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File 163347162029.jpg - (429.13KB, 700x1000, fiyah.jpg) [iqdb]
I don't think I've seen a single Gamera joke about Yachie. That's unfortunate, because >dragon-turtle

What dumb/inane thoughts have you had about 2hus lately, anon? Or just thoughts about 2hus and such in general are cool, too.
I want China meido because Meiling a cute
I've been thinking a lot about the smells in Gensokyo. It's not something that gets described often in stories and it's a pretty important part about how we perceive the world. I think that Sannyo would smell pretty good, since she would likely apply various fragrances and oils just as her normal routine, regardless of the tobacco.
I think the china dress is better than a maid outfit.
w-what do you think Meiling's worn china dress smells like
Youkai Mountain tobaccy probably has some kinda 'special' smell to it to start. Maybe something a bit spearmint-y? Something that evokes mountain mist. Something 'bewitching' to the senses.

That said, you're probably right that she is perfumed up. Fits the courtesan image. I wish I knew more about that stuff.

I wish someone would write Sannyo.
File 163348492652.jpg - (412.09KB, 800x1131, gate guard.jpg) [iqdb]
I would say that it's likely earthy, almost damp and with a hint of chlorophyll. She's a gardener and physically active; after a long day the perspiration would make the aforementioned smells a little sharper and almost bring out slightly sour notes. After a bath or early in the morning, however, probably she and her dress smell lovely and vaguely of green tea.

I think it's likely a deep scent, with a touch of sweetness, not unlike a hookah with rose-petal-flavored tobacco. But, if you want to evoke mountain mist, it might then be light and with a little bit of conifer—in other words the clean and pleasant smell of Japanese cedar or sugi.
File 163348529023.jpg - (148.06KB, 1200x1200, laoganma.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm going to be honest: this image >>24923 reminds me that the answer is actually "food". It's going to overpower everything else, especially if any broth was involved.
>rose-petal-flavoured tobacco
hold up, that's a thing? Wild. And probably disgusting.

Got no idea what a Japanese cedar smells like, though. I barely remember what roses or tobacco smell like. Maybe I wouldn't even recognise them if I did smell them. ...I've been isolated for too long.

Anyway, chili oil and sweat are acceptable.
Random thought: If every 2hu had to participate in a talent show who would win?

Seija would be kicked out at the first episode bet, due to refusing to play or doing something controversial.
I dunno, given the breadth of the entire cast of 2hus, I think there'd have to be some focused criteria to narrow that one down. There's a lot of characters to choose from.

The lazy meme answer is, of course, along the lines of "Yukari manipulates the boundary between winning and losing and takes the prize."
Speaking of mountain mist suddenly reminds me that I've travelled halfway around the world and yet I've never knowingly been on or even near a mountain. Feels kinda shit.
Given the co-operation of enough 2hus, Eirin could probably design a performance calculated to be most impressive—she's done something similar before—but whether it could actually happen is another matter entirely.
Satori shows up, smugfaces, judges give her 11/10, winrar

Satori shows up, smugfaces, threatens judges with innocent-sounding words, judges start shooting her, she gets 0/10.
Fine, how about the opposite then: How would a 2hu get eliminated.

Shikieiki ignored the invite and didn't tell Komachi about it.

Marisa steals the script of the show and gets eliminated.

Medicine throws out poison everywhere once she sees humans are part of the onlookers.
Obviously by not having a good enough hat.
File 163361934883.png - (102.72KB, 721x462, Sumireko by EdgyMuhgee.png) [iqdb]
>Be Sumireko
>Make it onto the first round of America's Got Talent
>Start off strong
>Use last word
>Beam of light smashes through roof
>Blows apart stage
>Blows apart judges
>Blows apart talent show
>Disqualified because whole season is cancelled
>Should have tried levitating instead
I want Sannyo to blow smoke in my face and tell me I'm making her pipe taste bad with my distasteful behaviour after accusing the dice-rolling guy of cheating and ruining my winning streak.

Jo'on tries to bribe the judges and gets told to piss off.
File 163363267231.jpg - (55.27KB, 425x600, Im joining in too.jpg) [iqdb]

>Be Reimu
>Get invited to some show
> Not interested.
> Food is for free and there is price money
> There is a fire in my heart.jpg
> Get to place, bunch of other people here too.
>All those chumps be from my neighbourhood
> Gotta show your talent and have the crowd go yay or something.
> First opponent is that curse Goddess.
> She starts spinning in place super fast, and dolls fly next to her.
>Crowd is impressed.
>They like that then this is easy for me.
>Pick up Yin Yang Orbs and have them spin too.
> My balls shine with an divine power.
> Throw Fantasy Heaven at Spin 2 to Win loser.
> She gets yeeted to the ground hard, instant KO.
>Celebrate my win yay! have theme song play
> Why are you booing me?
>What do you mean I'm getting arrested for assault!?
>This contest is bullshit.
> I want my money, or get a taste of my balls too!
Is that thing on top of Misumaru's head a dragon gem thing? If so, why doesn't Momoyo try to eat it?
She probably wanted to and is the reason why Misumaru hides in a corner while you fight Momoyo.
I've always wanted to roll up next to some 2hus and just overhear their conversations. What are they thinking about that day? What do they like to talk about when they're just hanging out? Do they joke? Get philosophical? Gossip about people in their lives! Tell dumb stories?

Sure, fugging your favourite 2hu sounds all cool, but it ain't happening, let's face it. Being friends is probably impossible, too. Might as well get some enjoyment out of a brief, contextless exchange about pieces of their life you'll never have full knowledge of.

...I still wanna share a drink with Yuugi, though.
Funny enough, a lot of hus seem like they would be totally chill with just talking if they're not busy. Reisen venting about her workplace. Marisa discussing the latest experiment that blew up. Meiling talking about what she does with her time in front of the gate. Hell, I'd imagine it's easy to get Yuuka to ramble on about botany for hours. I wonder how many characters would actually go to the village for food and drink, and just stop to talk with other villagers.
File 163396459644.gif - (867.39KB, 217x147, sald.gif) [iqdb]
I worked out a way for Gensokyo to get its salt that makes sense, has historical precedent, and isn't just "Yukari did it."

I'm not telling any of you.
File 163396928715.png - (198.76KB, 912x848, 1609018623302.png) [iqdb]
Tell us now or I'll make the inchling shoot
Villagers, maybe. Maybe. I doubt they'd have much to say to outsiders.

Especially the average THP anon.

Get off it. It wasn't your gran's arse sweat.
We have a pre-established mine and only need one gas mask, I can do the math, anon.
Alright I'll tell you all, there's a norwegian folk tale about fairy tale bullshit and also a hand mill or something that can make things you wish for. It winds up stuck on salt at the bottom of the ocean.
What does that even have to do with Gensokyo
Don't you see, anon. It's all connected. You just have to look at the facts, man!
Well the folk tale eventually migrated to japan along with several others, still through the oral tradition, but mostly we already have a pair of vampires living in gensokyo, so is it so hard to believe that at some point they fished a magic mill out of the ocean to make the place more self reliant?
File 163416238682.jpg - (431.17KB, 1133x791, 5c9ec45b0e4f7f4296b5b94568433261.jpg) [iqdb]
>>24973 is disinfo
>>24975 is disinfo
>>24978 is disinfo

They don't want you to know this, and they'll probably be coming for me after this post hits the board, but I'm gonna drop you the TRUTH, right here, even if I have to suffer for it.

Gensokyo gets its salt from evaporating vast gallons of fairy sweat.
god imagine the smell
I had a dream involving rats and it only made me wish there was more Naz.
File 163419310610.jpg - (147.87KB, 1100x778, __chen_kaenbyou_rin_nazrin_and_goutokuji_mike_touh.jpg) [iqdb]
We would also like more Nazrin.
I want kot gang to leave
I want kot gang to stay so that rat gang would leave my granary alone.
Doggo Gang will dab on Kot Gang
File 163451011366.jpg - (869.50KB, 1400x2000, tenko.jpg) [iqdb]
>five signs of decay [五衰] (go-sui): Also, five types of decay. Five signs of decline displayed by heavenly beings when their lives are about to end. These signs differ according to the sutras. The Nirvana Sutra describes these five: (1) their clothes become soiled, (2) the flowers on their heads wither, (3) their bodies become dirty and smell bad, (4) they sweat under the armpits, and (5) they do not feel happy, wherever they may be.

do NOT imagine it
Where are the stories depicting the River Frog/Mountain Monkey rivalry, hmmmm?
Behind a curtain waiting for you to write them.
I've got nothing of interest to write and that's a really vague premise to base anything off of, so not it.
d-do you think if someone drums Raiko's cheeks she'd like it?
asking for a friend haha
Do you think if they're drummed they make a timpani sound, thus allowing you to play out the Chunky Kong portion of the DK rap on her ass?
Nah, they obviously make that '80s synth tom sound you hear in every Italo disco track.
>ywn play In The Air Tonight's drum breakdown on Raiko's asscheeks
liberame from this jigoku
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