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170831 No. 170831
...Today's the day that you go through with it. Your big plan and the start of your fantastic adventure into this world of touhoumon! You're sick and tired of waiting for a day that you don't even have any assurances will come, so you're going to go and find your partner yourself! Your parents are both out of your way doing their jobs, so that's one problem you don't have to worry about. But first...you need to make sure you've got everything ready.

First off is your indispensible bag, which you secure to your pants. Said bad has multiple pockets for storing all sorts of things you could ever want or need, though you don't have too much to start off with. In your main item bag you have a few Repels and things like Escape Ropes for when you go too deep into an area and need to get out. You have six plain ol' Touhouballs in your ball pocket, which is more than enough to get a full team if you're good enough with them. In your really secure pocket you've got your Tablet, which is just your run of the mill tablet PC that lets you keep track of everything from the weather in the area in to the rough stats of any mons you're carrying. You don't have too much more than that though. Your parents are supportive of your efforts, but they still want you to earn your own merits, so to speak.

That being said, you're about ready to head out as there's really not much left that you need to do. ...Right, there's snacks too, which you packed. That ought to last you until dinner if you really needed to, but if all goes well you won't need to eat those snacks. Now that you're positive that you haven't forgotten anything, you head out of the house.

You step out of your home and into Higa's Town proper. Or, whatever passes for Higa's Town proper really. This place is just barely big enough to be called a village by your reckoning. It's a tiny frontier town established by Mayor Higa, who's been Mayor for the last 32 years since he was elected. There's...basically nothing interesting in the town itself really, you're so small and out of the way that your Touhoumon Center and Yakumo Corp store are both in the same one-story building. Still, you see plenty of people pass through here, headed for that place, the only reason that this town keeps surviving.

The White Tower. A near legendary location and anomaly famed for its massive variety of touhoumon residents...and for the sheer difficulty that it presents even for veteran trainers and their teams. While you've heard that the lowest floors inhabitants are seemingly weak enough, many people who enter the place fall prey to roaming, powerful touhoumon drastically more dangerous than the rest of the ones inhabiting the floor.

It was actually about a month ago when the last investigation team went in en masse, thinking numbers would leave them safer than sending in a single expert. That...didn't really work out for them. Supposedly people could hear screaming from the tower for days after that.

There was supposedly another investigation team due in with yet another change in strategy, but it would still take time and it wouldn't be likely to wind up in Higa’s Town itself due to how small the place was. Picture one of those picturesque openings to a game where the hero starts off in a tiny village. Higa’s Town was about that big. The place didn't even have its own research lab, as there was another, slightly larger town a ways from this town with easier access. The only thing this town had going for it was the fact that the White Tower had a readily accessible path leading to it from the town itself.

It's not like the place didn't have its perks, but at the same time aside from random Touhoumon attacks from the tall grass in the routes around the town meant that any aspiring trainers, such as yourself, had to either wait for an escort to the next town, or wait for a research team to mosey on out here. Hence why you're impatient. Wait and you'll be waiting for an unacceptably long time. Rush and... Well, it'll either go well or really badly. Yet you're so excited to get going that you don't even care.

I mean, come on, what's the worst that could happen? It's not like something like that would happen to you, right?

Most people smile and wave to you when they notice you around, if they're not busy. Even the ones who are give you an acknowledging nod, like Old Man Jenkins who's busy teaching kids how to catch wild touhoumon with a volunteer CWriggle who is currently gnawing on an apple contentedly as she watches you pass by. Did she just wink at you?

Ignoring the fact that Jenkins was using a modded Touhouball to teach the 'young'n's the ropes about catching mons safely, and the fact that his 'volunteer' is both tame and apparently perfectly happy to flirt if she's able you mostly respond to everyone who greets you in kind. No reason to be rude after all. You do have the nagging feeling that your idea is also incredibly stupid, but you shove that aside. Fortune favors the bold, as they say.

Of course, that brings up the issue of where you're going to get your first mon. If it were a matter of just going out into the tall grass and finding something suitable, that would be one thing. Chibis are relatively common and are typically your more garden variety forest mons. Largely stuff youngster or lass class trainers would use.

You, on the other hand? You had your sights set on successfully getting your first mon from the White Tower itself. Not only was it more dangerous to go there, there were also supposed to be all sorts of Ghost type mons milling about, and no one you know had one. None of the other kids, nor the adults. Heck, your mother has a Yumeko of all things, and your father a Rukoto, and they don't have Ghost types. ...Granted, they don't need something like that when they have rare mons like those, but it still sets the bar and you're going to leap over it.

You find yourself at the edge of town now and you notice that it looks like Mr. Thompkins was the one chosen to be 'guard' for the day, and he's already napping in the shade leaned up against his Meiling who's every bit as asleep as he is. Well, that makes the whole 'getting out of town without getting caught' thing a lot easier! Now, how to get to the White Tower. You can think of three ways to go. First is to take the shortest route there through the tall grass and untamed, unvisted parts of the woods that rarely see men that aren't having these and that and those sorts of things done to them. Or you could take the simplest route with the least chance of getting lost and follow the convenient path to the White Tower that you're right next to. That should be safer than the grass, but it'd take a bit longer. Lastly...

This idea came to you in a dream. If Wild Touhoumon are in the tall grass, what if you were above it? Maybe if you took to the treetops and moved from tree to tree, you could make it there without any risk at all!


[ ] Take the Path of least resistance!

[ ] Psh. All that talk of wild touhoumon being in tall grass is just conspiracy theories. Go through the Tall Grass.

[ ] This is a smart plan and you’re a smart person for thinking of it. Take to the Trees!

No. 170832
Just to note folks, this is an endeavor between Nob and I to bring you another story that maybe I'll actually help complete this time! Anywho, I won't talk too much about this and just hope that you guys enjoy what's to come.
No. 170833
[ ] Psh. All that talk of wild touhoumon being in tall grass is just conspiracy theories. Go through the Tall Grass.
No. 170834
[x] Take the Path of least resistance!

Let's start easy and move on up.
No. 170835
[X] Take the Path of least resistance

Let's at least get our touhoumon before we start acting retarded
No. 170837
[x] Take the Path of least resistance!

No. 170838
[x] Take the Path of least resistance!
Acquire touhoumon, make mistakes. In that order.
No. 170839
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[x] Take the Path of least resistance!

Our MC has his heart set on a ghost touhoumon, eh? Good taste.
No. 170841
Take to the trees: Fall out of a tree at some point, break neck or get raped.

Tall Grass: Get raped, then eaten.

The Path: Minimizes risk of getting mauled or raped. The Path is clearly the correct choice.
No. 170842
[X] Psh. All that talk of wild touhoumon being in tall grass is just conspiracy theories. Go through the Tall Grass.

>Let's at least get our touhoumon before we start acting retarded
>start acting retarded
The MC has no touhoumon of his own and is heading to a tower filled with dangerous mon. Yeah, I think you're too late in saying that. Might as well get the logical conclusion over with.
No. 170843
[X] Psh. All that talk of wild touhoumon being in tall grass is just conspiracy theories. Go through the Tall Grass.

This guy seems like a pretty intelligent fellow.
No. 170844
[x] Psh. All that talk of wild touhoumon being in tall grass is just conspiracy theories. Go through the Tall Grass.
[x] Go back for a lawnmower first
No. 170845
[X] Take the Path of least resistance!

Seems like the best and most sensible choice!
No. 170846

Oh right, same poster here, I actually am wondering just what kind of choices for Ghost Touhoumons we get to choose~

Here's hoping we get a Kogasa or Youmu...or both!
No. 170848
[X] Take the Path of least resistance!

I'd rather a Yuyuko, sure they might eat a bit but when they evolve.... unless there's a Komachi involved.
No. 170849
[X] Take the Path of least resistance!

Would be fun if we became a ghost trainer with Yuyuko, Youmu, Komachi, Kogasa and others. Don't seem like there are others with ghost types around either
No. 170852
[ ] This is a smart plan and you’re a smart person for thinking of it. Take to the Trees!

No. 170854
Hmm, let's see ghost/ghoul pokemon huh. Yuyuko, Youmu, Youki, Mima, Yoshika, Prismriver Sisters, Komachi, Shiki, Shinki, Kogasa, Medicine, Rin, Parsee, Captain Minamitsu Murasa...

Ghosts, and ghouls, and ghasts. Oh my.

[X] Take the Path of least resistanc
Would actually like to get a chance at getting a ghost Touhou.
No. 170857
[x] Take the Path of least resistance!

You're starting to worry me, Anonybody. You've got not two, or three, but four threads started about the same universe. Are you really sure you'll be able to continue writing for all of them? Most people have difficulties to keep up with just two threads at the same time. I fear you might be biting more than you can take, even if you have help from other two authors. But I'll trust in you. I'm still waiting for the Daiyousei Christmas Cake, by the way.
No. 170861
[X] Take the Path of least resistance

I'd have to agree with this guy here. You do seem to be biting more than you can chew. Are you sure you can handle four stories at once?
No. 170863
At this point, aren't there like three or four writers to this thing? Two at the very least.
No. 170870
[x]Take the path of least resistance.

Anonybody is working with S.L.D.T. on this and the Wilhelm Wilhelm subset of the /at/ thread. The other Touhoumon stuff is Anonybody and Bread working together, which is being slowed down considerably because Bread's schedule and internet are both awful right now.

This is information gathered directly from the writers on the #THP IRC.
No. 170875
File 137287010124.png - (531.95KB , 945x945 , Minoriko Aki Busty.png ) [iqdb]
Going into the tall grass was a stupid idea, one that's even dumber than the one you're currently working on and that's saying something. Going through the trees might exhaust you, plus there's the risk of falling on a mon due to one bad step anyway... So you take the cut and dried route of the convenient path that leads right to the White Tower. It's the one pretty much anyone uses to get there, so while it's not paved it's been more or less beaten into a rough dirt path. You've heard it doesn't stay that rough though.

You walk past the snoozing duo and neither of them wakes from their slumber as you pass by them. Man, you really lucked out huh? If you'd been unlucky it would have been Gary Rogers and his Kogasa out here watching for kids trying to do exactly what you're doing. Those two are ridiculously sneaky and always gotten the drop on everyone who tried to slip out of town.

...Just thinking about him gets you kind of nervous and sets you glancing over your shoulder as you slip further away from town and its edges leave your sight. You heard from other kids that he'd just show up out of nowhere when they least expected it and drag them back to town before they had a chance.

But it looks like your luck is still holding up so far and you're in the clear! Nobody comes chasing after you and now you're left apparently alone along the path to the White Tower as it starts to smooth down bit by bit, minute by minute into your walk.

Not that you're relaxing completely just yet. You know that you're out of Higa Town's safety net, which means that one of the local mons might try to jump you. Or you could have the misfortune to run into that Youmu that the odd White Tower escapee tends to talk about. You're not really sure when she comes out, if she really does, but you're hoping that she'll be inside the tower, far above where you're going to search. You keep an eye out for anything that would so much as twitch.

You've heard plenty of scary things about that Youmu really. Like how you'd heard from a friend of a friend who took care of one of the escapees about how she's the one who annihilated the last research team, supposedly all on her own. Apparently she was like white lightning as she broke through their group and drove them apart, and after that it was all over in a matter of minutes when the 'watchers' descended on them. Supposedly the Youmu picked up a few of the men there and took them away with her to wherever she makes her lair.

That and...you've heard other rumors, of something even more powerful than the Youmu who lives at the very top of the White Tower. But then again, no one has ever gone that far and come back except for the Boy in Red, from what you've heard.

...The road in front of you is smoothing out even more now, and abruptly up ahead you see it change to an immaculately well cared for road paved with brilliant white stones that are so bright that it actually stings a bit to look at them.

You have to wonder who or what made this road to begin with, let alone who actually takes care of it. It's not a mystery you're going to dwell on though, not when you're getting so close. You're still keeping a weather eye out on your surroundings, both because the pavement's too bright to look at for too long and because you're getting a little nervous. You're off the primary routes leading to and from your town, so there's probably fewer mons lying in wait. On the flip side, those who do hang back here are probably either recently satiated or aren't fond of being overly bold in their attacks. ...Plus, the grass around here may still be tall in places, but nothing compared to what's actually on the routes. It's almost like something's making the grass on the routes grow far faster than it should.

Which, given what you know about touhoumon and their powers, isn't necessarily impossible in the least. That or the universe is cruel and unusual and enjoys human suffering.

You're distracted from that line of thought by evidence that the universe hates you in particular as a lovely, full bodied woman in an odd outfit and no shoes steps out onto the path in front of you, smiling faintly as you put two and two together at the look in her eyes.

Fuck. That's a Minoriko.

"My, what's a boy like you doing in a place like this?" She asks you, her voice soothing and friendly, "You weren't planning on going to that place, were you?" She asks, a gentle chiding tone entering her voice.

"I was actually. I'm looking for my first partner and I decided I'm going to find her there." Of course, as a mon she's no doubt both stronger and faster than you, so she could probably run after you if you try to just flee...

Her eyes widen at your statement, "You're going there all alone? Oh no, that just won't do at all!" She says, firming up her expression, "I know what they do to cute young boys there! So instead..." She takes a step towards you and you'd swear you feel as if the forest on the edge of the path is starting to close in around you, "You'll stay here with me. I promise I'll take good care of you."

So now you're left with a bit of a decision to make...


[ ]Flee from this place and this pretty woman!

[ ]Use the maceREPEL

[ ]Use a touhouball on an evolved, full health touhoumon!

[ ] Welp you're fucked, might as well just ask her to be gentle about it.
No. 170876

[X] Use the Ma- I mean REPEL, ITS THE ONLY WAY!

Stating the obvious here, if we flee, she catches us or we injure ourselves in panic, if we use a touhouball, well, thats only going to buy only a bit of time.

...Also, does this mean no Youmu for us then? I am a sad man then....
No. 170877
[x ]Use the maceREPEL

Not today, scary puppet woman!

What's with all the Touhoumon stories popping up recently? I can't help but think this has something to do with X and Y coming out.
No. 170878
[ ]Flee from this place and this pretty woman!

Repel doesn't work on higher-leveled touhoumon!
Besides, don't Minorikos have low speed? Maybe we'll get lucky...
No. 170879
[x]Use the REPEL

Kinda low on options and all that.
No. 170880

Damn, you are right, so I'm going to change my vote to be this..

[X] Sacrifice one Touhouball to slow her down
[X] Use Ma- I mean Repel

....In before we actually get lucky and we get a Minoriko, that doesnt seem likely though.
No. 170881
In 1.5, they're rather slow, but they're average in 1.8. I don't think it's worth the risk. However, at full health and given the catch rate mechanics, a regular Pokeball has about a 17% chance of capturing this Minoriko, which is actually surprisingly good. That said, I'm not much of a gambling man, so I'll take the repel, which is likely far stronger when sprayed on a specific 'mon all at once than applied to the self to deter them.

[x] Use the mace
No. 170884
Hey, writers. How much maceREPEL do we have to burn?

If we only have one use, then [X] FLEE THIS PLACE.

If we have two bursts or more, [X] Use the maceREPEL.
No. 170887
[x]well i was looking for a partner how about you
No. 170888
[ ] Welp you're fucked, might as well just ask her to be gentle about it.
No. 170890
[X]Use the maceREPEL

Go, trusty anti-Zubatshotacon lady weapon.
No. 170894
[x] Use the mace REPEL!
No. 170896
[X]Use the maceREPEL

Molesters beware. No one expects the maceRepel.
No. 170898
I'm getting an Etrian Odyssey vibe from this story, from how the tower was described.
No. 170900
[X] Welp you're fucked, might as well just ask her to be gentle about it.

Pissing against the tide.

>I'm getting a Tower of Druaga vibe from this story,
No. 170903

You're gonna need some help to piss against that tide.

[X] Welp you're fucked, might as well just ask her to be gentle about it.
No. 170905

I'll join my stream of piss to yours to beat the tide!

[X] Welp you're fucked, might as well just ask her to be gentle about it.
No. 170907
There are tides that deserve to be pissed against. This one is not one of those.

[x] Use the ball to slow her down
[x] RUN
[x] If she's still on the case, use the maceREPEL
No. 170909
[x]Use the maceREPEL

Let's see who takes good care of who when we use our ma- ahem... Repel now shall we Minoriko?
No. 170913
File 137295303489.jpg - (951.88KB , 1600x1080 , Minoriko Aki Fallen + DAT ASS.jpg ) [iqdb]
Giving up wasn't an option, and you weren't about to flee when you're this close to your destination. You have no mons of your own, but that's not going to stop you. You know that any other person like you would try to chuck balls at her and pray that one succeeds, and heck, it may even be what she expects if her brain is as big as her bouncy boobs. You back up very slowly so as to both create the illusion of uncertainty and fear while still not backpedaling so fast that she can just trap you with plants, and shakily move your hand toward your ball pocket in your bag. However, in what might be perceived as a mistake made under pressure, you slip your hand into your item pocket instead and grab one of those spray cans containing Repel. You don't tip your hand to her just yet. You want her a bit closer first.

She just laughs at you a bit and shakes her head in amusement. "Those balls of yours won't work on a touhou who’s as healthy..." She runs a hand down along her no doubt exceedingly healthy figure, "As I am. I know that much, little boy." She begins to advance on you, no fear in her expression as she closes the distance between the both of you, "Now, don't be afraid. I'm not like all those other mean 'monster ladies' you've heard about. I'm nice and gentle. Just come with me and you'll be really happy, for forever! We'll have sweet potato pancakes for breakfast everyday!" She tempts you.

...You know, that does sound like a pretty good deal...

And you have to admit that she'd probably be a loving mon who'd make good on her word in terms of taking care of you. You know about Minoriko and how they're one of the friendlier mons toward humans, plus they typically come paired with a Shizuha which are generally just as gentle. The problem is, however, that her offer is entirely counter-productive toward your plan and that being caught by her would lead to all sorts of hate and discontent. You have no doubt that she's strong, but your parents wouldn't just ignore the fact that you've vanished, and your mother's Yumeko... Well, you're not sure that this Minoriko could handle the Steel/Dark type maid, even with her sister for support.

So really, while you're being an idiot for even coming out here, you're not going to just up and let yourself get caught when you're quite certain it would lead to this woman getting punished for it later. When she's in what you believe to be the ideal range, you whip out one of your cans of Repel and unload it into her face, albeit while grimacing at the smell yourself. You know it's a necessity at times and that it repels mons like it's the plague, but it just reeks of desperation and middle age. "I'm sorry, but I can't stay with you!" You state as you give your refusal to her in full, not stopping until the can's empty.

She lets out a shriek of misery and dismay as she rears back and away from you, clawing at her face. "Oh me it smells so awful! It burns!" She cried out as she tumbled to the ground and writhed. With a touhoumon's sense of smell, you can't even imagine just what she's going through right now getting a face full of 'that'.

You grimace at her response, knowing full well that she almost didn't deserve that, but you can't stop and comfort her now. She'd just redouble her efforts to catch you and do something to clear the smell off her. Probably something involving you. You dash past her and don't look back, taking advantage of the momentary distraction and hoping that her sister isn't anywhere nearby, or if she is that she'd be more focused on helping her sister out than catching you.

...You still get the feeling that if in the off chance that you need to go back to the White Tower, taking this path again might be a bit unsafe.

You hear her call out to you, but with the distance you've created and the way she's sluring her words because of you spraying her in the face with gross funk you can't hear her. It could be a curse, could be a warning. Could be complimenting your butt! You just don't know. You do know you can't stop running. So you keep running and running until...

You begin to see pink. Lots and lots and lots of pink. The trees have been replaced with Cherry Blossom trees now, and their petals float happily, gently through the air and cover the pathway. The sheer amount of and number of them is cutting down on your ability to see clearly any real distance now. It's almost like the petals are trying to block your line of sight on purpose or something...

You get the feeling that you understand how that rumored Youmu managed to blindside so many people. With this many petals dancing on a mysterious wind, it'd be easy to lose track of a mon whose claim to fame was being quick. Still, you press forward despite all this, relying on the gleaming white path in front of you to help ensure that you don't go off-track, though the falling petals are starting to obscure the path at times.

You just focus on the path directly in front of you, marching step by step forward even as you feel your limbs begin to become...heavy and a weight settle into your heart and...wait.

...Just when did that music start? Through the wind you can hear it. The sad, lilting tones of a violin playing solo. That song...something about it is just so sad, so painful to hear. It's...

It's enough to make you want to cry. That kind of music could only belong to a Lunasa, but you've never heard of one having music that's this depressing to listen to. You know that they play from the heart, so for one to have this potent an effect...

Still, you can't stop now. You have to work past your limbs being harder and harder to move and your wanting to burst into tears, but you're this close! ...Though you note that you're going to have to search for that Lunasa at some point. Not right now, since she's probably higher up with music that potent and you haven't even found your partner yet.

Thanks to screen of cherry blossom petals you can't really see just how high up the White Tower goes. You get the feeling that the answer is 'really high up' given that from what you can see it shows no signs of shrinking as far up as you can see. You have to admit though, the white tower is...oddly plain looking on the outside. It's just perfectly smooth rock running straight up. As you touch the wall you have to marvel at just how smooth it is. There's no roughness to it at all. Is it made of marble or something?

Putting that line of thought aside, you circle the tower to find your entrance to it, and come across...and oddly small and rather out of place wooden door. It's fairly simple but obviously of fine make. Without any other options though, you're forced to simply brace yourself and head inside.


...It's...basically a massive garden inside of here. Thankfully the cherry blossom screen isn't in effect here, so you can see again. But this place is just...somehow the ceiling seems impossibly high up. Are those clouds? You're not even sure what's going on at this point. All you do know is that the door has opened up into a massive garden full of flower bushes, fruitful trees and...

...basically no sign of life. Not even butterflies.

The power of the song is even more potent here at the bottom of the tower. It makes you just want to curl up and cry.

You really have to fight back against the effect now, especially since the music is starting to make everything feel more hopeless than it really was. There was no sign of life, but you've only taken a few steps into the first floor! Of course nothing's going to just pop up in that timeframe. You try to force up something else, determination or something, to try an counteract the heavy depression that's weighing down on you. Perhaps desperate for a distraction, you start to look around. There might not be anything obvious, but there should be something here...


[ ] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.

[ ] You know what? You give up. This was a horrible plan and this is a horrible place. Screw this, screw those flowers, screw these damn cherry blossom petals. You’re going home.

[ ]Oh god you need a hug so badly right now and that big white soft looking thing over there seems so inviting.
No. 170914
[x] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.
No. 170915
[ ] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.
Somehow, I have the feeling the third option won't end well
No. 170917
[X] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.

The third option sounds Youmu... but unfortunately, it sounds more like being taken home by a Youmu than taking a Youmu home.
No. 170918
[X] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.

White soft looking thing? Let's not.
No. 170919
[X] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.

Well, we came this far, we sure as hell arent going back...

...If that big white fluffy thing is really that rumored Youmu, how is she even in the first floor? Oh wait, damned cherry blossom petals...Now I'm getting the feeling that the Youmu has already locked onto us as a target even without us trying to get hugz, FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU-
No. 170923
[x] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.

No. 170924
[x] Oh god you need a hug so badly right now and that big white soft looking thing over there seems so inviting.

Sometimes a guy just needs a hug.
No. 170925
[X] Oh god you need a hug so badly right now and that big white soft looking thing over there seems so inviting.

If you can see Youmu, she can see you. If you can't see Youmu, you may be seconds away from being taken home.
No. 170926
[x] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.

Never give up.
No. 170928
[X]Oh god you need a hug so badly right now and that big white soft looking thing over there seems so inviting.
No. 170931
[x] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.

Only because the white thing might be a Merlin.
No. 170932
I think that a Yuyuko is behind the cherry blossoms, and the fact that Anonybody specified "butterflies" in his example heavily hints at it as well. Of course, it could be a red herring, but who knows? A Youmu'd have to be a minimum of level 50 or so to produce this cherry blossom effect, but would more likely be in the mid-60s.

That said, the white fluffy thing may be Youmu's phantom half. While she attacked all those trainers who stormed the keep, as it were, Youmu also possesses a great sense of chivalry and honor, so I doubt that she'd kill an unarmed child. I mean, rape is an entirely different story, but you wouldn't lose your life. And, who knows? Maybe a hug is the very last thing she's expecting, and would temporarily surprise her. I mean, if it is a Youmu, she already knows that we're here, so may as well charge into the breach, as it were.

I vote for a very stupid
[X]Oh god you need a hug so badly right now and that big white soft looking thing over there seems so inviting.
No. 170933
[X]Oh god you need a hug so badly right now and that big white soft looking thing over there seems so inviting.
No. 170937
[X]Oh god you need a hug so badly right now and that big white soft looking thing over there seems so inviting.
No. 170941
[X]Oh god you need a hug so badly right now and that big white soft looking thing over there seems so inviting.

bad end here we come but maybe not who knows
No. 170946
[X]Oh god you need a hug so badly right now and that big white soft looking thing over there seems so inviting.

You make that sound like it's a bad thing.
No. 170955
Wouldn't you know it but we seem to have a tie, folks! Eight votes in favor of exploring and eight in favor of hugging, and we need a tiebreaker.
No. 170956
[X]Oh god you need a hug so badly right now and that big white soft looking thing over there seems so inviting.
No. 170957
File 137298001311.jpg - (7.75KB , 300x226 , mah nigga.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 170966
There are no tides that cannot be pissed against.
No. 170987
[x ]Oh god you need a hug so badly right now and that big white soft looking thing over there seems so inviting.

It could be aCYoumu! We're on the first floor after all. And if there wasn't any C touhoumons it would be quite futile to try catching one here in the first place
No. 171001
File 137306304852.jpg - (163.55KB , 500x707 , tumblr_mau2sxchmo1rprfy4o1_500.jpg ) [iqdb]
Could be a Murasa, or the fluffy end of a Mima
No. 171040
[X] Oh god you need a hug so badly right now and that big white soft looking thing over there seems so inviting.

Adding one more to the tide.
No. 171062

For those of you who wanted a Youmu, there you go. For everyone else, time to pick another option!

[ ] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.

[ ] You know what? You give up. This was a horrible plan and this is a horrible place. Screw this, screw those flowers, screw these damn cherry blossom petals. You’re going home.
No. 171063
Three updates in and a bad end already. Not bad at all.

[x] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.
No. 171064
[x] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.

We could have done the sensible option earlier, but we just had to break down.
No. 171065

[X] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.

There you go, you guys pissed against the tide and heres what happens! I told you guys man, I told you about the obvious trap! Okay good thing we have time shifting powers, lets do the other thing! ...Well no offense really, was just joking
No. 171066
Who says we weren't precisely aiming for that to happen? And now that our quota for smexy bad end has been met (for the moment), it's time to pick the other (and only) viable option.

[x] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.
No. 171067
File 137313271353.png - (3.00KB , 128x128 , Touhoudex_2_Ayakashi[1].png ) [iqdb]
The sensible option is getting the fuck out of Dodge, because we really shouldn't have been here in the first place. We can't exactly leave at this point, though, because I'm fairly sure that it too would result in a Bad End of one sort or another. 'course, this wasn't exactly a Bad End, per se, so much as a Youmu End, but whatever.

[x] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.

Saigyou Ayakashi End, ho!
No. 171068
[x] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.

Okay, on with the show.
No. 171069

Well, I'm pretty sure that if we gave up and walked out, we still have to fend off with a potentially angry Minoriko, and she's likely to be smart enough to do something to make sure we cant use Repel...! So I'm quite sure its another Bad End
No. 171072
>For those of you who wanted a Youmu, there you go.

[x] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.
No. 171073
[x] Don’t give up. Keep walking. Keep searching. You’ll find something. You have to.
No. 171075
File 13731471569.jpg - (602.50KB , 1000x1500 , Lyrica stradling a dude.jpg ) [iqdb]
You've come this far, you can't give up and turn back. That Minoriko is probably waiting for you back along the path you used to get here, and odds are good she wouldn't give you the chance she did before. You can't just break down here because who knows what will happen if you do. So there's only one option left. Push forward and hope that you find something. You have to.

Since there's nothing immediately obvious, you start to look around anywhere and everywhere a mon might be hiding, and are trying to keep an ear out for anything that's not the music permeating this place.

But it's just so difficult. Your legs feel heavy and it's a struggle to not just break down crying under the sheer pressure of the despair that this music is heaping on you. Every step is harder, every movement tougher and...wait.

...What's that?

You could almost swear you hear something over there. It was just for a moment, but...

You go over and check out that sound anyway.

You head over that way, every step you take feeling harder than the last but...then it starts to get easier. Why is it...?

Ah...you can hear it now. It's a melodious voice, full of sorrow as she cries and hiccups, someways away from you. But just past those bushes, that's where you're sure she is...

You peer past the bushes and see her, and...you can't place what she is at first. You did your research before you came here but you can't even begin to figure out just what touhoumon she is before that silly blue star on her head does it for you. Wait...this is a Lyrica. A shiny Lyrica. Holy...

Of course, it's at this point that she notices you. Her silver hair whirls about as her wide gray eyes snap up to match yours, realizing that there's a boy here in her darkest hour. A cute boy. She starts to get up to her feet now, still staring at you. Even as she rises you can hear her sniffling, and she rubs one of the white sleeves of her golden outfit on her eyes, clearing away the mist.

Now you're just a little torn. On the one hand, this is probably the find of the century for you. You know just how rare mons like these are, and this would definitely be acceptable in terms of a first mon. ...On the other hand, you don't really have any decent way to weaken her and only six balls. The odds of getting her stuffed in one are pretty bad, all considering. ...But another thought hits you. Why is she by herself, and crying no less? Don't Prismrivers come in threes?

She continues to advance on you all while you consider the nature of her being alone, shiny and oh hey there. While you were distracted she floated all the way up to your face and is now taken a firm hold of you, having to float off of the ground to keep her face level with yours though.

You can see the shine in her eyes and the red around them from all the crying she's been doing, and you get an even closer view as she leans in and places her lips on yours in a desperate, awkward and above all needy kiss. The moment your lips make contact with hers, you feel a spark of something run through you and you feel weak in the knees.

You're taken by surprise by her floating up to you like that, and the sight of her eyes is positively hear-wrenching. You can't find it in yourself to push her away, not when she looks like that. You pay the price when she kisses you, and your resistance to her weakens considerably. You're not sure you could push her off you now even if you wanted to.

She starts to apply force to you, dragging you down to the ground with her and bringing you to your knees, her lips never breaking from yours even hums, sounding...even when she's doing this to you, you can hear the melancholy in her voice. She sort of shoves you to the ground and lies on top of you, kissing you senseless before she pulls back and says something to you in that odd language that all mon share. You don't catch a word of it, unfortunately.

But you don't need to understand what she's saying to guess what it is she's trying to do. You're a cute boy, all alone and where any number of mons could pick you off and take you home. In fact, you've basically been kissed into submission by one, but... You can't help but feel that maybe she's not so different from you. She was crying when you found her, and alone. Prismrivers normally live and die as a trio of sisters, so for one to be alone like this... "I don't understand you, but I have to ask. Are you alone right now? I mean, before I showed up." You give her a simple yes or no question to start.

She freezes up and pulls back from your kiss with her and-...

...Proceeds to break down crying again, promptly burying her face in your chest and sobbing her little heart out there. Her grip on you tightens as she just keeps crying and bawling into you. Your shirt is, at this point, mildly moist. As are your drawers.

Now that you got confirmation on that one little question, you formulate what happened in your head. Prismrivers are normally trios for life, but shinies were such statistically long odds that if one was born shiny the other two may not be. If one was but the other two weren't... Odds are good the odd duck would get kicked out. Realizing this, you wrap your arms around the smaller girl crying into your shirt. You can't hold her as tight as you like, but that's what happens when you get kissed into submission with who knows what weakening you. "I'm sorry, I had to know for sure." You apologize to her while holding her to you.

She just keeps bawling into you even as you hold her. Eventually though, her bawling becomes shaky hiccups and you feel her stir underneath your hold as she peaks up at you, some color on her face now as she says something in moonspeak again. You don't understand what she's said, but the hand suddenly on your crotch and her attempts to squirm out of your hold and bring her face down lower are a bit easy to comprehend.

You bite your lip as you realize what it is she's trying to do here. This could go either very well or very badly depending on how things go, and you're certain you can't stop her at this point anyway. Rather than fight it, you instead ruffle her hair and loosen your hold on her to let her know it's okay. ...You have a distinct feeling that stopping her from carrying you off would take exactly one question anyway.




You're honestly surprised that she's trying to put your clothes back on after that, and you blink at her a couple times before reaching out and ruffling her hair. "You... You're okay with this?" You wind up putting your pants back on and redoing the belts yourself, then looking at her.

She just sort of gives you a shrug and looks away. Apparently she's actually a bit embarassed now for some odd reason. You do notice that she seems to have cheered up though. She keeps giving you glances out of the corner of her eye though.

Given how clingy she was to start, you have to take a wild shot in the dark and think that maybe... You reach your hand out to her. "Do you want to come home with me?"

Her face lights up like the sun and she jumps into your arms, going right past your hands and wrapping her arms around your midsection, burying her face in your chest yet again.

You smile as she hugs you again, knowing that this time she's not going to drag you off someplace. You wrap your arms around her and hold her to you. This... this really felt nice, you had to admit. Though you do remember something. "Ah, that's right. I can't just have you stay with me as a wild mon though. With your coloration everyone would want you, so I have to catch you to prevent that." You rummage through your ball pocket for one of your balls, and hold onto it. You blush as you say this next part. "I don't think either of us would be very happy if someone stole you from me."

She eyes the touhouball curious for a moment and reaches out to touch it...and takes it from your hands on her own. She steps away from you, looking like she's steadying herself for something. She puts a completely serious expression on her face before promptly smacking the ball into her own forehead. You can see her go a little cross-eyed from the stinging pain before the bolt of red energy from the ball drags her into it. The ball plops onto the ground and glows that warning red for only the briefest moment before giving an affirmative ping that she's been caught. Now, if you remember your parents warnings correctly you're supposed ot leave her in there until the ball tells you that the mental conditioning is in place and she won't snap or anything on you.

...But that would require you to not be an absolute dolt. You came here, risked your freedom twice for certain and possible more times than you could ever count just to find your partner, and one of those gambles paid off in the end. Plus, there was still a bunch of wild mons between you and home, and you know full well at least one is lying in wait for you.

So you decide to place your trust in your first partner, and let her back out.

The conditioning could wait until you're both back home safe.

She looks down at herself as she's released, rubbing her forehead with a mildly pained expression. Then she looks over your shoulder. A quick look over your shoulder reveals a big, soft, white and decidedly huggable looking thing floating in your direction that you immediately place as the Lyrica grabs onto your arm and starts trying to drag you another direction.

Rather than question your friend, you let her drag you along. She let you go when she didn't have to. She let herself be caught when she didn't need to. She doesn't have to help you either, but you believe she is, and run along with her.

You find yourself running and running and running, catching glints of odd white huggable thing following you as the Youmu's Ghost Half pursues you somewhat lazily. Suddenly you burst out of the crisp air of the towers garden and into a face full of cherry blossoms that missed you as much as you missed them. Apparently you're outside again!

Not that you stop moving, mind. You shake the petals from your face and keep going, sweeping your partner into your arms until you know you're a decent distance from the tower. You are seriously hoping that that ghost half has a finite range, or else you might be pursued by a ghost blob until you get back home. That would just be scary.

Thankfully you are not pursued by a ghost half of a Youmu. Instead you come to a skidding halt as you spot two figures in the road ahead of you.

Oh dear, it’s…

[ ] A Shizuha and a familiar Minoriko!?
[ ] Yumeko and Ruukuto!?
[ ] Abbott and Costello!?
No. 171078
[x] A Shizuha and a familiar Minoriko!?
No. 171079
Okay, first is clear enough, second are parent's mons (who probably weren't happy to see we left), and third choice is... What-the-hell zone?

I'm torn. One one hand, parent mons means we should be able to safely return home. On the other, Shizuha and Minoriko...
No. 171081
[X] Abbott and Costello!?

You can't do this to me, man. I gotta pick this one.
No. 171083
[ ] Abbott and Costello

Placing trust that we get the Ruukuto scene in the future.
No. 171084
[x] A Shizuha and a familiar Minoriko!?
No. 171085
[x] A Shizuha and a familiar Minoriko!?

...I wanna go for it.
No. 171086
[x] A Shizuha and a familiar Minoriko!?

This is either another bad end or something fun. Here's hoping for fun.
No. 171087
[x] A Shizuha and a familiar Minoriko!?

Continue or bad end, this can only end well.
No. 171088
[X] Abbott and Costello!?

I can't resist the calling of comedy options.
No. 171089
[x] Abbott and Costello!?

How can I not pick this?
No. 171090
[X] Abbott and Costello!?

I like this. A lot.
No. 171091
[x] A Shizuha and a familiar Minoriko!?

They're wild and appearing!
No. 171092
[ ] Abbott and Costello!?

No. 171093
[ ] Abbott and Costello!?

clearly we have gone insane
No. 171094
[X] Abbott and Costello!?

eh, why not.
No. 171095
Clearly the only answer is
[x] Abbott and Costello!?
No. 171096
I like the other two options...but I mean...fucking Abbott and Costello? I have to see where you could possibly go with this.

[X] Abbott and Costello!?
No. 171098
[X] A Shizuha and a familiar Minoriko!?

I will not give up on the possibility of an Aki End. Or adding them to the party.
No. 171105
[x] Abbott and Costello!?
No. 171106
[x] A Shizuha and a familiar Minoriko!?

Maybe he'll get lucky and leave with a Shizuha & Minoriko too?
No. 171114
[x] A Shizuha and a familiar Minoriko!?

Thy tide of A & C, I piss against thee!
No. 171118
[X] Abbott and Costello!?

No. 171119
[X] Abbott and Costello!?

No. 171120
[X] Abbott and Costello!?

So who's on first?
No. 171128
[X] A Shizuha and a familiar Minoriko!?
I don't see much good coming from this option but I'd rather not get taken back so early. Abbott and Costello don't mean much to me considering I've never even heard of them until now.
No. 171131
>I've never even heard of them until now
Edjicate yosef: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTcRRaXV-fgs
No. 171132
Why so surprised? I myself never heard of them before now either.
No. 171136
[X] A Shizuha and a familiar Minoriko!?

Probably hopeless at this point, but I don't care.
No. 171141
Truly these are terrible times we live in.
No. 171142
They are not that famous outside the US. Though it's true that anybody who hasn't heard of them is missing on a lot.
No. 171145
I know . That was the general thought behind my post.
No. 171156
[x] Abbott and Costello!?

So much.
No. 171157
File 137323097637.png - (886.52KB , 800x550 , Be of Good Hearing.png ) [iqdb]
...It's those two guys, a nearly literal comedy duo named Abbott and Costello who were your friends in a sense, and as such have annoyed you in the manner that friends have. Such as Abbott stealing that foil LWYukari trading card you drew out of a booster pack that one time, or Costello breaking that Super Marisa World cartridge you lent him. Which admittedly you were still rather sore about since the former was rare to the point where it was nearly priceless and the latter... Well, that just needed money to replace.

Either way, you feel your eyebrow raise in disbelief that they seriously followed you out here, especially since there was that Minoriko that tried to stop that was no doubt lying in wait for you to make your return trip. Plus, you know, other wild mons that could have decided to snatch them up. Did these guys even have mons?

Right, and you're currently holding your first partner, a shiny CLyrica in your arms, who you imagine is probably blushing yet happy about you holding her. Which means she's in plain view. And gleaming in the light because that's what shinies do.

The two of them stare at you, mouths wide open as they look at you, the Shiny Lyrica in your arms, and each other. Abbott shoves past the taller Costello, waddling towards you and speaking up,"Dude, dude, dude! You caught a Foil Lyrica?" He asks, giving her a look of envy as your Lyrica squirms a bit in your arms. Costello bumbles along after him, tripping over a nearby root but managing to not fall over. You can't really hate Costello so much, I mean...the guy is just really clumsy. That's all there is to him. He looks at you for a moment before speaking up, "Hey." He waves, apparently deciding to actually greet you, "Saw the Minoriko you dealt with. All that repel seemed to have scared off most of the monsters on the path." He tells you in his drawling way.

"...You know...hey Abbot?" He speaks up, "...Aren't we not supposed to be here?"

Abbot smacks Costello in the stomach, "Of course not slughead! That's why we're here! And besides, we couldn't leave our good friend Zeke here all on his lonesome, right? What if he needed our help?"

You can't help but facepalm at their antics. Sure, they're your friends but you really, really would have thought they'd learn that maybe you weren't the best person to follow when you got headstrong and foolish like this. Even when you did pretty much win the lottery. "Yeah, I got lucky and found her hiding in some bushes." Of course, your friends weren't so stupid as to think that a ghost type could be caught anywhere other than in the White Tower. Like it or no, they weren't native around here. "And hey yourself. ...Well, I'm glad for that at least. I was kiiiinda worried that that Minoriko would recover and grab her sister for round two."

"Anyway, Costello's right, Abbot. Following me out here was stupid, even with the mons you guys have." Of course, part of your chiding them like this was partly because you really did care, and partly because you really didn't want to have to rely on them for help when you located your first mon. ...Mostly because these two dolts had uncles in the Odnetnin Research Center who provided them with really, really rare mons to start with.

Needless to say, this was the third reason you wanted to come out here alone and get something really awesome of your own. You almost tell them why following you was stupid, but you didn't really want to tip your hand as to where you got this particular shiny CLyrica came from.

Abbot puffs up proudly, poking his chest out. "Oh puhlease. My Hukarei can deal with anything that's around here, even without Karasime that Costello's holding onto."

Costello looks over at Abbott, staring at the smaller boy for a moment before speaking up, "She doesn't like that name Abbott. I call her Kiri." He points out to him.

Abbott smacks Costello in the chest again, "I know that! But my name is cooler." He states firmly. Costello doesn't respond to that and just goes turns his eyes up to the sky. A long moment passes before he speaks again,"...Sure is mighty pretty."

"Yeah..." Abbott agrees with him, looking around as well, "I don't see why people say this place is so dangerous. I mean, nothing's happened to us!" He all but yells that last part.

First you are reminded of why Abbot is not allowed to name anything ever in your books. Second is that you actually agree with Costello's naming sense because he can take a mon's name, alter it, and make it stay cute. Abbott's naming sense was just Shinki-awful. Third, you also remember that Abbott has a much larger pair than he really should, just because he has a rare and arguably powerful mon at his disposal. "Abbott, you idiot. The Repel I used is probably the only reason you didn't get jumped on the way here, and I should point out that I actually saw the ghost half of that Youmu that patrols around here." You finally get around to clipping your Lyrica's ball to your belt, keeping her held to you with one arm. You're not entirely sure why, but it's like you almost need to hold her right now. "And you just announced our presence to the world." You add in a deadpan tone.

..Still, you grudgingly loosen your hold so your partner can slip free if she wants, and see about grabbing another can of Repel. As much as you'd prefer to not have to use another can, you're pretty much certain that these two idiots just made it necessary to pull it out. Plus you kinda didn't want to expose your partner to that smell ever, but...

Well, more like Abbott just made it necessary.

You grab for a can of Repel just in time to see the massive horde of what appears ot be fairies drop out of the sky. Costello grabs Abbott and tosses the larger boy and something else out of the way of the horde of fairies before a dozen and change of them latch onto him and drag him off, hollering the entire way. Abbott reaches for something on his belt and manages to pull a ball off before a dozen fairies are on him...and another dozen join them as they all drag him off screaming into the air. A last branch of them lunge for you before your Lyrica flies out of your arms and pulls her instrument out and unleashes a furious, screeching jam on them. Sending the fairies slamming into the ground as they clutch their ears in agony. Thankfully, you weren't affected somehow.

...Well that went bad quickly, you notice that there are two objects at your feet. Luxury model touhouballs? One's Abbott's, but the other must be Costello's.

And thus, they prove just why you thought they were idiots for following you out here. You didn't have a mon to your name, but you knew enough to be discreet and use items when they were called for. Not to mention that when you actually... no, when CLryrica gave herself up to you as you did for her, you were smart enough to let her out right away. You sigh before kissing your partner on the cheek... "Thanks." ...And grab the two Luxury Balls off the ground. You know they're not registered to you, but even they ought to understand just how much trouble their owners were in. "Rei, Kiri, c'mon out, your owners got themselves kidnapped." You proceed to try and do what they should have done.

The two balls unleash blasts of similarly red light and release the two touhoumon. The Hakurei sips a drink from a mug of tea before looking up at you, seeming rather bored with the situation and not surprised at all. Kiri meanwhile gets up in your grill immediately and starts to bark words at you in Moonspeak as Lyrica tries to pull her away from you.

"Calm down Kiri, I'm planning on going after them anyway. I wanted to ask you two for your help before I go charging up there, though I get the feeling I may not have needed to ask." You take your best shot at guessing what the Kirisame wants you to do while... well, asking them for help. It was rather odd that you weren't at all concerned with how close the Kirisame got to you though. "Those ZFairies belong to a Rin, and if I'm right this one controls a lot of them."

ZFairies, or Zombie Fairies, were the byproduct of a CRin's evolution. You knew that much. Normally most tame Rin might have one or two since they count toward a given Trainer's six mon limit, but one in the wild might be able to convert and accumulate an untold number of fairies to her cause. Considering that you were attacked by no fewer than... what, three, four dozen? This means that you're going to wind up going up against a Rin who's had time to accumulate some help. You knew better than to think that you'd get there before she starts molesting those two, but you're not going to leave them behind either.

The Kirisame seriouses right up and stares in your eyes for a long moment. Her gaze shines with an unspoken intelligence before she nods. She'll help you!

The Hakurei finishes her tea calmly before regarding you for a moment before she shrugs, and agrees to apparently help you. At least, you think she agreed to help, because a big Yin Yang Ball just sort of popped out of nowhere as she casually strolls over to you.

"Alright then, let's go save an idiot and a klutz." You turn back toward the tower with your shiny CLyrica in tow, along with your friend's mons. The only thing left to do was to decide how to actually approach this scenario, since even with two extra mons and you telling the trainer rules to pack sand for this, you're no Boy in Red. You can't just smash through the tower like he did.

You need to...

[ ]Time to make like Solid Sanae.

[ ]What would Jet Set Aya do? That's right, out-fly the cops.

[ ]A big, ever changing tower begs to be searched and looted.
No. 171159
Truly, Abbott and Costello was the superior choice.

[X]What would Jet Set Aya do? That's right, out-fly the cops.

Make use of the fact that Kirisame and Hakurei are really, really goddamn fast.
No. 171160
For you perhaps.
No. 171161
[x]Time to make like Solid Sanae.

Obviously, this is a sneaking mission.
No. 171162
My RPG instincts are coming to the fore.

[x] Loot everything.
No. 171163
[X]A big, ever changing tower begs to be searched and looted.
No. 171164
That was not at all what I was expecting. Kind of wish I'd gone for the Akis now.

[X]What would Jet Set Aya do? That's right, out-fly the cops.

Gotta go fast.
No. 171165
[X]What would Jet Set Aya do? That's right, out-fly the cops.

Gotta go fast before that Rin has too much time to enjoy the two. Looting will definitely take too much time.
No. 171167
[X]What would Jet Set Aya do? That's right, out-fly the cops.

I was going to pick the first option, and then I remember just how stealth might be hard to do when we have three mons with us (Two of which are known for being trigger-happy). So I'll pick this option.
No. 171168
[X] What would Jet Set Aya do? That's right, out-fly the cops.

Cock-Block Squadron is Go.
No. 171170
[x]A big, ever changing tower begs to be searched and looted.

always a classic
No. 171177
[x]A big, ever changing tower begs to be searched and looted.
No. 171180
[X]What would Jet Set Aya do? That's right, out-fly the cops.

Disregard the constabulary.
No. 171187
[X] What would Jet Set Aya do? That's right, out-fly the cops.

Didn't like what happened in our previous choice, meeting an angry Minoriko would have been better than being saddled with rescuing our spoiled friends. But that's just my opinion.
No. 171197
[X] What would Jet Set Aya do? That's right, out-fly the cops.

We went out of the tower to avoid the Youmu and you guys want to go back in?
No. 171199
[X]What would Jet Set Aya do? That's right, out-fly the cops.

Let's not waste time.
No. 171204
[x]A big, ever changing tower begs to be searched and looted.

Just like that one Labyrinth game we used to play...just hope that no FOEs show up.
No. 171205
File 13733018101.png - (1.33MB , 850x1267 , Won't you let her take you to heaven~.png ) [iqdb]
You need to rush after those two rather than just mosey about at your own pace. After all, they're in the hands of something that wants to, you know, do things to them that would prevent them from ever being able to live normal lives. So you take off at a full sprint, thinking that your partner and your friend's partners will keep up with your pace. It's time to dive back into the tower, and this time you're going to make like Jet Set Aya and race to the goal.

Your hurried foot steps take you back inside and out of the horrid grasp of those blasted cherry blossom petals. Your new friend and temporary Allies easily keep up with you as you charge through the...well you know actually you're not seeing any touhoumon. You're pretty sure the horror stories you've heard talk of running into battles every ten steps or less.

Not that it matters though. You've got a can of Repel in one hand and are perfectly inclined to give any mon standing in your way a face full of the stuff before continuing on your way. Though you're pretty sure that the ambient music from before would keep the active mon population down if it has the same effect on them as it did on you. Speaking of which, if it's still there you're not feeling it. You must just be a bit too focused and determined to be bothered by it on such a low floor.

It actually occurs to you that you're hearing something else now. A faint music that seems to be blocking out the sorrowful tune from above you. Your Lyrica is currently playing something a bit more upbeat and soothing to counter act the effect it seems.

Your sprint through the first floor of the tower brings you to a point where you can actually see a large, pure white set of stairs leading up into the ceiling just ahead of you. That was fast!

You spare your partner a smile and a nod before turning your attention back to the stairs that are coming up. You keep on running as you get to them, uncaring of the dangers ahead. As much as it was their fault for following you, well, you wouldn't be much of a friend if you didn't charge forward for all you're worth.

You advance and ascend up the stairs as rapidly as your legs can carry you, and nearly run straight into the arms of a mon. You never actually get to see precisely who it is as she's smacked by a yin-yang orb and send hurtling back away from you as the Hakurei lunges onto her, punching a needle into her neck and then grabbing the poor mon and hurling her into the nearby holly bushes. Ouch...

You know they've got your back, so you never stop moving. By the time Rei's done you're only just passing her, so it wouldn't take much for her to rejoin you. You're also immensely thankful that your CLyrica is counteracting the Lunasa's music, but it's only going to get worse as you go up.

You charge ahead and the Rei quickly catches back up with you, easily getting back into pace. Kiri chatters something at Rei, and you see the purple haired mon smirk before saying something back, getting a bark of laughter out of the Kirisame. These two have chemistry, huh? Well...you guess between what they are and how much their owners hang out together they would.

You feel three sets of small hands grab onto you and you're yanked to a stop just in time for you to barely manage to avoid running straight into a nearly invisible net that closes shut around where you would have been. Traps!?

"You know, mons come in all flavors so I really should have seen that coming. Thanks you three." Traps don't just pop up out of thin air after all, someone has to set them up. You start moving forward again, though this time at a slower pace so the mons with you have more time to stop you before you run into anything else. Additionally, you keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

You keep advancing, at a decent pace still but no longer moving in a full tilt sprint. It makes sense you guess, the higher up you go the more the music grows powerful, but you'll also run into more powerful touhoumon.

You notice now that this section of the tower is a bit different. It's still full of trees and the like, but rather than massive rows of flowering bushes you're seeing more fruit bearing trees. Even the Holly bushes are bearing their berries, despite you being fairly sure they should be out of season by now. Then again, you've heard the White Tower is really weird about things like that anyway, so...

...Suddenly, you screech to a stop again, up ahead you can see another set of stairs already. You seem to be lucky today-

You let out a cry of surprise as a massive tongue scoops you up and you're dragged away from your group. Looking back you can see them hurrying after you as quickly as they can, but what has hold of you is leaping and bounding around the bushes and trees, and obviously knows the land better. The large tongue brings you around closer to the person who has taken you, but you already know what's going on.

A Kogasa grins at you and licks your nose. "Boo." She says, her amusement obvious in her voice, "It looks like I got lucky today~! I caught the cute boy!"

She licks you again before forcing you into a rough kiss, pushing her tongue into your mouth and swirling around a moment before pulling back. A string of saliva connects both of your mouths as she smiles and continues, "And he tastes delicious~..."

Now, you blush and have to admit that that felt good, and if you weren't in a rush to save your friends and you were still looking for your first partner, that might have made you melt right there. Both of those things have happened however, and on top of that your CLyrica has a superior kiss even though she's inexperienced. As a result, you start to struggle out of her grip. While getting completely free would be nice, you're really only aiming to be able to maneuver your hand to where it can point that can of Repel you're holding at some part of her.

You're wrestling with her to try and get out of her grip and bring your arm around, and you can see your allies struggling to catch up with you. The Kogasa notices you as you bring the can of repel around and grabs your arm, wrestling to bring it under control and keeping it pointed away from her face. "Noooooope...!" She jeers as you as she starts to twist your arm painfully and almost knocks the can out of your hand when a loud, blaring trumpet sound sends your ears ringing and astonishes the Kogasa enough for you be able to bring around the repel can and nail her in the face with it, making her cry out in disgust as the tongue flips out and tosses you away.

Your Savior is...a...what. It's a Merlin but...you don't think you've seen that coloration before.

She hovers over you, eying you non-hostilely and perhaps...a bit concerned? You're not sure.

Your allies arrive suddenly and Kiri and Rei drop on the Kogasa like a sack of bricks and hammers made out of fury and hate, tackling the poor thing through a holly bush. From behind there, you hear the sounds of battle and misery.

Your Lyrica floats up to you now, pressing her hands against you to make sure you're real before she gives a hug. Then she notices the Shiny Merlin.

The two of them stare at each other in awed silence.

You hug your Lyrica back, holding her tightly before you join her in looking at the shiny Merlin. ...Shiny Merlin. You had every intention of helping your Lyrica beat the odds and form a new trio already, but to have a shiny Merlin drop in your lap like this? Still, you need to actually for some words or something. "Thanks for helping me out with that Kogasa, Merlin. You saved me." And, well, it's true. Your allies were busy beating the living daylights out of that Kogasa for daring to try and kidnap you, so it's obvious that they're more than capable of doing so. But the karakasa mon could have just kept escaping with you until there was no saving you. Still... "Do you want to come with us?" You ask the mon.

The Merlin actually looks shocked at your offer and perhaps a bit embarrassed. You suspect she may have been considering taking you for herself when she saved you but...

Your Lyrica hops up and grabs the lavender dress wearing Merlin by the arm and speaks rapid moonspeak to her. The Merlin looks faintly awed and more red by the second as her gaze slides over to you...and lower. Ah.

The Lyrica brings the Merlin down lower to you and oh hey WOAH there! The Lyrica took the Merlins hair and put it on your most sensitive spot, getting a bit of a shock from you. The Merlin, for her part, licks her lips.

You can't help but blush as you realize just what your Lyrica was talking about with the Merlin, and find yourself about to get molested again. If you weren't in such a rush you might be a little less hesitant about the whole deal. In fact... Well, you're blushing red as a ripe cherry now that you're imagining them both going at you at once, but you still have to say something, "Lyrica, my friends are kind of in trouble still." You're not totally sure logic will work here, but you have to at least make a token effort.

Lyrica chatters something at you and points over to where Rei and Kiri are still beating up the Kogasa. You're not really headed anywhere before she gets dealt with, now are you? You can't just leave your friends behind, and unless you're going to make them stop here and now...

The Merlin is currently working to try and take your numerous belts off, pausing only to give you an odd look before Lyrica says something, making the Merlin just go back to working on getting your pants off so she can get your rocks off.

You take one look in the direction of your temporary party members and decide that no, you do not want to try and get between them and teaching that Kogasa a lesson. Partly because they're powerful mons by themselves, partly because that Kogasa might have enough left in her to grab you and flee properly this time. You can't count on dumb luck saving you twice. ...Or three times total so far, as it were.

You notice the Merlin having trouble with your belts, so you decide to give the mon a hand in undoing them all and drop your pants willingly. From there... Well, you leave it to the shiny mon.




You hear a cough from your left and look there to see Kiri and Rei. Kiri is snickering at you while Rei simply looks at you, one eyebrow cocked as if to say 'I leave for a little while and this happens'?

This is what you were trying to avoid, and you briefly bury your face in your hands out of both embarrassment and veeeeeery mild frustration that you didn't get to see the two sisters licking each other clean. ...And oh Shinki. Yumeko an Ruukoto are probably going to be able to smell your seed on both Prismrivers...

"Anyway..." You try to regain something resembling composure in the face of nearly getting drowned in pleasure before you even got to your friends, and pull out one of your five remaining balls. "Merlin, I don't want someone to catch you and steal you from me, so..." You trail off and hold the ball out, though you get the impression that your Lyrica might need to help you out here.

Merlin leans up to the ball and presses her lips against it in a kiss, getting drawn into the ball by a red light and...the mess that was on her falls to the ground without her there for it to be on anymore.

Lyrica helpfully pulls your pants all the way up and tightens them up for you again, putting your belts on and generally cleaning you up and making sure you look presentable.

Of course she has to give one last display like that. You get the feeling that this is less you catching these girls and more them deciding to tag along with you because you're the first good thing that's happened to them in a while. You ruffle your Lyrica's hair again as she helps you become at least someone presentable, then let the Merlin back out of her ball shortly after that. You hope the enthusiastic mon will behave herself.

Merlin immediately tackles the Lyrica and starts to 'clean' her the moment she's out of her ball. Lyrica for her part squeals and breaks down into giggles.

Rei just huffs in an annoyed manner as she takes hold of you and helps haul you upright, Kiri grabbing your other side as she pats you on the back and offers what you suspect to be her congratulations. That or she's making fun of you. You're not really sure.

You're still blushing and can't quite look either girl in the eye. "We should get going again. They're probably getting molested by now..." You turn toward where you think the stairs are since you got a pretty good look at them before you were so rudely snatched up, and you decide to pull both your shiny mons along since it looked like they weren't going to finish anytime soon.

Oh hey that's awfully convenient! The stairs are right over there and...were they there before? You're pretty sure they weren't, actually.

Considering that this is an anomaly, you're not entirely sure you want to consider why the stairs suddenly materialized so close to your current position. You know, it might be because there's something controlling this place's aspects but... You shake your head and walk up the stairs until you stop feeling quite so weak in the knees, then you start jogging up the stairs. You'd go into a flat-out run, but that nearly got you in trouble twice on this floor.

You make it to the top of the stairs and pass by what appears to be a window or an opening and-

That horde of fairies you left behind burst through it! The ZFairies look at you for a moment and then at your group. Your group looks back at them.

You all look at each other.

Then one of the fairies screams and squeaks something in moonspeak and they all fly away screaming.

[ ] Chase after them! Surely the minions lead to the boss!

[ ] Ignore them. If you're right that Rin has so many fairies that she could just swamp you if you rush in carelessly.

[ ] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.
No. 171208
[X] Ignore them. If you're right that Rin has so many fairies that she could just swamp you if you rush in carelessly.
[X] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.

MC did note that the number of ZFairies appearing are abnormal, and I have a theory that the Rin might have been told by her zombie fairies that they failed to scoop up a boy but he's coming her way. Frontal approach might not do, and if we were to attack, we'd need every help we can get whiiiiich....

Brings to why I am choosing those two options! We might as well try and unite the shiny Prismriver Sisters! I'm quiiiiite sure that three of them combined would give a performance thats even more overpowering vs Rin and her ZFairies as opposed to being the raw sum of the effects of their music performances.

Yaaay, Prismriver sisters, I am a happy man
No. 171209
[X] Ignore them. If you're right that Rin has so many fairies that she could just swamp you if you rush in carelessly.
[X] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.

I'd put it at a fairly good chance that the Zfairies are going to lead us into a trap of some form should we pursue them...
No. 171210
[X] Ignore them. If you're right that Rin has so many fairies that she could just swamp you if you rush in carelessly.
[X] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.

Must.. collect... whole... set... and stop using ellipses.
No. 171211
[X] Ignore them. If you're right that Rin has so many fairies that she could just swamp you if you rush in carelessly.
[X] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.
No. 171219

But... But... How am I supposed to do my William Shatner impression?
No. 171221
[X] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.

We're going to have to fight a high level Rin with an unknown amount of ZFairies, we're going to need all the help we can get.

Also I want to complete the set.

You guys think we can catch a CKogasa on the way out? The posted pic got be excited.
No. 171222
[x] Ignore them. If you're right that Rin has so many fairies that she could just swamp you if you rush in carelessly.
[x] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.

Gotta complete the set.
No. 171226
[x] Ignore them. If you're right that Rin has so many fairies that she could just swamp you if you rush in carelessly.
[x] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.

Complete set, maybe grab another, then maybe get Aki sisters on return path?

Left for starter, came back with full team. I am A-okay with this.
No. 171227
[X] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.

Let's get the band together. Later we can pick up a Kyouko and a Mystia to complete our themed set!

Also, I'm proud of you guys for not making the obvious memejoke after those two bits o' smut.
No. 171228
[X] Ignore them. If you're right that Rin has so many fairies that she could just swamp you if you rush in carelessly.
[X] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.

We need all the help we can get, if we want to take on Rin.
No. 171229
What obvious memejoke?

[X] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.

Let's get this phantom ensemble together.
No. 171230
What? The whole 'getting the band back together' thing?
No. 171231
Consider the sex acts performed on us by the Prismrivers. Consider the typing of the Prismrivers.

..Though maybe [spoiler]GHOST BLOWJOB WOOOOOOOO
isn't as widely spread of a piece of stupid as I had feared.[/spoiler]
No. 171233
Ey! I like that! Part of the culture and all that. I still remember that other footjob...

[x] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.
No. 171234
File 137332746789.png - (203.50KB , 400x400 , patchy.png ) [iqdb]
I leave for Anime Expo (just as we entered the tower), and come back to this?


[X] Ignore them. If you're right that Rin has so many fairies that she could just swamp you if you rush in carelessly.
[X] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.
No. 171235

To be fair I was thinking about it.
No. 171237
[X] Ignore them. If you're right that Rin has so many fairies that she could just swamp you if you rush in carelessly.
[X] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.
No. 171272
[X] Ignore them. If you're right that Rin has so many fairies that she could just swamp you if you rush in carelessly.
[X] You recall that your Lyrica sounded about as sad as the music you're hearing, and it's from a Lunasa... Follow the sound to its source.

Nothing significant to contribute here that hasn't been said already.
No. 171276
You don't pay the fairies so much as a second thought as you continue on. While you're quite sure your impromptu team could beat up all those ZFairies, there's the simple fact that you're quite certain that the Rin you're going after has a metric ton of them and that she could literally just bury you in tiny, hot bodies that would molest you into submission. It's better to find another way to your friends.

...That being said though, the music that's been permeating the tower at this point has gotten stronger, though you're not worried about that. Lyrica's already proven that she can counteract it, and now you have a Merlin on your side too. Between the two you have no reason to fear the effects of that Lunasa that's no doubt ahead of you. In fact, you try to pin down where the music is coming from. While you're not here to hunt for mons specifically, gathering up the last Prismriver to form a new trio would go a long way toward making the inevitable fight much simpler.

Admittedly, that's not the only reason. You really do want to help create a new shiny trio so your girls won't have to be lonely, or feel like something's missing. The other part is that you... Well... You're personally invested in this now, both because you want to help them and you're finding that you're curious about what it would feel like to have all three girls working you over at once.

And that's why you focus on the sound of that depressing music as your Prismriver Duo tone down their own efforts to counteract so you can hear it. You're much higher up than you thought you'd be, based off of how much louder the music is. Maybe she was lower than you thooooooooo...

You glanced out the hole that the ZFairies came through and...uh...yeah. You're really high up now. I mean...wow. If it wasn't for the massive storm of cherry blossom petals, you'd bet you could see your house from here.

...Right, yeah. You'd forgot that this place probably doesn't follow the rules of logic and common sense at all. You'd heard stories of how people would spend hours working their way through the first few floors, and that's just from those who came back alive and not broken.

...You can't focus on that now though, can you? You've got to keep moving. You think you've got an idea of just where the Lunasa has to be now, and if your reckoning is right she's on this floor. Speaking of this floor it's...you're thankful you have your duo with you, because it almost looks like even the plants are dying from depressing this close here. Flowers are wilting and bushes are drooping. Trees seem weak and flop easily about in the wind.

You are really glad your girls are counteracting the music, because you're not sure you'd be able to push past this. Still, you can't afford to linger in this place since you're not sure how long your girls can hold out against this. They're counteracting this, sure, but if that Lunasa's pushing things to the point where even plants want to die then you're certain they're having to put in a similar effort. You start to run forward again, intent on shutting that music down since you're almost certain that you'd be exposed to that the entire time you're trying to save your friends too.

And so you rush. Your feet carry you swiftly as they can through the dead and dying bush and past the limp, weeping trees. The strings of that deadly, sorrowful song are slowly but surely creeping through the field of effect of your friends defenses, and you can feel it starting to tug at your own heart. This is getting bad very, very quickly.

Which means that you're perfectly justified in wanting to get to that Lunasa as soon as possible. What she's playing reminds you of what you learned about the move Perish Song, but nothing you read or heard said it could be used to this degree! You keep moving because you have to at this point. You're in too deep, your friends need you, you have to keep moving!

You can feel that creeping dread sinking deeper and deeper into your heart as your friends crowd around you, helping force that feeling back by their presence. Even so, you can feel the icy remains of what was done, and now you...

...Trip over a pair of legs, tumbling to the ground before being hauled back up to your feet by Kiri and Rei, hoping to keep you moving but...you see it now.

There's an incredibly odd looking Patchouli lying on the ground there, eyes barely open as they move to look at you. Her clothes are black and tattered, and odd fare even for a Patchouli-type touhoumon. You've never heard of anything like this before and she's...she's missing an arm. In the place of where her right arm would be is just a skeletal remnant, with no skin or muscle attached.

The odd and somewhat terrifying looking Patchouli's gaze slides over to you, telling you she's still alive but...she seems to be in horrible condition.

The fact that you really needed help to get back up off the ground was both irritating and distressing, though the fact that there was another mon who looked like she was about ready to succumb to the effects of the song was just as worrying. While it was true that her presence alone was somewhat terrifying, there was also the fact that the feeling in your heart from hearing the song was even more so.

And mind you, that's with the aid of your two partners doing their best to drown it out. For someone like that Patchouli, who has no protection... Were she healthy you would have run past her no doubt, since she would likely join the ranks of mons who want to molest you just because you're adorable. Plus if what that Kogasa said was true, apparently you are also 'delicious'.

That aside, you reach into your medicine pocket and pull out a Potion. You're not entirely sure how much this will help the mon on the ground, nor have you really considered the consequences, but you spray her with the medicine.

Deep down, you knew that leaving a mon in that state in these conditions would likely kill her before you stop that Lunasa.

You watch the odd Patchouli and note that her breathing seems to become a bit easier, her chest rising up with less labor than it was before. The entire time those eyes of hers, burning with an inner purple light, are locked onto yours.

"Are you going to be alright?" Your voice sounds a bit hoarser than you'd like to hear, though that's no doubt a combination of running so much and being brought to orgasm twice so far, plus the whole death music field. ...It feels a bit weird that this Patchouli, who's missing an entire flesh and blood arm, is actually less terrifying to you than the music.

The Patchouli stares at you, her odd clothing covering her mouth from your sight. You think you hear something from her but you just aren't sure. Suddenly, that skeletal arm of hers moves, slowly reaching up towards your face, boney fingers pointed outwards, their tips gleaming sharp before you are yanked back by your friends, who begin to force you to run towards the Lunasa again, leaving the Patchouli behind. She disappears from your sight, arm still reaching.

You're not entirely sure what that was all about, but you're rather glad that your friends have more common sense than you and decided that leaving you to do stupid things was not a good things to do. With that in mind, you continue to rush in the direction of that Lunasa, hoping that she's not too much further ahead.

You're dragged along deeper, each step forward more of a tumble forward now. Even your friends are struggling at this point, and the only reason you all are still standing is the combined efforts of your Prismriver Duo. Then, you see it. In the middle of a patch of an entirely dead field there's a CLunasa, as shiny as your friends, resting on a grave. She stares blankly up into the sky or ceiling as her instrument plays itself.

You're not sure if it's the music or the sight of the girl who's given up on her life that's doing you in at this point, but even with the help of your friends and their music, you're starting to lose it. Not even the fact that you are basically the luckiest son of a Momiji on the planet right now is helping you. You need to think up something soon.

You stare at the poor, miserable girl who's given up all hope and you can't help but want to give up too, but...

But suddenly, your Prismrivers grab hold of you and drag you towards her, through the dreadful music and through the dead and dying plants. You're dragged to a stop in front of the Lunasa who's staring up at the sky, not even noticing you. You need to...do something here, but what. To your left and right you see Merlin and Lyrica making 'kissy' faces at you.


Well, it's not like you have any better ideas, so you lean down and kiss the Lunasa on the lips, hoping that that's all it will take to get her to stop.


Through your exhaustion, you can see Lyrica and Merlin leaning in closer to the Lunasa as she breaks her kiss with you.
Lunasa stares at the other two shiny Prismrivers, her eyes simply wide with shock as she registers just what they are. Shakily she reaches out with one hand at each of them to touch them, like she can't believe their real. The moment she makes contact you see her whole body jolt like she still can't believe it. Finally she...hiccups and lets out a cry, which sets off a chain reaction in your other Prismrivers, leading to you being underneath a squirming pile of hugging girls.

Which you can't quite bring yourself to interrupt for the moment, though it's partly because you just succeeded in one day what other trainers could spend their whole lives trying to accomplish and never come close to succeeding at. The other part is that you're still recovering from your afterglow. Still, eventually you manage to get a ball out of your bag and hold it out to the shiny Lunasa. "I'd ask if you want to come with us, but I'm not sure I have to." You say to her with a smile.

You also make a mental note to get your Lyrica to kiss you passionately sometime. If Lunasa could make your heart flutter than Lyrical should make you melt in her arms.

Still, you have to really stare at the Lunasa. Her sky blue dress, red decorations, silver hair and grey eyes make her look so unlike others of her kind, but her brilliant sheen and gleam makes her feel right at home with her sisters. Both of them. You took a trio of outcasts and helped them become a family, and look at them. It's like they were born together.

Lunasa nods happily and excitedly, flying up to the ball and you and pressing her lips against yours again, just before the ball draws her inside of it. Just like her sisters, the ball nearly immediately pings a successful capture.

And just like the previous two times, you don't hesitate to let her back out after that. You feel you can trust her and her sisters to behave now.

...something slowly begins to occur to you. The Lunasa's music was what was keeping the population and threat down, at least from other touhoumon. You're really high up in the White Tower and that music is gone now. Oh...

Which was the other thing you just noticed. Thankfully you have a few Escape Rope on you, so there's one thing that's somewhat mitigated.
Still, first thing’s first. "Alright, I don't think we can spare too much more time for this. My friends are still in trouble and I don't think I could forgive myself if I let them down because I got molested too much."

The Prismriver Trio snap into action and haul you up as you watch...Kiri and Rei readjust their dresses, both looking a bit flushed, maybe? Kiri does at least, but Rei looks as unruffled as ever. Now you just need to-

"Oh boy, a boy!" A voice in good cheer says as a red haired, black eared and green dress wearing catgirl enters the field, followed by a small horde of ZFairies. Oh well that solves one problem. "Those other two are...okay, I guess? The awkward one's cute and the loud one would be fun to break, but you..." She takes a deep sniff of the air, "Oh, someone already claimed you huh?" She grins widely at you, showing rows of sharp teeth, "I'll tie them up and make them watch as I make you my tie, cutie~."

You're not entirely sure how to take all this. On the one hand, this is a fully evolved Rin with a horde of ZFairies who would very much like to make you into her sex slave for all time. Somewhat scary in and of itself.

However, you've been molested thrice already, endured music that by all means should have killed you, nearly got kidnapped three times, saw a Patchouli who was no doubt a ghostly variant of the usual, and got deep kissed by a Kogasa.

You just can't bring yourself to even pretend to be scared by this.

Plus there's the whole, you know, murderous rage bit that Rei and Kiri are no doubt about to act on, and she's taunting your girls about tearing you away from them by force and making them watch. Like they'd let that happen without a fight.

Needless to say, the bombastic Rin is about to be met with a considerable amount of violence. It just comes down to choosing who to let beat her up.


[ ] Rei and Kiri should deal with Rin while the Prismrivers deal with the ZFairies!
[ ] The Prismrivers can deal with Rin while Rei and Kiri crush the ZFairies!
[ ] Wait, what’s that purple light…?
No. 171277
[x] Rei and Kiri should deal with Rin while the Prismrivers deal with the ZFairies!

Let them have their sweet revenge.
No. 171278
[X] Rei and Kiri should deal with Rin while the Prismrivers deal with the ZFairies!

Well, its demonstrated that Lyrica's song is just plain excrutiatingly painful to hear for the ZFairies, now how about the Prismriver trio together!? That way the more powerful and non-chibi Marisa and Reimu can gang up on Rin.

....You know, I am feeling curious about that purple light, but I wonder what could it be, that ghostly Patchouli? Seems likely, Patchoulis are purple after all.
No. 171279
[X] Wait, what’s that purple light…?
This is either a really bad end, or a really good end. Either way, my burning curiosity compels me, if only because not looking at the light won't make it go away.
No. 171280
It's the Patchouli.
>You watch the odd Patchouli and note that her breathing seems to become a bit easier, her chest rising up with less labor than it was before. The entire time those eyes of hers, burning with an inner purple light, are locked onto yours.

We healed her and stopped the music that killed/was killing her, so maybe she's feeling grateful and will help us in return. Or maybe she's going to murder us and then rape our corpse. Either way, really.
No. 171282
[x] Rei and Kiri should deal with Rin while the Prismrivers deal with the ZFairies!
No. 171285
[X] Wait, what’s that purple light…?

Maybe not only the Patchouli either. A lot of touhoumon might have been affected by Lunasa's music.
No. 171286
[x] Wait, what’s that purple light…?

This looks interesting.
No. 171288
[X] Wait, what’s that purple light…?

I want to see where this leads. I'm surprised there's no buffing tactics mentioned as the sisters have good support skills+Baton pass.
No. 171291
[X] Wait, what’s that purple light…?

A Ghost Patchouli would be a fantastic addition to our team!
No. 171292
Won't that make it too many ghost types for the team? Dark types and other strong against ghosts would destroy the team.

Then again, we have to take the path home again after rescuing the two. Aki sisters could fill the last two slots. Plants like music anyway, right?
No. 171293
[x] Wait, what’s that purple light…?

I'm more curious in this choice than the others. Can't let it escape
No. 171295
[x] Wait, what's that purple light...?

Whoever it is, it's gonna be a Big Damn Heroes moment to boot. I hope.

>Plants like music, right?

>>/shorts/944 seems to disagree with that.
>Music also influences plants. Yuuka Kazami, has performed experiments to define how much can plant growth be stimulated with acoustic music, and to compare their development with other plants under a stric silence regimen. Results have been surprising: music-stimulated plants grow a lot less than the others! Credited biologist Eirin Yagokoro blamed this on Kazami's poor skills with the acoustic guitar.
No. 171296
[x] Wait, what's that purple light...?

These mons of mine glow with an awesome POWER! Their burning passion tells me to defeat you! Take this! My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow! SHINING PRISMRIVER SISTERS!!! GO! GO! GO!!!


>that short

Oh god don't remind me, I don't think my sides can handle it.
No. 171298
[X] Wait, what’s that purple light…?
No. 171300
File 137340187985.jpg - (170.71KB , 572x800 , 36536296.jpg ) [iqdb]
Gotta go catch a Satsuki Rin, stat. She'll really help this band we're putting together, and she fits the whole questionable existence theme to boot.
No. 171301
Besides, I heard she's a great tank in the Touhoumon games. She balances our team of fragile speedsters rather well in that matter. However, since she's not a ghost, I doubt we'll find a Satuski in the tower for the time being.
No. 171304
[x] Wait, what’s that purple light…?
No. 171307
File 137340759589.png - (517.16KB , 1000x950 , 25191165_p17.png ) [iqdb]
Of all the Touhoumon hacks I've played, it's only possible to legally obtain Satsuki in one of them, and in one of the others she's an Elite 4 Only 'mon. In all the others you have to cheat in some fashion; even though she has a sprite, a movepool, and stats, and is in every way a complete 'mon, she's not included in the finished game.

Seems appropriate, in its own way. Personally, I like using the Universal Pokemon Randomizer to change one of the starters to Satsuki without altering anything else, going on a fantastical and illusory journey with a puppet that may or may not exist.

She is a great tank in most hacks, incidentally. A fantastic tank, and usually capable of party support as well depending upon the hack.
No. 171311

Nnnnnnot to mention that in the one hack where she actually is legitimately catchable, she's a legendary who has some rather irritating encounter requirements, is level 70, and a moveset that turns catching her into an exercise in sodomy.
No. 171313
File 137341090398.jpg - (162.70KB , 513x1000 , 28824511.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hmm? Which one is that? I was referring to Touhoumon Blue version, which includes Satsuki as an event Pokemon given to you at the Silph Building in place of the Lapras, and gives her a Chibi and Ex form as well. Are you talking about Aqua+Yui? Because I think that's the only "contemporary" Touhoumon hack that I haven't played yet.

What's the encounter in Aqua+Yui like?
No. 171314

Oh, you're talking about 1.5 version Satsuki. I'm referring to the 1.8 version in Achiya's version. The one with base 150 HP/Def/Sp. Def, base 50 Atk/Sp. Atk/Spd, and when encountered in the wild she's level 70 and knows Draco Meteor/Haze/Rest/Perish Song. And oh by the way, she has the Illusion type which nothing gets super-effective damage on.
No. 171315
Oh fucking hell, that sounds awful. I played Aichiya's Fire Red hack a few years back, and even managed to catch the Saigyu Ayakashi, but I don't immediately recall that fight, which likely means that I repressed the traumatic memory of getting reamed repeatedly by Satsuki's pointy erhu.
No. 171316
I also request a scene wherein one of the MC's is reamed repeatedly by Satsuki's pointy erhu.
No. 171320
[X] Wait, what's that purple light...?

Unless SLDT is paying noteworthy attention to the 1.8 hacks. Ghost is a pretty solid type in those, being fully non-interactive with Dark instead of hilariously weak to it.

That, and the 1.8s gives each Prismriver a different subtype upon evolution. Yay for team variety!
No. 171324
[X] Oh I wonder what that purple light could be!

Also for our motto for this story

Touhoumon! Gotta fuck 'em all!
No. 171326
[x] Wait, what's that purple light...?
- [X] Rei and Kiri should deal with Rin while the Prismrivers deal with the ZFairies!

Would like to make sure that purple light doesn't bite us, but otherwise this seems like the best plan.

Also, I'm totally behind having a team of musical Touhous. We left a boy, we came back with a kick ass band.
No. 171337
I can infer from this that you're probably from /tg/ and play D&D 3.5e.
Pokémon have one or two types, which are equal and interchangeable for all practical purposes.
No. 171358
[X] Wait, what's that purple light...?

We really can't resist any of these mystery options can we?

I'd go for it.
No. 171362
BZZT. I used the term "subtype" because their movelists are still primarily Ghost typed and only gain one noteworthy attack of the new type (plus TM access). The second types are mainly defensive modifiers for them, and take a notable backseat to Ghost unless you force them to the front.

As for the "you must be a 3.5er from /tg/", you're coincidentally half-half-right. (That's a quarter right.) I started poking around there for laughs well after arriving here, when some gentlemen on #THP IRC linked me a funnystuff thread.
No. 171364
File 137346910026.jpg - (674.95KB , 1000x1100 , Patchouli being Awesome.jpg ) [iqdb]
You were busy deciding who should clobber what when you noticed a strange purple light shining from somewhere. Your attention shifts from the Rin to looking around for the source of that ominous light, since you're pretty sure that's not something any of your girls or your friend's girls can do..

You can't seem to place just where the light is coming from but you notice that you're not the only one who's concerned. Your friends have gathered around you protectively and the Rin's ears are lying flat back on her head and her eyes are darting about, trying to catch just where that light is coming from. The ZFairies are getting restless, milling about as they crowd around the Rin more than they already were.

Then you're shocked as one of the ZFairies suddenly lunges as her fellows, grabbing onto them and attacking them viciously. More and more ZFairies are attacking their fellows now and the mob is degenerating into a panicked brawl. Then you see it. Some of the ZFairies eyes are glowing purple.

"What is...?" The Rin trys to ask just what's going on as she tries to reassert her control over the ZFairies when a new figure enters the clearing.

As your gut told you, that Patchouli you saved before is slowly walking into the field, wreathed in ethereal blue flames and her eyes shining with an unholy purple light. Her skeletal arm slides out from underneath the robe that conceals ninety percent of her form, a bluebell flame flickering into existence in it as her boney fingers shift, toying with it. "I have assumed direct control of their forms...[/i}" Her voice is a low, hissing thing that sends shivers down your spine, even though her attention isn't on you.

The Rin herself has shifted her attention off of you and is focusing on the Patchouli now, snarling at her as her cackles raise up, "Back off you hussy, I found him first!"

The Patchouli's eyes shift over to you for a moment before moving back to the Rin as she speaks again "[i]I have...no use for the boy. You, however...
." She begins to advance slowly on the Rin, each step she takes leaving a trail of etheral burning blue flames behind her, "I am diminished still. You...shall serve as a sufficient sacrifice to refill me...."

Sweet Shinki how horrifying.

You're not quite sure what got that Patchouli to follow you up here, outside of that whole possibly saving her life thing, but you do know that the last thing you want to do is get between her and that Rin. As such, you just let the mon go about her business.

After all, that Rin's caused you nothing but trouble and kidnapped your friends. Anything that happens to her at this point is just karma biting her in the backside.

As you watch you can't help but feel a bit sorry for the Rin. Moments into the fight it's obvious that she's completely outclassed. Her flames are bat aside by the Patchouli in her determined march towards her prey, and it seems a bit like she's not very good at direct combat. Which, you suppose, makes sense. After all, she's probably devoted herself to keep control of and supporting that fairy horde of hers rather than fighting straight on. Now that she's run into someone who can turn that power against her...

The Rin lets out a weak roar as she lunges at the Patchouli, claws out as she swings across the Patchouli's robes and tears into them. The Patchouli herself is seemingly entirely unfazed by the attack as the Rin looks faintly horrified. "You..!" The Rin sputters as she tries to pull back now, but it's too little too late. The skeletal arm of the Patchouli latches around the mons throat and hefts her effortlessly into the air. You watch on as the Rin kicks about in a panic as a red glow starts to crawl up the Patchouli's arm. The glow hits the Rin and spreads over her, wrapping her in its glow as you watch it begin to pulse in a familiar rhythm, seemingly down the Patchouli's arm. The Rin kicks about feebly a few times before going completely limp, barely even breathing by the time the glow fades.

That Patchouli considers her for a moment before promptly hurling her aside, sending the Rin flying out of your field of view and out of your list of problems...putting the Patchouli up near the top now!

She turns and regards you with a level, empty stare as her whole body thrums with power.

You're not quite ready to just send your girls after the Patchouli though. You know how strong she is since you just saw that power for yourself, and if she was really about to attack you she probably would have by now. "Thanks for getting rid of that Rin." If you had to guess, the mon who just saved you and your girls some work was repaying a favor.

Admittedly, part of you wanted to spare that Rin at least some of her punishment, but at the same time that would have involved either being faster on the draw with a ball or perhaps annoying the mon who helped you out.

She regards you for a long moment before looking away from you, paying attention to ZFairies that are lined up rank and file and standing disturbingly still for fairies. "Do not mistake my actions for kindness." She tells you, reaching out with a skeletal hand and stroking one of the unresponsive ZFairies heads,"Your benefiting from my actions is mere circumstance, nothing more."

"Circumstance or no, you saved us some work. I figured it'd be rude not to acknowledge your role in that." Of course, it's more like she did the whole thing herself. Still... "You're doing better now, right? I was worried when I found you earlier. ...And sorry about tripping over you like that."

She turns that unsettling gaze of hers back onto you as she considers her words for a long moment before finally speaking up,"I am...sufficiently recovered between your contribution and the Rins sacrifice." She points her boney hand into the brush and a group of the fairies break off and go flying into it, leaving you and your group with her.

...You do notice that Kiri and Rei have put themselves between you and her, and your Prisms are gathered around you protectively.

Which is an act you're grateful for, considering that they're probably the only reason you can talk to this admittedly scary Patchouli on such candid terms right now.

"That's good to hear. I have to wonder though. If what you did was just coicindence, wouldn't it have been simpler for you to move down a floor? Since Lunasa's not playing her music anymore, I'd imagine that there'd be more worthwhile targets than that Rin." You think you know the answer to that question. The real answer. She felt grateful to you and wanted to pay you back. Getting her to admit that right now, however, seemed to be nothing short of an impossible request.

"The Rin...was closer[/i}." She informs you simply, her tone remaining the same level hiss,"[i]I had hoped that you might have proven of use and diminshed her forces and strength by the time I arrived but...she was weaker than anticipated."

You watch as the ZFairies who left before return now, carrying...Abbott and Costello! They're both bound and trussed up like holiday turkeys, but they seem to be alive and not psychologically broken messes. Also, all their belts are on too!

They're deposited in front of you by the ZFairies with little to no fanfare. The ZFairies quickly go to rejoin the rest of their sisters as you watch Kiri and Rei react to their trainers return.

Kiri tackles Costello as the former tries to squirm himself into an upright sitting position, shower the poor boy with kisses and hugs as she rapidly chatters at him in moonspeak. He wraps his arms around the poor girl and speaks up as she finishes,"...I'm sorry for worrying you."

...wait, weren't his arms bound? Along with the rest of him?

Rei meanwhile is standing in front of Abbott, giving him a piercing stare as he whimpers quietly at her. Eventually she just sighs and rolls him over onto his front and starts to free him from his bonds.

"Well, it makes sense." You respond to the Patchouli. "She must have been a Rin that focused on having a lot of workers to fight for her." Of course, despite all that talk about this being coincidence and how she was just hoping to use you, you got the feeling her argument was rapidly falling apart since she seems to be going so far out of her way to help you. Still, best not to push the issue right now.

You step in front of Costello first, and hand him Kiri's ball. "Good to see that you've still got your wits." You smile at your klutzy friend, happy that he's still in one piece as opposed to psychologically broken or... discarded. You shudder to think about that, especially since you just succeeded at rescuing them in time.

Then Abbot is next. You hand him Rei's ball, and herald the end of the poor mon having a cute name instead of a mind-bogglingly stupid one. You pretty much feel sorry for the poor girl. "And you. Having confidence is one thing, but that was just stupid. I'm not always going to be around to bail you guys out, so be more careful, will you?" You're almost certain that Rei would be saying the exact same thing right now if she could speak human instead of moonspeak.

"Rei, Kiri, thank you as well. This would have been a lot harder without the both of you." You speak to each of your friend's mons as well.

You look to the Patchouli one more time since it looks like she hasn't left yet. "Coincidence or no, I really do appreciate you stepping in like that. So, I'll just say thank you again. Coincidentally."

And last but not least, you try to hug your girls all at once. "And I guess I should thank you girls for deciding to come with me rather than drag me off." You kiss each of them on the head once. That just leaves the more problematic scenario.

Namely, how you're going to get down from here. Not only are you insanely high up in the tower, you're certain that by shutting down Lunasa's music you've allowed the White Tower to go back to normal. This means that there's an insanely large gauntlet of mons between you and your way out, and you have no solid plan of how to go about it.

Plus, you've had to shove aside a mon or two just to get up this far, and not only are they bound to come after you with a vengeance, they're bound to have grumbled aloud or something so they know that a choice young boy is going to come by. Which means more mons waiting to overpower you or yank you away from your girls, more traps to ensnare you, and maybe...

The floor you found your Merlin in changed where its stairs were after you successfully added her to your team. It's... It's not impossible that someone moved them. Your more analytical side noted that those stairs moved to a rather convenient location considering the circumstances.

Couple that with the fact that you know there's an evolved Youmu running around, and those typically act as servants for Yuyuko...

Speaking of Youmu's, you spot one now. A massive ghost half hovers behind her and wags its tail at you in a mockery of a greeting as she stares stonily at you and your group, one hand on the hilt of her larger blade. Oh...

Just one more thing to add to the long list of things that went wrong today. Right up there with the fact that you've probably got a Yuyuko of some kind watching your every move. Still, need to come up with a solution to this problem. Now.

[ ] Cheese it, it's the cops!
[ ] You can't see me if I don't move.
[ ] You know, Escape Rope is made for situations like this.
[ ] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.
No. 171366
[ ] You know, Escape Rope is made for situations like this
The smart choice.

[X] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.
My choice.
No. 171367
[ ] You know, Escape Rope is made for situations like this
The smart choice.

[X] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.
My choice.
No. 171368
Please ignore this vote as I've double posted accidentally.
No. 171369
[x] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.

Cool as a cucumber in a freezer at the peak of Everest.
No. 171370
[X] You know, Escape Rope is made for situations like this.
[X] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.

Any sudden movements is likely to set of warrior instincts, meanwhile...this brings the question as to whether the Escape Rope would also bring other people with you aside from your Mons.

Alas, best we retreat now rather than face the Youmu, wouldnt want to jeapordize our newfound Mons, furthermore...if teams of specialists fall prey to this Youmu, what are the chances of three boys with small number of mons?
No. 171371
[X] You know, Escape Rope is made for situations like this.
No. 171372
[X] You know, Escape Rope is made for situations like this.

Okay, got a team of rare mons, got our friends back, time to go. Right now.
No. 171373
[x] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.
No. 171374
[X] You know, Escape Rope is made for situations like this.

[x] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.
If possible, add this as well. No sudden movements, wait for the right time.

I do believe its time to leave. We're pushing our luck if we stay here any longer.

Also I have to ask, are we actually in danger of you know dying during this quest? Like legit dead, because all the potential bad ends I've seen here and in the other stories point towards becoming an unwilling sex slave or some shit.
No. 171377
[X] You know, Escape Rope is made for situations like this.

Yes, we're done here.
No. 171378
File 137347737127.jpg - (327.56KB , 300x3718 , what_happens_to_pokmon_stuck_in_poke_balls-310431.jpg ) [iqdb]
Haha what are you talking about? There's no way his journey could be THAT dangerous.

Keep the girls out of their balls. Just in case.
No. 171384

You can delete double posts by clicking on the offending post, going to the nifty 'delete post' icon on the bottom right of the site, and clicking on the button.
No. 171389
[X]Act natural.
[X]If (when) diplomacy fails, use the escape route.
No. 171392
What diplomacy? Our guy is still a young boy. The Youmu is still a mon. I don't think it's hard to guess what she's going to try to do very, very soon.

[X] You know, Escape Rope is made for situations like this.
No. 171398
[X] You know, Escape Rope is made for situations like this.
No. 171401
To be fair, diplomacy has worked two-thirds of the time, so it's not entirely unreasonable.
No. 171402
Not sure I would call what happened with the Prismrivers and Patchouli diplomacy.
No. 171404
Er, doesn't seem to be working. That might be because I didn't put in a specific password, thus whatever password I got given before I don't have now.
No. 171406
Forgot to sage, my bad.
No. 171407
The term 'diplomacy' indicates that we have something to offer to the Youmu in exchange for not getting raped. The last time I checked, we don't have anything worthwhile that would do the trick. In a more favorable scenario, diplomacy may be a solution, but in this case, we will probably get kidnapped and have yet another sex sccene.
No. 171408
Coming to a mutually beneficial arrangement without resorting to violence or arousing ill-will isn't diplomacy? It was tacit diplomacy. Diplomacy of the dick, if you will.

I don't think that diplomacy strictly requires one to offer something. I mean, it strengthens one's position considerably, as does power, but even people who have neither can convince others. An appeal to a sense of morality is diplomatic, as is managing to sway an opinion through rhetoric or sound argument.

All that being said, on further thought I don't believe that diplomacy will work here. I think that I shall redact my vote >>171389, and instead skip the formalities and
[X] Escape.
No. 171411
[x] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.

the fun choice
No. 171413
[X] You know, Escape Rope is made for situations like this.
-[X]While we're at it, we might as well loudly point out that the place is better off without a ZFairy-swarm-commanding Rin around.

The statement being there to give the Youmu enough of a pause for us to get on the Rope. Once everyone's climbing, the Youmu can no longer make a move against us - she's already lost the "take boys home" option, and of the remaining ones, "whoops killed boys" is not preferable to "those boys might roll around again and/or eventually get human girlfriends and produce more boys".
No. 171425
[X] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.

It's not like we've removed one of the tower's defenses against intruders.
...oh wait.
No. 171427
You fool!
Now that you've said that, we'll have thought it, which means that we won't be able to sincerely say that we've done nothing wrong!
No. 171431
One more reason to
[X] Grab everybody and Escape Rope the fuck out of there
No. 171432
File 137357579184.jpg - (113.30KB , 850x478 , Yuyuko Yandere Stare.jpg ) [iqdb]

We're sorry, your journey has come to a premature end and cannot be continued as it is. Please go back to the last update and choose a different option, one that isn't about using an escape rope.
No. 171436
Oh, and before I forget.


[] X-Treme Fact 18
[] X-Treme Fact 21
[] X-Treme Fact 69
[] X-Treme Fact 420
No. 171437
[x] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.
[x] X-Treme Fact 420 Blaze it

I don't know how we're going to get out of this. There's no way we can outrun a Youmu.
No. 171438
[x] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.

While I didn't vote for the rope last time I don't really mind this result at all.
No. 171439
[x] X-Treme Fact 420
Forgot this bit.
No. 171443
Huh. Well, that was a surprise.

[x] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.
[x] X-Treme Fact 420

It's all cool. It's fine. We have every reason to be here.
No. 171446
>Dat Diabolus Ex Machina
>Dat complete and utter failure of common sense to get things done
It's like we're really in Gensokyo. Maybe this Touhoumon world was caused by Gensokyo somehow spreading itself all over the globe?

[x] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.
[x] X-Treme Fact 21

I want to see what booze has to do with sex-crazed monstergirl replicas of toohoos.
No. 171451

Mind explaining why an Escape Rope didn't work?
No. 171453
The following is strictly non-canonical, as this is something I've written purely by myself.


Somewhere within in a lab whose location is undisclosed, this is an Eirin sitting at a desk doing neat things like advancing medical science! Exactly what she's doing would be beyond the understanding of normal mons and humans, so that won't be described. Instead...

"Oh, hello there." She notices your presence, as minimal as it is, and starts talking. "Welcome to my lab. This is a mysterious place where saaaad little lost children find their way to figure out what they did wrong in life. Of course, if you're the type to just go, 'I'll look it up in a-'" At which point she is cut off.

"Eirin, keep it up and you're going to get us sued." A white-haired man in a lab coat that has a silver phoenix emblem on the back is responsible for that interruption.

"You're no fun, you know that?" The mildly offended Eirin takes a moment to shoot back before turning back to you. "Anyway, if you haven't figured it out yet, this is a special 'after bad-end' segment where I point out where you went wrong in your adventure." She pulls out a small file and begins to look it over. "Now, choosing the Escape Rope option wasn't stupid. For Abbott and Costello, you pretty much ensured they got away safely. Heck, if the White Tower were just some old cave, that would have been the sanest option for Zeke. However, you failed to notice two things." She holds up her pointer and index finger as she sets the folder back down. "One, Zeke has been watched the entire time, and two, the tower's so-called 'randomness' is actually the whim of one individual in particular. Playing both the role of observer and general shota-snatcher is a Yuyuko, as the poor boy guessed and got confirmation on."

"To put it simply, Yuyuko hijacked Zeke's use of the Escape Rope and pulled him directly to her. She was actually counting on him to do the smart thing, rather than the stupid thing as he's been doing." The white-haired man takes over at that point, though he's facing away from you, busying himself with his own work. "Zeke is a curious paradox of smart, heroic, and blindness. He's got a good head on his shoulders, and is well-learned, but he's prone to helping people and doesn't quite see the danger his actions pose to himself. It gives him a pretty unique perspective on life even if he's not totally aware of it."

"To summarize, the reason you got a 'bad' end..." The Eirin has to try and struggle not to laugh at this point. "Is because you didn't notice all the warning signs sprinkled about. Heck, the boy almost spelled it out for you and you sill missed it!"

"I think that about covers it." The white-haired man chimes in, noting that it may be time to get back to work.

"Indeed it does. Now hopefully, the next time you end up here is because you know the right answer but wanted poor Zeke to be taken home anyway. It's easier to poke fun at you people when that happens~" The Eirin gives you a cheery wave as the segment comes to an end.
No. 171454
So what was was being sucked out there at the end other than the obvious? His spirit/soul?
No. 171458
[X] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.
No. 171459
[X] Act Natural
[X] X-Treme Fact 21
No. 171460
Life energy, by the sound of it. I don't know if that's just energy-energy that can be replenished by a hearty meal, lots of sleep, and rehydration, or whether it actually shaved a bit of time off his life. I hope it's not the latter, because at the rate she's going he'd die within a year. Then, she doesn't seem the type to throw aside a favored consort/pet/toy so readily.
No. 171461

Reminds me of the times where you get a bad end in Fate/Stay Night or Tsukihime for doing the 'smart' thing, dohohohohoho, nice one.

[X] Act natural, etc etc

You know which option I am talking about


[X] Xtreme Fact 21
No. 171462
So.. two options basically amounting to "Stand there", an option for "Run" and the escape rope option. And the escape rope option bad ends you. I don't care how you try to justify that one, that's just punishing rationality.
No. 171465
>"To put it simply, Yuyuko hijacked Zeke's use of the Escape Rope and pulled him directly to her. She was actually counting on him to do the smart thing, rather than the stupid thing as he's been doing."
>She was actually counting on him to do the smart thing, rather than the stupid thing as he's been doing."
>She was counting on a sudden massive shift in Zeke's behavior patterns.

No. That is fucking stupid.
No. 171471

What happened here is that Yuyuko was playing a game with Zeke, one where she didn't divulge the rules to him. The reason he ascended the tower so fast was because he kept doing the reckless hero thing, which she enjoyed/got off to. She rewarded him for keeping to that kind of conduct by basically getting him to his friends in three floors as opposed to having to climb the whole thing himself.

But see, here's the thing. She's still playing a game with him, and he's done so much heroic stuff at this point that she has to have him for herself. She's looking for any sort of breach of conduct she can use to snatch him up. The Escape Rope was smart, but what else was it?

Oh right, the easy way out.

That was a breach of conduct, which she was counting on as the excuse she needed to take him for herself. So yes, this isn't writer stupidity, this is you guys (those who went for the Escape Rope) not figuring it out in time. You know, despite the hints strewn about.

Zeke damn near completely spelled out how he thought that there was a Yuyuko at the top of the tower watching him and messing with the tower to speed him along right before the previous vote.

I'm sorry I failed to explain this properly before, but to be frank I didn't think I needed to spell it out like this. You guys were doing pretty good before.

You managed to choose the right option to complete this arc properly after all.
No. 171472
Even if the author has a perfectly reasonable explanation for what happened, they have pretty much shot themselves in the foot when it comes to trust. At least when it comes to me. From now on I'm going to be asking myself if a bad end was an honest to god bad choice or if the author is going to use something as an excuse to railroad us into a bad end. This case of diabolus ex machina via a nebulous game that we had no way of knowing we were participating in is a case of the latter.
No. 171473
I dunno. I thought it was pretty clearly a game that we were playing, but I voted for the Escape Rope after much dithering and waffling anyways because I wasn't entirely sure what the precise rules of the game were. I mean, we knew that progress was smooth because someone/thing wanted it to be so, but I didn't put a great deal of thought as to why. When it comes to ineffable invisible inscrutable forces, I generally don't bother.

This has only taught me one thing: when it comes to Anomalies, Escape Ropes are not to be trusted. Which is fair, I think, because this isn't straight-up Pokemon. I was more surprised that Escape Ropes did anything at all, honestly. At any rate, I don't think that this was an asspull, or that it was punishing the voters or anything.
No. 171475
As an aside, I don't really know why you think the authors would want to railroad the players into getting a bad end. To write more smut? Hardly. They're spread over four concurrent stories, one of which is nothing but smut; they have all the opportunity for that they want, with no need for an excuse. To watch us fail? I rather doubt that the selfsame authors who give the main-character three shinies in a row cares particularly about player success or failure, as wanting to watch us fail implies that this is a combative game rather than a collaborative story. To end the story? It's still going strong. At worst, I think that you can think of this as bad or slipshod writing, because to call it malicious seems entirely absurd.

Don't get me wrong, you're more than welcome to hate it or think it's shit or whatever; I'm not defending their skill. No, I contend that the assertion that the authors decided to arbitrarily bad-end us here and only justified it after the fact is nonsense.
No. 171480
You're probably massively overestimating how much attention most voters really pay to stories. Especially ones where the bad ends are actually rewards.
No. 171481
[X] Act natural. You've done nothing wrong.
[X] X-Treme Fact 69

>What happened here is that Yuyuko was playing a game with Zeke, one where she didn't divulge the rules to him.
In other words, Zeke's playing Paranoia. Remember to keep the GM amused if you want to survive.
No. 171485
I suspect some level of railroading, but not enough to be concerned about.

Assume for a moment that some voters aren't intentionally shooting for a "bad end". Lets also assume they are voting conventionally. Their goal would probably be to get to safety. Now, look over the options given again. Few would vote for standing still expecting that to work. Acting natural might have been seen as a valid choice if it weren't for "nothing" being in italics; the option immediately looks like bait for either a "bad end" or at least some form of "negative" consequence.

Two options are left that could be viable. Running away has the intent of getting to safety but given what voters know of the Youmu, they wouldn't get far. Given that this is a Touhoumon story, assume that it's common knowledge that in most situations an escape rope can used to flee back to a safe spot. To be fair, I expected like you that the escape rope option would not work as intended. Still, the conventionally safest option would be using the escape rope.

Yet it led to a "bad end".

In addition to your point on escape ropes, I think there something else to take away from the outcome. The MonTouhouMon story niche is numerous "bad ends". At least a few of us were completely blindsided when we got the bad end in the original thread just six choices in. So far in this thread, the difference between normal options and probable "bad end" options has been pretty clear-cut. It's in SLDT's best interest to have options with unanticipated "bad ends" to prevent us from becoming complacent.

TL;DR: Possible railroading, but not necessarily a bad thing.
No. 171488
Those are all fair points, I think; a part of the draw of this story lies in the bad ends, and putting nothing in italics did act as a bit of a false flag.

Regarding the Escape Rope specifically, I think it's reasonable to understand, at least in hindsight, that it may go wrong. The power of the Tower is seemingly capable of manipulating its structure as it pleases, so conventional escape of any method may well be assumed not to work. Escape, then, would be on the Tower's sufferance, by incapacitating its ruler, or by beating whatever poorly-defined game that we are apparently engaged in.
No. 171489

>an escape rope can used to flee back to a safe spot
>can used to

I am sad.
No. 171508
When the only consequence for "Bad" Ends is more porn then there's nothing really to worry about.

At the least, since we're stuck in the tower for now, we still have a chance to catch more ghost touhoumon. A Kogasa or Tojiko would nice.

No. 171510
tl;dr Never go full Type-Moon.
No. 171511


But...but..we just declared our love for the Kogasa we met through gratuitous display of violence!

On the more rational side, its likely Zeke wouldnt want a Kogasa..at least not so soon after what happened with him and a Kogasa
No. 171515
To be fair, his biggest problem with her was that he was in a hurry to go help his friends.
If he hadn't been in a hurry, who's to say he wouldn't have been more... amenable to her advances?
No. 171517
[X] Cheese it, it's the cops!

Maybe this calls for a Benny Hill chase scene.
No. 171520

Issue Number 420: Practical Drug Use and You

Hey there, fellow young people! It's your hip guides to cool training here at X-Treme Studios! This week we're bringing you 'what's up' on a big topic...DRUGS.

...and how you should use them all time!

Some squares will tell you how you should never touch rare candies or 'performance enchancers', but don't let them get you down! There's nothing wrong with using a bit of, heh, 'calcium' and 'zinc'. It's good for your friends, really. Plus, touhoumon enjoy them a bit of candy now and then. It's good for the nerves.

Professor Lion's(formerly Dogg) recent paper 'Recreational Drug Use and its effect on the Trainer/Touhoumon Dynamic' clearly showed that nine times out of ten the team that 'blazes together, stays together'. So break out those stashes and get 'chillaxin'.

Touhoufax X-Treme edition does not condone the usage of supplements, rare candies and recreational drug use where illegal. Please use responsibly.
No. 171526
Okay, so you've managed to get your friends back, have a possibly tsundere Patchouli on one side and an annoyed-looking Youmu in front of you. There's really only one thing to do in this instance, and that's act natural. "Hello there." You just greet her casually, since outside of this scenario you haven't really done anything wrong.

It really helps that you have your girls surrounding you. You feel that you're going to have to do something nice for them once you get out of here.

The Youmu is calmly watching your group even as her ghost half continues to wave at you from behind her, not stopping her cheerful(?) greeting. Her humanoid half seems to be all business though as her eyes slide over you, your Prismrivers, your friends and their mon and the Patchouli. "I see...so that's why you stopped." She speaks up, sounding fairly conversational and not like she's going to beat you all up and rape you. Which is a good thing.

"Stopped moving up the tower, you mean?" You're not completely sure you know what she's talking about, but if she's feeling chatty you may as well talk to her. Who knows, you may get out of this in once piece yet.

She gives you a look, "I wasn't talking about you." She informs you simply, turning her gaze onto the Lunasa who slides behind you, "You've caused us a lot of problems you know." She tells your Lunasa as she takes a few steps towards you group before a dead bush bursts into blue, ethereal flame. The Youmu turns her attention on the Patchouli, her expression saying 'what, really?'. The Patchouli, for her part, has not even moved from where she was standing.

The two of them maintain a staring contest for a long moment before the Youmu just sighs, "It's not worth my time." She shakes her head, turning her attention back onto you and your group, "I'm going to keep this simple. You're being allowed out of the tower. Take your friends and the Prismrivers with you, and make sure you don't come back for a good long while. Milady won't have any reason to help you get as far as you did should you return." She fingers the hilt of her sword as you hear distant noises of life, and touhoumon, returning, "The White Tower will return to as it should be now that the song is ended." She notes, sounding rather happy about that.

This... you weren't expecting this. If anything, you'd think that the Youmu was really here to take you up to meet her mistress herself. "Alright, I will. I don't have any plans to come back here anyway. No offense, but I think I've had my fill of this place for a while." You nod at her statement of the fact that you're being allowed to leave and mentally cringe at the confirmation that you really were only here on the whim of the Yuyuko at the top of this tower. "Which is good news for you guys, less so for the next batch of researchers that come though. Not that Lunasa's music would have been any better for them." You reach around behind you and pet your Lunasa on the head to reassure her.

"Well, thanks for not deciding to take me home with you, and tell your mistress that I appreciate her helping me along like that. I don't think I would have gotten to these two-" You point at Abbott and Costello with your thumb. "-if she didn't help out."

The Youmu shifts for a moment before speaking up, "You made it as far as you did at least partially on your own merits. While I have no doubt under normal circumstances you'd have been snatched up in short order, that you were willing to reenter the tower even though you knew what was inside and attempt to rescue your friends is...commendable." It goes unspoken that it was also stupid, but hey.

Abbot opens up his mouth to say something but Rei just smacks him upside the head, shutting him up. Costello is currently holding Kiri in his lap with one arm around her middle as his other hand pets her gently and soothingly on her head. Kiri seems to be quite pleased with this situation, not even bothering to pay attention to the Youmu.

"Now then you need to leave the tower immediately." The Youmu informs you as she tries to talk over the mournful 'Myooooon....' of her ghost half. "The dangers of the tower are already returning to normal and-" Her ghost half bumps up against her, making that noise again, "-and if you're not out of here and on your way home soon you likely won't be at all-will you cut that out!?" She snaps at her ghost half.

Her ghost half seems entirely unrepentant, pointing her tail at you and then making a series of gestures that you don't quite understand. Your Prismrivers gasp and crowd around you, clinging to you further. You actually notice the Patchouli's eyebrows go up a fraction of an inch.

"Fine." The humanoid Youmu snarls at her ghost half, "If you want him so bad, go back up to the mansion! I'll handle this myself." The ghost half lets out a happy 'My-yooooooooooon~<3!' and flies off into the distance, disappearing.

The Youmu slowly turns her attention back onto you, looking slightly terrifying and more than a bit embarrassed.

"...I'm not even going to ask what that was all about." You didn't miss the implication of what she just said at all, but actively refuse to think about it. The fact that your trio has crowded around you defensively and that the Patchouli of all mons raised her eyebrows is... Well, more fuel on the fire, so to speak. "I think it's way past high time that I took my leave, so... yeah." You turn to your friends next. "Abbott, Costello, let's just go. I think the three of us are done here."

Abbott again speaks up and gets shut up by Rei, who hauls him up to his feet forcefully. Costello slowly gets up to his feet, still holding Kiri in his arms as he puts her hat back on her head, giving her a final ruffle.

The Youmu just sighs and points behind you. "Make sure you take that exit, please." She asks of you, "I'd rather not have to escort you down 60 floors after today. I have...things I'd rather do."

Behind you is a giant stairwell with bright, flashing neon signs around it telling you that it's totally safe and the legitimate exit and not a trap at all.

The Youmu, for her part, looks even more embarrassed if that is possible.

"I bet you do." You rub your forehead while answering dryly. You make your way over to the gaudy stairwell. "I'm... probably not going to see you later. C'mon guys, let's go home. When I get back I'm going to have to decide whether I'm going to crash and sleep this off or stay up every night for the next week overthinking what that Youmu just said."

The Youmu for her part just seems to be studiously ignoring you and what you're saying now, apparently deciding that discretion is the better part of valor as you make your way to the gaudy stairwell and start down it, but...

...Huh, you guess the Patchouli isn't coming with you. She's watching you from the top of the stairwell though, her eyes still glowing that ominous purple. Geez...

Though you're not entirely sure if this is the last you're going to see of her. She was being pretty stubborn about her following you and helping you out being coincidence even though she literally did so after you helped her and there was probably easier prey lower down. You settle for smiling at her and waving before going down those stairs.

She just stares even harder at you as you wave at her, looking as intimidating and aloof as she can manage. Which is pretty damn ominous and terrifying, really. Still cute, because you can imagine that she's blushing behind that high collar of hers.

Eventually a band of purple eyed ZFairies fly up and wave happily at you, letting out noises which you think are 'goodbye'. The Patchouli gives the fairies a look and sets one of them on fire.

...You know that's kind of a jerk move on her part, but now you're pretty much certain that she's not being honest with her feelings. At least, if she assumed direct control of those fairies and they reflect what she's feeling, anyway. You're not totally sure.

Still, goodbyes have been said, friends, rescued, partners obtained. It's time to leave, and dawdling is only going to make your journey home more perilous. You know your friends are alongside you, your girls crowded around you, one of whom you may be hugging to you for support, so you don't really have to worry about them anymore.

Just the nighttime mons that stand between you and home.

Well, you and your friends, both old and new, can take down anything that wants to stop you. You're certain of that much.

You continue down the steps until the stairs suddenly lie flat with a 'clunk' noise and you're left standing on air. You have a brief moment to consider this before you hit the newly created slide and are sent screaming down the slope.

You can't really do much more than keep holding one of your girls as you hope for this slide to eventually deposit you somewhere on the ground floor, or preferably outside. Admittedly you really should have seen this coming since the Youmu said you were sixty floors up.

Walking down sixty floor's worth of stairs probably would have taken forever.

Honestly, the slide is kind of fun as it twists and turns and corkscrews about, spinning you around as you make your rather long descent. It's better than elevator music, right?

Eventually you're flung out into the fresh air and the waiting arms of a fully grown and developed mon. It's...!

[ ] Yumeko!
[ ] Minoriko!
[ ] A Ran?!
No. 171527
[x] A Ran?!

Fluffy tails.
No. 171531
[X] Minoriko!

The laws of narrative say we have to handle her eventually, and now - with five mons total on our side and two fellow shotas to give her decision paralysis - is the best time I could think of.

Also, I'm guessing she'll have Shizuha with her, meaning we can do our friends a solid and talk those delicious mature mons into peacably joining their teams. Just TRY to tell me you don't want to see Shizuha and Hakurei teaming up to double-scold Abbott.
No. 171532
[X] Minoriko!
No. 171533
Why their and not our?
No. 171534
So that we'll have space on our team to obtain Kyouko and Mystia, thus completely fulfilling the "We Are The Band" theme.

Though now that you mention it, if we're not being limited to six, a "sisters everywhere" team could be fun, too...
No. 171537
I would rather have the sister theme going.
No. 171538
[X] Minoriko!

It just fits the narrative.
No. 171540
[X] Minoriko!
No. 171542
[x] A Ran?!

Dem fluffy tails.
No. 171543
[X] A Ran?!

A good ending to a wild ride.
No. 171544
[x] Touch Fluffy Tails
No. 171545
[X] Minoriko!

Delicious unfinished business~
No. 171547
[ ] Yumeko!
No. 171550
[x] A Ran?!
I'm choosing this because it's so very left of field.
No. 171551
[X] Minoriko!
No. 171553
[X] A Ran?!
No. 171556
[X] Minoriko!

Gotta tie up them loose ends.
No. 171558
[X] Minoriko!

Don't want anything coming to bite us in the ass later
No. 171559
[x] A Ran?!
No. 171560
[X] Minoriko!

Maybe we can actually beat her!
No. 171561
[x] A Ran!? Who doesn't love fluffy tails?
No. 171562
[X] Minoriko!

Now that we have backup...
No. 171564
[x] A Ran?!
No. 171565
[X] Minoriko!

After all that we did to her, we have to run into her eventually.
No. 171566
[x] A Ran?!
No. 171571
[X] Minoriko!
No. 171572
And the thread just hit auto-sage.
No. 171575
[x] A Ran?!

Will probably not win but I like it
No. 171576
[X] A Yuyuko?!?
No. 171590
[X] A Ran?!

suppa tenko for bonus points.
No. 171602
[X] Minoriko!
Settling old score here.
No. 173699
A good example ah.