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[X] You could do with some supplemental reading… even if it is about you punching a little girl’s face in.

While tea sounds nice, and you certainly love drama, a bit of reading will do you good. You haven’t had too much time to sit down and collect your thoughts over the last few days, and considering the amount of crap you’ve seen recently… It’s definitely a good idea.

Figuring out how that girl knows about the fairies is just an added bonus.

The reporter spots you before you even get close. She shrieks in a sort of excited giggle before pointing at you and shouting,

“Look, look! The man who murders fairies!”

She floats around at head level – How exactly she’s doing that is unknown to you – waving her arms and yelling about you. You interrupt her in the most polite possible way. Just get in, get the paper, and get out…

“Yep. One, please.”

She stops in midair, confused.


“One. Please.”


Without giving you a chance to answer she rips the top newspaper off the stack and slams it into your chest, almost knocking the wind out of you. Sputtering, you can only half-assedly try to get out of there as quick as possible.

“How much?”

“Huh?” She says before rebounding, “Oh! Free, since you’re the headline!”

“Alright, cool. Bye.”

You tuck the paper beneath your arm and wave her off as you look for a place to sit down. Maybe a nice bench or something…

She doesn’t go away though. She jumps into your way, you step around her, she follows you…

“Wait, aren’t you angry about me writing about you?!”

“Nope, but I am not going to talk to you.”

“Wha-" So you are mad!”

“No, I am just choosing not to speak with you.”

Where to sit, where to sit…

“You are soooo mad!”

Ah, a low wall. This will do. You tune out the reporter and prop open the paper. Aww, damnit! It’s all in that Asiatic script… although with much more of it in front of you now, it’s definitely Japanese. This is odd, given that everyone’s been speaking English… perhaps a little too well, actually. You haven’t noticed any accents. Maybe it’s some sort of multi-language arrangement where one is used for speaking and the other writing? No, you’ve never heard of anything like that, it’s just dribble. Well it could be- Oh hold on, you have to take this.

“So mad so mad so mad~”


You crumple several pages of the paper together and shout loud enough to make her jump.


“Wouldn’t it be better not to antagonize the person you’re trying to get an interview with?”

“I, uhh…”

She disappears. She literally disappears. The paper in your hand’s almost sucked away by the gust of wind that overtakes you before it is blown right away from your grasp as she returns, carrying her stack of papers that she left behind.

“Would you like another copy of my paper?”


You reach to grab one off the top of the stack and she smacks your hand.

“200,000 yen!”

“What!" That’s extortion!”

“You want to read it~! Pay up!”

“I don’t even have 200,000 yen!”

“Aha! So you have money!”

“I… maybe a little. Look, it’s for food. I’m not buying your damn paper.”

Dropping the stack of papers, she waves one around in front of your nose like a treat to a dog. She really must have no sense of sociability, or hate your guts. It’s probably both, given how the women around here act.

“Come ooon~. I can see you’re the kind of guy that can’t go without reading a fine piece of literature, and my newspaper is the best in Gensokyo!”

Got her.

“Oh, so there are other papers? I guess I don’t need yours, then…”

You stand up and look around, continuing,

“Are they selling now? I think I’ll go pick one up, right now.”

You move off as to go searching for other papers, although you’re not actually looking, just making her sweat. She keeps but a step behind you, waving the paper at you.

“Come on, you want to buy my paper! We can work out a deal!”

Not seeing any other paparazzi newspaper outlets around, you sigh and resign yourself to your fate. You’re going to have to deal with this girl.

“What did you have in mind?”

Turning around, she has a big smile on her face, and is already holding a writing pad and pen.

“An interview, maybe?”


[ ] Do the interview.
- [ ] Insist she buy you lunch as well. She’s been quite grating, and the paper alone isn’t worth the hassle.
- [ ] Just the paper will be fine, although you may need help reading it…

[ ] Don’t do the interview.
- [ ] Just buy the paper. (-800 yen)
- [ ] This whole thing has been a waste of time. Leave and look for a different paper… or something else to do. Worst comes to worst, someone else probably bought the paper, you can leech off them.
File 130541286312.png - (79.79KB, 272x272 , vz8r9zf48.png) [iqdb]
[X] Do the interview.
- [X] Just the paper will be fine, although you may need help reading it…
[X] Do the interview.
- [X] Just the paper will be fine, although you may need help reading it…

[X] Do the interview.
- [X] Just the paper will be fine, although you may need help reading it…
[x] Do the interview.
- [x] Insist she buy you lunch as well. She’s been quite grating, and the paper alone isn’t worth the hassle.

May as well get something out of it.
[x] Do the interview.
- [x] Insist she buy you lunch as well. She’s been quite grating, and the paper alone isn’t worth the hassle.
Lunch with Aya~
File 130545709458.png - (40.77KB, 240x192 , LOOT TO SHOOT.png) [iqdb]
[ ] Do the interview.
- [ ] Just the paper will be fine, although you may need help reading it…

So what about >>140994 ?

We should put it on the plan for later to head out again and fetch a gun or something from the junkjard.
[x] Do the interview.
- [x] Just the paper will be fine, although you may need help reading it…

Help me, Eirin Aya!

Game plan:
Cap bitches, fuck bunnies, save the world.
[x] Do the interview.
- [x] Insist she buy you lunch as well. She’s been quite grating, and the paper alone isn’t worth the hassle.
[X] Don’t do the interview.
- [X] Just buy the paper. (-800 yen)

Yank that chain!
Can we add "Get inside Yukari's 'gaps"?
Yukari is playing matchmaker, and is kidnapping men to help accomplish this goal. Proff? The various men falling from the sky (plus the "It's raining men!" song) is one clue, the fact that spoken languages are being fucked with, and the fact that Yukari flat out admitted it.

Aya could be having a field day with things to report here if she can get the full story from him.

Yes. I will also accept bagging Sanae, killing a youkai (or several), or any other number of things you can think up.

I'm not sure what to say to this, but that would be pretty interesting. Sounds like something she'd do when bored (When is she not?).
I love you now.

This is more generic then MariAli. It's not bad, but its not good. Literally every fiction I've read that involves Yukari involves her gapping someone in for no reason. Sure, If it aint broke then dont fix it, as its pretty much a base like wheat is for pasta, But still. There's prolly a lot more that could happen.
Or maybe Yukari isnt controlling these events, But some sort of Gamemaster... He may be watching us right now...


You didn't love me before?
I cant whore my love out to everyone you know. That'd just be immoral.
that and I now love you much more is what I meant but who cares GET WRITAN BRO

I'm sick, so I'm waiting for a few more votes to pile up. Writing will commence soon, do not worry.
[X] Do the interview.
[X] Insist she buy you lunch as well. She’s been quite grating, and the paper alone isn’t worth the hassle.
The amusing thing is it doesn't even need to be /true/. It just needs to look like it may be true, and given what's already happened so far, Aya, hell, even Hatate could present it that way.
[X] Do the interview.
- [X] Insist she buy you lunch as well. She’s been quite grating, and the paper alone isn’t worth the hassle.

fuck off lunes you knew I was already writing



File 130553474728.jpg - (403.04KB, 1015x1387 , 152af08d64f27c4a134bb541fcf6d310.jpg) [iqdb]
I lied! I feel better!

[X] Do the interview.
- [X] Just the paper will be fine, although you may need help reading it…

Whatever, you’ll acquiesce. If she starts asking about your underwear or eating habits or something though… you’ll have to deal with her.

“All right, how are we going to do this?”

“Eeee! An outsider actually letting me interview them!”

She giddily claps her hands together, still holding the pad and pen.

“Alright we can, uhm, sit down! Yes, you’d like to sit down, wouldn’t you? Right this way!”

She starts running off. Guess you’re supposed to follow her, but isn’t she forgetting something?

“Hey! What about my paper? That was part of the deal, damn it!”

“You’ll get your paper afterwards! Interview first!”

Grumble grumble. You have no choice but to follow her.


Ten minutes later you’re sat down on (what must be) a public bench, in another intersection with another well. It’s not the same as the one Oda left at though, the surrounding buildings are ever so slightly different. Still mostly wood and brickwork, but painted differently. One has to wonder how many of these watering holes there are. Or how big this village is.

You glance over the newspaper again – something you managed to persuade Aya out of before you even got started – and wonder just how it came to be. Definitely printed, with pictures interspersed. That’s odd as well… Aya tried to take pictures of you before, but it didn’t strike you then. A well on your left, and a reporter with a camera and newspaper business to your right. Quite paradoxical.

Aya snaps her fingers at you to get your attention,

“Come on, you said you’d do the interview!”

You lower the newspaper and leer past it at the reporter.

“I can read and answer at the same time, go ahead.”

“No, come on! I need to be able to see your face, otherwise you’ll just lie through your teeth…”

Well… that was something you planned on doing. Still, you should honor her request, given that you’ve now weaseled the paper out of her.

You quickly fold up the newspaper and set it on your lap.

“All right, hit me.”

“First question~! What’s your name?”

Oh, great.

“Well… one time I got called ‘shitbag’, and I’ve heard someone yell ‘bastard’ at me, too…”

“What’s your real name?”

“Does it matter?”

“Of course it does, I need to know who I’m interviewing! Why are you so reluctant to tell me?”

“Look, honestly… have you seen the people around here?”

You broadly swing your arm, indicating everybody around you. Most of them look like normal villagers, but at just a glance you can see a girl with mouse ears carrying a shopping bag and rat in a basket from her tail (Did the rat come with the groeceries?), a woman clad in a large cloth carrying a spear with a tiger following her, and a woman in a black dress reading from indecipherable rainbow-colored runes that are floating in front of her. And that’s just one group of people!

“And then there’s ‘normal’ people like Sanae, who earlier today used a little… girl fairy thing’s body as an improvised weapon! That worries me, just a fucking little bit, okay?! When I leave – I don’t want these people following me. Bunch of nutjobs.”

You angrily state, having let your confusion of your current life boil over into anger for a second.

“…You too. Damn paparazzi.”

Aya takes it in stride, though.

“Okay, okay.” She says, scribbling at her notepad, “What should I put down for your name, though? I need to keep notes…”

Of course, as a reporter she just has to get an answer. You rub your temples… You’re not feeling up to this anymore. She can work for her answer.

“I don’t know, shitbag seemed appropriate. Whatever you like.”

“Well… I need it to be something you agree with, otherwise it’s libel.”

“Libel? You were harping your newspaper’s title as me attacking fairies! I most certainly did not attack them, I... Retaliated! And stuff.”

“Yeah but you kind of beat them up so it’s…”

You interrupt, eager to get off the subject of beating up those who were obviously no match for you.

“Oh nevermind! Just put down something generic, like… ‘outsider’! That one’s been thrown at me a few times.”

“What? That’s a title, not a name…”

“Look if you want me to give you a title it’s ‘Grand Vizier of Space Funk’! Just write it down.”

“But that’s-“

“Write. It. Down.

“Fine, fine.”

She writes down your answer and addresses you again.

“All right, where are you from?”

Ahh, this is an easy one.

“Greatest country in the world, good old U S of A.”



“Okay, I’ll just put down ‘The outside world, a warm place.’”

“Hey, New England isn’t warm! It’s damn cold!”

“New England? You said something else before.”

“Yeah well New England is- Oh, screw this. I’m not giving you a geography lesson, just put down what you said.”


She bites the back of her pen before putting it to paper, putting down some obscure notes and flipping the page.

“Next question~! What is your occupation?”

“Occupation? Eh… student?”

“What, you don’t work?”

“Well, no. I was planning on getting a job after finishing my degree.”

“Whaaat. I don’t know too much about you humans, but I know all the older males have to contribute to the village.”

Yikes! Hope they don’t expect you to help out. You’re no weakling, but repeated physical labor is not your idea of a day job. Nor is their wage probably acceptable by modern standards, even minimum wage laws. Actually, it would be interesting to do a comparison of wages accounting for inflation… if they are a medieval type society. Hmm, you’d have to throw in currency conversion too. That could get very interesting. Mentally noted for later.

“Well I haven’t been asked to… yet. It’s normal for students to wait until they finish schooling then to seek employment.”

“Well, well.” She shakes her pen at you, “You outsiders are odd. What were you planning on studying, human reproduction?”

“Nah, little bit of everything. Medicine, architecture, political science… I moved my major around quite a bit.”


“Main focus of study.”

“Ah, okay!”

She scribbles down a note at that, flipping another page. Just how long will this go on"...


Partial update because it's late and the headache's setting back in! Now, allow me to address a concern...

I know. Outsider. Generic, dime a dozen, terrible. The proofreaders gave me hell for it, but it feels so right. I felt I should push through with it, regardless of a hundred unified write-ins hell or high water. If you do have reservations about it... let them be known. I am willing to listen if there's a substantial rejection of it.
Proofreaders? You got more than one? I feel so used. Oh well.

[X] Stick it in
Waiting warmly!
File 130556827062.jpg - (7.97KB, 240x180 , Dakka.jpg) [iqdb]
Nice stuff.


I expect this to be the outcome of our ventures.

I dunno lol ¯\\(°_0)/¯
[X]Take off her dress and fuck her. Right now, on the bench, in front of everybody.

But in all seriousness, I think a completely normal outsider is far from generic. Take a look around, look at a shitton of fictions. Either they gain some ungodly power, Are fucking ninja's able to dodge everything, Or magic users. I think just a normal 20-year old dude is perfect for a story about Humanity, as the title implies. I could go on and on but sadly I'm eating chips so fuck you.
Damn, I'm just about an hairs' breadth away from getting out my /tg/ and going HUMANITY FUCK YEA but no, that wouldn't fit.

To be honest, it would feel friggin' stupid if this fella would pick up magic like an insano from everyone. Makes it seem cheap and all. Plus, not very human now, is it?

[ask] Hasta la Visa or Blastercard? I also have Moar Dakka.
You must be new; there's been a few basic outsiders at least whose only defense in Gensokyo was the nearest friendly Touhou. And what if he wasn't near one? A mix of running and praying.
That's kinda what I was saying that he doesnt really have any defense or way to protect himself unless someone else is nearby.
That trend wasn't exactly seen in a positive light, particularly by writers who wanted Anon to make bold decisions, not cowardly ones. Such a concept isn't visited much as it as well as general WUIG-type stories have been done to death 10 times over.
Just to ask, what stories do have a protagonist that doesn't eventually develop/learn some power? The only one I can think of is Landlord of Mayohiga, but did many of the older stories have such protagonists who didn't learn magic or gain some power?
WUIG and MIG are notable examples. YAF's shrine story (Shooting a gun isn't a power), Business before Bullets, Sukima's "Visit" stories (all but the last one).
I forget but did Gunman in Gensokyo have Snake learn any powers?
I'm fine with weither or not an MC gains super powers or not, But my point still stands that many MC's gain powers and a normal story isnt as common, not that either are bad or good. I dont like a story solely for weither someones got MAGIC MISSILE or not.

He got some pretty fruity wings, in addition to a gun powered by IMAGINATION.
Being Snake is enough of a power.
do you really want me to go digging through the site for all the dead mediocre stories with totally normal MCs?

Aya trembled as your hand reached under her skirt.

"W-What are you doing?"

"Oh, just making this interesting. The interview was kind of boring."

You nonchalantly continue your assault, looking on as if nothing is happening while your fingers reach her clit. She gives a yelp and her face goes red as she clutches her notepad to her breast and hangs her head, trying not to reveal her flustered face to the passer-bys. You smirk to yourself and continue, running your finger along the length of the slit as her body trembles. Her ragged breath tells you the story, and you withdraw your finger and stick it in your mouth, sucking off the tiny bit of juices now trickling down your hand.

"Why don't we take this somewhere… more private, Miss Shamameiru?"

File 130568855215.jpg - (45.95KB, 220x151 , ayayayaya___.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh, you.

Actually my first time writing smut! I'm ashamed of myself, woo! Update soon, I should have time to write today.
I love you so much more now dont ever change
File 130574259278.jpg - (40.94KB, 349x420 , batman spit take.jpg) [iqdb]


Half-Written. Should be able to finish it after I get home tonight.

File 130604806227.jpg - (117.69KB, 640x512 , 59035532d8bcd94dfb3f61734f103140.jpg) [iqdb]
Allow me to address some concerns:

1) This took so long BECAUSE OF FALCON FINALS

2) Mokou's hair is apparently white/silver but the wiki says violet. You can just imagine it however you damn well like it.

3) The Yen and Alice's note were not listed in the inventory during the last thread. This was intentional, so that you couldn't try to start a fire and throw it at the spirit or something stupid. You still have them.


“And your favorite color?”

...This is getting stupid. You flip open the newspaper again and just completely ignore her. She snaps her fingers at you.

“Come on, we’re almost done!”

“You said that 30 minutes ago.”

“Well we’re definitely almost done now!”

“Aya, nobody cares about what my favorite color is. And if they do, I’m worried even more about my own safety.”

“But it’s-“

You shove the newspaper in her face and point to the (presumed) title of one of the articles.

“What does this mean? I keep seeing this character repeated.”

“Huh? That’s uhm, my name, sorry. I was using the honorary form, I didn’t know you weren’t familiar with it!”

Hm… So she plasters her name throughout the entire document. Figures. You wonder what the document looks like in English… probably a very self-promoting document, given Aya’s attitude so far.

“No, no, it’s not that… Just a little difficult to read other languages. I’ve never learned Japanese.”

She pushes the newspaper out of the way and gives you look like you’re crazy,


“Uh… I said I’ve never learned Japanese?”



“How can you- Can you not read?”

“What? I’m literate!”

“But you can’t read Hiragana?”

“I… what, no! I can’t read Japanese. I told you I never learned it.”

She looks confused for a second before giving a gasp of understanding and quickly noting something in her notebook, having come to her own conclusion.

“Oh, you meant you just can’t read Hiragana! That’s interesting!”

She continues writing in her notebook and picks up,

“You said you were literate though, are you literate in a different language or are you literate in Kanji and Katakana only?”

“Yeah I am literate in a different language… English.”


“Remember? That language that we’re speaking?”

“Eh, is that what you call it outside the border?”

“What, English?”

“Yes, I’d assume so.”

“Uhm.. yeah then?”

She gives a nod before putting that down in her notebook, too. What the hell’s she talking about though, what with the Hiragana and Katakana, aren’t those alphabets in Japanese or something?

“Well, what do you call it, Aya?”

“Huh? Oh, Japanese.”


“The language is Japanese! Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji are just alphabets! I guess you outsiders have different words for them, that’s why you got so confused.”


“What, was my explanation unclear?”

“No, it’s just… Japanese is a very different language from English. I know what Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji are, and they’re certainly not related to English. They’re very different languages. I know the difference, Aya.”

“Well you obviously don’t! You seem to think you’re not speaking Japanese!”

“I’m certainly not! We’re speaking English!”

“Like I said, English is just your name for Japanese!”

“What! No it’s not, look… I’ll write in English for you, okay? Give me your pen.”

She crumples her nose up, but holds the pen out for you, if reluctantly. You take it and scribble down “bitches” on the top of the paper’s margins. (Hey, it’s not like she can tell the difference.) You put your finger under it and point it out.

“Look, English. It’s rather different from Japanese.”

“Oh, you read in Romaji! I’ve never seen that word before, though.”

“…No. English! English, damnit! Romaji is just westernized Japanese, English is a different language!”

Aya gets up and clasps her hands together before turning around to you.

“Look…” She says, “I don’t really know what you’re talking about, but I think it’s clear that you don’t either.”

“Aya! Damn it, English is-“

“It doesn’t matter, okay? I really, really, don’t care!”

She taps the notepad against the palm of her hand, and continues,

“This. This is good. This is a paper’s worth of material! Languages? I don’t really care!”

She gives you a quite respectable bow.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to type this up and have it ready to print for tomorrow’s edition. Thank for your time.”

“Wait a second, did you just say-“

She flies off. Well. Damn it.


Bummer. You’re never going to get any answers for this crazy shit. Flying women, little… girl fairy things, evil ethereal entities, a teleporting or something seductress/succubus/old hag… Sheesh. You lean back on the bench and rub your temples. This really is… odd. Yes, odd. That’s the best way to describe it, you feel.

Allowing yourself a few seconds to rest, you open your eyes again to the sight of kids playing. Little kids. Young enough to be schoolboys. Keine’s class must be out, unless she does some sort of weird evenings classes.

…You’re not exactly sure how classes work outside the US, actually. It’s something to look in to. Still, school is a pretty grating experience. Probably more so for the teachers. Keine might not want to see you immediately afterwards.

She could answer a lot of questions you have, though.

[ ] What’s a little irritation between friends? Go see Keine.

[ ] Best not to bother her now. Chill out, check out some of these places of business. Maybe grab a bite to eat if the chance presents itself.
[x] What’s a little irritation between friends? Go see Keine.
[x] What’s a little irritation between friends? Go see Keine.

Maybe offer to go get drinks, after a hard day at work. Let's just hope she hasn't seen Aya's paper yet.
[x] Best not to bother her now. Chill out, check out some of these places of business. Maybe grab a bite to eat if the chance presents itself.
I sense bird youkai number 2! Looks promising
The reason why I'm saying
[x] What’s a little irritation between friends? Go see Keine.

You make it seem like all we're going to be doing is bothering her.
[x] What’s a little irritation between friends? Go see Keine.
[X] What’s a little irritation between friends? Go see Keine.

I doubt Keine will be happy about the interview.

As for the MC and Aya, did ever occur to them that some sort of translator microbes (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TranslatorMicrobes) or whatever was causing either of them to understand each other?
[+] What’s a little irritation between friends? Go see Keine.
>"So, apparently, I spontaneously learned a language somehow."

Assuming the MC even has knowledge of tropes I doubt it would occur to him given the situation. I don't even need to mention why Aya wouldn't know.
I can understand Aya, but it never seemed to occur to the MC that something must be happening for him to hear Japanese as English and for Aya to hear English as Japanese. Just found it a little strange.
[X] What’s a little irritation between friends? Go see Keine.

...wait, wasn't one condition of the interview that she help with understanding the paper?

It wasn't a condition, per se, just that he would ask for help. Which he got. A little bit of.
[щ(゚Д゚щ)] What’s a little irritation between friends? Go see Keine.

It's not like we will try to be annoying. Maybe we can even help out somehow, clean the room, make food, in that direction.
Even in your Treia fic F.O.E..

The votes over yet because I am waiting for delicious aya.
File 130624883136.jpg - (61.45KB, 648x906 , 1088e7cf430a6f28dad8b395eb1d3d85.jpg) [iqdb]

Please wait warmly while girls are preparing.


Almost done.

Please continue to wait warmly.
You promised me updates, writefag.
You promised me updates!
Now look at me. LOOK A ME!

File 130779040466.jpg - (1.05MB, 1000x1268 , 130669398185.jpg) [iqdb]

Please sage in the future unless voting/speculating!

[X] What’s a little irritation between friends? Go see Keine.

Nah, she won’t mind. You’re not going to waste around here, either. There’s science to be done! Or something. Any way it goes, you’re going to rock it out.

Up on your feet, double time! A quick stretch, wiggle those arms. That bench wasn’t very comfortable, and it feels good to be back up on two legs. Must’ve been an hour you were sitting there, definitely longer than you wanted.

The kinks in your joints are quickly worked out, and you tuck the newspaper under your left arm before re-adjusting your bag’s strap, quite uncomfortable after being worn for several hours. You’re going to have to find a place to drop it off or something, as you’re not used to carrying it around for long periods.

The school building should be in… that direction… ish. You take off from where you were sitting and wind your way through the streets toward where you think it is. After passing quite a few look-alike brick and wood houses, you start looking around for the schoolhouse. It was quite distinct… right?

You check another corner. Nope, doesn’t look like it’s that way, either. Shit… Your mind reels through the possibilities. You could always ask a passer-by, but… Wait, the one looks familiar. She looks real familiar! She… looks like a he. With suspenders and all. That is unfortunate, but irrelevant. You remember her saying something like she’d see Keine tomorrow, and well, it is tomorrow!

You flag her down in the only way you know how, by yelling about her general description.

“Hey! Hey you, suspenders!”

She stops and turns to you, not taking her hands out of her pockets, cigarette in her mouth. Eurgh, a smoker…

She waits for you to get close enough to speak without yelling at each other, then takes the cigarette out of her mouth with one hand.

“I have a name, you know?”

Well, that was pretty rude of you. You try to muster a decent excuse,

“Sorry, didn’t catch your name before. Just had to get your attention!”

“Mokou. What can I do for you?”

Well, at least she took that pretty well. You decide to avoid irritating her with your next question.

“Do you happen to know where the schoolhouse is from here? I was just on my way to see Keine and I kind of got lost, since I don’t know my way around here and I heard you yesterday saying you were going to vi-“

She silences you by pinching your nostrils together.

“Stop. I’m heading there now, so just follow me.”

She releases your nose and brushes past you, leaving you with only a clogged nose and a plan to follow her. You rub your nose, clearing up your nostrils. At least you can’t smell the smoke any more. You grumble to yourself about that.

“Damn smokers…”

She wheels around, accusing you through gritted teeth and an outstretched hand,

“’Scuse me?”

“What?! I uh… didn’t say anything?”

She rips the cigarette out of her mouth, and crushes it in her hand. You can hear the sizzling as it’s extinguished in her palm.

“You got a problem with me? Take it up with me. Don’t be an asshole who talks behind my back.”

“…Doesn’t that hurt?”

“No, not really,” she says as she continues to crush the cigarette and burning embers into a fine dust.


That is not normal. Then again, can you define anything as “normal” around here?

“So, ya looking for Keine?”


She releases her hand, letting the powder blow away in a soft breeze.

“All right, come with me then.”

You don’t object. She leads you through a dizzying maze of streets at a brisk pace, not letting you catch up more than a few feet at every corner. She keeps walking at a quick pace, so you adjust a few straps on your bag and put the paper into it, but those minor things don’t help your comfort level too much when the person you’re following has a habit of changing speed for no particular reason.

Besides trying to follow her, you try to memorize the route. Unfortunately, the street layout doesn’t seem to follow any discernable pattern. Ultimately, you give up your attempts at recognizing the various routes through the village. You’re just going to need more exposure to learn your way around.

A straight-through now; you can see the schoolhouse in the distance. At least, you think it’s the schoolhouse. You haven’t seen any other long, short buildings around. Your guesses are confirmed by Mokou, who motions over her shoulder at you,

“Right up ahead.”

You nod at her in response, although you doubt she can see that. It was more of a subconscious automation than actually acknowledging her.

Keine is standing next to the stairs, lecturing two young kids, both boys. They don’t seem to be paying a lick of attention, but she stands there all the same, looking down and wagging her finger at them.

Mokou calls out as you two get close, and Keine takes a quick look at you before turning her attention back to the two boys. She gives one final warning, then waves her hand, and the two scamper off. She adjusts her dress and runs a quick hand over her hair and nods as you and Mokou step up.

“Good afternoon, you two. I see you found each other just fine?”

You open your mouth to reply, but Mokou cuts you off, fingering her suspenders’ pockets,

“He got lost, plain an’ simple. Had to lead him here, was all.”

Keine turns to you, giving you a slight bow.

“I apologize for that, I didn’t think to assign you a guide. Although I’m glad to see you can get around without any help.”

You could almost swear she just winked at you. You raise an eyebrow, but she doesn’t elaborate. An awkward silence arises as you cock your head, trying to figure out what she just meant. Keine interrupts it.

“Mokou… could you please leave?”

“What? Why?!”

“I need to speak to him, in private.”

Mokou shoots you an angry glare before focusing back on Keine.

“What for?”

“Mokou, we'll speak, okay?” She puts her hands together and tries to console her friend. “I’ll have time for you – but later.”

“Have time!" Why is this a matter of!-“

Both suddenly turn to look at you, realizing you’re still standing there awkwardly, listening in.

“We’ll continue this later!”

“Dusk, then?”


The two banter back and forth, all smiles. All you can feel is dread. It’s like you’ve been thrown between two cars on a collision course.

Finally, Mokou gives a nod and puts her hands back into her pockets, humming without a tune as she walks off, destination unknown.

Keine turns to you, a smile on her face. Somewhere between mischievous and malicious, you’re not sure whether to get on your knees or run away.

“And what the heck have you been up to?”


You raise your hands and back up, not sure what she’s on about. She steals forward, and snatches the paper that was protruding slightly from your bag, waving it around. It sounds like she’s trying to deride you, but she’s saying it in such a sweet voice.

“Man attacks fairies, was it? Spotted running around with the Moriya shrine maiden by villagers? Work exemption from Nakajima? And you come back looking like… that?!”

She finishes, motioning with her hand at your general appearance. Okay, you got no idea what she’s on about.

“Keine. I have got a lot of questions, and I have only a faint idea of what you’re talking about.”

She crosses her arms, and taps her foot.

“Well? What questions?”

…That’s a good question all in its own.

[ ] How the hell does she know all this?

[ ] Fairies? I don’t remember any *fairies* per say, maybe some little girls with wings, but how do they count as fairies"...

[ ] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.

[ ] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!

[ ] What’s wrong with my choice of [i]fashion[/]?!

[ ] Write-in?

Pick two or three - I'll see how many I can blend together in the next update.
[X] How the hell does she know all this?

[X] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.

[X] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!

Got feeling that we gonna get second headbutt...
[x] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.
[x] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!
[x] What’s wrong with my choice of fashion?!

You got a problem with my threads, lunchbox?
[x] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.
[x] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!
[x] What’s wrong with my choice of fashion?!

The first two we could excuse, but nobody disses us and gets away with it without at least a good smack-talking.
Make some sort of comment about her hat. Like, i dunno, nice pagoda you got there. Mice living in it?
[X] How the hell does she know all this?
[X] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.
[X] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!
[X] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.
[X] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!
[X] What’s wrong with my choice of fashion?!

Yes I mean her ridiculous hat.
[X] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.
[X] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!
[X] What’s wrong with my choice of fashion?!
[x] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!
[x] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.
[X] How the hell does she know all this?
[X] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.
[X] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!
[X] What’s wrong with my choice of fashion?!
It's the best of both worlds.
[X] How the hell does she know all this?

[X] Clarify, in detail. I'm ignorant. I'm not stupid, just ignorant. The more detail you give, the more I'll be able to answer your questions before asking you my own.
File 130792134177.png - (154.19KB, 409x484 , 130714083471.png) [iqdb]
Urgh... this is why I don't update at 6 am. Broken italic tags, point of view issues (first person in one of the choices), forgot a choice, and don't appreciate my own writing.
File 130792411877.jpg - (26.28KB, 310x451 , 1260582161079.jpg) [iqdb]
>Urgh... this is why I don't update at 6 am

I ONLY update at 6am, and there is ALWAYS some little thing like that I miss. When I see it, I rage.

But anon hungers for updates, and will not be denied.

[X] How the hell does she know all this?

Forgot my vote.
[X] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.
[X] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!
[X] What’s wrong with my choice of fashion?!

Anon may hunger for updates but surely it needs discipline. Get it to drink some water to fill its stomach. That can fight against the hunger and maybe it'll help Anon on its way to losing weight, because it's getting a little pudgy.
File 130800923449.jpg - (104.18KB, 525x525 , 19621596.jpg) [iqdb]
Voting coming along nicely, but I'm going to leave it open for a bit in case of any last-minute votes. I'm not writing yet because I'm currently working on a snippet for another story. Once I get that out, I'll come back to this. Shouldn't be long!

Isnt drinking water on an empty stomach bad for you?
Maybe. What I do know is that most people don"t drink enough water, and that screws with our thirst indicators.
[ ] How the hell does she know all this?
[ ] Fairies? I don’t remember any *fairies* per say, maybe some little girls with wings, but how do they count as fairies"...
[ ] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.
[ ] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!
[ ] What’s wrong with my choice of [i]fashion[/]?!
[ ] Write-in?

As it stands right now, for my own reference~
[X] How the hell does she know all this?
[X] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.
[X] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!
Not like I updated my /others/ story instead of this one, no sirree!

Updates eventually.
Theorycraft while waiting...
Can someone list the benefits and problems for MC if he bagging someone?
E.g. wrath from Kanako if decide to bagging Sanae, etc like that.
Bag as in "I just shot the worlds' most green miko and am going to hang her sleeves as trophy over my fireplace" or as in having shagged her?

As in ramming her, doing wild things with her, getting into her skirt, give her a high hard one, go naughty to her...

I love euphemisms.
Well it seems to me that:

Sanae: We'd get kanako and suwako (?) angry.

Keine/Mokou: The other would get angry? Not sure how protective keine is but mokou didn't seem happy when we broke them up

Alice: Dunno? Haven't seen enough of her

Marisa: Ditto as above

Aya, byakuren & crew, etc: Dunno! Haven't seen enough
Well if one were to take Sanae's virginity, The two gods will expect whoever to take responsibility. If not, well I don't think a person lasts too long with two angry gods after him.

Now that gives a problem, if MC take responsibility after screwing Sanae, will he stuck at Gensokyo or can he bring Sanae with him back?
Considering that MC already screwing her, she'll protect him(or at least, reasoning) from Kanako and Suwako.

And it's amusing to see two angry gods seeking an outsider who take their shrine maiden's virginity.

How do you know she's a virgin?

You could always blame a pregnancy on a 'miraculous conception'.

Well... Better ask Treia if she's a virgin or not...Unless he decide to use it as a plot device...
She's a virgin.
Just as expected, considering that she's a good girl. Corrupt her will be EVEN more satisfying...
Oh, and I see something about fetching military equipment back at thread 1.
Even if the MC get a gun, big chance that he won't be proficient using it considering he is a student, but then MC can learn how to use it...
Maybe if MC somehow can back to the junkyard, he can use some junk as a equipment, like using a board steel (Maybe salvaging from the burn out car's top side?) as a shield, a long iron stick as a spear, etc...(I really hope Nitori was with him at this time...)
File 130922539865.jpg - (238.63KB, 1050x1400 , 313e056e3f8dbcbdf88e81302ea9c525.jpg) [iqdb]
Phew. All right, so.

No proofreader, heh. Expect errors.
Longest update so far, I think?
Birthday tomorrow, yay.
Group picture of touhou MCs illustrated by Stove. By no means finished, and no means perfect (Outsider has too much facial hair/looking a bit older than early 20s), but hey man, stove's fantastic. Major love to him for doing this.

[X] Moriya shrine maiden? Sounds familiar, and there’s only one person you’ve really been “running around with”, but you need to be sure.

[X] Work exemption? What exemption? Wait you were supposed to do work?!

[X] How the hell does she know all this?

[X] Language option. (Hey – It only makes sense.)

“Well! Uh, for example…”

She cuts you off, holding up her hand.

“Walk with me.”

She speaks first, waiting until you’re walking side-by-side with her.

“So what’s this about you playing up to Nakajima?”

She says, raising an eyebrow at you in a passing glance.

“Wasn’t I supposed to be the one asking questions?”

Her look equates to something of a “Shut up” in polite terms. Well then!

Better answer her.

“I’m not entirely sure what you meant earlier?”

“Well it’s like...”

She pauses, looking around before deciding on two outstanding young men, sitting on stairs leading up to a house with ripped, tattered shirts and rippling muscles. Obviously they’re the more athletic of the villagers. She points them out to you.

“Them. Them and you. Any males old enough to work, really. You’ve got to do all sorts of things.”

She says, before starting to walk again and continuing,

“We need lumber, for example. And there are animals that need to be tended to.”

Animals? You haven’t exactly seen anything that could be classified as cattle. Ah shut up, brain! You’re missing what she’s saying.

“And the wall needs to be maintained, and people need to stand guard at night, and new homes need to be built occasionally, and…”

Apparently there is a large list of “and”s that young males are responsible for. She gets tired of listing things off and finishes,

“But none of that matters, because it’s not your responsibility. Or something. I guess you don’t really need to know anymore now that you don’t have to do anything. We’re here, by the way.”


You weren’t paying any attention to where you were going, just looking ahead and listening to her. You see now that she’s stopped in front of a house, its roof conspicuously draped in leafy vines, some of them even coming down all the way to the ground, a few of them blocking the doorway.

“Here, hold this.”

Keine says, shoving a bundle of vines out of the way of the doorway into your arms. She fumbles with the handle for a moment before getting it open and letting you in. The interior is nicely, if sparsely, decorated. The room you enter seems to be the living room, with a table surrounded by three wooden chairs padded by crude pillows. A bookcase takes up the left wall, with two closed doors taking the far right corner, and a ladder to your right. One final adjoining room is an open doorway (minus the door) on the far left, which appears to be a kitchen. You quietly shut the door behind you and Keine motions for you to sit in a chair as she enters the ‘kitchen’.

You take a seat, noting the chair isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing in the world, but it is better than simply wood. Keine re-emerges only a minute later with a banged up kettle and two earthenware cups. She pours the contents of the kettle into both cups and hands one to you before taking the seat opposite yours.

“I hope it’s not too bitter for you, it’s been sitting since this morning.”

A sip tells you it might be too bitter for your taste. It seems to be herbal tea that’s been out way too long. The same batch you had this morning, perhaps? Well, tea aside, you better break the ice in this conversation.

“So… uh… like…”

Keine understands where you’re going.

“You met Nakajma this morning? When?”

Your mind reels back to the meeting. It was…

“Right after I left the schoolhouse, really.”

She nods, takes a sip of her tea, then asks another question.

“Did he mention it at all to you?”

You shake your head and she utters a ‘tsk’. An awkward silence develops and you sip your tea for something to do while waiting for her to speak.

“I’m guessing he didn’t mention that he wants to meet you later tonight, either?”

You nearly choke on the tea. He wants to meet-


“I don’t know, either. Stop looking at me like that.”

You rearrange your jaw and look away so as not to be awkwardly staring at her in amazement or confusion. Did you make some sort of impression on the man? He is, apparently, in charge. More so than Keine.

“Dusk is when he told me to tell you.”

She emphasizes the last bit, apparently not happy about being a go-between. She quickly recovers, however.

“But enough about that man. I heard you found a lady friend?”

Lady friend? Oh right, Sanae!

…Wait is she implying something?

“She’s 16, so get your mind out of the gutter.”

You nearly choke on your tea – again. She was implying something!

“It’s not like that!”

You set your tea down and throw your hands up as to reassure her, a futile gesture.

“She has two gods for guardians, so really. Don’t think about it.”

“No, no! It wasn’t like that I was just lost, I was looking- Did you say ‘gods’?”

“Yes, gods. Supernatural powers. Deities. Whatever you like to call them. Invincible for all things that matter, able to call upon miracles. Able to summon onbashira, hordes of frogs, curse gods, call forth the winds…”

She illustrates the last bit with her hands for maximum effect, then claps them together.

“You understand why it’s a bad idea?”

Well curse gods do sound quite detrimental to your existence! Wait, she still thinks you’re trying to hit on a teenager!

“It’s not like that!-“


She holds her hand up as to command you. She finishes explaining her position,

“I don’t mind what you do, okay? As long as it loving, consensual, agreeable… Whatever! It doesn’t matter to me. As long as nobody gets hurt, and I don’t have two angry gods tearing apart the village looking for you, you’re free to pursue whatever kind of relationship you want.”

Ah… Well okay then. Guess she’s an agreeable kind of, laid back person. You slink back in your chair, relaxing. She takes a sip of her tea before muttering to herself.

“I do, however, find your taste in children objectionable.”

You bound out of your chair and rest your elbows on the table, motioning your displeasure with your hands.

“No! I’m not-“

“Letting her mount you, hidden by piles of garbage?”

Mounting? Piles of garbage?

Oh.[i] Shit. When you were at the junkyard! When she practically [i]molested you and used your shirt as a rag! No wait, not molest! Damn it, don’t let her take this the wrong way! How the hell are you going to explain that, though?

“W-Well… it was like.”

You remove your elbows from the table and sit up straight, trying to explain yourself. You start instinctively rubbing the back of your head as you try to find an explanation that doesn’t make it seem like you were doing something inappropriate.

“She… attacked me? And pushed me down. And then proceeded to vigorously rub herself over me- Why the hell are you looking at me like that?”

She stops staring and just shakes her head. Doesn’t she believe you!" You were the victim here! And… And!...How does she know about that, anyhow? Wait, you got this! You snap your fingers and point at her, eagerly delivering your accusation,

“So, theoretically, if we were having sex, you were spying on us! You’re a voyeur!”

Now she chokes on her tea. She sputters, trying to get off a retort but you slink back into your chair, cross your arms, and smugly smile at her. Two can play this game.

When she finishes choking on her tea, she opens her mouth to say something, then promptly closes it again. After a few moments of deliberation, she speaks again,

“All right, I believe you. However, know that I was not the one that spotted you. It was just a few villagers, and they were… concerned about your choice of companion.”

Geez, so there were some people running around that you didn’t see. Why were they spying on you, though?

“Why would they be concerned?”

Keine shifts her gaze sideways, as if to deflect the question. You lean closer, indicating that you’d like a response. She gives it few moments, and with you not showing any signs of relenting, answers you,

“You remember how I said her guardians can do things like manipulate the wind?”

“Yeah, so?”

“So can she.”

…Well if you were drinking your tea that’d be the third time you choked on it. You sit back and let that sink in for a second. Sanae, the perfectly normal, if eccentric, teenage girl, can apparently manipulate the winds.

…You’re not sure whether that’s awesome or frightening. Wait a second, if she could all manipulate wind and create storms or tornadoes or whatnot, why didn’t she do that before? You phrase the question to Keine,

“If she can do that – Why didn’t I see it when I uhm…”

She finishes the sentence for you,

“Beat up some fairies?”

“Yes, that! I mean, no! They attacked us!”

She nods, impressively while rolling her eyes,

“And you’re not trying to have sex with a 16 year old girl.”

She clears her throat and continues,

“I suspect she held back because she didn’t want to scare you off. Back when she first came here, she really was a child. Ah…”

She leans back into her chair and gazes at the ceiling, remembering.

“Used to hang around the human village a lot, and spoke about a lot of things people didn’t understand. She couldn’t really find any friends. But an outsider like you?”

She glances down at you, looking you over before finishing her thought,

“Yes, she probably sees you as someone she can identify with. Suddenly having your world turned upside down is pretty nerve-racking, anyone who suddenly has their life changed as such probably would want to get back to their normal routine as soon as possible.”

She pauses, sighing, lost in thought. A silence hangs over the room for a moment before she seemingly gets an idea, speaking again,

“Speaking of which – Why are you still here? I would’ve thought you would like to leave as soon as possible.”

Keine listens for your response, but takes the speaking interlude to refill both of your cups, completely emptying the kettle.


You? That’s… a very good question. What are you doing hanging around here? You search your mind for an answer, but all you can come up with is a half-assed excuse,

“I guess I just got caught up in all the excitement. How would I leave, anyway? I’ve seen a few dirt roads, but nothing really leading to… ahem, civilization.”

She waves that off as a mere technicality.

“The Hakurei shrine, of course. Reimu…”

She mutters something about being a drunk, and then continues, talking at a normal volume level,

“Should be able to help you. She’s more familiar with the process than I am, although as far as I am aware, it’s simply a fairly painless ritual.”

Right. Fairly painless. Mildly insane is how you might characterize some people or things in general around here. Fairly painless probably means it kills you. Still, something to look in to…

You rub your temples and Keine simply relaxes back into her chair. It seems a waste to not get some conversation, however, so you try to keep it flowing.

“Guess I just don’t know a lot of thingsssssss-“

You never finish that last syllable as you remember something from earlier that you “didn’t know”. You just continue the sound mindlessly until you jump up from your chair and snap your fingers repeatedly at Keine as if this was the most important thing in the world. She nearly jumps out of her chair but your sudden change in demeanor.

“Keine! What language are we speaking?!”

She looks at you oddly for a moment before answering carefully.

“Japanese, specifically the Kanto dialect?”

You smash your hand into the table hard enough for it to buckle. She reprimands you,

“Hey! Don’t break the furniture.”

“Sorry, sorry! I just… we’re speaking English! English!”

She raises an eyebrow at that.

“We’re most certainly speaking Japanese at the moment. English is a completely different language. Did you bump your head?”

You latch on to that part she said. English is a different language. She knows about it?”

“You know English?”

“Well… no. But I have books on it.”

She says, motioning to her bookcase.

“But you know it’s a different language!”

“Yes? What of it?”

You scratch your chin, thinking. Something’s definitely up here. You wonder if Keine is aware of this.

“Keine… if I told you that I was sure I was speaking English right now, how would you react?”

“Well… are you intoxicated?”


She raises an eyebrow. Okay she got you there. You do drink a bit.

“Not… currently, anyway.”

“Well… it’s not the first time I’ve heard of something like this, and to be honest?”

She waves her hand, dismissing it,

“I’ve heard of stranger things happening. I wouldn’t doubt it, if you really think you’re speaking English. To me, however, you’re speaking Japanese.”

…Huh. So she thinks you are speaking English, but she’s hearing Japanese? That’s… no fuck that that’s stupid. That’s impossible. That’s like saying a normal girl like Sanae has magical power- Oh right, never mind then.

You retake your seat and twiddle your thumbs. Guess that answers your question.

“I trust you’re well acquainted with Gensokyo, now?”

You shrug.

“I guess so? Crazy place, it seems.”

She motions towards the bookshelf,

“If you don’t mind, I was going to use my free time to study a backlog of foreign texts. An English one sounds appropriate now, since you’ve indicated that you speak it. You’re free to stay here, and I have a bed prepared in the guest room if you’re staying, but I’d like to scrutinize a book or two before dusk.”

“Ah, well. I’ll just…”

[ ] Get some fresh air, then. Maybe take a looksie around the outskirts of the village, see what there is to see.

[ ] Leave. Now. It was fun, but to be honest, now that you’ve told me how to go home? Thanks for all the fish, and goodbye!

[ ] See if you can get something to eat. It’s about time for another meal, and there was something of a marketplace that you didn’t get to explore earlier.

[ ] Stay here and chat with her. She’s proven quite knowledgeable in all matters, and it might behoove you to skim off some of that knowledge.
Correction: Stove kindly handed it over AFTER I posted the update. Too lazy to work this down to under 2 MB, delete, and repost, so here it is.

File 130922636974.jpg - (38.34KB, 400x456 , big homo.jpg) [iqdb]
Stove loves terrible haircuts
Hey faggotTree! Nice job being a bumblefuck shitgoblin! Also, that art is like a month old and shit.

You will regret this!
>She’s 16, so get your mind out of the gutter.

As for now, MC maybe hungry now looking at the events happen now, but then getting some knowledge from Keine is good too.
Oh well.
[x] See if you can get something to eat. It’s about time for another meal, and there was something of a marketplace that you didn’t get to explore earlier.
Stomach matter first.
[x] See if you can get something to eat. It’s about time for another meal, and there was something of a marketplace that you didn’t get to explore earlier.

Note: This is no way precludes a Sanae route and/or a good fucking.
[X] See if you can get something to eat. It’s about time for another meal, and there was something of a marketplace that you didn’t get to explore earlier.

It'll give her some time to herself to read too.
File 130922922469.png - (75.87KB, 900x773 , fuck_yea_in_hd_by_crusierpl_re_sharenator_is_growi.png) [iqdb]

I love you even much more now.
I don't think Gensokyo has the same minimum age requirements as the US, so Keine's concern seems a bit unusual. Now if he was thinking of making a move on Akyuu (13ish), then much concern is warranted.
And the people who are saying the US age is 18, are making an incorrect assumption: the US is not all California. For example, the age of consent in Michigan is 16, and 14 in Hawaii.
What is it in Japan? I know Japan's minimum drinking age is 20, but that doesn't tell anything about the age of consent.
Even then, who to say that Gensokyo follows such norms even? It was the start of the Meiji era when Gensokyo was sealed away.
Was 13 the age of consent in the Meiji era? I remember reading somewhere that actually was Japan's national age of consent, though most prefectures have a higher age of consent.

Also does Gensokyo really follow Meiji-era beliefs and customs?
You seem to be forgetting that not only has Gensokyo had a few hundred years to develop its own culture, but also that it's had an infusion of western culture through outsiders like our MC over the years.
Translation: My explanation covering up my ignorance of canon.
[x] See if you can get something to eat. It’s about time for another meal, and there was something of a marketplace that you didn’t get to explore earlier.
Translation of the translation: This fanstory isnt sticking directly to the actual canon that barely exists wah wah wah
Translation of the tra(ry: I'm a faggot.
Well, if Treia said it, then it happens in the story. GM always right.

Oh, and happy birthday Treia. Cake plz?

Not always. Usually, though.

Thanks. No cake. I don't even like cake. Get out dirty cake-lover.

Can I haz cheezburger Sanae instead of cake then?
File 130940526113.jpg - (509.67KB, 800x1130 , 1308272305013.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] See if you can get something to eat. It’s about time for another meal, and there was something of a marketplace that you didn’t get to explore earlier.

Aya's panties is fine, too. Thanks Treia.

All right, not the normal amount of votes but it's decisive. Votes called and all that. I'm gonna tie some things up on my end and get to writing.


...Ok I get it. You're happy. This is like the third or fourth time you or someone else has posted this same meme whenever I post status updates. Please sage in the future unless contributing to discussion or having a vote to cast. There are some good authors here on /th/ (Some of them personal friends of mine) and you're wasting everyone's time bumping my thread back up to the top when there's nothing to show for it. It's rude, and quite frankly, discourteous.
You are a tremendous cocksucking faggot.

No sage specifically to piss you off.
Back already, Rageanon?
[x] Get some fresh air, then. Maybe take a looksie around the outskirts of the village, see what there is to see.

The explore option is the only option.
>Please sage in the future unless contributing to discussion or having a vote to cast.

Have you ever thought that giving an official notice as to the tally of the votes and the status of the writing is relevant to the readers and that writers (your personal friends or otherwise) should not sage status updates inappropriately?
No. It's a common practice. See >>143491 for details. tl;dr? don't sage your own posts unless you're attacking a one-word-post for no reason. We actually want to see any status updates on the story.

Yes and I don't think so.


You can scroll down then.

Writing is progressing nicely, although the update will be broken into two (or more) parts simply to accommodate mood and flow (but mostly laziness).

>You can scroll down then.

Third (fourth? Rageanon was unclear if he was just raging or actually making a point) person here telling you that you are wrong. Readers want to know how a story is going without having to search for it.

There isn't much of a point worrying about space when Kahi's old thread is still on page 1. Any thread that gets updated will naturally be higher up because of votes than a writer popping in to give a status report so don't worry about it.
[X] See if you can get something to eat. It’s about time for another meal, and there was something of a marketplace that you didn’t get to explore earlier.

>Readers want to know how a story is going without having to search for it.

Yes they do. Which is why I ask you not to bump my story unless there's activity. This is not a difficult request.

PS Update should be posted tonight unless werewolves killing floor EVE online writer block.
File 131073170634.jpg - (506.95KB, 1440x1600 , ed1442c863d49cbf0de418496f7e1e58.jpg) [iqdb]
No proofreader for this update. Finished at 8 AM, point out errors etc etc

(This paragraph was originally nicer but I failed posting 3 times and even managed to make a new thread in my crippled state, so...)

[X] See if you can get something to eat. It’s about time for another meal, and there was something of a marketplace that you didn’t get to explore earlier.

Hunger gets what hunger wants. And hunger wants a damn hot dog.

This place probably doesn’t even know what a hot dog is.

Well you’ll find out if they do!

You stand up and extend your hand for a shake, out of politeness.

“Thank you for everything, Keine. I’ll get out of your hair now.”

She appraises you for a second before responding,

“You’re leaving like that?”

“…Well, yeah? You did ask me to leave?”

She rolls her eyes and motions at your general appearance.

“I mean like that.

You look down at your clothes. You had almost gotten used to the coatings of blood, dirt, and goodness knows what else. It’s not nearly as inconspicuous as the villagers’ apathetic attitudes would suggest. Instinctively, you take your hand from a shaking position to the back of your head and try to make excuses,

“Well I don’t have a-”

She cuts you off.

“Shirt? I do.”

That’s not creepy at all.

“Shirt as in"... ‘Cause you’re wearing one and all, but I don’t think I want that one.”

She stands up and extends her hand towards one of the closed doors at the back of the house.

“No, as in I have a spare. As you may guess, outsiders such as yourself don’t often bring spare clothing. If I may?”

She says, attempting to step past you. You politely get out of the way.

“Please do! I could use another shirt… Hey it’s not one of those polyester shirts or anything ‘cause I’m allergic to polyester and shit, I get these rashes all over and oh boy, you do not want to see that.”

You attempt to keep ranting about your hi-larious health condition, but Keine returns from (what is ostensibly) the bedroom and throws the shirt onto your head.

“It’s flax.”

You remove it from covering your face and size it up. Not bad. You look up and Keine’s still looking at you, waiting expectantly.

“…Okay, but could you leave the room? Not that I’m sure you’re not a lovely lady but I do love my privacy.”

She turns her head away, looking towards the doorway of the now open bedroom. Guess this is as much privacy as you’re going to get. It’s not like you have a problem going shirtless, really. You’re not overweight or anything. It’s just a matter of principle!

Regardless, you quickly discard your current, torn shirt and fit the new one. A bit itchy, but… You flex your arms. Much looser fitting. Very nice. Comfortable, almost. You pick up your former shirt from the floor.

“And what would you like me to do with this?”

She looks back, no longer averting her eyes.

“It’s fine, leave it.”

Sweet. No clean-up is always nice. You’ll see how much you can lighten the load. You motion at your bag, sitting next to where you had been seated.

“What about my pack? Do you mind if I leave it here? Kind of grating wearing it all day when I’m used to carrying it around for an hour or two.”

She accords a question,

“Are you planning on staying here tonight?”

“…Guess so?”

“Similarly fine, then. I shall not touch it until you return.”


“Thank you, then! I’ll just uh… leave now.”

She wishes you good luck and you step out, batting vines out of the way as you close the door behind you. You let your nose guide you towards the market. Sweet, sweet freshly baked bread. Sourdough might be nice. If it was from San Francisco that’d be even better, but- Yeah you had bread earlier. Hmm, might to be difficult to choose then- And what the hell is that terrible smell?

You turn your head towards its source only to get the wind knocked out of your lungs as you topple over backwards, arms flailing wildly. Your eyes roll back into place only to be blinded by a combination of violet hair and red and white charms.

She speaks first, with a wild grin,

“Hey buddy.”


It’s a little hard to speak when her knees are resting on your chest. She’s not exactly light.

“Didja have a nice talk with Keine?”

She seems a little mad.

“Yeah, something like tha- You can stop kneeing my chest now.”


Well you’d certainly like to resolve this as quickly as possible.

“Can I help you?”

“Yeah, don’t get in my way of Keine, again, okay?”


Slap. Ow. You protest your treatment,

“Hey, what was that for?”

“Don’t sound so cheerful, it gives away your lying.”

“But I’m no-“

Slap. Ow. Again. You guess she doesn’t that you’re more than happy to step aside for two friends.

“But I’m really-“

She raises her hand to slap you again, but you stop and bite your tongue. You’re no glutton for punishment. She doesn’t seem to believe you, though.

There’s only one way to solve this.

You pull out the two yen bills you got earlier and hold them up between you two.

“So I was totally going to grab a bite to eat – Wanna join?”


Slowly, slowly, she tilts her head. It keeps tilting. Her jaw opens as she prepares to say something, then she abruptly closes it. She looks up, then back down at you.

“That’s crazy.”

That’s crazy!

She grabs your mouth by the cheeks and starts shaking your head around,


She abruptly stops and slaps you on the cheek again, before standing up off you and extending a hand down to you. You gingerly accept and she pulls you up with surprising strength.

“Hell, I like you! I like you a lot! You can come over to my house and- No wait, no you can’t that’s private.”

She snatches the yen out of your off-hand and holds it out in front of your nose.

“I will, however, show you to the best place to get dinner in this little scrapheap!”

She goes marching off, holding the money out above and ahead of her like the goddamn Olympic torch. Is everyone crazy around here? Still, she’s got your money, so you quickly catch up to her. She engages in some lively conversation as she giddily anticipates a good meal.

“So, how’da know I’d go for the food?”

Might as well be honest here.

“Well, there’s a saying I’ve heard before: If you can’t beat them, join them.”

She nods her head eagerly.

“That’s a good one! Let flow in the water, and all that! But more importantly: Stuff your face while you can!”

…That doesn’t sound right.

“I’ve never heard of that idiom.”

“I know, I made it up!”

Well that explains that. You look at where she’s taking you and scan the stalls lining the (dirt) road. Quite a few open-air stalls are showing off their goods, mostly craft goods, trinkets, and tools, there’s not much to interest you. The food, however... Steamed rice, some sort of skewered meat (Perhaps chicken?), and mochi rice cakes featuring prominently. You tug on Mokou’s sleeve and point out the rice.

“Hey, we could-”


“…Isn’t it my money?”

Not really your money, but hey, it’s not like she knows that. She, however, just waves you off.

“Not like that means anything!”

This woman… sheesh. Still, she’s supposed to be showing you to a good place to eat, so you can thank her for that, even if she is taking your money. She continues to lead you on, past all the delicious showings on the main street, past a dozen more buildings, smack dab into the edge of the village, defined by the large palisade.

Mokou takes a sharp left and at the very end of the buildings, she leads you into an alley. At the end of that alley is a small doorway, covered by a red curtain. She pushes it aside and hollers at the man behind the counter before plopping herself down at the only table in the place. You take a look at the place before sitting at the second of three seats. The whole place is… small. Cramped. It was crammed into the back of an alley, so…

Other than that, though, not real exciting. A rudimentary counter which branches off into what appears to be a living space, and some of those hanging paper lanterns. They make it just bright enough to see, but not particularly bright nor dark. It’s kind of nice, actually.

Mokou bangs the table with her fist and hollers at the man again,

“Come on, two bowls for both of us! My new friend here is paying!”

The way she says that makes you wonder if she was trying to beat talk sense into you earlier, or just rob you. The man obliges, and produces a set of bowls from below his counter. He uncorks a large barrel in the corner and scoops two of the bowls full of its contents, placing them on the table. You inspect the ‘food’ as he goes back for the other two.

It’s noodle soup of some kind. No chicken, unfortunately. It is, however, topped with onion. Mokou gets right to business, simply picking the first bowl up, tilting her head, and slurping most of the thing down. You question how to eat it in a dignified way, however. Wolfing the whole thing down just isn’t your style.

You get your answer when the proprietor returns with the second set of bowls. He reaches into his tattered apron and drops two pairs of chopsticks onto the table. Mokou hands him your the money, and he produces two coins which he places next to the chopsticks before returning to his place behind the counter.

…You have no idea how to use chopsticks. Mokou doesn’t seem to be using hers, either, so you have no example to work off of.

Like a child with a new toy. One that makes a mess and is edible. Damnit. After the fourth try to get food within the general vicinity of your mouth you give up, angrily slapping them back down on the table. Mokou scoffs at you, almost half done her second bowl. She gives you a quick, derogatory lesson on how to use chopsticks.

“Here, see this?”

She says, holding the chopsticks in her hands for you to see before continuing,

“Hold it like this.”

She says, demonstrating the propertechnique for chopstick usage. Some sort of warped, hellish combination of breaking your own fingers and attempting to shovel food into your mouth before it slips out of your grasp like some sort of oiled-up model. Damn the Japanese. Or the Chinese. Whoever invented them must have been some sort of monster.

Still, you attempt to wrap your mind around the concept, and your fingers around the torture devices. You manage to get a few bites in, amongst Mokou laughing at you and your own embarrassment creeping up. Not an optimal set up by far. You wish you had a spoon, or something. After the third ribbing, you give up completely. It’s not like anyone’s who’s watching cares.

You pick up the damn bowl, tilt your head back, and simply drink the concoction. Little bits dribble past your mouth and down your chin, dripping on to your lap, but you finish the rest of the thing and slam it down on the table, pissed off that it took that much just to eat it.

…And when did she get here?! Standing the doorway, tilting her head ever so slightly, her mouth slightly agape. One her dolls floats upward and closes it for her, and another two fly in from outside carrying a fan and start to wave it around, cooling her off and blowing her hair slightly.

The way she’s looking at you tells you one of two things. Either you look like a ghost, or she’s incredibly disgusted by your lack of manners. Probably the latter.

She abruptly turns around, the dolls grabbing the curtain out of the way, and exits. Shit. You immediately get up and run to the doorway to try and catch her, but she’s already legged it out of the alley. You screwed that up real well.

“Nice job breaking it hero!”

Mokou says from her new sitting position, leaning back in her chair, pushing off the table. You scowl at her and wipe the soup still dribbling from your chin. You re-take your seat and rebuke her,

“I just wanted to thank her for the other day.”

Mokou lets go of the table so the chair comes crashing back forward and effortlessly transitions into having her elbows on the table holding up her head. She seems amused by your dismissal.

“Oh? I didn’t know the puppeteer was interested in men.”

Where the hell did she get that idea?! You absolutely deny it.

“Oh no, no no no no. It’s not like that.”

Flat out denial. There’s no way that’d happen. You barely know her.

Mokou leans in closer, smiling.

“So you wouldn’t find her an attractive wife?”

Wha- How? What? That just doesn’t… Where does she get these ideas?! You try to correct her.

“Hey – That’s not what I said…”

“Oh so you’re interested~?”


She gets up and pats you on the shoulder.

“Well, I guess I’ll go tell her about how you feel!”

You bound up out of your chair.

“Hey! It’s not like that!”

“Then I’ll tell her ya hate her! See ya, chump! Keep the change!”

She waves at you and exits, leaving you dumbfounded.

Sigh. People like that just can’t be reasoned with. Hopefully she was just kidding. Well, no point staying here. You got your food, she pissed off, and there’s things to do.

“This paid for?”

The proprietor nods at you from where he’s sitting. You scoop the ‘change’ into your pocket and leave. You briefly consider seeing if you can grab something else to eat before you notice the horizon. Flaming red, the sun is setting beautifully, obscured only slightly by a local mountain. Looks like it’s time to go meet the lord of the village. You don’t want to keep him waiting, after all.

You ask a random villager on her front porch, and she points you in the direction of his – apparently large – residence. You set off, eager to find out what the man wants. You’ll-

Ah… Nature calls. Better find an alley or something. This place probably doesn’t have modern plumbing.


Got feel that something missing between this paragraph:

>You pick up the damn bowl, tilt your head back, and simply drink the concoction. Little bits dribble past your mouth and down your chin, dripping on to your lap, but you finish the rest of the thing and slam it down on the table, pissed off that it took that much just to eat it.

>…And when did she get here?! Standing the doorway, tilting her head ever so slightly, her mouth slightly agape. One her dolls floats upward and closes it for her, and another two fly in from outside carrying a fan and start to wave it around, cooling her off and blowing her hair slightly.

I get it that it's Alice who get in there, but something is... missing.

Waiting for next part.
Why is Mokou acting like Kotohime?

And when did Mokou get purple hair?

Because Mokou is insane overprotective slightly eccentric.

As for her hair color? I discussed this in an earlier post, but the basic gist is that the wiki says violet and when I hear violet I think purple, but it doesn't goddamn matter because it's not a picture and you can imagine the characters looking however you like.

Try thinking of Keine as a fourty story goat with Akyuu's head sticking out its ass. I feel that makes this story infinitely more enjoyable when I write updates.
You know, we didn't need a rundown of what you fap to here.
Looking at Mokou's picture on the Touhou wiki, I can see how people think her hair is white. Actually looking at it, you'd think it's silver like Eirin's hair, not violet.
Got feeling about MC's misfortune on next chapter will be someone look at him when he's urinate at the alley, judging how he's caught by Alice when eating noodles in barbaric way. (and it'll be funnier if it's Alice again that see him, Murphy's Law at work.)

oh god oh ogd why can't I stop laughing

Ah... the glorious release. If you were a pee fetishist-

Well... If you were a pee fetishist you'd hang yourself. But you digress! It's just the body releasing chemicals to make you feel good after losing that full bladder. The stream comes steady, staining the ground an odd mixture of yellow and black, absorbing back into the earth. Wonder if there's a stream of aquifer or something around here...

"Ah, I apologize for earlier-"

What the fuck?!

You whip around, ignorant of the fact that you are still peeing strong. At the sight of the dollmaster your penis springs into action, fully erecting itself and giving you a perfect arc. You throw your arms into the air in complete surprise. As does she, the yellow torrent exploding on her face, soaking her hair and running down her blouse. Your arms flail wildly as you fail to comprehend the situation. She screams at you to stop, her voice drowned out by the choking and flailing.

"Oh gackmmf- my god, stop!

She throws her arms up to protect her face, now soaked in urine. You desperately wrangle your penis, attempting to calm the monster down. Your sudden boner combined with the fact that your bladder needs to empty means your penis will not return to its limp state. You desperately try to force it down - pointing anywhere other than soaked Alice in front of you. You only succeed in covering her lower body in piss.

Oh god oh god. You freak out as she sputters and sobs, barely shielding herself from your glorious stream of urine. In desperation you start spinning in circles, coating the adjoining buildings' walls in discharge.

Your legs go weak and you stumble up against the piss covered wall, still holding your dick in a stranglehold, the stream finally trickling to a halt. Your hands shake as it finishes, and you quickly zip yourself back up. The girl quietly sobs at the entrance to the valley, her hair sopping wet, and her clothes soaked. You muster the will to talk to her.

"Listen, I am so sorry..."
File 131080937656.jpg - (42.63KB, 800x529 , Massimo.jpg) [iqdb]
File 131081571366.jpg - (60.49KB, 471x694 , EXPLAIN THIS BULLSHIT.jpg) [iqdb]
File 131082310653.jpg - (94.64KB, 557x442 , 1262215260246.jpg) [iqdb]

This had better not be part of the story...
File 131084510697.png - (340.00KB, 1400x1050 , 1309565116766.png) [iqdb]
After a rather rough morning this certainly made my day ahahahaha.

Do continue with the actual story soon Treia~!
File 131085931988.gif - (126.96KB, 500x279 , 1310486794102.gif) [iqdb]
Well huh.
File 131086357169.jpg - (122.39KB, 1024x446 , 1251102374164.jpg) [iqdb]

Congratulation. You just won five thousand internet.
There has to be a sequel. Make a side-story thread for it. You know you want to bro.

Outisder's Alice watersports adventure?

More like "Run away from really pissed off Alice" (Pun intended.)
File 131141059272.jpg - (27.01KB, 640x358 , Hartmann Nightmare Fuel.jpg) [iqdb]
“Hell, I like you! I like you a lot! You can come over to my house and-"
Also, your Sanae is great.
I want more of her.
Blame fellow writefags for getting me back into Elona. Sunk like 40 hours into it the last few days.

Updates soon, I promise.
I tried that game. My little girl and I were eaten by a kobold. I hate that game.

Ah, Elona...
Reminds me of my old lvl 17 warmage(with a lot of alt+f4 if bad dreams/bad mutation/cursing/etc happens,damn roguelike RNG)...
Empty promises are the best.
If you're a Patchwork fan, you get used to them.
Hey FAGGOTS, it's being written right now, and I'm generating a new tripcode in the background! Chill out!
Four days! It's only been four days! Shit most people save the snark for the two week plus mark.
Well... When you said soon, I(at least me) thought that it'll be posted under 2 or 3 days...
But then, It just a personal feelings, how soon is 'soon' is relative, therefore I can't complain about it(after all nobody paid you or something like that for this, and something good like a good story can't be produced in hurry).

Good to know that you're writing now, we'll be wait for you.
File 131201495450.jpg - (77.42KB, 491x710 , kendo.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for taking so long. And technically, it has been two weeks since I last updated. All my fault, really. Being lazy, and stuff, plus moving to a dorm soon. But enough about me, have some delicious updates, instead!


Well this is fun!

Goddamnit, it could have been your pants. It could’ve been your fly, it could’ve been your shoes.

But no, instead you managed to piss all over your bandaged hand. Now it smells like urine, and it’s similarly damp. This can not be healthy. Isn’t this how infections start or something? The bad kind, too – staph and all that. You don’t need to be laid up in a tent somewhere, skin flaying off.

No sirree. You’re avoiding that. You wipe the dirty rags against your leggings in a vain attempt to dry your bandages, only succeeding in smearing your pants a bit and making them smell like pee, too. At least you can’t feel it soaking through onto your hand. Hopefully, that just means that the absorption wasn’t too bad, rather than that your hand has lost all sensation or something.

You give it a few more minutes to dry, take another sniff, and deem it somewhat acceptable. You exit the alley and quickly reorient yourself in regards to your destination.

You understand what she meant when she said you couldn’t miss it. The place is huge, at least three floors, not to mention its width. You walk up to the front door, unsure of whether to simply enter or knock. On one hand, you should be expected. On the other hand, the door’s a flimsy paper sliding door, and you could probably put your fist right through it…

Right as you raise your hand, the door slides open and standing before you is a fine looking blonde beauty. You look over her flowing kimono for a second before she sharply asks you,

“You are the outsider?”

You look back up at her as she stares at you with self-righteous anger. Damn, did you already manage to offend somebody? Still, you better try to defuse the situation before it becomes a problem.

“Look, if this is about the urine smell, I can explain…”

“That’s what that smell is?!”

…Shit. She pinches her nose shut and turns away, making gagging noises. Was it really that bad?! You attempt to reason with her, but she just waves you off and retreats inside a bit, keeping a safe distance.

“All right, come with me.”

The way she says it sounds funny from the fact that she’s still pinching her nose, but you try not to comment on that. She leads you down a long hallway, before taking a sharp right and stopping several feet away from another sliding doorway up ahead. She turns around and stops you, and makes some things clear in no uncertain terms.

“You will pay my father the utmost respect.”

Father, huh? Hopefully not a sign of things to come.

“You will address him by proper title, follow traditions, and most importantly, you will not screw this up.

Right… You raise your hand like a child in school.

“This isn’t Keine’s place. Put your hand down.”

“Right, but-”


She doesn’t ask, she simply states. Coldly, harshly. She reduces your question to a mere whisper. You swallow it in your throat, meek as it seems now. It takes a few moments of her staring you down before you avert your eyes to the side and reform your question.

“I don’t know what title or traditions you’re talking about.”

She sighs.

“I’m sorry.”

You turn back to her, and now she averts her eyes. Well, that was… sudden. You wait for her to speak, and she does after almost half a minute.

“Just… pay him respect, okay? He’s my father.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

You say enthusiastically, smiling warmly and giving a nod. You don’t want her to feel uncomfortable around you, after all, nor do you want to get snapped at.


She pats her long, flowing hair down, and you take the opportunity to do the same. A few more feet and you reach the sliding door to where Nakajima is awaiting you. She turns to you says one thing.

“Good luck.”

“Will I need it?”

She doesn’t answer, sliding open the door and politely bowing. Nakajima sits waiting for you, in the polite seiza position. Lord of the village… And looks the part too. You decide it’s probably a good idea to follow suit, and bow next to his daughter. She motions for you to go in, and you take a seat, in the same position, across from him.

A tense stare-off ensues. You’re not sure if you should break eye contact, or kiss the ground, or whatever…

Nakajima breaks eye contact. He nods at his daughter and you hear the door close. Now it’s just the two of you…

The air is tense. Neither of you say anything. It’s… incredibly uncomfortable to sit like this. You wish he’d say something.

“Well, I think she’s gone!”

He gives you a toothy grin and leans back, switching to a cross legged sitting position.

“Awfully difficult having to sit like that, don’t you think?”

You’re not sure how to respond. Are you supposed to agree with him, or maintain ‘proper’ posture? You open your mouth to speak and dodge the question, but he cuts you off.

“Now, now, no need to be shy. Sit how you like. And don’t listen to a word Reina said. She’s a good girl, but misguided at times.”

…Did he just tell you not to listen to his own daughter? After everything she said? Still, you’re not one to pass up a chance to sit comfortably. You stop sitting on your ankles, which was just a barbaric, painful torture. Still, you’re going to pay him respect unless he tells you not to.

“Yes, sir.”

“No, no, no, no, you don’t need to call me sir – just Nakajima is fine. Scotch?”

He says, pulling a bottle and two shot glasses from beneath the table. This reminds you of when friends would pull out booze from the craziest of places after hiding it from dorm inspections. Ah, yeah, you remember when Joel pulled out half a dozen wine bottles from the stuffing of his couch. Ah, Joel… who you probably won’t see again. No, no, you will, just… later. Soon. When you leave, when-

Eurgh. You shake off that thought. On to the matter at hand. You respond to his offer.

“Yes, please?”

He quickly dispenses the alcohol into both glasses and slides one over to you. He downs his before you even touch yours. Not wanting to appear impolite, nor being afraid of a little drink, you drink yours as well. It’s not high quality stuff, but it sure is nice. This must be his way of breaking the ice. A lot better than say, chasing after you with a camera, or tackle-kneeing you in the chest. Yep… certainly better.

He speaks over his second glass.

“So, what brings you to Gensokyo, self-proclaimed outsider?”

You set your glass back down, and he fills it up again as you answer.

“Well, it’s not like I had much of a choice…”

He nods knowingly.

“I’ve heard that many entrances to Gensokyo are quite… unwilling?”

Yeah… something like that. You certainly weren’t willing. You wonder if what happened counts as kidnapping… or who or what is responsible. Regardless, you nod in response to his question. He would know more about it than you would, so he’s probably correct. He explains his source of knowledge.

“You are not the first outsider to pass by this village, although you are the first I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.”

To which he raises his glass. You raise yours as well, and toast him, simply because it seems like the right thing to do.

“I’m flattered, I think?”

“You should be.”

He stops, then adds a point.

“Not to be full of myself, or anything. I understand how you outsiders love your freedoms and rights. But, here? I am responsible for this village.

If his relaxed and inviting demeanor gave you any doubts, the way he said that wiped them all away. He stated, in no unequivocal terms, that he had sole domain over this village.

He raises his glass again.

“That said, I would like to offer you a token of good will. If you need anything, do not hesitate to speak to me. I would like to keep this offer open so long as you choose to stay here, and- how long are you planning on staying, if you don’t mind me asking?”

He leans forward, apparently interested in hearing your answer. The question- No… that’s just the scotch. Right in your gut. It makes it turn over, toss and churn. You hang your head as your tumultuous stomach rocks on, choosing to sip your glass and mumble out an answer.

Nakajima seems taken aback. There’s a long silence before he finally leans back and pipes up.

“I apologize if I made you uncomfortable. That offer is valid so long as you choose to stay here, no matter how short, or extended, that visit may be.”

With his piece said, he quickly changes the subject.

“That said, you understand that this is but one of my many duties. Have you ever lead men, before?”

That’s an odd question. Still, you should be honest.

“I mean, I’ve… organized groups for school projects? I don’t think that counts?”

He nods his head and replies,

“Not exactly what I mean, but you are honest. That is good. However, you understand the difficulties faced when you must make decisions for others, yes?”

Where is he going with this, exactly? You’re not quite sure. You simply nod approvingly and listen.

“Allow me to pose you a question. I am responsible for this entire village, the count now almost five hundred. With one action, I may affect the lives of all of them. With one decision, I may doom them all. This is not a nice world we live in, I will be honest with you. In one moment, I may decide that a man has to die. But in doing so, I may protect the rest of the people counting on me. However, I may refuse, out of principle, and in doing so, sentence the entire village to destruction. In short, I may choose between my principles, and my duties.”

He stops, breathes in deeply, and leans in, forward.

“[b]Which would you choose?[b]”

Watching. Evaluating. Staring. His eyes are on you now. He demands an answer, a choice. Is this a test? You could- No. He’s watching you carefully for any movement, any indication. He won’t let you dodge this question.

[ ] The many come first. It may not be pleasant ordering the death of a man, but if there are hundreds other counting on you…

[ ] The one comes first. Every man has his rights. Every man should be able to choose for himself. To think otherwise is sheer tyranny.
The question is just tooooooo heavvvvyyyyyy for the MC...

[X] The one comes first. Every man has his rights. Every man should be able to choose for himself. To think otherwise is sheer tyranny.

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage."
Thucydides (Ancient Greek historians and author, 460-404bc)

The freedom can only be achieved if one has the courage to take it. So, did the Lord has enough courage to take his freedom? Or let himself shackled in his chain of 'duties', and sacrificing his principles?

[/wise modo]

After this speech, MC then get titled as The One Free Man.
[x] The one comes first. Every man has his rights. Every man should be able to choose for himself. To think otherwise is sheer tyranny.

We're in a dangerous land. Usually, in such a place, the group come before the individual.
However, our character is an outsider, and Lord Nakajima may be intesredted in him just because he's different. After all, he said something about right and liberties earlier, right?
If we answer anything else, he won't trust us, since we won't be acting like an outsider.
Think by yourself. You've been raised from liberty land, for you, liberty is more important than everything, and it may be the reason for Lord Nakajima to be interested in you.
[x] The one comes first. Every man has his rights. Every man should be able to choose for himself. To think otherwise is sheer tyranny.
File 131202082062.jpg - (65.48KB, 750x600 , 1210558417859.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] The one comes first. Every man has his rights. Every man should be able to choose for himself. To think otherwise is sheer tyranny.

If you violate the sanctity of life and deny the autonomy of Man, then just what have you saved? A world where a human life is valued only by what use it is to the collective? Where does that arithmetic stop? If sacrificing one life furthers the Greater Good, won't two lives do even more? Or three? Or ten? How many bloodcurdling atrocities have been committed by men claiming they were "doing their duty?" In my world, more then you could imagine.

Anybody who has nothing for which they're willing to die for, nothing that's more important then their safety cannot call themselves humans. They are animals, just like the beasts of the field, who also eat their young and savage their siblings, all in the name of survival.

Any man who would murder an innocent to save his own hide does not deserve to live.

And that goes for villages, too.
[x] The one comes first. Every man has his rights. Every man should be able to choose for himself. To think otherwise is sheer tyranny.

Get the hell out of backwater burg, MC.
[X] The many come first. It may not be pleasant ordering the death of a man, but if there are hundreds other counting on you…

>Where does that arithmetic stop? If sacrificing one life furthers the Greater Good, won't two lives do even more? Or three? Or ten?
Did you even read the question? Is one life worth more than several hundred? Funny that you posted a picture where three of the characters are leaders, because this is a classic leadership question. When you lead, you are responsible for everyone below you. Would you put them all at risk, just because you are afraid of sacrificing one of them? If they find out you put them all at risk, do you think they would still follow you? No, they would think you value them less than the one you saved.

It's not an easy decision, but it's the one you have to make as a leader. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.[/Spock]
[X] The many come first. It may not be pleasant ordering the death of a man, but if there are hundreds other counting on you…

>The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Not once has this ever lead me astray. The village leader is asking us who's more important, and more likely then not there's going to be something much later on that could be changed on this choice alone.
[x] The one comes first. Every man has his rights. Every man should be able to choose for himself. To think otherwise is sheer tyranny.

Rights for its constituent individuals is one of the needs of greater society, and fundamental to the social contract. To live with other people, an individual must be assured that he won't be singled-out and killed to some putative benefit for everyone one. Otherwise, everyone would live in terror and be unable to function. Without individual rights, the bottom drops out.

Honestly what we've seen of the village gives the impression of a police state. Why is there a wall, when the greatest threats are simply capable of flying over it?

Actually I'm just going to say here that the main threat is feral youkai, incapable of flying. The regulars (i.e. all the characters we know and love) are either disinterested in humans, incapable of taking on an entire village, or would be singled out and hunted down (iffy) if they chose to attack the village directly. Much easier to eat people wandering (and living...) outside the walls.
Indeed. The walls would also serve as a measure of emotional security. Whether or not the walls did shit wouldn't matter, just having them there is bound to relieve some of the fears and tensions the villagers would have. It's a security blanket in a sense to serving as a means of keeping out some of the smaller threats.
I actually worried about MC's hand. I'm afraid that the his hand condition will get worse if he don't do something...

This is perfect excuse to go to Eientei, or meet Reisen/Eirin again.

Or maybe wishing a miracle from a certain girl...
>To live with other people, an individual must be assured that he won't be singled-out and killed to some putative benefit for everyone one. Otherwise, everyone would live in terror and be unable to function.
And yet we don't live in terror of someone murdering us to nobody's benefit. Funny how that works.

>Honestly what we've seen of the village gives the impression of a police state.
Huh? Where on earth did you get that impression? I didn't see anyone breaking up groups of people, or randomly searching buildings, or any other forms of oppression.
[X] The many come first. It may not be pleasant ordering the death of a man, but if there are hundreds other counting on you…

Those who vote using the PoV of the MC as justification for their vote, I can understand. Those who do so because they think the choice is inherently wrong, I cannot. The choice here is simple: Lose one to save five hundred, or lose five hundred and one, period. What good are your vaunted principles if at the end of the day, no one is left alive to perpetuate them?

Perhaps we should be generous, and say that the absence of such a sacrifice, instead of dooming the whole village, would instead grant everyone in the village a 10% risk of death. Through inaction, you would still be causing the deaths of a net 49 extra people. I fail to see how anyone can use the argument of some immeasurable greater good as a rationale against this when it is in fact very measurable.

>Anybody who has nothing for which they're willing to die for, nothing that's more important then their safety cannot call themselves humans. They are animals, just like the beasts of the field, who also eat their young and savage their siblings, all in the name of survival.

Well, that simplifies things then. We simply ask a random person if he would be willing to die for the village. If he says yes, problem solved. If not, then according to you, he's just an animal, and we should feel no shame in sacrificing animals to protect ourselves, should we?
[X] The many come first. It may not be pleasant ordering the death of a man, but if there are hundreds other counting on you…

Of course, a general and vague statement without any context to it is general and vague by its very nature, which is why both answers here kind of bug me.
[x] The one comes first. Every man has his rights. Every man should be able to choose for himself. To think otherwise is sheer tyranny.
>And yet we don't live in terror of someone murdering us to nobody's benefit. Funny how that works.
So, to protect them from losing their life at the hands of someone else, you have to do it yourself? Sounds logical.

But, really, let's not get into politics (replace "Life" for "Freedom" in case you didn't get it)
[X] The many come first. It may not be pleasant ordering the death of a man, but if there are hundreds other counting on you…
[ ] Whatever it is, it's not my problem.

[ ] The one comes first. Every man has his rights. Every man should be able to choose for himself. To think otherwise is sheer tyranny.
I get the feeling that the "The one comes first" choice is only going to make things worse for the MC here.

And so the 'The many come first.'
Really, every choice has a chance to become worse.
Like >>144383 said, if we choose 'The many come first.' Nakajima maybe get disinterested/ don't trust with MC because he's won't be acting like an outsider.

But if we choose 'The one comes first' maybe Nakajima will chew him for cannot think/do as a leader.

There's no better or worse choice here, this choice more like (maybe) will set MC's mindset/values.

BTW, when you calling votes Treia?

Soon. By the way, you are partly correct, in your assumptions!
Wouldn't there be even more differences in values considering the MC is from the US/West? From what I remember Eastern values do not really have any history of natural rights and such like Western values have.

That difference (maybe) what makes MC interesting in Nakajima's eyes. He want to know MC's point of view, MC's reason why he choose that, maybe if MC given him many time to talk, he will discuss about each other's philosophy, culture, or stuff like that. Maybe.

Reminds me of a movie by a Scientology actor(Tom).
I agree with this Anon.
Lord Nakajima talked about the average's view on purpose. If MC is not thinking like the average outsider, Lord Nakajima will consider him as unreliable. Or, even worse, as someone without any real view.
[X] The one comes first. Every man has his rights. Every man should be able to choose for himself. To think otherwise is sheer tyranny.

Risk everything for everyone. Everyone is of paramount value.
They're both common views in real life; he wouldn't look particularly odd either way.
In real life, maybe. But we're dealing with someone's stereotypes. He'll trust us if we're acting like a stereotypical outsider, but he may not trust us if we're acting differently.
Remember, common sense does not apply in Gensokyo.
Called for being a selfish prick believing in individualism! Hooray western values!
You're writing a story for a western audience, don't expect us to think like asiatic.
The comment wasn't meant to be sarcastic, vitriolic, or indicative of what the writer wants. I don't expect shit from you except occasionally copy pasting a line and adding an X near the beginning. The latter of which is not even done occasionally.

Oh yes, the "pragmatist" argument. I was offering the classic rebuttal to it. For example, if you can make a medicine that increases everybody's lifespan by ten years, but the main ingredient is one ground-up baby, do you make it?

Well, strict pragmatists say "yes". Greater good, and all.

But... what if it requires two babies? Or three? Or four? Well if it increases the lifespan of several thousand people... or even several hundred... technically, it serves the Greater Good, doesn't it?

Anybody who thinks that arithmetic is the way to define morality is a little fucked in the head.
>Or, even worse, as someone without any real view.

"The hottest parts of hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintained their neutrality."

-- Dante (professional troll and fanfic author)
File 131240847350.gif - (492.38KB, 500x299 , tumblr_ldbj01lZiP1qe0eclo1_500.gif) [iqdb]
On Twin Earth, a brain in a vat is at the wheel of a runaway trolley. There are only two options that the brain can take: the right side of the fork in the track or the left side of the fork. There is no way in sight of derailing or stopping the trolley and the brain is aware of this, for the brain knows trolleys. The brain is causally hooked up to the trolley such that the brain can determine the course which the trolley will take.

On the right side of the track there is a single railroad worker, Jones, who will definitely be killed if the brain steers the trolley to the right. If the railman on the right lives, he will go on to kill five men for the sake of killing them, but in doing so will inadvertently save the lives of thirty orphans (one of the five men he will kill is planning to destroy a bridge that the orphans’ bus will be crossing later that night). One of the orphans that will be killed would have grown up to become a tyrant who would make good utilitarian men do bad things. Another of the orphans would grow up to become G.E.M. Anscombe, while a third would invent the pop-top can.

If the brain in the vat chooses the left side of the track, the trolley will definitely hit and kill a railman on the left side of the track, ‘Leftie,’ and will hit and destroy ten beating hearts on the track that could (and would) have been transplanted into ten patients in the local hospital that will die without donor hearts. These are the only hearts available, and the brain is aware of this, for the brain knows hearts. If the railman on the left side of the track lives, he too will kill five men, in fact the same five that the railman on the right would kill. However, ‘Leftie’ will kill the five as an unintended consequence of saving ten men: he will inadvertently kill the five men rushing the ten hearts to the local hospital for transplantation. A further result of ‘Leftie’s’ act would be that the busload of orphans will be spared. Among the five men killed by ‘Leftie’ are both the man responsible for putting the brain at the controls of the trolley, and the author of this example. If the ten hearts and ‘Leftie’ are killed by the trolley, the ten prospective heart-transplant patients will die and their kidneys will be used to save the lives of twenty kidney-transplant patients, one of whom will grow up to cure cancer, and one of whom will grow up to be Hitler. There are other kidneys and dialysis machines available; however, the brain does not know kidneys, and this is not a factor.

Assume that the brain’s choice, whatever it turns out to be, will serve as an example to other brains-in-vats and so the effects of his decision will be amplified. Also assume that if the brain chooses the right side of the fork, an unjust war free of war crimes will ensue, while if the brain chooses the left fork, a just war fraught with war crimes will result. Furthermore, there is an intermittently active Cartesian demon deceiving the brain in such a manner that the brain is never sure if it is being deceived.

What should the brain do?
File 13124216401.jpg - (95.30KB, 370x370 , 1293482271460.jpg) [iqdb]
Western values ho~

It's 'The Last Samurai'.

Weighing the validity of actions based on supposedly-predetermined future events is unsound reasoning. The absence of people who would later go on to change the world rewrites the future in ways that no one can predict, i.e. The Butterfly Effect (unless of course Twin Earth has solved the Theory of Everything and can perfectly predict the future, which is unlikely if they are still using such antiquated devices as trolleys). In a world that is devoid of pop-top cans, another inventor may very well come up with the idea instead. The same can be said for dictators, philosophers, and oncologists; just because a specific person no longer exists to influence the world does not mean another similar person won’t come along despite, or even because of, their absence. Of course the opposite is also true: There is no guarantee that another will cure cancer if the original savior no longer exists to cure it. One simply cannot know how the future will change once they change it, even if they know what the future would have been should it be left unchanged. Because of this inherent uncertainty, you simply cannot in good faith make decisions based on things that you don’t know if you do or don’t know.

Thus you may ignore who any of those concerned may or may not grow up to become, and focus only on the actions that are direct results of the trolley’s movement. You cannot take into account people that may or may not die as a result of Jones’ or Leftie’s actions, conscious or unconscious, because as soon as a choice on the track is made this sparks the Butterfly Effect and alters, ever so slightly, what Jones and Leftie might do or might encounter.

If the right side of the track is chosen, one will die. All else is not certain due to the Buttery Effect. The guaranteed payout of lives saved is -1.

If the left side is chosen, one will die and ten more will die which saves twenty more (one cannot factor dialysis into the decision, so these twenty kidney patients must be assumed dead without these specific kidneys, or assumed alive with them). One must not fall into the trap of assuming that the lives’ of the author of the example and the man responsible for the brain are relevant in any way, because the example and the brain already exist regardless and their deaths in the future will not affect the brain’s decision in the past. Should this not be the case, and these two men have yet to make their contributions to the scenario at the time of the trolley incident, then Twin Earth is caught in a time loop and the question is irrelevant, because the brain already answered it. The guaranteed payout of lives saved is +9.

If we are to quantify the feasibility of the choice based solely on net lives saved, regardless of their quality, the left path must be chosen. Moral and ethical compunctions must be set aside, else all arguments fall apart and degrade into emotional bickering.

The above analysis is hardly foolproof and I gladly invite others to discern its flaws, so as to come closer to an accurate answer to the proposed question.
All life are not equal, hélas.
If the right side is chosen, as you said, one will perish.
If the left side is chosen, eleven will perish.
However, what if, in the "dead" group, there is a man, who coulda avoided several other to die? Like, a doctor, or a politian? Someone so important that he could have changed history? What if the left side ends up killing an important person, necessary for maintaining world peace?
The Man is more important than the Group. Killing one to save ten is horrible, and I think it's unacceptable. It's like giving hostages to one madman, saying that if he kills them, he won't kill others later. This is just wrong.
File 131245852068.jpg - (41.14KB, 400x300 , 1207672770576.jpg) [iqdb]
Gentlemans has haxxor intelligence and wisdom score. Don't think too much what they said if your stat's not high enough.

Anyway, nobody cares about MC's pissed hand? Disease can get in from that.
File 131248076068.jpg - (68.51KB, 363x347 , 1272948142188.jpg) [iqdb]
Are you sure >>144539 isn't just a facepalm? It's pretty clear that >>144520 is a joke, seeing how many different thought experiments it referenced.

In other words, this "Gentleman" fellow's wisdom stat isn't so high as you think it is.
Dunno, that picture can be seen in more than one way.
Like post >>144513, if not for later post maybe many people will assume this post was sarcastic.(It sounds like one, really. No offense to you Treia, just for discussion material.)
If the person can confirm what the post really means, we can only speculate what it means.
Or maybe I was just too lazy to think what the post mean.(>>144520 post too long for my brains, don't really read and think it.)

But well, at least this kind of posts(discussions, assumptions, predictions, etc) entertain me while I wait for another two weeks. Or less. I hope the latter.
What to do, what to do....

I was so pleased with their back and forths in regards to their attitude towards fellow man, but...

I just don't know.

Perhaps a scene from the other side? Fleeting knowledge? An out-of-continuity scene with a character of their choosing? (That doesn't mean sex)

Choose something, gentlemen. I reserve the ability to reject stupid, spoilerish, untasteful, and impossible requests. And sage your ideas/votes accordingly. All of them.

Hum...How about combining all three of them into a delicious mix?

I mean like using his knowledge to explain Nakajima, and then using an out-of-continuity scene with a (famous/historical) character of their choosing as an example, and add another example with MC's own experience from another side.

And maybe quoting some famous people to point out more of MC's view with it?

Anon >>144731 here.
After I thought, if I can choose only one, I'll choose a scene from the other side.
Just...Get writing as soon if you can, I hunger for updates...BLAARRGGHHHH
How about more Aya, specifically more Aya smut? I don't really give two fucks whether you explicitly stated "no sex" or not, but this has got to happen. I will seriously slap you upside the head if you don't do this.
Excuse me sir, but Sanae is more awesome than Aya in this story.
Also, forgot to sage. Sorry about that, I missed Treia's post.
One person OR village?

Nobody wants to try Kobayashi Maru test...
No Cave Johnsons fuck the lemons...
I am dissapoint.
Just ask for whatever. Sex A lovely afternoon with Sanae, a lecture by Keine, some information on how danmaku works (Note: My ideas deviate from the canon. Quite a bit.), George Washington beating Machiavelli to death with a table leg, which oh my god will be done soon but there's a damn good reason it's taking so long I promise.
(somehow your post missing when I replied to the thread...dunno what happens...)
Alright...I actually really want some 'lovely time' scene with Sanae,maybe with some comedy?(like Suwako passing when they do it...To think of it I don't think she'll angry if MC screwing Sanae provide that he take responsibility...Someone has to continue the family line, if you know what I mean.)

Oh, and A crowbar for MC from the sky sounds nice.(Yukari's plan?)

I have something to ask though; I see in earlier updates you update rather fast, why got slow down?(don't answer if you don't want to...)

That's all. We hope that we can see your writing soon enough.

Also, forgot to ask it in previous post: how often Sanae come to human village? And is her recent adventure with MC makes her somehow affect how often she come to human village?

You know, after to think about it, to make MC can have some good time with Sanae and make it somehow reasonable, he maybe need to come to Moriya Shrine. But how? Somehow need to think good reason to come to there to make it sounds reasonable, but what is his reason to come there? Anyone can think a good reason?
And need to think about MC's feeling to Sanae too.
And Keine's reaction after MC bang Sanae. Think the possibilities folks.
Having MC side track to the moriya temple would be akin to the SDM trap (i.e. get caught there forever and the story grinds to a halt). No need for it. Sanae will simply visit the human village more often because she enjoys MC's company and is intrigued by people coming from outside, where she spent a lot of her life.

Um...How about make the scene that was the two goddesses that was spying on Sanae and MC? Since well, they must be curious what makes Sanae visit the human village more often.(By go undercover?Asking Keine to meet him? Dunno.)

Talking about people on 'outside scene'...is there any woman? I just got feeling about probability of MC gonna get netorare'd...Just feelings...

And since MC don't do any labor, how about he help Keine teaching to get some money? Maybe at least he'll be capable of teaching kids...(But I doubt Keine let him without some test or something...)

I wonder how MC will see danmaku and how it works, since he has null power now(for now, that is)...Maybe see other people engage in danmaku battle?

Alright, that's for now, will ask for more things if I somehow got something. Better give chance another Anon now.
>Maybe at least he'll be capable of teaching kids...

Keine will never let him do that. Remember her face when she told us how old Sanae is? She does not approve this.
File 131344741995.jpg - (414.40KB, 700x1260 , 74acf7195fa296b73e3e4d55df512619.jpg) [iqdb]
Also, updates!

<--- Spoilers

[X] The one comes first. Every man has his rights. Every man should be able to choose for himself. To think otherwise is sheer tyranny.

Tense. Very tense. The atmosphere makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You have to consider your answer carefully. What does he want you to answer? Gensokyo is somewhere from the east, right? So he’d be into collectivism and group values, right? So he’d be expecting you to –

No. He knew enough to offer you a handshake, and that you’d find the sitting position uncomfortable. He’d expect you to answer like someone from the west. Individualism is prized, as is competition, personal prowess, and-


You’re overthinking this. You can’t get caught up in tricks and counter-tricks and what he’d be thinking about what you’d be thinking about what he’s thinking. Just state it. You know what you believe. So why do you feel so guilty saying this?

“I must disagree, a man chooses what to do with himself.”

Silence. He stares. You stare back. Not the slightest movement between you. You almost consider changing your answer, but he relents, crossing his arms.

“I don’t believe I picked a position, just asked yours.”

Okay, now you have a reason to recant! He flatly cuts you off, however.

“The important bit is that you could choose. The only thing worse than choosing the wrong thing, is not choosing.”

You wait for him to finish before realizing that’s all he had to say. That’s it? You were expecting… a morality rant? You express your confusion.

“Uhm… is that it?”

Nakajima leans forward and picks up his glass, holding it up towards the door as it slides open, Reina bowing politefully.

“Have a good rest, outsider.”

You half jump out of your seat in your confusion at the abrupt cut off, snapping to look at Reina at the door, then back to Nakajima calmly evaluating you behind his glass.

“Wait, is that it?! Is that all you brought me here for?”

He does not answer, simply downing the rest of his glass. Reina pipes up from behind you.

“Please, come with me.”

Confused with the whole debacle, you hesitate, waiting on the vain hope of an answer from Nakajima. With none forthcoming, and Reina’s eyes burning a hole in your back, you simply shrug your shoulders, chalk it up to eccentricity, and exit.

Reina closes the door behind you, and immediately chides you.

“What was that? I thought I told you to be respectful!”

…Right in the gut. Wait, that wasn’t even harsh! Must be the alcohol… Or the food. Who knows what kind of primitive sterilization (or lack of) methods are used here! You wave her off, and put a hand to your stomach. She starts to badger you before she realizes you’re not ignoring her out of hand.

“Hey, don’t just- Err, are you all right?”

You shake away the feeling as quickly as it set on you, and you shrug off her patting you on the shoulder.

“Yeah yeah, I’m fine… just a sudden feeling. Nothing serious.”

She removes her hand from your shoulder.

“Well, if it keeps up, you should speak to the doctor in the bamboo forest. She’s really good, and there’s almost nothing she can’t cure.”

She shuts up for a second before adding a last little bit.

“Sorry if I upset you.”

You wave her off, not wishing to sit there and be pitied like some small child.

“I’m fine, just some stomach trouble, really.”

She stops, and opens the door to the street for you.

“Well… I hope you feel better.”

You step outside and thank her for her concern. You linger for just a moment, and she wishes you a good night.

“You, too.”


Nakajima leaned back into a comfortable sitting position as the door slid open again.

“Ah, my second favorite person of the night,” he mused with only a hint of disdain.

He chose to pour himself a new glass of scotch. He would need it.


Ah… it’s one of these houses. Should be pretty easy to spot, you don’t think there’s many crazy roof gardens in this village…

Right there. Wasn’t hard to find, but it’s good that it didn’t take long, as the sun is really starting to disappear over the horizon, now.

You jiggle the door handle and realize it’s not even barred on the other side, pushing it slightly open and peeking in. Keine dozes on one of the chairs, book still open on her lap. She must’ve fallen asleep while reading, hehe… best not disturb her.

You step as quietly as possible inside, closing the door behind you. A little tip-toeing later, and you’re over by the two back rooms. Evidently both bedrooms, one of them should be a guest room. You check the one closer by the door first.

…For some reason, you don’t think Keine would keep the guest room adorned with lingerie. It’s the other room.

You think to yourself as you quietly enter the other room, closing the door behind you. Keine’s been quite a benefactor to you these past few days… almost disturbingly so. It’s not like she asked many questions, just what you were doing and… not much else. You set your shoes aside, and stuff your socks into them, debating whether or not to take off your shirt, as well. Roll back the covers…

And what of Nakajima? He did offer you basically whatever you need… so long as you stay here. Just the oddest things. That one girl, with rabbit ears on her head. The goddamned floating reporter girl. That… thing, that attacked you in the forest. That wasn’t an animal. Not an animal you’ve ever heard of. Not like it was a jackalope kind of animal, either. You’ve never heard of anything like it.

You rest your head on the pillow, pulling the covers up nearly to your chin. The bed’s not bad, kind of comfortable, actually…

Is that what the palisade around the village is for? It’s not like it’s well guarded, though… Doors are open at the day, with guards. But they’re not well armed, they only have some pretty primitive spears, from what you’ve seen. Maybe that’s all they need? Maybe they’re some sort of police, just… deterrents. A show of force, not meant to actually be challenged. Like your campus police. Nobody ever causes trouble, but them being there keeps a bunch of punks from looting the place.. Yeah. Just like campus police. At your campus. Your… campus. Campus. At… h-home…

You sit straight up, swinging your legs over the side of the bed. Your heart practically pounds at your chest, demanding to be released. You try to calm yourself, taking deep breaths, but your lungs demand more. They demand it.

Up, now. Pacing, something to keep your mind occupied. One lap, you turn to return to your bed, but all you can think of is home. Your bed, the little stains on the covers. The kitchen, your stove. Your stupid fucking stove… You want it. You want to be right there, able to hug it, touch it. Back at your bed now, turn again and repeat the lap. You’ve overheating. It’s so fucking hot in here. When did it get so fucking hot in here?

God damnit, you want to rip off your shirt, but you can’t. You practically claw at it, frustrated by your inability to simply take it off.

Too hot, too hot. You need to get outside.

Right past Keine, practically bowling over the table. You throw open the door, taking the deepest breath of your life. Sucking in air, a wave of cool washing over you.

You can see… so far. The mountains, in the distance. The stars, shining brightly. An infinite distance. Light years separate you from those illuminations. Who knows what planets they are, shining so brightly down upon you? Who knows where you are, where home is? What planets are those? Are they the stars you remember as a child? They could be something different entirely, if this isn’t earth. Who knows what hellish distances you have traversed?

Crying, sobbing. Why? You do not know. You can’t explain this, this overflow. You feel like you’ve been kicked in the stomach, had your parents killed in front of you, told you’re going to die.

You can’t stand. Not like this. You can barely register the dirt beneath your knees. The air, entering your lungs… Piling on. You can’t exhale. You can’t release that air. Choking, smothering, oppressing.

You heave. Fingers dig into the dirt. How much you wish you would vomit. Your body, racked by convulsions.

Again. Your lips are slicked by the flood as the ground is stained by the contents of your stomach. Finally, you can breathe. Hyperventilating. You can do nothing but try to slow your breathing as sweat trickles off your nose, falling into the pool of vomit.

With each breath you take, you can feel. You don’t know what that feel is, exactly. But it feels. It feels…

Breathe, breathe. Cool, night air… No one is out to get you. You will get home, you will. You have to. You re-focus your mind on one, single thing. One little nick in that stove of yours. The stupidest, most insignificant thing you can think of. That one little nick, right on the front of the stove. It always bugged you, stood out like a sore thumb. A nick in the middle of black…

You stand up, and wipe the sweat from your forehead. Still breathing hard, but that feeling has gone away. That irrational fear, silenced. Tomorrow, you will return home. You may come back, who knows. But tomorrow, you are going home. You ingrain that in your mind, an oath. A solemn promise.

Fortunately, no one seems to have noticed you. That would have been… embarrassing? Dreadful, perhaps. You run a hand through your hair and peek through the door again. Keine doesn’t seem to have been roused by your outburst, thankfully. You sneak past her again, quietly closing the door to the guest room and taking a seat on the bed.

What the hell was that? You’ve never had an emotion grip you like that, take control, and break you down. You put your hand to your heart, feeling for its beating. Normal, now, but before…

You can still feel it, if you think about it. A feeling, lurking in the back of your mind. Homesickness, insecurity, simple terror? You close your eyes, try to find that again. Approach it, rationally. Understand it, conquer it.

You can feel a second hand upon your heart, reinforcing and supporting you. A whisper in your ear, alien in nature, but a lullaby nonetheless. Yes… this is not something to be feared. You understand; you simply want to go home. It was merely a normal reaction to being taken out of your comfy, sheltered life, and thrown out into the open. Too much excitement, in other words. You won’t have to worry about that, any more.

You open your eyes, confident you have found the answer. It is then that you notice the very real sensation of another hand upon your chest, a person whispering in your ear, and breasts upon your back. You try to turn around, but she grips you tight.

“Shh… not done the lullaby yet.”

She ever so gently grasps your arms, forcing you to place them in your lap. If she weren’t being so forceful, you might even call this a hug. But, she persists. She holds you until she’s done, gently singing the last few verses of an unknown tongue into your ear. Slowly, she releases her grip until you are left sitting still, hands in your lap. Slowly, you turn to face her, unsure what she’s here for. She simply sits, or perhaps stands, her lower body obscured inside her portal.

“What do you want, stalker?”

She replies sharply, as if to leave no doubt to the authenticity of her reply.

“Just checking up on you. You looked like you could use some company.”

You avert your eyes. Was she watching, as you puked your guts out? As you struggled with that feelings? Was she simply waiting for a moment to interject?

…Was she waiting to comfort you? Just how long was she watching, exactly?

She puts her finger to her chin and thinks.

“After all you’ve been through…”

She steps back, disappearing out of sight. You nearly jump as a finger traces down your spine.

“Spirits coming for your life…”

You spin around, but she’s already gone. A hand runs down your arm.

“Fairies, intent on beating you to a pulp…”

Again, you grab for her hand, but she’s gone. Above you, now.

“You managed to make a friend though, didn’t you?”

She floats effortlessly down through the ceiling until she gracefully lands on the ground.

So she’s been stalking you. A lot. Why?

“What do you want?”

“Just checking up on you~. You’re quite the magnet for trouble, you know? You’ve even gotten the attention of some of the bigger names around here.”

She looks skyward, as if there was a sky to look at, and opens her fan, again concealing that wicked smile of hers.

“Even one of my friends wishes to meet you…”

Haha, no. Stalkers, plus friends, plus crazies, plus you’re leaving equals no thanks. And just because you suck at calculus doesn’t mean you can’t do that math!


You flatly refuse, crossing your arms.


She says, allowing her frown to sneak out from behind her fan.

“Why not?”

Oh, you got this.

“Well, let’s see! One, you’re stalking me. Two, I’m leaving first thing tomorrow. Three, no.”

She advances on you. Quickly, with almost one step. She puts one hand on your chest, toying with you. You slap it away, but she just comes back, tracing invisible lines on your chest.

“What if I… did something for you~?”

You slap her hand away again. Did she just propose a ‘favor’?

“Sorry, I like my women willing. And not… old.”

She snaps her fan shut, slinking back and looking shocked.

“Why, I never! I meant I’d do something nice for you, like let you read and write Japanese.”

She gets that creepy grin on her face, again.

“Besides, I’m seventeen! That’s not old~!”


You put your foot down. You’re tired of this crap. Not only is she now interrupting your sleep, but she’s trying to rope you into goodness knows what kind of crazy shit.

“I don’t care for your offer, nor your friend, nor you. Keep me out of whatever stupid things you do, okay? I’m leaving, I’m done, I don’t need to see any more fucking… tentacle monster, ghost, fairy things!

Silence. Her grin turns into a snarl. Very, very quietly, she says her parting words.

“We’ll see, outsider. We’ll see.”

Stepping back into her little portal, her little escape route.

“Hey, don’t you run from me!”

You step forward as if to pull her out, sit her down and berate her. You are waylaid by the door opening ever so slightly, a concerned voice on the other side.

“Is everything okay in there?”

Keine. Yes, she can help. She can help! You step forward and throw the door open, pointing at Yukari.

“No, no it’s not! This… witch is bothering me! She just fucking teleported in here and keeps making suggestive moves on me!”

You’re pointing right at her, but Keine seems very confused… and disheveled. Her hair’s a mess, and one of her eyelids is slightly droopy, as if she just woke up. Which, she probably did.

“Keine, Keine. Right. There.”

You turn, waving wildly where-

Where she was standing.

“R-Right there. She was. Really. Big, blonde… huge breasts?”

Keine simply shakes her head and closes the door. Faintly, you hear from the other side,

“Go back to sleep, outsider.”

…Fucking teleporting old lady demon things. Next time, you won’t talk to her. Hell, there won’t be a next time. Once more, you recount your promise to yourself. You’re going home. Tomorrow. For now… rest.

File 131345470673.jpg - (209.71KB, 579x575 , G-man_heart_to_heart_headshot.jpg) [iqdb]
cool update. Thanks Treia.

>“Besides, I’m seventeen! That’s not old~!”

I wonder if MC think that Yukari can gap him back to Gensokyo once he gets back to home. Somehow she reminds me of that Gman...

And one thing I noticed missing; where's Akyu?
>“Sorry, I like my women willing. And not… old.”

I understand that MC is angry after her, but there's a difference between having a spine and being plain rude.
Packin' shit up for my move to the dorms tomorrow... No idea what the situation with internet access is gonna be. Worst comes to worst, I'll end up typing out my updates on my computer and running to a local library to post them. You guys might not hear from me for a bit! Just wanted to let you all know~!
I hope the best at your new place. Maybe you can post something here once you have everything set up if the dorm has internet connection, just to let us know that you can post directly from your computer.

And convert your dorm mates to Touhouism.
All right, set up! Got a 9/5 line, so not terrible, and the IT guys were handing out malwarebytes disks at the orientation. This is going places.
File 131393091427.jpg - (344.68KB, 800x1600 , 2700d4c5bb929361bf2889d90e8215c2.jpg) [iqdb]
8:40 in the morning, sun's rising, roommates are stirring. No time for proofreading (Thanks Kelvin), gotta get some shut-eye!

<--- Spoilers, again.


Something, off in the distance. Muffled by range and these walls, but still. You can hear it. Someone’s banging on something, with great fervor. No discernable pattern, just mindless banging. Like a man trapped in a freezer, throwing themselves against the door, the primal urge to get out… or in.

Dreams of snow and cold blanket you. Maine is beautiful in December.


You awaken to the stillness of the morning. So still, in fact, it takes you a second to realize your ears are still working. You slide out of bed, barely getting your feet on the ground before the door cracks open just the tiniest bit. Seeing that you’re already awake, Keine then opens it fully.

“Good morning, outsider. How was your sleep?”

“Fine, Keine. Had some freaky dreams, though. ”

You slip your socks back on and untie your shoes, having simply slipped them off last night. Keine leans against the door, a faint scent of mixed sweat and perfume coming in with the morning breeze, the front door wide open.

“I hope you weren’t bothered too much, some youkai were harassing the farmers outside the wall, but nobody was hurt.”

…Youkai, again? You’ve heard that before. And it wasn’t a positive connotation. Keine spots your concern before hurriedly adding a bit.

“Nothing for you to worry about, though! This happens all the time.”


Maybe she did just phrase that too negatively. She’s no reason to lie to you.

You finish tying your shoes and stand up, making sure your foot is nestled correctly inside. Keine appraises you from top to bottom, and nods approvingly.

“Going somewhere?”

“Yeah, leaving.”

You state flatly. Not maliciously, or intended as a snub to her generosity. Simply, leaving. You know your promise.

Half a frown covers her face.

“Going to see that shrine maiden again?”

“No, I’m leaving.”

The frown leaves her.

“Oh, that kind of leaving. Need something to eat, before you depart?”

“No thank you, Keine.”

She nods and opens the door, letting you step out into the ‘living room’. She’s but a step behind you as you go for the door.

“What was with the remark about Sanae, by the way?”

You pick up your bag, throwing it over your shoulder, the strap already biting in.

“She’s just a little weird, is all. I’m curious what you see in her.”

A little weird? Who are you talking to, exactly? You open the front door and are greeted by the vines from her rooftop oasis hanging lazily in the morning sun. You turn around, a smirk on your face from the irony.

“Keine, you have a terraced garden above you.”

“Now that is for study and a hobby! That’s perfectly normal!”

You motion right above her. Below the ceiling.

“I’m talking about your hat.”

Her jaw drops open and she crosses her arms, turning her side to you, a pinch of red clutching her cheeks. She hastily mutters something about ‘refined tastes’ and hats being a very popular show of social ranking in Gensokyo.

Probably bullshit, all of it, but you can’t help but smile. Out of all the people here... Yeah. Her and Sanae. You’re going to miss those two. Still, Keine is indomitable and Sanae is young. One can last without you, and the other will make new friends. You? You have friends to get back to.

“Thank you, and… goodbye.”

A solemn nod, and she returns it. No embarrassment here, simply an understanding and acceptance of the facts.


Yes, it’s a good thing he found you.

At least, that’s what he keeps telling you. After slapping you on the back again.

“All right, outsider?!”

He says, slapping you on the back again.


“Yep, you would’ve been lost without me!”

He tries to slap you again, but you catch his arm and bend it around, getting his attention a bit more forcefully this time.


He clamors when you try to lock his arm in place, and after some fancy moves from the both of you, he frees himself from you and brushes himself off.

“Sorry outsid’r, got a bit caught up there! What’re you sayin’?”

“Just tell me which direction the shrine is in, please.”

He scratches the stubble on his chin, thinking. Which is something that must be very hard for him.

“Well lessee… If you go out the east side of the wall and follow the road, it should lead ye right to her.”

“Thank you.”

You turn, immediately setting off in the direction of the east side of the village. You know how the sun rises and sets, after all. Don’t need a compass for that.

Of course, Oda comes right after you. Does he not understand how you wish to get there as soon as possible?

“Outsider! Hey, outsider!”

You sigh, stopping just long enough for him to catch up, then allowing him to fall in behind you.

“You can’t seriously be wanting to go to the shrine today, could you?”

“I am completely serious, Oda. I’m leaving.”

He stops completely for a second, having been hit with that bombshell. He regains his composure quickly enough and rushes after you, yelling again.

“Listen, outsider! Listen!”

This bothersome… Grr. You’ll listen to him for the moment.


“Listen… outsider. I don’t blame you for leavin’, kay? But the youkai, you see, they don’t care about you. They’ll eatcha!”

To emphasize his point, he makes a motion as if his right hand were the mouth a vicious animal, savagely devouring his left. It’s not a very convincing reason to call off the whole thing.

You’re about to turn away again when he catches you and gets serious.

“Listen, though. Last night a bunch of feral youkai smashed their way into some farmers’ homes, we ended up havin’ to take ‘em inside the walls it was that bad. They followed us, too. Ended up banging on the walls for half the damn night. They’re looking for blood today.”

Well that would explain the sounds from last night. Still, doesn’t sound like they’re too dangerous. Sounds more like vandals, then anything.

“Just stay on the road, or you really will get eaten! And if ya see anything following you… get to the shrine if you’re close, or back to the village if it’s closer. Just be careful!”

You thank him for the advice and finally manage to separate him from your person.

A quick search of the east wall reveals the only exit in the area. Notably, the one guard that seems to be watching every door has doubled to two here, and both are wearing what appears to be leather armor, spears ready in their hands. They’re not slacking off, reading magazines, either. Standing idle on either end of the doorway, they stare you down as you approach. As if you were some sort of criminal, or something! Sheesh. You just give them a nod and proceed on.

While the road is quite well maintained at first, it’s clear that the further you get from the village, the less civilized it’s going to get. Stones as big as your hand become common, the vegetation closes in, and you are forced to climb over a fallen tree at one point, a task made more difficult by your bag.

After what seems like an arduous hour of walking, you reach the beginnings of a paved roadway. Although clearly also in disrepair, it’s a much better surface than the one you got off of. It only gets more and more solid as it winds around another thicket of trees. Once again, they back away, the edge of the forest retreating for yards on each side of the road. It seems the forest itself bends to the will of the construction. The road widens, straightens, glares from its smoothed stone steps as you round the final corner. The sight is magnificent, startling. You’ve never seen anything like it.

The stairs are seemingly several hundred feet high, after all.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Unfortunately, it seems not. If a few hundred stairs is the final obstacle, so be it.

That doesn’t make it hurt any less, however.

You stop only a dozen feet from the top, to catch your breath before you reach the summit. You get your breathing under control, readying yourself for the magnificent cathedral that must be atop such a climb. You wonder why the locals keep the road here in such disrepair. Maybe they’re atheists, or something. You’ll never understand militant atheists. Crazy people.

Okay, forget the atheists. Your ride home awaits you. You bound up the last few stairs, eyes straining. You nearly fall to your knees at the sight.

Once again,

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

The place is a ghost town. Hell, town? Not even a village! It’s one small house and a run-down shack! You think you even see a tumbleweed roll past. That drunk, Reimu, lays spread eagle out in the middle of the ground, simply soaking up the sun. Fully dressed, not like she’s sunbathing either. Just lazily… laying there! And there’s a fucking horned girl thing swinging idly from a dead tree, hanging upside down by one foot, drooling. You won’t even ask about that.

You’re not going to let a little thing like drunkenness stop you, however. You stride right over to the (probably inebriated) shrine maiden and stand over her, blocking the sun from her. She groggily opens her eyes and mutters.

“Are you here to make a donation?”

Ah, that’s what makes her tick. You pull out one of the crumpled bills that you got in change and hold it out.

“I need to get home.”

She grins and sits up, snatching the bill out of your hand without so much as looking at it. You step back, and give her room to stand up fully.

“Wait right here, uh… loyal patron! Got to get the stuff for the ritual!”

Ritual, huh? Better not be voodoo magic crap. Although, given the crap you’ve seen, it’d probably work. Hell, at this point, voodoo magic is an acceptable exit strategy. Reimu disappears into the little home that makes up the majority of the ground of the shrine. Your attention turns toward the other girl, still lazily turning full circles from where she’s hanging.


…Yep, crazy. Crazy. All of them. You think you, yourself, might be going crazy, too. That’s why you ignore that sound. That whistling. Faint, at first, but sharp. Like air being sucked in to a vacuum. The wind starts to blow, your clothes flapping about as you wait. It’s not until that tumbleweed flies past your head at breakneck speed do you realize it.

That’s not the wind.

Absolute darkness. The absence of light, it should be called. The great shadow enveloped the top of the stairway, consuming the gate at the top as a thousand eyes stared out from the endless void, all focused on your person. One final rush of wind and the shadow disappears as if a monstrous flashlight were shone through it, the gate nowhere to be found. You can hear the sliding door open behind you, Reimu having finished preparing.

“All right, so you need to hold this bowl and go through the gate, down the stairs, and chant the ancient Shinto texts! It’s really quite simple, there’s no way you… could… Where the hell is half my shrine?”

You clench your fists. Yukari.

One focus, one single train of thought.

[ ] Anger.

-[ ] Quiet fury.

-[ ] Roaring rage.

[ ] Frustration.

-[ ] Potty mouth.

-[ ] Confusion.

[ ] You can feel your state of mind from last night returning.

-[ ] Vomit. Again.

-[ ] Cry like a small child.
[x] You can feel your state of mind from last night returning.
-[x] Cry like a small child.

[X] You can feel your state of mind from last night returning.
-[x] Cry like a small child.
Yelling to the surrounding while crying, hoping that Yukari hears it. Maybe Reimu will understand what happened.

Yukari fooling around. Again. And playing with MC. Definitely not his day.
[X] You can feel your state of mind from last night returning.
-[X] Cry like a small child.

Hey, I liked motherly Yukari. Certainly more pleasant than the alternative. Besides, our hero here is under a lot of stress. Better to cry it out than futilely rage and get nowhere.
[X] Anger.
-[X] Quiet fury.

Stop being such a pussy Anon.
Is it a votespam that I see here, or is it again that memory allocation thing?
I'll have it checked after this update, just to be sure.
[X] You can feel your state of mind from last night returning.
-[X] Cry like a small child.
[X] Anger.
-[X] Quiet fury.
[X] Anger.
-[X] Quiet fury.
Considering that the comment attached to the vote is exactly the same, it's probably safe to assume that was an accidental double post. It's too obviously the same person to be a vote-spammer.
That, or the poster is a complete retard.
It's probably the allocation thing, yeah. Let's not count one of them.
[X] You can feel your state of mind from last night returning.
-[X] Cry like a small child.
[x] Anger
-[x] Quiet fury.

While I'm all in for the crying, let's see some held in rage. I expect wordless seething.

When I posted, it did that 'Out of Memory' thing, so I tried again. Apperantly, it went through the first time.
[┼] Anger.
-[┼] Quiet fury.
[x] Anger.
-[x] "God dammit YUKARI!"

I had to.
[x] Frustration
-[x] Confusion

Time to get indignant.
[X] You can feel your state of mind from last night returning.
-[X] Cry like a small child.
Calling this for anger, specifically quiet fury...

(Technically tied 6-6, but this is what you call a tiebreaker!)
I really meant to have this update up already, sorry folks...
File 131463123617.jpg - (170.30KB, 850x997 , 130706172283.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Anger.

-[X] Quiet Fury.


A name to be scorned, cursed, berated. Driven to the edge of the earth and thrown into the abyss.

But not now. She’s still watching. Of course she is. She’s been watching you all this time, she’s even told you so. Now she just wants a reaction. You won’t give her that pleasure.

“H-Hey! Outsider!”

A familiar voice, punctuated by her lack of breath and coughing. Sanae is huddled over at the top of the stairs, breathing heavily. She continues resting for a moment before standing up straight and shaking her fist in your direction.

“Don’t. Leave! Yet!”

She manages to take a few steps towards you before stopping to stoop and breathe again, then regains her composure and comes directly towards you. Directly opposite her, Reimu now begins complaining bitterly.

“Where. Is. My shrine?!”

This will do.

"Yukari took it!"

You tell Reimu bluntly.

"If you want it back, go talk to her, I suppose. And tell me if it comes back," you add for good measure.

You turn and walk back towards the stairs, right past Sanae, as Reimu breaks into a fit of curses and yelling. Sanae, confused as could be, looks at the miko yelling something about disappearing shrines, and at the outsider slinking back towards the village. She chooses to follow you.

“Where are we going? Are we going back to the village? T-That’s pretty cool, I guess!”

You ignore her, lost in your own world. Thinking of all the ways you’ll fuck with Yukari. Perhaps grab her as she pops out of one of those portals, give her a good punch right in the nose. Wrestle her out, tie her up, and make her spill her secrets. Of course, she’ll complain and try to escape, making some objections about being a proper woman. Hiding behind the façade of gender.

Sexism be damned! You are not afraid to punch a woman, throw her into the fire, and watch her burn. Burn she will, if she does not allow you to return.

But first, the first rule, of course. You must know what you’re fighting. Then you can hurt it, harm it, torture it, destroy it.

Destroy it.

The two black birds watched the outsider depart.

One; A crow.

One; A raven.

They got into an argument, one pecking the other’s wing. A flurry of feathers, and the two fly away towards a mountain, the only mountain.

One; Towards the top.

One; Towards a cave.


“Miss Yukari, why is there a torii in the front yard?”

She looks up from the television set, where two figures walked in silence along a forested dirt road. She had to blink a few times before she realized that the nine-tailed fox was her assistant, and not simply another local of this world. She had such difficulty keeping the names together in her head!

“Ah, that’s simply temporary.”

She explained, waving the issue away as if it were a bug in the air, before returning to viewing the two humans. The fox assistant waited a moment before realizing an answer was not forthcoming.


Her attention snapped back to the fox.

“Oh, yes, yes! He was trying to leave, and well, we couldn’t have that, you know?”

The fox’s ears twitched underneath her hat, her intuition speaking to her.

“I don’t believe that’s such a good idea…”


She tried to concentrate on what her servant was saying, but kept finding herself drawn back to the television.


“Hold on!”

She said, snapping her fingers. The shrine maiden portrayed on the television suddenly tripped and was ensnarled by a tangle of vines laying along the road, seemingly out of nowhere. Confounded, her companion worked to free her, but it would take a while.

Yukari turned back to the nine-tailed fox.

“You were saying? Go on, Ran.”

The world stops for Yukari. This was not an opinion, nor a musing. It was a fact, carefully learned at great cost by the fox. What Yukari wanted, Yukari got.

Ran cleared her throat before carefully choosing her words.

“He’s a human, Miss Yukari. Humans are not like the youkai. They do not bow to, nor fear, power. Their lives mean everything, yet nothing in the pursuit of their ideals. They will not be intimidated simply because they are faced with something they don’t understand. They fixate, hold grudges, hurt others for their own benefit…

I really don’t think that openly impeding him is a wise idea.”

Yukari leans back, staring at her servant in awe before giving off a hearty laugh. She stands up and advances on the fox, wagging her finger as if Ran were a naughty child.

“You’ve been spending entirely too much time with the humans.”

Ran shrinks back, ears twitching.

“I-I apologize, my duties compel me to-“

Yukari cuts her off, grabbing into an opening portal and rummaging around, pulling out a clipboard.

“Last one for a while.”

She hands off the clipboard.

“It’s the human village, okay? Be thorough.”

”Yes, Miss Yukari.”


Rest'll be posted when I get back from class. Literally only have time to grab a bag of chips and post this before I have to go again.
Awwww, poor Sanae.
I predicting the next part will be some youkai come to MC and Sanae when she is entangled, and we choose to save her or not.
File 131467415156.png - (0.96MB, 850x800 , 01ad8e3b7f75df19caf0d3901a09d1c4.png) [iqdb]

Sorry we've not hit grimdark yet.

Poastan the rest:


“Like I said, he left.”

Giving her ever-warm smile, she politely asked the fairies once again to leave.

“We know you’re hiding him!”

She turns around, waving her arms wildly, rousing her compatriots. The sky sparkles brightly off her crystal wings, the wind whips through her azure hair. A dozen fairies, different hair colors, clothes, and heights each, were arrayed following her. It was an absurd sight.

“She’s just trying to hide him! Let’s search everywhere!”


“The houses, the houses!”

The fairies start yelling excitedly amongst each other, trying to figure out where to start ransacking the place. Keine grows concerned, trying to shout over them and calm down their leader, basically pleading with her.

“Cirno, Cirno! Look, he’s really not here! Go freeze frogs or something! You enjoy that, don’t you?”

Cirno gets distracted from the group yelling and shouting, very interested in what Keine just said, but unable to bring herself to separate from the group. Keine gets a sly smile on her face and takes control of the situation, exhorting them to follow their leader.

“Hey! Hey, everyone! Cirno’s going to freeze frogs!”

She smiles warmly, putting her hands on Cirno’s shoulders and turning her towards her friends.

“Isn’t that right, Cirno? Tell them about how you’re going to freeze frogs.”

They all pipe down, looking expectantly at her. Cirno stammers, blushes, and looks up at Keine in confusion, trying to divide her attention between the two. The gaggle of fairies leans in, waiting on their leader’s word. One, small trickle of sweat snakes its way down Cirno’s cheek.

“W-Well I guess we could freeze frogs instead!”

She says, crossing her arms, pouting, and generally looking indignant as if she’d been wronged and hadn’t wanted to do this the whole time. Cheers go up.


“Frogs frogs frogs!!”


Keine gently releases Cirno and pats her on the back.

“Off with you, now. Go have fun!”

Giggling, the fairies start to run off before Cirno stops and turns around.

“Hey Keine, thanks a lo- T-There he is! Get him!


“Get him get him get him get him!”

Keine is trampled by the sudden rush of fairies, knocked over by Cirno headbutting her way past her legs, and then stomped upon by the dozen or so other fairies coming immediately after.

“Can you really just throw that out?!”

Again, the same question. Which she asked you five minutes ago.

“For the third time, yes. I can replace those books, and that bag. It’s just dead weight, and I’m tired of carrying it around.”

Of course, she frowns and looks back and forth between you and the trail behind you.

“I could carry it, you know! If you wanted me to…”

You ignore her. It’s also the third time she’s asked this. She should know you’re just going to leave it behind. You have more important things to concentrate on. Like Yukari…



You might even be concentrating too hard. Yes, too hard, you’d say. Since you just passed the village’s gate without so much as a blink. …How did you get here? You look around, and yeah, it looks like you just entered. Sanae’s still following you, moping. Why is she moping?

“Sanae, what’re yo-“


Thud. That was your skull. And bejeesus that hurt, what just hit you?! You reorient yourself and come face to face with a little girl floating at chest level, clad in a mangy blue dress, with those crystal wings. That would be a fairy.

“I’m Cirno! And fuck you!”

It wouldn’t be so bad except that she then decides to kick you in the face. A task made much easier for her by the whole floating and lack of balancing thing.

You stagger back holding your nose, where she kicked you. She strikes a mid-air pose and comes back for another headbutt, but you swat her out the air with a bitchslap to the side of the head. You are not doing this again. Oh no, you remember last time.

A dive, a major league slide, and you tuck your legs in, wedging yourself in between an empty cart and a house wall, complete with just enough space to peep out. The two guards by the door rush to restore order, only to turn around and flee when the rest of the approaching fairy group fires comically oversized blazing bullets from amongst their group.

Sanae, of course, is too busy looking at her feet to pay any attention to the commotion around her. By the time she looks up, the fairies have overtaken her. She shrieks and tries to flee, but the fairies surround her, beating on her from all sides. She tries to shield herself with her hands, but the fairies simply continue their assault.

The air cracks as a blue projectile streaks through the group, missing several fairies’ heads by mere inches. All heads in the area turn to look at the source, one very pissed off looking Keine with matted, dirtied hair, and a ruined dress.


The fairies holler and wail as they try to climb, or rather fly, over each other out of the way. Sanae is left a quivering wreck in the midst of where they had surrounded her, still shielding her head with her arms. Keine chases after the fairies for a while on foot, but gives up the chase as they float over a set of buildings perpendicular to the road. She curses to herself under her breath and turns back to appraise the damage, just in time to curse at the humans piling out of their homes back onto the streets.

The sheer amount of people piling onto the streets is surprising. You don’t remember seeing this many people out before all the ruckus. In fact, you don’t remember seeing them disappear at all! They got out of the way pretty damn quick. You’d call them cowards, but you did the same damn thing. Just a little more dramatically.

You flag down one of them, and get some help being pulled out from behind the cart. You were wedged in there better than you thought! You thank the man, he tells you you’re welcome, and you move to make sure Sanae’s all right.

She simply stands there, somewhat dumbfounded, nursing a lump on her head.

“What did I do to deserve that?”

You probably shouldn’t mention the whole using a fairy as a nunchuk thing to her, lest she try it again.

Keine brushes herself off and spots you. She moves to speak with you. Which is good, because she’s just who you needed to see.


[ ] Tell me everything you know about Yukari. Now.

-[ ] Fixation.

[ ] Thank her for the assist, then inquire as to what she knows about Yukari. No rush… time is plenty, now. Unfortunately.

[ ] Thank her, but look for someone/something else to track down Yukari.

-[ ] Specify.
[X] Tell me everything you know about Yukari. Now.
[X] Thank her for the assist, then inquire as to what she knows about Yukari. No rush… time is plenty, now. Unfortunately.
[x] Thank her for the assist, then inquire as to what she knows about Yukari. No rush… time is plenty, now. Unfortunately.

What reason would Yukari have to keep the MC here? I doubt it's for his talent for using fairies as weapons.
[X] Thank her for the assist, then inquire as to what she knows about Yukari. No rush… time is plenty, now. Unfortunately.
-[X] Tell her how that when Reimu tried to send you back, Yukari up and removed the exit. Personally.
[X] Thank her for the assist, then inquire as to what she knows about Yukari. No rush… time is plenty, now. Unfortunately.
-[X] Tell her how that when Reimu tried to send you back, Yukari up and removed the exit. Personally.

I'm assuming it has something to do with extremely simple mischief, using an extremely over-complicated plan. That is, knowing /th/'s Yukari.
question: two birds in earlier update is Aya and Okuu:?
it seems MC's more important than he thought. First, SDM's resident interested in him (sakuya observe him in thread 1 when he just arrives at human village?), then Yukari, then Nakajima. Then potentially Moriya Shrine resident(Aya fly to the top of youkai mountain, if that's her) and Old Hell(if that's Okuu).
MC will related to upcoming big event? or it was just his Tohno Gland?
File 13146883207.jpg - (190.62KB, 423x600 , 641b96e690e3f0400cb4167582a49f1d.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Tell me everything you know about Yukari. Now.

I liked the Cirno bitchslap.
[X] Thank her for the assist, then inquire as to what she knows about Yukari. No rush… time is plenty, now. Unfortunately.
-[X] Tell her how that when Reimu tried to send you back, Yukari up and removed the exit. Personally.
[X] Thank her for the assist, then inquire as to what she knows about Yukari. No rush… time is plenty, now. Unfortunately.
-[X] Tell her how that when Reimu tried to send you back, Yukari appeared and removed the exit. Personally.

Call me a sap, but we need to resolve our conflict with Yukari ASAP, for being on her bad side is detrimental to our livelihood in Gensokyo ( and just about all plots). Although MC is angry at Yukari, being angry at Yukari solves nothing except for making your life go even more to hell, and wastes precious plot time that could be spent with other Touhous. Perhaps having a civil cup of tea and agreeing to stay for a few days or weeks to adjust to life in Gensokyo with the promise of returning home should MC really hate living in Gensokyo (which I hope Sanae or someone else can change) or to say a final goodbye to the outside world while retrieving our few precious belongings.

Furthermore, if we are civil (which MC must be, for MC is truly just a normal human and can't play "let's become an overpowered freak and fight Yukari") we should ask her, as part of MC's agreement to staying, the ability to read and write Japanese, our ensured and continued safty, and, of course, the guarantee of returning to Earth should MC choose so.

However, that doesn't mean that MC can't vent a bit about getting Yukari troll'd or blame Yukari for what she has truly done to impede MC's efforts. Vote at the top picked so we can explain to Keine, who may or may not be pissed that we came back and caused a battle, that this is not our fault right now. Also done to be polite to Keine.

Writer, if this is your first time story, then you are doing a good job in this noob's perspective. I love your Sanae.

Sorry for this wall of text.

She modified the border and passed you through and back last night. You can now read & speak Japanese.

Also, thread's in auto-sage mode! New thread when I get the next update out, you know how it is.
[X] Thank her for the assist, then inquire as to what she knows about Yukari. No rush… time is plenty, now. Unfortunately.
-[X] Tell her how that when Reimu tried to send you back, Yukari appeared and removed the exit. Personally.

Maybe, maybe. But the thing is, we are not meta. As is, we have Cold Fury Perk equipped and active. I personally like it that way, but that is beside the point.

The actual point is, Yukari is less mature than a coddled preschooler. Never been denied anything, I bet she never even thought twice about ripping some dude out of his life, leaving family members, personal projects, school, work etc. behind and to slowly rot while keeping this guy well and away from all the things he loves and actually cares for.

Just for fun.

Yeah, I don't really think that the whole "she's powerful so don't be angry at her cuz it would only end bad for you" is going to gain any traction in this guys mind. If the abduction had any purpose, then just maybe. And only if he would go back home in the end or gain something fuckhueg awesome in compensation, as "pay" for all the lost time and social awkwardness when he returns.

Thing is, as of now this is only a game for shits and giggles for Yukari. It's time that some "unimportant" guy says no, and gets through with it. Your arguments still have weight of course. She's extremely powerful, very well informed, knows how the system works because she made it.

But you are forgetting one thing (and this is where get some kind of meta): the little useless guy here has the sympathy of the readers on his side.

And that is worth more than any epic border bullshit powers.
WTF MC, you left Sanae beaten by fairies and not even try to defend her at all? How...dunno what word that fit this treachery...
Anyway, can't we have motherly Yukari here?

[X] Thank her for the assist, then inquire as to what she knows about Yukari. No rush… time is plenty, now. Unfortunately.
-[X] Tell her how that when Reimu tried to send you back, Yukari appeared and removed the exit. Personally.
He was kind of stuck. Also, she's the touhou here, she should be dodging fairies better than him.
[X] Thank her for the assist, then inquire as to what she knows about Yukari. No rush… time is plenty, now. Unfortunately.
-[X] Tell her how that when Reimu tried to send you back, Yukari up and removed the exit. Personally.
Updates Treia? New thread?

They are coming! Do not despair!
Still waiting here, chewing bones while this anon hunger for updates.
There's a good reason for the delay! I promise!
you better have a good one, it's three weeks since last update.Can I snark now?
File 131646539984.jpg - (1.13MB, 1400x1050 , d797141b0788360bc49abd075b81c1ff.jpg) [iqdb]
Snark away!

Now where did I put that Aya doujin...
File 131651416485.jpg - (93.26KB, 390x422 , Snark_w.jpg) [iqdb]

this is your snark, coming from a company who delays their game(WHERE'S MAH EPISODE 3)
Eh I worked on it some more... College has just been too stressful the last weeks. Free weekend but other writefags want me to watch meguca, I'm stressing over whether to do a proper update or that "outside look" from about a MONTH ago, or just jack off the whole weekend and have lazy skype calls with friends.

Decisions decisionssssss
Eh I worked on it some more... College has just been too stressful the last weeks. Free weekend but other writefags want me to watch meguca, I'm stressing over whether to do a proper update or that "outside look" from about a MONTH ago, or just jack off the whole weekend and have lazy skype calls with friends.

Decisions decisionssssss
I lied I lied I lied! I got it! I so got it!

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