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Something I wrote because of >>21097
Yeah, just on a whim, so don't mind the bad style and poor scenario.

Spending one day with his precious sisters, Anon's (MiG) mind was filled with questions. He had three sisters and only two hands, yet while ruffling their hair, he always somehow managed to do it to all of them simultanously, ignoring the obvious paradox. That was something he couldn't understand. He ventured through Gensokyo, seeking answers in books and folklore legends, but was unable to find an explanation for this phenomenon. Disappointed and beaten, he returned to his household, where he sealed himself in his room, mastering the technique and discovering more and more about his skills.

It turned out he was able to manipulate the boundary of movement and space itself. First hands, then after training, his arms. Not being restricted by the laws of physics, he gained a new path in his life. A power. Something that he has always wished for. Something that would allow him to face the dangers of gensokyo without any outside help.

Anon grew proud and arrogant because of that. He became self-centered, almost egoistic. Devoting himself to training meant spending less time with family and lovers. He was soon abandoned by his girlfriend. Then his sisters. Then friends. But he didn't care about that. He finally had a power of his own. But it wasn't enough. He wanted more. More strength, more possibilites, abilities. He could throw the world on it's knees. Make every single arrogant youkai and human in this reality fear him. Soon his mind was filled only with one desire. "Power. Give me more power."

After acquiring the skill to shift his whole body, he moved on to his next goal. Manipulation of time. He deducted that if it is possible to shift elemental particles through space in a near-zero time span, why not try to make the process of shifting longer, while still keeping the time of that process near zero? It would be almost like stopping time. Anon heard, that someone achieved it before him, but that 'time stop' was imperfect. It could 'last' only a few seconds and required a considerable amount of magical energy. His 'time stop' would be perfect. Manipulating the basic laws of reality, doing to impossible, touching matters that were untouchable to mortals, invading Gods' domain. It suited him. He liked that idea. Long research and even longer training begun.

It was hard, but he endured it. He rarely left his home. Having no family and work meant he had to take care of himself. Which would mean wasting a great amount of time he could spend on his researches. One time, while searching for mushrooms and fruits in the forest, he almost begun to feel guilty about making everyone hate him. But then, with power, it would be easy to force them to return, right?

Months passed, and Anon finished his project. He finally had his long-awaited power. There was only one thing left to do. Throw the world on it's knees.

Using the power and knowledge of magics, he begun wreck havoc in Gensokyo. First was Hakurei Shrine. Even it's Miko, Reimu Hakurei, couldn't stop Anon. Killing her 666 times in the same moment, he surpassed her immortality, then burned the shrine to ground.

Next was Neo-Eientei. Reconstruced after the incident with Reimu, it now served as a hospital for people and youkai from all over Gensokyo.

Needless to say, no one was left living. Anon killed all the patients, then staff, then he ripped Eientei's owner, Kaguya, into one thousand pieces and scattered them in air.

Anon then decided to rest and decide what to do next. People of Human Village were already being evacuated. 'It will be more fun to let them feel safe before slaughering them', he thought.
Sitting beneath a giant sakura tree, he heard footsteps behind him.

"Are you the space-time manipullator that killed Reimu and people from Eientei?"

Anon turned his head to the owner of the voice.

"You are not going to get away with this."

Standing there was a young man, around the same age as Anon, dressed in red ritual clothing with elements of body armour.

"I am going to stop you."

Anon relaxed. It was a human. He felt a slight trace of magical energy from him, be he was no threat to the power of Time and Space.
"Disappear. You're an eyesore" - saying that, Anon pulled the matter of space, making that man's stomach flesh to be torn out.


Blood splattered all over the small grassy field. Ground became crimson red at the man's feet, blood flowing profusely from a hole in his abdomen. There was no way he'd survive that. Even a youkai would have to retreat after getting it's intestines ripped out.

Anon laughed.
"Hahahahaha! How do you like that, hero boy? I don't know who you are, nor do I care, but interrupting my peace is like asking for death. And it's death you shall receive."
Grabbing the strings of reality in his hand, Anon prepared to dissect the man's body. Then he noticed something and almost let out a suprised yell.


The hole in that man's body was almost completely gone. There were a few traces of his abdomen's previous state, but it looked like someone filled it with plasticine-like substance. An incredibly fast regeneration. Even youkai regenerate slower, let alone a mere human.

"This body... What is it? I've never seen something like that before..."

Anon was astonished, but he quickly regained his composure.

"No matter. I will end this in next blow. The time has come and so have I, a last laugh, are you ready to die~?" - singing this mocking song he heard from a certain youkai long ago, when he was almost killed when returning home from a gathering in human village, Anon reached out his hand again and grabbed all the 'strings' that came out of that man's body.

"Well then... It's over."

Saying that, he pulled the strings.

Red filled his field of vision. Grass was red. Trees were red. Even air itself seemed to have a red shade.


Anon looked at the gory scene.


That man's intestines, organs, blood, bones - all lied scattered on this small field in the middle of the Forest Of Magic.


His clothes were all covered in blood. Red liquid slowly dripped from his fingers, face and hair. Even though he has killed many beings before, sometimes in more brutal manners, there was something... Almost beautiful in this scene.

Sunny day
Peaceful atmosphere of the forest.
Dream-like state, suddenly changed into a bloody palace of what was earlier a living human.


Anon laughed maniacally.


He laughed like a little kid that just pulled a neat prank.

"Hahaha... Ha... Looks like..."

Anon wiped the blood from his eyes.

"I am finally going insane..."

Looking last time at the crimson stage, he started to walk away. He has decided on his next target.

Wind was blowing lightly, swaying the tops of the trees as a bloodied was slumping slowly through the red sea. Sun was high on the sky, making the day bright and warm. If it wasn't for this bloodied figure, everyone would be enjoying their teatime break. There was no movement on the field behind the figure. There was no...
But then something moved. Red sea started to slowly dissolve into the soil when something started to raise from the ground directly above the place where the red-clothed man was brutally torn into pieces.
Sensing the movement, Anon stopped in his tracks. Wind grew stronger as he turned around and saw the exact same man he killed a few moments ago, standing there, seemingly not bothered by his death at all.
The man smiled.

"I told you. You're not getting away."

Those were the last words Anon heard before his vision became engulfed in flames.

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Maybe I'll continue this, maybe not. Depends on anons' reaction.
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I raged at the abandoning Reisen and the sisters. Other than that it's ok.
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>>Needless to say, no one was left living. Anon killed all the patients, then staff, then he ripped Eientei's owner, Kaguya, into one thousand pieces and scattered them in air.

Fuck, reminding me of DAN KIM right there.
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If Reimu dies, So does Gensokyo.
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Davenonymous: "Holy shit Marisa! What the fuck happened here? Goddamn Youkai, let's go some where else to find mushrooms."
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The border dies, gensokyo becomes a remote part of Japan again.
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So WUIG Anon has the power to summon the flames of a thousand suns? I assume he had to learn this in order to master Unlimited Egg Works and to serve thousands of folks with countless fried yolks.
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Shut it, David Lee Roth! The MEN are speaking.
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Land remerging in the period of an instant? Gensokyo is fucked.
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No no. His body is made of yolk.
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"I'm gonna go fuck my triple waifus Wriggle, Marisa and Alice! ENJOY YOUR EPIC BATTLE!"
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Exactly what LA lacks. Gensokyo and no fights? Absurd.
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Enjoy your scat.
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Is david the scatman?
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You can't possibly comprehend the depths of my depravity, perhaps I should show you another glimpse.
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LOL, I say give it time. It'll be sooner than later we get to go on one of Marisa/Alice's SDM raids.
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What they don't know is that this was FUiG Anon plan, from the very start.
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Lol, let's kill Reimu for the lulz ^__________^
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I'm interested in your story, continue on.
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I guess this is one more to archive, huh. I'd better make that index-website soon.
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Great work on the archiving archiving guy.
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You should do that, makes it easier
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Holy magnoly, I just noticed how many typos and grammer errars I made.

note to self: don't write when tired