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The holiday season is upon us friends. For many this is a time dedicated to family and togetherness. For others it's all about the materialism; The totally awesome 1/8 Yukari PVC is just within reach it seems. One thing is for certain – most people like to receive a gift of some sort, whether it's just a hug or an obscenely expensive toy it's still the pick-me-up well needed after a long year.

In the spirit of giving and receiving, our community can accomplish much. That is why we're holding a little end of year event. From the 24th onwards there will be a thread in /th/ where you can share the gift of the story with your THP family. Get all those ideas you want to share out in written form and contribute! Even if you're not a regular writer, you're welcome to add something appropriate. A short tale, a poem or even a song is fine, just as long you're in the spirit. You don't even need to use a name if you want to make an anonymous contribution.

You don't subscribe to any of the usual 'holiday' events? Or maybe you just can't think of a good way to work in stockings and a list of who's been naught and nice (Undoubtedly some of your thoughts had you added to the naughty list just now). Don't worry! It doesn't have to be the same old stereotypical fare. Touhous certainly don't usually celebrate the same holidays most of us do, so it might not even be relevant for them. Unless you want them to, that is. Be creative. Or maybe you're thinking that, being blessed with summer rather than winter, you couldn't possibly write about this season. In that case you just need to finish your refreshing cocktail, sit up in your beach chair and let your imagination go wild.

It's not difficult!

Here are a few themes and ideas out there to help you get started if you're stuck: Gifts, Christmas/religious festivities, togetherness, parties, snow and cheesy stories about miracles.

If you contribute and it's awesome, maybe you'll get a little gift of your own. Who knows?

Feel free to use this thread to toss ideas about if needed or just to spread a little cheer.

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I don't know if there's a shintoist event in December. Christmas is christian (of course), it'll be out of character for anyone in Gensokyo.

Except maybe the Scarlet Family, but since they're all devils...
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Poppycock. Japanese people celebrate Christmas. It'd be weird if some of that wasn't in Gensokyo.

Plus, you know, Santa fits the bill for crossing the border pretty nicely.
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In Japan, the role of Santa Claus is played by Hotei-Osho, a traveling monk who gives toys to children, and is said to have eyes in the back of his head.

Only in Japan would parents trust presents brought to their children by a mutant elderly clergyman, but there you go.
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>Plus, you know, Santa fits the bill for crossing the border pretty nicely.

>Santa Claus in Gensokyo
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It's been done, just so you know. See >>/th/108583.

On the other hand, it was a rousing success, so who knows, maybe there's room for another story along similar lines.
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It's been some time since he last wrote something.
/sdm/ needs attention.
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Just stumbled across this wonderful jewel, and I have to admit that even though I'm not a Christian, reading it makes me feel warm inside. And I shiver (as well as lol'd) at the thought of Santa Claus and Yukari being old friends. Now I know how he manages to store all the presents inside that bag.

On related note, I like me some reindeer youkai.
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The contribution thread is up. Please see >>/th/132231