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138904 No. 138904
No matter. I’m no longer asleep is what’s important. Taking the others’ comfort and well being into consideration is not something I care to do, seeing as they have no plans to reciprocate. What I need now after having calmed myself is to hear the words straight from the source. I will confront Minamitsu directly on the issue, and upon hearing her response I will act accordingly.

I easily slip out of Kogasa’s embrace. Part of me would rather remain here in this room, but I can’t afford not to be proactive. My life is at stake, is it not? I leave the room and head below decks to the crew’s living quarters.

I am rather amazed when I lay my eyes on the walls and floor. Fresh timber has already been cut and placed, and a coat of paint hides any of the touch-up work that had been done. None of the holes in the wall remain, though I do find myself tracking paint all across the floor. Not that it bothers me to have stepped in a paint bucket or whatnot, so long as it washes off later.

I first come across Shou painting in the halls. She wears a rag over her head, and her manner of dress is less extravagant than usual. She does not notice me, or otherwise passively ignores me as I walk past. I make no attempt to hide myself as I head towards Minamitsu’s room at the far end of the hall.

From this point on, the walls are unpainted. Fresh timber interconnects with the old to create a light-and-dark pattern all across the walls, floor and ceiling. It’s none to pleasing to the eye, and I can see why they have decided to paint over it. I step forward and slam open Minamitsu’s half-crumbled door. I find her sitting in bed, wide awake and reading some old book.

“Oh, hi there,” she says to me, assuming that I know nothing of her plans to do away with me.

“So Mitsu,” I say, doing away with pleasantries and using the nickname the others call her by, “The grape vine told me something interesting last night.”

“Yeah?” She smiles brightly, almost innocently. I don’t buy the act, but she keeps it up regardless, “So what’s up?”

“Why don’t you tell me?” I ask, trying to feel her out a little more before moving to more direct accusations, “Something you have planned? For me?”

“If it’s a surprise party you’re looking for, you’re outta luck. Gotta get things into ship-shape here, yeah?”

No good, huh? So she intends to play dumb. Just watching her smile makes my temper flare, but I try not to show it. No reaction, no defensive posture. Just play it cool and pretend I don’t know anything for now.

“I saw,” I try to smile; toughest thing I’ve done all day, “Shou seems to be quite the workaholic when she’s not talking about you.”

“Hm?” Her eyebrows perk up, “And what is it that she said about me?”

Not only have I gotten her attention, I have made her suspicious of her own comrade. The two seem to have issues trusting each other from what I have gathered, and though I may be grasping in the dark at something that isn’t really there I can try and exploit that weakness. I’m sure I have something, though—that was the first time I’ve ever heard Minamitsu speak so properly when addressing me.

“Oh, not much,” I say with a grin, relaxing my posture and leaning against the doorframe, “just this little thing about some goings-on I missed last night. Heard you guys got into a bit argument over something while I was out. Now, she didn’t say what for, so I was hoping you could enlighten me?”

“It was, err…” she goes pale. Well, paler than the usual ghost brand of pale, “um, well.. It’s a bit of a long story, and—“

“I have time,” It is now that I find myself comfortable enough to pull up a chair. I used the old wooden one tucked into her desk, “All the time in the world, in fact. Do you have anything else better to do? Because it sure doesn’t look like it.”

“I’d really like to not talk about it,” she says, putting her book down, “…If you don’t mind, of course.”

“Normally I’d be fine with that,” I decide to jab the knife in a little further, now that I have her in an awkward position, “But I heard that it had something to do with me?”


“I’m sure Shou wanted me gone as usual, and that you were just defending me. At least, that’s how I figure it…” I pause briefly, trying to build up a bit of tension as I look her straight in the eye, “But from what I overheard, that wouldn’t seem to be the case. Mind telling me what’s going on?”

“Yeah, well…” she smiles awkwardly, “It’s a long story, and Shou’s and my little spats go far back. She did hold a mutiny against me, you know.”

I think she understands that I know something of her plans, but I seem to have succeeded in muddling the issue just enough that she doesn’t recognize exactly how much I know. This is a good position. I could easily keep her guessing for the rest of the day, or I could simply confront her with the issue directly. Either way could play in my favor, but it all truly boils down to what I want.


No. 138906
[x] Say nothing. Stare hard.

We have her on the ropes. Without tipping our hand, she'll be second guessing herself, constantly wondering just how much we know. If she holds any sort of feelings for us, she will eventually convince herself to give up the beans.
No. 138919
[x] Accuse her directly.

I don't know what Nue wants, but I want this over with already. Let's cut to the chase.
No. 138922
[x] Ask her why she wants to kill us
No. 138949
[x] Accuse her directly.
[x] Ask if it's in relation to the bowl going miss, the bowl's broken bits (Thanks to a certain cloud-nun) being in your possession.
No. 138956
[x] Keep her in the dark, ask her what her history with Shou is and what do they want by working together even though they clearly aren't in good terms.
No. 138957
[x] Oh Mitsu... I do care for you, and I consider you a good freind.
[x] But if there's one thing I detest more than the man whom killed me it's treachery.
[x] Close in on her menacingly with a face that could make a lesser badass shit himself from sheer terror.
[x] If were ever to be betrayed by anyone I hold dear, I'd kill them and then fuck the body, regardless of who they would be.
[x] Yuuka Kazami smile
[x] Ask about her day.
No. 138962
I don't even have words.
No. 138964
Other than "Shitty write-ins strike yet again?"
No. 138971
>Look like a stupid idea at first, but in fact..

But in fact, it's even more stupid than you think.
No. 138976
Whatever you do don't touch it. Stupid is contagious in cases this severe.
No. 138993
> Stare.
No. 138994
[x] Keep her in the dark, ask her what her history with Shou is and what do they want by working together even though they clearly aren't in good terms.
No. 139015
[x] Accuse her directly.

I can read Nue is getting impatient with beating around the bush, and to avoid speaking about it once Murasa already know she's suspected confers no advantage.
No. 139028
[x] Accuse her directly.
No. 139029
I'm a little iffy on accusing her directly, as Shou can easily be lying as well, but I'm all out of alternatives. What to do...
No. 139038
If Shou was lying, she's one hell of an actor and Murasa is acting guilty for no reason.
No. 139039
It's possible that Murasa has something else to hide.
No. 139040
Is it possible that what we saw in the room with Shou...wasn't Murasa?
No. 139042
It's possible you people are full of SHIT.
No. 139808
[x] Accuse her directly.

Poor Nue, experiencing feelings.
No. 139815
[x] Say nothing. Stare hard.
-[x] Once you had enough accuse her directly.
I'm sure wants to get this over with, but she'd also like to watch her squirm a little.
No. 139835
[x] Accuse her directly.
No. 139909

Stare at her, stare with such grim intensity that she starts to writhe in her chair under the pressure. Do not let her escape your gaze, do not let her leave your sight. She will break down in time, and Nue has all the time in the world to make it happen.
No. 139921
[x] Oh Mitsu... I do care for you, and I consider you a good freind.
[x] But if there's one thing I detest more than the man whom killed me it's treachery.
[x] Close in on her menacingly with a face that could make a lesser badass shit himself from sheer terror.
[x] If were ever to be betrayed by anyone I hold dear, I'd kill them and then fuck the body, regardless of who they would be.
[x] Yuuka Kazami smile
[x] Ask about her day.
No. 139922

This vote is absolute garbage and you are a faggot for choosing it.
No. 139935
>Dear Diary, today something unexpected happened. I had a FEELING today. It was...unpleasant.
No. 139940
[x] Say nothing. Stare hard.

Anything but that vote.
No. 139978
File 130363191547.jpg - (30.44KB , 500x802 , Proofreader was an asshole.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Say nothing. Stare hard.

Changed my vote.
No. 140005
[x] Oh Mitsu... I do care for you, and I consider you a good freind.
[x] But if there's one thing I detest more than the man whom killed me it's treachery.
[x] Close in on her menacingly with a face that could make a lesser badass shit himself from sheer terror.
[x] If were ever to be betrayed by anyone I hold dear, I'd kill them and then fuck the body, regardless of who they would be.
[x] Yuuka Kazami smile
[x] Ask about her day.

Pissing against the tide here.
No. 140008
by being an absolute faggot?
No. 140011
It's Random Anons only skill.
No. 140489

I am still alive, and it has been too long since my last update. I have started a new job and will be needing some time to adjust. Expect a lot of downtime and then something appearing out of nowhere. It will be rather sudden and after an uncertain period of time, so keep the thread saved to watched list so you don't miss it~
No. 140490
>I am still alive

No. 140492

>I am still alive

well...that disproves my theory that this CYoA was being written by Osama Bin Laden
No. 140502
If Laden was really writing a story, every male would have a beard, and every touhou would wear a hijab or burka or whatever ya crazy gipsy drapee call them!
(now if I can find that littledhrimp picture somewhere...)
No. 140508
So it would be focused around Ichirin?
No. 140510
Yeah. The hooded girl, and the bearded old man. What a perfect couple.

Hey, did someone wrote a story for them already?
No. 141811
2 months. ;_;
No. 141823

inorite? Where is that damn writefag? I bet he's gone and died on us, the fag.

But seriously, I'm still around. No intentions of abandoning this whatsoever. I've just been working like mad and haven't had time even to sleep.
No. 141936
I feel relieved after reading this post. Odd. I didn't know there was anything to relieve.
No. 141982
>read story all day

>found out it wasn't done

No. 141984

For your next trick, you can click the red "x" and never come back.
No. 142003
You're the one who keeps raging at people for minor offenses, aren't you? And even for things that aren't offenses at all?

I keep wondering, you know, if you aren't some rather sophisticated troll trying to drive decent fellows out. Well, "sophisticated" is a relative term, you understand.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that you're no hero of justice. You're not a good person. And you're definitely not the sort I'd sit down and listen to music hall with, not at all.

Calm your jowls. Or better yet--shut them.
No. 142005
Cool opinion, bro.

Why don't you take your baseless whining over to one of the related bitching threads?
No. 142008
There would be a certain hilarity in this were it not so sad.
No. 142023
File 130746211636.png - (1.78MB , 1200x1000 , 17163719.png ) [iqdb]
Hey. No more derailing. You don't have to stop arguing but you shouldn't do it here.

heh, derailing. like there's anything to derail. here have a nue.
No. 142061
No derailing my thread! There are no trains to be had here! Or are there? No, there aren't! There are not trains here. No trains full of trolls trolling trains full of trolls. Not a single one!

That said, I may write something soon. Belay all woes of delay. Today I write! ...Next week.
No. 142069
File 130749328774.jpg - (857.26KB , 975x1200 , Sheogorath was here or perhaps he wasnt.jpg ) [iqdb]
What I want is simple: I want to know the truth. I have already exhausted my desire to toy with this girl’s mind, though I make a conscious note that I will be missing a good bit of fun at her expense having chosen to confront her with the issue directly. I had every intention to tackle the issue head on when I came down here, and all of my actions up to this point have merely been stalling. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it cowardice; I am not stupid enough to start a battle without testing my enemy beforehand.

“Yes,” I say, “I am vaguely aware of your history with Shou, but it gives her no reason to deceive me. You’re up to something, I know it. Tell me now and perhaps I may forgive you.”

“Forgive me?” she sits still for a moment, reviewing in her head what I have said. Then, without warning she bursts into laughter, “Hah! Forgive me?! What the hell for? You’re not making any sense at all!”

So she plans to continue playing dumb. Is that it? What happened to the awkward feeling between us? Though I had sensed a bit of her weakening just prior, all I can sense from her now is hostility.

“Am I not being clear?” I ask, “Then allow me to rephrase myself in a way you may be able to understand: I am no fool, I know what you think you have in store for me, it will fail. I don’t believe I can make myself any clearer.”

“I see,” she says with a smile, “but that isn’t quite the response I had been expecting.”

So she concedes. I had expected it would be easier, but with the effort expended thus far to get her to the point of confessing I begin to wonder if I had been better off sleeping through the day. I stand firm, staring Minamitsu dead in the eye. I find myself feeling… rather disappointed. I had expected to feel something more powerful, but no. Just let down. Let down, frustrated and angry.

“I will not be made a fool, Minamitsu. Nor will I be made into a sacrifice for whatever game you may be playing.”

I glare at her until I sate the rage growing, burning in the pit of my chest. I would like nothing more than to tear her limb from limb right now—to pull out her bones and decorate the walls with her entrails. But I see no point. She is already dead, and to kill her again will not make her more dead. It will satisfy my anger, but only that. Were there an ends to that means I’d have already ripped her apart.

She simply sits there, leaning back in her chair. Smiling. Does she mock me? Is she laughing in my face? I suddenly begin to feel very keen on the ripping her to shreds idea.

I hold off long enough to let her speak, as some unseen recognition lights up her eyes.

“Oh. Oh! That?” she giggles, “I should’ve figured as much. Not like you’d come barging in all angry if it was something good, after all.”

What?!” I’m rendered nearly speechless by her nonsensical ramblings.

“No need to get all bent out of shape over it,” she says, playing off the charge rather nonchalantly, “I bet Shou told you all about it, didn’t she?”

“Indeed,” I nod.

“Well there’s the first part of the problem,” she continues, “That woman doesn’t trust me to within an inch of her life. Or beyond an inch for that matter. She’d rather die than play nice with me, I’m willing to bet.”

“Are you trying to explain yourself?!” I yell, hardly believing what I’m hearing. She plays it off as nothing! My life! What am I to her?! Am I nothing but a plaything in her mind? Does she even register me as living?!

“Hey now,” she doesn’t even bat an eyelash, speaking calmly as before, “I’d just fixed that.”

In my clenched fist I pull back a splintered chunk of what was once part of her door frame. Without thinking I hurl it at her. If I can’t kill her, then at least I can make her feel pain! She dodges it carelessly, allowing me to step in and take a good slash at her.

“As I was saying!” she halts me dead in my tracks. I do not know why I stop my advance—it isn’t something within me holding myself back.

“Shou doesn’t trust me,” she continues as I struggle to push forward. My body feels heavy for some reason—like I am being crushed by some unseen weight.

“Shou will never trust me,” she just keeps talking!

“Even when I say something as a joke when I’m drunk, she takes it seriously. She will argue with me until the cows come home, and she will keep arguing with me until the damned cows grow old, die and rot! And then she goes and tells everyone what she heard.”

Wait, does that mean—

“That’s right, girly.” Minamitsu grins at me, “You’ve been played the fool. And not by me, I should add. Nor have you been played knowingly by the player. Shou is honest I must say, but a bit too much so. I bet you could tell her anything and she’d believe it, then go spreading the word around as gospel.”

She pauses, looks me over. She judges carefully by my expression whether or not I am willing to believe her and says, “So here are the simple facts. One: there is no plot against your life, especially not one concocted by me. Two: You can either choose to believe me, or I can make Shou’s little lie a very real truth. So whaddaya say? Friends? Or foes? Cake or death? Truth be told I’d really rather not do this the hard way…”

No. 142073

[x] Foes

Awfully weird thing to say while drunk. but more importantly, I don't like her and think she'll make a great antagonist.
No. 142074

Shou has been rather hostile up to that point compared to Murasa. That and we still have that bowl's pieces.
No. 142076
>“So here are the simple facts. One: there is no plot against your life, especially not one concocted by me. Two: You can either choose to believe me, or I can make Shou’s little lie a very real truth. So whaddaya say? Friends? Or foes? Cake or death? Truth be told I’d really rather not do this the hard way…”

'I'm not going to kill you, and if you don't believe that, I'll kill you.'

Yeah, sure, whatever man.

[x] Death

I'd rather be stabbed in the front than in the back or risk having Kogasa taken as hostage again.
No. 142077
[x] Foes
-[x] Remember that she seems to be stronger inside the ship.

The other option is not like Nue. She's been played with and all hell is about to break loose.
No. 142078

>'I'm not going to kill you, and if you don't believe that, I'll kill you.'

I like this. It really simplifies Murasa's flawless logic.
No. 142080
>The other option is not like Nue.

Translation: Flismy justification for pointless antagonizing.
No. 142102
Shou could have quite easily lied to us before. Also I want to know more before fighting the only person who hasn't been a dick.
No. 142103
That's a nice opinion you have there. Flawed, but nice.
Let me put this in a way even you can understand: Nue does not yield to threats This would be true even if she were an original character made only for this story, so it isn't really a matter of opinion or personal taste.
No. 142113
For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.

Getting into a brawl doesn't solve anything. Going along for the time being is the more sensible option, given that Nue is alive one would assume she has at least some common sense.

No. 142117
[x] Foes

Whatever the case may be, Murasa did threaten our life. She may have been drunk, but that is no excuse. That she would go a step further and threaten to make good on her drunken ramblings over her own mistake is inexcusable.
No. 142124
[x] Nue does not suffer betrayal.
No. 142126
[x] Frenemies

Just because you say you believe her doesn't have to mean you actually do, and just because someone threatens you doesn't mean you have to go directly to outright hostility.
No. 142128

Fighting Murasa inside her ship is a terrible idea. Time to get out.
No. 142129
[x] Neutral.

Murasa's intent has been made clear. Even if she didn't mean that when talking to Shou, the way she's talking now, there is definetly hostility in her voice. She didn't show concern over losing Nue either...

But still, as awesome and dramatic as it would be to have them become foes, I don't want to lose Murasa forever. I hoped she and Nue could have something special, someone to help and support Nue on her new life.
No. 142132
[x]"Friends" until we can work out how to safely extricate ourselves from the situation and probably screw them over.
No. 142135
[X] Friends (for now, at least one bitch be crazy..)
No. 142192
[x] Bye
No. 142731
[x] The hell is wrong with you?
No. 143333
No. 143379
At some point and time. Can't say when. It all depends on my work.
No. 143393
File 130979878893.jpg - (1.08MB , 1200x1500 , 1309730369808.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 143394

What's up with Nue and shrimps?
No. 143395
File 130980639044.gif - (225B , 65x22 , mystery.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 143500
Guess she dislike little shrimps. Can't say I blame her.
No. 143515
File 131000092710.jpg - (1.03MB , 2031x2681 , everybody ride the friend choo choo.jpg ) [iqdb]
I would find a way to wrench myself free from her grip, but without being able to see what is binding me—certainly it is not her hands—I am unable to do anything but stand and squirm. As it becomes harder to breathe, I think quickly. Tell her what she wants to hear now, and decide on the matter for certain when I am not slowly being pressurized to death.

“F—“ I can barely speak. My lungs feel like bursting forward through my chest, “Fi—ne…“

She releases me, and I fall to my knees coughing and sputtering. The fact that her own words contradict her intent aside, being forced to bow my head to this impudent little whelp is utterly insufferable!

“Good, you see things my way,” she sniggers, looking down at me, “After all, on this ship—my ship, my way is the only way.”

“You’re—“ I pull myself to my feet, “You’re mad!”

“What of it?” she scowls, her body language basic and direct. Her face mere inches from mine, she starts to smile. “I’m the captain here, not you.”

“…And now that that little matter is settled,” she switches gears immediately, pretending that her threats against my life—and by extension my rage in reaction to them—are a non-issue, “don’t you have something you should be doing?”

“Plenty,” I bite my tongue, eager to distance myself from the wretch for a while. I could very easily attack her here, and I would very much like to feel her neck snap between my hands, but without knowing the means by which she had bound me what good would it do? I need to think. Not only of a way to punish her for this transgression, but a method that will cause her plans to fail as well. And to do that, I need time.

I leave quietly, making not so much as a peep on my way out. To feign obedience here and now pains me greatly, but I will find the shame bearable in the long run. The door closes me behind me, and through its many cracks I can still see Minamitu’s figure as she returns to her bed.

I pass by Shou, who looks up at me briefly before returning to her arduous task of painting over the whole ship. Likely she has overheard the entire exchange, but she doesn’t so much as bat an eyelash. It’s as if she had expected this sort of outcome, and I wonder if I’m being played the fool by more than one party aboard this ship.

The upper decks seem to be bustling with activity—I hear footsteps overhead—so I head below where it’s quiet. Here I can think. I find myself a good corner to curl up in, and hide myself for a good bit of time. I gather my thoughts, I find every last sliver of my rage and indignation and bottle it away somewhere. Anger can be useful when released at opportune moments, and those moments are rarely when one feels it the most. Certainly now is not a good time, and I find something to take my mind off of things.

I first try my hand at opening one of the many barrels in the cargo hold. The first is full of grain. As a youkai I have no want or need to eat it, so I replace the seal. The second I open contains wine, and I dump it. That’s sure to cause a stir later.

After about three more I grow tired of the game. There is nothing of interest to be had in these barrels—only grains, drink and other foodstuffs. I dare not even attempt to cut open one of the many sacks that line the walls.

Instead, I take to admiring what little I still have of the broken bowl—and am surprised more at what I don’t find than at what I do. The strange marbles packed into the pouch have vanished in their entirety. I know for a fact that they did not spill from the bag, as I’d have heard them fall to the ground. Rather, the fragments of the bowl have turned a deep green as if they had absorbed the marbles. Unusual, yes, but I had expected the unusual after feeling the faint aura that had been pulsing at my waist since daybreak.

The fragments are still able to float under their own power—a remnant of the properties the bowl had held when whole. Now though, the individual fragments seem to be slowly gravitating away from each other, rather than holding steady in midair. I don’t feel a breeze or draft, and they grow farther apart as I watch them. Definitely not my imagination.

I quickly gather them up and put them away as I hear somebody coming.

I first hear footsteps, then humming and footsteps. The hooded girl—Ichirin I think—walks leisurely down the stairs. Then, she spots the mess I had made. Her humming stops, and she deftly flies into a panic. I’d laugh, but I have to remain hidden. Perhaps she will blame the mess on one of her fellow crew.

I watch as she first searches the room, looking for… me—the culprit, likely. Finding nothing, she moves the emptied barrel to the far side of the room and tried to clean up the mess.

And soon enough I am alone again. The floor still reeks of wine, but at least my feet are no longer drowning in it. I head back up to the bare room where I left Kogasa this morning only to find her not there. Sensible, considering the sun has been up for a while now. There are plenty of better things I could be doing than searching around for her, but I wonder if I shouldn’t indulge myself.

No. 143517
[x] Do better things

I have no idea what these things are. Do some of them. Do all of them.
No. 143521


[X] Find Kogasa. Leave first chance you get.

The captain is batshit insane, sticking around is a mistake.
No. 143529
[x]Go off and sulk at some high up place where you're statistically not likely to be disturbed (but actually someone comes across you who you were not expecting to see)
No. 143531
[x]Go off and sulk at some high up place where you're statistically not likely to be disturbed
[x]deploy UFOs
No. 143553
[x] Find Kogasa.

Time to pack your things.

And by things, I mean umbrella.
No. 143554
[x] Find Kogasa
[x] Start planning revenge.

First betrayal of the story! Congrats, everyone!
No. 143578
[x] Find Kogasa
[x] Start planning revenge.

Probably because he likes Murasa more than her, if number of appearances in his works is anything to go by.
No. 143600
[X] Find Kogasa. Leave first chance you get.
No. 143614
[x] Find Kogasa
[x] Start planning revenge.
No. 143616
[x] Find Kogasa
[x] Start planning revenge.
No. 143623
Did we just get overpowered by a ghost?
Okay, we are an EX-boss for crying out loud, and we have been outsmarted BY 6 motherfucking characters thus far.

Cut your bull, and fucking remember who your MC is, because this story is about her, and not some girl who is everyones bitch. I want to see some goddam alpha Nue.
No. 143625

Wahh wahh your version of fanon sucks I demand you implement my version instead

Go write your own story.
No. 143627

>Did we just get overpowered by a ghost?
Not so much overpowered as caught by surprise. Ever try to throw a punch while being suffocated? It doesn't really work too well.

>Okay, we are an EX-boss for crying out loud
Maybe if Nue were a Big Boss... Or an even Bigger Big Boss.

>and we have been outsmarted BY 6 motherfucking characters thus far.
I am not one to question said characters' preferences for fornicating with their respective mothers.

>Cut your bull, and fucking remember who your MC is, because this story is about her, and not some girl who is everyones bitch. I want to see some goddam alpha Nue.
My story may be about her, but this is not a good reason to have a character who just woke up after 700+ years of being buried under a ton of shit to become an instant badass. This is something that has to be built up to, else there will be no real reason to read if it's just badass fight after badass fight. I've done that one once already. It's fun to write, but it's easy to lose interest that way.

That said, I'll be returning to my room full of BEEEES
No. 143629
You know EX bosses don't exactly mean too much since PCB and MoF as most of the extra bosses afterwards while having tricky patterns, don't seem exactly powerful compared to say Flandre, Ran, Yukari, and maybe Suwako.
No. 143630
If you want to talk about powerlevels, please go make a thread on /blue/ or something. Just. Don't talk about it here. Please?

I believe Murasa just drowned Nue. Without any water. That's pretty awesome. Or maybe that's not what she was doing at all, but I can't think of what else it could be.
No. 144007
Yeah, I was thinking that too. Only with water, seeing as how you know moisture in the air and shit.

updates whar
No. 144009

Updates eventually. July is a bad news month for me it would seem. Gotta fix my car or something.
No. 145171
Tenshi visited my city this month, knocked a whole hell of a lot of things loose. Particularly it has knocked loose the thing preventing me from writing. This is a good thing, probably.
No. 145172
Hooray...? Even your status update is a cool story.
No. 145175
File 13141429378.png - (1.72MB , 1200x1000 , time for me to call a monopoly on posting nue imag.png ) [iqdb]
I should, I think, allow myself the luxury. One must have allies when battling a force of superior numbers. I expect I should find her wanting food by the mess hall, so I head in that direction.

Leaving this ship should be top priority, as I no longer feel welcome nor do I feel safe around the crew. I may throw down a few caltrops as I go my own way, but retribution must come after I secure my own safety. Minamitsu is no longer trustworthy, and by extension the others have become my enemies as well. Shou could possibly be sympathetic considering her track record with Minamitsu, but… I suppose with my record with her, I stand on equally soggy ground.

My hunch proves correct, and I find Kogasa with her head buried deep within an iron pot. It appears to be empty, but as I draw closer the smell grows more pronounced. Putrefied something-or-other. I hold my nose as I throw the pot from her head and kick it away. The less I smell that, the better.

“H-Hey!” she mutters, a dejected look on her face.

She hardly smells better than the pot. Best find a lake and throw her in it before.

“We’re leaving,” I say curtly, grabbing her by the wrist and dragging her out.

“Why?!” she struggles, naturally.

“I’ll explain later,” I grumble, quickly growing tired of her incessant pulling, “We need to leave, now.”

“B-but—I…” She looks longingly at the disgusting pot as she’s pulled from the room.

Honestly? I fail to understand this girl’s obsession with eating rotted meat. Her stomach seems built to withstand consumables that would put me out of commission for a week, and considering the smell, that would be no exaggeration.

Having collected the only baggage I require, we depart from the wretched vessel. I hurl Kogasa overboard first, and jump over the side behind her. Neither of us land softly.

Haste makes waste, I remind myself. Kogasa nurses a skinned knee that will likely heal before nightfall, and I find the contents of my pouch strewn across the ground. I am forced to regather what shards I can find and stuff them into my shirt. The pouch, now ripped, is useless. I pull it from my waist and let it fall. What little I haven’t picked up on the ground I hide. Injecting a bit of energy into the shards turns them into snakes or wood, or whatever is currently stuck in my most recent memories. One appears as Minamitsu, though only a finger tall.

My foot says hello. I feel strangely satisfied in crushing it. The fragments scatter themselves in all directions, with Kogasa trying to capture what she can. She seems eager, like a human child enamored with chasing a butterfly. I don’t have to try hard to pull her away.

“Soo…” she says, “Where exactly are we going, then?”

“No place in particular,” I groan, mentally strangling myself for having failed to think up a destination.

“Perhaps we can sleep outside,” I say, “Shelter should not be necessary for a youkai.”

“Ah, but what if it rains?” she asks rather dully.

“…You… do remember what you are, yes?”

“A karakasa, why?”

Is now a good time to tell her she’s a fucking animate umbrella? Does her idiocy have no end?! …I hold my breath. I do not wish to know the answer to that question. It was asked in rhetoric, and I expect that if I did learn the answer, it would be something close to infinite.

Then again, I was the one with only a purpose and no destination. I feel foolish as well. Not quite to that extent, mind you. Kogasa’s stupidity lies somewhere between unbelievable and, well, infinite. I take it upon myself to choose the destination as relying on Kogasa for so much as a second would have me stooping to her level in no time.

No. 145176
[x] Rely on Kogasa for even a second

I don't know any possible destinations other than the village, and that... not the best idea.
No. 145178

Sorry I don't read your story I just wanted to say that I see what you did there.
No. 145181
[x] Someplace out of the way

without the right info, we're kinda going in blind.
No. 145186
[x] You know what? Fuck finding a shelter, we're stealing one.

Might as well. What could possibly go wrong?
No. 145195
[x] You know what? Fuck finding a shelter, we're stealing one.

I suggest Reimu's shrine.
No. 145199
[x] You know what? Fuck finding a shelter, we're stealing one.

This is definitely a Nue way of dealing with the problem.
No. 145236
[x] You know what? Fuck finding a shelter, we're stealing one.

Yes sir I like it
No. 145442
[x] You know what? Fuck finding a shelter, we're stealing one.

Yeah. Let's start an inter-factional conflict.
No. 147106
Still around?
No. 147252

Quite around, quite alive and active. I've just been busy replacing most of if not all of my PC after the gods saw fit to murder my power supply (and all of its friends!). I've been hanging around either on my phone or at my work.

tl;dr I can't write, it's a Moriya shrine/IRC cabal conspiracy. I'll be back within the week in six months.

Yes,within the week in six months.
No. 147461
File 131837804317.jpg - (1.29MB , 1225x1000 , 6214307908a81df17284ab9ab36f6ff7.jpg ) [iqdb]
PC is back together, gotta reinstall everything and then make sure the hardware isn't going to crap out on me. That means stress tests and such. Updates probably within the week.
No. 147521
File 13184780704.jpg - (415.64KB , 800x600 , Just a friendly reminder that Nue is the bad guy.jpg ) [iqdb]
I suppose that, being a youkai I should take into consideration options befitting of one. Making a shelter would work well for me, but would be a temporary solution at best. Without fresh food to eat we will most certainly perish. I expect Kogasa does not possess the intellect to make her a capable hunter, and will have to rely upon me for support. Unfortunate, but such is the hand I've been dealt. I would rather be dead than bow my head and return to that ship.

I decide it prudent to take full advantage of this mockery of human form I have been given as a body. With it I could easily blend in with a human populace, and by doing so I would have ready and constant access to a food source, as well as some form of shelter the humans may provide. The only problem being, I have no way of getting close without drawing suspicion to myself. I hardly expect I'll just be able to waltz right in and--

I've got an idea! I could easily kill a human and board up in its home. In fact, I feel that I should settle upon doing just that. However, I do not know the area; exactly the reason why I have brought Kogasa along. She seems to be familiar with her immediate surroundings, and by following her I am able to find the way out of these forsaken woods with relative ease.

We come to the forest's edge soon enough, with hardly a quarter of the day having transpired. My feet ache; the cause being less of fatigue and more of my unfamiliarity with this body. I still can't quite figure out how to move it naturally. I've figured it out well enough, but moving for long durations is still very tiring.

We come to a cliff--a small one, hardly four times my size in height. At its base in the valley below rests a small human settlement. By comparison to the grandiose cities around the castles I used to stalk way back when, this village is small--tiny, really. Perhaps ten, maybe fifteen homes made almost entirely of wood, two or three intersecting roads leading outward, and not a stone barricade or armed human guard in sight. When surrounded by a forest full of unspeakable beasts, you'd think the humans would be wanting to protect themselves. As I climb down closer to the settlement, I hide my less human appendages to better blend with the crowds.

A few humans walk the streets, and hardly any of them so much as bat an eyelash as I step past with Kogasa in tow. One or two stop and stare, but the looks are not filled with suspicion. Rather, something else seems to be attracting their gazes. I feel mildly uneasy and put off by it all.

"Hey Nue," Kogasa whispers, drawing close to me, "Where are we going?"

"Good question," I reply, worrying that she may soon step on my foot as she walks hardly at arms' length to my shoulder. "I suppose I forgot to tell you, but we're moving in to one of these homes."

"Really?!" she burst with excitement, "Which one is ours?"

She looks over the houses, I do the same. None of them in particular catch my eye down this road. For one thing, they are all fairly open in design. A strong disadvantage for ones trying to hide themselves; paper doors cast shadows when lit from within. My relatively inhuman form would be spotted within minutes were I to reside in one of these. I keep on walking, ignoring Kogasa's pleas for me to tell her which house is ours, only stopping for a moment to explain.

"I haven't decided yet," I say, preferring to keep things simple. Though my words leave her visibly confused. She doesn't appear to be at a complete loss, however. Little by little, she seems to be understanding my intent and, little by little I start to see a fear grow in her eyes.

"Nue," she says, her voice a low whisper, "You can't just take one!"

"Really?" I ask, "Says who?"

"These humans are off limits! You mustn't touch them!" she says, trying to pull me aside. Being the stronger of the two, I simply brush her aside. She staggers back, and I step after her. I can't say that I'm not a little curious as to the meaning of her words.

"Off limits?" I push her up against a tree in a well-shaded area, eager to interrogate her, "And what exactly does that mean? Food is food, yes?"

"Well, normally yes... but," something has her spooked, that much is obvious. It's what has her so frightened that has me so impatient. I want to know, need to know. The humans are unguarded, ripe for the taking! All I have to do is grab one and I'm golden! So why does she shiver at the thought?

"Why are these humans--these unguarded humans off limits? Are they inedible?"

"I'm sure they're perfectly edible, but--" she pauses, grasping at straws to find the words to answer my question.

"But what?" I grab her by the shoulders and give her a good shake.

"They're protected," she says, "We can't hurt them. We'll be killed if we do!"

Ah, I see, protected humans. What, like an animal reserve? Her words make little sense to me, but I understand the basic meaning of them. The humans here exist within what essentially constitutes a preserve. There were such things in the past that had been created by particularly powerful youkai, though I had never encountered one until now. The Oni as I recall were fond of such things: they'd take an entire village and make them swear loyalty in exchange for a bit of defending from the terrors of the wild. It backfired spectacularly, as I remember it. The humans here live in relative safety in exchange for some manner of fealty to a youkai. They might exist as servants to it, or simply as cattle, but either way I consider it a grievous and personal insult to be so greedy as not to so much as share even one.

"Let me explain something, Kogasa," I say slowly, speaking carefully and deliberately, "I. Don't. Give. A. Damn! Protected or no, I intend to stay a while. And to do that, I need a house. And, now let me make this perfectly clear to you: I don't care how many of these so-called 'protected humans' I have to kill to do it!"

I don't understand this girl. She leads me away from the ship and out of the woods, and into a protected human village where I may be worse off than had I simply stayed aboard the ship!


No, this I still prefer. That ship was a monstrous place. I at least have some freedom here. Perhaps I said too much?

No. 147522
Well, that took me long enough. I've successfully rebuilt my computer, though my keyboard doesn't work quite properly. It's taken me a good bit of doing just to get this pushed out. I'll be receiving a good old mechanical KB within a few days, so expect me to want to break it in for a few weeks.
No. 147524
File 131848377631.jpg - (1.02MB , 1100x1100 , 22331564.jpg ) [iqdb]
thanks for giving me a reason to smile today
>Nue is the bad guy
Your Nue isn't bad; she's just a little set in her ways, that's all.

[x] Ask the humans if there's anywhere you can lodge. If they give you guff, kill them, protected or no.

Nue might be reduced to asking a human for assistance, but that doesn't mean she can't kill them if they disrespect her~
No. 147563
I can't be the only person reading this.
No. 147568
[x] Maybe a house in the outskirts of the village would be best.

Because it would be amusing to steal Marisa's house
No. 147579
[x] Maybe a house in the outskirts of the village would be best.
[x] Or maybe a farm? Somewhere you could kill or beat/scare into submission without drawing attention.

Hmm, how long has it been since we've had a snack? Maybe we should pay another visit to that farm.
No. 147590
On an unrelated note, I got my new mechanical keyboard today. It's like a dream come true. I have finally ascended to a higher plane of PC nerd existence. Expect lost of writing and lots more superfluous verbiage in the weeks to come.

Oh, and because of this development I can finally access my BIOS without my PC crashing. Long story.
No. 147678
>superfluous verbiage
No. 150047
Been a long few weeks, folks. Car died, new car replaced it. Had to square away a bunch of stuff in relation to that. Other than that, lots of dragon fighting to be had. Skyrim is pretty awesome. I expect I should update sooner or later, but my schedule is going to be royally fucked for a while. To the point where I can't even play Skyrim, and that's sad.
No. 150050
When you get the chance, how about you start finishing stories instead of leaving them hanging and starting new ones?

It's like you're trying to outdo HY and AngryDesu in number of dropped/left hanging stories.
No. 150334

Somebody is cranky.

>Left hanging

On that note, is GiG going to continue?
No. 150353
I'd like to continue it, truth be told. I'm just flat out of ideas, or more specifically ideas I like that will work within the context of the story. The idea I had come up with for the reboot of it don't have the appeal it did initially when I started. Yanking characters out of the established world of Gensokyo and putting them into a whole new one; I may as well just change the names and call it an original work. I'm taking some time to lollygag around with some silly side projects (and Nue, of course) while I re-work the stories I've put on hold. I expect I'll find inspiration and start again with walls of text, but that remains to be seen. GiG may continue in the future. I wouldn't count on it, but I'm hoping for it. The fact that I hardly have any free time for myself anymore makes things tougher. The working world sucks, I just want free money.
No. 150360
Go ahead and take a break while you make plans that are more solid as that's worth waiting for.

Even in the worse cast, it's not the first time an old timer let us down
No. 150426
As far as this story goes, I just want more Nue wandering around being Nue.

and I want to see Nue meet Byakuren and help Sanae resolve the incident and fight a dozen tengu ninjas
No. 150466
>>150360 Here I might have realized the second part of my post sounded harsh, but what I meant was that [spoiler] people are used to the old guard dropping stories and wouldn't really be upset[spoiler]. I do hope this won't be the case.
No. 150504
I understood the meaning completely. I hope for the same, really. All these nice stories I've written, it'd be a shame if something... happened to them.
No. 151149
[x] If we can't 'touch' the humans here, that doesn't mean we can't just confiscate whatever we want, and then go outside the village to hunt.
-[x] Take the largest house; it's likely to have more room.
-[x] If there isn't room, evict the tenants.

Having Nue interact with Akyu or Keine would be interesting. I think they might find it ironic that a youkai that brings thunderstorms is dragging along an umbrella.

Anyway, let's give someone nightmares.
No. 151153
Did you not read that the story was on hiatus? Try reading before you vote or else you may make people not as nice angry at you.
No. 151246
To add to what the anon above me had to say, if you absolutely, positively must vote on a story that's on hiatus, sage your post.
No. 151260

I'm angry that you voted, and I want the entire website to know it.
No. 151273
I am very disappointed in you all. At least break out the pitchforks and torches if you have to start a witch hunt.

That said, votes seem to be giving me my will to write back, (NOT THAT IT WAS REALLY GONE TO BEGIN WITH HA HA HA). I like seeing red numbers next to my watched threads. However, I am still lacking in free time, so my perceived absence will continue. I'm still checking back every so often, so yeah.

Carry on.
No. 151306
Write SoW again, this site needs more Chiyuri.
No. 153852
[x] If we can't 'touch' the humans here, that doesn't mean we can't just confiscate whatever we want, and then go outside the village to hunt.

If voting meeans kicking the writer's arse into writing again, then I'll vote.
No. 153854

I hate your methods but I do like your aim.
No. 154232
Not that anybody will see this, but I'm still in the neighborhood. Also, after like what, three months and some change? I think it's about time I get back into the spirit of things. tl;dr I wish to end this pointless hiatus and have begun to regather my ideas into my pot or cauldron or whatever I put ideas into that makes writings happen.


Agreed, but hard drive gremlins ate all my CYOA files (I know I have them backed up somewhere, but those discs have vanished). I know where I left off in the story, but I've forgotten much of what I wrote. Rather than pick up where I left off and go through continuity hell trying to drag shit out of the back of my brain that may no longer exist there, I may need to start on a much simpler path. That means picking up where I left off with a few of the lesser loose ends that hold little relevance to the plot shaved off. There will be plot holes. Glorious plot holes. Possibly characterization changes for some less prominent roles in the story. And there will be much, much Chiyuri to be had.

Also, I'm not dead. Writing this before Mass Effect 3 comes out may not be the best idea, but I need to give myself a good kick in the posterior.
No. 154236
>I wish to end this pointless hiatus and have begun to regather my ideas into my pot or cauldron or whatever I put ideas into that makes writings happen.


>Also, I'm not dead.

No. 154626
Butt-devastated by ME3's cop-out ending. Reminded me what bad writing feels like when I'm on the receiving end. Gathering my thoughts and materials, piecing my computer back together and getting started on some more updates.

Also, Legion is love. Too bad he becomes Geth Jesus.
No. 154636
>Gathering my thoughts and materials, piecing my computer back together and getting started on some more updates.

No. 154658
File 133248537417.png - (45.97KB , 640x427 , Huzzah.png ) [iqdb]

No. 154665
File 133250912673.png - (54.31KB , 300x262 , The Deceased Crab.png ) [iqdb]
No. 156980
tl;dr life is currently in order. However, my desire to find an apartment/house/cardboard box in an alley/space house on Mars may fuck things up for a while. Updates will be slowed to a crawl for quite some time. Every other week if I can help it, and hopefully more often if these threads get enough attention.

On the brighter side, I have an update on the way. It will be done by tomorrow at the latest. Not that anybody will see this before then.
No. 156981
A crawl, you say? Hooray, it's moving!
No. 156989
File 133818169749.jpg - (222.41KB , 1500x934 , sorry for the delay fellas.jpg ) [iqdb]
Perhaps not.

Youkai are not social creatures. I do not understand what Kogasa attempts to gain by following me, but I’m about out of uses for her. She has shown me to a perfect feeding ground, told me that I am not to prey upon the endless supply of treats, yet gives me no indication as to why I should refrain. Despite her vague reasoning, or perhaps because of it I will show no such reluctance. If necessary, I will draw out the force that is so feared by Kogasa and put an end to it. There will not be another opportunity like this for some time and I have not survived for so long by squandering my changes for a meal over a contest of territory.

However, a thought does cross my mind. Despite my abilities and strength I cannot call myself invincible. Scars are not so easily forgotten, and the reason I have acquired mine is simply due to my own carelessness in my methods of hunting. I had underestimated my enemy and had paid dearly for doing so. My instinct tells me that I should simply take what I want and damn the consequences, but I cannot allow the same mistake again. I will not underestimate the humans within the village walls. Perhaps they themselves are the danger that has Kogasa shaking in her boots. Considering that this village is surrounded by forest, and that said forest is likely to be inhabited by no small number of dangerous beasts, the humans here must have some way to defend itself. Humans skilled in killing youkai are my number one concern. Whatever is “protecting” the others is a close second. I do still intend to draw it out, but I will not do so carelessly. If I wish to hide, I will not be found.

And to avoid being detected, I must place myself away from this settlement’s center. Perhaps, if I take up residence at the border of or within the forest, I will not draw as much attention. There were a few human structures I had passed on the way here. Finding one that is unoccupied or has fallen into disrepair should not prove difficult. I should take up residence and attempt to blend in with the population here. I can hide the more unusual elements of my appearance as I have done since the village first came into view, and unlike Kogasa the color of my hair and eyes fall well within the realm of “normal” as far as a human-analogue appearance is concerned. An excellent plan, if I do say so myself.

But excellent, only providing it succeeds. I am still unfamiliar with human customs, let alone my looking like one personally.

I make an about face and head back out into the open road. The spaces between houses and alleyways are fine and all, but I feel stifled. The smells are less powerful when on the road as well. Do all human settlements smell of manure? My personal dealings dictate yes, and this is by far the cleanest settlement I’ve seen to date. Filth is in no short supply, don’t get me wrong, but the supply is a bit more thinly-stretched than in the larger establishments. The streets are slowly growing crowded as the sun begins to dim; humans around me scuttle about in search of food. They don’t have to look very far, as street vendors all along this stretch of road are more than eager to unload their various goods to those willing to buy. I seem to have gotten turned around and stumbled into the human food market.

“Hey cutie,” I overhear one say, “Just for you, this one’s half price!”

The others spout similar nonsense as I walk past. I find it rather amusing at first, but then I start to wonder... Are they selling foodstuffs or attempting to breed with the buyers? Perhaps both at once? Unnerving to say the least. I will not attempt to dwell on it, lest an unpleasant mental image take hold.

I find Kogasa, whom I had lost in the earlier confusion, hovering over a stand near the end; one that emanates a rather sweet smell. Seeing her takes the previous topic’s hold on my mind away and replaces it with an equally unpleasant thought. After yelling at her before, should I apologize? Is it not human nature to err? Am I not human?

Alas, I am not, and I find little want for apology. She may appreciate the thought were I to have such inclinations, but I am content in her finding disappointment for placing hope in such wishful thinking.

“Kogasa,” I say, taking her by the shoulder. She startles, the blank, drooly look on her face vanishing as quickly as I grab her.

“Oh,” she sighs, almost appearing relieved to see me. Perhaps it is not so much her seeing me as it is I am in one piece that causes her to sigh. Then again, she barely manages to let out a meek, “Hi.”

“We’re leaving,” I say, eager to put my plan into motion. Dawdling around in the busiest street in a human town is one sure-fire way for a youkai to find themselves drawn and quartered. Or worse. I push her shoulder in the direction in which I want her to move, and despite an initial resistance she complies.

“You know,” she says, “You don’t have to push. I’m plenty capable of walking on my own.”

“You seem plenty capable of getting the humans’ attention as well,” I grumble, relenting my pushiness only insofar as to keep from drawing unwanted attention, “They’ll kill you, you know.”

“They won’t,” she says, “I come up here all the time.”

“…Huh?” I’m not sure I understand her meaning.

“They’re probably used to it by now,” she keeps talking, ignoring my surprise, “as far as I know, we’re a common sight in these parts.”

“…You lost me. Who exactly is ‘we’?”


She smiles as if I should know this. I feel dumbfounded and foolish, and her words play hell with no small number of my assumptions about the humans here. Normally, the pattern is simple: Youkai eat humans for food. Humans kill youkai in defense. One and the other cannot coexist. This is fact. This is set in stone.

Normally. Stone can erode, given enough time.

We find ourselves far enough from the main roads that I can ask her openly. If need be, we can talk at length. I’m always open to hearing a good youkai joke.

“You’re telling me that the humans here won’t kill us on sight?” I ask, dreading the answer. No matter how she replies I’ll look stupid for asking, but I need to hear it from her lips. Nothing less will do for my curiosity.

“So long as we don’t try and eat them, no,” again, she smiles, “The old man at the stall back there gives me a freebie once a week, actually.”


I’m at a loss for words. How does one normally feel when the one thing they believe to be absolute truth is suddenly yanked out from under them? The youkai here do not eat humans. There’s one. The humans here don’t hunt youkai. There’s two. The old man at the stall gives free food to his natural predators?! Perhaps next Kogasa will tell me that snakes and frogs live in peace and harmony, stopping by every so often for mid-afternoon tea? Perhaps the sun is the moon, and the moon just packed its bags and left because it was fed up with the lack of attention? I am first taken aback by the absurdity of the words spilling from Kogasa’s mouth. I find it so illogical—so absolutely, utterly inconceivable that I cannot help but laugh. Her revenge for my earlier outburst is without a doubt an icy-cold dagger to the face.

Then, the apprehension dissolves; I’m forced into understanding her words are without ill intent. She was being honest. I feel a cold sweat coming on. Humans feeding youkai? Of all the—

“Are you alright?” she asks as my rear takes up residence on the nearest rock, “You look a little pale.”

“You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?”

“No,” she says sincerely, “I’m not.”

“The human feeds you?”

“It’s delicious,” she holds out a bag, a sweet smell emanates from within, “I asked nicely, so he gave me one for you, too.”

“Ugh,” I bury my head in my arms, “being fed by a human…”

So in my absence, youkai have been reduced to accepting food from humans? Being fed by them. Like pets. Pathetic. Had I wanted to be coddled, fed and called cutesy names like “Bubbles” I would have stayed underground. Here, I had thought that youkai keeping other youkai as pets was bad enough. But no, I was sorely mistaken. Much worse is possible. Much, much worse.

I would very much like to grab that bag and fling it out to where I can no longer see or smell it, but to do so would require that I acknowledge its existence. I could fling it across the world if I so wished, but though I would be unable to see and smell it, the mere fact that it exists would still plague me. Nothing personal against the bag, of course. I’m simply revolted by everything it stands for.

“Oh, mother, how I weep for my people,” I say, using the sardonic tone to mask true despair. No matter how much I make light of the situation, I am still reminded that Kogasa behaves no differently that a tamed animal.

“You don’t want it?” Kogasa asks, foolishly unable to understand her current place in the eyes of humans.

“No,” I say, unable to muster the strength for another angry outburst, “no I don’t want it. You keep it.”

“Yaay~!” Her smile is a single ray of sunshine in a hurricane of hate.

“Forgive me for not leaping for joy, Kogasa,” I grumble, “bad back, you know.”

Can we not just get a move on? Can I not wipe this moment in history from existence and get on with my life? I wonder if there are other youkai still in existence who wish to maintain even a small shred of their former pride and glory. Hats off to the one who has caused the rest to fall so far.

I pull my unwilling body to its feet, and force it to continue trudging forward. I try to leave the past few moments of memory behind on that rock, but the gloom sticks to me and drags me down like asphalt. I know I will need to come to terms with it at some point, but not now. I have much else to worry about, though being killed by humans seems to have fallen far down on my ‘Top Ten list of Horrible Ways to wind up Dead’ list. Perhaps being brutally skewered aboard a derelict ship was not such a bad idea after all.

Too much walking yet not enough silence later, we come to the edge of the village. Kogasa is still happily munching on the fish-shaped pastry given to her by the human, and I am finding the outskirts considerably lacking in run-down old shacks to commandeer. Frustrated, I start to turn back. Kicking dirt into the air does little to quell my anger.

“What about that one?” Kogasa asks, pointing off into the distance. I see something off in the distance beyond a field of grain, though it is too far for me to ascertain any details.

“You can see that far?” I ask, wondering if she sees something in the distance that I cannot.

“Yep!” she smiles at me, “I know you think I’m unimpressive, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a trick or two up my sleeve.”

“We can agree on one thing, you really aren’t at all impressive.” For starters, she lets herself be fed by humans and—oh dear there I go again.

Begrudgingly, I allow myself to be lead. Kogasa knows this village better than I and, as far as I can tell she’s also well-suited for the task of conversing with humans. My skill at both ranks between poor and dismal, and I am not above letting this pet of a youkai do the talking.

We come to a house. Surprise, surprise. Frankly, I’m unimpressed by it. Kogasa’s vision is nothing to scoff at, however.

The house appears to have been recently inhabited, and all signs show that it still is occupied. Had I my way, I would come in through the roof. Perhaps, take the place by force at night when the occupants are most vulnerable. Two positives here: I get at least one meal, and I acquire a house. I could also let Kogasa do her human-pet thing, but that would just be pathetic. I can’t say I’m all that limited as to where I can go from here.

No. 156993
[x] Covertly investigate to see who lives here and to assess their threat level.

but seeing how this is summer, such a sensible plan would be likely ignored. I might as well try still.
No. 156996
[x] Covertly investigate to see who lives here and to assess their threat level.

If she wants to be a real youkai in this place she's going to have to stop making stupid decisions that could possibly get herself killed, again.
No. 157031
[x] Let Kogasa do her human pet thing.

Nue needs to get used to being pathetic.
No. 157032
[x] Treat Kogasa nicer.

Might as well toss this in.
No. 157037
So, we either vote like you, or we suddenly turn into summerfags? I wonder why so often the most stupid of voters think they're the smarter ones.

[x] Look for other, vacant houses. A murder would put anyone on guard.
-[x] If there are no other, nearby, places, investigate the inhabitants. With luck, you'll be able to impersonate one of them after they're out of the picture.
No. 157100
[x] Look for other, vacant houses. A murder would put anyone on guard.
-[x] If there are no other, nearby, places, investigate the inhabitants. With luck, you'll be able to impersonate one of them after they're out of the picture.

Hey Snake, I just want to say I loved this update. It's not quite like what you normally write, but it's not suffering because of that, at all. In fact, I kind of like it.
No. 157138
[x] Look for other, vacant houses. A murder would put anyone on guard.
-[x] If there are no other, nearby, places, investigate the inhabitants. With luck, you'll be able to impersonate one of them after they're out of the picture.

Most logical option offered
No. 157151
[x] Look for other, vacant houses. A murder would put anyone on guard.
-[x] If there are no other, nearby, places, investigate the inhabitants. With luck, you'll be able to impersonate one of them after they're out of the picture.

Culture shocked Nue is amusing.
No. 157239
Glad you like it~ I wasn't sure where I was going at this point, and this idea came right out of the blue, so I ran with it. I like running with things: ideas, scissors, you name it.
No. 157503
File 133851067773.jpg - (733.61KB , 1750x1057 , Nue desktop wallpaper if you think youre bro enoug.jpg ) [iqdb]
Options are good. Why settle on this house? It’s dilapidated, smelly, and most importantly still somewhat inhabited. Dead humans tend to attract the attention of living ones, I’ve learned. So I will search elsewhere.

I tread back down the dirt roads in a rather carefree way. I am unsure what brought it on, but I feel strangely satisfied with myself; on top of the world, so to speak. Kogasa smiles shyly, perhaps enjoying the moment as well. Or she could be mocking me and laughing at me from within, I don’t know. I take my time and enjoy the scenery between clusters of the human settlement’s buildings, doing well to avoid the sparse groups of humans loitering along the road. They always seem to gather and idle along the roads. Particularly the long and rarely-traveled ones. I never did understand the behavior. Roads are for walking upon, are they not? At least, the odor of the village does not permeate far away from the houses, and aside from the abundance of dirt I rather like the view of the forest.

And what luck! A human house just ahead! Compared to the others, this one does not reek of manure—the dirt smell and pungent odor of garbage are still quite ubiquitous. It has the feel of an abandoned house, but you never can quite tell with humans. They love to live in and they thrive in abject squalor; like dogs, albeit without the propensity to lick their own rears. Then again, they’d probably do that too if ever given the flexibility. I wouldn’t run it past even the cleanliest of them.

“This looks doable,” I say to myself, thinking out loud, “I just wish it didn’t smell so bad…”

“Could be worse,” Kogasa replies, “It could be raining.”

I say nothing, but the girl has a point. The smell of a dog is twice as terrible when it’s soaked.

“I’m gonna go check it out, you wait here.” My time to shine~

I do this sort of thing better myself anyway. She’ll just get me caught and probably shot again or stabbed. Something ghastly like that.

I climb up to the roof. A pile of half-rotted logs acts as a makeshift stepladder, and I can easily climb to onto the roof when I’m able to grab hold of the rafters. Who would’ve thought that these wood-and-grass rooves could be so slippery, though? The climbing is the easy part, actually maintaining a good grip on the thatching taxes the body. And finding a rafter that isn’t splintered seems impossible. Eventually, I give up. I reduce my form to a mist and seep into the house through a crack under the eaves.

Lucky for me, this amorphous form lacks a nose. Experience reminds me that these buildings trap the human smells inside and strengthen them. Had I the ability to smell, I may have started to suffocate already. But moving ahead, the house seems empty. A few bits of broken pottery are strewn about on the floor, and a fine layer of moist dust coats every surface within. A pile of fruit has been left to rot in the corner by the entrance. Safe to assume one of two things:

One, the house is abandoned and has fallen into disrepair. I can easily move in if this proves to be the case.

Two, the caretaker of this place is horrible at cleaning up. This assumption may delay the moving-in process by some time, but considering the state of this place the owner doesn’t really deserve to live here.

I could think of additional possibilities; for instance the owner is out on holiday and has yet to return, but the coating of dust tells me that it has been quite the long vacation were this to be true. Anything else would be grasping at straws or merely overanalyzing things.

So, I take my changes and slam the door open.

“Kogasa~!” I yell from inside, “Welcome home~!”

“Huh?” She wasn’t paying attention apparently, looking up at me only after I’ve finished talking. “What?”

“This home?” I repeat myself, feeling far less fervent than before, “Is now ours.”

“You didn’t eat anybody, did you?”

“No,” I sigh, “No Kogasa, I didn’t.” Though I wish I had. I am starving!

“Okay, good.”

She starts to walk in, but quickly covers her nose.

“Don’t mind that,” I say, trying to focus elsewhere, “The fruit pile in the corner of the house is really rotten. Just come inside so we can air the place out.”

First order of business, clearing out the stink. Kogasa takes care of the pile of putrid goodies as my stomach would be incapable of handling the task, while I open the windows. All of the windows. Even the hard-to-reach ones. Especially the hard-to-reach ones.

The smell lingers, so I decide to climb up into the rafters to open up a roof vent. And, just in case this place doesn’t have a roof vent, I’ll make one with my fist.

“Nue?” Kogasa calls up from below, “Nue!”

“What?” I say, annoyed with her seemingly exasperated tone, “What do you want?! Can’t you see I’m busy?!”

“You’re not wearing any!”

Great, sidetracked. I slam the vent open just to be done with it and start on trying to climb back down. Kogasa purposefully averts her eyes as I jump between rafters.

“…Any what?” I ask as I climb, “Shoes?”

For starters, I’m not. I don’t quite own a pair of shoes and even if I did I certainly wouldn’t climb around with them on. Also, I thought it was human custom to remove them when entering a building. I expect Kogasa’s time being coddled by the humans would have taught her at least something I didn’t already know…

“Panties, you idiot!” She goes red in the face.

“Oh, well… I really don’t need those, now do I? …Furthermore, idiot?!”

I feel a bit unsure in my response, so I stave off my annoyance. The subject seems to be of great importance to her. At least, speaking of it makes her uncomfortable. Perhaps…

“Actually,” I add, “Why were you even looking?”

“Er…” She turns away, I jump down from the roof. I simply cannot let this one go.

“Just so you’re aware, I have no interest in some fool who enjoy playing pet to some human fishmonger.”

“They’re not fish!” She yells, fidgeting with her clothes in an odd embarrassed manner that leads me to think she doesn’t want to continue this or the previous conversation. More importantly, is that really the point that matters here, Kogasa?

In the spirit of things, I decide that it would be in my best interest to pursue the issue. Well, not the one about her human keeper’s fish-shaped pastries which-are-most-definitely-not-fish-as-Kogasa-so-bluntly-declares but the other more interesting issue.

“Don’t change the subject, Kogasa,” I say, grinning from ear to ear in anticipation of her next utterly ridiculous red-faced reaction, “Why were you looking? Did you see something you like?”

“I didn’t see anything!” she yells, her body shuddering with each syllable. Forceful much, Kogasa? I’m beginning to wonder if I’m getting anywhere with this impromptu interrogation.

“Suuuuure you did~” I try to maneuver around her. She turns away every time, desperately trying to keep her face hidden. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed over~”

“I didn’t see anything!



I still find myself stepping into unfamiliar territory. Human undergarment protocols are simply a field of social landmines, and judging by Kogasa’s obvious insecurity I must have stepped one a big one. Like, one that can blow away an entire house in the blink of an eye and also shoots fire. One thing’s for dead sure—Kogasa is the one who’s face is red enough to look like it’s on fire. Too bad for that, my mischievous nature will never forgive me if I let up now.

“Then how did you know I wasn’t wearing any?”


…But this is going nowhere. Even the dumbest youkai know when to fish or cut bait.

“Okay, okay,” I say, deliberately backing off. If I push her any further she might explode.

Land mine indeed…

No. 157511
[x] Change the subject. You're starving. Does Kogasa know any non-degrading ways to obtain food?

Bwahaha, awesome. Someone else can probably think of a better write-in since I can barely remember what happened in this story.

>Then again, they’d probably do that too if ever given the flexibility. I wouldn’t run it past even the cleanliest of them.
No. 157522
Heh, good scene. I like the dynamic between these two.

[x] Investigate Kogasa's undergarments.
[x] Change the subject. You're starving. Does Kogasa know any non-degrading ways to obtain food?
No. 157600
[x] Investigate Kogasa's undergarments.

Backing off? What's that?
No. 157613
[x] Go hunt something, or someone. Consider returning to that farm you had a meal earlier.

It was a farm, wasn't it, I don't remember it well anymore.
No. 157653
File 133859639990.png - (144.32KB , 300x386 , yo dis be heavy from team forktooth too id hit it.png ) [iqdb]

It might have been a zoo.
No. 157809
[x] Investigate Kogasa's undergarments.
[x] Finish getting rid of stench
[x] Go munch on something, humanoid or otherwise
No. 159028
File 134067752619.jpg - (113.01KB , 704x792 , id sell my luck for hina thighs.jpg ) [iqdb]
Updates on updates: PC died, lost a bunch of stuff. Mostly music and stuff you'd find on the 18+ board. I've basically been forced to replace an entire computer's worth of hardware. I was able to pull my CYOA stuff from an old backup (like, really old) but I lost all of my supplemental material and brainstorming files for all of my stories back to Gunman 1.

Bad news out of the way, I've made the most of my misfortune and built myself the monster PC I've been dreaming of building. Once I finish stress-testing it (read: playing Metro 2033 on ultra-high) to make sure it won't die too, I'll be back to writing. Expect monumental slowness, since all of my ideas are basically what I've kept in my head. So, not much change from the usual update speed.

Have a Hina. She probably caused this.
No. 159031
Didn't this happen to you once before?
No. 159055
I've had a few problems here and there with failed motherboards and power supplies, but nothing that wiped out my entire system. The power out here is most definitely shit, so I put in an APC. Here's to hoping it doesn't blow up again.
No. 162510
New thread