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File 152878878963.jpg - (753.42KB, 1200x818, BITE ME.jpg) [iqdb]
23955 No. 23955
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>> No. 23956
I'm feeling OK.
>> No. 23957
File 152879412112.gif - (482.03KB, 500x278, 05d86b62d69460108f17672d2607070b780cc9e9e08d8dfd35.gif) [iqdb]
Me too. We should be OK buddies.
>> No. 23959

No way dude. I'm only here to pick up cute grills who are into Touhou. I can't be seen associating with any of you turbo nerds
>> No. 23960
File 15287992295.gif - (1.12MB, 420x420, have some diabetes instead.gif) [iqdb]

> Doyou's retarded squad mate

Nah, I dunno enough 40K to make that fly. I was thinking Karin's retarded daughter.

> self proclaimed unfunniness


hahahaha just kidding if I was awake enough to update I wouldn't be rageposting
>> No. 23964
"fanfiction" "written" by "talented" "individuals"
>> No. 23972
Wait. Are you telling me this is actual fanfiction? I thought this was just a practice ground for advance shitposting, with all the compelling stories that just suddenly stop and all that.
>> No. 23975
Excuse my namefagging, but I'd like to make sure people know I'm only angry at myself.

Barely ever crosslinked between boards, so I hope that works because I'm not writing this more than once.

The amount of rage I feel towards myself because of that is unbelievable. All I had to do was question this one thing about my story a little earlier, and I could have avoided. And all it would have taken to correct that mistake would throw in a small line establishing the canon for the story.

But I was too fucking lazy. Or maybe afraid that if a core part of my story was proven false, it'd all break?

"It's just a small mistake. We all make them." I know. And I don't really care right now. The fact is I was too lazy to do my proper research. That's not what I'm angry about. It's the fact I got lazy on such and important detail.

I've drafted several magic systems, drawn up territorial maps for Gensokyo, created backstories for throwaway characters, all to try my best, which is still shit, to create a believable world. And I fuck up, with such a small yet important detail.

It doesn't even make sense that I've gotten so angry at myself. All I could have said was "Sorry, I messed up again" and it'd be out of the world, forgotten as just another mistake from a shitty writer.

Now that I'm done with my unsightly venting, I'll go cool off. You can find me at the bottom of Misty Lake
>> No. 23976
File 153082119937.jpg - (126.54KB, 700x1000, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_sukja__910477dc7814957e32e.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm mad at you. Not because you're writing, but because when you and writers like you will quit - either because of lack of morale or getting tired of writing - no one's gonna carry the torch anymore. /qst/ is trash and fiction.live is somehow worse. Site's getting dead and no new authors are joining.

I'm mad at you because people like you quit with that attitude and there's nothing I can do to stop this.
>> No. 23977
>> No. 23978
File 153084589670.jpg - (52.81KB, 600x560, well this is awkward.jpg) [iqdb]

Uhh...he never said he was quitting. I mean yea, he kinda implied it, but at least give him the benefit of the doubt.


Willing to up my score to a solid 6.8/10 based on recent improvements.
>> No. 23979
File 153086281255.gif - (402.77KB, 300x168, Dispair.gif) [iqdb]
I'll quit when I'm dead. Or when you reach one of the 8 endings I've prepared. Whichever comes first.

I just had to vent to get that out of my system. A couple beers and a night's sleep later, I'm ready to go back to learning from my mistake.

Image for you

Namefag, out.
>> No. 23989

Uh. Wow.

I actually feel kinda guilty about this one. I mean, if I'd thought about the vote for more than five minutes I'd have figured it out, and could have explained it to the others. (Assuming of course that what I have since figured out, without looking at the spoilers, is actually right.)

You'd probably still be mad at yourself for my having to do so, but still. You've put a lot of thought into this story and I haven't been putting much thought into my votes. Sorry.

Speaking of which...

> I've drafted several magic systems, drawn up territorial maps for Gensokyo, created backstories for throwaway characters, all to try my best, which is still shit, to create a believable world. And I fuck up, with such a small yet important detail.

You are amazing and deserve to know it, just for this. I wish I was capable of this level of unlaziness, instead of pulling every plot point out of my ass at the last possible second.
>> No. 24002

Chill out man. I've accidentally omitted entire chunks of story and nobody batted and eye. Just cover it with the next update.
Don't exceed mine on the board please, it makes me look bad.
>> No. 24003
Pfft. I've got a backlog of FOREVER on my main fic, my second fic here died within a day (although for the record, I was willing to work with the write-in that I didn't want; because the plan was to have you attempt to pass yourself off as Guy Noir (or be him and try to pass yourself off as someone else,) a detective from NPR's A Prairie Home Companion - and Orin would have known this, because in that universe America never elected Obama, and NPR got closed down. In turn, that would also explain Hitler's temporally-displaced corpse in the intro: it was social commentary on how his crimes had been forgotten.)

My first fic here was unsubtle about it, and let's be honest - it deserved its fate. (Although I'm pretty darned sure that Yukari's at fault for the absent manager anyway.)

The Touhoumon story was pretty much murdered by Trump's election, and it was a damn shame too! I had a whole Pokédex, and lines written out for beating up or losing to specific legendaries (including escapable bad ends!) and everything! (I expected it to end up more like "if Twitch Plays Pokémon was a text adventure on an imageboard" and thus was fully prepared to let the MC just piddle about instead of doing something like getting captured by the dolls after losing to the Goliath Doll or fighting Sariel and being sent to Zebraspace.)

The first of my contest shorts was... okay-ish, in my biased opinion. I could have done better, since I bapped it out in about two hours.

And my last work was literally a shitpost. A deliberately badly mangled joke inside a shitpost. A shitpost that I'd planned well in advance, too - Grey Wolf failing to make a Touhou manga was an idea that'd been in my mind for a while by then, and it was designed with some severe mood whiplash in mind for my main fic. After all, it was set to take place right after an exposition-heavy spot in the story (which came right after another shitpost in which my fictional self passes the time by making a mini-shitfic as he waits for a cutscene to pass... and that was intended as a break from the heavy plot shenanigans of the previous arc.)
That arc was itself a winding-down from the literal raping and pillaging of Gensokyo, the aftermath of which included: the fall of Bhava-Agra, the Youkai Mountain being replaced by a giant crater that completely drained the Sanzu River, Satan him/herself being elected Yamaxanadu (and being surprisingly fair and unbiased in dispensing judgements) and absolutely everyone involved coming out with at least medium mental scarring (including the half-Latias satori outsider that didn't join the fight until pretty much the end... long story.)
>> No. 24005
File 153190293958.png - (0.98MB, 1920x1080, sorry.png) [iqdb]
So I can safely assume you haven't invested 5 and a half year into a story, only to mess up on a detail you built the entire thing around, which when proved wrong caused a chain reaction of things that needed to be rethought?
>> No. 24006

Yes. You may safely assume that. Spending five years coming up with a story and still messing it up is pretty spectacular. What you shouldn't assume, however, is that the frustration you feel when failing is any greater than his. Both of you are motivated by the same desire to please your readers, so don't try to pull the moral high-ground on this one.
>> No. 24007
>moral high ground
The fuck are you on about? This is a conversation about vending frustration. What has morality to do with anything here?
I'm saying that not fact-checking something you researched several years back, isn't the same as accidentally omitting details from the story. Shinki knows we all omit shit from our stories like the shitty fanfiction writers we are.

Also, the time it took to draft the basic plot of the story, of where I wanted it to go, barely took a month. World building to create a basic world I could expand upon over time was what filled out the whole year this story was in planning. The OP was posted 4 years ago and the story has continued since, updating once a month.
>> No. 24008
ugggggggggggggggggggh why can't i just shit out whole updates in one go why can't i just know how to plot without wasting time with shitty throwaway attempts why can't i write without taking months and months to have anything to show for it why why why why why whyw hwywhwywhywhwywhywhywhwyhwywwhywhwywhwywhwywhwywhwywhwywhwywhwywhwywhwywwhwy fuck fuck fuck goddamn shit sage for fuck
>> No. 24009

At least you faggots have a plot and updates to fuck up, instead of spending six months of the year on hiatus because you keep finding newer and stupider shit to do when you should be writing.


This is THP. We can set our standards as low as you need. So drop yours too and let the shit flow.
>> No. 24010
You need a hug. Would you like it in ANGRY or COMFORT flavor?
>> No. 24011

Slow down there cowboy. Just because you're willing to read/vote in shit tier stories doesent mean we all are.
>> No. 24012
Yeah! Votes don't grow on trees, you know!
>> No. 24015

Why not? You vote on mine.
>> No. 24016
I'm a vote slut. I give anybody a vote if they ask me for one!
>> No. 24017
same tbh
>> No. 24018

Oh hey, this could totally work out. Both of you go vote in Clever, Audacious, and Wise. The author is holding the next update hostage untill he gets more votes. Just be sure to include some sort of story-related reason for your vote.
>> No. 24019
I’m pretty sure that he’s not going to just accept votes given for the sake of voting.
>> No. 24020

Maybe, maybe not. Alls I know is we got two willing test subjects here.
>> No. 24021
>The author is holding the next update hostage untill he gets more votes

Someone explain this mentality to me, I just don't get it.

Why would you set an arbitrary limit like that? If you have 4 really engaged readers, does getting a fifth impulse vote really make that much of a difference? If you feel the need for such a limit, are you even writing because you like writing, or are you just shilling out for fanfiction fan points? Perhaps you lack the discipline to sit down and write and need the motivation of new voters? If that's the case then you're just entering a downward spiral where you at first need 5 votes. Then 7. Then 9. Then we need to import more people to get you motivated because I'm convinced we're less than 10 people on this site by this point.

I'm not trying to bash anyone here, I just can't think of a single good reason to do this.

>I’m pretty sure that he’s not going to just accept votes given for the sake of voting.

And this too. This is just counter productive to the arbitrary rule above. "I won't write unless I get X votes." "Alright, here are your votes." "I won't accept that because they aren't genuine votes." Then don't set a fucking limit on the amount of votes you need. If you have 4 voters but need 5 votes for whatever reason, then that last vote will either: A. never come, or B. come from someone who doesn't really care about your story. So just suck up and accept you don't have many people who care enough about your fanfiction to vote on it, and instead write for the few that actually cares instead of pushing them away with this kind of bullshit rule.

I don't get it. I just don't get why you'd punish your readers for the sake of your own ego, so if someone could yell at me until I'm convinced that' would be great. Good arguments could also work, but this is the backwater of the internet, so not like that's a thing here.
>> No. 24022

But what if they already read it?
>> No. 24024
Writers are, right or wrong, privileged to exercise judgments by pure personal prejudice alone, absent of all logic or measured thought, and many avail themselves of that privilege. Trying to reason with any of it will only succeed in giving you a headache at best and an aneurysm at worst.
>> No. 24025

>yell at me until I'm convinced

I'll give it a shot.

>Why would you set an arbitrary limit like that

Because fair exchange is a normal part of accepting a service from someone. Tman spending his time writing for us is a service, and he is 100% within his rights to ask for whatever number of votes he feels is a fair exchange for his time. We derive happiness from his story, and he derives happiness from votes.

>writing because you like writing, or are you just shilling out for fanfiction fan points

Both are valid forms of self-gratification. Some people play games because they enjoy playing, and some play because they enjoy winning. Some people hunt because they enjoy hunting, and some because they enjoy eating wild game.

>you're just entering a downward spiral

There's no reason to suggest this is likely. Teruyo has been very consistence in what he expects from his readers, and what he provides in return.

>This is just counter productive to the arbitrary rule above

There's no reason to suppose he won't accept a vote for the sake of voting. Historically, he has accepted all votes that meet the minimum requirement of having a reason attached.

>I just don't get why you'd punish your readers for the sake of your own ego

I don't think bringing ego into this is valid. This is a website for CYoAs, so enforcing a minimum number of votes is logical in the sense that it's whatever arbitrary number he feels is necessary to preserve his interpretation of the genre. You may not agree with the number, and that's ok, but at least respect his right as the author to enjoy his own CYoA experience as he works to ensure we enjoy ours.
>> No. 24026
>fair exchange is a normal part of accepting a service from someone
Another writer here, one with actual, bona fide finished stories. The less polite way to put it would be that it's keeping our egos stroked. You read our shit for pleasure, but for us writing is only half our half of that.

The other half (third? one quarter?) is the pleasure of having it read. Votes are a way of confirming that. Some authors need more tickling than others. Setting up vote thresholds is an act of self-defence in order to preserve that ego. It's forcing the tickling so that the triage of pleasure-sources is maintained.

This made sense in my head.
>> No. 24027

Personally, I just see 3 votes as the minimum to have any form of consensus. 1 is pitiful, 2 is frustrating, and even 4 can be frustrating. But 3? 3 has at least the ability to break ties. It's just frustrating when one doesn't reach that threshold at the minimum, as then you might as well remove votes all together. I'm used to writing without them, but it's more fun to have votes.

I may be still semi-new to this site, but I've managed 2 finished stories and a handful of stagnation over the last 2-3 years, and before than wrote something like 4-5 years over at the source of all evil, FF.

...Gotta give my credentials, too, if someone else bothers.
>> No. 24028
>I'm convinced we're less than 10 people on this site by this point
WELL ACKCHYUALLY, word-of-god has said on more than one occasion that there's plenty of traffic on this site... it's just that a very small percentage ever bother to vote, post, or do much of anything beyond lurk.

Also, irrational conditions go both ways. There are plenty of anons who refuse to vote on stories that only update more than X times in a month. Does that really have any reason beyond "it's minorly inconvenient for me to have to remember things" or "I have a severe irrational fear of disappointment and don't allow myself to get invested in anything despite still lurking around the site"? Speaking as a writer, some of y'all are autismal as all fuck about why you do and don't read/vote on things.
>> No. 24029
*refuse to vote on stories unless they update more than X times per month
>> No. 24032

It's irrational to expect more than 12 chapters a year from someone claiming to be an author?

Or to refuse to pet dogs after being bitten 19 times?

You know, maybe you're right. Maybe I am autistic in the way I read and vote. Thinking back, I would almost have to be if I'm still coming to this website.

I suppose you're right. I really have been conditioned to only vote in stories that are truly remarkable, both in terms of content and updates. Maybe if you authors stepped your game up in those aspects for about four years I might eventually become less jaded and autistic.
>> No. 24033
As the old saying goes, you can want in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster.
>> No. 24034
We've want aplenty here on THP. It'd be a close match.
>> No. 24035
File 153291221986.gif - (471.13KB, 500x281, nope still didn't work.gif) [iqdb]

Let me magically become the ultimate writer.

Just gimme a minute.

Any second, now.

Okay, there we go.

No, wait. No, that didn't work.

But in all seriousness, more often than not, I get better results from voters by trying less hard. By being silly. By not even trying, honestly.

It's kinda sad to try so hard and get nowhere, yet get 3-5x as many voters that try twice as hard on something dumb I wrote in like 10-20 minutes.
>> No. 24036
> But in all seriousness, more often than not, I get better results from voters by trying less hard. By being silly. By not even trying, honestly.
> It's kinda sad to try so hard and get nowhere, yet get 3-5x as many voters that try twice as hard on something dumb I wrote in like 10-20 minutes.

>> No. 24037
>I get better results from voters by trying less hard. By being silly. By not even trying, honestly.

That's because instead of trying to write, you actually write something when you do that. We voters don't care how much you tried to write, we only care about what you actually did write. It gets the update out faster, and if you are a decent writer the update will still probably be a good read even with less planning. In the wise words of master Yoda, "Do or do not. There is no try."

Or to put it into context with that Goku picture of yours, instead of screaming for 10 episodes powering up to Super Saiyan 57 before you start fighting your writers block, just start the battle right from the get go. Or if you insist on preparing and planning before you take on your writers block, just power up to Super Saiyan 1. Level 1 is more than enough power to defeat the evil forces of the writers block.
>> No. 24038

...I'm not even sure where you got that from. Wasn't even what I was talking about.

I don't sit over my writing, I don't brood until the words line up, and I don't scream for 56 episodes.

I just write.

But, that said, there are different degrees of effort one can put into that writing. There is more to it than simply putting pen to paper, there is also complexity of story and the plot itself. Making mindless drivel is easy, and people love it. It's the junkfood of writing. Then you have more complicated stories with a niche audience. They take more effort to make and have less in the way of an audience for it.

I work my ass off for writing, that said. I don't think much, but instead do a lot. I've entered the site's NaNoWriMo stuff twice now with my actual stories. Were they worse for it? Possibly. Was that because I wrote too fast? No, it wasn't. It was sleep deprivation and other such things that worsened the stories. It was not, however, the rate of production that did it.

Hopefully I made sense, as I was increasingly distracted while writing this. Sorry if it didn't.
>> No. 24039
I can't use the update checkbox because I don't have a trip. Teruyo decided to demote us tripless authors to second-class citizens because he doesn't trust our voters not to be assholes.

I am insulted and mad over ten inconsequential lines of text on a page I never visit. Why not just force everyone to make an account and sign in while you were at it?
>> No. 24040
Rise up, tripless authors! As a reader, you have my full, though ultimately inconsequential, support!
>> No. 24042
File 153297725162.jpg - (184.42KB, 620x500, netiquette.jpg) [iqdb]
Yeah, the lack of trust is really sad and what really hurts the most. Luckily, I discovered a workaround for authors who don't want to use a trip:

>> No. 24043
got eem
>> No. 24044
> Go write and/or vote in other stories instead of shitposting on /blue/.
> Go write and/or vote in other stories
> Go write

I will if you will.
>> No. 24045
Nah, you won't. Ten years of dealing with writers and encouraging, understanding and even offering them to write as well as an act of solidarity shows that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Not that it means it's completely futile, just that it saves time if we don't say things we don't ever intend to do.

Besides, apparently I'm a hostage-taker now. So even if had people who wanted me to write and would actually read and vote, why would I want to give up that sweet gig?
>> No. 24046
You can take me hostage any time, you inglorious bastard.
>> No. 24047
File 153306628987.jpg - (1.14MB, 1125x1125, knife through the heart.jpg) [iqdb]
I may just take you up on that, sweetums. Gotta get my demands sorted first though.
>> No. 24048
> Nah, you won't.
Too late, already have. 'Cause why would I be shitposting about the update list if I wasn't, y'know, updating?

Hopefully my other reader will still be able to find me without it.
>> No. 24079
File 153614297994.png - (342.49KB, 715x767, how fast can you ran?.png) [iqdb]
Fuck my boss quitting two weeks ago and me only finding out now. Fuck being left to deal with people after money I couldn't fucking pay if I fucking wanted to because he wasn't doing his fucking job even when he was here. Fuck his replacement showing up at quarter to five and making everyone stay late. Fuck every last miserable pothead, methhead and dickhead in this backwater cesspool they call a town.


>> No. 24080
Why do you want to read about Gallagher's life? From what In reading, you're living it.
Minus the waifu, of course.
>> No. 24081
Self-insert much?
>> No. 24082

Don't knock escapism, it's the only thing I have left.
>> No. 24083
File 15362906352.jpg - (136.23KB, 400x1202, bad puns.jpg) [iqdb]
I see your chensaw and I raise a Ranbo
>> No. 24084
File 153630618314.png - (353.38KB, 720x900, germinator 2.png) [iqdb]
You must be new at this.
>> No. 24089
Aaaaaaaand fuck the whole place going under. Thirty-nine years in the business and it all comes crashing down in a month, because the one fucker who somehow kept it above sewage level disappeared off the face of the Earth.

If I hear anything about an albino, that screaming you're hearing will be me.
>> No. 24098
File 153757082280.gif - (2.49MB, 600x600, unfiltered.gif) [iqdb]
I want to rage at the lack of rage. Has THP mellowed out in its old age? Or have we burned too intensely and been reduced to a pile of ash?

besides that I still rage at the lack of a watched threads feature and having to refresh the front page like an animal.
>> No. 24102
I'm mad that one of my favorite stories fell off the thread list and hasn't been archived yet, and that I forgot for four years to save a local copy

at least in this case i have hope unlike a ton of the shit on the internet i've forgotten to save and then lost to time

don't be like me, save EVERYTHING you like

>> No. 24103
It'll show up in the archive eventually. In the meantime, if you need to read it right now for some reason, try the Wayback Machine.
>> No. 24110
File 153851324920.png - (871.83KB, 1881x1021, worse.png) [iqdb]
What is this?
>> No. 24111
If I was a guessing man, I'd guess it was Pixiv, anon.
>> No. 24112
God dammit Anon, I spent like...3 months trying to get Dokuro-chan's cell phone ringtone out of my head the first time I watched that anime.
>> No. 24113
File 153852908069.jpg - (57.70KB, 700x750, 16684080_10207942828918619_6323250208001705399_n.jpg) [iqdb]

>> No. 24114
more like the rage of the old and the youth pretending to be old
>> No. 24116
Better rage be missing than hair, sight or humour.
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