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File 16662889383.webp - (59.21KB, 511x508, Th075Reimu.webp)
First story, little lack of knowledge about touhou. Let's see how it goes

-Muenzuka, Gensokyo-

The home to purple cherry blossoms, once a year those cherry blossoms will purify the soil of Muenzuka. Truly a sight to behold and yet the sorrowful sights make it seem like the place itself is weeping.

-Anon's POV-

This attempt is the one.
You thought to yourself as you sit infront of your laptop on a plastic chair while your hands are constantly pressing keys on your butterfly keyboard.
If someone has looked closely enough they'd have noticed that on your laptop's screen, was none other than your puny attempt at trying to beat Subterranean Animism's extra stage as Reimu Hakurei.

'Holy shit, that was close. Thank god for Reimu's absurdly small hitbox' You thought to yourself as you barely dodged Koishi's "Danmaku Paranoia".

"C'mon man, when the hell is this gonna time out?" You thought as you barely graze through each bullet Koishi launches at you.

Despite having so much confident in this run, You almost used up all your bombs and you only have 1 life left. Though you have been going at this for quite smoothly so far, would be a shame if you got hit wouldn't it? As you start questioning that to yourself, you lose focus on the game for a split of a second. A split of a second was all ZUN needed to ruin your day, as a danmaku bullet closes the distance between itself and your character, you had just realized what was going on and tried to move out of the way. Only to realize it was too late, as heat spreads throughout of your body from rage you forgot that deathbombing exist, as you see the scoreboard panel coming up you only realized at the revelation that deathbombing exists. Only that it was too late by then.

"Fuck this shit, I'm goin' on r/touhou." You said as you activated a spell card "Rage Sign : Alternate F4" and began to create a new tab and searched for r/touhou.

-? POV-

"Everything is coming together isn't it?" Asked the shadow figure away from "Anon's" sight.
"Indeed it is, now let us continue the plan" Another shadow figure seemingly resembling a human said.

As silence began to fill the room, One of the shadow figure has vanished into thin air.

"See you soon, _____" The other shadow figure said as it also began to fade away while "Anon" has passed out and began to fade as well.


Choose your ability/hax (Note : Affects our mc's backstory):
[] Particle Manipulation (Heavy on body,
[] Vector Manipulation
[] Spatial Manipulation
[] Write-in

Also :
[] Anon's Name (Write-In) (no nanaya please)
[] Anon's Gender (write-in) (if you choose male you're plain and boring)



Note : Hello guys, First story here. Give me feedbacks whether the story is fucking trash and i should do other stuff with my life, or does it barely pass your standards and i should FIST OF THE NORTH STAR this story
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yeah first fic and all that, proof-readed myself, its whatever i guess? proud of myself but its not all that good. ill definitely be on the more active side

tl;dr : active thread = active updates (who knows you might even get a wall almost daily)
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oh shit sorry guys, at the ability its

[] Particle Manipulation (Heavy on body since you're literally dismantling stuff and putting it back together, very versatile)
[] Vector Manipulation (Can be very powerful if used right, Less toll on the body. Very interesting if this wins.)
[]Spatial Manipulation (Depends on the scale of manipulation you're doing, the toll might be heavy or nothing at all, pretty boring but can be cool as shit like imagine spatial coat around your body so no one can touch you)
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nobody on THP knows how to actually shitpost anymore smh at you zoomers
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[x] shitpost manipulation
[x] MAN
Delete Post
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[X] shitpost manipulation
Delete Post
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[x] shitpost manipulation
lazy bandwagon because fuck it
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[X] shitpost manipulation

Time for the adventures of MAN the MAN.
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Adventure of a fucking MAN it is, writing now. This story should've ended up on ff.net tbh but whatever. Shitpost manipulation sounds dumb as shit I'll take it.
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I'm going to make a strong assumption that you're someone who basically only reads other fanfiction. Break yourself of that habit. Read published books. Not gonna make any recommendations; just pick up any fiction book, read it, and keep doing that and never stop. Learn the mechanics of fiction (not to mention those of writing) from people who actually have some idea of it instead of those who just guess their way around it. See what's been done before and form opinions on it. Assimilate everything and transform it based on your own views and experiences. Otherwise, the chances of producing anything worth reading are pretty dire.

Unless this is actually some 4D chess on the ceiling shitposting happening, in which case, shit away.
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File 166635378714.jpg - (71.60KB, 800x800, s-l1600.jpg)
[x] Shitpost Manipulation (good choice)
[x] Name : MAN (i am just going to call him anon)
[x] Gender : MAN (i mean i cant even write women anyway)

'Ouch, What's up with this headache?' You thought to yourself as you woke up and open your eyes
'Where am I? I don't remember going out last night, also this headache is gettin' me' Said inward as you stare down multiple cherry blossoms while walking down a road.

As you walking down the road, you start seeing red lilies as you get closer and closer to the end of the path.

'What a sight, I should bring mom here sometimes. Though why does this place feel eerily familiar?' And it was true, as you go further and further down the path you start to piece together the environment bit by bit.

'Cherry blossoms, Red lilies, wait. Is this not Muenzuka?' Realization struck you as you piece together than the place you're in is none other than Muenzuka, graveyard of the nameless in Gensokyo. You have been here before in PoFV.

'Holy shit, this is Muenzuka isn't it? It looks even better than in the game. Now that you realize the place you're currently in, it makes you appreciate the view even more.

'Wait.. if this is Muenzuka, does that not fuckin' mean I'm currently in gensokyo?!'
'Holy shit MAN, how did I even end up here!?! You start questioning how you came to be in this position.

'Wait, if I'm in Muenzuka does that not mean--' Your thought has been cut short as you heard a screech behind you.

"Shit!" You exclaim as you turn around and see a group of youkais infront of you, they seem to be lesser youkais that are unintelligible, but that's what make them currently dangerous in your situation.

One of the youkai launch its body at yours at a superhuman velocity, you immediately jump sideway out of your instinct as the youkai's claws barely grazed the side of your body.

"Damn, how am I going to get out of this?" You said as more youkais start launching themselves toward you.

"Should've known Muenzuka has its own locals, Damn it."

You start running down the path while dodging the youkai's attacks on you.

A human's speed is not to compare with a youkai's, you realize as they start catching up with you. You start running left and right to confuse the predators.

As one of them catches up to you, you turn around and run in a circle around the youkai, due to being lesser youkais they don't know what the fuck you're trying to do, therefore they get confused [Status inflicted : Stun 5 second], you take an advantage out of this moment and run further down the path as fast as you can.

"Are they gone now? Phew." You sigh loudly as you turn around and see none of them following you. Still you don't stop running just to be safe.

At the end of the path lies a forest that you instantly recognized as the Forest of Magic.

What do you do? :
[] Go down the path full of flowers
[] Wander around the forest
[] Walk straight into the forest

note : this one was aight, lil bit late cuz spam ban sorry. Anyway no shitpost manipulation today, maybe later when it actually is useful. Although if y'all lucky you might get a hidden trigger for a shitpost manipulation evolve

Thank you for the advice, I do have experience writing webnovels but when it comes to fanfiction and touhou I'm just a reader and an amateur. Not sure about shitposting, not particularly good at it.

got my friend to proof-read this one, dont mind if its still bad. his taste for fanfics is worse than peeing with the toilet seat down.
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[X] Walk straight into the forest
This is a good plan.
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[X] Walk straight into the forest

Well, at least MAN knows about Gensokyo. I wonder if he has a favorite 2hu. Curious to see how shitposting manipulation will work in this story because, in my ears, it sounds like memetic manipulation. Considering that Gensokyo is where living myths walk, having any control over the base ideas that form them sounds like a terrifying power that, if discovered, would get MAN, the outsider, a painted target on his back because of how naturally disruptive it could be. I did vote for shitposting because it sounded funny, but it's less so now that I think MAN can possibly adjust aspects of a Youkai outright through shitpost manipulation as he pleases. It could be an interesting look into how the temptation to change others is constant with MAN around youkai he will get to know.

Of course, I could be spouting entirely wrong assumptions if shitposting manipulation works differently from what I described above, and shitpost manipulation could be us booming people in their heads by directly beaming bass-boosted sound effects 1000x.

Wonder if we can reach GENSOKYO CUBE madness levels, though that story was in a league of its own.

Some Feedback on your writing:

For some reason, the way you are portraying the inner thoughts of MAN seems a bit redundant at points with lines like these:

>'Holy shit MAN, how did I even end up here!?! You start questioning how you came to be in this position.
>'Where am I? I don't remember going out last night, also this headache is gettin' me' Said inward as you stare down multiple cherry blossoms while walking down a road.

It might be pedantic, but I am pretty sure you don't need to say thought or said inwards because you have displayed that italics would be used for MAN's inner monologue. Doing so, for me at least, seems to break the flow of reading a bit as I already know that MAN is inwardly talking by the italics usage, and the 'think to yourself' is an unnecessary fact confirmation.

Moreover, you are leaning more heavily toward telling rather than showing with lines like this:

>you turn around and see a group of youkais infront of you, they seem to be lesser youkais that are unintelligible, but that's what make them currently dangerous in your situation.

I will be completely frank and state I have no idea what lesser youkai look like. It could look like a jackalope for all I know; without a description of some kind, I would not know that it has claws until this line:
>youkai's claws barely grazed the side of your body
Without a description of some sort, the danger of a lesser youkai to MAN cannot be fully impressed upon. Also, I don't know if this is correct, but I believe the plural of youkai is just youkai with no need to add an 's' at the end.

Additionally, your tenses are wacky; perhaps try reading some of these sentences out loud.

Anyways, good luck! Hope this helps you somewhat.
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Thanks, And yeah tbh I feel like shitpost manipulation is just memetic, that's why I'm trying to give the shitpost manipulation a sub ability as soon as possible to spread the usage, it's practically memetic manipulation but I definitely don't know how that'll go.

About my writing, Thanks for the advices. Im starting to notice myself that MAN's thinking process has been way to descripted. Yet his encounters with the youkais or just description in general aren't as descriptive as should be. I was reluctant on giving the youkais even a miniscule but of description because I thought that it was just not necessary. Now that I see it myself, I'll try to improve! Also yeah my friend told me about the issues with tenses too, English was never really my strong point. Yeah I'll definitely try visualizing a conversation with them soon. This looks way better than my first post though to be honest lol.
Also I'll start using update in my replies now. Thanks again for the opinion and just for reading this in general :D
About favourite 2hus, I'm trying to make the user take a route, though seeing the rate of my updates compared to the number of replies I get, it seems like only a few people will be able to participate, not really sure how I am going to deal with that. Might need help there lol.
Delete Post
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>Might need help there
Uh, how?

This site is only so active at any one time, and honestly the userbase is too weird to expect a lot.

You've got a lot of lurkers who never post versus a tiny fraction who do post when they remember to actually check the site, when they "feel like it", when the stars align, etc. None of us can do shit about any of them.

Only thing you can really do is either push ahead regardless of turnout or slow your pace in hopes of greater participation over time.
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[x] Walk straight into the forest

>You've got a lot of lurkers who never post
all me tbh
Delete Post
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straight into the forest it is, writing now (might be late in my time like yesterday, watching twd ss1)
Delete Post
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this one might be a little late, not because of twd but i have to figure out which direction the story is going after this
Delete Post
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[x] Walk straight into the forest

Having decided your next course of action, you walk straight into the forest, looking for an exit

『Damn, this forest sure is huge huh?』
『I knew since this is the only forest in Gensokyo its gotta be big, never thought it was gonna be this huge though.』

-40 minutes later-

『Something isn't right..』
『Why the hell is this forest so goddamn big? I swear I could've walked a mini-marathon at this rate.』
『Some thing is definitely going on here, Gensokyo isn't even that big.』

"When is he gonna start realising it?"

A faint voice was coming from your left, it sounded almost like a child. You decide to ignore it for the time being, it might've just been a random fairy after all.

Wait. A fairy? Couldn't that be the reason you're unable to find the exit? Don't fairies like pranking people?

As realisation struck you, you began turning around searching for any kind of signs of the fairies that you heard just then.

You saw a movement in the bush, you start glaring at the bush for a while. A few minutes has passed and you're still staring at the bush, looking for another sign of movement. Just as when you were turning away, you heard a sound coming from the bush, you instantly ran toward the bush. As you were getting closer, a small shriek could be heard from the bush as 3 small figures got out of the bush and started levitating above it, one of the fairies had short red hair, wearing a red and white dress along with a ribbon on her hair, you could tell from the glance that the fairy you were staring at was none other than Sunny Milk.

As you turned around and started checking the other fairies' appearance, you noticed that one of them had yellow hair. Noticing the red eyes and the black and white dress, you could also tell that this fairy was one of the three fairies of light, Luna Child

For the last fairy, You already knew who she was. Dark-brown hair, a frilly blue and white dress with stars on it, you could immediately tell that she was Star Sapphire.

『It all makes sense now. So they were pulling a prank on me?』
『If they're still here in the forest, that probably means I'm here before the events of EoSD. Not sure how much earlier, still that means I won't get to see the SDM's crew anytime soon, so that sucks.』
『Now, about these fairies. How will I deal with them?』

As you were pondering about how you're going to deal with these fairies, one of them spoke up

"Hey human! incase you haven't notice you've fallen right into my trap!" Sunny spoke up proudly.

"Sunny, I think we should let that person go, he might be strong.." Another fairy spoke up which you saw was Star.

"I also think we should let him go Sunny, he looks pretty scary to me.." Luna also spoke up

『Wait, do I really look that scary? What's wrong with me?』
『Nevermind all that, might as well use this to advantage』

Yeah you might wanna get away from me, I'd say I'm pretty strong myself y'know?"
『Please don't attack me, Please don't attack me, Please don't attack me』
"You're strong?" Sunny asked.
"Yeah really strong, You might not wanna fight against me."
"Cool! You wanna have a spar? I wanted to test out my new moves but I can't find any good target"
『Oh shit, how do I get out of this now?』
"Good offer but you're way too weak right now, I could end the fight in a flash."
"Awww, that sucks. You're no fun."
『She believed that?!』
"See? I told you Sunny, let's go back to our house"
"All right..."

As the three fairies flew away into the forest all of them waves at you, Luna trips over nothing and fell down on the way.

"Now that's done, I have another problem on hand"
"Where exactly do I go from here?"


"Finally, there's the exit"
"The sunlight is really hurting my eyes.."
"Guess that's what happens once you stay in a dark place for a long time."

You walk over to the exit without any problem, well. with one problem, you forgot where the way to the human village was.


note : this one had way less narration in it, tried to be more on MAN's POV you know? also tried being descriptive with the fairies, don't really think it went that well. hopefully ill improve, no choices this time. let our guy get lost and he'll stumble upon scenarios. let me know how i did on this chapter! be brutally honest about it, if it sucks like a shitty vacuum then just tell me that. (shitty vacuum sucks really badly btw learnt that from experience)

note : [New skill : Bullshit Proficiency Lv.1] [Description : Let you bullshit more proficiently and make it more believable"]
[Evolution : Bullshit Manipulation] [Requirement : Bulletshit Proficiency Lv.10]

you can now check MAN's stats and abilities by :

[] Character Overview
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 166645875562.png - (388.65KB, 423x599, 423px-Fairies_Whos_Who.png)
also yes i noticed the thoughts were a bit weird, give me your thoughts on that too, suggest a symbol for thoughts cause quotation marks are just simply too confusing along with the talking out loud stuff

if the interaction is weird, i'm a shut-in + first time writing a character that isnt an oc, although even my oc are weird

oh yeah forgot to put in the 3 fairies picture, ill put it on this post
Delete Post
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>I won't get to see the SDM's crew anytime soon, so that sucks
MAN is such a moron. He deserves to get eaten by a vampire.
Delete Post
Report Post
MAN just really charged some unknown creatures in a bush despite knowing he is in the land of living monsters. What a lad.

The new way of formatting thoughts works for me. Seeing those brackets reminded me of some web novels I had read in the past before. Noticed some capitalization missing after periods or exclamation marks. Also, a lot of sentences started with 'As...'. There were missing starting quotation marks on one of the dialogue pieces from MAN.
>Yeah you might wanna get away from me, I'd say I'm pretty strong myself y'know?"

>[] Character Overview
I don't think I've seen many stories on this site using stats before.

Anyways, I say our goal for MAN is getting the hell out of Gensokyo. Horrible place to be as an outsider and don't have the creature comforts of the modern day. We gotta see mom and finally beat the Subterranean Animism's extra stage.
Delete Post
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>you can now check MAN's stats and abilities by :

>[] Character Overview


Delete Post
Report Post
definitely, although not seeing the SDM's crew for a while even if id probably die when i see them if i ended up in gensokyo would suck too tbh
yeah i got the inspiration of tensei shitara ken deshita, good webnovel. got a new anime now too.

im trying to give the readers more of a game-ish alert/notifications so they wont be totally devoid of information like MAN and dont make bad decisions

ive also been noticing i made alot of note requesting writing suggestions and off-topic stuff way too much, ill reduce it or stop.

also for returning to the outside to see his mom, why'd you think he wounded up in muenzuka? it's up to you anyway


Character Overview :
[MAN, The Outsider]
Name : MAN
Gender : MAN
Age : 20+(?)
Specialty : None

Abilities :
Active :
[Shitpost Manipulation]
[Description : Allows the user to manipulate over ideas and be able to change or control them completely, or just fucking bass-boosted vine boom till their head get exploded into pieces.]
[Proficiency : 0]
[Warning : User can not activate this on demand due to low proficiency, this ability will be activated unconciously with a trigger]
[Evolution : ???]
Passive :
[Bullshitting proficiency] [Description : Bullshit more proficiently and believably]
[Proficiency : 1]
[Evolution : ??? (I scrapped the manipulation idea, don't want our guy to be a gary sue character.)
[Evolution Requirement : Proficiency lv.10]

Subject has no knowledge of the abilities and power he holds.
I wonder if we chose the wrong person? No, this guy's the one.


writing new update now (3 twd episodes first)
Delete Post
Report Post
>[x] Gender : MAN (i mean i cant even write women anyway)
This statement is amusing, considering the setting you have chosen to write in.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 166651935645.png - (315.39KB, 423x599, 423px-Keine_Whos_Who.png)
-Continuing from last update.

"Now where the hell do I go?"

You turn around, there's a road to the left, right and the last one is a little further from the forest but where the path leads is straight from the forest exit.

"Why ZUN gotta make Gensokyo so confusing?"
『Well I mean not as confusing as other stuff here y'know?』
"Aren't there phantoms around here?"
"Better take a look 'round these roads quick then."

You decide to start with the left path, walking along the path for a while you spot a huge lake at the end of the path.

『So there's the misty lake..』

Having learned that, you turn back and continued walking down the road

As you were walking, you noticed an old building. You see a japanese sign above the doors. You tried reading it.

"Hm? I thought you could understand japanese in gensokyo even if you didn't learn it before?"
"Ah, there it is." You said as the sign started turning into english words that you could understand.

"Kou-rin-dou, so this place Kourindou?"
"The condition is better than I thought..."
"Considering that inside of the shop's supposed be dusty and even has mold, the outside looks pretty nice."
"Well, if Kourindou's this way then I guess I'm on the right track to the village."
"Better get out of here before Rinnosuke notices me."

You continue moving down the road, now with a destination in mind. The human village is your next stop. On the way you notice some phantoms wandering around, they aren't hostile though.

"That was a pretty short walk eh? Well it's not like I was getting my sense of direction messed up by a fairy"
『Though now I wonder how they're doing..』
『Now that I think about it, if EoSD hasn't started yet, doesn't that mean spell card rules still aren't in use?』
『That's pretty dangerous, good thing the fairies didn't attack me back then』

You saw 2 guards standing infront of the gate into the village, you decide to confront them directly.

One of the guards as another came to inspect your body, he said starts from your shoulders and searched thoroughly, he said nothing but you let him continue.

Once the guard finished inspecting your body, he turned around to the other guard and gave him a thumbs-up.

"State your business" Said the other guard.
"I'm an outsider, and I'm here to enter the village for protection."
『Well I don't neccessary need protection but this makes it more believable I guess?"
"Wait right here." One of the guard said, the other guard head inside the village and didn't come back out for a while. But once he came back out, he brought a white-haired woman with him.

Because you're currently in the village, there was only 2 white-heads that meddled in the village business. Fujiwara no Mokou and Keine Kamishirasawa. Considering the guard came to get this person, the only explanation was that this person was the human village's protector Keine.

"You're the outsider?" She spoke up.
"Yes, Miss.."
"Keine, Kamishirasawa Keine."
"Nice to meet you Miss Keine, and yes I am the outsider."
She had a face that was full of suspicion.
"When did you come to Gensokyo?"
"I came to Gensokyo today at dawn miss."
"Just Keine is alright, and did you see any humans with weird features such as rabbit ears or something?"
"Right no more honorifics then. No, haven't seen one. Why do you ask?"
You knew why she asked, although you answered honestly. You didn't see a single youkai while coming here, pretty weird considering you were wandering around the forest of magic.
"Well, let's start from the beginning. Gensokyo is a land different from the outside world, Gensokyo is a place where there are living mythical creatures among us, most of them are not so friendly toward humans.."
You know what this is about, but still let her continue. Can't have people knowing that touhou is a game in the outside world. She gives a serious glare at you then continue.
"Those creatures are called youkai, there are many kinds of youkai, so much so that the possibilities are endless, youkai live off the fears of a human. Therefore they attack humans to keep existing, but sometimes they feed on human flesh too."
She looks at me to check how I'd react, I tried to act surprised but couldn't really bring myself to do it. It was probably good enough though.
"Human flesh are a delicacy to them. You were lucky enough to not encounter one on the way here."
"Now come on in, let's find report you to the village leader and get you a place."

You head inside the village with Keine, she brings you to the village leader, the interaction wasn't that interesting. He just asked me the same questions as Keine.

After that's done Keine brought me to an apartment, the village leader got me a room on the second floor. After you looked around the room Keine told you she had to go.

"Well then, see you later.. wait, you never told me your name." She tried to give a farewell but it wasn't complete without your name.
She tilted her head and looked at you a little confused.
"My name is MAN."
"Oh wow, uh.. interesting name you got there. Anyway see you later MAN! If you need come I'm usually teaching children at the school." She walks off after having said that, but before she could go you spoke up.
"See you soon, Keine."
She turned to look at you for a bit, then turned away and continued leaving.
"Ahhhh, that was a long day."
"Still, I really am in Gensokyo huh?"
You lie there on your bed facing up looking at the ceiling.
"Well, better get some rest." You doze off instantly after having said that, ignoring the fact that you didn't take a shower since you came here and you probably smell like shit.


You woke up.
You're not on your bed.
Where are you?
What is this place.
You look around, seeing nothing but the place in white, not even a single trace of anything.
You turn behind you, seeing nothing looking confused.
"Hey you!"
You look around even more, still seeing nothing.
"Below you dumbass!"
You look down and see that you're standing over a table, next to the table was a presumably a shadow, a pitch black shadow.
"When are you going to step down from the fucking table?"
You said nothing and quickly step down the table.
"Seriously though, what's wrong with you?"
"Here, take a seat."
A plastic chair suddenly appears behind you, in perfect position to sit.
You questioned nothing and sat down on the chair, it wasn't that comfortable.
"Couldn't get a better chair?" You asked
"Shut up, be grateful I even gave you a place to rest your ass in."
"Anyway, Where's this place, Who are you?"
"Slow down, Let me answer them one by one."
"Alright then, What's is place?"
"This place is nowhere."
"But that doesn't make sens-"
"Not everything has to make sense."
"Whatever that means, Now where's this place?"
"There you go again, with your vague as abstract art answer."
"Just shut up and get the questions over with, I didn't call you here for nothing."
"Who are you?"
"Find out for yourself."
"So let me get this straight, I get taken to nowhere, a place that's everywhere. And the person who brought me here doesn't tell me who he is"
"No shit sherlock, that was it, wasn't that hard to understand was it?"
"Bullshit, anyway why did you even call me here in the first place."
"Patience is key, MAN."
"Now how do you know my name?"
"I know everything about you, even more than yourself. I know about your little power, your parents. Your destiny."
"What I'm saying is that, I know you better than anyone else."
"That doesn't make sense, how can a person whom I have never talked to my entire life knows about me better than I do?"
"Oh, but we have talked many times, don't you remember?"
"Alright, it's probably time."
"Time for what?"
"To show you why I brought you here."
Your mind has gone blank, the only thing you hear is a high pitch, so high that it was painful. Your nose started bleeding, you fell down on your knees. Your vision has gone blurry and painted red, your ears started bleeding.

Pain. That was the only thing you could feel, no emotions, no happy, sad, anger, excitement, fear. Just pain.

You start screaming out of pain as your vision went black, you fell face first into the ground. Lying there, unconcious. The last thing you heard was a voice that you have long forgotten, the voice was so familiar that you wonder why you haven't recognized it after all this time. It was the voice of...


You open your eyes just a little to see the sight of a man you were talking to just now, tears falling out of his eyes, as he turned around and wiped it.

"See you soon, ____"

After that, everything went blank.


You woke up.
On your bed.
Tears streaming all over your face.
You couldn't remember why you cried.
Or what got you so emotional.

"Hm? Why am I crying?"
"Probably just a bad nightmare."
"Can't remember what it was about though.."

You got out of your bed not paying any mind to the reason you cried or what your nightmare was about. You head to the shower and washed yourself up. Only you didn't notice one thing was different, you now had a tattoo on the base of your neck, above your left shoulder.

After you washed up, you wore the same clothes as yesterday and headed out of your room and down to the first floor apartment.

Leaving the apartment, You walk out through the door of the apartment.

"Now, what should I do today?"

[] Explore around the village
[] Go to the Hakurei Shrine
[] Check out Kourindou's items

note : how was that for a chapter, i didnt do that well on the conversation with keine and the nowhere part didn't i, getting used to writing conversations with other characters.

[Bullshitting proficiency has gone up by 1!]
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Oh? What's this? It seems like [Shitpost Manipulation]'s Proficiency has gone up by 1!

New effect :
[Shitpost Manipulation] can now be activated unconciously; Warning : Very, Very Lethal to the user if used on a large scale.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 166652988165.png - (602.31KB, 800x450, 800px-Th135_Hakurei_Shrine.png)
[] Go to the Hakurei Shrine. (I'm pretty bored so i just wrote without your reply, teehee.)

"Better visit the shrine maiden."
"It's this way isn't it?

As you decided to head for the Hakurei Shrine, you start moving onwards.

Reaching the staircase which leads up to the Hakurei Shrine, you just realized how tall it is. You let out a long sigh
"This is gonna be a long day."

15 minutes later, you still haven't reached the top. I wonder how people get to the shrine. Oh wait. Mostly youkai come here so they just fly don't they? Lucky bastards.


A while later, you've managed to climb all the way up. You're in a pretty good shape for a guy that doesn't work-out. Still you've never known your endurance was this high. Probably should've played track and field sports back in highschool.

"Looks like nobody's here, I definitely do not want to disturb Reimu at this hour.'
"Guess I'll just slip a donation and leave."

You take your wallet out and check how much money you had with you.

『50 dollars.. wait. What currency do gensokyo people use anyway?』

『Ehhh, I'll just slip a redback in the box.』

After having made a donation, you decide to get back to the village quietly. You're way too lazy to go back down the stairs so you did what any sane human being would do.


You slide down the hill on your ass and pray that you don't land on your head and break your neck.

You've come to accept the fact that you're a dumbass, a moron, and a MAN.

Once you reach the foot of the hill. You got another problem on hand.

You're definitely not gonna land smoothly nor on your ass.

"Oh shit." You said as your whole body rotate backwards due to friction and you ended up doing a half back-roll and almost landing face-first into the ground while still sliding straight forward.

As your momentum slows down and stops completely. You spoke up.

"Must've broken a few there..."

You struggle to stand up and move for a while due to the pain spreading throughout your whole body.

Though after a while, you somehow came to realize that you were completely fine.

"Gensokyo magic I guess?"
"Aww, now my clothes are covered in mud, this was my favorite pair too.."

You walk back to the village, trying to get dirt and mud off your clothings on the way, I wonder if gensokyo has washing machines? This is gonna be painful to clean up.

After returning to your room, you take off your clothes and put on a T-Shirt that was prepared in the closet.

Now, you have still yet to spend the whole day, where to next?

[] Take a walk around the village
[] The lake lookin' mighty fine today. Maybe I should take a swim?
[] That bamboo forest seems like a nice place for a walk!
[] Good write-ins unlike the choice above.


Yeah uhhh, I was bored of twd. Daryl is so overrated, anyway.

MAN is a moron, you're either gonna have to help him change or encourage him to be even bolder than before.

This update's pretty rough, didn't really proof-read or anything at all.
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[X] Take a walk around the village
I daresay it'd be too serious to suggest we need a safe place to sleep at night, but I can't help myself from suggesting it as a priority.
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[X] Take a walk around the village

MAN is fresh meat in this land where violence is the rule of law, especially if the spell card rules have not been established yet. Best to keep within the village for now and figure out how we will afford to live until we can get out of this land or find some form of permanent employment. We should definitely check out that new tattoo as well.

>MAN is a moron, you're either gonna have to help him change or encourage him to be even bolder than before.

Well, fools are beloved by Lady Luck. However, this does put into perspective some of MAN's earlier actions, such as charging at the bushes with unknown creatures inside. Along with the general lack of fear or surprise that he displays about being spirited away to a dangerous land and the fact that mythical creatures are real and the whole cavalcade of implications that brings.
>Choose your ability/hax (Note : Affects our mc's backstory)
If choosing shitpost manipulation made our character a dumbass, I will say it's not surprising.

Did dream DAD boom us with what shitposting manipulation can eventually become? Being able to cause people to fall to their knees bleeding from orifices is fearsome. However, it also makes me wonder about how the power will be used because if MAN has different views about how 2hus should act based upon the interpretation he has from playing the games and browsing the web that is different from the actual 2hus' characters in this story, will he unconsciously use his ability to drift their personalities to his interpretation of them? Youkai are essentially just stories and ideas so tightly packed together they form a human/monster-shaped creature.

>After that's done Keine brought me to an apartment

Huh, guess that's MAN's best words for describing his residence for now. I wonder if he'll note the different cultural stuff in architecture than back home.
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>I daresay it'd be too serious to suggest we need a safe place to sleep at night, but I can't help myself from suggesting it as a priority.

The village leader got him one.

>MAN is fresh meat in this land where violence is the rule of law, especially if the spell card rules have not been established yet. Best to keep within the village for now and figure out how we will afford to live until we can get out of this land or find some form of permanent employment. We should definitely check out that new tattoo as well.

He will definitely inspect it soon, although if he doesn't know what it is, you won't either.

>Huh, guess that's MAN's best words for describing his residence for now. I wonder if he'll note the different cultural stuff in architecture than back home.

Well it's not everyday you get teleported to a world where living legends walk among you, sure he might have a room organizing montage later but it probably won't be that much of a description considering he has a place to live in, and that's all he needs.

>If choosing shitpost manipulation made our character a dumbass, I will say it's not surprising.
>Did dream DAD boom us with what shitposting manipulation can eventually become? Being able to cause people to fall to their knees bleeding from orifices is fearsome. However, it also makes me wonder about how the power will be used because if MAN has different views about how 2hus should act based upon the interpretation he has from playing the games and browsing the web that is different from the actual 2hus' characters in this story, will he unconsciously use his ability to drift their personalities to his interpretation of them? Youkai are essentially just stories and ideas so tightly packed together they form a human/monster-shaped creature.

I'd not say too much about this, but he definitely gave us something to jumpstart the power, although as stated above. For now anything that MAN doesn't know, you won't know either. Also your theory about shitpost manipulation is very interesting, although his mental capacity is way too weak to withstand a frequent basis of the ability's usage, Shitpost Manipulation is powerful ability, but in its current form its way too heavy on him, DAD did help him with that though (The fact that he didn't get an injury from rolling down a hill that tall is a hint on how DAD changed his body, MAN has gone through a metamorphosis-like process that will be very useful for him later on if he wants to keep surviving until EoSD happens. My original plans for this story is to have it go along with the canon for a while, without MAN interrupting it, even if he does. It will be minimal, Also as you might've seen in the character overview, Shitpost Manipulation does have a stronger stage.

Also no, MAN's just an idiot in general. I just didn't know how to write him back then, he will definitely become more refined and less of a moron as the story goes on and he experiences life threatening scenarios where his boldness is a risk to him.

Timeline :

MAN gets transported to gensokyo > (Couple of months for him to adjust, will be very short) > EoSD > carry on with the canon

Now that I have a good grasp of writing, I'll be doing updates way more frequently, sometimes ill put choices in but i'll write before you guys can answer them just because i have time. got 7 days until college, I'll have less time but updates will be longer and still daily. college is 5 days a week btw (have to attend every subject and lectures over here)

If you're also wondering, Shitpost Manipulation is neither Magic, Physical, Spiritual nor aura, it's something else. something you'll know way later into the story.
Delete Post
Report Post
I went and read some fiction for inspiration, Sorry if I'm changing the writing style alot but I'd like to try first-person writing, it just seems more like how this story is supposed to go, it's just that I didn't really know how to express it.

tl;dr : story from now on will be written in first person from the POV of MAN
Delete Post
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aw hell nah I wrote like 3k words and forgor to put it somewhere else
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 16666107467.png - (332.93KB, 423x599, 423px-Kogasa_Whos_Who.png)
[] Take a walk around the village

"I guess a stroll around the village doesn't sound too bad," I said

Maybe I could use a break after coming to gensokyo? Well I mean, I should probably take it easy for now? Anyway, where should I even start? "Hmm.. I never really saw any interesting village landmarks in touhou did I?"

"That's a problem.."
"Maybe I should just walk around then?"
Yeah, I should just walk around the village and find a cool place somewhere. Maybe I'll even get to know some new people? No, bad idea. Really bad idea, I don't even know how to talk to people before coming here, Gensokyo magic probably can't fix that. Yeah, I'll just walk around. No talking to people.
'Hm? Kirisame-ya Second Hand Shop? Isn't that the shop that Marisa's dad owns?'
'I wonder what they sell..'
"It was never really mentioned was it?'
'Although, I definitely don't think they accept dollars here.'
'Is there like an outsider currency exchange somewhere?'

Now this is an actual problem, How am I supposed to live here if I don't even know which currency then use? Maybe I should go ask Keine about this soon..
"Boo!" A loud voice came from behind me,
I turned around surprised and saw a girl holding an umbrella "Got you!" Wait, looking into her eyes, I saw that the pupils had different colours, 'Oh, so this is Kogasa?'
'She's cute..'

"Hey, are you alright?"
"Did I scare you too much?"
"Oh. Right, she's still right here."
I tried to act surprised, well. Keyword is tried.
"Did I really get you that badly?"
"Do you need to see a doctor?"

She tried to ask me with concern, 'Uh oh, she's genuinely concerned about me. What do I do?'

'I don't even know how to talk to people, and now a girl is concerned about me?'
'God, just give me a cardiac arrest and get it over with.'

"I'm sorry.. I didn't know humans were this fragile, I heard there was a hospital in that bamboo forest, do you need me bring you there?"

Damn, I'll just tell her I'm okay and get it over with. She's pretty cute though..

I made a sign with my hand to signal her that I'm completely fine "No, it's fine. I'm alright"
"You really got me there"
"Ah! You're really fine?"
"I'm sorry.. We tsukumogami don't eat humans, we scare them to suppress our hunger."
"I see."
"No it's quite alright, I get it."
"Yeah, you really got me there though." I gave off a weak laugh.
"And you're really fine? You looked a little pale when I scared you.."
"Yeah, I'm fine. That's what happens to humans when they get scared."
"Really? You don't need to see a doctor or anything?"

'Okay, this is getting damn annoying. I'm alright, why doesn't she just end it at that?'

"NO! I'm alright and that's it okay? No doctors or anything else."

She looks at me quite surprised,


What? Why's she looking at me like that. No, stop. Stop looking at me like that. I just told you that I'm alright, why won't you just go away. You know what? Alright fine.

"Actually, I guess you can help me a little."
"Really?! How?"
"I uh, kind of lost my wallet. And I need to eat." That was a lie of course, I still have my wallet. Just didn't have the kind of money they use here.
She looks at me confused,
"Can you lend me some money?"
"Yeah! Follow me, I know a really good place!"
"Uh, I mean you could just give me the money and we'd be don-" She grabbed my hand and ran off with me still dangling from her hand
"He-" A pebble flew at me, oh wait. I was the one that flew at the pebble.
"Pleas-" Another one. "Slow dow-" And another damn one. Big one too.
Yeah, I basically spent a while getting hit by pebbles and other stuff out of nowhere, is there like a google review for youkai transportation methods? I'd rate Kogasa 1/5.


"Here we are!"
"Hey, are you there?"
She turned around and saw me, my clothes covered in dirt grains.
"Oh my god, Are you okay?"
"Please, stop, asking, me, that."
"I'm really sorry, I totally forgot that I also brought you here.."

You know, she's adorable but way too dangerous. Maybe she should really learn that not all humans are as strong as youkai.

After I told her I was okay, She brought me inside, it's pretty obvious that she's a youkai but the shop owner doesn't really mind her, that's pretty weird, maybe she's just a regular customer. I just ordered some stuff (Which I've never eaten before, don't even know what they're even made out of.)

"Hey uhmm.. you never told me your name did you?"
"Ah yeah right, It's MAN."
"Your name is MAN?"
"Yes? What's wrong with it."
"Ehmm.. It sounds, pretty dumb."
I froze, was my name really THAT bad?
"Ah! I'm sorry, I just never heard a name like that. It's probably just a common name from where you came from right?"

I continued eating after the conversation, was my name really that bad though? I really didn't know any people back then to judge my name I guess.

After we finished eating, She told me a farewell.

"See you later! Mister MAN!"
"No need for honorifics, we're friends aren't we?"
"..." She just stood there, no reply. Finally she decided to smile and give me a nod though.
"Anyway, see you another time. Kogasa"
Oops, She never told me her name did I?

She looks at me for a while, but decided to wave at me and walked away. Probably finding her new victim.


Alright, what to do next?
[] It's getting too late, I'm an early sleeper. Better get to home.
[] Outside the village at night? Seems like a good idea.
[] Seek economic advice from Keine
[] Help Kogasa scare her next target.


[Bullshitting's Proficiency has gone up by 1!] [Current Proficiency : 3]


Woke up late today, Yes I did told you guys that MAN is bold and a moron, but he's not that much of a dumbass, he's just really bold. Devoid of the dangers in Gensokyo. He'll learn about them the hard way later.

First person writing, trying to not POV slip is pretty hard, although the end result is exactly how I want this story be written, of course there's probably some adjustments and improvements to be made but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

New thought formatting, using symbols that isn't on my keyboard is hard.

Hope I did a better job with the dialogues
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[x] Help Kogasa scare her next target.
Z̭̱͔̲ͣ͑ͦ̊̑̌͟A̅̍̒ͦ̈́̃ͪ͆ͨ̽ͫ̚҉̸̶̜̟͍̝͎̜͙͇Lͩ̎͐̚͏̀͏͈͚̬̥̗̻̗̘̻̘̤͠ͅG̱̣̲̲̤̼͙̙͙̔̎̓̄ͯ̐ͥͪ̕͟͡Ǫ̷̺͕̜̮͓̮̖̮̟̘̭̠̮̤ͩ̀̉͂͒̆̇͌̔͊̉ͩ̊̓̃ͥͬͦ́ͅ ̐̔͋ͭ̄ͦͬͧ̔ͧ͗̒̇̌͂̏ͤ̂͏͡҉͏̡̦͉͍̭͉̰͎̗̲̠Ṫ̵̸̛͖̗̲͖̝͓̮̻̭̃͑ͯͫ̈́ͮ̉͐͠E̢̛̼̦͕͈ͨ̾͂ͤ̄ͥ̀̽͌ͥͯ̇͛̽͊̂̚͟͝X̧̨̹͍̝͉̑̏ͫ͂̏́ͧ́̉ͣ͑ͨ̈́̀ͬͤ̕͟͠T̶̨̛̺̬̫̖̠͙͍̣̃ͩ̄̓̿̒̀ͪͩ̈́̍̈̆͑ͤ͠
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 166662984961.jpg - (207.68KB, 878x2048, 88102279_2551599635127732_1720968583481131008_n.jpg)
>I'd rate Kogasa 1/5.
[X] Outside the village at night? Seems like a good idea.
I mock the SDMite fanboy and his PATHETIC shit taste. I will destroy all peddlers of Shitty Drivel Midget idiocy who dare speak out against the idols of their betters....!
You should give face to your elders little child...... We are more powerful than you could know and we will use this power for more terrible things, more great and terrible things than you know...... But you will know once they have happened to you!
This is your fate as an SDMleech.....!!!!
Also, nice Kogasa, and the dialogue was alright, it got across how awkward the conversation was in places fairly well.
Your pace is also very impressive!
Delete Post
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yep, been catchin' up on some writing techniques on real fiction books. still cant get it perfectly since i have to integrate them into characters which already exist though,

also, MAN is truly a waste to society. being an sdm-leech? disgraceful.

all jokes aside though he doesn't really think that kogasa's that bad. it's just that she treats human way too uhhh.. like youkai? she's an tsukumogami so she might not get how weak humans are and stuff y'know, man's pretty durable. currently id rate his endurance around wall level. prolly can get shit like 3 times before he drops. yes there's a kogasa route if you want :D (kogasa my beloved)
Delete Post
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Delete Post
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[X] Outside the village at night? Seems like a good idea.

The umbrella is great, as always. MAN definitely got to repay her back eventually, though assisting in her next scare might not be such a good idea considering MAN is living by the villagers' goodwill.

Time to stress test the body by throwing MAN headfirst into danger! Who cares about economic stability? We don't have time for that! Instead, we have to see, along with the additional durability gained from DAD, if there is any strength along with that package by punching a monster in the face. Wait, MAN probably doesn't know how to properly throw a punch; we'll reach that threshold and figure it out from there. That or somehow activate the shitposting abilities.
Delete Post
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[X] Outside the village at night? Seems like a good idea.
I'm just bandwagoning.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 166665014030.jpg - (162.72KB, 1600x1065, bandwagon.jpg)
Delete Post
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i sometime cringe at my own story, anyway writing soon. btd6 too addicting
Delete Post
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need time to gather idea, might be late update like usual since i dont take too long to write. or might be tomorrow morning, whatever my brain decides
Delete Post
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[] Outside the village at night? Seems like a good idea.

"Outside the village, at night."
"Without spellcard rules."
"As a human."
"How bad could it go?"
"Yeah alright, let's start moving!"

I mean, most youkai doesn't just eat humans on sight. Right? It's not like I encountered one of those situations the first day I ended up here. Yeah, never did.

--- Outside the village ---

I decide to not wander that far, it's not like I'm totally oblivious of the risk. You wanna know what's funny about that? Ever since coming here, I always knew that I could just be... gone, dead. But somehow, I still make reckless decisions, maybe. Just maybe, I should take some time to realize just how I should go about this thing. this new chance? this opportunity? I always told myself everything was gonna be alright, it's gonna be fine.


What's different here from home? Magic? People? Nothing. Nothing from here is different from the outside, maybe I was reckless because I was free, from everything, from the past.

But the truth is, I had everything to lose. Everything I ever was and everything I will ever be is at stake here. I thought I didn't have anything to lose, it was the other way around. I wanted to lose everything, start all over. Move on, forget the past.

Easier said than done isn't it?

Don't fret over it, It'll be alright, It's fine..

As I pictured the thought of everything being fine, it was so beautiful, yet it wanted to make me laugh.
Why? Well, one could never simply get an ending that perfect do they?


Come to think of it. MOM never got her perfect ending did she? DAD never gave her one.


Couldn't stop laughing, Can't stop laughing. How could I dream of having something DAD has already taken from me long ago? Couldn't have it back then. Can't have it now.

My arms went limp, my leg lost balance. I fell down onto the ground, neck stings, conciousness fading, eyes closing. Darkness. Pitch black, wait. I'm still concious?

What's this?
Where am I?
What happened?
Why is it so dark in here?

"Hey, this table lookin' real nice without an idiot standing over it"

I turned around and saw a blinding light, resembling a humanoid figure.


Part 2 soon.

note : something i brewed up for the update tonight, dont worry. MAN isn't going insane, got some ehhh. outside world issues. dont worry, ____ will help us sort it out. slowly but surely.
Delete Post
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Forgot to add update tag
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 166678952557.webp - (104.59KB, 1280x800, Truth.webp)

"Come, take a seat."
I obeyed and sat on a chair across his.
"You remember the other guy?"

"How about that seal?"
"How's it feeling?"
I look at him confused, what seal?
"Oh, wait a sec."
He snapped his fingers, a mirror appearing infront of me.
"Take a look on your neck, that's the thing."

Taking a look on my own neck, I saw a tattoo. Weird, never got one before. What even is the tattoo?

"Other guy didn't do a very good job at explaining did he?"
I still don't get what he's going on about, seal? other guy?
"I'll have a word with him later, although I think you can figure it out on your own."
He moves closer to me, and take a look at the tattoo on my neck.

"He didn't do a good job of this either, considering he probably didn't wanna do it on his son after all."

Son? Whose son?

"Here wait, let me fix it real quick."
I felt a small sting on my neck, looking back in the mirror, the tattoo changed also.

"Might need this also."

He put a hand behind my cervix, tapped on it for a bit. Nothing happened.

"Now let's talk."
I nod.
"What's your name?"
"How did you come here."
"Didn't you bring me here?"
"Ah, not here. Gensokyo as you call it I guess."
"Woke up one day, not in bed."
"Alright. How about life outside Gensokyo?"

Life outside gensokyo...
Mom... Da-

"Ow! what the fuck?"
My neck stinged badly
"Oh it's gone now, what were you asking me again?"
He gave a little smirk.
"Nothing of importance, now let's stop with the questions and let me tell you why I brought you here."
"Wait, you aren't gonna ask who I am?"
"Well, I mean. I don't really need to know who you are do I? I only need to know why you brought me here."
"Although, an introduction would be nice."
"I wasn't going to give you the answer even if you asked."

"Now let's begin with the main point."
"You, don't know what the hell you're supposed to do."
"What'cha mean?"
"They didn't bring you here just to mess around."
"Then what am I here for?"
"Don't know, don't get paid enough. Ask the higher-ups."
"You get paid?"
"Why else would I be doing this tedious job, talking to you?"

He has a point...

"Anyway, just. Try to do something alright? You didn't get the power for nothing."
"What power?"
"He didn't tell you that either?"
"Don't even know who he is."
"Alright, anyway. Still don't get paid enough, figure your power out yourself. Throw yourself into the forest at night or try to drown in a lake or something. You probably would've tried doing one of those things without me asking anyway."

No no, he's got a point there.

"Yeah that's probably all, let me bring you back."
"Wait so I'm awake right now?"
"Yeah, why wouldn't you be?"
"I thought I was in like a dream world or something."
"The organization doesn't have that much budget for one person."
"You know, if you want answers from me. Try to get my manager to raise my salary and I'll think about it. He'll listen to you."
"Yeah sure."

How am I going to find his manager anyway?

"Mind telling me how to get back here again?"
"Eh, just try to call us somehow. We're always watching. Probably shouldn't come here though, I don't want to talk to you. Ever again."
"You're a real piece of work."


"Anyway, enough talking. Time for you to go back."
"Alright then, I'm getting bored."
"Of course you would be bored, what does it take to entertain you anyway."
"Hey what you say to me?"
"I do-"


I landed on my bed, real nauseous.
"Motherfucker didn't tell me there was turbulence."

I rushed to the bathroom and unleashed whatever was in my throat out.

"Aw damn, didn't even have time to prepare."

I looked out of the window and saw red mist, heading towards the village.

"Seems dangerous enough for me."

What do you do.

[] That guy told me I needed to get into some deep shit to awaken my power of some stuff didn't he? Let's head out then. [Go to SDM]
[] Naaah, too much work. The weather looks perfect for Kogasa though. [Find Kogasa]
[] Naaah, too much work. I still need money or a job though. [Find Keine]
[] "Who's there?" [???]
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 166680046916.jpg - (191.93KB, 850x850, sample-3798bf45254b50fa4289e8b0f0cb418a.jpg)
>He put a hand behind my cervix
I hope dearly that this was a typo.
Delete Post
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[x] "Who's there?" [???]

I've speedread past it
House fire/10
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] "Who's there?" [???]

Mystery box!

Nape probably would've been a better choice. That or the dream people are doing some truly cursed stuff with MAN's body.
Delete Post
Report Post
[] "Who's there?" [???]
I see ???, I must inquire.
Delete Post
Report Post
holy shit, yes please. dont read it as cervix, please read it as nape, n-a-p-e. NAPE
Delete Post
Report Post
oops sorry guys no update today,

gotta move irl, update will be either short or less quality cause ill do them on my phone (which is annoying as hell) ill get back on pc in a few days
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 166692281962.jpg - (20.00KB, 600x600, metal-gear-alert.jpg)
[X] "Who's there?" [???]
Delete Post
Report Post
taking a break, thinking about stuff. possibly touhou stuff, and how overboard i went with the updates lol. will read some fiction books. learn a few stuff. cultivate on a mountai. and ill be back
Delete Post
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godspeed author
may you come back twice as strong
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 166713823559.jpg - (54.53KB, 640x400, Studying.jpg)
Good luck with your studies, Author!
I'll miss this period of daily updates but will await the adventures of MAN nonetheless.
For your fiction reading, I recommend a web novel called Peculiar Soul; certain parts deal with how and why a power that can control ideas, especially in people's heads, is a frightful ability. It's also just well-written fiction, in my opinion.
Delete Post
Report Post
thanks, i'll definitely check it out.
both things I need to definitely think about is more knowledge of touhou and just my story in general. might start a new story thread just to try new techniques.

ill be back on MAN's adventure before you know it.
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