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File 158611844853.png - (1.43MB, 1000x1414, no regrets.png) [iqdb]
Continued from >>201537, new thread since I can finally give the quest a name.

For one thing, you can tell now why walking was so much harder. Your legs are long. You weren’t exactly the peak of masculine stature before, but you were at least a normal height. It’s immediately apparent, however, that you’ve gained at least half a foot overnight.

You’re not wearing your old clothes, intact or not. Instead, you’re wearing some kind of a… robe? (Not a dress, definitely not a dress.) There’s four colors to it, winding down from the top to the bottom, side by side. White to your front, a sandy yellow to your left, a deep brown to your right, and you can see a trailing stripe of red curling in from the back.

You try to move what you thought for a moment was a third arm, but it’s difficult and confusing to consciously use it. Instead, you reach behind yourself with both hands and force it to bend to your front. What you find certainly isn’t an arm. It’s a wing. A big wing. The white feathery appendage is easily as long spread out as you are tall.

Finally… you glance with trepidation towards your chest, gently poking at it. It’s soft, squishy, and most certainly protruding more than it used to. With shaky hands, you lift the bottom of your oh-god-it-is-a-dress-isn’t-it and look underneath. You fall back on to your back, close your eyes, and take a moment to have a silent mental breakdown.





…………...Okay. You’re okay, you’re fine. It’s not all that bad. You’re like, some kind of a huge bird lady or something now, right? It could be worse. It could be a lot worse. And, like, you’re probably cute, right? So it’s fine.

Once more, you bring yourself onto your feet, this time paying close attention to your legs, and walk towards the light. It’ll take a bit to get used to this, you think. As your eyes adjust to the light, you glance around, but you don’t see very much, just grassy hills as far as you can see, though you can vaguely make out a few things in the distance.

To your left, you think you can make out something a different shade of blue than the sky. To your right, you can see something light brown. To your front, you can just barely see the tips of some trees peeking up behind the horizon. You can’t see anything behind you since the forest is blocking your view.

What do you do?
[]Go left.
[]Go right.
[]Go forward.
Name: Wilhelm Wil Wilhelmina Mina?
Status: Confused
Species: Not human
Sex: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Back
Eye color: Pink
Height: Yes
Difficulty: Hard
Skills: No
Weapons: None

☐ Find out where you are.
☐ Figure out what you are.
☐ Find out what happened to you.
☐ Find a place to stay.
☐ Learn to fly.
And yes, this did happen because you chose the feather.
[X]Go forward.
[x] Go forward.
New goal - avenge our humanity and ability to play videogames.
[x]Go forward.
What would we had gotten had we chose the knife?

[X]Go right.

The brown might imply some buildings so that’s a good start.
A ghost-type cryptid-mon. In retrospect, that one has less for me to play with than the other options, so if I do a rerun for the other options on here or another forum, I think that one's probably out of the running.
[x] Go forward.

Don't look back
File 158613021471.jpg - (1.02MB, 1480x680, A4067F33-562B-4923-A81D-550EA07EA034.jpg) [iqdb]
[X]Go forward.
Rolling 1d20 => 19
File 158614287187.jpg - (279.35KB, 902x656, 2ddc541ed76e165ac2982780cb1ccc59.jpg) [iqdb]
>[X] Go forward
The terrain might be hilly, but without much other than grass your now longer strides let you make it across them in no time at all.

You now find yourself in front of another forest. It seems a bit gloomy, but nothing compared to the forest you woke up in. What hits you more than anything else is the air, though. It’s damp, dank, and smells like mold. You’re unsure if it would be the best idea to enter.

To your left and right, you can still see the blue thing and the brown thing respectively. Behind you, now that you’re further away from the forest, you can see a huge mountain rising out from behind it.

What do you do?
[]Go left.
[]Go right.
[]Enter the gag-inducing forest.
[]Try to find a way to the mountain.
[X]Go right.
[X]Go right.

This miasma is no good.
[X]Go right.

something something right is always right
I already voted, but yeah I'm pretty sure that d20 was to stop us from just walking into our death in the forest. Lets try to find the village or something.
[x]Go left.
[X]Go left

Rushing to the village while displaying non-human traits may not be safest option.
[X]Go right.
It quickly becomes apparent that the brown thing is much further away than the forest was. It’s no more difficult to reach, and you don’t even get tired, but by the time you reach it, the sun is high in the sky.

It turns out to be a dirt road, a fairy long one for something unpaved. In one direction, you can see that it leads somewhere uphill, though you can’t quite tell what it leads to, while in the other direction it takes a fork, the left path leading to what looks like might be some fields, and the right path leading in the general direction of the mountain you saw earlier.

Whatever direction you choose, though, it looks like the road might take a while to go down. What do you do?
[]Follow the left path.
[]Follow the right path.
[]Follow the uphill path.
[X]Follow the left path.
[X]Follow the uphill path.

Should make more things visible even if there is nothing of use.
[X]Follow the uphill path.
[x]Follow the right path.
[X]Follow the uphill path.

I hope to meet characters or descriptive land features
[X]Follow the uphill path.

We don't get tired eh?
[X]Follow the uphill path.

This story looks promising.
[x]Follow the uphill path.

Follow the path to our heavenly father!
Can't remember if I voted or not, but... perhaps we should have asked for a map. I'm lost and I know more or less the map of canon Gensokyo.

I think going uphill takes us to Myouren Temple, while turning towards the mountian would take us to the Hakurei Shrine? It's a little confusing given that the directions offered seem to imply that this Gensokyo is flipped on the line y=x, or at least that handedness is backwards here.
File 158725371338.jpg - (36.55KB, 480x480, reimu's fucking done.jpg) [iqdb]
At least the road’s more interesting than the scenery you’d been going past. The path takes you past a small cemetery, a fairly large willow tree and across a stream before leading you through an overhang of trees, and finally leading you up a stone staircase and through one of those red M-shaped thingies. It’s evening by the time you reach the end of the path, and your legs are starting to ache from all the walking you’ve been doing.

You find yourself at an archetypical (albeit kind of small) shinto shrine. A stone walkway, a donation box, a small shed. And standing in front of the shrine, watching the sunset, is a black haired shrine maiden. Finally, another person! Maybe you can finally figure out where you are, at least.

Waving your hand, you nervously get her attention. “Um, excuse me-”

“Oh hell no.” One glance at you and her expression’s morphed into one normally reserved for food service workers seeing ten people walk in five minutes before closing.


“Nope. Nope, nope, nope, nope,” she mutters, spinning around and marching into the shrine, slamming the sliding door in front with such force you’re surprised that it doesn’t break.

That could have gone better.
File 158725384610.png - (110.90KB, 1000x900, Not even remotely to scale.png) [iqdb]
You examine your surroundings. In front of you is the shrine, obviously. Behind it, you can see a few trees, and past those, a mountain range. As you look at the closest mountain, the hair on the back of your neck stands on end and you feel a deep sense of foreboding somewhere inside. You tear your eyes away and take a few deep breaths.

To your left, you can see wisps of white steam or smoke drifting up through the sparse trees.
You don’t see much of remark to your right.

Turning around, you can get something of a better view of the terrain thanks to the altitude. For one thing, there’s a LOT of trees in this place. Wherever you are, it’s rural as hell. All you can see to the immediate left or right is a fast carpet of dark green. To your front, you can see that same mountain you saw earlier, and from this height you can see that the forest you woke up in seems to surround it. To the right of the mountain, you see the blue thing you had seen this morning; from the size and color of it, you realize now it must be a river, and a pretty big one at that. To the left of the mountain, you can see rows of what looks like buildings of some kind. Nothing too big, but it looks like it might be some kind of rural village.

All in all, while it’ll be night soon, there’s no shortage of options on what to do next.

So, what do you do?
[]Write-in (options with similar or the same meaning will be counted together, no need to gather around one person’s option.)
Going to the fire doesn't sound like a good idea.

Best case they're normal humans and they run off and worst case they're youkai hunters who assume we're stalking them and end up dead four updates in given this is on hard mode.

Let's instead walk down the hill heading west and try to find Myouren Temple since night should provide good enough cover.
[X] Stay the night at the shrine.

Myouren Temple is probably the best place to get our bearings, but I'm worried about any creepy crawlies that might attack on the way there. No one would dare start shit in Reimu's shrine.

Maybe we could get comfy in the shed?
[X] Stay the night at the shrine.

Raymoo won’t brutally murder us for this, Totally.
A little hinting, since I'm feeling generous.

Think back to where you are and what would reasonably be there.

It may not be wise to intrude where you are unwanted.
[X] Head toward the village.
[X] Head towards the village.
[X] Head toward the village but try to stay out of sight when approaching it.
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