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Continuation of >>15116.

[x] Food first, then Eirin.

“Let's eat first. You can think up something good for me in the meantime.”

Eirin nods and stands up. You happily take in the sight of the water running down her breasts and between her legs as she runs her hands through her long silver hair. She seems to shyly enjoy in you watching her. Not to be outdone, you get up yourself and stretch, pushing your dripping chest out towards her.

The two of you head back to the washroom to towel each other off and dress. After her dress is on, Eirin turns asks you to braid her hair. You play with it a little before getting to work, running your hands through it and enjoying its silky softness. It takes a pretty long time to do all of it.

“Do you usually do this by yourself?” you ask.

“It's a part of Reisen's duties. I always have her bathe with me.”

Eirin uses a long blue ribbon to tie off her hair while you go retrieve your own accessories. She faces you while she forms your twintails, which lets you give her a little kiss when she finishes.

Outside, Eirin flags down a rabbit and sends her off to the kitchen before taking you to a small dining room. A meal for one is already laid out there. “We weren't expecting a guest. More food is on the way, but we can share this for now,” she says.

There's only one set of chopsticks, though. They're made of some unfamiliar and probably priceless material and engraved with scenes from a culture you've never seen before. You don't feel sophisticated enough to use them.

“Why don't you hold on to those? I can get my own when the rest of the food comes,” you say.

“What will you do until then?”

“You could use them to feed me,” you say with a grin. Eirin starts to giggle, but starts blushing instead when you keep smiling and make a suggestive motion with your eyebrows. It actually turns out to be a pretty attractive idea. She wipes off a hand and picks up the chopsticks, which complement her skin tone nicely while contrasting with her well-kept violet nails. They close around a piece of sushi and lift it up towards you.

You close your eyes and open your mouth, feeling her deposit her load on your tongue a second later. You make a sound of approval as you start to chew; it's much better than Netherworld fare. Or what you usually eat, for that matter. Eirin watches with a smile and has another piece ready as soon as you swallow. You should try this next time you see Yuyuko. Maybe you could use Youmu as a table, too...

A rabbit arrives with a few more servings and sets them down among you. You pick up your own pair of chopsticks and start eating on your own, giving Eirin a chance to have some food for herself. You both enjoy the cooking for a while before turning to business.

“So, do you think you can tell me about Reisen now? You don't have to tell me everything, just the important parts.”

Eirin sighs with her mouth full and nods. You finish up your meal before giving her your attention.

“For a long time, I've been using Reisen as a test subject for experimental drugs. It was one of her duties as my apprentice, and her acquired tolerance to them has made her a safer subject than anyone else who lives here.”

“And the drugs made her go crazy when she grew her cock?”

“I believe so. With Tewi's help, I was able to subdue her with a combination of my most powerful tranquilizers, but they won't last forever. And it's entirely my fault that she's wound up like this in the first place.” She seems extremely guilty about it.

“Hey, you didn't know this was going to happen. We should just worry about helping her now. Can you tell me specifically what's happened to her?”

Eirin nods and slips into a more analytical tone, regaining some composure. “Reisen was originally a Lunarian soldier with the ability to cause madness with her eyes. The transformation has increased the potency of this ability, along with her physical strength and sex drive. Her mind has been consumed by animal lust, so sex with her is extremely dangerous unless she is properly restrained. A mere glance at her eyes is incapacitating, and her penis can likely endure over a dozen ejaculations.”

A super-powered rape machine, eh?

“The medicine I used should keep her in a trance until at least tomorrow afternoon.” She notices your lack of concern. “Do you think you'll be able to help her?”

“Won't know unless I try, right? I'll come up with something.”

Suitably impressed, Eirin exhales in relief. “Will you face her after this, then?”

“Nah, I think I'll spend some more time with you first.” You put an arm around Eirin's back, getting a shy smile in response. “You've got a pretty nice place here. Care to show me around?”

Delighted at the prospect, Eirin slowly takes your arm and leads you out of the room. You pass a few rabbits on the way out, who turn and whisper to each other when you pass them.

Eirin strides confidently through the labyrinthine halls. She shows you the yard where the rabbits make mochi for the harvest festival, the castle's collection of lunar artifacts, and her personal laboratory. It's all really interesting; you hear a lot about amazing things and faraway places, but you haven't really seen that much other than the Netherworld and some places here and there in Gensokyo. Eirin clearly finds your enthusiasm gratifying, rushing to show you more and more impressive things.

Eventually, she's down to her last exhibit. To get there, you have to go down an extremely long hallway that seems to grow in size as you proceed. It soon becomes large enough that you can both start flying. An eerie purple light begins to fill the hall; looking to your right, you see that parts of the wall have become transparent, showing you a strange night sky.

“What is this?” you ask uneasily.

“This is the castle's greatest treasure. Precious few have seen it.”

Suddenly, you emerge into a dazzling spacescape. The planet stretches out beneath you, far enough away that you can see its curvature, and an enormous moon floats solemnly in the sky. You panic a little when you sense how far away the Earth is, but Eirin gives you a reassuring smile and comes closer to hold you.

“This is the Corridor to the Sky, created thousands of years ago by Lord Tsukuyomi himself. Every month, a passage opens here between the Earth and the Moon, but it only reaches halfway at present.” You only vaguely hear what she's saying, distracted by the Earth and the thousands of stars surrounding you. You can make out the shape of Japan down below, crisscrossed by a bright web of lights.

“You wouldn't prefer to watch the Moon? It's far more elegant than the sin-stained planet below.” Still not listening. All the distances and directions out here make you shiver in amazement. “But I suppose the Earth has its charms as well.”

Eirin pulls you closer, breaking you out of your reverie. She moves her head forward, pausing for just a moment before you part your lips, and starts to kiss you. Her tongue moves with more confidence this time, twirling around your own and probing the depths of your mouth as you do the same to her. It's a very surreal experience to tongue-kiss someone while floating through space. Eirin turns her head to the side let you keep watching the sky as you kiss her.

“We need to do something else together, right? Come with me.”
The two of you go back down to Earth and wind up in a small room. Most of the space is taken up by a cluttered desk, and there's just enough space for a futon at the end.

“This is my study,” Eirin says as she shuffles through a drawer. “I come here when I need to shut out all distractions.” She stands back up with a pink dildo. “Almost all distractions. Please, take off your clothes.” Her excitement grows as you undress in front of her, slowly moving your robe from your arms to your feet. She has you sit at the edge of the desk with your legs spread open.

Eirin teases the dildo around your lips before pushing it into your mouth. You accept it and start giving it a good coating of saliva, wondering if she'll get a taste for herself before using it on you. She lets go to free up her hands and goes for your breasts. Her groping is surprisingly methodical despite her heavy blush; she squeezes them across a continuum of different grips, paying close attention to your reactions to each one. They're feeling nice and tender when she takes the dildo out of your mouth.

Eirin presses the dildo against one of your nipples, pushing it back into your breast and twisting it around with a self-assured grin. You're about to ask what she has planned when the it suddenly starts vibrating against your nipple, making you jump in surprise and pleasure. You'd heard Kourin talk about devices like this, but he never seemed to have any in stock. The stimulation is so intense that you try to struggle away from it, but Eirin holds it in place despite your protests. A tingling sensation lingers in your nipple after she pulls away, leaving you extra sensitive for when she follows up with her mouth.

A few more rounds with the vibrator on your breasts leaves you wet and panting. Eirin moves up to hug you, making you shiver as she caresses your back with the vibrator. “Do you want it inside of you, Komachi?” she whispers. You nod without hesitation.

Eirin turns the vibrator off and positions it between your legs. Your pussy accepts it easily, hungry for another taste of pleasure. She pushes the whole length inside of you before turning it back on at a low level, still high enough to give you a jolt. After slowly turning it up to medium strength, she starts to turn her move her wrist, making the vibrator tilt around inside of you. The head rubs firmly against spots that a regular cock hardly touches, spreading warmth through your pussy all the while. She keeps her head occupied wih your breasts.

Seeing that you're starting to get close, Eirin maxes out the vibration and lets go. Using one of her thighs to keep it inside of you, she presses your breasts together and sucks on both at once. You keep moaning Eirin's name until she stifles you with her mouth.

The kissing and the vibrator are amazing, but it's the way that Eirin's hard nipples rub against your own that finally sends you over the edge. Your pussy clings tightly to the vibrator, which only intensifies the sensations as Eirin turns it up to full. Your vision and your senses blur until the only things you're aware of are the unceasing spasms of pleasure inside of you and Eirin's lovely, sparkling eyes. You never knew that a fake one could be so satisfying.

Eirin turns off the vibrator and descends between your legs to lick off your thighs at her leisure, tickling your sensitive skin with her tongue. When your outside is clean, she stands back up and starts pulling the vibrator out, giving you a perfect chance to snatch it away from her. You get off the desk and grab her from behind, pinning her arms against her body. Your legs just barely manage to hold you.

“Gotta be careful about lettin' your guard down, Eirin. I'm right back on top again.” Eirin makes a little whining noise. “Want me to let go? Maybe if you lift your skirt for me.” She manages to expose her panties despite her limited range of motion. “There's a good girl.” You push Eirin's panties to one side and slip the wet vibrator into her wet pussy. She melts in your arms when you crank it to full power.

“Must feel like heaven for someone as sensitive as you, huh?” For all of Eirin's finesse, she doesn't have much endurance. You stuff her mouth with a few fingers and pump the vibrator in and out of her, making her cum easily. She slumps submissively in your arms, and you lay down with her on the bed. She doesn't try to take out the vibrator, so you turn the power to minimum and put her clothes back over it. She holds you a little more tightly and keeps a cute blush on her face.

“I wish I'd met you earlier,” she says quietly.

“Yeah?” You try to stroke her hair but find that braids aren't very conducive to stroking.

“Mm. There's something I didn't tell you-”

Somebody starts pounding on the door and shouting Eirin's name. She bolts over to the over to the door and has an urgent conversation with someone while you throw on your clothes. She's quite pale when she turns back to you.

“She broke free,” she says darkly.

“Didn't you have her under control?”

“It was a bad guess!” Eirin stumbles over to the desk and starts rifling desperately through all sorts of compartments, shaking visibly. You walk over and hug her from behind.

“Hey, calm down. Calm down. I'll give you a hand, just tell me what I need to do.”

Eirin takes a few deep breaths and tries to concentrate. The vibrator probably isn't helping. “Okay. First, we have to get her out of the castle. We could lure her into the into the forest or into the Corridor to the Sky. The forest has more cover, but the Corridor is easier to navigate.

“If you think you can restore Reisen's sanity, then we only need to stop her for a little while. I have enough materials to create a temporary paralytic if you can hold her off for a few minutes, but I can't say what side effects it will have. It might also be possible to incapacitate her with danmaku, but we'll need to work together to stand a chance against her.”

Eirin doesn't seem sure which plan is the best. Going with your gut, you decide to...

[ ] Face Reisen alone in the forest.
[ ] Face Reisen alone in the Corridor.
[ ] Fight Reisen together in the forest.
[ ] Fight Reisen together in the Corridor.
I'll go with

[X] Face Reisen alone in the forest.
[ ] Face Reisen alone in the Corridor.
[ ] Fight Reisen together in the forest.
[ ] Fight Reisen together in the Corridor.
I'll go with

[X] Face Reisen alone in the forest.
[ ] Face Reisen alone in the Corridor.
[ ] Fight Reisen together in the forest.
[ ] Fight Reisen together in the Corridor.
[X] Face Reisen alone in the forest.

Komachi's probably the one that stands the best chance of "holding her off". If she got hold of Eirin she'd finish her off in moments.

>A super-powered rape machine
Challenge accepted!
[x] Fight Reisen together in the forest.
[x] Fight Reisen together in the forest.

The forest will give plenty of cover for Eirin while we 'distract' Reisen.
[x] Fight Reisen together in the forest.
[x] Fight Reisen alone in the forest

With our manipulation of distance we can easily play hide and seek with Reisen. Personally, I'd prefer the Corridor, but it doesn't look like it'll happen.
[X] Fight Reisen together in the Corridor.

A threesome with crazy futa-Reisen? DO WANT. Also, distance manipulation may work better. when there are a lot of them to mess with...

That gives me a thought. Let's unleash a super-powered rape machine on Lunarians!
[x] Fight Reisen alone in the forest.

And you know what we mean by 'fight'.
[X] Face Reisen alone in the forest.
Sorry, this is a single person showdown. One shall stand, and one shall.. ok, no, one shall fall on the other. Well, whatever.
I think it'll be partially an actual fight than just an pure excuse for a sex scene.
Calling it for the rumble in the jungle.
Alone, or together?
[x] Face Reisen alone in the forest.

Eirin doesn't seem to be in the best shape to fight someone. Maybe you should leave her alone to practice her craft and keep Reisen busy by yourself.

“I'll take her out into the forest and stall her for a while. You stay here and work as hard as you can, alright?”

Eirin nods with a bit of relief and moves to sit down at her desk. Before she bends to sit, you lift up her dress from behind and pull out her vibrator. She laughs a little, apparently having forgotten about it. Then she remembers something and finds a thick strip of cloth in her desk.

“You won't stand a chance if Reisen gets you with her powers, so you'll need to wear this,” she says as she ties the cloth around your eyes. “You can still use your sense of distance to navigate, right?”

“Yeah. Thanks, Eirin.” You give her one more kiss before fetching your scythe and heading out the door. You haven't tried flying blind in a while, but it's not too difficult in principle. All you have to do is designate a bunch of reference points in the area around and ahead of you to form a fairly accurate picture. You can tell where things and people are, but not so much what they're doing.

You set the staircase from earlier as a waypoint and work towards it as fast as you can. A few rabbits brush past in a panic as you advance. You find Reisen shambling about near the top of the staircase; she must still be a bit dizzy from the tranquilizer. However, her senses sharpen themselves to a razor's edge when she catches the smell of fresh sex.

You dash in and give Reisen a quick hug, making sure she gets a good impression of your scent. You're halfway to the exit when she whirls around to try and grab you. You crash out the back door that Tewi used and fly up the side of the castle, leaving you well out of the way when Reisen explodes out seconds later.

Not wanting to do any damage to the castle, you chase Reisen into the forest. She catches sight of you and starts charging at you from all directions, barely missing you each time and blasting the bamboo trees to pieces with the force of her movements. You keep dodging her lunges as you descend to the forest floor. She's definitely too dangerous to have sex with right now; she'd tear to you pieces by accident.

You jump away as Reisen slams into the ground, leaving a small crater. She lines up for another attack without missing a beat, but her attempt to take off only causes her to lose her balance and flail around. You've successfully rooted her feet to the ground, so all you have to do is make sure she doesn't hurt herself and-Agh! You're hit! A sharp pain shoots through you for an instant, disrupting your concentration. Reisen breaks free and charges once again, and you fling her far up into the sky to buy yourself some time.

You weren't expecting her to still be able to shoot. Maybe her training left it deeply embedded in her mind or something. But if that's how she's going to be, you'll need to get a bit rougher. You track Reisen's position as she speeds back down towards you, streaming her simple attacks. Seems like she can't do anything more complicated than a basic forward-firing bullet.

Unlike before, Reisen stops and shoots instead of trying to tackle you again. You keep streaming and reach into your robe to pull out a spell card:

Old Rain: Rain in the Underworld Journey!

A familiar thundercrack rends the calmness of the night as the card fills you with power. Bullets start to rain steadily from the sky as the scenery transforms into a dark landscape filled with purple wisps. Reisen heads for the ground and starts to return fire.

Death and finality surround you. It's calming.

Reisen's doing a little too well, though. She's hovering a few feet above the forest floor, doing a decent job of dodging and hammering away at your spell barrier. The chunks of it that break off reform on your scythe, allowing you to hurl them down in streams that form themselves into bundles of coins. Your attacks keep going faster and faster, but Reisen dodges too fast for you to keep up and doesn't much mind the bullets that do hit her. Right as your card loses the last of its power, she tanks through a swarm of bullets to head straight for you. You push your scythe out in front to block her; she grabs on and pulls sideways, whirling you through the air before throwing you towards the ground.

Right before Reisen can follow up, something hot and bright explodes in front of you and knocks her away. An angry girl's voice accompanies it.

“Hey, you get away from her!” Somebody speeds past and starts hurling fire at Reisen while you stop your descent. You suddenly remember to warn her about Reisen's eyes, but it's too late. The girl screams as she gets an eyeful of crazy, and Reisen closes with her and does something painful before casting her aside to focus on you. At least you're attractive enough that Reisen's not trying to rape anyone else.

You dive into the forest for cover, barely grazing Reisen's relentless bullets. She keeps her position in the sky and fires indiscriminately in your general direction, blasting the trees apart and scoring the earth around you. Shooting at her doesn't have much effect, and you eventually take another hit. You manage to stay in the air, but Reisen's suddenly right in front of you.

“You! Out of the way!” the other girl shouts. You give give her a wide berth as she blasts past you sheathed in fire, crashing into Reisen and exploding with a force that knocks you to the ground. As you pick yourself up, you sense that Eirin has exited the castle. You rush into the blast area and grab the dazed rabbit, swinging her around so she's in line with Eirin. Something hits Reisen in the abdomen and makes her growl and thrash around, but her struggles quickly cease and she goes limp in your arms. Feeling around Reisen's front, you find an arrow sticking out of her.

Eirin breathes a sigh of relief as she approaches you, but the calm is broken by that girl popping out of nowhere again. How's she even alive after all that?

“Dammit Eirin, keep a better eye on your pets! That thing almost tore her to pieces.”

Eirin is unsurprised and unamused. “The situation was perfectly under control, Ms. Fujiwara. I would appreciate you staying out of our affairs.”

You try to speak up, but Eirin cuts you off. “Nevermind her, Komachi. We must act quickly.” You leave the other girl behind without even catching a glimpse of her.

Eirin leads you back inside to a room somewhere and has you deposit Reisen on a bed. Eirin puts a thick blindfold over Reisen's eyes, allowing to finally take off your own and get a good look at her.

You're pleased to see that Reisen's an attractive girl despite her dishevelment. Her sweat-covered body is firm and toned without showing too much muscle, and she a nice pair of handfuls heaving on her chest. A nice six-inch cock leaks precum all over her abdomen, and a look behind her hairless scrotum shows a fresh, brightly-colored pussy. She still struggles weakly against the drugs, trying to get her hands on you.

You start approaching Reisen, but a pain in your hitbox makes you stumble. You stop Eirin as she rushes to your side. “Hold that thought. I've gotta help Reisen first.” Eirin agrees reluctantly and steps out of the room, leaving you alone with Reisen. You don't have too much time before the drugs wear off and she regains her full range of motion, so you have to calm her down quick.

How were you going to do that, anyway?

Let's see here. Reisen seems pretty far gone, but she might just be afraid. After all, she suddenly grew a cock and got consumed by a bunch of weird feelings before getting thrown into a cell in the basement for a day. Maybe she'll be able to reassert her sanity if you just give her some gentle loving and encouragement.

On the other hand, it might a safer bet to try and get her under control as-is. Animals bow to the will of stronger animals, so if you just establish dominance over her then she'll probably calm down and obey you.

[ ] Restore Reisen's sanity.
[ ] Domesticate her.
[x] Domesticate her.

Sounds fun.
[x] Restore Reisen's sanity.

Rough sex is something i want, But I dont want eirin hating us.
[x] Restore Reisen's sanity.

[X] Restore Reisen's sanity

Sounds like something leading to a good ending. :3
[x] Domesticate her.

We can restore her sanity afterwards. Maybe. And we'll be able to rub the fact that she was so easily trained in her face~
[X] Restore Reisen's sanity.
[x] Restore Reisen's sanity.

Contrary to popular belief she is useful for more than her sex appeal.
[x] Domesticate her.
[x] Restore Reisen's sanity.

Then we can request sex as the reward.
[X] Restore Reisen's sanity.

Time for some sexual healing.
[x] Restore Reisen's sanity.
[x] Restore Reisen's sanity.
[X] Domesticate her.

Such a cute bunny~
[X] Restore Reisen's sanity.
[X] Domesticate her.
She would make a good start to a harem, should we try to make one.
[x] Restore Reisen's sanity.

That IS kind of the whole point of this.
[x] Restore Reisen's sanity.

As tempting as it is to choose the other one, the whole reason we started that fight was to help her.
I would rather have some tender loving with Reisen anyway.
[X] Restore Reisen's sanity.

As much as I want to tame the wild beast, Eirin is counting on us to save her.
[X] Restore Reisen's sanity.
[X] Restore Reisen's sanity.

I'm good with either option, but this one does seem the most rewarding in the long run.
[X] Restore Reisen's sanity.

I bet she'll be extremely submissive either way anyway. I mean, she needed help, we gave her help. I'd be, in any way.
At least five people will be sad to hear that [x] restore Reisen's sanity is the winner.
How many of them go to IRC?
>hurr irc illuminati
Looks like there's going to be a bit of a wait for this one, guys. Go read the new PANZERS in the meantime if you haven't already.

(I've got a great joke lined up if he ever compiles his works into one volume.)
Okay, I'm going to update no later than Saturday. This is dragging on way too long.
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File 132047308316.jpg - (288.56KB, 510x800 , ihaveemployedaclevernarrativedevice.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] ?????"

Every second, a hundred voices cry out in your head telling you to mate. You haven't been able to obey them. First you weren't awake, then you got attacked while you were trying to grab that girl, and now you can't even move. Your body is filling up with frustration, and there's no way for you to dispel it. Nothing to do but lie here in agony. You can smell the beautiful girl from before right next to you. If you just had a little more strength, you could go over and grab her and...

The smell comes a little closer. A warm hand presses against your penis and tickles all around it. It feels nice, but you don't want to be teased like that. You need to--Teased? Teasing? What was “teasing”?

You're picked up from behind and moved to a sitting position. She's right next to you now, rubbing her hand in all the precum on your stomach. Moments later, it squeezes around your cock in a tight, slippery grip. If you could move, you'd start thrusting into it just to let out some of this huge buildup of cum before you got to the business of mating with her. A small part of your consciousness notices some quiet sounds blowing into your ear, but you're mostly focused on her hand and how it isn't doing anything. You still can't move, no matter how hard you try.

The girl lets out a bunch of short breaths and finally starts stroking you. Her hand slides up and down and around your cock without any trouble, and you're so frustrated that you cum in seconds. Your cock clenches up as a thick load shoots out, and then there's a brief moment of calm before the need to mate overwhelms again.

More sounds like before. It's definitely familiar...Laughter, that's what it is. She's laughing, and talking too. You don't remember how to figure out what she's saying, but the sound and her warmth make you relax a little. It's even better when she starts moving her hand again. You cum again easily, just like before. In the brief haze that follows, you pick out some familiar patterns in her speech.

“...n't cum too much...eel even better.” She releases your penis and lowers you back onto the bed. Moments later, something soft and heavy presses against your cock. One of her hands grabs the head pulls it up through a crack, leaving the shaft enveloped in a soft, tight cage. She nuzzles the exposed head with her cheek, which lets you figure out that your cock is between her breasts. She says something and starts moving.

The girl's breasts slide up and down your slippery cock, the lack of friction making you shiver. At this rate, you'll cum all over her face in no time. The thought is exciting, even though that doesn't accomplish anything. You start moaning, which makes her go even faster.

You feel the girl's hot breath on the head of your cock, followed a moment later by her wet lips closing around it and trapping it in a warm and humid space. She stops moving her breasts as much keeps them held tightly around your shaft while she focuses on stimulating the head with her tongue. All the sensations assaulting it make you lose another load, spraying out forcefully into her mouth. Her mouth stays firmly attached until you've let out every drop, at which point she lets go and gives the head a kiss.

You're wasting a lot of sperm, but what she's doing doesn't seem too unusual. People do this all the time, right? You're pretty sure they do. You can vaguely remember doing it yourself, actually. Wait, remember? That's right, you have a memory. You're a person, and you have a name. It's...

“...Reisen?” the girl says. You're in her arms again. She speaks slowly and calmly into your ear, carefully forming each syllable for you.

“Do you want to mate with me, Reisen?” Yes! Yes you do. There's a way to indicate that with your head, but you don't quite remember what it is. Not that you'd be able to do it anyway. She seems to catch your drift, though. “You can cum inside of me, but we have to make love when we do it.” She lowers you onto your back again and you moves her legs around near your own.

Something warm and wet presses against the tip of your cock. A moment later, your length is swallowed by a wet and luxurious hole. Your heart jumps as you realize you're mating. The excitement flows right into your cock, making it even harder as it twitches inside of her. You keep getting more and more excited until she puts a finger on your nose.

“Love-making, remember?”

The girl slides her hips upwards, tilting to the side slightly so that the head of your cock scrapes against the walls of her pussy. She angles her hips in the opposite direction on the way down The constant friction on the head and the tightness around the shaft, combined with the overall warmth and moisture, fill you with pleasure. It'll take forever to cum at the speed she's using, though. You whine a little, which makes her laugh again. You catch the last part of what she says.

“...enjoy this part too.”

She's right, you are supposed to do that. However, this realization is quickly overruled by the urge, and you to start bucking your hips against her as your strength starts coming back. Fresh waves of pleasure spread through you, but you feel a little guilty.


There's a constant stream of moaning as the girl moves up and down to match you. They're not lusty moans like you expect, though. There's a strange warmth to her tone that suggests that she's enjoying something other than the sex. It's very obvious what it is, but it's just beyond your grasp.

Her pussy gives your cock a rough massage as a huge wad of cum bursts into her, filling her insides in seconds. Some extra runs down past your shaft to spill out onto your body. There's no way she didn't get pregnant from that. Despite this, The urge isn't satisfied. Your cock is hardly weakened at all; you feel like you could impregnate five more girls and still have some left over. But for some reason, that option's not entirely appealing. You want to stay here and give it all to this girl instead. That's normal, right?

Finally regaining control of your limbs, you throw the girl down on the bed and ram your cock inside of her, feeling her pussy spasm at the impact. It'd be easy to start thrusting and cumming and making her your own, but...

A hand comes up and strokes your face. It's cool against your hot skin. You don't want to hurt that hand, or any other part of her. You need to be careful, and make sure she needs to feel good too.

You try moving your hips slowly like she was doing with you. Your cock throbs in protest at your speed, but you ignore it. It's not the boss of you. Neither are the voices in your head, for that matter. You'll do as you please.

The girl's moans have even more of the tone she was using before. Listening closely, you determine that it's a tone of...affection. Love. That's it! She's doing this to be affectionate, not to mate with you. And you've been trying to fill her with children this whole time. You need to make it up to her somehow. Making her feel good seems like a good start.

Something tells you to lay flat on top of her while you thrust. When you do, the girl grabs your head and shoves her tongue in your mouth. Something clicks in your head, and you start to play with it using your own. Her arms and legs come up and pull you a little closer, pressing your breasts against hers and letting you feel her body quiver in response to your movements. Your heartbeat is growing stronger now, mixing the feeling that you're about to cum with a different sort of excitement.

The girl breaks the kiss and starts moaning your name, repeating it faster and faster until all at once she squeezes you tightly with her arms and legs and pussy. You cum even harder than before, soaking her insides and the bed with your sperm as the beautiful sound of your name fills your ears. You whole body feels wrapped in warmth and love.

Suddenly, everything's quiet. The urge has receded for now, and all the moans have given way to simple, quiet breathing. It makes the voices seem even louder in retrospect. Her breaths are a little more ragged than yours, you notice.

It occurs to you that you should find out who this girl is. You reach for your head to take off the blindfold, but pause midway. You're probably wearing it because your eyes are dangerous. Instead, you try speaking to her. It shouldn't be too hard, right? You do it all the time.

“Hhh...Hwuh...Hwo arre yu?”

The girl makes a pleased sound and strokes your hair a little.

“Nice of you to ask. My name's Komachi Onozuka. Remember me? Red hair and a scythe? We fought back when the weather was strange, and when all the flowers were out.” Your memory isn't all together yet, but you give a try. A woman who matches that description and some talk about suicide come to mind.

“I think so.”

“That's good.” She makes a quiet sound of discomfort. “Hey, listen. I've gotta take a rest now, so you need to be a good girl for a while. Don't get into any trouble, okay?”

“What? No, wait!”

Komachi's breathing changes. She doesn't respond to anything. You penis is still stiff, but it doesn't seem right to keep it inside of her. You pull out, shivering as it's exposed to the relatively cool air.

Looks like you're alone again. Just when things were starting to get better, too.

[ ] Keep being Reisen.
[ ] Be Eirin instead.
[x] Keep being Reisen.

Fuck yes, perspective switching! Now to find where Tewi ran off to.
[x] Keep being Reisen.

That was good stuff. From previous experience, I'm sure both options would be good. However, I'm a fan of Reisen.
[x] Be Eirin instead.

I want to see what goes on inside that head of hers.
[x] Keep being Reisen.
[x] Be Eirin instead.
[x] Keep being Reisen.
[x] Keep being Reisen.
[X] Keep being Reisen.

Mate mate mate mate mate
[x] Keep being Reisen.

Delicious sex crazed Reisen, I like. Even better if we get embarrassed sorry-I-tried-to-rape-everyone Reisen instead.
[x] Be Eirin instead.

Sexual Healing.
[x] Keep being Reisen.

I don't know if it was more hot than adorable or the other way around. Good shit, man.
[X] Keep being Reisen.
[X] Keep being Reisen
[x] Keep being Reisen

This might be selfish to ask, but could you also write the "Domesticate Reisen" option?

I wouldn't mind seeing that some time, but only if BSD feels like it. It could make for a fun what-if oneshot down the road.
I wouldn't count on it happening anytime soon, but I would be willing to do the Eiki bad end before the next update if people are still interested.

Also, Reisen wins the vote.
I am extremely okay with this.
File 132062487482.jpg - (100.99KB, 800x494 , 1218891703131.jpg) [iqdb]
Ohh, yes. Very much so.

Hell yes we're interested.
Oh gods, yes.
I find your proposition most enjoyable and I feel obligued to express my endorsement.
Very much so.
Alright, that'll do it. Everyone get ready for hot yama-on-shinigami action.
[x] Keep being Reisen.

The door to the room slides open. Somebody quietly steps in, smelling of bizarre herbs and poultices. Her scent changes all the time, but you can always tell that she's your master. When you hear her say your name, you feel a strong rush of confusing and contradictory emotions. You don't have time to sort them all out right now.

Eirin's arms gently hug around you. You can tell even from your fragmented memory that she's acting unusual.

“Are you able to speak, Reisen?”


You hear sigh of relief. “I'm glad. Please, come with me. Komachi needs her sleep.”

Eirin takes you to a clean-smelling room and sits you down in a chair. “I'll be trying to find a cure for your condition, Reisen. Allow me to take a few samples.” You nod, remembering that this is standard procedure. She pricks you to take some blood, swabs the inside of your throat, and steps out for a moment while you give her a urine sample. Turns out your penis is only good for sex.

Eirin returns and kneels in front of you. Suddenly, her hands take hold of your cock. One of them slides down to handle your balls while the other gently rubs your shaft. Her hot breath restarts your flow of precum. “There's one more sample I'll need to take,” she says before taking it into her mouth.

Eirin's mouth is warm and moist, with a wet tongue that makes you shiver as it swirls around your cock. Her hand tightens a little around your balls and uses them for leverage as she starts bobbing her head with a steady amount of suction.

Not satisfied with the amount of pleasure she's giving you, Eirin starts scratching at your labia. You scoot forward to give her access, pushing your cock a little deeper into her mouth. Two fingers work their way into your pussy, digging around inside of you before settling into a thrusting motion.

Your lower body twitches uncontrollably as you're mercilessly stimulated in two places at once. Eirin slowly slowly pulls her head back as she keeps fingering you, increasing her suction and the speed of her hand when the head is the only thing inside. You finally cum with a loud moan; Eirin swallows the first few shots and strokes the rest out into a container. When you're finished, her mouth closes around the head again and sucks out the last of your cum.

A bit of worry mixes with your satisfaction. There's a very important problem with what just happened, and you've forgotten what it is.

Suddenly, Eirin's all business again. She screws a cap on the container you just filled and leads you a few steps over to a futon.

“You'll need to stay in here for now in case your condition worsens. I'll have a rabbit bring you your meals.” She moves closer and puts a hand on your head. “Try and get some rest for now. And...ask me for help if you need to cum some more.” You nod slowly, picking apart her sentence in your mind.

Eirin gives you a quick hug and leaves, locking the door behind her and leaving you alone in silence. Still naked, you climb under the covers of the futon and doze off. You hadn't realized how exhausted you were.

You dream that you're in the lab with Eirin. A heavy silence hangs in the air as you both work on an extremely complex drug. They've been getting more and more elaborate over the last few days as Eirin tries to find one that will work. Her frustration is unfounded, though; they've all been perfectly designed, as always. You just evaporated the active ingredient out of one of the components is all.

Now you're at dinner with Eirin and the Princess, a month after you started work here. Eirin is excitedly telling the Princess about how quickly her work has progressed since she took you on as an apprentice. Hearing your mistress praise you like that makes your heart flutter, but you can't help but notice--

Three days ago. All of the rabbits are lined up to take their mandatory hormone suppressants. Tewi snuck off, but there's nothing you can do about that. Eirin offers to let you skip yours, but you demand that she give it to you. She agrees and turns around to retrieve a pill for you, rattling the jar that contains them. She brings her hand up to her chest to inspect it before turning back. She was inspecting it, right?

Somebody nudges you awake. Still wearing the blindfold, you sit up and try to orient yourself. Judging by the smell, the girl next to you is the food-bearing rabbit that Eirin was talking about. You're pretty sure you know her, but her name escapes you. “How are you feeling, Reisen?” she asks nervously.

You suddenly notice that you have a formidable case of morning wood; your balls don't seem to know they should stop. Your head feels a little fuzzier, too. If you can just cum a little, you'll probably calm right down. You feel a bit uneasy about having Eirin do it, but that might just be a symptom of your mental troubles. The rabbit would probably help you cum if you asked, and it might even be possible to sneak out and find Komachi.

[ ] Use the rabbit.
[ ] Ask for Eirin.
[ ] Try and get to Komachi.
[x] Try and get to Komachi.
[X] Try and get to Komachi.

Can't forget about the main(?) character.
[x] Ask for Eirin.

I desire more EirinxReisen action.
[x] Ask the rabbit.

Rabbit on rabbit action, best action.
[x] Ask for Eirin.
[X] Try and get to Komachi.
[x] Try and get to Komachi.
[x] Ask for Eirin.

Sorry Pettan, I gotta oppose you in this vote.
[ ] Ask for Eirin.
[x] Ask for Eirin.

[X] Try and get to Komachi.

This is a hard one.
[x] Try and get to Komachi.
[X] Ask for Eirin.

Tempted though I am to breed with the bunny girl.
File 13211785097.jpg - (750.97KB, 1800x1200 , 10698136.jpg) [iqdb]
Poor probably-Tewi. Or is this luck? Half-crazed Reisen is still half-crazed.
[x] Try and get to Komachi.
[x] Use the rabbit.
[x] Ask for Eirin.
[x] Ask for Eirin.
[x] Use the rabbit.
[x] Make love.
[x] Try and get to Komachi
[x] Try and get to Komachi
Calling for Komachi.
[x] Try and get to Komachi.

“I'm okay,” you reply after what seems like a week.

“Eirin said to check if your powers are under control. I'm going to take off your blindfold to test,” the rabbit says nervously. She rabbit turns your head away and pulls the blindfold off with a little more force than necessary. The light that floods in is too much to handle, even with your eyes closed. A long time seems to pass before you can manage to open them and make out the familiar shape of the castle's rice-paper walls.

A familiar tingling in your eyes tells you that your powers are active. You close your eyes and concentrate, eventually managing to dispel it. You carefully look back to your companion, who you identify as nobody of importance. She flinches when you make eye contact but suffers no ill effects. Both of you let out a sigh of relief.

You look past the rabbit to the tray of food beside your bed. Its siren call is too strong to resist.

“Um, Eirin will be here soon to check on you. Do you need anything else?” She sneaks another glance at the bulge under your sheets. You smile and assure her that you're fine, and she happily gets out of the room.

You scarf down your breakfast, not even noticing the taste. Your mind is stuck replaying your memories of Komachi from yesterday in anticipation of what you're about to do. Finally finishing, you put on a robe that Eirin left by your bed and move to the door. Surprisingly, it's unlocked; the rabbit must have been in too much of a hurry to get out. That makes things easier.

You step out into the hall, nervously looking around for others. Now you have to actually find the room where Komachi was. Closing your eyes, you try to mentally retrace your steps from last night, but find that you were too exhausted to take proper note of the path you took. However, you do manage to catch a faint whiff of Komachi's smell. With the way you were bathed in it last night, there's no way you can forget it. An extended stealth sequence finally brings you to the room; you step in quickly and close the door behind you.

The room's lamp is still off, leaving it dark except for the light from the hallway bleeding through the walls. As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you make out Komachi's sleeping form on the bed. Her body's in the same defenseless position you left her in, and the thin sheet on top of her clings tightly to the curves of her body. She doesn't respond when you call her name, not even when you bring your head up close to hers. Her slightly-parted lips blow out a slow stream of warm air.

Your nose starts to fill up with Komachi's smell. Memories of before overwhelm you again, fogging up your head and hardening your cock. You really need to cum.

You reach out and peel the sheet off of Komachi, slowly uncovering her still-naked body from top to bottom. The slow rise and fall of her breasts entices you to straddle her on the bed and start groping them. They fills your hands even with your fingers fully outstretched, giving you plenty to squeeze and squish and knead. You inch up her body as you keep groping, eventually wrapping them around your penis.

Pressing Komachi's breasts together, you manage to recreate the feeling from last night with the added bonus of having your hands dug into her soft rack. You can feel her heartbeat with your penis. You try thrusting slowly between them and shiver as the softness caresses your shaft. When you push all the way forward, the tip emerges just an inch away from her lips; if she were awake she could suck on it while you thrusted and hold her breasts together herself, letting you tease her nipples and make her moan into your cock.

Your abundant precum gradually lubricates the space between Komachi's breasts, letting you move even faster. It's soft and frictionless but still tight, and a naughty squishing sound starts to come out as you dig into her cleavage again and again. Your cock starts twitching, and before you know it you're covering Komachi's face and breasts in sticky cum. Her blissfully unaware face is a sight to behold, but you suddenly realize you could be in trouble now. You'd better find a way to clean her.

A short search manages to turn up some tissues. You kneel down between Komachi's legs and start wiping her off. When you lean over to get at her face, your cock bumps up against her labia. The tiny bit of warmth and moisture on the tip of your cock is too inviting for your mating urge to ignore. Forgetting what your were just doing, you spread her open with both thumbs and push your cock steadily into her. Your fear of getting caught keeps you from just plunging it in.

Komachi's pussy is oddly slippery. After a moment, you realize that it's still full of your cum from last time. Her body's been taking good care of it. Actually, you've gotten her pregnant already, haven't you? If that's the case, there shouldn't be any harm in cumming inside her a few more times. You pull out slowly and push back in, trembling as the head slips through the folds of her pussy.


You stop cold. Did you wake her? A few nervous seconds pass without anything happening. Curious, you slowly thrust again with a generous grind at the end. Komachi lets out another quiet moan, still asleep. Holding a hand up to her face reveals a warm blush as well. Your cock gets painfully hard at the discovery, making you speed up your pace.

A sleepy smile spreads across Komachi's face as she keeps moaning lazily. Her pussy seems to come to life as well, letting out its own juices and sucking at your cock as it moves in and out. You grit your teeth and hold off on cumming for as long as you can, not sure if it's even possible for her to cum in her sleep. Suddenly, her pussy clamps down tightly on you, rewarding your tenacity. You ram your cock as far in as possible and give in to the pleasure, staring off into space as it unload into her and throbs with ecstasy. Just for this moment, Komachi belongs to you.

You leave your cock in for a while to savor the feeling of having it immersed in a hot pool of cum in Komachi's pussy. It's probably going to get hard again soon, but you don't really mind. You look up and notice a tiny sliver of light falling across the bed--

The door slams open. Somebody hurls you off of Komachi onto the floor and stabs something into your arm. Your body grows heavy and unresponsive again. As the initial surprise wears off, you notice the strange smell of the person keeling over you. It's hard to mistake that smell.

“Reisen! You...You...” Eirin struggles for words and smacks you instead, turning your head sideways. You can't turn it back, but you can hear her just fine.

“After forty years! After I doubled your mating urge! After I said you could use me! Why didn't you...Why won't you...”

One of Eirin's hands squeezes painfully around your cock, shaking it around until it hardens. She lets go and notices the slurry of cum and juices that's gotten onto her hand. This does nothing to calm her.

“I won't let you hold back any longer. If you just get a taste of what it's like inside of me...”

Eirin rubs your cock against her slit, fitting a tiny bit inside so she doesn't have to hold it in place. Then she slams herself down onto you, burying your cock inside of her. You blank out for a moment, but she gives you no reprieve and starts moving her hips at a breakneck pace. Her pussy is much tighter than Komachi's, squeezing desperately and molding itself to every contour of your penis. It feels like you're melting inside her. Eirin throws her head back and moans triumphantly before turning back to you.

“It's amazing, isn't it? Any man who couldn't please me wasn't fit to court the Princess, and she has yet to take a husband.” She reaches behind herself and starts thrusting two fingers into you at the same speed as her hips. All the pleasure crowds out your thoughts, and then everything snaps back into focus with a fierce orgasm. Eirin hungrily accepts your sperm as she cums herself, squeezing ruthlessly with her luxurious walls. Your animal brain is overjoyed, but your memory is trying very hard to tell you something. Just when you feel like you can reach out and grab it, she starts moving again and scatters your thoughts with a fresh onslaught of pleasure. You're going to lose your mind at this rate.

Eirin seems to be calming down. moves a little more slowly this time, letting you feel the intense heat of her pussy as it keeps up its relentless pressure on your cock. She makes up for the slower pace by moving her hips around at random, rubbing the sensitive head against every inch of her insides. The fingers inside of you are more vindictive as well, spreading you open and scratching all around. You've been moaning helplessly this whole time.

Eirin speaks again in a soft and encouraging voice. “There's nothing to be afraid of, Reisen. If you want, I'll make you feel like this every night before we go to sleep together.”

If you want...

You grab Eirin by the neck and pull sideways, rolling the two of you over and putting you on top. You pin her down easily as your body fills with strength. Her smile changes to an expression of fear, and she looks away and moans nervously as you give her a few slow thrusts.

She's been going a little heavy on the tranquilizers lately, hasn't she? And on somebody who's so used to drugs, too. Seems she didn't learn from her mistake last time. Or maybe she wasn't expecting to actually have to use it. She was hoping you'd be a good girl and throw yourself into her arms, just like she's always wanted. That's right, you remember now. You remember everything. You remember just how much punishment she deserves.

[ ] RAPE!
[ ] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.
[x] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.

Rape is so overrated these days.
[x] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.

Let's go for something with more long term results.
[x] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.
[x] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.
[x] RAPE!

Do it to it.
[x] RAPE!

[x] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.
[x] RAPE!
[x] RAPE!
[x] RAPE!
[x] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.
[x] RAPE!

She told us to fuck her, so we are.
She did tell us to do it...
[x] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.
[x] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.
[x] No, wait. Now's your chance to rape this.
Sure is votespam here.

I bet it's the IRC Illuminati!
That's something the IRC Illuminati would say!
[X] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.
[X] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.

That was really nice to wake up to.
[x] RAPE!

Fuck you, Eirin. Punishment time~
[x] RAPE!
[x] RAPE!
It's payback time for all the experiments!
[X] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.

Can we stick with the option that won't turn Reisen's life into a living hell afterwards?
Can we get a vote check? The huge swings back and forth reek of abuse.
[X] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.
[x] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.
Alright, votes are closed. Unless the mods say otherwise, [x] settle this prevails.

I'm going to have a lot of time this week, so I might take a break from this to write an unrelated but seasonally-appropriate no-votes short story (still for /at/).
I chose the "Now's your chance to rape this" so I'm fine either way.
[x] No, wait. Now's your chance to settle this.

Anyone with eyes could see it. Eirin wasn't getting any from the Princess, so she wanted someone else to use as a sex toy. It was just your luck that she chose you and chased your skirt with ridiculous determination for forty years. No matter how much you told her to stop, she never gave up—Wait. Wait. Could she have been...


A strange smell pulls you up to consciousness. Strong, musky...Sperm? That's weird, you're pretty sure you drank it when you gave Reisen that titfuck. It feels like there's more inside of you too, and your pussy feels kind of tender like it does after you cum. Hold on--

You shiver as you realize what happened to you. It's scary, but strangely arousing. Somebody actually cumming inside you is a much different matter from what Youmu did that one time. It'd be kind of cute if it was Reisen who did it, but if some random person with an erection just came over and shoved it into you...

You've been hearing voices for a while now, but you hadn't been paying attention. Sounds like they're pretty riled up about something. You hear a thump and a few nervous moans, and then there's just the sound of panicked breathing. You open your eyes a little bit and make out the shape of a rabbit on her knees. It'd make sense for her to be Reisen. There's somebody else on the floor, too. Looks like they stalled halfway through sex. Reisen starts talking in a stilted, unsteady voice.

“Can you tell me something, Eirin?” Oh, that's who that is. Interesting. “Ever since I came here, you've been trying to seduce me. I never let you do anything because I thought you just wanted to use me, but...Why didn't you ever go after anyone else?”


“There's lots of other girls here, right? You must have been using them before I came. Why did you stop and focus on me?”


Reisen's voice gets an edge of excitement. “You say your heart belongs to the Princess, but are you sure you haven't changed your mind?”

“What? No, I would never abandon the Princess for someone like--”

“In any case, I want you to know...” Reisen bends over to put her head next to Eirin's. You strain to listen. “...I liked you the whole time. I just didn't want to do anything with you unless you loved me back.”

A stunned silence follows Reisen's words. Reisen slowly dismounts, allowing Eirin to pull herself up and get her clothes back in order. Right on the edge of crying, Eirin rushes out of the room.

Now's a good time to get up. You sit up and stretch, making a show of yawning. Reisen's head snaps in your direction and a panicked expression spreads across her face.

“Oh, uh, Komachi! That's, um, I was, you're...” Okay, she's the one who did it. You relax and give her a wide grin.

“Couldn't wait for me to wake up, huh?”

“I'm sorry! I, uh, I really had to cum and I thought you'd be willing to help me, but you were asleep and you wouldn't wake up and I couldn't stop myself.” She realizes halfway through saying it that it's not a very good defense.

“Hmm. Hope you don't think you're going to get off lightly for that.” You say it in a fairly serious tone, but Resien still interprets it sexually without much reluctance. She doesn't know you heard her confess; you can hold off on telling her for a while. If she doesn't mind, then... “For now, you'd better take responsibility and wash me off.”

Reisen agrees emphatically, apparently relieved that you've put something else on her mind. She finds a washcloth and gives you a preliminary wipe-down so nobody sees your face covered in cum while you're in the hall, and then you throw on your robe and carry your underwear to the washroom.

As the designated servant, Reisen prepares the water and sponges. You use your powers to squeeze all the cum out of your pussy in the meantime. It's kind of gross, but effective.

You stop Reisen as she's about to get to work on you. “Hey, hang on a minute. You weren't going to rub this dirty thing all over me, were you?” You cup Reisen's penis in one hand; it's still covered with evidence of her exploits. She brings the sponge towards it, put you grab her hand and lean towards her. “Would you prefer if I used my mouth?” you say jokingly.

Reisen gulps. “Y-yes.”

“You're sure?” She nods. Either she's not committed to Eirin yet or you're too sexy to resist. Or both. You let out a bit of a chuckle and kneel between her legs, closing your mouth around her soft penis.

Reisen starts to get hard immediately. You keep your mouth in place as her cock lengthens inside of you, eventually touching the back of your throat. You keep it there and suck gently while you decide how you're going to please her. You're supposed to be cleaning her off, so tongueplay seems appropriate. You used to know a nue who was amazing at it, back during your slutty phase. You like to think you're a little more reserved now.

You pull slowly off of Reisen's cock, sucking and fluttering your tongue around the shaft until it pops out of your mouth. Catching it on the backswing, you pull it back down and go for the top of the glans. The sensitive part gets a thorough working-over as you rub the very tip of your tongue in tiny circles against it. Next, you hold her cock with just your palms and cover the shaft with huge, wet licks.

Looks like tiny bits of strong stimulation are Reisen's weakness. You'll be sure to tease her plenty with that once she's closer to the edge. For now, you hold the head in your mouth and swirl your tongue around it in quick circles and then rub your tongue against the bottom while you bob your head and suck for a while.

Once the shaft's dripping with saliva and precum, you move down to her scrotum. You grab the whole thing with your mouth, giving you a large and sensitive surface to caress. The cock above you twitches and throbs, gently tugging the scrotum away from you. After a few passes over the whole thing, you open your mouth and drop it.

A shining trail of precum leads up to the head. You trace it up with your tongue and then grab the shaft with both hands, squeezing to make the head swell up a little. You press your tongue against the head, making Reisen shiver as the individual bumps on your tongue scrape across the surface.

“S-so sensitive...”

“Hmm?” If she can't handle that, she's going to love this. Keeping your hands in place, you use your index fingers to pull on both sides of the head, stretching open her urethra. With your tongue fully rigid, you manage get a bit of the tip inside the hole. Reisen squeals and squrims around as you hold her cock tightly and keep on the attack with your tongue. A few scratches along the head when she least expects it, and...

A loud, wobbly moan spills out of Reisen's lips as she goes over the edge. You slip your tongue down to let it cradle Reisen's cock while it fills your your mouth with delicious sperm. The taste and the smell make you feel a little light-headed as you gulp it down. You suck out a little extra when the flow stops and give the whole length another once-over with your tongue before finishing. Reisen is blushing heavily, looking down at you with lust and adoration. Maybe something else, too.

“Are we even now?” she asks meekly.

“What are you talking about? That was just common courtesy. Your punishment will be far less enjoyable. For you.”

Reisen lets out a cute groan and gets to work cleaning you. You can tell she's working quickly to avoid another erection. She's probably had enough sex for now, so you use the same businesslike manner when it's your turn to wash her.

Reisen stops in her tracks when she crosses into the bath. A moment later, you see that the curtains around the central area are closed. You can make out a girl's silhouette if you look closely. “Is she...?” you whisper. Reisen nods. “The Princess, huh.”

“One of the most beautiful women to walk upon the Earth.”

“And the one who stole Eirin's heart?”

“Mm. It was because of her that Eirin came to Earth in the first place. Eirin's extremely devoted to her, even though they haven't slept together for centuries.” Maybe that's why Eirin seemed out of practice.

Reisen settles into the bath with you, resting against your body. She quickly gets lost in thought; you're eventually forced to interrupt her, whispering so the Princess doesn't hear you.

“Hey. I hate to eavesdrop, but I heard what you told Eirin earlier.” Not surprisingly, Reisen's a little embarrassed. “I know I said I'd punish you, but don't feel like you have to have sex with me or anything. If you wanna be in a relationship with Eirin, I'll get out of your way. I don't need to be horning in on the two of you like that.”

“Well, I don't think anything has been settled yet.”


“I think so. Eirin's devotion to the Princess has endured for millennia. Even if she does have feelings for me, she might decide that she has to save herself for the Princess. And what I told her is true, but...” Reisen blushes and draws a little closer, inviting you to put a protective arm around her. She doesn't say anything else.

You hear a smooth sliding sound. It's the curtain. A radiant figure steps out to your right, not even noticing you. She's...Hm. Not the kind of beauty you were imagining, but you see what they mean. She has a lean and graceful figure, free of any sort of defect. She doesn't make you think of sex the way Eirin and Reisen do when they're naked; you'd be more interested in just running your hands all over her body and kissing her while you stroke that long dark hair of hers. It's probably impossibly smooth. When she disappears through a door to her personal washroom, you feel a little disappointed that you can't look at her anymore.

“Seems like this Princess plays a pretty large part in all this. I should probably pay her a visit.”

“That might be a good idea. She's been acting even stranger than usual lately; I don't think any of us have talked to her for a while now.”

Your bath ends soon after that. Breakfast is waiting for you when you get back to the room. It's well-made, and the fact that it still tastes of Reisen's cum does nothing to ruin the experience. You'd take more time to enjoy it, but it seems that there are more pressing matters at hand. You're not exactly a love doctor, but you feel like you need to make sure that all the tension around here gets settled in a non-rapey manner.

Reisen and Eirin seem to have a bit of a crush on you too, and you're not sure if you're comfortable breaking up the love geometry like that. You'd better watch what you do from now on in case it influences their feelings in the wrong direction.

In any case, you should start by getting a better idea of what everyone's feelings are. Can't be flying blind here. You owe Reisen a punishment, too.

Alright. You're full, clean, and ready for action. You'll go and pay a visit to...

[ ] Reisen
[ ] Eirin.
[ ] The Princess.
[x] za purinzessu
[x] The princess.

Now I'm curious when Mokou and Keine will be drawn into this magnificent soap opera of Eientei. Well, the soap opera that's not the soap opera between Mokou and Kaguya.
[x] The Princess.
[x] The Princess.
[x]ZE PAPER The Princess
[x] The Princess.
>[...]back during your slutty phase. You like to think you're a little more reserved now.
Holy shit, what was she like back then? Did she have some sort of magical gimmick that sucked every available cock right into her pussy each time she entered a room?
I think it'll be safe to close this one early. Next up is Kaguya.
>You used to know a nue who was amazing at it, back during your slutty phase


>magical vacuum pussy

oh god my sides
[x] The Princess.

You'll make you've met everyone first. There's a lot of mystery surrounding this Princess, and she has a lot of explaining to do about the way she's been treating Eirin.

You flag down a rabbit and ask her where the Princess is. She gives you directions to the royal bedchamber, but tells you that the Princess is not to be disturbed at this hour. Upon further questioning, she reveals that the Princess is not to be disturbed at any hour.

Not surprisingly, the door to the Princess' room is locked. Not to worry, though. If you can get a good feel for the structure of the lock, you can use your powers to open it. However, the floor goes out from under you before you get a chance to try.

Eyes! Eyes everywhere! How are there so many eyes! And how are you falling in every direction at once? This is not how physics works!

Something grabs your wrists as you fall glothways back into normal Euclidean space, leaving you dangling a few inches above the ground. Something else grabs your ankles as you stop moving. After you regain your orientation, you see that your upper arms are on the other side of a strange tear in reality and your feet are caught in another one. Whatever's holding you in place has a pretty tight grip, so you're stuck in this position. Your sense of distance is all screwed up in whatever crazy Escher-space is on the other side of those gaps, so you're having a hard time freeing yourself. Suddenly, an irritatingly smug voice speaks up behind you.

“Oh my, Komachi Onozuka. Enjoying your time at Eientei?” You knew it. It's...

“Yukari! You-” A large ball is stuffed into your mouth, blocking any intelligible speech. Yukari giggles as you keep making angry sounds out of frustration.

“I do have a lot to answer for, don't I? I'm afraid I can't tell you anything yet, though.” She fastens the gag behind your head. “You're a resourceful girl, you can find out on your own. For now, I'd just like you to watch.”

Yukari turns your head to face forward for the first time. The Princess is kneeling on a bed a few feet away from you. She's naked, save for a blindfold and a network of ropes that keep her legs folded and her arms behind her back and squeeze gently on her petite breasts. She doesn't seem to mind.

“Princess Kaguya is quite beautiful, isn't she?” Yukari whispers. “You can have her for yourself after this, if you want.” She reaches between your legs and through a gap to Kaguya's pussy, pulling out a pink vibrator identical to Eirin's. Kaguya arches her back and moans quietly in a ladylike voice as it slides out of her. Not wanting to upset all your clothes, Yukari pushes it through another gap that leads right into your pussy. It settles in and vibrates at a low speed, held in place by your panties.

Yukari steps through a gap and reappears next to Kaguya, dressed only in a black garter belt and stockings and black elbow-length gloves. Even though you don't like her, you have to admit that she has an amazing body. A combination of natural beauty and screwing with reality has given her a flawless, mature figure with breasts comparable to Eirin's and a slightly darker skin tone than all the pale girls you've been with. She's grown a strong, thick cock as well. She sits down on the bed next to the Princess and indulges in a long, intimate kiss. Kaguya's eagerness suggests that they've been doing this for a while.

Yukari spreads Kaguya's legs and turns her to face you. Her elegant moans continue as Yukari pulls on a rope running between her legs.

“There's another girl watching you, Kaguya. Does it excite you to be tied up and on display like this?”

“Ah, really?” Kaguya points her head at you and shivers. Yukari puts her other hand on the other end of the crotchrope and starts pulling it back and forth against Kaguya's pussy, which is suddenly a little more sensitive.

“Mhm. She's seeing how much of a pervert the legendary Eternal Princess is. And there's nothing you can do about it~” The rope is soaked through; Kaguya must really love this.

Yukari removes the crotch-rope and sits at the edge of the bed with Kaguya in her lap, resting the girl's dripping pussy on the tip of her cock. She grabs it with one hand and rubs the head against Kaguya's clit.

“Please, put it in...” Kaguya begs. Yukari puts her hands on Kaguya's thighs and starts slowly pulling them down to penetrate her. It's a really tight fit with a cock as big as Yukari's. Kaguya moans happily as it fills up her pussy.

Yukari's gloved hands slide around Kaguya's body, eventually hugging around her stomach for leverage. Kaguya's generous flow of pussy juice lets Yukari start thrusting at an impressive speed almost immediately. Her cock is coated in it after just two plunges.

“Aah, your dick is amazing, Yukari,” Kaguya moans.

“Oh, it's not that special. Almost everyone has one now.” Kaguya doesn't understand what she means, so she just lets the matter drop and focuses on thrusting. Even though the position's kind of awkward, Yukari's hips keep up a fluid rhythm as they pound away at Kaguya's pussy. Watching it makes you get a bit hot, which makes the vibrator's stimulation feel a little more intense.

“Try moving on your own now. Give our guest a good show.” Kaguya's bondage doesn't stop her from moving her hips, so she balances herself on her folded legs and starts sliding up and down Yukari's cock almost as quickly as before. Her mouth hangs open in a smile as she impales herself over and over again.

Yukari lays back on the bed and lets a gap swallow the upper half of her body to make it appear behind you. She hugs you tightly and pokes her index fingers into two more gaps, both of which lead inside your panties. One finger starts toying with the speed controls on the vibrator and the other finds its way into your asshole, her smooth glove seeming to eliminate all friction as she thrusts it inside of you. Kaguya's still blissfully fucking her the whole time. You do your best to keep your grunts from turning into moans.

“Did you like the little present I gave you, Komachi? I didn't want to ruin her for you, so I only teased her a little.” You mmph angrily back at her. “Oh, you're probably angry about what happened to your superior. That wasn't entirely my fault, though. In fact, you should be thankful. If it hadn't been for me, there's no way she wouldn't have caught you.” Kaguya's moaning is making it hard to hear the voice whispering into your ear. “Oh, I'd better finish things with her. Don't worry, I won't get her dirty.”

Yukari switches the vibrator to medium before disappearing from behind you. She reassembles herself under Kaguya and pushes her down on the bed, grabbing her firm ass and thrusting at full speed. Kaguya's moaning fills the room. Its rhythm is almost musical; despite the situation you're in, you don't really mind listening to it. If you just had a little more stimulation, you could cum with her...

Kaguya cries out Yukari's name and starts cumming. To your surprise, Yukari pulls out and shoves her cock into a gap that appears above Kaguya's pussy. You brace for an impact in your ass, but the gap seems to lead to somebody else. The other woman moans through the gap as Yukari quietly enjoys her orgasm. Looks like you're the only one here who didn't cum; as if to rub it in, Yukari switches off the vibrator as an afterthought. The gap at her cock closes when she pulls out and another one opens at her head. She leans in and shares a kiss and a few words with whoever's on the other side.

“Why didn't you cum inside me, Yukari?” Kaguya asks quietly when she finally stops trembling. Yukari starts untying her, putting of her answer for a bit.

“I didn't tell you anything because I wanted you to enjoy this, but...I think it's time we ended our relationship.”

A shock seems to run through Kaguya. “W-what? But I...

“I've found somebody more interesting to play with. We were never lovers to start with, right? Maybe you should find another girl who'll take better care of you.” The ropes come off quickly, leaving Kaguya with nothing on but the blindfold.

“No, wait!”

“Goodbye.” Kaguya falls though the bed, leaving you alone with Yukari. You grunt defiantly as she turns her attention to you. Not taking any notice, she moves behind you and starts working with the straps on the back of your head.

“Honestly, I don't know if I've ever seen a girl as foolish as her. She was fine as a sex friend, but she has no business being in love with me.” Despite Yukari's words, her tone seems a bit somber. The gag drops out of your mouth as Yukari undoes the clasp. “I'll leave the rest up to you, Komachi. I hope you don't disappoint me.” Your hands and feet are released, dropping you through the gap at your feet.

Mother of God, the eyes!

You crash onto a soft bed. You're back in Eientei, probably in Kaguya's bedroom. She's sobbing quietly a few feet away from you. Seems she's so caught up in it that she didn't notice you drop in just now.

Yukari sure left a fine mess for you. How are you going to deal with this?

(You can probably sneak out and get someone if you want.)

[ ] Write-in.
God DAMN dude. So many fetishes. So many. Gap-play was the best of many best parts.

[x] Not your business. Sneak out, find Eirin and Reisen, and send them to Kaguya together. They can sort everything out on their own.
[x] Play with Tewi within earshot of Kaguya's room. Just in case.

I just want to see Tewi again, frankly. This vote is an overly complicated means to that end.
You know, I'm going to agree. Things are far too complicated for our uncomplicated Komacchan to deal with. We don't want to get stuck with someone with a long term relationship! And it looks like Yukari is the culprit, we should go hunt her down and punish her at some point... and definitely not get captured, that'd be absolutely deliciously terrible.
[x] Not your business. Sneak out, find Eirin and Reisen, and send them to Kaguya together. They can sort everything out on their own.
[x] Play with Tewi within earshot of Kaguya's room. Just in case.
[x] Not your business. Sneak out, find Eirin and Reisen, and send them to Kaguya together after explaining what happened. They can sort everything out on their own.
[x] Play with Tewi within earshot of Kaguya's room. Just in case.
[X] Reisen wanted someone who would care for her, no? And Kaguya desperately needs some love. Go get Reisen, and let the two of them help each other out.


Because I think bypassing Eirin entirely is hilarious, that's why. Besides, she's the one who spent centuries mooning after someone uselessly while molesting someone who actually cared for her purely to relieve her libido. Teach her a lesson about mishandling people's hearts and all that.
I don't think that'd fix anything at all and honestly, a good nudge to all three may end better for everyone eventually.
File 132222050594.jpg - (228.49KB, 976x800 , bc3dae521fa5c51e279affc3f3b56b4406b813de.jpg) [iqdb]

[x] Sneak out, find Mokou, make them resolve their problems horizontal-tango-battle way.
[x] Sneak out, find Mokou, make them resolve their problems horizontal-tango-battle way.
[x] Introduce yourself cheerfully and give Kaguya a big hug and a shoulder to cry on. Talk about things if she wants.

I don't like all these sneaking out votes.
The plan with those are mainly getting someone who could handle things better than Komachi to handle this.
I know. I still don't like them. Komachi isn't that incompetent, and talking to an outsider might be the best thing for Kaguya right now.

But whatever. Vote for what you like.
GAH!! As much as I want Mokou in on this...
[x] Not your business. Sneak out, find Eirin and Reisen, and send them to Kaguya together after explaining what happened. They can sort everything out on their own.
[x] Play with Tewi within earshot of Kaguya's room. Just in case.

I'm fighting myself with this vote for a happy resolution.
>falling in love with a new outsider might not be the best thing for Kaguya right now.
Sorry, but Yukari pushing her onto you will just transfer the problem.
[x] Introduce yourself cheerfully and give Kaguya a big hug and a shoulder to cry on. Talk about things if she wants.

Don't just run out on her, that will make things worse.
It's better than incidentally giving Kaguya someone else to latch on to that doesn't care for her. Now if Eirin and Reisen were to arrive for her to do that to, it'd be better as we all know Eirin's in love with her.
And if Kaguya doesn't love Eirin? I don't know where you got the idea that Kaguya is going to "latch on" to the first pretty face she sees, either. It seems like a very mean thing to think about someone you've never spoken to.

Granted, Komachi does have many admirers. It's that kind of story.
better to latch on to someone that does care about her than someone who is ultimately just in the area.
>you'd be more interested in just running your hands all over her body and kissing her while you stroke that long dark hair of hers. It's probably impossibly smooth.
Well, now. That sounds familiar, and more than a bit nostalgic.
Good arguments on both sides. >>20702 has the force of the people behind it, so I'll be awarding it the victory. I'll need to think about how to write it, though.
Blindfolds. Blindfolds, and dominating Komachi making them fuck each other without them realizing it's each other until they're midway through orgasm and then the SUDDEN REVEAL.

It'd either make em realise their love or give them some very weird complexes, either way works.
I'm going to omit the "together" from the winning choice, since I didn't notice it until just now it seems like it'd be too awkward. Update coming tonight, hopefully.
As long as the love triangle and Kaguya's feelings are resolved, it's all good.
[x] Not your business. Sneak out, find Eirin and Reisen, and send them to Kaguya. They can sort everything out on their own.
[x] Play with Tewi within earshot of Kaguya's room. Just in case.

Kaguya's in a delicate position right now. You could help her yourself, but this might be your chance to get her interested in someone who'll care for her.

You quietly exit the room and rush over to Eirin's lab, finding her working idly at some papers. She looks up with a mixture of nervousness and curiosity when you come in.

“Hey, Eirin. Something bad's happened to the Princess, and she needs you to come and be with her.” That's not necessarily true, but it's not exactly untrue either. Eirin's quite surprised to hear it.


“Yeah, you'd better hurry.” Eirin nods excitedly and dashes out of the room. Well, maybe not “excited” about Kaguya being in trouble, but that definitely got her riled up.

It'd be nice if that was all you had to do, but Reisen will probably get left out if you don't send her over there too. Unfortunately, you're not sure if you can get her to Kaguya without arousing some hostility from a protective Eirin. Sending them in together could have them fighting before they ever get to Kaguya, and Eirin probably wouldn't react well to walking in on Reisen cuddling with her Princess. This order isn't guaranteed to work either, but you think it has the highest chance of giving Reisen a fair chance to express her feelings.

Reisen turns out to be outside the castle. You can't distance-reduce your way to her for reasons you've already explained, so you have fly and weave around the bamboo to get to her. She's keeping up a pretense of searching for herbs, but you're pretty sure she's just wandering aimlessly. She's also wearing clothes for once: a handsome blazer with a pink skirt that'll probably poke right up if she gets hard. You make a note to yourself to try that if you get the chance to tease her again.

Reisen snaps to attention when you touch down next to her. You start talking before she can say anything.

“Hey, Reisen. The Princess is kinda distraught right now. Eirin's already with her, but maybe you should be there for her too.”

“Um, are you sure? If it's Eirin and the Princess...”

“You can't know unless you check, right?”

Reisen picks up on the implication that this might be her only chance to talk to Eirin before she pairs off with Kaguya. “Okay. I'm a little nervous, but I'll go.” She takes off and hardly notices the bamboo as she heads back to the castle, leaving you alone in the middle of nowhere. You decide to head on back as well. It might be good to loiter near Kaguya's room in case things get ugly.

As you're walking through the castle's abundant halls, you catch a glimpse of a pink dress as you turn a corner. A quick check on the distance between Tewi and yourself reveals that she's nearby. You keep a close eye on her as you keep heading towards Kaguya's room. The hallway outside seems pretty empty...

You set waypoints at all the hallway intersections between the two of you. Then you take a deep breath and reduce the distances between each point in sequence, pulling Tewi all through the castle and right into your arms. You make sure to change all the distances back immediately so the place doesn't become any labyrinthine than it is already.

Not surprisingly, Tewi needs a few moments to process what just happened to her. No smirks this time. “Oh, Komachi. Uh, how're you doing?”

You grin down at Tewi's face, which you've strategically mashed into your cleavage. “What, that's it?” You reach behind her and flip up her skirt and dig into her panties in one motion, discovering a nice juicy pussy to play with. “I thought you'd show a little more gratitude after I saved your friend. And why are you so wet down here? Can't forget what we did last night?”

“No, no, it's not like that. It's—hey, cut that out! You're gonna ruin my dress again.” She's awfully sensitive today.

“I'm okay with that.” You slide one of your legs forward and pull Tewi towards you, grinding her cock against your thigh while you finger her. A bunch of delicious squelching sounds come out of her pussy as you press and rub your fingertips against her walls.

“Anyway, I got Reisen back to normal and there was a bunch of stuff with relationships that I won't get into. But then just a little while ago I had a run-in with Yukari, who seemed to know an awful lot about what's going on here.” Tewi starts letting out moans as you dig into her more intensely Now, I get the feeling you've been around the block a few times. Is there anything you can tell me about all this?” You stop molesting her for a moment.

“Uhmm...” Tewi stops panting so she can talk. “I do know a little, but she knows that I know, and she'll have my tail if I tell you anything.”

“Oh, really?” You slide your fingers all the way to the hilt inside of her.

“Yeah, really! That hag'll gap me into tentacle dimension if I let anything slip. But listen, I don't like her any more than you do, and I think I can still help you out. Come see me later tonight, okay?”

“Why can't you just do it now?” You spread your fingers inside her to emphasize your position. There's no way she can escape you--

Tewi's face erupts into a grin. “'Cause you're too busy masturbating.” She presses one of her hands against your crotch and somehow manages to flick the vibrator's slider to maximum power. You lose your balance and fall to your knees, giving her the opportunity to break free and escape with a taunting wave. You fumble with your clothes to try and get to it, but it's buried beneath several layers and your hands are kind of jittery. How'd she manage to pull that off?

The vibrator's got a life if its own inside of you, working over every single inch of your pussy while your panties keep it inside of you. You try to stand up to look for a room somewhere, but you fall onto your side instead. You're too frustrated to fight it right now, so you just clamp a hand over your mouth to stifle your moans and close your eyes. You'll try to stop it after you cum once. Hope nobody sees you.

A bunch of different fantasies run through your mind as the vibrator has its way with you. You imagine that it's Yukari's cock, then Reisen's, and then Eiki's. You stay on that last one as you go over the edge and lose control of you pussy, which squeezes the vibrator as hard as possible and spreads the sensations to every corner of your body. The thing insists on keeping it up even while you're cumming, which seems to prolong your orgasm as fresh waves of pleasure mix in with the intense constriction you're feeling already. When your pussy finally settles down a little, you feel like you're halfway to cumming again already.

You'd better hurry and stop this thing. You press your hand against your crotch ho hold it in place and try your hardest to focus on the little groove where the slider is. Fighting to hold back the pleasure that's welling up inside of you again, you find the tiny distance between one end and the other and turn it to nothing, moving the switch to the OFF position. The vibrator finally stops its assault, leaving your pussy hot and tingling and wanting more. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to go somewhere and cum one more time now that you have it under control.


You thought you'd finally found someone who was perfect for you. Ancient, lusty, full of enough tricks to keep you entertained for millennia. But she just used you and tossed you aside. What right did she have to do that? Doesn't she know who you are? You can't believe this. You can't...you really...can't...She really left you. You're going to be bored and alone forever. Nothing to do but kill Mokou over and over and over again until you go insane.

Somebody's saying your name. You open your eyes and make out the familiar shape of Eirin through the haze of tears. She fusses a little and kneels next to you on the bed, hugging her arms around you and pulling your head into her breasts. You sullenly press your head into them.

Of course Eirin would come find you like this. She can smell an opportunity to be intimate with you from miles away. Didn't she get that you're not interested in her? Her whole “impossibly subservient genius” act got old the moment you found out that the people here would do anything to marry you. But then, her body is pretty soft. It wouldn't hurt to stay like this for a while. You'll just have to tell her not to get the wrong idea as soon as she stops stroking you like that.

You keep expecting Eirin to say something, but the only things you hear from her are her breathing and her heartbeat, both of which are pretty fast. She grabs the bedsheets and wraps them around the two of you, capturing some extra body heat and making you hug a little tighter. It's pretty warm now, but it's not a bad feeling. Maybe if she does this for you all the time, it wouldn't be so bad to...

Hey, wait! You're supposed to be mourning your relationship with Yukari, not mooning over this lapdog. Even if she does have a very nice lap.

Just when you're ready to get back to crying, somebody opens the door again and makes Eirin's body go on high alert. You'd turn around and see who's there, but you're too comfortable to bother.

“What are you doing here?” Eirin sounds annoyed, but also a little afraid.

“I'm here to help comfort the Princess. It's my duty as her servant, isn't it?” a girl's voice says. It sounds kind of familiar.

Eirin's really uncomfortable all of a sudden. She must not like whoever this other person is, but she's not just sending her away for some reason. You're kind of intrigued, but you don't want to upset your companion pillow.

[ ] Let her join you.
[ ] Send her away.
[x] Let her join you
Potential three-some incoming
[x] Let her join you.

Hope for the best.
Fuck yeah Tewi. Looking forward to later so hard.

[x] Send her away.
No dicks allowed!
[x] Let her join you.
[x] Let her join you
[x] Let her join you.
Not unanimous, but I don't expect another five people to vote to send Reisen away. Closing votes.
[x] Let her join you.

She sounds cute. You’ll give her a chance.

“Come here,” you say with a decent amount of authority. The girl advances and steps into your range of vision. You know her, she’s that moon rabbit who’s always following Eirin around. Why aren’t they getting along? Trouble in paradise?

“My name is Reisen Udongein Inaba. I am an apprentice to Mistress Eirin, and your humble servant.” She bows politely. Eirin is still really tense.

“Hm, you can stay. Come hug me from behind.” Reisen gets on the bed, but she can’t get ahold of you; Eirin’s still holding the sheets tightly in place, trying to shield your naked body from Reisen’s eyes. She needs to relax her guard a little, so you put your hands on her head and press your mouth against hers. She makes a surprised sound and surrenders her mouth to you, letting you use her tongue as you see fit. Her grip relaxes too, which allows you to pull the sheets away for Reisen.

Reisen kneels behind you and wraps her arms around your chest; something warm and hard presses against you from behind. Still kissing Eirin, you try rubbing your ass against it and get a little reaction from Reisen. Interesting. You break the kiss and reach behind yourself, finding a cock hardening in her panties. It quickly reaches its full length as your rub it with your soft and graceful hand.

“Hmm? You brought something like this to comfort me? What exactly are you hoping for?” Your annoyance is just a tease, but Eirin is unhappy for real. You need to cut her down to size too. “And you, pressing my head into your chest the moment you saw me. You’re both just trying to take advantage of me, aren’t you?”

That did the trick. They’re both quite humbled. You let the silence hang for a while before breaking it with a giggle.

“Well, that’s alright. It’ll help take my mind off things if you both make me feel good.” You look up at Eirin. “You wouldn’t refuse a chance to do that for your Princess, would you?” Eirin nods, blushing deeply. She’s still not comfortable sharing you with Reisen, but if you spin it the right way…

Reisen’s cock brushes against your pussy, making you slap it away. “No, no, not there. You’ll have to prove yourself before I let you use that.” You think for a bit. “Well, you can have a little taste of it. Three pumps for lubrication.”


“Yeah. I’m really wet, so three is all you’ll need.” Reisen accepts and gingerly grabs your ass. Some of your juices drip out when she spreads your pussy with both thumbs and lines up her cock. You shake your ass a little in her grip, which encourages her to finally put it inside you.

Your pussy accepts Reisen’s cock easily and gives it an affectionate squeeze. It’s a decent size and she’s really eager, but you don’t get the same feeling of fullness you had with Yukari. She moves slowly and grinds into you with each thrust, trying to enjoy your pussy as much as possible. You giggle under your breath and nuzzle Eirin’s breasts as you count off each one. Reisen stays inside of you for a few seconds on her final thrust before reluctantly pulling out.

“Okay, now put it in my ass.” You push it out expectantly, but Reisen doesn’t do anything. “What’s wrong?”

“Um, I’ve never…”

“Oh, is it your first time doing anal? I’ll help you out. Spread me open, Eirin.” You start unbuttoning Eirin’s dress while her hands move slowly over your body towards your ass. Four fingers grab the hole and pull away from each other, spreading you open a little bit. Reisen touches the tip of her cock against the opening, leaking a bit of precum inside and staining Eirin’s nails with fluid.

“Now just push. You’re nice and slippery, it’ll go in fine.” Eirin’s hands have your ass, so Reisen grabs your hips and pushes as hard as she can. The smooth head goes in fairly easily and clears the way for the rest of her cock, which buries its full length in your asshole. Your strength fails you for a bit and drops you into Eirin’s cleavage as your ass fills up with a warm pleasure. It’s pretty well-trained, so you don’t feel any pain.

When you can move your arms again, you open Eirin’s bra and start sucking on her breasts. There’s nothing wrong with their size and texture, but you’re a little disappointed that nothing comes out. You were so used to Yukari’s milk that you forgot not everyone lactates like that. It shouldn’t be a problem for someone like Eirin, though.

“Hey, Eirin. You can make yourself lactate, can’t you? I want you to do that from now on.” Eirin seems to like the idea, so you reward her by pinching her nipples. She moans loudly as you keep them under pressure and roll them between your fingers, so much so that you start kissing her to make her quiet down. Reisen’s pretty vocal as well; she probably won’t hold out long enough to make you cum. You have Eirin lay back and straddle her, pushing your ass up so Reisen can move easily and guiding one of Eirin’s hands to your pussy.

“Do you remember how to please me?” you ask Eirin.

“Of course.” A single finger slips into you and presses into your most sensitive spot without hesitation, making you moan in surprise as your pussy clamps shut unexpectedly. Eirin smiles and keeps her finger rigid while she scratches you there with tiny movements of her arm. Another finger comes in at a different angle and spreads your insides, letting the first one attack with even more force.

Reisen’s still pounding you at the same time, of course. She’s getting into a steady rhythm and figuring out how to angle herself just right so her cock scrapes against your walls while it moves smoothly in and out of you. Eirin switches to thrusting three fingers into you, going at an angle that grazes that one spot with each movement.

Your tongue lolls out of your mouth as you start losing control of yourself. You can’t get away from the pleasure no matter how you angle your body, especially when Eirin starts helping herself to your chest.

“Aah, you two are really…”

Reisen’s in full control of your ass, and Eirin’s fingering you like she hasn’t forgotten a single detail of your pussy. It’s like the two of them are competing to see who can please you the most. (Probably Reisen, but it’s not fair since she has a cock.) Your whole body feels like it’s going to burn up. Reisen speaks up in a barely-coherent voice.

“Princess, I’m going to…”

You want her to cum in your ass, but you can’t speak well enough to say that. You just moan a little more loudly and she gets the idea. She hugs around you and pulls you away from Eirin, letting her speed and slam her cock into you when she reaches the end of her rope, finally sending you over the edge with her. Your ass tightens around every contour of her penis and wrings out an endless stream of hot cum while she keeps her cock pressed into you. The two of you moan loudly together as Eirin watches uncomfortably. Reisen loses her grip and you fall onto Eirin with a happy sigh, satisfied in a way you haven’t experienced before.

Reisen’s cock softens and slips out of your asshole, which starts to leak cum onto the sheets. You give Eirin kiss on the cheek. “You were really good too, Eirin. I’ll give you a special reward later,” you say. Maybe it’s time you let her into the central bath with you. She purrs happily, but it’s cut short when Reisen settles down on top of you.

The atmosphere quickly grows awkward. These two don’t seem too comfortable with each other, but you definitely need to hold onto them. They’ll make an excellent pair of fucktoys once you train them a little more. Maybe you’ll even fall in love someday.

“Both of you need to take good care of me from now on, okay?”

“Yes, Princess.”

Time for a nap.


Okay, you’ve had enough fun with the vibrator for now. The girls are all still together in Kaguya’s room, so they’re probably doing alright. You can talk to them later and see how things went. Tewi’s gone and locked herself in a room somewhere, and you don’t feel quite ready to take her on again. You’ll probably go see her tonight like she said. In the meantime, you’ll, uh…

[ ] Amuse yourself with the rabbits.
[ ] Take a walk in the forest.
[ ] See if there’s anything cool in Eirin’s study.
[x] See if there’s anything cool in Eirin’s study.
[x] Take a walk in the forest.
[x] Amuse yourself with the rabbits.

Rabbit Orgy?
[x] Take a walk in the forest.

Let's see if we run into everyone's favorite hothead.
[x] Take a walk in the forest.

[x] Amuse yourself with the rabbits.
Rabbit orgy. Hey, since Tewi locked herself up, it's only fair that the other rabbits get a go, too!
[x] Take a walk in the forest.


You've denied me my OTP. You won't stop me this time! Mokou will prevail! ALL HAIL MOKOU!

[x] See if there’s anything cool in Eirin’s study.
[x] See if there’s anything cool in Eirin’s study.

Eirin has to hide those mating urge increasers somewhere, and I know just the rabbit to use them on~
[x] See if there’s anything cool in Eirin’s study.
[x] Go check our Eirin's study
[x] See if there’s anything cool in Eirin’s study.

This will surely lead to something very fun.
Closing votes. Eirin's medicine cabinet wins.
[x] See if there’s anything cool in Eirin’s study.

She won’t mind if you just take a look, right? She was real eager to show off before.

The door inside is still unlocked from when she ran out. You step in and close it behind you in case a rabbit sees you and starts some trouble.

It’s worth reiterating that the study is pretty small. There’s a futon in the corner for power-naps, a few chests of drawers, and an elaborate desk with dozens of compartments. Barely enough room for two people to stand with all this clutter. Plenty of clutter to explore, though.

You start by looking at the papers Eirin was working on. They’re mostly full of scribbled equations and diagrams with symbols you’ve never seen before. The fabled “moon runes,” perhaps? There’s a few words here and there too, though.

“Fertility negative; genetic material still present”

“Body never rejects”

“Dependent on body type, disposition…?”

And at the bottom, circled several times, “MAGIC”. Doesn’t seem too scientific, but this is Gensokyo. You know what they say about common sense.

This is okay, but not really what you were looking for. Where are the futa-potions and gender-bender tonics? There’s got to be something good somewhere.

You try pulling out one of the drawers and find a whole matrix of dusty bottles, all labeled with random assortments of numbers and letters and other things. These might do something interesting, but you’re not about to try them if there’s a nonzero chance they’ll turn your skin inside out. It’d be pretty lame if everything’s like this.

Maybe she keeps something better in her desk. You open compartments at random and plenty of extra pens and paperclips, but not much in the way of-hey, what’s that? There’s a little bag with a note way in the back of one of these.

The paper’s pretty old and weathered. Eirin probably hasn’t touched it in ages. Literal ages. You handle the note carefully, afraid that it might disintegrate.

“Suppresses pyrokinesis. Must be taken orally.” There’s a handful of red-and-white pills inside. Didn’t that girl from yesterday have some fire-related powers? Maybe Eirin developed this as a countermeasure against her. It probably wasn’t easy to get her to swallow it, though.

Still no crazy sex drugs. She didn’t destroy them all, did she? You try using your distance sense to inspect the desk’s interior. After a few minutes of scanning for irregularities, you detect a tiny space on one of the sides, which turns out to be the outline of a panel hiding a secret compartment. Now you’re getting somewhere.

You remove the panel and find a few pill bottles. “Milk Plague”, “Aphro Salve”, and one without a label. Interesting, but there’s no documentation. You slip the bottles into one of your robe’s numerous interior pockets for safekeeping; you’ll get Eirin to tell you about them later.

Somebody starts knocking on the door. It doesn’t seem right to leave her hanging, so you go over and answer it. There’s just another rabbit on the other side.

“Eirin’s out right now. Can I help you?”

“Um, Mokou Fujiwara is here. It’s standard procedure to tell Eirin, but I can’t find her anywhere.”

Eirin probably doesn’t want to be disturbed. “What does she want?”

“Oh, that’s right, you’re a visitor. Mrs. Fujiwara and the Princess are mortal enemies, so Mokou comes to fight with her all the time. We’re all used to it.” That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but you get the idea.

“Uh, the Princess is busy too. Can you her to come back later?”

“I’m afraid not.”

“Okay, uh…” Wait, Fujiwara? That’s what Eirin called the girl from last night. In that case… “I’ll go deal with her.”

“Are you sure? She’s quite dangerous.”

“Nah, I’ll be fine.” You grab your scythe and the bag of pills and follow the rabbit to the castle’s front gate.

The fiery girl herself is waiting for you. She’s got long silver hair filled with ribbons and a pair of red eyes that seem stuck in a mildly accusatory glare. A white button-up shirt covers a small set of breasts, and a red pair of suspenders holds up a thick pair of charm-covered red pants. She seems kind of surly and rough around the edges, but you also notice an odd air of freshness around her that reminds you of the princess. Her body seems pretty slender too, although her baggy clothes make it hard to be sure. You get the feeling that she’s loads of fun to tease.

“Hm? You’re that girl from last night,” she says. Her voice is pretty low for a girl’s. “Where’s Kaguya?”

You give her a wide smile with a naughty look in your eyes. “Ah, she’s a little busy right now. Looks like you’ll have to fight me instead.”

“Really? I dunno if you want that. It’s not very safe to fight me if you’re not an immortal.”

Immortal? “Who said I wasn’t one? Come on, I’ll keep you entertained for a while.” You toss one of the red-white pills into the air.

“Fine, if that’s what you w-aghk!” You distance-reduce the pill right into the back of Mokou’s mouth, making her swallow it on reflex, and walk right up next to her while she coughs it down. “What was that?” she finally asks. You answer by pressing your mouth onto hers, getting your tongue past her lips and making her drop her guard. In those few seconds of confusion, you grab her arms and press them together behind her back.

Mokou shakes you off and jumps back, but suddenly discovers that she can’t get her arms apart. You watch with a grin as she writhes around in a futile attempt to separate them and gets another surprise when she tries and fails to use her powers anyway. “Hey!” she shouts at you. “What did you do? Why can’t I…”

“What’s wrong? Weren’t you going to fight me?” Lucky thing that pill worked. You would’ve had to cut and run otherwise.

“Yeah, but you--”

“I’ll go first, in that case.” You squeeze her legs together and push her onto her stomach, sticking her to the ground in case she starts flying. Her cursing isn’t much fun to listen to, so you lock her jaw shut and reduce it to a bunch of angry mmphing. Even when she’s immobilized like this, she doesn’t stop trying to break free. You get a little excited just watching her.

It doesn’t look like Mokou’s going to tire herself out, so you sit down on top of her and start counting. She gets the idea and tries even harder, getting a little sweaty from the exertion, but doesn’t manage to accomplish much of anything. You stop at ten and lower your head to her ear.

“Looks like I beat you, Mokou. Time for me to claim my reward~” She makes a sound of nervous anxiety. Just what you were hoping for.

You sling Mokou over your shoulder and take her inside. The rabbits in the hallway stop and watch as you carry their adversary around like it was nothing, making her bury her head in your robe in embarrassment. She’s got a very healthy blush by the time you reach your room and toss her onto the bed. You close the door and smile at her, enjoying her pouting for a moment before letting her speak again.

“What are you going to do to me?” She tries to sound angry, but you can tell she’s really nervous. You flip her onto her front and raise her ass into the air, unclipping the back ends of her suspenders. The pants fall away to reveal a surprisingly pale ass half-covered by a white pair of panties. “H-hey, really, what are you doing?” she says quickly as you slide them down her thighs. Her body's trembling a little, and you see a tiny drop of liquid leak out of her tightly-closed pussy.

“Oh, just a little penalty game.”

You spread your hand open and smack one Mokou’s cheeks with a flick of your wrist, making her jump and cry out in surprise. The other side gets a similar smack from your other hand. She struggles and groans as you keep spanking her, swatting at random sides however your fancy compels you. Her ass gradually takes on a nice rosy tone and grows warm and tender. You stop and fondle it every once in a while, running your nails across the sensitive surface and making her shiver before smacking it right out of her.

Mokou’s protests slowly increase in pitch. You thought you were imagining it at first, but she’s definitely starting to moan when you hit her. She pants loudly as you stop for a moment and run a finger down her labia, picking up a healthy amount of juice. It has an interesting taste, strong and musky compared to girls like Yuyuko and Eirin. You go over to Mokou’s head with a friendly and slightly apologetic disposition.

“Uh, hey. You gettin’ turned on from this?” you say in a friendly voice.

“Wh-what’s it to you?” she replies timidly. She’s blushing way past Youmu levels.

“Well, if you want, we could do something a little more intimate.” You tug on your robe to show a little more cleavage. Mokou contemplates your breasts for a while before giving you a slow nod. She’s really embarrassed, but she really wants this.

“Alright, I’ll take good care of you.” You smile warmly and lay down on the bed, taking Mokou into your arms. She takes a deep breath of your scent and buries her face in your chest, still a little confused and embarrassed. Still very wet, too. You draw the sheets over the two of you and slide a hand down to Mokou’s pussy. It’s pretty tight, but all the lubrication lets you get a finger inside after you rub against the entrance for a while.

Mokou makes a little sound as you slide the whole finger into her. Her pussy squeezes it almost painfully; she’s way too tense for anything more than this. The juices give you enough freedom to slide your finger in and out of her a few times, curving it a little to go in at slightly different angles.

“Do you like that, Mokou?” She makes a noncommittal sound.

“Let’s try something else. Can you take off your pants and kneel on top of me?”

Mokou slips the suspenders off her shoulders and crawls out of her pants and underwear. Then she slowly sits up and folds her legs, coming to rest on your abdomen. You have her scoot up until she’s a few inches above your face. “Good, stay like that.” You spread her a little and draw your tongue up her pussy, making her tremble as it creeps up the surface and over her clit. She seems to like this more.

You tighten your grip on Mokou’s thighs and pussy and spread her a little further, speeding up to a gentle but steady pace. She starts moaning in her low tomboyish voice and lets out a healthy flow for you to drink up as you start pushing your tongue into her. The heady flavor and aroma makes you lose yourself for a while and start getting a bit wet yourself.

Mokou’s enjoying this, but it’s not enough to make her cum. You pull your head back and guide her down to the last position she was in.

“Feeling good now?”


“Wanna cum?”


“You know…” Wait, does she know? She doesn’t seem to have much experience, and she seems to have a high tolerance for pleasure. It’s possible that she’s never managed an orgasm. “…Hm, maybe you don’t. You’re in for a treat, then.” You reach into your robe and pull out the much-used vibrator.

“What’s that?” Mokou asks nervously.

“Don’t worry, it’s just gonna make you feel good.” You bring it down to Mokou’s pussy and start trying to get the tip in. She loosened up a fair amount from your tongue, but this is still a little big for her. It just rubs against her for a while as you try and fail to get the tip in.

“Can you spread yourself for me? I’m having a little trouble.”

Still spooked by the vibrator’s size, Mokou reaches back and opens her pussy for you. With some of the skin out of the way, you manage to find the opening and start the slow process of penetrating her. Progress is slow, but she’s prepared enough that it fits without any pain.

“Ah, this is…really big…”

“You’re doing fine. You’ll love it, I promise.”

The tip finally touches the back of Mokou’s pussy. You move your hand away and hug her while she gets used to the vibrator’s size, moving her hips around experimentally and exhaling quietly as it rubs against her insides. She settles down after a while, ready for whatever you’re going to do next. You tighten your grip with one of your arms and switch the vibrator to its lowest setting; she jumps and struggles for a bit, but quickly decides she likes it.

“Feels good, huh? Like your whole pussy’s melting.”

“Mmm.” A little more warmth is creeping into her voice. You tilt her head up and start kissing her, getting an enthusiastic but inexperienced response. Her body eventually adjusts to the vibrations, so you grab the thing and start moving it inside of her. Her pussy clenches repeatedly as you twist it around press it against different parts of her walls. A few good, solid thrusts bring her the rest of the way to cumming.

Mokou’s whole body tightens up, making her arms dig into you while her pussy squeezes the vibrator over and over and over again. You leave it on and let her enjoy herself for as long as she wants. That turns out to be quite a long while; the amount of stimulation it took pays off nicely with a long, warm orgasm. Still cumming, she lifts her head up to start moaning into the air. You can make out small streams of tears running down her face.

“Won’t stop…”

You pull her back down and kiss her open mouth, letting her moan into you as she loses herself in the pleasure. You switch off the vibrator for her when she it finally stops, leaving her completely spent.

Mokou doesn’t say anything for a long time. She’s not crying, though, so you’re not worried. Eventually, she starts mumbling timidly.

“Um…thanks. I’ve never had anyone take care of me like that.”


“I just live alone in the forest and fight Kaguya all the time and make coal for the village.”

“You don’t know anyone else?”

“Just the teacher. She’s nice and she looks after me, but…”


“She’s married already. She isn’t interested in me like that.”

“Oh.” Mokou buries her head in your breasts, not sad so much as unhappy. Looks like the afterglow isn’t doing much to cheer her up.

A timid knock on the door breaks the silence. Mokou hides under the covers while you go answer; it’s just a rabbit, wondering if you’ve had lunch yet since it’s more than an hour past noon. She has something for if you’re hungry, and you graciously accept it. Mokou smells food and crawls out when you close the door. You set the tray down in front of her.

“This is for you, isn’t it?” she asks.

“I can have them make more for me. Eat up, and we’ll get you out of here.” Mokou nods and digs in, eating in a less-than-cultured manner. You’re not really in a position to lecture her.

Once she’s done and dressed again, you take Mokou and rush her out the side door. The rabbits saw her when you carried her in, but it might raise some questions if they see her all blushing and exhausted like this. Fortunately, you manage to avoid detection.

Mokou turns to face you before taking off. A hint of the blush from before still remains on her face. “Uh, would you mind, maybe, coming to visit sometime?”


“Thanks.” She takes off and disappears into the forest.

A rabbit finds you as you walk back towards your room and says the Princess would like to see you. Looks like it’s time to see how everything went with her. You tell the rabbit you’ll be there soon, and she nods and heads off. Kaguya probably doesn’t want to be kept waiting, but you might be able to pay someone else a quick visit first.

[ ] Go straight to Kaguya.
[ ] Talk to Eirin first.
[ ] Talk to Reisen first.
[x] Talk to Eirin first.
[x] Go straight to Kaguya.

Mokou, the 1000 year old virgin. A little unbelievable, but more than alright.
Keine married, Mokou pining over her. Fuck this, fuck youuu.
[x] Go straight to Kaguya.

Ha, I lost the vote but got delicious Mokou anyway.
[x] Go straight to Kaguya.

I don't want a side show right now.
File 132289248526.jpg - (16.28KB, 600x338 , roflbot-Bisonyes3.jpg) [iqdb]
>Hot sweet loving of Mokou

Thanks, BSD, you've just made my day!

[x] Go visit Eirin first.

We need to thank her for those oh-so-useful pills, and maybe ask for moar >=3
It is now our mission to solve this problem.
[X] Go straight to Kaguya.
[X] Go straight to Kaguya.
Calling for straight to Kaguya.
[x] Go straight to Kaguya.

You’ll see what Kaguya has to say first. Eientei is as hard to get around as ever, but your senses still lead you in the right direction. Soon, you’re standing outside the imposing door to her room once again.

You were in a bit of a rush last time, so you didn’t get much of a look at it, but this room is certainly fitting for a princess. It’s large and spacious, with just a few bits of furniture that all have an air of impossible intricacy. Even the floor seems luxurious. Kaguya kneels on a large mat in the center, the very picture of tranquil nobility. You feel compelled to bow before you take a seat in front of her.

“Welcome to the castle of Eientei. Has your stay been pleasant?” she says in a voice of practiced elegance.

“Yes, it has.”

“Please forgive my rudeness for not meeting you in person sooner. I was unaware of your arrival until quite recently. However, I believe you have done much for us already.” She opens her eyes and smiles at you. Actually, it’s more of a smirk. “Correct, Miss Komachi?”

You grin back at her. “Yeah, I’ve been pretty busy.” Pretty surprising that she can be this composed and eloquent a few hours after getting dumped. And after what you saw her doing with Yukari. And after what she probably did with Eirin and Reisen. Shoot, this girl’s a lot more cunning than she lets on.

“Indeed. Not only did you aid one of my subordinates, you had the good grace to set me up with an excellent pair of lovers. Two crises were averted thanks your intervention.”

“Ah, you figured all that out?”

“I did. Eirin and Reisen would never come to my room like that unless somebody told them I was in need of them. So, I offer you my thanks on behalf of Eientei. We are in your debt, Miss Komachi.”

“Thanks. I think I could use your help, actually.”

“Oh?” You both know that you’re not going to ask for sex, but you act like you are for a moment.

“Yeah.” You switch to a more serious tone. “You know what I am, right?”

“Hmm. With that outfit and that weapon, you would be a shinigami, correct?”

“That’s right. You know how everyone’s been growing cocks lately? Same thing happened to my boss, and she’s been a little frightening ever since.”

“By ‘your boss,’ you mean the Yama?”

“I do.” There’s no need to discuss the implications of that. “I was wondering if you’d mind having Eirin look into finding a cure for whatever’s happened. Eiki might change back to normal if I get rid of it.”

“Certainly, certainly. That is least we could do for you. If you need anything else, please feel free to ask.” She raises her eyebrows and adjusts her hair, making you both chuckle. “However, I would also like to make one more request of you.”


“You did well to bring me Eirin and Reisen, but their relationship seems to be somewhat troubled.” She leans a little closer and starts whispering. “They’ll be able to please me much better if they’re attracted to each other as well. Could you bring them a little closer together?” Her voice is suddenly dripping with sexuality. Combined with a whiff of her perfume, it makes you remember the sight of her getting plowed by Yukari.

Kaguya laughs quietly and traces a finger down your back. “My, you’re quite attractive yourself, though. Maybe I should have taken you instead.” Even though you know she’s playing with you, you can’t repress a little shiver. She pulls back and returns to her regal self again.
“That is all. You may leave now. Remember, you need only ask and Eientei will come to your aid.”

You thank her one more time and get up to leave. She calls out to you when you reach the door.

“Oh, one more thing. I believe you have something that belongs to me.”

You stop and think for a moment. “Oh, you mean this.” You pull out the vibrator with a wide smile.

“Ah, I suspected you still had it.” You walk back over and hand it to her. “You got a fair amount of use out of it too, it seems.”

You both smirk at each other. “Yeah, it’s pretty amazing.”

“Oh, you haven’t seen everything it’s capable of yet. Perhaps I’ll show you someday.” She keeps laughing to herself as you walk out and close the door.

Nighttime’s still a long ways off. Might as well see how things are going with Eirin and Reisen, for Kaguya’s sake and for your own interest. You can also ask Eirin about these pills you found, and you might be able to give Reisen the punishment you promised her if the mood’s right.

[ ] Visit Eirin.
[ ] Visit Reisen.

-[ ] Keep it strictly non-sexual.
Is it just me, or is Kaguya coming off smarter than Eirin right now? Better fix that. And identify those mystery pills.

[x] Visit Eirin.
-[x] Keep it strictly non-sexual.
File 132318679481.png - (41.07KB, 394x293 , eirincollapse.png) [iqdb]
[x] Visit Eirin.
-[x] Keep it strictly non-sexual.
I think that love love Komacchan matchmaker suits things quite well. Once things have been set up, no point rocking the boat, so to speak. Let em get more comfortable with each other instead of adding to their worries at first. And if there's time - later, later~ After we come back after solving this mystery~
[x] Visit Reisen.

I think Eirin's attracted enough to Reisen and if we tell her Kaguya would like that better, it'd be done quickly. Reisen would be the harder case. And I'm leaving the possibility for sex in case Reisen needs relief.
[x] Visit Reisen.
[x] Visit Reisen.
Calling for an unchaste visit to Reisen.
Getting tired of all this dialogue.
>>15571 and >>15580 were on to something.
It's not too late. Komachi can handle two incidents at the same time.
[x] Visit Reisen.

Your Komachi-brand PersonFinder leads you to Reisen’s room, which you haven’t seen until now. It’s pretty similar to yours, but packed with books and notes. Eirin probably keeps her pretty busy when they’re not caught up in all this tomfoolery with relationships. Reisen looks up from her nothing in particular and gives you a sad smile when you come in.

“Hi, Komachi. You’ve been pretty busy dealing with the three of us, haven’t you?” You let out a short chuckle and take a seat on Reisen’s bed, enticing her to come rest her head on your lap. She purrs and nuzzles her head against your soft thighs while you start stroking her hair. Suddenly, you notice that she doesn’t have a pair of human ears; it’s kind of creepy, so you cover the side of her head with hair and try to forget you noticed.

“So, how’d things go with Eirin and Kaguya?”

Reisen sighs. “Well, the Princess was happy to play with me, but I don’t think Eirin liked it at all. She had to watch me have sex with the Princess, and I’m sure she felt really jealous. I hardly know the princess, but I was still allowed to do something like that…”

“You think Eirin doesn’t like you?”

“She didn’t even want me to look at the Princess, and she was glaring at me the whole time we were doing it.” Reisen turns her head away from you and sighs again. “Maybe I should just tell the Princess I’m not interested in her like that and leave her alone with Eirin.”

You try petting Reisen’s bunny ears. They’re soft and furry on the outside and floppy enough that you can bend them around however you please. She seems to like it when you scratch around their roots.

“What’ll you do for yourself, then?”

“That doesn’t matter as much. The happiness of Eirin and the Princess comes first.”

That’s a noble sentiment, but Reisen deserves better and Kaguya might not be able to handle another rejection. You’re not sure what Eirin’s feelings are, but there’s probably more relationship potential there than Reisen thinks. You’re starting to get an idea…

Reisen sits up suddenly. “Oh, um, Komachi.”


“We’ve had sex a couple of times now and I’ve cum inside of you more than once. Are you, um, is it possible that you might have gotten…”

Aw, that’s cute. You laugh for a moment, leaving Reisen bewildered. “No need to worry about that, Reisen. I can’t get pregnant.”

Reisen’s ears droop. “Eh?”

“Yeah. Shinigami aren’t really born the same way humans and youkai are, they’re more created by the forces that preside over Higan. Whatever made me decided that I could have a human body, but it also decided that I didn’t need to have kids. So I can have as much sex as I want.”

“Um, that’s very…”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m interested in meeting nice people, not making them.” You slide a hand down to Reisen’s skirt and fondle the bulge you find there. “Anyway, if you’re going to give up on Eirin and Kaguya, you won’t mind having sex with me, right?” Successfully derailed, Reisen nods shyly. Looks like you can always count on her boners to defuse an awkward situation.

You have Reisen sit up on the bed and kneel down in front of her. Her short skirt’s poking up nicely now, giving you a little glimpse of a hard cock throbbing underneath it. You flip the skirt back and pull her panties down around her ankles to expose the whole thing.

“Before we can start fucking normally, though, I have to give you your punishment for what you did to me this morning. Do you think you can handle it?” Reisen reconsiders for a moment, but she’s too horny and curious to turn it down.

You give Reisen your best evil laugh and drop one of your hairbands around her shaft. She tilts her head in confusion and then yelps in surprise as you reduce its diameter, making it tighten painfully around the shaft with a snap. The impact leaves her cock jiggling in the air; you can’t resist giving it a slap and watching it wobble around in front of you.

“You used my body to please yourself when I couldn’t enjoy, so it’s only fair that I do the same, right?” Her cock’s already starting to turn red and swell up. You release a bit of the pressure on it so it still gets some circulation.

You push onto Reisen back and make her stick to the bed. “Now, how to begin? You were playing with my breasts then, right?” You pull up your cleavage and let it drop onto Reisen’s shaft. “Nice and big and heavy, but still soft.” You put some pressure on your breasts and crush her cock beneath them while it keeps swelling up.

You lift your breasts off and find a thick stream of precum pouring out of Reisen’s cock. Not wanting to let a god lubricant go to waste, you use both hands to coat the whole shaft and scrotum. Reisen starts moaning weakly as your hands dance around her cock, but you don’t pay her any attention until you’re done.

“So, how did you use my breasts, Reisen?” You press the head into one of your nipples and start stroking her. “Did you give them a thorough groping and rub your cock against them like this? Did you try licking and sucking on them, just to make sure I don’t lactate?” Reisen’s not sure what the correct answer is. “Nah, a horny rabbit like you doesn’t have the patience for that.” You grab the head and pull it up between your breasts.

“You just went straight to the titfuck.”

You fold your arms and press them tightly against the sides of your breasts. The warm flesh envelops every inch of her aching shaft, and your hands are perfectly placed to get at the engorged head. For now, though, you just press with your arms and start moving your body up and down. Reisen pants and endures it, waiting for you to make your point. This won’t be any fun if she doesn’t react, but you’ve got plenty of tricks left.

“Hey, Reisen. You like it when I get you in your really sensitive parts, right?” You make a long scratch down the side of the head, making her whole body twitch for a second. “Oh, looks like you do. Since you can’t cum, I’ll let you enjoy a whole lot of it.” You stop moving your breasts and attack the head with eight fingers at once, rubbing it and scratching it and covering it in precum. Reisen loses her composure almost immediately and starts begging you to stop whenever she catches a break in her moaning.

“Your voice is really cute…” You scratch down the head with all eight nails. “But you don’t want the whole castle to hear you, right? Better make you stop speaking.” You force Reisen’s mouth shut, stopping her from crying out any more. Her stifled moans are sexy too.

It’s easier to get at Reeisen’s urethra now that the head’s all swollen. You use your thumbs to spread the hole open and press the tip of your tongue against it, fitting in the tip and a little extra besides. Reisen tries her best to thrash around start screaming, but she’s forced to suffer in silence while you stimulate her with tiny movements of your tongue. You decide to torture her for another minute before finally pulling off. A long string of precum spreads between your tongue and the suffering head, which has a few red scratch-marks growing on it.

Reisen’s eyes roll back into their normal position and look at you hopefully, but you shut her down with a cruel smirk.

“You came twice, so I get to punish you twice.” You get up on the bed and straddle Reisen, holding the pulsing tip up against your labia. “Here’s the second time.” You fall onto her cock and moan as it fills you up, a little bigger and hotter and angrier than last night. Her balls are tingling like mad from all the attention her cock is getting; they’ll probably have another three loads ready when you let her go. All part of the plan.

“’Kay, we’re gonna go until I cum. It’ll probably feel worse for you if you move, but I’ll cum faster if you do.” You release Reisen’s midsection, and she slams her hips into without any hesitation. “Oh, that eager? This’ll be fun.” You’re not going to let yourself cum until you have Reisen just the way you want her.

You start riding Reisen at full speed immediately. There’s no way for her to escape the pleasure, so she just bucks her hips like mad to power through it while her eyes fill up with tears and a constant stream of moans bounces around the inside of her mouth. Centuries of experience have trained your body to match and influence your partner’s movements almost unconsciously; you slowly adjust Reisen’s movements until she’s going at just the right speed to give you a steady stream of intense pleasure.

Reisen’s completely under your control now. She’s accepted that she won’t cum until you let her, and she’s just trying to please you as much as possible. Just the kind of submissive mindset you want her in. You let your body do all the work for you and free your mind to enjoy the feeling of Reisen’s thick, bulging cock piercing all way to your womb. Your arms dig into Reisen’s chest and start fondling her through her blazer while you stare off into space and pant like an animal, occasionally wincing and letting out a little moan.

Sensing a huge orgasm on the way, you free Reisen and pull her head up to yours. She’s too weak to resist you in this state. You open up her mouth and immediately plug it with your tongue, shamelessly filling it up with your moans as you start cumming. Reisen’s cock twitches in a would-be orgasm to match your own, her whole body aching with frustration while you enjoy yourself thoroughly in front of her. You eventually let Reisen fall back on the bed and dismount her, wiping off her cock with a cold rag you find lying around. She stays unresponsive for a long time before finally sitting up to look at you.

Once you’re fully dressed, you finally set the band’s diameter back to normal. It pops right off of Reisen’s cock when you do, finally ending her misery. Almost.

“One last thing, Reisen. You’re not allowed to masturbate for an hour.” The sound that Reisen makes is too cute to describe. “You can throw me down and fuck me all you want then, but first you’ll have to deal with that erection for a while. And don’t think you can get away with masturbating. I’ll know.” It’s not guaranteed, but Reisen’s not about to risk it.

Reisen somberly accepts your order and goes back to her desk. You give her a wave and a smile and leave the room. It occurs to you that this is probably the last sex you’ll have with her, but that’s not too worrying. There’s probably plenty of nice girls left out there.

One more thing, and then you’ll go get your long-awaited lunch.


Suddenly, something yanks you out of your chair and makes you crash onto the ground, scattering your carefully-prepared papers into the air. How did—Komachi. She’s probably trying to tell you something. You step out of the room and start hovering, letting the distance reduction carry you until you realize you’re headed towards Reisen’s room.

Komachi wants you to visit Reisen? You’re not quite prepared for that, but you do need to talk to her. Maybe Komachi is telling you that this is a good time. You go the rest of the way on your own and knock softly on the door when you get there.

A surprised sound comes from inside, but there’s no response. You feel tempted to turn around and leave, but there must be a reason why Komachi sent you here. You try saying Reisen’s name a few times, which eventually goads her into coming to the door. It opens by a slight amount, letting you see Reisen’s face.

“C-can I help you, Eirin?” She’s blushing, and you can smell some sex on her. You open the door the rest of the way and see an impressive erection poking up into Reisen’s skirt. She shrinks back in embarrassment and tries to hide it.

Ah, that’s why. Komachi got Reisen excited and then sent you to meet her, suspecting that Reisen’s vulnerability would make her easier to speak with. Not a bad idea. You should probably play dumb to get the most use out of it.

“I thought so. Your condition is acting up again, isn’t it?”

“Um, that’s…Yes!” Reisen says, realizing she shouldn’t admit she was just having sex with Komachi. “But, I didn’t think you would want to…”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Reisen. You won’t be able to do anything in this state.” You push Reisen into her desk chair and get on your knees in front of her, swallowing her cock immediately.

“No, wait, I’m really sensitaaah!” A huge load of cum starts pouring into your mouth, catching you off-guard. You do your best to drink it, but it’s so thick and there’s so much that it saturates your tongue and fills up your mouth. You have to pull off to keep from choking, and her cock spurts more onto your face while you swallow what you have already. All the thick, musky sperm covering your face and mouth makes it hard to think.

“I’m so sorry, Eirin!” Reisen finds a cloth and starts wiping your face off. The cool texture helps you regain your mental footing.

“You were this backed up already? You just had sex with the Princess two hours ago.”

“Oh, um…” Reisen falls silent. Komachi did well; the afterglow will make Reisen more receptive to what you’re hoping to tell her.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you, Reisen. Come sit with me.” You have Reisen take a seat with you on the bed. She keeps her distance, not sure what you’re about to say. Her penis is limp for now.

“I have a lot to answer for, don’t I? Starting with the way I’ve been treating you since you came here. I didn’t want to admit that I was worried because the Princess wasn’t interested in me anymore, so I just pretended I was teasing you on the side. But then I gave you that aphrodisiac, and you lost control of yourself. If it hadn’t been for Komachi, I don’t know what would have happened to you. And I couldn’t bring myself to talk things over with you, either. I kept acting hostile out of fear that you would find someone else.”

“But weren’t you jealous of what I did with the Princess? I thought you wanted to have her to yourself.”

“Part of me did, but I was mostly afraid of how much you were enjoying each other. If both you and the Princess decided you didn’t have any use for me…”

“It’s not like that! The Princess is nice, but I want you to be happy, Eirin. I’ll gladly get out of your way if that’s what you want.”

“No, no, it’s not that easy. I care about both you and the Princess, but the Princess doesn’t love me and I wouldn’t abandon you even if she did. If you feel the same way about me, then…” Your body fills with an uncomfortable sharpness. You’re not used to dealing with all this uncertainty.

“I think I do, Eirin. Even though you’ve done all that, I still…” You blush deeper than you have in centuries and embrace her. Reisen slowly puts her arms around you. You hold the position for some time, listening to her breath and feeling her smaller breasts pressed against your own.

“I’ve been a poor mistress, Reisen. Will you give me a chance to atone?”

“I can’t turn down an apology like that.” Reisen nervously moves her head towards yours, prompting you to close the rest of the distance and kiss her. You see out of the corner of your eye that she’s grown another erection. She breaks the kiss and stops your hand when you reach for it.

“Um, Eirin, before this, I was…”

“You were having sex with Komachi. She can be quite insistent, can’t she? I suspect she planned for all this.” You give Reisen another kiss to stop the discussion.

Reisen seems to be in a submissive mood right now, so you gently push her onto the bed and pull up your dress, moving your panties to the side and taking her cock into you without any warning. She moans in surprise and pleasure and lays back to let you take the lead.

You slowly undress yourself while you slide up and down Reisen’ cock, feeling a nice burst of pleasure each time it enters you. Reisen stays flat on the bed, admiring the sight of your body as you slowly reveal it to her. She’s seen you naked plenty of times before, but never naked and smiling and playing with your breasts and clitoris while you ride her.

Just as you start feeling good, Reisen cums again. “I’m sorry! I’ll make you cum this time, I promise!” she says while her cock unloads inside of you. Her cum is still as hot and as thick as before, and the feeling of your pussy filling up with it makes you tremble for a moment.

Surprisingly, Reisen seems like she’ll be able to make good on her promise once you give her a few minutes to recover. “What did Komachi do to get you so aroused, Reisen? I should have her teach me,” you say.

Reisen suddenly grows nervous. “Ah, no, I’d really prefer you didn’t.” Interesting.

You spread yourself out on the bed, letting Reisen take in the sight of you. You used a mixture of physical conditioning, weight-regulation drugs, and minor surgery to create this mature body for the Princess’ use; it served you well when you were her lover, and you later used it to make short work of her suitors when you were in need of release. Perhaps the time has come for you to reclaim its full power.

“You’re so beautiful, Eirin. Is it really okay for you to be with someone like me?” You don’t even bother with a response, instead beckoning her with a curl of one of your night-colored nails. Reisen crawls towards you with her cock hanging between her legs and stops at your pussy.

“Hm? You don’t need to—Mmm.” Reisen spreads your pussy with infinite caution and starts licking at your sensitive insides, disregarding the slow trickle of her own cum. How many times have you fantasized about this? The warmth of her hands, the texture of her tongue, the cautious way she digs into you…She lacks experience, but the strength of her emotion makes up for it. It’s been a long time since someone touched you so lovingly.

Reisen lets you enjoy her tongue for a while longer before sitting up and undressing herself. Her firm and athletic body strikes you as an excellent match for your own, especially with such a nice cock added in. You spread your pussy wide open with both hands and let out a slow, satisfied breath as the whole length smoothly enters you. Reisen supports herself with her arms and starts thrusting, her breasts swaying above you as she moves back and forth. You both moan in short, happy bursts.

You pull Reisen down on top of you to get at her mouth. She starts kissing you with a mixture of happiness and obedience, trying to explore every corner of your mouth and let you have your way at the same time. You sense her eagerness and goad her into moving a little faster; she seems to be in full control of her penis this time, and matches your pace without any difficulty. After a minute or two, she breaks the kiss for a moment.

“Hey, can you hug me with your legs, too?” she asks.

You move your legs up Reisen’s sides and cross them right above her ass. “Like this?”

“Mm. Being held like this is nice.”

You start using your legs to guide Reisen’s movements, setting a comfortable pace. She doesn’t mind you taking the lead even though she’s on top. The two of you get back to kissing and lose track of time, only paying attention to the pleasure building up between you. Reisen loses her patience near the end and starts thrusting like an animal, quickly bringing you both over the edge.

You both squeeze each other with everything you have available and moan out each other’s names. Another long stream of cum pours into you, overflowing onto the sheets.

(Can Reisen have sex with somebody without staining the bed? You’re starting to suspect she can’t.)

You meet Reisen’s blushing smile with one if your own. “I couldn’t manage to hold all your love, Reisen. I’m out of practice.”

That was a good one. Reisen melts in your arms, purring softly while you to stroke her ears. Your stomach and your pussy are already nice and full, but you don’t feel fully satisfied; all the sex you’ve had lately seems to have opened up a deep well of pent-up frustration. Fortunately, you have just the super-powered rape machine you need to deal with it.

“Rest up for a while, and we’ll go again. The Princess and I are going to keep your penis very busy until the aphrodisiac wears off.”

Reisen makes a cute sound and lowers her head into your breasts. Their warmth and the steady rhythm of your heartbeat slowly lull her to sleep.

[ ] Be Komachi.
[ ] Be Yukari.
[ ] Be a mystery character.
[ ] Be Yukari.
[x] Be Komachi.
[x] Be a mystery character.
[x] Be Yukari
I wonder who Yukari's new toy is...
[x] Be Yukari.
[x] Be a mystery character.

>Suddenly, you notice that she doesn’t have a pair of human ears; it’s kind of creepy, so you cover the side of her head with hair and try to forget you noticed.
Haha. I love these little details almost as much as the porn.
[X] Be a mystery character.
it is a mystery
[x] Be a mystery character.

As much as I love Komachi, mysteries are too fun to pass up!
[x] Be a mystery character.
The mystery character could be anyone! It could even be Komachi, and you know that we should always lead with the best character.
[X] Be a mystery character.

Damn you, curiosity, I'll get the better of you one of these days!
[x] Be Yukari.
[x] Be a mystery character.
[x] Be Yukari.
[x] Be a mystery character

☢ CAUTION ☢ You are entering zone of Randomness. Proceed with ☢ CAUTION ☢!
Closing votes. /at/'s thirst for mystery comes out on top.
[x] Be a mystery character.

You lower yourself into the bath and sigh happily as the warm water envelops you. It helps dispel some of the nervousness you feel when you undress and present yourself like this. You know you should stop before it’s too late, but you can’t stop thinking about how good it feels. At least your body’s been getting nice and soft from all the pampering. Maybe your newfound attractiveness is part of the reason why you’re getting so much attention these days.

Right on cue, something starts to tickle your feet. “You can’t resist me when I’m like this, can you?” you say playfully. “Such a pervert.” You’re fully aware that it can’t understand human speech, but it’s nice to pretend. It seems a lot more innocent if you frame it this way.

The tentacles start to coil around your legs and spread them apart. More appear at your fingertips and work their way up your arms, and a thick one starts winding around your midsection. Even though you wanted this, you feel a bit of a chill as you realize you won’t be able to escape. There’s nothing you can do about it, though, so you just lay back and enjoy the warmth of the water and the tight tentacle-hug. Your pussy starts getting wet in anticipation.

The creature keeps you waiting for a while before finally sending a handful of extremely thin tentacles into your pussy. It caught you off guard and made you cum a few times just with this when it first started doing it, but now it’s just another part of the routine. You brace for the stimulation but still cry out when a few of the tentacles start digging relentlessly into your most sensitive spot. The small spot of intensity makes you want to pee, but you learned a while ago to go to the bathroom before coming here.

A small rift in space opens in front of you and extrudes a soft white tentacle. You let it into your mouth and drink submissively when the flow of aphrodisiacs starts. You start blushing deeply as they take effect, and soon your whole body can feel every detail of the tentacles holding you in place. They start to shift around and caress you when the mouth tentacle pulls, making you shiver with excitement. The penetration should be next, unless it’s come up with something new.

The tentacles already inside your pussy flatten themselves against your walls and spread you open, letting you accept a much thicker one that stretches you even further. You get you a moment to adjust before the starts thrusting, using its grip to hold you in place while it breaks in your pussy with quick, powerful strokes. Your body gives in and starts bucking back at it almost immediately.

Your pussy grows hotter and hotter as the tentacle thrusts into you. At first you think you’re just getting excited, but when the heat starts to get unbearable you realize that the tentacle is secreting powerful aphrodisiacs directly into your pussy. This is new. You panic and struggle for a moment, but there’s no way for you to stop it. And the sex is just getting started…

The first orgasm shoots through you. Your whole body writhes around and throbs with pleasure while your pussy clamps shut on the tendrils, which keep moving around and mercilessly stimulating you. The tentacle doesn’t shoot anything into you, though. That’s not how it works. Right now, it’s just trying to make you feel as good as possible.

That first penetration used to be the end of your session, but now it’s just a preliminary fucking to get you excited for what’s next. The tentacles move to your ass and give it the same treatment as your pussy, working their way deep into your asshole and painting the whole surface with drugs. Your pussy is in desperate need of something to fill it up, but the creature won’t give you anything no matter how much you beg. It had more manners back when you first started doing this, before it learned about teasing and denying you. You were in charge back then, but then it started finding your weak spots and exploiting them, and now…

The rush of helplessness drives you into a second orgasm. Your ass squeezes shut around the long tentacle that’s probing into it while your pussy squirts into the bathwater. The thick tentacle wriggles out of your ass, but the smaller ones stay to keep you stretched open. A new tentacle enters your mouth and shoots something onto your tongue; it’s impossibly sweet and delicious, and it makes you start licking sucking on the tentacle to get more. A feeling of intense humiliation comes over you as even your mouth comes under its control, but you try to fight it off. You can’t let it break down your mental defenses, or else…

Your holes are throbbing with unbearable desire now. You’re afraid that you won’t be able to handle what happens next, but you’ll also go crazy from frustration if you stop now. You surrender and await the final assault; this has to be the last time you let it do this.

Two special tentacles rise out of water: it’s developed them for the sole purpose of pleasing you. The one for your pussy is very thick with a number of smooth bumps, and the one for your ass is much longer and covered in soft, spiny protrusions. Your gaping holes shudder in anticipation, but they don’t have to wait for long. Both tentacles fill you up at the same time, nearly driving you over the edge before they even begin.

The tentacle in your pussy is even thicker than the last one. You’re spread out almost as far as possible, and the bumps press you out just a little farther. The other one folds all the points back when it first enters, but then they all open at once inside you and drive you almost to cumming again.

Your mouth and tongue stay firmly attached to their tentacle while the other two start moving. They alternate in slow movements at first, but eventually settle into a rhythm where the one in your pussy moves non-stop while the other one slowly rotates and moves back and forth. Every movement feels like it could be the one to make you cum, but the creature manages to tease you for a full minute before it finally lets you cum.

The tentacles ignore your orgasm and keep thrusting, sending you into another just as the first one’s ending. It’s just overkill at this point Tears stream down your face as they keep pounding your extremely sensitive holes, making you cum again and again without mercy. The tentacle in your mouth rewards you with a squirt of its honey each time you cum, soon coating your tongue in the amazing taste. Your eyes glaze over and your mind starts fading away, leaving you adrift in an endless haze of pleasure. You don’t even notice that it stops, until…

Something dark appears above you, making your heart skip a beat. The creature is slowly pulling you towards a person-sized rift in the air. Your mind suddenly switches to panic mode and unleashes enough adrenaline to partially overpower the aphrodisiacs.

No! No! I can’t! Stop! Don’t take me! You pull your mouth off of the tentacle and start screaming as loud as you can. The creature stops just short of the rift and drops you back into the water before retreating.

Somebody throws the door open and shouts your name. Your senses slowly come back to focus while she pulls you out of the bath and dries you off and lifts you onto her shoulder.

That was far too close. The creature’s become too powerful for you to keep playing with it. You have to get rid of it, but you won’t be able to figure out how if you keep letting it fuck you senseless like this. You need somebody to take its attention off of you. Somebody who’s incredible at sex.

“Orin,” you say.


“We should throw a party.”


Eirin sits at her desk, examining the three pill bottles. “Well, I suppose you do deserve a reward for everything you’ve done,” she says. “You’ll want all three?”

“Why don’t you tell me what they do first.”

“Very well.” She holds one up. “This one is called the ‘Milk Plague.’ It was a good prototype, but there wasn’t enough interest in it to warrant mass production. It’s a fairly standard lactation-inducing pill, with one extra effect.”

“Aphrodisiac milk?”

“Do not insult my creativity. This pill creates a subtly different type of milk for each breast; there’s no difference in taste, but if both kinds are combined immediately, they’ll produce a powerful reaction in whoever drinks it.”


“You’ll likely enjoy finding out on your own, but rest assured that it lives up to its name. Now, this next one is fairly simple. There wasn’t quite enough room on the label, so I had to shorten it from ‘aphrodisiac saliva’. It won’t have any effect on you, but it will briefly increase the sensitivity of whatever it touches on another person’s body. You’ll find plenty of uses for it, I’m sure.”

“Cool. What’s the last one do?”

“Ah, this one was special. I developed it a few decades ago in an attempt to replicate Reisen’s abilities, but the project was deemed too dangerous and abandoned. This was an interesting byproduct, though.”

“Does it give you the same powers Reisen has?”

“Not quite. Tests showed that subjects usually gained increased powers of persuasion, but beyond that the effects are a mystery. I suspect that the exact manifestation varies depending on the user, but they always seems to exert some sort of influence on anyone they make eye contact with.”

“Hmm. Well, those all sound fun. I’ll take ‘em.”

“Very well. The pills’ effects last for twenty-four hours, so I would recommend that you start tomorrow with a single pill to give your body time to adjust. Then you can add a new one each day until you’re using all three.”

“Alright. Thanks, Eirin!”

“My pleasure, Komachi.” Eirin gives you a sparkling, genuine smile as you stow the bottles away in your robe and head out into the hall.

Alright, it’s well past sunset now. Time to head for Tewi. She’s been locked up in that room all day doing who knows what. The door’s unlocked when you get there, and you open it cautiously in case she has the room booby-trapped. Doesn’t seem like she has anything set up, though you do see a box containing a variety of sex toys. Tewi speaks up.

“Hey, Komachi. Come on in.” You step in cautiously and close the door behind you. “So, you wanna stop Yukari, huh? Fine by me. Like I said before, I can’t tell you anything, but I can still point you in the right direction. Not for free, though.” She cracks that grin again.

“Oh, do I have to fuck you again?”

“Nah, that’s too simple.” She probably doesn’t want to get sat on again, either. “How about we play a game? Winner gets the loser for an hour. I’ll help you out whether you win or lose, but you have to take me on.”

“What kinda game? It better not be a ‘being Tewi competition’ or something like that.”

“Haha. I might’ve done that if you hadn’t asked, but since you did I’ll let you pick.”


“Yeah. It just has to be something we can both win at. While we’re at it, let’s make it a sex game too. You don’t mind, right?”


Let’s think for a moment. Tewi’s probably better at some things than others, so whether you win or lose will depend largely on what kind of contest you challenge her to. A couple ideas come to mind…

[ ] An old-fashioned sex-fight. Whoever cums first loses.
[ ] The long-forgotten orgy-off. Whoever makes the most rabbits cum wins.
[ ] A ladies’ vibrator-duel. Take turns using one, and whoever cums first loses.
[ ] Write-in.
[x] The long-forgotten orgy-off. Whoever makes the most rabbits cum wins.
[x] The long-forgotten orgy-off. Whoever makes the most rabbits cum wins.
[x] The long-forgotten orgy-off. Whoever makes the most rabbits cum wins.

This a thousand times.
[x] A ladies’ vibrator-duel. Take turns using one, and whoever cums first loses.

This is the most win-win choice I have ever seen. I want to lose.
[x] The long-forgotten orgy-off. Whoever makes the most rabbits cum wins.
[x] The long-forgotten orgy-off. Whoever makes the most rabbits cum wins.

So our next destination is the Underground?
[x] A ladies’ vibrator-duel. Take turns using one, and whoever cums first loses.
[x] The long-forgotten orgy-off. Whoever makes the most rabbits cum wins.
I want to move this along, so closing votes. Good news for fans of rabbit orgies.
[x] The long-forgotten orgy-off. Whoever makes the most rabbits cum wins.

Why’s Tewi letting you pick? You thought she liked being in control of the situation. Ah well, might as well make use of your advantage.

“Are you sure you want me to pick? This game’s going to be pretty rough.”

“Go ahead.”

“Alright then. We’re going to have an orgy-off.”

“Oh, excellent taste. I didn’t think anyone still cared about those.” Tewi doesn’t seem fazed at all. Wait, she knows what those are? How old is she?

“I’m a little rusty on the rules, though. Care to remind me while I get us some cocks?” Tewi says as she leads you out of the room.

“Well, it’s pretty simple. We get a bunch of guys, or futas, and go wild for a little while. Whoever makes them cum the most wins.” There’s a lot more ritual and custom involved, but the atmosphere’s not really right to discuss it. You’re pretty sure she knows all about it anyway.

Tewi opens a door that takes you into the mochi yard. The work there is done for the day, but there’s still plenty of rabbits loitering around and goofing off. A few torches by the entrance give you enough light to see by. Tewi wades out confidently into the crowd.

“Listen up, everyone!” Most of the rabbits stop and turn their heads. “Me and Komachi here are gonna have a little contest to see who’s better at having sex with you all. Everyone who’s interested, come over here.”

A couple dozen rabbits amble over. They’re all about the same size as Tewi with the same pair of bunny ears, wearing what are probably standard-issue white work dresses. Tewi picks out two bright-looking ones to count how many orgasms you each get.

“Alright, the rest of you split into two groups and take your clothes off. Just do what we tell you to or what the last person did. I’ll be over here, and Komachi’s over there. Nobody’s allowed to masturbate. Try and keep the fighting to a minimum.”

The rabbits split into two groups on their own; half go to get a taste of their pal Tewi, and the other half are lured by the mysterious visitor’s charms. The rabbits that come to you have a variety of expressions ranging from nervousness to excitement to excitement disguised as aloofness. You quickly pull off your clothes and stride out to meet them, working your way to the middle of the pack and patting a few of them on the head. They’re all a fair bit shorter than you, so you get down on your knees and invite them to run their small hands all over you while Tewi gets ready.

“Do your best and enjoy me, alright?” you say with a wide smile.

Most of the rabbits are undressed now, presenting you with a small forest of cocks. Surprisingly, they’re all a bit bigger than Tewi’s. Formal orgy-offs don’t last long, so this’ll be more than enough.

“Hey! Timekeepers!” Tewi shouts. “Pound out three hundred counts for me!” A pair of rabbits shuffle around to find some sticks and go to a large drum in the middle of the yard. Now undressed, Tewi grins over the crowd of naked bodies at you. “Ready, Komachi?”

You grin back. “Bring it.”

The timekeepers start pounding the drum in a slow, steady rhythm. You grab three cocks at random and get to work.


You had a feeling Komachi would pick something like this. A millennia-old slut versus a cute little bunny girl in a getting-stuffed-full-of-cocks competition? Easy pickings, right?

You kneel down, swallow a cock, and grab a pair of asses. Let’s see, how to get these girls excited? Judging from their disposition and body structure and using your powers to make sure you guess right, you’d say this one’s G-spot is right about here and this one loses it if you stick a few fingers up her butt. The one you’re sucking off should be weak to let’s say teethplay. You spin the two girls around and start fingering them just where they like while you nibble around the other one’s cockhead. They all cum at about the same time, two of them shooting their loads onto a pair of unfortunate rabbits while the other one gives you a nice dose of thick cum to drink. You withdraw from all three of them and lick your lips while your judge records three shots.

Gotta press your advantage before Komachi sees how good you are. You give one girl a few spanks before you start fingering her weak spot and tease another one’s urethra with your finger. This next one is weak to…rimjobs? No thanks. You’ll take the one with the phimosis over there. You carefully peel back the foreskin with your tongue, exposing a super-sensitive head that you just annihilate with your tongue. A bit of odd-tasting smegma mixes with the salty cum.

You love being right. Who’s next?


Shoot, you forgot how hard it was to jack off small cocks like these. It’s not like you can’t do it, but you just can’t get a good enough grip to make them cum quickly. Tewi’s going through her rabbits like a sexy knife through butter, too. Time to step it up.

You finish off the cock in your mouth with a bit of tongue and deepthroating and replace it with the one in your right hand, turning your head to the side to get to it. This position lets you pull the one in your other hand right up to your cleavage, and she gets the hint to pull up your breasts and start thrusting into them. Her precum makes for good enough lubrication, and the soft tightness makes her cum quickly with a happy moan. Another rabbit steps in to take her place while you raise your ass up and spread both holes open.

Precious seconds tick by while two rabbits get into position behind and underneath you and start breaking in your holes. You shorten your asshole a little to make it easier for them to penetrate you and start squeezing them as hard as possible to get out those crucial first loads. They’re both eager to enjoy you, so they thrust as quickly as they can despite the lack of lubrication and cum in about fifteen seconds. No time for them to be ashamed, though. You need more cocks inside you.


Komachi’s ass is tearing it up. You knew those two holes between her legs would be formidable, but she’s getting a lot of mileage out of her tits and her mouth too. She’ll catch up unless you put more of your body into play.

You finish with this set of cocks and reach behind yourself, pulling out the legs of the rabbit behind you. Before she can get up, you scoot backwards and impale yourself on her cock; a hot rush of pleasure runs though you and makes your cock all hard and tingly. Ideally, you’d be able to have two of them DP you, but you wouldn’t be able to think with two of them fucking you at this speed. You let the rabbit under you handle the thrusting and silently curse how sensitive you are while you grab three more cocks to work with.

One more trick up your sleeve. You have another rabbit sit down and start rubbing your soft feet against her cock. She soon grabs both and starts fucking them of her own accord, using them to masturbate to the scene in front of her. When she cums, she sprays all it all over your feet, making them nice and sticky for the next person who uses them. You’ve still got a decent lead, so you should be able to win as long as you don’t cum yourself. Not a problem ordinarily, but with this stupid penis twitching from every bit of stimulation…


Your body has become a sex machine. Two cocks steadily churn up your pussy and your ass, two more pound away at your breasts and your throat, and you’re slowly jacking off another two just to give your hands something to do. From what you can see, Tewi’s only doing five at a time, but her ability to guess their weaknesses is making them cum faster on average than your six. You’re still gaining on her, though.

The low sound of the timekeepers’ drum underscores everything, subconsciously setting the pace for all of the thrusting that’s going on. Aside from that, the only sounds are the moaning of the rabbits and the excited voices of the judges as they feverishly call out each orgasm. Hope they don’t lose count. Everyone’s cum at least once at this point, and they’re all shoving each other for seconds.

Your ass and your pussy are both really sensitive as a result of compressing them to please the rabbits better. They’re being a bunch of quickshots just because of the atmosphere and how tightly you’re squeezing, but the pleasure is really adding up. You want to cum really badly, but you can’t lose your concentration.

The rabbit using your breasts goes over the edge and pulls out, squirting her load all over her cleavage. These rabbits can cum a decent amount for how small they are. The rabbits ones in your mouth and ass pull out to join the ones you’re stroking for an impromptu bukkake while the one under you shoots another hot load inside. The smell of all the fresh cum overwhelms you for a moment.

You survey the situation while the rabbit under you switches out with another one. There’s not as many rabbits left as you thought. Time’s starting to run low anyway.


Twenty seconds to go. The rabbit under you finally cums, leaving you just short of orgasm. The way she was bucking her hips, you were afraid you’d lose it. You draw the cum out of the other four rabbits shortly afterwards, gulping down yet another mouthful of sperm and letting the rest splash onto your already-coated body.

“Thirty!” the judge declares.

“Twenty-nine!” the other one shouts. You look over and see Komachi fiercely riding her last rabbit, who’s pretty much losing her mind from it. Looks like you’ve got one more rabbit of your own; you just have to make her cum in nine seconds and you’ll win. How fortunate.

She’s weak in her urethra. You grab her cock in both hands and use your thumbs to spread her cockhead open before getting a nice and deep penetration with your tongue. You wriggle it around as fast as you can, but she doesn’t seem to be giving it up. Come on, she’s screaming from it! Why isn’t she—

“Stop! It hurts!”


The rabbit makes one more plunge into your pussy and cries out loudly in orgasm. Off in the distance, the timekeepers strike the drum one last time. Cheers go up from the crowd. You fall off your partner onto your back, closing your eyes to rest for a moment. Thick rivers of cum pour out from both holes.

“Komachi, thirty!”

“Tewi, thirty!”

A tie. How about that. You take a few deep breaths and try not to get overwhelmed by the smell of cum, then motion for somebody to help you. The rabbits who still have some strength pull you up and help you pick your way over the bodies to Tewi, who’s trembling and staring at her hands and mumbling to herself. Another still-erect rabbit stands nearby, nervous and shivering.

“Hey, Tewi.” She doesn’t respond. “Tewi!”

Tewi looks up, a bit more surly than usual.

“It’s a tie. You know what that means, right?”

“Hmph.” Tewi rises to her feet and follows you to the bright patch by the doorway. If an orgy-off ends in a tie, the participants must settle it in personal combat. Looks like you’re both on the edge of huge orgasms, so this one will be over quick.

Tewi waves over her judge and tells her to count down from ten. The judge timidly obliges; she won’t be forgetting this night anytime soon.

Still panting and leaking cum, you try and get into a proper grappling stance. You’re not allowed to use your powers in a sudden-death match like this, so it’ll come down to speed and quick thinking, two things you don’t have a whole lot of right now. You’ll just have to trust your instincts.


How did you guess wrong? You’re never wrong. Did your powers just crap out for some reason?


Oh shit the countdown’s at three already.


Maybe Yukari changed the rabbit’s weakness or something. She’d do that.


Focus, dammit! Komachi’s about to rape-tackle you!


[ ] Go left!
[ ] No, right!
[ ] No, straight forward! Just grab a tit and you’ll win!
[ ] Are you retarded? That’s exactly what she’s expecting you to do!


[x] None of the above.

Instead of lunging at you like you expected, Tewi just locks up. It doesn’t really look like a clever counter-strategy, so you just push her over and rub her cock with your foot. She cums quickly with a defeated moan, covering herself with huge spurts of cum and squirting a bunch more out of her pussy. Everyone watches her in stunned silence for a while.

“Um, Komachi wins!” More cheers. Tewi rolls over and hides her face in the grass.

You did it. Tewi was a lot better than you thought she’d be; if she’d just managed to get that last rabbit off in time, you would’ve lost. Speaking of which, you still need to cum.

You turn back to the crowd and find the rabbit you were thinking about, who’s quietly nursing her penis. “Hey, are you alright?” you ask.

“Um, yeah. Tewi just hurt me a little.”

“That wasn’t too nice of her. Want me to take care of you?”

The rabbit examines your cum-covered body for a moment. “Okay.” You drop to your knees again and gently caress her cock to get it hard again. She seems to like it when you rub the head, so you tease her with a few licks there and enjoy her moans.

“Sensitive there, aren’t you?” you say. You lay back and spread your pussy, which leaks out another glob of rabbit-cum. The rabbit straddles you and penetrates you eagerly, moaning appreciatively when she feels how tight and warm it is inside you even after five or six cocks.

You’re so exhausted from the sex that you let the rabbit do whatever she wants with your body. She takes the opportunity to give your breasts a generous working-over with her hands and her mouth. Her smooth tongue glides all over your cleavage, flicking at your sensitive nipples every so often when she stops to suck on them.

You planned on cumming right away, but this girl’s good enough that you want to hold back and enjoy it a little longer. Her cock seems to get a little bigger every time she plunges it into you, making you slowly expand your pussy until it’s back to its normal size and she’s fucking you with a good seven inches.

You finally lose control and let out all your excitement in a huge orgasm that rattles every nerve in your body. The rabbit doesn’t seem to lose her composure at all as she adds her own load of cum to the half-dozen already inside of you. Instead, she pulls you into a sitting position and gently probes your mouth with her tongue while you moan helplessly for a wonderful minute.

The girl sets you back down on the ground to enjoy your well-deserved afterglow. “Thanks, Komachi. You’re as good as ever,” she whispers. She pulls out with a wink of her red eyes and strides off into the darkness. Before you can stop to think about that, Tewi starts shouting.

“The…The head? It was her head that was sensitive?! Oh, that’s just...” Tewi kicks the ground and swears for a while before sighing loudly. “Fine, you win. Good game. I’m yours.”

Oh, that’s right. You won. Time for your reward. You’ve cum enough for now, but it’s never a bad time to tease Tewi.

[ ] Tie her up and let the rabbits have her.
[ ] Make her be your maid for an hour and keep her on the edge the whole time.
[ ] Go check out that box of toys she had.
[ ] Write-in.
[x] Tie her up and let the rabbits have her.

Let the rabbits have their fun.
> She pulls out with a wink of her red eyes and strides off into the darkness.
Reisen, you clever bastard!

[x] Make her take a Milk Plague pill.
[x] Be her milk maid for an hour and keep her on the edge the whole time.
I'm not sure if that was Reisen or just another earth rabbit as most youkai have red eyes.
File 132391688870.png - (1.78MB, 1200x1000 , 17163719.png) [iqdb]
It was Nue. Her weakness was unknown, red eyes, old friend.

[x] "What were you going to do to me if you won?" Do that to her.

Unfair fight was unfair, and I'm curious. She'll lie if she knows what's good for her.
>“Thanks, Komachi. You’re as good as ever,” she whispers
It was Reisen. Probably. Kinda odd that no one recognized her.
We're better off saving that for a good time, not for a case where a bunch of rabbits are already horny. And it'd work better if Komachi took it herself and let someone drink from her 'mountains'
It wasn't Reisen. They would've noticed that.
It was likely Nue then.
[x] Make her be your maid for an hour and keep her on the edge the whole time.
[x] Make her be your maid for an hour and keep her on the edge the whole time.
Calling for edge-maid. No milk will be involved.
[x] Make her be your maid for an hour and keep her on the edge the whole time.

You draw your lips into a wide smile and pull yourself to your feet. “Hmm, that’s right. We get to have some more fun together, don’t we?” You throw an arm around Tewi’s shoulder. “Let’s get cleaned up first.”

A crowd of rabbits follows the two of you to the washroom. Your new fans pour a few buckets of warm water over you and start scrubbing with tongues and sponges, praising you the whole time. You want to reward their devotion, but if you serviced a few you’d have to suck off the whole roomful. Maybe some other time.

Meanwhile, Tewi get teased and groped by another bunch of rabbits. She tries to shrug them off and swat their hands away from her, but she can’t hold off all fifteenish of them. You laugh a little as she gets buried under a pile of squirming bodies.

Eventually, you pull Tewi out of out of the tangle and bring her into the next room. The curtain around the center of the bath is closed again; you think you can make out a few silhouettes, but the rabbits are making too much noise for you to hear anything.


The Princess succeeds in keeping her moans down to a few loud exhalations. You withdraw your fingers and swish them around in the bathwater, giving her a chance to catch her breath. The Princess’ long hair floats freely in the water around her and bright pink nipples just barely peek out above the waterline, heaving with the rest of her flushed body while she recovers from her second orgasm.

“Stop doing that! I’m supposed be treating you, Eirin!” she says indignantly.

“Seeing you writhe in pleasure is reward enough, Princess.” You offer her a self-assured smile.

The Princess pouts for a moment. “Now really, don’t move this time.”

You lay back against the edge and open your mouth for the Princess’ use. Her firm, nimble tongue toys with your own until she grows bored and moves it to your breasts. She moans happily as your milk starts flowing for her once again, designed specifically to match her tastes. You reach out and stroke her shining hair, which is quite soft even when wet. She keeps her head in place and runs a hand down between your legs.

Two fingers enter your pussy and start thrusting in a simple back-and-forth motion, occasionally pausing to probe half-heartedly for sensitive spots. It doesn’t feel bad, but even Reisen’s hands can do better. You note with disappointment that the Princess’ memories of your pussy are only half as accurate as your knowledge of hers. It seems she became so greedy for pleasure that she grew skilled only in receiving it.

This won’t do. You throw your arms around the Princess and shove two fingers into her ass, which fills with water as you spread it open. She accepts your fingers easily gives up on pleasing you immediately, instead focusing on thrusting herself onto them. Her hard nipples scratch against your soft breasts as she moves.

You let out a little sigh. “You leave yourself open while you’re trying to service others and then react eagerly when they turn the tables. Rather self-serving, don’t you think? If you don’t make more of an effort to please myself and Reisen, we may simply exclude you from our love-making.” You use a teasing tone of voice, but the Princess still feels a rush of fear when you say it. Her head pops up from your shoulder and she stops moving her hips as quickly.

“No, don’t do that! Let go of me, I’ll make you cum!” she begs. You feel guilty for saying something like that, but you feel that it’s necessary.

“I’m afraid it’s too late for that, Princess. You won’t allow yourself to escape from this.”

The Princess soon realizes that you’re correct. Without stopping your fingers, you turn her around and make her lean against the edge of the bath with her ass raised up in the air. You clamp your other hand around her mouth to stop her moans from penetrating the curtains.

“It seems the rabbits are all bathing right now, Princess. Would you like me to show them your lovely orgasm-face?"

“Mmph!” You’re fairly sure that was a “no,” but she is a bit of a pervert.

“Then you’d best promise to try harder.” The Princess nods frantically while moaning into your hand. “Very well. Here is your reward.” You spread your two fingers apart and work a third one into her ass, thrusting quickly until she reaches her limit. Her body squeezes shut and her eyes roll up as she loses herself in the pleasure. A small spray of liquid shoots out of her pussy into the water.

Now that you’re secure in your relationship with Reisen, you feel like you can be more strict with the Princess. You care deeply for her, but her self-serving attitude is in need of adjustment. You’re going to use sex to try and teach her some respect.

“We’ll continue in your bedroom, Princess. If you can’t please me properly, I’ll need to bring Reisen in to instruct you further.”


After you get out of the bath and towel off, you take Tewi back to her room.

“Alright, now you’ll be my maid for an hour,” you say.

“What? Your hour already started.”

“You didn’t say it had to be the hour after the game ended. I haven’t given you any orders yet, have I?” Tewi has to give you that one. “Now, let’s see if we can scare up a uniform for you…”

Tewi stews on the bed while you look through her stuff. There’s nothing interesting in her closet, but her box of sex toys contains a veritable cornucopia of perversion. You can identify most of the gags and vibrators and clamps, but the giant syringe-thing is a stumper. Was she going to use all this on you if you’d lost?

You reach in and pick up a pink egg vibrator. It has a little strap that you fit around Tewi’s thigh before you push the bead deep into her pussy. It’s still fairly tight inside, so you’re not too worried about the vibrator falling out. Next, you turn her around and start working a string of beads into her ass. Can’t be letting this part get away without any attention. Her whole body twitches with the insertion of each of the dozen beads, clenching tightly around each one only to be spread again by the next. When the whole string is finally inside her, you turn the vibrator to minimum power and fasten a collar around her neck.

You step back with a proud smile. Her cute little body is fully aroused, with her nipples standing on end on her tiny breasts and her cock pointing straight up in the air while a mixture of pussy juice and rabbit-cum leaks out between her legs.

“There, that’ll do,” you say. Tewi notes her lack of clothes and looks back up with a face that’s about halfway between confused and angry. “You all don’t mind seeing each other naked, right? It’ll be fine. Now get me something to drink, and don’t cum while you’re out.” Tewi averts and starts for the door, but you stop her.

“Hey, hey, hold on. Maids don’t just walk off like that. They curtsy first and say, ‘Yes, Mistress.’” You don’t actually know a whole lot about maids, but that seems like the kind of thing one would do based on what you’ve heard from Meiling.

Tewi doesn’t have anything to curtsy with, so she just gives you a stiff bow and a mumbled pleasantry and storms off. You sense another rabbit close by and make her bump into Tewi.

“Ah, sorry! Wait, Tewi? What--”

“I lost a bet, okay?”

You did?”

“Shut up!”

You take off your clothes and sit on the bed while you wait. Tewi comes back in record time with a nice mug of tea, which you take from her along with the vibrator’s controller. You cross your legs and sip thoughtfully while she kneels on the floor, giving her pussy a little charge whenever her posture seems less than perfect.

“Hey, I’m a little sore from all that. Give me a massage, would you?” you say after a while. You shift to lie on your stomach, still keeping the drink and the controller. Tewi gets up on the bed behind you and digs her fingers into a few sensitive spots on your feet. They just feel ticklish and twitch a lot at first, but continued pressure mixed with a little rubbing makes them relax and fill up with a strange feeling of looseness.

Tewi moves on to work your calves and your thighs. They’re always a little sore from all the standing you do on the job, so Tewi’s hands feel amazing as they search out and loosen up the knots.

“Ooh, that’s good. Do you have any practice?”

“Nah, just guessin’.”

Tewi moves on to your ass. You let her knead it with her warm, slightly sweaty hands for a few minutes before remembering that she has a thing for asses, at which point you turn the vibrator up to full for a bit to encourage her to move along. She jumps and quickly slides her hands up to your back. This part will take a while.

“Hey, Tewi. Put it inside me while you’re doing my back and I’ll give you a little massage too.” You turn off the vibrator and spread your pussy without changing its size. Tewi squeezes your ass and penetrates you obediently.

There’s not a whole lot you can do to three inches of penis, so you just squeeze it gently while Tewi’s hands run all over your back. She presses at some parts, pokes others, tries that chopping-with-your hands thing, and kneads all over with her fingers. Not everything works, but the end result is satisfying.

You make Tewi kneel on the floor and spread your legs in front of her. “Alright, now give my pussy something that feels actually feels good. No funny business with your hands.”

Tewi plants her hands on the ground and moves her head to your pussy, flicking her tongue against your clit before digging in to the main course. Her cunnilingus seems a little half-hearted, so you try to encourage her by giving her some good vibrations whenever she makes you feel good. She accepts the incentive and starts licking and digging into you twice as fast. You squeeze out a little cum for her to lick up while she’s at it.

Tewi must be hoping that you’ll let her cum by accident. You’re wise to that, though. You wait until you’re fairly close and then push her head away, turning off the vibrator and going the rest of the way on your own. Once you go over the edge, you press her face back between your legs and cover her face in your juices while your pussy goes through a small-scale reenactment of the orgasm your friend gave you earlier.

(You didn’t know she’d gotten herself unsealed. You’d say you should go visit her, but she’s the type that only meets on her own terms.)

The hour’s about three-quarters over now. Tewi’s probably going to turn on you as soon as time’s up, so you’d better stop a bit early and deny her the opportunity. You wipe off her face and make her lick off your fingers and then have her sit on the bed with you.

“Before we go on, maybe you can give me that help you promised.”


“Yeah. I’ll give you something good if you do.” She probably won’t try anything funny while she’s naked and close to cumming.

“Okay. Close your eyes and think of a place.”

The hot springs?

“Now don’t say anything. Just remember it. Try going there next.”

“What, that’s it?”

“Yep. You should be thankful I’m helping you at all.”

You roll your eyes. Guess you shouldn’t have been expecting much from someone like Tewi. Fortunately, you’re in an excellent position to punish her for making you go through all that effort.

“Okay then. One last thing and we’ll be done. You’ll probably be masturbating up a storm once I leave, but I’ll make you cum myself if you can do one thing for me.” You turn around and point your ass at her. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Tewi makes a noncommittal sound.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes.’ This is easy, all you have to do is take out the beads without cumming. And there’s a time limit.”

Tewi gazes at your ass for a while. “…Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Good.” You turn back around as Tewi stands up, pointing her to the side so she can’t cum on you by accident. She reaches behind herself and curls one of her fingers around the ring poking out of her anus.

“Ready? Start now.” You start to count down from sixty.

Tewi yanks out two beads and almost loses it immediately. She wastes a few seconds collecting her breath, and then starts steadily pulling out one at a time. She handles it fairly well at first, but the pleasure wells up with each bead and slows her down. There’s still three left inside when you’re down to five seconds, so you slow down a little and loudly count off each one. Tewi waits until two and then grits her teeth and squeezes her cock and pulls the rest out in one motion.

Tewi’s short frame doubles over and falls onto the floor. Seconds later, she gets to a sitting position and reveals her precum-covered but still-hard cock.

“Very good, Tewi. I’ll make you cum now.” Before she gets enough strength to resist, you grab Tewi’s cock with three fingers and stroke her just over the edge, pulling your hand away when the sperm starts and letting the it pool on the floor in front of her.

“Well there you go. Nice playing with you!” You dodge Tewi’s angry lunge, grab your clothes, and dash out into the hall. Good game. Time for bed.

In a shocking turn of events, it seems that there’s nobody for you to sleep with. That’s what you get for being a matchmaker. Hopefully you’ll meet a good bedwarmer while you’re at the hot springs, which’ll probably lead to that underground city they built over Hell.

You head back to your room and undress, savoring the feeling of your limbered-up body with a few stretches. Then you slide under the covers, purring appreciatively at the warmth and the way the soft sheets caress your body. The thread count on these things must be ridiculous.

Tomorrow you can try out one of those pills Eirin gave you. Looks like there’s ten of each, and each pill lasts for a day. You might want to stop and visit Mokou while you’re nearby, too. You’re not in a huge hurry, and she seems like she could use some companionship.

Anyway, it’s time to sleep. You close your eyes and let all the sexhaustion catch up with you.

Which pill will you try?
[ ] Milk Plague.
[ ] Aphro Salve.
[ ] The eyes one.

Where will you go next?
[ ] Mokou’s place. She could use someone to cheer her up.
[ ] Straight to the geyser. You’ll surprise Mokou some other time.
[x] Go have fun with Mokou with your new body afterwards
I have no preference on the pills, but I love Mokou, and your Mokou in particular.

[x] Go have fun with Mokou with your new body afterwards.

Count this however you like!
Before anyone jumps on the three-pills wagon, remember that you should only take one for now. Three-pills Komachi will come a bit later.
[x] Milk Plague.
[x] Straight to the geyser. You’ll surprise Mokou some other time.

There's a tentacle creature among other things waiting for Komachi.
[x] Mokou’s place. She could use someone to cheer her up.

Mokou needs moar sweet hot loving! Moar I say!
[x] Don't take any pills for now.
[x] Straight to the geyser. You’ll surprise Mokou some other time.

Because your Mokou is so good (again, sorry Pettan), it will feel much better if we wait. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and too much of a good thing is a bad thing.
[x] Milk Plague.

[x] Go have fun with Mokou with your new body afterwards.
[x] Milk Plague.
[x] Straight to the geyser. You’ll surprise Mokou some other time.

I'm interested in whats going to happen next. Plus, we're guaranteed some Mokou later on anyway so why not?
[x] Milk Plague.
[x] Mokou’s place. She could use someone to cheer her up.
[X] Milk Plague

[X] Mokou’s place. She could use someone to cheer her up.

While I agree with you, Mokou still needs moar loving. Maybe after the next episode, we'll have a bit of rest, go visit some Celestials or Tengu, or something, and then it'll be time for Mahou Shoujo Matchmaker Komacchan to shine and set Mokou with someone good. Like Komachi. Or Yuyuko&Youmu =3

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Thank you for the link to guidelines, I'll follow them from now on.

Still don't understand the dislike for namefagging, but whatever...

If you want to be a namefag, then be a namefag.

Don't let angry rule-nerds stop you.
Poor Tewi will never get to fuck dat ass...
[x] Milk Plague
[x] Straight to the geyser. You’ll surprise Mokou some other time.

Tewi did say next. Not that it matters, Komachi's misfortune is our fortune.
[x] Milk Plague.
[x] Mokou’s place. She could use someone to cheer her up.
[x] Aphro Salve
[x] Mokou’s place. She could use someone to cheer her up.
>The thread count on these things must be ridiculous

It feels like i'm sleepin on lotion.
Closing votes. Milk Plague and visiting Mokou are the winning combination.

Closing the thread, too.
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>Days: 3
>Baths taken by Komachi: 5
>Sex scenes: 27
Komachi needs to bathe more, goddamn.
Why is that? Some believe sexual juices are good for the complexion.
What a few people's weird, personal, nonsense theories are doesn't really constitute good evidence for not bathing.

For that matter, "some believe" that if a woman splashes Coke into her vagina, she won't get pregnant.

...I'm not trying to bust your balls too much over this, but you do realize that that sounds kind of dumb in retrospect, right?
I took his statement to be more of a "Wait, you don't want Komachi covered in sexual juices? Here, have an excuse as to why it's good."
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