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File 147357295295.png - (33.08KB, 908x719, bd9f98ecca01e943a8142ad65e194fccdcd497bded0408719e.png) [iqdb]
38048No. 38048
Thought I should spread the word that this gem is being translated on 8ch. I'd recommend scrolling to the bottom of the thread to find the most recent translation
>>No. 38049
>>No. 38051
Already got a thread and what flavor far too many versions
>>No. 38052
>already got a thread
Woops, sorry. Didn't see it.

>what flavor far too many versions
.207, according to thread
Includes th15 touhous
I'm ignorant of the other versions, I just saw the translation thread and thought it worth sharing.

The translation thus far makes it quite possible for non-jap speaker to play it, though plenty of crap has yet to be translated. Translation is very active though.
>>No. 38053
Rather it be Era-Touhou Reverse to be honest. Lot more options there than generic dom route.
>>No. 38054
I Keep looking an I have NO idea what I'm looking for and what each version around here is for EraToho as it seems really like two or three different games being mentioned there.
>>No. 38055
ctrl+f 'tohok update' should give you the latest version. Can just be downloaded from mega and played, no need to apply patches.
>>No. 38056
Oh, and the second game being discussed in Dungeons and Touhou
It is also being translated, but the translation is very new.
>>No. 38080
So with persuasion what do the bars mean? I've been trying to figure this out as I got a lot of people under house arrest and for a while under people who got varying purple bars but I got no clue what's going on.

The outcomes between phases being untranslated doesn't help either...
>>No. 38081
I do appreciate the necessary translation of the UI and mechanics. Although I'd like it if just a few more of the daily/battle/character events were translated. It's a bit of a mood/time breaker to stop and figure out what's going on.

I'll run through more of this game with some translations of my own and see if there's some interesting content. Even if it is small translations of battle quotes and whatnot.
>>No. 38084
can someone upload the latest translation version of eratohoK? mega link in the 8chan ithread is gone
>>No. 38085
oh nevermind that was the dead thread
>>No. 38089

Newest thread

Id recommend searching 'era games' in the /hgg/ catalog to find newest threads in the future.
>>No. 38104
I feel I should note that EraTW is now being translated.

EraMegaten and EraGVT, non touhou related, are also being translated.

EraGeneral is the thread to check on 8chan /hgg/ if youre interested in giving it a go or helping out in the translation effort.

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