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You're taking your boss, Eiki Shiki, out to dinner. You've just finished the main course, and it's time to go in for the kill. Eiki looks over the menu at you. “What would you like for dessert, Komachi?” she asks innocently.

Time slows down. You feel a distinct urge to put on a pair of sunglasses as you prepare to leap over the table and knock her over onto a conveniently placed bed, where you'll ravish her until you both have to retire. However, the sound of footsteps suddenly awakens you.

You bolt up in full panic mode, but instead of an angry boss you see a white-haired girl in green stumbling towards you. She does an admirable job trying to walk, but she collapses a few feet short of you. You notice another figure at the edge of your vision, but it disappears when you turn to look at it.

It's a sunny day in Muenzuka. The boss is out on business, so you're taking the day off. You're wearing your favorite blue-and-white robe and coin-adorned belt, showing just enough cleavage to make the boss uncomfortable. Your trusty scythe rests at your side.

Anyway, this girl. You definitely know her, but her name escapes you. You're pretty sure it starts with a Y. Yukiko? Yosuke? Yatterman? Youmu. That was it. Half-ghost, minds the garden at Yuyuko's place. She's always bustling around in the background while you're visiting there. Seems to be mute, too.

You carry Youmu over to your riverside cabin and lay her down on your bed. She's an imposing figure when she's all swords akimbo, but now that you get a good look at her while she's unconscious and splayed out on your bed, she's actually a pretty cute girl. Her skin is unnaturally clean and smooth, and she smells like an exotic bouquet. Her thin frame makes her look graceful and delicate, but she can probably take more punishment than half the people you know. If she smiled a little more, she'd probably have people glomping onto her from every which way.

You don't remember her having a throbbing futa-cock, though. There's a very noticeable bulge under her skirt that seems to infect her whole body with lewdness, making it impossible to think of her in a non-sexual way. You bet it's super-sensitive; if you made her cum she'd probably look really cute, moaning while hugging a pillow with tears streaming down her face and curling her delicate little toes as huge thick streams shot wildly out of her cock...

Youmu opens her eyes, snapping you out of your fantasy. She sees you staring and blushes deeply, covering her crotch with both hands and staring fearfully into your eyes. Her vulnerability is palpable.

There's no way you can keep yourself from playing with her.

It'd probably be most fun if you were to...
[ ] Seduce her, then let her take the lead.
[ ] Jump on her and empty her out.
[ ] Lock up her penis and dominate her.
[x] Lock up her penis and dominate her.

Dominatrix komachi is the only good kind.
[x] Lock up her penis and dominate her.

Femdom = Yes
Yuri femdom = YES!
Girl-on-futa femdom = SWEET HOLY HELL, YES!

That is to say, proceed.
[ ] Lock up her penis and dominate her.
[x] Lock up her penis and dominate her.

Dom Komachi isn't the ONLY good kind but... hell, why not?
[x] Lock up her penis and dominate her.
[x] Lock up her penis and dominate her.
[x] -Lazily.
[x] Seduce her, then let her take the lead.

Seesh I read this and there's a vote for a boring option by a bunch of overeager premature ejaculators.
[x] Lock up her penis and dominate her.
[x] -Lazily.

Sounds interesting.
[x] Ignore Youmu. Find Myon and rape it.

Sweet, sweet ectoplasm.
[X] Seduce her, then let her take the lead.
...You lost me.
I like her fantasy.

[x] Jump on her and empty her out.

Though it looks like I'm pissing against the Sanzu here.
[X] Seduce her, then let her take the lead.
[x] Lock up her penis and dominate her.
[x] -Lazily.
There's no such thing as a Dom Komachi as it's not in her personality.
Black Tewi disagrees with you.
This round goes to Domachi, but there'll be plenty of chances for her to take other roles.
Update coming no later than Monday.
What would assume Anon wouldn't retardedly vote for the same thing over and over again. /at/ anon is perhaps only second in /th/ in general amount of stupidity.
someone votes for something I don't like, therefore their opinion is stupid
oh look a porn board
what's this? not every topic caters to my fetishs or lack therefore of?! what is this madness!
[x] Lock up her penis and dominate her.

Voting's closed there, pal.
[x] Lock up her penis and dominate her.

You lean down and smile seductively at Youmu, giving her a good look down your robe. “Hey, need some help with that?” you ask, indicating the bulge her hands are covering. “I've got just the thing.” Youmu's gaze gets hung up on your chest for a while, but she eventually snaps back to attention and looks up to your face, steals another glance downwards, and nods shyly. Looks like she really is mute. You give an encouraging nod back. “Take off your clothes, I'll be back in a moment.”

You grab a bucket and head over to the river. The water is very cold when you test it with your hand; you scoop up a little with the bucket and throw in a rag. You wait outside while Youmu undresses, taking a moment to loosen your robe enough to let her see well up your thighs and almost to the ends of your breasts. After a moment, you gently open the door and walk in.

Youmu is sitting in the same place as when you left, now fully undressed. Her head is pointed straight down, avoiding eye contact with you but forcing her to stare right into the penis poking up between her legs. She's squeezing her thighs together in a token attempt at modesty.

You let her stay like that while you search through a chest of your belongings, where you find the male chastity cage you bought from Kourin on impulse. (He seemed pretty happy to get rid of it.) You slip it into a pocket before turning back to Youmu. “Alright, spread your legs and I'll get to work,” you say in your most seductive voice. Youmu raises her head to acknowledge you and slowly parts her legs.

Youmu's cock is pretty average; you'd put it at four or five inches. It does look remarkably obscene, however, standing straight up against Youmu's otherwise smooth and feminine body and leaking a bit of precum down the middle. You're pleased to see that she has a small hairless scrotum at the base, right above her clean-shaven slit.

You set the bucket down between Youmu's legs and kneel down in front of her. You then pull the rag out of the water and wrap it around Youmu's cock. She shudders at the sudden coldness, but you hold the rag firmly in place with both hands as the rod underneath stops throbbing and starts to soften. You continue to soak and reapply the cloth until her penis is fully subdued. Then you produce the chastity cage.

The chastity cage is a surprisingly complex device, but Kourin was surprisingly knowledgeable about it. You start by fitting a semicircular piece onto the base of Youmu's penis underneath the scrotum and then slide the limp shaft into a penis-shaped cage. You connect the front and back pieces and then lock the device shut with a padlock. Her penis is now trapped in a two-inch shell with a small hole at the urethra and her scrotum is pinched between the two parts of the cage, leaving the balls exposed and vulnerable.

You stand up triumphantly. “There you go! Won't be getting hard with that on.”

An awkward silence settles in the air. Youmu looks down to her restrained penis and back up to you, holding perfectly still with your arms crossed and smiling proudly. She looks back down, then back up, then back down again. Finally, she makes a very timid bow of thanks.

“Somethin' wrong, Youmu? That's what you wanted, isn't it?”

Youmu starts to shake her head but stops herself and nods hesitantly instead.

“Hmmm. Maybe that's not what you wanted? Oh, wait, I know. Maaybe you wanted to calm down by doing something perverted.” You emphasize your breasts. “Was that it?”

You at Youmu with a mildly accusatory expression, forcing her to maintain eye contact. Breathing very quickly, she gulps, inhales, and nods. As she breathes out, her body seems to shrink a little. Fear and embarrasment cover her face. You pat her on the head. “Hey, relax. You're a pervert, you'll like what I'm about to do.”

You take a seat on the bed and have Youmu kneel down on the floor. She snaps automatically into an attentive pose. You pull off your shoes and socks. “A pervert like you deserves to have her penis locked away, but if you're obedient enough I might let you out long enough to cum.” You offer Youmu one of your feet. “Start with this.”

Youmu takes hold of your foot with both hands and brings it up to her mouth. She closes her eyes and brings out her tongue to lick along the bottom of the big toe before taking it into her mouth to suck on it. You bathed last night, so your feet aren't particularly dirty or smelly, but you're pretty sure that just the idea of licking them is enough to make her blush like a schoolgirl.

Youmu pulls back her mouth back and licks at the spaces between each of your other toes, planting a small kiss on each one. She then turns her attention to the sole, licking and sucking at every bit of the soft underside. You lay back on the bed and relax as her warm mouth works over you, your foot twitching a little whenever her tongue hits a sensitive spot. You're starting to feel a little hot.

Youmu licks up the side of your ankle and starts moving up your leg, but you plant your other foot on her head and push her away. You sit up a little to look over your breasts at her. “Hey, don't be getting ahead of yourself. This one still needs some attention,” you say. Youmu nods quickly and grabs your other foot to continue her treatment.

You reach down between her legs with your first foot and find her balls bulging out under the cage. You start to tease them with your foot, nudging them around and gently pressing them into her body. “Looks like there's a lot built up in here,” you announce without looking down. “Too bad you can't let it out, huh? You probably would've loved to shove your cock inside of me and spray out every drop of it.” You sit up and pull your clothes aside to show her your pussy. “Right in here.”

You pull her head in between your legs and then lean back onto your arms. Taking your cue, she brings out her tongue and licks slowly up the labia to your clitoris. She peels back the hood with one finger and carefully runs her tongue in circles around your clit before kissing it directly. You feel a little shock of pleasure when she connects. Next, she starts slowly stroking her tongue up and down your slit, giving your clit a little flick when she draws near to it. Your fluid leaks out and mixes with her saliva to make you wet inside and out.

You suddenly notice that you're moaning a little and letting her tease you. If she thinks she's doing too good a job, she might try and reverse roles on you, so you give her balls a little smack with your foot to punish her. Her head jerks back in surprise and she looks up at you with a mixture of confusion and fear. You try to give a look that implies that her skills are unimpressive, hoping she won't notice the arousal that's also crept into your face. Before she has too much time to look, you grab the back of her head and pull it right up to your pussy. Youmu closes her eyes and shoves her tongue inside you, wriggling it around inside until you let her pull out. She takes a deep breath and then goes back in for more.

You pull up a leg and lock it around the back of her head, forcing her head in closer and making her tongue dig deep inside of you. You start a rhythm of pressing her into you and relenting for a moment to let her breathe. She follows your movements and obediently fucks you with her tongue. You can't stop yourself from moaning, but you try to keep a dominant tone of voice while your pussy quivers under her tongue.

Youmu drives her tongue into you one last time to drive you over the edge. Your pussy clamps shut with wonderful intensity and your body is flooded with warmth, making you close your eyes and let out a long, happy moan. You squeeze your leg tightly around Youmu's head, making her drink the fluid that leaks out of you.

You eventually release Youmu, who falls back panting to catch her breath. Her face is splattered with your juices, and her naked body has a thin sheen of sweat. You can also see a pair of wet spots on the floor beneath her.

That was fun, but you shouldn't keep Youmu here for too long. Yuyuko's probably wondering what her little girl's up to. There's still some good naptime left before sunset, though. You can wait a few hours.

Youmu looks up at you, curious as to what you'll do next. You're not about to let her cock out, but maybe you can let her cum from her girl parts. If you want.

[ ] Deny Youmu, let Yuyuko decide when she can cum.
[ ] Make Youmu masturbate for you.
[ ] Make Youmu cum yourself.
-[ ] Gently.
-[ ] Forcefully.
[x] Make Youmu cum yourself.
-[x] Gently.

She's been good enough and it's a good chance to recover from the massive character derailment that has occurred.
[x] Deny Youmu, let Yuyuko decide when she can cum.

Poor Youmu. How'd she get here anyway? Yukari?
[x] Make Youmu cum yourself.
[x] Gently.
[x] Deny Youmu, let Yuyuko decide when she can cum.

I'd think her master would like a say in this.
[x] Make Youmu masturbate for you.
Character derailment good.
File 131046214163.jpg - (491.59KB, 624x881 , 17066105.jpg) [iqdb]
Youmu is so goddamn mute. It's criminal. Character derailment of the highest order.
[x] Make Youmu cum yourself.
[x] Gently.
[x] Make Youmu cum yourself.
-[x] Forcefully.

Gotta keep up the act with Domachi.
[X] Make Youmu masturbate for you.
[X] Deny Youmu, let Yuyuko decide when she can cum
Thinking is too hard, let Yuyuko do it for you. And she'd surely be much more creative when she finds out her gardener has been so willing to stray~
[X] Deny Youmu, let Yuyuko decide when she can cum
[x] Make Youmu cum yourself.
[x] Gently.
[x] Make Youmu cum yourself.
-[x] Forcefully.
[x] Make Youmu masturbate for you.
[ ] Make Youmu masturbate for you.
[x] Make Youmu cum yourself.
[x] Gently.
[X] Make Youmu masturbate for you.

Tide, etc.
[X] Make Youmu masturbate for you.
Come from behind win for the masturbation option. Update on Saturday, hopefully.
I'm still waiting for a /at/ "pissing against the tide" vote to actually contain piss.

Not because it's a fetish of mine, just for the pun value.
Needs more menstruation. Only then will we truly be pissing against the tide.
File 131087620737.jpg - (956.28KB, 1000x1412 , 9f702985e8d9d7dbde678ab6476c3d9b.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Make Youmu masturbate for you.

You work one of your feet between Youmu's folded legs so that your toes rub up against her pussy and her penis and scrotum rest on top. “You really wanna cum, don't you?” you ask playfully. An embarrassed nod is her response.

“Well, I'm not going to take that off just because you licked me some, but I guess I can let you touch yourself.” You get an idea. “In fact...”

You pick up your scythe. Youmu cringes, but you pat her on the head and smile reassuringly.

“Come on, now. I was just going to let you get off with this. Here, I'll get it ready for you. Look closely, now.”

You flip the scythe around so that the blade rests on the ground, pointed away from Youmu. You stroke the smooth handle a few times before bringing it to your mouth. You push your tongue as far out of your mouth as possible and start to lick slowly and messily up the shaft, putting on a lusty face and covering it with saliva. Noticing that Youmu's hands are starting to drift up to her chest, you put your free foot on top of her penis and press down with that one and up with the other, crushing her balls between them. Her mouth falls open in a silent yelp and she plants her hands firmly on top of her thighs.

With Youmu back under control, you wrap your lips around the tip and take four or five inches into your mouth, then suck your cheeks in and bob your head up and down. You look down into Youmu's eyes and moan through the handle at her. To finish, you slowly pull your head off and then squeeze it between your breasts, planting a long kiss on the tip. With a wink, you pull the soaked handle out from your cleavage and offer it to Youmu.

You switch places with Youmu, sitting cross-legged on the floor while she sits on the bed with the scythe. She lifts her balls up to get better access to her pussy, and you observe with satisfaction the wet sheen that covers it. You help her position the tip of the handle between her lips and align it with her body. Once it's in place, she spreads herself with one hand and grabs the handle seven inches from the tip. She takes a deep breath and starts to pull it into her pussy. The smooth, wet shaft slides easily into her drenched pussy, and she exhales and arches her back in pleasure once she gets a few inches in. She holds herself up with one arm and works in a few more inches; once she seems to have filled herself, she falls back onto the bed.

You get up from the floor and take a seat behind her, putting her in your lap and supporting her body so she can focus on pleasuring herself. She grabs the scythe with both hands and slowly pulls it most of the way out and then slides it back in, shivering and twitching in your grip as she does so. She starts thrusting it in and out with short, erratic motions that eventually resolve themselves into a fairly smooth rhythm. You hug your arms around her trembling body and pull her head back onto your breasts. The squelching sounds of the rod inside her take the place of the moans that would normally be pouring out of her wide-open mouth. She alternates at first between pumping the handle into her pussy and thrusting her body onto it, but starts to do both at once as her body starts to quiver and tense up.

Youmu cums mid-stroke and loses her grip on the handle, which slides out a little as her pussy spasms around it. She arches her back and stares up, teary-eyed, into your face, and you meet her gaze with a grin. You check her feet, and her toes do indeed curl.

A few minutes later, you slowly pull the rod out of Youmu's pussy and bring it up to her mouth. “Come on, thank it properly for making you cum,” you say. After a bit of hesitation, she starts to lick at the mess of fluids. You pull it further up and start licking off the tip while she works further down the shaft. Once the two of you have it licked clean, you push a few inches of it into Youmu's mouth and make her fellate it while you tease her cock and balls.

Once you've asserted the scythe's superiority over Youmu's penis, you get up and wipe off the handle with the cloth and water from earlier. When that's dealt with, you lay back down on the bed and hold your arms out to Youmu, who timidly crawls on top of you.

“You're not bad, for a pervert. Let's rest up a bit and then we'll go see Yuyuko, alright?”

Youmu lowers her head into your breasts. Once she starts snoring, you smile and close your eyes.

It's evening when you wake up. Youmu is still splayed out on top of your body with her head resting on your breast-pillow; the sound of her ladylike snoring complements the voices of the insects outside. You stroke her hair until she stirs awake, reaching up to give you a kiss on the neck before quickly pulling away. Maybe she thought you were someone else. Maybe not?

Youmu stumbles around and dresses herself while you put your own clothes back in order. The two of you step outside and take a few paces away from your house to a clear spot by the river. You look up and see a brilliant display of stars, with a modest half-moon giving light enough to see by. Youmu braces herself in preparation to take off, but before she can leave the ground you wrap your arms around her from behind, pressing your breasts into her back. She pauses at first, probably thinking you're trying to molest her, but as you adjust your grip around her midsection and bend your knees she catches on and lets you pull her closer. You push up from the ground and launch yourself into the night sky.

All sound disappears except for the sound of the air rushing by you. The world falls away beneath you as you climb higher and higher, but the stars ahead hardly move at all. You finally level off and start to fly in the direction of the netherworld's gate. This would normally take a good long while, but you just reduce the distance between your position and the gate to nothing and arrive instantly. You fly up and over the massive portal and enter the land of the dead.

The moon and the sky disappear, replaced by an endless purple abyss. Enormous cherry-blossom trees cover the ground, scattering petals in every direction. Nearby is a wide stone staircase that stretches far up a hill into the distance. Still keeping firm hold of Youmu, you begin your ascent.

The ghosts here usually come out to play danmaku with you. You can still recognize some of them from when you took them across the river. All the really nice folks went to heaven, but some people were just a little too mellow for eternal bliss and wound up here instead. They seemed like they'd prefer to spend eternity hanging out someplace anyway. There was this one guy, got torn to pieces by the flower youkai, said he was just happy he found a cool way to die. Boss took one look at him and sent him here.

You always got along with netherworld-bound souls the best; it's nice when they don't mind being dead.

The ghosts seem to be shying away today, though. Must be they don't like Youmu. Seems like they'd get along well with a half-ghost, but maybe there's some sort of ghost racism at work here. Even the big blue guy with the little red guys stays away as you fly upwards. Without their company, the netherworld seems a lot more...dead.

Since nobody's coming, you skip the rest of the way up the stairs and touch down. Before you stands the eternal shrine of Hakugyokurou, home to Yuyuko Saigyouji, princess of the dead, who's probably the nicest person you've ever met. She wasn't always that way, but there's no time to get into that right now.

Youmu leads you to a courtyard deep within the shrine. Yuyuko is sitting in front of you on the walkway, quietly drinking tea. There are a few ghosts attending to her, but they scatter quickly when you enter. Yuyuko turns around and smiles warmly at the two of you. You wrap an arm around Youmu's neck and pull her close to you as you give Yuyuko a roguish grin.

“Hey Yuyuko, look what I found!”

Yuyuko is pleased to see you both.

“Sorry to say, though...” You pull up the front of Youmu's skirt. “Looks like she turned into a pervert while she was gone.”

Yuyuko leans in towards Youmu, who freezes up in embarrassment. Yuyuko grabs the cage and lifts it up, closely examining Youmu's penis through the clear material. A bit of liquid gets on Yuyuko's fingers, and she brings her hand to her mouth and licks it off thoughtfully. She then turns to Youmu's balls, giving them a few gentle caresses and then closing her hand around them, gradually squeezing until the pain makes Youmu lose her composure. Yuyuko withdraws her hand and you let go of Youmu's dress. Youmu is allowed to leave, and she quickly scurries off to parts unknown, probably to help with dinner.

“I figured you wouldn't want her humping your leg or anything, so I got her under control for you,” you explain as you produce the key from your pocket. “Here, you oughta hold on to this.” You toss it to Yuyuko and take a seat next to her.

[ ] Talk about yourself for a while.
[ ] Tell Yuyuko more about your exploits with Youmu.
[ ] Remark on how Yuyuko's been dead for a millennium now.
[ ] Ask how Yuyuko's friends are doing.
[ ] Ask about Youmu:
-[ ] Why the ghosts stay away from her.
-[ ] Why she's a dickgirl now.
-[ ] Whether or not Yuyuko approves of what you did with Youmu.
[ ] See if you can get some special alone-time with Yuyuko later.
[x] Ask about Youmu:
-[x] Why the ghosts stay away from her.
[x] Remark on how Yuyuko's been dead for a millennium now.
[x] Talk about yourself for a while.

Ahahaha. This story is the best story. Socially awkward Komachi go!
[x] Ask about Youmu:
-[x] Why the ghosts stay away from her.
-[x] Why she's a dickgirl now.
-[x] Whether or not Yuyuko approves of what you did with Youmu.
[X] Remark on how Yuyuko's been dead for a millennium now.
[X] Ask about Youmu:
-[x] Why she's a dickgirl now.
Clearly because Yuyuko has unrelated desires to get humped after a millennia it's manifested as Youmu's dick.

But this is also something that needs to be handled by agents of the Yama, i.e. us. Handled very thoroughly. And Yuyuko, too.
[x] Ask about Youmu:
-[x] Why the ghosts stay away from her.
-[x] Why she's a dickgirl now.
-[x] Whether or not Yuyuko approves of what you did with Youmu.

[x] Ask about Youmu:
-[x] Why the ghosts stay away from her.
-[x] Why she's a dickgirl now.
-[x] Whether or not Yuyuko approves of what you did with Youmu.
[x] See if you can get some special alone-time with Yuyuko later.
[x] Ask about Youmu:
-[x] Why the ghosts stay away from her.
-[x] Why she's a dickgirl now.
-[x] Whether or not Yuyuko approves of what you did with Youmu.
[x] See if you can get some special alone-time with Yuyuko later.

Komachi, your mission is clear. You must FUCK EVERYONE [/Medibot]
[x] Ask about Youmu:
-[x] Why the ghosts stay away from her.
-[x] Why she's a dickgirl now.
-[x] Whether or not Yuyuko approves of what you did with Youmu.
[x] See if you can get some special alone-time with Yuyuko later.
Man, writing dialogue is a lot harder than writing sex.
I'll update by Tuesday.
Hooray for deadlines!

I wouldn't mind reading about Komachi trying to solve an incident that makes everyone mute. Just tossing that cop-out on the table.
It'll be like Hush, except with a lot more raping and a lot less exploding heads.
The only time they can speak is when they're being fucked silly!

This stuff writes itself!
[x] Ask about Youmu:
-[x] Why the ghosts stay away from her.
-[x] Why she's a dickgirl now.
-[x] Whether or not Yuyuko approves of what you did with Youmu.

You and Yuyuko greet each other with a hug. You squeeze your arms around her soft body and she does the same with surprising strength. The two of you automatically check on the relative sizes of your busts as they press into each other; looks like they're still the same size. You catch a whiff of Yuyuko's flowery perfume and close your eyes to savor it as she does the same with the smell of the fresh night air that still lingers around you.

A ghost approaches timidly with a mug of tea. You untangle yourself from Yuyuko and take it with a smile, and the ghost bows and rushes off.

“Seems like the ghosts here are a bit nervous. None of them would come near me and Youmu while we were heading up here,” you say.

Yuyuko sighs. “Yes, it's been that way for a while. They don't get along very well with Youmu.”

“Why's that?”

“She has a tendency to-” She stops and glances at you. “Um, a tendency to boss them around because she's still half-human. She feels like she needs to be the one running the household, so she orders all the ghosts here around, even though most of them were head servants themselves.”

Yuyuko looks uncomfortable, so you change the subject.

“Well, she was pretty impressive when the I was with her earlier. You must have her trained pretty well, huh?” You raise your eyebrows and prod Yuyuko's arm with your shoulder.

Yuyuko responds with a giggle. “Oh, I guess I've taught her a few things. She's very eager to please, but she's not very trusting. She must have a crush on you to let you do something like that to her.”

“Wait, what?” Come to think of it, it did seem like Youmu was looking for you when she first showed up...You blush a little and look away while Yuyuko laughs some more. You notice that your tea has cooled off a little, and you take a long drink to calm down. The tea doesn't have much of a taste; it's really just there to complete the image.

“Speaking of which, you, uh, don't mind that I messed around with Youmu, do you?”

“Oh, no, I'm happy you did. Being cooped up here with me is making her hostile to others, and I think some good skinship would help soften her up.”

“Hm. Sounds like you're not very protective of her.”

“I just want what's best for her. I promised to take care of her, not to obsess over her.”

You finish the tea. Seems like Youmu's cock is a big opportunity for her. Speaking of...

“You don't seem too surprised that Youmu's gone futa. Did you know it was going to happen?”

“Well, Yukari came by and borrowed her a little while ago, so I expected Youmu to have something perverted when came back.”

“You just let Yukari take her like that?”

“She wouldn't do anything I wouldn't like. And like I said before, Youmu needs to step out of her comfort zone. One of Yukari's friends gave me a little gift in return, too.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yes, I'm sure you'll see it soon enough.” Yuyuko takes your hand and draws it to her bust. You open your hand and it sinks into her breast through the kimono. “Very soon, if you'd like.”

Before you can put the matter to a vote, Youmu appears to announce that it's time for dinner. You quickly pull back your hand and get up with Yuyuko to follow her.

Food in the Netherworld works on a quantity-over-quality basis. It's not really that good, but it's not that bad either, and there's always enough to go around. It's not bad to be able to eat as much as you want without having to worry about the food running out. Or the sake, for that matter.

You and Yuyuko spend a long while stuffing yourselves. Youmu retreats to another room to eat in peace, leaving the two of you alone except for the ghosts who come by to shuttle the food around. You chat and gossip for a while about Gensokyo and the Netherworld and all the latest happenings in death, and the conversation eventually turns back to Youmu. You've both had a good bit to drink, and it gets pretty bawdy; hopefully Youmu's not hiding behind the door and listening.

Yuyuko starts telling the bloomers story again. It was amusing the first few times you heard it, but at this point the premise has really just worn itself out. You decide to interrupt her with something more interesting.

“So, what do you think you're gonna to do with her now?” you ask.

Yuyuko is successfully derailed. “Hmmmm. I know what I'm doing first, but I'm open to ideas. Anything you wanna do with the both of us?”

Youmu's pretty fun to dominate, but maybe it's time to try something else. You're also curious about whether or not she has a crush on you. Yuyuko's appealing, too. So many choices.

Why don't you suggest to...

[ ] Have sex with Yuyuko and make Youmu watch.
[ ] Double-team Youmu with the cage still on.
[ ] Let Youmu's penis out, then double-team her.
[ ] Have Yuyuko tie you up and let Youmu get revenge on you.
[ ] Take them both on at once.
[ ] Take Yuyuko right now.

(Two votes per person, top two choices win.)
(Yes, you can vote for the same thing twice.)
[x] Have sex with Yuyuko and make Youmu watch.
followed by
[x] Let Youmu's penis out, then double-team her.
[x] Have sex with Yuyuko and make Youmu watch.
[x] Double-team Youmu with the cage still on.

By the end of all this she'll end up raping Komachi.
[x] Have sex with Yuyuko and make Youmu watch.
[x] Have Yuyuko tie you up and let Youmu get revenge on you.

Why the fuck not.
[x] Have sex with Yuyuko and make Youmu watch.
followed by
[x] Let Youmu's penis out, then double-team her.
[x] Have Yuyuko tie you up and let Youmu get revenge on you.
[x] Have Yuyuko tie you up and let Youmu get revenge on you.

Shy girl with a crush getting revenge. Yes please.
[X] Have sex with Yuyuko and make Youmu watch.
[X] Double-team Youmu with the cage still on.

Don't let her out, keep teasing her. It will be all the sweeter when she submits and we let her have her release.
[x] Have sex with Yuyuko and make Youmu watch.
[x] Have Yuyuko tie you up and let Youmu get revenge on you.

Get her really worked up and frustrated, then let her go to town. Sounds like fun, and it may even help her come out of her shell a bit.
[x] Have Yuyuko tie you up and let Youmu get revenge on you.
[x] Take them both on at once.
x] Have Yuyuko tie you up and let Youmu get revenge on you.
[x] Let Youmu's penis out, then double-team her.
[x] Let Youmu's penis out, then double-team her.
[x] Have Yuyuko tie you up and let Youmu get revenge on you.
[x] Have sex with Yuyuko and make Youmu watch.
[x] Have Yuyuko tie you up and let Youmu get revenge on you.
[x] Have sex with Yuyuko and make Youmu watch.
[x] Have Yuyuko tie you up and let Youmu get revenge on you.

Sounds like fun.
[X] Have sex with Yuyuko and make Youmu watch.
[X] Have Yuyuko tie you up and let Youmu get revenge on you.
Looks like we have a winning combo in options 1 and 4. I can't say when the update will be done, but it'll be no more than a week from today.
File 13119306999.jpg - (78.22KB, 640x480 , th1052010100415451062[1].jpg) [iqdb]
Curses. Well, I can hope that Yukari walks in on the scene.

"Oh, here's another unworking fellow."
File 13125739318.jpg - (1.05MB, 850x700 , 20443500.jpg) [iqdb]
Status update?
I'll do you one better.

[x] Have sex with Yuyuko and make Youmu watch.
[x] Have Yuyuko tie you up and let Youmu get revenge on you.

You lean over the table and whisper a plan into Yuyuko's ear. She smiles with a noticeable blush, either from the alcohol or from the salaciousness of your suggestion.

“Hmm, I can go with that,” she says. “There's something I wanna do first, though.” She rises fairly steadily and straightens her clothes, taking a moment to restore her air of nobility.

“Do you know where Youmu is?” you ask.

“Oh, she'll probably trying to get over what you did to her. She doesn't like to think of herself as somebody's plaything, so she'll want to reassert herself as a warrior.”

You follow Yuyuko through a series of hallways and emerge into a large garden filled with exotic flowers. Unlike the rest of the building, it's completely devoid of even the smallest ghosts. In an empty patch between the crisscrossing formations of greenery, you find Youmu practicing her swordplay.

Youmu has dressed down to a sarashi-fundoshi combo. Her eyes are shut tightly, in unfathomably deep meditation. A dangerous calm radiates outward, briefly slowing everything down and somehow rendering it in monochrome. Suddenly, she explodes into the air with a force that nearly knocks you off your feet and leaves a gash in what seems to be reality itself, which explodes into a wave of danmaku that flies up into the endless void above. When you look down she's back where she started. She finally opens her eyes and sees you and Yuyuko watching, and almost falls over herself running for her clothes.

Yuyuko stops Youmu mid-dress. “Why don't you take a bath with us?” she asks. Youmu has a feeling that something perverted is about to happen, but she consents.

Yuyuko leads you all to a spacious wood-paneled washroom. Youmu sets about gathering soap and water while you and Yuyuko disrobe. Yuyuko's body is as deliciously shapely as ever, almost glowing with an unnatural beauty; you can't resist reaching out to get a handful of one of her breasts. She accepts your advance with a giggle and starts guiding your other hand up to her chest, but you have to pull back when Youmu enters.

Youmu is also naked, her locked penis fully visible. Yuyuko sits down on a stool and invites you to do the same as Youmu sets down a bucket of soapy water and soaks a sponge. Ignoring the fact that she's naked in front of a pair of beautiful and dominant women, Youmu takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and starts to wash Yuyuko with unexpected vigor. She moves quickly and efficiently, as if she'd memorized every one of Yuyuko's many contours. She doesn't show any hesitation to scrub all over Yuyuko's breasts or between her legs, either. Yuyuko stays perfectly calm through all this, not moving except to position herself in response to Youmu's touch. Youmu soon finishes and steps back with a satisfied look on her face which quickly dissipates when Yuyuko orders her to wash you as well.

Youmu moves a little more slowly while scrubbing you, but she still manages to maintain a professional air. She follows the same pattern she used on Yuyuko, starting on your feet in a manner similar to what she did with her tongue earlier. After quickly working up and between your legs, she goes behind you and scrubs roughly over your back and arms and then reaches around to do your front. She hesitates at your breasts and puts both hands around them, probably comparing them to Yuyuko's. Unable to resist, she gives them a little squeeze. Yuyuko looks over and smiles in amusement as Youmu starts timidly stroking and kneading them. You can't have Youmu just doing that whenever she wants, though, so you reach around behind her and give her balls a little punishment squeeze. She snaps out of her trance and fumbles through the rest of her routine.

“You did very well, Youmu. Komachi and I should wash you now, right?” says Yuyuko. Youmu blushes immediately, then looks over to you and blushes even harder. Still, she manages to find her way to a stool and sit down nervously with her hands on her knees.

Yuyuko soaks the sponge and squeezes it out over her breasts, coating them in sudsy water. She tosses it over to you and advances on Youmu, jiggling slightly as she walks. She moves behind Youmu and hugs her tightly from behind, pressing her soapy breasts into the girl's back. You start to bring the sponge up to your breasts to do the same thing, but then you get an idea and lather up your thighs instead. Meanwhile, Yuyuko slides her body along Youmu's back and starts to play with Youmu's nipples, pressing them in and pinching them with the tips of her nails.

You walk over to Youmu and pull one of her legs out straight towards you. You wrap your thighs around the foot and start to slowly move up her leg, stopping when you reach her thigh. Yuyuko squishes her breasts around one of Youmu's arms and starts to give it a soapy titfuck. Youmu turns to watch, but you pull her head back and force your tongue into your mouth, pulling out before she can react. You chuckle at her flustered reaction and tighten your grip on her thigh while stroking her face and chest.

Yuyuko finishes with Youmu's arm; you switch over to the other leg and slide away to let Yuyuko get at her. Peeking around Yuyuko's shoulder, you see her slide her breasts up until they're even with Youmu's and tease Youmu's nipples with her own. When Youmu's mouth opens to moan silently, Yuyuko drives her tongue in to ravish it.

You get up from Youmu's leg and walk over to her unwashed arm, which hangs limp at her side. You angle her forearm towards you and fit her hand between your legs, and Yuyuko breaks her kiss to let Youmu turn to look at you. Just as Youmu realizes that her fingers are right next to your pussy, you slide forward out of her reach and put a teasing kiss on her cheek. You look over to Yuyuko. “One more place to clean, right?” you say.

Yuyuko wets her fingers and switches places with you. She hugs the upper part of Youmu's arm between her breasts and reaches down between Youmu's legs to find her pussy. Meanwhile, you take a seat on one of Youmu's thighs facing away from her and reach in with a hand of your own. You and Yuyuko each slide a finger into her pussy and start thrusting into her at completely contradictory rhythms, twirling and twining your fingers about as you please. Youmu's mouth goes all agape again, so you give her a couple fingers from your other hand to suck on. When her body starts to tense up and a thick stream of precum leaks out of her cock, you both stop and pull out your fingers, leaving Youmu panting but far from release.

“That should be enough, right?” you say to Yuyuko.

“Oh, yes. She's very clean now.”

“Good work.”

You and Yuyuko get up and rinse yourselves off. A moment later, Youmu rises shakily and does the same, and you all step out into an open-air bath. Youmu starts to go off on her own, but Yuyuko grabs her arm as she's leaving.

“Don't think you can go off and cum by yourself, now,” she says with a mixture of playfulness and authority. Youmu blushes and nods quickly before running off to the far end of the bath.

Yuyuko gets into the water and holds her arms out to you with a smile. You sit down between her legs and settle into her embrace, sighing happily as she lazily caresses you. Everything is quiet except for the faint rippling of the water, Yuyuko's gentle breathing, and the distant commonplace sounds of the afterlife. You slide down a little so you can use Yuyuko's breasts as a pillow and tilt your head back to stare up into the abyss. After a while, it becomes indistinguishable from the insides of your eyelids.


Somebody's groping your breasts. You open one of your eyes a bit discover with some surprise that it's Youmu. She's not stopping, so she probably doesn't know you're awake. Yuyuko must be asleep too, for Youmu to work up the nerve to do something like this.

What to do?

[ ] Pretend to be asleep and let Yuyuko catch her.
[ ] Turn the tables and edge her again, harder this time.
[ ] Take her away from Yuyuko and spend some time alone with her.
All the options are good~
[x] Pretend to be asleep and let Yuyuko catch her.

Let's see what she does. She should be punished, of course, but we won't know how hard to punish her if she isn't allowed to do as she likes for now. Twisted logic, best logic.
[x] Pretend to be asleep and let Yuyuko catch her.

Let her dig herself deeper.
[x] Pretend to be asleep and let Yuyuko catch her.
[x] Pretend to be asleep and let Yuyuko catch her.

The longer this goes on, the more embarrassing it'll be for Youmu when we surprise her, and we'll have reason for a longer or more intense "punishment.". That will just make it more fun.
[x] Pretend to be asleep and let Yuyuko catch her.
File 131268737454.jpg - (100.44KB, 850x680 , theonlysolokomachibathpicture.jpg) [iqdb]
Looks like everyone's in agreement. I'd like to update on Wednesday, but don't be surprised if I don't.
I'm not surprised, but
[x] Pretend to be asleep and let Yuyuko catch her.

Best to let her get deep into it and catch her breast-handed. And if Yuyuko's the one who discovers her, you'll seem completely innocent. Youmu's not too bad at this either, so you can enjoy it on the sly as well.

Youmu runs her hands all over your half-submerged breasts, getting a feel for their size and firmness, spreading a coat of warm water over the parts exposed to the air. She spreads them apart and then squishes them together, moving her hands to hold them together from the sides.

She's probably wishing she could fuck them. Just stand up right here and shove her cock into them. It'd be just small enough that it wouldn't hit your chest when she slid it all the way in, so she'd be able to just pound away, burying herself right up to her hips. The water and the agitation would cover her cock in bubbled-up precum and reduce the friction to almost nothing, letting her go faster and faster while your soaked breasts squeezed and sucked on her. One final thrust, and she'd blow a huge mess right into your cleavage.

Wait, was that her fantasy or yours?

Anyway, she's moving again. She reaches underwater to tease your nipples, which are fairly hard already. After rolling them between her fingers to get them even harder, she grabs each breast from the front so that the nipples are between her index and middle fingers and lifts them both out of the water. You feel a brief tingling as your nipples are exposed to the cool air. Youmu licks slowly at each one, trying to detect some sort of taste. Then she focuses in on just one of your breasts, flicking the tip of her tongue across the nipple before closing her mouth around it.

You give Yuyuko's thigh a squeeze to wake her up. Nothing happens. You squeeze a little harder, digging in a little bit, but there's still no response. Is she that hard of a sleeper? No, wait. Could she be...

Youmu's teeth come down on your nipple, painfully derailing your train of thought. You cry out involuntarily, but you manage to quiet it down to a murmur and return to your sleeping face. Youmu pulls back immediately, but when you settle back down she's lured back to you. This time, she keeps her quivering jaw tightly closed and fits your nipple between her lips, pursing them tightly around it. She starts to suck in short bursts, pulling back a little to stretch it away from you. Her lips pinch with almost as much force as her teeth, but it's nowhere near as painful.

It's getting harder to keep up your appearance; your mouth is wobbling a little, and you have to pant a little to keep from moaning. Suddenly, a hand slips between your legs and pinches your clitoris, nearly making your whole body jump. It's Yuyuko, who's also pretending to be asleep. Looks like your plan backfired; you have to hold out, though, or they'll both have their way with you. Which wouldn't really be that bad, admittedly, but they'd never let you live it down.

Youmu moves over to your other breast. She has her body more under control now, so she opens wide and takes your whole aerola into her mouth, covering it with saliva and sucking slowly and deeply. You can imagine her round eyes staring up submissively at you, silently thanking you with every pull for the delicious milk that floods out into her mou-Stop that!

Youmu sucks on you uninterrupted for at least a minute, with Yuyuko stroking your clit all the while. Finally, Youmu lowers your breasts back into the water and Yuyuko relents. Youmu keeps her hands off of you for a while, probably enjoying the blush you're sporting. You think you can hear Yuyuko snickering behind you, too. You'll get both of them for this in due time.

A shaking hand finds your pussy and spreads the lips open with two fingers, leaving a third poised at the entrance. It stays there for a while, nervously rubbing up and down the walls. Just as you brace yourself for another round of teasing, Youmu loses her nerve and jolts away from you to flee to the other end of the bath. When the coast is clear, Yuyuko hugs you a little more tightly gives you a teasing kiss on the neck.

“Why didn't you catch her?” you whisper angrily to Yuyuko.

“It'll be better this way,” she responds nonchalantly. She starts to idly fondle your breasts, not really trying to stimulate you.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, think about it. If we'd caught her, we would've punished her right here and that would've been the end of it. But if we let her get away with it, then she won't be sure if she should confess and get what she deserves or try and keep it secret. She'll feel guilty about it whenever she sees you. Pretty soon she'll be begging for us to punish her, and she won't dare refuse whatever we suggest.”

You take all that in for a moment.

“It was fun watching you squirm, too.”

“I'll get you back for that, you know.”

“And then I'll get revenge on you.”

Endless cycles of sexy revenge are an essential part of any lesbian sex-friendship.

“How long do you think it'll take for her to crack?” you ask.

“For Youmu? I'd give her eight minutes.”

Seven minutes later, the three of you are out of the bath and reclining in a garden. You have Youmu resting her head in your lap, staring up at your breasts. You relax and enjoy the scenery for a bit, stroking Youmu's soft hair and pretending not to notice all the sweat on her forehead.

Youmu lasts about a minute before she pushes herself off and prostrates herself in front of you. Acting puzzled, you ask Yuyuko what's up with Youmu.

“Didn't you notice? She came over and felt you up while you were asleep in the bath,” she says in the same tone she'd use to tell you what she had for dinner.

Your look of concern drops to a flat stare, making Youmu go whiter than she is already. She glances over at Yuyuko, who smiles back innocently, and back to you. You prolong the silence while a wave of fear and anticipation sweeps through Youmu, leaving her paralyzed and more aroused than she'd like to admit. You finally start speaking, slowly and with an obvious edge of disappointment.

“That's how it is, huh? You think you can enjoy me whenever you want.” Youmu desperately shakes her head, but you grab her chin and stare into her eyes with vampire-like intensity, making her body go completely limp.

“I'll put a stop to that.”

Now's your chance to let out your frustration and get Youmu as agitated as possible. First you'll humiliate her in front of her mistress, and then you'll give her a front-row seat to your scene with Yuyuko.

As to the best way to go about that first part...

[ ] Give her a good spanking.
[ ] Let her penis out just long enough for her to edge herself.
[ ] Steal her clothes, find a leash, take her for a walk.
[x] Steal her clothes, find a leash, take her for a walk.

If taking a walk means what I think it means, fuck yes.
[X] Give her a good spanking.
[x] Steal her clothes, find a leash, take her for a walk.
[X]Let her penis out just long enough for her to edge herself.
All Hail the Middle option!
[x] Steal her clothes, find a leash, take her for a walk.

Man, sometimes I forget that I have a fetish for girls being embarrassed/humiliated/dominated by other girls. I love you in a totally platonic way for reminding me of it.
[X] Let her penis out just long enough for her to edge herself.
[X] Steal her clothes, find a leash, take her for a walk.

Yes, please.
[X]Let her penis out just long enough for her to edge herself.
[x] Let her penis out just long enough for her to edge herself.

Youmu badly needs lessons in self-control.
[x] Let her penis out just long enough for her to edge herself.
[x] Steal her clothes, find a leash, take her for a walk.
[ ] Let her penis out just long enough for her to edge herself.
[x] Steal her clothes, find a leash, take her for a walk, let her penis out just long enough for her to edge herself in public.
[x] Let her penis out just long enough for her to edge herself.
You're right, if we don't teach her to control herself, she might turn into a rapist or something horrible! We'd best do our best to train her so that terrible scenario doesn't come to pass!
[x] Let her penis out just long enough for her to edge herself.
So make her into submissive yet adorable masochist that she already is?
[x] Let her penis out just long enough for her to edge herself.
Less "making her" and more "reinforcing", then.
Submissive yet adorable? As if there was a discord between those two.
"[x] Let out her penis just long enough for her to edge herself" just barely
edged out
the competition.

I'm a bit daunted by the projected size of this next update, so I might break it into two parts. No promises as to when it'll be up.
Ah, then man I've just been full of redudancy this week.
>No promises as to when it'll be up.
Hooray! This is the best policy.
[x] Let her penis out just long enough for her to edge herself.

You let go of Youmu and she collapses on the ground. The garden's not the best place for everything that's about to happen, so you pick Youmu up and follow Yuyuko to a bedroom. There, you dump Youmu on the floor and order her to strip and spread her legs. While she's doing that, you borrow the key from Yuyuko, who's very interested to see where you're going with this.

Youmu got her clothes off surprisingly quickly. She's now sitting on the ground in front of you with her legs lying sideways on the floor. Her cock and balls hang down between her legs, leaving just a glimpse of the pink slit behind them. There's a very conspicuous network of moisture trickling out from it, though. You lift up her scrotum to get a better look at her pussy and wipe off some of her juices for a taste.

“You're really wet down here. Are you hoping I'll shove something up your pussy again?” you say teasingly.

Youmu's not sure what the correct answer is, but you don't give her much time to think.

“Nah, that's too good for you. I've got something else in mind.”

You pull out the key. Youmu's excited to see it at first, but then she remembers that you're punishing her and suddenly becomes very afraid. You turn the key in the lock with a quick snap of your wrist and proceed to dismantle the cage, grinning ominously as four scenes' worth of agitation flow into Youmu's cock. Painfully erect in front of a vengeful mistress, Youmu suddenly finds the cage much more appealing.

“Hey, don't look at me like that. I'm not gonna cut it off or anything. In fact, I'll even let you masturbate.”

Youmu perks up a bit...

“But you're not allowed to cum.”

...and perks right back down.

Your clothes aren't really suited for a striptease, so you just pull everything off at once in a kind of shock-and-awe display of nudity. Youmu's seen you naked before, but she feels a fresh wave of excitement when she realizes that she could potentially have sex with you now. You settle down on the floor in front of her, mimicking her position and pressing your feet against hers.

“Alright, Youmu. You're going to do whatever I tell you, and you won't cum no matter what. Your cock's out of its cage, but I'm still in complete control. Got it?”

She gets it.

“Good. You can just watch me for now. Keep your hands behind you so they don't wander anywhere.”

Youmu crosses her arms behind her back and fixes her eyes on you. You let her stare for a while before starting to play with your breasts. You spread out your fingers and squeeze them from various angles, letting her see how your fingers sink into the soft skin. Grabbing one from below, you push it upwards and take the nipple into your mouth, where you suck loudly on it with the same style that Youmu was using earlier. You switch between breasts several times, making sure to cover both areolae in saliva so that they shine a little when they come out of your mouth. Eventually, you drop both breasts and draw Youmu's attention to your pussy once they jiggle to a stop.

“I want you to start jacking yourself off now. You know how to do that, right?”

Youmu closes a hand around her penis, covering almost the whole shaft.

“That's right. Go really slow, or you won't last a minute.”

Youmu starts to slowly stroke herself in a simple up-and-down motion, keeping her hand rigid and leaving the head largely untouched. Amateurish, but sufficient. You use both hands to spread your pussy open for her to look at. You've gotten fairly wet yourself, so it's already juicy and inviting.

“Remember when you licked this? It was delicious, wasn't it?” You slide your index finger all the way in and work it in circles for a bit before pumping it in and out of yourself. After a little while you switch to your middle finger, then add your ring finger in as well. You tease her with a constant stream of moans, all about twice as frequent and ecstatic as what you'd be doing normally. You eventually pull out and hold your hand up in the air, where the juices gather at the fingertips and slowly drip to the floor.

“Wanna taste?”

Youmu nods, blushing a little more deeply.

“Okay. While you're doing that, take your hand off your cock and start fingering yourself. Just one finger is fine.”

Youmu lets go of her penis, staring at her precum-covered hand for a moment before using it to pull up her balls. She extends two fingers from her other hand and works them into her pussy; her fingering technique is also a simple in-and-out motion. When she's settled down into a slow rhythm, you extend your slick hand to her mouth and she bows forward to lick it off without using her hands. She closes her mouth around the index finger, sucking gently and licking all around it before moving on to the next one. You slide the middle finger in and out of her mouth as she sucks on it, and make her bob her head on the ring finger.

You press all three fingers together into a triangle and hold them up for Youmu. “Do like this now,” you say. Youmu pulls her hand out and has it imitate yours. You position the three fingers at the entrance to your pussy and increase the diameter of the opening, allowing you to put them in easily. Once they're inside, you tighten back up with a little burst of pleasure.

You look up expectantly to Youmu, who didn't see any of your trickery. She nervously lines her fingers up the same way you did, takes a deep breath, and starts pushing against her labia. Her fingers aren't much thicker than the handle you had her using earlier, but their lack of a rounded edge and the more awkward angle means they're harder to insert. Once they finally clear of the opening she resolutely slides them all the way, her body and penis trembling and her face growing steadily more perverted as they go in deeper and deeper.

“You can't cum from your pussy either, you know. Now match my pace for a while.”

You and Youmu start to masturbate together. You start with a barrage of short quick strokes to quickly excite yourself and Youmu, and then you switch to a slower and more sensual technique to intensify the slow crawl towards orgasm. While Youmu's focused on your crotch and the pleasure that's assaulting her, you look around for Yuyuko and find her kneeling surprisingly close by. She's watching the two of you with a respectable blush and one hand working steadily under her disheveled kimono. You share a wink with her when you make eye contact.

Tears are leaking out of the corners of Youmu's eyes. Precum flows freely down her cock, even though she's not touching it. The fingers you're having her tease herself with are a mess as well. You'd better make her switch to something else before she breaks down. If you make her cum by accident, it'll reflect poorly on you too. You notice her glazed-over eyes and get an idea.

“Hey, take your fingers out and close your eyes. I want you to switch back to your cock and pretend you're inside me, okay? I've got you laid out on the floor and I'm riding you, just to tease you. Squeeze your cock while you stroke it. It feels great inside of my tight pussy, doesn't it? I'm not gonna let you cum, though. We're only doing this to make me feel good.”

Your pussy's feeling really hot now, and your nipples are begging to be played with. You pull out your hand in order to adjust your technique, but it's suddenly snatched away from you. You look over and find Yuyuko with the three fingers you were using in her mouth. Her tongue twirls swiftly over each of your fingers, licking them all off completely in a matter of seconds. Once they're clean of everything but her saliva, she lets them out of her mouth and gives you a lustful smile. She's completely naked now, and her beautiful chest is heaving with each breath. She moves in to kiss you, but you hold her off for a moment with two fingers to her lips.

“You're right on the edge now, right Youmu? If I do anything more than caress you, your perverted cock will explode inside of me. Squeeze your cock a little and rub in little circles around your clit so you don't calm down. I'm just going to keep you like this for a while, as long as I want.”

Yuyuko hugs you from the side, hooking one of her legs around your own so your foot-contact with Youmu isn't disrupted. You turn your head to the side and meet her in a kiss, quietly twirling your tongue around hers. Youmu dutifully keeps herself on the edge, completely unaware of the scene in front of her.

Yuyuko reaches between your legs and uses two fingers to stir up your drenched pussy. Her fingers move incredibly fast and strike from a different angle with each thrust, making you temporarily lose control and throw your head back to moan. You put a hand on Yuuyko's arm to signal for her to slow down, and she nods and slows down to a more reasonable but still relentless pace. You start fondling your breasts and turn to address Youmu with a clear note of arousal in your voice.

“Your arms aren't tied up or anything, you know. You could just grab my ass and fuck me if you weren't such a hopeless pervert. But instead you're just going to sit there and try to keep yourself from cumming inside a beautiful girl.”

You reach behind Yuyuko and find her ass. You have to give it a little squeeze, but you leave the hardcore fondling for later and instead shove a finger into Yuyuko's asshole to take her by surprise. She squirms enjoyably against you as the shock works through her body. You keep working your finger in and out of her, gradually loosening her hole and letting you move it even faster. Yuyuko purrs softly into your neck and withdraws her own fingers from inside you, and her other hand starts to give your ass the same treatment you're giving hers.

“Okay, Youmu. I've let you spend enough time inside me. I'm sloowly sliding off you now. My pussy's sticking to you for as long as it can, sucking on every inch of you. Just a bit longer, and your cock'll be free. And when I lock you back up, you'll be begging for me to do this to you again.” You watch Youmu slide her hand up her soaked and throbbing length, shivering as each finger brushes over the head. When the last finger passes the crown of her penis, you interrupt her.

“Actually, I changed my mind. I'm gonna take you back inside me and torture you some more. Put it back in.”

Youmu slumps and complies with your order. You see from her posture that she's resigned herself to your will; the realization that you've defeated her sends a shock through your body. You suddenly feel extremely hot, and you realize that you're about to cum. You try to stave it off a little longer as Yuyuko's finger twists around in your asshole.

“Oh, you've been a good girl. One more thing and we'll stop. I want you to open your eyes and pull your hand off real quick, okay?”

You stop resisting and let Yuyuko take you over the edge. Youmu breathes deeply and braces herself, concentrating so hard that everything slows down and goes grayscale. You have a sudden moment of clarity.

Yuyuko's fingers are slowly digging up into you. You can tell that this stroke will be the one that makes you cum; your ass and pussy are already starting to contract and spasm in slow motion, and a loud moan is bubbling up through your lungs at a hilariously low pitch. Youmu will open her eyes just as you start to cry out and right before she pulls her hand up, meaning that she'll be exposed to the sight of Yuyuko making you cum at the exact moment her hand blasts up her shaft. Will it be too much for her to handle? You're not sure. The colors are coming back, though, so you're about to find out...

Hahaha. This is the best possible cutoff point.
You magnificent bastard.
You try to focus on Youmu, but your vision is blurred by a slow cascade of pleasure that suddenly intensifies fivefold and knocks you onto your back when time speeds back up. All of your strength seems to go to your ass to make it clamp shut as hard as possible, over and over and over again.

Finally, you get enough strength back to pick yourself up and go see what happened to Youmu. You find her sprawled out and quivering on the floor, eyes rolled up and mouth agape, panting and drooling a little onto the floor. Yuyuko has one hand in a precum-covered deathgrip on Youmu's penis and the other one between her own legs.

“Had to stop her yourself?” you ask Yuyuko.

“Mm. I came in her place.”

You put Youmu's head in your lap and stroke her hair as Yuyuko takes her hand off Youmu's penis and wipes it on her thigh. Eventually, Youmu's eyes come back into focus and she turns her head to look at you through a glaze of tears.

“Couldn't hold on, huh?” you say gently. “Well, I guess you'll just need to practice more. I'll lock you back up now, so try and relax.”

Youmu nods unhappily and closes her eyes, breathing deeply until her penis is completely soft and shrunken. You wave Yuyuko over and show her how the cage goes together, assembling and disassembling it several times. Once Yuyuko understands how it works, you have her put it on Youmu's cock and turn the key herself. She runs off to go stash it somewhere, leaving you alone with Youmu for a moment.

You have Youmu put herself in a tight kneeling position and pull her arms together behind her back. Circling behind her, you lay a hand on her wrists and fix the distance between them at its current value, effectively binding them together. You use the same technique to lock her legs together and bind her thighs to her calves, and then make her stick to the floor for good measure. Youmu tries to move when you step away, but all she can manage is a slight bow. You laugh at her as she struggles fruitlessly against your bondage, tied up by your will alone. Yuyuko returns, still naked, and Youmu figures out what's about to happen. You give her a pat on the head.

“You can just stay put while Yuyuko and I have sex here. You don't have to watch, but I know you will.”

You give Youmu one last kiss on the cheek before turning back to Yuyuko, who's kneeling on the futon with her arms outstretched. She eagerly embraces you when you kneel in front of her, and the two of you enter into a long, wet kiss. Yuyuko pulls away before you do and leaves her tongue hanging out; a thin string of saliva stretches out between the two of you as she leans back to a sitting position and spreads her legs, presenting herself for you to take.

With a grin, you reach out and tweeze Yuyuko's nipples. Her reaction is unexpectedly loud; you start to curiously grope her breasts, which feel a little heavier than they did on previous occasions. Then a lightbulb turns on in your head and you lift up a breast to suck on. Sure enough, a sweet liquid trickles out onto your tongue. You switch your mouth between her breasts, sucking until you're drawing a healthy flow from each. Yuyuko moans happily as she experiences her first milking, encouraging you to suck even harder. You resist the urge to swallow until you have a fairly large amount in your mouth and then move up for a kiss, tilting Yuyuko's head back and letting her taste her milk as it rolls down her tongue. She swallows and sighs happily when you pull back.

“This was your gift?” you ask, still grinning.

Yuyuko nods. “It tastes even better than I imagined. They'll make plenty, so drink as much as you want, okay?”

“Mm, don't mind if I do. In fact, I think I'll take Youmu's share too.” You grab Yuyuko's other breasts and press them together, allowing you to drink from both at once. Yuyuko moans delicately as the sweetness pours into your mouth, and you enjoy several mouthfuls before letting go of her breasts. They slap heavily down onto Yuyuko's body and continue to leak little streams of milk while you go further down to sample her pussy, which was soaked even before you started with Yuyuko's breasts. You sit back up and wipe off your mouth.

“You're so delicious, Yuyuko.”

You find your scythe lying among your clothes and bring it back over to Yuyuko. “I introduced this to Youmu earlier,” you say. “She really liked it.” (Mr. Scythe has been a constant companion for you and Yuyuko's bedtop sports.)

Yuyuko takes the scythe from you and puts it between her breasts, inviting you to do the same. You fit your chest to hers and you both press your breasts against the handle, licking sloppily around the shaft and tossing lusty gazes at Youmu. Once you've exhausted the novelty of this, you move to Yuyuko's side and bring the shaft down between her legs.

You hold the tip up to her pussy with one hand and wrap the other around her back, giving one of her wet nipples a pinch from the other side. Yuyuko takes a deep breath and spreads herself, allowing you to easily work three inches of the handle into her before the position makes it impossible to fit in any more. Yuyuko lies down and grabs it with both hands and slowly drives it in deeper and deeper, trembling and moaning and lactating along the way. The sight makes you reach for your pussy, but then you see her wet mouth and go straddle it instead. You lower yourself down until you're half an inch above her, at which point she reaches out with her tongue to lick delicately along your slit.

You sit down the rest of the way and let Yuyuko bury her tongue inside you as she starts to pump at her pussy with the scythe, lifting her hips up a bit to better thrust onto it. The handle disappears and reappears coated with fluid six inches at a time. You lean down and pinch her engorged clit and chuckle as her legs spasm in response, but you suddenly feel a shock and jump when Yuyuko bites your own. You press down harder to keep your pussy planted firmly on her mouth, letting her tongue explore all around inside of you.

Yuyuko's fully occupied at the moment, so you look over to see how Youmu's doing. Her body's still stuck kneeling politely, but she's panting and shaking with excitement and her face is extremely red. You give her a wide, blushing smile.

“It feels even better than it looks, Youmu. Too bad you can't join in. You can't even masturbate, can you?” You pause for a long moan. “A dickgirl with a locked-up penis, naked, tied up, and watching your mistress have sex with another woman? How perverted can you get, Youmu?”

Yuyuko jams the scythe deep into herself and shudders at the beginning of a powerful orgasm. You get off her face and hold her while she moans and writhes about. Her breasts spurt out milk in small bursts; you push one nipple into Yuyuko's mouth and take the other one for yourself. The nipple slips from her mouth as she opens it for air, and you pull your head back and gently lower them both back down. The scythe slips out and falls onto the ground.

Yuyuko's satisfied smile suddenly morphs into a mischievous grin as she grabs and lifts up one of your legs, dumping you on your side. Still holding up your leg, she straddles your other thigh and starts to grind eagerly against your pussy. Yuyuko's tongue has already gotten you sensitive, and the feeling of her hard clit and soft pussy rubbing against your clitoris and covering you with juices teases you steadily towards orgasm. You try to push back, but Yuyuko's movements are too forceful for you to match in this state.

Suddenly, you feel Yuyuko's tongue running up the sole of your foot and moan in surprise. Then you realize that it pushed you over the edge and start another moan, which goes all over the place when the pleasure hits you. You feel an amazing warmth spread over you and let your mouth hang open while your pussy twitches and spasms. Yuyuko gently sucks your toes until you finish and dismounts you.

“Wanna keep going?” she asks while running a finger up your back.

“I could go all night, but I think Youmu's gonna explode if we do any more right now.”

You both glance over to check; you're right. You free Youmu with a snap of your fingers and she collapses immediately.

You help Yuyuko carry Youmu to the master bedroom. Youmu insists on stumbling over to unroll Yuyuko's futon, and the three of you squeeze into it with Youmu in the middle. You and Yuyuko take turns kissing her before settling down to sleep, leaving her awash in the smells of your sex.

There'll be a choice soon, don't worry.
>Lactating Yuyuko

I'm worried that you'll make this story so dense that it collapses into a black hole of awesome.
Yuyuko wakes you with a kiss. You're alone in bed with her, still naked. Her soft body is right next to yours; you pull her closer and cuddle with her as you get your bearings. The peaceful Netherworld weather is exactly the same as before, so it's hard to tell how long you've been out for. Speaking of being out, you should probably get back home soon. Not too soon, but soon enough that the boss will only pretend to want you dead when she sees you.

Youmu appears in the doorway, fully clothed and carrying two trays of food. She seems fully composed from a distance, but when she gets closer you see that she's trembling a little. She quickly sets both trays down on your side of the bed and takes her leave. You hand one to Yuyuko and dig in.

“Youmu's still reeling from last night, huh?” you say.

“Mm. We put her through a lot, didn't we? I think she's starting to believe some of the things you told her. If she can't get a proper revenge on you, she might lose all hope and become completely submissive.”

“Wow, that'd be something.”

The idea of a broken and completely subservient Youmu does give you a little rush of excitement, but that might be taking it too far. The two of you fall into silence again and enjoy your naked breakfast in bed. Once you're finished eating, you sigh loudly.

“Something wrong?”

“Well, it's just that this tea is kinda bitter...”

Yuyuko sighs in feigned annoyance. “You're not supposed to get addicted that quickly.”

“You're not supposed to taste so good.”

Yuyuko puts her tray aside and reclines onto her back. You lay down on top of her, still under the covers, and take a breast in each hand. You tease her nipples against each other for a bit, making them start to leak, and then press them both together to drink from. Your mouth is greeted with a steady stream of warm, sweet milk. Yuyuko hugs one arm around you and puts the other one on your head, caressing your hair as she feeds you.

The two of you go into a peaceful milk-trance, silent except for an occasional moan of satisfaction. You don't even notice that Youmu came by to clean up the food until she slams the door shut and snaps you both out of it. You let go of Yuyuko's breasts, having had your fill.

“Ready for your punishment now?” she asks.

“In a minute.”

You pull on your robe without any underwear and make a quick visit to the toilet. You bring your scythe along, too. You don't want it to think it's just a sex toy. When you return, Yuyuko leads you to sit down against a large wooden pillar. She pulls your wrists behind it and ties them together with something soft and silky, and then returns to your front and tugs on your robe so that your breasts spill out and your pussy is fully exposed. You try moving your wrists; they're tied tightly enough that you can't escape without cheating.

You look back up at Yuyuko, who's examining you with a gentle smile. She comes closer and kneels between your legs, leaning in to kiss you. Her tongue slowly penetrates into your mouth and pushes down on your own, quietly asserting control of your mouth. You start to grow warm as you stare into her soft pink eyes, sucking on her tongue and swallowing her saliva with your own.

Yuyuko teases your breasts with the tips of her nails for a while before finally breaking the kiss to move her head down to your pussy. Her soft tongue gently licks off the moisture that's started to gather there before entering you. She gets a few good moans out of you by probing around inside your pussy, and a few more when she pulls out and sucks on your clit while lashing it with her tongue.

“Just warming you up a little before Youmu comes,” she says with a wink. Then she gets up and sets off to find Youmu, leaving you alone for a while.

Your pussy feels uncomfortably hot. All the femdom play has been really fun, but you're starting to wish for a good, solid fucking. Just have somebody slam their cock into you and fuck your brain into mush before filling you up with cum and making you drink whatever's left. Has anyone else grown a cock? Might be worth checking.

The door opens again and Yuyuko leads Youmu in with an arm around her shoulder.

“...and here's your treat,” she finishes saying.

Youmu jumps and turns away for a moment before looking back to take in the sight of you. Yuyuko helps Youmu out of her clothes, leaving her naked with her cock fully erect. Yuyuko must've taken the cage off on the way here. Youmu steps forward nervously and half-falls to her knees in front of you in the same position Yuyuko was in a few moments ago. You look at her with...

Actually, how should you be acting?

[ ] Act like she's breaking you, but reveal that you were just kidding once she's finished.
-[ ] Gently.
-[ ] Cruelly.
[ ] Let her have her way with you, but don't put on a big show.
[ ] Quietly defy her and make her try harder and harder to get to you.
[ ] Berate her until she loses her nerve and breaks for good.
Hm... on the one hand, we can't let Youmu get too uppity... on the other, we gotta toss her a bone...

[X] Act like she's breaking you, but reveal that you were just kidding once she's finished.
-[X] Gently.

Being submissive would be fun for a change, but no need to be mean to her about it. Just letting her fuck us wouldn't be fun at all, and berating her until she breaks is just cruel. Being defiant and making her work for it could be interesting, but it'll probably put ideas in her head later...
[x] Quietly defy her and make her try harder and harder to get to you.

Wanna rebuild that shattered self-confidence. Youmu should be fucking us as hard as she can by the end of this~
[x] Quietly defy her and make her try harder and harder to get to you.
[x] Quietly defy her and make her try harder and harder to get to you.
[X] Quietly defy her and make her try harder and harder to get to you.

If she wants to get a reaction from us, she better try her hardest!
[x] Quietly defy her and make her try harder and harder to get to you.
[x] Be supportive. Egg her on.

No option for this? Fuck that.
[X] Be supportive. Egg her on.

This is what we've been waiting for. Breaking her down so that she'd really relish it when she got her chance. Let her have her fun.
That'll probably be Yuyuko's job. She's still here, you know.
[x] Tsundere time.

I can just hear it now.
"D-Don't get the wrong idea, Youmu! I just had an attack of conscience and felt sorry for you! You'd better do it before I come to my senses!"
[X] Be supportive. Egg her on.
[x] Be supportive. Egg her on.
[X] Quietly defy her and make her try harder and harder to get to you.

If Komachi makes it too easy for Youmu to get revenge, Youmu will think she isn't taking it seriously.
[x] Be supportive. Egg her on.
The defies have it. This'll be the last or next-to-last scene at Hakugyokorou.

I wasn't liking the look of that write-in, either.
Damn, guys. A few days ago I thought that you all just were a bunch of mean cockbags that wanted to see Youmou suffer, but I guess sexgames should usually mean satisfaction for both parties. Go go responsbility and caring!

I also hope the whole dom-sub-play ends with a big cuddle scene with hugs and kissing.
Make no mistake, I do want to see her suffer. It's just that it's no fun if she accepts her suffering, that's all.
Did I say dialogue was harder than sex? I was wrong.
Making laughably slow progress now, but once I finish with the anal I should be good.
>laughably slow
[x] Quietly defy her and make her try harder and harder to get to you.

Right. If Youmu wants revenge, she'll have to earn it.

Youmu's cock starts to throb intensely as she realizes that you're hers to tease and make love to as much as she wants. The excitement and desire are clear on her face, but you keep your own at a blank stare. Youmu plants her hands on the floor on either side of you, shifting herself forward so that her hard cock is just a few inches away from your pussy, and starts approaching your mouth. You curl your tongue up in the back so that it seems empty when she first pokes her tongue between your lips. Curious, she pushes her face harder against yours and reaches further and further in. As soon as you feel her tongue touch your own, you bite down hard on hers.

You keep your teeth clenched for a second before releasing her. She pulls back so hard she tumbles back onto the floor, making you chuckle a bit until she holds a hand to her mouth and starts to cry.

Yuyuko comes over and puts her arms around Youmu, wiping the tears off her face. Youmu slumps back into her embrace. “I tied her up for you, but that doesn't mean she promised to play nice,” she says gently. Youmu keeps crying. “But that doesn't mean you have to give up, right? I bet she'll open up to you if you make her feel good enough.” Youmu looks back over to you again, taking a good look at your exposed body and your defiant expression and probably thinking about all the good times you've had together. Taking a deep breath, she pushes Yuyuko's arms aside and crawls over to you again.

There you go. That's your Youmu.

“I think she's a little more aroused than she's letting on. Why don't you take a look at her pussy? She shouldn't have any teeth there.”

You're still a little wet from what Yuyuko did to you earlier, but before Youmu can get a good look at you there you draw your legs up to your chest and press them together, squishing your breasts out to the side a little. Youmu pauses for a moment, thoughtfully studying your legs while you glare at her. A few seconds later, you feel her grab both of your feet and press them together, pointing them upwards. She pulls them forward some and presses her cock against the crevice between them. She carefully moves it up and down, smearing the area with precum. Once the space is wet through, she spreads your feet apart just enough to slide her cock between them. Her face turns to a perverted smile as she pushes the rest of her length through until your feet are resting on her stomach. Her cock throbs urgently between them.

Youmu leans in and starts to worship your legs with her mouth. She keeps your feet pressed firmly around her cock as she starts slowly thrusting back and forth. When she pushes her hips all the way in, her cock just touches the lips of your pussy, giving it a little kiss before pulling away again. Her mouth grows steadily more passionate, planting long tongue-filled kisses on your legs and sucking hungrily on their soft parts. She's not touching anything sensitive, but you're getting turned on just from how perverted she's acting. She gradually speeds up her pace, but comes to a hard stop before she loses control.

Youmu pulls your legs away from you, bringing the feet up to her face. She makes a little apologetic bow and cleans the precum off your feet in two long applications of her mouth. When she finishes with your second foot, she keeps her mouth on it and travels up your leg, eventually reaching your pussy. She closes her eyes and breathes deeply, letting your scent fill her nose and her head. Opening her eyes again, she reaches her tongue out reverently to your pussy and takes off a small part of the film of liquid that's gathered on its surface. She keeps licking and cleaning it off, being careful to stimulate you as little as possible but also to lick as sensually as she can. You're already drenched from anticipation when she finally spreads you open and digs in with her tongue.

Unlike her earlier teasing, Youmu's tongue goes at full throttle, wriggling around inside of you and slipping out to savage your clit when you least expect it. A constant stream of wet sucking and squelching sounds comes from between your legs, and you have to struggle to keep from adding your moans to the mix. In the distance, Yuyuko smiles naughtily at you. You lean your head back as Youmu brings you closer to the edge. Just a bit more, and...

She stops. The moan of defeat you were starting peters out in disappointment. Youmu brings her head up to the same level as yours, grinning and smeared with pussy juice. She twirls a finger around your clitoris, trying to make you beg for release. However, you snort and turn your head away from her, making her satisfaction quickly turn to frustration.

Youmu turns angrily to your breasts. One goes into her mouth, where she sucks on the hard nipple while expertly twirling her tongue around it. One of her hands tortures the other one, painfully twisting the nipple. She tries rubbing her cock against your slit at the same time, but she doesn't quite have the dexterity or concentration to make it work right. The combined-pleasure-and-pain attack makes you shudder all over, but you focus all your effort on keeping a vaguely scornful look in your eyes even as your mouth quivers on the edge of surrender, You hold out long enough for Youmu to pull her head back and pinch hard on both of your nipples in a last-ditch effort, just barely keeping you on this side of the edge. Finally, Youmu's resolve falters. Unable to hold herself back any longer, she grabs your ass and slams her cock into your pussy, exploding immediately.

Youmu's first cock-orgasm completely overwhelms her. She slumps onto your body and pants helplessly as the sensation wracks her body, mercilessly forcing waves of cum out into you. The sudden penetration sends you over the edge too, making your pussy squeeze hungrily around Youmu's cock and wring out as much cum as it can. Since her head is buried in your breasts, you indulge in a single satsfied moan.

Youmu eventually picks her head up and wipes off the drool that's smeared on your breast. Her cock pops out covered her own cum, which starts to slowly leak out of you without anything to hold it in. You give her a flushed but defiant smirk, still unbroken.

Yuyuko takes the opportunity to reenter the scene, now without clothes, and hug Youmu from the side. She reaches squeezes Youmu's spent penis at the base and pushes her hand up to the head, making some of the leftover cum ooze out. She smiles and licks her lips.

Yuyuko gets down on the floor and wraps her mouth around Youmu’s cock, purring appreciatively as she cleans it off with her tongue. She clamps down with her lips and pulls her head back, stretching it a little. Soon, Yuyuko’s head is bobbing steadily on the lengthening shaft. Youmu rests a hand on her mistress' head and looks back up at you; you lock eyes with her and engage in a silent contest of wills to harden her resolve for the next round.

Yuyuko pulls her head off, leaving Youmu’s cock hard and slick with saliva. “I’ll let you do me soon, but you have some unfinished business with Komachi now, right?” she asks. Youmu shakes herself out of her staring-trance and nods, giving Yuyuko's naked body another look. Yuyuko gives her a pat on the back to send her off.

Youmu gets in front of you yet again, looking resolute. She pushes a finger deep into your pussy and scoops out a generous amount of her thick cum, and then slowly fits it into your asshole. You feel her finger spread it around as she pumps in and out of you, gradually loosening you up. She avoids eye contac while she does this, choosing to focus intently on your dripping pussy and your ass. Finally, she spreads your asshole open and brings her cock up against the opening. It takes a few tries, but she eventually gets the tip inside of you.

Youmu rams her whole length up your ass. Your lower half contracts sharply, forcing some more cum out of your pussy onto Youmu's cock. The still-warm cum gets driven into your ass as she starts thrusting. The heat from her cock and her cum spreads up through your ass and then through your whole body, eroding your strength and making your ass and pussy seize uncontrollably. Youmu's determined countenance melts away after all of five seconds to show her true face, which is surprisingly absent of any anger or desire for revenge. All you see is an earnest desire to please you.

You finally give up on suppressing your moans and let one break free from your mouth. Right when it opens, Youmu dives in fearlessly and starts to kiss you again. You're surprised to find that you can't bring yourself to bite her this time; it feels too good to have your mouths connected like this while she pounds you...

You put your tongue into Youmu's mouth and lick along the still-sensitive part of her tongue where you bit her earlier. Youmu stops in surprise at the sudden intimacy. You soften your expression and push further into her mouth, letting her twirl her smaller and faster tongue around yours while you suck it towards you. She starts up again with a slower pace and deeper movements, filling your ass with each thrust. She shivers with pleasure when your ass constricts around her as she grinds into you.

Youmu's hips are twitching now, making her thrusts more erratic, but her cock stays buried inside you and scrapes against the walls of your ass. Your head is swimming, leaving you unaware of anything besides Youmu's face and tongue and the amazing feeling in your ass. Your shared saliva leaks out of your mouths onto your chest as you start to lose coordination. The two of you lock eyes again and silently agree to cum together. Youmu moves her arms up to hug you tightly and you cross your legs around her ass, guiding her through her last couple of strokes before pulling her deep inside you to cum.

You fill Youmu's mouth with your moans as she shoots a huge load deep into your ass, coating your insides with hot cum. Your asshole crushes her cock at the same time, tightening harder than she thought possible. You orgasm lasts a little longer than Youmu, making your ass hold tight onto her cock even as it starts to soften. Youmu yields the last of her strength and lowers herself onto your soft body with a quiet, voiceless sigh.

You widen the loops of cloth around your wrists, allowing you to free yourself and wrap your arms around Youmu in one smooth motion. You hold her warm body tightly to your own, close enough that you can feel her half-ghost heart beating. She looks up in surprise to find you grinning back at her.

“Okay, you win this time. But I wonder how long you can keep it up...”

Yuyuko presses herself against Youmu’s back, pushing all of you onto the floor. She didn't cum once through any of that, and it looks like she's eager to get in on the action. In fact, she’s reaching for Youmu’s penis already. Keep it up, indeed.

[ ] Go take a bath and let her have some time alone with Youmu.
[ ] Stay around for one last threesome.
-[ ] Focus on pleasuring Yuyuko.
-[ ] Focus on pleasuring Youmu.
[x] Stay around for one last threesome.
-[x] Focus on pleasuring Youmu.

Want more sweet Youmu loving.
[x] Go take a bath and let her have some time alone with Youmu.

Bath option? Bath option.
[x] Stay around for one last threesome.
-[x] Focus on pleasuring Yuyuko.

Because damn it, we owe her.
[x] Stay around for one last threesome.
-[x] Focus on pleasuring Youmu.
[x] Go take a bath and let her have some time alone with Youmu.

When life gives you three-ways, call your boss.
Komachi Onozuka, we're done here.
[x] Stay around for one last threesome.
-[x] Focus on pleasuring Youmu.
Excellent H-scene.

[X] Stay around for one last threesome.
-[X] Focus on pleasuring Yuyuko.
>> “I think she's a little more aroused than she's letting on. Why don't you take a look at her pussy? She shouldn't have any teeth there.”

Sorry, I cracked up hard on this one.

[x] Stay around for one last threesome.
-[x] Focus on pleasuring Youmu.
[x] Stay around for one last threesome.
-[x] Focus on pleasuring Youmu.
[x] Stay around for one last threesome.
-[x] Focus on pleasuring Youmu.

She's been a good sport about all this.
Youmu wins, as expected. Let's see if I can do this a little faster.

Also, the story list has this down as "untitled futa Youmu story". Looks like it knows who the real star is.
[x] Stay around for one last threesome.
-[x] Focus on pleasuring Youmu.

Yuyuko peels Youmu off of you and lays her out on the floor. You rest on the floor for a little while before getting up to join in. Yuyuko is holding Youmu in her lap, feeding her while slowly rubbing her penis. You walk over and push Yuyuko's hand to the side, claiming Youmu's crotch for yourself.

Laying down on the floor again, you close your breasts around Youmu's soft cock and start kneading them against it. At the same time, you reach your head up to drink from Yuyuko's free breast. She moans softly at the feeling of two different mouths working on her nipples.

Youmu's cock slowly hardens between your breasts, eventually becoming long enough that the tip just barely pokes out between them. Yuyuko pushes your head away and reaches down between your breasts; you squish them down to give her better access. She presses her soft palm into the head of Youmu's cock, swirling it around to spread around the fresh stream of precum. Her hand gradually grows more aggressive, tightly squeezing the sensitive head and twisting around it. Youmu's body twitches erratically in response, but you and Yuyuko keep her cock held firmly in place.

Yuyuko stops moving her hand, giving you the cue to get back. She sets Youmu down on the floor and straddles her, pointing her cock straight up and lowering down onto it. She stops when her slit is resting directly on the tip.

“I haven't had a chance to claim you yet,” Yuyuko says. “I'm happy to let Komachi play with you, but in the end you belong to me.” Youmu nods without hesitation, making Yuyuko give her a warm smile. “Good girl.”

Yuyuko pushes her hips downwards, letting the tip of Youmu's cock break into her. A mass of juices spill out and run down the shaft. She moves her hips in little circles as she slowly works her way downwards, making Youmu's cock scrape against every inch of her pussy. She finally reaches the base and grinds against Youmu's hips for good measure.

“I want you to stay completely still, Youmu. Focus on how beautiful your mistress is and how good it feels inside of her.”

Yuyuko starts to ride Youmu's cock. She jerks her pussy up partway and slowly slides back down for a bit before quickly moving up again, gradually working her way up the shaft in small up-and-down motions. When the head is the only part of Youmu's cock left inside, she falls smoothly back down to the base and swirls her hips around before starting again. Enraptured by her mistress' technique, Youmu keeps her eyes locked with Yuyuko's even as she twitches and arches her back in pleasure. She seems to be completely under Yuyuko's control.

You don't want to break Youmu's eye contact, so you refrain from sitting on her face. Instead, you lift her up from behind into a sitting position and slide your arms up her chest, tickling her smooth and sensitive skin. She shivers at your touch but keeps her eyes trained firmly on Yuyuko. You lick sensually along the back of her neck while playing with her hard nipples.

The pleasure finally gets to be too much for Youmu. You and Yuyuko hug her from both sides as she releases for the third time, flooding Yuyuko's pussy with another load of cum. Yuyuko sticks one of her breasts into Youmu's mouth, making her drink Yuyuko's milk while she lets out her own. Youmu's eyes glaze over with tears, and the milk starts dripping out of her mouth.

Yuyuko pulls herself off of Youmu and lays back on the floor, spreading her legs to show you both the flow from inside of her. Youmu's cum spills out as thick as ever, quickly forming a pool on the floor. Youmu has a pretty impressive set of balls to still be able to cum like that.

“You made quite a mess inside of me, didn't you? I didn't get to cum, either. Is there any way you can take care of both problems at once?”

You let go of Youmu and let her crawl over to Yuyuko. Yuyuko sits up and puts a hand on Youmu's head, gently pushing it down to her pussy and keeping it there. The position gives you an excellent view between Youmu's legs. You move forward and grab her firm ass with both hands, squeezing it a few times before pulling it up so that she supports herself with her knees. Her pussy is completely soaked from being neglected all this time, and her cock is covered in fluids from all three of you. You lick your lips and get to work.

You start by holding Youmu's balls to the side and grabbing her limp cock with your mouth. You pull it back so it points straight towards you and start to run your tongue around it, savoring the cocktail of fluids it's accumulated. You can easily recognize the taste of Yuyuko's pussy, and you've been fed your own juices enough times to have an idea of what they taste like. The most precious part, however, is the thick, warm, and salty cum. You clean off everything you can find with your tongue, and a little bit that she had left over comes out when you suck hard enough on the tip. You pull off of her now-hard cock, which whips back to her front.

You hadn't noticed, but Yuyuko is making no secret of Youmu's skill at cunnilingus. You start licking against Youmu's small and delicate pussy to give her a taste of her own medicine. At the same time, you grab Youmu's slippery cock in a reverse grip and point it towards the ground. You bury your tongue inside of Youmu while squeezing her cock and moving your hand in quick milking strokes. Youmu's body stays completely still in your grip, but you can feel the excitement growing inside of her.

Youmu finishes Yuyuko off before you can make her cum. Yuyuko moans loudly while holding Youmu's head against her pussy and squirting little bursts of milk. Yuyuko's hands eventually go limp and slip off of Youmu's head; Youmu tries to get up, but you pull back on her penis to make her stay in place. You look over her at Yuyuko, who's happily staring off into space.

“Hey Yuyuko, I got another load ready while she was cleaning that one up. Wanna share it?”

Yuyuko snaps back and smiles at you. “Mm. She shouldn't be the only one who gets to drink it.”

You relax your grip on Youmu's penis, letting her remove her cum-smeared face from Yuyuko's pussy. You have Youmu stand up and hold her cock straight out while you kneel with Yuyuko in front of her. The two of you hug her thighs and lick over every inch of her throbbing cock, giving it a fresh coat of saliva Yuyuko offers you the whole shaft, and you take about half of it into your mouth and suck steadily on it, flicking your tongue against her urethra to lap up her precum as fast as she can produce it. Yuyuko plays with your breasts until you let go to give her a turn.

Yuyuko takes in Youmu's cock and looks up, staring into Youmu's eyes as she starts to move her head. Meanwhile, you go around behind Youmu and pinch her scrotum to expose her balls. It's a little awkward, but you manage to crane your head up and close your mouth around them, tracing your tongue around their contours. Yuyuko's arms reach above you and hug around Youmu's ass, pulling Youmu's body away from you; her balls pop out of your mouth as her cock is drawn deep into Yuyuko's. You get back to Youmu's front side just in time to see her cum.

Yuyuko moans through Youmu's cock as if fills her mouth with sperm. You watch as Youmu's hips and ass clench repeatedly, forcing yet another load out into Yuyuko's warm mouth. Yuyuko turns to you and tilts your head back, putting her mouth to yours and opening it. A thick stream of delicious cum starts flowing into your mouth, but Yuyuko cuts you off before you're satisfied. You thrust your tongue into your mouth to try and steal more from her, and she does the same to you. When you finally pull away and swallow, your mouth is coated in the taste of Youmu's cum. You look down and see that Yuyuko's been lactating the whole time; two streams of milk run down her chest.

“You've been wasting so much milk, Yuyuko. I've gotta clean it all up for you.”

You follow the two trails all the way down to Yuyuko's thighs and start to wipe them away with your tongue. You switch bewteen streams as you work up Yuyuko's stomach. You lift up Yuyuko's breasts to lick underneath them, enjoying their weight as you hold them. Finally, you trace the milk to its two sources and drink from both at the same time. The sweet taste combines beautifully with the lingering saltiness in your mouth, as if Yuyuko's milk and Youmu's cum were meant to be drunk together.

As you're savoring the taste, one of Yuyuko's hands suddenly attacks your pussy. She starts with two fingers inside of you and quickly moves up to three. You let go of her breasts and straighten up to her level, licking against her lips until she lets you play with her toungue. You also reach behind her to finger her ass, the only hole between the two of you that didn't get to taste Youmu's penis. It's surprisingly easy to get a finger inside, so you add another one and spread them inside of her.

“You're a little loose here. Were you masturbating with this while Youmu was plowing mine?” Yuyuko nods. “How many fingers? I'm not having any trouble with two. You couldn't have been using three, could you?” You rub a third finger against the rim of Yuyuko's asshole while still pumping the other two into her. She blushes a little moans pleadingly, pushing her ass against your hand. You grin and oblige her, planting your mouth over hers to swallow her moans and feed her your own. Her milk leaks out onto your breasts, making it seem like you're lactating as well.

Yuyuko stops moving her hand and grabs your arm; it takes a moment for you to react and get away from her mouth. She directs your attention to Youmu, who's frozen with her hand on her cock and a few fingers in her pussy.

“We should all finish together,” Yuyuko says gently.

You have Youmu lay on the ground, facing upwards. You sit down and spread your legs so that Youmu's penis sticks up between your thighs while Yuyuko does the same thing across from you. Yuyuko puts one leg over yours and one leg under, and you both scoot forward until your pussies are pressed firmly against Youmu's penis.

You order Youmu to start moving. She obeys by pushing her hips up forcefully, striking her cock against both of your swollen clits. The cum and juices leaking out of the two of you quickly lubricate her cock, letting her thrust quickly and make you and Yuyuko moan constantly. The warmth and pressure that you're exerting on her cock are having an effect as well. Tears fill her eyes and her mouth falls open.

You reach out and take one of Youmu's hands, lacing your fingers with hers. She looks back and smiles through the blushing and the panting, angling one of her thrusts so that it hits your clitoris directly. You can't speak well enough to form a coherent reply, so you just smile back. She almost faints from happiness when Yuyuko takes her other hand. You all squeeze hard on each other when you cum together.

Yuyuko uses her thighs to aim Youmu's cock towards you, making it shoot long strings of cum onto your breasts and stomach. You manage to push hard enough with your hips to tilt it the other way and give Yuyuko the same treatment before collapsing on the ground to let the pleasure roll over you.

The intense heat in your body slowly fades into a peaceful warmth. You stay unmoving on your back, enjoying the fatigue that's seeped into every corner of your body. You feel like you could drift off to sleep right here, but the sound of a metallic click snaps you out of your trance. You look up to find Yuyuko turning the key in the lock on Youmu's chastity cage. Youmu's too exhausted to complain.

The three of you make your way to the washroom and lovingly scrub off all of the cum and milk and saliva and other fluids off of each other. When you step out to the bath, you catch a brief glimpse of somebody flying away, but Yuyuko pulls you into the water before you can say anything and you forget about it soon afterwards as you doze off in Yuyuko's arms with Youmu in your lap.

A nap and a meal later, you're standing at the gate with Yuyuko and Youmu. Youmu doesn't seem to mind the cage right now, but she'll probably be just as adorable as before once she's been stuck in it for a week or two or more. You lift Youmu up and hug her, putting a teasing kiss on her forehead, and then turn to Yuyuko for a more intimate hug and kiss.

“Come back soon,” Yuyuko whispers to you. “I won't let Youmu cum until you do.”

Grinning broadly, you wave goodbye to both of them and set off for the land of the living.
Will continue?
File 131605304744.jpg - (176.96KB, 800x1000 , completelyinnocuous.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright guys, I'm going to have to take a break from this for a while, but I'll be back before too long. Plenty of ideas left. In the meantime, I'd like to hear what you all thought, even if you didn't like it. Here's some questions you can work with, presented in the traditional manner:

[ ] What did this story do well?
[ ] What could it have done better?
[ ] Why did you keep or stop reading?
[ ] Was anything unique about it?
[ ] Who or what would you like to see written in the future?

Thanks for your support, it was really fun writing this.
[x] What did this story do well?
-Covered some border niches with a bit boob play
[x] What could it have done better?
-Better attention to personality, with the scenario at hand, more boobplay.
[x] Why did you keep or stop reading?
-I kept on reading as it was some hot action, and involving characters not commonly covered.
[x] Was anything unique about it?
-Komachi being a main character/focal point as /border/ seems to be more /yakumo/.
[x] Who or what would you like to see written in the future?
-More of Komachi's sexy hijinks as you hinted at more to come in your Gensokyo. Other than that, do whatever as your take on things will likely be interesting if a bit out of character.
[x] What did this story do well?
Straightforward movement into sex and kinks. While yes, other stories actually have plot intertwined, sometimes a rompfest without any particular deep decisionmaking other than who you're aiming for and what kink you want to indulge now is fine too.
Indulging in a bit of dominance play and other such funtimes was also decently written, in particular the characterisation - while a bit generic, each one had an actual agenda that they acted towards during play, which didn't always coincide with yours.
[x] What could it have done better?
I'd have said that Youmu seems a bit too eager to be dominated, but that was about it.
[X] Was anything unique about it?
'Machi centered stuff is pretty damn rare. Distance bondage via powers was probably unique.
[x] Who or what would you like to see written in the future?
I'm thinking seeing a very dominant Shikieiki sooner rather than later... possibly a little quest-gaining where Komachi gets a holy order to go out and pacify and quell the overly horny hordes of Gensokyo - that gives plenty of backing for otherwise random sex encounters. It's up to you, though.
What he said. I particularly liked >>15416 describing Hakugyokuro. Chillmachi~

[x] Who or what would you like to see written in the future?
I wanna to see Komachi visit more of your Gensokyo. I'm getting enough exploration vibes that I don't care where.
Some (small) perspective switches would be appreciated. You definitely did objective reactions well, but I want to get inside Youmoe's head for a paragraph.
File 131657892831.jpg - (66.88KB, 600x805 , cerebus.jpg) [iqdb]
pulses with authority and power, condemning you for looking at it even as it entices you with a slow trickle of precum. She could break anyone with that thing, even that gapslut--

You suddenly remember that she's talking to you and look up to see her shaking her head in disgust.

“As soon as you see a penis, the rest of your mind shuts down. Fortunately, I've finally found something that will keep you from slacking.” She puts both hands on her cock, holding it steady with one and slowly stroking with the other. “Once you get a taste of this, you'll do anything for a chance at feeling it again. You might lose your mind in the process, but none of the others seem to mind.”

Eiki gestures away from herself; you look up and see a dozen shinigami, male and female, silently watching from the air behind her. They all have the same blank stare on their faces, like they've forgotten how their senses work.

You take a step back, but your escape stalls when your eyes return to Eiki's cock. The sight of it sends chills down your spine, drawing you back towards it as it throbs hypnotically. Maybe you shouldn't run away so quickly. You do deserve to be punished, after all...

“You've proven yourself unworthy of free will, Komachi. I'll take it away with this.”

Will you accept your punishment?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
[x] No

Eiki dickings would be fine if not for the side effect of becoming a slave.
[X] Yes
[X] Beg to be enslaved like the slut you are.

Eiki's personal fuck toy?

Sounds like a good end to me.

Just because I want to see mindbroken Komachi. Besides, It's a bad end anyways, and I'm assuming we'll get a [x] go back a choice option
[X] Yes

MC the MC!
[x] No

But I like free will!
are you really so sure about this?
[X] Yes

Having another pleasant dream, Komachi-machi?
>Eiki gestures away from herself; you look up and see a dozen shinigami, male and female, silently watching from the air behind her. They all have the same blank stare on their faces, like they've forgotten how their senses work.

Pretty sure that means mindbreak, and how exactly do you control a mind broken character? You dont, hence 'mind break'
[X] Yes

Free will? What's that, does it taste nice?
Remember that stretch without voting options? Imagine that, forever.
[x] No

Say NO to mindbreak.
[x] No
[X] No
Don't you mean "Noooo-ooo-ooooOOOOoooooo... Ooh! Ooh!!!! Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh-!!!!!"
[x] No

There's definitely something going on... that, and WE'RE the ones that's gonna dom Shikieiki, not the other way around.
This guy!
but really
[X] NO
[X] Yes
[X] Yes
[X] No.
[x] Yes.

C'mon, Shiki won't mindbreak us. She wouldn't be THAT evil.

[X] No

She's gone through a drastic physical change, so it's possible she also went through a mental change. Also, the whole "take away your free will" thing should be a warning flag coming from someone who's job is to judge souls based on their decisions while they were alive.
compulsion - to distinctly separate things between black and white, would not be the recipient of a gender-blender. Further, the manner in which she's speaking leads to one conclusion...

[x] You're not Shikieiki Yamaxanadu!
[X] NO
[x] Kyan~!
[X] No

Freedom is good.

Mindbreak is bad, mkay?
[x]Declare this, in a dramatic manner.
[x] Lucid dreaming powers, activate!
A close victory for No. Update imminent.
[x] No.

You shake your head and manage to take your eyes off the Yamadick for a moment. Mustering all the willpower you can possibly muster, you look back up to Eiki's face, meeting her iron gaze.

“This isn't right, Shiki. You're not acting like yourself. Who did this to you? Was it the gap youkai? It was the gap youkai, wasn't it?” you say quickly and shakily.

Eiki stops stroking. “I don't recall giving you permission to talk back, Komachi.”

“No, this is definitely wrong. You're not supposed to be enslaving people like this, you're a judge! You're all about choice and freedom!"

“I punish the abuse of freedom. And you are not a 'person', Komachi. You are my servant, and I will do with you as I please.”

The adrenaline starts to build up inside of you. “No. I'm not doing anything for you until you stop being tall and scary.” The penis can stay, though. “I'm gonna go and find out who's behind this and make them change you back!” You underscore your proclamation an epic finger-point.

“Oh, you're going to defy the Yama's judgment now. How many times has that worked?”

Your finger droops. “Well...”

Eiki brings one hand up to her mouth, keeping her eyes on you as she ponders something. You're not sure how much longer you can stand her staring you down like that. Fortunately, she quickly reaches a decision.

“If you're going to be so defiant, perhaps it would be better to let you go for now.”


“You can go free this time. I won't chase you, but you won't be able to escape me. Reflect on your actions, and return when you have realized this is exactly what you deserve." She doesn't seem to notice that she's slowly stroking her cock again. "It's far more rewarding to punish a servant who knows she deserves it."

“I...Alright then! I'll fix this, just you watch!”

It's about time you got out of here. You take off immediately for the best hiding place you can think of...

[ ] Meiling's place.
[ ] The bamboo forest.
[ ] The geyser.
[x] The bamboo forest.
Maybe Eirin, with her esoteric medical knowledge, can tell us what is going on. Also, If two people have suddenly grown penises others might have done so as well.
[x] The bamboo forest.

Good ep. Have we stumbled upon the makings of a larger plot?
[x] The geyser.
[x] Meiling's place.

I still want that mindbreak scene though.
[x] Meiling's place.
[x] The bamboo forest.

Shiki's carrot can't compare to the real thing.
[x] The bamboo forest.
It won't be mindbreak. Shiki likes her minds already broken, as you can see from her weak "Go away until you realize you want this." command.

[x] Double-back and spy on the Yama.

She's masturbating right now. Probably while saying Komachi's name.
[x] The bamboo forest.
Rabbits are in season, right?
Smooth move, prudes. Now we don't get any Eiki dickings at all.

[X] The geyser.

Let's just hurry up and have Koishi and Satori confirm our slutty desires so that we can get back.
[x] The bamboo forest.
Depending on our choices where we can get action without becoming a mindless slave. Shame more people aren't voting Meiling as we haven't seen busty redhead on busty redhead action here.
[x] Meiling's place.
[x] Meiling's place.

China plox
[x] Meiling's place.
[x] Meiling's place.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Thankfully, we seem to have some friends.
[x] Bamboo forest

Yeah, as fun as sexing up Meiling would be, I think getting some actual help would be the best course of action.

Unless we're going to see Patchy, in which case that's fine, too.
[x] Meiling's place.
Need a tiebreaker between Meiling and forest.
[X] The bamboo forest.
Tie broken. Fear not, Meiling will probably show up eventually.
[x] The bamboo forest.

You take off and zigzag all over Gensokyo at lunatic speed. You buzz the treeline of the Forest of Magic, punch through the clouds and back again, narrowly graze through a danmaku battle, and blow past the Hakurei shrine before coming to a stop above the bamboo forest and diving in through the canopy. You land triumphantly on your feet, but your legs quickly give out and drop you to the ground.

Lying down for a while is fine with you, but Eiki's terrible stare greets you as soon as you as soon as you close your eyes. You try to dispel it by thinking about something pleasant, like Youmu. You quickly slip into a fantasy, not having any shortage of perverted thoughts about her.

Youmu's starting to get used to being your property as she enters her third week of training. Her duties include waking you up and dressing you in the morning, cooking all your meals, and making sure you get to work on time. At night, she has to undress and bathe you, scrubbing carefully over every inch of your body, and then tend to your sexual needs. She keeps the chastity cage on at all times, of course.

You usually masturbate in front of her a few times before letting her even touch you. After she gets you started with her tongue, you take the cage off to give her a few fleeting moments of pleasure as she fucks you. But no matter how hard she tries, you always cum well before she can, and once you're finished so is she. If she ever steps out of line or complains, you can crush her balls at will by tightening a little pouch you have tied around them. You usually treat her nicely enough, but if Eiki ever chews you out--

The eyes are back again. That just made them angrier. Looks like you'll just have to try and ignore them for now. You should get moving anyway; from the look of the sky you'll be lucky if you have an hour before it gets dark.

Your ability to fly makes the forest much less intimidating than it would be for a villager, but you're going to stay on foot for now in case Eiki changes her mind and sends a kill-squad after you. A shinigami's distance reduction only works in a straight line, so unless they want to smack into bamboo thicket they'll have to be a little more cautious in searching for you here. They can still track you down by coming closer to you in short distances and working out which direction you're in, but at least it'll take longer.

You start parting the walls of bamboo and try to move in the most ominous direction. There's supposed to be a girl who helps out lost travelers and a large castle hidden in here; hopefully you can run into one or the other if you go deeper. You eventually manage to find a clearing, but as soon as you step into it you hear a bunch of snapping sounds. Suddenly, something squeezes your body into a ball and lifts you up into the air.

The first few moments are spent panicking. When the surprise wears off, you try and get a feel for the situation. It feels like you're sitting in a cramped and uncomfortable hammock, and you can see a thick webbed material a few inches from your face. Seems you stepped into a net trap.

Fortunately, this is only a minor inconvenience for someone like you. You can just slip out of the net if you want, but if you stay put you might be able to meet somebody. Of course, they might not be too friendly if they're setting traps like this...

[ ] Get out of the net and keep exploring.
[ ] Wait for somebody to show up.
[x] Wait for somebody to show up.

Tewi needs more loving.
[x] Wait for someone to show up.

We can take a nap while we're at it.
[x] Wait for somebody to show up.
Mokou probably set that trap.
[x] Wait for someone to show up.

Traps are nice to sleep in.
[x] Wait for somebody to show up.

Poor fantasy Youmoe.
[x] Wait for someone to show up.
Calling it for wait and see.
[x] Wait for somebody to show up.

You'll try and make a bargain with the person who set the trap. Whoever did this probably wasn't trying to catch a shinigami, and you can get out on your own if you have to.

For now, though, it looks like you'll have to wait. You shift around in the net to get as comfortable as you can and close your eyes. Eiki's waiting in your mind, as displeased as ever.

It's too bad Eiki's cock came with a height upgrade and a case of megalomania. A regular futa-Eiki would've been fine by you. You can see it now, actually...

You touch down in front of your house, meeting an unsurprisingly angry Yama. She's scowling at you and holding her rod in front of your mouth as always, but there's also an impressive bulge poking up her skirt.

“Hey, boss! Got me a present while you were out?” you say mischievously.

Eiki blushes a little and scowls harder. You hear her start to lecture you, but your attention is focused elsewhere. Flipping up her skirt reveals a thick, hard cock practically begging you to tease it. There's no underwear; she must not have had any that could accommodate it. You have to subdue her quickly, so you grab the base with one hand and point the shaft towards your mouth, closing your lips around the tip and moving your head smoothly forward.

“Hey!” she half-shouts, half moans. “Don't--”

You interrupt her with a loud “Hmmm?” Your mouth and throat vibrate around her cock, making her sentence dissolve into incoherence. Desperate, she lifts her arm to strike you with her rod, but she shivers and drops it when your throat tightens around the tip of her cock. Her legs buckle and give out, but you keep her in your mouth as she falls to the ground. Dramatically pulling off of her, you sweep her up in your arms and carry her inside.

You toss Eiki onto the bed and undress quickly in front of her. She slowly gets up to a sitting position to try and resist you again, but falls back down when you squeeze her cock in your breasts. You hug both arms around them and lower your mouth to the tip, letting your saliva flow down the shaft and into your cleavage and tasting a bit of precum.

Keeping your arms tight around your breasts, you start moving your body up and down. Her cock slides easily between them, making a delicious squishing sound as the fluids get compressed and spread around. Her head is facing away from you, denying you the satisfaction of seeing how she reacts to you. Her cock is plenty responsive, though; when it starts twitching, you reach your head down again and suck hard on the tip, taking her over the edge.

Eiki finally breaks her silence with a loud moan as her cum shoots into your mouth in powerful spurts. You keep your head down until she's finished, leaking a little bit out of your mouth, then pull your head back and gulp it all down in a few swallows. You exhale happily and look at her with fresh desire.

Eiki's exhausted already, but her cock is eager for more. You quickly move from the floor to the bed and impale yourself on her cock, paralyzing her with a fresh wave of pleasure just as her orgasm is dying down. You undo her shirt and her bra, revealing her small and sensitive breasts. She closes her eyes and tries to stifle her moaning with her hands, but her body twitches in all directions as you rub and pinch her nipples. You're not about to let her hide her beautiful face like that, so you grab her wrists and hold them down on the bed as you start to move.

You decide to forgo subtlety for now and ride her forcefully, squeezing her as tightly as possible. Her virgin cock digs deep into your pussy with every stroke, making you moan without restraint or shame as you assert your dominance over her. She starts weakly moaning your name and you make her say it louder and louder until she screams it out when she cums. Her eyes stay firmly locked with yours as her cock surrenders another load. Enjoying the new warmth in your pussy, you give her a wide smile as her cock hardens again inside of you.

“Hope you're ready for more, Shiki. We're gonna keep going until you can't live without my pussy.”

A nasty lurching sensation pulls you back to reality. The net's being lowered in fits and starts, creaking loudly and swinging around as it goes. Looks like the sun's gone down; maybe you drifted off at some point. Suddenly realizing that you have two fingers inside yourself and both breasts out, you struggle to get your clothes back in order before you get into the sight of the person below you. You probably finish just in time.

There's a bright light shining in your face. You squint into it as the shapes in front of you slowly resolve into a girl holding the rope on the other end of your net with a self-assured grin. She has black hair and red eyes, and she's wearing a pink dress with a little carrot-shaped pendant around her neck. Looks like she has a floppy pair of bunny ears, too. She starts to speak when she sees that you've adjusted.

“Wow, a shinigami. Best catch I've ever had.” She leans down to your level, giving you a better look at her face. There's something familiar about her constant smirking. “Komachi Onozuka, right? What're you doing in a place like this? And more importantly, why didn't you get out of the net?” She says the last part in a way that makes it clear she's just showing off.

“How'd you know who I am?”

“What, you don't remember me? We fought once, back when all the flowers were out.”

“Oh, yeah.” You can believe that. Seems like you had to fight half of Gensokyo that time. “I was pretty busy back then.”

“Busier than you'd been in a long time, I bet. Anyway, do you mind telling me why you're taking up my valuable trap-space?”

“You don't know that too?”

“Well, if I had to guess, I'd say you were searching for help, got caught, and decided to wait for somebody you could bargain with.” She sees some surprise in your face. “Oh, did I make a lucky guess? In that case, we might be able to work out a deal. I can get you a place to stay, but I'll need you to help me out with something.”


“It has to do with this.” She reaches down and lifts up the bottom of her dress. You're not especially surprised when you see a small cock poking out of her panties.

“What, you want me to suck you off?”

She snorts, but you think you see a bit of a blush. “Please. I just need you to help a friend of mine. Hers is a lot bigger, and she hasn't been herself since she got it. Nobody back home can help her right now, but someone like you might have a chance.”

“Someone like me?”

“You'll see. Are you in or not?”

The sun's gone down, and you'd rather not sleep in the open. The time when you could've rejected her offer has passed. “Okay, I'll do it. Can you let me out now?”

“You're the one who stayed in there.”

“Fine.” You reach out and poke at a hole in the webbing. It extends it until your finger fits through, then your arm, and eventually your whole body. You step out and stretch, leaving the wrecked net on the ground. Her grin fades briefly as her eyes get caught on your chest, which is pushed out a little above her eye level.

“Hey, actually...” The smirk is back, but it seems a little less certain now. “This is a pretty serious problem. I think I might need to do a little test to make sure you can deal with it.” She's shaking a little, and there's a wet spot on her dress right around where her cock should be. “Nothing you can't handle, right?”

[ ] Alright.
[ ] Back off, girl.
[x] Back off, girl.

I love Tewi. That's why I want to see her squirm.
[x] Alright.
[x] Alright.

When in /at/, sex is the answer to anything.
[x] Back off, girl.

Balance is restored.
Aw... can't we have both?

[x] Back off, girl.

Maybe this'll lead to some bunny domination...
[x] Alright.
[x] Alright.
[x] Back off, girl.
[x] Alright.

This is /at/. You vote for the vote that gives sexy tiem.
All roads lead to sexy time. We're voting for how.

Inside Komachi's head, it's always sexy time~
[X] Alright.

I'm sure there are ways to make her squirm within the confines of this option too.
[x] Alright.
[x] Alright.
I'm sure our Komachi can "handle" the matter without even having to take her clothes off.
[X] Alright.
[X] She wants to test you? Give her everything you've got. More than she can handle.

Biting off more than she can chew.
Hah, actually use effort? Komachi can take this bunnygirl with one hand behind her back.
(Two hands behind her back would also suffice, but probably in a different way.)
Surprising nobody, Tewisex wins.
[x] Alright.

You should probably stay on her good side for now. It probably won't take much to please her anyway; she looks like she's halfway to cumming already.

“Sure, you can try me out if you want.” You smirk back as you give your reply.

“Good. Bend over against those trees and show me your pussy.”

“So soon? Don't you wanna see my breasts first?”

“I...don't have time for that.” She glances away.

“Fine, have it your way,” you say playfully. You start to turn around, but stop and extend your hand to her. “Oh, could you remind me of your name first?”

“Oh, it's Tewi. Tewi Inaba.” She has a firm handshake despite the her small size.

“Nice to meetcha. Make sure you enjoy me, alright?” You plant one hand against the indicated cluster of bamboo and grab the back of your robe with the other, pulling it up until your ass is exposed to the cool air. She arranges it over your back while you pull your underwear to one side. Her hands both squeeze your not-too-slim ass, letting you put both hands in front of yourself and stick it out a little more.

“Hey, you're wet here already. Were you masturbating in the net or something?” You say nothing.

Tewi spends a few minutes rubbing and squeezing your ass with her warm hands, not making any sounds aside from her loud breathing. You jump a little when you feel her start to lick it, her tongue leaving warm spots which quickly turn cold. Must be an ass person. She pulls her head back and pushes herself to a standing position, and then nothing happens for a moment.

“Uh, it's too high up. Try bending over on the ground.” She tries to sound commanding, but there's a note of

You make a little sound of amusement and straighten up before moving to your knees. Lowering yourself to the ground, you rest your head on your arms and push your ass up into the air. “Is that better?”

“Yeah.” She gets a firm grip on your ass, digging in with her fingers a little. Her thumbs move to your labia and spread you open, letting her cock slip in easily.

It's not very impressive. She's only three inches and fairly thin, not enough to make you feel much of anything. Some of your excitement fades, and you settle down to let her move more easily. Her body clams down as well as she gets used to how it feels inside of you. She thrusts silently for a few minutes without saying anything before stopping.

“Somethin' wrong?” you ask pleasantly.

“It's too loose.”


“Your pussy's too loose. It doesn't feel good.”

How dare she-Wait. If she's that small, maybe she can't feel much herself. That has to be what she means. This has happened before, actually, and you know just how to deal with it. “Alright, I can fix that. Push in all the way for me.”

“Hm? Ohh, I see.” She presses her hips against you.

You close your eyes and concentrate, focusing on the space between your legs. You map out the relative positions of a hundred different points and start to slowly reduce the distance between your walls and shorten your pussy. Tewi makes a number of strange sounds as she feels the texture compress itself and bunch up around her cock. You let out a long breath when you finish and temporarily fix all the distances; you're now wrapped tightly around her, with her urethra practically leaking into your womb.

“How's that? Tight enough?”

Tewi pulls out slowly and pushes back in. Her cock rubs against a bunch of sensitive spots at once, hitting you with an unusually intense pleasure. All of your fluids were pushed into one place too, so there's no shortage of lubrication.

“Not bad,” she says slowly and appreciatively. “I didn't think...” She forgets her sentence and starts grunting happily as she picks up her movements again. You're definitely feeling it now, and you let yourself moan to encourage her. She fills you up completely each time, making it feel just as good as if her cock was twice as big. Her strokes become slower and slower, and she eventually pulls almost all the way out and speaks in a duplicitous tone.

“Hey, Komachi. Would it feel good if I were to thrust...right...here?” Tewi raises herself onto her tiptoes and drives her cock downwards, hitting you precisely in your most sensitive spot. You cry out in surprise, your whole body clenching around her.

“Aha, I knew it. It can take days to find a spot like that, right? I've got you figured out already.”

Tewi alters her rhythm so that her cock scrapes briefly against your spot before moving in to fill and grind against your small pussy. You moan much louder than before, sensing that you're losing ground to her but unable to fight back. Just as your head starts swimming from the pleasure, a firm smack on your ass jerks you briefly back to reality. You protest, but it only comes out as a strange moan as Tewi's cock keeps you under control. She starts to punctuate each thrust with a spank, switching between cheeks at random. The heat from your suffering buttocks starts to merge with the heat inside of you, carrying you towards a powerful release. You just barely hear her moaning above your own.

Another hard smack and a direct strike to your sensitive spot drive you into a violent orgasm. Your contractions make Tewi go over the edge herself, squeezing out a load that's impressive even by normal standards. It fills you up easily and starts to flood out, dripping onto the ground between your legs in thick streams. She pulls out with a content sigh, enjoying the sight of your rosy ass and overflowing pussy.

“Yeah, you've definitely got what it takes. But I might need to see you ag-aah!”

Tewi falls to the ground as you knock her legs out from under her. You push her onto her back and settle down on her face, leaning forward so that she has just enough room to breathe. She struggles against you for a moment, but stops when she realizes that you've stuck her body to the ground. Accepting her condition, she starts to lick up the abundance of cum that's leaking onto her face.

“I can't help out your friend when my pussy's all messy like this, can I? You have to clean it out so the next person can use it.” Tewi tries to find a weak point inside of you, but they all go out of her reach as your insides return to their normal configuration. Once you're sure she can't start any trouble, you lower your robe to the ground to trap her underneath with your scent.

While Tewi's busy with her swift retribution, you flip up her dress lean back onto your hands, moving your feet between her legs. Her cock hardens again to its less-than-majestic length as you prod at it and leak into her mouth. Struck by inspiration, you move in with one foot and fit it between your index and next-to-the-index toes; all the lubricant still on it makes it an easy matter to squeeze your toes together and stroke it. Her body strains a little, but it can't break free.

Tewi starts moving her tongue deeper into you to find more things to lick up. You oblige her by squeezing the rest of the cum into her mouth, but she keeps licking at you even after she's finished with that. You pick up the pace with your foot as your pussy starts twitching again, grinding even harder against her face. When you start to cum, you let go with your toes and press down on her cock and balls, making her cover her stomach in sperm. You can feel her moaning weakly inside of you as your pussy squeezes shut and squirts a little more onto her face.

You stand up and straighten your clothes, finding Tewi with an unusually dazed expression. Slowly realizing that she can move again and that there's no more delicious pussy to lick, she shakes herself back to normal and rises unsteadily, wiping her face off and not noticing her second load until her dress falls back onto it. She's unpleasantly surprised, but there's nothing she can do about it at the moment.

“Alright, let's go,” you say eagerly.

“Ummm...Right. Going.” Tewi jumps into the air and leads you fearlessly through the forest, grazing the trees as she goes. In a surprisingly short amount of time, you're in front of a large structure. There aren't many lights on the outside, but you can make out the silhouette of a Japanese manor. Tewi goes around the side and leads you through an innocuous door into a spacious, well-lit hallway with graceful traditional décor. You feel compelled to take off your sandals at the entrance.

“Here's my castle, Eientei. It's a home to all the rabbits of Gensokyo, and a few people from the moon stay here too. One of them's a princess. She watches over the place for me.”

She leads you through a series of similar-looking hallways and stops in front of a somewhat foreboding staircase leading downwards. “Alright, I've got a lot on my plate right now, so I'll have a talk with the princess and take off. Someone will take you to a room eventually. There's a bath down the hall over there, and you can go down these stairs when you're ready to earn your keep. Just follow the sounds and you'll find her.” Before you can ask anything, she's gone, probably trying to find a place to change before anyone sees her oddly-stained clothes.

Looks like your housing problems are solved for now, and you even got some sexy times out of the deal. A little runt like her doing that well against you is pretty embarrassing, though. You'll need to be careful around here, especially if her friend is as much of a beast as she says. Maybe you should take a break before jumping headlong into another sexual adventure.

[ ] Jump headlong into another sexual adventure.
[ ] Take a bath first.
[ ] Try and get some information.
[w] Take a bath first.
My Fetishes: The CYOA

[x] Try and get some information.

We should introduce ourselves to the real masters of the house before using their bath.
[x] Try and get some information.

I'd thought Komachi would know Tewi's real age.
[x] Take a bath first.

As much as I want to charge in. It's always good to take a relaxing bath when possible.
[x] Take a bath first.
[x] Try and get some information.
[z] Jump headlong into another sexual adventure.
[x] Jump headlong into another sexual adventure.

Fuck actual progress, I want me some sexing.
[Z] Take a bath first.
No need for nondecorum, after all.
[x] Take a bath first.
[X] Jump headlong into another sexual adventure.

I like to leap before I look.
[x] Try and get some information.

Who knows? Maybe more rabbits than just Reisen and Tewi got "infected", and they'll need some help~
[x] Take a bath first.
Another victory for the bath option. This one will probably take a while.

On another note, I'm looking for a reliable proofreader. No experience necessary. If anyone's interested, you can find me on #touhouporn.
I'd like to help, but I'm banned here, and I have a bounty on my head.
Try looking in the main channel as Fyhlen's usually willing to proof and at times Ofirap-helpdesk is eager to proof. As far as their stances on NSFW writing? That I do not know.

Shut up, Hartman!
Dialogue harder than sex, etc.
Your effort is appreciated~ Off dialogue is off-putting.
[x] Take a bath first.

You should be in top condition before trying to tackle any sexual enigmas. It would help to relax someplace more comfortable than a net for a while.

Following Tewi's vague instructions, you walk down the hallway and pass a few uninteresting doors before finding a more ornate one that leads to a well-made washroom. As you go to put away your clothes, you notice a fine red-and-blue dress with a matching hat in another container. There's nobody to wash you this time, so you grab a sponge and a bucket and scrub yourself over as best you can. Turns out having people wash your back isn’t just a convenient way to seduce them.

The bath isn't a single large pool with a meandering edge like you were expecting. Instead, it's shaped like a perfect square with a screened-off section in the center. It's quite large, but the only other occupant is a silver-haired woman. She hears the door opening and turns to face you; you get into the water quickly to be modest and wade towards her. You can't see any bunny ears, so she must be one of those moon people Tewi was talking about. She studies you as you approach her but stays silent. You stop a yard away and offer her a timid smile.

“Hey, my name's Komachi.”

After a pause, she replies. “I am Eirin Yagokoro, chief pharmacist of Eientei. Do you wish to join me?” You nod slowly and sit down next to her, keeping a fair distance. She doesn't seem too eager to have company. You quickly scrounge for something to say to break the silence.

“Interesting bath you have here.”

“It was a popular style when the castle was built. The central bath is reserved for the princess, who can bathe in privacy or do so openly with her favored subjects while basking in the adoration of her servants.” She gives the central area a longing glance. “So, what brings a shinigami to Eientei?”

How does everyone know you’re a shinigami? You don't even have your scythe this time. Can they smell it? “Ah, I'm on the run from my boss.”

“The Yama?”

“Yeah. She suddenly grew a couple sizes and went a little crazy. Last I saw her, she was trying to make all the shinigami her slaves.”

Her voice hardens. “Then Eientei is harboring a fugitive?”

“No, no, she said she’d leave me alone for a while. I think she’s hoping I give up on my own.” At least, you hope that's the case.

“Hmm, fleeing your superiors.” Eirin looks past you with a slightly wistful expression and seems to get lost in thought. You let her stay at it for a while, but you speak up when it becomes obvious that she’s not going to say anything.

“A shifty rabbit said I could stay here if I helped a friend of hers. You know anything about that?”

Eirin snaps back to reality, her expression darkening as she processes what you said. “Yes, I do. She’s referring to my apprentice, Reisen Udongein Inaba. I assume by your remarks on the Yama that you are aware that something strange has happened, correct?”

“You mean with everyone growin’ cocks all of a sudden?”

“That’s right. It seems to have affected every humanoid creature I’ve examined, but not myself. I suspect the princess is also unchanged, and you seem to have escaped it as well.” A bit of a blush on that last part. “The change came without any side effects in all cases but one.”

“Which was Reisen.”

“Yes. She became violent and unpredictable, and I was forced to lock her up in the basement.”

“Whoa. Why'd that happen?”

Eirin looks up at the ceiling and exhales. “I'm not prepared to discuss that with a stranger,” she says without looking down.

“You sure? It looks like I’m going to be trying to calm her down, so anything you can tell me would be a big help.”

She sighs again, showing some weakness for the first time. “You’re right. It’s just a shameful topic to discuss.” Her voice has an edge of guilt. You shouldn't try to force anything out of her, but there's other ways of making her talk. Tilde.

“Alright, I understand. But maybe you'd feel more comfortable talking about it if we got to know each other better?” You smile at Eirin and find one of her hands under the water. She's baffled, so you draw in a little closer and run a finger along her back to give her a better idea. “It's really bothering you, right? Let me help you get rid of some frustration.”

She doesn't seem averse to the idea. “But I hardly...” You stop her with a finger to the lips.

“It's just skinship. Shinigami do it all the time.”

Eirin waffles a little longer before giving in, hesitantly putting her arms around your neck. You move forward gracefully to kiss her, hugging around her sides when you get closer. The position presses your breasts tightly against Eirin's but she doesn't seem to mind. Her tongue penetrates into your mouth but doesn't know what to do after that, so you gently roll it back and play with it, pressing your tongue against hers and licking off the saliva.

Your focus shifts to the lovely pair of eyes in front of you. They're nominally blue, but they seem to sparkle like diamonds as you stare into them. They grow a little softer as she stares back.

You turn your head to the side and start sucking on Eirin's tongue, pressing your face closer to hers. She tightens her grip on you and whines a little as she does the same, shifting about in your arms. The pressure in your mouths keeps increasing until you pull off of her with an audible pop. The kiss was enough to leave her panting. She lets go of you, inviting you to explore her body.

Moving around to sit behind Eirin, you put grab both of her breasts and squeeze them gently but persistently. They're just a little firmer and smaller than Yuyuko's; a non-expert wouldn't be able to tell the difference. You scoot your hands up until the nipples are within reach of your index fingers and tease them while you lift her breasts out of the water. She arches her back involuntarily when you lick up the back of her neck, and her hands reach up to maybe do something but just settle back down at her sides instead. A few shy moans start to come out.

Eirin's pussy feels a little sticky when you rub your fingers against it. You get a little rougher with your hands and keep kissing her supple skin, pressing harder and harder against her slit until your finger enters her pussy. It accepts your finger easily but squeezes tightly once it's inside; scratching against her walls reveals that she's sensitive as well. You conclude that it's a very fuckable pussy as it accommodates another finger and squeezes as tightly before. There's no way she's a virgin, so it's strange that she's acting so timid.

Eirin keeps moaning as you dig around inside of her. Not able to bear the feeling of your tongue any longer, she cranes her head back and reaches for your mouth. You move your head forward and just barely manage to connect with her for a brief kiss.

You move back to Eirin's front and lean over her a little, making her spread her legs further and use her hands for support. You turn the hand you have inside of her sideways and carefully expose her clitoris, resting the thumb on top of it. Bringing a third finger in line with the other two, you hold your hand rigid and start thrusting forcefully into her. Stimulation this strong makes her cum in no time at all.

You knock Eirin over the edge with a quick thrust and sweep her up in your arms as her pussy starts to contract, bending over further connect with her mouth again. Her eyes squeeze shut as her orgasm starts but quickly open again, looking up weakly into your own as she lets your mouth capture her moans. You keep your mouths connected even after she's done, shifting back to the position you started with and letting her have her fill.

Eirin finally pulls off of you with a look of exhaustion that turns into a shy smile when she sees you grinning at her. “I should pay you back in kind now, right?” she says.

A growling from your stomach cuts off your reply. You haven't had anything to eat since you left the Netherworld. Eirin notices and chuckles quietly.

“Or we could have supper first.”

[ ] Sex first, then food, then Reisen.
[ ] Sex first, then food, then more Eirin.
[ ] Food first, then Eirin.
[ ] Food first, then Reisen.
[x] Food first, then Eirin.

Then Reisen.
[X] Food first, then Reisen.

We can continue with Eirin after our job is done, maybe having Eirin invite someone else to thank Komachi as well then.
[x] Food first, then Reisen.

Not a big fan of timid girls. Maybe she'll snap out of it, but I'd rather not count on it.
I second this
sides it seems tasteful in context.
[x] Food first, then Eirin.
[X] Food first, then Eirin.
Let's pump the information out of her.
[x] Food first, then Reisen

Unfortunately, as we are a responsible professionAHAHAHAHA.

Anyways, yeah. Now that we've loosened up Eirin and gained her... something, we can chat with her about Reisen over dinner. We'll probably need all of our strength for the rabbit.
Gonna have to agree. I would love another helping of Eirin, but we should save all our strength for the bunny.

[x] Food first, then Reisen.
I chuckled.
And Leave Eirin hanging? The way I figure it, Eirin is in need of pleasing normally at the moment while with how Reisen is, a bit more of a wait wouldn't hurt.
[x] Food first, then Eirin.

But didn't we already get Eirin off? It's us that hasn't been pleased by her.

... Well, actually, playing with her was pleasing, yeah, but Eirin was about to get US off when... yeah.
>with how Reisen is, a bit more of a wait wouldn't hurt.
Your value system favors fucking a woman that hasn't been laid in a while over curing insanity.

Just putting it in perspective for you. I'm totally cool either option.
Have you played RPGs? The main quest will wait for you, subquests however, do not.
[x] Food first, then Eirin.
If you're going to think of this story as an RPG... this entire Eientei arc is a side-quest, bro.

being worried about missing stuff is stupid. this is a CYOA. we're missing stuff Every Single Update and there's not a thing you can do about it. that's just the nature of the medium, at least the way most writers handle it.
The winner is [x] Food first, then Eirin.
Finally time to start a new thread.
Happier times ahead at >>19827.

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