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Continuation of >>19827, which was itself a continuation of >>15116.

[x] Milk Plague.
[x] Mokou’s place. She could use someone to cheer her up.

A delicious smell pulls you up to consciousness. You open your eyes and see Reisen leaning over you with a tray of food.

“Good morning, Komachi. Would you like some breakfast?” You nod and sit up, making the sheets fall off to expose your breasts. Reisen blushes and looks away while you pull them back up.

The food seems even better than usual today; Reisen nods when you compliment it. “The cooks were very enthusiastic when I told them to make something for you,” she says.

You chuckle under your breath. They had a good time with you yesterday while nobody was looking.

“So, how’s everything with Eirin and Kaguya?” you ask after eating some.

“Oh, um, it’s going… It’s going very well.” Reisen blushes happily. “Eirin and I are close now, and we’re both working together to train the Princess.” You thought Kaguya wanted that arrangement the other way around. Seems she bit off more than she could chew.

“That’s great. Seems like everything worked out.”

“I think it did, and you played a large part in that.” You smile in acknowledge. “Um, I’m sure Eirin feels as grateful as I do, so… It’s okay if you ever want to be intimate with the two of us. The Princess wouldn’t mind either.”

“Thanks, Reisen. I’ll remember that.”

Reisen sees that you’ve eaten everything. “Are you finished, Komachi?” she asks.

“Just a second.” You reach over to your robe to pull out the Milk Plague bottle and swallow one of the pills with your last bit of tea. Reisen gives you a mildly curious look, which you answer with a wide grin.

“Thanks for breakfast. I think I’ll be leaving soon, so goodbye if I don’t see you again.”

Reisen smiles and bows. “It was an honor to have you as our guest, Komachi.”

After Reisen leaves the room, you get dressed and grab your scythe. There’s nothing else you need to do to get ready, so you head over to Eirin’s study. Your goodbye is short and uneventful, though her eyes seem to be running all over your body.

Kaguya’s still sleeping. You decide to skip her and head out. As you’re walking, you notice that your breasts are feeling a little warmer and heavier than usual. They’re starting to ache a bit too, especially around the nipples. You wouldn’t mind having somebody suck on them.

Somebody calls out your name at the gate. You turn around and notice Tewi lurking in the shadows.

“That wasn’t a fair fight. You only won ‘cause of that rabbit,” she says matter-of-factly.

You meet her sour expression with a smug grin. “Oh, think you could’ve beaten me?”

“I know it.”

“Alright, I’ll look forward to finding out!” You stride out the front door and take one last look at the castle’s elegant profile before lifting off into the sky.

You could use your distance-sense to find Mokou, but a distant plume of white smoke eliminates the need. You follow it to a different part of the forest and head back to the ground, where you find a clearing with a large furnace-like object resting a few feet above a respectable fire. Mokou is watching it with her back to you, silently contemplating the flames.

You walk up and give Mokou a little tap on the shoulder, which makes her turn around and stumble back in surprise.

“Ah, you’re…”

“Mornin’.” You give her the first of many smiles.

“What are you doing here?”

You shrug. “Passin’ by, thought you could use some company. Mind if I stay for a bit?”

“… That’s fine.” Without stopping the fire, Mokou leads you a short ways through the woods to a stone cabin and invites you inside. She leaves the door open to let some more light into the dark interior. Everything short of the tableware and bedsheets seems to be made of solid rock.

“It’s a little weird in here, but it’s a pain when things burn down by accident. I saved up until I could just have everything made from stone,” Mokou says. She sets a teapot on top of a little range and lights a fire under it while you take one of the two seats at her table.

“Seems pretty Western in here,” you remark.

“Japanese stuff is too flimsy. Keine showed me some history on Western houses that I used for reference.” You’re pretty sure Keine’s the schoolteacher Mokou mentioned before. It might be best to avoid talking about her for now.

“So, you were makin’ coal?” you say to change the subject.

“Yeah. Bamboo’s a good material, and I can sell it really cheap. Pretty much all the village’s supply comes from me.”

“That’s impressive.”

“Yeah, I guess. It’s a pretty boring job, though.” Mokou stares off into space and nods slowly. “Pretty boring.”

People need to stop spacing out when they’re talking to you. Fortunately, the teapot’s whistling snaps Mokou out of it before things get awkward and induces her to grab a few leaves and brew you a decent mug of tea. It’s nowhere near as nice as the cup you had at Eientei, but you don’t let her know that.

You’re ready to talk some more, but Mokou seems to be working up the courage to say something and you don’t want to break her concentration. You keep drinking while she takes a few deep breaths.

“So, um… What was your name, again?” she finally says.

“Komachi Onozuka,” you say with an encouraging smile.

“Right. It’s about what we did yesterday,” she says slowly.

You change from a smile to a grin and run a finger around the rim of your mug. “Yeah?”

“Um, you tried really hard to make me feel good and you did a good job, but you didn’t ask me to do anything in return. So… Can I try and pay you back now?”

“That’s really nice of you. I’d love for you to do that. Are you sure you don’t wanna cum yourself, though?”

“Yeah. Last time was… I don’t need to do it again so soon.”

“That’s fine.” You leave the empty mug on the table and move to Mokou’s bed while she closes the door. She considers turning on a lamp too, but decides against it.

“Have you ever had sex with another woman besides me?” you ask when she’s back in her seat.

Mokou hesitates for a moment. “… No.”

“Okay, I’ll teach you. Pay close attention, okay?” Mokou nods, but stays firmly rooted to her chair. You beckon her over to join you.

“Good lovemaking always starts with a kiss.”


“That’s what you call it when we do this. Does that bother you?”

“N-no.” You pull Mokou’s head in close and open her mouth, pushing your tongue in without any hesitation. Mokou twitches for a moment when it first enters and then accepts it. You give her a hands-on course on tongueplay and then let her practice with you while you stroke her hair. It’s surprisingly smooth for such a coarse girl, but all the ribbons impede your stroking.

Mokou starts to moan quietly into your mouth. You take that as a signal to get a little more aggressive with your tongue and let out a few moans of your own. Seems she’s the kind that gets turned on just by being intimate.

You slowly pull off Mokou’s mouth, leaving a long trail of saliva between the two of you. “’Kay, now you work your way down my body ‘til you get between my legs.” You pull your robe off of your shoulders and let the top half fall off to expose your chest. You don’t bother with bras, so Mokou is immediately greeted by the sight of your bare breasts. Judging from the look on her face, it’s quite a sight to behold.

“Now, there’s an art to groping a girl’s breasts. The nipples are the most sensitive part, but it also feels good when you massage the whole thing at once. It’s best to start with your hands and gently work in your mouth.”

Your words seem to go right over Mokou’s head. She stares at them for a while longer and then grabs one with a shaking hand. She gives it a firm squeeze, grabs the other one, and then presses them together and starts kneading the soft flesh. You push your chest out to give her better access, and she takes the opportunity to run her hot hands all over them and fondle every inch. Her thumbs and forefingers get to work massaging your nipples while the rest of her fingers keep squeezing the rest; her mouth closes around one as soon as it’s hard.

Mokou sucks with surprising forcefulness and gives your sensitive nipple plenty of tongue. After a few seconds, something hot suddenly starts leaking out. Mokou considers it a pleasant surprise and drinks enthusiastically, turning the trickle into a steady flow. The rush milk tickles the inside of your breasts while Mokou’s mouth and tongue stimulate the outside. You only took the pill a little while ago, but it seems like you’ve got a limitless supply already.

“How’s my milk taste, Mokou?” you ask. She takes her mouth off with a pop and pants for a bit before answering.

“Really good. Kind of creamy and real easy to drink.” She dives in for more and gets the other breast going before alternates between them, nibbling and pinching your nipples to draw out as much as possible. Getting milked feels fantastic. Actually, why’s she so good at this? She said she’d never had sex with a woman.

After a few more minutes of milking, Mokou pulls back and watches your heaving breasts with a look of deep appreciation.

“You’re really good with breasts, Mokou.”

“Thanks, I, uh… Nevermind.”

Mokou presses your breasts together and drinks from both at once, rubbing your nipples together inside her mouth while she sucks hard and them with her tongue. The stimulation combined with the feeling of the milk rushing out through your breasts is too much to handle; you throw your head back and cry out Mokou’s name as your body shudders in a half-orgasm. You’ll need more stimulation in your pussy to cum for real.

You undo your belt and spread your robe open to reveal the rest of your body. “Time to start on my pussy, Mokou. Let go of my breasts for a second.” Mokou reluctantly stops drinking and gives you one of her hands while she paws at her chest with the other. Her hand feels more worn than most, with rough palms and close-cut nails. You press two of her fingers together and fit the tips into your soaked pussy, prompting her to push them in the rest of the way herself. They’re not quite long enough to fill you up, but the coarse texture feels nice against your sensitive walls.

“How’s it feel inside me?” you ask.

“It’s, uh, hot and sticky, and twitching, and…” Mokou loses her train of thought and starts panting instead. She tries sliding her fingers in and out and produces a loud squishing sound when they stir up all the juices you’re letting out.

“Try doing that for a while. Have some more milk, too.” You plug Mokou’s mouth with one of your breasts and thrust onto her fingers to encourage her. Mokou makes a sound of acknowledgment and settles into a steady rhythm of sucking and thrusting. Breathing heavily, you spread your legs further and lean back to enjoy her. Her mouth is fantastic, but she could be doing better with her fingers.

“You can thrust a little harder. Bury them inside me every time.” Mokou nods and speeds her movements up to two full thrusts a second. Her fingers aren’t hitting any sensitive spots, but the sheer speed of her hand is making your pussy tremble. A really nice orgasm’s starting to well up inside you.

You pull Mokou’s head off your breasts and get a bit of milk on her lips by accident. Without thinking, you dive in and kiss it off, slipping your tongue into Mokou’s mouth for a while afterwards. Her mouth is coated in the creamy taste of your milk.

“My pussy’s nice and excited now. I want you to finish me off with your tongue.”

“Ah…” Even though Mokou’s been drinking from your breasts for close to ten minutes, the thought of licking your pussy makes her a little nervous.

“Remember how I did it to you?” you say reassuringly.


Mokou gets on her knees and watches with a heavy blush as you spread yourself open with two fingers. She gives your dripping pussy a hesitant lick and pausing to consider the taste. She likes it enough to lick you again, and soon she’s steadily working her tongue up and down the sensitive slit.

“Stick it inside me,” you order. Mokou obediently pushes her tongue straight out to penetrate you. It only goes in an inch or so, but it slips over and carresses the folds of your pussy in a way that makes you shiver with pleasure.

You pull on Mokou’s head to encourage her to lick even faster and deeper. She does her best to obey massages her breasts with both hands while you keep yourself spread open with one and tease your clit with the other. Your breasts are still leaking milk and throbbing almost as intensely as your pussy.

Mokou buries her face in your pussy and brings you over the edge. Your pussy clamps shut and fills your body with heat, which gathers at your nipples and makes them shoot out two hot streams of milk. You fall back onto the bed and moan happily through the last few throbs of pleasure. Mokou watches closely and keeps rubbing her breasts through her shirt.

You reach your arms out to Mokou, but she’s too busy taking off her shirt to notice. Underneath is a sarashi with two damp spots. “Why’s my chest feel so weird?” she mumbles. She unwraps the bindings to reveal a small pair of breasts; pressing on one of her nipples makes a bit of something white spurt out.

“Mokou, are you…?” You get off the bed to inspect Mokou’s breasts. They’re lactating, alright. You press your mouth onto one of her nipples and start to drink over her moaned protests. Her milk’s really hot and kind of bitter. Smooth, too. You lay her down on the bed and lap it up while she trembles and moans quietly until the flow stops a few minutes later. She’s flushed and panting when you look back up at her face.

“Are you sure you don’t want to cum?” you ask.

“Y-yeah. That’s enough for now.” She’s kind of uncomfortable, so you don’t press it. Instead, you lay down next to her and give her a long kiss, letting her taste of the milk in your mouth while you lick your juices off of hers. You pull her on top of you and give her a gentle hug once she’s finished, but she seems to be getting depressed again. She buries her head in your breasts like last time.

“You did really good, Mokou,” you say cheerfully.


You stay put and cuddle with Mokou for a while. She’s not as soft or as smooth as the other girls you’ve been with, but she has a lean firmness that’s attractive in its own way. Her slightly nervous breathing is nice to listen to as well, even if she’s not in a good mood.

“Is something wrong?” you finally ask.

Mokou lifts her head up and sighs. “Well, it’s just, it was nice of you to do this, but I don’t think it’ll change anything. I’m still going to be alone here once you leave.” Her head plops back down and gives your breasts a half-hearted nuzzle.

You don’t like to see her sad like that. Maybe she’ll brighten up if you give her something to look forward to.

[ ] Offer to introduce her to your friends sometime.
[ ] Tell her you’ll try to hook her up with a nice girl.
[ ] Promise to take care of her yourself.
[X] Promise to take care of her yourself.

I love this pairing for some reason, and it is all your fault.
[X] Promise to take care of her yourself.
[x] Offer to introduce her to your friends sometime.
[x] Offer to introduce her to your friends sometime.

Girl needs to make friends, and not necessarily sex friends.
[X] Promise to take care of her yourself.
[x] Offer to introduce her to your friends sometime.

promise to take care of her yourself [x]
[X] Promise to take care of her yourself.
[x] Promise to take care of her yourself.

They seem to fit together pretty well.
[X] Promise to take care of her yourself.
[x] Offer to introduce her to your friends sometime.
[x] Promise to take care of her yourself.

I see no contradiction here.
[x] Offer to introduce her to your friends sometime.
[x] Promise to take care of her yourself.

I bet Youmu would like her. Tewi plotting revenge, fuck yes.
Didn't Komachi JUST meet Mokou? A little early for a promise like that. Then again, this IS a porn story. But I stand by my decision.

[x] Offer to introduce her to your friends sometime.

The second option is meh. I don't really feel it.
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Aaaand thank you again, BSD, you're keeping me alive with those updates.

And now for customary...

[x] Offer to introduce her to your friends sometime.
[x] Promise to take care of her yourself.

While having Mokou all for yourself is good, she's simply too lonely there in the forest, so she really needs company. Not necessarily sexual.

Again with the name. Someone told you once already.

No worse than some of the other porn stories! I have a feeling that the 'take care of her' option will be quite fun. I'm not sure why people are voting for both, it just doesn't seem to mesh at all.
[x] Offer to introduce her to your friends sometime.
Then again, I'm pretty sure she knows all the Eientei crew already. Let's acquaint more people with Mokou, then.
Alright, closing votes. "Promise to take care of her yourself," which will take us into a normal end, is the winning option.

Afterwards, we'll pick up with the runner-up, "Offer to introduce her to your friends sometime" unless people want to do a run-off.
Odd I figured that voting for Mokou would have turned out to be someone to come back to after this whole mess is over or time to time (ala Alice in the beast story) . Oh well.
File 132457928642.jpg - (546.79KB, 1157x818 , 2578693.jpg) [iqdb]
Shikieiki fills that role in this story.
I'd believe that if she wasn't a bitch with a dick. That and there is no signs of Eiki returning any sort of feelings nor Komachi having any for her.
Merry Christmas, /at/.

[x] Promise to take care of her yourself.

A strange warmth passes over you as you lay on the bed with Mokou in your arms. You were going to just offer to visit her some more, but maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to do this more often than that. You do have the money to take care of her, and there’s nothing really keeping her here…

“Hey, Mokou. Did you say you were immortal?”


You take a deep breath. It’s not like you to be so nervous. “Well, I’ll be around for a pretty long while too. Maybe you could let me take care of you.”

“Y-you?” Mokou says nervously.

“Yeah. Shinigami work can get pretty boring, and I can’t just skip out like this all the time. It’d be nice to have someone to share my house with. And I’ve got plenty of friends who are the same way as me, too. A girl like you would fit right in.”

“I dunno, that seems kinda...” Her tone’s not hostile, and her face feels a bit hotter than before.

“There’s no rush. You can take your time and think about it.”

“Hmm.” Mokou goes back to cuddling, acting just a bit more affectionate than before. Looks like you gave her something new to think about, at least.


You cut a wide swath of debauchery through Gensokyo in the process of resolving the incident, but you found yourself subconsciously comparing everyone you had sex with to Mokou. There was something about the shy, lonely girl that kept you awake at night thinking about her, even when you were sleeping with someone else. Even when you finally made it with Eiki, you still couldn’t forget about her. It wasn’t long before you returned to the bamboo forest, blushing with embarrassment and uncertainty.

Mokou seemed to be just as nervous as you when she found you at her doorstep. The two of you barely got through a few sentences before you started kissing, and then you pulled out all the stops and made her cum three times. From there it was just a matter of time until she decided to move in with you.

There weren’t many people for Mokou to say goodbye to aside from Keine, who was glad to see she’d finally found someone. Kaguya was a little peeved that you were stealing away her sworn enemy, but it wasn’t like she wanted Mokou to stay or anything. Then she called Mokou stupid.

You had to have your house remodeled to make it less flammable. It wasn’t too expensive for a shinigami, and you called in a few favors to make the construction go along quickly. It took a long time to convince Mokou to go out and meet people, but you managed to gradually introduce her to your coworkers. They all found her just as cute as you did. Eventually, she worked up the courage to open a yakitori stand in Muenzuka. The village suffered a brief coal shortage, but free-market economics quickly filled the void.

Mokou couldn’t satisfy you by herself at first, but she kept pushing herself to make you cum just a little bit more than last time. At the same time, sex with other people stopped appealing to you as much. Eventually, to everyone’s surprise, you found yourself in a mono-amorous relationship.


You’re cooking a special dinner today. It was a day off, so you had time to go buy a few things while Mokou was out. You’re busily stirring some vegetables in a pan when Mokou knocks and opens the door to find you wearing nothing but a frilly white apron. You look over and give her a wide smile.

“Hey, great timing! Almost done here.” Mokou ignores it when you motion towards the table and walks up behind you instead. She reaches out with a shaking hand to squeeze your exposed ass, but you use your powers to stop her when her hand’s just a few inches away. “Sorry, little busy now. We’ll play after dinner, alright?” You turn your head and give her a wink.

“… Can’t believe you,” Mokou mutters as she heads to the table. You can feel her hot stare on your body the whole time you’re cooking. The wet bulge that pops up in the front of your apron probably gives away how excited it makes you.

You keep the apron on while you’re eating and force Mokou to tell you about her day. She’s still shy around others, but the shinigami all like to visit her stand anyway. Some curious humans and youkai come by too, and she gets more business from rabbits than you’d expect. She says the boss came by to inspect the joint today and approved of it after some free samples.

Mokou helps you clean up the dishes and then throws you onto the bed. She steps back and takes in the sight of you lying on the side with your pussy exposed and your cock and breasts straining against the fabric of the apron. You start untying the knot in the back, but she jumps on top of you before you can finish and starts ravishing your mouth and groping your breasts through the apron. You let out a few happy moans and lay back to let her explore your body.

Mokou presses her head into your still-covered breasts and runs her hands along your legs and your neck. She turns you over and traces a line down your back with a finger and then her tongue, and gropes your plump ass for as long as she wants.

Mokou grabs your cock through the apron and pumps her hand up and down, caressing it with the soft fabric. You pull the top loop of the apron off your neck and let it fall from your breasts, making her drop your cock and go after them with both hands. After a bit of initial fondling, she’s rhythmically squeezing them and drinking thick streams of milk from both. The Milk Plague ran out a long time ago, but Mokou didn’t like lactating herself anyway. You just had your breasts modified to be like Yuyuko’s. Mokou’s taken to having you squirt a bit of milk into her breakfast tea.

After a few minutes of groping, Mokou finally lets youstop trembling long enough to undo your apron. She gives your hard cock a few cursory licks and it flat on her tongue, then closes her mouth and swallows the whole thing in one motion. You nearly lose it when the hot walls of her throat squeeze around your cock.

Mokou stares up into your eyes while you slide her head back and forth. You’re sure she can feel your hard cock throbbing against her throat.

Mokou picked up deepthroating really quickly thanks to her high tolerance for discomfort. She liked it so much you had your cock lengthened by a little so she’d have more to suck on. She probably doesn’t mind having a little more in her pussy, either.

Mokou closes her eyes and starts moaning. The walls of her throat vibrate all over your shaft while she keeps sucking steadily and bobbing her head. It’s too much for your inexperienced cock to handle.

You cry out Mokou’s name and resist the urge to bury your cock in her throat, instead pulling almost all the way out so you can spray your cum all over her mouth. She drinks it all down as fast as you can shoot it out. Your fondle your breasts and buck your hips to enjoy her hot, sperm-stained mouth for as long as possible until your orgasm runs out.

Mokou swallows one more time and pulls of your cock, crawling on top of you to give your face a pleading lick. You’ve noticed that she always wants a kiss after she swallows your cum; you’re used to the taste, so it doesn’t bother you. You oblige her and let her tongue into her mouth, but the kiss only holds her interest for a little while before she moves to clean off your breasts instead.

Mokou rolls you onto your stomach and has you stick your ass up in the air. Your balls fall down to hang between your legs, exposing your vulnerable pussy.

“Aah, there too?”

Mokou grunts and presses her face into your pussy, sticking her tongue deep inside you and swirling it around while she grabs your cock and balls. Her hands are a little too rough for good stroking, but she still makes you feel good by getting a tight grip on the shaft and pulling the skin up and down. You’re still sensitive from your last orgasm and you love it when Mokou acts assertive like this, so you just lay there and enjoy the stimulation. One of the fingers on the hand massaging your balls reaches up and finds your clit, giving you even more to enjoy.

“Do you wanna cum again?” Mokou asks.

“Yeah.” If you don’t cum a few times here, you’ll never last long enough to give Mokou’s pussy the loving it deserves. She moves her head to your cock and takes part of it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the sensitive tip while she squeezes the shaft.

“Hey, hey, you don’t have to use your…” Your sentence dissolves into a low moan. Your hips fail you and drop your cock deeper into Mokou’s mouth, but she stays in place and keeps sucking until you let go of your second load. She pushes your hips up so you’re not shooting right down her throat and gulps it all down loudly before rolling you onto your back so she can get at your mouth again. A long string of composite fluids stretches between your tongues when she breaks the kiss to suck patiently on your breasts until you recover.

You finally find the strength to sit up. “That was really good, Mokou. Now it’s your turn.” Mokou makes a quiet sound and nods, blushing a little more deeply than before and seeming to shrink a little. She usually takes the lead for foreplay, but when it’s time for you to please her she suddenly turns submissive.

You give Mokou a more aggressive kiss while you undo her suspenders and drop her pants to the floor. She takes care of unbuttoning her shirt to let you pull off her socks and kiss her pussy through the fabric of her panties, eventually pulling them off with your mouth. You stand back up right as she finishes unwrapping her sarashi to reveal her small and sensitive breasts. Each one gets a sloppy kiss before you turn around to grab your shopping bag.

“I got you another present.” You reach in and produce a pair of small metal objects connected by a chain.”

“What’re those?”

You answer with a chuckle and attach one to one of her nipples. It pinches it quite forcefully and makes her cry out in pain, prompting you pull it off and adjust a little screw to reduce the tension.

“Sorry, sorry. How’s this?” You attach one to her other nipple. She whines a bit when you first put it on, but she lets it stay there and timidly pushes out her chest to accept the other one. She trembles and lets out a moan-slash-scream when you give the chain a little tug.

“I can make them pinch less.” Mokou nods her head and stares into space for a moment. Her pussy’s starting to leak onto the bed, but you’ll need to do more before it’ll get wet enough to accept your cock. No matter how much you use it, she winds up just as tight as the first time you penetrated her.

“Ready to keep going, Mokou?”

“Wait, you’re going to…?”

“A few clamps aren’t enough for a masochist like you, right? I know you want more.”

Mokou blushes and grumbles as she turns around and presents her pale ass. You grope and lick it for a bit while she tries to keep still to stop the chain from swinging. Then, while she’s still shivering, you grab the paddle you bought for her when she first moved in. Turns out spanking is another fetish of hers.

(Turned on by big lactating breasts and spanking? What kind of childhood did this girl have?)

“Are you ready, Mokou?”


“Okay, here goes~” You rest the paddle against Mokou’s ass before winding up and smacking her on both cheeks. The recoil makes the clamps tug viciously on her nipples, and the combined sensations make her arch her back and moan loudly. She’s obviously embarrassed, but she can’t stop her moaning as you give her a few more spanks to keep the chain swinging. She falls sideways onto the bed and lays there panting and trembling.

“Hm? That wasn’t all you could handle, was it?” Those clamps must be really powerful if it was. Usually she’s good for at least ten hits before she starts begging you to stick it in.

Suddenly, Mokou takes off the clamps and pinches them onto your breasts. You let out a loud yelp from the unfamiliar pain and lose your strength for a moment. Mokou pulls on the chain to get your head within kissing range and shoves her tongue into your mouth. Some extra milk squirts out of your breasts, intensely stimulating your nipples when it forces its way through the tightly-pinched space.

“Ah, um, I’m sorry. I don’t know what--” You cut her off with a kiss of your own and grab her tender ass, squeezing it a little while you position her on top of your cock. She reaches down to hold it steady for you, letting you focus on spreading her pussy as wide open as possible and pushing her down onto your cock. The tight walls are reluctant as always, but all the juices you’ve built up and Mokou adding her own strength to the penetration lets you slowly but smoothly work your cock into her. Her pussy stretches out as far as it can handle to accommodate your whole length.

You give Mokou a teasing grin. “I didn’t know you were interested in role reversal.”

“No, no, I’m not, I just…”

“Too bad you lost your advantage. Hope you’re ready for your punishment.” Keeping your cock buried deep inside Mokou, you grab the paddle and give her a few quick swats on each cheek. Her pussy gives you a tight squeeze with each one while she cries out into your breasts.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” she moans when she’s had enough.

“Okay, I’ll stop. My breasts still hurt a little, though. Could you kiss them better?”

Mokou doesn’t need to be told twice. She plants an affectionate kiss on the tip of each nipple and then goes to drink from both at once while you slowly thrust and grind your cock into her. Her pussy trembles and contracts with each movement.

Your breasts and your cock are melting inside Mokou, but you won’t last long enough to make her cum at this rate. You stop moving and pull her head up.

“Ride my face for a while, Mokou.”

Mokou nods and gets off your cock, pulling her dripping pussy up to your mouth. You start licking it off as soon as it’s in range of your tongue, making her moan whenever your tongue brushes against her clit. She gets into it and starts moving her hips back and forth on top of you, grabbing onto your twintails for leverage. You were doing this so you give your cock a chance to calm down, but the smell and the sound of Mokou’s husky moaning is only making you more excited. You try to shut it out and focus on digging around inside of her and rubbing her clit with your thumb.

“Komachi, I’m gonna… I want your cock to…” Mokou finally moans. You throw her onto the bed and fall on top her, penetrating her in the process. You don’t care about staying on this side of the edge anymore, so you thrust into her hot, tight pussy as quickly as possible and take whatever pleasure comes your way. With a few seconds before you both lose it completely, you put your mouth up to Mokou’s ear.

“Your pussy’s so wonderful, Mokou. Nobody else’s can compare.”

“You… Your penis is the only one that’s ever made it feel so…”

“Shh.” You press your mouth onto Mokou’s as the first tremors of orgasm run through her. Her eyes roll up and her body starts to tremble, and then it all clenches together in pleasure. She hardly even notices when you lose it and shoot a huge load into her pussy as it gives your sensitive cock a rough massage. Your head fogs up from your own pleasure, and for a long time you’re only aware of the heat of her body and the tightness of her grip. There’s another kind of heat flowing through you, too.

Mokou mumbles something that snaps you out of your trance.


“Don’t make me say it again,” she complains.

“No, I didn’t hear it.”

Mokou frets for a bit before working up the nerve. “Um, well, I love you, Komachi.”

“You do?”


“Even though I tease you so much?”

“Yeah. I’m really happy here. Don’t leave me, okay?”


Best Christmas.


>There weren’t many people for Mokou to say goodbye to aside from Keine, who was glad to see she’d finally found someone. Kaguya was a little peeved that you were stealing away her sworn enemy, but it wasn’t like she wanted Mokou to stay or anything. Then she called Mokou stupid.

This is such a great thing.
>a mono-amorous relationship
You sick fuck! Worst end.
Technically, since that's what masturbation is as well, you're sick as well.
That was...
I'm more pleased than I can put into words.
If it wasn't for the fact I can go back and reread it at will I'd vote to go back a choice and pick that option again.
File 132485134255.jpg - (206.88KB, 797x800 , happy birthday.jpg) [iqdb]
>>There weren’t many people for Mokou to say goodbye to aside from Keine, who was glad to see she’d finally found someone. Kaguya was a little peeved that you were stealing away her sworn enemy, but it wasn’t like she wanted Mokou to stay or anything. Then she called Mokou stupid.
An anon after my own heart.

This was a truly wonderful Christmas gift.

Thanks, BSD.
[x] Offer to introduce her to your friends sometime.

You give Mokou’s head a reassuring pat. “Hey, you’re acting like I’m never going to come back.”

“Well, even if you are…”

“You still don’t want to be alone for so long, huh? Well, what if I introduced you to some of my friends?”

“Friends?” Mokou hadn’t considered what kind of friends you might have.

“Yep. I know a few nice girls who’d love to spend some time with you. They’re all just as nice and gentle as I am.” You brush a hand across her ass. “Just as naughty, too. They’ll be great company if you don’t mind a bit of teasing.”

You feel Mokou’s blush rising again. “Um. That would be…”

“You don’t have to answer right now. I’ll ask again when I come back, alright?” You move to get out of the bed, but Mokou grabs you.

“Uh, hey, hold on.” You look back and see her avoiding your eyes. “Would it be okay if we stayed like this a bit longer?”

“Sure, that’s fine. You just didn’t seem to enjoy cuddling too much.”

“No, no, I liked it.”

“Okay.” You settle back down on the bed. Once the sheets are nicely arranged, you hug your arms around Mokou’s naked back and tangle your legs with hers.

“You don’t have to stay for long. I just want to see what it’s like to fall asleep in someone’s arms.”

You give Mokou a kiss on the forehead and put her head down in your breasts. You don’t feel tired, but Mokou’s bed is really warm and you feel relaxed after your orgasm. It’s not too hard to drift off and dream of a life alone with her.

You wake up to a pleasant tickling sensation. Doing her best not to disturb you, Mokou’s gently teasing your nipples with her tongue and lapping up the drops of milk that leak out. You decide to pretend to be asleep and let her have her fun. Her mouth slowly grows bolder, moving from licking to kissing to full-on sucking. The pleasure eventually makes your breathing grow strange, which spooks her into stopping. You wait for a few more minutes before raising your head and greeting her.

“You didn’t have to stay after I fell asleep,” she says with feigned annoyance.

“It’d be sad if you woke up alone.”

Mokou sighs. “I’ve made you do too much. Let me cook you something before you leave.”

“Sure, that sounds good.”

Mokou gets off the bed and re-dresses her top half before going off to a closet. She fetches some meat and vegetables and starts working at the stove. You stay in the bed and close your eyes again, quietly enjoying the savory smell that slowly fills the house.

Mokou calls you to the table and serves you a hearty stew. Its simplicity contrasts nicely with the complex flavors from breakfast. After you’re finished, you give Mokou one last kiss and wave goodbye as you rise through the treeline. She watches silently as you leave.

Your visit to Mokou didn’t last as long as you thought; it’s just a little past noon. There’s still plenty of time to explore the hot springs, especially since you distance-skip most of the way there. You’re not really familiar with the place’s layout, so you stop a mile out just to be safe and fly the rest of the way in.

The hot springs aren’t quite as nice as you were thought they’d be. They have the water and the pools to bathe in, but the place is pretty barren and undeveloped and kind of haunted. The spirits should give you a wide berth, considering--

There’s something else here. Something disgusting. Looking to the ground again, you notice a red-and-black cat running through the wastes and nail it with a coin. Not at all fazed, it levitates into the sky and transforms into a red-haired catgirl with a large wheelbarrow and a retinue of evil spirits.

You brandish your scythe. No wonder this place is a dump.

“I don’t recall trash like you being allowed up here,” you say.

“Ooh, a shinigami. Slackin’ off just makes my job easier, y’know.”

“Nice bunch of spirits you have there. Did you pluck ‘em out of their coffins yourself?”

“I just took the corpses. Not my fault you couldn’t get the souls out fast enough.”

“Do you understand the fate they’re stuck with now? Even after you’re dead, they’ll be stuck here forever. Maybe I should show you what it’s like first-hand.”

“You’re one to talk, sending them to Hell like that.”

“Says the hell-cat.”

You start to reach for your coin-pouch, but you can tell from the look in the kasha’s eyes that she’s got something more violent than danmaku in mind.

“You think I’m a slaver? These guys’re having the time of their afterlife. Just watch!”

The kasha waves her hand and summons a swarm of spirits that surrounds and grabs onto you. You shake some of them off, but they keep coming. You’ll need to get serious.

“How’s this?” the kasha shouts. The wall of fire parts to reveal her charging straight at you. Her wheelbarrow crashes into your chest, knocking your scythe out of your hand. The explosive pain in your chest leaves you dazed for a moment, but you recover quickly and realize you’re being pushed downwards. The kasha’s face grins wildly a few inches away from you.

“Hah! Not so tough after al--” The blade of your scythe erupts through her stomach. She drops the wheelbarrow with a scream, letting you avoid a crash. The kasha pulls the scythe out and throws it at you with rage burning in her eyes. The stab wound isn’t doing much to slow her down.

You grab your weapon out of the air and point it towards the kasha. She shouts curses and unleashes a dizzying array of danmaku and spirits and fairies, which you manage to avoid and fire through with a bit of cheating. Unfortunately, you realize a bit too late that it’s all a distraction. The cart, driven by spirits, hits you in the back of your knees and scoops you up. The kasha jumps up and lands a perfectly timed kick on your cheek, knocking you onto the ground.

The spirits descend and spread out your arms and legs, stripping off your clothes while the kasha advances slowly. She gives her long red nails a seductive lick and pulls up her dress to reveal not one but two eager cocks, one right above the other. Her chest wound, still bleeding, is all but forgotten.

“Time to teach you a long and painful lesson. I wonder how it feels inside a shinigami?”

You struggle a bit, but the spirits are holding you firmly in place. The spirits. Holding down a shinigami.


“What’re you laughing at?”

As you were saying, it’s time to get serious. Your body pulses with the power of judgment, sending the earthbound spirits fleeing to the four corners of Gensokyo. You jump to your feet and raise your arms in the air to grab your scythe as it flies between them. The kasha’s confusion turns to a marvelous fear; seems she’s the one who can’t move now.

Death Sign: Scythe of Final Judgment!

An enormous purple aura crashes down on the kasha and blasts a hole in the ground. Her screaming echoes through the hot springs. As the fire dissipates, you spy a tiny cat limping away as quickly as its little legs can carry it. Those suckers are really durable.

You take a deep breath and feel the broken ribs and other injuries catch up with you. You think about maybe going somewhere to get them looked at, but passing out makes a strong case as well.

Somebody presses a cup against your mouth and pours in something bitter. All the hurting goes away, and you can’t help but smile with relief. A feminine voice makes a pleased sound as you go back to sleep.

You open your eyes a little and find that it’s pleasantly dark. The only light is a faint red glow that barely illuminates the rough walls of what appears to be a cave.

Your body doesn’t hurt, but it feels really heavy. Seems like you can only move your head and your arms for now. You turn your head to find the source of the glow and discover that it’s coming from the cleavage of a girl kneeling at your side. Well, not quite, but close; there’s this red eye-jewel-thing a few inches above her impressive breasts that’s emitting the light. The only other part of her you can see is a pretty face that lights up with a smile when she sees you looking.

“Hello! How are you feeling?” she asks cheerfully.

“Uh, kinda heavy, but nothing hurts.”

“Sorry. I’m not too good at this, and I gave you too much medicine by accident. You’ll get better eventually.”

“That’s alright. Thanks for helping me, uh…”

“Utsuho Reiuji, but you can call me Okuu. Nice to meet you!” She extends her left arm into the light, and you manage to reach out and shake it.

“Komachi Onozuka,” you reply with a smile. “Do you mind telling me where this is?”

“This is my home on the surface. I usually live underground, but it’s nice to come out and be with the sun sometimes. I found you near the hot springs and took you here.”

“You live underground?”

“Yeah! I run the nuclear reactor there. It’s a hard job and it makes me really confused sometimes, but I’m the only one who can do it. I’m… Mm, we’ll talk about that later.”

“I’m actually trying to get underground. Do you think you could take me with you when you go back?”

Okuu’s smile grows nervous. “Oh? Um, I don’t really mind, but youkai from outside aren’t allowed into the Underground. It’s an old rule.”

“That’s alright, I’m not exactly a youkai. They should be fine with me.”

“Oh. Um, in that case…” She drifts off and starts glancing around.

“Is something wrong?”

“Well, I don’t know if I want to go back yet. It’s a little weird down there right now.”


Okuu nods and takes a deep breath. “A few days ago, everyone grew these weird things on their bodies and started doing weird things with them. I got one too and they wanted me to join in, but I felt really uncomfortable and decided to come up here instead. It’s not good to run away, but I’m too nervous to go back.”

Well, here’s a problem you can deal with. “This weird thing, is it something long that grew out between your legs?” you ask in a non-threatening tone.

“Yeah, it is. Do you know about it?”

“I’m pretty familiar with it. Don’t have one myself, though.” Okuu seems relieved to hear you’re still normal. “It’s not going to hurt you or anything.”

“Well, it gets really stiff sometimes, and I feel like there’s something I have to do with it. The stuff I saw other people doing seemed like it could be fun, but I was too nervous to try it.”

“Well, it’s, um, something you should do with somebody you like.”

“You mean sex? I know about that, we do it all the time underground.” That makes things easier. You were feeling a bit creepy there for a second.

“Alright. Well, this thing you grew is just something you use to have sex a different way. It’s frightening if you’ve never seen one before, but there’s nothing weird about it.” You need to pay her back for helping you, and she seems nice enough. “I could teach you how to use it, if you want. I’ll be really gentle,” you say with a warm smile.

“Eh? No, no, you can’t do anything like that in your state. But, if you still feel like it once you recover some more, maybe…”

That is a good point. Your body might not be able to handle a thorough sex course right now. “You’re right. We’ll hold off on that for now.”

“Okay.” She stands up, moving the light source up with her. “Would you like something to eat? It’ll be dark soon, and I don’t have anything stored up.”

“Yeah, that’d be good.” You could get used to having everyone feed you like this.

“Okay! I’ll be back soon.” Okuu walks out of the cave, making a strange clunking sound with every other step. You never heard of an underground youkai wanting to come up here, but you’ve seen two already. Seems like that business with the geyser changed a lot of things.

Okuu comes back with a basket of things she foraged outside. She gets you into a sitting position and feeds you with fresh herbs and berries. The speed at which she pops them into your mouth prevents you from saying anything.

You eventually motion for her to stop. She nods and starts eating for herself.

“Hey, Okuu.”

“Hm?” she asks with her mouth full.

“If we’re gonna be having sex, we should get a bit more intimate with each other first. You wanna sleep together?”

Okuu swallows. “Mm, I don’t think the bed could handle both of us. I’m kind of heavy. Thanks for asking, though! I’ll sleep on the floor next to you.”

Okuu finishes eating, and the two of you spend a long time talking with each other about your different parts of Gensokyo. You tell her about what it’s like to be a shinigami when things are normal, and she talks about her life with her mistress Satori and her best friend Orin and others in the Hell of Blazing Fires. She eventually gives you a small dose of the bitter medicine to help you sleep peacefully and curls up on the ground.

You wake up in the middle of the night. Your body feels really hot, and your breasts are starting to feel full again. You spent almost the whole day in various beds and you only had sex once, so your body’s aching for some action. Full-blown sex is probably still dangerous, but you might be able to get Okuu to do something gentle. Or you could just masturbate for now and leave that all for tomorrow.

[ ] Ask Okuu for sex.
[ ] Do it yourself.
[X] Ask Okuu for sex.
[x] Ask Okuu for sex.

There's more than 2-3 ways to have sex. And Okuu might like a midnight drink.
[x] Ask Okuu for sex
[x] Do it yourself.

Sleeping Okuu is sleeping. I wonder what happens when a milk plague user drinks her own milk?

>She gives her long red nails a seductive lick and pulls up her dress to reveal not one but two eager cocks, one right above the other.
File 132503601872.jpg - (426.06KB, 700x839 , twin_tails.jpg) [iqdb]
Orin reminded me of this image.
oh my god yes okuu

[x] Ask Okuu for sex.
[x] Ask Okuu for sex.
[X] Ask Okuu for sex.
[x] Do it yourself.

Tainting the tide with piss. Because I can.
'Kuusex wins the vote.
I can't believe I missed the vote...
Sorry, got off my pace a little. Look for an update around noon tomorrow.
[x] Ask Okuu for sex.

You reach off your bed and feel around in the red light. Your hand touches one of Okuu’s soft breasts and gives it a little squeeze on reflex, which makes her wake up. Whoops?

“Nn, Komachi? What are you…” She sits up and sniffs at something. “Oh. You want me to help you cum?”

That was easy to explain. “Yeah, that’d be nice. You don’t have to use your cock or anything.”

“My what?”

“Your cock. That’s what you call your thing.”

“Oh, okay.”

Okuu crawls a little closer, her smiling face illuminated by the light above her breasts. You run a hand over her messy hair as she bends over and slips a soft, warm tongue into your mouth. She presses her face tight against yours and pushes her tongue deep inside you, wriggling it around gently while you suck on it. You sense a lot of experience behind that tongue; she could take your mouth by force if she felt like it.

One of Okuu’s hands starts feeling your breasts through the sheets. She gives each one a long, hard squeeze and rubs a finger over each nipple until they’re both erect, and then peels off the covers to reveal your naked body. She holds her chest close to bathe you in her light as she slowly moves toward your pussy.

You hadn’t noticed that you’re not wearing anything. “Hey, did you take my clothes off while I was asleep?” you ask teasingly.

The question startles Okuu out of her groove. “Ah, um, they were half-off when I found you, so I took them the rest of the way off to inspect you better, and then I didn’t want to hurt you by accident…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.”

Okuu nods and gets back to business. She finally uncovers your pussy and spreads it open, craning her body over the side of the bed to get a better look at it. The position’s too awkward for her to get a taste, so she uses that same hand to rub two fingertips along the slit instead. You don’t have any difficulty getting wet for her, and after a minute of preparation she shoves three fingers all the way into you. You squeeze them happily with a little moan.

“Your pussy’s really nice, Komachi. I’ll take good care of it.” Okuu stretches her arm so she the two of you can kiss you while she fingers you. Her tongue is just a little more assertive than before, and you see a naughty glint in her eyes.

Okuu’s fingers are pretty thick; the three of them pressed together are almost as big as Youmu’s cock. Fully aware of this, she moves her fingers slowly and deliberately to let you focus on their size and texture. She slowly spreads them apart inside of you, stretching you out and hunting around the walls for sensitive spots.

Once Okuu finds five weak points inside you, she arranges her fingers to rub against all of them at once and starts thrusting much faster. You arch your back and break the kiss, making a beautifully perverted face for Okuu to enjoy as she sends you over the edge.

You pull Okuu’s head onto yours and moan around her tongue as you cum. She presses her fingers together when she feels you clamp down and leaves them there for you to squeeze while the pleasure makes your whole body tighten up. It’s quick and intense, and then you’re hungry for more.

“My breasts want some attention too. Could you suck on them for a bit?”

Okuu nods with a smile and moves her dripping hand to your breasts. She slides it all over them to coat them in your juices, and then uses her warm tongue to lick off every drop. Your milk starts to squirt out as soon as her tongue touches your nipples. It catches Okuu off guard at first, but she keeps her mouth in place and swallows a few times before she lets go.

“Did you give birth, Komachi?”

“Nah, I just took some weird medicine. Drink all you want.”

“Hmm, okay.” Okuu takes the tip of your breast into her mouth and squeezes the rest of it to wring out your milk. The flow’s even more intense than it was last time, but Okuu focuses on drinking rather than stimulating you. She leaves the breast hot and tingling and reaches across your body to give the other one the same treatment.

Come to think of it, she’s only been using one hand this whole time. Is the other one occupied?

You breathe loudly and let out an occasional moan while Okuu milks you. Even though she’s not as good as Mokou, you’re getting addicted to the feeling of somebody’s mouth on your breasts. You don’t encourage her to drink from both at once, though. You’ll save that for later.

Okuu lets go of your other breast, and it joins the other one in leaking a tiny stream onto your chest. A glimmering trail of liquid runs down the corner of her mouth. “Would you like me to keep drinking?” she asks politely with a shade of lust.

“Yeah, but not from there.” You reach down and spread yourself again, prompting Okuu to shuffle back down towards the foot of the bed. You move your left leg onto her back as she leans sideways onto the bed, getting her head in front of your pussy without too much discomfort.

Okuu starts with a few slow licks and gradually works her tongue inside you. You move a hand down to your clitoris, but she brushes it aside with her own and takes care of you there too. Her hand uses a relentless side-to-side stroking rhythm that slowly heats up your clit and then rubs it in circles when it’s fully aroused. Her large, soft tongue swirls around inside you the whole time, giving special attention to the sensitive spots she found earlier.

Okuu’s tongue and finger are pretty slow, but the amount of force and precision she puts into it makes each movement twice as pleasurable. You curl your left leg around her head and pull her in even closer and plug up your mouth with your nipples to keep the moans down. Your milk squirts wildly into your mouth, as smooth and creamy and Mokou said it was.

You cum a little harder than usual and moan Okuu’s name into your breasts while your body pulses with heat. Your back arches without warning and makes your breasts fall out of your mouth, shooting a little arc of milk into the air as they fall back down to your chest. Your vision eventually clears to show you Okuu’s face. She’s smiling, but she looks uncomfortable too.

“What’s wrong?” you ask cheerfully.

“Um, you smell really good when you cum, and it’s making my, uh, my cock get stiff again…”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’ll take care of it for you.”

“But you--”

“It’s fine. Just press the tip against my mouth.” You turn your head to the side.

“Okay.” Okuu stands up and leaves you in darkness. A few seconds of rustling later, the head of her cock brushes over your lips. It’s already smeared with salty precum , which you lick off quickly before closing your mouth around the tip. Okuu gasps in surprise at the stimulation.

You have to open a bit wider than usual since Okuu’s cock is in sideways, but the extra stress on your jaw isn’t much of a problem. You push your mouth onto her length and greet every inch with your tongue until the tip hits the back of your mouth. It’s a pretty good thickness and length.

“Are you okay, Komachi?” Okuu pants. You answer with a happy moan that vibrates around the tip of her cock.

This is Okuu’s first time getting a blowjob, so you keep it simple. You slide your head back and forth across your pillow and rub your tongue all over the shaft, sucking as hard as you can and making sure you’re producing plenty of saliva. It only takes a minute for her inexperienced cock to reach its limit.

“My cock feels… Something’s…” Okuu cuts herself off with a loud moan and starts spraying into your mouth. The thickness and quantity catch you off guard, but your centuries of training quickly take over. You pull back to the tip and gulp it down in forceful swallows until the flow finally stops. Your stomach gurgles in surprise at the appearance of a fourth meal.

“D-did you drink all that, Komachi?”

You lick your lips as the soft cock pops out and get a bit more of the salty taste. “Yeah, it was delicious. It feels really good to drink it or take it in your pussy.”

“Uhm.” Okuu takes a moment to wonder what that would be like.

“I feel a lot better now. Thanks, Okuu.”

Your partner kneels down and gives you a kiss. You hold her head in place and force her to get a good taste of the cum that’s left in your mouth.

“G’night, Okuu.” You lie back and close your eyes with a satisfied sigh.

You’ve found a good playmate here. Maybe you should take your time and enjoy being alone with her. This is a deserted hot springs, after all. There’s also the matter of pills. You won’t be stopping your Milk Plague anytime soon, and Eirin said you’re good to try a new pill tomorrow.

Which pill will you take?
[ ] Aphro Salve.
[ ] The eyes one.

When will you go underground?
[ ] Midday.
[ ] Sunset.
Still no preference on pills, but regardless:

[X] Sunset.
[x] Aphro Salve.
[x] Sunset.
[x] The eyes one.
[x] Midday.

Aphro salve is aphro salve, but the eyes one could be anything!
[x] The eyes one.
[x] Sunset.
[x] Aphro Salve.
[x] Sunset.
[x] The eyes one.
[x] Sunset.
[X] Aphro Salve.
[X] Sunset.
[x] Aphro Salve.
[x] Sunset.

More time resting with Okuu is always nice. Hell it was the main reason I was in a hurry to get to the underground.
[x] Aphro Salve.
[x] Sunset.
[x] Aphro Salve.
[x] Sunset.
I want to save the eyes one for Yukari.
[x] Aphro Salve.
[x] Sunset.

Spending as much of the day above ground seems to..."comfort" me. I don't know, I'm getting some kind of RPG vibe coming from this choice. It calls out to me.
> I want to save the eyes one for Yukari.
... yeah, okay.

[x] Aphro Salve.
[x] Sunset.
Afro slave Aphro salve and sunset are the winning combination.
[x] Aphro Salve.
[x] Sunset.

Okuu sucks your tongue to wake you up. You push it aside and counterthrust into her mouth, and the two of you share a leisurely kiss. She breaks it with a cheerful laugh and starts peeling a hard-boiled egg with one hand.

“Hang on a second.” You slowly push yourself to a sitting position and swing your legs off the bedside. Okuu’s worried at first, but it turns to happiness when she sees you’re fine. Gotta hand it to your creator for making you so durable.

You and Okuu make short work of the eggs, but she seems uncertain of what to do after that.

“I need some exercise. Let’s go outside,” you say.

“Okay!” Okuu pauses mid-smile. “Could you go first, though?”

“Sure. Is it straight ahead?”

“Yeah, just follow the light.”

You turn around and head for the faint light in the distance. Okuu follows a few feet behind you, still making that sound when she walks. It’s like she has a fake leg or something.

It’s a blindingly sunny day outside. You press a hand against your face to keep the light out, making Okuu rush up to you in concern.

“Are you okay, Komachi?”

“Yeah, it’s just a little bright.”

“Oh. In that case…” Okuu puts your head in her lap and deploys some sort of shade-producer. You let it cover you for a while before removing your hand your hand from your head. When you do, you're surprised to see huge pair of black wings shielding you from the sunlight. Hanging off of them is a cape with an intricate pattern of stars that seems to move as you watch it.

You part the wings and stand up to get a better look at your companion. Her right arm turns into a long hexagonal rod past the elbow and the lower part of her right leg is apparently encased in rock, but aside from that she’s a young and attractive raven youkai. She blushes and smiles nervously, prompting you to kneel down and smile back.

“You’re beautiful, Okuu.”

Okuu smiles even wider and hugs you with her one arm. You hug back, pushing her ample chest against your own, and get a good look at her eyes for the first time. They seemed red back in the cave, but they’re really more of a fiery orange.

You stand up with Okuu and look at your surroundings for the first time. You’re in a lush, cheery meadow on the edge of the hot springs. The geyser destroyed a lot of the plants in this area, but this part was far away enough to avoid that. Seems like there’s nobody else around for at least a mile, too.

Okuu takes your hand and shows you to a stream. You have a good drink and sneak in a few pills while she isn’t looking. Then the two of you chase each other around for for exercise. Okuu’s not too quick on her feet, but you play with the distances so she’s never too close or too far. She eventually catches you and pushes you onto the ground, nearly crushing you under her weight. You both laugh right through it, though.

Okuu rolls around so you’re on top of her facing the sky and draws her arms and wings around you. You close your eyes and breathe deeply, enjoying the feeling of exhaustion while Okuu stares silently at the sun. Your breasts take the time to get another day’s worth of milk ready while your mouth grows hot and wet. You could go for a good milking, and a good kiss too.

You turn around and snap Okuu out of her trance with a kiss. Enough of your saliva runs into her mouth that she has to break off and swallow. She doesn’t seem to mind that, but she gets embarrassed when she notices you’ve gotten into an intimate position.

“I’m still kinda sore. Wanna go to the hot springs for a while?” you say to defuse it.

“Ah, sure!” Excited and a little nervous, Okuu leads you by your hand to nearest pool of spring water. The ground’s an unattractive gray and the fumes aren’t too pleasant, but it’s legit. You start removing your belt, but Okuu interrupts you.

“Could you help take my clothes off? It’s hard with one arm.”

“Happy to.”

Okuu offers you her fancy cloak, which you fold up nicely before taking off her shirt to free her smooth, shapely breasts. You were right to peg her as a no-bra type. Okuu removes her shoes and socks and skirt in the meantime, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. A look between her legs reveals why.

Even when it’s mostly limp, the shaft of Okuu’s penis hangs down well past her scrotum. When she’s fully erect, it must be… You touch the head without thinking and make Okuu turn around with a yelp. She hides her cock behind her legs and brings a hand to her lips.

“Ah, is it weird after all?”

“No, no, it’s fine. It’s better than fine.” You stand up with a grin. “Just a little bigger than usual, and some people like that. Myself included.”

“Hm.” Okuu decides to take that as a compliment. You undress in a few smooth motions and drop into the water with her. It’s hot enough to make your skin tingle, especially around your breasts. You close your eyes and feel it soothe your aches away.

The heat in your breasts grows more and more insistent until you can’t resist it any longer. You lift them out of the water and turn to Okuu, who you’re pretty sure was peeking at you already.

“Hey, Okuu. Can you…?”

Okuu nods and lowers her mouth to your chest, blushing a little at the thought of doing something like this in broad daylight. You fit both nipples into her mouth and give your breasts a gentle squeeze to start the flow. She closes her eyes and drinks obediently while you milk yourself.

You lean back and lose focus as you settle into a nice rhythm, but you jolt back to attention when Okuu pinches her teeth around your nipples. You hold them as steady as you can while she carefully moves her jaw from side to side, making you tremble with pleasure and squirt uncontrollably. She must have had a lot of practice to keep from hurting you while you’re shaking like this.

Okuu finally lets go when her own breasts catch her attention. You push her hands to the side and lift them out of the water yourself. Grinning broadly, you give them both a firm pinch and make a pair of white jets squirt out into the water. Okuu moans in surprise and keeps moaning while you squeeze her breasts and rub your palms against her nipples. Her breasts aren’t quite as big as yours, but they’re much firmer and perkier. Her nipples seem to be more sensitive, too. This could be a fun chance.

You lower your head to Okuu’s nipples for a taste test. Her milk is kind of bitter, but it’s also smooth and strangely addictive. You get both breasts into your mouth and coat them with your new secret weapon while you suck the milk out as forcefully as you can. Okuu’s moans slowly rise in pitch until she’s almost screaming in pleasure.

You pull back to survey your handiwork. Okuu’s mouth is wide open and gasping for air, and something pink just barely pokes out of the water in front of her. Excellent.

“Hey, can you sit on the edge for me? I wanna see it.” Okuu takes a moment to collect her breath and then hoists her dripping body onto the dry ground. Her radiant skin is certainly nice to look at, but right now you’re interested in the huge cock that’s throbbing in front of you. It’s not any thicker than normal and her scrotum is average-sized as well, but a distance check puts it at about twelve inches. You feel yourself getting wet at the distance alone; you haven’t had one this big since before they got Nue.

You grab the tip with a thumb and three fingers and pull down until it’s pointed straight at you. “Your cock’s amazing, Okuu. I’m gonna do something special,” you say eagerly.

You grab the tip of Okuu’s cock with your mouth and plant your hands at her sides. You tilt her cock a little further down, take a deep breath, and start pushing onto the shaft. The first six inches go in easily, taking you to where you were last night. Then you carefully work in another inch, taking care not to gag on it. That’s the hard part; you have to stay completely calm, or you’ll panic and choke on it when you try to breathe. Once you’ve got the reflex subdued, it’s not too hard to steadily push your mouth forward until your lips kiss the root.

Your whole throat is filled with Okuu’s cock. Another inch or two and it’d reach into your stomach. You swallow once and wink at her before pulling off and licking your lips. She’s suitably impressed, to put it lightly.

“H-How did you…”

“I had a lot of practice.” You massage the saliva into her shaft and then pull her back into the water, ducking under a wing to get behind her.

You put one hand on the exposed tip of Okuu’s cock and twist it back and forth. The other one runs up and down the shaft, tickling all over the sensitive surface. Judging by the way she melts in your lap, the salve did its job. You use quick, teasing movements to give her as much pleasure as possible without bringing her over the edge. You like to think you’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Licking around the roots of Okuu’s wings makes her arch her back and spread them on reflex. You give them both some attention with your mouth and then kiss your way up to her neck.

“How’s it feel, Okuu?” you whisper into her ear. She’s moaning too much to say anything, but the precum leaking out onto your hand is all the answer you need. Time to finish her off.

You get back to Okuu’s front and put as much cock between your breasts as you can. You lick around the head and along her urethra, and then take a deep breath through your nose and move your whole body up and down through the water. Okuu can’t resist thrusting a little while you’re doing it, almost making you gag when her cock pushes past your tongue. You’re too good for that, though, and another tight squeeze with your breasts pushes her over the edge.

Okuu cries out and shoots a huge load into your mouth. You swallow half of the thick, salty cum and let the rest spray over your face, getting a thick coating that forces you to close one eye. You wipe off a little with one finger and hold it up for Okuu, who cleans it off dutifully and considers the taste. She seems like she might enjoy being on the receiving end of a cock, too.

Okuu’s cock sinks back below the water. It’s not the type that can go three times in a row. You wash off your face and help yourself to some milk while she recovers, but it dries up not long after you start. Looks like the Plague’s effects are only temporary.

The two of you scrub each other off with your hands and then carry your clothes back to the meadow. You'll dry off in the sun. The long grass makes for a soft pillow, and the warm light and calming birdsong make you drift off to sleep for an hour.

You wake up and find Okuu snoring quietly next to you. Her limbs are sprawled out in all directions, putting her perky breasts and her half-erect cock on full display. You kind of want to wake her up and take her right here, but she’d probably prefer to have her first time inside in the dark. Under the covers and in the missionary position too, most likely.

[ ] Have sex with her now.
[ ] Wait until she asks for it.
[X] Wake her with sumata and kissing, ask if she'd like to have sex, back off if she'd rather wait.
[x] Wait until she asks for it.
[x] Wait until she asks for it.
[x] Have sex with her now.

Potential exhibitionism > begging.
[x] Wait until she asks for it.
[x] Kissing and foreplay to get her hot, then suggest sex here and now.
[X] Wake her with sumata and kissing, ask if she'd like to have sex, back off if she'd rather wait.

This is such a perfect mix of sweet, affectionate and sexy.
[X] Wake her with sumata and kissing, ask if she'd like to have sex, back off if she'd rather wait.
[X] Wake her with sumata and kissing, ask if she'd like to have sex, back off if she'd rather wait.

Breaking the tie. You know which tie~
This will be a win for sumata.
[x] Wake her with sumata and kissing, ask if she'd like to have sex, back off if she'd rather wait.

Okuu’s cock lies flat on the grass, only six inches long. It twitches and rises up a little when you run a finger along the underside. Teasing it with your fingertips makes it grow a little longer, but you’ll need to do more to get her fully erect. You just did fellatio and it’s too big for a standard titfuck, so…

You straddle Okuu’s chest and scoot back until your clit’s rubbing against the root of her cock. It’s just far enough off the ground that you can fit your legs together under it and squeeze the shaft between your thighs. It starts hardening immediately in response to their warmth and softness, rising off your legs to point straight up in the air.

You cross your legs to put even more pressure on Okuu’s cock and swirl your right hand around the moistening tip. Her breathing starts to grow ragged, but that’s no reason to stop. You part her soft lips with your other hand explore her mouth with your tongue until her eyes crack open.

Okuu’s only aware of the kiss at first, but that changes when you when you press your thighs together and squeeze the head of her cock. She fills your mouth with a surprised moan, and her cock hardens up the rest of the way in a hurry. Pushing you off doesn’t seem to cross her mind, though.

Twisting your legs makes the soft flesh of your thighs envelop Okuu’s cock, but flexing your thigh muscles makes them firm up and crush the shaft between them. You get into a steady rhythm of three short soft squeezes followed by a long firm one and rock your body from side to side, making her cock sway about in the air.

You turn your head sideways and press it firmly against Okuu’s, trying to get your tongue as deep inside as possible. She pushes back enthusiastically and mounts an aggressive attack on your mouth, trying to get revenge for what you’re doing with your thighs. A trail of saliva rolls down her chin, but her hand’s too busy holding yours to wipe it off.

Can’t have Okuu getting so turned on she doesn’t have a choice. You pull your head back to see that she’s deeply flushed and panting more heavily than you’d expect from a little kissing. Maybe your saliva makes people aroused when they swallow it?

“Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself,” you say without much regret.

Okuu gives you a sleepy smile. “It’s okay. It felt good.”

“Hmm, you wanna keep going, then?” Okuu looks puzzled, so you bring your head next to hers and breathe the words into her ear:

“I mean, do you want to stick your cock in my pussy?”

You pull back to enjoy the look of surprise on Okuu’s face. Her cock twitches with curiosity, and you answer it with a squeeze of your thighs.

“U-um, right here?”

“If you want to.”

Okuu’s eyes dart all over as her brain kicks into overdrive. You put your head on the ground next to hers so you’re not staring at her.

Her hair smells nice.

“…Nobody’s going to see us, right?”

“Yeah. There’s no one around for miles.”


You give Okuu a kiss and a warm smile, getting a nervous grin in return. She’s palpably nervous, but you get the feeling that she wants her first time to be special. You’ll do your best not to disappoint her.

That said, you need to think for a moment about how to proceed. You’re both a little wet already, but it’s going to take a lot more lubrication to pull this off. You can’t use your mouth, though, or the aphrodisiac will make Okuu cum the second she enters you. You bring a hand to your mouth to contemplate, and inspiration strikes when your arm brushes over a nipple.

You get up and stretch for a moment, giving Okuu a good view of your naked, sun-bathed body. Then you sit sideways on Okuu’s legs and cross your thighs around her penis, making it point straight up in the air and brush against the tips of your breasts. In this position, you can use your thighs to pinch the vein on her penis and make her a little more sensitive.

“I’m gonna have to do a few things to get your cock ready first. You can just relax for now.”

You pull both breasts up to your mouth and suck hungrily on your nipples. The milk takes a while to start up, but you’re sure Okuu doesn’t mind watching you while her cock gets more and more tender. When you’re satisfied with the flow, you point your breasts at Okuu’s cock and pinch both of your nipples, squirting a healthy burst onto the extra-sensitive head. The tickling sensation is strong enough to make Okuu squirm beneath you to try and get away from it. You flash her a grin and tighten your grip, and she resigns herself to the teasing.

You change your grip so you can squeeze and pinch at the same time and start milking yourself in a steady rhythm, making the milk trickle down the long shaft to drip between your thighs. By the time you’re finished, your nipples are aching from all the attention. It’s a deeply satisfying ache.

“That’s a good start, but we need to do a little more. Can you stand up for me?”

You get up and help Okuu struggle to her feet, positioning her behind you and closing your thighs around her cock once again. This time, you angle yourself so your clit’s pressed tight against the hard, slippery shaft.

“Thrust your hips back and forth, Okuu. Practice for when you’re inside me.”

Okuu jerks her hips half a foot back, giving you a strong jolt of pleasure that makes you cry out in surprise. She apologizes immediately, and you tell her to just go a little slower. Her thrusts start out short and shaky, but she settles into a smooth sawing motion as you encourage her with a stream of quiet moans.

Okuu gives one of your breasts a rough groping while you play with the other one. You support her cock from below with your free hand, pushing up to keep it pressed firmly against your clit. The constant friction on your clit makes you leak out a continuous flow of juices that coat your thighs and her cock.

Your thigh muscles get a good workout from all this, alternating between soft and firm on every thrust. The two of you find each other’s mouths at the same time and enter into a sloppy kiss, staring into each other’s eyes with desire. Okuu’s not familiar with what comes next, but she definitely wants it.

You muster the willpower to break away from Okuu. “Alright, that’s enough,” you say in a husky voice. “We can do it now.” Okuu trembles with excitement as she lies down in the grass.

“This is your first time, so I’ll do all the moving for now. Just hold your cock steady for me.”

Okuu stares into your eyes as you stand over her. You spread yourself and bend your knees, finding the tip of Okuu’s cock and working it inside. She blushes and moans quietly at her first taste of pussy.

“You like that? Real hot and slippery, but it kinda clings to your cock. I’m gonna make the whole thing feel like that.”

The foreplay’s gotten you both wet enough that penetration’s a breeze. You put your hand on your knees for support and lower yourself as smoothly as you can manage, closing one eye and panting as your pussy fills up with cock. Eventually, you have to move from your feet to your knees, and the action forces you to take two inches at once with a shivering moan. Your pussy feels satisfied when she’s halfway inside, but you keep pushing down until it reaches its natural limit with about a quarter left to go. Okuu sighs when she feels you stop.

“Ah, it’s too big, isn’t it?”

“Maybe for most girls, but I’m special.” Okuu’s not quite sure what you mean, so you just grin at her.

You take a deep breath and start extending the length of your pussy. The walls unfurl a little to reveal some deeply hidden spots that press themselves against Okuu’s length as you continue your descent. Strange things happen inside you and physics groans in complaint, but this isn’t anything you haven’t done before. You work the last few inches inside and slam triumphantly onto Okuu’s stomach.

Okuu’s blushing deeper than you’ve ever seen and drooling out of the corner of the mouth. You stroke her face until she stops staring through you and meets your gaze.

“It’s amazing, Komachi,” she says dreamily.

“You did a good job not cumming from that. I’ll make you feel even better now, okay?”

You reduce the distance between your walls and Okuu’s cock to give her a quick squeeze. She lets out a little moan in response, so you do it a few more times, moving less than an inch to stimulate yourself. Next, you just tighten a small part of your pussy and then walk the tight part up and down the length, making it feel like there’s a hand in your pussy that’s stroking Okuu’s cock. You close your eyes and enjoy the incredible fullness, tweaking your clit with one hand until Okuu brushes it away.

“It’s not fair for you to do everything, Komachi. I wanna make you feel good, too.”

You open your eyes with a lazy smile. “Oh? Think you can thrust into me without cumming?” Okuu hesitates. “Alright, I’ll move a little by myself, and then you can take over if you want.”

You plant your hands on Okuu’s thighs and your feet on either side of her stomach. Keeping yourself as straight as you can, you lift yourself up a few inches and slide back down. Okuu’s cock scrapes against all sorts of spots in your stretched-out pussy, making you tremble and almost lose your grip. You take a few breaths and do it again, moving faster and further this time. Okuu’s still good to go, so you start bouncing up and down on her cock, making your breasts jiggle and leak onto your chest. The pleasure makes you arch your back on reflex, forcing your pussy to constrict around her. There’s something about huge cocks that makes you more sensitive than usual.

Okuu squeezes your thigh to make you stop, shaking you out of your trance. Looks like you almost brought her over the edge there.

“Sorry, lost myself for a second. Think you can be on top this time?”

Okuu collects herself and nods. You stand up off of her cock, which slaps noisily onto her chest, and get on your knees to present your pussy for her to use. Once Okuu fits the tip of her cock inside, you put your hands on the ground and get yourself perfectly horizontal for her.

“Don’t rush yourself.”

Okuu digs her hand into your ass and scoots forward to slide her cock into you. Your extended pussy accepts it hungrily and squeezes as tightly as before, and you shake your ass a little to encourage her. She grinds against you for a moment when she’s all the way inside, rubbing your cervix with the tip of her cock, and then starts moving on her own.

Okuu’s fear of cumming early keeps her hesitant at first, but she gains confidence with each thrust until she’s fucking you with six inches. The repeated impacts make your breasts sway back and forth beneath you and cover the grass with milk. Your whole pussy’s burning up and your mind’s deep in a haze of pleasure, but Okuu won’t last much longer.

“Gonna cum, Okuu?” you pant.

You get a loud moan in response.

“’Kay. This’ll be a little wild.”

Okuu fills up your pussy again, getting the tip of her cock just a few millimeters away from your cervix. This time, you get a firm grip on that distance and then extend it to just shy of twelve inches. Okuu loses her grip as her cock shoots almost all the way out of you. Then you change the distance back, and it slams right back to where it was with an explosion of pleasure that makes you blank out for a bit. Okuu goes flying over the edge, but you have to do it two more times to make yourself cum.

Your whole body fails you, including your arms. You fall down and clutch at the grass as every inch of your pussy contracts exquisitely around Okuu’s throbbing length. You were going to have her pull out while she was cumming to fill you up as much as possible, but there’s no way you can manage that in this state. The amount she’s shooting into you is more than enough anyway.

You give yourself over to the pleasure for a while longer and drift slowly back to consciousness. Okuu pulls your head into her lap and strokes your hair, basking in the warmth of the sun and her afterglow. Eventually, you get the strength to pull Okuu down on top of you and kiss her for a while. Even after cumming like that, she’s really good at it.

“Your cock’s amazing, Okuu. You’re going to be really popular with your friends,” you say after a few minutes.

“A-Ah, yeah.”

“Something wrong?”

“Um, well, I was just thinking, it’d be nice if we could do it again sometime. You’re really good at this, and…”

You give Okuu a quick kiss on the lips. “There’s no way I could forget someone like you, Okuu.” Her wings flutter with happiness as she kisses back.

Judging by where the sun is, it’s an hour or so past noon. You’ve still got a while before it’s time to go.

[ ] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.
-[ ] Slip the [ ] pill into her food.
[ ] Play a round of danmaku.
[ ] Challenge Okuu to a race.
[X] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.

Because I like the idea of doing something nice for Okuu aside from sex, and maybe getting some talky-time and more background info. Or a chance for more kissing.
[X] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.

Don't feel like slipping anything into her food. Couldn't we just feed her more milk to get her lactating again for a bit anyways?
[x] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.
[x] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.

Yeah, slipping anything other than "love" into the food is just pure 'no'.
[x] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.
-[x] Ask if she'd like to try one of your pills?

Honestly is the best policy, after all.
[x] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.
-[x] Ask if she'd like to try one of your pills?

All of my power into this vote!
[x] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.
-[x] Ask if she'd like to try one of your pills?
"Hey girlie, want some candy?"
I'll shy away from giving Okuu anything at the moment. That sort of innocence is a rare breed~

[x] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.
[X] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.
[x] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.
This as I'm not sure if Okuu has a use for the pills, and it'd be better to enjoy the moment.

Komachi might have herself a little harem by the end of this: Mokou, Okuu, etc.
Don't the eye pills do different things for different people? If I had my way, we'd be handing them to everyone we meet. What would your innocent gaze do, Utsuho?

[x] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.
-[x] Ask if she'd like to try one of your pills?
Closing votes. No pills for Okuu.
[x] Make a nice lunch for Okuu.

All that sex works up an appetite, and you haven’t had anything to eat besides eggs.

“Wanna have lunch now?” you ask.

“Okay! Um…” Looks like she’s trying to figure out what to make. You get the feeling she’s more of a scavenger than a cook.

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Eh? But you just--”

“You’re not any less tired than I am. I owe you for yesterday anyway.”

“Hmm, okay.”

Okuu gets up and helps you to your feet. You throw your robe over your shoulders and give her a hand getting dressed, then send her off with a pat on the head. She wanders off to lounge around in the sun some more.

There’s nothing to eat in the cave, so you grab a basket and walk out into the middle of the field. You rise into the air and close your eyes, sensing the distances between yourself and any fruits or vegetables. A wild apple tree catches your attention, so you reduce the distance between your hand and the branches and pluck off a few. The only lettuce around is in people’s fields, though, and you’re not about to steal it just because you can. Instead, you position yourself so you have a clear shot at the village market and reach a few miles over to snatch a head, leaving a few coins in its place.

You pick a few other fruits and dump everything in your basket before heading back to the cave. Your scythe was forged by the gods themselves, so it’s more than up to the task of cutting some fruit. The angle’s awkward, but you get around that by suspending stuff in the air and cutting it to pieces before it falls.

It doesn’t take long for you to have a nice pair of salads prepared for the two of you. You carry them outside to Okuu, who’s laying out on the grass. She bolts up and smiles at the sight of lunch.

Okuu sets the bowl in her lap and digs in with her one hand while you kneel beside her and eat for yourself. “This is really good, Komachi!” she exclaims after a few seconds.

“Ah, it’s not much.”

Okuu makes the most adorable sounds when she eats. It might be nice to cook for her more often. Maybe wearing nothing but an apron, inviting her to make you work with her huge cock inside you…

“Hey, Komachi,” she says suddenly.


“Why do you need to go to the underground, anyway?”

“Well, you know the boss I told you about last night?”

“The Yama lady?”

“Yeah. I’m trying to help her.”

“Why are you doing that? She sounded really mean and scary.”

“Ah, well…” How should you put it? She is trying to enslave you, but that’s not the only reason...

“Do you have a crush on her?”

“What? No, no, that’s… Well, maybe sorta kinda.” Okuu laughs as you stare down into your bowl and stuff your face with the last of the salad. For all your experience, you still get embarrassed at romance.

“What about you, Okuu? Is there anyone you have a crush on?” you say in an accusatory tone. Okuu freezes up and blushes even harder than you. The two of you share a good laugh, and then you take the empty bowl out of her hands and turn towards the cave.

“We should probably take another bath before we go,” you say over your shoulder.

“Oh, um, actually, it might be better not to.”

You turn around and tilt your head. Okuu holds onto her blush as she keeps talking.

“If the people underground can smell that you had sex with me, they’ll be a lot nicer to you.”

“Oh, are you famous down there?”

“Yeah. I’m the strongest person in the whole underground!” Okuu beams with pride, forgetting her embarrassment.

“You’ll make a good companion for me while I’m down there, then.”

Okuu pauses, but her smile returns in short order.


Eventually, the sky catches fire with the colors of sunset. You shouldn’t put off your departure any longer.

“Do you feel ready to go back now?” you ask.

Okuu opens her eyes and pulls her head off your lap. “Um, I think so.”

“We should get going, then. Your friends are probably worried about you.”

Okuu takes your hand and leads you deep into the hot springs to a large cave near the geyser. Bright green lights fill the inside of the cave, and the floor consists of a large platform inscribed with Shinto symbols.

“This goes straight to the palace. It’s a lot faster than going through the geyser.”

They built a passage straight to Hell? Somebody’s not gonna like that.

You sit next to Okuu in the middle of the elevator as it descends through a deep stone shaft. The rugged walls grow hotter and redder as the bottom draws nearer. Okuu doesn’t seem to mind the heat, but you have to loosen the sides of your robe to cool off. Judging by what Okuu’s told you, nobody’s going to mind if they see a little more cleavage.

Okuu taps you on your shoulder, prompting a casual “What’s up?”

“I never said thanks for teaching me.”

“Aw, you don’t have to thank me for that. You did more for me than I did for you.”


You put on a gentle grin and lean in towards Okuu, running a hand through her hair. Her tongue greets you as soon as your lips press together, shooting into your mouth and stopping to let you play with it. You stay on the bottom so she doesn’t drink too much of your saliva and get a mouthful of hers in return. Its warmth lets you feel it run down your throat and gather in your stomach.

You keep kissing until the elevator clunks to a halt with an impact that knocks you away from each other. There’s a trefoil-covered door built into the shaft’s wall, but Okuu points you towards a tunnel that leads in the opposite direction. You follow her through and emerge into a cave so massive that the cathedral-like castle you’re headed towards hardly takes up any space at all.

Okuu goes straight through the front door, bringing you into a bustling entryway. Even she’s amazed by the crowd of forbidden youkai. You thought half these people were extinct.

The sound of somebody’s shouting makes Okuu look up. You turn your head towards the ceiling and see a more standard raven youkai fluttering above the crowd.

“Hey, Okuu! Orin’s hurt real bad!”


A familiar smell makes you open your eyes just in time to see Okuu crash through the door. The nurse-cats go scrambling in all directions, starting a squealing fit that’ll probably wake the whole palace up. Okuu was never one for subtlety.

“Orin! What happened to you?!” Okuu falls to her knees at your side. You have to admit, her enthusiasm is pretty gratifying.

“Ah, just got in a little tussle. I went up to the surface to find you, but a shinigami showed up and picked a fight with me. We got each other pretty good.” The shinigami actually got you a little better, but Okuu doesn’t need to know that.

“A shinigami?”

“Yeah. You know, the ones with the scythes? They’re bad news. They hate every one of us.”

Okuu’s face becomes fraught with confusion and worry. “Eh? But…”

“Something wrong, Okuu?”

“Oh, no, it’s nothing! Why were you looking for me, anyway?”

Okuu is the worst liar.

“I was just worried about you. You just took off a few days ago without any warning.”

“Oh, yeah. I was just a little scared by how everyone suddenly grew cocks.”

“That’s it? You coulda just came to me if that was the problem.” (Where did she learn that word?)

“Well, I was going to, but then I saw you had two, and…”

“Ah, yeah, I see. Sorry I didn’t notice. Do they still scare you?”

“Umm… Maybe a little.”

Okuu looks nervous, and it’s not just because of what’s under your dress. She definitely knows something about that shinigami, but you shouldn’t force it out of her.

[ ] Offer to teach Okuu about cocks.
[ ] Stay here alone with Okuu, but no sex.
[ ] Let her go for now, have her come back when she’s less flustered.
[X] Let her go for now, have her come back when she’s less flustered.

Not sure what to do here. Kind of want to find a way to have Okuu bridge the gap between Komachi and Orin for some threesome fun. Having Orin doing Komachi and Okuu at the same time would be hot. Or consensual double penetration with Komachi.
[x] Stay here alone with Okuu, but no sex.

Picking the no sex option in a porn story.
[x] Let her go for now, have her come back when she’s less flustered.
[X] Offer to teach Okuu about cocks.
[x] Let her go for now, have her come back when she’s less flustered.
[x] Offer to teach Okuu about cocks.
Closing votes. Gonna let Okuu go for now.
[x] Let her go for now, have her come back when she’s less flustered.

You can’t be scaring Okuu back up to the surface. Maybe some more familiar faces will help her settle down.

“I think I need to get a little rest now, Okuu. Why don’t you go say hi to some other people?”

“Oh, um, okay.” Now she thinks you’re not happy to see her.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be able to get up soon. I hear there’s gonna be a big party, too. Wanna go together?”

“Okay! Maybe we can...” Okuu’s smile fades away as she drifts off. She excuses herself without saying anything else.

The sight of Okuu’s body got you more excited than you’d like to admit. You might need to rub two out before the nurses find their way back.


Here’s Satori Komeiji, mistress of the Palace of the Earth Spirits. You were never too fond of her kind, but you could use a satori’s help right now. She’s unusually attractive, too. Really small and frail, but there’s something inviting about her well-groomed body and the way she crosses her bare legs on her throne. It seems like she’d be willing to have sex if you--Wait, she can hear your narration.

Satori finishes examining your mind and starts to speak.

“The plague of futanari affects the surface as well, even the Enma herself. She hopes that you will submit to her overwhelming power, but the strength of your will drives you elsewhere. Even so, you have no idea what you hope to find.”

“Well, I was thinking--”

“‘--That I could find a cure or something.’ Possible, if you knew what it was and why it happened. You can do little better than guess otherwise.”

You forgot how much they like to railroad conversations. You start to reply, fully aware that she’s going to cut you off again.

“I think there’s a chance it could be--”

“--Magic, yes. And the border youkai seems responsible. She has a powerful magician in her employ, doesn’t she?”

“She does?”

“Her kitsune shikigami, Ran Yakumo. Her kind would certainly possess the strength to do something of this magnitude.”

You smile with excitement. “Hey, that’s a good--”

“Idle speculation, though. And you’re no match for either of them in any case. Your fantasies of revenge are as impossible as they are tasteless.”

Shoot, she saw the auction one.

“I have an acquaintance who may be able to help you further. She’s ordinarily hard to find, but circumstances favor you. I’ll be throwing a party soon, and she’ll likely find her way here to join in. You are welcome to attend as well. A shinigami is a rare sight in the underground, and you seem like the type who would enjoy it.”

Something brushes against your leg, and Satori turns whiter than she naturally is. She shakes her head violently and regains some of her composure.

“You’ve made friends already, so there’s no need to provide you with a room. The party will begin in twelve hours.”

It’s obvious she’s done talking, so you stand up and head for the door. She calls your name as you’re about to open it.

“What will you do if there is no way to stop the Enma? Will you surrender, or will you remain a fugitive for eternity?”

“You can’t read my mind and find out?”

“No. You haven’t decided.”

“‘That won’t happen. I’ll save her no matter what!’” Satori says. You step out of the room with a sigh.

The hallway is crowded with other people seeking an audience with Satori, some of whom aren’t happy that you got to cut in line. You brush past them without making eye contact and head towards Okuu, who’s just standing around near the entrance. Her lack of a smile worries you.

“Did you and Orin hurt each other, Komachi?” she asks with a mixture of seriousness and sadness. Something unfortunate clicks in your head.

“Uh, is Orin a kasha?” you say hesitantly.

Okuu nods, looking like she’s about to start crying. What are you supposed to say to that? That shinigami and kasha distrust each other based on long-standing rivalry and a history of violent conflict?

“Oh, it was just a misunderstanding. You know how it gets sometimes, when one person’s in a hurry and someone else pops up in front of them with a big spinny hexagram and they start arguing and…”

Okuu brightens up immediately. “That’s a relief. Hey, there’s gonna a big party soon. Maybe the three of us can go together!”

Your stomach lurches, but you can’t say no to that smile.

“Yeahokay. Hey, why don’t you show me around?”

“Sure!” Okuu grabs your hand a little too tightly and starts to drag you off. Before you get too far, though, you hear a sort of a thunderclap coming from outside. You both decide that that’s more interesting than poking around the palace.

There’s a crowd of people right outside the door, all staring upwards at a spellcard duel. You join them and make out a pair of blonde girls in the middle of each aura of power. One’s wearing a brown dress that bulges out around the legs, and the other one has an exotic outfit that starts as a brown robe with purple trim and ends as a blue skirt. They’re both pretty busty and youthful.

The fight’s entering its final stages. The girl with the ponytail pulls out her final card and conjures a pair of red spirals that start firing in all directions. Not bad if your opponent can’t handle the crossfire, but the other girl’s experienced enough to handle it. She declares her own card mid-dodge and unleashes four streams of purple orbs that surround and blast through her opponent. The first girl’s spell barrier breaks wide open and she crashes to the ground in a flurry of spectral maple leaves.

Cheers go up from a different part of the crowd as the victor descends majestically. “You’re so cool, Parsee!” a young girl shouts.

The loser sheds her clothes to reveal a fairly mature body with larger-than-average breasts and an average-sized cock. She slides her panties down to her ankles and kneels down to present her ass.

“Alright, you got me. Go ahead and put it in.”

The other girl lets out a single laugh and beckons toward her admirers. A tough-looking male youkai with dog ears steps forward and opens his robe, letting a thick seven-incher fall free.

They still have hellhounds down here? You haven’t had sex with one of those since who knows when. They’re very dangerous unless you know how to handle them. That girl could get hurt pretty bad.

“I never said the sex had to be with me, just that it would be in front of everyone.” Without taking her bright green eyes off the other girl, Parsee strokes the hellhound’s length with a manicured hand. An eager smile spreads across his face as his reddish cock hardens up.

“Hey, I thought you were better than that! Where’s your sense of honor, Parsee?” Parsee looks away with a derisive snort. The girl’s acting nervous, but it doesn’t seem like she’s going to resist.

“Hey, Okuu. Would anyone mind if I stepped into that?” you whisper.

“Not really. They like it when exciting things happen.”


[ ] Step into the fray.
[ ] Not your business.
[X] Step into the fray.

Fuck that, I don't want to see Yamame getting dicked by some faceless youkai.
[x] Step into the fray.

I can't help but to imagine a possible Komachi/Okuu/Yamame threesome.
[X] Step into the flay.
[X] Step into the fray.
[x] Not your business.

>"You're so cool, Parsee!"
Lines I thought I'd never read.txt
Closing votes. Komachi will adopt an interventionist policy.
I imagined Komachi as a Gundam Meister piloting the DDD Gundam when I read "interventionist"
Half-update this time.

[x] Step into the fray.

You push through the front of the crowd and approach the prone girl. A pack of voices mutters behind you, and Okuu watches with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you?” you say to Parsee. “You’re going to waste the chance to have your way with a nice, ripe pussy? People would kill for this, you know.” You spread the girl’s pussy with one hand to show Parsee how wet and luscious it is, but she’s not at all impressed. You don’t even see a bulge in her skirt. The other girl’s not sure how to react, either.

Parsee responds with a refined sound of amusement. The whisperings grow louder, and they don’t seem to favor you.

Nothing to do but press ahead “Thought so. You’re just trying to break her down, aren’t you? In that case…” You open your robe and slide down your panties and wrap your arms around the hellhound, enclosing his eager cock between your thighs. It all takes about ten seconds.

“…What’ll you do if I steal your cockboy away from you?” you ask over his shoulder. A ripple of surprise disrupts Parsee’s emotionless face. The hellhound is confused at first, but your smell and your softness and the pressure on his cock draw his attention away from his original target. He hugs back and starts humping your thighs.

“Yeah, Parsee. What’ll you do?” the other girl asks, still pointing her ass in the air.

Something sinister flashes in Parsee’s eyes, and she cracks a humorless smirk.

“You’re more than welcome to become a slave to his cock. And you’d best stay as you were, Yamame. You’ll be next once he’s through with her.”

You open your mouth for a final retort, but the hellhound cuts you off with a kiss. It’s a rough I-own-your-body kiss, the kind where he holds down your tongue and covers your mouth in saliva just to show you he can. You’ll let him have his way for now.

The feeling of the hellhound’s cock thrusting between your legs is too much for you to resist. You slide all the way back so the tip of his cock presses right against your labia, and he rams it all the way in without any hesitation. The impact knocks you senseless for a bit, and when you come to he’s pounding away at two full thrusts a second. A deep blush floods your face, and you start moaning almost immediately.

You have to admit, Parsee got herself a real best-in-show. His cock’s thick enough to give your pussy a nice stretching but not so thick that it hurts, and he’s practiced his simple thrusting so much that he can please you with speed alone. There’s no way to slow him down now that he’s mating, so you wrap your legs around his waist and shift your weight onto him. He digs his fingers into your ass and starts moving even faster.

The intense heat from your pussy spreads to every corner of your body, and your tongue hangs out of your mouth as you fill the air with your moans. Your eyes fill up with tears so much that you can’t see anything but Parsee’s grim smile. She walks up to you and grabs your chin, her brilliant green eyes coming clearly into focus. She silently commands you to cum.

The pleasure suddenly overwhelms you, and you scream in Parsee’s face as a searing orgasm shoots through you. The hellhound tightens his grip on your limp body and thrusts right through your contractions, making the pleasure so intense that you lose track of your senses for a while. You can’t shake the feeling that Parsee’s still watching in amusement, though.

When the pleasure changes back from brain-melting to merely overwhelming, Parsee jerks your head up and starts to speak.

“Hellhounds are notoriously thorough,” she says. “He’s going to keep using you until you’re pregnant three times over.” A pause while you moan some more. “Do you regret challenging me now?” she asks, allowing herself some smugness.

Oh, she thinks she’s winning.

Your moaning suddenly turns to wild laughter, and you sweep the hellhound’s legs out from under him. Parsee jumps back just in time to avoid the two of you crashing onto the ground. This time it’s the hellhound who’s stunned from the impact, and you plant your hands on his chest and start riding him almost as fast as he was thrusting. Your breasts jiggle and sway so much it hurts, so you knead them roughly with your quivering hands while you move.

Coming to his senses and realizing he’s on the bottom, the hellhound grabs your ass and desperately bucks his hips against you. A thick knot starts welling up in the middle of his cock, stretching part of your pussy so much that it’s hard to move. You both move as fast as you can, though, and you keep laughing until the climax turns it into a scream.

The two of you cum at the same time. Your orgasm’s just as fierce as the previous one, and the hellhound growls as your pussy milks out a huge load to add to what’s left of Okuu’s. You stare up into space with your mouth wide open and your whole body pulsing with bliss. It doesn’t matter that dozens of people are watching. They’re probably jealous.

The hellhound’s knot swells up even more while he’s cumming until it’s impossible for you to get off of him. Here’s his ace in the hole; even though he needs a little time to recover, he’ll stay connected to you until he’s through with you. He tightens his grip on your ass and bares his teeth in a dangerous grin. A battle of endurance would be fun, but you’re not going to play his game.

You smirk down at your partner and extend the distance between the walls of your pussy. His confidence turns to raw disbelief as you force his hands off of you and stand right up, dripping thick globs of cum onto his waist. You cover his dumbfounded mouth with your pussy, and a muffled whimper finds its way out as he starts licking up his cum. You grind your hips against his face and look up to Parsee, whose twitching eyes smolder with outrage.

Parsee opens her mouth to say something untoward, but she decides against it and walks off without a word. Her retinue follows nervously behind her. It goes without saying that the hellhound is fired.

Suddenly, somebody pulls you off the defeated dogboy. It’s Yamame, who’s got a huge smile on her face.

“That was awesome! Did you see the look on her face when you started laughing like that?”

You scratch the back of your neck with a chuckle. “Aw, I was just tryin’ to help.”

“Wha? Hey, I didn’t need your help or nothin’. I coulda done that no problem.” Her voice is a lot faster compared to yours. She sounds like the kind of person who makes five friends every day.

Yamame lets go of you, but she grabs you again when your legs fail you.

“Whoa, I gotcha. Pretty wild ride, huh? Let’s get you to a bath.”

Yamame slings one of your arms around her neck and starts leading you towards the palace. You look back to the scene’s aftermath as you stumble along with her.

The hellhound’s on his knees now, surrounded by a half-dozen futas. Most are in front of him inspecting his cock with their hands and tongues, but another one’s bringing her cock up to his asshole.

Okuu steps in front of you. She seems worried, but also proud of your victory. You give her a thumbs-up, but she still asks if you’re okay.

“You kiddin’ me? His cock was nothin’ compared to yours,” you say. Yamame pauses and glances at Okuu.

“Okay! I think I’ll go do something else now, so I’ll see you later,” Okuu says with a bit of anxiety. You wave goodbye with a tired smile, and she goes on ahead of you into the palace as the hellhound yelps in surprise behind you.
File 132744363649.jpg - (71.89KB, 400x400 , cirno oh what wtf lol ridicoulous.jpg) [iqdb]
>It doesn’t matter that dozens of people are watching. They’re probably jealous.
>They’re probably jealous.
Did Parsee get her retinue using her power? I can't imagine her being charismatic enough to gain one without foul play.
Considering we're seeing a lot of common effects of this resulting in everyone being fuck wild Parsee being able to provide fresh meat might be something to draw and also ability abuse.

Hell Parsee might be this way because she's got existing Jealousy OR she's Jealous that well maybe She didn't become a futa

Which considering what's around her is grounds to be EXTREMELY Jealous
Penis envy.

“Wow, you’re friends with Okuu?” Yamame asks.

“I just met her yesterday. Seems like she’s a pretty big deal down here.”

“What, you don’t know? She almost burned down the world last year. Got her hands on some crazy power and ran wild with it, and a pair of humans came down and stopped her.”

“Really? She seemed like a pretty nice girl.”

“I’m sure she is, but a lotta people steer clear of her now. Guess I wouldn’t mind meeting her, though, if the two of you get along. Speakin’ of which, my name’s Yamame Kurodani. My home’s up near the geyser, but I came down here for the party.”

The two of you pass through the palace’s front doors, forcing you to raise your voice to be heard above the chatter.

“I’m Komachi Onozuka. Nice to meetcha.” Yamame uses her free hand to shake with you.

Yamame has to ask for directions, but she eventually finds her way to the washroom. The walls and the floor are all made from stone, absorbing the light from the lamps that hang from the ceiling. The cracks between the floor-stones form a system of canals that carries the water to a central drain.

Yamame helps you out of your clothes and sets you down on a stool before going off to grab some supplies. The room is fairly empty, with only a dozen or so others spread out across the spacious expanse. Most of them are alone, but there’s a frisky couple in the far corner.

“Sorry to keep you waitin’.” Yamame comes back with a bucket and a few sponges and no clothes. She’s happy to pose for you when she sees you inspecting her body, leaning over with a finger to her lips so her sizable breasts hang down from her chest. There’s a glimpse of her hard, dripping cock framed between them as well. You smile in approval and turn around to await your washing.

Surprising nobody, Yamame starts with your breasts. She squeezes out several sponges’ worth of soap to cover them in a slippery lather and slides her hands underneath to get a good feel for their weight. She likes what she feels and tightens her grip, making the flesh bulge out between her fingers and barely pricking you with her sharp black nails.

“Those hellhounds don’t have a shred of delicacy, do they?” Yamame whispers. “He did fine for your pussy, but I’ll take care of the rest.”

Yamame starts sliding her hands around your breasts and squeezing them at random. The little pinpricks work their way closer and closer to the tips of your breasts as her hands move forward, making your nipples harden in nervous anticipation. When she finally pinches them between the nails on her thumbs and index fingers, you let out a loud moan that’s audible throughout the washroom. Everyone glances at you, but they’re not all that interested.

You had a great pair of orgasms not too long ago, but you’re getting turned on again. You reach behind yourself to get a hand on Yamame’s cock, but she pulls her hips away with a chuckle.

“Hey, hey, you just tired yourself out helping me. Let me worry about that.”

Yamame soaps up her chest and uses her firmish breasts to scrub your back while she rubs a sponge over your arms and stomach. When she’s washed everything she can reach, she comes back around and kneels in front of you, inviting you to extend your legs for her. She drops the sponge and uses her nimble fingers to clean every nook and cranny of your feet, giving the sensitive underside a light scratching as she does so. Then she grabs the sponge again and washes her way up your legs, stopping when she gets to your crotch.

“Mind if I use my tongue here?” Yamame asks with an eager smile. You put a hand on her head and pull her close in response. She takes a deep breath of your scent before spreading your pussy with both hands. You’re still pretty full of cum, so it starts leaking out as soon as she opens a path. Her mouth is ready for it, though, and she drinks up the flow before entering you with her tongue. She seems to enjoy the taste of thick cum mixed with pussy juice just as much as you would, closing her eyes and moaning quietly as her tongue reaches even deeper into you.

The refined pleasure of good cunnilingus feels nice and refreshing after the thorough fucking you just had. Before you tilt your head back to lose yourself in it, you notice both of Yamame’s hands going between her legs. One settles on her cock, and the other pushes her scrotum to the side to get at her pussy.

Three or four delicious minutes pass with both of you closing your eyes and moaning contentedly. Your breathing speeds up as Yamame’s tongue leads you towards an orgasm, sliding all over your walls and pulling back on occasion to swirl around your clit. You open your eyes after a while to watch Yamame’s soapy hand sliding up and down her shaft. She’s doing a good job pacing herself and trying to match her pleasure to your own.

Yamame climaxes right when you do, pulling her head back and moaning into the air as a thick stream of cum shoots out of her cock. You arch your back from your own orgasm and press your legs together to cover them in the warm load, which splatters onto your shins and calves and runs all the way down to your toes. Yamame takes a while to appreciate the sight before scrubbing you off once again.

You reach out for the sponge when Yamame finishes, but she moves it out of your reach.

“It’s okay, I got it. You could wash my back, though.”

You reward Yamame for her tonguework with your own breast-sponge and reach around to scrub her crotch while she cleans herself off with remarkable efficiency. After that, you dump a few buckets of water onto each other and hold hands as you proceed to the bath.

The bath has the same stone-based décor as the washroom, and the pool itself is a simple rectangle. It’s a little busier than the washroom, but not by much. The two of you find an empty space and step down into the water. It isn’t as fresh as it was in the hot springs, but it’s the perfect temperature and there’s a nice perfume mixed in.

Yamame has a lot she wants to ask you, but she leaves you in peace when your eyes close themselves. The last thing you feel is her arms closing around you from behind.

[ ] Be Okuu.
[ ] Be Orin.
[x] Be Orin.
[x] Be Okuu.
[x] Be Orin.

The spider has lured Komachi in. Little does she realize she's going to wake up covered in webbing.

I read that as 'wedding'. Yes, Komachi wakes up and is married to Yamame. Sounds good to me.
[x] Be Orin.
[x] Be Orinrin.
Nya, etc
[x] Be Orin.
[x] Be Yukari.

You didn’t think that running a huge scheme would be so tiring. Between keeping tabs on Komachi and making sure nobody can stop you (not to mention the endless harvesting), you’ve hardly had any time to yourself. And you had to let go of Kaguya, too. She was a shallow girl and she had no business loving you, sure, but her body was fantastic.

Fortunately, you’ve still got a few sex friends left. It’s about time you took a break, too. Komachi can stay out of trouble for a few hours.

You lock the door to your room and strip off your clothes. Some lingerie would be nice, but it tends to be a liability where you’re going. You make sure your cock’s eight inches long and not too thick, and then open a gap to your destination.

The bright daylight changes to a dull red glow as you move from your wooden floor to a stone one. In front of you is a circular bed strewn with pillows that surround a lovely blonde vampire. She’s curled up and fast asleep like a good girl, wearing the transparent pink nightgown and pink side-tie panties you gave her.

You take a seat on the bed and give Flandre a gentle nudge. Her eyes crack open groggily, and she explodes upright when she sees who you are.

“Mama Yukari!” she shouts cheerfully, hugging you with a forcefulness that would kill a lesser being. You remove her bonnet and pat her head with a gentle laugh.

“It’s nice to see you too, Flandre. Have you been behaving for me?”

“Uh-huh! Sis din’t yell at me or anything!”

“Very well done, Flandre.” The girl beams with pride. Remilia may have had other reasons not to pay attention to her sister, but you’ll give Flandre the benefit of the doubt.

Flandre’s head only reaches your breasts. She gives them a gentle nuzzle and looks up at you pleadingly, pressing your hard cock against her abdomen.

“You want your reward now, don’t you?” you say teasingly, prying Flandre off yourself and moving towards the bed. You pile up a few cushions and recline against them, holding up your breasts and parting your legs. Flandre crawls on top of you and sits down on top of your cock, pressing her warm pussy against the shaft with only a thin layer of fabric to separate them. Then she presses her small hands against the sides of your breasts and fits both nipples into her mouth, closing her jaw so they’re caught in the space framed by her teeth and her fangs. Her wet tongue rubs against the sensitive tips until your milks starts pouring into her mouth.

Flandre stares up lustily into your eyes as she drinks from you, sliding her hips back and forth to squeeze the precum out of your cock. The teeth pinching your nipples makes the feeling of your milk coursing through them especially pleasurable, and you tilt your head back and moan into the air as Flandre gulps it down. Eventually, she pulls off of you and stands up on the bed. The wet spot on her panties makes her intentions obvious.

Flandre digs into the knot on the side of her panties with a long scarlet fingernail and slowly works it apart before grabbing the strands with two nails and pulling them apart. Her panties fall to her feet when the other knot comes undone, and then she hooks her thumbs under the straps on her shoulders and throws off the gown in one motion. She gives you a blushing smile that straddles the boundary between cute and erotic and clasps her hands behind her back to let you inspect her body.

The lighting in here is unusually dark, but that only serves to emphasize Flandre’s slenderness. Her lithe body makes it easily to mistake her for a pure and frail creature, and she has just the faintest suggestion of breasts with a pair of bright pink nipples. She’s a little smaller than you in every way, from her height to the tightness of her hairless pussy. She turned into a futanari when the incident began, but you broke the spell after letting her try out your pussy. It’s much more satisfying for both of you when you’re the one with the penis.

Flandre poses for a while longer before kneeling down on top of you. She grabs your throbbing shaft between her index and middle fingers and pulls it up to her pussy, rubbing it against her lips and her clit. You give her a nod of permission, and she starts impaling herself on your cock.

The heat and tightness of Flandre’s pussy is amazing. It’s just barely able to accept your large cock, but it keeps sucking you in regardless. You plant your hands on her thighs and pull her down until you cock reaches the end of her pussy with half of the shaft left to go. Flandre grins and moves her hips in a slow circle, pressing the shaft against every part of her walls.

“Would you like to use your mouth as well, Flandre?” you ask.

Flandre’s face lights up at the suggestion. “Yeah, that sounds good!”

Without removing your cock, Flandre turns around and gets on all fours while you rise to your knees and press your hands into her plump, firm ass. She digs her hands into the mattress and signals her readiness with a whine and a twist of her hips.

You open a gap at Flandre’s cervix that leads in front of her and push in another inch. The tip of your cock appears in front of her, and she moves forward to give it a kiss. Right before she makes contact, however, you jerk your hips forward a few more inches and penetrate her puckered lips. She sucks in the shaft with an eager moan, shivering with pleasure from the friction in her pussy as you slide through it into her mouth. When your hips finally press against Flandre’s, half the shaft is buried in her tight pussy and the other half is her wet tongue’s plaything.

Flandre’s loosened up enough for you to start thrusting at a respectable pace. She licks the juices and precum off of your cock each time you enter her mouth and sucks you back and forth with both holes. There’s a subtle difference between the incredible heat of her pussy and the delicious humidity of her mouth, and the sensitive tip of your cock gets plenty of exposure to both. The fellatio stifles most of her moans, but a high-pitched noise occasionally spills out of her mouth when you pull all the way back to ram the whole length into her. Her ass invites a gentle kneading and a few spanks as well.

You have to resist the urge to cum for a few minutes before Flandre finally reaches her orgasm. You keep your cock pressed all the way in while an oversize load shoots out of you, making Flandre swallow every drop while her pussy crushes your shaft. She sneaks another kiss onto the tip as you’re pulling out. You fall back down onto the cushions and close your eyes to recover, but Flandre’s ready for more almost immediately. She turns around and sits in front of you, seemingly flushed through her whole body.

“Your dick’s really good, mama Yukari. You’re gonna make me feel even better, right?” Flandre asks in a lilting voice. Seemingly out of thin air, she produces a card that explodes in a blinding flash. When the light clears, there are four naked and highly aroused Flandres in front of you.

“Yes, yes, there’s enough for all of you,” you say. Two of the clones jump onto you and start drinking from your breasts, varying their style so each nipple gets a completely different treatment. Another one pushes your scrotum aside and penetrates you with two fingers from each hand, spreading them apart inside you and raking your walls with her fingernails. For the fourth and original Flandre, you open a gap between your head and hers so she can reach through and kiss you. You can still taste your cum on her hot, nimble tongue, but she’s so aroused that you don’t complain.

All the stimulation makes your cock harden again in short order. The clone with her fingers inside you lowers her head and starts licking up the shaft with the flat of her tongue, covering it in her hot breath and her saliva. The two Flandres on her sides decide to join in as well, and the original breaks the kiss when she notices what they’re up to.

The Flandres who were using your breasts turn around to present you with their dripping pussies. You slide two fingers into each of them and pump mercilessly into their holes while they lick and scratch your shaft. The other clone moves up to sit on your face, and the original takes her place and starts planting kisses on your hairless scrotum.

The Flandre on top of you leans over and grabs the top two inches of your cock with her mouth, and the two try to cover as much of your shaft with tongue as possible. You dig into the juicy pussy in front of you with your tongue, making the girl it’s attached to moan loudly onto your cock and suck even harder. Four mouths and eight hands prove to be too much for you to handle, and another load explodes out of your cock to cover all four of their faces.

Flandre brings her legs up to her chest and spreads her pussy with both hands, panting with unbridled desire. Her three doppelgangers arrange themselves behind her in a variety of alluring poses and spread themselves as well.

You open a gap at Flandre’s cervix again, but this time you open three more at the entrances to each of her clones. You bury your cock inside of the original, and the clone on her left side convulses as the top of your cock suddenly penetrates her. You start thrusting as fast as you can, giving a different clone a taste of your cock each time. They didn’t share in the first round of sex, so they’re not as loose as the original.

Flandre’s whole body goes limp from the pleasure, and she stares off into space and moans happily while you churn up her insides. The three clones aren’t as satisfied, however, and they soon turn on each other in a three-way kiss. One of the clones starts fingering another one in the ass, prompting the third one to pinch her nipples, and the three of them soon turn into a whirling mass of selfcest. Your gaps stay firmly attached to their bodies, however, so they’re unable to escape your cock’s constant pounding.

Your attention turns from the clones to the original, whose moans are growing louder as she nears her orgasm. You tease her clit and her sensitive nipples with your fingertips, making her squirm around in pleasure and squeeze your shaft even tighter. When her moaning changes to rapid breathing, you pick her up off the bed and hold her tight in your arms while you thrust. She gives you a kiss and stares into your eyes with deep affection until your cock takes her over the edge.

The original Flandre’s orgasm sets the other three off as well. They all collapse on top of each other and let out a beautiful chorus of moans. You cum at the same time and divide your load all four of them, ramming your into Flandre three times to fill each clones with cum before pulling back and letting the original have all the rest. The spell breaks when their orgasms subside, and the clones vanish in three puffs of ash. You keep your cock inside of Flandre and lie down on the bed, offering her your breasts. She drinks from them in a contented trance until the afterglow subsides.

“Why won’t you take me away from here, mama Yukari?” Flandre asks in a weak voice.


“It’s a lot more fun where you live, right? There’s nothing here but my boring old sister and her boring old friends. I wanna go somewhere exciting!”

“Now, now, Flandre, your sister--”

“I hate my sister! She never lets me do anything!”

The exclamation hangs in the air. Flandre’s anger breaks down into sadness, and you hold her tight while she cries into your breasts.

“Don’t worry, Flandre. I’ll make your sister care for you again.”

btw, Orin wins the vote.
Nice off-topic update.
You write the best Yukari.

>(not to mention the endless harvesting)
What. She better not be milking Reimu. Without Reimu's consent. Or have all the playable characters (minus a cowed Youmu) tied up in a room somewhere.
For whatever reason, I'm just having a hard time with this next update.
Not hooray!
I like this idea. Except for the cowed Youmu bit.
What's the matter, waifufag? Can't handle anything negative happening to your imaginary waifu?
Hardly. I didn't say anything about her not being tied up and milked with the rest, you know.
Yukari already released Youmu. Remember the first arc of the story?
No. Because I haven't been actually reading this story.
Okay, looks like I remembered how to write. Might be a few days still, but there's progress being made.
[x] Be Orin.

Satori's been acting strange for a few months now. She's always covered in a really weird smell, even though she's bathing a lot more than usual. And now she wants to throw a party all of a sudden. You used to be able to trust each other, but now...

And there's this business with the cocks, too. Because of that, Okuu ran away and got mixed up with a shinigami, and now you're stuck in this bed with nothing to do but think and jack off. What's the world coming to?

Things brighten up quickly when Okuu walks through the door. She's still uneasy, but the way she's blushing tells you that this is a different and much more delicious kind of nervousness.

“Hi, Orin!” she says with a bright smile. She's trying to hide it, but you know her too well for that.

“Hey, Okuu. How's everyone doing?” you ask calmly.

“They're all really excited. The party's going to start soon, and there's all kinds of people who came to visit. And...” She cuts herself off, but you give her an encouraging smile. “...And they're all having sex with each other.”

“Is it bothering you?”

“Well, it seems like it feels really good to get filled up with a cock, but I don't want to let just anyone do it to me. At least, not when I've never done it before.”

“Wanna try it with me, then? There's gonna be a lot more sex at the party, and you might want to join in.” Okuu's had lesbian sex with plenty of girls, so it's not like you're trying to keep her for yourself or anything, but you do kinda want to be her first. You wouldn't mind seeing her flashing a peace sign and covered in cum, either.

“Yeah. If, you don't mind, that is,” she says. The blush is threatening to consume her body, but she knows she can trust you.

“I'd love to, Okuu.”

When you accept, it's like you open a floodgate of pent-up arousal in Okuu. Her face lights up with a smile, and she immediately lifts up your dress and pulls your panties down to your ankles. She lets out a happy sigh when she sees how hard you are.

“Maybe you should start with just one for--”

Okuu's not listenting. She yanks off her panties with one hand and walks up to your head, close enough that you can smell her arousal. It's a lot stronger than you thought it was; you wouldn't even be able to form a sentence at that level. What got her turned on like this?

Okuu lifts her normal leg over your head and gives you a lovely upskirt view of her scrotum and her drenched pussy while she kneels down on the bed and lowers her crotch onto your face. The fabric of her skirt settles down all around your head, leaving you in darkness with her warmth and her scent. Your cocks grow even stiffer in response and twitch with anticipation, not knowing when or how they'll be stimulated.

You spread Okuu's pussy with both thumbs, making a rush of hot juices spill out onto your face. You plug up the source with your tongue and dig your fingers into her ass, pulling it in closer so you can taste as much as possible. The thought of having this intensely hot cunt wrapped around your cock sends a chill down your spine.

Okuu's tongue brushes the tip of your upper cock. Her hot, moist breath envelops the shaft, followed a moment later by her mouth. Your cock gets a brief scratch from her teeth, but the smooth walls of her mouth quickly cover them. Her soft lips slide down your length and paint the skin with saliva as they go until five of your six inches are inside her moist, velvety mouth. You give yourself a break from Okuu's pussy to let out a few moans before diving back in.

Okuu sucks experimentally and tries to swirl her tongue around your shaft. She does an amateurish job on both counts, but anything feels good in a mouth like hers. Her lips tighten into a ring around the shaft and slide back up as she starts bobbing her head and sucking with her tongue pressed firmly against your shaft.

Meanwhile, Okuu's slender fingers wrap themselves around your other cock and slather it in precum. She angles the shaft downwards so it doesn't obstruct her head and starts stroking it with a fairly tight grip. She starts out slow, but her hand speeds up as you get her more and more excited with your cocks and your tongue.

Still busily licking Okuu's pussy, you slide your hands up her ass. Her whole body twitches when you prod her asshole with the tips of your nails, but you keep the pressure on until you manage to penetrate her with half a finger. You pump it in and out a few times to relax her, then pull back and stretch the rim with two fingernails. Her moans vibrate around your cock, and her pussy gets pressed tightly onto your face when she arches her back in pleasure.

You can't stand Okuu's mouth any longer. Your first cock clenches up and spurts onto her tongue, but your other cock barely keeps from cumming. Okuu stops stroking and focuses on swallowing; you only have one set of balls to make cum for both cocks, so your individual loads aren’t too impressive. Even a first-timer like her can swallow the whole thing without any trouble.

As soon as your last shot clears Okuu's throat, her slippery hand pulls your second cock upright. She scoots forward to reach it with her mouth and crushes your first cock under her tits in the process. Her pussy slides off your mouth and out of your reach, so you poke your head out from under her skirt and close your eyes to concentrate. You try to hold off on cumming while her mouth assaults your cock, but the afterglow and all the time you spent breathing in her scent make it hard to concentrate. A second burst of pleasure soon cuts through the remnants of the first as your other cock releases in her mouth. She drinks it down just as easily as the first load; she seems to have developed a taste for sperm already.

Okuu sits up and wipes her mouth off with a finger before turning around to face you. She has the most enticing smile on her face, with a perfect mixture of satisfaction, nervousness, eagerness, and affection.

“My body feels really weird right now, Orin. I'm gonna love it if you put your cocks inside me, right?”

“Yeah. It'll feel so good that you won't even be able to think.”

Okuu looks down to your crotch and makes a little sound of frustration when she sees that both of your cocks are soft. You reach down and stroke the lower one, figuring that she'll probably want to start with a single penetration and not have another cock rubbing against her ass while she rides you.

Okuu watches with a dazed expression as your cock lengthens and hardens and rises into the air. You release it when you're ready and beckon her with your hand,, and she grabs the penis and holds it straight up while she lifts herself onto it. Your tongue did such a good job of getting her ready that her pussy swallows the whole thing when she pushes down onto it. A strange new pleasure shoots through her, and she arches her back and lets out a single long moan.

Okuu's cunt is even better than you imagined. It's at least twice as hot as any other one you've tried, and the soft, innocent walls cling hungrily to your entire length. Your other cock hardens up real quick when it finds out what it's missing. Okuu gives it a few half-hearted pumps, then turns her head to glance down at her ass. A rush of excitement runs through you when you realize what she's contemplating.

“Okuu, are you thinking of...?”

“...It feels good, right?”

You nod eagerly. You feel like you should be trying to argue against double-penetration for her first time, but you're too eager to feel both holes at once. Okuu pushes herself up and exposes your cock to the relatively cool air while she repositions herself. You reach down and point your cocks straight up while she spreads her ass with one hand and lowers herself onto them. Your upper cock goes into her pussy as easily as the other one did, but it's a much tighter fit in her ass. Fortunately, you got her fairly loose there and your cock is soaked in her juices.

Okuu descends fitfully towards your hips, the hot juices of her pussy leaking out and tickling one shaft while her ass engulfs the other. Your upper cock is impatient to start fucking her pussy, but your other cock is holding it back. Okuu's asshole molds onto your cock's every contour and pulses with heat all around it.

Just the penetration seems to have taken a lot of energy out of Okuu. You take the lead by grabbing onto her hips and lifting her off of you. She comes partly out of her daze and adds her own force to the movement, rising a few more inches up and then slamming her hips back down when you push on them. A hot shock of pleasure hits both of you, but Okuu seems to feel it more than you do. She starts moving on her own at a slightly slower pace.

Either one of her holes would be top-class on its own, but both at once is almost indescribable. Your attention drifts from one cock to the other, from Okuu's hot wet pussy to her hot tight asshole. You can't wait to cum, but you wish you could hold onto this moment forever.

“Ah, my cock's really...” Okuu's hand drifts to her skirt. You sit up a little and reach over to help her get it open, but your hands are so weak and shaky that it takes a long time to get it off. Your bodies keep thrusting rhythmically against each other in the meantime.

The skirt finally falls down around your hips, but it only reveals part of her hard cock. Your trembling hands fiddle urgently with the buttons on her shirt to release the rest of it. Your amazement grows steadily as you open more and more of her shirt, and your mouth opens wide in amazement when the whole foot-long shaft finally springs out in front of you. You're kind of sitting up at this point, so you reach over with your mouth and start sucking on the tip without thinking about it. Her salty precum is the second most delicious thing in the world right now.

“Too much!” Okuu moans. She pries your head off of her cock and pushes you onto your back again before giving herself a moment to catch her breath. It takes all of your willpower to keep from reaching out and stroking the huge shaft that's bobbing gently in the air above you.

“Ah, it's no good. I'm gonna cum, Orin,” Okuu says weakly. You nod and put your hands back on her ass to give her a few more sensual thrusts. Her ass and her pussy twitch and contract with each movement of your cocks, each of which experiences a different kind of ecstasy; the one in her pussy feels like it's going to melt, while the other one's caught in a wonderfully hot and pleasurable vise.

Your slow thrusting teases Okuu goes over the edge, and her holes abandon all delicacy andcrush both your cocks while her own cock starts spraying cum straight up into the air. You slam your hips against hers and cum with both cocks at once, immediately losing all your strength as a pair of huge orgasms wrack your body at once. Okuu's thick cum rains down on you, and you manage to catch some of it in your mouth. You'll have to drink it right from the source next time. Your balls feel like they unload everything they have into Okuu, but it's still not all that much. It doesn't even spill out of her.

Okuu stops moaning at the ceiling and looks down to you with a smile of absolute bliss before lowering herself onto your chest It doesn't matter who else has sex with her now; ou were the first person to cum inside of her, and she loved every second of it.

“Did you like your first taste of cocks, Okuu?” you ask.

“Yeah. I might get addicted to it,” she responds dreamily. You stroke her bountiful brown hair in silence for a while.

“Oh, yeah!” she says suddenly. “Komachi said that the fight the two of you had was just a misunderstanding, so I want the three of us to go to the party together so you can make up with her.”



You're vaguely aware of something loud, but you don't actually wake up until you get a faceful of hot water. You wipe off your face while somebody laughs in a boisterous voice and open your eyes to see a blonde-haired woman with a red horn standing in front of you.

“Hey, what was that for?” Yamame asks irately. She's sitting right behind you with her arms around your chest.

“Sorry 'bout that. Didn't think it'd splash so much when I jumped in,” the woman says cheerfully. She seems really familiar, for some reason. Like you were best friends in a past life. (Something to do with a rabbit and an oarfish, maybe?)

You seem to have caught her attention. She puts on a thoughtful expression and steps a bit closer, studying you with a hand on her chin. You glance down at her breasts on instinct and note that they’re as big as yours, but firmer.

“Hmm, you're...”

Something hot stirs inside of you when you make eye contact. You draw yourself up to her level and raise your head as she moves in even closer and presses a thick cock against your stomach. The two of you breathing heavily and stare into each other’s eyes, tensing up for a—

“Hey, back off! You just woke her up, and now you wanna have sex with her?” Yamame exclaims. Both of you come to your senses, and the woman backs off and shakes her head.

“Whoa, sorry, sorry. Got a bit too excited there. Let's start again. My name's Yuugi Hoshiguma,” she says, lifting a muscular arm out of the water. You reach out to shake with her and barely withstand the force of her grip. A broken shackle on her wrist makes a rough jingling sound as she pumps your arm up and down.

“Komachi Onozuka.” A pause. “You’re really strong.”

“Yeah, you too. Goin’ to the party?”


“Alright, you better come find me.” Yuugi walks off without another word. She must feel the same way you do; neither one of you is going to be satisfied unless you try each other’s strength.

Sensing that it's time to leave, you stand up and pull Yamame to her feet. She follows you out into the washroom, stealing a few glances at Yuugi.

“That was a weird connection the two of you had,” Yamame says as she dries you off.

“You're not jealous, are you?”

Yamame thinks for a moment. “Nah. We’ve got one too, right?” You turn around and thoughtfully examine her grinning face. It’s true that you just met her and you hardly know anything about her, but…

“Yeah, I guess so,” you say with a smile. Yamame gives you a quick kiss before you turn back around.

You leave the washroom feeling refreshed and suddenly notice how hungry you are. “Hey, is there any place to get something to eat?” you ask Yamame.

“You know, that’s a good question. I spent all day getting here myself.”

Some asking around reveals that the palace has an all-hours dining area, which turns out to be a cavernous hall with a number of stained-glass windows and a single crowded table that stretches far off into the distance. You notice Okuu nearby and take a seat with Yamame across from her.

“Oh, hi Komachi! How are you?” Okuu asks happily.

“Doin’ fine. Oh, Yamame, wanna introduce yourself?”

Yamame nods and stretches out her hand. “Nice to meetcha! My name's Yamame Kurodani, I live up near the geyser. You’re famous all the way up there.”

“Ah, really? That's nice, but I kind of wish people didn't know me for that,” Okuu says nervously.

“Oh? Oh. Sorry.” Yamame seems more than a little embarrassed.

“It's okay. I can't really control that, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Well, hey, actually, I know a lot of people up there. If you tell me about yourself, I'll spread the word for you.”

Okuu seems excited by the prospect. She starts listing off all kinds of facts, from what her power is and what she does for a living to her favorite foods and sex positions. While you and Yamame are listening, a few servants come by and set some plates in front of you. The dishes are recognizable, but the ingredients are all different. Not necessarily worse, though.

Okuu finally runs out of things to say. There's a pause while Yamame looks up at the ceiling to try and memorize it all.

“Say, how’d that thing you had to do go?” you ask.

“It went well! I, um… It went well.” You smile and nod, and Yamame comes back to the conversation to talk about herself for a while. You glean that she's a fairly well-off tsuchigumo, but the rest is all gossip about the dozens of people she hangs out with. It's impossible to follow what she's saying, but she's still entertaining to listen to. Judging by where her eyes are resting, she’s interested in more than Okuu’s personality. Not that you can blame her.

You slide your fourth plate aside with a contented sigh and see that Yamame and Okuu are finished as well. It’s been about a day and your nap was cut short, so maybe you should just go to bed for a while. That means you’ll have to make an important decision...

[ ] Sleep with Okuu.
[ ] Sleep with Yamame.
[ ] Sleep with both of them.
[X] Sleep with both of them.
[x] Sleep with both of them.
[x] Sleep with both of them.
[x] Sleep with Yamame.

Cockblock time.
[X] Sleep with both of them.
[x] Sleep with both of them.
[x] Sleep with Yamame.
[X] Sleep with both of them.
[X] Sleep with both of them.
[x] Sleep with both of them.

Closing votes. Confirmed for threesome.
[x] Sleep with both of them.

You let out a loud yawn to get the girls' attention. “Think I'll go to bed now. Wanna come with me?” you ask the space between Okuu and Yamame. They both start to say yes and stop awkwardly when they interrupt each other. “Let’s all go together, then,” you say with a laugh.

Okuu joins you and Yamame at the foot of the table and leads you to yet another part of the palace. “A lot of the youkai only stay here once in a while, so most of the bedrooms are guest rooms,” she explains as she leads you down a hall lined with identical doors. She stops in front of one and invites you inside. “Nobody else uses this one, though, 'cause it's my favorite.”

The floor, walls, and ceiling are all stone. A few lamps on the walls cast a flickering reddish glow, and the only furniture is a sufficiently large bed and a table with four chairs. Long black feathers litter the room as well.

Yamame catches Okuu with an aggressive hug from behind and fits her hands around Okuu’s breasts. “Heey, Okuu. You told me all about your life, but I wanna learn about your body too,” she whispers. Okuu's blush flares up, and she looks to you for guidance. You walk up with a smile and give her a brief, intimate kiss.

“Up to you, Okuu. Wanna do it with both of us?”

The pressure of two beautiful women hugging her is too much for Okuu to resist. She gives you a slow nod, prompting you to kiss her some more and start unbuttoning her shirt. Yamame slides her hands down to Okuu's waist and takes off her skirt and underwear in the meantime, and the two of you push her onto the bed when she's fully naked. Yamame gasps quietly when she sees Okuu's flaccid cock.

“Impressive, huh? You should see it when it's hard,” you say.

Yamame strips herself with impressive speed to reveal a throbbing erection and advances on the nervous raven girl. She jumps on top of Okuu and starts exploring her mouth, moaning eagerly as she meets Okuu's large, soft tongue. You undress yourself at a leisurely pace while you watch them and sit on the edge of the bed. Yamame pulls off of Okuu when she catches sight of you and glances down at Okuu’s soft cock.

“Hmm, kissing wasn't enough to get her hard,” she says.

“Guess we'll have to try harder,” you reply with a grin.

“Mm.” Yamame pulls on Okuu’s legs until they’re hanging off the edge of the bed and lifts her scrotum with one hand. Okuu makes a nervous sound when she feels the tip of Yamame's cock touch her labia.

“Hold on. Is this your first penetration, Okuu?” Yamame asks.

“Umm...” Okuu's eyes dart around the room. “...No, it isn't. I'm still getting used to it, though.”

“Okay. I'll try to be gentle.” Yamame digs her hands into Okuu's thighs and penetrates her in a single motion. A loud moan squeaks out of Okuu, and her whole body shudders with pleasure. Yamame stays put for a while with a blissful on her face.

“How’s it feel inside her, Yamame?”

“It's really, really hot. Feels like my cock’s melting, only better...” Yamame drifts off and starts moving her hips in full, steady strokes. Okuu puts both arms above her head and closes her eyes partway, smiling in spite of her ragged breaths. Her breasts jiggle a little each time Yamame thrusts into her.

It's time you got in on the action as well. You straddle Okuu's head and lower your pussy onto her mouth, grinding against her until her tongue comes out to pleasure you. Even though she's getting fucked by Yamame, her cunnilingus is hardly any worse than before. You and Yamame trade perverted faces and lean into kiss each other. Her tongue is smaller than the one filling up your pussy and fast enough to give you a good challenge.

Without breaking the kiss, you pull Yamame's hands forward to Okuu's breasts. She grabs and kneads as much of them as she can to get leverage for her thrusting, picking up the pace as her excitement grows. She isn’t doing a very good job of being gentle.

Yamame rams into Okuu one last time and pulls out, gritting her teeth and shutting her eyes. She strokes her soaked cock in slow, smooth movements as streams of hot cum shoot out to cover Okuu’s penis and stomach. Okuu squirms when she feels the hot cum land on her, but she doesn’t seem close to cumming herself. Yamame stumbles back but falls forward onto the bed next to Okuu with a deep blush of satisfaction, and you get off Okuu’s face to lie at her other side.

“Aw, I couldn’t get her to cum,” Yamame says wistfully.

“She must be getting tired. Her cock’s had quite a workout,” you say with a wink. Okuu nods sheepishly.

Yamame crawls further up the bed and grabs Okuu’s head for a slutty kiss. Taken aback by Yamame’s aggressiveness, Okuu lets Yamame kiss-lick your juices off of her face, teeth, and tongue.

Okuu’s cum-covered midsection draws your attention away from the spectacle. You kneel down in front of her and start cleaning her up with long, slow licks that use as much tongue as possible. Yamame’s cum isn’t as thick as Okuu’s, but it has a musky taste and scent that fills up your head and blurs your vision.

Yamame joins you near Okuu’s cock and points it straight upwards. She digs her nails into the head and twists her hand around while the two of you run your tongues all along the long, hard shaft, occasionally meeting up and kissing around her length.

Yamame releases Okuu’s cock and lets it fall onto her stomach while she reaches over to grab your breasts. You close your eyes in preparation to enjoy another groping from her nimble fingers, but then you’re struck with inspiration. You pick Okuu’s cock up again and close your breasts around the middle of it, leaving some space at the bottom and beckoning Yamame with your head. She squeezes her smaller but still respectable breasts around the base and starts to follow your lead in moving them up and down.

The two of you are positioned so that your breasts are staring Yamame right in the face, so it’s only a matter of time before she starts sucking on your nipples. Your milk starts flowing a few seconds later, which only encourages her to suck harder. You pull your breasts forward to get your nipples closer together to get her to drink from both and keep up the up-and-down rhythm with your breasts.

Yamame calls off the titfuck when she starts feeling something strange in her breasts. You pull back from Okuu’s cock and watch with a smile as Yamame gropes her own breasts and sees her milk squirt out with each squeeze. Eventually, she looks up with a wide smile and crawls over to you to give you a taste. Sweet, smooth, and plentiful. You pull her up onto the bed to Okuu, who was sitting up and watching the two of you, and try making her drink from both of Yamame’s breasts at once.

Okuu closes her eyes and drinks deeply, but they open again and grow hazy when she starts lactating herself. The Milk Plague is contagious, as you thought.

You quickly claim Okuu’s breasts for yourself, so Yamame switches back to your milk for a while. Your saliva slowly works its magic on Okuu’s nipples while her bitter milk flows into your mouth, and Yamame’s more than happy to pounce on her the moment you stop drinking. Her sharp teeth make Okuu throw her head back and scream with pleasure, allowing you to plug her mouth up with your own breasts. Several minutes of milking follow, with Okuu moaning helplessly on the bed while you and Yamame torture her extra-sensitive breasts. The tastes of everyone’s milk, including your own, all blend together into a smooth and satisfying cocktail.

The tastes and smells and feelings and sights are too much for your pussy to handle. Nothing short of Okuu’s cock will can satisfy you now. You push Yamame to the side and lift up Okuu’s rock-hard length, standing up to get the tip inside like before.

“Hey, are you gonna…?” Yamame asks in amazement.

You respond with a wink and a smile and take Okuu’s whole length into your pussy. Okuu moans your name during the whole descent, and Yamame’s eyes grow wider with every inch. She’s speechless when the last of it slides inside you. You turn around and lie down with your head facing the ceiling, inviting Okuu to hug you with both arms.

“You alright, Okuu?” you ask.

“Mm. I’m gonna make you feel really good, Komachi,” she says with a dreamy smile.

Okuu slides four inches out and rams them back into you, getting moans out of both of you. She figured out a pretty good tempo last time, so she slips into it again and goes into a happy sex-trance. Her breasts leak a steady stream of warm milk onto your back, and her huge cock seems to rub against every sensitive spot in your pussy each time she moves.

Yamame gets tired of watching after a while and kneels down on top of you. Okuu’s hugging too tightly around your arms for you to move them, so your body is at Yamame’s mercy. She pinches your nipples hard enough to cover her palms in milk and then massages it into your breasts, using it as lubrication to let her hands slide around without friction. Then, Yamame repositions Okuu’s arms to there’s one over and one under your breasts and has her push them together. Your breasts swell up and bulge out between them, ripe for teasing.

Your moans fill the room as your breasts and pussy receive the girls’ full attention. Yamame eventually stops squeezing and pinching and scratching to lap up the milk that’s covering your chest, using her hands to torture your clitoris instead. She presses each one of her nails directly into it, letting you feel every detail of their points with the most sensitive part of your body. After that, she crawls down between your legs and uses her tongue to even greater effect while Okuu’s cock continues to plunge into you.

Your resistance finally gives out, and a hot, tingling pleasure floods every corner of your body. Okuu buries her cock inside you with a loud cry and releases a plentiful load that overflows onto Yamame’s tongue. The constant teasing from Yamame’s fingers make your orgasm quite a bit longer.

When the pleasure stops, you roll over so Okuu’s on top. She pulls out and immediately gets jumped by Yamame, who licks off her cock with incredible ferocity and sucks some leftover cum out of the tip.

“Think you can get hard again, Okuu? Looks you’re gonna have to fuck Yamame too,” you say in a husky voice.

“I’m not sure, I had an awful lot of--” You cut her off with your mouth and give her every drop of saliva you can muster. Yamame bobs her head on the shaft while Okuu chases your tongue with her own, but even that’s not enough to get her hard again. You and Yamame both break off at the same time.

“Try something different?” Yamame asks.

“Yeah.” Before Yamame can react, you push her down and press your cum-filled pussy onto her face. Not exactly displeased, she digs her hands into your ass and starts drinking the mixture of juice and cum that’s leaking out of you. Her throbbing cock is a tempting sight, but you’ll save that for later. Instead, you slide a finger from each hand into her pussy and pump them in and out in tandem.

Okuu can’t keep her hands off her own cock, which eventually grows fully erect egain. You spread Yamame’s pussy wide open and beckon her over.

You lay a hand on Yamame’s stomach and find the length of her pussy. Okuu feeds the wet head of her cock into the slit, and you steadily increase the distance inside as Okuu slowly penetrates her. Yamame’s moans slowly rise in pitch and then fall off when she feels Okuu’s hips press against her. The two girls are in the same position as before, but this time Yamame’s cock seems inadequate compared to the one that’s buried deep inside her.

“How’s it feel when you’re on the other end?” you ask, shifting forward to uncover Yamame’s mouth.

“It’s amazing,” she says breathlessly. “My pussy feels like it’s… I don’t even know how to…”

“Glad you like it,” you say. Okuu starts thrusting when you get off, and she doesn’t seem to care that this is Yamame’s first twelve-inch penetration. Yamame’s cock tenses up and jiggles with her breasts as she takes six inches with each thrust and feels it in sensitive spots she didn’t even know she had.

You make Yamame turn around and draw up her legs. Okuu fits her arms between Yamame’s folded legs and lifts her off the bed; the weight makes her stumble backwards until she finds a wall to support herself again, and then she starts churning her hips into Yamame even harder than before.

Now Yamame’s just as vulnerable as you were. Her knees are pressed against the sides of her breasts, making them bulge out nicely for you to drink from. After a few mouthfuls from both nipples at once, you drop to your knees to give her cock some attention. The whole length fits easily into your mouth, and you slide your head back and forth at Okuu’s pace. You look up and find Yamame staring back down at you, so you give her a wink and start sucking a little harder.

Yamame can’t stand the two of you for long. She lets out a loud cry that turns into a long moan and floods your mouth with her sticky cum, twitching and squirming in Okuu’s embrace. Her cum has the same musky fragrance as her milk, more or less, and your head spins for a while after you swallow it. Okuu keeps her cock inside through the whole orgasm and enjoys the massage from Yamame’s pussy. You stand up take Yamame away when she’s about finished and fall back onto the bed with her.

Yamame rolls off of you and catches her breath for a while. Her lean, firm body has a thin sheen of sweat, and her heaving breasts glisten with the milk that leaks endlessly from her hard nipples. A mess of sperm and saliva and pussy juice covers her semi-erect cock and the rest of her crotch, and the fluids leaking from her pussy are plentiful enough to be forming a wet spot on the sheets already. The lusty glaze on her eyes tells you she wouldn’t want it any other way.

Okuu sits down next to you for some kissing and milking. Looks like her cock needs to go another round before it’ll cum. Maybe you can--

Yamame hugs you from behind and pulls you backwards, somehow penetrating your asshole as you fall on top of her. Your ass hasn’t had anything like the workout that Okuu’s given your pussy, so it’s still tight and sensitive to a smaller cock. Yamame spreads your pussy as well, and Okuu happily takes the opportunity to fill you up again.

Yamame moves at twice Okuu’s pace to fill your ass with an intense, searing pleasure while Okuu’s cock does the same for your pussy. Yamame nibbles on your ears and whispers your name while she thrusts and trembles with an ecstasy of her own, and Okuu’s expression is the naughtiest and most shameless you’ve ever seen. It’s much different from how she was acting earlier today. You let your mouth hang open and give in fully to the pleasure, twitching and convulsing and lactating uncontrollably. Your whole body gets hotter and hotter and hotter, until…

The whole world erupts into a searing burst of pleasure. Okuu shoots some cum into you to replace what Yamame took out and then slides her cock down to Yamame’s pussy to deposit the rest of her load. The three of you all moan in a cheerful chorus as you each enjoy your specific sensations: you have a pussy full of cum and a hard cock emptying out into your asshole, Yamame has a huge cock inside her and an incredibly tight hole clamping down on her at the same time, and Okuu’s shooting every drop of cum she can muster into a pussy that’s perfectly sized for her cock.

The three of you collapse on top of each other when your orgasms come to an end. Okuu rolls off to one side of you while Yamame crawls to your right. You slide your hands into their hair and drift off to sleep while they quietly suckle your breasts.
I said it before, I'll say it again, this is probably the best thing I've ever read. Never stop writing.
Buckets, BSD. Fucking buckets of satisfaction.
File 132997377079.jpg - (265.62KB, 850x1133 , kimonomachi.jpg) [iqdb]
You wake up alone with Okuu. It’s hard to tell exactly how long you were asleep, but it felt like a pretty long while.

Before waking Okuu up, you run your hand over her crotch to check for morning wood. That doesn’t turn up anything, so you nudge Okuu to consciousness and retrieve your clothes while she sits up and rubs her eyes.

You swallow one of each pill before dressing. You’ve been curious to know what that last one does, but the effect isn’t obvious. Nothing happens when you stare into Okuu’s eyes, unless its power is to make people tilt their heads in confusion.

Okuu leads you to the bath to wash off the remains of last night. When you’re out in the halls, you can clearly hear the sounds of music and laughter; the party must have started already. There’s more exciting things to do than bathe, so you go through the process quickly and head back to the room. When you reach the door, Okuu remembers that her nice clothes are stored elsewhere and runs off to get them.

Somebody tidied up the place while you were gone and left a long box on the bed. Seeing that it’s for you, you open it up and find an intricately-patterned blue-and-orange yukata. You strip and try it on without any underwear; it’s quite soft, and an excellent fit. Maybe Satori mind-read your measurements and had it tailored for you. The box also has a pair of white ribbons and four expensive-looking hair sticks, which prove to be much classier than your bobbles.

Right when you finish with your hair, Okuu comes back to the room. She’s wearing a green-and-red yukata that’s about as detailed as yours, with holes for her gem and her wings. Her strange right arm and foot seem a little out of place, but the rest of her has a bright, youthful beauty. The two of you trade compliments, and you give her breasts and her ass a little squeeze to see if she’s wearing anything underneath. She isn’t.

Your excitement fades a little when you see Orin waiting at the front door, dressed in a yukata similar to
Okuu’s. She strides confidently forward and kisses Okuu on the mouth before even saying hello. Okuu happily accepts the kiss and offers Orin her arm, inducing you to quickly grab onto the other one. Then three of you step out of the castle and into the revelry.

The cave floor outside the palace is covered with stands and stalls, with festive lights strung haphazardly between them. The aisles are crowded with youkai clutching snacks and pouches and strange fish in bags, and the space above you glimmers with the fireworks of a dozen danmaku fights. Off in the distance, a familiar voice laughs mirthfully over a chorus of orgasmic moans.

Okuu eagerly runs to the stalls. You easily buy her all the food she wants, but Orin manages to win her a few armfuls of prizes from the games they have set up. You keep worrying that you’ll have to pair up with Orin for a three-legged race or something similarly mortifying, but that mercifully doesn’t happen.

You catch a glimpse of Parsee while you’re makng the rounds. She’s holding a fancy drink and wearing a dark green corset-like dress that shows an impressive amount of well-supported cleavage. A cohort of similarly-dressed women, none of them much interested in the party. It’s like she’s only there to show her disdain.

An hour or so passes with Okuu leading the two you all over the stalls. You and Orin stay on different sides of her and hardly say a word to each other, preferring to compete for Okuu’s attention instead. You grow steadily more nervous as you zigzag towards the raunchy area of the party, worrying that you’ll have to share Okuu with the kasha when you get there.

You won’t know for sure for a while, though. Right before you cross into the 18+ zone, something in the opposite direction catches Okuu’s attention.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Okuu grabs your hand and offers her rod to Orin and leads you to a long line of youkai.

"What's this?” you ask.

"Didn’t anyone tell you? There's gonna be a big sex tournament once the party's over. This is the line to sign up."

"A what now?" you ask with a fair amount of interest. An uncomfortable look flashes briefly across Orin’s face.

"A sex tournament. They’re really popular here. You basically just try to make your opponent cum before you do, and a bunch of people watch you. They're usually pretty big, but I heard that Satori’s only letting eight people in. The winner's supposed to get a really big prize, too."

Sounds like something you should look into. You let Okuu cut in front of you to keep her away from Orin. The line is quite long, but it's moving quickly.

Suddenly, Orin’s arms close around your waist. “I’m gonna get you back for earlier, you know,” she whispers into your ear.

“Oh, yeah? Cats usually know when it’s time to run away.”

Orin lets out a sharp but quiet laugh. “You got lucky. Next time, I’m gonna tear you to pieces and fuck Okuu over your corpse.”

Okuu turns around before you can come up with a good retort. You and Orin both smile at her, and Orin quickly lets go of you. You can see the signup desk now, with Satori sitting behind it.

"What? You have to let me in! I practically own half these people!" the youkai in front shouts angrily.

Satori simply stares back and raises her eyebrows.

"What's wrong with you? Sign me up already!"

Satori leans up and whispers something into the youkai's ear, and the would-be contestant suddenly runs off in a panic. Satori quietly signals for the next in line.

A minute or two later, your party reaches the front. Okuu goes first and has a friendly chat with Satori, but you can’t hear what they say. Satori writes something down and Okuu comes back with a smile.

"Satori said it wouldn't be any fun without me," Okuu reports. You and Orin pat opposite sides of her head. "She said she had someone who’d give me a really good match, too!"

It’s your turn now. All three of Satori’s eyes brighten up when you approach.

“Hello, Komachi. Do you like the yukata I gave you?” she asks with a rare smile.

She already knows how you feel, but it looks like she wants to hear you to say it. "Yeah, thanks, it’s really nice. Think you could--"

"Of course. It would be an honor to have you participate, Komachi." Satori snatches her pen, looks down to the brackets, notices something, and looks back up.

"Yamame Kurodani's bracket is still open. Would you like to face her in the first round, or would you prefer an empty bracket?"

If she's asking, it must mean you could go either way.

[ ] Sign up to fight Yamame.
[ ] Take an empty bracket.
[x] Sign up to fight Yamame.

Sounds like a good warm up and I'd imagine Yamame wouldn't mind losing to Komachi.
[X] Sign up to fight Yamame.
[X] Sign up to fight Yamame.

Oh god, Yamame.
[x] Take an empty bracket.
Sorry for the anti-vote, Pettan, but I really think that this is the better plan here. Nothing against Yamame, but I think it would be much better if Komachi (and us) gives us someone else other than Yamame and Okuu. I don't want to run the risk of potential Yamame overload and make her less memorable by repeated sex scenes all in a row, if you catch my drift.
>Second real H scene
>H scene overload.

I'll tell you what's overdone: How things find a way up Rick's ass
[x] Take an empty bracket.

I take this to mean that the spot for her partner hasn't been filled in yet. Either that, or her bracket is seeded for the next round.
[X] Take an empty bracket.

As much as I like Yamame my curiosity has gotten the better of me.
[X] Sign up to fight Yamame.

yamame because spidergirls.
That is all.
[x] Take an empty bracket.

Hi Tewi. It's good to see you too.
[X] Take an empty bracket.

I'll take door #2, Monty.
[X] Sign up to fight Yamame.

Spider bondage via silk.
[X] Sign up to fight Yamame.
Fuck yeah spider youkai!
[X] Sign up to fight Yamame.

I keep throwing money at the monitor but this guy won't accept it. :<
[x] Take an empty bracket.

No reason to knock Yamame out early. We can save that for the next round.
[X] Sign up to fight Yamame.
[ ] Take an empty bracket.
[x] Sign up to fight Yamame.
Closest vote we've had in a while. Yamame wins by 2.
[x] Sign up to fight Yamame.

You open your mouth to answer, but Satori looks away and writes down your name. You decide to say it out loud anyway, just for fun.

“You are registered, Komachi. Please enjoy the party.”


Komachi swaggers on back to you and Okuu. Satori raises her head signals for you to come forward.

“Hello, Orin. You’re getting along rather well with Komachi,” she says with a little smirk.

“Why’s she even down here, Satori? Do you really think a shinigami’s gonna approve of what we do with--”

Satori’s expression turns from teasing to dead serious. “You may not have noticed, Orin, but Komachi is getting along quite well with everyone else. She is not an enemy of the underground, and you could be her friend as well if you tried.”

“What? No, you wouldn’t say something like that. I saw how eager you were to talk to her. You’re playing favorites. What are you hiding? Why are you letting her run loose here?” You plant your hands on the table and bring your head close to Satori’s, staring angrily into her eyes.

Satori sighs and writes down your name. “You are registered for the tournament, Orin. Please take your complaints elsewhere.”

You try to argue some more, but Satori ignores you and calls for the next person. Then you turn around and see that Komachi and Okuu are both gone.

Something Okuu said earlier drift through your head as you stand there.

“No, we’re all going together! You and Komachi are both nice people, and there’s no reason why you can’t be friends!”


Orin swaggers off to the table as you return.

“Komachi, do you really hate Orin?” Okuu asks. You’ve been expecting something like this.

You sigh. “It’s kind of complicated, Okuu. I’ve dealt with a lot of nasty kasha before, and I can’t just trust another one.”

“Why not? Just because she’s a kasha doesn’t mean you can’t be friends, right?”

“Well, she didn’t exactly make a good first impression, either.”

“But that was just a misunderstanding. I think you’d get along really well if you’d just get to know each other.”

You see a familiar silhouette out of the corner of your eye. If that’s who you think it is, you don’t want to miss the chance to see her. You don’t want to leave Okuu alone with Orin either, though, so…

“Hey, Okuu. Why don’t you go on ahead? I’ll have a private chat with Orin when she comes back.”

“Really? That’s great! I’ll see you later.” Okuu turns around and skips away. You’re not sure where she’s headed.

It wasn’t nice to lie to Okuu, but it’s not like you ignored what she said. You’ll try having a civil talk with Orin sometime. Just not right now.

You get a better look at the shadowed figure as you draw closer. Short pink hair with a pair of buns, tabard with a big rose on the front, bandaged right arm and a broken shackle on the left.

“Kasen! Fancy meetin’ you here.”

Kasen opens her eyes halfway and glares at you. “Komachi Onozuka. Why am I not surprised?”

“How’ve you been? Pretty crazy incident we’re having, huh?

Kasen lets out an impressively long sigh. “Oh, I’m sure this is the best thing you could wish for. But while you’ve no doubt been rampaging across Gensokyo in a cock-crazed frenzy, I’ve been working to do something about it.”

“Hey, I’ve been doin’ both. And you don’t seem to be making much progress. How do think you’re gonna accomplish anything by just lurkin’ around in the shadows like this? Don’t you think you should mingle a little more?”

Kasen glances around for an answer. “Ah, well, um. These youkai are a little…”

“…Depraved? Afraid they’ll turn you into a slut if you get too close?”

Kasen closes her eyes with a hint of a blush. “Well, you certainly don’t disprove that assumption.”

Unfriendly as always, but she didn’t say you were wrong. In that case… “Hey, I got an idea. There’s gonna a sex-fight-tournament-kinda-thing after this. Why don’t you sign up for that? “

“Why would I--”

“C’mon, I know you like to do it with those male disciples of yours. I bet you could teach these depraved masses a thing or two about how sex really works. It’d be like missionary work!”

Kasen points a finger at you and opens her mouth to argue, but it looks like she’s actually kind of interested.

“…Where can I sign up?”

You point Kasen towards the line. She puts on her most dignified hermit-like bearing and strides off without so much as a thank-you.

You’ll probably be seeing more of her. Right now, it’s time for some more partying.

You leave the stalls and music and danmaku behind to head for the adults’ part of the party. Exhausted and unconscious bodies litter the ground, and a constant hum of laughter and moaning fills the air along with a strong smell of sake. You feel excited just standing here.

There’s a few couples and threesomes doing it in the open here and there, but most of the sex is concentrated in a huge fifty-person free-for-all. It seems to be mostly futas, but you see a few guys in there as well. Pretty standard gender distribution.

Elsewhere, a dozen or so people are arranged in a circle for what appears to be a sexually explicit game of Kings. Yamame’s among them, as is Orin. No sign of Okuu.

Off in the distance, you see and hear Yuugi calling for challengers for a drinking contest. Judging by the heap of bodies next to her, she’s taken a good few under the table already. You’re definitely going to get a piece of that at some point, but you want to try something else first.

[ ] Join the orgy.
[ ] Join the game.
[x] Join the orgy.

I just think this Komachi in an orgy would be a great read. That and I want to see who notable is involved.
[X] Join the game.
[x] Join the orgy.

Do the Eyes Thing Komachi.
[x] Join the game
[x] Join the orgy.
[x] Join the game
[x] Join the game
[X] Join the game.
[x] Join the game.
[X] Join the game.
You might want to check for vote spam. All these remarkless votes are suspicious.
Closing votes. The game wins it.
Also: I was referring to the Japanese Kings' game, not the American one.
[x] Join the game.

You count seven girls, all futas, sitting in a circle on chairs and pots and barrels and passing around a few gourds of sake. Most of them aren’t fully dressed, and you can see a few splatters of cum here and there. One girl’s covered in it.

“Heey, Komachi!” Yamame waves to you with an intoxicated smile. She’s half-wearing a slinky black dress with a generous cleavage cutout. Seems like she went straight for the sake. You grab a stool and join the circle, and somebody hands you a spare dish.

A girl on the other side of the circle gathers up eight chopsticks and holds them out. You grab one on the outside of the bunch without any hesitation, but some of the other girls take about a minute to decide. There’s a bit of a tussle over the last two sticks, but neither one’s special.

You’re number two. You glance around to see who the King is and feel a brief chill when you see a big smile on Orin’s face.

“Alright, King already! Let’s see…” Orin looks over each of you. “I wanna cum from both of these at once.” She opens her yukata to reveal her twin cocks, making a few of the girls gasp in amazement.

“And the one who’s gonna do it…”

Orin’s gaze travels in your direction.

“…is gonna be…”

It goes from your legs to your face at a leisurely pace.


She’s staring straight into your eyes. You wonder in the back of your mind if your new powers are kicking in.


You let out a short laugh and toss your chopstick onto the ground. Orin frowns for a moment before looking up to see who her lucky partner is. The girls all look at each other in confusion until Yamame stands up and throws off her dress.

Silence falls over the group as Yamame stretches and strides over to Orin with an eager grin. Orin approves of Yamame’s figure and spreads her legs.

Yamame gives Orin a quick kiss before descending to her knees. She plants a long kiss on the head of each cock and coats them both in saliva, using both hands to rub it in.

Next, Yamame has Orin point the lower cock straight forward so she can squeeze it between her breasts. They’re just big enough to engulf the whole length. Orin purrs in appreciation and closes her eyes to savor the feeling. Yamame tightens her grip on her breasts and starts moving her body back and forth to fuck Orin’s cock with her cleavage.

With one cock under control, Yamame turns her attention to the one that’s staring her in the face. The position keeps her from swallowing the whole length, but she gets about two inches into her mouth and bobs her head on it while she pounds her chest against the other one. A steady stream of saliva leaks down the upper shaft onto Yamame’s breasts, where it contributes to the constan stream of squishing sounds coming from between them.

What Yamame’s doing definitely feels good, but Orin seems to be enjoying it a little too much. Her moans are reaching a frighteningly high pitch, and her body is completely limp aside from the cocks and covered in sweat. It seems like she’s just moaning of her own accord.

Yamame pulls away from Orin and stands up, not at all fazed by how Orin’s acting. Orin doesn’t seem too capable of speech, so Yamame wordlessly puts the kasha in her lap and penetrates her. Orin lets out a confused moan but doesn’t try to resist, allowing Yamame to pound into her from below and stroke both her cocks. The girls are a little nervous to see Orin acting like this, but you don’t mind at all. Yamame winks at you and speeds up her pace while you drink and enjoy the show.

Orin cums with a loud, bestial moan, her tongue hanging out of her mouth and her eyes pointing straight up. Two medium-sized loads shoot up out of her cocks, arcing through the air and splattering onto the ground at everyone’s feet.

Yamame discards Orin and stands up. Her still-hard cock throbs impatiently against her stomach, covered in a shiny coat of pussy juice. “Wanna drink it, Komachi?” she asks with a confident smile.

You nod eagerly and go to your knees, opening your mouth and rolling out your tongue. Yamame puts a hand on your head and feeds you her cock, which starts to cum after a few seconds of sucking. Her cum’s just as hot and flavorful as it was last night, and there’s plenty for you to drink. Yamame lets out some low, satisfied moans while you gulp it all down. When she finishes after about ten seconds, you wipe off a little extra that leaked out of your mouth and suck it seductively off your finger. Yamame smiles in approval and uses two fingers to squeeze out an extra bit of cum, which you eagerly lick up.

One of the youkai gathers up the chopsticks and holds them out once Yamame’s seated again. You lean forward and pick one, and Yamame grabs an extra one in Orin’s place.

“Yay, I’m the King!” a girl two seats to your left announces. She glances around excitedly and grows nervous when she realizes she has to give an order. “Ummm, ummm, ummmm…I want… number five… to… masturbate. In front of everyone.”

Everyone pauses for a moment and then nods slowly in approval. The girl seems pretty disappointed in herself.

Oh, forgot to check your stick. You are… number five. Alright then. You reveal your number and take a few more drinks to get ready. Yamame knows she’s in for a good show, and everyone else is interested to see what the newcomer’s capable of. Orin’s still out of it.

You stand up while untying your belt and let the yukata fall right off of you. A few of the youkai whistle in approval when they see your naked body. You wink in their direction and lift your arms above your head, turning in a slow circle and swaying hips and breasts back and forth. People were watching during that affair with the hellhound yesterday, but this is completely different. Some memories of your time as an exotic dancer drift back and give you ideas.

You sit back down so everyone can see your front and lift both breasts up to your mouth. The smoothness of your milk contrasts nicely with the lingering sharpness of Yamame’s cum. You fill up your mouth without swallowing before dropping your breasts and drooling the milk onto your cleavage. You massage it in while teasing and pinching your nipples and filling the air with lusty moans.

Pretty soon, your pussy’s begging for attention. You spread your legs as wide as you can and dig in with two fingers, moving up to three as soon as you’re loose enough. Your hand slips into the technique you’ve developed over thousands of years and mechanically stimulates you a half-dozen different ways: fingers pressed together but thrusting at an angle, all in a line with your thumb grazing your pussy, spread out and scratching your most sensitive spots…

Your breasts start leaking uncontrollably. Some of the milk drips straight onto the ground, but some of it clings to you and forms a pair of trails leading all the way to your feet. The liquid tickles your hot skin as it works its way down.

Everyone’s watching intently, even Orin. She seems to have come back to her senses.

You haven’t been shy about moaning, but you kick it up a notch for the finale. With one hand going at full speed in your pussy, you stand up and pump a few fingers into your asshole. It’s kind of embarrassing to do this in front of everyone, but at the same time you love showing them how much you enjoy it. The paradox eventually breaks down into pure pleasure.

The different kinds of heat from your pussy and your ass and the alcohol and everyone’s staring eyes all suddenly merge into one, and you go flying over the edge into a wonderful abyss of pleasure. Long streams of milk spray out of your breasts as you lose your footing and drop to the ground, not caring about anything other than how good you feel right now.

You seem to stay in a pleasure-trance for a long time before somebody shakes you back to reality and points you towards the chopsticks. You pick one towards the middle of the bunch and turn it around. It says “KING”.

Not bad. What’s your order?

[ ] Write-in.
Trying desperately not to turn this into an Aristocrats joke.

[x] Number 7, take it in the ass from number 1 while number 2 fucks your pussy. Finger them both at the same time, and don't miss a stroke.
Could we have a full list of people (complete with dick size/curves/etc) so we can think of a good choice.
That’s a fair request.
Assume everyone’s 6 inches and slightly less busty than Yamame, unless stated otherwise.

Number 1 is Orin.

Number 2 was actually a futanari before the incident, just through a fluke of nature. She has the most skill with her penis and a deep fondness for breasts. Her ass is unusually sensitive.

Number 3 spends most of her time reading, but she’s not above the occasional party. It’s been about a year since she last had sex. She usually wears glasses, but she had to take them off when she got bukkake’d earlier. Her breasts are a little larger than Yamame’s.

Number 4 was King last round. She’s slightly more developed than your average loli, and her penis is half the size of everyone else’s. She has yet to penetrate someone and feels insecure about it. Number 5 is the main reason why she’s here.

Number 5 is usually a gentle big-sister type, but she’s gotten a little rowdier than normal. She secretly lusts after small-bodied girls. Her penis is slightly larger than everyone else’s.

Number 6 is Yamame.

Number 7 has the second-largest breasts out of everyone, and they lactate naturally. She’s into BDSM, and enjoys dom and sub roles equally.

The King is Komachi. She can make herself part of the fun too.

Everyone involved in the dare has to interact somehow. Try not to involve more than four people.
It'd be kinda pointless. Part of the King Game rules include the entire group choosing numbers all over again every round, forcing the King to choose numbers at random.
Having seen the above list, and the various traits, I'd say that the write-in would be surprisingly fitting. Skilled Futa and Orin double penetrating the one into BDSM and who is happy to sub? Hell yes.

[x] Number 7, take it in the ass from number 1 while number 2 fucks your pussy. Finger them both at the same time, and don't miss a stroke.
[x] Have number 4 stick it in number 5 while having Number 1 use both holes of 4 and Yamame use Number 5's ass. Also have number 4 play with number 5's cock in various ways.

Not sure if this is beyond the rules or not. If so, just take out Orin and Yamame.

Nice mix of raunch and letting someone stick it into someone they like.
[x] Number 7, take it in the ass from number 1 while number 2 fucks your pussy. Finger them both at the same time (both pussy and ass) , and don't miss a stroke.
Time to move this along. First choice was the winner.
File 133074416881.jpg - (33.37KB, 327x383 , 1329128113064.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Write-in.

A dozen different ideas run through your head as you survey the other seven girls. It’d be nice to know who has what number, but you’ll just have to guess. This should work out well no matter who winds up doing it.

“Number seven,” you begin. A busty girl to your left perks up and listens closely.

“Come out in the middle here. You’re gonna take it in the ass from number one, while number two fucks your pussy.” Orin cracks a grin and stands up, along with the girl directly to your right. Number 7 looks at them both and quickly goes from frightened to nervous to excited.

“You can’t just relax and enjoy it, though. You have to finger both of them until they make you cum.”

Orin and the other girl take their positions behind and in front of number 7. Looks like Orin is number 1.

Number 2 pauses when she gets a better look at 7’s face. “Hey, have we met before?” she asks.

“Um…?” 7 was focused on bracing herself for a fierce double penetration, so the question catches her off-guard.

“Yeah, we have. You’re Akane, right?”

“Ah, yes, and you’re…Sumika! Oh, wait--”

It doesn’t seem like this’ll be happy reunion. Sumika grabs Akane and pulls her in real close. “You thought locking me in that chastity belt was real funny, huh? It took me a month to get that off, you know.”

“Oh, um, well, that was…” Akane breaks away from Sumika and backs up right into Orin’s arms. Orin catches her with a tight hug, pinning her arms and lifting her off the ground. Sumika approaches and teases the head of her cock against Akane’s quivering slit, grinning as wide as physically possible.

“No, wait, I’m really sorr--” Sumika cuts Akane off with a smooth penetration. Akane swallows a cry and tries to put on a tough face, but Sumika isn’t fooled.

“I’d break you down myself, but we need to put on a good show.”

Orin puts Akane back on her feet and pushes her into Sumika’s arms. Sumika eagerly grabs her prey and starts thrusting steadily into her, changing her angle each time to search for sensitive spots. Her technique is much too smooth for someone who’s only had a cock for a few days; she must be a natural futanari.

Orin digs into Akane’s asshole with both thumbs and spreads it open impatiently. She uses her lower cock for the penetration, which leaves the upper one resting against Akane’s ass. A lightbulb goes off in Orin’s head, and she presses her other cock into the crack between Akane’s plump cheeks for a buttjob to go with the anal.

Akane was able to put up some resistance against Sumika’s technique, but the addition of Orin’s cocks is too much for her to handle. Much to Sumika’s delight, she breaks into an embarrassed moan as soon as Orin gets her cock all the way inside.

“Hey, Akane, aren’t you forgettin’ something?” Orin grabs one of Akane’s hands and presses it against her own pussy. Akane quickly remembers the rest of the order and digs in, trying to match the rhythm of Orin’s thrusting. Sumika lets the other hand through her arms to give her the same treatment.

Orin and Sumika silently agree to alternate their thrusts. They both use sharp and forceful movements to thrust their entire lengths in and out of Akane’s holes, making her squeal with pleasure each time. Orin’s hands are covering almost all of Akane’s ass, so Sumika runs her hands all over Akane’s body in search of something to hold.

Sumika seems to remember something when her hands reach Akane’s impressivel-sized breasts. She gives both nipples a hard pinch, and they respond with a forceful spray of milk that covers her palms. Sumika laughs and massages the milk back into Sumika’s breasts before pulling them to her mouth to drink from both at once. Even in this slightly awkward position, her cock doesn’t let up for a second.

It’s been a long time since you saw someone as completely lost in pleasure as Akane is right now. Sumika has her pussy all figured out now, and Orin’s thoroughly abusing her ass from the inside and the outside. The only part that isn’t getting stimulated is her cock, and that’s twitching like it’ll blow any second.

Akane gives up on the fingering and lets her whole body go limp. Sumika lands the thrust that brings her over the edge and removes her head from Akane’s breasts, letting them join her cock in covering Sumika’s chest in sticky fluid. A small stream of cum leaks out of Akane’s pussy seconds later.

Orin pops her upper cock out of Akane’s ass and strokes it urgently while her lower one spurts into Akane’s asshole. As soon as it’s finished, she switches out and cums again with the other cock, catching Akane by surprise. Sumika’s finished at this point, so Orin pushes her out of Akane’s pussy and savages it with her fingers instead.

Orin lets go of Akane when she’s finished and lets the girl collapse to the ground. Sumika, dripping with Akane’s milk and cum, lifts her up by her armpits.

“Hey, you’re coming with me. You gotta lick all this up now.”

Sumika grins at you as she carries off her dazed prize. You wave back with a smile.

Everyone seems to be done with the game now. Orin gives you a reluctant nod to thank you for the fun time and disappears. Yamame heads off to find someone else to play with, and the sisterly-looking girl leads the small girl over to the orgy. You’re left alone with the quiet cum-covered girl, who puts her number 3 stick on the ground and starts getting up to leave.

Watching those three go at it got you pretty excited. You feel fired up enough to take on Yuugi, but you wouldn’t mind some warm-up sex.

[ ] Go straight for Yuugi.
[ ] Have some fun with Number 3 first.
[X] Go straight for Yuugi.
[x] Have some fun with Number 3 first.
[x] Have some fun with Number 3 first.

Poor girl. All she got was a bukkake.
[x] Go straight for Yuugi
Not enough Yuugi scenes on this site :3
[x] Have some fun with Number 3 first.

inb4 Yuugi bandwagon
[x] Have some fun with Number 3 first.
[x] Go straight for Yuugi.

I don't think I've ever read a Yuugi sex scene.
[X] Go straight for Yuugi.
[X] Go straight for Yuugi.

All this has been a really fun diversion, but I think it's time to go for the title card.
[x] Have some fun with Number 3 first.

Why only screw one girl when you can have two? Simple math here, I think.
[x] Have some fun with Number 3 first.
Alright, that'll do it. Detour option wins.
[x] Have some fun with Number 3 first.

Number 3 avoids eye contact with you and picks up her yukata. You sneak up behind her while she’s looking at it. The smell of cum on her is pretty strong, even from a few feet away.

“It’ll get dirty if you put it on, huh?” you say softly. She turns around to face you and agrees.

“Wouldn’t be a problem if someone cleaned you off, though, would it?” You dart in and lick a bit of cum off her neck, then pull back with a naughty smile. The girl’s blush flares right up, but she’s intrigued by the suggestion.

“Um… I’d like that.”

You slip your tongue into her mouth and swirl it around once, then pull away quickly to leave her wanting more. When she moves her head forward to try and touch your lips again, you dodge to the side and plant a sloppy kiss on her neck instead. She lets out a few cute moans as you kiss your way up to her head, and her body shivers with excitement each time your tongue flicks across her face.

Different people came on different parts of her, so the sperm’s flavor gradually changes as you move from one part to another. Yamame’s sharp flavor is easy to recognize, and there’s a thicker and more drinkable one that appeals to you as well. You hope it isn’t Orin’s.

Once the girl’s face is clean, you move down to her breasts. They’re smaller than Akane’s, but still nothing to sneeze at. You knead and grope every inch of the sticky flesh and slowly lick up all the cum that rubbed off on your fingers, moaning deeply each time you swallow. Her cock is hard enough to split rock by the time you finish.

You tap the head of her penis with a finger, dabbing it in the gathering precum. “Oh, you got turned on from that. Want me to tease you more?” She swallows and nods, equal parts embarrassed and excited.

She takes a seat on a nearby stool, and you get on your knees and drop your breasts onto her cock. She gasps sharply when the softness presses against her, prompting you to grin and pull the head deeper into your cleavage. You squeeze both breasts tightly and move up and down in practiced rhythm, pressing them against her length on your way up and relenting when you go back down.

Her cum-covered stomach beckons you to press your lips against it and kiss the firm skin. You slide your head around to lick up all the cum your tongue can reach, swallow it all in one gulp, and then look up to her face.

“Where should I use my tongue now?” you ask. You hug your breasts with one arm to keep them in place and free your other arm. “Down here…?” You tease her urethrea with an index finger. “…Or up here?” You push the same fingertip into her mouth and let her lick off the precum.

To answer, she hunches over to get her head closer to yours. You crane up to meet her and give her the rest of the kiss, matching her excited moans with lower, more relaxed ones. Both your heads bob up and down with your body while you continue massaging her cock with your breasts.

She endures for another minute before your titfuck overwhelms her. You quickly break away from her mouth and hold yours open a few inches away from her cock, catching the strongest spurts of cum on your tongue and letting the rest flow out onto your breasts. When the shaft softens and disappears into your cleavage, you swallow again and press your breasts against her face to make her clean you off.

You pull away to see her blushing even harder than before. A glance downwards shows that her cock’s hard again already.

“Wow, you have a lot saved up. Haven’t you been using it?”

“I--I only masturbated a few times to try it out. I haven’t done it with anyone in a year,” she says breathlessly. Her words are music to your ears.

“Oh, you shoulda said so! Lemme fix that for you.”

You sit down across from her and spread your pussy with both hands. She crawls over to inspect it and gives you a shy lick. Part of you wants to hold her head there and make her eat you out, but you’re more interested in her cock right now. She seems to feel the same way, and soon she’s standing up and pressing the head against your slit. You lace your fingers with hers and pull her towards you, making her bury the whole thing inside you.

She moans immediately when your soft, wet walls close around her. She’s about the same size as Yamame, but her thrusting doesn’t have any of that same finesse. It still feels good, though. You close your eyes with a gentle smile to enjoy the feeling of being pounded by an eager cock, but they open back up when she starts kissing you again.

You tighten your grip on her hands and her penis and kiss back, moving your tongue more quickly than she can keep up with. She soon surrenders her mouth to you and stares dreamily into your eyes. Unfortunately, you can tell that she won’t last long enough to make you cum, but that’s alright. You’ll just make her lick her sperm out of your pussy until--

She suddenly breaks the kiss to cry out loudly. At first you think she just came, but nothing shoots out inside you. Then you see a pair of arms wrap around her stomach. Her thrusting resumes at a faster and sharper pace, much too skilled for someone like her. You quickly feel behind her scrotum and find a sizable cock filling up her pussy and controlling her movements.

The slim, feminine arms let go of your partner and reach forward to your breasts. Their palms rub forcefully against your nipples while she squeezes you, and the person who’s using them can trace your areolae perfectly without even seeing them. Number 3’s moaning grows increasingly high pitched as she barrels headlong towards an orgasm, with you following just a few thrusts behind. It’ll be close, but maybe this stronger stimulation will let you…

She cums inside you when you’re right on the edge. Just another thrust would’ve done it. You breathe heavily with disappointment as her hot backed-up cum squirts into you, leaving you nicely full but unsatisfied.

Your partner faints and falls down. The person behind her is… Nobody in particular? No, wait, she has red eyes. It’s not like there aren’t a whole ton of people with red eyes, but there’s no mistaking that smirk. Only a few people can grope your breasts like that, too.

The new girl sits sideways on your lap and gives you a quick kiss, then reaches between your legs to stroke your clitoris. The contact brings you right back to the edge, but you still can’t cum. Just what you’d expect from her.

“What brought you all the way down here?” you ask.

“Gotta run a little errand. It’s always fun seeing what you’re up to, though.” She presses her fingertip into your clit, driving you even closer. “I’d stick around and play some more, but I don’t want to keep you. There’s somebody you need to go meet, right?”

You smirk back at her, but your eyes are pleading for release. She sighs with pretend annoyance and casually flicks your clit, bring you to orgasm with an almost painful sharpness.

Your vision gets all foggy when the pleasure hits, and you fall off the stool to writhe happily on the ground next to Number 3. When regain your senses, the two of you are alone again. You pull Number 3 to her feet and revive her with a kiss, then pat her on her head and send her on her way.

It’s time.
Was Nue always this evasive? It's a wonder they were ever friends.
You put your yukata back on and head towards Yuugi’s mini-party with an even, confident stride. You’re nowhere near drunk, but you’ve had enough to feel somewhat warm and cheerful.

Even though you approach her from behind, Yuugi seems to feel you coming and whirls around to catch you in a tight hug. “Finally! Been nothin’ but lightweights’uh whole time I been here,” she says. Her breath is like an underground distillery run by a mad hillbilly scientist. “You’re gonna gimme a good challenge, right?”

“You bet.” Yuugi’s excitement is terribly infectious.

Yuugi releases you with a cheerful laugh and grabs a flower-studded sake dish. It bears the scars of many great conflicts. Now that she’s not up in your face, you can see that she’s barely keeping on a sky-blue yukata with a starry red obi. It’s fallen past her shoulders, and a little tug would reveal her huge breasts as well.

“You got somethin’ to drink from?” she asks.

“Uh, I got this.” You hold up your sake dish from the game, and Yuugi swats it away. It flies about twenty yards and shatters against the ground.

“C’mon, you’ll never beat an oni wif somethin’ like that!” Yuugi pushes a larger dish into your hand and has you sit down across from her. She then produces a purple gourd covered in small white talisman-things.

“Borrowed this from a friend’a mine.” She pauses. “… Din’ ask her permission, though. Don’ worry about it.”

Yuugi fills both dishes and toasts you. “Alright, we’re not gonna stop ‘til we both pass out!”

You both drain your dishes in one go. Your throat seems to catch fire afterwards; this stuff is a fair bit stronger than what everyone else is drinking. The warmth that fills your body afterward feels pretty good, though. You let out a satisfied sigh and hold up your dish for more.

“Alright, this’ gonna be fun! I got all th’drink you want right here.” Yuugi shakes the gourd and gives you a refill.

The two of you banter and drink for while, sustained by the gourd’s apparently endless flow of alcohol. Your body seems to get hotter with each dishful, and eventually you have to loosen your yukata a bit to let some air in. You’re paying less and less attention to what the two of you are saying, focusing instead on how aroused you’re starting to feel. Yuugi is a very attractive woman.

There’s a ferocious erection bulging through Yuugi’s yukata. You try to ignore it and focus on the competition, but you eventually give in to your desire and pull off her clothes. Her rack certainly deserves some appreciation, but it’s the thick and powerful eight-inch cock that captures your attention. You bend over and start licking it almost instinctually.

Yuugi puts her drinking on hold for a bit. You run your wet tongue all over her shaft, savoring the heat coming off of it and the firmness of its pulsing veins, and kiss your way from the base to the urethra. She grunts appreciatively as you flick your tongue over the head and against the opening, but she pushes your head away when you open your mouth to swallow it.

“Hey, hey, we’re in the middle of a contest. If you wanna fuck me that bad…” Yuugi undresses you with a single swipe of her arm. “…You gotta keep drinking while ya do it!”

Yuugi spreads your legs wide open and slams her cock into you before you have a chance to adjust your pussy. You’re completely blinded by pleasure for a few seconds, but you’re dimly aware of Yuugi pushing your dish into your hand and filling it up. The nothingness clears to show you a wide, blushing grin on her face.

Yuugi’s kind of kneeling in front of you with her legs locked around your thighs. Her entire thick length is firmly buried inside of you, and your pussy feels stretched to the limit of what it can take. It would normally be a bit painful, but the alcohol blocks out everything except the feeling of her hot cock throbbing against every sensitive inch of your walls. Yuugi soon starts thrusting, keeping her gourd and dish in her hands and using only her hips to assault you with powerful thrusts that drive everything but pleasure from your mind.

Yuugi empties her dish and has you do the same, steadily fucking you all the while. The sake doesn’t burn anymore, so you can drink it like it was water. You seem to have entered a strange state of calmness; everything’s blurry and confusing, but you also feel like it all makes sense. Especially all the twitching and convulsing your pussy is doing, which seems more intense than usual.

Yuugi loudly announces she’s cumming. With impressive dexterity, she pulls out and stands up to shove her cock between your lips just in time to explode in your mouth. An amazing amount of hot, salty cum covers the inside of your mouth and leaks down your throat in thick globs. The musky scent is so powerful that you can smell it inside you. You close your eyes to start swallowing, but that lets Yuugi catch you by surprise when she presses a full dish to your lips for a chaser.

The flavors of booze and cum mix together on your tongue, and your body quivers strangely and starts filling up with heat. It takes you a moment to realize that you’re cumming from drinking Yuugi’s sperm. The world starts spinning even faster, making you close your eyes and fall onto your side with your ears covered. While the orgasm has its way with you, you try to block out everything except the burning pleasure that shoots all over your body and forces you to blush harder than Youmu. Even after the delicious throbbing fades away, your pussy still tingles pleasantly with the rest of you.

Yuugi nudges you with her foot. She seems to think you’re out of it, so you open your eyes and sit up defiantly. She’s about as flushed as you are, and her cock is ferociously hard once again. You feel like you could keep this up forever.

Yuugi sits down with her legs crossed and makes you impale yourself on her cock. She hands you the gourd and your dish and starts another intense round of sex, holding her dish in one hand and groping you roughly with the other while her huge cock pounds away at you. She doesn’t spill a single drop.

The gentle sound of birdsong, and sunlight streaming through the window. You’re lying in a two-person futon in a small Japanese-style cabin. You eagerly turn your head to your side, only to find that you’re alone.

You get out of the bed and take a peek outside. This cabin’s on the top of a high green hill, with a forest stretching out beneath you and a range of mountains in the distance. The gentle winds carry a wonderful smell of nostalgia.

A loud moan makes you glance to your side. You see Meiling leaning against the cabin’s wall, along with a short girl with silvery-green hair. Meiling looks a little shorter and less busty, like when you first met her. Actually, you seem to be a little younger as well. Which makes sense, considering where you are.

Meiling’s cock is new, though. The girl’s wearing a perverted smile and milking it with a pink onahole. As you watch, Meiling moans helplessly and lets the latest in a series of thick ejaculations squirt out the end of the tube.

The strange girl smiles at you. She’s wearing a black hat with a yellow ribbon, and she has a closed third eye. “Hi, Komachi! Your friend’s really fun to play with,” she says.

[ ] Who are you?
[ ] Why am I here?
[ ] Meiling’s not a futa.
[X] Why am I here?

I have no idea what to vote. But I do know I am hoping for something like Koishi and Komachi scissoring around Meiling's dick.
[x] Meiling’s not a futa.
Curious choice. That and I think Koishi's mindscrewing again.
[x] Meiling’s not a futa.

If Koishi must add dicks, let her add them to herself.
>blush harder than Youmu

Looks like a dream sequence to me, which means Komachi is adding the dicks, not Koishi.
[x] Why am I here?
It's Koishi, I wouldn't be surprised if dreams fall under her sway, either that or just popping in to say high.
[X] Why am I here?
Votes are closed, winner is [x] Why am I here?
“What’s going on? [x] Why am I back here?”

The girl stops stroking and shrugs at you. “I let you pick where we’d be.” She glances around at the scenery, then looks back to you with eyes full of excitement. “Hey, this isn’t Gensokyo, is it?”

“No, it isn’t.” You sit against the wall of the cabin and beckon Meiling with a finger. She pulls the girl’s hand off her cock and walks over to you with the onahole still attached. Your lap makes for an inviting pillow.

“This was… At least a thousand years ago, a little after I met Meiling. She was on a journey as part of her training, and it happened to bring her to Muenzuka.” A fond smile comes to your face as you stroke Meiling’s hair. “She was strong, she was spunky, she loved sex… I’d never met anyone like her. I guess we wound up falling in love.” You and Meiling both blush at the word.

“We didn’t know what to do with that feeling, so we ran away from Gensokyo and came here, where there wasn’t anything to stop us from making love all day long.” You pull Meiling up so she sits in your lap and put your hands around her breasts. Even now, their size and shape and firmness are etched perfectly into your memory. You start groping her on instinct, sliding your hands all over the smooth surface and rubbing your fingertips in tiny circles on her nipples. Meiling shivers at the gentle stimulation and cries out when you give them a firm squeeze.

You keep your hands dug into Meiling’s breasts and lift them to appreciate their weight. Her chest was always smaller than yours, but her breasts have always seemed like they’re perfectly sized for her athletic body. If you weren’t always so busy groping them, you’d wonder if they got in the way of her tai chi.

Meiling turns her head and kisses you, eagerly exploring your mouth with her agile tongue. You keep the kiss going and slide one hand down her stomach and past her cock and balls to get at her pussy.

“I was the more experienced one, so I usually took the lead. I can’t say how many times I made her cum like this.” You fingers position themselves at just the right angle to hit Meiling’s most sensitive spots and thrust mercilessly into Meiling’s soaked pussy. You don’t have to look at her face to know the dreamy, perverted smile she’s wearing.

The girl steps forward hesitantly and kneels down in front of the two of you. She puckers her lips and approaches Meiling’s mouth, but a loud moan from Meiling forces her away. Instead, she puts her small hand back on the onahole and strokes with teasing slowness, twisting her hand around as she slides the slick tube up and down.

Meiling doesn’t last long against the two of you. She quivers mightily in your arms and fires off a load that barely misses the girl’s clothes. Judging by the way she faints in your arms and starts snoring, that was the very last bit of her cum. You pat her on the head and look over her shoulder to the girl.

“So, who are you?” you ask with a kind smile. You just got to relive something pleasant, so you’re in a good mood.

“My name’s Koishi Komeiji. I’m Satori’s sister.” She doesn’t seem to have expected that you’d ask so nicely.

“Nice to meet you.” It suddenly strikes you that Koishi never once interrupted you, and your gaze shifts down to her closed third eye.

“Ah, wondering about that? Satori’s powers made her really unpopular, so closed it up. I can’t read minds like she can, but I can see deeper into people’s subconscious. It lets me do things without being noticed and share in people’s dreams.”

Acting without being seen? That could be handy for…Wait, is she the person Satori said you should talk to?

“Hey, do you know anything about what’s happening with the futanari?”

“Yep. It got Meiling, too.” Koishi sees where you’re going with this and stops smiling. “I’m not gonna tell you right now, though.”

“What? Why not? This is important!” You put Meiling aside and distance-pull Koishi into your arms. She looks up at you with a defiant pout.

“If I told you, you’d run off and I wouldn’t be able to play with you anymore. It can wait until after the tournament, can’t it?” The dream dissipates before you can respond.

You wake up, and your hangover wakes up with you. Your head suddenly feels like Eiki just used it for target practice, and you can’t imagine how much it would hurt to open your eyes. You retreat deep under the covers to try and get away from the pain, brushing against someone’s firm body in the process.

Your bedmate grabs you by the head and forces something into your mouth. You swallow it, and the aching immediately recedes. A minute later, you’re willing to try to figure out how you got here.

You poke your head out to find Yuugi lying next to you with the sheets partially covering her breasts. She looks over to you with a gentle smile and pats the side of your head. Your memories of the party quickly come back to you, and a question forms in your mind.

“Who won?” you ask hoarsely.

“No idea!” Yuugi laughs for a bit. “You put up a great match, though. We’re friends from now on.”

You nod with a bit of a blush. At first you think you’re just being sentimental, but the warmth in your cheeks deepens and starts spreading through your body. Was there something in what you swallowed?

Yuugi sees the confusion in your eyes and nods to herself. “Oh, right. I gave you the oni’s special hangover cure. Nothin’ works better, but the secret ingredient’s also an aphrodisiac. You’ll be fine if you can cum once.” She starts offering to leave and let you masturbate, but you cut her off with a kiss. You can’t let someone like her out of your sight while you’re like this.

Yuugi smiles with her eyes and lifts you on top of her. Her muscular legs twine around yours, and your pillowy chest flattens itself against her firm breasts. Your tongue only manages to put up a brief struggle before giving in to Yuugi’s, which proceeds to ravish every corner of your mouth while she strokes your back and your hair. You’re too horny to put up a good fight, and Yuugi’s clearly excited to be in control. It’s not bad to be on the bottom sometimes.

Yuugi’s thick cock quickly hardens against your crotch, thanks in part to all the saliva she’s swallowing. You desperately grind your pussy against the hot length, but she seems ignore it until she’s had her fill of kissing. She turns you over to face the ceiling, and the hard shaft rises up between your legs. You squeeze it with your thighs and stroke the smooth, pulsing surface with both hands while Yuugi plays with your breasts. The way she digs into your sensitive skin and rolls your nipples between her rough fingertips makes you tremble from head to toe.

Once again, Yuugi takes her time teasing you before she gives in to your protests. You sigh happily when she wraps her arms around your stomach and pulls her hips back a little, and then you scream as she rams into you at full force. The penetration sets off fireworks of pleasure in your head, strong enough to make you clench up for almost ten seconds. Yuugi’s cock actually does hurt this time, so you quickly stretch your pussy a little to compensate. Just enough that she fits, and not a bit looser.

You expect Yuugi to start pounding you like before, but she surprises you by thrusting at a slow rhythmic pace instead. Your confusion finds its way out as a moan, which makes Yuugi chuckle into your ear.

“What, you think I can only go at full force? I know how to please a woman.” Her hands go back to your breasts to resume the torturous groping. They feel like they’re absolutely filled to the brim with milk, but it seems like it won’t come out unless someone sucks on them. You’re moaning too much to ask her right now, and with the mood she’s in now she might just deny you anyway.

Yuugi pulls out and flips you onto your back, then plants her hands down on either side of your head and penetrates you again. Now that her head’s a foot away from you, you can see that she’s blushing and panting heavily as well. Her hanging breasts swing in a wide arc each time she slams into you. Your hands rise above your head and dig into the bedsheets, and your back arches almost painfully while your breasts jiggle in all directions.

“Insatiable, aren’t you?” Yuugi asks with a deep satisfaction. She lowers herself down and closes her eyes for a surprisingly tender kiss, then makes up for it by putting you on your hands and knees and ravishing you from behind. Her tempo has finally reached last night’s level, and she’s applying more technique this time around to pound away at your most sensitive spots. Even though she seems to be completely dominant, you can feel that she’s trying hard to make you feel good.

It seems like you’re both going to cum together. Yuugi grabs your arms from under you and pulls you upright to finish, making your breasts bounce mightily with each earth-shattering thrust. She hits her orgasm like a ton of bricks, and you finally stop resisting and give in to the overwhelming pleasure. Your body seems to fade away to leave your mind alone in a sea of ecstasy, where the only other sensation is an endless amount of cum blasting into your pussy.

You come back to earth to find yourself lying across the exhausted oni’s chest. Her deep breathing lulls you halfway to sleep before she bolts up and startles you awake.

“Oh, we need to get goin’! Not much longer ‘til the tournament starts.”

You signed up for that, didn’t you. “Oh, yeah, that. Are you a contestant?”

“’Course I am! I can’t pass up a chance like this.” Her eager smile takes on a gentler tone. “You were great too, though. As far as I care, we can do this again anytime.”

Yuugi takes you to the bath and does all the washing, then lets you sit in her lap and recover while you soak. The sex took a lot out of her too, but she has the stamina to handle it. After a quick meal, you feel like you’re back in top form; you and Yuugi practically race each other to the arena.

The tournament’s being held in a mini-colloseum inside the palace. An impressive crowd of youkai has come to watch, and Satori’s helping direct traffic through the double doors. When she sees you, she points you towards a side entrance where a bunch of familiar faces have gathered.

There’s five others here already. Okuu and Orin are happily chatting away together, and Yamame seems to be sleeping on her feet. Parsee and Kasen are standing in opposite corners, both brooding hard enough to put your average monk to shame. Parsee’s surrounded by a powerful aura of animosity, but you’re not really afraid of Kasen.

There’s some time before the tourney starts. How should you spend it?

[ ] Hang out with Okuu and acknowledge Orin’s existence.
[ ] Sneak up on Yamame.
[ ] Go bother Kasen.
[ ] Go bother ParseeKasen.

>no Koishi mindrape
I'm a little disappointed. Unless she's been doing it this entire time. Yeah. I'll go with that.
I think Koishi's could be more of a sneak in dreams, bang you in the dreams. Meet in real life. THE DREAM BECOMES REAL!!


[X]Hang out with Okuu and acknowledge Orin’s existence.
[x] Hang out with Okuu and acknowledge Orin’s existence.

Kasen is boring (or would lecture her like Shikieiki does), Komacchan had enough fun with Yamame for now, so this.
They're in the waiting room for a sex tournament. What could Kasen possibly lecture Komachi about?
[x] Hang out with Okuu and acknowledge Orin’s existence.

Because I want to fix things and because I am hoping for a threesome. Or double-dicking from Orin, at the very least. Maybe not with this choice, but eventually.
[x] Hang out with Okuu and acknowledge Orin’s existence.

Komachi ought to be careful as her breasts may be a particular weak point due to nothing being sucked out.
[x] Hang out with Okuu and acknowledge Orin’s existence.
So we'll need to use AphroSlav as much as possible to defeat them first.
Kite them while spitting furiously. Actually, forget the kiting, that's what distance powers are for.

The most boring sex tournament.
Closing votes, Okuurin wins. Next update will have the bracket.
File 133242948290.jpg - (235.97KB, 2550x3300 , marchmadness.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Hang out with Okuu and acknowledge Orin’s existence.

You’ll be getting plenty of Yamame action later, and you can tease Kasen after her match. For now, you’ll hang out with Okuu. And Orin.

Okuu has her back turned, so you tap her on the shoulder and jump back to avoid a wing-smack when she turns around.

“Hey, Okuu! Did you have a good time at the party?”

Okuu nods happily, and your eyes immediately dart towards Orin. She narrows her eyes and shakes her head.

“I tried going over to where the sex was, and I ran into a pair of nice girls on the way there. Itou and Ai, I think? We had a little threesome, and then another girl came along and joined in. She was reeally good.”

“…Did she have red eyes?”



Okuu remembers something. “Oh, but what about you two? Did you anything together?”

Shoot, you told her you were going to spend some time with Orin. You and Orin exchange panicked glances. “Oh, um, yeah! We had a great time!” you declare in a stilted voice. Orin hurriedly backs you up, and you both smile at Okuu until she’s convinced. Looks like you both want to keep Okuu happy, at least. Maybe you can get along like she says.

“So, do you think you’re gonna win the tourney?” you ask to change the subject.

“I might have a chance. I won the last one we had, but that was just with people from the palace.”

Orin puts an arm around Okuu. “Aw, you’re sellin’ yourself short, Okuu. You’re a monster when you get in the ring!”

Okuu laughs politely. “You’re pretty good too, Orin. We faced each other in the finals last time, didn’t we?”

“Yeah, n’then you got me with the Atomic Tribber.”

A quiet but firm voice calls for everyone’s attention. It’s your old pal Number 3, with a similar-looking youkai at her side. She doesn’t seem especially indimidated by the sight of you all.

“The tournament is about to begin. Komachi and Yamame will be in the first match. The rest of you may use that door to reach the competitors’ seats.”

Okuu and Yuugi wave goodbye as they file off to the stands. Number 3 takes you around the outside of the arena while her companion leads Yamame in the opposite direction.

“You work here, Number 3?” you ask. She stumbles when you call her that.

“Please, call me Mao. And yes, I help maintain the Palace’s library.” Mao turns away from you and refuses to say anything else. She’s a lot more fun when she’s drunk.

Mao stops at another doorway and points you inside. You step into small, nondescript room with nothing but a closet and a bench.

“This is the eastern ready room. Please undress and use this time to prepare. I will tell you when to proceed to your match,” Mao recites.

You hang up your clothes and lie out on the bench. It’s hard to keep track of time down here, but you’re pretty sure you don’t need any more pills. Yuugi got you nice and warmed up, so you’re ready to go whenever.

Come to think of it, it’s been a while since you had a good sex-fight. Your coworkers are good for casual sex, but they don’t have the guts for anything else. Most of your old pals died or got sealed away or disappeared after the barrier went up, and Meiling hasn’t had time to play since she got her new job. That really just leaves Yuyuko, and she’s not the fittest person around. It’s hard being a sex-master sometimes.

Mao calls you back to reality and opens the gate for you. You thank her and step out into the heat and noise of the arena.

The arena isn’t the largest place around. The ring is about the size of a sumo ring, and there’s seven packed levels of seating. Any more, and the people in the back wouldn’t get a good view of the sex. You’d say there’s about two hundred spectators, but you’re not the best at counting. Yamame saunters in through the opposite side, and you take your places near the center of the ring.

Satori’s standing at a podium off to your right, with a large bracket set up behind her. You quickly scan the names and notice that there’s only seven people listed. Also that you’ll face Kasen or Orin in the next match, and that Okuu’s paired up with Yuugi.

Oh, Satori’s making a speech. You should probably listen.

“…This will be an eight-person single-elimination tournament. The first contestant to orgasm loses. Danmaku and flight are prohibited, but other powers are not. Additionally, if you are a futanari and your orgasm occurs inside your opponent, it will be considered your victory. Whatever happens after the match is none of my concern, but I do ask that you take it outside the ring if the audience does not find it interesting.”

Yamame’s naked body is a familiar sight now, as is her eager cock. She shakes your hand and crouches to each side to stretch her legs while Satori wraps up. Not to be outdone, you stretch your arms behind your back and push your chest out as far as you can.

“…The first match will be between Miss Yamame Kurodani and Miss Komachi Onozuka.” A surprisingly large amount of cheers greet Yamame’s name. It’s much less than what you get, but you’ll change that. Yamame indulges the audience with a few waves and then turns to you with the most confident smile.

This is going to be fun.

Parsee doesn't get an opponent in the first round?
Oh, looks like Satori forgot to write down Parsee's opponent. Silly girl.
Forgot..."Ah, it's Koishi, isn't it?
It's hard, and everybody understands.

>no power restrictions
Nobody will ever cum inside Komachi's cavernous vagina.
>It's hard

>the Atomic Tribber
I like the name of this move!

You and Yamame both brace for an impact, and the first seconds pass in silence. When you both see that neither person’s going to attack, Yamame starts slowly circling you. You back up out of lunging distance and keep her in your line of sight. She’s definitely baiting you, but you might still be able to catch her by surprise. You wipe a bit of sweat off your forehead and bend your knees.

Yamame’s going clockwise at a constant speed. A few seconds from now, she’ll be… there. You whirl around and distance-jump over. Yamame passes in front of you before she knows what’s happening, and you catch her in a tight grab from behind. This wasn’t part of her plan.

Yamame tries to throw you off, but you’re a little too heavy and she can’t get a good grip. You chuckle into her ear as she struggles.

Can’t just be holding her in place, though. You wrap a hand around her cock and start giving her a sensual handjob. You go a little faster than you normally would, but you still give the head plenty of attention and swirl your fingers around the shaft as your hand slides up and down. She won’t stand a chance once you get it covered in precum.

Before that happens, though, Yamame leans back and whispers to you.

“That feels really good, Komachi. Now it’s your turn.”

Yamame kicks her legs off the ground and crosses them behind your knees. By throwing herself backwards, she’s able to pull your legs out from under you and drop you onto your back. She quickly turns around and locks her legs around your knees, preventing you from standing up. You can just force her legs apart with your powers, but you’re having a hard time focusing on the right distance. You’re starting to feel really hot, too.

Yamame gropes your breasts while you puzzle through how to get her off of you. Their weight seems to be of interest of her; did she notice you haven’t lactated in a while?

Forget it, you’ll get her off the old-fashioned way. You pull yourself up to Yamame’s level and lock hands with her to try and push her off. She tightens her legs and struggles against you with a confident grin.

“Hey, Komachi. I never told you about my power, did I?”

Everything gets hot and blurry for a bit. You shake it off and stop Yamame from pushing you down, but it feels like your strength is fading.

“It’s the power to control diseases. I mostly just use it to punish humans, but I’ve come up with another fun way to use it.” Yamame pins your arms to the ground. You can’t move at all, and your whole body’s throbbing with heat. You can hardly even think like this, much less push her away.

“I’ve come up with a disease of my own that paralyzes people and makes them extra-sensitive. It gets transmitted through my saliva and stays quiet until I turn it on. You could call it my spider’s venom.”

That’s right, she kissed Orin before making her go all crazy-like last night. And the first time her tongue got into you was…

“Do you rememeber? I ate you out right after we met. I could’ve done this to you whenever I wanted, but you were more fun when you kept your freedom. Right now, though…” Yamame bends down and blows into your ear. “… I’m gonna make you my sex toy, and these people’re all gonna watch.”

Yamame bends down and puts her mouth on one of your nipples. You seem to be able to feel every little bump on her tongue as she sucks and swirls it around. She pulls away as soon as she tastes your milk and gets the other breast going too, then picks you up from behind to show your lactation to everyone. The backed-up milk flows out in a thick stream that makes your nipples ache with pleasure.

Yamame’s impressed by the amount of milk. In fact, it gives her an idea. She slides her hands to the middle of your breasts and squeezes as hard as she can, making two jets of milk shoot clear to the other side of the ring. That much milk squirting out at once is too much for your nipples you handle, and the feeling overwhelms you and leaves your mouth agape. She laughs with amusement at your reaction and does it a few more times, making you cry out huskily with each shot. Once she’s had her fun with that, she puts you on the ground with your ass in the air for a new torture. You shiver in anticipation.

“It didn’t hurt at all when I did that, right? If something’s supposed to hurt just a little, my disease makes it feel good instead. Which means…” Yamame lifts up her hand and plants a hard smack on your ass. You know it’s supposed to be painful, but you feel a sharp, stinging pleasure instead. You can’t stifle a loud moan.

“Aha, you liked it. There’s plenty more where that came from.”

Yamame starts mercilessly spanking you. You moan helplessly and squirt out some milk with each impact, and your pussy gets wet enough to start dripping. Yamame picks her targets at random and stops for a second between each strike, giving you time to worry about where she’ll hit next. She quits when she notices the wet spot on the ground, leaving your ass with a throbbing ache that won’t stop feeling incredible.

For her next trick, Yamame drags her nails up your tender cheeks. It’s cruel and painful on the heavily-spanked areas, but the spots that didn’t get as much attention turn the pain to pleasure instead. Her scratching follows a meandering path, assaulting you with both sensations almost simultaneously. The contradiction makes your eyes roll up, and you can’t tell if you want it to stop or go on.

Yamame’s fingertips eventually leave your ass. She starts sliding her fingers up and down your slit, and a hopeful sound escape your lips at the prospect of release. Yamame laughs cruelly.

“Oh, you’re giving up? Fine by me. I’m gonna stick it in now, and you’re gonna keep cumming in front of everyone ‘til I fill you up with sperm.” Yamame flips you over and slowly lines up her cock while she speaks. Your pussy’s begging to cum after all that; you probably won’t last two thrusts.

Yamame rubs her cock against your clitoris for one last bit of teasing. When it’s thoroughly smeared with precum, she finally enters you. Your walls melt with pleasure and cling eagerly to Yamame’s cock as she penetrates deeper and deeper, making it feel like every new inch will be the one that finishes you. She grinds her hips for a bit when she’s all the way inside, and then makes you feel just as good when she pulls back. If this is how it feels when she’s just playing with you, there’s no way you’ll be able to resist her when she’s serious.

Yamame locks eyes with you and grins with excitement.

“I win~!”

Yamame’s cock rams into you and makes your whole pussy light up at once. Your body clenches up and you accept your defeat, but then it suddenly relents. Your brain-melting orgasm of failure recedes into the horizon, and you’re left back on the edge.

Yamame’s dominant grin fades at the sight of your non-orgasm. She thrusts again and hits you with another burst of pleasure that also doesn’t make you cum. Whispers to herself in disbelief, she starts fucking you angrily and staring into your eyes with a gaze that demands your surrender.

Wait, staring? The eyes pill! It’s keeping you from cumming somehow. It might only work as long as you maintain eye contact, though. Which means, if you time things just right…

You focus on the constantly-changing distance between Yamame’s cock and your cervix. It’s much simpler than the distance from earlier, enough that your pleasure-soaked mind can just barely grasp it. You have to hold on to it, no matter what.

Yamame pounds harder and harder until the sloppy squishing sounds are as loud as the noise from the crowd. She’s not bothering with any techinique now, convinced that she can win with brute force. The half-orgasms start happening every thrust, and that one vital distance slips in and out of your grasp

Endure it.

Endure it.


Endure it.

Yamame’s cock clenches up inside you. This is your chance.

You focus all your willpower on holding off your orgasm, then force Yamame out of your pussy and close your eyes. A confused moan comes from Yamame, followed by a splash of hot cum. You finally go over the edge when it touches your clit, and an incredibly sharp pleasure pierces every corner of your helpless body. Yamame desperately tries to force herself back into you, but the distance is fixed so her cock can’t even touch you.

“Yamame came outside! Komachi is the winner!” Satori declares. The crowd goes silent with shock; It seemed like Yamame had you.

You open your eyes to see Yamame staring back with her mouth agape. Several tense seconds pass, and then she bursts into laughter. It’s good-natured laughter, not crazy-laughter.

“Ahaha, wow! You really got me, Komachi!” Yamame pulls out and picks you up in a bridal carry. The heat of the disease starts to fade, giving you enough strength for a weak thumbs-up. The crowd starts cheering for both of you.

You definitely owe Eirin for this.

Yamame carries you off to a recovery room. A warm, perfumed bath is all set up for the two of you, and she cleans your limp body before going and putting you in her lap. Her arms close around you in a gentle embrace.

“I got a little carried away out there, huh?” she says with an embarrassed laugh.

“You made me feel really good, though.”

“Oh, yeah? I was just doin’ my best.”

Yamame laughs some more, and then an awkward silence settles over you.

“Hey, Yamame,” you say after a minute. “Did you mean what you said about making me your sex toy?”

“That? Oh, um. Actually, I was thinking…” Yamame draws out the last word and drops off, but you encourage her to continue.

“… I was thinking that after I beat you I’d make you my mate.”


“Uh, yeah. We’d, you know, I’d make you get pregnant, and then you’d give birth and we’d both raise the--Nevermind. Forget I said anything.”

Whoa, that’s what she had in mind?

[ ] Seems like it could be fun…
-[ ] … If you had a way to get pregnant.
-[ ] … As long as Yamame carried the baby.
[ ] Not really your thing.
[x] Seems like it could be fun…
-[x] … If you had a way to get pregnant.
[X] Seems like it could be fun…
-[X] … If you had a way to get pregnant.

Been waiting for this for a few weeks. Fucking fantastic, thank you.
[X] Seems like it could be fun…
-[X] … If you had a way to get pregnant.

What's that you say? Get knocked up?

Sounds lovely.
Hmm, another nice end or just stating that Komachi can't be pregnant due to being death?
[X] Seems like it could be fun…
-[X] … As long as Yamame carried the baby.
[X] Seems like it could be fun…
-[X] … If you had a way to get pregnant.
[x] Seems like it could be fun…
-[x] … As long as Yamame carried the baby.

Spiderkids. Millions of them.
[x] Seems like it could be fun…
-[x] … If you had a way to get pregnant.

Death can't bring about life.

Also, dominant Yamame is fucking awesome.
[X] Seems like it could be fun…
-[X] … If you had a way to get pregnant.
Yamame end with pregnant Komachi is the winner. Prepare your bodies.

Preparing for sad Nue.
Sad Nue is the other story, isn't it? I don't think BSD's Nue will be sad.
That's correct, Sad Nue is part of Rick's story, and not necessarily this story.

Anyways, I don't think Nue will turn out like that considering BSD probably has some surprises planned for Nue. So I'm still preparing my body for the normal ending that's coming.
Yamame end is coming along. I've never written pregnant sex before, so it's taking me longer than usual.
Today or tomorrow. I'm close.
File 133373339252.png - (95.60KB, 600x800 , 23071501_p1.png) [iqdb]
I see your status updates.
Happy Easter, /at/.

[x] Seems like it could be fun…
-[x] … If you had a way to get pregnant.

You’d thought about having children before, of course. Problem is, you’ve known all the other shinigami since like forever, and you can’t really imagine settling down with any of them. And even if you have a crush on Eiki, there’s no way you’d want her to be your wife. Can you even imagine?

So, you’d decided that it would have to be with a nice youkai that nobody back home knew. Somebody sociable and good at sex who could make you feel good and keep you entertained without wanting to be joined at the hip. Now that you think about it, Yamame fits that pretty well. You still can’t say if it’ll actually happen, but…

“Hey, Yamame.”

“Ah, yeah?” She’s still nervous.

“I can’t have kids right now, but I’ll think about it, okay?”

Yamame’s speechless. All she can do is hug you.


Schemes were thwarted and sex was had. You got Eiki back to normal, but someone dear to you lost her life. It made you do a lot of thinking, and you eventually decided to try having a child. It seemed like something you needed to do at least once in your life.

Eiki’s superiors were impressed enough with your performance to offer you a reward of your choosing. You asked for the chance to get pregnant and a year off from work, and they were happy to oblige. It kind of tingled when they fired up your ovaries.

Not surprisingly, Yamame could hardly believe it when you came back and asked her to knock you up. Her original plan was to tie you up in her web and take care of you until you gave birth, but you convinced her to move in with you instead. The obligatory home improvement followed.

You quickly lost track of how much you did it with Yamame after she moved in. Sex for procreation was new for both of you, and it seemed to make everything more exciting and dangerous. Sex with other people didn’t even compare. One of those dozens or hundreds of fuckings got through, and a week later you felt strangely sick. Your pregnancy had begun.

Shinigami work probably wouldn’t have been that stressful, but you couldn’t pass up the chance to skip it for a year. Yamame decided to open a yakitori stand, just to have a way to scratch her gossip itch. She made friends in Muenzuka as easily as she did back home.

The first-ever pregnant shinigami was pretty big news, so you got all sorts of visitors. Everyone from Cirno to Reimu to Yukari showed up to put their hands on your belly and try to feel it kicking. Mokou never came over, though. Hearing that you’d become someone else’s wife must’ve broken her heart.


It’s been six months now, and your belly has swollen quite a bit. The changes to your body were exciting at first, but not all of them were pleasant. It seems like for every time you feel excited about what’s happening, there’s another one where you’re just tired and nervous.

Recently, you’ve been starting to wonder if this was such a good idea. You really just met Yamame, and neither one of you knows the first thing about parenting. There’s a decent chance you’ll outlive both Yamame and the child, too. Are you just setting yourself up for a depressing future?

Yamame opens the door to find you lounging in your favorite chair and staring off into space. You’re wearing your usual robe with the belt undone to give your belly some space. She quietly walks over and plants a kiss on your cheek before bringing her smiling face into view. You don’t smile back.

“Hey, Komachi! How’s… What’s wrong?”

“Mm, just thinking.”


“Yeah. I was… I dunno, I was just wonderin’ if we really shoulda done this. What if she doesn’t come out right or we don’t make good parents?”

“It’s not like you to worry about stuff like that.”

“That doesn’t mean it isn’t--” Yamame interrupts you with a kiss. It’s a long one, with plenty of moaning and tongue. You find yourself getting into it despite your sour mood. Eventually, Yamame puts her head beside yours. She places a hand on your belly and kisses your ear before whispering:

“I love you, Komachi.”

You blush like a schoolgirl. Yamame’s never said it outright before. She can’t keep from giggling nervously, but she stops as quickly as she can.

“I wouldn’t have gotten you pregnant if I hadn’t loved you. I’ll stay with you no matter what, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

“… Okay.” A sweet warmth spreads through you, and your face gets stuck in a wide smile. Yamame’s the same way, so it’s not that embarrassing. Neither one of you is used to this kind of situation, though.

“Hey, I built up a lot of stress at work today. Wanna help me let it out?” Yamame asks with a grin.

Yamame’s job is the opposite of stressful, but you’ll play along. You nod and pull your feet up to the edge of your chair while Yamame undresses. When she’s ready, she grabs your ankles and pushes them above your head. You scoot forward a little and slump back to get comfortable.

Your robe’s already fallen off, so you pull your panties aside with one hand and spread your pussy with the other. Yamame considers your ass for a moment, but the heat drifting out of your twitching pussy wins her over. She pulls back sharply on your legs and penetrates you in a single stroke, forcing an excited moan out of your mouth.

You let your hands drop to your sides and give the lead to Yamame. She settles into one of her practiced techniques, where she penetrates you slowly with plenty of grinding and then hits you with an extra-fast thrust right after. The first stroke gets you nice and excited, and the second one stimulates your whole pussy at once. It tightens up and sucks on her cock to reward her for the nice treatment.

Yamame pushes your legs a little further back and uses them to frame your breasts, which are both leaking milk at an impressive rate. Ever since you got pregnant, they’ve been spurting off at the slightest provocation. Each one of her sharp thrusts makes them squirt out a little stream that leaves a shiny spot on your belly.

You’re doing most of the moaning, but Yamame’s mouth is hanging open as well. The sight of your soft lips and tongue is too much for her to resist, and she leans over and stops your voice with a kiss. You stare at her with glassy, tear-filled eyes and give her free reign of your mouth as well. It’s hard not to feel submissive when somebody’s fucking you in this position while you’re pregnant with her child.

Yamame enjoys your mouth and your pussy for a few more minutes before pulling out and walking the short distance to your bed. She didn’t exactly edge you, but you were still feeling really good.

“Hey, what’re you…?”

Yamame sits on the edge and spreads her legs with a naughty grin. “Well, your huge tits were staring me in the face the whole time we were doing it, and I just thought it’d be nice to have them wrapped around my cock.”

You’re annoyed at being denied, but you’ve come to expect this from Yamame. You’re not going to masturbate just to spite her. You get off the chair with a good-natured grumble and kneel down in front of her.

Your breasts gained a few sizes after you got pregnant. They’re heavy and sore sometimes, but they’re also more sensitive. Yamame’s made very good use of them. She lies back to give you more room to work with, and you drop them both onto her crotch with a heavy thump. You reach between with one finger and pull up her cock, but it doesn’t poke out through your cleavage even when it’s fully upright. You press your breasts together, and their soft skin completely envelops her cock. It seems like you can feel every curve and vein of Yamame’s hot, throbbing penis.

You drool a little into your breasts and feel the warm liquid trickle down and mingle with Yamame’s precum. Instead of moving your breasts up and down, you twist your upper body from side to side without letting up the pressure. Your soft, slippery breasts gently rub every inch of Yamame’s cock, making her cross her eyes and moan huskily.

Yamame reaches down and teases your nipples, which quickly cover her fingers in milk. She pulls her hands back and thoughtfully sucks it off while you continue your massage.

Yamame’s blush deepens, and her hips start trembling as she nears her orgasm. When she seems to be near the edge, you pull back and start slowly stroking her cock with the head pressed into your nipples. Her cock gives you a nice bit of stimulation as it covers your nipples in hot precum, and your breasts quickly cover it with milk in return. The dripping shaft looks extremely appetizing, but Yamame loses her patience before you can start licking it. She grabs your breasts with a whine and thrusts between them; three times is enough to send her over the edge.

You open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Yamame takes the hint and shoves her cock into your mouth just as she starts cumming. The powerful flavor of her cum quickly soaks your tongue and flows up to your nose, making your vision go foggy as you gulp it down. You shiver a little when you remember that this is the same cum that got you pregnant.

Yamame looks down from the ceiling and smirks through her afterglow.

“You’re a pretty obedient wife, Komachi.”

Yamame’s been on top long enough. You push her to the center of the bed and make her stick there. This kind of play is pretty typical, so Yamame just smiles expectantly as you climb onto the bed and plant your pussy on top of her mouth. She closes her eyes and takes a deep drink of your scent before sticking out her tongue to pleasure you.

Yamame’s tongue has only gotten better since she moved in. Even with your crotch pressed right into her face, she still manages to delicately trace the outline of your pussy and your clitoris. You spread your pussy and press it onto her mouth again, and she has an easy time of slipping her tongue inside you. You shorten your pussy until she can touch every part of it with her tongue, and she takes full advantage of the opportunity to tease your whole pussy at once.

Yamame gives you a minute of heavenly cunnlingus and kisses your clit to send you over. Your whole body contracts forcefully, and two thick streams of milk shoot out of your breasts. Yamame pulls her tongue back and patiently sucks the juices out of your pussy. Your belly’s blocking her view of your face, so you just stare up at the ceiling and use your moans to tell her how good it feels.

Yamame’s cock is rock-hard again. You grind against her face for a while longer to work out the last bits of pleasure before sliding back to her hips. Her mouth is covered with your juices, and the long exposure to your scent seems to have left her in a daze.

You sit down on top of Yamame’s cock, crushing it under your pussy instead of taking it inside you. The shaft rubs against your clitoris when you position your hips just right, and you start sliding back and forth to tease her. The pleasure snaps her back to consciousness.

“Wanna cum inside me, Yamame? Even though I’m already pregnant?”

“Doesn’t matter. I’m addicted to your body, Komachi.”

“… Yeah, I feel the same way.” You drop down to Yamame’s hips and bury her cock inside of you. You hug your hands around your belly and bounce up and down a few times, but doing it in cowgirl while pregnant is pretty awkward. The extra weight really drags you down.

“Hey, you’ve had your revenge,” Yamame says. “Let me take care of you now.”

You release Yamame, and she has you turn around and lie down on top of her. She draws a line of soft kisses up your neck and runs her hands over your swollen breasts and belly, taking pride in what she’s done to you. She confesses again in a whisper and hugs you just under your breasts. You rest your hands on top of hers, and she starts pounding into you at a surprisingly fast pace. She must be eager to cum together with you.

“Hey, isn’t this uncomfortable? I’m really heavy.”

“I don’t mind.”

Yamame licks your neck and sucks on your ears while she thrusts. She’s going at a really fast pace, but each thrust is precisely aimed at a sensitive spot in your pussy. Her accuracy stays perfect even as it shudders and convulses around her cock, and the pleasure quickly starts taking away your senses.

Yamame starts telling you she loves you, over and over. It grows in volume from whisper to a scream, and you eventually start repeating it yourself. The two of you shout it as loud as you can when you cum together, not caring if anyone can hear you.

Yamame’s words echo in your ears, and the feeling of her love mixes beautifully with your orgasm. Yamame squeezes you tightly while her cock explodes inside you, lost in her own world of pleasure. Tears stream down both your faces, and the throbbing seems to last for ages.

You drift back to reality, still in Yamame’s arms. She pulls out and lies down at your side, leaving you nice and full of sperm. You exchange a pair of blushing smiles and share a long, leisurely kiss, still not quite comfortable with the powerful emotions you’re feeling. It suddenly seems like you have all the time in the world.

When you’ve both had your fill of kissing, Yamame pulls back and rests her head on your belly.

“We’re gonna have a pretty messed up kid, huh?” she says.

“We’ll see.”

Shit was good, been waiting a long time for this.
>Mokou never came over, though. Hearing that you’d become someone else’s wife must’ve broken her heart.

Insert sadface image here.
File 133411165860.png - (41.93KB, 275x213 , nothing to wahaha about.png) [iqdb]
Does this work?
File 133537782131.jpg - (395.71KB, 850x1236 , shouldwritethisatsomepoint.jpg) [iqdb]
I haven't updated in a while, have I? Things are pretty busy now, so I might as well declare an official hiatus. It shouldn't be too much longer now, though.
Funny, I was just thinking of this story today. We'll be waiting warmly!
Started writing again. Kasen POV is hard.
>Started writing again.

In Eientei, was there ever a chance for a scene in the Corridor to the Sky? It seems like a waste to not fuck in such a cool location.
It's cool that you remember that!

But, the kiss with Eirin was all I had planned.
Sex there would be mind-blowing if you were high, but might be kind of weird otherwise.
“Uh, yeah. We’d, you know, I’d make you get pregnant, and then you’d give birth and we’d both raise the--Nevermind. Forget I said anything.”

Whoa, that’s what she had in mind?

[x] Not your thing.

You’ve thought about getting pregnant before, but it seems like it’d be really boring to have a big commitment like that weighing you down. You’d probably make a terrible parent too, and you’d probably outlive your whole family. You’re pretty happy with things the way they are.

“Okay. Nevermind,” you say. Yamame breathes out a sigh of relief and relaxes her body, letting you sink a bit further into her lap. Her caressing tells you she wants to play some more, but you can’t be missing the next fight.


Yamame came very close to winning, but she let her guard down and lost at the last moment. You don’t approve of her methods, but seeing Komachi squirm like that was undeniably exciting. It’s a bit shameful to admit that you enjoyed watching, though. Not at all becoming of a hermit.

A smartly-dressed attendant enters the stands and motions for you and Orin to follow her. The seating area was designed for thirty-two people, so you’ve been able to sit by yourself. The other competitors all seem as lustful and twisted as you expected, except for the raven.

Orin gives her companion a farewell kiss and bounds out into the hall. You start to follow, but the raven grabs your arm as you pass by. She has an apologetic smile on her face.

“Don’t worry about Orin. She has a hard time trusting people, but she’s a nice person. I’ll root for you both, okay?”

You can’t say you believe the raven, but she’s too kind to argue with. She’s strikingly pure for an underground youkai. Perhaps she would… No, that won’t do. You can’t be thinking like that.

You catch up to the orderly and follow her to a ready room. She’s respectful enough to avert her gaze, so you undress and take a moment to meditate.

Outside, you’ve been able to lead a quiet life of meditation and pursue sex with your disciples for purely spiritual reasons. It’s been ages since you’ve seen anyone having sex for pleasure, and the sight of this constant debauchery is starting to cloud your judgment. The youkai you followed down here seemed to have a lot of information, but pursuing her might not be worth it if you have to put up with all this. And now Komachi’s gotten you wrapped up in this tournament.

You like to think that you’re above the base carnality that’s consumed everyone else, but you can’t deny that part of you has been aching to try it. You like to think you accepted Komachi’s offer for the reasons she gave you, but maybe you really are just using this as an excuse for wanton sex.

But that’s not how it has to be. You are a respectable hermit, and this could be an excellent chance to put these shameless youkai on the path to enlightenment. If you can just resist the temptation to join them…

“Miss Ibaraki?”

The wait has ended. You open your eyes and acknowledge the attendant before stepping out into the arena.

You are by no means ashamed of your body, but the lustful stares and jeers that greet you still make you uncomfortable. You’re used to being reverently examined by your loyal disciples, not eyed like a piece of meat. However, it only serves to harden your resolve. They all have much to learn about sex, and you’ll begin by proving that you’re better at it than all of them.


“Good luck, Miss Orin!” the orderly says. You toss her a wink as you strut out to the arena, swinging your hips and your tails with each step.

The booing you heard changes to a burst of cheers and applause when you appear outside. You smile back and wave with both hands. Finally, some people who’re on your side.

Your opponent walks to her place with stiff, measured steps, glaring back at the crowd’s whistles and catcalls. You don’t hide your lecherous smirk as you violate her with her eyes. Smooth, radiant skin, larger-than-average breasts, a carefully-tended pussy… Ooh, and inverted nipples, too. The fact that she’s a hermit is just icing on the cake. Her body just seems to be begging for you to corrupt her.

You couldn’t have asked for a better setup. First you’ll put this stuck-up hermit in her place, and then you’ll give Komachi the punishment she deserves.


I like Rin's perspective way more, and she's gotta have her showdown with Komachi.

The only choice.

She is one of my favourite characters after all.

Rin isn't really my favorite, and I want to see more of Kasen anyways.
[x] Rin Kaenbyou
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>You got Eiki back to normal, but someone dear to you lost her life.
Oh my.

I was under the impression this was just for perspective.
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My vote's for [x] RIN KAENBYOU. Because DP, DP everywhere! Also, /r/ both dicks in one hole.
who knows but between Kasen and Miss thinks Okuu is a nice cocksleeve, I'd choose the former.
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