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Not to worry, not to worry, we won't stop updating the other story.


You pause, looking out at the path. You had been making your way home, through the trees, as usual, to avoid being caught out in the open, but... That person on the path... there's something about them. A strange feeling coils in your chest. ...You... step out, into the open.

The boy on the path looks up at you sharply and lets out a gasp as he stumbles backwards in surprise. It's that fear...no, it's not fear. It's...surprise? The boy's eyes are clear and fearless, but...interested.

"Well, hello there~" You greet him, with a grin.

The boy stares at you, mouth open in awe as he watches you with those wide, naive eyes of his. He finally speaks to say...

"You're really big." He says with a faint trace of awe.

You blink, before clearing your throat.

"Y-yes, well." don't blush don't blush don't blush, "Tell me, little boy~" You're not sure why you're out here talking to him, or just what it is you're planning, but somehow, you're caught up in the moment, "Are you out here all by yourself~?" You try to rally.

"Uh-huh!" He responds with cheer, blissfully unaware of any potential threat you might be to him,"I slipped away from Ichirin and got out past the gate so I could explore!" He babbles to you excitedly. Suddenly, an expression of exaggerated slyness crosses his face as he leans in your direction and whispers rather loudly, "But don't tell her, okay?"

"Oh, I wouldn't dream of it," You assure him, taking a careful step forward. You laugh, softly. "All by yourself, out here near the forest..." You shake your head slowly. "My, my, my, don't you know how dangerous that can be~?"

The boy laughs,

"Hahaha! We heard the stories that there's 'monsters' in the woods but I haven't seen any out here. Besides, I'm fast and...and small." He says, sounding a touch bitter for just a moment before going right back to good cheer, "So I can outrun and outhide anyone!"

"Say..." He gives you a questioning look, "Miss..."

"...Have you seen any monsters?" He asks you curiously.

You grin, a tiny thrill running through you as you flutter your elaborate wings.

"Oh, I don't know if 'monster' is quite appropriate, but..." You take another step towards him. "I suppose I have seen what they were talking about...."

"Really!?" He sounds rather excited as he completely and utterly misses the point you were trying to make,"What'd they look lie? Did they have big fans and claws and laser vision?" He questions you rapidly, bouncing up and down with excitement.

"Ah, uh." You're a bit taken aback. Something tells you this isn't how things are supposed to go in a situation like this, not at all. "N-no, nothing like that." You say. "They had wings..." You flutter yours for emphasis, "And, they're tall, and strong, and," You swallow. You just can't bring yourself to claim you're beautiful, so you skip it. "...Say, boy~" You try to rally again. "...It's dangerous out here," you repeat. "...I think..." You swallow. Here it goes. "...I think I'll... Take~ You~ Home~"

You flush. Oh man, that was so embarrassing to say...

"..." He blinks, his expression shifting through a wide range of emotions including: Shock, disbelief, awe, joy and...tearful joy? He lunges at you and grabs you in a shockingly strong hug for a boy his size as he squeezes you,"Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" He babbles at you like a brook.

You are reasonably confident that it is not supposed to be going this way. Except...maybe it is?

"...What." You squirm a bit, "h-hey, uh."

"C'mon! Hurry!" He says as he suddenly lets go and takes your hand with his and starts trying to drag you through the woods with a surprising amount of success,"I'll take you back and then you can do the thing that the adults do and then I an go home with you and we can do stuff together, like..." He seems faintly awed at an idea,"Maybe a slumber party?"

Despite yourself, you allow him to pull you along, protesting ineffectually. You've never been able to resist this sort of excitement, and you find yourself just getting swept away, confused and reluctant, but unresisting.

One thought sweeps through your mind.

This isn't how it's supposed to goooo...

And so, just like that a little boy drags you home along with him to where he lives. Through the forests and across a rickety old bridge you go and you find yourself approaching a large but plain looking walled compound. You can see someone standing at the gate and... oh, no, it's an Ichirin.

"Hey Ichirin!" The boy dragging you waves to her, apparently forgetting he's not supposed to be letting her know that he snuck out past her, "Guess what I found!"

O-oh dear. Well, well, You try to reinforce your confidence. You, you're a whole evolution above her1 E-even though you're just...you, you should be able to, uh, hold your own! If it comes to that. You smile, weakly, and wave.

"Uh. Hi?"

The Ichirin looks at you, and then she looks at the boy. Then she looks back at you. She promptly opens her mouth and yells out for someone else.


Immediately after that she darts forward and seperates the boy from you in a practiced movement and puts him behind her. Even as the boy cries out in protest she stares at you, her eyes telling you that if you want the boy you'll have to go through her to get him, EX or no.

"Hey, hey, Ichi, quit it!" The boy whines, "You're being mean."

You choke. She's already calling for reinforcements.... You mentally burst into tears, as your smile grows somewhat more sickly. This is baaaad. You just raise your hands, surrendering immediately. Nope, nope, nope. A fight's not happening.

The Ichirin stares at you even as The Boy keeps tugging on her clothes,"C'mon Ichi, really! Why are you doing this?" He insists, tugging more,"She's not bad, so you shouldn't point your rings."

"You shouldn't have been outside at all!" Ichirin snaps back,"I will be telling Hijiri about this, and you will be punished for leaving the grounds. Harshly." The Boy lets go of her clothes and shrinks back from the Ichirin, visibly nervous and upset about this stunning revelation of his circumstances.

"Ah, hey, you shouldn't be so..." You instinctively move to appeal for clemency, but...maybe that wasn't the best move.

She immediately turns her aggression onto and points her strange ring thing at you. You see it shine with light for a moment, and-

The Boy jumps on her back with a cry and clings to her furiously, shocking the Ichirin out of her attack as she scrambles to try and get him off of her. The two of them are quickly lost in a scramble of limbs and yelling voices as they struggle.

Mere moments later, the gate opens and a pleasant and beautiful smiling woman steps out through it.

...Oh, no.

It's a Byakuren.

A small, hopeless whine escapes from you. It's over. Your life is done. You're going to be killed...!

The Byakuren walks calmly over to arguing pair and with incredible ease separates them, holding both of them in the air arms length apart from each other. In hushed words that you can't catch, you watch as in a matter of mere moments she pacifies and chastises the both of them. The Ichirin is properly subdued, and, well, the boy...

The moment Byakuren puts The Boy down he latches onto the Ichirin and wails out an apology, as the Ichirin somewhat awkwardly pats him on the back as he buries his face in her stomach.

Then the Byakuren turns her attention to you.

"Now then..." She smiles at you,"Won't you come in and have some tea with us?"

"....Ah, well," You edge backwards just a bit. "I feel that perhaps I've, uh, overstayed..." You trail off. "...I mean, yes! I'd be happy to!" You correct, eyeing the Byakuren.

"Fantastic!" The Byakuren responds as she gently puts an arm around you and draws you inside into the walled compound as The Boy follows after you, pausing only to hug a blushing Ichirin one more time before following along at a trot. The Byakuren cheerfully reaches out and ruffles The Boy's hair, eliciting a bubbly laugh from him.

Soon enough, you find yourself seated around a table in a comfortable but plain room. The Byakuren sent The Boy off to get the tea fixings, leaving you alone with her.

"Sittas seems quite taken with you." She remarks neutrally, her smile remaining ever-present as she watches you.

"D-does he." You ask, nervously. "I, I see." You swallow, forcing a wan smile onto your face. "That's...nice?" You try, uncertainly.

"Do you really think so?" She responds, that smile boring into your mind as shadows cross her face ominously. "Well I agree!" she says with cheer, the terrifying shadows gone,"I think it's wonderful for poor Sittas to have found someone who can make him so happy. The monastic life isn't something for everyone, and poor Sittas always seemed so..." She sighs softly.

"I'm simply just so happy that he found someone he could care about and who cares about him in return!" She tells you cheerfully,"Why, when I found out that Sittas had finally managed to slip out of the compound and into the woods proper, I was beside myself with worry! I just don't know what I would do if something or someone had hurt him!" She informs you, smiling as she watches your reaction.

"...Ah." Your mouth is suddenly very, very dry. "Yeah. That. That would just be awful." You take the only course open to you, like any smart girl would - you fold like a house of cards. "Of, of course! I care!" You say, with a nervous grin. "It would just be awful if he'd stumbled across one of the, uh, less scrupulous inhabitants of the forest! Why, I was just warning him..."

"I'm certain you were!" The Byakuren responds cheerily as you can hear a distant screeching noise, "After all, I always know when someone lies to me!" She informs you as she leans ever so slightly in your direction, one of her hands opening and-

Sittas returns with a tray full of tea and other things.

"I found some crackers!" He announces happily as he enters the room and sets the tray down on the table.

The pressure from the Byakuren before is completely gone as she pats Sittas on the head,

"Did you remember to ask before you took them?" She asks him. At Sittas's exuberant nodding she ruffles his hair again as she praises him,"That's a good boy!"

You take a moment to remember how to breathe.

"Now then!" The Byakuren claps once, bringing your attention to her, "Why don't we get down to the matter at hand?" She declares.

"She said she was going to take me home!" Sittas says excitedly, happily and jubilantly all at once, practically vibrating in his seat.

The Byakuren simplys smiles at him indulgently, but you can feel those eyes boring into you with that dark malice, no matter how kindly she seems!

"And that's very kind of her, but-"

"But what?" Sittas responds, looking suddenly concerned and worried. You just want to reach out and hold him against you and take him home-oh.

"But we need to make sure that everything would be ideal for you and that this match is one that-" The Byakuren tries to explain, but you can see that even her titanic will is cracking from the sheer pressure that comes from that boy's eyes as he stares at her.

"But it is ideal! She's nice and pretty and likes me, and you're nice and pretty and like me and you're an idol, so..." He seems to be struggling and grasping for word as he starts to get a bit more emotional, "So I can get adopted by her like the other ones who did right? Because someone wants me like they wanted them, so..."

Cracking under the pressure despite all of her effort, Byakuren drags the boy into her embrace and hugs him fiercely, smushing him into her full chest.

"Oh, you're such a sweet boy Sittas. Don't worry, I'm sure this will work out." Those eyes of hers move onto you and lock into place. Somehow...it feels almost like you're the one being taken here...doesn't it?

You swallow.

"....Yes." You hazard, "I'm sure this will work out wonderfully. For all of us." You're doomed.

"I'm so happy you agree!" The Byakuren says with cheer, "Now, then, since you want to take darling Sittas home with you, just where is it you'll be taking him?" She asks of you.

Oh. Uh, well, you live...

[ ] Over the River and Through the Woods.
[ ] In the Underhill.
[ ] ...Far, far away from here. Very far away.
No. 170016
[X] Over the River and Through the Woods.

Big breasted Daiyousei getting taken home instead of her victim~
No. 170021
[X] Over the River and Through the Woods.

That's an interesting reversal.
No. 170022
[X] Over the hills and far away.
Byakuren you bully!
No. 170026
[X] Over the River and Through the Woods.

To grandmothers house we go?
No. 170031
[X] Over the River and Through the Woods.

I love this already
No. 170032
[X] Over the River and Through the Woods.

This is the story of a boy who lived happily in a monastery, until one day he had a fateful encounter with an EXDaiyousei who wanted to take him home. Read the adventures of this kid wandering the world accompanied by a lascivious yet extremely shy Boneka, in a quest to meet new friends and become the very best like no one ever was!

At Nebosa's timeline, he has become the World Touhoumon Champion, and they will face each other in an epic battle for the title of the Strongest Boneka Trainer.
No. 170033
[X] In the Underhill.

In a hole in the ground there lived a fairy.

>"...I think I'll... Take~ You~ Home~"
>You flush. Oh man, that was so embarrassing to say...
How can an EX-Dai have so little confidence?

Oh boy, she might not just be a Byakuren but the Byakuren.
No. 170038
[X] Over the River and Through the Woods.
No. 170046
Im really starting to like stories written by multiple authors.
No. 170053
[X] Over the River and Through the Woods.
No. 170075
I don't think the actual Touhous themselves are in this world.

IIRC in the games the touhoumon are just puppets created for fun 'n games.
No. 170077
File 137169033741.jpg- (350.25KB , 600x800 , eb13fdfed57d39d938016353501b0821.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I live over the river and through the woods." You reluctantly admit to the horrendously terrifying creature before you. "Not too far away from here."

"How wonderful!" The Byakuren responds cheerfully, that horrible smile remaining perfectly in place on her face as she pats Sittas on his head,"Do you hear that Sittas? You'll come back and visit us here, won't you?" She says, those eyes of hers boring the absolute order of that statement into you.

Well, it wasn't like you were going to move out anyway...

"Uh huh!" Sittas responds eagerly, nodding happily,"I'll always come back and visit Great Auntie Hijiri!" He declares as you feel a horrifying wave of cold and pressure wash over you.

"O-of course you will." You force out, pale. "We'll be right there after all." You manage to paste a smile on your face, but it comes out more like a grimace.

The Byakuren focuses intently on Sittas though.

"Sittas, sweetie." She says, her voice like honey as the pets him on the head,"What have I said about calling me that?"

Sittas pouts at her.

"But you're great and you let some of the other boys call your auntie so why can't you be Great Aunt Hijiri?" He whines plaintively at her, but she remains as firm in her resolve as a bowl of gelatin.

"...Oh!" Sittas's face brightens up, "Why don't I call you Big Sis like I call Ichi when she's being nice?" He asks excitedly, "Big Sis Hijiri!" He says happily.

The Byakuren cradles Sittas against her, forcing his face into her bosom as he slowly turns the full force of her presence onto you, her smile disgustingly, horrifyingly sweet as her eyes narrow.

You carefully do not comment. You do not move. You barely remember to breathe, as your false smile is frozen in place.

Eventually, the wave of horrible pressure disipates as Sittas squirms in her embrace, wriggling his way out of it and then scampering back over to his seat.

"Oh hey! If Big Sis Hijiri-" The Byakuren makes an odd noise,"Is Big Sis Hijiri, what should I call you ma'am?" He asks, eyes shining brightly with infectious good cheer.

Your smile thaws, becoming warm and happy.

"Well, if she's your big sis," you tell him, too enamored of his open cheer to remember to fear Byakuren, "Then you can just call me Sis, or Dai!" You declare. You desperately want to hug him and cuddle him, and...

He regards you seriously as he edges around the table, inching closer and closer to you, approaching you until he is easily within arms reach. With that same serious expression he continues to regard you as he carefully considers something. Finally he speaks up and declares,

"Dai-Sis." He says seriously, as if a matter of absolute importance has been decided.

Something inside you snaps. Suddenly, you sweep him up into your arms, pulling him close to you as you relish the feeling of the embrace.

"It's perfect!" You coo, as you snuggle him against your own considerable assets.

He squirms about in your hug pleasantly, brushing and rubbing against you as he moves to wrap his own arms around you as he laughs happily.

"Hey, hey Dai-sis!" He speaks to you as excitedly as always, "What are we gonna do when we go over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers House?" He asks you.

Across from you, the Byakuren's smile is perhaps a touch less terrifying and now more smug, like she knows something. And you suppose that she does know something, and you know it too.

"We're going to..." You're... you aren't entirely sure just what you'll do. It's a different not know than before, though. After all, you get the feeling that if you let yourself get caught up like before, Byakuren will find out. That would be....very bad. So, you cover your bases . "...Well, I suppose it wouldn't be any fun if I ruined the surprise~!" You tell him, hoping you can come up with something.

"Oh boy, I love surprises!" He says,"...Or, I...I'm sure I'll like this one!" He says, dimming and cheering up immediately.

Behind him, you watch as the Byakuren's smile turns upside down, but thankfully enough her displeasure isn't focused on you so you only feel the edges of her chastising pressure. Somewhere in the distance though, you think you hear voices cry out in despair and shame.

"You will!" You reassure him, nervously trying to think of just what such a surprise might involve. You don't want to disappoint him...

Several possible surprises cross your mind, but the implied threats the Byakuren posed to you earlier suggests that putting serious thought into them while in the walls of this compoud would be a bad idea. Maybe you could make a cake...?

"Well then Sittas!" The Byakuren interrupts your cuddles,"Why don't you go get your things while I finalize things with 'Dai-sis'? That way you'll be able to get going even sooner?" Sittas immediately manages to squirm out of your embrace, sending a thrill through you for a moment when he makes a certain move, and he's darted out of the room like a flash.

"I'llberightback!" He calls back to you as he scampers off.

And thus you are left alone with the Byakuren.

"S-so." And just like that your lifeline is gone. "...Finalizing things."

"Yes!" She says with cheer as she suddenly produces...oh, you've know that that is, it's a touhouball! The Byakuren holds the orb in her hand with little concern, despite just what that thing is. It looks different from others you've see though, and to you it 'feels' more...natural? Less cold and lifeless, and somehow...inviting?

Even so, you're on edge.

"...I know what that is." You say, edging back ever so slightly. "...What, ah." You swallow. "What do you, um. Intend to do with that?"

"I make these especially myself." She explains to you, "Every other being like you in this temple has been taken by one of these. By being 'captured' you are protected from being captured by anyone else. If you want to take Sittas home with you, you will have to be captured by this. Then, I will give the ball to him. I'm aware precisely of what your original intentions were." She informs you, her eyes boring into yours and you can see the hellfire forged steel of her will in them, telling you exactly what she's willing to do, "But I can read you clearly. There's more to you than that, and in the time you've spent in my temple I've come to understand you. That's why I'm willing to allow Sittas to go with you, but only if you do this." She informs you sternly, "I won't let him be hurt by you getting yourself captured by some wandering 'trainer'."

"...It's not like one would want me anyway." You say, bitterly. "I'm not like you, or an Ichirin." You wilt. "I'm just a fairy." You sag even further. "Just a weak little fairy."

"Now, now..." The Byakuren's voice is soothing and calming as she chastises you gently, "There's no need to talk about yourself like that at all. After all..." She reaches out and takes your chin and makes you look her in the eyes,"Sittas wants you, doesn't he? He's very taken with you."

"...Yeah...." You sigh, eyes dropping. "I guess." You don't understand why, though. Not at all.

"No, you know." The Byakunren responds as she gently holds out the Touhouball for you to take. So, it's all up to you then...

You don't give yourself time to think about it. You just reach out and grab the ball.

The moment you touch the capture point you feel your entire body fall apart as you are drawn towards that singular point as the ball opens up and takes you inside of it. Strangely, it doesn't hurt.

You blink and find yourself sitting in pleasant, plain room much like the one you were just in. The walls are covered in books and scrolls, and you are currently seated comfortably on a fluffy pillow. You are also not being attacked and torn apart mentally as your mind is rewritten and your sense of self is erased and replaced with another one.

So this whole situation is going better than it could have gone, you decide. It also occurs to you that in here you are safe from the Byakuren's all seeing, yet somehow, most of the time, at least, closed gaze. That means you can finally plan out just what kind of surprise you'll have for the boy you're...taking...home?

You redden. Well, really, you weren't ready for this at all. Um, okay, the surprise, right...

[ ] Cake
[ ] Slumber Party
[ ] Go with the original plan
No. 170080
[x] Cake

Because you can't go wrong with cake.
No. 170083
[x] Cake

Insert Portal reference Here.
No. 170085
[X] Cake

Poor Dai-sis, not only did she bite off more than she could chew with Sittas, but it seems like she doesn't quite have the raw confidence required to make her move right now. Best to let her spend some time pampering the kid so he forms an actual bond with her, and she can get accustomed to him. Then she can work on corrupting an innocent shota.
No. 170086
[x]Cake and a Slumber Party!

No. 170087
[X] Slumber Party
No. 170093
>You are also not being attacked and torn apart mentally as your mind is rewritten and your sense of self is erased and replaced with another one.

Ye Gods, is this what actually happens, or is it just Dai's nightmare scenario?

Because if its what really happens, then holy fuck the capturing of touhoumon is the most horrible travesty in the history of existence.
No. 170095

This is pretty much what happens in both Pokemon and Touhoumon. In the main story, the Keine that was captured was put through a "Mental conditioning sequence".
No. 170097

>>You are also not being attacked and torn apart mentally as your mind is rewritten and your sense of self is erased and replaced with another one.

No. 170103
[X] Cake

Because he's already expecting a slumber party.
>"I'll take you back and then you can do the thing that the adults do and then I an go home with you and we can do stuff together, like..." He seems faintly awed at an idea, "Maybe a slumber party?"
No. 170110
[ ] Go with the original plan

Sometimes it's important to stick to tradition. This is clearly one of those times.
No. 170118
[X] Cake

Cake is good and not a bunch of lies.
No. 170119
[x] Over the River and Through the Woods.
No. 170128

I have no doubt that this is the case, but think about it. Touhoumon have a habit of kidnapping, raping, eating, and/or killing humans. They are humanity's natural predator, which means the humans in this story wouldn't have the same wild and unchecked population growth our world experiences. They're more driven by instinct than humans, and more powerful by default.

Not unlike Pokemon if you think about it, except that whole 'rape' part is tossed out the window.

Now, here's two things to think about: One, why is there no real weaponry in the Pokemon world, and why do people go out of their way to catch mons? The answer's simple. In the Pokemon world's past, the namesake critters were more widespread and fully evolved mons were as common as Rattatta and Pidgey. This means humans had a rough time of it because even if some mons were inherently friendly, there were far more that would gore them on the spot, meaning that population and economic growth would have been slow.

Then people figured out how to start catching these monsters for their own use, and used their nowfound tools to push the powerful mons out of their old habitats so they could explore and start connecting to other villages and towns. It made things easier for them, but not perfect.

Now, remember how mons can be unruly if you don't have x number of badges? Back then there probably wasn't an established Pokemon League, and certainly no Gyms. Something like a light mental conditioning might have been required to get the more unruly mons to obey their trainer.

Second point, while the anime shows that weaponry does exist, it's not common and generally has more to do with catching mons than killing people. The reason being that Pokemon can range from fairly weak but deadly with the right moves to being living natural disasters. Just one angry Gyrados is all it takes to level a town, and some mons bring in weather just by being present.

So what does this have to do with Touhoumon?

Take out the wide variety of monsters and replace them with a wide variety of cute magical girls with the same power and arguably a similar, albeit more inherently sexual nature. If humans didn't start catching these girls and apply at least a little brainwashing to tone down their instincts, they would have killed off a good chunk of the human population and absorbed the rest into their gene pool. Even then it's not perfect because we see kidnapping attempts all over the place in this setting. Heck, Dai-sis' was going to kidnap Sittas, and that was the start of this story!

So really, while it sounds abominable to apply a little mental conditioning, remember that that conditioning is all that stands between a human and a mon's instincts to drag them off someplace quiet and fuck them for the rest of their life. Or worse.
No. 170154
[ ] Cake and a slumber party!

>Absorb into their gene pool
No. 170155
[X] Cake and a slumber party!

And by cake, I mean EXDai herself, the Christmas Cake of a 'mon who she thinks no one would want.
No. 170156
I've seen the term "Christmas Cake" a few times already, supposedly meaning something other than an actual sweet, but I never found out what does it exactly mean. Could anyone please care to explain it to me?
No. 170157
No. 170160

Proof that I haven't lurked in that site nearly enough. The things TVTropes doesn't have an answer for...
No. 170162
I can understand the necessity of taming a wild beast, but I don't like to think that you're committing psychic murder and creating a totally new personality.

Rather, it should be possible to implant "your trainer is your leader" "you shouldn't harm humans" and such like that, making subtle changes to civilize the 'mon.

I don't think any of these touhoumons deserve to by mind-raped because they're wild. Trained and tamed, sure.
No. 170163

You've got it just about right in terms of how invasive the average mental process is. I admit my words might have been heavy-handed, but I did mean 'brainwashing' in the sense that it takes the edge off their instincts and enables them to live and work alongside humans without treating them like prey.

Daiyousei's reaction to the concept of being sucked into a Touhouball, however, brings up a couple possibilities.

One, some mons spread rumors or form ideas about what it means to be caught on their own, and those mental images are downright terrifying. Two, the mental conditioning process greatly varies in intensity between Touhouball makers, with some being light to where the girl is merely tamed, while other less legal ones might attempt to break a girl completely.

Not that it's relevant in this case, since Dai-sis has been 'caught' already, but it's a concept worth bearing in mind.
No. 170167
I also feel that a wild touhoumon who isn't exactly a paragon of stability isn't the best source on this stuff.

I'd feel more comfortable getting a statement from a touhouball developer in-story, or a blatant author statement. Until then, I'm going to assume it's a "gentle brainwashing" rather than a lobotomy.
No. 170171
[X] Go with the original plan

As if I could vote for anything else.
No. 170213
You. I like you.

[x]Christmas Cake and a slumber party.
No. 170217
>Christmas Cake
No. 170320
[X] Go with the original plan
No. 170436
File 137209659549.jpg- (276.71KB , 566x800 , Daiyousei is Happy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh~! You have a great idea! You'll bake him a cake! You're pretty sure everyone loves cake! And, well, you don't like to brag, but you're pretty good at making sweets~! It's perfect! And it won't even get you a little bit killed by a vicious Byakuren!

You are exceedingly proud of your fantastic and majestic plan. After all, who doesn't love cake? Nobody, that's who. Nobody doesn't love cake.

The fact that you won't die horribly is a bonus! Proud of yourself for your incredible plan, you scarcely even notice the odd tug you feel in your navel as you are drawn towards a light and-

You are now sitting in the same room you were in before, and Sittas has returned. He is holding onto the odd ball that the Byakuren had placed you in and is looking at you excitedly as he bounces up and down, "Say, when we're going to your place, can you maybe show me those monsters you were talking about?" He pleads.

Byakuren chokes quietly, eyes widening as her attention slams right back onto you. Oh dear...

You wince. "Ah, w-well." You shoot Byakuren a look. Does this kid...does he really not know what the two of you are?

"Well?" He presses, ever more excitable and pleading, despite having only used a one word sentence.

"Sittas." The Byakuren kneels down next to Sittas,"What do you mean by that?" She asks him in a gentle tone, those eyes of hers focused on you.

"Oh, it was really cool! She say monsters in the woods!" He says excitedly, which seems to be his default emotion really,"See she was telling me how they had wings and were..." Something seems to be dawning on him,"Tall and...strong..." He trails off, eyeing you.

"...Oh my gosh!" It finally occurs to him.

…There’s a pause as you hear something tumble past quietly outside the room.

"...The monster tries to mimic you to draw people in!" He declares.

The Byakuren is struggling to contain something you suspect is laughter now as she holds her sides.

You burst into a coughing fit, as you struggle to contain your own laughter. "W-well..." You struggle to get ahold of yourself. "That's, not quite..."

"Wait, do you mean that..." He looks increasingly horrified as he comes to the true final conclustion,"...It's an evil, alternate you!?" His expression is aghast, truly.

The Byakuren is scarcely containing her giggles now, letting out a quiet 'pfffft' as she buries her face in her knees.

"....N-not that either." You're shaking now, as you very firmly try not to laugh out loud. "

"...Well then what are you talking about then?" He asks, obviously confused with this entire situation,"H-hey, are you okay-Big Sis Hijiri not you too?" He cries out in a panic as the Byakuren goes down with a ting 'hnnnnng' noise. You yourself can feel your legs getting weak...!

"Dai-sis, do I need to get a doctor!?" He asks,"...I don't even know if we have one!" He panics.

"Pfff-ff-fft...!" You can't hold it in any longer. You burst into laughter.

"What? Why are you laughing this is a serious situation!" He pleads as the Byakuren breaks out laughing with you, no longer able to hold in the infectious chuckles. Sittas switches back and forth between hovering over the both of you concernedly.

"S-stop it...! Ahahah, Y, you've got...to…to be doing this on purpose...!" You barely manage to make the words intelligible through your laughter.

"Doing what?" He asks you, his sincere honesty shining out of those cerulean eyes of his. It's too much!

Thankfully, the Byakuren has recovered and pulls him away so those eyes don't tempt you for too long. "I think," The Byakuren informs him with her voice still full of mirth as she shifts Sittas into a bridal carry, "What actually happened is that she was implying that she herself was the monster, Sittas."

"...Uhm." Sittas, looks back at you and then back at the Byakuren, "But she's too pretty and nice to be a monster." He points out the obvious.

Your laughter is cut short with a squeak as you suddenly redden, finding yourself a bit short of breath.

"Oh? You think pretty things can't be monsters?" The Byakuren asks as she casually strolls towards you.

"She's as much of a monster as Ichi is." Sittas huffs, pouting at being carried despite obviously enjoying it.

You snicker again, at how unwittingly true the statement is.

The Byakuren smiles, seemingly pleased with the boys response as she...abruptly shifts him into your arms, setting you up and forcing you to carry him as he stares up at you with those blue eyes of his.

"...Yep." He says, staring at you with conviction in those eyes of his,"You're not a monster. Besides, your wings are really, pretty." He says,"A monster would have evil wings that are, like...made of bone and gristle and are all bloody."

"Eep." You stare back into his blue, blue eyes, so open and honest. You don't know how to react to this...it's the first time you've, and, um. Um. You're barely even listening anymore as you try to understand just what it is you should be doing. Somewhere deep down, you can feel an impulse to do something, but...despite how it cries out, you just can't understand.

"......So then!" The Byakuren cuts in, her voice carrying an edge of warning to it that pushes those instincts back down for you. How 'helpful'! "Now that everything is in order and you understand each other situations, why don't you take Sittas home with you?" She suggests, those terrifying eyes of hers in play, "I'm sure that you'll be on your best behavior."

"Of course Big Sis Hijiri!" Sittas responds with cheer,"Since when have I ever not been?"

"...R-right." You quail under her oppressive force of personality. "We'll, uh. Just, um. Be leaving now. Right now." You begin to back away, the boy still in your arms.

That smile follows you as you back out of the room, and even after the door slides shut on its own accord.

Sweet Una how horrifying.

"...I think she liked you!" Sittas says happily, blissfully innocent in your arms.

"...Hah. Hah." Your laugh is devoid of humor. "...Totally." You reply, tonelessly. "Let's just go..." You turn, and hurry for the gate.

"Okay! So, are going to go across the bridge and along the path to gran-I mean your house?" He asks excitedly,"Will there be tricksy wolves?" He hesitates only a moment before he asks something else a few moments later. "...Is your house made out of Gingerbread?"

"Actually, I live in a tree." You answer, idly, as you consider his first question. How ARE you going to go home?
[ ] You’re taking the path home.
[ ] You’re taking a *shortcut*!
[ ] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.
[ ] You’re going to go into those bushes a ways away from the compound and fuck like Reisens.
No. 170438
[X] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.
-[X] Then fuck like Reisens have Christmas Cake.

Byakuren doesn't have to know about what "innocent" Dai will do to cute little Sittas. And Big Sis will teach him how to become an adult if he swears to keep it a secret from everyone~
No. 170442
[X] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.

Because flying is fun.
No. 170444
[ ] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.

Kids love flying
No. 170445
[x] You’re going to go into those bushes a ways away from the compound and fuck like Reisens.

You know you want to
No. 170449
[X]You’re going to go into those bushes a ways away from the compound and fuck like Reisens.

I see no other option.
No. 170450
[x] You’re taking a *shortcut*!

It'll be fun! There might be peril!
No. 170451
[x] You’re going to go into those bushes a ways away from the compound and fuck like Reisens. 

Let's see some shota love.
No. 170453
[X] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.
No. 170455
[z] You’re taking a *shortcut*!
No. 170456
[x] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.

It's a LITTLE early to be serving our delicious cakes to Sittas. Let's get to the privacy and safety of our own home, where we can bake something for him. And then... bake something for him.

Also, kids love flying, and it's an opportunity for him to cling to us on the way.
No. 170458
[X] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.

At the way people are voting this might have been better off in /at/.

At the very least wait until getting home before jumping the kid.
No. 170459
File 137210633092.jpg- (179.62KB , 692x754 , 071025.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.

Flying is awesome and sure to impress kids.
Also, anyone else expecting it to end like this?
No. 170461
[x] You’re going to go into those bushes a ways away from the compound and fuck like Reisens.

Damn, I'm sorry. As much as I would love reading the flying option this choice is to priceless to not choose
No. 170462
[x] You’re going to go into those bushes a ways away from the compound and fuck like Reisens.

There is a tide coming, and I must piss against it.
Really though, I feel like a bad end every once in a while spices things up. I mean of course we'll get inevitable character and plot development, so why not have fun for a bit?
No. 170464
[x] You’re going to go into those bushes a ways away from the compound and fuck like Reisens.

I don't see how this could possibly have immediate negative consequences.
No. 170465
[x] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.

Don't go into the bushes, there's monsters there.
No. 170466
[x] You’re going to go into those bushes a ways away from the compound and fuck like Reisens.

She'll take his baby batter and make him the most adorable "cake" ever.
No. 170467
[x] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.


whole lot of suicidal people here. I actually want story development. If she does do it, Sittas might actually be the dominant one
No. 170468
We'll get story developments no matter what, but we don't always get to see the path not typically taken. Most people have been averse to bad ends since ye olden days to the same fault that anon pursued them.
No. 170469
[x] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.

I want plot, but not that kind of PLOT.
No. 170470
You obviously haven't read Bread's other story here on /th/.
No. 170471
[x] You’re going to go into those bushes a ways away from the compound and fuck like Reisens.
Did someone said 'Cake'?
No. 170473
it's more like people thinking with their dicks not realizing home would be a better place than not.

Some of us want things to progress things to the point where they bond and become a happy boy/big fairy couple.
No. 170475
[x] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.

What kid wouldn't love to fly?
No. 170477
[x] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.
Fast. Fun. Efficient enough.
What more can you want?
No. 170478
[x] You’re going to go into those bushes a ways away from the compound and fuck like Reisens.

Warmly waiting for BAD END.
No. 170479
Anonybody, show us your non-plot magic.
No. 170481
[x] You’re going to go into those bushes a ways away from the compound and fuck like Reisens.

I am the Bone of my Ends
Raped is my Body and Failure is my Blood
I have watched over a Thousand Bad Ends
Unaware of Death, Nor aware of Life.
Withstood Pain to endure many Bad Ends, Waiting for one’s True End
I have no Regrets. This is the only Path
My whole life was Unlimited Bad Ends!
No. 170482
[X] You’re going to go into those bushes a ways away from the compound and fuck like Reisens.

Dr. Shotalove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bad End.
No. 170483
[X] You’ve got wings, use them! Fly home.

No no no. Not yet, I can't let it happen
No. 170495
File 137217621450.jpg- (267.07KB , 800x862 , Daiyou wearing the cooking clothes.jpg ) [iqdb]
You flutter your wings, and nod. Yeah, it's about time you got a good flight in. It shouldn't be too hard to carry him, not if you're only going to your home. "So!" You clap. "Want to go flying, Sittas~?"

He stares at you, eyes wide and mouth agape at your propotion. Geez, it's almost like the response you'd expect if you'd taken him into the bushes or something. Eventually, he nods ecstatically, "Yes, sure, absolutely, please!" The words spill out one after another as he happily takes this opportunity.

"Alrighty, then, come here, and hond on tight~!" You tell him, "I don't want to drop you, so try not to squirm around while we're up in the air, okay?" You smile, and hold your arms out for him.

Sittas shifts about in your arms, cuddling up against your form and wrapping his own arms around your neck so as to make sure he doesn't slip free of your grip. Not that that's likely at this point~!

"My body is ready." He declares, his head nuzzled up against your chest as he shifts one last time. My, is he that nervous? You'd heard that humans dreamt of flying.

"...Eheheheh~" You laughs, softly, and his words. "Well, then..." And with a sweep of your wings, you're in the air. "We're off." And you head out, skimming the treetops, heading for your own majestic oak.

He lets out a squeal of joy as you take flight that continues as you skim past the tops of the trees. "Oh wow I'm actually in the air flying!" He sounds so joyously excited as he realizes this,"This is so cool! You're so cool!" He praises you, twisting his head this way and that to try and get a better view of the area around him and what all is going on.

"Wooooooow..." He sounds awed. "I didn't know that this forest was so big. I can't even see anything past it..." He says to you, squinting at the horizon as if to will his view to go past it.

"I heard there's stuff outside it." You reply, embarrassed at his praise, and grabbing onto another subject. "But it's supposed to be really, really big." You look down at him, "All sorts of things live here, you know?"

"Really?" He asks, curious, "Like what? I've caught lots of bugs that came into the temple, but that's all I've seen."

"...Are there bears?" He asks,"And wolves? And bearwolves!?"

"...Kiiiind of?" There sure are a lot of Kagerou around, at least. That kind of counts. Right?

"Oh wow that's so cool! Almost as cool as you, but not." He assures you quickly, in order to soothe that no doubt growing fear of not being as cool. "...So you live in a tree? What kind? Is it an elm?" He asks.

"It's an oak!" You answer, happy to be on much firmer ground. "It's a really lovely giant oak! It's really, really old." You tell him, happily. Your tree is so great~! Why wouldn't you want to talk about it?

"Oh, that's good!" He responds back, sounding deeply calmed,"I hate elms. They're terrible trees for terrible people." He says with surprising venom and darkness. "...But Oaks are cool, and since your oak is yours it must be as cool as you so it'll be SUPER cool!"

"It IS super-cool~!" You agree, enthusiastically. "It's got doors and windows and this really neat spiral staircase!"

"I love spiral staircases!" Sittas responds back, but you suspect he probably doesn't know what he's talking about and is just caught up in your own excitement. "Does it have a swing set?" He presses, bringing up the most important question of all.

"There's one out in the branches!" You reply, with equal excitement. It's wonderful! You can see really far from up there~!" YOUR OAK IS THE BEST OAK. EVER.

"You Oak is the best Oak in like...forever!" He says excitedly, eyes shining with excitement at the prospect.

"It absolutely is!" You agree, filled with arboreal pride. No tree could ever be better!

And speaking of arboreal pride, your Big Oak thrusts up out of the forest before you, jutting up into the sky well beyond the reach of all the other trees around it.

"wooooooooooow..." Sittas lets out that word, his voice full of entirely appropriate awe at your trees impressive height and girth.

"Yeah." You acknowledge. "It's really big~" You hover for a moment, considering. "Top or bottom?" You ask him, gently.

"Oh, I like being on the bottom!" Sittas answers you with a grin,"But I don't mind being on top either. Whatever you like is fine."

"Ah-ah, ah, ummmm..." You redden. What have they been teaching this boy?! "That, uh, that, uh, wasn't what I meant!" You sputter, choking on embarrassment. "I, I mean, do you want to use the top door or the bottom door?!"

"...Oh." He sounds kind of disappointed. "Well, I always come in the bottom door when I lived at the temple so why don't we try coming in the top door! That sounds different!"

You start coughing at his...innocent(?) innuendo. It's like he's already...but... You shake your head, and try to get a smile back on. "O-okay." You say, "Top door, here we go~!"

He clings onto you tighter than before as you swoop down and perform a SSStylish landing on the platform right in front of your front door. You're pretty proud of that, it was easily a 9.5 point landing. Easily.

“Wow." Sittas looks around in awe now that he is really here at your Great Oak tree, and with you.

He is also not letting go of you or trying to get out of your arms. At all.

Actually, is he clinging to you even tighter than before?

This is fine too. But, uh, you do need a free hand to open the door, and he's a bit big to just use one... "Um, Sittas?" You reluctantly begin. "You can get down now, you know?"

Sittas sort of just sits there in your arms for a few moments before quietly clambering down from you and huddling up right next to you once he has his feet beneath him.

"Come on." You encourage him, as you get the door, "I've still got that surprise for you, after all..."

"Oh, a surprise!" He lights up excitedly even as he sticks to you like glue, following you into the house and eagerly looking this way and that to take in your housetree's interior design and motif. You're quite proud of it. Very Neo-classical. "Wait, are we going to do something on the bed?" He asks you an armor piercing question. "...Can we have a pillow fight?" He presses, sounding excited at the prospect.

"W-what? Where did that ...." Right, right, questionable and sketchy temple education. "Well, uh, no. I was going to, um. Well, I guess it's okay to tell you now..." You look down the tree, slightly embarrassed. "I was going to bake you a cake. As a welcoming present."

"...I like cake!" He sounds excited, taking your hand with his,"Who doesn't like cake? Nobody, that's who!" His good cheer is infectious really, and you feel a smile tugging at your lips as he presses on,"Say, can I help you with the cake? Sometimes I helped out in the kitchens and I didn't do that much cooking I'm really good at getting things and carrying things and picking stuff up, and I can wash dishes really well too!"

[ ] Let him help!
[ ] Distract him!
[ ] Teach him properly!
[ ] Put a bun in the oven together!
No. 170497
[x] Teach him properly!
[x] Put a bun in the oven together!
No. 170499
>"I hate elms. They're terrible trees for terrible people." He says with surprising venom and darkness. "...But Oaks are cool, and since your oak is yours it must be as cool as you so it'll be SUPER cool!"

I got a sense of deja-vu when I read that. Is it just me? Anyways...

[X] Teach him properly...!
-[X] ... How to put a bun in the oven together!

This is what I was waiting for since the second post.
No. 170502
Yeah, pretty much
No. 170504
I was thinking teach him properly THEN reward him.
No. 170505
And I was thinking of teaching him how to recieve that reward. So even if they're similar sounding, our votes are fundamentally different.
No. 170506
[X] Teach him properly...!
-[X] ... How to put a bun in the oven together!

Goddamn now I want an oak tree.
No. 170507
[X] Teach him properly...!

Eh, just not interested in shota.
No. 170509
[x] >>170499
No. 170511
[X] Teach him properly...!
-[X] ... How to put a bun in the oven together!
No. 170514
[X] Teach him properly!
[X] Put a bun in the oven together!

obligatory hot gooey dripping sweet frosting innuendo
No. 170518
[X] Teach him properly...!
-[X] ... How to put a bun in the oven together!

Well this is a complete 180 from the last voting session~
No. 170519
[X] Teach him properly...!
-[X] ... How to put a bun in the oven together!

I see no other option.
No. 170520
[X] Teach him properly...!
-[X] ... How to put a bun in the oven together!

Cakes take a nice long time to bake once they're in the oven. Sounds convenient.
No. 170524
[X] Teach him properly how to put a bun in the oven.
- [X] Then teach him properly how to put a bun in the oven.

As >>170520 said. Gotta do SOMETHING while waiting for it to bake.

While it isn't exactly my regular cup of tea either (but Bread writes better smut than most authors I've seen, so eh. It's okay), why even vote in this story if you don't like it since it's obviously meant to go that way sooner or later? I mean with it being a legitimate vote choice since the second post and all.
No. 170525
[x] Teach him properly!
-[x]...How to put a bun in the oven together!
No. 170535
Yeah and I get the feeling it'll be less evolved touhoumon jumping kid and more evolved touhoumon seducing kid into wanting her over and over again.
No. 170538
Are you talking about the main story, or something else? If you're talking about the other Touhoumon story, every sexy event has been a bad end.

Since it does seem to be the main goal of the story, I feel that the sex option will be one of those "Do not choose until the right time" options, like after >>170473 happens
No. 170539
File 137220377670.jpg- (1.86MB , 2400x2764 , Verylovelyfairy.jpg ) [iqdb]
the difference in that is that the sexy choices aren't with his 'mon at all (most are still chibis), here on the other hand is a kid and an Evolved Daiyousei (Can't quite say who's on top figuratively)

Also I'd think Daiyouseis would be rather popular as while they may not be powerhouses, I'd think those looking for a traveling companion can't do much better than a Dai.
No. 171270
File 137338333347.jpg- (91.53KB , 800x800 , delicious.jpg ) [iqdb]



[ ] Vanilla with Vanilla Icing
[ ] Whatever kind of cake you bake, you know you can't be lazy~
No. 171273

No. 171274
File 137338630167.png- (59.31KB , 375x360 , mothafuckin bread crumbs.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Vanilla with Vanilla Icing.

Vanilla is love. Vanilla is life.
No. 171275

Vanilla is for the other kind of baking.
No. 171281
[X] Vanilla with Vanilla Icing

Any baked good with a name like Triple Chocolate Homicide does not deserve to be on this good earth.
No. 171284
No. 171287
[ ] Vanilla with Vanilla Icing

homicide is bad.
No. 171289

There is nothing else.
No. 171297

Chocolate is said to be an aphrodisiac. Let's put that to the test.
No. 171302

No. 171312

No. 171331
Frankly, something with a name like TRIPLE CHOCOLATE HOMICIDE is more likely to leave all eaters in a truly exceptional food coma.

I voted for it anyways, because - further sex or no - that food coma is the best way to ensure we wind up curled up and passed out with our little hero. We've had our lovin'; it's time for d'aaaaaws now.
No. 171333

No. 171334

Who doesn't like chocolate? Just imagine a chocolate-covered fairy.
No. 171357
No. 172248
File 137476294737.jpg- (731.36KB , 845x855 , Daiyousei Blushing.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hmmm... Your fingers brush across your assorted ingredients, as you consider your options. But....There's really only one choice here, isn't there? You gather up the chocolate and turn with a smile. "Sittas~" You say, "Here, take this and put it over on the counter, alright?"

Sittas happily rushes over to comply, "Okay Daisis!" He's so cheerful and full of energy almost immediately after that. Sittas thankfully seems to be able to follow directions well enough as he sets about the task you've assigned him, humming some odd music you've never heard before.

A few loads of chocolate later, you're setting out the materials for the cake itself, Wings fluttering slightly with happiness. It's been a long, long time since you felt this good. It's nice. "Okay, Sittas!" You clap, "It's time for your baking lesson~!"

"...But didn't we already make buns?" He asks you, eyes shining with interest and curiosity as he stares right past you and stares at your wings, hands twitching slightly. You can tell easily that he wants to touch them but that's...

...That's just kind of embarrassing! Having someone else touch your wings... You redden slightly, as you correct him, "Ah, that kind of thing is a bit....it's different." You consider the ingredients instead of looking at the oh-so-innocent boy. "...Anyway."

"Anyway!" He nods, still staring at your wings but putting up a valiant effort to pay attention to your face...of course when he looks there his eyes seem to drift lower on your body to your chest and then back to your face, but then he gets distracted by the movement and is staring at your wings again.

You're a little embarrassed, but...The way he looks at you is nice. He...really likes you, you think, and the thought is a warm glow in your chest. "Okay, so first, we need to..."


Sittas is putting his all into helping you and applies 110% the effort needed to get a job done. Unfortunately he also applies 110% of the force needed to get the job done. So he made a little bit of a mess but was a dear and cleaned it all up and apologized to you, nearly in tears and with a little bit of chocolate on his nose.

You giggle, as you lean down level with his face. "It's fine~" You inform him, before leaning in closer and...cleaning him up.

Sittas' nose wiggles and scrunches up like a rabbit as he rubs his arm on it where you...cleaned him up. "That felt funny..." He mumbles, but not unhappily.


"You're doing great, Sittas!" You reassure the boy, as the two of you each mix a small bowl of frosting. "Baking a cake is pretty simple when you get right down to it, huh?"
"It's easy when you're teaching me Daisis! This is a lot easier than learning how to swim was!" Sittas responds in good cheer, whisking with precisely 100% effort and enthusiasm and not one ounce more, "You're a way better teach then the older boys were all on your own!"

You giggle, pleased with the flattery. "Oh, you~" You'd hug him if your hands weren't full.


Sittas is peering at the cake as you work your magic on it, carefully frosting you magnificently, decadently sinful piece of confection. "I've never seen that much chocolate in one place before." Sittas murmurs in awe as he watches the Cake, apparently more attracted to the sweets then you for the moment.

You're just happy to have the monstrous confection completed - or nearly so, at least. "Well, neither have I." You admit, considering the blasphemy to all that is healthy sitting on the table before you. "I'd been meaning to bake the cake for a long time, but...." Well. Let's not dwell on that.

"Anyway!" You chirp, more brightly, as you apply the finishing touches. "Welcome Home, Sittas~!" You declare happily, parroting the words emblazoned brightly across the cake's top.

Sittas stares at you, and then at the cake, and then back at you. Then he lunges at you and buries his face in you as well as he can as his arms wrap around you and he squeezes you as tightly as he can and doesn't seem to be intending to let go anytime soon.

...Oh goodness is he crying on your stomach? He's crying, yes. You can tell now.

"...Ah." You're not sure how to respond to this. You gently set the frosting down, and, hesitantly, wrap your arms around the small boy. "Shhh." You try, in what you hope is a comforting way. "There, there." You're not really sure how to deal with this. If he were a smaller fairy, you'd just need to distract him with something shiny long enough for him to forget, but...

You don't think humans work that way.

"Um." You flounder, slightly. "...Cake's best when it's warm!" You hope the reminder of delicious cake will cheer him up. "How about we have a slice?"

Sittas just mumbles something into you and squeezes you even tighter as he apparently tries to remove any and all distance between the both of you, At the mention of cake though he seems to pull back just a bit and speaks up, and this time you can hear him, "...Really?"

"Really." You assure him. Cake really is great when it's warm. All moist and delicious... Yeah. Just the thing to clear up these tears.

"Okay." Sittas agrees and...promptly fails to remove himself from you in the least. Apparently he's going to be that way about things.

You sigh, momentarily blocking the boy from sight as your chest swells with the deep inhalation. Your smile is a warm as anything you've worn today, however. "Alright, then." You decide, as you gather up the utensils and plates you'd set out ahead of time. "Then I'll just cut a slice for us to share, then."

Sittas promptly beams up brightly at you, his smile as shining as the morning sun,"Okay, great!" He hugs you somehow more fiercely than he'd managed to before. Honestly, it's a good thing he's human and has those weak noodley arms humans have or this could be uncomfortable.

You smile indulgently down at the small boy, patting his head even as you deftly carve out a neat slice from the cake. "Annnd..." You slide it onto the plate, proud that you managed to do all of that one-handed. "There." You pick up a fork, a take a bite of cake on the tip. "Say 'ahhhh'~"

Sittas complies happily, opening his mouth and poking his tongue out and moaning," Ahhhhn~..."

You blush at his - surely innocent - moan, but you persevere, feeding him a piece of the cake! Then you take a bite for yourself. You're sharing, after all.

Sittas makes a large number of very distracting and intriguing happy noises as he eats the cake you just fed him and cuddles into you like the little cuddle bug that he is. "That's really delicious Daisis! You're the best baker, even better than Ichi!"

"She only makes 'healthy' desserts." Sittas whispers and pokes his tongue out at the grossness of the healthy desserts.

"Ah, ah~" You can't help but correct him. "You helped, remember~" But you can't help but snicker.

"Then, you are the best baker, and I am the best assistant!" Sittas responds with cheer, grinning happily at you.

"The best~!" You agree, scooping up another bit of cake. "Say ahhh~"

Sittas's eyes fluttery half-way shut as he inadvertently, you think, gives you a surprisingly good 'come hither' look and opens his mouth again, "Ahhhhn~..."

You can' help but wonder, once again, just what those 'nuns' taught this boy at that temple. There's just too much of this for it to be completely accidental. You pop a piece of cake into his mouth, and then, with a slight giggle, take another piece for yourself. Delicious, indeed~.

Sittas happily chews on the piece of cake you've given him and then cuddles right back into you, burying his face in your chest. Precisely between your breasts to be most exact. A little mop of hair is poking up out of them and you can feel his hot breath on your skin.

You bite your lip. "Ah, Sittas..." You murmur, a little awkwardly. You're really sensitive around your breasts, and he's tickling you. It's not so much erotic as it is...kind of a funny feeling. And it's cake time now, and tickling does not lend itself to steady silverware and undropped plates.

"Mmmrph mrph mrph?" The mop of hair shifts and reveals two eyes staring up at you as he responds to his name, those big eyes just shining full of energy.

You giggle, both from his tickling and his sheer adorableness. "You can’t eat cake from between my breasts like that." You chide him gently. Really, his mouth is blocked and everything. ...To say nothing of the chance of accidentally stabbing him in the face because he moved in just the right way at just the wrong time.

"Mrrph mrphh mrphhhh?" He asks, looking a bit upset at the fact that he has to choose between complete snuggling action or delicious sweets that you made for him. Truly this is the hardest decision he's ever had to make in his life.

"Just hug lower, silly!" You neatly cut the gordian knot of his most terrible decision, solving his unsolvable conundrum.

Sittas shifts about in your lap before withdrawing his head from your breasts and shivering at the sudden exposure to cool air rather than your lovely, warm body. Still, he's keeping his mouth out in the clear for you and even opens it on his own for you, "Aaaahn~..."

You giggle, amused. "Such a well-trained little boy you are~." You tease, as you feed him cake.

Sittas eats the cake happily before nodding," Uh-huh! Big Sis Hijiri and Ichi spent loooots of time with me teaching me all kinds of things since the other boys didn't, ah." He stumbles over his words for a moment before continuing though you don't miss the dimming in his eyes before the light comes back just as bright, "They were really busy and couldn't!"

"So Big Sis Hijiri and Ichi were the ones who taught me things, like cooking and cleaning and bathing and how to wash another person properly and manners and how to skip rocks and how to tie knots and sen...sen...sensatsu massage?" He seems confused," I can't remember what she called it but Ichi giggled at it so maybe it was a joke? Oh, and they also taught-" He just keeps going on and on about the things he was taught by those nuns in that temple.

...And only a couple of them are immediately questionable, too. Almost disappointing, somehow. You pop another piece of cake in his mouth to distract him.

"And how to finMrph?" you cut him off there with a piece of cake to his mouth, and he obligingly chews and swallows it without complaint, before staring at you. You've been around him long enough to know that his brain has suddenly switched gears and he's no doubt off on some fanciful adventure in his head.

Content with that, you take another piece of cake for yourself, quite honestly simply happy to cuddle with him, but never one to refuse available sweets.

He keeps staring at you like that, and you can almost hear the noise it must make in his head when he finally decides something. "Your eyes," He declares," Are the prettiest part of you."

He's absolutely serious.

[ ] Choke.
[ ] Choke and sputter.
[ ] Choke and demure.
[ ] Jump his bones.
No. 172249
[x] Choke and jump his bones.
No. 172250
-[X] Choke.
-[X] Choke and sputter.
-[X] Choke and demure.
-[X] Jump his bones.

Best reaction
No. 172251
>never one to refuse available sweets.
>"Your eyes," He declares," Are the prettiest part of you."
Well then...

[X] Choke.
[X] Sputter.
[X] Demure.
[X] Jump his bones.

Did you think you were writing a list of choices? Too bad! It was a checklist.
No. 172252
[X] Choke.
[X] Sputter.
[X] Demure.
[X] Jump his bones.

In order.
No. 172253
[X] Choke.
[X] Sputter.
[X] Demure.
[X] Jump his bones.

Bread probably did this on purpose
No. 172256
[X] Choke.
[X] Sputter.
[X] Demurely jump his bones.

How does one demurely jump bones, you ask? I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it's less about doing the jumping and more about inviting the jumpee in.
No. 172274
[x] Choke and demure.

There'll be plenty of time for that tonight and every night. Don't want to overdo things.
No. 172277
[x] Choke and demure.

Dai can restrain herself until it's time to go to bed.
No. 172280
[X] Choke.
[X] Sputter.
[X] Demurely jump his bones.
No. 172295
[X] Choke.
[X] Sputter.
[X] Demure.
[X] Jump his bones

No. 173908
[X] Choke.
[X] Sputter.
[X] Demurely jump his bones.
No. 173909

Yo buddy, there's this thing called saging.
No. 173911
Which is usually not used when voting. Saging is usually used for off topic things to not make it seem as if the story is progressing.
Of course, in this case it's probably counts as bumping a dead story, but we can always hope that Bread sees it and revives it. That can sometimes happen.
No. 173915
The story isn't moving because the "Bread" half of Bread of No Consequence is being eaten by real life. I'm sure if he ever has time to do things again, we'll see more of him.
No. 173920
Is that also the same reason why the story with Nebosa just stopped at the restaurant?
No. 173925
Most likely.
No. 176198
File 138594485420.jpg- (380.53KB , 650x650 , howdy_neighbor.jpg ) [iqdb]
You can't breathe. That...what he said. ...He means it. Your chest is tight, and you can't look away from his eyes, meeting your own, for a long, long moment.

"W-w-w-well." And you break eye contact, looking away, anywhere else. "I, um, I, I mean, um." You can't seem to get your thoughts together, as your heart pounds. You can feel your face heating up, and you know you've got to be turning red, and it's just....it's embarassing, but it's so nice, and you can't doubt that he means it. You squirm, slightly, not trying to dislodge him, just...full of all sorts of strange, roiling pink emotions that you still can't figure out.

Such simple words, to throw you into such a state.

Sittas stares up at you with wide eyes, full of admiration and happiness.

"But your smile's almost as great as them, Daisis!"

"N-no, I mean..." You can't restrain the smile that works its way across your face, even as you redden further. "I... I'm not that great, you, you don't need to flatter me..."

Sittas reaches up and grabs your hands, smiling with pure sincerity and adoration as she continues on.

"No way Daisis! You're super amazing! You're smart and pretty and nice and soft and have a nice voice and you're really great and you took me in and I love you!" He insists.

You set the plate and fork down gently before wrapping your arms around him, looking deep into his eyes again, with a warm smile, even as it feels like your heart is bursting from joy. Then you kiss him. "...I love you, Sittas." You declare, softly, with all your heart.


You awaken gently, blinking your eyes drowsily against the early-morning sunlight. You yawn quietly, and snuggle up to the boy in your arms, quietly content. ....wait. Your eyes snap open. ...Sittas?! He's real...?

...Then...it was't all a dream...

Sittas shifts, nuzzling his head between your breasts and sighing out loud.

"Ah, Daisis...not there...it tickles...kyaaaaahn~..." His voice is soft like he's still dreaming of these and that and those sorts of things. How lewd.

You giggle softly.

"Sittas~" you breathe, stroking the top of his head. "It's morning~"

"Nooooooooo..." Sittas whinges, drawing closer to you and and burying his face further in your bosom, "I don't want to do chores. I was having the best dream..."

"Oh, Sittas~" You snuggle against him just a bit more. "It was no dream~" He's yours. He's really yours. ...And you're his~

"Nnnnnamu...?" Sittas mumbles up sleepily as he blinks at you, eyes bleary and unfocused, "...Oh hey Daisis. I was having the best dream. We were...in a hottub full of chocolate sauce. It was so good and sticky..."

...Is that why your chest feels so wet?

"Oho~" You giggle again. You're so, so happy that he's here with you~ "Sittas, it's morning, you repeat, still holding him. "Time to wake up~"

"Namussssaaaaaaaaannn..." Sittas lets out a cute little cry as he stretches in your embrace and then blinks at you before smiling a bit wider, "Ah, Daisis! Good morning. How did you sleep?"

You smile.

"I slept as good as I have in ages." You tell him, happily. No nightmares at all, for the first time in...forever~

"I'm happy to hear that Daisis!" Sittas grins as he hugs you back, snuggling his warm and decidedly naked body up against you and squeezing you tight, "What are we gonna do today?"

"Hm~" You consider. "Well, Sittas, what do you want to do today~?"

"...I dunno! They usually just told me what to do! I don't know what you wanted me to do so I don't know whether I should clean the floors or scub up the tub or to degauss the waterwheel. I'm not good at degaussing the waterwheel, but I always try my best!" Sittas asks excitedly, eyes sparkling with intrigue and joy.

"...I'm not going to make you do chores, Sittas." You tell him, adding another mark against the other boys at the orphanage. "What do you want to do...?"

"...you..." He mutters softly, his voice low and a bit embarassed as he looks away. He said some other words, but...

...Is he really up for round seven and a half...?

You're a little surprised....and embarassed. He, he couldn't really have said...?

"Ah," You smile, a bit flattered despite yourself. "...W-what was that...?" you ask, hoping that you simply...didn't hear all of it. Even if you reallly - reallyreallyreally -enjoy....that, it's still a bit...

"I...I want to play with you!" Sittas admits, blushing furiously, "I want to play all kinds of fairy games and stuff with you!"

"...Fairy games...?" Rather than your prior embarrassment, now you're amused. It's a struggle not to laugh. "...Is that right." Despite yourself, you giggle. "Well, we play all sorts of games, I guess." You say, after a moment. "I suppose I could think of something...."

"I want to join in on your fairy games!" Sittas confirms nodding his head up and down furiously, "Or we could play any games, I just want to play with you Daisis!"

...That's sweet of him. You can't help but to smile - you seem to be doing that a lot, recently. It's a nice change of pace. "You and me, huh?" You say, thinking about it. Well, fairy games are out, right off - the ones that don't need you to have wings are generally, ah. Not entirely fun for the humans involved.

"Okay." You say, kissing him on the forehead. "I'll come up with something, alright? First, though, why don't you go clean up?" Showering is an important part of the morning routine!

"...I've got to bathe by myself?" Sittas asks you, expression shifting to a pout that picks at your soul, "B-but who will wash my back!?"

...Actually, would Sittas even know where your bathroom is?

You giggle softly.

"You just need to take a shower, Sittas." You tell him, stroking his head. "Here, I'll show you." You get up out of bed, a little reluctant to leave the comforting warmth, and hover by the door, waiting for him to follow suit.

Sittas rolls out of and hits the ground with a thump, apparently not having use of his legs.

"I'm okay!" Sittas calls out to you from the other side of the bed, slowly struggling up to his feet and wobbling after you in all his morning glory.

All his naked morning glory.

It is at that point that you realise that neither of you are clothed. ....How embarassing. You dive into a nearby closet, and peg Sittas in the face with your robe, from when you were smaller. You take the chance to throw on your current bathrobe before leaving the closet.

"Okay! Put that on and follow me!"
Sittas stumbles and hits the ground with a thump, the robe being too much for him to handle, "Waaagh!"

He manages to recover and get back up on his own, struggling with the robe and flailing it onto himself.

"Mmmm...it's warm and smells like you, Daisis!" He comments with good cheer as he patters after you as best as he is able to.

...This boy will be the death of you, one day. You don't know how long you can handle him being so adorable.

"Alright," You declare, as you come to a halt by the appropriate door. "This is the bathroom!" You announce. "This is where you shower, or bathe, or use the toilet!" You swing the door open, to reveal a modest, tiled room, with the assorted fittings one would expect.

"Oooooooohhhh!" Sittas applauds your announcement with cheer, clapping with an unnecessary amount of glee for what is really just a bathroom, "It's so shiny and clean! Plus it's not big so it won't take forever to clean like the baths back at the Temple!"

"Again, I won't be making you do chores." You sigh. "Anyway, to take a shower, you just need to pull that little thing over in the bath faucet." You point. "And there's a little scrubby brush for your back, there." You address his earlier concern. "You can go first."

"...We're not gonna shower together?" Sittas asks you, eyes full of disappointment, "But I've never bathed alone before!"

"The shower isn't that big." You hedge, even as the temptation to join him in the shower gnaws at you. "Really, it's just a quick shower...."

Sittas droops a little bit.

"Okay Daisis..." He agrees, trooping into the bathroom and taking off the robe reluctantly, revealing his bare behind to you as he folds it and sets it down on a dry shelf, "I'll finish up quickly." You swallow, even as you swing the door shut behind him. ...That boy. There's far too much temptation to just....and then...

You hear the shower go on inside of the room and the sounds of curtain opening and closing as Sittas gets into the shower, "Ah! It's so cold!"

"The other knob is hot water!" You call through the door, even as you resist the urge to...go in and help~ No! You shake your head. You can't always just be acting on instinct like that. Right! Now...let's make some breakfast while you wait. Pancakes~

"Thanks Daisis!" He calls out to you as he squeaks a few of the knobs and gets them set up just right. As you head to the kitchen, you hear a knock at the door.

"...oh?" You're surprised. "How strange. I don't usually have any visitors." You hum as you flutter over to the door, in a very good mood. "Hello~?" You ask, opening the door.

Oh sweet Medb, no. It's Seija. She grins wider, showing off those sharp teeth as she leans onto your door frame and grins hungrily at you, her eyes locking onto your own with vicious intent.

"Hey there, loner. I heard you got something special yesterday."

Your smile wilts almost immediately.

"...Oh. It's you." You scowl. This bitch. You'd hoped she'd gotten bored and wandered off.

Seija's grin turns just a bit wider, showing off all those teeth of hers,

"Aw, now, is that a proper greeting to go giving to your nieghbor! I mean, especially not the only person who'd bother to come out here and talk to someone like you, loner!"

Your good mood sours even further, as you eye all those teeth nervously. "...You never just want to talk, Seija." You say, a slight quaver to your voice. ...Dammit, she always does this to you.

"'Course I do! I love talking to you about all kinds of things loner! I just want to keep you up to date on what everyone else around here it doing without you, that's all!" Seija grins and leans in closer, taking a whiff, "Or that would be it, but I know you've got something special waiting for me inside, right?"

...what? What could she mean by that?

"....What...?" You cock your head. "...What are you talking about?"

"Oh come on, his smell's all over you." Seija nudges you in the ribs a bit harshly, "You smell like shota, and plenty of the girls saw you take him home with you! I'm almost impressed, nobody takes a boy from that place for long." Seija grins a bit wider, "Guess they just figured both of you weren't worth the trouble."

...What. Your expression ices over. How dare she talk about Sittas like that.

"Aw, what a cute little face." Seija pats you on the cheek and leans closer, "How about you move out of the way so I can go take him, huh?"

[ ] Slam the door.
[ ] Break her face.
[ ] "Fuck off."
[ ] "...no."
No. 176199
[X] "Fuck off."
No. 176200
[x] Break her face.
No. 176201
[X] "Fuck off."
[X] Slam the door and break her face in process

No. 176202
[x] Break her face.

Was tempted to vote for slam the door as well. Can we pull a Kratos vs Theseus on Seija?

Relevant part is at 0:15

No. 176203

This has happened twice to me today. I must be a little bit slow. But what he said.
No. 176204
[X] "Fuck off."
[X] Slam the door and break her face in process.

Who does this bitch think she is? Did she face that Byakuren and prove she cared for Sittas? Nope, she's just a hyena looking for scraps, only she'll get nothing.
No. 176206
[X] "Fuck off."
[X] Slam the door and break her face in process.

Well when I saw the pic I saw something like this happening.
No. 176210
[X] "Fuck off."
[X] Slam the door and break her face in process

Conspiratorially (it's totally a word) invite her to lean closer so you can tell her something, then yell "FUCK OFF!" in her ear and slam the door in her face.

Also, yay! It's back.
I've missed the cutesy feel of this story. Luck isn't bad, but it's just a different kind of good.
No. 176212
If Daiyousei were capable of it right now, I'd say do this: http://youtu.be/FopyRHHlt3M

Since she is not, in fact, in any mood to laugh in Seija's face and thus annoy her, I'm gonna have to go with:

[X] "NO."
[X] Slam the door and break her face in process. Not necessarily in that order.

Why 'No' instead of 'Fuck Off'? Mostly because I imagined that scene playing out with Daiyousei being about as grumpy as the Heavy and her being able to put enough emphasis on that one single word to make most people think twice about going after what's hers.
No. 176213
[X] "NO."
[X] Slam the door and break her face in process. Not necessarily in that order.
No. 176217
[X] "NO."
[X] Slam the door.
No. 176245
I prefer it in the other order.

[x] Break her face with the door.
[x] Open the door.
[x] "Fuck off."
[x] Slam the door again.
No. 176254
Not to be a killjoy here... But don't you guys think the chance of her being physically stronger than us are high?
No. 176259
Hence the votes to smash her face her with the door instead of a "fair fight".
No. 176336
Hard to say as it seems Dai is at least Ex, and Seija's types/etc are pretty unknown though I get the impression Seija's main advantage is her ability than any raw magical or physical might.
No. 176345

I'd say that would be pretty accurate. When I fought her in TH14, I lost a lot of lives not actually because of the bullet patterns being hard, but rather because of the screen being flip all over the place.
No. 176659
File 138732971134.jpg- (200.25KB , 500x750 , that bitch.jpg ) [iqdb]
You smile. It's perhaps the most unpleasant-looking expression you've ever had.

"Seija." You grate out, "....Be a dear and fuck off." Then, before she can do more than blink, you slam your door. ...There's a rather unpleasant crunch, as you do. You do so hope that your door's okay. You feel a lot better, now, though! That really was quite amazingly satisfying. Honestly, that woman. As if you'd let her do anything to your dear, sweet, adorable, huggably soft new catch. He deserves far better than that...that...Double Hussy!

...So lost were you in your search for an appropriate term for her, you are shocked out of your thoughts by the sound of glass shattering somewhere in the house. It sounded like it was coming from upstairs! This sound is shortly followed by an adorably boyish cry of distress that sends a surge of panic to your heart and lust to your loins. He's making cute, worried noises even though you aren't there to cause them! He must be in trouble! This can't stand! You rush off, flying with all your might, and you speed to the rescue of your darling little to- ...boy! No-one else is allowed to make him make those noises! That's your exclusive right, and by Una, you'll defend it!

You surge up your stairs with your wings buzzing full power only to find the door for the bathroom wide open. Just as you're about to rush in, Seija stumbles back out under a barrage of numerous bathroom accoutrements! Bottles, bars and the towel rack all pelt her as she covers her face.

"Ow-ow-ow-ow, You stupid brat!" Seija snarls at him, only to receive a soaked loofa to the face for her troubles.

"Your hair is bad and you should feel bad!" Sittas shouts back at her defiantly from the bathroom, "Bad room-flipping ladies should be removed!"

"You!" The 'bitch' that you'd dearly like to follow that up with is held for the sake of Sittas's ears, but more importantly, she's trying to take your Sittas.

She's going to pay for that.

Seija looks up at your charge and suddenly raises one fist at you and puts one finger up above the other four. You feel the whole room suddenly begin to spin and twist and your limbs become increasingly disoriented, as if by trying to move one you were moving the opposite! What is this!

"I've reversed your nervous systems responses." Seija swoops around the side of your attack and gives you a double handed slap to keep you going, "That should keep you busy while I get with this kid! That he can move when I did the same thing to him will make taking him even better."

You struggle to glower at her. That little, impertinent bitch. Vicious, toothy, red emotions coil in your chest as you glower at her. If you could just get to your feet, you could...

Well, you've never really used any of your abilities, not in a fight, but....It's about time you tried. You may not be a person who likes fighting a lot, or has ever used her powers for one, but if this Seija thinks she's going to touch Sittas even with just one finger, she's got another think coming! As you pull deeper into yourself you can feel the pulse and playful lilt of your fairy powers responding to your thoughts.

As Seija makes for the bathroom again, she is promptly hit in the face with what appears to be the bathroom sink, sending her actually stumbling back from the impact,

"Ow-what-Did you just throw a sink at me!?" Apparently Seija is stunned by this turn of events.

It's a good thing those are designed to be replaced. They don't last long in a house full of Fae anyway. You focus, seizing your power with your need, and focusing it into your intent. A faint breeze kicks up, smelling faintly of lilies and thyme. And then...you release the pressure that had been building, and a burst of wind, charged with power, gusts through the hall, only lightly ruffling your dress, but slamming into Seija with all of its might.

You feel a faint urge to punch yourself in the face, but you shrug it off by focusing on your seething fury for Seija. She turns just in time to catch the gusty barrage in the chest and is sent sailing backwards from the impact, smashing through the window and changing the venue of this fight to something that will be easier to clean up. You don't mind bloodstains on the grass, anyway. That home fashion magazine said bloodstains added character and history to a house.

You follow her out, only bumping into the windowsill a few times as you struggle with your disorientation.

"Seijaaaaa...." You growl, eyes hunting for your foe. You float unsteadily out the window and look about for your foe, but our elf eyes can't seem to spot her anywhere around you or below you. You can only see shattered bits of the window scattered about on the ground. Now, where could that Seija have gone? She couldn't have run away yet, could she?

How strange... Where could she have gone? If she's not down there...perhaps, up? You look up just in time to see Seija dropping down on you, slamming into your back and trying to drive you to the ground a she growls,

"I'll have him, even if I have to have you first...!" She snarls in your ear as you feel her hands light up with a sinister energy in an attempt to harm you.

...Ah. A Dark attack? But you're a fairy.

Your own nature serves well to defend against the attack the assault, the energies she's using simply incompatible with your own. It's a little painful, yes, but you've hurt yourself worse in the kitchen. And luckily enough, she's put herself right there within reach. And if there's one thing growing up in a tree full of fairies teaches you...

"So...You want to Play Rough?" You grip her wrists, and dive.

Your grip on Seija is tight as you let loose and use everything you learned from your years living in a house full of fairies to drive her straight into the ground in an explosion of dust, hearts and little gold stars. As you roll up to your feet and rise up, feeling the confusion in your body dripping out of your system, you are treated to the sight of Seija planted like a turnip, face fist into the ground.

One of her legs twitches spasmatically for a moment.

You kick her. Serves her right. Dusting off your hands, you fly back up to the window.

"Sittas?" You call, "Sittas, are you okay?"

Sittas is currently naked and decidedly upset, judging by his facial expression. The way he suddenly barrels into you, still naked, and buries his naked face into your bosom while nakedly pressing up against you and wrapping his (naked) arms around you agrees with this assesment.

"I'm sorry Daisis..." He mumbles into your chest. It tickles.

You wrap your arms around him, Resting your chin on his head, as tension flows out of you, simply glad that he's okay.

"It's alright, Sittas, it's okay." You stroke his back. "I'm just glad you're okay." Sittas shakes a bit.

"B-but...but I threw everything at her, even the sink! I made a big mess and you still got hurt and she was after me because I was here! Wasn't she? Wasn't she?" He presses on, worriedly upset that he's done something to wrong you.

"Sittas~" You say, warmly. "The important thing is that you're okay." You tell him, stroking his back, "She's always a problem, Sittas. It's not your fault."

"...Really?" Sittas asks you, shifting his face and peering up at you from between your breasts with hope in his eyes, "Really-really?"

"Really." You tell him, patting his back.

Sittas squeezes you in a great, big tight hug and nuzzles closer to you in an affectionate display of love,

"You're the best Dai-sis!" You smile. It's...always so nice to hear someone say good things about you.

"Hah, you fool!" Seija crows from behind you, "Now with both of you together, I'll deal with you and have the boy-wait whAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." Before she can even finish her sentence something sends her sailing away into the distance. She even disappears with a little ping of light.

Standing there outside your broken window is the smiling face of that Byakuren you met before.

"My my, I thought they'd know better than to think I'd stop taking care of one of my students just because he was adopted..." She remarks as she shields her eyes and stared off after the Seija, "...Hmmm. She should come down about one hundred meters off shore. She'll be just fine then!" She says with great cheer, the room lighting up from her smile.

...Isn't the shore a really, really long ways from here, if she's talking about the one you think she is...?

"Hijiri! Hi Big Sis Hijiri!" Sittas waves to 'Big Sis Hijiri' from your arms. Where he is naked. In your arms.

Right in front of that Byakuren.

You glance down at him, and then up at Byakuren, a bit too emotionally drained to advance past 'dull horror'.

"...He was taking a shower." You defend yourself, a little numbly.

"My, my, of course he was." Byakuren agrees just fine, "After all, judging by the shape of things she broke in and tried something, right? Sittas, why don't you finish up and get changed if you can while I talk to your friend?" She suggests, that smile never wavering even once.

"...Okay." Sittas agrees after looking between the both of you for a few moments.

"Go on, Sittas." You say, dully. "Go get dressed." You never look away from Byakuren.

"Okay Dai-sis!" Sittas agrees, hugging you close before exiting stage left and shutting the bathroom door behind him again, leaving you alone with the Byakuren who is just smiling contently at you.

"So then!" She speaks with a bright and cheery voice as those eyes open up just a bit, "How was the sex?"

[ ] NO HELP HERE. Write-ins only!
No. 176660
An idea: highlight the love and find a way to turn the question to her as Sittas' stories of his temple life has various implications that byakuren and co aren't much better, but the love part is a must.
No. 176661
Welp. Should have known better.

So, how shall we plead? Perhaps put emphasis on love as said and say we'll do everything we can to defend him?
No. 176662
[X] Be honest.

"It was great, but even more so because it was with Sittas. Also, we baked a cake. Would you like some? I can see if there's any left. I hope you like chocolate. Please don't kill me."

I don't think Byakuren & Co are all that pure (they're also touhoumon, after all), so they're well aware of what touhoumon and their "trainers" are up to.
Byakuren can probably read Daiyousei like a book, anyway. Honesty is the best policy.

Like the previous posters said, Daiyousei sees him as a proper lover rather than just a piece of meat to be used and discarded like many wild touhoumon (Seija) would, and as long as that comes across I think Byakuren will be content.
No. 176664
[X] This was the best day in my life. And thus, I don't mind if it has to be the last.
No. 176666
[X] Be honest.

"It was great, but even more so because it was with Sittas. I made sure he enjoyed it as well; he is not a toy but a precious part of my life.
No. 176685
[x] be honest
-[x] Explain your situation: your life so far, your crushing loneliness. His words, responses, reactions. The mutual nature of the relationship, his... suspicious tales regarding his life in the temple, everything.
-[x] finish it up with that "best day in my life" vote
No. 176687
[X] "Shouldn't you be asking him? It's not my opinion that you really care about."
No. 176695
[x] be honest
-[x] Explain your situation: your life so far, your crushing loneliness. His words, responses, reactions. The mutual nature of the relationship, his... suspicious tales regarding his life in the temple, everything.
-[x] finish it up with that "best day in my life" vote
No. 176728

I think you're jumping the gun here. Byakuren likely knew what was going to happen when she let Daiyousei adopt Sittas, and the fairy just got done protecting him from Seija, and on top of that isn't just using the kid for the sex. I think the Byakuren can tell that.

Aside from that...

[x] Be honest.

We've got nothing to hide, right?
No. 182348
File 141416630813.jpg- (268.00KB , 500x721 , picnic_time.jpg ) [iqdb]
 You take a deep, quavering breath, trying not to simply keel over and die. 

"...When we made love...." You say, a little awkwardly, but firm, "....It was....everything I had ever thought it might be, and more." You straighten your spine with an effort of will, "...And I will not apologise for it."

The Byakuren called Hijiri stares at you for a long moment, her expression never changing from that serene smile as she seems to consider your words before you see her move, reaching out for you with one hand. You can't bring yourself to respond as it draws closer to your head, no doubt intending to crush you like a pulp or send you flying like she did the Seija.

Much to your surprise, instead she simply places her hand on your head and begins to gently, kindly and compassionately ruffle your hair. Haaawawawa, that feels really nice...! Her nails drag along your scalp lightly, giving you a tingling scraping sensation as her smile seems vastly less sinister, "My my, that's just what I was hoping to hear."


Despite your instinctive flinch, it's one of the most inexplicably relaxing experiences of your life.

"....what?" Even so, you're as confused as you've ever been.

"My my, did you think that I didn't suspect this would happen? I wasn't born yesterday dear." The Byakuren known as Hijiri giggles, still rubbing your head in a way that makes you really not want her to stop any time soon, "I knew full well the result of sending such a fine young man home with you would be, and I was fine with it as long as you had the right reasons and intent. That's just how the world is now, after all." You think you might see a flicker of something on her face at that moment, but it could just have been the light as the sun shifts and more of its light comes through the branches of the trees, "You care about Sittas despite how recently you've met him. He's a very interesting young man, wouldn't you agree?"

"He's...wonderful." It's really the only word you can come up with, for the person who has, in such a short time, become the single most important person in your life. ...Admittedly, also basically the only person in your life.

....but those black feelings coiling in your chest aren't quite so crushing anymore, and you shake off that train of thought quickly.

"....But...you expected this?" You had been totally fooled. ...It's a bit humbling, to be on this side of that experience. You're out of shape, apparently.

"Oh yes, I expected something like this." Hijiri agrees with you, ruffling your head still and keeping you nice and pliantly agreeable with her silver touch, "Really, sending a strapping young boy home with a touhoumon usually only has one result, but with you it was a positive one. Sittas..." Byakuren's smile dims slightly at this moment, "Was not as happy as he could be in my temple. Allowing him to go with you to not only be happier himself, but to help make you happier as well, was the best choice at the time. Admittedly, there was always a risk something could have gone wrong, but that's why I came here today."

 "And it appears it's a good thing that I did. I suspect that Seija will not give you any trouble for some time, if she ever does again in the future. Most learn their lesson after their first sub-orbital trip, ahaha~." Hijiri giggles again, as if she's made a very funny joke.

"...Ah-ha. Ha. Haaaah..." Your laugh is somewhat less honest, but... 

"W-Well, I had it under control..." ...Actually, much to your surprise, it's perfectly true. You'd been completely in control of that fight, once you actually engaged. ...Seija...despite you just being a fairy, and despite everything....you were actually stronger than she was...?

"Yes, you certainly did." Byakuren agrees with you easily enough, her nails scratching you behind one of your ears,"However, may I ask what your plan for removing and disposing of her was?"

...Oh you guess that's a point there.

"...Uh." You tilt your head. "...Hurt her until she can't move, and then leave her in a treetop, maybe?" You hazard. Generally, from what you've seen, gratuitous violence is the way to settle disputes in the forest. No-one really cares about fairies except other fairies and that bitch Seija, or you might have had to 'resolve' a 'dispute' before now. ...Especially since you don't outnumber any other forest groups by default anymore.

 "That would have put her in a position to potentially harm Sittas." Hijiri gives you valuable tactical advise from her no doubt years of combat experience, "Never forget your opponents abilities. Seija are masters are reversing their fortunes in a fight, and one that's been beaten down is at their absolute most dangerous. Though I doubt this one is capable of it, I have seen ones who will switch their own beaten state with their opponents fresh one, reversing their fortunes entirely."

 ...You didn't know they could do that...

You cock your head at the idea. "...That would probably not be fun, no." You decide. "But inside the tree, I think I'd probably win anyway." Homes are powerful, after all. And Seija was uninvited. Your new-found confidence is almost certainly not misplaced, you figure. Probably.

 Before the both of you can disagree about things further, Sittas suddenly reenters the scene by impacting on your back and wrapping his arms around you, "I got changed~!" He declares with cheer, nuzzling his face against your back as he squeezes you.

"Did you remember to put everything on in the right order, Sittas?" Hijiri breaks off her head scratching, much to your deep regret, and kneels down to pet Sittas on the head instead.

"Of course I did!" Sittas pouts in response to her implication that he could somehow forget such a simple and basic thing as putting his clothing on in the right order, "I haven't done that in months Big Sis Hijiri!"

...months? You take a moment to picture Sittas with his underwear on the outside, and suppress a giggle.

It probably wouldn't be very nice to just laugh at him, after all.

Sittas seems to not notice your laugh and just hugs himself tighter against you, peeking out from behind you at Hijiri who continues to pet him, smiling happily. "I came here for another reason." Byakuren turns her attention onto you for a moment, "I was told that there's going to be an increased presence of trainers in this region once more, and thought you should be warned. Though, since you're captured now you're safe from most issues I would still advise caution."

"...You got warned about trainers?"  A moment later, your second thought occurs to you. "...Why are there going to be more trainers around?" It's been ages and ages since you've seen a human, really....other than Sittas, that is. But if they're coming back...

"I cannot say. An old disciple of mine came back to warn me of more trainers being in the region, and my assistant found several of them herself that were exploring the forest and no doubt searching for new captures." Hijiri informs you, "They seem to be normal trainers, but even so I would advise caution."

"...I see..." You acknowledge, slightly chilled at the memory of your last encounter with that sort of human...

The one that left you here...all alone...

You shake your head, chasing away the black thoughts, bottling them alllll back up nice and tight where black thoughts and black feelings go. 

"So! We'll just have to be careful then~" You smile. "Use the fairy paths and keep out of sight."

"...There are fairy paths!?" Sittas seems to have not noticed the other part of the conversation, or at least was distracted from it by your apparently impressive declaration, "Do they go to a magical fairy land? Do other fairies use them?"

The Byakuren known as Hijiri titters at Sittas' reaction to your statement, finding his excitement to be adorable, "My my. Sittas, what have I told you about asking questions?"

"...Ask them one at a time, and wait for an answer?" Sittas shifts behind you a bit more again, and his voice is muffled by the back of your skirts.

"Very good Sittas! Now, what did you do?" The Byakuren known as Hijiri continues on, urging him to find his error.

"...Didn't?" Sittas sounds a lot more questioning than he should be, considering that's exactly what he did.

You can't hide your smile. Sittas is just....the cutest~!

"Yes Sittas, that's right." The Byakuren known as Hijiri kneels down and reaches out with one hand and ruffles Sittas hair gently and kindly, "If you ask questions like that, you may not get the answers you need."

"Yes Big Sis Hijiri..." Sittas holds onto you even as he leans into the ruffling he is receiving at the moment, "...Uhm, Daisis? What's a fairy path?" Sittas carefully asks, all but vibrating to restrain the desire to ask more questions.

"Wellll~" You hum, "They're secret ways through the forest that we made, a long time ago. They're mostly pretty ordinary, to be honest, just hidden paths through the forest that only fairies know about." You explain, "At least the local ones. We didn't really need any fancy stuff around here..." You consider him for a moment, before relenting. "Although I guess I can admit, not all of them are exactly...normal." He's just so eager to hear about it, how can you resist?

"...Does that mean they really DO go to super secret fairy lands!?" Sittas asks, bouncing up and down with excitement at this apparent revelation of super secret fairy lands, "I bet there's tons of parties and fun!" 

"Well, on the outskirts of them, kind of." You admit, with a giggle. 

"...Awesome! Can we go to one of those parties Daisis!?" Sittas bounces up and down with excitement with his hands fisted in your skirts, which is doing some interesting things for you as he tugs on it with his eager bouncing. 

"Oh..." That would be... "...Maybe when you're older." You settle on, not wanting to crush his hopes, "They're not exactly a place for a cute young boy like you to go." Especially not if it's just the two of you.

"Awwww..." Sittas sulks at you, but you won't be brought down by something like that just yet, "...Well, okay. If you say so Daisis. I trust you!"

"Well then." The Byakuren speaks up, interrupting your little moment of pleasure as Sittas declares his faith in you, "Since I've done what I came here for, I'll leave you two to yourselves now. Now Sittas, be a good boy and don't do go wandering without 'Daisis', okay? I'll be very disappointed if I hear we had a repeat of you wandering off on your own."

"I won't Big Sis Hijiri!" Sittas holds onto you tighter, properly hugging you around your waist, "Besides, it'll be tons more fun to go places with Daisis than alone!"

The Byakuren known as Hijiri just smiles at that and ruffles his hair a bit more before she stands up and and dusts off her dress. She turns her attention to you and gives you a smile that feels...very not menacing.

"I'll let myself out your front door, Miss Daiyousei." The Byakuren lingers for just a moment longer, glancing out the window and then back to you, "...Today's weather seems lovely for a picnic, don't you think?" 

And with that, she heads downstairs and out of your house.

Well, she's right, at that. It IS a lovely day out there. A picnic would be wonderful~!

"Sittas~!" You turn back to your adorable charge, with a bright smile. "How would you like to go on a picnic~?"

"...Really? Awesome! I've never gone on a picnic before! Well, I mean, a real picnic that's not just eating lunch out on the grass of the temple. Do we need to bake for a picnic?" Sittas eyes are all alight with eagerness at your suggestion.

Ooo, that's tempting. ...Very tempting, but then you'd probably not get out there at all. You laugh, gently.

"Hahah, no, no, I should have plenty of snacks and sweets around." You assure him, "Is there anything you'd especially like?" You smile. "In fact, how about the two of us go pack the basket together? You can pick out whatever you'd like~"

"Okay Dai-sis! It sounds like fun! Let's bring lots of sweets and fruits and stuff, okay?" Sittas is apparently burst to the brim with happiness as he takes your hand in his and starts to try and lead you to the kitchen.

Giggling, you allow him to lead you along through your house, to your kitchen. Naturally, being a house that once contained a lot of fairies, there is a well-stocked picnic basket cabinet. Grabbing one, you set it on the table, flitting around the kitchen energetically as you start putting out supplies for Sittas to choose from. 

It had always been your job to pack for the picnics, back....before, so it doesn't take long for lots of candied fruit and dried fruit and fresh fruit and straight-up candy to cover the counters.

"So what do you like, Sittas?" You ask, as you pack a little bread and cheese - sweets are all well and good, but boys need more than just sugar, after all, and besides, with this many sweet things, something different will be nice.

"I like fruit and veggies and meats and cheese and bread and drinks and you Daisis!" Sittas bubbles out as he tries to help you load up the basket from beside you, "Also burny drink!" 

"....Burny drink?" You pause. "....They've been letting you drink that, at the temple?" That. That doesn't seem very temple-y. It seems...decidedly, uh...unmonastic! You're kind of proud of yourself for that word.

"Hmm? Oh! Oh no! Don't tell Big Sis Hijiri or Ichi! They'll get super upset and punish them and then I'll get punished and it was just because all of the boys were drinking and they made me drink it and it was kinda burny but not that bad and then they were upset and drank it themselves and then they all ended up falling asleep but not before they said 'I'd get it' if I told Ichi or Big Sis Hijiri!" Sittas babbles out a rambling, shifting explanation, "I don't want to get it Daisis! It's probably really bad!"

"Don't worry, Sittas." You ruffle his hair. He's just too cute. "I don't want to get you in trouble. It'll be our secret." With your free hand, without looking, you scoot the alcohol back into a cabinet.

Well, anyway, it's looking like you've got most everything packed up for the picnic, then. There's a nice blanket over.....here, somewhere -  you bend down to root around in the low cabinets, very convenient for someone of smaller stature than you've achieved, but less so for you.

Sittas, it seems, is eager to please as he squeezes past you with an eager cry of, "Let me help, Daisis!" 

...It does seem to be much easier for him as he wriggles into the low cabinets, shifting and waving his cute little tush around in the air as he hums while he works. In a short moment he pulls out with a blanket in hand and holds it up for your inspection, "This one compliments your dress!"

...It does, actually.


"Thank you! Then we're all set~" You hum, folding the blanket over your arm. "Are you ready to go, Sittas?" You pat his head, smiling down at the young boy. "It's a bit of a walk, but I think I know a good spot for a picnic."

"I like walking! Now that I'm with you, I want to go all sorts of places!" Sittas grabs your free hand with his and beams up at you, his eyes alight with delight, "In the monastery I could never go outside of the walls, I had to always stay inside...but when I finally got outside of the walls, the first person I met was you! That has to mean that there's even more great things out there, just like I thought!"

You can't resist sweeping him up into a hug, squeezing him against you in an almost involuntary reaction to how incredibly adorable he is.

"Oh, Sittas~" You stroke his head. "We can go and see all sorts of things together,  if you want to~" It's not even like his desires are that hard to fulfill, and....you just want to see more of this face. This innocent, joyful expression... "The world's a big, big place~!" ...Come to think of it, you've never left your forest, either. You suppose...with Sittas, that wouldn't be so bad.

"Really? That's awesome Daisis! I want to see everything in the forest first, all the cool places and things you know about so we can share them together! Then maybe...maybe we could go see the ocean? I heard it's really big..." Sittas looks out the window, distant for a second before turning his attention back to you with that big smile of his all for you, "But first, let's go have a picnic!"

"Yes." You look down at Sittas, filed with all of his excitement, his boyish enthusiasm... "Let's go have a picnic~" 


Sittas eyes are wide open as you step out of the fairy path you took him along, with him on one arm and the basket on the other. He blinks once before he looks up at you and smiles widely, eyes still heavily dilated, "...Everything was so colorful!"

You can't help but giggle. Humans are just so silly

"It looked normal to me~" Well, for that part of the path, anyway. Kind of relaxing, taking these paths after so long. Familiar and comfortable. "Anyway, we're here~!" You set him down, gently, keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't fall over. 

Sittas holds onto your hand or just a bit longer as you set him down before he lets go. He's looking all around the area you're in with wide, excited eyes. You're not sure how much of it is enthusiasm and how much is because of human silliness, but it's seems like the spot you've chosen is a real hit with him, "...It's really quiet here, isn't it?" He muses as he looks out over everything, "Like it's just you and me."

"Yeah." You nod. It is quiet. ....Kind of strange, for the forest. Maybe it's just the mood? Just the two of you deep - well, okay, actually you think the two of you are significantly closer to the outskirts here than your house is, but - in the woods, all alone....a picnic and a soft blanket for the two of you to use....

Oh, this has some potential, yes.

"-eeeeeeey...!" Sittas head jerks up from riffling through the picnic basket while you were distracted as he hears something in the distance, something you hear as well. That's a voice, but whose? 

"Hrmm?" Sittas, who apparently managed to sneak something while you weren't looking, intelligently comments on the situation before he swallows whatever is in his mouth and then speaks up, "...Uhm...hmm...that sounds kinda like one of the older boys from the temple! Some of the ones who stayed longer's voices got all weird and stuff!" Sittas explains to you excitedly, all while you start piecing things together.

It's a wild human. A trainer, here! You freeze up. He shouldn't be here. He shouldn't be here. ....The two of you need to leave. You can't take the fairy path, there's no entrance here, but, but...maybe, uhm...

"...Daisis?" Sittas speaks up tentatively next to you, and you feel his hand take one of your and hold onto it as he huddles up next to you, his warmth and presence disturbing you from your thoughts for the moment, "Daisis are you okay? What's wrong? You can talk to me! I'll help! I'm a good helper!" 

"heeeeeeey...!" You can hear the trainer human more clearly now as they come closer. Oh, they can see you! You can see someone coming out past the trees on the far side of the clearing.

Well, as you freeze up entirely, staring at the wild human trainer like...like....like a thing that can't look away from something, at least you're not hyperventilating any more. ...Are you even breathing? You take a step back, managing to get a couple deep breaths in, regaining your composure somewhat. As the human approaches, you rest a possessive hand on Sittas's head, almost defiantly. This human is yours, and you won't lose him, too. You pat him once, hopefully reassuringly.

Sittas looks up at you worriedly for a moment as you seem to be upset by what's going on before the trainer approaches and seems to...focus entirely on Sittas and ignoring you utterly, "Hey there buddy, looks like you're missing some of Jerry White's music huh? Hahah!" This guy's dressed kinda weird in drab olive shorts and a drab olive shirt that buttons up. 

The Olive Drab Trainer adjusts his pack on his back and then kneels down to look Sittas in the eye, still ignoring you like you're not there, "Say, I'm looking for a Myouren Temple that's supposed to be out these ways. One out this way has have tons of interesting mons in it. You know where it is?" 

You realize now that Sittas actually got dressed in his old clothing before you left so that he wouldn't be wandering around in your robe. Old, traditional clothing that you'd see in a temple. 

"...No." Sittas frowns at the unfamiliar person in front of him, apparently finding him wanting.

"No? No what?" The Olive Drab Trainer has a look in his eye, a look that makes ice develop in your stomach even as Sittas squeezes your hand a touch tighter. 

"I'm not telling you anything!" Sittas voice is harsher than you've ever heard it before, "Plus, you made Daisis upset?"

The Olive Drab Trainer chuckles at the nickname Sittas has for you and then smirks at your favorite little boy, "So, you do know then. Look, just make things easier for yourself and tell me so I can leave you to your picnic and your 'Daisis'." Sittas hackles go up even higher at the Olive Drab Trainer's tone.

"Other wise...we'll have to settle this with a battle, and with a Dai, well..." The Olive Drab Trainer chuckles, his laughter saying everything that he needs to say about what he thinks of your chances. 

"You take that back! Daisis is amazing! She's super strong! She could wipe the floor with you!" Sittas barks, leaning towards the Olive Drab Trainer now and glowering right at him, apparently full of offense for the Trainer's attitude. 

"...Look, kid. She's a Dai, and even if she's a big Dai," The Olive Drab Trainer lets out a put upon sigh as he reaches out  for Sittas with one of his hands, "They're still biggest losers out of all the fairies."

You aren't going to just stand here and let him go and touch Sittas! Even if....even if most of what he's saying about you is true, Sittas has faith in you, and he's yours. You pull Sittas behind you, glaring. 

"You don't touch him." You growl, eyes narrow. This...this human, thinking he can just ....just do whatever he wants, like those....Like every other one. How dare he. How dare they.

He  jerks his hand back and gets back to standing out as you him pull on  his belt and a white-red ball growing in size until it's as big as some  of the fruit that grows near your tree, "What the hell-!" He growls, all  bits of social nicety fading away as he turns that glare onto you, "You  need to learn some manners."

Sittas meanwhile tries to wriggle out from behind you so he can glare up at the trainer, "You need to learn some manner you big, dumb stupid jerkface! You're the one who came up in here and ruined our picnic and said stupid things and is a bad person!"

"...I'm wasting my time." The Olive Drab trainer huffs and backs up from you, rolling the touhouball in his hand as he gives both you and Sittas the stinkeye, "Once I've taught you the difference between us and dealt with your Dai, you're gonna tell me where the Temple is."

"Yeah." You agree, glaring at him. "You are wasting your time." You set down the picnic basket, gently. "So why don't you leave, before someone gets hurt?" Just because that someone could very well be you doesn't mean you have any room to back down. Double down, and double down again, that's the Fairy way. ...That or run away at the very first sign of trouble, but it's a bit late for that. 

"The only person getting hurt here is you, expunching bag." The Olive Drab Trainer's false mask has fallen away entirely, revealing him for the Wild Human that he is. Sittas is still trying to get out from behind you as the Olive Drab Trainer backs up to get more distance and pulls his arm back and lob the ball out underhanded.

The touhouball opens up and releases a jet of white light, which slowly forms up into...

...a large rock that slams into the ground, shaking it underneath your feet and forcing Sittas to cling onto you to keep from falling down. Atop this rock sits a Tenshi, who swings her legs idly before looking over her shoulder, "I thought you weren't going to feed me more experience? Not that I don't deserve a punching bag for a gift, of course."

"Consider it a special occasion. Just deal with the expunching bag so I can wring some answers out of the kid so we can get where we talked about." The Olive Drab Trainer gives out the orders as he puts that glare of his onto Sittas, who worms his way out from behind you at last.

"Daisis, let me help!" Sittas looks up at you with his eyes full of determination and a desire to support you, "I'm good at helping! I...I know I can help!"

"Pffft..." The Olive Drab Trainer fails to restrain his mirth at all, chuckling at how Sittas is asking if he can help you. That Tenshi of his is laughing at your Sittas as well, looking at him like you'd look at a puppy that's running around your ankles and tripping all over itself.

"Don't worry, Sittas." You reassure him, glancing back to smile at him briefly as your feet leave the ground. "This one, I can handle." Oh man, you sure hope you can. She looks awfully confident and strong, and you're neither. But, if you act the part, they don't need to know. It's well known, among Fairies - looking something is just as good as being something, practically every time. You turn your attention back to your opponent, schooling your expression into that dismissive, condescending look you're so familiar with (being directed at you). "It's not like she's anything impressive. Just some third-rate."

That gets the Tenshi's attention onto you, and you find that you're gifted with a particularly brittle and sharp smile from her, "Oh,  third-rate huh? I was gonna play softball, but I think now I'll just smash you in front of your toy." 


[ ] Go at her head-on. You've talked a big game, now prove you can handle it!
[ ] Weaken her! A Fairy's Strength lies in trickery and deception!
[ ] You've got a couple things to deal with the rock-head over there... Best to play it smart.
[ ] ...You have no idea, but you've got to do something! Take a chance!
No. 182349
[X] You've got a couple things to deal with the rock-head over there... Best to play it smart.

Riiight, can we play smart in the way that we take advantage of her arrogance? That's the option I'm aiming for
No. 182350
Wouldn't that be trickery and deception then, judging from what you hope for?
No. 182352
[x] Go at her head-on. You've talked a big game, now prove you can handle it!
No. 182353
Now that's just asking to lose.

[X] Weaken her! A Fairy's Strength lies in trickery and deception!
No. 182354
[X] Weaken her! A Fairy's Strength lies in trickery and deception!
No. 182355
[X] Weaken her! A Fairy's Strength lies in trickery and deception!

We need to use our head if we want to win this. The strait path is one of folly, in this case.
No. 182357
[X] Weaken her! A Fairy's Strength lies in trickery and deception!

>"...I see..." You acknowledge, slightly chilled at the memory of your last encounter with that sort of human...
>The one that left you here...all alone...
Oh boy. At least she wasn't abandoned in a ball for a decade. And this explains why she hasn't been acting like the other wild mons.
No. 182358
[X] Weaken her! A Fairy's Strength lies in trickery and deception!

I was gonna vote for outsmarting them, but I think they're too stupid for it to work
No. 182365
[X] Weaken her! A Fairy's Strength lies in trickery and deception!

The Tenshi's arrogance is her weakness.
No. 182445
Wow this trainer's pretty dumb aren't we part grass type? I'm not sure if we're solo-fairy type or grass type, since that fight with Seija implied we got the defensive resistance of a fairy type but there's no actual Touhoumon game in the generations with fairy typing added.
Anyways, if we're Fairy/Grass instead of just Fairy, then this trainer's a moron for sending a Tenshi out on us. Unless she's at E4 level then the odds are we can take her out fairly easily.
No. 182725
File 141574917183.png- (295.18KB , 700x800 , Charm.png ) [iqdb]
Well, shit, a two part update? What?


[x] Weaken her! A Fairy's Strength lies in trickery and deception!

There's no way you could take her on in a straight fight. No way at all. But...as a Fairy, you don't need to. You begin to focus your power, swishing your skirt around your legs as you smile. 

"Oh, Tenshi~" You hum, "I don't think so~" You begin to drift through the air, to the side. "Have a little respect for your betters, hmmm~?" You let your power trace through your every motion, drawing the eye, clouding the mind... Charming the foe before you. It's not one of your favourite abilities, but....well, you do what you have to, right?

"Hawa-!?" Tenshi's face lights up in a blush as she grabs her face with both hands, eyes wide in shock at your statement, "W-what!? W-who do you think you're talking to you...you idiot!" 

Tenshi jumps up off of her rock and grabs it with one hand, her arm straining with for a moment as she picks it up, still blushing up a storm. "Tenshi, calm down!" Her trainer tries to order her and get her back under control, but fails.

"I'm perfectly calm!" She's snarling as she hurls the large piece of stone at you, sailing it through the air at high speeds. 

That's...yeah, that's something. You dart up a bit higher as you try to get out of the way of the incoming big rock, putting a bit more distance between the two of you. You don't need to be close - not yet, at least. 

The rock sails past, and you click your tongue.

"Tsk. Thowing a tantrum now, are we~?" You push another wave of power through, redoubling the effects. Throw her off, wear her down, confuse and distract her....that's what the name of the game is! "You're really no better than a child, are you? Lashing out like that~"

You hear the rock slam into the ground behind you as Sittas lets out a cry, and you see him roll into the corner of your view and right himself easily, staring at the Tenshi with a slightly open mouth and a expression of awareness and...something else.

The Tenshi swoons for a second back, gritting her teeth before she slams a foot down on the ground, eyes wide as she snarls at you with that kind of cute flush all across her face, "You...you...!" She's seething at you as her eyebrow begins to twitch before she slams a foot onto the ground, and you watch her glow a pale purple light as rocks of all sizes and shapes rise up out of the ground around her, "Who do you think you are, you damn fairy!?"

Throwing both arms forward, the numerous rocks are hurled at you with great force, spiralling through the air at high speeds!

What is this strange pressure...? Some kind of Ancient Power!?

That....that's not going to be quite as easy to avoid, is it? There's an awful lot of rocks coming at you....

For a brief moment you're not sure where to move or how to respond, as the ancient power of the huge rocks hurtling at you leaves you thinking you don't have an out. Then something breaks you out of it, "Down, Dai-sis!" Sittas calls out to you from below, kneeling down on the ground.

Instantly, instinctively, you respond, dropping through the air, more nimbly than you'd thought you were capable of. You're surprised - you hadn't thought of it, but...down low, there are fewer rocks, aren't there?

You land beside Sittas and have to duck down just a touch more to avoid another rock as Sittas grins up at you from his position, "See Dai-sis? I'm helpful!" You can't help but to return his proud grin with your own smile.

Across from the both of you, you can watch as the Tenshi runs out of rocks to hurl with her ancient power, but she seems to pulse with its light for a moment longer, and even as it fades it doesn't leave completely. 

...Hrm. She's managed to turn things her way, a bit - to force you out of the air, at least...

But, really, that's not going to be enough. You can't help but to laugh, almost mockingly, as you begin to walk towards the Tenshi.

"Not good enough, Tenshi~" You tell her, weaving a breath of power into every word, shaping and sharpening them, "No, you'll never be good enough." You walk with a confidence drawn through your power, as artificial as the rest. "Maybe it's time for you to just give up."

The Tenshi flinches back as your words sink into her with their enhancements by your power, "W-what?" She asks, face pained as your words work their way with her, "That isn't...that's not true! I'll show you-!"

"Tenshi, stop letting her get under your skin! Use that move I gave you, now!" The Olive Drab Trainer snaps as Tenshi's will wavers, getting her to apparently get back into the game again. 

"Yeah, I can...I can do this." Though with how she's speaking, you have to wonder how much back in the game she is. 

"Take this, you dumb, stupid fairy!" Tenshi snarls at you as she draws a strange colored sword and pulls back with it to ready her swing, an odd scent coming from her direction as that confidence of hers is bolstered.

"Eh..?" Sittas watches her for a moment before his eyes widen, "Dai-sis, we gotta go fast!" He urges you, backing up quickly as you see the Tenshi start to swing her arm forward. 

Trusting his assessment, even if you're not entirely sure why, you do the only thing you really have time for - all but physically grabbing hold of your power, you rip it out, stepping back and out, leaving 'yourself' behind to take the brunt of whatever strange attack she was preparing as you escape. It hurts, but...

A  thing that is best described as Wrong You takes your place as you see  the Tenshi swing the sword in arc...only for you to find out precisely  where that horrible smell was coming from! An arc of viscous, purple  liquid is sprayed out by her sword for the full length of the swing and  you feel yourself shudder in disgust as you see the plantlife it touches  wither and die wherever the liquid hits on the ground, the horrible  toxins wreaking havoc on everything. The Wrong You is blithely  splattered and covered with the purple liquid, but its wrongness seems  to prevent anything from anything too wrong happening to it. 

Sittas lets out a yipe as he back pedals further, splotches of the purple liquid splashing here and there as he avoids them with quick foot work and holds his breath as foul, noxious clouds spread up from where they landed, eventually managing to get back to hiding behind you where he can breathe, which he does quickly, managing to get out a few words, "T-that stuff's awful..." 

...She almost hit Sittas, you note, cold. She almost hurt your Sittas. She almost left you alone again, worse than the first time. 

You don't know when you got that leaf, but you feel every drop of power that flows into it, that lengthens it, that hardens and sharpens it. You bask in the sense of purpose it has.

"Goodbye, Tenshi~" And you go. Other You, she only pretends to have weight, just like she only pretends to exist, and to bat her out of your way doesn't take any effort, any time, and then there's nothing between you and the Tenshi and your blade as it falls.

The Tenshi tries to bring her blade in front of her to counter your charge, but it's too little and too late on her part as you close the distance and bring your own blade to bear, slashing across her chest from right to left, crossing up from her hip to her shoulder in your first strike which makes her stumble back.

But that's just the start.

You push in further and shove her back bodily while she's reeling to keep her off kilter and to let you bring your next slash across her from left to right, cutting straight along her horizontally before you flick your wrist and bring your arm up for one final use of your Leaf Blade which is reaching the end of its usability as you carve straight up through her, ending with the leaf blade pointing for the sky.

The Tenshi collapses into a boneless heap on the ground, her clothing rather shredded and in poor general condition, leaving her human cursing as he pulls out his ball and points it at her, "Damnit, beaten by a fairy? I expected better from you!"
You turn, eyes narrowed, to face the one who gave Tenshi the order. The one who threatened your Sittas, the one who's to blame for this, for everything...

The one who's so, so, fragile...

The Olive Drab Trainer notices your attention on him and his eyes widen in fear as he reads your expression as he steps back seemingly involuntarily, his mouth opening to either speak or yell-

Suddenly, Sittas slams into you from the side and his arms wrap around your middle as he laughs happily, "You won Dai-sis! I knew you'd win, but I helped you win too and we saved the day!" Sittas is bouncing up and down while looking up at you with those big eyes of his as he hugs you with all he's worth.

 "You were super cool out there Dai-sis, especially when you did that leafy thing and we're all 'These wings aren't just for show' but I mean you didn't actually say that but I imagined you saying that and it was awesome!"

With his touch, and as he chatters, the black feelings recede, and you rest your hand on Sittas's head. 

"There, there." You pat him, with a soft smile, even as it starts to sink in that...you actually won, somehow, and that's....incredible. And, and Sittas is just fine, and everything is okay. You let out a sigh of relief, and crouch down to return his hug. "Yes, Sittas, you were a big help." And if you hug him just a bit tightly, hold him just a bit closer...

Well, you're both okay.

Sittas is entirely accomadating in your return of his hug and wraps his arms around you as best as he can and hugs you back as he leans into your embrace, nuzzling against you as he hums with happiness, "You're so big and soft, Dai-sis! Warm too."

You can hear fading footsteps and rustling noises in the woods as the Olive Drab Trainer runs away. 

You stroke his hair, , glad that you were able to protect him. ...Really, if it weren't for his help, you doubt you would have managed it at all. He saw the way out of Tenshi's attack, when you couldn't...

Maybe this is how trainers work, too? Helping like that?

"I'm a helper Dai-sis!" Sittas chimes in again as he peers around you, "...Oh, he left! That means we super won because he ran away instead of staying behind to get a talking to! Big Sis Hijiri has given me lots of talking to's so I was gonna emulate her!"

That...That would have been something. You do your absolute best not to laugh at him.

"W-well." You look around the clearing, a little sadly. "I suppose...we should find another spot to have our picnic, shouldn't we?" With the rocks scattered about, the ground torn up, and the lingering patches of poison, the pristine and beautiful clearing that the two of you had been planning to enjoy is thoroughly destroyed. You wonder how long it will be before the vegetation recovers from the damage Tenshi inflicted.

"Oh..." Sittas looks around with you at the state the clearing has been left in and wilts a touch at what he sees, "I'm sorry Dai-sis, I didn't mean for this place to get hurt. I just didn't like how he was acting and treating you..."

"No, no, no, Sittas." You chide him, gently. "Don't apologise. It was their fault. Not yours. The way he was acting was absolutely out of line." You ruffle his hair. "So don't worry."

Sittas leans into your touch upon his head, smiling up at you as your words turn his frown upside down, "Hmmm...okay Dai-sis, if you say so it must be true! Where are we gonna go to picnic then? I liked this spot too, it was really nice and quiet and pretty."

"...Yeah." You'd liked this place too. "Well, I know a couple other places. Here, let me carry the basket, and I'll find us a nice spot." Wait. The blanket, and the basket...where are they, anyway?

You see them actually perched a bit behind where the fight took place, apparently fine. They are placed atop a tree stump. "I moved them really quick, 'cause I didn't want all your hard work to get ruined because he was a big mean jerk! I'm happy they're okay!" Sittas chirps up at you as he takes a hold of your hand since hug time is ending soon. 

"Good job, Sittas." And, indeed, hug time must end, as all things do. You take his hand, and gather up your picnic supplies. It's time to actually go have your picnic! "Let's go."

Sittas squeezes your hand with his and smiles a bit wider as he hangs close to you as you being to walk together to wherever you're going next, "What kind of place are we gonna have a picnic Dai-sis? Does it have flowers? I like flowers!"

"Sure, Sittas." You smile, soothed by his ....him-ness. "I know a place with flowers. And..." A brief moment to judge the distance on foot, "...It's not even too far from here. We can go there." You lapse into silence, enjoying Sittas's simple presence as the two of you walk along. It helps you settle down, after the fight, and... all of that.

Sittas squeezes your hand tighter again and leans against you as the both of you walk in a companionable silence towards your destination, with you in the lead. 
No. 182726
File 141574933639.jpg- (217.69KB , 800x800 , b7405c6f79203620407446d431a98528.jpg ) [iqdb]
As you come to the end of the path, and arrive at your destination, Sittas stumbles and giggles again as he talks to himself about the 'colors' just like he did before. You quickly crest the tip-top of a hill and can enjoy Sittas freezing in place and drawing in a deep breath as he looks out over where you've brought him to, "...Wwwwooooooowww..."

Below you lies a clearing in the forest, surronded by the familiar trees that make it up. Flowers fill the whole of it up, countless colors bobbing and weaving in the gentle breeze as a few small trees in the clearing do the same. White blossoms with a pleasant scent grow up along the somewhat steep bank of the hill that you're atop of and in a few places along the crest where you stand now.

"Here we are~!" You chirp, enjoying his reaction to the sight set before him. And more than a little pleased at how well the field has fared since you last were able - and perhaps equally importantly, willing - to visit. You can't help but feel at peace here, relaxed and happy. This field... This one's always been yours. There are more majestic fields, certainly, and far more lush and beautiful ones, as well, but...  This space is yours. Your quiet peaceful field of flowers, where no-one would bother you.

"It's so pretty Dai-sis! I mean-look at all the flowers! There's so many colors, even more than there were on the path!" Sittas is practically bouncing up and down in excitement as he apparently takes the lead here and starts to try and take you to a spot for your picnic, "Oh, over there! I bet it has the best view!"

You can't help but laugh.

"Okay, Sittas, okay!" You pick up the pace a bit, since he's pulling you around excitedly. "You're just full of energy, aren't you?" He's right, though - the spot he's heading for has a wonderful view of the flowers.

"I'm just really excited! I wanted to go on a picnic with you and now we are and the views really pretty and there's tons of flowers and you're here so everything is great!" Sittas chatters excitedly to you as you both get to the spot proper, and you can look down over the field bathed in sunlight completely. 

It really is the perfect spot for a picnic. And Sittas is so happy, too. You're glad.


Really, you outdid yourself this time. Sittas's flower crown is just too perfect. You don't think he's realised he's wearing it, admittedly, but he's adorable. As the two of you walk back towards home, using more traditional methods, you take the time to admire your handiwork.

Who would have thought nimble fingers could be so useful?

Sittas is humming happily as he leans against you, fiddling with something that you can't see as you walk together along the paths that won't make him giggle about the colors so much. He seems to be incredibly happy, and perhaps a bit sleepy. 

Suddenly, he moves away from you and skips ahead a few steps, all smiles as he turns and holds out something in front of him towards you. 

It's a flower ring.

"I made this for you Dai-sis!" Sittas chirps, grinning up at you widely.

A ring... w-well, you suppose you could accept. He's just being Sittas, of course - adorable and sweet and entirely too easy to misunderstand, because he doesn't entirely understand, himself. Right.

"For me~?"  You hum, happy despite yourself. He's such a good boy. Maybe once you get home, you can do this or that to him... Oh, or perhaps...? Well, you could even... You hardly even notice the way you giggle.

Oh! Right, the ring. You hold out your left hand.

Sittas gently takes hold of  your proffered hand with one of his own and with an almost exaggerated  level of care places the ring on your left hands ring finger, sliding it carefully into place before beaming up at you, "Now we're matching Dai-sis!"

Oh~! Such a good boy~! Why, if you had less restraint, you'd pull him into that bush right there, right this moment, and the two of you would do wonderful things~! But you can (barely) restrain your impulses. Oh, when the two of you get home, such a night you will have~! 

"Say Dai-sis..." Sittas stops thoughtfully for a moment and looks around, "Does something feel...different? I dunno it's like...weird?" 

...the forest is still.

"...It's quiet." And you will tear out the liver of anyone who prevents your Sittas time tonight. So hopefully this won't be your problem at all and it will be nothing. "...It's strange, I guess?" You suppose. "But, really, it's probably nothing to worry about."

"...Well..."  Sittas sounds doubtful, somehow and you see his brow furrowed slightly  before he shakes it off and accepts what you're saying, "If you say so  Dai-sis, it must be true."

...Still, because of that though your conversations and relaxed atmosphere seem a bit broken down from his worries as you notice him seeming to fidget as you walk under the thick cover of the trees, though when he leans closer to you he seems to calm down a bit more for a while.

You and Sittas continue to make progress on your path towards home, but you can tell that he's still feeling whatever it was that he felt before, even when he leans close to you. Sometimes he'll peek out from behind you to your left like he's expecting something or waiting for something to pop out.

Even so, you don't think that anything's-

"Dai-sis...do you hear that...?" Sittas asks more tenatively this time, and you can tell he seemed to hesitate in his word choice. 

You pause, straining your ears. It seems to worry him, and something worrying your Sittas is generally a problem. Mostly in that he is worried, and that is something you cannot allow. Sittas... You want him to be happy. And you'll do what it takes to keep him that way.

...You can...well actually, you can hear something in the distance that sounds like rustling, with more rustling coming from closer to you. 

But, stranger still, you can feel something like how Sittas mentioned before, something that you used to feel more often, before...

Suddenly, from a bush something bumps into your leg and then falls to the ground. As you look down, you can see it. Small amber eyes look up at you as a mouth drops open at the sight of you. Gleaming, beautiful hair that is seemingly woven frrom individual strands of platinum and a plainly cut, sparkling dress that looks as if it's made from the truest spun silver only hoity-toity nobles wear. Her hair has a pink ribbon that keeps it all in place.

Sitting on the ground infront of you, looking up at you with wide eyes as her little wings flutter and she clutches her flower to her chest, is a fledgling fairy.

Sittas peers around you slightly at the fairy, keeping himself predominantly hidden behind your skirts as he watches her with his big blue eyes. The fledgling doesn't seem to have noticed him yet.

...She's the first fairy to be born around here in a long time. You stare back at her, almost as surprised as she looks, for a moment before crouching down, closer to the tiny fairy. You'd... you'd honestly given up on hoping to see... You clear your throat, gently.

"Hello there, little one." Your words are soft and gentle. "You seem to be in a hurry."

The Fledgling looks up at you with wide eyes as her mouth works but nothing comes out of it. She seems to have gone from running from something to being incredibly nervous being in front of a Big Fairy like yourself. Still, she manages to collect herself and use that good old fairy strategy of pretending that you're confident so you can do something. 

A bit haltingly, she speaks to you in the fae dialect. Apparently she woke up nearby, and was playing in the flowers since they were pretty, but got lonely so she decided to go looking for friends. But she couldn't find anyone to play with where she was. Then...then she saw some humans and thought that maybe she could play with them since they had some not-fairies with them but when they saw her they started to yell and point at her and then she got scared when their not-fairies threw things at her so she ran away and she just kept running away and now she's here and you're really big and pretty.

It's an effort of will to prevent your emotions from showing on your face. They attacked her? This little child? In your forest? How dare they. 

But you can't dwell on justice right now, when she's here with you, almost painfully innocent, and terribly young. 

"Well~" You smile, gently, "I'm glad you found me, then." You straighten up, "I'm the biggest fairy in the forest, after all. I won't let anyone scare you like that." No, you could never let that happen. "Hummm~" You consider for a moment. "Would you like some sweets? I'm sure there are some back at the tree, if you want."

The Fledgling smiles at you and starts to nod up and down happily before she freezes as quickly as she started up. Now she's staring at where you know Sittas is peering around you, staring at her.

"...Hi." Sittas offers while raising a hand and waving at her lightly, "Your ribbon is pretty."

For a moment you're afraid the fledgling might panic and run from seeing a human after what just happened to her, but something else entirely happens. Rather, she ends up hiding behind your skirts as well on the opposite side from him, peering at him from around your skirts. Eventually, she waves back to him as she speaks her greetings in the fae dialect. Then she turns her attention onto you and inquisitvely asks if he's your knight or consort.

....Now isn't that just a loaded question. It's not like, you know, you're someone important, to have a knight, or an official...well, anything, but he is kind of your consort, sort of. 

"W-well..." You hedge, "I suppose, that....saying that, it wouldn't be wrong?" ....He did just give you a ring. And the flower coronet resting on his head, you did put that there with your own hands. It's just, to put it that way, it's... Well, she's young, she's young. She didn't really mean it that way, so.

The Fledling smiles up at you and starts to chatter about how that sounds super amazing and how she knew about fairies and their knight consorts but wasn't really sure how but she knew about them anyway and they sound really cute and your consort is nice but where did he go?

Wait, Sittas is gone? He's not behind your skirts anymore!

You turn to look for him, more curious than anything. He was just here, and it's not like he can fly or something. Where'd he get off to?

Sittas  apparently at some point managed to find the time to not only slip away, but also acquire several daisies which, much to her surprise, he put around her neck in a chain that he completed behind her to make a necklace, "There, now we're all matching!" Sittas seems inordinately  proud of himself as he beams at his work and then up at you, "Dai-sis,  do you think we could take her home with us?"

The Fledgling's face is flushed bright red and she's holding her hands to her cheeks as she stares at Sittas.

"...Well." It's not like she'd be willing to leave now anyway, but, "I had already invited her to come back to the tree with us anyway." You point out, "And we do have plenty of room." It's your responsibility to look out for the little one, after all, and you can't exactly leave her alone in the forest - it's not like there's anyone else to help her.

"...But it's up to you." You turn to the tiny fairy, already knowing her answer. 

The Fledgling looks up at you with those big eyes of hers, still seeming out of it from Sittas' weaponized cuteness before she nods her head up and down rapidly and talks about how she's so thankful and how this is so exciting and that she's looking forward to all the fun things you and your consort will do to her and how she wants to make a pillow fort.

You smile. 

"We'll have all sorts of fun together." You promise. "The tree is this way, come on. Sittas! Stay close, alright? No wandering off." You fix the both of them with a stern gaze, since one's as likely to wander as the other, but you can't keep it up for long. "Let's go home." 

Sittas smiles at you widely, and so does the Fledgling as both of them grab one of your hands and follow along with you down the road to your home and-

"Hey, I found that shiny fairy!" A human calls out as you can see him break out of the undergrowth, and you can hear another whoop in excitement. The one who just broke out of the undergrowth palms one of those balls and then throws it at your newly found friend, and you can almost taste what's about to happen again when Sittas throws himself in front of her and catches the ball on the chest and it

...falls to the ground. 

"Hey, what gives!? You can't just interfere in someone's catch like that!" The trainer, who is wearing some kind of tacky blue and white striped suit, sulks at your Sittas.

"Yes I can!" Sittas responds to the tacky trainer as he kneels down and picks up the ball that had been thrown, "I just did." 

"What? No you can't-hey, give that back to me!" The tacky trainer demands as Sittas rotates the ball to observe it. This one is blue and purple and doesn't look anywhere near as nice as the one you ended up having to get put into. 

"Okay." Sittas hucks the ball at the trainer overhand as he complies to the tacky trainer's request. The throw is actually quite fast and you see the tacky trainer fumble as he just barely manages to make the catch.

"Alright...now, get out of the way! I was tracking that shiny fairy first!" The Trainer demands, gesticulating with an unnecessary amount of gusto as he tries to stake a claim on the Fledgling. 

The Fledgling whom is hiding behind you now after Sittas took that ball for her and shaking like a leaft in a storm. 

"...No."   Sittas crosses his hands over his chest and gives the trainer a frown   that you think is supposed to be intimadating but really just looks  cute  to you and doesn't seem to scare the tacky trainer at all, "She's  coming home with us."

"So  you caught her?" The trainer edges a bit closer, only moving a few  centimeters closer to you both as he tries to figure out the situation.

"She's coming home with us." Sittas answers firmly, "And that's the only thing you need to know." 

"So,   you haven't caught her then. If that's the case, you really can't stop   me from catching her, you know? It's bad luck you didn't have more  balls  and all that, but...well, that's just how things go sometimes."  The  tacky trainer smiles and shrugs in response to that, fingering that ball of his. 

You step forward to support Sittas. The ....she's your responsibility in the end, and you won't just stand by as this happens. 

"Hey~" And there's nothing gentle or kind about your smile. "Weren't you listening? She's coming home with us, he said." 

The Tacky Trainer pauses again, eyes flicking onto you and widening in a reaction very similar to the Olive Drab Trainer when you set your attention onto him. The hand holding that ball slowly lowers down like he's trying to not trigger a reaction from you, "Right...so, if that's the case then I guess we have to battle it out then, huh? That's just how these things go."

"...Alright, yeah. I'll fight you!" Sittas seems to lighten up a bit after the Tacky Trainer takes the hint from you that he shouldn't push his luck, leaving you to wonder about getting into another fight today.

"Right, so you've got your Dai, and I'll-" The Tacky trainer has one hand move for his belt before he's interrupted before he can even grab one of the balls there.

"What? No! I said I'll fight you." Sittas huffs as he has to explain to this tacky trainer who just isn't understanding him at all, "Like you and I are gonna fight. I'm not gonna make Dai-sis fight just because another jerk want's to ruin our day!"

The Tacky Trainer looks rather put out at being called another jerk, but is looking at your Sittas in a speculative way that you don't really like at all, "You want to fight me like that?" He smiles, and it's not a smile you like very much either, "Yeah, sure, okay. We just 'fight' until the other gives up?" 

"That's fine with me!" Sittas uncrosses his arms and grins, apparently pleased that the Tacky Trainer has caught onto the jist of what he was saying. He's apparently blissfully unaware of the fact that the tacky trainer is bigger and older than him and that the Tacky Trainer believes in his chances of beating your Sittas.

Your smile is wiped off of your face. Sittas wants to fight instead? Well, it's sweet, but...

"H-hey, Sittas..."  You protest, weakly, "You don't need to..." And it's because he doesn't want to make you fight? "Really, I mean, I can handle it..." You don't want to see him get all beat up...

Sittas looks over your shoulder with a grin that is equal parts enthusiastic and confident, "Don't worry Dai-sis, I can handle this! Just believe in me, like I believe in you!"

You think you can hear the Fledgling make a tiny, drawn out squeak at Sittas' response. 

The Tacky Trainer's quirks and eyebrow and quietly chuffs at Sittas while his attention is off of him. 

[ ] Sittas, no. No, Sittas. No fighting. You might get hurt or lose!
[ ] …Well, if he puts it that way... You don't want him to, but...
[ ] [ ] ...Okay! Then you'll cheer on and support him just like he did for you!
No. 182727
[x] …Well, if he puts it that way... You don't want him to, but...
[x] [x] ...Okay! Then you'll cheer on and support him just like he did for you!

He was raised in a temple and I'm pretty sure that automatically makes you a martial arts master. Watch it turn out he can break bricks with his bare hands...adorably.
No. 182728
[X] [X] ...Okay! Then you'll cheer on and support him just like he did for you!
No. 182729
[X] …Well, if he puts it that way... You don't want him to, but...
[X] [X] ...Okay! Then you'll cheer on and support him just like he did for you!

I feel like Sittas probably got more cuddles than combat at the temple. However, I always assume I'm wrong about these things. It works so far, so let's hope it keeps working.
No. 182782
[X] …Well, if he puts it that way... You don't want him to, but...
[X] [X] ...Okay! Then you'll cheer on and support him just like he did for you!
No. 184112
File 142353127338.jpg- (374.63KB , 1000x708 , He learned from the best.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wow, it's kind of been a while, huh? We'll try to get you more in less than three months, this time.


[X] …Well, if he puts it that way... You don't want him to, but...
[X] [X] ...Okay! Then you'll cheer on and support him just like he did for you!

You hesitate. You...you don't want him to fight. And you certainly don't want to see him get hurt. But...
The way he's put it...

"Alright." You allow, weakly. "If...if you really want, then..." You take a deep, steadying breath, and paste on a smile. "Then I'll cheer you on, just like you did for me! I'll support you, Sittas!" ....And if sitting on the sidelines while he fights isn't going to be one of the hardest things you've ever done, you'll eat your ribbon.

"Don't worry about me Dai-sis, I'll be fine! The Good Guy's never lose, they just stoically die eventually in all the sagas...but that's not going to happen to me so...uh...I'll be fine!" Sittas flusters as he realizes his assurances probably aren't going to help, "Anyway we'll be done in a little bit and then we can go home and do fun stuff together!"

The Fledgeling behind your skirt is all aglow with admiration for Sittas continued 'cool heroics' and you can feel her wiggling her wings about excitedly. Ah, were you ever that young? ...Personally, you doubt it.

You chew your lip. You know it doesn't really work that way - narrative convention is incredibly unreliable.

"Just...Be careful!" Oh, support him, support him, "...And, uh...You can do it?" You wave a hand in what you hope is an encouraging manner.

Sittas grins and then makes his way towards the other trainer, who is rolling his shoulders and then cracks his knuckles, "Well, this is a bit different," The Tacky Trainer admits as he watches Sittas approach, bringing his hands up to box your boy, "But I've probably done worse things than beat up a kid for his fairy."

Sittas frowns up at the Tacky Trainer, looking highly affronted at his poor word choice, "You're acting like you've already won."

"That's because you're already-" The Tacky Trainer lunges suddenly, slamming a fist forward towards Sittas who just moves his head towards it! They meet with a resourcing thwack and crack...

And then the Tacky Trainer pulls his hand back, clutching it as he hisses in pain, "GFffffuck the waht!?"

Sittas smirks in a way that a person who was just punched head on in the face probably shouldn't, and doesn't look worse for wear than a bit of a red mark on his forehead, "You're gonna say 'what are you made of, metal', right?"

"What are you made of, meta-huah?!" The Tacky Trainer seems to be completely off balance at Sittas's behavior.

Wow! Getting punched in the forehead didn't phase Sittas at all! It's almost like he has practice at that or something! Incredible!

"Yay Sittas!" You cheer, somewhat more confident, "You can do it~!"

"My body's been hardened by a thousand fold trials! A punch so lacking in spirit won't even make me flinch!" Sittas bounces on his toes, moving from side to side as he smirks, "I've been hit harder by boys a head shorter than you!"
The Tacky Trainer looks annoyed at that and takes another swing at Sittas, throwing his body behind it and aiming straight for Sittas temple...only for Sittas to bob back and avoid the punch.

"That's better!" Sittas cheers, "Put more oomph into it! Don't just throw your upper body into it, put your legs and hips to work!"

The tacky trainer seems...displeased.

"Don't teach him how to beat you better!" You call out, "Just win! The 'Good Guys' aren't the ones taunting their opponents, secure in their victory, remember!" If he has faith in narrative causality, well, you're not ashamed to use that to keep him safe. Or to use it to try and convince him to keep himself safe, which at this point is basically the same thing.

"Oh, okay Dai-sis!" Sittas agrees cheerily as he waves to you, blissfully ignoring the fist sailing right for his face and that's about to smash into his nose. It misses, because of course it does, as he swings underneath the punch with his body and brings his hands up, "Time to use a technique I learned from Big Sis Hijiri!"

"Ougi: Tik Ku Yu Ken!" Sittas pushes inside the Tacky Trainer's guard and brings his hands up with blinding speed, applying what looks like dozens of blows to the Tacky Trainer who twitches away from each touch but doesn't seem to react to the blows aside from that and a shocked look on his face. With one last touch that's a boop on his opponents face Sittas backs up, "You're already done!"

The Tacky Trainer stares at Sittas, confused for a long moment before he starts to crack up, little hissing chuckles under his breath that evolve into cackling laughter as he holds onto his sides, bending over as he takes in quick breaths between chortle fits, "W-what was that? Some kind of joke or s-s-something?"

"I guess you could call it that!" Sittas responds cheerfully, smiling at the Tacky Trainer like nothing's wrong in the world.

"Y-yeah, w-well I...I...!" The Tacky Trainer tries to push himself back up standing and restrain his laughter, but it only returns even stronger and he falls to his knees, "W-why can't I stop laughing!?"

You're actually really impressed. If you aren't mistaken...You hadn't realised that it was anything more than a story. Something neat, that....certain fairies thought would be fun. Although you doubt they'd ever think of using it in a fight.

"This is Tik Ku Yu Ken, a secret technique from a forbidden martial art!" Sittas grins down at his laughing opponent who's shorter than him for a change now that's he's collapsing from laughter, "You'll be laughing uncontrollably for the next seven minutes!"

That's hilarious. Sittas really is the perfect human, isn't he? He even acts like a fairy, sometimes! Your own laughter at the trainer's predicament isn't quite as uncontrollable, and certainly it's much more sincere.

"Since you can't fight anymore, this is my victory!" Sittas grins widely as he declares his victory to the Tacky Trainer, "Don't worry though, We're gonna take really good care of her, and have lots of fun and play bedtop games for indoor types!"

The Tacky Trainer cracks up even harder at that, burying his face in the ground as he clutches his sides to keep them from escaping.

The Fledgling behind your skirt gasps, her face flushing red as she flutters her wings rapidly at your knights bold declaration. B-bedtop games for indoor types? Is he going to have a pillow fight with her, so soon...?

You even hear someone cracking up behind you.

wait what

You turn, a bit warily, because this day has not been a good one for uninvited guests, and behind you, you see another one of those trainer types. He looks up at you, surprised to see you looking at him, and you notice that he's been creeping closer, and he has one hand behind him towards where all those trainer types keep their bad balls.

Your good mood isn't quite wholly ruined, but this development certainly puts a damper on your mirth.

"And what," You ask quietly, "Do you suppose you're doing?" You give him a look.

"...Nothing?" The trainer offers as you can see his wrist moving slightly and catch a glint of light shining off of something before Sittas suddenly rushes past you, his hands up as he makes for the now terrified trainer, "Oh Shiki no please!"

"Ougi: Pin Chu Yu Ken!" Sittas announces as he brings his hands sharply together and presses his thumbs against two points on opposite sides of the trainer's jaw...and then pulls back again with nothing happening, "You have ten seconds."

"...Ten seconds? Ten seconds until what? What's going to happen!?" The Terrified Trainer stumbles back away from Sittas, falling onto his rear and crawling away like a crab.

You start giggling. You think you know where this is going.

"Once your time is up, you'll begin to experience hell on earth...the hundred playful pinches children are cursed with by older ladies!" Sittas declares, pointing a finger straight down at the Terrified Trainer as he stares him in the eyes.

"...You're serious? I mean that can't be..." The Terrified Trainer tries respond before his face contorts in the cheeks, as if being pinched, twisted and pulled on by invisible hands with overly long, bright red fingernails and too much jewelry, "Oooooowwwwww, muh faesch!"

You can't stop giggling either. This is the silliest, most perfect thing you've seen in a long, long time.

"S-sittas..." You finally take a moment to breathe, "Who even taught you that?" It desn't seem very like the Temple people you've met. ...Or, it seems entirely TOO like them, actually. It's not like anyone's really being hurt.

"Hmm? Oh! Big Sis Hijiri taught me some of it! She told me all about pressure points and pain points and pleasure points and the nearvanna touch, but she also said she was just teaching me the foundation!" Sittas explains to you with a grin of pride, "I figured out a bunch of other stuff just from watching her!"

"...The nearvanna touch?" You can't help but ask, curious despite yourself. That sounds almost exactly like something..... a fairy would come up with. Sittas is just too wonderful, even if that Byakuren called Hijiri probably came up with the name. The way he says it just really seems to fit.

"Yep! I came up with the name myself, cause Big Sis Hijiri says I couldn't do the real thing right, just a near thing to it! So...nearvanna touch!" Sittas explains proudly, revealing the truth - that he is the true creator of that pun.

"M-muuuh fashce...!" The Tortured Trainer moans from somewhere behind him, while the Tacky Trainer is cackling away his breath behind you.

Oooo, you wish you could've stolen him away as a baby. He would've been just perfect to raise in a fairy home from the very start~

"Now, since you've both been dealt with..." Sittas draws himself up to his full, not so impressive, height, "Let's take our leave Dai-sis and...uhm..." Sittas regards Fledgling for a moment before his eyes light up, "Shiny-Sis!"
You hear the fledgling behind your skirts take in a tiny, adorable gasp as she clutches onto your skirt all the tighter and starts to try and hide behind you again but can't stop peeking around at the boy who just gave her a 'name'.

Oh...She's already got a name, huh? Good for her~! He even fought for her, too. There's no question as to how this is going to go, really. She just needs to grow up a bit.

"Yes." You nod, with a smile. Sittas really is too good for his own good. "Let's go, Sittas." You offer him your hand to hold.

"Yeah, let's go Dai-sis!" Sittas grins widely as he takes your hand with his. As he sidles up next to you, the Fledgeling nervously shifts to your opposite side and takes to peeking around the corner of your dress at him like she has a schoolgirl crush.

Which is an absolutely accurate analogy. Except she's not quite a schoolgirl, you suppose, but anyway. You resume leading the two of them, now, back to the giant tree that is home. You'll have to prepare one of the rooms, you suppose. It's been a long time since they've been used - you haven't changed a thing.

...Well, since you haven't changed anything, they'd probably be fine without you going in there, right? Just let her pick one, and it's hers, and you don't ever have to go in?

That should be fine.

"Dai-sis?" Sittas voice tugs you back to reality just as he tugs on your arms. He's looking up at you with those eyes of his, so full of deep concern and worry for you, "Are you alright? You seem kinda upset..."

On your other arm, the Fledgling is matching Sittas as she looks up at you with her shining hair framing her concerned face for her newly found great fairy.

"Hm?" You look down at the two of them, a little surprised. "Ah, no, everything's fine." Everything is really wonderful, to be honest. Sittas is with you, a new fairy was born... And found her way to you and Sittas, who can take care of her. There's no reason for anything to really be wrong. You smile down at them, effortlessly crushing the black emotions back into their place with the ease of many years of practice.

"...If you're sure, Dai-sis." Sittas mumbles as he leans closer into you, his warmth sinking into you as you can see a familiar tree looming in the distance as he does so. The Fledgling copies him again, wrapping her arms around you as she hovers at your side.

With a warm smile, you wrap your arm around Sittas, as you slow down slightly.

"Little one?" You address the new member of your family. "Do you see that tree, there?" You point it out. "That's going to be your new home."

The Fledgling is staring at the great, massive tree with wide eyes. She doesn't seem like she can quite believe she's going to get to live in such a great, majestic oak like yours. She looks from the tree, to you, and then to the tree again, her eyes conveying that disbelief.

"That's home, now." You tell her, warmly. "It's a lovely place. I think you'll like it there."

The Fledgling's eyes slowly start to light up even brighter than before, right up to the moment her wings flutter up a storm and she tackles into your side for no damage and hugs you tight, begginning to chatter on excitedly about how happy she is and amazing the tree is and how you're all going to have so much fun and there'll be slumber parties.

As for you though...you notice a familiar, concerningly so, smiling face waiting for you by your home's door.

"Oh, Hi Big Sis Hijiri!" Sittas waves to the smiling figure that's in front of your tree, holding a basket in one hand. The Fledgling moves behind you again, not peering out this time.

It's not exactly easy to smile, with this Byakuren here, but you paste it on. "...Hello!" You wave at her as well, "You're back! So soon!" Why., you don't ask.

Byakuren's smile is one of absolute serenity as she holds up the basket and gives you a good look at it, "Oh, I'm sorry. I hope I didn't interrupt anything. I just wanted to bring Sittas this. In all the excitement, I forgot to make sure he had everything." She almost sounds embarrassed about that.


"Of course~" You acknowledge, "We wouldn't want him to leave anything back there, now, would we." Who knows how many times you'd end up seeing her if he had to go back to the temple each time he realised he'd forgotten something. However accommodating she's been so far, it's difficult to feel at ease when she's about. She's dangerous, scary and awfully strange.

You don't like it, but you're certainly not going to let anyone know. ...Even if you have a sneaking suspicion that she knows, and revels in it.

"Of course we wouldn't!" Her smile never changes as Sittas starts to tug you closer to her, apparently all excited to see his 'Big Sis Hijiri' again...before he suddenly stops in his tracks and shifts to standing behind you quickly, your skirts fluttering as you hear the Fledgling let out an eep of distress.

"Hmm?" You turn your head, eyes still on the Byakuren, the greatest danger in probably the entire forest - or at least the most dangerous one you've encountered in the forest. "Sittas? What's wrong?"

"nothin'." Sittas claims as he hides behind your skirts, carefully peering around past you to watch that Byakuren, whose smile you think you see twitching up a bit more in the corners at his behavior. Which is, admittedly, very adorable.

"Really?" You ask, doubt heavy in your voice. "So, there's absolutely no reason for you to be hiding from Byakuren?" A beat. "No reason at all?"

"nope." Sittas mumbles into your skirts.

"Sittas." The Byakuren's voice carries no hint of anger in it at all as she calls out to your Sittas,"What have we learned about lying?"

"...that it should be a half-truth instead?" Sittas peaks a bit further out from behind your skirt, as you hear the Byakuren stifles something that might have been a giggle.

You nod, in full agreement.

"Lying's bad." You tell him. "You need to use the truth when you want someone to believe something that isn't." Why, it's so true, that you're literally incapable of lying! And not just be- well, yes, mostly just because that's the very nature of your being, but still. It's an important fairy skill that Sittas ought to learn.

"Okay..." Sittas shuffles behind you a bit before moving so the Byakuren can see him, "I kinda, sorta, maybe used what you taught me against some really mean jerks that wanted to hurt Shiny-Sis and wouldn't take no for an answer..."

"Hmmmm..." The Byakuren's eyes watch Sittas for a short time before they turn that pressure onto you, "Did they deserve it?"

"Deserve what he did to them?" You make a show of considering it. "All of that?" You let the moment drag on, before, "I wouldn't have been as kind as he was." You answer Byakuren seriously, letting your slight smile fade.

Byakuren considers you for a moment before her smile grows just a bit and you feel something strange in your chest as she closes the distance between the both of you instantly. You're left wondering how she did it so quickly, but she just squats down and reaches out to...

...Pat Sittas on the head.

"You used what I taught you to defend your friends, right? There's nothing to apologize for."

You relax, letting the reflexive, futile tension flow from your limbs as you resume breathing. ...This woman is terrifying.

"And thank you," You suddenly feel a gentle hand on your head patting you as well, making that strange feeling increase as you realize the Byakuren is praising you like some kind of good girl, "For taking care of our little Sittas again."

You huff, not looking at her. "Of course I'll take care of him." You say, "And the little one's my responsibility too, so..."

"In that case," Byakuren holds something in front of her, not quite at your height so Sittas can see it easily as well. It's another one of those custom ball things she made.

You frown, a little - you don't disapprove, not really, but still.

"She's very young." You say, eyeing the ball. It's true that your experience with yours was... Not what you expected, but...

"It's the only way that she'll be safe." Byakuren counters, "All it takes is one mistake. You know that as well as I do."

"Yeah." You acknowledge. It's just... She's a newborn. It doesn't really mean anything, but still... "You're right." It's hard to admit. This place... It's not really safe, anymore. And the way those trainers are moving in, it's likely to get less and less so. At least with the ball... At least with the ball, it's Sittas. And you'll always be there to watch over her, too.

"Dai-sis?" Sittas speaks up from beside you as he looks to the ball, and then to the Fledgeling and then to you, "I know there's a lot of things I don't understand still...but couldn't we just, um...leave her outside of it all the time like you?" You nod.

"Of course we can, Sittas." You smile. It's true, there's a lot of things he's missing - privately, you're not even sure if a human can really understand why you're hesitating. Despite how things have turned out, all your life... The ball has been there. The trainers have been out there. Your Sittas isn't one of them, though. You can at least take solace in that fact.

"Okay! Uhm...Dai-sis?" Sittas goes from excited to flustered in a second flat, "Could you, uhm...talk to Shiny-sis, please? I don't want her to get scared and think I'm one of those turbo-jerks!"

The Byakuren cups her cheek with one of her hands, tilting it a bit to the side as she looks between Sittas and the Fledgling trying to peek at him from around your skirts while still avoiding the Byakuren's attention.

You nod, with a slight smile.

"Little one." You glance down at the young fairy. "It's alright to come out." You say to her. "There's one last thing that we need to do, that's all." You tell her softly, "and then you'll be safe from humans like the ones from earlier, no matter what."

The Fledgling nervously shifts in front of you, her wings fluttering as you see Byakuren pass the ball to Sittas who fumbles and fiddles with it in front of you as well.

...They're like a pair of shy children

...Probably because they actually are, when it comes down to it.

"Now," you begin, "This will only take a moment. It might be a little... Surprising, or different, but there's no reason to let it scare you." You reassure the small fairy, "I'll be right here watching over you."

"Uhmmm..." Sittas squirms a bit in front of her before suddenly reaching forward and taking a shocked, and furiously blushing, Fledgling's hand. He looks her right in the eye and speaks up again, "S-shiny-sis, I promise I'll take care of you forever!"

You watch as your little Fledgling's wings begin to flap faster and faster as her face flushes brighter and brighter red.

...You're almost jealous. These kids...

You clap twice. "...As touching as this scene is," Okay, you're not just almost jealous. But still. "Don't get lost in each other's eyes, now."

That shocks the two of them out of their little stupor, getting them to shake themselves out of it and glance away bashfully.

...Now that Byakuren is giving you an amused smile.

You refuse to acknowledge her at all. You won't contribute to her amusement, not on purpose!

"Now, Sittas." That Byakuren speaks up, her gentle voice prodding Sittas into action, "You know what to do, right?"

"...Yeah, right." Sittas puts on his best game face, which is completely adorable of course, and puts all his attention on the flushing, squirming Fledgling that keeps casting shy glances at your Sittas before looking away, "I'm just...going to tap you with this." He explains to the Fledgling, who glances up at you with a questioning look in her eyes.

You give her a little thumbs-up.

"It's alright. I did this too." You tell her, and give the young fairy an encouraging smile.

She hesitates for a moment before she nods her head in acceptance and turns her attention onto the boy in front of her. Slowly she starts to hover forward, and you watch as Sittas reaches out with the ball until...

...with a tiny tap, it bumps into her right above her heart. You can see the Fledgling draw in a breath as the light from the ball consumes her and then draws her into it. The ball...now that you're outside of it, you can see that though the button on it glows red, it doesn't shake and wobble about but sits in serene peace.

...Maybe it's because she knew what to expect? So she's not struggling. Maybe. You're the first to admit you have no idea how these things work.

Sittas stares at the ball, watching it with wide eyes, "It's so warm..." He can't seem to help murmuring, entranced.

"...Was mine?" You can't help but wonder, as you watch the ball as well, deeply curious about this ...thing, and what it's doing.

"It's due to the design. They're not controlling, they're comforting." The Byakuren explains to you as she watches Sittas with a mysterious smile on her face, "The warmth is based off of the connection between the 'trainer' and the 'trainee'."

"...what was my ball like?" You can't help but to wonder aloud, and intrigued by the idea behind this ball. Comforting, not controlling? ...Human balls are probably worse, you conclude. A lot worse than the ball you (and now Shiny [should you call her sis? sure she's Sittas's sis, and you're Sittas's sis, so it kind of makes sense that you're sis-es, which is an awful way to phrase it and you'll probably end up overthinking sis-based phrasing at some point in the future, but you're also the Big Fairy, so it's sort of different]) were 'caught' in, at least.

"Brighter and warmer." The Byakuren informs you as Sittas remains entranced with the ball, pulling it back and holding it against his chest as he watches it with wide eyes, "In part due to your own power, and the rest due to the strength of your bond already."

You can't repress the pride you feel at her words. Damn right, you've got a strong bond! ...And are powerful! But wow, this kind of takes a while, huh? You hadn't realised.

With an adorable little chiming noise, the ball ceases to project a bright light. Sittas pulls it away from it to look at the device in more detail, inspecting by rolling it over in his hands before he gives the button a push. You watch as the ball snaps open and a bright light surges out of it, slowly dissipating as the energy reforms into the Fledgling, who slowly cracks open her eyes and gives her wings a tentative flap.

You smile happily and clap once, a little excited, despite yourself. "Well? Not so bad, wasn't it?"

The Fledgling feels around her neck and then her wrists, twirling around in a little spin as she tries to spy her back and ankles that flairs a lot of skirts all around as she does so, Sittas eyes widening as he likely get an eyeful. As the Fledgling stops, she beams up at you with a smile and chatters something about how there weren't any chains or leather at all like she'd thought there'd be for some reason!

"Oh, my." This little one is a bit ...Perhaps you'll settle on 'enthusiastic'? She thinks along interesting lines, at least. "No, there certainly aren't any of those," you giggle, patting her on the head, "it's nice."

Sittas, you notice, is actually still staying quiet as he looks over the ball in his hand that's shrunk down, rolling it between his fingers before he pulls his robe open and you watch him tuck the ball right in front of his heart...right next to another ball in fact.

"So!" The Byakuren stirs you all out of your own little moments, calling attention onto herself as she smiles at the three of you in that uniquely Byakuren way she has, "Now that that is settled and Sittas has what's his," The Byakuren reaches out and ruffles your Sittas' hair in an affectionate manner, getting him to laugh and then give her a hug, "I'll be going back to the Temple. With those outsiders having come here, I can't afford to spend too much time away."
...What could she mean by that?

"...They were looking for the temple." You offer. At least, one of them was. By rumour. Well, she brought Sittas's things, and she won't be around much anymore, so you can offer her this much. "One seemed to be very sure it was nearby."

You feel a chill go down your spine as the Byakuren's aura that she always projects suddenly becomes very frosty, "Oh my. If that's how it is, I should hurry back." Her voice sounds the same, but somehow it just feels entirely different. The Byakuren reaches down and pets Sittas once more before she pushes him away from her gently, "Thank you for telling me that. Have a nice time together."

"...Are you okay Big Sis Hijiri?" Sittas asks the Byakuren as he backs up into you, watching his former caretaker as if he's seen something new today.

"I'm fine Sittas." The Byakuren assures your Sittas, but he doesn't seem very convinced.
You wrap your arms over Sittas's shoulders, hugging him a little bit against your legs and stomach. "Don't worry about it, Sittas." You tell him, softly. "It's just fine."

The Fledgling hesitates for a moment, fluttering her wings as she glances between you and Sittas before she joins in on the hug, her fluttering wings keeping her afloat as she hugs Sittas from the side and rests her chin on his head.
Sittas looks to the two of you and then back to the Byakuren whose menacing aura has receded at this point before he speaks up, "Okay...take care Big Sis Hijiri!"

"I will." The Byakuren promises Sittas that before she tenses her legs and-

...You're not actually sure what happened. She just sort of left a dust cloud behind.

"Well, then." You say, the wind rather thoroughly taken out of your sails. "...I guess there's still some sweets in the tree." You take the easy way out: sweets. The guaranteed fairy fallback plan.

The Fledgling and Sittas both let out cheers, being easily distracted by the promise of sweets. You find them tugging you towards your home without breaking the hug, apparently intent to keep a cuddle pile going even in the face of adversity and promise of sweets.


As for your plans tomorrow, well...
[ ] Situation Normal
[ ] Shelter in Place
[ ] Recovery Operations
No. 184113
[X] Situation Normal

No one really got hurt and considering Touhoumon are tougher than humans, I think Dai-sis is A-OK.

I loved the Hokuto no Ken stuff. So if the Byakuren is Ryuken and Sittas is Kenshiro, who'll be our Raoh?
No. 184114
[X] Shelter in Place
No. 184115
[x] Recovery Operations

I have no idea what these mean.
No. 184116
What does Recovery Operations mean? Who are we to recover?
No. 184118
[X] Shelter in Place

They may be fine, but there's no reason not to be double or even triple sure. Plus that just gives the three more time to do more indoorsy stuff.
No. 184120
[x] Recovery Operations
No. 184122
[X] Shelter in Place
No. 184126
[X] Shelter in Place

Just until things calm down a little.
No. 184130
You know the saying, "Situation Normal: All Fucked up."

Perhaps the first choice wouldn't be a good Idea.

Better safe than sorry.

[X] Shelter in Place
No. 184167
[X]Situation Normal.

Prefferably All Fucked Up, actually. Danger is fun!
No. 187621
File 145681150064.jpg- (151.70KB , 850x684 , time to wake up~.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Shelter in Place

You awaken gently, blinking your eyes drowsily against the early-morning sunlight. You yawn quietly, and snuggle up to the boy in your arms, quietly content. Draped over your arms, atop the both of you, is a second, comforting weight...

That's... you remember, now, she's Shiny-sis. Sittas's naming sense brings a soft smile to your face. And... having another fairy in this house again... it's nice. You missed this...

"Sittas..." You murmur, "Shiny-sis... It's time to wake up."

Shiny-sis squirms from her position flush against your side, pressing her face further against your body in an attempt to resist the call of the morning as her arms that are partially wrapped around you hug you tighter.

Sittas, for his part, blinks his eyes open from his position on your chest and smiles up at you, hugging both you and Shiny-sis at the same time after having apparently hugged you both all night in his sleep, "Ah, Good morning Dai-sis!"

You smile all the more, seeing Shiny-sis's reluctance to awaken just yet. Of course a young fairy like her wouldn't want to get up quite yet. "Good morning, Sittas." You pat his head, a reward for his prompt awakening. As for the youngest one in the bed... "Shinyyyy..." You cajole her softly. "It's time to get up."

Shiny whispers to you in her sweet, sing-songy voice in the fae tongue that she's still tired and doesn't want to get up yet and that you are big and warm and Sittas is small and warm and then she just dissolves into disjointed words and mumbling.

It is somewhat endearing.

Well, you can't lie to yourself. It's incredibly cute. But you can't let her just sleep the day away! Everyone has to get up for breakfast together! And with all the cuddling, you're not sure you can bring yourself to break out of their holds and leave this wonderful bed alone...

"Shiny-sis, you need to get up." You gently stroke her small head. "It's morning already. I need to make breakfast for everyone."

One eye opens up and regards you blearily, as she sleepily questions you about what breakfast is going to be.

"Oooh! Are we going to make buns for breakfast Dai-sis?" Sittas asks excitedly, look up at you with purity and pure enthusiasm in his eyes, "Or breakfast cakes?"

Well, pancakes have 'cakes' right in the name, right? Do they count? "Well..." You consider. "Yeah. Breakfast cakes is pretty accurate! I think both of you will really like breakfast~" Pancakes definitely count as cakes. Absolutely.

Sittas bounces off of you, pushing up off of the bed and rolling away off onto he floor with a thump. "I'm okay!" He assures you as he pops up onto his feet and sprints around the side of the bed, grabbing onto your other bedmate and shaking them excitedly, "C'mon Shiny-sis get up, cooking with Dai-sis is amazing and lots of fun!"

"W-well..." You remember, vividly, the last time you cooked with Sittas. "I can take care of breakfast myself, the two of you don't need to help out..." And Shiny-sis is still very small, and you don't think she'd necessarily be any help at all, and really, you hope he doesn't expect every use of the kitchen to be preceded by sex, because that sounds like a lot of fu- you mean, it sounds like nothing would ever get done, and cooking takes long enough as it is.

"Huh? Are you sure Dai-sis?" Sittas cocks his head as he looks to you, brows furrowing, "I'm really helpful in cooking you know! I helped Big Sis Hijiri and Ichi-sis and I helped you yesterday so I guess you'd already know I can be helpful!"

Shiny-sis, who has been thoroughly awoken by Sittas, is now currently taken with staring up at him with wide eyes as she flushes at how both of his hands are on her and he hasn't taken them off yet even though she's awake.

...Ah, to be young.

Were you ever that young? You must have been, right? Just watching the two of them brings a smile to your face.

"It's okay, Sittas." You reassure him, sitting up and swinging yourself out of bed, now that everyone's all awake. "I can handle breakfast. Why don't the two of you go get washed up, and I'll get the food on the table, okay~?" You pat the both of them on the head. "Let Dai-sis take care of things today." And just saying that send a little thrill through you. That's right. You're Sittas's Dai-sis, now, and it's... it's just something that you never thought could be.

Shaking your head, you set those thoughts aside. It's breakfast time, so you need to go make breakfast. Simple as that. No need to think too hard about all of the other things.

"...Okay Dai-sis! Hey, c'mon Shiny-Sis!" Sittas accepts your suggestion once you assure him of your course, and throws himself into tugging the brightly coloured once nameless fairy out of bed and dragging her off with him towards the bath, "You should see how nice the bathroom is! Everything is all shiny and stuff, you'll love it!"

Ah, it's so nice to have others living here with you again. You hadn't thought you'd ever get to see it...

As the two hurry off, you need to get to work yourself. You were thinking pancakes, weren't you? So, you'll need to find the syrup, of course, and...


Well, you think they came out nicely. You got a little ahead of yourself, and some of them are fancy shapes, but it worked out for you! None of them look burnt, they're all nice and fluffy, and they'll definitely hold syrup well...

You're pretty satisfied with how they came out.

The two of them have been pretty quiet upstairs so far.

...Too quiet. You know what young fairies are like, especially what they should be like with a Sittas in the house.

Especially having gone to the bath together.

Glancing upwards shows that you are not currently experiencing a flooded ceiling, so that is one thing that's going well.

You live in a tree, so a little flooding's just an annoyance, either way, but it's good to see that they're a little better behaved than most. You frown. A well-behaved young fairy?

It's unnatural.

...Well, maybe Sittas is being responsible. Or she might just have so much trouble she COULD get into that she's having trouble deciding which trouble to start first? Whatever it is, you should probably go check on them, let them know that the food's ready.

The fact that you might be stopping them from doing something too troublesome or a particular sort of trouble never crosses your mind.

You float up the steps - mostly a convenience for visitors, in the end, considering how rarely fairies actually go to the effort of walking. Especially up stairs.

The only reason to walk is if you wanted to feel the earth beneath you after all! ...Or you're too beat up to fly. But when would that ever happen?

As you make your way upstairs, you begin to hear faint noises. The muffled sounds of Sittas voice reach your ears, accompanied by the faint splashing of water. Nothing too out of the ordinary so far.

It's a reassuring and comforting sound, really. The sounds of other people living in your house, and a distinct lack of problems. Why, you can't hear a single sink being thrown at intruders, so it's better than yesterday already!

Those reassuring sounds continue all the way up to the end of your path to the door to the bath. As you open it, you are greeted to the sight of a naked Sittas and Shiny-Sis bathing together as Sittas washes the formerly nameless fairy's hair. Shiny-sis looks like she's about to vibrate apart from struggling to sit perfectly still and stiffbacked.

It's an adorable sight. You wish you had some way to preserve the moment, but...

You take your time, leaning against the doorway and watching the kids for a few moments. You don't want to disturb them just yet - it's too good a scene. He's really taking good care of the small fairy. It warms your heart.

"Your hair is really nice Shiny-sis! It's almost as long as Big Sis Hijiri's too!" Sittas compliments the shy young thing in front of him, causing her to blush and stare even harder at the water in front of her.

Oh, isn't that cute? She's embarrassed! It's wonderful. You can't believe that boy doesn't know the effect he has on her...

And, well, you too, but that's a totally different thing. Entirely unrelated.

"Hmmm...hey Shiny-sis, have you thought about putting your hair into a braid? I bet it'd look really pretty!" Sittas informs the near catatonic fairy as he gathers her hair into two big handfuls.

Shiny-sis mumbles something about how she hadn't thought about it before but that, if he wanted to do it to her then she wouldn't mind let him have his way with her. Of course, she's speaking in the language of the fairies so there's some uncertainty if that's the exact meaning she was going for.

It also means that Sittas doesn't know a thing she just said.

It might be a little bit less totally unrelated than you were thinking, huh. But this is a good opportunity to let them know you're here.

"She said that she hadn't really thought about it before, but she trusts your judgement, Sittas." You translate, loosely. "Breakfast is ready, you two." You smile, warmly, at the two little ones.

"Ah, thank you Dai-sis!" Sittas beaming smile turns its full power onto you as he lights up the room, presumably naked as the day he was born, "Hmmm...Maybe we should eat breakfast first, then when your hair is dry I can put it into a pony tail for you Shiny-sis! What do you think?"

Shiny-sis vibrates intensely in the water as she nods her head and squeaks something about that sounding nice.

"...Ah, are you okay Shiny-sis? You're shaking! Is the water too cold? Geez, you should've said something!" Sittas, being himself, immediately fusses over her in a suitably Sittas manner and triumphantly takes her into his arms and stands up, giving you quite the view as the water cascades off of the both of them.

You suspect Shiny-sis may have ascended to a higher state of existence.

You decide to leave her her dignity. Or, well, what little remains, at least. "You know where the towels are, Sittas!" You back out, with a knowing grin. "Food's hot, so don't take too long drying each other off~" You giggle, before heading back downstairs to make sure everyone's food is all served up and waiting for them before they get there, for that slight sense of guilt which is the greatest reward of any chef.

You don't have to wait long before Sittas squeals around the corner into the kitchen, Shiny-sis dragged along behind him as he holds her hand in his. He's really energetic today, isn't he?

"My, my~" You raise a hand to your cheek, "someone's very eager, hmm~?"

"Of course!" Sittas enthuses, grin undiminished from before, "Your cooking is super amazing! I never had anything like it back at the temple!"

"No?" And that's an amazing feeling isn't it? Something you've done is, well... better than anyone else? It's possible for you to be praised like that, for something you've done, by yourself? You can't help but laugh, softly. "...That's very kind of you to say, Sittas." You thank him, with a smile. "The food's still warm. Shall we?"

"Yes!" Sittas all but vaults over the back of his chair to get into his seat, and Shiny-sis finds herself flung into the seat that leaves her between the both of you at the table. The whole kitchen feels so much more cosy with everyone in here now, full of laughter and smiles as it is.

Shiny-Sis, now free from Sittas hand holding, blinks her eyes several times to attempt to force herself back into awareness.

It's been such a long time since this house has been so full of happiness. You turn your attention to the small fairy.

"The pancakes are even better when you put some syrup on them." You inform her with a laugh, as you place one of the small bottles in front of her, giving her something to focus on other than that sweet, delicious little boy. ...Who, you muse, might also be good with some syrup drizzled over him, all sticky-sweet....

Sweet thoughts consume your focus for the moment as Shiny-sis follows your advice and drizzles some of your all-natural syrup onto her stacks of pancakes, giving them a layer of sugary goodness.

Sittas draws your attention though by only putting a small, conservative, lonely amount of syrup on his pancakes before putting the bottle back down. It is matched by equally small amounts of butter on top.

Your eyebrows rise, as you see this. Is...that it? Is that really all he's going to use...?

"Is...that all you want, Sittas?" You ask, uncertain - maybe it's more temple things, or maybe he just... doesn't want more syrup? It's hard to imagine, but you've got to be understanding for your Sittas's tastes. Even if they are like... that.

"What do you mean Dai-sis?" Sittas looks up to you, brows furrowed as if he's having a hard time understanding what you are talking about. It's as if the thought of having more never even occured to him.

"Would you...like more syrup?" You ask, still not sure what this could mean as to his tastes. "Or at least more butter?" W-well, at least, worse comes to worst, you could train his body over time, teach him a better path...

"...I can do that?" Sittas eyes light up in wonder as your own heart sinks at the nightmare he must have been living in at that temple, and the desire to hold him to your bosom and comfort him grows.

But if you do that, he can't eat anything.... It's a mighty, heroic effort, but you resist the urge.

"Of..." You're a little choked up, imagining what a terrible, deprived youth he must have gone through, at that temple. "Of course you can, Sittas. Take as much as you want." That Hijiri woman. You thought Byakuren-types were supposed to be benevolent, but....

Recalling how he acted at the prospect of sweets, you suddenly suspect that wasn't the normal sort of enthusiasm. Maybe...

Maybe candy wasn't even a staple of his diet there?!

"Uhm...wow." Sittas seems completely stunned by this revelation, looking at the fluffy pancakes before him, then to the butter and syrup. With an almost religious reverence he cuts off another small pad of butter the same size of his first one and adds it to his stack, and doubles his amount of syrup.

...he almost has what would be considered a small serving amount to most fairies.

...This poor, deprived boy. It breaks your heart to see him like this, it really does. But you can't push him too hard, not yet. He'll come to learn in time, you promise yourself quietly. He'll learn.

You help yourself to your own smothered pancakes in the meantime, though. Like you told him earlier, they're best warm, and there's no point in letting them go to waste. But as you're eating, you consider. What should you do today? Going out... yeah, it's definitely out of the question. With all of those wild humans out there, it's best to just keep your door closed and keep yourselves entertained with indoor fun. You think there might be a few board games that.... that your predecessor... either stole or bought or traded from the local Mamizou, so there's those, and the three of you can probably find your own fun, so if you just button up for a couple days, things are sure to blow over...

That sounds like a great plan to you. Surely Shiny-sis and Sittas will be content to stay inside in the warming weather of spring with you and play boardgames instead of frolicking in the flower fields and play amidst the trees.

"Thish if dawicious!" Sittas informs you from around a mouthful of your special pancakes, with Shiny-sis chiming in to agree with him in a similar state.

Shaken out of your serious, unfun 'Big Fairy' thoughts, you can't help but beam at the praise the two are giving you.

"I'm glad you like them~!" You're especially glad that nothing happened to interrupt breakfast, today! Last time, Seija showed up and ruined... well, nothing really, because apparently you were stronger than her all along, which is sort of baffling, and that Hijiri woman sent her packing in the end, but you still didn't get to make your pancakes for Sittas like you wanted....

Anyway! Today is a new day! And they like your pancakes!

...Oddly enough, nothing happens even after you think that. No sudden explosions, no knocking at the door, no sound of windows being shattered, nothing.

...It's weird when things go well.

Sittas demolishes his pancakes well before Shiny-sis, gulping down a glass of milk to go with it before he lets out a long breath and murmurs sleepily, "That was so good..."

You wait a beat for something to go wrong, before replying.

"You really liked them, huh? I'm really happy." You give the two of them a big smile. "A lot of work goes into cooking! It's nice to have it be appreciated!"

"I'm really happy you're happy Dai-sis! I appreciate you a lot!" Sittas sincerity is searingly obvious as the overwhelming happiness in his smile causes your eyes to strain, "Maybe sometime I can cook for you! I can make things...probably." He adds that last bit on extremely quietly, hoping your Fae ears won't catch it. However, being a fairy you're used to listening to truths muttered under people's breath.

Especially when they're about you. But this time, you just smile!

"That sounds nice, Sittas! Maybe you could cook a meal sometime." And you can help. and it'll be a labour of love, and you'll deepen your relationship, and he'll get messy. But it'll be okay, because you'll be perfectly willing to lick...

[ ] Daydream
[ ] Focus!
No. 187623
[x] Daydream
No. 187632
[X] Focus!
No. 187645
[X] Focus!
No. 187657
[x] Daydream

Why am I picking this when it might be better to focus?

Because I can.

Anywho, I do find it interesting how Daisis keeps talking (or thinking) about how it's nice to have people around the house again.

She most likely used to live with a lot of other fairies, but various trainers (or just the one) cleaned them out and left her behind because they perceived her as useless because of her species, leaving her all by herself and somewhat paranoid about being caught.

Judging from her distrust of trainers, we're probably talking someone with a more Gary/Paul mentality than Wilhelm, Zeke, or Nebosa's.
No. 187659
[X] Daydream

We're safe. We can relax some.

Wasn't Gary ironically nicer in the original Japanese version or something?
No. 187661

You're talking more about Paul, there. And I wouldn't say nicer, the english dub made him a bit more angry sounding.

Gary is about the same in either version.
No. 187662
I'm calling votes here.
Daiyouseis are dreaming now,
Please fantasize warmly.
No. 190613
File 146888475384.png- (212.49KB , 400x600 , nevermind that.png ) [iqdb]


As you lean forward, mouth opening, Sittas moans out your name again and again, "Dai-sis... Dai-sis..."-

"Dai-sis!" Sittas grabs your shoulder and gives you a little shake, bringing you back to realty as your delusions fade away into memory and naught more.

You blink, curiously, awareness of your surroundings coming back to you. "Mrhm?" You mumble around the pancake in your mouth. You bite through the rolled pancake, clearing your mou- huh, what was with that slight wince? - Clearing your mouth to speak.

"Yes, Sittas?" You shake your head, dispelling the last tinges of your daydream. "What is it?"

"...Uhm..." Sittas glances away from you and towards Shiny-sis, who is emulating your new way of eating pancakes, which has left her with sticky liquid decorating her chin as she continues going about it with an oddly determined expression on her face.

"...d-does it taste better like that?" Sittas finally voices his question as he shifts in his seat, perhaps trying to get comfortable again...or trying to shift something else.

"...Uhm." You eye the rolled pancake, suddenly realising just what it was you were doing to the poor boy. "...Nnnnot really." You need to be more careful with your daydreaming, you resolve.

It's better for it to be uninterrupted. ...Or real, but some things -- you recall the Byakuren -- are distant pipe dreams, never to be realised. You briefly contemplate dissuading Shiny-sis from her new method, but...what would really be the point of that? It works, and she seems to be pretty set on it... Maybe later you'll talk to her about being a little neater -- she already washed just a little while ago.

"Oh, okay." Sittas glances down at his half finished plate of pancakes, stirring up worry in your heart at how he hasn't even finished the small portion you managed to convince him to take yet, "...why were you doing it then? Is it fun?"

"...I..." Hooo, boy. It's kind of embarassing to say, so... "...I wasn't really paying attention." You admit, skirting the issue, "I was....thinking."

"About what?" Sittas, his eye showing the pure intentions and genuine interest in you that seem to fill his heart, asks curiously.

"...Things." You shake your head, quickly, "Anyway, that's not important! What is important are our plans for the day!" You declare, deciding to move along and change the subject quickly.

Sittas frowns at your response, "But...I think your thoughts are really important Dai-sis! Big Sis Hijiri told me that I shouldn't ever think my thoughts are dumb, and that there's nothing wrong with needing to ask questions."

The way he clenches one hand dramatically makes him seem a bit ridiculous, as if he's passing out a moral lesson of the day like in one of the old stories of Oberon you heard...before.

Of course, your newest companion's eyes are shining with admiration, or perhaps something else entirely, as she watches Sittas from across the table.

It's touching, the way he tries to bolster you up like that. You're fine, really. You are. Really. You just shake your head, smiling at him.

"No, no, I was just...daydreaming, Sittas. It's fine." You nod, to show him that really, it's true.

"...Alright Dai-sis, if you say so." Sittas sits back down, the wind of burning passion taken out of his sails of justice after that, "So, uhm...what ARE our plans for the day again?"

Shiny-sis' attention quickly shifts onto you again as he says that, the burning curiosity in her eyes warming your heart. She's already starting to act just like a little fairy should...

"Well, there's a few things we could do." You inform them both. "We have some board games, or, uh, there's the swingset, we've got crayons around here somewhere..." You trail off, brow furrowing as you try to remember the last place you saw them. Where were they...?

"Oh, a swing? Cool!" Sittas hops in his seat, "And I'm sure Crayon things are cool too if you like them Dai-sis!"

Shiny-sis speaks to you in the language of the fae, quietly asking what those things are with some hesitation.

Even for a temple, it seems a bit much that Sittas never got to have any crayons. Every fairy knows crayons! ...Well, he is a human, you suppose. Do humans have crayons? You wouldn't really know, but it's hard to imagine that they don't. As for Shiny, well... She's a newborn. It's up to you to introduce them to her.

"Well, that decides it!" You declare. "We'll start with the crayons, then! Every fairy should know about crayons! ...And even non-fairies." you add, belatedly.

The only question is, where were they...

[ ] They're probably just in the closet, right? Somewhere?
[ ] The last time you saw them... Didn't she have them? Back... before?
[ ] You don't actually know where they are, though. Let's use the swing instead.
[ ] You don't actually know where they are, though. Let's just play some board games, instead.
No. 190614
[X] They're probably just in the closet, right? Somewhere?



Because I like Montouhoumon enough to do that.
No. 190615
[X] The last time you saw them... Didn't she have them? Back... before?

This option sounds like an option that could lead to more options.
No. 190616
[x] They're probably just in the closet, right? Somewhere?
No. 190618
[X] They're probably just in the closet, right? Somewhere?

No. 190626
[x] They're probably just in the closet, right? Somewhere?

Dai's really pent up.
No. 190646
[x] They're probably just in the closet, right? Somewhere?

I love this story more than is considered healthy by medical professionals. Your Daiyousei, no, your Big-Sister-type is God-Tier.

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