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[X] Thank her for the assist, then inquire as to what she knows about Yukari. No rush… time is plenty, now. Unfortunately.
-[X] Tell her how that when Reimu tried to send you back, Yukari up and removed the exit. Personally.


You give her a wave, and she returns the greeting with a nod. You’re not going to screw around here. She’s probably got better things to do – You sure do. Finding Yukari, for example!

“Thank you. I’m not going to bother asking what the hell that lightshow was, but thank you.”

She nods politely and takes the chance to look you over.

“Well, you’re still here. What can I do for you, outsider? I’m sure there’s quite a story behind you coming back.”

“Yes, quite! Quite! Sanae!”

She stops rubbing her head to turn to look at you.



You grab her arm, dragging her over.

“Ok, now tell her – Tell her what happened. Go ahead.”

She glances at you, mouth contorting into a grimace as she hesitates, trying to dodge the question.

“W-Well… there were trees… and the Hakurei shrine…”

You nod excitedly, urging her to go on.

“A-And there was Reimu! And you! And uh… that oni that lays around at the shrine all day! Yeah! All that!”

Twitch. Maybe she needs to be nudged in the right direction.

“And the shrine, Sanae?”

“Yeah the shrine was there!”


You say, pushing Sanae aside.

“So basically – Basically! Okay? Yukari comes prancing through the shrine.”

You illustrate very carefully, with your hand, crudely mimicking a person strolling casually into a scene composed of your other hand.

“And she’s all ‘Oh I am holier than thou’ and then she just takes the shrine. Takes it! Boom!”

You illustrate very vividly, yelling the last part and slamming your hands together.

“Gone! Vanished! Right in front of me! Just to spite me!”

You start yelling really loudly, grabbing Keine by the shoulders and shaking her.

She is fucking with my mind!

You froth, shaking her until her hair becomes messy and disheveled and your arms tired. You stop, panting for a few seconds before releasing her, patting your hair down, and putting on your warmest smile.

“Where can I find her? I would really like to… speak with her.”

You say, smiling the whole time.

Keine gapes, looking left, then right. She turns back to looking at you, one eyebrow raised, quite concerned.

“Maybe you should lay down for a bit…”

“No, no. I’m fine! Fine. Angry. A little angry.

…Okay a lot angry. A lot. Angry. Sanae! How angry was I?”

You say, sending a devious glare her way. She quickly shakes her head, affirming your statement.

“He was angry! Really angry!”

You smile, looking back at Keine.

“See? I was angry. I’m fine now. If you could just tell me to where to find Yukari…”

“Ok, listen.”

She says, pulling you in close and straightening her hair. She leans in close to your ear and whispers very carefully to you.

“You should drop this while you’re ahead. I’ve no doubt what you said was true – Yukari’s known for this sort of thing. But she does what she wants, when she wants. She really, really, does not listen to us. She scorns authority, flaunts in the face of our lords. Goodness knows she doesn’t listen to me. If she wants you to do something – Just do it. It’ll be less painful that way.”

“So you know where she lives, yeah?”

“Well! Uh-“


She lets go of you, pulling back and looking quite consternated. She crosses her arms and rubs her forehead with one hand.

“You can’t be serious…”

You motion with your hand.

“Come on, Keine! Just tell me.”

She shakes her head and looks away.

“Geez, I am not going to be responsible for your death. Don’t push it.”



She says, throwing her head up in disgust.










“I said no, damnit!”

You put your hand on your shoulder, and calmly, calmly, ask in the most whining voice possible.



That sets her off. She twitches, and you catch a wayward glance back at you.

You start again.



She mutters curses to herself, wiping the hair our of her eyes. She sternly looks you over before giving one last shot at resistance.

“You are aware she’s a ridiculously power, reality-bending youkai with no concept of morality, mortality, humanity, or even basic common sense?”

You explode on her.

“Keine! She’s a crazy bitch who’s keeping me here for shits and giggles! I knew that last night!”

She sighs and shakes her head once more.

“Right. Northwest of the village. Five, maybe six kilometers? She lives there. On the other side of the border. Good luck getting through. To get through you’d have to be… Yukari.”

You display a quick fist pump in the air.

“Thanks Keine!”

You quickly clap twice.

“Hey! Sanae!”

You call her over from where she started sulking – again – after you shoved her away.

“We’re going! Come on!”

“Huh? Where?”

“Hell if I know! To the border and past!”

You grin, ignoring the stares of the peasantry, confused by the madman that was yelling at their schoolteacher now storming past with no apparent sense of direction. You have a Yukari to catch!


“Are you screwing with me?”

His brow furrowed, sweat running down his cheeks exposed to the morning sun. The glare off the window, the dank smell of the room, the two figures running around below. Oblivious to their purpose. Like children. Children they still might be…

He turned to face his unwelcome guest, the question addressed to her still left unanswered.

She merely twirled a bottle of brandy in her hands, umbrella resting in her lap. The uncanny silence finally forced her to look up. She smiled.

“Vintage 1683. You have good taste.”

He scowled.

“You think this is funny? I know you’ve been watching. You think it’s easy?”

Another drip of sweat from his chin. The signs of age showing clearly in his gaunt cheeks. His eyes crazy from sleep deprivation. A knock on the door.

“Father? Are you in here?”

She stood up, giving but a slight nod. One word escaped her lips.


She disappeared into the void.

“Come in, Reina.”


Okay! Calm the fuck down for a second. You know where Yukari is now. You think. She knows where you are, too! Probably! She has been stalking you, after all. Maybe you should prepare. Maybe.

[ ] Seek a general store. There’s several kilometers of hostile forest between you and where you think Yukari is. Filled with ‘youkai’, fucking tentacle monster things, and all sorts of things that can probably kill you. It is best to be prepared.

[ ] Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Yukari! I’m coming for you!

[ ] Consult Sanae for advice.

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No. 146570
[X] Seek a general store. There’s several kilometers of hostile forest between you and where you think Yukari is. Filled with ‘youkai’, fucking tentacle monster things, and all sorts of things that can probably kill you. It is best to be prepared.
-[X] Consult Sanae for advice on what to buy, watch out for, that sort of thing.

Hooray! Update!
No. 146571
[x] Seek a general store. There’s several kilometers of hostile forest between you and where you think Yukari is. Filled with ‘youkai’, fucking tentacle monster things, and all sorts of things that can probably kill you. It is best to be prepared.

[x] Consult Sanae for advice.

we're going to fuck her shit up
No. 146579
[X] Seek a general store. There’s several kilometers of hostile forest between you and where you think Yukari is. Filled with ‘youkai’, fucking tentacle monster things, and all sorts of things that can probably kill you. It is best to be prepared.
-[X]Try and find the stack of shit Ivan left lying all over the place, guns could be useful.
--[X] Drag Sanae along for the ride and info, fit her out if necessary.

Yeah kinda meta, but when Kourindou, then outlandish stuff. So there.
No. 146588
Anyone notice that Sanae did not use her power when she beaten by fairies? Maybe MC should that he already know her power and no need to hide it no more.

[X] Seek a general store. There’s several kilometers of hostile forest between you and where you think Yukari is. Filled with ‘youkai’, fucking tentacle monster things, and all sorts of things that can probably kill you. It is best to be prepared.
-[X] Consult Sanae for advice on what to buy, watch out for, that sort of thing.

>And sage your ideas/votes accordingly. All of them.
This means we sage all of our votes?

Oh, and Can I ask if the general store vote win, when they arrived at there, Rinnosuke call them as couples?(intended to teasing them or unintended, you choose)

And, nice update Treia.
No. 146593

This isn't what I meant... neither are the rest of the votes.

We'll see if at least one person can get it right
No. 146596
[X] Consult Sanae for advice.

Consult your shrine maiden regularly.

As far as that other thing goes, you ought to combine those ideas for some sort of side scene, and write about our intrepid hero and Sanae being lectured by Keine about the impropriety of their relationship due to the age difference. Then getting so distracted and bored that they end up flirting and getting into the heavy petting while Keine fumes and lectures harder.
No. 146598
[x] Seek a general store. There’s several kilometers of hostile forest between you and where you think Yukari is. Filled with ‘youkai’, fucking tentacle monster things, and all sorts of things that can probably kill you. It is best to be prepared.
-[x] Consult Sanae for advice on what to buy, watch out for, that sort of thing.
No. 146599
[x] Consult Sanae for advice on what to buy, watch out for, that sort of thing.

Sanae doesn't know Gensokyo very well, but she's a god. She knows who we should avoid, and who we can beat.
No. 146610
depends on the time of the story as by UFO/12.3 she's pretty with the basics, though she might not recongize Yukari on sight.

I'm hoping this doens't stay on the 'revenge against Yukari' plot. All such plots do is waste time that could have been used by actually entertaining plot threads.
No. 146620
[X] Yukari I'm coming for you! - Start singing Out Of Control by Hoobastank. it seems to fit your situation. It won't win but I can't resist.
No. 146624
[X] Seek a general store. There’s several kilometers of hostile forest between you and where you think Yukari is. Filled with ‘youkai’, fucking tentacle monster things, and all sorts of things that can probably kill you. It is best to be prepared.

For the bonus scene thing, I'd like a danmaku tutorial. If your system really is that different, I'd much rather learn about it before we start getting shot at.
No. 146625
Sage goes in the email field.

Like such.
No. 146626
[X] Seek a general store. There’s several kilometers of hostile forest between you and where you think Yukari is. Filled with ‘youkai’, fucking tentacle monster things, and all sorts of things that can probably kill you. It is best to be prepared.
-[X] Consult Sanae for advice on what to buy, watch out for, that sort of thing.

As for the bonus, >>146596 has a great idea.
No. 146631
Hey tree, this is guy that is never in messenger or irc anymore. I am not sure I like where your currently heading but I think you are doing a great job. Keep it up!
[X] Consult Sanaefor advice.
No. 146635
File 131693732055.jpg - (1.07MB , 990x1583 , 6705283e0fe89cd210772afd17460f82.jpg ) [iqdb]

“Okay, Keine! We’re well out of range to blow up any unfortunate buildings, there’s no youkai nearby, and I have transformed into a competent MC over night! Please, teach me danmaku.”


She sneers at you across the clearing. She wags her finger at you.

“That’s a lie.

I mean, you could always blow yourself up, after all.”

Somewhere far off in another land, a rimshot sounded.

“True, true. I did not know that, however! That’s why I’m here to learn.”

You nod approvingly. Keine is much more knowledgeable than you!

“Now then, let us learn!”

She claps, pulling her hands apart to reveal a swirling orb of blue light. You gasp at its surreal nature, being nearly transparent, yet also incredibly bright.

“This, for lack of a better term, is danmaku. Do you know why it’s called danmaku?”

No, no you really don’t. I mean, you are some failing college student from the outside. Goodness knows you don’t know Japanese.


She nods.

“I expected as much. Danmaku quite literally translates to ‘curtain fire’. Probably better translated as a barrage.”

“A barrage?”

“I thought you’d never ask!”

She throws the ball of energy at you with both hands, it exploding in the middle of the clearing. A thousand blue sparks, miniscule bullets, discharging in every direction. They shoot off, suddenly bouncing at a moment’s notice, changing directions on a whim. A confusing and harrying array of bullets swarms in your general direction, whizzing by at every conceivable angle. You can only throw your arms up to protect your face as the bombardment overwhelms you.

“Ow ow owowowow.

That really hurts, Keine!”

You say, letting your arms down and rubbing the spots where the danmaku hit. Several welts form on your arms where the spiritual bullets hit. They certainly hurt.

“You see? That’s how danmaku got its name – It’s often used in such attacks.”

Eager to learn about how not to get the snot beaten out of you by metaphorical bee swarms, you probe further.

“So the residents of gensokyo solve their problems by shooting at each other with less-lethal bullets? Cool! But uh, how does this solve anything, really? I could just punch people. That works too. I mean, I totally punched those fairies out.”

Heh. Dem fairies.

“Right, right! By itself, it does nothing at all! It’s just another way to kill each other! Oftentimes, it isn’t used, in fact! It’s much easier to punch your neighbor into submission than to go through a formal duel which you may or may not win. But our resident shrine maiden didn’t very much like that, so she drew up the spell card rules which standardized duel agreements and set down specific rules. Then she set about vigorously… ahem, how shall we say enforcing these rules. Mostly by beating the living hell out of anyone who disagreed.”

“Spell card rules?”

You should probably ask about that. You don’t want the living hell beaten out of you.

“Ah, yes. Spell card rules. When spell cards come into play – which is to say practically any duel – you must submit to the Hakurei rules. If you don’t, well… we went over what happens. But anyway, the rules! It’s very simple. First, you must declare your spell cards. Each card must be given a beautiful and meaningful name. Each card must be announced beforehand. Each card shapes and directs your danmaku, enhancing and amplifying perhaps, but never creating. Think of spell cards as musical instruments. Without a person playing them, they are useless. But, with a person behind them, they may be used to create all sorts of wonderful effects.”

“Wait wait wait, so danmaku can be used without spell cards?”

Her eyes twinkle, and she clasps her hands together.

“Very good, student! You caught that, did you? Yes, danmaku is quite separate from spell cards. Danmaku is not dependent on spell cards, as I demonstrated earlier. Danmaku is, quite simply, a manifestation of your spiritual energy. It’s quite crude, usually being projected as bullets. Hails of them. Wild and unpredictable, the purpose of danmaku when spell card rules are in effect is to hit your opponent with bullets. As many as you can. There’s no real number as to how many means a win, but it may be put down beforehand. Sometimes a single bullet hit means a loss on their part, sometimes it means you need to hit them with a number of bullets before they give in. Sometimes a very large number of bullets*. Spell cards help with that. They can be anything from a preset pattern for your bullets, to changing the way your bullets work. Like forming them into a raining pattern, or enlarging them into great, large, glowing suns.”

“Okay, okay.”

You say, nodding, soaking up the information.

“But what’s this about spiritual energy? How do I know how much spiritual energy I have? What is spiritual energy and what does it mean to me?”

“Calm down, I was getting there! Spiritual energy is… Well, basically it’s your faith.”

“My faith? Like, belief in a god? What if I’m an atheist? Am I just screwed?”

“Oh no, no! You don’t need to believe in a god, although believing in some of the gods around here will certainly help you. Moreso, it’s basically just your belief.”

“My belief? In what, exactly?”

“It’s jut your belief! You have to believe in order to use danmaku.”

“But believe in what?”

“Just believe!”

You take a step back and shake your head.

“Sorry Keine, but you’ve really confused me. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to believe in, in order to… well, apparently shoot bullets of my fingers.”

“Okay, look. It’s simple. Really simple. Put your hand up like a gun, okay?”

You nod, holding your fan out, index finger prominent, like a crude interpretation of a gun.

“Now shoot.”


“Just shoot!”

“Keine I can’t shoot bullets from my fi-“

Blam! A bullet nearly takes your ear off, forcing you to cringe at the near miss. Keine imitates blowing the smoke off her “gun finger”.

“See? Perfectly possible. Now you do it.”

“But Keine I can’t-“


She angrily stomps over, grabbing your arm and forcibly straightening it, giving you a more rigid posture. She leans in behind you and keeps you pointing straight by holding your wrist.

“Now focus on inside of yourself. Your anger, your will, your determination, whatever. Just focus. Focus on that one though. You want to shoot a bullet from your finger. You want to concentrate your energy in your fingertip, form it into a bullet, and send it hurtling at one of those trees with enough force to destroy it. Think hard! Think about the bullet!”

You concentrate. You fixate on the one single thought energy flowing through your body, forming in your fingertip and becoming a single bullet, flying through the air. You grit your teeth, dig your heels in, bend your knees. You shut your eyes, drowning out everything. The world is you. You, your finger, and that tree. And you’re going to blow it up.


….Okay no it’s not working. You open your eyes, realizing the entire forest has gone silent. Snickering behind you makes you think that that last thought may have been more externalized than internalized.

“Did I get it?”

“See for yourself, champ.”

She pats you on the back, reassuring you. You let the silly posture drop and look. The trees are all still perfectly intact. So unless you completely vaporized one and covered where it was with soil, you did jack shit. Sigh.

“It’s okay, not a lot of humans can do it. To really use danmaku, you either need a lot of training, be completely insane, or have no concept of failure. Just like a bird grows up knowing it can fly, you need the same experience. A bird knows it can fly. It doesn’t know anything else. Where you came from, people can’t shoot lasers or bullets, can’t fly, and don’t believe. Do you think humans can do all those things?”

“But why can’t I do it?”

She scowls for a second, then asks you a question.

“Can humans fly?”

Pfft. What kind of question is that?

“Of course not. We’re too heavy, can’t generate a lot of lift without wings either.”

“There’s your problem. You don’t believe.”

“What? That’s… ridiculous. You can’t just fly by thinking about flying.”

“Right! You fly by flying.”

“What? That’s circular logic.”

“It’s not! Just lift off the ground. You don’t think about it. You just do it. And it happens. You can do anything with danmaku, really. Fly, leap tall buildings, run incredibly fast, punch through walls. You just have to believe! I mean, for example-“

Your attention is stolen by the crashing of trees not far off. As you look, trying to discern the commotion through the bushes, the trees blocking your view explode.

“Haha! Convert, foolish trees! Become Buddhists, or uh… You’ll die! Hahahah!”

She says, laughing, punching clean through another tree trunk.

“Another Taoist? Your heretical beliefs will not save you!”

“Erm, let’s walk in the other direction, outsider.”

You nod your head and follow her, probably a very good idea given the omnicidal nature of most beings around here.

“Oh, and if you really do get into a duel with spell cards, you should know! There’s a few rules that aren’t explicitly stated but are just as enforced. Your danmaku barrages should be beautiful and stylish. Not a wall, but a winding wave. A colorful pattern, a work of art. Always give your opponent an out, too. It takes no skill to simply make a wall of danmaku and throw it out your enemy, but it takes real effort to make a net that will ensnare even the most cunning fox. Spell card duels are a matter of thought and cunning, not physical strength.”

She sighs, wandering away.

“That concludes our lesson. Hope you never need to use it. People around here hold grudges!”

You watch her walk away for a few moments before she stops and turns around, waving.

“Oh, and one more thing! Not that I’d expect you to, but no killing! That is absolutely forbidden!”

* This is a reference to the disparity between the amount of bullets the player character and your opponents can take in the Touhou games. I’m not aware if this is explained anywhere either in-game or in supporting documentation. I’ve certainly never gotten an answer for it.

**Any information contained herein subject to change with or without notification as the plot demands. However, should one of these subjects crop up in the plot, it shall not be changed further as the plot progresses. i.e. Once a rule is stated, it’s locked in for the rest of the story.

Let’s summarize and expand, shall we?

Danmaku exists independently of spell cards. Danmaku is a direct manifestation of your will. If you believe, you can do anything. Superman style shit. Leap buildings, stop trains, etc. Normal people cannot use danmaku to this effect. They have grown up in mediocrity. Even the greatest upbringing is near mediocrity to the youkai’s natural instinct. Believing is all that is necessary to bring about ANY sort of power. Mokou believes she can shoot fire because she’s been doing it so long she doesn’t remember it was an acquired skill. Keine grew up seeing history, then toying with it. Her abilities are a direct result of this. Some exceptions to the normal rules apply (i.e. Sakuya’s timestop ability is a function of her watch, all else is due to her superior athletics). Otherwise, only a fraction of danmaku’s true power may be harnessed. You concentrate long and hard enough and you may harden your body, toughen your bones, and increase your speed. You may even learn to shoot bullets. You will never be able to call upon a great fire phoenix, or turn people mad with a glare. Not in your current state of mind.

I hope you have enjoyed this somewhat tongue in cheek update. It does not take place in the proper plotline anywhere. However, it may be referenced in the future so I don’t have to retype up the characters explaining the entire danmaku rules. Again.
No. 146636

And herein lies our protagonist's out-of-canon problem. If you aim too high, you can't maintain your own suspension of disbelief. The correct answer for learning danmaku is QCF+P.
No. 146638
File 131694167776.jpg - (578.94KB , 853x1129 , 729fae0d0895089befa5590d5ba401c5.jpg ) [iqdb]

“I see you eyeing her! Stop that! Stop! That!”

Keine smacks her pointer against the board in anger. The sharp, clanging sound serves its purpose and redirects your view back towards the board.

“You two! Really! I mean, really! In the bamboo forest? Do you know how many children saw you?!”

You raise your hand, not waiting to be called upon.

“Uhh… I have a question? Is this really necessary? It’s not like we-”

You barely get off the last bit of that before you’re forced to dodge under your desk, book sailing over your head.

She yells at you.

“It was a botanical expedition! Not a- A… Anatomical demonstration!”

Keine turns away, facing the board. You can still see her cheeks, steaming red. You can’t help but turn to Sanae, smiling at Keine’s expense. Sanae meets your gaze, and you find your hands joining together beneath the desk. Another book smashes against the ground in front of your desk.

“No hands holding! No lusting smiles! Polite stares! No bodily contact!”

You jump up from your seat at this mockery. You grasp your heart, hair swaying, and deliver and impassioned statement.

“But Keine! You cannot stop this! I love this woman!”


She lets escape her gaping mouth, hands trembling. The pointer snaps a few seconds later, her hands still shaking.

“No no no no no!”

She screams, turning back to the board, scribbling furiously with a piece of chalk. Pretty quickly, she has an image of a man hugging a woman, and another of a man kissing a woman on the cheek. A third indicates groping her breasts. The first two are very clearly labeled with a large “O”, the third crossed out quite firmly with an oversized “X”. You know how to handle this.

With one step, you reach Sanae’s desk. Confused, she looks up to you.

“Don’t worry, follow my lead.”

You whisper. You place your hand on her shoulder, glancing at Keine.

“I should… do this?”

“T-That’s not…”

She stammers, looking on in horror from the front of the classroom. You trace your hand up her neck, slowly gliding your hand over her skin. It finally reaches her chin, and you gently lift her chin up until you are looking directly into her lush, dark green eyes. You steal forward just an inch, placing a kiss on her lips before a loud yelp from the front of the classroom interrupts you. Both of you turn to see a trembling Keine staring at you from behind raised arms, several pieces of paper floating back down to the floor from where they were thrown upward in the commotion.
No. 146640
File 131694269617.gif - (465.63KB , 512x320 , 2e0f51b2e0e64e65823242fa6fef2ae5.gif ) [iqdb]
You turn back to Sanae only for her to look down, a blush on her face.

“H-Hey, maybe we should cut it out in front of Keine? It’s kind of embarrassing…”


You yell, scooping her out of her seat, into your arms.

“Keine! I am going to marry this woman! Marry! Tell me, is there a problem with doing this to my fiancée?”

You beam, ignorant of Sanae’s quickly reddening face. Keine simply stands there, quivering as the last of the papers reaches the floor. It seems she does not disagree! You let Sanae back down on to her feet, dropping to one knee next to her. You take her hand in yours, looking up with your best smile. You be sure to put as much melodrama into your voice as possible.

“Sanae, will you marry me?”

Sanae just giggles as Keine gasps, throwing her arms up in confusion and doing a complete about face, erratically drawing another scene that is likely forbidden.


You say, standing back up and flipping Sanae’s skirt on the way up. Sanae gives you another playful snicker, drawing the attention of Keine again. She shrieks, grabbing her head to stop its wild shaking, gurgling as she returns to hastily drawing out the image. With one final deed, you bring your hands to Sanae’s breast, groping them for a moment before tweaking her nipples. She gives a yip, and you hear the chalk stop.

Gaping, staring, grimacing. Keine gives a whimper, froth spilling out of her mouth. She sways forward, then back, falling and collapsing behind her desk, a half-finished image of the missionary position upon the board.
No. 146641
I approve this.
No. 146642
File 131694766049.jpg - (259.54KB , 600x700 , 2dcaec3b6f75a2a5cb146b288a9cff94.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 146643
File 131694845429.jpg - (18.63KB , 320x299 , Thenamelessone.jpg ) [iqdb]

WIN. And I understand what you mean at earlier post now, we can request a bonus scene that is out-of-continuity. Am I correct?

>Danmaku exists independently of spell cards. Danmaku is a direct manifestation of your will. If you believe, you can do anything.
So, with enough will, you can erase your own existence?
Great, now our objective is gain 21 will and start throwing Symbol of Torment to Yukari, she's torment MC enough.

(Oh, can I ask a scene where the Goddesses chasing MC because he impregnated Sanae? For teh Lulz.)
No. 146649

Consensual sex? In the missionary position?

Keine sure is a pervert.
No. 146657

Idea rejected~

I shall strive to finish the outside scene that I have half-written (which IS in the continuity), then come back to tally the votes and update.
No. 146679
File 131701747663.jpg - (129.89KB , 1000x1414 , flavor image only.jpg ) [iqdb]
Anything in spoilers is German.

Clean shaven. Five feet, eleven inches. Buzz cut. Military precision.


A stark contrast to the three others of his team, already breathing oxygen-enriched

“Jump is in 40, put your mask on.”

His eyes only lazily rolled towards the sergeant, taking no heed of his order, nor rank. He repeated his command.

“Put your mask on, sir.

He snickered to himself at the affirmation of rank. He would listen, now. He plucked the cigarette out of his mouth and flicked it towards the rear of the craft. Failing to prepare properly for the jump could kill a man. And a dead man can’t-

…Well, a dead man can’t. He put on his mask.

“Remind me again why second platoon isn’t going in, instead of us?”

He said from behind the mask, inhaling pure oxygen in preparation for the jump. Thirty thousand feet to fall. Little oxygen to breathe. Wind chill in the dozens. Being unprepared was a sure way to die.

The man to his immediate left, with a large rifle strapped to his chest, answered him.

”They’re coming in at Kunduz, with the Northern Alliance.”

“So we’re being dropped out of an airplane with two practice runs and assurances of American engineering, huh?”

He snickers again at the last bit, before continuing.

“Does third platoon know they’re being dropped over land, not water?”

“Well at least they don’t think they’re going to rock it into battle in dress blues and swords against lava monsters.”

They both laugh hard at that one, so much that the first man has to remove his oxygen mask for a moment before putting it back on. One of the American technicals seated on the other side of the plane elbows his buddy and asks,

“Hey, what the hell those guys say?”

The first man amongst the Germans mutters something to the giant on his right, who answers flatly, the words rolling off his tongue in a thick, Slavic accent.

“It was a joke at your expense. Your marine corps, it is silly in its recruitment.”

“Why you!-“


The sergeant in charge silences both parties with one word, before checking his watch.

“Ten minutes, final checks.”

Speaking to the ‘giant’, the first man, leader of the group, ensured all was ready.


He nodded in response. He chose to keep words to a minimum. Things simple.

The leader turned back to his left, to the two others.

“Whizz? And you? I know you’re good.”

The two nodded. The one at the far left, ‘Whizz’, gave him a thumbs up. All were ready.

“Stand up!”

The soldiers stood, the four of them prepared.

Demetrious, get the hell out of the way. You know I’m leading.

The large man at the front took one look back at his leader, nodded, and switched positions with him.

The rear of the C-130 began to open. The cold night air rushed in, mixing with the warm air exiting the aircraft.

“Radio German High Command.”

The leader yelled,

“Tell them Darius Couch and 4th platoon, 4th squad have successfully infiltrated.”

He jumped.
No. 146680
Last person's name is "Ard"
No. 146681

Whizz is a nickname. Demetrious is not. I don't know what 'Ard' is from, but they're not references to anything besides their skills.

The unnamed soldier's nickname is 'The Void', for reasons that may become obvious in the future.
No. 146682

Oh, I did however forget to add, that He does not currently have that nickname. His exploits come later.

Of course if you've been paying attention, you should be able to tell there's plenty of time for such.
No. 146688
Behold my power.
Naive weakling.
To the silent beyond.


if no one gets the reference none of you have played dissidia
No. 146694
I knew it.
I fucking knew it.
I'm that >>140994 guy.
So we have German Fallschirmjäger flying in over Afghanistan somewhere and dropping in. Fine, alright. I wonder how it is connected to the story.
No. 146696

I have taken some liberties with the German army. These men are not Fallschirmjäger. They are, however, flying over Afghanistan. You are correct on that account.

Nobody ever said when that snippet took place. When was the Northern Alliance active again? Hrm...
No. 146742
File 131720591974.jpg - (375.69KB , 1240x1754 , 6c4cb5fe6e8334ab0b8a418c410e6394.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Seek a general store. There’s several kilometers of hostile forest between you and where you think Yukari is. Filled with ‘youkai’, fucking tentacle monster things, and all sorts of things that can probably kill you. It is best to be prepared.
-[x] Consult Sanae for advice on what to buy, watch out for, that sort of thing.

Right! A general store! General... as in everything! Everything you need! Hah! You got this.

You got this! You so… got this.

…Come to think of it, where is the general store in this place? You’ve seen a bakery, enough open air stalls to feed the world’s fattest man, and a schoolhouse. The schoolhouse totally counts as a store, right? It like, uh… sells knowledge. Yeah.

The point is there’s a lot of buildings around here, but not once have you seen one selling general supplies!


She snaps to attention behind you.

“Quickly! Direct me to the nearest general store!”

She tilts her head.

“Uh… general store? I kind of get everything from the kap-“

She quickly picks up on the stare you’re giving her.

“R-Right! I think there’s one this way!”

She points down the street – A long, winding street. Well, at least there’s bound to be some sort of store there. Somewhere.

“…Right. Let’s go find it, then.”

You say, headed onwards. You’ll find it. You might have to ransack a few homes – But you’ll find it.


“Why are you here?”

She smiled, twirling her characteristic umbrella. Even carrying it inside this house… How disrespectful.

“May I?”

She said, reaching forward for a rice cracker – Part of the ensemble prepared for a different guest.

Nakajima reached forward, grabbing her wrist right above the plate.

“Why don’t you tell me why you’re here, first?”


She slapped away his wrist and leaned back. Twirl. That umbrella again.

“You should know.”

She said, golden eyes gleaming.

Nakajima sat across from her, similarly staring back. Neither spoke.

“Right, well…”

She said, pausing for dramatic effect.

“You should know that I won’t let anything happen to him.”


“Will that be all?”

“Yeah, yeah…”

You mutter, shoving various knicks and knacks into the rucksack. A slightly dull knife, six pounds of food, a few lines of rope, an old yellow poncho, and a dinged up compass that probably doesn’t work. You’d buy some shoes too, but their idea of a proper fit is atrocious. You hoist the pack onto your back and test the straps until it’s comfortable.

“Right, Sanae! Let’s go.”


You’re alerted to the proprietor of the store clearing his throat, drumming his fingers across the counter.

“I’m happy to help, but you do need to pay for those.”

…Right. Paying. Money. Hah. Goods for money. Imagine that. You mumble something to that effect as you ravage your pockets looking for what’s left of the Yen Keine gave you. You produce one crumpled up 500 Yen bill, with no indication of where the rest went. The man appraises it for the moment, then looks back up at you expectantly.

“That really ain’t gonna cut it…”

You scratch your beard. Or, rather, what would be a beard if you didn’t religiously shave it every other day. You should really try to get that done sometime today. If possible.

Thinking. Thinking…

Who else has money? Lots of people. Who wants to turn it over?

Your eyes lay on Sanae, blissfully unaware. Humming a tune, tapping her foot, she’s waiting on you.

Sanae, quick, throw your arms in the air!

You yell, dashing at her suddenly. She squawks, giving a confused “Huh?!” before throwing her hands straight up into the air. Your hands quickly find their way to her chest, and you appropriate a wallet from her breast pocket.


You give her a thumbs up and start leafing through the wallet, pulling out a few bills that are certainly newer than the ones Keine gave you. You count up maybe 1500 yen in total. Sanae, once again useful!

You start counting out the bills to the shopkeeper, ignored laments and Sanae shielding her breasts behind you.

“Pervert! You pervert! I can’t believe you touched my breasts! You could’ve just asked, you know!”

She keeps yelling as you go through the bills, but you mostly ignore her. A few words like “pervert” and “jerk” ring clear, but you’re sure she’s just a little upset. You’ll pay her back when you’re done. You have enough saved up for an emergency back home that you can stomach whatever 1500 Yen is in USD.

She keeps ranting as you count out the bills.

“Y-You don’t even care, do you? You’re terrible!”

There you go. 1500 Yen. The shopkeeper nods and accepts it. Job well done, shit purchased, time to go.

“Alright Sanae, let’s-”

You feel someone grab your wrist, tugging you the other way, away from the counter and Sanae. You look and see the bunny girl from yesterday, still sporting those odd eccentric bunny ears. Reisen, it was. You remember her.

“You have an appointment.”

“Well, thanks for finding me, bu-“

You try to loosen her grip and she just tightens it. An iron grip, in fact. Steel, maybe! It’s a really tight grip! It hurts!

“Hey, let go of me.”

You say, tugging your arm. She barely budges, but the movement nearly makes you knock yourself over. You recover, and look up to see her blood red eyes staring at you. Glaring, perhaps. You’re not sure if that’s malice or cold indifference, but she is not letting go.

[ ] Silly rabbit women cannot stop you!

[ ] Maybe a check-up would be a good idea…

Hah! We've replaced one bag with another. I've fooled you all, that's what this story is about. Bags. Anybody can do touhous and hats, but it takes a real genius to do a story about bags!
No. 146745
[x] Silly rabbit women cannot stop you!

Now you need to make a story about sacks if you know what i mean
No. 146746
Oh and I'm going to try to make titles for all the updates from now on! I hope you enjoy them. I work hard on them, okay?!
No. 146748
[c] Silly rabbit women cannot stop you!
No. 146749
>“Sanae, quick, throw your arms in the air!”

>You yell, dashing at her suddenly. She squawks, giving a confused “Huh?!” before throwing her hands straight up into the air. Your hands quickly find their way to her chest, and you appropriate a wallet from her breast pocket.


Now I imagine MC with trollface while saying thanks to Sanae.

>You scratch your beard.
MC is Chuck Norris?

[X] Silly rabbit women cannot stop you!
Just don't look at her eyes...

Keep your update speed like this, I REALLY loved it. A title will be nice too. Just keep up the good work, okay?
No. 146750
[X] Maybe a check-up would be a good idea…
No. 146751
>“Pervert! You pervert! I can’t believe you touched my breasts! You could’ve just asked, you know!”

Right. We just have to ask if we want to touch Sanae's breasts. This is important information to file away for later.

[X] Maybe a check-up would be a good idea…
No. 146752
I didn't noticed that. Thank you. I'll keep that in mind for the next write-in.
No. 146755

I was waiting for someone to catch this! She was totally talking about letting you have her wallet. Totally.

Relationship with Sanae is definitely progressing. I feel bad about her getting so much more screentime than other characters, but if you guys really take a fancy to anyone, write-ins or very strong urges within the threads will alert me to your hidden desires.
No. 146756
I really liked the part where she was the "more experienced fellow outsider" figure. Now, she's more the poor sidekick dragged screaming and crying along with us.
That's just my impression, but I preferred the earlier Sanae.
No. 146757
[X] Silly rabbit women cannot stop you!
No. 146759
[X] Maybe a check-up would be a good idea…
No. 146761
[X] Silly rabbit women cannot stop you!
No. 146765
[x] Maybe a check-up would be a good idea…
-[x] Try apologizing to Sanae about earlier. Her help is more important than some cheap thrill.
No. 146767
>cheap thrill.
NIGGA PLEASE. We have to brutally murder a youkai. That is no cheap thrill. That is SRS BZNS.

[X] Silly rabbit women cannot stop you!
-[X] If she insists, go full hotblood (ROW ROW etc.)
--[X] Treat Sanae nicer. Apologize and do the usual.
No. 146769
[X] Silly rabbit woman cannot stop you!
--[X] Treat Sanae nicer. Apologize and do the usual.

Erased my ancient vote.
No. 146770
[x] Maybe a check-up would be a good idea…
-[x] Try apologizing to Sanae about earlier. Her help is more important than our psychosis.

You guys do remember what Reisen's power is right? We happen to be looking DIRECTLY into her eyes at the moment.

Do not agitate the bunny! Bunny needs more attention.
No. 146771

Trashing fairies is NOT the same thing as taking on a youkai. You are a run-of-the-mill average human. You have no powers, no abilities and no super human strength. If a youkai says you're her bitch, you're her bitch. If you can't outrun her anyway. Yukari is still just playing with you.

You guys don't seems to realize that you're gonna get a check-up one way or another. Your choices are simply if you're sane or not during it. Think before you vote.

It feels like DoLF votes all over again.
No. 146776

H-Hey! You're actually not being railroaded here!
No. 146778

I would prefer it at this point. Sadly, it looks like the "herp derp no no bunny" vote is in the lead. I wonder what madness is gonna look like. Probably red... delicious bunny eye red.

Also it's not railroading if anon brings it on himself. It's called consequences. Your actions have them. If say for instance, a youkai said "come quietly or be raped". If you said no and had no power to resist. Well, you brought it on yourself.

Anon just needs to be slightly realistic here. The only other people in the shop are the owner of said shop and Sanae. The owner probably isn't gonna stick his neck out for someone he just met. Sanae, if you haven't noticed, is quite pissed at you at the moment. Well, maybe, she did (unintentionally?) say you only had to ask to grope her.

This is just my take on the situation. Feel free to ignore me. I reserve the right to say "I told ya so~" though.
No. 146781

Oh calm down. Any halfway professional medical business accepts the right of the customer to alter his apointment time in order to fit the right amount of batshit insane trips into his calendar. Good God man, it's not as if saying; "Don't have time for your fancy book learnin' and voodoo" is going to cause him to get murdered.

[X] Silly rabbit woman cannot stop you!
--[X] Treat Sanae nicer. Apologize and do the usual.

Honestly. Even if the main character is not, someone who's run a medical business for untold years should be professional enough to let changing an appoinment slide.
No. 146788
anon >>146749 here.
After seeing recent posts, I would like to add my previous vote with:
--[X] Treat Sanae nicer. Apologize and do the usual.
No. 146789
No. 146800
From what I've seen, Reisen isn't so much dragging the MC for his check-up, but more 'You're in big trouble young man, and a stern talking to will be the least of your problems.'

Reisen saw us 'grope' Sanae, and went into 'Angry Female Mode' seeing as we treated it like it was nothing.
No. 146801
Right now, MC is going after a youkai whos power could virtually destroy entire universe's with a bit of wordplay, and you believe he's sane?

Too late now, as votes are called. Oh well.
No. 146815
Does anyone remember that the point of this check-up is to make sure that our hand doesn't become infected and end up needing to be cut off?

No really, it's been a while since the purpose of the check-ups has been brought up (it's been a while since the check-ups themselves have brought up, for that matter), and I don't think that either side of this argument has mentioned it.
No. 146816
Damn man, I can hear the FAP FAP FAP of you wanking Yukari from over here. And I'm Eurotrash.
No. 146817

Anon likes to conveniently forget about things like their hand being a burnt mess. They are too busy trying to up their e-peens by "standing up" to Yukari and alienating the few allies they do have.

Not that the author has done a good job of reminding them...
No. 146818

Calm down. Honestly, it isn't as if the hand is suddenly going to cause us to contract gangrene, forcing us to remove it and replace it with a metal one.

Though that would be pretty cool. The metal hand part, not the catching-a-nasty-and-dangerous-disease part.
No. 146856

How did I get these mixed up?

Update soon.
No. 146861
File 131738384817.jpg - (152.58KB , 1500x968 , 3aa2e2ab1431cd09232fafa057825d8e.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Silly rabbit woman cannot stop you!

-[X] Treat Sanae nicer. Apologize and do the usual.

“Hey. I said let go.”

You say, trying to pull away again.

“Come on let gooooo-“

Twist. Oh. Oh god. That would be your good hand. Bending, twisting.

But mostly, pain. Pain! She simply stares at you, easily wringing your arm despite your best efforts to pull free.

“You have an appointment.”


“I don’t want to go to the stupid doc-“

Snap. You’re pretty sure that was one of your fingers. Or that was the sound of your sphincter exploding. You’re not sure. You flail wildly with your free arm, trying to beat her hand off of you. She pays it no mind, shrugging off the blows, twisting your hand. With every passing second, it feels more and more likely something is going to break! You bring your free arm back for another strike, and you feel something grab it.

“Hey! You let go of him, right now!

You turn to see your friend and savior, Sanae! Sanae’s grabbed your free arm with both hands, and it doesn’t look like she’s going to let you go!

“Sanae! Thank you so much! Quick! Get me free!”

You take a breathe to yell another order at her, but she cuts you off.

“If anyone’s going to kill him, it’s going to be me.



She tugs you hard by your arm, exacerbating the pain in your hand and nearly dislocating both your shoulders with the strength that she pulls. She’s stronger than she looks!

Reisen glares back at her, the two of them engaged in a monumental staring match.

“Let go of him!”

“You let go of him! He’s my patient!”

Now Reisen tugs your arm, producing searing pain now in both your shoulders, your good hand, and your wrist near where she’s grabbing you. You bellow in pain.

“Ladies, please! There is enough of me for both of you!”

The pulling stops, and they both look at you. Neither of them is laughing. Neither of them is snarling. Their expressions are dead. You can barely stammer out a way to drop back out of the argument.

“I-I mean, carry on.”

The two exchange insults, notably “slut bunny” and “torpid miko”, Sanae doing the majority of the shouting. Eventually it degrades to the point where Sanae flat out releases you, producing an odd wooden wand from her outfit and yelling a battle cry like something out of an anime. She smacks Reisen’s hand hard enough to drop you to the floor, now unsupported by either party and squirming in pain. You roll around on the floor for a bit, acutely aware of the sound of Sanae going to town on the poor doctor. Before you can snap out of the pain convulsions, Sanae returns from whacking Reisen, grabbing you by the arms and pulling you clear out of the shop onto the dirt roads endemic to the village.

“Ow, ow!”

You say, ass chafing as you run over several sharp rocks, Sanae still dragging you by your arm.

“Sanae! This hurts! Also, my pants are not meant for this kind of abuse!”

“Good! Humph!”

She yells back, not bothering to slow down or stop. All you can do is flop about behind her as continues dragging you past villagers, buildings, and streets alike. Some people give concerned looks as you pass, but none seem particularly eager to assist. Whether it’s the fact that Sanae just beat the shit out of Reisen, or that no one particularly cares to help you if you’re being dragged across the village, you’re not sure why nobody springs to help, but you suspect it may be a combination of both.

She doesn’t stop dragging you, either. In between the thirtieth or so bump you run over, and the fortieth or so rock that ends up stabbing your ass, you muse that she must be dragging you somewhere, and are rewarded with a large bump as your ass transitions from the somewhat tidy human village to the not-so-tidy raw ground of the area surrounding the human village, an open gate and two bemused looking guards quickly gaining distance as you’re pulled in the other direction.

“Sanae! Where the hell are we going?!”

She stops, your ass getting its first rest in what must have been ten or fifteen minutes of sheer torture. You can hear her tapping her foot, muttering something.

“Stupid forest…”

Grumble grumble. At least, she is. You’re just happy you’re not being dragged around like a ragdoll anymore. Sanae seems to be more focused on the problem at hand than putting you through another torture session. Speaking of which, what is the problem?

“Sanae? Where are we going?”

She grumbles again in response.

“Yukari’s place.”

“Oh thank goodness, can I stand up nooooooooooooooooooooowholyshitwe’reflying!

Flying you were. Lifting off the ground, at least! In the vertical direction! That counts as flying, right? Flying is good, yes? Flying is very good – Flying is faster than walking.

It’s the landing that worries you.

You wail at Sanae, apparently a-okay with flying through the air whilst you hold on simply by her hand.

“Sanae! We are flying! Flying!


She responds, hair whipping as you both speed away from the village, forest passing quickly below.

“Well if you don’t mind me asking,”

You yell, only a tinge of fear in your voice.

How, exactly?!

“I can fly!”

She responds coolly, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. She can fly?

“You can fly?!”

“I just… yes, you stupid… argh!”


You shriek, barely holding on as she performs a mid-air loop with little regard for how difficult it is to hold on during such a crazy maneuver. It’s not like you’re strapped into an airplane seat or anything.

“What was that for?!”

“For making me angry!”

She yells in between the buffeting winds, drowning out both of your voices. It takes you a moment to recover your voice in between the wind rushing in your face, but you get off another yell at her.

“What did I do to make you angry?!”

You barely have a chance to get out the last word before you find yourself quickly overtaking Sanae – Something impossible unless you are flying on your own. And you can’t do that. Oh, you know you can’t do that! You jerk back as you reach arm’s length, catapulting back towards the stationary Sanae. You smack straight into her legs, dangling precariously. You look up at her glaring down at you with a scowl on her face, and feel her grip loosening.

Do what you do best! Begging!

“Oh god you’re going to drop me aren’t you? You’re angry at me and now you’re showing off, first by flying then by taking me really high and dropping me into hard ground and a forest full of things that want to rape me just to prove a point! Can we please, please, please, not do the whole dropping thing? I would very much like to keep my spine!”

She glares at you and takes back off, flying onwards with you at arms length behind her. Suddenly, she starts ranting.

“I’m very angry with you! You’re not paying any attention to me, you’re treating me like crap, you’re ignoring all my advice, you don’t care what I think, you’re treating me like crap, taking my wallet without my permission, touching my breasts, not…”

On and on she goes, listing grievances and complaints aplenty. Apparently, she is very miffed about the treatment you’ve given her today. Which is a pretty fair reaction. You weren’t really considering what she was thinking this whole time, just that she wanted to tag along and you had shit to do.

You should apologize. You really should apologize. You open your mouth to cut her off and apologize before a glint in the forest below distracts you. Before you can even focus on what caused it, a figure streaks up at incredible speed. You don’t have time to say anything, let alone brace yourself as it rams you, jolting you out of your grip and away from Sanae. You feverishly grasp back for where her hand was and find exactly nothing. You flail your arms wildly as you fall, enticed by the struggle going on above you. Sanae struggles with a woman half her size, clad in red dress. Impressive as the mid-air display of athletics is, you are much more concerned by the rapidly approaching ground below you. Trees, pointy fucking trees! And dirt! Packed until it’s compressed by gravity! Pointy fucking trees and packed dirt! You are fucked. So fucked. All you can do is flail your arms wildly as you break the canopy. You grasp something hard, putting all your strength into holding onto it for dear life as you fall. It stretches, slowing your fall as your vertical momentum turns into horizontal speed, smashing through vines and elevated shrubbery before you are caught, quite literally, in a network of thin, rope-like green lines.



You scream, flailing wildly at the prospect of being violated by dozens of sentient plants. This has not been an ideal day. You manage to flip yourself over, facing the ground at about head height – Head height indeed for this blonde-haired women clad in a white and blue dress and accompanying hat. A very… very tall hat. With two large protrusions. Her nose twitches as she looks you in the face and produces a knife from her sleeves.

“Ah, well I’m glad you did not die on impact. That would have been difficult to explain to Miss Yukari.”

Yukari? Miss Yukari? You stammer out an accusation as she cuts away the ropes.

“Yukari?! You know her?!”

She nods, cutting away one that holds your leg.

“Of course. I am her shikigami, I serve her will.”

She says as you are unceremoniously dumped again on your ass, the last strand being cut by the woman. You spring to your feet and assume your best fighting position. This woman works for Yukari! And she’s… she’s… got nine ginormous golden tails. A gust of wind barely unnerves her hat, revealing what is definitely not two normal ears. She straightens her hat back out and cocks her head as she returns her arms to their sleeves.

“Is there a reason you’re holding that stance?”

[ ] Run.

[ ] Talk.
No. 146862
Sorry! Reposted to fix an error with the italics tags, as it was throwing off a good half of the text. Please, continue as if nothing happened.
No. 146863
Repost my vote too, the place of the vote at the top of the story is not good to look at(at least for me)

[X] Talk.
Run won't solve your problem. Asking her why Yukari keeping MC here will at least make something clear...If her motivation is not "I did it for teh LULZ"
No. 146865
[x] Talk.

I doubt we can punch out Ran.
No. 146868
[X] Talk.
Stopping for a bit and catching his breath before possibly running for his life is probably a good idea.
No. 146876
[x] Talk.

Well this is going just SWELL. I guess I know why Yukari wants him in Gensokyo: Seeing tactless stupid outsiders get themselves killed is rather entertaining
No. 146889
[X] Talk.

It seems diplomacy is our only option. Mainly because if we fled she would just run us down.
No. 146891
[X] Talk.

From: >>146742
>“You should know that I won’t let anything happen to him.”
Yukari wants MC for something, that's obvious. Presumably this something isn't trivial, considering she decided it was important enough to personally tell Nakajima "hey, hands off". Now what this something actually is, however, is a complete anomaly.
No. 146892
Considering one of the first things she did after he showed up in the village was try and hook him up with someone, as well as talk about the benefits of sticking around a place with so many single women, it's pretty obvious that Yukari is trying her hand at match-making.
No. 146896
Even then he's doing a bad job of making it work as he's a grade A ass.
No. 146899
>Sanae struggles with a woman half her size, clad in .

Is that Chen? Maybe we should ask Ran to tell Chen to stop too.
So I add to my vote at >>146863
-[X] Look at Sanae's struggle, then ask Ran to help her.
Since at this point, she doesn't know Chen's related to Ran(or even know her name), the logical thing is ask her help to stop the short-red-dressed woman.
No. 146904
Yes, it's chen. Sanae knows who most people are by reputation, but not name.
No. 146964
Welp, kind of short on votes this update so I'm doing another... scene. It'll be posted shortly.
No. 146969
All dialogue in this update is presumed to be in German.


“425 meters, 10kph west.”

“I see him.”

The sharp retort of a large caliber rifle resounded through the mountains.

“Good hit. Next target.”

“They don’t learn, do they?”

“They don’t live long enough to. Let’s keep it that way. Black SU- Ah shit… Looks like we got their attention. Time to leave.”

He folded up his binoculars and unfolded his G36, retrieving it from the wayside. He stood into a squatting position and motioned for the other man. The other man protested at the change of plans.

“Darius, we can’t just leave! We’re supposed to be watching this valley!”

Darius grabbed the man by the back of his head.

“Listen. I’m team leader. That means I make the decisions. My decision right now? Let’s not get killed. Come on.”

The man grumbled, taking a quick look back at the men standing in the open firing wildly at the hills. There was still more they could do, but not now. He reluctantly stood, crouching and following Darius as they exited their hiding spot, exfiltrating away from the enemy.

Darius exhorted his cohort to continue, aiming to put as much ground between him and unfriendly men with automatic rifles as possible.

“Come on, all reverse slope from here. Real easy running, even with our packs.”

So it was. The downhill slope allowed them to easily pick up their pace. One hundred meters, then two hundred quickly passed. The slope turned into flat ground, and their pace slowed. They stopped to observe where they had came from, but there was nothing to see. It was quiet as a summer day, discounting the fact that it was now December and bloodshed ruled all over the country.

The sniper remarked,

“Tch, not even a shelling. What a waste.”

The march resumed, now uphill. It was 50 meters on the map, but nearly two hundred high. Finally, they reached the top, another downward slope presented to them, punctuated by large boulders and slippery slopes. It would have to be traversed slowly. Conversation arose in the tedious descent, the first steps easy, but the following difficult.

“What’s it up to now? Fourty? Fifty?”

The man fell out of formation behind his leader, trotting slower and slower before he stopped completely. He glared at Darius’ back. Glared and stood, unmoving. Darius stopped, and turned, the faint signs of a frown on his face.


The man asked.

“You flinch.”

“You still do.”

The silence continued before Darius turned around back to their heading, delivering one last note.

“Just don’t let it affect you.”

“Does it ever get easier?”

The silence resumed. The only sounds were the faintest rumbling, and the wind passing through the valleys and past the mountains. Neither spoke, both considering the question, the answers, and their consequences.

Finally, he turned.

Get down!

He jumped forward, tackling the man as the rumbling peaked, the racket of machinery omnipresent. The ground cracked and stones crashed past them as an armored vehicle crested the slope above them, the front of it hanging precariously in the air before crashing down, sliding a few feet before its brakes kicked in, locking its tracks and stopping it in place. Its four 23mm autocannons glinted in the midday sun, a beacon of light and power.

The turret depressed.


Darius screamed, shoving his comrade’s face in the dirt and pressing his body down upon the man, laying on top of him. The four cannons unleashed a hail of rounds, hosing down the slope as rounds tore through boulders and dirt alike, throwing up debris and sand, deadly shards of slag and silicate shooting through the air. The entire mountain range resounded with the sound of hundreds of rounds devastating the area.

The firing ceased, the only sound left the sizzling of gun barrels as heat bled into the surrounding air.


Darius yelled, grabbing his friend and hauling both of them to their feet. They scrambled to the nearest cover, a great boulder from some ancient rockslide. They dodged behind it, shilka pounding away at the cover.

“We have to make it button up!”

Darius yelled over the shriek of autocannon rounds, firing blindly from the cover with his rifle. The returning rounds from the shilka began to stray wildly, missing the cover by feet and meters. The G36 rang empty, so both men went at it with pistols, blasting away at the driver’s viewing slit as it dropped down into a sealed position.

Darius threw aside his pistol, grabbing his pack only long enough to take out a satchel charge, and similarly discarding the pack. With near reckless abandon, he rushes from cover, eluding the hail of autocannon fire by either sheer luck, or simple audacity. With a vicious yell he grasped the view port’s cover, rending it aside and tossing the charge inside. Muffled curses came from inside the vehicle, the crew having just enough time to realize how screwed they are.

Darius dived to the ground just as the vehicle exploded, a great roar as the metal hull is ripped apart, a hundred deafening secondary explosions as the ammo cooks off in batches, stray rounds whizzing off in every direction, great flames rising from the wreck.

He staggered to his feet, scraps of metal and body parts raining down around him. A grizzly spectacle, four bodies made into dozens of bits and pieces, lacerated and scattered.

Darius looked up from the carnage, the first signs of a smile starting to form on his face.

“Yeah… Yeah it does.”
No. 146972

No. 147015
Going to try to update when I get back from classes today. If I don't update, I'm probably (just) piss tired.

Or despairing wildly over things beyond my control. Perfectly normal.
No. 147016
File 131764187848.png - (408.16KB , 600x670 , take up alcohol and forget the irrational people i.png ) [iqdb]
No. 147421
Depression and stupid moon swings aside, I have written part of the update, and outlined it. I hope to have it up soon™.
No. 147429
File 131832991069.jpg - (495.33KB , 900x1400 , dd2cb7c97d1ff1a348f0c78952037c2f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Talk.

Not like fighting was ever an option! You awkwardly lower your arms, giving half an effort to disguise your pose as some sort of movement.

“I was just uh- Brushing myself off, yeah. Brushing. Off.”

You say, swiping at a few stains on your pants. Totally gonna brush those off.

“I see…”

She responds inquisitively, watching your movements as you fumble all over yourself.

“No matter, you are not looking worse for wear, as you humans say. It will be quite alright if-“

She is interrupted by a writhing ball of green, red, and angry shouts shooting past the two of you at the speed of a catfight. Both of you look at each and nod – You’ll get Sanae. She’ll get… whoever the other one is.

It takes you a bit to catch up to them, but you find them still grappling in a pile of thorny bushes. Neither is holding any punches, Sanae on top of the much smaller girl. You reach her just in time to grab her arm as she rears back for another punch, with the fox sliding her companion out from underneath Sanae. You have to forcibly restrain Sanae in a near full-nelson as she flails her arms trying to get free, protesting.

“Lemme go, lemme go! She hit me four times! I only got her three times!”

Despite her protests, you hold on to her arms, not letting her go. The fox pats down her associate, fiddling over her dress, rearranging her hair, and replacing her hat. She finishes by patting her on the head and quietly commanding her.

“Run along back to Miss Yukari, Chen. I shall be back shortly.”

Did she just say-

“’Kay, Ran! Me and master will be waiting!”

Waiting. They’ll be waiting. Yukari will be there!

Chen’s running. Running in the other direction. She’ll be obscured by the forest soon. You have to follow her!


You shriek, pushing and practically throwing Sanae at Ran. You break out into a full sprint chasing Chen, bounding through the brush and swearing as your pack repeatedly bounces off your ass.

Sanae is confused, watching you run after Chen. She turns to Ran.

“You’re just going to let him go?”

The fox puts on a devious, knowing smile.

“Oh, he’ll be back.”



Get back here you piece of shit! You piece of… disappearing rat mole shit!

You yell, crashing through another pile of shrubbery. You nearly trip over yourself skimming to a stop, confused by the site in front of you. Sanae looks bewildered, but Ran just looks amused.

“Wha- But… How did you-“

You sputter out confused questions,

“You- But that’s not… That’s impossible! I ran in the other direction.

Ran puts her hand to her mouth to hide her laughter.

“Do you really think I’d just let you past to attack my master? I know why you are here. You are here to resolve a dispute with my master. I cannot allow that unless she orders me to do so.”

“So you’re stopping me with some kind of magic sorcery bullshit, huh?!”

You say, putting your hands up. Fightin’ time! You’re not going to let her stop you… even if she is some sort of crazy. Crazy like a fox.

“But you don’t have that power!”

Sanae says, confused.

“Correct. Even if you were to kill me here, the border will prevent you from leaving.”

Ran says, nodding. Furthermore, she continues,

“I am only here to inform you of the foolishness of such a pursuit. I do not wish for you to waste your life trying to get through the border.

Nor does my master.”

So Yukari wants you alive, but pissed. Fantastic!

“Well uh, like… how about we go talk to Yukari about that? I mean, we can’t really be sure that’s what she wanted! Right, hahaha?”


“Sanae! Group huddle!”


She should know what that means! You pull her to the side and whisper out of range for Ran to hear.

“Okay, plan?”


“Sanae! Come on! Plan?”

“I don’t know! She’s really loyal to Yukari. She’s Ran Yakumo, Yukari’s shikigami.”

“The hell is a shikigami?”

“It’s like a uhm… familiar! I think that’s the word!

“A familiar?! So is Yukari some sort of fucking magician, or something?”

“I don’t know!”

Damn it! Sanae is useless unless you want to beat the hell out of Ran. Which is the backup plan, now. You’ll try diplomacy or trickery, first. You separate from your little huddle, stepping forward to speak to Ran.

“I have to ask… What if we say please?”

Ran cocks her head. Time to lay it on, thick.

“…Great fox overlord?”

She smirks.

“I appreciate the flattery, but I cannot let you through.”

Drat. Worth a try. Gotta get leverage…

“Okay! I’ll just go past you, then! See you!”

You sneer, half-marching right past her. That’s sure to rile her up.

“Didn’t you try that already? The border will not let you through.”

You freeze. That’s… right. You did. The whole chasing bit.

“Okay then!”

You turn around, roaring.

“Sanae! We’ve surrounded her! Get her arms! We’ll torture her for information! Hahaha!

Best plan.

“I wouldn’t do that.”

Click. She shifts her weight, revealing a half-buried mine beneath her right foot.

She smiles warmly.

I can kill both of you, if I really wanted to.


Crazy like a fox.

“Okay, okay, no sudden moves, right?”

You eek out, Sanae simply frozen pale behind Ran.

“We can just… leave, yeah? I mean, we don’t really need to see Yukari. Nor do you really need to blow us up!”

“Hold it.”

You freeze, barely having even taken a step.

“My disposition would be greatly increased, if perhaps…”

She removes her arms from their mutual sleeves, replacing the knife in her dress with a clipboard.

“You could answer a few questions?”

[ ] Just answer some questions. I mean – She does have a live mine beneath her foot.

[ ] Oh no, she’s an agent of Yukari, and there is no way you are working with her.
-[ ] Leave. Back to the village! Use your silver tongue, or whatever it takes, but you are not answering questions!
-[ ] Bolt towards the border, and Yukari. It must’ve been a one off trick, and she won’t risk injuring herself while you’re going after her master.

[ ] Heroic tackle the girl and/or stand on the mine option.
No. 147430
[x] Just answer some questions. I mean – She does have a live mine beneath her foot.

I don't really appreciate the fickle main character. At first, he seemed legit, and now, he's half-maniac. At first, he wanted to punch Yukari, and now, he want to avoid her at all cost.
No. 147431
[x] Just answer some questions. I mean – She does have a live mine beneath her foot.
No. 147432

Oh no, he has every intention of going to beat her up. He just values the virtue of not blowing up.

Had Ran let him go, he'd have come right back as soon as he thought he lost her.
No. 147433
[c] Just answer some questions. I mean – She does have a live mine beneath her foot

Well, yeah, sure.
No. 147434
[X]Suicide attack, because you tired of what Yukari do to you. You also can screw whatever Yukari's plan to you for the last laugh if you die.

[x] Just answer some questions. I mean – She does have a live mine beneath her foot.

It seems the longer MC stay in Gensokyo, more of his sanity erode.
And anyway, how's the condition of MC's hand now? Just wondering how bad it is..
No. 147435
More than "a slight headache", if you ask me. Probably "heart pounding and hands shaking".
No. 147438
[x] Heroic tackle the girl and/or stand on the mine option.

Cause why the hell not?
No. 147440
[X] Just answer some questions. I mean – She does have a live mine beneath her foot.
No. 147448
[x] Just answer some questions. I mean – She does have a live mine beneath her foot.
No. 147451
[X] Heroic tackle the girl and/or stand on the mine option.

Yukari wants the MC alive. Ran's bluffing. Or are you really that much of a wimp Anon?
No. 147455
[x] Heroic tackle the girl and/or stand on the mine option.

Then wrap it up by punching Shiki in the face when you're in the afterlife. Be reincarnated into something so low on the totem pole that Yukari gives up on you.
No. 147456
[X] Heroic tackle the girl and/or stand on the mine option.

She thinks being showing borderline contempt for death will impress us? Time to take a flying leap over that line.
No. 147483


Also, why the saged votes, fellas?
No. 147499
I sage on votes simply because people rage when a thread is bumped to the top without an update.

[x] Just answer some questions. I mean – She does have a live mine beneath her foot.

It seems MC is even more incredibly unstable mentally. We really need to get him something to calm his ass down. Perhaps if we had went with Reisen, we could have gotten something. Oh well, Tide Pissing and all that.
No. 147500
[x] Call her cheap bluff.
-[x] Kick her off the mine and stomp on it.
Because, seriously? She herself has told us that she was ordered to take us alive. And then, five seconds later, she tells us that she'll kill us.

Yeah, right. She's playing on the possibility that we're slightly easy to tip over in face of adversity because of our unhingedness. That thing is just a fake to unsettle us and make us follow whatever she wants.
No. 147505
Good luck with that, I think the first step to stability is ceasing the futile quest to get revenge on Yukari. And the folks in /th/ seem like the sort to continue such a fool's quest.
No. 147507

It's only futile if you give up. If she was nice about it and asked, then Anon would be more receptive.
No. 147510

"Hello, mortal! Would you like to leave behind all you know and love to inhabit a world full of dangerous monsters, crazy women, and bad health care?"

[ ] Yes.
[ ] I cannot wait.
[ ] I shall serve you to the ends of the earth, master.
[ ] Please, take me.
No. 147512
[X] I don't know, but my gut says maybe.
No. 147516
[x] Yes.

Everyone knows that crazy women are hot and great in bed.
No. 147517

Impeccable logic. We are not sure of the MC's stance on death by Snu Snu, however.
No. 147526

I'd say he was rather attached to life.

Besides, this isn't Gensokyo that this false Yukari is talking about. Eirin is an excellent doctor.

Plus, I prefer to live in a world with good health care. And no crazy dangerous monster women.
No. 147534
Called for answering those questions! Time will tell if that was indeed a bluff by Ran!
No. 147714
Goin' to see the doctor. Might be out for a day or two. Got this odd rash, and-

Well. I'll speak about it if it turns out to be something. It's been bugging me! Sorry for no update.
No. 147816
No. 147819
File 131896091517.jpg - (39.73KB , 590x300 , cute medic.jpg ) [iqdb]
Get well soon.
No. 148048
updates, treia?
No. 148140
File 13196009212.jpg - (304.23KB , 850x850 , sample-51e91ae8119243128264efbf96572004.jpg ) [iqdb]
Predicting this will be MC's fate if he meet Kanako and Suwako.
(protip:use iqdb for translation)
No. 148163
Predicting this night will be the one I finally stop slacking off and update.
No. 148300
File 131979469622.jpg - (23.43KB , 480x282 , WRONG.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 148476
Anyway, when you'll actually update this, Treia?
No. 148483
Trust me, I've been trying to.
No. 148628
Don't know what holding you to update, so I'll just give this two simple to you.
Try harder.
Oh, and try smiling on regular basis. Somehow it make a day better.
No. 148717
File 132048726049.jpg - (118.81KB , 524x519 , n128135_JC Denton.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Just answer some questions. I mean – She does have a live mine beneath her foot.

“Well, you could not blow me up!”

You say, sweating bullets.


She unclips the attached pen and begins scribbling away at the first of many pages clipped to the board, seemingly uncaring of the precarious nature of the situation. Behind her, you spot Sanae quivering, wavering between the impulse to run and the fear of agitating Ran enough to set the mine off. It’s a delicate situation, but maybe you can use that.

“Y-You know, maybe we could uh… let the women and children go, you know? Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge?”

You say, motioning at Sanae. Ran glances up from her clipboard to stare blankly at you for a few seconds, then glances at Sanae.

“Ah, okay. Well, you stay here then, okay?”

She says, making an grandiose motion of pretend stepping off the mine. You realize your mistake in horror as she is about halfway through the motion, and blunderingly move to stop her from removing herself, only for her to abruptly stop with a clack of her footwear against the mine’s surface, threateningly extending her arm in your direction. You stop yourself before you get in arm’s reach, but the message is clear – You’ll be playing by her terms, today.

“I trust that will be it for tricks intended to gain a tactical advantage? I must admit a certain degree of skill in this regard – You should not try, human.”

She looks you over for a moment before similarly checking to ensure that Sanae is compliant. Sanae doesn’t seem to be very resistant, merely standing there with a look on her face like the damn kid out of Home Alone. Ran acknowledges her lack of fight and continues.

“On to the matter at hand…”

She does not yield, returning to her clipboard and loudly striking through a line. Whatever she is doing, it seems she does not need you for the moment. Best to get some information while you can.

“So uh… are these questions of an explodey nature?”

You say, motioning to the mine.

“Or is this a sort of psychotic double homicide suicide type of deal with a tacked on psychology report sort of thing?”


She answers. The whole answer. Which doesn’t really answer anything, which is quite odd for an answer because you know an answer should answer the questions which you asked for answers!

You glance past her at Sanae, who has recovered from her shock and can only throw her hands in the air in a “I have no fucking clue” kind of gesture that you feel that you are going to get very used to seeing.

Ran brings the pen down upon the clipboard hard enough to distract you from your train of thought.

“Enough. Have you noticed any… abnormalities?”

Weird stuff? Oh boy.

“Abnormalities? Well, I guess! I mean, one moment I was enjoying a nice breakfast of eggs – Speaking of which I really think I should get some sometime soon and-“

You hurry to the point of your statement as Ran glares at you.

“And you know, the next moment I’m in some ass-backwards town and there’s girls flying every which place, I’m off to beat up the wicked witch of the west – Oh and uh… there’s a suicidal homicidal fox thing holding me at minepoint and asking me if anything seems off to me. I don’t know, really. Does anything seem off to you?”

It comes out a lot more scathing than even you were thinking. You had intended to deliver just a sarcastic rebuttal, but you ended up venting about the sheer absurdity of the situation you keep finding yourself in.

“I see.”

She says, taking off her cap and squatting to set it on the ground. You can clearly see two large non-human ears on the top of her head strewn among her golden, streaming hair.

“Perhaps you do not—“

She pauses, loudly striking through another line.

No. 148718
Will... failing. Body collapsing. Stomach hungry. Sleep imminent. Will finish post... sometime tomorrow!
No. 148735
You are a fucking wimp Anon. Its a fake!
No. 148881
Where's the rest of the update, Tree? You said tomorrow, right?
No. 148900
File 132064801588.png - (91.06KB , 1270x561 , writing is hard.png ) [iqdb]
Treia has circumstances and cannot finish the update, so I am posting this summary of events and request for your input for him. I'm doing okay; thanks for asking. Still writing.


Ran continues to question MC, asking if he's experienced any breaks in the border; naturally, he has no idea what this means, and Ran goes into an explanation of the Hakurei Border before repeating the question. MC describes his experience in the salvage field, which Ran notes down before going into a series of questions above the human village. Naturally, the MC has no frame of reference to respond to questions about a Meiji-era village, so a few uninformative answers later, Ran ends the interview.

Which, of course, means leaving. Which she does. Stepping off of the mine.

One ducking-for-cover induced dirt sandwich later, the MC realizes that the mine was, in fact, a dud. Ran, of course, gets away cleanly into the Border, leaving the MC with a warning that there are plenty of real booby traps to be found in the forest, should he try to come this way again. Frustrated (to put it mildly) by this turn of events, MC takes a dazed Sanae and returns to the human village.


Which brings us to your input. This is not an ordinary choice where votes will be tallied; this is an opportunity for you to give feedback as to the direction in which you would like the story to proceed.

[ ] Where would you like to go? What would you like to do? Any and all suggestions are encouraged, from more immediate solutions to MC's most pressing problems to less relevant flights of fancy.
- [ ] Would you like Sanae to stick around, or leave for a little while? Bear in mind that this isn't a question of ZOMG ROUTELOCKING -- there will be plenty of opportunity for Sanae to come back, should you want her to -- it's just a question of whether or not you feel that Sanae is getting in the way of your potential interactions with other girls. (Keep in mind that there are routes planned out for virtually any girl who might have reason to visit the human village or otherwise be part of the story, including Yukari herself.)
No. 148901
Should we sage our vote for this?
[X] Nitori's place. Want to see MC got even more crazy wondering how can Nitori build machines.(And possibly MC can asks her for weapons/ballistic shield/whatever, should MC ever fight
- [X] Stick Sanae to MC with a powerglue, it's hilarious to see her's reaction to whatever MC's do. Like when MC steal her wallet.

Anyway, what's with Sanae guys? I see at first thread everyone's going for Reisen and somehow sidetracked to Sanae all over.
No. 148904
[X] starting with perhaps the kappa, a nice trip around Gensokyo as if Yukari's insisting on the MC staying around, might as well enjoy it. Who knows we might find out why we were deemed worthy of the "Honor" of being here.
-[x] Have Sanae around as she'd make a great tour guide and is someone who'd sympathize best with his plight... mostly depending on what stupid stuff Treia or /th/ anon has him do.

Honestly I'm leaning towards Sanae in this barring a good show by one of the other girls. All that a girl needs to win the hearts of readers are 2-3 good scenes. Just ask the Yukari in the first Archetype of Self story.
No. 148910
Because this Reisen's a bitch and I prefer this Sanae, personally.

[x] The Youkai Mountain for sure.
-[x] Keep Sanae around.
No. 148916
>(Keep in mind that there are routes planned out for virtually any girl who might have reason to visit the human village or otherwise be part of the story, including Yukari herself.)

That including Nakajima's daughter, Carol(Grandmother from update >>139979) Moukou, Alice, nameless village womans, and perhaps, Aya?

Just be sure we don't go to moriya shrine while on youkai mountain, as Treia has said on post >>144842 , go to Moriya Shrine = dead end.(Unless he said otherwise)

[X] starting with perhaps the kappa, a nice trip around Gensokyo as if Yukari's insisting on the MC staying around, might as well enjoy it. Who knows we might find out why we were deemed worthy of the "Honor" of being here.
-[x] Have Sanae around as she'd make a great tour guide and is someone who'd sympathize best with his plight... mostly depending on what stupid stuff Treia or /th/ anon has him do.
--[X]Properly said sorry to Sanae. He haven't said it to her right?
---[X]Tell her that he'll ask if he going to touch her breast, and quote what she said earlier about he can just ask if he want to touch her breast.

Anon >>148904 has good point for me. Finding out why Yukari bring MC's here in Gensokyo is good objective for us. Sanae should be staying with MC for good reason, I don't see why Sanae will getting in our way when interacting with other touhous.
And the reason to tell her that we'll ask if we want to touch her breast... because teasing Sanae=Fun
No. 148918

>That including Nakajima's daughter, Carol(Grandmother from update >>139979) Moukou, Alice, nameless village womans, and perhaps, Aya?

Aya? Yes, definitely. Got it right here in my notes, actually! Alice, Mokou? Yep, yep! Nakajima's daughter? Possible, but tricky on the politics front. Carol? Uh, well... Love blossoms on the battlefield? I mean I GUESS, but she is like, really really old. Nameless village women? If you want, I guess.
No. 148923

Being fair and all, we did blow her off completely. Our hand is still a mess by the way, unless it magically healed in that short while.

Most of the anon seem "locked-on" already with Sanae. Which I can't blame them really, your Sanae is incredibly like-able.

So tide pissing and all that.

-[x]Sanae needs a break from the MC

We need to get our hand fixed. We need to apologize to Sanae. I also feel a bit sorry for her, having to put up with the MC. For all the anon say they like her, they sure love putting her though hell.
No. 148928
Add the apology bit to mine.

I try being nice, I can't say the same about others here. And look at the folks voting to still tease Sanae like a immature 6th grader.
No. 148930
[X] starting with perhaps the kappa, a nice trip around Gensokyo as if Yukari's insisting on the MC staying around, might as well enjoy it. Who knows we might find out why we were deemed worthy of the "Honor" of being here.
-[x] Have Sanae around as she'd make a great tour guide and is someone who'd sympathize best with his plight... mostly depending on what stupid stuff Treia or /th/ anon has him do.
--[X]Properly said sorry to Sanae. He haven't said it to her right?
---[X]Tell her that he'll ask if he going to touch her breast, and quote what she said earlier about he can just ask if he want to touch her breast.
No. 148940
...Kappa? Really, really guys? Let's try to keep it within an hour's walk of the human village.
No. 148943
Is kappa's place far from human village?
No. 148947
It doesn't really matter were, hence the "perhaps". There's not many places easily walked to from the village other than Rinnosuke's shop and The shrine (not there anymore).

Oh look it's a immature 6th grader.
No. 148951
Probably should have made it clear that the last part of that is meant to be joking, but I must say that your meticulous insight brings so much to the discussion
No. 148965
[X] Go on an ADVENTURE all across the land.
-[X] Drag Sanae with you.

"Are you ready for an ADVENTURE, Sanae?"
"What the hell are you talking abo-"
No. 148975
Treia, will there be any other characters that you will insert later in the story, like Akyuu, or Renko and Maribel, etc?
No. 148982

Off the top of my head?

Byakuren, Shou, Nazrin, One or more of the BIG BURLY KSK MEN featured in the afghanistan snippets, Meiling, Patchouli, Yuyuko, Komachi, Kanako, Suwako, Satori, Koishi.

I can't promise regular attendance, however!
No. 148983
>Kanako, Suwako
Prepare for unforeseen consequences.
No. 148984
Oops, forget to sage.
No. 148992
If we stopped the jr. high style teasing we might be in a good position with them. (Not likely but why make things worse?)
No. 149004
File 132075444892.jpg - (92.30KB , 500x695 , b9b321806426c1963aaa4b26272780b3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tease her so much that it'll going in full circle and then it's acceptable to tease her.(MC has been told that Sanae has two goddesses as guardians,has powers like her guardians, and he still brave enough to touch her breast and steal her wallet. He's already lost his common sense in this point, it just matter of time until he tease her, again.)

I think only Kanako will cause problem for MC, Suwako should be a lay back type person to Sanae, or maybe even matching Sanae with MC(granny wants grand kids reason), but I dunno what type of Kanako and Suwako that Treia give to us in here. This is just predicting the best that can happen to MC.

Pic related. Somehow.
No. 149009
Sorry, I can't say what Kanako or Suwako are like. You'll meet them if you keep up on Sanae's path.

On the other hand I'm writing now for another Afghanistan hoo-hah snippet, so we'll see how that goes. Feel free to keep throwing out wants/ideas/etc. Because Sanae is probably going bye-bye for a while
No. 149022
That as to be some of the stupidest "logic" I've ever heard.
No. 149094

just found this story and read it through the archives

>> “He’s a human, Miss Yukari. Humans are not like the youkai. They do not bow to, nor fear, power. Their lives mean everything, yet nothing in the pursuit of their ideals. They will not be intimidated simply because they are faced with something they don’t understand. They fixate, hold grudges, hurt others for their own benefit…

I really don’t think that openly impeding him is a wise idea.”

ran seems to have thought that this particular human had conviction or courage in the face of adversity, evidently he does not considering he ran when Sanae was under attack. so going with

starting with perhaps the kappa, a nice trip around Gensokyo as if Yukari's insisting on the MC staying around, might as well enjoy it. Who knows we might find out why we were deemed worthy of the "Honor" of being here.
would seem to be in character, he does strike me as the type to forget everything he used to hold dear and let Yukari lead him around by the balls after a half assed attempt at fleeing.
No. 149120
Revenge against Yukari plots are among the stupidest things here as they never end well and along the way the person usually finds something to like about their situation.
No. 149320
update, please?
No. 149437
File 132111596628.gif - (6.48KB , 350x350 , clock-11-40_33574_md.gif ) [iqdb]

Well that was a waste of time. You wonder if the village has a schedule for food like the dining hall back on campus. It’s about time for breakfast, too… On weekends. Is it a weekend? Shit, you don’t even remember. Let’s see, when you left it was-

Trip. You go lurching forward as your foot catches on a root, seemingly designed to do nothing but trip people. You stumble for a few steps before catching your footing and swinging around, whipping out both of your middle fingers in one smooth motion.

Yeah!! Yeah, motherfucker! Yeeeeeaaaa-uh uhmmm uh…


You yell, having flipped off both the entirety of the forest and Sanae. She opens her mouth to say something, but you cut her off, turning around and hustling on, yelling back.

“This never happened! And for future reference, I am not the forest’s bitch! End of discussion.”

Sanae either rolls with it, or is so infuriatingly mad at you that she chooses not to speak. Either way, you can hear her still following you in what you –presume- to be the direction of the human village. Of course, you feel like you should’ve reached it 20 minutes ago. The minutes roll by and you become convinced that you’ve turned around.

“Sanaeeeeeeeeee, are we there yet?”

She stamps her foot behind you, a soft thud against the brown earth.

“How the heck am I supposed to know? It’s not like I know this forest! We could just fly, but you wanted to walk!”

Yeah… well, you have your reasons.

“To be fair, last time we flew, you wanted to kill me.”

“I still do!”

Yikes. You hasten your step a bit, keeping a good distance ahead of Sanae. Your pace quickens not only because you’re pushing yourself a bit harder, but also because the ground clears up a lot. The man-high shrubbery is put behind you, replaced by the much more comfortable waist, and in some cases, knee-high shrubbery. You must be getting to the edge of the forest.

Your suspicions are confirmed as the trees part and die out, leading to the flat, grassy ground that surrounds the forest.

Or what would be flat, grassy ground, were it not covered in fields, fences, and ramshackle homes. Curious constructions, the fields are small and huddle near the wall as best they can, in odd, rectangular shapes. The fences are rooted not with stakes, but large iron spikes, driven in to ensure they hold up. The homes have no windows, nor visible openings, and the doors are closed. All of them. Large, oaken, sealed doors. Only a few people are visible, tediously working the fields or repairing a myriad of damages to the exteriors of the homes. A far cry from the interior of the village, where often you’d see dozens of people simply lounging about, in a much more free fashion. You stop and wait for Sanae to catch up, turning your head to ask about the sight.

“Uh... this is the same village we left, isn’t it, Sanae?”

“Ayup! It’s the local humans’ farms, they have to get their food from somewhere! The harvest gods on the mountain are too busy with the tengu to provide, so they grow food here.”

She looks the farms over before getting up on her tiptoes and again checking, before continuing her statement.

“Huh, thought they had animals here too! Been a while since I’ve been past here, though, so I guess I was just wrong! Haha!”

She says, motioning as to knock on her head. You can’t comment on the intricacies of cattle herding or farming, but if Sanae said they had animals here, they probably do. Somewhere. You thank her for the information and indicate that you should hurry up and move on, eager to be out of the POISON IVY BREEDING GROUND forest, and back to the worse-smelling, but homelier, village. Not that you mention the smell part to her. She doesn’t seem to mind it, but it is best not to say anything that might get you into hot water.

You don’t expect a welcome, but you sure get one. The moment you step out of the forest proper, all eyes are upon the two of you. It’s not a “Oh look at those crazy people!” kind of look either, it feels more like they’re appraising whether or not to slaughter you on the spot. And they certainly are thinking slaughter. The man on his home’s roof, clearly gripping his hammer tighter as he stands erect, blocking the sun as you pass by. The farmhand holding a scythe at the ready. Their stares are like poison spit in your face. It makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable, and you hurry onwards to the gate to the village. Yet you can’t help but feel that they’re not so much staring at you – As Sanae.

You breathe a sigh of relief as you path through the gate, nodding at the two guards on either side. You turn around, walking backwards as you soak in the safety – and relative comfort – of the village. Your hands find themselves joined at the back of your head, complementing a stupid grin on your face.

“Well, that was fun, eh, Sanae?”

You say, prodding her. She is clearly a little upset about the stares, nervously peeking back over her shoulder.

“Geez… that was scary. What was their problem?”

“Dunno, maybe they’re all lecherous old men. Don’t want this to turn into a- Oof!”

You buckle, running ass backwards into a solid object. You stumble out of the way only to realize it’s none other than your best friend in the whole world Oda! He gives you a half-shove, half-congratulatory-pat on your chest, sending you sprawling back another foot.

“Good’ta see you alive, Outsider! I almost got worried there, for a second! I see you brought yer girlfriend back, too!”

Sanae balks at that.

“What?! I’m not his-!”

“Ohoho, no need to defend yourself, milady! You kids and your crazy sex adventures are all right by me!”

…Did he just say?

Yeah, he did. You can feel the color drain out of your face, along with your dignity.

“L-Look. That’s not what we were doing. We had… business, to attend to.”

“Oh yeah, yeah business…”

Oda replies, implying.

“Shopkeep said you were quite, uh, what’s the word? Oh yeah, flustered.

He says, chuckling to himself. Sanae is aghast at the accusations, and motions at you to speak to you in private. You give Oda a bad look and shuffle away to speak to Sanae. She loiters for a moment while you disassociate yourself with Oda, then breaks out into a full-out assault.

“I can’t do this!”

She says, trying to use her best hushed voice.

“This is crazy! You- Oda- Those people out there- Yukari! Ran! Argh! I just can’t!...”

She throws her arms up into the air.

“I can’t deal with this, okay?! You bust jokes with him, or something! I’m done! I just… I need to clear my head!”

Women. Are you right, or are you right? You can’t even get a rebuttal off before she wigs out, leaving you alone with one annoying human guard with a penchant for insinuations. You give him a bad look and he simply shrugs, alleviating himself of all responsibility in this matter.

[ ] Well, you don’t have anything tying you down now. Plenty of time to dick around in the human village. There’s some people you can meet, and some people you certainly must meet. Is there anything you’d like to do, or anyone you’d like to meet? (Write-in option)

[ ] Well… she did say to crack jokes with him. And there’s probably no one around who’s more down to earth than him. Why not? (Leads to minor alcohol intoxication.)

[ ] There’s a dozen people you want to see in this village, and Oda isn’t among them. Plus, he totally just cost you time with Sanae. Not that her most recent outbursts endear her to you, but she was a bastion of (flying) sanity in a crazy world.
No. 149438
You know that Minoriko does apply her blessing to humans as among other things, it's hard to grow food on a mountain.
No. 149458
[X] Well...She did said to crack jokes with him. And there's probably no one around who's more down to earth than him. Why not?
Party with your 'best' friend? Hell yeah.
No. 149464
[x] There’s a dozen people you want to see in this village, and Oda isn’t among them. Plus, he totally just cost you time with Sanae. Not that her most recent outbursts endear her to you, but she was a bastion of (flying) sanity in a crazy world.
No. 149479
On thread 1:
>Sanae steps to the side, letting a good distance form between you.
>Yikes. You hasten your step a bit, keeping a good distance ahead of Sanae.
Oh irony.

>“Shopkeep said you were quite, uh, what’s the word? Oh yeah, flustered.”
If Oda already know it=Aya know it

Aya know it=Everyone know it, that's why villagers glaring at MC and Sanae.

Everyone know it=KANAKO and SUWAKO know it

Well...Since talking to Aya won't stop publication...
[X] Well… she did say to crack jokes with him. And there’s probably no one around who’s more down to earth than him. Why not? (Leads to minor alcohol intoxication.)

Drown your sorrow. And make sure to look up in case of Onbashira flying down to you.
And just for a note: I already can imagine Keine yelling at MC for perverted act on Sanae. Since everyone know it=Keine know it.
Now just wait till the train-wreck happen. Comedy gold incoming.
No. 149493
you mispelled trainwreck, but it's the same difference either way.
No. 149507
[X] Well… she did say to crack jokes with him. And there’s probably no one around who’s more down to earth than him. Why not?

I think Oda is a pretty cool guy. He cracks jokes and doesn't afraid of shrine maidens.
No. 149587
Can someone provide a map of gensokyo? Just to know how far is places surround and adjust where we going according to post >>148940 to limit the travel time less than a hour walk from the village. The only map that I found is confusing, since Hakurei Shrine are much farther than Youkai mountain.
No. 149588
There is no true map. Off the top of my head, you can visit:

Marisa's house (Gotta find it first)
Alice's home (Same)
Korindou (Rinnosuke and maybe a Tokiko too)
Myouren temple (Byakuren & Crew, no TD cast)
Sanzu river
Salvage Field
Hakurei Shrine (Semi-functional since... you know. Yukari!)
Sunflower field
SDM (Iffy. Probably includes a boat ride.)
Misty Lake
Road of Liminality
No. 149593
[c] Well… she did say to crack jokes with him. And there’s probably no one around who’s more down to earth than him. Why not?

This should do for now.
No. 149668
Why does every author avoid the TD cast? I want some delicious seiga.
No. 149669
They're new, they're unknown. I didn't have a chance to assign them a place when I sat down to think out the various routes or character interactions. Plus, the whole "new touhous, worst touhous" thing.

Hrm, where are you, my voters? I want to update, but...
No. 149672
[X] Well… she did say to crack jokes with him. And there’s probably no one around who’s more down to earth than him. Why not? (Leads to minor alcohol intoxication.)
Here. My vote. Now, update plz?.
Maybe new stories flooding in on /th/ reduce voters.
No. 149681
[x] Well… she did say to crack jokes with him. And there’s probably no one around who’s more down to earth than him. Why not? (Leads to minor alcohol intoxication.)

Only minor intoxication? Oh well.
No. 149719
File 132140930253.jpg - (249.10KB , 850x991 , sample-dfe80b7b66c17179de222a5bc40e9ec0.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Well… she did say to crack jokes with him. And there’s probably no one around who’s more down to earth than him. Why not? (Leads to minor alcohol intoxication.)
whats the worst that could happen?
No. 149734
>One ducking-for-cover induced dirt sandwich later, the MC realizes that the mine was, in fact, a dud.

In other words, there's several ounces of high-explosive plastique lying right in front of MC, lacking only a functional detonator and fragmentation jacket to become lethally effective.

And MC's textbooks are on high-level calculus and physics, so he's certainly in an engineering or scientific discipline of some sort


So my vote?

[X] Salvage field.

If you're weaker then your foes, there's only one thing to do.

Cheat your sorry ass off.
No. 149771
theorycrafting again while waiting.

I want. But not without Sanae watching our butt, after the last time we got there. Other than youkai problem of course.

>SDM (Iffy. Probably includes a boat ride.)
Post >>144842. SDM is a trap. Although I'm curious with Sakuya (barely)appearing on last two threads.

After re-read and think about post >>146635 , can we do the reverse to the danmaku? I mean like, MC believe that danmaku is not possible enough that danmaku shoot at him will be gone, especially after he's deem danmaku not possible in any kind of physics. Not now, maybe when he's...competent enough.

And our problem now other than Yukari is fairies. Anyone have idea how to resolve that?
No. 149776
>Anyone have idea how to resolve that?

A shield and a heavy club.
No. 149778
File 132155290287.jpg - (70.67KB , 704x586 , The Hoplite.jpg ) [iqdb]
Grab shit from junkjard.
MacGyver a little.
Become this guy.

Should work out fairly well, right?
No. 149780
You know if he acknowledges it, then he's in better shape not to fall in it.
No. 149798
File 132158428464.jpg - (777.23KB , 1000x933 , eea1cfd617584cc05ef62c7bde4a6639.jpg ) [iqdb]
The SDM is a trap.
The SDM is a trap.
The SDM is a trap.
The SDM is a trap.
The SDM is a trap.
The SDM is a trap.
The SDM is a trap!
No. 149801
I don't particularly mind.
No. 149818
File 132160883071.jpg - (21.36KB , 300x300 , gallery_1_1_5425.jpg ) [iqdb]
Admiral want to speak with you kid.
No. 149825
File 132162248572.jpg - (57.48KB , 587x591 , trap.jpg ) [iqdb]

I was looking for long-term solution, but that maybe works too. Remind us later when we meet Sanae later(if we have the time, that is...)

I can't be too paranoid on Gensokyo. Death waiting on every corner. Good thing that no one of Sierra adventure game maker create CYOA here.
No. 149836
File 132163090372.jpg - (50.93KB , 195x195 , rip and tear guardsman win fail omg.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh alright. Here's your long term solution.
If you want fairies to follow you, you need to BECOME fairies! You need to make them respect you and put yourself at the top of the pack, of the herd, of their social structure! They need to understand that you may not be the fastest or the STRONGEST, but that you are the smartest and therefore deserve to lead the group! That you, no one else, is able to lead them to glory!
No. 149840
to be a fairy leader all you have to do is charge the enemy first

they'll follow you cause you seem to know what you're doing. and run straight into the danmaku fired by raymoo
No. 149845
File 132163996629.jpg - (54.18KB , 480x720 , 390287_284508661581552_100000672616382_957341_1133.jpg ) [iqdb]

That is a surprisingly good idea. Take heed people. Now all you need to do is prove alpha dominance by raping Cirno.


Also a good idea, with less rape required. Better chance of dying, though.

Also, an excuse to use this image? Best reason to post.
No. 149847
>Now all you need to do is prove alpha dominance by raping Cirno.
>Rape Cirno
Any possible enthusiasm I had just hit rock bottom.
No. 149848
File 132164154041.jpg - (394.04KB , 842x1200 , 57b80bcf97110550905ce1bf9ede6b36.jpg ) [iqdb]

Ah chill bro, neither would the MC be capable of rape, nor would it achieve anything. If you actually challenged the queen of fairies! to a duel of prowess, it would likely be some really really silly contest. Stacking rocks, freezing frogs, jumping the most? I think so!

Fairy fucking triathlon right there.
No. 149849
File 132164201210.jpg - (5.11KB , 212x191 , gordon grin.jpg ) [iqdb]

He's trying to goad anon into choosing poorly.

Can't imagine why.
No. 149871
File 132170144694.gif - (25.38KB , 225x556 , chris_hansen.gif ) [iqdb]

I am sad, I was looking for /at/-like raping scene...
Wait, I can feel somebody watching...Oh well, Cirno is 60 year old something anyway...
No. 149903
Forewarning for the next update: I don't drink. Don't shoot me, alcohol enthusiasts.
No. 149904
File 132180072363.jpg - (209.50KB , 1000x800 , b3fb1e2b57e2fb2ee22e9ce9785052df.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Well… she did say to crack jokes with him. And there’s probably no one around who’s more down to earth than him. Why not? (Leads to minor alcohol intoxication.)

Sheesh… You look around for any other options, but Oda gives you a thumbs up, and you realize there’s not much you can do around here without him or another guide. You resign your self to your fate, as benign as it might be.

“A’ight, a’ight, let’s roll, Oda.”


He asks, moving in beside you.

“Yeah, like uh… move out? Go do stuff, et cetera…”

“Et cetera?”

“Ah, I mean… Sheesh, forget it. The hell you do around here, for fun? Also if you know any place to buy an RPG or something, I got a bone to pick with a freaky fox.”

“Well now, I don’t think I’ver said I had time for you.”

Oda says, smiling while rubbing across where his mustache would be. You give him a bad look that ends up coming out as a pout, and he chuckles and slaps you on the back.

“Here, let me get that for you.”

He grabs the pack by the right handle and tries lifting it off you, yourself still attached. You wave him off and shy away.

“No, no, I got it!”

You say, not quite sure yourself why! It probably has something to do with your self-esteem. You can totally carry that pack a while longer. Even if it has been digging into your shoulders for a while now. You falter for a second, and Oda notices.


“Eheh, well…”

You remove the pack and hand it over. He takes it and slings it over his shoulder, a sly smirk on his face. He knew. Ah well…

“So. Fun. Where?”

You ask, loitering next to him. He scratches his chin and decides for the both of you.

“Funnest place around, huh? Lessee… tavern, probably.”

Oh for…

“The tavern, Oda?! I don’t want to get drunk! It’s like… 11 in the morning!”

“It’s okay!”

He assures you.

“You’ll drink anyway!”

Oh, geez…


Not a terrible pub, all in all. Or… bar. You never did remember the difference between the two. It smells of old, aged wood. On the inside, there’s a large, raised ceiling, a few spider webs visible amongst the rafters. On the ground floor, though, it’s a lot homelier. To the right of the entrance sits a counter, behind which a man cleaning out a shot glass with a dirty looking rag stands. Several men sit on stools on your side of the counter. Just above them you can see an old picture depicting a bar scene just like this one. Must be where they got the idea from. To your left, old pool tables. Very, very old. Not being used for pool, either. Just used as tables. On the far wall, two wooden doors, one adorned with a half-moon, the other clearly marked: “EXIT. Do not open, alarm will sound.” That seems doubtful to you, as you haven’t seen anything in the way of electricity here. The other door is a lot less doubtful, though. It’s where you go to shit.

Oda seems right at home, moseying on over to the far end of the stools where there are several open. You fall in behind him, unsure of what else to do. Both of you end up taking seats together, oddly comfortable despite your inexperience at bars. Oda orders up the first round, tapping on the counter.

“Two for us! One for our esteemed outsider, one for me!”

Some heads turn towards you at the mention of being an outsider, but nobody says anything. Nothing you can hear, anyway. The bartend’ quickly takes out two bottles from below the counter and places them in front of you. It’s clear they haven’t been refrigerated, but Oda doesn’t seem to mind. He takes his and starts chugging it down. Must be cheap beer. Cheep… lukewarm beer. Oh dear.

You’re not really one for drinking, either. But, given the circumstances…

It tastes like water. Like… watery water. Boy, it’s not terrible, but it certainly isn’t great. Still, you relax a bit and slouch on the chair, taking a look around as you go through it. The only thing that catches your attention is several men huddled around one of the pool tables, clearly in possession of all the equipment, but none of the knowledge on how to use it. They seem to be going onto their tiptoes and using the cues much as you would hold a wand, each having a turn to nudge one of the balls towards a pocket, although the order of both the turns and the order in which they push the balls seems to be completely random. You suspect they are quite intoxicated.

Speaking of intoxication, just what is in this beer? You take another sip and your first notion was right on, you just got a shot of… something very sugary. Beer normally isn’t that sugary, at least none that you’ve had! The last of it goes down and it leaves you licking your lips, unsure what to think of it. You see how Oda’s doing, and he’s already got two bottles down. He notices you having finished, grins, and orders up another round.

This time you take a moment to appraise it. It’s certainly not any brand you’ve heard of, nor marked as such. It’s a simple, plain glass bottle. Oh well. You move to bring it to your mouth and feel raised lettering on the bottle, beckoning you to stop. You put it back down and carefully examine it, the use of the bottle having degraded the lettering to the point of it being difficult to read.

…The use of the bottle? Oh boy… you read it, expecting the worse.




Coca Cola? The hell?

Wait, this is a-

“Oda, where’d this bottle comes from?”

“Eh, junkyard to the west of here, why?”

“…You cleaned them out first, yeah?”


Your stomach lurches. You were there, you saw how dirty that place was. The village is a step above that scrap heap. If they didn’t wash them out or take any sort of sanitary measures…

“I-I think I’m done.”

“Losing your liquor already, huh?”

He says, laughing to himself. Let him laugh now, you’ll laugh later when he’s got salmonella or something! You tersely thank him for the liquor and stand up when the double door to the tavern is bashed open.

Where is… the outsider?

The coldest, deadliest rabbit voice you have ever heard rises over the crowd. She is here, and she wants blood! You do the only thing you know to do in this situation.

You’ll never take me alive!

You scream at the top of your lungs, accompanied by some whoops thrown in for good measure. You are not getting a check-up today, no sirree. Your steadfast resistance is interrupted by a whistle by Oda next to you. Several other people join in the whistling, and a few bottles soar overhead, breaking on the ground near Reisen. The crowd parts for your showdown, Reisen standing at the ready with balled fists.

“Very well.”

She says, pulling a pistol from god-knows-where from under her skirt. All courage drains out of you, your legs reduced to jelly in an instant. Eep.

You duck to avoid the gun soaring over your head as it escapes Reisen’s grasp, her suddenly being trampled by a large, prismatic blob. A smudge of blue wiggles its way to the forefront, a fairy popping out of the mass and landing on Reisen’s head, sharply contrasting with her light violet hair. She yells loudly as she excitedly points both index fingers towards you with as much strength as she can.

“There he is! Get ‘im, get ‘im, get ‘im, get ‘im!”

Aww fuck. You go from squatting to throwing yourself on the floor as a fairy shoots past your head at high speed. All you can do is cover your head with your hands as the crowd around you explodes into fighting, colorful fairies flying every which way, men toppling out of chairs, bottles flying, and one Reisen scrambling to recover her weapon. You roll out of the way just in time to avoid Oda’s legs, scrambling to a sitting position amongst the carnage. You’re again forced to scramble away on your ass as a fairy is tossed upside-down past you. You instinctively back into a corner away from the fighting, and Cirno pops out, both fists up, ready to fight. What the hell is with this girl?

Why are you attacking me?! Again?!

You yell above the sound of grunts, punches, and frenzied yells. She takes another step in, arms raised like some kind of miniature woman Rocky.

“You hurt my friend!”

“I didn’t mean to!”

“But you did!”

Yeah, well! I also did this!

You yell, throwing a haymaker. She tries to block it, but your weight is too much for her, and you slug her through her block, sending her flying back into the crowd. You press your back into the wall again and notice that no one else seems to be focused on you. You could probably scramble over the counter and escape out the front, or edge along the wall to go out the back, alarms be damned.

[ ] Escape out the front.

[ ] Escape out the back.
No. 149905
[X] Escape out the back.
Fleeing is always the best when you go stealthumodo. Maybe not for success but a lot for the storytiem.
No. 149906
>On the far wall, two wooden doors, one adorned with a half-moon, the other clearly marked: “EXIT. Do not open, alarm will sound.”
>“EXIT. Do not open, alarm will sound.”
It would fit his luck for the alarm to actually work.

[x] Escape out the front.
No. 149907
[x] Escape out the front.

Gonna agree with >>149906
With this guy's luck, the alarm would go off.
No. 149910
[x] Escape out the front.
No. 149922
It seems our outsider's luck on S.P.E.C.I.A.L tab is lower than 3. With jinxed trait.

[X] Escape out the front.

Hope that his agility score is 9.
No. 149932
File 132186173716.jpg - (405.88KB , 3200x1200 , 875041732.jpg ) [iqdb]
And so the clouds flowed, and the rivers ran, and life went on. The unrelenting march of time. Buildings grown from cleared lots, cities raised from a single felled tree, civilizations fall and would fall, rise again, to the peaks of glory. Time marched on, life lived, the great discordant symphony continued. Not one soul, not one single soul. Not one sliver of regret, of loneliness, of emptiness. Not one voice had cried out when a single human disappeared. Who cares for one human?

What right had she? What great authority did she claim? What divine powers blessed her sacred crime? To what higher reason did she appeal to?

“Ah, Miss Yukari. You’re letting the warm air out.”

“Am I?”

She said, looking more to the stars than anything else.

“Yes, you are. I had begun to worry when I could not find you, I thought you may still be out on… business… Are you quite all right?”

She turned, her back to the city.

“I’m fine. Just fine. Just… fine.”

But did she speak to her assistant, or herself?

She cared.
No. 149954
File 132189211726.jpg - (636.96KB , 900x1200 , 63bb99215551e2a1478c2ee5b0add950.jpg ) [iqdb]
That doesn't mean stop voting. Just wanted to show some Yukari. Gonna try to get an update out late tonight/tomorrow before thanksgiving break, during which I will probably be unavailable.

Have some cirno.
No. 149955
File 13218949279.jpg - (246.55KB , 768x1024 , the_thinker_musee_rodin der denker.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't know what to say, I really don't. I don't know if she tried to save him from something, or if she exploits this uncaring attitude of the world to play with him like a toy. If she's a saviour or a devil, or just plain bored and wants to kick someone around without thought. I just, don't, know.
No. 149957
Whoa. Are you me?
No. 149962
We're all Anon, one way or the other.
No. 149978
Let's think it together.

First, post >>139487, Yukari open MC's eyes upon females on Gensokyo. And willing to show MC some gratitude, if he wants(And we don't take). And taking up put a good word if MC deflowering mario miko(And we don't take it either, since anons were more like weege miko, maybe Yukari will put a good word with Kanako and Suwako?).

Second, post >>144893 , when Yukari comforting MC, she's willing to give hug, sing him a lullaby, AND make MC can read Japanese even MC don't care about her offer.

Third, post >>147429, Yukari wants to keep MC alive. Ran make it clear. my prediction that when MC's in grim danger(REALLY grim danger one, like pissing off Yuuka, or pissing her flower. post >>149588 confirm that MC can go to sunflower field. Or maybe pissing off certain goddesses), Yukari will help him get out from the situation.

So, looking at this all, I think that Yukari genuinely care for him. As a mother figure? Or as a lover? (post >>148900 confirm that Yukari can be romanced, not that anon want's it though.)

Or maybe all of these was just a trick to direct MC to her secret plan. Which is make all previous point null, and make us back to square one in our understanding on Yukari.


Empedocles, there's one more place on that volcano? Maybe I'll become daemon prince after go in there.
No. 150029
[X] Escape out the front.
No. 150048
Honestly, some anon are just stupidly ungrateful as there's no signs that this one had much of life of note to return to.
No. 150077
[X] Escape out the front.
Voting to make Treia write faster. Even the the vote is clearly winning ahead.
No. 150078

Damn, I should never have posted that in /gensokyo/!
No. 150113

Well, that, and the fact that you go start new story...and hiatus another. I'm afraid that you'll hiatus this one too.
What I can only do is giving votes. And that's what I do now.(Or yesterday)
No. 150118
Note to self & anons: Introduce MC to fairies.
No. 150120
File 132214511543.jpg - (275.32KB , 700x700 , 324e406e570398c9d54df89af187f8f2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Escape out the front.

It’s time to leave. You’re not sure how, but you know it’s time to leave. This shit is gonna be like Eye of the Tiger. You take one step back, and get a running leap up onto the counter.

Instantly you know this was a terrible decision. Mainly due to the fact that you have to dodge every flying object in the entire damn tavern. Another fairy forces you to dodge her, matrix-style, as she is thrown over the counter into a collection of bottles and various bar equipment. You regain your posture and end up walking the counter like a tightrope, hitting bottles and heads out of the way with your feet as you dash towards the front of the tavern.

You reach the end of the countertop and are forced to leap over the heads of half a dozen intertwined men and fairies towards the exit. With great expertise and a bit of luck, you roll on impact, springing up at the end of your roll to bash the doors. You slam into them with all your strength, bouncing off as they buckle under your assault. You end up stumbling backwards onto your ass, cursing yourself as you massage your arm. Pull, not push.

You quickly spring back up, throwing the doors open and again placing your right shoulder forward, paying no heed of the surroundings and simply bolting straight away from the tavern with all your might. You are rewarded with another impact to your shoulder, bruising your shoulder even more, but probably the person you ran into more.

Wait, person?!

You’re greeted with a flurry of slaps to your face and head, making you throw your arms up to defend yourself, little slaps stinging your arms as it continues unabated.

“Hey- Wait!”

You try to yell over the whirlwind of attacks. It doesn’t stop until you throw your arms out, trying to get her to stop and opening up your face to an assault. You get a hard slap across your cheek, and are about to receive another when she stops.

“Huh?! I-It’s you! Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!”

She stops attacking and gently lowers your arms, running a hand over where she smacked you across the cheek. You back up, uncomfortable with sudden bodily contact in light of your beating. You finally get a good look at the girl, the same one from the Salvage Field. You can’t quite remember her name, but she is wearing the same green and white dress as before, her swords too. She seems quite upset about the whole ordeal. Still, you have no time to waste for her!

“Look, I’m kind of running away right now, so…”

You turn and try to leave, but she grabs your arm.

“Running? From what? It doesn’t matter, anyway! I have to protect you! My mistress needs to see you!”

A large crashing sound pierces the calm back-and-forth as the tavern’s doors are broken down from the inside. Someone pushed, instead of pulling. The little hooligan stumbles to her feet from amongst pieces of the door. She rubs her head from where it clearly was used to bash the door down. She looks around and notices you, her eyes lighting up.


She yells, instantly gaining flight and shooting at you as fast as she can fly. You squat, just barely avoiding the fairy as she whizzes past you, crashing right through the wall of a home, to the yells of the people inside.

That is what is attacking me! Go! Defend me! Defend me!”

You explode, pushing the girl towards the Tavern’s entrance. She seems to get really fired up, though you don’t stick around to watch.

“I, Youmu Konpaku, will smite all that dare harm him! I am here under my Lady’s direct orders, so come! Come and fight me! I won’t let any of you past! Isn’t that right, out- o-out- Where’d you go?!”
No. 150121
I wonder why Yuyuko wants MC. Maybe she interested in his story on spirit at salvage field. But then, the others also interested in MC: Eirin(Reisen won't go this far for only medical checkup, right?), Possibly Satori/Koishi and whoever Aya reporting to(The birds scene back at post >>145440), and of course, Yukari. Maybe MC has become a pimp that all the girls in gensokyo wants him?

Predicting that the next scene will be another girl looking for him, like Okuu to bring MC to old hell. Then Nazrin come to bring MC to Byakuren. Then another touhou, and another, and another...
Then big catfight for MC.
No. 150128
File 132217189736.png - (55.26KB , 253x512 , Th13Yuyuko.png ) [iqdb]
You dash into another side alley, desperate to find a place to hide. That girl couldn’t have held off the fairies for long, she didn’t seem like the type of person to break skulls and bones like twigs. Not like Sanae.

…Then again neither does Sanae. Boy, maybe you shouldn’t have pitted her against the fairies. Regardless, one or the other is probably dead, and you are going to find a hole and stay in it for as long as humanly possible. You see a door slightly ajar, and figure it as good as anything. Better than an actual hole at least. For the third time today, you use your shoulder to bash in the door, quickly turning around and slamming it shut, throwing a chair at it, and pushing a bookcase up against it. Satisfied at your anti-zombie and anti-fairy preparations, you take a moment to appraise your surroundings, only to find a very, very bemused woman wearing a blue and white kimono with wavy, pink hair already seated. You find your mouth moving before your brain.

“I am so sorry but there’s like fairiesanddemonsandthingsandsomuchcrap and oh my goodness you’re one of the crazies, aren’t you?”

You rattle off the last part before your mind registers just how inappropriate it is, being quite surprised by her appearance. She takes it in stride, though, producing one of those hand fans and waving it over the table.

“Please, sit! I was not expecting you quite so soon, but I am still glad to see you. Do tell, however, where you’ve misplaced my gardener? She is quite easy to excite, and I would prefer she not get too wound up trying to find you.”

You sit. Gardener, though? Gardener? You didn’t see any-

Oh. That gardener. Crazy girl with swords. Gardener for the crazy lady who doesn’t mind her furniture being used as an impromptu barricade. …Does she use those swords to garden? Man, that’d be freaky. Her employer over here probably encourages such things. You make a note to yourself: Do not take the form, shape, or role of a bonsai tree whilst talking to these people. In fact, you don’t think you ever want to do that. Ever.

Your nostrils are filled with the scent of something that is definitely food. Maybe not appetizing food, but definitely food. Your eyes wander over the table, some type of flat cracker and tea being already served for three seats, two on the other side, one on your side where you are sitting. You guess they were waiting for you, which doesn’t make this any less crazy.

She notices you eying the refreshments, cheerfully putting both her hands up and lightly clapping.

“Go on, go on! Take what you like, please! I do not wish to be discourteous towards my guest!”

Well, if she insists. You pick up one of the crackers, give it another smell, and deeming it non-lethal, wolf it down. Quite crunchy, if you do say so. They’re a bit salty and parch your mouth though, so you take a drink of the tea. It’s a very nice counterbalance to the alcohol earlier, being some blend of herbal or green. After your third or fourth rice cracker, you figure you should, you know, eat something healthy. You put down the refreshments and address the issue at hand, namely why this crazy woman was waiting for you. You open your mouth to speak, but she silences you by placing her finger over your lips.

“Before you ask, I really must know where you put my gardener. She needs to be here for this.”

Oh, okay. So this is some sort of satanic cult where the lead crazy with the butchering swords must be available for the integral parts of the sacrifice. Well, at least you’ll die to a good cause. Totally a good cause. She retracts her arm, lifting the silence imposed upon you.


Well, how should you put this? You left her to die to a horde of angry fairies and bar dwellers? Seems like a good reason to abandon her, all in all. Go with that.

“I have no idea where she is.”


She nods her head like she’s weighing options. Options to kill you for this, maybe.

“No matter. I am sure she will return shortly. In fact…”

You wait for her to continue. She… doesn’t. You look at her confused, she just repeats it louder.

“I said, in fact!...

There’s a loud knocking at the door, along with a familiar, concerned voice.

“Lady Yuyuko?! Why have you barricaded the door?! Are you under duress? Do I need to break in through the wall? Please hold on, Lady Yuyuko, I’ll be through this weak blockade in but a moment!”

The ‘Lady’ Yuyuko merely smiles at you, standing up from her seat. She quickly strides over to your improvised barricade, placing one hand upon the bottommost chair and giving it a tug, prompting the whole thing to collapse in one motion. You’re wondering just how she managed that when the door is bashed again, missing Yuyuko’s face by inches as it slams open. The gardener swings a sword around, again missing her face, head, and hair by mere inches.

“Where is the threat, milady?! I will strike down all those that attack you!”

“Please sit, Youmu. Our guest is here.”

She gestures at the seat next to where she was seated, returning to her own seat.

“But…but… the enemies!”

“Sit, Youmu.”

She says tersely. The gardener, (Youmu… yes, now you remember), reluctantly agrees, still keeping watch over the door that nobody bothered to close. What manners!

“Outsider, my gardener, Youmu Konpaku. Youmu… outsider.”

You give her a nod. You had a semi-introduction before, but it certainly could’ve been under better circumstances. She likewise acknowledges you. You doubt the gardener bit, but… given this place, maybe she really is a gardener.

“So, do you know why you are here?”

The Lady directs at you. You can think of a few answers to that question. There’s one that you particularly like though. You clear your throat, formally addressing her.

“Milady, I believe the reason I am here is that one night my father got particularly charismatic, put on some Barry White, grabbed my mother by the hair, kissed her passionately, and then proceeded into the bedroom to insert his penis into her vagina, followed by rough, loud sex, clearly heard by both neighbors whereupon they were run aghast by the loud, gasping orgasms both of them had, specifically in my mother’s vagina. After that, a sperm had a little swim up her uterus, fertilized an egg, and hey! Shit happens.”

Youmu simply sits there, mouth agape, face bright red. The Lady Yuyuko takes it all in stride, unfolding her hand fan and refreshing herself lightly as she softly laughs.

“My, my! Aren’t you the funny one. I apologize for being unspecific, I meant why I had requested this meeting with you today.”

“Not a clue… ma’am.”

She nods as if she had expected this answer. You notice Youmu is still flabbergasted by your first answer.

“I cannot blame you. The matter is not one that is familiar to outsiders, at least those not of a priestly profession. I do not think you are a priest, so please excuse me if I forgo the explanation for the priestly kind.”

You don’t fancy yourself a priest either. Completely reasonable.

“Simply put, you were at the scene of a quite unexpected incursion of sorts. I believe you humans call it the…”

Oh you remember this line of questioning. Why is everyone so damn interested in that?!

“Salvage field? Man, you are not going to ask about that freaky spirit thing, are you? I already told the freaky fox all about that. She didn’t even thank me, it was all just “Alright sweet by the way WHOOP WHOOP” and then she disappeared. What a dick.”


A sly smile crosses her face.

“Yukari and her agents are already on to the matter, are they? My, my, that old hag is following my same line of thought!”

She giggles, speaking to herself only now.

“Oh this shall be a fun rivalry. A fun rivalry indeed…”

Rivalry? Just what is she...

“Excuse me, but what exactly do you mean rivalry?”

“Oh? Didn’t she tell you? I’m an old friend of hers, of sorts. She is dear to me, but we do enjoy our competition.”

An old friend…

An old friend.

A voice plays back inside your head.

“Even one of my friends wishes to meet you…”

Friend. This friend. Right here. Friend. Of Yukari.

A little voice cries out inside your head. Blood. Blood for the blood god.

[ ] A friend of Yukari?! <Flips table>

[ ] We’re done here. Goodbye and thank you for the crackers and tea, but goodbye, I must emphasize!

[ ] Hear her out… for now.
No. 150129
File 132217220346.jpg - (556.76KB , 1200x1697 , Y8ZkH.jpg ) [iqdb]
Mmmm sorry about that 7 hour gap. I thought the second part would be shorter than it was. It was going to go on a lot longer actually, but I found a good place to stop.

Have a humorous Kyouko + Momiji picture.
No. 150130
[x] Hear her out… for now.

Let's hear the whole story before flipping tables.
No. 150132
[x] Hear her out… for now.

I'd be all for rage-induced table-flipping but that would probably provoke Youmu into breaking from her stupor and at least one of those swords are probably at least marginally sharp.
No. 150133
>“Milady, I believe the reason I am here is that one night my father got particularly charismatic, put on some Barry White, grabbed my mother by the hair, kissed her passionately, and then proceeded into the bedroom to insert his penis into her vagina, followed by rough, loud sex, clearly heard by both neighbors whereupon they were run aghast by the loud, gasping orgasms both of them had, specifically in my mother’s vagina. After that, a sperm had a little swim up her uterus, fertilized an egg, and hey! Shit happens.”
Hail to the most awesome MC in the whole /th/.

[X] Hear her out… for now.
Agree with anon >>150130, besides, flipping table is not nice. And we want to know WHY everybody wants to know incident on salvage field. And Yuyuko will be more willing to explain than Yukari, that's for sure.

And for our MC: Use a suppressant. Really. Calm down for a while. Not all people related to Yukari is like her.
No. 150134
[X] We’re done here. Goodbye and thank you for the crackers and tea, but goodbye, I must emphasize!

No. 150137
[x] Hear her out… for now.
No. 150151
[x] Hear her out… for now.
No. 150155
>oho shit, took me a while but i finally recognized her. Hands down best cosplay at acen this included her and the patchy that was actually reading lore.
[x] Hear her out… for now.
No. 150190
Let me list a to-do list for MC while waiting warmly, even though its in equator here. Minecraft's furnace do nicely though.

[] Find out what Yukari and Yuyuko actually wants with MC, maybe will hear it out from Yuyuko.

[] Find out what specifically fairies are especially in here, maybe from Keine, then Rape Cirno solve our problem with fairies, with challenge or peace gift to fairy that MC hurt, whichever works.

[]Ask Yukari why MC can't leave Gensokyo.(Maybe related to outside scenes before.)

[]Arm MC with weapons, or stuffs. Asks Sanae for guide(maybe she will reveal Nitori's place), or go to salvage field again to salvage things again, just don't do it alone.

[] Find a work. Especially to pay back what MC 'borrow' to Sanae, since it's...hard to go back to his world now.

[] Clear names. MC and Sanae are known doing perverted things together, thanks to his stunt at General Store. And villagers don't appreciate this, as villagers staring at them.

[]Save MC's lives from Sanae's guardians. Period. Maybe he's even cursed now, looking at recent events.

[] Casanova all the girls in Gensokyo Too lethal to do.

Add another if there's something missing.

Oh, and Treia, will Sanae back at the next day after this? Or she's too traumatized/angry/confused/whatever at the recent events?
No. 150192
Sanae is around. She'll be back (tm).
No. 150262
[X] Hear her out… for now.
No. 150375
Updates, Treia?
No. 150386
Sorry, I meant to have a snippet out last night. Existential crises and mood swings conspired to make that an impossibility, however. I plan on doing one (even two!) snippets for you today!
No. 150415
Due to the multilingual nature of some characters and their tendencies to switch languages at whim (not applicable in gensokyo), I may or may not mark sentences in upcoming updates with languages. The format is as such:

"Treia is a fucking lazy cock." (ENG)

Where the text in quotes would be the dialogue, and the 3-4 letter abbreviation in parenthesis would tell the language. Such tags you may expect to see would be:

And possibly more! Hooray, globalism!
No. 150425
Well... got 1100 words done. 500 of them being a line summary/outline of what is to be written. I was hoping to finish that tonight, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Sorry.
No. 150430
How does making Sanae hate him translate into Sanae progress? Did it go into negatives?

Kinda curious about this Outside stuff.
No. 150543
Um...Treia, I appreciate that you give us your writing progress, but can you give us the actual update, soon?
No. 150553
Please wait warmly for updates. I may or may not have gone through several psychotic breaks in the last two days.
No. 150636
I salvaged an update thought lost thanks to my habit of bugging people with pastebin links and demanding they give me feedback! Thank you my porn-ridden, touhou-infested, cache-bloated Chrome history!
No. 150653

That's means faster update for next or better quality update for next or what?
No. 150882
File 13236686556.jpg - (151.42KB , 500x700 , ayayasmut.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'll just leave this Aya scene here, maybe this will improve Treia's writing speed.(Maybe it won't work, but hey, anything to improve writing speed must be tried.)
No. 151078
Hello gents, sorry for the wait. Life has been pretty hectic lately, and my headset is dying completely. I've been very stressed and distracted, and honestly just decided to put my mental well-being ahead of trying to update, at all. Fortunately a meeting I've been trying to get for the last week has been scheduled for tomorrow morning, and following that, I hope I will be able to write some updates. However, I will have to pack up all my damn stuff for the winter break in the next day or two, so things are likely to remain hectic! As I hope I've shown by posting around the forums, I'm not dead or leaving or abandoning you, I've just been distracted heartily. I'm hoping I can get a bonus or something for all of you for waiting, but that is still in the works (and will probably fall through!). Once again, thank you all for being incredibly patient as I tear my hair out at other people.
No. 151314
I believe that you haven't abandoned this site yet, but at least prove that you haven't abandoned this story. Please.
No. 151503
Updates, Treia? It's been a month since last update, and the fact that you keep updating at other story...
If you want to put this to hiatus, said it. So I can stop looking for updates at this story. (What a shame if you put this story to hiatus, this is a good story.)
No. 151505
I am not putting this on hiatus.
No. 151853
>"I am not putting this on hiatus."
>Story has sunken to page 2
>Updating another story
And you said you planned to write a snippet for us a month ago. Where is it?
At least post that 1100 words of update that you said a month ago. Please.
No. 152257
“Does it work yet?” (GER)

“No! Stop asking, damnit!” (GER)

The small man answered from underneath a pickup truck’s bottom, having wedged himself in there in an attempt to get a better angle. The clinking of metal rang from beneath the truck, an indication of the constant tinkering going on.

“Does it work yet?” (GER)

“No! Damnit, stop asking!” (GER)

“I do not know why he keeps you around. If you cannot perform you duties, you should be removed.” (GER)

“Why you…” (GER)

He slid out from under the truck, waving a wrench in faux anger at his comrade.

“A truck is not like a person! It’s not just whoop whoop stitch up their wounds and it’ll work fine for another 20 years! You have to have a certain kind of finesse! This girl here is a very delicate beast, I have to gently work my way in, y’know! Can’t just go thrusting in like some sort of rapist and just jam it in there and-“ (GER)

“Cease. I do not wish to hear.” (GER)

“Suit yourself! You could use some advice on that subject, buddy. All stoic and all don’t win the ladies!” (GER)

He returned to his work, sliding back under the truck, followed by loud banging sounds. Grating, grinding followed, only to intermittently stop and start, with no apparent pattern. It droned on into the minutes, minutes turning into an hour.

The air came, hot and heavy. What little wind there was was blocked by the compound’s low walls, making the entire area a stifling exercise in endurance, the monotony broken only by the sound of the compound’s gate opening. One paid no attention, continuing to bang away below the truck. The other stood up from his seat, making his assault rifle ready for any intruders.

“Thunder. And sit back down.” (GER)

Came a voice from the gate. Evidently he did not place much importance on the check, strolling right in followed by a familiar man carrying a very, very large rifle.

“Flash.” (GER)

Said the guard, loyal to procedure regardless of his comrades’ contempt. He returned to his seat.

“Whizz, gimme some good news.” (GER)

Their intrepid leader said, kicking over an empty can of motor oil and taking a seat.

“It’s uh... the flux capacitor is overloaded?” (GER)

He got a reverberating kick to the side of truck for his cheeky comment. Whizz grumbled a bit to himself, but got back to work. They all relaxed as the work continued, minutes ticking by with no activity. Their leader removed a cigarette from his pack, lighting up and leaning back.

“Hey- Hey! I think I got it!” (ENG)

The chassis buckled, metal shearing as something broke beneath it. A foul stench came as a clear liquid puddled out from beneath, followed by its engine kicking into gear and starting. It hummed lifelessly, its engineer crawling back out from underneath, soaked in something. He gave them all a big toothy smile.

“Well I’ll be, our mechanic got something working.” (ENG)

He got up, flicking away his burnt out stub. Whizz caught it, whooping loudly as he tossed it around between hands like a bomb. Their leader chuckled as he fumbled with the cigarette, desperate to prevent it from touching his soaked upper torso.

“It’s diesel, Whizz. Diesel. C’mon.” (GER)

He offered his hand to the mechanic fumbling around in the fuel. Whizz looked up, frowned, and took it.

“That ain’t funny.” (GER)

He said, scowling.

“Yeah, yeah, tell it to divisional. Get in the back boys; I’m driving.” (GER)

They loaded up in the back. Whizz retrieved his pack loaded with tools from the back of the garage. Their sniper still had all his gear on, and simply stepped up into the back. The guard took one last look towards the courtyard, making sure it was clear, piling in and looking straight ahead.

“Manual, eh? Fucking Russian imports. No offense to our Russian brethren in the back; you know who you are.” (GER)

The engine buckled as he shifted gears. It produced a terrible thumping sound as the cylinders started going at anything more than idle. The sheer ruckus of the engine caused them all to stop for a moment. And then another. And some more. The seconds ticked back.

“Darius?” (GER)

The call came from the back from Whizz. The truck shook again as he threw it into park.

“You hear that?” (GER)

He shot back.

“The truck? Yeah, old piece of shit. Worst it’ll do is break down, not explode.”

“Not that, you fool.” (GER)

He replied, kicking under the steering wheel to get it to shut off.

“Aww cmon, do I gotta start it again?” (GER)


They all fell into listening. Listening for a sound they didn’t hear and weren’t even sure existed. The low drone of an aircraft barely tickled their senses. In a flurry, Darius kicked open the driver door, drawing his pistol and stomping his way to the edge of the courtyard; still hidden by the roof, but able to peer out into the blazing blue sky. He scanned, looking for the source of the sound.


He called over their guard, who handed over a pair of binoculars. He quickly put them up to his eyes, pistol in his right, binocs in his left.

“Well, well… I don’t think the Taliban has Chinooks in service. Raise ‘em.” (GER)

Their sniper removed his pack, adjusting its radio for friendly channels.

“****----Bora, rep***--F****h-***---------Cannot linger.

“I said raise them, damnit. Get communications with them!” (GER)

“That’s as good as it gets!” (GER)

He protested.

“Demetrious… You still have that colored smoke?” (GER)

He nodded.

Great plumes of yellow smoke billowed out of the town, a common NATO signal for friendlies. The helicopter paused, hovering in the air for a moment, before its pilots decided there was little other choice. They quickly set down on the outskirts, preparing for a quick takeoff.

A dinky old truck rode up, but it was no technical. The few marines guarding the Chinook’s offloading ramp watched it carefully, but didn’t open fire. It stopped almost 20 meters away, its engine cutting out, rather than its driver stopping it. A tirade of curses emanated from inside before the driver door was rudely bashed off, falling off its hinges into the dusty earth.

“Ugh, the marines…” (ENG)

He withdrew another cigarette from his vest, lighting up and boasting loudly as he approached.

“So, boys! We’re 150 miles from your closest friends. The fuck are you doing here?” (ENG)

Two of the marines looked at each other, then back at him.

“Are you KSK, 4th squad?” (ENG)

He paused.

“Are there any other germans in the area with assault rifles?” (GER)

He said, brandishing his rifle, a German-made G36. The two marines looked at each other and nodded, then back.

“Headquarters is redeploying you. They sent us to fetch you.” (ENG)

He took another drag from his cigarette, letting it stir in the air for a moment before responding.

“Oh yeah, what’s the target?”

“Ace of Spades. Bin Laden.”
No. 152322
File 132665225946.jpg - (78.13KB , 1000x750 , f957589af3fa8beb0fca02b39e7ac3b8.jpg ) [iqdb]
“You ready for this?”

Yeah. You were ready. This wasn’t your first rodeo, or… woman, as it would be. This was definitely the best. But at least you knew how this worked, and weren’t going to make a fool of yourself.

“Let’s go, Sanae.”

You smiled, nodding at her. This was her first time. You wanted to make sure it went smoothly, after all you two had been through together.

She laughed, taking a moment to savor the breath before pulling you through the house. You got a wary look from Kanako, as she cleaned her… whatever the hell those things are. You really don’t care right now, your mind is on Sanae.


Those hips; those breasts.

Those legs; that face.

Her voice; her personality.

You wanted her to enjoy this just as much as you will. You shut the door behind the two of you, to ensure privacy.

She sits down on her bed, and looks up at you. That cute, wanting smile that’s gotten you so many times before. You don’t give her a chance to regret it. You fall on her, lavishing her with kisses. On the lips, down her neck. She gasps softly as you maneuver down to the top of her shirt, using your hand to slowly undress her as you work your way down. You only barely reach the top of her breasts when she softly touches your hand, telling you to stop. You look up, and she grabs your chin, forcing your face closer. She kisses you wholeheartedly, your tongues meeting, your eyes locking.

She pulls away, and you smile. That was pretty great. Probably the best. Whether its because of your mutual feelings or something else doesn’t matter. She’s the one. You try to return to pleasuring her, but she stops you again.

“Let me.”

You hesitate. This should be about her. You should lead her through this, ensure it’s-

…On the other hand she’s now rubbing you beneath your jeans, and that’s pretty ace. You switch positions. You can tell how excited she is as she fumbles with your zipper, unused to it. You help her a bit, and she pulls down your last layer of cover.

You lean back as she gets to it, fumbling as she runs her hands over your manhood. It feels great to have her on top, working for your pleasure. You can’t help but let a grunt escape you as she gets into it, working up a steady rhythm. You lick your lips as your breath runs them ragged, fully enjoying this service. You can feel your self starting to approach climax when she stops.

You look to see why she stopped, but it’s obvious. She pushes her hair aside and licks her lips. You can only laugh to yourself and tilt your head back again, staring at the ceiling. You shiver in anticipation as her hands slowly remove themselves from your loins. You bite your lip and hold it in, waiting anxiously.


What was that? That wasn’t you. You look back down and see Sanae holding the side of her jaw with one hand, other hand covering her mouth. You can barely hear her gasp from her muffled mouth as she collapses backwards onto the floor, both hands over her mouth.

You’re up in an instant, shedding your pants from your ankles and leaving you completely bottomless. You desperately try to hold her still as she thrashes around on the floor, spouting obscenities that are too distorted to hear.

“Sanae?! Sanae, what’s wrong?!”

“******broke-*******fuckin’ jaw!”


You can’t tell what she says, so you drop to your knees over her, trying to tell her it’ll be all right.

“Sanae! Sanae, you need to calm down! Sanae!”

You hardly notice Kanako above the two of you, standing in the doorway with a disconcerted expression on her face. All she can see is you crouching over Sanae, erect penis flapping about, trying to hold her still and telling her to shut up while she covers her mouth, screaming unintelligible things.

You do not live long.
No. 152327
Curses. We're done for.
No. 152330
How the hell did that happen?
No. 152376
Well, it seems Sanae...

Has a jaw-breaking performance on bed.
No. 152407
No. 152672


Darius briskly replied, exchanging handshakes, salutes, and all the formalities associated with two commissioned officers from different militaries getting down to business. He slunk back to his seat with his team, situated on the right side of the aircraft, opposite a number of the marines, who occupied the left side. The division was not intentional, but an atmosphere of friendly rivalry had sprung up.

“So. Do tell me. How do we plan on killing him, huh? Maybe some guns? Big guns? Bigger guns? Perhaps guns mounted on vehicles? I am not at all opposed to any of those plans.” (ENG)

He could only smirk from his seat, his words a combination of mocking and heartfelt desire. The lieutenant choked back any anger he had and produced a folder.

“Oh, dossiers now, huh? Look boys, we’re moving up in the world.” (GER)

He took the report, tossing it neatly aside into Demetrious’ lap.

“Now, buddy. Why don’t you just summarize for me?” (ENG)

The marine lieutenant scowled, but leaned back into his seat and rattled off from memory.

“NA in the local area, we’re dropping you just southeast of Tora Bora. Your assignment is to support the indigenous forces and ensure nobody… important escapes across the Pakistani border.” (ENG)

“And by important you mean…” (ENG)

He indicated with his hand what the marine had told him earlier. The lieutenant nodded.

“All right then. What’s the size of this NA force?” (ENG)

“Company.” (ENG)


“200, if that.” (ENG)

“Figures…” (GER)

He tilted his head back, rolling it around as he processed the information.

“Under strength, underequipped, under trained? Any reason we’re not dropping a shipment of RPGs and letting them fight their own little war while we do something more important?” (ENG)

“I trust you will be able to handle it.”

“The hell’s that supposed to mean?”

“I trust you will be able to handle it.”


“Commander.” (ENG)

“Major. Your men?” (ENG)

The Northern Alliance’s troop’s leader spoke with a heavy Slavic accent, reminiscent of someone living on the very eastern fringes of Germany. Darius turned, quickly introducing his men.

“Demetrious. Medic, heavy weapons, translator.

‘Whizz’, our uh… leadership-assigned combat engineer. Not sure he actually does anything useful.” (ENG)

“Hey!” (GER)

“Last, sniper and radio op-“

A young man burst forth from the some dozen men come out to greet them. He waved his Kalashnikov carelessly around at his waist with his finger on the trigger, paying it no heed as he excitedly pointed at their last member with his left hand. He spoke even worse English.

“You! You with big rifle! Sniper, yes? German sniper at Gardez! Killed many men. Many men! All Taliban who try kill you, they die! All who try do no come back. Call you ‘The Void’! Everybody who go near never see alive again!” (ENG)

He averted his eyes from the kid, barely 18. Darius curiously looked at his comrade, then at the boy.

“Void, huh? That’s a nice nickname. You hear that Void? The enemy’s branded you a nice name, so why don’t you carry that as a blight against the enemy! Now god damn kid, watch your trigger discipline. You shoot one of my guys in the knee and I’ll shoot you in the head. Commander, you know us now, so let’s stop sitting around. What’s your deployment?” (ENG)

He nodded, putting his on the kid’s shoulder and silently guiding him back behind the rest of his men.

“I have two men watching the ridge. All the rest of us stay at camp. Enemy shows up? We know, we shoot them a lot. We have rockets and machine guns ready. They will not get past us.” (ENG)

“Camp, huh? This should be good.” (ENG)

Good would depend on your sense of luxury. For the Germans who had spent two and a half months with little friendly support aside from radio contact, it would more than suffice. Several wooden barracks were erected, with a semi-permanent tarp structure draped over a NATO mobile field kitchen. Fighting positions were dug around the camp, but were obviously out of use as most were at least partially re-filled with sand. Tripod machine guns were set up around them and on top of one of the barracks, set for either an anti-air role or simply to mow down any attackers. Several piles of cigarette butts denoted where night guards were stationed. Lastly, a pile of 4 dark green tents, sticking out like a sore thumb, were set up a ways from the camp, out in the open where they could be easily seen and targeted. They would certainly be the first thing shot at in the event of an assault.

“Put your radios and equipment in the fourth building. It has armor inside the walls.”

The commander nodded and left to whatever duty he had to attend to, leaving the odd group mulling around in the center of a bunch of Afghanis armed with automatic weaponry by the dozen. Granted, they were friendly, but with a lack of uniform, it was certainly disconcerting.

“I don’t like this. I don’t like this one bit.” (GER)

Darius said, quickly scanning the camp, a small plume of smoke rising from the kitchen.

“Aww man, they really gonna make us sleep in the tents? This is so bullshit. I want a pillow.” (GER)

Whizz piped up. He was silenced by a single stare from Darius.

“Well, Deme? This look like a fucking company to you?” (GER)

“No.” (GER)

“Well… Void?” (GER)

He simply shrugs in response.

“Fine then. Whizz, you find me some more smokes. Void, you do your sniper thing and see if you can’t pre-position a good view of the camp. Deme… we’re gonna go ‘drop off our equipment’.” (GER)

“The hell you mean? That sounded awfully suspicious. What’re you going to do?” (GER)

Void leaned in, putting his finger up and shushing him.

“Nothing, nothing of course. Nothing they’d know even if they listened to us. You really think these guys speak German?” (GER)

“But they could-“ (GER)

“Hey, hey! Shitlord! Where is the bathroom? You know, that place you poop?”

Darius announced loudly, flagging down one of the men idling with an AK. The man looked dumbly at them before he changed to English.

“Poo poo, where?” (ENG)

The man indicated with hand gestures off away from camp. Obviously there were not any bathrooms erected, but it was still important to keep all your shit in one place for sanitary purposes, whether or not it’ll be in holes in the ground.

“Told you. Now go. Give Deme your radio, and your backup.” (GER)

They went to work, two of them splitting off to do whatever they had been assigned to do.

“All right, Deme. How fast you think you can double time to where they shit?...” (GER)

There was little do as the sun burned away on the horizon. The cards had been laid down, and they could simply retire for the night. It was not hard living, but it was not particularly pleasant, either. At least before there would sometimes be abandoned homes with the traditional Afghani bedding of furs or straw mat. The new location brought unexpected changes, however, as several mortars exploded over the night. At first, it has roused the team. When it became clear the mortars were unguided and being lobbed randomly across the hillside, the night passed a lot quicker.

The sun had already been up for several hours with the team members getting itchy when they were ‘fetched’ by the same enthusiastic Afghani boy, apparently assigned to runner duty inside the camp. A group of at least 20 had been spotted coming from Tora Bora. No time was wasted.

“Too far to tell. How far up are your men?” (ENG)

Darius said, removing the binoculars from his face.

“They are there, the ditch beside the road.” (ENG)

The NA leader indicated, pointing to a position almost 200 meters in front of the ridge line where they were now.

“Well we need to stop ‘em before they get too close.” (ENG)

“We have my men question them while they are still on the road. If they attack or have weapons, we shoot them from here?” (ENG)

“Works for me. Got a radio?” (ENG)

“No. Runner. (ENG)

Amir!” (ARAB)

The youth from before bounded up the ridge from the camp, still carrying his rifle. He quickly gave due respect and received his orders, bounding down the other side of the ridge now towards the concealed men. There was little to do while they waited, as they could not open fire, not retreat, nor dig entrenching positions on the ridge top. Darius carefully weighed his options, his eyes finding their way back to the camp.

“You don’t see a lot of enemy aircraft around here, do you?” (ENG)

“No, none. Why?” (ENG)

The commander asked.

“Think we could get one of those machine guns up here in five?” (ENG)

He smirked. He knew his men could.

Just as they finished securing the old DShK to its tripod at the top of the ridge, Amir came running up the slope, shouting greetings and more importantly, intelligence. He came to rest a few feet below them, panting out of breath. After a moment he quickly pipped off something unintelligible to the entire group but those Afghani fighters and Demetrious.

“Refugees, they said! From Kabul! They’re trying to escape from the war! They are going to Pakistan to stay with our brothers.”

The commander translated for Darius, who confirmed this information silently with a nod from Demetrious. He tilted his head back, muttering curses at the sky.

“All right, show’s over! Civilians, etc. Get out of here.” (GER)

This produced a groan from Void and Whizz, who both started walking back down the hill towards their encampment.

“Deme, help me get this machine gun.” (ENG)

“No need, let us leave it here. It is a good idea, we should use it in the future.” (ENG)

The Afghan commander said to them.

“Too exposed to mortars, so unless you wanna lose a lot of men, we gotta take this back down.” (ENG)


The commander mused, weighing the option.

“All right.” (ENG)

They went to work. Darius knew practically how to take this type of weapon apart in zero visibility. He’d have to, here, for he was not focused on the gun. His eyes wandered to the two dozen odd figures dressed in rags, now easily in plain view as they filed past towards the Pakistani border. His mouth turned to an ugly snarl the longer he watched them. The machine gun was dismantled and transported back down to the top of one barracks building. The day wore on and soon night engulfed four tents planted on the outskirts of the camp.

Demetrious parted the folds of Darius’ tent, entering at attention.

“Those were not civilians.” (GER)

Darius lay up, taking the cigarette out his mouth and dropping it to the ground, crushing it beneath the heel of his boot.

“Really? What gave it away? Was it the RPG that the guy in the back had over his shoulder, or the Kalashnikovs shoddily hidden beneath their clothes?” (GER)

“You knew.” (GER)

“Yeah, yeah…” (GER)

He slammed his fist down upon his own thigh, muttering curses.

“Where’d you hide that radio, Deme? Get Whizz and Void.” (GER)

The team was quickly assembled in one tent, the revelation receiving mixed reactions. Darius peered out the front flap of the tent towards the camp. 40 meters, at least. All open ground. Anybody leaving would be instantly spotted. Leaving fully armed would mean the whole camp would know the jig was up.

“Clever bastards…” (GER)

He remarked below his breath. He unsheathed his knife.

“Woah, woah. Much as I favor a mass suicide, which would be not at all, don’tcha think we should tell Headquarters about this?” (GER)

Whizz said, quickly backing towards the other end of the tent.

“You ever see a US war movie?” (GER)

“Er… no? Why?”

“Nobody expects you to go out the back of a tent.”
No. 152675
Darius carefully flicked off the last few pieces of feces before picking the phone portion of the radio from its hiding place.

“Berlin Air! Your friendliest AWACS, 24/7, all the way through Christmas. How may we may make this a wonderful, Taliban-less day for you?” (GER)

“DSO. Cipher…” (GER)

He turned to Void, who quickly rattled off one part of a memorized book cipher. Darius repeated it into the radio, confirming his identity.

“Spec ops, huh? Didn’t know we had KSK in this theater. Anyway, one moment! Bouncing you all the way to the Fatherland!” (GER)

“4th squad?” (GER)

“Darius. Get me intel, this is urgent.” (GER)

“Intel coming up…” (GER)

“Intel. Something to report?” (GER)

“Yeah, you know, kind of. Remember that Northern Alliance ‘company’ we got dropped into? Yeah, you know… kind of not a company.” (GER)

“Yes, well, you should understand that our militia allies are sometimes misrepresented in strength. They do not have a steady supply of reinforcements nor-“ (GER)

”And they’re working for the fucking Taliban!” (GER)


“Thank you for confirming. One moment… We have a friendly helicopter 8 hours out at best speed. Hold and await further orders.”

“Listen. Listen! These guys let through an armed group of Taliban for the Pakistani border. They are not taking bribes or leaking info. They are [b]working for them![b/]”

His rant was cut short by activity in the camp. He brought his binoculars up to his eyes, checking what was going on. Practically the whole camp was waking up, assembling weapons, albeit without any sort of alarm. A group of them were forming up on the edge of camp. The edge that leads right to the tents they were supposed to be in.

“-SOP dictates that-“

“They’re about to try to kill us. Put divisional back on.”

There was silence for a moment as the signal was rerouted back to the headquarters part of the command structure.

“Darius.” (GER)

“Still here…” (GER)

“I am authorizing you to do whatever is necessary to eliminate this problem. Take any and all measures you deem necessary. That helicopter will be there in 8 hours, either for you or to take your bodies back for Germany for proper burial. Good luck!” (GER)

The radio crackled before picking back up at a familiar voice.

“Whoops! Berlin Air here, looks like we lost HQ’s signal. Need a callback?”

Darius threw the phone back into the human waste, the friendly voice still trying to talk through the obstruction.

“They’re expecting us to be in our tents, aren’t they? Let’s not disappoint.”


The men finished forming on the edge of the camp, moving towards the tents. They stopped about 10 meters away, their weapons resting but presented. Their commander stepped out in front of them, entering the tent beforehand. Demetrious sat cross-legged on the floor, Darius resting on a sleeping roll. At the sight of him, Darius sprung up, hand outstretched for a handshake. Without even thinking, he extended his, too.

Darius grabbed his hand, in one swift motion pulling him in and swinging him around. Within a second his mouth was covered, knife at his throat. Darius whispered to him through clenched teeth.

“Well any last words, traitor?” (ENG)

He chafed in Darius’ grasp, only struggling for a moment. Darius parted his hand just enough for the commander to get a whisper out.

“God is greater.”

“You know what I say to that? God wills it. Deus Vult.”

He brought his knife inward, slicing through his windpipe and jugular in one swift motion. His body spasmed, a groan escaping from the new opening where his throat was. Darius kicked him towards the back of the tent, his body collapsing haphazardly half-inside, half-outside the back of the tent. Blood pooled around his head, soaking into the ground and down away from the tent.

Demetrious got up, handing his leader one rifle, and himself wielding the other. They loaded drum magazines, took one last glance at each other, and walked out the front of the tent with weapons leveled from their hips. They didn’t even stop walking as they fired.


Six east. Range 400. Temperature 12. Notched.

Their cook poked his head up for only a moment. He quickly ducked behind the field kitchen when the bullets started hitting around all him. Half an inch of steel…

His internal organs splattered across a length of 15 feet away from his hiding spot. Void didn’t even see the body.

Next target.

Amir. The kid huddled behind a fallen soldier, shaking as he clutched his rifle. With this magnification, Void could clearly see he had wet himself. His right index finger relaxed, breath truly stopping for a moment. The boy stood up, leveling his rifle. A hole the size of an oil barrel appeared in his chest.

Next target.


Whizz poked his head up for only a moment, quickly dropping back into his hiding place when he saw the two men come running past, attempting to flank around the camp. Two… He said four or more. His hand relaxed on the clacker. Their boots faded seconds later, replaced by a burst of gunfire and screams of pain and cries for help in a language he didn’t understand, nor care to. He poked his head up again to see and saw 6 more, carefully inching their way this time, towards the rest of his squad. He dropped back down, and with both hands pressed upon the clacker.

The claymore exploded, sending hundreds of little steel pellets into an area barely 6 feet by 6 feet at that range. Dozens hit their mark in the tightly entwined group, shattering bones, dropping bodies, gouging eyes, destroying weapons, and tearing skin and flesh apart like sandpaper. Their screams arose again, much closer this time. He poked his head out to see one of the men yelling in pain, crawling for an AK his comrade had dropped. Whizz took one deep breath, standing up and putting two rounds into the man as he crawl. He crawled no more.


Magazines empty, gun barrels smoking from entirely too many rounds being fired in the course of only a few minutes, they finally paused. Darius took a step back, bumping into Demetrious as he scanned for movement. They stood like that for but a moment, back to back.

“Just like old times, huh?”

They separated again, lowering their weapons. Darius merely whistled at the site while Demetrious remained silent. They were interrupted by two friendly faces joining them from the east. What was a stoic stare from Void quickly turned into surprise, then concern.

“Darius- You’re… hit?”


He looked down, checking. There was a tear in the side of his vest where a bullet had just nicked the edge of the protected area and entered his ribcage. He ran his hand along it, drawing blood. He scowled and wiped it off on his pants. He looked back and shrugged. Void simply shut his mouth and looked away.

The four simply stood there for a moment before the adrenaline entirely faded. With an exhaled breath, Void found his way to sitting on the ground, sprawling out of his rifle sideways, and his legs out in front. Whizz found his way next to him. Demetrious simply stood. Darius looked around for a second, choosing to use an ammo crate as his seat. He took out a cigarette, lighting up as all feeling left his lower extremities.

“Demetrious… get the radio. We’ll need to report our successful action.”

He nodded, quickly getting and returning with the only good radio left in the camp. He sat it down and began scanning through channels for the appropriate one. Inadvertently, he passed over a civilian broadcast.

“…delegates hope the coming Loya jirga or ‘Grand Assembly’ of Afghan leaders will lead to a unified, democratic Afghanistan in the wake of the Taliban’s fall from power. With US forces in control of Tora Bora, and Taliban fighters retreating across the country, there is great hope amongst the Afghanis that they soon will be able to govern themselves in accordance with Western ideals of freedom and self-determination. Accordingly, Northern Alliance and US officials released a joint statement calling for an immediate reorganization of former Northern Alliance militia into a proper defense force for the country, dubbed the ‘Afghan National Army’. With this in place, analysts expect Allied troops to leave the country by mid-2002. We now go to Doctor Nadir Atash, political analyst and Afghanistan expert, for his view on the current situation in the country…”


Laughter began to emanate from Darius, still bent over where he was sitting. He threw his head back, staring wildly at the stars, laughing loudly.

“Long live the fucking ANA!”
No. 152676
Well now that part is done! Normal updates may now resume, and shall! Very shortly. As for some context and information... read on.

I am, of course, taking some historical liberties with this writing. The KSK has, to the best of my knowledge, never been deployed to Afghanistan. However, given Germany's commitment to the War on Terror, it seems appropriate. Additionally, I have written about the Battle of Tora Bora, now. Very little information is available, so I am drawing mostly upon Dalton Fury's account, including such elements as finicky assistance from Afghani forces. You'll also notice I switch between calling them NA and Afghanis regularly - This is intentional. I'm trying to blur the line. Anyway, both this snippet and this explanatory post have taken entirely too long. Although my absence from writing over the winter break was not entirely attributed to this snippet, it was a big part of stopping me from putting out a new update. I again apologize for taking so long, and hope you'll enjoy both this piece of writing and the coming update involving our lovely ghost girls and favorite MC. As for me... Well, I'm off to breakfast.
No. 152713
File 132750311668.jpg - (338.73KB , 800x505 , 708123b77636a96b028396107a9aa9b5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Hear her out… for now.

All right, all right. Be cool. You got this. Breeeeathe. Breathe. Breathing. Ok, stop that. Not entirely, but stop that. Yes, good. Breathing normally.

“That’s so very interesting.”

You find yourself saying. Yes, interesting. It has been filed away in your mind under ‘people I probably need to kill to escape this loony bin’.

“Oh yes, Yukari and I have been friends for the longest while. What was it, 1000 years now? Oh dear, I’d have to check…”

Youmu finally snaps out of her trance to tug on her lady’s sleeve.

“Milady, isn’t there more important matters to attend to?”

This brings her attention back now, too.

“Oh, yes! Could you please tell me, in detail, what you saw at the, uhm… Salvage Field, you called it?

Your favorite. Storytelling. A story where you get your clothes stained and act like a complete moron. Your favorite kind. Nevertheless, she seems very interested, and who are you to reject free food for some conversation? You recount the events of the other day, being sure not to embellish too much. At several points you could swear the lady leans in closer, paying attention to you to the point where she would not notice if a bomb went off in the room. As you finish, you find your voice slowly lowering until you describe when you left the field, unsure of what else to say. An eerie silence pervades the room as she continues looking at you, yourself trying not to move an inch in the fear she might devour you at any moment. That seems particularly likely given the way she continues to stare at you. But finally; she relents, leaning back and opening her mouth, closing it again, searching for what to say.

“I see.”

Her gaze drifts toward the ceiling, mulling over what you’ve told her. You see her begin to play with her wavy, pink hair, twirling it around on the end of her finger. She continues to stare at the ceiling even as she gives orders.

“Youmu, please produce our other guest.”

“Eh?! Miss Kochiya? You said to let her-“

“No, our other guest.”

With but a silent nod she’s on her feet, shuffling past you, closing the door, and sealing it with little strips of paper. You open your mouth to question, but don’t get a chance as Yuyuko pulls you to the other end of the room. Youmu paces around the room, putting similar charms over the walls, ceiling, floor, and seemingly, everywhere. You can only watch confusedly as she takes place but a few feet ahead of you, cornering off a section of the home where the door is. She produces a pouch, an oddly familiar pouch… Although you notice it’s no longer squirming. With one swift motion, she opens the pouch and tosses its content towards the door. The mouse corpse bounces off the door, bounces off the ground, and finally comes to a squishy stop in the middle off the cornered-off section. That voice in the back of your head speaks to you again.

These people are crazy.
No. 152726
File 132753842581.jpg - (312.67KB , 700x1026 , 6f2ec0a9f4ede4cd16054118f07cbf20.jpg ) [iqdb]
“What exactly is the point of-“


You have to cup your ears as the room booms, sound echoing repeatedly off the walls and serving only to enhance the effect. What used to be a mouse seems to dissolve in front of your eyes into a hazy grey mist, its outline barely noticeable against the door. You notice Youmu has bent her knees, one hand on the sword around her waist, preparing to strike. You can only blink confusedly a few times before Yuyuko steps toward Youmu, stopping right behind her.

“Say ye, evil spirit. You have heard our exchange?”

A voice speaks, mocking in its tone, but ever-changing in its modulation. You could swear it was a little girl one moment and the manliest man in the world the next.

“I have heard your failings, your mocking attempts at competency, your fear as you encountered my greatness. I know of your mortality. You have come to submit.”

Yuyuko unfolds and brings her hand fan up, hiding her expression. Her glare, however, remains firmly on the form in front of you three.

“Tell me, you coward. Has the outsider spoken the truth of your existence, of your incursion? Does he tell us of tales, or of tragedies?”

Did she- Apparently! Apparently, that is, you are now being fact-checked. Not that you lied, but you may have toned down your various levels of shitting yourself during the event. You glance behind you to see if there’s any other ways out of this house. A small opening about head level in an adjoining room presents the only other way out you can see. Tilting back a bit, you can see that would be the bathroom. Joy. You start inching back that way, just in case.

Bah! You ask your master for things? You fool! I will have your life for this! I will destroy your soul, drive your being insane in my wrath!”

You can feel your anus clench up. Clenching really hard. Just what kind of shit have you wandered into? Still, Yuyuko does not miss a beat, replying in turn.

“So that is how the mighty speak? You speak not of how great you were not, but of how great you will never be. So simple you are, to speak of grandeur coming sometime in the future! Yes, you will be great. And in that time, a million gods will have been raised.”

You cannot help but imagine the ‘spirit’ as a dog chafing at its leash. The amorphous blob threateningly surges forward and backward, trying to work its way around Youmu at her master. Each time, Youmu quickly and efficiently changes stance, boxing it in. Eventually, it settles back to where it was floating before.

“There is one god! I serve the one god, and he has made me great! Your blasphemous tones only serve to enrage me, greater will your punishment be, infidel!”

Yuyuko responds barely as it is dropping the last syllable, her words piercing and angered.

“There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of even in your philosophy. Your ignorance astounds me even now. In your life you saw but one path. Another has been shown you and even now you refuse to accept that. You died a fool, now you will be damned a fool! The Yama have mercy on your soul, for you condemn yourself with every word you speak!”

“You bluff! There is one god! One path! One truth! I am a savior! I am a prophet! Allah protect me, Allah save me, Allah care for me! I have done the holy work, I have purged the nonbelievers, I have brought myself rewards in heaven! I will not listen to your lies, heretic!”

You put one foot back, ready to jump out that damn window in the bathroom. Just as the shouting reaches it apex, Yuyuko clenches her fan together, revealing possibly the most terrifying scowl you’ve ever seen. Even from what little of her face you can see from this side, all your instincts are telling you: Now is a fantastic time to run.

You take a full step backwards, considering what kind of running leap you’d need to go through that window without stopping. That option is definitely being weighed right now. Definitely weighing it, yep!

The thing begins to laugh. A deep, horrible laugh.

“Do you think you scare me? I am going to heaven. I will look down upon you mortals and rejoice!”

There is nothing beyond the veil.

All sounds from the creature instantly cease. The room is completely silent for a moment before it phrases a question.

“How would you know, mortal? I am the one going to heaven.”

Yuyuko turns around and smacks you. Or rather, it certainly looked like she smacked you. You stop cringing for half a second and feel your cheek, only to realize, well, there’s nothing to feel! Besides your skin, but that’s always been there. It certainly doesn’t feel like she hit you. By the time you bring your attention back to her she’s putting her hand through Youmu’s head. That would explain a lot. It also raises a lot of questions.

“There are more things in heaven and earth…”

She repeats, its lesson self evident.

“Then I will rest easy knowing you shall be forever cleansed from this earth when you die!”

“There is another option.”

If this were a poker table, you’re pretty sure the spirit would be leaning all the way over to hear this. You’re also pretty sure Yuyuko would be waving around a gun and holding that guy’s balls with an iron grip. She quickly adds on to her statement, pressing the advantage.


Your head spins as the exchange starts again without any warning or indication.

“Say ye, evil spirit. You have heard our exchange?”

“I have heard your failings, your mocking attempts at competency, your fear as you encountered my greatness. I know of your mortality. You have come to submit.”

“Tell me, you coward. Has the outsider spoken the truth of your existence, of your incursion? Does he tell us of tales, or of tragedies?”

He lies! He speaks of my appearance with bravery! He speaks of my arrival in weakened tones! He speaks of his flight as a matter of course!”

“Very well then, spirit! Begone!”

“You promised! You said!”

His rant is cut short by a gust of wind and his form splitting in two, length wise. In half a second you’re buffeted as he turns into what could only be described as Swiss cheese, except in squares! Youmu’s scabbard clinks as her sword returns fully to its sheathed position, although you don’t remember her drawing it even the slightest. You gape as the form dissipates, burning off in but a second. Your anus unclenches, then reclenches when your brain realizes you still have no idea what the fuck is going on. Youmu stops squatting, musing on the situation.

“That spirit was thoroughly unpleasant.”

“The bad ones usually are.”

Yuyuko replies in turn. A silence exists among them for but a moment before Youmu poses a question.

“Do you think it was right for us to decide his fate instead of the Yama?”

She turns to her gardener and smiles, completely opposite of what she sounds like.

“No, now help me collect the charms. We may need them again.”

Youmu bows and takes a lap around the room, scratching them off the walls. You’re left a miserable wreck of a person with so, so many questions. The first one that comes to mind though…

“What was that thing, anyway?”

You ask curiously. She glances back at you for a moment simply shrugging and continuing what she was doing.

“It is the soul of a man who died.”

You find the words coming from your mouth before you can even think.

“How did he die?”

Yuyuko freezes, slowly turning her head to look at you.

“Do you really want to know?”

You bite your lip, but you’re curious now. She wasn’t that cautious before. You slowly nod your head, and she in turn. She still takes a moment to phrase it in her head before she says it aloud.

“He blew himself up in the middle of a market place. He killed 62 people along with himself.”


That’s just horrible. A terrible feeling wells up in your stomach as you contemplate the idea of a crowded marketplace being blown up by a suicide bomber. It’s something you’d expect to hear about in Iraq or Afghanistan, but such a bombing… wouldn’t it have made the news? You can only shudder as you think of what other countries might have an open air marketplace typical for such an attack. Yuyuko continues speaking, although you barely register her monologue as you contemplate the possibilities.

“You humans and your wars… Do they know no end to the misery, the despair, the pain they cause? So many spirits are born every day, I fear both our worlds may be consumed in their hatred.”

“Huh, what?”

You heard the word “world” and “consumed” in the same sentence. Now, you are pretty sure the world is still decades away from crazy sentient nanobots, so the obvious answer is sentient rape plants like the one you encountered the other day. That’s not fun. She notices your confusion and quickly disabuses you of that idea.

“No need to worry, it is but a small phobia. Thank you for coming today, by the way.”

She’s… welcome, you think. Yeah. You say that.

“So should I uh… help?”

“No. You can leave.”

Yeah. Leave. You can just leave. Leaving. Leaving… Youmu steps out of the way for you and you simply walk out the door. You’re leaving. Leaving. Gonna leave. Yep… gonna leave.

Then you walk into somebody.

“Oh, sorry!-“

It’s a cow.

What the fuck. It’s a flock of cows. Herd. Whatever. All coming down the street in one section, being driven on by two of the men you saw earlier on the outskirts of the village. You make eye contact with one for half a second before you think he’s going to walk up to you and gouge your eyes out. You quickly look away. There’s back inside… which is being cleaned up by just two more crazies with the ability to put their hands through peoples’ heads and summon spirits. Then there’s the cows. You stare at the cow in front of you.

Then it farts. Loudly. It leaves you choking for breath against the side of the house used moments before as an impromptu Ouija board. You stop choking just long enough for a gaggle of kids to whizz past you at breakneck speeds and kick up a few shovel-fulls of dirt into your face. You’re pissed off enough to yell at them, but you’re forced to duck as another cow, maybe a bull, who really knows, shoots projectile feces at your head. As soon as you’re back to standing, you consider berating the cow, but really. You simply make a mental note to beware of anymore vertically-inclined waste. Of course, you can’t help but look up at the clear blue sky and decide that today is a really shitty day to, well, get shit on.

You still have no idea what the fuck is going on.

[ ] Cattle? CATTLE? What sorcery is this… Cattle are big things. They can’t just hide! Where do they go? Where did they come from?

[ ] Kids, huh? Seems to be about midday, too early for school to be letting out. Of course, this is crazyland. Maybe school lets out midday and starts in the middle of the night. Regardless, you shall endeavor to find out.

[ ] Ah, but what is there to do for the moment? Sit down, perhaps. Look at the sky, muse about the clouds. It is a wonderful day... wonderful enough to make you forget your worries. If only for a bit.
No. 152727
[X] Ah, but what is there to do for the moment? Sit down, perhaps. Look at the sky, muse about the clouds. It is a wonderful day... wonderful enough to make you forget your worries. If only for a bit.

Cooling your head a bit after all of that happens to you never hurt.
Oh, and good to see this story back Treia. Thanks.
No. 152728
File 132753972186.png - (375.77KB , 1000x1000 , 66baa9fdf6b236e8703b7248cf64c783.png ) [iqdb]
I wasn't aware I ever left.
No. 152729

The one that back is this story, last time the story progressed before today's update is 2 months ago... I marked a story 'dead' after one month without update...So yeah, this story is like got brings back to life.
You, however, will always here.I always looking for you in IIRC, waiting for updates like a stalker...
No. 152730
[x] Ah, but what is there to do for the moment? Sit down, perhaps. Look at the sky, muse about the clouds. It is a wonderful day... wonderful enough to make you forget your worries. If only for a bit.
No. 152795
[x] Cattle? CATTLE? What sorcery is this… Cattle are big things. They can’t just hide! Where do they go? Where did they come from?

Going mad...
No. 152797
>These people are crazy.
And now you are one of them! I like where this story is going. It is crazy but not too much of a craziness that you might say it is stupid.

[x] Ah, but what is there to do for the moment? Sit down, perhaps. Look at the sky, muse about the clouds. It is a wonderful day... wonderful enough to make you forget your worries. If only for a bit.

And i am probably as confused as him.
No. 152887
[X] Kids, huh? Seems to be about midday, too early for school to be letting out. Of course, this is crazyland. Maybe school lets out midday and starts in the middle of the night. Regardless, you shall endeavor to find out.

I want to find delicious Akyuu. And see Keine's reaction to the protagonist's pedo tendencies.
No. 152918
[x] Cattle? CATTLE? What sorcery is this? Cattle are big things. They can’t just hide! Where do they go? Where did they come from?

Good to have this story back, sir.
No. 152930
File 13279475449.jpg - (927.59KB , 2220x3125 , img001.jpg ) [iqdb]
Scanned in some old writing/notes I had down on paper when I first started writing for you guys. I think you might find them interesting.
No. 152931
File 132794755677.jpg - (708.63KB , 2214x2988 , img002.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 152932
Update faster.
No. 153148
I'm sorry. College is kicking my ass.
No. 153156

Just don't leave this story for a month or more since last story update please. I'm afraid that this story took so long that you can't finish it. Just feeling.
No. 153312
Hell, we've got like 3 posts till perma-sage. I'm just going to make a new thread for the next update. You'll know when you see it because the thread picture will very prominently be my favorite touhou.
No. 160884
Because the author's a lazy bum, new thread at:
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Thanks you loser~