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20446 No. 20446
A ragtag group of heroines (and a hero) is the final bosses only weakness.

No. 20450
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Cirno is the strongest, therefore we have the STRONGEST ragtag group of heroines in all of Gensokyo!
No. 20515
The weaker the ragtag group of heroes is compared to the final boss, the better chance they'll have of dramatically overcoming the odds and coming out victorious.
No. 20539
Bonus points if the final attack on the boss is an epic combination attack where they unite their powers for one final strike while doing some hot-blooded yelling at the top of their lungs.
No. 20582

Done to "Happily Ever After" playing in the bg
No. 20586
We all know that Anon is goin to win. Only question is who do we lose of our little Group. My bets on Reisen of course, Cirno, Rumia and Eirin
No. 20588

Cirno respawns
Losing Rumia would be kind of sad, though.
No. 20589
>epic combination attack

Multiple spellcard declaration?
No. 20592
>We all know that Anon is goin to win

Yeah... how many times have we died/reset now?
No. 20607
it's all part of the greater plan
No. 20612
anon's sacrifice will remove the limiter of the nineball team and all of them will gain their EX form to face the final boss in a ultimate battle of ultimate destiny.
No. 20655
Advent Cirno
Berserk Mystia
Gar Wriggle

oh yeah, we're going to kick ass.
No. 20824
>>Gar Wriggle

GAR DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY (even cosmetically.)
No. 20834
RAG Wriggle?
No. 20859
File 120865898137.png - (515.14KB , 1052x1500 , zayaku_menace_18.png ) [iqdb]
Alas, even a party like that cannot face the mightiest of Gensokyo.
No. 20864
Final Battle: Anon vs Kaguya on top of the Hakurei Shrine to stop her from conquering Gensokyo.
No. 20865
>Final Battle: Anon vs Kaguya on top of the Hakurei Shrine to stop Anonymous from conquering Gensokyo.
No. 20866
>>Final Battle: Anon(MiG) vs Anon(WUiG) on top of the Hakurei Shrine to settle who will be the ultimate ruler of Gensokyo.
No. 20867
File 120866001464.jpg - (35.30KB , 357x392 , cirno1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 20970

Fuck yes. Need to have some other anon Yukari gapped in who's been helping our enemies or something.
No. 20992
Not some other Anon, THE other anon.
No. 20993
No, Anon. YOU are the Anon.
And then Anon divided by zero.
No. 20999
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No. 21000
I am me? then... wait wha-
No. 21019
This must happen. It is fated. Now the only thing that remains is to determine which anon gets which girls as his allies in this epic battle laced with hot-blooded yelling.
No. 21020
MiG Anon is to YWUiG Anon as Archer is to Shirou.
No. 21022
It is the other way around. WUiG Anon is going to become the Lake in the future. We already had a dream about the Lake, and saw ourself in it, so that means that MiG is Shirou. Unlimited Egg Works vs Unlimited Ruffle Works
No. 21028
This is now a MiG and WUiG powerlevel thread
No. 21029
BYODT (Bring your own Dimensional Touhou)

I haven't been keeping up with WUIG, but it's set MiG Anon will be traveling with the (9) Squad, Suwako, Sanae, and if Yukira wills, Reisen, Mokou, and possibly China/Flandre/Patchi in the near future.

Basically, a fight between two Lake-beings would be dumb. Anon(s) will settle this with WHO CAN AMASS THE MOST TOUHOU! GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL, GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!
No. 21030
File 120868153963.jpg - (161.28KB , 700x500 , 1206700598890.jpg ) [iqdb]
I like where this thread is going.
No. 21044
MiG anon has the camer-- oh, wait. Yukari stole it.
No. 21046
What, no Sakuya?
No. 21047
WUIG anon and MiG anon would never fight with weapons

their only skill is diplomacy

at the end of the day they'd end up in some sort of orgy with their touhou harem
No. 21048
That's not true.
WUIG Anon also has badass egg-cooking skills, and MIG Anon has Unlimited Ruffle Works. Oh, and the ability to go from semi-sane to totally tripping balls in .03 seconds.
No. 21063
As much as I love discussing powerlevels, I don't see a reason why would Anons fight with each other. WUIG Anon has Keine, China and Sakuya as his... main 'interest', while MiG Anon has Reisen. So their love interests don't overlapse.

Their goals, hm... MiG Anon wants to survive and find out what the fuck is going on. WUIG Anon wants to create over a thousand egg-based meals and remain unknown to death and life. They could help each other in a way.

Besides, wouldn't Anon be happy to meet someone from his world and a fellow anonymous at that? I think that if they met, they'd just make a giant party followed by giant drunk orgy and then either form a team or just continue their journeys.

So there's no reason for them to fi-- oh wait.




No. 21069

was that on purpose?
No. 21070
>>WUIG Anon has Keine, China and Sakuya as his... main 'interest'

Well, for NOW, anyway. There's no telling who else GM will introduce, or how easily Anon will be swayed by them.

Besides, if the Anon were to truly fight, then they can compete only in the one thing they both truly excel at: dying in horribly retarded and suicidal ways.

So far, WUIG has:
-Drowned while trying to swim a freezing cold lake
-Drowned while trying to dash past Meiling and getting FALCON PUNCHED into a freezing cold lake
-Drowned in an intentional act of suicide by jumping into a freezing cold lake

In comparison, MIG Anon has:
-Death by Ran, due to trying to go for a TAIL FEEL SO GOOD
-Death by jumping off a fucking building, due to tripping balls and not knowing shit about gravity
-Death by Yuyuko, due to not knowing shit about mythology
No. 21081

It was. I don't see how either one of these anons could be the 'heaven' option.
No. 21084
>>Death by Yuyuko, due to not knowing shit about mythology
I guess you can call it lack of knowledge on mythology when option appears as "Unidentified food."
But yeah, so far YWuiG Anon has lead in stupid deaths, although MiG started after those deaths ha happened, so Anon had gotten bit smarter.
No. 21097
Well, at one point in his future life, Anon (WUIG) finds himself incapable of serving eggs to several hundred people; to change the course of their destinies, he forges a pact with the world, whereby in exchange for a miracle he is obligated to posthumously and indefinitely serve Gensokyo as an Anonymous Guardian, a spirit that protects the world from other Anons.

Throughout his heroic career, Anon (WUiG) struggles with the same doubt his master, Emeril, acknowledged many years before; when the food of one person is saved, another person must be left to wait for their food. After Serving in many future restaurants, he is horrified to discover himself needlessly cooking countless meals of the nefarious and innocent alike. In time, the once idealistic Anon comes to the pessimistic conclusion that attempting to serve all human life is futile, for the few must be sacrificed for the survival of the many. Accepting this concept frustrates Anon, for it betrays his life's conviction and renders his selfless dedication to cooking eggs worthless.

Broken, bitter, and angry, Anon gambles on the small hope of being summoned as a Shikigami back in the 5th Gensokyo War. His rationale is to kill this other anon and cause a time paradox, which Anon (WUiG) hopes will spare Anon (MiG) the anguish of realizing his harem is a sham, even at a cost of ripping the fabric of reality asunder.
No. 21120
>needlessly cooking countless meals of the nefarious and innocent alike.
>attempting to serve all human life

Soylent Scarlet is made of people! You've got to tell them! Soylent Scarlet is people!
No. 21121
everything works out just fine as long as no one meets FUiG Anon
No. 21127
Oh god, I miss FUiG Anon ;_;
No. 21135
Yeah, sure. I'll tell them, I'll tell them.
No. 21141

Now I've lost it. Writing a counter-story.
No. 21169

Fuck, I forgot I shouldn't just write on whim. It already has more than 1100 words and I'm not even past the middle.
Oh what the hell, I may as well finish it.
No. 21235
And then Anon (WUiG) became the Lake, the strongest being in Gensokyo. He is the reason Reimus gone insane and everyone is acting strange. Are you bad enough NEET to rescue Gensokyo?
No. 21255
>Pushing off from the ground, you find yourself airborne. You press forward, as fast as you can. You know you must challenge your foe, and this battle is one that must be faced alone. Touching down on the shores of The Lake, you call it out, the evil being, by it's ancient and mostly forgotten name. You mentally thank the elder being who told you it's name. Her help was invaluable in identifying this evil, her knowledge vast and unsurpassed.
The surface of The Lake begins to glow as it rises, it's ancient slumber disturbed, from it's bed. The Lake rises rapidly into the air, and you push off the ground, once again, to confront it. The higher The Lake rises, the more intense the glow becomes, the shape of The Lake changing and shrinking. The form that it's beginning to take is humanoid. The glow climaxes and the light shoots away, revealing the true form of your lake.
You gasp. Nothing that magician had told you prepared you for this. This, this was impossible, this cannot be the true form of The Lake, but deep down, deep inside you, you knew. You had always known, you just had refused to accept this. The form and appearance of The Lake? You saw it every time you looked in the mirror, nay at any reflective surface. The Lake was you.

Anon (MiG): I am pretty good...
Anon (WUiG): As expected from me...
No. 21256

Crap we might just be a genius.
No. 21293
>Anon (MiG): I am pretty good...
>Anon (WUiG): As expected from me...

I giggled. So, so appropriate.
No. 21317
Reminds me of Tsukihime.
No. 21357
I lol'd.
No. 21392
This thread makes me want to see Breasts Anon wreak havoc again.