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This...isn't very good. Still, I said I'd do what I can.

I've always liked this place, you know. When the soil squishes through my toes, and the sun is shining, and there's just a slight breeze that carries the smell of the flowers, there's nowhere else in the world I want to be. When you realize that smell doesn't ever go away but always changes, there's a certain euphoria. If you take a step, it changes. If you wait an hour, some will bloom and some will rest, and it's like a beautiful orchestra for the eyes and the nose. Hundreds of varieties all come together at once and overwhelm your senses...I could stay here forever.

Which of course, is why I built my house here. Some people think it's strange, but with such beauty all around, where else would be better, really? Besides, if I'm not here to protect it, some barbarian will trample all over these children. Humans are almost all alike, in that aspect. So little foresight, it disgusts me...Everything they do is dedicated to their whims and their emotions, they can't see for a second what the consequences of such actions are. They'd sooner burn down my babies than look at them.

Were I as pitiably short-sighted as them, I would likely give them much the same treatment, but this isn't just about being stronger, it's about being better than them. This meaningless pride has cost me, over the years. Innumerable times, I've been in situations I'd prefer to have avoided, but through all of them I've upheld my honor above all else. It's foolish, but if I give up on my ideals for even a second, I will have abandoned them for life.

For a long, long, long life.

So every time the flowers tell me of another intruder, they are greeted courteously. They are offered company, and offered lodging. Those who show that they are capable of functioning at a higher level than their brethren are welcomed – though they are few and far between, and the ones who ever return even more so – and those who see fit to destroy what I have worked so hard to preserve are offered to be shown the error of their ways. Oh, they don't always take it at first, but I've been known to be quite...persuasive.

So as I sit here enjoying my morning tea, imagine my surprise when I'm informed not of an intruder, but of a visitor! With a slight skip in my step, I retrieve my favorite flower of them all, and go off to meet this mysterious new individual...


This...this is unlike anything I've ever seen before. I couldn't count the types of flowers here if you gave me a lifetime and a half, but they all seem...alive, almost. If I had to describe it, I guess it's like they're all looking at me. Which is silly, of course, flowers don't have faces and they never will, but there's still an unnerving stare. Or rather, it would be unnerving, but it's just too beautiful for that. If anything it feels like I shouldn't be here dirtying up the place, so I turn around an-"Good morning. Welcome to my wonderful pollination station."

Fuck. If there is anything I've learned since coming to Gensokyo, it's that when you meet someone new you can't be sure for a second whether they want to kill you. Fortunately I've also learned that the vast majority of its residents can outrun me effortlessly, and that my best bet in almost all of these situations is my diplomacy and charm!

Okay, so. Diplomacy at least.

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"Good morning, Miss...?"
"Kazami. Yuuka Kazami. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Oh good, a polite one. The strongest ones are always the most polite. Just play it safe, David...You can still get out of here with your skin.
"To meet a lady whose beauty matches that of the field she tends is both an honor and a pleasure, Miss Kazami."
"It's not often that a human visits my field, and even rarer do they truly appreciate it. To whom do I owe such a pleasure?" Ooh, you smooth son of a bitch.
"I'm called David Lee Roth, though the name I was given at birth has since been lost. David is fine."
"Then, David. Would you care to accompany me for a cup of tea? Surely sitting out among the flowers like this isn't your idea of comfort."
"More than you would think. Flowers have always been somewhat of a passion of mine, and to enjoy both tea and your company among them would no doubt complement them perfectly." Right. Stay away. Stay close to the edge. The less walking I have to do through what may or may not be hostile territory the better. Hopefully this'll be painless.

With a smile, a nod, and a "Just a moment," she flies off, presumably to her home to grab a tea set. People...really like their tea here. It's almost surreal that a taste for tea is a diplomatic skill. I just hope I can keep up this fancy speech as long as I need to...


What a refreshing change of pace, this one! The way he stumbles through his faux-refined flattery is so transparent it's adorable. Still, the flowers seem to like him – welcome him, even. I'm sure our visit will be lovely. I should let him relax, though. Such a nervous child. Hopefully he won't run away while the tea's brewing...

Minutes pass in quiet contemplation, until a low rumble is overtaken by a loud whistle. I've brewed tea so many times now it's burned into my muscles. A tea reflex, you could call it, and playing with the idea elicits a small giggle. The flight over to David is a short one, and much to my surprise he's already barefoot and talking quietly to a few of the roses. So much for the dignified, refined facade.

"I see you've made yourself comfortable."
"If you can call it that. I just felt so calm looking at these flowers, I couldn't stop myself from relaxing."
Is...Is he for real? I've heard of flower-lovers, but this...this is something.
"I'm, ah...glad you like them," and I raise the pot of tea which has no doubt finished brewing during the flight over. "Tea?"
"Oh! Right, thank you. So, Miss Kazami..."
"Oh, please. Yuuka will do, you've already dropped the rest of your image."
With a chuckle and a nod, he takes a cup and the pot, pouring himself a cup. "I suppose so, Yuuka. I suppose so."

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The woman before me stays mostly silent, content to admire the flowers as I am. It's hard to believe that she's solely responsible for their upkeep, and harder to believe that she made them, but at the same time, it's hard to believe that she'd lie about it. The pride she takes in these flowers is entirely justified; I've seen beautiful flower fields but this, this feels good. It's like I've been lost and wandering my whole life, and I've just come home. It's amazing.

When the silence is broken, she's the one to do it.
"So, David. Tell me about yourself."
"Myself, huh...? I don't think I could if I tried. I woke up one day in Gensokyo with no memories to speak of. That magician Marisa found me, and since then I've just been trying to find my place in here with mixed success. What about you? Surely you've got a few stories." An almost imperceivable smile crosses her lips as a sigh escapes them. She looks down at her reflection in the tea, looking like she's deep in thought.
"Oh, not as many as you'd expect. It's a quiet life with these flowers, and people don't really visit much, but it's pleasant enough. Of course, now and then there are people who think of me as some kind of challenge and trample them just to get me to fight them, which never ends well, and then people assume I've gone crazy and will sooner murder people than speak with them. It's a vicious cycle, and things have never been the same since it started."
"That sounds like a story to me. So what was it like before, then?"

"That would be going back a long, long way. Hundreds of years, even. I was just another youkai, mind you, and most people were content to do as we are, relaxing and chatting like they would with any of the more sociable ones. People would come and go as they pleased, as long as they were polite it didn't particularly bother me or the flowers. There were a few people that actually came to visit regularly, and we would talk about life or art, or occasionally even wax philosophical. I do miss those days..."
"I can see why. Fighting against people who should be fighting alongside you isn't exactly a kind fate, especially after living like that."
"Well, fighting isn't all bad, now and then, but yes. There was one man in particular...I still miss him. He would visit almost every day, and still had all manner of stories to tell, day in and day out. I have no idea how that man got around, but his visits became the highlight of my life. We could talk endlessly about any little thing, and just being there with him was enough to lift my mood."
Her smile gets wider and wider, until it's a full grin, beaming as brightly as the sun. Oh, God, I know where this is going. Call me a softy but these romantic bits always get me.

"So one day, we're talking as we often do, and admiring the view. I distinctly remember, it was raining that day, just lightly enough to feel on bare skin, so that you couldn't even tell unless you were outside. We're not looking at each other, but he calls my name softly, and when I look over at him, his lips are already on mine."
That's it. By the time I hear that, I've already let out an extended "Awwwwww" and I'm grinning like an idiot. She's said a lot already, but I can't bring myself to interrupt her.


My heart is beating too fast for this. I must be blushing like an idiot, talking about him, but...something about this child, I just can't bring myself to stop. Maybe it's just been that long since I actually had someone to listen, or maybe it's just been that long since I've even thought about it. Either way.

"So he leans over and grabs me in his arms, and holds me closer than anyone's ever held me before, even now. I can feel his heart beating as fast as mine is and everything is just going so fast that it makes me dizzy, and he says to me, 'Yuuka, in all the days we've spent looking after these flowers, you're still the most beautiful among them. I love you.'"
For a moment, David just stares at me, smiling wide. He doesn't laugh, he doesn't sigh. If he's bored, he's doing a fine job of hiding it.
"So? What happened next?"
"I've told you a lot about myself today, but what happened next is private, kid." His smile breaks into a stupid grin that just makes me want to ruffle his hair.
"You can guess, of course. He kept visiting, and we kept on as we were, and some time later there was a baby boy in the house. It was the happiest time of my life, raising my own child alongside the man I loved. I couldn't have done it alone, especially considering the baby's penchant for magic – through the use of flowers, no less. What kind of luck is that? Still, it didn't last long. One day, I just woke up and they were both...gone."

By now, the skies have darkened somewhat, and clouds have fallen over us. Flowers bloom, and flowers close, just as they always have and always will. They've been doing it even since before I got here. David's face has stiffened, gone all serious, which makes sense I suppose. I've moved on, but I can see why he'd be sad at this story. "So what happened to them?"
"I would imagine at this point that they're both dead. The man was...well, he was a man. It's been hundreds of years. The child wouldn't have survived, not in this kind of a world and not by himself. Though, come to think of it, if he had..."
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"...He'd kind of look like you." Kind of like...? "He was half-youkai, after all. They age slowly, too, and it's been about long enough. How old are you, twenty?"
"I don't know, actually. No memories, remember?"
"Ah, right. Sorry – on both counts. You must be horribly tired of listening to me go on and on about sad memories. Surely you'd want to get back to wherever you're staying by now."
This has to be the most stupid idea I've ever had. I'm flirting with death, but...if there's even a chance that...
"No, no. Talking with you has been a wonderful experience, and the least I can do in return is a magic show!" My trusty rose still sits in my pocket, comfortable where it's been for as long as I've been using it. A flick of the wrist, and a bit of concentration, and my but she has a tight grip.

"David...you...do you think you might...?"
"Do you? I...can't really say, for sure."
Her voice comes through sobs, and her tears are hot amongst the light, cold rain, more a mist than a downpour. I can hardly feel it through the warmth of Yuuka's embrace. "There's so much we have to get caught up on. You should come inside, stay for the night. Please."
"I'm sorry, I can't. It's not the first time I've stayed somewhere overnight unannounced, and my...host hasn't taken it too well. But I'll come back tomorrow. I won't leave you again."
"All right, I understand, but...tomorrow. Absolutely, tomorrow, right?"
"Right. I'll see you tomorrow, Mom."

With one last squeeze, she lets me go, and floats off into the distance, forgetting the tea set she brought with her. As stressful as it may be, and as many sad stories as I may have to hear, tomorrow can't come soon enough.
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You shining diamond. Thanks for this.
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Bitch tears
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There is no image macro to describe my sadness.
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>This...isn't very good.

Why do you lie like this, you liar you...
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It is an old habit of mine. I am blind to all but my own faults. My apologies for leading you on.
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I swear it looks like she's wearing nothing but black panties below the waist.
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And now having read th story, my eyes are getting all hot.

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This is the end FLA deserved.
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That was excellent. I cried bitch tears.
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i can only describe thist with one word, AWESOME
and maybe moe
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You people just won't let me keep up this notion of my writing not being good enough for anyone. Careful now. If you keep this up I might stop trying so hard.

Sarcasm aside, thank you - honestly, thank you - for your kind words. While CYOAs are...not something I should pursue, to say the least, writing shorts like this suits me, and I am open to suggestion. I do have ideas of my own, but (and you're going to hate me for this) they're really not very good.

Self-confidence related.
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We definitely need a conclusion for RaAN, so if you need suggestions, go for that one.
>> 2009/03/09(Mon)12:55 No. 12904
Baby steps. Besides, I'm still holding out hope that he'll return in a glorious blaze of plot.
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You already know which one needs to be finished.
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>>12903 >>12904 >>12909

Don't. No story should be finished by anyone but it's author, unless the author himself pass the responsibility to someone else. RaAN was glorious, but it's been left unfinished, and so it must stay unless Blankfag decides to end it.
>> 2009/03/10(Tue)01:56 No. 12919
Was talkin' about YWUiG, or atleast a side story of it
>> 2009/03/10(Tue)04:22 No. 12920
Honestly, finishing stories at all puts me off, a bit. This may have been written during an unfortunate lull in FLA, but it was never intended as a conclusion.

Some might say it was just the beginning, in fact.

Some might be incredibly corny, and laugh at the strained groans that sweep the room. Either way, I don't intend to write any honest conclusions for other people's stories.

RAN, though. I know my limits, and that's well and far beyond them. Don't expect anything in that universe unless the author gives his approval, which is never going to happen ever.
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Well, if you're still looking for ideas, there is one that has been bounced around for a while now: an epilogue for MiG#1, where Anon defies all odds and saves Reisen.

Bonus points if spiral power is included.
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Oh fuck that's right.

Yes. Do this. PLEASE.
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Crying bitch tears, fuck you ;_;