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File 166739778445.webp - (21.10KB, 400x838, dZw5F_c4Tb7MwhuoRuBMf2AGTyTSp0bC3cYCs-UJaG0.webp)
What purpose did this bloodshed serve?

Qin Feng gripped his bow tightly.

Fists tight enough to draw blood.

Teeth clenched hard enough to shatter at any moment.

The once great and respected Heavenly Mountain Sect, gone; its legacies wiped in a single day.

Dozens of swords pierced his body, yet he did not feel the pain.

The regrets inside his heart far exceeded the pain of his body.

"Shuhang.." He discovered the discarded corpse of his comrade.

Why was it so unfair? Why were the dead even unable to close their eyes?

Looking around, he saw piles or corpses. Once his adored juniors.

Everyone was dead.

Qin Feng clenched his teeth even tighter. Looking to the perpetrator.

The Demon once sealed deep below the earth, Yun Xiaotong.

The words eternally inscribed on Qin Feng's heart came out of the demon's mouth.

"How unfortunate, only if you have trained a little more."

"Shut up.."

"You should still be proud of your achievement, with the deaths of many, one of your arrows could finally reach me."

"Truly unfortunate.." Last words came out of the demon's mouth. Even as the greatest of his sect, he was no escaper from death.

But how? How can a dying man look so calm?! His final moments were incomprehensible to Qin Feng.

Qin Feng stood up.

"Remember this clearly Bow Saint. Death is not my end, just another fate for me to overcome. Once I return from the depths of hell, there will be no one powerful enough to stop me, not even yo-"

Qin Feng pulled one of the swords from his body and pierced cut off the demon's head with it.

"It's... over."

The battle was over, the realm would remember their victory. But deep inside Qin Feng's heart, he knew no one won the battle.

Finally, Qin Feng fell down--His legs had no more strength to support his body.

What will happen to Heavenly Mountain Sect now? Only powerless children were alive.

Qin Feng simply did not know anymore.

"Shuhang.. I'm sorry.

Qin Feng fell onto his side.

His robes painted with red, dying quietly.

A peaceful dead, yet a lonely one nonetheless.

"Heavenly Mountain.." His last words were spoken, following that a black pitch void.

Heavenly Mountain Sect's inner disciple, Divine Bow Qing Fen. Who slayed the peerless demon on the summit of the Heavenly Mountain, drifted into eternal sleep.

This short narrative was his only legacy before moving on from this world.



I quickly get up and look around. Seeing myself in an unfamiliar place.

Where the hell am I?

"Oh, you're awake." I heard spoke in an unfamiliar tone of voice.

A young girl stood infront of me in rather odd clothes, red-white sleveless shirt? Whatever.
I quickly took out my bow.. wait.

"WHERE THE HELL IS MY BOW?!?" I yell out as I realized my beloved bow is not with me.

"Calm down! Okay, I'll go get your damn bow for you."

A few moment passes and the girl came back with my bow. I quickly took it from her hands and inspected it, indeed it was still the same bow I am accustomed to.

"You will not take my bow away from me, ever again." I said, in a very threatening tone.

"What's wrong with you anyway, first thing you do after waking up is yell at people for your bow?"

"Don't insult my bow! You have no idea how much this means to me." I used this bow longer for I can remember.

"Alright alright, I get it."

'Hell no you don't!'

"Who the hell are you anyway, child?" She gives a very, annoyed look at me

"Reimu. Reimu Hakurei, you seriously don't know anything about me?"

"Listen, I've known alot people in my lifetime. I don't give a damn about some child in a weird dress."

"Hey! Who're you calling a child? You don't look that old yourself!"

Hm? What's she talking about? I think I look pretty damn old myself I'd say.
Though being called out for looking young feels really nice..

"Whatcha mean? I look plenty of old enough."

"Here take a look at yourself! You look like someone who'd just went through puberty!" She hands me a weird-shaped artifact. Seriously, she doesn't know what she's talking about.

"Hm? Who's this young man?" I took a look at the artifact, it showed me an image of a young man and the girl behind me.

"That's you! You idiot."

"Eh? There's no way."

She comes up to me and waved my hand around. Strangely, the young man in the artifact did the same.

"What in the Tao is this?"

"Oh, so you're a taoist. No wonder you're so annoying," Hey! What the hell was that supposed to mean? "This is an "artifact" as you call it. That reflects you and your surroundings onto the surface of it.


"Then it seems you might have to fix this, I myself am pretty sure that I do not look like this young man."

"Well, I myself AM pretty sure that you look EXACTLY like that young man."

"No way." Although having said that. I take a closer look at my body without using the artifact. Why are my arms so short? Legs? I didn't notice it sooner but my voice also sounds different? Wait..

Wasn't I fighting the great demon Yun Xiaotong? Didn't the sect get destroyed? Most importantly..

Didn't I die?!


Part 2 coming really soon.

Cultivation genre detected, Face slapping actions incoming.
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File 166740486930.png - (311.70KB, 494x565, Capture2.png)
How could it be, I clearly remember the moment I drew my last breath..

"Hey Reimu.."


"Ever heard of reincarnation?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I think I was reincarnated here."

She looks at me before speaking up

"That would make sense, with your behavior and all."

"Hey, what's wrong with this senior's behavior?"

"You should probably head towards the village. Find someone called Hieda no Akyuu, she might be able to help you out."

"Alright then, how about you answer my ques-"

"You should probably go right now, if you got any problem tell the guards that the shrine maiden sent you here."

"Yeah. But what's wrong with my behav-"

She opens the door and drags me outside.

"Please don't come here again." She walks back inside and closes the door violently.

"What the hell was that?" This senior does not understand the inner working of a lady's mind.

I decide to look around the shrine, finding a place that resembles a village. I start to fly... wait why am I not levitating?

"Don't tell me this poor senior lost his cultivation too.."

I take a look at the staircase, damn tall. Oh! Can't I just..

"God. I probably look ridiculous right now,"

As a final resort, I decided to hang onto my soul-bound bow's string while slowly floating down the hill.

2 guards infront of the village, better not disturb them.


I have to say, this village is very impressive.

I head to the Hieda household, or rather. A mansion really. Heading for the gates, the guards stopped me.

"What business do you have at the Hieda household?"

"Ah. This senior has been threatened by the red and white shrine maiden up that hill to come here."

Guards look at each other confused, even though I tell nothing but truth.

"And who did she send you here to see?"

"Some lady named Hieda no Akyuu."

"Come in."

I follow the guards inside, they lead me to a room. Inside was... another female child.
What's with this realm and their absurd amount of female children? This senior can not comprehend the thinking of the Dao.

"Hello, Reimu sent you here yes?" The child spoke up.
"And don't tell me you're Hieda no Akyuu?"

"The one and only." She gives off a little smile. Creepy coming from a child.

"So what reason did she send you here for?" She asked.

"I came into this realm recently, no more than a day. After a little friendly conversation with the shrine maiden, we've came to a conclusion that I was reincarnated here." I replied in full details.

"Interesting.. you remember your past lives clearly yes?"

"Just one."

"Just one? So, Would you mine telling me your age?"

"Honestly, it's been so long that this senior lost track."

"Proper answer please."

"Few eons."

"That's ridiculously long, and just one life?!"
"Were you an immortal? No, that can't be right. You wouldn't have died then."

"I was indeed an immortal, just not a full-fledged one."

"So, what kind of youkai are you?"


"Ah! are you an outsider?" "You said you came into "this realm" didn't you?"

"Indeed, this senior has never once visited this realm before."

"I do have a few guides on this place written out, here let me hand you one."

'Perfect Momento In Strict Sense."

"That alone should be plenty." You have her a nod as a sign of appreciation.

"Back to the question." "By youkai, I mean were you a mythical creature or non-human by any chance?"

"No, this senior was purely human. Just not a mortal one."

"Peculiar indeed.. Mind you come here sometimes later for a full-on interview?"

"Senior accepts your invitation."

I finish up the conversation and leave the household.

Now this senior's next goal should be breaking through the first stage of cultivation first.

The first stage of cultivation was simple yet challenging for the average mortals. The energy that separates a mortal from a cultivator is "qi"

Qi is an inner energy that exists in all thing. Cultivators utilises them for certain purposes such as attacks.

First stage of cultivation is called "Qi Refining" The process is simple, I must first learn how to utilise your qi. That's my first step to regaining my prowess.

Controlling Qi is no different from breathing for this senior, but due to being in a new body. The sheer amount of inner qi in this body is very impressive. But it has not be refined yet.

I decided to go to an alley in the village and started meditating. Qi is not properly flowing in this body, This senior must open up every dantians first.

This will definitely take a while..

As I pushed Qi through the first dantian, immense pain was felt throughout the whole body. followed by an exhilirating feeling that can't be described.

Normally you would open one dantian per month, but this senior's not that patient.

Second dantian, my whole body shook, convulsing without stop. My nose started to bled, and followed by the same exhilirating feeling, on a larger extent.

Two dantians down, last one to go. Must not hurry this one, this is the upper dantian. If one messes this part up. They will be crippled for life.

As qi ran through my body back and forth, trying to exert enough force to break through the third dantian. each time hitting it harder. at last, the bottleneck opened.

This one felt no pain. Only an amazing feeling due to the qi flowing freely throughout the body, reaching every corner of the body.

"That was great, no. Amazing even." I thought to myself

"Senior's knowledge of cultivation is really useful when starting anew."

"I should get something to eat, being a mortal means having mortal needs after all."

As I exited the valley and entered a bar nearby. The first scene I stumble as walked in was seemingly a woman being harrassed by multiple thugs

What should this senior do?

[] I'm just here to eat, not to fight. (coward)
[] "Junior, do you dare?"
[] "Truly courting death, You have eyes yet is unable to see Mount Tai."


I wrote this on the verge of unconciousness, may my mind be wandered into the deepest corners of the deep end. I shall return to update this story. Reimu isn't mad at Qin Feng. I just don't know how to write reimu :thumbsup:
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it's supposed to be qi condensation not qi refining, sorry.
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File 166740685337.jpg - (144.76KB, 1330x1308, __mononobe_no_futo_touhou_drawn_by_mo_mo_kaze__4a4.jpg)
[X] "Junior, do you dare?"
This seems like the most in character response right now, he's remarkably non-homocidal for a cultivator, cultivation shattered or not.
Flying swords are lame, get a skateboard instead.
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[X] "Junior, do you dare?"

A Xianxia story on THP? This is something I was surprised to find out. The closest equivalents in this setting I could think of cultivators are the hermits and celestials. Considering Xianxia cultivators usually defy heaven and get sent tribulation and Touhou heaven is unjust, everything seems in order. Cultivation is all about refining yourself and becoming more which is what the hermits do.

Fuck it. I'm just going to turn my brain off and enjoy the ride.

Let's fear no mountain and never back down from a fight; otherwise, when tribulation comes, our cultivator will find his principles lacking and be cast down.
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[X] "Junior, do you dare?"
I'm surprised he didn't break the Geneva Conventions on in the short time he was there. I guess we'll just have to fix that in the next Chapter.
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I just remembered that Seiga exists and basically represents what morals a cultivator has, i.e., fucking none. Our cultivator is totally calling her a Fairy if we meet her.
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[X] "Junior, do you dare?"
Delete Post
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[X] "Junior, do you dare?"
questioning, not arrogance. A man who stands with justice and honor.
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File 166747839359.webp - (29.61KB, 640x422, z74sgnmim1n61.webp)
[] "Junior, Do you dare?"

"Hey." I spoke up in a menacing, icy cold voice.

The group of thug looks to me, giving this senior a very confused look.

"What's wrong with this kid?" One of them spoke up, the fact that they just called this senior, a kid. is very much unacceptable.

I must calm down. Getting taunted by these people is disgraceful, This senior didn't live for so long to not learn anything.

"Junior, your vulgar acts will steer you onto the demonic path, you must not give in to your inner desires." This senior tried to warn them, the path of cultivation is a long journey. One with many shortcuts, demonic arts are a bad example. Didn't seem like they understood though.

They looked at each other, deciding to turn away from this senior and continued on harrassing that innocent woman.
I went up to one of them and said

"This senior will say it properly one last time, stop harrassing that woman."

They clearly look annoyed,

"And what're you going to do about it?" One of them said.

I got closer to the guy who said that, gave him a light punch to the gut.

'Ouch, he doesn't seem to be taking it too well.' I said as I took a look at the person, he fell onto his knees and started coughing uncontrollably.

"Hey! What the hell did you do!" One of them yelled out, while another taking a look at his injured friend.

The one who spoke up started walking towards me, clearly not with friendly intentions.

"You're courting death, Junior." Words came right out of this senior's mouth.

His face was clearly full of disdain, raising his right fist and sending it flying towards me. I quickly dodged sideways, focusing the flow of my qi onto the leg. I propel it towards his waist.

An injury to the waist, even a slight one will take an absurd time to heal. If hit with a strong impact, the injury may be deadly.
Qi Refining stage is no more than a first step onto the path of cultivation, yet the difference between a Qi Refining stage practitioner and a normal mortal is like heaven and earth. Taoists of the first stage gains usage to their qi, resulting in a major change to their physique.

The woman harrasser fell onto his side, groaning loudly in pain. Those who were checking their friend's injury got up and ran toward me.

"Junior have eyes, yet unable to see Mount Tai. How miserable." One of them swings a left hook, I duck down and make a quick sweep kick, the other one tried to charge directly towards me, I moved away from the trajectory of the attack at a speed faster than the human eye could see. Giving him a chop on the nape as he charged straight past me.

"This senior warned you, doing such foolish acts will only cause harm." I gave out a long sigh.

"Hey miss, you alright?" I walked toward the lady, she looked a little pale on her face.

"Uh.. Yes?",
"Thank you for getting rid of those vulgar thugs, they're much more common nowadays." She said to me, while giving giving a disdainful look at the group of thugs.

"No problem, say. How about you buy me a meal instead?" This senior has no money, and seriously needs to eat something right now.

"Ah, alright then. Pick whatever you want."


After I was done eating, I just went straight out the bar. The owner didn't really pay any mind to the accident, and even thanked me for it. I didn't ask for the lady's name or anything. Enlightenment before jade beauties.

The next realm after Qi Condensation would be Qi Refinement, I can't hurry this one like I did with Qi Condensation. Qi Refinement is not a particularly hard bottleneck, it's just a realm that requires time and patience. To achieve it, the practitioner must keep be actively expending qi out of their body, as the expended qi gets recovered. The results will be a more purified form of qi. The most effective method right now would be to constantly enhance my body with qi, both practical and efficient.

'After the Qi Refinement stage, I'll start being able to practice bow arts again.'
'This place is way too peaceful for this senior's liking. Heading out would be a good idea.'


This junior is still comprehending the dao of writing, forgive my foolishness may there be a mistake in the update.
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I wonder If this Woman is a named character or just some Villiger. The only character I can think of this Woman being is Sekibanki for some reason.
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File 166748353092.jpg - (80.88KB, 1108x567, 5ef57c82f5e68a7bf9712a90c912cf91.jpg)
'A forest?'

A decently sized forest, for this realm atleast. It seems secluded enough for me to cultivate without anybody disturbing.
Now, just to find a cave or something inside the forest would be an amazing fortune.

Hopping from trees to trees, I scouted the forest searching for a place to lay low.
I've found 2 cabins close to each other, must be neighbours. Might visit them later if I get the chance.


Finally, after venturing around for a while. I stumbled upon an ample-sized mound, just have to cut some trees around it then I could probably make a makeshift tent. Once I enter the Core Foundation realm, digging into the mound should be of no problem either.

Acting quickly, I cut down a few trees (by slamming my bow into them) and collecting the logs and sticks to make a habitable space.

I started by simply piling up firewoods, not lighting them up until night arrives.
Then I started to place small branches around to mark my territory, it also works as a alarm if a vicious beast steps on it. I continued on building my base non-stop, all while still enhancing body with qi. Time is of the essence, can't waste any.

A few hours later, the results were impressive, a medium-sized hut, a campfire, lastly fragile fences that should be enough to keep small threats away. Oh, I also forgot to mention that I also made a few test targets. Will definitely be using those often when I make a breakthrough.

'The moon is rising..'

I light up the campfire by generating heat from compressing my qi flow onto one of my fingers. Neat trick.

I went into the hut, instead of sleeping, I sat in a cross legged pose and started meditating. Brilliant things happen in the calm mind.

I look deep inside the aperture in my body, inside was a red woven string. It seemed like the string was trying to cover the aperture but the length wasn't long enough. To other taoists, this string held a much greater meaning.

Inside of the aperture was qi, but it wasn't any normal qi. The one existing inside the aperture was a much more purified form, dense and shining with a golden brilliance. This was innate qi. Another type of qi that was given from birth.

Innate Qi is what defines a cultivator's talent, though it is just one of the many factors. Point is, inner qi is in another word, someone's lifeforce. From birth to death, inner qi changes form as a person reaches the end of their destiny.

Starting with a newborn, the inner qi inside them is pure, but undeveloped. Following is adolescence, where this is the period where a person's inner qi is at its peak, fully developed and in its purest form. Though after this period, inner qi dissipates gradually overtime until a person's death, where their aperture is completely devoid of inner qi.

The red woven string is there to prevent inner qi from leaking out and causing a qi deviation. though the same could happen in reverse where the normal qi flowing through to body leaks inside the inner qi and mixes together, main cause of sickness and health complications beside yin and yang's disequilibrium.

Sometimes, people refer to the whole thing as "Qi Aperture"

And as to how far a cultivator is covering up their qi aperture depends on how far they're on to the path of cultivation. Many consider this a minor breakthrough, but once you finish the process. Your cultivation speed will gain a massive boost.

One thing I did mention before, this body I reincarnated into has an absurd amount of inner qi, it's almost leaking out even without any disruptions. Both an fortunate and unfortunate situation to be in.


Next thing I realized, it's already morning.
I opened my eyes and got up from the sitting pose, stretching my body and getting ready for a new day. Yes, I did not forget to take a bath albeit taking one in a river is pretty weird.

Now, I have multiple things to take care of. First of all, I need a cauldron for alchemy. Maybe I should seek help from people in the cabins I've found?

Progress on Qi Refining has also been steady, at this rate I might breakthrough in a couple of days. Very impressive speed.

Alright, heading to those cabins it is.


Part 2 soon, Junior is sincerely sorry for any mistakes I've made along the writing of this chapter. The dao if writing is not a simple path.
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File 166748975595.jpg - (144.36KB, 680x668, fetchimage.jpg)
'Moving around without being able to fly is tedious, even in a young body this senior still gets back pain sometimes..'

This senior hopped from a tree to another, keeping a steady momentum.
After a while, finally reaching one of the house. There's a sign that says it's actually a shop?

'I'm intrigued.'
'A magic shop? Senior have heard about witches but never actually encountered one, in my past realm the witch bloodline has gone extinct.'

I stood infront of the door and gave a couple knocks.


A few more.


Last try.


Alright, this senior had enough.
Enhancing my entire body with qi, I step back then gaining velocity by running, I jumped and kicked the door down.

"Who's There?!" A voice was heard from the other end of the house.

'Dynamic entry didn't work as planned, should've learnt that in my past life.'

So there was somebody here, they could've told me they were busy atleast.
Going deeper into the house, I saw a figure. A figure of a girl running towards me.. with a broomstick?


Aw shit..


I woke up, trying to move around then realize I'm tied to a tree.

"Nice breeze eh? Now tell me why the hell were you in my house?" The blonde girl spoke up, still holding her broomstick.

"Could you put that broom down first?" I said.

"Nah, this is my emotional support broom." She replied in a sarcastic tone of voice. This girl's gonna be a real pain in the ass.

"What's wrong with me visiting a new neighbour?"

"Neighbour? Ya live around here?" She sounds a little confused,
"Never seen you around before."

"Yeah, I'm new here. Living over there by the river." I pointed to the direction of my base. It wasn't visible but she probably got the idea.

"Being a neighbour doesn't justify breakin' into my house, got any other excuses?" Maybe knocking for a little more would've been better?

"The sign said that your house was a shop, I just wanted to check inside." Literally the sign above her house said that it was a magic shop, shouldn't I atleast be allowed to check it out?

"You can't open the door, the shop ain't open. Just knock on the door or something." Master taught me patience is an important factor in cultivation, I wasn't that good of a student if you didn't notice already.

"Yeah you're a witch right? This senior came here because he needs a little favour." She looked a little confused at the mention of the word "Senior". "You got a cauldron?" I asked, a cauldron is required to make medicines and pills that will greatly help my cultivation.

"Yeah, not for sale." Oh...
"What'ya need it for anyway?"


"You could probably use the one at Alice's house, I do alot of alchemy stuff, don't really got time to let you use mine."

"Alice's house is that way right?" I point at the direction of the other cabin I found nearby.

"Yeah, you a stalker or something?"

"No! A taoist does-" My sentence was cut off abruptly as I heard a sound of thunder coming up from the skies above.

Dark stormclouds slowly coming this way, covering off the sun. It was sunny just now wasn't it?
The storm's horrific roar was heard throughout the whole forest, this is definitely not a normal storm. This is a heavenly tribulation.

'Which fellow taoist is having a breakthrough right now?'

A thunder came down and barely struck the tree I was tied to, luckily also burning the rope holding me to shreds, but before I could stand up, another one striked. This time, barely grazing my face.

'Oh, it's just me.'

What to do :

[] Take shelter in the girl's house
[] Try to dodge the strikes, so far it's not been that accurate.
[] Take it head-on, Heaven's punishment can't do shit to you.


>Run up to a stranger's house
>Knocks several time
>No answer. Initiate Dynamic Entry.
>Refuse to elaborate
I love Qin Feng.
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[X] Take it head-on, Heaven's punishment can't do shit to you
Fuck Yeah!!! Let's do this!!!
Delete Post
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>Enlightenment before jade beauties.
There goes the Seiga idea.
[X] Take it head-on, Heaven's punishment can't do shit to you.
Looking forward to when he tries harvesting a fairy's core or something. Wonder if we can convince him to visit Higan and literally court death.
Delete Post
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>"You got a cauldron?" I asked, a cauldron is required to make medicines and pills that will greatly help my cultivation.
Ever wonder why the cultivation world is filled with people who will fight at the drop of a hat? It's because of all the pill-popping they do, and the eating of God knows what monster flesh. Essentially superpowered crackheads.

We can still meet up with a fellow Taoist. Though considering our cultivator is a righteous one judging by his sect's name and the fact he died killing a demon, he might end up coming to blows with her cause using necromancy seems pretty demonic.

[X] Take it head-on, Heaven's punishment can't do shit to you.
Don't you know? The tribulation is the best part.
Delete Post
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I also want to note how freaking old our cultivator is.
>"Just one? So, Would you mine telling me your age?"
>"Honestly, it's been so long that this senior lost track."
>"Proper answer please."
>"Few eons."
For reference, an eon is about 0.5 or 1 billion years. So that puts him at minimum Eirin's age or even older. Moreover, Our cultivator didn't even know what a mirror was.
>I took a look at the artifact, it showed me an image of a young man and the girl behind me.
Delete Post
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He doesn't seem like he's really that old due to him almost always being in secluded cultivation at all times, he's more of a living legend in his sect rather than an actual figure.

Also the age range is pretty close, Qin Feng is no more than 300 million, that's also why he perceives almost every 2hu as a child. I am still very weird at writing dialogues.

Hopefully today I can do like 4 1k+ updates, got that motivation today.
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[X] Take it head-on, Heaven's punishment can't do shit to you.
Image Source
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File 166755694674.png - (892.77KB, 992x1403, 1667465500616930 (1).png)
1667465500616930 (1)
>Wonder if we can convince him to visit Higan and literally court death.

[X] Take it head-on, Heaven's punishment can't do shit to you.
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holy shit. i need to find a way to make this work, right now.
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File 166756572768.jpg - (179.97KB, 897x1128, 7iqehxnl28561.jpg)
[] Take it head on. Heaven's punishment can't do shit to you.

If this senior is being punished by the heavens, then be it."

Utilising all of my available qi, enhancing my physique to the absolute limits—My current strength has increased by a myriad times.

As the storm kept getting far more violent, the girl yelled at me to move, I didn't listen to her. What good would be running from a tribulation made for me by the heavens? Eventually she ran off in the direction of the human village.

The first one struck directly onto my body, granting me immense paining spreading throughout the course of body—exceeding even the pain I felt during the breakthrough of Qi Refining stage.
Unexpectedly, the lightning caused no injuries, and even my body looked like it was getting stronger after each strike!

What luck.. It seems like this body has the lightning attribute, a very powerful one at that!

Different people with different elemental affinities gains varying benefits from absorbing a force of their element, some examples being fire taoists sometime walk bare-foot on fire to temper their body. The same thing does not apply to everyone—people with weaker connections to their elemental affinity may only gain resistance against the same element, not benefitting from it. This fact is even more true for lightning cultivators. Even when having extremely strong affinity to the element, they still could not endure being striked by a heavenly tribulation's thunder.

There was also another case, extremely rare but there were legends spread throughout the land—a story of a person with such extreme affinity for the lightning element, that he couldn't be harmed even by the heavens. They called the affinity of people who were such as him as the "Heavenly Lightning" attribute. A trait so strong that the body of a person who had one, could even be tempered by the most vicious of heavenly tribulations.

Such luck this senior have, being gifted with the heavenly lightning affinity. That means this senior can endure—no, this senior could temper his body to a new level! I grinned at the thought of this, maybe being reborn isn't so bad after all!

As thunders striked after one another, most of them either grazing or landing directly onto my body. Each of them tempering my body little by little, not without unbearable pain of course.

Finally after what felt to be like a whole day-night cycle, the tribulation finally stopped. I could immediately sense the qi in my body being purified. Sitting in a meditation pose, I looked deep inside my body's qi flow. They now shined with blinding brilliance, unrecognizable compared to before. Even this senior is surprised at the qi's pureness.

Deciding to head back to my base first, on the way I can definitely feel the improvement in my overall physical level. I can now jump far further with much lesser effort—even on at a faster pace.

Finally reaching my destination, I hurriedly went inside the house. There was a hidden trapdoor blended in with the wooden floor, I opened it, revealing my bow inside. This bow was made from an ancestral dragon's scale, forged in the deepest pits of hell. But most importantly, it's my soul-bound bow.

A soul-bound item is a cultivator's most precious posession, to be explained simply—the name explains it. A soul-bound item is an item that has been bounded to the user's soul using various methods. Different one yielding different results, the technique this senior used was called "Realm-Sealing". The technique in itself was a powerful one, it could seal a whole realm to another plane of existence—this senior used it to create a seal on both the bow and his very soul, creating a powerful link between them.

A weapon that's sealed to the soul grows stronger with the user's cultivation prowess, one could simply turn a stick into the strongest of weapon if the user is strong enough. A sword is only as good as the man who wields it, so they say.

After the Qi Refining realm, I could form my qi into an external force. Essentially creating an object out of it. My main offensive method was to use my qi to form a piercing sharp, yet tougher than steel arrow. Even though it would be like comparing the difference of earth and heaven if I were to compare my current arrow to the ones I used in the past.

Gripping my bow tightly, I slid the arrow into the arrow rest then pulled the string as tight as I can. Focusing my aim onto the target—I release my grip from the string.

Within a blink of an eye, my arrow went straight through the target. Faster than even myself could see—while also still piercing through trees that were behind the target.
I walked at the direction of my arrow to see how much damage it has caused.

"Impressive.. Even though my qi arrow's quality was poor—it still made its way past over 14 trees. It was probably just the effect of me tempering body with the heavenly tribulation. Still, very impressive."

"So finally, the Divine Bow has made his way back into this world."


Sometime later after practicing, I went back to Marisa's house—she didn't seem to be back yet, so I decided to head to Alice's house.

Knocking on the door a few times, without answer once again.

"This senior learned better than to be a fool twice!" Having stated that to myself, I decide to wait for a while. Finally someone answered

"Who's there?" A voice I deducted coming from a female asked, seriously though why is the dao of this realm so obsessed with women? That I cannot understand.

"Hello, this senior lives really close from here so I decided to give you a visit." I replied in a friendly manner.

"Well then, come in."


The inside was nothing extraordinary, although impressive in size—it was decorated really simply. Also alot of thing I've been noticing since walking in is that, her every shelves seem to be made with dolls. It isn't neccessarily weird to this senior, as he had seen alot of people with weird hobbies. I still decided to ask her anyway.

"Hey, what's up with the dolls?"

"They're dolls that can be controlled by magic, almost like using a string to control a puppet." She demonstrated by calling over a doll to sit on her shoulder, pretty impressive focus if I have to say so myself. Oh, I completely forgot the main reason for why I'm here,

"Marisa said you have a spare cauldron, mind lending it to me?" I asked.

"Oh, sure—let me go fetch it for you." Yes! Free cauldron, this senior's luck is improving day by day.

She came back holding a decently-sized cauldron in her hands, with a few little dolls assisting her.

"Here you go," She brought the cauldron down to the floor. "Got anything else you need?" She asked.

"No that'll be all, thanks for the help,"
"I'd loved to say longer but this senior must continue on his practice, Senior will drop by later to repay this favour—or maybe just to have a little chat?" I replied, while also inspecting the cauldron. It was very well-kept.

"Alright then, until our next meeting." She gave me a farewell, and so I left the house.


This senior returned home, pondering about my next cultivation realm. The Core Formation realm.


Junior wrote this a little slower than usual, was trying to mess around with descriptions.

Also terribly sorry, junior has steered onto the path of giving Qin Feng some unique traits to help with his cultivation, he can't just be cultivating for a millenium and doing nothing else.
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File 166757453393.jpg - (31.40KB, 496x501, qt7oemnhf6o81.jpg)
Core Formation is the crucial step for a taoist to utilise their qi freely, and more efficiently. And I've been saying this alot but, Core Formation is actually a difficult realm to step into. And for real this time, it took me decades before I was able form my core in my past life, and it also requires the Qi Aperture to be covered up completely.

Speaking of that, this senior should probably check his progress—looking inside my sea of inner qi, it's almost completely covered up. What an outstanding speed.

Cultivation gets boring at time, this senior needs something to do. Summoning a familiar might be nice—this senior used to have an ancestral dragon as a familiar. Wonder if the connection is strong enough to summon it?

Wasting no time, this senior performed the ritual—took alot of energy out from me, although now is just a matter of waiting. This senior patiently waited for a whole 3 days without sleep, the familiar not yet coming out. But on the other hand, my Qi Aperture has completely covered up due to the amount I've spent on cultivation the past few days. Progress on Core Formation could be said otherwise, this senior has only started forming the innermost core. But progress will definitely fasten, the inner-core is the most important part after all—it takes alot of effort and dexterity to create a flawless core. One can't mess this step up, otherwise their field of elixir might be crippled.

This senior should probably give up on summoning his familiar, the bond must've been cut off as a side-effect of my reincarnation. At this rate, it will just drain my qi without any returns.

Having decided that, I stopped wasting my qi on the summoning process, senior will try to get a new familiar later.

Cultivation is no excuse for skipping sleep, senior have been awake for 5 days straight without rest. Heading to relax would be the best course of action right now.


Waking up to a new day, expecting it to be a sunny bright day—expectation has been disappointed, the outside was shrouded in a crimson mist.

This senior refuses to cultivate in such enviroment! I shall find the person who caused this and give them a little friendly "greeting". Although having said that, the source of the mist is nowhere to be seen from here.

Damnit, only if I could fly right now.. Oh right, I still have my bow—wait no! This senior absolutely refuses to fly by dangling over a bow! A taoist should not care of other thinks of them, but they can't just outright tarnish their image on purpose either! This is outrageous! I absolutely refuse!

Dangling over my bow (sighs), senior looked over to the source of the scarlet mist.

The mist seems to be much more gathered over there in that direction. Over there at the misty lake, I've read about it before in the book that Akyuu gave me.. Come to think of it, I never went to her for that interview did I? Well, whatever. I'll just head over there after I'm done with this.

Heading toward the misty lake, I saw a little blue figure standing infront of me. As if to block my path—I just completely ignored it though, hovering aside and flying past without any problems whatsoever. At the other side of the lake, there seems to be a huge mansion—even for a cultivator's standard, the place was just enormous in size. The mist is also very dense around there, as if to hide the mansion in purpose—if I had to make a guess for where the mist originated from, it'd certainly be here.

In close perimeters to the mansion, there was a gate. And of course—a gate-guard.

Hm? I can sense qi emanating from her.. Is she a fellow taoist? No, the qi's flow feels way more forced than a normal person's.
My guess would be that she forcefully utilises qi without proper cultivation through martial arts or natural talent.,
It was a proper guess, using martial arts to supplement qi cultivation is a common cultivation path after all. It's usually recommended for people who wishes to go on the path of body cultivation.

I stopped commanding my bow to fly, landing on the ground I went up to the guard­—who was sleeping on duty, to be completely honest. Senior understands exactly why.

"Junior!" I yelled out

"Aagh!" She yelped, surprised from the sudden exclamation,
"What business do you have at the Scarlet Devil Mansion?" She immediately got her act together, acting like she wasn't caught off-guard. Giving me a stare, she continued on, "Oh! A fellow taoist? And a qi cultivator at that?" She asked, gleaming with excitement.

"Yes, although that's not what senior is for here today. This senior's cultivation progress has been disrupted by the mist. Does this mansion have anything to do with it?" I asked her, already knowing the answer.

"I'm afraid that I'm unable to let senior pass through this gate." She replied.

"Very well then, Senior admires your loyalty," Showing loyalty to your own master when pressured by a senior is no small task. Very impressive one at that. "We shall decide this with a battle." I suggested

"Junior accepts your challenge."


Tactic? :

[] Suppress her moral, hit her with any quote you've stumbled upon before.
[] Long range is your strong suit, keep an appropriate distance and attack her cautiously.
[] You have far more experience in close-combat than her, Close Quarter Combat is your best bet.


For clueless juniors who does not know why hong refers Qing Feng as her senior even while she's stronger. It's pretty simple :

1. Hong practices martial arts, it's a completely different path of cultivation as opposed to qi cultivation or spiritual.
2. As martial arts does not have a proper rank, one must refer to a qi or spiritual cultivator as their junior based on their strength.
3. Hong judged Qin Feng as her senior from observing his overall prowess, his qi cultivation far surpassing Hong's.
Qin Feng being regarded as the senior might be outrageous to some people, but since Hong's mostly relying on her martial arts and her natural ability to control qi, as opposed to Qin Feng relying on his cultivation and bow arts. Hong might be the senior in terms of combat, but Qin Feng's her senior in cultivation.
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File 166758233268.jpg - (273.26KB, 1280x549, Hou Yi Shooting Down The Suns.jpg)
Hou Yi Shooting Down The Suns
Ahh, the heavenly tribulation is bog standard rather than having our cultivator defiantly debate the sky and the lightning bolts being crystallized arguments meant to specifically tear at his regrets and thus destroy him.

[X] You have far more experience in close-combat than her, Close Quarter Combat is your best bet.

If our cultivator cannot defeat the gate guardian in CQC despite living for as long as he has, he should shatter his cultivation and renter the cycle hoping in his next life to be more talented in CQC.

Anyways, when will our cultivator channel our Hou Yi, the Lord Archer, and shoot down a sun? He has the title of Divine Bow already.

Y'all think Yuuka has the sunflower scripture? Would our cultivator consider her and all Youkai monsters that need to be shot down? Because that seems typical of orthodox cultivators to hunt down those who would prey on humanity. Probably an attitude that would get him killed in this land.
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[X] You have far more experience in close-combat than her, Close Quarter Combat is your best bet.
Hit her with the bow.
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just a note, i congratulate everyone who've read to this point. i dont know how you put up with my writing lmao, just wanted to give a thanks.
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[X] Long range is your strong suit, keep an appropriate distance and attack her cautiously.

We be in danmaku land now. What sort of bow cultivator charges into melee?
Image Source
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File 166759100757.jpg - (85.68KB, 560x560, b140d065539a9d50cce017e6b391bf39.jpg)
> Imagine being an Archer and unironically using a Bow and Arrows
How embarrassing!!!

But seriously it's better for use to go long range since he got knocked out by Marisa of all people. I don't think he can put up with Mailing in close combat
[X] Long range is your strong suit, keep an appropriate distance and attack her cautiously.
Delete Post
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>Red mist arrives!
[Touch of Death: Onrush]

[x] You have far more experience in close-combat than her, Close Quarter Combat is your best bet.
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If we are engaging in a proper fight with a Taoist, we have to, in proper xianxia style, announce who we are and all our associated titles.
Delete Post
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>red mist arrives

Quest is just starting and this sassy lost child is already taking on the Red Mist by himself. Jeez...talk about a vertical difficulty spike.

[X] You have far more experience in close-combat than her, Close Quarter Combat is your best bet.
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>sassy lost child
I feel a quote from a Xianxia I'm reading called The Last Ship in Suzhou, which I also recommend to anyone with an interest in the genre, applies to our cultivator's age:
"Alice was reminded suddenly that this was a cultivator, in the fifth realm - a step from Uncle Jiang, a force of nature who was old, old, old - older than America, older than Rome, older than China, older than human civilization on earth"
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[X] You have far more experience in close-combat than her, Close Quarter Combat is your best bet.
Bow "Only" build in Touhou 6.
Image Source
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File 166763675213.png - (143.13KB, 480x764, Ec6Q9xD.png)
[X] You have far more experience in close-combat than her, Close Quarter Combat is your best bet.


This junior is insanely powerful, this senior has no chance of beating her. Makes me wonder how strong the person caused the mist is. My best tactic right now would be to engage in CQC, even though she's a body cultivator—I doubt she's more experienced in hand-to-hand combat.

I still took out my bow anyway, it hits pretty hard—atleast using it might give a slight advantage.

"Qin Feng. Qi Cultivator of the Qi Refinement stage." I announced, cultivators should announce their name and cultivation prowess to their enemy as a form of respect.

"Hong Meiling, Body Cultivator of the Qi Condensation stage." She also announced shortly after, Body Cultivations does not have a proper ranking of realms, and since Qi Cultivation requires a proper physique and a trained soul—every kind of cultivator announces their progress in cultivation by Qi realms.

Hm? Didn't I used to know someone named Hong before? Not important right now though.

"Battle starts as soon as I light this incense up—also ends when the flame dies out or one is unable to continue,"
"Winner is decided by the amount of blows landed successfully on the opponent." This is my current best tactics, not overpowering my enemy but using my combat experience to advantage—landing multiple hits on an enemy is an easy yet delicate task, one which I'm accustomed to.

As soon as I pulled out the stick of incense, Hong Meiling instantly got into a fighting stance. Lighting the incense and piercing it onto a tree nearby, I also got into position. Gripping my bow tightly waiting for any movement from my opponent.

So she isn't the type to be the first to engage, wise decision. Instead of rushing immediately toward her, I slowly closed the distance between the two of us. None of us letting our guard down, no one making a move either.

Fwoosh, She gave a fast jab from the left—I couldn't dodge it simply by dodging sideway since the strike was way too low. Jumping would make me vulnerable to a follow-up attack, only option would be to brush it away. I tried deflecting the direction of the strike, making it barely graze by my body. One cannot simply outright change the course of an attack above their strength level.

She lost her balance but immediately gained control, making yet another strike—this time way quicker, I would've definitely been caught in it if not for the little delay from her losing balance. She kept striking even more frequently, this can't go on or else I'd be at an disadvantage.

Yet another strike came, this time instead of deflecting it. I took the strike with my body—it was definitely painful, but this was to my advantage. When her strike actually reached me, she'd have to exert more force to make an impact. That moment would make her prone to counter-attacks.

My prediction was correct, her strike slowed down for the shortest moment—I took that to advantage and turned the bow sideways to extend my reach, I also landed a hit on her—the extended reach allowed me to push her back, making an opening for me to land multiple strikes.

I started by throwing her balance off with a jab, following-up with a backhand slap. Gripping my bow, I repeatedly striked her with it, force behind each strike just barely enough to keep her from regaining balance—although I've kept her from regaining balance for a while, she would definitely break out of my chain of strikes soon.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing here?" A voice came up, distracting me. Atleast Hong was respectable and didn't use this to her advantage—though upon further inspection, the voice came from above me. The speaker was none other than Reimu. God, why now?

"It's rude to disturb someone while they're having a fight,"
"And besides, it wouldn't hurt for you to tell us why you're here first." I replied, avoiding her question.

"Are you blind? There's mist all over Gensokyo, this is an incident and I'm here to solve it." She blatantly spoke out.

"What's this gensokyo you speak of?" I asked, Gensokyo sounds like a weird name for a place.

She lets out a long sigh, "You idiot, Gensokyo is the name of the place we're currently in," She then goes on to explain about the Great Hakurei Barrier and plenty of other things else.

That explains why I've never been to this place before, it's another plane of existence that's sealed from the outside.

"You should get back home, it's dangerous being out here." She said.

"Told you I'm currently in a fight and you're disturbing it." The incense I lighted up is almost completely ash now

"Whatever, I'm heading inside the mansion. Don't cause any trouble." She flew past the gate.

"You should probably go after her, this was a nice spar. I'll come by later when I have the chance." I turned to Hong, signaling my hand for her to go—giving me a quick bow, she immediately went after Reimu.

Sigh, just when I was having a good battle. Maybe I should just head back home for now,


Junior has not comprehended the way of writing fighting scenes, most xianxia or wuxia references I found is just MC using heavenly demonic ultimate earth breaking heaven sealing technique to one shot the young master.

I am still pretty bad at writing 2hus, hoping to improve on that later.
Sadly Qin Feng didn't wait to see the epic fight finales.
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>Junior has not comprehended the way of writing fighting scenes, most xianxia or wuxia references I found is just MC using heavenly demonic ultimate earth breaking heaven sealing technique to one shot the young master
If you want good xianxia fight scenes I recommend checking out Virtuous Sons [Greco Roman Xianxia]
Image Source
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File 166765718735.webp - (24.96KB, 640x640, 81r0ixb158j71.webp)
/th/res/204003.html#204042" class="ref|th|204003|204042
This Junior have a better idea, turning my fight scenes from now on to be omega death ray beam, bow arts rainstorm bullshit. will work well with the danmaku system being implemented after EoSD

IMPORTANT NOTE : I've seen that making body and soul cultivation not have realms is just so lazy and a bad excuse for me to not make up names, I'll scrap that idea and make it so both of them now have their own set of realms.


––4 months after Reimu solved PCB––

Waking up to a new morning. I stood outside my home, now could be called a proper house.

It's been more than 1 year since I've left this forest, maybe it's finally time to end my secluded cultivation.

Over the past year, I've went into a short period of secluded cultivation. Quite a few things happened but I'd rather not go into much detail—first of all, the first few months nothing really happened, but I did start working on tempering my soul and expended more effort on forming my dao core. I went to Marisa's shop quite a few times to buy ingredients for refining medicine, they greatly helped with my cultivation progress.

A few weeks after that—I finally formed my dao core successfully, improving my overall fighting prowess and extending my lifespan, along with gaining the ability to fly and practice some of my bow arts. Truly a big step towards my cultivation journey. I also asked Alice to make a daoist robe from me, it's pretty impressive handiwork if I say so myself. Towards the last few months I focused on improving my physique and tempering my soul. Both are required to help me take the first step into the Nascent Soul realm.

Stepping onto the Nascent Soul realm is incredibly rewarding, the process which a person's dao core is shattered to reveal spiritual energy. Makes me wonder why the heaven made us form a core in the first place? Ah, and around the 7-9th month spring came really late—it wasn't anything particularly interesting but senior simply just preferred summer over the winter.

To step in on Nascent Soul is yet another tedious task, and I've said that on alot of realms. So this one will just probably be like the rest, seriously though this senior might struggle with this one.

I must find something to stand on when flying, one cannot simply float on the air and expect people to respect you,
There's an antique store right outside the forest, they might have exactly what this senior needs.

I made my way to the shop, it was made out of wood and small in size.

Going in, I saw a particularly tall man with silver hair. Finally—this senior has found another male! Aside from the few thugs I encountered in the village, there has been only girls, and one with particularly young appearance so far. This senior is brimming with happiness at this remarkable discovery!

"Ah. a customer, are you here for anything in particular?" He asked.

"This senior is in need of objects that you can stand or ride on, specifically one that looks formidable while in the air." Hopefully that wasn't too specific. This store looks like it's hoarding alot of unique items after all.

"Hm, I think I do have one in the back." He walks to the back of the store, I followed him steadily.

"I don't think I've seen you around here before, are you from somewhere else?" He asked in a calm manner.

"Senior is from outside Gensokyo, having arrived almost 2 years ago. Currently living in the forest." I replied.

"I see, I assume you've met Marisa before—how's she doing?" He asked yet another question, while searching for my requested item.

"She's alright, can be annoying at times but she's pretty helpful." After my heavenly tribulation, I haven't seen Marisa for a while. Although during my secluded cultivation I've been going to her for some pill refining ingredients.

"I get that, she's might be childish sometimes—but you could always rely on her." He smiled, I'd guess he knows Marisa really well.

"There, found it." He picked something up, something I've never seen before.

"What's this?" I asked him.

"It's called a ...."


What did Kourin show to Qin Feng? :

[] Write-in


Go crazy Anon, I myself would like to see Qin Feng flying on an extremely ridiculous object while trying to sound wise.
Image Source
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File 166767124757.jpg - (337.61KB, 3000x1444, 5e00adfd21c2e33b0300d1e0b716a4db.jpg)
[X] Strange Body Pillow
+1 Life
+50% Unguided Attack Speed
-50% Movement Speed
Delete Post
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> will work well with the danmaku system being implemented after EoSD

The spell card rules were actually created shortly before EoSD, and used for the first time in that incident.
Delete Post
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+1, I support air surfing on a body pillow.

Qin Feng is moving at a breakneck speed regarding cultivation and pacing. The nascent soul is where the shakers and movers are and time passing fast for him makes sense considering he is a time abyss. Cultivation realms are weird, but I am sure he'll soon be brushing up against immortality at this rate. What will he do by that point? Perhaps travel the realms back to his original one to rebuild his sect?
Delete Post
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[X] Body pillow

For the mature, enlightened martial artist seeking the wisdom of the heavens, we should expect nothing less. This merchant must also be close to the singularity in order to have aquired such an item.
Delete Post
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yeah i know, its just that it would be pretty weird if qin feng were to just shoot arrows and meiling was spamming danmaku at him.

it's not so easy, there will be obstacles. one he will take longer to overcome. the later realms have some insane requirement.

next update would just be qin feng explaining cultivation to us, i need to establish the rules clearly.

also ive never read renegade immortal but i realized like 80% of my cultivation elements is from the story lmao.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 166770722960.png - (409.32KB, 426x447, Capture.png)

It seems like some juniors are having trouble understanding the path to eternal dao, so senior Qin Feng will enlighten juniors to the way of comprehending the dao!

Cultivation Stages :

Qi Condensation : Juniors must first open their field of elixirs, this is the first step to becoming an immortal.

Qi Refinement : Juniors must refine their qi little by little from expending the impure qi out of the body through constant usage. The refined qi will also help forge the physique into one suitable for cultivation.

Core Formation : This Senior has forgotten to give you an explanation on this realm, Juniors must form their inner qi into an stable and strong core, much like another dantian.

Nascent Soul : Juniors must spend effort on breaking the core you just went through countless difficulties to mold—sigh, then the core will reveal a nascent soul inside, much like the inner qi. It's very important throughout your journey, although you can expend the spiritual energy from it without having much consequences such as the inner qi.

Spiritual Refinement : Going to the basics, for this realm juniors must refine their newly acquired spiritual energy to get rid of the impure part, although simple—juniors must not expend much at once, like inner qi, the lack of spiritual energy can endanger one's life.

Now juniors know about most of the mortal realms, this senior shall expand on this later into my journey.

Some juniors might be asking. What about the body stages and soul realms?

So this senior will go into detail about both of them, and their separate realms.

First of all, the path of soul cultivation is open right from the moment juniors step into the Spiritual Refinement realm, there are fews realms, tempering your soul does not neccessary have any requirement so mostly the realms are to gauge your soul's prowess, although this senior won't talk about it now—but if I want to go on the path of spiritual cultivation, then this senior will go into detail later.

Now, about body cultivation—same as the soul cultivation stages, they are used to gauge a person's physical prowess, although once can start their body cultivation path right from the Qi Refinement realm. Senior will includes some of the stages as the body cultivation is mandatory if one wants to ascend to the heavens, so there are stages such as :

Bone Strengthening

Body Metamorphosis (NOT 177013 JUNIORS DONT)

Ancestral Body

Those are just some of the examples, now onto the main part. Choosing your dao path and a method to immortality, senior can't go into detail for both of those, since juniors must find their own way to comprehend the eternal dao—but this senior will grant juniors a starting point by showing some examples

Dao Path is an extremely important thing when it comes to taoists, one must find their own path and stick with it until they can comprehend the eternal dao. Such examples include :

Ghost Dao - Some taoists go onto the Ghost path, it mainly focuses on one's spiritual energy—one trait that defines this path would be that taoists who go on this path must make atleast one spiritual contract, this means making a contract to ghost spirits to further increase their cultivation speed.

Demonic Dao - Some taoists may steer onto another path, a demonic one. This one is divided into other many paths but just in general, they're all evil. Juniors shall not steer onto this path at all cost.

Hm? You're asking about this senior's dao path? Ahhh, this senior have lived in seclusion for so long that he forgot to go on a dao path, maybe this senior will try a new dao path in this life.

For method of immortality, taoists differ in this aspect—the path to comprehending the eternal dao is to comprehend one's method of immortality first. This senior has not think far enough to have one but he does know some examples.

Path of Reincarnation - There are taoists who keep their cultivation and experiences throughout reincarnations from vairious methods.

Path of Domain - Some taoists create their own plane of existence to live in, edict their own rules. Although the only downside is they're only immortal inside that domain, a little fact is that the eternal dao is also one big domain—no one has claimed to be its master even before I was born.

So now juniors know about how to embrace the eternal dao, I will be taking my leave as I have been called by the sect elder—good luck on your journey.



note : I now have established the rules pretty clearly, although I have not addressed all the cultivation realms because you must experience it throughout the story along with Qin Feng.

By Qin Feng mentioning that he does not have his own dao path, it means that you're the one that gets to decide it throughout the story.

Image Source
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File 166771246946.webp - (133.56KB, 875x1401, Nuwa_Render.webp)
[X] Body pillow
Delete Post
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Writer, for curiosity's sake, what was Feng's cultivation rank in his past life?
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 166772755674.png - (887.86KB, 800x785, xen55hxjn2k61.png)
[] Body Pillow (not a dakimakura)

"It's called a Body Pillow, it's main function is for comfort during sleep, it can also be used as a cushion." The man continued on and on about the fantastic usage of this artifact he calls a "Body Pillow", truly a magnificent item that I should recommend to other taoists sometime.

"I see, It suits my requirement." I replied, to be able to use it as a cushion while flying is none other than magical. "How about the payment?" I asked, a treasure of this degree must require no less than a mountain of wealth. Even this senior is not sure how he could acquire this body pillow.

"Don't worry about it, you're the first person who actually listened to my explanation of this peerless treasure and truly knows the value of it." He gave me a smug look, his statement made me know the existence of people who doesn't appreciate the true value of this heavenly item, truly shameful.

"This senior shows utmost respect for you." I replied with gratitude. "What's your name?"

"Rinnosuke, Morichika Rinnosuke." He answered.

"You can rely on me at anytime, whether it's to cross the Sanzu River or to go to the deepest pits of Hell, this senior shall do anything to repay his everlasting debt." I bow down to Morichika, might've even kowtowed if this senior forgot about his pride.

"No need, I already consider it paid." He denied my offer.

I thought about it for a moment, if he truly does not wish to accept this senior's offer—then I shall respect his decision. "Alright, you can still rely on me in tough times." I took the body pillow from his hand, heading for the exit, bowing down to him one last time before going out.

It's been a long time since I came out of the forest, maybe visiting others might be a good idea. My first destination would either be the shrine or the mansion, I never met the people inside after all. Seemingly how the mist subsided—they might've come to agreement.

The shrine is closer, I'll head there first.
Sitting on my body pillow, it seems to be big enough to lay down on. I started using some of my qi to back it up so I could start flying.

Infront of the shrine, I knocked the door. After a while someone came to open the door, it was Reimu—she looks fatigued.

"Oh. You're still alive?" She said in a cold demeanor, I've only been gone for no more than two years and she already thought I was dead? Hmph, mortals have such regards for time. "Well, come in." She went back inside the shrine.

"So, where were you all this time?" She asked.

"In the forest, pondering the dao." I replied.

Humans can change in such a short period of time, therefore taoists seek to comprehend the eternal dao—to be immortal and everliving. There's no shortcut to it, if one attained immortality without comprehending the dao, they would not be content with that immortality. The Dao that can be told is not the eternal Dao.

"Hmph, you do know you're in a shinto shrine." She clearly looks discontented, "So, what business do you have here?"

"Can't this senior visit his own acquaintances? Staying secluded in the forest is lonely." Well there was Alice and Marisa, but Alice was usually busy with her studies and Marisa wasn't really good company.

"Come in, I suppose you could stay for a while."

I basically just stayed at the shrine for like an hour, not really doing anything much—asking what Reimu is up to and stuff, it was a pretty boring visit.

When it was time to leave, I bid Reimu farewell and then headed towards the misty lake, the body pillow has been useful for cushion while flying.

The mist wasn't as thick before, now I could clearly see parts of the lake. Also one certain blue ice fairy standing right infront of me.

—Part 2 soon—

204052 (can't mention your question, its blacklisted)
Qin Feng was a tribulation immortal, meaning he's at the peak of cultivation without perfecting his dao and finding a method to immortality, the next stage would be Eternal Life Being, Qin Feng has failed to achieve this due to dying and not finding a method to immortality.
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Ah yes, dying. That does make immortality rather difficult.
Delete Post
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Death is temporary, Dao is eternal.
Delete Post
Report Post
ill write part 2 tomorrow, no choices like usual this time—sorry.

also what are we doing anon. must find jade beauty for qin feng soon. better get started on that soon.
Delete Post
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The most beautiful 2hu canonically is probably Kaguya, so we should be aiming for her. Especially since if we do that, then we also get to do some Quests for her like in her Legend. Eiki is someone else to considering, what's with all the "literally court death" thing. Yuyuko too for the same reason as Eiki. Tenshi because of her connection to Heaven. Kasen is also someone to look into too, considering she's probably the most powerful Hermit in all of Gensokyou.
Image Source
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File 16677673224.jpg - (290.57KB, 2800x1218, Dao Partners.jpg)
Dao Partners
I agree with your list mostly, but I believe Tenshi qualifies more as a young master than a jade beauty, considering her background and demeanor. No mention of the body cultivator gate guardian is sad. It is funny to think that unlike most male protagonists looking for romance on this site, ours is older than most 2hus. We must also consider that as Qin Feng gets further in cultivation, he will become more attractive as is standard fare, Hell, he might even become the jade beauty himself.
Delete Post
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I'm surprised that nothing has tried to eat our cultivator. He is an outsider not associated with the village or shrine, and the flesh of a hermit/cultivator is a delicacy to youkai. Though I suspect, based on the description of the bow's destructive power, any youkai seeking to eat Qin Feng will meet a swift end. Still, it surprises me nothing has outright attacked him. Has our cultivator great luck alongside his talented new body?

Actually, on that note, whose body is our cultivator inhabiting anyways? I don't think it's just a younger version of his original based on the lightning attribute it has. The only people I could think of with a body suited to cultivation like this would be a descendant of one of those youkai hunters in the village. Villagers are noted to have power equal to or greater than normal youkai; some can even fight on equal terms against the most powerful beings in Gensokyo. Perhaps there is some unfortunate family in the village whose son has just disappeared due to an old monster transmigrating into him, and Qin Feng hasn't thought about it cause he is a cultivator and mortal affairs aren't really prevalent in his mind. It could be funny if he wanders into the village one day, and the original body's family asks, "Where the hell have you been for the past 2 years?"
Delete Post
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Both are important and late-story spoilers, can't tell you. Sorry.
Image Source
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File 166783143325.png - (525.01KB, 1202x1124, Untitled.png)
"Human! You're not allowed through here!" The blue fairy yelled out, shooting ice shards at me without any warnings. I dodged them one by one, but instead of the numbers getting lower—she kept shooting them even more frequently and some of them now even exploded into smaller shards, good thing this senior have alot of experience in flying.

"What's the matter? Can't see Mt Tai?" Teasing fairies were fun, I learned that in the forest when three fairies were spying on me, although I instantly found out where they were—I decided to pull a prank on them instead, I won't go into detail but it was pretty hilarious. Not sure if this one knows what Mt Tai is, She probably will wrongly interpret it anyway.

She grumbles, making a discontented face. "Take this!" She started charging up a move, the sheer amount of projectiles looked quite impressive even to me. "Perfect Freeze!" the projectiles came at me, they didn't look like they were made out of ice but as soon as I dodged them all, they froze in place—I can definite still feel the sheer coldness coming from them though, if I were to touch one right now. I'd definitely be frozen in place.

Another barrage of ice shards came towards me, some of them barely grazing me.

After endless strikes of projectiles, the fairy has halted her ice shard barrage.

Suddenly, the projectiles that were frozen in place has starting to move in several random directions, making it hard to predict where to dodge. As one barely grazed my body, I could feel the coldness messing up my Qi flow.

In barely a moment, I pulled out my bow and shot multiple arrows at the fairy, Reimu did mention to me and from now on fighting throughout the land forbids one to kill their opponent. Although this rules only apply to spellcard duels which the fairy definitely didn't ask my permission for but senior still has some face left so he shall follow the protocol.

Due to having to make the arrow of lesser quality to make them not lethal, I could produce more arrows than usual and started shooting them in a small area of spread, the rain of arrows had practically no flaws and the fairy were unable to escape. Hitting her was a barrage of non-lethal arrows that disrupted the use of her spellcard.

Finally, she admitted defeat. "Hmph! I wasn't even going all out." Although she looks annoyed, it was an confession of defeat nonetheless.

"What's your name little one?" I asked her.

"Eh? It's Cirno." She replied

"Cirno, if you'd have gone all out—I'd have stood absolutely no chance against you." I gave her a fake praise, fairies supposedly enjoy these kind of stuff for some reason.

"Hmph. Atleast you know your limits." She looked at me smugly, "What about yours human? What's your name?" She asked.

"Qin Feng" I replied.

"Ehhh.. That's a weird name, Cirno will just call you human." Whatever works for her I guess.

"Whatever works for you." I gave her a little smile.

"Since Cirno like you, I shall let you pass this one time. But you have to come spar with Cirno every month!"

I gave off a chuckle, "I accept your condition."


Heading further, I saw the mansion.

Arriving there, seeing the same sights as before—Meiling sleeping outside the front gate. Although to wake her up normally is way too boring. Senior decided to just make an exploding arrow and stick it right besides her, this'll probably work.

KABOOM! The arrow exploded, sending out fragments of qi like a firework. Truly a breathtaking sight—probably not a breathtaking sound for Meiling who stood directly next to it.

"HOLY SH*T!" She yelped out, looking at me and calming down after a while. "Junior congratulates Senior Feng for making a breakthrough" Stated calmly, she's way too damn good at recovering balance.

"What is the purpose of Senior Feng's visit?" She asked

"You should call me by my name from now on, it's weird having you call me Senior. From now on we're status equals, anyway I've recently came out of seclusion and is looking forward to visiting old acquaintances." Being called Senior might seems cool but it keeps getting stale the longer it goes on.

"Ah! Alright then, I shall call you Feng from now on." She stated.

"So what have you been doing lately?" She can't be the only one asking me about my experiences.

"Usual, guarding the gates." You mean taking a nap? "Be wary of making such a big scene next time, the people inside might take notice of it." She said in a serious tone this time, Maybe I should ask what's the big deal?

"Who are livings behind these gates anyway?" I asked.

"I dare not talk about mistress and her companions without her permission." She replied

"Well then I shall grant you my permission." Yet another voice came lurking behind the gates, looking at the speaker. She was in a figure of a small child, although this time I can definitely feel that her true nature is much more.

What do I do? :

[] Greet her casually, Taoist style.
[] Greet her formally, Bow down.
[] Write-in


Extra Story! : What if Cirno accidentally hit Qin Feng's Body Pillow?


"Human! You're not allowed through here!" The blue fairy yelled out, shooting ice shards at me without any warnings. I dodged them one by one, but instead of the numbers getting lower—she kept shooting them even more frequently and some of them now even exploded into smaller shards, good thing this senior have alot of experience in flying.

"What's the matter? Can't see Mt Tai?" Teasing fairies were fun, I learned that in the forest when three fairies were spying on me, although I instantly found out where they were—I decided to pull a prank on them instead, I won't go into detail but it was pretty hilarious. Not sure if this one knows what Mt Tai is, She probably will wrongly interpret it anyway.

She grumbles, making a discontented face. "Take this!" She started charging up a move, the sheer amount of projectiles looked quite impressive even to me. "Perfect Freeze!" the projectiles came at me, they didn't look like they were made out of ice but as soon as I dodged them all, they froze in place—I can definite still feel the sheer coldness coming from them though, if I were to touch one right now. I'd definitely be frozen in place.

Another barrage of ice shards came towards me, some of them barely grazed me but that didn't matter. Then I heard a collision—one of the ice shards grazed my body pillow. At this moment, everything made no sense, anger was spreading up throughout my body, my qi was boiling—as it flows through my body, I felt even more anger harbouring inside me.

This fairy dare injure my precious treasure? She's courting death!

"Qi Capturing Hand!" I yelled out the name of my technique, this was one of the most basic techniques back in the Heavenly Mountain Sect. Just goes to show how effortless it takes to take care of this fairy who dare harm my beloved treasure.

I got ahold of her with hands made out of pure qi, she kept struggling and kept yelping. "LEMME GO!!!!" She screamed out. Hmph. Shouldn't have messed with this senior in the first place, you didn't run away back then, I won't let you run away now!

I slowly lower her into the lake, submerging her in the water away from my sight.

"Learn your place, trash."

She struggled before turning limp, losing all life of vital signs. I release my qi hand's grip from her body, letting her fall deep into the seemingly bottomless abyss. Qin Feng didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


Which Qin Feng for the next update :

[] Divine Bow, Qin Feng.
[] Body Pillow's Personal Guardian, Qin Feng. (Extra Story Qin Feng)


Extra Important Note : Qin Feng looks like Long Chen + Fang Yuan, I've provided an image of both of them for you in the thumbnail of this update.

Lesser Note : The extra story was supposed to be the official update because Junior was so wasted from personal matters he wanted to vent it out on Cirno. Although Junior's senses came back and he'd written an actual update instead of Qin Feng putting Cirno out of commission.

"Writing Art : Lesser Wall o' Text!"
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[X] Greet her formally, Bow down.
[X] Body Pillow's Personal Guardian, Qin Feng. (Extra Story Qin Feng)
Delete Post
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[X] Greet her casually, Taoist style.

We don't bow to heaven, so why should we bow to this one? The only one worthy of our deference is the leader of our sect.

[X] Body Pillow's Personal Guardian, Qin Feng. (Extra Story Qin Feng)

I wondered when the unequal retribution that cultivators are known for would show up. Time to engage in that causal madness. An amoral xianxia protag would totally attack the hourai immortals for their immortality granting livers, wouldn't they? I also realized Touhou has a secret realm, Makai, wherein magic training speeds up due to the air inside, but the issue is it's full of demons, and I don't know if Qin Feng is willing to go total doom slayer.
Delete Post
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[X] Greet her casually, Taoist style.
[X] Divine Bow, Qin Feng.
Delete Post
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So is the Long Chen and Fang Yuan lovechild Qin Feng's current look, or was it the look of his past body?
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 166792432636.webp - (22.22KB, 640x432, z9s3lgd4bqo91.webp)
Right now, Qin Feng was more Fang Yuan in his old body.

[] Greet her casually, Taoist style. (just a normal greeting)
[] "If you touch my body pillow, you're courting death" Qin Feng.


"Ah! Mistress?!" Meiling was surprised, it seems that the woman was her so-called Mistress.

"It doesn't seem like you're sleeping on duty today, keep it up." She said in a teasing tone, Meiling looked a little red from that, "Sakuya, lead the gentleman in—Meiling, you follow them too."

"As you wish, my mistress." Another woman appeared infront of me, trying to take my body pillow.

I looked at her with a piercing cold gaze and said, "Don't." She gave an understanding nod, her complexion still remained emotionless, in a moment I was seemingly teleported to a large dining room, this senior could easily see through it—time manipulation. One requires atleast a Nascent Soul to be able to distort time, although she probably has innate power considering I can't sense any aura from her.

On the other side of the table were Meiling, the mistress and the young woman whom I guessed to be her maid. I should probably the mistress casually, I am a guest after all.

"Qin Feng pays respect to the mistress." I didn't bow.

"Now now, don't need to be formal do we? Remilia Scarlet, you can address me however you wish." She replied back, "Onto the main topic, I simply brought you here because I was interested, you seem to practice like my guard Meiling here, although it seems like you're currently way more powerful than her." I kept quiet, letting her continue.
"I'll get to the point, become my butler." She offered.

Everyone locked on their gaze upon me, the room was devoid of any sound.

"I refuse. I only kneel to my parents and bow to my master." I refused, even if destroyed—I am only loyal to my sect, none other else.

"I won't treat you like a subordinate, you can come and go however you wish, just consider the offer!" She tried to negotiate, although her words weren't convincing.

"I've made up my mind, the more you keep on trying to change it, then the more likely my opinion of you will worsen." Respectable people knows better than to try and change a person's perspective when it's set in stone.

"That's a shame, how disappointing." She said, faint discontent in her voice.

"Such as fate." Fate is a fragile thing, having less expectations brings less disappointment once you fail.

"Fate eh?" She leans toward me, "Yours is particularly interesting." A small grin was formed on her face.

"Meiling, you're dismissed—Qin Feng was it? You can leave the mansion now, Sakuya will lead you to the exit." Lead this senior's a*s, she just moved me outside the gate in an instant.

"Maybe a few more years in seclusion would've been better." I let out a long sigh.

On the way back I encountered Cirno, won't go into detail—was pretty boring. There's a few places I could go to, it's not like making a breakthrough to the Nascent Soul realm in such a short time is possible.

There's the Youkai Mountain, a garden outside the village, I heard the bamboo forest had a hospital, perhaps I could just go there to socialize with people? Ah there's also the interview with Akyuu I've been holding off for quite a few years now. As much as I love this body pillow, I dare not make a blood-contract with it. Although it does seem like the body pillow occupies alot of my attention, my bow is still of the utmost priority—it's just that even a Profound Sage would have problem doing damage to my bow.

Gensokyo is surprisingly big even though it's a sealed place on a mountain, I wonder if the outside world is my old realm or just another place? To be honest, I've grown attached to this place over the years though.

This place is just one big domain, if memory serves me right people here worship the dragon god, so it's probably the overseer.

The progress in my cultivation has halted for a while, breaking one's core doesn't require strength but it does require extensive control over your qi, the easiest method would be to burst it from the inside by shaking your inner qi violently.

I wonder when the time comes, which path of the Dao will I choose?

Nevermind that, if I tried to breakthrough to the Nascent Soul realm—a heavenly tribulation would definitely happen. That's the dangerous part, the tribulation varies, one might not just encounter a simple barrage of thunder strikes.

I have to find a secluded place soon, far from everything. The sheer magnitude of the heavenly tribulation far exceeds the size of Gensokyo. Normally a Nascent Soul cultivator's tribulation will range over a thousand li, Gensokyo at most might be couple of hundreds kilometres, naturally there's the barrier keeping the tribulation inside but that just means making it even more violent and ferocious, even if it were to focus on me everything in a radius of 25km around me would be affected. That's already larger than the size of the whole forest of magic.

I'll think about it later when I get there, I can always just delay the breakthrough until I find a place good enough.

Right now the next best thing to do would be practicing some of the techniques from my sect or just refining my bow arts, also get used to my current heavenly lightning attribute, my past life had a water attribute so that might be troublesome to get used to.

I should really just hold off on cultivation for a while, It's been less than a day since I've come out of seclusion anyway.

Morning came, last night I barely had any sleep—it's no longer needed for me now after all.

Now, what shall I do today? :

[] Write-In


Jade beauties pursuer, especially the one aiming for Eiki, Yuyuko and Tenshi will have to wait for a while, his Perfect Momento in Strict Sense is one made before EoSD after all, it probably doesn't have places like Higan or Netherworld yet.

Kasen would also have to wait until Nascent Soul+ as she probably won't meddle in our business for now.

Kaguya can be approached, just not yet in a relationship manner.

Others you can probably figure out for yourselves.

Note : If you have been noticing that quality, length, or frequency of updates have been diving down lately, it's probably because this week I have a smaller time window than usual, and personal matters to tend to also.

Qin Feng might seem a little too powerful, but for real he doesn't have that many techniques or spells, so it's just sheer strength really, anyway he's at the stage where he can handle himself and probably help in incidents (which he can't be bothered to unless he's bored)
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>"I'll get to the point, become my butler." She offered.
Took one look at Qin Feng's features and wanted him.

[X] Interview with the Child of Miare

Qin Feng could blink, and 30 years would have passed. She could also have info about spots where he could undergo Nascent Soul tribulation. That or we scrounge around looking for secret realms to undergo tribulation in.

I'll admit to wanting to visit Eientei due to not Kaguya but Eirin. The Good Doctor is the best to consult regarding pills and wields a bow, and I want to see who is better at archery. Also, hugging the golden thigh.
Delete Post
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making the choice write-in only was probably a bad idea, still come at me at whatcha got
Delete Post
Report Post

> his Perfect Momento in Strict Sense is one made before EoSD

The better term to use here is "Gensokyo Chronicle"; PMiSS is just one edition of it (from after EoSD) and I don't think that name is used in-universe either.
Image Source
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File 166799209087.jpg - (58.37KB, 850x414, Body Pillow Eyes.jpg)
Body Pillow Eyes
To go on a tangent because I can and since I'm enjoying this story. I wonder what Qin Feng's duties as a cultivator of his sect entailed. I presume that his sect was righteous because of its name and the final battle it found itself against the Demon, but what else did he and, by extension, do for their world? Did they prevent banditry in the lands which were under their protection? Did they actively hunt demons and other such monsters to protect common folk? Did they have a specific scripture and martial arts for the sect? What words/motto defined the sect and its members? What drove Qin Feng to take those first steps against the heavenly order?

Who does Qin Feng remember the most and least fondly of those he fought alongside in the final battle? Did he ever take any disciples? What rivals did Qin Feng have, and how many did he slay, outlive, or make amends with? Of his rivals besides the great Demon, who does he remember the most? How many fellow cultivators has he seen die due to twists of fate, heavenly tribulation, or simply failure to advance and old age claiming them? Is Qin Feng even able to recall his parents' faces and voices anymore, or is that lost to the eons in which he has lived? He stated that he's used the bow for longer than he remembered; I'm guessing that he wasn't born in hand with it, so it gives some scale of reference about his memory.

Was there anyone special in his past life for which he held a flame for? I mean, the guy did live for a very long time, so if you tell me he never experienced romance in all that time, I'll be surprised.

And finally, how long before those words eternally engraved on his heart and spoken by the great Demon, "How unfortunate, only if you have trained a little more." come back to remind him of his greatest failure and potentially reappear as a heart demon he needs to overcome?

I'm probably thinking too hard, considering this story is tagged as a parody. Let's not forget Qin Feng entering his first inn, engaged in a classic cultivation staple of immediately getting into a fight, and he's flying on a body pillow for which he was willing (did?) to drown Cirno for grazing part of it, which is equally horrifying and hilarious. If that body pillow ever gets stolen, I imagine he would enter into a pure fury similar to that of Junko.
Delete Post
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The answers to all those questions have already been thought long before you asked, although thanks for saying you enjoy the story, that actually means so much since ive never gotten a compliment like that since AiG lol.

You're not thinking too much, although it is definitely gonna have its xianxia parody moments, it does have a serious undertone to it.

Think of Gintama for example, although I definitely won't be able reach its level.

thanks, ive never seen PMiSS or GC both be mentioned in any stories ive read so far.

By the way update delayed to tomorrow, i'll conduct research on 2hus today. like reading literatures and stuff since i learned about touhou from the wiki therefore i dont actually know how each character acts and stuff.

jesus christ at first i thought this story would be qin feng reaching like the peak of qi condensation then bitch-slapping everyone due to power level differences in both of their universes, its suddenly turned into this now i guess.
Delete Post
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oops forgot tripcode, that was me if it wasnt obvious
Delete Post
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oof, seriously ill update soon, procastinating because i am a little ahead in nanowrimo, expect updates to be even more frequent when time catches up to me.

Will also be a good time for me to learn more about touhou, I'll admit it, I seriously don't know enough about touhou to be writing this story, I currently have 14 updates and its the 10th day here, expect frequent wall of text as a sorry-gift later when the day swings by.
Image Source
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File 166827086078.webp - (30.21KB, 527x384, SkNyg5TAImAd0SpcZV6f-2UEFycta-PX38QXRClsgws.webp)
[] Visit the Child of Miare.

I've held this interview off for way too long. It has been well over 2 years since Qin Feng's last visit to the household.

Conveniently enough, he was right besides the human village after visiting the Scarlet Devil Mansion, to get there was just a simple matter.

Infront of the household, there was no one standing guard, although going into the house directly is an option, it wasn't a respectable one.

Qin Feng started knocking on the door, this time not giving any thought to any kind of dynamic entry, he kept pounding on the door for a while.


The door was slowly opened, revealing Akyuu behind—she was in her usual choice of clothings, makes you wonder why so many people only wear the same clothes? Qin Feng's excuse was understandable, as his Daoist Robe wasn't any normal one back then, there were countless seals and arrays engraved on it, one could even say his robe was a magical treasure.

"Ah? Qin Feng?" Akyuu was quite surprised, "Little late for that interview wouldn't you say? Come in!" She gave off a weak chuckle.

Qin Feng followed her inside, the furnishing wasn't fancy—yet it was more than plenty, Qin Feng then found himself to be in the familiar room from the last visit he made.

"Hm, there's not much to talk about between us is there?" She seemingly pondered for a while, "Let's finish the interview before we catch up." Qin Feng nodded in agreement.

"I'm not particularly sure about adding you to the ninth chronicle, although making your entry in advance wouldn't hurt." She said, "Avoid delaying this further, I currently know of your name, age and appearance—that's enough basic information so I'll start asking you a series of questions to determine a few.. factors."

Qin Feng didn't have any problems answering them, although his, until the last question.

"Lastly, I've been taking notes throughout this interview that your goal is to become more powerful and immortal?" She asked.

"That is affirmative." Qin Feng replied.

"So, the last question is," She paused for a moment. "Why do you wish to be powerful, and for what purpose?"

That was a question that Qin Feng hasn't thought of until now, he only thought of returning to his previous status simply because of that damned demon, one might take a look at Qin Feng and think he's a carefree person who goes around doing whatever he wished.

What they have forgotten is that Qin Feng's whole life, the only things he cared for was burnt to ashes infront of his very own eyes, even he himself was unable to survive.

A single tear flowed from his eye, not that anyone noticed it. Not even himself.

"If it helps, you should probably think of something you'd protect or a purpose you want to fulfull." Akyuu suddenly spoke.

Qin Feng only found himself making sense of the first part, something he wanted to protect?

The first and only thing that came to his mind was the Heavenly Mountain Sect, what would he had given to protect it back then?

He didn't say anything to Akyuu of course

"I'll be excusing myself now, thanks for the interview, it was enjoyable." He stood up and walked to the exit.

The Heavens gave me another chance at life, not to be consumed by hate—but to restore the Heavenly Mountain Sect's former glory! I swear a heavenly oath that as long as I am alive, the Heavenly Mountain Sect will be rebuilt and never fall again!

One might not see the weight of a heavenly oath, although anyone from Qin Feng's old realm could understand.

A heavenly oath is an oath of the highest order, if one dare stray away from it—they shall be condemned to death by the heavens!


"That was rather.. unexpected." A voice came from behind Akyuu after Qin Feng has left the building.

"I agree, Miss Yukari." Akyuu replied.


Qin Feng's Entry :

Human Cultivator

Qin Feng

Ability : Utilisation of Qi and Spiritual Energy.
Threat Level : High
Human friendship level : Below average.
Main place of activity : Forest of Magic.

Close to a hermit, but still is ultimately sitll a human.
Offend him anyhow (*1) and get ready for reincarnation.
Appearance is that of a young man, although very old.
He usually stays in seclusion in the forest of magic, other than that visits his acquaintances.
An outsider, although not from the outside world that we know of. (*2)
Overly protective of his body pillow.
Although a human, he isn't very good at socialising.

Equipments :


Seems to be made out of strong materials, very durable.

Body Pillow

Soft and Comfortable, he probably won't like it if you got close to it though.

*1 : Surprisingly easy.
*2 : Doesn't seem to be from space either, possibly another realm.


First update in a while, might've gotten a little rusty even if it was like 2 days or so?
Delete Post
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>Wants to rebuild Heavenly Mountain Sect
>Lives in the forest instead of on the mountain
One job Qin Feng! You had ONE JOB!
Delete Post
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lmao, and anyway the peerless heavenly mountain is not going to be in gensokyo
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 166843671595.png - (7.34KB, 328x340, Capture.png)
Qin Feng was currently cultivating inside the forest for the last 3 weeks.

Of course, 3 weeks was not enough to make a breakthrough.

But Qin Feng is currently reaching the peak of the Core Formation stage!

"This body seriously have some incredible spiritual roots, for me to advance this quickly would've been impossible!" Even Qin Feng himself was surprised at how fast he was advancing!

Qin Feng have made a resolution to restore the Heavenly Mountain Sect's former glory. But it's impossible to do that if he's too weak to gather any disciples.

In his past life, a disciple was just a waste of time for him. He was too infatuated with the Bow Dao to take any under his wings

There were of course, some people that just followed Qin Feng wherever he goes, regardless whether he accepted them as his disciples or not.

The current Qin Feng was different however. After going through the life and death samsara, he realised that he would need more than just strength to rebuild the sect.

After all, what good is a sect without any followers?

Qin Feng got up and was headed towards Marisa's house, he had some business there.

The shop was closed, there were obviously no one inside

Hmph, leaving your shop unattended? How foolish. Although it made my task alot easier. Qin Feng thought.

He materialised his Qi into a liquid state then imitated the door's keyhole!

Sliding it inside smoothly, he condensed it into a solid and twisted it. Truly a frightening technique!

Qin Feng had experience breaking in other people's house, but it was because he stole his master's medicinal pills countless amount of times!

"That old man, he has long since left the sect. I wonder if he's still holding up well? as Qin Feng reminiscene about his past, his complexion was filled with both happiness and sorrow.

Although he has surpassed his master long since, there would be no Qin Feng without his master! After he left his home on his journey to become an immortal, his master was his only father figure.

In the house, there were really no one there.

Taking a wide look around the house, Qin Feng found something.

A section of boxes full with herbs!

Qin Feng was scarcely in need of some medicinal ingredients, the plants were naturally not the same as his old world. It didn't take him that much time to get it right though.

"Haha, this senior rightfully claims all these treasure as mine!" Qin Feng spoke loudly, there wasn't anyone here after all.


Next destination was the Hakurei Shrine.

He sneaked around and kept monitoring the shrine for a while.

"F*ck! There are people inside!" Qin Feng cursed out, he made sure to not let anyone hear him, "Well they're inside right? This senior will just do it quickly then!"

Qin Feng ran up to the donation box and reached inside, grabbing a handful of money.

As the heavens would have it, there were coins inside and they definitely don't stay quiet after being shaked.



One person immediately ran out of the shrine.

It was none other than Reimu.

"Ah! Reimu, how nice to see you here." Qin Feng immediately hid the money inside his robe.

"Return it." She said. Her brows were locked tightly, definitely not in a good mood.

"Return what?" Qin Feng was sweating profusely, not a good liar he is.

This time Reimu didn't say anything, but started blasting danmaku at Qin Feng. But what she didn't notice was Qin Feng had a little grin on his face, as if he knew this was going to happen all along.

"Lesser Teleportation Talisman!" Qin Feng yelled out, a piece of seal paper on his hand brimmed with great brilliance. In the very next moment, not even a shadow of him can be found.

And there was silence for a while, until.

"Good! Good! Good! I'll make you repay this debt tenfold—no, a hundred-fold!" Reimu shouted, she was clearly overflowing with rage.


"Hahaha! How's that b*tch!" Qin Feng laughed uncontrollably, he had been trying to get back at Reimu for a while now.

"Excuse me?" A woman spoke up, Qin Feng took a good look at her. She had silver hair, although that wasn't a defining feature in Gensokyo due to people having rather odd appearances here. Her hat certainly looks... silly?

"Don't worry about it. You have a particularly interesting taste for hats."

"Eh? Was that a compliment?" She asked.

I just want to say that her hat is silly, but it'd be rude no? Qin Feng thought.

Qin Feng's next course of action?

[ ] Turn the failed attempt into a compliment.
[ ] Say it blatantly, her hat is silly.
[ ] Start a conversation regarding hats.

Note : First CYOA after a while. I just realised I have lower updates than I expected for nanowrimo so here I am.

Qin Feng is courting death so much that he should get engaged already.
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[X] Start a conversation regarding hats.
Delete Post
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[X] Turn the failed attempt into a compliment.
This is Keine isn't it?
Delete Post
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[X] Start a conversation regarding hats.
Who makes all the hats?

I was wondering how Feng got money to pay for stuff. He certainly doesn't have a job. He's undoubtedly going to be beaten and blasted, though.

Anyway, now that this aspect of him has been revealed, he's got to steal everything Tenshi owns, especially the clothes. The heavenly raiment assumably has divine craftsmanship and powerful seals woven into it, and Feng could rock the look.
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[X] Start a conversation regarding hats.
"What is a hat? A miserable little pile of threads!"
Delete Post
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[X] Start a conversation regarding hats.
Let's figure out the best hat to go with the body pillow!
Delete Post
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You're a genius, anon! Before too long, we'll have Qin Feng give his body pillow a name and draw a smiley face on it. Then, he'll be the loon living in the woods who talks out loud to his body pillow and loots people's houses for money and drugs.
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Stealing Tenshi's clothes while she's wearing them...
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File 166852704370.webp - (79.58KB, 500x406, 1Lztozh0Fco3gADiDdpBMP2lHwb2msgEzjJe0L1ZssU.webp)
[x] Start a conversation regarding hats.

"I was actually just interested on why you chose to wear that hat?" Qin Feng asked, hopefully her reasons won't be as bad.

"I just think it looks really good!" She replied, her voice glimmering with happiness.

Qin Feng felt a metallic taste in his throat, this lady seriously thinks that hat looks good on her?

"Puhwark!" He finally couldn't stand it anymore and spurted a mouthful blood.

"Are you alright?!" She rushed up to him.

"Probably...?" Even Qin Feng wasn't sure himself, "I think your hat really looks.. good on you, but why don't you try a different approach next time?" He tried to mask up the sarcasm in that sentence, trying too hard actually. Keine didn't notice though.

"What? You mean like a beret?"

"Yes!" This woman finally got it! A beret might actually look good on her actually, "coughs Sorry just now. Yes, exactly like a beret." Qin Feng calmed his tone down.

"Hmm, I'll have to try it later, thanks!" She was gleaming with excitement, "You just appeared here out of nowhere, who even are you anyway?" This time her voice had a little serious undertone.

"Ah! I completely forgot, it's Qin Feng. How about you miss?"

"Keine Kamishirasawa, nice to meet you Mister Qin is it?"

"Yeah, good to see you too Miss Keine." Qin Feng smiled.


A loud explosion was heard coming from the other side.

"Qin Feng you bastard! You actually dared to steal my medicine?" It was precisely Marisa there, along with Reimu following behind.

"Eh, it's time for us to part Miss Keine, another time." Qin Feng drew out another one of his teleportation talisman, he had an endless stock of this, the only problem was that the lesser ones have very vague destinations, "Don't get mad at me but, I'll be taking the hat so you wouldn't be wearing it again." He reached out to Keine's hat, took it and stuffed it inside his robe.

"Master Spark!" Marisa pulled out her mini-hakkero, yelling the move's name was the cue for Qin Feng to head out.

"Lesser Teleportation Talisman!" Qin Feng shouted, leaving Keine there to deal with the Master Spark without her hat.


"Hmph, truly no one can compare to me in the Dao of Thievery!" Qin Feng spoke loudly, sounding like he was proud of it even if he shouldn't really be.

"Sunflowers?" Qin Feng took a look around, everywhere around him was filled with endless field of sunflowers.

More importantly, they even have spiritual energy circulating around them!

"What luck! These will be beneficial to my breakthrough!" Qin Feng spoke as he plucked the sunflowers out one by one. Suddenly, a chill of killing intent could be sensed from behind him.

Qin Feng bent down to avoid the attack, turning around he saw the flower youkai striking at him.

If he didn't dodge in time, he might've saw the Yama instead!

He lets out a long sigh, "Why is it that I always get into these kind of situations?"

"Sorry, not in the mood for a spar right now." Qin Feng spoke in a neutral tone, "Lesser Teleportation Talisman!"


"I swear this will be the last time I ever steal from these people again! They're so ruthless, just a few sunflowers in the endless field and I almost got a hole through my chest!"

Once again, Qin Feng finds himself in a new place, this time he recognized it as the misty lake.

Someone was approaching him!

Qin Feng stood on guard for a while, then slowly lowered his guard when he saw the person more clearly.

"Ah it's you Cirno!" The person who was approaching him was actually Cirno!

"Hmph, you're late for our promised battle!" Cirno spoke loudly.

"Now might not be the best time Cirno, maybe later?"

"No!" She shouted, "It starts now!"

She started blasting ice shards at Qin Feng, he dodged them effortlessly.

"Seriously, I'm busy right now!" Qin Feng said.

"Busy doing what? How about you return my hat instead!" A voice came from behind him, looking back he had a horrified expression.

There wasn't just Marisa and Reimu this time.

There were Keine and the flower youkai too!

Qin Feng dashed back instinctively and pulled out yet another talisman, "Lesser Teleportation Talisman!"

He was teleported just right before the flower youkai almost pierced his body with thorny vines.


"I prepared so many talisman and they're already almost all gone!" Qin Feng said with a solemn expression, although he had prepared countless talisman, it wouldn't be enough if those people caught up to him a few more times!

"Although getting to explore many places isn't that bad" Qin Feng gave off a warm smile, he had practically been raised in the sect after leaving his family, he had only gone out of the sect twice at most.

Ah? Where the hell are we currently at?

"This doesn't look like Gensokyo?"

Qin Feng looked around, and he found a giant building. It was atleast the size of a city!

There were characters inscribed onto a sign on the gate, "Hinanawi Household"

Naturally, he couldn't resist his urge to loot the stuff inside it. (or rather the urge to court death)

"Nobody's home? Hehehehe, having a place this big you should atleast have some guards!" Truly foolish!

In the room that he sneaked in, it looked like a normal room. Just on a different level of fancy!

The room was fully decorated, full of things that seemed to be valuable. Qin Feng had struck a gold mine!

He currently had no way of taking everything away, although even if he had, it would be shocking for everything in this room to be swiped away.

Qin Feng naturally had to search for the more valuable things first.

In the closet, he found multiple dresses that definitely belonged to a woman, but the more important part is that they were all spirit artifacts!

"What?! A 1024 restrictions profound artifact?!" Qin Feng exclaimed in shock, even his bow was only a 2048 restriction divine artifact!

Yet this "Hinanawi Household" had multiple profound artifacts as clothings! Truly a waste of god's gift!

"Hmph, how regrettable. This senior will take a few and hope that he can use it as a material for artifact forging." Qin Feng said in a sorrowful tone, such powerful artifacts were used as mere clothings!

There did not seem to be much else that caught his attention, he ultimately decided to use his last talisman to return to Gensokyo.


"Such a tiring day, although the rewards were definitely worth it!" Qin Feng gave a glance at the raiment and medicines.

Knock, Knock

Somebody was there on his front door, Qin Feng didn't thought much and opened it. For safety measures he did hide his loots in the underground tunnel though.

There stood Reimu, Marisa, Keine, Cirno. Good thing the flower youkai left before this could get any worse.

They weren't here for a nice chat.

"Lord Laozi please save this ignorant soul.." Qin Feng prayed as they approached closer and closer.


After Qin Feng's first looting session since his reincarnation went downhill, he'd been recovering from the injury for a full month.

Yes, a full month. He didn't just get bruises around his body, he had gotten many internal injuries and even third-degree frostbites.

"Don't they know how to hold back?! I'm already at the Core Formation stage and still suffered this many injuries!" Qin Feng was definitely gonna get back at them sooner or later.

"I remember that the profound artifact had regenerative capabilities right?" He was actually considering wearing that dress, time is precious to cultivatiors, as one got older their potential kept diminishing.

"...Alright then."

Qin Feng was currently trying on the dress, it fits the user according to their size respectively.

"I definitely can't go out like this.." Qin Feng said, sounding deeply depressed inside.

This was a dress designed for a lady! Qin Feng would naturally looks weird trying it on. Although that gave him another idea.

"This should be fine right?" Qin Feng picked up the hand mirror and looked at his reflection inside, there was a beautiful young lady, with fine jade-like skin and fair-black hair reaching down onto her waist.

That young lady was none other than Qin Feng himself! Even himself was charmed by his reflection, his face glowing bright red. Yet it still looked cute in the reflection.

"I am a renowned legend! I was the one who killed Yun Xiaotao! How can I be seen like this?!" Qin Feng was currently full of shame, him, the person who has been hailed as the genius who could ascend to the divine realm was currently disguising as a woman?!

"Aagh! Whatever! It's all because of those people that I have to wear this! I'll definitely repay this debt!"


Note : I was gonna write Eiki interaction too, although I decided to save it for later cause I still have to look over this chapter roughly and I have early lecture tomorrow.
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File 166855127729.jpg - (114.38KB, 850x881, Tribulation.jpg)
>"This should be fine right?" Qin Feng picked up the hand mirror and looked at his reflection inside, there was a beautiful young lady, with fine jade-like skin and fair-black hair reaching down onto her waist.

I knew it! Qin Feng is a jade beauty. I'll admit the description brings to mind Kaguya for me. One more step for him to become a 2hu. He already lacked common sense.
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There can be only one.
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File 166864142990.jpg - (2.43KB, 71x125, Grudge.jpg)
In my mind, Reimu, Marisa, Keine, and especially Cirno are now on the permanent shit list for Qin Feng. Because one does not simply forgive or forget being beaten so severely that it takes a whole month to recover, even less so for a prideful cultivator.

This is also a classic example of why he should have lived in the mountain, where it is harder to be found and has tengu guarding it, than in the forest.
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File 166869976790.png - (246.55KB, 500x522, wje2g4xtd20a1.png)
A young woman could be seen currently cultivating deep inside the forest, or rather should I say a young man?

There was a golden brilliance emanating from his body, shining so bright that the whole forest has lit up. One could wake up right now and be unable to tell that it was currently midnight.

"Hahaha! I've finally reached the perfect stage of core formation realm!" He yelled out, "Now all of those people can go eat sh*t!"

That young man was undoubtedly Qin Feng, reaching the true peak of core formation realm, yet the first thing on his mind was to get revenge on those people that made him suffer the humiliation of disguising as a woman!

"It's been a while since I've made a breakthrough, although there's one more thing that should be done first.." He went to the familiar summoning formation he made when he first came into this world, biting his thumb to let the blood drip down to the center.

"Ah. Might've bit off too much." There wasn't just a drop coming out of his thumb, but there was a red waterfall that kept flowing indefinitely.

Not minding the accident, he instantly spat out a handful of qi essence.

Now the whole formation was glowing, this was indeed a success!


There was smoke covering his vision, but when it all eventually faded away. There was a small white tiger infront of him!

"So my familiar is actually a Flowing Light Tiger!" The Flowing Light Tiger was a kind derived from the Divine White Tiger, they were known for their speed being inconceivable to human eyes. The white tiger came up to Qin Feng and started rubbing against his legs.

"Aww. Look at you, so adorable!" Qin Feng had a soft spot for cute animals, he started petting the white tiger and it kept on purring.

Currently the white tiger had the strength of a Qi Condensation martial artist, even summoned by Qin Feng—it was still a separate being from him and therefore had to cultivate on its own.

"Wanna go for a walk?" Qin Feng stopped playing with the white tiger and tried to ask it, a familiar could understand their master but currently the white tiger could barely sense his intentions.

It started jumping around excitedly!


Qin Feng took the white tiger on a stroll in the human village, they both became the town's center of attention. Even the most exquisite beauty here was paled in comparison to Qin Feng! While the white tiger's cuteness also attracted many people.

"Is this your tiger miss? Could you let me pet it?"

"Such a cute animal.."

"How could such a beauty even exist?"


Qin Feng was tired of being assumed a female, and white light wasn't accustomed to being in such a large crowd. Both of them left the village and went somewhere quieter instead.

Currently they were both sitting together in a grassy plain.

"Miss Qin Feng?"

He stood up and turned around, "It's Mister actually.." Not even daring himself to look at the person.

"..I won't question."

Qin Feng raised his head little by little. The person was a woman, green hair and blue eyes took him into an illusory realm. She emitted a dignified aura around her, he daresay that even the most refined jade under the heavens would be unable to compare to her.

The white tiger pretty much understood what was going on, so it walked up to the woman and started rubbing its body against her legs.

"Aww, that's a cute kitty you got there." She smiled, although the white tiger didn't really like being called a kitty, it still insisted on helping its master though.

"If I might ask, why exactly are you here?" Qin Feng regained his composure.

"Ah, to talk to you of course." She was currently bending down to play with the white tiger, "I'm Eiki Shiki, a Yama. The one who judges the dead."

Qin Feng gave a pondering look, he naturally has come across with the judges of the dead before, the court of death isn't some private property or anything, most people just doesn't like their sermons and just the concept of being judged after death in general.

"Eh? I'm pretty sure I haven't done barely enough to get the yama to visit me personally."

"You mustn't underestimate the punishment one gets for stealing."

Qin Feng covered his mouth and coughed up traces of blood, how did she know?

"The way I see it, even your clothes are stolen." This hit the nail on Qin Feng's head. Her smile looked so warm, yet it was so vicious at the same time!

"..." Qin Feng couldn't reply at all, he just hopes for this matter to be over quickly.

"The things you stole weren't much, but it's the people you stole it from."
"Stealing donations from the shrine maiden, medicine from the magician, sunflowers from the flower youkai, and even dresses from the celestial!" She gave off a weak chuckle, "You're so bold yet so carefree at the same time, that attitude will eventually get back at you."

"That said, you've stolen the heavenly raiment for no more than a month and it's already your casual wear?" Ouch, the nail on Qin Feng's head went even deeper.

"I might actually get to judge you soon considering you're constantly seeking death!"

"Although if you kept going at this rate, it won't be heaven where you're headed..."

She goes on and on with her lecture, the white tiger was already deep asleep before it even began. Qin Feng's mental energy was continuously drained with every word coming out of her mouth.

By the time she left, Qin Feng was completely wasted. And he thought his master's lectures were the worse!

Qin Feng gave out a slight groan as he came to a conclusion.

"Death is bothersome, I'll just become immortal."


What's the white tiger's name?

[ ] Write-in, I trust you to be cooperative and give him a name deserving of his..cuteness.


Note : Aagh, I am really bad at making dialogues, it's way too short and stuff. My r/martialmemes images are running out too..

A man's pet is his best wingman.
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Kojirou (虎児郞) to be boldly uninspired (tiger cub + son)
Kyuutoku (弓得) to be extra cheeky (contains the character for "archer's bow" + has the word "cute" in it)

Heads: Kojirou, Tails: Kyuutoku

     Coin flip: heads!
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I support this choice, they put in the effort.
Delete Post
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So if Qin Feng stole celestial clothing, does that mean he unknowingly stumbled into a marriage condition? As in folklore, if a celestial maiden has her veil stolen, she must marry the thief.
Delete Post
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who knows, good plot point though
ze depends if i want him to meet tenshi or stop dressing up as a woman first
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[X] Kyuutoku
Image Source
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File 166895876925.jpg - (71.56KB, 642x631, 7774o66t4m361.jpg)
[x] Kojirou.


Currently at the Hakurei Shrine, there's a young woman making a large donation to the shrine, although the banknotes looked weird, it was probably just another currency right?

She slowly turned around and left the Hakurei Shrine, a small grin forming on her face.

"Explode." She mumbled.


Chuckling quietly, she walked away as if nothing happened.


Kirisame's Magic Shop.

The shop's first customer in a long while is currently entering inside, looking around for something it seems.

She stopped at a box that has "Dragon Aconite" written on it. Reaching her hand inside, she stuffed most of them into her bag of holding, while also grabbing something else and replacing the Dragon Aconite in the box with it.

"Better get used to having hemorrhoids soon, Marisa." She giggled.


"I don't know Keine's whereabouts and you can't really blame Cirno, just taking revenge against these two will do.
"They say before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. I did but they're not for me." She smiled, if one knew her identity they could instantly tell that this woman was actually Qin Feng!

Qin Feng felt something touching his legs, "Ehh? Must you want a walk while I'm bathing in victory?" Kojirou has ascended to the Qi Refining realm, currently he could understand Qin Feng's every words and therefore nodded, "Alright then, same place?" He sighed loudly as Kojirou jumped around in excitement.

At this point in time, Qin Feng has already stopped disguising as a woman after getting his revenge, although it doesn't seem to have eased the damage to his pride at all.

During the walk to their usual spot, Kyojirou noticed something different.

There was a crack in the ground, it was always there but something kept bothering him after he reached the Qi Refining stage. Kyojirou tried to get Qin Feng's attention through telepathy. Well, The best a telepathy from a different species that speaks another language can do.

"Hm? What's wrong?" Qin Feng tried to ask while Kyojirou was trying to lead him to the spot, Kyojirou pointed at the crack in the ground.

Qin Feng bent down to get a closer look, "Nascent-Soul Stage Formation?" His eye sparkled a hint of interest, Qin Feng naturally could not just do with a bow. He was also an Formation Array Master.

Normally a formation of this stage would not have caught his eyes at all, but he hasn't seen a cultivator in Gensokyo besides Meiling who was just barely scratching the surface of immortality.

"It's just a normal teleportation array. Kyojirou, change of plans.
"We're going on an adventure today!" He smiled.


Note : Originally planned to take a break, but I decided I'd make occasionally short updates until I'm back in action.
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An interesting development. Good to see our cultivator engaging in biological warfare and raging against the establishment. It somehow makes perfect sense that Feng would forget the option of simply asking people where Keine is and that no one forced him into walking the village wearing the heavenly raiment.

I wondered when our cultivator would encounter another follower of the way. Though someone can correct me if I'm mistaken, but are there not hermits living among the tengu or on the mountain?

Do be careful about adding end quotation marks:
>"I don't know Keine's whereabouts and you can't really blame Cirno, just taking revenge against these two will do.
>"It's just a normal teleportation array. Kyojirou, change of plans.
Delete Post
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Isn't the format for multiple paragraphs

Or am I just mistaken?
Delete Post
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I admit to not knowing this format you're talking about. However, based on my understanding, the only time you start a new paragraph with quotation marks is when another character speaks or it is a back-and-forth conversation.

For example:
Alice spoke, "What have you done?"

"I did what was needed," Bob spits back.

"They'll erase you for this."

"So be it."

End quotation marks indicate to the reader a character is done speaking, similar in function to end punctuation, or there is some form of pause between their words.

For example:
"I'm done with this conversation." she got up and left.


"By the Jade Emperor, that hurt," he wheezed. "Do you have something to drink, miss?"

If the character is speaking continuously, I don't quite know why you would need to use a paragraph break.

Hopefully, this helps. There are likely thousands of online articles on dialogue quotation formatting that one can peruse for further clarification.
Delete Post
Report Post
I think it's more of a fanfiction specific thing. I'm sure I've seen this particular style before at least last year, but it might have just been a commonly spread typo that eventually became purposeful. It's certainly not standard at all as far as I know, but it typically happens when starting a new paragraph within a larger quote.

"It goes kinda like this. (something, something, idea)
"Do you get it? (another idea, but this whole quote is really just a long monologue so one guy has been talking the entire time without anything happening in between)
"And there's one more thing you need to know. (I wonder if someone just panicked between keeping the quote organized using paragraph breaks and keeping the quote intact, so they just left them hanging like this, reinventing [insert something that was invented through an accident here])," explained Anonymous at considerably exhaustive length. ↙ (and because it's a quote, the final fullstop only goes there instead of before the closing quote mark)

I do agree though that quote marks should really only appear at the ends of quotes or before and after actions performed in the midst of larger quote, but that's just in the case of following proper English writing standards. If breaking conventions actually helps express an idea better than the standard can manage, then you won't hear me complain.
Delete Post
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>a fanfiction specific thing
Huh, that explains why I haven't seen it before, then. This site is the only fanfiction reading I do.
Delete Post
Report Post

Nah, that's not fandom-specific, I've seen the same thing in multiple professional books (when a character has a monologue that is split into multiple paragraphs, putting an opening quote on each new paragraph).
Delete Post
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I looked it up, https://www.grammar-monster.com/punctuation/quotation_marks_multiple_or_new_paragraphs.html; it seems you're right about its usage being something you could find in a professional book. So I guess it is used for readability in case there are multiple paragraphs of single-speaker dialogue, but for this specific example in the story:
>"It's just a normal teleportation array. Kyojirou, change of plans.
>"We're going on an adventure today!" He smiled.
>"I don't know Keine's whereabouts and you can't really blame Cirno, just taking revenge against these two will do.
>"They say before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. I did but they're not for me."
I'm not entirely sure if it fulfills the purpose of readability, considering that not including a quote end mark reminds a casual reader that the single speaker is still going on; if we consider the scene, Qin Feng with Kyojirou, who cannot talk, it seems unnecessary. There does not seem to be a significant enough change in ideas conveyed that would warrant a paragraph break or another speaker that requires not including end quotation marks or paragraph breaks to remind a single speaker is still talking. It breaks the flow of reading as the reader is forced to draw their eyes to a paragraph beginning again.

I know it serves its function, but still, the aesthetic diverts me in a way that I cannot entirely put into words, like noticing alternate ways of spelling a word based on the different regions of English speakers' writing: colour or color, gray or grey, center or centre, etc., yet, somehow more distracting.

Fucking grammar. Why didn't my English teachers teach me about this instead of trying to get me to infer meaning from a description of an assortment of flowers?
Delete Post
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The crack in the ground was actually pretty small. Kyojirou could get in no problem, but Qin Feng on the other hand had quite a problem while trying to enter. It even reached the point where he asked Kyojirou to push him in.

After a while, he succeeded. The teleportation went smoothly, both of them found themselves to be in a rather unfamiliar place.

The sight wasn't extraordinary, yet it was breathtaking. Everything here was full of life and devoid of any disturbances.

"The more I explore, the more I felt like living in the forest was a mistake." He sighed. "This place resembles the sect very closely. Abundance of spiritual energy, but more importantly it's quite peaceful here."

"How about it Kyojirou? Moving here might be a good idea."

He growled in approvement, he had to admit that the forest wasn't a place he quite enjoyed to live in. Qin Feng was already planning to move out for a while now, the only problem that was he wanted to rebuild the Heavenly Mountain Sect. There naturally wasn't any place that has enough space for such a large establishment.

Even though this place has quite the space, there was sure to be inhabitants wandering around here. The best option for him was to create his own domain as an extension to Gensokyo, much like Makai.

"So it's decided then?"

Kyojirou nodded, as they both wandered deep to find a place to lay low for a while.

Time passed, and before long both Qin Feng and Kyojirou has already been in Senkai(*1) for three years. As for Kyojirou's cultivation, he has long since reached the Core Formation stage and is currently breaking through to the middle-stage Core Formation realm.

As for Qin Feng himself, his cultivation was already at the bottleneck. One more push and then he'd truly step into the realms of immortality, he could've broken through since the second year he had been here, but refining the other skills he hadn't been able to focus before his reincarnation took priority.

He tried cultivating a technique he stumbled upon in the sect's scripture library long ago, Broken Void Divine Art. The technique utilises the idea that there are empty spaces everywhere and the technique controls that empty space to a certain degree.

It's separated into three volumes. Hollow, Empty, and Absolute Void. Each volume is divided into the initial, middle, and the peak stage.

Qin Feng is currently approaching the peak stage Hollow, he won't be able to break through to the Empty stage without reaching a much higher cultivation.

On the top of a mountain, Qin Feng was currently sitting on a boulder there.

He had a grin on his face, eyes shining with anticipation as large stormclouds started to shroud the mountains around him in darkness.


*1 = We're in Senkai if that wasn't obvious


Note : Literally nothing interesting happens between incidents, timeskips will definitely be frequent.

don't mind the bad naming sense in Broken Void Divine Art, naming something harder than I expected.
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Yeah, the usage of quotation marks is correct, but it would have been best to just not split those short pieces of monologue into multiple paragraphs.
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File 166907048211.jpg - (1.58MB, 3264x2448, Mian.jpg)
For some reason, I thought Senkai was like a little pocket dimension each hermit made for themselves rather than an entire world unto itself.

Tribulation time! I'm a bit sad that Qin Feng will not, in the middle of a fight, undergo a breakthrough to both power up and blast his enemies with tribulation lightning. But at least becoming a nascent soul should mean he no longer gets knocked out by a broomstick or beaten up easily, as he'll have a sturdier body.

Anyways, Qin Feng has Keine's hat, and he has heavenly clothing. So I think he should modify the hat into the Twelve-tasselled Crown to style on his enemies and on heaven while wearing the clothes.

Also, I can't get this thought out of my head that Qin Feng has only three sets of clothes: the ones he woke up in, the robes he ordered from Alice, and the Heavenly raiment. He doesn't have to eat or sleep, and I'm guessing he doesn't smell unless he's expelling impurities, so it just kind of makes sense.
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Been busy lately, definitely not reading issth and awe so i can snatch some elements from them

Updates will be either tomorrow or just later
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Qin Feng was currently standing on the mountain, awaiting the heaven's judgement. Nascent Soul's tribulation is not a chaotic thunderstorm, it's a refined trial to test the cultivator's spirit.

The first lightning struck Qin Feng, just the impact would've been deadly to any mortals. His whole body shook uncontrollably, his dantians sounded like they were going to burst violently. Qin Feng gritted his teeth and endured.

The Nascent Soul realm is the first true step to becoming an immortal, a realm where one defies the heavens!

Not long after he got his body back into order, he was yet smited by another lightning bolt. The sheer size of it was enough to completely obliterate Qin Feng's new home, Kojirou already moved far away. The terrifying sound of rumbles of Qin Feng's tribulation made him shook in fear.

Then comes the third, fourth, and the fifth bolts. At this point Qin Feng was already starting to lose grasp of his conciousness, the thunders were slowing remolding his body to that of an immortal's. The process was excruciatingly painful, each strikes had double the power of the previous one. By this point the whole process could be seen throughout Gensokyo.


The sixth lightning struck him, so fiercely that it seemed to be roaring. The moment it slammed onto Qin Feng's body, he let out a miserable cry of pain. He instictively activated his Broken Void Divine Art to redirect some of the lightning into the Void(*1).

"Damnit! Why the hell didn't I do this since the beginning?!" He said quite loudly, he couldn't be bothered to even lower his voice in the current state he's in.

As the seventh lightning came rumbling down, he tried to redirect the strike to the Void. His attempt was successful, but there was still some remains that struck him.

Even the remains of the seventh lightning was already comparable to hundreds of the fifth strike!

The eighth strike took a heavy toll on Qin Feng's body, his current clothes was in tatters, hair dishiveled. He made alot of progress with the Broken Void Divine Art from depending on the techniques to pass the tribulation. If it weren't for the technique, Qin Feng would've been destroyed in both body and soul already.

The ninth strike was a ray of light, visible clearly to all of Gensokyo. As if it was a manifestation of the skies itself, Qin Feng relaxed at the sight of this. He let the ray of light seemingly consume him.

Surprisingly enough, he wasn't affected at all! Better yet, even his wounds were healing and his cultivation base was rapidly progressing too.

The ninth strike of a Nascent Soul tribulation is not the ultimate strike, rather it was the strike that ascended one's cultivation to the Nascent Soul realm!

Eventually, the process stopped.

The current Qin Feng was much taller, face as fair as jade, skin like condensed snow, valiant and heroic in bearing. The present Qin Feng was handsome to the limit.

The sky was also clear, devoid of any dark clouds.

Kojirou growled loudly, Qin Feng smiled at him and said, "I told you not to worry didn't I?"

Kojirou didn't stop growling, in fact he was much louder than before.

"What's wron-"

Qin Feng sensed a small thread of killing intent coming from behind him, gripping his bow tightly he turned around and blocked the incoming blade. The person who tried to ambush him just now was seemingly a middle-aged man, he looked as if he was a normal mortal.

He wanted to open his mouth and speak, but with the opponent infront of him obviously won't allow him to do so. He unleashed his cultivation base, the amount of pressure from a Nascent Soul cultivator was akin to a mountain. Even then the middle-aged man still stood firmly.

A forward kick was sent towards Qin Feng, he tried intercepting it with his bow while also dodging the blade at the same time. The middle-aged man fell back and started chanting a spell of some sort. There was an ominous mist leaking out of his body, Qin Feng's spiritual energy was drained away as soon as he touched it.

Although this takes some time to describe, it happened in the briefest of moments.

Seeing no other options, Qin Feng tried to cover his body with empty space. Everything around him was distorted, even time itself was no exception.

Qin Feng closed the distance between the both of them in to time, slamming the bow onto the man's face. The impact could be heard clearly, following that he used both of his hand to grab the middle-aged man's head, then proceeded to slam his knee against it.

Letting one hand go from the man's head, he slammed the man's head against the ground over and over again. Each time causing the ground to slightly shake everytime he did so. By this point the man's face was completely bloodied, even his own mother would not recognize him.

Qin Feng threw the man's body on the ground, glaring at him coldly, "Explain yourself." The man said nothing in return.

Sitting down, Qin Feng said, "Look at all your fingers, completely intact right? Well, what if I do this?" He snapped one of the finger on the man's hand. The man shriek in pain, and tried to escape.

Qin Feng drew an arrow from his quiver and stabbed it through the man's hand, while also using it as an anchor so that the man wouldn't be able to escape.

Right now the man looked as if he was going insane from all the pain, he struggled violently, before his actions came to a stop, "Elder Senior please have mercy! This fool is willing to serve as your servant for a full sixty-year cycle!"

"You have 18 more fingers before I start moving onto your limbs." Qin Feng snapped yet another finger as the man was wailing in pain.


Note : 2nd part later today
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File 166946304814.webp - (5.06KB, 680x680, fetchimage (1).webp)
fetchimage (1)

yeah apparently i forgot to mark update, here it is.
shit ton of mistakes cause i pressed reply instead of preview
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File 166948037924.png - (7.14KB, 474x365, Untitled.png)
"AAGH!" The man screamed in agony, everytime he replied with silence also decreases the count of intact fingers on his hand, "Stop! I'll tell you everything!"

"Oh, guess I didn't have to resort to that method." Qin Feng murmured, the man shivered in fear as Qin Feng apparoached him.

He grabbed the man by the hair and asked him, "Ready to answer now?" The man went on a thorough and detailed explanation. His name was Yang Mian, he told Qin Feng that he was from a sect hidden away. He was sent here on an order to assasinate Qin Feng while his cultivation base was still unstable from the tribulation.

All of this information was useless to Qin Feng as it seemed to him that they were just a group of mortals who just happened to stumble upon the methods of cultivation, "Also our sect has a Demigod realm powerhou-" As soon as the words left his mouth, a terrifying thunder landed right next to them. Yang Mian jumped instictively but could not get away as he was held by Qin Feng.

Qin Feng's eyebrows furrowed at this, "Even saying the name of the realm causes an undulation in the heavens, that's how powerful a Demigod realm powerhouse is." Currently he was deep in thought, there was actually a demigod aiming for his head!

"Where's your sect located?" Although seemingly a question, the way he spoke it would make anyone realize that it's a command or a threat.

Yang Mian trembled in fear, "There's a teleportation array in the bamboo forest right over there.." Qin Feng looked over at the direction he was pointing at, there seemed to really be an aura eminating from there.

He looked over to Yang Mian, who was sweating profusely, "Merely a middle-stage Qi Condensation disciple, they won't care if you're gone."
"Besides, turning you into a hostage isn't worth the effort."

Qin Feng then proceeded to slice off Yang Mian's head with his palm. Blood sprayed out dyeing Qin Feng's whole body in red, "I'll leave the corpse disposal to the vultures."
"Come on, let's go Kojirou."


note : alright this was supposed to be longer but i feel pretty tired right now, got no free-days this week.
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