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File 143424803653.png - (382.99KB, 1552x936, 504f57ef14b10c08f7aea68bdc382412.png) [iqdb]
[c] Go back to Hina’s place.

“I should go.”

“Oh? Leaving so early? I thought you’d still want to spend some more time with us.”

“I… I have something to do.”

“I see.” Standing up, Garou and Momiji escort me to the waterfall and bid me farewell as I head into the forest. My steps would come to a halt, however, when Momiji shouts back at me.

“It’s been fun to spend time with you, Ein! Come see me again if you like to talk about anything!”

“Just keep your sisters off me, and we’re done. The last thing I want to see is a bunch of girls lusting over my tail again.”

“Why are you still iffy about having your tail touched?”

“Inubashiri, it’s for your own benefit that you heed his advice.”

“I… uh… okay! I won’t let them jump on you, Ein! I swear!”

You better be, Momiji. You better be…

I make way back to Hina’s home. Sitting on the grass patch, she doesn’t seem to notice me as she’s occupied with a couple of birds that are perched on her hand. She’s let her hair untied again, and seeing the gorgeous tresses fall down to the ground makes me very tempted to jump into them and savour their heavenly scent. I’m too tired to even do anything, so I approach her and unceremoniously plop down beside her.

“Ah, wait! Don’t leave me, little ones!” she pleas as the birds fly off her, obviously spooked by this lonely wolf. “Aw, when I thought I could talk with you for a bit longer… oh, Ein! I didn’t see you coming! Welcome home. How’s your day?”

“Boring,” I answer.

Her smile falters. “Oh, okay. I wasn’t, uh, expecting that. What’s the matter, Ein? Did something trouble you?”

I shift a bit and rest my head upon her lap. “I’m just tired, Hina. Walked around too much.”

“I… I see. It’s been a tough day, hasn’t it?” I nod wordlessly and close my eyes, letting Hina pat me between the ears. Oh, I think I just caught her aromatic scent. Smells like… lavender? Or is it mint? “Well, then. Take your well-deserved break. I’ll stay with you, if you like.”

“…thanks, Hina.”



I wake up to the chirping melody of night bugs. It seems I have overslept myself, as evidenced by the shining moon up above the canopy. Hina is not present, presumably asleep inside her room. Letting out a long, tired yawn, I get up from my makeshift cradle and head for the river bank. After a quick drink, I’m refreshed and ready to venture out in the night.

My ears perk up. There’s a howl coming from far off. I stand erect, trying to identify where it’s coming from, or who’s making it. Huh, might just be my own imagination…

There’s the howl again. It’s faint, it’s barely audible, but it’s definitely a howl. I train my ears to locate the source of the howl; it’s coming from…

[ ] …the waterfall.
[ ] …downstream.
[ ] …up the mountains.

On the other hand, just ignore the howl and…
[ ] …hunt something for dinner.
[ ] …wake Hina up. Surely she doesn’t mind, yes?
[ ] …go somewhere else (please specify destination).
[ ] …go back to the river. Let’s see if the man in the water is there.

Short update is short, I’m sorry for the usual. Anyway, this will be my last update before the upcoming Ramadan next week, so don’t cross your fingers on when the next update will be. I wonder what Hina’s smell is like, if we exclude the curses and all.

Also, previous thread can be accessed here: >>25754
[Z] …up the mountains.
[x] up the mountains
[Z] …up the mountains.
[x] …up the mountains.

Sounds like the most probable direction.
[x] …the waterfall.
[x] …the waterfall.

Waterfalls are cool.
File 143597844683.png - (301.29KB, 1000x707, 7f85e98415b175f7efc541c52e2fb614.png) [iqdb]
Alright, calling it. Writing now, updating later.
Two months.
You haven't forgotten us, have you now?
File 144496708920.jpg - (305.72KB, 1024x768, autumn-wolf.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay, anon. Stuffs happened, so yeah. Also, I should start doing a Wolf’s Rain/Spice & Wolf marathon in the future.


[c] Votes go here.

The howl. It’s coming from up the mountains. I should check it out, only because it has piqued my curiosity. I head straight to the mountains, following the direction of the voice until I reach a grassy patch near the peak. Something – or someone – is standing at the centre of the grasses…

My eyes aren’t deceiving me. That something is a human. What is he doing out there?

I silently approach the human and conceal myself in the shrubs, while keeping my eyes glued on him. He doesn’t notice my presence first as he turns around and faces the moon…

Then he howls.

The human just howls at the moon.

This does not compute. How can a human… no, it can’t be. Unless he possesses an innate ability, he merely imitates us wolves. I’m very certain that it’s the case.

“I know you’re there, Ein.”

Crap, I’ve been spotted- Wait, what?

“Come out now, there’s no need to be afraid.”

There’s no use turning back. Reluctantly I emerge out of the shrubs and make my presence be known.

“Never thought to see you out here. I assume you’re unable to have a peaceful sleep at this time.” I stare at him long and hard, causing him to laugh amusedly. “Is there something wrong, Ein?”

“You… you’re Garou, right?” I ask as I follow the human’s gesture and sit down beside him.

This human laughs again and scratches the spot behind my ears. “Well, what makes you think that I’m something else?” It’s only when I look at his face that I recognize the same eyes that commanded absolute respect when I first met Garou. How? More importantly, why?

“What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here?” This human – Garou – points at the moon that’s looming over the horizon. “It’s that time of the month. Instead of turning into a wolf like what would happen at the outside world, I turn into this.”


“It’s a complicated story, and I’d rather not talk about it and ruin this moment,” Garou adds. “So, what do you think of your new home?”

“I don’t know if I like it or not, though I’m trying to fit in.”

“Good to hear that.” Garou throws his sight back at the moon, while I follow suit. I find myself unable to speak up, perhaps because the thought of accompanying a human is as unsettling as it sounds. I’m speaking of this from experience, so I know how it feels like. I know that this human is Garou, but still…

“I know you want to ask something,” Garou suddenly speaks. “Just let it out. I won’t yell at you.”

Should I?

[ ] Maybe I should.
-- [ ] What should I ask Garou?
---> [ ] What does he think of the girls?
---> [ ] How many Siberian wolves before me that have come to Gensokyo?
---> [ ] How – and more importantly, why – he takes the human form?
---> [ ] Others, write-in, etc.
[ ] On the other hand, let’s just enjoy this silence for a while…

Sorry for the delays, stuff happened.
[x] Maybe I should.
-- [x] What should I ask Garou?
---> [x] How – and more importantly, why – he takes the human form?

Most pressing question I think.
[X] Maybe I should.
-- [X] What should I ask Garou?
---> [X] What does he think of the girls?
---> [X] How many Siberian wolves before me that have come to Gensokyo?
---> [X] How – and more importantly, why – he takes the human form?

Well I'm certainly interested in what seeing our wolf turned human has to say about both his condition and the girls
[z] Maybe I should.
-- [z] What should I ask Garou?
---> [z] How many Siberian wolves before me that have come to Gensokyo?
---> [z] How – and more importantly, why – he takes the human form?
[X] Maybe I should.
-- [X] What should I ask Garou?
---> [X] What does he think of the girls?
---> [X] How many Siberian wolves before me that have come to Gensokyo?
---> [X] How – and more importantly, why – he takes the human form?

Ask all the things.
File 144634856251.jpg - (83.32KB, 850x877, momiji.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, calling it. Writing now, updating much later.
File 144799910128.jpg - (396.56KB, 2000x1000, supermoon.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] What should I ask Garou?
- [c] What does he think of the girls?
- [c] How many Siberian wolves before me that have come to Gensokyo?
- [c] How – and more importantly, why – he takes the human form?



“What do you think of the girls?”

“Ah, the all-important question. I was wondering if you wouldn’t ask.” Garou outstretches himself and shifts a bit. Then he looks back at the moon and howls, his voice echoing across the mountain. “Excuse me for the interruption. Now where were we? Ah, yes. The girls. Sure they’re eccentric and sometimes don’t follow the norms, but that’s what makes them very special. I can’t speak on behalf of each of them, but I can say that they’ve kept me company for many years. I’ll be lying if I said I don’t have someone I like, though.”

“You’re not helping.”

“You can say that again,” Garou chuckles. “Heh, what can I do about it? When you live in a world where girls wear silly hat and animals speak in human language, your only chance to survive the madness is to bask in it.” He pauses, and it takes a few seconds before he continues: “You’re still young, and that means you’re not ready to take this path less travelled. Like I said, you should form your own pack, and I will give you all my approval.”

“Garou, I should let you know that I lost everything to the hunters. Family, friends, brothers, sisters… all fell down to their cruelty.”

“I suppose you could say that.” Garou outstretches himself and lies down. “Well, sooner or later you’ll come to learn that no man’s an island. It just takes time.”

“I suppose so.” Remembering that I have another question to ask, I quickly add: “When you said I was the first wolf from Siberia to come here, does that mean there were others before me?”

“Hmm, let me recall my memory for a while.” Garou throws his sight at the looming moon, which I imitate with my own. “The last time I met your kind was two hundred years ago, during the Satsuma rebellion. It was the least likely place for a pack of Siberian wolves to wander around, though they seemed to know where exactly they were. A shame I never learned of their name.”

“A shame, indeed.” Garou laughs over the reply, causing me to grumble at him. What’s so funny about my words? Whatever, I have one more question to ask.

“Garou, I know I shouldn’t ask this, but… how did you get this human form? And more importantly, why?”

“Hmm? I thought I already gave you the answer.”

“No you didn’t.”

“I suppose I should let you know.” A pat on my head. “Ein, Gensokyo is the land where things that are disbelieved are accepted with open arms. Things that are rejected by the outside world.”

“Such as?”

“Such as werewolves. Sure, they existed in the past, but humans living in modern era insist that werewolves are product of their own imagination,” Garou answers. “Like that would stop some from trying to believe, though.”

Werewolves. It’s been so many years since I last heard of the word. I can’t remember if I ever encountered one back at home, and I can assure myself that my family never had a werewolf among us, but Grandpa often shared stories of the time he used to encounter them.

“You’re implying that you’re a werewolf.”

“Perhaps, though calling me a werewolf is a misnomer.”

“I don’t think I can follow.”

“I’m a youkai,” Garou adds. “Animal youkai like me, when they’ve lived long enough they’d assume human forms. Most stuck to it, while some retain their ability to switch back to their original form. I believe there’s a rabbit youkai living at the bamboo forest that can do that, she’s far older than me or Shameimaru or even anyone else for that matter. She might have come across your kind in the past.”

“I don’t think you’re answering me properly.”

“What I’m saying is that you have to adapt to changes.” Another pat. “Once you set foot your foot on Gensokyo, your fate is already written. Either you embrace the change, or you perish and disappear in the river of time.”

Yet another pat. Everybody’s been doing this since I arrived; not that I don’t appreciate it, but I have limits when it comes to physical contact. I wish this patting would stop. “Now, Ein. What do you know about youkai?”

“Not much. Nitori only told me that youkai is what people would call ogres and trolls and demons. And earlier today, this girl named Kosuzu told me that I’m an Okuri-Inu… I can’t recall its meaning, though.”

“Ah, yes. The sending-off dog, or sending-off wolf, depending on who you’re talking to.” Garou chuckles at the end of the sentence. “Funny, because I used to be called that in the past. Perhaps because I’m no longer the big bad wolf that they stopped calling me Okuri-Inu.”

“I still can’t digest this whole youkai thing, actually. And to see you in this form, I mean, why go to an extent to retain it when you could’ve just…”

“Don’t worry about it.” More patting. I… I think I should get accustomed to this. “I asked myself the same question when I first turned into a human. You’ll understand what I’m talking about, and once you do you’ll learn to embrace it like it’s your second nature. Oh, hang on a second.”

Garou moves away from me a bit and lifts a finger, as if asking me to keep silent. I’m about to open my mouth when he suddenly growls and hisses, clutching his head as though he’s in pain. [i]As a matter of fact, he is!

“Uh, Garou, I think you should-” He suddenly lets out a howl, and what’s taking place afterwards is so incomprehensive my mind cannot digest the information that’s coming in. It’s as if I’m reliving a nightmare that I didn’t know I even had in the first place! Oh, the horrors of witnessing a monster rise from its primordial slumber!

“Ah, much better.” Garou turns around, and perhaps because he’s noticed the horrified look on my face, just shrugs it off. “You see, not many animal youkai that have taken human form can do the same thing as what I did. Why? Because it’s painful, it’s unbearable and it’s completely unnecessary. Besides, why switching between two forms when you can stick to one that suits you best for the rest of your life?”

“And yet you can.”

“Yes, Ein. I’m among a few gifted with such ability, but in return I must endure physical and mental agony every time I undergo a transformation. It hurts, I’m aware of, but that’s the price to pay.” Garou shakes his head as if to loosen his stiff neck. “As much as I like to stay as human, I actually prefer myself as what I am now. Besides, Shizuha would not approve of my human appearance if she saw me in it.”

The giant wolf sits back beside me and shares the moon sighting. Neither of us is saying anything, though perhaps it’s for our own good. After witnessing things living things weren’t meant to know, I should pretend that nothing has ever happened…

“By the way, Ein, how good are you with children?”

“Well, I used to babysit cubs back then. Why?”

“I asked this only because Hatate saw you and the kappa playing with children at the village. It takes a lot of nerves for a wolf to walk into a human settlement uninvited.” I fidget slightly when I notice Garou’s smirk full of fangs. “Well?”

“It was the other way around. The children started first, and they came at me so fast I didn’t have time to react.” It was the truth; they were the ones who came flocking at me.

“Come to the tengu village tomorrow. I’ll introduce you to my family,” he suddenly chances topic.

“I’ll think of it.” Garou stands up, and I notice that he’s headed to a different direction. “Going home?”

“Indeed I am, for this old canine is tired and needs to hit the bunk.”

“Oh. Goodnight, Garou.”

“Goodnight, Ein. And don’t stay outside for too long.”

Soon after Garou has left, I take my cue and head back to Hina’s place. Without anyone to greet my homecoming, I return to my bunk and unceremoniously drop onto the grassy patch. Sleep quickly takes over, and is someone there? I could’ve sworn I heard someone singing nearby…

Splitting post into two parts. You’ll see why~
File 144799966293.jpg - (172.14KB, 760x1141, this.jpg) [iqdb]



Morning arrives without any hitch. I was able to sleep peacefully throughout the night, and it feels so good to lie down underneath dried leaves I want to nap for a few more minutes. Ah, those nagging birds, always wanting to wake me up with their morning call. Let them do their own business; why should they be concerned of a wolf that just wants to enjoy his feel-good time?

Strange, what is this ominous feeling I’m having?

Slowly, so slowly, I open my eye. The unmistakable silhouette of winged girl making touchdown and approaching me. Oh? I see that Aya’s coming to pay me her morning visit again. Well, then, why don’t I pretend I’m asleep and let her come close?


In an instant, I jump off my bedding and pounce at Aya. Her startled cry goes unnoticed as I tackle her and pin her to the ground, and her breaths come out short when I loom over her. Ah, making lesser individual submits to my dominance, just like the good old time.

“Who the hell are you?!”

“Oh? Now you pretend you didn’t know me. Nice play, winged girl.” Strange, my lips seem to move in synch with my words. I wonder if I’m literally speaking in wolf’s language to her.

“Wait. I should rephrase that: what is a man doing here at Hina’s place?!”

“Did a spider bite you on the way here? You must be high on something.”

“Where’s Fluffy? Where did you take Fluffy away?!”

“Your fluffy one is right here, staring right at your face. Right here.”

“But you’re not him!” I growl hard at the nickname, which causes Aya to flinch underneath me. “No! I really mean it! You’re not the fluffy and cuddly Siberian wolf I know! Well, okay, you have those ears and that tail, but you’re not him!”

“What’s going on?”

Both of us turn around and see Hina walking out of her room. Aya manages to push me off her and points at me while yelling “Hina! Explain to me what is this man doing out here!” She turns back me, and as if she has seen things that weren’t meant to be seen, squeals and throws a heap of dried leaves at me, practically burying me chest deep in them. “I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see anything…”

Hina stands in front of me, folding her arms as she stares down at me. “Sir, unless you have a valid explanation, I’ll have to ask you to leave,” she speaks.

“But this is where I sleep every night. You allowed me to stay here since I arrived, remember?” I ask.

“I didn’t remember inviting a man to my home, and I certainly didn’t remember let him stay outside.” She fidgets for a while and is it me or is she blushing hard? “…while he was, uh…”

“You heard the lady,” Aya adds. “And please tell me where you took Fluffy! I want my Fluffy back!”

“What in the name of the moon are you talking about? I am THE Fluffy!” I bark.

“Evidence, or it did not happen!” I repeat in details my ordeal at my homeland and my escapade that brought me to Gensokyo. Hina and Aya look at me, then at each other, and back at me as I finish my account with my meeting with Garou the night before.

“Impossible. No way Fluffy would tell his tale to a human, let alone you.” Aya points an accusation finger at me. “What did you do to Fluffy? What DID YOU DO?”

“…screw you and your obsession for fluffy tail. Seriously, screw you.” I’m about to get up when Hina suddenly throws a pile of clothes over my head.

“At least, please cover yourself.” I grab the clothes off me and hold on, what happens to my paw? Why does it look different “What do you mean you don’t know how to dress up? What kind of place you’re from that allows nude people to walk around freely?”

I cop a feel of my face. Then at my upper torso. And then at my legs. Pinch, twitch, poke, pull, rub. Why am I feeling very off today?

With clear disregard of my own state – or Aya’s surprised squeal – I leap off the dried leaves and rush to the river. I kneel down, stare at my reflection on the water surface—

It’s the man in the river.

It’s definitely the man in the river.

I poke my cheek. He does the same. I reach for my ears on my head. He does the same, too. I trace the scar. He also does the same. I give my face some wakeup slaps. He even imitates it. I point at him. He points back at me.

…this isn’t right.

This is not right.

[ ] Panic.
[ ] Stay calm. Pretend that nothing happened.
[ ] Jump into the river. Drag man out. Demand him to explain.
[ ] “…I don’t understand.”

It seems Ein underwent his involuntary transformation while he was asleep. And he had no clue what had become of him, poor thing.Be advised that regarding the shape-shifting, it’s not yet finalized. It means that Ein can stay as human or he can revert to his wolf form. The decision is in Anon’s hand.

I suddenly dread the day Anon’s pushing for /at/ scene between human!Ein and any of the girls.
[x] “…I don’t understand.”

He's a THP MC it's in his destiny.
[X] “…I don’t understand.”

You're giving people the ideas.
[x] “…I don’t understand.”
[ ] “…I don’t understand.”
[X] Jump into the river. Drag man out. Demand him to explain.
And when that fails
[X] “…I don’t understand.”

Just because the thought of this scene makes me laugh.
“…I don’t understand.”

because he doesn't know what happened with him in last night.

And I whis he can stay as human, because the
[X] Jump into the river. Drag man out. Demand him to explain.
[x] Jump in the river

This scene is as funny as it can be tragic. I like it!
File 145101173082.jpg - (608.46KB, 1920x1080, snow-wolf.jpg) [iqdb]
As usual, sorry for the delays. Many things happened, and I’d rather not discuss about it here.

[c] Jump into the river. Drag man out. Demand him to explain.
[c]“I don’t understand.”


I think I might have scared the birds away. Ah, as if that matters. What’s more important right now is to drag him out of the river. He knows what happened to me, and I’m going to make him spill it.


Come out, come out wherever you are!


Don’t try hiding away from me. I know you have answers, and I need them now!


Damn it, are you avoiding me?!


Face me, you coward!


He’s not coming out. Why is he not coming out?


It’s no use. He won’t come out. Why? Why is this happening to me? Why?!

I look back at the reflection in the water. It looks back at me. A few minutes of staring between it and I would pass before a realization hits me.

This is… this is really me.

The air has become deathly silent. It’s as if the river has stopped flowing, as if the birds have stopped singing, as if the entire forest has frozen. It’s as if a million of poor souls are crying in shock and suddenly silenced…

“I don’t understand.”

It’s true. I don’t understand what’s going on.

“Ah. The inevitable has happened.”

I look up front. It’s Garou, and he’s standing at the other side of the river.

“I thought I could invite you for a walk first before heading to my place. Never thought that you’d actually transformed.” Garou leaps off the entire river’s width and lands next to me. “I know you’re confused and have a lot of questions to ask right now. My advice right now? Don’t.”

I look back at the reflection in the river. “But I still don’t understand…”

“I knew you’d say that, but first you need to have yourself covered.” As if on cue, Aya shows up and throws more leaves on me. More leaves are piled on me, until I’m practically buried to the neck.

“Pervert! Flasher! Nudist! Tiger show! Narcissist!” She then proceeds to throw whatever her hands can grab from the ground at me while throwing random words that I don’t understand.

“Implying that you aren’t a voyeur yourself, Shameimaru,” Garou says.

“What? Excuse me! I’m a professional, and I have standards!” Aya protests. “And you! You just stand there and act like you’ve known this man for ages!”

“That’s because I do. Take a closer look, Shameimaru. Doesn’t he look familiar to you?”

“What on Earth are you talking about?” Aya stares at me long and hard, and I return the stare as hard as I can. “That scar! O-of course! I remember seeing the scar on him when we first met! But how, when and why he transformed into this?”

“Don’t give him anymore hard time, Shameimaru. He’s already as confused as he is.” He turns around and notices Hina approaching, as so too do I. “Lady Hina. It’s an honour to meet you.”

“Likewise, Garou.” By now I have freed myself from the pile and am seated on the river bank, still looking at my reflection. Aya continues throwing words at me before she grabs the clothes off Hina’s arms and throw them onto me.

“What the hell’s your problem, Aya?”

“You’re naked, that’s my problem!”

“Damn you.” I stand up, stomp towards Aya and confront her head on. “You’ve brought me nothing but troubles ever since I came to this place. Have you not realized how disrespectful you are?” Her words are instantly silenced as I glare at her and she starts blabbering as my gaze turns hostile. “Look at you. Unswerving a while ago, shivering and cowering like a coward seconds later. This is so unlike you, winged girl.”

“Easy there, Ein.” Garou steps in and squeezes in between Aya and I. “Like I said, you need to be covered first. Your lack of modesty is scaring this girl, so to speak. Lady Hina, would you kindly?”

“What do you mean by- oh? Oh, of course. Sir?” I turn around to face Hina, and that’s when she throws a piece of cloth over me. It’s my turn to be silenced as Hina asks me to stand still while she wraps the entire thing around me, and I can only manage to growl in dismay as I feel myself being enveloped by a second layer of skin.

“And it’s done.” Hina ushers me back to the river and points at my reflection. “Until I can find you proper clothes, you have to make do with this robe. Please bear with it, sir.”

I take look at my new look, feeling very uncomfortable at both the imagery and at the fact that I’ve woken up to a fate that I never asked. And I still don’t understand why I turned into this form.

“Um… are you alright?”

I put my finger on the scar that’s running across my face. It’s only now that I’ve realized how terrible it feels, how painful it is to the touch. The vivid memory of losing my memory to the hunters returns to haunt me, as if it refuses to give up on me.

“He’s confused about his new look, Lady Hina. Give him some time, and he’ll eventually understand.”

“Huh? Are you saying that this man here is Ein?”

“Indeed he is,” Garou answers. “Hmm, the lack of pants is somehow bothersome. At least it’s better than to let you walk around naked,” Garou comments.

“You’re only concerned about him not wearing any pants,” Hina points out.

“What can I say? He’s a man, he should be properly dressed,” Garou chuckles. “That matter can wait, of course. Ein, how are you feeling now?”

How am I feeling? Confused, angry, pained, conflicted, doubtful… actually, screw this. I don’t care. I’m hungry, and I want to eat something. And that big, fat, juicy fish just happens to be within reach, too…


“Ein! What are you doing?”


“Ein! Stop!”


The big, fat, juicy fish got away. Damn it. Now I’m going to starve for the entire day…

“He’s hungry, Lady Hina.” You just said it, Garou. You just had to say it. “Perhaps all of us should have our breakfast after this. What say you?”

“Y-yes, of course. We should have breakfast after this. Come, everyone.”



“You had a role in his transformation, Garou?”

“I believe I had,” Garou answers as we’re having breakfast outdoors. “He stumbled across me howling to the moon last night. Let’s be safe to say that I was caught in my other form.”

“How does that relate to him turning into human?” Hina asks.

“I explained to him how animal youkai gained human shapes over time, and then some. I don’t exactly know how that would help with the transformation, but there might be factors that are beyond my grasp.”

“Okay, that makes sense.” Everyone’s attention is diverted to me. I stop ravaging my meal and look back at them, the piece of meat dangling from my mouth. “Ein, would you please behave?”

“What?” I reply in muffled voice.

“Please excuse his lack of table manners, Lady Hina. He may be a human, but he’s still a wolf at heart,” Garou says. “Funny I said that, because I used to behave like this a long time ago.”

“Then please teach him. You know a thing or two about human transformation, be his mentor or something,” Hina remarks.

“I see if I can contribute to solving this problem, Lady Hina. And speaking of which.” Garou turns to Aya, who’s been sitting idly since the breakfast started. “I wonder if this interesting development has rendered our intrepid reporter speechless.”

“Yeah, I was starting to think if Aya’s too shocked to accept this revelation. Hmm, perhaps I should do something to cheer her days~”

I pay them no attention whatsoever as I’m grabbing whatever my paw-hand can reach. I’ve never felt this hungry before, and I’m gobbling up as much food as I can. Perhaps because I’m frustrated that the big, fat, juicy fish got away I snatch a grilled fish off the plate and eat it, bone and all. Oh, the taste is so good no words can describe it.

“Enjoying the prime time of your life?”

I growl heartily as I’ve finished the grilled fish and feast on another. Where did Hina get all the ingredients, by the way? “Definitely tastes different from raw fish, but I’ll be damned if I can’t have this every day.”

“Well, that’s the advantage of taking a human form. Everything tends to taste better.” Garou pauses as to munch a slab of meat off his plate. “Take it slowly, Ein. It takes time to get familiar with that new form, you see. Once you’ve mastered it, the sky is the limit.”

“Implying that I would fly with them birds.”

“Heh, always with that witty tongue, aren’t you?”

The loud, distressed yelp of Aya distracts me from the food. I turn around and see Hina sitting behind Aya, her hands creeping about the winged girl, smiling somewhat mischievously as she’s whispering into Aya’s ear. She’s going to do “that” again, I can smell it.

What to do?
[ ] Ignore them.
[ ] Don’t ignore them.
[ ] Ask Garou for his opinion.
[ ] Join the bandwagon.

Damn, my body is getting itchy from this robe.
[ ] I should remove it and go full frontal.
[ ] I should bear with it until I can find an alternative.
[ ] I should adjust it a bit to make it less irritating, but how?
[x] Ask Garou for his opinion.
[x] I should bear with it until I can find an alternative.
[X] Don’t ignore them.
-[X] I should remove it and go full frontal.

how quickly can we get ein arrested as a sex offender
[x] Bandwagon
[x] I should bear with it until I can find an alternative.
[x] Don’t ignore them.
[x] I should bear with it until I can find an alternative.
[X] Don’t ignore them.
[X] I should adjust it a bit to make it less irritating, but how?

If the second vote come to a tie, I'm changing mine to
[X] I should remove it and go full frontal.
Because >>29554
File 145152700824.jpg - (955.91KB, 2500x2500, hina-is-love~~.jpg) [iqdb]
Poor Ein doesn't know what he's in. Or is he?

Alright, calling it for not ignoring Touhous frolicking with each other and bearing with the irritating robe. Writing now, updating later.
What Hina did and doing now too with now with Aya? I didn't understand what she did with Aya. And what she will do now. Please tell me.
File 145275303664.jpg - (95.94KB, 1024x768, JLM-wolf06-(1024x768).jpg) [iqdb]
As usual, sorry for the delay.

[c] Votes go here.

“Why you always do that?”

“Why not? It’s very fun to do. Do you want to join us, Ein~?”

I give Hina a very hard glare. Hina gasps, almost as if I’ve mocked her, but then she grins and rests her chin on Aya’s shoulder. “Someone doesn’t know the joy of seeing girls play with each other~” she mutters, even as her hands start roaming all over Aya in a suggestive manner.

“I don’t understand why girls would play with each other. Is this a common thing in Gensokyo?” I notice Garou stifling his laughs before he quickly focuses back on his meal. “That was uncalled for, Garou.”

“You’ll understand what Hina meant once you’ve lived in Gensokyo long enough like I do,” Garou replies.

“Help me, Fluffy…!” I then hear Aya’s pleading voice, which is quickly replaced by a shocked eep when Hina prods her on the waist. “Hina, please! Not in front of Fluffy…”

“I’m done,” I announce and set the empty plate aside. “I should go. Somewhere. Anywhere.”

“Leaving already?” As if I want to stay around like this. Girls frolicking with each other is none of my business, thanks you very much Garou. “Well, you’re missing out good stuffs but I won’t stop you. Be careful out there.”

“Have fun with the trip, Ein. And bring something nice back to us~”

Aya have started wailing for help, only to be ignored as I quickly take my leave. I dare not look back at what happens next, and I dare not make a guess on what’s going to happen after. Nope, I don’t want to have anything with it!



Damn, this is all messed up.

As if unwillingly transforming into a human and watching Hina do indecent stuffs on Aya weren’t enough, now I’ve found myself lost. Lost, as in literally lost. I know I’m still in the mountains region, but where on earth am I right now? I can’t hear the waterfall from this direction, and I can’t see any recognizable landmark. Not to mention this offending piece of clothing that’s still covering me. I should get rid of it as soon as possible, consequences be damned.

As I’m wandering aimlessly through the woods, contemplating my massive misfortune, I spot a peculiar structure up ahead. Walking towards the structure, I notice that it’s a signboard coloured in bright yellow. There’s even an instruction written in three languages, one of which I instantly identify as Russian.

‘Pathway to Moriya Shrine. Follow the road up ahead, watch the puddles, and do try to ignore the fairies.’

Oh, thank goodness. It appears I’m in the right path to safety. I guess I just have to follow the direction and- huh? There’s a footnote at the bottom of the signboard. Let’s read it.



“Hello?” I turn around. It’s Momiji, and she’s approaching me from behind. “I haven’t seen you around here. An outsider?”

She doesn’t recognize me? Really? What in the- oh, wait. She doesn’t know what happened to me.

“[As if there’s any outsider who can speak this… allegedly dead language,]” I answer her in wolf language.

The curious look on her face quickly drops. “Ein? Is this you?”

I even pull off the hood to brandish my furry ears. “Indeed this is me.” I think it takes Momiji a few seconds before she blinks and rubs her eyes. She must have not expected to see me in this form.

“What happened to you?”

I get the feeling that people’s going to ask that a lot, but whatever. “Long story short, I transformed while I was sleeping. I didn’t know how or why it happened.” Momiji is still staring at me, causing me to let out a despaired sigh. “I… I’d rather not talk about it today, sorry.”

“Oh, okay.”

“What about you?”

“I’m on my day-off. Was gonna head off to the Moriya Shrine when I came across you.” She looks at the signboard. “I see that you’re heading to the same direction as I am. If that’s the case, want to join?”

“I don’t see why not. Better than to stay here and mope over my unwanted misery.”

“I… I take it that you’ve had a really bad morning?”


I follow Momiji’s lead as we take the road leading to Moriya Shrine. Aside from the occasional encounter with fairies (which Momiji effortlessly repel), Momiji and I discuss about the whole demography of Youkai Mountain including the place we’re headed. From what I can understand, a group of deities from the outside world moved in to Gensokyo and established Moriya Shrine after people at where they came from started losing faith in them. The mountain’s inhabitants initially greeted them with cold shoulders especially after their leader, one Yasaka Kanako, announced that the gods of Moriya Shrine would start gathering faith from youkai instead of humans. Momiji even adds that the tengu society was very miffed that Kanako had encroached into their territory, even going as far as offering them ‘a deal they couldn’t refuse’.

“Lady Kanako could do a good Godfather impression during the meeting, if she had worn black tuxedo and fedora while drinking a glass of Chianti,” Momiji chuckles. “Well, that was years ago, and things have settled down now. We’ve seen crazier things before, but the Moriya folks really knocked us out of our comfort zone. Oh, look. We’re here.”

Our arrival is greeted by a massive staircase. “I guess whatever waiting for us up there is the Moriya Shrine?” I ask, slightly mesmerized by its size.

“That’s where we’ll be headed now. Come, Ein. Let’s talk some more on our way there.”

[ ] Keep following Momiji.
[ ] Stay behind. I want to bask in the scenery as much as I can.
[ ] Suddenly, fairies. Dozens of them!
[x] Keep following Momiji.

His instincts are terribly slow to adjust.
[x] Suddenly, fairies. Dozens of them!
[X] Keep following Momiji.
[FAIRIES INTENSIFY] Suddenly, fairies. Dozens of them!
Keep following Momiji.
[X] Suddenly, fairies. Dozens of them
[X] Suddenly, fairies. Dozens of them! But you ignore them and
[X] Keep following Momiji.

Because I like the idea of a flight of fairies failing to keep Ein's attention.
File 14535150137.jpg - (237.92KB, 551x660, 46b97008337888a0f3eb5feb8dd93cb7.jpg) [iqdb]
I like this idea. Anyway, writing now, updating much later.
[X] Suddenly, fairies. Dozens of them! But you ignore them and
[X] Keep following Momiji.

I don't even read this story, but anything involving ignoring a horde of fairies is worth voting on.
File 14551625415.jpg - (110.96KB, 1200x744, 2af9de3cf4899b9c1193f0c7d2c77c70.jpg) [iqdb]
I find the lack of ninja fairies in TH-P.com very disturbing. Also, happy birthday to me and my apology for the recurring delay.

[c] Suddenly, fairies. Dozens of them! But you ignore them and…
[c] …keep following Momiji.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Uh, no. Nothing.” I swear to myself we’re being watched…

“Is that so? Well, come. Let’s waste no more time.” I’m about to follow Momiji when…

“Wolf tengu!” Both of us turn around and see a group of dressed up in black standing not far from us. “Yes! You! I’m talking to you!”

“Not you guys again,” Momiji grumbles.

“Who are they?” I can’t help asking.

“Fairies,” Momiji answers. “Or more specifically, The Union of Mountain Brownies, as they often claim. We try to ignore their… shenanigans, so to speak, though from time to time they do come to our settlement and challenge us.”

“I see that you have brought yourself a friend,” one of the black-dressed fairies speaks; she must be their leader of sort. “But that will never change the fact that you are outnumbered! Prepare yourself!”

I don’t know these fairies, and I don’t have time for them. I would have ignored them and walked up the stairs had they not started crying foul and accusing me of being inconsiderate of their matter.

“If you’re really desperate to settle your score with Momiji,” I growl and glance back at the fairy mob. “I suggest that you wait until we get back.” I think I might have given them one of my death stares, because their leader has stared trembling, shaking in her garment before she squeaks and makes a mad dash into the woods. The rest of the mob stare at me wide-eyed, equally terrified, and scurries to where their leader had gone to.

“What did you just do?” Momiji asks. I merely shrug her off and continue our trip.

It doesn’t take long before we reach our destination, and I can spot two individuals hanging out at the building. Momiji asks me to wait while she approaches them, and my curiosity begins to rise as she discusses with them over something. What kind of business does she have with them?

“Sup there?” Ah, I’m so engrossed in my wonderment that I have failed to notice someone greeting me. I look everywhere for the source for the voice and find it right in front of me: a blonde girl, wearing a straw hat that has eyes on it. Wait; wasn’t she at the building a while ago?

“Haven’t seen you before. Recently moved in?” strange-hat girl asks.

“Yeah, I guess.” Strange-hat girl then extends her hand at me. Not understanding her intention, I take her hand and she immediately shakes my hand. She’s very strong, quite unusual given her small stature.

“Moriya Suwako,” she announces her name. “You?”

“Ein,” I answer.

“That is one fine name,” Suwako says. “Saw you coming here with Momiji. I assume she told you about her business with her, yes?”

“What kind of business?” I ask back.

“It isn’t about us as much as it is about Sanae,” Suwako answers.


“Yup. Kochiya Sanae, our resident shrine maiden. Been taking a liking in armed combat lately. Said it would greatly improve her chance of winning spellcard battle.” Both of us are now standing by the lake, and I can’t help feeling amazed by the pillars sticking out of the water. How did they get up here in the first place? “Kanako got all riled up when Sanae told us yesterday she wanted to practice swordplay. She was like ‘you played too much Soul Calibur’ and ‘you’re too old to cosplay as Talim’ and ‘no, Sanae, tonfas are not in fact light sabres’.”

Soul Calibur? Cosplay? Tonfas? Light sabres? What are those? “What about you? Did you tell her the same thing?”

“Should I?” Suwako lets out a croaky laugh. “I’m cool with whatever Sanae wants to do; it’s her choice. You can’t tell her about things she can or can’t do. Nope; she’ll go for it through and through, with or without our approval. That’s our Sanae.”

“If you said it like that…” I take a quick glance at Momiji; she appears to be brandishing her sword to a green-haired girl who has walked out of the building. That must be Sanae, the shrine maiden Suwako has mentioned earlier.

“You’re in trouble.” I turn back to Suwako is it me, or did those eyes on her hat just blink? “The look in those eyes, I can tell. Why don’t you tell me a bit about it?”

“Stuffs happened,” I begin and sit down on the wooden pier. “But I’ll make it simple for you: I’m a wolf, and I transformed into this form last night.”

“Colour me surprised. We’ve got ourselves a werewolf!”

“Not too loud, please.”

“Oh, why shouldn’t I? It’s been a very long time since I last encountered a werewolf.” Suwako has seated down beside me and thrown a pebble into the lake. “Why the long face?”

“…I don’t know.” I stare at my hands. “Things have been very different since I took this form. It wasn’t always like this, not before I came to Gensokyo. Do you know Garou?”

“That old fang? Yup, everybody at the shrine knows him. What about him?”

“He basically told me to adapt to changes. How am I supposed to do that when I don’t understand why this happened to me?”

“That’s a tricky question to answer.” Another pebble is thrown, but this time it skips along the surface before it hits a pillar at the far side of the lake. “But that doesn’t matter right now. What’s more important is what you’re going to do with it from now on.” Sensing that I’m still in my dilemma, Suwako gives my shoulder a soft pat. “I get it. You’re confused because you’ve never transformed into this form before.”

“…I think so.”

“Want to join us for a drink? I know just the perfect stuff to lighten you up.”

We leave the pier and return to the main building. Sanae is swinging Momiji’s sword over her head, almost missing us as we approach them and gets scolded by Momiji as a result. “Kanako, where did you put the rice wine from last weekend?” Suwako asks a blue-haired woman who’s sitting on the porch.

“That one? I put it at the kitchen, behind the spice cabinet” the woman informs.

“Sweet. Stay right here, I’ll be right back.”

I sit down beside blue-haired woman. She doesn’t pay attention to me at first as she’s shouting at Sanae, but then she notices Suwako returning with a bottle and scoots to give her seating space. “This is Lord Mishaguji’s special rice wine of heaven and earth,” Suwako says as she passes me a small cup and pours the bottle’s content into it. “Guaranteed to knock you off the ground and make you feel as if you’re flying to the edge of space.”

“Don’t listen to her,” blue-haired woman tells me. “She’s just making that up.”

“Killjoy,” Suwako grumbles.

“Like that’s going to stop us from enjoying this divine nectar anyway,” blue-haired woman shrugs.

“Too right. Go on, Ein. Drink it.”

I’m hesitant for a while before I bring the cup close to my mouth. Amidst my burning nose to the wine’s strong smell, I chug it down my throat in one swift movement and- hic.

“Well? How does it taste?”

It takes me a few seconds before I can regain my senses. “Wow,” I mumble- hic. “This is very potent. I swear it could knock out a bear.”

“See? Told you it’ll launch you to the edge of space. Here’s to our honourable guest, cheers.”

“You!” I throw my sight over the training ground and see a group of fairies standing near the gateway. That’s the same mob I had scared off. “Yes! You! I’m talking to you, pretty boy!”

“What are you doing here?” I ask them aloud. Hic.

“You said we should wait until you and Momiji came back from the shrine, right?” the mob leader replies. “Well, we don’t have the time for that, so we decided to come for you instead!”

“Yeah!” the rest of the mob agrees.

“Just ignore them,” blue-haired woman mutters in stoned voices. “They’re fairies; it’s not worth entertaining them.”

“But Kanako, it’s exactly because they’re fairies that it’s our responsibility to entertain them,” Suwako says, her voice as equally stoned as blue-haired woman’s. “Plus, nobody produces high-quality moonshines like them.”

“Oh! An opportunity! Can I use this sword, Momiji? Can I? Can I?”

“Sanae, don’t do it.”

“What? Why?”

“Because it’s dangerous.”

“Jeez, Momiji, it’s not like we’re bound by common sense in Gensokyo, are we?”

[ ] Entertain fairies.
[ ] Ignore fairies.
[ ] Confront fairies.
[ ] Remove fairies.
[ ] Let Sanae deal with fairies.
[ ] Me? Pretty boy? Those fairies had thought wrong of me.

[x] Entertain fairies.

Nothing wrong with playing along a bit, and fairy friends are never a bad thing.
[X] Let Sanae deal with fairies.
[x] Entertain fairies.
[x] Let Sanae deal with fairies.

tbh I just want to see what she's going to do
[X] Let Sanae deal with fairies.
[x] Entertain fairies.
-[x] With a swordfight between you and Sanae.
File 145537991032.jpg - (122.18KB, 781x915, Sc5-zwei-ein.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Entertain fairies.
-[x] With a swordfight between you and Sanae

Battle one, Fight!
File 145542891033.jpg - (1.39MB, 1600x1000, 4901ccb4528dc677d679f7f4264371fd.jpg) [iqdb]
I like this, actually. Keep on voting, guys.
[x] Entertain fairies.
-[x] With a swordfight between you and Sanae.

Why not?
Hey, I'll have you know that I was the one who posted >>29608
I get a kick out of people choosing to use my write-ins but I hate it when someone else takes credit!
[x] Swordfight wrote in

Nice, Anonymous, now I really want to see how he fares against a living God, even if she's an amateur.
File 145593886260.png - (1.08MB, 700x996, PANIC-AT-DIVINE-FLOOR.png) [iqdb]
My apology.

Alright, then. Writing now, updating later.

How much later?
Yes, when?
never ever
For future reference, click the post number.

Also, sage in old threads if you've nothing to contribute to the thread.
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