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File 167116141311.png - (1.87KB, 154x222, Revenge The Unseen Ending Gaster Face Sprite.png)
Revenge The Unseen Ending Gaster Face Sprite
Kaiju Wriggle Nightbug's Determination Calculative Journey (Beta Ver)


Up above the sky, two titans clashed in hopes of defeating the opposing side. One is a golden buddha mecha that has the aura of a heroism that will save the innocents from this insect kaiju that seems like it is going to devour and destroy everything that it sees. But this is no ordinary kaiju, no. In fact, this insect kaiju seems to have a sanity beyond its pure instinct unlike the other kaijus who lose themselves to their barbaric and kaiju-ish ways.

The two clashed again with their arms locking with each other, trying to show who is the strongest by pushing with all their strength. Inside the golden buddha mecha's head, we see a humanoid rabbit controlling the mech from within. "Anti-Insect Kaiju Mech Alpha to Command. It seems like I am in a stalemate. Orders, ma'am?" Awaiting a response from the higher ups, the humanoid rabbit kept the mech's arm locked with the insect kaiju to trap it.

"Attack in the twilight, shake her awake with the thunder of laser beam." As soon as the higher up gave the green light to mobilize the directed-energy weapon. "Failure will not be accepted. Call for powers of the lunarian might." The command monologues about how great the lunarians are, not really helping the battle, but okay. "Force her to surrender. Take what is ours and restore law and order." The rabbit who is manning the anti-insect kaiju mech nodded.

The face of the buddha mecha opened like some sort of alien from alien vs predator, but in this scenario, it is vastly different, I assure you. The directed-energy weapon is powering up, ready to shoot the insect kaiju into the shadow realm, Jimbo. But before it can blow her up to kingdom come, the insect kaiju, using its common sense and logic, closed the opened face, prompting it to explode the head of the buddha and along the rabbit with it. "N-Nani!!!?!?! (Translation: W-What!!!?!?!)"

Before the explosion happened, the insect kaiju said something ominous to the rabbit... somehow. "You stole my beans for my insect friends. Now it is time for the unfunny." Which the rabbit in turn responded with, "Horry sheeet!!!" The insect kaiju shook her head sagely. "Me when somebody ruins my day because some baka (Translation: Idiot) thought it is a good idea to cleanse the world because it is "impure" or something along those lines."

The rabbit's final moment is something like this: 'Ah... I have not gotten my paycheck yet-' BOOOOOOOM!!! The insect kaiju watched from afar the blazing, fantastic explosion that the buddha mecha can do. She never thought that those things can do stuff like that. "That explosion unironically goes hard. Unreal, even." Washing the dishes was never so epic, lol. The insect kaiju turned her eyes to the populace on the ground. All of them are now in disbelief and horror-struck.

"Well, this is a treat. To think that they attack me at 2 AM is unfunny and unpog." Yes, all lunarians are working overtime because they are on the moon. On the side note, you who is about to or not to massacre the people below is a whole different question is what the readers are asking. "This is going to bug someone, but WHEN THE WRIGGLE." Ah, yes, the best part of Wriggle was when she said "IT'S WRIGGLIN' TIME" and wriggled all over the places, lunarians, mechas, and pretty much who tried to ruin her day. Truly one of the most histories.

"Super wriggle theme... Do not search super wriggle, though. Worst mistake of my life." Heh, imagine having a kuso (Translation: Kuso = shxt = [Rough translation because I'm smol brain] = shxtty) name like Wriggly, couldn't be me. The insect kaiju that is now known as Wriggle (Last name? Don't know, don't care) glared at the narrator, same energy as talking to a brick wall. "Narrator... you gotta stop living now!"

She punches the narrator using her eight arms consecutively (Yes, I know that one video only has Wriggle four arms (I think?), but in this different iteration, she has eight arms, okay? Okay), when in reality, she just punches the air like she is some kind of person who escaped the mental asylum. "ORA! ORA! ORA!" Funni reference is funny, I can tell. Kaiju Wriggle (Yes, that's what I'm calling her now) stopped punching at literally nothing and felt explosions on her insect wings, basically, behind her.

She turned at the source who fired those air-to-air missiles. There are squadrons of UN fighter aircrafts. F/A-18A Hornet, F/A-18B Hornet, F-35B Lightning II, AH-1Z Viper, CH-53E Super Stallion, Chengdu J-7, Shenyang J-11, Sukhoi Su-35, Shaanxi Y-9, Harbin Z-9, Guizhou Soar Dragon, MiG-29, Panavia Tornado IDS, MQ-9 Reaper, Eurofighter Typhoon, Antonov An-26, Aero L-39 Albatros, Kamov Ka-27, and others.

"Sweet jams, man. They really are going all out with this one, huh." Kaiju Wriggle heard someone talking, she can use frequency which lets her hear conversations between wireless technology... somehow. The "conversation" consists of: "Monster! You killed my family! Now die!", "為中國! (Translation: For China!)", "Du wirst sterben, du verdammtes Monster! Für das Vaterland! (Translation: You're going to die, you damn monster! For the fatherland!)", "Udělám svou rodinu hrdou! (Translation: I will make my family proud!)", and many more that are similar war cries to the previous ones.

"Am I really going to slaughter those men who are being deceived by the lunarians and are trying to defend their planet from beings such as me? Hmm, what a difficult decision to make." While Kaiju Wriggle is giving a thought to her final choice, the UN fighter aircrafts start their assault on her. She swats the missiles like a bug (Hehehe, get it?) while avoiding destroying the fighter aircrafts that are too close to her.

After fourteen minutes of giving a thought to her final decision, she finally decided. "I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they did not kill any insects, so... *looks at the aircrafts who are still barraging her with air-to-air missiles* ...all of you will get to live another day." Kaiju Wriggle then vanished using her insect teleportation. The men inside the aircrafts are confused as to why something so big suddenly disappeared out of thin air, literally.

Minutes later after she teleported out of there. "So basically the lunarian's plan was to make all the kaiju youkais dumb. Hmph, I already confirmed that they made everyone in Gensokyo stupid... and into kaiju, too, I guess." Kaiju Wriggle is sitting on a random cliff in the middle of nowhere, staring at the sunset as she deduces the plan of the lunarian. She got the information from extracting it from the destroyed buddha mecha that she fought before. How? Insect information extractor or something. She probably teleported on the other side of the world since the battle before still has the sun in the sky.

"Now I know why everyone is nerfed. *looks at the corpse of Kaiju Hina* ...But the buddha mecha and the rabbits seems to be equally dumb as the kaiju youkais. *turns her eyes at the destroyed buddha mecha on the ground next to Kaiju Hina* Most of the fights with those buddha mechas would have ended differently if the kaiju youkais had retained some of their sanity beyond pure youkai/kaiju instinct."

Kaiju Wriggle saw some people that are still trapped under the rubble during the fight between Kaiju Hina and the buddha mecha. The people who are trying to lift the heavy rubble are struggling and seem to be frantically lifting it because they just saw Kaiju Wriggle looking in their direction just a second ago. She sighed and reached the rubble where people are still trapped below it. They screamed because they thought they were going to die. Some of them even ran away while others just stood still, fear taking over their body.

Kaiju Wriggle does not care because she is tired of the needless deaths that are happening left and right. She knows that youkais are supposed to be killing or eating humans, but not to the point that they should be slaughtering millions of humans and lunarians alike every two or three days. That is too much! After she lifted the heavy rubble, she immediately left the area because she knew someone was going to call the buddha mechas. "I don't want to deal with them right now."

She teleported once again. The people are baffled as to why the insect kaiju did not massacre and eat them like a kaiju would. They probably watch too much television or kaiju vs mecha anime, for that matter. Kaiju Wriggle appeared in Japan, specifically where Kaiju Suika is fighting a buddha mecha. "Great. I thought nobody was going to attack Japan since... you know what, never mind." She quickly hid herself behind a building that is large enough to cover her entire form. Surprise, surprise, nobody saw her despite being a 93 meters tall creature. Plot convenience, I suppose. How does one not see something so big? Maybe it is part of Kaiju Wriggle's insect powers... yeah, that is gotta be it.

Now that Kaiju Wriggle is a spectator between the fight of Kaiju Suika (Translation: Melon? I don't know) and the buddha mecha, she is going to rate how well Suika fight and from there she will make a decision if Kaiju Suika has some tidbits of sanity, but she knows the chance of that ever happening is quite slim like that ground that you are about to walk on, which is thin ice. "Wait, Suika can just turn into a giant without even turning into a kaiju-ish. It looks like a certain someone forgot about her power, which is density and sparseness manipulation." [The Caretaker - It's just a burning memory (2016) starts playing in the background]

The buddha mecha and Kaiju Suika are throwing hands at each other, but the buddha mecha evades all the attacks like a son who is avoiding your mom's slipper slap (Heh, funni), then it does a pro gamer move and did a german suplex on Kaiju Suika. Kaiju Suika recovered quickly, too quickly for the Buddha mecha's liking, and Mike Tyson its ass then ground pound the buddha mecha while it was down, effectively and unorthodoxly obliterating it.

"It's show time." Then Kaiju Wriggle got out of her sitting spot where she just watched that fight go down for twenty four minutes. Kaiju Wriggle approached Kaiju Suika— you know, we really need a new name for you, Kaiju Wriggle. Saying Kaiju Wriggle all the time is kind of like saying the earth is flat, not beneficial to society. The name that will be given to you shall be known as...


Alright, back to fighting. "Hey, Suika. It's been awhile... actually, have we met before? I don't remember." But Kaiju Suika just growled like the kaiju she is. "Meh. I will give you one chance to prove yourself that you're not a mindless kaiju. I think you can do that for me since you're the almighty oni of the four devas or something, I don't know, I just heard that kuso from one of Reimu's flower viewing parties. I think that's where we met." Kaiju Suika just keeps growling, not doing anything useful to prove her sanity.

Then suddenly—SLASH!—Kaiju Suika swung her right arm, trying to slice off Pennsylvania's head, but Pennsylvania sidestepped the strike, despite flying off the ground by a few meters. "Damn, I really liked you, you know? Except I don't, though." Both of them prepare themselves to fight each other, and by both I mean only Pennsylvania did because she has her sanity left while Kaiju Suika is just a mindless monster.

"Hol' up, before we fight, I need to pick out a cool song. Lemme check out some songs on soundcloud real quick." Pennsylvania bought out a comically large iphone and started picking an awesome theme song for herself. [Dark PHOENIX - Stirring an Autumn Moon starts playing in the background] "Meh." She picks another perfect and cool song for her. [[Touhou] - Wriggle's Theme: Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect ~ Remix starts playing in the background] "Too majestic." Another song is picked while Kaiju Suika is getting confused on what is happening and thought to herself, '*kaiju growl* W...—What is that large d-d-device that she is h-h-h-holding? *kaiju growl*' [Wriggle Nightbug dancing to Dancing Firefly starts playing in the background] "I don't like the thumbnail." Song. Pick. Repeat. [IN Stage 1 Boss - Wriggle Nightbug's Theme - Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect starts playing in the background.] "Kinda overused at this point." [Wriggle Nightbug scary sighting! (3 am challenge) starts playing in the background] "Oh kami no!" Maybe this last song will be the one. [Touhou - Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect [Metal Remix by NyxTheShield] starts playing in the background] "Perfect." Pennsylvania pocketed the comically large iphone in her insect pocket? I don't know, she just put it in her clothes somehow.

"Okay, so I'm really piss off at you for trying to cut my head off...—*looks at the destroyed Mcdonald restaurant that she was about order there, but it's now destroyed*—but that, you killed my dinner and that wasn't very cash money of you. You know the rules, and so do I. Battle, start, now!" Pennsylvania flies away from Big Melon (Because you know, suika means melon, well, according to r/touhou anyway), then she throws some insect attacks that are very hurtful to the skin, to humans, it kills them instantly, but to youkais, it damages them greatly.

One would have thought to dodge the barrages, but this is a mindless monster, so Big Melon didn't do the most traditional tactic, which is running away from the bullets, but in this case, it's insect attacks that are resembling bullets. Pennsylvania sends in the dragon firefly blasters and blasts Big Melon into the shadow realm, Jimbo (Already made this joke, but the second time seems kind of funny to me).

The attack seems to never end like a certain fangame, but it ended abruptly. If this were a fangame of a certain comedic calcium, then there's a textbox that will display "Pennsylvania stands before you, well, not really since she's flying because she's an insect." Big Melon attacks her using her iconic move that most kaijus would use, the claw slash. If it's a sprite, then it will display three red lines that bear a resemblance to a three claw slash—


—As usual, Pennsylvania evaded the strike by blinding Big Melon's eyesight and flew very far away. "You can't hit me. I'm too far away and have the infamous high ground. I'm also like your father, you can't see me because I'm gone and going out to get some milk, therefore I'm always a very far distance away from you. I also beat the crap out of you senseless." Pennsylvania checks her own stats before striking back. Apparently, this fight has become turn based.

—Stats Start

Level 69 : XP (420/3600)

—Skill Points

Skill Points Used: 4/20

Health: -[X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]+ (Maxed Out)

Health: 69,360,420

Regen: -[X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]+ (Maxed Out)

Charge %/s: 6,900,420

Health %/s: 36,000,690

Speed: -[X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]+ (Maxed Out)

Sprinting speed: 420,000,360

Walking speed: 360,000,690

Swimming speed: 690,000,420

Flying speed: 690,420,360,000

Damage: -[X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]+ (Maxed Out)

Crunch damage: 360,000,000

Tail Undercut damage: 420,000,000

Quaking Stomp damage: 690,000,000

Dragon Firefly damage: 360,000,000,000

Insect Swarm damage: 690,000,000,000

Stats End—

Pennsylvania's attack resumed, but this time, the attack formation is different than last time, so it is much harder to dodge since the attack is constantly changing. As time goes on, Big Melon's health bar is progressively decreasing as the attacks become much more difficult to evade, but she doesn't care about that. She only cares about killing the enemy right in front of her and the destruction of the city. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that they are fighting in a city. Imagine the maximum collateral damage. At least Pennsylvania isn't the one who is going to help the humans fix their city once this fight is over, right... RIGHT?

Anyway, Big Melon is close to being immobilized... and death. "Anyhow, recently I've been watching your fight from before, you know, the one with the buddha mecha in which I forgot what their name is, and let me tell you... slaughtering innocents after finishing your fight with the buddha mecha isn't your style, but I think your kaiju form does enjoy that. Hey, kaiju form, your barbaric tendencies have gotten progressively worse as time goes on." The attacks resumed once again, but this time, the attacks... no words can describe how hellish it is. Pennsylvania is kinda enjoying herself in this fight. Big Melon on the other hand, she is having the worst time of her life. Mainly because she didn't bring any healing items, so it sucks to be you.

"I've also seen that you've flooded the area with your comically large sake. Why the hell would you commit a tsunami? Is it because you're imagining your friends are still there, alive and well? Who are you? Wei Shu? Those friends of yours aren't real. You gotta let them go. They've been gone for years now, buddy. Wake up. Get back to real reality—*proceeds to hallucinate Big Melon and showed her a pic of a man saying "SNAP BACK TO REALITY" with a vine boom as it appears*—touch grass, pal."

Big Melon didn't even bother trying to evade the attacks because she had no more energy left to exert her body out of harm's way. Pennsylvania didn't even give her a chance to strike back, anyway. In short, her attacks are like one of those fan games where you never get to attack at all. "If you think that's the worst thing that you've heard... Let me tell you about the time I auditioned to be a cricket noise in some random episode in Breaking Bad. Like, bro. I'm a firefly, not a cricket." Then she immediately dragon firefly'd her, dealing an enormous amount of damage. Big Melon's fatigue has reached its limit, and it doesn't help that she didn't recover her energy from the previous fight with that buddha mecha.

"Doesn't mean you get a perfect grade from me. No straight A+ for you, little girl. Especially on your Urinalysis Urine Test." Then Pennsylvania brings out her comically large iphone that has the brand of apple and goes to reddit and scroll down to see some Sumireko and bug memes. It's kinda morbid. All the while she's attacking Big Melon, who thought all hope is gone. During the attack, Big Melon could've sworn that she heard some fart noises in Pennsylvania's comically large iphone. After the fight is finally finished, Pennsylvania pocketed her comically large iphone and looked straight at Big Melon's pair of eyes.

Remember the time when I said if this was an rpg game? Yeah, in the textbox, it has something displayed that says "Pennsylvania is canceling his pre-order of the new Among Us game on switch and giving them a two star review on yelp" Leaving a one star review is too obvious, so she left a two star to make it seem like she kinda likes and dislikes it at the same time. A viable example of mixed communication, everyone.

"Bro, stop. You're making me dance too hard," Pennsylvania said to literally no one in the vicinity. It seems like everyone is dead as hell, bro. Dead as hell. It seems like Big Melon is approaching Pennsylvania. "Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me?" Big Melon only responded with a kaiju growl and still continued to approach her. "Even though we both know that you're going to lose this fight, you're still going to approach me like you're a failed student of Eirin, scrambling to finish the problems on an exam until the last moments before the chime?" Once Big Melon got close to a desirable proximity of punching range, she tried to put all her strength in a single punch, but she was stopped by Pennsylvania by kicking her left leg. The shockwave from that one kick destroyed everything in a radius of three hundred meters.

"Too slow, too slow! Insects are the most powerful species on the planet. They pretty much dominated the world (Oh my kami! It's Za Warudo Jojo!). Therefore, defeating you will be a cinch." Even if you drop billions of nuclear bombs on top of them, they will still live, specifically the cockroaches. "Shall we compare the speed of our attack rushes?" Then both of them did the funni reference, except only Pennsylvania knew and did it because she has a comically large iphone and Big Melon does not.

Due to Pennsylvania training and honing her strength and skills, she wiped the floor with Big Melon. Now that Big Melon is completely immobilized, Pennsylvania has to make a decision... A VERY, VERY DIFFICULT DECISION. She aimed her super sharp insect arm at Big Melon's stomach, but suddenly stopped to say something. "The hardest choices require the strongest wills... Goodbye, Suika. It was nice knowing you, even though I don't remember talking to you during the flower viewing party." SHUNK! The final choice has been made. Pennsylvania donuted Big Melon. Pennsylvania's heart almost cracked and thought all hope was gone, but she is determined to stop the lunarians and their lunatic plan—

—Author's Note: This is just a tiny portion of the story. Expect more in the future. That will be all—


—Genocide has been enacted. Wriggle, also known as Pennsylvania, almost lost her mind and sanity trying to stop the lunarians many times. She decided she would do his own genocide against the lunarians by brutality slaughtering all who still believe that they are their savior against the "monsters" and getting their energy to overpower the lunarians.

But someone is already aware of her plan...

The enigmatic person ordered the soldiers, humans and lunarians alike, to mobilize and confront this beast, hoping to finally exterminate her. The beast killed all those who still attacked her, but spared the ones who did not want to fight her anymore. The beast obtained a lot of energy to evolve to the next form that will surely defeat the lunarians once and for all.

Pennsylvania, distraught, accidentally killed the people who were caught in the fight, vowed to slaughter all the damn evil lunarians and the humans who are in cahoots with them, no matter the cost...


—Author's Note: This is just a beta, therefore you readers are now beta readers. Let me know if you like or dislike the story. Just leave your criticisms or whatever. That'll be all. Cya.
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I dislike it.
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I can't tell if this is a shitpost or simply trash, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. God help me if I'm feeding a troll.

Now that you've got that out of your system, stop writing. Pick up actual published books (find any "Top Classic Books of All Time" kind of list and start from there) and start reading extensively before you write anything else. It may take years and you may be tempted to write again before you're ready, but don't. Until you absorb what actual storytelling looks like, you will only ever produce trash.

That is literally the only valuable feedback you will ever get from this thread and probably this site in general.
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It's bad.
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What do you mean? This shit is bussin'. I read stuff like this all the time, and its kinda funny tbh. On the side note, if you don't like it, then don't read it. It's that simple, really.
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You're free to go to wherever garbage like this is the norm and stay there, then.
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It would take me too long to get into detail everything that I dislike about this but here are broad strokes:
>Random stat stuff that has no bearing on anything
>Written in a style that seems like the result of freebasing nothing but internet, fanfiction and ready player one
If this isn't just an attempt to troll, please apply yourself and make something that's worth reading as this is otherwise a waste of everyone's time, including yours.
>Let me know if you like or dislike the story. Just leave your criticisms or whatever.
Don't be a tool. This isn't for me but it's fine to enjoy even stuff like this.
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Look, I may have said it in a harsh way, but there's more shit like this elsewhere, and anyone who likes it should probably be looking there. I know the baseline here isn't that high, but it's not bottom of the barrel, either.
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Are you people seriously expecting a quality content from an author who is named Amogus?
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I expect nothing. I just rightly call it trash like it is.
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I think this person probably dislikes amogus or something.
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