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File 140336204451.jpg - (591.99KB, 600x825, 06804669801ab4174e81d0e51020bb10.jpg)

Thanks. I've edited in the fixes.


No. This is bad. If you have your way with her, she'll hate you forever when she comes to her senses. Or kick you out of the shrine. No sir, not going to happen. You push her away gently and try to find your clothes, then get out of here. Goddammit, there must be-

“Where are you going?”

You know that voice. You turn around and find-

“Wear your glasses first,” Yukari hands you the item. You quickly snatch and put them on. Yep it's he- Ah, crap, you expose your nether regions to her. You quickly cover them with your hands and glare at her. “Ooh, what's with that sharp stare?”

Goddammit, is your angry expression not enough of a clue!? Screw it, she can look at your private part if she wants, you need to find your writing pad right now. Where is- wait a minute. You try to focus and look around: This is your room-


Sanae grabs your body from behind. Dammit, can't she leave you alone for a while!? You wave your fist to giggling Yukari, who shows up from a hole behind Sanae.

“It seems you need a little help~”

She opens up a portal on the wall.

“That's her room. You could leave here there.”

You pick Sanae up and put her on your shoulder. Surprisingly she doesn't resist when you carry her. She's probably exhausted-


She starts to struggle. You don't have time to look around. You quickly put her on the bed, but her hands grip your body: She doesn't want to let go- What to do...

“Sleep now~”

Yukari appears behind you and puts a towel on Sanae's nose and mouth. She slowly releases her grip and falls asleep. Fuh... Now to go back to your roo-

“You don't want to leave her naked, do you? She'll catch a cold tomorrow, or worse, gets seen by one of the goddesses~”

… Well, she's right. You open her dresser and search for her outfit. Come on, where's her sleepwear... Or does she sleep wearing her shrine maiden outfit? Or- Ah, screw it. Anything's good. You pull out a frog T-shirt and jeans. She sure have a lot of frog-themed clothes here. Snakes too. Now you need to find her underwear...


You open a drawer on the lower part of the dresser. Here's her panty... Hm, there is a long piece of cloth on the side of the bra. Oh, right, women wore this to cover their breasts before bra became common in Japan... Right? Wait, does she wear a bra when sleeping? Whatever, you hope she won't notice it. You turn to face Yukari and point to the clothes on the floor, then point to Sanae.

“You want me to put it on her?” She asks. “Nah, do it yourself~”

She ducks into her hole. Pffftt... Okay, calm down, you can do it. First, take her panty and put it-


Her right foot suddenly rises and hits your jaw. Ouch. Did she- You look at her: Nope, she's still asleep. You pull the panty up until it covers her pink, wet puss-


You slap yourself in the face before any dirty thoughts seep into your mind. You can hear Yukari giggling somewhere. Okay, ignore her... Next, her T-Shirt, pull it down to cover her puffy nippl-


Focus Nobu, focus... Next, her jeans. It's hard to pull it up since it's tight, especially her ass-


“If you really like getting slapped, you can ask me you know~”

Ignore the troll... After you finish dressing her up, you put her back on her bed.

“And for the last touch~”

Yukari appears on the top of her, then pulls out a small bottle. You grab her hands before she can pull it back, then you point to the bottle that she holds.

“That's to make her sober, silly~ I used it on you and your mind is clear now, yes?”

Okay... You let go of her hand and she uses the bottle to spray something into Sanae's nose.

“Okay, let's go back to your room.”

You cross the portal back to your room, leaving sleeping Sanae behind, then Yukari closes the portal. You hope she sleeps well and forgets whatever happened today, or you are screwed.

“Do you know Nobu, that she sees you like a brother? If you do not take initiative, your position in her eyes won't change~”

It's not initiative if she's not herself, it's rape. Now where's your writing pad...

“Unless... Maybe you have another woman in your mind? Or maybe... It's not a woman that you like? Oh my...”

Yeah, yeah, whatever. You use hand signs to ask her for your writing pa-


You step on something. Yep, this is your writing pad. Oops. Good that it's still alright even after you step on it. You quickly write on it to ask Yukari what the hell that she did to you and Sanae.

“Me? When I came to your room I found you and the shrine maiden already drunk and humping on each other in your room~” She giggles again. “No silly, I'm merely gave you a choice. Do you remember when the wicked hermit took you to her domain? I removed her seal, but it's your decision to walk out from her captivity, evading any conflicts between the deified human and the wicked hermit and potentially the rest of her students, too.”

Oh... Wait a minute, there's her disciple that thankfully hidden and carried you back to the human village. What if she caught instead and gave you to her teacher? Won't your 'choice' end up futile if she did that?

“That's part of the risks and consequences that you have to bear along with your choice. No choice in the world is risk-free. You might think that what you did to the shrine maiden this night is the safest choice for you and for her, but what if she desires this? What if your goddesses desire this?”

Now she's getting ridiculous. You write to her to cut it out and ask her why she visited you tonight.

“Yes... You only need know what you should know. Life will be much more bearable if one didn't overthink everything in one's life...”

Yukari ducks into her hole, then another bigger portal opens. Not long after, she comes out from the portal, pushing the tv-console that you've given to Hiroshi into your room.

“I did tell you to fix this, didn't I?” She uses her fan to cover her mouth. “What I forgot to tell about is that you have to fix that alone. Sanae helped you back then with her miracle.”

Aha, your guess is correct, Sanae did- Hey, wait a minute, what's done is done. She should've been more specific next time.

“Yes, indeed. Problem is I made it so that the important piece of your memory will awakened the moment you fix it, but since you were being helped by the green-haired shrine maiden, and the fact that you can't use kappa's tool that I sent...”

She pats your head. Wait, that's a kappa's tool? It looks and functions the same to you.

“I'll come back when you're ready, with a harder device to fix. Until then...”

She grabs your erect rod. Hey!

“Do you need some help with this?”

She waves and a small hole appears in front of your rod.

“Just stick your penis in it and enjoy yourself~”

[] Stick it in.
-[]SPIN TO WIN (Pick one number between 1 and 9 for the lucky victims)
[] Use her hand to please yourself instead. She's already grabbing it, so...
[] Sticking your precious rod in an ominous hole? No way. Ask her for your clothes. And that towel that put Sanae to sleep so you can sleep faster with this... problem.

-Yukari Yakumo
-Ran Yakumo
-Hieda no Akyuu
-Sunny Milk
-Nitori Kawashiro
-Aya Shameimaru
-Tenshi Hinanawi
-Rinnosuke Morichika's butt
-Nobu's butt
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[x] Sticking your precious rod in an ominous hole? No way. Ask her for your clothes. And that towel that put Sanae to sleep so you can sleep faster with this... problem.
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[X] Sticking your precious rod in an ominous hole? No way. Ask her for your clothes. And that towel that put Sanae to sleep so you can sleep faster with this... problem.
Fuck, this is almost just as bad as taking advantage of drunk Sanae. Pls go Gap Hag.
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[X] Sticking your precious rod in an ominous hole? No way. Ask her for your clothes. And that towel that put Sanae to sleep so you can sleep faster with this... problem.

Nope Yukari, better just sleep it off.
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[x] Stick it in.
-[x]SPIN TO WIN (Pick one number between 1 and 9 for the lucky victims)

RNG says - 4.
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Called. Writing now.
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File 140427695288.jpg - (181.06KB, 1010x671, FFFFFFFFFFF.jpg)
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[x] Stick it in.
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Here. Didn't see your post for some reason.
Fixed a couple minor errors and rewrote a sentence or two to sound better.
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File 140509166339.jpg - (136.50KB, 600x600, eattime.jpg)
Thanks. Here's part 2:


Let's see... that hole has numerous ominous eyes in it, opened out from thin air and most importantly, controlled by Yukari. Nope, no way you want to stick your precious thing in it, who knows where your rod ends up, she could place it inside Sanae, or some unfortunate girl, or boy since she seems to be doubting your sexuality, or animals, or inside some hungry youkai's mouth... The risk is high and the odds are not in your favor.


You slap of her naughty hand off your rod, and write that she could help by giving you your clothes.

“If you say so.”

She waves her fan to close the little hole, opens a man-sized one and enters it. Hey, where's-


Some clothes fall on your head. Figures, she never, ever does things the normal way. You immediately put them on, before your body freezes thanks to the cold mountain air.


A towel also falls on your side: It's the one that Yukari uses to knock Sanae out.

“Just in case if you can't sleep tonight~”

Heh, as if you need it. You tidy up your messed-up futon and sleep.


Your genital is aching...


Rub it...


That's it, you'll use that towel. You place it on your nose and take a deep breath-



“Goodnight, darling~”


*Next Day*

“Morning Nob...”

Suwako opens the door to Nobu's room. She's surprised when she finds out that 1. He's fully clothed, and 2. Sanae is not with him.

“Wait, where...”

She runs away from his room to her shrine maiden's room.




“Morning Nobu,” Kanako greets you. You nod, then write where's Suwako and Sanae. “Suwako's cooking. Sanae's not waking you up?”



Sanae slowly walks into the living room, massaging her own head. She still using her outfit that you put on her.

“Not wearing your shrine maiden outfit?”

“I don't remember, I was already wearing them when I woke up... what happened yesterday, Lady Kanako?”

“You don't remember?” She raises her eyebrows. “Ask Nobu. You both left this room together, didn't you?”

Gulp. You quickly write that you only remember going to sleep on your own futon, nothing else. You don't dare write anything more to prevent her from remembering what actually happened.

“Food's done!” Suwako suddenly marches into the room, carrying plates of food on each of her hands. “Gee, Nobu, Sanae, you both look terrible today.”

“Uh huh...”

Suwako puts the food on the table. Hm... A deep fried meal, but you can't recognize the ingredients...


...Bamboo shoots. Not a fan of them, but can't be picky about your food, eh?.

“So Nobu...” Suwako looks at you while chewing her food. “Did something happened last night? Like Yukari coming over or something...”

You only nod and go back to chewing your food, not giving her any details so she-

“What did she tell you Nobu? Did you ask her why she broke the console that we fixed yesterday and told you to fix it again?”

Goddammit. You write that Yukari broke it again so you would be able to unlock a part of your memory after fixing it, but since Sanae helped you earlier, your memory is not resurfacing, and she'll come back with harder thing to fix when you're ready.


Suwako erases your writing before anyone else gets a chance to read it.

“Hey, I haven't read that,” Kanako frowns.

“Oops...” Suwako rubs the back of her head and gives your writing pad to you. “Nothing important, don't worry!”

“I doubt Yukari came to him only to spout something useless...”

“Worry about today's discussion, it's more important!” Suwako turns away from Kanako to Sanae. “You can't attend the discussion looking like that.”

“I woke up late this morning and immediately came to this room, so I had no time to take a bath... I'll tidy myself up after this.”

“And change your clothes, you'll be representing us, so wear your shrine maiden outfit.”

“Uh huh.”

Sanae quickly finishes her food and get up. She ate much faster this time-

“Hey,” Kanako gains your attention. “Let's review what you learned yesterday.”

Uh... You ask her what did you learn yesterday.

“Did you forget? We were telling you what to say to the those high tengus.”

Wait... In this room, with Kanako and Suwako...


Argh, your head hurts. You shake your head to the goddess. Kanako stares to Suwako, which she answers with a shrug and a smile.

“Fuh...” She turns to you. “Fine, I'll tell you again. This is important for today's meeting, so be sure to remember it. First, don't deny the bathhouse's whereabouts, but don't tell them what we've done to it until you heard what they want with it-”

Wait, you can recall that-



“Nobu, are you okay?” Suwako approaches and massages your head. “Nobu, Kanako could come to the tengu palace instead if you-”

No, you were specifically asked to come there. You'll disappoint the lord if you don't come. You write to Suwako that your head hurts every time you try to remember what happened yesterday, but other than that, you're fine.

“If you insist to heed her call, at least endure the pain, don't look weak in front of them, you're representing us, don't forget that,” Kanako sips some tea from her cup. “I'll continue with my lecture. Second, be attentive with-”

Fuh... The pain goes away for now thanks to Suwako massaging your head. You continue digging into your food while listening to Kanako's advises...
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File 140514459036.jpg - (761.91KB, 682x963, tengus.jpg)
That was fast. Thank you very much.


“Be careful out there Sanae, Nobu!”

Suwako waves as they depart from the shrine to the Tengu settlement. She walks back to the living room.

“Hey Kanako, you'll go to the Kappa to fix that broken radar-thing, right? You know, since don't have any plans for today...”

“Maybe. Why?”

“Please explain to Nitori in case she heard the news about what Nobu did yesterday. She probably won't be happy her effort fixing that console got claimed by Nobu...”

“Why don't you tell her yourself? You don't have anything planned today either.”

“I think I will go to the small shrines around the village, since Sanae is going with him...”

“You have to actually go there?”

“For maintenance. Checking the small shrines condition and stuff...”

“...I can't promise anything.”

“At least try, okay?”

Kanako sighs, then walks out to take her broken radar.

“Now... Time to find Yukari.”


After some time walking to the top of the mountain, you and Sanae arrive at the tengu village. The guard stops you at the gate. You show her the lord's message, and she hands you and Sanae a tengu mask. Sanae looks puzzled for a moment, but she quietly puts it on anyway. The guard opens the door once you both put on your masks.

“Wow, this place is just like an old tourist district, like my village back at the outside.” Sanae comments once the village presented itself before her eyes. “Well, except the mask part...”

As you both walk further, you ask if she's never seen this village before.

“Not from the inside. I could only see it from afar. Only lady Kanako sometimes went in here. I'm kind of surprised that most of the tengus wear more modern clothes than the humans in the village. I heard from kappas on the lake that sometimes they tinker some stuff for the tengus, but I did not expect-”

“Not all of us tengus are nostalgia freak, jeez!”

Someone puts their hands on your and Sanae's shoulders.

“Wha- Aya, don't sneak up on us like that!”

“Hehehe, sorry!” The reporter flies in front of you both. “This is about the bathhouse, right?”

“Well, if someone didn't write an article about it...”

“Hey, don't blame me, I'm a reporter, it is my duty to report anything that happens, especially on this mountain!” She continues spouting words as you all walk to the tengu palace. “Blame those grumpy high tengus for making a fuss over it! I mean, that's a cool-looking bath house, I wrote good stuff about it!”

“Okay, okay... So, do you have any tips for talking with them?”

“Eh? I don't usually talk with them, so I don't know. Oh, this might seem obvious, but you should be formal with them. Even boss has to be formal in front of them. You know, to appease the whole crowd...”

“I think it'd be kind of weird to have a leader that is not acting the part... At least in front of their subjects.”

“That's why I chose to become a journalist, I don't have to mask my emotions-”

She stops talking for a while, thinking about her words.

“Uhm, I mean most of the time. I have to act formal in front of some people, you know, like those grumpy people inside the castle when I have to interview them... Not boss of course, she's cool when those grumpy people aren't around.”

You and the others stop just in front of the castle gate.

“Okay, you guys reached your destination, time to go fetch some news for my paper!”

“Eh, you won't report on the discussion between us and the tengu officials today?”

“Can't, boss said someone else has booked the position. It's like that girl already anticipated my move... Oh well! See you later!”

Aya flies away. The guards in front of the gate only stare silently at her for a while, before focusing on you both. You hand one of the guards the letter, then they let you in.


A servant immediately greets as you steps in. She leads you to the waiting room, and motions for you to sit.

“Please wait, I'll announce your arrival to the lord.”


“I'm kinda anxious, I've never met a lord before, or any ministers...”

You tell her to calm down, since you depend on her as your voice, and Kanako has advised to keep calm so she won't reveal any weakness to them.

“... I'll try.”


“Please come inside. The lord is expecting you.”


You steps into the room along with Sanae. Lord Tenma is wearing her mask, as usual, along with two groups of high tengus lining both on her left and right side-


You can spot a tengu reporter near the corner of the room, photographing you with her handphone- Come on Nobu, focus... You and Sanae both bow to them as greetings.

“Welcome,” the lord greets in a distorted voice. All those high tengus immediately whisper to each other.

“It's the Moriya envoy. ”

“That girl is her shrine maiden, right?”

“Why doesn't she come with him?”

They don't even care to lower their voice. Gah, where are their manners? Well, better than talking about it behind your backs, but still...


One cough from the lord, and they all instantly shut their mouths.

“Pardon, we were expecting Kanako with you. Did something happen?”

Huh? Both you and Sanae stare each other, before you let her speak for you.

“My lord, the letter that you sent to us told us to have Nobu to come here.”

You put the letter in front of you. A servant takes and gives it to lord Tenma.

“Indeed, but we thought she will oversee the discussion as well. Alas, it's a small matter, and therefore we should let it pass and go on to the main topic.”

“Of course my lord,” One of the high tengu steps forward. He puts a document in front of him. “We are demanding their audience, because of this bath house, that they built and used. According to my source, this bath house suddenly appeared near the lake that they brought to our mountain.”

The lord takes and reads the document after her servant fetches it for her.

“Yes, I've read the news, it's an exotic looking bath house.”

“Problem is, my lord, they built it on our land, yet it doesn't have the department of landbuilding's permission, therefore, it's illegal. Not only that, I'm suspicious with the purpose of the bath house, I'm afraid they will use it to invite more humans on our mountain.”

“Hm... Do you have something to say about this?”

“My lord, Lady Suwako built it simply for our personal use. May I ask what do you want us to do with it?”

“Well, what do you propose?” Tenma asks her ministers.

“We can approve the bath house, and we will deal with the legal matters.” The person turns to you. “But the bath house could only be used by the tengus.”

The hell? How selfish, that means neither you or your goddesses can use it, they only want it for their own people. But this could be profitable for your shrine, if you can play your cards right...

[]Tell them the bath house is already teared down to the ground.
[]Negotiate with the tengus further.
-[]Write in(Optional)
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what a bunch of dicks
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[X]Tell them the bath house is already torn down to the ground.

Gah, I could've sworn I fixed that.
I'll have to pay more attention.
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[x]Tell them the bath house is already teared down to the ground.

Dunno how to bargain well enough to get to my goals anyways, and I get the feeling just the base negotiate choice might not work well.
Delete Post
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[X]Tell them the bath house is already torn down to the ground.

It wasn't supposed to be there, right? So it's gone now. Problem solved.
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Called. Writing now.
Delete Post
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Delete Post
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And done...I think.
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File 140662332683.jpg - (54.66KB, 850x661, someofthemlookedlikethis.jpg)


Discussing stuff with those greedy bastards... You can't think of anything good that you can get from them, they only care for their own kind. You write to Sanae that you don't think you can benefit from negotiating with them and to tell the tengus that the bath house is already destroyed by Kanako and Suwako. She nods and turns to the staring high tengu.

“I'm sorry, we're unable to comply with your request.”

“Hm?” The tengu lord looks to you. “Why so?”

“Because the bath house that you mentioned is already destroyed.”

The high tengus are now talking to each other. It seems they are displeased by that.

“You can check the site yourselves, there are no longer any buildings around there,” Sanae adds. The lord gives a handsign to the reporter, and she walks out of the room.

“Now, while we're waiting for her report, would you tell us the why you built the bath house in the first place?”

“I will. The bath house was built by Lady Suwako-”


“Thank you Reimu, as usual your tea is delicious~”

“Yeah, whatever...”

“Anyway, let's talk about that man you are hanging out with lately-”

“Hey hey hey, I told you, I don't want to talk about him now. ”

“But it's important for you to continue your bloodline, before you turn into an old hag~”

“Just like you, right?”

“Hihihihi, oh Reimu, there's no such thing as 'old hag' if the person that you're talking about is a youkai~”

*Tap! Tap! Tap!*

“I knew I'll find you here.”

Suwako walks from somewhere.

“What do you wa-”

“She's not talking to you, darling~”

The gap youkai puts her tea aside and retracts her fan.

“Hey, you have a problem with-”

“Don't worry about this Reimu. I'll be leaving early today, okay~”

Yukari walks to the goddess. Suwako's face looks very serious.

“Now, how about a nice walk while we're talking?”



The reporter returns, and gives the photos to the complaining high tengu.

“She's right, I didn't see any bath house there.”

“You have heard the details, and the offending building has been destroyed. Anything else?” The lord asks.

“...Please give our message to Lady Suwako so that she refrains from building stuff without our permission in the future.”

“I will.”

“Okay, this meeting is adjourned. You can leave now, except the Moriya envoys; I request your audience for a little bit longer. I hope you do not mind.”

“Of course we don't mind it, my lord.”

The high tengus are leaving the room after bowing to Lord Tenma, whispering to each other on their way out. Probably badmouthing your shrine for not playing their game, but that's what they get for being a bunch of selfish bastards.

“Come closer Nobu,” The lord commands and you obey. “I see you've found a replacement for my book. May I take a look at that device?”

It seems she doesn't mind that you don't have her gift... Still, you better don't tell her that her gift is ruined... You show her the device, and she starts examining it.

“Interesting device... It's like-”

“Uh, boss?” The reporter calls her. She didn't leave the room earlier.

“Hatate, I thought you left already. What's-”

“Sorry boss, but I think someone's left out...” She refers to the shrine maiden behind you.

“Don't worry, please don't mind me if you want to talk to Nobu my lord,” Sanae quickly says.

“Ah, where are my manners?” She gives the writing pad back to you, then looks to her. “Pardon me, miss Kochiya. I am Tenma, lord of the Tengu.”

“It's a pleasure to meet you Lord Tenma, my name's Kochiya Sanae, shrine maiden from Moriya Shrine. Nobu told us much about you.”

“Oh, is that so?” She thinks for a while, then turns her head to her reporter. “Hatate, don't you need to gather more news for your paper? You don't want Aya to take all the interesting ones, do you?”

“Ah, okay boss!”

The purple-skirt reporter bows to her and quickly leaves the room.

“She has a long way to go. If Aya doesn't have any competition, she can't improve herself...”


“Yeah, that feeling when someone bests you, it compels oneself to be better-”

The lord suddenly stops.

“Ah, pardon me, do you mind if we drop the formalities?”

“Of course not-... I mean, if you wish it, my lord.”

“Do you wish it?”

“Well... To be honest, I want us to speak in a... friendlier manner. I mean, there are times when we need to be serious and all, but outside of our duty, I will appreciate if we could talk with less pressure on our shoulders...”

The lord looks to her for a while. You can feel she's smiling under her mask.

“Well spoken,” she removes her mask, and smirks. “Then, let's take off our masks, shall we?”
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Do you mind if I look over the corrections? Some look a little off.
Delete Post
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Go for it. I'm not exactly an english expert.
Delete Post
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I'll post the update if there are no more fixes in 3 days.
Image Source
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File 140808425359.jpg - (166.17KB, 850x799, yukari.jpg)
“So, how's Nobu? He didn't do anything bad, did he?”

“Cut the chatter Yukari. Why did you do that?”

“Hmm, do what? I've done many things today, like-”

“Yesterday's night, you foiled my plan to-”

“'To make them mate?' Ambitious one, I must say, but your 'plan' was doomed to fail from the start. Don't you know that alcohol disturbs one's coordination-”

“What's your intention? He's just a normal outsider, you shouldn't even care about him, why-”

“Be patient, I'll answer one of your questions, but you must answer my question beforehand.”


“Yes. If you're not willing to answer my questions, why I should answer yours?”

“... What's your question?” Suwako ignores her cryptic words.

“First, look to your right.”

The goddess turns her head, and she sees a human corpse- an outsider from the corpse's clothes, is being consumed by a youkai.

What makes Nobu different from him?

“...He's dead and Nobu's alive?”

“Correct. Your response shows that you don't care about outsiders' safety in Gensokyo, we all don't,” She retracts her fan. “So what's so special about Nobu?”

“You tell me. You never show yourself to anyone directly, especially outsiders since they'll be eaten by a youkai, except Nobu. More than that, you helped him regain his memories. Or the possibility that you ordered one of the tengu patrols to bring him to us for the first time, because it's an oddity to have a tengu patrol saving a human instead of leaving him to die, or even eating him since he's badly injured. What's so special about him?

“Fufufu, you noticed that~” They both return to walk forward. “Simple, because his past relation to your shrine maiden make him special. It also the reason I brought him to your place as well.”

“I know that,” Suwako pulls out a photo under her dress: Nobu's childhood photo with Sanae that Kanako . “That's why you returned his memories? What are your intent-”

“One question, one answer,” she refuses to tell more. “Your turn,why did you save him, despite you knowing that there is something fishy about him?

“You mean, back when that tengu patrol brought him to our shrine?”

“Not just that time. I know you were rescuing Nobu when he was pranked by fairies.”

“Because Sanae wanted it. I don't want her feeling upset over someone else's death...”

“Just like before, back when both of her parents died in a car crash?”

Suwako immediately stops on her track.

How much do you know that?

“I did some quick background check on anyone that enters and stay in Gensokyo. I do not know the details, if that's what you want to know.”

Suwako thinks for a while, then move again.

“Don't tell that to Sanae. She's really traumatized by it.”

“She won't hear anything from me, I don't see how revealing this to her could benefit me. ”

“Then why you-”

“One question~” Yukari cuts her again. “Now, Sanae is not the only reason that you saved him, right? I know what you tried to do with him to punish yourself~”


“And what is-”

“One. Question,” Suwako echoes Yukari's previous lines. “Now, back to me: If you don't want to reveal this to her, then why do you return Nobu's memories? You know he's related to Sanae before that accident!”

“I'm merely giving him a choice, just like what I did last night: made him sober and cured him of aphrodisiac that you gave so he can make his choice with a clear mind. It's the deal that I made with him: I saved his live, but wiped his memories until he lives his life in Gensokyo for a set time.”

“A pact? What are- nevermind, you won't answer my question until I answer yours,” she takes a deep breath. “He... He reminds me a lot of Minakata...”

“Hm...” Yukari tries to recall who she means, until she gets whose the name refers to. “Oh, you still remember the name of your spouse.”

“...I gave my answer, tell me-”

“Nuh uh, you gave the answer yourself, I haven't stated the question yet~”


Yukari suddenly opens a hole and steps into it.

“Hey! That's cheating-”

“I'll give you a bonus info before I leave,” Yukari's upper half suddenly appears behind Suwako. “I found him on the exact spot where both of your shrine maiden's parents died. What a coincidence, don't you think?”

Suwako quickly turned her head, but Yukari has already disappeared.

“Exact same spot-”


Her heart stops for a moment.

“Nononono, so that curse...”

She waits for Yukari to show up again, but it seems she's already gone.

“I need to check that old charm...”



A servant delivers some beverage to you, Sanae and the lord, then excuses herself out of the room.

“Sorry, Lord Tenma-”

“Just call me boss, please?”

“Ahem... I mean, boss, we're not going to drink sake, right?”

“Hm? Why did that come into your mind?”

“Uhm, Lady Suwako told me that we should be prepared if you serve sake, since she knows tengus really like sake...”

“That's correct, I also served miss Yasaka some sake when we had our discussion, but I don't serve it to you because you are both human, I'm afraid you guys can't handle it. Especially you miss Kochiya, I heard you were uncomfortable when we held a drinking party back then.”

“Yes, that's true. Thank you for your consideration, boss.”

You grab the cup to drink the tea, but Sanae immediately stops you. Welp, don't drink it before she tells you to.

“Hm? Anything wrong?”

“No, boss. May we drink the tea now?”

“Of course! I told you to drop all the formality stuff, you don't have to wait for my order.”

Fuh... You and Sanae drinks the tea, then you tell to Sanae to ask the lord why did she want you to come here.

“Boss, Nobu asks why did you ask for him specifically to come to this meeting.”

“Well...” She looks to you. “I only wanted to speak with you. At first I thought Kanako will do the discussion, and after that we could have our conversation, but it seems Kanako already anticipated my high tengu's move. I'm also glad that I could talk with miss Kochiya in less... pressing manner.”

“Thank you boss.”

“But still... Please deliver my apology to Kanako, I didn't mean to forbid her from joining the discussion...”

“Don't worry about it boss, she doesn't really mind it! I mean, Lady Kanako has to go to the power plant today.”

“Is that so? But still, I feel bad-”

Hoam... They won't stop talking... Better think what you'll do next...

[] Suggest that they should take a walk outside this castle.
-[]Walk around the tengu village.
-[]Sightseeing in the human village.
[] Go home when they are finished talking.
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[x] Suggest that they should take a walk outside this castle.
-[x]Sightseeing in the human village.
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[X] Suggest that they should take a walk outside this castle.
-[X]Sightseeing in the human village.

Eh, sure, why not. Might be a nice break from all the rules the tengu have.
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[X] Suggest that they should take a walk outside this castle.
-[X]Sightseeing in the human village.
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File 140904512773.jpg - (725.01KB, 3000x2121, 61956b691beec7065389df5161e10f5d.jpg)

Thanks. Part 2 will come soon.


Hm... The lord personally asked you to come here, but it's clear that she's enjoying talking to Sanae more, which is understandable since you have to talk using your writing pad, or through your friend the shrine maiden, but...

Okay, let's think about this again: This room's atmosphere is bad. Well, not really bad, there are decorations and stuff, but this is not a suitable place for a friendly talk, as this is the place where she's working. You don't invite your friends to hang out in your office room, that's weird-

“Nobu, Lord Tenma is calling you!” Sanae forces you back to reality. “I'm sorry boss, he sometimes does this when thinking hard or when his memory's back...”

“Oh?” The girl smiles. “What's on your mind then, Nobu?”

You quickly write your thoughts down and let Sanae read it for the lord.

“Uhm, he suggests that we should talk in a more relaxing place since we're having a friendly talk...”

“Of course. This is not a suitable place to relax and have a chat,” she stands up and stretches her mucle. “I need some sunlight anyway... Do you know any good places to relax and chat?”

Hmm.. Well, she's the tengu lord, so anywhere in the tengu village might make it a bit boring for her... You ask Sanae if she knows any good places in the human village.

“Hmm, if you ask me- Wait, Nobu, she's the tengu lord, it'll cause problem if-”

“What's wrong miss Kochiya?”

“Nobu wants to invite you to the human village...”

“Sure, why not? It's been ages since I visited that place. I wonder what it looks like now..”

“Eh? Is it okay boss? Won't it cause any trouble for you?”

“Don't worry, I'll be fine! So, to the human village then?”

“If you and Nobu want it, fine.”

“Wait a minute, I'll need to set up some stuff first. Hinano!” A maid comes into the room. “I'm going out for a while, get Kojiro to manage this place until I come back.”

“Yes, my lord,” the maid gets out once she received her order.

“Now, let me change my clothes first, we'll meet again near the castle gate, then we fly together to human village. Okay?”

You and Sanae nod, put your masks back on and then leave the room. Fyuh, you can barely feel your feet due to sitting in formal position for too long. Should've changed positions when you had the chance earlier...


“Nobu... Do you have any idea where we will be going later? I mean, we can't just walk around aimlessly around the village...”

Uh, that's why you asked her if she knows any good places to hang out. She should be familiar with the village's area.

“I don't know, the village is not like a modern place that has a park or such things...”

Hm... How about walking around the village farmlands? You can't see any farms in the tengu village, so that should be a nice change of view. Besides, she's a really cool girl, what's the worst that could happen?

“Well...” She takes a deep breath. “I just feel like I could use this opportunity to increase our relationship with the tengus... Or at least the important one. Some of our worshippers are tengus, you know?”

Eh? You didn't know that. You thought that she and her goddesses needed human faith, because of Kanako's plan to use outside's stuff to gain faith.

“That's not wrong, but we will accept all the faith because our power depends on how much faith we have. I mean, the more faith that we have, more powerful we will become. There's no such thing as too much faith!”

Sanae stops talking for a while when she remembers something.

“Okay, some people can have too much faith in us. I mean the fanatics. Lady Suwako said that they could cause trouble and hurt our reputation, but thankfully I never encountered one that worships us.”


Someone's tapping your shoulder. You turn around and find a masked girl, in a simple kimono. She sheds her mask a little: It's lord Tenma. That kimono looks too... simple for her.


“Sssttt... Shall we go now?” She puts a finger on Sanae's lips. She nods and you both walk out of the village.


“Aaaahhh... It's good to fly free after a while!” Lord Tenma exclaims as she flies around you and Sanae, and boy, she's fast.

“Boss, wait! I can't keep up with you!” Sanae tries to stop her.

“Ah, pardon me. It seems I got a little carried away,” The lord flies to you. “Is it hard to carry him using your power?”

“Uh huh. I could accidentally throw him away if I'm not focusing...”

“Why don't you carry him on your back then?”

“He's heavy, it'll take a lot of my stamina to carry him like that...”

“At this speed...” Lord Tenma looks to you. “Hey, let me carry you on my back so we can speed up the travel time.”

“Huh!? Sorry boss, but I-”

“Like I said before, don't worry about me! Forget that I'm the lord for a moment and see me as your friend!”

“It's not that I don't see you as a friend boss, but I don't want to burden anyone with something that I can do myself.”

“I admire your diligence, but this is for my sake too. We could spent more quality time together once we arrive at the village that way,” she rubs her own head. “And it could reduce our chance of getting spotted by one of the tengu patrols. You know, I'm wore these clothes and hid my face back in the village for a reason.”

“If you insist boss... Please do not hesitate to tell me if you get tired...” Sanae slowly moves you to Tenma's back, and she grips your legs the moment you attach yourself to her back.

“Ready?” She takes a quick glance behind, and you nod. “Okay, time to go!”

Lord Tenma quickly rushes forward. Woah, this is like riding a motorcycle: the air blows hard against your face.

“Waaaaiiit, I still can't keep up with you with that speed!”
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Part 2. Part 3 will come out soon.
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File 140993410670.jpg - (201.39KB, 850x782, actuallythefoodiscoldsobabutwhatever.jpg)



“Huff...And, here we are! It sure has grown since the last time I've seen it.”

She hovers just outside the village gate. Sanae follows slowly behind her, gasping for breath.

“Huff... Huff...”

“Some exercise is refreshing for your body, right?”

“Yes... Boss... Huff...”

“Come on Sanae, you can do better! You should have better stamina than me, I'm several thousand years older than you. I'm not even as fast as Aya nowadays.”

“Aya is way out of my league boss...”

“Nothing that you can't achieve with training! But then again, you have your shrine maiden duties... well, enough about that, where will we be going?”

“Nobu wants to take us to the farm near here, is that okay boss?”

“That's okay. Let's land near here. Time to work out my feet.”


“When was the last time you came here boss?” Sanae echoes your written question.

“I don't know the exact time, but it was way before you guys entered Gensokyo. About ten years ago, I guess?”

“Could you tell us what has changed since your last visit?”

“Hm... Other than the village's size, the layout...” She looks at her surroundings, and sees a girl with an umbrella fly down, and immediately approached by young kids. “Ah, and it seems youkai can move more freely here. Back then, the village's wall was heavily guarded at all sides, and no normal youkai could enter without special treatment first. It was hard to even arrange trade...”

“The tengu traded with the humans?”

“Well, like it or not, we have to accept the fact that we can't grow everything on the mountain, even with kappa's advanced devices. Even after some of us settled on the lower part of the mountain to be a farmer, they can't fulfill the quota needed to feed all the citizens. The humans also need some of the harvest that they can't grow on lower lands like tea, so we both benefit from this. Of course the trade is heavily watched by a tengu patrol team to make sure only the goods will enter the mountain.”

Lord Tenma observes a rice field on the right side.

“I heard you bless harvests of people who worship your shrine. May I ask how?”

“Uh, I don't know the details, it's Lady Suwako's task, but probably either she sends Lord Mishaguji to bless the land where the worshipers farm, or make the crops themselves grow well regardless of the land, or... I don't know. I'm only given the task of promoting the shrine to the people.”

“I see. So, what you did yesterday, promoting Nobu's skills to the villagers, is one of your shrine's plan too?”

“Not really... Nobu wanted to help a child fix his toy first, then the villagers took interest in the items that he fixed, and you know the rest. The news are in the paper, right?”

“Of course, ” Lord Tenma looks to you. “But still, I find it weird that Kanako allows you to do that not under her shrine's name. Did something happen between you and her?”

“No boss,” Sanae answers before you could write anything. “There are times when we directly promote our shrine, and then there are times when we are subtle about it. If one of our followers is doing good to the populace, we'll benefit from it too, even if he doesn't do it in our name. There are a lot of examples out there in the outside world, like sponsors doing events to help people out, for one!”

Well...Not exactly your answer, but whatever, her explanation is good enough. You nod to the tengu lord to confirm Sanae's answer.

“Interesting strategy. You did this to compete with the Buddhism and the recently rising Taoism among the humans?”

“That's a good side effect. We only want to help those who keep us existing.”

“Then how about the tengus? Will you help our community too?”

“Uhm, ah...” She thinks for a while. “Maybe not right now boss, I mean, the humans need our help more. Tengus can ask for Kappa if you need devices, while the humans have no one else to ask but us... Sorry...”

“Huff... I understand,” The lord looks disappointed. “Although it'll be nice if you-”


“Boss!?” Aya suddenly descends out of nowhere. “Boss, what are-”

“Sttt... Aya, I'm taking a day off. You don't see your boss here. Now, do you mind letting us go?”

“No offense boss, but Sanae keeps calling you 'boss'. No one uses that word other than us. Don't you think that makes your disguise a little... 'off'?”

“No one will care unless you bring it up Aya,” she takes a deep breath. “Hey, guess what? I'll treat you to some food if you could show me a good place for us to eat. Unless you want to find more news for your paper-”

“Really!? Thank you boss, you're so kind~”


She flies away fast, but lord Tenma only stand still, and she sighs.


“What's wrong boss, can't keep up with me?”

“Aya, use your legs. Try to blend in with the villagers, just like the old times~”

“Awww... “

She lands on the ground and her wings suddenly vanish, replaced by a black crow that sits on her right shoulder. After that she does some stretches, then runs along the dirt road.

“Come on guys, this way!”

“Let's move, or we'll losing her.” Lord Tenma smiles and starts running. Do all tengus really like speed that much that they can't walk? Whatever, better start running now...


“Thank you so much daddy!”

“If you start slacking off-”

“I won't, I won't!”

“Thank you for your consideration Mister Himura,” the schoolteacher bows to the old farmer.

“Hmph, I only do this because my daughter wants it, and my son's will. I can't see how the lessons will be useful in her life-”

“Mister Nobu! Miss Sanae!” She waves to a running man and woman, but it seems they can't hear her call. She starts to run to follow them, but her clothes are held by her old man.

“Hey, don't go chasing some stranger!”



You and the others are in a soba food stall. An old woman serves each of you a plate of cold soba along with the sauce.

“Anyway boss,” Aya starts a conversation. “It's not your idea to go out to the village along with your guests without any of the wolfies guarding you?”

“It's Nobu's idea to go to the human village, and I did not bring any guards because I don't want unnecessary attention in the village.”


Yum, the aroma and the taste is better than instant noodles. Okay, comparing it to instant noodles seems unfair, and it's not like instant noodles are not delicious; they are majestic in their own right. And this soba is served cold, whilst instant noodles are mostly hot as far as you know, so they are two different things that shouldn't be compared in the first-

“Hey! Stunned by it's deliciousness?” Aya suddenly smack your back, making you choke on the noodles. Cough...

“Nobu, are you okay?” Sanae looks worried and passes you a glass of water, which you quickly take and drink. Ah, much better. Not as painful as a fishbone, but still an unpleasant experience.

“Oops, sorry.”

“Do you already have enough material for your paper?”

“Well,” Aya opens her notebook and skims through it when asked by her boss. “Weather report, improved public opinion about outsiders... I think I could fit you in if you want boss-”

You didn't see your boss here this day.

“Okay, okay...” She takes a quick slurp on her noddles. “How about that purple-skirted amateur? Did she report the meeting well?”

“I don't know, you have to read her paper tomorrow if you're curious,” Lord Tenma elbows Aya's ribs. “Who knows, maybe one day she'll surpass your paper~”

“Only in her dream boss, only in her dreams...”


“Boss, may I ask you something?”

“Sure Sanae, ask away!”

“Is it possible... If one day humans could pass and prosper freely in the Youkai Mountain...”

“Of course, absolutely possible!” She pats Sanae on the back. “It's all depends the people's choices though. Things like that won't just happen without some effort.”

No doubt it'll be a gigantic effort, seeing how selfish those ministers are... But who knows, maybe the citizens are more open minded than their ministers? Nah, better focus eating the food in front of you...
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File 141019098421.png - (509.98KB, 600x600, a8e8d2f29377bd007968bf4acca56e34.png)



Yum... Your stomach is satisfied now. That was a good meal.

“Hey, where will we go ne-” Aya stops in her tracks when she looks outside. “Uh...”

“What's wrong?”

“Nobu, it seems you got fans here.”

Eh? You take a peek outside: There are a lot of kids here, all of them holding some kind of object from the outside.

“Sorry, are you mister Nobu?”

You slowly nod. This can't be good...

“Could you fix our toys?”

“Could you show us how to play it?”

Welp. You ask Sanae to tell them that you are busy now.

“Sorry kids, we're kind of busy now, please ask it again on another ti-”

“Hey, that's okay, don't mind me! I wanted to see Nobu in action anyway,” the lord quickly says.

“But, my lord, Nobu didn't bring his tools-”


Ouch. Suddenly a box and a bag full of tools drops down from the sky directly on your head. Argh...

“What was that?” Lord Tenma quickly helps you back on your feet. You notice there's also a small note attached to the toolbox.

“You need to carry these at all times, I can't bring them to you everyday, you know~”

Thanks a lot Yukari.

“... Yukari, boss. I don't know why, but she's always bothering him lately...” Sanae explains to her.

“Huh? Do you know how unlikely it is for her to directly involve herself like that?”

“Yes, but it happens boss,” Sanae rubs the bump on your head, thanks to Yukari. “I'm sure this is Yukari's plan...”

...Well, let's play along then. Lord Tenma wants to see you helping those kids anyway. But you need Sanae's help if you want this to go swimmingly.

“Don't worry, I got your back!”

Good. Now let's start by lining them up. Sanae nods and goes to the crowd of children.

“Everyone, please calm down, Mister Nobu can only help you one at a time, so be patient, okay?”

“Yes Miss!”

“Okay, for the first one...” Sanae mutters some words and then point to a boy. “That lucky boy over there! Come here!”

He runs to your position, and bows.

“Afternoon mister Nobu, could you help me with this?”

The boy puts a simple handheld game in front of you. Woah, talk about old stuff. You try to turn it on: It's surprisingly still working, and starts the only game that it has: Tetris. Funny, most of these usually don't last long, as opposed to the game boy version. You don't know how long the battery inside will last. You wave Sanae over.

“What's wro- Oh,” she gets closer to the kid. “This is what the outsiders call Tetris. It's a simple game, blocks falls from the upper side of this screen, and you have to stack them fully to make them disappear. Here, look how Mister Nobu plays it.”

Eh, fine. You play the first few levels to show the kid how to play it. Lots of other kids go behind you to take a peek how it's played.

“Ooh... Where do the removed blocks go?”

“Uhm... They will be reused for the next block. Don't mind that, the point is, you keep trying to make the blocks disappear until you can't and the stacked blocks hit the top, after that the game will be over!”

“There is no way to win the game, miss?”

“No, it's like playing kendama, you keep going until you can't keep up with the game! You should play it with your friends, competing how long you can go on until the game's over!”

“Okay then! Thanks a lot!”

You give the thing back to the owner, and he bows to you.

“Oh, make sure to keep it away from the water, or it'll be broken!” Sanae yells her warning to the kid. “Okay, next, that girl, come here!”

She runs to you, bows, and shows you her item: A portable sound recorder. You try to turn it on: It's not working. Hm... The battery is still there, the cassette too.. Let's check if the battery still has some power in it... Yep, it does. You need to open it...



“Sorry, but he needs to find the materials to fix it first, please give us a few days, okay?”

Fuh... You've helped most of the kids, some of their objects are not working and need proper materials to fix, a lot of them are not even toys. But it's impressive that more than half the objects that you inspected are still usable. Is that Sanae's miracle? Never mind, that's it for today, you signal Sanae that you've done enough work for now.

“Okay, Mister Nobu will fix the items that he got from some of you, so look for us a few days later.”

You can hear a mass groaning from the kids, and they start dispersing. Some of them start crowding the kids whose objects are already fixed.

“Move along.”

A familiar little girl walks up to you. Wait... You remember her from somewhere...

“Miss Hieda?”

“Good evening. You're Kochiya Sanae, right? I interviewed you once before,” She hands her a letter. “Please deliver this to your goddess.”

“What's this?”

“An invitation, I wish to record the thoughts about the recent events and also the opinion of each head of religion in Gensokyo in a symposium.”

“Okay, I'll deliver it.”

“Thank you,” the girl turns to you. “I wish to interview you, for my record.”

“Uh, we're kind of busy here, there are-”





You try to process what's happened: Aya gives you a paper, winks, then quickly flies away. Huh? There's something written on it, maybe she wants you to read it...

“Dear Nobu

One of my servants reported that I was needed at the castle while you were busy fixing the children's toys. I didn't want to interrupt you, so I quietly went back without a proper goodbye. Please accept my apology.

PS: It seems you did well with the devices. Don't slack off and maybe one day you'll surpass the kappa~ Please remember us tengu when that happens, okay?

Huff... She needs to take a full day off properly. You can't imagine how someone like her can work all day without any rest. You pass the paper to Sanae so she can read it.


“Did something happen, miss Kochiya?”

“Well...” Sanae looks to you. “Nobu, do you want to do the interview with Miss Hieda?”

Hm... Will she publish it just like the tengu reporter's interview?

“No, this is only for recording purposes, and will not be published. Anyone can read them if they request the records from me, but otherwise I won't reveal it to the masses.”

Why bother recording it if no one will read it? But then, you recall that she's Keine's friend, it's not like she's asking you to fix something, so why not? You nod to Sanae.

“Fine. Miss Hieda, he doesn't mind getting interviewed.”

“Excellent. Please follow me to my house, I will ask my servant to prepare some tea for us.”

Yeah, whatever. You only hope it won't take long, the sun will set soon...


New Record

The one-eyed fixer
Ability: The ability to use and fix objects from the outside.
Threat Level: Low
Human Friendship Level: High
Main Place of Activity: Human Village, Youkai Mountain, etc.

Most outsiders don't understand how their devices works. They have to rely on others that do when their things breaks to get them fixed. This man is one of those people.

He's currently residing at the Moriya Shrine, taking care of objects that the three goddesses have, but sometimes he comes down to human village to fix objects from the outside that anyone brings to him, presumably as another advertisement to gain more faith for the shrine.

He's unable to speak, instead he uses a device called 'Writing Pad' to communicate through words, taking more time than normal people require to talk to others. He also often expresses his feelings through face and hand motions (1).

His Ability

He can fix any object from the outside, and knows how to use such items. This is very useful, since most of those items can be a great help when the owner knows how to use them.

However, to fix broken items, he needs time and resources (2). Because he can't make those resources, he needs to salvage them from dropped items from the outside, or buying them from scavengers.

Because of that it could take days, or even months for him to fix one item. Not only that, sometimes the object is worthless by itself, and needs another object to achieve it's full potential (3).

One should probably consult the shopkeeper of the shop near the forest of magic about the purpose of the object to help determining whether it's worth it or not to ask him to fix an object.


He's a human, so there's no need.

Actually he, like most outsiders, are weaker than most adult males in the village, but you could invoke wrath of Moriya goddesses if you try to harm him.

He could take a lot of time explaining how to make the device do your bidding. You must bear with it if you want to get your item identified and fixed.

Also, he has no regards for how safe an object is, so you should probably leave the devices broken before anyone can get hurt (4).

1. In his words, “Keeping me sane since I can't express them with text.”
2. Such as 'circuit board', 'Battery', etc.
3. Like how brush is useless without paper to write on.
4. In his words: “I am not responsible for injuries caused by improper handling of those items.”
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I love it. You've captured Akyuu's brand of truth stretching beautifully.
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Looks good, I think
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File 141118649281.jpg - (199.99KB, 849x1157, sample-dc9bc1442f8fdb6d107bfd16616cb2db.jpg)



“Miss Hieda, we'll be going now.”

“Thank you for your cooperation.” Akyuu bows to the duo as they fly away. “Huff...”

She walks back inside her house, and finds her friend, the gap youkai, is reading her recently written scroll.

“I thought you'd ask him to stop helping the villagers.”

“As if the Moriya goddessess won't react if I asked that,” she sits on a nearby mat. “Seriously, your plan... You'll anger the dragon god if he finds out.”

“Oh, really? I simply re-purpose Gensokyo. He'll listen to me if he was willing to listen to those sages in the past~”

“But, the outside world, how do you restore outsider's belief in youkai?”

“I don't.” Yukari smiles. “They will... summon their own destruction. At that time they will no longer be able to advance and youkai will triumph in the outside world once again.”

“I don't understand.”

“Oh Akyuu, you would if you saw what outsiders can do now. It'll be quite a sight~ But not all of them will perish, else no one will be left to believe in youkai~”

She opens a hole, revealing the man and the shrine maiden flying on their way to their shrine.

“Of course, unless he choose differently... In that case Gensokyo will be the same as usual, and he will be gone from this land just as you wish, along with the technology threat. But I have to save outsiders to keep the equilibrium, and that's quite a task to do...”

Yukari closes the scroll that she reads, then changes the portal's end to somewhere ominous.

“Either way, those events will happen after your time Akyuu, you don't have to worry about it. Unless you want to continue your reincarnation cycle~”

She enters the portal and it vanishes. Akyuu shakes her head and sits on where Yukari previously sat.


A woman comes inside the room.

“Yes, Lady Hieda?”

“Fetch me some sake. I really need a drink...”

"But Miss Hieda, your body is not matured-"

"Please, just this once. I really need it..."


“I'm home.”

“Welcome back,” Kanako waits at the front. “The direction where you coming is not from the Tengu village. And is that a toolbox that Nobu is carrying?”

“Well, Lord Tenma asked us to hang out for a little while, and... It's a long story.”

“Oh? Well, tell it to me inside,”

“Uhm, where's Lady Suwako?”

“She in the main shrine room. After returning from maintaining our small shrines in the morning she went there and didn't come out until now.”

“Strange... Did she prepare another surprise like the bath house?”

“Probably. Go check up on her Sanae. Nobu, go write your story on that writing pad while we wait.”

Urgh... Your hands need some rest, they worked too much today...



“Come on Suwako. This is so unlike you. At least we're not cursing him on purpose!”

“But he mentioned his father... If he is with him when the curse is activated...”

“But Sanae survived when we-”

“That's because of her innate miracle power. The curse only acts as a trigger: the crash and the fall is-”

*Knock Knock!*

“Lady Suwako? Are you in there?”

A knock and calling sound comes from outside of the room.

“Hear that? Our shrine maiden is calling. Now, go out there and greet her. Also, fix that gloomy face first.”




Consulting with her partial selves... They only say what she wants them to say, but even knowing that, she still does it...


“Lady Suwako, I'm opening the door-”



Suwako opens the door before Sanae could.

“Lady Suwako, we're going to have dinner soon. What are you doing inside?”

“Well, uhm, secret!”

“Lady Suwako, you're not planning to build another structure, are you?”


Suwako happily walks to the dining room, while Sanae sighs behind her.


“The lord appreciate your work? That's good Nobu!” Suwako exclaims after reading your story and the message that Aya gave to you, then she eats her food.

“Don't get cocky, it could be just lip service to get your favor,” Kanako says whilst reading the letter that Akyuu gave to Sanae.

“That means she actually tries to be friendly with him, that's good! Certainly better than the high tengus. They clearly do not appreciate my creativity.”

“You'll get the same reaction if you try building something without the government’s permission.”

“One of the reasons why we moved here. But some things just won't change anywhere...” She puts the empty bowl aside. “So, you're joining in that symposium?”

“Why not, I can hear what our competitors plan and think if I join in.”

“They will also be able to hear our plan too, then.”

“As if that matters to them. If Sanae's description of Miko is correct, the Buddhist and the Taoist will be more focused on each other rather than looking at us.”

“Do you need me to accompany you, Lady Kanako?”

“No need. You'd better go help Nobu with that stuff,” Kanako turns to you. “Now, come here Nobu.”

“Another faith transferring?”

“Of course Suwako. What else?”

This somehow bugs you... You move closer to her and she puts her hands on your head. You use this time to write why are you the one receiving the faith, not Sanae since she's half god. You are a normal human, so she should be getting more faith than you, right?


“That's it?”

“Well, you were the one who told me not to take all his faith.”

“Uh... Yeah... I thought you'll take more though.” She says, then you show your question to her. “Uh, because you let them believe that you fixed the stuff?”

“Hm? What did he ask-”

Suwako passes the writing pad to Kanako before she finished her question.

“Oh. Basically what Suwako said. If you said it's Sanae's blessing, it'll be hers. If you said that it's our blessing, the faith would go to me. If you said the Kappa fixed it, their existence would be stronger, that is if the humans trust their devices.”

“Yeah, and here in Gensokyo, you could do amazing stuff with that faith, just like me! Right, Lady Suwako?”

“Speaking of which, you said you'll train him later, Suwako. When will you do it?”

“Uh, uhm, about that...”

She goes silent for a while, then she smiles.

“You know, back in the main shrine, I was thinking about build-”

“No, no more building-”

“Listen to me first! I was thinking about building a small workshop for Nobu. Just on the side of our hidden underground storage room so he can access those items easily. I mean, we have the underground nuclear facility for us to experiment, he needs a workspace too! Those tengus won't make any fuss about it, since they won't know it exists! If they do know though, we could just said it's a renovation, since they only said I'm not allowed to build things, but nothing about renovating an existing building...”

“Well, so far he showed promising results...” Kanako stares at you. “What do you think about it Nobu? You'll be the one using it, so I need your opinion first.”

[] A special place for yourself to work in is good, it reminds you of your old workshop, and it allows you easy access to stuff in the storage, so why not?
[] Nah, you could work in your own room, you don't want to trouble Suwako with just one room. You only need some spare parts to fix these items.
[] Uh, actually you do not plan to work on these devices, you will ask Nitori to fix them again. Searching the proper parts to fix them is too troublesome...
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[x] A special place for yourself to work in is good, it reminds you of your old workshop, and it allows you easy access to stuff in the storage, so why not?
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[X] A special place for yourself to work in is good, it reminds you of your old workshop, and it allows you easy access to stuff in the storage, so why not?

Alright, sounds good.
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[x] A special place for yourself to work in is good, it reminds you of your old workshop, and it allows you easy access to stuff in the storage, so why not?

that's two plots (at least) so far.
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Sure is quiet around here lately.
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File 141201115561.jpg - (1.25MB, 1380x1500, 4762ec4e1e3881ca28f8088b43f49a53.jpg)


Yeah, just like that time after Fragmentation of Memories and before Human Divinity. Where are the writers that write new stories on this board?


Well, can you say no to her “suggestion” anyway? A workshop seems unnecessary, but you're not the one to say 'no' when someone offers a workplace. You write to Suwako to ask her if you could design the interior to your liking.

“Of course! It'll be your place after all! Wait here, I'll fetch a paper so you could draw a sketch of the layout for me!”


She runs out of the room, Kanako stares after she sees her fellow goddess's reaction.

“You better use the room often when it's done, I don't want you slacking off after we have built the room.”

Of course, it'll be an insult to the room maker if after she built a special room just for you, then you don't use it, although you need to work on those items as soon as possible so the kids won't have to wait long, so you'll probably search for parts tomorrow, since Suwako needs time to build the room and you don't know how long it takes until it's ready.

“Don't worry, if my prediction is correct the room will be ready tomorrow morning,” Kanako sips some of her tea. “You made her perk up just like back when you agreed to her picnic plan. Should I remind you that she built the bath house in just one night?”

Eh... Even so, you need to find some spare parts for those items, and unlike her, you need to sleep at night since you're a mere human.


“Here Nobu!” Suwako puts a pen and paper on the table. “Draw it now so-”

“Let him finishes his meal first.”

“Oh. “ She takes a deep breath.

...Better finish this food quick. You quickly eat the deep-fried shrimps along with the rice, then grab the pen and start drawing. Let's start with a square room...


Hm... There should be a bench here...


The tools should be there, and this place is for items that you'll fix...


And this is where you'll store the spare parts! And there should be-



Huh? Suwako and Sanae stare at you, while Kanako sips her tea like nothing happened.

“Sorry to break your concentration Nobu, but I want to show you where I'll build the room for you, maybe you'll get a better image of how the room would look like in there.”

Wait, did she already build the base structure?

“No, not yet, but it won't take long to build the base room, no more than five minutes, I promise!”

Fine, fine... Suwako immediately drags you out of the room after you nod to her.

“Lady Suwako, please don't push yourself too hard!”



She calls, and the large snake comes to her.

“Go dig about fourty five degrees downward, I'll give your next instruction later!”

The snake nods, and it dives down into the earth , creating a huge gaping hole it it's wake.

“Stay here, it won't take too much time!”

She slides into the hole that the snake makes. Can she build a room with no light? It's pitch black down there. But then, she's a goddess so you better don't think too hard about it.


You can feel the earth shake around your feet.




After a few minutes, Suwako emerges from the hole, changing the hole's ground into a stone stair. She probably did it all the way from the bottom to the top.


“Preparations complete, now let me fetch a light source. One minute!”

She runs away and quickly returns with a small flashlight. Uh... You write to her that she should continue this tomorrow, you can't see the room or write anything on the paper with only a small flashlight. She probably doesn't need rest since she's a goddess, but you do.

“Okay... Sorry...” She grabs your hand. “But please, come inside for a moment.”

If she insists... What is she planning to do? You follow behind her as she walks down with the flashlight, the place is really dark. Dirt, rocks, as expected from a freshly dug cavern.


Suwako looks at the entrance you used.


She made the tunnel collapse. Oh boy... You slowly back away from her. Did you do something wrong to her?

“Don't be scared Nobu! Here, hold the flashlight, and sit down. Don't mind the dirt, I'll wash it tomorrow!”

Ooookayyyyy... Let's hope she's here not to interrogate you about yesterday's night...


She hugs you from behind. Wha-

“That look before when you were drawing the room... Be honest, did you remember something from your memory?”

Not exactly, you already gained the memories about your old workshop. When she asked you to draw how the workshop should look like, the memory flashed back into your mind, and you couldn't help but make it just like your old workshop.

“...I see...” You can hear she takes a deep breath behind you. “Nobu... Please don't tell the truth about your memories to Kanako or Sanae. Please... This is for your own safety.”

Safety? What's going on here?

“Please Nobu, I don't want you to get hurt... I won't stop your search for your memories, but please, just keep them to yourself...”


She's... Crying? You don't understand, why?

“Nobu... I'll tell you one secret, but swear to me that you won't tell this to anyone else.”

Swear? This is not her usual self... You better hear what she wants to say, or else she'll probably leave you here in this darkness.



She puts a photograph in front of you. Hey, that's your photo that Yukari gifted to you! Why is she taking it from you? Didn't she say she's never seen it before? You quickly snatch it from her hand and release yourself from her hug. How could she-

“I'm really, really sorry that I lied to you before Nobu, but please hear me!” She moves closer to you again. “That Sanae in your memory... I'm certain that's the same Sanae that you were eating with this night.”

That's... Not really surprising, you do suspect she is the one in this picture, but if you remember correctly, she has been living at the shrine since she was young...

Wait a minute. Then why Suwako-

“Nobu, Sanae had a really traumatic experience in the past. It hurt her...” She hugs you again. “If Kanako knows you're telling Sanae her past, I don't know what will she do to you... So, I beg you. You do love Sanae like your own sister, right? So please, wait until the time is right...”

Traumatic past? When was the last time you've seen her as a child anyway-

*Bam! Bam!*


You can hear Sanae's panicking from the outside. Suwako quickly swipes her tears and runs to the source of the sound.


The dirt that was blocking the path swipes out from the entrance.

“Jeez, chill out Sanae, what's wrong?”

Suwako shines the flashlight on Sanae's face. You can see her hands are dirty, probably trying to dig into this 'room'.

“Huff... I thought the tunnel collapses and-”

“I'm a goddess Sanae, a goddess that can control earth, did you forget that?” She grabs your hand. “No harm will come to Nobu as long as I'm with him, if he's the one that you worried about.”

“No, I mean... Ugh...”

“Okay okay, now wash your hands and go to your room, you want to help Nobu search for the correct parts tomorrow, right?”

Sanae nods, and walks back to the surface.

“Good night, Lady Suwako, Nobu.”

“Night night!” Suwako takes a deep breath, before she talks to you again. ”You should get some rest too Nobu. I'll put some basic stuff like ventilation and electricity, then you can consult with me if you want more stuff like decoration. I can only make them out of stones though.”

It's disturbing how quickly she changes her emotions. Did she cry earlier truly because she cares for Sanae and your safety?

“Anyway, give me that paper, I'll try to make it close to your picture.”

... Huff... Why are you thinking bad about her? You still owe her your life, you should be lucky she treats you like a-



Suwako pulls your hand as soon as you give your paper, then she kisses your forehead.

“Good night Nobu.”

... She could've just asked instead of pulling your hand. After she receives your paper, she enters back into the pitch black 'room'. Better get some rest for tomorrow... Maybe more memories will come to you after this...
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File 141252751542.png - (1.03MB, 708x1000, 5638f7b54fa5413b788b40e021c17120.png)



Urgh... It's morning. No flashes of memories in your dreams this time. It seems you have to wait for Yukari to show up again-


“Morning Nobu!” Suwako pops out from what was supposed to be wooden floor. The hell? “I built a shortcut to your workshop. Come here for a moment!”

Come on... Can't you take a bath first? You slowly raise a patch of wooden floor where Suwako showed up; there's a stone ladder here. You use it to slowly descends deeper into the underground.

“Come on, follow me!”

Suwako runs along the stone hallway once she sees you reach the ground. Small light-bulbs are used to light the way, but they are not that bright. Let's hope she used different light-bulbs for the workshop, or you can't use it, you need a clear vision to fix the items...


“Ta-dah!” She turns a switch on, and a brighter light fills the room once you step into it. “Welcome to your own workshop!”

You take a look at your surroundings: The room looks almost like your old workshop in your drawing: The bench, the cupboards... It's clear that she's trying hard to fulfill your request. Problem is she makes them out of stones, it'll be quite a hassle to move them since they must be really heavy, but then you shouldn't complain about it, she gives this to you for free after all.

“Do you like it? Sorry if the room looks dull, we don't have a stock of paint anymore, but please tell me if this room needs more improvement, I'll try to fulfill it if I can!”

Nah, this will do. You shouldn't ask too much of her. You bow deeply to her-

“No Nobu, please don't bow to me. You deserve this place, we're benefiting from your work too.”


She kisses your forehead.

“Now look over there,” she points to stairs, then she points to a door. “That's the main entrance and exit to the surface, the other one leads to your room obviously, then that is the hallway to our storage room. Take the items that you want to use, but if you can, you should inform either me or Kanako first, so we have keep records of how much items we have left and what they're used for.”

Obviously. It would be rude to just take the items that you want, especially since those things are worth a fortune, judging by how much the Kappa are willing to pay just for some television parts.

*Tap! Tap!*

You hear footsteps. You turn around and see Sanae walking into the room. The weird thing is, she's coming from the same hallway you used, which means she entered this room from the secret entrance.

“Morning Sanae. May I ask why did you come in from Nobu's room?”

“Morning. I wanted to wake him up, but he wasn't in his bed and there's a hole in the floor going downward...”

“I should've made a contraption to automatically close the door a few seconds after it opens...” She mumbles. “Oh well, what's the menu today Sanae?”

“I've made some gyoza,” Sanae checks out the room. “Where are your tools Nobu?”

“I didn't move them down here, I'll let Nobu place his tools himself so he won't be confused trying to find them, ” Suwako pats her stomach and walks to the stairs. “Let's grab some food, I'm starving after all the hard work last night...”


“So, have you made a list of what parts you need to fix those items?”

Uh, not yet...

“You don't have to Nobu, you'll know what spare parts you need once you examine the devices, right?” Suwako turns to Kanako. “Don't worry, I will oversee him and Sanae today. When he takes something from the vault I'll write it down for you. I will train him how to use faith today as well.”

“Don't go overboard and destroy the items that he's going to fix.”

“Jeez, what are you thinking we'll do for the training? Nothing will be destroyed!”

Uh... You ask Suwako what will you do in this training.

“Nothing that you should worry about Nobu! In fact, getting worried and cluttering you mind will make the training harder for you. Relax, don't worry about what we'll do next!”

“Lady Suwako, will it be like me on-”

“No Sanae, Nobu's a grown up now, so it'll be harder to make him ignore his common sense.”

Ignore your common sense? What?

“I'll explain it later, during training. I won't say it's going to be easy, but if you do it, you can do incredible stuff like Sanae!”

Wait, so you will become a deity too?

“Uh... Not exactly with that amount of faith... But point is, you'll be able to do stuff that a normal person can't! Like fixing those items without any parts!”

“Don't expect to be able to do it on day one.”

“Don't let that discourage you! Besides, if you try your best, maybe some miracle will happen~”


She winks to Sanae. Uh...You ask Suwako if she means Sanae will help you with this 'training.'

“Well, she can't help you directly using her power if that's what you mean, what we will train is your state of mind, your belief in what you can do. And more.”


“Of course you can't do that with an empty stomach though, so please hold more of your questions first and chew that gyoza that's in your mouth, okay?”

State of mind? So you need to be insane to be able to use this 'faith'? More questions arise inside your head, but you need to finish your food first before she'll answer more. Well, first thing first, you need to take a bath before your body gets smelly. After swallowing this food inside your mouth.

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File 141311924610.jpg - (218.75KB, 850x1181, bullet.jpg)



“Come here Nobu!”

Suwako takes a seat in the middle of your workshop. She puts down a book and a pencil.

“Here, write down all the stuff you need to fix those items, Sanae will fetch and probably salvage some of the parts that you need to repair them while we're training.”

Wait, she can do that?

“Jeez, I mean it's only a matter of dismantling some items, I think anyone could do that! Re-assembling them back, however...”

... True. You remember one customer back in the outside world that needed your help because he tried to fix his television by himself, but ended up unable to put it back together properly. You take the paper and pencil and start writing...


And, done. You push the paper towards your half-goddess friend.

“Uh huh, Battery... Wait, a hose?” Suwako looks to you. You pull an air pump out of the box and put on her side of the table, then tell her that not all of the items are electrical. You only took some of the ones that are lightly damaged since a simple fix is enough to make them work again.

“They literally bring him all kinds of objects from the outside Lady Suwako.”

“Oh... Nobu, stay here for a while, I'll show Sanae which section to look for certain items in the vault.”

Yeah yeah...You nod like an obedient kid. Better use this time to check your tools...


“Sanae, you preformed miracles on him when he was taking items from the kids, didn't you?”

“Uh huh. I made it so the kids that I chose had either working or lightly damaged items. But I can't limit it to only electronic items...”

“Did he ever reject an item from a kid? I mean, he wrote that he only brought 'some' of the items.”

“No Lady Suwako, the ones that he didn't bring were not broken and he demonstrated how to use them.”

“Good... This way, the villagers will believe that he can fix every object that falls into Gensokyo without exception, even the one that he normally can't.”

“Uhm, what are you planning Lady Suwako?”

“Sanae, right now he only believes what's happening right in front of him. He needs your help fixing the items that he can't normally fix until he's confident enough in himself and the faith kicks in, after that he'll be able to fix stuff beyond his skill even without your help.”

“Why hide this from him?”

“If he knew, he'd believe he's able to fix items that he normally can't because of your power, not his. If possible, keep this hidden even after his mindset changes. One slight shake to his confidence could affect how well he can utilize the his faith.”

“I understand. ”

“Good. Now, go try finding the items in his list. Try the upper storage room for non electrical stuff.”


“Okay Nobu, let's start our training!” She comes back and takes her seat again. “I'll start with some background. This place, Gensokyo, is the place that houses every forgotten thing from the outside, primarily youkai, because humans forget or stop believing in them. They, like us goddess, needs belief to keep existing, so naturally infamous youkai will be stronger.”

Uh... So what's the difference between ordinary youkai and a deity?

“Youkai are born from human fear, their inability to explain the phenomena around them, legends, things like that! While the gods and goddesses generally won't attack humans.”

You've never met any youkai that wanted to attack you before... Okay, there's that taoist that kidnapped you before, but you're sure she's a human...

“Geez, Nobu, you are accompanied by Sanae most of the time, she keeps you safe from them!” Suwako stares after reading your writing. “There are ferocious youkai that are really, really strong, and won't think twice about eating you! Oh, and they appear like humans too, so you won't know if it's dangerous or not until it's gnawing your flesh-”

Suwako sighs once she realizes that the conversation derailed from her original topic. Jeez, is it just you or is she getting overprotective like Sanae now?

“We've talked about the youkai, right? Don't forget what Sanae told to you! Just remember Nobu, if you see a youkai outside of the human village or the mountain, don't trust them. Unless...”


A shiny object appears above her hand.

“If you could use danmaku, you will be able to force-”


“Huff... Huh?” Sanae comes back with some items. “Lady Suwako, you will teach him how to spell card battle?”

“Well, not now... But, if I remember correctly, there's one rule that we can exploit to ensure Nobu's safety.”

“Huh? Which one?”

“The one that's created specifically to protect Reimu.”

“Uh, is that the one that says 'If victorious against a human, you may not kill-'” Sanae suddenly stops. “Wait, he doesn't have to-”

“Yes, just declare the duel, and those youkai will have to keep him unharmed, even if he loses!”

“But he still needs to make-”

“I know, one thing at a time. At least now we know how to keep him safe even without us,” Suwako looks to the items that Sanae brought. “That's all the items on the list?”

“Nuh uh, not even half of the list.”

“Okay, carry on, I think my lecture is going way too far from the original topic...”

Sanae walks out of the room again. You ask Suwako what's all the fuss about.

“You remember when we told you that Gensokyo uses spell card duels to solve conflicts between youkai? One of the rules specify that if the losing participant is a human, then their winning opponent must not kill them. I suspect this rule created to protect Reimu if she loses in duel.”

She pats your shoulder.

“But you need to be able make it through this training first, else you won't be able to produces these bullets, and believe me, you need to shoot lots of them.”

Then what is she waiting for? You have lots of stuff to fix after this, so she needs to hurry.

“Calm down, you haven't set an exact deadline for returning the items back to them, right? Be patient!” She pats your back. “Where was I... Ah, yes, we deities have great power thanks to the faith, but that doesn't mean that humans can't use it! But there's one simple condition that you need to fulfill first; You need to believe that you can do something!”

That's it?

“It's harder than you think. You need to absolutely believe it, I mean, you can't allow even a little doubt in your heart. I'm able to fly, control earth, and stuff because I believe that I can do that, that it's impossible for me to not be able to do that, and the faith from other beings me will help me!”

Absolute confidence? Wait, what about lunatics, or other types of insane people that absolutely believe what's in their minds?

“The loons don't have faith from other beings Nobu. Other people will dismiss their faith in themselves as something unrealistic, impossible, untrue. Unfortunately, that's what most people on the outside think about gods nowadays, which is why we moved to Gensokyo.”

“One example, Sanae can fly because she absolutely believes that she can fly, and that belief is amplified by general populace of Gensokyo's belief that it's normal for a being to be able to fly even without any aid, which then makes her fly.”

Hm... So what if you tell the people of Gensokyo that flying is impossible without certain equipment or wings? Will every being in Gensokyo be unable to fly again?

“Well that, or they could dismiss you as a loon and point to nearby flying youkai as proof that you're wrong. You need to be charismatic enough to make people disbelieve something that they already accepted as a fact.”


“This is all Lady Suwako,” Sanae takes a seat near you after making a few trips to fetch the items needed.

“Good! Now Nobu, for your training I'll ask you a simple question: do you believe that you can fix something?”

Well, it depends on-

“No Nobu! No 'it depends', 'maybe', or 'probably'!” Suwako suddenly yells before you can finish your writing. “Be confident! Kick all the doubt in your heart! Say yes!”

Uh... Oka-

“Come on Nobu, you have doubt written all over your face! Wipe that out! Show me your spirit!”

Arrghh... You show your fiercest expression to her, just like how rugby players do to their coach before matches. What a drag.

“That's it, now go fix those items like a genius!”


“Lady Suwako, don't you think you were going overboard with that yelling?”

“Nah, he's a man, a bit of yelling will boost his confidence. It's not like I'm yelling at him everyday; that's just rude. Now, did you cast some miracles to make sure the parts will suit his needs?”

“Uh huh. And I need to help him with repairs too?”

“Only the ones that take too long to fix, he'll be suspicious if you help him all the time. Keep it quiet, okay?”


“Oh, and tell me what items that you took, I have to write it down for Kanako...”
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File 141364133687.jpg - (194.81KB, 850x623, normalsummeday.jpg)



“Okay, break time. Don't push yourself too hard Nobu,” Suwako comes down from the stairs, carrying some cookies and tea. You can go on fixing the items, but a snack wouldn't hurt. “You too Sanae!”


“How's the progress?”

“More than half of those items are already fixed, the easier half that is,” Sanae explains for you. “The harder one-”

“Don't call it 'harder', it'll make his confidence in fixing the rest of the items shrink! Try 'longer to fix'.”

“Okay... He's currently working on the one that needs more time to fix...”

What. No way, what a waste of words. Does she knows how tiresome it is to write those extra words in a conversation? It's harder to fix, yes, but not impossible. She doesn't have to ban the word.

“But... Okay... ” Suwako sighs. “You are sure that you are able to fix them, aren't you? ”

Depends on how- Nah, she won't take uncertainty for an answer. You write yes, but add that you don't know if you can finish them all today.

“Take your time, if you tire yourself out those items will stay broken anyway,” Suwako pats your back. You wonder if you can no longer need rest if you believe in yourself enough.

“Well... You could...” Sanae taps her hand on the table. “But you won't be a human anymore.”

Huh? So you can't be powerful and keep your humanity at the same time?

“Nobu, humans have limitations that make them 'human'. I mean, could you call a being that works all day and night without rest a 'human'?”

Uh... She built this room in just one night...

“I'm a goddess, duh. People have faith that I can do that such things. For example, look at Sanae; She used to be a normal human priestess that drew her powers from me or Kanako. To gain more faith for us, she did miracles in the human village for some time, which made some people believe she's more than human, that she's a goddess just like us, and now she really is a deity, except she still has her living human body.”

Hm... But to be a deity, she must first have absolute confidence that she really is a deity, right?

“Uh huh, basically I've embraced what people believe me to be. But you want to go back to your family once your memory's back, right? You shouldn't change your mindset too far, or you'll have a hard time adapting back to the outside world's norm once you go back...”

“Well... And there's that... Yeah...”

Indeed, making yourself believe that you are a god will earn you a quick ticket to an insane asylum in your world... Even the emperor nowadays is looked upon more as a country's head of state than a real descendant from god... Wait, you ask if ancient emperors of Japan used to have godlike powers.

“Oh, not all of them, whilst people indeed were told that they are descendants of god, most of the emperors didn't have the faith in themselves to utilize it. And when one of their adversaries shown how powerful a weapon of technology can be...”

Suwako sighs, then stares at your body. Uh...

“You're sweating a lot... Is it that hot in here?”

Kind of... You can't feel the usual refreshing mountain air down here.

“Not as hot as in the geyser center, but yeah, I feel the temperature is different compared to the outside.”

“Hm... I guess I have to add more ventilation or fans...” Suwako tapping her hand on the stone table. “Well, I can do it now! How about showing Nobu what danmaku is while I improve this room, Sanae?”

“Eh!? This is so sudden... What should I do?”

“Basic stuff, explain him parts of spell card battles, rules and stuff, and then find a youkai to exterminate as an example!” Suwako turns to you. “It's a quite a show, like watching two planes dogfighting in a movie!”

As exciting as it can be, you still have to fix those items...

[] Accept. You are not sure whether you could fix the rest of the items in one day, why the rush?
[] Refuse. You have to fix those items first before you could do anything else. It's not like the heat will hinder your performance...
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[X] Accept. You are not sure whether you could fix the rest of the items in one day, why the rush?

We're not in a hurry.
Delete Post
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[x] Accept. You are not sure whether you could fix the rest of the items in one day, why the rush?
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Delete Post
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Image Source
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File 141464359025.jpg - (217.90KB, 850x850, thedaygoeson.jpg)



...But Suwako's right. If you push yourself too hard, not only you'll get sick, it'll take more time to fix those items instead of less. You nod to Suwako and stand up-

“Hey, wait a minute! Are you sure you're satisfied with this room? No advice on what I should improve while you're away?”

Uh, not really... Maybe just one: You need a real chair made from steel or wood instead of stone, so you can easily move it around. Kind of hard having to move the heavy stone chair to a comfortable position before you begin to work.

“That's it? No air conditioner? Or a special desk lamp to light the parts that you fix? Or how about a magnifier for looking at small parts? Or decorations!”

Uh, you doubt she can get those items... And an air conditioner will consume a lot of power just for your comfort. Nah, maybe you'll scavenge or buy a fan, she doesn't have to find it for you. Same with a desk lamp, you don't really need it now since the lamp in this room is already bright enough, and you could make it with a light bulb and some sticks if you do need it.

“Okay okay, just letting you know. Since you're going out, maybe you want to stop at the shop that sells stuff from the outside after exterminating a youkai.”

Well, fine. You should probably charge the kids next time they want to get something fixed. Doing good for the kids is okay, but getting the resources to fix their items is hard, and you could use some mone-

“Wait, I'll fetch some money, meet me in the courtyard!”

Sanae stands up and walks away. Wait, no, you don't want to use her mone- Argh, she's gone. You write to Suwako as you both ascend to the outside.

“Nobu, it is your money. You gave it to her earlier back when you received money after working in the village. Even then, your actions should bring more faith and offerings to us, so it's only fair that we give you some money to spend.” Suwako tugs your shirt to tell you to see her eyes. “But don't charge anything from the villagers, don't make them think that they have to pay something for your help. If they give you offerings as gratitude however, you can accept it if you want. Remember, if you need money to spend, ask me, not the villagers, okay?”

Oh, okay... Now that you think about it, what kind of payment you can ask from children? Candy?


“Ready Nobu?”

Sanae comes out of her room with her wallet strapped to her waist. Well, as long as she is. She slowly creates a whirlwind to carry you, then flies away from the shrine.

“Be careful in the duel Sanae!”


“Hm... Where should I start explaining...” The shrine maiden wonders as both of you fly. “I have told you about the purpose of spell card rules, haven't I?”

Yeah, you do remember she told about how it's being used to solve conflicts between youkai.

“Correct. The participants basically shoot a barrage of non-lethal bullets at each other, like paintball! And there are rules, Lady Suwako already discussed one, but there's more: You can't use the same barrage pattern twice, you have to acknowledge loss after being hit a few times or after a set amount of time failing to hit with your barrage even if you still have some strength afterwards, the barrage must be dodge-able-”

Gee, that's a lot. But then, what sport doesn't have a lot of rules? Let's compare it to football: No touching the ball hands unless you're the goalkeeper inside the goalkeeper zone, no passing directly to a player behind half of enemy field if there are no defenders near him, no pulling the opponent's shirt... All for the sake of a fair match. Just unloading those rules into your head doesn't give you the image of what the duel will be like. Better just see how Sanae does it later.


You and Sanae land on nearby road. Eh? Not flying like usual?

“Think Nobu, if you are a youkai and want to attack humans, who will you choose, humans that can fly or the ones that have to walk on their feet?”

Well... So she wants to lure one of them out by walking on the ground?

“It might not be enough, some of the youkai will recognize me and avoid us... You walk ahead, I'll follow from behind. If something happens, I'll be there, okay?”

You should probably wear some sausages on your neck and write a big “EAT ME” on your shirt too. Seriously, those youkai probably won't attack unless provoked first. Better not complain to her though, or she'll yell at you like Suwako. At least you're allowed to use your feet now-


Something is moving behind a bush over there. You slowly approach-


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Image Source
Delete Image
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File 141498869518.jpg - (617.61KB, 1200x900, trouble.jpg)



Ugh... someone must have bashed your head with something, it hurts.

“Kogasa! This is the second time you've hit him! What's wrong with you!?”

“It's not my fault, I wanted to jump earlier, but he came too close to my position-”

“It's. Your. Fault! I've never seen you scare anyone properly, do you deserve to be called a youkai?”

Sanae's being mad at someone, and from the voice you think you know who it is. You open your eye: It's the weird umbrella girl that you saw when you fell from Sanae's back. Didn't you already tell Sanae to forgive and be nice to her? You get back on your feet and quickly separate these two.

“What if he- Nobu, are you okay?” Sanae quickly focuses on you.

“Oh, hey mister! I did manage to surprise you before you knocked yourself out, didn't I?”

“Kogasa apologize to him no-”

You stare at Sanae to remind her what she promised to you back at the doctor's place.

“Huff... Kogasa, apologize to him, please?

“But I didn't do anything-”

Pretty, pretty please?

“Why did you pull out your stick thing?” She spins. “Oh, you wanna duel, right? Okay, if you win, I'll do anything that you ask, if I win- ”

With pleasure.” Sanae flies upwards. “Watch and learn, Nobu!”

“Hey, I haven't told you what happens if I win!” The umbrella girl flies up as well.

“Don't worry, it's not like you'll win anyway,” several bullets come out of her stick. “Come on, use your spellcard.”

“You'll be surprised with this!”

The girl spins her umbrella, and lets out a huge amount of bullets around her. At first the bullets just float there, but suddenly they start moving around at high speed..


Sanae gracefully dodges every bullet coming in her direction. Her moves are swift, yet beautiful. The brief glimpse of her panties is a bonus-


Focus... Damn, she really needs to wear bike shorts, everyone can see her panties from below. Now you observe the umbrella girl: she looks dissatisfied by the result of her barrage- Wait, she not wearing anything under her skirt. That's... You don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. Not that you don't like it, but still, has she no shame? Sanae said she's a youkai, so maybe she just doesn't care.

“Where's your spell card? Do you want me to end this quick, just like back at the graveyard?”

“Humph! Heavy Rain:-”

All the bullets that she fired before suddenly dissipate.

“Surprise Downpour!”

She calls down an even denser rain of bullets at Sanae. Oh boy, she's more powerful than she looks-


Sanae not only manages to dodge them, she flies forward, to the umbrella girl.


A sudden burst of bullets shoots out in front of the girl, like a shotgun, to prevent Sanae from getting closer-


Sanae quickly avoids them and rushes forward.

“I'm not surprised, not even a little bit.”


She slaps the girl with her shrine maiden stick. All the bullets that girl fired vanish as soon as Sanae hits her.

“Ow! Ugh...”

“Now, apologize.”

“I'm sorr-”

“Wrong person,” Sanae points to you. The girl flies down to you and bows.

“I'm sorry, I only want to surprise you, not hit you...” She turns to Sanae. “That's it, right?”

“No. To show him that your apology is truly sincere, help him. He's going to a shop near the forest of magic, go with him and carry anything that he'll buy.”

“What!? But-”

“Want me to beat you in another round of spell card?”


“And carry him on the way to the shop.”

She's going overboard with her again... The youkai girl puts the umbrella on her back and lifts you up. Effortlessly. If youkai are normally this strong, you can't stand against them in combat...

“Can I-”

“No. Surprises.”


You can see the girl's anger on her face. This can be bad, she could just drop you on the way to the shop...

[] Jump down, tell Sanae that you'll only trust her with your flight safety, not that girl.
-[] Dismiss her. She doesn't have to help you if she doesn't want to.
[] Ask Sanae to be nicer to her, again. Because she clearly didn't get it when you said it the first time.
[] Pat her head. Nothing that a little head pat can't solve.
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[x] Ask Sanae to be nicer to her, again. Because she clearly didn't get it when you said it the first time.
[x] Pat her head. Nothing that a little head pat can't solve.
Delete Post
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[X] Ask Sanae to be nicer to her, again. Because she clearly didn't get it when you said it the first time.

Don't be a bully, Sanae.
Delete Post
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[x] Ask Sanae to be nicer to her, again. Because she clearly didn't get it when you said it the first time.
[x] Pat her head. Nothing that a little head pat can't solve.
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[x] Ask Sanae to be nicer to her, again. Because she clearly didn't get it when you said it the first time.
[x] Pat her head. Nothing that a little head pat can't solve.
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File 141572535791.jpg - (391.76KB, 650x650, plsnobully.jpg)



Okay, think: Your pilot is clearly pissed of at her superior, and it's common knowledge that a pilot must have a clear mind to safely deliver their passengers to their destination. So you, as a passenger, must calm her down to ensure that you'll have a safe trip. Your hand moves to her head and pats her-


She trembles, startled. You probably shouldn't do that so suddenly...

“What is it now Kogasa?”

Sanae flies down to the girl. You write to her to put you back on your feet for a while.


“Something's wrong Nobu? Did she do anything wrong? You want her to do-”

Stop it. Seriously, did she forget that you want her to be nice to the umbrella girl? She didn't do anything wrong.

“I'm taking precautions Nobu, who knows what she'll do to surprise you, she could drop you on our way to the shop for a cheap surprise!”

“Wha- I won't do tha-”

You use both of your hands to cover the girls mouths, then order both of them to sit down on nearby rock, side by side.

“What!? Nobu, we don't have much time-”

Sttt. You don't want to go anywhere until she agrees to stop bullying her. If she wants her to be nice to you, and by extension, herself, Sanae should be nice to her first.


“Shut up you ugly umbrell-”



You clap your hands in front of her. That's totally not a nice thing to say. Maybe you need to give an example first. You write to the umbrella girl to introduce herself, like her name or why she always tries to surprise you, anything.

“Huh? I'm Kogasa Tatara, I'm surprising humans because they abandoned me back when I was an ordinary umbrella, just because of my looks!”

Back when she was an ordinary umbrella? You ask Sanae what does she means by that.

“She's a tsukumogami, basically an item that gained sentience. Most of them tend to hate humans, some are friendly, and then there's... that girl.

“I hate humans too! But that's not the only reason I surprise them: I'll go hungry if I don't. So, may I surprise you again mister?”

Quite jarring how she says she hates humans so cheerily to you... But, hungry? So she doesn't eat people?

“I'm only eating a part of their spirit that someone releases by being surprised, I can't surprise anyone by eating their flesh!”

Now that's scary, a youkai that eats people's spirit...

“Nobu, don't think of the word 'spirit' in simple terms, just like of faith. There's Kon and Haku, two layers of spir-”

Sanae stops once she looks at your empty stare. So, are her scares lethal to humans?

“I don't know, maybe, if she ever manages to scare one, that is.”

“I'm not that stupid! I did managed to scare some people at the graveyard!”

“Then why you're here, idio-”


“Stop it Nobu!”

Only if she stops being mean to her. If she doesn't then this little talk will be wasted for nothing.

“She threatened to destroy my shrine-”

“You tried to exterminate-”


Seriously... You write to Kogasa why she tried to surprise you here.

“Only a few humans visit or pass through the graveyard, it's not enough! This road is occasionally used by humans, so I'm picking this place!”

Well, did she manage to surprise anyone before you today, though?

“Uh, I... No I haven't...”

Figures. You tell her if she helps you today, you'll let her surprise you or Sanae.

“Really? Thank you mister-”

But only pleasant surprises.

“Pleasant... Surprises?”

Yeah, like giving gifts, or showing you a secret beautiful place, something like that. Humans desire surprises, but they want those surprises to be good, not bad.


You add that you'll buy her any horror story book she likes, but only if she plays nice with Sanae. That should speed up her thinking and solve this problem.

“Okay, deal!”

Good. You tell both of the girls to stand up and bow to each other as a sign that they'll respect each other. Once they do it Kogasa can carry you to the shop.

“After that we can go directly to the shop? Nothing more?”

Yes Sanae, nothing more. She sighs and bows to Kogasa, and vice versa. You pet the umbrella girl again, just to let her know that you appreciate her cooperation.


“...Let's go,” Sanae flies first. Kogasa puts you on her shoulder and flies following the shrine maiden from behind. Let's hope this will work, even two competing players in sports have something called sportsmanship that keeps them not throwing insults at each other...
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Delete Post
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Image Source
Delete Image
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File 141736261422.jpg - (263.69KB, 850x1202, sanae.jpg)



It doesn't take a long time to reach the shop, since you are flying. You land right in front it. Kogasa doesn't look tired at all, probably as a testament that she's physically stronger than normal humans. You can bet Sanae will be panting for air if she carries you on her back.

“Here, mister!” The umbrella girl gently puts you down on the ground. You pat her head to thank her. Sanae only stares at her coldly, but quickly averts her eyes when she knows you're watching, as if she wants to avoid your gaze.

“Let's go inside.”


A bell warns the shopkeeper that someone enters his shop as Sanae opens the door.

“Welcome,” Rinnosuke puts down a newspaper that he's holding and greets her. “Oh, you're here too. Name's Nobu, right?”

Well, the one and only Nobu around.

“I'm Kogasa!” She suddenly yells, but the shopkeeper only waves her off, making her pout silently. Poor girl.

“You made yourself quite a name in the village. Heard that you know how to operate stuff from the outside. Can you help me?”

“Uhm, we want to buy some items here, but maybe we could help you. What do you need?” Sanae asks in your place.

“It's about this...”

He goes to the other room for a moment, and comes back with a personal computer. Oh no... Don't tell me that you need to fix that.

“Could you show me how to operate this... 'computer'?”

“It's an item that needs elec- Uh, Nobu, please explain him.”

Why doesn't she explain it herself? She's the one that has a mou-

“Nobu, this is for your faith, he's believes that you know how those machine works, not me,” She whispers in your ear. Sigh, whatever. You write to the shopkeeper that this item needs electricity to work.


He goes outside and comes back with a generator. Now where the hell did he get those items... Even that thing already has a hookup and cable attached. The generator's condition looks good, and it has some fuel in it. You write that he better puts this generator outside first, because it produces a lot of noise when the thing's working.

“Got it,” Rinnosuke brings it back outside, but leaves the other end of the cable behind. The voltage that the generator produces will be too much for the computer... You wait until the shopkeeper returns, then ask him if he has a device called voltage stabilizer.

“Uh... Never seen a device with a name like that.”

Well, you can just plug the computer directly into the generator, but if the power source is acting up weirdly it could damage the computer. If you had your tools and some raw parts, you could make a simple voltage stabilizer...


You wait for your toolbox to drop on your head from above, but nothing happens. It seems Yukari doesn't want to help you right now. You explain the situation to the shopkeeper.

“I see,” he sits back on his seat. “Are all items from the outside that need electricity this hard to set up?”

“Most of them, yeah. That's why they're usually bundled up with a manual when we buy those things so we know how to set them up, but even then, it could be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. It could shock you to death if you handle it wrong.”

“Just like magical items?”

“Kind of... Anyway, what do you want to buy Nobu? We can't help him right now.”

Back to business then. First, you write to the shopkeeper if he has a good horror story book that you can buy, then ask him to bring you a bunch of cheap parts from the outside world. Maybe you could bring some of them back to your workshop to create the much needed voltage stabilizer.

“Just a moment,” Rinnosuke walks to the room in the back again. Hah... You can't really take a break, can you-

“Mister!” Kogasa suddenly hugs you from behind. Her face is too close to yours... What's the matter? You wait a few seconds, but she only stares to your face, then scowls “Why don't you get surprised mister? It's a pleasant surprise, isn't it? I saw kids getting hugged from behind get surprised!”

Oh, she wanted to surprise you? Nice try, it is pleasant, in one way or another, but do you have to express it?

“Of course! If not how I could know that you're getting surprised?”

“He's mute Kogasa, he can't go 'whoa!' or something like that, even if he's genuinely surprised. Now get away from him.”


Here we go again... Better lie before she gets even more disappointed. You write that you are really surprised by her act, and it is nice, so you're okay with it.

“You really were surprised?” A smile appears on her face. “Thank you mister!”

What a simple girl. You pat her head agai-

“Here's the books, and here's the parts.”

He puts a bunch of books and a box filled with parts on the counter. You take one of the books and give it to Kogasa so she can read it, then you check the parts' condition. Some of them are usable, the rest are not. Better sort them first before buying anything.

“Outsider stuff grows more and more complex nowadays,” Rinnosuke comments.

“That's good, that means there's advancement in their technology!”

“But can they keep up with it? Don't you think their advancement is going too fast?”

“There's no 'too fast' in advancement of technology. Some people can feel left behind, but they have to move on soon or later for the better future.”

“Why come to Gensokyo then? This land is pretty much the antithesis of technological advancement.”

“That's why we've come here, we want to make Gensokyo better through technology!”

After some time, you finally sort all the usable parts that you'll buy. You ask how much all these items will cost you.

“Let's see...” He pulls an abacus and starts counting. “Eight hundred yen.”


Sanae puts the money on the counter. As usual, he puts an incredibly low price for his wares. Now you ask him if he has a 'mechanical fan',

“'Mechanical Fan?'” Rinnosuke looks under his counter, and pulls out a set of fan blades, the kind that's used in ventilation systems to circulate air in a large office building. Problem is, it only has the blades, not the motor. “Will this do?”

“Its missing the motor... can you work on this, Nobu?”

If you have the materials- No, remember Suwako's words; Do not answer with an 'if'. You need to be certain. You nod to her.

“Good! How much will it cost?”

“Hum...Fifty yen.”

“Deal! Is that all the items that you want to buy Nobu?”

That's enough spending for one day. You ask Kogasa if she likes the book.

“I can learn a lot from this mister! Thank you very much!”

“Don't forget that you have to carry this stuff for him in exchange for that book,” Sanae reminds the smiling youkai about her duty. “Also, get off of him, will you?”

“Uh, hey,” The shopkeeper calls. “If I come to your place tomorrow, could you set this computer up for me?”

“Rinnosuke, you know that Youkai Mountain is closed to most visitors, right?”

“I could ask Marisa for a ride,” he takes a glance at the computer. “I'm really curious how such machinery could help humans.”

Well, with these materials you're sure you could finish the rest of the items that you have to fix tomorrow. There's one problem about showing them your workshop though: Tengu reporters. They could be suspicious if someone comes to the shrine and suddenly disappears. But then, Suwako build it on the shrine's grounds, so there probably won't be too much trouble...

[] Let them come to your workshop tomorrow.
[] No, you'll come to his shop later, with proper tools and stuff.
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[x] Let them come to your workshop tomorrow.
[x] Write to Sanae, "we're taking Kogasa home as my pet youkai. I'll feed her and take her on walks and everything. Pleeeeeeeease? "
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[X] Let them come to your workshop tomorrow.

Might as well.
Delete Post
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[x] Let them come to your workshop tomorrow.
Delete Post
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[x] Let them come to your workshop tomorrow.
Delete Post
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Called. Will write soon after I finished my minor project.
Delete Post
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Okay, I've failed to finish my minor project in time, and have to try again on next semester. Good news is, that means I can start writing again now. Update soon.
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Delete Post
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Sorry, took me a while to notice this.
Image Source
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File 142193708287.jpg - (192.05KB, 850x1062, kogasa.jpg)
Thanks a lot. Sorry for the late writing.


Eh, it just a workshop, what’s the worst that can happen? Who cares what the tengu think about your workshop, it’s in your goddess’s shrine grounds. It’s not like you have some secret project that you need to hide anyway. You nod, but say not to touch anything in your workshop, as the tools that you have can cause harm if improperly handled.

“You should tell that to Marisa instead of me,” the shopkeeper chuckles. “You can expect us to come in the afternoon.”

“Okay,” Sanae turns to you. “Shall we go now, Nobu?”

Well, you’re done with this place. You nod and bow to the shopkeeper as a farewell, then walk out of his store, followed by Sanae and Kogasa.


“Welcome home- Huh, what’s she doing here? Why she’s carrying Nobu?”

Suwako stares at Kogasa, who lands behind as you arrive back on the shrine grounds.

“I ordered her to apologize to Nobu by helping us carry stuff and him after she knocked Nobu out on our way to Kourindou.”

“Oh? With a spell card duel, right? Did she put on a good show?”

“She uses a new pattern, but nothing surprising.

You can hear Kogasa sighing quietly. You pat her head, and she smiles.

“Okay, you can go back to where you belong. Go surprise someone else now,” Suwako shoos her away.

“See you later mister, thanks for letting me surprise you!” The umbrella girl flies away from the mountain. Suwako takes some of the items that you're holding.

“I’ll bring these to your workshop, wait for me in the dining room, then we'll discuss what you've learned today, okay?”

Learned? Oh right, you’re supposed to learn something from Sanae’s battle... What should you tell her...


You tell your story about Sanae’s duel, and conclude that you have to be able to fly to even have a chance to win a duel, and not merely fly, you have to be able to dodge all those colorful bullets.

“Nobu, Sanae can shoot bullets as well, you don’t have to get close to your opponent and whack her,” Suwako points out. “Sanae was giving herself a handicap in that duel.”

“Well, I didn’t want to end it early, I’m afraid Nobu won’t learn much if I do. And I wanted to show him that one can technically fight spell card duels without firing any bullets at their opponent.”

“Well, I doubt Nobu can hit his opponent if he’s unable to fly,” Suwako looks at you. “Although, in spell card duels, you can actually ask for our help, as long as it’s part of your spell card, and the helper is willing to help you.”

Huh? Isn’t it unfair?

“No one said it has to be one versus one duel. Remember my story Nobu, when I had to fight against Seiga and her jiang-shi? It was four versus two, since Reimu, Marisa, and Youmu helped me, strictly speaking I was helping Reimu, but...” Sanae stops before she drifts away from her point. “Although if the main duelist is defeated in the duel, their helper must stop attacking, so even if I could help you in combat, if you get hit, you still lose no matter what.”

Still, getting more firepower is a pretty big advantage.

“Not that it matters though, since if he loses the youkai couldn't kill him either way. But getting hit by one of those bullets is not a pleasant experience either.”

“He’s a man, he should be able to handle a bit of pain,” Kanako puts down her rice bowl. “Better than dying and being eaten by a youkai, right?”

Considering the alternative... You can handle some pain. Although you think it’s unfair for the youkai, if you win they can’t eat you, if you lose they also can’t eat you. Not that you’ll complain about it.

“Anyway, Rinnosuke will come to Nobu’s workshop tomorrow, to try setting up his computer.”

“Eh, what? A computer? How old is it?”

“I don’t know Lady Suwako, we haven’t tried to boot it up yet.”

“Sanae, you can see how old the computer is by seeing its hardware, you don’t have to actually boot it up! Nobu, you do know something about it, right?”

Well, other than that the computer lacks a power source, a monitor, and an input device, you haven’t checked the insides of that computer, since you didn’t carry your tools when going to that shop.

“You better look inside it first. If you plug it in without checking it out, who knows what will happen. It might short out and you could end up breaking it.”

“Come on Kanako, you don’t have to tell him basic stuff like that,” Suwako also puts down her rice bowl. “And I don’t have to tell you to take a rest after dinner right?”

Uh, you want to see what she's done to your workshop first before you go to sleep...

“Not now Nobu! Tomorrow, okay? Be a good boy and get enough sleep, okay?”

Ugh... Fine. You quickly finish your meal and-

“Hold it,” Kanako puts a cup of sake in front of you. “Don’t forget your training.”

Well, you’re going to sleep after this anyway. You cheer to her and drink it, then excuse yourself out from the room. What a day...



You can feel something hard fall on your head. Wha!?

Ugh... You see your toolbox on the side of your bed, along with a paper. Something is written on it.

“This is your punishment, don’t rely on me to carry this for you, okay~”

Yukari... Did she read your mind back at Rinnosuke’s shop? Considering she holds your memory, she probably did. It's terrifying to imagine how powerful she is...
Delete Post
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Delete Post
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Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 14228678105.jpg - (602.42KB, 1000x705, IswearIllwritefasterfromnowon.jpg)


“Jeez, she punishes you for not carrying your tools? Does she knows how bothersome it is to carry them all the time?”

You eat your breakfast after taking a bath. Uh, to be honest, you did expect her to carry your tools out of your laziness.

“Don’t rely on Yukari, okay? She loves chaos and will act unpredictably to make everyone puzzled. You expecting her help means you’ve tried to predict her next move. She doesn’t like that,” Suwako bites down on a toast. “Anyway, any preparations that I should make other than locking the vault tight from Marisa?”

Uh... Is the magician really that notorious as a thief?

“Believe me Nobu, if she spots anything that she finds interesting, she’ll undoubtedly will... ‘borrow’ it. Her interests are mostly books or magical items though, and I don’t think she’ll take something from someone who’s willing to help her close friend,” Sanae says. “Just tell her that you need your items.”

“As if a simple warning is enough. She took some of my books when she came here along with Reimu,” Kanako stares. “I’ll probably ask her later, after all she’s using our services, let’s see if she can show her goodwill too.”

“Goodwill? Do you expect her to go back to her house and give back your book?”

“It’ll be really surprising if she did, but who knows, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“She’ll try to steal more of our stuff instead of complying?”

“She probably would even if I’m not asking anyway,” she drinks her tea. “You probably want to remind her to not touch any stuff carelessly just like when she visited the nuclear reactor, Sanae.”

“I got an idea,” Suwako leans forward. “You’ve fixed some of the kids’ toy, right? Let her and the shopkeeper use them, but remind the magician that Nobu’ll give it back to the kids, just in case if she wants to take them from him.”

You swallow your last toast and walk out. Time to return this toolbox-

“Okay Nobu, come with me. I did owe you a little tour, didn’t I?”


“So... As you can see I’ve added more ventilation there, there, and there...” Suwako runs to a nearby ventilation hole. “Too bad that you only bought one fan blade. I’ve installed the fan blade and fitted it with a rotor, to circulate the air in from the outside. Problem is...”

She turns it on, and-


The fan behind the ventilation hums loudly as it rotates. Urgh, annoying... You ask if she could detach the fan along with the engine here.

“On it.”

She presses the wall on the ventilation’s side, and it collapses, revealing cables that connect the fan to somewhere, a power source perhaps, otherwise how else would Suwako power the fan up? She unplugs it and carries the fan along with the rotor to you. Hm... You quickly grab your tools and check it.

“Sorry Nobu, I thought I could install it without any problems... But hey, it’s a good practice before the shopkeeper comes, right?”

It is, if you didn't have to fix the rest of the kids’ items afterwards. What a drag...


After some time, you finally determine the problem: It’s the fan controller acting up. You replace it with a simple on-off switch and the humming noise is gone.

“Well, problem solved. You can’t control how fast the fan rotates now though.”

Eh, as long as there’s air circulation in this room, it’s fine. You don’t have to control the room’s temperature to a specific extent, if it gets too cold you’ll just turn off the fan.

“Speaking of witch... The temperature does get really cold when it’s winter. You might want to find a heater or something before winter comes.”

Well, that won’t happen anytime soon, right? Cherry blossoms have bloomed not long before, so it’ll be around six or eight months before winter comes.

“That’s true. You better finish those items for the kids first,” She walks upstairs, back to the ground level. “I’ll tell you when the shopkeeper and the witch come, okay?”

Yeah, yeah...


Ahhh... The cold air from the outside fills the room. It will make your guests feel comfortable when staying here. You probably will move your bed over here too, it reminds you more of your old life-

Okay, focus on the items in front of you… Still have lots of them to fix.



This cassette player works now, until the battery inside it runs out. Not sure if the kids will enjoy 80’s music, but it’s not like they care anyway. What can they do, go to a music store?


“They’re coming, Nobu!” Suwako walks down from upstairs. Fuh. “Remember, if you want to fetch an item from the vault, tell Sanae, I’ll seal the entrance for a while. Just in case.”

Maximum security mode, eh? Let’s hope Marisa can keep her hands in her pockets... If she has one-

“I’m coming in!” Marisa walks in from the upstairs, carrying the computer that you've seen yesterday, and puts it down near you. “Huff... Afternoon! Woah, there are a lot of gadgets here! So, where’s your batto-mobile?”

“There isn’t one Marisa,” Sanae walks down along with the shopkeeper. “This is a workshop, not a secret base. It just happens to be placed underground, just like Lady Kanako’s nuclear reactor.”

“So that’s not a secret entrance that I entered before?”

Well... There’s actually one tunnel that leads to your bedroom...

“Really? Show me!”

“Marisa, he needs to check-”

“Later Kourin, let me have my fun first!” She makes you stand up. You open the door on the wall and lead her along the tunnel until it reaches your bedroom.

“Woah... It’s almost like you’re a superhero! You only need a costume now!”

Uh, no thanks, you don’t want to wear your underpants on the outside of your bodysuit.

“Huh? Wait, the black thing that battoman wears outside his bodysuit is supposed to be an underpants?”

“Not really... It just a costume, don’t take it seriously,” Sanae drags her back to your workshop. “Besides, what makes a superhero is their heroic deeds, right?”

“So, basically what I normally did to solve accidents, right?”

“Minus the stealing,” Suwako smiles. “I never recall any of the superheroes in the books stealing stuff for their own reason.”

“Geez, that’s ‘borrowing’! You can have those items back once I’ve lived my short life!”

“Well, I hope you won’t ‘borrow’ anything from Nobu then, since he’s a normal human.”

“Nah, I won’t touch anything unless- Hey, what’s this?” She picked up a laser pointer and used it. “Woahwoahwoah! Warn me before I accidentally hurt myself with this thing!”

“It unlike your laser Marisa, it can’t hurt anything, you use it to point stuff out. But even so, don’t point it at someone’s eye, it can blind them.”

She shines the pointer on a table nearby.

“Oh. Well, this could be useful along with my magic, can I buy it?”

“It’s one of the villager kids' items. Sorry.”

“Haah... Maybe I should start scavenging stuff too...” She puts back the laser pointer back. “I’m done, go ahead with that shikigami thing. I want to see how helpful it can be.”

“Finally,” Rinnosuke nods. “I’ve also brought some stuff that’s related to that item... I think.”

Hm... He puts a mouse and keyboard on the table. Well, that’s useful, if they work at all. Let’s see what you can do with it...
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Just how many schemes are flying around in this story?
Delete Post
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yukari- wants mc to reverse magic flow so so magic can exist in outside world(something like that)
Kanako- wants mc off the mountain dead or alive
suwako- wants mc to knock up sanae (still does i think)
i think there are others but thats all i got
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File 142378832446.png - (343.42KB, 850x700, 9d2ee897096051b4c9cbb9d44798fc51.png)



“So, Marisa... May I ask you something?”

“Go ahead Sanae, don’t be shy! What is it?”

“Well, I have an idea that can keep Nobu safe... You know that one of the spell card rules states that the opponent must leave their opponents alive if they are human? Basically, youkai will have to keep him alive once he declares a spell card duel, right? So can he just declare the duel without using any spell cards and intentionally lose - then youkai can’t eat him anyway.”

“Hm... I get what you want, but that’s a bad idea,” Marisa frowns. “If you abuse the rule like that, youkai will complain to Reimu and she’ll have to change the rules. Else, they will start an uproar in Gensokyo.”


“Buttttt... I think they won’t mind if he’s able to put up a good fight. Don’t just go and declare duels to everyone and intentionally lose, better if he fights with all his strength, then they’ll be entertained and won’t feel cheated that way!”

Urgh, girls... They can’t stop talking...

“Or makes his spellcard a summon that calls you into the fight, whilst he’s trying to dodge incoming bullets. He’s part of your shrine members, right? So I think it’s okay if he calls you into the fight! It’s not cheating to call for help, the point of the duel is beauty anyway, not firepower. But being able to call help is really handy, you know. Like that wicked hermit’s living corpse thing. You remember how hard we had to hit her, right?”

“But I can’t take Nobu’s bullets for him...”

“He has to learn to dodge, duh. Yes, it’s harder when he’s not flying, but hey, at least he can last a few seconds that way. Better than intentionally losing, that’s for sure. Hey! Nobu, you hear me?”

Marisa taps your shoulder as you work on Rinnosuke’s computer. Uh... You can hear her talking about dodging or something, but you're not really listening: You’re concentrating on fixing this computer.

“Explain it to him after this, will you Sanae?”

“I will, I will...”


You flip the switch after preparing and checking everything; The monitor shows the boot-up screen. Phew.

“You did it, it’s working,” Sanae pats your back.

“Is it?” Marisa immediately puts down her book and quickly takes a look at it. “Okaayy... Mind giving us a little tutorial here?”

“Uhm... Nobu?”

Argh, can’t you get a breather for a moment? You pick your writing pad and start explaining...


“Input devices?”

“Yes, like a human's eye, without them the computer won’t be able to recognize the information that the owner wants.”

Fuh, thankfully Suwako allows Sanae to answer the questions that Marisa has. You lay on the floor to rest for a moment...

“Wait, why can the computer only assist with tasks by depending on the ‘software’ inside it?”

“Without it, the computer won’t know how to process the information that the owner inputs. Imagine that computer is a maid. The master orders the maid to close the mansion’s house and lock it for him. If the maid doesn’t have the knowledge that she needs to close the door first, insert the key to the keyhole on the door and turn the key to lock the door, how she can do it?”

“This is too confusing...” Rinnosuke comments.

“That’s why we leave the complicated stuff like how exactly it works to specialists,” Sanae sighs, “I mean, a soldier doesn't have to know how to create his own weapon, only how to use it, right? He’ll give the weapon to a smith if it’s broken.”

“Okay, enough boring stuff. Could you make the computer help do something?” Marisa gives back your writing pad to you.

“Let me,” Sanae opens a notepad program and takes the writing pad from you. “Let’s say that I want the computer to record what Nobu was writing...”

“How do you use that keyboard?”

“You type the pronunciation in romanji using these outsider alphabet,” Sanae types the words from your writing pad to the notepad program, then closes it. “And if I want to re-read what I ‘wrote’, I can just open the file! Handy, isn’t it?”

“That’s it? Why should I use that over books?”

“One, if you’re proficient, writing on a computer is much faster than writing on paper. Two, I can store lots of books into this single old computer. Even more if I use newer computer. And should I mention that it can record not only text, but other things too?”

She searches around the files and finds a sound file, then open it.

“Ah, the old Gundam show theme song!” She starts to sing along with the melody. “Burn! Burn! Burn Gunda-”


Argh, you head feel hurts again...


“Sanae? Are you okay. Hey- You too Nobu? What’s going on here!?”


“Time to go Sanae!”

“Uuu... Promise that you will visit me...”

Sanae walks into the car, along with her parents. A great sense of loss fills your heart.

“Why did she go?”

“It’s a family matter, you’re still too young to understand it,” Your father pats your head. “But we’ll visit her when we have time, okay?”


“Wait, what do you say?”

“There is no Shrine Maiden called ‘Kochiya Sanae’ here, sir.”

“But she’s transferred here when-”

“I’m sorry sir, but I can’t help you with that.”

“That’s enough,” Your father pulls your shoulder. “Thanks for the help.”

You and your father walk away from the shrine.

“Why? Where is she-”

“Sttt. We’ll talk later, young man.”


You remember what your voice used to be like... Goddammit, it doesn’t matter, you need memory about what happened to your father-

“Ugh... My head is splitting... Who are these people...”

Wait... What did Sanae mutters? After a while, the headache goes away. Finally.

“Hey, are you okay?” Rinnosuke asks. You open your mouth to reply, but there’s no sound. Oh, right, you’re mute now. You nod, then looks to Sanae; Tears fall from her eyes, but her expression looks blank. You lightly tap her shoulder to bring her back to her senses.

“Uwaa! What? Wait, why am I crying?”

It works. She quickly wipes out her tears. You ask what’s going on with her.

“Some images flashes into my head... Some person, I don’t know their name, but they seem familiar...”

“Uh... Should we go now?” Marisa looks worried.

“No, no, sorry to make you worry, I’ll continue explaining now!”

“Are you sure? The computer has been fixed, right? We can continue some other time...” Rinnosuke also asks.

“I’m fine, I’m fine! Now, I’ll continue with this one...”

This is just your guess, but did she regain some of her memories? But she doesn’t seems like an amnesiac or something. And why- No. You can’t inquire her about it now. You have two guests here, better ask her about it later...
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File 142428312483.jpg - (1.02MB, 853x1324, scared.jpg)



“...Okay, let me rephrase that. First, connect this ‘stabilizer’ to my generator, then connect it to the ‘power plug’ and turn on the computer and the screen with this button?”

Rinnosuke tries to remember the correct way to set up his computer later when he comes back home. You want to go to his store again so he won’t mess it up, but it’ll be night soon, you don’t have the time today, and you have to deliver the items you fixed to the kids tomorrow. You’ll probably visit him again sometime later.

“Yes. If you’re not sure about something, call us, okay? It’ll be hard to find parts to fix it if it’s broken. Make sure to keep it away from water!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll remind him if he messing up before I try that shikigami myself!” Marisa takes her broom. “See you later folks!”

“Wait,” Rinnosuke opens his pouch and takes out some money. “This might be not enough, but-”

“It’s okay, you've helped us more by selling items from the outside that we could use. Although, do you mind if you put that money in the offering box instead?”

“Well, sure.”

"For the faith, huh?" Marisa smirks. "I don't mind, as long as I can get some blessings!"

"Our books that you 'borrowed' is not enough of a blessing for you?" jeers Suwako.

"Jeez, okay okay! I'll give them back after I copy its contents somewhere else! It's only just some books and scrolls, you know..."

Sanae, Marisa, and Rinnosuke walk upstairs. You follow them from behind, when suddenly-

“Hold it Nobu,” Suwako grabs your hand, and closes the door leading upstairs. “Did you recall a memory earlier? Back when you held your head in pain?”

Uh huh. You tell her that you saw a little girl named Sanae, that you frequently remember in your memory, departing somewhere in a car.

“Let me guess the car. Green colored, five seated family car? Has license plate number 80-86?”


“I was there, when her family brought her to my shrine...” She shakes her head, it seems she doesn't want to remember that. “Anything else?”

Well, you haven’t told all of your previous memory. You say that you could see you and your father was at a shrine, asking a women about Sanae.

“You... You went to our shrine with your father?” She slowly says.

Yes, if your memory can be trusted. What’s about it?

“Nobu.. That charm that you carried when we found you...” She holds her own tongue. “I’m sorry, I can’t tell more. Let’s go upstairs, we need to say goodbye to Rinnosuke and Marisa before they leave. Don’t tell Sanae about your memory, okay? ”

God, she’s trying to hide something from you, again. You grab her hand before she can leave and stare, demanding her to tell you what’s on her mind.

“Nobu... Please... Stop...”

[] Let her go. You’ll talk to Sanae after this, secretly.
[] Tell her that you’ll go ask Sanae if Suwako doesn't tell you anything.
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[x] Tell her that you’ll go ask Sanae if Suwako doesn't tell you anything.
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[x]Tell her that you’ll go ask Sanae if Suwako doesn't tell you anything.
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[x] Tell her that you’ll go ask Sanae if Suwako doesn't tell you anything.
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Image Source
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File 142522665584.png - (892.97KB, 876x1020, curse.png)



Hm... Maybe you should push her a little... You write that if she doesn't want to tell you, you will ask Sanae instead...

“NO!” She yells and throws your writing pad on the ground. Uh oh, you forgot that she’s a goddess...


“Lady Suwako, what was that!?” Sanae enters the room. You can see Marisa peeking from behind.

“Ah, uhm, nothing Sanae! I just... I accidentally dropped Nobu’s writing pad.”

“Oh... You don’t have to yell that loud...”

She walks back upstairs, leaving you and Suwako again.

“Nobu, if you really, really want to know, I’ll tell you later, in your room. But I warn you, it’s not pleasant. I won’t blame you if you hate me after this, but please, for Sanae's sake, hide it from her.

Okay, as long as she doesn't hide anything from you, you won’t tell Sanae anything. She has your word. You nod at her.

“...I’ll regret this...” Suwako mutters as she picks up your writing pad. “It's not even scratched. Sorry Nobu, I shouldn't yell at you like that...”

She walks upstairs after giving your writing pad back. You felt sorry about threatening her like that, but you don’t want her hiding anymore secrets about your past. Better go upstairs now...


“Enjoying that ‘computer’?”

Yukari is sitting on the chair near the shop’s counter, greeting him as he opens the door to his own shop. Who knows how long she’s been waiting there.

“It’s interesting,” He puts down the big box where the one-eyed engineer stored his computer, along with things like transformer and monitor. “Why don’t you just give me the manual? There should be one, just like with other items that you've shown me, right?”

“Waste of time. Even most outsiders that use it don't bother to read it.”


The youkai opens her fan and stands up, opens a gap, grabs a book and puts it on the counter.

“But then, consider it as a reward for doing a favor for me. You earned it.”

“Nice doing business with-” Rinnosuke frowns as he opens the book. “Yukari, what language is-”

Yukari is no longer there. The shopkeeper sighs and opens the box that he carried before.

“Better set this up first while I still remember how to do it...”


It’s night. You're enjoying your curry meal that Sanae made. Suwako’s really quiet now.

“Hey,” Kanako breaks the silence.


“Marisa didn't steal anything from us, did she? I’m surprised she said she would return the books that she ‘borrowed’ after she finishes copying it.”

“Oh. No, she didn't steal anything.”

The silence comes back. Usually Suwako would ask you to tell the complete story for everyone, but...

“Tell me the details, Sanae. How interested are the shopkeeper, and the witch with the computer?”

“Very. They asked about and tried what the computer could do and its limitations.”

“Did you tell them how to maintain the computer properly?”

“Well, I told the shopkeeper that the computer is fragile, and he needs to keep it away from water.”

“Oh. I hope Marisa won’t steal any computers inside the underground facility after this.”

“They look different than the computer that we fixed, I don’t think she knows that we have any computers in the underground facility.”

“It’s not like she can access them, the computers are password-protected and I have the back up data, but it’s still a big loss if she suddenly takes them.”


“I’m done,” Suwako puts down her bowl. “Thanks for the meal Sanae.”

“Uh huh... Are you okay Lady Suwako? You don’t look so good...”

“I’m okay, I’m okay!” She lets out a smile. “Jeez Sanae, I don’t have to look energetic every day, there are times when I have to go silent and think about what I’ve done all these times.”

“Hm... Did you remember something about Minakata, because today’s his death, and it made you gloomy like this?”

“Who is that, Lady Kanako?”

“Suwako’s only spouse.”

“Oh... Sorry.”

“Don’t be, it was a long time ago, so long that sometimes I’ve forgotten about his existence, even.”

“So what makes you suddenly remember him?”

“I wish I knew... I’m going out for a while. I need some fresh air.”


Suwako stands up and walks out from the room. Wait, what about her promise? It’ll probably be better if you asked her about your past later, she looks sad now.

“Lady Kanako... Do I have to continue the bloodline sometime later in the future? I’m afraid I’ll be moping around like Lady Suwako...”

“Don’t mind her, Sanae. She’s a special case. It’s not weird for gods and goddesses to forget their spouses, or move on to another spouse a few hundred years later. There’s not really much point in remembering them, since their souls should be already reincarnated to a different person. Can’t say I don’t understand her feelings though; He’s the one that started the Moriya bloodline,” Kanako pours some sake into her cup. “And your mortal shell can’t last forever either, we’ll need extra help in gathering faith soon for three of us.”

Sanae slowly nods and quietly carries everyone’s empty bowls to a dishwasher in the kitchen. You ask Kanako why can’t she just hire someone really religious from their worshippers to become their priestess instead of asking Sanae to continue the bloodline.

“Can that person accept our technology? Will that person stay faithful to us? Will they understand the tasks that we have here?” Kanako puts a cup full of sake in front of you. “It’s not a small matter, Nobu. Of course, unless you want to volunteer.”

Ehm... Not that you do not want to help her, but you want to go home once you recovered all your memories. Better not touch the subject again. You quickly gulp down your sake and walk out.



You open the door to your room, ready to sleep. Instead, you find Suwako sitting in the corner of your room.

“Welcome Nobu. Sit there.”

Oh, she kept her promise. You obey her command to sit down, but ask why she doesn't light the candle in your room.

“Nobu, first let me make this clear again, I know Sanae will learn the truth about her own past eventually, but she’s not ready now. Please Nobu, don’t let Sanae know about what we talk today, okay?”

Yes, you know. You get your past, you’ll shut up about your memory to Sanae.

“Okay. I warned you, this won’t be a pleasant talk... What do you want to know first?”

Your father: She refuses to talk to you about him. What’s wrong with him?

“It’s not like that... You mentioned that you and him went to a shrine looking for Sanae in your memory...” She puts down a charm in front of you. “You know what it is Nobu?”

A charm, duh.

“Not just a charm, it’s your old charm, which you carried from the outside, before Sanae swapped it for a new one. It looks like a regular charm at first, but...” She opens the charm and pulls a paper in it. “It’s doesn't contain prayers for protection. It’s a curse. I can’t sense it until recently when I asked Mishaguji to check if you’re cursed or not.”

But you received it from Sanae in your memory. Wait, does that mean-

“It’s curse of bad luck. Whoever has it will have misfortunes happened frequently to them, like bad business, or investment gone wrong... And it’s cursing power will become stronger over time, then attaches to the person themselves to make sure that misfortunes will follow them even without the charm...”

Suwako takes a deep breath, then she spits out the truth to you.

“It was ten years ago when I last cast this curse. When I... Cursed Sanae’s family through their charms...”


“No...” Sanae falls down on her knees. “No, that must be-”

“A lie? You doubt your own goddess’s word?”

“That’s... But why? Why did Lady Suwako curse-”

“Be quiet and listen, darling. She’s not done yet.”
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Took me a while, but here it is.
Image Source
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File 142609589984.jpg - (247.67KB, 512x512, 961e528a3804b1637f774dc39ec0a5b4.jpg)



Cursed? What have they done for a goddess to curse them?

“You know that Sanae’s my descendant, right? Her father... He was supposed to continue the family’s job as a head priest of the shrine. But instead, after he finished his education, he along with his wife ran away from our shrine. I remember his prayers that day, repeatedly muttering that it’s not his will to serve this shrine... It took a long time for my followers, including his own father to track him down, and we discovered that they already had a daughter. I ordered his father not to scare him and tell him that he can live whatever life he chooses, but he along with his family have to go back to our shrine first. Then our attention turned to Sanae...”

She looks outside, to the bright moon that shines through your window.

“Through my follower I asked him to let his daughter take his position as a successor, because his father is really old, but he refused. We gave them the charms when they left the shrine after their visit. Kanako and I thought that by ruining his business, he’ll agree to leave his daughter in our care...”

She closes her eyes.

“It almost worked. But at the last moment...”


“Come on Sanae, we’ll visit you often, we promise!”

Sanae keeps clinging to her father’s legs.

“Look father, my daughter clearly doesn’t want this... I don’t want to force her.”

“You don’t trust that we’ll treat her well in her shrine duty?”

“Honestly, with the decline in the followers each day... Yes. Other shrines are abolishing this heredity stuff and giving their priesthood to other people, why can’t we? Are we even doing this for the goddesses that we worshiped for generations, and not for the tourists that rarely comes here? How can you support her without-”

“You, how dare-”


The old head priest raises his hand, but suddenly falls down before he can hit the man in front of him. The old man is clutching his own chest.


“Don’t touch me!”

A masked old lady comes over and whispers something to him, and helps him up. She stares at the little girl and approaches her. Sanae hides behind her father’s legs.

“You’re Sanae, right? You were really mature the last time you came here with your father. What happened, young lady?”

“...I don’t want to leave my old life...”

“It’s not really that different Sanae, you can still go to school, you can make friends with the kids around here, you can even watch television and phone your parents when you miss them. Do you remember the rituals that you used to watch? You can do it too with some training from us. There’s nothing to fear here Sanae.”

“I don’t wanna start hating my family!”

A single statement from the girl makes the whole shrine silent.

“Sanae, don’t yell like that at someone older than you! Mother, I’m sorry about that.”

“Stubborn just like her father... Why can’t my son be like his father more...”

Tears came down from behind the old lady's mask.


“I felt his mother’s feelings, as she was my medium at the time. She didn't want to break her own son's family, yet she had to obey my orders to bring Sanae to my shrine. In the end, she broke her connection with me as a medium and told them to go live their own lives if they really wish it. Sanae was really happy with that. Kanako and I however...”

Suwako takes a deep breath, before continuing her story.

“I was cruel back then, I forgot my own promise to my late husband, I forgot the joy of being a mother, the joy of looking at my descendant’s happy family... Time can really bring out the worst in people... So instead of following my medium’s wish to let them live free... I...”

She’s crying.

“I activated a curse on the road near the shrine, with their charm as the trigger... When they crossed it to get away from the shrine, a landslide occurred and knocked their car off the road and down the hill... I did that so our followers won’t lose their faith in us after that... To show that they're leaving the shrine against our will, and we’re not powerless against them... With the charm’s innate curse to bring the worst luck to the wearer, the accident should have killed everyone inside the car... But somehow... Sanae survived, unscathed. You could say it’s her first miracle...”

Suwako wipes her tears away, trying to gain more strength to tell you Sanae’s past.

“It took a while before villagers nearby could rescue her. Our followers called it divine intervention, glorifying her as the chosen child. Her survival is miraculous indeed, neither I who cast the curse or Kanako expected that she’ll survive... Or at least her body. After that accident she’s... she’s basically dead inside, shaken by the deaths of both her parents in front of her. It also drove both my old medium and shrine head priest to their deaths from grief.”

Wait, that means-

“Yes Nobu, judging from the wound when we first found you, it seems you were in a car crash... Or might have been inside a car before you got sent to Gensokyo...”

But you're carrying the charm, not your father, so he’s probably still alive, just like Sanae!

“The landslide does collateral damage Nobu, I won’t say your father doesn’t have the chance to survive the crash, but...”

Suwako says no more, and stands up.

“That’s all that I know. Hate me all you want Nobu, I won’t ask for forgiveness, I’ve caused you so much misfortune... Sanae too, but please keep it from her for now, until she’s old enough to accept the truth. It’s also for yourself: If Kanako knew we’re having this conversation, I can’t guarantee you can stay in this shrine any longer... Or worse.”


She jumps out of the room through the window. You process all Suwako said: Your father crashed his car with you in it? Not that it never crosses on your mind... Then why didn't you see him? Did he end up in Gensokyo too? And the fact that Suwako is the one who caused this...

Argh, why can't you remember where you live so you can go back to the outside world!?


Come on Nobu, you’re an adult, control your frustration... Throwing a tantrum won’t solve your problem... You should go to sleep, it’ll calm your mind, and maybe you’ll gain a new memory...


“So, how about it, darling?”

“...Why are you doing this?”

“Why should I tell you my reasons? I’m giving you a choice to learn about your past or not, that’s what important.”

“If I leave, I’m afraid Nobu will...”

“Oh, you worry about him?”

“He’s like my own brother, of course I care about his safety!”

“If you insist, I promise no harm will come to him from your goddesses. Shall we go now?”

“Wait... Let me leave a letter first...”


"Sanae! Wake up it's morn-"

Suwako opens the door, but finds no one in Sanae's room. She can't even feel her presence around here. There's a paper on her bed.

'I'm going to the outside with Yukari to find the truth about my parents. Please do not search for me.'

Suwako crumples the note with her hand.

"That sly gap youkai-"

Her anger quickly turns to fear when she feels her fellow goddess wake up from her slumber.

"No, Nobu!"
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File 142708045069.jpg - (272.26KB, 850x1250, outside.jpg)



“…ke up!”

Someone shakes your body. Urgh, five more minutes...

“Nobu, wake up!”


Ouch! You open your eye and wake-

“Finally! Nobu, get up and run to Hakurei’s shrine, tell her to bring you to the outside world, then go to these addresses, now!”

Suwako quickly hands you an envelope. Whoa-whoa-whoa, what’s-

“Sanae ran away to the outside world to find the truth about her parents. When Kanako finds out, she will blame you, and could kill you!”

What!? But you haven’t even talk-


Okay, you don’t want to lose your life to an angry goddess, but how can you survive without money? If the locations in question are far, then-


Suwako pulls you out of your room to the terrace. It’s very early in the morning, the sun isn't even on the horizon yet.

“Last thing. If Sanae doesn't want to come back here... Obey her will...” She looks down for a while, but quickly gets you on your feet and pushes you to the shrine gate.


Goddess, what have you done to deserve such fate... No time to think, better run now...



“Morning Kanako! Here’s some breakfast!”

“I can’t sense my shrine maiden... Where is she?”

“Oh, she and Nobu... went to the village! You know, to deliver those toys that he has fixed yesterday.”

“This early?”

“Well, I don’t know why. Perhaps they want to visit a secret place first, together. Hihihi~”


‘Fuh... That’ll buy some more time...’


Huff... Huff... You need to catch your breath... It’s really dark here, but there’s no choice...


Shit! Oh, it’s just that umbrella girl...

“Thank you for being surprised, miste-”

You quickly write before she can fly away, asking her to carry you to the Hakurei Shrine, for urgent purpose.

“Eh? Is it really that urgent?” She thinks for a while, then she suddenly lifts you up. “Okay mister, I’ll help you!”

Great. You can save some more time with her carrying you to the shrine...


It doesn’t take long until you arrive at the Hakurei Shrine, thanks to Kogasa carrying you on her back. You can see the red-white shrine maiden sweeping the ground with a broom.

“Wait, Kogasa? And that man too. What are you two doing?”

As soon as your feet reach the ground, you quickly describe the whole morning fiasco to her.

“Sanae’s running away from her shrine to the outside world?”

“She is? Finally!”

Kogasa’s cheer fades when you glare at her. You understand that Sanae’s been mean to her for a long time, but that’s still rude.

“I didn’t see her coming here, so she probably crossed the border by some other means.” The shrine maiden puts her broom near the shrine gate. “I’ll prepare the ritual, just a moment.”

Reimu runs back into her shrine building, and comes back with a talisman.

“Hold this, and close your eyes.”

Okay... She waves her gohei, chants something. Light covers your body. Uh oh, better close your eye now.


“Goodbye mister Nobu!”


Urgh... Maybe it’s safe to open your eyes... You stand in front of a ruined shrine, looks just like the Hakurei Shrine that you visited before, except it looks really old and abandoned, and no one is here. So, you’re back to your own world?


You walk down the long dirt path downwards, and you find a concrete road. Yep, this is your world alright-

*Honk honk!*

“Watch out sweetie~”

Someone pulls you off the road before a car could hit you. You turn around and see who your savior is: Yukari. She can appear in your world too!? How-

“Oh, it’s not nice to stare sharply at someone who has saved your life~”

She swings her umbrella vertically in the air, and a portal opens.

“Come darling, after we finish our business I’ll let you meet with your childhood friend.”

She enters it. Childhood friend? Did she mean Sanae? Better than searching for her by foot, you guess. You step into the portal...



“Do you know this place?”

You appear in a barely lit room, with tools scattered around. Eh? Does she want you to fix another item now?

“Oh, you do not remember?” She points at something. “Maybe that picture will jog your mind.”

What? Wait, that’s you... And your father. Wait... This is your workshop. Your house. You try to run outside to your father’s room, but the workshop’s door is locked.

“Easy darling~”

She tosses a set of keys, which you catch. You quickly open the door and run to your father’s room. There’s no one in here. In fact, the whole house is really quiet. What happened here? Where’s your father?


Yukari opens another portal, and you quickly follow her. Now you’re in front of your house. It looks abandoned... And you can see “For Sale” sign in front of it. What? Why did your father sell this place? Or...

“Come, we’ll return here later. But first, give me that envelope.”

What for?

“Nothing, I’m just checking the addresses in there. You can look through it first before giving it to me if you like.”


You open the envelope: There’s a pamphlet, about Moriya shrine somewhere in Nagano prefecture. Shit, if you walk over there from here, it would take days, if not months. With no money to spend, you’ll die from starvation beforehand. You give it to Yukari.

“Oh, yes. It would be logical for her to go back to her old shrine. What a coincidence, that’s our next destination too.”

She slashes open another portal, and enters it. You wonder where your father could possibly be as you step through...



“Here we are.”

You both are in an enclosed space. After some inspection, you recognize the room; it’s a toilet. Yukari opens the door and walks out, revealing a shrine, that looks exactly like Moriya Shrine. It’s quite crowded here, although from what you remember from Sanae most of the visitors are not even worshippers, they are just tourists. Didn’t they notice the strangely-dressed Yukari here?

“Go ahead, search for her.”

Ah, yes, now where is she...
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File 142816207842.jpg - (294.45KB, 700x988, 0279f23beddc32d0975708857c1df911.jpg)



Huff... You can’t find her. You even peek into some of the buildings when no one is looking, but no results. If she’s not here... Then where? Where else could she find the truth about her parents?

Her house? Nah, she won’t find anything there. Her family’s old house was sold to a different family a long time ago. Or maybe, she’s not arrived here yet? You took Yukari’s portal after all. Maybe if you wait here a few days or so-

“Done? Come here, I want to show you something.”

Yukari walks down the stairs away from the shrine. Eh? You follow her from behind.


“Tell me,” She starts talking. “What’s so great about the outside world? Why do you want to return so badly?”

Other than reuniting with your father and returning to your old life? Can’t she see how useless your skills are in Gensokyo? You can’t hunt, you can’t farm, and you rely on items appearing from the outside.

“True, but that doesn’t mean they will stay useless. Your only rivals are the Kappa, who aren't trusted by the humans. You’ll definitely get customers every day, compared to countless repair shops in your world. Your work will be more appreciated in Gensokyo than the outside world. Did I mention that the Kappa are willing to work with you if you choose your words well? Although it’ll be hard, since you didn't dissuade the villagers from thinking the game console that Nitori fixed was all your effort, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mend your relationship with them.”

She stops walking. You're near the edge of a steep cliff...

“Let’s see... Hm, this is the place.”

She slashed open another portal, then you both enter it; Now you’re at the bottom of the cliff. It looks familia-

Argh, your headache...

“It is time,” She gives you a pill. “You’ve lived your life in Gensokyo, and fixed the items that I wanted you to fix. Soon, you have to make an important choice, to stay in Gensokyo or here in the outside world. Whatever your choose, don’t regret it.”

Urgh, can’t she see you're in pain? Hope this pill will stop the headache...





“Dad, they know something! Why-”

“Look, son. I also want to know what happened to my friend’s daughter, but pressing them that way won’t accomplish anything.”

“Then how? We can’t just give up-”

“I’m not saying we should give up. We need something that they can’t deny. Any records of her, calling police help, or anything but what you did back then. Accusing them without evidence won’t get us anywhere.”

“How do we get the evidence?”

“We’ll find a way-”


“Wait, do you hear tha-”




“Aurgh... Dad...”


“Please... Wake up...”


“Don’t leave me alone...”




“You’re alive?”


“Seems so. It’s unfortunate to have an accident whilst you’re searching for your childhood friend. Especially when your efforts will prove futile, since she’s not in your world any longer.”


“Hm... The wound prohibits you from speaking. Troublesome, but it will make things interesting. How about we make a deal, I’ll bring you to your childhood friend, but I'll hold your memory for a while, but don’t worry, you’ll receive them back. I only ask one thing of you: live your life in the new land where your friend lives for a while, afterwards you can choose whether you want to stay in there or go back to your own world. How’s about it?”


“Oh, right, you can’t talk. However you can still move your mouth.”


“If you accept my offer, open your mouth, and let the pill on your lips enter your body. Otherwise, I’ll return you to the outside world. I’ll count to three.”





“Wise choice.”


“Now, sleep well, you’ll meet your childhood friend soon. And welcome to the land of dreams...”




You open your eye, and find yourself lying on the ground in a graveyard. It’s quite dark here. Yukari steps into your view and points at a woman-

Wait, is that Sanae’s clothes she's wearing?

“Go ahead.”

She slices open a portal and enters it, leaving you alone. You stand up and walks to her. You confirm that it’s Sanae that stands in front of a grave. Her hair has turned from green to black. You can see she’s recently been crying. You check the grave.

Kochiya Family Grave.

You touch her shoulder, and she opens her eyes.

“Go awa-”

She is about to break down again when she looks at your face.

“Nobu... Please Nobu... Tell me this is a dream... A nightmare... Please...”

Sanae cries. You lower yourself and hug her.

“How... How they could do that... The goddesses who raised me... Killed my parents...”

She keeps sobbing on your shoulder.

“I remember how happy I was with my family... With you... How could they...”

Sanae keeps muttering as she cries, she doesn’t want to believe the truth.


It takes a while until she stops crying. It's dark now, you can’t stay here in the graveyard.


You try to make her leave the grave. Sanae is hesitant when you pull her away from the grave, but doesn’t resist, she only looks at the grave as you both walk away from it, until it is out of her sight.


Another portal opens in front of you near the graveyard’s exit. You can see your house at the other end of the portal. You step into it, dragging Sanae along...


You use the key to unlock the door to your house. It’s dark here, so you turn on the lights. Sanae is awfully quiet since you dragged her away the graveyard. You write to her, asking if she’s hungry or not.


No answer. Probably too tired after crying for god-know how long. Well, better search the whole house for money, or something to-

“Don’t go...”

Sanae holds your arm and refused to let it go. Sigh... You walk her into your room, she can rest in there-


She's still holding tight to your arm. If only you had your voice, you would tell her to let go, but then it seems she’s not hungry with that much sadness within her. You slowly push her to the bed, to tell her to rest.

“Stay here... Please...”

Fine... You sit on the side of the bed with her. How long do you have to stay with her like this?

“Nobu... No, your real name isn’t Nobu. I can only remember your last name... Asakura, right? Have you gotten all your memory back?”

You nod.

“Is this... Your house? Where’s your father? I remember you and him, he’s close to my dad...”

You wish you knew... Yukari never said anything about your dad, but you remember his bloodied face in the crashed car... perhaps she doesn’t want you to know his location because she's worried you'll grieve just like Sanae?

“Sorry...” She says before you could write a response to her. “I overheard you yesterday. I remember my grandmother told me to keep it, but I gave the charm to you instead, I wanted to share our family’s good luck with you with that charm, but... Because of me... My parents died... Yours too...”

You shake your head; you don’t blame her, she didn’t know that it has a curse. If you have to blame someone, it’s not her that you’ll blame...

“I knew my parents probably wouldn’t be alive, since I was raised in the shrine for so long, but to know that they took my parents' lives... I even asked Yukari to take me to the place where the curse was set to confirm it myself, on the top of a hill near the road to the shrine, where they forbid me to go... Then I remembered everything, about my past, and the car crash... It’s awful...”

She grabs your hand and holds it tight. You write that she should sleep now, she must be tired after travelling for so long.

“Uh huh...”

She lays down on the bed. You stand up-

“Nobu... Please stay with me...”

Huff... Just for today. You lay down near Sanae. Your bed is quite small, but you can make some distance between you and her, so you won’t try anything stupid on your childhood friend. You’ll move from this room to your father’s room after she’s fallen asleep.

“Sorry for troubling you... Goodnight...”

Finally... You process all stuff that happened today as you wait for Sanae to sleep. First, she mentioned that she asked Yukari to go to the place where the curse that killed her family is set: Which means she helped her from the start, since it’s impossible for her to call Yukari for help on a whim. It must be her that made Sanae run away. But what’s her intentions? Can’t she let you choose where you live and be done with it? It’s good that Sanae finally recognizes you as her childhood friend, but things shouldn’t have ended up like this...

Second, your father. Everything looks blurry in your memory, since you've lost your glasses when the avalanche hit the car. You only remember there’s an explosion before you ended up in Yukari’s realm. If she left your father...

If he really died... At least you hope he didn’t feel much pain...


No, wipe your tears, Sanae can’t see you like this... You can grieve later-


“Don’t hold it because of me... I’m sorry... I’m supposed to be your sister who's helping you, but...”

Her embrace... It comforts you...

[] Just like an older sister that you never had...
[] But you want her to see you as more than a brother...
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☑ Just like an older sister that you never had...

Not really a new reader, but I've been away for a while. Good shit, keep it up!
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[x] But you want her to see you as more than a brother...
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[x] Just like an older sister that you never had...
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[x] But you want her to see you as more than a brother...
Delete Post
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[x] you want her to see you as more than a brother

Uff, finally caught up. New reader, by the way. Keep up the good work.
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[] Just like an older sister that you never had...
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I'll pick one of the choices if there isn't any tiebreaker until tomorrow.
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File 142885157671.png - (2.15KB, 170x204, diehascasted.png)
Called. Option 2 ([] But you want her to see you as more than a brother...) wins. Writing now.
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I need to check more often, somehow I failed to see an update several days in a row.
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File 142954380282.png - (434.50KB, 694x1110, 315e9d42f9dacd9f31795a02dd85aea6.png)



But something hits your heart when Sanae says she’s supposed to be your sister... Your childhood friend... You love her; that’s the reason why you didn’t take advantage of her when she was drunk; that’s why you searched for her when she vanished from your world.


Is it right to ask more from her, your childhood friend? She took care of you when you’re hurt in Gensokyo, and even before her disappearance, she took care of you like her own brother. If she wants you to be her brother, is it right for you to change it?

“If you do not take initiative, your position in her eyes won't change~”

Yukari's words are ringing in your head. You've never shown your affection directly. She warned you that Sanae sees you as her brother, and that won’t change unless you do something to make her notice. But what can you do now? Is it too late for you? Will she accept your feelings if you confess now?

You think for a moment and close your eyes, then you make a resolution in your head: Today you’ll express your love to her. If she doesn't accept it, then that's it, you’ll love her as your sister, you don’t want to lose her again by forcing your feelings at her.


You look her in the eyes. You take a deep breath, and tell yourself to do it, before you regret it.


You move your head forward and kiss her lips, and hug her tight.


She shuddered. Is she...


Sanae closes her eyes, neither accepting it, nor resisting it. After a while, you pull apart to catch up some breath.


That eyes... Doubt fills your heart. Is she shy? Is she reluctantly accepting your kiss only to comfort you? Is she not liking it? You wait for a moment, giving her a chance to speak her mind, but she doesn't say anything, only staring at you deeply.


You kisses her again; she still doesn't say any words.


You fondle her breast.


Her face reddens. Sanae still shows no resistance, only turns her face aside. If she doesn’t resist...


You undo her shrine maiden’s outfit, now the only thing covering her breasts is a long cloth wrapping around her. Your hands unwrap it loose, and her chest is exposed now. You bring your face closer and kiss it.


You can hear her breathing heavily, but she's only lying there, showing no rejection or acceptance, only letting you do anything to her body. Does she really want this? Does her lack of resistance means she likes what you are doing to her now?

Should you stop?

But what if she changes her mind if you stop? What if she rejects you afterwards? What if you throw the only chance to get closer to her?

No... You can’t stop now...


You don’t want to stop now.



*Slick Slick Slick!*

“It... Hurts...”




Your heart stops for a moment when she calls your name. You realize what's happened: She’s crying... Shuddering... You took her virginity... What have you done to your childhood friend? You’re hurting her...

“If... If this is what you want... I’m okay with it...”

She forces herself to smile.

“But please... Hold me... So the pain will go away...”

You immediately lower yourself and hug her. God, you went overboard with her, she wants to comfort you, yet... You didn't mean to do this...

“Thank you...”





“Really, really sorry?”


“Okay, I forgive you, but what about this figurine? It can’t make any sounds when I press the button!”

“I can fix it!”


“Uh huh! My dad’s always fixing things with his tools inside his workshop, I’m sure I can fix it with those too!”

“I don’t believe it.”

“Please, trust me!”

“If you says so...”


“Don’t touch the tools in the workshop without me around! What if you got hurt while using them!?”

“Sorry dad...”

“Sorry mister Asakura...”

“Huff... Here, let me see that broken toy.”

*Click Click Click!*

“Did you drop it somewhere in the water?”

“I dropped it into the pool dad...”

“I have told you to be careful with other people’s belongings, haven’t I?”


“Don’t say sorry to me, say that to your friend whose action figure you broke.”

“I have!”

“Good. Come here, if you want to fix this toy, follow my instructions, carefully.”


“Can I help mister?”

“Sorry Sanae, just sit there and watch him, okay?”

“Uh huh...”


“Press the button, try if it works or not.”

*Pew pew pew!*

“It works!”

“Close that, and give it back to the lady waiting over there.”

“Thank you!”

“But I’m the one who broke it...”

“Still, it’s amazing that you could fix it by yourself, even with your father’s help. Can you teach me how to fix stuff too, mister Asakura?”

“If your father allows it. Now, don’t you think it’s about time to go home?”

“Ah, that’s right! I’m going home now, thanks for fixing my toy!”


“Okay, you know what your fault is today?”

“I carelessly treated other people’s belongings...”


“I got into your workshop without your permission...”

“Good. It’s good that you tried to fix what you broke, but doing it without me around will probably break the toy more, or gets yourself hurt.”


“Tomorrow we’ll be going to your mother’s grave, so don’t disappoint her and be a good boy today. Got it?”


*Chirp chirp!*



You open your eye, and find Yukari sitting near the corner of the room.


Sanae yelps when she sees Yukari, and covers her half-naked body with a blanket.

“So you've finally shown your true feelings to her. Although I suggest you do it nicely next time.”

“Y-you watched us!?”

“Kind of hard not to, with all the noises that you made~”

Her smile fades.

“But enough about that, it is time. This man has to choose something important, now.”


“You didn't think that he can stay in Gensokyo without you, do you? Suwako sent him to look for you, and to keep him safe from her fellow goddess.”


Yukari turns to you.

“Will you go to Gensokyo with Sanae, back to your goddesses? Or will you stay here, start over your mundane life in the outside world?”

Sanae hold your hand tight. You look at her, asking what she would choose.

“I don’t know Nobu... I don’t know... I don’t want to go back to those people who ruined our lives... But...”

She still can’t forgive her goddesses... This is worse than Kogasa, and they caused your father’s death too... But still... Suwako really feels guilty and want to make amends with both you and Sanae, even telling not you to return if Sanae doesn't want to. Probably Kanako too, if she didn't care about Sanae, you wouldn't be forced to get out of Gensokyo for fear of her wrath when her shrine maiden ran away...

Should you bring Sanae back to Gensokyo or not...

[] Go back to Gensokyo
[] Stay in the outside world
-[] Write in
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[X] Go back to Gensokyo
- [X] Have Yukari set up a place for you and Sanae to live in, separated from Kanako and Suwako, Far enough to not be uncomfortable, but close enough so that if the goddesses really wish to make amends, they can do so themselves.
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[X] Go back to Gensokyo
- [X] Have Yukari set up a place for you and Sanae to live in, separated from Kanako and Suwako, Far enough to not be uncomfortable, but close enough so that if the goddesses really wish to make amends, they can do so themselves.
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[X] Go back to Gensokyo
- [X] Have Yukari set up a place for you and Sanae to live in, separated from Kanako and Suwako, Far enough to not be uncomfortable, but close enough so that if the goddesses really wish to make amends, they can do so themselves

She was happy in Gensokyo and there'll be time for her to process everything. She doesn't have to face them until she's ready.
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Image Source
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File 14309245746.jpg - (111.72KB, 850x601, bath.jpg)



Thinking about it, you feel it’s not like she can’t forgive them, she only needs time. After all, these truths dropped on her must be clouding Sanae's better judgement... But Yukari's ordering you to choose now. Come on, think, how to solve this problem...

Wait, you don’t have to return Sanae to her shrine. You both can live somewhere in Gensokyo, until she can forgive her goddesses. You write down your plan for her.

“...As long as I could go with you...”

Good! You show your plan to Yukari, asking her to set up somewhere for both of you to live.

“Oh. I must inform you of one thing about that decision, though: She has to live outside of the village.”

Eh, why?

“Rules, honey, at least for now. When the time is right they might be changed, but now, better follow them for everyone’s sake~”

“But without protection, youkai will-”

“You could always ask your goddesses for protection, yes?”


It’s impossible for Sanae to ask her goddesses now... If she could, it would be better to just get on with it and live with them. If you ask them, though...

“I’m sure you can figure out something.”

She slashed open a portal, and-

*Clap clap!*

“Miss Yukari, did you call me?”

A lady with many tails attached to her back emerges from the portal.

“Yes Ran. Prepare the necessary steps to move this house to Gensokyo for this couple.”

She looks like a fox... Or a hound?

“...Please specify where you will move the house, master.”

“Hm... Well, how far do you want to be from your goddesses? ” Yukari looks at Sanae.

“I don’t want him to be endangered by youkai because of me...”

“There’s no place truly safe from youkai other than the human village. You should know that without the deal with the Tengu Lord, your shrine would be driven out from the mountain by the tengu.”

“So... Where...”

“Well, I could suggest one place: the road between the forest and the village. The location doesn’t have too many hostile youkai, it’s outside of the human village but not too far from it so you could get your everyday needs quite easily, and it’s far from Youkai Mountain, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally meeting your goddesses. And there’s a friendly neighborhood there.”

She retracts her fan and looks at you.

“Of course, it’s not completely safe from dangerous youkai, so you might still need protection from someone, just saying~”

It doesn’t look like you have any other alternatives... You ask Sanae if she’s fine if you and her live there.

“But, if you get hurt by a youkai...”

You hold her hand, assuring her that you’ll be fine. You’ll ask Suwako for protection later, and inform her about the shrine maiden’s condition. You’ll definitely hide the fact that she’s not a maiden anymore though. You need to properly apologize to Sanae about that later.

“Promise me, keep yourself safe no matter what, okay? I can’t forgive myself if you get hurt...”

“I'll take that as a ‘yes.’”

She slashes open a portal.

“Put your clothes on and step outside of the house, I’ll be waiting.”

Both Yukari and the fox-like lady walk through the portal, leaving you and Sanae alone. Huff... You crawl out of the bed-

“Nobu... Why did you choose to go back to Gensokyo? You’re safe here... Our parent’s killers are not here... You don’t have to obey their word... Why?”

You remind Sanae how happy she was before all these revelations rained down on her. You also inform her how her goddesses really regret what they’ve done and will do everything they can to redeem themselves. Why else have they raised her until now? At least she should give them a second chance, because that’s what you’ll do for them, just like what she and her goddesses gave you by nursing your wounds.

“...But Nobu, we’ll be back in Gensokyo soon, even though you haven’t seen your father yet. I think you should ask Yukari to bring you to him before we go...”

You think about that for a while, then you shake your head. Seeing your father’s grave will probably make it hard for you to leave the outside world... At least you can bring his house with you.


You put your clothes back-

“N-Nobu...” Sanae is still sitting on the bed. “It’s leaking...”


“Y-your sperm... I can feel it leaking out from my crotch...”

Uh oh. You can’t see any tissues around here. Come to think of it, you and her haven’t bathed since yesterday. Better take a bath before moving this house to Gensokyo, you doubt the water will still work after Yukari moves it. You tell her to take a bath first.

“What about the towel...”

Screw towel, she can use that blanket. You’ll check around if there are any clothes that she can use. Anyone who’s trying to sell this house left your workshop tools and all the furniture in place, so clothes are probably there, too.


She covers herself with the blanket whilst holding her crotch. Does her nether area still hurt after yesterday? Never mind, better find her some clothes to wear...


Huff... Thankfully your clothes are still in your cupboard. You’ve picked out some clothes that she can use. Thankfully her size and yours are not that different, because you used to wear her sailor uniform and it fit. Goddess, despite all the memories that you want to recover, you wish you could forget about that. You carry the clothes and put them in front of the bathroom.

*Knock knock!*

You knock on the door and walk away, just to let her know that she could use those clothes-

“Nobu, my underwear...”

You can hear Sanae call out behind you. Crap. She obviously can’t use yours... You put a mental note to ask Suwako to bring her clothes when she visits you and Sanae. Her yesterday’s underwear should do for now.

*Knock knock!*

You bring her dirty clothes and she quickly take them.

“Thanks. I found two towels in here. You don’t mind if I use one, do you?”

Well, duh. Unless she likes using that blanket to wipe herself, why not? Sanae nods and closes the bathroom door. Not long after she comes out fully clothed; looking like a tomboy with your clothes, just like back when she was a child.

“I’ll wait for you outside...”

She walks away. Better hurry, you don’t want to test Yukari’s patience...


“Taking a bath first, I see. Well, wise move, once my shikigami moves the house, you’ll have to rework stuff like plumbing and electricity. You should know where to ask for help~”

Yukari says as you steps out from your house. There are some people on the streets, but they don’t seem to notice the women in eccentric clothes, or the fact that you just came out from a house for sale.

“Don’t worry about that, just a little trick from the old maiden~”

*Tap tap!*

“It is ready, Lady Yukari.”

“Thank you. Come here folks, step closer.”

She steps forward, which you and Sanae follow. Soon, the sky is changing... No, everything is changing, as if something is covering the entire area. It’s like two pictures being put on the top of each other. The street in front of the house, it’s slowly being overlapped by a dirt path. The houses on the left and right turn into a green field.

Wait, this area looks familia-

“It’s done.”

You look around to confirm your suspicions, and you’re right: You can see Rinnosuke’s shop nearby. The shopkeeper comes out of his store, but instead of looking shocked, he just stand there analyzing your house.

“There you go. Now that our deal is finished...”

She waves opens a portal.

“Wait, where are you be going?”

“Why Sanae, I’ll take a quick nap for now. I’ve taken way too much time watching his life. It was fun though~”

Yukari pats your head.

“Farewell, young man.”

She and her assistant walk into the portal, and it closes. The shopkeeper walks to your position.

“Now, what’s going on here? Do I have new neighbors now?”

This will take a while to explain...
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File 143141976128.jpg - (158.59KB, 288x900, rikako.jpg)



Fuh... Thankfully Sanae decides to explain what happened yesterday. While she's occupied, you have a chance to talk with Suwako. You walk to the small shrine and pray there.

“N-Nobu? Is that you?”

A frog that's sitting on the top of the shrine hops onto you.

“Nobu, she’s back, right? Tell me she’s back!”

Suwako’s voice resounds inside your head. You nod, but quickly write that she doesn’t want to see her yet, as she’s still angry at both her and Kanako for what they’ve done to her parents.

“I see... Where will you both live then?”

You tell her how Yukari brought your house to the road near Kourindou, and that there’s no stuff like electricity and water here, then ask for her help to set it up. You also tell her that it’ll be a good time to apologize to her directly.

“Do you think she’ll listen to my apology?”

Well, Sanae will probably act like she doesn’t care anything that she’ll say, but you think she’ll hear it.

“...I’ll tell Kanako. Don’t start any conversations with her when we come over, okay? She’s still a bit... twitchy after Sanae ran away. I’ll bring your stuff from the workshop to your house along with clothes as soon as I can...”

The frog hops back to the shrine and sits there. You hope this will go well for Sanae and her. Time to walk back to your house...


“...Well, the road isn’t particularly dangerous, honestly it’s quite crowed nowadays since a lot of people buy stuff from my store after they heard Nobu can fix items from the outside.”

You walk back to your house, and find the shopkeeper is still talking to Sanae. Apparently, discussing how safe this site is for you.

“But at night it’s a different story. I’m a half-youkai so they won’t hunt me, but he’s an outsider. If someone knows he resides here, they will try to hunt him, unless you make it hard for them by interfering with their efforts making him unappealing, and making them go hunt someone else. It’s not like they’ll try hard just to hunt down one person.”

“But if he’s attacked while I am asleep...”

“Look, I’m not going to ask what’s going on that you had to move away from your shrine, but I’m just telling that it’s not really a bright idea for him to live here unprotected.”

“Thanks for the advice...”

The shopkeeper walks away. Sanae rests her body against the wall.

“Nobu... You went to pray to Lady Suwako, didn't you?”

Busted... No point in lying though, since they’ll come to this house tomorrow after all.

“I did tell you to put your safety first after all...” She shakes her head. “Just... Give me something to do now Nobu. I don’t want to think about them...”

Uh... How about cleaning up the whole house? It’s quite dirty here, since you don’t know how long your house was left without any people in it. Months, maybe? Perhaps you will find some candles when cleaning, because tonight will be a very dark one without any electricity.

“That’s good, but we'll need water to clean this place... And to cook some food... Now that I think of it, we haven’t eaten anything since yesterday...”

Crap... What should you do, buy some food? You don’t have any money with you, and you doubt Sanae has some. Hunt some animals? As if you have the skill and guts to kill an animal that aren’t a pest to you... Fishing? Well, you don’t have the guts to chop the fish whilst they're still alive, but Sanae probably can, given her experience in cooking. That’s it then, you tell Sanae you’ll go fishing and will gather some water afterwards.

“Do you have a fishing rod here?”

Well, you remember faintly that you and your father once fished together at a lake... His equipment is probably stored in the attic. She nods, and both of you go there.


“Uff... There’s a lot of dust here...”

You open the door, and dust immediately flies around. Urgh... Better start searching now. You try to open nearby closet...


Some lab equipment, rolls of paper... Strange, you never knew your dad had these. You never ventured to the attic before, when you were young your dad forbid you, and when you were older you simply didn't see the need to visit it.


You open a box, revealing some stuff inside it, a photo album, certificate, clothes... Hey, this is a woman’s skirt. These clothes are woman’s clothes. Wait...


You open the photo album: This... What you’re holding now are your mother’s clothes. You never really saw her photos, when you asked your dad, he told you that it’s the way for him to be able to move on after the incident that killed your mother. He couldn't stand to see your mother’s face since that day. You inspect the clothes: they're a bit large, but they should fit Sanae just fine, since the size is not that different than yours. Either your mother was a short person or your generation has huge bodies compared to the previous one. Maybe you should check your father’s clothes when you have the time...

“Is that your mother, Nobu?”

You nod, then put the clothes in front of her.

“Huh? Wait, you want me to wear them? But this are your mother’s...”

It’s okay, she needs them more than your mother does. At least until Suwako brings some clothes tomorrow. Still, you can’t see any reasons why she can’t use your mother’s clothes, unless she doesn’t want to wear them.

“Not that I don’t want to... Fine, I could use more clothes...” She checks the clothes as you go back to searching for the fishing gear. “Skirt, yellow and white ribbon... A lab coat? Nobu, was your mother a scientist?”

Well, dunno. Your father never gave you any details of her. Crap, is it really that hard to find fishing gear?

“There’s an id card here... ‘Asakura Rikako.’ Hm... There’s a lot of photos of your father and- Ah, I shouldn’t dig any further.”

You open a bag at the corner of the room, and find a retractable fishing rod here, along with other things necessary for fishing. Finally got it. You grab the bag and walk outside-

“Wait Nobu, I’m going to the river with you !” Sanae calls. “I need to take water for our daily needs too, and I can’t leave you alone when youkai are around...”

Well, it’ll be troublesome if you were ambushed when you fish... And with her miracles, it should be easy to catch something big for your lunch. You want some rice for your lunch though, but where else will you find it other than the shop in the village? Last time you went there, they tried to give Sanae their rice for free, maybe... Nah, she has to use her shrine’s fame for that. Guess you both have to settle with just fish for now. You ask if she can use her miracle power to make you catch a good fish fast, since you both haven’t eaten anything since yesterday, and keep you away from youkai at the same time.

“I can only do one Nobu... It’ll take greater concentration and preparations to do bigger or numerous miracles...”

And considering her state of mind now... Eh, you tell her to just make your catch a good one, since she’s going with you anyway; if you meet any dangerous youkai she could fight it to protect you. You walk outside-

“Wait, I can’t take the water with just my hands... And you’re not going to put your catch into that fishing bag, are you?”

Crap, you’re so hungry that you didn’t think this through. Better make proper preparation now...


After some walk, both you and Sanae arrive at a nearby river, not far from the house. Sanae starts filling empty bottles that she gathered before back in the house with water. She also has a bucket ready for you to place your catches inside. You prepare the bait and cast it into the river.


“Hm... If I could set a pipe here- No, we don’t have big enough pump...”

You ask what Sanae’s thinking about.

“I was thinking about setting up a pipe that pumps water into our house, but we’ll need a huge pump for it, and the work needed is too much for only one person, and it would take days to months, not to mention that youkai could attack when we are working on it...”

Well, Suwako could probably do it, since she could build a whole workshop for you in just one day-


You feel something bite the lure. You quickly reel in the lure; you’ve caught a medium sized fish.

“Nice catch Nobu!”

Well, more like good job Sanae; you doubt you could catch anything this fast without her miracle. This fish alone won’t satisfy both of your stomachs though. Once again you cast your fishing rod-


“Ssstt, Nobu, be quiet,” Sanae taps your shoulder, and points at a nearby bush. Welp. You hide behind Sanae’s back, and she readies her gohei-



And... You see it's that umbrella youkai again. At least she’s not hostile-

“Hey, why are you not surprised- Wha!? Mister Nobu? You brought another outsider with you?”


Sanae doesn’t respond to her, she only lowers her gohei and sits back down, ignoring her.

“Hey, that hair accessory looks familiar... Sanae? Whaaaa, you’re back- Huh? Wait, why is your hair black? Why are you wearing outsider’s clothes? I know that you’ve recently went to the outside world, but shouldn’t you wear your shrine maiden outfit?”

Sanae still doesn’t respond to any of her questions. You tell Kogasa to not talk to her at the moment.

“Well, okay... I was expecting her to yell or hit me, but she looks gloomy... is the outside world really that bad now?”

No, it’s because her personal-


A fish bites your lure while you’re busy writing. Crap-


Sanae steadily grabs the fishing rod before the fish can pull it away from you, and she reels in the catch; then put it into the bucket.

“Let me fish if you want to talk to Kogasa.”

You feel like a freeloader here... You write an apology to Kogasa that you need to focus on catching fish for your lunch, and have no time to talk with her.

“Oh... Can I surprise you first, mister?”

What, you being surprised when a fish bit your lure when you’re writing is not enough?

“But it’s not my doing...”

That means she has to try better next time. You have to fill your own stomach and Sanae's too, not just her.

“Hm... If I find some food for you, will you get surprised for me?”

You're not sure if your surprise is really worth the food, but tell her to go ahead if she really wants to see your surprised face.

“Thank you! I’ll be back right away!”

And off she goes... Well, back to the fishing rod, two fishes won’t enough for your stomach without rice...
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Revision, I forgot that Nobu at this point should be fixing more general items from the people instead of 'toys' from children.
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Done. One [suggestion] inside though.
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File 143182819454.jpg - (463.60KB, 850x637, sad.jpg)



Okay... You’ve caught six medium sized fishes. You ask Sanae if this is enough.

“It’s okay... I don’t feel really hungry anyway...”

It seems Kogasa is not coming back. Time to go-


Oh, that’s her voi- Wait, is that a huge boar that she carrying on her head!?

“I surprised you, I surprised you!” Kogasa says happily. But seriously, that’s the testament to how strong youkai truly are, looking at the boar’s size. You won’t be able to carry it alone, and Sanae has to carry those bottles and buckets of water for your daily needs. You ask Kogasa to carry it to your house near here.

“You’re no longer living on the mountain?”

Yes, but you can’t give her an explanation when both your hands are holding a bag and a bucket of fishes. Kogasa nods and walks with you to your house...


“Wow, it’s unlike houses in the village... It looks more like that house inside the forest, only with less plants on the wall.”

Huh? You stare at Sanae to ask her what did she mean.

“She’s probably talking about Marisa’s house. She said the house was abandoned and she decided to live there. Probably a house that was somehow transported to Gensokyo from the outside.”

Oh... You didn’t really expect her living in a modern house. The inside definitely won’t be like your house's though, probably filled with books about magic and cauldron-


A girl bursts out from the door of your house before you open it.


“Yep, reporter Shameimaru Aya here! Don’t mind me, just taking some pictures of this new house,” She gives her usual energetic smile. God, you should lock your doors next time... “May I interview you for a moment? You know, about your disappearance... And now you come back with a house here! What do you have to say about it?”


Sanae doesn’t seem to want to answer that. You put the bucket and the bag on the ground, then write to Aya that you’ll answer her questions, as Sanae has to prepare your lunch, informing her that you both haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.

“Okay glasses boy, don’t mind me, and take your time.”

“Uhm... Where shall I put this...” Kogasa looks to you. You ask Sanae if she can show Kogasa where to put that boar down.

“...Fine. Come on, follow me, and no surprises.”



You sit down in the living room together with Aya and Kogasa. You give them a summary of what happened yesterday.”

“Oh... It’s about her past, huh...”

Aya comments after she done reading your story. You beg her not to put it in her newspaper, if everyone knows how the shrine broke up, people’s faith in the shrine will be reduced.

“Nobu, I’m a reporter, I have to report everything that has happened to my readers,” She glares for a moment, then sits back on the couch. “Of course, news this sensitive go to boss first. If she says no...” Aya raises her brow. “What I supposed to inform the masses of then?”

Tell them that you and Sanae moved here so both of you could reach the villagers faster.

“Is that the truth?”

You certainly don’t want to carry stuff that you have to fix to the mountain if you have the choice. You only wish that you won’t get hunted by dangerous youkai due to living outside of the village and the mountain.

“Food’s ready.” Sanae comes out of the kitchen and puts a lot of food on the table. But there is only grilled fish here. Where’s the meat? “Sorry, but we’ve only got these...”

“Ah, don’t mind me, I have to go collect more stories for my newspaper. Thanks for the offer though,” Aya stands up and walks out of the living room. “See ya!”

Well... How about Kogasa?

“I need to surprise people to satisfy my hunger, and she doesn’t let me surprise her...” She walks over and hugs you. “Thanks for being surprised, Mister Nobu! Please eat this food so I can surprise you again! I’m going now!”

She walks away from the room. Good girl... So, time to eat now?

“Nobu, come here for a moment.”

Eh? You obey and follow her to the kitchen- Urgh, its stinky in here...

“Most food in the refrigerator is spoiled... I’ve moved unspoiled ingredients to the shelf, but we need to clean the refrigerator up if we want to use it later,” She points to several pieces of the chopped boar nearby. Brrr…You almost feel bad for it, but your hungry stomach suppress the thought. “That’s the remains of the boar. Without a refrigerator, the meat won’t last long, so we need to can it later. Oh, and the meat’s very rigid to cut compared to chicken or cow, so I will appreciate if you could help me cutting it later.”

Urgh... Without electricity you have to hunt for food every day... Never mind that for now, you have to fuel your brain first. You nod and go back to the living room.

“Let’s eat, we still have a lot of work after this.”

Correct. Better enjoy that food while there’s still time...


Huff... That grilled fish really filled your stomach. When all you have is fish...

“Nobu, I didn’t bring enough water from the river to wash the dishes, just put those on the dishwasher and only use the water in the bucket there to wash your hands, I’ll bring them to the river to wash later. For now, I’ll throw this junks away in the forest.”

Yeah, sure. You’ll continue transporting water from the river to the house with bottles and buckets then, you both definitely need more for today.

“Don’t take too long, okay? If you see a youkai, drop the water and run.”

Of course, of course... You pick up two buckets and a bag full of empty bottles that Sanae used to carry water earlier and move out...


Huff... Huff... It seemed easy when you saw Sanae carrying it, but the task is surprisingly taxing on your stamina…


“Is this the house?”

“Nobu said that Yukari brought his house from the outside, and there are no other houses nearby other than the shop, so this is probably it.”

You see two familiar figures in front of your house.

“Go ahead then, knock on the door.”

“Wha- me?”

You are the one that let them get away in the first place.

“Jeez, but-”

Suwako turns her head and realizes that you are standing behind her.

“Nobu?” She walks closer to make sure that it’s really you, then she runs and hugs you. “Nobu... What are you doing out there alone with buckets of waters? Where’s Sanae?”

You write to her that you're fetching some water from the river for your daily needs, and Sanae was throwing some junk away earlier, but she should be home now.

“Okay... Go inside the house first, okay? We’ll enter when we’re ready...”

“What are you doing Suwako?”

“Look, we can't enter now, it'll be too sudden for her-”

“Urgh, I’m not going to waste my time.”


Kanako opens the door and enters the house. You and Suwako follow from behind.

“Sanae?” She tried to call her, no answer. You search the entire house, but apparently Sanae’s not inside.

“Oh no... Did she detect our presence and ran away?”

“Great. Now what? We have to fly around Gensokyo-”


“I’m home... Sorry Nobu, I ran into some fairies and they didn't like me throwing-”

Sanae enters the room, but stops in her tracks when she realizes her goddesses are also with you.

“...junk there...”

“Sanae? Sanae! Thank-”


She silently walks past them to your bedroom. You and the goddesses follow behind her. You hold her hand, so she can go through this.


“Just give him your protection and go.”

“That’s how you talk to-”

“Kanako,” Suwako stops her fellow goddess. “Sanae... Please listen us for a few minutes...”

“What's there to talk about, I know that you cursed my entire family to their deaths...” She sharply glares at both of them. “Not only that, you made Nobu’s family die too because I gave him my charm that was supposed to curse me! I hate that, what kind of goddesses you are, doing evil things like these just for your own ends!”

Silence fills the room for a moment. You hold Sanae’s shoulders, so she won’t go too far.

“And you know what I hate most? The fact that this man, my childhood friend, still sought me out, still willing to forgive you, risked his own safety to bring me back to Gensokyo, despite that because of us he got cursed with bad luck and his father got killed...”


She’s crying. You slowly pull her towards you and make her sit on the side of the bed. At least she can release all her hatred here...

“Sanae...” Suwako talks. “I won’t deny what has happened back then. It is me, through my curse, who killed your parents and Nobu’s father. I won’t make any excuses.”

She kneels and bows in front of Sanae and you.

“But, I wish that I could at least do something for you both... It will never repay what I have done, but at least let me do something for your happiness... Not as a goddess, but as a grandmother to my grandchildren...”

Kanako, who is standing near her, kneels then bows down as well near her side.


“...I did tell you to give your protection to him, didn’t I?”

“...Yes,” Suwako stands up, followed by Kanako. “Come Nobu, let’s go outside.”

Okay... You stand up and-


Sanae holds your hand.

“Can’t you both talk here?”

“Sanae, I’ll be talking to him about the protection I’ll give to this house and stuff... I can’t just protect this room, right?”

“...I’m coming with him.”

Sanae lets you go, then all of you walk outside of the house.


“Hm...” Suwako flies up and analyzes the area around the house, then lands and touches the earth beneath her. “I could dig up a well here, and set up a long underground cable to this house...”

“Wait, Suwako it will take most of our-”

“Kanako, we’ll use those cables to set up electricity for our followers in the future once they depend on outside items, right? So let’s try it on Nobu’s house first. If it goes well, we can just extend the power grid from Nobu’s house to the village.” Suwako turns to you. “I see you’re still wearing my safe-travel charm, that’s good. I’ll build a shrine just beside your house and put a part of me there so you can easily alert me when there are any youkai or fairies around. Believe me, those mischievous fellows will make a mess with their pranks...”


A huge snake pops out its head from the ground. It spits out some boxes; Suwako opens one, and it reveals your items back from the old workshop, including items that were supposed to be given to the people some days ago.

“Thanks Misaguji, we’ll set up the cables later. Now dig a well there. After that, dig a path for a sewage pipe, I’ll add the sewage treatment machine from the kappa later.”

The snake slithers to a nearby patch of land and starts digging. You ask why bother using a sewage treatment machine for only one house.

“Making the river dirty is a quick way to anger nearby youkai, we don’t want that, do we?” Suwako smiles. “If you need money or some food, take the offerings at the shrine near the village, we don’t really need them anyway...”

Kanako keeps staring at you since you go walked out of the house, which makes Sanae grip your hand tighter. Well, better scram off for a while, or the tension between them will rise again. You write to Suwako that you want to deliver the items that you fixed back to their owners, since you have made them wait long enough.

“Sure, all this setup will take quite bit of time anyway, you’ll be much safer in the village. Here, you haven’t eat anything since yesterday right? Go buy something in the village.”

Suwako hands you a pouch full of money. You quickly write that you’ve eaten some fish today, and there’s boar meat that you can eat later for dinner.

“A boar? Did you hunt it by yourself? That’s awesome!”

Not really... Kogasa caught it for you.

“Oh, that’s okay, keep the money, but I’m afraid the meat will rot before you can eat it...”

“Just leave it, it’s from Kogasa anyway...” Sanae suggests.

As if you will waste her gift. You tell Suwako to ask the snake if it wants some food, it deserves some reward for helping you setting your house up after all.

“Okay! Lord Misaguji!” Suwako calls, and the snake pops up from the ground. “Nobu has some boar meat with him, do you want it?”

The snake nods. You quickly run back to the house, grab the boar, and take out the remains of the boar, one by one, in front of the giant snake.


The snake takes them and swallows it in one gulp like nothing. It then lowers its head in front of you, letting itself to be petted, which you do.

“He likes it! Now go ahead, deliver those items to each of their owners, I’ll try to at least finish setting up pipes for toilet and water today, otherwise it’ll be very embarrassing when you have to take a leak, right?”

Ugh, you don’t want to imagine it. You take the items and walk to the village, leaving them with your house behind...
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File 143274181533.jpg - (141.34KB, 950x1086, 8cb7d555f389ca3f6a6aee5ad0481553.jpg)



You and Sanae walk to the spot where the kids usually play. Some of the people recognize you, but don’t say anything at all, until a young kid walks over to you.

“Excuse me, you’re the fixer, right? Have you fixed my item?”

You pull out a note out of the box; a list of names of item owners.

“What’s your name?”


Yep, he’s on the list. You immediately check the items that you’ve marked with his name on a label, and you find it: a foot-operated water pump. To think that now you can fix something other than electronic devices... Is this the power of belief? No, don’t question it, just accept that you have done it. You give the pump to the boy.

“Uhm... What is this again?”

“It’s a water pump, you can move water with it, and it’s more efficient than a bucket.”

“Really? Could you show me how to operate it?”

“Uh, we need a source of water first...”

“There’s a well near my house, is that fine?”

Yeah, that’ll do. You pick up the items and walk after him. Thankfully his house is not that far. You throw the hose’s end into the well and start pumping it using your foot.

“You see, by putting some pressure on the pump, it sucks water from the end of the hose-”


Water bursts out from the other end of the hose.

“Woah! I don’t have to tire my arms with this, thanks!”

You write quickly to ask him to tell the others who's items you’ve fixed to come to the square where the kids usually play, and that you’ll be waiting there until evening.

“Of course, I’ll do it!”

He takes the pump inside his house, then walks around the village.

“The fixer is here! The fixer is here! He said that everyone who's given him items to be fixed should come to the square to claim them, he’ll be waiting there!”

Well, his announcement should do the trick. You walk back to the square and sit ther-

“Hey, mister fixer!”

Fuh... Can’t even take a breath for a moment...


“This item will wake me up anytime I want?”

“It depends, can you wake up when it rings?”

“Don’t expect it to work miss, I know Shinjirou, he won’t wake up even with a rooster crowing right into his ear!”

The crowd laughs. None of the children seem to recognize her as Sanae Kochiya the goddess, they only refer to her as ‘miss’, probably because of her outsider clothes and black hair. Well, better demonstrate the alarm clock to him...


“That was loud!”

“Remember, after you wake up, press the small button on the top of it to make the clock stop ringing, otherwise you’ll disturb other people with its loud noise.”

“I get it, thank you miss! Thank you mister fixer!”



Two small children emerge from the crowd: It’s Mio and Hiroshi.

“Hello there Mio, how’s it feel like, learning something new from the school?”

“It’s fun- Wait, you sound like Miss Sanae... But your hair and clothes are different...”

“That’s me Mio... Shouldn’t you be helping in the shop now?”

“Brother told me to go play after my class...” “It seems you are busy right now, can I help you, Mister Nobu?”

It depends. You write to Sanae to ask her if she can read people’s names.

“I can! Miss Keine taught me that recently!”

“Well, mister Nobu said that you could help him finding items that he has marked with labels in that box.”

“What labels?” Mio looks confused.


“This one?”

Hiroshi picks one of the items and points out the label on it.

“Yes, you see Mister Nobu has written people’s names on them. When I say a name, find the item with said name on the label stickered on the item, and give it to Mister Nobu.”

“Okay!” Both of them nod.

“Let’s try it... Next!”

“Me! Me! Have you fixed my item?” A little girl raises her hand. “My name is Hitomi!”


“Here you go, mister!”

Mio gives you a flashlight. You crosscheck the item with the list: Yep, this is her item alright.

“What’s this?”

“It’s called a ‘flashlight’. Think of it as a lantern that points its light forward instead of radiating the light around it-”


“Thank you!”

Finally, that’s the last item in the box...

“Everyone, Nobu can’t take any fixing requests right now, if you need an item from the outside fixed, please wait for our announcement on the day he'll be available.”

You can hear some of the crowd’s disappointment, and they start to go back to their own homes. Finally, some breather...

“Thank you very much, kids! You guys should go home now before your parents start searching for you.”

“Uh huh...”

“Mister Nobu... Could you teach us how to be a fixer?” Hiroshi asks. “Please? I want to learn how to fix stuff too!”

“Me too! You said the items are not magical, that means we can learn how to fix them too, right?”

Mio too... Well you tell her to finish her studies with Miss Kamishirasawa first, you can’t teach them anything if they haven’t finished their basic lessons, then ask you again afterwards. Of course you started tinkering with items around their age, but still...

“I will!” Both of them nod, then you send them home. Fuh... The sun’s starting to set. Well, time to go home-

“Nobu,” Sanae holds your arm when you start to walk back with the now-empty box. “Don’t go home yet...”

Again? You write to remind her that you’ll have to meet with her goddesses-

“We don’t have anything to eat back at home...”

...Oh. She’s right. Well, there’s the money that Suwako gave you, better put it to good use. Let’s go to the soba food stall that Aya showed you a few days ago.

“Uh huh.”



It doesn’t take long for you to finish the food; it’s delicious, just as Aya pointed out before. Sanae’s been taking it easy and haven’t finished hers yet. This is the right time to apologize for... what you did to her last night... No Nobu, this is not the right place to do it...

“I remember... My father used to take me to a soba stall like this, somewhere in the outside world...”

She looks like a moment from her past is flashing in front of her eyes.

“He told me not to be fooled by the look of the place, said that it has the best soba in the town. He also liked to chat with the owner, along with my mom...”

She closes her eyes.

“It hurts to remember those memories... I wished I could forget everything about it... But that’ll disrespect my parents' love for me...”

Sanae covers her eyes, trying to hold her tears.


She resumes eating her soba, much more quickly this time.

“Are you okay, miss?”

The stall owner, an old man, tries to start a conversation with her.

“I’m okay, mister, sorry. I don’t mean to cause a commotion here,” Sanae stands up after finishing her food. “I’m done, let’s go home before its dark. Thank you for the food, mister.”

“Thank you too, please come again later.”

You pay the food that you ate and go out from the village. You’ll talk about that later in a more private place, along with other stuff...
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Sorry, god bedridden all the time due to my sickness. Will post update as soon as I get healthy.
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And done.
Hope you get better, being sick is a pain.
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File 143375632267.jpg - (153.05KB, 850x693, sanaebed.jpg)



“Welcome back!”

Suwako pops out of a hole nearby and greets once you’re near your house. There’s a lantern on a recently built small shrine near the house, which fills the surroundings with light. You can see some dirt that Suwako dug out when you left for the village.


Kanako is sitting on a mat, drinking some sake. You would assume she's doing nothing to help Suwako, if not for some boxes landing near Suwako from the sky, thanks to her being able to control wind. From her uneasiness, you can feel she trying to start a conversation with you, and by extension, Sanae.

“Were the kids happy with their items?”


It seems she won’t answer that question for you. You write to Kanako that everyone looked happy, but some looked disappointed when you told them that you aren't taking any more items to fix for the time being.

“...Good... But don’t slack off for too long-”

“Hush, don’t push him. He’s not doing it for us, he’s doing it for the villagers,” Suwako says after she sees Sanae’s glare. “Nobu, Sanae, go take a bath. We’ve done working with the plumbing. We left some candles and matchsticks on the table in living room; you might want to use them since we aren’t done with the electricity yet. In fact, we’ll be going to the power generator and start digging a tunnel for the cables from there to your house.”

“Let’s hope the beacon works correctly this time, or we’ll be digging off the mark...”

“Well, you’ve tested it on the human village, and fixed the errors, right? Where’s your confidence?” Suwako punches Kanako's shoulder, then whispers to you. “Psttt, I have a letter for you in your room, go read it later, okay?”

A letter? Wha-

“We’ll be off now. Take care of yourself and Sanae!”

They both fly away before you could finish writin your question. Sigh... You ask Sanae why didn’t she answer Kanako’s question.

“Why? She didn’t specify that I am the one that has to answer her question.”

Well, but Kanako was clearly expecting her to- Nevermind. You can’t expect her to instantly interact with them normally. Just got to wait until her anger subsides...


Whatever, better to just go inside and set up some candles...



You light a candle and put it at the corner of the bathroom. You turn the shower’s knob, and water pours down from the shower’s head. Looks good. Still, it’s a waste if you don’t use this water...


Brrr... Colder than when you bathed yesterday back when this house was still in the outside world, but still warmer than bathing in the shrine-


An unpleasant odor stings your nose. Urgh, what’s- Oh, it’s coming from the blanket.


Suwako worked with the house plumbing while you were gone. That means she must have entered this bathroom to check if the plumbing works or not. That means she must have noticed the blanket with the strange odor, along with some blood on it.

She knows that you have taken her shrine maiden’s virginity. Crap. CRAAAAAP.


Okay Nobu, don’t panic, Suwako didn’t erase your existence the moment she saw you. She probably noticed how Sanae is always clinging to you and changed her mind because harming you will make Sanae hate her even more. After all, it’s because of you she went back to Gensokyo. Goddess... Now you’re not sure if you want to read her letter...


You walk out of the bathroom after cleaning yourself, and to the living room, to tell Sanae that she can take a bath now.

“Nobu...” She's looking down, not daring to look in your face. “Are you angry with me because of that earlier question?”

Earlier question? She means why she didn’t want to answer Kanako’s question? You’re not angry, more like disappointed because she still keeps her hostile attitude to her goddesses.

“Nobu, sorry... It's just, you can’t instantly expect me to act normally with them...”

You're sure that her parents would not like her becoming a vengeful person though.

“I know, I know! But...”

You stare at her, but she doesn’t finish her sentence.

“I’ll cool my head first, okay...”

She's better. You wait until she enters the bathroom, then enter your bedroom with a candle to find Suwako’s letter. Come on Nobu, don't chicken out of this...


You open it and slowly read it...

‘Dear Nobu,

First, we want to say thank you for bringing Sanae back to Gensokyo. She’s obviously an important family to us. I can’t thank you enough for this. Never will.

Although we thought about what Sanae said to us: She’s right. You should hate me, for what I’ve done to you and your father. I can’t digest the fact that you are willing to endanger yourself to bring her back to us, to this world full of youkai, even that Sanae is more than willing to stay in the outside world considering that she hates us. She even has thrown away her blessings of power that we’ve given to her. I did tell you not to bring Sanae back if that’s not her will, didn’t I? Even if I'm glad you brought her here anyway, I can’t help but wonder deep in my heart if this is really the right choice for us... I only hope we can work something out for her sake.

Lastly, this is just a hunch, but you did meet Yukari when you were in the outside world, right? I want to talk about that sometime, hopefully when all the tension is gone.


Ps: I found a blanket with small blood stains and strange smell inside the bathroom. I just want to say, you did try to treat her well on her first time, right? I think you should wash it right away, it’ll be embarrassing if you have a guest and they find it. If you need some advice about doing it, don’t be shy and ask me everything, you need to know a trick or two how to pleasure her. Her happiness is ours too after all~’

The contents are better than you expected. She doesn’t mind that you took Sanae’s virginity, but she thinks you've treated her nice on her first time, which you haven't... Just keep quiet about it...

*Knock knock!*


“There you are, Nobu. I thought you went out, since you’re not in the living room,” Sanae opens the door, and approaches you. “What’s that paper?”

You hand it to her so she can read it herself. There’s no point hiding the letter from her. You hope she won't get disturbed by the last part of the letter...

“For my sake...” She gives back the letter to you and lays down on the bed. “I only wish they have thought that before cursing us...”

They must be wishing the same too now, what’s with their attempts to win her back. Well, better go to your father’s roo-

“Nobu, where are you going?”

Sanae asks before you can get out of the room. You tell her that you shouldn’t both sleep on one bed, or something like yesterday will happen again. You don’t want to hurt her.

“Nobu... You don’t have to think like that. I was looking up to you like an older brother, and if you didn’t do that, my view on you probably would not have changed. You deserve asking for me more after what you’ve done for me...”

Sanae sheds a bit of her shirt.

“I don’t want to lose you, but... I can’t say that I liked my first time either... So... Please at least try it again, gently...”

Here you are, standing here in a dimly lit room, with Sanae offering her own body to you. If this could make up for what you did yesterday...

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My first time was shit too. Not that I'm usually spectacular mind you, but my god was that a trainwreck.
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Not the proof reader guy but that does feel as it goes through foreplay too fast.
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Well, they're two young adults trying out sex on their first second time, Nobu barely has self-control, wanting to stick it in as soon as he's about to ejaculate, and Sanae is obeying to him because she feels he always following her request and she wanted to follow his request of sticking it in too.
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File 143424572856.jpg - (204.45KB, 700x798, 67f5e6564d5958c7f7a1a166ee0e0b8f.jpg)



You slowly nibble her ear, trying to set the mood first.


Her body shudders. Sweet-talking her is obviously out of the question here, since you’re mute. You can only make her feel special with your... technique. But you won’t know what she wants in bed if you don’t ask...


You touch her inner thigh: It’s wet, but you don’t want to penetrate her now without some proper foreplay. If you’re not pleasing her, then there’s no point in having sex with her again.


You kiss her. This is just like what you did yesterday... Is this even the correct course of action for her? It seems you indeed have to ask her directly...

“Uhm, how do I want to be pleased? Anything I want?”

And there goes the mood... Goddess, you’re bad at this...

“Don’t be discouraged Nobu, I’m already happy you're trying your best just for me...” She holds your hand. “Look, I’ll... I’ll try leading, okay...”


She hugs and kisses you, which you return. Both of you stare into each other's eyes, trying to understand the other’s feelings.

“Hug me tighter... Please...”

You obey her request. She doesn’t do anything inside your arms, just sometimes rubbing her head against your chest, to feel your body’s warmth. It’s comforting to hold her like this.

“Thank you Nobu, I feel better already... you can undress me now, but please do it slowly...”

You slowly pull her t-shirt off her body, then the long cloth around her chest. You open your mouth-

“Umh! Don’t rush please...” She yelps the moment you put her breast inside your mouth. “Hug me again... From behind...”

Whatever pleases her... You breathe near her ear to work her up a bit. She shudders on each breath that blows on her ear.

“I’ll... I’ll take off the rest...”

She stands up, and strips off clothes from the lower half of her body, leaving her completely naked.

“Don’t stare too much...”

Come on, it’s not like this is the first time you’re seeing her naked body... Well, you better strip too, so she doesn’t feel left out.


Both of you just stare at each other’s body, especially each other’s private parts. The more you stare, the more Sanae tries to cover her body with her arms. You slowly walk over to her and hug her again.


Her whole body’s shaking. You slowly drag her back on the bed and let her lay there.

“Sorry... I can’t relax...”

You can see her sometimes taking a peek to your nether area, but quickly looking away when she notices that you are looking at her. Geez, does it look ugly? Come on, don’t feel self-conscious, or you both wouldn’t get anywhere this night...

“Nobu... Will it feel good if... If I touch that...?”

She’s trying to break out of her mold. You nod and crawl to her side, then lead her hand to your member. Sanae carefully caresses it. She clearly doesn’t have any idea of what she’s trying to do, but just the thought of her trying her best at pleasing you makes you feel really good. You hold and hug her as her hand works on your rod.

“Does it feel good? I’m not hurting you, am I?”

You nod, and kiss her forehead.

“I’m glad...”

Your hips start moving on their own too, seeking for more pleasure. You can’t hold it, you want to put it in right away. You change your position so you are on top of her, with your rod aimed at her private region.

“You want to do it...?” She shyly asks, even though the answer is obvious. “Hold me Nobu... Look in my eyes, so it'll feel less scary...”

You try to do as she asks. You keep looking at her as your rod tried to enter her, but it’s hard since you are only able to see her eyes.

“Hold on...”

After several tries, she grabs your rod and positions it in front of her nether area.

“Be gentle...”

You nod and slowly push into her.

“A... Aaa...”

She’s squirming. You kiss her on the mouth, as your hips keep pumping into her.

“Love... Love you Nobu...”

She holds tightly onto your body. You can feel her feet locking around your hips. Argh, you can’t hold...



You push in deep and blow all your cum inside her. You fall on the top of her, exhausted. Pant... Pant... Goddess, you should move and not rest on top-

“Huff... Huff... it’s okay Nobu, don’t move...” She doesn’t release her hold on your body. “Somehow I feel glad... feeling your weight on top on me...”


“Thank you Nobu...”

She puts your head near her breasts, and rubs the top of your head like a pet. Your consciousness wanes with each of her rubs...



*Chrip! Chrip!*

Reimu and Marisa land near the new house by the forest.

“Suddenly visiting them in the morning... I know that we’ve to check this house eventually Reimu, but it’s not like they’re making a ruckus here...”

“If we visit them later, we’ll be halted by one of their goddesses instead, and you know how secretive they are to us. Either she or her friend Nobu will be more willing to tell us what happened here recently.

“Fine...‘Sides, I want to look around their new house...”

*Knock knock!*

“Yoohoo, Sanae, your friends Reimu and Marisa are here!”

“Maybe they’re still sleeping?”

“At this hour? No way! I’ll go look around for a while.”

Marisa runs to a different side of the house and climbs inside through a window.


“Sneaky sneak-”


“Ughm... M-marisa!?”


“Sttt! Jeez Marisa, don’t sneak in like that! Can’t you knock first before barging in!?”

“I tried but there’s no answer!”

“Can’t you at least use the front door!?”

“Okay, okay, I’m coming out now!”


Marisa walks out of the house.


“Hey, now what happened inside there? Did you find her?”

*Swish Swish!*

She makes some motions instead of directly answering her.

“Dumbstruck? Uh... sleeping... in bedroom, naked, together?”

*Nod nod!*

“Huff... Sanae, you there?”

“Yes, yes, let me put on my clothes first! Please wait!”


“...Sorry for barging in...”

Marisa quickly bows her head to Sanae.

“Can we come in?” Reimu asks.

“Sure, but I don’t have anything to serve other than water...”

“It’s okay, you’ve recently moved to this place after all, but I did not expect you to bring an entire house with you... And what’s up with that black hair? You don’t use Kanako's or Suwako's powers anymore?”

“It’s a long story, and kind of personal...”

“Mind telling your friends what’s the problem?”

“Sure... Let’s go inside first.”


Urgh... Something feels different. You open your eye and find Sanae’s not with you. Huh?

“...And he’s willing to go back to Gensokyo after that?”

Another person’s voice. A guest? You put on your clothes and walk outside of the room. You see some shoes near of the front door. Not Kanako’s or Suwako’s. Sanae must be talking with them now. Well, you should greet them...


“They’re trying to connect electricity-”

“Oh, hello there handsome!”

A witch in black-white outfit greets you. Near her is the red-white shrine maiden, who transported you back when you had to chase Sanae to the outside world.

“Morning. Pardon for the intrusion,” The shrine maiden bows. You smile and nod before leaving them alone. This is girl talk, you shouldn’t interrupt them.


Better take a bath while you still have time...


“He’s urging you to forgive them?”

“Yes... I don’t know how he can just not mind the fact that they cursed our family...”

“No threat from them? I don't want to badmouth her, but I know that Kanako sometimes intimidates some villager for faith...” Marisa rubs her chin.

“I don’t know...”

“Well, you and they saved his life after all. You said that everything was okay before Yukari revealed the truth to you, right? If I have to give an opinion, maybe he genuinely wants to go back to the happy life that you and him used to have. It is nice to have a family close to you, you know...”


“And imagining someone like Kanako bowing down to the floor... That’s big coming from someone with huge ego like her,” Marisa adds.

“But whatever, I don’t want to comment too much,” Reimu looks at Sanae. “You seem honest when explaining whatever Kanako and Suwako are trying to build here doesn’t endanger anyone, so I’ll let it go on. Youkai in this area are not really fond of the nearby forest, so Nobu should be fine here as long as there’s protection from you and the rest of your shrine. Just don’t a cause big ruckus for the people or youkai around.”

“Uh huh...”

*Knock knock!*

“Yes, I’m coming!”


Sanae walks out with Reimu and Marisa peeking from behind and finds Momiji standing outside, with a huge crate next to her.

“Wait, what a tengu guard is doing here, outside the mountain?” Marisa comments.

“Hello Sanae. I’ll be quick, here’s some daily supplies from Lord Tenma, and a letter for you both.”

“Uh... Thanks... Please give my gratitude to her”

She flies away once she has done her duty. Sanae opens the letter and reads it.

“Dear Nobu and Sanae,

I heard from my sources that you have moved out from the mountain. Please don’t worry, I already told her to not report your family problems to the masses. I don’t want to ruin our good friendship that we have here. Also, here’s my token of goodwill to you both, I figure you might need some stuff like rice to cook. Just please remember us tengu too when you have succeed helping the villagers down there with your technology. We’d love to try some of your items too one day.


Ps: Tell Kanako and Suwako to not dig too much under the mountain, okay?

“Wow, Tenma’s willing to send gifts to you?”

“Well Marisa, she was holding a party just for us back then when you entered the mountain... She’s a nice girl that’s stuck up high in tengu hierarchy...”

“She’s blatantly trying to get you close to the tengu instead of humans though...”

“What do you expect from the youkai with the highest position in tengu society?” Reimu sighs. “Full of conspiracy stuff that I have to keep in check...”

*Knock Knock!*

“Excuse me!” Suwako opens the door. “Oh, I see you have guests here...”

There was a moment of silence between them, before Reimu starts moving.

“Well, time to go. I shall not bother you any more today. You still have stuff to do in this house after all.”

“Me too, me too... See you later chump!”

Reimu and Marisa walk out of the house, passing through Suwako and Kanako who's standing near the entrance of the house.

“Just wanted to say we’ll continue working on your house... Good thing that the beacon works just fine that and we didn’t dig in the wrong direction, eh?”

“Of course it should work, I’ve tested and perfected it. Now, where’s Nobu by the way?”


A man with a towel on his head walks out from behind Sanae.

“Oh, there you are Nobu. The water work just fine, right?”

He nods.

“Well, we’ll be off doing our job now. You should have electricity before nighttime, just you wait!” Suwako waves.

“What about this crate though? Do you need help to move it?”

“Just leave it there.”


“Well, see you around Sanae, Nobu!”

Sanae and Suwako walk out from the house. The man writes to her asking where her friends are now.

“They’ve gone back to their own homes. Let’s move that crate first, okay? It’s a gift from Lord Tenma to us, Momiji said it’s full of supplies, so let’s put it somewhere in the kitchen, after that, I’ll take a bath and we do our chores, okay?”

The man nods, then both him and the girl push the crate into the house...
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Privacy must be a foreign concept to them by now. Maybe they should invest in a lock.
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File 143450978412.jpg - (153.88KB, 600x840, f81c07ffe24ff7191af1792afc8939f4.jpg)



Several months later…


*Click Click Click!*

*Knock knock!*

“Excuse me!”

You're working on a machine that Kanako asked you to fix, when someone knocks on the door. It’s been months since you have moved to this house with Sanae. The popularity of items from the outside kept rising since then, thanks to your work on them. Kanako and Suwako keep supplying you with money, and villagers sometimes give offerings straight to you or to a shrine near your house after you’re done fixing their items, so you never really worry about your daily needs. Kanako briefed you about the grand introduction of electricity to the village, which will need a lot of stuff that you have to check or fix. Whatever she’s planning, it’s a big one.

“Yes, I’m coming!”


“Nobu, I’ll get the door, stay focused on fixing that machine, okay?”


You look at Sanae’s big belly as she walks out of the room. She’s now carrying your child in her womb, which surprises no one, thanks to your uncontrollable lusty mind. Kanako and Suwako gave your child some blessings through charms, but they gave them through you instead of giving them directly to Sanae. She had her doubt about receiving the charm at first, afraid that it’ll be cursed, but after some convincing words from you, she finally wore it for your child. You’re still not sure whether you’re ready to become a father or not… You can only do your best now…

“Reimu, Marisa, welcome! Ah, there’s Kasen too!”

You can hear her excitement from here. You’ve been urging her to rest and not investigate accidents or help you in the village, so she's always excited when one or two of her friends visit. You feel bad for her, staying in the house without television or some kind of entertainment to keep her busy, other than doing daily chores, some old music on cassettes at the attic and books that her magician friend sometimes brings her. You frequently bring her to the village for some amusement when not taking request to fix items, but it’s not very entertaining when there’s no events in the village.

“Did you follow my advice?”

“Of course Kasen, I rarely go to the village nowadays. I’ve followed Reisen's and Eirin's advices too, watched my diet, drinks…”

“And your daily chores?”

“I can’t possibly give them all to Nobu, he has his own work with stuff from the outside that villagers keep asking him-”

Ah, yes, that nagging hermit… You’ve been lectured by her several times when she visited to focus on Sanae’s health and activity. And one time to properly marry Sanae so that people don’t get the wrong idea, in which you just told her that you’ll do it later, since the only place that's fit for your wedding is the Moriya Shrine, with you being their shrine member and all. She fits the ‘nagging in-law’ type more than Suwako or Kanako… If Sanae didn’t hate them, and if Suwako weren't there to stop her, Kanako would probably nag you too… Not to mention Suwako has more right to nag you, since it’s her descendant that you've impregnated…

“No Sanae, sit down, I’ll make the tea for you-”

“Come on Marisa, you’re my guest, it’s my duty to serve you with something…”

“I think it should be your husband making the tea for us. He can’t just give all the housework to you, his pregnant wife!”

Huff… Nevertheless, she sometimes helps you practice dodging bullets in spell card duels to ‘grow your own spine versus youkai’ since you can’t fight in spell card duels without Sanae covering your sorry life, so she’s not that bad. Well, it’s not nice to just leave them to Sanae. You put down your tools and walk upstairs to meet your guests.

“Afternoon chump!” Marisa greets. “Busy with the outside stuff?”

“How about you lay it off for a while and do your wife a favor instead?” Kasen stares. “Being the head of the family has its duty…”

“Kasen, you don’t have-”

You stop Sanae and make her sit, then write that you better obey her words than listening to her nagging for a straight hour.

“Jeez, Nobu, that’s rude…”

“What was-”


Sanae deletes the message from the writing pad and gives it back to you.

“Nothing! Now, let’s sit down Kasen, you must be tired after flying here.”

“…Write something bad behind my back, eh?”

Gulp…Better retreat to the kitchen for now…

“How childish…”



You put everyone’s cups on the table, and pour some tea into each of them from a pitcher.

“Is it sweet?”

You shake your head at the magician, and slightly bob your head in the hermit’s direction.

“You should control your consumption of sweet things, Marisa.”



“Still, I can’t find that kind of jug with a filter inside anywhere, and Kourin won’t share his with me. I want to easily brew tea without any problems, you know, it’s convenient!”

“I heard that some of the items are causing problems to their owners instead…”

“It’s just like any other tool, if you mishandle them, it can cause trouble for the owners themselves, sometimes a whole lot of trouble. Nobu always gives this warning to owners of the items, and put a warning on each shrine,” Sanae defends you. “Look at the light bulb above. It's a convenient source of light, and very easy to turn on and off, but if you mishandle it, the light bulb could explode and hurt us.”

“I imagine no one actually listened and used them recklessly just because of how convenient they are,” Kasen says after giving it a thought.

“Just like most people on the outside world do with their items…”

“Accidents happen often, then?”

“Not as often as you think…”

“Nevertheless people like those items either way. It’s a wonder that they’re getting more popular each day,” Reimu comments.

“Which means more work for Nobu,” the witch adds.

“And more faith,” The white-red shrine maiden stares at you. “Shouldn’t you a have different source of income other than relying on your goddesses’s money?”

What you could possibly do for additional income? You specialize in items from the outside world, and you're only good at it. You could teach at Keine’s school, but she’s not exactly looking for help nowadays, since she has hired some talented villagers for that. Besides, you could care for Sanae better if you work at home, if anything happens you can always pray to Suwako for help.

“Nevermind… Just don’t follow them blindly. If they start some trouble, you could get dragged in along with them.”

They’re your family, if they get in trouble, you should help them too. They’re your in-laws after all.

“Huff, I won’t tell you this if they’re not always making schemes that could destabilize Gensokyo…”

“I don’t know Reimu, they've been pretty passive lately, compared to Miko or Byakuren.”

“They have internal problems after all…” Reimu looks at Sanae. “Seriously though, not that I’m defending them or anything like that, but isn’t it about time you lay it off, Sanae? You’re not afraid your hatred will affect your child’s condition?”

“…Can we switch to a different topic here?”

“Sorry… When are you having your next checkup?”

“This evening. Reisen recommended me to stay over the last time I've been there, because of how close it is to labor but I don’t want to just lie on the bed waiting to deliver my baby. Nobu needs me in the house…

“You can’t trust your own husband to do normal housework?” Kasen stares at you again. “He can’t expect you to do any work after labor, he has to do the housework eventually!”

“Yes, but until then, I want to be useful for my household…”

“By letting him penetrate your womb every day?”


“Indecent!” Kasen hits Marisa’s head.

“Jeez, it was just a joke between friends, just a joke!”

“Still indecent! We’ll have a talk about this later.”

“Reimu...Help me...”

“You really had to say it in front of her... Your fault. No sympathy for me.”





“Uhm, sorry, I need to go to the toilet for a while.”

She quickly walks out of the room.

“Urgh, I don’t want to become a mother for a while, can’t stomach the thought about going through of all the suffering of being pregnant…”


“Well, you, on the other hand have to continue your bloodline. Well, how’s the prospect of that guy becoming a priest? He’s good, isn’t he?”

“Stop it…”


A loud noise comes from the outside of the room.

“What was that?”

You quickly run to the source of the sound, and find Sanae lying on the toilet floor, with lots of water coming from her tights.


Uh oh. You quickly help her back on her feet and walk her to the bed.

“What was- Oh my. Marisa, this is urgent, get Eirin or Reisen here. Now.

“Wait, we’re not bringing her to Eirin’s place?”

“The smell of blood and screams during the labor pain will attract nearby youkai on our way, we can’t risk it!”

“Okay, I’m going as fast as I can!”

“I’ll help you!”

Reimu supports Sanae’s other shoulder and together, you bring her to the bed.



She practically buries her nails into your skin. You can’t imagine how painful it is, as her body is shaking from the pain. You and Reimu lay her on the bed inside your bedroom. Water keep gushing out from her tights.

“I can feel it… She’s coming Nobu…”


One hour later, Reisen comes in with her equipment in a doctor bag.

“Sorry, it became this messy-”



“Don’t mind it, focus on the baby. You’re lucky that we’re here to help.”

“Let’s see… Okay, breathe, then answer these questions when you can: When did your water break Sanae?” Reisen starts asking question.

“About one or two hours ago.”

“How often are your contractions?”

“About every thirty minutes, they’re sometimes very painful…”

“Don’t worry, its normal. Now, spread your legs.”

She does, and Reisen checks her cervix. Marisa enters the door with a bucket of water and a towel. She looks at Sanae’s vagina.


She faints, dropping the bucket, making the room wet.

“Seriously…” Reimu splashes some of the water that Marisa dropped on her face, and she wakes up. “Hey, you okay?”

“Sanae… does it hurt, to have it stretched like that?” The witch asks.

“Is it that bad?” Sanae asks Reisen.

“No, it’s not. Relax.”

You can see Marisa sometimes cover her crotch. Must feel like looking at someone that had their genitals kicked, or worse. Thankfully you were born a man…


“Okay, everything is fine. If everything goes well, you might be able to have a normal birth soon.”

“How soon?”

“Well, in can vary between six to twelve hours, in your case, it’ll probably be faster since your contractions are strong. If it’s taking longer than twenty-four hours, then we'll have to induce the birth with some medicine. Remember your exercises, you do them, right?”

“Uh huh…”

“Good. Now, let’s discuss in what position you feel most comfortable giving birth-”

“Hey, hey, anything more that we could do to help?”

“You want to go home?”

“Well, uh…”

“Not much you can do. The husband will obviously stay here to support her mentally and help me a bit, but other than that, I can take it from here, if Sanae doesn’t mind, that is.”

“It’s okay… You will not be scared of becoming a mother because of me, right?”

“Euhm, well, to be honest, I want to shoo that thought away for a moment…”

“You want to become an old hag, Marisa?”

“Of course I won’t-”

A new voice talks to Marisa. The people in the room turn to the source of it: Yukari.

“My my, the joys of giving new life,” Yukari smiles at Sanae, and turns back to the rest of the people. “Need a fast travel home?”

“I feel bad leaving Sanae here…”

“Don’t worry Reimu, Reisen said I’ll be fine, right?”

“I’ll stay here. I don’t have anything else to do… Doesn’t mean we won’t have our talk later Marisa,” Kasen stares to her.

“Fine… We’ll be going now, please take care of yourselves.”

“Thank you for your visit guys!”

Reimu walks out of the room, followed by Marisa and Yukari. Kasen sighs and looks at you.

“I’ll clean the room for you… Where’s the mop, Nobu?”


“Put your boots on, quick.”

“I’m on it, I’m on it… Okay, Yukari, please-”


“Wait… I feel someone else around here…”

“Don’t worry about-”


Reimu pulls out her gohei and sneakily moves to the other side of the house, where there’s a window to Sanae’s room. She thinks she’ll see a peeking fairy or youkai, but instead, the one who're peeking at the window are Kanako and Suwako.



“Observing them?”


“…You should come inside.”

“Eh? Nah, I’ll only ruin her happy days…”

“She needs support from all of her family. I think she’ll forgive you if you go in now. You’ve felt how it is to be pregnant, right?”

“I don’t know…”

“…I’ll call Nobu here.”


Reimu goes away, and comes back with the man.

“You have two guests here.”


He sighs, grabs both of the goddesses’s hands and drags them inside the house.

“Good luck.”

Reimu walks in to the gap that Yukari opened before, back to her own shrine…


“Nobu, what’s the ruckus outside-”

Sanae stops talking when she sees her lover dragging her goddesses in.

“Uhm… Hi Sanae…”


“So… Everything is fine, right?”

“Uh huh… Nobu dragged you in here?”

“Yeah…” Suwako rubs the back of her own head. “Uhm, can we stay here Sanae? We want to accompany you through your pregnancy…”

“…Be quiet if you want to stay.”

“Thanks…” Suwako holds her left hand. “I know you can go through this.”



“Here Nobu, give it to Sanae.”

Suwako passes a glass full of water. You give it to Sanae, and she drinks, when suddenly-


Reisen checks Sanae’s cervix again, then looks at the notes that she wrote before.

“It’s time. Get into position, Sanae.”

“I… Tried…”

You and Suwako help her move her body to a kneeling position, hugging the pillow, whilst Kanako and Kasen observe. Sweat keeps pouring from all over her body.

“Okay, now I want you to push as soon as you feel a contraction. Understand? Repeat after me.”

“Push… When I felt contraction…”

“Good. Be ready, it should happen in three, two, one-”


You want to hold her hand, but-

“Don’t touch her Nobu, she needs all the concentration that she has,” Suwako shakes her head. Calm down, Suwako has gone through this before, she knows what Sanae needs…

“Okay, take a deep breath, the next one should be the longest one…”

Reisen looks at a stopwatch, waiting for her next contraction.

“Three… Two… One… Push!”


“I can see her head! Keep on!”



Reisen covers the crying baby in a napkin after she’s done checking the baby, cutting the cord and cleaning her, and gives her to Sanae.

“Congratulation, she’s a healthy baby girl.”

“Thank you… Sttt, mommy’s here… Look, this is your father…”

She’s beautiful, just like her mother…

“Aww, she’s cute!” Kasen comments.


Suwako and Kanako only smile. You can see tears in both of their eyes, but they keep silent. Your newborn is latching on her mother’s breast, feeding herself.

“It’s tiring… And painful… But I’m so happy…”

“Have you decided on a name for her?” Reisen asks.

“Well, we’ve discussed it… Nobu wants to name the child after one of his parents, so he won’t forget them.”

“Oh, good. So what shall it be?”

“Rikako. Asakura Rikako.”
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And done.
Well, guess that's that for the time being.
I'll be around here...uh...somewhere, if you need me.
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File 143476500135.jpg - (197.18KB, 856x790, end.jpg)

Thank you! And all the previous proofreaders whose helping me, this story would be hard to read without you guys.

Also, I was planned this to be the epilouge at first, but I need to uncover what Yukari wants first. If you proofread it, I'll post it here.



Years later…

“…Are you sure about this, Sanae?”

“Yes. You said time can bring out the worst in people, which is the reason you cursed me and Nobu’s family. I don’t want to see it happen to me. I want to become fully human again. You said you won’t question my life decisions right?”

“But… What if Kanako and I want to do bad stuff again if we fall on hard times? You could be the only one to safeguard your own descendant!”

“What can guarantee that I will stay true to my nature? You made the same promise to protect your descendant to your husband and look what happened. If anything, my ascension will require us to gather more faith, which makes it easier for us to fall on hard times. I’m your descendant too, if you wish to protect us, you'll have to do it yourself.”

“Kanako, help me…”

“Well, come here Sanae, I’ll drain your faith from you.”


“Look, if you can’t keep your small promise to not question her life choice, then how can you fulfill your bigger promise to protect your descendant? Stay true to your word Suwako.”

“…Fine. Do as you wish.”





Wind blows around them for a while, and it dies out soon after.

“Done. You might find it harder to use miracles from now on…”

“It’s okay, I am Lady Suwako’s descendant. She’ll protect me and my entire family, and I’ll see her fulfill her promise until the end of my life.”


“I will Sanae… I will…”

“Hey, clean up that sad face, we’re going to the human village now.”

“Okay, okay, I don’t want to look bad in front of my grandchildren…”




After some time waiting outside with your daughter and baby son, Sanae along with Kanako and Suwako come out of main shrine. Rikako runs to her mother and hugs her feet.

“Hey, don’t get too excited, you’ll fall otherwise,” Kanako scolds her.

“Hush. Come here Rikako, do you want to get on my shoulders?”

“Yes, Lady Suwako!”

Suwako crouches, and lets your daughter climb on her body, and she flies away.

“You’re on a jet plane now! Whoooosh!”


“Lady Suwako, you’re spoiling her too much…”

“I’m okay! Don’t be too restricting like Kanako, or you’ll get wrinkles everywhere like her!”

“Sigh… Here, Nobu, let me carry Tomaru with me.”

You give her your son, Kanako lifts you with her wind, then all of you fly to the human village.


“Hey! Please wait! Kakashi Spirit News here!” A familiar tengu approaches in your direction and flies alongside you. “Please, let me ask some questions-”

“We’ll answer your question later at the human village,” Kanako tells her.

“Please, just a moment!”

“Okay, do you see that lady over there, Rikako?”

“I see her Lady Suwako!”

“Do you remember her occupation? I’ll give you a hint, she gathers news and puts them into a newspaper.”

“Uhm… A reporter?”

“Correct! Remind me later to make a figurine for you as a your reward.”

“Thank you Lady Suwako!”

“…All I can tell you is that we’ll announce something big that could change the life of people in Gensokyo. Now, please wait in the village for more details about it.”

Hatate quickly types using her phone.

“Thanks for your corporation.”

She flies fasts in the direction of human village. Thankfully she’s not pushing all of her questions, and Kanako is willing to give her some information.

“Remember Nobu, even if you’re not the one talking to the masses, I still need your presence as the head priest. Suwako will check everything behind the screen, so don’t cower, and gather your confidence to look charismatic in front of them. Understand?”

Yes, she has briefed you on the plan from a long time ago. You want get this over quickly…


You and your whole family lands on a designated place in a human village, where everything has been set up.

“The preparations are ready, Lady Suwako.”

“Thanks Mio. Is Himura at his position?”


“Good. Come here Nobu, let’s do a final check on the equipment before we start the speech!”


“Here come Reimu and Marisa, Sanae, go talk with them. ”

“On it.”


“’Bright future for Gensokyo’. Talk about being overconfident…”

“Come on Reimu, you’ve seen how useful they are! You’ve seen comfy how Rinnosuke’s and my house is!”


“Good night Reimu, Sanae.”

“Oh, hello there Sanae!” Marisa waves her hand. “And hi there, Rikako!”

“Good night, miss Hakurei, miss Kirisame,” Rikako bows to them.

“I just not sure if people are ready for this power… Rinnosuke once got shocked because he screwed in a light bulb when his hands were wet. Normal villager could get killed by that!”

“That’s why we always warn them, it just like any other tool: If you don't not handle a fireplace correctly, it can burn the entire house, or like a knife, if you’re not careful with it you could cut yourself. That’s why we always put power sockets away from children’s reach. I mean, I and my children lived with electricity for years and there were no life-threating accidents because of it, I’m more afraid of youkai invading my house rather than the dangers of electricity.”

“You used to live in the outside world, so you're already accustomed to stuff like that, those villagers though-”

“Not all settlements in the outside have electricity, but all of them seek to find a way to bring it to their homes, because it’s that useful. I won’t say there won’t be any trouble, but the pros outweighs the cons.”

“…You’re not afraid of being addicted to this ‘power’?”

“It’s not addiction if we need it, like food and drink. Without it, item production in the outside will be reduced to near zero because machines can’t run, and everything will be covered with darkness. They’re that important to society.”

“And your fellow goddesses want to monopolize this important power to themselves?”

“…It’s not like people could get it from elsewhere, but we promise that we’ll use it for the good of the masses. I will make sure of it..”

“Okay, enough of this debate. Rikako, do you want to go fetch some food with aunt Marisa ”

“I want to be with father when he’s on the stage…”

“Aww, trying to be a good daddy’s girl. Now, if my father could shut up about becoming a witch-”

“You want to become a mother, Marisa?”


“Still afraid of giving birth?” Reimu smugly stares at her.

“I’m not! Well… I have to check if we could support a child-”

“As if you care about that.”

“I-I care! It’s about my future child after all!”


Nobu walks up to them from behind and taps his wife’s shoulder.

“It’s about time. Rikako, be a good girl and keep quiet on stage, okay?”

“Uh huh.”

“Good luck!”

Soon after, Nobu, Rikako, and Kanako step on the stage.

“Testing, testing… Ahem.”

People that crowd around the stage stay quiet when they hear Kanako talking through a mic.

“Thank you. As you know, we, at the Moriya Shrine keep working for the betterment of people, not just for our faithful followers, but for the people as whole.”

“As if,” Reimu silently comments.

“Items from the outside are no doubt very useful in their function, they can do tasks that most basic tools can’t, and more. Unfortunately, those outside items need a power called electricity, and because of that, even though with my head priest’s help, those items are not working, unless in certain places that we have set up with some electricity for public use, but they, obviously, are not enough. Most of those items are for personal use, designed with a source of electricity near the house in mind.”

Kanako makes some hidden hand signal to Suwako behind her, which she passes to her followers in the rear.

“We have been experimenting with bringing electricity to some of our faithful followers' houses, and the results are beyond our expectations. More people wanted electricity in their houses as well. Which is why, we proudly announce…”


Cloth that says ‘Bright future for Gensokyo’ falls, and reveals a neon sign that shines brightly, saying ‘Electricity for human village’.

“We are ready to bring electricity to each of the your houses. Now you can enjoy machines that need electricity in your own house, for your personal use.”

People cheer and applaud, delighted by the prospect of electricity in their own houses. Kanako waits for the noise to cease before continuing her speech.

“I would like to remind you, however, that electricity is a tool. It can be extremely dangerous if not handled well, but I believe that people can, and will, adapt to this new energy and treat this gift from me with care, as it should be.”

The crowd applauds again.

“People who want it can begin registering now, at the stand near here. Please be patient while waiting for your turn, and enjoy the movie that we’ll start after this. Thank you.”

Kanako, Nobu, and his daughter walk off the stage, and most of the crowd starts making a line in front of the stand that Kanako talked about before.

“Okay, okay! Easy!” Hiroshi talks to the first person in front of the line. “First, tell me your name, and show me your house on this map…”


Huff, finally… Even though Kanako is the one to talk in your stead, it’s still takes a lot of courage to sit in front of them. Rikako handles it well unlike you. Must be her mother’s courage in her.

“Bunbunmaru newspaper here!” Aya immediately comes to Kanako. “This is good news for humans, but how about your tengu followers? Will they get electricity too?”

“Obviously, we remember our tengu followers, we tried to help the humans whose needed it more, but do not fear, we did not forget about them. I estimate Tengu village will be receiving electricity from us in three months, mark that on your calendar.”

Three months? Well, probably if the officials are not being haughty and want to cooperate. Indeed, sometimes tengu that are following your shrine come down from their village to see your skills, comparing it to the kappa’s technology, and demands of electricity in the city are increasing from some of them, since the kappa can’t work in group, which is essential for setting up electricity for the whole village unless they have godlike powers like Kanako and Suwako, and even then they have to work together to make their projects work.

"What about the Kappa? Rumours said that they help your head priest with his items."

"That's quite tricky to answer, he is indeed friendly with kappa just we are to tengu, respecting each other as rival in technology, and even sometimes learning from each other, but there is no involvement from Kappa in his items."

Anyway, better let Kanako handle the public relationship stuff, you're better off accompanying your daughter rather than answering questions from journalists…


Hiroshi’s tending the booth well, and Mio is setting up the projector for the movie that she’ll soon start. They both are learning electronics and the like under your guidance. At first their parents wasn’t that delighted that their kids wanted to be ‘tech-priests’, which a fancier way to call ‘technician’, but they accepted it eventually when they both made their parents lives easier with stuff from the outside, and there’s the fact that their houses are the first ones to receive electricity for Kanako’s experiment with the crowd’s reaction to the idea of electricity in each house.

“Any problems, Mio?” Your wife approaches her.

“No Lady Sanae, I only need to find the eject button- Ah, there it is!”


The disc tray comes out of the player. Mio insert a movie cd and closes it, and the movie starts soon after. Movie CDs that fall into Gensokyo are usually damaged, and you need Sanae’s miracle to be able to find one that’s in good condition. The one that you got is an animated robot movie. Sanae must be rigging the chance so that her favorite genre is the only thing that you can find. At least it’s for all ages, so you can safely play it to the masses.

“Daddy, daddy, it’s starting!”

Yeah, yeah. Better find Sanae and find a good place to sit with your daughter…




People are amazed by it, just like your daughter. You pity her since she was never able to enjoy the life on the outside, where everything was convenient. If you could you would’ve brought her to real cinema. Hell, movie technology must have become even more mind-blowing since you left the outside world.

“Dad, could you make a robot like that one in that movie?”

“Hihi, mommy used to say the same thing to mommy’s dad.”

“Mommy’s daddy?”

“Yes. You remember what is the word for a parent’s parent?”

“Uhm… Oh, add grand in front of it, so its grandparents!”

“Clever girl,” she pats her head.

“Where are my grandparents, mom, dad?”

“Well… They’re in a very far place so we can’t meet them…”

“In the outside world?”

“No, far more distant than that. I’ll tell you when you’re older. Now, how about answering your daughter’s question, Nobu?”

Hum… You tell her that you can, but she should be the one who builds it for her mother.

“Uhm, by studying hard with you just like sis Mio and bro Hiroshi?”

“Yes, but you can’t ignore miss Keine’s teachings, they both are important for your life, understand?”

“Uh huh…”

“Oh look, that robot is launching its rocket punch!”


Heh, you will probably teach her about electronics soon, just like your father taught you. Is this the joy of being a father? Do you see now, dad? Your son has found your friend’s daughter and made a happy family with her…

You’ll treasure them like your father treasured you…
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File 14347653536.jpg - (1.03MB, 1000x1407, 6566227cfc893169fac7157509d26fb7.jpg)

Yukari peeps through the gap, to the happy family that she played matchmaker for. She can’t help but smile, all went according to plan, after all.

“What are you planning, Yukari? Letting technology advance in Gensokyo will change the way of life in there, and threaten youkai.”

A man stands behind her. She can recognize him just by feeling his aura: The personification of the dragon god.

“Do you forget what I told Akyuu before? You are still observing Gensokyo, aren’t you?”

“Of course, but the outside world-”

“Come on. How about if we take a nice walk to outside world while talking? Sounds good?”

The man just stares at her, then nods.



Yukari slashes open another portal, then walks into it along with the dragon god. They both end up flying above a city in the outside world.

“Do you plan to destroy the entire civilization of the world?”

“How cruel, I’m not an evil youkai. I will not bring destruction to these people. The outsiders will bring it on themselves.”

“They don't seem to stop growing, though. Please elaborate.”

“Those people, along with their technology, discovered a lot of sources of energy. They use it to make their machines work, light their settlements, bend their environment to their own will, and most importantly, wage war.

“War. I though they’ve grown past that and started to think of their future together.”

“Oh, you’re not entirely correct. They indeed think of their future together, but not all of these people are in agreement. Those outsiders are split into several groups, and they only care about the future of their own group, not the others. Sometimes the views of those groups clash with each other, which means war will happen between those groups. They know that those wars will destroy themselves, but instead of completely dissolving themselves into a big group and improving their future together, they secretly struggle for power for their own group, creating distrust between each other, and massing weapons for their own safety, creating peace by having their weapons aimed at each other.”

“A very fragile peace.”

“Indeed. If one of them accidentally uses their weapons…”


A loud siren sounds through the city, which makes the people panic.

“…It’ll create a huge chain reaction, where everyone fires their weapons on each other at the same time. And with the huge energies they've used for their weapons, the result will be massive. And from that massive destruction, youkai will triumph in the world once again.”

“But I’m sure not all groups are like that. What if your plan fails? What if despite their destruction, youkai will still not triumph in this world?”

“Of course, you’re right, not all groups are like that. As we know those outsiders can be very…Durable. Do not worry, I still have some plans in case that one fails, like declaring technological advancement heretical…”


She slashed open another portal, back to Gensokyo.

“Why bother going through all of these plans?”

“Remember when you empowered that schoolteacher to rewrite history and save the barrier when Reimu died in Makai?”

“Yeah, it forced me to rest afterwards, and the seal went back to her mother. Backlashes were everywhere, dilations in space and time, memories… I remember she picked up a girl from the outside to become her successor. You were there, right?”

“Of course, I questioned her choice, but she insisted. That child is very serious in her work, but her power’s far behind the other maidens before her. That’s why I decided to incorporate technology this time. With it, one group from the outside was able to wage war with the lunarians, only sending several men with zeal and willpower, and they were able to push the lunarians enough that the brain of the moon had to curse the group’s next spaceship to stop the war. The destruction of the outside world will surely put them on alert, but if they try anything, we will have our ace.”

She and the dragon god enter the portal, then turn back, seeing missiles rain down from the sky on the other side of the portal.

“But for now… Let’s watch what my man does with his second chance.”


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Sure thing, done.
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File 143481791352.jpg - (62.11KB, 384x383, PMiSS_sanzuriver.jpg)

Thanks! Now I have to finish my thesis, so I probably will be away for a while. Maybe I'll write something short about Nobu learning sex, or how Reimu picked up by the previous Miko from the outside, but that's it. Don't wait it, even I don't know when I'll start writing again when this thesis is on my tail.

Before I forget, thanks too to all the readers and voters sparing their time reading this story. At least I finally finished this and not leaving it hanging. Seriously, writing how a mute character communicate can be such a pain in the ass.


“…ake up.”


“…Hey, wake up, I know it’s tiring after living a life, but ferrying a snoozing soul is not fun.”

Huh? Strange… You’re on a wooden boat, along with this red haired woman, ferrying you to… somewhere. You can’t see the shore, your surroundings are covered with glowing mist.

“Finally, I was just about to take the toll from your body so I can quickly drop you off at Higan. Having a dream about your life?”

Well, it’s- hey, where’s your writing pad? What the hell is-

“Hey, hey, easy! Don’t panic! Gosh, that reaper who took your soul just put you in my boat and quickly left to take another soul because she was late, leaving you uninformed. How troublesome...”

Don’t panic? You’re in a scary place in the middle of nowhere!

“I know! I’ll inform you of the situation: You’re dead, a shinigami took your soul to me, and now I'm ferrying you to Higan where you’ll be judged by the yama.”

Dead? How- Wait, how can she understand you?

“Well, I can, I’m a shinigami, though not many souls ask that question… Are you deaf or mute, or had difficulty speaking in life?”

Yes, but that’s doesn’t matter, how do you die?

“You don’t remember? Some of the souls do forget their life for a moment when they’re dead… But since you fell in a deep sleep that my co-worker was able to carry you unnoticed means you’ve died well and had a satisfying life! Not to mention that you carry a lot of coins in your pocket! Are you some sort of famous person? Come on, tell me your name! I will help you jog your memory!”

Uh, Nobu Asakura…

“Asakura… Nobu… Oh, the fixer, head priest of Moriya Shrine, regarded as the father of technology in Gensokyo! No wonder that you have a lot of coins with you, you must have known a lot of people back in life!”

Uh, are you?

“Of course! Now, give me the coins, let me count them, you won’t have a use for them anyway later when yama judges you, and I need them to count the length of the river that we ford now.”

You don’t understand any of this, but okay…

“Let’s see… Well, we’ll definitely have a short trip like this! Of course, unless you want to discuss something first, like your life…”

Well, you indeed want to remember how you died, even though she said you have lived a fulfilled life, you can't just ignore it…

“Okay, it’s decided!”

She puts down the wooden paddle aside and sits down at your side, which makes the boat move very slowly, since the river doesn’t flow anywhere.

“Don’t worry, we’ll reach our destination eventually! Yama won’t mind if we talk a bit. Now, where do we start… Oh, right, you were an outsider, right? How did you first end up in Gensokyo?”

Well… You were transported there with a lot of wounds, and no memories of your former self. You could even feel blood in your mouth. You could hear people talking, but it was all blurry, before you passed out… Then you woke up, finding your wounds already patched up. It still hurt a lot though. You didn’t know where you are, but you were hurt badly, so you decided to stay at the shrine.

”Uh huh… Go ahead…”

Then a shrine maiden entered the room. You tried to talk to her, but no sound came out of your mouth; It was at that time that you discovered that you’re mute. You cried due to this discovery, but thankfully that shrine maiden cheered you up before

“Wait, you were born mute, or mute because of something else?”

You were mute because of that accident, but you’ll elaborate on that later. She gives you some food to eat. Then you remember your childhood, and your childhood friend’s name…

Kochiya Sanae.
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Well, that was great. Nothing too extraordinary, but quite entertaining. Kudos on finishing your story!
And thanks to your corrector too, that guy did a fine work as well. Thanks KS to you both!
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Dunno how to feel about villainous Yukari; though not a bad story, though your insistence on certain things held it back some.

Now for stories with someone other than Sanae in general.
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