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File 153028178276.jpg - (198.16KB, 2048x1143, image.jpg) [iqdb]
when are going to update this thing? https://www.touhou-project.com/storylist.php
well shit there goes my grammar
unga bunga me agree

when update thing
As soon as someone bothers the guy who manages the storylist.

And then it'll take another month or so to get it done. To be fair, he has to manually go through all the stories and add them all to the list.
that sounds like absolute hell
Why doesen't the dude who updoots the story list give some other dudes the power to updoot the storylist? I'm sure tasking multiple mods/anon with this would result in a manageable completion time.
File 153107224088.jpg - (14.34KB, 229x229, image.jpg) [iqdb]
whoever does probably abandoned the website

Certainly possible. Though, if that was the case, the dude who runs the website >>/th/197641 could just bequeath the updoot powers to someone else. Or do it himself. OR if everyone here was too lazy, he could just pay someone to do it with all the extra money the Patreon makes.
It's not easy to just give edit powers to anyone, but I hope he updates the archives soon
Couldn't they just automate this process. Like find a computer program and tell it, "Computer program, you see all these threads that are not on the story list? At the end of every month, put them on the story list."
Teruyo isn't usually the dude who updates the storylist, it's usually Kapow.

Anyways, thanks for bumping this. Reminded me to go bug Kapow again to update the story list.

List is updated now, so please wait another year before complaining again.

Thanks for the assist Herald of Kapow.
Wait, archives are manually updated?

That explains a lot.
File 154643718774.jpg - (17.00KB, 225x225, 361AD29E-B613-4294-A6E4-4684D87B6601.jpg) [iqdb]
update deez nuts lmao got em
i remember when the story list used to update
I'm aware that all good things must come to an end, but I refuse to let THP be one of them.
If you want an update, go to the chat tab on the front page, get on the IRC and start shouting about it there. Maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t.

Nothing’s going to change with the story list until Teruyo gets around to overhauling it; I believe that’s on the docket, but it’s a ways off still.
See >>24194 if you're talking about the story list.
As for the actual stories. I'm actively writing 2 ongoing. I'm doing my part. Are you?
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