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File 14730569169.jpg - (34.45KB, 350x350, kappapa.jpg) [iqdb]
Nitori has a shirikodama. She needs some salt, so she should lick it.

[ ] lick it
[ ] naw
[]lick it
[x] consider ramifications of licking it
[x] lick it while considering ramifications of licking it
[ ] lick me
[x] Lick everything BUT the shirikodama.
[X] Pick up TIE BREAKER and add it to inventory for use at a later time.


Happy now? Let's see that next update already.
[x] LICK Hina
[x] Naw
File 147314831945.jpg - (1.48MB, 1920x1080, dastrongest.jpg) [iqdb]
This story has been delayed indefinitely.

At this rate, I'll never finish this story, and I'm just not satisfied with it. Sorry to keep you guys waiting.

da end
File 147315040117.jpg - (57.33KB, 500x500, nitoriri.jpg) [iqdb]
Nitori holds the shirikodama to her lips. She licks it. It taste like ass. She realizes this probably came from someone's ass. Does that mean she indirectly kissed a human's insides?



Really the end.
riveting shitpost m8
Literal shitpost

Can we get an epilogue? I'm not going to be able to sleep peacefully until I get confirmation that Nitori's salt level went back to normal, and she returned to being a healthy Kappa.
It's a masterpiece
It started out okay, but the ending was a total asspull.
And then Nitori was okay.



Here you go.
Give it a rest guys. I don't want to scroll through pages of you guys' shitty puns everyone I reread this wonderful story.
Did the human died? This is important question.
This is the beginning of Touhou 16 ~ Perpetual Endless Prolapse in Eastern Wonderlans

muffled theme music in the distance

Find out next time on A Story That is Small 2: Electric Poogaloo!

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