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Started per >>/gensokyo/5654


A good arm and eight feet of rope is all it takes to bypass the tacky, faded-red walls of the mansion. You had to wait a whole half hour to make sure the gate guard was really gone, but it paid off, you think as you creep through the flower bushes.

The first true obstacle you encounter is on the mansion itself- the windows. Or rather, the lack of windows. Ordinarily, some of the sticky-tape from Kourindou and a bit of expertise with a claw hammer would be enough to get you inside, but for this, it seems you’ll have to be a bit more daring.

Your eye naturally drifts up, to a row of balconies on the upper floor...


It’s a funny thing, how determination works. It’s always the stupidest things that you get so dead-set on.


Take, for example, your situation. You’re standing on an inch-wide ledge, at least three stories off the ground, squinting into the sun, with the wind pushing and pulling around your ankles-


-all because of some kid, who’s probably just sitting down to a nice, hot meal his mother made from something his father bought, and they’re even going to clean it up for him and tell him how he’s such a good boy for eating all of his leafy green vegetables and give him candy for dessert and tuck him into his nice, soft, warm, safe bed in a comfortable little house, so he can get up again tomorrow and do it all again without even having to think, just so long as he eats up his vegetables and doesn’t worry about anything because he’s such a good boy!

Spite trumps fear, and you press on another six steps without looking down. You can make out the shape of the glass door in the evening light, and thankfully, it’s open.

Heartened, you manage another two steps, to the end of the narrow ledge. Carefully, squeezing your fingers against the wall so hard they turn white, you reach out over the empty space, craning, toward the edge of the balcony

Just a little more...


For a sickening moment, you feel yourself tip forward, as gravity takes hold of your body. In a last, wild attempt, you push off completely, throwing out your hand.

You dangle there, hands locked around the railing in a deathgrip. You focus, continuing the number in your head to calm your breathing.


With a mighty heave, you pull yourself up, over the old, wooden rails, and plant yourself firmly on the ground.

“Whew.” Brushing yourself off, you stroll noiselessly inside. All in all, not a bad entrance.


Normal burglars break in at night; those with a knowledge of youkai break in during the day, and the clever ones break in at dawn.

Which is exactly why you broke in at dusk.

You brush off the sliver candlestick and stuff it in your sack. The fairy maid had been remarkably quiet, so you hadn’t even noticed her until she tried to grab you. Luckily, your life has prepared you for such cases with quick reflexes and a good arm.

After a moment of thought, you sweep the pile of dust under a door, and shove the maid clothes after it. No sense in leaving evidence just lying around.

“Oh? And what sort of intruding vermin do we have today?”


You wheel around, using your whole bag out of instinct. Your eyes lock with those of the maid, and you brace for the impact, and the horrible, costly crash of pottery.

But it doesn’t come. Instead, the bag just flies through the air, and drops to the carpet with a muted crunch.

“Really, now.” You jump at the voice coming from behind you. There’s a knife in her hand that wasn’t there a moment ago. “What were you trying to do with that? I’m hardly as frail as a fairy.”

You take off running.


You hit the nearest of the shouting fairies with a diving tackle, swinging it between you and the knife at the last moment. Letting some of the newly-formed, shimmering dust slip through your fingers, you use the momentum from your dive to tumble back onto your feet.


There’s another click, and silver-haired maid rounds the corner at the end of the hall, hands full of knives.

Everything is fuck!

You drop, sliding across the carpet on your knees toward her. Just as you pass near her, you swing your hand out, and open it.

“Heh.” She didn’t see that coming.


A little cloud of fairy dust flies into her eyes, blinding her. Taking full advantage, you run off, full tilt.

[ ] There’s a library downstairs, you can lose her in the bookshelves!
[ ] Go for the front door, it’s the quickest way!
[ ] Find another balcony, and jump! She won’t follow you that way!
[ ] The basement! You can hide down there until morning, at least.


Rejoice, Flandre fans, for your day has come.

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[X] The basement! You can hide down there until morning, at least.

This is a Flandre story, is it not?

Also gotta wonder why the kid was reciting Pi near the end there. Is he the Youkai of Numbers or something?
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[X] The basement! You can hide down there until morning, at least.

I had asked the same thing. It seems like he was doing it to keep himself calm.
>> No. 42213

Just because it's a Flan story doesn't mean you have to pick all the options relating to her. You can if you want, but please don't feel pressured to.
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True, but we should at least get MEETING her out of the way.

>Inb4 every option results in meeting her, with the difference being how.
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[X] The basement! You can hide down there until morning, at least.
>> No. 42217
[x] There’s a library downstairs, you can lose her in the bookshelves!

I thought this was going to be from Flandre's POV. Shame.

Shitstorm question: How old is this burglar?
Awesome question: Are we female?

>Reciting the digits of e, not pi
A change from the usual. I like that.
>> No. 42220

13~14. Male. And I don't think I can write a whole story from Flandre's point of view anyhow.

And I'm glad you caught that. Seems my obscure math memory actually means something for once!
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[x] There’s a library downstairs, you can lose her in the bookshelves!

Really, we should round up as much of the other SDM cast for the chase. It should end with everyone chasing after everyone else in a mob of confusion that only ends when they all accidentally fall through the door to Flan's room.
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[x] There’s a library downstairs, you can lose her in the bookshelves!
>> No. 42223
[X] The basement! You can hide down there until morning, at least.

I'd think this would be the more logical route to the kid

as the front door would be most heavily defended, the library may be a good place to lose someone including yourself. And I'm not sure how a kid handles such a jump.
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[ ] There’s a library downstairs, you can lose her in the bookshelves!
>> No. 42225

this is Gensokyo. You must abandon such common sense.
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>Flandre CYOA
I can't be anymore happier than this.

Our MC better wears a hoodie and master the way of the assassin stealth to ensure his survival.

[c] There’s a library downstairs, you can lose her in the bookshelves!
>> No. 42227
[X] The basement! You can hide down there until morning, at least.
>> No. 42228
[c] There’s a library downstairs, you can lose her in the bookshelves!
>> No. 42229
[X] The basement! You can hide down there until morning, at least
Nothing can go wrong with this choice.
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Actually, he first recites the digits of e, then starts reciting pi.
I should know I know 40 of em by heart.

[x] The basement! You can hide down there until morning, at least.
Straight to the point. Flandre story needs no other routes ಠ_ಠ
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[x] The basement! You can hide down there until morning, at least.

Writing soon.
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Dead end #1 avoided.


[x] The basement! You can hide down there until morning, at least.

Your mind flicks back to the map you saw back in the village.

Three hallways down, left turn, first right, down the stairs, straight ahead through the iron doors.

You skip around the corners in a row, scrambling on your hands and feet to keep moving. At the stairs you leap to the handrail, sliding down it on your knee.


Damn these bolts!

Limping a little but fueled by adrenaline, you crash into the heavy, studded door, and push with all of your might. It resists at first, but steadily, with a tooth-rattling squeal, it swings open.

Perhaps “swings” is the wrong word. It opened at a pace so slow a snail could have run into it, protesting the whole while as it ground against the door frame, its own hinges, the floor on the other side, and even the other door. By the time it was open enough for you to slip through, your hands had already gone numb from the shaking.

Inside, you pound blindly across the rough, unfinished cement, waiting for your eyes to adjust. You’re off the map, now; you’ll have to rely on your instincts. Spotting a faintly darker patch to your right, you make a sharp turn, and nearly crash headfirst into another, wooden, door. A quick pat reveals an ordinary western doorknob, which you twist. Ducking into the dimly-lit room, you shut it as softly as possible, and breath out.

“Hahaha ha...” You give a small, tired laugh, as the rush wears off. This wasn’t going as planned at all. Not only did you lose your bag, and with it your rope, tape, screwdriver, matches, dog whistle, hammer, and running collection of stolen goods, but the entire mansion staff is probably going to be on guard now. There’s no way the didn’t hear the door opening.

Damn it all.

You shut your eyes, and begin to trace.

Stay holed up here, avoid lights, let my eyes adjust. Wait for morning, before daybreak- the light difference will be in my favor. Take out a fairy, use their clothes as a disguise to get out into the gardens. Make a disturbance there, then slip back into mansion, retrieve my clothes, and climb out over the gate while the guard is hunting for your in the garden. Dive into the lake, cut across back to the mainland, slip back into the village, and avoid contact with the mansion for a few months. Also, throttle that kid.

You nod to yourself, once.

“What are you doing here?” A young girl’s voice asks, just ahead of you.

Your eyes snap open and you jolt, hitting your head against the door. In front of you, the girl lights a lamp.

Step one- screwed.

“You’re hiding from someone, aren’t you.” She’s maybe a half-head shorter than you, blond hair down to her back, wearing a white nightdress. In the dim light, you can make out several colored crystals behind her. In the edge of your vision, you can see her eyes- deep, deep red. She sniffs the air. “You aren’t a guest, are you?”

A thunderous, grinding crash echoes through the underground. The girl turns to the sound as well.

“I knew it. Sakuya’s after you.”

She gently pins your arms against the door. Wait, when did she...?!

“I’ve got an idea. Do exactly as I say.” She grins, revealing a frighteningly sharp set of teeth.

[ ] Listen to her
[ ] Run at the first chance


Write ins are welcome, by the way, if you happen to think of one.
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[ ] Listen to her

Sure, why not?
>> No. 42252
[] Kiss her


[X] Listen to her
>> No. 42253
[x] Listen to her
>> No. 42254
[x] Listen to her
>> No. 42256
>[] Kiss her
Jumping the gun a bit are we?
[x] Listen to her
>> No. 42257
[] Run at the first ch-*DEATH*

[X] Listen to her.
-[X] If given the chance (Awkward silences, pauses in between orders, and so forth), try to make small talk.
>> No. 42259
[x] Listen to her

Flandre with detached hair and nightgown is fine.
>> No. 42260
[1.6180339887...] Listen to her.
>> No. 42261
[x] Listen to her.

No meta-knowledge here, no sir.
>> No. 42262

Fuck you, now I need to grab a new number.
>> No. 42263

Yeah, my fault, first were hugs and ruffles. I got a bit distracted by Flandre in a nightdress.
>> No. 42264
We don't know if this Flan will be remotely moe-moe or not.
>> No. 42265
Sorry, it's just that φ is my 'phavorite'.

Oh god that joke was horrible.
>> No. 42268
[x] Listen to her.
>> No. 42269
[x] Listen to her.

Wins, pretty much unanimously. How trusting~

Writing soon-ish.
>> No. 42272
[x] Listen to her
Run to where? The entire mansion is on alert and they know where he is, thanks to that stupid door. He has no choice.
>> No. 42273
That and few people can run away from a vampire; mainly Kepto witches, Tengu reporters, 17 year old girls.

Sadly our MC isn't any of those.
>> No. 42277

[x] Listen to her

No chance to run, the pursuer is too close. As much as you loath being at another somebody else’s mercy, you’re far more attached to your limbs than your pride. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

“Alright,” you whisper. “What’s your plan?”

With a smile, she pulls you away from the door, leading you across the room by the hand. A small, lonely part of you tries to remind you that a pretty girl without much clothing is currently holding your hand, but the rest of you quietly tells it to shut the fuck up, and then back about its business.

“Hide here.”

She throws back the sheets on her bed.


“Quickly, get under the covers!”

“I’m not sure I understand what-”

Twisting her hand, she throws you face first into the deceptively lumpy mattress. “Stay quiet!” she hisses tugging the tattered silk sheets and moth-eaten quilt over you.

The door handle rattles once, followed by two curt knocks.


“What is it, Sakuya?” The girl asks.

“Have you seen anyone here recently?”



“Hm.” Silence.


There’s a piercing “snap,” and suddenly she’s standing in the room, the open door creaking gently.


“Sakuya! What are you doing?!”


You hear a sharp whoosh and feel a cold breeze on your back.


“I knew it.” She grabs you by the shirt, yanking you to the floor. “Trying to hide from me is useless.”

“Wait, Sakuya!” The maid stops abruptly.

“Miss Flandre?” Her voice isn’t stern anymore.

“He’s mine.” The girl growls.


“You promised, remember? That I could have a pet.”

“Lady Flandre, I’m sure there are far better choices than-”

Flandre cuts her off. “You’re just trying to distract me again, aren’t you? Like last time. But I don’t forget.”

“Mistress, you don’t-”

Sakuya.” A loud bang rings out somewhere behind you, and tiny bits of rock sprinkle your arms.

“...As you wish.” The vice-like grip on your shirt releases, and you flop limply to the hard, cold, bare earth. “I will inform Lady Remilia of your decision when she wakes up.”

-and with a faint whirring of gears, she’s gone. It takes nearly a minute for your brain to finally catch up with the conversation.


Flandre glides to her bed and sits down with a faint, silvery jingle, wordlessly smoothing over the sheets.

“Wait, pet? As in, I, me? Your pet?”

“Yes. Be quiet, it’s too noisy.” She flops over on her side, and rolls over.

“B... bu...” You lie there on your back, speechless, while your eyes gaze aimlessly at the fist-sized depression in the wall, and the numerous scratches and holes like it covering the rest of the room.


Intro chapter end. No vote this time.
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I'll just leave this here until morning.
>> No. 42279
Good morning!
Square root of 2. Q you're doing a very good job at making me late.
>> No. 42283
I though that Sakuya was Dio's daughter. In fact, she's more like Terminator than Dio.
>> No. 42286
>I though that Sakuya was Dio's daughter. In fact, she's more like Terminator than Dio.
>> No. 42301
Yeah, I got no idea.




You really envy that kid, sometimes. Times like now, when you wish you could just wake up, and be in a warm bed, with your mother and father leaning over you, asking if you were okay, and telling you good morning. Somehow, that image is still stuck in your mind- long after you’d already forgot their names, their faces, their voices, you keep remembering it. It’s downright pitiful, actually, but you’ve found self pity is one of the least productive things you could put your mind to.

For several hours after Sakuya left, you were left numb, your mind buzzing diligently to create an escape, a plan, a contingency, even something as simple as trick or a scheme. Nothing came. The revelation was surprisingly comforting: There wasn’t a god damn thing you could do in this situation. It was totally out of your control.

Marveling at the pure simplicity of the fact, you stretch out on the floor, and doze fitfully. Once again, you don’t have any dreams.


Three quick, solid knocks on heavy wood of the door. That is the first sound you hear when your consciousness returns. As you sit up, blearily rubbing your eyes in the darkness, they come again- knock, knock, knock. You’d have to guess from the sound that the knocker is currently carrying something. Once more. Knock, knock, knock.

“Miss Flandre, please wake up.” It’s only been a few hours, but now you’d know that voice anywhere.

“Mmmmrrrr.” Flandre turns in her bed, groaning, and buries her face deeper in the pillow.

“Miss Flandre!” Sakuya calls through the door, again.

-a rush of air, a creaking door, and the tick of a clock.

“Gah!” You recoil from her leg, which appears barely a foot from your face.

“Mistress Flandre, the sun went down already.” You half expect her to reach down and shake the girl, but she doesn’t. When Flandre doesn’t respond, she sighs.“Flandre, your breakfast is ready, and Lady Remilia wants to speak with you.”

“Sis does...?” Flandre lifts herself up in bed, the cover sliding off her back.

“Yes. Now, please get dressed and come upstairs. I’ll have your breakfast set it the dining room.” Sakuya bows.

Throwing the sheets off completely, Flandre jumps up and bounces to her dresser.

-a faint chime, and a moment of disorientation, followed by a pain in your rear as you drop several inches and land on your tailbone. Somehow, you’re sitting outside the room, and the door is shut again.

“You’ll stay here,” Sakuya commands.

-a settling puff of dust, and a cold bowl in your lap.

You glance at its contents, then sniff once.

Dog food. Really, now.

Pushing it off to the side, you stand, fruitlessly trying to brush yourself off. “Clean” is a very relative term for you. The door nearly bursts off its hinges, narrowly missing the spot you’d been sitting, and Flandre strolls out, wearing a red dress, her hair in a ponytail off to one side, humming to herself. Shrugging off your surprise, you creep up the the stairs after her, into the mansions proper. It’s pretty much as you remember it, down to the fairies running and screaming. It took you a while to realize most of them hadn’t even acknowledged your existence.

Flandre, however, doesn’t seem to care, skipping down the halls.

You’re out and about, now. Where to?

[ ] The library should be just around the corner.
[ ] The kitchen. You’d like some real food.
[ ] The gate. Even if you can’t run just yet, it’s good to know your options.
[ ] Eavesdrop! It’s risky, but you could learn something.
[ ] Go back to the basement and wait Haha, yeah right.


You'll be spending plenty of time in the basement anyway.
>> No. 42302
[x] The kitchen. You’d like some real food.
All seem tempting, but let's start with the basics.
>> No. 42303
>Dog food. Really, now.
So either someone in the SDM keeps a dog, or Sakuya is really that big of a bitch. Hoping against all reason for the former.

[X] The kitchen. You’d like some real food.
>> No. 42304
I suspect even Satori's pets eat better. But seriously I hope there's good reason for that as we don't need Sakuya's reputation dragged through the mud.

[x] Eavesdrop! It’s risky, but you could learn something.

I'd get the feeling Sakuya'd end up stopping us from getting said real food.
>> No. 42305
That's obvious. It's actually what Sakuya herself eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She's just trying to be nice in her own way.

[x] The kitchen. You’d like some real food.
>> No. 42306
[x] The kitchen. You’d like some real food.
>> No. 42307
[X] The library should be just around the corner.
pissing against the soon to be tide.
and that reminds me Q. what are you gonna do with your rpg story or are you gonna let dogs lie (bad pun intended)
>> No. 42308

Did you miss the whole "It's dead, here's a bit of half-assed closure"?

If you did miss it: >>/border/22717
>> No. 42313
[R] The library should be just around the corner.


Yeah, she shared some of her very own gourmet food with us. Though I do wonder what we did to deserve it.
>> No. 42315
[ ] The kitchen. You’d like some real food.
>> No. 42318
Eeeh, looks good enough.

[x] The kitchen. You’d like some real food

Wins, writing soon.
>> No. 42319
[ ] Eavesdrop! It’s risky, but you could learn something.
>> No. 42320
[x] The library should be just around the corner.
>> No. 42322
>> No. 42323
Took a while, but here it is.


[x] The kitchen. You’d like some real food.

Your stomach groans. It’s still roughly... seven hours before you’d normally get something to eat, but your ordeal from last night used up a lot of your strength. If you want to be anything other than completely useless today- tonight?- then you’ll need to eat something.

Something that isn’t dog food. You might have some fleas, but you also have human decency, damn it.

Either way, in a mansion like this they’re bound to have all sorts of food, right? Probably fancy stuff, the kind with the foreign labels. All you have to do is find the kitchen. You have, as a matter of practicality, developed a number of methods for finding kitchens, but this time the simplest way is to just follow the lingering smell of cooking.

It’s a long, winding, and entirely nonsensical route, just like everything else in this mansion. Shortly before you stop caring, you finally manage to find the door.They’re surprisingly big doors for a kitchen, actually. As a precaution you press an ear to them, holding your breath, but there’s no sound on the other side. The door itself barely creaks at all when you open it- Someone cares about it enough to keep it regularly oiled and cleaned, it seems. You take a tentative step inside, and look around.


You take back what you’d said about the doors being big for a kitchen. The kitchen is big for the doors.

It, to the best of your approximations, could fit at least several of any house you’d seen in the village, excepting the Heida mansion and its outbuildings, the new temple, and possibly Keine’s house. It has all the staples of a traditional kitchen, knives (48 visible), cupboards (21, not accounting for double height), and ovens (no fewer than six), as well as several implements you’ve never seen before, except maybe in the junk heaps by Kourindou. As you wander past the row of ovens, you notice that all of them have food in them, at various stages of cooking. In fact, you’d swear some of the look like the exact same meal, even down to the drip of the sauce. The timers and clocks on each one read differently, too, some are off by days.

Your stomach protests again, and you continue to the nearest pantry. It’s quite a bit taller than you, and very well stocked. You pick up a small box of... something, and examine it. Foreign label, all right. Unfortunately, it also tells you absolutely nothing about the contents. As you put it back, you spot a note under its spot, written in proper Japanese this time.


You change it around a couple times in your head, but none of the other possibilities make any sense either. You notice that most of the other boxes have similar notes under them. Closing that pantry, you turn back to the center of the kitchen, and nearly jump out of your skin at the sight of four fairy maids playing cards at a small folding table. One of them moves to get up, and opens her mouth.

Running entirely on reflex, you vault over the counter, snatching the first thing you can reach off the top, and slide down the smooth floor, smacking most proactive one upside the chin. You adopt a very loose batting stance with your weapon, which turned out to be a rolling pin, as sparkling dust rains down around you, sticking to your clothes. The three remaining fairies stare at your for a moment, with only mild surprise on their faces. Idly, you notice the recently deceased maid had a rather decent pile of chips.

[ ] Threaten; bend them to your will
- [ ] Get them to find you something.
- [ ] Make them to cook something for you.
- [ ] Just make sure they stay quiet, you’ll get it yourself.
[ ] Run, dammit, this is bad
- [ ] Library is a good hiding spot.
- [ ] Back to the basement.
- [ ] Dash for the gate!
[ ] Do it legitimately- you’ll win your food
- [ ] Bet high.
- [ ] Play it safe.
- [ ] Cheat. You’re damn hungry.


Yeah, I was a bit tired while writing this. Hopefully it's not too much of a clash or anything.
>> No. 42324
[x] Do it legitimately- you’ll win your food
- [x] Bet high.
>> No. 42325
[x] Do it legitimately- you’ll win your food
- [x] Play it safe.
>> No. 42326
He is a real Fairy Killer.

[x] Do it legitimately- you’ll win your food
- [x] Bet high.
>> No. 42327
[X] Do it legitimately- you’ll win your food
- [X] Bet high.
>> No. 42328
[x] Do it legitimately- you’ll win your food
- [x] Bet high.
>> No. 42329
[x] Do it legitimately- you’ll win your food
- [x] Bet high.
Smacking fairies all around. They will learn to fear us!
>> No. 42330
Isn't the challenge with fairies making them not fear you?

[X] Take the deceased fairy's place at the table.
- [X]Bet high
[X] Nonchalantly ask if you could get anything to eat while you play.

Don't see why we need to gamble for our food. Also fairy confusin' gaems, tide etc.
>> No. 42331
No one seems to care if some dozen fairies get killed. Not like they would learn to fear him all of a sudden.
Plus, there is an endless number of Fairies around.
>> No. 42332
[Q] Take the deceased fairy's place at the table.
- [Q]Bet high

wins, writing soon.
>> No. 42333
>- [Q]Bet high
Read that as "Get high". That fairy dust's powerful stuff.
>> No. 42335
So yeah not updating today because of school and gloom and somesuch other things. Hoping to get to it tomorrow.
>> No. 42358
No update today, for pretty much exactly the same reasons. With an added "interior remodeling of the house".
>> No. 42359
>> No. 42365
Sorry about all these tons of delays. It finally filled out in my head, so I had to write it.


[x] Do it legitimately- you’ll win your food
- [x] Bet high.

You glance quickly across the three remaining fairies’ faces. Stay calm, stay calm. Panic is your enemy.


The plan forms, the steps quickly flashing through your mind. Its simplicity is its beauty- fairies are, at their heart, very predictable beings. So, dusting off your shoulders, you take the most casual posture you can.


“She was cheating. Mind if I take her place?” You say, topping it off with a faint, confident smile. Without wait for an answer, you pull out the chair and sit down.

“I knew it!” The fairy with the smallest pile shouts, slamming her fists on the table. The other two nod and mumble agreements, looking back to their cards.


You pick up your own cards, or rather the recently deceased fairy’s cards, scanning them quickly. Not bad, for an initial hand. If they weren’t fairies, you’d guess she really was cheating.

Time to crush them.


Where did it all go wrong?

It’s certainly a valid thought, in the situation. It could have been when you decided to bluff on two pairs. It could have been when you didn’t fold after two consecutive four of a kinds. It could even have been when you first chose to sit down to this game. Most likely, it was when you decided to risk it on drawing the ace of spades for a royal flush. The king of hearts has never been a more unwelcome sight.

Also, you swear the fairy across from you was cheating. There’s no way to get a straight flush twice like that. You glare silently at her as she bites into her second donut, and belligerently chew your bread crusts. They’re stale, bitter, and blackened, but at the very least, they’re genuine, human, food.

-a monotonous ringing and a cold prickle on your skin.

You have a pretty good guess as to who’s hand is currently on your shoulder.

“I thought you might end up here, when you weren’t in the basement.” She doesn’t sound angry. That’s good. You really don’t want to test how much ‘protection’ you actually have. “I was expecting you to simply steal something, but to join in the fairy’s game...” she chuckles, once, very quietly. “I didn’t see that coming.” The smile in her voice vanishes, and she tightens her grip. “All that aside, Flandre has finished, and will be retiring to her room.”

You open your mouth.

-a numbness on your left ear and spots in your eyes.

And immediately shut it again. You’re back underground, sitting outside Flandre’s door. Dammit, what’s with that method of travel? More importantly, how does she stand using it all the time? You shake your head, blinking and massaging your face until your eyes finally adjust.

Unfortunately for you, Flandre comes down before you can see clearly, signaled by the massive iron door being slammed shut with enough force to shake the whole basement. Without looking up, Flandre storms past you, nearly tearing the door off, and throws herself on to her bed again. You quietly slip inside after her.

The girl has her face buried in her pillow, just sitting there, silently. You take a seat on the floor a little ways away, and let your eyes wander. Already, you’re getting bored. Casting about the room, you see a few things of interest...


[ ] “That’s a lot of books.”
[ ] “Is that a chessboard?”
[ ] “What did your sister say?”
[ ] “...Nevermind.” Keep to yourself.


Write ins perfectly welcome!

There might be another bad end here.
>> No. 42367
[X] “Is that a chessboard?”

Safest thing I can see, outside of saying nothing. Even the 'nevermind' could have it's risks, depending on if Flan takes it as someone just trying to avoid her out of fear or whatever.

I could very well be wrong, but there's my reasoning.
>> No. 42368
> There might be another bad end here.

Judging from Flandre's reaction, yes, we need to be very careful.

Not voting yet due to that author comment.
>> No. 42374
[~] “That’s a lot of books.”

I see no problem with this vote.
>> No. 42375
[x] “Is that a chessboard?”

Chess Time.
>> No. 42376
[x] “Is that a chessboard?”
If we can recite 'e' then we are good at maths.
If we are good at maths then chances are we should be good at chess.
>> No. 42378
Even though I'm in favor of the Chess option, I couldn't help but think of this image: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/709993/

linking rather than attaching because apparently it's also up somewhere else in the boards...
>> No. 42380
Dammit I can't decide. Vote later.
Q you adorable pile of awesome! Where do you find these pictures? They're great.

1,6180... nature's number this time. Fibonacci huh?
>> No. 42381
[X] “Is that a chessboard?”

We're a bad gambler and a mediocre thief; surely we must have some talents.
>> No. 42384
Fairy Slayer.
>> No. 42386
[x]“What did your sister say?”
Cutting straight into the heart of the matter.
>> No. 42389
[x] “What did your sister say?”
>> No. 42392
[x] "Is that a chessboard?" wins.

Writing soon.

Well to be fair, he's up against Sakuya.
>> No. 42394
[x] “...Nevermind.” Keep to yourself.

For some reason, I have the feeling that any talk will get us killed.
Bah. As long as you're not talking about Remi, it should be ok, right?
>> No. 42395
I just realised.
Oh god we're going headfirst into a dead end!
We're good at chess! Pray to god we lose.
>> No. 42396
Or not. Spent some time on it, but the scene's still forming in my head, and my four-hour class starts in... about an hour. Update tomorrow, with luck.
>> No. 42422

So Sakuya was rigging the deck with time-hax just to troll us? Should have expected that, I guess.
>> No. 42426

Um, no, I meant the burglar part. It's hard to rob someone who is almost literally everywhere at once.

Not to say nobody was stacking the deck, but it wasn't Sakuya.
>> No. 42431
>Not to say nobody was stacking the deck, but it wasn't Sakuya.
Foiled by fairies? Jesus we're a poor little fuck if fairies outsmart us.
>> No. 42439

>> No. 42449
Okay yeah I got no excuse today. I'll try again tomorrow.
>> No. 42521
>> No. 42522

I mean, sure, I'll see what I can do.

Did you know:
Chess is hard to write when you never play it?
>> No. 42524
Here is an easy way to learn chess.
>> No. 42525
Actually, there were two bad ends there.


“...do you play chess?” You ask, as your eye settles on a toppled chessboard in the corner. It looks like a game was in progress before her recent... outburst with the door.

She turns to you, lifting her face out of the bed.


“Do you want to play a game of chess?” You gesture to the board.


As you quickly set up the pieces, Flandre rolls off the bed. Crawling over on all fours she sits down in front of the black side. You guess you’re playing white, then. You move a pawn into the center out of habit, and Flandre moves one of hers off to the left. Without looking up, you move another of your pawns ahead. Flandre captures it with one of hers, and you capture that with your knight. She attacks your other pawn with her knight, which you counter.

You move another pawn, making an opening for your bishop, while she attacks with her own. When she castles, your bishop is already in place, pinning hers. Grinning very slightly, you move your queen into position against her king. You glance up at her.

Flandre blinks and narrows her eyes, scanning the board. Tentatively, she picks up one of her knights and places it near yours.


“Not bad,” you comment idly as you move another pawn, blocking her next attack. Flandre moves up more of her pieces, reinforcing her knight, pinning your bishop. You quickly castle on the queen side, and move your bishop. She moves another of her pawns, preparing to attack your knight.

Oh damn.

She’s got you with that one. Well, there’s no escaping it, this time. You move your horse, letting her take it with her pawn, then quickly more in, taking the piece she just used, and setting up a three-pronged attack against another of her pawns. You look up at Flandre again.


She gently bites her lip, her eyes glazed over. Dreamily, she moves her knight to block the attacks from your rook and queen, and opening an attack to your other knight with her bishop. She’s not half bad, but...

Your bishop takes her knight, one of her pawns takes your bishop, and it promptly eaten by your queen. She moves her other knight, opening an attack on your queen with her bishop. You ignore it, and take the bishop in front of her queen. Scowling briefly, Flandre captures your queen with hers.


With a smirk, you pick up your castle, and gently tip over her queen. She snorts. Your rooks chase her king back into the corner, behind her remaining bishop. Meanwhile, you’ve managed to slip a pawn past her defenses, nearly to the other side. Flandre moves her king, breaking free for a moment, only to be trapped by more of your pawns.

You’re practically manic, now. Something feels odd, though. You glance back at the board, studying it...


The black knight is perfectly poised, ready to take your king. Just as you start to reach for your pawn, you hesitate. A chill goes down your arm.

[ ] Block her attack, finish her off.
[ ] Ignore it, it’s better if she wins.
[ ] There’s always a better way... (Write-in)


You avoided both, this time.

So yeah, that was a bit cumbersome. Cookies if you actually read the whole thing.
>> No. 42527
[x] Block her attack, finish her off.
Flandre must understand that MC is not a toy.

Last reply was strangely bugged.
>> No. 42528
Haha! I can see every move replayed! Not gonna forget this game in a while I see.

Hmm. Black did win last time so maybe white should be given the opportunity this time? Or possibly
[x] There’s always a better way... propose a draw. You're just being polite nothing more.
-[x] If she disagrees observe her reaction. Look for any signs that indicate incoming violence.
--[x] If there are none, bust her ass
--[x] If she looks like she just might maybe skin you throw the game

>that was a bit cumbersome
I think it turned out quite fine though. It's a good description for someone who never plays chess.
>> No. 42529
>The black knight is perfectly poised, ready to take your king.
Do you mean "ready to give check", or "ready to give checkmate/begin a checkmate sequence"? My temporary vote is

[X] Finish her off

either way, but I may be compelled to make a write-in here given more details.
>> No. 42530

She can win in one move if you don't block it.
>> No. 42535
could we get a look at the chess board (ala a pic of some sort) so we can see how things are?
>> No. 42542
Meta knowledge.
MC isn't supposed to know about Flandre's power or madness.
>> No. 42543
We know she's pissed, and it's not to hard to figure out that she's not human; given those bits of info, it's not unreasonable to consider throwing the game to curry favor/not get maimed.
>> No. 42544
Summed it up quite nicely for me
>> No. 42545
[v] Block her attack, finish her off.
No need to be a jerk about it, however.
>> No. 42546
[x] Block her attack, finish her off.
No mercy. And she will probably respect us more if we crush her at it.
>> No. 42547

No, because you know what? I don't even know what it looks like. The game was built from a second(third?)-hand recounting of a game.

I'll check back to call the vote in a little bit.
>> No. 42548
[x] Block her attack, finish her off.
-[x] Compliment her on her skills in a humble fashion.
>> No. 42549
Eh whatever. Changing to this
[x] Block her attack, finish her off.
-[x] Compliment her on her skills in a humble fashion.
>> No. 42550
[Q] Block her attack, finish her off.

wins. Writing soon.

I must say, though, I'm laughing at most of you guys' reasoning.
>> No. 42552
We don't know your Flan well yet other than saying or doing the wrong thing will result in us becoming one of many smears on the wall.
>> No. 42553
More than that, the canon Flan is unstable. Interact with her is like playing russian roulette.
>> No. 42555
Actually, there was no bad end there.

Unless you used the write-in option.


[x] Block her attack, finish her off.

No, going easy on someone never helps. Moving deliberately, you move your pawn, sealing off her attack. Biting her lip, she shuffles her knight futilely.

“Pawn for a queen,” you say, tapping the piece down on the edge of the board.

She makes the exchange, then makes another aimless move. A single, minuscule drop of blood runs down her chin.


As you withdraw your hand, your queen suddenly shudders, and with a gut-wrenching cry of strain, explodes into a hundred pieces of smoking, ivory shrapnel. You’d thrown yourself flat against the ground as soon as you heard the sound in a rare moment of foresight, for which you’re grateful. Scrambling upright, you look at Flandre. She’s... just staring at the chessboard, and the stump of what was once the white queen, completely expressionless. Blood is flowing freely from her lip, where one of her teeth has pierced it.

She blinks and looks directly at you, so suddenly that you flinch. Then, she smiles, unclenchs her teeth, and laughs. You stay frozen, as the wheels in your brain spin uselessly in place.

“Hahaha! Wow, I never-” she devolves into a fit of giggles, wiping off her mouth- “I never thought you’d take that! Ahahahaa!”

“...What?” It’s practically a statement, rather than a question.

Calming down a little, she continues. “You took the win! Everybody else is always too scared or stupid.” She snorts. “Patchy just gets an attack and leaves early, but I can’t tell how much of it she’s doing herself.” She waves vaguely around her ear. “I get really muddled sometimes, so it’s pretty hard to tell, you know? I can’t even sense half the magic she uses anyway- she’s not like Sakuya or Remi, they run on the same frequency as me, so it’s easy to tell. Or do I run on the same frequency as them? Aaah, I can’t remember! Sakuya’s harder though, because the whole mansion feels like her most days. And when she does her ‘ticticwhoosh’ thing, it all kind of runs together anyway, so it’s not like I can tell what it was she did anyway, so it’s really a pretty useless skill. But Remi! Her’s is the easiest to feel! Even if she does something on the other edge of the world I can tell! It usually wakes me up when that happens, though, so it can get pretty annoying, like the time she said she went to the moon. Without her or Sakuya around I could run around the mansion as much as I wanted though, so I guess it was a good thing.” She shrugs, uncrossing her legs and stretching them out.

You blink. “Y-yeah...”

What happened to the chills? She just blew up one of the chess pieces, and now she’s amicably chatting away at you... It’s like she changed tracks completely. Is she messing with you?

“Hey.” Flandre holds her hand out in a fist.

“What is it?”

“Rock paper scissors.”

You raise an eyebrow.

“Just listen, okay? We’ll do three rounds. Win one, and I’ll get Sakuya to give you an extra nice dinner~” As if you’d need to think about that! You raise your own fist.


She grins.

If she’s any good, she’ll bet on me playing rock, so she’ll use paper.

“Rock!” “Scissors.”

Chuckling impishly, she lightly punches your two extended fingers.

Now, was she predicting me, or was that a fluke? For that matter, what if she was just going to lead rock from the beginning?

You shake your head.

What’s important is that now she can guess how much I know. She won with rock, so she won’t play it again, right? That would mean I should play scissors again- It’d be a tie at worst.

“Rock!” “Scissors.”

Dammit! What’s with that? I can’t tell if it’s a strategy or if she’s just messing with me...

You stare at your hand for a moment.

No, wait, that’s it.

“Paper!” “Scissors.”

Hell yes!

Her grins gets even wider.

“Ha! I knew it!” Slapping the ground, she leaps up and hugs you, squeezing your head against her body. “You’re just clever enough to be fun!” she squeals, messing up your hair with her fingers.

Your brain shuts down, until

-a missing frame and the tinkling of glass.

There’s a knock at the door.


Don't feel like writing the rest of this tonight, but I thought I'd post what I had.
>> No. 42556
Mad Flandre. Been a while since we had that.
>> No. 42557
it's comfirmed she likes people gutsy and skilled enough to beat her.
>> No. 42563
Our MC is very lucky that intelligence and balls are his strong points.
>> No. 42566
>Unless you used the write-in option.
Haha. I thought that might happen.
I'm gonna have to fix that
>> No. 42572

Not to say any write in was a bad end, just that it was a possibility.
>> No. 42579
Curious to find out as to what Remilia told Flandre.
>> No. 42580
chances are she was being terribly bossy to Flandre.
>> No. 42601
Class is a bitch, missed an update.

Got one mostly written that's nearing the ~1500 word mark, though.
>> No. 42629
No excuse, just never got around to writing today. Still working though.
>> No. 42759
Sure has been a long time, huh?


“Miss Flandre, are you awake?” Sakuya calls from the other side. After a moment, she knocks again. “Miss Flandre? Remilia has reconsidered her words.”

You brace for another of her “warps”, but it doesn’t come. Flandre releases her grip on your head, but just as quickly grabs you by the arm and drags you, half-running, to the door. When she throws it open, you see Sakuya flinch and a flash of

-a hushed sigh, and a single click.

“Mistress Remilia has asked that you and your new pet join her for dinner tonight. I apologize for interrupting.” She bows.

-the chopping of a knife on wood, and running water.


It takes a second before you realize how disheveled Flandre’s hair and clothing is, and you- well, you actually already looked like that. At the very least you hope rumors about this don’t start flying around.

You barely avoid being smashed into the wall when she spins around, arm still locked around yours, doing little pirouettes back into the middle of the room. As if struck by a thought, she runs past the bed to a short dresser, pulling out a palm-sized fragment of a mirror wrapped in cloth. Excitedly, she straightens her vest, re-tucks her shirt, and makes her best effort to fix her hair.

Then, she notices you. A downright chilling look of consideration crosses her face, before it’s replaced by ordinary thought. She tries to wipe the dirt off your face and smooth out your grimy hair, but succeeds only in shifting it around.

“I... guess that will have to do,” she sighs resignedly. Suddenly perking up again, she snatches her hat off the bed, grabs you by the wrist, and runs out the door. You barely manage to keep up until she reaches the huge doors. Sakuya left them open, conveniently.

In the halls, Flandre reluctantly slows to a brisk walk, though you still need to sprint to keep her from pulling your arm off. You pass a number of familiar halls along the way- you could probably find the kitchen from here with no trouble- and more unfamiliar halls than you can count. Finally, you come to a pair of suitably elegant, massive wooden doors. They’ve been carved, sculpted, inscribed, enchanted, gilded, and most probably pillaged. Flandre stops in front of them, releasing your hand. Then, taking a deep breath, she pushes through them, and walks demurely into the dining room.

The dining room is elegant, you’ll admit, but in comparison to the doors, and in conjunction with such a dramatic shift in Flandre mood, you can’t help but feel numb to it. Trailing after her, you come to the long table in the middle. Much to your surprise, there are no fairies in sight. You wonder briefly who set the table, when

-a collage of mouthwatering scents and the heat of an open oven

You blink, and swallow. Your stomach, ever the pragmatist, grumbles, loudly, earning a sharp look from Flandre as she greets the others taking their seats.

“Miss Flandre!”


Her facade breaks for a moment as she throws her arms around the gate guard. You have no trouble recognizing her, after all, you’d spent the better part of three days tracking her movements.

“Good morning, Flandre.” A sickly-looking woman in a flimsy robe shuffles up to the table with a nearly-appropriate greeting. Releasing Meiling’s waist, Flandre stiffens again.

“Hello, Miss Patchouli.” She gives a short curtsy.

-clinking cutlery, the scent of wine, and... a scream?

“Remilia will arrive shortly, please, sit down, everyone.” You jump as Sakuya appears behind you. Glancing over you, she snorts, and turns away.

-a creaking door, the rustle of sheets, and murmured voices

You wish she’d stop doing that! Shaking your head, you move behind Flandre as she takes a seat. It dawns on you, suddenly, that there’s only one unoccupied chair, at the head of the table. Flandre notices it at the same time, and raises an important question.

“...Where does he sit?”

You glance down the barren end of the table, and back up to the head.

-a single, loud step

“It would be rude for a pet to sit at the table with it’s master, would it not?” Sakuya sneers, placing a hand on your shoulder. She’s barely taller than you, though, so it spoils the effect somewhat.

“But-” Flandre begins.

“As you can see, we don’t have any more chairs, miss Flandre.” You know for a fact that’s bullshit, but somehow, Flandre buys it. Scowling, she glances across the table.

“What’s she doing here, then?” She says, pointing at the thin woman. “It’s not like she even eats anything!”

“Miss Flandre! Be polite to Lady Patchouli.” Sakuya chides.

“As much as I am inclined to agree with you, Remilia requires my presence at these meals.” Patchouli replies, before quickly devolving into a coughing fit.

Grumbling a response, Flandre glances sideways at Meiling.

“Hey, Meiling...” She leans over, whispering. Obliging, the red-haired woman leans in as well. Flandre’s hand moves past her arm, and then suddenly snaps shut. Meiling has only time to go wide eyed with shock.

With a nauseating, prolonged ‘squelch’ and a sound not unlike that of your unfortunate white queen, the gatekeeper’s right arm simply bursts. A fine shower of red, white, and pink bits rains across the carpet and table.

Flandre grins manically, while Sakuya and Patchouli draw back discreetly.

“Oh, Meiling! Your arm!” Flandre covers her mouth in mock concern.

“Ah...” Meiling stands up shakily, clasping one hand over the ragged stump. “Aha, Don’t worry about it. I’ll go tend to it, and then relieve the fairies on guard duty, if you don’t mind.” She smiles, even as the color drains from her face and hand. As she leaves the room, several red droplets slip between her fingers and land on the carpet.

-the smell of blood, soap, water, and fresh towels.

You blink. In an instant, the room is clean again.

Flandre grabs your hand, smiling happily again, and pulls you down into Meiling’s empty seat. “You can sit here!”

You shudder.

The dining hall doors open again and the owner of the mansion strolls between them, her wings spread. Sakuya pulls out the high-back chair, and ushers the vampire into it.

“Good evening, Remi.” Patchouli looks up at her and nods.

Remilia returns the nod, then claps her hands. “Sakuya! Bring the meal.”

-clattering of trolley-wheels and rattling dishes.

The plates are suddenly full of food, and the glasses full of wine. Or, from the smell of Remilia’s, not-really-wine. In the seat beside her, Flandre fidgets nervously with her hands, occasionally picking at the food in front of her. You eat at the same pace, but for entirely different reasons. As you push the meat around on your plate, contemplating the virtues of vegetarianism, the elder vampire calls you. Sort of.

“So, you’re the rat my sister caught?” She asks, gently swirling her wineglass.

Demoted already?!

“...Yes,” you answer, seeing no point in fruitless defenses.

“Hmmm...” She rubs her chin in thought.

“Sister-” Flandre begins, clutching her skirt.

“Patchy, what do you think of him?” Remilia turns to the woman, who is currently absorbed in a small, discreetly held book. She glances up, palming it back into her sleeve.

“Hurumph.” You feel a chill as she runs her eyes over you. “Thin. Only ambient exposure to magic, no internal use. Normal life span, possibly shortened by stress. Filthy, uncouth, poor judgment skills. Limited social experience, rebellious nature. Uneducated. Very nearly entirely human.” She gives a great, body-shaking cough into her sleeve. “Can’t deal with criticism.”

You raise your hand to protest, and freeze. Dammit, you hate that tactic.

Leaning past Flandre, Remilia locks eyes with you. “However, such a boy infiltrated my mansion, evaded my head maid, and secured himself a spot. He also challenged Sakuya’s fairies in a game, and survived.” She leers at you- you can’t tell if it’s meant to be seductive or predatory. “Boy, how about a game?” She produces a large gold coin from the folds of her dress, holding out on her palm for you to inspect. Then, she tosses it up, spinning end over end.

Just before it clatters back to the table, she plucks it out of the air.

“Which is it?”

“Heads,” you answer.

She opens her hand, showing heads, and grins. Again, she flips it, higher this time.


She looks down at the coin first, keeping it cupped in her hand.

“Right again,” she says, with some surprise. “Once more.”

The coin soars up like a rocket, spinning so fast it becomes a flickering golden sphere. It reaches the top of the room, hovering just barely below the ceiling, and drops.

Remilia’s arm blurs as it drops in front of her, and she holds out a clasped fist.

“It’s in your other hand, and tails.”

Her grin spreads ear to ear, and she gives a short laugh as she produces the coin.

“Wonderful! Truly, wonderful!” She rocks back in her chair, slapping the ancient wooden armrest. “Tell me, how did you do it?”

“It was easy,” you say, feeling the faintest tinge of pride.

[ ] “I guessed.”
[ ] “I watched it.”
[ ] “I cheated.”


This does have significance! Sort of!
>> No. 42760
[x] “I watched it.”

Watched the hell out of that coin.
>> No. 42761
[x] “I watched it.”

Given his background, he should have quick eyes and possibly quicker hands.
>> No. 42764
[X] “I watched it.”
>> No. 42766
[X] “I watched it.”
>> No. 42767
There's also those sensory fragments that pop up every time Sakuya pulls a timestop. Which could either mean that he has just enough power/the right wavelength to be able to sense the timestop itself, or sharp enough senses in general that the sudden changes in the environment stand out that much more to him.
>> No. 42768
[x] “I cheated.”
I know the other options going to win, and that this one is a bad idea in general, but I'm really curious. Just how in the hell would he have cheated?
>> No. 42771
[X] "I watched it."

Of course, our protag is math wiz, so it might be accurate to say he considered probability of heads and tails, but he had to have been observant to catch her switching hands.
>> No. 42772
[x] “I cheated.”
Guessing is just luck, watching is just good eyes, but cheating would have to be something pretty inventive.
>> No. 42773
No. It is quite good. Either he gets ripped apart or she likes him. Who would cheat the Scarlet Devil?

[x] “I cheated.”
>> No. 42774
[X] “I watched it.”

We found out how to use magic without actually using magic.
>> No. 42775
[X] “I watched it.”
>> No. 42777
Our protagonist is apparently a mathematical genius. Guessing would probably be a result of that, due to stuff like probability and chance.

"I predicted that there would be a 86.34% chance of it landing on heads" and what not.
>> No. 42778

[ ] “I calculated and predicted it.”

Something like this?
>> No. 42779
It's a coin
He does not have enough evidence to calculate at anything except 50/50.
>> No. 42781
[X] “I watched it.”


It IS possible to predict the outcome of a coin toss by watching it - given you have the sheer skill to calculate rotation, heigth and whatnot in the short amount of time the coin is up (very short for that last toss).
In my opinion this really fits with the random mathmatical constants the protagonist recited throughout, so why not go all the way and make him a back alley genius?
>> No. 42782
[x] “I watched it.” wins.

Writing soon.

If you know the starting face, the speed of rotation, and how long it's in the air, determining which face would turn up is most definitely possible.

And hell, did no one read the whole update, or was it just not as interesting as I hoped?
>> No. 42786
Well I guess

I'd call that watching the coin but I understand where your coming from and also want the MC to be a genius
>> No. 42787
I read the whole update
>> No. 42788
I'm sure everyone did. Sakuya's reaction, Meiling's maiming, the other character's portrayals are all interesting.
I guess people are eager to find out/speculate about the MCs abilities.

I'd argue that using the angular and vertical velocity of the coin would only give you a useful prediction if it were landing on a flat surface, and was prevented from bouncing. Otherwise there are simply too many factors to make it possible.
That's being a bit pedantic though. Also it's Gensokyo.
>> No. 42795
>And hell, did no one read the whole update, or was it just not as interesting as I hoped?
We all read it. Else we wouldn't vote.
Like i said i think, it is good to see some insane Flandre again. Just evil Sakuya is not my type. I always see her more like the type that Taisa wrote her in GH. Something like an elder sister type that watches over you. And calls you boy.
>> No. 42796

[x] “I watched it.”

“I just watched the coin when you tossed it.”

She raises an eyebrow. “Oh? That would be quite impressive, if it weren’t a complete lie.”


“Naturally, no human could accurately see the coin’s face as it was dropping.” She rolls the coin between her fingers as she speaks.

“Of course not. However, I could see the spin- enough to get a glimpse of both sides. Would you mind if I see the coin?” Tossing it up once, Remilia holds it out on her palm. “No, no, the original one, I mean.”

Her eyes widen and her mouth opens, before she chuckles. “You’re saying I used two coins? Why would you assume that?”

“Of course. You see, the first coin you used had two heads.” The little clink of cutlery stops, and a hush falls over the room. “I told you, didn’t I? I managed to get a glimpse of both sides. They were, to put it bluntly, completely identical.”

“So you would accuse me of cheating?”

“Not in so many words. Besides, you asked me to predict the outcome of that coin, didn’t you?”

“So, you must have known I was using the proper coin the third time. You only had an even chance of suceeding,” Remilia says as she slides back into her chair, clearly pleased with herself.

“No. You see, you didn’t throw a fair coin the third time, you threw the double-headed coin again.”

“Oh my! How did it land tails, then?”

“You switched it. Anyone would become suspicious if it landed heads three times in a row, wouldn’t they? So you threw it higher, giving yourself an excuse to catch it faster. Your hands are impossible to track at that speed, so it’s an easy task to switch it with a fair coin showing tails.”

“And how did you know I would switch it, then?”

“Because...” You pause, letting the tension swell. Putting on a knowing smile, you continue. “You’re not a very good liar. You already knew that I’d seen through the double headed coin, didn’t you? That’s why you threw the double headed coin the third time, too- you were expecting me to bet heads again.” It was, in fact, the reverse of Flandre’s game; rather than using a pattern, she relied on subverting the pattern. In short, it was a cheap deception, intended to use my eyes against me.

Her fake smile is gone, but you can still sense her amusement. Draining the last of her glass, she stands up.

“This has been an amusing time. I hope your stay with us will last a while longer.” She snaps her fingers.

-the squeak of a drying towel and splashing water.

“I feel I should retire, now.” She saunters to the doors, and stops. “Oh, and Sakuya?”

“Yes, Lady Remilia?”

“Make sure our guest gets a bath and change of clothes when he has finished his dinner.”

“Of course.”

You hear the great doors close behind her, and faintly, her footsteps receding on the other side.

“Since Remilia has left, I am no longer obligated to remain here, I feel. I shall return to my library.” Patchouli stand up as well and quietly shuffles out, nose still buried in her book. The only people left in the room are you, Sakuya, and Flandre, who is currently staring into her plate, gritting her teeth. She looks almost exactly like she did after lunch...


“If you are done eating, I will show you to the washroom.”

You glance at the hunk of meat on your plate. You feel a little bad about leaving expensive food uneaten, but you would also feel terrible about throwing it up all over their floor. Someone probably eats leftovers here, anyway.

“I’m done.”

-ringing in your ears and a dry mouth.

You blink twice, and cough. Hopefully this doesn’t become a regular event.

“The bathroom is just down the hall, on the left. Once you’re in, some of the maids will take care of your clothes. I will take care of Flandre.”

-scritch of a pen, tearing of paper, and a door creaking.

You glance down around the otherwise abandoned halls.

While you could just go to the bathroom, you could also do a bit of wandering...

[ ] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.
[ ] No, you’ve got something else to do first.
- [ ] You still haven’t been in the library.
- [ ] Maybe you should see if the gatekeeper is alright?


I feel like things are finally settling into the right pace~
>> No. 42797
[x] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.
>> No. 42798
[x] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.
>> No. 42800
[x] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.
>> No. 42802
[x] No, you’ve got something else to do first.
- [x] You still haven’t been in the library.
Update Could have used some Zawa.

He is a thief, we need to make sure we can find some new things to steal. I am sure Patchy has many books which are worth a ton.
After that good impression on Remilia, we might have an intelligent conversation with Patchy. Who knows where else his skills are in?
>> No. 42803
[X] Maybe you should see if the gatekeeper is alright?

We need allies, if we ever want to live free again.

And besides... poor Meiling ;_;
>> No. 42804
[x] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.

Let's turn our filthy burglar into a iron knight forged from a ingot of gold.
>> No. 42805
[X] No, you’ve got something else to do first.
- [X] Maybe you should see if the gatekeeper is alright?

Considering how Meiling was essentially kicked out of dinner, rather horrifically, to allow us to sit somewhere it'd be rude to not see how she's doing. In fact, it'd be nice if we could at least bring her some food. Hopefully not leftovers, since it seems he didn't eat.
>> No. 42806
>Flandre, who is currently staring into her plate, gritting her teeth. She looks almost exactly like she did after lunch...
That's worrisome...

[X] No, you’ve got something else to do first.
-[X] Maybe you should see if the gatekeeper is alright?

Her arm exploded. So we could sit at a table. It would probably bug us all day if we didn't see if she was okay.
>> No. 42808
We can at least clean ourselves first and talk to her later can't we? We're all ugly and smelly right now so we should take a bath first.
>> No. 42810
[x] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.

We just got here. Wandering around and going places we don't belong at can wait till after we get our shit sorted out. I honestly doubt the mindset of our protagonist here is to get comfortable and get to know everyone.
>> No. 42811
[x] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.
>> No. 42816
[X] No, you’ve got something else to do first.
-[X] Maybe you should see if the gatekeeper is alright?

Yeah. and we can learn about our Mistress (Flandre) some more, sometimes indirectly is better.
>> No. 42818
[X] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.

'Tis only a flesh wound.
>> No. 42821
[X] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.
>> No. 42830
[X] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.
>> No. 42833

Yeah, by the time we see her again, most of it will have grown back.

[X] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.
>> No. 42835
That and being clean goes a long way. I'm sure Flan did a decent job of talking Meiling into it as I'm sure it's standard policy to be on guard ALWAYS around Flandre.
>> No. 42852
[X] No, you’ve got something else to do first.
-[X] Maybe you should see if the gatekeeper is alright?

why poor Meiling?
>> No. 42854
>talking Meiling into it
>> No. 42856
[x] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.

wins. Writing soon, once I get over having a massage chair.

And playing with redstone circuits
>> No. 42858
Yay Q!
>> No. 42885
I confess, I completely forgot about the update yesterday. This will be rectified shortly.
>> No. 42902
Huge update, almost wrote itself.


[x] Screw it, baths aren’t that bad.

No, you might as well just get it over now. With a sigh of resignation, you open the door Sakuya pointed out, and glance inside. It’s big, you’ll give it that, and probably very fancy by any ordinary person’s standards. The floor is marble, the faucets are deceptively well polished brass, and the tub is big enough for at least six people.

However... it’s still no were near as gaudy as the rest of the mansion, even the kitchen. If you had to guess, you’d say it was the servant’s bathroom. Well, the fairy-sized maid apron in the basket by the door is indicative as well.

You strip off the frayed, muddy, sweat-stained clothes you’ve been wearing for the last six months, and dump them into the hamper. The air is just cold enough to give you the chills, so you hurry, shivering, to the tub, and inspect the faucets.

How the hell does this thing work? There’s no fewer than five knobs, three outlets, and two levers that you can see, not to mention the dialon the side. What is it with this mansion and needlessly complicating daily tasks? Is it some hobby of theirs, or do they just like watching people squirm?

Shaking your head in frustration, you step into the tub, and grab two of the knobs. You twist them both halfway counter-clockwise, and quickly pull the lever to your left. Three streams of lukewarm water shoot out of the top faucet, and begin to spin around quickly, making the pipes rattle and hum.


You wipe some of the now-muddy water out of your eyes, spitting, gasping, and shivering all the more. Squinting through at the mist, you grab one of two the knobs, and turn it the rest of the way. Suddenly a second faucet comes on, spraying a single burst of cold water on your feet, before pouring waves of rapidly-cooling water into the tub itself, lubricating the ground.

You nearly slip, catching hold of another lever, which quickly clicks to the next setting. The spinning streams stop, only to be replaced by a cloud of mist rocketing out of the pipe, and directly on to your head.

If I ever find the person who designed this, I will fucking drown them in it.

“..st . mo...t !”

You look up by mistake, directly into the stream of water vapor, and curse futilely as you fall back. Two pairs of small hands catch you, and within the second, the water stops. Blinking, you look around at the trio of fairies maids in front of you. They look pretty much the same as every other fairy in the mansion, but at the very least they aren’t the ones from the kitchen. Or, probably, the ones you killed last... evening? You blink. You’ve already been here an entire night without noticing it. The lack of sleep won’t kick in for a while, anyway.

In the time you spent thinking, the lead fairy- the one with the headdress and armband- has looked you up and down. And down. A small grin spreads across her face. Feeling yourself heat up, you scramble upright and drop into a crouch, flipping on of the fairies in the process. The others wince as she lands face first on the bottom of the tub, sending up a plume of sparkling dust. The other fairy regains her balance and quickly grabs the wet uniform from the ground.

“Looks like we’ll be short-staffed down in laundry again,” the leader sighs. You sneeze as some of the dust sticks to you and fizzles, making your skin tingle. The fairy waves, and the other three scurry out the door, with the clothes. One of them steals a quick glance over her shoulder and squeaks before dashing out, her head covered. “Now!” the remaining fairy says, turning her eyes back to you. “Let’s get you washed~!”

Her hands dart behind her back, and she throws her apron off on to the floor. She already has her dress up over her head before you manage to get a word in.

“W-wait, what are you doing?!” you shout, reaching to grab her, but thinking better of it.

Her head pops out the back, and the dress drops to the floor in front of her. “You want to figure this out on your own, be my guest~” she gestures to the bizarre shower contraption. “Wet clothes are really a problem.” Clad in an undershirt, the fairy perches lightly on the edge of the bath.


When operated properly- well, properly as best you can tell, given the rattles and squeaks of protest the whole bath gives whenever she changes something- the bath is actually rather nice. You felt even more naked after the girl managed to scrub off the persistent layer of grime on your skin. You discovered, as she talked, that her name was Crystal Lake.

“-that you solved Remilia’s game, too! We haven’t had many people like that since I’ve been here. I think Sakuya was the last person to manage it, actually.” She flips another lever and twists some knobs, and after a brief gurgle the highest faucet releases a gentle cascade if warm water, washing another round of grease and soap out of your hair.

“You were here before Sakuya?” You raise an eyebrow, but you can’t tell if she can see it.

“Not by much. They dropped the mansion on my home, so I got drafted right away. Sakuya ended up in the mansion a bunch of years later, and then Lady Remilia had her take over.” She gives a wistful sigh as she continues to scrub your head.

“Oh, you joined one of the food games, didn’t you?”

You try to nod, but settle for a grunt when she holds your head still. For someone two feet shorter than you, she’s pretty damn strong.

“That’s pretty impressive~!” She laughs, toggling more of the controls, and producing a short burst of hot water, followed by a steady, warm mist. Crystal moves down and begins to wash your back. “I’m not very good at cards, actually, but Sakuya says I could definitely beat anyone in the village.”

You feel a little better about it, now, but still quite put-off. Being outsmarted by fairies isn’t acceptable, damn it! She finishes cleaning your back and chest much faster, and you have to cut her off when she tries to move down. Giggling like a schoolgirl as she gets dressed again, she slips out the door to fetch your clothes. Presumably. You dry off and wrap yourself in a towel.

Ten minutes later, she returns carrying...

Oh, come on. Seriously?

Is that what you’re pulling?

Crystal Lake grins at you not-so-innocently.

[ ] Alright, jeez, you’ll wear the damn maid uniform. You've been through worse.
[ ] At least get some men’s clothing.
[ ] No. Explain your deep, personal attachment to your old clothes.


Kudos if you catch the name reference.
>> No. 42903
[X] At least get some men’s clothing.
>> No. 42905
[x] At least get some men's clothes.
>> No. 42907
[X] At least get some men’s clothing.

>the lead fairy- the one with the headdress and armband- has looked you up and down. And down. A small grin spreads across her face.
Subtly commenting on the MC's endowments, Crystal?
>> No. 42908
[x] Alright, jeez, you’ll wear the damn maid uniform. You've been through worse.

Fairies are real weak. They break when you fall face first on the floor? Interesting.
>> No. 42909
[X] At least get some men’s clothing.
>> No. 42910
[x] Alright, jeez, you’ll wear the damn maid uniform. You've been through worse.

The only Crystal Lake I know is Jason's. Somehow, I don't want to make this fairy angry.
Besides, I want to see Flandre's face when she'll see MC wearing that.
>> No. 42911
[X] At least get some men’s clothing.
>> No. 42912
[x] At least get some men’s clothing.
-[x] Or at least something gender neutral.
>> No. 42913
[X] At least get some men’s clothing.

We should at least try to maintain some degree of personal pride. At least in the beginning, we can test out just how much personal volition we have on details like this.
>> No. 42915
Same as >>42910, only Crystal Lake I know of is Jason's.

[X] At least get some men’s clothing.
>> No. 42929
[ ] Alright, jeez, you’ll wear the damn maid uniform. You've been through worse.

He is a pet now. A kind of servant to Flandre's wishes. This is only fitting.
>> No. 42930
[x] At least get some men’s clothing.
>> No. 42933
[X] At least get some men’s clothing.
>> No. 42934
[X] At least get some men’s clothing.
>> No. 42940
[x] At least get some men’s clothing.
Wins. Writing soon-ish.

>> No. 42947
Here you go.


[x] At least get some men’s clothing.

“No way.” You shake your head emphatically.

“But...” Her bottom lip quivers.

“I’m not going to wear a dress! You’ve got something for men around here, don’t you?” You’ve been through enough humiliation today.

“Oh, all right...” She sighs reluctantly and mutters something under her breath as she slips back out through the door. A scant few minutes later, she reappears, carrying a white dress shirt, black slacks, and rather ordinary shoes. Crystal stares at your expectantly. Ugh. You grab the towel, throwing it off in one move, and covering the fairy’s head. In the four seconds it takes her to get it off, you managed to get dressed completely, albeit minus the zippers and buttons. Her expression falls, and she pouts comically.

Walking to the large mirror, you examine yourself as you button up your shirt. Cleaned, and in a new set of clothes, you can hardly recognize yourself. You even feel different, like you’re in someone else’s skin. That’s not to say you don’t look good, of course. Crystal comes up behind you with a stool, and starts running a comb through your hair. You could almost get used to this. Almost.

Once you’re done, you stroll out of the bathroom. It doesn’t look to be too far from the dining room, so it’s not too much trouble to find your way around. You stop as you pass the now-empty dining hall.

The gatekeeper is crippled, the fairy maids seem to trust you, and it’s nearly daylight. If you wanted to, you might be able to make a run for it, now...

-sound of a a brush and crunching steps.

“I see the fairies took good enough care of you.” Sakuya walks around you slowly, a feather duster in one hand. She sniffs the air. “Good, the smell is finally gone. You shouldn’t wander around up here, now, Flandre is already back in her room.” She gives you a light push to the small of your back.

-squeaking cart wheels and sloshing water.

Right, there’s still her. Until you’ve at least figured out how her power works, you don’t stand a chance. Shrugging, you, retrace the path to the basement. It’s much cooler down here in your new clothes, and the crunch fresh gravel feels different through these shoes.

As you approach the wooden door to Flandre’s room in the darkness, you notice a thin sliver of light. The door is open, barely a crack, and you can hear Flandre mumbling something from inside. Creeping up as quietly as you can, you slip inside.

Flandre’s hat and jacket and lying on the floor beside one of her socks and her hair tie. The girl herself is lying on the bed, halfway out of her skirt, clutching a pillow between her legs, and another in her arms. Her fingers tense, and her nails tear into the cloth, spilling out some feathers. The remnants of your survival instinct scream at you, you your eyes snap around the room, taking it in.

There are fresh craters and claw marks in the walls, ceiling, and even the floor. More disturbing is the chess board- all of the white pieces are cleanly shattered, leaving only the stumps, and the entire white side of the board itself is cracked, splintered and riddled with scorch marks.

“She didn’t say anything to me.” Flandre sits up, crawling off the bed. “She didn’t say anything. Just talked to you the whole time.” Everything in you screams to run. “She taught me to be polite and quite and not to interrupt so why didn’t she say anything- not ‘don’t play with your food’ or ‘how are you doing’ or ‘where did you find him’ or ‘how have the last six years been’ or even ‘good evening’ or ‘goodbye’ or anything at all!” She laughs, though it’s more like a choked sob.

She slips off the bed, eyes locked on yours. They glimmer red, more like those of a snake. There’s something warm in them, that makes you want to reach out and-

A hot, pins-and-needles tingling starts in your shoulder, spreading out into your chest, and up the side of your neck. You open your mouth, no air comes. The tingling becomes a tightness, then a burning, crushing, stabbing, ripping red hot iron sticking filling prickling chilling scouring out your bones and your muscles and tear tendons and stretching stretching twisting squeezing pain nothing.

Your breath catches in your throat, as you state dumbly down at gaping, fleshy red mass on you, riddled with tiny bits of white stick. You hear a bubbling whistle as you try to breath, and your head droops to the side. Spots of color dance across your eyes, as you see your hand on the ground, contorted into some strange symbol, in a growing pool of red.

Everything’s suddenly, really... cold...

>> No. 42948


“AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAA!” You open your eyes, screaming, wailing, fueled by panic.

You thrash your limbs at the blurred figures over your, clawing at them and your skin. Spikes of white-hot flash over you at random, and every vein in your body screams and aches, like it’s about to burst.

A vice like grip catches one arm, then the other, and a heavy shape presses down on your chest and legs, holding you still.

“ReaLLy, iF -Ou --E gO-ng TO belikeThis eVeRY tiMe thiS happe-s, i’m goin to have to hAve a word witH Remi.” A distant, distorted voice echoes into your head, like you’re underwater.

Ndef lexomk ne lats, vamd!” Another voice hisses in your ear.

Though you squirm as hard as you can, you can’t break out of the shape’s hold. Your breath comes in painful, scratchy gasps, and there’s a coppery taste in your mouth. Finally, your vision swims into focus. The room is enormous but dimly lit, with towering bookshelves on every side. The ceiling is barely visible, an octagon of stained wood, high above.

“Are you quite lucid yet?” The standing figure- the purple-haired woman from dinner- crouches over you.

“Hehe~ Es O'l fviddu navi si'n ratob meh~” You look up at the figure lying on top of you, manically grinning red-haired woman, dressed in a vest and tie over a white shirt. She snickers again, and you notice a pair of batlike wings sprouting from here head.

Patchouli scowls at her. “Dsyd on y nobi iwwitd ew viroromk son jreeb.

The woman sits up, still straddling you, but releases your hands.

“Do you feel that you can stand?” The purple-haired magician folds the heavy tome in her hand, and pulls the laughing red haired woman off you by the shoulder. Free of her weight you manage to sit up, fighting off a dizzy spell.

“What happened to me...?”

“Simply put-” Patchouli coughs into her sleeve and clears her throat. “-Flandre killed you.”

You stare at her.
You blink.
After a moment, you clean your ears, and stare at her again.


“The entire right side of your torso was reduced to a fine powder, along with half of your neck, several vertebra, and the greater part of your right arm. The amount of blood you lost was phenomenal, not to mention the tissue trauma.”

“Then... how am I alive?” You look flex your hand, sending little jittery tingles along your arm. “I am alive, aren’t I?”

“...Naturally,” she wheezes, steadying herself on the other woman. “There is a small difference between ‘dead’ and ‘dying’. You were the latter, so by the proper application of magic, restoring your body was possible.” You glance around, noting the sigils marked out on the floor in a circle around you. “I predicted an outcome similar to this after dinner, so I thought it best to be prepared. It isn’t often Remilia is amused by her guests.”

“Wait, you knew this was going to happen?!” Your indignance is somewhat tempered by the pain in your ribs and shoulder.

“Of course. Flandre’s moods vary greatly, but her reactions are quite predictable, especially where her sister is concerned.”

Fran, od'n ejxoean uea hivi biyb hsim uea ked omxerxib hods dsi roddri jodts.

Patchouli absently strikes her over the head, and continues. “I can similarly derive that where you to return to her immediately, you would encounter much the same fate again. If she is given a chance to vent in private, she will calm down of her own accord.”

So, looks like you have some time to kill, then...

[ ] Go to the kitchen. None of this sneaking bullshit, you’re going to get some proper food this time.
[ ] Stay here and talk with Patchouli.
[ ] You should probably check on the gate already. Err, gate guard.
[ ] Sleep. You’ve had enough traumatic experiences for the day.

>> No. 42949
[X] Stay here and talk with Patchouli.

Finding out about the mansion and it's inhabitants is priority no. 1, considering that our life depends on it.

Besides, patchouli might tell us about sakuyas power
>> No. 42952
[x] Stay here and talk with Patchouli.

First bad end avoided. Let's be careful from now on.

About that, was it avoidable?
>> No. 42954
[X] Stay here and talk with Patchouli.

Gathering information about the people we're living with is always a good idea.
>> No. 42955
[x] You should probably check on the gate already. Err, gate guard.

I'd rather check with Meiling as she might have more to say due to the direct contact she has with Flandre.

Seems Flan wants her sister's attention... though it'll be hard making that happen without pissing someone off.
>> No. 42956
[x] You should probably check on the gate already. Err, gate guard.
God I live that fairy maid.
>> No. 42957
I doubt it was an actual bad end, since there were no choices given that have allowed us to avoid it. I'm guessing it would have happened no matter what.

[x] Stay here and talk with Patchouli.
>> No. 42959
[x] Stay here and talk with Patchouli.
If she went out of her way to bring you back to life you got to listen to her.
Might learn a few things and help to improve your overall life rating.
>> No. 42974
[x] Stay here and talk with Patchouli.
wins. Writing soon.

>About that, was it avoidable?
>> No. 42980
I bet the maid uniform was the way out of the bad end.
>> No. 43005
No update day, sorry.
>> No. 43012
>There is a small difference between ‘dead’ and ‘dying’.
Thank you! Finally, an author acknowledges this fact.
>> No. 43041
What are you getting at?
>> No. 43060
It just seems that in most fiction, anyone who isn't a main character instantly loses all brain and bodily function the moment they're shot or stabbed anywhere in the torso, while they're capable of persisting until blood loss caused sufficient oxygen deprivation to the brain.

Now that you mention it though, maybe the only reason we survived for Patchy to find us was because we're the MC.
>> No. 43061
The two do not mean the same thing.

Dead- nuff said, no way of easily healing that
Dying- On the way to dead, can be saved.
>> No. 43065
Or perhaps since Patchouli anticipated this she didn't need to find our body?
>> No. 43066
Missed an update and realized I missed a chance to make a Princess Bride reference.

Today is a sad day.
>> No. 43073
That's assuming if her and/or Koa weren't near by because they seen this coming, which from the sounds of it, they did.
>> No. 43074
Interesting to note that Patchouli expected this outcome and was obviously near by given how quickly she reacted.
Which means she could have prevented us from entering the room.

Our main character is a clever boy and should be able to figure out this contradiction in Patchouli's statements and actions.
>> No. 43075
Do you think he would have listened? Or stopping him wouldn't have resulted in something worse?
>> No. 43077
Our main character is from Gensokyo and would know that there are people around that can kill him easily. He also has seen a small demonstration of Flandere's power.

He is smart enough that if he was warned that he would die if he entered a room, to not enter the room.

He is brave but not reckless.
>> No. 43090

Or that Patchouli doesn't secretly enjoy this?

Or that Remilia doesn't secretly enjoy this?
>> No. 43200
Events conspire yet again, this time under the clever guise of school.

And that new Terry Pratchett book.

And building a lava-lit tower in Minecraft.

And drawing sprite sheets for theoretical games.

And maybe some general laziness around in there.
>> No. 43492
>> No. 43501

Er, right, yeah.

Um, sorry, not many excuses, I just haven't been finding the time. I'll have to force myself to make a bit of space in my schedule for this again, if I want to write...
>> No. 43569
Sorry for how stupidly long this one took to get to you.


[x] Stay here and talk with Patchouli.

“Mind if I stay here?”

Patchouli glances up for the book that had seemingly appeared in her hand.

“I don’t see a problem with it. Sakuya has not informed me of any duties you might have, so it is safe to assume you have none. Or that she was simply expecting you to die, which is strictly speaking the same thing.”

There’s something bothering you about what she said. “...Am I the only one who didn’t see this coming?” you ask as you try to stand. At a gesture from Patchouli, the other woman slithers up beside you, steadying you by your shoulders.

“Oh, hardly. I suspect a number of the fairies were still unaware of the situation as a whole. It is doubtful Remilia would know, but that probably is not much consolation.” You raise your eyebrows. “No offense to Remilia-” she begins, seeing your expression.

Uea liym med de siv wyti, voksd?” There’s a sharp edge to the red-head’s words.

Scowling, the magician continues. “Even as the mistress of the mansion, there are some activities within it she does not concern herself with. Of late, she has not been especially close with her sister.”

The woman mumbles beside your ear. “Nsi zand riyxin siv behm dsivi ne nsi tym wevkid yjead siv. O dsomg nsi'b rogi od siv nondiv zand-

"Ji paoid! Vinfitd Remilia." Patchouli snaps, rising from the chair. She stands there a moment, then clears her throat, and settles back into the cushion with her book.

“You can amuse yourself with the books in the library, assuming you do not damage or steal any of them.” She picks up a sheet of paper and makes a few quick gestures over it, before handing it to you. “Here is a fundamental layout of the current library space, and its contents. I believe the section of most interest to you would be here.” she points to a small box marked ‘erotica.’ “It seems to have grown again. Well, don’t leave a mess.”

With a quick wave of her hand, the wooden floor under her desk detaches and rises up, drifting off into into the unlit areas of the room. You glance around from the rest of the platform, and off into the enormous, labyrinth of bookshelves beyond. The red haired woman slinks up beside you.

“Do you understand what I’m saying?” you venture, after watching her for a moment.

Ew teavni O be, uea watgomk baljynn!” Her cheery, helpful tone sounds strangely misplaced. You’ll take that as a yes.

Looking back to the ‘map’ Patchouli handed you, it’s covered in names. You tilt it, and jump as the picture on the card shifts, showing a three-dimensional sketch of the library, with the section names and borders still hovering in their places.

[ ] History
[ ] Mythology
[ ] Demonology
[ ] Alchemy
[ ] Cooking
[ ] “Import”
[ ] Erotica


By the way, they're speaking in cipher. It's solvable, if you care to try.
>> No. 43570
[x] Demonology

But only if "loli vampire with madness and incredible power" are considered as demons. Otherwise, something else. Oh, and if Anon understand the cipher thingy, is it OOC to use it, or does MC understand it?
>> No. 43572
I think it'd count as the MC figuring it out.

Though this is a it disapointing as she went and left before revealing much.
>> No. 43573
[x] Demonology
[x] Erotica
>> No. 43574
Forgot to add "[ ] Magic theory" and "[ ] Ask for books on ____(write-in)" as options, but they're there if you want them.

Well, what was there for her to explain at this point? MC still isn't trusting enough to ask delicate questions yet, such as "what is the secret to ___'s power so I can escape."
>> No. 43577
I mean more along the lines of "Why did dinner piss her off to the point of kyu-ing the MC?"

All we got is that Remilia's attention is elsewhere and that we might had a bit of misfortune to get some of it instead of her. Basically stuff we more or less figured out already.
>> No. 43578

Well, that's really all there is to it. Notice how much of Remilia not paying attention to Flandre there is? Notice who she was paying attention to instead?

I kind of hate to just step in and answer questions in writer mode, but I'd rather not have lingering dissatisfaction.
>> No. 43579
>By the way, they're speaking in cipher. It's solvable, if you care to try.
Aw, I was hoping it was some sort of conlang. Also, pretty sure "viroromk" in >>42948 should be "vixoxomk". (I chuckled.)

[X] Demonology
>> No. 43580

Oh, whoops, went the wrong way. So you cracked it already, huh?
>> No. 43581
[x] Mythology
[x] Demonology
Mythology sounds interesting.
>> No. 43583

C'mon man, if you solved it then share with us.
>> No. 43588
It's not like it's terribly hard; even if word games aren't your thing, there are cryptogram solvers you can cheat with out there.

May as well, though (line by line, starting from >>42948):
Stop moving so much, runt!
Oh, I'm pretty sure he's lucid now~
That is a side effect of reviving his blood.
Plus, it's obvious you were dead when you got involved with the little bitch.
You mean not to her face, right?
She just leaves her down there so she can forget about her. I think she'd like it [if] her sister just-
Be quiet! Respect Remilia.
Of course I do, you fucking dumbass!
>> No. 43598
[x] Demonology
>> No. 43599
[x] >>43573
>> No. 43606
[X] Alchemy

This fits with our mathematic nature. Measurements, chemistry, all that fun stuff.
>> No. 43608
[X] “Import”

Why not? It seems unusual enough considering most of the other choices to be potentially interesting.


Yeah, I started decrypting these, but when I saw where Koa's verbal proclivities were going...
>> No. 43609
[x] Mythology
[x] Demonology
[x] Alchemy
>> No. 43632
Rude Koa.
I love that. I think I'll keep reading this story just a little more, for Koa.
>> No. 43641
[x] Mythology
[x] Demonology
[x] Alchemy
We have a lot of time don't we?
>> No. 43652
[x] Mythology
[x] Demonology
[x] Alchemy
We certainly do have time. Still even though I picked mythology as a choice, would it really be mythological considering that youkai and such are real? Or would it just be there to teach about their weaknesses and such? Alchemy is good with the MC's mathematical capability and much of chemistry did originate in alchemy. Demonology is probably only good with Koakuma or Makai interactions.

On another note, how does ciphering work? Is each letter in a cipher a certain amount away from the hidden letter?
>> No. 43655

That's a ceaser cipher. This is just a basic letter substitution, engineered to remain (mostly) pronounceable.
>> No. 43664
A cheerfully rude one.
>> No. 43682
[x] Mythology
[x] Demonology
>> No. 43880
Knock knock
>> No. 43898
Who's there?
>> No. 43901
That was my line.

Not dead. Not out of ideas. Not really stuck, either.

I just don't have time at the moment to actually write more on the update.
>> No. 43902
Sidenote, seeing as this is the fastest way catch my readers.

If you have any ideas for things you'd like to do, or like to see happen, ideas to be explored, that kind of stuff, feel free to toss them out here. It'll help build material to bridge between major events, and let me know, for example, what scenes I shouldn't just gloss over.
>> No. 43905
We understand, being a lord of the cabal is never easy work.

Though I hope we get some actual black comedy and not Harem anime comedy (Shit happens to MC because he screwed up or looks like it)
>> No. 43907
Disrupting Sakuya's schedule/ setting a trap for her.
Learning martial arts with Meiling
Playing futbol/ soccer with the fairies
Spike Patchouli's tea
Panty/ bloomer thievery with Koakuma

General mischief.
>> No. 43909
>Learning martial arts with Meiling
I giggled at that. Maybe you'll find out why, later.
>> No. 43911
We would certainly love to. It has my vote.
>> No. 43913
Those ideas are good, and spiking Patchouli's tea sounds like the best one. Actually, spiking any residents' tea has the potential for hilarity. I also support disrupting Sakuya.
>> No. 43917
True, but it also sounds like good ways to get killed on top of glancing the wrong way at the wrong time at Flandre.
>> No. 43957

Come on, it's been two weeks. What have you been doing, eating pies?
>> No. 43971

I wish, man. It's been more like a trainwreck of "wait, that's due tomorrow?"

I just need to catch up to pace a bit, get some more sleep, and set aside a bit of time to finish the update.
>> No. 43975
Another idea would be learning Koalanguage.
>> No. 43978
>>43975 This
is brilliant! Do it!
>> No. 43979
I'll admit, the first time I read it I mistook your meaning as learning the language of koalas.
>> No. 43981
I really want to see more Koa like that.
But I have the feeling this story will be centered on Flandre.
>> No. 43982
Really? Yeah I think so too.
>> No. 43983
>I'll admit, the first time I read it I mistook your meaning as learning the language of koalas.

Well thats what Drop Bears speak isn't it?
>> No. 43984

That's what this upcoming post involves, partially. A side effect of "demonology" is learning demon language.
>> No. 43988
>The reason this story was started was because people voted for a Flandre story
>"Rejoice, Flandre fans, for your day has come."
>Almost every other picture has Flandre in it.

Really? What gave you that idea?
>> No. 43989
Probably, though when you've stayed long enough to hear one speak, you've stayed long enough to be maimed. Even Vegemite behind ears won't help at that point.
>> No. 44090
I can't take it easy without an update.
>> No. 45292
[x] Demonology
[x] Alchemy

Autosage bump for updates. We need more mathanon.