I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 163042587150.png - (197.57KB, 492x414, Spoooktember.png)
You hear your phone ring, an unknown number is on it

Out of curiosity you pick it up, what could possibly go wrong?


Did that scare you Anon? If not then you poor soul have yet to realize something very important~

You've been hit by the curse of WRITE OR DIE dun~ dun~ DUN!

The only way to survive this terrible force is to participate in the most unholy ritual known as Spooktember, perhaps you've never heard of it since it's only now that we shall partake in it in the Outside World.

Spooktember is an event that we youkai or people without souls participate in every 300 years or so, by spreading scary stories, stories about ghost girls, or overall stories that fit the theme of the supernatural we make the world a tad more aware of it. It's an modest and honest way to combat the evil and oh so sceptic Science people that give you your funny sound boxes and metal cars.

But enough lore, now it's time to know the conditions with which you may regain your freedom.

-Post an story, as long as it fits the theme (It's a pretty broad one) it works just fine.

-Make 30 updates in around 30 days (Ergo 1 update per day), if I see you do 30 updates in the span of one day then I'll personally crawl out of your tv and strangle you...unless you're into that and then it'll just be an heart attack since those are popular in ghost stories no? it'd be an good way to die at least.

-Either put the tag Contest entry on your story, or just a send link of it here so we can count you as an participant.

Those are the 3 golden rules of Spooktember, however we are aware that you have mortal lives and stuf so if you fail to update once then it's okay! Just update twice the next day or three times the day after that! as long as 30 updates have been done within the done then consider yourself free to die of old age or other measures.

Now of course don't be surprised if other people have the curse as well, honestly it's their own fault for taking calls from strangers but that's another subject entirely: This isn't an contest really as much as it is an festival and the opportunity to make the site feel a bit more alive by adding stories of fear, dead gals and overal BOOO!

Did that scare you? It did not? Oh well, if you can do better then please do show it.

Also normally there isn't a reward but guess what? I'll just add one myself. IF you manage to make it all the way to the end then I will make a drawing or story concerning your favorite 2hu. No ifs or buts from my part.

With that said, I think you get the gist of what's in store tommorow and hope you will participate!

Good luck! The phone call ends
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then who was phone!?
Good luck if you're participating
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The effort in this post is appreciated, but you can look at the discussion thread yourself to see that the 30 updates thing was not agreed upon and was rather one poster's assumption that a few others agreed to >>16310 . Others disagreed, as honestly shorts were expected instead. We actually do have a 30 updates in a month thing, but it's in November since that's National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

I'm not going to prompt anyone to try to do 30 updates in a month. If they try that's their prerogative, but it's definitely not what everyone agreed on while we were coming up with this
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Ah, that's my bad then!

Do ignore this one from now on, and I'll gladly participate in the correct Spooktember!

- Took 0.00s -
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