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As mentioned in >>/gensokyo/6195 here is the thread where you can post your contribution. Please feel free to talk about any that you like. Or just spread a little cheer in whichever manner you like. Hopefully you'll find the the gift that you really wanted here.

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Hooray for presents!
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Dedicated to those people who kept telling me to update TALE long after I thought nobody gave a shit anymore

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A bit late, I was out saying Cheers to relatives I didn't even remember existed, but I never stopped thinking about TH-P. So, again, cheers!
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I didn't want to be the first (and only) one to post anything. But it seems that truly no one else bothered, so there's no point to not posting this. It's no longer December, but I've had this ready since then. If you do see it, I hope you enjoy it. Hopefully it'll be just enough optimism in face of the harshness of reality.

It's snowing.

That's something expected of this place and of this time of year. It's cold and dark outside, making the warmth of the fire all the more pleasant. Except for the crackle and snapping of the firewood, it's all very quiet. You could say that it's the type of evening during which not even a mouse is stirring about.

Usually one expects to be left all alone on a night like this. Everyone is with their loved ones, after all. The door is unlocked, however, on the odd chance that things get a little bit more exciting.

A knock validates that notion.

At the door is a lovely trio. Yes, you know that you're lovely. Quite musically talented too. And no, I didn't forget about your sister either, but it doesn't seem like she's here with you. You must be cold, wearing aught but those dresses. Skirts aren't appropriate for snow, most of the time anyways. I won't chastise you lot any more instead, do come on in and feel free to play cheerful little diddy. Somehow the feeling in the air makes it seem like there's going to be more company inbound soon.

A one-two-three. Ayup, that's music alright! Now the mice will be forced to stir in conjunction to the lively melody. You guys are good for invigorating the spirit, you know that? You definitely deserve more attention. I'm guilty of not giving you much myself this past year, but the coming year can be different. As lively and melodious as you three are.

It looks like someone else is a-knocking. Someone else who wants to join our party.

Come in, come in. Now isn't this a treat? Long and soft ears, smart dress and a cheerful disposition makes you more than welcome here. There's no need to explain why you're here either. You're popular and have a reasonable following, but one that easily loses its way. It's ok, I'm sure they're all thinking about you anyways. I think I was just now.

That's right! A smile suits you more anyways. A diligent, hard-working individual, you understand the value of genuine praise. Take off that scarf. Yes dear, make yourself at home. Never mind the eyes! I don't care if I lose my marbles; I think they've been gone for a while as a matter of fact. But surely it can't be madness to appreciate your company? What's that? Of course not! Feel free to take my food and drink, we'll toast together soon enough.

There's hardly any time to excuse oneself when the door seems to be the hot spot du jour.

Ah! What an unexpected visit! But by no means unwelcome! You, the magnificent arch manipulator, the bogeyman err- bogeywoman that haunts all of Gensokyo. Your infamy places you at some dark alternate reality, plotting and scheming and bringing forth trouble.

But I know better!

And so does everyone else here.

You are here because you deserve to be cast in a role other than that of the villain. Yes, you are quite magnificent at that role, but surely your splendor is best in a far kinder light. Tonight there shall be no jokes. No curses muttered under one's breath nor half-joking supplications for your hand in holy matrimony. Tonight you are a woman, cunning and elegant, deserving of the affection of a great and varied fan base. Perhaps you'll also be a little naive, a little aloof, befitting the profile of someone who spends most of her time sleeping?

What awaits you and us is infinite promise. Go ahead and make yourself as comfortable as you decide to be.

There's another guest following the heels of the one before.

Ah, another heavy hitter. A precious and energetic flower. But as you well know, every rose has its thorns. It's very much the case with your very un-oriental appearance. Your charm is the charm of your kind. The appeal is quintessentially your allotment in life. Do come in, have a cup of tea. Perhaps something a bit harder. Though the sunflowers are not in bloom in this snow, your appearance is as radiant as they could ever hope to be.

It really is a crime that no one has tried to give you proper development. A starlet must have her screen time. Especially one with such a strong fan following.

Much like the young girl following hot on your heels. Yes, even giant misanthropic dolls may come in and partake. Your poison won't hurt anyone here. You all exist in my heart, as things of true fondness. It is much the same with others, no doubt.

The line of personages is still forthcoming. Something about the snow that makes them all forsake their own celebrations and come here, to be with everyone.

Irrespective of the reason, it's not much to hope that the coming year will be beneficial to all. That gategaurds will be remembered, that oni will frolic happy and free and that those with a predisposition to typecasting will have their roles reexamined. It's not difficult to make a lot of people happy, it's quite easy to start in fact. If there's some feeling for anyone here present, then half of the work is already done.

May you each have a fine and prosperous year, full of adventure and fun.
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>May you each have a fine and prosperous year, full of adventure and fun.
May god bless you too.
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how is anyone supposed to read this if you sage it?
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Have you tried using your eyes? Sage doesn't make things invisible, you know.

Thank you for writing that Teruyo. It made me feel a little bit happier.
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When the thread is nowhere near the first, maybe second, page, sage does make the post invisible.
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I dunno, they could have if they followed the link that was in the blotter for a couple of weeks and/or if they followed the thread in /gensokyo/ about it? This was ignored, not invisible.

In any case, the point of even bothering to announce a holiday thing was for people to enjoy themselves and maybe bring our little community a little closer together. Please don't turn this thread into yet another shitfest, this is supposed to transcend all that.
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I refrained from posting a story, as I had only an idea and no background, characterization, or plot to accompany it. Ah well, there's always this year.