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I'm here again, with another choice, just for you~!

I've got an itch, here, y'see. It's an itch that makes me want to write things. Now, since school is just starting up now, the update schedule might get a bit janky, and I might even need to take a break or two during it- but something is better than nothing right?

I hope so.

To-point, some potential stories:

Touhou Mecha, as outlined before. I've reworked quite a few bits of it, and gained new insight into old ideas, etc. Again, futuristic world, 20~30 foot high mechs (6~10 meters for you metric nuts) doing odd jobs and battles in and around a giant walking fortress city. Centered on the /shrine/ crew.

Flandre story, also outlined from before. Flandre centric, but covers the whole mansion. May venture close to black comedy, depending on your definition. Very young protagonist, romance probable. /sdm/, obviously.

Mary & Ren Mysteries is an idea that sprung from the severed head of the RPG story- something with Maribel and Renko, only, y'know, actually workable. Aside from the aformentioned Maribel and Renko, as well as the concept of Gensokyo, it will have the fewest actual touhous and touhou-related settings. This will be my first try writing detective mystery, so I can't guarantee quality. Create-a-character included.

I've been really wanting to do a hijinks-centric story about the three fairies. This would accomplish this. No clue if it would include romance, but knowing how I like my fairies, it probably would. Also the maybe-there-teeny-tiny possibility of a pseudo-harem route or something, I don't know.

A short, really experimental idea, maybe vaguely inspired by that one thing Owen did. Direct character control is replaced with a kind of "competition," you vs Remilia, to control their fate. Possible mixed with some poker references. One-off, rather than serial. Note: inspired after watching Maverick. The one with Mel Gibson.

Lastly, I could try to resume Dead Enterprise for a while. Unlike the others, this isn't episodic, so it carries maybe the highest risk of going hiatus again, perhaps at an inopportune time.

So, your choices await:

[ ] Mecha
[ ] Flandre
[ ] M&R Mystery
[ ] Fairies
[ ] Experiment
[ ] Attempt DE


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[X] Mecha
[X] Flandre
[X] Experiment

These all have my vote.
No. 5656
There is only one correct answer to this:

[X] All of the above.

In due time at least. In the meantime I will just pick whatever my current mood tells me to, which would be

[X] Flandre.

I like my sdm crew and black comedy sounds good as well.
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[c] M&R Mystery.

More Maribel and Renko, please.
No. 5659
[X] M&R Mystery
No. 5660
And speaking of the whole, "outline before," those outlines are back here: >>3754
No. 5661
[x] Flandre
I really think you should write whatever the hell you want too, but I sure do love some black comedy.
No. 5673
[x] Attempt DE
No. 5676
[X] Mecha

Am I the only one here who thinks a Touhou mecha CYOA written by Dr Q would be six kinds of awesome?
No. 5677
[x] Flandre
No. 5678

Awww, you're making me blush.
No. 5679
[x] M&R Mystery
[x] Flandre
Mystery and Flan centered story please.
No. 5682
[X] Flandre
[X] Mecha
-[X] MD Geist style, oh yeah
No. 5683

Haha fuck no.
No. 5684
How much mecha have you watched?
No. 5685

A fair amount. I should say here, this is not super robot, or anything like that. Well, not really.
No. 5686
Alrighty, then, since '[x] Flandre' is in the lead by a fair bit, I'll begin work on that. First post comes... either today or tomorrow, I hope, someday this week, I expect. Still need to build up a full roster of ideas and material to draw from for the episodes.

Look for me over in /sdm/ soon!
No. 5690

It's started.