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Previous thread ( >>146458 ) got broked.
[x]Listen to the voices.
You feel like you're forgetting something...something to do with a box...

Oh well, it's probably nothing. You decide to go up to the door and see if you can hear some of the voices. Turns out, you still can't understand them, but you can definitely tell that there are voices. You open the door, which doesn't creek absurdly loud as you thought, and enter. Inside, it's a dark hallway, sloping downward noticeably. Looks like you'll see what's in the basement after all.

You head down the hall, making sure your knife and gun are ready, just in case there happens to be some sort of demon or something locked down here. You can still hear the voices, and can even make out the odd word or two.

"...really...again?" Isn't that the voice of that one guy, whose name you seem to keep forgetting to ask about?

"Yes!...funny...bored..." This voice sounds vaguely similar to Remilia's, but younger, and less charismatic.

You hear another unintelligible word, followed by silence. Soon, you come to a door slightly ajar, with light seeping out. You try to peek in, and see a blonde-haired girl with... those are very strange wings. She's sitting on a bed, and not too far away is someone else, but the only feature that you can make out is that the person's hands seem wrapped in tape.

"What're you lookin' at?" the figure says, with a fairly heavy Bostonian accent. This causes the girl to start laughing. Neither of them have seen you, you think.

[ ]Leave them be.
[ ]Barge in the room,foregoing any personal safety whatsoever.
[ ]Knock politely before entering.
[X]Knock politely before entering.
[X]remember Melings gun
[X]Knock politely before entering.
[X]Remember to give Meling a gun.
File 132059006051.png - (377.40KB, 562x842 , I'DDA TAKEN NAKED PICTURES OF YA ALREADY.png) [iqdb]
[x]Knock politely before entering.
[x]Leave them be.
I'd rather not intrude. And we were supposed to see about a gun for Meiling.
[x]Leave them be.
[x]Remember you said that you'd get a gun for Meling.
[X]Knock politely before entering.
[X]Remember to give Meiling a gun.
[X]Knock politely before entering.
[X]Remember to give Meling a gun.
Give her one of ours, so as to leave her with something before going all the way back to the box.
Dont even try to hide it writefag: We all know MW3 is taking up all your time. The endings really good too.

But get back to work soon, alright? I wanna see some RED Scout all up in this shit.
File 132105833923.jpg - (136.10KB, 850x693 , Weapon of Mass Destruction-er.jpg) [iqdb]
You caught me. It took my internet being down to get this written. Also:
A Juggernaut suit.
[x]Knock politely.
You back away from the door, trying not to give away that you were eavesdropping. You then knock on the wall near the door, which gets the girl's attention pulled away from the man. You crack the door open a bit, showing yourself.

"I thought I heard voices," you say. The girl seems a bit surprised, and you get a closer look at the man: he's wearing a blue shirt with black baggy pants, with a baseball cap and a headset on his head. Even though you've never seen him before, he seems to recognize you. Given the voice you heard on the way here, and what happened at the gate, you're fairly certain that it's the man you've been seeing around.

"Oh! Are you the visitor?" the girl asks.

"That'd be me. I'm Roland Davies."

"I'm Flandre!" she says, while holding her hand out. You shake it, and turn to the other guy.

"I don't believe I've seen you before, either."

"You sure?" he says, his voice suddenly taking on that French accent. He goes up in a cloud of reddish smoke, and the man is standing there when it dissipates. "Since we're having introductions here, I am Jean Valjean," he says with an extravagant bow. "I tell you this because you appear to be staying here for the next few days."

Wait, how does he already know? "How did you-"

"Oh, please, don't be surprised. My last employment was entirely for my espionage skills."

"He was like a spy!" Flandre pipes up.

Jean chuckles to himself. "Yes, like a spy..." He trails off, apparently deep in thought.

"So, Roland," Flandre says while nudging you, "you were out there with all the zombies?"

"For five months," you add.

She's surprised. "Five months?! How did you do that?"

[ ]Tell the truth. (Death, everywhere, horrible, etc.)
[ ]Tell it without the depressing stuff.
[ ]Tell it completely over the top, with you as the hero of everything.
[x]Tell the truth. (Death, everywhere, horrible, etc.)
no more no less.
[ ]Tell the truth. (Death, everywhere, horrible, etc.)
[x]Tell the truth. (Death, everywhere, horrible, etc.)

Tis the cruel reality of the world.
I'm still waiting for if Ghost is still alive or not: I fucking loved that dude.

[x] Tell it straight, but try to soften it up on some parts: She is a child afterall.
[z] Tell it straight, but try to soften it up on some parts: She is a child after all.

How do you live through being shot point blank in the chest with a .44 and being set on fire in a pit?
File 132115853487.jpg - (46.68KB, 437x600 , 437px-Clarinet_boy_seen_things.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Tell it straight, but try to soften it up on some parts: She is a child afterall.

"They looked like people, but they died like animals."
[x] Tell it straight, but try to soften it up on some parts: She is a child afterall.
[x] Tell it straight, but try to soften it up on some parts: She is a child afterall.
You dont. However the dev's said something about him not actually being dead yet. Maybe some sorta Deus Ex shit?
[x] Tell it straight, but try to soften it up on some parts: She is a child afterall.
[x] Tell it straight, but try to soften it up on some parts: She is a child afterall.
[x]Soften it up on a few parts.
You probably shouldn't tell her the whole truth; don't want to scar her, even if it did really happen.

"Well, it was just another day at college..." you begin. You then go on explaining when the infection hit and how it was for you, leaving out details such as killing your own parents. Your story goes on about how you trekked across the U.S. to the west coast, where you were lucky enough to get a military chopper to bring you over to a base in Japan, a designated safe zone. Except it wasn't very safe, as zombies got in after a few weeks, and you were one of the few civilians who survived. You took a rifle, two pistols, a knife, and a machete from the base, which all helped you survive even longer, until you found the abandoned shrine, met Ran, and wound up here.

Flandre is amazed at the whole tale, but Jean seems indifferent. "So how many zombies did you kill?" the girl asks.

After thinking a bit, you say, "I don't know, maybe... about three hundred?"

"That's awesome!" she exclaims. "It must've been cool to be out there, where you can smell the blood in the air when you split open another head!"

That...was unsettling. The sweet smile she gave you after that just made you feel more uncomfortable.

"Well," you start, suddenly wanting to get out of there, "it's been a long day for me. I think I'll go turn in for the night."

"Okay! Good night!" Jean just nods in your direction, and soon you're back in your room. You take off the weapons you had, and lie down, falling asleep quickly.
I'm gonna try something I've seen on another story here (I forget which one) for a dream vote:
I'll pick a number between 1 and 1000. You will pick one number, along with a subject for a dream (Although, I would refrain from "H-dream" votes, as I won't be able to write it. At all.). Whoever is closest to the number gets the dream written in. (And no, it probably will not be plot-relevant.)
It would be preferred if each vote had it's own subject and number, too.
Number: 654
Subject: Being raped by Flandre.
Subject: Mass zombie extermination, with AC-130 as support.
[X] 53.
meet the Pyro.
Number: 876
Subject: Meeting the Scout.
Dancing with yukari at a ball

If this is a double or triple post sorry my thing is messing up
Subject: Mass zombie extermination, with AC-130 as support.

Kaa-Boom ala death from above.
[X] 42
Obviously its 42, its the answer to all life.

Dancing with a Yukari that's very interested in us.

I do like a Yukari that takes charge~
Subject: Prophetic Future Dream type thing.
Well, now seems like a good time to call a vote.
The number was 450, which means >>149606 won. Writing soon.

As an aside, I noticed that you all seem to love you some Modern Warfare. In that case, you'll like the other story idea that I may or may not start...
Yes, I know I still have to finish this story, but I could multitask.
[666] Flandre eats you (she chews her food). You then become a vampire thrall and a tea party happens. Somehow the tea party is worse than getting eaten.
File 132165863680.jpg - (7.19KB, 268x188 , AC-130 ready for deployment.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the wait. MW3 is so fun.
"Specter one, can you confirm visual on us?"

You look at the screen showing a view of the ground, and work the controls so you're looking at a Humvee leading a pack of zombies on a highway.

"Copy that, Metal zero-one, I have visual," you say into your radio.

"How many zeds are behind us?"

"Looks to be about fifty...maybe sixty zeds."

"Copy that, going into the kill zone now. Frost, punch it!" With that, the Humvee begins moving faster, leaving behind the zombies.

"Getting into position," a new voice says. A truck drives onto the road, blocking forward movement of the zombies. You see the Humvee stop, then someone runs out of the truck and into the Humvee, and they're moving again.

"Blowing charges." You look over to a roadside radio tower, just in time to see the lower legs of it explode, causing it to fall onto the road, blocking in the zombies.

"Specter one, weapons free," the voice of Overlord says into your radio.

"Copy that, Overlord, weapons free," you say, before moving the screen's reticule onto the group of zombies and letting loose with the AC-130's 105mm cannon. The shell hits, and a huge dust cloud obscures your view of the zombies. When the dust clears, you see almost no movement.

"I got movement, there, beneath the bridge," your spotter says. You look near the bridge, and see a couple of zombies crawling on the ground. You switch to the 40mm, and fire a single shell, which obliterates both of them.

"Good shot, looks like you got 'em."

"Overlord, Specter one. We have cleared the area of zeds," you say into your radio.

"Roger that, Specter one. Return to base to re-fuel and re-arm for tomorrow."

"Copy that, returning now," your pilot says, before turning the plane and settling into a cruising speed. You slump back in your chair; tomorrow will be another long day...
You wake up in a slight daze. Early morning light shines in through the window. You check your phone: 7:55 AM. You look to the side and see your weapons still in the bag on the ground, the monkeys and ballistic knife on top. That was a weird way to get them, the-



You completely forgot about the weapon you were supposed to get Meiling. You glance at your phone; maybe Yukari could help out...

[ ]Eh, do it later.
[ ]Call Yukari, get to that store as soon as possible.
Remember the other story idea I said I had? Well, I want to ask you, the voting public, if I should start it now, or do it after this story. Consider this dream sequence as a bit of a preview.
[x]Call Yukari, get to that store as soon as possible.

We did promise.

>Starting the other story.
I'd say that depends on whether or not you feel you can keep going well enough doing two at once.
[x]Call Yukari, get to that store as soon as possible.
>Starting the other story.
years of enjoying stories only to be left in the dust have taught me that i rather have 1 finished story.
Don't worry about me just dropping them; as long as I can get internet access, I would not let either story die prematurely. You have my word on that.
Having 2 stories active at once (even when I'm only on the 3rd thread in the first one) does sound like it has challenges, but I'm sure I could multitask and get both done with minimal pain (for both of us).
So far, the only problem I have with the other story is deciding what board to put it on. /th/ seems more cluttered than when I started, and I don't want to use any of the other boards, for fear of limiting the story. I considered /others/, but I just don't know how broad or how narrow of a spectrum that /others/ covers. Help?
[x]Call Yukari, get to that store as soon as possible.
From what I've seen /others/ seems to be a place for the stories that, while they may take place anywhere, aren't the usual 'Person X in Gensokyo'.

If you could give some sort of summary of the idea it would help.
>some sort of summary
Modern Warfare.
In Gensokyo.
That's pretty much it.
Yeah. I'd most likely call that /others/ material.
File 132173172785.jpg - (1.96KB, 184x92 , I really hope someone gets the hidden pun here.jpg) [iqdb]
Keep in mind that it's not one of those things where the characters are just replaced with Touhou; it's a whole "original" story, crossovers and all.
[x]Call Yukari
Yeah, you should probably get the weapon as soon as possible. You first make sure that you have your pistol and knife, as always. You then call Yukari's number on the phone. It rings for a bit, before she answers.

"Hello?" She sounds as if she just woke up.

"Hey, Yukari? I hate to be a problem this early, but you remember the store you sent me to the other day?" She grunts in response. "Well, I need you to send me there again." As you expected, you get dropped in front of the store without a word of warning. "Thanks."

"And Roland?" Yukari says.


"Do not call me again today." With that, she hangs up. Well, looks like you're walking back.

You enter the store, which looks pretty much the same as it was last time. The box is still in the corner where it was before.

Before long, the store owner comes out of the back. "Oh, you're back?"

"Yeah, I needed to get something else from the box, if you don't mind."

"Go right ahead, I won't charge you for it." You go over to the box, and open it. It goes through the same jingle as last time, and stops on some sort of grenade launcher, or something. You take it from the box, and examine it. It looks to be pump-action, with a flip-up sight. You try to pump it once, and find that it takes a lot in order to do so. When you finally do pump it, a rather large shell pops out. Yep, definitely a grenade launcher. It may be useful in some situations, but you doubt that it's useful against zombies.

[ ]Try the box again.
[ ]Accept this piece of shit useless weapon unorthadox weapon.
Yeah, I don't like the China Lake. At all. I don't think anyone does, really.
Oh well... look like we are giving China... one of our guns.

[X] look for possible replacements for your worn out melee weapons
[x]Try the box again.

The China Lake's okay. I prefer the RPG - even if it is incapable of flying straight 99% of the time - but the Lake's alright.
[X]Call Yukari, get to that store as soon as possible.
Don't do it bro, you'll run out of steam for this story eventually and I don't want you to get bogged down in another one while you're at it.
[X]Accept this unorthodox weapon.
I dont like it in the fast paced game, but this is not the game, a grenade launcher like the china lake has it uses, but it's more of a support weapon.
In China's case, she can just get on the wall and blast the zombies. Besides, Meiling has a lot more str than us, so pumping it will be easier.
File 132176220713.png - (184.73KB, 485x351 , hahahaha.png) [iqdb]
[X]Accept this unorthodox weapon.

Only because we're giving Meiling...

the china lake.
My main issue with it is it's low capacity.

So slow.
[x]Try the box again.
China Lake is one of the worst weapons. Why should we insult Meiling by giving her such a bad weapon?
[x]Try the box again.
-[x]Stock Grenades if possible.(Contingency Plan)
-[x]Sell the China Lake to Rinnonosuke in exchange for something
Now that I think of it, can the Zombies hear?
Because if so, any type of explosives will just be a 'come here' sign, especially if subtlety is needed. the only real use is to wipe out clusters.
File 13219809948.jpg - (3.07KB, 232x96 , Actually a decent weapon.jpg) [iqdb]
The zombies can hear, although their thought process is very basic about it.
[x]Try the box again.
This doesn't seem like it'd be very useful against zombies, so you decide to try the box for something else. You go up to it, and open it again. During the jingle, you hear the door open behind you. You turn to it, and see someone in a black witch's outfit with a matching hat. You hear the box's jingle end, and you turn back to it, and see that you got a revolver. You take it from the box.

"Wow! You got the box to open!" It's the girl who walked in.

"Um, yeah, I did," you answer her.

She looks confused all of a sudden. "Oh, have we met?"

"I don't believe so."

"Well then, I'm Marisa Kirisame!" She shakes your hand.

"Oh, in that case, we sort of met already."

"We have? What do you mean?"

"Oh, don't worry, you only nearly killed me in the Scarlet Devil Mansion library." You don't really like it when people almost kill you, intentional or not.

She laughs sheepishly. "Sorry, ze." Marisa looks past you at the box. "So how did you get that box open?"

You shrug. "I just opened it, and it opened."

"well, can you open it again, so I can see how you did it? Please?"

[ ]Eh, why not.
[ ]No, you don't want to overuse it...somehow.
Quick question: how come all of the characters in Zombies say the Python is crap? It's pretty good, especially in the early rounds.
[x]Eh, why not.

Don't see any reason not to.

>Quick question: how come all of the characters in Zombies say the Python is crap?
I like to think it's because they're somewhat full of stupid. Personally? I love the Python regardless of playing SP, MP, or Zombies.
[x] something feels wrong about this
[x]No, you don't want to overuse it...somehow.
thieves get no help
[x]Eh, why not.

Maybe we can rope her into helping out.
Well, I just got through playing the MW3 campaign on Veteran, and after strangling Makarov a second time, I figured that I might as well check votes.
And I see that, once again, they're tied with no recent votes.
I'll just flip a coin if I get nothing soon.
>Tied votes
Huh? Seems pretty obvious to me.
Yes: 2
No: 1
Unnecessary write-in: 1
I considered the write-in as "No".
File 132241712080.png - (229.64KB, 468x263 , Of course.png) [iqdb]
Well, I did flip a coin. Now see which one won:
[x]Eh, why not.
"I see no reason why not," you say. You open the box again, Marisa watching in awe. However, instead of a weapon, it lands on a teddy bear. This is shortly followed by childish laughter coming from the box, while the teddy bear floats up, going through the ceiling. Then, a more demonic-sounding voice laughs as the box begins to float away. "Bye bye!" the voice says, and the box disappears in a flash of light.

The two of you just stand there in silence for a while, before you say, "That usually doesn't happen."

"But where did it go?" the witch asks.

"I have no idea." You then remember something Koakuma said back in the library. "Say, Marisa, you've been taking a liking to guns lately, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, sometime tomorrow I'll be going to the outside, on a request from someone. And I could always use someone to cover my back."

She seems to understand what you're saying. "Where in the outside would it be?"

"Siberia. Just show up at the Scarlet Devil Mansion at some time tomorrow, and bring a heavy coat. Also," you add, while pulling out the grenade launcher, "go ahead and take this. I have no use for it."

She looks at it curiously, before nodding. You both walk outside the store, where you realize that you don't know the way back to the mansion. "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know which way to the mansion from here, would you?" you ask.

"Sure, it's that way," Marisa says while pointing in a direction. "Of course, I could always give you a lift," she adds while pulling a broom out of...somewhere. (Why can everyone here do that?)

"You use that to fly?" you ask, understandably skeptic about this mode of transportation.

"Well, I wouldn't be much of a witch if I couldn't, now would I?"

She's got you there. It couldn't be that far on foot...

[ ]Accept the ride.
[ ]Walk it on foot.
Unrelated tech-support question: Recently, I've acquired the game Killing Floor (it's like Nazi Zombies, but with more British). However, every time I try to start it up, it goes full screen. Every time it goes full screen, it crashes, and the only way out for me is a complete reboot of my laptop.
How do I fix this?
Well shit. Guess we'll have to find it again. What all guns to we have again?

[x]Accept the ride.

Running KF windowed? You should be able to set that through the killingfloor.ini file. Open it in Notepad & find StartupFullscreen=. Make sure it reads StartupFullscreen=False.

Alternatively you should be able to set window mode from Steam's launch options. Right click Killing Floor > Properties > Set launch options > type in -windowed.

Hope that helps.
It did help, thanks.
Any time.
[x]Accept the ride.

Why not? What can go wrong?

Okay, from now on, if the votes don't break 3, I'll just go with whatever has more (and in case of ties... I'll cross that bridge when I get to it)
[x]Accept the ride.
"What's the worst that could happen?" you say while shrugging.

"Okay then, get on, and hold on tight!" You get on the broom, and you actually feel a bit stupid, shortly before she takes off and you're scared out of your mind.

Fairly soon, the ride is over, and you hurry and get off. "Well, how was it?" the witch asks.

"I...never...want to...do that...again," you say between heaving breaths. Marisa just shrugs and flies off. Now that you're safe on the ground, you notice now that you could see the ground pretty clearly, even as fast as Marisa was flying. Your mind goes back to that stuff Eirin gave you. You put your hand just out of the corner of your eye, and it still looks crystal clear. Well, it certainly lasted longer than a couple of hours.

You look to the gate of the mansion, and see Meiling there, sleeping as always. You take this time to inspect the revolver you got; it seems simple enough, six chambers, all loaded, and a bag of bullets somehow appearing in your pocket. Looks like you may have mastered the art of getting things out of nowhere.

You walk up to Meiling. Yep, she's asleep. You open the gate a bit, and she wakes up. "Huh...what?"

"Got this for you," you say while handing her the revolver. She looks over it. "Sorry I kinda forgot about it, yesterday."

"It's okay, no harm done." You hand her the bag of bullets, and she takes that as well.

"Do you know how to use one of those?" you ask.

"Not really, but I'm sure I could learn."

Now that you're back from your little shopping trip, you wonder what you should do.

[ ]Get some food, you haven't ate yet.
[ ]Just stay out here, talk with Meiling.
[ ]Go pay the library a visit.
[ ]Go to your room and...
-[ ]Check over all your stuff.
-[ ]Go back to sleep.
I wanna go ahead and say in advance, if, at any time in the future, you don't see me update when there are 3 votes, blame >>150196 for helping me get KF working.
Nothing went wrong, man.
[x]Just stay out here, talk with Meiling.

If we're bringing her with us, better make sure she can use that gun.
[ ]Get some food, you haven't ate yet.
In the immortal words of Gauntlet Legends
"Food is good!"
or should it be eaten
[x]Just stay out here, talk with Meiling.
He should just teach her how to shoot.

>blame me for helping me get KF working.
I regret nothing.
[x]Just stay here, talk with Meiling.
You decide to just stay out here, and slump against the wall. You glance over at Meiling, and notice that she's still looking over the revolver.

Maybe you should teach her how to use it. "You sure you can figure out how to use that?" you ask.

"You act as if I've never used a gun before."

"I just want to make sure that you won't shoot yourself or anything."

"Even if I did, it probably wouldn't be that bad; after all, I am a youkai."

"In that case, I'd worry about whether or not you can hit what you're aiming at."

"Are you saying that I can't shoot?" She grins at you a bit.

You grin back. "I'm not saying anything, at least not until I can see how you do."

"Well then," she brings up the revolver to aim, "do you think I could hit that tree there?"

You look where she's facing, and see a lone tree some distance away, maybe about fifty yards. "Maybe you could?"

Meiling chuckles, and focuses on the sights of the gun. After a second of concentration, she shoots, the revolver making a deep firing sound. You look to the tree, and see a single bullet hole near the top.

"How's that?" the gate guard asks you.

"Not bad, I must say."

"Think you could do better?"

"Think?" You draw your pistol, making sure the safety's off. "You don't survive for five months in a zombie apocalypse without being a good shot."

"Well then," she gives a mock bow, "demonstrate your obvious skills, please."

You laugh, and bring up the gun to aim. You focus on a small branch sticking out from the tree. With these .45 caliber bullets, it should...

You shoot at the branch, and it falls off. You make a show of twirling the pistol on your finger before holstering it, and you turn to Meiling.

"Pretty good shot," she says, mock clapping. "You are probably fit to survive out there."

"You'd probably do pretty well yourself."

"Well, I'd doubt I'd be able to go out on 'expeditions' like you do." Meiling slumps against the wall. "Someone has to stay here, guard the gate."

"You're obviously good at your job, then."

"Thanks." You both drift off into silence, before your stomach grumbles. Meiling laughs. "I take it that you're hungry, then?"

"Yeah, I never really did have breakfast. You wouldn't happen to know where the kitchen is in there, would you?"

"I don't; my food is just carried out here."

"Well, I figure it's about time I wander around and get lost today, don't you think?" You and Meiling say your goodbyes, then you go back inside the mansion. First, you go back to your room, to get a point of reference and to drop off your weapons; you don't want anyone here to think that you don't trust them. Especially since most of them seem like they're able to kill you without even trying.

You can never get used to thinking that, let alone saying it.

After wandering the halls, you do manage to get lost. Again. Maybe the mansion itself is changing every time you explore it. Yes, it's obviously that, not your inexperience in navigating this place.

Soon, you find a door that actually does lead to the kitchen. There's no one inside, so you figure that you could make a sandwich or something and be happy with that. You look around, and manage to only find bread and some ham. You also found a container filled with some sort of red liquid, but you're pretty sure you know what it is. You eat the lazily-made sandwich, and make the long trip back to your room. Now, you're completely bored.

[ ]Go to the library, read a little.
[ ]Wander the halls some more.
[ ]Go back to sleep.
[ ]What else to do... (write-in)
[ ]Go to the library, read up on the place you'll be going then get to sleep.
[x]Go to the library, read a little.
[x]Go to the library, read a bit.
Going to the library seems like a good idea. You leave your room, and head down the hall to the library. Once you arrive, you figure out what to look for.

"Can I help you?" Koakuma nearly scares you out of your skin. From the smile she has, you can tell that she was going for that.

"Jeez, Koakuma, don't do that!"

"Well, now we're even. So, what did you come to the library for?"

"I was hoping to read up on Siberia, since I was planning on going there tomorrow."

"In that case, follow me." She leads you between some bookcases, before stopping and fluttering upwards and grabbing a book. She hands it to you, and you see that it's an encyclopedia, N-s. "I take it you can find it yourself from here?"

"Yes, thanks." Koakuma leaves, and you go looking for a chair. Once you find one, you sit down and search the book for Siberia. You find it, and begin reading.

It has the same general information that you were expecting, which was that Siberia is very cold. The book also talks about the culture of the place, which you don't care about. It does mention something about a Russian base being located there from about 1950 to 1974, which does prove interesting and relevant to what you'll be doing there.
After a few hours of reading and three books later, you're convinced that Siberia is very, very cold, and that a Russian ship also got wrecked somewhere in there. You sit back in the chair and try to formulate a plan for tomorrow. It pretty much boils down to "Go there, shoot zombies, collect things" right now. You'll deal with the details when you get there.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see movement. You look, and see Flandre motioning to you from behind a bookcase. It looks like it's something important.

[ ]Go see what she wants.
[ ]Just ignore her, keep reading.
[ ]Go see what she wants.

Sup Flan.
[x] Go see what she wants.

As if I could refuse.
[X]Go see what she wants.
[x] Go see what she wants.
Obvious plot advancement choice.
[x]Go see what she wants.
What the hell, you'll bite. You get up from the chair and walk towards Flandre, who ducks behind the bookcase. You follow, and find her standing there looking excited.

"So, what do you need?"

"I have something to show you! Come to my room!" With that, she flies off, leaving you sprinting behind her to catch up. She goes into the door to the hallway to her room, and you follow. Inside, you lose her, but you go to her room anyway, where she's waiting.

"Ready to see it? Close your eyes!"

"Why do I have to-"

"Do you want to see it or not?" Flandre cuts you off.

You sigh. "Fine." You close your eyes...

...And nothing happens. After about a minute, you hear Flandre say, "Okay, ready!" You open your eyes, and find that you're in a completely different place. It's another dark hallway, slightly different than the one leading to Flandre's room. The silence is unsettling.

"Flandre?" you call out into the darkness. You get no reply. Well, might as well get moving.

You start walking down the hallway. Soon, you come across a rather large chamber, dark as the hallway. Somehow, the silence got even quieter than it already was.

Up ahead, you see a wall with three doors on it. The first door has some light coming from under it. The second door has no light, but has a strange smell coming from it. The third door is slightly open, and you can hear some kind of scraping noise behind it.

[ ]The lighted door.
[ ]The smelly door.
[ ]The open door.
Oh dear... this could be bad
Shame he dropped his weapons off since it wouldn't surprise me if Flandre managed to round up a few zombies.

[x] The lighted door.

Go towards the light & all that.
[x] The lighted door.

i dont like flan-chan's games... they never end good for the toy
[x] The lighted door.
-[x] Keep your guard up, zombie sense tingling.

Calling it now, there's at least 1 zombie down here.
[ ]The smelly door.

Never go towards the light it's always a trap
File 132433254515.jpg - (879B, 276x183 , the light is fading rapidly and stuff.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm pretty sure my computer is completely stupid. Half of the time, when I close TF2, it tells me that "HL2.exe is not responding." Even though I closed HL2.exe myself. Oh, you so funny, Vista.
Anyway, ranting over, here's an update.
[x]The lighted door.
Since light makes things easier to see, you feel that the door with the light would be the best option. You open the door, and find yourself in another large chamber, lit up by numerous candles on the walls. You have to ask, just how big is this place? It makes no sense. Then again, neither does anything else you've seen since the infection hit.

Walking forward into the chamber, you think you feel a slight breeze, which is also shown by the candles flickering slightly. You keep your guard up for any kind of threat, although nothing short of a zombie seems likely. Besides, a zombie would moan the moment it saw you, no matter how far it was, especially with this decent lightin- Wait, is it getting darker?

Yep, the candles are going out, leaving only enough to not leave you in total darkness. Well, ain't this just wonderful. As if this place wasn't creepy enough.

*optional BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va3-PF09pXw *

Some sort of noise is being carried by the wind, but you can't make heads or tails of what it is. Sounds like scraping of some sort. Your nerve is starting to wane, and it must show in your hastened movements. Somewhere, you think you can hear soft laughter, but you could be imagining things.

Finally, you come across another door. This one seems heavily worn, heavily shut, and just plain heavy. The noises don't stop.

[ ]You can probably get that door open if you tried hard enough.
[ ]Call out into the darkness.
[ ]Go back, leave through the door you entered.
[x] Call out into the darkness.
Totally not tempting sudden death or anything. No sirree.

"You are not alone"? When is he ever? Now that he isn't wandering a zombie apocalypsed world I mean.
Consider the music as a hint.
Recognized it before I even switched tabs. Never cared much for the Spy for some reason. That tune, on the other hand, I love.
[x]you are not alone
[x] Turn around.

Right behind you.
[x] take it easy
[X] Hey there Jean Valjean.
[x] spy check
[x]Various votes all meaning the same basic thing.
Whatever, or whoever, is making that noise, maybe you could get their attention. You're about to call out, when you notice something.

That smell...you've smelt it somewhere before...

Ah. Of course.

Cigarette. And the only person here who smokes...

"Okay, Jean, you can come out now," you say into the darkness. All at once, the laughter and scraping stops, soon replaced by slow clapping. You turn around, and see Jean leaning against the wall.

"Well played, Roland. Maybe you're not quite as helpless as you seemed."

"Ummm...thanks?" From up above, Flandre flies down and lands on the ground in front of Jean.

"What are you doing?" she asks him. "We still could've gotten him!"

"He figured us out, simple as that." He shrugs and pulls out another cigarette, lighting it on a nearby candle.

"So, this was some sort of prank?" you ask.

Jean just looks at Flandre, who looks at you. "Yes..." she replies hesitantly.

"Well, it almost worked. I probably would've started shooting if I had my guns on me."

This makes Flandre perk up a bit. "So, we almost got you?"

"Almost. What gave it away was those cigarettes that Jean was smoking." Behind her, you notice something. "Also, Jean, your suit is on fire."

He looks confused, before looking at his shoulder and seeing that it's in the fire of a candle. "Ah merde." He beats out the fire, making you and Flandre chuckle.

Suddenly, something happens, and you're all back in Flandre's room. Jean is still focused on his suit, and Flandre has a smug smile on her face.

"Flandre, what did you do?" you say.

"Nothing~." She obviously did something.

Before you can say anything, there's knocking on the door. "Flandre? Are you in there?" Sounds like Sakuya. At the sound of her voice, Jean disappears. The door opens, and sure enough, the maid is standing there. "Flandre? Did you take something from me?"


"Do I need to wake up your sister?"

"...Fine." Flandre gives Sakuya some sort of pocket watch.

"You know you shouldn't steal this." She turns to you. "I hope she didn't cause you any trouble."

"Not at all."

"In that case, I will go." With that, she does her disappearing thing. Soon after, Jean reappears.

"Why did you do that?" you ask him.

"Me and Sakuya...aren't exactly on entirely friendly terms right now. It's a long story." He pauses before continuing. "It probably doesn't help that I stole that watch for Flandre."

Flandre just lays on her bed, staring off into space.

[ ]What do you do now? (Write-in only because I'm too lazy to think of choices)
[x] Ask more about Jean and his backstory

I must know more about this spy.
[x] Make a mental note to ask if Flandre could come to Siberia with me.
[x] Ask more about Jean and his backstory.

If only to see just how badly it would go
[x] Ask more about Jean and his backstory.
[x] Offer to tell Flandre a story.
File 132494075413.jpg - (3.93KB, 251x201 , 2fort.jpg) [iqdb]
Merry Christmas, everyone! Not only are you getting an update, but I'll give you information about what's really important in Christmas! (hint: it's hidden in the update somewhere)
[x]Ask about Jean's story.
"Say, Jean?"


"I'm just curious, but what is your story? How did you get here?"

"Yeah," Flandre speaks up, "How did you get here?"

Jean seems to stiffen for a second, before turning to you both. "Why would you two like to know?"

"Well, I went over my tale yesterday, so it's only fair, right?" Flandre nods in agreement, and Jean sighs.

"Fine, I'll tell you my story."
Teufort, New Mexico
4 months ago

"So, we still got problem?"

"Big problem. All right, who's ready to go find this spy?"

"Right behind you."

The Spy picked up the blue briefcase, and walked out of the room that contained the dead bodies of the BLU Heavy, Soldier, and Spy. What happened in there was unexpected, yet appreciated; the only person who posed a serious threat to the Spy was, in fact, the other Spy.

As the Spy entered the sewers of the base, he questioned what purpose this area serves, as all it seemed to accomplish was ruining his suits. Regardless, he pushed on, knowing that the BLU members were mobilizing now to find him.

Once he was on the other side of the bridge, the Spy relaxed a bit. Hopefully, the Engineer held his position here.

Around the corner of the passage, he came face-to-back with a BLU Demoman. A quick stab made short work of him. Ahead, the RED Engineer was fixing his sentry. The Texan tipped his hard hat at the Spy as he passed.

The French man was now in friendly territory. He made his way quickly to the intel room, where the RED Heavy and Pyro were still watching their own briefcase.

"Spy! You are credit to team!" the Russian yelled out. The Pyro also says something, but no one understands him/her/it, anyway.

"It was nothing. BLU just keeps getting sloppier every time we do this."

"Still, you did well for a tiny man!"

"Mmmph mph mmmmphph!"

The Spy placed the briefcase on the table, which resulted in a loud buzzer; the doors to RED's base were closing. Another day, another success.

Later, in the mess hall...

"Hey, way to go, ya shapeshiftin' rat!" The Scout just now heard of the Spy's contribution to the victory, and decided to congratulate him.

"Aye, here," the Demoman said, offering a bottle to the Spy. "You've earned it."

"No thanks," the Spy said, holding the bottle back to the Scottish Cyclops. "Besides, it's empty."

"Well, it ain't mah fault! They ne'er give us anything, anymore!" the Demo yelled, suddenly hostile; the shortage of alcohol to his system really affected him badly.

"Atten-shun!" The Soldier's yelling got everyone's attention.

"What is it now, Solly?"

The Soldier cringed at the Scout's nickname, but otherwise didn't acknowledge it. "We have received a message from HQ!"

"Really? What're they sayin'?" the Engineer asked.

"Are they gettin' us stuff? Please tell meh they be shippin' us some booze, at least!" The Demoman was almost to tears, he was so sober.

"Negatory. They..." For the first time in a while, the Soldier's voice sounded worried. "It was a distress call, from someone who said there were zombies attacking."

Almost everyone in the mess hall began talking loudly. The Scout was convinced that it was some sort of prank; the Demo didn't care what it was, as long as he could get drunk before the week was over; and the Pyro...had a fairly long speech, but no one understood nor cared.

Finally, a voice rose above the others: "Shut up, you wankers!"

Everyone stopped talking at once, and turned to the door to see the Sniper, looking very worried.

"What is it, Sniper?" the Medic spoke up.

"Around the perimeter, in the BLU base, it's...I've never seen anything like it..."

"Spit it out, Sheila!" the Soldier yelled.

"Zombies! Dozens of 'em, out there!" The Sniper ran back out, and everyone followed him. Once on the battlements, they saw that the Australian was right; zombies were in the desert around them, and a large number were already at the BLU base. Judging by the fire, the BLU Pyro was still at work.

Below them, zombies were trying to beat their way into the base. And they were succeeding.

"Alright, everyone!" the Soldier began barking out orders. "Get to the lockers! Secure your weapons! Engi, set up your sentries! Those zombies do not get through, understood?"

Everyone voiced their agreements and got to work.

The ensuing battle was bloody. The Pyro and Heavy were ripped limb from limb; the Soldier was badly injured by the zombies, barely kept alive by the Medic's medi-gun. The Engineer's sentries were all empty. And everyone left was down to only a few bullets. The situation was desperate.

Finally, a rough plan emerged; get to the Sniper's van, and drive through the horde of zombies.

The Medic, Engineer, Sniper, Demoman, and Scout all piled into the van; the Soldier had to be carried in.

The Spy, however, stayed outside.

"What the bloody hell are ya doin', Spy?!" the Sniper yelled. "You're gonna get killed!"

"I know what I'm doing!" the Spy yelled back. He then ran back inside the base while the Sniper drove off; if his hunch was correct, then there should be some high explosives locked up somewhere.

Once he found them, he took an explosive charge and armed it for a minute; he knew he would die in here, but he was damned if he'd let the zombies live.

However, tucked away in a corner, was a prototype teleporter that the Engineer had been working on; it was supposed to be able to teleport people to any location, without needing to have an exit point built there. It was quickly forgotten by the rest of the team before it could be tested.

Well, now seemed like a good a time as any to test it.

Clearing away the cobwebs, the Spy found that the terminal where you place the coordinates of the location to teleport to was broken, yet the teleporter itself whirred to life. He looked at the bomb's timer; thirty seconds. Anywhere's better than here.

The Spy stepped into the teleporter while it slowly began to work; the whole time, he's looking at the timer, watching it slowly count down. As if that wasn't enough pressure, at that moment zombies beat down the door of the storage room and began to file in.

Come on, work, dammit, the Spy thought.

Then the timer hit zero.

Just as the Spy felt himself teleporting, the room lit up with explosions.

The next thing he knew, he was in the middle of a forest, and there was a large, red mansion in the distance...
"The next thing I knew, I was in the middle of a forest, and there was a large, red mansion in the distance," Jean says, finishing his story. "And that's how I got here."

You and Flandre just sit there, amazed. It was less like a story and more like a play, complete with Jean shape-shifting into the different people who were there, along with voices.

Flandre begins clapping, and you do so too. "That was awesome!" she says.

"That was quite the story," you say.

"Well, now that you've heard my story, I will be retreating to my room. Ciao." With that, Jean disappears. Soon after, the door opens seemingly by itself, then closes.

It just then occurs to you how long you were in here. You check the clock on your phone; 7:31 PM.

"I guess I'll be going to my room, too." You say while getting up. "I'll need to wake up early tomorrow, for my little trip."

"Okay then! Goodnight!" You leave Flandre's room, then head to your own. You check quickly to make sure that all your stuff is there, then you crawl into bed and go to sleep.

[ ]In Australia...
[ ]In London...
[ ]Somewhere in northern Mexico...
[ ]Somewhen in Russia...
So? Did you find out what was really important about Christmas? It's okay if you didn't because...I'm an idiot and I forgot to put it in.
Oh, well, I'll just tell you: the greatest Christmas gift of all is inside you: It's blood! As it turns out, it can be sold, unlike those sweaters that your aunts got you. Happy Holidays!
Somewhere... in Navada.

There is only madness
If that's not allowed then some[spoilered] in RUSSIA

How do you do spoilers?
Type [ spoiler ]what you want to hide [/ spoiler ], minus spaces. It should look like:
hidden text if you do it right.
[x]Somewhere in northern Mexico...

More about the team would be nice.
[x]In London...
Want to know how the special forces are holding up.
[x]In London...
Hey, guys, remember at the beginning of the story, where I considered doing a TF2 story? I remember that one of the reasons it wasn't voted for was because "it'd be hard to nail each classes' personality", something like that.
Well, along that train of thought, I wanted to ask you, the readers, personally about how I did in that flashback. Because I was thinking of doing that TF2 story after this one is over.
I'm all over it. Though I'd have to expect some more than just "lol ok here is heavy he shoots stuff haha". I mean, when you write a story with characters whose entire history, motivations and wishes can be spread out over about 3/4 of an A4 page at max then you have to do some heavy filling-in there to make them into compelling, deep characters. Kinda like everyone has done with the Touhous here but much more since in Touhou at least you have the occasional relationship going.
What did the Scout get up to in Boston? What did Heavy do in the times of the Soviet reign? Is the Medic really as cruel as everyone says? Questions like these need to be answered.

For random stuff go see these two one-shots for giggles:
Though the second one is shit.
[x]Somewhen in Russia...
Because I just know that siberian Heavy has something to do with it.
>What did the Scout get up to in Boston?
He and his 8 brothers got in fights; the Scout was the runt, so he learned to walk run fast, in order to get to fights earlier.
>What did the Heavy do in times of Soviet reign?
He went to Soviet College of Mines Farms and Science (SCMFS), where he got a PHD in Russian literature.
>Is the Medic really as cruel as everyone says?
Cruel, no. Slightly sadistic and morbidly curious? Yes. Just watch Meet the Medic.

I think I got this down.
Answering and smoothly integrating are two different things. We'll see it when you write it.
True, but you can't smoothly integrate things unless you can answer them first.

Also, votes. Tied. Again. However, since this is one of those choices that won't affect things down the road, I decided to let people keep voting. But I will say this: of the 2 votes that are tied with each other, one is related to the plot, and the other isn't. I'll leave it up to you guys to decide which is which.
File 13252699439.jpg - (14.19KB, 300x209 , I hate this map just because of those damn monkeys.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, I'm getting nothing right now, so here's what I'll do: I'll just go ahead and do the one that's related to the plot, and I'll make the other one an Extra Scene. That seems fair, right?
[x]Someus the thing we're looking for."

"Wait, we were looking for something?" the drunk Russian exclaims. "I thought that we were just here to kill more zombies."

"I thought we were here because Treyarch needed a map that ties into the game they just released."

"Dempsey, who is this Treyarch person you keep speaking to?" the Japanese Takeo asks.

"Never mind that, Takeo, we're ready to begin!" Richtofen yells, and he throws down the device. It opens a small black hole, and everyone begins shooting it with their various weapons. Soon, the black hole closes.

"Kassimir Mechanism safety protocol activated." A voice says on the loud speaker. "Shutting down power systems."

"Ah yes! I'm free. I cannot thank you enough for releasing me from that...that horrible place." A distant Russian voice speaks up.

"Hey, wait!" the drunker of the two Russian exclaims. "You didn't get me any drink!"

Suddenly, the machine next to them begins to hum and shake.

"Wait, what the hell is it doin'?" Dempsey asks.

"Well," Richtofen answers, "it will either explode, or it could bring us some-"

He's cut off by the machine exploding, but it's more purplish than orange. When the explosion clears, the four are gone.
You get up from bed. That was a decent night of sleep. You check the clock on your phone; 8:12 AM. You're not sure exactly when you'll be leaving, but it could be soon.

First, though, you should probably get something to eat, since you hardly ate anything yesterday.

[ ]Go find Remilia or Sakuya or whoever, ask when you'll be leaving.
[ ]Go get something to eat first.
Extra Scene unlocked: West London
[x]Extra- West London
[x]Go get something to eat and some rations to have enough energy during the mission.
[x]Killing Floor Extra.

[x]Go get something to eat and some rations to have enough energy during the mission.
[x]Visit Flandre if you still have time.
[x]Extra- West London
[x]Go get something to eat and some rations to have enough energy during the mission
File 132546595660.jpg - (2.08KB, 128x96 , Dosh! Grab it while you can!.jpg) [iqdb]
Happy New Year, everyone! I don't know about you, but I spent my New Years piss drunk. Still have a bit of a hangover. Regardless, here's that extra:
London didn't fare much better than the rest of the world. In fact, it was much worse off, thanks to the riots that broke out soon after. Now, all that's left is zombies.

*optional BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4HUohgGdGk&feature=related *

As the zombies shamble around, quick footsteps are heard, before a zombie's head explodes into a red mist.

Turns out, the zombies aren't the only ones there.

"Reloading, give me a sec!" a British soldier calls out to his team; he was the only one left in his squad, and now was fighting alongside whoever wasn't dead or infected.

As the ragtag bunch of survivors fought, one of them managed to open the door to a building; inside, he finds a double-barreled shotgun, still loaded and with plentiful ammo nearby.

"Yes, boom stick time," he says, to no one in particular. Gunshots were ringing out almost constantly, as were the moans of the undead. He left the building, and began shooting at the zombies, although only one out of about five shells actually got a kill. Still, it was good at knocking the zombies back.

"Mmph mph!" one of them in a blue fireproof suit and gas mask said. No one really knew where he was from, or why he had a personal flamethrower, and hardly anyone could understand anything he said. Regardless, the general meaning of the warning was understood, as the man with the shotgun whirled around and shot a zombie right in the face at point blank.

They fought like this for a few minutes, before the sound of gunshots was gradually replaced with the sound of clicking.

"We're screwed, leg it!" the soldier orders, and everyone begins running, all of them armed with knives, machetes, or axes. The six of them go underground into a parking garage, which is pitch black. The soldier pulls out his side-arm and presses a switch, turning on the mounted flashlight. The light reveals a few lingering zombies, which are beheaded by other members of the group.

After some searching, the light falls upon a car. On closer inspection, they see that it has all four wheels and the engine is in good shape. The keys, however, were nowhere to be found.

"Right then, which one of you lads can hot-wire a car?"

A few seconds pass before the person in the gas mask raises his hand. He goes up to the car, breaks open the window, and opens the door. Once inside, he begins messing with the wires, before the car roars to life. Just their luck, too; the gas tank is full. The man give a thumbs-up to the soldier.

"Alright you lot, get inside!" he yells, and everyone does so. The soldier takes the wheel and slams the gas, driving out of the garage the way they came, running over a few zombies in the process. A couple of the more excitable members of the group began to lean out of the car, lopping off heads as they passed zombies.

"You call yourselves bloody zombies?" one of them remarks, eliciting laughter from the other. Eventually, they make it to the freeway.

Now that there wasn't much threat to themselves, everyone sat back and relaxed. The man in blue, in particular, began to think deeply.

He wondered how this could happen to the world. He had seen movies where it happened, but he never thought that it really could happen. It was just too crazy.

He thought of what they were going to do next. Apparently, everyone else was planning to find a secluded place out in the middle of nowhere. The soldier, in particular, wanted to try to get back in contact with the military, after hearing that they were holed up in Australia.

Most of all, however, the man kept thinking back to the one day that he got caught up in this apocalypse:

There were gunshots at the RED base. Did they make it out alright?
Real update coming soon after this.

Fun fact: The beginning of this Extra Scene was roughly based off of an actual game of KF I had.
I say 'roughly' because 5 scrakes at once?
Hah, That's nothing. I can kill 5 scrakes while drunk by myself with a full AA-12.
I can kill 5 scrakes with my knife. Who needs ammo?
Speaking of which, one time I was in a game where, for the last 3 waves, I had to face everything alone. As a Berserker. The highlight is when one of the guys was freaking out about a Flesh Pound in chat, and how it would kill me... moments before I lay down a single pipe bomb, which turns the Flesh Pound into red mist. Also, the chainsaw is bloody awesome. But enough delay: here's an update.
[x]Get some food, and save some for the mission.
You should probably get something to eat, take care of the hunger before you leave. You leave your room and go to the kitchen, where Sakuya is busy making something.

"Good morning. You're up early." She hardly looks up from what she's doing.

"Morning. I thought that I'd go ahead and get something to eat, so I won't be hungry during my little trip. Speaking of which, about when am I leaving for that?"

"From what Remilia said, you are to be leaving in about an hour. In the meantime, I will fix some food for you." Almost instantly, she has a sandwich in her hands, and gives it to you.

"Thanks." As you eat, you think over how this trip will go; really, you're just going to wing it, and hope for the best. Surely Marisa will do the same-

Oh, that reminds you of something. "Hey, Sakuya? You know Marisa?"

"The witch who constantly breaks into this mansion in order to steal from the library?"

"Er, yeah. If you see her today before I leave, don't run her out; she's going with me on the trip."

She hesitates for a bit, before muttering an "Okay."

With that out of the way, you wonder about what you should do in the meantime.

[ ](write-in only)
Each time I buy that chainsaw, I'm called a noob for not ysing the katana. What's wrong with using a chainsaw, dammit?
File 132554075952.jpg - (43.36KB, 500x283 , tsb_01.jpg) [iqdb]
Why would you ever pass up a chance to use a katana, or a digital representation of one? They are the finest blades on the face of the Earth.
That's why I carry both.

The katana is faster and keeps the fast movement speed from holding a melee weapon. Primary and secondary for katana are both useful, while the primary for the chainsaw is trash and you are stuck with using the slow secondary.
[x]Go back to your room, make sure all your guns are loaded.
[x]Go back to your room, make sure all your guns are loaded.
[x]Go back to your room, make sure all your guns are loaded.

Does Marisa have her own gun?
Knowing her, she might have a minigun or a handcannon.
[x]Go back to your room, make sure all your guns are loaded.
You should probably check your weapons; wouldn't want anything to go wrong with them while you're out in the field.

You leave the kitchen, and head for your room. Inside, you start looking over your stuff.

-1 upgraded M14 rifle (X4 scope attached, 25 shots loaded (full), 9 extra mags, now equipped)
-1 upgraded M1911 pistol (explosive bullets, 6 shots loaded (full), 5 extra mags, "Mustang", now equipped)
-1 M1911 pistol (7 shots loaded, 6 extra mags, now equipped)
-2 Monkey Bombs (now equipped)
-1 Bowie knife (blade is wearing, grip is slightly bent, now equipped)
-1 machete (blade is fairly worn)
-1 Ballistic knife (loaded, 2 extra blades, now equipped)
-1 ray gun (20 shots loaded (full?), 9...things in reserve, unknown effect on zombies, now equipped)
-1 Gameboy (battery is still good)
-3 changes of clothes (all plain)
-1 heavy coat (guaranteed to both keep the cold out and block the occasional zombie scratch, now equipped)
Now that you're all kitted out, you check your phone: 8:55. Not much longer to wait.

You open the door to your room to leave, and end up hitting something.

"Ow..." Make that someone.

You look behind the door, and see Marisa, also wearing a jacket, nursing a bruised head.

"Sorry, didn't see you there," you say.

"It's okay...I should've slowed down..." She seems to have recovered now. "So, when are we going?"

"Right about now, I would say." For once, Sakuya's appearing act didn't scare you out of your skin. Marisa also seems unfazed.

"Alright then." You pull out your phone, and call Yukari.

"Yes, Roland?" She sounds mostly awake, this time.

"Remember how I said I was going to Siberia?"

"You ready to go?"

"Yeah, we are."

"We? Who do you have with you?"

"Marisa's going with me."

"Well, then, I'll be sending you both out now. Good luck~." With that, you find yourself at the bottom of a small mountain, with a lighthouse situated on the side of it. Some distance away, a large, ice-covered ship lays wrecked on the shore. Beside you, Marisa gets up and wipes some snow off of her hat. "Same old Yukari..." she mutters to herself. She then turns to you. "So, Roland, where we going?"

[ ]Go to the lighthouse.
[ ]Go to the ship.
[x] Go to the ship.

It's not suspicious. Not at all.
[x]Go to the lighthouse.

Getting a good vantage point.
Marisa can fly. She's a mobile vantage point.
So, are we in "call of the dead"?

[x] go to the lighthouse.
- [ ]ask marisa if she has a weapon.
- [ ] if not, hand her the "ray gun" or the upgraded M1911 pistol.

Are we going to fight romero or meet the cast of zombie mode?
>Are we going to fight Romero
>or meet the cast of zombie mode?
File 132626065196.jpg - (17.13KB, 570x342 , Truth.jpg) [iqdb]
Oremor Nhoj, em llik tsum uoy, emag eht niw ot.
loved Doom.
Speaking of which, when is the guy who was writing that one /sdm/ Doom story coming back? That story brought me to this site.
I don't know if he's still around, but he abandoned the story. I know, it's annoying.
[X]Go to the Lighthouse
File 132653174975.png - (30.16KB, 185x104 , Zombies are the blue-collar monsters.png) [iqdb]
[x]Go to the lighthouse.
Looking up at the lighthouse, you see that it's built on a bunker of sorts, dug into the side of the mountain. There are also some platforms leading into a cave, which looks to let out near where you and Marisa landed.

"We should probably check out that lighthouse," you say to Marisa. She nods at you. You draw your rifle, which raises a question of yours. "Say, Marisa, you got a gun?"

"Course," she says while drawing a M1911 similar to your own. "Never leave home without it."

You chuckle to yourself and begin moving. In the cave, you can see an odd arm or leg sticking out of the ice, frozen solid. Spooky.

Once you get on top of the bunker, you notice that there's a staircase leading up into the lighthouse, with an open door at the top. You go inside, Marisa following you closely behind. The inside seems like your average lighthouse; windows, spiral staircase; you can't help but notice that the windows are crudely boarded up.

"You think there were people here recently?" Marisa asks, also seeing the boards.

"Might've been, but we'd probably have seen or heard them by now, if they were still here." You both go upstairs, and find yourself on a circular catwalk near the top of the lighthouse. A long cable is strung up between here and the other half of that ship. To the right sits a ruined vending machine. Odd, putting one of those up here. Marisa turns left down the catwalk, and you follow her. Soon, the catwalk is broken off, with some large and heavy-looking barrels blocking it off. Among the barrels, you see a radio, kind of like the one you found in Germany. You flick a switch on it, and it bursts into static before a message starts.

"Log entry one-four-seven-two, date: September tenth, nineteen-forty-five," a German voice says from the radio. It sounds vaguely familiar. "Deeear diary, Today was a good day. The swelling has subsided, the ice helps. They made liverwurst for lunch. It was-" The recording is broken by static before continuing again. "I still have not had any luck reprogramming any of the live specimens. Dr. Ma-" More static. "-says the key to unlocking the human mind will be more easily discovered of someone who isn't dead yet. I am not convinced. The army is stored until I can fix this, this trust barrier. Oh. Apparently someone in security found a spy today, they are delivering him from-[/i]" Yet more static. "-to replace the one that I broke." He chuckles, then the recording stops.

"What was that about?" Marisa asks.

"I think we might have found out what they did here." Suddenly, a large bolt of lightning hits the top of the lighthouse, sending sparks flying. You can also hear some sort of noise coming from somewhere below. Sounds like some sort of machine powering down.

[ ]Go check it out.
[ ]It's just some lightning, nothing to worry about.
[X]Go check it out.

Obvious Plot Hook Is Obvious.
[ ]Go check it out.

We are here to investigate the place, let's investigate!
[x] Split up gang!

No, But seriously [x]Go check it out.
[ ]Go check it out.
security system offline, dig in for zombies!
File 13267520584.jpg - (8.43KB, 153x185 , Can't find a pic of the door.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Go check it out.
Whatever that is powering down, it's probably worth checking out. I think we should go down and take a look," you say to Marisa, who nods. You lead the way back down the stairs and go one level lower than where you came in. You find an open door leading into some sort of office, which is completely trashed. You don't hear the machine anymore.

You're about to say something, when a Russian voice begins yelling. "Augh, I'm blind, I'm blind! In my eyes!"

"Holy shit balls," another voice says from the same place, this one sounding like an American, "me too. What did you do, Richtofen!?"

"I did nothing," a German voice responds. Wait, is that- "Where's the light switch? Oh, I think I found a lever. This must turn on the lights."

You both go down some stairs, and see a metal door, where the voices seem to be coming from.

"Let go, that's not. A. Lever. Richtofen!" the American says again. The German just laughs sheepishly.

Suddenly, you bump into a can, which slides rather loudly across the ground.

"Did you hear that?" 'Richtofen' asks. Looks like you're found out.

The Russian from before groans. "Sounds like someone outside..." Suddenly, his voice is closer to the door. "Hey! You! Bring me vodka!"

"Hello?" the German calls out. "Can you help us? There must be a blown fuse or something. It's dark in here." There's no denying it, it's the guy from the radio. Marisa seems to know that, too.

Someone on the other side of the door throws up. "Oh, man, that's wet," the American remarks.

[ ]Help them.
[ ]Don't help them.
Those who have earned the Stand-In/Ensemble Cast achievements should know where this is going.
[x]Help them.
[x] Help Them

Is there even really a choice?
[ ]Help them.

Plot time, fun time.
...Huh. I'm starting to think that this all could've been just one long post. Oh well. Writing shortly.
will be consequences for certain choices. Just thought I'd say that, there's no underlying consequence in this choice~
[x]Help them.
Well, if they need help, who are you to deny? "I guess we could help," you say. Once back upstairs in the office, Marisa begins whispering to you.

"Why are you helping them? They could be dangerous!"

"More dangerous than zombies?"

"...Good point." With that, you both start searching the room for...something. Probably a fuse of some kind.

"Found something," Marisa calls out from the other side of the room. You turn to her, and see that she's holding some sort of tube-shaped fuse.

"Alright, toss it here." She does so, and you catch it. Back downstairs, you find a fuse box, and place the fuse in. "Lights are on," you say to the people behind the door.

"Ah, much better," the German starts. "Now I can see the problem. We must've gone too far into the future." Wait, what? "Look, the teleporter's completely broken." He seems to be talking to the others in the room. "The time circuits are damaged. We'll have to reroute the mech-"

"Wait," the American interrupts. "You took us here on purpose? Where are we?"

"A better question, Dempsey, is-"

"Oh, look," the Russian says. "Is blinky light, heh heh. What does this button do?"

"Nikolai, noooooooooo!" the German screams, before the door begins glowing faintly red, and a machine behind you does the same. "Ooh, great Nikolai, you just activated the M.T.D. security system."


"Excuse me, you, outside, ya, the handsome one, we need you to locate the power sources of the security system. They look like little half domes with a hole on top, kind of like a big- forget it, if you destroy those, it should shut down the security system."

Well, the best thing you have for destroying things is that pistol, 'Mustang'. "You should back away from that," you whisper to Marisa. She does so, and you shoot the generator, making the light on top cut out.

"Hey, the force field just flickered a bit," the German says. "Whatever you are doing, keep it up."

You and Marisa go back to the office, and find more stairs which bring you back to the bottom of the lighthouse.

"That mention of 'too far into the future' seems a bit...off, doesn't it?" you say.

"How so?"

"Doesn't that seem strange to you?"

She shrugs. "I've lived in Gensokyo for as long as I can remember, and I've heard of much stranger things than time-travelers. There's another generator, down there," she adds, pointing.

You see it, and take aim. "True enough," you say before shooting, making the generator shut down. You can still hear the humming from the door down below.

"Hey, Marisa, I have an idea," you say while handing her the explosive pistol. "Do a quick fly-over of the area, see if you can take out any more generators."

"Alright." She pulls her broom out of somewhere again, and takes flight. Soon, you hear an explosion somewhere behind the lighthouse, before seeing the witch fly overhead. She stops when she's over the ship, and shoots again. She flies around some more, before coming back and landing. You can't hear the humming anymore.

"That's all I could find," she says.

"Let's check on them, I think the force field is down." You head back to the door, and knock on it. "We did what you asked."

"Okay," the German says. "Takeo, can you hand me that screwdriver?" He's answered by the same person from earlier throwing up.

"Okay, ew."

"Is that all he's going to do this trip?"

The Russian moans. "I have such a headache...I need vodka!"

"Now ain't the time for drinkin', Nikolai."

"I heartily disagree! Now is perfect time for drinking."

"Ya, vodka! That might give me the distraction- I mean, good idea!"

"See, Tank? It's always good time for drinking!"

"But there couldn't possibly be anything left to drink around here...could there?"

Seriously? Now they need vodka?

Back outside, you voice your complaints. "They really need vodka, of all things?"

"That Russian fellow reminds me of Sukia..."

"Friend of yours?"

"Yeah, spends her time freeloading around the shrine and drinking. Her and that guy would probably get along famously."

"Well, let's get that vodka."
I would make this longer, but that would mean that it'd leave more chance of this being lost before I can post it. I'm sure everyone prefers that.
Also, for up to 3 posts from now, I'll provide one of those things where a character from the story provides advice and help. Go ahead and ask questions that aren't too spoiler heavy; they might be answered!
Why does Marisa bother with a pistol when she can just Master Spark zombies by the dozen?
You head through the cave in silence, searching the ground for anything vaguely shaped like a bottle. While doing that, you think over those guys in the room. In particular, the American; his name was Dempsey. For some reason, that name feels deeply familiar, like you heard it somewhere long ago. You push the thoughts aside as you see a bottle frozen to a railing. Using your knife, you pry it free. What luck, it even has some vodka still in it.

"Alright, found it," you say. Marisa nods, and you both head back to the door. Nearby, you find a delivery tube, and put the vodka inside, where it flies up.

"Did you get that?" you ask them.

"Oh, yes, thank you so much," the German says.

"Come on, Richtofen, it's singing time!"

"Ahh, I feel like dancing with third wife, but she's doing the troyka with death."

"Wait, isn't the troyka that dance that needs three people?"

"Yeah, but third wife, big woman, she can do both parts!"


Once again, the fourth person throws up. "Takeo, let's dance you barfing fool!" the Russian exclaims. Him and the American then begin singing "99 shots of vodka".

"So," 'Richtofen' begins whispering, "now that they're occupied I've been wondering, could you do a special errand for me? I need you to retrieve a very important device, it looks like a long, stiff, hard, golden rod... With fingers on the end, Aaaoohh, delightful."

...What. "Where the hell am I supposed to find something like that?" you ask.

"We're at the bottom of a lighthouse, ya?"


"Then there should be four dials in there. If memory serves me correctly, then you will only have to turn the one on the bottom to the left once. Also, are there zombies there? Because you'll need one."

"Wait, what happens when I turn the dial?"

"Just go and turn it!" You feel that this might not be a good idea, but you doubt it could make the global situation worse.

"C'mon," you say to Marisa. You both go to the bottom of the lighthouse, where you find the dial that the German was talking about. You turn it to the left once...

...And nothing happens. "So, is that it?" Marisa asks.

"I guess-" You turn around and come face to face with a frosted zombie. In a panic, you shove him away from you. He lands in the space inside the spiral staircase, and begins floating up. It's enough to make you and Marisa put down your guns.

"...Why is that zombie flying?" you ask.

"How should I know?" The zombie keeps floating to the top of the lighthouse, where there's a flash of light. Something flies back down to the bottom, where it stays suspended in the air. Upon closer inspection, you see that it's probably the 'golden rod' that the guy was talking about. You take it.

"Whatever just happened, I hope we're done here." You nod in agreement while going back to the metal door. You place the rod in the same pipe you put the vodka in. When it shoots up, you knock on the door. "Alright, I got the thingy."


"Kinda sick of me to ask this, but Richtofen, is that a rod in your pocket?"

"Nein, let's go! I've got us what we needed."

"Ha, yeah...DRUNK!"

"Thank you so much for your help out there. Goodbye!"

A machine begins whirring on the other side of the door, which is cut off by a large amount of sparks flying from the fuse box.

"What happened?"

"Should I go out and push?"

"Ugh, the fuse box must've shorted out- again."

"Oh come on! This better be more rewarding than last time. Stupid Gersch..."


Your no engineer, but you think that you can fix it by jamming your knife into the fuse...

Yep, that did it.

"Thank you again, stranger. Perhaps we will see you another time... Goodbye!"

"Yo, sauerkraut, never did tell us why we came here- wherever this is."

"All in good time my clever Dempsey... all in good time."

The other guy throws up yet again. "That's what you get for eating raw fish." The machine begins whirring again, followed by the same noise that the teleporter back in Germany made.

"Well, we just helped about four time-travelers escape," Marisa says. "Is that a good or bad thing?"

"I'm guessing it's a good thing." You then remember the reason you came here in the first place. "We should go back upstairs; it was a goldmine of papers and stuff."

"Why would you want them?"

"Remember when I said this was on a request of someone? That someone was Remilia, and she wanted me to bring back whatever I could that could prove useful. She wants to take the glory for herself, basically."

"Sounds like Remilia, alright." You head upstairs, and begin sifting through papers and stuffing them in your bag. All of them are in Russian, so you have no clue what they say. Some of them have diagrams, though, and they seem to be of weapons of a sort; you see one that looks like a large cannon, and there's another that seems to be some sort of machine that appears to create some kind of portal. If there's any that mention zombies, you can't tell.

Once there are no more papers to loot, you call to Marisa. "Alright, I think that's enough."

"Good, I was tired of looking." You notice that she found something like an AK-47 at some point, but you're not complaining. You also notice that a heavy fog has picked up outside. You pull out your phone, and see that it has no signal.

"Well, we'll have to wait out the fog; I don't have a signal."

"Wonderful. We should at least go to the top of the lighthouse, get a better view of the place."

I'm off to play Call of the Dead, get a basis for the next scene...
File 132719106585.jpg - (237.32KB, 463x600 , zombie.jpg) [iqdb]

Because master spark requires immense amounts of love in order to be properly used. Who could ever love a zombie?
You can love killing them, Does that count? Knowing Marisa I think it does...
File 132727267875.jpg - (6.28KB, 179x146 , Pretty much the Achievement picture.jpg) [iqdb]
For best effect, have http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OrFcK6MUGc&feature=related playing in the background while reading.
At the top of the lighthouse, the fog is so thick that you can't even see the ground. You look to the vending machine, and see a bulb still lit. Better than nothing.

"Hey, help me get this down there," you tell Marisa, getting in position to push the machine off. She doesn't seem to know what you're planning, but helps anyway.

Both of you get the machine off the side of the catwalk, and the bulb miraculously stays lit. Although part of you wishes it wasn't.

At the bottom of the lighthouse, there are dozens of zombies. And there all filing into the lighthouse.

"Knew it wouldn't be that easy," you say to yourself. You then face Marisa. "Still got that pistol I gave you?"

"Yeah." She hands it to you. "What do you have in mind?"

You look at the cable. "Something stupid." You tug on the cable, satisfied that it didn't fall off. Making sure you have a good grip on your pistol, you get ready to jump. "Make sure to keep up." Before she says anything, you jump off and begin shooting the pistol downwards at the horde until the gun goes click. You look forward, and let go of the cable in time to land on the ship. Marisa flies in soon after.

"What kind of plan was that? It was a horrible idea!"

You reload your pistol. "Stick around, I'm full of bad ideas." You can hear zombie moans over the wind now. "C'mon, we should get moving." The two of you head through a doorway leading to stairs going down. Another vending machine is waiting at the bottom, which you ignore. From some windows on in the wall, you see that this part of the ship is a bit underwater; you'll have to get your feet wet to go through. While Marisa hovers over the water, you start down the stairs to wade HOLYCHRIST THAT IS COLD WATER.

After managing to get to the other side of the room without freezing your ass off, you stop to get some of the water out of your shoes. Marisa chuckles a bit, and you glare at her. Once you finish that, you start moving again. Up ahead, some of the zombies are coming in from the lighthouse. Well, you'll go the other way. You vault over a small fence before turning around and shooting some of the zombies. Once Marisa gets over the fence, you start moving again. Seeing a doorway on the left, you enter it. You both move through countless empty rooms before finding what looks to be some kind of armory. You close the door behind you, and make sure that there are no other points of entry. When you find none, you sit down to rest. The sound of zombies banging on the door gets you back on your feet.

"Got any ideas now?" Marisa asks. You look up, and see a hole in the ceiling, letting you see the fog.

"Yeah." You take your phone out and hand it to her. "Fly out through there," you say while pointing to the hole. "I'll shoot my way out of here. If I don't make it out, call Yukari when the fog clears, alright?"

It looks like she's about to voice her disagreement, before she nods. "Full of bad ideas, huh?"

"Yep. I'd get going now, if I were you." Marisa flies out, and you start looking around for weapons. It doesn't take long for you to find a machine gun, and not much longer to find a box of bullets for it. After loading it and making sure it still works, you face the door, where the banging is getting louder. The door starts to lean inwards; they'll be inside soon. You aim the machine gun at the door, and prepare for the incoming onslaught.

The door falls, and you open fire. The bullets cause many of the zombies to literally fall apart, and you push forward, not letting up on the trigger. Eventually, the gun runs dry, and you drop it before sprinting down a side door. You climb some stairs, and emerge into a frozen cafeteria. You shoot a couple of zombies before heading down a hallway, noticing that there's less fog outside.
A single zombie claws at a door, locked in the torpedo storage room of the warship. It was a futile effort; the door had been frozen shut after years of neglect.


The zombie didn't understand the voice, but stopped anyway.

Turn around.

Having no mind of it's own, the zombie turned, now facing a group of torpedoes, very volatile and sensitive to detonation after the ice ruined their fail-safe systems.

Set them off.

As if hypnotized, the zombie shambles up to a torpedo. Having to sense of self-preservation, it rears back...
Once out in the open air, you see that the fog is gone now. Up ahead, you see Marisa hovering alongside the ship. You wave to her-

Just as a loud explosion leaves a ringing in your ear and sends you flying. You land on your back in the snow, which cushions most of your fall. Then why is there a pain in your gut..."

You look down, and see that there's a fairly large piece of shrapnel sticking out of you. Pain shoots throughout your whole body while Marisa lands beside you. Your ears are still ringing from the explosion, so you don't hear what she's saying. Then you see that she's talking into the phone. Turning to the side, you see that there are zombies coming in from the cave. With pained movements, you take out 'Mustang'.

You're not ready to die.

You open fire with the pistol at the zombies, each shot making the pain in your stomach a bit worse. When the clip empties, you see an avalanche of snow falling down the mountain, coming towards you. Before it hits, you feel yourself falling before landing in what feels like someone's arms. You look up, and see Yukari and Marisa carrying you through a forest of...bamboo? Enough of your hearing has returned that you can hear Yukari saying something, but you still don't know what. The pain is unbearable. You fight just to remain conscious while they carry you into a building, where you're then placed on a gurney. The pain lessens a bit, but it's still too much. You can feel yourself losing consciousness while your hearing returns.

"Out of the way, move! Get Eirin!"

"He's going to be fine, right?"

"Roland?" You notice a purple-haired bunny-eared woman in a suit looking at you. "Stay with me, you're gonna be alright." She looks up. "Where the hell is Eirin?!" You pass out shortly after.
[ ]Only time travel will tell.
[ ]Cryogenic slumber party.
[ ]Obligatory flashback option.
-[ ]Young and curious.
-[ ]Young yet experienced.
-[ ]Old and wise.

[ ]Ask questions for the Q&A/Advice thing the writer mentioned. (Separate from above options)
Achievement Unlocked:Ensemble Cast: Send the crew to 'Paradise' in co-op.

Achievement Unlocked:Cold Hearted: Go to (and make it out of) Siberia.

I apologize in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes.
[x]Old and Wise

I wanna say time travel but frankly I dont care for most of them. Except for Tank. He's fucking awesome.
[X]Only time travel will tell.
[X]Cryogenic slumber party.
[X]Obligatory flashback option.
-[X]Young and curious.
-[X]Young yet experienced.
-[X]Old and wise.
No. Pick one.
[ ]Obligatory flashback option.
-[ ]Old and wise.
[x]Cryogenic slumber party.
[x]Meet the Medic.
[x]Obligatory flashback option.
-[x]Old and wise.
File 13275445486.jpg - (5.98KB, 230x219 , dog tags.jpg) [iqdb]
-[x]Old and wise

November 11, 1960

You spent most of today looking over some old photos of you in the service, relics of the war. Being a veteran yourself, you feel you have the right.

You come across a certain picture; it's of you, almost twenty years younger, in front of a P.B.Y. Catalina; the same plane you served many missions on. On top of a wing, is another person: Roland Clarke, your friend and partner during the war. Poor bastard... didn't even find out that his girlfriend was cheating on him before he got was pronounced K.I.A...

You hear the door creak, and turn to see your daughter peering in at you.

"Hey, Betty. How you doing?"

"Fine," she says. "I just wanted to see what you're doing." She spots the pictures. "Are these pictures from the war?"

"That they are, Betty." You sit back and watch as she rummages through the photos. Soon, she stops and picks one up.

"Who are these guys?" she asks. Looking at it, you recognize yourself and your brother, posing in your uniforms.

"Why, that's me and your uncle Tank," you answer, chuckling softly.

"How come I never see Uncle Tank?"

You pause. "It's because... Tank went M.I.A. during the war. You know what that means?"


"It means 'Missing In Action.' He left on some special mission, last I heard, and he didn't come back. Sad thing, too; he was perfect for the marines."

You both sit in silence for a bit, before you remember something. "Betty?"

"Yes, Daddy?"

"If you ever have a son... could you name him Roland?"

"Okay." With that, she kisses you on the cheek and runs off.

You sigh, and look at your dog tags again:

Flynn A
115 42 1337
B pos

If the serial number happens to be the same as a real soldier, that was not intended.
File 132770679973.png - (109.15KB, 250x250 , He's drunk- what's your excuse.png) [iqdb]
Hello. I am the anonymous writer of Ostent Wunderland der Toten.

"And I'm drunk!"

Yes you are. With me is Nikolai, everyone's favorite drunk Russian. In this short post, we will answer questions and provide advice for you readers and voters.

"I'm only here because I was promised vodka!"

Right. Anyway, questions:

>Why does Marisa bother with a pistol when she can just Master Spark zombies by the dozen?

"Wait, which one's Marisa again?"

The one in the witch's outfit.

"Oh, right."

Anyway, for the question, the answer is the same answer to why the military couldn't just bomb everywhere the zombies are: it most likely wouldn't get the necessary strike to the head needed to kill the zombies.

"Wait, I blow shit out of zombies all the time, and they die!"

Yes, but that's different. Anyway:

>Who could ever love a zombie?

Strictly speaking, no one can.

"You sure? 'Cause Richtofen seems to like the slaughter too much. Just like second wife..."

Actually, that also answers the next question:

>You can love killing them, does that count?

There aren't anymore questions, but there is this little gem:

>I wanna say time travel but frankly I don't care for most of them. Except for Tank. He's fucking awesome.

"Well, you know what they say about American Marines, they always...ehh...nevermind, fuck you."

At least they didn't say that they liked Takeo.

"Honestly, I don't think anyone likes him. Does anyone here like him?"

You're supposed to answer questions, not ask them.

"And you were supposed to get me vodka."

True. Anyway, now for general advice. For example, Samantha.

"Who is she?"

She's the one who always moves the box.

"Really? Then I hate that bitch!"

She's not that bad when she isn't trying to kill you with zombies.

"But she never stops doing that."

Exactly, although you may have caught a break.

"Why is that?"

Think back to when you were locked in a room with everyone else.

"Oh, right! The guy who brought me vodka!"

Yes, actually. He helped all of you, which means that he helped Richtofen.

"So? I mean, Richtofen can be kind of creepy, especially since he got that golden rod thingy, but where's the problem?"

Samantha and Richtofen don't get along so well.

"They don't?"

No. You'll find out yourself in a couple of maps.

"Wait, maps? Have you been talking to Dempsey? He keeps going on about 'Treyarch being lazy' and yelling at some guy named 'Player'."

Oh, he's just doing his thing. Back to the subject at hand, Samantha doesn't like it when people help Richtofen. Be wary, readers.

"And when in doubt, get drunk! It works for me."

Real update coming soon.

"Hey! You still owe me some vodka!"
For once, "soon" actually meant "soon".
You wake up in a daze. The first thing you notice is that you're looking at a white ceiling. Looking down at yourself, you notice a few things.

First of all, there's no more shrapnel in you. That's good.

Second, there's a large hole going from your abdomen to part of your chest. That's not so good.

Third, where you imagine your heart should be, there's nothing. That is just downright bad.

Before you can start freaking out, you see a faint red beam going into your chest. Following it, you see it goes up to a machine mounted up on the ceiling. Whatever it is, you're betting it's what's keeping you alive, since you have no heart at the moment.

You hear someone saying something at the other end of the room. You turn, and see Eirin with her back to you talking to someone else.

"Reisen, have you seen that device I was working on?"

"No, I haven't." You recognize the voice as the bunny-eared girl from earlier.

"Well, keep looking. I'd like to try it out now..."

Eirin leans down to look for something, letting you see that it is the same rabbit-girl that tried to help you. You both make eye-contact, and she becomes surprised.


"What is it now Reisen?" She looks up, and spots you.

At that moment, a number things become clear to you.

One, you are currently on an operating table.

Two, Eirin's hands are covered in blood past the wrist.

Third, it's probably your blood.

And last but not least, she's holding a heart in one hand. It's most likely yours.

[ ]Write-in.
[x] Stay calm
-[x] "You shouldn't play with a man's heart."

No, I couldn't resist.
> Samantha doesn't like it when people help Richtofen. Be wary, readers.


> What may be a re-enactment of 'Meet The Medic'

I don't think we can have a Giant Baboon Heart in our chest. It would be too big.

Plus we don't need a mechanical thingamajig for an Ubercharge.
[x] If talking won't disrupt the pressures inside your thorax and make your lungs colapse or give you a hiatal hernia or something horrible related to being awake and with a gaping hole in yout chest.
-[x] "Am I supposed to be awake?"
-[x] "What are you planning to do? You shouldn't play with a man's heart."
-[x] "How does "this" work?

Just being paranoid here, ignore the first part of my vote if needed/convenient.
Well, I don't care about Richtofen. We were aiding Nikolai's quest for vodka! Any instance of helping Richtofen was just an unintended side effect of that.
[x] Stay calm
-[x] "You shouldn't play with a man's heart."
[x] Do not let any unauthorized rabbits into the hole in your chest.

Mad props, anon.
I'm trying to remember the Meet the Medic video for my vote.

Reisen, no! It's filthy in there!
[x] Stay calm
-[x] "You shouldn't play with a man's heart."
[x] Do not let any unauthorized rabbits into the hole in your chest.
File 13277649174.png - (337.50KB, 480x360 , spark vs zombie.png) [iqdb]
[x] Stay calm
-[x] "You shouldn't play with a man's heart."
[x] Do not let any unauthorized rabbits into the hole in your chest.

>Anyway, for the question, the answer is the same answer to why the military couldn't just bomb everywhere the zombies are: it most likely wouldn't get the necessary strike to the head needed to kill the zombies.

I don't think that's a problem...(Pic related.)
I probably should moan this much but it just seems off for Marisa to use something so boring without a good reason.

Otherwise good story so far.
File 132777195663.png - (124.75KB, 800x897 , Not subtle in the slightest.png) [iqdb]
Keep in mind the one thing zombies in general are dangerous for: numbers, and not always in a straight line. That, and I'm sure that she couldn't just shoot giant frickin' laser beams forever, she could get tired or something. Course, I have no knowledge on shooting giant lasers from a handheld device, so I have no clue as to how it works on the user.
[x]Stay calm.
-[x]Cheesy one-liner.
-[x]Prevent any unauthorized rabbits from entering your now-open chest cavity.
Part of you wants to freak out. You're on a table! With a hole in your chest! Missing your heart! The heart that Eirin is holding right now!

And yet... you don't.

In fact, you can almost taste the cheese on the next thing you're about to say.

"You know, doctor, you shouldn't play with a man's heart."

Both of them just stand in silence. Then, Eirin starts laughing. While still holding your heart, covered in your blood. You feel that it should be unnerving, but you're oddly relaxed.

She stops laughing long enough to form a coherent sentence. "Well, I see the anesthesia is still working a bit." She walks up to you. "But did you have to wake up at this moment?"

"Not sure if I had a choice in the matter." You still can't get over the fact that you're missing your fucking heart. And you're fine with that. "You sure you're licensed for a heart transplant?"

"It's more of a heart augmentation. And medical licenses are overrated anyway."

...what. "So, you're saying you don't have one?"

"Well, I did have one, but I lost it. It's a long story." Suddenly, you can feel something squishing around inside you. You look, and see another rabbit-eared girl in a pink dress poking at your insides.

"Tewi! No!" Eirin yells, waving away the rabbit-girl. "It's filthy in there." You look at her, slightly offended. She ignores that detail. "Rabbits, heh." Behind her, 'Reisen' returns with some kind of device.

"Found it."

"Thanks." She takes the device. "Now, most hearts couldn't withstand this voltage..." She places your heart on the device and holds it under the beamy healy thingy. "...but I'm fairly certain your heart-"

She's interrupted by something popping loudly, followed by Reisen getting smacked in the face with something red. Eirin just stands there, shocked.

"...What was that noise...?" You have a feeling you know what it was, but you want to be sure.

"...The sound of progress, my friend." She goes to a nearby fridge and opens it. "Ah, perfect," you hear her whisper before grabbing something. You hear something else from the fridge, but it's too muffled to make out. "Later."

She closes the fridge door, letting you see that she grabbed another heart, this one slightly bigger than what yours was. "Now, where was I?" She places the device on the heart, and holds it under the beam again. "Come on...Come on..." She begins chuckling, which soon becomes full-blown evil laughter. You laugh nervously, backing away slightly on the table. Reisen also looks concerned. The heart starts glowing, and you close your eyes, fearing the worst.

When Eirin's laughter stops, you open your eyes and see the heart glowing reddish.

"Sorry about that," she says. "Sometimes I get carried away." With that, she simply plops the heart into your open chest. "That looks good..."

"Should I really be awake for this?"

"Heh, well...no. But as long as you are, could you hold your rib cage open a bit?" You do so., and she tries to slide the new heart into place. "I can't...seem...to-"

She suddenly shoves the heart forward, causing you to cry out in pain. You look, and see that you managed to break off one of your ribs. Noticing this, Eirin takes it.

"Oh, don't be such a baby. Ribs grow back!" She tosses the rib aside somewhere before whispering something to Reisen, who's eyes get wide. Eirin goes to the machine on the ceiling, and flicks a couple of switches, making the beam brighter. To your astonishment, the hole in your chest begins to close itself up. When it's finished, you feel your chest, relieved at the familiar sensation of a heartbeat. You take a deep breath. "So, mind telling me what you just put in me?"

"Don't worry about it; I've already made sure that it's not lethal, and, worst-case scenario, you'll just go on living the way you did before."

"So, what is it supposed to do?"

"It's specifically designed to improve the stamina levels of whatever it's installed in. So, I just gave you a free upgrade, basically."

As long as nothing bad happens, you're fine with it. "So, what now?"

"Now? Well, if you don't mind, I still have some tests I could use a subject for. Or you could just rest, after all you've been through."

[ ]Become a lab rat.
[ ]Rest and recover.
I'm going to guess "A witch does it."

[x]Depends, what are you going to do to me.
[x] Ask how long the rib will take to grow back.
-[x] Get a second opinion.

Do we get a bonus for guessing who's head in the fridge,if so I guess Mokou.
[x]Depends, what are you going to do to me.
[x]"So, how much stamina are we talking about?"

Ubercharge tutorial, GO!
[x]Depends, what are you going to do to me.
[x] Ask how long the rib will take to grow back.
-[x] Get a second opinion.
[x] Become a lab rat.
[x] Grab a soda from the fridge. You're thirsty.

Despite pretty much the entire update being a copy of Meet the Medic, that was pretty good. Having it be from the patient's point of view is an interesting twist.
The term I'd use is "affectionate parody."
Oh, almost forgot:
Achievement Unlocked: A Little Heart to Heart: Survive open heart surgery with Eirin.
[x]"Depends, what are you going to do to me?"
-[x]Ask about the rib, how long it will take to grow back.
--[x]Get a second opinion.
"That depends, what are you planning on doing to me?"

"Remember that one drink I gave you?"


"It's pretty much more of that. That reminds me, did the one I give you help out?"

"Yeah, for up to when I got blown up in Siberia."

"Really?" She takes a notepad out of a pocket and starts jotting stuff down on it. "Interesting..."

Something else comes to your attention. "So, how long will it take for that rib to grow back?"

Eirin hesitates for a bit. "It varies, but it generally takes a while."

"Could I get a second opinion?"

"Sure: you are also incredibly foolhardy." You're pretty sure she's avoiding the question on purpose. "So, you want to get to work as my test subject?"

Since all you have to do is drink stuff... "I see no reason why not."

"Okay then, follow me." You get off the table and follow Eirin down a hall. Soon, you enter another room that looks like a lab of sorts. Various chemicals are sitting in various containers. Eirin walks up to a set of them, and places five of them on a table.

"Since you're going to be the one testing them, it's only fair that you choose which one."

Can't argue with that logic.

[ ]The red one.
[ ]The blue one.
[ ]The purple one.
[ ]The dark red one.
[ ]The green one.
[x]The purple one.

Couldn't decide between my two favorite colors so I went with the combination of the two.
[X]The dark red one.
-[X] See if you can catch her assistants alone and ask what Eirins been working on latly, and the rib.
[x] Blue.

This should be "Quick Revive" , no? Well, it's a nice color anyway.
Perk-a-Cloa time.
[]Double Tap
[]Speed Cola

One of them is off.
[x] blue
I think we need a little revive.
[x]The blue one
-[x] If we get a chance, Get them all. Who knows, It might help!

Doesnt MC have a confirmed buttfuck of points?
[x]The dark red one
-[x] If we get a chance, Get them all. Who knows, It might help!

You too can be the Burro!
File 132813342090.jpg - (1.46KB, 75x79 , Ya need a little revive!.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]The blue one.
-[x]See if you can drink them all.
The blue one seems awfully appealing. You pick it up and take a sip-

And start gagging. It tastes horrible. "What was in that?" you ask Eirin.

"Just some chemicals, stuff like that...and fish."

Fish?! "What was it supposed to do, anyway?"

"It's still in the testing stages, but, in theory, it's supposed to act as a prevention to infection from zombies, although, from what I've tested, it only seems to work once."

That's useful, you suppose, but still, fish?

"I take it you don't like fish?" she asks, smirking.

"Nope." Looking at the other containers, an idea hits you. "Say, what would happen if I drank more?"

"Nothing, at least if you don't drink more that four. After that, it's liable to cause heart failure and other lethal ailments."

Don't drink more than four; useful to know.

[ ]Red.
[ ]Green.
[ ]Purple.
[ ]Dark red.
[ ]On second thought, don't drink anymore. (what then?)
I think we can vote for 3 in this update.

Also, Which colors which? I havent really done much of Zombies mode yet.
Revive was used, Double-Tap is actually Mule Kick.
[x]Dark red.
[x]Dark red.

Sorry Flopper, but I don't really see the point of exploding every time you dive to prone.
[X]Dark red.
File 132879650545.jpg - (8.92KB, 240x210 , Jugger-Nog is best perk; it gets front billing.jpg) [iqdb]
I use Flopper for its more 'passive' effects.
[x]Dark red.
After thinking about it, you decide to try the red drink. You pick the glass and take a sip, finding that it tastes much better than the last one. You set the glass down, and notice a feeling of...something pass through you. It disappears as soon as it appeared.

"What was that one supposed to do?" you ask.

"To put it simply, it makes the user more resilient to damage, as well as having a higher pain tolerance. It also has a peculiar side effect of enlarging... No, never mind, it's not important."

Side effect? Well, if the doctor says it's not important, then it's probably not important. Next, you choose the green drink. Downing it, you think it doesn't taste as good as the red one, but much better than the blue one.

Suddenly, you feel...jittery. And shaky.

"WhataboutthatoneWhatwasitsupposedtodoAmIsupposedtobethisshaky?" you ask in one breath. Eirin chuckles.

"Don't worry, that's just a side effect of it, it should pass soon."

Sure enough, you soon stop shaking. You're still a bit jittery, but you feel better.

With only two glasses left, you pick the dark red one. It tastes decently, and gives you a feeling similar to the red drink.

"Let me guess, this one will make me stronger?"

"Yes, actually." She takes the purple stuff away and puts it back. "Well, I can imagine how tired you are, after all you've been through. There's a room already set up for you, and your belongings are in there, as well. Or, if you prefer, you can relax at the hot springs bath we have here."

Hot springs bath? In the back of your mind, a thought occurs to you how cliche that is. You ignore it.

[ ]Hot springs.
[ ]Your room.
Achievement Unlocked: Mr. Perky: Have 4 perks active at once.

Sorry this took so long, among other things, there was the Super Bowl...
[x]Hot springs.
Cliche? Yes.
Relaxing? Yes.
[x]Hot springs.

It's cliche to relax at hot springs. It's also the place for most fanservice cliches.
[ ]Hot springs.

Shrapnel, open hearth surgery, questing, and killing zombies, yeah a bath is the best option.
[x]Hot springs.
[x]Hot springs.
As cliche as it sounds, the hot springs sound pretty nice, after all you've been through. "Where is that bath you were talking about?"

"It's down the hallway to the left, second door on your right. You can go ahead and get some clothes from your room, it's just across the hall." Eirin starts working on something while you leave the room, heading down the hallway to the left. Once you find your room, you find your bag and quickly check over your stuff. Satisfied that nothing's missing, you grab a change of clothes and head to the door at the other side of the hall.

Inside, you find a large community bath, with steam limiting your visibility to a few feet. Nearby, you find a changing room, where you place the change of clothes and remove the ones you're currently wearing. You ease yourself into the water and start to think about things.

Namely, those people you helped back in Siberia. That German guy... Richtofen, was it? He seemed like he was planning something. You're not sure what, but there's a good chance that it's related to the zombies. The Russian one... Nikolai? You doubt that he's hiding something, given how much of an alcoholic he seemed to be. They mentioned someone else, 'Takeo'; probably the guy who was throwing up. Not much to say about that. The American... You swear you've heard that name somewhere before... Dempsey... Wait, wasn't that your mother's maiden na-

You're internal monologue is broken by the door to the springs opening, followed by someone yelling, "You better stay out of my room if you know what's good for you, Tewi!" Sounds like Reisen. Wasn't Tewi the name of that rabbit-girl who was poking at your insides?

The door shuts, and you can hear Reisen muttering to herself some more. Judging from the ruffling of cloth, she's also getting into the hot spring. Not even bothering with the changing room, it seems. You hear a splash at the other end of the spring, followed by silence.

[ ]Just stay where you are. If she comes to you, that's her business.
[ ]Try to sneak your way out; she seems a bit pissed off, and needs to unwind. Alone.
[ ]You've gone over five months without seeing a bare pair of breasts that weren't decomposing. You're ending that streak now.
Quick somewhat-story-related announcement: As you know, Valentine's day is not that far away. I probably won't have updates be as often as I did after it. Not because I got a girlfriend (cue the forever_alone.jpg), but because I'll be getting reacquainted with a certain ice cream truck that's been gone for far, far, too long. Just a heads up.
Also, a Steam friend of mine is betting on what you voters pick here. I won't say what they predicted, but I will tell you if it was picked.
[x] "Hey, Reisen! Just for your information, I am already in the spring, located roughly on the other side from you! Do not worry, I cannot see you due to the steam! You seem to be in a bad mood, so I'll leave if you want!"
> I'll be getting reacquainted with a certain ice cream truck that's been gone for far, far, too long.

You could have just said 'I'm gonna be playinm the newest entry in the Twisted Metal series' instead of sort of skirting around it.
I like the cut of your jib, but not the verboseness (verbocity?) of your write-ins.

[x] "Hey, Reisen!"

We're all adults and/or rabbits here, a little nudity is nothing to get all flustered about. Play it cool.
[x] Hey, Reisen! Oh God, please don't shoot me!

We are under a whole array of status effects, our chance to make it alive are high, and then there's "revive" (Yes, I know that one doesn´t work like that here)
[X] "Hey, Reisen!"

MC must control himself
[x] "Hey, Reisen!"
[x] "Hey, Reisen!"

I approve of this idea.
[x] "Hey, Reisen!"

Why don't people explain themselves more often in anime situations like this?
[X] "Reisen mah nigga!"
[x] "Hey, Reisen!"
[x]Glide silently under the water and burst out of it right in front of Reisen.
-[x]"HEY, REISEN!"
File 132953784951.jpg - (1.13MB, 1000x1479 , KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS GOD DAMMIT.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, as I thought, Twisted Metal took up a lot of my time. Funny thing about that game: out of all of the destruction and mayhem, out of all the twisted humor, out of all the badass insanity (flaming chainsaws!), do you know what I love the most about this new Twisted Metal? two sequel hooksAchievement Unlocked: Spanish Inquisition: Make a choice that nobody expected.
>Achievement Unlocked: Spanish Inquisition
That better have unlocked an alternate, Inquisition-appropriate, outfit.
That turned out well.
To get that, you must complete the game to 101%. He's still alive.

That single thought kept occurring to her, never going away.

He's still alive.

No matter how much she tried to focus on other things, no matter how hard she tried to think-

He's still fucking alive.

It's bad enough that Edward just won't die, no matter how much she throws at him, but now this guy shows up, and not only helps Edward and his little group of subjects, but refuses to just sit there and die like a good boy.

She doesn't quite blame herself; after all, the first time she sent the zombies after him and that one girl with the swords, he seemed quite good at staying alive. But this time... It's a wonder that the explosion didn't knock him out instantly.

Then she remembered where he was. Gensokyo, wasn't it? It must be nice there... It will probably be fun when she kills everyone, then inviting them to a giant feast. Maybe there would be a giant sundae... with hot chocolate, hot blood, peanuts sprinkled over it, and all with a nice, big, red spleen on top.

...But she was getting off track. That border-thingie that this Gensokyo is behind... it could be a problem. Not only will there be only a few zombies in there, but she can't even send her hounds through it... Normally, she'd focus solely on ripping out Edward's entrails, but she can't do much to him, now, since he's in the past, where her past self will deal with him. (This whole 'time-travel' thing confused her greatly)

She smiled to herself. If I can't go around the border, then I'll just go through it.

She was Samantha Maxis. She wouldn't let a border formed by 'spiritual faith' stop her.
As you can see, it will only get worse from here.
Oh, Crap.
You feel yourself starting to wake up, but you just stay in bed and try to go to sleep. At some point, someone starts knocking at the door. You try to fake that you're asleep, but they keep knocking, even harder than before.

"Go away, I'm trying to sleep!" you call to whoever is on the other side of the door. Suddenly, there's a loud crack, followed by the all-too-familiar moan. You turn to the door and see a zombie breaking its way through it. You jump out of bed just as it breaks through and heads straight towards you. You sidestep it and go to your bag, grabbing for one of your weapons.

[ ]3000
[ ]950
[ ]95O
[ ]5500
[ ]0
Zero is better. somehow.
[ ]950
If these have something to do with the power or the cost of the weapon, this should be enough for only one zombie, then again maybe I'm wrong.
I wonder if its an energy sword...
Hopefully this is the choice for number of zombies.
Also this had better be a dream because otherwise vague choices are shit.
>the power or the cost of the weapon...
Samantha must be pissed about something.

Now armed with your rifle, your pistol, and your knife, you head into the hall, following the direction you think you saw Eirin go. As you get farther down the hallway, you start to hear more zombies moaning, as well as the occasional gunshot. Soon, you come to what must be the entrance to the clinic. The outside doors are barricaded, and you can see the undead trying to get in through the glass in the door.

Suddenly, you notice a few small red dots on your chest.

"Hold your fire!" Sounds like Reisen. As suddenly as they appeared, the dots vanish. You look up and see a collection of about twelve rabbit-girls, all armed with rifles and all wearing some kind of military gear, grouped together some distance away from the door. Reisen breaks off from the group and walks towards you. She has a uniform like everyone else, plus a pair of small bars on the shoulders. Probably for rank. "Glad to see you join us, Roland."

"Well, I was woken rudely by one of the zombies, so I figured that I might as well help. How are things going?"

"So far, we've managed to keep most of them out, and kill any of them that comes in. We have plenty of ammo, so we should hold out just fi-"

"We got a breach, right-side window!" one of the rabbit-soldiers yells before opening fire on some zombies, spraying bullets in that direction.

Reisen turns back to the group and heads toward them. "Aim for the head, soldier! You're gonna waste all our ammo if you keep that up!" You also head to the group, since that has the least chance of you either getting blindsided or shot.

"Another breach, left-side doorway!" Quite a few zombies are coming in through both sides, though they quickly fall to bullets from either the soldiers or yourself.

It seems like the plan is working, until the front door caves in, followed by more undead. Soon, you all bunch up tightly against the wall, with you covering the right side. The soldiers seem to be losing hope.

"Shit, they're everywhere!"

"I can't get clear shots!"

"I'm on my last mag!"

"Use your knives if you have to!" Reisen yells over everyone else. Some of the group pushes out in order to follow her orders.

In these cramped quarters, you switch to your pistol, keeping the knife in hand just in case. Soon, you manage to thin out the horde to just about twenty-something.

"I'm out of bullets!"

"Shit, I lost my knife!"

Before you can do anything else, a shot of something hits the group of zombies. They stop for a second, before suddenly bloating up and floating upwards a bit. Soon, they pop, one after another, until there's blood everywhere. You turn to see Eirin holding some kind of gun... thing, walking towards you. "Everyone okay?" she asks. The group responds with a chorus of "Yes."

"Hey, where's Shorty?" one of the soldiers asks.

"I'm here," another one responds near the hall, with a sizable wound in her chest. A group of the soldiers and Reisen all go to her in order to treat the wound.

"You weren't bitten, were you?" Reisen asks.

"Might've been, I don't remember."

"Do you have a pain in the back of your head?"

"A bit, yes."

Almost everyone starts whispering to each other. "She's infected, ain't she?"

"She is, probably."

"Should we shoot her?"

"I ain't shootin' her!"

"But what about that one guy?"

All of the soldiers look towards you, as if looking for an answer. "What?" you ask. It takes about five seconds for everything to sink in.

[ ]She's infected. It'd be good to kill her before she becomes a zombie.
[ ]She's infected, but don't kill her; Eirin probably has something for this.
[ ]She's probably not infected, it's a wound from something else.

Before you can decide anything, Eirin speaks up. "Hurry up with this, because we need to go somewhere else."

[ ]Suggest the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
[ ]Suggest that human village place.
[ ]Suggest Nitori's lab.
[ ]Suggest something else? (Where?)
[x] She's infected, but don't kill her; Eirin probably has something for this.
[x] Suggest the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

If Eirin can't fix it then we can put 'er down & I just plain like the SDM crew.
[x]She's infected, but don't kill her; Eirin probably has something for this.
[x] Get in contact with Yukari, Samantha said something about going through the border, maybe Yukari can can cut off the zombie flow somehow.
[x] Neutral towards other suggestions.
[x]She's infected, but don't kill her; Eirin probably has something for this.
[x] Get in contact with Yukari, Samantha said something about going through the border, maybe Yukari can can cut off the zombie flow somehow.
[X]Suggest the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
[ ]She's infected, but don't kill her; Eirin probably has something for this.
[ ]Suggest the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

If I remember, there's certain fishy blue drug that might help her.
The SDM is almost like a castle, has a big outer wall, is in the middle of a freaking lake, and inhabited by undead vampires, the best defensive position if I could choose.
Its on the (north?) shore, not the middle of The lake.
Well, this sure has been a productive weekend for me.
[x]She's infected, but don't shoot her; Eirin probably has something for this.
[x]Suggest the SDM
Looks like they want you to kill a friend of theirs because she is most likely infected. Then you remember that stuff that Eirin had given you.

"Hey, Eirin, you remember that stuff you gave me? The one that tasted like fish?"

"I know what you're thinking, and I've been working on that for quite some time. It's still entirely untested on a 'live' subject."

You look at the bitten soldier. She looks genuinely scared. "Well, it's better than nothing," you say. Eirin nods and goes to get it, leaving you, the soldiers, and Reisen. You keep you rifle out, just in case anymore zombies show up.

None of you talk, filling the hall with silence. Soon, Eirin comes back with a syringe filled with that blue stuff. You wince involuntarily; you don't enjoy needles much. The doctor goes to the bitten soldier and injects it into their arm. Once the syringe is empty, she pulls it out and puts it away.

"Okay, now that that's taken care of, we should head somewhere else; this place wasn't built to withstand a siege."

You remember that mansion, and the people inside it. "We could head to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, it looked easily defensible."

"Nice to see that you're still thinking clearly." Yukari makes almost everyone jump.

"So, mind to tell us how everything is?" Eirin asks.

"To be quite honest, it's pretty bad. The human village is under siege, as are the Scarlet Devil Mansion and this clinic of yours. Although most of them seem to be heading this way, right now. So, I believe that you all should get moving."

"But we have to pack our stuff-" one of the soldiers says, before being cut off by everyone's bags, fully packed, falling on them. Your weapons are still there, so that's good.

Eirin speaks up now. "Now we just need to find Tewi and-" That other rabbit-girl, 'Tewi', falls in, followed by someone you've never seen before, with long black hair and wearing some kind of dress. Both of them complain about the fall.

"Well, since you all seem to be ready, I guess I'll drop you off at the mansion." Suddenly, all of you are dropped some distance away from the mansion. Outside the gate, quite a few zombies are trying to get in. Every once in a while, one of them falls. You see the reason why: Meiling is flying over and around the gate, firing that revolver you gave her into the group. Your group of soldiers also fire into them, killing them off within a minute. Once they're all dead, Meiling lands and walks toward you all.

"What brings you here?" she asks.

"Simply speaking," Eirin says, "Eientei has been overrun, and we need a place to stay."

"Well, go right in, I'm sure the mistress won't mi-" She stops when she sees the soldier with the now-bandaged wound. "She's not infected, is she?"

"Possibly, but I gave her something that should help, and she'll be under watch until we know for sure that she's fine."

"Well, okay..." She opens the gate, and you all file in. Inside the mansion, some of the group starts talking to each other.

"Wow! This place is huge!"

"And everything's so...red."

"My mansion's better..."

"Yeah, Kaguya, but this mansion is much bigger."

Everyone stops talking when Sakuya appears. You notice that her usual maid dress looks more worn out, and also more combat-effective, you'd say. "I see that we have some refugees in need of shelter. I will tell the mistress. In the meantime, please make yourselves at home in the servant's quarters. They're just down that hall." You notice that she eyes the bitten soldier carefully, and she does the same to you. She then disappears, and your group heads to those rooms. Once there, everyone begins to go their separate ways into the rooms. Eirin turns to say something to you, but stops when she sees the monkey bomb sticking out of your bag. "Where did you get that, may I ask?"

"Found it in some box over at that one store. Why?"

"Oh, no reason, no reason at all." It looks like she's muttering something to herself, and you even hear her say "...tofen..."

[ ]She knows something. Ask her.
[ ]It's nothing, go to your room and get your stuff put up.
[ ]She knows something. Ask her.

Plot, here we go!
[x]She knows something. Ask her.

Tell us your secrets, Eirin.
[X]She knows something. Ask her.

Looks like Richtofen and Eirin were German scientists researching on Element 115
I think more about the lines of the freaking moon base in zombie mode than any nazi-lunarian alliance, I wonder how Samantha slipped that many zombies in Gensokyo or if the human village will be fine.
[X]She knows something. Ask her.
[x]She knows something. Ask her.
"Do you... know something about it?" you ask Eirin. She stops and turns to you.

"It's not important, really."

You get an idea. "You wouldn't happen to know someone named Richtofen, would you?"

"How did you- I mean, yes, why?"

"Well, I ran into him back in Siberia. He was with three other guys, and they were apparently time-traveling.

She looks around. "Maybe we should go somewhere a bit more private." She walks into the nearby room, which happens to be yours, and you follow. She closes the door and sits on the bed. "Richtofen... he was a fellow scientist in Group 935. Have you heard of it?"

"I think a radio in Germany mentioned it."

"Well, it was an international group of scientists working to 'Improve the human condition', as the motto went. It had scientists from everywhere... Germans, Americans, Russians... Lunarians..."


"Yes, I forgot to tell you, I'm a Lunarian. From the Moon. Anyway, I myself was working on various chemicals and medical experiments, such as those drinks that you had. Richtofen was in another department, working on teleporters. At first, it didn't look like his experiments were going anywhere. Then, once we found out that the moon was full of element one-fifteen, they were able to not only make it work, but to get a base built on the Moon. There, we learned that we would be making weapons for the Nazis in return for funding. Naturally, many people left the group because of that. I stayed, mainly because I didn't care much what was happening on Earth at the time. One day, Richtofen and his group was able to get a teleporter big enough to transport a person. He went in first and... disappeared. He wasn't the first person to be killed because of experiments, so not many people looked too far into it... except, he came back about two weeks later." She sighs. "Richtofen... funny thing is, I liked him quite a bit. But when he came back... he was different. He apparently kept hearing voices, and he insisted that we all helped to build some kind of device. He also made a few weapons, one of which were those 'monkey-bombs', he called them. He also had a base in Siberia, where I heard that he did experiments to make super-soldiers. I'm not sure how that device of his did, because I left the group shortly after. Later, I'd end up coming to Gensokyo, but that's another story."

That's quite the story. "From what I heard in Siberia, he seemed to be planning something. You have any idea what it might be?"

"No, although it's probably related to that device that he wanted built." She sighs again. "Sorry, it's just hard on me to remember those times... truth be told, I'd like to forget about them."

"I don't blame you." With that, Eirin gets up and leaves the room, leaving you alone.

[ ]Just stay in here and rest.
[ ]Find Flandre or Patchouli or whoever and ask them how things have been around the mansion.
[ ]Check in on the infected soldier.
[ ]Get to the roof, get a look at the area around the mansion.
[ ]Other?
Wow, plot can drain on you after a while.
[X]Check in on the infected soldier.
[x]Check in on the infected soldier.
[x]Check in on the infected soldier.
"Hey, don't you have to update that story of yours?"
"Wait, I do? SHIT."
-Actual Steam conversation moments before writing this.
[x]Check on the infected soldier.
That one soldier who got bitten... It would be good to check on her, see if she's doing alright. Leaving your room, you look down the hall to see a door being guarded by another soldier. Walking up to her, she sees you and gives a quick salute. You do the same.

"Is this where the one who got bitten is staying?" you ask.

"Yes, she's inside." You open the door and head inside. In the room, the soldier is laying in bed, her wound well bandaged. Her face looks pale.

"Oh, hi." She sounds pretty weak. You hope that Eirin's medicine will work.

"Hey. You been holding out alright?"

"I suppose." She coughs. "You've been out there for quite a while, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Tell me the truth... am I going to turn into one of them?"

[ ]Tell the truth. "Most likely, if Eirin's medicine doesn't work."
[ ]Lie. "No, you'll be fine, I'm sure."
[ ]You have no clue.
"You know I'm going to copy-paste this conversation into the update, right?"
"...Yeah, just shut up."
"I'll try."
[ ]Tell the truth. "Most likely, if Eirin's medicine doesn't work."
-[ ] "Don't worry tho, the medicine will work, just rest and be strong to return soon with your comrades"

Because distress can lower the inmune response, specially in rabbits that have already low stress tolerance, and we need her body to be able fight off the infection.
[x] Well, there's a nonzero chance. Just in case, you might wanna call out if you feel anything odd.
-[x] But that's only if Eirin's medicine doesn't work. And have you ever seen her medicine fail?
[X] Well, there's a nonzero chance. Just in case, you might wanna call out if you feel anything odd.
-[X] But that's only if Eirin's medicine doesn't work. And have you ever seen her medicine fail?
[x] Well, there's a nonzero chance. Just in case, you might wanna call out if you feel anything odd.
-[x] But that's only if Eirin's medicine doesn't work. And have you ever seen her medicine fail?

A small part finds the second part amusing because, if Eirin's tested anything new since the girl's been there, she probably has seen a failure or two. That is an expected speed bump on the way to progress after all.
[x] Well, there's a nonzero chance. Just in case, you might wanna call out if you feel anything odd.
-[x] But that's only if Eirin's medicine doesn't work. And have you ever seen her medicine fail?

"Well, there's a rather big chance that you will. And even then, it's only if Eirin's stuff doesn't work. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess." The explanation seems to calm her some, and she leans back. "Stay strong, we'll pull through." With those parting words, you exit the room. The other soldier takes her position at the door again. Now what to do...

[ ]Maybe you could-

"Roland?" Sounds like Sakuya. You turn around and see her walking towards you.

"Hey, Sakuya. What do you need?"

"If it's not too much trouble, you wouldn't mind going on a few 'errands' for us, would you?"

"I don't see why not. Where am I going this time?"

"You just need to make a trip to the underground. They should have plenty of supplies there, and they agreed to lend us some." This is the first you've heard of this underground place.

"Where would I find it, exactly?"

"There are caves all over Gensokyo that eventually lead there, but the most direct route it at the bottom of Youkai Mountain. So, what do you say?"

"I don't see why not."

"Splendid." Sakuya's voice changes to the now-familiar French accent, and a cloud of smoke reveals her to be Jean. "Just so you know, I'm going to be going along as well. I want to go myself to see if I can pick up some cigarettes; I'm running a bit low. And before you say anything, yes, I know it's a bad habit, and no, I don't care." He disappears, and you head off to your room. Inside, you arm yourself and get your stuff together. It also occurs to you that, with the way things are right now, it might be wise to see if you can get more than two people to go.

[ ]Who else to take? (Remember: the fewer people at the mansion, the less defense they have against zombies. Also, pretty much the entire regular staff of the mansion is currently preoccupied with something. Also, if you want to bring some of the soldiers with you, please specify a number, and any skills that you would want on this trip.)
Wow, long-winded vote specification is long-winded.
[X] Tewi and 2 rabbit soldiers
Less chance to encounter zombies with Tewi's luck and 2 soldiers increases firepower while drawing less attention due to small group size
Not to complain, but there's a bit of difference between 'non-zero chance' and 'fairly big chance'. More importantly there was nothing about trying to inform her guards if she thought she was about to turn into a zombie, though maybe she had already been told to do that.

I don't actually care that much, I'm just confused since the bit about Eirin's medicine was included, so it wasn't fitting the write-in to a given choice.

But again, it doesn't really matter.

[x] 3 soldiers - spelunking, carrying, and either stealth or shooting.
[x]2 Soldiers- Close Range Combat and Infiltration.
[x] Five solders.
-[x] Spelunking.
-[x] Carrying.
-[x] Close Combat.
-[x] Ranged Combat.
-[x] Detecting Enemies.

Jean has all our stealthy needs covered.
Oh wait, the thing about Eirin's medicine was in the vote, so it was counting a write-in as a given choice, which I can understand.
[x] Four solders.
-[x] Spelunking.
-[x] Carrying.
-[x] Close Combat.
-[x] Ranged Combat.

Zombies aren't really hard to detect, I think. >>154287 revoting.
[x] Four solders.
-[x] Spelunking.
-[x] Carrying.
-[x] Close Combat.
-[x] Ranged Combat.
Do you need another steam conversation to start writing again?
C'mon, man, I recommended this to my brother over spring break. Now he's not gonna get to read more about zombies.
[x] Four solders.
-[x] Spelunking.
-[x] Carrying.
-[x] Close Combat.
-[x] Ranged Combat.
A group of six people sounds decently sized. You're going to need someone to carry the supplies, for sure. Having someone skilled at ranged combat could also help, along with someone who could help out in close quarters. Also, you're not sure how rough the terrain in the underground is, but having someone skilled in spelunking could prove useful. Jean could always cover any stealthy needs that you might have, and you're pretty good in a fight, if you do say so yourself.

With that decided, you make sure everything's together, and leave your room. Down the hall, you see Reisen walking in your direction. Convenient.

"Hi, Roland," she says.

"Hey, Reisen. Say, you're the leader of those soldiers, right?"

"I'm their commanding officer, yes. Why?"

"Apparently, I'm going to be going on some errands to the underground for supplies, and some back up would be appreciated."

"So, how many soldiers would you need?"

"About four." You then explain what you'll need on the trip, and she nods.

"Okay, I'll see what I can do. Give me about fifteen minutes." She leaves, and you head to the entrance of the mansion. There, you see Jean leaning on the wall.

"So, are you ready to go?" he asks.

"Not yet, we're going to have a squad of those soldiers with us, and it'll take a few minutes for them to get ready."

He shrugs, and you both start waiting. He passes time by taking out a knife and twirling it around, and you double check all your weapons.
About thirteen minutes later, Reisen and three other soldiers arrive from the hallway.

"This is the squad?" Jean asks. Reisen nods at him.

"After some talking, we got this group together." She motions to another soldier. "This is Elena. She specializes in CQC." Elena gives you a salute, and you return it. Reisen points to another soldier. "'Carrying things' is a bit of a general skill, but Alyssa here is good at it, I suppose." Alyssa also salutes you, and you do the same.

Reisen moves to the last soldier. "This is..." She snickers. "This is Cologne."

Cologne? "No offense, but... what kind of name is 'Cologne'?"

"It's a nickname I got. It's a long story."

"Regardless, Cologne is my second-in-command." Reisen speaks up. "She's well able to handle herself, and she's an expert in rock climbing, which I suppose is close enough to spelunking. As for myself, I am a considerable marksman."

"Now that we have introductions out of the way," Jean says, "can we get going now?" The six of you head out the door. Outside, Meiling is resting next to the gate, with quite a few bodies on the other side. You all leave the gate, prepared for the trip ahead. Now you just need to decide on how to get to Youkai Mountain.

[ ]The scenic route; stop at any place of civilization, see if you can save anyone who needs it.
[ ]Help anyone you find, but keep moving; can't check everything you come across.
[ ]Don't stop for anything; the sooner you get to the underground, the better.
[x]The scenic route; stop at any place of civilization, see if you can save anyone who needs it.

Save more now, plug less later.
[x]The scenic route; stop at any place of civilization, see if you can save anyone who needs it.
-[x] Assuming those supplies aren't desperately needed.

Write-in subvote is probably needless, but the inner armchair tactician in me won't let me leave it out.

Also hooray for updatage.
[x]The scenic route; stop at any place of civilization, see if you can save anyone who needs it.
-[x] Assuming those supplies aren't desperately needed.

This seems fine.
[X]The scenic route; stop at any place of civilization, see if you can save anyone who needs it.
-[X] Assuming those supplies aren't desperately needed.
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