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File 151508337290.jpg - (81.18KB, 850x601, Sleepy Banki.jpg) [iqdb]
198503 No. 198503
You wake up once again to the same somewhat-bright shapelessness in a soft bed. Birds chirp from out the window and you can hear the faint sound of village chatter in the distance, as well as smell the tea that Keine is having for the morning.

You sit up, letting the sheets fall away and groping around the table you know to be beside the bed for your folded shirt. Your fingers brush against the familiar fabric and you pull it towards you, not expecting the weight that you didn’t know was on it give way and topple to the floor.


You wince, more because the curse was shouted so loudly than the impact sounded incredibly painful, and tentatively reach down, hoping that what you feared would happen would not happen.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.


“Jesus!” You withdraw your hand, cradling your now-sore finger as Seki “hmph!”s and floats her way out with a creak of the door.

Putting on your shirt, you can’t help but sigh.

“Not this shite again…”


Neither you nor Akane really knew where you were going, but you didn’t run into your friend anymore after whatever it was that you went through after you asked her why people hated her.

Thankfully, your fruitless wandering paid-off when Rin, the Kasha you met before, nervously called out to you after responding to complaints from the maids-you-never-knew-were-there about a ‘scary shinigami-person’ wandering the halls.

It occurs to you that you’ve never thought to admit that you’re not really a shinigami to her (you still have no idea what the hell that’s supposed to be). You assumed that Satori would’ve told her.

In any case, she guided you from the lower levels of the palace to the main entrance again, stopping by Satori’s room at your request so that you can say goodbye before you leave.

“I’m terribly sorry that my sister put you through all that,” she said. “Take some time to acclimate yourself with your memories before you come back. It would be unfortunate if you were to suffer a mental breakdown during the next session.”

You would hate for that to happen as well.

Rin informed you that the two of you are in the main foyer. With Akane, you wouldn’t have any trouble seeing yourself out so you thank her and do just that. You tried not to react when she let out an audible sigh of relief as you leave. Better ask Keine or Seki what the hell a Shinigami’s supposed to be when you meet with them.

Speaking of which…

“I’m sorryyyy!!!” said Kagerou as she all but tackles you as you exit the palace.

“Really?” you blankly asked. This is, what, the second or third time she’s left you alone when she ran away.

She actually whimpered as you say this.

You didn’t have to be able to see to tell that she probably has an expression not unlike a kicked right now. You didn’t really need to see it to know what it looks like since you clearly remember what such as expression looks like not to have you sighing tiredly.

“It’s fine.”

It’s really not, but you didn’t want to be a dick.

Something nudged the side of your arm. Kagerou stepped back as the unmistakable feeling of Sekibanki’s head suddenly shooting into your chest as you turned around.

“You’re an idiot.” she said. “What kind of grown man lets himself get kidnapped by a little girl?!”

You groaned She conveniently left out the fact that the little girl was a youkai who could apparently make you hallucinate.


And to think that the two of you had put that squabble aside the previous night at Sanae’s party.

You hear Keine begin to speak. “Good morning Seki—”


Only to be interrupted by Seki as she storms out of the house and slams the door.

You and Keine sigh at the same time.

“What happened?” she asks you. The accusatory tone is not lost on you and you narrow your eyes in the direction of her voice.

“I put my shirt on.”


The tap of a cup being set down on a table.

“Let me get this straight. Sekibanki just floated out here angry, took her body, stormed out of the house and slammed the door as she left because you put your shirt on?”

You nod.

That was a mistake.

“After the two of you… Slept together?”

You nod again.

A huge mistake.

“...I see.”


...a huge, painful mistake.


And with that, she—


—storms towards the direction of her room and slams the door.

God save you, she misunderstood.

...does God even have jurisdiction here?

Well, whoever does, then. Your head hurts too much to think about it.

“You better not still be there when I come out!”

But not enough to keep you from gritting your teeth and pushing yourself up. As you do, Akane slithers from wherever she was hiding and up your arm.

“Sure, now you show up,” you mutter as she extends to keep you from falling over again because you think your sense of balance might be scarred.

As you slowly and carefully make your way out of the house, Akane doing her best to support you as you try to affirm that you can, in fact, still walk, you think about what you can do while Keine cools down. Now that you think about it, though, you don’t particularly know how to get around now that both of the guides within reach of you are pissed at you. Perhaps a peace offering is in order? It could double as a Christmas gift (a little late it may be). You probably have enough coins for that?

Akane could probably help you navigate the village, but you don’t know how well she’d handle anything else other than Yuuka’s mansion. Weren’t you supposed to bring her back?

Hmm… What to do?

[] Go buy a gift for Keine.

[] Buy a gift for Seki

[] Visit Yuuka (and possibly get more seeds)
>> No. 198505
Also Kudos to the two anons who drew and colored this neat cover! Unfortunately, the site wouldn't let me post the new thread with it so I'll just link the post.

>> No. 198507
[X] Visit yuuka(and get more seed)
-[X] and buy a gift for seki
>> No. 198512
[X] Visit Yuuka (and possibly get more seeds)
-[X] Ask for help with giftbuying (being blind is a severe handicap when buying a nice looking gift)
--[X] Buy a gift for Seki

Silly Wash, you should've learned with Elly that anything you say is prone to getting misunderstood, and yet here you fall for the oldest one in the book! For shame.
>> No. 198513
[X] Visit Yuuka (and possibly get more seeds)
-[X] Ask for help with giftbuying (being blind is a severe handicap when buying a nice looking gift)
--[X] Buy a gift for Seki

Poor innocent shinigami..
>> No. 198514
[x] Yuuka.

I'm a simple man.

I see a Yuuka option. I vote for the Yuuka option.
>> No. 198516
[x] Buy a gift for Seki
-[x] With help (Yuuka?)

Thanks. I'd have felt very stupid for voting for a blind man to go gift shopping by himself.
>> No. 198518
[X] Visit Yuuka (and possibly get more seeds)
-[X] Ask for help with giftbuying (being blind is a severe handicap when buying a nice looking gift)
--[X] Buy a gift for Keine
>> No. 198527
[X] Visit Yuuka (and possibly get more seeds)
-[X] Ask for help with giftbuying (being blind is a severe handicap when buying a nice looking gift)
--[X] Buy a gift for Seki
>> No. 198529
[X] Visit Yuuka (and possibly get more seeds)
-[X] Ask for help with giftbuying (being blind is a severe handicap when buying a nice looking gift)
--[X] Buy a gift for Seki
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