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82371 No. 82371
“Kaguya, where exactly did you find these again?” Eirin inquired with concern.

“Oh, I found all these CYOA online. There were so many I just decided to print them out and let everyone read them.” The moon princess replied with amusement.

“But…was it appropriate to invite them all here?”

“Fufufu, it just makes it more interesting,” Kaguya said, hiding her grin behind a long pink sleeve. “By the way, are there any schools close by? They seem interesting…”

>> No. 82372
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“Rawr, I’m Smaug!” Flandre yelled and giggled with glee. “Remi~ do you really know this guy? I wanna play with him!”

Remilia blushed. “It’s just a story, Flan-chan. Just a story…” Yet her expression grew to that of a subtle longing.

Sakuya tossed aside the story some youkai wrote. “Who would make me the antagonist? That’s hardly elegant at all. I hope these other tales cast me in a better light,” she muttered and reached for another story, written by an author of her own name. Koakuma curiously reached for the discarded epic about an unnamed vampire hunter.

With a sad smile, Meiling put down the copy of a story she had just finished. “Eggs…how silly,” she wistfully muttered to herself before wiping a tear.

Patchouli simply hovered and occasionally looked over the stories to gaze at Alice shyly before hiding again, smilingly with a long missed giddiness.

“But my lab doesn’t look like that at all!” Nitori groaned and reached for another cucumber. “I’d nice to have a partner like this Bill guy though,” she mumbled pensively. Chiyuri raised her eyebrow curiously. “I…I…I mean as a fellow scientist! Gah Chiyuri, you of all people should…” the kappa stammered in embarrassment. The blonde time traveler simply grinned, and returned to reading about her own adventure with Yumemi.

Kanako laughed and triumphantly held up a page. “I like this guy! Sanae, when are you going to bring home a nice strong guy like this? He sure could have helped us out back then!”

“Technically you brought him with us, didn’t you Kan-chan?” Suwako whispered mischievously to her fellow goddess then playfully hopped away. Sanae and Hina both blushed as they eagerly continued turning the pages of their own stories. Hina rubbed her thighs subconsciously with a smile.

“It doesn’t work like that!” Minoriko shouted at her sister.
“Aww, but how will you know unless you try it. What if it’s true?” the other Aki sister replied.
“No Shizuha! I’m not going to let anyone drink my-”
>> No. 82373
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“Letty, do you really get that jealous?” Cirno tilted her head back in curiosity as her feet dangled aimlessly from the winter spirit’s soft lap. “You wouldn’t act like that with ‘my human’ would you?”

“Of course not.” Letty smiled and ruffled the ice fairy’s frosty hair. “Here, try reading the remake of that story. It’s even features you there instead!”

“Really? Yay~” Cirno cheered and reached for the paper. It was hard work, but she’d never been prouder at the fact that she’d learned to read. “I wanna visit outside too sometime…” she whined.

Yamame giggled. “Beer spider. Hehe sounds fun.”

“Ha, I’ve still got it!” Mima laughed and swiveled her luscious hips to the side. “Then again, seems like curves aren’t everything, eh Suika?” The oni looked up and grin mischievously in a drunken haze before returning to her futile task of making the letters on the page stop moving.

“I can’t believe half of them think of me like this!” Reimu fumed as she threw down a stack. “Divine punishment! Divine punishment for them all!” The miko roared in anger, yet hid a warm smile as she slipped a few stories into her sleeves. It felt nice, being wanted…

Marisa sped through the pages as she hummed a popular Led Zeppelin song. “Vikings are awesome, ze~” she occasionally whispered in awe.

Alice was beside herself in awe as her dolls hovered before her, holding up stacks of paper so that the puppet master could easily read through the many stories which featured her. Gently resting in her lap, it seemed as though Shanghai was returning her master’s own fierce hug and sighing just as happily. A beautiful pink hue hung on both their cheeks.

“I don’t want to read it!” Tenshi cried out while the oarfish youkai pinned her down.
“If you don’t read it, I won’t punish you~” Iku replied with a laugh.

“This is…” a fiercely blushing Akyu struggled to turn away from it, but couldn’t stop a story once she started it. As she slid one of her hands deeper into her own kimino, the Child of Miared decided she’d like to finish reading somewhere more ‘private.’

“Rumia! Don’t eat the paper!” Mystia yelled in a less than sing-song voice.

“But I’m hungry~” the darkness youkai whined.

“We’ll eat later. Just let me finish this…” Mystia unruffled her feathers and returned to the story, thinking ‘maybe I should hire someone part time.’

Wriggle simply remained quiet, mixed with a surprisingly feminine blush and a curious pondering about how fun it would be to have another person to play with, human or youkai alike.
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Yukari sat without any papers and an expression neither happy nor sad, but certainly both. It was the border between joy and sorrow, having been cast as both heroine and villain. “Can’t be helped I suppose…” she mused, think of the tales. She had read them all.

Chen hugged her master tightly. “Ran-sama, is taking care of Yukari-sama and me really that tiring? I don’t want that. Let me help you too!” Ran could only hug back and hide her face with one of her long tails. ‘That would be nice’ she thought hopefully.

“I wonder what it’s like to be an onee-san…” the cat girl whispered to herself.

Satori’s bored knowing expression continued to fade as she turned the pages of the high school setting story. Absentmindedly she rubbed Okuu and Orin, who in their animal forms nuzzled against her while reading. “Maybe I should visit the surface more often” she said with amusement.

“What? I’m not like this at all!” Mokou complain with annoyance before throwing down a strange story written by a fake doctor. “Keine, did you even read this?”

“Oh, yes I skimmed through it.” The blushing Keine said unthinking as she gazed back at Rinnosuke, before quickly diverting her eyes back down to the paper. “Oh but these people really like you, Mokou! Here, try this school story,” Keine eagerly said as she shoved a stack to Mokou. “It even has a side story about you.” She grinned.

Aya laughed so hard her feathers shook. “Momi, you sure are popular,” she jeered and ruffled her companion’s hair. “So when is your sword going to turn into a person too?”

“Aya, please stop!” Momizi pleaded with a beat red face. “Read something about yourself!” she demanded. Aya grinned as she pulled out a new story, written about a strange man named Snake.

“Renko, why didn’t you tell me you had such a fetish? I’m sure we could find a nice guy to-“

“Mari, shut up!” Renko interrupted furiously.

“Hehe~” The blonde giggled again, setting down the story by a numerical author.
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“Fuuu, sex appeal sure is powerful isn’t it Reisen,” the black haired rabbit said out loud.

“Now Tewi, no reason to be jealous.” Eirin chimed in. “Reisen worked hard for this.”

“Tha-…thank you master.” The purple haired bunny girl said nervously, overwhelmed by so many stories dedicated to her. ‘Do they really like me this much?’ she pondered curiously. “I’m sorry so few include you.”

“Oh don’t worry, I don’t mind it at all~. In fact, I’ve been so inspired by these that I have an idea for some cosmetics I’d like for you to ‘try out’ to make you even more beautiful,” the Lunarian smiled sadistically. Reisen gulped, be steeled herself in determination. After all, she now knew there were so many cheering for her. She wouldn’t let them down.

“Oh my~” Yuyuko murmured, lowering a sheet. “What a silly boy. I like him. Youmu, find me one.”

“Eh?!” The white haired gardener replied in confusion. “But Yuyuko-sama, this character flirted with so many other women as well. Surely you don’t want such a deviant!”

“Oh, I think he turned out just fine. Besides, you like him too don’t you? Or do you prefer the gunman instead?~”

“I-…but…you…” Youmu stammered then buried her face in the papers to hide her embarrassment.

“But Shiki-sama, it’s just a story! I didn’t let any spirits go honest!” Komachi pleaded with her boss.

“No excuses! The fact that everyone thinks you slack off enough to allow such things is unforgivable! You’ll have to just work overtime until your image improves!

“Nooooo,” the busty shinigami whined before the yama whacked her on the head. “Kya~n” she cried.

The judge of Xanadu rubbed her shoulders with irritation, wishing simply for a back rub.

And off in the corner, a frighteningly strong plaid dressed woman shivered with a strange sensation as she clutched a paper to her chest. Yuuka’s rose red lips gave an uncharacteristic quiver as she chocked back sob thinking about a youkai who loved flowers just as much as her. ‘Maybe if I bury it in the garden, something will grow…’ she thought to herself.
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To the few writers and stories which were mentioned,
To the many wonderful tales and visionaries who should be mentioned,
To the moments which moved us through smiles and rage.
And to the many readers who have stuck with us for so long.

Thank you, and Happy Anniversary.
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Beautiful, Doujin. Just...beautiful.

>> No. 82379

Also, you wouldn't happen to have a bigger version of that picture would you Doujin?
>> No. 82380
>With a sad smile, Meiling put down the copy of a story she had just finished. “Eggs…how silly,” she wistfully muttered to herself before wiping a tear.

>> No. 82381
File 123861520029.jpg - (49.35KB , 506x516 , 1181445543410.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thank you Herr Doktor, that was beautiful.

>Reisen gulped, be steeled herself in determination. After all, she now knew there were so many cheering for her. She wouldn’t let them down.

Oh god, I'm in dire need of a MiG epilogue.
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A kappa engineer will arrive within 5 working days to connect your new internets.
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That's enough cheddar to last me a life time.
>> No. 82384
>‘Do they really like me this much?’
Eh, not really.
>> No. 82385
They used to.
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>> No. 82391
;_; Yuuka
>> No. 82392
Great stuff.
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Reisen, Letty, Meiling and Yuuka ;+;
>> No. 82398

Ugh... why you do this?
>> No. 82408
...You're doing that to be ironic, or a smartass, or something, right? Please say you aren't that much of a hypocritical faggot.
>> No. 82414
>> No. 82416

What do you mean?
Yuka posts make me feel all melancholy and sentimental...
>> No. 82419
>> No. 82422
Doc, I feel a semi-creepy-yet-platonic love for you now.
>> No. 82585
Thank you for the compliments.

This short was a bit cheesy, but also fun. Just enjoy it for what it is: a quick reflection and homage to some of the many stories which have been created with in the past year.

Many said we would fall apart. Some said we wouldn't last the summer. Yet here we are. Cheers to writers, artists, and readers who made this possible and keep THP afloat.
>> No. 82600

You wouldn't happen to have a bigger version of the that picture would you?
>> No. 82606
I wish I did, but sadly no. I think Pygmalion is the artist, so I'll ask him to post it.