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[X] Ah, but what is there to do for the moment? Sit down, perhaps. Look at the sky, muse about the clouds. It is a wonderful day... wonderful enough to make you forget your worries. If only for a bit.

Sigh. Crazy people, crazy world, crazy life. Crazy crazy crazy. Oh well, at least the sky is beautiful. Not beautifully crazy, or any other form of adjective and crazy, or really even crazy as an adjective, but you digress. Really, you’re just glad you have a moment to rest. You don’t even notice the two ghost girls shuffle past you, their cleaning unfinished. Nor do you notice the kids dispersing, or the cattle moving past. You lose yourself as you watch the clouds dance over the sky, moving in an infinite pattern to the horizon. It’s such a blue and wonderful sky that you can barely pick out a small black dot circling far above. As it descends you can make out some familiar features, including stupidly large geta and the girl’s camera, swinging from her neck. Of course, just remembering how insufferable she was instantly ruins your mood. You look to see if she’s headed your way, and spy the slightest shimmer of white.


The answer hits you but a second later. Literally it hits you. You stagger backwards as the object bounces upwards off your skull, only to strike you again on its way back down towards the earth. You end up rolling around on the ground, rubbing your forehead where you got beamed from what seemed like low-earth orbit. By your third roll, you see the object of your misery laying next to you on the ground, as unassuming as could be. It’s simply a rolled up newspaper with a plastic sleeve over it to protect it from the weather, and hitting people in the head, you guess. Of course, you know where it came from. You know.

Just to confirm your suspicions, you stop rolling around long enough to unwrap the newspaper and confirm your suspicions. Bunbunmaru. Aya Shameimaru. Damn her. You look back up to the sky to gain your revenge, and see she is already descending! Good! You consider beaming her back with the paper, but that seems unlikely as she is traveling quite fast and your throwing arm is not exactly MLB material. You resolve to wait until she is on the ground, and then hit her in the face with it, possibly without throwing it and just using it as an improvised weapon. Damn thing hurts, as your face knows well.

With your plan set, you track her as she swoops over a few houses, dropping newspapers and putting at least one straight through a thatched roof with several other repairs visibly noticeable near where she did so. Finally, she comes below the roofs of houses and it becomes clear she’s about to land. With a burst of speed, you run to catch up with her as you wield the newspaper over your head like some sort of Viking warrior. You run right into the middle of her and a few others, whacking haphazardly at heads and faces as you demand explanations in your outside voice.

“Aya! I demand an explanation for this shit!”

You yell as you bat some poor fellow across his face. All the people around her quickly disperse as you work your way through them. With only Aya left, you swing around, menacingly brandishing the newspaper as you consider the easiest way to bludgeon someone to death with one. She takes half a second to snap a picture of you before cocking her head, wondering aloud.

“I don’t usually get unhappy customers this quickly… especially after I write a super good article about them.”

Her head cocks further and further, and you’re wondering how far it can go before it just plain falls off when she suddenly corrects herself.

“Ah! You wanted it earlier! Well, it doesn’t come out any earlier! It’s one a day, okay?”

So completely preoccupied with herself. You menacingly take a step forward, brandishing the paper above your head.

“Aya. You beamed me from orbit. In the face.”

“You’re supposed to catch it, duh!”

She rolls her eyes, trudging off in the other direction without any regard for you. You chase after her, yelling slurs, but she only remarks on what an ingrate you are.

“Try danmaku next time, okay? Or maybe burn the place down? That’d make for a great story!”

She says as she idly snaps a picture of the village, retrieving the few she’s already taken today from her camera, blowing on them softly before placing them in her breast pocket. It’s clear you’re not going to get through to her, and you can only sigh and at least check out the article she wrote. You unroll the paper, but it’s not on the front page. You openly wonder about whether she actually did write an article, or whether she’s lying through her teeth to get you to leave.

“It’s on page 3! Sheesh, you think you’re so important?”

A quick check reveals that page 1 comprises Reimu’s bloomers. Literally, bloomers. That scares you a little bit, especially the pictorial evidence which appears to have been taken inside a private residence. Dumbfounded, you try to find some words for this, but just end up flipping through until the third page, where a small article is dedicated to you taking names at the tavern. According to the paper, you outmaneuvered half a dozen fairies, started a riot, and left with your personal gardener escort. You’re not quite sure any of that is true.

“Anyway, I gotta go deliver the rest of these papers to all my subscribers, okay?! See ya!”

Wait, rest of them? You don’t…

“Am I a subscriber?”

“ ‘Course!”


“The paper comes with a lifestime subscription! Ah, shiny, shiny!”

She quips cheerfully, snapping another photo as you follow behind her. You’re not quite sure whether she’s pleased about your subscription or her photo attractions. That seems like a pretty good deal though, considering how cheap the paper was. Unless Keine was loaded or something. Hell, you have no idea what the exchange rate is to USD for the money they use here.

“By the way, you owe 10,000 Yen.”

Snap. She takes a picture of you as your face contorts into an ungodly horror. You have no idea how much 10,000 yen is, but it’s certainly far too much and something you don’t have.

“That’s outrageous! How… why do I owe you 10,000 yen?!”

She stops, furrowing her brow as if speaking to you was difficult because you are a small child, or something.

“That’s how much the subscription costs. Duuhhhhh.

But you…

“I only wanted a paper!”

“Package deal.”

“I never agreed to this!”

She retrieves her notepad from her pocket, noting something about you down. She finishes and looks up.

“You drive a hard bargain. 9500 Yen.”

You can barely contain your displeasure, sputtering as you try to tell her that isn’t good enough.

“I- What?! I wish to unsubscribe!”


She looks sad for a moment before shrugging her shoulders and replacing her notebook with a handheld fan from her waist.

“If you so wish.”

“Wait a second, I don’t think you-“

“It’s a lifetime subscription.”

“I still don’t think you-“

“Stand still.”

It doesn’t seem she is willing to budge on the issue. You can’t help but sigh and signal your surrender but putting your arms halfway up. She grins and puts her fan back away.

“You outsiders are always so odd! Normal people appreciate my journalism!”

“You’re the weird one, ya fuckin’ crazy…”

“No, no! I’m not weird! You’re weird! You always ask questions, and you ask about things like standards and ethics…”

“That’s not weird! That’s quality control! It prevents you from writing about things like women’s underwear! We would never allow such a... We? Does everyone find you as annoying as I do, Aya?”

She protests loudly, sounding a little ruffled.

“Nuh uh! Just… most of you.”

“Did the rest of these hypothetical people try to flee after their first encounter with you?”

“What? No… Why would they?”

“Because frankly, Aya, you terrify me.”

“Huhhhhhh? I’m not scary.”

“Right. Listen… where did these people go?”


“Like, did they leave?”

“Oh yeah!”

You wait for her to tell you how, but she just kind of stares blankly at you, so you prod her again.


Her eyes light up and she sucks in a big breath as if it’s a huge announcement or something. Her aura pervades, causing yourself to get a little excited too, like it’s some wondrous thing. You lean in to listen very carefully, as who knows if you’ll get a second chance.

“The Hakurei Shrine!”

Aya. God damnit Aya. She seems perfectly thrilled with herself, lightly clapping as she pulls away, like she’s been some sort of really good girl or something. You really, really just don’t understand her.

“Ok… Aya… Did everyone get out that way?”

“Oh of course not! Lots get eaten! Those poor youkai in the forest need to eat, you know.”

You open your mouth, then shut it again. You have something to say, you’re just not quite sure once. You try again with similar results, and end up just shaking your head. This girl ain’t right.

“Okay, Aya… what happened to the ones that didn’t leave through the shrine or get eaten?”

“Ooh, ooh! I know this one! There was a human living with us Tengu last time the flowers bloomed unendingly!”

Living here?!

“Oh… he’s… also dead. Huh. No, I guess there aren’t any!”

“Then just how am I supposed to leave?”

“I told you this already! Take the shrine, duhhhhhh! I mean, I understand if you don’t want to talk to Reimu, but she’s not that bad, honestly! She’s probably still drinking about this time, she won’t even be an angry drunk yet!”

You firmly cut her off before she can drone on about the benefits of a semi-lucid shrine maiden.

“Aya. Aya! I can’t take the shrine if it doesn’t fucking work, can I?”


She says as she cocks her head, confused by your reasoning. You quickly lay out the massive cockblock from Yukari, and Aya lights up at the news of this, drawing out her notepad and excitedly taking notes.

“Oh oh, she actually took it? Wow, I can’t believe it! I thought Bunbunmaru got intoxicated on fermented berries again!”

She says all this as she jots down notes at lightning speed, seemingly faster than you’re talking. You have no clue what exactly she’s writing, but it seems to be what you’re saying word for word and then some. As you finish, she triumphantly returns her notebook to her pocket and excitedly talks, ignoring you completely.

“Man, what a great scoop this will be!”

“Ok, Aya, that’s why I can’t leave through the Hakurei Shrine. How else can I leave?”

“I am so going to give Bunbunmaru an extra bit of sake for this! Ayayayaya, we’ll have to flow over immediately!”

“Aya, how can I leave?!”

She turns, clasping your shoulder for a moment.

“Wish me luck!”

And then she’s gone. Quickly gaining height and speed, becoming an ever smaller dot as she zooms toward the horizon. For fuck’s sake.

That solved nothing. That wasn’t even a pleasant conversation. In fact, you might classify it as quite unpleasant. You can’t help but sigh for possibly the tenth time today and rub your temples. You look to the sky and see the sun has barely moved from last time you checked, so it wasn’t that much time wasted. But as you stop focusing on the crazy reporter, your senses tell you that you didn’t miss much, as the smell of cattle poop and very unsanitary conditions assaults your nose again. Similarly, the few schoolchildren you can see are all congregating towards somewhere deeper in the town, so you could still see why they were running around.

[ ] This scourge of schoolchildren must be ended once and for all. You shall track them to their source and disperse suitable justice.

[ ] There can be no peace when giant meals walk among the streets. Your nose hungers for blood… and to get rid of that fucking smell.

No. 153325
Fun fact: The outline written on paper for this update spanned 3 1/3 pages and comprised 453 words.

Also, I started the new thread because I couldn't think of a title for the update!
No. 153327
[x] This scourge of schoolchildren must be ended once and for all. You shall track them to their source and disperse suitable justice.
No. 153328
[x] This scourge of schoolchildren must be ended once and for all. You shall track them to their source and disperse suitable justice.
No. 153332
[X] This scourge of schoolchildren must be ended once and for all. You shall track them to their source and disperse suitable justice.

Why not?
No. 153335
That head cocking scene. Oh god I love Aya so much.

[x] This scourge of schoolchildren must be ended once and for all. You shall track them to their source and disperse suitable justice.
No. 153336
[x] This scourge of schoolchildren must be ended once and for all. You shall track them to their source and disperse suitable justice.

Why not? It's not like everything will end up in pain for us.
No. 153338
[X] This scourge of schoolchildren must be ended once and for all. You shall track them to their source and disperse suitable justice.
No. 153361
[X] This scourge of schoolchildren must be ended once and for all. You shall track them to their source and disperse suitable justice.

There’s little point chasing shit. Or as it would be in this case, shit machines. Cattle are only useful when they’re dead and in your belly! Until such point, they exist for soaking up large amounts of land and feed and producing shit. Lots of shit. Seriously, you can remember the last time you went to a farm and ended up in the barn. The horses, man, the horses…

Well best to put that thought out of your head. You quickly scope out the kids before they disappear into the maze that is the village. You identify a group of several girls headed the direction as the rest, holding hands between the four of them. Trying your best to follow them without looking like some sort of pedophilic stalker, you keep a safe distance as they slowly, oh so very slowly, towards their destination. Your pursuit quickly turns into a picket as they stop for a sugary treat from a vendor, then pick back up a few minutes later, even slower than before.

Eventually, as the minutes tick away, they pick up their pace. You don’t notice it at first, but very quickly the sound of kids arguing, playing, and generally being snobs is the loudest sound in your ears. You think you could probably find the concentration of morons without them, but you keep following them, just in case. Sure enough, they lead right to the schoolhouse. The den of villainy itself!

You dart forward, dodging the children and circling around the other side of the building. You sneak forward a suitable amount and pop your head up to the window, gazing in to hall that adjoins the classroom with the rest of the world. You can clearly see Keine sitting on a desk, although her back is to you. Her friend, Mokou, is the other way around, standing and speaking to her. You’re a little wary of alerting Mokou to your presence, but you don’t see any other way, so you tap on the window. Neither of them seem to notice you. Irritated, you bang a little louder. Mokou glances at you and her grin changes to a scowl, but then quickly falls into ignoring you. That bitch.

You cup your hands around your mouth and try to talk through the glass. A trivial pursuit, but maybe she can lip read. Who knows.

“Psssssssst. Get Keine!”

She scratches her nose, very cleverly using her middle finger. Damnit. You resort to plan A and bang on the glass with practically all your strength, careful not to put your fist right through it. Keine turns around, quite surprised by the look on her face. She is quickly turned right back around by Mokou, who comes storming out of the room and slams the door behind her. All that separates you two is a thin sheet of glass. You try to motion and communicate through it, not really interested in fighting with her at the moment, no matter how much misery she caused you in the past.

“Get Keine!”

Instead she takes off down the hallway. You think that’s a pretty odd reaction right up until you hear the door slam open. Your bowels strongly consider voiding themselves.

You’ve barely gotten into motion as Mokou barrels around the corner, right behind you. All you can do is scream like a little girl as you get maybe a hundred feet before she tackles you. You feel very familiar as you’re crushed into the ground by her knees on your back, flailing your limbs as you try breathe for air. She pats your head.

“Welcome back, meal ticket.”

You can barely reply as she assumes a cross-legged position over your spine. That can’t be good for your health.

“-Was looking for Keine!”

She pats you on the head again.

“ ‘Course you were. Fortunately you found me first.”

You try to retort, only to end up coughing from the sudden burst of adrenaline and subsequent winding as you got tackled. You spend nearly a minute sucking in air like a vacuum before you tap her leg behind your head in a symbol that you give up. She wriggles around for a few moments before rolling off you, standing back up. You roll over and look up to a sight of her lighting up another cigarette like some sort of cancer machine. This is the kind of shit you have to deal with.

“So how do I have the fortune of running into you… uh, Miss Mokou?”

You add the title because hell, a little flattery might help you right now. She rolls her eyes, as if the answer was obvious.

“ ‘Cause now I can show you to the schoolhouse, ya lost fuck.”

“But I already found my way-“

Oof. She stomps on your chest again for good measure, rolling her ankle around as she plays with her foot on your chest.

“I can sit on ya again, if you want.”

You meekly reply, out of breath.

“No thank you.”

“Well, well. He’s learning. Now, where you going to treat me to today, dearie?”

You have fallen into a very odd world. A very odd world indeed. You’re not sure you can oblige her, though. Thankfully.

“I’m out of money.”



She stomps on your chest again for good measure, then squats and frisks you. She ends up pulling some ragged bills out of your chest than you can’t even remember when you got them. She turns them over, frowning.

“Hrm… you’re right. Drat. Guess it’s on me today. You better have some cash next time, though.”

She throws your money into the wind, with not a regard for its fate. It is blown down the street by the almost unnoticeable wind as you lay, pinned and helpless. She then fishes around in her suspenders and pulls out a huge wad of balls, all of them noticeably marked as “10,000”.

“I hate your guts.”

“I hate your guts, too.”

The way she says it is almost cheerful. Wistful, even. She didn’t even stop to think about her reply. You try to say something, but she turns your head to you and flatly cuts you off.

“I really do hate your guts.”

She rubs the heel of her boot into your chest to get the point across. She hates your guts. After counting out a few bills, she replaces the wad somewhere in the depth of her pants and, quite reluctantly, helps you up. You take the few seconds of peace to massage your back before she wraps her arm around your neck in a near chokehold and pulls you along. You’d sigh, but all that choking is blocking blood flow to your brain. She eventually stops with you at a vendor stall, banging at the counter and demanding a food you’ve never heard of before.

“Can you release me now?”

“Eh… Gotta use both hands to eat.”

She does release you, and you take the chance to crack your neck while she unwinds her arm in a circular motion. The vendor produces two piles of smoked meat that assault your nose. It’s not the most unpleasant smell, but it is quite strong. You look to see if there’s some mistake, but Mokou’s simply shoving her face full of it, lack of utensils be damned. You shrug and take a slice, then a bite. It’s a bit salty, probably from the smoking process. It also tastes quite a bit like the corned beef you used to get in cans, minus the strong taste. Regardless, it’s a welcome relief from your recent meals, and you end up stuffing your face, smearing plenty over your hands and face. You wipe it off on your pants, just adding to the dirt and grass stains.

Licking your lips, you notice Mokou’s been finished for a while. She slaps you hard on the back, grinning.

“That’s a real man’s meal, huh?”

“Yeah I guess it w-“

BURP. She voids any gasses in her stomach right into your face. You can feel your face contort as the smell overwhelms you, practically blinding you as your eyes water and you stagger away from the counter. You can feel Mokou slap you on the back again as she walks off laughing. She calls back to you,

“Don’t forget the chump change next time chump, or you’ll be change!”

You take a few moments and recover your senses, and stand back up to suck in sweet, sweet air. A few deep breaths in, you feel someone tug on your sleeve. You turn around to see a practical midget, or at least a very young lady. Lady might be a misnomer, however, given the rounded animal ears on top of her head and small, thin tail that whips around by her feet. Her garb is similarly odd, a caplet over a single piece dress that tapers off into a skirt around her knees. She tenses up as you finish turning around, and props up almost an entire nother inch. You think she may have just stood on her tiptoes.

“Excuse me, Human. Do you know where the butcher or similar grocer is?”

[ ] Sure, I’ll show you.

[ ] I’m sorry, I have no idea where that is. (Lie and avoid her.)

[ ] I’ll- Holy crap, are you a mouse?
No. 153362
[X] Sure, I’ll show you.

Naz time(and maybe Myouren temple time later?). MC has encountered many weird things today. Mickey Mouse look-a-like won't hurt his sense more. And she's nicely asking to MC. Can't be rude to her, especially after what Moukou and Aya do to MC. Meeting someone nice is good, humans or not.

Anyway, between updates I try to simulate MC on Elona. Looks good enough...I think. Need another opinion on this.
No. 153363


How appropriate.

Elona is fun.
No. 153368
[x] I’ll- Holy crap, are you a mouse?
-[x] I mean... sure, I'll show you.
No. 153369
[X] Sure, I’ll show you.

I don't quite remember the early threads, but why is Mokou acting so damn bipolar to the protag again?
No. 153375
She is on her period, which for immortals comes every century and lasts for ten years.
No. 153379
>were you expecting a keine option

I expecting Akyuu option.

[X] Sure, I’ll show you.
No reason why choose other choice.
No. 153381
No. 153382

MC disturb Moukou with Keine. She don't like it. This is the second time he disturb them both. Keine don't mind, but Moukou...yeah.

Glad that it's appropriate. I also named the girl that I get...well...Guess it. I got many miracles...EG: She take a drink from nearby well, spawned a yeek archer, somehow kill it and drop silver machine gun, great for starting equipment.
And his equip now...Look for yourself.
No. 153383

I never got quite got machine guns, but that's just me. Also I notice you're missing a wedding ring. Sad. Don't you love Sanae?


"Now I'll show you!"


She barely has time to question as you sweep your arm and her clothes explode. You can feel little johnny mobilizing his troops for war as you gaze upon her slender, mousey body. She shrieks and turns to flee as you instinctively flex, your non-existant pecs not bouncing up and down because they don't exist. You reach out and grab her tail just as she begins moving away, sweeping her off her feet and slamming her down onto the ground, butt up. You squat down over her, bringing your face just an inch away from her ear and whisper, softly like the wind.

"I'm gonna lick ya."

You sticky launcher cocks itself quite audibly as the barrel extends another inch.


"I'm gonna lick ya!"

She screams as you descend upon her, member rubbing along her back. You tenderly open your mouth, unrolling your true weapon of mass destruction. Through your third leg appendage you feel her entire body shudder as your WMD touches her ear, covering it in the love juices of your saliva. You gently work your way down her ear, covering her face as you continue your work. Halfway through, she simply stops resisting and takes it. You finish on her mouth, gooey giblets running down her chin. You then stand back up and perform a thrust in the air, asserting your dominance. With your body finished and your role completed, you flip onto your back and begin flopping away, calling back at your conquest.


You depart in search of rich breeding grounds so that the next generation of salmon may flourish, prosper, and hopefully, avoid bears.
No. 153406
See, I knew this would happen.
No. 153416

Love dat delicious Naz.

Machine guns have high maximum damage from other firearms, that's why I like it. Late game though...Bells with grenades/shurikens will take over the battle.

Engagement equipment? I can't find it(and I won't buy these at Noyel, the price is crazy), BUT...After one sleep later, get treasure map, I found engagement necklace. A named engagement amulet. I instantly wear it. It must be a work of a certain green miko-SANAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

And since I don't know what MC skill will be...I pump all these bonus points to...Fishing. And use the silver coins for learning cooking. I hope that will do.

And after hours of fishing salvaging things at salvage field, look at the inventory. Things from outside world. Coincidence?(No, I don't get any fish. Fishing with the most expensive bait is a bad idea with low fishing skill.)

And look what MC use for throwing weapon now. Panties of a certain green miko.(I think worth of a short story material.)
No. 153496
Finally managed to catch up.
Treia, I've read every thread of this story you've put in /th/, and I must say, I love it!

Also, you must make a story with your Humanity of Gensokyo Reisen, at some point!
I just want to read more about her!

Anyway, time to vote.

[X] Sure, I’ll show you.
She's been polite - let's be polite back, shall we?
No. 153516
[X] Sure, I’ll show you.

Uh, okay. Mouse girl. Right. No need to be impolite about it. You’re sure this is a perfectly normal occurrence around here.

“Sure, I’ll show you.”

She nods her head and mumbles thanks under her breath. That’s as good as any indication to lead on, so you look around and try to orient yourself towards the shop you just stumbled away from. Despite your blinded and dazzled state, it seems you didn’t get that far as Mokou’s breath assaulted you, and you quickly identify the way back. You notice the girl shifting the basket she’s carrying between hands, as if she were nervous.

“This way.

You say, motioning for her to follow. She steps in right behind you, practically nipping at your heels. It grates on you at first, but given her timidity, you simply ignore it for the moment. Regardless, you make a mental note not to stop too quickly, lest she ram into you.

It takes but a minute to get back to the shop, and you step out of the way and present it with a small flourish. She nods eagerly and thanks you repeatedly before turning her attention to the shopkeep. You could probably leave now, but you decide to stick around for just a second out of curiosity. Now, you may be completely wrong, but you don’t think Mice are carnivores. Which just raises the question of why exactly a mouse, or mouse girl, would be purchasing any quantity of meat.

Maybe she wants a different kind of meat. That’s a disgusting thought. It is quickly exiled to the back of your brain for later ‘review’.

“Excuse me…”

The shopkeeper turns to her, wiping down one of the plates you used earlier.

“Need somethin’?”

“Could I, uhm…”

“Speak up, girl.”

“A cut of meat, please…”

He rolls his eyes.

“Size? Type? You care for avian?”


He stops completely, setting down the plate and washcloth. He leans in sternly, stopping halfway over the counter.

“Listen, I ain’t got all day. Yes to which?”

The girl freezes, biting her lip. It’d be an amusing scene if it wasn’t so tragic. She seems to be completely lost. Before you can even step in, she starts repeating from memory, like running down a list.

“Rib. Fifteen pounds! Avian… avian is fine.”

The shopkeep nods his head, finally getting down to business.

“Got a whole turkey back here, let me see what I can get for you.”

He steps away and the girl visibly relaxes, breathing a sigh of relief. She fidgets slightly before the man comes back with a string of cuts, tied into a cord at least 3 feet long, he holds them above so she can clearly see them and make sure it’s all right. He proudly boasts as he waits for her to inspect them.

“Caught it myself last week. Just smoked it.”

“Ah, smoked?”

She questions with curiosity, evidently ignorant of the term.

“Yeah, preserved.


“Is that going to be a problem?”

She opens her mouth to say something, but closes it just as quick. She very quickly becomes visibly nervous, shuffling and avoiding the shopkeeper’s eyes. Now you can step in.

“Ah, but weren’t there cattle coming through the village earlier?”

You interject, grabbing the girl’s attention.

“Eh, cattle in this village? Where would you even keep them?”

That’s a good question. You look for an answer, but just shrug your shoulders.

“Guess it’s an open question.”

She nods.

“Please show me where you saw them.”

Before you can answer, the shopkeeper interject.

“Look kids, my arm’s getting tired. Are you looking to buy something?”

The girl quickly and curtly replies, declining.

“No thank you.”

The shopkeep looks a bit annoyed, but doesn’t show it, putting the cuts back and idling behind the counter. The girl continues to engage you.

“Please show me where you saw the cattle.”

Somewhat of an odd request. Maybe she wants to chase one down and butcher it. Do mice do that? Do mice girls do that?

“It was kind of a while ago, I think they’ve moved on.”

A squeaking arises from her basket as two mice poke their heads out, squeaking incessantly as if trying to communicate. But they can’t. Because they’re mice.

The girl pats the basket, partially as a show of pride and partially to quiet them down, and they do.

“These two can find them. Please show me.”

Well… if she insists, you guess you can. It’s not like you had anything better to do. You agree and set off again. This time she keeps healthy distance behind you, much to your heels’ relief.

With a bit of difficulty, you navigate back to the house you met the Gardener and her Lady at. Surprisingly, a crowd seems to have formed around it, with very loud gossiping going on. Given your luck, it’s probably your fault. Hell, maybe both of them were found murdered. Hell, maybe it turns out they were a cult. You just know someone around here is part of a cult. Fucking cults, man. Not the Colts, though. They do, however, suck on the unrelated charge of being bad at football.

You stop on the opposite side of the dirt road, and appraise the mouse girl of the situation and your general unwillingness to get too close to the possible scene of the crime. Although what, if any, crimes is beyond you.

“That’s fine. They’ll start here.”

The two mice go back to their squeaking as they jump out of the basket, pausing in the road before shooting off in the direction the cattle were headed earlier. You look at the girl, and she smiles, her upper mouse ears flapping slightly. The two of you take off after them, quickly encroaching upon the huge wall that surrounds the village.

It’s only after they jump back into the basket suddenly at the gate to the outside that you realize just what you’ve wandered into. It’s the same small community of farmers that you traipsed through earlier with Sanae, who seem not at all pleased to see you. However, the cattle are here. They’re spread out to graze across the grass that covers the area from the wall to the boundary of the forest.

Still, you did say you’d show her. You strongly consider declaring your task done, turning around, and getting the fuck out, but it seems she still needs a bit of propping up. She slows down behind you, dragging your speed down with her. Every time you slow to keep from outpacing her, she just slows down more. You figure she’ll probably work inversely, so you pick up the pace and she reluctantly stays with you, following you all the way up to the intersection of their dank homes and buildings.

You look around for someone to speak to on the matter, but they simply stare back at you, unmoving. Most of them have stopped where they were, content to stare the two of you down. You look back at her, and she seems to be shaking slightly, staring at the ground. Poor thing. You’d best deflect some attention off her.

You step forward and pose an open question to anyone who’s interested in listening, being sure to phrase it in such a way so that it offends the maximum amount of people.

“So uh, yeah! Looking for some fresh cuts of meat? Raw? Unprepared? ‘Cause you guys got the cattle, yeah? Uh…”

Nobody seems to answer until one of the farmers steps forward from the stairs of his home, a pair of shears in his hands.

“Is she with you?”

You look back at her, still staring at her shoes and unable to answer for herself. You quickly determine the best answer would be yes, so you go with that.

“Yeah, yeah… uh yes. She’s with me.”

The farmer drops the shears to his side, only holding it with one hand. His other hand appears to have balled into a fist.

“We don’t serve her kind here.”

Her kind? You’re not quite sure what her kind is, but they don’t seem too pleased. They wake up from their frozen stares, falling in around you and the girl. Farming implements in hand, they don’t seem particularly happy about your persistence. This is quickly becoming a bad situation, and you try your best to get through it with all your limbs.

“I’m with the Myouren temple…”

The girl’s plea goes unheard as she whispers it, not making a dent in the growing encirclement. You hurry your own point, eager to disperse the crowd.

“Aha, very, uh, very funny? Heh, heh? You know, what is her kind? Women? That’s kinda sexist, you know!”

You choke through trying to deflect their anger, hoping to make it funny. They’re not laughing.


One of them mutters under his breath, barely a whisper. The entire crowd around you shuffles, looking like they’re out for blood.


The congregation is disturbed by the sound of a ferocious roar coming from the village. All heads turn to look, and you can clearly see a Tiger making its way towards the group from further along the wall. Behind it trots a gaily dressed woman, carrying a spear in her left hand and a cloth circle around her shoulders. Her dress is a smattering of colors, noticeably a tiger pattern stripe around her waist.

They close the distance in no time, the tiger opting to wait at the edge of the buildings, and the woman barging straight through the crowd to the two of you. She

“Hey, Naz. Got the meat yet? Toramaru’s hungry, you know!”

The girl perks up, ceasing to stare at her feet and motioning with her hands excitedly. Still, she doesn’t have a perfect answer.

“Ah, I’m sorry! Not yet, Shou. We were just negotiating.”

Shou, the newly arrived woman, seems displeased, a scowl forming across her face. She rubs her chin for a second with her right hand before suddenly pointing at the farmer that did most of the talking.

“Hey, you! You’re in charge, right? I can tell by the way you carry yourself. Now listen, I’m not really for all this subtle negotiation crap where we just try to rip each other off, so I’ll offer ya a thousand flat, per pound.”

The farmers seem confused, looking at each other and to their apparent leader.

“Well, come on? 15 pounds!”

Shou loudly interjects, interrupting their debating. She’d have none of their delaying. One of the younger farmers, barely 20 in appearance, steps out of the field and files silently past their leader. He returns but a few minutes later with the required meat wrapped in a paper cover, lugging it laboriously. Shou easily takes it and throws it over her shoulder. She lightly nudges her friend with the blunt end of her spear, signaling for her to complete the transaction. After a small bit of nervous delay, she produces the required amount from her dress and hands it over, the leader looking none too happy about it.

Shou quickly surveys to make sure her friend is okay and the food is the right weight, doing a small up and down squat. Satisfied everything is in order, she turns and nods at ‘Naz’, noticing you.

“Friend of yours, Naz?”

“Ah he… he helped me.”

Shou nods, breaking out into a smile.

“Thanks buddy. Sorry ‘bout her, first time she’s been out on her own. You come by the Myouren temple sometime and we’ll welcome you to a meal.”

She pats her head in an outlandish show of respect, then places her right hand on her friend’s shoulder. They start to exit the dissipating circle of farmers, and you are left aware just how alone you are. You meet the glances of a few farmers, and they seem quite miffed about the ordeal. It’s not like any of them have disarmed, either. Shears could take your arm off. A hoe could crack your skull open. A hundred to two is bad. A hundred to one is worse.

[ ] Excuse yourself, tag along with the pair for protection and company, at least until you’re out of there.

[ ] Excuse yourself, beeline for the village and find something to do. (Write-in)

[ ] Stick around for a while, take in the farmer lifestyle.
No. 153517
[x] Excuse yourself, beeline for the village and find something to do. (Work)

It's been a while, but if I remember right, MC actually has a work, right?
No. 153518
[X] Excuse yourself, tag along with the pair for protection and company, at least until you’re out of there.
No. 153524
[x] Excuse yourself, tag along with the pair for protection and company, at least until you’re out of there.

I can't even start to think of what can go wrong here
No. 153525
[X] Excuse yourself, tag along with the pair for protection and company, at least until you’re out of there.

Let's let everyone cool down.
No. 153540
[x] Excuse yourself, tag along with the pair for protection and company, at least until you’re out of there.
No. 153552
[X] Excuse yourself, tag along with the pair for protection and company, at least until you’re out of there.

Protection against potential angry mob. Sometimes the humans were more monsterlike than youkai. How ironic.

Question Treia, does the event in UFO happened in this story? And if yes, does this events affect the relationship between some characters?(EG: Sanae and Myouren temple residents,etc)
No. 153580
Byakuren is unsealed. She did get a brief mention earlier in the story, but no speaking lines. Given the temple schisms (or perhaps friendly rivalry would be the better word), the residents of each temple at least know each other by name. Some (e.g. Suwako/Suika/Kyouko) give little to no shits about the other temples and are less informed, but you can rest assured that the heads (Byakuren, Reimu, and Sanae) know each other. Their relationships at the moment are ambiguous, given the calm state of Gensokyo. MC might influence them directly, for example bringing Sanae over to the Hakurei Shrine. Maybe you piss Reimu off, maybe you get drunk with her...

Also, some of the temple characters are very, very secondary, even among the ever growing list of secondary characters. Suika, for example, gives little shits and is only likely to show up as a joke character. Kyouko might greet you if you visit Myouren temple, but has little duties or abilities outside of janitor and general picket. Suwako and Kanako are so far reserved up on their mountain you won't see them unless you pursue a friendship with Sanae.

Not to say that you can't pursue any or all of them. Take your favorite youkai janitor out for a traipse through a sunflower field. Convince the wolf tengu to run double shifts to guard the human village (so you can see her). Blow up Marisa's house to force her back to the village. It's all you guys.
No. 153581
>Blow up Marisa's house to force her back to the village.
Man, it would really suck to be her that day. She goes around visiting all her friends trying to bum a room, every single one of them tells her to fuck off, and she's forced back to the place she least wants to go.
No. 153592
Thanks Treia for the explanation. I owe you another elona outsider screenshot.(Tourist are HARD to play, even with that absurd PV and DV armor. Good thing that his race isn't snail. Reflecting on how fragile MC in gensokyo...)

Anyway, noticing how much MC generate RAGE and troubles for the village, expect MC will get called by Nakajima for a talk. Worse: Exiled from village. The worst of all: Angry mob demanding MC to be executed because shaking stability in the village. Reminds me what Nakajima said back on thread 2:
>"In one moment, I may decide that a man has to die. But in doing so, I may protect the rest of the people counting on me. However, I may refuse, out of principle, and in doing so, sentence the entire village to destruction. In short, I may choose between my principles, and my duties."
So much good scene can be generated from this.

And just for reminder: MC (in?)directly lower Moriya Shrine reputation, his stunt to the head shrine will question her ability as a shrine maiden.(I don't sure about this, since what Reimu drinks and don't even try to hide it.)

>Not to say that you can't pursue any or all of them.
>all of them.
We can go have a threesome with all of the playable characters? Awesome.
Just kidding, MC can't pull it off. But it'll be awesome.

One thing that I notice: Where is title for newer updates?
Another thing that I notice: Faster updates. Good job Treia.
No. 153593
Or maybe Alice begrudgingly lets her stay in the guest room.

At first, the odd couple have plenty to bicker about, but Marisa finds plenty of distraction in studying Alice's books and notes. Alice quickly realizes that retrieving her "borrowed" items is much easier when they're just down the hall, although she now has to deal with Marisa going straight to the source whenever she gets stuck on Alice's notes. Fortunately, Marisa is a fast learner and a diligent student when it comes to magic, and Alice gradually comes to accept her role as master to her new apprentice.
No. 153600
Okay there seems to be a common misconception that I'm not getting across through the updates, so let me just say that the farmers are to be considered a different entity from the normal human villagers. They provide the vast majority of the food produce that comes through to the village at the expense of living outside the walls. They do not have the protection the walls offer. Their lives are by far more difficult, and they have to maintain constant vigilance from the forest. They also tend cattle for the meat and milk that comes from them, although the cattle are relegated to inside the village during the night (You witnessed them on the way back out earlier in this day). Due to the way they have to live, the farmers are considerably more hardened than their village counterparts. This has bred an entirely different life philosophy to the villager who lives in relative safety. The farmers are by and large, isolated, racist, and paranoid. They don't resent you for your antics. They resent you for existing. It's not a rational thing, nor something you can easily influence. Running around accompanied by a youkai through their homes certainly does not help.

As far as Nakajima goes...

He does not really have authority over them. They don't live inside the walls. They have an unspoken agreement that the village provides them marginal protection and trade and they provide meat, vegetables, and foodstuffs of all kinds. Their men are not subjected to mandatory duties or guarding the wall at night or by day. They do not have any obligation to the lordship.

Keine is even worse off. Whereas villagers follow Nakajima because of his legal basis for rulership, Keine's authority comes from respect, mutual understanding, and moral necessity. A half-youkai... well, that's practically more of an abomination than a whole youkai. When she deals with them, at all, she has a villager like Oda act as an intermediary, with no mention of her own involvement.
No. 153709
Well, good that the winning votes are not the stick around with the farmer ones. Maybe we can ask Keine something more about the farmers.(We know about the farmers, MC did not.) And fairies. MC has not got introduced to fairies. Speaking of which why don't we goes back to Keine? Moukou must be already done with her now.(Forgot to use the write in when the idea pops out...Too late to change now, the winning vote is leading ahead.)

Oh and anyway, continuing simulating MC in elona while waiting for updates. Remember when I said I won't buy engagement equipment at Noyel? Screw it, after Sanae granting a wish(using it for 2 potion of evolution),I immediately try to ask her hand.(read: Marry). Total around 10 engagement rings and amulets with ridiculous price given to her. And a food mixed with love potions(look at the pic). All those money(around 100000 gold) can be used for other things. Like deeds of house, but after finally reaching soul mate status with her...100000 golds is worth it. later will give her molotovs to burn all these engagement amulet

This is MC's stats and Sanae's stat now. I don't know if I really simulating MC now...He's too...competent now. And lucky.
No. 153971
[X] Excuse yourself, tag along with the pair for protection and company, at least until you’re out of there.

A hundred to one is not good odds. Wardog four, bugging the fuck out.

“Hey, hey, wait for me!”

You call after the duo, pushing past the farmers and quickly scooting in beside them. The tiger, too, joins, from where it had idled away from the farmers. You quickly change to walking on the right side of them, opposed to the tiger on the left.

You glance back, noticing the farmers none too happy. None of them seem willing to chase you down, at least. You face forward again in an attempt not to provoke them by looking at them. Or even acknowledging their existence. Goodness forbid.

Nothing is said for a few minutes as the distance between you and the nearest angry mob quickly approaches 100 meters, then 200. When you’re confident you won’t be overhead, you open your mouth to speak, but get cut off by Shou.

“So lad, you’re still following us. Already up my offer?”

“Eh… not exactly.”

You say, motioning back towards your angry friends. She nods in understanding.

“Well, if you want to come by anyway we’ll have plenty of meat!”

She boasts, patting the package slung over her shoulder.

“Uh, no thank you. I’m not a fan of raw meat.”

“I am!”

She responds, laughing loudly and gutturally. Perhaps a bit too loudly. Did she just…?

You notice Nazrin bite her lower lip and slow down, falling out from the two of you. You can understand why… You’re not sure whether her bigger friend just made a sex joke, or proclaimed her lust for blood. Both of those possibilities leave you feeling uncomfortable. Better to change the subject. You clear your throat and go at it.

“Hey Naz, don’t fall behind now.”


She exclaims, stopping to take two long steps to catch up with you.

“…It’s Nazrin.”

Nazrin, huh? Odd name. Odder than “Shou”, though? Everybody here is weird.

“Ah, don’t worry about her, human.”

Shou pipes up, noting your exchange.

“She’s still learning. Doesn’t understand most humans‘re more afraid of her than she is of them.”

“I’m not afraid of her.”

You mention without thinking.

“Ah, good then! That’s your first step to learning about youkai.”

She says, reaching over Nazrin to pat you on the shoulder. Well, that’s fun.

“Uh… what exactly would step two be then?”

“Oh, you know.”

She says, waving her hand at nothing in particular.

“Give up all your worldly possessions and join our order. Maybe some hazing, you know? We need fresh meat.”

…You think you’ll pass. You make that evidently clear with your facial expression, and Shou pats you on the shoulder again over her small friend.

“Don’t reject us out of hand, really! You should meet Hijri at least, she’s a wonderful human. Goodness knows what we’d do without her.”

“Eh, Hijri?”

“Ah, Byakuren, you may know her by.”

Nope. Still not ringing a bell. You shrug at her. She frowns, but then pats Nazrin on the back.

“Hey Naz, why don’t you explain Hijri’s role to the human?”


She looks at Shou, then you. She quickly swallows her pride and starts listing off things.

“Well.. Byakuren took us in, fed us, and taught us for so many years. She doesn’t mind even when we screw up, and she calmly tells us what we did wrong, she’s just so nice about it. Really I’d have to say… she’s like a mother to me, that’s the only way I can explain it.”

Uh, well. You’re not lacking in mother figures. Still, she sounds like a good person. These two might’ve had it rough before, too, since they were taken in by an apparent monk. Or priest. Or nun. Whichever it is, since it’s a she. You wonder if she works with Keine, since she took you in and fed you (indirectly) when you got here.

“Hey, looks like you can get back in here.”

Shou speaks out, motioning at a gate coming up along the wall.

“Guess it’s time for us to part ways.”

She says, nodding at you. The group of you stop, the tiger flopping to the ground and lazily sitting in the grass. Nazrin quickly pipes up, thanking you profusely for your help. Shou wishes you well and reminds you you’re welcome at the Temple anytime, which she motions is away from the village, in the forest.

They turn to leave and you’re left watching them depart, idly chatting. They seem like nice enough people. Then you are interrupted by the tiger trotting past you to follow them again. Yeah… maybe. Maybe they’re nice people.

You turn towards the village and within a few quick steps, you’re back in with all the sights, smells, and noise. Two guards with spears are on either side, their backs to the wall on each side of the gate. They give you a polite nod, and you’re content to stumble through the village to your heart’s content.

Hrm… wait a second.

“Haven’t you guys been here all day?”

One of them pipes up, barely regarding you.

“Eh, ain’t so bad, outsider.”

Maybe, maybe. But there’s one thing you can’t figure out.

“Shouldn’t you guys be facing the gate, or something?”

A look of confusion crosses both their faces as they turn to look at each in bewilderment. They quickly strike up a conversation about the right or best way to watch the gate, and you quietly excuse yourself into the village.

Still the same old village. Wooden houses in the most mish-mash architectural styles you’ve ever imagined, depending on where you’re looking. Some of them are clearly feudal Japanese – Some look like they’ve come out of colonial America. Very few are more than one story, however, and you can clearly see the arch-topped residence of Lord Nakajima a few blocks away. Looking up towards the very top of his building; your eyes are blinded by the sun, still far in the sky with plenty of daylight to burn. Kind of annoying, really. Feels like you’ve been awake for 10 or 12 hours now, but it couldn’t have been too long.

“Hey, Outsider!”

Yeah, really annoying, actually. You could do with a refresher, or just some downtime. Not that all this time isn’t downtime, but stretch your legs, kick one back, maybe a fan…


Huh? Did someone…? You look around and see a young man, no older than 30, motioning for you. He’s dressed in a full kimono, sitting casually on the steps to a house raised a few feet off the ground on the stilts. He looks harmless enough – Well, as harmless as any young male, so you head on over to see what he wants. He raises an earthenware cup from the step he’s sitting on in a pseudo-toast.

“Outsider, right? Of course you are. You’re friends with that Sanae girl, aren’t you?”

“Uh, well yeah, I guess…”

Maybe friends is the wrong word, but you’re not one to break people’s fingers over grammar or word choice.

Still, the man seems pleased by your response. He reaches into his kimono and pulls out a pouch, tossing it to you. You reach out and catch it and nearly fall over doing so. The damn thing is heavy! You untie it and see that it’s full of shimmering gold coins. Literally, brilliant gold coins. They must’ve been polished, or something. They don’t seem like knockoffs either, given their weight.

“Do me a favor, would you? Give them to her for the Moriya shrine. I’m not one to make the trek up the mountain, so I figure she could take them, since she’ll be headed there anyway.”

You barely register his words as you gaze upon the coins. Real gold coins. You have no idea what kind of mintage, but this stuff must be valuable. What was gold at an ounce last you heard? 1400? 1600? This would make you a rich man…

“Y’hear me? Could you get them to Sanae?”

[ ] Spend the money. It’s not like he’ll know. Or the gods. Or Sanae. You could use a few things in this shithole. Sanae would understand, if she ever found out. She won’t.

[ ] Hold onto the money. You’re not sure when you’ll see Sanae next, or whether it might be more useful in the future…

[ ] Give the money back. You can’t hold on to it and if he wants to offer it to the deity of his choice he should do so himself.
No. 153972
[X] Hold onto the money. You’re not sure when you’ll see Sanae next, or whether it might be more useful in the future...

Don't be a jerk and spend the money. You can be an ass, but NEVER be a jerkass. We'll meet her again, so keep the money and bring it to her when meet with her.and making sure we are on Sanae's path

Oh, on unrelated note, I kill <whom dwell in vanity>. With doomed beers. ZUN will be proud.
No. 153978
[x] Hold onto the money. You’re not sure when you’ll see Sanae next, or whether it might be more useful in the future…

Be honest. Honesty is the best thing in the world. Be honest, and bring this to Sanae.
No. 153981

Obviously the next stage in your quest is to create a performer called ZUN, acquire infinite stacks of blessed booze, be continuously drunk, and sleep repeatedly with your little girl army of people who look a lot like touhous.
No. 153987
[x] Hold onto the money. You’re not sure when you’ll see Sanae next, or whether it might be more useful in the future…

A reputation as a trustworthy guy will serve us quite well, I think. Let's earn one.
No. 153997
[x] Hold onto the money. You’re not sure when you’ll see Sanae next, or whether it might be more useful in the future…

Yeah it's better to be a trust worthy guy for various reasons.
No. 154001
[x] Hold onto the money. You’re not sure when you’ll see Sanae next, or whether it might be more useful in the future…

Is there really any other option?
No. 154016

I'll see what I can do with this.

Well, we can give the money back, because given MC's luck, if he hold the money, it can end up:
1. Stolen by Marisa
2. Robbed by Moukou
3. ETC(roll 1d20 -100 in luck check)

But we can go circumstanced the event, like if it's stolen by Marisa, we can tell Sanae and get it back together(and blowing Marisa's house in the process), or if it's robbed by Moukou, we can tell Keine the situation, or just tell her that it's not MC's money and try to get it back.(If he's try HARD to get it back, I think she will give the money back, maybe. It should be amuse her.)
So, there. Keeping the money is more interesting.
No. 154154
“Oh buddy, you just fucked with the wrong people.”

Darius poked his head around the corner, alerted to the disturbance a few minutes ago. Technically he was off duty, technically he didn’t have a carry permit, and technically he didn’t even have his service rifle.

That never stopped anyone.

A group of three thugs stand opposed to a towering man, more than 6 feet in stature and solemnly ignoring them, choosing to stand his ground.

“Eh, buddy, huh? Huh?”

The obvious leader of the group says, taking a few steps towards the man and pushing him. The thug only manages to stumble himself, much to his own embarrassment. He puts his fists up yelling as the three surround him in a semi-circle.

“Well?! You really just going to run off our plaything and not say anything?”

Darius peers ever more past his hiding spot, trying to make out what they’re saying. He can only see the accused move his lips, speaking under his breath in an alien language. Infuriating, enraging them.

“Now you fucked up!”

They pull weapons. Their leader a hidden pistol from his waist. The two flanking him, switchblades. The leader holds his pistol like common scum, sideways with one hand. The fool will probably shoot up half the block before he hits his intended target. Time to stop these shenanigans.

Darius pops out from his watching point, grabbing their attention with an arrogant stride and a loud, unnecessary clap. All the better to stop them before they do anything stupid.

“Three versus one with guns and knives, aren’t we big men? Let me just even the odds here a little bit. Ah, by the way, you better kill both of us with one shot.”

He says, stepping into place besides the man. The man does not even bother acknowledging his presence.

“Why’s that?”

Their leader sneers, shifting his aim from the man to the new target on the field.

“Well, because if you fire that model of pistol like that, it won’t eject the shell properly and will jam.”


Darius sends him sprawling with a single punch to the bridge of his nose, wheeling around to catch one of the thug’s wrist as he tries to slash him. He twists and brings it down, simultaneously bringing him forward and into his other hand as staggers him with a strike to the throat. He pushes the thug away and gives him a low kick, sending him stumbling away.

Darius drops into a fighting position, taking one step back and lightly colliding with his now comrade-in-arms. He calls over his shoulder to him.

“Alright, alright, here we go! Hope you know how to fight!”

He can barely finish his sentence before he has to defend himself, batting away a stab and then a haymaker. The crunch of bones behind him whilst he maintains the back-to-back posture assures him his partner fared just as well. The thug in front of him attacks again, swinging wildly with his knife. He leans outwards, dodging, and staggers him again a jab to the sternum. He steps forward and delivers a roundhouse kick, putting him down for good.

Darius turns around, appraising the man, who seems unhurt. The man he faced lay crumpled on the ground a few feet away, having gotten quite the beating.

He just can’t help but smirk and hold out his hand.

“Good job there, eh? Was certainly hoping you could take one of them.”

The man doesn’t respond, nor raise his hand to meet. Darius shrugs, and puts his hand down.

“Ah, well. Hell of a fight.”

Out of the corner of his eye, movement. He has barely a second to react, stepping between the two.

“I’ll show you!”

He feels the sting of the gunshot as it pierces his flesh, his vision blanking out. He can barely stand as stumbles, trying to get his footing. He can barely feel the man brush past him.

He blinks, clearing his vision. He rises, ready to take the threat, but it’s too late.

The man stands over the thugs’ leader, now a smear against the ground. His head is bashed open, brain and blood splaying the ground. The gun, his failing, meters away. Hah… guess the fight’s over then.

He collapses, taking up a seat next to the man he downed as he fought back-to-back. This one’s not bleeding everywhere, at least. The man moves over to him, crouching down and looking over the gunshot. He must have medical training…

Leaning over, Darius rifles through the unconscious man for something. Satisfied, he retrieves a pack of smokes, fumbling through them and getting one out. He grips it with his teeth, pulling out a lighter, noticing the look of the man now tending his wounds.

“Hey, man, don’t look at me that. This is just something I always wanted to do, but was too healthy to.”

The man goes back to his business and Darius lights up, reveling in the concept of apathy. He can’t help but ask, however.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

The man pays him no attention, ripping away the clothing near where he got hit and probing the wound.


Darius says again, touching two fingers to his lips. The man stops for a second and looks at him.


He says, returning to his work.

“Demetrious, huh?”

Rolling the smoke around in his mouth, he considers the possibilities.

“Ever thought about joining the Bundeswehr?”
No. 154220
Got some of the update written out today during class, let's see what I can do tonight...
No. 154229
We waiting here.
No. 154278
how's the update progress now, Treia?
No. 154292
Uh, well... I wrote 39 words since I opened it this morning. Then I played games for a few hours and studied for German. I'm just back from the oral exam now, and I passed that, so...

More classes later today, then another exam instead of a 2 1/2 hour exam. No idea how long that exam will take. If it's not 2 1/2 hours I should have some time for SWORD OF THE STARS TWO YAY updating. Provided I can work up the will.
No. 154333
[X] Hold onto the money. You’re not sure when you’ll see Sanae next, or whether it might be more useful in the future…

Eh, what the hell. At least you can always stare at the damn thing if nothing else. Plus, Sanae’s going to be amazed when she sees this. You’re a stone cold killer most of the time, but she’s downright excitable in comparison!

“Yes. Yep. Yeah. Uh huh.”

You rattle off, telling him you’ll fulfill his request. You immediately hold it close to your heart, imagining the possibilities. Cars. Ferraris. Maybe just a gold-plated pacemaker. You don’t really need that heart.

My precious…

Huh, what was that? Anyway yeah, Sanae’ll be pleased! She does seem to be an impressionable young girl, though. Maybe you should make sure it gets to its destination, escort her or something…

You’ll cross that bridge when you get to it. The Golden Gate. Or escorts escorting her. Right now, you just have to hold it.

The man pats you on the shoulder, assuring you.

“You just make sure that these get there, alright? Thanks.”

He raises his cup and toasts it off your forehead with a clink. His task completed, he stands up and goes back into his home.

You could, of course, just turn around and spend the money, but you promised to hold on to it for Sanae. Maybe you should look for her. Yeah, that’d be good…

You set off in no particular direction, wandering the street like Velma looking for her glasses. You consider calling out for Sanae, or just using Velma’s catchphrase, which always seems to get results, but you doubt anyone around here would get the latter.

It’s a pain looking everywhere for Sanae. You try to think where she might hang out. Let’s see…

Shopping malls, photo booths, shoe stores, and uh… wherever they sell lingerie? No, no… this place doesn’t have any of those.

Your thoughts cause you to size up the nearby businesses to see what the local equivalent is. Who knows what kind of things a girl would like around here?

Food, services, smith. You can easily tell. Food being prominently displayed, the exchange of money and materials, and the black plume of a furnace and constant whine of the bellows. The last confuses you for a moment, but you quickly place it by remembering an old documentary about the Scots. They’d cut up peat right on the ground, burn it for fuel, and forge metal tools and weapons with it.

You wonder for just a moment what the smithy would be making around here, but realize you have more important things to do. In your daydreaming, you hardly notice the stereotypically black and white witch clamber into a shop.

Let’s see, what else? Food, food, services, food… Damn, what does Sanae do around here? You don’t even know what you do around here-

Wait a moment, what do you do? Let’s see…

Tentacle beasts, being lost, assisting other people at being lost, sleeping, eating, being harassed by women wearing suspenders that look like men. Well, all that sounds positively unappealing.

Still, if that guy knew about Sanae, maybe someone around here has a better idea of what she likes to do. You’re about to pick a building at random when the crash of porcelain, wood, and dozens of other things draws your attention to one particular building. What can only be described as a scream of pure rage emanates as the crashes continue for almost a full minute before a figure emerges, swinging a broom wildly with one vase still stuck on it. She gives it a good swing and the vase flies off, crashing onto a nearby rooftop. You can only stand there, mouth agape in shock, as she eyes you up, or more specifically, the bag you’re holding in your hand. She takes a step toward you only to stop as commotion arises all around the village, likely triggered by what you just heard. She takes one more look at you, then hops on her broom and flies off, darting across the sky in seconds.

You’re still standing there as a group of men jog over from the Eastern part of the village.

“Hey, Outsider! What just happened?”

“Huh? What? Oh uh-”

You snap, trying to reorient yourself. Your brain finally grasps the situation and you point towards the shop, little bits and pieces of what used to be fine craftsmanship laying about.

“Something fucked up just happened in there.”

The one closest to the front barely stops to nod, then runs inside. A second later, he’s calling for help and you find yourself peeking in along with the rest. The place is a mess, honestly. What used to be neat display shelves are now cracked and broken, several simply toppled over. A litany of vases lay scattered across the floor, now a tile floor, almost.

What really grabs your attention are the men crouching behind the counter, a blood stain leading back towards them clearly visible on the counter. You peak over and see them wrapping a tunic around the wounded man’s head, trying to stem the flow of blood. He groans and moans as they drag him out from behind the counter, clearing a space on the floor and making sure he can be fully laid out.

You’re at a loss for what you should do, but they appear to have it under control. One of the men working on staunching the blood pats another on the back, instructing him.

“Hey, go get the bamboo forest doctor! This looks bad!”

He nods at the first man and quickly brushes past you, taking off down the street. Even as he exits, two guards enter, their spears ready. You yelp and raise your arms.

“What happened here?”

“Don’t know!”

The first man calls back to them, paying them little heed as he works with the others to make sure the wounded is cared for.

“Looks like Mr. Kirisame hit his head pretty bad, I just sent one of the guys over to get the doctor.”

One of the guards nods, lowering their spears. You similarly lower your arms, now feeling quite silly.

“Did anyone see what happened?”

“Yeah, the Outsider was here when we got here!”

Oh. Oh.

“Uh, well…”

You stutter, not eager to get into the middle of anything.

“Come with me.”

The guard says, grabbing your wrist.

You just know it won’t be pleasant.

Within a few minutes you’ve been dragged all the way to Nakajima’s place. The guard has a few choice words with someone on the inside, and then shoves you into the long, hardwood corridor that leads to Nakajima’s preferred meeting room, as you know. A familiar face greets you. Reina, Nakajima’s daughter, stands waiting for you, again in her fancy, ceremonial robe.

“Ah, Outsider! I heard someone got hurt?”

You can’t help but put a hand to the back of your head.

“Yeah, something like that…”

“And you saw it?”

“Yeah… Something like that.”

“I see.”

“So uh, I get to see the king now, huh?”



You say, psyching yourself up. Work it. Left. Right. Twirl. Shit yeah.

She grasps your shoulder, hard.

“Just remember, okay? Don’t lie to my father.”

“Right, right…”

For that, she grips it a bit harder for a moment, but does let go. She then escorts you down the hallway past several other rooms to the one you met him in before. Both of you take one last moment to compose yourself, and she slides the door open for you. Nakajima retains the same cold, distant stare he did the first time you met him. Sitting in that classical position, again the table is already prepared for two. You quickly take your seat, and he nods at Reina. You wait a moment, then get off your heels and spread out, crossing your legs. He does not.

“Someone was hurt.”

He starts. You nod and confirm.

“And said person’s livelihood was destroyed.”

You think for a moment, and again nod in response.

“So there is a man, now, even if he lives, he will die. Starvation or disease, it matters little. He cannot live without unfair compensation. He would die, unless I did this. I did, he will not, but without me, he would. This is not right.”

You’re not quite sure what he’s getting at…

“So I must ask. Who is responsible for this crime?”

He picks up his drink and tacitly adds one final point.

“Such a crime is a terrible thing. But to aid and enable such a crime, perhaps even moreso.”


He puts his drink down, looking back at you. He folds his hands, clearly expecting an answer.

[ ] Tell him what you saw. Marisa exited the shop afterwards in quite a ruffled way. It was her.

[ ] Blame someone else.
-[ ] Specify.

[ ] (Lie) You don’t know. Coulda been anyone.
No. 154338
[x] Tell what you saw.
No. 154339
[X] Tell him what you saw. Marisa exited the shop afterwards in quite a ruffled way.
-[X]Don't immediately accuse someone. You are witnesses, not judge. Tell Nakajima to investigate the scene.

I can't sure that's Marisa's doing unless we really see her doing that, but what just her do(and not helping the man) really go against her. I hope there's some kind of detective here...
No. 154343
[X] Tell him what you saw. Marisa exited the shop afterwards in quite a ruffled way.
-[X]Don't immediately accuse someone. You are witnesses, not judge. Ask Nakajima to investigate the scene.

Let's not jump to conclusions. Hopefully there's an explanation for this.
No. 154356
Oh, and add to my vote at >>154339
--[X]Mention that the same witch also do something suspicious some days ago.

Where? Thread 1, post no >>140834
>“You don’t respect me!”


>A blonde-haired women in a full witch’s outfit stalks out of a shop, carrying an armful of vials. A gruff man in his 40s quickly walks after her. He tries to grab her arm, but she whips around and yells at him before throwing a vial onto the ground, shattering it. She storms away, fuming. The man sighs, hanging his head. He crouches and begins picking up the pieces of glass, muttering to himself.

The hints indicates that Marisa is the culprit, and with this new evidence, it seems the motive was because the shop keeper and her has grudge on each other. But without further evidence, I can't be sure. If only we know a mind reader to clear this off...We will meet Satori later, right?

So gentleman and fellow detectives, what do you think of this?

a note that only elona players care: I resort to use wizard mode for ZUN...god race only has 4 inventory slot, so yeah...Now just choosing which outfit for each girl(I only manage Reimu, Sanae, Rin, and Chen now, maybe Sakuya later since there is maid hairband on ETC appearance, it just hard to find the right outfit for each girls...
No. 154392
[X] Tell him what you saw. Marisa exited the shop afterwards in quite a ruffled way.
-[X]Don't immediately accuse someone. You are witnesses, not judge. Ask Nakajima to investigate the scene.
No. 154396
[X] Tell him what you saw. Marisa exited the shop afterwards in quite a ruffled way.
-[X]Don't immediately accuse someone. You are witnesses, not judge. Ask Nakajima to investigate the scene.
No. 154557
Update, please? Or will you wait until 25 to celebrate the birthday of this story? although it's been a year, this story only produced 4 threads...wish that this story get faster, but well...

And using this post to excuse myself from posting another Elona screenshot to complete my quest, as given by spiritual liege Treia. I hope I have those custom sprites at moongate runes, it makes me making touhous char easier and more look-a-like.
No. 154714
"Come on baby, come on! I'm still awesome! Still awesome!" (ENG)

She snorted in disgust, turning around and flipping him off, storming out of the restaurant to the stares of most of the patrons. Whizz scratched his head, muttering under his breath.

"English used to be cool..." (GER)

He turned around, seeing the stares of his fellow customers. He waved them off, subconsciously hunching and trying his damndest to avoid attention.

"Back to your dinners, folks!" (GER)

He dejectedly took a seat back at his table, taking a quick glance around to make sure nobody was still gawking. Confident nobody cared, he sighed to himself and turned over his dinner for the umpteenth time that night.

"Mind if I take this seat?"

A man asked, holding a rolled up newspaper under his trenchcoat's armpit, the brim of his hat soaked from the rain. He motioned to the now vacant other side of the table.

"Sure thing, buddy. Go right ahead."

The man nodded, taking the seat and unfurling the newspaper he had been carrying. It established a barrier between the two that made conversation difficult, not that Whizz had any intention of talking to anyone else for the night. He'd have preferred to sulk.

Brzz... Brzz...

His phone rang. He retrieved it and flipped it open, bringing it to his ear.

"'Sup?" (ENG)

"What? No, I'm in Essen." (GER)

"Yeah... I was visiting my girlfriend." (GER)

"No, I'm pretty sure it's a woman." (GER)

"Pretty damn sure, yes." (GER)

"Oh come on, that's not true." (GER)

"Eh?! That's like 300 miles!" (ENG)

"No, Yes- Shut up! It's like 450 kilometer- YES I KNOW HOW TO DO CONVERSIONS!" (GER)

"No, I don't need another round of basic, why?" (GER)

"Listen, I don't care if they want to give me a hundred medals, yo! We got discharged..." (GER)

"Meet you there in 2 hours? But it's like a 4 hour flight at best-"

He turned to his phone, a look of astonishment on his face. He sheepishly snapped it closed and took out his wallet, counting out bills on the table.

"Family trouble?"

The man asked, peaking out from behind his newspaper.

"Something like that!"

Whizz replied, grimly. The man nodded in acknowledgement.

"Anyway, enjoy your dinner. This seat's free, now."

Whizz said, picking up his jacket and leaving. The man waited, idly scanning his paper. He glanced over his shoulder at the clock and folded up his newspaper, leaving without even ordering an appetizer.


"Did you know they call you snipers because of the bird, the snipe?" (ENG)

The duo stopped, the gunner of the two turning to the speaker.

"No... I didn't." (ENG)

The speaker smiled, not missing a beat.

"Well why don't we take a little detour, and I show you how you got the name?"

The gunner nodded.




"So what did they call you... in the war?"

The gunner looked up from his camouflage position, interrupted from the laborious ritual of digging in and breaking up the outline. His face pained for a moment before he simply came out with it.

"Void. It was 'Void'."

The other man nodded thoughtfully before pointing to a flock of birds coming down near them.

"There we go. Those are snipes. Pay attention." (ENG)

The two waited as the birds slowly approached a bit closer over the ground. They were interrupted by a slight buzzing. Void fumbled with his pocket, producing a cellphone.

"Bit busy." (GER)


"I understand." (GER)

He stood up, the sudden motion causing the flock to scatter into the winds. The other man stood and took a shot, but had clearly missed even amongst the flock. He cursed his friend below his breath.

"The hell'd you do that for?"

"The airport's east of here, right?"

Void said, eyes already fixed east. He slung his rifle over his shoulder.

"Yeah, but come on, you still got 6 days out here don't you?"

"There's more important things."

His companion could only groan as he left.


The third meter of snow this week was falling. The roads could not be distinguished from the soil. The village was dark.

He continued trudging. Slowly. Laboriously. His footprints behind him were being snowed in almost as quickly as he was making them. He stopped at the slightest indication of a landmark, half of a sign protruding from the snow. He bent down and uncovered its face.


Satisfied, he rose. Onward, he went.

100 meters. One hundred others. He stopped, seemingly randomly.

Downwards he dug. Snow, ice. Nothing stood in his path. He only stopped when he had unearthed two upright stone slabs, their inscriptions having been worn away by the fierce weather. How long they had sat there was probably only known to him.

He kneeled. His head pointed to the sky, and then down until it touched the base of one of the stones, a dusting of snow already covering the very thing he had just unearthed. He repeated the process for the second one.

There was the slightest noise amongst the howl of the wind, and the man stood inside the hole he had dug. A man looked down on him from above, his face similarly covered, his body clothed, his features hidden. One could barely make out the movement of his mouth, their words lost to the wind. The man crouched down and unfurled a letter from the inner lining of his jacket.

He unfurled it, quickly reading it over. Done, his hands let go, the letter drifting off into the waste, carried by the wind.

He climbed out, orientated himself, and began trekking back.


"Looks like the party's back together."

Darius said, grinning. He nodded at the approaching fellowship. They all looked perhaps a bit different in peacetime. Whizz was dressed in civilian attire, bereft of his usual litany of tools and explosive mishmashes. Void was not dwarfed by a 5 foot rifle that made people scared just looking at it. And Demetrious?

Well, Demetrious never changes.

Whizz ruffled out his own hair, trying to remove some of the water that had clearly drenched it in the short run between the tarmac and the airport. He pointed at Void, almost accusatory.

"Hey, how come he got he before me?"

"Took the Concorde over the North Sea."

He replied curtly, not interested in carrying on the conversation.

"Eh, Concorde? Man, those supersonic things?! I thought they were getting shut down, weren't they?"

He continued blabbing, asking about how the flight was and what he could see, the sonic boom, and plenty of other things.

"Not yet, Whizz. Now shut up."

He pouted, but remained silent. At least until he noticed Demetrious had been silently standing aside from the group.

"Hey what abou-"

"None of your damn business. Now we got an enlistment to go make."




"Why are you here, Darius?"

Darius remained standing at attention, having delivered their enlistment forms already to his desk. The man sighed, and spoke again.

"Look, we don't have a need for more special forces. There's no rear, no supply lines, no flanks to strike. It's all counter-insurgency now. The GSG isn't warranted, you aren't trained, and the US has enough bodies to throw at it."

He swiveled his chair around, waiting. Several minutes passed.

"You're still here, aren't you?"

He glanced over his shoulder and sighed, turning around.

"Look, if you really want to go back I can get you some scrub back-end deployment in the mountains where you're just going to be bored for a few months until we withdraw."

He waited, tapping his fingers across his desk. The group didn't speak, staying at attention.

"I guess that's a yes, then. Welcome aboard. Again."

He reached down and drew back a drawer in his desk, placing a stack of paperwork on the desk, then four service pistols. Darius smirked, dropping the attention.

"Thank you very much, sir."

He took one, and handed off the others. The entire group dropped their formality, with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Whizz looked his gun over, chambering a non-existent round.

"Let's jam!"


"Shut up, Whizz."
No. 154751
Just want to say happy birthday to this story. Hope that this story will be getting even better, and finished someday.
(I want to draw a scene from the story as a gift, but my drawing skills were abysmal...If I can draw I should have gone to /i/ now, haha.)
No. 154793
Aaaand here are some things I speed wrote while discussing the last update with one of my proofreaders. Warning: Canon status and formatting is questionable.

Clocking in at a cool 2 minutes and 33 WPM:
"Look I like the cold, okay? I love the snow. I love the crunch it makes as you stalk through the black forest in a wargame, as live fire rounds go off. Camoflague is good, too. Animals are sparse. Everyone out's a target. But Russia? Just too damn cold. Too much snow. Too much of a good thing." Darius recounts, leaning back and bring the cigarette to his lips, closing his eyes as he inhales another pufff.

And the doozie, 448 in 9 minutes. If only all my updates went this quick.
"This guy, all right? THIS FUCKING GUY!" Your informant rails, starting to pace again, putting his hands up to his head and putting them through his hair. He quickly stops, turning , thinking it over again. "I just don't get it. I really don't get it. He's got €300,000 in savings and spend, all army pension. He's renting an aparmtent. Stupid little 3-room thing on the 4th floor of some back-end residential development. Nothing special about it, absolutely nothing. Money comes into his accounts, nothing goes out. I don't even know if the guy fucking EATS, okay? We stalked out his apartment for an entire week the other month, all right? Its door didn't open once. We thought he died! He never even got food or nothing. We checked? His water isn't even turned on. He's not paying for any utilities besides electricity, and its usage is consistent with a single modern alarm clock. That's it. The times we did see him coming in? All right, those were the weirdest. Always with guns, more guns. He uses his army ID to buy guns. Just guns guns guns guns, and ammo. He came back this one time, all right? Two huge cases. We thought it was a fucking suitcase nuke or something. He dropped one of em while opening his door. The entire thing resounded. We could HEAR the brass clicking. He just looked around, almost damn spotted the mini[-camera] that we put above his door. And when he put those away? He brought in two fucking more. Those things were a few square feet each. And he's just getting more. The one time we accidentally caught a glimpse inside - and oh man, did we ever get lucky. I mean, let me tell you how lucky we got, okay?" He pauses, heavily panting. He takes a swig of water from the myriad of bottles laying about at his self-proclaimed 'command station' where he had been on your payroll for the last 3 months. He clears his throat and continues. "So yeah one of our guys was moving over to get some pizza he ordered - Goddamn pizza, he used his real name too! Real incompetent fuck, but enough about him. He accidentally left his camera on. The thing was swinging on his belt. You know what it saw when that door opened? The entire floor was bullets. Like literally, it was bullets. There's not even any furniture in there. I think he fucking SLEEPS on 9mm. All right? He had a pile of AK derivatives just piled in a corner in various states of assembly. This guy is fucking insane. You are not paying me enough for this."
No. 154921
Updates, soon? Where?
No. 154940
Unfortunately, I have a fatal case of the lazy.

I'm afraid it's terminal, at least until I stop being lazy.
No. 154957
I got a cure for that, it's called 'bug-the-lazy-ass-till-the-person-fed-up-and-start-writing'. Works for me. A friend of mine keep bugging me when I'm not updating my story 4 months, snapping out of my lazy ass and I get writing so he can shut up.Although the quality of the writing is questionable, haha.

More elona screenshot that nobody will cares about. Well, I decided to go back to ye olde not-outsider. Guess what I found at moongates. (that flandre is lvl 100, steamrolling any enemies as long as she's not surrounded by a group of very high leveled monsters. While cirno is lvl 9, unsurprisingly.) Will try to find all other touhou chars at those moongates to complete my quest.
No. 154960

What story would that be, sir?
No. 154975
It's on fanfiction.net. Do you really want to see it?It's not touhou fiction by the way.(I keep hearing bad reputation of that site on here , but hey, I need a writing platform somewhere.)
But if you insist: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6449302/1/Another_World
I would not say that it's a good story, but I'm trying to make it a good one. Practice makes perfect permanent.
Recently I also start a touhou fanfic, but not on that site, and not English, so you maybe not interested on that one.

Yeah, I know I'm such a whining bastard when I was a reader, but as a writer I know how hard it is to update or try to find inspiration to write when laziness infect. Sorry about that. I just want my hunger for this story to be sated. I love this story, why else I'm whining for updates?
No. 155164
I got nothing to said. Just got the most amusing death, ever. Laughing 5 minutes straight.(Look at the message box below.)
No. 155292
Yaaaawn. Outline written. If I don't get the update done soon, I'll post some old writing to satiate the masses. For example I'm looking right now at an old characterization of our friend Darius... (now defunct)
No. 155371
[X] Tell him what you saw. Marisa exited the shop afterwards in quite a ruffled way.
-[X]Don't immediately accuse someone.

Well when he puts it like that…

“Well you know with the thing and the uh… stuff… and the, uhm aaahhh…”

He stares you down like the Sword of Damocles straight from low-earth orbit. You think it’s in your best interest not to fumble with your explanation, so you get right to the point.

“See there was a uh, woman, okay? Dressed in black and white, I only saw her for a moment. I may have seen her before, called Marisa? Does this sound familiar at all, I mean I don’t want to point fingers or-”

“That’s all I needed from you.”

He announces, pulling out a document from beneath the table.

“I am signing an order of banishment for her. Too long has she disrupted this village.”

“But you know maybe I-”

“Who do you think it was?”


You spout before you’ve even processed the conversation.

“Who do you think would possibly, possibly venture that far into the human village, ransack a single shop belonging to her father, and disappear in a wink? Do you think it was some random Youkai? Do you think it was some insignificant who decided to trash this random shop which just happened to belong to Marisa’s father?”

He slams his fist down upon the table, nearly causing you to jump out of your seat. He stands from his sitting position, leaning over the table and getting uncomfortably close.

“I like you, outsider, but this is something that is ours to deal with. You’ve been good. Don’t screw it up now.”

He pulls back, snatching the document off the table and hastily scribbling something on it before calling for his daughter.


The door opens to the waiting girl, whereupon Nakajima quickly hands it over, giving a few parting, but strict, instructions.

“Make sure the guards get this, and Keine. If that fool Oda screws this up…”

Reina seems a bit surprised, but nods and leaves you two. You can’t help but sit there and contemplate the pros and cons of just running now.

He turns back to you, seemingly ready to beat up Marisa even if she showed up right now.

“You were going to cover for her, weren’t you?”

Maybe a little-

“That is a dangerous thing, outsider.”

“I don’t care who you are. If you get in the way of this village’s survival, I won’t hesitate.”

You don’t have a doubt in the world of what he says. He really would sacrifice your life for the village.


Nakajima left you in a hurry, although for what you’re not sure. Still, with little else to do and no incentive to stick around, you quickly worm your way out of his little mansion, almost sneaking. You have to glance back again to make sure Reina or someone isn’t watching you leave, ready to pounce on you for some minor infraction of politeness or something. In doing so, you blunder out of the seeming-mansion right into Keine. Literally, into Keine.


Both of you exhort as you bounce away from each other.

“Sorry, sorry!”

You begin, rubbing your head where you must’ve bounced off the other’s spine. Your words stop as you look up to see a similarly miffed Keine rubbing her back.

“Hey, I was looking for you!”

“That’s not how you look for people!”

She disparages, a bit of teasing in her voice. It really would be silly to look for people with your skull!

“More to the point though…”

She says, motioning at Nakajima’s building.


You ask, not quite sure where she’s going with it.

“What the heck happened?”

You’re about to respond when she puts her finger to your lips, silencing you.

“Let’s walk while you talk, actually.”

You nod, falling in behind her as she takes off into the village. She constantly stops to be interrupted by men, some of which you vaguely recognize as guards from the gates. They all seem to be asking the same question…

“Are we really supposed to keep Marisa out?”

“Yes, just do it. I’ll tell you if anything changes.”

She replies just as quick for each. None of them seem particularly happy about it, although if it’s for the fact that she can fly or the fact she’s being banished, you’re not sure. Finally the last of them disappears and she picks up the pace again, nodding back at you and telling you to go on.

“At your leisure, outsider.”

“Uh… where would you like me to start?”

“Well, what did Marisa do?”

“I don’t know what Marisa did!”

You exclaim, trying to get the truth out for possibly the first time today.

“Well what did you see, then?”

“Okay there was, you know, the girl and I think she’s called Marisa, and she’s in this white and black witch’s outfit and she comes hurrying out in a puff, and everyone’s excited and they drag me in, and the guy’s there and he got hurt pretty bad, and then they drag me off to Nakajima, and then… yeah.”

She stops so quick you almost run into her. She turns around and grabs you by both shoulders, making you freeze up utter the most pitiful ‘eek’ you’ve ever heard.

“Is that everything you saw?”


You sputter, racking your mind for information or something you didn’t remember. Thankfully she seems content, or at least accepting, of the answer, releasing you and giving a downtrodden sigh.

“Then there’s no question about it.”

She says, shaking her head. Is it really that clear cut?

“I already suspected it was her, several of the guards saw her fly in, and out, but…”

She sighs again, turning back and resuming walking, not even waiting for you.

“I had hoped to keep her involvement questionable. It’s not that she should not be punished, but the damage was not that bad, and I knew Nakajima would overreact… That fool.

Although exactly who she is disparaging with that last remark remains unclear to you.

“Won’t you join me for tea?”

Keine interrupts your thoughts with a simple invitation. So simple it almost catches you off guard. You think it over for a second and nod.

“Yeah. Tea would be nice.”

She returns your nod.


Keine brushes the vines hanging from her roof out of the way, pausing to murmur to one of them. She does not dwell, however, and opens the door for you, holding it as you come in. She shuts it behind you and scurries off to the backroom your earlier identified as her kitchen. With little else to do, you sit down at one of the chairs in the ‘living’ room. She takes but a few minutes to come back with a beat-up kettle and some earthenware mugs.

She pours servings for two, handing one over to you as she quickly gets to her own, sitting down and slinking back.

“Mr. Kirisame’s doing fine, in case you were wondering.”

It hadn’t even occurred to you.

“Apparently she got him in the scalp with the edge of a piece of furniture. Not sure which, not that it matters. It’s not a serious injury, but there’s plenty of blood.”

She stops to blow a bit of steam off her tea, eyes wandering around the room and past you.

“That’s why I wanted to be easy on her. I don’t think she was trying to hurt him or anything. She was just mad! Teenagers get mad, they get angry and do stupid things… Ugh.”

She puts her tea down and leans back, rubbing her temples. You bury yourself in your tea, partly to avoid having to say anything, and partly because your throat is glad for any sort of liquid refreshment.

“She’s not going to last long out there. That forest is too dangerous a place for a human child, even if she’s a magician. What was he thinking?!

She lurches back up, thinking with her hands as she fiddles with an invisible diagram, thinking spatially.

“She’ll need food. Clothing. Utensils, tools… Farmers won’t give it to her, they hate magicians almost as much as they hate Youkai. It’ll have to be one of the guards, they can duck out without anyone seeing, and they’ll listen. But it’ll need to be small, concealable…”

She goes on and on, crafting this invisible care package in the air in front of you like a woman possessed, committed to her task.

“Outsider, have you done anything like this before? I’d like your input.”

Uh, well… You think you’ve smuggled cola into the movie theater before. You’re not quite sure that counts, though.

“Maybe uh, a fishing rod?”

You sheepishly say, thinking about the old proverb about teaching a (wo)man to fish.

She claps.

“I understand what you mean, but there’s not a lot of places to fish in Gensokyo. Good idea, though! Good idea!”

She springs out of her seat, set on getting some things to Marisa.

[ ] Stay, chat with Keine.

[ ] You still have yet to figure out how to leave. Keine may be able to help, but you doubt the answer is inside this house. Little point in sticking around.
No. 155374
[X] You still have yet to figure out how to leave. Keine may be able to help, but you doubt the answer is inside this house. Little point in sticking around.

She's probably going to be too busy to chat with us.
No. 155377
[X] Stay, chat with Keine.
She gives you a place to live, giving you money, etc...A little chat wouldn't hurt.
No. 155378
[x] Stay, chat with Keine.

It'd be better to wait until things calm down before going back out there.
No. 155384
Finally, you update this story. I wish for better update time though...

[X] Stay, chat with Keine.
-[X] Ask about the fairies, any information will do. Tell Keine the fairies problem that you have, and you want to end it, now. If you stuck in this place, you don't want anymore problem with these prepubescent girls trying to beat your guts.
-[X] Ask about Byakuren, if she work with Keine, and tell her about your adventures with Nazrin and Shou earlier.
-[X] Tell Keine about the money you got earlier, and where to store it until you meet Sanae. You got to make sure that money is safe in this crazy world.
-[X] Tell, then ask her about the farmers, and their 'unpleasant' attitude.
-[X]Tell her about your adventure trying to Yukari's place, and ask if there is another way to meet with Yukari.

Sitrep to Keine, and she'll help you.
No. 155392
[X] Stay, chat with Keine.

Also, we should let her know about the Village leader's warning toward us. He seemed really serious about us not helping her. Best not go charging into a situation without knowing potential consequences.
No. 155396

Keine is well aware that Nakajima doesn't support you or anyone helping Marisa. She doesn't care about the consequences. Her compassion for people is her overriding concern.
No. 155398
I meant does she know what the village leader would be willing to do to you if we do help.
No. 155405

She'd suffer the same fate. You may be misinterpreting Nakajima's "advice", however I leave that up to you...
No. 155454
Predicting things while waiting.

So Keine will help Marisa even though she well aware the consequences[1]. Looking on the votes, there are chance that she will try to draw MC to participate in this act whiles he chat to her, but it's questionable. She is aware that if this act was discovered by Nakajima, anyone involved will suffered, and she is not want MC to get suffered because of her act. Then the route parts on whatever we choose MC to help her out or not.

As for whom the guard that will smuggles the care package to Marisa[2], I think that will be Oda, as he is mentioned by Nakajima [3]. I predict that he will be sent on by Nakajima to 'look after' Keine to make sure that she will not help Marisa, but Keine will persuade him to help her, questioning Nakajima's decision on Marisa and ask if he will let Marisa die on the forest. In the end, he agrees and try to smuggle that package for Marisa.

At least that was the plan, before he gets discovered by guards whose loyal to Nakajima(And maybe he send that guards to spying Oda if he is trying to help Keine, looking back on Oda's incompetency in Nakajima's eye, maybe he distrust Oda.) Oda gets captured, spill out Keine's plan, before he and Keine sentenced by banishment from the village for treason. MC will also probably get banished too if he chooses to help Keine.

But...If MC is banished, it'll invoke his secret protector's wrath: Yukari. She maybe will send threats to Nakajima for his act, but choose to not directly involved because...Well, because she is Yukari. She instead will send some men to protect MC while banished and possibly to lead regicide against the village ruler.

What men? Of course the big burly KSK men that Treia keep showing through the updates. And he state it himself that they will show up later.[4]

Well, that is it. I could not predict even further. This is just a prediction, so expect that some of this(or the entire prediction) gone wrong.

[2]>>155371 ("It’ll have to be one of the guards, they can duck out without anyone seeing, and they’ll listen.")
[3]>>155371("If that fool Oda screws this up...")
[4]>>148982 (Spoiler tagged)
No. 155499
[X] Stay, chat with Keine.
-[X] Ask about the fairies, any information will do. Tell Keine the fairies problem that you have, and you want to end it, now. If you stuck in this place, you don't want anymore problem with these prepubescent girls trying to beat your guts.
-[X] Ask about Byakuren, if she work with Keine, and tell her about your adventures with Nazrin and Shou earlier.
-[X] Tell Keine about the money you got earlier, and where to store it until you meet Sanae. You got to make sure that money is safe in this crazy world.
-[X] Tell, then ask her about the farmers, and their 'unpleasant' attitude.
-[X]Tell her about your adventure trying to Yukari's place, and ask if there is another way to meet with Yukari.
No. 155500
[X] Stay, chat with Keine.

Nice prediction, btw.
No. 155530
I'm impressed with this post, too bad it's not in a story more deserving of it. More stories could use that insight from its voters.
No. 155547
You can shut right the fuck up.

[X] Stay, chat with Keine.
-[X] Ask about the fairies, any information will do. Tell Keine the fairies problem that you have, and you want to end it, now. If you stuck in this place, you don't want anymore problem with these prepubescent girls trying to beat your guts.
-[X] Ask about Byakuren, if she work with Keine, and tell her about your adventures with Nazrin and Shou earlier.
-[X] Tell Keine about the money you got earlier, and where to store it until you meet Sanae. You got to make sure that money is safe in this crazy world.
-[X] Tell, then ask her about the farmers, and their 'unpleasant' attitude.
-[X]Tell her about your adventure trying to Yukari's place, and ask if there is another way to meet with Yukari.
-[x] Also, can she tell Mokou to stop being a jerk?
No. 155616
Too bad that I only very interested in this story, since I find only this protagonist was recognizable in my eye, somehow his mindset was really familiar to me. It was like that it was I that gets into gensokyo and feels all the adventure. I want to see how his adventure progressing, and choose what I, as a reader, want to choose as close as what I would do. That was why I love this story. That was why I write that long prediction, so to make this story does not go sour. That was why this story deserves that long prediction.

>-[x] Also, can she tell Mokou to stop being a jerk?
I against that. First, let's observe Mokou a bit. She said herself that she likes(Not romantically, although there is a chance[1], not that we pursue her.) MC[2]. And it reflected on how Mokou treat MC, she was teaching MC to use chopstick whiles she has the choice to just watch him trying use it for her amusement, trying to match him with Alice(big chance that she was just screwing with him, but it shows a sign of friendliness.), and recently, treat him eat[3], while she can just leaves him when she finds out that he has no money and eat alone without costing more of her money to treat MC. She is looking MC as a friend, it just that she...How to said it...I will use a case here. Ever see two friends that seem to treat each other violently or like an archenemy, but close to each other? Maybe that was like it. MC is just not used to her act, only Mokou feels her like a friend.

And second, if Keine tell Mokou to be less a jerk, Mokou will know that MC is telling ill about her. Don't you think that will makes her treatment to MC much harsher than before?

And talking about Mokou, related to earlier theory[4] I think if Nakajima do something bad to Keine(Like banished her.), Mokou will PISSED. She will help MC to his regicide if he tries one(and maybe some talking about "I do this for Keine, not for you" stuff.), or maybe tries to makes havoc at village(She is immortal, she is not afraid to do it.), but calmed down by Keine. Either one or both works.

And about Marisa's father...I cannot say much since I do not know his personality, but if he hears that her daughter is banished, he will feel guilty since he was the reason her daughter is now exiled. Maybe he will plead to Nakajima to repeal the banishment. BUT since we do not know Marisa's father personality, we can only hope.

[2]:>>143893 “Hell, I like you! I like you a lot! You can come over to my house and- No wait, no you can’t that’s private.”
No. 155626
My opinion is also speculation of course, but it seems to me that Marisa's father fits the victim profile more than Marisa herself. From what I could gleam from the first confrontation, it seems like the father was the one trying to reach out to her, and Marisa decides to stomp off and later comes back and wrecks his shop. Like people said, we don't know the whole story so the cause of the second incident is up in the air, but I just don't see her father as the type of person to deliberately antagonize his daughter to the point where she significantly sets back his ability to make a living. While I'm sure the dad didn't help matters or go about the situation the way that he could have, I think that the responsibility regarding this whole exile situation lies more heavily on Marisa. The fact that the first thing she thinks about after leaving the shop is whether she could make some free money on the side by snatching our bag also reduces my sympathy for her somewhat.
No. 155776

Snakes unhinge their jaw before they devour their prey.
No. 155812
But MC's lower body part can't be so big that she- Wait, did he has a dick THAT big? Wait until Eirin discover this...

Also, don't make us wait for another month, please...
No. 155819
Unfortunately I've meant to update twice in the last two days. One of those days I spent all my writing time on a short, and the other I just spent... well, more M&B.

I blame krisslanza for everything. I haven't even done homework since she got me back into M&B.
No. 155859
>not warband
You're wasting yar time, brudda.
No. 155860

Trust me, I'm playing Warband. Specifically Floris, and now Prophecy of Pendor. I just left it off, because I thought you peons wouldn't know the difference~
No. 155862
I can't play a 2006-onwards game unless they have really low requirements...Not that I have money to buy the game...

So...When you will start writing? Don't make me write a thesis full of speculation for this story out of boredom.
No. 155864
>Prophecy of Pendor
That seems interesting. I just tried Land of BLeeding Ice and Freelancer (I recommend this one, by the way, it's refreshing and simple).
No. 155905
Holy crap, I just tried Prophesy of Pendor, and I got my ass handed to me in a totally crazy way.
Armour is far more efficient in this mod, and a javelin in the head is the best way to lost the game. Don't attack sea raiders with a starting party. Time to start another character.

But with that, I'm forgetting the most important thing: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UPDATE?
No. 155906

Trees are sick. Please wait warmly (kind of like my temperature).
No. 155909
I know you're telling us that you're sick at the moment and all that, but the Lily in that picture looks like she's about to have an orgasm and is embarrassed about it.
No. 156373
So how's the update progress Treia?
No. 156542
Treia is deeeeeead

I've come to take his place. Things are going to change around here! Firstly, more gratuitous plant references. I quite like Keine's house. Let's do that, but with every house, yes. What? Story? Oh, uhm...
No. 156546
Yuuka, did you kill Treia?
No. 156920
Eh, you missed, pal!
No. 157328
“That’s Tajikistan, right over there, huh?”

Void mused, craning his neck as he sat on his pack.

“Yeah; heard Russia’s still got troops stationed on the border, too, since their little civil war.”

Darius replied, taking the opportunity to light up a cigarette.

“Man… what kind of third world shithole you gotta be to have Russia station troops in your cities?”

“I dunno, what does that make this shithole?”

Void turned his head, creasing his brow as if thinking hard about the question.

“Fourth world?”

He says, completely deadpan and eliciting a chuckle from his team leader.

“You just keep thinking on that one, Void.”

Darius replies, patting him once before standing.

“Five minutes ‘til we go! Hurry it up, asshole!”

He yells to the other two, only one of whom bothers to look up as sauce dribbles down his chin.

“Hey, come on, man, there’s two assholes here; why you gotta pick me out?”

“’Cause Demetrious is a smart guy, Whizz. Finish your damn food.”

“For the record, these MREs suck!”

Whizz yells back, shaking it at him like a stick as Darius moves to a higher position, binoculars in hand.

“Stop shoving them down your throat, then!”

Whizz grumbled back quietly, electing instead to open the last pouch of the meal.

“The fuck is ‘Soldier Fuel’?”

Darius comes down several minutes later.

“Break’s over; we’re continuing the patrol along the ridge.”

Groaning. From one of them, anyway.

“Man it’s not like there’s any Taliban out here, anyway. Can’t we just loop around to the town, hit their brothel or equivalent, and say we patrolled the deserted fucking mountains?”

All three look at him.

“Shut up, Whizz.”

Darius gives his pack a kick for good measure as he strides by, jarring the young man.

However, all quickly fall in and the group is soon ready to move out again. The odd one out, and still leading runt for years running, Whizz with the combat shotgun. The rest very much look the part of regular soldiers, carrying their assault rifles at a low ready.

It is in this position, at a slow, walking pace, that they continue for the majority of the trip. The hills go up, down, and curve around, but fail to offer any surprise. Large boulders dot the slopes in between the dips and rises of terrain, creating a muddled battlefield, if only someone would shoot.

The sun continues to burn as the group walks on, scorching the earth and unprotected skin for miles around and throwing up burning mirages in the sand. If only one were to strain their ears against the crackling ground, they might make out the faint whizzing of incoming projectiles.

Darius stops, as if attuned to the sound.

“What i-”

He’s interrupted as an entire chunk of the hill explodes, dirt and sand raining down on them as the group collectively recoils.

“Go, go! Artillery! Go!”

He screams, urging the other three onwards as they try to find a spot of cover on the barren hill. They slide into a small ditch, barely a few inches deep, but enough to cover from shrapnel. The hill continues to explode around them as they huddle there, sharp fragments raining down upon them as entire boulders erupt.

The barrage ends as quickly as it starts, leaving a great array of now smaller boulders and a thin layer of misty dust settling over the hill. As if coming from the hill itself, five figures arise from hiding. Clad in camouflaged uniforms, they hold their weapons at their hip, advancing like the line infantry of old.


Comes a mutter from the opposing ‘trench’, by Demetrious.


Darius yells back.

“What the fuck is the word for ‘friend’ in Russian?” (GER)

The two quickly whisper between themselves as Void and Whizz wait nervously, opponents coming closer by the moment. Darius pops up, cupping his hands around his mouth.

“Friend! Friendly! Coalition forces!” (RUS)

Their reply is a hail of gunfire, just slow enough for Darius to duck back down in time.

“Deme, Void, flank up top and rain down on them! Whizz, go downhill and shoot from there! I’ll cover!”

Darius barks orders, slapping Whizz on the back before exposing himself ever so slightly to shoot at their enemies. Puffs of dirt spring up around the small ditch as the two sides trade fire, much more coming towards Darius than away.

The fire stops for a moment as magazines are changed, and three of the enemy peel away for the top of the ridge, following the two Darius sent. Still, two come straight for him, firing one after the other to keep him pinned. It seems they will overrun him until he unstraps his pack and tosses it as far as he can and distracting their attention just long enough to pop out. It is an almost comedic exchange as he hits them first, catching one square on the nose before proceeding to miss with the rest of his rounds as the one remaining enemy does the same.

Panting in his trench, the enemy having paused in middle of a field, Darius lay listening to the sound of gunfire further up the ridge. He had only a moment for reflection.

“Heh, bet they’ll use this as an excuse to issue us two packs each.”

The crunch of sand underfoot disturbs him, and he rolls, straightening up and aiming down the sights, emptying his magazine into the target’s chest. His vest seems to explode, little chunks flying around in the air as the back stains red and similarly rips apart, some bullets passing straight through. The man drops his weapon, grasping at his chest and looking, as if trying to understand what happened. Then he looks up, at his assailant.

The man’s skin is stretched over his face like a man 70 years his elder. His eyes blank, pupils missing. Blood, long since dried, stains his mouth as if he had violently and repeatedly thrashed. He opens his mouth, and begins to scream.

Darius immediately reacts, scrambling back and into a crouch, drawing his service pistol. He puts 10 more rounds into the man’s chest, but he continues to scream like a banshee. Panicking, and thinking his bullets ineffective, he switches targets and aims low, putting the rest into the man’s legs. Still, he does not falter, stepping forward as if to advance on Darius. Only the intervening blast of a shotgun from behind stops him, making him buckle.

Two more ring out, neither falling the man nor blowing him to pieces, although his vest falls off, suitably destroyed. He turns, staring down Whizz like a crazed man. He seems ready to attack again, but is interrupted as Darius seizes his head from under the man’s arms. With one quick twist, there is an audible snap, and the man collapses into dead weight. For real, this time.

“What the fuck was that?!”

Whizz yells, noticeably disturbed.

“Give me that!”

Darius discards his confusion and quickly moves to Whizz, seizing his shotgun before moving to the other that had come for him, already getting up. He shoots the man once as he closes, causing him to flop over onto his back. Darius stands right over the man and aims at the back of his neck, firing once more. He quickly comes back, shotgun swaying in a lopsided hold.

“What’re you waiting for, Whizz? Come on. And give me those.”

He tells him, stealing a belt of shotgun shells reducing Whizz to his service pistol.

The two proceed swiftly up the slope, following a trail of shell casings and blood spatters as the sign of their own localized battle. They find no sign of allies, but see one of the enemies watching two of his own downed allies on a particularly open piece of ground. He seems to be only half-crouching behind the cover, unsure about what to do.

Darius comes up on him quickly, waiting until the man notices him to raise and shoot. He buckles on the first shot, the second tearing away his weapon in a hail of small pellets. The man comes straight for him, only to receive a buttstock to the face which sends him sprawling back. Darius kicks the man down and stands upon his arms, before aiming carefully and putting a third into his head. He coolly steps off the man as he pumps and ejects the last shell.

Surveying the scene, he sees Void come out from behind the other side of the open area. Everything seems fine until he breaks into a hurried pace overwards, and they rush to meet. They do not even stop in the center as words are exchanged.

“Deme was hit-”

Darius continues past him, discarding the shotgun and his own vest. He finds his comrade hidden, covered next to his pack and weapon. It seems he caught a burst of fire along his shoulder; at least two separate wounds are visible.

Darius quickly moves to do what he can, taking apart his friend’s medical kit and opening the bandages between his teeth as he acts on first aid training.

“All right, buddy, come on, just tell me what to do. You’re the medic here, so don’t fucking quit on me!”
No. 157792
Everything is horrible and slow and I was supposed to have an update for you today but I got sidetracked by lawn work and oh god why am I spending so much time writing scenes on the outside because it is really going to offput everyone and holy fuck I am so late on this update oh god oh god I GOT IT I'LL JUST WRITE MORE SANAE

Update soon I think please

Don't hurt me.
No. 157806

Just don't pull another stunt like >>148900 and actually write the story. Or another jaw-breaking scene(pun intended).

Routelock to Sanae pretty plz plz plz...
No. 157839
I apologize for that one too! Please don't hurt me!
No. 157888

Define 'soon'.
No. 158369
Empty promises are the best
No. 158822
Two. Fucking. Months. And 9 days.

Give your status on this story so I won't check on it everyday and disappointed.
No. 160368
A pluck. A wince.

A natural reaction, bereft of thinking. A bullet a body can cope with. It releases adrenaline, and depending on the severity of the injury, endorphins. Shrapnel?

That just stings.

“That’s my ass!”

“Sorry, don’t get a lot of artillery wounds in here. Not much of anything, actually. This far north is pretty peaceful.”


“That’s enough!”

Darius screamed, pulling his gown back up and practically leaping off the table.

“Christ’s sake… normal person think you’re trying to torture me.”

“Well you refused anesthetics so-”

The older doctor whacked him over the back of the head.

“He’s sorry.”

“Hey! I am not sorry! How does a guy not notice he has metal bits in his butt until he sits in the medevac chopper, anyway-”


“But he-!”

“He’s never been under artillery fire. Don’t mind him.”

“Heh, well… you corpsman are all right when you stop touching my ass.”

Darius smirked, replying. His attitude relaxing after having expended so much energy earlier in the day, he couldn’t keep up his harsh demeanor.

“Right, well, you should be fine with what’s left, but if you get abnormal swelling or lesions, do report them. Don’t MRI your ass, either.”

“The hell’s ‘MRI’?”


“Ah. Danke. You know German?”

“Desert Shield, then Storm, then garrison duty in Schweinfurt.”

“Good man, good man. Although, a better man would leave me to my privacy.”

The doctor nodded in understanding, practically dragging his younger companion out of the room. All that was left was a perfectly conditioned, medically sanitized bed, one ragged man, and a lonely sigh. Having to lay belly down did not make it any more comfortable.

A knock came at the door.

“Uh… actually we got your friend’s results.”

He was up in an instant, nearly running the doctor over.

“Show me.”

“Well he’s in-”

Show me.

The two began an uneasy walk, nay, march down the halls as the doctor nervously tried to explain the facts of the matter to a visibly changed Darius.

“He was hit near the shoulder by a rifle round, we had to operate and by the time we got to him a large portion of the tendon had died, and nerve ability was suitably compromised…”

A deadly glare was exchanged as they stopped, and the doctor visibly stepped in front of the closed door.

“Now I have to warn you – He’s unlikely to regain full use of his arm.”

Words cannot deter determined men. Neither can unlocked doors. A glance around the room presents medical equipment, the standard fare, and the patient. A gaze of disgust or mangled pity.

“He’ll learn to use his left.

He’ll learn.”

The door shut, much more gently than it was opened. Darius passed back down the hallway, back to his own room.

“He couldn’t have heard you, you know! He’s in a medically-induced coma!”

“I know.”

The reply came back. And perhaps, with a little afterthought.

“He knows.”


Time. Time. Time.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Drum. Drum. Drum.

An invisible force, a clock, fingers over metal. The imperceptible glance, for the nth time, directed at two hands moving in preset rhythm. Fifteen minutes. Twenty minutes. Twenty-five.

The empty corridors served no distraction.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Drum. Drum. Drum.

Forty-five. Fifty-five.

An unbearable wait. An enemy approaching from a corner yet to be rounded. Whether it could be overcome was yet to be seen.

A break in the monotony.

A tap on door.

“Excuse me? I have to make sure you’re, ahem, making due with bodily functions since there was no catheter.”


An excuse to get up. An excuse to move. Plans, layouts, routes, and tricks. Nurse’s outfit. Door. Locks. Suspended ceiling. Helicopter.


“Just let me help you up.”

“Oh no, no need. They hit me in the back, not the crotch.”

He bellowed, shaking off her hand and help.

“Oh, please, we’re supposed to assist.”

“Nonsense. I’m a soldier. Let me keep some pride, all right? I think I can handle this one.”

Still, she grabbed at his arm and made sure to escort him the few feet to the adjoining restroom, if only to make the most of marginal of efforts. Still, he managed to shake her off and put the door between the two of them. Out of sight, but not out of hearing. A sink. A toilet.

“Should really flush when they leave!”

Just loud enough to be heard. A flush, and a quick turn to stop the sink’s drain and fill it as the toilet noisily flushes. A full sink of water and an empty toilet. A low hum, getting lower as he adjusts the sink to give just a trickle. A constant trickle. He waits a moment, and carefully checks the other door, unlocked. A peek out into an empty ward room, and he shuts the door behind him just as carefully, the sound of a small trickle still coming from the bathroom.

He quickly exits the ward, moving across corridors and leaving the entire section. Listening for the sound of the base the hospital is upon. Through another empty section, completely bypassing any personnel. The place must’ve been built to house a few hundred wounded. It holds maybe a dozen. Any staff would easily spot him in the blue/white gown, but there were none to try. The only problem – an armed guard at the double door exit.

So what’s a man to do? Who watchers the watchers?

The CO, of course.

Putting on his best swagger and standing fully upright, he certainly looked the part between his shaven head and glaring eyes.


The snap to attention, eyes staring forward like a deer caught in headlights. One could wonder if he even looked at who addressed him.


Of course there are other benefits to intimidating an armed guard. Darius gave him a pat on the shoulder.

“Ease, ease…”

He faltered on the last line, pretending to weaken and fall over into the soldier, who was so preoccupied with catching him, he barely noticed the groping. Darius pulled back, holding his stomach as though he were simply experiencing pain.

“Ah, sorry about that! Doctors, you know! Just make me sick to my stomach.”

“Uh… okay.”

The marine replied, unsure as to whether he should reassume his salute, take the man back to the waiting doctors, or remain as ordered.

Darius give him another pat on the shoulder.

“You just keep up the good work.”


And with that, he nodded and breezed right past the soldier into the open sun.

Heat. Humidity. But most importantly, the raucous roar of helicopters.

Darius shifted the pistol around between the folds of his gown, still holding his hand to his stomach to support it. He wondered just how long it’d take before the guard realized he was missing something.

Best not tarry. Although there were benefits to moving slowly. A grasp at the stomach, a carefully checked limp. Nobody bothers to ask an injured man why he’s walking across an airstrip except medical personnel, and all of those were in the field hospital. Some laughed. Some pointed. But nobody stopped him. Eyes set on a single helicopter with one pilot popping in and out to do checks. The man noticed him only as he got close. He seemed concerned, and called out, but Darius did not respond. He simply continued his limp, dead set forward.

“Hey buddy are you- Hey!”

He caught Darius as he seemed to fall. Grasping, a hand placed upon the rear of his neck. The click of a safety and the hard tip of a muzzle being placed into his gut.

“Be cool.”
No. 160630
“You… You’re with the Taliban?”

“Nah, nothing like that. Stay cool.”

Darius replied, scanning around for anyone taking notice of the two. Still, he tightened his grip on the man’s neck, keeping him in such a position that he couldn’t wriggle his way out, and if he tried, well…

“On the chopper.”

He commanded, releasing his grasp on the man’s neck but keeping him close as he stepped forward to meet the man’s steps backwards. The man only reluctantly boarded, being directed toward the front as Darius stepped into the back.

“Close the doors.”

He did, but stared right back.

“Why are you working for them?”

“What makes you think I work with the Taliban?”

“You’re pointing a gun at an ISAF guy.”

“Yeah well I don’t feel like beating the shit out of you right now.”

“Tsk, sounds like a lie.”

“Also I don’t know how to fly a helicopter.”

“Funny guy.”

The two jousted verbally, staring each other down and trying to figure out what each others’ intentions were. A jump for the gun? A shot to the chest? An open mic? A suicide bombing?

“You just gotta fly me somewhere.”

“And then we crash?”

“Hopefully not. I like living.”

“So do I.”

“Then we’re agreed.”

“Sure… I’ll play along. One question.”

“I’ve got a gun, idiot.”

“So you’re not going to answer?”

“Didn’t say that.”

“Why the hell do you need to hijack a chopper? Could just ask.”

“Yeah, well, this way you don’t get in trouble.”


“That’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve heard this deployment. Goddamn man, that is really all kinds of fucked up, but I mean kind of noble because… that is all kinds of fucked up, are you serious?”

“Are you going to fly me?”

He throws his hands into the air.

“What-the-fuck-ever! I mean, gun, stupid reasons, sure, why not?”

“See. That’s a better attitude.”

With that, Darius lowers his weapon for the first time since the two had collided. The man climbed into the cockpit, and tension noticeably disappeared from the air.

“So, where we going?”

“Wait until a convoy of helos takes off, then follow them for a few miles and break northeast.”

“What are you, a fucking spy? ‘Cause if you’re a spy for the Taliban, I rescind my former offer to fly you.”

“Just a little more trained, that’s it.”

The two waited in silence as the base buzzed around them. The man in the cockpit seemed preoccupied with the flight controls, constantly flipping switches and gazing over panels even as he had his headset on. For someone so unfamiliar with the workings of a helicopter, Darius couldn’t determine whether he was secretly screaming a ‘SOS’ over the air or simply idly checking things.

“All right, we’re going. Don’t make me regret this.”

A silent nod from the backseat gave a go.

Six helicopters lifted off from Camp Marmal. Two marked with the international Red Cross and Crescent. A second later, a seventh followed them at a distance. The formation continued for miles, headed for Kunduz airfield. Just outside the visual range, the seventh helicopter broke and immediately headed to the northeast. The leader of the flight immediately called for it to return to formation, then to his immediate commander, and eventually to SIGINT. No seventh helicopter was assigned to the flight.

“We’re coming up on your place now!”

Darius went to the door of the helicopter, throwing it open to the wind. The chopper was buffeted for a moment before regaining stability.

“Hey! Idiot! You’re not supposed to open those in flight!”

“Circle them!”

They began to circle above the sight of battle. Small figures on the ground growing larger as they dropped closer and closer to the scene. A pair of binoculars provided visibility, otherwise.

The area had been cordoned off. Trenches had been dug. Gabions erected. Military Police stood ready with crew-served weapons pointed at the Tajikistan border, and perhaps more oddly, towards the interior. The bodies themselves were still there. But something was just a little…

“CBRN suits? The hell?”

“Whatcha see back there? Is it really zombies?”

Darius muttered below his breath, instructing the pilot to go around for another pass. An odd sight. A preacher. Men seeking protection from an unknown agent. Steel coffins, welded shut as the bodies were placed into them.

“There’s no such things as zombies.”

“Then why the hell they got a priest down there? Even I can see him in that robe!”

There was silence for a moment as Darius thought.

“That is a good question. Why is there a catholic priest attending to Russian dead?”

“So it’s zombies?! It’s fucking zombies, I knew it. Man, I’m glad I fly choppers. I don’t want to have to deal with zombies!”

“The priest isn’t there for the dead. He’s there for the living. Something’s wrong.”

The helicopter shuddered as two jets passed within meters of it, a clear warning as the cockpit began to blare and screech.

“Oh hey! Hey, uh, guy! They be targeting us! I think we should piss off right about now!”

Darius appeared at the entrance to the cockpit, pistol in hand, but he held the barrel, extending the grip to the pilot.

“That’s fine. Tell them I surrender. Return to Marmal and land.”

“Uh… you sure about that? Won’t they like arrest you?”



A cavalcade of armed men and vehicles awaited the helicopter. Topping off 30 feet above the ground, it seemed to hesitate for a moment before landing. Its side door opened several moments later, the alleged perpetrator coming first with his hands up. The pilot followed right behind him, with a pistol to his back. Military Police quickly swarmed the pair, separating them and throwing Darius to the ground, handcuffing him. He did not resist, being hauled to his feet amongst the crowd after just a few moments. A disturbance caused a hole in the crowd to open.

“Cease and desist, boys. By order of the American embassy, he’s to be taken into custody of the Bundeswehr.” (ENG)

“Colonel.” (GER)

“Don’t look so happy to see me, Darius.” (ENG)

He produced the letter, hurriedly authenticated as official and took Darius, quickly leading him away with a few glances back. Of course, the pair waited before they were out of earshot before exchanging words.

“If you ever hijack a friendly helo again, we’ll hang you.”

“Was worth it. They got something out there. Something big. Want to me tell you, tic-for-tac?”

“Of course they are, you idiot! You shot a bunch of Russians. They’re pissed. Russia’s pissed. The UN is gonna be pissed if they find out.”

He stops, allowing his captor to walk right past him for a moment before they’re staring face to face, looking for intent.

“In my defense. They used to give us medals for that.”

He just shakes his head.

“I’m scheduling you idiots for psych evaluations.”

“Guess that means we’re not getting the court martial then, huh?”
No. 160977
A wondrous explosion. A vehicle disappears into a thousand pieces. Flames lick out in every direction as ammunition cooks off, like little firecrackers shooting in every direction. The tortured screams of the souls inside it drown between the roaring inferno. A single figure staggers out of the maelstrom as the flames whip around him.

“I rode it to the edge; and I came back.


“There, there. Such apparitions are not real.”

A calming hand upon his back. A light touch, a steady gaze as he kept ready to restrain the man if he became violent.

“There, there.”

Clinical perfection. Playing with the man’s feelings, a profession no less surgical than surgery itself. Cutting away at the untruths, doubling back on squeamishness, leveraging what he already knows. He worked the man over, back and forth.

He didn’t see that explosion, did he? He just saw the man crawling out.

He wasn’t in that vehicle, was he? He just changed the morning before.

He didn’t know who shot the rocket, did he? You just did the moment nobody was looking.

The man breaks into tears. Confessing to all, admitting to none.

“There, there.”

A perfect job. A 10/10 at a show. A gold model at the Olympics.


RCMD: Discharge’

“There, there.”

“Who’s up next, Anne?”

The loudspeaker crackled to life.

“The Germans, sir.”

He paused, taking off his coat and neatly folding it over, turning it over and over in his mind before placing it on his chair.

“Send in the leader, first.”
No. 160978
“Tell me about yourself, Darius.”

The two sat across from each other.

The professional with his face buried in a folder.

The psychologist with his hands folded.

“I don’t believe you.”

Darius snapped the folder shut, tossing it back onto the desk.

“That’s not the official report.”

He snarled almost, clearly displeased. The tricks had begun before the interview ever did.

“Oh but of course it is.”

The slightest twitch amongst his eyebrows. He took the folder, lazily flipping through it as if to mock him, reciting passages.

“Ah yes… a group of dead Russians. Unknown causes. No patrols.”

“It’s sanitized.”

He laughed from behind the folder despite himself. He, too, shut it now, tossing it back on the table between them.

“Do you want the full version?”

He mused, cocking his head and observing his prey’s reaction.

“I do.”

“Play along, then.”


“Your job depends on it.”

“I can find another career.”

“One where you can fight?”

The air immediately thickened, the two seemed to be ready to come to blows between that enduring staredown. He latched on. He knew had something. Just not what. Leaning in, ever so slightly.

“Why do you fight, Darius?”

It was his turn to laugh now. A deep guttural laugh. He finished by chattering his teeth, and then stood up, placing his hands on the table.

“What do you want to hear, huh? I’m a nazi? Go go, Hitler? I shoot schoolchildren for fun? I once thought about murdering Divisional Command and bathing in their blood? Huh? Is that what you think?”

He became almost accusatory, getting in the man’s face and spitting between words.

“We have a commitment! We have allies! We have enemies. They want to destroy us. They want to make every German fear for their lives! They want to destroy the very idea of the West! I won’t let that happen! I won’t leave until… until…”

“Until everyone of them is dead?”

He piped up, a questioning look on his face, a non-judgmental tone in his voice.

A sigh. Darius sits back down.

“Until it’s done.”

He stared at the ceiling.

“Until it’s all done.”

He scribbled something on his notepad and motioned at the door.

“Send in the runt, next.”
No. 161910
Bump, because SEVEN months without update while the writefag's still around is so long it's not funny.

Where's the promised update, Tree?
No. 162203

Ah fuck you son, I was just finishing up this bit of the side stuff with saged updates (those count as updates right) and Tengu Must Die in /others/ and now you go and bump me like a WEEK two weeks before I'm ready to roll

I am very angry now and I will take my anger out by making a short

Tell me what you want. Sanae? Keine? Sanae and Keine with delicious milk batter all over and a suspicious lack of clothes?

Nothing H you dirty-minded fool
No. 162217

[X] The Shrine Maiden Rape Assault, Violent Milk Batter Inferno.
No. 162267

What I really want is the continuation of the actual story. That means, no more side story. No, I don't count side story as an update, since it doesn't advance the main story(heck, the recent one doesn't even have the protagonist of the main story or any touhoues in it). The last time I read this story, I want to know what happened to that young man who falls into gensokyo, not some squad killing talibans. And don't try to bribe with another scene that is unrelated to the main story. Enough is enough. I want you to advance the story already tell us what happened.

And preferably, more Sanae, but in the actual continuation of the story, and not another side story.
No. 162303


I understand your frustrations completely. What was going to be a little became a lot, and to give it up now would make me hate myself. It's too big for what it was supposed to be, and too little for what I want it to be. If it's any consolation... the plan was to be a LOT bigger.

I absolutely promise normal updates as soon as possible. I'm going to list my game plan for all my writing below, so you can understand how I'm trying to work things.

Today (10/18):
-Finish outline for 'An Excuse for Aya?'. This is nearly done and doing so will let moral get to work, and let me concentrate on one or two things.

-/eientei/ update. This takes very little time.

If I'm still willing/able to work after that, I'm going to finish up part of the sidestories here, or hit 'The Tengu Must Die!' over in others, depending on my mood. Let me (briefly) explain how the rest of this sidestory is going to work. Spoilers ahead. At your own risk.

The remaining interrogation scenes (One half-written already). This was intended to flesh out the characters, demonstrate backstory, make them feel truly alive. I'm not sure if I'm succeeding, but I don't really mind as long as it's get done and I can point to it later. That will be the immediate temporary end of that bit. Following some more progression in the ACTUAL story (read as: day ends/partway into day 3) there will be one more stint of 'shorts' for it that will truly close it. Proceeding that, one or more characters will be met in the future (Who and when is still a little contentious... you should see the parts I've taken out and re-added and taken out again and...).

Although, for shits and giggles the other day (Read as: desperately wanted to do something but was unable to coherently write), I created short biographies for all the germans listing dates of birth, places of birth, legal names, their dates of enlistments, and transfer to DSO. I expect you will not see these. They are merely for reinforcing the timeline I've been creating. Honestly I'm a bit peeved at myself for how badly I've handled them. The original intention for these interrogation scenes was to present a choice at the end, a choice of biography. You could pick one character you wanted to know more about, and I would see about rolling him into the immediate story in addition to somebody who's coming regardless. But by the time I'd written ANY of them, it felt incredibly hollow and I don't feel you guys are particularly connecting to them. I think this is my fault, honestly. I've done it too slowly, too vaguely, and it just seems... disconnected. I am still rolling those characters in, so you'll just have to trust me on how I'll run the story. If you don't like the short sidestories - don't read em. I will make sure you can read and enjoy this story without knowing every bit of background.

But those who like the background, those who like the characters, if such people exist... I will continue to expand. Anything I do in my notes is going down here, and it's all optional for those who want it. When 'The Tengu Must Die!' finishes, I'm going to make a bit of an infodump on characterizations and just HOW I got to some of the current personalities. I've also been trying to create supplemental material (ironically for the supplementary sidestories), but not at the cost of writing. If I get any of that done, it'll just add quality.

Thank you for being patient, thank you for for understanding, thank you for not chewing my head off... yet.
No. 177525
I was told to bump this as the writer has 20 pages of writing for it on the floor. Soon™