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Have a poorly-drawn map.
[X]The scenic route; stop at any place of civilization, see if you can save anyone who needs it.
-[X] Assuming those supplies aren't desperately needed.
You could probably search quite a few places on the way there, see if you could save anyone. As you all walk up to the lake, Cologne takes out an inflatable raft. During the boat ride across the lake, you tell them about how you should check out as many places as you can. They all agreed to this.

Once out of the raft, Cologne takes it and deflates it before putting it in a pouch. You all then begin the journey to the mountain.
The trip was a bit uneventful. You and Jean hardly did anything; the four soldiers took out all the zombies on their own. They moved and killed like a well-oiled machine, only stopping once everything was dead. You found a couple of houses on the way, but they were either empty or filled with the undead. Soon, you were all standing at the mouth of a cave at the bottom of Youkai Mountain.

The soldiers start to put on gas masks. "We might run into some unwanted chemicals down there, and the masks come with night-vision." She then offers one to you.

[ ]Accept the mask, night-vision sounds good.
[ ]Decline the mask, you'll use the flashlight.

Wait, isn't Nitori's place nearby?

[ ]Pay her a visit.
[ ]Head straight into the cave.

No. 154541
[x]Accept the mask, night-vision sounds good.
-[x] Take it off if your approaching (living) people, You don't want to scare them.
[x] Check on Nitori.
No. 154546
[X]Accept the mask, night-vision sounds good.
-[X] Take it off if your approaching (living) people, You don't want to scare them.
[X] Check on Nitori.
No. 154554
[x]Accept the mask, night-vision sounds good.
-[x] Take it off if your approaching (living) people, You don't want to scare them.
[x] Check on Nitori.

Nova-gas mighy be a risk in this setting, better be safe thant sorry.
No. 154568
[x]Accept the mask, night-vision sounds good.
-[x] Take it off if your approaching (living) people, You don't want to scare them.
[x] Check on Nitori.
No. 154570
>Oh god what am I doing I can't draw maps.jpg

You should ask Kahi for help with maps. He has a naturalt alent for it.
No. 154598
[x]Accept the mask, night-vision sounds good.
-[x] Take it off if your approaching (living) people, You don't want to scare them.
[x] Check on Nitori.
"Thanks." You take the gas mask, and set it on your head, ready to pull on, but you don't put it on yet. Nitori should be somewhere around here, and you want to see if she's okay. Plus, that machine of hers could be useful...

"If you all don't mind, could we make a quick stop before we go to the underground?" you ask. Jean looks a bit annoyed, but, otherwise, nobody seems to mind. Though they are curious about where you plan to go and why.

While looking for the entrance to Nitori's lab, you explain to the group what you're looking for, and what there is there. Soon, you come across the river where the elevator was. After finding the rock that Kanako hit last time you were here, you press the same button, and the same elevator rises to greet you. Everyone is surprised by this, though they don't say much.

Once the elevator ride is finished, you start looking around for either Nitori or the machine. You walk forward a few feet-

And find several red dots pointed at you. They're aimed at everyone else, too, and they raise their weapons in response. You can hear what sounds like a mini-gun spinning up, but before anyone shoots, the dots go away and the noise stops.

"Sorry about that." Nitori comes out from behind a pile of junk, and nearly everyone points their weapons at her, causing her to jump back behind the pile of junk while yelping.

"Hey, hey, she's friendly!" you yell to everyone. They lower their guns, and the kappa peeks her head out again.

"I said I was sorry!" She walks up to all of you. "So, Roland, what brings you back here?"

"We were sent to get some supplies from the underground for the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and I thought that we could use some extra firepower."

"So, you want to use that machine, again?"

"Yeah, it could do us some good."

"Excuse me," Alyssa speaks up, "but what is this machine you're talking about?"

"I guess I'll show you," Nitori answers before leading you all to another part of the lab. Turning, you notice that Jean is staying put.

"What, are you not coming, Jean?" you ask.

"No thanks, I'll just stay here and wait for you all to finish." You just shrug, and continue following Nitori.
As everyone else walks off, you slump back. Out of habit, you reach into your cigarette case, only to find it empty. You wish that they would hurry it up, so you could get some more at the underground. You hope Roland isn't just wasting your time here.

Having nothing else to do, you start poking around where 'Nitori' was when you all came in. There are monitors showing entrances to the place, along with some controls for, presumably, those guns she has installed.

Looking to the side, you see a radio, currently turned off. Suddenly, you get an idea...

No, it's a stupid idea. You don't even know if they're still alive, and even if they are, they might not have their radios.

Yet, there's still a chance...

[ ]Do it. It's worth a try.
[ ]No, don't. It's a stupid idea.
No. 154599
[x]Ask if it's used for anything important.
-[x] If not then do it.
No. 154600
[x]No, don't. It's a stupid idea.
It's not that I don't have confidence in the ability to write TF classes, I just think a story is much better served focusing on one series.
No. 154602
[X]Do it. It's worth a try.

Better than nothing.
No. 154604
[x]No, don't. It's a stupid idea.

Make a TF2 story if you want to write about TF2.
No. 154606
>spy is a main character in this story

TF2 enough for me, boy.
[x] Do it, worth a try.
No. 154614
[x]Do it. It's worth a try.

Don't see any harm in it.
No. 154638
[x]Do it. It's worth a try.
Even if they're all dead, you at least need to try.

Making sure no one else is around, you turn on the radio and tune it to the signal you want. You get static. Taking the transmitter, you start to speak into it. "Is there anyone there? Hello? This is the Spy..."
Somewhere in northern Mexico

The Texan slumps in his chair. He had woken up late that night, so he decided to kill time by scrolling through every signal he could get on the group's radio. Most stations were static, and most of the one's that weren't were filled with either panicked pleading for someone to answer. One of the stations was being used by the military, and the Texan regularly went to it for updates on how the world was coming along. From the sounds of it, it doesn't look good.

Eventually, he gets to a station that's filled with static, but something about it sounds... different. Listening closely, he hears what sounds like a voice. He's about to click to another station when he notices that this voice is a lot calmer than the other ones. He sets to work trying to remove the static from the sound.

Behind him, a slurred voice interrupts his work. "What're ya doin', Engineer?"

"Mornin', Demo. I got this signal here that sounds like there's a voice in there, and I'm tryin' to get rid o' all this static."

"Why bother? Ever'one's either dead 'r in that military place. Besides, we got enough people here as it is."

"It's just somethin' to do, alright?" The Texan continues working, and the Scottish cyclops tries to go back to sleep.

Soon, he manages to remove enough of the static to hear the voice a bit more clearly. A few seconds after that, he's frozen in shock. Is that...? It can't be, he was blown up in the base when we all drove away... Then how...

"Hey, Demo?" he whispers behind him, getting a puzzled "Wha?" in response.

"Take a listen to this voice, and tell me if it sounds familiar." The Scotsman listens for a bit, before having his eye goes wide.

"Is that really...?"

The Texan can't hide his grin. "I think it is. Ya may want to wake everyone up for this."

He goes to do so while the Texan tries to remove even more static. In about a minute, all five of them crowd around the radio.

"This better be worth wakin' up for, hard-hat."

"Oh, trust me, I think it is." By then, they could hear the words from the radio clearly.

"...this is the RED Spy, asking if anyone is there."

"It's Spy! He's alive!"

"Well I'll be, that spook made it outta the base!"

"Ve should probably radio him back."

The Texan proceeds to do just that.
Nitori eventually leads you to the same machine you used. It was moved quite a ways from where you used it. After explaining how the machine works and what it does, the soldiers are still a bit reluctant to put their weapons inside. Cologne is the first to act and places her assault rifle into the machine, which plays the same jingle.

Punch your fists into the air, and raise a rebel yell!
There's lots of baddies out there, you need to send to hell!

When the gun comes back out, it's covered in that same circuit-board pattern that your guns got covered in. The gun also has a new fore grip. Pleased with the new addition, Cologne takes the weapon and inspects it. Meanwhile, Reisen steps up and inserts her rifle. It gets the same treatment as Cologne's gun, sans grip. Next, Elena places her strange-looking SMG into the machine. When it's spit back out, there are two identical guns. Although confused, Elena takes both weapons back. All that remains is Alyssa and her carbine. Her's seems to have gained a low-power scope and a slightly larger magazine.

Everyone seems happy about their upgrades. While you're here, you consider upgrading some more things...

[ ]The ray gun.
[ ]The ballistic knife.
[ ]Ask Nitori about upgrading the... what was it? The WunderWaffle or something?
Quick announcement: As you all probably have figured out by now, it is spring. For most of you, that means the weather gets warmer and lots of rain. For me, that means more storms and a high chance of tornadoes (living in the central U.S. can be a bitch). I'm saying this because, if at anytime in the near future I don't update for a long time, then there's a possibility that a tornado has either destroyed my laptop or killed me. Hopefully not the latter. Just a heads up.
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You know you've just jinxed it right? I'll be seeing you soon~!
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[x]The ballistic knife.

Knives are always good to have, since they don't run out of sharp. The shooty part is a bonus, but even after all the propellant is used up, we can probably still use it as a knife.

By the way, do we have the Bowie Knife?
No. 154642
[x]The ballistic knife.
even if it does not revive people it's still usefull
No. 154660
We do have the Bowie Knife, though it's damaged.

[x]The ballistic knife.
-[x] Also try the Bowie knife. If the machine doesn't accept the Bowie knife, ask Nitori if she could fix it (and the machete if you have it) up.
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Writefag, WHERE ARE YOU!!
Its been nearly two weeks man!
No. 155032
Oh, shit, I still have this thing...
Yeah, sorry everyone. Long story short, I got caught up in a certain other fanbase, and I am now a bron- part of said fanbase.
Still, update is coming soon. Please wait warmly.
No. 155478
Confound those ponies, they drive me to forget my own story. Regardless, I'm back!
[x]The ballistic knife.
You can't believe it. You actually got a response! From what the Engineer told you, only the Scout, Medic, Demoman, and Sniper were with him. Still, half the team is better than no team. You attempt to explain to them where you are, but none of them believe you at first. You have to bring up what happened those Halloween nights to convince them, and even then they're skeptical.

"Just hold on, I'll see what I can do," you say, before going off to find Roland and, more importantly, his phone to Yukari.
Pulling your ballistic knife out of the machine, you inspect it. The handle is the same circuit-board pattern as the guns, and there's now a small syringe in the blade. You notice that it smells faintly of fish. Weird.

"Alright, is that everyone?" Reisen asks.

"Well," you start, "Jean didn't go, but I don't think he wanted to, anyway."

"Okay then, let's get going."

Saying your goodbyes to Nitori, you all start walking back to the entrance, but run into Jean about halfway there.

"Hey, Jean, you ready to-"

"Nevermind that," he interrupts you. "Roland, I require your assistance."

"With what?" He starts walking away, and you follow him.

"You remember that story I told you and Flandre? About my team?"

"Yeah, but what does that-"

"I think I've found them."

You're a bit speechless. How could he have found them? It'd only make sense if he had used a radio...

...like that one right there. Well.

"So, what did you want me to do?" you ask.

"Simple. Just call Yukari, and ask her to do a quick pick-up from the outside." He begins to work the radio, and you can hear some voices. Sure enough, the voices sound similar to those that Jean mimicked in his story. Pulling out your phone, you dial Yukari's number.

"You've reached Yukari! I'm currently not available at the moment, so please, call again later!~"

"She's... not answering," you say, putting away the phone.

Jean just stands there, not saying anything.

"I'm sure we could help them later, just not right now."

Slowly, he turns off the radio. "Alright. Let's...Let's go."

Going to the entrance, you rejoin your group. They start asking questions, but stop when they see how sullen Jean looks. The elevator ride back up is spent in quiet. Not a word is said until you're all at the mouth of the cave, where you say a few short words.

"Alright," you flip down your mask, "let's get this done."

You all enter the cave.
Going to get this posted before something horrible happens that prevents me from doing just that.
It's good to be back.
No. 155546
Welcome back, then.
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File 133493562546.jpg - (9.26KB , 259x194 , There needs to be a CoD map in a cave.jpg ) [iqdb]
Progress through the cave goes pretty well. There were some zombies near the entrance, but once you all got further inside the cave, you stopped seeing them altogether. Which is a really good thing; you don't think you'd be able to deal with zombies while doing all this climbing.

As expected, Cologne took the lead in the caves, jumping and climbing as if she's been doing it all her life. While the other soldiers followed at a respectable pace, you and Jean keep holding up the group. You never really were good at rock climbing, and Jean seems to have the same problem, so both of you were more or less dragged up walls of rock and across chasms.

After about two hours of that, you come across a bridge, thankful that you seem to have made it past the climbing part of the cave. There's nobody on the bridge, so you just decide to move forward-

Right before getting a bayonet pointed at your face. "Who goes there!" a female voice calls out. Backing up from the sharp object pointed at you, you see the owner of the voice. She's somewhat short, with blonde hair and a somewhat extravagant dress, considering the surrounding area.

"Hey, careful where you point that thing!" you start. "Look, we're just wanting to get to the underground city. The Scarlet Devil Mansion needs supplies."

"Oh, yeah? And how do I know none of you are infected?"

You honestly have no response to this, and back up to the rest of your group. It seems that she won't let you pass without some kind of persuasion...

You almost don't notice Jean starting forward. He looks back at all of you, and gives a smirk that almost seems unsettling. What is he planning?

[ ]Let Jean do his thing.
[ ]Stop him, you have a better idea.
-[ ]Negotiation: talk your way through.
-[ ]Incognito: sneak past her.
-[ ]Aggressive negotiation: the ends justify the means.
And with this, we return to your regular updating schedule.
No. 155645
[x]Let Jean do the windy thinghis thing.

So now you're a brony, huh. Welp.
No. 155650
Yeah. Ironic, since I felt indifferent about the whole matter, then I managed to get sucked in. Still, don't expect this to change anything regarding this story. I have enough sense to know to keep all of the fandoms I'm in separate.
No. 155665
[x]Let Jean do his thing.

I really want to know what would the spy come up with.
No. 155678
[X]Stop him, you have a better idea.
-[X]Negotiation: talk your way through.

Parsee is gonna take quite a bit to convince. That is, if she doesn't let her power take control of her first.
No. 155966
[x]Let Jean do his thing.
No. 156063
[x]Let Jean do his thing.
You think about interfering, but you decide otherwise. Jean walks up to the girl, who seems surprised by this.

"Come now," he starts, "if we were really infected, do you think that we would be able to get through those caves before we got too sick to go on?"

She's caught off guard by this. "W- Well, I can't risk it! I was told to not let anyone into the city unless it was for urgent business, so unless you-"

"Exactly. We are on urgent business here; the Scarlet Devil Mansion will run out of supplies unless we get more, and we were told that we could get some here."

"Oh..." She lowers the rifle. "Well then... I guess you can... go ahead." She moves out of the way, letting you all pass.

As you walk by, Jean makes one last passing remark. "Merci, ma petite chou-fleur."

You can't see her face, but you can imagine her embarrassment from the stammering sounds she's making. You can see Jean smirking to himself.

"Was that really needed?" you whisper to him.

"No, but it comes naturally to me. Who knows, maybe I could teach you a thing or two about the finer points of romancing the ladies sometime."

"No thanks, I'll pass."

Thankfully, the rest of the trip doesn't have any more rock climbing. Instead, it's only a leisurely walk to the city. Although the term 'ghost town' would be more appropriate; the streets have no signs of life in them, and some buildings even have the windows boarded up.

Walking through the town, your group sees no one. A couple of times you think you see people watching you through slits in the boards, but you're not sure of anything.

After a few minutes of walking, you come across the first sign of life you've seen since arriving in the city: a cat. When it spots you, it runs off. Before it gets out of sight, however, it stops and turns around, looking at you. Almost as if it wanted you to follow it.

[ ]Follow the cat.
[ ]Don't follow the cat.
No. 156071
[X]Follow the cat.

Orin probably knows something. Might as well follow her.
No. 156077
[x]Follow the cat.

Why not?
No. 156105
[X]Follow the cat.

No. 156357
>...don't expect this to change anything regarding this story.
Except for the fact that the updates will now be even more sporadic and delayed. The fact that I recently reinstalled Doom doesn't help this situation at all. So yeah. Apologies.
[x]Follow the cat.
The cat looks like it wants you to follow it, so you might as well oblige it, at least to see what it wants.

"I think we should follow that cat," you point out to everyone else.

"Really, Roland?" Jean snaps. "You want to follow a cat?"

"Well, it's the only living thing we've seen in this city," you retort. "Besides, I'm pretty sure that this cat wants us to follow it."

He sighs. "As long as I can get a cigarette at the end of this, I don't really care what we do."

You just chuckle and start following the cat. It runs away again, stopping just before it's out of sight like last time. This keeps going for a couple of minutes, until you seem to reach the edge of the town. Some distance away, you see a mansion that, while not as big as the Scarlet Mansion, is still generously sized. The cat runs into the mansion, disappearing into a hole in the wall. Well, looks like that's your destination.

"Know anybody who lives there?" you ask Reisen.

"I know that there's a satori who lives here, along with a few pets, but I only know because Eirin did business with them occasionally. I haven't met them myself."

Shrugging, you go up to the door. Not seeing a doorbell, you knock. When you get no answer, you knock again. You're about to knock for the third time when the door opens.

And then there's a glowing... thing pointed at your face. Probably a weapon. Why is it always you that has to deal with this kind of thing?

[ ]It might be a good idea to get out of the way of that. Now.
[ ]Explain what you're here for. As if there isn't something that is more than likely a weapon that is currently in a position that would make it easy to kill you. No pressure.
[ ]Just step back and let someone else do the talking.
No. 156358
[X]It might be a good idea to get out of the way of that. Now.

Do not want nuclear fireball to the face.
No. 156367
[x]It might be a good idea to get out of the way of that. Now.
-[x] Then explain everything before somebody shoots.
No. 156368
[x]It might be a good idea to get out of the way of that. Now.
-[x] Then explain everything before somebody shoots.
No. 156837
Remember how I said I wouldn't let this story die prematurely? Well, turns out I have to do just that. So, until further notice (maybe I'll want to come back to this in the future, who knows?), this story is dead.
Dropping a story before it's finished? It's like I'm a real TH-P writer now!
If you want to blame anyone, blame Canada or something.
No. 156845
Any specific reasons you're dropping this?
No. 156990
Various reasons, the main one being "I can't deal with this shit anymore I need time to get hats."

Also, writing two stories at once is hard, and I picked the one that seemed like it'd be missed less to kill off.

Pretty much just laziness, yeah.
No. 158990
>two stories
Which one's the other one?
No. 159141
I doubt it would matter.
It's not on this site. Besides, I'm not the kind of guy to advertise my own things.
No. 159192
Well now I just want to know that much more.