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File 128133242037.jpg - (303.73KB, 600x506, Orin and Okuu.jpg) [iqdb]
5443 No. 5443
For as long as she could remember, Orin had been good at handling people. Dead people. All of whom she would handle straight into the Hell of Blazing Fires. That was what she did. It was her job. Her history was long and storied, and the vast majority of those stories involved corpses, fires, and the subsequent combination of the two. Those two things were the tools of her trade.

She was not sure what to do when all she had was one. Other than feel awkward.

"Hi there, little guy."

The small child she held aloft over her head made no reply, simply dangling there in his too-large clothes, his dark eyes staring at her from behind the messy tangle of his dark hair. Small beads of sweat rolled down her pale skin as she felt the gentle rise and fall of his chest beneath her fingers. Her vibrant red hair began to fritz, slowly unraveling one of her twin braids as her large, black, feline ears began to droop. Gradually it occurred to her that, in accidentally dragging a living person down to Hell and nearly tossing him into a flaming pit, she might have been a bad girl.

She whimpered a little. She had to make sure Satori didn't find out!

"Hey," she stuttered, smiling weakly at the little boy. "You must be a tough little guy, so I bet you'll be okay while I figure out what to do with you, right?"

The boy stared into her dark red eyes. She stared into his. His breathing stayed calm. She heaved a sigh of relief.

Then she nearly fumbled him right into the pit as he burst out crying.

Instinctively she pulled him close before he could fall, and jumped back from the pit, falling flat on her ass. A string of vague nonsense and pleas for him to be quiet poured from her mouth, but she had only the barest idea of what she was saying, only the barest idea of what to do. Panic surged within her. She didn't know what to do with a child! Not a living one! She needed help! She needed... she needed...

"Master Satori! Help!"

Tears welled up in her eyes, and she began to cry as she ran toward the Palace of the Earth Spirits, leaving the burning flames in the belly of the underground far behind.


Kindred Inalterable Dependency


Comfy. Dark. Peaceful. Warm. Being in bed sure is wonderful.

"... wake up."

The soft sound of Mama Orin whispering into your ear wakes you up as it does every morning, and you try to hide your giggle, scrunching your eyes shut tighter, and snuggling up to Mama Okuu even closer than before. She hugs you tight, too, even in her sleep! Mama Okuu is always so huggy, it's so nice!

"Come on, little guy. Up and at 'em."

Mama Orin cuddles up behind you, squishing you up against Mama Okuu. Mama Orin isn't as soft as Mama Okuu, but she's really cuddly too. So lucky having such nice mamas! You hide your smile as Mama Orin starts tickling you with her tails, and try to keep from squirming. She's sneaky, but the only way to get you out of bed is...

Mama Orin giggles, and says your name.




Hello, folks.

Yeah, I know it isn't HLA. Shoot me, but I have hit a rut in HLA, and I believe a part of that is simply having worked with the same characters for so long. In a bit of an effort to recapture my writing spirit, I'm trying something new. I have someone to nudge me along on this, too.

I hope you all can enjoy this.
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>> No. 5448
[x] Kaiji
>Mama Orin cuddles up behind you, squishing you up against Mama Okuu. Mama Orin isn't as soft as Mama Okuu, but she's really cuddly too. So lucky having such nice mamas!
Oh god. I am not sure my heart can take this. I don't know why this beginning reminds me a bit of fallout.
Next up date where.
>> No. 5449
[x] Kouji
>> No. 5450
[x] Ichiharu
"Ichi," first, "haru," sun.
Would have gone with 'first fire' but a quick search didn't turn up any promising names.
>> No. 5451
[X] Harrison Ford
>> No. 5453
[x] Ouji

"Prince." I only thought it appropriate the child's name begin with an O.
>> No. 5454
>Patchwork updated
>Not HLA
>Still a shota

[X] 吉郎 - Kichirou (lucky son)

I wanted to go for a name starting with O for theme naming, but all I could find was Osamu, which can mean "studious" or "ruler". I decided to go for a name that meant luck because of his close call.
>> No. 5457
[x] Ichiharu

I can roll with this.
>> No. 5458
...Google shows one--I repeat ONE instance of "Ichiharu" using the kanji for "one" (一) and "sun" (陽) as a name, and even in that instance it's a last name.

It's doubly facepalm-worthy because there ARE valid first names using that kanji--it's just that none of them seem to be pronounced "Ichiharu"

It's like someone went to an English-language names site and said "Well, 陽 on its own is sometimes pronounced Haru; I'm sure that if I mash it against 一 and call that Ichi that'll be a proper name!"


[X] Kazuhiro
[X] Kazuharu

Same 一陽 kanji, actual name.
>> No. 5459
>child's name begin with an O
I like this idea
[x] Ouji
>> No. 5460
[x] Ouji

Palace gotta have a prince.
>> No. 5461
[x] Ouji

Works for me~!
>> No. 5463
[x] Kouji

Naming yourself Ouji just seems pretty lame in my opinion
>> No. 5464
What he said.
>> No. 5466
[Q] Kouji

This sounds much better.
>> No. 5467
[x] Kouji
>> No. 5468
[X] Kazuhiro

But if that doesn't win, "Kouji" over "Ouji". The 'O' in "Ouji" is different than the 'O' in "Okuu" or "Orin" in that there's no kanji read "Uji" by itself (or at least none of them are suitable for names).
>> No. 5471
[X] Kouji
Rings a bell... But it works for me.
>> No. 5474
[x] Kouji

It'll be interesting to see how a kid deals with Satori and Koishi. Waiting warmly.
>> No. 5475
[x] Ichiharu
>> No. 5476
(o-en) It means Youthful.
Nothing too fancy, but appropriate for the setting, the character and this Website.
>> No. 5477
[x] Kouji

So U.N. Owen was him?
>> No. 5485
[x] Owen

I look forward to great things.
>> No. 5491
And now I close votes, and shall get to work. Update should come along later tonight.
>> No. 5492
Beat me to it.

>> No. 5493
So quick... I think I'm gonna cry...
>> No. 5494
>Patchwork!!L2MGExBJD0 10/08/10(Tue)00:16 And now I close votes
>MY VOTE 10/08/10(Tue)00:16
I'd be sad if this wouldn't mean UPDATES FROM PATCHWORK
>> No. 5499
Alright. Have gotten a fair portion of the next update completed, but I'm going to cap it off in the morning, and call this a night due to the pressing need to keel over before too long.
>> No. 5513

>> No. 5516
File 128151357973.jpg - (103.42KB, 638x515, Cat cart.jpg) [iqdb]

"Good morning, Mama Orin!"

She laughs, and snuggles up close, giving you a big good morning hug. You even get a nice big ruffle for being a good boy and answering when she said your name! Always feels so good when she plays with your hair like that, especially when she scratches just a little!

"Good morning, little guy... ready to get up? You have classes with Master Satori today."

Actually, you kind of want to sleep in with Mama Okuu for once, but... she sure sleeps a long time, and Aunt Satori is really nice. Plus, her lessons are always super interesting, and sometimes she even tells you those funny stories about your mamas! She even gives you cookies, and tea, and all sorts of nice, colorful snacks.

"Well, little guy?"

"Okay! I'm ready!"

"On the count of three..."

It takes a whole lot of squirming, and Mama Orin has to tug a lot, but soon you pop right out of Mama Okuu's arms with a great big... pop! You and Mama Orin kind of go over the edge of the bed, but that's okay because she's soft, and you get to snuggle a little down on the floor. Mama Orin is always really active though, so you don't get to spend much time cuddling and rolling around with her before she hops back up, and runs you right over to the big old mirror in the corner.

That's fine, though, even though you have to stand still in front of the mirror. Standing still all by yourself is normally boring, but the mirror is so big that you can see everything in the room, and Mama Orin being so active makes her funny to watch. She scrambles and tumbles all over the room to find all the stuff you need to get ready, and her black and green dress almost matches the wall, so it looks really silly when she flails around like that. Her ears and tails are always twitching all over the place, too!

She never stops moving, and just hops right over to help you get dressed once she has all your clothes. Off with the big white shirt, on with the green kimono! You match with mama, now! She ties everything up so neat and nice for you, so you just watch the mirror. Mama Orin looks so focused! Mama Okuu looks so sloppy! All rolling around on the bed in the center of the room, getting wrapped up in the sheets like she gets wrapped up in her cape sometimes!


You shut your eyes when Mama Orin starts brushing and combing your hair, trying to make it settle down all straight. Feels good when she brushes your hair! You're kind of happy she always makes sure to take care of your hair, but...

You open your eyes when she finishes. Your hair looks like it's all neat and tidy now, lying all black and flat. Mama Orin looks super proud of her work. Then twitch, twitch! Poof! Your hair goes all messy and wavy again! Mama Orin groans, and her ears go all flat. You giggle a little.

"So stubborn..."

Of course! Mama Orin raised you, after all!



Riding in Mama Orin's wheelbarrow is always so much fun! Lights and colors shooting by at super high speeds! The whole house looks so different like this! Even when you get to the outer parts of the house, with all the browns and daylight everywhere, it still looks different. All those columns and arches whizzing by...

The best part, though, is riding backwards, because it lets you look up at Mama Orin. She always seems so happy when she's pushing her cart. Her eyes are all glittery and shining like fire, and her ears are all alert, and she has this big, toothy grin, and her braids are whipping all around...

Mama Orin is so cool!

"Get ready, little guy! It's the final stretch!"


You squirm down deep into the wheelbarrow, and get ready. Mama Orin goes faster, and faster, and faster, and stops! You go flying into the air, flip, and land on your feet... just like mama taught you! She gives you a big thumbs-up, and a smile.

"You seem to be teaching him strange things again, Orin."


"Aunt Satori!"

You turn around, and Aunt Satori is right there behind you! She smiles down at you, red eyes twinkling, and gently strokes your hair. She sure is pretty every time you see her. Her hair is all pink, and silky, and neat under her hairband, not like yours at all! And her clothes are so neat looking, all soft colors, with cute little heart buttons. Her third eye swivels to look at you, all the cords on it swaying, and it blinks at you.

"Good morning, Kouji. I'm happy to see you again."

You nod excitedly, and spread your arms out for a hug. She chuckles and picks you right up off the ground in order to hug you. While you snuggle up to her, you can hear her talking to Mama Orin.

"You are quite proud of yourself, Rin."

Mama Orin laughs, but it sounds a little different, and you can hear a loud thump.

"Of course I am, Master Satori! I'm making the little guy into a real cat!"

The two of them keep talking for a little while, but it's a lot more boring, so you just enjoy snuggling up with Aunt Satori. It goes on for a while, but after they talk Mama Orin skips up and gives you one last big hug, and gives one to Aunt Satori too before she takes off at super high speed. It looks so fun... maybe Mama Orin will teach you to use her cart one day, too.

"I am sure she will one day, Kouji."

You give Aunt Satori a big smile. If she says so, then it must be true! Aunt Satori is always right! She giggles a little, and sets you down on the ground, crouching down to look you in the eyes.

"Well then, are you ready for your lessons today?"


"Wonderful! Let us... oh?"

Her third eye perks up, darting up to peer up and down the halls, and she looks up, too. You look around a little, too. What could she be looking for? All you can see is lots of brown dust all around, on the walls, the arches, the columns, the floor, even the dusty old door into the room where Satori always teaches you. Lots of dust. She smiles a little smile that reminds you of the one Mama Orin smiles sometimes.

"What a surprise..."

She giggles again, and turns to look at you.

"Kouji, it looks like we have a guest today. She's here just to see you! Should we say hello?"


[ ] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!
[ ] If the guest hasn't come out yet, then maybe she isn't ready to! Aunt Satori says you should always be understanding!


My apologies for the delay. I'm still getting back into the swing of things, and adjusting to this new protagonist. Will try to be quicker in the future.
>> No. 5517
[x] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!

New people are always great fun
>> No. 5518
[x] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!

>My apologies for the delay. I'm still getting back into the swing of things, and adjusting to this new protagonist. Will try to be quicker in the future.

One day for an update this big is pretty good.

Getting massive Chi/Yotsuba vibes from this. Awesome.
>> No. 5519
[x] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!

Aunt Koishi?
>> No. 5520
[x] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!
>> No. 5522
[X] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!

Oh my goodness this is sweet, I love it.
>> No. 5523
[x] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!

Oh man, this CYOA is adorable. I don't think I'll survive this thread.
>> No. 5524
[x] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!

Just one question

What time is this set in relation to SA?
>> No. 5527
File 12815284303.jpg - (182.77KB, 850x609, 207a8964c209fbbe94803393a3ead534e11a8f6f.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!

>If the guest hasn't come out yet, then maybe she isn't ready to!

Curiously how would Kouji know the guest would be female? Just an assumption he makes, something from Satori rubbing off on him/Kouji developing his own sixth sense, or something else..?

>You squirm down deep into the wheelbarrow, and get ready. Mama Orin goes faster, and faster, and faster, and stops! You go flying into the air, flip, and land on your feet... just like mama taught you! She gives you a big thumbs-up, and a smile.

Soon Orin will have Kouji wall-jumping and before you know it, she ends up enlisting a certain kappa to make a "specialized suit" for Kouji to handle the Hell of Blazing Fires. Mama Okuu and Mama Orin providing some "inspiration" as well

>> No. 5528
[x] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!
While there is nothing wrong with our extremely young MC, I have to ask; Will this time skip all over the place like Fragmentation of Memory's over in Yokai?
>> No. 5530
[Q] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!

It's most likely Koishi, but it could also be Yamame with the whole ceiling thing.
>> No. 5532

anyway, [x] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!
Everything is really cute and pink but...
>> No. 5533
[X] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!

At this rate, I'll have a heart attack. It's like in HLA when we spent half the day hugging Yuyu.
>> No. 5536
Except for Kouji, right?

[X] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!
>> No. 5537
[ø] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!
>> No. 5539
>You nod excitedly, and spread your arms out for a hug. She chuckles and picks you right up off the ground in order to hug you.
This is deadly, you should give out a warning to people.
>> No. 5541
[X] If the guest hasn't come out yet, then maybe she isn't ready to! Aunt Satori says you should always be understanding!

Well, someone has to vote for it.
>> No. 5542
[x] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!
>> No. 5545
[x] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!

Enough "hnnnng" to drop a bull at 40 paces. This story is going to affect my health.
>> No. 5548
>shota MC being raised by the /underground/ folk


Shit, there goes the past 8 months of planning I've done. Now I mad and sad.
>> No. 5549
[X] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!

This tide will not be turned. I'm suprised nobody has brought up the posibility of Kisume being the guest.

I would think a title like KID would be an automatic warning for frequent heart attacks.

Are you saying it takes nine months to create a shota CYOA?
>> No. 5550


[x] Yep! Aunt Satori says you should always greet guests with a smile!

If only my stone cold heart could react to these...
>> No. 5551
make it anyway

Underground needs the activity
>> No. 5565
Goodness, I can see where this is going. Consider the votes called.

Writing will begin later tonight, when the late afternoon heat is no longer sapping all my energy.
>> No. 5570

The shota part was just the first part...then the plot would kick in with a time skip. Also, dieing HDs getting in the way.


Now I'm just gonna watch how things develop, maybe one day, who know?
>> No. 5581
Get back to work nigger. I want my daily sweet overdosis.
>> No. 5584
File 128185361871.jpg - (85.76KB, 640x480, You have not yet begun to HHNNNGGGGHHHHH.jpg) [iqdb]


It's a sorry thing to have to admit, but today has been lost in a whirlwind of Fairy Wars and New Super Marisa Land. I will put my all into finishing the next update by tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you need a dose of heart attacks, I recommend New Super Marisa Land. It contains 200% of your daily dose of adorable.
>> No. 5585
File 128185908715.png - (102.17KB, 636x477, 1281825557511.png) [iqdb]
Goddamn it son, i can't really blame you there.
>> No. 5591
>You have not yet begun to HHNNNGGGGHHHHH.jpg
>> No. 5594
So true and to think you haven't show a picture of Suwako-Marisa.

I'm ready to download that just as soon as I find out the required specs.
>> No. 5598
XP, 1.6GHz+ CPU, 1GB+ Memory, 2GB hard drive space, GeForce 7300/RadeonX1300 or better on graphics.
>> No. 5599
Is it free over the internet?
>> No. 5600
...In the sense that you can pirate it, same as all the other popular Comiket stuff.
>> No. 5601

Super Marisa World is an actual company made game?
>> No. 5604
Tasofro made. The people who did SWR and the other fighters, as well as Patchcon.
>> No. 5606
File 128196554434.jpg - (0.97MB, 1280x960, e6707cd0e1a2f6750c7d8dfd57ac2efe.jpg) [iqdb]
Goddamn it, Patch. You ditched HLA for this? How could you? ;_;

Seriously, though, this is too awesome and adorable to be ignored. Looking forward for the next update.
>> No. 5613

Whoa, whoa. This is not Super Marisa World, it's Marisa and the 6 Mushrooms: New Super Marisa Land. Definitely not to be confused with Super Marisa World, which is not made by Tasofro, but Double Cluster. Also, SMW is sadistically hard.
>> No. 5618
>Goddamn it, Patch. You ditched HLA for this? How could you? ;_;
Even better, now he can not update two stories at once!
>> No. 5619
Three. Let's not forget Working for the Weekend.
>> No. 5620

Thought Patchwork wanted to do a bit of reconning on that one though...
>> No. 5621
lol'd more than I should have.
>> No. 5622
HLA R1 Ex-stage
Working for the Weekend

Hory shit Patch is busy!
>> No. 5623
File 12821142207.jpg - (199.40KB, 360x500, Imagine her wagging her tail.jpg) [iqdb]
Pop quiz! Easy quiz! Aunt Satori always says that when you have a guest, the polite thing to do is to greet them with a smile. That's the way to show them how happy you are that they came all the way to see you, and that will make them happy too.

"That is a wonderful answer, Kouji," Aunt Satori says, clasping her hands together. "If you continue to be such a considerate boy, and take the feelings of others to heart, I am sure you will grow up to be a fine young man."

You giggle. Aunt Satori praised you!

Her eyes twinkle and glitter all pretty-like, and she gently pats you on the head. Then she straightens up, stands up, and pats her dress out smooth. She has that little smile like the one Mama Orin uses again. It's an exciting kind of smile! She always uses it right before she does something sneaky, or something fun, or something sneaky-fun!

"However, in order to greet someone properly when they come to see you, you have to see them, too." She twirls around, and flash! A little danmaku bullet goes whizzing way up high into the ceiling! "Isn't that right, Miss Spider?"

Way up there in the dark comes a popping noise, and then a loud, surprised shout. A blond girl in a poofy red-brown dress with weird yellow bands around it comes tumbling down, her arms and legs waving all over the place. Right before she hits the ground, she tries to grab at something, and catches a really hard-to-see glittery string, using it to stop right there. Her hair is all messed up now, not in a bun anymore, and her black ribbon is all lopsided and funny looking. She looks all dizzy, too.

So you should definitely greet her properly, and make her feel better!


You skip on over, and give her a big, big smile! She still looks kind of dizzy, but she smiles at you anyway. Kind of.

"Kouji! How are you today?"

"Good! How are you?"

"Not good! Tell your aunt not to to scare me like that," she says all whiny-like.

You laugh, and turn around to talk to Aunt Satori. Her eyes are sparkly, though, and she has her hands together in front of her, and she's squirming around in place, and that means...

"But you look so cute when you're scared, Yamame! Flailing all your arms and legs, and trying to cling to your web, and spinning around on your web!" Aunt Satori hugs herself, and her face turns all pink. "With all those buttons glinting, you look just like spider, with their cute furry legs, and their big shining eyes, and, and... ah! I want a spider for a pet! I want to take you home!"

Aunt Satori spreads her arms wide for a big hug, and runs right toward you and Yamame! Yamame makes a funny noise, though, and scurries up her web and out of the way. Aunt Satori gets on her tippy-toes trying to reach, but she can't make it!

"Kouji! Come on! Let's get out of here, and away from your crazy aunt!"

You giggle again. Aunt Satori isn't crazy, just silly sometimes! Like when she has Pet Fever♪

"Oh, Kouji!" Aunt Satori spins around all happy, giving you a big grin. "Leave it to a considerate boy like you to understand! Your aunt is just silly! So very silly!"

She bends down and pokes your nose.

"But that's our secret, right?"

You poke her nose. That's right!

Aunt Satori picks you right up off the ground, holds you over her head, and spins around and around. She laughs and laughs, doing her little spinning dance. All the browns, and dark bits, and light bits around you spin together like the colors of the big old windows that line the house! You can kind of see Yamame reach out for you, though.

"Come on, Kouji! Let's go!"

Satori smiles up at you, her eyes still sparkly, all three of them!

"Well, Kouji! Yamame wants to take you somewhere, I have lessons for you... so much to do today! What do you think?"


[ ] You think you should go with Yamame, and come back later! Aunt Satori can't teach in Pet Fever!
[ ] You think you should stay with Aunt Satori, and go out later! Lessons are important! Aunt Satori will calm down soon.
- [ ] Yamame could come for lessons, too!
[ ] You think Yamame would make a good pet.


Ugh. It's one thing after another. Electricians looking at the house, yard work, packing things up to get moved back to the dorms, losing the USB with my writing on it, then finding it again...

Anyway, the last day or two got out of hand on me. Sorry about that. Will be aiming for daily updates after this... except on Saturday. I'm moving back into the university dorms then, so expect a delay then.
>> No. 5624
[x] You think Yamame would make a good pet.

I do.
>> No. 5625
[x] You think Yamame would make a good pet.

We need to build up a relationship with Satori so we can have pseudo incest sex with her
>> No. 5626
[X] You think Yamame would make a good pet.

>Her eyes are sparkly, though, and she has her hands together in front of her, and she's squirming around in place
>I want to take you home!
Drawfags, I think you know what to do here.
>> No. 5627
[x] You think you should go with Yamame, and come back later! Aunt Satori can't teach in Pet Fever!

Some time out of the house would be nice. A kid can't stay cooped up in the palace forever.

Trying such a failed approach? Just because Patchwork is writing this doesn't mean it'd have kinky stuff like that. And if we were to go that route, I'd rather get educated by Mamas Rin and Okuu (Who's 'more huggable')
>> No. 5628
[x] You think you should go with Yamame, and come back later! Aunt Satori can't teach in Pet Fever!
>> No. 5630
[x] You think Yamame would make a good pet.
>> No. 5631
>If you continue to be such a considerate boy, and take the feelings of others to heart, I am sure you will grow up to be a fine young man.
Satori route? It will be hard to hide his feelins for her when he grows up. Too bad that she can read all his perverted thoughts. But it seems not like she would mind. More like she would encourage and teach him. What a great Aunt.

[x] You think Yamame would make a good pet.
>> No. 5633
[c] You think Yamame would make a good pet.
>> No. 5634
File 128213959980.jpg - (90.46KB, 480x360, YOU_GONNA_GET_TAKEN_HOME.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] You think Yamame would make a good pet.
>> No. 5635
[x] You think Yamame would make a good pet.
>> No. 5636
[x] You think you should stay with Aunt Satori, and go out later! Lessons are important! Aunt Satori will calm down soon.
- [x] Yamame could come for lessons, too!
I don't know. The pet option just seems too soon to me.
>> No. 5637
>Imagine her wagging her tail.jpg
If only crazy cat ladies were this adorable in real life.

[X] You think you should go with Yamame, and come back later! Aunt Satori can't teach in Pet Fever!
To adventure! And the shotacon Yuugi we missed in HLA R1 EX stage!
>> No. 5638
[X] You think you should go with Yamame, and come back later! Aunt Satori can't teach in Pet Fever!

Works for me~!
>> No. 5640
On second thought, changing vote.

[Q] You think you should go with Yamame, and come back later! Aunt Satori can't teach in Pet Fever!

I was momentarily taken aback by this Satori. Then I wholeheartedly embraced it.
>> No. 5641
[x] You think you should go with Yamame, and come back later! Aunt Satori can't teach in Pet Fever!
>> No. 5642
[x] You think you should stay with Aunt Satori, and go out later! Lessons are important! Aunt Satori will calm down soon.
- [x] Yamame could come for lessons, too!
>> No. 5644
[x] You think you should go with Yamame, and come back later! Aunt Satori can't teach in Pet Fever!
This is really adorable, but I can't shake the feeling that it is just the calm before the storm.
>> No. 5646

You're too high strung. Relax a little~
>> No. 5647
[ ] You think Yamame would make a good pet.
>> No. 5648
Are you saying that, perhaps he should take it easy?
>> No. 5649
[ø] You think Yamame would make a good pet.
This or going out for a bit with Yamame works for me.
>Satori in pet fever
>> No. 5650
Nah, man. Patch wouldn't pull something like that.
>> No. 5651
[x] You think you should stay with Aunt Satori, and go out later! Lessons are important! Aunt Satori will calm down soon.
- [x] Yamame could come for lessons, too!

Don't see why not
>> No. 5652
{X} You think you should go with Yamame, and come back later! Aunt Satori can't teach in Pet Fever!
>> No. 5653
[x] You think Yamame would make a good pet.

Come play with us Yamame! For~ever~
>> No. 5654
[x] You think Yamame would make a good pet.
>> No. 5655
[X] You think you should go with Yamame, and come back later! Aunt Satori can't teach in Pet Fever!

Auntie needs to calm down a touch...
>> No. 5656

Where'd you go?
>> No. 5657
>In a bit of an effort to recapture my writing spirit, I'm trying something new.
>7 days later...

Mission accomplished?
>> No. 5658

University. Just moved in yesterday, and have been busy with all the check-in work and the routine being dragged around the dormitory before classes begin.

Regardless, I am finally settled, registered to the Internet service on campus, and all that other stuff. Classes begin tomorrow, but I ought to have time to update. My class schedule leaves me with nice, open afternoons. Plus, the first few days of classes rarely require me to do much.

So, votes called, and update coming tomorrow, hopefully in the afternoon.
>> No. 5685
File 128263389915.png - (149.49KB, 600x600, Yamame002.png) [iqdb]
"I think Yamame would make a good pet!"

Blink blink! Yamame blinks, and it's funny, because she kind of wobbles on her web, and then even the big old yellow buttons on her dress all glitter like they're blinking! Then Aunt Satori blinks, and gets a big goofy smile. You blink a little too, since everyone else is.

"Kouji," Aunt Satori sings, then pulls you into the biggest hug today!

"Kouji!" Yamame's eyes look all wet, and she sniffles at you. "Why would you say something like that?"

"Because Aunt Satori's pets are all super fun, and super cute, and super friendly, and so are you! Plus, if you were a pet, you could live here with me, and I would get to see you everyday! You could even sleep together with me, and Mama Orin, and Mama Okuu!"

After you say that, Yamame turns all red in the face, and scrambles around on her web again. It looks silly, so you end up giggling with Aunt Satori again.

"You! C-cute! Sleeping together!" Yamame waves her arms all over the place, then points at you. "That crazy lady is scrambling your head, Kouji! Sh-she's teaching you all kinds of weird things!"

Whoosh! Yamame swings around on her web, and jumps right over the edge of the balcony! More and more webs twinkle through the air, and she scurries away, still lit up all red for some reason. She turns around and calls back to you, though, before she leaves.

"I'll come back for you later, Kouji! I'll save you from that crazy lady!"

And then she disappears, way far into the far, far away, and down below in the city. You feel kind of sad, because she started acting all weird after you said she would make a good pet. Maybe you did something bad, or said something you weren't supposed to.

"Don't worry," Aunt Satori says, still holding you really tight, and giggling a lot. "The only person who made that cute little spider act strange was her! In fact, you made her so happy that she's going to come back a whole lot today, just to see you!"

Oh! You feel better, then. Aunt Satori is always right about those things! She's really amazing!

She sounds really happy, too, giggling and laughing as she takes you back inside. She's usually real quiet, and calm, and stuff when she enters the study, so she must be happy if she still does all those little spins, and holds you over her head while she goes all the way to the center of the room. Because of that, you get to see all over the room, and all the rows and rows of books on their big dark shelves.

She plops down on the really cushy red couch she always lets you use when you have lessons, right next to the big wooden table with the tray of snacks on it, and the books stacked up all neat. Her comfy looking red chair is on the other side of the table, but she totally ignores it. She just stretches out and lies down on the couch, cuddling up to you, and snuggling a whole bunch.

It's kind of nice, especially because she always keeps this room kind of dark and cozy, and most of the light comes from these dim little lamps she put up around the room. You don't really get why they don't get super bright, but she showed you how to light them once, and it looks and feels real nice to be in a cozy, dim room. You don't know what else to do, so you just snuggle up to her, and let yourself feel all nice.

"Oh Kouji, I feel so excited today! Your cute spider friend visited, and she's going to come back, and maybe she'll let me make her my pet, and goodness I just want to snuggle something so much right now! I'm hardly acting like myself!"

Yeah! Normally she calms down a lot faster than this after Pet Fever, and she hardly ever wants to snuggle so much! It's kind of nice, but...


[ ] Lessons!
[ ] Snuggles!
>> No. 5686
[ ] Lessons!
[ ] No, snuggles!
[ ] Lessons!
[ ] Snuggles!

[X] Snuggle Lessons!
>> No. 5687
[x] Snuggles!
Goddamn, she is going to eat him up. Someone with more willpower should vote for the other option.
>> No. 5688
[x] Snuggles!
I... I... I can't vote for the other option, it is impossible.
>> No. 5689
File 128263563278.gif - (50.96KB, 538x487, 398503_main.gif) [iqdb]
[x] Snuggles!

I came prepared guys, there's enough for everybody.
>> No. 5690
[X] Snuggle Lessons!
>> No. 5691
Don't need it, I have a natural immunity to cuteness and what people call Moe.

Yes, you can start calling me a cold heartless monster.

[X] Snuggle Lessons!
>> No. 5693
[X] Snuggle Lessons!
>> No. 5694
[X] Lessons!

The saccharin! It's too much!

>> No. 5697
[X] Snuggle Lessons!
>> No. 5698
[c] Snuggle Lessons!

I'll gladly take these lessons.
>> No. 5699
D-damn you, Patch!

[Q] Lessons!

As adorable as snuggling is, we have to learn something today.
>> No. 5700
[x] Lessons!
Time to pretend like we are an adult, and snap her out of this.
>> No. 5701
[X] Snuggle Lessons!

I think Kouji attempting to act like an adult would drive Satori further into her cute mania.
>> No. 5703
[X] Lessons!
-[x] THEN Snuggles.
>> No. 5704
[X] Lessons!

Reading this story is bad for my heart, I hope you're happy, Patch!
>> No. 5706
[x] Lessons!

I want snuggles but I don't think my body can take it
>> No. 5707

What game is it? That pic looks so adorable I feel I should play it. No, I want to play. Please, give me the name!!!

[X] Snuggle Lessons!

>> No. 5708
[X] Snuggle Lessons!
>> No. 5709
>we have to learn something today.
Yes. We are learning how to snuggle with Aunt Satori today which is very important. Because there is more to come in the future when he is all grown up.
>> No. 5710
{X} Lessons!
>> No. 5712
[x] Lessons!

>> No. 5713
[X] Lessons!
- [X] While snuggling!

With Satori snuggles as our reward for learning things, we'll hit Eirin-tier genius before we hit puberty.
>> No. 5714
[x] Lessons
>> No. 5716
[x] Lessons
>> No. 5718
[X] Lessons!
- [X] While snuggling!

This works.
>> No. 5722
Sorry for the delays again, guys, but I'm a bit under the weather. Caught something like a weak cold from a friend, and it's been leaving me a little less than energetic. Nonetheless, the votes are called, and writing has begun. I'll try to have the update ready by tomorrow, but if it takes me until Saturday, please understand.

I thought I would just let you all know why I haven't updated yet.
>> No. 5724
Healthy writefag is best writefag
>> No. 5763
>but if it takes me until Saturday, please understand.

So, uh, Saturday already passed. Twice.

I'm not sure I understand.
>> No. 5804
This writefag must have an impressive rack from being so healthy.
>> No. 5830
File 12840701068.jpg - (14.36KB, 473x339, meidkas.jpg) [iqdb]
It's worse than dead... the writefag is lazy!
>> No. 5851
Greetings from Mr. Nudge. I get the feeling Patch doesn't want to flood the thread with excuses, so I'm here to speak for him. I can say with certainty that he's been working on the update nearly every night, in addition to the usual college stuff. No, IRC is not being a distraction, no, he's not spending all his time dicking around, no, he's not being lazy. Sometimes an author gets legitimately stuck.
>> No. 5867
Kouji has two mommies--I halfway expect a very saccharine depiction of Orin/Okuu later.
Kouji calls her Aunt Satori because the first time he called her Grandma, she cried.
Orin at first thought it would have been easier if Satori had made Kouji yet another pet.
Yamame is still pretty sure that at least a small part of being Satori's pet involves wearing a collar, leash, and nothing else.
The spooky voice that appears later in the story is actually a cameo by Headgames. Kouji gets a porcelain mask in the shape of a cat's face for one of his birthdays.
When Kouji enters primary school, Shiki Eiki becomes his sempai.
Yuugi shows up for the sole purpose of "You gonna get taken home!"
Orin gets Kouji a nightlight. It's one of her zombie fairies.
Okuu gets Kouji a nightlight. It's a tiny star.
Anonymous manages at least one incest reference per vote.
When Koishi reads Kouji's subconscious, what she sees is vote discussion.
When Kouji hits puberty, Stori will find reasons to spend much less time with him.
The cute shota will end up in drag at least once.
The story's antagonist will eventually be revealed to be pedobear.
Kisume will get zero screentime.
>> No. 5873
You know what I want to see here?


And an update
>> No. 5919
File 128534767391.gif - (49.13KB, 631x4693, 1254764210543.gif) [iqdb]
Shop in "Kindred Inalterable Dependency". I am too lazy.
>> No. 5920
He's just prone to massive fits of laziness.
>> No. 5921
File 128538890237.png - (102.21KB, 350x352, a forlorn insect.png) [iqdb]
Didn't think it would have to come to this.
>> No. 5961
File 128565387561.jpg - (558.22KB, 1123x1600, saka_04.jpg) [iqdb]
For a writefag this lazy, it's time to break out the big guns
>> No. 6048
File 128663845316.jpg - (548.48KB, 1059x1500, 007.jpg) [iqdb]
Here, Wriggle as a schoolgirl. Will this be enough to bring this lazyfag to life?
>> No. 6049
File 128665600890.jpg - (52.88KB, 369x615, 1282502993558.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 6050

Crap, Sanae is so hot there *fapfapfap*
>> No. 6168
File 128781209794.png - (875.37KB, 648x906, Patchy and Wriggle.png) [iqdb]
Alright, guys. Before I say anything else, my sincerest apologies for having kept you all waiting for so long. While university has been dumping on me much harder than I anticipated, there have been opportunities to write that I have missed out on, and there's no excuse for that.

Finally, finally, I will be updating this. Expect a new update by tomorrow at the latest. In the meantime, please enjoy the short I posted in /at/.


Guys, I appreciate it, but it's hard to type while I'm masturbating.
>> No. 6195
So, Patchwork...

How 'bout that late update, there?
>> No. 6198

He's still masturbating, duh.
>> No. 6199
File 128835442299.jpg - (3.24KB, 80x100, n2219041556_35153.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 6200
>> No. 6203
File 128842974582.jpg - (77.52KB, 750x600, 1245883132494.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 6258
File 128897190681.jpg - (45.36KB, 338x319, patchwork.jpg) [iqdb]
>Finally, finally, I will be updating this. Expect a new update by tomorrow at the latest.
>> No. 6261
>> No. 6262
Patchwork lives on a diet of Lie Juice and Procrastination Bars. We only get updates every couple of months when someone gets him to eat a proper meal.
>> No. 6279
File 12896689302.jpg - (240.21KB, 600x1000, 43959d0cea9368dc847da2d401939227.jpg) [iqdb]
And now? Feel like writing something?
>> No. 6280
File 128966949446.jpg - (253.12KB, 515x779, eec964b41fc9aedd7fbb45af22671747.jpg) [iqdb]
I admit, I fapped on that.
>> No. 6282
File 12896760841.jpg - (392.64KB, 1123x1600, megane_05.jpg) [iqdb]
That's what Patchwork is doing on his free time!
I knew it.
>> No. 6284
File 128975434292.jpg - (151.42KB, 846x939, 16e305c37fcd22fdde3830bc8d68ec66.jpg) [iqdb]
Itou Life draws a great wriggle, then ruins it by putting her in dresses and contemporary moe fetish gear. If you overtly feminize her, you remove her androgynous reverse-trap appeal! Bah, I say. Bah!
>> No. 6285

I like both.
>> No. 6290
It's not as if he has her wearing a fancy dress like those princess wriggle doujins.
>> No. 6302
File 129023645248.jpg - (78.33KB, 529x994, 02d9ff05ed468a5445fa167d46dc1772.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 6308
File 129028287537.jpg - (755.76KB, 1600x1200, 129022997550.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 6358
File 129124261463.png - (576.89KB, 1119x1231, StopChattingYouLazyAss.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 6397
File 129251024155.jpg - (193.97KB, 525x738, bump.jpg) [iqdb]
Don't tell me this story is dead. Please, don't tell me that.
>> No. 6398
File 129252170012.gif - (912.52KB, 180x130, 1274374371279.gif) [iqdb]
Stop bumping it for god sakes!
Keep fucking seeing this at the top of the page and thinking it's a damn update but NO It's you with yer damn images!
>> No. 6399
File 129252568591.jpg - (55.01KB, 456x611, Useless Little Writefag.jpg) [iqdb]
I am a terrible person.

I really do apologize for all of this. I should never have let this get delayed for as long as it has been. This is Finals week down at the university, and I have one last final left to take later today. After that I'm on break, so I'll push myself to update tonight.

Sage for useless little writefag.
>> No. 6400
Good luck!
>> No. 6401
File 129254467047.jpg - (345.28KB, 1024x768, 1288385340690.jpg) [iqdb]
Pet time?
>> No. 6403

See you in a few months, then?

I kid, I'll be waiting warmly either way.
>> No. 6406
You're only good for your sex appeal, you know!
>> No. 6416
File 129297028635.jpg - (15.96KB, 228x230, 1282997089637.jpg) [iqdb]
>I'll push myself to update tonight
This joke is getting old.
>> No. 6417
File 12930543666.png - (793.88KB, 1002x1416, 14948260.png) [iqdb]
Back to the tried and true methods?
>> No. 6418
>see this story bumped
>think: "this nigger finally updated"
>be soo happy I could puke rainbow
>just another bump

Seriously Patchwork, just say it if you want to give up on this story.
>> No. 6424
File 129376298773.jpg - (353.63KB, 600x553, Closer than you might think.jpg) [iqdb]
"I know, lessons are important," Aunt Satori whines, and pouts, and looks at your with these big watery eyes... now you know where Mama Okuu learned!

Mama Orin always tells you to ignore Mama Okuu when she acts that way.

"What?" Aunt Satori looks at you, and does this thing with her lips that make them look all shaky, and her third eye comes up looking all watery just like her regular eyes. "You... you won't even give me just a little more hugging? Even though you're such a considerate boy?"

... well, Mama Orin does always end up giving Mama Okuu a little. Just a little though.

"Kouji, you little sweetheart!" Aunt Satori must be where Mama Okuu learned to look so bright when happy, too. She has the same great big smile, and her eyes are all lit up just the same way! You get a great big excited squeeze from her, and then... upsie-daisy! She pops you right up into the air, and everything spins around and around until you land on your back, right in another hug! "You always find time to humor your aunt, don't you?"

Of course you do! She's always teaching you to be considerate!

"I am always teaching you that, aren't I?" She laughs, and then uses one of her hands to messy up your hair, and scratch at your head. Feels good! She scratches and scratches, and her laughing gets quieter and quieter, until she sounds all soft like she usually does. "I should listen more closely to my own lessons..."

Aw, no more scratching. It's okay though, because she puts her hands right on top of yours, and squeezes, just like if she was holding your hands. She used to hold your hand all the time when teaching you things, so maybe that means...

"Yes. Kouji... you wanted to have a lesson, didn't you?"

Yes, Aunt Satori!

"Then I have the perfect lesson for today. A lesson I can teach you while holding you, so that we both get to have fun!" She picks up your hands, and pulls them all the way up to your face, then pulls them apart so that it's like you're holding up a big, invisible ball. "Today, I'm going to teach you how to use magic to make a bullet!"

"Oh! Oh! Bullets! I want to help!"

Aha! All of a sudden there are sparkly green eyes in front of you, and a great big grin, and a whole mess of greenie-grey hair brushing all over your face.

"Hey, Aunt Koi--"

Mwah! Aunt Koishi gives you a big, wet kiss, just like always! Smooch, and hug, and snuggle, and squeeze, and she's even huggier and kissier than Mama Okuu is! Always gotta stop her, otherwise she just keeps going, and going, and going... but you're all caught between her and Aunt Satori, and Aunt Satori has your hands, and...


"That is not helping, Koishi."

Aunt Satori takes your hands, and presses them right up against Aunt Koishi's cheeks. One push, and Aunt Koishi pops right off of you! She waves her arms forward as far as she can, and keeps making her kissy-face, but Aunt Satori just keeps holding her up. Aunt Koishi is super energetic, and really tough to get off... Aunt Satori is real strong to be able to get her off so easy-like!

"But sis," Aunt Koishi whines, but still sounds happy and silly, "it's moral support! I'm helping by giving him all my love!"

"I don't think the kind of love he needs from you requires your tongue, Koishi."

"Because that's the kind of love he needs from you, right, sis?" Aunt Koishi has a big silly grin on her face. That means...



There's this long, long silence. Lots of tension! Then, all of a sudden, pounce! Aunt Satori pinches Aunt Koishi's cheeks, and stretches her face around, and Aunt Koishi starts waving her arms all around, trying to stop her!

"Tickle her, Kouji."

If Aunt Satori says so! Aunt Koishi laughs real hard, and squirms all around on top of you. She has to hold onto her sides, she laughs so hard, and it gets your hands all trapped underneath them, so all you can do is tickle her even more.

"But sis!" Aunt Koishi tries to tug her face away while laughing and whining at the same time. "Danmaku is all about love! Feelings are the most important thing! Passion!"

"... yes. You're incorrigible, but you're right!"

All of a sudden, Aunt Satori lets Aunt Koishi's face go, and Aunt Koishi plops right down onto you. She giggles and squirms a whole lot, rubbing her head into your chest. She nuzzles right up, still giggling, and even her third eye gets to nuzzling you!

"And I'm the best with feelings!" She sounds so satisfied.

"Really? From the way I'm unable to contain myself today, I'd say you're the worst." Aunt Satori sounds real happy when she says that, somehow.

"No one said I can't be both!" Aunt Koishi smiles real big, and sticks out her tongue.

"You're incorrigible... but you're right." Aunt Satori messies up Aunt Koishi's hair, just like she does with yours, and knocks her hat right off her head. Aunt Koishi seems real happy though, and keeps rubbing her head against Aunt Satori's hand.

"Then I can help, sis?"

"Of course you can, Koishi."

Aunt Koishi closes her eyes, and rests her head so that her ear is right on your chest, and then she puts her hands right up next to her head. Aunt Satori holds your hands again, and brings them back to where she had them before, right up in front of your face so that it's like you're holding a big, invisible ball up in front of you. You feel a little tingle run all up and down your whole body, and Aunt Satori's hands start glowing a little, and so do yours!

"Kouji," she whispers quiet, right into your ear, "I want you to close your eyes. Can you close your eyes for me?"

Yeah. You close your eyes, and everything goes dark, so all you can do is feel things. Aunt Koishi is right on top of you, and you think her head is right by your heart, because you feel all warm and feathery near there. Aunt Satori is right below you, and she feels real warm, just like inside of you. You're not sure, but you think you can feel inside of her, too, kind of... like all that warm is connected to all your warm.

"That's good," she says nice and soft. "Now, Kouji, I want you to pay attention to that feeling. Koishi is going to keep it steady, and I'll show you how you need to move it."

All that warm inside you starts to move, like little bubbles. One bubble moves out into you, and then another, and then another... one after another, like a little train of bubbles moving around in you, traveling all up your arms toward your fingers. You feel really, really light all of a sudden, like Aunt Koishi and Aunt Satori are the only reason you're not floating right up into the air.

"Do you understand, Kouji? Try it yourself, alright?"

Okay. The bubbles stop moving around in you, but you remember what it was like, the way they were moving... it was just like this, right? The bubbles all start shifting around again, and you try and push them right up toward your fingers. It feels just like what Aunt Satori was making you do!

"Very good, Kouji," Aunt Satori sounds all excited, and you can feel her warm jitter all around under you, even though she doesn't move at all. "Now this next part is very important. I want you to think of all the different kinds of bullets you want to try, okay? Think of as many as you can, so I can show you all the different ways you need to use to make them!"

[ ] Bullet shapes! Name one, but try and think of one on your own.
>> No. 6425
[x] Knives!!
>> No. 6426
File 129376794746.jpg - (79.52KB, 400x500, 1288382209967.jpg) [iqdb]

[x] Pink Flying Eyeball things. Loads of them.
Aunt Satori is best Satori.
>> No. 6427
File 129376904364.png - (3.25KB, 104x105, flower.png) [iqdb]
[X] Flowers!

I'm imagining something shaped like Koishi's heart bullets superimposed over each other at different angles to look like a simplistic flower, with a large grazebox and a small hitbox like the big bullets from Satori's non-spell card danmaku. Pic only marginally related, since I suck at MS Paint.
>> No. 6428
Stars maybe, or hearts? we have a lot of love to give after all!

I would love to imagine more things, but we kind of have to take into account that since Kouji lived mostly in the underground, we can't exactly go with a shape too extravagant (unless Satori has a lot of picture books).

And eyeball seems... I don't see it working well, really.

So, going with...

[x] Hearts.

But honestly, I'll change my vote if I see someone posting something better.
>> No. 6429
[x] Ghosts fairies!
>> No. 6430
File 12937701006.gif - (1.69MB, 280x158, 96f1e868848d1909f1b642d68fcad4dd.gif) [iqdb]

>> No. 6431
File 129377998252.png - (539.36KB, 820x624, 1726d73e4e0d3ebb2e512f5bc79fa386.png) [iqdb]
[c] Hearts.

>Danmaku is all about love!

It's only natural that we associate our danmaku with our aunties because Aunt Koishi is love~
>> No. 6433
[x] Wheelbarrows!
>> No. 6434
[x] Hearts.
Solid. Even if it is fruity.
>> No. 6435
[X] Waterdrops!
>> No. 6436
File 129379314242.jpg - (189.73KB, 465x600, b41212d62d3ba61f70732e27af123942.jpg) [iqdb]

>"I don't think the kind of love he needs from you requires your tongue, Koishi."
There are no words to describe how jealous I am. I might have to let this picture describe my physical state at this moment.
>> No. 6437
File 129379620736.png - (6.62KB, 125x63, Brule.png) [iqdb]
[x] Burning bullets, and later, hearts.

>> No. 6438
[x] Cat ears.

Homage to Mama Orin
>> No. 6440
[X] Feathers!
>> No. 6441
[x] Cats and Crows!
>> No. 6442
You know, I think my favorite part of this is how Kouji never actually speaks to Satori. He may not know she can read his mind, but he knows he doesn't need to speak to her; she already knows what he would say, and he accepts that.
>> No. 6443
[x] Wheelbarrows

Aww yeah
>> No. 6445
So is this before or after SA?
>> No. 6446
[x] Feathers
>> No. 6447
[x] Feathers.
>> No. 6448
[x] Eyes. Eyes that shoot lasers.
>> No. 6449
[x] hugs

I can just imagine Yamame trying to kidnap^H^H^H^Hsave Kouji and having a nervous breakdown seeing all the Kouji-danmaku trying to hug her.
>> No. 6450
[X] Clovers.
>> No. 6452
[x] Rainbows
>> No. 6453
[x] Milk and candies

Children need to drink milk to grow strong. Candies because candies are candies and what kind of child doesn't like candies.

Was tempted to put "breasts" instead of milk, but Kouji isn't that young to be breast fed.
>> No. 6454
[X] Hearts.
Because love, etc.

Now I'm wondering if Kouji was breast-fed by Orin. That lucky little bastard.
>> No. 6455
I'd have said Okuu but she has yet to say any remarks hinting at such... unless she forgot about it.

That or she'd have a massive HNNNNNGGGGGG moment.

[x] hugs
>> No. 6456
You know, if we go with hearts touhous will probably mock poor Kouji for the rest of the story.
>> No. 6457

I doubt it. There's nothing emasculating about love.

Certainly not in a land where said love is capable of blowing people out of the sky.
>> No. 6458
Marisa is using love-coloured magic, yet nobody mocks her.

Of course, she's one of the most powerful human in Gensokyo, but you got my point.
>> No. 6459

That's because her love colored magic is a fucking giant laser beam.
>> No. 6460
That would imply there's people immune to shota moe.
>> No. 6461

Well, if he is human, he will grow up pretty fast (specially compared to youkai), and soon he no long will be a shota. That is, unless we find a way to keep him a shota forever. Hmm...
>> No. 6462
File 129420333414.jpg - (3.78KB, 147x150, 100_558983185.jpg) [iqdb]
May not win but...

Gonna go for a combo.

[X]Star's with eyes
>> No. 6463

You would be surprised how many are immune. I'm one of them.
>> No. 6465
>May not win
I don't think any one vote is going to "win":
>I want you to think of all the different kinds of bullets you want to try, okay? Think of as many as you can, so I can show you all the different ways you need to use to make them!
>> No. 6466

You want Kouji to shoot pokemons? I like this idea.

I think he meant touhous. Shota moe is super effective against females.
>> No. 6467
File 129424142243.jpg - (63.05KB, 460x500, 69_Decarabia.jpg) [iqdb]
>You want Kouji to shoot pokemons? I like this idea.

slowpoke, slowpokes everywhere, but no how about something closer to "mama" orin/okuu as well as aunti Satori/Koishi?

Building on that >>6462 post!

BEHOND DECARABIA (yes same name as that persona creature summon but looks better)
>> No. 6468
He might end up growing up cute though.
>> No. 6470
He will end up with a harem once he is grown up.
>> No. 6473
>once he is grown up

I don't think you're looking closely enough at the present.
>> No. 6474
[x] Paw Print Bullets

Because yes. You know you want it. IT'S ORIGINAL.


Gosh, at least I remember to empty my name field when voting! ...sometimes
>> No. 6486
Should someone start the wriggle pics again?
>> No. 6487
File 129551494332.jpg - (225.75KB, 835x595, 15466936.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm just passing through.
>> No. 6488

The ebst wriggle. Also, maybe we should move on to doujins instead of simple pictures.
>> No. 6490
Sorry for the lack of updates, guys. Classes started back up, and I'm still acclimating. And despite it being only the second week of classes, I just had my first exam of the year a few hours ago.

That said, since that's out of the way, I'll aim for a weekend update.
>> No. 6493
No one believes you anymore. Not unless you're actually posting a snippet.
>> No. 6494
File 129566074572.jpg - (15.82KB, 480x360, yeah-right.jpg) [iqdb]

While you're most likely correct, show some civility towards someone who decided to share the fruit of their creative labors with you. Someone who, like most of us, has other obligations and responsibilities. Do I believe Patchwork is so totally swamped 24/7 with exams and schoolwork at university, based on my own personal experiences, that he is unable to find a moments peace to write a silly fan-fiction story if he had half a mind to? Not particularly. However, that doesn't exclude the possibility that his chosen academic path is more demanding than what I was accustomed to myself, or he just has more difficulty managing time. Regardless, neither are sufficient justification for being a disrespectful, and pompous ass.

I mean, hey. At least he bothers to occasionally pop in and offer apologies that I'm sure he is aware fall short, and could potentially elicit angsty or wangsty comments. Shows some character, considering the medium we're using here. More than what many writers here can bring themselves to do, to be sure.
>> No. 6496

Don't put up verbose defenses of other writers' work ethic, YAF. It just makes them look bad.


Die in a fire.

>That said, since that's out of the way, I'll aim for a weekend update.

>> No. 6498
It's not YAF , not enough gratuitous english slang. But the guy has a point.
>> No. 6499
As does >>6493
It was perhaps...poorly worded, but the message behind it is no less true for that.
>> No. 6504
Okay, so kind of a big problem.

On Friday I had a tangle with some malware on my laptop, and while I think I managed to get rid of it all, it seems to have taken a toll on the three or four year old OS. Windows has... hiccups from time to time. Bad ones.

Consequent to that, I'll be backing up some choice files, and reformatting my drive because I should really upgrade to Windows 7 already, and the university is offering it at a dirt cheap price. It's a one-two punch that should get rid of the software troubles, and help me out in the long run. Ideally I should be able to do that tonight, but it's going to be a long process in all likelihood.

So, that leaves me without a functioning computer during the interim. As a result, although I've done work on the next update, don't expect it until late tonight at the earliest. While my laptop is out of commission, I'll try and see if any friends have a computer I can use to keep working on the update. Stay tuned for news on how this all turns out.
>> No. 6505
You say "big problem" but all I'm hearing is "I'm working on the next update."

>> No. 6506
>don't expect it until late tonight at the earliest.

Guess we'll see you in a month, Patches. Seriously though, glad to hear from you, and I hope you get those computer issues under control.
>> No. 6513
File 129610791843.jpg - (545.53KB, 689x792, f138c0d940087c1d1c4ada7f931c974e.jpg) [iqdb]
m i doin it rite
>> No. 6514

Too early, wait at least a week first.
>> No. 6515
All I'm hearing is "seven minutes", if you know what I mean.
>> No. 6517
File 129707896231.png - (553.82KB, 626x515, BAD LITTLESHRIMP.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 6519
File 129761918538.jpg - (8.67KB, 170x236, 1297049088931.jpg) [iqdb]
Any day now.
>> No. 6535
So I'm guessing Patches never got a new computer or something? That or he thinks that he's a troll and this is /b/.
>> No. 6537
Or he's just reached the epitome of laziness and simply stopped writing, moving, thinking, and breathing altogether.
Although I hope that you're right and Patches still loves us.
>> No. 6539
I arbitrarily declare this thread one excessively long and convoluted plan to troll us all. If Patches wants to argue the point, he can post at the time he schedules instead of lying about it.
>> No. 6549
I vote Patchwork to be the new glasnost.
>> No. 6550
File 130089518471.jpg - (43.45KB, 500x416, WTF japanese tag is hardcore.jpg) [iqdb]
>See this story in the bumped threads.
>A smile makes his way to my face.
>I'm so happy I could die right now and still go to Bhava-Agra.
>Not that lazy Patchy, just another bump.
>> No. 6551
Get back to whence you came. Also, why the hell do people keep bumping this. Not only is it still an infant story, but it's written by Patchwork. I cannot comprehend the massive amount of attention it receives. Is it because it's one of the few stories in underground?
>> No. 6553
File 130090134067.jpg - (284.96KB, 684x748, 129237573892.jpg) [iqdb]
What are you guys doing. Get a grip.
>> No. 6554

Dying animal in denial.
>> No. 6555
You can't compare patchwork and glasnost. At least, sometimes glasnost translate comics on Danbooru or on Voile. Patch is just lazy.
>> No. 6556
Equally likely, Patch is incredibly busy, working hard on things that are more important than this.
>> No. 6557
Like? Managing the irc channel?
>> No. 6558

That's Kap, not Patch. Patch hasn't been on so much of late, even.
>> No. 6560
Believe it or not, but patch can ban people on the irc channel. Doubt it? Just try.
>> No. 6562
That's a perk many other writers get as well and it's less maintaining the channel as it is kicking someone for fun.
>> No. 6579
I wasn't talking about kicking, but about banning. You know, the thing like "How could you do that I don't want to see ya again!"
Like that, you see?
>> No. 6580
They can, but most don't do it very often because they know someone else will undo it.
>> No. 6596
>> No. 6602

Yeah, kicking and banning ain't maintaining the channel. It's mostly for dicking around.
>> No. 6753
Still patiently waiting :)
>> No. 6757

Just die, you worthless piece of shit. This has been bumped in the past for these same reasons, and I am completely positive it has been brought to Patchworks attention.
>> No. 6762
File 130502162291.jpg - (43.99KB, 400x990, vengencelook.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 6765
Seriously, why do you people have to get so angry all the time?

Never mind, I'm not starting an arguement here.
>> No. 6773
Wow, it's like you're trying to be a dumbass.
>> No. 6833
Because when I click that button on my browser that brings me to Touhou-Project and I see that list of newly bumped threads and a story I really like and would love to see more of is on there after a long time of no updates, I make an assumption.
Sure enough it's probably not a smart assumption, but it comes from that little part of me that always holds out hope that something good is about to happen. It comes crashing out of the cage of logic after breaking the padlock of pattern recognition and causes me to have a little moment of happiness, and with my heart all gooey and ripe from hope and joy I click on that link only to have the bitter cold taste of disappointment shoved down my throat.
That is why we don't bump threads pointlessly.
>> No. 7422
File 131105611878.jpg - (465.82KB, 1200x1696, 1311055180857.jpg) [iqdb]
You don't fool me, patchwork. I know you're here!
>> No. 7492
File 131180248770.jpg - (1.01MB, 1415x2000, Bringing_Up_A_Child_of_Crow_008.jpg) [iqdb]
You don't fool me, patchwork. I know you're here!
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