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I seem to have misplaced my old thread. Anyways, updates! Also, I have an archive of old threads available if enough people want it.


An awkward silence seems to permeate the air. Well, as awkward a silence as is possible for creatures unfamiliar in the ways of social indiscretion such as myself. To Kogasa it may truly be awkward and uncomfortable. I simply cannot think up anything more interesting than dreaming up another way to get a good laugh at Kogasa's expense. I muse on the subject for a moment, my changing expressions visibly disturbing Kogasa as I think up and forget new ideas. A good bit of time passes before I lose my original train of thought, and I refocus on my environs. Kogasa stands guarded and away from me, trying to hide the slowly fading redness in her face.

Then, I realize in such a way that is absolutely in no way unnatural that I am hungry. A gurgling stomach generally does give one pause, if I am correct in assuming. Rarely do I find myself starved enough to feel physically empty. A human settlement to a youkai is a veritable smorgasbord; I can pick any one target I want and dig in. They're like cattle that are preprogrammed to do all of the herding themselves. Well, so to speak.

"Ugh," I grumble, remembering that the sun is still well in the sky, and that the humans are going to be on guard until they go to sleep. I pause to lament the thought that I must voluntarily delay my hunt, then I consider the advantages. I find it easier to camouflage myself at night, and considering my numerous eyesight and peripheral sense advantages over humans in the dark, I hate to say but it'd be best to wait to get to the eating. Still, I will outright refuse to accept any of Kogasa's human-made filth as edible, nor shall I use it to fend off my rather unbearable and growing appetite.

"What?" Kogasa says coldly. The glares she sends my way are chilling, warning me that she might try to kill me if I move wrongly. 'Try' being imperative, there. She could never in a billion lifetimes succeed, but the threat display would certainly intimidate a lesser being. I, on the other hand, would find that it makes for a pretty good joke.

"Hungry," I reply, taking her sharp 'what' as a question as opposed to her likely intended meaning of 'get out of my face, I never want to talk to you again'. I can't exactly blame her for being upset after running her through that little emotional wringer. Given the opportunity to redo, however, I would not.

"The market's closed by now," she seems to be warming back up to me little by little, as her confidence that I will not play a dirty joke on her again returns. May be my imagination working against me, though.

"I'm not in the market for human food."

My response unsettles her visibly. She understands the meaning quite clearly, and I can't help but smile at her reaction.

"So," I say, "Looks like I'm going on a bit of a walk when it gets dark."

"I did say you can't eat them, didn't I?"

"You did. I'm ignoring it, though."

She never did quite explain well enough to be satisfactory in my mind. At least, not satisfactory enough to dissuade me from preying upon that which I am naturally designed to be preying upon. Last I remember, youkai didn't set up territories or human preserves or whatnot. We ate when we were hungry, and the weaker ones died when a conflict of interest occurred. That's the way it was, and that's the way it should be.

"You shouldn't," she says, vague as ever.

"You never did tell me why I shouldn't," I stand over her, hoping to pressure her into talking. Unfortunately, she happens to be somewhat taller than me naturally, so I use what little high ground there is in this house to get a leg up.

"I, uh..."

"You, uh..." Okay, now I'm mocking her. The pinnacle of the evolution of human speech.

"I don't know why," she says, stammering, "but bad things happen to whoever does..."

"I'm completely convinced now, thank you so much for that little piece of information. I wil never eat a living human being again."

"Really?" An odd reaction. She seems amazed as opposed to leery. Perhaps she failed to pick up on the sarcasm.


A blunt answer to resolve the mix up, her proud smile now a dejected look of disgust. I give her credit for trying to turn me off of the whole thing, but her lack of tact and inability to hide her emotions or pick up on simple verbal cues makes me think just that much less of her. I can no longer tell if she's just a bit of an airhead or a complete moron. She seems to pick up on the implications of my words just fine, but it's the intent that goes in one ear and out the other. Nevertheless, I will have my meal, and her and I will not discuss this again.

It feels like ages, but the mid-afternoon sky begins to grow dark. Kogasa and I keep ourselves busy in the meantime, either by cleaning the house that we've commandeered, or by occupying ourselves with asinine tasks. I find myself fashioning the tips of a pitchfork into a makeshift trident, simply out of boredom. It does turn out nicely, though I find it lacking in uses now as a weapon instead of a tool.

When night eventually does fall, I take it with me when I leave the house. Perhaps it can find a use as a distraction when I finally do corner something to eat.

Kogasa of course pleads for me not to go. She refuses to tag along out of an irrational fear that she'll be found guilty by association; I forget the exact words she used. She gives up, slams the door shut, and I am well on my way to one fun night and a full belly.


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Fuck yes, the best slice of life story updated. I've completely forgotten who Nue managed to piss off, and she's going to piss off even more people soon. Great!
> I stand over her, hoping to pressure her into talking. Unfortunately, she happens to be somewhat taller than me naturally, so I use what little high ground there is in this house to get a leg up.
Nue doesn't even realize how cute this is. Daaw.

[x] Feed. Make sure there are no witnesses.

I hope someone else makes a better write-in, as usual.
No. 162513
[x] Feed. Make sure there are no witnesses.
No. 162519
I've forgotten. We haven't met Reimu yet, have we?
That's going to be fun.
No. 162520
Glorious. I never gave up hope.

[x] Stick to the shadows, observe, and then pick off an isolated one. Leave no evidence.

People disappear all the time in Gensokyo, right?
No. 162530
Not yet. And yes, I'm sure it will be fun.

I'm sure they have a local mob that disappears people all the time or something.

No. 162536
[] seduce a young girl. Her innocence only makes her more delicious.
No. 162538
[x] Disguise self as a monster and terrorize people like in the good old days.

Transforming powers + Human Village = Scared humans and a full stomach. Plus no one will know it was us.
No. 162542
There are plenty of other capable humans in the village that would take notice
No. 162546
[x] In the dead of night, kill some large domestic animal, eat part of it until you're full, mutilate its remains, then leave it in the middle of town. Lurk nearby and feed on people's fear when they find it in the morning.
No. 162549
[x] In the dead of night,kill some large domestic animal,eat part of it until you're full, mutilate its remains,then leave it in the middle of town. Lurk nearby and feed on people's fear when they find it in the morning.
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Are we going to come to a consensus, or are we going to keep shittin' out write-ins?
No. 162551
Will a consensus get us an update faster? The story usually takes lack of consensus into account anyway, so there's no need to force it.
No. 162552
Sense when has any story here required consensus?
No. 162586
[x] Stick to the shadows, observe, and then pick off an isolated one. Leave no evidence.

Just saw this. Been reading it in the archives. Looks interesting.
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Sorry for the lack of updates. Par for the course for me, but yeah. I was called out for jury duty and have been at that for the past three weeks. Once I recoup, I'll begin writing again. Also, forgive me if the next few updates incorporate courtroom vocabulary, because that's the state my mind is in right now.
No. 162847
You should try being prejudice against everyone
No. 163230
Final verdict: Guilty. Of rear-ending my car. Again. And almost costing me my job. Again. tl;dr onward with the writings or something.
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Oh God it's a long one! Somebody tear me away from my keyboard!


Doubtless she locked the door to keep me from returning. Worry not, me; there is much brutal slaughter to be had and the night is young! Come to think of it, I fear I may have forgotten a minor little detail which may greatly hamper my progress.

Humans are diurnal. Unlike myself, they sleep almost exclusively at night. Common knowledge among youkai folk and probably more so among humans, but I'm none too good at remembering the little details that may sometimes be a detriment to my almighty plans. I peer out into the village, seeking lantern light or any movement that could indicate a woken individual. I find nothing short of guards, and armed humans are right out. I've learned my lesson after my last endeavor. As to who they're guarding, they've got to get up to use the outhouse at some point, the fools! I enter the town proper without being spotted and make my way onto the rooftops. I hide myself as best as possible and hunker down for the long haul.


Nothing comes, and the moon is high in the night sky. The light it casts allows me to see clear as day, though all I see is wooden boxes and the occasional torch-bearing guard. I study them as I wait; from head to toe I gauge their movements, note the location where the armor they wear is lacking and examine their armaments. Swords mostly, no spears as I would recognize them. More blades on long sticks, reinforced by a long metal trunk with an odd mechanism on the blunt end. I've never seen anything like it, but it seems unwieldy. I locate their guardhouse, think for a moment on lighting it ablaze, and deftly abandon those thoughts in favor of a less direct method of drawing attention.

A few fields over is a corral for livestock. Cows almost exclusively. Nothing that'll sate my appetite, but enough to unsettle the locals. I leap from the rooftop and make my way to the fields, careful not to catch any unwanted attention from the guards. My having memorized their patrol routes makes this part of the trip a piece of cake. I hop the fence into the animal pen, carelessly waking one of the animals. It dies easily.

I rip through its throat like so much butter. Warm blood flows freely over my fingers as the animal twitches and falls limp. This visibly disturbs the other animals, and they back away instinctively. They're a noisy lot, so I take my kill and run. The blood trail it leaves is all part of the plan. I race for the center of town as the guards hear the noise and clamber towards the pens, and rather than risk my neck carrying this thing I opt instead to throw it. Trying to run with a fully-grown cow slung across my back is no easy task, after all.

Lifting a cow to throw it is harder still; rather than fly in a wondrously fine arc into the guardhouse, the carcass flops nary a pace before me with squishy thud. A moment of undiluted frustration later, I opt instead to dismember it, contorting the joints in ways they should not bend before pulling violently. Oh, how I wish I had butchered a smaller one. This was indeed not one of my better plans, but compared to my initial idea ripping its legs off is much more cathartic. Not minding the mess, I fling what amounts to the sum of its parts into no fewer than five buildings, waking the residents. Extra points for the rump flattening one guard. Heh, heh.

Something impacts my arm, and the yelling of the guards tells me that I've been spotted. I find this to be the perfect opportunity to flee and do exactly that. The guards give chase, but I am already well hidden moments after they've lost sight. Funny though, they shouldn't be able to see me so well at night. Or at all, considering I was purposely masking my appearance. They seemed frightened, though not nearly enough to guarantee that my ability had worked on them. More importantly...

My arm appears to be wounded, though I'm covered in enough cow blood that I find it difficult to tell how badly it bleeds. The wound begins to heal readily, but the manner of the wound strikes me as odd. A metal pellet falls from the wound. Again, something to which I am unaccustomed. I do not recall having bumped into anything during the chaos, so it must be what caused the impact. No matter, the wound closes and, barring any soreness should no longer pose a problem. I resume my escape on the rooftops, hunting will have to wait until I've gotten through the guards.

The guards yell frantically across to one another, waking the residents and seemingly instructing them to stay indoors. Damn them! All have broken their normal patrols and have begun to fan out into the town, searching for me. Youkai attack appears to be something to which they are very familiar. One spots me as I jump over to the next building. A crack of thunder, a puff of smoke. Something whizzes past my head, and the guard stops to fumble with his weapon. He screams for the others to assist, but I stop him short. I feel him die as I drag him onto the roof, but it isn't enough.

A crack of thunder, a pain in my leg.

It must be those weapons. Miniature cannon?

They only fire one shot. The next guard dies quite the same, the others try to surround me as I make a break for it. My leg seizes as the wound tries to close, pushing another of those metal pellets from it. Running appears to be out of the question at the moment. Though, falling...

I flop down into the back alley. They can't see me but I can't hide here. They'll have the place turned out in minutes. My leg works against me, and I come to the main road. They're well ahead of me.

"Well, shit," I curse under my breath, pushing for a new exit.

More main roads, more guards. Every exit appears to be blocked. They'll spot me as soon as I'm--

"Get down!" One shouts, different from the rest, his arm extends towards me as if to alert the others.

A thunder, a flash from his hand. My chest explodes with a pain I thought impossible. I find myself unable to scream or cry out. Another flash, my arm falls limp to the ground, severed by the impact.

Another, three more in quick succession. I can feel them all. After each flash, dull thuds as opposed to sharp pains. I fall as they close in, my vision blurs. I've enough strength to take a few more of the bastards with me--


Kogasa was right. This isn't worth dying over. I should feel foolish, but all I feel right now is pain.

Pain and more pain.

On the bright side, I'm not dead. At least, I don't think I am. Thinking is generally a sign of living. I can feel the sun on my face as well, so all signs point to me not being dead.

"Ugh...!" Trying to sit up leads to more pain.

Something cold touches my face.

"Wakey wakey," says a familiar voice.

"...Kogasa?" Funny how I can't actually see when I really want to do just that.

"It's me, yep." She sounds too cheerful for my own good.

"So I'm dead, right?"

"No, you're not dead," she says, "Though I half expected you would be. Try to stay down, you're still healing."

Her tone indicates she's trying to scold me; she doesn't seem particularly worried. I'm loathe to admit it, but this is the second time humans got the better of me. I almost died, and Kogasa makes it sound like I'd overslept and missed a date. I'm in a little too much pain to care.

"You made a huge mess in town," she adds, " they're talking about is some kind of wild animal attack. Some of them saw a bear, others say a wolf. One of them seems to think he shot a dinosaur. But that was all you, wasn't it?"

"What clued you in?"

"The blood, mostly," she says, matter-of-factly, "The cuts and bruises, too."

I don't seem to remember much after being cornered, "My arm. What about my arm?"

"Which arm?" She is rather clueless.

"The missing one..."

"Nue," she laughs, "Unless you grew a third arm when I wasn't looking, all of your body parts appear to be accounted for."

"Not funny," I'd jump up and hit her, but a sharp pain in my everything keeps me down. I start to fade out every time I try to sit up.

"Are you... sure you're okay? Did you hit your head on something?"

"So where are we?" Dismissing her jokes, I have to ask. Important questions first. "What happened?

"Just outside town, same place as usual. I don't know about the humans, but I could smell you from the house. Blood has a pretty distinct smell, and you were just covered in it. I've been trying to clean it all off, but you wouldn't sit still. You kept saying stuff about thunder and metal balls... Did they actually shoot you?"

I wish she would've kept talking. At this point she knows more than I do.

"I... guess so," I say, "What were those things?"


"The other things, those weapons." Smart-ass.

"The guns?" She pauses," Wait, you've never seen a gun before?"


"They're not exactly new, you know."

"Neither am I."

"How old are you, then?" She sounds almost as puzzled as I feel.

"Not now. Can I go back to sleep now?"

"Sure, but..."


"You've really never seen one before?"



A good amount of time passes before I'm on my feet again. Kogasa tells me I'd been out of commission for a few days. Any human would be several times dead from the injuries I'd sustained at the hands of the town guards, but for an immortal youkai even a few hours of dedicated healing time seems like an eternity. I should have expected it, but the new wounds don't scar over like my old arrow wound. That one feels old to me now, but the total time I've been conscious since I had sustained it hardly amounts to a week.

The guards eventually come knocking. They instantly recognize Kogasa as a youkai and seem to be on surprisingly good terms with her, but even when stared down by the one surviving man who had wounded me, I remain anonymous in his eyes. My ability works after all, it seems. They explain that no fewer than ten guards are unaccounted for, and that we should move closer to the town square. I see no reason not to comply, but I have to press for information before they leave.

"Parts." is the particular word he uses to describe the state of their dead. The survivors can't seem to agree on what sort of animal had attacked them, but they were confident that it had been some manner of youkai doing the killing. As said youkai, I will withhold my snarky commentary regarding their observation.

As he speaks, I slowly begin to remember what had transpired prior to my losing consciousness--that I had lost a measure of control over my abilities, that I eviscerated no fewer than five of his men in my escape, that I dragged myself into the underbrush behind this house where Kogasa finally found me. The finer details evade me, and I feel forced to accept the guard's testimony as gospel. I have no other significant source of accurate information regarding the attack beyond what memories occasionally flood my mind.

I don't ask about his weaponry despite my temptation to do so. Doubtless he would not talk, and in asking I might rouse his suspicion. I catch the date on one of the notices he's handing out, but the format is... unconventional. I still don't know exactly how long I've been out. They eventually leave as they came--without a suspect.

"So what was that all about?" Kogasa asks coyly once they guards leave.

"Good question," I play along, eager to not out myself as their 'wild animal' assailant, "To be on the safe side, we should most certainly move closer to the safety of their guardhouse. Do you not agree, miss Kogasa?"

"Oh yes, I do believe we should. It would be in our best interest to not have any more attacks in town, right Nue?"

The conversation would be less ridiculous without us mocking ourselves. Or her less-than-subtle jab at me. I'm surprised she's still on about that after what just happened. I think I've learned my lesson in regards to careless planning.

At least, I don't feel quite so hungry anymore. Mission accomplished?

No. 163285
Also, probably unnecessary but maybe necessary recap time. Here's the short version:

Nue wakes up in a cave. Mostly naked (this is important). Some stuff happens in a cave with cats and birds and a crazy cat lady. Bird hates Nue's guts for whatever reason, some kind of making fighting happens. Bird loses, becomes a sore loser butt-face. Cat lady is gloriously inconsistent regarding characterization. Call it early installment weirdness or general writefag dumbness. It has hopefully been patched out. Who writes this crap? Something about Oni and Cave Alice that I can't remember, probably not plot-relevant. More lies. MOTHERFUCKING CAPTAIN gets her freak on, all but her should be regretting said freakytime right about now. Nue spoils the entire Myouren crew's lunch and leaves in a huff (lots of that going on). Nue packs up and moves to a human settlement with Kogasa (Or Bel-Air, whatever bro). And that brings us to current. Anybody who can't be arsed to read from start to now has just been brought up to date. Yay.
No. 163287
Am I the only one who still wants to rip CAPTAIN MURASA apart?
No. 163339
I don't
No. 163396
Can't say, but five days without any votes is depressing.
No. 163398
Write ins are scary.

[x]Ok, last night sucked. Go scope out the town incognito.
No. 163401
Write-ins are indeed scary. Since I've left it a bit open-ended here, I was about to put up a list of options before killing myself this evening. But you sir, have gotten the ball rolling. I'd tip my hat if I ever wore one.
No. 163419
Sure, why not?

[x]Ok, last night sucked. Go scope out the town incognito.

It's not like we'll be hunted down on sight or anything...
No. 163423
[x]Ok,last night sucked. Go scope out the town incognito.

Same here.
No. 163444
lol gun jokes. What the hell took off Nue's arm?

[x] Explore with Kogasa. Can you make her incognito?

I'd copy/paste the other vote, but I'd like to see more Kogasa (our savior~).
No. 163446

Add -[x]With Kogasa to >>163398.
No. 163450
[x] Explore the town with particular note to finding out about guns and also finding out which youkai protects the village
No. 163453
If they're looking for a shapeshifter youkai, wouldn't not using her power be safer?

Just saying.
No. 164706
So, dead again?
No. 164792
Not dead, just resting. I'm still around, just 3D problems sapping my updates.
No. 177594
Sanaek, what's wrong?
No. 177940
No. 178619
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