in your imagined mother's hot body, "Well, since all your spine is down here and you're not feeling manly enough to take your mother, sexually speaking...I guess I'll just have to let you live out your other fantasies you've always denied. Hmmm...but should I spank you first, or bury you between the breasts you drank from?"

"Your boobs first, please. You're me, so you know pain's not my thing." Especially seeing as you weren't properly enjoying Lunasa's work until she was more honest with herself and what she wanted. Pain as pleasure just wasn't that good for you when it was like that.

"Ah, but if I'm you then what if I'm the parts of you that you deny and suppress? Maybe I know you better than you know yourself and you really do love spankings as much as you like it when your slime plays with your cute little butt?" Your figment asks you, teasing your mercilessly in more ways than one, "Though arguably I'm a figment of your imagination that's aspected off of one of the ways you view your mother, so I suppose it's possible that I don't know those parts of you."

You place your hands on the figment's boobs and push up, trying to get her off you to some degree. You're not sure why, but talking it out seems to help. "That's how I see it. You're one part that decided to surface just now because I'm pent up and took the form of my mother because some part of me does find her attractive. At the same time though, you're not her." Honestly, the figment's starting to annoy you with its babble. It's not even sure about what it's talking about!

"And whose fault is that?" The Figment glares at you as your hands sink into her breasts, pushing into the soft, yielding motherly mounds with apparent ease. "If I don't know what I'm talking about, it's your fault because I'm an aspect of you!" With an irritated huff, she pushes back and wraps her arms around your head and drags you face into her motherly bosom, leaving you feeling the pressure all around you and drowning in the smell of freshly baked cookies and science, all while you feel her nipples hardened against the palms of your hands from your somewhat rougher defense of yourself.

"Mmmph!" You can't respond considering what the figment just did, but you're still handling her breasts a little roughly. Those lewd nipples need a little bit of stimulation, so you opt to rub those as she does what she will. She is right though, your mother didn't raise a quitter. You just needed to be set off in the right way.

"Aaaah~." That Figment's voice lets out a happy little moan as you squeeze her kneadable flesh, "Oh, that's a gooood boy~! Did my little Zekey finally decide to just have some fun with his mummy, hmmm~?" She's taunting you, but honestly even if they're apparently your imaginary mother's tits they're still completely incredible. Though not necessarily gravity defying, they're big right up to the point where they'd almost be too big, but not crossing over.

Yeesh, she just doesn't stop, does she? Still, you can't deny that the figment's got a nice pair of boobs that are fun to play with. They're soft, warm, and pliant and honestly you want to play with them a bit more. Maybe you can... you start to try and move her off you a bit harder this time.

"Hmmm? Oh did you want mother's titjob already, sweetie?" Your figment of your maternal imagination coos at you as you push against her breasts, though she loosens up her grip just a bit so your face can at least slip out from between her breasts. At last, air that doesn't smell like your mother's cookies or your mother's science!

You're shooting that figment such an annoyed look right now, though she's deliberately positioned herself so you can't slip out from under her without getting more physical than you have been. It doesn't help that she could just as easily slip down and start assaulting your erect cock either.

"I'm not hearing a nooooo~." She smirks back at you smugly, "Come on, I know that I've got you all riled up now, but that's just because you were being a big, sad baby. Now that you're nice and eager, your mother just wants to make you feel all kinds of good, and then for you to make her feel good, and then to just have amounts of sex that the scientific community would consider improbable and immoral so that mother can prove them wrong again! Is that so bad?" She asks, pouting at you in a manner that, while cute, somehow feels more like it should be on one of your girls' faces and not her's.

Most likely because the figment is drawing from the experiences you've actually had to construct something that you think your mother would do. Honestly, this feels more like you're dealing with Merlin but without the right body. If the figment took her form this whole thing wouldn't even be a problem to you. "You're still having to extrapolate based on what we know."

"...So is that a no you DON'T want to bury your cock between my tits or a yes you do but my son is being far too cute and shy about it?" She asks, quirking her head to the side. Those eyes of hers are teasing and sincere all at the same time. How is this kind of dream figment fair at all!?

"I would think it's because I'm being shy about it." Yeesh, it's like- No, it's more like she is using your shared knowledge to plan her attack and poke at all your weak points so you can't fight back effectively. It really is annoying how she's working you up like this just so she can prove a point that may or may not even exist.

"...So you DO want a titjob then?" Your imaginary mother clarifies as she presses her bosom more prominently and pronouncedly into your face, her soft tits enticingly smooshing against your cheeks.

You are annoyed, turned on, and pinned. You settle for licking her boobs instead of giving a straight answer because it seems like you're not going to wake up soon enough for your liking and you just really, really like big, soft boobs like hers.

"Oh, do you miss the taste of your mummy's breasts so much?" Your imaginary mother chuckles as she shifts and presses in further, and you feel your tongue run across the rougher skin of her nipple and get a taste of something sweet, "I'll give you what you've been dreaming about now, so don't hold back~." She teases you as she easily maneuvers you back down into a submissive posture with her sweet tasting nipple pressed against your lips as her heaving bosom fills your view. A dexterous hand grips your cock against and masterful fingers begin to touch and stroke it, teasing and urging you on and back up, bringing you back up to full mast and filling your head with all kinds of hormones that make thinking clearly just a bit harder for each second that goes by.

You taste milk and start sucking immediately, finding that your mind's ability to think straight is starting to erode away, not unlike when one of your girls starts to have her way with you. You alternate between licking, sucking, and gently nibbling that delicious teat while you massage the figment's superior posterior, and can't help but jerk your hips up into her hand periodically.

Your hands sink into her sweet, curvy hips and rear as you squeeze and knead it, getting her to giggle as you suck and nip at her teat and drink her milk, the rich and creamy taste of it filling you with a nostalgic hunger for more as you feel her press her breast against your face and mouth more firmly, "Yes, that's right, just let go..." She whispers to you in her sultry, insidious voice as her grip on your cock tightens once you're at full mast again and begins to move up and down it in smooth, slow pumps even as you jerk your hips up into it.

You blush and moan in a muffled manner as she starts to have her way with you proper, the wrongness of the situation being tuned out by the fact that you're being metaphorically drowned in hormones that are telling you to have sex with the beautiful woman atop you. You start to milk her breast more greedily and move one of your hands to massage her untouched breast so that it won't feel left out, while the one massaging her ass starts to play with her rim a little. Once you've got a little milk on one hand, you lube up the fingers playing with her ass so you can play with her naughty hole more easily.

You feel your stomach begin to happily tell you about how wonderful what you're drinking is, and how you should give it more. The hand that you bring to her breast finds it to be leaking milk as well as you squeeze that massive mound, your hand sinking into it as you savor the feeling. You find, to your satisfaction, that your imaginary mother is quite receptive to your increased teasing of her ass, letting out a soft moan as you lube up your fingers and then begin to tease around her rim, "HNnn~, that's a good boy...!" She praises you, her hand that's working your shaft working you over harder as if to reward you for being so adventurous and such a good mama's boy.

You take one finger and slip it inside her ass, finding that the milk makes for a pretty decent lube. You pump it in and out since she's so receptive to the idea and are only encouraged more by the fact that she's working you over harder. You're feeling a familiar pleasure-soaked feeling well up inside you and feel that you can't last too much longer at all.

"Hnnngh~." Your imaginary mother lets out a lewd sound as you begin to finger fuck her apparently sensitive rear, leading to her pressing her breasts against you more as her grip on your cock tightens, pushing you up to and over the edge, "Sssssuch a good boy~!"

You shoot out your white flag after that while drinking down more milk almost helplessly, and you simply hold the figment to you tightly until your orgasm dies down. After that you start finger fucking her rear a little more vigorously since she seems to be enjoying it so much.

You can hear your figmentary mother panting as you shoot out your white flag all over her hand, making such lustful sounds as you keep playing with her ass. She brings her dirtied hand up to her mouth and above you, you can hear her lustfully and eagerly cleaning up the mess you made there, "Such a good, sweet boy..." She coos to you afterward, "Working so hard to make sure mummy feels good and drinking up so much of her milk!" That praise she showers you with makes you feel good somewhere in your gut, though that may just be the milk. "You like teasing mummy's bum so much though, hmm?" She asks, shifting her thoroughly suckled teat away from your mouth and leaving you buried between her breast again, but fully capable of speaking.

You've got a feeling she's planning something though.

"You seem to enjoy it enough." Not that you're stopping any of what you're doing though. Honestly, feeling her silky and hot insides would have been enough to keep you at full mast even without the marshmallow hell treatment.

"Oh, I do." She whispers to sultrily as she shifts you a bit, even as you tease her bum still, "Your mother loves you doing all kinds of things to her ass, sweaty." She says with such a saccharinly sweet voice as she, "But, we have so much more left to do...so, why don't I let you choose, hmm?" She presses a kiss against the top of your head, "You can either bury your naughty cock between mothers tits, and even keep playing with my butt if you like...or you can fuck my ass while you drink more milk from me, hm~? What would you like to do, sweete?"

"Mmmh... I think my ass fetish is winning out for this one." You blush as you slip into your 'vulnerable and easily molested shota' mode that seems to be part of why you're bona-fida girl-bait. "I want to cum inside you."

"Hmhmhmhm, of course you do sweetie." Your imaginary mother laughs as she hugs you lovingly, happily and eagerly against her, shifting herself close to you so she's straddling your hips, "Even naughty boys love their mothers, right?" She teases you as you feel fingers keep your hard shaft pointed up as she shifts her hips into position. Your sensitive, eager tip pokes against her rear entrance, the tight hole being seemingly unyielding as she starts to press down. Your cock slowly and surely slips into her hot, tight rear until she lets out a gasp as your first inch slips in all at once, "Such a big boy..." She murmurs happily as she pets your head where it is between her breasts, one of them thoroughly suckled and the other leaking milk readily.
 No. 35926
You moan into her breasts and start suckling from her in earnest again, that simple tip penetration almost being enough to wipe your mind out from that alone. You let her continue at her own pace, but you really want to be buried clear up to the hilt in her now...

The breast you latch onto immediately squirts milk into your mouth as you begin to suckle, giving you that sweet and rich taste you're becoming addicted to already as she mutters softly to you about what a good boy you are. You're more focused on her beginning to roll her hips, moving your cock up and slidding a bit more of it out of her ass before rolling them back down and taking more of you in. Slowly but surely, bit by bit as she fucks herself with your dick you slip deeper and deeper into that hot, tight hole that's clamped down around your cock. Already you can feel pre-cum dribbling out from your tip and staining her inside.

You're left completely helpless at this as you can at most squirm and moan under her like the pervert you are. Her soft body weighing down on you like it is in conjunction with her breast-milk that might as well be a mind-altering drug on its own makes you want to be little more than her fuck-toy for so long as she wants to keep doing you.

"Oh my, are you giving it up?" Your figmentary mother asks you with a giggle as she takes more of your cock deeper into her ass and pauses a moment to squeeze down on it, pressing down on your cock inside of her as she wriggles her hips to savor the feeling, "When it's like this, you can't resist becoming a fuck-toy even for your own mother, hmm?"

Not that you can even really acknowledge her at this stage, but if you were in your right mind you might have been a bit more scathing on the matter. Honestly, the only reason you're giving it up is because it's a dream and that figment's not going to stop trying to force herself on you until you give up or she traps you. The latter of which happened, basically.

She just laughs as she pushes you deeper into her you feel a bit of milk dribble down your chin as you just keep suckling on her teat. Your cock twitches excitedly in her rear as she pushes even more of you into her, bottoming out as much as she can in the position you're both in. She rocks her hips from side to side as she continues to pet your head, gently smoothing down your hair as she murmurs to you, "There, you're all the way inside. Happy now? I'll give you lots of a mother's love."

You nod your head as much as you can, not wanting to verbalize long enough to stop sucking on your mother's teat. The gentle grinding of your cock against the smooth, soft, hot inner walls of her ass is more than enough to work you up to an orgasm in time, but you're trying to hold out so you can savor it for longer.

She just keeps on rolling and rocking her hips in purposeful, slow, smooth motions that grind you around inside of and thrust you in and out of her ass, the tight hole constantlt squeezing down on you as she murmurs sweet nothings into your ears and pets you lovingly for being such a good boy, "Yes that's right, just keep drinking from mommy while she plays with your dick, don't hold back..."

You wrap one arm around her lower waist and rub her pussy lips with the other, wanting to feel how wet she's getting from all this. If she's enjoying this half as much as she says she is, she'd probably dripping her nectar right about now.

You can feel a slight dampness as you touch her slit, and hear your imaginary mother chuckle into your ear as she begins to bounce slightly, thrusting you in and out of her ass and rubbing her pussy lips against your fingers, "Oh my my...do you want to go back where you came from, hm?" She taunts you as you feel the pressure on your dick increase again, leading to you being squeezed into her ass and then dragged out of its grip as you're stimulated mercilessly.

You moan heatedly as your cock is rubbed like that, finding yourself wanting back inside her and barely caring what hole it is. Her ass, her pussy... you kinda want to cum in all her holes, and all over her now.

She laughs and then murmurs again to you as she slams you all the way into her, burying your cock in her ass, "Anything you want, my sweet little boy~." That sultry promise and being bottomed out again pushes you over the edge of your limits as she pets your head and subs your back, encouraging you to let it all go.

And let it go you do, as you feel thick pulses of hot seed flow out of your cock and into her ass. She feels like she's actively trying to milk every last drop from you in the process, which you have no problems doing. It feels too good not to.

As you lose yourself to the pleasure your imaginary mother lets out low. lewd moans of pleasure as she rubs your back, urging you on as you shoot out thick, hot strings of your sticky white stuff into her rear, "Oh yes...that's good." You can hear the smirk develop in her voice as she continues, "Enjoying taking it in the ass must run in the family, hm?"

You don't bother articulating a response, and for once you actually aren't blushing or being in denial about it. SlKogasa doing to you that way did feel nice, but at the same time you'd really only let her do it. It's one of those things you wouldn't just let anyone do.

"Hmmph. It looks like I can't tease you about your cute butt then, can I?" Your imaginary mother sulks as she pets you, taking a moment ti wriggle her hips and tease you around inside of her ass again, "Still, my little boy...you're soooo manly~." She coos at you as she drags you deep into her bosom again, hugging and squeezing you with motherly affection.

You aren't in any position to resist or even think about resisting, so once again you're pretty much stuck being a fuck toy beyond teasing her slit.

"Hmhmhmhm~, did you want that next already? I thought you wanted to bury it between mummy's boobs first~?" Your imaginary mother mocks you as she plants a kiss on your head, "Or maybe...put it in my mouth to shut me up, hmm?"

Honestly, her boobs seem pretty nice. You start to knead those with the hand you've been rubbing her slit with, getting a bit of her juice on her breasts as you lick them. You can't really decide on an order, mind.

You let yourself idly play like a child at his mother's knee while aforementioned mother laughs lightly, the hand that's petting you digging its nails into your scalp playfully, "Hmhmhm, can't even think at all? I expected better from my son...then, I'll decide what happens to you now. Unless you really want something...then you have to beg for it!" She laughs that for some reason, whether at the thought or just some joke you don't understand.

Well, she did want to fuck you, so she's getting what she wants, right? Either way, you're pretty content where you are and feel like you'd be content playing with or being played with almost any part of her body at this point. It was all just so fuckable.

"Hmph...it was more fun bullying you when you looked like you were going to cry..." She almost sounds like she's sulking as she pushes herself up off of you and you feel yourself slowly disengage with a sticky, messy sound from her. To your disappointment, those wonderful mammaries disappear from your grasp as well and you are exposed to the cold air once more. It's rather upsetting, really, even if you do get to stare up at that erotic body, as she puts her hands on her hips and smirks down at you.

A trail of sticky mess is slowly making its way down between her legs as she grins, "Then, why don't you let mommy clean you up before letting you get between her pillows. hm? Spread your legs like a good boy."

You blush and do as you're asked obediently, feeling that you're not about to go soft when you've got a view like that to stare at. It's... honestly simultaneously hot and wrong to see the figment in that sort of situation, though the wrong is just enough to keep you from fully enjoying the sight.

She laughs, her shoulders shaking as she shuffles herself back and moves herself on her hands and knees so that she can bring her face closer so your sticky, messy crotch. A shiver goes up your spine and a moan escapes you the moment you feel those full lips wrap around the tip of your cock and her hot, wet mouth begin to suckle at it, her tongue teasingly 'cleaning' the tip.

You bite your lip gently as she does so, finding it hard not to enjoy what she's doing. You're not totally sure if you're going to be able to withstand the 'cleaning' this will entail, given that you're still sensitive and are basically getting sucked off, but who knows what the figment's actually thinking.

Her tongue slips out past her lips, running lightly along your sensitive length as it moves in quick half circles, your imaginary mother making indecent sucking sounds as she shlurps your schlong, making you leak out pre-cum even as she cleans up the mess that you already made of yourself when you made a mess in herself.

Your leaking like that just proves how amusingly ineffective the figment's efforts are in actually getting you clean, seeing as the only thing you're going to manage is to either explode in her mouth or spurt off the moment her boobs wrap around your cock. Which admittedly is probably exactly what she was aiming for to begin with.

The suckling intensifies as you look down at your figments intent face, lips wrapped around your schlong as her tongue comes out and teases along your underneath as she moves her head down a bit more, sucking on your tip as you shoot out a gob of pre-cum and shudder at her mouth skills. One eye opens up and reveals the glittering green as she looks up at the reaction she's getting from you, and enjoying what her teasing is obviously doing to you.

You're trying your hardest not to move overly much or reach orgasm right away, though it seems like she knows how to handle you just well enough to work you up at a pace that's fast enough for her yet still not so fast that it cuts her fun short. Not that your body isn't trying anyway, seeing as it spurted pre-cum so easily. It really doesn't help that the technique feels so familiar either. It's making you relax readily considering who's doing you.

That eager, warm mouth of hers pushes down more, taking more of your cock into it as she suckles and teases it with her tongue, 'cleaning' off all the mess you'd already made and are making now. A throaty chuckle reverberates out of her and into you, the vibrations make your attempted resistance feel a bit more hollow.

Then, in one swift movement she presses the rest of the way down, taking your whole length into her mouth. Your tip feels a brief resistance in the back of it before you pass along and are in a new place that squeezes down around your cock, a regular pulsing movement milking your length as she sucks harder on it. Those sensations are enough to push you over the edge as a pair of green, mocking eyes glitter up at you.

You moan hotly as she does that to you, and feel spurt after satisfying spurt flow out of you into her waiting and eager mouth. You can't even form up a token response or resistance in response to it, you're relaxed into it completely.

Her mouth suckles on as you do so, more and more of your hot, sticky, white stuff pouring down her throat as she swallows it all while staring up at your a lidded gaze, her tongue teasing the parts of you that her sucking can't. As your joyous eruption comes to an end she pulls back slowly, lips around around your length as they trail up and up it until it's finally released with a pop, your cock bouncing lightly in the air. "There." She smirks up at you as she reaches out with one finger and prods your twitching cock, "All clean."

You're left panting from the extended orgasm, and your mind's far too foggy to actually accomplish anything resembling a rational thought. You simply keep your legs spread and erect member out for her to do with as she pleases.

"...Hmph, broken like that already? I expected better." She shakes her head and shrugs, sighing at your general lack of endurance and not being a strong-willed manly man, "Well, I'll wait then..." She shifts one leg up and presses a foot down on your cock, grinding it between her heel and your body, "For now, I'll just give you this. After all, for a boy like you getting trampled on must make you happy, right?"

The feel is remarkably similar to Lunasa's own foot, but it just doesn't feel quite right... It's missing something to it. "It's fine..." You say simply while still reeling from the afterglow. The figment really expects you to just up and take charge, doesn't it? Either you let it work you over or you work it over. Either way it thinks itself right.

"Well, at least you recover quickly." The Figment pulls her foot away from your cock, which has been left erect and twitching from the stimulation, "Then, are you ready for what you've dreamed of?"

You take a deep breath to steady yourself, and let it go. You shift yourself up a little so at the very least you're not completely pathetic, and look her in the eye. "Get down here already."

One eyebrow quirks up as she lets out a soft sound of surprise, "Oh, is the mommy's boy trying to put on a brave face? But, I've already kissed it and made it better so it's okay." She's speaking in a sweet, saccharine tone as she crawls closer to you on her knees, breasts swaying closer to your chest before she simply leans down onto you, burying your cock underneath her breasts and leaving it trapped beneath yielding, soft, warmth and your own body, "So it's okay to cry now~."

You don't cry out as your cock is wrapped between her breasts, though you do close your eyes to better appreciate the feel. Just like with the figment's feet though, this also feels familiar. You've never actually had sex with your mother before, so everything you're experiencing here has to be from what you know, isn't it?

"Don't get distracted." An increase in pressure and a wiggle of her chest back and forth brings your mind back to the here and now and the out of place but adorable pout on the figment's face as she begins to grind your dick between her breasts, rubbing her soft skin all along your sensitive shaft.

You moan cutely in response to that, once again showing your vulnerable, molestable shota side to your assailant even as she teases you more. That out of place pouting is kind of cute though, it almost makes you want to get her to make that expression more...

She presses her breasts together and all that's visible of Little Zeke from your current position is the tip, poking up from between the valley between her mounts. She smirks up as you as she shifts again, leaning down and pressing her lips against your tip in a kiss and smooching it sweetly before pulling back and letting her tongue tease your tip while she squeezes and loosens the pressure on your cock from her breasts in a rhythm.

Your hips shift about on their own as you try to add your movements to hers, but it's clear that you can't do much of anything once again. It's hard not to relax into it with the effort she's putting in, though you're trying to hold back again.

Pursing her lips she suckles lightly on your extra sensitive tip while pressing her breats together harder around your cock, making it sink deeper into the soft flesh of her chest, the dreams within fill you with warmth and happiness. She hums thoughtfully and contently as you feel her tongue lick up the pre-cum you've begun to leak as it comes out of you, unfairly and cruelly stimulating an extra-sensitive part of your body.

Your eyes close shut tightly as she does that, and you're feeling like you're going to cum again soon no matter how hard you try. The pliant, warm, soft flesh that's wrapped around your shaft isn't helping matters at all either, nor is the fact that you're moving your hips about to get more of that incredible feeling whether you really want it or not.

You feel your cock begin to twitch as she pulls her mouth away from your cock and laughs, licking her lips as she begins to move her breasts up and down in a quick pumping motion as you feel yourself move over the brink, "Ahahaha, oh my you really love my breasts don't you? That's even faster than you were before. Maybe I shouldn't have worn all those tight sweaters around you..." Her taunting, teasing, happy grin as she makes your cock disappear into her breasts entirely as you cum sends shivers up your spine as your whole body shivers in pleasure. You can feel your dick pulsing as you put out shot after shot of sticky cum between her breasts, dirtying them out of your sight.

The sight, or lack of, was probably a substantial reason as to why that orgasm got prolonged like it did. There was something about knowing what happened but not being able to see it that was incredibly hot to you.

She laughs more in that mocking, haunting, tone of hers as she uses one arm to hold her breasts together as she pulls back with a wet, sticky sound and leave your twitching cock exposed to the world, "Well...I guess that's that, isn't it? Mummy's little boy got to live out his dream, now didn't you?" The figments tone is a saccharine, mocking copy of mother's when she's teasing you over something.

Except for the fact that you're starting to recover again and are quite... annoyed. She's far enough off you now to where you can slip the rest of the way out from under her rather easily while looking the figment dead in the eye with a level of annoyance usually reserved for people who manage to get under your skin in some fashion. You immediately lunge at her bodily after that, intent on knocking her over to teach her a little lesson about why it's not good to take the form of your mother and repeatedly taunt you about it.

You lunge towards her, your hands grabbing onto her shoulders as you tumble off the bed-


This was harder to write than I expected it to be, but that was probably mostly because of personal circumstances.
 No. 35972
I kept waiting for his dad to walk in and ask "Are ya winnin', son?"

I am a terrible person
 No. 37575
File 144981815551.jpg - (467.70KB, 544x758, full now~.jpg) [iqdb]
You feel yourself groggily waking up after what must have been a horrible nightmare. As your eyes flutter open, a sinking feeling begins to grow in your chest as you find yourself on a scarlet sheeted bed, surrounded by numerous stuffed animals with black, staring eyes that are watching you, and your hands tied above your head and apparently anchored to something.

You also don't have any clothing on anymore.

It wasn't a nightmare.

You do your best not to panic immediately, as you tug experimentally at the bindings on your wrists. The black, beady - and the terrible pun very nearly makes you giggle, stopped only by the certainty that if you began, you might not ever stop - eyes make not panicking very difficult, though, so you turn your gaze away, craning your neck to try and get a look at how you're bound.

As you turn your neck, your vision is suddenly filled with red and pale white as you stare into the chest of a girl sitting by the bed your tied down in. As you glance up, you see golden blonde hair and a familiar wide smile and big, red eyes.


Your mouth is suddenly very dry.

"...H-hello." Your voice comes out high-pitched and strained. You dearly, dearly hope that she's not what she looks like, even as your heart sinks even further.

"What're you doing?" She asks you, leaning closer towards you as she invades your personal space, her smile never faltering for a second and seeming to only get bigger.

...i-is she smelling you?

"....beeeeing tied up." You reply, your voice continuing its ascent along the audible spectrum. "You know." You squeak, "Laying around." You can't seem to take your eyes off of her grin. There's just something about it that draws the eye. Like a shark.

She blinks her big, red eyes and then giggles, her laughter girlish, happy and every bit as terrifying as it was in the dark to you. You know for sure she's the one who'd been chasing you, and now you're stuck here completely at her mercy, "You're funny! I like that."

You're not entirely certain that's a good thing, either. And with her sitting right there watching you, it's not like you can even try to escape - that might just exhaust whatever meagre goodwill she has. ...Or worse, it might not, and this has all been just her 'playing,' and not anything even a little bit malicious.

If you had to choose, you think you might prefer those beams of flame to have been an attempt to harm, rather than just 'good fun.'

"I'm..." You cough, as your voice tops out and cracks. "Glad...?"

"You should be! I take care of fun things!" Her smile is beaming before quick as a whip it shifts into an annoyed expression that fills you with an unholy terror even though it's not focused on you, "Boring things, annoying things...I just break those. Fun Toys last longer."

"You should probably keep that in mind." She glances over at you now, her eyes gleaming bright with a madness you desperately wish wasn't there as her smile returns full force, "If you don't, I'll kill you!"

"...eeeeee." You're too frightened to cringe away, as you stare back at her, wide-eyed and thoroughly cowed. In fact, you're really too terrified to even move, as the girl smiles at you, her red eyes almost the only thing you can see, as they seem to grow larger, and larger...

You realize that may be because she's leaning close and closer to you now, her smile remaining as wide as ever as her eyes slowly devour your entire field of view and you can feel the blackness creeping up at the edge of your vision as you can see just how incredibly sharp and pronounced her canines are as she-

"Boop." She enunciates clearly as her nose presses against yours.

You quietly have a minor heart attack.

"Hey. Heeeeeyyy..." Her eyes narrow just a bit as she pulls back away from your face just a bit and clambers up onto the bed to peer over you more readily, "Why are you so scared, huh? You should be happy about waking up in a bed belonging to someone as pretty as me, you know?"

Her eyes narrow further, and the room begins to heat up, "Are you saying I'm not pretty enough...?"

"....No!" You manage to force out the words, "It's not that at all, you're very pretty, it's just, uhm, with the, and the..." You reign in the babble enough to get something a little more comprehensible. "The, um, the fire, and the laughing, and the darkness...."

"...Ehehehehe~." Her eyes stop boring into you for the moment as she closes them and giggles cutely, reaching out with one hand and trailing one of her scarlet nails along your chin and cants her head to the side, her long side tail coming down and tickling your exposed chest, "You're funny! Being scared of such simple things..."

She opens her eyes and smiles at you again, "There's lots scarier things in the world, you know?"

You have enough of a self-preservation instinct not to point out that she is one of those things.

"Like the sun!" She continues on seemingly guilelessly as she gestures with one hand, her nailed finger trailing down onto your chest and moving in little circles, "Or rivers!"

The finger on your chest is extremely disconcerting. It's also quite sharp, but she's using little enough pressure that you are only getting the impression of its sharpness, and not getting cut. Which is a small mercy, because her touch is kind of weird in an uncomfortable way.

"...The sun is scary?" You find yourself asking. Rivers are obvious, of course. Who knows what's hiding in that water?

"Oh it's really scary." Her hands suddenly move up onto your shoulders and press you down onto the bed as she looms over you, her eyes shining in a manner not unlike the noon sun beating down on you with its dreaded heat, "A big, burning deathsphere looming over us for hours on end! I don't know how anyone could stand it..."

"But, you won't have to worry about the sun or rivers anymore!" She cheerfully informs you of that with a friendly smile.

"I...don't?" And you're surprised. You hadn't thought it would even be possible to like the way this conversation and situation were going any less, but.... There it is!

"Nope!" Her smile grows even larger as she continues on, "You won't Cause you're gonna spend the rest of your life with me! Isn't it great?" She leans in closer to ask that, her inhumanly sharp, elongated canines gleaming as her eyes shine down into yours.

"...The rest...?" Your eyes widen, involuntarily, as you take in her statement. "The rest of my life?" You were, unfortunately, half-expecting that to come up. It doesn't reduce the impact in the slightest, though. Belatedly, as you take in those teeth, you hope that you didn't allow too much of your fear and dismay to show.

"Yep!" Flandre's nose touches yours in a display that would be cute if she were someone, you know, who wasn't completely and utterly terrifying and giving you something just short of a death sentence, "...Why don't you look happy about it, huh? You're excited,right?"

"But..." You swallow your complaints. This is a Flandre. She won't let you go, just because you ask. Not the way she's been acting about it, at least. You've got no choice right now, if you want to live. Just follow her lead, survive, and wait for rescue. That's all you can

"I'm not hearing an answer, d a r l i n g." Flandre tone is low and dangerous as you feel her hands come to rest on your head and she keeps that intense stare into your eyes. You feel an unpleasant pressure building up on the sides of your skull.

"Y-yes! I'm excited! This is my excited face, see?" Oh please, oh god, you don't want to die here. You do you best to paste on a smile - it undoubtedly comes out nervous, but it's the best you can do.

"That's good! Because, if you weren't then I'd be really upset. You don't want to make me upset, right darling?" Flandre's arms wrap around you and she hugs you tightly against herself, her nails digging into your back painfully as she rubs her cheek against yours. Her scent fills your nostrils, and is an odd mixture of sweetness and intense copper.

"Never!" You profess, your whole heart in the declaration. "I would never want to upset you!" You're not suicidal, after all. And upsetting the immensely powerful, unstable creature that has you as its helpless prisoner is the height of stupidity.

"That's great!" Flandre snuggles you even more aggressively, burying her face in your neck as you can't help but see that baleful red eye in the corner of your vision as she takes a deep whiff of your scent, "You're so much smarter than my last 'darling'."

"...Your last darling?" You already regret asking. You don't want an answer to that question why did you say that.

"Oh yes..." That eye seems to almost glow with perverse glee as you ask that question, and may in fact actually be glowing, in perverse glee or otherwise. "He was so silly and stubborn. I had to break him before we even got to have any fun." She sniffs, her eye suddenly going teary as she holds you tighter, "It's not the same playing toys! I want things that play back!"

"...ah." Plays back? That's...that's bad. You're seriously in trouble here.... Reisen, any time is fine, so a rescue would be really great, you know?

"Ah-huh~!" Flandre is cheerfully ignoring your weak voice as you feel one clawed hand drifting across your body, the claws trailing along your skin in a way that's got you shivering as she caresses your hips and trails her hands across your tummy, which she rubs happily, "Ahahaha, you're a really skinny darling. I hope you won't break too easily." She pulls back from you and grins down at you with those madly flashing eyes again, the childishness in them gone in favor of just adding to your fear, "The only meaty part of you is this"

She emphasizes this statement with her hand reaching your groin which was already shamefully reacting to her presence. Her nails trail lightly along your length and tease at your tip before her soft, cool hand grabs onto it and she begins to gently squeeze your length in the palm of your hand, "You won't give up to something like this, right? If you lose the game too fast-"

Her pupils become slits, "I'd be upset"

"But you can let out your boy juices any time you want!" That terrifying visage fades away for her 'innocent' facade.

Frankly, you're completely astonished that you're even capable of being this hard when you're this terrified. You're certainly not going to let loose easily - no, you'll bend your entire will to avoid it. The way she's talking, it's all over if you give up, so...

Your 'boy juices' will stay right where they are. ...And all the rest of your juices, too, hopefully.

Flandre's grin becomes a thin, toothy thing as she starts to pump her hand up and down your expanding dong, moving with a slow purpose as she works you over. It feels, despite everything, very pleasant. Her skin is so silky and smooth, and the occasional touch of her claws just makes you jump and your length suddenly feel a sharp tingle down it, "Hehehe, is that look in your eyes what I think it is, darling?"

"...W-what do y-OU..." Your voice cracks. It's incredibly hard to concentrate or talk like this, and really, really embarrassing, but the terror lets you move past some of these things. "Think it is?" Really, it could be anything, in her mind. You're not sure she's entirely rational.

"I see some r e s i s t a n c e~." Flandre sing songs at you, her grin full of an almost mocking cheerfulness as she does so. Her hand on your dick squeezes it tighter and picks up the pace, jacking you off more aggressively, "That's good~! Toys that break easily are bad, but darlings that break fast are the worst. I'd be so disappointed if you did that, and you know you don't want to make me disappointed!"

"Hey hey, if you hold out a bit longer, I'll treat you to something special! You can even cum then and I won't punish you for it, promise!" Flandre's gleeful, friendly excitement is back now as her hand moves down your length and her fingers start to gently massage your bulls while her thumb's nail traces up and down the sensitive underside of your cock.

Punish you for it...? That sounds... absolutely terrifying and probably painful. You grit your teeth as her stimulation intensifies, the feelings you're terribly unfamiliar with coursing through your loins and mind, clouding your thoughts. This would be easier if it weren't so inexplicably GOOD.

Flandre giggles and leans in closer again, opening her mouth and licking your cheek sensually before she brings her mouth closer to your ear and whispers, "Is it hard? You're twitching already. Do you like it like this, nice and gentle?" Her hand continues to massage your balls as she uses presses against your dick with her thumb and rubs her nail gently against the tip of it, the sharp nail feeling horribly wonderful as she uses it like that.

You bite your lip, straining not to give in, not to concede. Your life is on the line - that's how it feels, at least, and you don't want to die, you don't want to die. Even if parts of you are filthy, filthy traitors, you don't want to give in.

You can feel your length twitching as something leaks out of your tip, a dirty fluid staining her red nails as she keeps up the pressure and play with you for a few moments longer as you start to feel something strange in your loins before...

"Alright, you did it!" Flandre cheers, her gemmed wings flapping behind her happily as she immediately lets go of you and your dick and claps her hands excitedly in front of her, looking to all the world as if she was really just having a grand old time playing a game with you, "I'll give you something special now, but first..."

"I want you...to kiss me!" Flandre declares that unilaterally as she puts her hands on either side of you and looms in front of you, her smiling with her lips together and showing no teeth this time.

"W-what? A kiss...!" That's not a request you would have expected from her. "A-ah, I mean..." You don't want to seem reluctant, because you like your body nice and intact, but at the same time, it's embarrassing, and uncomfortably intimate, somehow, even despite what's, ah.... happening to you.

"I'm waiting." She murmurs to you in that soft voice that's like fire licking at your back as her eyes slip mostly shut, the barest slits of red peeking through them as she waits for you to violate yourself on her.

"Ah...Well..." You... Really have no choice, do you? You have to... to kiss her. You, reluctantly, pucker up and raise your head...

Flandre waits patiently, her slit eyes seeming to glow as your lips draw closer to hers. Ah, she's really gonna make you do it completely on your own. But, if you don't do it she'll be...'disappointed'.

As you lift up your head, and lay a kiss on your captor, you feel something inside you crumble at your willing debasing of yourself at her whims. It just feels shameful, and wrong, and the next time she tells you to do something, it will just be that much harder to resist or refuse...

Her lips are infuriatingly soft and inviting, and she lets out a hum of happiness that would be adorable under other circumstances as she leans just a bit more forward, pressing her lips against yours more aggressively after you've sullied yourself and initiated it. Her hands, rather than pinning you in, wrap around you with one tight around your back to hold you against her and the other cradling your head, her nails dragging lightly along your scalp as her lips part and yours do the same.

It's awful. The feeling of violation, the good feelings that resonate through your body despite your own dislike... Every moment of the kiss is a new sort of violation, made all the worse by how inexplicably good it feels. It should just be a kiss...

Her tongue slips past your lips and into your mouth as she makes muffled sounds of happiness again, her hips starting to move slowly and grinding your exposed member against something silken and warm, making white hot sparks of pleasure shot up your spine as she does so. Her kiss tastes like cinnamon and copper.

It's like nothing you've ever experienced. It's so good, and you hate this, so, so much. What's worse, you can't help but feel, is that it's your own fault, for giving in, for allowing this to happen, even though you know, you KNOW there was nothing you could have done to prevent it.

Your manhood is ground against her silkiness a few more times before, to your relief and dissatisfaction, she stops grinding against you and pulls back from the kiss. Thick stands of saliva connect your mouths as she sighs with content, "Such a good boy~!" She mocks you, petting your head with a technique that feels disgustingly pleasant as she treats you like a sexual puppy, "Who's a good boy?"

You look away shamefully, face red with embarrassment. You aren't her dog. This is just... just demeaning, and humiliating, and it's not right.

"Who's a good boy...?" Flandre whispers into your ear before pressing her lips against your neck, her fangs dragging lightly along the skin before she simply kisses it, moving on to kiss more of your bare neck and shoulders, moving down your chest as she asks you that question over and over again, the words echoing around in your mind as she draws slowly closer to your weakpoint.

You shiver, every time her fangs touch your flesh, partially from the certainty that this time they'll sink into you, and partially from the strange, electric feeling they send through you. Why is she doing this to you? You don't understand it. Why is she doing all this to you, and...why does it feel so good?

Her head comes close to your engorged stake as she drags your dick between her small breasts, one hand reaching up and adjusting you dick to exactly where she likes it, right in front of her. Her eyes are focused on it, a 'hunger' within them making you feel the fear in your dick as she licks her lips and then opens up her mouth, her fangs glinting brightly before she lunges down and-

Wraps her lips around your dick, sucking harshly on it with the majority of it in her mouth as her tongue begins to explore it, running all over your greatest weakpoint with impunity.

You groan, helpless before her assault, as pleasure you've never known runs through your body. You twitch under her ministrations, body out of your control, entirely at the mercy of her actions.

Her mouth is pleasantly wet, and her lips stay vacuum sealed onto your dick as she bobs her head up and down in a purposeful, steady motion, your length starting to tingle happily as she works you over. Those bright red eyes now look up at you, a shining light in them drawing you in as she bobs all the way down, taking the entirety of your length in before...

You feel them. Cold, hard and dangerous. Her fangs are suddenly touching every so lightly against your length as she slowly pulls her head back, dragging those fangs against your sensitive shaft the whole way up.

Cold and dangerous. Just like the person down there.

The shiver that runs up your spine is as much fear as pleasure, as you're forcibly wrenched into awareness of just what's going on, clarity being lanced through the fog of lust and pleasure that had been wrapped around your mind.

Yet even the feeling of those fangs soon begins to become pleasurable. Her eyes flutter shut as she bobs her head up and down in quicker pace, her tongue teasingly wiggling along the underside of your dick while her fangs scrapping makes tingles race up your spine each and every time they grind along a particular spot on your hard on. "Suff coot~." She mumbles at you with her mouth full before she takes your whole length in up to your hilt and sucks long and hard on it, feeling like she's trying to swallow you.

"...W-whahat...?" It's surprisingly hard to form words like, this - your breathing just doesn't want to co-operate with you at all.

She slowly pulls back, her lips and fangs dragging along your cock all the way up it until she finally slowly slides off of the tip and disengages with a pop. She presses her lips up against the underside of your dick and kisses it up and down, trailing back up towards your head and pressing her lips against it as her tongue slides out and begins to work in circles around the tip, "Shoooo, cyuuuuuute~..." She whispers sultrily up at you, her eyes glowing.

You can feel your face reddening again, as you avert your gaze, not meeting her eyes as you protest. "'m nah-aht..." You can't help but gasp, "not....cute..." You twitch under her surprisingly expert ministrations, and bite your lip, resisting.

"Yes you aaarrreee~!" She mocks you, pulling her face away from your length and leaving you twitching in agonizing pleasure, your body berating you to get it more no matter what it takes as she smiles up at you like an innocent devil, "You're so soft and adorable~!" Her eyes take on that sharper glint as there's nothing innocent about her anymore, "You resist and hold back so desperately when there's no point to it anymore!"

"N-no...point?" Your head is all fogged up, it's so hard to think anymore. Why were you resisting, anyway? It feels good, so why does it feel so wrong? You don't know anymore. You groan, softly.

Your host laughs, the soft tittering wrapping around your ears like audible velvet and comforting you, driving away those confusing and unpleasant thoughts as she pokes her tongue out and flicks the tip of your cock, getting your attention back onto her. She giggles girlishly and smiles up at you brightly, eyes wide and eager, "Are you ready to shoot your boy juice out all over for me? I'm feeling so generous, I'll even let you make a request! Do you want me to squeeze it out with my hand, or drain it out of you with my mouth...?" She opens her mouth up wide, exposing her oral cavern as her tongue runs along her teeth.

You can't divert your attention from those teeth of hers. They just capture your attention, somehow, and you can't look away. Why do they fill you with such strange feelings...? What are these feelings? You...can't remember, but something about those teeth is just...

"Huh, what is it?" Her eyes glow in a way that leaves you torn between looking into them and watching those teeth of hers as she smiles toothily, "You're so quiet...having a hard time deciding how you want to be finished off, darling?"

"Y-your..." You swallow, nervously, "Your mouth. Please." You ask, your voice raw. Why was that so hard? It feels so good when she plays with you like this, why would it be so hard to answer her?

"Hehehe, you want me to suck down all your juices huh?" There's a gleam in her eyes as she says that that some distant part of you seems unsettled about, but they don't matter. What matters is the amazing feelings flowing through you as she lowers her head down and presses her lips against your cock before taking your whole length into her mouth in one stroke. Her hands rest on your thighs and hold your legs in place as she starts to quickly bob her head up and down, thrusting your length in and out of her mouth as she sucks lovingly on it, teeth rasping along your shaft and her tongue winding around it exploring as she eagerly pushes you past your limits.

You groan. You've been resisting for so long, for no reason... Letting everything go, and just giving in to the pleasure is indescribable. You can feel it all just spurting out of you, so strong, so quickly...

You hear a deep growl from between your legs as you orgasm, and your host buries her face in your crotch, her throat working to swallow down your offering to her, shot after shot of the proof of your submission disappearing without ever seeing the light of day. As your orgasm begins to wane she pulls her mouth off of your dick and grabs it with one hand, uncaring of the sticky mess covering it as she begins to quickly jack you off, "We're not done yet. We're not done until I say we're done!" She growls hungrily, licking her lips as you feel your body peak again just after you finished orgasming. Opening her mouth, Flandre keeps pumping your cock with one hand as you spray out your sticky white stuff again, firing it into her mouth and onto her face in an erotic display of your submission to your natural betters.

You can't help but groan, as you spasm helplessly under her 'tender' ministrations. It's just... so completely draining. But it feels so good, you can't help but want to obey her, and last longer for her....

Your shaft twitches a few more times, your white mess leaking out of the tip and trickling down your shaft as Flandre leans forward and happily sucks it up, licking and kissing your cock as she cleans up your load, only to pull back with a content sigh as she brings her hands up and touches the mess you made on her face, "How messy, darling...have you been pent up for so long?"

"Ah but...it was so delicious..." She licks her lips as she scrapes your spewed semen up with her nails and cleans them off with her tongue, "You're just so tasty darling, I..."

"Just want to eat you." She growls out as she smiles at you, eyes glowing brightly and her smile impossibly wide and sharp.

You should probably be a lot more upset about that than you are, but you just can't bring yourself to worry about it that much. The stupid smile on your face won't seem to come off. You're more relaxed than you can ever remember being, somehow...

"Oh my, what's this? Are you broken already, darling?" Flandre presses herself up against you, something cool, sticky and wet pressing against your leg as she draws her face up close to yours. Her glowing eyes are right in front of your face she tilts her head to the side, "Hmmm, well let's see..."

"Daaaaarling~!" She suddenly latches onto you in a hug, giggling happily as she smiles up at you from where her chin rests on your chest, "What are we gonna do on the bed next, huh? Can you guess?"

"Next...?" There's... there's more? You're not sure you can take any more. But at the same time...maybe it's just as good? You certainly can't imagine anything being better than that.

"Oh, there's more. You still have more to give me. I won't stop until I've gotten everything from you." She brushes her cheek against yours as she leans forward to whisper into your ear, "Something so delicious...it's rare a treat like you finds your way to me...darling."

"W-what?" You ask, foggy, confused, in a haze of pleasure and uncertainty. "Gotten...everything?" She's...taking something? Will be taking something? Has taken something? You don't understand. Does it matter?

"That's right, I'm going to take your most precious thing, darling." Flandre's voice is soft as she stares stoically into your eyes. You feel something wet and magnificently pleasurable rub up against your cock, teasingly touching along your top as Flandre rests her hands on your shoulders, straddling you and rocking her hips slowly, "I'll take that, and everything else from you."

"My most...precious thing?" You can only repeat after her, dully, as you try to think. You didn't know you had anything precious. Not any things, at least. What could she mean? Somehow, you're looking forward to finding out. For some reason, you want her to take from you.

"Give me your permission, and I'll take everything from you~." Flandre whispers to you, her voice breathy as her wings tinkle musically as the wrap around you, the leathery material covering her wing bones rubbing against your skin as she waits for your answer. Her lips purse and her long canines poke out over her bottom lip and dig slightly into it as she pouts needily.

"O-oh..." You breathe, not sure what you're being asked, exactly, but at this point, willing to submit to anything she asks of you. "...W-well... okay."

"Good boy." Flandre growls in your ear before you feel the tip of your boyhood press up against that wonderful sharpness before disappearing into her, her vampirehood enveloping your dick in a warm embrace as her walls squeeze down on your cock as you're sheathed all the way inside of her, crushing down on your dick.

...at that same moment of impossible pleasure, you feel a brief, sharp pain in your neck as Flandre buries her face in it. That moment of sharp pain brings you a brief instant of clarity before everything becomes hazy and indistinct as you feel a soft sucking sensation on your neck. Ah...there's this wonderful warm pleasure spreading through out your body now...

You let yourself float in the pleasure. Your thoughts of resistance are long since gone, and the pain is already forgotten. There's nothing in your mind anymore but the pleasure, and you are happy for it.

Flandre keeps you buried inside of her completely as her pussy keeps on squeezing you tight. Gradually though, you feel a strange sensation down there as her vampirehood feels like it's tightening and loosening in a carefully controlled pattern, stimulating your dick without her needing to move even an inch as Flandre's legs wrap around you and she pulls you even deeper into her, leading to her to moan into your neck as you feel your tip press up against a strange bumpy space in the bottom of her depths that yields slightly to the pressure you're being forced to apply to it.

Meanwhile, that wonderful sucking sensation on your neck continues as you feel like something's being pulled out of you slowly but surely. Even though it feels so good, that warmth spreading through your body is starting to make you feel...tired...
 No. 37576
So... tired... and even so, the pleasure courses up and down your spine more strongly than ever, electrifying every inch of your body with an indescribable, sudden burst of pleasure. This...this is amazing.... You don't even notice the way your vision is darkening anymore....

Your body shudders as a distant, hazy pleasure is reported to your mind as your hips jerk weakly, something valuable leaving you as your arms go limp and you feel your eyes begin to close. Flandre holds onto you tighter for a brief moment, before there's a wet noise and she pulls back from your neck. She pouts as she looks down at you, "...Ooooh, I lost control. I didn't want to eat this darling yet..." She lets out a little sigh and shrugs her shoulders as if she misplaced her ice-cream, "Oh well! I'll just think of it as sending him to be with his friends. If it's like that, I'm a good girl aren't I?"

The darkness finally claims you to the ever increasingly distant sounds of Flandre's laughter...

DEAD END #2: A Light Snack
 No. 37582
Well... We done goofed. Mistakes were made and we move on, I suppose... either we avoid this lady outright or we attempt to interact under better circumstances in the future, whatever leads to less... being dead.

This one is uncertain if she took his blood AND his soul, or just the former... I'm not entirely sure how that worked. Whatever valuable thing Flandre took, I'd say both of them would qualify.

I have a question, if I may. Apologies in advance if this comes off as nosy at all, but have Wilheim's escapades been put on indefinite hold? I'm just wondering since it stopped rather abruptly is all and, well, there really hasn't been a peep about it.

Finally, apologies in advance if a post 2 days after a significant post is considered too late to not be saged. If so, this is my bad, and I shall learn from it. I've prattled on long enough, I think I'll stop myself here. Just wanted to cover all the bases, per se.
 No. 37583
Disappointed in no Four of a Kind. Alas.

Also another Wilhelm fan checking in.
 No. 37997
File 146888414346.png - (661.39KB, 800x600, delicious.png) [iqdb]
You pour a generous helping of the sweet, sticky syrup over his length, the sharp intake of breath that is forced from him only fuelling your eagerness. Setting the bottle aside, for now, you gently massage the head of his cock with the palm of your hand. The syrup is too sticky to stroke him, if you're honest, but a gentle massage like this, squeezing lightly, pressing in on the tip softly with the palm of your hand, that's easy. And judging by the soft noises he's making, pleasurable as well.

Sittas shivers at your touch, hips weakly wiggling as he stares down at you with teary eyes, voice shaky with pleasure, "D-Dai-sis, this feels weirdAh~haaaaa~..."

His shaft is soft and warm, still hardening under your playful touch as it glistens with the syrup you've spread across, the sensations obviously overwhelming the pure, uneducated Sittas. His body is ready to be taught so many firsts at your hand...

You watch his face with a sultry smile, revelling in his expressions as you do your work. Leaning in, you blow softly over him, prompting a twitch of his shaft. And then you lean in for a taste, running your tongue down the syrupy side of him. The sweetness mixed with his own flavour is... it's absolutely delicious.

Sittas cries out as he screws his eyes shut, hips shifting up in response to your tongue's seeking touch as if to inite you further. Your mouth is pleasured by a wonderful mixture of sweet and salty, giving you a treat you've been aching for so long.

You suck gently against the base of his shaft, with a pleased hum. You shift your position, and look up at him from below, resting his warm length over your face. He doesn't meet your gaze, of course, since his eyes are screwed shut, an adorably tormented expression locked on his face. His gasps and soft moans only increase as you suck one of his balls into your mouth, running your tongue around it gently.

"Nnaaah, Dai-siiiissss..." Sittas moans as you play with his suculent tackle, full and loaded with batter for him to put all the buns in your oven that his heart could desire, and there's desire aplenty in his voice.

You lavish attention on each of them, before pulling back, licking up the vein slowly, savouring the sweetness of the syrup you've spread over it. Moving your hand from the head to his shaft, you take the sticky-sweet head of his shaft into your mouth. You gently scrub your tongue over and around it, before allowing it to spring from your mouth with a soft 'pop', and laying a kiss on its tip.

Sittas eyes are open again, eyes fluttering as he watches you with a gaze obviously overwhelmed with pleasure. His breathing is intermixed with soft coos and moans under his breath as his fully hardened shaft twitches under your ministrations. He breathes out heavily, "Dai-sis......"

You bob your head back down the shaft, one sticky hand stabilising it as you take it deeper into your mouth, pulling back to lick at the tip, with your lips locked around the ridge of his head, savouring the contrast between the flavour of the syrup and that of the precum already leaking from him.

"Dai-sis...dai-sis..!" Sittas moans in pleasure as savor his taste. The syrup covering his length makes it stickier than when you normally pleasure him, but that salty-sweet flavor keeps you coming back for more. You savor the flavour of the mixed fluids in your mouth, as you suckle on the tip, before swallowing the delicious mixture down.

Hijiri, defeated and debased, squirms as she watches you take Sittas for yourself. Vines wind around her and keep her restrained and defeseless as her torn clothing makes her a tool for Sittas titilation and nothing else, a side-show to your main ring event. Grasping vines wind between and under her heaving breasts to cup and hold them up in a mocking, erotic display of dominance and ownership.

She's carefully positioned to provide her with an excellent view of what the two of you are doing, a display of not only your superiority, but also of Sittas, and what she can never, ever have.

You resume bobbing your head along his shaft, taking a few moments to prepare yourself before wrapping an arm around his hips, pulling him close to you as you swallow him down, taking every inch of him deep into your mouth, gently massaging his entire length. A soft hum drags a cute noise out of him, and you'd smile if your mouth weren't already occupied.

"Daaaai-sssiiiiisss~...!" Sittas moans, his back arcing as you tease and pleasure him which forces his penis further into your mouth, "That feels so...!"

You pull back slowly, drawing him out of you briefly before taking his length back into your throat, pleasuring him very thoroughly.

Shouta's words fail him at this point as he leans forward, hands resting on your head now as he holds onto your for support...and to no doubt get more of your love for him with how he's voicing his pleasure.

As his moans intensify, you draw back, pulling him free of your mouth, saying goodbye to his delicious shaft with a soft lick and a gentle kiss. He's mostly been cleaned off, now, so it's possible to stroke his length with your soft hand, while the other, still sticky from the syrup, massages the head as you watch his face with a knowing grin.

"Sittas, my Sittas..." You murmur, "It feels so good, doesn't it? So very good... You don't need to hold out any longer, okay?" You continue to stroke and rub at his length. "You been such a good boy, holding on so long... So cum for me, Sittas..." You watch his face, loving every beautiful moment of his pleasurable torment. "...Cum for me now..."

"D-dai-sis, I-!" Is all Sittas manages to get out before your words have their intended effect on him. You can feel how his body tenses up as your sticky handwork pushes him over the brink after you ravished him with your loving kisses and more, and it's only a brief moment that you watch with focused attention as his shaft pulses and the first shot of his delicious essence comes shooting out, dirtying your hand and chest. It's followed shortly more by several more which stain and shower you in your lovely, wonderful Sittas' essence.

You laugh, as his spurting tapers off into the palm of your hand, the twitching length in your hands finally settling down. "Gooood boy..." You purr, your sticky hand, now coated more in semen than syrup, coming up for you to taste. As expected, the sweetness of the syrup and the unique flavour of Sittas's white stuff mix very well, together. Diligently, you lick every nook and cranny of your hand clean of the delicious mixture, before turning your attention back to his shaft.

"Now, let me just clean you up~"
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Wow! Dai-sis has an imagination! We need to see some Dai-sis x Sittas x Hijiri action at some point.

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