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File 145602083622.jpg - (126.32KB, 560x420, K1.jpg) [iqdb]

Touhou Kenchinroku is a series of eroge by circle eden. There are currently three games in the series, all of which have been translated into English.

The first game of the series takes place at Yukari's home and features Yukari, Ran, Chen, and Aya as heroines.

It can be bought from English dlsite: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE065288.html
or melonbooks.com: http://www.melonbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=IT0000155506
and is only 105 yen.

The English patch can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?rljr8fdi2x3orb8
This is a revised patch from the original that was posted earlier. It includes various fixes to wordwrapping, message history, grammar, typos, etc. It is strongly recommended to use this patch if you plan on reading it, but the story is the same as the first patch.
File 145602131666.jpg - (138.41KB, 560x420, K2.jpg) [iqdb]
The second game primarily takes place at the Hakurei Shrine, and features Yukari, Reimu, Marisa, Satori, Orin, and Yuuka as heroines.
It can be bought from dlsite: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ074811.html
or melonbooks.com: http://www.melonbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=IT0000155507

The English patch can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?edt1j4l1sqpd2rr
This is a revised patch from the original that was posted earlier. It includes various fixes to wordwrapping, message history, grammar, typos, etc. It is strongly recommended to use this patch if you plan on reading it, but the story is the same as the first patch.

Additionally, there is an epilogue CG set that takes place after this chapter, presumably instead of the events of Kenchinroku 3. It is not translated. As an epilogue, the very premise is a spoiler for the events of this chapter.
It is available here: http://www.melonbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=IT0000170429
File 145602159753.jpg - (155.19KB, 560x420, K3.jpg) [iqdb]
The third game takes place at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and features every resident of the mansion, plus Aya, as heroines.
It can be purchased from dlsite: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ098059.html
or melonbooks.com: http://www.melonbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=IT0000155528

The English patch can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?rgo625a2jp4i48n/
This is a rough version of the English patch, without the significant editing done by balistafreak. As such, a replacement patch will be released eventually.
Wasn't that one kinda having NTR with the MC stealing a Lesbian Koakuma from her love of Patchouli?
Shit, my version of K3 is 1.0 and i cant find a dowload of 1.1 anywhere.

Is there hope for a 1.0 patch?
Took a cool minute, but it works.
Thanks. My google skills are shit, couldnt find it in japanese or english (Just 1.0 versions.

Very apreciated.
File 145612148479.png - (14.77KB, 803x649, error.png) [iqdb]
I keep getting this error, but it's runs as it should without the patch.
Applocale that thing
First time this happened since i changed the system locale.
I honestly have no idea. That doesn't look like an applocale issue. My best guess is that a file is missing or corrupt.

What files are in the kenchinroku3 directory, and what's the filesize of kenchinroku3.exe?
File 145616956446.png - (25.88KB, 515x546, a.png) [iqdb]
I don't think it's missing anything, i tested it before patching and i didn't get this problem.
00.ns2 is way too small. It should be 655,449kb

Try running patch.bat again. You still have the .orig files, so it'll run without needing a fresh install.
I tried that and i keep getting 139.264kb, guess i'll wait for a new version of the patch.
Is it giving any kind of error message, or does it say "Patch complete" at the end?

The updated patch isn't going to modify 00.ns2, so you'll likely have the same issue. Unless the problem is with 00.ns2.dif - you could try re-extracting the patch archive and trying again.

Beyond that, I don't know. Just to be certain, it is working for other people, right?
I tried installing it all again and it worked, don't know what i did differently this time.

Thanks for the help!
I wonder, has he said anything about what is he working on or why K4 hasnt been released?

Thanks for the translation of the games by the way, im really eager to see where the story is going and the games just gets better (More heroines, hotter scenes) and the protagonist is very fun to read about.

Thanks again.
File 145671917291.png - (150.55KB, 635x903, large.png) [iqdb]
According to his twitter, he's playing Kancolle.

Well, that's just for fun. he's still working on stuff, I believe. It looked like he was pulling a bunch of late nights for something, which might be pic related. Or maybe this is for comiket... even if that isn't for another 6 months. It's hard to tell with google translate. But there definitely hasn't been any kind of blog post or definitive answer, just random pixiv comments or twitter posts, which don't translate very well on google anyway.
I see, well i hope he has been working for it but has been reluctant to give a date.

I hope Momiji and Juugi appear on it.

Thanks for the Answer.

Hmm I too hope he kept working on it, I mean it's been about 3-4 years since the third game was released, someone should twit him about it regarding its progress or the release date, hope given the time there are more heroines, far as the previous thread went Hakugyokurou should be next, also hoping for some tengu goodness (Hatate included of course :P) and the Prismrivers (given the scenario that's likely).
Other than that I too am grateful for the translation of the third game
File 145687170795.jpg - (52.97KB, 412x811, CAZdgAQUMAEzE0U.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, one update I can give. I searched through his twitter again and found this image from March 2015. Translation is apparently something like "he forgot how to draw for kenchinroku (I guess the style) so it took time for him to make", meaning this was a new sprite, so Komachi is probably going to be in K4. Which means Eiki as well, most likely.

File 145687449990.jpg - (46.27KB, 399x800, large.jpg) [iqdb]
File 145687451946.jpg - (21.75KB, 299x467, large.jpg) [iqdb]

Hm, at least that's something and given he DID say something in december about the fourth game (albeit he only said "soon"), here's hoping that this month he'll say some more, on a side note Komachi would be sorta expected, wonder how the MC will react seeing her "again"
(if anyone wonders, the "first time" happened when Reimu hit him with a Yin-Yang Orb, I apologize if I'm being too spoilerific, although this happened a bit after the start of the second game, so... :P). Welp, thanks for the quick answer anyway.
>First time
I do hope Diisuke remembers that. But sadly I wouldn't be surprised if he did forget, since it was a throwaway line from 5 years ago.
File 145751051325.jpg - (118.86KB, 600x800, 12334877_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
Seems more related to some of his short 2hus doujins like pic.

Though the december post makes me hopeful.
File 145763293889.png - (377.77KB, 806x653, dXFgill.png) [iqdb]
Help goys, wat do?
Keep getting this error no matter what I do

Changing the penis word to anything shorter will fix it, and you should be able to change it back after. Even deleting the space will work.

There's another crash with Flan; her penis name can't be longer than 8 (maybe 9) characters.

I don't know how the hell I missed these, as I even set everyone's names to 12 character words to test it.
Question. Does anyone know how to get more information on Rin Kaenbyou and her scenes in the Second game?
It's in the readme. But Lose the race against Yuuka and you get a scene with her instead

Small update: seems he's working on a Komachi-Eiki body oil massage doujin at the moment, eh, it's still an update anyway, at least that means he hasn't completely forgotten about the Touhou series, what with mostly Kancolle related posts, just saying
File 145843480984.jpg - (231.09KB, 1024x768, 18793849_p2.jpg) [iqdb]
Man i was hoping for K4 this year. Welp i guess its still more 2hu.

btw i love his artstyle, i wish he worked on more games than doujins.
It's only March. There's still hope for this year.
I'm having problems starting a new game in general across all three games

When I try to click on any of the options on the main menu, it just flickers like I'm repeatedly hovering over them with my mouse, and clicking on anything just makes it flicker again. I'd have to assume the problem is with my computer, as nobody else seems to be having the problem, I'm running it in Japanese Locale, and I've done all the patches properly.

I'd take a screenshot, but it's not something you'd be able to see in a still image
A screenshot wouldn't hurt, in case something else is broken.

Beyond that, I have no idea. If it is affecting all 3 games, it probably is an issue with your computer, somehow.

Does it work at all if you leave it unpatched, or is it broken there too?
File 145891683129.gif - (738.90KB, 800x372, caab0f45fef4df437ca45d4a6c9b6a7e.gif) [iqdb]
I did say that still images wouldn't work, so here's a gif, along with the files in the folder
This probably won't fix the issue, but you should be using the updated English patch for the 2nd game, located here: >>37689

What happens if you run the game unpatched?
Same result with a folder that is patched, and one that isn't. It more than likely is something wrong with my computer, but I have no idea what it might be
Yeah that's really weird. I honestly have no idea what to say. The patch itself worked fine, since you got the translated title screen.

Do other NScripter games work, e.g. Tsukihime?
Tsukihime works fine, I can start up a game and everything
Actually, I just had an idea.


That's for Kenchinroku 2. Try that file, and overwrite the existing nscript.dat. It will skip the circle cut and title screen, bringing you directly to the beginning when you start the game. See if that works. Make sure you can advance text and make choice selections.

If that does work, I can make similar files for all 3 games. I don't have the slightest idea how to fix the mouse/whatever problem, so this is the absolute best I can do.
It starts up now, but it seems to have to reload every time I try to progress the dialogue by normal clicking, the window on the taskbar actually closes and a new one opens.

I can progress a bit faster clicking on the Skip button though.

I tried saving just in case, and the save screen does appear, but I have the same blinky problem with the save boxes and can't save to any of them
File 145931066477.gif - (901.85KB, 744x600, 92fd69de4a4f2a8fa5ea584a6481d5ed.gif) [iqdb]
Decisions don't work either. You can't really tell in the gif because it's got a low framerate, but the selections were buzzing pretty fast

I was afraid of that. But I don't have any other real suggestions. Maybe update your mouse drivers. Or see if you can find a spare mouse lying around and see if that works. I have no idea what could be causing this problem, so I really can't do anything to help.
I can still make decisions with number keys, it seems, so I can probably get through the games for the most part. I just have to restart from the beginning every time I want to change my decisions
I have searched all over, but I can't seem to find any walkthroughs for these games. Can anyone here help me?
With the exception of Marisa's hidden scene in 2, none of them are particularly complicated.

What CGs are you missing?
These aren't exactly complex games. Why do you need a walkthrough?
In the third game, I have finished it, but most of the gallery scenes are blacked out. Like, more than 50 percent
File 145986983368.png - (187.76KB, 806x644, koa.png) [iqdb]
Does your gallery screen look like this? If so, this is complete. There's just a lot more room than is necessary, even though no one has more than 4 CGs.
File 146383696917.png - (98.90KB, 800x619, gallery.png) [iqdb]
I hate to bump an old thread, but do you have any tips for getting the CGs in pic related?

Both the yukari choice at the start and marisa's first choice seem to have no impact on getting marisa's first CG, and i've got no idea at all about the others.
You're mising Marisa's secret scene. Check the readme.
File 147027266117.jpg - (570.08KB, 643x900, 2016080320460845b.jpg) [iqdb]
He said something, but damn if I know what.

紅楼夢のサークル参加諦めたくらいのやる気はあるよ!( ・`ω・´)

I think it's either "I'm trying to make it for Kouroumu" (which is in October) or "I've given up on Kouroumu"

also a patchykoa doujin.
File 147525298438.jpg - (78.95KB, 640x480, orig.jpg) [iqdb]
it's finally happening
I never thought we'd see it again. Do we have anymore info, anon?

No store page, blog post, or other previews, no. Anything else he might've said on twitter I can't understand.

I'll post whatever I come across. My best guess for a release date is Kouroumu, which is this Sunday. But considering how close that is, I'd expect store links by now... plus he's not on the circle list. In other words, I have no idea.

Hm, while that is true I kinda doubt he would release it this sunday, wouldn't it be more likely in december? That's what I think at least, plus making a menu is usually the start or end of a project in case the designer wants to add some extra options after the game is over, but that's just me rambling, let's hope he posts more stuff regarding the game, only those pics regarding the PoFV cast and nothing else makes me wonder about the progress. Heh, sorry for the long post, hopefully the translator will jump on it first chance after the release, we're all waiting for the next part of the MC's adventures in Gensokyo.
Sorry for double-posting, just google-translated some comments, it seems the game isn't finished yet so my guess is that at Kouroumu he'll sell that new doujinshi he posted the cover of, which is his new background on Twitter, and the game'll be either at the end of the year or the start of the next, we'll have to wait some time to know for sure, only thing I got is that he posted that pic to increase Mochibe (which I guess means hype, feel free to correct me on that one, you know how google translate works), he also gave this link http://www(dot)dmm(dot)co(dot)jp/dc/doujin/-/list/=/article=maker/id=20587/limit=120/sort=total_sales/ where he said he'll sell the game once done.
> I kinda doubt he would release it this sunday, wouldn't it be more likely in december?
Yeah it's definitely not coming out this sunday. There'd be store links by now. Why December, though?

> plus making a menu is usually the start or end of a project
I also saw a tweet that was something like "only like 3 BGM left to do!" shortly before he posted the title image. I'm assuming that he's near the end of the project. Plus he's playing PAD right now and posting screenshots of that, so he's definitely not in crunch mode.

> it seems the game isn't finished yet
Got a twitter source for that one?

> hopefully the translator will jump on it first chance after the release

I may as well clarify that now. Don't expect an immediate translation, for a few reasons:
1. I'm going to wait for Diisuke to release patches. Or to not release them; whatever. 1 and 3 both had patches; 2 didn't. I'm going to wait, at minimum, 3 months after release before I even start to reduce my total workload for this.
2. I can't get ahold of the translator. Or, rather, I sent doujinshi to him, he responded a month later asking if they were still available, and hasn't said anything since (this was 2 weeks ago). I have no idea if he'll even be available to do it, or how long it'll take him (he disappeared for several months during k3, as a reminder). However, I also don't know who else would be willing to do a project this big, and isn't also a completely shit translator who isn't worth the money.
3. Kenchinroku 3 still hasn't been proofread. Balista is too busy with his mangagamer workload, school, and other life stuff to do it. I'm not starting on 4 until that's taken care of.

Ahaha, sorry, sorry, anyway to address your points: for December it's because (correct me if I'm wrong) isn't there a Comiket event at the end of the year? Again, correct me if I'm wrong on that point; second, regarding the game not finished it's in that same tweet where he posted the pic, Diisuke apologizes to another user for getting their hopes up as far as google translate goes, so that's where my assumption came from. As for translating in itself, yeah, it's wise to wait if some patch gets released, although, pardon my ignorance, but couldn't someone extract the game script and translate the text, then after the patch comes out do a quick check to see if some lines are changed (though usually they get released for fixing visual glitches and such)? Again, pardon my ignorance in this regard.
About K3 yeah, it hasn't been proofread but so far there haven't been complaints regarding the translation though there may be some grammar mistakes or such, but I'm not really the best suited person to talk about that.
Finally, regarding the translator himself it's truly a pity that he hasn't been answering the calls, but oh well, we can only hope, and though he had been missing for three months during translation of K3 he should probably know about the possible release of K4, who knows, maybe he'll come back and start working on it, but again, that's just wishful thinking.

Thanks for the quick answer anyway and let's hope that if not him, some other talented translator will decide to work on it when the time comes.
File 147593465397.jpg - (28.21KB, 407x466, large.jpg) [iqdb]
> isn't there a Comiket event at the end of the year?
That's correct. And I don't think there are any other major touhou events between Kouroumu and Comiket. So yeah December probably would be the most likely time he releases it now... if it's done then.

Or maybe he's just releasing another doujin.

> regarding the game not finished it's in that same tweet where he posted the pic, Diisuke apologizes to another user for getting their hopes up as far as google translate goes, so that's where my assumption came from
I think I found it. Thanks. Sounds like it isn't going to be out "for a while", and doesn't seem to even be working on it regularly.

> couldn't someone extract the game script and translate the text, then after the patch comes out do a quick check to see if some lines are changed
Yes, that's certainly possible. It's also annoying to do. It's more than just the technical aspect of it, there's also the "hey translator, this line/set of line you already translated got changed. You gotta do it again" and "hey, this block of text in the script I sent you that you haven't gotten to yet needs to be updated with the new text. Make sure you don't get anything mixed up."

It's a lot easier to just wait.

> About K3 yeah, it hasn't been proofread but so far there haven't been complaints regarding the translation
It takes a really bad translation/script for people to actually bother to complain. Proofreading/editing would make it read better. Balista likes to describe the base translation as "Translatorese, not English".

> he should probably know about the possible release of K4
The script for all 3 games was paid commission. Maybe the translator enjoyed working on kenchinroku more than some of his other stuff, but I can't call him a fan. He is assuredly not following k4 news, isn't checking this thread, etc.
So, when do you think Circle Eden is going to include Tenshi in this series?
Probably not in the next game(whenever it comes out), but the 5th one might have a chance if there is one.
At this point I'm just hoping for a fourth, haha.
He's said various things on twitter that suggest he is still working on it. Maybe "1 hour a day" and "I'm trying to finish this book soon so I can focus more on Kenchinroku". It's hard to google translate twitter, and I could just be over-extrapolating, but he definitely hasn't forgotten it.

Oddly enough I had also encountered this problem. . Sometimes the hardest of problems have the simplest solutions. .

Just Run as Administrator and for some reason it should be fixed.
Is the series dead?
Haven't seen anything on Diisuke's Twitter about it at all.
File 151373415888.jpg - (103.03KB, 566x800, DLTmvJJUEAAkJrg_jpg large.jpg) [iqdb]
For the English perspective: I'm trying to get balista to work on 3 but he's busy. Or (figuratively) dead.

Anyone else want to volunteer for the proofreading/editing task?

Regarding Kenchinroku 4: Almost all of his time seems to be spent on doujinshi or commercial works (I think he does the latter).

Every once in a while Diisuke tweets something tangentally related to the kenchinroku series. Or mentions "BGM", which I don't think can mean anything other than music, and doujinshi don't really need music. I've been liking his tweets if they seem relevant to they're easier to find.

He has at least somewhat considered using a different engine for the 4th entry (Live 2d, or ラノゲツクール but I think that doesn't allow adult content). Oh, and he posted a screenshot of NScripter code once.

I have absolutely no idea how often he works on it, how much progress he's made, or anything else that might actually be useful. At the very least he hasn't completely forgotten it.

Also his upcoming Aya book is supposed to be "based on Aya from Kenchinroku". I assume he means personality, not outfit or anything.
Since you seem to be a good person to ask: Could we get updated download links, maybe a pre patched torrent? All the ones I've found are dead, or have one seeder from bumfuck nowhere with a download speed of like 70 bits/second.
I can't seed torrents myself. Internet sucks too much for that.

I can upload pre-patched versions in a few days (they'll be in the doujin game thread if I can find it; I'm trying to keep actual dl links out of this thread). I prefer distributing the original games, though, since I find that makes it a bit easier to issue updates. On that note I'm not going to post a pre-patch of the third one, since it's very much incomplete and I'm trying to get that fixed.
File 15153579719.jpg - (115.83KB, 806x649, DS87n_4V4AAldeQ.jpg) [iqdb]
Diisuke posted this on twitter.

While I wouldn't exactly get your hopes up, it's something.
Extremely minor update:

Kenchinroku 2 is now available for sale on English dlsite.


I have no idea why it's suddenly available.
Possibly dumb question here.
Is there any way to get these games on mobile yet?
They use NScripter2 as an engine. You'd need to find out if there's a Mobile port of the NScripter2 program. If so, you could run them in Japanese.

...But not English. I needed to make changes to the executable to make this work in English, and I don't have the slightest idea how to go about doing the same on a mobile application.

Alternatively, you could just try porting it to another platform yourself. PONScripter might support mobile (ONScripter does, I think) I tried doing this myself, briefly, but it didn't work, but if you cut out stuff like the title screen it might be easier.

Or you could ask diisuke on twitter. I noticed him contemplating making Kenchinroku 4 on a mobile platform, so he might have thought about it.
RIP Kenchinroku I think. I unfortunately don't know enough Japanese to translate Diisuke's Twitter with any sense of accuracy
Based on what? The fact that he hasn’t talked about it recently?

I took a look through his feed and didn’t see anything that looked like a definite statement, so I’m gonna need a source here.

I'm pretty sure he's still in his perpetual state of "I'd like to work on Kenchinroku 4, maybe, someday..."

However, given how often he's releasing doujinshi, I'm pretty sure he's not actually putting any time towards it. And probably just never will.

Also, just to put this out there: Even if it did miraculously come out, I don't have a translator, or an editor, to work on it. And 3 still isn't proofread, and probably never will be. So I honestly wouldn't expect a patch even if it does come out.
Wouldn't the release of the forth instalment make the community active again, and because of that, finding people to work on the game easy?
That would imply a supply of people who actually have the skill to do anything of use.
That presupposes the 4th game will actually come out.

But no, even if it does, it won't change anything. It's not like anything changed when the initial patch for the 3rd game came out.

In addition to the lack of interest, there's the question of ability, and verifying said ability. There's a lot of bad translators out there. If someone volunteered to translate the 4th game as soon as it came out, how would I verify that they actually know what they're doing? I don't know any Japanese, so how can I, personally, tell a good translation apart from a literal rewrite? Poor sentence structure and other ESL-type stuff I can identify and kinda fix, but how do I tell if something is accurate?

Typically I run a few lines by people on IRC that I do trust. But it's possible this translator's work slips later on and gets significantly worse, accuracy-wise. I wouldn't have any way to know that. Or if I just pick poor examples from this verification, and those are fine but everything else is trash.

Was Rinruririn a good translator? Hell if I know. He certainly made mistakes. The famous >>28257 is not really a mistranslation, but definitely loses nuance from the original. From what I've been told, the MC is phrasing it like a movie or LN title, rather than a simple statement of fact. I suspect there's another instance of this later on with Chen, that probably could've been turned into a LN title spoof - "The loli catgirl found my catnip, and now she's staring at my dick?!" (or something - I can't write parody LN titles). There's also a JoJo reference and a Slam Dunk reference in 3 that the translator missed, and just blindly translated (to be fair, he did catch a bunch of other references to obscure crap).

Plus, needless to say, there's a lot of text in a VN so it's just a lot of work.

Same issue with the editing, which is the step missing from #3. This is at least easier to verify but I'm a shitty writer so I can't really differentiate a "good" job from something excessively terse (or flowery), or if it does a better job of cleaning up the "translatorese".
Rest in Peace Kenchinroku. You were amazing while you lasted
File 155020054410.png - (970.91KB, 1001x808, Issue.png) [iqdb]
Please bare with me since this is my first time posting in one of these kinds of sites. I recently got the first game and the english patch, but I keep running into this when Ran first appears. Patch.bat doesn't detect anything wrong, so I don't know what's causing the issue
Is your computer running in Japanese locale?
Installing Applocale and running in Japan (admin) got it to work
I don't bother with applocale, I just have the whole computer set to nip locale. I've only ever noticed two differences — mIRC's default font is wider, and backslashes are visually replaced by ¥. In return, I can run nip porn games without issue. A good trade.

That one particular spot breaks if you aren't running in AppLocale, yes. I think 2 and 3 break when the hearts start being used. In general you should just always use AppLocale for these kind of games. Or change your system setting entirely.
File 155193298194.png - (26.66KB, 1078x608, Issues.png) [iqdb]
Trying to get the english patch for 2 working but I keep getting this when I run patch.bat
That error means that the archive files don't have the expected data. I'd redownload and try again. Make sure you didn't download a pre-patched version
39613 here. I downloaded the game from the english dlsite and the patch here. Redownloaded both but the issue is still happening
I don't know if that version of the game is different. I haven't tested it specifically. The Japanese version of dlsite isn't mentioning any patches since I last checked it.

What's the filesize of a fresh download of 00.ns2 and nscript.dat? The version I have are 343,546,453 and 320,102 bytes, respectively.
00.ns2 is 335,541 KB and nscript.dat says 313 KB. It runs fine without the patch, so I'm thinking that's the part I'm having issues with
00.ns2 is different. The patch is set to only work with a specific file and modify the contents. So if Diisuke releases a patch it breaks everything. Which is exactly what he did here. The version on eng dlsite is 1.1, while the patch is targeting the original.

There's only one change: a background music track of birds chirping was missing. This had the effect of waking up in the morning to the narration "Chirp chirp..." and unfitting high-tension music.

I should make a proper patch to fix this, and also allow people using the old version to get the fixed BGM. For now, download these files and overwrite the .dif files in the old patch and run patch.bat again. It should work, although I haven't tested it thoroughly or anything.


I should also probably make a real installer or something instead of still using this patch.bat stuff...
IT WORKS!!! I'll have to play through to see if there's any points that fail, but it was a success
File 155785208285.png - (325.00KB, 590x508, Sin título02.png) [iqdb]
Just read this.
From what I understood (Thanks to a translator) seems like diisuke will now focus seriously on the production of Touhou Kenchinroku 4.

The tweet:
>This year, I'm really truly gonna finally start working on this.

Yeah, still wouldn't hold my breath, considering he outright admits he hasn't even started yet despite that teaser pic three years ago.
Still, this is great news. Three years should be more than enough to regain some motivation.
I'll believe it when I see it.

Or, rather, I'll believe it when he starts posting sample scenes on his pixiv or twitter, which he did for at least the 2nd and 3rd chapters.

He just released a byakuren doujin and is going to release a yuuka doujin for comiket. I think a doujin takes roughly a month of his time, but I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up announcing another doujin for december comiket or something.
File 156647623550.png - (240.12KB, 800x600, idk.png) [iqdb]
Hey is this thread still alive? Im curious as to how to get this blank space
That's just a blank space, and there's nothing to unlock.
Alright, thanks
What's the first song that plays in the second game at the scene where you are filming Yukari in a car? I cant find it.
I'm assuming it's Island of the warped - Amanojaku Sumau Sima, from ttp://rengoku-teien.com
Man what a shame the 4th game didnt come out yet, this is by far the best Touhou VN besides the CGs i actually really enjoyed the writing in this.
Im playing the first game and there are some blank spaces in character details even tho i unlocked all the CGs. Am i missing something?
Possibly, but I'd have to know which spaces to say for certain.

I know the 3rd game has details hidden behind otherwise-inconsequential choices, but I can't remember if the first did that too.
File 156794869336.png - (623.54KB, 2380x528, 1.png) [iqdb]
No, those are just empty spaces. There's nothing to unlock. Reimu barely appears in the first chapter so there's not much to learn about her, for example.
Any updates on the 4th game or will it pretty much never happen? I cant live with the ending of protagonist just simply dying lol
He's stated his intention to work on it a few times. Whether or not he's actually working on it is a mystery. He's definitely releasing a bunch of doujinshi every year which probably takes up a decent chunk of his time (new book coming in October, his most recent previous book was released mid August for comiket).

He's posted some sprites back in 2015, here: >>37738 . But since these are so old it's possible he'll want to re-do them with his more modern art style. I just hope this doesn't mean giving everyone P-cup tits. He's also done the title screen: >>39688 . Supposedly that tweet says he's going to start working again on it this year, but I'm honestly not expecting much.
File 156858802080.png - (39.38KB, 580x394, toho kenchinroku.png) [iqdb]
I'm sure he's been saying that for years.

It's good that it's on his mind, but I wouldn't get your hopes up until he starts posting character CGs/portraits.
Slightly inaccurate machine translation there. He's actually saying he's slowly getting around to it.

So, basically, what >>39824 said.
Has he posted anything else about the 4th one since that other tweet?
If he has, it's buried under miles of gachashit. A quick scroll of his timeline reveals nothing in recent months, so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say "probably not".
File 158868957280.jpg - (373.31KB, 1280x1818, 27.jpg) [iqdb]
kenchinroku 4?
I'd trust that about as much as I'd trust your average THP writer.
File 159385446430.png - (375.32KB, 809x652, Desktop 4-7-2563 16-19-57-845.png) [iqdb]
Does anyone know the name of the song playing in this scene?
The filename is "promenade1.ogg". It might be "Sky Promenade/nc19086" from NicoNico Commons
Thank you so much.
File 159438476847.png - (685.83KB, 951x902, EciLACFUYAA_RzB.png) [iqdb]
So, he's actually doing something.


But this is the same Komachi portrait from >>37738 and I'm not sure a school setting makes sense. This could just be a proof-of-concept where he's fooling around.

Still, better than nothing.

(also Komachi is a K cup; https://twitter.com/DiisukeHan/status/1281501883727675392 )
Tweet says he messing around with a new (authoring?) tool. School background is probably some default asset.
Well the window's title says Touhou *Something something* 4. So it is indeed most likely just a default image while he works on the core of the game
File 159553108646.png - (685.97KB, 899x622, Ec5mTP6UEAArJ9q.png) [iqdb]
It's touhou 見鎮録 (Kenchinroku) chapter 4. So it's definitely some kind of placeholder for a sequel. And he has done a good job of reproducing the interface of the original despite working in a completely different engine. So he's doing something.

The question is whether anything will actually come of it.
Any way on how to Extract Files like BGM or SFX for the game?
There are tools for extracting data from NScripter archives. I can't remember what I used, but they do exist. There's also general purpose tools that work on a large number of common VN formats and should include .nsa and .ns2
So, um. Part 3 uses flash plagin, and flash suicided itself on my computer. How the fuck can I play it now?

Flash is only used for a short opening and for displaying clock when Pache asks you a math problem. Is it possible to remake those in pure nscripter? Or installing flash back?
>Flash is only used for a short opening
Check the readme. I generated a (admittedly poor quality) youtube video of it. Clicking "New Game" on the menu will no longer attempt to play the flash video at all.

(Assuming you're using the English version. If you're reading it in Japanese, go bug diisuke on twitter)

> for displaying clock when Pache asks you a math problem
Pretty sure that's just NScripter. I just went through there and didn't have any trouble.
Hope this game eventually comes out, been waiting for what feels like forever for the end/ next part.
Absolutely hope it does, but we can only wait and see what the future holds. Even if it is out by this year, we'd still have to wait a while for the english patch, of course.
When I finish "Kenchinroku 3", I remember Yukari saying that MC has a power that could throw Gensokyo off balance.
What skill do you think it would be?
Fall in love with any woman ?, Ejaculate too much?
Impregnate every 2hu.
I finished the 3 chapters in this weekend and found out that the 4th chapter isnt out yet, seeing how ch 3 ends with MC being killed by yuyuko (i think lol) makes me think that a ch 4 its possible, time to wait until it releases + eng patch :(
yeah, it was planned but quickly shelved and forgotten.
Chapter 3 came out over 9 years ago. Don't get your hopes up.
We can only pray.
I REALLY hope it gets released at some point, these were some of the best touhou eroge i ever played
>9 years ago
/at/... I don't feel so good.
>2012 was 23 years ago
feeling old yet?
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