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128746 No. 128746
You sit, scanning earth below from your mountaintop perch. Down in the village, people rush about by the dozens, to and fro, busy with their preparations.

Your years of meditation here have paid off. Reflected in the surface of the pool before you, you no longer see the face of a boy, but a young man, thick stubble on his face and a hard, wise look in his eyes.

“It’s only been three months! And wash that dirt off your face!”

Master Kasen throws you into the pool with one hand.


“Hurry, hurry! I need to be at the opening ceremony for the feast! Ah, where did I put that dress!?”

You swim to shore and crawl out. Ordinarily, this would be a day of mindless gluttony and other wonderful treats, but today you have a great mission, a calling above any you have received before, bestowed upon you by the goddess(es) of autumn themselves-

Find who’s stealing food from the feast, and stop them!


It’s that time again. Only not exactly because this one’s a tad different.


Find a partner!
[ ] On a roof
[ ] In a corner
[ ] In plain sight

[ ] No time, investigate alone


I had wanted to start updating Red Gold again before doing this, but then I realized I didn't have time if I wanted to squeeze this in before Thanksgiving.

No. 128747
[X] On a roof

Finding a partner on a roof? Now that must be some interesting partner. I'm in!
No. 128748
[X] On a roof

People who stand on roofs are clearly the best crime solvers. Just look at Batman.
No. 128749
[x] On a roof
No. 128750

Flawless logic.

[X] On a roof
No. 128751
[x] On a roof
No. 128795
[x] On a roof

People who stand on roofs are the best kind of people.
No. 128797
[x] On a roof
>Find who’s stealing food from the feast, and stop them!
Its Yuyu.
No. 128798
[c] On a roof.

Holidanon is back? Awesome. And that is one delicious Aki picture, too.
No. 128810
[X] On a roof

We are the detective that Gensokyo deserves
No. 128812
[x] On a roof
inb4 Aya
No. 128816
[x] In plain sight
Best hiding place, though the roof option is tempting
No. 128826
[X] On a roof
No. 128849
No point in not calling it at this point.

"[X] On a roof" wins.

Writing sometime soon, in between registering for classes.
No. 128947
File 128944654784.jpg - (72.43KB , 800x564 , 39bb03d35b636a90fc92aa10c7bab84a.jpg ) [iqdb]

In a single bound, you clear the roof line.

If Miss Akyuu’s picture books taught you anything, it’s that the best crime-solvers travel by rooftop!

You scan the newly-thatched horizon for life.

Pigeons? Too weak! Too tiny!

Man in a yellow dress? Kasen said to avoid that type!

Ah! There! Perfect!

Awaken, cat!

“Mmmrrrr... I’m still sleepy, Ran...”

You take a deep breath, and hold up your arm.

Awaken! Justice has need of you!


She snaps upright, crashes into your outstretched hand, and immediately falls back down.


She gets up again, rubbing her forehead.

“What was that for?!”



This very day, a most cunning, vile, and devious plot shall be executed again! Beneath the village’s very nose, the feast will be stolen!

She gasps.

You offer your hand and grin. Is she a bad enough cat to join forces and catch the thief?!

“Of course!” She grasps your hand in hers.


Only one could be responsible for such a thing...

[ ] ...A ravenous specter!
[ ] ...A magician’s slave!
[ ] ...The wrath of nature!
[ ] ...A lord of the deep!
[ ] ...A plague of pestilence!
[ ] ...A beast of Nightmares!
[ ] ...The terrible secret of space!


Don't fetter yourself about how strong characters are.
No. 128948
[ø] ...The wrath of nature!
No. 128949
[x] ...The wrath of nature!

Because, while I can identify some(maybe), I have a few possibilities for this one. Hopefully it's the obvious.
No. 128950
A cat... how ordinary. Still, one should be grateful, for more squamous things can be found on a roof. Why, I recall this time in Arkham...
No. 128951
[ ] ...The terrible secret of space!

We are the space robots
We are here to protect you
No. 128952
[x] ...The terrible secret of space!
No. 128953
[X]...A Lord of the Deep!

No. 128954
[x] ...A ravenous specter!
No. 128955
[X] ...A magician’s slave!

Who is the Magician's slave?
No. 128956
Koakuma... maybe Shanghai?

aha! Voile from A Certain Devilish Library?
No. 128957
[x] ...A lord of the deep!
>Man in a yellow dress
Isn't it sad, rat-snake youkai?
No. 128959
[X] ...The terrible secret of space!
No. 128961
[ ] ...A ravenous specter!
No. 128962
[X] ...A beast of Nightmares!
No. 128963
[x] ...A magician’s slave!
No. 128965
[ ] ...The terrible secret of space!
No. 128991
Calling vote. "[x] ...The terrible secret of space!" wins.

Do you have any stairs in your house?
No. 129097
File 128952769333.gif - (112.27KB , 600x405 , black-hole-lab2.gif ) [iqdb]

[x] ...The terrible secret of space!

Unleashed upon the world by dire curiosity...

Under the crust of the earth, a lurking blackness, waiting to devour...

Yes! She is definitely the culprit! With your trusted ally, you will put a stop to her diabolical machinations once and for all!

Steeling your will, you turn to the Youkai Mountain, and jump.

“Hey, wait for m...!”

You land at the foot of the mountain, and wait for Chen to catch up. You certainly not clutching your legs in pain.

“Don’t go so fast!”

She folds her arms and scowls.

Oh wow, she does look like Ran.

“So, where’s the thief?”

She lives inside this cave- a most fearsome opponent, a devourer of all!

Chen nods solemnly, and tip-toes inside. You follow her, hovering a few inches off the ground.

You slip past towers of scrap metal, dogs made of wire and lights, and a menacing claw dangling from the ceiling, until you come upon a kitchen, full of strange devices.



...On second thought, maybe there’s a better way to solve-

“There you are, thief!”

Chen points at her dramatically.

“Mmph?” The rest of her food vanishes with a woosh. “What?”

“Don’t try to deny it! You’re the one who’s been stealing food from the feast!”

“No, actually, first, who are-”


Chen hurls a volley of danmaku, and grabs onto the ceiling. “Let’s go!”

[ ] Up
[ ] Down
[ ] Strange


These define your attacks.
No. 129098
[X] Strange

Strange Danmaku is fun. Unpredictable and funny! YEAH!!
No. 129100
The stairs.

This will protect us from the Terrible Secret of Space.
No. 129106
[X] Strange

There's no down or up in space.
No. 129107
[c] Strange.
No. 129108
[x] Charm

The BEST quantum particle!
No. 129109
[x] Down
No. 129110
Things are so very, very [X]Strange~
No. 129116
File 128953272790.jpg - (207.08KB , 600x640 , stairs.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Down
No. 129170
[x] Down
No. 129178
It's a tie between '[x] down' and '[x] strange'.
No. 129180
[x] strange

Let's get weird.
No. 129181
'[x] strange'

Wins. Called and writing soon.
No. 129239
>writing soon.

No. 129265
File 128962621995.jpg - (39.53KB , 506x479 , black-hole-galaxy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Soon is, of course, a relative term...


[x] Strange


You dive into the fray as Lumiere fires a pair of bullets, one homing on to each of you.

So that’s how she’s playing, is it?

Let’s see how she likes this!

Diversion Sign [Skipping Stones]!

With an flick of your wrist, a round white bullet arcs across the room, sailing past her smug grin.

Chen extends her claws and blurs forward.


She spins ninety degrees, bringing her hand down into the ground hard enough to crack it, and you flick another white orb. Lumiere open her mouth, but-


-your first shot returns, have skipped off the wall, the floor, and the refrigerator, narrowly missing her head.

Hehe~ You loft a larger ball over her head. Try and dodge these!

“Ah- watch it!” Chen shouts, as one misses her head by inches.

Don’t laugh, don’t laugh.

“All these balls are getting troublesome.”

Lumiere skips back, and snaps her fingers.

“Don’t think you can get awaaaAAAaa!”

Chen flails as the swirling darkish mass around her leg drags her upside down into the air.

Spreading her arms, Lumiere creates two more black, spinning orbs.


And suddenly, they flare, sucking in all of your danmaku, and then quickly vanishing.


“My turn~”

As she winds up-



-Chen interrupts with a shotgun blast of red and orange bullets.

Chen defeated Lumiere!

She nimbly drops to her feet.

“Now, stop stealing from the feast!”

Lumiere gets up, rubbing her head.

“I wasn’t stealing from any feasts! I haven’t been outside in over a month, even!” She yawns, and blinks. “You guys just came in here and wrecked the kitchen... now mom and dad are gonna be angry at me...”

You and Chen glance around the broken floors, dented walls, and smashed and toppled cookware, then to each other.

. . .

W-well that’s a dead end! On to the next!

“Y-yeah, we have to get going now!”

With a single kick, you launch for the door
and instantly hit the floor.

Don’t you think you should be cleaning up the mess you made, first, hm~?

She smiles.


A half hour passes, and you sit outside, cultivating a deep and rewarding friendship with the cool ground.

Well, if it wasn’t her, then it has to be...

[ ] ...A ravenous specter!
[ ] ...A magician’s slave!
[ ] ...The wrath of nature!
[ ] ...A lord of the deep!
[ ] ...A plague of pestilence!
[ ] ...A beast of Nightmares!
[ ] ...The terrible secret of space!


Sorry if anything is wrong with the quality, here. Also, this one has less narrow branching than the previous two, you might have noticed.
No. 129266
[X] ...A magician’s slave!

No. 129270
[x] ...A lord of the deep!
>launch for the door
>hit the floor
Everybody walk the dinosaur.

I am truly sorry.
No. 129271
[ ] ...A lord of the deep!
No. 129272
[x] ...A magician’s slave!
No. 129273
[X] ...A magician’s slave!
No. 129277

[x] ...A magician’s slave!
No. 129285
[x] ...A plague of pestilence!

No. 129316
[x] ...A lord of the deep!

Beautiful, beautiful!
No. 129317
[x] ...A magician’s slave!

Voile? Is that you?
No. 129320
[x] ...A plague of pestilence!
No. 129326
'[x] ...A magician’s slave!'

Wins. Called and writing soon.

Did you know my subconscious is apparently an inter-dream travel agency?
No. 129333
>Wins. Called and writing soon.

No. 129373
Don't you have anything better to do other than writing "Hooray!" every time a writer calls the vote? Try to be at least a bit more imaginative and add some more words... like "now get to work nigger" or something like that.
No. 129377

Hey, man, don't diss. That stuff is raw power.
No. 129391
... Who the heck is Lumiere?
No. 129395

Lumiere is from SCIENCE! in /youkai/. Threads are still there, from what I can see. Starts on page 7.
No. 129407
File 128970766132.jpg - (175.42KB , 817x584 , 75d2ea6c7dc1f5fd9da03c00ae7096f4.jpg ) [iqdb]

[x] ...A magician’s slave!

That’s right... it wasn’t a who, but an it!

Enthusiasm renewed, you rise, the sun beating down over your shoulders.

“Where to now?”

To the forest!

The two of your soar over the trees toward a faint, rainbow-colored haze.

Hmm, is it just you, or does her house look a lot bigger than before?

You run up to the door, and knock.


You knock again.


You knock agai-

“Damn it what do you want?”

Oh! It’s that blond guy you always see around the woods!

And... somebody with glasses. You saw him in the newspaper, didn’t you?

And that blond kid that was with Mima!

They’re sitting around a little table, holding cards.

Chen pokes her head in through the door.

“If you’re looking for Marisa, Sigurd, or Mima, they’re helping out at the feast right now.”

“No doubt planning to finish the job! Let’s- eh? Hey, they just she wasn’t here! Where are you going?”

A spiky-black-worm-thing scuttles out of your way as you dash into the back of the house.

It’s not Marisa who’s the culprit...


It’s that!

The thing stares at you with bulbous, reptilian eyes, and rolls over.

You aren’t deceived by it’s guise! Reveal your true form, monster!

Suddenly, the floorboards shake and groan, tiny green shafts poking between them.

Here it comes!

[ ] rock
[ ] paper
[ ] scissors


Still ironing out the kinks.
No. 129409
[X] scissors

Wait, I'm confused. Are we going after the non-Euclidian fairy?
No. 129411

No. The Tsuchikano. A la the update image.
No. 129420

Quick, switch to 2-D mode!
No. 129422
[ ] paper
No. 129424
[x] rock

Good old rock. Nothing beats rock.
No. 129438
[x] Rock
It is always a pleasure to see all the references in Holidayanon.
No. 129465
[x] paper
I'm pretty sure it's the tsuchinoko Q
No. 129476

Why is my spelling so bad.
No. 129495
Calling for '[x] paper'

Writing soon*.

*soon may be tomorrow, as classes permit.
No. 129536
>Writing soon

No. 129605
...Or even the day after tomorrow. Writing Essays sucks.
No. 129613
>...Or even the day after tomorrow.

No. 129665

I'm starting to get mixed messages, here.
No. 129684
You gave us a precise date that's not too far away. In hiatus-snail-project.com this is reason enough to celebrate.
In the land of the blind, etc etc.
No. 129836
File 128997846974.jpg - (142.95KB , 800x600 , 65fabd90ab48b89c9433f046f5119108.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delays, gentlemen and... gentlemen.


[x] paper

The floorboards groan, shudder, and suddenly sprout woody tendrils of fresh growth.


Trump Card 「Great Escape」!

With a grand sweep of your arm, wide, flat bullets rise up like screens, filling the room.

Let’s see it catch you now!

Vines tear through the wall like tissue, but you’ve already moved through another.


You slam another wall shut on them as they round a corner.


Nobody’s better at you than this, even Master Kasen!

...Should you have warned Chen?


A prolonged scream, and the screech of claws dragging through wood.


You dance among the walls, circling, cutting back, and slamming doors, keeping the approaching leafy appendages at bay.

Now, how to take this one down...

The scream stops, and the fat snake makes a little, satisfied grunt.

Oh, this could be-

You snap, and the spell walls break, in a suitably dramatic fashion. The feast-stealer blinks, looks around, and rolls over, letting the vines start to wither.

Now, it’s just a matter of-


You defeated the Tsuchinoko! You cheating bastard.

A job well done, you! You give yourself a pat on the back.

“Soooo... what was that about?” The blond man asks.

Just another day of catching criminals!

“Why is the tsuki... sucha...”

Tsuchinoko,” the boy interjects.

“Right, why exactly is it a criminal?”

It was stealing the village feast!

“Marisa never lets it out of the yard, you know.”

All eyes in the room are on you.

You realize, in that moment, that the fourth person at the table is a black, hairy, man-sized spider. It’s also holding cards.

Trump Card 「Great Escape」!



You sit in the tree, a dazed Chen hanging over the branch next to you.

But... if not that, then who could it be?

[ ] ...A ravenous specter!
[ ] ...A magician’s slave!
[ ] ...The wrath of nature!
[ ] ...A lord of the deep!
[ ] ...A plague of pestilence!
[ ] ...A beast of Nightmares!
[ ] ...The terrible secret of space!


Don't think "I'll save the best for last". If you do, it may be too late.
No. 129841
[x] ...A lord of the deep!
Third times the charm!
No. 129850
[x] ...A ravenous specter!
No. 129852
[X] ...A lord of the deep!
No. 129860
I'm a little lost.
I recognize the two guys, but the giant spider and the "tsuchinoko" confuses me.

[x] ...A beast of Nightmares!
No. 129869
>>You realize, in that moment, that the fourth person at the table is a black, hairy, man-sized spider. It’s also holding cards.

If that really is who I think it is, then you just made my day doc.

[X] ...The wrath of nature!
No. 129883

1) Read the original Limited Adventures. (Right here on this very site!)

2) Read the three fairies manga. (From wherever you like!)

3) There were three guys there, actually.
No. 129950
'[x] ...A lord of the deep!' it is, then. Writing soon.
No. 129966
>Writing soon.

No. 130065
File 129013832478.jpg - (357.59KB , 713x1045 , 9cae71768152581cff979ea54de62007.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry this didn't come earlier!


[x] ...A lord of the deep!

A-ha! Of course, it would be her! You smack your fist into your palm.



Oh. Whoops.

“Who’s ‘her’?” Chen asks, climbing back up.

You point down, into the ground.

“Ah! There’s tons of tunnels near the village, too, so she could sleep in really easily!”

She’s nearly the perfect suspect!

The two of you dive from the tree, soaring over the forest, until you spot the nearest geyser.

Going down~



You stare at the black cat latched tightly onto your arm.

The black cat stares back at you.

Maybe the water route wasn’t the best way...

“Kouji! Orin! There you are!”



She slows down.

“...You’re not Kouji. And that’s not Orin.” Her face scrunches up in a scowl. “Don’t tell me-”


“You’re Orin and Kouji from the future, coming back in time to prevent a great disaster?!”


You leap into the air, extending the wet-cat equipped arm toward her.

You’re here to stop her from stealing the feast!

“You mean-”

She’s decided to confess, then?

“You’re their evil twins?!”

You nearly drop Chen.

“Prepare to die, doppelgängers!”

A gold rod assembles over her arm.

...Did it just get hotter in here?

[ ] Stop
[ ] Drop
[ ] Roll


Sadly, this won't finish before thanksgiving. Hopefully before the end of November.
No. 130066
[x] Drop

Because holding still is a bad idea, and dropping is faster than rolling.
No. 130069
[x] Roll
An aerial roll?
No. 130070
[X] Roll

>Maybe the water route wasn’t the best way...
Poor Chen.
No. 130071
[x] Roll
No. 130073
File 129014443859.jpg - (8.95KB , 195x259 , barrel_roll.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Roll

No. 130092
Poor Chen. She'll finish this story on her knees.

[x] Roll.
No. 130098

And not the maid-type!
No. 130099
File 129018088235.jpg - (34.44KB , 500x318 , 128660046663915728.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Roll

Quick, find as many pictures of barrel rolling as you can!
No. 130101
'[x] Roll' wins.


Writing soon.
No. 130105
>“Ah! There’s tons of tunnels near the village, too, so she could sleep in really easily!”

While this is probably a true statement, I can't help but think it isn't quite what you meant.
No. 130107

No. 130130
File 129023357392.jpg - (100.72KB , 800x546 , 66c2435960221787fb3423809162a732.jpg ) [iqdb]

[x] Roll

“Explosion Sign 「Giga Flare」!”



Ah ha ha


The air explodes.

And then it flies toward you.






Taking a deep breath, you roll between two boiling-hot fiery orbs of orange light.

「Chen Buster Cannon」!

Yowling, Chen fires a stream of danmaku ahead of her.

Wait, where did that bullet come-

Utsuho defeated you!


She flies down, and lifts you up by your collar.

“Now, where are Kouji and Orin?!”


“Heeeey! Okuu!”

Your savior~

“Oh, new corp- er, visitors from the surface?”


Is she... crying?

“Okuu-! My lungs-!”

The cat finally disentangles herself from the bird.

“What was that all about?”

“Where’s Kouji?!”

“Relax, he’s with Satori.”

You have no idea what’s going on anymore.

“I should get you two back to the surface, before anyone kicks up any more fuss. It’s like the damn bridge guard isn’t even there, I swear...”



What a bitter taste...

“So, what do we do now?”

Continue the search, of course! If one lead fails, try another! You’ve been entrusted with this task, so there’s no way you’ll fail!

So then, next is...

[ ] ...A ravenous specter!
[ ] ...A magician’s slave!
[ ] ...The wrath of nature!
[ ] ...A lord of the deep!
[ ] ...A plague of pestilence!
[ ] ...A beast of Nightmares!
[ ] ...The terrible secret of space!

No. 130133
Oh right, something kind of important- you only get to pick two more of these.

>>130105 And it was meant to be either 'sneak' or 'slip'. Possibly both.
No. 130137
[X]...A beast of Nightmares!

Alright, let's see what this button does.
No. 130143
[X] ...A beast of Nightmares!
No. 130146
[X] ...A beast of Nightmares!
No. 130148
[x] ...A ravenous specter!
No. 130149
[x] ...The wrath of nature!
Oh god, let this be the Yuuka option.
No. 130154
[X] ...The wrath of nature!
No. 130165
[x] >>130148
No. 130201
[x] ...The wrath of nature!
No. 130204
3 for 'The beast of Nightmares', 3 for 'The wrath of nature', and 2 for 'A ravenous specter'.

Need a tiebreaker vote.
No. 130207
[x] ...A ravenous specter!
No. 130208
[x] ...The wrath of nature!
No. 130209
[X] ...A ravenous specter!

This sounds not at all bad!
No. 130213
Hahahaa... nice tiebreaking guys
No. 130214
Does this mean warth of nature wins? First to 4 after all.
No. 130215

No, I do "most votes when I call it".

Also, I'm not entirely sure what a warth is. It sounds unpleasant, nonetheless.
No. 130252
Alright coin tossed, tie broken.

'[x] ...The wrath of nature' wins.

Writing soon.
No. 130267
>Writing soon.

No. 130295
>Dr. Qoppa!4WBwMSuyxE
Oh, hey, wondered about that.
No. 130353
Way too much delay here for my taste, but alas.

Monday might see an update, if all goes well. I'll be on the road Tuesday, and hopefully getting back in swing for a bit Wednesday/Thursday.
No. 130457
Okay, Monday update missed, ouch.

Maybe something Wednesday, once I get there.
No. 130624
Posting from my grandparent's house on my laptop, so no image.


[x] ...The wrath of nature!

No... it’s not like they need to eat anything but...

It’s exactly like them.

Chen! To the forest!


A different house this time!

You quickly whisper you plan into Chen’s ear, then soar back off over the trees.


Where is that tree...

Right there~!

You take a sudden dive, spinning, and crash through the glass skylight at terminal velocity.

“What?!” The blond shouts.

“Who?!” The orange-haired one exclaims.

“How?!” The black-haired one cries.

You land on one knee, arms spread dramatically, pieces of glass raining slowly around you.

You grin.

“What just...” The fourth one begins.

Wait, fourth?

You shoot him a glare. How the hell is he more muscular than you?

“You can’t escape!”

Chen breaks in another pane, scattering paper charms to the four corners of the room. A spherical barrier flares up around the house.

“A shield?!”

For stealing from the feast...

You stand up, reach up toward the sky.

...They will suffer retribution!

You bring down you hand, pointing right at them.

Damn, they already scattered.

Chen! It’s time for a fight!

[ ] Land
[ ] Air
[ ] Sea


Sorry for all these delays!
No. 130625
[x] Land

I've got a good feeling about this. They are the culprits for sure!
No. 130627
[x] Sea
No. 130635
[x] Sea
No. 130636
[x] Air
No. 130654
[x] Air
Air superiority
Who are we fighting?
No. 130655
The three fairies.
No. 130720
Tie between air and sea.

If there's no tiebreaker vote when I get home tomorrow evening, I'll toss a coin.
No. 130721
Oh hey, forgot to vote here.

[X] Air
No. 130725
[x] Air

wins. Writing when I get back, maybe late Saturday or early Sunday.
No. 131574
will the search continue?
No. 135522
File 129910137598.png - (1.03MB , 2480x1940 , 57716bc522bffd211b6a251aebabcf8f.png ) [iqdb]
Chen activated special skill Necromancy.

The story was revived!


[x] Air

“Got it!” She shouts.

Chen punches up, blowing out the rest of the roof panes, and extending the barrier up into the distance. A familiar orb appears, floating serenely on the ceiling.

With a deep breath, you declare the spell.

Aiming Sign 「Beehive」!

Amidst looks of horror, shocked realization, cringing, bewilderment shading into panic, and longstanding trauma, you lob a single bullet into the air.

It floats in a beautiful arc, and, striking the familiar perfectly, explodes into a cloud of buzzing, yellow wrath that blankets the room in agony.


The five of them scatter to the corners of the room, but to no avail.

Oh, wait, weren’t you supposed to be above the ball?

Why did you even make a spellcard like this?

You smile faintly as the golden wave sweeps you away.

Ah... there’s such a warm light...

Double K.O.

“We didn’t even get to do anything yet...!” A collapsed fairy complains, weakly.

“We were just going to take some of the offerings...” Whines another, slumped over a toppled chair.

The third is curled up in the corner, whimpering softly, and says nothing.

Their words ring true... you still haven’t found the culprit.

You spring to your feet.

Chen! It’s time to go!

You float up beside her as she clings to the rafters.

Chen! There isn’t much time! You still need to find the real thief!

“Yes... coming...”

She drifts slowly after you out the open top of the tree.

The sun is dipping toward the horizon.

This is your last chance! Where could the culprit be!?

[ ] ...A ravenous specter!
[ ] ...A magician’s slave!
[ ] ...The wrath of nature!
[ ] ...A lord of the deep!
[ ] ...A plague of pestilence!
[ ] ...A beast of Nightmares!
[ ] ...The terrible secret of space!


Spring break + writing mood = one revived story. It's a bit late, but let's finish this one off.
No. 135523
[x] ...A plague of pestilence!
No. 135524
[x] ...A beast of Nightmares!
It's gotta be it!
No. 135525
[x] ...A beast of Nightmares!

I can barely even remember what's happening now.
No. 135526

It's still just one thread. A re-read won't take more than twenty minutes.
No. 135527
[x] ...A beast of Nightmares!
No. 135572
[x] ...A beast of Nightmares!

Wins, with three votes. Writing soon.
No. 136499
File 129994907453.jpg - (467.56KB , 566x800 , 9c4b89a3884793d7a8e1c0c1e7f69bd1.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd forgotten how time-draining school is normally. I apologize.


[x] ...A beast of Nightmares!

It would be only too easy for her... there can be no doubt! With a fire in your heart, you know that you have found the criminal!

Chen! This is the final phase!


Where’s her energy!? There’s no way she can capture the true culprit like that!

She recoils, conviction in her face.

She needs stronger spirit than that to be your partner!

Okay!” She shouts, resolutely.

Perfect! Now, it’s time for the chase-

To the Myouren Temple!

“Wait, what?”

There’s no time to lose!

You grab her hand, and jump.

A minute later, you touch down lightly on the temple’s roof.

Well, that was unexpected.

Nothing bad happened at all!

“So, who are we after this time?”

The perfect culprit, a thief that leaves no trace!

A terrifying, unknown, beast that could bear anyone’s face!

“Oh, you mean miss Nue?”

The maiden in the mountain shrine says it even came from- Wait, Chen knows her?

“Of course. She came over for tea with miss Byakuren and miss Shou last weekend. She was really nice, and offered to come over to play later.”

Nevermind that! There’s a criminal to catch!

You do a backflip off the roof, land, and dive in through the window. Perfect! Now, to hunt her down!

You glide through the halls noiselessly, shuffling from wall to wall as you scan each of the rooms.

Dining room? An armored man watching television.


W-w-what are you doing here!?

Nazrin getting changed.

Storeroom? Nothing of value (anymore).

Bathroom? Giant hairy monster soaking in the tub.


“Oh, looking for me? I’m flattered.”

In a single bound, it lands behind you, blocking the door.

Attention: Your backup has been delayed.

Who cares about that!? It’s time to deliver justice!

[ ] Hack
[ ] Slash
[ ] Thrust


I'll try and hurry these up a little more.
No. 136501
[x] Thrust
No. 136502
[X] Thrust
No. 136533
[x] Hack
No. 136623
Well, looks like that's all I'm getting.

[x] Thrust

wins, writing when I can, etc.
No. 136743
File 130011845636.jpg - (299.00KB , 1000x708 , 486a4ae237d6370e95b913aa3c447c70.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey hey, it's here.


[x] Thrust

Time for a direct attack!

“I suppose I can take some time to entertain you~”


You point your arm at Nue, and fire a slow ray of light from your fingertip.

“...Really now? That’s it?”

Nope! You grab the ray, jump on top, and fly. Whoosh!

“Oho~! Much better!”

You kick off the wall to change direction. Time to wipe that grin off her face!


Whoosh whoosh

The scenery blurs past as you ricochet between the walls at subsonic speeds. How does she keep dodging!?

And why is it getting darker?

“Ominous Clouds 「Heian Dark Clouds」!”

Watch out!

A dozen lasers cut the air where you were before Chen tackled you.


“Don’t run ahead on your own!” She turns to face the nue. “She’s almost as strong as Miss Ran.”

“Almost? I’m offended.” The beast fans itself, leaning back on its hind legs.

“Don’t worry though! I’ve got a trump card!” Chen pumps her fist.

So do you. It’s the Three of Hearts.

Chen shuts her eyes and puts her hands together.

“Shikigami's Radiance 「Fox-Tanuki Youkai Laser」!”

But she’s not a fox or a tanuki.

A huge beam of light splits the air, and then it splits itself into more beams that shoot out its sides like tree branches.

You need that spell.

Chen impressed Nue Houjuu!

Evening light pours in through the new hole in the bathroom wall. There’s a human figure in the mist.

“Ouch... I wasn’t expecting you to be able to hit that hard, Chen.”

Chen scratches her head and blushes.

“I had to borrow one of Ran’s Spells, actually...”

No time for that! Nue stole the feast, didn’t she!?

“No, I’ve been in the Temple all day. Hijiri wants me to help her out with something at the feast later.”

The mist finally clears, revealing a completely naked w...


“Oh, do you like it? I thought I’d try spending some time in this form.”


“Ah! The festival’s starting soon! We need to get going!”

That’s not even fair!

“Come on!” She shouts, dragging you out through the hole.

(Final begins soon. Please wait warmly.)


I'll work on the final over the next few days. Hopefully it'll go up within the week.
No. 136770
inb4 it's Yuyuko.
No. 139248
File 130211903758.jpg - (328.39KB , 900x1039 , c5c0031d5695dd4af17056bcec066dd6.jpg ) [iqdb]
So slow! Sorry about that.


“Move faster! We need to get there before they make the opening speeches, or they’ll be nothing left!”

You grumble as Chen drags you along through the air. If you can’t even solve a simple incident, what’s the point?

Panting, Chen stops in the air, letting you dangle down below her. “If the thief is still on the loose, maybe they’ll show up at the feast again, right?”

Oh! She’s got a good point! You can still set up an ambush once you’re there!

“That’s the spirit!” Chen shouts, clenching her fists.

Wait a minute, did she just let go?


“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I forgot you weren’t flying!”

You ignore her, arms crossed, as you skim above the treetops toward the village. Master Kasen’s going to have a fit when you get back tonight with how dirty you are. She might even force you to take another bath.

Baths with Master Kasen would be more fun if they were warmer. Or involved more breathing.

“We’re here!” Your partner shouts.

With a shudder, you put on another burst of speed and touch down on the outskirts of the village. Slinking through the gathering crowd, you find your way backstage, into the preparation area.

Where to hide... not there... no, that’s too crowded... ah! It’s perfect!

“I see!” Chen whispers, curled up beside you under one of the covered food trolleys, “This way, if the criminal decides to strike again, we can catch them red-handed!”

Of course! The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime!

You go quiet as someone slips into the kitchen. The woman stealthily move between the tables, and eventually settles on the cart you’re hiding under, gently rolling it out the door.

It’s the criminal! You shoot a triumphant grin to Chen.

...Who is staring after you from underneath one of the remaining carts. It looks like you’ll have to handle this one solo!

Chen was removed from the party!

You sit silently as the cart rattles along the uneven cobblestone path, floating ever so slightly so you won’t be found. When it at last comes to a stop, you compose yourself, and burst up dramatically.

Stop, thief! There’s no escape from justice! Now, if you confess to stealing from the feast, you might... forgive...


Wait, what’s Shizuha doing here?

You realize after a cursory glance around, that you are in fact in the middle of the square. Everyone stands, frozen in open mouth surprise, watching the two of you. The microphone in Master Kasen’s hand shatters.

Without a word, the goddess in front of you drops to her knees, and begins to sob uncontrollably.

As you consider the fastest way to get out through the Great Barrier, Minoriko comes rushing out of the crowd to her sister’s side.

“What did you do!?” She shouts at you angrily. “This isn’t something you should be joking around-”

“No!” Shizuha grabs her sister’s shoulders as she rises. “He’s right...”

“...What?” The crowd begins muttering as the younger goddess turns.

“I stole the food last night! I’m sorry!”

“But, why?”

“I, I don’t know- I was jealous of you- even though I’m invited, the festival was really all about you, and I... I just...” She breaks down in tears again, burying her face in her sister’s chest.

“It’s okay, Shizuha,” Minoriko says, wrapping her arms around her.


“So, it was the employer after all!” You recoil as Chen leans over your shoulder

“Indeed! What a classic twist,” Akyuu observes, appearing on your other side without warning.

The crowd begins to chatter all at once.
“So, the kid solved the incident?”
“I think I’ve seen him before...”
“Isn’t he with that hermit up in the mountains?”

Kasen tries to vanish into the crowd after the last comment.

You cracked the case!

Or did you...?

[ ] Yep, that’s all! (go to epilogue)
[ ] No, something’s off... (can you spot the thread?)


The answer is hidden in the thread. I think you can probably find it. Of course, you don't have to, if you don't spot it. Think of it as an extra stage. Again, sorry about the lateness.
No. 139249
[x] Yep, that’s all!

I'm dumb, and this has dragged on far longer then necessary. I don't feel like rereading it for the third time to spot some inconsistencies. Sorry.

Also, what a twist! I never saw it coming, though it was obvious in retrospect.
No. 139250

Yeah, sorry about all of these delays. College classes suck more than I'd guessed.
No. 139254
I just read this for the first time and I have no bloody idea.

>“We were just going to take some of the offerings...” Whines another, slumped over a toppled chair.
Unless this is it. Planned theft is a crime! They should be punished!

Somehow I suspect the real answer is more subtle.
No. 139255
Hint #1: It's someone you haven't seen this time.

I'll give a couple more hints, to see if people can get it.
No. 139259
File 130213219741.jpg - (65.36KB , 380x600 , hintkasen2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hint #2: The culprit's absence is notable.
No. 139260

Is she also strong?

If so, could you say that they were, perhaps, an immaterial and missing power?
No. 139261
Well, the "ravenous specter" was likely Yuyuko, but it probably would have gone the way of all the other choices: she didn't do it.

Which leaves two other obvious suspects. The destitute shrine maiden Reimu, and-
>someone you haven't seen this time
wandering gourmet Koishi. Sadly, I can't find anything that would point to either of them.
No. 139263

You are correct in guessing that none of the available choices are guilty.

That's not a hint in itself.

Also, where does "wandering gourmet Koishi" come from?
No. 139264
An awesome doujin series. You can find it pretty easily by googling for gourmet koishi.

Is it someone that should be present at one of the visited houses, but isn't? I'd check, but I missed half the references so I probably don't know who is supposed to be present. I need to read more archives.
No. 139265

It is not a crossover anon. That, too, is not a hint.
No. 139266
only folks that come to mind are Suika, Alice (wasn't in the forest nor mentioned by the buy), Shou (Not in the temple) nor that fairy 'daughter' of Bill's.
No. 139269
File 130213596231.jpg - (27.01KB , 380x599 , hintkasen3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hint #3: The culprit's identity is indirectly mentioned after one of the fights.

I'll a few more hints in the morning, if no one's found it by then.
No. 139270
>Also, where does "wandering gourmet Koishi" come from?
Danbooru link for the lazy: http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/2157

>It’s like the damn bridge guard isn’t even there, I swear...”
Why did I keep dismissing this earlier? It's Parsee.
No. 139271
File 130213819951.jpg - (27.49KB , 379x599 , hintkasen4.jpg ) [iqdb]
I lied, huzzah staying up late.

Hint #4: There is a line in the finale that would indicate the real criminal.

With that, and what you already have, you should be able to figure out, without a doubt, who it is!
No. 139272
And if you know who it is, don't forget to vote for it!
No. 139274
[X] No, something’s off... (can you spot the thread?)
-[X] Parsee!
No. 139276
[x] No, something’s off... (can you spot the thread?)
- Parsee

She was mentioned after the fight with Utsuho, and Shizuha was overcome with jealousy.
No. 139277
[X] No, something’s off... (can you spot the thread?)
-[X] Parsee!
No. 139279
[X] No, something’s off...
- [ ] Shizuha isn't a popular enough character to have real emotions! This must be the work of...
- [X] Parsee!
No. 139283
[X] No, something’s off... (can you spot the thread?)
-[X] Parsee!

>Shizuha isn't a popular enough character to have real emotions!

No words describe my rage.
No. 139303
[X] No, something’s off... (can you spot the thread?)
-[X] Parsee!
Hah. There goes your horrible premonition. Though you did give a lot of hints
No. 139308
[Q] No, something’s off... (can you spot the thread?)
-[Q] Parsee!

Wins. It's time for the final fight!

...When I get back this evening, that is.

She's got emotions! It's just she normally wouldn't go so far as sabotage! She's still a real character! Honest!
No. 139320
A real flat character. In so many ways~
No. 139321
File 13021968743.jpg - (61.46KB , 320x304 , 1296603345446.jpg ) [iqdb]
Pic related.

Also, waiting warmly.
No. 139325

At least some of which are a part of her charm!

But yeah, might not make an update today. Chemistry lab left me slightly traumatized and with sore fingers.

We'll see how I feel after I finish with my fencing classes...
No. 139329
No. 139360
File 13023079623.jpg - (634.86KB , 1000x1000 , 614ae0f4d9d638ddcdf82b47b2ca2297.jpg ) [iqdb]
Final battle begins now!


[x] No, something’s off... (It’s Parsee!)

Not yet!

“H-huh?” Shizuha dries her eyes and looks at you.

Something’s been bothering you for a while now...

“...There’s tons of tunnels near the village, too, so she could sneak in really easily!”

“...It’s like the damn bridge guard isn’t even there, I swear...”

“...I was jealous of you...”

When you put the pieces together, there’s only one way to read it!

Of course, the culprit is-

“What, you’ve got another one?”

-wait, what? You turn to look at Chen. What is she talking... about...

“Just catching one criminal wasn’t enough, even in front of all these people?” She says sarcastically, rolling her eyes. “You had to go and find another.”

Her green eyes.

So that’s her game, is it? Well, you’ll have show her how well you can really play!

Final fight! Vs. ChEnvy

[ ] A B C
[ ] 1 2 3
[ ] do re mi


Were you expecting this? Anyway, final choice. Only one, maybe two updates left at most, too.
No. 139361
File 13023081699.jpg - (109.06KB , 800x600 , doremi1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[c] do re mi
No. 139362
[x] 1 2 3

I'm a mathmagician, bitch!
No. 139363
[x] do re mi

a deer, a female deer
No. 139364
[X] A B C

Cats can't spell!
No. 139365
[x] 1 2 3
No. 139366
[x] do re mi

I know I would like to do remi. DURR HURR.
No. 139367
Oh god with the puns.
No. 139379
[X] do re mi

Time for the final crescendo!
No. 139394
Actually... now that I think of it, what would HolidayAnon's character theme be?
No. 139399
[x] do re mi
Don't get to pick this one very often
No. 139408

Character theme? Being a kid, I guess. A budding eccentric-turned-ascetic for this storyline.

I never thought about it that much.
No. 139409
'[x] do re mi' wins, writing soon. This should be the actual finale! Unless I end up having to split it in two. We'll see.
No. 139422
File 130236769078.jpg - (643.04KB , 1258x850 , 3c46a4348469b86b1a904247775d6c70.jpg ) [iqdb]
At last!


[x] do re mi

You have to snap Chen out of it first, then you can find Parsee!

In fact, you’ve got a spell card for just such an occasion! With a quick flip, you evade a bullet-packed claw swipe.

“You can’t stop showing off, can you!? Everyone just has to see how cool your are!”

Ducking and weaving, you try to close in on Chen, tossing the occasional shot at her. She’s not even using any spell cards, how cocky!

“Like you’re one to talk! Fight me seriously!” She hisses.

You would, if only she’d stop dashing around for a minute- There! You pounce, lightly grabbing the tip of her ear. You take a deep breath, and-

A-ah! W-what are you doing-” She starts to blush.


Chen reels, clutching her head. With a wriggle and a flash, she returns to being a cat, and drops to the ground. A green glow stays hovering in the air for an instant, before suddenly darting off among the crowd.

Now it’s you just you and her!

You hurl out a stream of bullets, which chase the green glow like a snake. Moments later, you hear a yelp, and a small explosion.

You defeated Parsee!

Satisfied, you fold your arms.

Justice is served!

You feel a hand on your shoulder.

Well done, my disciple.” Kasen pats you on the shoulder. “I am amazed at the sheer level of collateral damage you could inflict within a single day.”


“You see, over the last hour, I’ve been getting complaints from a lot people. Some of them even asked for money to do repairs...” Her grip tightens a bit.

Um... you can explain that...

“Please do.”

It was... for... justice?

“I think you’ll be very busy with “justice” for the next few weeks.” You don’t need to look to see her smirking at you.

...Yes, master Kasen.


You return to the mountains late that night, after sundown. After you’re in bed, Kasen lingers a moment near the door as she leaves, letting a crisp, autumn breeze blow into the room.

”You did well, today.”


A little black ball sits, sleepily, at the edge of the village, waiting and watching.

“...Did he leave already...?”

No. 139424
File 13023682456.png - (1.14MB , 880x1200 , abb9c4b9740d92462f8dfc485b43045e.png ) [iqdb]

Ending theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Kx2imAE1fE

Congratulations! Feasting in Gensokyo Complete!

Battle summary:
Chen defeated Lumiere!
You defeated the Tsuchinoko! You cheating bastard.
Utsuho defeated you!
Double K.O. (vs. three fairies)
Chen impressed Nue Houjuu!
You defeated Parsee!


You: +2000
Chen: +2000
Loss: -1000
Bonus: +1200
Total: 4200 points

New high score!



There! It's finished, at last!
...About four months late!

Sorry, no bonus scenes here. In exchange, have a slightly more risqué ending picture!
No. 139425
Needs more references, but whatever. See you around Halloween for another riveting tale in Holidayanon life.
No. 139426

Yeah, this time was kind of... mediocre. It was a lot more effort than most times, and it was probably too much of a departure from the original format. Also, I haven't been keeping up with enough stories to make the references, sadly.

I'll chalk it up to experience.
No. 139429
>Rumia waiting for Holidayanon

Isn't it sad, Rumia?
No. 139430

Aw... just a little bonus? For her?
No. 139431
Who were the other potential partners?
No. 139433

On a roof (Chen)
In a corner (Kisume)
In plain sight (Kogasa)
No time, investigate alone (tagalong Rumia)
No. 139434
>No time, investigate alone (tagalong Rumia)
Rumia had no chance from the beginning ;_;
No. 139435
Why you do this to Rumia
No. 139436

Because it amuses me.
No. 139437
I got most of the references, but
>Wait, fourth? You shoot him a glare. How the hell is he more muscular than you?

Who were these guys?
No. 139439

No. 139440

Kouji: >>/underground/5443

Fourth Fairy: >>/forest/21655
No. 139441
File 130237672241.png - (218.26KB , 794x794 , 95c7dfad0f65b989c7e87487e79284fb.png ) [iqdb]
Speaking of sad Rumia...
No. 139442
It's Spring!
No. 139443

No. 139444
File 130237798485.jpg - (233.63KB , 601x859 , sausage.jpg ) [iqdb]
I counter your sad Rumia with a happy one!
No. 139445
File 130237858522.jpg - (209.50KB , 827x1169 , b9764e0a5a981994d88d4f7e99ab31b6.jpg ) [iqdb]
>A little black ball sits, sleepily, at the edge of the village, waiting and watching. “...Did he leave already...?”

But she's not happy
No. 139446
File 130237870585.jpg - (380.67KB , 1000x800 , 17979327_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
She is now!
No. 139511
No. 139561
Yes, yes I do.
No. 139570
You are a horrible person.
No. 139571

No. 139573
Can't say I do.