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In which barriers fall.

[X] Ask Keine about herself.
[X] Ask Keine why she's scared of you.

“Anyway!” you cry, leaping towards another subject. Mid-air, you realize you hadn't picked one to land on yet. “... the Gazebo!” you declare. “We just got it straight from Patchouli herself; Remilia needed tutors and help just to move an inch beyond her own innate skills. There's no way she also mastered animation magic of that power, that fast – we're definitely dealing with a-”

Keine speaks your name, gentle but firm.

You shut up.

“Why are you doing this?” she demands.

“You know goddamned well,” you snap, anger flaring. You hate that rhetorical bait bullshit.

“I want to hear you say it!” Keine fairly snarls, her gorgeous blue eyes narrowing. “I thought you were going to get your spellbooks back and devise spellcraft to send yourself home. When, exactly, did you stop pursuing that? What are you pursuing?” Her voice climbs to the ceiling as a sheen of tears builds in her eyes. “What the hell do you want?!

You stare her down, eye-to-eye across the small room, fighting the urge to clam up. You feel naked in her presence; exposed before those intelligent blue eyes that pierce your defenses so easily.

She knows, all right. But she won't believe – doesn't want to – unless you say it.

“I want. What I can have,” you grind out. You're rigid in your chair, hands squeezing the arm-rests. “I'm just one man, Keine. I can't save everyone. I couldn't even save my friends. I can't make the world peaceful, or safe. I can't be happy just ignoring the atrocities all around; I can't cut the caring out of me. But I can throw a wrench in the gears. I can kick the table leg and topple the whole chess game. I can tear their empires down upon their heads, and I can meet them, one-on-one, and call them to account. I can have justice, Keine. And if I want it, I can fight for it – with every fiber of my being.”

“You can have more!” Keine cries, springing from her chair. “Its right in front of you, just take it, damn you!”

“I CAN'T!” you shout, slashing a hand through the air as you rise.

“Yes you ca-”

“Then why are you so afraid of me!?”

Keine's determined expression is knocked askew as the words hit. “You- you k-know-”

“I want to hear you say it,” you hiss, your gut wrenching as you twist the knife in both of you.

Keine stares you down defiantly for a few seconds... then drops her eyes to the side, snatching the fabric of her dress into little handfuls and pushing it down with stiff arms. “I... underestimated you, at first. The dragon's corpse was...” she shakes her head, deciding on her words. “Surprising. The stories, the scars... were sad.”

Just sad? Then what-

“When you fought Remilia,” Keine says, voice just above a whisper. “Once you two squared off, I just couldn't keep up. You entered your enemies stronghold to take them by surprise, then you converted the environment to one of your choosing; one you could exploit. And then you laid a trap for her... you were thinking. And I cannot fathom how, because you – you were-” she swallows before plunging on. “Savage. You pursued Remilia with bloodlust to match her own. That's what's most terrifying about youkai – what sets them apart. Humans can match their power, sometimes, or trump their technique, but you, you...” she swallows again and sets her jaw a little firmer, visibly fighting to maintain composure. “You haven't asked about Sakuya.”

“... what?”

“She fell off your back the first time Remilia body-slammed you. Onto the burning floor with spreading lava. Don't you care?”

You feel your entire body stiffen with automatic resolve. “I respect her. But she dug her own grave, so if she's lying in it... she deserves it.”

Keine nods once, a single tear finally escaping down her cheek. “That scares me.”

You take a deep breath, gathering the resolve to finish this conversation. You can feel a dagger of ice growing in your heart, and gods help you, you'll have to twist it before you pull it out. “Do you really think a person like that can have a peaceful life? With Cirno... with you?”

Keine is looking at you again, tears trickling down her face. She says nothing, but the doubt in her eyes hammers that dagger a little deeper. You meet her gaze, struggling to hold it as you deliver the final blow.

“If I want something else, I'll falter at the last moment. I'll die. And I can't – I – Keine... under it all-” your willpower finally crumbles, your eyes sliding to the ground. Tears sting your eyes. You squeeze them shut, trying to stem the flow, the truth, the vulnerability, but they pour unabated. It feels invasive, like you're cutting your chest open to expose your beating heart – but if you don't, this woman, this wondrous example of everything you've ever loved, will make a mistake; an innocent, inexperienced mistake. And it will scar her.

“Keine... I'm a beast.

You stand there, stiff as a post, jaw aching as you bite down on the everything, save the tears, the damned tears that flow free at last.
And then that godless whore giggles.

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File 137307410339.jpg - (835.75KB , 1000x1000 , 133895829138.jpg ) [iqdb]
The sound chimes through your skull like a steeple bell in Baator; pure, simple, and baffling.

Then Keine burbles over with mirth; manic, unstoppable giggles bursting from her mouth. She claps a hand over it, another pressing against her heaving diaphragm, but the laughter flows as freely as her tears. She takes one unsteady step towards you, then lurches into you, bowling you both into the chair behind you. Her arms constrict around you with steely strength as she buries her face in your shoulder.

Those giggles.

Those ha ha wow that actually worked holy fuck we're still alive i'm so fucking happy look at this filthy dungeon floor isn't it a great floor to be alive on hahahaa WHEEEEE giggles. You know those giggles. What the hell are they doing here and “Keine I need to breathe too leghuhr plhzzz-”

Keine relaxes her crushing grip just enough for you to suck in some air. She wipes at her face uselessly, teardrops flying everywhere, a few straggling sounds of mirth jumping in her throat. “You are such a self-centered, clueless, melodramatic moron.” Hands on your shoulders, she pushes you into the seat cushions to regard you at arms length, straddling your lap. Her tears sparkle beautifully in the suffusive glow of the Mansion's lighting, playing over her sky-blue eyes and down her soft, pale cheeks to the sweet smile. She tilts her head a little as she regards you and wipes away your own tears tenderly, little tingles trailing in her fingertips wake. “Mister wounded warrior,” she says, so soft and sweet you can barely hear it. “You think you worry about losing your humanity? Have you completely forgotten what I am?”

“Buh,” you reply cleverly, the objection losing support before it escapes your throat. “So what if you change? Into a dragon, a fly, a dragonfly, that's not what – I mean, how could you – it's you!” you say. “... don't look at me like that, smartass, you want a more eloquent argument then go look in a mirror!”

She smiles at you brilliantly, her hands capturing your face, thumbs rubbing little circles in your wet cheeks. “There you go again. Thinking you know everything.” She leans forward, pressing against you, her nose inches from yours.“That hat was all I had,” she whispers, her eyes boring deep into yours. “Half-Hakutaku Historian Society. That was it. That was me. And then there you were, staring at the woman under it.”

She leans further, pressing you deeper into the fluffy cushions, her cheek pressing firmly against yours. “I want to tear that wizard outfit right off you,” she breathes into your ear, the warm tickle of her breath sending an electric thrill through every nerve...

… and then she leans away, sliding off the chair, fingertips trailing down your cheeks as she releases you. Keine finds her hat on the floor, where it tumbled as she tackled you, and bends over to pick it up as slowly as possible, her dress pulling taut over her shapely, firm rear. She straightens, dropping her hat upon her crown with prim crispness. Running a hand through her hair and flicking it behind her, she strides down the hallway to the bedroom door opposite yours.

The alleged schoolteacher turns the latch, then glances over her shoulder at you.

“What do you want now, Wizard?” she purrs, then slips inside.

You struggle free of the chair and stagger down the hall towards your own room, your heart bouncing 'round your ribcage like a possessed bell clapper and sounding an imbroglio to match.

“Only what I can have, Miss Kamishirasawa,” you mutter as you statch your remaining clothes to your chest and dash to Keine's door. “Only what I can have.”

You put on your robe and wizard hat.

[ ] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”

[ ] Continue to            /at/            
-- In the darkness there is:
      A grue
      Rumia x Grue
>> No. 171010
[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
-[x] In /at/



>> No. 171011
[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
-[x] In /at/
And with this, another route is marked off the chalkboard.
>> No. 171012
[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
-[x] In /at/

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File 137307626411.jpg - (155.92KB , 863x752 , 1342212633916.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
[x] In Mr Wizard's wild ride
>> No. 171014
-[x]Mr. Wizards Wild Ride

>> No. 171015
Random weird thought: What if the gazebo just got up on its own? What if there's a scared little newborn gazebo youkai in her cute little gazebo hat, bawling her eyes out and nursing her injuries in a hardware store somewhere?

(I hope the next vote isn't in /at/.)
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File 137307900991.jpg - (688.31KB , 700x1542 , 1370508584388.jpg ) [iqdb]

Out of newfag curiosity, what routes does that leave unchecked?
>> No. 171017
[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
-[x] In /at/

Damn, this story must be reaching its conclusion. I'm glad it hasn't been abandoned.
>> No. 171018
[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
-[x] In /at/
>> No. 171019
Man. What you're doing/have done to Gensokyo and its residents in the past dozen threads is absolute horseshit and nigh-unreadable, but these Keine/Wizard scenes are as top-notch as ever. Just can't get enough of them.
How do you do it?

[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
[x] Continue to /at/
>> No. 171020

Three fairys, Lunasa, Lyrica, Koishi, Chen, Ran, Tewi, Aki sisters, Suwako, Kisume, Parse, Yuugi, Nazrin, Murasa, Shou, Kyouko, Seiga, Tojiko, Futo, Miko,and all of TH14 except(hopefully) Sekibanki.
>> No. 171021
Jesus, we have a score card?
And Ran got a route. Tainted Bonds.
>> No. 171022
[x]Continue to "Ask Keine about herself".
[x]Continue to /at/
--Rumia and the grue on Mr. Wizard's Wild Ride.

When in doubt, press all the buttons...
>> No. 171023

It's more like my personal scorecard. my memory isn't perfect, so those are just the ones I can't immediately think of an example for.
>> No. 171024
-- In the darkness there is:
Rumia x Grue

The world may deny their love, but the darkness accepts all.
>> No. 171025
Epic troll in 5...4...3....2..1...
>> No. 171026
[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
-[x] In /at/

Gentlemen, I believe now's the time.

You forgot Mokou, Eirin, Kanako, Kokoro, Akyuu, Kasen, Rinnosuke, the Watatsuki sisters, Reisen II, Shiki, Komachi, Iku, Kosuzu, Rumia, Merlin, Lyrica, Hatate, Suika, Rin, Utsuho, Hina, Nue, Kogasa, and most of the PC-98 cast. Did I miss anybody?
>> No. 171027
We need a scorecard. And we need to keep it on the front page.
And when we romance every Touhou, we are going to throw a fucking party at Pax.
>> No. 171028
[x] Rumia x Grue
>> No. 171029
> Romance every Touhou

Ah, that will be the day which will never happen.
>> No. 171030
File 137308422557.jpg - (146.69KB , 817x1000 , My Vote.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 171031
This has been bugging me for a while. It's not something that has to be addressed anytime soon but it's something that I think about every time it's come up.

>>Keine: You could have died!!!
>>Wizanon: SO WHAT!?

Here's what SO WHAT looks like in my imagination:

With a popping sound, Duke the Hound Archon appeared in front of some kinda church. He walked up to the door, and opened it while stepping inside, before walking to the High Priest.

"Steve," Duke said, "It's time."

Steve the High Priest growled. "Gruuuh, but I hate that guy." What kind of jackass would go to the trouble of cursing a broken nose so it would stay crooked? Steve knew exactly what kind.

"He paid in advance." Duke gently reminded him.

Steve was Lawful Good. "Okay, Okay," he irritably said, waving his hands, "I'm casting already." He waved his hands in a very dramatic fashion for a while, 10 minutes to be exact, and then bellowed "TRUE RESURRECTION!"

In a crack of thunder and a plume of smoke, Wizanon was standing there, ass-naked, back from the dead.
>> No. 171032
Let me be precise to the best of my knowledge.

/eientei/ Reisen (which we hardly hear the end of), Mokou (in the traditional sense, though Myouren academy, an US story seems headed towards her), Eirin. Kaguya has a route in Little Soldier Lost which while slow still endures.

/forest/: Alice, Marisa (not for a lack of trying), Mystia. There's an active story with Wriggle in it.

/border/: Everyone but Yuyuko (HLA), Ran (Tainted bonds), Yukari (Archetype of self 1).

/shrine/: Suika, Mima, Byakuren (she'd get one with Animating Gensokyo if not for certain voting trends), rest of the UFO cast. The whole TD cast for that matter (not sure where they'd go)

/sdm/: Excluding yuri pairings, everyone but Remilia basically. Though Eldest Scarlet is more or less set on a Patchouli route.

/youkai/: Everyone but Nitori, but especially the Akis. Kanako perhaps if you count Gunman in Gensokyo as finished.

/underground/: All concerned characters but Satori (YAF did that, so take it as you will).


[x]Continue to "Ask Keine about herself".
-[x] Especially if it leads to /at/ type stuff.

Let's try to stay on course guys. Or is it just summerfags voting here?
>> No. 171033
[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
>> No. 171034
So... our choices are "sex scene" or "fade to black", right?

[X] Fade to black
>> No. 171035
Remember how Remilia has the ability to bind souls, which is what got Wizard into this mess in the first place? I imagine it being more like this...

In a far off tower of a blood-red, windowless mansion, Remilia Scarlet laughed a laugh only known to those whose most dire enemies have played right into their hands. The most versatile and least elegant wizard in Gensokyo had tried to slay her, had slain her most elegant maid, but had died in the process. By the skin of her teeth and by a loose bat alone she had survived; but he had not, and now, with his mighty soul under her dominion, she would wreak bloody revenge against the Hakurei and all those foolish youkai who had dared imprison her and feed her with naught but their cast-off scraps.
>> No. 171036
[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
-[x] In /at/

>> No. 171041
[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
-[x] In /at/

Yes sir I like it.
>> No. 171042
I'm a little confused. Wizard was arguing his point, that he had dedicated his life to pursuit of justice and wasn't the kind of man who'd be good for other people.

Then Keine sat in his lap, snuggled a bit, and shook her ass on the way to the bedroom. And now wizard is dropping his previous stance and going after the lady.

That really seems like weak justification there.
>> No. 171043
>I can't save everyone.
>I can't make the world peaceful, or safe.

ITT: Blatant Lies

[X] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
>> No. 171044
[x] /at/

The ride never ends!
>> No. 171045
[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
-[x] In /at/

I wonder if we hit autosage before demetrious post another update here or link to /at/.
>> No. 171046
-[X] "...and I can't have you right now."
-[X] Start preparing your defence
-[X] "I know vampires, and they don't like having they're pride smashed."
-[X] "Remilia isn't going to let me wait and recupperate. She's going to want revenge."
-[X] "And the other factions are going to get involved as well, if simply to fill in the power vaccum."
--[X] "In other words, I just kicked over the hornets nest, and now they're coming to sting me and anyone nearby."
>> No. 171047
Someone sensible! Thank you! Changing vote to this from this

-[X] "...and I can't have you right now."
-[X] Start preparing your defence
-[X] "I know vampires, and they don't like having they're pride smashed."
-[X] "Remilia isn't going to let me wait and recupperate. She's going to want revenge."
-[X] "And the other factions are going to get involved as well, if simply to fill in the power vaccum."
--[X] "In other words, I just kicked over the hornets nest, and now they're coming to sting me and anyone nearby."
>> No. 171048
-[X] "...and I can't have you right now."
-[X] Start preparing your defence
-[X] "I know vampires, and they don't like having they're pride smashed."
-[X] "Remilia isn't going to let me wait and recupperate. She's going to want revenge."
-[X] "And the other factions are going to get involved as well, if simply to fill in the power vaccum."
--[X] "In other words, I just kicked over the hornets nest, and now they're coming to sting me and anyone nearby."
>> No. 171049
[X] continue to /at/
-[x] Mr. Wizard's wild ride
>> No. 171050
We kicked Remi's ass. She's gonna spend a while regenerating.
Also, good luck getting her zombai ghoast army into the Mansion. Good luck FINDING the Mansion, recognising what it is if she DOES find it, and convincing Yuuka not to just Spark her for trespassing.

tl;dr ur a fagt
>> No. 171051
File 137311505210.jpg - (120.19KB , 400x400 , 1st level wizard.jpg ) [iqdb]
1.Chance of paranoia backfiring and hurting Keine psyche is much higher than Remilia finding invisible portal in the middle of nowhere, knowing what it is being able to get through, in few hours no less.
2.Wizard is out of high level spells, he has to rest before he can reprepare his spells, and set up more defences.
>> No. 171052

>Rest eight hours
>Spend an hour preparing spells
And THEN we prepare for the mountain of shit that is heading for the fan at roughly the speed of c.
>> No. 171053
Let's not forget the most important reason for MI. WIZARD'S WILD RIDE:

Mana transfer. Given Keine's time-hax, I have no doubt that this will translate into easily replenishing Wizard's stock of magic.
>> No. 171054
[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself.”
>> No. 171055
>mana transfer
AWIY is now officially the new GH.
>> No. 171057
My own paranoia senses are tingling, but for a different reason.

How close is the full moon, anyways?

There's a lot Keine can do when going full-blast, but if she's... *ahem* otherwise occupied, she probably won't be able to leverage it for much.
>> No. 171058
Actually? You added a lot, because not finished stories count.

YAF's story on hiatus
That other YAF's story: Ai Ai Akyuu
>The Watatsuki sisters
The OTHER YAF Story: This Shrine

So it'd end up as:

>Eirin, Kanako, Kokoro, Kasen, Rinnosuke, , Reisen II, Shiki, Komachi, Iku, Kosuzu, Rumia, Merlin, Lyrica, Hatate, , Rin, Utsuho, Hina, Nue, , PC-98 exclusive cast, the three fairies, Lunasa, Lyrica, Koishi, Chen, Ran, Tewi, Aki sisters, Suwako, Kisume, Parse, Yuugi, Nazrin, Murasa, Shou, Kyouko, Seiga, Tojiko, Futo, Miko,and all of TH14 except(hopefully) Sekibanki.
>> No. 171059
>The Watatsuki sisters

I don't get it.
>> No. 171060
... Virgins


I fuckin lol'd
>> No. 171061
Demetrious would laugh his ass off seeing those votes.

I think they were referring to romanceed touhous, not their PoV. And I don't remember Suika ever getting an real arch in This Shrine, she was more a freebie with Reimu (classic YAF: nearly every route is a reimu route)

Hard to say if he's fully dropping his stance as opposed doing what he should have done earlier: Keine.
>> No. 171070
>Mana transfer
But a wizard is not a psion!
>> No. 171071
[x] Fade to black.

Also, if were going to reload on spells, then the high level spells we need to still cast are Gate and Wish.
>> No. 171076
It's because of the intense hatred that the fandom has over the Watatsuki sisters. The hate makes the chances of them ever getting a route next to nil.
>> No. 171077
He could be using the spell point system in Unearthed Arcana!
Pfft yeah right. He isn't using nearly enough metamagic for that to be true.
Also he still needs to prepare spells.

...For the indifference of Boccob, Keine, make sure that the man gets his eight hours of uninterrupted rest.
>> No. 171080
>But a wizard is not a psion!
It is possible or at least was possible in the past for dnd arcane spellcasters to use mana system.
>> No. 171082
lost part of post:
For example Netherese used mana system until mystra decided that Faerun as a breeding slave colony Phaerimms is better than temporarily losing divinity to Karsus.
>> No. 171100
If you want mechanical support for that, I would suggest starting by looking at this:
You would probably need to homebrew a bit to bring the power level down (how do you feel about free metamagic 3/day?), and I suppose that the psion is probably the developed version of this system.

... much like the psion, however, it is great at novas. How does 13 9th level spells per day sound? You won't be doing anything else, but hey! Magic!

Oh, and skip the 3+starting SP cantrips. Just make them unlimited, free prestigitation won't break the wizard.
>> No. 171102
On a note unrelated to current discussion, I misread the end of the update at first. I thought that the door Wizanon was going through was one that left the area. I thought he was leaving Keine for his ideals and justice, and that "what I can have" did not include her.

I was incredibly happy with the update.

Then I read the vote options, reread the update, and realized what was actually happening. I was disappointed but not surprised.

Ah well. I suppose we shall
[X] Continue to /at/.

Wizanon has made up his mind. I shall not force my misunderstanding on him with a poorly thought out write-in.
>> No. 171115
[x] fade to black. Sex scenes are HARD to write and can ruin otherwise great stories.
>> No. 171117
File 137318392013.png - (18.94KB , 267x302 , 1267846928518.png ) [iqdb]
>“Mister wounded warrior,” she says, so soft and sweet you can barely hear it. “You think you worry about losing your humanity? Have you completely forgotten what I am?”

Wizard was telling Keine that he was long past the point of no return; he's become something lean and lethal; fundamentally incomparable with a relationship, a family. He'd have to give up on his crusade(s) if he wanted that, deprogram himself, and he's not willing to.

She's telling him that she turns into an actual fucking monster once a month, so yes, in point of fact, she can deal with his issues, because she's been dealing with similar ones her whole life.

Obviously this will be elaborated on much more once we get to the "Talk to Keine about herself" part.

And mind you, any /at/ naughtiness is going to stay in /at/, for the story proper it's going to be a fade-to-black, fade-back-to-character-development.
>> No. 171121
[xxx] Continue to /at/

[x] Continue to “Ask Keine about herself”, as after action pillow talk.
>> No. 171122
> it turns out it IS that time of the month but she forgot in the thrill of the moment
> Wizards get metaphorically caved in his butt
>> No. 171123
Will there ever be a day where all Touhou memes perish?
>> No. 171125
So no Keine sex scene forever? (Sure it's a bit much to expect it now in all seriousness)
>> No. 171127
It's easier just to list the routes that HAVE been covered. This only includes stories where the MC has actually entered a serious romantic relationship with the character:

Akyuu (Ai Ai Akyu)
Alice (Gensokyoland Saga, The Beast Returns to Gensokyo)
Aya (Gunman in Gensokyo)
Kaguya (Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy, Little Soldier Lost)
Keine (A Wizard is You)
Momiji (Something's Happening at Gensokyo, Momizi's Little Visit)
Nitori (SCIENCE!)
Orin (Orin's Little Visit)
Remilia (Expectation of Sanguine Disorder)
Satori (Involuntary Pedagogic Fantasy, Tenshi is in This Story)
Wriggle (In The Forest, A Dancing Light)
Yukari (Archetype of Self)
Yuyuko (Hakugyokuro LA)

Mary & Renko (Fallout Gensokyo)
Reimu & Suika (THIS SHRINE)

Orange (The Game) - as Kogasa

Harem Yuri
Sakuya & Yuuka (Being Meiling) - as Meiling

Ran (Tainted Bonds)
Sanae (Favors Owed) - as Reisen

I may have overlooked one or two, but this should be nearly all of them.

There are plenty more that never got past the will-they-won't-they or unspoken crush stages, but nobody's satisfied with just that. I'm also not counting shorts like the unofficial Gensokyo Academy good ends (even though the Mokou one was very nice), because that sort of thing can't really be considered a full route.
>> No. 171129
So what happened in those stories?
>> No. 171130
One was based on manipulation from both sides, was drowning in guilt and fear, and Eiki in-story calls out the relationship as bullshit. The other was plagued with questions of mind control fuckery from both parties, ended right after it started with a mindwipe, and the MC gets over it so quickly that the author actually said you're supposed to be disgusted by it.

I only list them because some people think they should count. They don't. Who's satisfied with that? Who's going to say, in another story, "well I really want to go for Sanae but we already had a route with her"? No, those routes are still unchecked.
>> No. 171133
What's going on in Tainted Bonds anyway? I'm pretty sure the author once said it was supposed be a romance story with Ran.
>> No. 171137
MC of Tainted spent an unknown amount of time, a minimum of three years with possibly quite a bit more due to Time Dilation, wandering the border and spending almost all of it wondering about the relationship. He never got over it, and almost every update after he gets to Gensokyo proper has little moments of him fighting off massive heartache at the thought of her/Yukari possibly mind-wiping her.

But other than the hinted Wizard Cameo in an exposition of one of the less pleasant Rituals MC of Tainted went through, it's not really related to this story. Should we move this conversation to another board?
>> No. 171138
>Wizard Cameo
Link please.
>> No. 171139
File 137321557263.jpg - (23.60KB , 200x146 , 1334_tc.jpg ) [iqdb]
Watatsuki route...
>> No. 171140

Warning: Keine's Lecture Contains massive amounts of WORDS. Just like everything else the Author writes.
>> No. 171143
Man, that story's weird.
>> No. 171144
So I gotta ask Deme, are you even comfortable writing Sexy Times or are you going to ask another writer for help?
>> No. 171147
I would mention Fragment of Memories, but without a tidy conclusion to the story, we'll never know. (Lion says it's basically finished)
>> No. 171154
File 137322879381.jpg - (26.63KB , 256x256 , sanae is innocent.jpg ) [iqdb]

I understand your doubt. After all, I've never written porn before, so its hard to imagine little old shenanigan-writing me producing something lewd, isn't it?

I'm not sure my delicate sensibilities can stand it, but for you all, I will try.
>> No. 171174
There were a number of people who wrote smut for your other writings. Maybe you can pull one of them in?
>> No. 171232
Yeah, let them write that shit. You should just focus on the next, non-smut update instead.
>> No. 171236
if love making with Keine is the next natural course, then Deme should do it. If you're that prudish then what the hell are you even doing here?
>> No. 171241
I'm not sure about the others, I'm just worried it will be troll sex
>> No. 171244
Eh the way I figure either we get some sort of troll sex scene in /at/ or a love scene here if not both.
>> No. 171250
>troll sex

*Night of the full moon*

"Ah! Oh wizanon, you're so big it barely fits!"

*manly grunting*

"Oh no, the moon! rrrrrRRRAAAAAAAAAGH!"

"What the fucking fuck Keine that's not a hakutaku at all! Troll! TROLL! Oh god its regenerating on me!"
>> No. 171251
>If you're that prudish then what the hell are you even doing here?

Sex with Touhous = THP Culture
>> No. 171267
you typed this with the biggest shit eating grin
>> No. 171309
I'll just reiterate my position that sex-scenes are HARD and very easy to screw up. Even pretty easy to screw up in a way that shatters suspensions of disbelief and/or immersion.
>> No. 171310
There are so many jokes I could make with that post I don't even know where to start.
>> No. 171325
you forgot
>> No. 171335
File 137342671959.jpg - (214.73KB , 1280x720 , 1366082250307.jpg ) [iqdb]
I was promised SWQ this summer. I was lied to.
>> No. 171339
File 137343134862.png - (203.33KB , 400x400 , 1354134879393.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 171340
Gentlemen, I like Keine.
>> No. 171342
File 137343640337.png - (178.00KB , 480x320 , 420726-the_major_super.png ) [iqdb]

Gentlemen, I also like Keine.
>> No. 171344

She's aight.
>> No. 171345
Frueds calling. Should I tell him you're busy at the moment?.
>> No. 171346

Holy shit you're retarded.
>> No. 171350
you can't stop me

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it didn't really count. I could have done it better, but, you know, fear and ignorance, ignorance and fear. Maybe I should write some slice of life.

Oooh, you make-a me so horny.
>> No. 171351
did you just imply Deme wasn't up to the task?
>> No. 171354
>> No. 171433
but seriously you can't escape witches
>> No. 171452
File 137358059174.jpg - (609.52KB , 962x962 , wizard.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hurry up and get to writing your horrific and traumatizing lucha wizard/keine scene Deme.
>> No. 171486
File 137360855652.png - (297.80KB , 600x700 , bf0e515969ad9806b32f646d4de2e69a.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask Keine about herself.

A long, long time later, you and Keine lay in each others arms, spent.

She buries a hand in your hair and tucks your head under her chin, sighing contentedly. You tighten your arms around her waist, kissing the hollow of her throat gently. She hums with pleasure, the vibration in her throat tickling your lips most delightfully. You run a fingertip down her spine, making her arch against you, before grabbing a handful of her perfectly-shaped ass and squeezing gently.

“You know how to make a girl feel special,” she breathes, massaging your hair as you caress her throat with kisses.

“You know more then I would have guessed,” you murmur.

Keine flushes beautifully. “D-don't make me kick you out of bed,” she says; pressing you close nonetheless.

“Didn't you already do that?” you point out.

Keine caresses your bruised jaw gently with her free hand. “I'm really sorry about that,” she whispers timidly.

“Don't be,” you say sternly. “I liked it.”

“Really?” she says, surprised. “I didn't think guys liked... assertive women.”

“I'm usually the one doing the rescuing,” you reply. “When there's anybody left to be saved, which... isn't often. And most other times, I'm walking into the dark, alone, knowing its a fight to the death.” You sigh dreamily, the bright images of Keine's attack replaying in your mind. “I've never been rescued before. Not like that. Having someone blow away the legions of hell itself with pure mooonlight and physically haul me out? Nobody's ever done that for me before.”

Keine's free arm wraps around your waist protectively. “You don't let people very close, do you?”

“Oh, yeah,” you snort. “It takes great effort to fend off the hordes of women after the cynical foul-mouthed asshole with no stable income and neck-deep in yet another dangerous conflict. I've got an agent just to filter the letters.” Until someone cooked up an Explosive Runes variant that cooked him, but that's hardly decent pillow talk.

Keine hums thoughtfully, playing with your hair absently. “It all makes sense, now.”


“Why you're afraid of me.

Fucking in the what say she-

“Why you face down demons and demi-gods without blinking but sputter like an idiot when I say something to you-”

“The fuqdking- bullfuddle-”

... fuck.

“-just like that,” she confirms, kissing your head. “You don't push people away. You just don't have a clue, do you? And you're so used to being the smartest guy in the room, it scares you silly when I trip you up without even trying, doesn't it?”

Tension strikes every muscle, instinctive and quick... only to flow away through Keine's delicate, careful caresses. She's seen your worst, and still she carried you out of hell, instead of considering you in good company where you were.

Here, now – you don't have to be strong.

“...yes,” you whisper against her skin. “I spew bullshit and bluster to stay alive until I've got an opening, and when they call me on it I clobber 'em. I live or die on that, but you – you're so goddamn smart, Keine, you see right through it, and...” - the lump refuses to leave your throat - “there's not much to see.”

The slender, soft arm around your waist tightens to almost painful pressure. “When Byakuren came around badmouthing me you jumped – no, gapped down her throat so fast it was incredible,” Keine purrs huskily. “Cirno told me what you did to Youmu's ethereal half. Most people won't give Cirno the time of day, much less get angry on her behalf.”
The hand in your hair tightens into a fist, pulling downward with slow, steady and utterly unstoppable strength, tilting your face upwards. “You're violent and brash and vengeful – and never more so then when defending people you care about,” Keine says, her lips inches from yours, her tearful eyes shimmering in the meager, soft light. “You hate the perpetrators so horribly because you love the victims. You love.

She kisses you, her hand clamping down on your skull, pressing your mouth against hers. Her tounge is clumsy and forceful and eager; so raw in her earnestness, so-


Soon she rolls atop you, keeping you captive in her grasp, and loves you right back. And when you finally find sleep in her arms, no dreams come.
>> No. 171487
File 137360863017.png - (373.15KB , 450x600 , 531e672935618cd081a3d42652f05348.png ) [iqdb]
You wake to the smell of food.

You scan the room from under one bleary eyelid. Resting on the end-table is a tableau of wonders; biscuits, bacon, toast, orange juice and steaming hot caffeine. Keine still has you wrapped firmly in her slender, soft, steel-strong arms as she slumbers against your back, so you slide your flattened palm out and make the gentle come-hither gesture for Mage Hand.

Quietly and gracefully, the tray sits perfectly still and does nothing. Right. You already cast Mage Hand. A few times, as you recall. Among other things. The tray of sweet sustenance lies just out of reach, taunting you.

Maybe a familiar would come in handy now and then.

You squiggle and squirm out of Keine's deathgrip, inching your fingertips closer to the end table. With just a hairsbreadth of purchase, you could slide it across the sheets and into your waiting maw.

Almost there.

Aaaalmoooost theeeeeere-

“Hurk,” you protest weakly as Keine sucks you back in, her breasts pressing into your shoulderblades. “Whurr u goin,” she murmurs.

“Aren't you hungry?” you ask pointedly.

“Not any more,” she replies, nibbling your shoulder. Well, you know how to handle a tight grapple – your old favorite, Grease. The words rise to your tounge, and... right. Cast that, too.

Keine squeezes you close, inhaling deeply, like she'll never hold you this close again – and reluctantly releases you with a gusty sigh. Soon you're both sitting up in bed, attacking breakfast with gusto.

“What in creation...?” Keine marvels, sniffing at her mug.

“Coffee,” you tell her. “A bit like very strong black tea, but richer. A bit of an acquired-”

“Hmm,” she says appreciatively, sipping at it. “What do you put in it?”

“Anything you'd put in tea,” you reply. “Sugar, milk, you know.”

“Anything a demented heathen would put in tea, then,” Keine says a bit primly. “Milk, indeed.” She sips at her coffee again, mug held in one dainty hand while the other clasps the bedsheet over her chest. She finishes the mug in one go, tilting her head back as she drains it.

“.... what?” she mutters, catching your stare. “I'm conservative, but I still enjoy foreign cuisine.”

You continue to study. When Keine realizes the subject, she blushes, pulling the sheet a bit higher, only serving to tighten the fabric against her curves. “What?!”

“You are smoking hot,” you reply instantly.

Keine's blush brightens, but she smiles down at the bedsheet. “Thanks, handsome.”

“Specifically,” you insist. “You've got those perfectly-sculpted features and pale skin and blue-white eyes and long flowing blueish hair, that whole flawless, impersonal beauty thing like a water nymph or something, but they're like fucking an ice cube or so I've read but you, you've got hips and breasts and goddamn geometries, woman, like, god damn.

Keine's managed to gather half the quilt over her without upsetting her breakfast, the tray balanced happily on the same patch of fabric as she shuffles more under it.

“And that finds the primal breeding button in a guys head and tap-dances on it which should be lewd as hell but you're still classy and elegant and... this” you say, sweeping your hand to summarize Keine's bright scarlet blush competing with scandalized dignity. “How are you not taken yet?”


“... how are you not taken yet?” you repeat, the question gaining gravity. “I really don't know anything about you, Keine.”

“You're learning plenty enough from field observations,” she mumbles huskily, her burning face turned away from you.

You scoot closer and wrap an arm around her shoulders. “I stumbled across a diary in your study the other day. A rather old diary.”

She stiffens instantly. “How much did you read!?”

Nothing,” you reply, rubbing your hip where her elbow just grazed you. “Just enough to realize who's it was.”

“Oh,” she replies, mollified. She slumps against you.

You wait a full thirty seconds.


“What?” she replies.

“Aren't you going to tell me anything?”

“Like what?”

“How old are you?”


“After what we just did, your right to be self-conscious about your age is undeniably forfeit,” you say. “Spill, dammit.”

She smacks your thigh through the quilt. “Hush, I'm thinking – it's... oh. I'll be a hundred in a few months.”
You blink. Your Tounges spell expired sometime while you slumbered, so you've been conversing in Draconic. “Sorry. Spell that out for me?”

She does.

You look down at her.

“Excuse me. The hell?”

“I'm a were-hakutaku, remember?” Keine says, nestling closer to you. “I was born human... to human parents. Human family. Just like any other girl. But I can expect to live... a lot longer.”


“With my power... as long as I want, really.” She makes a little, weak shrug. “At least one of my predecessors lived a few thousand years.”

“Bit of a long-term commitment,” you observe.

Keine chuckles ruefully. “Yeah. Even if someone got past – everything else, I'd have to deal with that.”

“Everything else?”

“You've seen firsthand. With the Society. Like I said yesterday – youkai and humans have been slaughtering each other for centuries. Millennia, even. Youkai were born of human fears; they are fear. Fearing youkai is literally instinctive, you understand? It's bone-deep. Even though the hakutaku isn't one of those, people just can't turn off that instinct, you know?”

“A little,” you say. “There's always this awkward moment when people realize you're capable of reaching up reality's asshole and turning it inside-out. Or theirs, for that matter?”

She twists around to give you a skeptical look. “Really?”

“Do you really want to know?”

She grimaces and settles back against you. “The other day, in the garden...”

“Yes?” she says, tensing slightly.

“You said something about your first kiss?”

“Was that before or after the pavilion was animated by some horrendously powerful entity and almost killed you?”

“Right before!” you exclaim, positive. “We were talking about each others first date.”

“You're incredible, she mutters, admiration and admonishment mixing in her tone.

“So, how many...?” you twirl your finger in the air suggestively.

“A few,” she says sadly. “But... it never lasts.”

“Because you turn into a hakutuaku on the full moon and eat him,” you fill in.

Keine's entire body tenses so quickly you can almost hear her muscles thrumming like a plucked bowstring.

“Who told you.”

“You did.”

She pulls away from you, just slightly. “Did you use one of those mental spells?”

“Induction,” you say. “I induced it from the way you jumped like a thunder-shy horse in a Dwarven concert hall every time anybody even mentioned it in passing.”

Keine clasps her arms across her midsection tightly.

“I'm not afraid,” you say gently.

“... you should be,” she says, barely audible.

“Is it that bad?”

“A hakutaku is, uh... 'wise'. Not in any way humans know the word. Not akin to mountaintop hermits or old men with much experience. Its godlike wisdom, inherent to the earth, to creation itself. It's primal. And it does not suffer fools.”

“Doom on me, then.”

“Do not jest,” she says, sounding wounded and miserable. “I'm fucking terrifying. I look at someone and without thinking, without trying to think about that information I access it, I know them. I know what they've done, what they want, their darkest desires. And I judge them.” She's shivering under your arm now, clutching at her belly like something's trying to eat its way out. “I say it. To their face. And even if they can live with it, they've got to live knowing that I know. Knowing I could rip them apart like a paper doll if I ever decide they deserve it.”

The words roil in your gut, painfully familiar. “Oh.”

“And when I ch-change,” she continues, a whimper beginning to enter her voice, “I- I b-become-”

“Stop,” you choke out, pulling her tight against you and pressing her head against your shoulder. “We'll deal with that when the time comes, okay?”


“I know what I want, Keine. And you've seen what I can do when I'm after something I want.”

She sniffles, then nods against your chest. “Okay.”

“For now, we've got other things to do.”

She nods again, smiling as she sits up and wipes away her tears. “Right,” she says shakily. “Right.” With a problem at hand, the cool, confident scholar emerges. “You just tried to murder Remilia, blatantly disregarding the spell-card dueling rules and marking yourself as a dangerous rouge.”

“Gee, thanks for the summary,” you say dryly. “But have I really? Who actually knows I almost killed her, at this point? Besides her own people?”

“Anybody with eyes?” Keine says. “Aya's probably wallpapered the town square with pictures of the hole in the Mansion's roof by now.”

“Oooh,” you croon as realization dawns. “So by causing extreme property damage, I have tellingly departed from my norm.”

“... point,” Keine agrees. “Remilia could make the claim, but she's not a chance of defaming anybody I'm supporting, especially in the Village. And she won't go to Yuyuko or...” her face darkens, “whoever else is 'involved,' because they're her enemies.”

“Right,” you say. “So why not go right to Yuyuko and report mission accomplished? Let her think we've won. Buy some time before she's on our asses like lava on Remilia?”

“Hmm...” Keine muses. “But that'd only last till Remilia's next move, and... the full moon is soon. At the peak of my power I can eat her, her ghosts and her damn lackeys, too. And she knows it. She's up against a time limit. And we still don't know what Kanako and Suwako are up to; what's so important that Kanako threatened you in as many words.”
“You think they're connected?”

“You remember what she said,” Keine says. “She all but spelled out the philosophy Remilia and her... benefactors are operating on. They're playing their own game, in their own corner, but by the same rules. It might be very useful to know what they're up to – play both ends against the middle.”

“Or bring them down on us when Sanae runs crying to mamma about the scary people offering her candy to step into an alley,” you point out.

Keine shrugs. “Well, did you have anything else in mind? Aside from trying to kill a ghost? In the netherworld?”

You nod. “I hurt Remilia. I beat that batty bitch within an inch of her unlife. She's going to want regeneration, in a hurry. And for that, she'll need food.” You scowl, a dark, turgid anger creeping into you just thinking about it. “And if I know anything about vampires, she's got half a dozen poor bastards chained in her basement like a damn demonic snack-bar.”

Keine gapes at you. “You want to go back!?

“And get them out. Maybe drop them on Ram-you's front lawn and let them scream bloody vampire a bit, for good measure. Before that fucking beast is feeling peppy enough for snack-time.”

Decisions, decisions.

[ ] Fuck with Yuyuko's head.
[ ] Take Sanae downtown for questioning.
[ ] The Great SDM Escape.
[ ] Write-in.

These are all time-sensitive and thus mutually exclusive (probably), unless somebody comes up with something quite clever. Further elaboration/refinement of options is also a good idea, feel free to throw it in to a regular vote.
>> No. 171491
[x] The Great SDM Escape.

We have unfinished business with the bitch.
>> No. 171493
[x] Take Sanae downtown for questioning.

You just HAD to skip over a moment Keine fans were looking forward to, didn't you?

I hope those fucking prudes are happy now.
>> No. 171494
Yes, I'm happy.
>> No. 171496
I'm still kind of shocked that the story's updating more than once every six months.

It's great.

I also really liked the explanation for why Keine is so fearful that Wizanon's going to leave. It's so much more unique and interesting than the whole horns and tail is a turnoff idea that people seemed to assume.

As for votes:

[X]The Great SDM Escape.

It's the one that seems most in character for The Wizard. As Keine said, he cares for the victims. And it's in everyone's best interest if Remilia is kept weakened for as long as possible...

...And if Wizard's refreshed his spells, he can probably decisively kill Remilia now while she's weak if he runs across her.

Plus, who's going to expect him to go back to the scene of the crime so soon, eh?
>> No. 171497
>Maybe drop them on Ram-you's front lawn and let them scream bloody vampire a bit, for good measure.
Are you expecting this to get her to do anything? Because she knows about the contract between the youkai and vampires. It was the event that caused her to create the spell card rules.

[X] Take Sanae downtown for questioning.

>marking yourself as a dangerous rouge
The worst thing to have in a land full of magical girls: killer makeup.
>> No. 171498
[x] The Great SDM Escape.

Mage Hand and Grease, eh?

Where's the porn?
>> No. 171499

I counted the votes, and over half of them voted for the /at/ scene.

There's nothing up on /at/, and judging by the title of the second post for the current scene, it's not going to.
>> No. 171500
Well I did some asking around and it seems he left it out for the time being favoring the story in the limited time frame he had. Still we'll be lucky if we see anything as writers are terrible about picking up things they put off.
>> No. 171501
Hey, do we have spells like Ice Assassin or Simulacrum in our spellbook? Maybe Greater Planar Binding?
>> No. 171503
>wanting a porn update in the very next update

Look man, not even I can do that on a regular basis. Give it time. Porn comes when porn comes.

[X] Take Sanae downtown for questioning.
>> No. 171504
>>171500 here and I was referring to sometime down the line to fill in that gap. And in my experience, things that get put off like that never get done at all.
>> No. 171506
[X] The Great SDM Escape.

Strike before they had the chance to heal up and prepare.
>> No. 171509
File 137361925227.jpg - (6.92KB , 216x160 , 1364785558498.jpg ) [iqdb]

Chill 'yo tits niggaz, the hot lovin' is guaranteed (I want to write it, its not obligatory or anything,) its just going in /at/, like it should. Because of an especially busy work schedule this week I had to choose between smut intermission or story update; and since there were some things left hanging in the last update which needed resolving (as I explained here >>171117) and if the next story update didn't come till next week, then people'd forget, and so on and so forth.

And the >AND I DON'T GIVE A FUUUUCK was the sequel to the >I've got work at 5:45 AM EST in the topic of the first update post. Finished the update at 2:00AM. My alarm just went off as I typed this. I think I'm entitled to say that I care about my readers and this story.


Wiseman, I'm going to say this once.

Just once.

Shut the fuck up.

You almost single-handedly started a shitstorm over "HFY" that resulted in a reader dropping my story. Now you're telling people that I'm probably not going to write something I specifically made a voting option, that multiple people seem to want pretty badly. I'm usually a pretty laid-back guy, but I've had my fill. I don't mind people calling me a shit writer, or a hack, or even a cockfoozle cumgoblin - but all this shit-stirring does is deprive people of amusement they might glean from my efforts. This isn't going to become another GH-style clusterfuck on your account.
>> No. 171512
[x] The Great SDM Escape.
I think we should seriously consider getting Eiki on side. I doubt she'd be happy about someone fucking with the ghosts of people that die within her jurisdiction.

For the rest of the power players, we need to learn where their interests lie.
Kanako warned us off; did she do it because she's involved, because she wants Sanae to get the credit for solving everything, or just because she didn't want to see us get eaten?
Does Reimu even know about the whole 'drag suicidal Outsiders into Gensokyo and butcher them for Youkai to eat' deal?
Is Yuyuko responsible, complicit, or merely involved? Is Yukari? What about that fucking tree?
And, most importantly, how can we get more DukexMomiji?
>> No. 171513
Wait, Wiseman is still here? I thought he's gone from THP since years ago.
>> No. 171514
>I doubt she'd be happy about someone fucking with the ghosts of people that die within her jurisdiction. 

>> No. 171516
[X] The Great SDM Escape.

always save the poor fools first!

This update me like very much
>> No. 171518
[X] The Great SDM Escape.

This makes so much sense I wish I had thought of it first.
>> No. 171521
[X] The Great SDM Escape.
[X] Duke takes Sanae downtown for questioning.
>> No. 171523
You sure it's a good idea to split up? We may have a need for Duke when fighting against Remilia.

We fight, Duke rescues the prisoners, that kind of stuff.
>> No. 171524
>gazebo hat

>> No. 171525
Ultimately I think we need Remilia dead before we go into too much figuring out what people's agendas are, because if we've killed her, then the proverbial applecart cannot be un-upset, which means anyone who just supported the status quo because it was the status quo or because they believed there was no better solution have to figure out a new plan.
>> No. 171528
Haven't we already split up? We send Duke a message via Sending or something, and then head on out to do our thing.
>> No. 171529
Duke and Cirno are likely elsewhere in the Mansion, having decided that Wizard and Keine needed 'happy fun time' alone.
>> No. 171530
[x] The Great SDM Escape.
>> No. 171546
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"

My theory on this whole thing is that Yuyuko wants Remilia dead, and for whatever reason was unable to do it herself. So, she waits for an outsider with a righteous streak to come along and manipulates them into wanting to not just fight, but kill, Remi. Why, you might ask? Because Yuyuko knows that if her body wasn't being used for something more important, Remi could eat it and bind Yuyuko's soul to her whim. Thus, this whole time we were played by Yuyuko into doing something we'd do anyways.
>> No. 171548
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"

Duke's a Lawful Good-aligned guy, right? He and the Yama might get along nicely.
>> No. 171549
Says who the Yama is Lawful Good?
>> No. 171552
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"
>> No. 171554
The general impression is that she leans that way off the job with her concern of people and belief Hell exists to prevent sinners not punish them, though on the job she's strictly lawful neutral.
>> No. 171555
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"

I can get behind this logic.
>> No. 171557
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"

Sounds good
>> No. 171567
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"

Leave dealing with Lawful Goods to the specialists.
>> No. 171568

Here. Changing my vote from just the great escape to:

[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"

Because it makes sense as a write in.
>> No. 171573
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"

It may be risky, but does anyone else think making some kind of deal with Yuuka can be beneficial? If we ever need to stall for time(we need a lot of that) we could send her out for a distraction.
>> No. 171574
[x] Fuck with Yuyuko's head.
>> No. 171577
Listen, guys, I know you're eager for Eiki to get involved but we could really use Duke's help in the SDM.
Rescue mission is more urgent than 'zombai ghoasts pls halp'.
This is exactly why I didn't point out Eiki's potential interest ages ago.
>> No. 171578
Do we <i> know about Eiki IC yet?
>> No. 171579
[X] The Great SDM Escape.
[X] Duke takes Sanae downtown for questioning
>> No. 171581
If Eiki is involved, it's a lot easier to play the politics game. Keine is good, but she's also young, in comparison.

[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"
>> No. 171582
who needs to be rescued again?
>> No. 171583
Did you even read the update? Wizanon is assuming (quite sensibly) that Remi has a captive food source that she will be gorging herself on to fuel her regeneration after he beat the shit out of her.
>> No. 171595
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"
>> No. 171596
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"

Now, what about Keine and Cirno? With Wiznon or Duke... Probably us I expect, unless Duke needs a local for negotiations.
>> No. 171603
>“And if I know anything about vampires, she's got half a dozen poor bastards chained in her basement like a damn demonic snack-bar.”
...Doesn't Flandre live in the basement? You know, the überpowerful lolivamp that is most definitely NOT in need of rest and regeneration?
The crazy girl whose big sister we nearly killed?
>> No. 171604
We'll take care of her.
>> No. 171609
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"

Cirno could go with Duke or Wizanon. It depends on how much delicacy the deal with Yamaxanadu needs and how much help we need in the fight. (If there is any fight at all. It would be better to sneak inside, get the people and run like hell. I am unsure if we have the full 8 hours sleep to learn new spells, what with our... activities. Killing Remilia when she is weakened is... alluring, but will probably end badly. She now knows of our capabilities and will not underestimate us again. She also probably got into many death matches before (Though how Long for the last is up in the air.) and thus will have some preparations to protect herself when regenerating.

Also, how high is the chance that we can actually free anyone? With Sakuya, they could have brought the victims to god knows where. Hell, with a bit of effort, she could probably carry the whole mansion piece for piece away.
>> No. 171610
I've been thinking, what are we hoping to gain by sending Duke to the Yama?
>> No. 171625

Remi's been screwing with dead people, dead people that are under yama's jurisdiction. Yama won't like Remi much if she finds out, so Duke makes sure she finds out.
>> No. 171628
You remember what Komachi did with Tenshi when she tried to harvest souls? How was it? "Death comes even for celestials". Remilia is probably less immortal than Tenshi.
>> No. 171638
Ahahahaha no. Flandre is an instant death for us.

Now that said, if we're smart about it we can avoid her.
>> No. 171640
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"
[X] Detective Cirno takes Sanae downtown.

this can't possibly go wrong
>> No. 171641
Oh please. Don't be such a coward.
>> No. 171653
[X] Send duke to parley with Shiki
[X] Interrogate Sanae

Being honest, I feel that a much more eloquent plan could be made, and that these could both be done in a much smarter manner, but considering the MC, I think this is as good as he will get, and I can't think of what the plan needs myself because this whole story is goddamn confusing with the triple-cover stories and more plot twists than Metal Gear Solid. It doesn't help that I started this story forever ago and don't quite remember anything enough to rely on it as valid intel.

If anyone has some helpful input, feel free, cuz the current plan gives me a foreboding feeling somehow
>> No. 171654
I think the idea with the slaves is to get in-get out without being seen. That said, I don't know if this is possible.
>> No. 171656
Everything is possible if you munchkin hard enough.
>> No. 171657

I'm sure we can take on someone who can cast 'Sphere Of Annihilation' as a Minor Action and has unlimited uses of that spell.
>> No. 171660
I wonder if it bypasses magic resistance. My money's on yes: Marisa survived against her but I think it was thanks to the spellcard duel field.
Nothing short of an anti-magic field will stop that little behemoth.
>> No. 171664
Blind her.
>> No. 171667
Even an antimagic field isn't a surefire defense, because there is at least a chance that she can destroy it, since it is destructible by magical means.

But there are alternatives to fighting. Stealth might work. Negotiation, distraction, or amusement could as well, particularly if she hasn't heard about what happened to Remilia, which isn't altogether impossible given that Sakuya and Patchouli were also incapacitated and any hypothetical fairy maid witnesses aren't likely to be able to tell her more than that a dragon did it.
>> No. 171668
Please. Not. Lets not do this unless we're actually playing Munchkins.
Munchkins are great for the munchkin himself, and the people watching him from outside the game. To everyone else, criminal scum.
>> No. 171671

Fuck it. Changing my vote to:
[X] Ask Keine about Yuuka, and where her allegiances lie.
[X] If her interests seem to lie away from the "Other Youkai" power players, recruit her quickly with mentions of flowers. (magic+flowers, magical flowers from other planes, etc.)
[X] Send duke to parley with Shiki
[X] Interrogate Sanae

Look; Yuuka is one of the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo, she is one of the most isolated youkai in Gensokyo, and so far is not jumping to gut you like a fish. She showed submission to Keine earlier, and we should figure out if she can be a major advantage or not with little cost to us. She may be a piece we really need later on.
>> No. 171672
You have a point about Yuuka. I had forgotten about her sudden inclusion, seems odd.

Having her as an ally though? That's tough. The best offer you can give her to keep her interested is "let's go kill some naughty youkai for fun".
>> No. 171673
Exactly, we can convince her that a nice power play is coming up if she's interested. Furthermore, this story's Yuuka does very much care about her flowers as we saw a thread ago. Exotic planar-imported flowers may interest her, or even a warding spell over her garden to help protect from the skirmishes that are bound to occur often there.
Flowers and power, the only thing any story's Yuuka seems to be interested in. And maybe batshit insanity.
>> No. 171677

Not all that surprising. From canon we can tell Yuuka likes two things: flowers and fighting.

Both to an unnaturally enthusiastic level.
>> No. 171679
>Let's not
Need I remind you that we are playing a Wizard?
>> No. 171681
I will say this. Stealth is probably our best bet for the SDM escape, mainly because if Sakuya see us, she can recapture the prisoners at her leisure. As for those who say this is a bad idea, denying a vampire of their foodsource weakens them HUGELY.
>> No. 171712
Maybe we could send Keine to fuck with Yuyuko's head, and be all sad pretending we bit it, while we go bust open the SDM again?

Also, fuck yeah.

Shame we're not an epic level caster, or we'd be able to do some hax shit like lock out the parts of Akasha that relate to us.

Think Vecna would be willing to keep a few secrets for us?
>> No. 171718
>splitting the party
>free Remi's food WITH DUKE, KEINE, AND CIRNO
>then MAYBE go yell at Yuyuko a bit WITH DUKE, KEINE, AND CIRNO
Jesus fuck why do you guys always want to do everything at once.
Sometimes it is a good idea, sometimes it is not. This is one of the latter.
>> No. 171720
Well this story is a mix of /th/ and /tg/, nuff said.
>> No. 171724
[x] The Great SDM Escape
[x] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"
[x] Acquire familiar.

A long-term goal is added.
>> No. 171737
[x] The Great SDM Escape
[x] Never split the party
>> No. 171778
>Jesus fuck why do you guys always want to do everything at once.
>These are all time-sensitive and thus mutually exclusive (probably), unless somebody comes up with something quite clever.
>> No. 171780
you honestly think this is clever?
>> No. 171794
No, but logically doing two things at the same time should get around the problem of those things being time-critical (assuming it doesn't just make us fail at both of them).

I personally don't think it's wise, I was simply pointing out that it's damn obvious why people keep suggesting to split the party and try to do multiple things at once because your plan of "let's do them one after the other like the writer explicitly stated won't work" made me think you had missed it.
>> No. 171805
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"
>> No. 171813
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"

I've got a question: when Keine goes EX and she "eats" someone does that mean she goes cannibal or just that she eats there history?
>> No. 171814
Does it really matter? The person dies either way.
>> No. 171816
Yes. Radically so.

Someone who is physically eaten could become a ghost, or could be revived with the D&D 3.5e spells resurrection, reincarnate, clone, or any other spell which revives the dead without needing the whole body. If none of these are done, a native to the Touhou universe would reincarnate eventually.

Someone whose history is erased never existed. There isn't a possibility of resurrection. The Touhou setting, or at least Gensokyo, uses the idea that at least some of the souls of the living are reincarnated older souls, so their soul would probably still exist, but it would not have any of the data from their erased life; if it were instead a soul from a place where souls are created with the body, as Wizard's most likely is, the soul would also have never existed. They would be outside the reach of true resurrection, epic magic, and even divine powers of resurrection, because the person trying to be resurrected had never lived in the first place.
>> No. 171817
Ooh, are you thinking of using her ability as a weapon? That could be useful indeed.
>> No. 171818
if you don't split the party then everyone get hit with AoE damage
>> No. 171849
I think you guys are reading Keine "eating" someone to literally. I suspect Deme meant eat more in a "causing emotional trauma" way, rather than a "instant death" way.
>> No. 171850
I really doubt that.
>> No. 171876
Note that Keine's history is nevertheless subordinate to Akyuu's in the long run, so as long as Akyuu has whoever-it-is written down, their existence, at least, will be fine.
>> No. 171877
That's not how Keine's powers work at all.
>> No. 171878

In IN, Keine's ability to consume history merely conceals the human village from the human partner of the incident resolving team, if I am not wrong, so she cannot actually "eat" the existence of a person.

It also applies that her powers of creating history does not allow her to rewrite cause and casualty itself (canonically, but it would be wicked cool if she could) but merely allows her to write down history, IIRC.

>> No. 171881
I'm pretty sure he did mean she ate them, actually. You know, like some youkai tend to do.
>> No. 171891

Then how exactly is Akyuu able to lie - which, regardless of if it's possible in canon or not, has been a major plot point of this story? Akyuu doesn't record the stuff about Remilia and Flandre's eating habits, and she conceals it from Keine, so if these "histories" had any actual retroactive effect on reality shouldn't that mean that this stuff didn't happen?
>> No. 171893
Ah HA! In the actual story, Keine never says eat. Wizanon does, but Keine sorta corrects him and says she just makes people have to live with the knowledge that she knows EVERY DAMN THING about that person. Now, we still don't know a damn thing about how Deme is going to handle EX-Keine, so it might still happen. But either way, I seriously don't believe Keine actually, literally eats people, if only because I think her human side still gets some say over her EX form
>> No. 171897
>“Because you turn into a hakutuaku on the full moon and eat him,” you fill in.

>Keine's entire body tenses so quickly you can almost hear her muscles thrumming like a plucked bowstring.

>“Who told you.”
Doesn't look like a correction to me, buddy.
>> No. 171899
>“A hakutaku is, uh... 'wise'. Not in any way humans know the word. Not akin to mountaintop hermits or old men with much experience. Its godlike wisdom, inherent to the earth, to creation itself. It's primal. And it does not suffer fools.”

>“Doom on me, then.”

>“Do not jest,” she says, sounding wounded and miserable. “I'm fucking terrifying. I look at someone and without thinking, without trying to think about that information I access it, I know them. I know what they've done, what they want, their darkest desires. And I judge them.” She's shivering under your arm now, clutching at her belly like something's trying to eat its way out. “I say it. To their face. And even if they can live with it, they've got to live knowing that I know. Knowing I could rip them apart like a paper doll if I ever decide they deserve it.”

Calling it now. This will happen. She's going to turn on the next full moon, and she'll judge us. She's going to point out all our character flaws, including a few that weren't apparent until she points them out, but are clearly supported by the story so far.

And then we're going to bounce her SO HARD. It wil be a thing of legend.
>> No. 171900
>And then we're going to bounce her SO HARD. It wil be a thing of legend.

>> No. 171903

A reference to Demetrious' other work: Strike Witches Quest.

I think.
>> No. 171912
pls to be saging non-vote posts
>> No. 171919
And it means...what?

She could be referring just to the transformation part. It's still pretty vague.
>> No. 171920
It's a dogfighting term. Basically a surprise attack. You come zooming down behind them from a higher altitude and unload on them before they know what hit them.
>> No. 171936
I assumed it was referring to making her bounce.

On top of Wizanon's cock.
>> No. 171950

Funny how a simple term can have so many different meanings to the spectator, especially since we still have no idea what the original poster meant by said term.
>> No. 171952
Bounce is obviously a Pokemon reference.
>> No. 171967
Waiiiit, he's not sending Keine's card back to her hand?
>> No. 172049
Blue = Annoying as fuck

Bounce and Counter
>> No. 172051
He means that we send Keine back to her owners hand, if you know what I mean.
And by that I mean "Fuck Blue Control."
>> No. 172056
File 137446720032.jpg - (8.40KB , 205x246 , tulani.jpg ) [iqdb]
Can we prepare spells yet? If so, voting for:

Gate, Wish

Greater Planar Binding, Polymorph Any Object, Trap the Soul

Forcecage, Antimagic Ray, Limited Wish

So we use greater planar binding to call in a Tulani Eladrin (about the only good thing from the book of exalted deeds.) Not only is the tulani really strong and tough, it has awesome spell likes like an at will empowered chain lightning, flight, dream ray, cure serious wounds, greater invisibility, greater teleport, POLYMORPH ANY OBJECT, major image, haste, WALL OF FORCE, and 1/day TIME STOP.
And there are a shitton more abilities, these are just the best of them.

Save gate for when we need to call in a solar or something.
>> No. 172061
If we prepare Wish, there's hardly any need to complexity. Just Wish Remilia to the Abyss. Or maybe Carceri, no getting out of there.
>> No. 172063
>greater planar binding on a Tulani Eladrin

Let's see how this could screw up...

The Eladrin's Will bonus is +18; its average save result is 28-29. I think the highest one could boost Wizard's Intelligence modifier is +11, or +12 at 20th level. (The score itself would be 18 base, plus 6 enchantment from a Periapt of Intellect, plus 5 inherent from Wish or another magic item, plus 4 or 5 from leveling up, totaling 33 or 34.) an 8th-level greater planar binding therefore has a DC of (10+11+8) = 29, or 30 if Wizard were at 20th level. So there's a nearly 50% chance it will save even against a Wizard with maximal Intelligence, which this Wizard is most likely not, unless he had some way of boosting his save DCs above that, which is more difficult for a single-class generalist, but probably not impossible.

Presumably Wizard is smart enough to put a dimensional anchor on the circle so the creature can't escape the planar binding by teleporting. If not, Tulani can use greater teleport at will, and escape the magic circle.

Once it's bound, it has Spell Resistance 30, which makes it roughly 50/50 that a wizard of CL 20th would be able to hold it. Wizard is slightly below level 20. Again, there are ways to boost caster level; but again, Wizard is a generalist and he doesn't have all of them available to him. It can try to break free with that spell resistance once per day. Meaning that there is only a very roughly 25% chance that a normal greater planar binding will even trap and hold it.

It can also make a Charisma check against a DC of 15 + half caster level + Wizard's CHA modifier to escape. This is probably about 25, assuming Wizard has a Charisma bonus. It has CHA 26 and therefore a CHA modifier of +8, so it would have to roll a 17 or higher on the die to escape. This isn't a very effective way of escaping.

Finally, a Tulani Eladrin also has dispel magic as an at-will, with caster level 18th (+10 bonus on the dispel check). Even with Wizard's high level, a natural 20, with a result of 30, will wipe out his binding spell and free the Eladrin, and it can afford to keep dispelling all day long until it gets a 20.

So in short, Wizard is unlikely to be able to successfully convince a Tulani Eladrin to join him by force alone. He'd most likely have to already be friends with one, if he wanted to bind one.

Wish as a teleportation spell allows a Will save and spell resistance. Plus, Wizard might not have enough free XP to cast Wish at the moment.
>> No. 172064
>So in short, Wizard is unlikely to be able to successfully convince a Tulani Eladrin to join him by force alone. He'd most likely have to already be friends with one, if he wanted to bind one.

Can we convince him through dialogue?
>> No. 172067
Given that Wizanon is probably Chaotic Good, and he's acting for a Good cause, it's probably a pretty good thing we won't have to bind one, then!
>> No. 172086
If we managed to get a sample from Remilia, we might even be able to use Ice Assassin to create an exact duplicate of her that lives only to kill her and is under our direct command.
You know, the actual intended use of the spell. I know how easy it is to miss amongst the possibility of using Eschew Materials to copy Gods and ordering a copy of yourself to ignore the burning need to consume your flesh, but I'm pretty sure this would be the intended, "non-broken" use. Except that it would ordinarily be used to force your PCs to fight themselves. Yeah.

...Also, Celerity. Never leave your personal demiplane without it. Shapeshift/Time Stop (what wizanon previously prepared) is pretty crazy as well. Go Solar to get cleric casting in addition to the current (18th?) Wizard casting.

If all else fails, Contingent Revivify and its ilk are great for not dying (permanently.)

>> No. 172088
Posting from work. Finally have a day off tomorrow. Going to make it an update-o-thon.

Somebody please burn down my store oh god
>> No. 172099
File 137452343838.jpg - (47.16KB , 450x548 , h741F333C.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'll bring the gasoline!
>> No. 172110
There's nothing preventing it mechanically. But you'd want to negotiate with the Eladrin on their own terms rather than binding them for best results, and with regards to plot and setting, there are all sorts of potential hangups with arranging a meeting with such a high-ranking Eladrin, and with bringing it into a pocket dimension. It would be anything but smooth and grounded in mechanics, and could potentially bloom into a full-on interplanar war if handled poorly.

Such an ice assassin use would certainly work. It wouldn't be the most efficient way to achieve that goal, due to its XP and GP costs, and alone, it would likely be unable to defeat Remilia due to her fire attacks and regenerative powers, which Ice Assassins can't use, since they can't heal themselves. But it could help in a combined attack against Remilia, and might win if it were suitably buffed.

If Wizard hadn't already obviously attacked Remilia, it would be much more clever, since the Ice Assassin could be tasked to replace her if the attack was timed right, and so cover up her death and delay its repercussions. Not having attacked earlier would also make obtaining the prerequisite strand of blue hair that much easier. Alas.
>> No. 172128
I draw. Go.
>> No. 172139
I draw, and play Vault of Whispers.

Your turn.
>> No. 172162
play Swamp, then Dark Ritual + Torpor Orb + Phyerxian Dreadnaut.

Are we going to shit up the thread with mtg?
>> No. 172164

>Wish Teleportation can be resisted.

However, Gate cannot.

Exit Gensokyo - and a number of ways have been posted, which haven't been tested.

Then Gate Remilia in, no save, no SR - just CL rounds of "do whatever I say".

Ice Assassin would still be a better idea in the long run, though of course that would have to wait a level.
>> No. 172165
I draw, play another Vault, and doomblade the dreadnought.

And yes, we are going to shit up the thread, because Demetrious isn't allowed to have more than one story post per thread.
>> No. 172167
>However, Gate cannot.

The spell description disagrees. Straight from the SRD:
>Deities and unique beings are under no compulsion to come through the gate, although they may choose to do so of their own accord.
>Deities and unique beings cannot be controlled in any event.

Notice "unique beings". This clause gives a DM a way to block a certain subset of Gate shenanigans within the rules. You can't gate-control creatures with acquired or certain inherited templates, high-level PCs, or the custom-made BBEG. Likewise, a devil-vampire that has power over fate is definitely unique, even among devil-vampires, since the others do not have this power.
>> No. 172170
While "unique beings" is probably meant to block powerful non-dieties such as Demon Lords from being summoned, and is generally assumed in more TO environments to be limited to beings referred to as "unique" in the stat block *deep breath* you are correct in that it is a general permission for the GM to say "NO".

Sorry for the *action*.

If you want some more stupid tricks to pull, use Statue (the 7th level spell in the SRD) to play Weeping Angel and also count as an object rather than creature. It's not that great, but stupid tricks.

Also get some means of ressurection STAT, even if it means giving Duke enough cash to hire a Solar to cast True Ressurection should we die.

...Wait, do we even know where Gensokyo IS, cosmologically? Can we travel to it with Gate/Plane Shift, or is the lockdown two-way? I'm sure this was discussed in one of the old threads, but I can't be arsed to check.
>> No. 172171
Don't check, remain ignorant. Enjoy the consequences of laziness.
>> No. 172172
IIRC, Gensokyo is somewhere on the far side of the Deep Ethereal, almost like Ravenloft, but further away.
>> No. 172203
Uh, didn't we agree to try to get on Eiki's good side?
>> No. 172208
You'd rather die?
>> No. 172216
18th level wizard. (We levelled up iirc, but already had nines.)

Raise dead is 5th for clerics, lesser planar ally can get you Outsiders with SLA that raise the dead...

At the level Wizanon is at, he'll be used to the concept. Assuming that he is still in a Great Wheel cosmology, his soul turns into a petitioner and heads of to whatever plane his alignment corresponds to - Chaotic Good sounds likely.

Might still piss off Eiki, but who knows.
>> No. 172220
>Assuming that he is still in a Great Wheel cosmology
>> No. 172348
It would depend what Eiki's rulebook says about souls from another plane. We already established several threads earlier during our conversation with Youmu that we all share the same heaven and hell. We just have different procedures of getting into said heaven or hell. It's theoretically possible that Wizanon's soul is allowed to be resurrected due to the laws on his home plane stating this is allowed.

Consulting with Eiki before attempting would be very much advisable though.
>> No. 172366
Agreed. Eiki is much more likely to let a Resurrection slide for someone she likes, or at least knows, rather than a total stranger.
>> No. 172451
>during our conversation with Youmu

Isn't she, like, doomed to die at this point?
Due to plot shenanigans.
>> No. 172484
IIRC, Deme said, "Youmu is doomed, are we wizard enough to tell fate to fuck off."
>> No. 172510
>> No. 172512

And who manipulated us into going after Remilia, despite knowing what she can do? We know that Yuyuko isn't foolish enough to sacrifice Youmu just to kill Remilia, so think more carefully before bashing your fellow Anons.
>> No. 172521
>are we wizard enough to tell fate to fuck off
>Remilia controls fate

Maybe he meant, "Are we wizard enough to tell Remilia to fuck off?"
>> No. 172530
Honestly I don't think she expected us to try to kill Remi.
Or at least, not to succeed, which we would have done without Keine's interference.
>> No. 172534
Yeah the impression she was expecting Wizanon to resolve the incident in a normal fashion, not outright murder.

I don't think she's expecting any possible personal crusades, and well when last the last time a personal crusade ever ended without some sort of damage done to that which you value?
>> No. 172552

I dunno. Yuyuko did commit suicide. It's possible that she got wind of what Remi was doing and decided that she was going too far.
>> No. 172554
Doubt it. Wiki says that Yuyuko doesn't remember her life prior to her suicide.

It's more likely she doesn't give a shit about the dead humans, she she just doesn't want Remi to upset the balance.
>> No. 172558

I seem to remember one of Akyuu's books saying she got her memories back at the end of PCB because, you know, she half resurrected herself.
>> No. 172570
Dunno about that far, but at least something stopped Yuyuko from doing the full process.
>> No. 172610
[x] Fuck with Yuyuko's head.

Voting's still open, right?
>> No. 172616
Alright. I checked the wikis and canon has nothing to say about Yuyu's mental state. However, the theory that her memories returned during PCB is generally accepted as world-building fanon.
>> No. 172668
[x] The Great SDM Escape
[x] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"
[x] Acquire familiar.
Casting my vote, just in case.
>> No. 172687
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"

Every post spawns another debate
>> No. 172722
[x] The Great SDM Escape
[x] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"
>> No. 172759
I wonder if, due to the nature of Gensokyo, we'd end up with a Shikigami instead. Can you imagine?
>> No. 172803
>> No. 172893
File 137618422617.gif - (157.64KB , 209x193 , d89.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 172954
Well, if we were at least level 20 I'd say go and make Yukari into one. Unfortunatly...
>> No. 173057
Unless you're named Elminster, I would not recommend that. He's probably the only one who could pull it off, through various means.
>> No. 173058
Sage your posts god dammit!
>> No. 173065
Can we transform an object into antimatter?
>> No. 173066
I- uh, really wouldn't recommend doing that.
>> No. 173067
File 137649487141.gif - (716.37KB , 460x259 , Anime Tenchou 6 - Blasting Off Again.gif ) [iqdb]

C'mon, who doesn't like explosions? They're shiny, fun-filled, uncontrollable shockwaves of potentially lethal force and energy! What's not to love?
>> No. 173071

In D&D, matter is formed of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water; and Positive and Negative Energy. There is no such thing as "antimatter"; real-world physics do not apply in D&D.

This is particularly true of Spelljammer, where space is full of phlogiston and all planets are in crystal spheres. Of course, Spelljammer crosses over with all the other settings, so it's true of all the other settings by extension.
>> No. 173073
Negative energy is the closest to antimatter.

Though positive energy plane is much more fun.

Hint: overhealing leads to explosions.
>> No. 173079

But you gotta watch out for the ultra-hippies. Those guys are nightmares.
>> No. 173163
Just curious, is there anyone who frequents this quest who doesn't go on /tg/?
>> No. 173164
Some though the number might be slowly dwindling. This seems to be becoming /tg/'s story more than THP's.
>> No. 173170
I don't.
>> No. 173178
I don't often.
>> No. 173181

This is the only thread on THP I ever actually look at. I can only really manage 1 online community at a time, and this isn't it.
>> No. 173237
Same here. The Exalted one was pretty good, back when it was still going.
>> No. 173244
Drei, why must you abandon your story?
It was actually good.
>> No. 173269
He DID come back after a year of nothing, so he might do so again. Not holding out too much hope though.

I wonder, would people be interested in a Slayer infernal in Gensokyo? Less hiding and talking and more fucking shit up?
>> No. 173277
Eh, personally I liked Nash's interactions with Daiyousei and Komachi.
>> No. 173284
Same here.
>> No. 173323
File 137717886837.jpg - (39.23KB , 363x207 , 1337825556720.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] The Great SDM Escape
[X] Pop off a Sending to Duke asking him to parley with "The Yama of Xanadu"

BUT FIRST....check up on Cirno, poor thing was worried about us all this time. And we have not even given her the time of DAY.

She could start thinking...or worse...PRANK US.

[X] Check up on our apprentice.
>> No. 173496
Before we go anywhere, we should call up a full posse of celestial allies. We have the contacts for it. That kind of force multiplier will let us overwhelm those who've been planning to deal with us alone.
>> No. 173511
Actually, probably not. If we call in the posse, we'd show our hand and the message sent to Yukari/Kanako/Whoever would be "On my own, I can't even kill Remi and have to call in reinforcements," which would cause them to merely look into closing Gensokyo off from other planes. Wheras if the Great SDM escape ends up with us finishing the job, or even if it doesn't, we A) Don't show that we can call in allies from the Planes, and B) Sends the message that we can more-or-less solo Remi. Then, when we inevitably piss of Yukari/Kanako/Whoever, THAT is when we call in the Celestials.
>> No. 173564
Just one movanic deva could make a huge difference. They are immune to death effects, all energy but sonic, and are formidable melee fighters. They've got healing magic. But the most important thing? They're strong fighters who can generate antimagic fields. One of those is a touhou's worst nightmare.
>> No. 173599



>> No. 173634
If we don't want to show our hand with the angel army, we could spend a 9th level spell slot on Astral Projection. The angels stay back with our real body in a secure place and protect it while our projection does the adventuring risk-free.

As a 17th level wizard who picked a fight with a dragon, we probably have clones stashed in case we die, but none of them are in Gensokyo, so it might be better to play things safer now that we've upset the metaphorical apple cart.
>> No. 173642
Seems like we'd be more likely to, as one anon suggested earlier, have prepaid for a True Res. Much lighter level loss and whatnot. Not that an abundance of forethought seems to be one of Wiznon's most noticeable traits outside of "where do I put the boom for maximum effect?".
>> No. 173643
Good point, I'd forgotten about that. Still, Astral Projection would make me a lot less nervous about stepping out of our extradimensional hidey-hole. I get the feeling we're gonna run into trouble from unexpected directions once we are capable of being targeted.
>> No. 173678
The thing about Astral Projection is that we don't know, cosmologically speaking, where Gensokyo is, and we might be unable to get our Astral form back to the demiplane.
>> No. 173700
We can Call and Summon just fine. The odds seem pretty decent that we can project as well. If we can't, Project Image does nearly the same thing.
>> No. 173701
I'm not saying that the initial projection won't work. If fact, I'm fairly certain that it will. What I'm worried about is not being able to find our way back to Gensokyo from the Astral Plane. As far as I can tell, it would be like trying to voluntarily get into Ravenloft.
>> No. 173721
Good points. We really ought to run some tests when we get the chance, but there's not enough time. What about Project Image? We stay on this plane, and there's no silver cord leading back to us.
>> No. 173722
Actually, it only lasts for 18 rounds. Not good for remote attacks, but valuable when we are invisible and on-site, just like mislead.

There's a lot of illusions that could be pretty handy right now, though they mostly run into the problem that most of the opposition can respond by magically blasting everything around them.
>> No. 173906
So, I think Deme died this time. Haven't seen hide nor hair of him for a while now.
>> No. 173912
Now you know what it feels like to wait for SWQ
>> No. 173935
File 137956394713.jpg - (425.47KB , 820x801 , 1365616339106.jpg ) [iqdb]
More like he's just a lazy fucker and decided that it wasn't worth it to continue either of them.
>> No. 173945
Time to go read some actual books, it seems.
>> No. 173959
File 137969840594.jpg - (185.43KB , 450x600 , fuck errythang.jpg ) [iqdb]
Dropping in to let you all know why this story has laid fallow for more months on fucking end. I am having a hell of a time with my schedule at work, and at Other work, and now my family situation is getting rather complex and I'm not sure how to handle it. I might quit my job, or change jobs, or jump off a fucking cliff, I dunno.

I've lost readers because Slow and the ones that stuck around for some damn reason can't tell what's going on because of the months between updates; its been two fucking years this thing has been drug out? Fuck me. This is like watching my child suffocate and then I get to feel guilty for feeling guilty because ~real life~ takes precedence and shouldn't I be more concerned about that?

I don't even feel like getting out of bed anymore. I miss you all and I miss my story and I miss life not being depressing and stressful and shit.
>> No. 173977

Fuck, man, I wish I could tell you not to stress over it and have that actually help. Do what you've gotta do. Yeah, your stories have been laying fallow forever, but they'll still be here once you get other shit straightened. It burns, wanting to do stuff and having to put it aside, but shit happens. Pick it back up when you feel you can, don't try to force yourself to before you're ready.
>> No. 173982

Deme, know that you'll gave at least one reader, no matter how long it takes. This story is just too interesting to give up, no matter how long it takes for a new update to come out. RL comes first, and, while I can't speak for anyone else, I'm willing to wait for such a good story.
>> No. 173983
Woohoo archive trawl complete!
>> No. 173984
Don't worry Deme, just concentrate on sorting your shit out.

We'll be here, waiting warmly.
>> No. 173987
I kinda want to re-read this from the beginning, someone link to the first post so that if someone else wants to, they don't have to go crawling too deep
>> No. 173998
Stories can be reread. Authors can't be revived. Sort your shit out, anon can wait.
>> No. 174005
First thread is >>123033
Well, now I know what I'm reading for the next week.
>> No. 174006
Fuck shit dammit
Tablets and big fingers don't go together, sorry guys
>> No. 174080
What a shame. One of the rare truly enjoyable Touhou fanfics ended up like this.
>> No. 174098

Don't worry, there are still many that will follow your Story and stay around to help with the crazy choices of wizanon! This Story has remained here for so Long. Don't give up. I have read this first around two years ago, and it was AWESOME and it still is. Don't let anyone tell you something else. There are People with similar waits and there are These that have entirely dropped stories. (I have done that myself, shame on me) But you had the power to hold onto it, in spite of Real Life getting in the way. You are an great writer, go and work out real life, fight with all you have, there is nothing that can stop you. You can come back for this whenever you want, I will look at this Story from time to time.

Hope that motivational speech helps.
>> No. 174116
It's not dead, just dreaming. Like Cthulu, only instead a sealed evil, it's an amazing tale of a hero.
>> No. 174132
Want to share some of the others?
>> No. 174147
Seconded. I came here for Planefag, and have no clue where to start looking for other writefaggotry.
>> No. 174151
To clarify: RECOMMENDED Writefaggotry, given the size of the list.
>> No. 174207
Our impatience is nothing compared to the bullshit you're going through. Just promise us you'll come back once you're comfortable.

We'll keep the light on for you.
>> No. 175922
(even if he says never, he will come through)
>> No. 176101

Responding to my old question, Roll the Dice by Steve has some alright shit in it, and the author draws his own post images.


Though, it seems to have nothing to do with the story Deme was talking about when he linked it earlier (something about a dude playing naturalist with youkai)....
>> No. 176285
I believed in him.

But he made a new story in /at/ instead.
>> No. 176348
So did I, so did I...

Now to go and weep for this and SWQ, he could at least give them a decent burial.
>> No. 176516
Deme will be back. It'll probably be in like 3 months, and he'll only write one update before disappearing again, but he'll be back.
>> No. 176596

SWQ? As in, Strike Witches Quest? Is this guy planefag from 4chan?
>> No. 176606
YEP and next time sage your posts (Being a 4channer, it should be second nature to you by now)
>> No. 176622
Why bother? It's not like this thread will get bumped.
>> No. 176897
I finally caught up. I've been reading for I dunno how long. Always knew I'd catch up, never wanted to because this mean waiting.
This is my first time to THP, and I've never been a DnD or Touhou fan, but this is the most epic read I've had in... long. It's certainly the one that got me laughing the most. I hope Deme will continue, and I want to thank him for the epic read.

Is there a way to get a message when something happens? I can't seem to make an account anywhere (This is also my first post). If anyone could enlighten me, that would be splendid.

TL;DR. Deme is amazing, AWiY is amazing, how do I get notifications?
>> No. 176905
>I can't seem to make an account anywhere
Well, you can't. This is an imageboard.

>This is also my first post
Welcome, newblood! Just ignore those folks who keep on whining about this story bringing in newfags that are ruining THP.

>how do I get notifications?
Well, technically, you can't get notifications on imageboards. But using Update Scanner (add-on for Firefox) or the equivalent on other browsers, you can just mark this thread. Usually, Deme will post a link on the old thread when the new one's up, so you will get notified.

Don't think this story is going to continue though
>> No. 176950
Thanks for the help.
I'll just check every... year seems appropriate.
>> No. 177509
Hey, do we have an archive for all of the threads?
>> No. 177538
Yeah, same archive this site keeps for everything else: http://www.touhou-project.com/storylist.php

Also linked at the top.
>> No. 177837
yep, still dead
>> No. 179165
Archivebinged aWiY and SWQ. Words, glorious words.
>> No. 179205
Come on Deme, still checking almost every day.
>> No. 179329
That seems a bit excessive; you'll waste a lot less time if you check once a week. And I'm sure Deme will be understanding if people are late to the vote.
>> No. 179569
I refuse to miss a word. By the time I read up errything was over, and I felt bad.
And I'm not checking close to every day. Just everytime I think of it. Which is basically whenever I see a CYOA or Quest... And I am planning to go to /tg/ a lot more...
>> No. 179587
He just kinda vanished into a black abyss, never to return.
>> No. 179626
>And I'm sure Deme will be understanding if people are late to the vote.
pfthahaha, you say that as if he hasn't run away from this like a little bitch
>> No. 179719
Then I wait, doesn't really matter how long.
>> No. 180542

And you act like he didn't have good reasons to leave this you stupid moron. Anyone that makes fun of writers better have tried to do something of similar length himself. That Kind of Thing takes damned much work and dedication. We should be thankful that he even went this far.

And if you are still angry, you can always make your own continuation. This is fanfiction after all.
>> No. 180885
>> No. 181212
File 140716283678.png - (109.38KB , 500x283 , congraturaisins.png ) [iqdb]
I can't believe it's been almost 4 years since this story began!

Also, having just done so, I can confirm that this story is much more coherent when read all at once.
>> No. 181354
It's how I read it. It's a good read if done like that.
I don't know how slow the updates were, in fact. Half-glad I missed that.
>> No. 181990
Can anyone get to thread 24? I can't for some reason and some help would be appreciated.
>> No. 181996
It fell off the board recently, and the archive/story list has not been updated since July. I don't think it will load until the archive updates again.
>> No. 181997
Well, that blows. I don't suppose you know when that'll happen?
>> No. 182020

It's been fixed!
>> No. 182021
It is indeed. Thanks to whoever was responsible for that.
>> No. 182023
He lives, at least for SWQ.
>> No. 182026
Direct quotes below from his last SWQ thread, hopefully it is true.
>also AWiY update ever?
>holy fuck if people are actually still around to read it very much yes
>> No. 182027
>holy fuck if people are actually still around to read it very much yes

We're still here, Deme!
>> No. 182030
Goddamn right we are
>> No. 182036
Hell yeah best news all month
>> No. 182053
I'd say you got quite a few people ready to raid the SDM when you decide to write again Deme
>> No. 182056
Rabble rabble rabble!
>> No. 182192
We're still here, Deme. Waiting warmly.
>> No. 182379
I half expect that people will start calling the ever-earlier Christmas hype justified if you start writing again, you're practically Jesus around here, Deme!

All hail the second coming!
>> No. 182887
I'm also waiting warmly for the great return. He said he'd finish this come hell or high water, and I believe him.
>> No. 183754
Gods know I'm still here too. Been waiting a long time, man. But I have faith you'll come back.
>> No. 184327
Just read the whole thing.

Even after ~2 years the hope for the glorious return is not lost. Right? Right?
>> No. 184347
He's said he's interested in renewing the quest, but is trying to finish up SWQ over on tg first. He'll be back, but it'll be about a year probably before we see the Second Coming of Wiznon.
>> No. 184351
And I am completely OK with this. Personally I'd like to see some closure on the current story, but at this point I'm up for anything.
>> No. 184355
Oh man, really? That's awesome. A year is decidedly worth the wait for something this awesome. *goes back to reread in anticipation*
>> No. 184365
Taking into account he seems to have dropped SWQ for the shipsluts quest i find myself losing hope...
>> No. 184368
>Reimu actually murdered someone on canon
>Deme still hasn't returned

>> No. 184695
Stiiiiill waiting.
>> No. 184715
>> No. 184716
>> No. 184729
It's dead Jim.

It's sort of darkly funny that he's the latest in the long line of popular writers that drop stories with out a word
>> No. 184778
Until Deme pops his head in and flat out states this is dead, I'll be happily awaiting the Second Coming. It's not like he dropped off the face of the net, and AWiY gets mentioned frequently in SWQ and Shipsluts. If it was dead, he'd come out and say it since he knows we're still here.

Not to long ago he mentioned offhand he was having difficulty writing a smut scene (likely MR.WIZARD'S WILD RIDE). I suspect he's still working on it, albeit slowly and I can't really blame him since he's running like three other quests at once. As a writer myself I know how hard it is to rekindle the creative spark in a project that's been sitting for awhile.

Waiting warmly Deme, whenever you're ready.
>> No. 184779
Until Deme pops his head in and flat out states this is dead, I'll be happily awaiting the Second Coming. It's not like he dropped off the face of the net, and AWiY gets mentioned frequently in SWQ and Shipsluts. If it was dead, he'd come out and say it since he knows we're still here.

Not to long ago he mentioned offhand he was having difficulty writing a smut scene (likely MR.WIZARD'S WILD RIDE). I suspect he's still working on it, albeit slowly and I can't really blame him since he's running like three other quests at once. As a writer myself I know how hard it is to rekindle the creative spark in a project that's been sitting for awhile.

Waiting warmly Deme, whenever you're ready.
>> No. 184793
You didn't see the post in a KCQ thread where he outright states both this and SWQ are dead.

You'd have better luck waiting for HY to resume something.
>> No. 184950
SWQ returned from the dead

There is still hope